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Re: Being The Booker

Summerslam Feedback

Hell of a video package to start this one off, beautifully done.

Was expecting the Triple Threat to start off the show but London/MVP isn’t a bad choice either to get the ball rolling. Nice showing of the crowd early on as they would no doubt be pumped up and was pleased to see MVP assume control in the early stages, looking to keep the Golden Boy grounded. The working of the arm by Porter was nice and some of the arm wrenches sounded pretty nasty. One thing I will say is that I’m surprised he went for the arm rather than leg of London as the speed and high flying nature of the champ is his biggest asset. Wow, the little passage on the outside with MVP battering the arm/shoulder against the ringpost was brutal stuff. Things really picked up in terms of pace towards the end and you really emphasised London’s determination to hang in and fight off this exhaustion that’s been played up of late, was good to read. London winning wasn’t a surprise and I’m glad he did here but you certainly made him work for it and MVP comes out of this looking strong still and I think and hope his time will come soon enough. Good start to the show.

Excellent Regal interview here, character nailed on one hundred percent.

Wow, was not expecting the attack beforehand from Shelton, a brilliant tactic in getting the champion some early heat and potentially ruling Regal out of this one already. Some nice hard hitting action from Benjamin and Hardy in the early stages here and it was certainly 50/50 for the most part with Hardy on top, then Shelton turning the tables. Ah Regal returns!! I can only imagine the type of reaction he’d get if that were to actually happen, it’d be insane. The Brass Knucks from Regal had me thinking it was over, couldn’t believe Hardy broke that one up, I thought it’d be the ultimate for Regal to win it in typical Regal fashion. Regal kicked out of Paydirt?! Holy moly. At that point I knew victory was his and what a moment that would be, Regal overcoming all the odds to take the gold in his home country. Fantastic moment and a very enjoyable match up again. My only complaint would be, this was an absolutely perfect way to kick off the show and you opted against. Maybe it was because it was too predictable? But still, sometimes the best things can be predictable.

Haha, before I even get on to the match, Storm drinking on his way down the ramp is priceless. These two really are the ultimate assholes. This is just absolutely brilliant Wolfy, really and truly brilliant. Caribbean Connection all overrrr AMW for the entire thing and these two absolute pieces of garbage up and leave, genius. Some people might not like it but I love it, just adds to this whole thing for both AMW and CC.

The seeds have been planted before for a feud between these two and yet again we get them here. If and when this happens it has the potential to be a hell of a rivalry. Both men were in good form here and I’d have rather maybe heard from the Game regarding the actual match tonight as it’s such a huge one but this here was nicely worked.

Really frenetic, fast paced, high energy stuff from Mysterio and Angle from the off and it was gripping to read. Angle’s Belly to Belly over the top rope was nasty but both men looked strong in the early exchanges. I’m glad Angle looked to get the mask fairly early on as it’s been a real focus of his. That Guerrero/Mysterio rehash was beautifully worked and I can totally picture it in my head. Some fantastic reversals here, really good stuff and the 619 into the Ankle Lock was sweet. The sequence of near falls following on was brilliant and the intensity of Angle in applying that Ankle Lock again was classic Angle. The fight shown by Rey was typical of the Ultimate Underdog, you portrayed that really well and the ending was perfect considering what’s already gone down in this feud. The mask has been a factor from the get go and it made sense Angle went after it, ripping it off of him leaving Rey helpless is a great way to go and an Angle Slam from the top isn’t a bad route to go either lol. Fantastic match, highlight of the night thus far and this thing is probably not over with yet.

If you write another Mania then just….words can’t describe, please do. Great package here.

Edge/Taker was one I was very intrigued to see how you’d book and I can assure you, I wasn’t disappointed. Taker started this one off like a house on fire, completely dominant and at that stage I worried for Edge in this thing. Even when Edge had a small little period of dominance you felt as though Taker was still in control, the triangle choke was evidence of that as it just came from nowhere and almost put the Ultimate Opportunist away. Clever stuff from Edge in targeting the leg but just as I said earlier it still felt as though the Deadman was in control and it showed again with the little comeback before that insane suicide dive, classic Taker and for a guy with one leg in this thing just incredible.

Ah, very, very nicely played here with the legs giving way with a Last Ride imminent, enjoyed that. AGAIN though Taker comes back and assumes control, kick out of the choke slam was strong from Edge and a real positive for him hanging in there. At this point the tide turned and finally, finally Edge built up some momentum. Wow, Edge looked a million bucks towards the end here, absolutely rolled over the Deadman with impact after impact move as he finally puts him away. Taker looks a beast still as Edge had to give it everything and I mean EVERYTHING to finish this while Edge gets that huge win he’s been looking for. Great job.

Before this one, just like to say that having the Angles of Anarchy there and watching was a nice little touch as it shows how important this is with the new competition checking out the current stars. This one sarted out as it meant to go on with some great action, the early table collapse with Nitro putting Helms through it sounded pretty brutal. Mercury then going!! Amazing stuff for so early on here. At this point, I give up trying to mention how brutal some of the spots were in this thing, some absolutely incredible action in this one, simply put.

You may think laziness on my part but it’s not, it’s just I could literally type two pages on the thing. Really showcased all four men’s abilities and showcased just how damn crazy they are putting their bodies on the line like this. I didn’t expect the interference in this and it may be seen as ‘overdoing’ it a little bit but the action was so strong that it didn’t take anything away from it and also gave both the Lions and Entourage a nice little bit of spotlight. If you’d have said before the match all this would take place, I’d have been against it but now? Not at all. MNM now gone from the tag ranks, Smackdown awaits, should be interesting times ahead as I’m sure the Angels are, pardon the pun, waiting in the wings for Straight Edge. Hell of a match.

Ah, already hearing from Edge on his quest, didn’t expect that but I like it. Edge heading over to Raw? Hmmmm, not too sure how I feel about that IF it happens but I’d be willing to bet you make it work.

Wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from the Craftsmen here but them jumping ship certainly spices things up on Raw even more. The whole thing you brought up of Bischoff stealing Smackdown stars could see a potential storyline appear which I wouldn’t oppose but we shall see. Anyways, good move for these guys and I hope they excel as they should, you’ve built them up so damn well.

Looking forward to this one and a very unique entrance from Cena that’s for sure. Unsurprisingly cagey start to this one with so much at stake here. Really smart strategy displayed from Kennedy and Miz here, Miz taking every opportunity he can to make his mark and KK hopping in and out of things, it’s clever stuff. The FU though from Cena to Miz certainly felt like a game changer and it was great to see Miz getting his comeuppance. Kennedy though got right back in control and looked at ease here, the sleeper hold had me surprised as usually Cena immediately shows that fight, that heart of his but KK almost taking him out of this one here, I liked to see it, the description of Cena’s eyes closing was very vivid. Niiiiice counter from Kennedy, FU into a DDT, lovely stuff there. Really gripping passage of action now, the Krossface into a pin, follow that with STFU attempt, the kick out from the Mic Check, the kick out from the FU, amazing stuff, didn’t expect either man to kick out and at this point I couldn’t tell which way things were gonna turn, extremely topsy turvy here, you did get that sense that neither man felt they could afford to lose, finding that strength from somewhere. OH WOW!! Cena taps?!? Goodness me I did not see that happening AGAIN!

What a victory this is for Kennedy, not just the win but the manner in doing so. Yes he had that extra help from Miz, from the TV camera but this John F’N Cena he’s just made tap out. Only Kurt Angle has been capable of that, a submission specialist, an expert but now KK? Fantastic stuff, really is. Cena’s decline continues and I’ve mentioned before that a Cena heel turn would be incredible and I see it happening, it’s just a case of when and how. I see it being a little way off yet but the signs are slowly building before Cena finally snaps.

Epic entrance from the Game here, heaps better than Cena though that’s to be expected I guess when you get Motorhead performing live. Hard hitting, brutal, all out fight to kick things off and I wouldn’t want it any other way. HAHA, Trips kicking Lesnar right where it hurts was such a Trips move and the chair shots to follow were ruthless. Blood gushing so early was to be expected and I’m glad you went with both men pretty swiftly after each other, this was made to be a war. 2x4 out? Yeah, carnage and that spine buster from Trips, holy shit. No shock that there was a tiny lull after this but it was to be expected after a frantic opening, both men needed to recover. It soon picked right back up though and the DDT from Trips to the chair followed by the power bomb to Trips on the chair were nicely delivered. Christ this is brutal, Lesnar going through the table was devastation from Trips.

A nice little passage of wrestling then came into it, glad to see this wasn’t JUST weapons, the F5 and Pedigree conuters before the neck breaker from Trips were really nicely worked into and as much as I love the brutality, a bit of action without it did no harm. The end to this match, jesus christ. Lesnar just showed that he is sick in the head, absolutely sick in the head. Trips is beaten but not disgraced in what can only be described as an all out war. Lesnar looks a complete monster, the added addition of Steph to plead for her husband was really nice to read as it showed how severe this was turning out to be. I sense that when Trips returns it will be as a face and it will be to take on a certain Mr.Kennedy. An extended break now for the Game is the best move.

Was pleased to see Mickie show up and bring the fight to Beth but it was quite evident from the off in this one that she was gonna struggle to overcome the power of the challenger and Beth taking home the gold is probably the right way to go as a loss to a weakened Mickie would’ve made Beth look weak. Interested to see where this goes next.

Oooooh Y2J is here eh? Would he get involved now? Don’t see it but I’ll soon find out.

Honestly I was very surprised to see this go on second last. I know it’s a big time match and it’s the WWE title but I still believed you would go with Trips/Lesnar here or maybe even the Divas, not that I’m complaining by the way lol. The opening went in the way I had expected, Van Dam coming out all guns blazing, you’d expect that after what he’s been through so pleased to see it. I liked the approach you went with once Orton gained control, it was a calculated, methodical approach from him and he really targeted the skull of Van Dam, focusing on an area he’s weakened before, smart stuff with the kicks, right hands etc. Things really picked up some steam as this one came to a close, really enjoyed the passage of reversals and near misses, from Van Dam’s rolling thunder fail to Van Dam countering an RKO before the champ gets the backbreaker in to finally get on top. Wow, the Sunset power bomb off the top from Van Dam was immense, typical of Mr.Friday night. Oh what an end!! Epic stuff here with these two going toe to toe, move after move before that Five Star into an RKO, absolutely brilliant stuff from both men here. This exceeded my expectations, don’t know why I wasn’t too keen going in but this certainly delivered in a big way and was definitely the right call allowing Orton to retain.

Aaaaaaaaand now the big one. Mightily looking forward to this. Not surprised in the slightest that this had a very cagey opening with that real big match feel coming across it, both men recognising the other and recognising what’s on the line. Umaga finally getting on top and the man is just an absolute beast, sheer dominance from the Samoan Bulldozer and Christian looked completely out of his depth in this thing. Christian really on the defensive here but I guess that was the only route you could go and you could see he was just gonna have to try and seize an opportunity at some stage and he did start to show some life but every time he did so, Mags struck back with some authority. That Samoan Drop is always monstrous from the big man. Then you follow that up with a Spinning Powerslam on the outside moments later? Total brutality, just a machine this guy. As dominant as Mags looked in this, the determination, the heart you showed in Christian was to be admired, everything Mags throws at him, he hangs on in and you really do tell the story very well. Just when I thought Christian was done, he gets back into it and putting Umaga through a table? What a way to do it! Now that’s something no man’s been capable of, big time game changer there from CC. Oh baby, kick out of the Unprettier after that table fall? Incredible.

J.R.’s little lines in this match have been epic by the way, ‘He can’t be beaten!’. Such a J.R. line. HE GOT HIM!! Captain Charisma pulls off the impossible, a memorable, memorable moment not just for this event but for the history of this BTB right there. Umaga’s been built up so, so, so well as has Christian into the face of the entire company and to see two such expertly built men go toe to toe like this was a great story with a great feel good moment to round things off. I personally wanted Umaga to win as he was red hot but now? Now who knows where he goes, the aura sort of dies with this which is disappointing but at the same time I totally understand Christian winning, he is legit THE guy now in my opinion, if he wasn’t already that is. I do wonder what’s next for Captain Charisma, a rematch perhaps but I don’t think it would have the same effect. Angle perhaps on the cards? Matches would no doubt be great but we shall see

On the whole, amazing stuff, really was. Every single match on the card delivered in one way or another. Be it the war that was Trips/Lesnar, the monster taking on the underdog main event or the out of shape assholes simply walking away from battle, it was a really excellent read and furthers my excitement moving forward. This was a hell of a card, most certainly Wrestlemania worthy which I think you were aiming for and believe me, you delivered. Well done with this, fantastic, I hope you come back soon enough and keep tearing things up.
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Re: Being The Booker

You people do realize there is an awesome pay-per-view that should be reviewed here right?

Also, when are we getting our prediction contest results?

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Re: Being The Booker

Wolf Beast's SummerSlam

I hadn't forgotten about this, it's just you posted the show right at the start of my exam season. And I had to finish uni before getting around to this. Anyway, onto it...

Opening video felt very sentimental, touching on some of those great SummerSlam moments of the past. SummerSlam 1991 was always one of my favourite shows as a child, so I was delighted to see the inclusion of Bret beating Perfect and the Savage wedding. I also didn't have a clue what you were on about with the Goldberg/Angle match from 2004, until I realised that was one of yours!

Strong choice for the opener really, especially with the rise of both men through the duration of this thread, especially London, as allowing him to kick off such a high profile pay per view as this really shows how far he's come in this thread. I'm not really that sure about MVP wearing the Scotland jersey would have gotten you the level of heat you were looking for. Having been to several of the NFL games played at Wembley, events such as these tend to draw fans from all over the UK and Europe, and I don't think it would really have drawn that many boos. But anyway, the match itself. I thought it was interesting that the opening seemed very much back and forth instead of the usual face dominating the early proceedings, and I liked the fact you emphasised the crowd's response to this, as I'm sure it would have been very boisterous at such an early stage of the broadcast. Some nice psychology with the targeting of the arm, with plenty of damage being done before we moved onto the armbar. That all seemed to give the match a nice flow to it. A very believable near fall with the drive-by kick, definitely could have been over there and then. One thing I didn't like is that I would have liked one more rally sequence before we headed to the corner. Just one more near fall from London, perhaps something where the bad arm meant he took too long to go for the pin, just that little bit of extra drama before the finish would have really topped things off. But yeah, certainly the right choice to have London go over, and a real fan friendly win to kick off the big show. And I'm pretty sure Heyman has it right, this isn't the last we'll see of these two in the ring together.

It's the little touches that make all the difference isn't it? Nice work with the taxi and the family in tow, really gave a certain sense of humbleness to Hatton. Nice little dig from Coach too with the fat-man line.

I dunno why since it wasn't particularly long, but that Regal interview really tugged on the old heart strings. A real sense of emotion and homecoming for Regal. I didn't think he'd win, as it felt like the only reason he was in the match was so we didn't get a Shelton/Hardy rematch. But now... I could see it.

OK, with Regal taken out of it, now I can definitely see him winning. The match seemed kinda flat without Regal, besides the side effect and superplex spots, but the action after Regal returned was much better. Poor Matt though, he was pretty much relegated to spoiler for the rest of the match. The amount of times I've changed my mind on who's gonna win is getting kinda ridiculous, as I could've easily seen the early attack used as a way for Regal to save face in defeat, with Benjamin getting some real big heat by leaving with the title. And I thought that was exactly where you were going after the paydirt spot. But credit to you, you old romantic, you stuck with it and it's yet another feel good moment for the London crowd. I can't see Regal holding the gold for very long tbh, as he hasn't exactly done much for you lately, but on this night, this was a nice way to give a pat on the back for his years of service. It also gives plenty of options as to what you do with Benjamin and Hardy moving forward.

Pretty standard Cyber Sunday video, seemed to tick all the boxes. Interested to see how you get the fans voting gimmick across though. Quick check of RVD, and we're off to another video. One thing the highlights of the tournament reminds of is that despite the video hyping his debut, you really haven't done a whole lot with Evan Bourne.

Hmmm... I'm kinda not happy with the way you've booked the title match. I realise that heels will be heels, and this certainly would've gotten AMW a shit load of heat. But... after the self admission from yourself that the tag division on Smackdown was lacking, and the relative success of the tournament, and the brilliant progression week-by-week of Harris and Storm getting out of shape, surely this had to end in a win for the Connection? Hell, even a win in the same length of time would've made sense to me. Give the arrogant heels their comeuppance, and then moving forward have them get in shape and say tonight was a fluke. Then when you have Carlito and Kofi defend the belts, there's no more questions to be asked. But this... I dunno. While a smart move for gathering heat, I just feel that after all the build, this didn't live up to it. Sorry.

Back to the good stuff with Trips and Kennedy. This is certainly something you've been brewing for a while, and with Kennedy and Triple H both having had a shot at Christian and the gold, it would make sense to pair them off against each other. Would be very interesting to see how you'd pull off the Trips face turn though.

Given the very personal nature of the feud, and the fact you hyped up how personal it was, it made perfect sense for Rey to get the jump on Angle. It was however rather refreshing to see such an aggressive side from Rey, as he's never been much of a brawler really, but you certainly committed to that early on. Surprised to see so may painful spots so early, with Angle wasting little time with the over head to the outside, then the lawndart. You also seemed to stray from the norm with Angle too, as there seemed periods of concentrated attacks on the head, then the back then the midsection before the leg. The mask and ankle lock spots in the middle of the match suggests both will be repeated later. Indeed, that was pretty creative how you transitioned into the second ankle lock. The finish worked for me on two levels, showing a real sense of desperation for Angle to win, yet it was almost like heartbreak for Mysterio as he's forced to choose between his heritage and getting the win. Overall, a very good match, certainly very creative in the way that both men seemed to use a different style that what we're used to seeing from them at certain points, yet still managed to pull out their traditional moveset. And the ending was really well written, couldn't fault that at all. Good stuff here. Angle and Christian seems like a logical step going forward. And Coach was pretty awesome in the post match.

The opening to Taker/Edge certainly fit the build up, with Taker rightfully so dominating the early proceedings. For every chink of light Edge saw, it was quickly snuffed out again with Taker regaining control, which again really bought into the story of the build. The start of the match has certainly been booked well, so props for this. Indeed, this very much seems the story as the match progresses, with Edge slowly gaining more and more control, only for Taker to keep bringing it back, especially emphasised with the triangle choke spot. Interesting that you would have Edge target the leg like this, as he's not exactly known for his leg submission moves, but the use of the figure four on the ringpost was spot on. Such a great spot, but I'd have liked a little more description of the pain and anguish that hold can bring, especially from The Deadman as a way of really putting over Edge's offence. Wow... chokeslam out of nowhere pretty much straight after it. And tbh, I felt the momentum shifted back to Edge a wee bit too quickly. I'd have liked one more impact move from Taker before Edge got the counter. Holy crap at the finish. Spear – no. Tombstone – no!? Spear – yes! Wow. Clean as a whistle too. Shocked by that tbh, but it certainly does a whole heap for Edge going forward. A pretty enjoyable match, the first half really told the story of the feud, and the second half was wild, perhaps a little bit lacking in selling, but certainly a shocking ending. Impressive, but where does Taker go from here? That wasn't the kinda defeat that makes me think he'll disappear again, so I wonder what you'll do with him going forward.

Nice touch with the week in the UK video, and having seen Ricky Hatton on Soccer AM in the past, I'm sure he and Christian would've done well. And for some reason, I really wanna know the score of the game of fives. And also pretty cool to see Davey Boy Smith inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Now this has some serious potential to steal the show, and it's clearly gonna be a fast paced match with how early the ladders were being used as weapons. And we're also crashing through tables early doors too! Some really crazy spots, but through it all, that double shining wizard somehow managed to stand out for me. Sounded absolutely brutal. As did that powerbomb through the table on the floor. Honestly man, this match was absolutely crazy, with so many big spots, I was quite glad to see the sight of Melina and The Entourage, as it almost served as a way for things to calm down a bit. Holy shit, this match is mayhem as The Lions and Gail Kim (should it not have been Katie Lea?) get involved. The supporting cast hung around just a bit too long for my liking, as while I understand you wanted Hawkins, Ryder, Smith and Burchill to suffer their own spots, it kinda distracted from the seriousness of the feud for longer than it needed to. But yeah, that's just a personal preference, but I was glad to see them all taken out of it while we got back to business. And well done, despite all the carnage we'd seen, you defo managed to top that with that final table spot. Honestly, this was such a fun match to read, total chaos throughout, and despite the fact that the interuptions lasted a little longer than I liked, this is defo match of the night thus far.

Ha, what a sneaky bastard Bischoff is, taken Edge, Haas and Albright back to Raw with him. I'm gonna assume we'll see Straight Edge and the Craftsman go at it... and maybe even Edge v Christian for the title?! Yes plz.

Interesting opening to the Cena/Kennedy match, with Cena almost out-wrestling Kennedy and frustrating him in the process. Miz has certainly been a surprise with how he's been involved in this feud, as for me, a character like Kennedy's would find Miz annoying as hell, especially during his hoo-rah phase. But I guess flattery always wins out. Anyway, Cena saves a little bit of face as Miz makes his presence felt, but I liked the fact you had Cena take him out of things relatively early. Let's get the focus squarely on the personal rivalry of the two. Nice bit of old school wrasslin' with the sleeper hold, and it was a nice kinda transition between the start and ending of the match. Interesting that you alluded to the fact that Cena had been involved in a submission match the previous month, then spent so much time with either man in submission holds during this match. Neither man seems to be going down to an impact finisher, so of course there are kick outs from the mic check and the FU. While I can see Kennedy surviving the STFU, I think to really get across the desperateness of the Cena and the situation, you should have had Cena hold the submission until 4 of a 5 count. That would have really gotten over the struggles Cena was having to put Kennedy away And wow again, Cena taps for the second straight show, albeit the camera shot saves face a little bit. Lol at the bit with the fan, even the kids are turning their backs on him now. Heel turn seems inevitable now, especially if the one constant Cena has always had going for him, the support of the kids, is now gone. While Kennedy merges with a big win, one that sets him up nicely for a possible feud with Triple H, Cena has a real excuse to turn heel now with the fans literally turning their back on him. Such a subtle thing to do, even in the over the top fashion you did it in (does that even make sense?), but it really spoke volumes. So many possibilities as to where you can take Cena's character, and I'm really looking forward to seeing what you do with him.

I was pretty taken aback by how much Triple H dominated the early moments, as despite the injured ribs, I expected Lesnar to come out all guns blazing before the ribs became a factor. And blood so early in another surprise, even more so that it's Lesnar. I really saw this one going the other way, with Lesnar taking control before he was stopped, so I'll give you credit for catching me off guard with this. Wow, the equalizer comes in the form of a barbed wire 2x4. Interesting choice, although surely the sledgehammer has role to play at some point. Damn, that spinebuster through the barricade sounded absolutely brutal. And still the punishment continues with the DDT onto the chair. At this point I figured you were building towards Lesnar having no option but to stay down, and tbh after the amount of punishment he took, the comeback seemed a little far fetched, especially when you consider the fact that despite all that, Lesnar denied himself a 3 count when the match seemed won. Finally it's over after the F5, but I really think this has done some serious damage to Triple H's standing. Granted Lesnar looks beastly, and he'll certainly remain a big player over on Smackdown, but now where do you go with Trips? A long vacation I presume? Granted this was a brutal, bloody affair, but I just get this nagging feeling that Triple H should've took this one, especially with the injuries Lesnar had going in. It would've gave Trips a win to even the score, setting you up for a rubber match. Great action, some sick spots, but I'm intrigued as to where you take both men from here. I'm sure you'll have something grand in mind, but right now I'm drawing blanks.

Certainly no surprise that Beth won, and of course Mickie has the easy out due to her injuries. Again, I'd question weather this really fit the tremendous build up it received going in. The whole storyline between Beth and Mickie was great stuff, and this perhaps sold it a little short. I'm sure there'll be some sort of rematch though. As for this match, short but sweet, and you certainly packed plenty of action into those four minutes, with some very believable surprise near falls for Mickie. But certainly the right diva left with the gold.

While previous matches you've kinda strayed from the norm for openings, this one went pretty much as expected with the vengeful Van Dam taking the fight to Orton early, that made a lot of sense. I thought the way you portrayed the more methodical side of Orton was nicely done, especially with the way the emphasis of the attack was placed at the head. Some nice psychology there. At time though that methodical attack of a heel Orton can be quite boring to read, but there was enough spots to maintain a level of excitement. Wasn't all that sure about the use of a second sleeper given the use of it earlier during the Cena/Kennedy match, perhaps coulda went for something different in either of the matches. I liked the duelling hangman DDT's, although for ture poetic justice surely Van Dam should have went for the punt at some point? Or perhaps that would've been too heelish for him? Either way, the ending sounded pretty sweet, with Orton finally putting this feud to bed. Aside from the odd thing I mentioned above, this was another fine match. Maybe not quite as dramatic as previous efforts, but good all the same. The pre and post match bits suggest Jericho could his next challenger, but the question has to be... when do we get Orton/Flair? Must be on the cards surely?

And onto the main event. Loved how straight off the bat you set the theme for the match straight from the get go with the description of both men being so serious in their entrances. I dunno why, but that small touch really struck with me about the severity of the situation for the champion. And that continued with the early dodges from Christian, such a contrast to his usual confident self. ‘Mags so dominant so early was to be expected, but the level of which it happened wasn’t quite as, and I’m a little taken aback at how little of the early goings Christian had. And even when he does get in some attack, Umaga simply plucks him out the air and drives him to the floor. Brutal stuff. Bold of you to write the match like this, especially since it took such a long time for the champion to finally have a sustained attack, pretty brave writing a main event like that but for the two characters involved in kinda worked. The ref bump being used to the faces advantage is another stray from the norm, but again, it lent itself to the situation very nicely, as the table spot allows for a much more even ending to the match, so that was very nicely booked. Loved the use of JR here, some really nice lines to really get across how beastly Umaga is looking. Three unpretiers unanswered was just a tad uninspiring, perhaps you could’ve went for a total shocking power move from Umaga inbetween the second and third, with a close as hell near fall on Christian. That would’ve paced the drama of the finish to perfection imo. But it was great for what it was, finally the beast has been slayed, Christian looks a million dollars, and it was a very dramatic and exciting way to close off the show.

Overall, a great show. Really terrific stuff, very enjoyable to read. Obviously I took serious issue with the Smackdown tag title situation (despite fully understanding where you were coming from with it), but apart from that, it was really only small personal preferences that I disagreed with. It was seriously good stuff, you could have easily written ‘WrestleMania’ at the top of the show and it wouldn’t have looked out of place. Plenty of good booking decisions too, with a lot of interesting directions to head in with the big characters, especially Cena. Great stuff, let’s hope you’re back soon to continue the story.
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Re: Being The Booker

Guess who?

I think I've given myself a long enough break from this stuff. Let's see if I remember how to do it. Thanks to those who commented on Summerslam - it meant a lot, and I'm glad it was well received.

In terms of the all important Summerslam predictions contest ... 619IDH & rvd97045 tied for the victory with 25pts each.

Anyway, moving forward, I'll probably be doing a lot of shows in recap form, just until I get back in the mood for writing more detailed shows. The first Raw after Summerslam will be a regular show though. God knows when it'll be up. I'll probably post up some uninteresting post-Summerslam news and notes before that though.

Until then ...
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Re: Being The Booker

Haha.... all of the oldie-but-goodies are coming back! HELL YEAH! Welcome back bro! Onward going, I know it can be a real pain in the ass jumping back into booking, but I'm sure you've got it covered. Do it up, man! Do it up!

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Re: Being The Booker

Oh happy day, it's my Wolfy! Please still use MSN too ya old knob<3

Welcome back old chap

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Re: Being The Booker

^^^ Who's that old bastard that posted above me? Haha!

No but for real Wolfy it's great to see you back after several months off. Granted I'm not even back and rarely find myself lurking on WF anymore but I'm looking forward to actually getting on BTB and reading your stuff once you make it back. Who knows? It may even motivate me for a comeback lol. Well good luck Wolfy and can't wait for the first show back.
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Re: Being The Booker

Yeah ... so this is going to happen much slower than I even thought. Still haven't got myself in the mood to sit down and begin writing again. Could take a while to get going. In the meantime, for anyone that couldn't be bothered to read through Summerslam, here's a quick results bit to look at...


Paul London defeated M.V.P @ 11:24 with the 450 Splash to retain the WWE United States Championship

William Regal defeated Shelton Benjamin & Matt Hardy to become the NEW WWE Intercontinental Champion after a Knee Trembler to Benjamin @ 12:01

The Caribbean Connection defeated Americas Most Wanted via count out after the champions walked out @ 03:28, but AMW remain WWE Tag Team Champions

Kurt Angle defeated Rey Mysterio @ 16:54 after removing Mysterios mask, and delivering an Angle Slam off the top rope as Rey covered his exposed face

Edge defeated The Undertaker @ 17:32, putting The Deadman away after a Tombstone, followed by a Spear

Straight Edge defeated MNM in a TLC match to become World Tag Team Champions for the second time @ 18:49 and as a result of the pre-match stipulation, MNM are forced to leave Monday Night Raw.

Mr. Kennedy defeated John Cena via submission @ 18:09 after first attacking Cenas shoulder with a TV camera, then applying the Krossface.

Brock Lesnar defeated Triple H in a Streetfight @ 26:10, with The Game stretchered out of the building after the bloody war.

Beth Phoenix defeated Mickie James to become the NEW Womens Champion @ 04:40

Randy Orton retained the WWE Championship over Rob Van Dam @ 24:56 after connecting with a mid air RKO whilst RVD attempted a Five Star Frog Splash.

Christian (with Ricky Hatton in his corner) ended the 14 month long undefeated streak of 'Mister Money in the Bank' Umaga @ 22:13, needing THREE Unprettiers to finish off the Samoan Bulldozer and remain World Heavyweight Champion.


So, that's just a catch up. I'll try and get some news and notes post-Summerslam up later in the week.
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Re: Being The Booker

Post-Summerslam news and notes;

The general feeling in the immediate aftermath of last nights Summerslam is that despite the miserable British weather, the show itself was a rip roaring success, with plenty of top matches fulfilling their potential and matching their billing, whilst the reactions for certain stars such as the UK’s own William Regal when winning the Intercontinental title have been called by some as ‘memorable’.

In the most contentious decision of the night with the powers that be, Christian went over Umaga in the main event to not only retain the World Championship, but to bring an end to Umagas 14 month long ‘streak’. Many had been pulling for Umagas run to continue, right through Christian, with Christian to win the title back in a rematch at a later date, but with Summerslam being such a huge show for the company, the ‘safe’ decision was made in order to end the night on a high note and have Christian go over clean. There are fears though that this loss could irreparably damage the Umaga character, and even a later title win would mean much less than it would’ve at Summerslam and do little to repair the damage done by this first loss.

Much was purposely made of the post-match happenings to the Brock Lesnar-Triple H streetfight, with The Game set to take a further leave of absence from on screen duties. He had been expected to sit out the remainder of the year when he initially took time off in April, but with the company desperate to stack the Summerslam card, he did as asked for the good of the company, but now that the Brock Lesnar feud is over, Triple H is unlikely to return to television until the lead up to WrestleMania. Given the manner of his exit at Summerslam, it’s rumoured that The Game may announce his ‘retirement’ via satellite in the coming weeks to explain his absence for the foreseeable future.

As for Lesnar, some were surprised to see him go over Triple H - especially so decisively - given the recent rumours that he is currently looking OUT of his WWE contract, as he supposedly is tired of the schedule. The WWE though are determined to keep Lesnar on board, and are expected to fight all the way to keep him locked into to his contract which still has almost three years to run. However, patience is said to be growing thin with the Iron Man, having already caved to his demands a year ago for more time off and sporadic breaks throughout the year, (the reason for his on-air ‘suspension’ post-WrestleMania, and the two weeks he missed during the world tour) the recent rumours are said to have upset many of the higher-ups in the company - and the dominant victory over Triple H was likely a final ‘olive branch’ to keep the star on board.

Another surprise to many was the nature of Mister Kennedys victory over John Cena - with Cena, undoubtedly the biggest star in the company (at least in merchandise sales) - tapping out for the second straight Pay Per View. While at first glance many may think that Cena is out of favour with the company, it is said that this is simply another chapter into the ongoing struggle Cenas character has had to deal with ever since coming up short to Christian at Summerslam, with this latest setback set in motion quite some time ago. It was felt that both Cenas ongoing angle could continue through a loss in this manner, and Kennedys stock would have the opportunity to rise further with such a headline grabbing win over a top name at the second biggest PPV event of the year.

The current plan moving forward for MNM is currently unknown. Some backstage expect the group to go its separate ways after defeat at Summerslam, with Nitro tipped for stardom within the company, whilst Mercury could be seen as a useful lower carder, that could help further boost the cruiserweight division. However, there are said to be many supporters of keeping at least the tandem of Nitro and Mercury together - if not the trifecta with Melina - and attempting to turn the group face upon a likely debut on Smackdown, and a potential feud with the current champions AMW. With the Caribbean Connection still firmly in the picture though, it’s unknown how the group would fit into the title scene on Smackdown currently, as - given the way in which the WWE tag team title match ended at Summer slam - the feud for the titles between the Connection and AMW could be set to rumble for the foreseeable future.

On Raw, it appears that Straight Edge will be headed straight into feuds with the two new debuting teams on Raw; The Master Craftsmen just signed from Smackdown and the set to debut Angels of Anarchy in a group of matches that has many people excited, and harkening back to the Fall of 2002 and the ‘Smackdown Six’, believing that Punk, Helms, Albright, Haas, Daniels and Williams could emulate some of the unforgettable matches seen five years ago.

Despite the raw emotion shown from the fans for William Regals epic hometown Intercontinental Title win, it’s unlikely that Regals celebration will last for long. Initially, Regal was only set to be part of the title match at Summerslam in order to prolong the Benjamin/Hardy angle, and to give Regal a chance to perform at Wembley Stadium. However, as the show rolled around, it became obvious to agents and writers alike that anything less than a Regal victory at Summerslam would put a huge dampener on the night for the home contingent at Wembley. There are even rumours that Regals triumph could be as shortlived as tonight on Raw - whilst still in London - is not nearly as important for the company as keeping the fans happy at Summerslam was.

Expect the current Kurt Angle/Rey Mysterio feud to continue for the foreseeable future. The match at Summerslam is expected to be the first of a series of matches between the two over the coming months, with both Angle and Mysterio ‘digging’ their angle, having been given free reign over creative to form the rivalry as they want to. Having initially been set to have a basic month long feud to simply ‘get them on the show’ at Summerslam, Angle and Rey both decided that they felt they had more to offer, and are currently showing that with a bitter hatred developing, and the mask removal at Summerslam is said to be just another step in a long time angle.

With Randy Orton seemingly ending Rob Van Dams title aspirations at Summerslam, it’s unclear what lies next for Randy Orton as WWE Champion. A title change had been rumoured at Summer slam (which initial plans saw Umaga defeating Christian), but with Orton keeping the title, the list of potential challengers is likely to be narrowed down to Brock Lesnar only. Batista looks set to feud with Garrison Cade given recent developments, Paul London is likely to be kept busy with the United States title, and, RVD has just fallen short again at winning the title, marking his third loss to Orton this year. With the list of potential challengers slim to none, some are of the belief that a return for Chris Jericho is imminent. Jericho was at Summer slam - and was identified by the Smackdown broadcast team during the event, with Jericho on tour in the UK with Fozzy. Jericho is expected to record an interview with Joey Styles this week which should address his future, having been put out of action in April thanks to a boot from Orton. Another option is Ric Flair, although Flair still doesn’t appear to be any nearer to finalising a return to the company, despite rumours of a return just three months ago - he has yet to sign any deal that would see his return, nearly one year after ‘retiring’.

A face turn for Edge has also been discussed, such is the need for fresh faces to challenge Orton on Smackdown, but it’s expected that Edge will remain the #2 heel on the brand for the time being. However, with a clean win over The Undertaker at Wembley under his belt, a rare heel/heel feud over the belt could be possible and would make sense, with Edge seemingly a much more worthy challenger at the current moment than perhaps anyone on Smackdown. Much will depend on what type of schedule Undertaker adopts for the remainder of the year, having wrestled just three matches since WrestleMania. If he decides to be a more regular performer in the Fall, the feud with Edge will almost certainly run on, and a match with Orton for the title could be possible too.

There was said to be a clean bill of health after the show last night, with no serious injuries reported at present, although Triple H of course will (kayfabe) likely be out of action for months. Both Straight Edge and MNM are set to miss at least one week of TV in order to sell the effects of TLC, though MNM could be kept off TV for longer as creative decides where to go next with them. Mickie James is also set to be kept off TV for a number of weeks in order to sell the injuries she suffered last week on Raw.

Also, with the high volume of switches from Smackdown to Raw over the past month, there is expected to be some kind of backlash for Eric Bischoff. At this point, it’s unknown what the repercussions will be for the Raw GM, but some rumours suggest that with Bischoffs contract expiring in January - and with Eric making it clear he is not interested in re-signing - it could lead to Bischoff being fired, sooner rather than later. Arn Anderson is expected to make his return as Smcakdown GM at the conclusion of the current world tour in two weeks, and it’s also likely that some faces from Raw will end up moving to Smackdown in order to balance the rosters once again.


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Re: Being The Booker

CM Punk and Shane Helms vs. Brent Albright and Charlie Haas vs. Christopher Daniels and Douglas Williams please!

William Regal needs that title forever!!! Or until William Regal vs. Fit Finlay at a Pay-Per-View, whichever comes first.

I'm personally hoping for Brock Lesnar vs. Randy Orton or Paul London vs. Randy Orton, guess we'll see what happens...maybe Edge in a Triple Threat or one-off Smackdown! match...eww.

Anyways, looking forward to the next post.

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