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Re: Being The Booker

Monday Night Raw | August 13 2007 | Belfast, Northern Ireland

No opening video, no pyro…

The show opens up - in the parking lot, where a team of medics are seen pushing a stretcher to a waiting ambulance, as J.R fills the audience in on the situation…

Jim Ross: Ladies and Gentlemen, moments before we went on the air, the WWE Womens Champion, Mickie James was found backstage - bloodied and unconscious - truly gruesome footage, which Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff has deemed unfit for air. Five minutes ago, we were all ready and set to kick off a special three hour edition of Monday Night Raw here in Belfast, six days away from the biggest Summerslam of all time … but we are starting the night on a hell of a sombre note.

Joey Styles: And after what has happened over on Smackdown the past two weeks; the bloody, brutal beating of Brock Lesnar at the hands of Triple H, followed by the sickening punt kick from Randy Orton to Tommy Dreamer this past Friday … things are getting out of hand. Things have gone too far.

Jim Ross: I agree, Joey. In addition to the two incidents you‘ve referred to, Christian last Monday had to receive medical attention following Raw. This though, is the tip of the iceberg.

Mickie James is loaded into the ambulance, with Eric Bischoff seen at the scene, talking with an official, seemingly trying to get some information, whilst a concerned Maria and Victoria are also looking very sombre.

The Coach: And J.R, what does this mean for Summerslam this Sunday?? Alexis Laree was set to lose her title to Beth Phoenix, remember. Has she staged this whole thing in order to avoid Phoenix??

Jim Ross: That’s just absurd, Coach. Where’s your class?? It’s Mickie James, and she was set to defend her title on Sunday. I would imagine that match is off the cards for the time being, and if I were to hazard a guess as who‘s to blame for this, it would have to be-

The Coach: Just as I suspected. She’s devious, and she’s saved herself the shame of being destroyed in front of ninety thousand people at Wembley Stadium.

Jim Ross: I’m just gonna ignore anything you have to say, Coach. You’re absolutely outta line here. Folks, harrowing scenes in Belfast as we kick off a bumper night of action on Raw…

The ambulance speeds off, into the night, with Bischoff still discussing the incident with an official, shaking his head, as we fade out…

Opening Video


Jim Ross: Despite an inauspicious start to the evening, the Odyssey Arena in Belfast is sold out, and in fevered excitement, just six days away from Summerslam!!

The Coach: That’s the spirit J.R!! Forget Alexis Laree, The Coach is in the building, we’re live on the air, and after last weeks memorable debut, The Playas Club is open for business again tonight!! John Cena and Mister Kennedy will join ME in the ring later tonight, six days away from their first ever one on one encounter. That’s why Belfast is goin crazy.

We cut, and see Coach ISNT dressed for the occasion this week, but holds up a pint of Guinness to the camera.

Jim Ross: The show must go on, Coach, I’m afraid. But I don’t know if the excitement in this building is down to your Players Club, or due to the fact that Belfast hosts Raw for the first time ever tonight, as the WWE takes over the UK, and for one week only, the Raw and Smackdown rosters will merge in the run up to the hottest event of the summer. Tonight, The Coach and myself are joined by our Smackdown colleagues Joey Styles and Paul Heyman.

Joey Styles: Thank you, J.R, it is our pleasure to be here tonight. For the first time as a WWE employee, I’m appearing on Monday Night Raw, and it’ll be a night to remember, I’m sure. Two huge matches on the line up from the Smackdown roster tonight, along with Smackdown participation in two more matches. Paul??

Paul Heyman: For those of you at home, tonight you’re in for a treat. For once you can turn the volume up!! Because right here, you’ve got the heir apparent to Jim Ross in the shape of Joey Styles, and a genuine colour analyst, as opposed to a self promoter like The Coach.

The Coach: I’d take offence to that, but then I just think about the revolving door of commentators over on Smackdown lately. What’s this?? ECW revival month?? You pair of bingo callers announcing, Van Dam back in the title hunt, and even Tommy Dreamer making a guest appearance to take a beating?? Enjoy your time here tonight gentlemen, by the time Summerslam rolls around, it’ll be Tony Schiavone and Jim Cornette sitting in your seats. Wait- is Schiavone dead??

Jim Ross: Just his career, Coach.

Paul Heyman: The same way your career will be eventually too, Coach. But maybe, with Smackdown taking the lead on Raw tonight, you’ll pick up a few tips to prolong your career as an announcer. Ladies and Gentlemen, Raw tonight, is main evented by Smack-down. The WWE Champion Randy Orton goes one on one with none other than the Phenom himself, The Undertaker!!

Joey Styles: It’s the first live appearance The Undertaker has made since the Great American Bash, six days away from meeting Edge at Summerslam, and personally, after what Orton did last Friday on Smackdown to Tommy Dreamer, I only hope he survives tonight so that Rob Van Dam can personally tear him to shreds this Sunday.

Jim Ross: And gentlemen, unfortunately, RVD will not be here tonight. The Number One Contender for the WWE Championship has stayed with Tommy Dreamer over the weekend in South Africa, but he will arrive in the UK later in the week and he WILL be part of Smackdown this Friday in Cardiff. Later tonight, we will see the shocking footage that closed proceedings on Smackdown last Friday. And also tonight, the buzz surrounds this man, the undefeated light welterweight world boxing champion, who will be in Christians corner this Sunday for the main event of Summer slam … Ricky Hatton!!


MNM, minus Melina or The Entourage, make their red carpet entrance, getting heat from the fans in Belfast.

Jim Ross: As we have already said, we are just six days away from the most eagerly anticipated Summerslam of all time, and one of the reasons for the anticipation is that these two men will defend the World Tag Team Championships in a mouth watering Tables, Ladders and Chairs match against Straight Edge, where it’s ALL on the line. The titles AND both teams futures on Monday Night Raw.

The Coach: The losing team leaves Raw, and I hope - I pray - it’s Straight Edge that’s off my show.

Paul Heyman: Hey, Raws loss will be Smackdowns gain. I’m sure once Arn Andersons suspension ends, he’ll be looking to bring either one of these teams to Friday Night Smackdown. So, for once, I’ll agree Coach. I hope it IS Straight Edge that loses. I’d love to see CM Punk and Greg Helms lighting up Smackdown.

The Coach: That doesn’t surprise me. You’ve got a penchant for oddball losers like those two.

Joey Styles: Petty cheap shots aside, for anyone at home wondering why Melina and The Entourage aren’t joining Nitro and Mercury at ringside, Melina will be in action later tonight, and The Entourage have been banned from joining their heroes at ringside for this eight man tag.


Wasting no time, Rhyno charges down the aisle, to the ring.

Jim Ross: Gentlemen, this is a man you’ll both know extremely well.

Paul Heyman: Absolutely, J.R. The last ever ECW Television AND ECW World Heavyweight Champion, a beast of a man, that quite honestly in my opinion, has never fulfilled his true potential in the WWE.

The Coach: Hey Paul; GORE, GORE, GOOOOOORRRRE!!!!

Paul Heyman: That’s real cute, Coach.

Joey Styles: This Sunday, before Summerslam goes on the air, on, ten superstars from Raw and ten superstars from Smackdown will compete in a twenty man, over the top rope battle royal, to commemorate twenty years of the hottest event of the summer. Rhyno - it has been confirmed - will be one of those twenty men, as will Ken Doane.


And to a massively mixed reaction, the Olympic Gold Medal winner, Kurt Angle strides onto the stage.

Jim Ross: He is a SEVEN time WWE Champion, and despite his personal viewpoint on many matters that have alienated many WWE fans, Kurt Angle, in all corners of the planet has just as many fans and admirers, or failing that, simply respect.

Joey Styles: But J.R, there is one man that has lost ALL respect for Angle over the past month, and that’s the man he takes on this Sunday at Summerslam, Rey Mysterio.

Paul Heyman: And for Rey Mysterio to lose respect for someone, you have to really upset him. Kurt Angles actions - for all the praise he gets for his in ring ability and achievements, and I’m one of his biggest fans - but his actions have been nothing short of disgusting in recent times.

Jim Ross: Well Kurt Angle meets Mysterio one on one at Wembley this Sunday in one of the more personal matches at Summerslam, but when we return, Angle and Mysterio will have the chance to get it on before then. Our eight man tag is next!!!

Commercial Break

We return with Ken Doane at the bottom of the ramp, as Straight Edge make their way down the aisle.

Jim Ross: Welcome back to Raw, and we are getting set for an eight man tag team match to kick us off, and over the last two weeks, Straight Edge and Ken Doane have found themselves in the middle of Kurt Angle and Rey Mysterios issue-

The Coach: Busybodies, J.R!! They should keep their nose out.

Joey Styles: If it hadn’t been for Straight Edge and Doane two weeks ago, Kurt Angle would’ve undoubtedly unmasked Rey Mysterio. They did the right thing, and once again last week, the three men helped out Mysterio again. They tried to help their friend, but it was Kurt Angle who tried to pick a fight, costing Straight Edge and match with Deuce and Domino last week.

The Coach: Shut up, Styles. Stick to Smackdown issues.

**BOOYAKA 619**

And to a HUGE pop, Rey Mysterio runs onto the stage, saluting the fans.

Jim Ross: Listen to the ovation!!! The fans here in Belfast may respect Kurt Angle, but evidently, they LOVE Mysterio!!!

The Coach: They love men in masks in this hellhole, J.R!! They’re used to it, but usually in Belfast they use black masks while runnin around with guns.

Joey Styles: How do you still have a job??

We cut and see Coach holding up a balaclava, looking to Styles on the other commentary table.

The Coach: They said if I wore it I wouldn’t have a job anymore.

Mysterio joins Punk, Helms and Doane at the bottom of the ramp … AND THE FOUR SPRINT TO THE RING … AND AN EIGHT MAN BRAWL ENSUES!!!!!

It’s chaos to kick things off, with Rhyno eventually getting the better of Doane, spilling outside, whilst Rey is stopped in his tracks by Angle, as MNM and Straight Edge trade blows, with Punk and Helms getting the better of their rivals, sending MNM out of the ring, which allows them to attack Angle, before Punk and Rey exit the ring, leaving Kurt and Greg to officially start the match…

Kurt Angle, MNM & Rhyno vs. Rey Mysterio, Straight Edge & Ken Doane
Helms tries to stay on Angle, knowing Kurt could turn the tables at any given moment, and gets the Olympian into the corner, tagging in Punk, with the former tag team champs sending Kurt off the ropes, with Angle bouncing back, looking for a double clothesline, but Straight Edge duck under, and on the return nail Kurt with a double dropkick!!! Punk stays on top of Angle, applying a range of headlocks to keep Kurt under control, before making a tag to Doane. With Punk holding Kurt up, Doane goes to work on Angle. He shoots Angle off the ropes … BUT ANGLE EXPLODES ON THE RETURN WITH A CLOTHESLINE!!! Now, the youngster Doane is isolated by the heel side, with Angle tagging in Rhyno to soften the youngster up. That plan doesn’t go down so well, as after a few clubbing blows to the back, Rhyno runs off the ropes … BUT IS MET WITH AN ARM DRAG!!!

Quickly, both men make tags; Doane to Rey and Rhyno to Nitro. The two meet in the middle of the ring, with Nitro missing a right hand, and Rey goes to work with leg kicks to slow Nitro down, then runs the ropes, but Nitro looks for a back body drop, only for Rey to land on his feet, hit the ropes again, and come back with a head scissors!!! Nitro backs into the corner, with Rey rushing in … but Mercury drags his partner out to safety, with Rey hitting the corner, and turning into a clothesline from the flashy champion. Nitro tags Mercury in now, and wasting no time, Joey hit’s a succession of right hands in the corner to Mysterio, and then whips him off the ropes, but Rey ducks a clothesline and bounces back, ducking another, before coming back and surprising Mercury with an arm drag!!! The fans pop, as Mysterio bounces back up, punching Mercury back into the corner, and Punk quickly tags, eager for a shot at one of his two big rivals.

Punk takes it to Mercury, and lays a number of vicious kicks and punches, softening up his rival, sending him to the opposite corner and following in with a high knee to the face of his opponent, following with a bulldog out of the corner. He covers, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Still on the offence though, he goes for another whip, but Mercury reverses, sending Punk off, and a shot from Nitro on the apron allows Mercury to knock Punk down, and drops a leg for a quick near fall of his own. With the momentum shifted, Mercury drags Punk up, backing him into the corner, making a tag back out, bringing in Angle. The Olympian goes to work on Punk, firing off a succession of rights and lefts to the temple in the corner, following up with a big European uppercut that takes Punk off his feet. He drags him back up, but this time, Punk fights Angle off, going back to his kicks to stop Kurt, before running off the ropes … BUT IS CAUGHT WITH A BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!!! Angle scrambles for a cover, 1...2...SHOULDER UP!!!

Keeping the pressure on, Angle applies a arm lock, switching into a front facelock, looking to wear CM Punk down, but Punk forces himself out, only to be beaten to the punch again, with Angle quickly scoring a knock down. The Olympian stomps him to keep him down, and reaches out, tagging Rhyno back in. With a chance to shine, Rhyno doesn’t want to disappoint, and stomps Punk to keep him down, and when happy enough, he lifts him up and goes for a suplex, but this is blocked and Punk looks to hit a suplex of his own … but Rhyno blocks it too, and runs Punk into the corner, overpowering the Straight Edge superstar. There, the Man Beast rams his shoulder into the gut of Punk, winding the former tag champion. He drags Punk out of the corner, and drills him with a backbreaker, getting a cover, 1...2...NO!!! On the canvas, the last ever ECW champ chokes the life out of Punk, eventually being forced to let go, and gets up, stomping Punk, before tagging in Nitro.

Nitro enters, and with Punk on the mat, he is dripping with confidence, stomping his grounded rival, and gets a little too cocky, getting in the face of Helms on the apron, before going for a fancy somersault esque leg drop … AND MISSES!!! Punk avoids it, and gets up, running through Nitro with a clothesline, following up with a roundhouse kick, and cover, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Punk makes a tag to Helms now, with Nitro on a knee, but not for long, as he backs up, begging off the fired up Helms … then looks for a cheap shot, but Greg blocks it, and tees off on Nitro!!! He shoots Nitro off the ropes, knocking him down with a reverse elbow, then drags him back up, knocking him back down with a flying clothesline!!! Nitro looks all over the place as he staggers back up, with Helms dropkicking him into the corner!!! The fans pop for the action, with Helms pounding away in the corner, with the fans eventually counting along, as he mounts the ropes to continue … but after nine … MERCURY SHOVES HELMS ONTO THE ROPES!!!

This sparks a melee, with Punk coming after Mercury, only to be cut off by Rhyno, as EVERYONE pours into the ring to spark a brawl!!! Kurt takes a cheap shot at Rey, then runs at him, but Rey back drops his rival over the top to the outside … AS DOANE LEAPS OFF THE TOP WITH A SPLASH TO ANGLE!!!!! The pop doesn’t last long - AS RHYNO CHARGES AROUND RINGSIDE - RUNNING THROUGH DOANE WITH A CLOTHESLINE!!! This forces Rey to act, and Mysterio runs off the ropes in the ring - AND SENTONS OVER THE TOP ONTO RHYNO!!! It’s all breaking down, as MNM drop to the outside and put the boots to Rey … but in the ring, Straight Edge recover, taking a look at one another - nodding - before racing across the ring, DOUBLE SUICIDE DIVE TO THE OUTSIDE!!!!! All eight men are down on the outside, with the fans going berserk … as we cut to a commercial.

Commercial Break

As we return, it’s now Doane and Rhyno the legal men, with Rhyno on top, before we get clips from during the break, where Angle and Doane became the legal men with Doane in control, but got drilled with an Angle Slam, leading to the change in momentum, putting the heel quartet in charge again. Rhyno sends Doane off the ropes, but ‘The Future’ fires back ducking under a clothesline, then sliding under him, before catching The Man Beast with an arm drag. Quickly, Doane makes a beeline for the top rope, looking for a cross body, but Rhyno dodges it, and DRILLS Doane with a SPINEBUSTER!!! He covers, 1...2...REY BREAKS THE COUNT!!! Things nearly break down again, but the official keeps a lid on things. However, during the (near) melee, Mysterio tags Doane, and it isn’t spotted by Rhyno, who is too busy looking for Doane to realise Rey coming at him, with a dropkick from behind into the ropes!!! Mysterio calls for the 619 … BUT ANGLE BLASTS HIM WITH A CLOTHESLINE!!!!!

Once more, the action nearly breaks down, but the official keeps order, as Rhyno recovers, sending Rey off the ropes, with Helms making a blind tag as Rey hit’s the ropes. Mysterio bounces back, sliding under Rhyno, and as the Man Beast turns around, Helms comes in with a school boy … 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Rhyno bounces up, with Helms shooting off the ropes … right into a big knee from Rhyno!!! Rhyno brings Helms to the corner, and tags in Angle, with Kurt laying into Greg, punch after punch … BUT HELMS FIGHTS BACK!!! Helms battles out of the corner, trading blows with Angle, but misses a clothesline … AND ANGLE EFFORTLESSLY CONNECTS WITH A GERMAN SUPLEX!!!!! He hangs on - to a mixed reaction from the fans - and drags Helms up … AND HITS ANOTHER … AND HANGS ON AGAIN!!!

Angle hangs on again, looking for the third in the series … but this time, Helms reaches out his hand, in desperation … and … CM PUNK makes the vital tag, but it’s gone undetected by Angle, who hangs on to Helms, and delivers the THIRD German … but it’s all for nothing … as Punk surprises him, springing off the ropes, and taking Angle down with FLYING CLOTHESLINE!!!!! The fans come alive, as Punk turns it up a notch, ducking under Angle, before delivering the Pepsi Twist!!! Now, sensing the moment, Punk sets Angle up for the Punk Card, but Angle elbows out of it … and LOOKS FOR THE ANGLE SLAM … BUT PUNK DROPS BEHIND … running Angle into the ropes, ROLL UP … 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Angle shoots up, running at Punk … RIGHT INTO A SNAP POWERSLAM!!!!! He covers again, 1...2...KICK OUT FROM ANGLE!!! Punk cant believe the kick out, but meets Kurt as he gets up, teeing off with rights and lefts, putting Kurt on his knees, and looks for a SHINING WIZARD … BUT ANGLE GRABS THE LEG … ANKLE LOCK!!!!!

Punk is caught … with Angle getting to his feet with the hold locked in … but Punk fights, trying to kick free, whilst crawling toward the ropes … BUT ANGLE DRAGS HIM BACK!!! Punk flips over though, and KICKS Angle away, FREEING HIMSELF!!!!! Angle falls back into his corner, with Mercury making a tag, whilst Punk reaches out, tagging Doane!!! Doane - over exuberant - rushes at Mercury, but Mercury drop toe holds him … and Nitro hops over the ropes with an elbow to the young gun!!! Nitro slips right back out of the ring, as Mercury turns Doane over, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Now, Doane is able to be isolated, with MNM using their nous as tag team champions to double team him, as Mercury tags in Nitro for a quick double team. Nitro hit’s a suplex, floating over for a cover, 1...2...KICK OUT AGAIN!!! Nitro shoves Doane into the corner, tagging in Rhyno, and Rhyno stomps on Cena in the corner, then pulls him out for a Pumphandle Slam, getting the cover, but Helms breaks the count.

Immediately, the referee orders Helms out, but the distraction allows a brief illegal double team, as Rhyno holds Doane up, exposing the ribs, with Nitro pounding away at the body. Mercury is brought back in and he applies a sleeper, with Doane seemingly fading. The referee raises the arm twice, and both times it falls to the ground. The third time it stays in the air, and he breaks the hold with repeated elbows to the mid section. He then bounces off the ropes, but Mercury stops the comeback in it‘s tracks with a dropkick, getting the cover, 1...2...NO!!! Kenny raises a shoulder, refusing to give in. Still though, the heel side are dominant, with Joey tagging Angle back in, and Angle continuing the punishment to the youngster. Angle beats at the defenceless Doane and hit’s a perfect suplex, then immediately goes for the Ankle Lock, but Doane squirms free, and fights to his feet, but Angle snuffs out another potential comeback with an EXPLOSIVE BELLY TO BELLY!!! He makes a cover, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!!!

Angle begins to toy with the kid, standing over Doane, slapping him around the back of the head, before dragging him up, hurling him into a corner, grabbing the youngster by the face, trash talking him … BUT DOANE EXPLODES WITH A FLURRY OF RIGHT HANDS TO ANGLE!!!!! Doane shocks Angle with his explosion, and goes for a whip, but Angle reverses, ducking down for the return … but Doane comes back with a DDT!!!!! He makes the cover … 1...2...NO!!!!! Angle just avoids the embarrassing loss, as Doane - showing signs of fatigue after a blistering comeback taking it’s toll - crawls to his corner, looking for a tag, whilst Rhyno makes a tag from a dazed Angle … AND STOPS DOANE FROM TAGGING OUT!!! He drags the kid up by the leg, almost laughing … UNTIL DOANE CATCHES HIM WITH AN ENZIGURI … AND TAGS IN MYSTERIO!!!!!

Mysterio hit’s the ring, hopping off the ropes with a dropkick to Nitro - who has rushed into the ring - then catches an incoming Mercury with an arm drag … as Punk and Helms now enter the ring to take care of MNM!!! Straight Edge and MNM disperse to the outside now, whilst Mysterio sizes up the 619 on Rhyno … BUT AGAIN ANGLE PREVENTS IT!! Kurt comes from behind, looking for an Angle Slam … BUT MYSTERIO REVERSES INTO AN ARM DRAG!!!!! Angle tumbles into the ropes … AS MYSTERIO LOOKS FOR THE 619 … BUT GETS BROKEN IN HALF WITH A GORE!!!!! Rhyno explodes on Mysterio, and makes the cover, 1...2...DOANE BREAKS THE COUNT!!!!! Doane attacks Rhyno, with those two now spilling out of the ring, whilst we see MNM have gained the upper hand on Straight Edge, with Punk and Helms down on the outside. They get back inside the ring, joining Angle as he stomps down Rey.

Kurt instructs the tag champs to hit the Snapshot, with Nitro and Mercury looking happy to do so, bringing Rey up … but as they do … PUNK AND HELMS - FROM OPPOSITE SIDES - LEAP ONTO THE ROPES, AND DIVE ONTO NITRO AND MERCURY RESPECTIVELY!!!!! Straight Edge take down MNM once more, as the champs roll out of the ring. Angle then attacks Punk in blind rage, but Helms helps his partner out, and not even Angle can handle two on one odds … AND STRAIGHT EDGE DELIVER THE DOUBLE SHINING WIZARD!!!!! Angle lands in the ropes … as Punk and Helms help Rey up, and Mysterio wastes no time … 619 TO KURT ANGLE!!!!! Angle tumbles, rolling out of the ring, whilst Doane throws Rhyno back inside, with Punk and Helms tripping the Man Beast into the ropes … AND MYSTERIO HITS ANOTHER 619!!! Straight Edge depart the ring to deal with MNM once more, as Rey instructs Doane … and the youngster FLIES with the TOP ROPE LEG DROP ONTO RHYNO!!! He covers, 1...2...3!!!
Winners: Ken Doane, Rey Mysterio & Straight Edge @ 17:16

It’s a feel good win for Mysterio and co, with Ken Doane finally winning a match on Raw after a month of stringent tests at the behest of Eric Bischoff!!!

Jim Ross: Yes!!! Despite the chaos, and something resembling a pier six brawl, it is victory for Ken Doane finally on Raw!!! And what a way for Mysterio and Straight Edge to head into Summerslam!!!

The Coach: Talk about favouritism, J.R - LISTEN TO YOURSELF!!! You’re supposed to be impartial!! Congratulations to Ken Doane, but lets not get carried away. He only won because his team mates helped him out!! And make no mistake about it, when it’s just Straight Edge and MNM, and Angle one on one with Mysterio this Sunday, it’ll be MUCH different.

Jim Ross: And you say I’m supposed to be impartial. Do the rules not apply to you??

The Coach: I tell it like it is.

The faces celebrate in the ring together, with the established trio congratulating Doane especially, whilst the heel team regroup on the outside, with MNM already leaving the scene, looking angry, whilst Angle has his hands on his hips on the outside, staring a hole through Mysterio, whilst Rhyno has rolled to the outside, and remains on his knees.

Jim Ross: A huge, psychological boost for Mysterio and Straight Edge tonight, heading into Summerslam, but of course, Mysterio will be in action again this Friday on Smackdown, when he takes on Triple H as Raw main events Smackdown, two days away from the hottest event of the Summer.

Joey Styles: And given Kurt Angles recent attitude, J.R, it is highly likely that the Wrestling Machine will not be too far away in Cardiff.

Jim Ross: Indeed, in recent weeks, Angle has made quite the habit of attacking his Summerslam opponent. But that will be revealed on Friday. Still to come tonight, as we said at the top of the show, Randy Orton meets The Undertaker as Smackdown main events Raw, but on top of that, Ricky ‘Hitman’ Hatton will be here, LIVE, six days away from being in Christians corner at Summerslam, as Captain Charisma gets set to defend the World Heavyweight Championship against Umaga, in the biggest challenge of the champions career. It’s all still to come - tonight!!

Commercial Break


An array of clips of The British Bulldog, from his early days in Canada, to his move to the World Wrestling Federation with The Dynamite Kid, covered with sound bites from Jim Ross, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Jesse Ventura and his own son, Harry.

The clips then move on to his unforgettable Intercontinental Championship win at Summer slam ‘92, with classic commentary from Vince McMahon, and more sound bites from Bret and J.R.

We hear more sound bites from Michaels, Hart, and added pieces from Triple H as we see more clips of Davey Boy from later in his career, tagging with Owen Hart and winning the first European Championship.

The video then moves to a more sombre tone, and the Bulldogs untimely death in 2002, with comments from Bret and Harry, before they talk about his overdue induction into the WWE Hall of Fame, with the other commentators on the package declaring it a fitting tribute to the man to induct him on the weekend of the Twentieth annual Summerslam in his home nation.


Back in the arena, we see Harry Smith in the ring, looking up at the titan tron, nodding in approval at his fathers induction, as Burchill and Katie Lea join him in the ring.

Jim Ross: And for me, a huge highlight of this weekend will be the moment that Bret Hart inducts Davey Boy Smith into the Hall of Fame, with Harry Smith accepting the award in honour of his father. How proud a moment will it be for the third generation superstar.

Paul Heyman: A truly fitting tribute to the man. It was thanks to his memorable win at Wembley fifteen years ago that Summer slam ‘92 was such a huge success. He has been, and probably always will be, the biggest name - the biggest star - to come from this side of the Atlantic.


Entering with his brother by his side, Cody Rhodes makes his way down the aisle, ahead of a one on one contest with Smith.

Jim Ross: And momentarily, it’ll be Harry Smith going one on one with Cody Rhodes, in a battle between two men with very famous fathers. Big shoes to fill, but this situation escalated last week in tag team action when Cody Rhodes kissed Smiths girlfriend, Burchills stepsister, Katie Lea.

The Coach: Yeah, skip the important bit, The Rhodes Brothers beat the floundering British Lions last week. Can you blame Katie Lea for kissing Cody Rhodes?? She doesn’t want to associated with losers!!!

Jim Ross: Well let’s just clear one thing up; Rhodes forced himself upon Katie Lea last week. That wasn’t a mutual thing, and Katie Lea sure as hell didn’t want it.

Paul Heyman: Let me make a point though, gentlemen; what the hell was up with Paul Burchills reaction to it!? Talk about protective!! You’d have thought HE was Katies boyfriend last week the way he went off on one!!

Joey Styles: And it was that temper that lost the Lions that match, as he left Smith to take the fall whilst pursuing Cody.

Jim Ross: And this Sunday, both Cody Rhodes and Paul Burchill will be among the twenty men involved in the over the top rope battle royal that will take place prior to Summerslam on Pay Per View, live exclusively on

Match 2:
Harry Smith w/ Katie Lea & Paul Burchill vs. Cody Rhodes w/ Dustin Rhodes
Smith is the aggressor, and brings the fight to Cody, with the young Rhodes all over the place in the early going, until Dustin trips Harry as he runs off the ropes. Dustin is forced to look for high ground, with Burchill losing his cool at the interference, but the damage is done, and it allows Rhodes to take control in the match. Rhodes scores a few near falls in quick succession, and after hitting his springing roundhouse kick (the Beautiful Disaster) blows a kiss to Katie Lea to spark a reaction from the diva, who hops onto the apron, forcing the referee to step in … and allows Cody to illegally choke Harry on the ropes with the official distracted.

Cody continues to rile the diva, making gestures for her to ‘call him’, and we see Burchill getting angrier and angrier on the outside, eventually getting onto the apron himself, but Cody dropkicks him off!!! Getting a little bit too cocky, Rhodes falls into a trap, and allows Smith to spark a comeback, running through Cody with a succession of clotheslines, then drills him with a big boot for a near fall. Harry gets to his feet, and begins to signal for the signature move of his late father - the running power slam - as he drags Cody up to his feet … BUT BURCHILL ENTERS THE RING, AND CLOBBERS CODY WITH A CLOTHESLINE!!! The referee has no other option - and calls for the bell!!!
Winner: Via DQ - Cody Rhodes @ 03:41

Boos ring out instantly, as Burchill costs his partner the match - just as Harry Smith looked to be on the brink of victory - with Smith dumbfounded.

Jim Ross: What the hell just happened here??

The Coach: Cody Rhodes just won - again. That’s what happened!!

Burchill stomps at Rhodes, but is stopped by the incredulous Smith, who shoves his partner, questioning his actions, as the crazed Burchill tries to get more shots in on Rhodes … but with Smith in his way, and now Katie Lea trying to soothe her stepbrother … Cody escapes out of the ring.

Jim Ross: Paul Burchill has lost his mind!!! He’s gone crazy!!

Paul Heyman: He is NUTS, J.R!!! I’ve heard of protective siblings before … but this guy takes the cake!!!

Joey Styles: From my viewpoint, gentlemen, I’d have to say that Burchill has allowed Rhodes to rile him. Cody Rhodes was looking for a reaction, and Burchill played right into his hands. It cost his friend the match, just when it appeared that Smith had this thing won!!

Rhodes continues up the ramp without looking back, as he brother follows - but Cody shoves Dustin away, furious that he allowed him to be beaten up without stepping in - whilst back in the ring, Katie Lea calms the tension between Smith and Burchill, with Harry looking away and shaking his head, and Burchill begins to come around, trying to apologise.

Commercial Break

We return backstage, with Matt Striker standing by with Triple H, who is carrying his trademark sledgehammer over his shoulder…

Matt Striker: Triple H, tonight begins a busy week for you. First up, you face Finlay in a Belfast Brawl. Then, on Friday, you’ll meet Rey Mysterio, before THE WrestleMania Rematch at Summerslam with Brock Lesnar in six days. You’ve said for the last few weeks that you feel like you are back to your very best, and with three matches in the space of six days, that theory will surely be put to the test??

Triple H strokes his beard, pondering the question for a moment.

Triple H: Three matches in a week, huh?? For most guys, that would be a daunting task. Especially when the opposition is Finlay, Mysterio and Lesnar. But I’m not most guys. Matt, I’m The Game. I proved it a week ago when I destroyed Brock Lesnar and put him on the shelf. Facing Finlay in his hometown in his kind of match?? Doesn’t bother me. I’ve stood toe to toe with the best of ‘em in hardcore environments - guys who thrive in hardcore matches … an’ I won.

Triple H pauses for effect, with fans booing.

Triple H: This match tonight, will simply serve as a reminder just what in the hell I’m capable of … and exactly what Brock Lesnar can expect this Sunday at Summerslam when he steps into the lions den. So Brock?? I hope you’re watching from Down Under. I hope you’re watching, and you’d better be praying … because this is simply the warm up. And as for Finlay?? Belfasts favourite son?? He’s simply gonna be an example. Tonight … he’s playin the part of Brock Lesnar in my Summerslam dress rehearsal.

Heat from the fans.

Triple H: Finlay calls himself the man that loves to fight. Well Josh, tonight, Finlay is gonna realise that no one loves to fight with me…

The Game smashes the hammer off the floor.

Triple H: He ISNT gonna love this.

Triple H turns, and proceeds to walk away … but standing in his way … IS MISTER KENNEDY!!! It’s heat for both men, as we see Miz also lurking in the background, with Kennedy cockily chewing gum, whilst The Game snarls in fury.

Mister Kennedy: Hey Miz … you smell somethin??

Almost comedically, Miz sniffs the air.

The Miz: Ohhh, that’s nasty.

Kennedy nods.

Mister Kennedy: Yeah … smells … off … huh??

Without looking at Striker, Kennedy addresses the interviewer, not taking his eyes off The Game.

Mister Kennedy: Say, Matt … you ever wanna conduct an interview with someone … relevant … gimme a call.

Kennedy leans in, talking in the ear of the stoic Game.

Mister Kennedy: I thought I told ya you hadn’t been missed on Raw. Didn’t I suggest you stick to Smackdown??

Triple H shows a slight smirk, before responding softly.

Triple H: That’s right. But since I didn’t even know who in the hell you were … I didn’t take any notice.

Kennedy smirks, rubbing his nose, before dropping the smile.

Mister Kennedy: That so?? Well, I wish ya all the best at Summerslam, Hunter. Really. I hope you destroy Brock Lesnar. Because then, once I’m through with Cena … you’ll get to find out exactly who the hell I am. I’ll be the one that runs you off MY show.

The tension is clear, with Kennedy raising his eyebrows, as if to ask Triple H ‘understood’, with Triple H looking Kennedy up and down, before shooting a glance at Miz. He slowly pulls the sledgehammer up, resting it on his shoulder again.

Triple H: Brave move. Considering what my back up is (the sledgehammer) … and what yours is (nods at Miz) … you’re either crazy or stupid. Ordinarily, I’d take exception to a threat like that.

Triple H smirks.

Triple H: But since you’re gonna be nothin more than a mere afterthought after Cena beats you at Summer slam … I think I’ll let this one slide.

The Game steps aside, walking past a fuming Kennedy, and forces Miz to flinch, before storming off, as we cut away…

Footage then cuts elsewhere, and see Eric Bischoff still talking with officials, likely regarding the earlier incident with Mickie James being stretchered out of the building. As he talks, we see a seemingly concerned looking Beth Phoenix arrive on the scene…

Beth Phoenix: Eric, I just heard the news. What- What happened??

Bischoff cocks an eyebrow, dismissing the official, before speaking to Beth.

Eric Bischoff: You don’t know??

Phoenix looks shocked by the accusation.

Eric Bischoff: Everyone’s been looking for you, Beth. You’ve been missing. Where exactly have you been all this time??

Phoenix shows a nervous smile.

Beth Phoenix: Where?? Eric, I was, uhm, I got held up at the hotel. There was some kind of issue with my booking, and it turned out I was at the wrong place. I hope you don’t suspect I had anything to do with what happened to Mickie. I mean … I know I’d be a prime suspect … but, uhm, Mickie has a lot of enemies around here. After what she did?? To me?? And living a lie for so long?? She upset a lot of people … anyone could’ve done that.

Bischoff scoffs.

Eric Bischoff: Pull the other one. Look, I cant prove it. But if I had to bet a million dollars on who I think attacked Mickie James tonight … I’d bet it all on you, Beth. Since it appears the incident happened in a black spot - with no CCTV - I cant take action on a hunch.

It seems Beth breathes a sigh of relief, before trying to cover her tracks.

Beth Phoenix: I understand. Look, obviously I’m a suspect. I don’t blame you for believing it was me … but I can assure you, Eric … I didn’t do it. I was too excited for Summerslam to want to jeopardise it. I mean, I only had six days to wait … SIX … that’s all I had to wait … but then …

Eric Bischoff: Then what??

Beth quickly covers her tracks again.

Beth Phoenix: Uhm … well … then … this happened. I mean … Mickie will make it to Summerslam, right??

Suspiciously, Bischoff looks at Phoenix, before taking his phone back out, punching a few numbers in.

Eric Bischoff: We’ll have to wait and see, wont we.

Bischoff walks off, as Beth scowls, looking agitated by the possibility of Mickie James not making it to Summerslam.

And elsewhere, we see an angry Harry Smith kicking over a box in the hallway, as Katie Lea rushes to speak with him.

Katie Lea: Harry - PLEASE!!

Smith turns, and with a clenched fist, speaks to his girlfriend.

Harry Smith: This isn’t right, Katie. His temper is killing this team!! He just cost me that match!!

Katie rubs his arms, trying to calm him.

Katie Lea: I know, I know. Paul is just having a tough time of it lately. He’s always been protective of me. He’s having to get used to us as an item, and realise that now it’s your job to protect me. Things haven’t gone well for us as a team lately, but we’ve just hit a rough patch.

Smith looks away, but nods in agreement.

Katie Lea: We’ll get through this. As a team.

Smith looks at his girlfriend, with the pair set to kiss … when Burchill arrives on the scene. The two pull away, with Burchill putting a hand on Smiths shoulder, looking apologetic.

Paul Burchill: Listen, mate. I’m sorry. I lost my rag out there … I’ll try to curb my temper in the future.

Burchill extends a hand, with Harry taking a look at a nodding Katie first, before accepting the handshake.

Katie Lea: Look guys, let’s start afresh. This hasn’t been a good period for us lately, but lets enjoy the rest of this week. Harry, this is a huge weekend for you. Forget what’s happened the last couple of months, let’s have a great weekend, and we’ll start again next week, and get ourselves sorted out.

Smiling, Burchill nods, patting the back of Smith, whilst Smith nods too, before fading out…

Back into the arena…


With Theodore Long leading the way, The Brotherhood enter the arena, as we see the Intercontinental Champion dressed casually with the night off, hand in hand with his girlfriend Alicia Fox, as Mark Henry, JTG and Monty Brown get set for action … but behind them … is the figure of MVP, also joining the group, with a vested interest in this next match.

Jim Ross: In six days time, Shelton Benjamin defends the Intercontinental Championship in a triple threat match, against William Regal and Matt Hardy, but tonight, it’s purely a scouting mission for the Black Diamond. Obviously he’s tired out after attacking poor Maria from behind last week!!

Joey Styles: A gutless move from a gutless champion, J.R.

The Coach: GUTLESS!!?? This man came from THREE FALLS DOWN to tie a an Iron Man Match with Matt Hardy two weeks ago. And you call that gutless??

Joey Styles: In my book, attacking a woman is a pretty gutless move.

The Coach: She wanted to play with the big boys. She learned the hard way that it’s not all rainbows and lollipops!!

Jim Ross: Well, as you can all see, MVP has joined up with The Brotherhood tonight, looking to get a better look at the man HE faces on Sunday, Paul London. And you’ll see all the action in just a moment, when we come back!!

Commercial Break

We return with William Regal just finishing off his entrance, joining Hardy at ringside…


It’s a positive reception for the United States Champion as always, with Paul London joining the fray, as The Brotherhood wait eagerly in the ring.

Jim Ross: London defends the U.S title at Summerslam against MVP, and gentlemen, a lot has been made of the Golden Boys hectic summer schedule, with many perhaps believing that Paul London is suffering from fatigue heading into Wembley Stadium.

Paul Heyman: Absolutely, and this isn’t it for London until Sunday. He’s got Shelton Benjamin to deal with on Smackdown this coming Friday!! No one has worked a schedule as crazy as London, and MVP especially believes that the champ is vulnerable. He’s there for the taking in Porters eyes, and I’m coming around to that way of thinking.

Joey Styles: MVP raised the point on Friday night, and Paul, you’re not the only person to be swayed by the number one contender. Many believe that London has ‘hit the wall’ so to speak, and that schedule - the busiest in the WWE - could see him lose his title at Summerslam.

The Brotherhood w/ MVP vs. Paul London, Matt Hardy & William Regal
Quick paced action from the outset, with Brown and JTG getting a chance to show what they’re made of, having been pretty inactive for the last few months, whilst Henry stays on the outside in the early going, letting everyone else get a piece of the action before he stinks the joint out. After a brief period of dominance for The Brotherhoods tag team specialists, (thanks to a timely distraction from MVP) London makes a hot tag to Hardy, with Matt exploding out of the blocks, running through both Brown and an incoming JTG, before setting himself up for the big leg drop from the middle … until SHELTON BENJAMIN SHOVES HIM OFF!!! That allows Monty to regain control, but in the mean time, a brawl sparks out, with Regal targeting Benjamin, and London getting into a fist fight with MVP … leaving Hardy in a precarious 3 on 1 disadvantage.

Eventually, London and Regal get their focus back, and leave their respective brawls aside, looking to try and help Hardy get back into the contest, whilst Benjamin and MVP regroup at ringside, also regaining focus to offer their support to the ‘Hood in the ring. Finally, Henry is legally involved in the match, and takes pleasure in slowly hammering down Matt Hardy, but Hardy wont give up, trying to fight back at every opportunity … but Henry proves too strong for Hardy to overcome, taking him right off his feet with a massive clothesline. Henry stomps Matt down, and eventually allows JTG to take over once more, tagging in the eager partner. JTG though screws it up for The Brotherhood, rattling off a number of right hands on Matt, then attempts a flashy spinning punch … and has it blocked - AS HARDY SCORES WITH A SIDE EFFECT!!!!! Hardy doesn’t cover, and instead crawls across the ring … TAGGING IN REGAL!!!

There’s nothing flashy about Regals offence, stiff as ever, he blasts a groggy JTG with authority into the corner, and as Theodore Long hops onto the apron - HE GETS NAILED TOO!!! This leads to an all out brawl, with Henry and Brown attacking the veteran in retaliation for hitting their inspirational leader … and this sees London and Hardy called back into action too!!! In the melee, Chad Patton is accidentally knocked off the apron, leading to all kinds of carnage. MVP and Benjamin get involved, with Fox proving a distraction for Hardy to allow Shelton to attack him … as the 5 on 3 odds prove TOO MUCH for the faces … UNTIL EVAN BOURNE AND JEFF HARDY SPRINT DOWN THE AISLE!!! The Daredevils arrive on the scene to help out (surely down to Jeff being Matts brother?) and with the odds evened up, the faces begin to take over!!! And, with all five on top, they each take a turn to nail the big man … AND EVENTUALLY SEND HENRY OUT OF THE RING!!!

We see the Hardys linking up, with Matt driving Benjamin into the corner, then dropping down … AS JEFF EXECUTES POETRY IN MOTION!!! Benjamin staggers out of the corner, RIGHT INTO A TWIST OF FATE!!! Alicia is in hysterics on the outside, as we see Matt and Jeff teaming up once more, sending the champion out of the ring with a double clothesline!!! Meanwhile, after getting MVP AND Brown on the outside with Henry, London and Bourne then sprint across the ring … AND LAND ON ALL THREE WITH A PAIR OF SUICIDE DIVES THROUGH THE ROPES!!!!! The fans in Belfast come alive … as Regal sizes up JTG in the middle of the ring - his hand showing the BRASS KNUCKS - and connects with the POWER OF THE PUNCH!!!!! The Hardy Boys get the referee back inside, with Regal covering JTG, as the official makes the SLOW count … 1...2...3!!!
Winners: William Regal, Matt Hardy & Paul London @ 07:12

It’s a feel good win for the faces, as Regal celebrates victory, whilst The Brotherhood are forced to regroup on the outside.

The Coach: How can this result stand?? What gutter did that lowlife Jeff Hardy creep out of?? How is he and that little twerp Evan Bourne allowed to interfere?? Where is the justice!?

Jim Ross: They saw enough, Coach!! The odds needed evened up out here, and The Daredevils did just that!!

The Coach: They had no right to be out here!!! MVP had good reason to be ringside, and so did Shelton Benjamin-

Joey Styles: But neither man had any right to get physically involved - and they did.

The Coach: SHUT UP, STYLES!!!

In the ring, London holds aloft his United States Title, showing it off to MVP, who tries to regain his bearings, shaking his head at the image of the U.S Champ in victory … whilst Jeff Hardy presents Matt with Benjamins Intercontinental title, placing it on the shoulder of his brother, raising Matts arm … and Regal isn’t happy.

Paul Heyman: Oh boy. The harmony didn’t last for long. This might get ugly here gentlemen!!

Jim Ross: This could play right into the hands of The Brotherhood!!

The Coach: They shouldn’t even have the belt in the ring!! That’s Shelton Benjamins!! They stole the win tonight, and now they’re trying to steal the mans title belt!!!

Jim Ross: Nice to see you’re looking at the bigger picture Coach.

The veteran from Blackpool rips the belt from Hardys shoulder, with Matt and Jeff getting riled by the move, before London and Bourne are forced to step in and diffuse the situation, as the two challengers for Benjamins title nearly come to blows.

Jim Ross: It’s just as well that Evan Bourne and Paul London are out here!! This thing could’ve got outta hand!! Tensions are boiling over here between the two men set to challenge Shelton Benjamin this Sunday at Summerslam.

Joey Styles: It still might, J.R!! Bourne and London are having to do everything in their power to stop this thing from boiling over!!!

The Coach: I hope it does!! I hope they beat the crap outta each other, and NEITHER of them makes it to Summerslam!!!

Jim Ross: You would, Coach. Deep down, you know, just like the rest of us, that Shelton Benjamins title is in serious jeopardy come Sunday.

Outside, a recovered Theodore Long is heard shouting “THAT BELT DOESN’T BELONG TO EITHER ONE OF YA, PLAYAS!!!”, demanding it be given back to it’s rightful holder … but it’s a stand off in the ring between Regal and Matt in the ring, before London takes the I.C title belt to stop the near tug of war, leaning out of the ropes, and chucking it at Long, making sure to tell the mouthpiece “BETTER TELL YOUR BOY TO ENJOY HAVING IT WHILE IT LASTS”.

The Coach: Right back at ya, London!! Your time as champ is comin to an end - Sheltons is just beginning!!!

Joey Styles: Lets remember, this Friday, the two champions will meet, one on one, forty eight hours away from Summerslam!! It could be the last time BOTH men will have their titles.

The Coach: It’ll definitely be the last time the so-called Golden Boy has his, that’s for sure, Joe.

Jim Ross: Well, Coach, you might want to calm down … because you’re up next … your Players Club is back, and it’ll play host to John Cena and Mister Kennedy, six days away from Summerslam!!! The two rivals come face to face - NEXT!!!

Commercial Break

We return, with a view outside the Odyssey Arena, on a dismal summers evening in Belfast…

Before we cut straight into the arena, where ‘The Playas Club’ is set up (imagine MVP’s VIP Lounge) and The Coach is sat on his leather sofa, looking relaxed, and has a cocky smile on his face.

Jim Ross: We are back live in Belfast, and still to come tonight, the man that will be in Christians corner this Sunday, Ricky ‘Hitman’ Hatton will be here, and gentlemen, I think we can expect the roof to blow off this place.

Paul Heyman: A revered, British hero, without a doubt. And he’s one mean guy too. Bit like a pitbull in the ring is Hatton.

Joey Styles: Revered all over the U.K, and respected all over the world, and rightfully so. Undefeated in his field, tonight, Hatton, six days from Summerslam, will speak to the WWE audience. How does The Hitman feel about being part of the main event at the biggest Summerslam of all time?? And guys, let’s not forget, also tonight, Smackdown main events Raw!! Six days from meetings with Edge and Rob Van Dam respectively, The Undertaker and the WWE Champion Randy Orton will go one on one for the first time in over two and a half years!!!

Jim Ross: And a little later on, we will revisit sickening images from this past Friday on Smackdown where Tommy Dreamer became the latest victim of Randy Ortons ghastly punt kick. RVD is not here tonight, so Orton can breathe easy. Van Dam, racked with guilt, has stayed in South Africa with Dreamer, but RVD will be in Cardiff on Friday to confront the remorseless WWE Champion.

Paul Heyman: Orton might be remorseless now, but he’ll regret his actions when RVD gets to him on Friday, trust me. Van Dam is PISSED right now.

Jim Ross: All of that still to come, not to mention a Belfast Brawl between Triple H and the hometown hero Finlay … but ladies and gentlemen, ugh, I’m handing you over … to The Coach…

Cut to the ring…

The Coach: BELFAST!!

Cheap pop - littered with boos.

The Coach: The Playas Club … is open for business!! I am your host; The Coach!! And you can thank me later, after the show, and buy me a nice cool pint of Guinness!!

Mixed reaction for the cocky host.

The Coach: I’m kidding, I’m kidding … I cant drink anymore of that rubbish. Seriously people … how do you people put that muck down your throats!?

More heat.

The Coach: But anyway … let’s get to the point. I’m not gonna waste my precious time “slabbering” at you lot.

Heat for Coach mocking the local lingo.

The Coach: Tonight, on The Playas Club, I’ve got two men that will go toe to toe this Sunday at Summerslam, one on one, for the FIRST TIME - EVER!!! And without further adieu, let me bring out my first guest … give it up fo-

Coach stops, then chuckles, before holding his hand up, and speaks.

The Coach: What am I doing?? I cant do this man justice. He can do his introduction better himself…


To heat - no middle ground, just heat - Mister Kennedy strides confidently onto the stage and down the aisle, with The Miz (and his blasted handheld camera) in tow, heading to the ring, with The Coach clapping, looking pleased to see the 2006 King of the Ring. Kennedy steps into the ring, shaking hands with The Coach, before The Miz offers the commentator a high five, which is gratefully accepted. We see the old school microphone drop from the rafters, with Kennedy taking a look at the object … but shakes his head??

Kennedy walks to the ropes, with the fans booing at his lack of intro, and Ken gets into the lens of the camera, telling it “THESE GUYS DON’T DESERVE IT TONIGHT”, before turning away, as the three men take a seat on the leather sofa, as Coach settles in.

The Coach: Now, gentlemen … before we bring out the other guy I just wanted to get a quick word with you Miz.


The Coach: Last week, you made an unforgettable debut, beating the man that your mentor faces at Summerslam. After all the trials and tribulations you’ve encountered on your journey - not just over the last few months since your debut - but ever since you decided to step into the world of sports entertainment … how good did it feel to stick it to your biggest critic??

Smug as you like, Miz sits forward on the sofa, taking the mic from Coach, and playing with it for a moment, milking the fans, before speaking.

The Miz: Y’know something Coach … I never doubted it. I knew I could beat John Cena last week, and that’s exactly what I did. After all the trouble he’s caused me since I came to Raw though … I gotta say, beating Cena - having Cena beg for mercy last week - it was the ultimate natural high I’ve ever felt!!!

Heat for Miz, as J.R asks on commentary “Is he suffering from concussion, or is it just delusions of grandeur??”

The Miz: That right, Belfast!! The Miz is off the mark, and I am ONE AND OH. Forget Umagas streak, or Goldbergs streak, or ANY streak. This is the beginning of something beautiful. MY streak. Who’s with me?? Huh?? C’MON, if you wanna be one of my Miz-fits, gimme a HOO-RAH!!!

Overwhelming heat drowns out the few - if any - HOO-RAHS from the fans.

The Coach: Well Miz, after the number you did on him last week, I have no doubt that Cena wont last five minutes against Mister Kennedy at Summer slam … and while I think we’d be just fine out here without him dragging us down, I’m contractually obliged to bring him out here, so let’s get it over with. Cena, your time’s now apparently.


A deafening pop greets Cena, who rushes energetically onto the stage, taken aback by the reaction from the fans, as Coach, Kennedy and Miz look bored in the ring.


Cena rushes down the aisle, sliding into the ring, with all three men in the ring standing, on guard in case a brawl breaks out from the outset. Cena though, gets to his feet, and plays it cool, gesturing for the trio to sit, as he makes a beeline for the corner, sitting himself on the top turnbuckle. Uncomfortably, Kennedy, Miz and Coach take a seat on the couch, as the music dies off, allowing Coach to start proceedings.

The Coach: Yeah, uhm, thanks Cena. Anyway, let’s get to it. Six days time, it’s Summerslam. The biggest Summerslam of all time, and Ken … this man across the ring believes you’re not worthy of being his opponent at Summerslam. How much of an insult is that to you??

Kennedy cocks an eyebrow, looking over at a relaxed looking Cena, who shakes his head at Coaches comment, before taking the mic to speak.

Mister Kennedy: Well Coach … (exhales) … lemme see … in one corner, you got the 2006 King of the Ring, former Intercontinental Champion, a man who was a hundredth of a second from becoming World Champion two months ago, and is now right on the cusp of gaining the recognition he deserves - one win way from the recognition he deserves … against …

He peers over, looking Cena up and down.

Mister Kennedy: A washed up flash in the pan, whose best days - which weren’t even that great to begin with - are behind him.

Heat from the fans, but Cena remains unmoved. Kennedy turns his attention to Coach beside him.

Mister Kennedy: How insulted am I?? Very. It’s pretty clear to me that this man isn’t worthy of being my opponent at Summerslam.

Heat again.

The Coach: And so you should be, sir. If you don’t mind me saying, you’ve been on a TEAR over the last six months, and I think I speak on behalf of all the fans in Belfast when I say you’ll be doing us all a favour by beating this overgrown playground bully, and sending him out to pasture on Sunday. Am I right, Belfast!!??

Heat for Coach. Kennedy nods though, and takes the mic.

Mister Kennedy: I appreciate the compliment, Coach. But, y’know … I don’t want to retire Cena at Summerslam. Honestly, I don’t. I’m not comfortable with that idea. I simply want to humble him.

Cena looks away, pointing to Kennedy and looking to the fans, asking “Is this guy for real??” as the fans boo the cocky loudmouth.

Mister Kennedy: I want to be the man that makes Cena realise his time on top is DONE. Now, I don’t mind if he wants to stick around. I hope he does. Everyone needs to make a livin, Coach … I’m not nasty. I don’t want to see this man wind up homeless, without a pot to y’know what in. No. I’m sure Cena can keep his job here, and compete every so often on Raw, just like Scotty Too Hotty or Val Venis. But come Sunday at Summerslam, it’s Cena last dinner dance at the top table.

Boos for Kennedy, talking about Cena as if he isn’t even there, whilst Cena makes a motion to the timekeepers position, before Coach chimes in once more.

The Coach: How noble of you, Ken. After everything this bully has pulled in recent months, pushing his weight around, putting The Miz out of action and delaying his hotly anticipated debut … it is very kind of you, Ken, to want this, this ingrate to still stick around and have a job around here. I commend you for th-

John Cena: STOP!!! JUST STOP!!!

Cheers from the fans, as Cena gets down from the top rope.

John Cena: This is making me wanna throw up. And that’s just the love in. Don’t get me started on your appearance, Coach. Or your hair, Kennedy, or Miz’s silly, punch-me-all-day face. This whole couch is like a big bowl of sick.

Cena waves his unfunny comeback off, and continues.

John Cena: I could spend all night havin a go at you guys … but let’s get to the point. We aint out here for Coach to hang outta your ass Kennedy … that’s what Miz does.

Cheers from the fans, but Miz - and Kennedy - and Coach - are all livid, and Kennedy stands up.

John Cena: We’re here to talk about Summerslam.


John Cena: It’s not about whether I think you’re beneath me, frankly, that isn’t important anymore. It’s happening at Summerslam, John Cena and Mister Kennedy. It’s your big chance to step up to the plate on a big stage, and I gotta win to get myself back in the picture for a shot at the title. THAT is the important bit, and THAT is what you ought to be concernin yourself with.

Cena stares Kennedy right in the eyes, not backing away an inch.

The Coach: It’s about you bein a bully!!!

Heat as Coach chimes in again.

The Coach: It’s about Mister Kennedy stickin up for the little guy, standin up to a bully like you … and in the process, that man is gonna usurp you, and take your place as a headliner on Raw!!

Miz chips in.

The Miz: YEAH!!! Cena, as YOUR entrance song says … “YOUR time is up … MY - Kens in this case - time is now!!” So step asi-

John Cena: ENOUGH of the crap about John Cena bein on the way down, or about me being a bully - that’s crap, and all three of ya know it. And enough Kennedy, about how you don’t want to run me outta town, but y’just want me to know my place … kid, my place is RIGHT HERE!!!

Cena points to the canvas, looking determined to stand tall.

John Cena: And aint nothin gonna stop me from bein here. Not you, sure as hell neither of those two court jesters on the couch, NO ONE … NOTHIN!!! I am here to stay … but you?? That’s a whole other topic.

Kennedy takes a mic from Coach, and speaks.

Mister Kennedy: Call me ‘kid’ again, and we wont be waitin till Sunday to show you your place, Cena.

‘OOH’ is the reaction of the fans, as Cena cocks an eyebrow.

Mister Kennedy: For as sick as you are at hearing about your time at the top bein over, and your success being merely a flash in the pan … I’m sick and tired of bein talked down to by a punk like you.

Kennedy - with no sense of arrogance or cockiness; it’s serious - steps into Cenas space.

Mister Kennedy: It took me over five years of bustin my balls to make it in this company, and get a contract. Five years. Five years of wrestlin in gymnasiums, changing in the parking lot, sleepin in my freezin cold car and livin on cans of tuna … all with the end goal of earning my shot here. Winning my contract here.

The 2006 King sneers up and down at his rival.

Mister Kennedy: I had to work my butt off to realise my dream of makin the big time … I went through ordeals that you couldn’t even begin to imagine, since you probably only had to deal with a fraction - a TINY fraction - of the crap I endured to make it here. And for someone like you - someone that’s been protected from the real world by the WWE bubble from the very minute and hour that you walked into the company - to call ME ‘kid’

Kennedy gets in Cenas face again.

Mister Kennedy: It makes me wanna shove my fist down your throat … more so than usual.

Cena doesn’t back up an inch, and responds.

John Cena: Take it from me … even though I didn’t have to travel as long a road as you to get here, I suffered. I went through all those trials and tribulations you went through. Don’t try and sell me short, okay. But Ken … there’s a reason why it took me two years to get my break, and it took you five.

Again, the fans ‘OHH’, as Cena sticks it to Kennedy.

John Cena: There’s a reason why I’m a three time World Heavyweight Champion, and you’re a multiple time choke artist. There’s a reason why I’ve headlined WrestleManias and Summerslams and you’ve done well just to be a part of ‘em. And yeah, there’s a reason why I wanted to main event Summerslam on Sunday, and you set your sights on targeting a big name…

Kennedy mouths “Enlighten me”.

John Cena: It’s drive.

Kennedy scoffs at the suggestion.

John Cena: From the minute I laced a pair of boots, THIS is where I wanted to be, and through hell or high water, I was gonna make it. The quicker the better. So I took my medicine, I slept in cars - like you, I wrestled in front of fifty people - like you, I had to get changed in toilets and parking lots - like you … but I didn’t feel sorry for myself, and I didn’t get a chip on my shoulder where I expected the world to owe me a livin. NOTHIN was handed to me. My drive and determination got me here … and that’s why I was winnin my first World Heavyweight Title while you were still waitin on your big shot. I had the drive and passion to make it here … it aint my fault you didn’t.

Mixed reaction from the fans.

John Cena: So save all the crap about you payin your dues … because all that matters is gettin here and gettin the damn job done. That’s what I did, and that’s why I’m standin here today. I’ve earned the right to cast judgment on people, so if I wanna call someone kid … if I see fit to call someone kid … that’s exactly what I’ll do.

Before Cena can say another word, Kennedy is in.

Mister Kennedy: I didn’t say you couldn’t. I just warned ya if ya called me kid again what the consequences would be.

Cena nods.

John Cena: Well talk is cheap. Come Sunday, it’s time to put up or shut up. Like I said last week, all the talk around here is about how my star is fading, and my time at the top is over … but Ken, on Sunday it’s win or bust … FOR YOU!!!

Cena prods Kennedys chest.

John Cena: We’re gonna find out if YOU have the heart … if YOU have the ability to reach the top. And believe me, if you wanna step over me and get to the top, you WILL need to have it. Havin Miz in your corner?? That aint gonna cut it, kid.

Kennedy looks furious as Cena calls him ‘kid’ again, but tries to remain calm.

Mister Kennedy: Don’t worry about that. My heart and ability will be on show for ALL to see at Wembley Stadium. Ninety thousand fans are gonna witness me finishing your sorry career off - once and for all.

The Miz: And I’M gonna get it ALL on candid camera!!

Miz stands on the couch, holding his camera aloft - to heat from the fans.

John Cena: And you’ll be spending all Sunday night in a London hospital gettin that camera surgically removed from your ass!!!

Coach quickly stands up, between Cena and Miz.

The Coach: WHOA!!!!! Hold up. I don’t want violence on my show, Cena. Settle-


Kennedy cracks Cenas head from behind with the mic, sending Cena into the ropes, and he proceeds to open up with a barrage of right hands to the temple of Cena … AS MIZ - AND COACH - JOIN IN!!!


The three men take it to Cena, hammering him down in the corner, with Kennedy issuing instructions, before leaving the corner and tipping over the couch … AS CENA FIGHTS BACK!!! Cena surges, with shots to Miz and Coach, as Kennedy returns … but Cena stops him dead - WITH A LOW BLOW!!!

A desperation move from Cena stops Kennedy, as he takes it to Miz and Coach again, rattling their brains together, forcing both to stagger away … with Coach being THROWN out of the ring to the floor!!! Cena blasts Miz with a clothesline, then quickly refocuses on Kennedy … stalking his Summerslam opponent … AND SCOOPS HIM UP FOR THE FU … BUT KENNEDY GRABS THE TOP ROPE … AND SCRAMBLES OVER … TO SAFETY!!!

Kennedy quickly hops off the apron, and stumbles to the ramp, with Cena looking angered … but turns his attention to Miz who is slowly clambering to his feet … and scoops him up onto his shoulders … and makes sure Kennedy is watching … BEFORE DRILLING MIZ WITH AN FU!!!!!

Cena quickly stands up, as Kennedy backs up the ramp, shaking his head, mouthing to Cena “YOU WONT DO THAT TO ME” … as Cena nods, as if to say, ‘Yes I will’. Cena then spots the camera … and picks it up. He holds it up, with the fans cheering, and with Kennedy watching from the ramp … CENA SLAMS IT DOWN - AND STAMPS THE OBJECT!!!

Joey Styles: I think The Miz’s camera just became defective, J.R.

Jim Ross: Indeed it has!!! John Cena has got the upper hand tonight, but on Sunday it truly is time for Kennedy to put up or shut up. He cant run like he did tonight. If he wants to be a big time player, he MUST defeat John Cena at Summerslam!!

Paul Heyman: But if John Cena wants any shot at the title in the future, he’s gotta beat Kennedy!!! It’s a match that both men have to win, and neither man can afford to lose!!!

Over and over, Cena stamps on the device, smashing it into little pieces, sending a message to Kennedy, as we see the 2006 KOTR looking livid on the ramp. Cena finally finishes his assault on the camera, picking up a few little pieces, holding them up, over the top rope, as he locks eyes with Kennedy on the top of the ramp, before we fade out…

Commercial Break


Lots of clips of excited fans, buying tickets for Summerslam, showing them to a camera airs, as the chords of ‘Fans’ by Kings of Leon plays in the background, before the following words fill the screen.


Flashing shots of a deranged Umaga, a jubilant Paul London and an intense Kurt Angle appear on the screen.

… ON AUGUST 19 …

Cut to Randy Orton posing, John Cena running down the aisle, and Edge tearing at his hair in despair.


Zooming shot of the newly built Wembley Stadium.


Explosion of fast and furious finishers; Rey Mysterio with a 619, Lesnar with an F5, RVD soaring, Straight Edge hitting a double shining wizard and Shelton Benjamin nailing Paydirt.

‘London Calling’ by The Clash takes over now, as the next series of big screen filling words begins.


Shots of fans from Summerslam 1992, before a shot of the new look Wembley.


Shots of Triple H, Lesnar, Orton, RVD, Christian, Umaga, Kennedy and Cena.


Cut to Umaga standing over Christian, then Lesnar and Triple H face to face.


Clips of MNM & Straight Edge; in action against one another, spliced with shots from previous TLC matches, and other random shots of both teams using chairs in the past, and MNM putting Booker T through a table last December.


Clips of The Undertaker walking toward the ring; cut to the Deadman chokeslamming JBL into the grave last month, then to Edge spearing the mannequin last week.


Orton punting RVD at WrestleMania, then the Hangmans DDT at Judgment Day … before RVD smashes Orton with the Van Terminator in Japan.


Kurt Angle attacking Rey Mysterio in Mexico; applying an American flag to the face of the proud Rey in his spiritual home … then cut to Mr. Kennedy and The Miz bloodying Cena that very same week with the video camera.


Shots of Christian getting owned by Umaga over the previous weeks, then the soundbite;

“In my corner on August 19 at Summerslam … will be … RICKY … HATTON!!!”


Stock footage of Hatton at his best, with vicious knockouts, and raising his title belts aloft, sat on the shoulders of his trainers.


Big collection of showdowns; RVD & Orton, Kennedy & Cena, Triple H & Lesnar …


Then flashing shots of Umaga … and Christian … before darkness.




We return, with the sight of a local bar; “THE BOTANIC INN” in Belfast, and we cut inside, where, in the distance of the busy bar, the figures of JAMES STORM AND CHRIS HARRIS - Americas Most Wanted - can be seen at a table full of beer bottles, and pint glasses, with a television to their right showing Raw.

Jim Ross: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw, a special, THREE HOUR edition tonight, on the final stop toward Summerslam. For the past five weeks, the WWE Tag Team Champions have been on vacation, but gentlemen, that holiday ENDS on Sunday, and momentarily, they will learn the identity of their newest challengers.

Joey Styles: The Master Craftsmen; consisting of Charlie Haas and the 2007 King of the Ring Brent Albright - both former United States Champions - take on The Caribbean Connection; Carlito and his good friend from the island of Jamaica, Kofi Kingston, who has arrived on Smackdown with a bang. The two teams have already met three times, with the Craftsmen winning the series two to one, but after both teams defeated two others in an eight team tournament, they both find themselves one match away from a shot at the gold.

Paul Heyman: Five weeks ago, AMW set off on a summer vacation due to a dearth of challenges for the tag team champions. I’m glad they’ve got a television beside them as they knock back bottle after bottle of beer … they’re about to find out that the tag team division on Smackdown has been reborn, and these two teams are MORE than capable of beating Harris and Storm - especially after the excess alcohol and fast food they’ve had on their break, without an ounce of exercise.

Jim Ross: Indeed, it could be a helluva wake up call for AMW tonight, and surely once they take notice of whichever team it is that prevails … will six days be long enough for the champions to get in shape for what WILL be a serious challenge to the gold on Sunday??

Joey Styles: After the way AMW have been living for the last month?? I’m not sure they could get in shape if they had six WEEKS to get ready for Summerslam.

Jim Ross: Well ladies and gentlemen, in just a moment, the Caribbean Connection and the Master Craftsmen will collide in the finals of the eight team tournament … but before we come to that, lets revisit what just happened moments ago. And conspicuous by his silence-

Paul Heyman: Don’t ruin it J.R!!!

Jim Ross: The Coach has been very quiet since he was dumped from the ring during his own interview show!! Coach, what the hell were you thinking getting involved!?

Joey Styles: Yeah, I thought you were impartial??

The Coach: I defended myself. If it hadn’t been for Kennedy stepping in, Cena was prepared to take my head off!!! But don’t worry, I’m here, and I don’t intend on shutting up to suit you losers.

Jim Ross: That’s a shame. But tonight, John Cena was left standing. Will that be the case this Sunday?? Still to come tonight, the Belfast Brawl between Northern Irelands own, Finlay, and The Game, Triple H!!

Paul Heyman: And tonights main event; Smackdown headlines Raw, and what a match. The WWE Champion, Randy Orton faces The Undertaker!!

Joey Styles: That’s all still to come tonight, along with Ricky Hatton in person on this incredible night on Raw. But, up next, we’ll be deciding who faces AMW this Sunday as we conclude the tag team tournament. Eight teams started out, and we are down to two, and here is how it got to this point tonight …



“Hands Open” by Snow Patrol plays through the video package

Action plays from the opening round (with some soundbites from commentary included), where The Daredevils beat Kid Kash and Elix Skipper to progress, whilst Los Latinos overcome the makeshift unit of The Brian Kendrick and Chris Masters. Then, we cut to Haas & Albright making quick work of The James Boys, and Carlito & Kofi defeating the former stars in Test & Rob Conway.

We cut to the semi finals, and the Master Craftsmen holding off the spirited challenge of Los Latinos to progress, before the Caribbean Connection and The Daredevils put on a scintillating spectacle, which sees Kofi pin Evan Bourne to book his teams spot in tonights match.

Then, the footage recaps the previous meetings between the Connection and the Craftsmen … before ending on the staredown from this past Friday.


Back into the arena…


Coming out to a new theme (Kofi’s theme - but this is the first time it’s been used in the thread, hence why it’s a new theme for the team) The Caribbean Connection are given a great ovation from the fans.

Joey Styles: The first of two Smackdown matches to be showcased on Monday Night Raw, but undoubtedly the most important. A title shot is at stake tonight, and the Caribbean Connection know just how important it is. Can Carlito and Kofi Kingston overcome the Master Craftsmen?? We’ll find out in just a moment!!!

Commercial Break

We return with the Master Craftsmen on their way to the ring, whilst we see Carlito and Kofi waiting in the ring…

Joey Styles: We are back, and we are about to find out which tandem will challenge for the WWE Tag Team Titles this Sunday … but for those of you not in touch with the goings on over on Friday Nights - firstly; why the hell aren’t you watching!? - and secondly; these two teams have quite the history. It’s not just about the title shot tonight.

Paul Heyman: It all dates back to the King of the Ring in June, when - en route to the throne - Brent Albright saw off Carlito in the Quarter Finals in a helluva match up, using Carlitos momentum against him for a smart roll through.

Jim Ross: And if I remember correctly, after the match, Albright refused a handshake??

The Coach: Well you should know, old timer - YOU WERE THERE!!

Joey Styles: (Ignores Coach) Indeed he did. Carlito, putting his pride aside, offered his hand out of respect, and had it thrown right back in his face. When he offered it again, Charlie Haas jumped The Cool One from behind. Of course, that led to Carlito bringing in Kofi Kingston at the Great American Bash, and the two teams traded victories before a two out of three falls match a few weeks back on Smackdown saw Haas and Albright come out ultimately victorious.

Paul Heyman: But the Caribbean Connection still believe they are the better tandem, and TONIGHT, we’ll find out once and for all. It’s not just personal this time, a shot at championship gold is at stake too!! Saddle up gentlemen, THIS is gonna be a helluva ride.

The Caribbean Connection vs. The Master Craftsmen
Albright and Kofi start proceedings with a tentative lock up which Brent easily wins, eventually snapping out of his headlock and delivering an arm drag. That forces Kofi to think, and circle the ring, locking up again, but the Ace of Spades is too strong and dominant, overpowering Kingston. Kofi though uses his spirit, and battles free, out of a go-behind with elbows, staggering Albright. That allows Kofi to build momentum, striking with quick successive dropkicks to the KOTR, and capped off with a deep arm drag!!! Frustrated, Albright rolls out of the ring, kicking the barrier, much to the delight of the fans, enjoying seeing him angry. Haas drops off the apron, calming his partner down, helping him refocus. Meanwhile, Kofi tags in Carlito, with two men who began the rivalry now locking horns as Brent gets back inside.

The two lock up, and like with Kingston, Albright is able to overpower CCC, taking him down and applying a variety of holds and locks. Carlito though is able to wriggle loose each time, and eventually frees himself, getting time to reach his feet. Albright is quickly on him, but Carlito slips under, and shoves Albright into the ropes, leaping as the KOTR returns, and takes him over with a hip toss as he comes back again. Carlito attempts to follow up, but stops short, as Albright steps back … and ducks out, tagging in Haas. Haas slowly enters, wary of Carlito, before locking horns with The Cool One … and the two proceed to partake in a war of attrition, with headlocks countered, reversed and broken on both sides, with neither able to mount an advantage over the other. A headlock takedown from Haas leads to Carlito kicking free, and rolls Haas up … 1...2...NO!!

This begins a short series of pinning predicaments being countered and reversed in razor sharp fashion … before they break, and have a stand off, to a nice response from the fans. They lock horns again, and eventually, they struggle into the corner, forcing the referee to break them up … BUT as he is pulled away … HAAS TAKES A CHEAP SHOT!!! And, as the referee admonishes him for the unsportsmanlike behaviour … ALBRIGHT RUNS ALONG THE APRON - WITH A CLOTHESLINE TO CARLITO!!! The fans boo, and Brent quickly makes his way back to the corner, with Haas coming back to CCC, picking him up, quickly executing a snap suplex, 1...2...NO!!! Haas drops his knee onto the head of Carlito, and keeps it there as he reaches out to tag in Albright, allowing Brent to freely stomp and kick at the body of Carlito, before Haas is ordered out of the ring. Albright continues the beat down, roughing Carlito up in the corner, tagging Haas back in, with the duo continuing the attack … as we go to a mid match commercial…

Commercial Break

And, we return with Haas working over Carlito, as we see a clip from during the commercial where Albright was again the legal man, cutting off a brief comeback from Carlito - with a sick Half Nelson Suplex for a near fall, with Carlito needing Kofi to break the pin to save the match. Back live, Haas is in a dominant position, working over Carlito on the mat, as we cut to the local watering hole, where Harris and Storm are NOT paying attention to the action, despite having to face one of these two teams at Summerslam. In the ring, Haas drags CCC to his feet, sending him into the corner, and racing in behind - ONLY TO BE MET WITH A BOOT!!! Haas stumbles out, and Carlito looks to make a tag … BUT HAAS STOPS HIM - he grips him from behind - GERMAN SUPLEX!!! Kofi looks up to the sky in despair for his partner … but as he takes his eyes off the ring, he pays for it - AS HAAS KNOCKS HIM OFF THE APRON WITH A RUNNING FOREARM!!!!!

Again, Haas is admonished for his actions, which allows Albright to get in the ring and take advantage, rushing at The Cool One … but Carlito side steps him, directing him INTO Haas!!! Haas tumbles toward the ropes … AND KINGSTON HANGS HIM UP ON THE TOP ROPE!!! Charlie Haas staggers back - RIGHT INTO A BACK CRACKER FROM CARLITO!!!!! Carlito gets back up, and spots an incoming Albright … and CCC low bridges the ropes - WITH ALBRIGHT TUMBLING OUTSIDE!!! Carlito now reaches out, with Kofi getting back on the apron - ACCEPTING THE TAG!!!!! Kofi hops right into the ring, and charges at Haas, who has pulled himself up in the corner - KORONCO BUSTER!!!!! Charlie looks all at sea, stumbling out of the corner - AND IS PICKED OFF WITH THE S.O.S!!!!! The fans are going nuts, as Kofi has the cover off the flashy move … 1...2...ALBRIGHT BREAKS THE COUNT!!!!!

Boos rings out, as the KOTR deflates the crowd - but only momentarily - as Carlito trips Brent from the outside, stopping him from his stomping of Kofi, dragging Albright under the bottom rope to the outside of the ring. Meanwhile, in the ring, the Jamaican Sensation pulls himself back to his feet, meeting Haas as he struggles back to his feet, delivering a succession of double handed chops, lighting up his opponents chest, and after putting Haas on one knee, Kofi sprints off the ropes, running back … RIGHT INTO A TILT-A-WHIRL BACKBREAKER!!! Haas hooks the leg, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!!! Haas stands up, dropping an elbow onto the back of Kofi … AND QUICKLY LOOKS TO APPLY THE HAAS OF PAIN!!!!! He hooks it in, contorting the flexible body of Kofi … WILL HE TAP OUT!!!??? … Kofi looks to be on the brink, unable to get anywhere near the ropes … and with his eyes closed, he looks set to be contemplating submitting … BUT CARLITO BREAKS THE HOLD!!!!!

Carlito hammers Haas, throwing big haymakers to the back and neck of his opponent, forcing Haas to double over with a kick to the gut, then hit’s the ropes … BUT IS CAUGHT FROM THE OUTSIDE BY ALBRIGHT - WHO TUGS CARLITO OVER THE TOP!!!!! Carlito crashes nastily over the ropes, tumbling badly onto the floor, as Albright smirks at his handiwork. In the ring, Haas shakes the cobwebs loose, and turns his attentions back to Kofi, but as he comes after the Jamaican, he is met with a shot to the gut, and another, with Kingston reaching his feet, running off the ropes and launches himself at Haas taking him down with a RUNNING CROSSBODY!! Kofi has the cover … 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Kofi gets back up, making his way to the apron, and climbs the turnbuckles, perching himself on the top rope … BUT OUT OF HIS EYE LINE IS ALBRIGHT!!! Brent grabs his leg, preventing Kofi from soaring through the air … and it allows Haas to come back, pounding Kingston in the mid section, and climbs up … DELIVERING A SUPERPLEX!!!!!!! Slowly, Haas crawls into the cover … 1...2...CARLITO BREAKS THE COUNT!!!!!

Once more, the fans breathe a sigh of relief, with Carlito saving the match once more, but as he is ushered to the corner, Albright slips back in, nailing Kingston with a side suplex, allowing Haas to take control, as the action appears to slow down. Haas covers Kofi, 1...2...NO!!! Kingston kicks out!!! Haas though, is in control, and he drives Kingston into the corner, driving his shoulder into the gut of Kofi, over and over, before tagging Albright back in. We cut again to see AMW in the bar, STILL paying zero attention to the action on the screen, as back live the domination continues, with Kingston having to survive the roughhousing tactics of the Master Craftsmen, who astutely consistently tag in and out for a period, with Kofi not getting a chance to breathe whilst trapped in the corner. Albright biels Kofi out of the corner, then runs off the ropes, running through him with a blasting, powerful kick to the chest, and pushes down for a lateral press, 1...2...NO!!! The onslaught continues, and Brent tags Haas back in, with Charlie hoisting himself up onto the middle rope, waiting for the Jamaican to reach his feet … AND LEAPS OFF … RIGHT INTO TROUBLE IN PARADISE!!!!! KINGSTON SCORES!!!

Both men are down, with the fans are in ferment after the electrifying out of NOWHERE kick, and after a period on the mat, Kofi now crawls along the mat … with Haas somehow doing the same … and it’s a race for both men … HAAS TAGS ALBRIGHT … AND KOFI TAGS CARLITO!!! Carlito springs into action, leaping off the ropes with a clothesline to the incoming KOTR, then knocks the dazed Haas off his feet with a dropkick, turning his attention back to Albright - putting him back down with an arm drag - and turns back to Haas again, running through him with a clothesline … THAT SENDS HAAS OVER THE TOP ROPE - AND OUT OF THE RING!!! Carlito sees Albright getting back up, doubled over, and scores with a running knee lift, rushing back off the ropes, and knocks Brent down with a running clothesline!!! The Cool One is ALL fired up, and gets onto the apron, leaping onto the top rope, then across to the other side of the turnbuckle and the middle rope - CRASHING ONTO ALBRIGHT WITH A CORKSCREW SENTON!!!!! He covers, 1...2...HAAS DRAGS THE REFEREE OUT OF THE RING!!!!!

Charlie slides back in, avoiding a grilling from the referee, and stomps on Carlito, but before he can do any damage, Kingston is seen springing onto the top rope - LEAPING AT HAAS WITH A FLYING CLOTHESLINE!!!!! Kofi immediately gets back up, bringing Haas with him, sending Charlie off the ropes, and leaps as Haas returns - as Carlito hit’s the opposite ropes in the mean time, dropkicking Haas as he passes Kofi!! With Haas out of commission, the Caribbean Connection focus on Albright, dragging him up, shooting him off the ropes, and together, Kofi and CCC elevate Albright into the air, with Brent crashing hard onto the canvas!!! The referee slides back in, as Carlito makes the cover on the King of the Ring, 1...2...NO!!! CCC gets right back up, looking to his partner and nodding, as he signals to the fans that it’s time for the APPLE CORE!!! Carlito bends over, dragging Albright up, bringing him to his feet, and into - NO - ALBRIGHT EXPLODES WITH AN OVERHEAD BELLY TO BELLY!!!

Albright shoots right back up … BUT IS TAKEN RIGHT BACK DOWN WITH A CROSSBODY FROM KOFI!!!!! The action is frenetic, as Kofi leaps to his feet, running off the ropes … BOOM DROP - NO - HAAS GRIPS HIM FROM BEHIND … RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX!!!!! Haas now gets to his feet, seeing Carlito getting to his feet, he stops him in his tracks, kicking him in the gut, and sends him off the ropes … but CCC hops to the middle - SPRINGS BACK AND CONNECTS WITH A REVERSE ELBOW!!! Carlito stands up, and spots Albright now rising to his feet, looking to repeat the trick, running by Brent, leaping to the middle rope and back - BUT ALBRIGHT SIDE STEPS - AND GRABS THE ARM … TAKING CARLITO DOWN … CROWBAR!!!!! Carlito is trapped, wildly trying to struggle free to no avail, with Albrights positioning keeping CCC from getting to the closest ropes. The fans are loud in voice, trying to inspire Carlito as he crawls toward the ropes, with The Cool One REFUSING to tap!!! Albright cranks back, forcing Carlito to stop his momentum and wince in pain … but Carlito digs down AGAIN … and surges forward … reaching out … with the fans begging for him to reach … AND HE MAKES IT!!!!!!!!

A huge sigh of relief echoes through the Odyssey Arena, as Albright buries his head in his hands momentarily, with his biggest move letting him down. Brent puts it aside, meeting Carlito in the corner, softening him up with kicks to the gut, and drags him out of the corner - HOISTING HIM UP IN THE AIR - LOOKING FOR THE ACE IN THE HOLE … BUT CARLITO ELBOWS FREE!!! Carlito drops to his feet, and LOOKS FOR THE APPLE CORE … BUT ALBRIGHT BLOCKS IT!!! Brent blocks it, and RUNS Carlito into the corner!!! Carlito winces upon impact, and Albright backs out, running back at him … BUT CARLITO DUCKS OUT!!! Brent hit’s the buckles, stumbles out … INTO CARLITO … AND THE APPLE CORE!!!!! He covers … 1...2...HAAS BREAKS THE COUNT!!!!! Once again, Carlito is denied by Haas … who whips Carlito into the corner, but before he can follow up … KOFI EXPLODES FROM NOWHERE - FLYING FOREARM TO HAAS!!!!!

Now, Kingston feeds off the fans, and runs through Haas again with a clothesline, and another, before hitting one more - but this time, he LEAPS incredibly in the air before impact, knocking Haas down and keeping him there!!! With Haas in a perilous position, the Jamaican Sensation looks to deliver the BOOM DROP after being cut off earlier … but after hitting the ropes … HE IS STOPPED AGAIN … WITH A RUNNING FOREARM SMASH FROM ALBRIGHT!!!!! The impact alone sends Kingston OUT of the ring through the middle ropes!!! Brent turns around, with Carlito incoming … BUT ALBRIGHT CATCHES HIM COMING, AND GRABS THE ARM - looking to take The Cool One down … FOR THE CROWBAR - but Carlito counters out … AND SURPRISES ALBRIGHT WITH A SMALL PACKAGE … 1...2...3!!!!!!!!!!
Winners: The Caribbean Connection @ 16:38

Poetic justice is served!!! Carlito defeats Albright with a pinning combination - just like Brent did two months ago at the KOTR where the whole issue began!!! Carlito and Kingston are heading to Summerslam!!!!!

Joey Styles: THEY DID IT!!! Carlito and Kofi Kingston have beaten the King of the Ring and Charlie Haas!!! They are going to Summerslam!!!!!

Paul Heyman: Rumours of the Smackdown tag team divisions demise have been exaggerated. Tag team wrestling on Smackdown and the WWE is alive and well!!! Not since The Dudley Boys, The Hardy Boys and Edge and Christian has there been this much excitement surrounding the tag team scene in the WWE. These four men have just put tag team wrestling BACK on the map!!!

The Coach: Really?? MNM say ‘HI!!’.

Jim Ross: What an incredible showcase of skill and athleticism we have just witnessed!!! What a match!!! A tag team battle for the ages!!!

Carlito helps Kofi up on the outside, celebrating the win, showing the ecstasy and jubilation of the moment, whilst in the ring, Albright is sat in the corner, looking lost, as he realises the ramifications of the defeat - his first pinfall loss since MAY.

Joey Styles: A month ago, AMW mocked the state of the division on Smackdown. A month ago, AMW were granted a summer holiday because there was no viable contenders for the tag team titles. Well boys, get a good look - you’ve got viable contenders this Sunday. A genuine - you better believe it - a GENUINE threat to the tag team titles HAVE emerged, and it is the Caribbean Connection!!!

Paul Heyman: Albright cant believe it!!! The King of the Ring has - HAD - been on a tear ever since losing the United States Championship at Judgment Day. He hadn’t been pinned in a match since that night - until tonight!!! And trust me, for that man, this will feel every bit as heartbreaking as it did when he lost the United States title three months ago.

The Caribbean Connection slap hands with fans on their way up the aisle, whilst Haas and Albright regroup in the ring, both looking dejected, watching their happy adversaries leaving the arena, with a title shot to come at Summerslam.

Jim Ross: A glorious achievement for Carlito, but Kofi Kingston played his part here too. The Caribbean Connection have rightfully earned the shot at AMW this Sunday, and surely now, Harris and Storm will know that they’ve got their work cut out for them at Wembley Stadium.

Joey Styles: If you ask me, J.R, AMW are in deep, DEEP trouble come Summerslam. There is no way they can get in top condition in time for Kofi and Carlito. We may just be looking at the next WWE Tag Team Champions.

Paul Heyman: Harris and Storm ought to be asking themselves; “Just what kind of monster have he unleashed??” A month ago, they left a tag team division devoid of true threats. On Sunday, they’re returning to the hungriest set of tag teams Smackdown has seen in YEARS!!!

We then see Carlito at the top of the ramp, turning, getting Albrights attention, and mockingly extends his hand … with Albright livid in the ring, being held back by Haas … as Carlito is seen (childishly) pulling his hand back, and wiggles his fingers on his nose, getting the last laugh on the King of the Ring.

Joey Styles: Smackdown has already grabbed the headlines here tonight … but we’ve still got the main event to come later. The Undertaker is on Raw for the first time in eighteen months, as he tackles the despicable WWE Champion, Randy Orton.

Jim Ross: Smackdown WILL main event Raw later this evening, and in addition, we will revisit the deplorable actions of Randy Orton this past Friday. Plus, we’ve still got the Belfast Brawl to come too. Triple H takes on Finlay!!! It’s all to come later tonight on this THREE HOUR edition of Monday Night Raw!!! We’ll be right back, folks!!!

Commercial Break

The show returns, back at The Botanic Inn, where AMW are seen partaking in a round of shots with some of the locals, beating down shot after shot of a clear substance (Tequila or Sambucca or maybe Vodka), with both Harris and Storm looking worse for wear, as Smackdowns roving reporter, Josh Mathews arrives on the scene. Mathews tries to get in by the duo and catch their attention.

Josh Mathews: Uhm, James?? Chris?? Uh, guys?? Guys??

Eventually, Storm turns, squinting his eyes to try and recognise who it is, and smiles when he does, getting Josh in a headlock, giving him a noogie, and slurring his words as he speaks.

James Storm: Yo, Chrisss!! L-Look who came to see ush!!

Harris also takes a moment to adjust, eventually recognising Mathews, and slaps the interviewer on the back, nearly knocking him over.

Chris Harris: Hey there little guy!!! Hey, HEY … barkeep, MORE SHOTS!!!

A cheer erupts around the bar, but Mathews shakes his head.

Josh Mathews: No. Guys, I was sent here to get your thoughts on your opponents this Sunday at Summerslam, now that the tournament to crown the number one contenders has finished.

Both Harris and Storm laugh at the suggestion, as Harris gets Josh in a headlock.

Chris Harris: You don’t wanna drink with us?? C’MON JOSH!!! Have a likle wikle drink with your ‘ol buddies, AMW!!

James Storm: F- Forget about the, the uh … (clicks his fingers to think of the words) … tag title match at Shummershlam for now kid. You can worry about ush on Sunday.

Chris Harris: We wont- I mean, uh, we don’t hold it against ya. You saw an opportunity, and credit to ya for takin it. Who’s your partner anyway??

Josh shakes his head, almost confused by AMW, before responding.

Josh Mathews: It’s not me, guys. I wasn’t in the tournament. I mean … don’t you already know?? You’re facing Ca-

James Storm: SHOTS!!!

Harris shoves a shot glass into the chest of Mathews (spilling most of the alcohol into the shirt of Josh) as the tag champions completely ignore the line of questions from Mathews, seemingly not concerned with whom might be their opponents at Summerslam, as we fade out…

And back to ringside…

Jim Ross: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw, and already tonight on this epic broadcast, six days away from Summer slam - the biggest Summerslam EVER, it’s been full of drama and excitement - right from the get go!!

Joey Styles: The night did begin in inauspicious circumstances when Mickie James was taken from the building in an ambulance, throwing into doubt her bout with Beth Phoenix this Sunday, but gentlemen, the entire incident may well be Beths doing anyway.

The Coach: Based on??

Joey Styles: Well it’s been well documented just how badly Beth Phoenix wants to get her hands on Mickie. She has held a grudge for five-

The Coach: Oh come on. Just about everybody has good reason to want to attack that witch. She kicked me in the head last week!!!

Jim Ross: Not hard enough if you ask me. But guys, I do believe we will have an update on the Womens Champion before we go off the air later tonight. I hope it is good news, and that her injuries are not as serious as they appeared earlier tonight. However, on a happier note, moments ago Carlito and Kofi Kingston booked their title shot at AMW this Sunday, winning the number one contenders tournament by defeating the impressive combination of Charlie Haas and the King of the Ring Brent Albright.

Paul Heyman: And what a match it was, J.R!! What a showcase for the burgeoning tag team scene on Smackdown. Reborn over the past month, tag team wrestling on Smackdown is no longer a one team show. The Caribbean Connection are rightfully the number one contenders, but hot on their tails for a shot at AMW are Haas and Albright, Los Latinos and The Daredevils.

Joey Styles: Indeed, if Eric Bischoff is to leave one lasting impression on Smackdown during his reign as interim General Manager, it will be the rebirth of the tag team division he has quickly oversaw. I for one cannot wait until Sunday, because AMW are in for a rude awakening. We just saw their “reaction” from just inside the City Centre here, and it’s clear to us all that Harris and Storm haven’t taken the tournament seriously at all. They didn’t pay any attention to the match tonight, they didn’t pay any attention for the past couple of weeks. In my opinion - for what it’s worth - those titles are changing hands at Summerslam.

The Coach: Hey, don’t write off Americas Most Wanted, Joey. They’ve been champions for what?? Eight months??

Joey Styles: But they’ve completely taken their eye off the ball, Coach. That’s the point I’m trying to make. On their day, AMW have proven to be one of - if not, THE - very best tag teams over the last decade, but they have let themselves go. This past month, they’ve gained weight, drank non stop … AMW aren’t FIT to defend those titles on Sunday!!!

Jim Ross: I think we’ll all be in agreement, that for good or bad, this has been an incredible night thus far, but gentlemen, we’re far from done.

Paul Heyman: And certainly, Smackdown isn’t done. We are MAIN EVENTING Monday Night Raw!! The Undertaker, for the first time in a year and a half, will be on Raw, and he faces the WWE Champion, Randy Orton.

Jim Ross: Just six days away from meetings with Edge and Rob Van Dam, indeed, The Deadman and the Career Killing WWE Champion will get it on, but guys, switching gears … for the second straight week on Smackdown, the show ended on a depressingly sour note. Two weeks ago, it was a mauling of Brock Lesnar at the hands of Triple H. But just three nights ago in Johannesburg, it was Tommy Dreamer, paying the price for coming to the aid of Rob Van Dam, being PUNTED by Randy Orton.

Joey Styles: A callous, vindictive move from Orton, J.R.

The Coach: Tommy Dreamer had no reason to be out there!! He got what he deserved. And besides, I thought coming from ECW he was supposed to be “extreme”??

Paul Heyman: Tommy Dreamer, Coach, was - IS - one of the toughest son of a bitch that’s ever stepped foot in a ring. He got hammered with Singapore canes, got busted open with barbed wire, and been put through more tables than you’ve sat at. What happened to him on Friday was way beyond. That punt kick nearly ended Rob Van Dams career, it’s put Chris Jericho on the shelf indefinitely, and Nick Dinsmore is on the injured list because of it too.

Jim Ross: There is no man on the planet that could withstand that deadly punt kick, whether he came from ECW or WCW or MMA. Tommy Dreamer became another victim to the punt, and right now, we’re going to take another look at the sick, harrowing scenes from this past Friday night…

Main Event:
Rob Van Dam vs. Garrison Cade

Cade reaches down, dragging RVD back to his feet … and looks to be setting up for the dreaded HEART PUNCH!!! Cade positions Van Dam … then winds up … BUT VAN DAM BREAKS FREE!!! Van Dam frees his left hand, and fights Cade off, trying to go toe to toe with Cade, only for Cade to stop the momentum with a knee to the gut. Cade then runs off the ropes, rushing back at Van Dam … but RVD backs up, and drops the ropes, with the big Texan tumbling over the top, and onto the floor below!!! In the ring, Van Dam stands, looking to get the fans rocking, before motioning to the outside for a dive onto Cade … but as he backs up … RANDY ORTON SLIDES INTO THE RING AND BLASTS RVD FROM BEHIND WITH THE WWE TITLE BELT TO THE SKULL!!!!! Instant disqualification.
Winner: Via DQ - Rob Van Dam @ 06:21

Joey Styles: God dammit!!! You just knew that that snake, Randy Orton would show his face at some point!!

Orton smirks, as he stands over RVD, who struggles back to his feet … and as soon as he does, he’s spun around … RKO!!!!! Orton puts RVD DOWN!!! Next, we cut to Randy Orton backing into the corner, watching his prey … as RVD climbs to his knees … as the fans quieten … with Orton lining up the dreaded, sickening PUNT KICK …

Joey Styles: (Sombre) Oh dear God no. Someone- Someone please … not again.

Orton looks set to strike … ready, waiting … for the perfect moment … AND RUSHES … BUT TOMMY DREAMER SLIDES INTO THE RING AT THE LAST MOMENT TO STOP HIM!!! The fans cheer at the timely interruption, as Dreamer stands in front of RVD, protecting his former ECW brethren from the dreaded punt kick. Orton looks ready to explode, his veins popping from his neck, as Dreamer tries to reason with him to stop.

Paul Heyman: Nice job, Tommy, but you might not want to stay in there too long. Get Rob outta there, and get out yourself.

Orton says nothing, still seething from rage that he’s been stopped from playing out his plan, as RVD is seen being pulled from the ring by Dean Malenko and Michael Hayes, with two trainers also on stand by, quickly shining a torch in his eyes - concerned his head problems may have resurfaced.

Joey Styles: I hope this is just a precaution for Van Dam. He took a hell of a shot to the skull with that WWE title belt. Just think how much worse this would’ve been if Tommy Dreamer hadn’t showed up though, Paul.

In the ring, it looks like Orton has calmed down, with Dreamer seemingly thinking he has soothed the situation … UNTIL ORTON EXPLODES WITH AN RKO!!!!!

Joey Styles: WHA- SON OF A-

On the ramp, the agents, trainers and RVD turn, seeing what just happened, as RVD tries to come back to the ring, but Van Dam is held back … and can only watch, as Orton peers out of the ring at Van Dam on the ramp … and smiles.

Joey Styles: (Sombre) That sick bastard. I hope he isn’t-

Paul Heyman: That’s a sick smile. I don’t like it one bit.

Van Dam finally shoves the trainers away, and runs to the ring … BUT IT’S TOO LATE … ORTON RUNS ACROSS THE RING … AND PUNTS TOMMY DREAMER!!!!!

Joey Styles: GOD!!!

Paul Heyman: Son of a bitch.

Joey Styles: You piece of trash!!!

Instantly, Orton slides under the bottom rope, as RVD slides in, diving - BUT JUST MISSING - the WWE Champion, who escapes, and doesn’t look back, hopping over the barrier, and running into the darkness, through a sea of fans.

Joey Styles: Like the scumbag he his, that- that BASTARD is running into the darkness!!! We need help out here. Orton has struck again.

Van Dam grabs at the ropes, boiling over, before quickly turning his attention to his old time friend, instantly waving for help, as Hayes, Malenko, the two trainers and now more medics and officials rush to the ring. The show closes with Rob Van Dam stepping back from the scene, turning, and burying his head on the top turnbuckle, showing the anguish, as his friend is taken out by Orton … and he must live with the guilt that Dreamer got kicked for coming to his aid.


Back into the arena, where three of the four commentators look aghast at the scenes … yet Coach doesn’t look moved in the slightest.

Joey Styles: It gets harder to watch each time. I hope that Randy Orton rots in hell for his actions. And the beginning of his penance is tonight. Six days from Summerslam the WWE Champion meets the Phenom. No RVD tonight, the number one contender has stayed behind with Tommy Dreamer in Johannesburg … but Van Dam has promised to be in Cardiff for Smackdown on Friday night, where he will confront Orton, just two nights before they square off for the WWE Title.

Jim Ross: And before that main event, Belfasts hero returns home. Finlay takes on Triple H in a Belfast Brawl, and what a homecoming it should be for the Belfast native!!

The Coach: It wont be a sweet one, J.R!! Finlay is gonna be used simply as an example for what’s to come for Brock Lesnar on Sunday!!

Jim Ross: We will find out for sure a little later tonight, but after all that, remember, here in Belfast tonight, Ricky Hatton!! The undefeated welterweight champion will be here to talk about his role at Summerslam this Sunday when he will be in the corner of the World Heavyweight Champion, Christian.

Commercial Break





Back into the arena, where GAIL KIM is already stood, waiting in the ring.


And to heat, Melina steps onto the stage, and the red carpet treatment, with Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins; The Entourage in tow.

Jim Ross: In just six days, Melinas two prized assets, Mercury and Nitro will put their Raw futures on the line, and as we just saw from that Summerslam recap video, they’ve got a LOT to live up to in the TLC match on Sunday.

Joey Styles: TLC has carved a legacy in the WWE, it carries a reputation, along with the likes of the Hell in the Cell and the Elimination Chamber as one of the premiere attractions in the company. They don’t happen often, and with the history that the likes of the Dudley Boys, Edge, Christian, Matt and Jeff Hardy made in the match, MNM and Straight Edge have got to raise the bar at Summerslam.

The Coach: MNM are just as gifted as any of those names you just mentioned, Joey. They’re the reason tag team wrestling has been reinvigorated across the board in the WWE. You’ve got them to thank for Smackdowns scene picking up, believe me. And the travesty of it all?? After Sunday they might not be part of Raw any more.

Jim Ross: Absolutely, the losing team will not be given the opportunity to settle the score - it’s win or bust at Summerslam for both teams. Winner takes all, and losers … they gotta find a new home.

Paul Heyman: And if the powers that be on Smackdown has any brains, they’ll sign up that “losing” team in a heartbeat.

Jim Ross: With so much talent on both teams, it would be a shame for one of them to disappear for good. But that’s this Sunday. Right now, Melina meets Gail Kim, and this WAS due to be a tag team match with Mickie James and Beth Phoenix also involved, but due to the earlier attack on the Womens Champion, both Miss James and Phoenix have been withdrawn, meaning we have ourselves a rematch from last week on Superstars, where - thanks to those damn hangers on, The Entourage - Melina scored a win over Gail Kim.

Match 5:
Gail Kim vs. Melina w/The Entourage
As soon as the bell rings, Ryder hops onto the apron causing a distraction for Gail, which allows Melina to attack from behind. With Melina in charge from the opening shot, she wears down the Korean … but from the top of the ramp, we see STRAIGHT EDGE making their way down the aisle to help even the odds for Gail Kim. As Punk and Helms arrive on the scene, the tables turn, with Melina thrown off by the duos presence, and Gail Kim begins to take over. Soon, the Korean shows her superiority, and with Melina in freefall … and The Entourage powerless to help her with Straight Edge putting them off, Gail is able to lock on the Flying Dragon on Melina … and forces the submission!!!
Winner: Gail Kim @ 03:51

Gail wins, and is joined by Punk and Helms in the ring immediately following the victory, with Straight Edge making sure there is no attack after the bell. As Melina is helped to her feet on the outside by The Entourage … MNM ARE SEEN COMING FROM THE CROWD … WITH CHAIRS!!!

Jim Ross: WHOA!! LOOK AT THIS!!!

Nitro and Mercury sneak into the ring … AND BAM!!! Both men strike Punk and Helms with chairs to the back, following up with another shot each to the back, putting Straight Edge down!!!

The Coach: BRILLIANT!!! Absolutely brilliant!!! How smart are MNM!!??

The tag champs drop the chairs, and roll out of the ring, quickly going under the apron, and with help from Hawkins and Ryder, they pull out two tables, sliding one of them into the ring, and setting the other up at ringside, before also pulling a LADDER from under the ring!!!

Joey Styles: We might just be about to see a preview of what’s to come at Summerslam!!!

The Coach: Yeah!!! Show ‘em what you’re all about boys!!! Give ‘em a taster!!!

Jim Ross: Dammit, if they go through with this, Straight Edge might not make it to Summerslam!!!

Meanwhile, Gail Kim is seen getting into another fight with Melina on the outside, keeping her occupied, but as MNM & The Entourage place the large ladder onto the ring apron - STRAIGHT EDGE ARE UP - AND BASEBALL SLIDE THE LADDER … INTO MNM AND THE ENTOURAGE!!!!!

Paul Heyman: OUCH!!! Steel meets skull!!!

Helms and Punk elevate over the ropes, landing on MNM on the outside, taking the fight to their opponents on Sunday … but Ryder and Hawkins leap on Straight Edge, making the save for their idols!!! Suddenly, it’s a 4 on 1 beating, with the strong foursome rolling Punk and Helms back into the ring, and The Entourage set up the table, whilst MNM hammer Straight Edge, with things looking bleak for the challengers this Sunday.

Jim Ross: The odds are just too much for Punk and Helms to handle!! They cant take on all four of these guys!!

The Coach: They picked a fight they cant win!!!

Joey Styles: Maybe, Coach … but HERE COMES THE CAVALRY!!!


The Coach: NO!!! They shouldn’t be out here!!!

Paul Heyman: The Lions still have an axe to grind with MNM and The Entourage!!

Coming to the aid of Straight Edge, The Lions look to get a piece of the two teams they’ve been long time rivals of, and even the scores, knocking MNM down, before taking Hawkins and Ryder out of the ring!!!

Jim Ross: Thanks for comin Entourage!!! We’ll see ya at the after party!!!

The battle with Burchill & Smith and The Entourage continues up the aisle, with Hawkins and Ryder trying to run from the Lions, whilst Melina and Kim have also disappeared from view also, battling into the distance, whilst back in the ring, Punk has a chair, and CRACKS it across the back of Nitro!!

The Coach: Someone take that from him!! This isn’t right!!

Punk turns around, and swings the chair at Mercury, but Mercury ducks under, then DROPKICKS the chair right back in Punks face!!! Mercury picks the chair up, but before he turns around … HELMS TACKLES HIM - RIGHT THROUGH THE TABLE IN THE CORNER!!!!!


The Coach: Straight Edge are determined to take out MNM before Summer slam - they know they cant beat MNM!!

It’s bedlam in Belfast, as all four men are down … but Helms slowly begins to come around, and gets to his feet, stumbling slightly, feeling the effects of the impact of his attack on Mercury, and lifts the ladder, setting it up. But as he gets it up, he sees the figure of Johnny Nitro getting back up, and he runs at Nitro - BUT NITRO SWINGS THE SECOND CHAIR - SMASHING THE FACE OF HELMS!!!!!


Paul Heyman: This is INSANE!!! None of these four men might make Summerslam at this rate!!!

Helms didn’t see the chair in Nitros possession, and paid the price!!! Now, Nitro slams the chair down, and begins to climb the ladder to give the visual of victory to come this Sunday … but as he climbs … Punk climbs the opposite side!!!

The Coach: If this happens on Sunday, Nitro will grab the titles, and get Straight Edge off my show!!! Punk cant keep up!!! Nitro is like a cat!!

Joey Styles: More like a rat up a drain pipe!!

The Coach: HEY!!!

The two men meet atop the ladder, trading blows, trying to knock one another off … and the commotion rattles the ladder, with it tipping side to side … AND IT TOPPLES … WITH BOTH MEN CRASHING … AND BURNING THROUGH THE TABLE ON THE OUTSIDE!!!!!

Joey Styles: OH MY GAWWWWWWWWD!!!!!!


The Coach: Somebody get some help out here for Nitro!!! HE’S HURT!!!

Jim Ross: Look at the chaos!!! All four men are down!!! And this is just the PREVIEW!!!

All four men ARE DOWN. The fans are clearly heard chanting “HOLY SHIT” all around the arena, with four broken bodies in and out of the ring, as they get a taster - a tame preview - of what’s in store this Sunday at Summerslam when the two teams collide for the LAST time - winner takes all!!!

Jim Ross: For the entire year, MNM and Straight Edge have done to war over the World Tag Team Championships!!! But on Sunday at Wembley Stadium, it all comes to an end!!! It’s tables and ladders and chairs … and by Gawd broken bodies!!! It is the final battle between these four incredible athletes, and it’s winner takes all … the losers LEAVE Raw … LOOK AT THE CARNAGE!!! What are these four men prepared to do to each other when it’s ALL on the line this Sunday at Summerslam!!?? BY GAWD!!!

Trainers tend to all four men, in and out of the ring … as the picture fades to commercial…

Commercial Break


The video opens in a rather murky wrestling gym, where we see the two men recently revealed as DOUG WILLIAMS and CHRISTOPHER DANIELS, both stretching in the ring, running the ropes etc.

Female Narrator: They are two of the most decorated professional wrestlers of their generation…

Daniels is seen executing the BME on an unidentified wrestler in the gym.

Female Narrator: Respected and renowned in every corner of the planet.

Williams delivers the Chaos Theory.

Female Narrator: They are two of the most well travelled and most experienced professional wrestlers in the world today…

Daniels is seen gaining a tap out from the darkened out figure in the gym, with Daniels using the Koji Clutch.

Female Narrator: And their reputations are second to none.

Williams, with a reverse figure four, gets the same submission response from the poor figure he is training with.

Female Narrator: Now, after a decade of earning their reputations, The Fallen Angel Christopher Daniels, and The Anarchist Doug Williams are coming to Raw…

Daniels catches the figure with an STO, as Williams follows up with a diving double knee drop from the top rope.

Female Narrator: Like a gift from God …

Williams and Daniels stand tall in the ring, shaking hands.

Female Narrator: Two angels … heaven sent … to create anarchy.

Fade to black.


Back into the arena…

Jim Ross: We are back, and yes, the excitement is building for the arrival of the Angels of Anarchy, coming to Raw next Monday. And they will come to Raw, one day after either Straight Edge or MNM depart. Gentlemen, what a crazy preview that was moments ago. TLC this Sunday at Summerslam, and the losing team is gone.

Joey Styles: And if that was just a taster ahead of the main course, J.R … TLC will steal the show at Summerslam.

Paul Heyman: All the ingredients are there for a classic, gentlemen.

The Coach: That’s all well and good. I just hope it has a happy ending, and MNM retain the titles that belong to them.


The roof nearly EXPLODES for the arrival of Belfasts own, Finlay, as the hometown hero makes his unassuming entrance, trotting down the aisle ahead of his Belfast Brawl with Triple H.

Jim Ross: LISTEN TO THE OVATION!!! The fighting Irishman has come - HOME!!! But he faces an almighty uphill challenge tonight. It’s his favoured environment; a Belfast Brawl … but he faces a reinvigorated Triple H!!! The Game has looked better and BADDER than ever in recent weeks, and with just six days until Summerslam, Triple H will be keen to send Brock Lesnar a message.

The Coach: Like I said earlier, this wont be a happy homecoming for Finlay. It’s the start of a long, hard week for The Game. Finlay tonight, Mysterio on Smackdown this Friday, before THE WrestleMania rematch at Summerslam with Brock Lesnar.

Paul Heyman: The Game would ideally want to end this one quickly, but he’s gonna find out real fast that he’s in for the fight of his life here. Finlay is one tough S.O.B, he’s fought all over the globe - in and OUT of the ring - he’s gonna love this environment.

Joey Styles: Triple H will have his work cut out tonight against this man. Finlay loves a fight, and with the fans firmly behind him, and with Finlay back home for one night only, it’ll be a long, tough night for The Game if you ask me.

Jim Ross: We will be right back with all the action from the Belfast Brawl, but right now, we need to take a quick commercial break. Don’t DARE go anywhere!!!

Commercial Break

We return, straight into the arena, where a ‘FINLAY’ chant is echoing all around the arena, with Finlay looking genuinely touched by the fans…


But the feel good factor is cut off by the music of Triple H, and The Game marches onto the aisle … but we see Finlay has already left the ring … AND IS COMING TO MEET THE GAME ON THE AISLE!!!!!

Jim Ross: And Finlay isn’t wastin any time here!!!

The two men meet on the ramp, trading blows … and the bell rings, kicking off the match - OUTSIDE THE RING!!!

Finlay vs. Triple H
The two trade blows on the ramp, with the fans solidly behind Finlay, and the rugged Irishman scores with the first knockdown to the delight of the locals. He stomps Triple H, with The Game rolling off the ramp, trying to create some distance, but with his opponent in hot pursuit, Triple H slows him with a kick to the gut, and rams him into the barricade!!! Finlay though fights right back, clubbing the back of his opponent, with the two men battling INTO the crowd and the sea of fans, with the rowdy folk of Belfast going bananas. They fight, trading blows right through the fans, with Finlay grabbing a sign and blocking The Games sight with it to allow himself a free shot at the gut, then the face!!! Finlay takes control, before HHH side suplexes the veteran on the concrete!!!

Grabbing a bottle of water, Triple H smacks Finlay with the object, ratting the fighting Irishman, and slams his head off a fans chair, before slamming him onto the floor again, with the veteran wincing in pain. The Game continues to stomp Finlay on the ground, having to push fans out of his way, with Finlay struggling to get away from him, and the former 10x World Champion grabs Finlays legs to stop him getting away, but the veteran kicks HHH away, then gets to his knees, meeting Trips with a shot to the gut, and an uppercut. Finlay takes control again, and as they fight through the sea of humanity, he HIP TOSSES Triple H down three steps, onto the concrete floor, with an almighty thud!!! Triple H sells the agony, and now it is he that is having to crawl away, but the veteran wont allow him, and slams a (padded) chair across The Games back.


Finlay drags The Game back to his feet, and whips him into the barrier, then rushes in to follow up, and clotheslines Triple H over it, onto the floor at ringside!!! A big chant from the fans gets behind Finlay, with the veteran now stomping Triple H in order to keep him down. The Irishman now rips away the padded mats at ringside, and drags his opponent back to his feet, picking him up - ROLLING HILLS ON THE CONCRETE FLOOR!!!!! A brief, quiet, ‘HOLY SHIT’ chant is heard, whilst we see the veteran getting back up, throwing the apron up, and pulling out a number of trash cans, throwing one into the ring, another one behind him, before grabbing a third to use now … and BASHES Triple H over the head with it!!! Finlay rolls Triple H inside the ring, finally bringing the action into the squared circle … and Finlay quickly drops a fist on The Game, hooking the leg, 1...2...NO!!!

Triple H kicks out, but Finlay is in charge, and he drags HHH back up, sending him off the ropes, but ducks down for the return - allowing The Game to respond with a FACEBUSTER!!! That rattles Finlay, and quickly - perhaps with two more matches on his mind - Triple H goes for the kill, hooking Finlay into position for the PEDIGREE … BUT FINLAY BACK DROPS OUT OF IT!!! Triple H struggles back up, and is knocked back down - WITH A TRASH CAN LID SHOT!!! Finlay drops down, rattling off a flurry of right hands on The Game, unleashing his nasty side - and BITING Triple H too!!! Regardless of the underhanded tactics, the fans cheer everything Finlay does, and he gets up, walking to the trash can, but as he bends to pick it up - TRIPLE H COMES FROM BEHIND WITH A LOW BLOW!!! The boos are deafening, as Triple H gets back up, hitting the ropes, and running at Finlay with the trash can lid, smacking him at speed in the face!!!

The hometown hero slumps to the canvas, and Triple H now sets up the trash can in the middle of the ring. He follows Finlay into the corner as the veteran tries to get back to his feet, and unloads with successive right hands to soften the Belfast native up, then shoots him off the ropes - LOOKING FOR A SPINEBUSTER ONTO THE TRASH CAN - BUT FINLAY COUNTERS - WITH A DDT … ONTO THE TRASH CAN!!!!! A huge cheer engulfs the Odyssey, as Finlay slowly turns his opponent over, hooking the leg … 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Finlay has a look of dejection, but looks to carry on … only for Triple H to roll out of the ring to safety from Finlay. He takes a moment to recover, but as he turns back around, Finlay catches him with a double boot through the middle ropes, sending Triple H backward into the announce table!!! Finlay follows out … AND CHARGES TRIPLE H OVER THE SMACKDOWN ANNOUNCE TABLE!!!!!

Belfast love it, and Finlay pounds at the head of The Game, before getting back up, stomping the chest and face of Trips, before ripping off the cover of the announce desk, and throws it onto HHH. He then grabs a steel chair, jabbing it into the ribs of his opponent as he reaches his feet, then throws Trips back into the ring. He follows in, bringing the chair with him, stalking down The Game into the corner … but HHH kicks out at Finlay, knocking the chair from his hand, and strikes with a big right hand … leading to a back and forth battle - igniting an old ‘BOO’ - ‘YAY’ reaction from the fans, and it’s Finlay that wins the slug fest, beating Trips into the corner, then looks to send him across the ring, but Triple H reverses, and as Finlay bounces back out, he gets creamed with a clothesline from The Game!!! With contempt, Triple H dumps the Irishman over the top rope to the floor, and follows out, RAMMING his rival into the barrier, then rams him THROUGH the steps!!!!!

Triple H drops a knee on Finlay, and proceeds to drag him toward the ramp, slamming his head off the steel. Finlay looks to be in a bad way, and crawls up the ramp, with Triple H in hot pursuit, stomping Finlay, over and over, before dragging him up at the top of the stage - DROPPING Finlay WITH A NECK BREAKER!!!!! He makes a cover, 1...2...FINLAY KICKS OUT!!! The heart of the Irishman isn’t in question, but the fans begin to realise that the end may be nigh. The Game sends Finlay into the Raw structure, with Finlay stumbling away, through the curtain, with Triple H following behind. It goes quiet for a moment … before the titan tron shows the action backstage, with Triple H looking to be calling the shots … but is SPRAYED IN THE FACE WITH A FIRE EXTINGUISHER!!! Finlay then drills the object into The Games gut, and bashes it across Trips back!!! The Irishman drops the weapon, and now grabs a dumpster sized bin - AND RAMS IT INTO THE GAME KNOCKING HIM DOWN ONCE MORE!!!!! The fans in the arena cheer, as we cut to a commercial with the match ongoing backstage…

Commercial Break

And we return, with the two men now in the pavilion area of the Odyssey complex, trading blows, with both men staggering from the repeated blows. Finlay takes charge, running Triple H into a wall (it doesn’t break) and unloads a bunch of shots to the body, before placing Trips on a counter - and slides him across it, throwing him off onto the floor!!! The Game crawls away, and Finlay comes in hot pursuit, tracking his opponent, but as he bends down to drag him up - TRIPLE H SWINGS - WITH A 2X4!!!!! Finlay is floored by the 2x4, and gives Triple H a chance to recover, with The Game finding his feet, stomping Finlay, letting go with a succession of straight right hands to slow the Irishman down … BEFORE HE HIP TOSSES FINLAY DOWN A FLIGHT OF STAIRS!!!!! A shocking - stunned - silence is what the fans watching on greet the sight … as we see Finlay laid out at the bottom of the stairs in an almighty heap.

Triple H though - with no remorse - follows down, taking his time, and once he gets to the bottom of the stairs, he simply stands over Finlay. The veteran is clearly DONE, but before the referee he call it off, Triple H shoves him away, and stomps his lifeless opponent. Slowly, The Game drags Finlay back to his feet with Finlay clearly dead weight … with Trips dragging him away from the steps … AND HURLS FINLAY THROUGH A GLASS DOOR!!! The sickening smash of glass is met with stunned gasps from the fans in the arena, and the few passers by. Security at the arena now rush to the scene, trying to reason with The Game … but Triple H PROCEEDS, punching the security team to get by them!!! He carefully steps through the broken glass door … and we see Finlay has been BUSTED WIDE OPEN!!! Triple H drops to a knee, and begins to wail away with deadly right hands … covering his white tape in thick red blood.

It’s eerily similar to the sight of Brock Lesnar ten days ago on Smackdown, as the red blood mixes with the platinum hair of the veteran, and the white tape on the hands of Triple H turn blood red. The incessant shots finally slow down, with Finlay a bloody mess. Triple H stands back up, ignoring calls from security to stop, and simply staring at Dean Malenko - who has arrived on the scene - who pleads with The Game that he’s done enough. The Game slowly drags Finlay back up, having to hold him up, and manages - despite a struggle against dead weight - to get the veteran into position … AND DROPS HIM ON THE PAVEMENT WITH A PEDIGREE!!!!! The people standing around the scene are forced to look away aghast, as Triple H slowly turns his opponent over, with a lateral press … and the official makes the count - doing it quickly to end the carnage - … 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Triple H @ 10:29

The official doesn’t even bother to raise The Games hand, his focus is clearly on getting help for the hometown hero. Inside the arena, the fans are eerily quiet at the sickening scenes, as medics rush to the scene to tend to Finlay.

Jim Ross: This does not look good for Finlay. We started this night with Mickie James being led off into an ambulance … and now Finlay is set to join her.

Joey Styles: Ugh. I cant get the sight of Finlay being thrown through the glass door out of my mind.

Jim Ross: Ladies and Gentlemen, Triple H has won the match. But … that simply isn’t important here. Finlay is hurt.

The Coach: I did say this wouldn’t be a happy homecoming. I warned ya. I hope Brock is watching this in the land of Oz!! He might wanna stay there!!! This is what’s comin to him on Sunday!!!

Triple H looks around, staring a hole through each onlooker, then peers over at the bloody figure of his beaten opponent, before turning, and getting a look at the camera, showing his fists - specifically the bloodied taped wrists.

Jim Ross: He is a man possessed. There is nothing that man - the cerebral assassin - wont do. And on Sunday - like tonight - there is nothing that’s out of bounds. There is nothing he CANT do. It’s all legal.

Paul Heyman: I have never been as concerned as I am right now for the well being of Brock Lesnar. It’s well documented - not a rumour; this is FACT - that Brock Lesnar will arrive in the UK on Saturday against doctors orders. He is coming to Summerslam to meet The Game in a Streetfight at WAYYY under a hundred per cent … and gentlemen, that scares the hell outta me.

The Coach: And so it should!! I’ve never seen The Game as intense as this. I fear for Mysterio on Friday!!

Joey Styles: The one thing that Mysterio can take comfort in though, is that his match with Triple H on Smackdown will be a regular, one on one match. No hardcore rules, it’s a straight up match this Friday.

Jim Ross: But will Triple H take that into account?? Joey, this man is possessed with causing harm and destroying anyone that stands in his way. He doesn’t care about winning on Friday … he just wants to send a message to Lesnar for Sunday…

The Game says nothing - he simply breathes heavily - staring deep into the camera, sending his message … without uttering a single word.

Commercial Break

The show returns with the sight of an ambulance driving into the night…

Jim Ross: We are back, and unfortunately … we are watching Finlay being taken to a local medical facility in Belfast. Not the homecoming he wanted tonight.

The Coach: Look on the Brightside old timer. He gets an extend vacation at home!!!

Joey Styles: You have to be the most pompous asshole I’ve ever had the displeasure in meeting, Coach. I thought Michael Cole was obnoxious, but you are something else. How the hell do you stick this guy week in, week out, J.R??

Jim Ross: With tremendous difficulty. I’ve had to work with plenty of nuisances in my time - you happen to be sitting beside one - but Coach is by far the worst.

The Coach: You’re no picnic either, fat boy!! And Joey, I’ve never met a single person that’s had a nice thing to say about you either. You’re just a jumped up internet darling with a chip on his shoulder the size of Heymans bald spot - and that’s a chasm.

Paul Heyman: Hold on a second, don’t bring me into this. You two have both just had a pop at me for no good reason. Joey, I’d suggest we don’t respond to this double act. See, to Joey and I, we take this seriously. We’re not out here to shill our line of sauce or try and be hip and cool, and completely ignore what’s goin on in the ring. You two are a joke.

Jim Ross: I think we’re getting away from the point here, gentlemen. A man has just been rushed to hospital. Now perhaps isn’t the time to be scoring points on each other.

Joey Styles: I agree, J.R. Guys, the fact is, in the last ten days, FIVE serious incidents have occurred on Raw and Smackdown, which has led to hospital stays for nearly all the victims. Two of the incidents have happened TONIGHT!!! What in the hell is goin on around here!!??

The Coach: It’s called passion. Hatred. We’re comin up to the biggest Summerslam EVER and the stakes have never been higher!!! Triple H had a point to prove to Brock Lesnar - and he did just that. Christian dared to test Umaga last Monday - and paid the price. Tommy Dreamer got in Randy Ortons way on Friday - and Orton disposed of him the only way he knows how!! And tonight, Finlay was used as a message to Brock Lesnar of what to expect at Wembley Stadium, and as for Mickie James?? Well, hell, anyone could be forgiven for doing what they did to that cold hearted, evil bitch!!

Jim Ross: Up to a certain stage, you actually had a point, Coach.

Paul Heyman: Running two brands is stretching Eric Bischoff to the absolute limit right now. In my opinion he isn’t fit to run one brand, let alone two, but here he is, in charge of ALL the WWE right now, during the biggest summer EVER in this companies history … and everything is falling apart at the seams.

The Coach: Yeah, and I bet you’d do a better job, right??

Joey Styles: Let’s not start this again.

Backstage, Kelly Kelly is standing by with Theodore Long…

Kelly Kelly: Teddy, ton-

Theodore Long: Uhm, baby girl, you might want to address me as Mister Long … ya feel may??

Kelly looks embarrassed by the stern reaction of Long, and takes a second to compose herself.

Kelly Kelly: Sorry. Uh, Mister Long, tonight, things didn’t go according to plan for you and The Brotherhood. With Shelton Benjamin defending the Intercontinental Championship on Sunday at Summerslam in a triple threat match against William Regal and Matt Hardy, and Eric Bischoff just confirming on that neither you - OR The Brotherhood will be allowed at ringside at Summerslam, are you at all worried that the title will change hands, especially with Shelton not having to be pinned to lose the title??

Theodore Long: Banned from ringside?? Listen, lemme holla at ya playa, Eric Bischoff is determined to see ma boy, Tha Black Diamon’ stripped of his Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship. An’ for the life of may, I cant figure out why. Shelton is courageous, he’s pretty, he’s the finest athlete in this entire company … he’s everything a boss could want!! Yet, ‘ol whitey Bischoff don’t like Shelton Benjamin as Intercontinental Heavyweight Champion!! Shelton should be protected playa. Shelton ought to be the FACE of this promotion … but when tha face don’t fit the regime, playa … the machine gonna do their damndest to take him outta the equation. Ya dig??

Confused, Kelly can only shrug.

Theodore Long: Ma boy has done everything that Eric Bischoff required of him to prevent Matt Harday from winning the title. He fought him without a champions rightful advantage, he fought him without his inspirational leader by his side, and he fought him for thirty minutes!!! THIRTY!! Not only dat, but Tha Black Diamond pulled off the greatest comeback in tha HISTORY of tha business. Three falls down, he showed the heart of a champion and tied the score to keep his pride and joy; that title belt. But that STILL wasn’t good ‘nough for tha man.

Kelly nods, with Long getting worked up.

Theodore Long: So instead of takin on Willy Regal one on one at Summer slam … Tha Black Diamond has gotta contend with that cockroach Matt Harday AGAIN!!! So to answer the question baby girl?? Damn straight. I am shakin in my Armani shoes, and I’m sweatin like an Irishman in an AA meetin!!!

Heat from the fans.

Theodore Long: But I aint worried because I don’t believe ma boy has what it takes to get tha job done playa. Shelton should be WORLD Heavyweight Champ!!! I’m worried … because tha man has an agenda … and it’s plainly obvious that the agenda is to make sure that Tha Black Diamond don’t have that I.C Title belt much more longer. He cant have me - his licensed manager - by his side, he don’t get no champions advantage … Shelton doesn’t even need to be involved in tha decision to lose the title. THEY, Kelly … THEY … don’t want Tha Brotherhood to thrive … but thrive we will. But first, Tha Black Diamond has gotta survive another obstacle thrown in his way at Summerslam, and STICK IT to ‘ol whitey!!! Now holla back girl.

Long walks off, leaving Kelly to look perplexed … as we fade out.

Commercial Break


And the show returns, back at ringside, with ‘LONDON CALLING’ by The Clash piped through the PA.

Jim Ross: The wait is almost over!! The twentieth annual Summerslam is just six days away. London is calling, and on Sunday the call is answered, and NINETY thousand fans will be on hand to witness it!! An epic, five hour event - just like WrestleMania. It truly is the biggest show of the year for one year only!!

Joey Styles: What an honour it’ll be for me personally, J.R. It’s the biggest show in terms of scale and spectacle that I have ever - or WILL ever be a part of, and there is one match above all others that I am personally looking forward to. The WWE Championship is on the line, as Rob Van Dam looks to avenge his brutal loss to Randy Orton at WrestleMania, and the subsequent months taken off his career, and take back the title he lost at the showcase of the immortals.

Paul Heyman: Van Dam was brutally dispatched by Orton in New Orleans thanks to that disgusting Punt Kick and the Money in the Bank contract. Make no mistake about it, this thing was already personal, but Orton crossed the line AGAIN this past Friday on Smackdown when he punted Van Dams personal friend, Tommy Dreamer. It’s not just about the title on Sunday - it’s about much, much more too.

Jim Ross: And from one end of the personal scale to another. John Cena and Mister Kennedy have sparked a deep hatred between one another in recent months, but whilst it hasn’t escalated to the levels of Van Dam and Orton, these two men do not like one another. Cena sees Kennedy as a cocky loudmouth, full of hot air opposed to talent, whilst Kennedy sees Cena as the perfect opportunity to gain notoriety on Raw, and establish himself as a top tier talent, here to stay.

The Coach: And a loss for either man will be devastating. Cena has been battling to remain at the top of the ladder, unable to secure the shot he desperately craves at the World Heavyweight Title he lost at WrestleMania, whilst Kennedy has spent the entire year on a quest for acceptance and respect. He wants to be viewed at a top guy around here, and to do it, he has to beat John Cena at the biggest Summerslam ever!!

Jim Ross: Speaking of devastating losses … it’s do or die on Sunday for MNM and Straight Edge. The two teams that have dominated the tag team scene on Raw for the past eight months will bring their storied rivalry to an explosive end. It’s Tables, Ladders and Chairs for the World Tag Team Titles at Wembley Stadium. For the victors; the spoils. For the losers; a one way ticket OUT of Raw.

The Coach: For my money, MNM are the greatest tag team in WWE history. And this Sunday, they will - they HAVE TO - prove it once and for all. Their future hinges on it. And Raw would never be the same without them!! It’ll be hell, but my money is on MNM to climb the ladder and send Straight Edge packing!!!

Joey Styles: Whilst the battle for the tag titles on Raw is hotter than it’s ever been, for months, AMW have stood atop the Smackdown division with no major threats to their gold … until now!!! The Caribbean Connection have well and truly earned the right to face Harris and Storm this Sunday, overcoming seven other teams on Smackdown to get the shot. Can AMW regain their focus on time?? Or will it be a case of too little, too late for the long standing champions??

Paul Heyman: Chris Harris and James Storm find themselves in the worst possible spot right now; the comfort zone, and worst of all, I don’t think they even realise it themselves. They haven’t been tested in a long time, and in my humble opinion, they’ll get the wake up call of a lifetime at Summerslam.

Jim Ross: The WWE Tag Team titles surely are in serious jeopardy, but while that match is certain to happen, confusion reigns over whether or not the Womens Championship match will go ahead or not. At the top of tonights show, Mickie James was taken from the building in an ambulance, with fingers pointing to Beth Phoenix as the culprit. If true, has Beth shot herself in the foot and cost herself HER fairytale ending of beating her nemesis at the biggest Summerslam of all time for the title she dreamt of holding as a little girl??

The Coach: If Mickie cant defend the title, she ought to be stripped of it!!! She ran and hid for months and saved her title earlier this year. She cant be afforded the same privilege a second time around!! And quit trying to imply Beth Phoenix was behind the attack - you have no proof!!!

Joey Styles: Later tonight, we will see The Undertaker in action for the first time since the Great American Bash, but on Sunday, The Deadman meets Edge. Edge, to his credit, threw down the challenge - he is desperate to earn a shot at the WWE Title, and a win over The Undertaker is what he believes is the fastest track to that goal. But can Edge find a way to beat The Phenom??

Paul Heyman: I don’t know, Joey. But for Edge, he HAS to win. No, ifs or buts about it - he HAS to win. For my money, Edge is the greatest to have NEVER held the gold … but it doesn’t mean he can beat a guy like The Undertaker. It’s the biggest test of Edge’s career on Sunday … and for his sake, he had BETTER win.

Jim Ross: Fifteen years ago at Summerslam in front of nearly ninety thousand at the old Wembley, The British Bulldog won the Intercontinental Title … can William Regal replicate history, and in his home nation, defeat Matt Hardy and the champion Shelton Benjamin to win the title for a second time in his illustrious career?? Or, will we see Matt Hardy finally capture the title he has been chasing for months?? OR, can Benjamin overcome the odds and once again keep the title he has fought tooth and nail to hold onto for the last four months??

The Coach: I’m concerned, J.R. Teddy didn’t sound too confident earlier. I cant believe he is banned from ringside. As if Benjamin wasn’t already at a disadvantage with the triple threat rules!! Something stinks here. Eric Bischoff is trying to screw The Black Diamond out of the gold - the fix is in - but I still believe, J.R … I believe in Shelton Benjamin!!!

Joey Styles: And from a champion with his back against the wall, to a champion who might pay the price for his incredibly busy summer. Paul London has recently shown signs of fatigue, and MVP could well be in the right place at the right time to relieve the Golden Boy of the U.S title.

Paul Heyman: Joey, in this business, timing is everything. MVP finds himself with a shot at Paul London at the perfect time, and we’ll find out once and for all if London is suffering from fatigue, because he’ll pay for it with that title belt.

Jim Ross: Four weeks ago in Mexico City, Kurt Angle humiliated Rey Mysterio in front of his people, declaring war on Mysterio and everything he stands for. Small in stature he may be, but Rey Mysterio is as big as they come when it comes to pride and heart. He made the challenge, he wanted Angle at Summerslam, and on Sunday these two men will finally get their hands on each other one on one, and while they have met before, it’s never been this heated!!

The Coach: Two weeks ago, Mysterios buddies saved him from the ultimate humiliation of having his elephant man face exposed to the world by Kurt Angle, but at Summerslam, none of them can save little Rey. Kurt Angle will break his ankle, then he’ll break his heart - and rip that mask off his face!!!

Joey Styles: And then, it’s the rematch that EVERYONE wants to see; the rematch everyone has been wanting ever since WrestleMania, and in six days, it finally happens. Triple H meets Brock Lesnar in a streetfight, and if you thought these two despised each other before, you better think again!!!

Paul Heyman: At WrestleMania, Brock Lesnar got his hands on a Triple H that wasn’t at his best. At Summerslam, he’s got the real deal … but The Game will get a Brock Lesnar that’s far from his best. The tables have been turned, and for the first time ever, I truly fear for The Iron Mans safety at Summerslam. The Game is simply capable of anything - and that’s what scares me.

Jim Ross: Tonight, Ricky Hatton will address the world, six days shy of being in the unenviable position of being in the corner of the World Heavyweight Champion Christian when he takes on the daunting task of facing the undefeated Samoan Bulldozer, Umaga. Are Christians days numbered?? Or will Captain Charisma do the unthinkable and end Umagas FOURTEEN months of bulldozing ALL COMERS, and inflict his first ever career loss??

The Coach: I simply cant fathom it. I cant imagine ANYONE beating Umaga, from ANY era, let alone Christian. You saw the experts last week - no one is giving Christian a shot. Jesse Ventura, YOU, John Cena, Mister Kennedy, Old King Lawler, anyone who’s anyone says it cant be done!!! If Hatton has any sense, he’ll use his time later to tell the world he’s backing out of his agreement to show up at Summerslam.

Jim Ross: I doubt that, Coach. Hatton will be live in Belfast later, but right now, let’s take a closer look at both Christian and Umaga, with these video packages that have been put together…


The V.P starts with the simple text of “OCTOBER 18 1998”

The scene opens up, with a young Christian, wearing a puffy white shirt, and associated with Gangrel, in the ring, facing TAKA Michinoku. In the background Kings of Leon ‘McFearless’ plays quietly.

“When I arrived … I made an immediate impact”

Christian wins the match, and the ‘illustrious’ light-heavyweight championship.

Jim Ross: In his first outing, he has become Light Heavyweight Champion.

The music plays a little louder, as the video shows the transformation of Christian over the first couple of years in the WWE, forming a tag team with his ‘brother’ Edge.

“Despite that instant success … it took me years to find myself … and grow into my own skin”

Clips of Edge and Christian taking risks, and wowing the audience.

“I had to work my way up the ladder … and do whatever it took to gain notice and recognition.”

Cut to many of the infamous ladder spots he has been involved in with The Hardys and Dudleys, stealing the show at WrestleMania 2000, SummerSlam of the same year, and the following WrestleMania.

“And through that hard work and dedication … I worked my way up the ladder.”

Shots of Christian, battered from the various ladder matches … but seemingly always victorious.

“The death defying moments paid off … I earned my place … I earned the plaudits”

Edge & Christian enjoying life, and parading around, with five second poses, being general assholes, but loving every minute.

“And I enjoyed every single moment”

Christian and Edge sitting in the locker room, with Christian on a Kazoo.

Christian: Hey, listen to this, I’m gonna play our music!!!

Christian, clowning around, plays the Kazoo with Edge singing along ‘You think you know me, you think you know me’.

Clips of more five second poses, with the pair dressed as fat Elvis’s, and a Yokel Band. Then, Christian doing jumping jacks in a Chicken suit, trying to cut weight.

“But eventually … there comes a time to take a look at your career goals … and I hadn’t fulfilled mine … yet”

Clips now of Christian turning on Edge in 2001, his reigns with the Intercontinental Championship, then the European Championship, before embarking on a losing streak, and the temper tantrums.

“But frustration followed … and those goals didn’t materialise like I intended”

Clips from the period that would follow, with Christian seemingly starting over again, tagging with Lance Storm, and working his way back to the top of the mid card, once again holding the Intercontinental Title, with a new look, chopping his long locks.

“At one point … I thought I‘d hit my glass ceiling … I thought I‘d peaked”

Christian joins up with Trish Stratus, and we see shots of the two locking lips.

“And I was ready to settle for that”

Christian tagging with Edge again in a brief reunion in 2004.

“But I realised I wanted more … I WAS capable of more”

Christian defeating Edge in a Best of Three Falls Match at WrestleMania 21, and again in a Cage at Backlash.

“But I wasn’t going to be given the breaks … I wasn’t going to get the chances … I had to go out there and take them myself.”

Christian developing into the main event attraction on Raw … beating The Undertaker at Summer Slam ‘05 … then on Raw the following month in a No Holds Barred Match … then eliminating him at Nemesis in a 6 Pack elimination match … then eliminates him again in a War Games match at Survivor Series, becoming the only man to ever pin The Undertaker four times in four months in four straight matches.

“The world stood up and took notice … as I stopped waiting for something to happen … and smashed the glass ceiling on my own terms.”

Confronting Steve Austin at Saturday Nights Main Event last year.

Christian: I’m tired of waiting for my break through. I’m sick of waiting for a free pass, so instead, I’m making my own opportunities … my own openings … my own legacy.

The hard guitar riffs of the song take over for a second.

Christian: My goal now is to become not just the face of Raw … but the face of this company … hell, the face of this business. And I plan on starting, by clearing out the junk that just wont go away.

The guitar riffs pipe in again.

Christian: So basically what I’m trying to say Austin … is that if you wont leave … I’ll have to make you.

The music takes over, as Christian beats on Austin … then cuts to WrestleMania 22, where Christian defeats a bloody Stone Cold emphatically.

“And finally made my mark”

Christian goes on to win the championship at Backlash.

“Realised my destiny … and refused to let it go.”

Captain Charisma holding off the challenges thrown at him from the likes of Brock Lesnar, and a sensational, unpredictable TLC match against four other guys at Nemesis.

“I earned my championship … I earned my recognition … I earned it all … and became the champion I knew I could be.”

Christian losing the title under shady circumstances with an all out screw job costing him on Raw.

“Despite the setbacks … I had to be champion again … I had to get another shot.”

Royal Rumble last month, and despite being battered and bloodied, Christian wins the match, earning his shot at WrestleMania.

“Nothing was going to stop me going to WrestleMania”

Shots of Christian with the belt after beating Cena at WrestleMania, being joined by his family in the ring.

“And nothing was going to stop me at WrestleMania”

Clips of Christian beating Triple H inside Hell in the Cell at Backlash, retrieving the title in a ladder match against Shelton Benjamin, and beating Kennedy at Vengeance.

“I‘ve faced every single challenge … and I‘ve beaten ‘em all”

Then successive shots of Christian being manhandled by Umaga … week after week after week.

“I got the better of Umaga at the Royal Rumble”

Quick clip of Christian eliminating Umaga from the Royal Rumble match in January.

“And despite the experts disagreeing …”

Clips of Christian trying to fight Umaga, but getting overpowered and left laying every single time.

“… I‘ll do it at Summerslam too”

The video ends, with a shot of Christian celebrating with the title at WrestleMania with fireworks going off in the background.


… The screen goes black …


Clips of many of the famous big men in the WWE; Gorilla Monsoon, One Man Gang, Earthquake, King Kong Bundy, The Wild Samoans, the Legion of Doom & Sid Vicious…

Armando Estrada: Over de years many men have laid claim to being ‘King of the Jungle’ … the biggest of the big, the baddest … of the bad.

Clip of The Big Show chokeslamming The Undertaker through the ring in 1999.

Armando Estrada: There have been giants…

Cut to Kane, raising hell, fire and brimstone.

Armando Estrada: … Monsters …

Shot of Vader performing the Vader Bomb.

Armando Estrada: … Mastodons …

Clip of Brock Lesnar performing an F5 on Big Show in 2002.

Armando Estrada: … Machines …

And, The Undertaker sitting up in the ring, then slicing his throat.

Armando Estrada: … Even … Phenoms.

Clips of Andre The Giant, and his own paths of destruction in his heyday.

Armando Estrada: Dere’s been immovable objects …

Cut to Goldberg running through Hogan with a Spear, then a Jackhammer.

Armando Estrada: … And irresistible forces.

Shots of the aforementioned big men at their peak; Vader destroying Sting, Undertaker throwing Mankind off the HIAC, King Kong Bundy bloodying Hulk Hogan, and Sid power bombing HBK.

Armando Estrada: In decades past, these colossal figures have struck fear and terror into those they’ve crossed … causing devastation, chaos and mayhem, leaving body after body … in their wake …

Cut to Goldberg tapping out to Kurt Angle at WrestleMania 21, and Hogan body slamming Andre.

Armando Estrada: But eventually … some time down the road … they’ve all … ha ha … been humbled. At some point … they’ve all been beaten.

Shot of Bret Hart beating Diesel, Steve Austin pinning The Undertaker in 1998, and Ric Flair defeating Vader in WCW.

Armando Estrada: Sooner or later, these so called monsters and giants have been humanised by smaller … inferior men.


Armando Estrada: Until … now!!

Suddenly, a long ‘Andre’ shot of Umaga fills the screen, with the production music “FURY” playing in the background.

Armando Estrada: For over twelve months, this MONSTER is un-de-feated…

Clips now of Umaga demolishing opponents.

Armando Estrada: For over twelve months, this MACHINE has proven himself to be un-stop-able.

Body after body falling to the power of Umaga.

Armando Estrada: Over the course of twelve months, this force of nature has left a path of destruction like no man ever before, striking fear into every single person he meets.

Repeated shots of the Samoan Spike.

Armando Estrada: Now … there’s no need for debate … THIS MASTODON has become the most destructive force in the HISTORY of professional wrestling.

Clips of Umaga crashing into opponents with the Running Butt Splash.

Armando Estrada: This SAVAGE has changed the como se dice … perception of the stereotypical big man … he is a new breed of phenom

Shots of Umaga hitting a top rope splash, and his impressive rolling kick.

Armando Estrada: One that is quicker than any man of his size that came before him … one that is faster than most cruiserweights … and one that is more agile than anyone would dare imagine.

Cut to Umaga DESTROYING Shawn Michaels at Vengeance … William Regal at the KOTR … and the Little Bastard at WrestleMania.

Armando Estrada: He is NOT an irresistible force … and he is not an immovable object … he’s both.

Umaga running through body after body after body.

Armando Estrada: Ladies and Gentlemen … this is the future of the W-W-E … THEEE … SAAAAA-MO-AN … BULLDOZERRRRRRR …

Clips of Umaga throwing men with ease out of the Royal Rumble in January.


Clips of the aforementioned ‘big men’ earlier in the video package.

Armando Estrada: Over de years many men have laid claim to being ‘King of the Jungle’ … the biggest of the big, the baddest … of the bad.

Flashing shots of Umaga soaring with a top rope splash, the running wheel kick, and the running butt splash.

Armando Estrada: Umaga doesn’t lay claim to these titles … he … simply … is.

Closing shot of Umaga, with Estrada by his side, standing over the prone body of Christian … the video closing in absolute silence.


Back to ringside, as ‘FANS’ by Kings of Leon plays…

Joey Styles: I’ve got a chill down my spine, guys.

Paul Heyman: How in Gods name can Christian compete with that guy?? How the hell can he beat Umaga??

Jim Ross: All the questions will be answered Sunday at Summerslam. It’s live on Pay Per View, it’s an epic, FIVE hour event - THE biggest Summerslam of all time, and it comes from the home of the most famous Summerslam of all time, Wembley Stadium. The U.K has been gripped by Summer fever, and whilst it’s been a rotten summer over here weather wise-

Paul Heyman: It always rains here!!

The Coach: Yeah, I hear this is a good summer!!

Jim Ross: It promises to be an unforgettable occasion - the twentieth annual Summer slam - this Sunday!!!

Joey Styles: And, just to reiterate it’s five hours on PPV, with seven titles up for grabs, personal issues to be decided, and matches which will potentially alter career paths once and for all, it’s a Pay Per View you cannot afford to miss!!!


The music of Randy Orton brings the shill session to an end, and elicit’s the type of response you expect for the WWE Champion.

Joey Styles: And I for one hope that Randy Orton has six days left as WWE Champion!! His actions have been reprehensible, and it’s about time he was served justice!!!

Jim Ross: And that may just happen tonight!! The WWE Champion will go one on one with The Undertaker in our main event … and it’s next!!!

Commercial Break

We return, with Orton pacing the ring, ignoring cat calls from the fans, as we patiently wait for the Deadman … … and the lights dim!!! The fans rumble in anticipation momentarily …

**GONG** … **GONG** … **GONG**


Jim Ross: Inside the Odyssey Arena, there is a CHILL in the air!!!

Slowly, The Undertaker makes his way out - his first in person appearance since he retired JBL at the Great American Bash!!!

Joey Styles: It is an entrance that can defeat ninety five per cent of his opponents before he even reaches the ring!!! The Undertaker is a true, one of kind, never before, never again competitor, that will never be replicated or duplicated!!!

The Coach: But Joey, Orton aint one of the regular ninety five per cent. He’s the WWE Champ, and this thing doesn’t phase him!!

Paul Heyman: You are correct, Coach. Orton is as cold blooded as they come, but even he will be feeling the goosebumps right now.

Jim Ross: It’s the first time these two men have met since the Royal Rumble in 2005, when Randy Orton escaped the brutality of Hell in a Cell, defeating The Deadman to retain the World Title that he held at that time. Orton knows what it takes to defeat The Undertaker.

Joey Styles: Gentlemen, settle in. Smackdown is about to main event Raw!!!

The Undertaker takes an eternity to finally make the ring, finishing up his long winded entrance, as Orton respectfully watches from the outside, not wanting to draw the ire of The Deadman before the match even begins.

Randy Orton vs. The Undertaker
The two start slowly, circling the ring, with Orton especially tentative to lock horns with the daunting Deadman. Taker tries to back Orton into the corner, but as he swings, Orton ducks under escaping from the corner, frustrating the Deadman. Again they circle, Taker eager to engage, but Orton remains elusive, and proves too quick for the Phenom to pin in, escaping from the corner again, and surprises Taker with a kick to the gut, stopping Undertaker in his tracks. He backs Taker into the corner, unloading with straight right hands to the head. Orton then shoots Taker across the ring, to the opposite corner … BUT TAKER BOUNCES OUT - KNOCKING ORTON OFF HIS FEET WITH A CLOTHESLINE!!!!! That gets the fans going, and Orton stumbles back to his feet, trying to shake it loose, but looks for solace in the corner, allowing Taker to get to work, unleashing a barrage of rights and lefts to the body, then to the head, rocking Orton.

Undertaker steps back, with Randy staggering out of the corner, and Taker backs him into the ropes, shooting him across the ring, knocking Orton back down on the return with a shoulder knock down. This leads into a prolonged focus on the arm of the WWE Champion, with Taker working the body part with a series of arm wringers, drawing groans from Orton. The Deadman wrenches the arm for a long period, and with enough damage done to the arm, The Deadman now scales the turnbuckles, and with the fans buzzing in anticipation, Taker proceeds to walk the ropes - OLD SCHOOL CONNECTS ON ORTON!!!!! The fans cheer, but Taker isn’t resting on his laurels, stalking Orton as he gets back up, knocking him back down with a clothesline, and drops an elbow, into a lateral press, 1...2...NO!!! Taker gets back up … AND SIGNALS FOR THE CHOKESLAM!!! The fans cheer, as he GOOZLES ORTON … BUT ORTON DESPERATELY KICKS FREE!!! The WWE Champion fights free, and desperately slides under the bottom rope, going for a walk, much to the chagrin of the fans and Taker … as we go to a commercial break…

Commercial Break

And we return, with the tables turned, and Orton now in charge, working on Taker on the mat, with a deep headlock synched in. Highlights from during the commercial now air, and we see the match turn when Orton avoids one of the signature Undertaker leg drops on the apron, and follows that up with a big Irish Whip THROUGH the steel steps!!! Back live, Orton applies as much pressure as he can in the headlock, with the Deadman trying to fight it, pushing off the canvas, trying to get on his knees, and then has to overcome another crank from Orton. Desperate to escape the headlock, Taker begins to unload with shots to the body of Orton, looking to break his grip, but smartly, the champion switches the headlock - into a sleeper, climbing the back of the Phenom … BUT TAKER RUNS BACKWARD - RAMMING - AND SQUASHING ORTON INTO THE CORNER!!!!! Orton though rabidly holds on tight, refusing to let go … but Taker steps back out … AND RAMS ORTON AGAIN … AND A THIRD TIME - BREAKING THE HOLD!!!!!

Undertaker staggers away, feeling the effects, and Orton looks to get back in charge right away - but is knocked down by a big right hand from the Phenom!!! Orton struggles back up, and Taker sends him off into the corner, charging in - squashing Orton in the corner with a clothesline!!! Randy staggers out of the corner, with the Deadman effortlessly scooping him up, onto his shoulders - SNAKE EYES … Taker runs off the ropes, looking for follow up with a big boot - ORTON SCORES WITH A SNAP POWERSLAM!!!!! He quickly covers off the big counter, 1...2...SHOULDER UP!!!!! Taker JUST kicks out, as Orton silences the fans, and backs Taker into the corner, connecting with straight right hands and big uppercut forearms. The WWE Champion mounts the corner, continuing to deliver the big haymakers to the cranium of the Deadman … UNTIL THE UNDERTAKER PUTS A STOP TO IT … WALKING ORTON OUT OF THE CORNER … FOR A LAST RIDE … BUT ORTON DROPS OUT, BEHIND, ON HIS FEET - RKO - NO!!! Taker shoves Orton away, into the ropes, BIG BOOT!!! Taker gets the lateral press, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!!!

The Phenom gets back to his feet, looking angered by the kick out … AND SIGNALS FOR THE TOMBSTONE!!! The fans rise to their feet, with The Deadman dragging the champion to his feet, scooping him up, onto his shoulder … but Orton slips off the back … AND CONNECTS WITH HIS MODIFIED BACKBREAKER!!! Orton makes a feeble hook of the leg, looking worse for wear at this point, 1...2...TAKER KICKS OUT!!! Orton closes his eyes in despair at the kick out, and rolls off Taker, pounding the mat in frustration. Slowly, the champion gets back up to his feet, staring down at Taker, before backing into the ropes, bouncing back out, and lands with a knee drop to the Phenom. He covers again, 1...2...NO!!! Ortons frustrations begin to mount, and he climbs onto Taker, unleashing a series of straight right hands to the skull, which eventually causes Orton to tire himself out. Orton stops, mounted on Taker … AND THE DEADMAN EXPLODES FROM THE CANVAS - GRIPPING ORTON BY THE THROAT!!!!!

The fans explode, as Taker chokes the life out of Orton, rising back to his feet … but Orton puts a stop to it with a kick to the gut, and a dropkick!!! Orton shoots back to his feet, looking cocky … BUT THE DEADMAN SITS UP!!!!! Ortons eye bug out, as The Undertaker rises once more, and now, the champion looks rattled, and tries to stop Taker from getting back up, but Taker blocks Ortons shots, and works the body, winding the champ, getting back to his vertical base, and drops Orton with a big right - and another - and a third!!! Orton appears to be on dream street, staggering back to his feet for a fourth time, and walks right into a SIDEWALK SLAM!!! This time though, Taker doesn’t bother looking for a cover, but instead, he gets right back up … and signals again for the CHOKESLAM!!! Orton is slow to get back to his feet, and has no idea of what is coming … AND WALKS INTO THE PATH OF THE PHENOM … CHOKESLAM CONNECTS!!! Undertaker makes the cover, 1...2...ORTON KICKS OUT!!!!!

Orton somehow survives … but it could simply be a stay of execution, as we see the Undertaker rising back to his feet, dragging Orton back up with him, softening him up with a big right hand, before Taker scoops the champion onto his shoulders - BUT ORTON SLIDES OFF … ONLY FOR TAKER TO RESPOND WITH A BIG BOOT … BUT ORTON AVOIDS IT … AND THE DEADMAN NAILS NICK PATRICK INSTEAD!!!!! The Undertaker pauses for a moment, stunned by the accidental kick that has taken out the official, and turns around … RIGHT INTO AN RKO FROM ORTON!!!!! Orton strikes with his deadly finishing manoeuvre - but there is no referee to make the count!!! The champion doesn’t even bother with a cover, knowing it’d be pointless … but with the official down, Orton senses an opportunity, and drops down, rolling out of the ring. The champion makes his way to the timekeepers position, and shoves Lillian Garcia and the timekeeper out of the way, grabbing a steel chair!!! Randy brings the chair back into the ring, eyeing up Taker, with the Deadman on his knees, reaching out for the ropes, looking worse for wear after the RKO.

Orton looks to pick his spot, sizing up the Phenom … AND LOOKS TO CRACK HIS SKULL - BUT TAKER BLOCKS THE CHAIR SHOT!!! Taker blocks it, and overpowers the champion, RIPPING THE CHAIR FROM HIS GRASP!!! Orton gets jabbed in the gut with the chair, and Taker stands up, SMASHING the chair off the back of the champion, bringing Orton to his knees … and lines up one more chair shot … UNTIL HE IS SPEARED!!! … BY EDGE!!!!! EDGE JUST SPEARED THE UNDERTAKER!!!!! From nowhere, Edge rips his Summerslam opponent in half … and the fans shit all over it!!! Edge - with a shit eating grin on his face - stands over the Deadman, and licks his lips, before eyeing the steel chair!!! Edge bends down, picking the weapon up, looking at it longingly … before raising it high in the air … AND DELIVERS THE CON-CHAIR-TO!!!!!!!!!! Edge nails The Phenom, and has a euphoric look on his face, before spotting the official recovering … and quickly slips out of the ring with the chair, as Orton drapes an arm over Taker, with Nick Patrick making an ULTRA slow count … 1.…..2.…..3!!!!!!!!!!
Winner: Randy Orton @ 14:26

Jim Ross: WHAT THE HELL!!??


Paul Heyman: I think Edge just sent a clear, LOUD message to The Deadman!!! Ya think The Undertaker is ignoring Edge now???

Joey Styles: For weeks, Edge has been waiting for The Undertaker to make an appearance on Smackdown, and certainly, he feels slighted by the fact he hasn’t met him face to face in the entire run up to Summer slam … well now, if he was looking for The Deadmans attention - he just got it!!!

Paul Heyman: What a statement of intent from Edge!!!

Jim Ross: But gentlemen, has Edge bitten off more than he can chew?? Surely now, The Rated ‘R’ Superstar has invited ALL kinds of hell to be unleashed upon him!!!

Edge backs up the ramp, nodding, looking excited by his actions tonight, six days away from meeting The Deadman at Summerslam. He licks his lips, smiling devilishly, whilst we see Orton escaping from the ring, clutching his back, selling the effects of the match, but holding tightly to his title belt.

Joey Styles: Nobody expected to see Edge here tonight. I don’t remember seeing him all day. I didn’t think he was even here!!

Paul Heyman: But here he was, and he made a stunning impact, Joey. Edge just opened the gates of hell!!!

The Coach: He opened those gates - and he marched into Death Valley without an ounce of fear!!! Edge just showed he can manhandle The Deadman, and he’ll do it again at Summerslam!!!

On the stage, Edge raises his arms in victory - getting heat from the fans - whilst in the ring … THE UNDERTAKER SITS UP!!! Suddenly, the fans pop, as Taker shoots a death-like glare up the aisle at Edge - who is still grinning ear to ear - knowing he got one over on The Phenom tonight … knowing he has got Takers attention.

Commercial Break

The show returns, backstage with Matt Striker standing by with Eric Bischoff.

Matt Striker: Mister Bischoff, tonight’s show began in peculiar circumstance with the WWE Womens Champion being taken out of the building on a stretcher. With Mickie James scheduled to meet Beth Phoenix this Sunday at Summerslam, will that match go ahead??

Eric Bischoff: I’ll be honest, Matt, right now, it’s fifty-fifty. I had expected to get some kind of confirmation to the extent of Miss James injuries before the end of this night, but frankly, the hospital staff and the doctors have said it’s simply too soon to make that kind of call. I’d imagine by Friday we’ll know for sure. Once the show is over, I’m going to head straight for the City Hospital, and I’ll see how Mickie is doing. But trust me, I am opening a full investigation as to what happened here tonight.

Matt Striker: Well … as you mention it, have you got any indications or any suspects as to who would be behind such a reprehensible act??

Bischoff ponders momentarily, unsure whether or not to respond.

Eric Bischoff: … I’ve uh … I’ve got my suspicions.

Striker nods, and attempts to pry further.

Matt Striker: And would you be willing to divulge those-

Eric Bischoff: No. No, Matt, I wouldn’t.

Striker nods again.

Matt Striker: Okay … but should Mickie James be unable to compete at Summerslam … what becomes of the Womens Championship??

Again, Eric takes his time to respond.

Eric Bischoff: I’m hoping it wont come to that, Matt … but I’ll discuss the options available to us in conference with the Board of Directors should it reach that stage.

Matt Striker: Mister Bischoff, thank you for your time.

Cut back to ringside…

Jim Ross: Well, there ya have it, it is unclear at present if Mickie James can or will compete this Sunday at Summerslam.

Paul Heyman: But by Friday on Smackdown, it’ll be known.

The Coach: And by the looks of Bischoff, I wouldn’t like to be the person found guilty of that assault. But like I said earlier - it could be anyone!! Mickie James has brought all this on herself!!!

Joey Styles: Oh come on, Coach, you cant really believe all that!? It’s pretty obvious to me that Beth Phoenix was behind the whole thing!! She couldn’t wait until Sunday, and that crazy psycho jumped Mickie tonight instead!!

Jim Ross: Indeed, Beth Phoenix has to be the prime suspect. She has been chomping at the bit for weeks to get her hands on Mickie James, and it seems that six days was simply a little too long for the number one contender to wait!! But whilst the Womens Championship match is in jeopardy, one match that isn’t is The Undertaker and Edge. Until tonight there didn’t appear to be any real animosity between the two men, indeed, The Deadman hadn’t even appeared on Smackdown in recent weeks!!

Joey Styles: And Edge obviously felt disrespected by that. Tonight, Edge made sure this thing got personal. He well and truly got The Deadmans attention!!

Paul Heyman: I had been looking forward to seeing Edge and The Undertaker meet this Sunday … but now, I cant wait!!! Edge stuck it to the Phenom tonight, and he can expect almighty hell at Summerslam now!!!

Joey Styles: Tonight, Smackdown main evented Raw, but on Friday, the tables will be turned!!!

Jim Ross: Absolutely, Joey. Triple H and Rey Mysterio will collide on Smackdown, two days away from facing Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle respectively. Will we see fireworks on Smackdown like we did tonight??

The Coach: And that’s not all baby boy - Champion faces Champion. Two days before they defend their titles at Summerslam, the United States Champion faces the Intercontinental Champion!!! Paul London and The Black Diamond, Shelton Benjamin!!! What a match that’ll be!!!

Joey Styles: Two of the finest athletes in ALL the WWE, two proud champions, and one will get a great boost in momentum a mere forty eight hours away from big challenges at Wembley Stadium.

Jim Ross: It’s the final stop before the biggest Summerslam of all time, as Cardiff hosts Friday N-


The commentators are cut off, as attention shifts to the titan tron … and it’s heat from the fans … as we see THE Brian Kendrick.

The Brian Kendrick: What’s up, people?? How pumped are YOU for Summerslam this Sunday!!?? Every single title belt in the WWE is gonna be at stake, all the biggest name- WHOA … that’s right … all the titles in this company are being defended at Summer slam … except … one.

Kendrick holds up his title belt.

The Brian Kendrick: Mine.

Mixed response.

The Brian Kendrick: Seems a little unfair to me. Especially since I just beat Paul London three nights ago on Smackdown!!!


The Brian Kendrick: Yet, I’m not defending my title. I’m not challenging for someone elses … I’m not on the show!!!

Ironic cheers.

The Brian Kendrick: Imagine that. THE Brian Kendrick not being part of THE biggest event of the Summer … THE biggest event this year … THE biggest Summerslam EVER!!! Now, now … settle down, people. It’s okay, the show - as hard as this will be to believe - the show WILL survive without me … but it simply wont be the same.

Kendrick raises his hands, as if to try and settle the fans … but they’re pretty quiet.

The Brian Kendrick: Save yourself the time. Don’t worry about starting a petition, or a mass walk out - I can see some of you leavin - please don’t. Because it’s not Eric Bischoffs fault that I’m not on the show, it’s not the McMahon Family that should be held to blame … it’s not even the fault of you - the fans…


The Brian Kendrick: The rest of the cruiserweight division is what’s to blame. Since WrestleMania I’ve been carrying the division single handedly. And let’s face it, I’m the lone bright spot of a rotten division. I’m the only guy with a touch of class, with a sprinkle of star quality, and the only one that any of you want to see. THAT is why I’m not competing at Summerslam!!

More heat for the big headed champion.

The Brian Kendrick: So don’t blame yourselves, don’t blame the bigwigs … blame the likes of Kid Kash, Super Crazy and Jamie Noble. It’s because of them, that you wont see me at Summerslam. No one wants to see THE Brian Kendrick wasting time with a country hick, or a guy that cant speak a lick of English, or a guy who lives in a damn trailer!!!


The Brian Kendrick: Blame the boring, rancid Cruiserweights for the lack of Kendrick at Summerslam. Oh, but if any of you are intending to start a petition for me, how about starting one to get me inserted into the U.S Title match at Summerslam?? I haven’t made a big deal out of it, but I did beat Paul London on Smackdown.

Kendrick smiles, as the tron fades to black.

Joey Styles: Well … there ya have it. The Brian Kendrick, huh. What a tool.

Paul Heyman: He has every right to be upset if he doesn’t feel the cruiserweight division is on his level. Every champion in the WWE is scheduled to compete at Summerslam, except for him.

Joey Styles: It’s got nothing to do with the rest of the division, Paul. Kendrick stole a win over Jamie Noble a few weeks ago to keep the title, he’s been holding onto the belt by the skin of his teeth for months. There’s plenty of challenges, if Kendrick could get over himself, he might just realise it!!!


Suddenly, the bickering between Styles and Heyman is cut off … AS RICKY HATTON WALKS ONTO THE STAGE - TO A TREMENDOUS RESPONSE FROM THE FANS!!!!!!!

Jim Ross: AND THERE HE IS!!! The undefeated Hitman!!!

Joey Styles: Forty two and oh in the world of boxing, J.R!! They love him here!!

The Coach: Yeah, well he’s in the big bad world of the WWE now, and on Sunday, he’s gonna see the biggest and baddest of all - UMAGA!!! Hatton has a ringside seat to see the destruction of Christian!!! His stay in the WWE is gonna be a short one, and he’ll be OH AND ONE!!!

Jim Ross: We are set to hear from the man that will be in Christians corner this Sunday at Summerslam!!! What does The Hitman have to say, six days away from the hottest event of the Summer?? Find out - NEXT!!!

Commercial Break

We return, with Hatton in the ring, waving to fans, taking his time - not looking overly natural in a WWE ring, before finally beginning to speak…

Ricky Hatton: How yer all doin??

Big cheer from the raucous fans.

Ricky Hatton: Blod-dy hell!!!

Hatton smirks, shaking his head.

Ricky Hatton: Rowdy bunch, you lot arent ya!?

He chuckles again, before speaking.

Ricky Hatton: Alright, so urm, you’ll all know that I’m here to talk about bein at Summerslam, urm, this weekend at Wembley.

Big pop.

Ricky Hatton: And at Summerslam I’ll be in Christians corner, when he defends the World Title!!

Big pop again.

Ricky Hatton: I’m just bloody relieved I don’t have to fight anyone. Have yer seen the size of these guys?? They’ve urm, they’ve got bigger arms than I do legs for Christs sake … and that’s just the women!!

Laughs from the fans.

Ricky Hatton: I know there’s a lotta people out there that urm, don’t think he can win on Sunday …

Points his thumb at himself.

Ricky Hatton: But I do. What about you lot!?

Big pop from the fans. Hatton stops, taking in the crowd reaction.

Ricky Hatton: Yer know what, I’d love to have a fight over here sometime!!

Massive cheer from the fight fans in the audience.

Ricky Hatton: You lot make some bloody noise, don’t yer??

Big pop.

Ricky Hatton: I know this is a wrestling show, but urm, I want to take a second to talk about boxing. In December, I’m fighting Floyd Mayweather-


Ricky Hatton: He’s a bit of a knob head innie??

Huge pop for the expletive. On commentary, J.R quickly apologises for the outburst.

Ricky Hatton: In December, I’m gonna knock him out!!!

Hatton shows off his fist, with the fans cheering and a ‘RICKY’ chant breaks out.

Ricky Hatton: And urm, lemme give yer a laugh, right. Before he urm, fights me in December, he’s takin part in urm, that there American Strictly Come Dancin!!

Hatton laughs, as do the fans.

Ricky Hatton: Dancing with the Stars or whatever yer call it. I’ll tell yer now, in December, Floyd’s gonna be seein stars when I get me hands on ‘im.

Big pop.

Ricky Hatton: And just as sure as I am that i'll beat the shite out of Floyd, I’m just as sure that me mate Christian is gonner beat that Umaga fella this Sunday!!!

Big pop again. Again on commentary, J.R apologises for the use of expletives from Hatton.

Ricky Hatton: Listen, I’m gonna love yers and leave yers for now. I’ve said me bit, and I’ll see yer all at Wembley on Sunday. I cant wait, and I hope you lot cant ei-


The mood changes, as Armando Estrada - as ever, carrying the Money in the Bank briefcase - leads Umaga onto the stage, and we see Hatton mouthing “Fuck me” at the sight of the Samoan Bulldozer.

Joey Styles: If I were Ricky Hatton right now, I’d run for cover.

Jim Ross: We had not expected this. Umaga is not scheduled to be out here, he wasn’t supposed to be here. Christian isn’t here, neither man is due to appear until Sunday…

The Coach: But Umaga is here - and he’s about to get rid of that potty mouth Hatton!!!

Estrada steps into the ring, with Umaga by his side, giving AAE plenty to smile about, as he takes a mic from Lillian Garcia.

Ricky Hatton: Bloody hell, it’s the man from Del Monte.

The fans laugh, but it’s a joke only the local UK audience will understand. AAE doesn’t get the reference either, and ignores it.

Armando Estrada: Meester Hatton, allow me to introduce myself. My name es ARMANDOOO ALEJANDROOOOO ESSSSSSSSSS-TRADAAAAAAA!!!!!

Big heat for AAE. Hatton looks around, before responding.

Ricky Hatton: Sorry mate, I didn’t urm catch that. What’s yer name??

Cheers for Hatton, but Estrada pulls a face like he just smelt a fart.

Armando Estrada: Ha ha. Das cute. Very funny. But Hatton, I’d like now to introduce to JU the NEXT World Heavyweight Champion … THE SAAAAA-MO-AN BULLDOZERRRRRR … OOOOOOOOOOOO-MAGAAAA!!!!!

More heat, as Umaga steps forward.

Armando Estrada: And pero, I want ju to listen very carefully … TO ME!!!

Estrada takes off his sunglasses, and steps into Hattons personal space.

Armando Estrada: After listening to ju talking about ju’re big fight with Floyd Mayweather in December … and seeing how much ju’re looking forward to it … I’d like to offer ju de opportunity to step back, and WITHDRAW from Summerslam, pero.

Heat. Hatton looks away, laughing to the fans, before responding.

Ricky Hatton: You must be off yer head mate.

Big pop.

Ricky Hatton: I wouldn’t miss Summerslam for the world.

Big pop again. Estrada still smiles, and looks to speak again.

Armando Estrada: But pero, miss Summerslam, ju will. Whether it’s ju’re own choice, or ju are made to!! Ricky Hatton, ju will not be at Summerslam on Sunday … understood??

Heat, and AAE prods his finger into Hattons chest.

Armando Estrada: Right now, ju have de choice. If ju make me ask ju a third time, The Samoan Bulldozer will make de choice for ju, and trust me, pero … that will be a fate worse than death!!!

The fans don’t take kindly to the threat, and nor does Hatton.

Armando Estrada: If it comes down to that, not only will Umaga physically remove ju from Summer slam … he’ll physically remove ju from ju’re fight with Floyd Mayweather and end ju’re boxing career!!!


Armando Estrada: What’s it to be H-

Ricky Hatton: Is it just me, or is this clown doin yer heads in??

Big pop from the fans.

Ricky Hatton: Listen mate, urm, I’m startin to get really cheesed off ‘ere, and urm I’m doin me best not to smack yer in the face.

Another cheer from the fans.

Ricky Hatton: I don’t like it when people threaten me. Especially when they’re dressed like you are.

The fans cheer and laugh at the put down, whilst AAE gets riled up.

Ricky Hatton: Look at the state of yer!!

Hatton waves his hand toward the stage, instructing Estrada.

Ricky Hatton: Go on mate, do one, will yer??

The fans pop, but they are soon forced to settle … as Umaga steps forward to intimidate Hatton.

Ricky Hatton: Alright big fella?? They let yer outta the zoo for the day??

The fans cheer, as Umaga stares Hatton down, towering over the welterweight … as Estrada steps forward again.

Armando Estrada: Big mistake hombre!! Ju have disrespected me and now ju’re disrespecting Umaga!!?? Ju just signed ju’re own … DEATH WARRANT!!!

Estrada looks to take a cheap shot at Hatton - but Hatton ducks, and swings at the mouthpiece - but Estrada dives out of the ring, through the ropes … AS UMAGA CLUBS HATTON FROM BEHIND!!!!!

Jim Ross: Oh dear GAWD!!! Someone stop this!!!

The Coach: I hope Hatton has great life insurance!!! He’s about to need it!!!

Hatton stumbles into the ropes, and Umaga clubs the back, not doing anything particularly nasty, not forcing Hatton to have to sell anything, and he stomps Hatton down on the canvas, with the fans booing like mad…




Estrada bellows at Umaga, as he spots Christian coming, and Umaga turns his attention, as Christian slides into the ring, through the legs of Umaga … and runs off the ropes, AND BLASTS UMAGA WITH THE TITLE BELT!!!!!

The Bulldozer stumbles, into the ropes, and Christian backs up, running at him again - DRILLING UMAGA WITH THE BELT AGAIN … KNOCKING HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE AND ONTO THE FLOOR!!!!!


The Coach: What’s he even doing here!!!!!

Christian turns, and stops Armando dead in his tracks, with Estrada lining up a shot with the briefcase. The fans pop, as AAE stands still, now begging off … backing away from Christian … smiling … until he gets a tap on the back … FROM HATTON!!!

The Coach: LET HIM GO!!! LET HIM GO!!!

Hatton smiles, as Estrada turns around slowly. AAE begs off again, backing away from Hatton, with The Hitman looking down, clenching his fist … and Estrada backs off … but backs INTO CHRISTIAN!!!

Jim Ross: Estrada is caught between the proverbial rock in a hard place, here. I don’t like his odds!!!

Estrada stops dead, closing his eyes and probably praying … as Hatton closes in … but before he can swing at him … UMAGA TRIPS ESTRADA AND DRAGS HIM OUT OF THE RING!!!

The Coach: Thank the lord!!!

Jim Ross: Saved by the bell!!! Estrada gets to fight another day!!!

It’s ungodly heat for Umaga and Estrada, with the Bulldozer saving his handler on this occasion from a guaranteed beat down. Estrada breathes a sigh of relief, looking dishevelled, whilst Umaga appears furious, roaring his tribal tongue as the challenger and his handler exit the arena.

The Coach: Enjoy it while it lasts, Christian!!! This is your last stand!! At Summerslam, it’s over!!! It’s all over!!!


In the ring, Christian and Hatton share a few friendly words, shaking hands, pointing backward, discussing the two men they collide with at Summerslam on Sunday. They then proceed to climb opposite turnbuckles, posing to the fans, with Christian making eye contact with Umaga from the top of the stage … as Estrada, looking to fight another day, instructs Umaga to walk to the back.


Umaga - after plenty of cajoling - backs out through the curtain, leaving the arena, as the show comes to an end with Christian standing tall, along with Ricky Hatton in the middle of the ring.



Official Card for WWE SummerSlam:
Date: 19th August 2007
Location: Wembley Stadium, London, England
Event Music: Kings of Leon, Fans & The Clash, London Calling

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
World Heavyweight Champion Christian w/ Ricky ‘Hitman’ Hatton
Mr. Money in the Bank; Unbeaten & Undefeated Umaga w/ Armando Estrada

WWE Championship Match:
Randy Orton vs. Rob Van Dam

World Tag Team Championships | Tables Ladders and Chairs Match:
MNM vs. Straight Edge

WWE Tag Team Championships Match:
Americas Most Wanted vs. The Caribbean Connection

WWE Intercontinental Championship | Triple Threat Match:
Shelton Benjamin vs. Matt Hardy vs. William Regal

WWE United States Championship Match:
Paul London vs. M.V.P

Womens Championship Match:
Mickie James vs. Beth Phoenix

Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar

John Cena vs. Mr. Kennedy w/The Miz

One on One:
Edge vs. The Undertaker

Grudge Match:
Rey Mysterio vs. Kurt Angle

Special Hall Of Fame induction ceremony
~ ‘The British Bulldog’ Davey Boy Smith ~


~Match banners credit; ChainGangRed~

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Wolf Sir, I just wanted to drop a comment on how magnificent your banners for your big SummerSlam Pay-Per-View are. I might not be disposed to review your show currently, but I'll be more than glad to read through this Dream Card of sorts. I'm sure it'll live up to the expectations and raise the bar for BTBs alike.

WWWF is Coming...
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Re: Being The Booker

Opening Segment: An exciting opening to the show which accomplishes a lot. Kicks the show off with an interesting dilemma, has the reader continue to question Eric Bischoff's ability to maintain order in the WWE, and puts a spotlight on the Women's Championship Match. Good stuff. leperchaun outfit for Coach or something stupid like that!? :P

Jim Ross: Gentlemen, this is a man you’ll both know extremely well.
Line of the night.

So there's Coach's costume!

Kurt Angle, MNM & Rhyno vs. Rey Mysterio, Straight Edge & Ken Doane: Good spot for this match to open up the show. A good win for Ken Doane, a sad loss for Rhyno.

Harry Smith w/ Katie Lea & Paul Burchill vs. Cody Rhodes w/ Dustin Rhodes: More drama for the families here. Looks like there will be some interesting stuff following SummerSlam.

Triple H/Ken Kennedy Promo: Interesting stuff here, maybe Triple H vs. Ken Kennedy for WrestleMania if you are going to get that far.

Beth Phoenix Segment: Well I'm guessing the attacker will be revealed on Smackdown!, Phoenix or otherwise. Looking forward to seeing if it really was Phoenix.

British Lions Promo: Looks like things might be improving for the team. I'm just hoping something develops for them whether singles or tag team since they are great talent.

The Brotherhood w/ MVP vs. Paul London, Matt Hardy & William Regal: Well that was crazy. Haha. A big win for the faces before the match coming up this Friday and the matches coming up for SummerSlam. Still don't really have a clue who will win the Triple Threat match.

Player's Club: Loved J.R.'s commentary before and during this. Really liked Miz acting like he did something amazing last week. An entertaining read and a nice brawl at the end with Cena getting the upperhand. This played off very well and has me excited for the match.

The Caribbean Connection vs. The Master Craftsmen: Great match here, hopefully we get a rematch and it will be interesting to see how AMW vs. Caribbean Connection plays out at SummerSlam.

AMW Promo: Haha. Some good comedy here, best lines were them asking Josh Matthews who is tag team partner was for SummerSlam. Looks like AMW is going to get squashed.

Gail Kim vs. Melina w/The Entourage: Short match of no consequence, but it sets up for the aftermath. A good battle overall between the teams, though the ladder spot took away from it for me due to it taking away some of the anticipation for the TLC match with a dangerous spot already happening, but it definitely shows that these two teams are going to have an all out war. It also shows more flaws in Bischoff's ability to keep things in check.

Angels of Anarchy Video: Looking forward to the debut of these two who really deserved to make it in the WWE. Should be interesting to see how they are used.

Finlay vs. Triple H: A brutal fight which was expected. Nice to see Finlay get some solid moments of control in this match to keep him looking like Finlay. Good build up for HHH vs. Lesnar. Nice commentary after the match with the bickering and such.

Teddy Long Promo: Great promo from Teddy, sticking it to the man, as his boy Shelton Benjamin is set to dominate the WWE...I hope.

SummerSlam Build Up: Well after reading these so many times they just become indistinguishable, haha, but anyways you always do a good job a delivering with these hype promos and yay my banners!

Christian/Umaga Promo: Great promo for this match, I can't wait for this one to happen. Haven't been this excited about a heavyweight championship match since 2005 in TNA and that was in reality, haha.

Randy Orton vs. The Undertaker: Good match main event for the show with the expected, but possibly necessary finish to get more heat into this match. Should be interesting to see how/if Undertaker responds on Smackdown!

Bischoff's Promo: Nice little realistic promo here, I'm hoping we get the scheduled match though.

The Brian Kendrick Promo: Aww poor James Gibson getting heat from TBK. Anyways, decent promo here, I'm wondering what effect these statements will have in the long run.

Hatton/Armando/Umaga/Christian Segment: Great ending to the show to get some final build for the match. Can't wait to see if anyone gets a KO punch from Hatton at SummerSlam.

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Re: Being The Booker

Raw Feedback

All set to be a big show here tonight on the final Raw stop before Summerslam finally rolls round, can’t wait for it Wolfy.

Certainly wasn’t the way I expected Raw to open up but I liked it. This was so far from the norm which is what made it great, when would you ever see the WWE start off their flagship show by highlighting an ambush backstage involving the two Women’s Championship? Never is the answer. Coach’s commentary here was gold and I’ll be interested to see what you did with regards to Mickie now.

Kicking off the actual show with this one was a smart choice, it’s certainly a big time contest for a hot opener. Fast paced action to start this one off, teamwork from Straight Edge was nice on Angle, the constant tagging was a bit excessive early on but I guess it gets everyone involved. Some nice stuff from Punk and Angle here, a feud between these two somewhere further down the line could be golden. Typical fast paced chaos ensuing before the commercial break, nicely led to it there, very effective way of keeping a viewer tuned in. Ah that Shining Wizard into an Ankle lock was sweet. I liked the way you had Doane really put up a strong showing with Angle in their encounter here, bodes well for the youngster moving forward. And speaking of Doane’s future…him picking up the pin here may not mean anything but to me it does and suggests you want him to keep progressing in this thread, good job with that match as it coulda been tricky but you worked wonders with everyone involved.

Smith and Rhodes, not a whole lot to say on this one except it progressed Burchill’s recent storyline nicely and I’m sure we’ll soon see the end result in all this.

Trips was ok here, I liked the dress rehearsal line although it certainly picked up when Miz and Kennedy stepped up to play. Really enjoyed this little interaction and certainly planted the seeds, I’d love a feud between the two, it’s just how you go about it that would be tough.

Good stuff from Phoenix and Bisch here, Beth trying to cover her tracks was nice and I’m sure the truth will come out sooner or later.

Again, played up the tension well here with Burchill and Smith. Nothing too special but did the job.

Another solid tag team match here just building things up nicely for Summerslam. I would’ve liked to see MVP in the match rather than the outside but his role worked and I expect a bit more between he and London come Smackdown. Bourne and Jeff coming down to aid Matt was a nice little touch and certainly evened up the numbers game.

The Playas Club is such a great idea, Coach has the gift of the gab and executing it in something like this is smart. Coach’s opening line when Kennedy and Miz actually came out ‘before the other guy comes out’ had me laughing. Miz being his usual jackass self was expected, he suits this role to a tee. Kennedy was pretty rough with the jabs at Cena here but you captured him really well and his gripes with Cena. ‘But come Sunday at Summerslam, it’s Cena last dinner dance at the top table’, loved that line. Things picked up strong here, you really brought out the emotions of both guys brilliantly here, talking about their journeys here and their battles they’ve overcome was great, adds another element to this Sunday, makes it all the more investing for a reader. Cena getting the upper hand at the end made sense as Coach and Miz were always gonna get theirs and I liked the added touch of stamping the camera, makes you think Cena’s done with the games now and come Summerslam, it’s game time. Great segment here.

A lot of tag team action here tonight but I’m not complaining as all three, this one included thus far have been strong match ups on paper and this was exactly that. I don’t wanna comment on the match bit by bit but I will say that this was a hell of a match and a great way of showcasing Smackdown’s improving tag team division. I will say that I’m slightly disappointed with the outcome as I wanted a triple threat come Summerslam and I think that a loss here damages the Master Craftsmen, if only slightly, I think it does just a little bit as Albright in particular had been on such a roll as of late. Caribbean Connection/AMW should be a solid outing come Summerslam and I see now as Lito and Kofi’s time for the top.

Good stuff with AMW here, something a little different but not too far from what they’ve been doing in recent weeks. I liked the fact that they were actually there this week rather than lounging around in a hotel. Matthews trying to pester them I can totally imagine also.

Wow is the word I’d use to describe this next part. Couldn’t care less about Melina/Kim but of course that’s not the talking point, some brilliant stuff here from these three teams set for Summerslam, really showing off just what kind of and how dangerous a match this will be come Sunday, some brutal spots and I can only imagine what you’ve got these guys lined up with for the big one. Excellent hype job here, worked a treat for me.

Belfast Brawl was every bit as hard hitting as I expected it to be. As soon as it spilled into the crowd almost from the get go I knew it was gonna be chaotic. This one had just about everything, announce tables, trash cans, fire extinguishers lol, the works. Finlay went toe to toe with the Game throughout and the crowd certainly added to things. The ending was just sickening, really was, up until here I thought Finlay had done extremely well but this was just Trips turning it up a notch, loved it and if this is a preview of Summerslam then I can…not…wait.

Teddy Long was immense here, really was. Had me cracking up at numerous points in the interview. Calling Eric ‘Ol’ whitey’ for a start and the line about the face not fitting the regime was great. I’d love Shelton to retain at Summerslam but I can certainly see the opposite, could do Shelton the power of good though in the long run.

Great run down of the card again and nice banners too.

The two video packages for Christian and Mags were excellent, I can’t say anything other than that. You’ve done a great job lately with selling this one through videos of Umaga mainly and now tonight adding one for Christian into the mix spices it up even more.

Such a stacked show here, I’d totally forgot about this one!! Pretty standard affair when it comes to Orton and Taker, was as expected really but I don’t blame you for not going all out here as it’s just not worth it. Edge sticking his nose in was the right call and adds some much needed heat to their little feud right now, hopefully Taker responds come Smackdown, he needs too.

Nice update on Mickie and the situation there, I can’t see the match being cancelled, I expect a valiant Mickie come Wembley.

Love Kendrick, really do, you capture him perfectly and this segment did its job perfectly although the ending was a little bit meh, just sort of ended on nothing, though it certainly was good getting a dose of TBK on Monday nights. Didn’t like the fact that he just ran down the Cruiserweight division also but I’ll let it slip as it’s a real Kendrick move anyway.

Hatton was spot on here, I could picture his annoying Manc voice in my head throughout. Umaga coming out was to be expected and I loved Hatton’s opening line to him. Estrada was as per usual here, up to all his old tricks and Hatton’s line to Umaga about being let out the zoo was great. Umaga taking down Hatton was good to see and Christian was always gonna make the save. I was waiting and hoping for Hatton to knock Estrada’s lights out here but I guess you’re saving that for Summerslam which is fine by me. J.R’s commentary at the end was bang on the money I have to say.

On the whole, a superb go home show here, it really was. The in ring action was top notch, you had some really strong matches on the card and they all delivered in one way or another. Trips looked an absolute beast tonight while Christian/Mags anticipation levels rose yet again with Hatton now officially in this thing. Cena/Kennedy was what stood out for me though here and I loved that segment, really moved it up a notch or two in my book for Summerslam. I’m sure Smackdown will be just as good, looking forward to it, as of course I am for Summerslam.
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Re: Being The Booker

WWE Superstars | August 14 2007

Todd Grisham and The Coach open the show in the UK, with tonight’s episode of Superstars embracing the mixture of brands crossing over on Raw and Smackdown this week, as all four matches will see Raw take on Smackdown.

In the opening contest of the night, Elijah Burke defeats Mike Knox @ 04:16, getting his first win since going solo, finishing off the imposing looking figure of Knox with the Elijah Express.

The Entourage (without MNM or Melina) defeat Andrew Martin & Rob Conway @ 05:19 in a peculiar heel vs. heel match. The two former WWE stars are given another shot, but blow it again, as Conway succumbs to a small package from Hawkins. After the match, Test flips out on his partner, BLASTING Conway with a big boot!! He storms off, and is heard shouting as he passes the camera; “Idiot just cost me a job”.





The Miz defeated Hardcore Holly via DQ @ 03:44, in another match where the former reality TV star is completely dominated … but manages to win. Miz barely has any offence, and doesn’t even execute a proper wrestling move, but the DQ comes as Holly gets carried away with the beating he’s dishing out, refusing to stop with incessant knife edge chops in the corner. After the DQ is announced, Holly is furious with the referee, whilst The Miz stumbles up the aisle, clutching his beet red chest, escaping with his second straight win.

In the main event, The Daredevils get back on the winning trail after their bitterly disappointing loss to the Caribbean Connection last week on Smackdown, beating X-Pac and Tyson Tomko @ 10:23 when Hardy delivered the Swanton Bomb to X-Pac, picking up the 1...2...3!!!


I'll hopefully have Smackdown up by next weekend. It's still not finished, and currently, I'm WAAAYYY behind where I wanted to be in terms of Summerslam.

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Re: Being The Booker

If a Raw like that ever happened in Belfast I honestly think I'd die off lol. I marked for The Bot mention btw. Just an amazingly awesome show from top to bottom. If only WWE was really like this. You shit all over their (un)creative team by a MILLION percent, you really do. Can't wait for Summerslam. I'm looking forward to that more than I am the actual Elimination Chamber PPV lol. Simply amazing.
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Re: Being The Booker

Friday Night Smackdown Preview:

The long wait for the eagerly anticipated twentieth annual Summerslam is almost over!! Cardiff, Wales is the final stop on the road to Wembley Stadium this Sunday, and following on from an explosive Monday Night Raw, Smackdown is set to be a hotbed of emotion and intensity!!

With Smackdown main eventing Raw this past Monday, the tables will be reversed in Cardiff, as, for the first time EVER Triple H and Rey Mysterio will go one on one!! Both men will have their focus elsewhere though, with meetings at Summerslam with Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle respectively, beckon in just forty eight hours time. Will the distraction of Summerslam prove costly for one - or both - men?? And, will someone make a similar impact on this match like Edge did this past Monday on Raw during the main event??

After weeks of no sightings, The Undertaker did compete on Raw, six days away from his match with Edge at Summerslam, and Edge, perhaps taking exception to being ignored by The Deadman over recent weeks, took matters into his own hands and assaulted The Undertaker, spearing The Phenom ... before putting the exclamation on the attack with a one man con-chair-to, which put the Undertaker down and allowed WWE Champion Randy Orton to win the match. Will The Undertaker appear in Cardiff to confront Edge?? Or, will The Demon of Death Valley decide to ignore Edge once again, and instead unleash almighty hell at Summerslam??

And, fresh off his win on Raw, WWE Champion Randy Orton will be in Cardiff too ... as will Rob Van Dam. A week on from his sickening punt kick to Tommy Dreamer, Orton will be in attendance, and it has been confirmed that Orton and RVD will be face to face at some point in the evening, in the ring. Can Van Dam keep his composure with just 48 hours to wait until he gets Orton at Summerslam?? Or will the traumatic last seven days have taken their toll on a vengeful Van Dam??

In other action, a huge Champion vs Champion match has also been signed. Just two days away from big title defences at Summerslam, WWE Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin and WWE United States Champion Paul London will meet in a mouth watering contest. Can a win boost either mans momentum ... and indeed, could a defeat seriously derail either champion heading into Wembley on Sunday??


I'll post Smackdown tomorrow. Matches are very short, and really, Raw was the true 'go-home' show - this one just wraps up a few other issues before Summerslam. Not quite as bad as recent Smackdowns leading into WrestleMania the last few years, but a lot of big names WONT be part of the show. As I said, this show just highlights a few feuds, and gets a few set up nicely for Summerslam.
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Re: Being The Booker

The one thing I'm looking at closely right now is the Edge/Undertaker feud. As I explained on MSN, I thought it was a really bad move putting Orton over Taker on RAW when Edge could've benefitted from being the first man to pin Taker since his return. Hopefully on this show this feud heats up a bit more and both men come out of it looking decent heading into their match at SummerSlam, because right now Taker seems weak.

Apart from that, I don't have much else to say, really. Everything else is shaping up nicely. Just want the big show now.
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Re: Being The Booker

Friday Night Smackdown | August 17 2007 | Cardiff, Wales

No opening video or pyro airs, we open cold into the arena, straight to ringside, where Joey Styles and Paul Heyman greet the audience…

Joey Styles: Welcome one and all to Friday Night Smackdown, I am Joey Styles, joined of course by Paul Heyman, and on this frenzied lead in week to Summerslam, we are joined by J.R and The Coach from Raw (The camera momentarily shifts to the on looking J.R and Coach) but before we kick things off tonight, right before we came on the air, a rumour has began circulating regarding one Brock Lesnar.

Paul Heyman: No, no, no, Joey Styles. This is not a rumour. This is not hearsay, and it’s not speculation. Brock Lesnar - AS WE SPEAK - is about to land in Cardiff direct from Australia. Unlike you, Joey, or J.R or Coach, I don’t just have a “source”, or a so-called “eye-witness” … (pulls out his phone, showing it to the camera) … I got the “scoop” straight from the horses mouth. Ten hours ago, I awoke to a text message from Brock Lesnar himself which read; “Checked myself out of hospital. About to board flight to Cardiff. See you later.” He’s on his way, Joey. Brock Lesnar is gonna be here tonight.

Joey Styles: Incredible news, Paul. Brock Lesnar wasn’t expected to arrive in the UK until tomorrow afternoon, but The Iron Man sounds hell bent on confronting The Game before Summerslam. And Triple H IS here too, lets not forget. He’s in the main event tonight against Rey Mysterio.

Paul Heyman: Triple H’s night just got a whole lot more complicated if you ask me.


Edge sprints onto the stage, eliciting a strong heel response from the Welsh fans.

Joey Styles: We are less than forty eight hours away from the biggest Summerslam of all time, when ninety thousand fans will descend upon Wembley Stadium in London, and this man - EDGE - will be part of the spectacle, as he takes on The Deadman, The Undertaker!!

Paul Heyman: And four nights ago on Raw, Edge made a helluva statement when he cost The Undertaker his match against Randy Orton!!

Joey Styles: Edge didn’t like the fact that The Undertaker didn’t show him the courtesy of meeting him face to face for the past month since agreeing to meet him at Summerslam, and on Monday he decided to do something about it - but will Edge regret that shocking Con-Chair-to in forty eight hours time?? We are set to hear just what Edge has to say in a second, but ladies and gentlemen, as I mentioned a few moments ago, tonight, we are joined by our colleagues from Raw. Jim Ross, and The Coach.

Jim Ross: Thank you, Joey, and tonight, on the final stop to Wembley Stadium Raw main events Smackdown!! The Game, Triple H, who meets Brock Lesnar in a Streetfight on Sunday will go one on one with the man that takes on Kurt Angle at Summer slam - none other than Rey Mysterio!!! What could be going through The Games mind, as he gets the news that Brock Lesnar is set to land in Cardiff at any minute!!??

The Coach: He wont be worried, if that’s what you mean. Don’t forget, Lesnar is still hurt from two weeks ago. Looking forward to Triple H taking on Mysterio, but that’s not all!! Tonight, Shelton Benjamin makes a rare appearance on Smackdown to show your so called Golden Boy how it’s done!!! The Intercontinental Champion takes on the United States Champion - TONIGHT!!!

Joey Styles: And in addition to that, Nick Nemeth - who has been crying out for competition since his debut on Smackdown - has issued an open challenge to any superstar from Raw!! Who will answer the challenge tonight??

Edge reaches the ring, and is handed a mic, running his fingers through his hair, before waiting for the fans and the music to die down.

Edge: What?? Are- Are you people… what?? You people aren’t surprised, are you??

Shit eating grin eats up Edges face.

Edge: Surely not. You couldn’t possibly be surprised that I smashed The Undertaker with a one man con-chair-to on Raw this past Monday?? Wh- What?? You didn’t … expect me to do it??


Edge: No, no … of course you did. You all had to expect that. If you didn’t- If you didn’t think I’d take the opportunity that was presented to me on Raw … then you’re just as dumb as The Undertaker.

Vociferous heat for the Rated ‘R’ Superstar.

Edge: Just because that chump stain thinks I’m not worthy of his time, he obviously thought it’d be okay to render me an afterthought until Summerslam.

Edge shakes his head, but grins.

Edge: Ya think that “incident” on Raw served as a wake up call??

More heat for his cocky demeanour.

Edge: For the past month, I’ve been completely ignored by the almighty Undertaker, ever since he casually accepted my challenge to him to face me at Summerslam. No eerie videos, no tricks with the lights … no mind games whatsoever.

Edge pauses, scratching his head.

Edge: Now- Now last week?? Yeah, I speculated that maybe it was all some … some kinda ploy, some kinda reverse mind games from the Deadman … but I’m not buying that. No. What I think?? I think the Deadman dismissed me. ME!!?? DISMISS- DISMISS ME!!!???

Now with a scowl, Edge shakes his head.

Edge: Like I don’t matter?? You don’t show up on Smackdown for a month to show your Summerslam opponent a measure of respect … yet you can make the time to turn up on Raw four nights ago to face Randy Orton?? I don’t care that you’ve been around for near twenty years. I don’t care what you have done, and what you can do … you DON’T … DISMISS … MEEEE!!!!


Edge: Well let me ask you this, Deadman … after I crushed your skull on Monday … do I matter now??

A evil grin is etched on Edges face as he stares down the camera.

Edge: Have … Have I got your attention now?? Am I finally worthy of your time, Deadman??


The arena is in pitch darkness, and the fans go nuts, knowing what should be coming next. The arena remains in pure darkness, as the booming voice of the Deadman fills the arena.

The Undertaker: Edge … they say a dog that barks all the time gets little attention … but then again … sometimes … all it takes to shut that mutt up … is a firm master …

Momentarily, the arena remains dark …

… but as the lights return …


Edge’s eyes bug out, and he desperately tries to free himself from the clutches of the Deadman … and kicks him in the gut, DIVING out of the ring, through the middle rope, escaping the wrath of the Phenom!!!

Undertaker stands in the ring, boiling over in rage, as Edge backs away, clutching at his throat, selling the near-death experience, and has a look of fear in his eyes, having finally realised he’s definitely got the attention of The Undertaker … but has he just realised he didn’t want it after all??

In the ring, The Deadman continues to look furious, as his music begins to fill the arena.

Joey Styles: Edge JUST escapes the wrath of the Deadman!! Able to run tonight, Edge wont have that liberty on Sunday!! He’ll have to answer to The Undertaker like a man at Summerslam, and if the idea was to infuriate The Undertaker … it looks like Edge succeeded!!!

Jim Ross: Hell hath no fury like the Deadman scorned!!! Will Edge live to regret the day he raised the ire of the Demon of Death Valley!?

Paul Heyman: Edge should’ve just let it go. He made a statement on Raw … but looking at the fury on The Undertakers face, I think he made a helluva mistake!!! Edge’s task this Sunday just got a whole lot bigger. He’s got the Deadman angry.

Edge backs up the ramp, running his fingers through his hair continuously, looking concerned, whilst The Deadman rolls his eyes back, looking to intimidate The Rated ‘R’ Superstar, just forty eight hours away from Summerslam…

Commercial Break




Back into the arena, where the fans cheer the moment…

Joey Styles: And tomorrow night at the Summerslam ball, The British Bulldog, Davey Boy Smith will join the illustrious list of legends that adorn the WWE Hall of Fame. To be inducted by the man he met on that famous night fifteen years ago, Bret Hart, and accepted on his behalf by his son Harry, the late, great, British Bulldog is hall of fame bound, and how fitting it will be to do it on the twentieth annual Summerslam weekend, from his own backyard.

Paul Heyman: Just goes to show how important this Summerslam is, Joey. The Hall of Fame is always reserved for WrestleMania weekend. This year?? Summerslam is on a PAR with the showcase of the immortals.

Joey Styles: Indeed it is. The biggest Summerslam of all time, Paul. For the last six weeks, we’ve relived classic moments throughout Summerslam history … but on Sunday, the superstars of today will look to etch their own Summerslam moment that will live on forever!!


The music of The Brotherhood leads Shelton Benjamin to make his arrival for the champion vs. champion showdown.

The Coach: And this man, this Diamond, will be one of them, Styles!!! Forget Willy Regal reliving history and walking out of a Wembley Summerslam with the Intercontinental title. Forget Matt Hardy finally capturing the belt from this mans waist. Shelton Benjamin is gonna STICK IT to the man!!! He’s walking out of Cardiff tonight proving he’s the most gifted athlete on the roster, and he’s walking out of Summerslam proving he’s untouchable as Intercontinental Champ!!!

Jim Ross: That remains to be seen, Coach. Shelton Benjamin is certainly at a disadvantage this Sunday, but he has himself to blame for that. He failed to see off Matt Hardy, William Regal earned his shot. Eric Bischoff made the right call in making the triple threat match this Sunday if you ask me.

The Coach: I aint askin you, old timer. There’s a conspiracy goin on, and you know it. Two days away from Summerslam, and where are Regal and Hardy?? They’re already in London, doing autograph sessions, public appearances and getting ready for Sunday. Shelton Benjamin?? He’s in action against a top class opponent. There’s an agenda, and it’s against The Black Diamond!!

Benjamin, with Theodore Long by his side, warms up in the ring, as he awaits his opponent.


And, as ever, Paul London - the United States Champion - is greeted with overwhelming cheers, as we gear up for a huge showdown.

Joey Styles: Is time running out for Paul London as United States Champion?? This Sunday, he is challenged by MVP, and over the last couple of weeks, The Golden Boy has begun to show signs of fatigue and tiredness, with Montel Vontavious Porter believing that the time to strike is NOW.

Paul Heyman: And if you ask me, he’s absolutely right. London looks slower and more sluggish than I’ve ever seen him. No doubt about it, the champ is vulnerable.

Joey Styles: And with less than forty eight hours until that crucial title match this Sunday, this match is the last thing London needs right now.

Paul Heyman: But, the kid is too damn stubborn to see it that way. He always wants to compete, but his flame is close to burning out, he’s burned out.

‘Intercontinental Champion’ Shelton Benjamin w/Theodore Long vs. ‘United States Champion’ Paul London
As you’d expect, it’s fast paced, high energy action from both men, with London and Benjamin evenly matched up. The Golden Boy is slowed up by the presence of Theodore Long at ringside, wary of the meddling Brotherhood mouthpiece, but manages to get the better of Benjamin in the early going regardless. There is a plethora of near falls from pinning combinations, with the two champions trading reversals, before they engage in a stand off - met with cheers and applause from the fans for the fast paced array of near falls. Benjamin then scores with a cheap shot, and rushes at London toward the ropes, but is dumped out of the ring by the United States Champion. The Golden Boy looks set to follow that up with a dive to the outside, but as he runs to the ropes … he stops … seeing MVP on the top of the ramp, and it throws London off … as we cut to a commercial.

Commercial Break

And the show returns with Benjamin in control, with highlights airing of during the commercial, where the presence of MVP allowed Benjamin to attack London and take the advantage. Benjamin slows the pace down with an extended beat down on his fellow champion, as MVP now joins commentary, protesting his innocence, claming he didn’t do anything to distract London, and was simply out here to get a look at his opponent at Summerslam. In the ring, London eventually makes a comeback, upping the pace, exciting the fans, and bamboozling Benjamin. The Golden Boy scores a number of quick near falls during the comeback, before Shelton is able to stop it with a Dragon Whip!!! From there, Benjamin looks to take over again, but is unable to finish off his tenacious opponent. The Black Diamond then looks to end it all, stalking a tired looking London for PAYDIRT … BUT LONDON AVOIDS IT!!

London managed to duck Benjamin again, before letting go with a series of deep arm drags, eventually putting the Black Diamond down with a TORNADO DDT!!! London then looks to climb the turnbuckles, and go for the 450 Splash … BUT THEODORE LONG GETS INVOLVED!!! Long grabs the leg of London, forcing the United States Champion to try and kick him away, eventually doing so … but the referees attention is turned by the incident, and while he focuses on Long on the outside … MVP RUSHES ONTO THE APRON, SHOVING LONDON OFF THE TOP INTO THE RING!!!!! Porter quickly hops back off the apron, and climbs over the barrier, not even bothering to wait and see what his actions will lead to … as Shelton drags himself back up, waiting for London to recover, and as he does … BENJAMIN STRIKES WITH PAYDIRT!!!!! The Black Diamond covers, 1...2...3!!!!!
Winner: Shelton Benjamin @ 11:27

Benjamin moves on to Summerslam with a big win, but it’s ANOTHER loss for the struggling Paul London, and two weeks in a row, it’s down to interference from MVP - the man with his eyes on the United States title at Summerslam.

The Coach: Get a good look, boys!!! This is what you’ll be seeing in two days time!!! Shelton Benjamin standing tall in victory, and Paul London counting the cost of defeat!!!

Jim Ross: C’mon Coach, it was down to MVP - it was down to ‘ol Teddy Long!!! Paul London looked set to finish this thing off until those two got themselves involved!!! This proved nothing!!!

The Coach: It proved that Shelton Benjamin is better than Paul London!!!
Benjamin holds his title belt aloft in the ring, as Long joins him, raising Benjamins hand in victory, enjoying the moment, looking pleased with The Black Diamonds win over The Golden Boy tonight.

Joey Styles: I’m not so sure about that, Coach. As J.R said, it was all down to the blatant interference from Theodore Long and MVP!! Remember, there’ll be no ringside presence to help Benjamin on Sunday. The Brotherhood - specifically Theodore Long - will be BANNED from ringside.

The Coach: Aww shut up, the pair of ya!!! Accept the greatness that is Shelton Benjamin!!!

With Theodore Long championing his Black Diamond all the way up the ramp, Benjamin nods, agreeing with his mentors words of encouragement, looking confident ahead of Summerslam this Sunday.

Jim Ross: There’s no doubting that Benjamin is a special talent, but he could well leave Wembley on Sunday minus the Intercontinental title. Triple Threat rules at Summerslam; it’s Benjamin, Matt Hardy, and Englands own William Regal!!!

Paul Heyman: And not for nothing, gentlemen, but BOTH titles are in serious jeopardy on Sunday. London is off the boil right now, he’s tired, and MVP looks like he’s got the champ worked out. With Shelton Benjamin involved in a tricky triple threat on Sunday, tonight might just be the last time EITHER man holds their title belts.

London sits up in the ring, looking around at the fans - concerned - as he loses a second straight television singles match, all due to MVP again.

Joey Styles: Still to come on Smackdown tonight from Cardiff - just TWO nights away from the biggest Summerslam of all time - Nick Nemeth has issued an open challenge to any superstar from Monday Night Raw as he continues to look for a step up in class of competition.

Jim Ross: And, Joey, don’t forget tonight’s main event!! Raw will headline Smackdown, as Triple H and Rey Mysterio lock horns for the first time - EVER!!! In two nights, they take on Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle respectively, but tonight, it’s The Game and the Master of the 619, one on one!!!

Joey Styles: And as you mention Brock Lesnar, if you missed it, ladies and gentlemen, the Iron Man is ON HIS WAY HERE!!! As far as our sources-

Paul Heyman: Sources??

Joey Styles: Paul Heyman has it from Brock Lesnar himself. The Iron Man has landed in Cardiff, and he is on his way to the arena as we speak!!! Lesnar will surely be out for blood, forty eight hours away from THE WrestleMania rematch at Summerslam!!

Paul Heyman: It could all kick off tonight, Joey. Things could get crazy when Lesnar arrives - especially if he gets his hands on The Game!!

Joey Styles: Indeed it could, but Paul, that’s still to come … up next though, Carlito and Kofi Kingston - the two men who punched their tickets to Wembley Stadium at the expense of The Master Craftsmen this past Monday, will have one final preparation match ahead of their title shot on Sunday. They take on the recent additions to Monday Night Raw; Deuce and Domino.

Commercial Break

The show returns with Deuce and Domino already in the ring, awaiting the arrival of the Caribbean Connection.


Full of energy, Carlito and Kingston make their way down the ramp, slapping hands with fans, looking happy, knowing they have their well earned title shot at Summerslam.

Joey Styles: For the last six weeks, Americas Most Wanted have enjoyed a lazy, summer vacation. But on Sunday, that summer holiday comes to a sudden halt. They’ll defend the WWE Tag Team Championships against these two men, who have risen through a gruelling eight team tournament over here on Smackdown in their absence!!

Paul Heyman: And, Joey, we have saw Harris and Storm go completely off the rails during that vacation. Almost always inebriated, snacking on fast food, not caring about the tournament that has sparked new life into the tag team division on Smackdown. They’re in for a big shock on Sunday. It could be embarrassing for once proud champions.

Joey Styles: It certainly could be. But later on tonight, our broadcast colleague Josh Mathews will conduct an interview with both teams, ahead of that title match at Summerslam. That’s right, AMW will be here in Cardiff, tonight!!

Match 2:
Deuce and Domino vs. The Caribbean Connection
Formula tag action, which is pretty much by the numbers, with Carlito and Kofi barely getting out of second gear, saving themselves for Summerslam it seems. Deuce and Domino enjoy a period of dominance during the short match, but Carlito makes a hot tag to Kingston, and the #1 Contenders quickly show why they were the best of the eight chosen tandems, going through the gears, and proving that they are far superior to Deuce and Domino, with Kofi nailing Domino with the Trouble in Paradise to secure the 1...2...3!!!
Winners: The Caribbean Connection @ 04:39

Joey Styles: Kofi Kingston and Carlito are ROLLING into Summmerslam!!! The Caribbean Connection are for real, Paul!!! This is a team that AMW would struggle to contain at their best!!!

Paul Heyman: And it’s pretty obvious to me, Joey, that AMW wont be at their best at Summerslam. Overweight, and overconfident. Americas Most Wanted have no idea what’s in store in forty eight hours time!!!

Joey Styles: But they soon will!!! Later tonight, Josh Mathews will interview both teams, as we get set for Summerslam!!!

Jim Ross: There is no doubt that the Smackdown tag team division is resurgent at the moment, folks, The Caribbean Connection have obviously played a huge part in that, but the tag team division on Raw has never been stronger than it is right now. Indeed, between MNM and Straight Edge, it has escalated to the point where Raw simply isn’t big enough for the pair of them … and as a result, on Sunday at Summerslam, one team will be banished from Raw - for good.

The Coach: Tables, Ladders and Chairs for the World Tag Team Championships. TLC is synonymous with the likes of Edge and Christian and the Hardy Boys, and this coming Sunday, MNM and Straight Edge will look to follow in those footsteps, and put on a spectacle that will never be forgotten - all for one thing - to be recognised at the undisputed tag team champions on Raw.

Jim Ross: And, as you said Coach, those four men have a hell of a reputation to live up to. It’s only the SEVENTH Tables, Ladders and Chairs match in history, but it might just be the most important. Right here, we‘re about to take a look at what you can expect in just forty eight hours time…

Back in the arena, the fans - having just watched the video, cheer, getting pumped for the next instalment of such a famous match.

Joey Styles: I cannot wait for that one, J.R. And by the sounds of it, neither can these fans in Cardiff. The Road to Summerslam, it almost complete!!

Jim Ross: But on this final stop, there is still one huge main event to come tonight, and it’s courtesy of Raw!!! Triple H, The Game, meets Rey Mysterio on Smackdown - LATER TONIGHT!!!

Joey Styles: But what must be going through the mind of Triple H right now?? He thought Brock Lesnar wouldn’t be around until Sunday. He sure as hell didn’t expect Brock Lesnar to be on his way to this arena as we speak!!

Jim Ross: The Game thought he’d only have to worry about Lesnar at Summerslam, but as we heard from none other than Paul Heyman, things have changed. Lesnar will be HERE tonight!!!

The Coach: I wont believe it until I see it, gentlemen. After the number Triple H did on Lesnar two weeks ago, Lesnar shouldn’t be anywhere near this place!!! Let’s not forget, even if he does show up, he’s not at his peak condition. He’s still hurt!!

Joey Styles: Well, we will see just what condition Lesnar is in when he arrives. And I believe that arrival is imminent. Also to come tonight though, Randy Orton and Rob Van Dam, less than forty eight hours before their grudge match for the WWE Title, come face to face, just seven days after Orton punted Tommy Dreamer, subjecting Van Dams friend to a hospital bed in Johannesburg. Can RVD keep his composure just forty eight hours away from the highly anticipated showdown at Wembley?? Or will Summerslam come early when those two come face to face tonight??

Commercial Break


Lots of clips of excited fans, buying tickets for Summerslam, showing them to a camera airs, as the chords of ‘Fans’ by Kings of Leon plays in the background, before the following words fill the screen.


Flashing shots of a deranged Umaga, a jubilant Paul London and an intense Kurt Angle appear on the screen.

… ON AUGUST 19 …

Cut to Randy Orton posing, John Cena running down the aisle, and Edge tearing at his hair in despair.


Zooming shot of the newly built Wembley Stadium.


Explosion of fast and furious finishers; Rey Mysterio with a 619, Lesnar with an F5, RVD soaring, Straight Edge hitting a double shining wizard and Shelton Benjamin nailing Paydirt.

‘London Calling’ by The Clash takes over now, as the next series of big screen filling words begins.


Shots of fans from Summerslam 1992, before a shot of the new look Wembley.


Shots of Triple H, Lesnar, Orton, RVD, Christian, Umaga, Kennedy and Cena.


Cut to Umaga standing over Christian, then Lesnar and Triple H face to face.


Clips of MNM & Straight Edge; in action against one another, spliced with shots from previous TLC matches, and other random shots of both teams using chairs in the past, and MNM putting Booker T through a table last December.


Clips of The Undertaker walking toward the ring; cut to the Deadman chokeslamming JBL into the grave last month, then to Edge spearing the mannequin last week.


Orton punting RVD at WrestleMania, then the Hangmans DDT at Judgment Day … before RVD smashes Orton with the Van Terminator in Japan.


Kurt Angle attacking Rey Mysterio in Mexico; applying an American flag to the face of the proud Rey in his spiritual home … then cut to Mr. Kennedy and The Miz bloodying Cena that very same week with the video camera.


Shots of Christian getting owned by Umaga over the previous weeks, then the soundbite;

“In my corner on August 19 at Summerslam … will be … RICKY … HATTON!!!”


Stock footage of Hatton at his best, with vicious knockouts, and raising his title belts aloft, sat on the shoulders of his trainers.


Big collection of showdowns; RVD & Orton, Kennedy & Cena, Triple H & Lesnar …


Then flashing shots of Umaga … and Christian … before darkness.



The show returns, backstage, to Josh Mathews who is standing by with Triple H.

Josh Mathews: Triple H, tonight marks the second of your three matches this week when you take on Rey Mysterio later this evening. On the back of what you did to Brock Lesnar on Smackdown two weeks ago and Finlay this past Monday in his own hometown of Belfast, will you look to use Rey Mysterio tonight to send a further message to the Iron Man ahead of your Streetfight this Sunday at Summerslam?? And, further to that, I’m sure you’ve heard the rumours. According to Paul Heyman, Brock Lesnar IS in Cardiff, and on his way HERE to confront you tonight.

Triple H smirks.

Triple H: Y’know, this must be Mysterios lucky day. Because as soon as Eric Bischoff heard that Brock Lesnar was in Cardiff, he told me I didn’t have to compete in tonights main event, provided I found myself a substitute to compete against Rey Mysterio.


Triple H: Ordinarily, I’d tell Bischoff to shove his offer, and I’d still go out there and do to Mysterio exactly what I did to Finlay and Lesnar … but seeing as Summerslam is just forty eight hours away, and I’ve got a slight … twinge on my hamstring … I think it’d be best if I sat this one out.

Heat from the fans again, smelling bullshit.

Josh Mathews: Well, Triple H, many people upon hearing that will perhaps be sceptical. Thinking that you’re simply stepping out of the main event tonight due to the impending arrival of Bro-

The Game puts his hand over the mic, stopping Josh. The interviewer gulps, almost expecting to get his ass kicked.

Triple H: I’m not concerned about Lesnar. I don’t care that Lesnar is in Cardiff … don’t you remember what happened the last time he was in a ring with me?? And besides … (smirks) … I hear that Mister Lesnar has run into some difficulties at immigration control at the airport.

Heat again, as Triple H shows a knowing grin.

Triple H: I think it’s safe to say that Brock Lesnar wont be gracing us with his presence tonight.

Mathews nods slowly, looking suspicious while the fans continue to boo in the background, before Josh speaks again.

Josh Mathews: Well … with that said … have you found a suitable replacement to take your place in tonight’s main event??

Triple H shakes his head, unconcerned.

Triple H: Not yet, Josh. But I have just th-

HHH looks off camera for a second.

Triple H: Get outta my face, Josh. Hey- Hey, Test!!

The Game brushes by Mathews, and we see Test off in the distance, with Triple H catching up to him.

Triple H: Just the guy I was lookin for.

Test doesn’t look impressed.

Triple H: Look, I watched Superstars the other night, and saw what happened with you and Conway. I know you struck up a team with him to try and get a contract, but let’s face it big guy, he was holding you back. You want to keep walkin around here as a guest for the rest of this world tour, or do you really want a contract??

Test gives a look like “obviously”.

Triple H: Yeah?? You of all people should know my contacts. I can have people draw up a watertight contract by the end of tonights show … provided you can do me a favour.

Test ponders it, not keen on helping out the man that stole his girlfriend eight years ago … but knows Triple H is the one guy that can make it happen for him.

Test: Yeah … deal.

The Game smirks, and patronisingly pats the big man on the back.

Triple H: Right answer.

Triple H walks off, leaving Test to ponder, not impressed, as we fade out.

And back to ringside, where we see Paul Heyman with his head down, texting on his cell phone…

Joey Styles: Andrew ‘Test’ Martin has just sold his soul for a contract. He’s quite possibly the last guy that would want to help The Game, but his desperation for a job in the WWE outweighed his hatred. Triple H is out of tonight’s main event, and Test is in!! But, Paul, can you shed any light on Triple H’s claim that Brock Lesnar is being held up at Cardiff International Airport.

Heyman looks up from his phone.

Paul Heyman: Erm, well, something isn’t right. I cant get hold of Brock at all.

Jim Ross: Well gentlemen, knowing The Game like I do, if he says Lesnar has been held up at the airport … you can bet your ass he has had something to do with it.

Joey Styles: He’s called the cerebral assassin for a reason, as you say, J.R.

The Coach: He’s always got a plan, guys. And you can be sure he’ll have a plan come Sunday for Lesnar in the WrestleMania rematch.


Garrison Cade steps onto the stage, greeted with heat - as you’d expect - but doesn’t rise to it, and continues down the aisle.

Joey Styles: And last weekend, it was announced on that prior to Summerslam airing on Pay Per View, a twenty man battle royal to commemorate twenty years of Summerslam would take place, featuring ten superstars from Raw and ten from Smackdown - including this man, Garrison Cade - who has made quite the impact since his return to Smackdown two weeks ago.

Jim Ross: A hoss if ever there was one, Joey. This kid Garrison Cade honed his skills under the wing of Shawn Michaels, but now, after watching him these past couple of weeks, he looks ready to break out on his own.

Joey Styles: Well, Cade wont have it all his own way this Sunday. He’s one of the favourites, but in that match also will be none other than Batista!! Cade has targeted The Animal since his return to Friday Nights, and on Sunday, you can bet those two will collide at some point during that Battle Royal.


Yeah, Hardcore Holly on Smackdown. Predict the outcome.

Joey Styles: And this man too, Hardcore Holly, will be one of the ten Smackdown superstars competing.

The Coach: Enough about the guys from Smackdown. Talking about the big guys on your show like Cade and Batista. How about Mark Henry from Raw!! How do you think they’ll eliminate him?? He’ll chuck both those guys out at the same time!! Cody Rhodes, Rhyno, that little punk Ken Doane, and Britain’s own Burchill - and that just half of our guys!!!

Jim Ross: Well, it’ll be exclusive to, prior to Summerslam going on the air, but in just a moment, Cade will be tested by the tough as nails veteran!!

Joey Styles: It’s Cade and Hardcore Holly - NEXT!!

Commercial Break

Match 3:
Garrison Cade vs. Hardcore Holly
Short, hard hitting affair that’s joined in progress. Not a squash as such, with Holly fighting hard, but is simply not good enough to overpower Cade. Soon, ‘The Lone Star’ is in total control, and dominates the veteran. Holly shows some grit to survive for a period, kicking out of some powerful offence … but the end is nigh, as Cade hauls the journeyman to his feet … delivering the HEART PUNCH!!! Cade covers, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Garrison Cade @ 04:00

Cade has his hand raised, and proclaims that this is ‘just the start’ …


Joey Styles: IT’S BATISTA!!!


Batista charges down the aisle, sliding into the ring, and Cade is on him, stomping the Animal down, hammering his back … but The Animal fights to his feet, tackling the big man into the corner and letting go with shoulders to the gut, but Cade fights back, clubbing the back of Batista, fighting out of the corner - and the two men trade blows back and forth in the middle of the ring!!!

Jim Ross: Two big, bad bulls beating the holy hell outta each other!!!

Joey Styles: Something’s gotta give here!!!

The two continue to trade blows, with neither man backing down … when we see X-PAC AND TYSON TOMKO HIT THE RING!!! Two of the other competitors in the Battle Royal on Sunday attack Cade and Batista, ending the brawl … as Chris Masters is now seen joining in the action, making a beeline for Batista - playing off their own history, as he and X-Pac take it to The Animal, whilst Tomko battles Cade … just as JEFF HARDY joins the scene … with BURCHILL not far behind him!!!

The Coach: This ring is getting crowded now, aint it boys!!??

It’s chaos in the ring, as a plethora of the superstars involved in Sundays pre-show battle royal duke it out … as Batista starts to fight back, chucking X-Pac over the top rope - and DRILLS Masters with a spine buster!!!

Jim Ross: The spine on the pine!!!

Joey Styles: Good night Masterpiece!!!

Paul Heyman: Oh - AND LOOK AT THIS!!!

Elsewhere, Hardcore Holly is back up, and he drags Cade out through the bottom rope, taking it to his opponent moments ago, whilst Hardy and Tomko tumble out of the ring with each other. They join in the battle with Cade and Holly, fighting up the ramp … leaving just Batista and Burchill … as Masters rolls out.

Jim Ross: I think business has just picked up!!

Joey Styles: Oh boy, this could be a war right here!!!

The two big guys stand toe to toe, with the anticipation rising, expecting a brawl between the two … but instead, both Batista and Burchill nod at one another, as if to say “We‘ll see on Sunday” … as the picture cuts away.

Commercial Break

And we return, straight backstage to Kristal Marshall, standing outside Eric Bischoffs office…

Kristal Marshall: Hi guys, I’m here outside Eric Bischoff’s office, and I’m about to try and get his thoughts, two days away from the biggest Summerslam of all time - an event in which he has been instrumental in putting to-

The office door opens, with THE MASTER CRAFTSMEN; Charlie Haas and the 2007 King of the Ring Brent Albright exiting, with Kristal looking surprised.

Kristal Marshall: And … just leaving Mister Bischoffs office are the Master Craftsmen. Guys, while you’re here, it has been reported that you have both turned down the invitation to compete in the Twenty man, over the top rope Battle Royal this Sunday on the Summerslam pre-show. Why is that??

Haas and Albright glance at each other first.

Brent Albright: I’m the 2007 King of the Ring, Kristal. I held the United States title for seven months. Charlie is a former tag team and United States champion. We don’t do meaningless Battle Royals. We don’t concern ourselves with a match that “boasts” the likes of Scotty Too Hotty and Hardcore Holly as it’s competitors.

Charlie Haas: As far as Brent and I are concerned, if we aren’t part of the main show … if we aren’t on the marquee … we don’t want to be given the backhanded compliment of having the opportunity to compete for the sake of competing, in a match which offers no reward. We wanted to be walking out of Summerslam as the WWE Tag Team Champions … but we lost on Raw, and we cant have any complaints.

Brent Albright: To beat us?? You’ve got to perform at the absolute apex of your abilities. Credit to Carlito and Kingston. That’s what they did on Raw. Never again will you see those two pull off as stunning a performance as that - they’ll never have to compete at that level again.

Kristal cuts in, looking perplexed.

Kristal Marshall: But guys, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity on Sunday. You might never get to compete at Wembley Stadium ever again in your career. There might not be a big prize on offer … but the twenty man battle royal would give you a chance to be a part of the biggest Summerslam of all time.

Haas shakes his head.

Charlie Haas: But we will, Kristal. We will be a part of Summerslam. We’ve just had a very interesting meeting with Eric Bischoff, and you will see us this Sunday at Summerslam.

Kristal raises her eyebrows, looking interested.

Kristal Marshall: We will?? Can you shed some light on what you-

Brent Albright: All in good time, princess. All in good time.

Albright rubs Kristals cheek, smirking at her, leaving the interviewer a little disgusted, wiping her cheek.

Charlie Haas: Oh, and by the way, Bischoff says he doesn’t want to be disturbed.

Haas and Albright leave, with Kristal looking a little disappointed, as we fade out.

Back to ringside…

Joey Styles: Well, I don’t know what that’s all about. The Master Craftsmen will be part of Summerslam?? In what capacity??

Paul Heyman: As the Ace of Spades just said, Joey, “All in good time”.

Joey Styles: All in good time, maybe, but coming up in just a moment, Rob Van Dam and Randy Orton will be face to face in that very ring!! Forty eight hours before they meet in the ultimate grudge match for the WWE Championship, RVD and Orton will have one final meeting.

Jim Ross: I cannot see this ending well, gentlemen. After what happened last week on Smackdown, emotions will be running high for sure. Can RVD keep calm, with just two days to wait until he can get his hands on Orton - finally!!??

Joey Styles: It all escalated this day last week in Johannesburg …

Main Event:
Rob Van Dam vs. Garrison Cade
Cade reaches down, dragging RVD back to his feet … and looks to be setting up for the dreaded HEART PUNCH!!! Cade positions Van Dam … then winds up … BUT VAN DAM BREAKS FREE!!! Van Dam frees his left hand, and fights Cade off, trying to go toe to toe with Cade, only for Cade to stop the momentum with a knee to the gut. Cade then runs off the ropes, rushing back at Van Dam … but RVD backs up, and drops the ropes, with the big Texan tumbling over the top, and onto the floor below!!! In the ring, Van Dam stands, looking to get the fans rocking, before motioning to the outside for a dive onto Cade … but as he backs up … RANDY ORTON SLIDES INTO THE RING AND BLASTS RVD FROM BEHIND WITH THE WWE TITLE BELT TO THE SKULL!!!!! Instant disqualification.
Winner: Via DQ - Rob Van Dam @ 06:21

Joey Styles: God dammit!!! You just knew that that snake, Randy Orton would show his face at some point!!

Orton smirks, as he stands over RVD, who struggles back to his feet … and as soon as he does, he’s spun around … RKO!!!!! Orton puts RVD DOWN!!! Next, we cut to Randy Orton backing into the corner, watching his prey … as RVD climbs to his knees … as the fans quieten … with Orton lining up the dreaded, sickening PUNT KICK …

Joey Styles: (Sombre) Oh dear God no. Someone- Someone please … not again.

Orton looks set to strike … ready, waiting … for the perfect moment … AND RUSHES … BUT TOMMY DREAMER SLIDES INTO THE RING AT THE LAST MOMENT TO STOP HIM!!! The fans cheer at the timely interruption, as Dreamer stands in front of RVD, protecting his former ECW brethren from the dreaded punt kick. Orton looks ready to explode, his veins popping from his neck, as Dreamer tries to reason with him to stop.

Paul Heyman: Nice job, Tommy, but you might not want to stay in there too long. Get Rob outta there, and get out yourself.

Orton says nothing, still seething from rage that he’s been stopped from playing out his plan, as RVD is seen being pulled from the ring by Dean Malenko and Michael Hayes, with two trainers also on stand by, quickly shining a torch in his eyes - concerned his head problems may have resurfaced.

Joey Styles: I hope this is just a precaution for Van Dam. He took a hell of a shot to the skull with that WWE title belt. Just think how much worse this would’ve been if Tommy Dreamer hadn’t showed up though, Paul.

In the ring, it looks like Orton has calmed down, with Dreamer seemingly thinking he has soothed the situation … UNTIL ORTON EXPLODES WITH AN RKO!!!!!

Joey Styles: WHA- SON OF A-

On the ramp, the agents, trainers and RVD turn, seeing what just happened, as RVD tries to come back to the ring, but Van Dam is held back … and can only watch, as Orton peers out of the ring at Van Dam on the ramp … and smiles.

Joey Styles: (Sombre) That sick bastard. I hope he isn’t-

Paul Heyman: That’s a sick smile. I don’t like it one bit.

Van Dam finally shoves the trainers away, and runs to the ring … BUT IT’S TOO LATE … ORTON RUNS ACROSS THE RING … AND PUNTS TOMMY DREAMER!!!!!

Joey Styles: GOD!!!

Paul Heyman: Son of a bitch.

Joey Styles: You piece of trash!!!

Instantly, Orton slides under the bottom rope, as RVD slides in, diving - BUT JUST MISSING - the WWE Champion, who escapes, and doesn’t look back, hopping over the barrier, and running into the darkness, through a sea of fans.

Joey Styles: Like the scumbag he his, that- that BASTARD is running into the darkness!!! We need help out here. Orton has struck again.

Van Dam grabs at the ropes, boiling over, before quickly turning his attention to his old time friend, instantly waving for help, as Hayes, Malenko, the two trainers and now more medics and officials rush to the ring. The show closes with Rob Van Dam stepping back from the scene, turning, and burying his head on the top turnbuckle, showing the anguish, as his friend is taken out by Orton … and he must live with the guilt that Dreamer got kicked for coming to his aid.


Back into the arena…


The music of Orton elicit’s the type of reaction you’d expect - a negative one.

Joey Styles: Inhuman. He has no morals, no conscience. Randy Orton is WWE Champion because he has no concern for any other human being, and anyone that doesn’t get out of his way, will be PUT out of his way. Chris Jericho, Nick Dinsmore and Tommy Dreamer can testify, as can the Nature Boy Ric Flair, whom Orton hounded into retirement last year. Up until last month, Rob Van Dam was amongst that list of casualties, but The Whole Damn Show is back, and this Sunday, he’ll look for revenge on THAT man Randy Orton!!!

Jim Ross: But before that, Van Dam will need to keep his emotions in check. He needs to think about Sunday. He can go for revenge tonight, but it could cost him the holy grail on Sunday.

Joey Styles: We will get the answers to those questions momentarily. Join us, when we come back - Orton and Van Dam, face to face - NEXT!!!

Commercial Break

We return, with Randy Orton stood in the ring…


Randy Orton: I have been advised to make a public apology for my actions last week on Smackdown, so at this time, I’d like to address Tommy Dreamer, and his family…

Orton pauses, as the camera goes for a close up.

Randy Orton: I’m sorry Tommy. I’m sorry that you were in the wrong place … at the wrong time.


Randy Orton: I’m sorry that your wife and children had to watch me kick your head off it’s shoulders.

More heat, as Orton pauses.

Randy Orton: But I’m NOT sorry that I did what I did.


Randy Orton: Tommy Dreamer … you had NO RIGHT AT ALL being in this ring last week. You quit wrestling a long time ago because you couldn’t cut it anymore, and took a job as a road agent.

More heat for the cold, calculating champion.

Randy Orton: But I don’t blame you Tommy. Neither should your beautiful wife, Trisa.

Orton smirks, as he thinks about Dreamers wife.

Randy Orton: And I’m certainly not to blame for what happened. No … the finger of blame is firmly pointed in one direction. The blame lies at one mans feet … Rob … Van … Dam.


Randy Orton: Rob, and only Rob should be held to blame for the unfortunate injury to Tommy Dreamer. It’s Van Dams fault that Dreamer was even out there last week, because RVD couldn’t fight his own battle.

On commentary, Styles is heard saying; “This is garbage. Orton jumped Van Dam from behind!!”

Randy Orton: Dreamer saw what was about to go down … the exact same thing that happened at WrestleMania and Judgment Day - me putting RVD on the shelf - and Tommy knew that Rob couldn’t find a way to save himself … so ever the kind soul he is … Dreamer saved the day … and sacrificed himself.

Orton looks stoic, no emotions - certainly no guilt - as he continues.

Randy Orton: My conscience?? It’s clear. I am able to hold my head up high. I competed this past Monday on Raw - in fact, not only did I compete on Raw this past Monday … I BEAT THE UNDERTAKER … 1 … 2 … 3.

More boos for the WWE Champion.

Randy Orton: And on top of that, I’m here tonight … but stricken with guilt … Rob couldn’t show his face on Raw … and he’s nowhere to be seen right now, either.

Boos from the fans, as Styles talks on commentary again; “Orton is full of crap!! Van Dam was in South Africa on Monday, and Orton knows it.”

Randy Orton: Van Dam knows he is responsible for the fate which has befallen his good friend. HE is the reason Tommy Dreamer is in a hospital bed right now … and HE is the reason that Tommy Dreamer might ne-


Orton is interrupted, and the fans come alive, as RVD steps onto the stage, wearing a Summerslam shirt, and jean shorts - with a look of stone etched on his face, and a few days (at least) of facial hair growth, shaking his head in fury as he stares down the ramp at his enemy.

The music dies, and there is a moment of silence, as Orton stands in the ring, unsure what to expect from Van Dam, as RVD continues to glare down the ramp, before finally pulling a mic from his back pocket, and speaks through gritted teeth.

Rob Van Dam: Randy, you cant imagine how badly I want to stomp down this ramp and bust your face right here, right now.

Small pop.

Rob Van Dam: Dude, you-

RVD pulls the mic away, and looks off shaking his head, trying to keep a lid on his emotions.

Rob Van Dam: You have the NERVE to stand there and pin the blame on what happened to Tommy on ME!!??

Orton shrugs nonchalantly.

Rob Van Dam: Yeah, I DO hold myself partly responsible. If I had kept my head straight last week, I wouldn’t have been in a position to need help like that. But dude, you had no right to go that far. You had no GOD DAMN REASON!!! Tommy didn’t deserve that man.

Again, Orton looks unmoved, not necessarily disagreeing.

Randy Orton: I know that, Rob. I know, just like you clearly do that Dreamer didn’t deserve to have his skull caved in last week. But that … it’s on your conscience … not mine. It’s your fault, Rob … yours.

RVD nods.

Rob Van Dam: It’s my fault that Tommy came out here last week … but Randy, YOU are the one to blame for Tommy being in a hospital bed!!

Approving cheers from the fans.

Rob Van Dam: It’s clear to me, and all these fans in Cardiff-

Unintentional cheap pop.

Rob Van Dam: That dude, you flat out don’t have a conscience. You have no remorse for what you do … but lemme tell ya, Randy … life has a funny way of getting even with ya. What comes around goes around, and for you, karma is gonna be a BITCH!!!

Orton grins, cutting in.

Randy Orton: I don’t think so, Rob. With all the guilt resting on your shoulders?? YOU should be the one concerned with “karma” biting you on the ass. YOU … are the reason your ECW buddy is stuck in South Africa. Because of YOU … your friend was in the wrong place at the wrong time … just like you were a victim of circumstance at WrestleMania.


Randy Orton: With ALL that guilt resting on your shoulders … you surely wont be surprised if you meet a similar fate this Sunday??

Orton smirks devilishly, as the fans boo. RVD though, isn’t fazed by the threat, and rises above it, shaking his head.

Rob Van Dam: I didn’t kick Tommy Dreamer in the skull, dude - YOU DID!! So quit with that same old crap that people just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, because that’s exactly what it is, man - CRAP!!

Massive pop.

Rob Van Dam: What happened to Jericho wasn’t a coincidence, what happened to Dinsmore sure as hell wasn’t an accident … just like what happened to me, man. If someone gets in your way, you don’t just settle to do whatever it takes to get them outta your way at the time … you do whatever you can to get them outta your way - PERMANENTLY!!!

Orton - once again - doesn’t react, but simply watches, as RVD nearly boils over.

Rob Van Dam: But you WONT get rid of me, dude.


Rob Van Dam: You put me on the shelf twice, man, yet here I am, STILL the Whole Damn Show!!

The fans cheer again.

Rob Van Dam: And on Sunday at Summerslam, you’re gonna know ALLL about it, dude. The two times you and I have met, you got me at less than my best. You got me at WrestleMania after I’d just finished a twenty minute match, and I have only myself to blame for rushing back at Judgment Day.

Orton feigns sympathy in the ring.

Rob Van Dam: But at Summerslam, there’s no excuses. I’m all healed up, I’m raring to go. This time, Randy, you’d better be ready dude, cause this time you’ll get the REAL … ROB … VAN … DAM!!!

The fans chant along, as he points to his shoulders.

Rob Van Dam: On behalf of Tommy Dreamer, Nick Dinsmore, Chris Jericho and even Ric Flair … but most importantly … for my own personal happiness … Imma hand out the beating of a lifetime TO YOU, Randy, and Imma become the TWO TIME WWE CHAMPION!!!

Huge pop from the fans!!

Rob Van Dam: So, in other words, Randy … You’re ass is grass … and at Summerslam?? I’M GONNA SMOKE IT!!!

Big pop, but Orton shakes his head.

Rob Van Dam: … But dude, I don’t wanna wait till then.

RVD drops the mic … AND STOMPS DOWN THE RAMP!!! Orton quickly shoots glances to his left and right, not wanting to fight Van Dam tonight … and ducks out of the ring - JUST as Van Dam slides inside.

It’s ungodly heat for Orton as he chickens out of a pre-Summerslam fight, quickly walking around the ring, and backing up the ramp, whilst Van Dam nods in the ring, picking up the mic that Orton left behind.

Rob Van Dam: Just like I thought, Randy. Not as easy when it’s a level playin field is it?? You can blame me all you want for what YOU did to Tommy Dreamer last week. I’ll let the fans make their own minds up who’s to blame … but on Sunday, I’ll be takin FULL responsibility for taking that WWE Title back off your shoulders and around the waist of ROB … VAN … DAM!!!!

Van Dam does the thumb taunt again, with the fans chanting along, as Orton now looks concerned - fearing the future of his title now??


Van Dam poses in the ring, whilst Orton backs away, putting his title back over his shoulder, turning, and shouting at the fans along the aisle, whilst RVD goes to the corners, playing to the fans.

Joey Styles: Ever since WrestleMania, we have waited to see this match - with both men at one hundred per cent, and on Sunday it WILL happen. Randy Orton will defend the WWE Championship against Rob Van Dam in front of NINETY THOUSAND FANS inside Wembley Stadium!! It is the ultimate grudge match, and it happens SUNDAY ON PAY PER VIEW!!!

Paul Heyman: Never before have I - have ANY OF US - saw Van Dam as emotional or as fired us as he is right now. Normally the most laid back guy on the roster, Van Dam has been pushed to a place he’s NEVER been before, and that could spell trouble for the WWE Champion at Summerslam!!

Joey Styles: Come Sunday, it finally happens. Will justice finally be served on Orton?? Or will he once again, find a way to hold off a challenge to his WWE title!!??

Commercial Break


We return into the arena, where ‘The Narcissist’ Nick Nemeth is waiting for his opponent having made an open challenge to any superstar from Raw.

Joey Styles: Welcome back to Friday Night Smackdown, and we are getting set to find out who - if anyone - has accepted Nick Nemeths challenge which was issued to the Monday Night Raw roster, as The Narcissist attempts to make a step up in competition.

The Coach: And it makes sense to me that he’d target the guys from Raw, given that there isn’t much of a challenge on this show for a man of Nemeths talent.

Joey Styles: Thus far, Nemeth has been frustrated by the lack of quality in his opponents since his debut on Smackdown, believing he deserves to be competing with the very best the show has to offer right off the bat.

Jim Ross: Well, you have to admire his confidence. There is certainly no shortage of that from this young man, but I think it might be wise for someone to have a quiet word with him and tell him he needs to bide his time and work his way to the top.

Paul Heyman: I’m shocked you didn’t mention his collegiate wrestling credentials…


Not the calibre of superstar that Nemeth would’ve expected … Scotty Too Hotty dances to the ring, getting a ‘kind’ reaction from the fans … but Nemeth is fuming.

Match 4:
Nick Nemeth vs. Scotty Too Hotty
The announcers let us know that both men will be taking part in the Battle Royal prior to Summerslam on the pre-show, whilst Nemeth disgustedly argues with the official, as if to say he doesn’t even want the match to happen now - such is his anger at the level of competition he has been faced with. As Nemeth continues to argue with the official, Scotty senses the opportunity … AND DELIVERS A RUNNING BULLDOG TO NEMETH!!! It sets him up to hop around the ring … and THEN WORM ALONG HIS FRONT … AND GETS UP … BUT NEMETH BOUNCES UP TOO - AND THROTTLES SCOTTY WITH A CLOTHESLINE!!! Nemeth follows up with successive elbows, then drags Scotty up … dropping him with the EGO BOOST {Fame Asser} and the hook of the leg, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Nick Nemeth @ 01:29

Another elementary victory for Nemeth, as he rolls along to five straight wins since his debut in the WWE last month. He looks livid though, and shakes his head as the camera zooms in for a close up, not having to say a word - letting his expression do the talking - and he isn’t impressed.

Joey Styles: Once again, Nemeth is impressive.

Paul Heyman: Yeah, and it shows how gutless the Raw roster is if SCOTTY TOO HOTTY is the best they can offer this man.

The Coach: It’s still the biggest challenge Nemeth has faced yet after a conveyor belt list of nobodies over on this vacuum of a show!!!

Jim Ross: Nemeth will finally get to test himself this Sunday in that twenty man battle royal, gentlemen. He will be in there with the likes of Batista, Jeff Hardy, Garrison Cade, Mark Henry, Burchill and Rhyno!!!

Joey Styles: We will finally see what this cocky narcissist has to offer then, can he outlast nineteen other men on this Sunday??

The picture cuts backstage, to Kristal Marshall, still waiting outside Eric Bischoffs office, as the interim Smackdown GM is now seen opening his office door, with the eager interviewer quickly approaching him.

Kristal Marshall: Ooh- Mister Bischoff!?

Clearly irked, Bischoff stops, but doesn’t look like he wants to talk.

Kristal Marshall: Mister Bischoff, on Monday Night Raw you promised to inform the audience on this show of Mickie James condition, and whether or not she will compete this Sunday at Summerslam-

Eric Bischoff: Let me stop you right there, Kristal. Yes, I did make that promise. Unfortunately though, it isn’t as cut and dry as I made it seem on Monday night. Trust me, if I had the information, I would’ve already informed the fans - but I don’t. Mickie James is still in hospital, still being monitored by doctors. She suffered an incredible amount of punishment before we went on the air on Monday. She lost a tonne of blood, she cracked ribs, her left arm is a mess, and her knee has swollen to the size of a soccer ball.

Kristal looks aghast at the laundry list of injuries suffered by the champion.

Kristal Marshall: My- Mister Bischoff, that sounds … awful.

Bischoff simply nods.

Kristal Marshall: Given such a list of injuries … I must ask, just like it was put to you on Raw … should Mickie James be unable to compete at Summerslam … what becomes of the Womens Championship?? Have you discussed this with the Board??

Eric takes his time to respond.

Eric Bischoff: Well … given the severity of her injuries … should Mickie not be cleared by Summerslam, it’s extremely likely she could be in for a longer period on the sidelines to recuperate. In that event, I’m afraid to say that she’ll be forced to relinquish the title, and with Beth Phoenix the undisputed number one contender … she will be awarded the title this Sunday at Summerslam.

Bischoff doesn’t look happy about it, with his - and most peoples - assumption being that Beth Phoenix was behind the brutal attack to Mickie.

Kristal Marshall: And, just one more question if that’s okay. Have you had any results in your inquest as to who attacked Mickie James on R-

Eric Bischoff: No. As a matter of fact, I’m a little bit tired of your questions, Kristal. I’ve a tough job to do. I’m trying my best. If I had the answers, I wouldn’t be keeping them to myself, understood?? Once I find something out, once I get to the bottom of this issue, you, and all the fans, will be the first to hear about it. Now, if you don’t mind.

Bischoff walks off, shaking his head in annoyance, as Kristal sheepishly watches on, as we fade out.

The scene switches now elsewhere, to Josh Mathews, who is being mic’ed up…

Joey Styles: And, as you can see, our broadcast colleague Josh Mathews is standing by, and in just a moment, he will speak to the two teams that contest for the WWE Tag Team Championships this Sunday; the number one contenders Carlito and Kofi Kingston will come face to face for the first time with the overconfident champions, AMW - NEXT!!!

Commercial Break

And we return, with Josh Mathews standing by with The Caribbean Connection … but there is no sign of AMW at the interview set…

Josh Mathews: Uhhm … guys, this isn’t quite what we anticipated. At this time, we were supposed to conduct an interview with both The Caribbean Connection AND the WWE Tag Team Champions AMW … but as you can see … Harris and Storm are nowhere to be seen.

Carlito and Kofi both look insulted by the no-show of the champions, as Mathews uncomfortably tries to conduct the interview with just the challengers.

Josh Mathews: Uhh, well, Carlito, Kofi … the fact remains that this Sunday you have earned the right to challenge Americas Most Wanted for the WWE Tag Team Titles after winning the tournament to crown new number one contenders. And gentlemen, what a journey it’s been!!

Carlito: What a journey?? Josh, Carlito and Kofi would love to stand ‘ere and talk about the challenges we’ve overcome to get our shot at the titles dis Sunday. But right now?? Right now, De Caribbean Connection are pissed off.

Kofi Kingston: Josh, Carlito and I, mon, we went through hell to make it to Summerslam. We should both be pretty damn happy right now, yeah?? An’ up until a few minutes ago, mon, we were. Carlito and I were chilled and excited about dis Sunday … but after AMW decided to no show dis interview?? Like de mon says; we’re pissed off.

Carlito takes the mic back.

Carlito: Carlito and Kofi deserved some respect. AMW couldn’t even be bothered to show for dis interview. Das not cool. Over dis last month, Harris an’ Storm have gone off de rails. Dey got a month off, and at some point dey lost der damn minds!!! Dey think dere … some kinda … tag team gods. Dey think dere untouchable!!! It’s pretty obvious to Carlito, dat AMW have drank one too many beers on dere holiday … but on Sunday, Carlito and Kofi; De Caribbean Connection are gonna give dem de hangover from hell.

Kofi nods.

Kofi Kingston: Damn right, Carlito mon!! Josh, Harris and Storm have treated de tag team division on Smackdown as a joke … but at Summerslam, de joke is on dem, when Carlito an’ I take those tag team belts mon!!! An one ting is for sure, dem boys can drink all de beer dey want, because once dey realise deres gonna be some trouble in paradise?? Dey gonna sober up real quick.

Once more, Carlito takes the mic.

Carlito: But by then?? It’ll be too late. AMW like to apologise for dere opponents luck?? Dis time, de shoe is on de other foot. Harris?? Storm?? Your time as WWE Tag Team Champions is comin to an end … sorry bout YOUR damn luck!!!

Kofi now smiles, and as Carlito walks off, Kofi turns to Mathews.

Kofi Kingston: An dat Josh mon?? DAT IS COOL!!!

Kingston turns, following Carlito out of the picture, as Josh nods, looking impressed at the confidence of the challengers.

Back to ringside…

Joey Styles: Well, the attitude of AMW has never been in question. They are a pair of asses … but up until tonight we at least thought they had some modicum of professionalism. Not anymore.

Jim Ross: How disrespectful, how egotistical are the WWE Tag Team Champions, ignoring an obligation to be here tonight in Cardiff. I can guess where Harris and Storm are though, gentlemen, and I’d suggest looking in the nearest watering hole. Americas Most Wanted have gone completely off the rails.

Joey Styles: This was simply the tip of the iceberg tonight. AMW have gone too far in their lack of respect for the tag team division on Smackdown.

Paul Heyman: I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, AMW are in for a rude awakening on Sunday. They truly believe that there is no challenges for them on Smackdown. They WILL lose those titles on Sunday if you ask me, and it might just be the best thing to happen to them.


Out step Los Latinos; Chavo Guerrero and Super Crazy, coming out together despite being in competition tonight.

Joey Styles: Well, it’s been well documented that seven of the eight currently active championships in the WWE will be up for grabs at Summer slam - the one title not set to be defended on Sunday is the Cruiserweight championship. And it’s champion, The Brian Kendrick, BLAMES the competition surrounding him for being too boring and bland!!

The Coach: AND HE’S RIGHT!!! He’s the only cruiserweight I could give a rats ass about seeing!! The only place I want to see Chavo and Super Crazy is back over that Mexican border!!!

Joey Styles: Classy, Coach.

Jim Ross: Joey, I think The Brian Kendrick could live to regret those words this past Monday. I know the fans do NOT agree with his assessment whatsoever. In fact, many of the fans don’t believe that Kendrick DESERVES to still hold the championship. They believe that Jamie Noble has Kendricks number especially.

The Coach: Oh, what do you know, old timer. Don’t pretend like you’re down with the kids. You don’t watch Smackdown!!

Joey Styles: Well, as this debate rages on, we’ll take a quick commercial break, but when we return, four of the most exciting cruiserweights on Smackdown will get it on, in a bid to prove to Kendrick that his claims are completely unfounded.

Commercial Break

And we return, with Crazy and Chavo being joined in the ring by EVAN BOURNE, as the three men share handshakes in the name of good sportsmanship.


Next out, to a nice pop, the hard working, no frills Jamie Noble steps onto the stage, marching right down the aisle.

Joey Styles: Two weeks ago, Jamie Noble looked to be moments away from securing the Cruiserweight Championship from The Brian Kendrick, until an unfortunate run in from Chris Masters cost him the title. As you alluded to earlier, J.R, many believe that Noble has the measure of Kendrick.

Paul Heyman: And tonight is a wonderful opportunity for Noble to get right back in the title hunt, gentlemen. It’s not an official number one contenders match tonight, but looking at the level of talent competing here would suggest it might just determine the next man to challenge Kendrick.

Super Crazy vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Jamie Noble vs. Evan Bourne
It’s a strange match featuring four faces, full of high flying, crowd pleasing antics. It’s near fall after near fall, with high risk move after high risk move in the early going. Just as it seems the match is headed for a breakneck pace, Noble and Chavo slow things down, just as Crazy and Bourne crash and burn on the outside. The two more technical cruiserweights do battle, bringing a different dimension to proceedings for a period, until Super Crazy and Bourne eventually return. The match begins to take a familiar pattern again, with the high flying moves taking precedent … until …

Voice: THIS is why there is no Cruiserweight title match this Sunday at Summerslam!!!

It’s THE Brian Kendrick!!! The fans show their displeasure for the CW Champion, as he saunters onto the stage, stealing the attention from the men in the ring.

The Brian Kendrick: So bland, so boring. No excitement whatsoever. If it wasn’t for me?? The WWE would shut the Cruiserweight division down, lock this title belt away and throw away the key!!!

In the ring, the four men try to ignore the presence of Kendrick, but the champion is completely stealing the attention away from the action.

The Brian Kendrick: Look at these four guys; they’ve got NOTHING!!! Bourne has NO personality, Super Crazy has NO grasp of the English language, Chavo has NO talent, and Noble has NO real home.

Kendrick continues down the aisle, as the four men in the ring are clearly being thrown off by the champ, with the action slowing down to a crawl at this point.

The Brian Kendrick: I want ALL you fans to let the WWE know how angry you are that THE Brian Kendrick isn’t part of Summerslam. I want you all to stand up - go on - stand up, and I want you to BOOOOOOO … as loud as you can. Don’t be polite, show these losers in the ring EXACTLY what you think of them.

The fans DO boo … but we suspect the heat is for the champion, and not his potential challengers in the ring. In the ring, the action HAS come to a halt, with the four men stopping, and now simply listen to the egotistical champ.

The Brian Kendrick: Show these four lifeless souls that you don’t want to see them, you don’t want to watch them. Tell the WWE that you want an overhaul of the Cruiserweight division - an overhaul befitting a talent like ME!!!

Kendrick reaches the bottom of the ramp, and looks around, getting set to speak again … UNTIL NOBLE HITS HIM WITH A BASEBALL SLIDE!!! Kendrick is knocked over, and Chavo slips out of the ring, knocking Kendrick back down with a clothesline … as Super Crazy joins in with boots, as the official seemingly throws the match out, declaring a no contest.
Winner: No Contest @ 08:39

The four men attack Kendrick on the outside, eventually throwing him into the ring, with the champion begging off … but his pleas are met … with a BIG open handed slap from Chavo Guerrero!!! Noble then follows up, kicking him in the gut, and placing the champion into position - TIGER BOMB!!!

The four men aren’t done though, and Super Crazy now leaps up on the turnbuckles - MOONSAULT!!! The Insane Luchador lands perfectly on Kendrick, as we now see Bourne climb the ropes, perching himself up top … AIR BOURNE TO THE PRONE CHAMPION!!!!

Kendrick is given a rough lesson tonight, as Bourne, Noble and Los Latinos stand tall in the ring, shaking hands, nodding to one another, with a few slaps to each others chests on a job well done, as they leave the Cruiserweight Champion laid out!!!

Joey Styles: The Brian Kendrick will be very sore when he wakes up - and he’ll have no one but himself to blame!! The arrogant Cruiserweight Champion just found out the hard way that the competition on Smackdown for a shot at that title is red hot!!!

Paul Heyman: No one likes to be told they aren’t flashy enough or interesting enough to be good enough for a shot at any title, Joey. Least of all four guys that are as good as they are. All four know that they can be - and have been - more than a match for the loudmouth champion.

Jim Ross: And if you ask me, Kendrick is damn lucky that he aint gonna be defending that title this Sunday at Summerslam!! He shouldn’t be complaining, he should be thanking his lucky stars, because frankly, I wouldn’t like his chances against ANY of these guys.

Joey Styles: No cruiserweight title match this Sunday, but on this evidence, the chase for that particular title is most certainly on. The Brian Kendrick might live to regret his outburst on Raw - and his ill fated hijacking of this match. He might have just sparked even MORE determination from his potential challengers to shut him up once and for all. But, ladies and gentlemen, still to come tonight as we head toward Summerslam this Sunday; it’s tonight’s main event. Originally scheduled to be Triple H taking on Rey Mysterio, it will now be TEST, in search of a permanent contract, taking The Games place. Test meets Rey Mysterio - later tonight.

Commercial Break


An array of clips of The British Bulldog, from his early days in Canada, to his move to the World Wrestling Federation with The Dynamite Kid, covered with sound bites from Jim Ross, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Jesse Ventura and his own son, Harry.

The clips then move on to his unforgettable Intercontinental Championship win at Summer slam ‘92, with classic commentary from Vince McMahon, and more sound bites from Bret and J.R.

We hear more sound bites from Michaels, Hart, and added pieces from Triple H as we see more clips of Davey Boy from later in his career, tagging with Owen Hart and winning the first European Championship.

The video then moves to a more sombre tone, and the Bulldogs untimely death in 2002, with comments from Bret and Harry, before they talk about his overdue induction into the WWE Hall of Fame, with the other commentators on the package declaring it a fitting tribute to the man to induct him on the weekend of the Twentieth annual Summerslam in his home nation.


And the show returns, back at ringside, with ‘LONDON CALLING’ by The Clash piped through the PA.

Joey Styles: And thanks to The Clash for allowing us to use the iconic ‘Londons Calling’ as one of the theme songs for this Sundays Summerslam. It’s now just FORTY EIGHT HOURS AWAY!!! Wembley Stadium is SOLD OUT!!! Roughly NINETY THOUSAND fans will pack the new stadium, but tomorrow night at the Pre-Summerslam ball, the legendary British Bulldog will be inducted into the Hall of Fame and guys, I’m just about keeping a lid on my excitement.

Jim Ross: And it’s hard to blame ya Joey. It’s the biggest Summerslam of all time. A night choc full with main event after main event. And of those main events will see John Cena meet Mister Kennedy!! It’s the first time these two will have ever met in a straight up encounter, and with the bad blood between them, it promises to be a doozy.

The Coach: And the margins are critical, J.R. So much to gain in victory, and so much to lose in defeat for both men. Neither can afford to lose this one. If Cena is beaten, he’s done as a force. If Kennedy loses, all his hyperbole will be for nothing. They both HAVE to win.

Joey Styles: Will AMW manage to get their heads straight before Sunday?? Or will the long time WWE Tag Team Champions lose the titles in embarrassing fashion to the Caribbean Connection, after spiralling out of control over the past month on their round-the-world holiday?? It would appear that that fate is what awaits Harris and Storm at Summerslam.

Paul Heyman: And I would be inclined to agree, Joey Styles. Americas Most Wanted have believed their own hype, and somewhere along the way, they’ve LOST their way. Out of shape, out of their mind, AMW NEED a wake up call, and they’ll get it on Sunday.

Jim Ross: Harris and Storm might well lose the tag team titles because they’ve lost the same desire that brought them to the dance, but on the other end of the scale, Mickie James might lost her Womens title because someone - most probably Beth Phoenix - has put her in a hospital bed. Her participation at Summerslam is most certainly in jeopardy, and if she cant compete … she must hand over the title - the title she worked so hard to win … to her biggest foe.

The Coach: I’d just like to also add that not everyone shares your opinion, J.R. There’s no evidence that Beth Phoenix was the one behind Mickies assault on Raw, it makes no sense. Beth only had six days to wait to get her hands on Mickie, WHY would she attack her on Raw?? Either way, whether that no good hussie shows her rotten face at Wembley or not - a new champion is gonna be crowned.

Jim Ross: There’s no way these four guys; MNM and Straight Edge - will miss Summerslam on Sunday. It’s Tables, Ladders and Chairs for the World Tag Team Titles at Wembley Stadium to bring closure to the most epic rivalry in the tag team division in YEARS. The winners will be the undisputed World Tag Team Champions, and the losers will be banished from Monday Night Raw for good!!

The Coach: Has all the hallmarks of a classic, J.R. You’ve championed Punk and Helms since day one, I’ve always admired MNM. One of us is gonna be unhappy when it’s all said and done this Sunday … but I just hope you’re professional enough to get on with the job once Straight Edge are beaten once and for all.

Joey Styles: Gentlemen, you can talk all you like about how crazy TLC will be this Sunday, and how big it is … but in my opinion, there is nothing bigger than the WWE Championship. And at Summerslam, it’s one of THE most personal WWE Championship matches in history, as Rob Van Dam - the former champion - challenges Randy Orton, one on one, five months after Orton cashed in Money in the Bank to end RVD’s reign as champion at WrestleMania in the most brutal fashion.

Paul Heyman: It was one of the most disgusting acts in WWE history, Joey. Randy Orton punting Rob Van Dam to win the title … but RVD hasn’t been the only victim. On Sunday, RVD will look to become champion for a second time, and in the process, gain revenge for the months of hurt Orton has caused - not only Van Dam, but Chris Jericho, Nick Dinsmore and most recently Tommy Dreamer - not to mention, to a lesser extent, Ric Flair.

Jim Ross: For you gentlemen, the WWE Championship match is rightfully the main event, but fifteen years ago at Summerslam at the old Wembley Stadium, the night was headlined by The British Bulldog and Bret Hart battling it out over the Intercontinental title, in a match where the home fans got to see their man win the gold. Will lightning strike twice though this time?? Can William Regal repeat the success of Davey Boy Smith?? Can William Regal, in his home nation, capture the Intercontinental title in a triple threat match against Matt Hardy, and the champion, Shelton Benjamin.

The Coach: Nice story. Touching. Shame about The Black Diamond being involved, because MY BOY Shelton Benjamin DON’T DO FAIRYTALES!! He’s the champ, has been for four months, and he will continue to be the Intercontinental title holder. Could be a sad night for all those wonky toothed Brits counting on ‘ol Willy Regal to win the gold.

Joey Styles: This past Monday, Edge SCREWED The Undertaker, apparently due to The Deadmans lack of attention in recent weeks since accepting the challenge made by Edge to meet at Summerslam. If Edge wanted to piss off The Deadman, he definitely got the reaction he wanted.

Paul Heyman: Edge is consumed, Joey. He is consumed with the idea of becoming WWE Champion. For the last ten years in the WWE, he has been hell bent on finally reaching the mountain top. So many times, he’s come SO close. So many times, he’s snatched defeat from the jaws of victory … but it remains that he’s NEVER had a one on one opportunity at the gold. He believes a victory over The Undertaker at the biggest Summerslam ever will lead him to the promised land of a one on one shot at the WWE Champion. But … has he bit off more than he can chew with a pissed off Undertaker??

Jim Ross: All night long, rumours have been running rampant that Brock Lesnar will be here, but now, it would appear that issues have come up at Cardiff International Airport to prevent him from being here - BUT - the important news is this; The Iron Man is in the UK, and in forty eight hours he will compete in the Streetfight that everyone wants to see - THE WrestleMania Rematch that the world is eager to watch unfold - it’s Brock Lesnar and The Game, Triple H!!!

The Coach: It all depends on the condition of Lesnar. If he’s still not recovered from that assault two weeks ago, he’s toast on Sunday. Triple H wont just beat him, he’ll retire him. Make no mistake, these two hate each other, and they ARE out for blood at Summerslam. It’s about more than just winning for these two … they want to end the other mans livelihood, and it’s unlikely either guy will stop until one is finished - for good.

Joey Styles: Going into Summerslam, Paul London - the United States Champion - finds himself in all kinds of trouble. Have the wheels fallen off the champions wagon?? Is he fatigued?? Is he exhausted?? And, will MVP capitalise on Londons recent troubles and capture the historic United States title??

Paul Heyman: We saw it earlier tonight, London just didn’t look as sharp as we’re used to seeing him. He needs forty eight hours to rest up before Summerslam, and get his focus back … but I’m just not sure that’s long enough. The kid looks like he needs about a month off!!

Jim Ross: Five years ago at Summerslam, Rey Mysterio and Kurt Angle went one on one in a scintillating match, and at that time, they didn’t like each other … but now, five years later, they meet again - only this time, it’s not a simple case of a mutual dislike - this one is personal.

The Coach: Mysterio embarrassed Angle in Kurts hometown. Angle repaid the favour, and the whole world was outraged-

Jim Ross: Oh, come on Coach!!! Angle crossed the line in Mexico. He tried to rip off Mysterios mask two weeks ago. Angle didn’t get even - he went way too far!!!

Joey Styles: Guys, before things get out of hand, lets remember that Rey Mysterio will still be in action tonight when he takes on Test very shortly. But BEFORE Summerslam airs on Pay Per View this Sunday, we just want to take a moment to remind everyone that a special, twenty man battle royal will air exclusively on as part of the pre-show festivities. Ten guys from Raw, ten from Smackdown, including the likes of Batista, Garrison Cade and Jeff Hardy!!!

Paul Heyman: Not to mention Tyson Tomko, X-Pac, Rhyno and Ken Doane. Quite an array of talent getting a chance to shine at Wembley Stadium!!

Jim Ross: But bigger than ALL of that … THE headline act, THE main event this Sunday, pit’s the World Heavyweight Champion Christian in his toughest ever challenge - the toughest challenge to ever face ANY champion - the undefeated wrecking ball, Umaga. It’s captured the attention of everyone in Britain, and all ninety thousand eyes will be on these two men on Sunday … with plenty to keep an eye on OUTSIDE the ring too; Armando Estrada will be on hand with Umaga, whilst the biggest name in boxing - Ricky Hatton - will be in the corner of Captain Charisma.

The Coach: Christian and Hatton got their moment of glory in Belfast on Monday. On Sunday though?? Hatton will get knocked out, and Christian will be knocked silly. Umaga will be champion, and Raw will never be the same again with this guy on top. There AINT no stoppin The SAAAAAAA-MO-AN BULLDOZER baby boy!!!

Jim Ross: It’s the match everyone wants to see. Can Christian do the unthinkable and be the first man to defeat Umaga?? We find out at Summerslam once and for all … but for now … let’s take a look at how we arrived at Summerslam…


The video opens with Estrada in the ring with Umaga, across from Christian, way back in May on an episode of Raw…

Armando Estrada: Pero, ju will be well aware, ha ha, that Umaga has this-

Estrada holds up the Money in the Bank briefcase.

Armando Estrada: And ju will know that he can use it … anytime … anyplace … anywhere. This monster doesn’t need to wait his turn mi amigo. Umaga could take that title from you (clicks his fingers) JUST LIKE THAT, HA HA!!! But don’t worry- at least not yet. The Samoan Bulldozer … he’s giving ju a little more time.

Christian raises his eyebrows.

Christian: He’s … giving me … time??

Estrada nods.

Armando Estrada: Exactly. Tonight, we just wanted to … uh … como se dice … remind ju, ha ha … that when the time is right … THEEE SAAAAA-MO-AN BULLDOZERRR- WILL - be taking that title from around your shoulder, mi amigo.

Christian: Well, that’s all well and good Armando … good luck with that … but since we’re offering some … friendly reminders?? I want to remind you, and Umaga here … he’s not taking anything from me.

Still smiling, Estrada simply shakes his head, as clips start to play of Umaga running through every single opposition that has stood in his way.

Armando Estrada: With all due … respect, ha ha … dis MONSTER?? Is … UN-DE-FEATED … I SAID- UN-DE-FEATED!!! But let me remind ju again … anytime … anyplace … a-

Christian: I’ll be ready.

The footage cuts from the tense in ring meeting on Raw, to another meeting, a month later at Saturday Nights Main Event…

Armando Estrada: The clock on ju’re title reign … IS TICKING!! THE … SAAAAAAA-MO-AN BULLDOZERRRR will be cashing IN his title match in the very near future, and he will be trading in this briefcase … for … ju’re … TITLE!! HA HA!!

We see clips of Umaga and Estrada trying to intimidate the champion on Raw, circling the ring, and leaving.

Christian: I’m the World Heavyweight Champion for a reason … I’ll be ready for the challenge ANYTIME … and he’s not taking ANYTHING from me … especially … this.

Christian taps his title belt, giving Estrada the message.

And the video cuts to July 2, and the triple threat match for the World Championship.

CHRISTIAN TURNS IT OVER … AND HOOKS THE LEG OF KENNEDY, completely surprising the challenger … 1...2...3!!!!!!!!!!
Winner: And STILL World Heavyweight Champion - CHRISTIAN @ 22:01


Christian - spent - is on his knees, as the referee brings in the World title belt, looking to present it to the champion … but just as Christian rises to take it from him … KENNEDY RIPS IT FROM THE OFFICIAL … AND BLASTS CHRISTIAN WITH IT!!!


Jim Ross: Oh no.

Oh no is right … it’s UMAGA … flanked by Armando Alejandro Estrada, who is carrying the ominous Money in the Bank briefcase, with a huge, knowing grin on his face.

The Coach: HISTORY J.R!!! It’s history in the making, HA HA!!!

Christian is helped up in the corner, and sees what awaits him … as Estrada turns, and nods at Umaga … AS THE SAMOAN BULLDOZER SPRINTS ACROSS THE RING … AND CRUSHES CHRISTIAN IN THE CORNER WITH A RUNNING BUTT SPLASH!!!

Armando Estrada: EVERYBODYYYYYYYY LISTEN … TO ME!!! This little man on the floor - JURE WORLD CHAMPION - told THIS monster, that he would be ready … ANYTIME!!! HA HA … does this little … como se dice … WEAKLING … look ready for Umaga?? Umaga WANTS ju’re World Heavyweight Championship, Christian. And if he wanted to … he’d take it … TONIGHT!!!

Umaga pulls the champion back to his feet, holding him up … raising the thumb … AND SCORES WITH THE SAMOAN SPIKE!!!!!

Armando Estrada: After the trash ju talked hombre … ju deserve the most humiliating loss imaginable … on the biggest stage. And Umaga?? He deserves to announce his arrival as THE dominant force … on the biggest of stages … in the most destructive way possible. Captain Charisma?? Ju are officially on notice. No excuses pero … ju’re gonna know when, ju’re gonna know where, and ju just found out how … AUGUST 19 … WEMBLEY STADIUM … SUMMERSLAM!!!

Cut to a few weeks later, with Estrada attacking Christian after Umaga softened him up…

Estrada grabs Christian by the face, laughing, calling the champ pathetic … before calling on Umaga - WHO STICKS HIS FOOT THROUGH THE FACE OF THE CHAMPION!!!!!

Christian: Umaga himself is a tough task for anyone - too tough for anyone he’s met so far - but with a sneaky … conniving … and dare I say it, creepy little bastard in his corner … it’s a damn near impossible task to overcome.

Umaga is slowly dragging Christian up … holding him up as Estrada continues to talk trash - SLAPPING - the defenceless champion around the face … THEN BLASTS HIM WITH THE BRIEFCASE!!!!!

Christian: But to deal with you, Estrada … it’s just a case of mind over matter … y’see I don’t mind you being at ringside at Summerslam … because you don’t matter!!

Christian stomps the Bulldozer as he climbs back into the ring, but Umaga continues to move, shrugging off the boots, trying to get to his feet … whilst we see Estrada picking up the Money in the Bank briefcase … AND CLATTERS CHRISTIAN WITH IT FROM BEHIND!!!

Christian: But to deal with you, Estrada … it’s just a case of mind over matter … y’see I don’t mind you being at ringside at Summerslam … because you don’t matter!!

The fans cheer, but AAE smirks, shaking his head in disagreement.

Christian: If I’m gonna walk out of Wembley Stadium still the World Heavyweight Champion, then I need to focus one hundred per cent on the Samoan Bulldozer. I cant afford to have you on the back of my mind, Estrada … which I why I’ve got a good friend of mine to stand by my side on August 19 … and stand in my corner … making YOU a non-factor!! … and like the Samoan Bulldozer there, he’s undefeated in his field.

Quick clips of Ricky Hatton in action throughout his career.

Christian: In my corner on August 19 at Summerslam … will be … RICKY … HATTON!!!

More clips of Hatton in the ring, and an array of his best knock outs.

Jim Ross: Can Ricky Hatton be the difference maker for Captain Charisma at Summerslam?? Or is it still a task too far for the champion??

Shots of Christians offence on Umaga, and the little effect it has had nearly every single time.

Armando Estrada: Ju cant hurt dis man, ju WIMP!!! Ju don’t keep this man awake at night in fear … Umaga keeps JU awake!! Dere is NOTHING - I SAID NOTHING - that ju can do to stop the unstoppable force that is THE … SAAAAAAAA-MO-AN BULLDOZER!!!

Flashing shots of Umaga play; hitting the running butt splash in the corner, Samoan drops, Samoan Spike, rolling leg kicks, big splashes, spinning power slam, with the unmistakable voice of J.R played over it.



The word ‘animal’ echoes.

We see clips of the mere sight of Umaga, with Estrada by his side, charging down the aisle, close ups of his face during entrances, and when yelling out his tribal screams.

Jerry Lawler: I’ve been doing this for nearly forty years. I’ve faced the best of ‘em, but this … thing … is like nothing I’ve ever seen.

Armando Estrada: At Summer slam … in front of the ENTIRE planet … will become the World Heavyweight Champion … to crown the beginning of a new era … an era that will far eclipse that of Hulk Hogan … An era that will dwarf the Austin era … And an era that will make Christians era completely … irrelevant, HA HA!!!

The footage moves to Umaga running through opponent after opponent for the past twelve months.

William Regal: You-Manga doesn’t just want to win. He wants to destroy.

Clips of Christian dumping Umaga out of the Royal Rumble, and shots of his victories over The Undertaker and Stone Cold Steve Austin over the past two years.

Christian: Allow me to remind you all, because it seems that Mr. Estrada forgot who eliminated his meal ticket from the Royal Rumble back in January. When the chips are down, when the stakes are at their highest … I’m the guy that rises to the occasion. And in front of ninety thousand people in Wembley Stadium … I WILL RISE … to the occasion.

Clips of Umaga throwing the Little Bastard off a ladder at WrestleMania, going mental on William Regal at Saturday Nights Main Event, and shoving Shawn Michaels off the stage at Vengeance.

Shawn Michaels: I’ve been that guy. I’m sitting at home, missing the biggest tour in the companies history because of that kind of punishment.

Kurt Angle: If he thinks Ricky Hatton is the answer, he’s in for a real rude awakening.

Christian: I MUST go to Summerslam to face Umaga … If there’s one guy in this company that can beat Umaga … it’s me.

The words; “CAN CHRISTIAN BEAT UMAGA?” fill the screen…

Matt Striker: On his best day, Stone Cold Steve Austin couldn’t beat Umaga, neither could The Rock, Shawn Michaels or Bret Hart. Go back in history. Sammartino, Hogan, Andre?? None of these guys could match up to what Umaga brings to the table. Christian - in my opinion - wont last five minutes.

Jesse Ventura: I sat and called WrestleMania Three when Hogan beat Andre. I don’t think Hogan - in his prime - could beat Umaga. And Christian aint no Hogan.

Mister Kennedy: No. (Followed by a succession of straight ‘NO’ answers from, Angle, Orton, Hardy, Mysterio and Finlay)

John Cena: (Long pause) … No.

The footage cuts to Christian defeating Cena at WrestleMania, Triple H at Backlash, and grabbing the title belt during a ladder match with Shelton Benjamin, with the production theme “Swing To Glory” kicking in.

Christian: So there’s nothing that anyone can say to me. I believe in me … and that’s all that matters. I don’t care that no one thinks I can beat Umaga at Summerslam … because I KNOW I can.

Christian runs off the ropes, AND BLASTS UMAGA WITH THE TITLE BELT!!!!! The Bulldozer stumbles, into the ropes, and Christian backs up, running at him again - DRILLING UMAGA WITH THE BELT AGAIN … KNOCKING HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE AND ONTO THE FLOOR!!!!!

Armando Estrada: Ju’re pathetic reign as Champion is on it’s last legs. It’s on life support!!

Shots of Umaga standing tall with Estrada, standing over Christian week after week.

Christian: Out of the night that covers me, black as the Pit from pole to pole … I thank whatever gods may be, For my unconquerable soul.


Christian: In the fell clutch of circumstance, I have not winced nor cried aloud. Under the bludgeonings of chance … My head is bloody, but unbowed.

The Bulldozer picks Christian back up, dragging him to the podium … picking the lifeless body of the champion up … AND SENDS HIM THROUGH THE TABLE WITH THE SPINNING SIDEWALK SLAM!!!!!

Christian: Beyond this place of wrath and tears, Looms but the Horror of the shade … And yet the menace of the years … Finds, and shall find, me unafraid.


Christian: It matters not how strait the gate, how charged with punishments the scroll … I … am the master of my fate … I … am the captain of my soul.


Jim Ross: BAH GAWD!!! HOW IN THE HELL CAN CHRISTIAN STOP UMAGA?? HE’S NEVER BEEN PINNED … HE’S NEVER TAPPED OUT … HE’S DAMN NEAR UNSTOPPABLE!!! Christian faces the greatest challenge - it’s Christian versus Umaga … at SUMMERSLAM!!!

The video ends with the unfamiliar sight … Umaga and Estrada standing over Christian, holding the title belt and the briefcase…


Commercial Break

And we return, straight to ringside…


Triple H leads out Test, to a chorus of boos.

Joey Styles: And it is main event time!!! Welcome back to Friday Night Smackdown, where the countdown to Summerslam is almost done!! Test will replace Triple H in this main event, and no wonder The Game looks happy Paul.

Paul Heyman: Earlier tonight, it looked like Brock Lesnar was gonna be here to confront Triple H ahead of their streetfight at Summerslam, but due to unforeseen circumstances (scoffs) Brock Lesnar wont be here. I’m sure Triple H has nothing to do with Lesnar having problems at the airport…

Jim Ross: Well, Triple H can breathe a sigh of relief for the time being, but I would bet all the money in the world that NOTHING will stop Lesnar from being at Wembley on Sunday for Summerslam.

The Coach: Yeah, but if Test has his way tonight, Mysterio might not make it there himself.

**BOOYAKA 619**

The fans pop as Mysterio pops up from the stage, and slaps hands with the fans as he goes down the aisle.

Joey Styles: But like J.R said with Lesnar, I don’t think ANYTHING will stop this man from getting to Summerslam. Never before has it been this personal for Mysterio, as he prepares to take on Kurt Angle on Sunday.

Paul Heyman: Rey Mysterio has always prided himself upon respect, and sportsmanship … but come Sunday, you can bet that all those qualities will be shown the door. Mysterio HATES Angle for what he’s put him through - the humiliation, the disrespect, the attacks … and it comes to a head at Summerslam!!

Jim Ross: Indeed, we might just see a side to Mysterio we’ve never experienced before. Almost always, Mysterio goes out to have the best, most exciting match on any night … but on Sunday, Rey Mysterio wants to inflict as much pain and suffering as he can possibly hand out to Kurt Angle.

The Coach: Good luck trying to beat up a real sized person, Rey. Good luck indeed.

Main Event:
Test w/Triple H vs. Rey Mysterio
Typical big man vs. little man match, with Rey elusive early on and Test getting frustrated at his inability to catch the “quicker than a hiccup” opponent. Thanks to Triple H though, Test eventually gets the upper hand. For the majority of the contest, the big man works over the smaller man … until the typical comeback, which rouses the fans. Mysterio begins to run through his exciting offence, but misses the 619 … which gives Test the chance to nail the BIG BOOT … BUT - Rey ducks it, and rolls up the big opponent … 1...2...KICK OUT!!! The two bounce up, with Test nailing Rey with a clothesline. He then gets Mysterio up, and looks for the Pumphandle Slam … BUT REY COUNTERS WITH A DDT!!! The counter allows Mysterio to get back up, delivering a baseball slide to HHH, and then hops onto the ropes, AND DROPS THE DIME ON TEST!!! He covers, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Rey Mysterio @ 09:12

It was a by the numbers match, but Mysterio is victorious … UNTIL HE IS JUMPED FROM BEHIND BY KURT ANGLE!!!

Joey Styles: WHAT THE-

Paul Heyman: THAT’S KURT ANGLE!!!

Jim Ross: AWWW DAMMIT!!!

Mysterios music doesn’t even get a chance to hit - THAT’S how quick Angle was into the ring and on the attack!!! Kurt stomps his opponent this Sunday … when he is joined in the ring by a furious TRIPLE H - who is looking for a piece of Mysterio after his baseball slide moments ago!!

Jim Ross: I don’t like Mysterios chances here, gentlemen.

Paul Heyman: Quite an understatement, J.R.

Jim Ross: What in the hell is this all about though!? How much of an advantage does Kurt Angle need going into Summerslam this Sunday!!?? And why is The Game - that no good, rotten S.O.B - getting involved in this!!??

Joey Styles: Because Kurt Angle has lost his mind, J.R. He’s let this issue with Mysterio get to his head!! He is unravelling before our eyes!! He’s gone crazy!!!

The two former long time rivals double up on poor Rey, as Test also gets back to his feet, shaking the cobwebs loose after his defeat … leading to a three on one beat down on little Rey!!!

Joey Styles: This is completely unnecessary!! THREE on ONE!!??

The Coach: Strength in numbers, baby!!

Jim Ross: At this rate, Rey Mysterio wont make it to Summerslam!!!

The Coach: And he’ll only have himself to blame!! He’s been goading Angle for weeks, HE attacked Triple H, and he’s probably prevented Test from getting a new contract!!

It all looks nicely set up for someone to save the day for Mysterio … and the fans DO suddenly cheer …

… As BROCK LESNAR KEN DOANE (???) Sprints to the ring, coming to the aide of his friend … but is instantly wiped out WITH A BIG BOOT from Test, before Angle launches himself at Doane, hammering the 21 year old - remembering the kid’s recent saves for Mysterio - and delivers an ANGLE SLAM to the poor guy.

Jim Ross: You’ve gotta admire the guts and courage it took for Ken Doane to come out here to try and save his friend against these odds … but Rey Mysterio needs a lot more than a twenty year old kid to save him from this beating.

Paul Heyman: Rey Mysterio could do with a whole squad of Kenny Doanes out here to even the playing field.

Joey Styles: Someone needs to put a stop to this before it goes too far. WHAT will this accomplish?? Do The Game and Kurt Angle REALLY need the ego boost of injuring Rey Mysterio!!??

The Coach: Of course not … but they’ll do it anyway, Joey. This is a statement!!

As Test chokes Rey now in the corner, Triple H slips out of the ring, throwing the apron over, and looking under the ring for something (guess what), whilst Angle throws Doane out of the ring, turning around to get back at Rey. Back outside, we see Triple H - BRANDISHING THE SLEDGEHAMMER!!!

Joey Styles: (In a sudden hushed tone) Ohh … God … please- no.

Jim Ross: We need someone out here - NOW!! THIS HAS GONE TOO FAR!!!

The fans boo rabidly, as a smirking Triple H slides back inside, with Angle seeing him - and smiling. The two men instruct Test to hold Mysterio up, with Rey unable to put up a fight …


And Cardiff comes UNGLUED!!! In the ring, Angle, Test and Triple H’s eyes damn near pop out (especially Triple H) … as BROCK F’N LESNAR walks onto the stage - carrying a steel chair!!!

Joey Styles: HE IS HERE!!!



The Coach: Not Lesnar!! NO!!!


Dressed in training gear - and brandishing his awesome facial hair (look it up, it’s an epic beard) Lesnar stands on the stage … as Triple H stands in the ring, both breathing heavily - flaring their nostrils … AS MYSTERIO MULE KICKS TEST IN THE NUTS!!! Suddenly, Angle sparks into life, charging at Rey … BUT MYSTERIO DUCKS DOWN - AND SENDS ANGLE OVER THE TOP ROPE TO THE FLOOR!!!

Joey Styles: That quickly, that suddenly … the outlook has changed!!! Without lifting a finger, Brock Lesnar has caused chaos here!!!

Paul Heyman: Triple H STILL cant believe what he’s seeing!!! He was SURE that Lesnar wouldn’t be here!!!

Jim Ross: And I don’t think The Game is gonna like what he sees behind him!!!

The Coach: Get Mysterio outta there!!! He cant be allowed to attack Triple H!! Not when he’s distracted like this!!!

Amidst the commotion, Triple H is still focused on Lesnar - AND AS LESNAR STORMS DOWN THE AISLE … MYSTERIO DROPKICKS THE BACK OF THE GAME - SENDING HIM INTO THE ROPES!!! Brock continues down the aisle, as Rey lines up a 619 … and runs off the ropes … BUT ANGLE TRIPS HIM … AND SWINGS HIM OUT OF THE RING - CRASHING ONTO THE FLOOR!!!

Joey Styles: Just like the buzz kill he is, Kurt Angle crashes the party!!!

The Coach: That’s your opinion, Styles. You ask me?? I say Kurt Angle just saved the day!!

Still though, Brock continues down the aisle, and into the ring, just as Triple H tries to pick himself up … but before Lesnar can strike, Test gets in his way … AND EATS A CHAIR SHOT FOR HIS TROUBLES!!!

Jim Ross: Thanks for comin Test!!! See ya next year!!!


Jim Ross: It’s just Lesnar and The Game now!!! NOW WHAT!!??

The distraction gives Triple H time to retrieve his sledgehammer, and as he gets it, he swings instantly at Lesnar - but Lesnar gets the chair up to block it, and the hammer drops from The Games grasp!!! Brock SWINGS AGAIN … BUT TRIPLE H DUCKS DOWN - AND OUT OF THE RING!!!!!

Joey Styles: Like the vermin he is, Triple H dodges the bullet!!!

Paul Heyman: And he’s getting the hell outta here!!!

Jim Ross: But gentlemen, is he postponing the inevitable!!?? Can Triple H avoid the rampaging Iron Man in forty eight hours time!!???

The Coach: He wont need to avoid anything!! At Summerslam it’s man on man - no ambush like tonight!! No element of surprise to throw The Game off, and no pests like Rey Mysterio getting in the way!!!

The fans boo, as Triple H stumbles away, wasting no time getting away from an irate Brock Lesnar … whilst we see Ken Doane back to his feet, attacking Kurt Angle, with Rey joining in … but Angle shoves Doane into Mysterio … and decides to hightail it himself, not fancying his chances tonight, hopping the barrier, and getting away through the crowd, as Mysterio looks to give chase.

Joey Styles: Kurt Angle is a big, bad guy when the odds are stacked in his favour, isn’t he?? Shame he decides to tuck his tail when the going gets tough!!

The Coach: Are you nuts!!?? He’s got a huge match at Summerslam in two days - he doesn’t need to take the risk of picking up an injury - he doesn’t need the hassle!!!

Jim Ross: He’ll have his hands full on Sunday, I can guarantee that!!

The Coach: I agree - his hands will be full - one will be holding the broken pieces of what remains of Rey Mysterios ankle, and the other will be clutching onto that stupid, pathetic mask!!!

In the ring, the incensed Brock Lesnar demands a mic, whilst Triple H backs up the aisle, shaking his head, furious at Brocks comeback. The Iron Man grabs the microphone, instantly shouting…


Massive pop, as Triple H stops at the top of the ramp, breathing heavily.



Brock Lesnar: But - IF you have the balls to show at Wembley, lemme promise you THREE things …ONE; Imma bust you WIDE open!!! TWO; Imma break every single bone I get my hands on … and THREE; I WILL BEAT YOU SO *BLEEP* BADLY … YOU’LL NEVER WANT TO STEP FOOT IN A RING AGAIN!!!

Huge cheer, whilst Triple H - showing some steel - shakes his head. Lesnar momentarily smirks … but it’s not a sign of happiness.

Brock Lesnar: You’re gonna live to regret what you did to me two weeks ago … but not because I’m more pissed off than ever … but because you had to chance to end my career … and because you didn’t …

Dramatic pause … as Lesnar leans over the ropes…

Brock Lesnar: I’M GONNA END YOURS!!!!!!

Lesnar makes the BOLD prediction … AND IS ATTACKED BY TEST!!!!! Test clubs the back of Lesnar having recovered from the stiff chair shot earlier, and bundles the big man through the ropes to the floor. He drops down off the apron with an axe handle on Brock … and just as Triple H begins to saunter back down the aisle … LESNAR EXPLODES ON TEST WITH A BELLY TO BELLY!!!!!


Test winces in pain, as Triple H stops in his tracks halfway down the aisle. Brock gets back to his feet, challenging The Game to come to the ring … but Trips just stands stoic on the aisle, watching … as Lesnar trails Test back to his feet, and onto his shoulders … DELIVERING THE F5 … AND CRACKS TESTS KNEE OFF THE RING POST!!!!!

Paul Heyman: F5!!! F5 OFF THE STEEL POST!!!

Joey Styles: The Iron Man is sending a message here!!!

Lesnar isn’t done though, and despite Test writhing in agony, Brock drags him back up. Triple H is emotionless on the ramp, as he watches The Iron Man carry Test to the announce position … as J.R and Coach move out of the way, looking for cover … AS LESNAR HITS ANOTHER F5 … THIS TIME THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!!!


The Coach: HE’S LOST IT!!!

Joey Styles: DEVASTATING!!!

The Coach: This mad man has checked himself outta one hospital … but he’s on his way to another one … a MENTAL hospital!!! He’s a risk to society!!! Get a damn straightjacket on this loon!!! LOCK HIM UP - THROW AWAY THE DAMN KEY!!!!

Now, Lesnar climbs onto the Smackdown announce table, raising his hands, ripping his tank top off - showing off his heavily taped ribs - as he eyeballs Triple H, who is seen backing up to the entrance curtain … with fire in both mens eyes, staring at one another from a distance…




Official Card for WWE SummerSlam:
Date: 19th August 2007
Location: Wembley Stadium, London, England
Event Music: Kings of Leon, Fans & The Clash, London Calling

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
World Heavyweight Champion Christian w/ Ricky ‘Hitman’ Hatton
Mr. Money in the Bank; Unbeaten & Undefeated Umaga w/ Armando Estrada

WWE Championship Match:
Randy Orton vs. Rob Van Dam

World Tag Team Championships | Tables Ladders and Chairs Match:
MNM vs. Straight Edge

WWE Tag Team Championships Match:
Americas Most Wanted vs. The Caribbean Connection

WWE Intercontinental Championship | Triple Threat Match:
Shelton Benjamin vs. Matt Hardy vs. William Regal

WWE United States Championship Match:
Paul London vs. M.V.P

Womens Championship Match:
Mickie James vs. Beth Phoenix

Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar

John Cena vs. Mr. Kennedy w/The Miz

One on One:
Edge vs. The Undertaker

Grudge Match:
Rey Mysterio vs. Kurt Angle

Special Hall Of Fame induction ceremony
~ ‘The British Bulldog’ Davey Boy Smith to be inducted by Bret 'Hitman' Hart ~


Pre-Show 20 Man Battle Royal:
Batista, Garrison Cade, Jeff Hardy, Burchill, Tyson Tomko, X-Pac, Zack Ryder, Curt Hawkins, Ken Doane, Jamie Noble, Chavo Guerrero, Super Crazy, Evan Bourne, Hardcore Holly, Cody Rhodes, Nick Nemeth, Chris Masters, Rhyno, Mark Henry, Scotty Too Hotty

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Smackdown Feedback

I expected Lesnar to be here tonight but I expected it to be a surprise so a little disappointed that Heyman’s given it away here although it definitely does build it up for later and I liked the way you had Heyman shoot down Styles for calling it a rumour, then pulling out the phone, if anyone knows Lesnar it’s him.

Starting things off with Edge was definitely a good move as his and Taker’s feud could do with a bit more spotlight on it, probably hasn’t had quite enough just yet. Pretty solid stuff from the Ultimate Opportunist here, enjoyed the way he called his attack a ‘wake up call’ to the Deadman and him going off on one about being dismissed was classic psycho Edge stuff. I don’t know why but I was laughing at Taker’s little comment here about a dog barking, it’s just so random and so unlike Taker I couldn’t take it seriously, so used to seeing him talking about souls and all that nonsense, to hear him suddenly start talking about dogs got me but anyway…good stuff here with Taker finally taking note of Edge and Edge being shown to be not so confident anymore.

Good choice of opening match up. Benjamin/London on paper is an exciting match up and I’m sure it’d be a high paced, high tempo affair here. Some nice little snippets displayed by both men but don’t blame you for cutting detail so close to Summerslam, smart thing to do. Big, big win for Shelton here and he probably needed it more so than London. Pleased to see MVP rear his head and I liked how you played up London being ‘off the boil’ at the moment, fatigued and whatnot, I wouldn’t mind seeing MVP take the gold come Summerslam.

Comfortable win for Carlito and Kofi as expected here, done a nice job building these two up as legit threats to the gold.

Quite disappointed that Trips has just backed out here although at the same time it’s definitely something he would do, the slight twinge was nice lol. Even more disappointed that the replacement will be Test. There could’ve been somebody, anybody better to do the job than him. Again though, I understand it with Test wanting to earn a contract, just a hell of a step down from Trips/Mysterio main event to this.

Nice win for Cade here and his little build continues nicely. I must say that I didn’t expect the pre match battle royal to get any attention whatsoever on the main shows but it’s refreshing to see it does, keeps everyone at least somewhat relevant.

Really enjoyed the Craftsmen interview here. I like that you haven’t made these guys the usual whiny heels, they accept defeat and move on. The hint towards them doing something at Summerslam is interesting, can’t think what it’ll be right now but they deserve to be doing something both at Summerslam and in the weeks to come.

Classic Orton at the start here with his lack of remorse for what he’s done to Dreamer. Pleased to see Van Dam showing some real fire and intensity here, usually very laidback so it’s nice to see the situation rightfully changes that. Good ending with Van Dam not wanting to wait but right move in Orton weaselling his way out of it, slightly too similar to Edge/Taker earlier but the right call. Certainly a personal one now come Sunday.

Easy for Nemeth as expected and hopefully he can get some real direction after the big show as he needs it.

Wow, big news from Bisch here. Awarding the title to Phoenix? I don’t see it being that simple and I expect Miss. James to show up Sunday.

I liked this with the Caribbean Connection but at the same time, I didn’t. Kofi’s Jamaican accent is all well and good but I didn’t like the ‘mon’ stuff. At first I was thinking what the hell is that but then I realised with his accent, maybe I just need time getting used to it but I wasn’t too keen. It did it’s job though of selling their match Sunday and I think they will walk out with the belts.

I did wonder why this random Fatal 4 Way was on the card but then it all made sense as TBK makes his way down. I’ve always thought your characterisation for Kendrick’s been brilliant and this was as per usual, great stuff, he’s such a dick and the four on one beat down was nice for the crowd, giving Kendrick his comeuppance. He’s right in what he says though, there’s not a lot going in the Cruiserweight ranks for him, hopefully you build a bit more after Summerslam.

Great run down of the card once more, really is a beauty.

Well Mysterio was always going to walk away victorious here so no surprise. Angle coming out was no shock, glad to see it then Doane , loved the little swerve, expecting Lesnar to come out. He DOES eventually get here and business picks up big time. The aggression from the Ironman was on the money here and everything he said, everything he did to Test(evil by the way) was perfect.

Very nice show to round up the go home week. Raw was better but I think you said it yourself, it was meant to be the bigger of the two. This was very enjoyable though and Trips/Lesnar, Edge/Taker and Orton/Van Dam all furthered nicely. Really am looking forward to the big one now and I know it’ll be a classic.
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