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Re: Being The Booker

I think it's a given that Paul London will retain the United States Championship and defend it against MVP at SummerSlam, so what I'm more interested in is how that is set up on this show. Hopefully you'll find a way to make it entertaining.

I'm not too sure about the Van Dam/Orton feud to be honest. It's been going on for months now and it should've built to a big climatic ending at SummerSlam, but instead you had RVD pin Orton last week (even if it was part of a tag team match), so I think this week's show needs Orton to come out of it looking much stronger than he has done as of late.

I fully expect Edge to make an example out of Elijah Burke. If you want someone who has failed to win the title on so many occasions look like some sort of a threat to one of the biggest names in the company, he needs to really step up.

I'm a bit iffy about the tag team tournament. The fact you've had your tag team champions acknowledge how bad the division is doesn't exactly reflect well on them. Nonetheless I guess it'll some time to build the division again so at least you've made a start.
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Re: Being The Booker

Friday Night Smackdown | August 3 2007 | Melbourne, Australia

We cut directly to an interview set, where Eric Bischoff is stood, waiting to address the audience.

Eric Bischoff: Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Before tonight’s proceedings, I am under obligation to deliver an announcement. Earlier today, I received a fax directly from WWE Headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut, and the office of WWE Commissioner; Jesse Ventura.

Bischoff holds up the aforementioned fax.

Eric Bischoff: And, in his instructions, Mister Ventura has discussed the ongoing issues between Brock Lesnar and Triple H. Mister Ventura has stressed his concerns with both men and their recent actions, and the potential consequences should the situation escalate any further.

The GM pauses for a moment.

Eric Bischoff: With that in mind, and the possible reality that any further physical altercations between the two men could result in one - or both - competitors being unable to compete at Summerslam on August 19 … Mister Ventura has implemented a zero tolerance, NO contact ruling between Brock Lesnar and Triple H.


Eric Bischoff: Should either man lay a hand on the other before their match at Summerslam?? Not only will their match at Summerslam be called off … but the instigator of any fight between them will be suspended indefinitely WITHOUT pay.

Some gasps from the fans.

Eric Bischoff: However- tonight’s announced “Face to Face” showdown between Lesnar and Triple H WILL go ahead as planned.

Big pop.

Eric Bischoff: But the edict handed down by Mister Ventura is effective … immediately.

Heat from the fans, as Eric Bischoff nods, folding up the fax, as we fade out…

Opening Video


Joey Styles: Friday Night Smackdown has arrived in the land down under on week three of the summer long World Tour!! Melbourne the picturesque setting, I’m your host, Joey Styles, and joining me at ringside is Paul Heyman!! Paul??

Paul Heyman: TWO titles on the line, contendership is up for grabs too!! I’m all set Joey!!

Joey Styles: Yes, as Paul alluded to, TWO titles will be at stake tonight. Of course, our main event tonight sees Paul London defend his United States title in a triple threat match against Charlie Haas and his partner - the 2007 King of the Ring, and the man London defeated at Judgment Day to win the title, Brent Albright!!

Paul Heyman: Triple Threat matches are always bad for the champion. Doesn’t need to be pinned or involved at ALL in the decision to lose his title. That’s bad enough, but then, you add in the fact that his opponents are best friends?? It could be an unhappy weekend for the Golden Boy!!

Joey Styles: It could be, Paul. But let’s not forget; Haas and Albright are set to pull double duty tonight. They’ve got a tag team match to get through before that main event later, when th-


The fans pop for the arrival of Jamie Noble, as he enters the stage, looking pumped up, getting the fans going.

Joey Styles: And the first title match is about to happen - RIGHT NOW!! For the last two months, Jamie Noble has been chomping at the bit for a shot at The Brian Kendricks Cruiserweight title, and tonight, his wish is finally granted!!

Paul Heyman: Ever since he stood up to the playground bully, JBL, Jamie Noble has been reignited. He’s found his confidence, he’s found his voice, and he’s hell bent on ripping the Cruiserweight title from Brian Kendrick.

Joey Styles: Well, for the past couple of months - all the while that Noble has targeted the Cruiserweight title - Kendrick has been targeting other championship gold. Not content with the prestige of being Cruiserweight champion, Kendrick has tried - and failed - in bids to win the U.S Title, and a title shot at the tag team belts. After tonight, Kendrick may just find his pot empty.


It’s unadulterated heat for TBK, who cockily swaggers through the curtain, getting the fans backs up already.

Joey Styles: As we get set for this opening contest tonight, allow me to quickly run down what else is to come tonight. As you already know, the triple threat match for the United States Title is our main event, but in addition, The Master Craftsmen pull double duty, facing the debuting James Boys, whilst the Caribbean Connection attempt to rebound from their loss in the two out of three falls match from last week when they also kick off their quest for that shot at AMW at Summerslam, taking on the returning pair of Rob Conway and Andrew ‘Test’ Martin.

Paul Heyman: It’s been a while since we got to see Conway and Test in a WWE ring, and I don’t know about you Joey Styles, but the only thing I know about the James Boys is that Layla is smoking hot.

Joey Styles: We’ll get onto the James Boys later, Paul, but before all that, there is also a #1 Contenders match, with the winner meeting the eventual United States Champion at Summerslam. Batista meets MVP tonight for that opportunity at Wembley Stadium!! AND- Edge - just over two weeks away from a career defining showdown with The Undertaker - is in action, taking on Elijah Burke, who makes his first appearance since the departure of his tag team partner and mentor, Booker T!!

Paul Heyman: And we haven’t even got around to talking about the two big face to face showdowns tonight!! RVD and Randy Orton will meet in that ring later, and so too will Brock Lesnar and Triple H!!

Joey Styles: Two highly combustible situations for sure - and one in which neither man can touch the other!!!

The Brian Kendrick vs. Jamie Noble
Kendrick is completely over the top in the early going, flicking his hair, relaxing - despite the possibility of losing his title - whilst Noble is like a coiled spring, ready to explode on his cocky adversary. Kendrick isn’t allowed to stall for long though, and as soon as they lock up, Noble is on the attack, winding the champion with knees to the gut, doubling TBK over, driving his forearms into the back of Kendrick, punishing the cocky champion. Noble continues to punish Kendrick in the early going, roughing him up on the outside too, as he unleashes over a month of pent up frustration, desperate to get this title shot.

Noble brings it back inside, scoring a couple of quick near falls, before sending the champion into the corner, racing in to attack - BUT KENDRICK MOVES - and Noble hit’s the corner, staggering out, INTO A JUMPING CALF KICK FROM THE CHAMPION!!! Kendrick covers, 1...2...NO!!! TBK quickly sizes the recovering challenger up, putting him back down with a dropkick, then another (whilst Noble is on his knees) firmly putting the champion in charge. Kendrick hammers Noble in the corner, showing a more aggressive side, being forced off by the referee … as we cut to the first commercial break of the night.

Commercial Break

And we return, with Kendrick in control (sleeper hold applied), but we see clips from during the commercial, where Noble turned the tables, and nearly scored a three with a bridged German suplex, before Kendrick low bridged the ropes, sending an oncoming Noble to the outside of the ring, and leapt out on him from the apron with an axe handle to put him down, and get the champion back in control, with an Irish whip into the ringpost adding to the challengers woes. Now, in the ring, Noble is forced to battle, with Kendrick dominating at this point, and enjoying it too. The challenger begins to dig, fighting to his knees - and the expression begins to change on Kendricks face - as he cranks the hold in tighter, but Noble is beginning to hit a rush of adrenaline, and drives his elbows into the gut of the champ - breaking the hold!!!

Noble rushes off the ropes, ducking under a wild swing from the champion, and off the opposite side, CRASHING ONTO KENDRICK WITH A CROSS BODY!!! Noble is firing now, and rattles off a succession of knife edge chops, with the champion folding under the intensity of each blow, falling to the canvas every time, clutching his chest, with Noble taking advantage, gripping the champion up, dropping him with a backbreaker across his knee, into a cover, 1...2...NO!!! Noble though isn’t put off by the kick out, and sends TBK into the corner, charging in behind, and DRIVES his knee into the gut of the champion!!! Kendrick staggers out, doubling over, holding his winded gut, as Noble hooks him up, and pops off a vertical suplex … then pops his hips (Guerrero style) … bringing Kendrick back up … and delivers a FRONT suplex!!! He turns the champ over, hooking the leg … 1...2...NO!!!

The challenger looks shattered by the kick out, shaking his head, before putting his focus back on TBK. He stomps the champ, and drags him to his feet, running him off the ropes (going with him and keeping hold of the arm) delivering a knee to the gut … running him off the ropes and delivering a knee to the gut. Noble lets go, with Kendrick doubled over again, and the challenger runs off the ropes, sprinting back off - SWINGING NECKBREAKER!!! He covers again … 1...2...KENDRICK GETS A SHOULDER UP!!! Noble is incredulous, shaking his head, saying to the referee “COME ON BOOOY!!” before reaching back to his feet, whilst Kendrick barely moves on the canvas. Noble grabs TBK clubbing his back, then puts him in position … LOOKING FOR THE TIGER BOMB … BUT KENDRICK TRIPS THE LEGS AND JACKKNIFES OVER … 1...2...KICK OUT!!!!!

Kendrick nearly squeaked out a miraculous win, but Noble squirmed out of the pin, and knocks the exhausted Kendrick straight back down with a clothesline. Noble now begins to climb the buckles, perching himself in anticipation for Kendrick getting up … and flies off looking for a cross body … BUT KENDRICK SHIELDS HIMSELF - DRAGGING THE REFEREE TO TAKE THE BLOW INSTEAD!!!!! The fans boo, as Kendrick falls into the ropes, whilst Noble rises up, bug eyed at what just happened there. TBK spots an opening, and looks to attack Noble from behind, running a knee into the back of the challenger, sending Noble into the corner. Kendrick clubs the back of the challenger in the corner, before roughly dragging him out … AND GOES FOR SLICED BREAD … BUT NOBLE REVERSES AS KENDRICK PUSHES OFF THE BUCKLE … AND APPLIES THE DRAGON SLEEPER TO THE CHAMPION!!!!! The fans go nuts for the counter, as Noble locks on his submission finisher … AND KENDRICK TAPS OUT!!!

But alas … no referee for Noble. The challenger throws Kendrick down, and makes a beeline for the official, shaking him by his shirt, trying to revive him, and slowly, the groggy referee comes around … but is far from able to make any kind of call. Noble now turns his attention back to Kendrick, but as he drags the weary champion to his feet … CHRIS MASTERS SLIDES INTO THE RING FROM NOWHERE … GRABBING NOBLE FROM BEHIND - and despite the struggle from Noble, he cant overpower The Masterpiece - AND SLAMS HIM WITH A FULL NELSON!!!!! The flabbergasted champion takes full advantage (with the referee’s back turned from the whole incident as he tries to recover) grabbing the lifeless challenger whilst Masters exit’s the ring, backing up with a smile on his face … AS TBK RUSHES UP THE ROPES, PUSHING OFF … SLICED BREAD!!!!! Kendrick connects with his finisher, under highly shady circumstances … and hooks the leg tightly, leaning back on the challenger … as the referee makes the painfully slow count … 1.….2.….3!!!
Winner: And STILL Cruiserweight Champion - The Brian Kendrick @ 11:16

Kendrick escapes with his title intact, despite TAPPING to Noble moments ago. TBK rolls out of the ring, grabbing his belt and getting out of dodge, whilst Chris Masters disappears behind the curtain.

Joey Styles: What in the- CHRIS MASTERS JUST SCREWED JAMIE NOBLE!!! Why????

Paul Heyman: I believe they call that a receipt, Joey. Last week, Jamie Noble cost Masters and Kendrick their shot at the tag team titles-

Joey Styles: But Noble didn’t have an issue with Masters!! He was coming for Kendrick!!

Paul Heyman: Maybe so, but Joey, ultimately, Noble cost Masters. Doesn’t matter who he came for, to the Masterpiece, it only matters what he did, and he cost Masters that match just as much as he did Kendrick.

Joey Styles: This isn’t right. This isn’t fair Paul. Jamie Noble was on the brink of ending Brian Kendricks reign as cruiserweight champion, and because of Chris Masters, Noble leaves Australia empty handed!!

Kendrick hurriedly walks up the aisle, gratefully holding his title - finally treating it with some admiration - talking to the belt, saying, over and over; “I WONT LOSE YOU!! I WONT LOSE YOU!!”

Joey Styles: This is disgusting. Brian Kendrick is the luckiest man in Melbourne tonight, that’s for sure.

Paul Heyman: Hey- not for nothin, but this night is young, Joey. There’s plenty of time for someone to get luckier.

Joey Styles: Well, one man it wont be is Jamie Noble. The boy from the trailer park will leave this place as the unluckiest man tonight.

In the ring, Noble has sat up, holding his forehead as the realisation kicks in that he lost … as we fade out …

And, backstage, Josh Mathews is standing by…

Josh Mathews: Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight for two men, it’s a huge opportunity to not only contend for gold at Summerslam, but to win gold individually. My guests at this time are of course, Charlie Haas … and the 2007 King of the Ring, Brent Albright.

The Master Craftsmen enter the picture, looking relaxed, despite a night with two matches laying ahead.

Josh Mathews: Guys, tonight you have two matches. One as a team, then later, the main event - opposing each other in the triple threat match for the United States Title. Your thoughts??

Albright takes the mic first.

Brent Albright: I think it’s about time the system started to appreciate our talents, and judging by tonight’s assignments, someone that makes decisions is finally sitting up and taking notice that the Master Craftsmen ARE the show. It’s no coincidence Charlie and I are competing twice tonight … we‘re that good. We‘re the only ones around here capable of it. It’s not a big, grandiose task for us to compete twice in one night … it makes sense.

Haas now takes over.

Charlie Haas: For months now Josh, we’ve said that we’re the glue holding this thing together. We’re the best competitors, and we’re the best at what we do in the ring. We thrive on nights like tonight- HELL- Brent won the King of the Ring on a night like tonight, wrestling three times. Two matches?? That’s a day off for the likes of us.

Mathews interjects.

Josh Mathews: But surely, with the two of you teaming up first, then competing against one another later … you’ll have conflicts of interest in both matches. Surely it will have crossed one - if not both - of your minds to take your foot off the gas in your tag team match, in order to save your best for the United States Title match-

Josh tails off, noticing Albright shaking his head furiously.

Brent Albright: Take it easy?? Do you think I won the King of the Ring tournament by ‘taking it easy’?? Do you think Charlie got to this position by taking it easy?? We only know one way, Josh - and that’s flat out, pedal to the floor, win at all costs.

Haas takes over again.

Charlie Haas: Frankly Josh, I’m insulted you’d ask such a question. You call yourself a broadcast journalist?? You’re pretty pathetic. Brent and I are more than capable of giving one hundred per cent twice in one night. We’ve done it before, we’ll do it tonight, and for whichever one of us leaves Melbourne as United States Champion will do it again at Summerslam, when he defends his U.S Title, and wins the Tag Team titles to boot.

Albright nods, as Haas hands the mic over again.

Brent Albright: And before you try to stick a wedge between us, Josh … save yourself the time. There’ll be no hostility between Charlie and I. Not now, not later … as a matter of fact, we’re both excited about going up against one another. See, we enjoy the competition … and as far as we’re concerned?? We’re the elite, we’re the cream of the crop … and the best damn test either of us could have. There’s only one downside … and that’s the fact that Paul London is in the way of the perfect contest.

Haas smirks.

Charlie Haas: But uh … we’ll soon put that right, huh partner??

The two men share a knowing smile, as Albright nods in agreement.

Charlie Haas: Josh, as much as you - and all these dingos in Melbourne would love to see Brent and I at one anothers throats?? That simply wont happen.

Heat for the insult.

Charlie Haas: Don’t get me wrong … we’re gonna beat the holy hell out of each other tonight. But win, lose or draw … once the bell is rung, we’ll shake hands, and we’ll look forward to the next chance we get to test ourselves against one another.

Albright nods again, patting his friend on the back.

Brent Albright: And given the way things are going around here?? Given the fact that people are finally sitting up and taking notice?? It wont be long, my friend. It wont be long at all.

Albright turns, gesturing to ‘cut’ to Mathews, as he and Haas walk off the set, as we fade out with Mathews watching on…

Commercial Break


Lots of clips of excited fans, buying tickets for Summerslam, showing them to a camera airs, as the chords of ‘Fans’ by Kings of Leon plays in the background, before the following words fill the screen.


Flashing shots of a deranged Umaga, a jubilant Paul London and an intense Kurt Angle appear on the screen.

… ON AUGUST 19 …

Cut to Randy Orton posing, John Cena running down the aisle, and Edge tearing at his hair in despair.


Zooming shot of the newly built Wembley Stadium.


Explosion of fast and furious finishers; Rey Mysterio with a 619, Lesnar with an F5, RVD soaring, Straight Edge hitting a double shining wizard and Shelton Benjamin nailing Paydirt.

‘London Calling’ by The Clash takes over now, as the next series of big screen filling words begins.


Shots of fans from Summerslam 1992, before a shot of the new look Wembley.


Shots of Triple H, Lesnar, Orton, RVD, Christian, Umaga, Kennedy and Cena.


Cut to Umaga standing over Christian, then Lesnar and Triple H face to face.


Clips of MNM & Straight Edge; in action against one another, spliced with shots from previous TLC matches, and other random shots of both teams using chairs in the past, and MNM putting Booker T through a table last December.


Clips of The Undertaker walking toward the ring; cut to the Deadman chokeslamming JBL into the grave last month, then to Edge spearing the mannequin last week.


Orton punting RVD at WrestleMania, then the Hangmans DDT at Judgment Day … before RVD smashes Orton with the Van Terminator in Japan.


Kurt Angle attacking Rey Mysterio in Mexico; applying an American flag to the face of the proud Rey in his spiritual home … then cut to Mr. Kennedy and The Miz bloodying Cena that very same week with the video camera.


Shots of Christian getting owned by Umaga over the previous weeks, then the soundbite;

“In my corner on August 19 at Summerslam … will be … RICKY … HATTON!!!”


Stock footage of Hatton at his best, with vicious knockouts, and raising his title belts aloft, sat on the shoulders of his trainers.


Big collection of showdowns / cut shots; RVD & Orton, Kennedy & Cena, Angle & Rey, Triple H & Lesnar …


Then flashing shots of Umaga … and Christian … before darkness.



Back into the arena…


Entering to a lukewarm reaction, the returning former stars, Andrew ‘Test’ Martin and Rob Conway make their way to the ring ahead of their big opportunity to win a new contract with the company.

Joey Styles: For any long time WWE fans, these two men should be instantly recognisable. Rob Conway and Andrew Martin have been away from the company for one and two years respectively, but after successfully lodging a case to Eric Bischoff, these two uncontracted stars have given themselves an opportunity to reach the big time again. Victory in this tournament will guarantee them that, and earlier today, this is what both men had to say…


Inside a pre-tape studio…

Andrew Martin: We’re two guys with a lot of bitterness driving us on … and it’s the motivation we intend on using to win a shot at the WWE Tag Team Titles at Summerslam, and earn ourselves a contract, after being unfairly dismissed last time around.

Conway stares at the camera as if it just personally insulted him.

Rob Conway: This guy got tossed to the kerb after nearly ten years service to this company. I got thrown to the wayside after nearly as long as him. We’ve given blood, sweat and tears for the WWE over the years … and now … it’s time for us to make others bleed … sweat … and cry … starting with two of the guys we’ve had to watch replace us and take what used to be our jobs.

Test clasps his hands together, nodding along.

Andrew Martin: Caribbean Connection?? Wrong place … wrong time.

Conway smirks, as we fade out.

We cut back to the arena, where Martin and Conway are watching their own video from the ring, agreeing (obviously) with their comments…


To a more favourable response, Carlito and Kofi Kingston make their entrance - much more vibrant and high energy than that of their bitter opponents.

Joey Styles: It’s no surprise that Carlito and Kofi Kingston were upset at their crushing loss to the Master Craftsmen last week on Smackdown in a controversial two out of three falls match. Tonight though, they have a chance to begin their quest for retribution, and this is what they had to say earlier…


Inside a pre-tape studio…

Carlito: Test?? Rob Conway?? Didn’t you two get fired because you sucked?? Hey Test, guess what. Since you’ve been gone?? Things have changed. It’s not 1999 anymore, and you‘ve got no “Testicles”. Figuratively … and literally. And Rob?? Thing- … actually, things haven’t changed much since you were last here … everyone still hates the French, and they despise French sympathizers.

Kofi laughs at his partner.

Kofi Kingston: In all seriousness though … after what happened last week with Albright n’ Haas … Carlito and I man?? We’re ready to kick some ass tonight!! We want those tag team titles, and the shot at AMW at Summerslam!! If that means we get a chance to settle the score with the Master Craftsmen along de way to get dere?? It’s all good mon. But, hey … as for Andrew Martin and Rob Conway?? Beggin for your job back??

Kofi looks to Carlito and smirks, as Carlito bites a chunk out of his apple.

Kofi Kingston: Dats not cool mon. And no matter how long you two have been away … you know what happens to people who don’t wanna be cool …

Carlito spits his apple on the camera, as we fade out.

Rob Conway & Andrew Martin vs. The Caribbean Connection
Pissed at the comments from Kingston and Carlito, Martin starts the match ultra aggressively, using his size and power to gain the upper hand on CCC … but that doesn’t last for long, as Carlito uses his speed and guile to bamboozle the formerly known Test, with a springboard elbow knocking the big man off his feet. Kingston is brought in, and the Connection knock Martin down with a double dropkick, before CCC drops down, allowing Kingston to spring off his back, getting major height, before landing on Test with a splash, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

Kingston continues to shine with his athletic offence, including the BOOM DROP … until he runs into SIDEWALK SLAM!!! The tables instantly turn, and Martin tags in Conway for the first time, as the returning duo take over. Conway stomps the Jamaican in the corner, wearing him down, before picking him up into a suplex position, hoisting him up, then drops his torso on the ropes, springing back to add to the basic vertical suplex. He floats over, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Conway continues to wear down Kingston off that, with a few holds, before tagging Test back in. The big man brings the power game, toying with the smaller Kingston, but is unable to finish him off. Martin - still toying with Kofi - hoists him up, looking for a military press … BUT KINGSTON SLIPS OFF - AND FREE … ducks under a boot … SOS!!!!! Kingston crawls across, looking for a tag to Carlito … AND GETS THERE!!!

Carlito hops into the ring, shooting off a succession of arm drags to Test, (as we see a shot of Los Latinos backstage, watching the action unfold; awaiting the winners of the match next week) dizzying the big man … then CCC spots Conway getting in to save his partner, and leap frogs him, with Conway running right into Test!!! Carlito throws Conway out of the ring, then drops Test with a neck breaker. CCC jumps up, and springs from the bottom rope, to the middle rope … DOUBLE SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT … CONNECTS!!! He covers, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Carlito puts the kick out behind him, and sets up his opponent for the Apple Core, waiting for him to reach his feet … BUT ROB CONWAY ATTACKS CARLITO FROM BEHIND!!!!!

Conway puts Carlito down, and the referee is forced to stop Kofi from entering the ring to stop the 2 on 1 beating. As this happens, Conway holds Carlito up, waiting for his partner to nail his BIG BOOT … BUT CARLITO DUCKS … AND DOWN GOES CONWAY!!!!! Martin shoots around shocked by the mishap … BUT CCC SHOOTS UNDER … BACK CRACKER!!!!! Carlito covers, 1...2...SHOULDER UP!!!!! The man from the Caribbean gets back up, dumping Conway back out of the ring, and tags in Kingston. However, the tandem play a trick on Test, with Carlito staying inside, acting as if he is still legal, whilst Kofi skulks around ringside. CCC purposely draws Test to his feet, backing into the corner … then ducks under the big man, who spins around … as Carlito slides on out of the ring … WHILST KINGSTON RUNS AT TEST - TROUBLE IN PARADISE!!!!! He covers, 1...2...3!!!!!
Winners: The Caribbean Connection @ 05:34

A bit of creative teamwork finishes off the former superstars, as Carlito and Kofi book a place in the semi-finals of the tournament - to meet Los Latinos next week. The two men celebrate their win, whilst we cut to the backstage area where Chavo and Super Crazy are seen watching on.

Joey Styles: Thanks for coming Test and Conway. I believe there will be a first class ticket back to the States awaiting them backstage!! But for Carlito and Kofi Kingston the only thing waiting for them is a date with Los Latinos next week on Smackdown as they go one step nearer to a shot at the WWE Tag Team Titles at Summerslam!!

Paul Heyman: I feel for Martin and Conway, Joey. This was their big shot - maybe even their last - at earning a contract with the biggest wrestling organisation on the planet. But- they failed to do what was needed so … don’t let the door hit ya boys!!

Joey Styles: And later tonight, we will find out the identity of Jeff Hardy and Evan Bournes opponents in the second semi-final. The Master Craftsmen - as we know, set to pull double duty tonight - meet the James Boys for the final semi final spot … and ladies and gentlemen, don’t move … that match is next!!

Commercial Break

We return with Brent Albright and Charlie Haas already on their way to the ring.

Joey Styles: Well, we heard from The Master Craftsmen earlier tonight, and they were incredulous at the suggestion that there will be any issues between them ahead of their title shot at Paul London later tonight.

Paul Heyman: Haas and Albright are a different breed, Joey. They thrive on the competition, they truly believe they are 1A and A1, and unlike most others, they cant wait to test themselves on each other!! Most friends hate competing head to head - these two WANT to compete against one another. Incredible.


Entering to Laylas very feminine theme, The James Boys make their first appearance on Smackdown, decked out in typical country boy gear; chequered shirts, jeans and cowboy boots.

Joey Styles: Handpicked by the 2006 MTV Diva Search winner, Kasey and Kassidy find themselves with a golden opportunity to compete at Summerslam. The trio had this to say earlier today…


Inside a pre-tape studio, Layla stands ahead of the team, rubbing a big ring on her finger…

Layla: Everyone knows how much a girl loves diamonds. They say diamonds are a girls best friend. And ever since I was a little girl, I’ve always been fascinated by diamonds. But what I learned about them … is that they take time to become the thing of beauty that you see right now.

Layla shows her sparkling ring to the camera, before turning her attention to the two men either side of her.

Layla: And to my left and right … are two unpolished diamonds. Kasey and Kassidy have the ability inside them to shine … and it’s my job to polish these two diamonds into the stars I know they can be.

The prim and proper glamorous diva takes a look at the tattered clothing the two southern brothers are adorning, and doesn’t hide her disgust.

Layla: And in time … the James Boys will be the brightest diamonds on the tag team scene … complete … with solid gold.

Layla motions a hand across each mans waist to predict tag team gold in the future, as Kasey and Kassidy nod in agreement as we fade out.

The Master Craftsmen vs. The James Boys w/Layla
As expected, Albright and Haas dominate from the get go, with Kasey and Kassidy looking every much the fish out of water many expected them to be. On the outside, the 2006 Diva Search winner looks on in fear, seeing her two relative rookies being schooled by the King of the Ring and his partner. Eventually, Layla is called into action, and trips the leg of Haas as he bounces off the ropes, distracting him, allowing Kasey to come from behind and deliver a side suplex. From this point, the James Boys finally begin to show some potential - albeit looking rather over eager and anxious - rushing themselves, not wanting to give Haas any time to recover and mount a comeback.

Kassidy shoots Haas off the ropes - where Albright makes a blind tag - and drops him with a back body drop … BUT GETS GRIPPED BY ALBRIGHT INSTANTLY AFTER - AND DRILLS KASSIDY WITH A HALF NELSON SUPLEX!!! The momentum is cut short for the newcomers, as Albright runs across the ring, knocking Kasey off the apron with a running forearm. He delivers another suplex to Kassidy, then tags a refreshed Haas back into the ring, before stepping out himself, and intimidates Layla, as Haas applies the HAAS OF PAIN - cranking back - forcing the tap from Kassidy, and the end of the James Boys hopes of a tag team title shot.
Winners: The Master Craftsmen @ 04:13

An inauspicious debut for Kasey and Kassidy James, whilst Haas and Albright roll into the semi-finals - and warm themselves up perfectly for later tonight, and their shot at Paul Londons United States title.

Joey Styles: Paul, I think Layla better start polishing her rough diamonds. No shame in defeat to Haas and Albright, but on this display, the James Boys are some way off the top of the tag team ladder.

Paul Heyman: Yeah, and while she’s at it, I’ve got something Layla could polish-

Joey Styles: Oh please, Paul, no…

Paul Heyman: What?? Ornaments at home. I’ve been away for three weeks Joey … those things are picking up dust.

Joey Styles: Ornaments aside, it’s back to square one for Kasey, Kassidy and Layla … but next week, The Master Craftsmen meet the aptly named Daredevils; Jeff Hardy and Evan Bourne. What an exciting match up that could be!!

Paul Heyman: You aint kiddin Joey. Two great tag team matches on Smackdown next Friday night already.

Joey Styles: But of course, still to come, Haas and Albright will be in action again later, challenging Paul London for the United States title. Triple threat match for the title, TONIGHT!!

We then cut backstage, and see WWE CHAMPION RANDY ORTON walking down the hallway…

Joey Styles: But to come before that, it’s the first of TWO face to face showdowns tonight in Melbourne. The WWE Champion is here, and he‘ll meet his Summerslam opponent in the ring later!! It’s Orton - face to face - with Rob Van Dam!! But coming up next, Elijah Burke makes his first appearance since the Great American Bash, but it’s an uphill task - he goes one on one with the man on a collision course with the Undertaker at Summer slam - EDGE!!!

Commercial Break

We return backstage, and see DEUCE AND DOMINO outside the office marked ‘GENERAL MANAGER’, seemingly squabbling about who should knock the door, but eventually Deuce huffs, and knocks it himself. From inside we hear an agitated “WHAT?” as the two look to each other, with Domino mouthing “Stay firm!” before nodding to each other, and enter the room.

Bischoff is seen standing at his desk, searching through papers furiously, before looking up, and rolling his eyes at the duo standing in front of him. Eric looks back down, and back at the papers.

Deuce: Uhh, Mister Bischoff??

Without looking up again, Bischoff speaks.

Eric Bischoff: Make it quick.

The two take a glance at each other, with Deuce motioning for Domino to speak.

Domino: Uhm … look, we know you’re busy boss … but we’ve got a few concerns. We got left out of the number one contenders tournament. Me and Deuce are good enough to beat AMW. We shoulda been in that tournament … uh … are you listening Mister Bischoff??

Apparently not. Bischoff continues looking through his papers, as Deuce walks to the table - slamming a fist on the wood to draw Erics attention.

Deuce: Eric - we want to either get a spot in one of those two semi final matches next week, or we want you to move us to Raw.

Bischoffs eyes widen at the very forceful tone on Deuce’s voice.

Eric Bischoff: You wont be getting added to either match in the tournament next week. You didn’t get selected because you’ve not won matches. Maybe if you had a little more passion in the ring, like you’ve just shown me now … we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

Domino, suddenly braver, steps forward to speak.

Domino: We’ll admit, we’ve been a little too comfortable in our surroundings lately. We haven‘t done as well as we should‘ve. Leaving us out of the tag title tournament?? That was the kick we needed … and now?? Me and Deuce think we need a change of surroundings. You done it for Ken Doane … now do it for us. Give us our shot on Monday Night Raw, and we wont disappoint.

Deuce nods in agreement. Eric looks at both men, thinking for a moment.

Eric Bischoff: Leave it with me. I’ll see what I can do, okay??

Deuce and Domino nod in agreement, happy with the discussion … as we fade out …

And to Kristal Marshall, who is standing by with Elijah Burke.

Kristal Marshall: I’m here with Elijah Burke, who is set to face Edge in just a few moments time. Elijah, you have been on special leave in recent weeks after the loss you and Booker T suffered at the Great American Bash - a loss which saw Booker T lose his job. How are you feeling??

Burke forces a smile.

Elijah Burke: It’s been weird, Kristal. I’ve been in the WWE for a year now, and that whole time, I was side by side with a man that was like a father to me, y’know?? It still hurts me to think that I’m partly responsible for my mentor - my idol - losing the job he loved … but when I think of that … I think of what Booker would tell me. You know what he’d be telling me right now??

Kristal shrugs.

Elijah Burke: (Does a Booker T impression) YO PUNK ASS BETTA STOP FEELIN SORRY FO’ YO’SELF!!! Pick yo’self up, and go do yo thang right dere!!

Burke smiles, and some of the fans cheer.

Elijah Burke: And that’s exactly what I’m gonna do tonight. For the last year, Booker was preparing me for this moment. My chance to step up to the plate and show the world what Eli Burke is all about. So starting tonight with Edge, you-

Suddenly, Edge enters the picture, grabbing the mic from Burke.

Edge: Starting tonight with Edge … you’re about to find out it’s a tough world out there without a crutch to hide behind. Now, Booker- Booker T and I?? We weren’t close. We didn’t talk. But I can guess what he would’ve been telling you right now if he still had a job here…

Edge pauses, smirks, then begins.


Edge smirks, and shoves the mic into the chest of Burke, happy with his awful impression. Burke shakes his head.

Elijah Burke: I don’t think so. See, the way I look at it … I’ve learned just about everything there is to know from Booker … and seeing as he was a FIVE TIME … FIVE TIME … FIVE TIME … FIVE TIME … FIVE TIME … WORLD CHAMPION … and you … well … you’re a how many??

Burke smacks his own forehead.

Elijah Burke: Oh, that’s right … you aint never been World Champion. So, seeing as I’ve learned from a genuine great … and you only have experiences of choking to call back on … I’d say I belong in your company. Now … can you dig that??

Burke steps into Edge’s face.


Burke walks off, leaving Edge absolutely fuming, as we fade out…

Back into the arena …


Entering to a generous pop and new music, Elijah Burke makes his way down the aisle, slapping hands with fans, as he gets set for his first ever singles match without Booker T by his side.

Joey Styles: A tremendous athlete in his own right, Elijah Burke held a NINETY EIGHT AND ONE record in his amateur boxing career, before making the jump to the world of professional wrestling, and for the last year, has honed his skills under the tutelage of the legendary Booker T.

Paul Heyman: An obviously intelligent individual, positioning himself to learn from one of the greats of the last decade, Elijah Burke has surely picked up a number of tricks of the trade, and now could be the perfect time to step up on his own. Very confident young man.

Joey Styles: But it’s a huge task ahead of Elijah Burke tonight. Big test for Burke against the man that meets The Deadman at Summerslam. Elijah Burke takes on Edge - NEXT!!!

Commercial Break

And, we return with Edge already reaching the ring, with his entrance mainly taking place during the commercial.

Joey Styles: In a little over two weeks time, Edge faces the biggest test of his career at this point. Not only is Edge at a crossroads, but he has to take on the immortal Deadman - and it’s all through his own doing. Edge made the challenge, and he’s got what he wanted. Edge meets The Deadman at Wembley, with Edge’s focus firmly on winning the match and earning a shot at that elusive WWE title.

Paul Heyman: I love the balls Edge has had it calling out The Phenom, but as Taker said, he should be careful what he wishes for. A loss at Summerslam, and Edge is out of the running for a long, long time to come. But hey, he better not look past Elijah Burke tonight. This is a tough task in and of itself.

Joey Styles: And all day today, Edge has been telling anyone that will listen that he’s ready for any mind games that may be coming his way from the Deadman. The parlour tricks will not come as a surprise to Edge whenever they come.

Match 4:
Elijah Burke vs. Edge
By no means a squash, Burke is equal to Edge in the early going, not looking out of place in the ring with a bona fide main event player. Burkes competitiveness takes the Rated ‘R’ Superstar by surprise, and forces Edge to rethink his strategy on the outside … BUT BURKE PROPELS HIMSELF OVER THE TOP - ONTO EDGE ON THE OUTSIDE!!!!! The fans are firmly behind Burke, who gets Edge back inside the ring, sending him into the corner, and LOOKS FOR THE ELIJAH EXPRESS … BUT EDGE DODGES OUT OF THE CORNER … AND CATCHES BURKE WITH A SPEAR!!!!!

Out of nowhere, it’s surely over … but Edge refuses to cover, shaking his head, and getting to his feet. He walks to the corner, and wills Burke to get back to his feet, hunching down, urging his opponent to get back up … and when he does … SPEAR AGAIN!!! Edge still shakes his head, and still refuses to cover. On commentary, Styles is furious, shouting “HE HAD HIM BEAT AFTER THE FIRST SPEAR!!! END THIS THING!!!” Edge though, signals for one more … but as he waits, he looks around - as if to expect something from the Undertaker - but nothing comes, and as Elijah peels himself away from the ropes … IT’S ANOTHER SPEAR!!! This time, Edge hooks the leg, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Edge @ 04:42

Edge has his hand raised in victory, and stands in the ring - still looking around as if he’s expecting some potential tricks from The Undertaker … but nothing comes.

Joey Styles: Not quite the way Elijah Burke would’ve wanted this thing to go I’m sure-

Paul Heyman: Well, if this is anything to go by, he didn’t learn much from Booker T over the last year. Did he really think he could put Edge away that soon??? Did he think he could connect with the Elijah Express that early?? IS HE CRAZY!!??

Joey Styles: I’m sure Elijah Burke will bounce back from this loss, Paul. He’s an athlete with tremendous upside … but right now, Edge is the man of the moment. He’s two weeks away from a date with destiny against The Undertaker. He believes a victory will see him unquestionably as the next challenger for the WWE Title … but he must know himself, a victory will see his dreams of being WWE Champion shattered for the foreseeable future.

Paul Heyman: And Joey, it seems like Edge is almost waiting on something from The Undertaker. A message, or the usual parlour tricks … but … nothing.

Joey Styles: Indeed. Perhaps Paul, it’s reverse mind games from The Undertaker. As I mentioned earlier, Edge has been very vocal about being ready for whatever The Deadman had to throw at him … but was he ready for this?? NO tricks, no flickering lights, no messages … as you said Paul, nothing.

Edge continues to stand in the ring for a moment, still looking around, waiting from something from the Deadman … but nothing is coming … with Edge looking angered by the lack of tricks and mind games … as we fade out.

Commercial Break


Back into the arena…


No matter the location, the reaction remains the same; it’s heat for the WWE Champion as his music fills the arena, as Orton begins his long, slow walk to the ring with the title belt over his shoulder - and a sheet of paper in his left hand.

Joey Styles: Paul Heyman, we are looking at the man who in sixteen days defends the most prestigious championship in all of professional wrestling against the man he sidelined in order to win it at WrestleMania. We are just over two weeks away from the hotly anticipated encounter between Randy Orton and Rob Van Dam.

Paul Heyman: And for the past two weeks, RVD - the whole damn show - has upstaged the champion. He delivered a BEAUTIFUL Van Terminator in Japan to announce his return, and last week, he PINNED that man, Randy Orton, 1,2,3 in the middle of the ring!! Rob Van Dam is BACK!!!

Joey Styles: Without a doubt, Rob Van Dam is clearly over his head problems which have kept him out of action for the last four and a half months … and now, the only thing that remains is to get his revenge for what happened at WrestleMania.

Orton steps into the ring, picking up a microphone left in the middle of the ring, and calmly waits, as the music - and then the fans - dies down.

Randy Orton: Two weeks ago, I had a steel chair kicked into my face-

Pop from the fans.

Randy Orton: Yeah. I thought you people would like that. EVERYONE seemed to enjoy seeing Rob Van Dam launch himself from one side of the ring to the other to smash a chair into my face. But no one … not … one … person … condemned that attack.


Randy Orton: That, by the way, was the second time Rob Van Dam done that to me … completely unprovoked, and not during a match. Yet … neither time … was RVD held accountable. He could’ve put me on the shelf … he could’ve ENDED … my career with those sickening assaults.

Orton pauses.

Randy Orton: But when it’s Randy Orton doing whatever it takes to win a match … and I legally kick Van Dam in the skull … or legally … drop his sorry head onto the mat from the middle rope … I’m the bad guy??


Randy Orton: Anything I’ve done … has been in the confines of a sanctioned match. Anything I’ve done … it’s been above board … and legal. I didn’t target Rob Van Dam at WrestleMania because I didn’t like him, or because I wanted to hurt him … as I said before … I had the Money in the Bank briefcase … and I couldn’t wait another second to cash it in … it was never personal with Van Dam … he was only ever a victim … of circumstance.

More heat for the cold, calculating champion.

Randy Orton: But ever since WrestleMania, Van Dam has made it personal. He took it personally that I put him on the shelf. He wasn’t interested in listening to reason … and he rushed back … way before he was ready … and signed a waiver to take part in the Fatal Four Way at Judgment Day.

Close up of the champion.

Randy Orton: Big mistake.


Randy Orton: I held no ill will to Rob before that point. As I said, he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time at Summerslam. But when he came back in May … he wanted to hurt me. He wanted to see me suffer … and he attacked me with a steel chair … before hitting that sick, twisted … Van Terminator.


Randy Orton: At Judgment Day … all I did … was take care of business. I did what I had to do to put Rob down … and he only had himself to blame for what happened that night. He came back too soon … and it nearly cost him his career.

Orton now holds up the mysterious piece of paper.

Randy Orton: And this here … is a waiver that my lawyers have put together. In this, it takes away any blame that could fall on me … should something happen to Van Dam at Summerslam. I don’t want to be held accountable for what may happen to RVD in two weeks time. And while he might say he’s fully recovered … history has a horrible way of repeating itself … and I personally … don’t trust Van Dams word.

Orton now turns his attention to the stage.

Randy Orton: So Rob … if you’d like to come out here…

Orton waits momentarily …


The fans rise to their feet, as the universally popular Rob Van Dam walks onto the stage, staring a hole down the aisle at Orton in the ring, before turning his attention to the fans, smiling to his left and right, before giving them the thumb taunt which the fans in Australia chant along with.

Joey Styles: He looked in perfect shape last week in Japan, and tonight, he looks in perfect shape again!! Is Rob Van Dam truly over his head problems?? I believe he is, but the proof is in the pudding, and we’ll see just how much RVD has recovered at Summerslam.

Paul Heyman: I think I saw all I needed to see last week. In my eyes, Van Dam is back, and as good as he’s ever been!!

Joey Styles: That may be the case, but will Van Dam agree to sign Ortons waiver??

Van Dam climbs into the ring, and steps right into the face of Orton … grabbing the waiver … AND RIPS IT UP!!!!

The fans go nuts, as Van Dam shoves the tattered pieces of paper into the chest of the champion, who snarls in response. Van Dam picks up the other mic in the ring, as his music dies off - but cant get a word in - with the fans chanting his name!!!!!


Van Dam nods at the reaction, whilst Orton scowls, before RVD finally speaks.

Rob Van Dam: I’m fully cleared to compete. I proved it last week when I pinned your ass … and I’ll prove it AGAIN in two weeks time … when I pin (prods Ortons chest) your sorry ass at Summerslam!!!

RVD nods along, not taking his eyes off the champion.

Rob Van Dam: You keep peddlin this line that what you did to me at WrestleMania wasn’t personal … well in my book dude … kicking someone in the head, nearly ending their career?? That makes things personal!!


Rob Van Dam: You crossed a line … and now that I’m back … I’m ready to cross that line too!!!

Another pop.

Rob Van Dam: So … instead of me signing that piece of crap you came out here with … I’ve got a suggestion of my own. How about we up the stakes at Summerslam??

The fans cheer, whilst Orton narrows his eyes.

Rob Van Dam: After everything you’ve put me through dude … I think our match at Summerslam calls for something a little more … extreme.

More excitement buzzes around the arena.

Rob Van Dam: How about you defend that WWE title against me at Summerslam … in an E-C-W RULES MATCH!!!

Massive pop from the fans, whilst RVD nods along with the excited fans … but Orton doesn’t seem so keen.

Rob Van Dam: What’dya say?? You got the balls for it Orton??

Orton looks around, not wanting to answer, taking a step back … not wanting to show his fear to RVD…

**I‘M BACK**

Buzzkill. Eric Bischoff briskly makes his way onto the stage, shaking his head, and motions for his music to cut.

Eric Bischoff: Don’t even bother dignifying that with a response, Randy. Rob Van Dam, you cant have your cake and eat it. You cant have a shot at the WWE Title … AND get your own match at the same time. No way, no how.

Massive heat for Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff: I’m already worried about the damage that could be done when Triple H and Brock Lesnar have their streetfight at Summerslam. On Monday, I signed a TLC match between Straight Edge and MNM … so there’s absolutely no way I’m allowing another high risk match to take place at Summerslam … especially not when the WWE Title is on the line.

Boos for the killjoy GM.

Eric Bischoff: No. I wont glorify that two bit promotion you used to work for by having those three letters adorn a WWE Championship match at Summerslam … but I’m going to give you a choice, Rob. And I want an answer right now.

The fans simmer down, as RVD - and Orton - listen closely.

Eric Bischoff: I’m willing to give you your wish. You can have Orton in a … (shakes his head in disgust) ECW Rules match at Summer slam …

Pop. In the ring however, Orton is livid.

Eric Bischoff: But for that happen, you’ll have to forfeit your shot at the WWE Title.

Heat. Orton looks relieved, but suddenly, RVD is conflicted.

Eric Bischoff: Choice is yours Rob. Do you want to chase the glory … or are you consumed by revenge??

The fans - like RVD - seem torn, as RVD looks around, trying to get a response from the fans. He takes a look at Orton, who continues to stare at RVD, waiting for the response himself. Van Dam shakes his head, before looking up at the top of the stage where Bischoff stands.

Rob Van Dam: Nothing you do surprises me Eric. Always finding a way to screw with people. Okay … I’ve made my choice. As much pleasure as it would give me to make him bleed, and make him suffer like I have … as much as I’d LOVE to rattle this piece of crap with steel chairs, ladders, trash cans, kendo sticks and stop signs … I think it’ll be even sweeter … when I beat Randy Orton … and regain MY WWE TITLE!!!

Big pop, despite RVD deciding against the fan friendly ECW Rules match - but confirming the WWE Title match at Summerslam. Van Dam turns his attention back to Orton.

Rob Van Dam: So Orton, you can breathe easy. You’ll walk out of Wembley Stadium on your own power … but you’ll do it … WITHOUT (prods his index finger on the title) … the W-W-E Championship!!


Once more, the fans cheer, seeing Orton writhe on the floor, as RVD picks up the title belt in the ring, taking a good long look at the gold he once held.

Rob Van Dam: Hey Randy … I’ll let you keep it till the Nineteenth.

Van Dam drops the title to the outside, which Orton scrambles to retrieve.


Van Dam poses in the ring, whilst Orton backs away, putting his title back over his shoulder, turning, and shouting at the fans along the aisle, whilst RVD goes to the corners, playing to the fans.

Joey Styles: It wont be the blood, guts and carnage that Van Dam asked for at Summerslam … he wont be allowed to take his match with Orton to the extreme … but the end result could be even sweeter. For all the hurt and damage an ECW Rules match could do to Orton … Rob Van Dam taking the WWE Title from the champion could be the ultimate revenge for the last four and half months of hurt that RVD has had to put up with!!

Paul Heyman: Don’t get it confused Joey … Van Dam didn’t want ECW Rules because it gave him a higher percentage of victory. For seven months last year, RVD held the WWE’s biggest prize, without the benefit of ECW Rules to fall back on. I didn’t believe in him then, and it cost me my position as the General Manager of this brand … but he made a believer outta me in those seven months, beating the likes of Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle and The Undertaker, not to mention defending the title in the Elimination Chamber, surviving a Survivor Series onslaught … so come August 19, facing Randy Orton is gonna be a cakewalk. Van Dam is more than capable of beating the third generation champion.

Joey Styles: Come what may, Paul, it’s bound to be an explosive, emotional affair at Wembley when Orton and Van Dam collide for the richest prize in the game!!

Commercial Break

And the show returns, backstage, where Josh Mathews is standing by…

Josh Mathews: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, ‘The Animal’ Batista!!

Pop for Batista as he steps into view.

Josh Mathews: Batista, in recent months, your main objective was to challenge for - and win - the WWE Championship. However, due to circumstances, that has yet to happen, and now tonight you find yourself in a Number One Contenders match … but for the United States Championship … not the WWE Championship. Your feelings??

Batista smirks at first.

Batista: Feelings?? Josh, do I look like an emotional kind of guy?? Come on, kid, I’m an Animal, not a wuss.

The Animal slaps Josh’ back.

Batista: As for missing out on my shot at the WWE Title?? Yeah, yeah it sucks. I’ve been pushin for that title shot ever since Edge screwed me outta the title two months ago … but it hasn’t happened. Life’s a bitch, Josh. But hey … every cloud an’ all. Tonight, I’ve got a shot at getting a spot at the biggest Summerslam of all time, I’ve got the chance to earn a shot at the United States title … and the potential to face a good friend in front of ninety thousand people.

Small pop with the fans gathering that the ‘friend’ is Paul London.

Batista: MVP?? He’s just a loudmouth that needs shutting up … and there’s nothing I get more pleasure out of than shutting people up.

Voice: I hope all that aggression is outta your system tonight, big man.

Batista shoots around, but smiles, as PAUL LONDON steps into view. The two shake hands, as the friendly pair stand together.

Paul London: Man, this guy is fired up, huh!?

Batista: You know me, Paul. Never any other way.

Paul London: Well, hey … all the best big man. It’ll be an honour to face you for this title at Summerslam.

London pats his friends chest, and Batista nods.

Batista: Just you make sure you get by Albright and Haas, my man.

London gets serious, knowing the level of competition he faces tonight.

Paul London: I’ll be giving it my all as always Dave, you know that. All or nothin, win or bust, no regrets. All bein well, you and I ought to steal the show at S-

Voice: Hate to break the party, boys.

MVP enters the picture, looking smug, whilst London and Batista shake their heads at the cocky loudmouth.

M.V.P: But uhhh … time is money, and I got a title shot to go win. And, big man, the longer you stand here patting this punks back … the longer I gotta wait.

Porter smiles, but Batista stands forward.

Batista: Then let’s get this over with.

MVP nods, backing up, still nodding, as London and Batista share a look … shaking their heads at the loudmouth … as we fade out…

We then open up, elsewhere … and see NICK NEMETH standing, waiting to address the camera.

Nick Nemeth: You know who this is. Nick Nemeth. Three and Oh. But you mightn’t be aware of that third win, because I got bumped from this weeks show, and onto Superstars. Against another Murdoch. Against another stiff. Against another loser.

Nemeth sniffs heavily.

Nick Nemeth: I arrived on Smackdown with a heap of publicity. I promised fireworks, I promised excitement, and the best damn showcase of ability you’ve ever seen. But I’m not a magician, I don’t carry a wand. I can only work with what’s put in front of me. Like I said a week ago, winning comes first … but I’m a rare breed. I don’t enjoy winning unless I look good doing it. And that’s the problem. Because of clowns like Funaki and the God damned Murdoch Twins … I’ve already been relegated to Superstars. Not good enough.

Nemeth looks down to his left, huffing, before looking up again.

Nick Nemeth: I didn’t want to be handed the bottom of the barrel. I didn’t want a run of easy wins to kick me off. I wanted Paul London, I wanted RVD, Edge, Batista, Orton - hell, I wanted THE UNDERTAKER!! I wanted the biggest names from the get go, and I got JACK. But the worst of it all?? To top it off, I lose my spot on Smackdown to stars of the yesteryear. I lose my spot to guys whose names you’ll have already forgotten. Test, Rob Conway, Something James, and another Something James??

Nemeth stares straight ahead.

Nick Nemeth: Test?? You only had a job for so long because you were lucky enough to have your name begin with a ‘T’ and Trish Stratus needed an innuendo tag team name to lead. Rob?? You used to do things the ‘Con’ way right?? What exactly was the ‘Con’ way?? Losing every week?? Being a pathetic excuse for a wrestler?? The only ‘Con’ was the fact you got a job in the first place.

The Narcissist shakes his head.

Nick Nemeth: Oh, and sorry James Boys. I blinked … and missed ya. Just so ya know for the next time we meet?? I’d like extra fries with my burger.

Nemeth runs his fingers through his hair, closing his eyes, calming down.

Nick Nemeth: It’s about time people stopped harking back to the past, and calling on has-beens to fill MY T.V time … it’s about time they realised that some people never will be stars … and it’s about time they realised that the one true, genuine article of a superstar is staring them right in the FACE.

Nick narrows his eyebrows, staring into the camera.

Nick Nemeth: That’s me … if you really needed to be told.

The picture fades, with an angry Nemeth staring into the camera still.

Back into the arena…


MVP bursts through his elaborate set, to a chorus of boos from the fans, showing their dislike for the cocky, highest paid superstar on the Smackdown payroll.

Joey Styles: In just a moment, we’ll determine the man that faces the United States Champion at Summerslam. Will it be MVP or Batista that gets a spot at the biggest Summerslam ever!! We’ll be right back!!

Commercial Break

We return, with MVP pacing the ring, waiting for his opponent, and the fans are just as tense…


To a booming response, The Animal jogs onto the stage, feeding off the energy of the fans, pumping them up, before setting off his big pyro.

Joey Styles: Popular everywhere in the world, these fans in Australia LOVE Batista, and they’d love to see The Animal pick off MVP tonight, and earn a shot at the United States Title - potentially against his good friend, Paul London - at Summerslam!!

Paul Heyman: Why this man hasn’t been a world champion already is beyond me. He’s big, strong, and nasty … yet for some reason, he’s never quite hit the heights many believed he would. He can begin to right that though, if he gets by MVP - which is by no means a certainty - and claim the U.S Title at the biggest Summerslam of all time.

Joey Styles: Of course, the championship itself will be decided later tonight, but right now, we’re set to find out the next in line.

M.V.P vs. Batista
Porter takes his time, not rushing into any lock ups, thinking about every move, but once he does go for a collar and elbow, the big man rushes MVP into the corner, overpowering Porter, being dragged away by the referee, whilst Porter complains to the referee about Batistas tactics. He gets Big Dave in a side headlock, but is shoved off, and shoulder barged to the canvas, and MVP rolls out of the ring. He takes his time getting back in, making the most of the ten count, eventually getting back inside, and goes for a lock up, but Batista overpowers him, and SHOVES Porter into the corner, with MVP going bug eyed, finally realizing the power of The Animal, who challenges MVP to come on.

MVP pulls himself out, taking a deep breath, then sizes up another lock up … but kicks the knee, and fires off a series of right hands, bringing Batista to his knees, and runs off the ropes … BUT BATISTA GETS UP, AND SHOULDERS MVP DOWN AGAIN!!! Montel scrambles up, right into the path of his opponent, and Big Dave grabs MVP by the head, running him into the turnbuckle face first, and over again, before driving his knee into the gut in the corner, then an elbow, before shooting his opponent off the ropes, and manhandles MVP with a hip toss, cover, 1...2...NO!! Still, Batista follows up, sending MVP into the corner, looking to crush him … BUT MONTEL MOVES!!! Batista staggers out of the corner, allowing MVP to follow up, and delivers a snap mare, and runs off the ropes - BIG KICK TO THE FACE!!! He covers, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

Porter, with momentum on his side, delivers a suplex, setting Batista up for the BALLIN ELBOW … AND SCORES!!! Cover, 1...2...NO!!! Porter throws his opponent out of the ring through the middle ropes, and follows out, dropping onto Batista on the outside with an axe handle, and then sends The Animal into the steel steps, with Batista now in position to take THE DRIVE BY KICK … BUT MISSES … AND KICKS THE STEPS INSTEAD!!!!! This allows Batista to recover, and he gets back to his feet, ramming Porter into the apron, and into the barrier, before throwing MVP back inside the ring. The Animal follows in, and scoops MVP up, drilling him into the canvas with a RUNNING POWERSLAM!!! He covers, 1...2...SHOULDER UP!!!!!

Batista sits on his knees, shaking his head, surprised by the heart of MVP, but then drags the cocky superstar up, looking to put him in place for the Batista Bomb … BUT MVP WRIGGLES OUT … LANDS ON HIS FEET … FACEBUSTER CONNECTS!!!!! Batista is startled, and MVP hit’s the ropes, scoring with a front dropkick to take Big Dave off his feet!!! Porter sends Batista into the corner, letting loose with a flurry of right hands and boots, sending Batista slumped onto the canvas, setting him up perfectly … FOR THE DRIVE BY KICK!!! He drags The Animal out of the corner … 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Porter is shocked by the kick out, expecting that to do it. MVP hammers Batista aggressively in the middle of the ring, letting out his frustration, before running off the ropes … RIGHT INTO A SPINEBUSTER!!!!!

The Animal explodes!!! The big man drills MVP, and shoots up, shaking the ropes - signalling for the BATISTA BOMB!!! Unbeknownst to the big man though, GARRISON CADE is seen sauntering down the aisle, with Styles shocked by the sight of the big man. Batista meanwhile, turns, getting MVP back up … and into position … but then pushes MVP away … AS GARRISON CADE HAS ARRIVED AT RINGSIDE!!! The Animal looks puzzled by the presence of Cade - not seen since he left Orton high and dry before the Great American Bash - and questions what the big Texan is doing at ringside. Cade stands firm, saying nothing, staring a hole through Batista … AS MVP ROLLS HIM UP FROM BEHIND … GRABBING THE TIGHTS - 1...2...3!!!!!
Winner: M.V.P - Meets United States Champion at Summerslam @ 06:52

Joey Styles: What the- MVP JUST BEAT … BATISTA???

Paul Heyman: Batista took his eye off the ball, Joey - AND IT COST ‘IM!!!

Joey Styles: But wha- What is Cade doing here???

MVP steals one!!! Mr. 305 scrambles out of the ring immediately, as Batista shoots up, in shock at the loss, and reaches out through the ropes, trying to grab MVP, but the victor stumbles out of reach … AS GARRISON CADE ATTACKS BATISTA IN THE RING!!!

Joey Styles: What is this about?? Why is Cade doing this?? Batista didn’t do anything to him!!!

Cade clubs Batista, then chokes him on the ropes with his boot, showing no mercy whilst Big Dave waves his arms, trying to free himself. As MVP continues to exit the arena, the attack continues in the ring, with Cade lifting Batista up, shooting him off the ropes, and catches him with a big boot!!


Paul Heyman: I think you’re right Joey … but Cade doesn’t.

Joey Styles: This is disgusting. There’s no call for this!!

The big Texan looks like he’s enjoying it, bringing Batista back to his feet, standing The Animal up, putting his left arm behind his head, exposing his chest … winds up … AND PUNCHES THE EXPOSED CHEST - THE HEART - OF BATISTA!!!

Joey Styles: Urgh!!!

Paul Heyman: Now that’s old school!! I haven’t seen a heart punch executed like that IN YEARS!!

Joey Styles: Expertly executed, but Paul, completely uncalled for!!! Garrison Cade has no business being out here. He has no right to attack Batista like this!!!

Cade - with no music playing - stands tall in the ring, standing over Batista, soaking up the jeers of the fans, and raises one arm, with a sly smirk on his face, having returned and made a huge statement, as we cut away…

Commercial Break





Back into the arena, and we see Batista being helped out of the arena by two trainers, holding his chest, wincing in pain…

Joey Styles: Welcome back to Friday Night Smackdown, and you are looking at Batista, who, moments ago, was assaulted by Garrison Cade. Cade hasn’t been seen in four weeks … and well … he picked the wrong time to make his return if you ask me.

Paul Heyman: I’ve never seen anything like it from Cade before, Joey. I don’t understand why he’d attack Batista … but hey, I liked it.

Joey Styles: But in the mix of that situation, a big point was missed. MVP got the win, and he’s headed to Summerslam to face the winner of tonights main event.

Paul Heyman: Oh yeah, U.S Title shot for the highest paid superstar on Smackdown.

‘London Calling’ begins to fill the arena, as Styles and Heyman continue.

Joey Styles: And, as the music plays, London IS calling, and in just sixteen days time, Summerslam comes to Wembley Stadium!! As said, MVP has a title shot set, and we’ll learn who the champion will be very shortly. But set in stone is the showdown between Kurt Angle, and Rey Mysterio.

Paul Heyman: Oh boy, I cannot wait for that. These two are arguably the most exciting wrestlers on the planet, capable of stealing the show any single night … but on August 19, neither man will be interested in stealing the show. It’s personal, and it could get nasty!!

Joey Styles: Elsewhere, the Intercontinental Championship is up for grabs in a triple threat match!! Shelton Benjamin miraculously - and controversially - came from three falls behind to draw level and save the title on Monday against Matt Hardy, but Hardy has one more chance in just over two weeks time … except William Regal is added to mix.

Paul Heyman: Just like Paul London later tonight, Shelton Benjamin could lose his title without being pinned at Summerslam. That’s the huge risk involved with a triple threat match … but The Black Diamond only has himself to blame for that. He should’ve kicked Matt Hardy out of contention, but he cant shake off the man from the Carolinas!!

Joey Styles: Also this past Monday on Raw, Beth Phoenix defeated Gail Kim to set up the most hotly anticipated Womens Title match in quite some time!! Beth finally gets her shot at Mickie James at Summerslam!!

Paul Heyman: It’s been quite some time in coming, Joey. And you’re right, I don’t remember a match between two divas being as anticipated as this one is. The bad blood runs deep between this pair, and it boils over in sixteen days.

Joey Styles: No titles are on the line, but when Edge faces The Undertaker, it’s as good as a title match for Edge. Victory, and Edge believes he’ll be right back in the mix for a shot at the title he covets so much, but has never managed to win. But, a victory over The Deadman is much easier said … than done.

Paul Heyman: But a loss is unthinkable. Edge could spiral out of all control if he loses this one. He’ll be WAYYYYY outta the running. It’s never been bigger for the Rated ‘R’ Superstar.

Joey Styles: Both sets of tag team gold will be up for grabs in England, but AMW will not learn the names of their challengers until less than a week before the event. For the cocky champions, it doesn’t matter though … they’ll treat any of the four potential challengers; The Daredevils, Los Latinos, The Caribbean Connection or The Master Craftsmen, with equal disrespect.

Paul Heyman: And it could be their undoing. From what I’ve seen, any of those four teams could be a real handful for Harris and Storm if the champions don’t take it seriously in London.

Joey Styles: Well, I believe we’re still yet to see this weeks video diary from our esteemed champions, but (sighs) that’s still to come. Over on Raw though, it couldn’t be more serious. Straight Edge challenge MNM to bring the curtain down on an incredible rivalry that has dominated the tag team scene on Raw for the entire year, and the stakes couldn’t be higher; titles on the line in a tables, ladders and chairs match … and the losers?? LEAVE Monday Night Raw!!

Paul Heyman: The most significant tag team title match in Summerslam history if you ask me. There has never been so much riding on a tag team title match at the hottest event of the summer, and these four guys are a perfect group to live up to the history of TLC matches.

Joey Styles: Mister Kennedy is a legend in his own mouth, and at Summerslam, he attempts to make believers out of the rest of the world, when he attempts to knock off John Cena - who Kennedy believes to be vulnerable.

Paul Heyman: Hey, he doesn’t need to make a believer out of me, Joey. Kennedy is the real deal, and mark my words - he WILL - knock off Cena in front of ninety thousand fans. I don’t make too many predictions, but quote me on that!!

Joey Styles: The Raw main event is quite aptly the impossible challenge for Christian. The World Heavyweight Champion faces the undefeated Samoan Bulldozer, Umaga. And while the odds are on Umagas side, Christian stunned the world on Monday when he announced that world boxing champion Ricky Hatton would be in his corner in Wembley Stadium.

Paul Heyman: Hatton might be one hell of a boxer, but he cant help Christian at Summerslam. He’ll simply get a ringside seat for what could be a decimating loss for the current champion. I wish Christian all the best … but he needs more than a hometown hero in his corner to overcome Umaga.

Joey Styles: And for the WWE Championship, Rob Van Dam challenges Randy Orton. This one goes all the way back to WrestleMania, when Randy Orton not only cashed in the Money in the Bank contract he won earlier in the night, but PUNTED Van Dam in the head, putting RVD on the shelf - and nearly ending the Whole Damn Shows career!!

Paul Heyman: I don’t think anyone would begrudge RVD a win at Summerslam. After everything he’s been through since WrestleMania, Van Dam deserves to beat Orton and gain the ultimate revenge … but in life, you don’t always get what you deserve, and for RVD, he has to MAKE it happen!!

Joey Styles: And then, the match that transcends both Raw and Smackdown. The most personal match on the bill, contested as a streetfight - it’s THE Wrestlemania rematch … Triple H and Brock Lesnar … but will it even happen?? Earlier tonight, we found out that Commissioner Ventura ruled that neither man can touch the other between now and Summer slam … yet later tonight, the two men meet face to face in the ring. A recipe for disaster surely??

Paul Heyman: I’d be very nervous right now if I were Eric Bischoff. The chances of Lesnar and The Game keeping their cool when they’re inches apart, with no security holding them back?? Very, VERY slim indeed.


Brent Albright makes his second entrance of the evening … only this time, he’s alone.

Joey Styles: Well, Summerslam is just sixteen day away, and this man, the 2007 King of the Ring may end up being part of two matches, as he has been tonight, should he win the United States title for a second time. The triple threat match for the title is coming up … NEXT!!!

Commercial Break

We return, with Albright in the ring, and Haas finishing up his entrance, as the tag team partners shake hands in the ring, before awaiting the arrival of the champion…


Finger Eleven plays Paul London into the arena, and a big cheer greets the ever popular United States Champion. He focuses on the ring, knowing it’s an uphill task taking on Haas and Albright.

Joey Styles: On May Twentieth, Paul London ended an incredible seven month reign as United States Champion by Brent Albright, to send himself into the stratosphere, and just two weeks ago, London was seconds from doing the impossible and winning the WWE Title. Tonight though, the reality is, his dreams could come crashing down, should Albright or Haas defeat him for the title tonight.

Paul Heyman: Yeah, London has been in a dreamland for the past few months, but as you said, he could come crashing to reality tonight if he loses that title, and believe me, that title is in serious jeopardy tonight.

Paul London vs. Brent Albright vs. Charlie Haas
Not surprisingly, London is cautious at the outset, basically fighting in a glorified handicap match from the get go, with Albright and Haas both targeting London, and not even contemplating going at it with each other first. London is backed into the corner, but squirms out, and has to fight, throwing blows at both men … but it’s inevitable that the two bigger men will get the better of him eventually … and they do, overpowering the champion. The next few minutes are simply a methodical beat down, with the Master Craftsmen eager to eliminate London from the equation first before battling it out with each other. No pinfalls, no submission attempts, it’s a straight up beating, and London sells it beautifully. He takes suplexes, back breakers, side slams, front slams, and countless chops, knees, knee drops and elbow drops from the two challengers, before dumping the champion from the ring … leaving the challengers to go one on one … with the fans voicing their disproval … as we cut to another commercial.

Commercial Break

And the show returns, with Albright and Haas at battle, putting friendship aside, and beating the tar out of one another, with Styles informing the audience that during the commercial, the two came to a stalemate after a series of chain wrestling. The two trade knife edge chops, before throwing big blows, as the will to win and competitiveness of both men spills over. Haas stops the brawl, and surprises his partner with a headlock takedown … but quickly shoots up - seeing London back on the apron - AND KNOCKS HIM OFF WITH A RUNNING FOREARM!! London flies off - HITTING THE BARRIER!!! It’s an ugly landing for the champion, who is back out of the picture again … as Haas turns around … WALKING INTO A BELLY TO BELLY FROM ALBRIGHT!!! He covers, 1...2...NO!!!

Despite the kick out, Albright is able to take over, wearing his friend down, showing no mercy, treating Haas like he would anyone else. He sends Haas off the ropes, but Haas ducks under a clothesline, coming back off, launching himself at Brent - but the King of the Ring catches his partner, and looks for a slam - but Haas turns it into a CRADLE … 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Albright shoots up, but right into an arm drag from Haas, who quickly applies a front face lock, forcing the KOTR to scramble up, trying to break free … AND HE DOES … COUNTERING THE HOLD INTO A NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX … 1...2...HAAS KICKS OUT!!! Both men bounce up, but again, Haas takes Albright over, this time with a headlock takedown, into a headlock … which begins a scramble between the two, trading holds and counter holds, eventually breaking free, AND BOTH ATTEMPT A DROPKICK - BOTH MISSING!!! They scramble to their feet, and Haas is quickest, attempting another, and nails the dropkick!! As he gets to his knees … LONDON IS BACK IN THE RING … AND RUNS OFF THE BACK OF HAAS … SHOOTING STAR ONTO ALBRIGHT!!! He covers … 1...2...HAAS BREAKS THE COUNT!!!!!

London nearly snuck through the back door to retain the title - but nearly has his head taken off by Haas as he gets back up. We see Albright roll out of the ring, as Haas and London take centre stage, with Haas in charge. Haas drives a knee into London as he gets to his feet, and hooks him up, going for a suplex … but London frees himself, landing behind - on the apron - and ducks a right hand from Haas, driving a shoulder into the gut of Haas, and springs off the ropes - HURRICANRANA!!! The fans come alive again for the high flying London, and the United States Champion picks himself up, running off the ropes, and puts Haas right back down with a front dropkick to the face!!! He covers, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! London gets up, taking a look around, and sees Albright still down on the outside, and sees the opportunity, climbing the ropes … BUT HAAS LEAPS UP TO STOP HIM UP TOP!!! Haas climbs the buckles, pounding the gut of London, loading up, into position … AND SUPERPLEXES LONDON!!!!! Both men are down, whilst the fans cheer wholeheartedly, appreciating the high risk move … BUT ALBRIGHT IS CRAWLING BACK INSIDE … STEALING THE COVER, PUTTING AN ARM OVER LONDON … 1...2...SHOULDER UP!!!!!

Albright winces in disappointment, but picks himself up, as we see Haas climbing back up to his feet … AND ALBRIGHT CHARGES ACROSS THE RING - WITH A RUNNING FOREARM SMASH TO HIS PARTNER - SENDING HIM THROUGH THE ROPES!!!!! No love lost, Albright treats Haas like any other opponent, and gets rid of him for the time being. Brent quickly turns his attention back to London … AND SHOOTS IN FOR THE ARM … LOOKING FOR THE CROWBAR … BUT LONDON SCRAMBLES FREE!!! London rolls away, getting to his feet, and kicks the incoming Ace of Spades away, THEN SPRINGBOARDS OFF THE ROPES … ROUNDHOUSE KICK CONNECTS!!! London hooks the leg, 1...2...KICK OUT FROM ALBRIGHT!!! The action slows down slightly, as Albright and London go toe to toe in the middle of the ring, trading stiff forearms - getting the ‘BOO’ and ‘YAY’ response from the fans - but the bigger man eventually gets the better of the exchange, and puts London on one knee with a succession of forearms before running the ropes … AND GETS CREAMED WITH A SUPERKICK!!!!! London falls onto Albright … 1...2...HAAS BREAKS THE COUNT!!!

Haas saves his partner, AND LOCKS ON THE HAAS OF PAIN ON THE CHAMPION!!! London never got a chance to counter, and the hold is applied - with Haas and London on top of a trapped Albright on the canvas!!! Albright squirms free, and quickly breaks the hold before the submission can be made, preventing Haas from winning the title. Albright stomps both men, then takes a walk around the ring to shake the cobwebs loose. Haas then delivers a drop toe hold, AND LOOKS FOR THE HAAS OF PAIN ON ALBRIGHT … BUT BRENT SCRAMBLES TO FIND THE ROPES!!! Once more, Albright and Haas lock horns, but cancel one another out, knowing each other so well, with counters to every attempted move and hold on this occasion, with the stalemate being broken up by a recovered Paul London, who attacks both men!!! London fires forearms at both Haas and Albright, knocking Haas down, and backing Albright into the ropes. He lets go with a succession of blows, before rushing out, to run back in … INTO A KNEE FROM THE KING OF THE RING!!!!

London doubles over, and Albright pulls him into position … HALF NELSON SUPLEX … NO!!! LONDON LANDS ON HIS FEET … BUT HAAS DRILLS THE CHAMP WITH A CLOTHESLINE … THEN ALBRIGHT RACES IN BEHIND HAAS … WITH A HALF NELSON SUPLEX!!!!!! The fans go nuts for the series, as Albright covers his tag team partner, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Haas survives, and Albright punches the mat in frustration. The Ace of Spades gets to his feet once more, going after London, dragging him up … BUT LONDON EXPLODES … CHARGING ALBRIGHT INTO THE CORNER!!! The champion comes alive, having to be forced out of the corner by the referee, then drags Albright out, hooking him into position - AND GOES FOR A TORNADO DDT … AND USES HAAS TO PUSH HIMSELF UP - kicking Haas out of the ring in the process - AND NAILS IT!!!!! London covers, 1...2...KICK OUT AGAIN!!! The Golden Boy is beside himself in disbelief, hitting his head off the canvas, before picking himself up, and climbs the ropes again, setting himself for - NOTHING - as Charlie Haas SHOVES HIM OFF THE TOP ROPE - ONTO THE ROPES AND CRASHING TO THE FLOOR!!!!!

Haas potentially finishes off London, and bizarrely, HE climbs the ropes, going against his usual game … perching himself in wait for Albright … AND FLIES OFF … CROSS BODY TO ALBRIGHT!!! He covers, 1...2...SHOULDER UP!!! Both men are slow to reach their feet, and trade blows - as if they were bitter rivals - leaving nothing back, with Albright winning the battle, shooting Haas off the ropes, ducking down for the return, but Haas rolls off the back … GRIPPING ALBRIGHT … GERMAN SUPLEX TO THE KING OF THE RING!!! Haas hooks the leg, 1...2...SHOULDER UP AGAIN!!! There’s no keeping Albright down!!! The KOTR is showing why he is just that, and a former U.S Champion, with Haas looking crestfallen by the kick out. He gets Brent up, and sends him into the corner, rushing in behind … BUT EATS BOOT!!! Haas wheels away, and Albright hoists himself onto the middle rope - flying clothesline!!! Albright picks Haas up … AND LOOKS FOR THE ACE IN THE HOLE … BUT HAAS FIGHTS IT!!! Haas elbows for his life, dropping back to the canvas, and runs off the ropes … BUT IS CAUGHT AGAIN … ACE IN THE HOLE CONNECTS!!!!! Albright hooks the leg, leaning back, putting a finger in the air for each count … 1...2...LONDON BREAKS THE COUNT!!!!!

A massive cheer engulfs the arena, as London saves the title, hammering Albright, bringing him to his feet, and runs the ropes … RIGHT INTO ALBRIGHTS CROWBAR!!!!! CROWBAR APPLIED!!!!! London is caught in a similar position, right in the middle of the ring, and a long way from home!!! The champion digs deep, scratching and clawing toward the ropes … but cant reach them!!! It could all come crashing down for London now and in an act of desperation, The Golden Boy tries to turn over, looking to break free … BUT ALBRIGHT IS TOO STRONG … AND CLENCHES IN TIGHTER!!! London looks out, desperately willing the ropes to come to him … but they don’t. He closes his eyes, shaking his head, whilst Brent cranks back further, adding torque on the arm … BUT LONDON REFUSES TO GIVE IN … AND CLAWS CLOSER … REACHING OUT … FINALLY GRABBING THE BOTTOM ROPE!!!!!

The relief doesn’t last long though … Haas is up, and attacks Albright, swarming his partner, and throwing him out of the ring, before dropping down on the vulnerable champion … AND APPLIES THE HAAS OF PAIN!!!!!! It’s surely over for London now!!! How much punishment can the champion take!!! London tries to search for the ropes, but clutches at air … trapped in Haas’ finishing submission … and it seems like London is ready to tap?? He contemplates it … but before he can act … ALBRIGHT GRABS HIS ARM!!! EVEN IF HE WANTED TO - LONDON CANT TAP OUT!!!!! The King of the Ring prevents London from tapping, and Haas notices, breaking the hold, and stomps his partner!!! Haas and Albright renew their competitive streak, and trade blows at the ropes, with Haas in control, sending Albright into the corner, and then hooks him up - T-BONE SUPLEX!!! Haas floats into the cover … 1...2...SHOULDER UP!!!!!

It continues!!!!! Haas picks himself up, slowly bringing Albright to his feet, and goes for a suplex … BUT ALBRIGHT COUNTERS IN MID AIR … DROPPING DOWN … DDT!!!!! Albright turns Haas over, hooks the leg, 1...2...NO!!!!!! Brents head is in his hands, unable to finish off his partner, and drags Haas to his feet, but Charlie - from nowhere - stirs, rocking Brent with a pair of uppercut forearms, softening the KOTR up, allowing Haas to shoot Albright off the ropes … but Brent ducks under a clothesline, with Haas now running off the ropes himself … and they avoid each other on the run the first time … but second time, they have the same idea … AND NAIL ONE ANOTHER WITH A RUNNING CLOTHESLINE!!!!!

Both men are down … AND LONDON BEGINS TO STIR!!! The champion rises, showing the strain of the consecutive submissions on his body, and climbs to the apron, as we see Haas and Albright slowly rising, with Albright booting Haas in the gut, and takes him over, looking for a second ACE IN THE HOLE … BUT HAAS COUNTERS AGAIN!!! Haas lands on his feet, runs off the ropes (as London is seen climbing the buckles) ducking under an Albright swing … coming off the opposite ropes … BUT RIGHT INTO A SCOOP POWERSLAM!!! Albright drills his partner … AS LONDON FLIES … 450 SPLASH CONNECTS ONTO HAAS!!! Albright looks shocked by the out of nowhere 450 splash, and stands stunned momentarily, before charging at the exhausted London, looking to take him out and win the match … BUT LONDON LOW BRIDGES THE ROPES … AND ALBRIGHT TUMBLES OUT OF THE RING … AND LONDON FALLS ONTO HAAS’ TORSO … 1...2...3!!!!!
Winner: And STILL United States Champion - Paul London @ 19:37

The fans are on their feet at the incredible contest, with London retaining his title - coming in the back door right at the end - whilst Albright is devastated on the floor outside.

Joey Styles: Just when you THINK you’ve seen it all … just when you THINK there’s nothing more that can shock you … just when you THINK the bar has been raised as high as it will go … well … it continues to be raised. An incredible display from all three men who left it ALL in that ring, for THAT title. But in the end, through hell and high water, Paul London - THE GOLDEN BOY - is leaving Melbourne with his title in tact.

Paul Heyman: (Claps) Bravo. That, Joey Styles, was something right out of the top drawer. Those three men just showed every single boy in the back what it’s all about at the end of the day. It’s about titles. It’s about honour, it’s about prestige. Those three men want the biggest prizes, the biggest accolades … and they were willing to do just about ANYTHING to do it. Phenomenal. Absolutely phenomenal. I’m just grateful to have been here to call this.

An exhausted Paul London leaves the ring with his belt in his possession, staggering up the aisle, accepting a few high fives from the fans, and a hug from one particular over eager fan, whilst Brent Albright is back in the ring, on his knees, tending to Charlie Haas.

Joey Styles: Once again though, when the smoke clears, it is Paul London that remains United States Champion … and he already knows where the next challenge is coming from. August 19 inside Wembley Stadium, he’ll face MVP. The challenges just keep coming and coming for the Golden Boy.

Paul Heyman: He’s gotta be the busiest kid in the business, Joey. Does he ever get a week off??

On the stage, London doubles over, looking absolutely drained, looking long and hard at his title belt, whilst again, we see Albright tending to a recovering Haas in the ring. Then, with one big push on the aisle, London lifts his title belt aloft to draw a cheer from the fans again, before he exits through the curtain.

Joey Styles: He may need one after the effort he put in tonight. For Albright and Haas though, their focus will now return to the tag team tournament to crown the next challengers for AMW, and next week, they’ll meet The Daredevils for the right to face either Los Latinos or a team the Master Craftsmen know very well, The Caribbean Connection. Both of those matches are next week from South Africa.

Paul Heyman: This will be a hard loss for both men to take, Joey. Albright and Haas put everything they had into that match. If you ask me, next week could be the perfect time for Hardy and Bourne to get the Craftsmen.

The picture cuts to backstage … where BROCK LESNAR is seen pacing, back and forth, as he prepares for his potentially career altering (should the meeting become physical) face to face showdown with Triple H in just a few moments time.

Joey Styles: But still to come - coming NEXT - Brock Lesnar and Triple H - with a zero tolerance, no contact ruling in effect - will come face to face in the ring!! Will their Summerslam match survive this potentially explosive showdown?? We’ll find out in just a moment!!

Commercial Break


A dank hotel room is the scene of this weeks AMW video diary, as we hear Chris Harris already mid complaint…

Chris Harris: … don’t get what the hell is goin on here. How in the name of sweet Jesus can it be winter!? It’s AUGUST!!! Why didn’t someone tell us to bring our winter gear??

The shot cuts to James Storm standing by the window with no shirt on, and a short pair of shorts, complete with a stereotypical hat - with corks hanging off it.

James Storm: This place is straight outta the twilight zone, Chris. All the women have the same name. Sheila isn’t even a good name for chris’sakes!! And look at that!!

Storm points to the corner of the room, where a surfboard is set up.

James Storm: Useless. Cost me FIVE HUNDRED BIG ONES!!! Cost me another Two hundred to get it sent here especially for me to try ma hand at surfin!! And it’s no damn good to me. Cant even sleep on the damn thang!!!

Off camera, the cameraman pipes up.

Cameraman: Uhm … look outside. It’s winter … but it’s not exactly a real winter. I bet people still surf over here in the winter, I could ask-

Storm scowls at the cameraman.

James Storm: You think I’m stupid, boy?? Ya cant surf in the winter, son, I aint thick.

Chris Harris: You know … I think this is the worst place yet. For starters, it’s winter. Who the hell wants to be in Australia in winter!? It shouldn’t be part of this tour. I mean … it is a SUMMER tour, we’re on, right??

James Storm: Exactly. Plus, Australia sucks. There’s NOTHIN to do.

Cameraman: You could’ve went to see the Harbour Bridge in Sydney, or the Opera H-

Storm shoots the cameraman a look again, pointing at him.

James Storm: You’re paid to film, boy. You got anything to say, you keep it to yourself. Harbour Bridge?? Who gives a rats ass about that?? Why would I want to climb that thing?? Huh??

Chris Harris: And anyway, I’m scared of heights.

James Storm: Exactly. Chris here has a fear of heights.

Storm cracks open a bottle of FOSTERS, and chugs the beer, screwing his face up after swallowing.

James Storm: Even the beer sucks.

Even still, he takes another swig of the bottle, finishing it off this time … then chucks the bottle into the corner … into a PILE of empty bottles of the same beer.

James Storm: I cant wait to get home - to summer - drink some real beer, eat some real food, and hear some God damned accents that I can understand.

We cut across the room, where Chris Harris is feeding his face with a rack of ribs, hands covered in sauce - as is his face.

James Storm: Is there any of those things left, bro??

Harris shrugs, and points off camera.

Chris Harris: Dunno, Jimbo, take a look over there.

The camera shifts … as we see a BAR-B-Q set up and smoking - in the hotel room - as Storm makes his way over, checking what’s on the thing.

James Storm: Awww God dammit!! All that’s left on it is that rotten shrimp!!

Harris shrugs again, taking another bite out of his ribs, as Storm picks up a jar of VEGEMITE.

Cameraman: So … are we just gonna be holed up in here until we go to Africa??

Chris Harris: I thought Jimbo told you to stay quiet??

James Storm: I did. Listen kid, there aint a thing to see here. You wanna go and jump on a kangaroo and take a little trip sight seeing, spending some time exploring the Australian outbacks, gettin attacked by all kinds of creatures??

Chris Harris: Ha!! And that’s just the people that live out there!!

The Cowboy chuckles at the joke from Harris, as we see him scooping some of the Vegemite out of the jair with his finger, and putting it in his mouth … screwing his face up as he swallows it.

James Storm: How do they … urghhh. (Storm shudders after swallowing) Yeah, we’re gonna stick to this room right here. We’re happiest and safest here. What else do we need?? I don’t need to go out there and wrestle an alligator or a croc. And I hear those little Koala creatures can be vicious too. Take a look around, kid, we got a TV, we got our food-

Chris Harris: Actually…

Harris tips a bag of chips upside down, showing it to be empty.

Chris Harris: And I think we’re runnin low on beer.

Storm pauses for a second, then turns to the cameraman.

James Storm: Alright, seeing as you want to see this ass backward dump so badly, you can go out and get us some food and drink. We need uh … chips-

Chris Harris: BEER!!

James Storm: Beer … more burgers, actually, more meat in general … more beer- hell, grab some spirits, it’s been a tough week … and uh …

Storm tries to think, as the cameraman chips in again.

Cameraman: Uhm … are you sure you guys should be eating and drinking so much?? I mean, we’ve been on vacation for three weeks guys … and all you’ve done is eat food - fatty food - and drink beer. You haven’t worked out, you haven’t trained at all … and you’re competing at Summerslam.

Harris peers over his shoulder, with his eyebrows narrowed, getting off his seat, as Storm puts his head down, not expecting this to end well.

Chris Harris: You callin us fat?? You callin us unprofessional?? Who the hell are you!! You’re a cameraman - and a pretty darn crap one at that. You’re on a paid holiday with us, and you’re spoilin our fun!!

Storm tries to calm Harris, but the Wildcat is livid.

Chris Harris: It’s bad enough that we have to come to this stupid upside down crazy land … we’re stressed out as it is!! We don’t need you makin it worse!!

Harris throws his hands up, and walks off, sitting back down … and gets stuck back into his ribs.

Cameraman: Sorry guys … I was just uh … well, I was just concerned, y’know.

Storm opens the hotel room door, as the camera man sets the camera on the table, and walks in front of the camera for the first time, walking to the door.

James Storm: Well, you can concern yourself with gettin our food and drink stocked up, without getting eaten by a Croc.

The cameraman nods, as he exit’s the room, with Storm slamming it behind him.

Chris Harris: Can you believe that kid??

James Storm: He’ll learn.

Chris Harris: Imagine that though. Punk kid tryin to tell us how to do things?? Does he know we’ve been tag champions for eight months?? Does he not realise that we could put on two hundred pounds and STILL wipe the floor with the competition they provide us??

James Storm: I know. What an idiot, huh.

Suddenly, *FIRE ALARM* begins to blare, as smoke starts to fill the room - coming from where the BBQ was set up. As ever, AMW don’t realise they might be to blame.

Chris Harris: GOD DAMN HIPPIE AUSSIES!!! Who the hell is startin fires in a hotel!! We’re tryin to relax here, having some nice food, drinkin some rotten beer … and some flaming dingo has gone and set off the fire alarm!!!

Harris grabs a blanket, wrapping it over himself as Storm opens the door, shaking his head in disgust at having to evacuate due to ‘someone’ setting off the fire alarm

James Storm: If I find out who set that thing off, I’m gonna shove my boot up their ass!!

The two exit the room … as the picture fades to black.


We return to ringside, where Joey Styles has his head bowed, shaking it in disgust, refusing to even talk about the embarrassing video submitted by AMW.

Joey Styles: Next week, we’ll move one step closer to finding out which team will have the opportunity to face Americas Most Wanted for the WWE Tag Team Championships at Summerslam. Both semi final matches will take place in South Africa, with the Master Craftsmen looking to bounce back from their defeat in the United States Title match moments ago by facing The Daredevils, and then it’s Los Latinos and The Caribbean Connection in what should be a tremendous aerial battle between two high flying teams.

Paul Heyman: Four tremendous tandems, Joey. Lots of experience with Chavo Guerrero and Super Crazy, incredible ability to do the unexpected with Carlito and Kingston, then a mix of youth and experience in Hardy and Bourne, before you come to the most technically gifted twosome in the WWE today; Haas and Albright.

Joey Styles: And we are also receiving word from Eric Bischoffs office with TWO further announcements ahead of next weeks historic show in Africa. Two big rematches that many people have been dying to see ever since the Great American Bash - and they happen next week!!

Paul Heyman: Ohhhh boy, this is big, Joey.

Joey Styles: First off, Paul London might want - and need - a week off after a hectic schedule, but he wont get it. It’s not for the United States Title, it’s not for the Cruiserweight title, but he meets his former friend, and now bitter enemy, The Brian Kendrick!!!

Paul Heyman: And I’m sure Kendrick will be delighted. He believes he cost himself the match at the Great American Bash, and THIS is his chance to prove he was right. No titles on the line, but if Kendrick can beat London, he’s given himself the perfect opportunity to get the rematch he feels he deserves for Londons gold.

Joey Styles: Plus, Edge battles Batista!!! The Animal may now perhaps have other things on his mind after a shocking assault at the hands of Garrison Cade earlier tonight, but for the last month he has been chomping at the bit for another crack at Edge. Next week, he gets it!!! But it wont be a regular match. Straight from Eric Bischoffs office, we can reveal that it’ll be a STRAP MATCH!!! No running, no hiding, Edge will be within arms reach at all times next Friday!!!

Paul Heyman: That is HUGE!! Two weeks out from meeting The Undertaker at Summerslam, I’m sure a strap match with Batista is the last thing that Edge wants or needs!!


Heat suddenly descends over the arena, as Styles and Heyman are forced to shut up, with Triple H entering the stage - and it’s an odd look for a man who is unable to physically engage with his rival tonight. Hands taped, jacket off, no jeans but jogging bottoms and trainers rather than shoes or boots.

Joey Styles: This looks rather daunting, Paul. The Game looks dressed for a fight here. If he and Brock Lesnar come to blows, THE WrestleMania rematch we’ve been dying to see at Summerslam - is OFF. This is a highly volatile situation … can the two men restrain themselves?? We’ll be right back.

Commercial Break

We return, with Triple H pacing around the ring, waiting, saying nothing … simply wanting Lesnar to join him in the ring.


The roof almost comes off the building, as Brock Lesnar rushes onto the stage - casually dressed himself, wearing training gear. He bypasses his usual entrance routine, and simply strides down the ramp, locking eyes with The Game, who leans on the ropes, waiting for his foe to join him.

Joey Styles: I don’t like this one bit, Paul. We might need to scrub one of THE main events from this years Summerslam. Remember, it’s zero tolerance. They lay a hand on each other?? Summerslam - for them - is off.

Paul Heyman: It’s on Bischoffs head, Joey. I cannot believe he didn’t cancel this showdown and keep these two men apart. If it were me in charge - and it should be - I would’ve done EVERYTHING in my power to keep these two away from each other. This is asking for trouble.

Lesnar steps onto the apron, with Triple H backing up, allowing Lesnar to get into the ring … and he steps in … with THE GAME WALKING RIGHT UP TO HIM … AND THEY GO FACE TO FACE - INCHES FROM EACH OTHERS FOREHEADS!!!

The fans are torn, knowing the consequences of a brawl, but cant help get excited by the intensity of hatred between the two men. Neither backs up an inch, and not a word is uttered for well over sixty seconds … before The Game finally blinks … and takes a step back, but doesn’t take his eyes off Brock, leaning his arm over the ropes, being handed a mic.

He is given the mic, and waits for a moment, still intensely staring out The Iron Man who has yet to change his expression. Slowly, Triple H brings the mic to his mouth.

Triple H: Go on, Brock. Do it. Take your shot!!

Still, the expression doesn’t change on Lesnars face, despite Triple H trying to goad him.

Triple H: I’m standing right here, Brock. What are you waiting for, huh??

Triple H steps forward, ominously close to Lesnars face, leaving his chin out - OFFERING Lesnar the free shot.

Triple H: Here’s your shot … RIGHT HERE!! TAKE THE SHOT!!! Think about it. Think about what happened last week. Don’t you want to get some payback??

Lesnars fist clenches … and the Iron Man breathes heavily, boiling over … AND HE … RIPS THE MICROPHONE FROM TRIPLE H!!!

The fans gasp momentarily, but relax, as Lesnar just grabs the mic.

Brock Lesnar: You’d love that, right?? You’d LOVE for me to take a cheap shot, get suspended, and save you from going through hell at Summerslam.

For the first time, Lesnar cracks a smile, and gets in Triple H’s face.

Brock Lesnar: I’m not falling for that one.

Pop from the fans.

Brock Lesnar: Take one free shot tonight?? Or give you the beating of a lifetime at the biggest Summerslam of all time?? No brainer, really, is it?? But y’know … it says just about everything about you. It tells me everything I needed to know. You’re scared. You’re scared of what’ll happen come Summerslam. Scared, of what I’m capable of doing, and scared of what’ll be left of your career when I’m finished.

Another cheer, whilst Triple H scowls.

Brock Lesnar: As much as I’d love to grab you by your scrawny neck and choke the life outta you tonight … it’ll be so much better in two weeks time. With no security to hold me back, no rules to stop me in my tracks … our Streetfight is gonna be like a holiday for me … and your … worst … nightmare!!!


Brock Lesnar: Did you really think … that I’d fall for it?? That I couldn’t keep my cool tonight?? How stupid do you think I am, Hunter?? You thought sticking that huge nose of yours in my face, and offering me a free shot would tip me over the edge?? There’s nothing that’ll stop me from going to Summerslam, and there’s nothing - there’s NO ONE - that can save you on August 19 either.

Lesnar smirks, laughing almost as The Games futile attempts to draw a fight out of him, and offers him the mic, allowing him to speak again. Triple H thinks about it, before finally taking the mic, and pauses for a moment, before speaking.

Triple H: I’ll hand it to ya, Brock. You’re smarter than I thought.

Disingenuously, HHH claps.

Triple H: I wasn’t sure that Jesse Venturas fax would be enough to stop you from wanting to tear me apart. I mean, I saw the look in your eyes on Monday. I didn’t think anything would’ve stopped you tonight from coming for a fight. But just when I thought I had you figured out … you go and prove me wrong.

Triple H nods, acknowledging a faint chant from the fans.

Triple H: I didn’t think you’d be the type to bow to authority. I didn’t think you’d be this calm.

Slowly, a smile forms on Triple H’s face. He looks to his left, then the right, before staring back at Lesnar.

Triple H: Sometimes … I even outdo myself.

“Huh??” Is the puzzled muffle from Joey Styles on commentary, as confusion filters around, with Lesnar looking puzzled. Triple H though, still smiles … then snarls.

Triple H: Check mate.


Joey Styles: NO!!! Wh- WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!!!

Lesnar drops to his knees, as the fans are stunned into silence - THE WRESTLEMANIA REMATCH AT SUMMERSLAM … IS OFF!!! The Game stands over Lesnar, quickly placing him between his legs … PEDIGREE!!!!!

Joey Styles: IS HE CRAZY!!

If the low blow didn’t do it … the PEDIGREE just killed it!!! The boos are twofold; for Triple H attacking Lesnar, AND for cancelling the Streetfight at Summerslam!!!

Joey Styles: Triple H has just got himself an indefinite suspension. He’s just killed off the streetfight at Summerslam!! Why??

Paul Heyman: Summerslam just became a whole lot less fun. Triple H is outta his mind!!!

The Game rolls out of the ring, and throws up the apron, quickly pulling a sledgehammer from under the ring, to a chorus of boos (plus some faint cheers) as we see a shellshocked Eric Bischoff walking onto the stage, waving behind the curtain, as POLICE file out.

Joey Styles: This is your fault, Bischoff you piece of trash!!! You should’ve kept these two apart!!

Paul Heyman: He looks like he knows it too, Joey. Bischoff just saw his big match go up in smoke, and he’s only got himself to blame.

Joey Styles: Nice job bringing the cops out now … too little too late, you idiot!!

Triple H re-enters the ring, and picks up the mic, seeing Bischoff at the top of the ramp, shaking his head.

Triple H: What’s wrong, Eric?? You just saw your marquee match at Summerslam go up in smoke??

Furious, Bischoff shouts down at Triple H “YOU ASSHOLE!! I TRUSTED YOU TO KEEP YOUR COOL!!!”, but Triple H leans over the top rope shaking his head.

Triple H: You really think I’d throw that match away?? THINK ABOUT IT!!! Where did that fax come from, huh?? WHO sent it?? THINK ERIC … think … about … who … I’m … married to.

An ‘OOH’ starts to develop around the arena … as the penny drops.

Triple H: Jesse Ventura didn’t send any damn fax … Mrs Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley sent that fax.

{Joey Styles: What!!??}


Joey Styles: AHHH NOOOO!!! Right between the eyes!!!

Paul Heyman: Triple H just played us all, Joey … but it’s Lesnar that’s paying the price. THAT is why he’s the cerebral assassin.

On the stage, Bischoff - despite the revelation - still instructs the officers to go to the ring and stop the assault, but as they near, Triple H threatens with the deadly sledgehammer, preventing the officers from entering. He turns back around, and we see Brock Lesnar BLEEDING - BADLY!!! Still, the superhuman Iron Man is TRYING to get himself to his feet, grabbing the ropes … but Triple H targets him again … AND DRIVES THE SLEDGEHAMMER INTO THE EXPOSED RIBS OF LESNAR!!!

Joey Styles: If Lesnar takes much more punishment, he wont MAKE IT to Summerslam!!! SOMEONE PUT A STOP TO THIS!!!

Paul Heyman: Would you get in a ring with a guy wielding a sledgehammer??

Lesnar crumbles over the ropes, gasping in pain, as The Game strikes TWICE to the ribs with the hammer, then to the back, putting Lesnar on his knees, breathing erratically - possibly due to broken ribs!! Triple H swings the sledgehammer at the officers as they try to climb onto the apron, forcing them back off, before he sets himself … AND DRIVES THE SLEDGEHAMMER INTO THE BACK OF LESNARS SKULL!!!!!!!!

Joey Styles: NOT AGAIN!!!!!

Paul Heyman: Shades, Joey … shades of what Triple H did to Lesnar a few weeks out from WrestleMania. He bloodied and battered Lesnar on Smackdown a few months ago … but not to this level.

The Game drops the hammer, and drops to his knees, hauling the prone body of Lesnar up, hooking the head with his left arm … and proceeds to pound the bloody forehead of the defenceless Iron Man … blow after blow, forcing the cut deeper … and the taped fists of Triple H go from pure white … to blood red. It IS shades of March 9.

Joey Styles: (Despondent) This is … urgh … this is … too much, Paul.

Paul Heyman: (Shocked) I’m not sure how much more of this I can watch.

Joey Styles: (Lowly, but matter of factly) Relentless.

Triple H begins to slow down, tiring himself out with the punches, and eventually stops, letting go of Lesnar … and the Iron Man slumps onto the canvas, completely battered this evening.

Joey Styles: Please stop. Please.

But it isn’t over. Triple H reaches down, grabbing the sledgehammer once more - raising it high in the air - not even getting boos from the silent fans; stunned by the brutal beating. The Game warns the helpless officers to stay out, as he stands over Lesnar, raising the hammer again … AND DRIVES IT INTO THE RIBS AGAIN … AGAIN … AND A THIRD TIME!!!

Joey Styles: I- I cant watch this.

Heyman has already went silent, but we hear Styles taking off his headset, unable to call the action anymore, as Triple H drops the hammer once again … but drops to his knees … and opens up with more solid, SICK, right hands to the open wound on Lesnar, as the police officers finally manage to get into the ring, and put a stop to the madness.

Commentary is silent, as only the noises - and very few at that - from the fans can be heard, with medics already getting in the ring to tend to Lesnar, as Triple H is placed in handcuffs … but has a big smile on his face, looking down at the decimated Iron Man.

Triple H is led out of the ring by the cops, but is allowed to back up the ramp, looking back to the ring where medics look concerned for Lesnar, shaking their heads at the sorry sight of the bloody mess in the ring.

On the aisle, Triple H turns, and is escorted to the top of the ramp, still walking … with the sick, sorry sight of The Games bloodied taped hands is the final shot of the evening … before we fade … to black.

Official Card for WWE SummerSlam:
Date: 19th August 2007
Location: Wembley Stadium, London, England
Event Music: Kings of Leon, Fans & The Clash, London Calling

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
World Heavyweight Champion Christian w/ Ricky ‘Hitman’ Hatton
Mr. Money in the Bank; Unbeaten & Undefeated Umaga w/ Armando Estrada

WWE Championship Match:
Randy Orton vs. Rob Van Dam

World Tag Team Championships | Tables Ladders and Chairs Match:
MNM vs. Straight Edge

WWE Tag Team Championships Match:
Americas Most Wanted vs. TBD

WWE Intercontinental Championship | Triple Threat Match:
Shelton Benjamin vs. Matt Hardy vs. William Regal

WWE United States Championship Match:
Paul London vs. M.V.P

Womens Championship Match:
Mickie James vs. Beth Phoenix

Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar

John Cena vs. Mr. Kennedy w/The Miz

One on One:
Edge vs. The Undertaker

Grudge Match:
Rey Mysterio vs. Kurt Angle

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Re: Being The Booker

Interesting opening to the show with Bischoff announcing the order from the higher ups. I doubt the match will get cancelled though.

Cool match to kick off the show, I wonder if anything substantial will come out of Chris Master's interference though or if it is just an equalizer interference. Either way, good to see Kendrick hold on to his belt, the "chasing double gold" idea interests me, but may that is just my tastes in having people who show their dominance by having tons of belts at once. Haha.

I really like the Master Craftsmen, while both guys deserve single action as well, I really hope they stick around together as a tag team for a while.

Eww, old guys returning just to job. I think I am one of the few people who actually liked Test (RIP) during his singles run in 2001+, or maybe there are more folks. Good to see the Caribbean Connection advancing in the tournament. I think they'll probably end up winning this tournament due to the way they are being handled.

More jobbing! I don't really see the James Boys going anywhere, but nice to see my favorite team on Smackdown win, though I'm doubting that they'll end up winning the tournament.

Deuce and Domino switching brands seems like an interesting choice, I hope this means they'll be getting a nice push on the RAW brand.

Wasn't really into Burke's promo, too many Booker T lines, haha. I like Burke though so I'll see where he goes from here, hopefully he'll develop more of his own character.

Edge getting the win shows that he is still a game player as he tries to get into the WWE Title picture. I'm not an Edge fan, but that at least makes him a real heel for me. I hope Burke can rebound and build himself up to US Championship scene status (which is my favorite title scene right now in the thread). Also I'll be looking forward to seeings how the reverse mind games plan works out in the remaining weeks.

I really liked the RVD/Orton promo. Despite the match being a regular singles match, with the use of the Van Terminators, I highly doubt a chair won't show up in their match at SummerSlam. I thought Bischoff was well written here as well.

Batista's promo was interesting, I like his character in this thread, though that is probably because he never became WWE/Heavyweight Champion yet, haha. MVP is one of my favorites and I'm expecting he'll beat Batista so we can have a good face/heel contest at SummerSlam.

Nick Nemeth seems like a pretty interesting character. I'll be interested in seeing how he does in upcoming weeks. I find it funny that the guy uses the monicker "The Narcissist" as if he thinks he is one and is proud of it, haha.

Another match changing due to unexpected interference seems a little bit much for one TV Show. MVP winning does make me happy though, I wonder if anything important is going to come out of Cade's interference? I liked the Heart Punch by the way, are you planning on using that as a mainstay move similar to Randy Orton's kick?

Paul London vs. Brent Albright vs. Charlie Haas...this is why the US title scene is my favorite right now, lots of great talent after the belt, I really feel that the belt has a lot of prestige. Good match with Paul London pulling off the win in the end, I'm really looking to Paul London and MVP's match more than anything right now for SummerSlam.

Looks like some interesting matches next Smackdown!, I'm looking forward to seeing things heat up.

The AMW promo was the best so far in my opinion. Well written and it made me laugh. I wonder if they'll still be a viable force if they lose their belts or if they are getting released. I'm hoping that they'll get serious once SummerSlam is over.

The confrontation at the ending was predictable due to it being Triple H. The assault on Lesnar was very brutal though and it definitely has me cheering for Lesnar at SummerSlam. While the US Championship match is the one I'm most looking forward to at SummerSlam, the HHH/Lesnar match is the one I'm most emotionally invested in, having a clear person I want to win.

Overall good show, my only major critiques would be the two unexpected interferences in the same TV show and Burke hanging around his mentor's shadow at the moment. I'm looking forward to RAW and next Smackdown!

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Re: Being The Booker

Smackdown Feedback

Pretty interesting way to start things with Bischoff and the announcement was big. That certainly changes things ahead of the showdown tonight.

Kicking things off with a championship match is never a bad way to go, so pleased with this start. Some great action throughout and I actually thought Noble was gonna pull it off at one point. Made the right call though, TBK’s on a roll at the minute although I’m not sure about the Masters interference. I know Noble cost them last week but I didn’t think anything of it with regards to Masters. Hoping this was just a bit of payback and they don’t go on to feud.

Thought you wrote this segment with the Master Craftsmen perfectly. Really great stuff. The line from Haas about wrestling two matches being like a day off for them was excellent. Loved the way they admitted they’re not gonna hold back, they’re gonna beat the hell out of each but when it’s all said and done shake hands. Really enjoyed this and these two are high on my list at the moment of favourite characters you’re writing.

Conway and Test versus the on a roll duo of the Caribbean Connection. Hmmm, who’s gonna win this one? No brainer, right call.

Again, a bit of an obvious outcome here with the Craftsmen just too strong at the moment for most, let alone some newcomers. Not too sure where you’re gonna go with these new James Boys, whether they’re just being brought in to job or whether a push will be on the cards, I await and see.

Deuce and Domino aren’t a bad outfit and wouldn’t mind them heading off to Raw. Not that they’ll probably do anything over there either but still.

I actually quite liked this interview with Burke and his interaction with Edge here. It’s good to see you giving Burke a bit of a chance to shine and I thought both his and Edge’s Booker impressions were some nice light hearted fun. Expect Edge to get a convincing win but hopefully Burke puts up a decent fight.

And there we goooooo. As expected but at least Burke didn’t get completely obliterated. Hopefully Edge and Taker picks up next week a bit.

Really solid start to the interview with Orton here. I liked how you had him mention that everything he ever did to Van Dam was legal, whereas Van Dam’s attacks haven’t been, good stuff. RVD ripping up the waiver was slightly unexpected but I think it’s the right call as it fits in with the way RVD goes about things. In all honesty I didn’t like Van Dam here, I think he felt a bit forced and yeah he’s tough to write I know but wasn’t really feeling it. ECW rules stipulation though would make for a hell of a match. Bischoff’s little speech was nice and it makes sense in a way given RVD’s injuries recently. I think the answer was always gonna be the title, had to be and the ending with Orton looking for a cheap shot was nice. Hopefully Orton does finally get the upper hand next week as it’s been a bit one sided since Van Dam came back. Good segment though.

Much like Van Dam, Tista is a pain in the backside to write and I wasn’t too keen on a few things here. Calling Josh kid, every cloud an all. Just little things and me probably nitpicking but just wasn’t sure. I thought London and MVP were right on it though and it’s certainly an interesting situation that I expect MVP to come out of with a shot at London.

Great stuff with Nemeth here. His attitude is down to a tee and the way you had him run down the people he’s faced thus far and the people taking up his time was great, particularly the James Boys. Really looking forward to where you go with him.

Decent contest here between MVP and Batista but wow I didn’t see that ending coming AT ALL. Garrison Cade huh? All I can wonder following this is why and what’s the motive behind it? Pretty damn brutal attack and that Heart Punch, Jesus. Never seen that going round but using it’s a hell of a unique way to go and would certainly make Cade look a threat. Kinda strange to see him just reappear from nowhere but looking forward to where this heads.

Great run down of the Summerslam card. Shaping up to be a beauty.

Triple threat main event time! And to be honest I got nothing to say other than that this was fantastic. These three guys are three of the best around at the moment in this thread and this is the reason why. Some nice stuff in the early goings from Haas and Albright, showing exactly hat they said earlier, they’ll take each other down. Some more top action throughout the middle of the match with London showing off exactly what he’s capable of and the ending was great, the way London dodged Albright to get the pin on Haas and round off a heck of a match. Great job.

AMW time. As always was a great laugh to read. The way they interacted with the cameraman was hilarious and the ending was great with the fire alarm. I didn’t think this was as good as the previous couple to be honest but it was still funny and it’s gonna be hard to keep topping yourself with these but please, keep on trying!

And now for the big one. The two going face to face immediately didn’t surprise me as this thing really is at boiling point. Good stuff with Trips trying to goad Lesnar into hitting him, never gonna work though and I liked Lesnar’s reasoning that at Summerslam he’s gonna get the chane to do whatever he wants to Trips and how it’ll be like a holiday for him. Now this is absolutely brilliant. The way Trips just suddenly confused the hell out of everybody, that line about outdoing himself and then check mate was perfect. Bischoff being pissed off was a given and I’m glad you didn’t have him hold back in calling Trips an asshole. The line about who he’s married to was brilliant, absolutely brilliant and then the attack after that was brutal, absolutely brutal and I loved it. Genius from Trips and genius booking from yourself.

On the whole, not an awful lot I can say except this was a great read. The Master Craftsmen were a highlight for me, from their interview early on, to the tag victory and then an excellent showing along with Paul London. The Garrison Cade attack was another highlight, especially that heart punch, suggests to me you plan on making him a threat again. And the ending was, well I think I’ve explained already just how much I enjoyed it. Fantastic. Really am looking forward to Summerslam all the more after this, keep
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Re: Being The Booker


WWE.COM can officially reveal that the night before the Twentieth Annual Summerslam in London, that at the Summerslam Ball, the late, great, legendary ‘British Bulldog’ Davey Boy Smith will be honoured with a place in the prestigious WWE Hall of Fame. Since it’s reformation in 2004, the Hall of Fame has been a strictly WrestleMania only event, but this year - for one year only - the rules will be broken, and fittingly so.

Fifteen years ago at the groundbreaking Summerslam 1992 at Wembley Stadium, The British Bulldog sent the fans into raptures with an unforgettable victory over Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart to capture the Intercontinental Championship. As part of Fan Axxess, and in conjunction with other special fund raising events, the induction of The British Bulldog will be a true highlight of the festivities, with fellow Hall of Fame member, Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart inducting his late Brother in Law, and Harry Smith - Davey’s son - accepting the award on behalf of his father.

Following the shocking conclusion to Friday Night Smackdown, can also confirm that WWE Commissioner Jesse Ventura did not send - and had no knowledge of - the fax that decreed a zero tolerance NO contact ruling between Brock Lesnar and Triple H. Indeed, sources have confirmed Triple H’s declaration that Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley was the behind the ruse, which has culminated in the hospitalisation of Brock Lesnar.

Ventura is said to be livid at the flagrant bias of upper management, helping set up such a devastating attack, and there is sure to be repercussions for Mrs. McMahon-Helmsley in the coming weeks. As for Lesnar, the local medical facility he was admitted to in Melbourne have already ruled out ANY return to Smackdown before Summerslam, after suffering a deep laceration of the forehead, but more worryingly, four cracked - possibly broken - ribs, and severe concussion. It is expected that for Lesnar to even be allowed to compete on August 19 that he will be expected to sign a standard ‘Hold Harmless Agreement’.


Monday Night Raw Preview:

History is made this Monday, as, for the first time in WWE history, it’s flagship shows come to South Africa. The Coca Cola Dome in Johannesburg hosts Raw and Smackdown, just two weeks away from Summerslam, and with the biggest event of the summer just around the corner, tensions are sure to be high amongst the Raw roster!!

Raw GM Eric Bischoff has been busy this weekend, putting together a fitting show for the WWE’s first impression on South Africa, and nothing could be bigger than an historic edition of the legendary Pipers Pit!! Rowdy Roddy Piper makes his return to the WWE, and his task isn’t an easy one. He will mediate a meeting between the two men set to collide in the main event of Summerslam in less than two weeks time; Mister Money in the Bank, Umaga, and the World Heavyweight Champion, Christian. Can the legendary host keep these two men calm, after the numerous attacks from Umaga to Christian over recent weeks - and with Christian getting the upper hand over his most terrifying challenger to date last week, Umaga could well be on the warpath.

At Summerslam, John Cena meets Mister Kennedy for the first time. Before that though, Cena faces Kennedy’s associate, making his in ring debut on Raw; The Miz. After much hype - mainly from himself - we will finally see what the upstart has to offer, as the test’s don’t come much bigger than the former three time World Heavyweight Champion. Is he full of hot air?? Or, can the reality TV star really cut it in the tough, hard world of the WWE?? With Cena and Kennedy’s meeting inching nearer and nearer, you can be sure that the self proclaimed ‘Monday Night Juggernaught’ wont be far from the action.

Last week, Rey Mysterio was seconds away from enduring the ultimate humiliation - he was nearly unmasked by a crazed Kurt Angle. Thanks only to a timely intervention from Straight Edge, The British Lions and Ken Doane, Mysterio survived with his mask in tact. But this week, Mysterio has other things to deal with before he can focus on Angle. Rhyno. The Man Beast STILL has unresolved issues with Mysterio, and with the two men tied 1-1 in singles matches against each other, Eric Bischoff has decided it is time to put an end to the rivalry once and for all. Rhyno gets his wish, and meets Mysterio; one on one, this Monday on Raw. In addition to that, Bischoff has also ordered an end to the ongoing rivalry between veteran diva Victoria, and young upstart, Maryse. They settle their own dispute, one on one, this week on Raw.

Also, in a strange turn of events last week, just as it appeared that Matt Hardy had blown his final opportunity to win the Intercontinental Title; losing a 3-0 lead to draw 3-3 in a 30 Minute Iron Man Match last week with Shelton Benjamin, Hardy was granted one last reprieve. It was revealed soon after the conclusion of the match that the mysterious woman that caused Hardy to get counted out (and drop that third fall to Benjamin) was none other than Benjamins own girlfriend. Revealed as Alicia Fox, the champions girlfriend was also revealed to be in training to one day earn a spot on the main WWE roster. Little would Ms. Fox know that the opportunity would come so soon. This week, she teams with her boyfriend and The Worlds Strongest Man, Mark Henry to take on BOTH Benjamins challengers at Summerslam; William Regal and Matt Hardy, along with ANY diva of their choosing. Will the rookie be a hindrance for The Brotherhood?? Or, will Ms. Fox prove to be a surprise package??

Confirmed Matches:
John Cena vs. The Miz
Rey Mysterio vs. Rhyno
The Brotherhood {Shelton Benjamin, Mark Henry & Alicia Fox} vs. William Regal, Matt Hardy & Any Diva of their choosing
Victoria vs. Maryse

~ I will post Raw on Monday - and be forewarned, it's a promo heavy show ~

** ALSO ** Just a quick update on what to expect in the coming weeks / months. I’ve finally made a start on Summerslam!! Opening promo, and first match are done, and most of the other matches are planned out on paper. It’s just getting the time to put that onto Word, and turn it from scrawly, out of sequence notes, and into a fine piece of work

Still, the two Raws and two Smackdowns still to come are NOT finished. Hence why it could be a while before I reach Summerslam. I don’t want to post all the shows then have a big six-eight week gap before the PPV. I don’t like that idea, never have. Normally by then people have forgotten what was going on (if not sooner) and the interest levels die down. So, I’ll be spacing the shows out a little whilst I write up Summerslam. I’m aiming at posting (obviously) the first Raw at the start of next month, then Smackdown later in the month, before the final shows during February, and then *fingers crossed* I’ll get Summerslam up by early-mid March. Hopefully no later than that.

So, with that said. Hope all you fuckers had a nice Christmas, and have a happy New Year too

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Re: Being The Booker

Monday Night Raw | August 6 2007 | Johannesburg, South Africa

Highlights package from last weeks show, where Christian made the shocking announcement that Ricky Hatton would be in his corner for the World Heavyweight Championship match at Summerslam.

Opening Video


Jim Ross: History … is being made!! For the first time ever, the WWE broadcasts it’s flagship shows from South Africa!!! We are live from the Coca Cola Dome in Johannesburg, and just THIRTEEN days away from the twentieth annual Summerslam!!! I’m Jim Ross, and honoured to be calling the action on this historic night. Alongside me as always, The Coach!!

And yes, as ever, The Coach is doing his bit for public relations, dressed as a safari hunter.

The Coach: And South Africa is honoured to have The Coach!!! It’s always an honour for you old timer, with me by your side, keeping you young.

Jim Ross: Well, I must say, Coach, you’ve surprised me with your attire this evening. I had expected something a lot more insulting.

The Coach: HEY!! I’m insulted, baby boy. This wasn’t my first choice!! But our producers wouldn’t let me come out here in my tribal uniform that was GIVEN to me upon our arrival in Johannesburg.

Jim Ross: Well nevertheless, we still have a show to get on with, and these fans are dying for the action to get started!! Tonight, Pipers Pit returns to Raw for the first time in OVER A DECADE!! And what a highly combustible situation it promises to be. Piper holds court between the two men that are two weeks away from clashing over the richest prize in the game. Christian and Umaga on Pipers Pit tonight!!!

The Coach: But that’s not all- OH NO- not by a long shot. Rey Mysterio damn near had his ugly faced exposed by Kurt Angle last week, but he cant come out here and cry about it, because he’s gonna have his hands full with the Man Beast; RHYNO!!!


The Coach: AND THERE HE IS!!! Take a look J.R, at a man right on the cusp of greatness!!!

Mister Kennedy strides onto the stage, nodding to the heat from the fans, smiling at the reaction, before cockily walking down the aisle.

Jim Ross: In less than two weeks, that man, Mister Kennedy will have to put up or shut up. He meets John Cena at Summerslam in a match that could seriously alter both mens career path depending on victory or defeat.

The Coach: But Kennedy don’t do defeats, old timer. Kennedy is gonna send John Cena out to pasture at Summerslam. And then the world is his oyster. The Monday Night Juggernaut is about to take over!!!

Jim Ross: Well, we are getting set for our opening match tonight, and I assume that Mister Kennedy is out here to get a look not only at his opponent at Summerslam, but his lackey, wh-

The Coach: LACKEY??

Jim Ross: Sorry- his associate, who makes his *coughs* long awaited in ring debut … The Miz.

The Coach: Imagine the reaction inside the place when The Miz beats Cena!! These people will blow the roof of this place!!

Jim Ross: The Miz is certainly not short of confidence, calling out John Cena for his debut … but I cant help but think that this debut may not go to plan for the reality star.

Kennedy takes centre stage in the ring, raising his arm … as the lights dim - with only a spotlight remaining … and an old fashioned mic drops from the ceiling.

It’s a mixed reaction, with many fans enjoying the sight - rarely seen from Kennedy recently - as he waits for the fans to settle.

Mister Kennedy: LADIES ANNNNNNND GENTLE-MENNNN-AHHH … it is with great pleasure that I introduce to you … YOUR special guest ring announcer for this opening bout … frommmm … GREEEEEEENNN BAAAAAAAYYY WIS-CON-SINNNNN-AHH…

Kennedy stops for a moment.

Mister Kennedy: That’s in the good ‘ol U.S of A by the way…

Heat. Kennedy fixes himself, settling back into ‘announcer’ mode.


Pause. Many fans shout the name again for him, as Kennedy looks around, taking his time.

Mister Kennedy: KENNEDAYYYYY!!!!

The loudmouth cockily chews his gum, smirking, as he await’s the music…


The nuisance that is The Miz makes his entrance to heat - unadulterated heat - from the fans, with NO love for the annoying reality TV star, who enters with his trusty handheld camera in his possession.

Mister Kennedy: Introducing first … making his way to the ring ahead of THE most eagerly anticipated-ah debut of the year … from Cleveland Ohio, he weighs in at two hundred and twenty of the finest pounds … you all KNOW HIM … you all LOVE HIM … HE IS … THE MIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIZZZZZZ!!!!

The Miz continues to make his annoying entrance, doing some silly dance, and yelling out ‘HOO-RAH’ on his way down the aisle, filming the fans with his camera. He slides into the ring, then hangs off the ropes, looking oh so smug, before giving Kennedy a high five, as Kennedy puts an arm around him, giving Miz a few final pointers ahead of his big debut.

The music dies down, and the fans grow restless … waiting for the actual star to arrive …


And it’s a monster pop for Cena - lot’s of love for the usually divisive superstar in South Africa, and Cena cant help but smile at the (nowadays rare) positive response.

In the ring, Kennedy makes the intro, but puts little enthusiasm into it…

Mister Kennedy: And his opponent. From … doesn’t matter … he weighs a rather excessive two hundred and forty eight pounds … and after he gets backslapped tonight, he gets humiliated at Summerslam by me … remember the name … it’ll be a trivia question a few years from now … John Cena.

Cena stands on the ramp, shaking his head and smirking at the ring intro, looking to the camera by him and saying - with a smile - “HE‘S NO FINK!!” before rushing down the aisle, sliding into the ring, with Kennedy and Miz standing back, as Cena takes his position. Kennedy gives his man some final words of encouragement, as Cena throws his t-shirt to the fans, whilst Kennedy steps out of the ring, with us being all set for the opening bout.

Match 1:
The Miz w/Mr. Kennedy vs. John Cena
Cena circles, almost laughing at the prospect of wrestling The Miz, who looks pensive and nervous … as Kennedy hops onto the apron, distracting Cena, who swings at his main rival, but misses … and Miz launches himself at Cena … but is caught, scooped up … FU!!!!! It’s bedlam, as Cena covers for an emphatic win … 1...2...KENNEDY DRAGS THE REFEREE OUT OF THE RING!!!!! Jack Doan is furious with the corner man, lecturing Kennedy, who tries to explain his actions, saying he wanted to apologise for getting on the apron a moment ago. Cena though, is irate, and he slides out of the ring, giving chase to Kennedy, around the ring, with the referee finally stopping Cena as Kennedy passes by. Doan now lectures Cena, and orders him to get back in the ring. Cena is seen to apologise, and decides to get back in the ring, whilst we see Kennedy skulking around the ring, watching attentively.

Cena gets back inside, and hauls Miz up - who could probably STILL be pinned for a three count after the FU - and shoots the rookie into the corner, as hard as possible, with Miz hitting the buckles, and dropping to his knees, clutching his back in excruciating pain. Cena smiles, enjoying seeing Miz suffer, and drags him back up, dropping him again with the BLUE THUNDER BOMB!!! It’s the perfect set up … with Cena getting back up … SIGNALLING FOR THE FIVE KNUCKLE SHUFFLE … getting the fans on their feet, and hit’s the ropes … BUT KENNEDY TRIPS HIS FOOT!!! Cena stumbles, but doesn’t let the interference annoy him. He takes a look at Miz - still out - before laughing at Kennedy on the outside, giving him the ‘You Cant See Me’ taunt, before turning, and delivers the Five Knuckle Shuffle!!! He gets back to his feet, shrugs, and mouths to the fans “THIS IS TOO EASY!!” … before he turns Miz over … AND APPLIES THE STFU!!!!!

Miz quickly taps … BUT THE REFEREE IS DISTRACTED!!! Mister Kennedy is attempting to get into the ring, grabbing the officials attention!! Cena rolls his eyes, and gets up, releasing the hold, and grabs Kennedy by the shirt - FLINGING HIM OVER THE TOP INTO THE RING!!! Kennedy bundles over, with Cena closing him down, but Mister Kennedy squirms away, rolling back out of the ring. Cena looks around, as if waiting for the fans to tell him to go after him, and once he does, the fans cheer. Kennedy runs around ringside again, keeping his distance from Cena … but along the way, picks up the camera from the timekeepers table, and slides into the ring to get away. Cena puts his hands on his hips on the outside, shaking his head, before climbing back into the ring, and gives chase again, with Kennedy on the move once more, ducking out of the ring, and around the ringside area, but then jogs up the aisle a little.

Cena stops, and waves it off, mouthing “CHICKEN” to his rival, before getting back into the ring, pointing to Jack Doan to make sure Kennedy stays away. Doan is seen turning, and admonishing Kennedy from ringside, whilst Cena picks Miz up … BUT GETS BLASTED WITH THE CAMERA!!!!! Kennedy must’ve dropped the camera to Miz when he ran back into the ring!!!!! Cena collapses to the mat, as the groggy Miz throws the evidence out, laying on top of Cena, as a smile develops on the face of Kennedy, watching as Doan turns around to see the cover … and the count is made, with Doan unaware of the foreign object - too busy admonishing Kennedy … 1...2...3!!!
Winner: The Miz @ 02:29

Jim Ross: Well I’ll be damned.

The Coach: I TOLD YA J.R!!! I TOLD YOU!!! I-TOLD-YOU!!!

Jim Ross: I’ve seen it, but I cannot believe it … The Miz - on his debut - just beat the three time World Champion … John Cena.


Jim Ross: This is despicable.

The Miz - dazed and confused - has his hand raised, and is held up by Kennedy who has joined him in the ring, as we see Cena beginning to come around already, and to rub it in, Kennedy has the camera in his possession, and tries to film Cena as he comes around, laughing heartily.

Jim Ross: Very funny!!! Someone take that camera off him!! He should never have even been out here!!

The Coach: He didn’t do anything, J.R!! The Miz won this thing by himself!!! Kennedy didn’t put a hand on Cena!!!

Jim Ross: Maybe not, but he damn well orchestrated this whole thing!!! He supplied Miz with the camera, he distracted the referee … he cost Cena!!!

The Coach: Cena cost himself, old timer!! He took Miz too lightly!!

Miz leans up against the ropes, looking worse for wear, whilst Kennedy - happy with his footage - beckons Miz to leave the ring, having done enough tonight; humiliating Cena.

Jim Ross: Yeah, run while you can Kennedy!!! Because I’ll tell ya this, there will be hell to pay!!!

Kennedy helps Miz up the aisle, turning back to look at Cena in the ring, is sits up, trying to shake the cobwebs loose, holding his head, and wincing in pain, looking up, and seeing the smiling face of the brash Mr. Kennedy. Seething, Cena’s jaw begins to lock, getting more and more angered by the cocky grin of Kennedy, as we fade to the first commercial of the night.

Commercial Break

Lots of clips of excited fans, buying tickets for Summerslam, showing them to a camera airs, as the chords of ‘Fans’ by Kings of Leon plays in the background, before the following words fill the screen.


Flashing shots of a deranged Umaga, a jubilant Paul London and an intense Kurt Angle appear on the screen.

… ON AUGUST 19 …

Cut to Randy Orton posing, John Cena running down the aisle, and Edge tearing at his hair in despair.


Zooming shot of the newly built Wembley Stadium.


Explosion of fast and furious finishers; Rey Mysterio with a 619, Lesnar with an F5, RVD soaring, Straight Edge hitting a double shining wizard and Shelton Benjamin nailing Paydirt.

‘London Calling’ by The Clash takes over now, as the next series of big screen filling words begins.


Shots of fans from Summerslam 1992, before a shot of the new look Wembley.


Shots of Triple H, Lesnar, Orton, RVD, Christian, Umaga, Kennedy and Cena.


Cut to Umaga standing over Christian, then Lesnar and Triple H face to face.


Clips of MNM & Straight Edge; in action against one another, spliced with shots from previous TLC matches, and other random shots of both teams using chairs in the past, and MNM putting Booker T through a table last December.


Clips of The Undertaker walking toward the ring; cut to the Deadman chokeslamming JBL into the grave last month, then to Edge spearing the mannequin last week.


Orton punting RVD at WrestleMania, then the Hangmans DDT at Judgment Day … before RVD smashes Orton with the Van Terminator in Japan.


Kurt Angle attacking Rey Mysterio in Mexico; applying an American flag to the face of the proud Rey in his spiritual home … then cut to Mr. Kennedy and The Miz bloodying Cena that very same week with the video camera.


Shots of Christian getting owned by Umaga over the previous weeks, then the soundbite;

“In my corner on August 19 at Summerslam … will be … RICKY … HATTON!!!”


Stock footage of Hatton at his best, with vicious knockouts, and raising his title belts aloft, sat on the shoulders of his trainers.


Big collection of showdowns; RVD & Orton, Kennedy & Cena, Triple H & Lesnar …


Then flashing shots of Umaga … and Christian … before darkness.



A picturesque shot from outside the arena is shown, as we return live…

Jim Ross: We are back live, and moments ago we saw a damn daylight robbery here, and folks, if you missed it you might not believe me … but The Miz just beat John Cena.

The Coach: HOO-RAH!!! J.R, face facts, Cena is old news. His star is fading twice as fast as it rose. He’s on the outs. Lets look to the future old timer. And the future is The Miz!!!

Jim Ross: If that’s the case, someone turn the lights out. The wrestling business is dead.

The Coach: We need to replace you. You’re bringing this show down. I’m hip, I’m entertaining and I’m interesting. People tune in to see and hear me. People will tune in for the same reasons to see The Miz. You and Cena?? Need new career paths.

Jim Ross: Well I might just do that, Coach. I’m not sure I can spend much longer sitting next to you. Still to come tonight; Piper Pit. And what an edition of ‘The Pit’ it promises to be. The two men that will contest the main event of the biggest Summerslam of all time; Umaga and Christian come face to face tonight. Can Piper stop the thing from getting out of control??

The Coach: If Hot Rod has any sense, he’ll turn around and walk out of the building as soon as he locks eyes on Umaga.

Jim Ross: Also, in action tonight, Rey Mysterio meets Rhyno!! It’s a rubber match between the two rivals, as Mysterio attempts to gain some momentum heading into his showdown with Kurt Angle at Summerslam, AND, we are set to hear from none other than The Game. After his despicable actions on Smackdown, just what will that no good, rotten bastard have to say??

The Coach: Whoa. He’s the cerebral assassin J.R. You gave him that title … he just lives up to it.


Cody Rhodes enters the stage, with his older brother Dustin following behind - both dressed to compete tonight.

Jim Ross: Well, speaking of no good-

The Coach: Hey, I’m not Dustins biggest fan either, J.R.

Jim Ross: I meant Cody, Coach. But Dustin Rhodes needs to wake up and smell the coffee too. It’s admirable that he’d selflessly do whatever his brother wanted him to do in order to help Cody succeed … but a good long trip to the woodshed wouldn’t do this young brat any harm if you ask me. He’s been mollycoddled by his big brother, when a bit of tough love could be the best for all parties.

The Coach: ‘Ol Goldust ought to be in the woodshed, you fool. Cody Rhodes is keeping this bum in a job by letting him hang on his coattails.

In the ring, we see Cody issuing instructions to his brother, who nods along - but doesn’t look overly happy about it.

Jim Ross: Well tonight, Dustin teams with Cody to take on a team that are on somewhat of a downward spiral in recent weeks, Coach.


Katie Lea leads out her stepbrother Paul Burchill, and her boyfriend Harry Smith to a decent response from the fans.

The Coach: Yeah, this pair went from challenging for the tag titles a month ago, to looking like strangers last week on Superstars. The Entourage got off to a winning start against this pair, after another mix up between the British Lions.

Jim Ross: And it all seems to be revolving around the young lady on the outside for the team, with emotional ties to both men. A month ago, Smith left his partner to help Katie Lea and it cost them the tag titles. Two weeks ago on Raw, Smith accidentally knocked Katie Lea down, went to check on his girlfriend, and cost his team the shot at MNM at Summerslam. And last week on Superstars, Burchill completely lost it when he saw Curt Hawkins put his hands on his little sister.

The Coach: And it cost his team! See a pattern, J.R??

Jim Ross: Well, it’s been a rocky month for the British Lions, but let’s look at a positive; on August 18, the night before Summerslam, Harry Smith will have the honour of accepting a well earned place in the WWE Hall of Fame for his late, great father, Davey Boy Smith, The British Bulldog.

The Coach: A fitting tribute to a man whose most iconic moment came fifteen years ago at Summerslam in the main event at the old Wembley Stadium. And, it goes to show just how big this Summerslam is. The Hall of Fame is strictly saved for WrestleMania weekend, but we’re making a big one off for this one.

Jim Ross: The pre-Summerslam bash from the conference centre at Wembley will see Smiths opponent that night; fellow Hall of Famer Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart, induct his Brother in Law into the Hall. How special for the family of Davey Boy will it be to have an entire Hall of Fame ceremony for one man; The British Bulldog.

The Coach: Well, it’ll be nice on the night, but let’s get back to business here. If young Harry doesn’t get his head in the game here, it’ll be yet ANOTHER loss for the bumbling English twosome.

Match 2:
The Rhodes Brothers vs. The British Lions w/Katie Lea
Cody “allows” Dustin to start the match, and the experienced elder Rhodes brother, locks horns with Burchill, but is overpowered by the brutal Brit, and is forced to delve into his bag of tricks and use his wily veteran instincts to get a foothold into the battle, eventually getting the better of Burchill, but as he traps his opponent in a headlock and looks to tag in his brother, Cody isn’t convinced, and shakes his head, telling Dustin to soften him up first. This throws Dustin off his game, and Burchill soon turns the tide, knocking Dustin off his feet, before bringing Smith into the action.

The British Lions dominate Dustin, showing their potential as a team after a few shaky weeks, with Katie Lea looking impressed by the showing on the outside. Cody meanwhile, looks less than impressed with his brothers efforts. Again though, Dustin mounts a comeback, and knocks Smith off his feet, with Cody NOW calling for a tag, and Dustin rolls his eyes … but does as his brother requests, and makes the tag. Cody picks up the scraps, beating down Harry, and a quick run of near falls. Rhodes, getting cocky, makes eyes at Katie Lea … forcing a response from Burchill, which makes the referee step in to stop Burchill from getting inside. Cody then calls his brother in quickly, with Goldust begrudgingly accepting … and the pair execute a double suplex behind the referees back. Dustin slips out, as Cody covers, with the count made, 1...2...NO!!!

Rhodes continues to wear Smith down, applying a chinlock, but Harry begins to fight back, breaking the hold, but Cody grabs the leg to stop him making a hot tag to his partner Burchill, who is desperate to rejoin the action. Cody holds Smith down, and makes a tag to Dustin, who attacks the exposed ribs as he enters the ring. The brothers continue to look impressive - despite Dustins unwillingness to do his brothers underhanded biding - as Burchill looks set to explode, as his frustration boils over on the apron. Smith though, refuses to give it in, and continues to try and battle to his partner for a desperate tag, and as Dustin gets distracted by his brothers constant shouts from the outside, it allows Smith to connect with a sudden, unexpected side suplex!!!

Both men go down, and Smith tries to crawl to his corner to make the tag to the fired up Burchill … reaching out … AND MAKES THE TAG!!! Burchill storms into the ring, and bundles a recovering Dustin back to the canvas … and makes a beeline for the cocky Cody … but THE REFEREE STOPS HIM!! HE DIDN’T SEE THE TAG!!!!!! It appears that Cody distracted the referee at just the right moment to miss the tag, and Burchill is led off to his corner, arguing blindly … as Cody sneaks into the ring, attacking the incredulous Harry Smith from behind … CROSS RHODES CONNECTS!!!!! Cody shouts down at Dustin to make the cover, with his brother crawling onto Harry … just as Katie Lea gets onto the apron to shout to the official … but Cody grabs her … AND PLANTS A KISS ON THE DIVA!!! Katie waves her arms, trying to push Cody off … AND BURCHILL GOES CRAZY!!! Burchill ignores the referee, pushing him aside, lunging for Cody, who dives out of the ring to safety … but Burchill hops out of the ring in hot pursuit … as Dustin covers Smith … with the referee making the count … 1...2...3!!!
Winners: The Rhodes Brothers @ 05:49

It’s another bad loss for the British Lions, as Burchill stops on the aisle, turning around as he hears the announcement being made. Cody doubles over at the top of the ramp, laughing heartily, whilst the furious Burchill marches back down the aisle, into the ring … AND BLASTS DUSTIN WITH A VICIOUS CLOTHESLINE!!!

Cody shows little emotion for the attack on his brother - even though he’s to blame - as Burchill goes to town on Dustin, hammering him with sickening blows, whilst Katie pleads with him to stop, as we see Harry Smith slowly coming around.

Burchill hauls Dustin up … DELIVERING THE CURB STOMP!!! On the ramp, Cody raises his arms in victory, not caring about what happened to his brother after the bell, whilst Burchill tries to calm down, grabbing the ropes as he peers out at the smiling Cody, with Katie trying to calm Burchill down, as the Lions lose yet again.

Commercial Break


The video opens in a rather murky wrestling gym, where we see the two men recently revealed as DOUG WILLIAMS and CHRISTOPHER DANIELS, to be sitting on the edge of the apron.

Doug Williams: Every continent, every major company worldwide … Christopher and I have made a mark. Left a footprint, and added to our legacies.

Daniels nods.

Christopher Daniels: For the last decade, we’ve become renowned for our abilities, collecting championship gold in every organisation we’ve competed in … bar one.

Williams ‘pffts.’

Christopher Daniels: See, Doug and I have never caught the attention of the big league, the mecca of professional wrestling…

Doug mutters “Sports Entertainment”.

Christopher Daniels: We didn’t fit the mould. We’re not musclebound, we’re not “larger than life” and as a result … the WWE has forever passed us by.

Daniels looks to Williams.

Doug Williams: Until now of course. After over a decade of being the best kept secrets in professional wrestling, we’ll finally have the opportunity to show the narrow minded WWE officials of what they missed for the last ten years…

Daniels nods.

Doug Williams: And we don’t intend on wasting any time.

The two men take a look at one another, nodding decisively.

Doug Williams: No paying dues, no biding time …

Christopher Daniels: It’s anarchy from the get go.

Fade to black.



We return backstage, and see Matt Striker standing by with a frustrated looking John Cena, with his hands on his hips.

Matt Striker: John, thank you for speaking to me at this time. I’m sure you’re extremely upset about what happened earlier tonight in your match with The Miz.

Cena looks down on Striker, and shakes his head.

John Cena: Just a little. Doesn’t matter how it happened, the fact is that tonight I got beat by a reality TV punk. Forget about Kennedy being at ringside, or Miz using that damn camera. I got beat by a guy that’s famous for living in an apartment for a few months with a bunch of other fame hungry goons. Upset?? Yeah. Yeah Matt, I’m upset.

Striker, slightly pensively, brings the mic to his mouth again.

Matt Striker: And now, with less than two weeks until your meeting with Mister Kennedy at Summerslam, does this loss tonight give Kennedy the momentum heading into Wembley Stadium, knowing he’s gotten the better of you tonight?? Especially, given the fact it could be a very similar situation at Summerslam with Miz on the outside seconding Kennedy??

Cena affords a smirk at the question.

John Cena: Y’know somethin Matt, Kennedy’s enjoyin himself, aint he?? Guy’s havin the time of his life lately, laughin, jokin, mainly at my expense …

Cena lets out a smile from the corner of his mouth, and shakes his head.

John Cena: In about thirteen days, we’re gonna find out how funny he finds all this.

The smirk is gone, and replaced by a look of steel.

John Cena: Right now it’s all fun and games … but at Summerslam, Kennedy is gonna find himself in deep water. He - and many others - seem to think I’m on the outs. That I peaked too soon. Kennedy sees me, and he thinks he sees easy prey to get another step on the ladder. He wants to be the main events. He wants to be the face of the WWE, and I’m his ticket to the top. Wanna know what I see when I look at him??

Striker nods.

John Cena: I see a guy that’s at a major crossroads. A year ago, he was a cocky loudmouth. Quick witted, full of hilarious put downs. Then what happened?? The guy realised he was toiling right in the middle of the pack. So what did he do?? He got serious. No more ring announcin, no more laughin, no more wise cracks. It was all business. But … that didn’t work either. He was no closer to the top than what he was before he cut out the jokes. So he eased up a little. Started gettin brash and arrogant again. Developed one hell of a chip on his shoulder. And hey … it worked … for a while. He got that shot at the big brass ring, and a main event for the World Heavyweight title … but he fell short. Kid choked, Matt.

Striker listens intently, as Cena pauses for a moment.

John Cena: The point I’m tryin to make here Matt is that Kennedy really hasn’t done a whole helluva lot. He won the King of the Ring a year ago, had a short run as the Intercontinental Champ, and blew his shot at the World title. Not quite the resume for a guy that aspires to be the best. He spent half of this year tryin to find himself, and a balance of seriousness and cockiness. He loses at Summerslam?? Then what?? Where does he go from there??

Cena motions with his index finger; down.

John Cena: People can talk about me all they want. They can talk about my downward spiral, and question if I was simply a flash in the pan. A lot of people say a loss at Summerslam means I’m done. Maybe so. But don’t get it mixed up. Kennedy aint goin to Wembley with nothing to lose and everything to gain. This is his last big shot at hittin the top. It’s as big for him as it is for me. He loses at Summerslam … and he’s just another in a long line of guys that were full o’ hot air … all talk … no action … and he wont even be known as yesterdays news. He’d simply be tossed into the trash and forgotten in a flash.

Cena shows a smile, and looks directly to the camera.

John Cena: So Kenny … laugh ‘till your heart’s content. Keep smilin, keep jokin … we’ll see how funny you find it at Summerslam when John Cena kicks your ass in front of ninety thousand people at Wembley Stadium.

Cena salutes the camera, and walks off the set, with Striker watching on, as we fade out…

Back into the arena…


Out walk the five strong group of MNM & The Entourage; none of whom are dressed to compete.

Jim Ross: We are back live, and looking at the World Tag Team Champions, who in less than two weeks not only put their titles on the line, but their spot on the Raw roster, when they take on Straight Edge in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match at Summerslam!!

The Coach: It’s one of the most high risk matches in WWE history, J.R. There have only been SIX in history, and at Summerslam, the seventh TLC match could well be the most highly anticipated. Never has so much been on the line. Not just the World Tag Team Titles, but as you said; the losers will LEAVE Raw for good.

Jim Ross: It is the first TLC match to only feature two teams. The first two TLC matches were of course between the Hardys, Dudleys and Edge and Christian, then the next three would feature FOUR teams, whilst the sixth TLC match was last October and for the World Heavyweight Title, in a match featuring five men. At Summerslam it is MNM and Straight Edge only, and what a way it will be to bring an end to a year long rivalry. And folks, when we come back, it looks like we’ll be hearing from the World Tag Team Champions. What do MNM have to say?? Find out next.

Commercial Break

We return, with the quintet in the ring, with Melina holding a mic, waiting to speak.

Melina: For the best part of eighteen months, with the leadership of myself, Joey and Johnny have been the “IT” team on the scene. When we arrived on Raw, the tag team division was a joke. Literally. The champions epitomized everything that was wrong with Raws tag team scene. Rico and Ron Simmons?? A comedy act and an old man!! WE disposed of uhm (clicks her fingers over and over, trying to think of the name) yeah, the “Acolyte Fashion Agency” with ease … and set in motion what you see today on Raw. A vibrant, exciting MUST SEE tag team division.

Heat for Melinas own pat on the back.

Melina: Thanks to Nitro and Mercury, they made others stand up and pay attention. They made others WANT to compete in the tag team division on Raw. Because of MNM … you got a new look, modern day tag team scene. Because of these two, Booker T drafted in Elijah Burke to compete for these titles. Because of us, CM Punk convinced Greg Helms to ditch the mask and cape and take his career seriously, and as a result - for better or worse - we got Straight Edge.

Pop for Straight Edge.

Melina: The British Lions?? Formed thanks to what we did to the perception of the tag team division. And now, we’ve even added Zack and Curt, and in a few weeks, the Angels of Anarchy are coming to Raw - specifically to compete in the tag team division. That’s ALL down to what WE’VE brought to Monday Night Raw.

Heat again for another pat on her own back.

Melina: So … for all we’ve done, for everything we’ve brought to the tag team division … what is MNM’s reward?? Hmmm?? We might get BANISHED from Raw after Summerslam … THAT is our reward.

Ironic pop. Melina scowls.

Melina: As if a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match wasn’t enough, with the World Tag Team Titles on the line … our futures are also at stake. That’s not fair. Joey and Johnny have done NOTHING to warrant this kind of punishment. Look at them…

Melina caresses the face of Nitro.

Melina: Imagine what kind of damage a steel chair could to Johnny’s face. His looks could be ruined with a ghastly scar.

Melina moves across, and does the same with Mercury.

Melina: Imagine if Joey gets a face full of ladder. He could break his nose, he could (shivers) bleed …

The fans cheer, and Melina scowls at them again.

Melina: This isn’t funny. Nitro and Mercury could be driven through tables and get thrown off a ladder by those … those VILE pair, CM Punk and Greg Helms.

Another cheer.

Melina: Greg Helms?? No one would shed a tear if he got slammed through a set of tables. CM Punk?? A steel chair to the face might make an improvement!!

Devilishly, Melina smiles at her putdown, and looks for the reaction of the men standing by her, with the four all smiling and nodding in agreement.

Melina: But those two are probably excited about being in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match. They probably enjoy inflicting pain and causing damage to the human body. It’s clearly obvious that Punk has no pride in his appearance with the countless ghastly tattoos and piercings that he’s got all over his filthy body. And Helms?? He walked around like an eight year old boy for five years, pretending he could fly, with manky green hair. They don’t care about how they look. They wont shed a thought about what kind of damage the TLC match could do to their bodies.

Melina looks out into the audience.

Melina: TLC is a match created by sadists … intended for sadists … and it’s fitting for Straight Edge. But for Nitro?? For Mercury?? It’s our worst nightmare. These two are athletes. They’re not designed to jump off ladders or go through tables … but on August 19 … we’ve got no choice. All this year, Straight Edge have made our lives hell. They humiliated us at WrestleMania, and they wont get off our backs now that we’ve got the titles back. If competing in a TLC match is what it’ll take to rid Punk and Helms from our lives forever?? We’ll do it.

Melina takes a long look at her two men.

Melina: If it means that Johnny’s movie star good looks are ruined?? So be it. If it means Joey has to live for the rest of his life with an ugly scar?? It’ll be worth it. To prove once and for all that MNM are THE superior team on Raw … Nitro and Mercury will do ANYTHING it takes to do it.


The fans pop, as the challengers, Straight Edge walk onto the stage, each holding a mic, with Punk smirking, wagging the mic, whilst Helms looks down the aisle shaking his head.

CM Punk: I’ve gotta admit, Melina … I agree. MNM shouldn’t have to compete in a TLC match at Summerslam.

A few boos ring out, but Punk motions to let him finish.

CM Punk: It’s obvious to me, Greg, and all these fans that it’s you that wears the trousers in this relationship. Melina … YOU should compete in the TLC match at Summerslam instead.

Pop. In the ring, Nitro and Mercury (with The Entourage backing them up) look furious.

CM Punk: I mean, come on. You’ve done all the talkin for these two. Looking at what Nitro and Mercury are wearing I’m assuming they have no say in that matter either. You’ve got them a few other friends to play with while you deal with the important matters. And I bet you have to give them pocket money every week too. Does- (very patronisingly) Does Melina pack your lunches too guys??

The fans laugh, as Punk turns to Helms.

CM Punk: I bet she does. With a little carton of milk, some cookies, and a nice fresh apple.

Helms nods, and takes the mic, looking down at the ring.

Greg Helms: I bet you guys love apples. They’re healthy and nutritious. I bet th-


Boos ring out from the fans, as Nitro snaps. On the stage, Punk and Helms both sell shock that Nitro spoke.

Greg Helms: I’m sorry … Johnny … di- did you just … speak??

Joey Mercury: You’re damn right he did.

Greg Helms: WHOA!! You can do it too???

Nitro and Mercury both look furious, as Melina scowls at the challengers, whilst Ryder and Hawkins pat Nitro and Mercury on the back, trying to keep them calm.

Johnny Nitro: We are sick and tired of having you two geeks chasing our tails. We’ve proven time and time again that WE are better than you, yet you pair of bores wont leave us alone!!

Mercury (along with the well named ‘Entourage’) nods, as Nitro passes off the mic to his partner.

Joey Mercury: You’ve given us enough grief to last a lifetime. You two have driven us to the point where were actually EXCITED about TLC … just so we can really put a beating on your sorry butts!!

Nitro takes the mic, wanting to add a point.

Johnny Nitro: And FYI, we’ve both got voices of our own, but we prefer to let Mel do the talking for us. We concentrate on winning these.

Nitro holds up his title belt, as Mercury joins in, taking the mic from his partner.

Joey Mercury: Remember these, boys?? We let ya mind them for a little while once.

Helms nods.

Greg Helms: Yeah, we remember. And come Summerslam, we wont be looking to borrow them … we comin to TAKE THEM … for keeps.

Pop from the fans, as Helms hands over to Punk.

CM Punk: You boys can talk all you want ab- sorry … Melina, YOU can talk all you want about how gruesome and inhumane a TLC match is, and how MNM shouldn’t be subjected to such a sick environment … but it’s happening, so you, and your Prima Donnas either side of you better get used to the idea of steel meeting flesh, bones meeting wood, and pretty boy good looks meeting a grisly end.


CM Punk: But most of all?? You better start getting used to the idea of having Monday’s off.

Another pop, as MNM shake their heads in fury in the ring.

Melina: I don’t think so, Punk. Joey and Johnny are better than the two of you in every way possible. We’ve proved it before, and at Summerslam, we’ll prove it again - for the last time.

Punk and Helms take a look to one another, before Helms takes the mic from his partner.

Greg Helms: Better looking?? I guess … if that’s your thing. Better dressed?? Depends who you‘re asking. Better at a good ‘ol fashioned brawl?? No way.

Helms drops the mic, and proceeds with Punk down the ramp, whilst Nitro and Mercury get set for a fight, taking off their mink coats, and sunglasses … but Punk and Helms are attacked from behind…

DEUCE AND DOMINO?????????????

The two Smackdown stars show up on Raw, and attack Straight Edge on the aisle, with Eric Bischoff now seen rushing out onto the stage, whilst D&D stomp down Punk and Helms, with referees and officials arriving to separate them.

Eric Bischoff: HEY, HEY, HEY, HEY!!!!

The fans boo, as Bischoff straightens himself up, and Deuce and Domino take notice.

Eric Bischoff: You pair wanted your show on Monday Night Raw?? And that’s how you go about trying to impress me?? No. You want to impress me?? You’ll get it done in the ring. RIGHT NOW!!!


Eric Bischoff: MNM, clear the ring. Get your asses to the back!! Charles Robinson, you stay right there. Deuce and Domino, here’s your opportunity. You’re gonna take on Straight Edge!!! RING THE BELL!!!

Deuce and Domino look fired up, ready for their big opportunity to get a move to Raw, whilst Punk and Helms try to shake off the cobwebs after a sneak attack … BUT HAVE TO CONTEND WITH MNM!!! The two rival teams are forced apart as MNM walk by, with tempers flaring as TLC nears!!

Jim Ross: Ladies and Gentlemen, we’re gonna try and get this situation under control here. When we come back it’s Straight Edge taking on Deuce and Domino. Don’t go away!!!

Commercial Break

Match 3:
Straight Edge vs. Deuce & Domino
Joined in progress with D&D in control, wasting no time in putting it on Punk, as J.R informs us that the Smackdown pair have controlled the entire match to this point, throughout the commercial. However, soon, Punk is fighting back, sending Deuce into the corner, and cracking him with a running high knee. He grabs Deuce, and looks for a running bulldog, and with Domino incoming, he runs through him with a clothesline whilst executing the bulldog!!! The fans eat up that offence, as Punk tags in Helms, who quickens the pace, hopping onto the ropes, and knocks Deuce and Domino down with a double springboard clothesline!!!

Now, the #1 Contenders begin to shine, showing to all why they are considered by many as the finest team in the world today, with the visiting pair from Smackdown struggling to keep up with Helms and Punk, using any measures they can to stop their opponents from ending the match. Punk though, eventually has seen enough of Deuce and Dominos last ditch tactics to save the match, and attacks Deuce, leaving the two legal men in the ring, whilst Punk takes care of Deuce on the outside. In the ring, Helms drags Domino up, and attempts to deliver the Nightmare on Helms street … but Domino blocks it, and they both run off the ropes, crashing into each other and hitting the canvas.

On the outside, Punk is all over Deuce, throwing him over the barrier, but as he climbs over himself … HE IS ATTACKED - BY … KURT ANGLE??? Angle, dressed in a hooded sweatshirt, assaults Punk, putting the boots to him as J.R sells confusion and shock over the situation, wondering aloud what Angles problem is. All this goes unnoticed by the official, as he tends to business IN the ring, as Helms and Domino recover. Helms beats Domino to the punch, as Deuce clambers back over the barrier (whilst Angle continues to hammer Punk - trash talking furiously as he does), just as Helms is climbing the buckles … and Deuce SHOVES HIM OFF IN THE NICK OF TIME!!!

Deuce, ignoring the lecture from the referee, steps back into the ring, as Domino gets back up to his feet. Quickly, we cut back to the fans, where Punk is laid in a heap with Angle seen fleeing the scene, pushing fans out of his path, whilst J.R continues to question WHY Angle would attack Punk. In the ring, Domino is back up, and after taking advice from Deuce, sits Helms up, holding him in position, as Deuce RUNS though him with his boot!!! Domino follows up with a standing elbow drop, and covers - with Punk in no condition to break the count, still flat on the floor over the barrier - 1...2...3!!!
Winners: Deuce & Domino @ 05:21

ANOTHER shock win?? The team on it’s way to compete for the tag titles at Summerslam are BEATEN by a mediocre (at best) team from Smackdown which didn’t even get a spot in the hastily arranged EIGHT team tournament a few weeks ago … and it’s ALL due to a highly odd run in from Kurt Angle??

Jim Ross: Have we entered some kind of twilight zone here?? First, The Miz beats John Cena, and now this???

The Coach: Deal with it!!! The Miz beat Cena, and now Deuce and Domino beat YOUR BOYS, Straight Edge!! I say replace those two non-drinkers with the boys with a point to prove from Smackdown at Summerslam!!

Jim Ross: Are you delusional?? Kurt Angle is the reason for this freak result, just the same as Kennedy was the reason for Miz beating Cena earlier. But WHY did Kurt Angle feel the need to attack CM Punk and cost Straight Edge what would’ve been a straightforward victory tonight.

The victors can barely hide their joy - or their luck - looking absolutely thrilled to have picked up the upset win tonight, leaving the ring with huge smiles on their faces.

The Coach: Maybe Kurt Angle -just like myself- doesn’t like the fact that these two could be the reason that MNM might not be on the Monday Night Raw roster after Summerslam!!

Deuce and Domino continue to celebrate like they just won the tag team titles, hugging and high fiving all the way up the ramp, whilst Punk sits up amongst the fans, holding his head, and Helms slowly recovers in the ring.

Jim Ross: We need to get some damn answers on this!! This kinda thing cant go unpunished!!

We quickly scramble backstage, where Matt Striker is seen jogging through the backstage area, and is heard shouting “KURT” over and over, as the camera catches up with the interviewer, who has caught up with a stony faced Kurt Angle, and breathlessly quizzes the Olympian.

Matt Striker: Kurt… Kurt, I’ve got to ask … what- why did you just attack CM Punk?? What was your motivation to cost Straight Edge that match with Deuce and Domino??

Angle stares at Striker as if the interviewer is stupid.

Kurt Angle: Didn’t you see what happened last week on Raw?? Those two, Ken Doane and The British Lions stuck their noses in business that didn’t involve them - MY business!! They had no right to stick their nose in my business with Rey Mysterio last week … but they went ahead and did it.

Angle affords himself a sinister smirk.

Kurt Angle: So even though I had no right interfering in their business tonight … I went ahead and did it anyway. And don’t worry, The Lions?? Doane?? They’ll get theirs too. Just like little Rey Rey … they’ll find out the hard way that you don’t piss off Kurt Angle. Don’t try and be a hero boys. Not if you cant even save yourselves from a pissed off Wrestling Machine.

Kurt shakes his head in disgust.

Kurt Angle: They maybe thought they done the right thing last week saving their friends dignity. But that mask?? It’s coming off, Matt. Sooner or later, I’ll expose Mysterios stinkin face for the entire world to see. The Fantastic Five saved Mysterio last week … but once I’m done with them?? Not only will they know it’s not worth it to come to Reys aid … everyone else will too.

Kurt walks off, leaving Striker to digest the comments from the crazed Olympian, as we fade out…

And a still shot of Triple H - from this past Friday on Smackdown - standing over a bloody, unconscious Brock Lesnar, with the caption “CHECKMATE”.

Jim Ross: Ladies and Gentlemen, we are still due to hear from Triple H at some point tonight, but when we come back, we will relive the events that infolded this past Friday on Smackdown. They are ugly, ugly scenes, not for the weak of heart. Viewer discretion is advised. We’ll be right back.

Commercial Break


Lesnar steps onto the apron, with Triple H backing up, allowing Lesnar to get into the ring … and he steps in … with THE GAME WALKING RIGHT UP TO HIM … AND THEY GO FACE TO FACE - INCHES FROM EACH OTHERS FOREHEADS!!!

Neither backs up an inch, and not a word is uttered for well over sixty seconds … before The Game finally blinks … and takes a step back, but doesn’t take his eyes off Brock, leaning his arm over the ropes, being handed a mic.

Triple H: Go on, Brock. Do it. Take your shot!! I’m standing right here, Brock. What are you waiting for, huh??

Triple H steps forward, ominously close to Lesnars face, leaving his chin out - OFFERING Lesnar the free shot.

Triple H: Here’s your shot … RIGHT HERE!! TAKE THE SHOT!!! Think about it. Think about what happened last week. Don’t you want to get some payback??

Lesnars fist clenches … and the Iron Man breathes heavily, boiling over … AND HE … RIPS THE MICROPHONE FROM TRIPLE H!!!

Brock Lesnar: You’d love that, right?? You’d LOVE for me to take a cheap shot, get suspended, and save you from going through hell at Summerslam.I’m not falling for that one.

Pop from the fans.

Brock Lesnar: Take one free shot tonight?? Or give you the beating of a lifetime at the biggest Summerslam of all time?? No brainer, really, is it?? It tells me everything I needed to know. You’re scared of what’ll happen come Summerslam. Scared, of what I’m capable of doing, and scared of what’ll be left of your career when I’m finished. Did you really think … that I’d fall for it?? That I couldn’t keep my cool tonight?? There’s nothing that’ll stop me from going to Summerslam, and there’s nothing - there’s NO ONE - that can save you on August 19 either.

Lesnar smirks, laughing almost as The Games futile attempts to draw a fight out of him, and offers him the mic, allowing him to speak again.

Triple H: I’ll hand it to ya, Brock. You’re smarter than I thought.

Disingenuously, HHH claps.

Triple H: I wasn’t sure that Jesse Venturas fax would be enough to stop you from wanting to tear me apart. I mean, I saw the look in your eyes on Monday. I didn’t think anything would’ve stopped you tonight from coming for a fight. But just when I thought I had you figured out … you go and prove me wrong.

Triple H nods, acknowledging a faint chant from the fans.

Triple H: I didn’t think you’d be the type to bow to authority. I didn’t think you’d be this calm.

Slowly, a smile forms on Triple H’s face. He looks to his left, then the right, before staring back at Lesnar.

Triple H: Sometimes … I even outdo myself.

“Huh??” Is the puzzled muffle from Joey Styles on commentary, as confusion filters around, with Lesnar looking puzzled. Triple H though, still smiles … then snarls.

Triple H: Check mate.


Joey Styles: NO!!! Wh- WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!!!

Lesnar drops to his knees, as the fans are stunned into silence - THE WRESTLEMANIA REMATCH AT SUMMERSLAM … IS OFF!!! The Game stands over Lesnar, quickly placing him between his legs … PEDIGREE!!!!!

Joey Styles: IS HE CRAZY!!

If the low blow didn’t do it … the PEDIGREE just killed it!!! The boos are twofold; for Triple H attacking Lesnar, AND for cancelling the Streetfight at Summerslam!!!

Joey Styles: Triple H has just got himself an indefinite suspension. He’s just killed off the streetfight at Summerslam!! Why??

Paul Heyman: Summerslam just became a whole lot less fun. Triple H is outta his mind!!!

The Game rolls out of the ring, and throws up the apron, quickly pulling a sledgehammer from under the ring, to a chorus of boos (plus some faint cheers) as we see a shellshocked Eric Bischoff walking onto the stage, waving behind the curtain, as POLICE file out.

Triple H: What’s wrong, Eric?? You just saw your marquee match at Summerslam go up in smoke??You really think I’d throw that match away?? THINK ABOUT IT!!! Where did that fax come from, huh?? WHO sent it?? THINK ERIC … think … about … who … I’m … married to. Jesse Ventura didn’t send any damn fax … Mrs Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley sent that fax.


Triple H turns back around, and we see Brock Lesnar BLEEDING - BADLY!!! Still, the superhuman Iron Man is TRYING to get himself to his feet, grabbing the ropes … but Triple H targets him again … AND DRIVES THE SLEDGEHAMMER INTO THE EXPOSED RIBS OF LESNAR!!!

Lesnar crumbles over the ropes, gasping in pain, as The Game strikes TWICE to the ribs with the hammer, then to the back, putting Lesnar on his knees, breathing erratically - possibly due to broken ribs!! Triple H swings the sledgehammer at the officers as they try to climb onto the apron, forcing them back off, before he sets himself … AND DRIVES THE SLEDGEHAMMER INTO THE BACK OF LESNARS SKULL!!!!!!!!

Paul Heyman: Shades of what Triple H did to Lesnar a few weeks out from WrestleMania. He bloodied and battered Lesnar on Smackdown a few months ago … but not to this level.

The Game drops the hammer, and drops to his knees, hauling the prone body of Lesnar up, hooking the head with his left arm … and proceeds to pound the bloody forehead of the defenceless Iron Man … blow after blow, forcing the cut deeper … and the taped fists of Triple H go from pure white … to blood red. It IS shades of March 9.

Joey Styles: (Despondent) This is … urgh … this is … too much, Paul.

Paul Heyman: (Shocked) I’m not sure how much more of this I can watch.

Joey Styles: (Lowly, but matter of factly) Relentless.

Triple H begins to slow down, tiring himself out with the punches, and eventually stops, letting go of Lesnar … and the Iron Man slumps onto the canvas, completely battered this evening.

Joey Styles: Please stop. Please.

But it isn’t over. Triple H reaches down, grabbing the sledgehammer once more - raising it high in the air - not even getting boos from the silent fans; stunned by the brutal beating. The Game warns the helpless officers to stay out, as he stands over Lesnar, raising the hammer again … AND DRIVES IT INTO THE RIBS AGAIN … AGAIN … AND A THIRD TIME!!!

Joey Styles: I- I cant watch this.

Heyman has already went silent, but we hear Styles taking off his headset, unable to call the action anymore, as Triple H drops the hammer once again … but drops to his knees … and opens up with more solid, SICK, right hands to the open wound on Lesnar, as the police officers finally manage to get into the ring, and put a stop to the madness.

Commentary is silent, as only the noises - and very few at that - from the fans can be heard, with medics already getting in the ring to tend to Lesnar, as Triple H is placed in handcuffs … but has a big smile on his face, looking down at the decimated Iron Man.

Triple H is led out of the ring by the cops, but is allowed to back up the ramp, looking back to the ring where medics look concerned for Lesnar, shaking their heads at the sorry sight of the bloody mess in the ring.

On the aisle, Triple H turns, and is escorted to the top of the ramp, still walking … with the sick, sorry sight of The Games bloodied taped hands is the final shot of the evening … before we fade … to black.


Back into the arena, and the fans are pretty silent…


It’s an initial pop, but quickly drowned out by heat for the man responsible for the sickening attack that closed Smackdown on Friday.

Jim Ross: And there he is. Without a single hint of remorse, The Game is here in Johannesburg, less than two weeks away from the WrestleMania rematch with Brock Lesnar - and that’s right folks - the match WILL still go ahead as scheduled. Brock Lesnar is still in Australia, being kept under observation after suffering a severe concussion at the hands of Triple H. As a result of the attack, Brock Lesnar has also been handed a medical suspension at the behest of Eric Bischoff, and we will not see The Iron Man until August 19 in Wembley - HENCE, the cocky demeanour from The Game tonight. We will hear from Triple H in just a moment.

Commercial Break

We return, right at the top of the second hour, with Triple H - shades on - leaning on the ropes, looking incredibly relaxed, as the fans try to drum up at ‘LESNAR’ chant.


Triple H: Chant his name. Let’s see if he can magically appear…

Triple H turns his head, looking toward the stage, and smiles … KNOWING Brock wont show up.

Triple H: Brock Lesnar isn’t here tonight, he wont be on Smackdown this Friday-

Boos from the South African fans.

Triple H: He wont even get into the U.K until NEXT Saturday. That sorry piece of crap is holed up in Melbourne … thanks to me.

More heat.

Triple H: Twice now, I’ve made the Iron Man look average. I’ve made him look weak … regular. I’ve made the “Iron Man” bleed, I’ve put him on the shelf … TWICE.

He holds up two fingers, and gets more negativity from the fans.

Triple H: Five months ago, just before WrestleMania, I put a beating on Brock Lesnar like no one ever had before. I bust him up, and put the big guy down … and for that night, he … stayed down. But nine days later, he was back, and he kicked my ass all over New Orleans at WrestleMania. I’ll not get into the details of how far I was from being at my best … but I’ll simply focus on the fact he came back from the beating of his lifetime to beat me at WrestleMania.

Triple H pauses.

Triple H: I don’t make the same mistake twice.

Heat. Triple H snarls, before continuing.

Triple H: Last Friday, I made that beat down before WrestleMania look like a tea party. More blows, more sledgehammer shots, more blood … more damage. This time … I done a real number on him. Frankly, it’s a miracle that Lesnar is even gonna make it to Wembley.

More boos.

Triple H: And make no mistake about it. I didn’t fail on Friday. I didn’t want to put Brock Lesnar on the shelf permanently. I knew if I just left an ounce in Lesnar, he’d make it to Summerslam by hell or high water … so I did. Last Friday was simply a preview - a tame preview - of what’s to come in thirteen days.

Heat. Triple H waits, and slowly takes off his glasses, before pulling something out of his jacket pocket … the blood soaked hand wrap Triple H was wearing on Smackdown.

Triple H: And if that was just a taster … imagine what’ll happen at Summerslam??

He holds up the wrapping to the camera, before continuing.

Triple H: THE WrestleMania rematch … will be THE public execution of the so-called Iron Man. It will be … THE end … of Brock Lesnar.

He holds up the bandages for all to see, before dropping them to the canvas, then the mic.


Short and sweet … but Triple H DID get his point across tonight.

Jim Ross: Just what can Brock Lesnar expect at Summerslam?? Triple H seems intent on finishing Brock Lesnars career come Summerslam, and given the weakened condition that Lesnar is likely to compete in … it is a dark, disturbing possibility.

The Coach: Hallelujah to that!! Triple H deserves a Nobel prize for services to taking out trash!! I cant wait for the Streetfight at Summerslam!!

Jim Ross: One thing is for certain, one - or both - men could end up VERY seriously hurt by the effects of that Summerslam match. Lesnar will undoubtedly be less than one hundred per cent; not with the kind of blows he took to the head on Smackdown, not with the kind of blows he took to the ribs too. Triple H will walk into Wembley Stadium in thirteen days as a clear favourite to win THE WrestleMania rematch.

The Coach: Like he wasn’t favourite before last Friday?? Look, Triple H took three months off to get refocused, and he’s now chomping at the bit to make up for lost time, and first things first, he wants to right the wrong that occurred at WrestleMania. THAT wasn’t the Triple H we all know and love. He was burned out, he was devoid of self confidence. But it’s back now, and once he destroys Lesnar for the last time in thirteen days, you can thank him with the rest of us!!

Jim Ross: I sure as hell will not be thanking that man for anything. A sick, cold, calculating son of a bitch. Perhaps the coldest, certainly the most calculating of all time. I just hope his prophecy doesn’t come true at Summerslam…

Commercial Break




We return into the arena, with Maryse already in the ring, awaiting her opponent.

Jim Ross: We are back live, and Coach, we just got to relive a more recent of the Summerslam classic moments, and would be fitting for Captain Charisma. The World Heavyweight Champion went into that meeting with The Undertaker as a huge underdog, very few; us included, didn’t give Christian much hope against The Deadman … and he shocked the world. Coach, will history repeat itself when Christian goes into Wembley as a huge underdog against Umaga??

The Coach: Lightning doesn’t strike twice, J.R. Sure, Christian pulled off an incredible win two years ago at Summerslam, but with all due respect to The Undertaker, and everything he’s done … even HE cant compare to the Samoan Bulldozer.


Victoria now enters, as she looks to finally put an end to her long time (and mainly featured on Superstars) feud with the French Canadian.

Jim Ross: It remains to be seen, but there will be no excuses; win, lose or draw for Christian. Armando Estrada will be nullified by none other than Britain’s favourite son; Ricky Hatton!!

The Coach: Forget it. Christian needs more than a bloated, beer drinking Brit in his corner to beat Umaga. He could do with James Bond in his corner if he wants any kind of chance.

Jim Ross: Of course, the two men involved in that highly anticipated main event at Summerslam will come face to face later tonight in Pipers Pit!! But as we can see, two warring divas are about to get it on!! For months, the young newcomer Maryse has had issues with Victoria, stemming back to Backlash, but over time, Maryse’s attitude has really done a 180, turning the fans against her, despite many supporting the French Canadian at the beginning.

The Coach: I love her attitude, J.R. HAWT!!

Match 4:
Maryse vs. Victoria
The veteran diva does her best to get a watchable match out of the rookie. It’s pretty dire though, and after surviving a period of dominance from the hot blonde, Victoria mounts a comeback. Throughout the match, J.R and Coach mainly talk about Summerslam, and what’s to come later tonight, basically using the match as a chance to reset the show after a chaotic first hour. Victoria has Maryse in big trouble at this point, eventually putting the match to bed with the ever impressive Widows Peak, hooking the leg, and ending the long, long, boring rivalry, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Victoria @ 03:29

Jim Ross: An impressive victory for Victoria!! The former two time Womens Champion will surely be putting her name back in the frame for a shot at the title she still covets, and undoubtedly, Victoria will be keeping a keen eye on the tussle between Mickie James and Beth Phoenix at Summerslam.

The Coach: She might’ve won, but Maryse is still the hottest diva on Raw, J.R.

Jim Ross: Well that’s the important thing, Coach.

The Coach: Not really. The title is the most important thing. Shows how your mind works though, old timer. You dirty devil!!

Jim Ross: You really are unbelievable!

Coach says thanks - not realising it wasn’t meant as a compliment.

Jim Ross: Indeed, we will be hearing from the two women who will contest that title match at Summerslam very soon tonight. Mickie James and Beth Phoenix will come face to face in the ring; TONIGHT!! And still to come, Pipers Pit!!! The World Heavyweight Champion and Mister Money in the Bank are Hot Rods guest on what promises to be an explosive showdown later.

The Coach: Not only that, but Rey Mysterio and Rhyno will settle their differences once and for all tonight. With one eye on Kurt Angle at Summerslam, Rey better not underestimate the Man Beast!! PLUS; MY BOYS, The Brotherhood, with Shelton Benjamins squeeze, the delectable Alicia ‘FOXXXY’ Fox, take on the two gormless challengers chasing The Black Diamonds title at Summerslam; William Regal and Matt Hardy, with a diva of their choosing!!

Jim Ross: That’s ALL still to come tonight, and we will return in just a moment - DON’T go anywhere!!!

Commercial Break






The show returns, right into the arena, where BETH PHOENIX is seen, standing in the ring, waiting for her music to stop…

Beth Phoenix: A lot of you might think I’ve risen to the top of the womens division on Raw in a very short space of time. I only made my debut on May 21. But in reality, it’s taken me YEARS to reach this level. It could’ve been sooner. It SHOULD’VE been sooner … but because of Mickie James, I had to put my life on hold. I wasn’t allowed to put my hopes and dreams first, because I had to care for an ill mother. Ill … thanks to that witch you people love … Mickie James.

Beth growls as she says the name of her foe.

Beth Phoenix: For me, my title match at Summerslam isn’t a meteoric rise to the top of the womens division … it’s long overdue. I’ve had to channel five years of anguish and frustration-

Phoenix closes her eyes, holding back her fury.

Beth Phoenix: I’ve had to channel all of my frustrations and anger through other people for the last couple of months … but every single time I’ve stepped foot into this ring, I’ve had only one person on my mind. There’s only one person I picture when I get in the ring. And finally, at Summerslam, I don’t have to picture her anymore.

Beth raises her voice slightly.

Beth Phoenix: At Summerslam, everything I’ve imagined will come true. All the things I’ve wanted to do to Mickie James … I’ll get to do them all in Wembley Stadium, while accomplishing my dreams at the same time. Dreams … of being the Womens Champion, of unleashing five years of frustration on Mickie James … I get the chance to do all that at Summerslam. But- I don’t want to wait that long.

Phoenix snarls, trying not to let her hatred get the better of her.

Beth Phoenix: Mickie James … I want you in this ring … NOW!!!

Mixed reaction from the fans, with many wanting to see the two divas fight, but many not wanting to side with the heel. Beth waits for a moment, staring over the ropes, up the ramp…


The fans raise their voice, as the Womens Champion strides onto the stage, waving to the fans - but isn’t her smiling, jovial self - turning, and spotting the eager #1 contender ready to explode in the ring.

Indeed, Mickie stops halfway down the ramp, and takes a few steps back, with Beth pacing inside the ring, challenging the champion to join her. The music dies down, and Mickie pulls out a mic from the back pocket of her jeans, as she addresses Beth.

Mickie James: Beth, a few weeks ago I made it clear that I wouldn’t fight you unless it was for the Womens Championship. Like I said before … I understand that you’re still harbouring a grudge against me. Honestly?? I don’t blame you. But it wouldn’t be right for me to get in the ring tonight to fight you.

Some heat from the fans for the face champion. Beth is furious in the ring, shaking her head.

Mickie James: You talked about all your hopes and dreams coming true at Summer slam … and I want you to have the opportunity to see it come true. If I fight you tonight, we wont make it to Wembley, and I’ll be accountable for you missing your big chance - again.

Voice: Come on!!

Attention shifts … and THE COACH has risen from his seat at the broadcast position, and the fans respond with heat.

The Coach: I think I have a solution to all this. Alexis, you’re obviously scared of the lady in the ring. So why don’t I step in, and mediate this little meeting. I mean, if Roddy Piper can have Pipers Pit … why cant The Coach have his ‘Playas Club’??

Coach steps onto the apron, and into the ring, with the fans booing the colour commentator, who smiles, and offers a handshake to Beth - which is declined.

The Coach: Come on down, Alexis. I wont bite … unless you want me to!!

Coach laughs, as Mickie mouths “I‘m not Alexis”, before making her way - pensively - down the ramp, and into the ring, with Beth restraining herself from attacking.

The Coach: Okay, okay … now we got ourselves a little, uhm, menage a trois

Coach stops, smiling and nodding … but the ladies just shake their heads.

The Coach: Lets get down to business, huh?? Alexis-

Mickie James: It’s Mickie. Mickie.

Coach smirks.

The Coach: All right, settle petal. I want to know … WHY wont you fight Beth Phoenix?? Are you scared??

Beth nods, but Mickie rolls her eyes at Coach, before responding.

Mickie James: I’m not scared, Coach. I’ve fought all my life for everything I’ve ever done. I’m not scared of anything - or anyone - especially not a fight. If I fought Beth tonight … what would happen??

Beth Phoenix: You’d be leaving the ring on a stretcher, that’s what.

Mickie shoots Beth a look, with Beth ready for a fight … but Mickie remains calm.

Mickie James: Maybe. Maybe not. Maybe, Beth … we’d BOTH leave here tonight on a stretcher. I know you wouldn’t be able to control yourself. With all the hatred that’s bubbled up inside you all these years … I honestly couldn’t blame you for losing control. But I would dig down, and I’d battle you to the very end, Beth. As hard as you’d come at me, I’d fight back just as hard.

“WELL - LET‘S DO IT!!” is the off-mic response from Phoenix.

Mickie James: And at the end, one - or both - of us could leave here tonight in an ambulance. And then what?? We don’t get to be part of Summerslam, you don’t get to follow your dream, and I’m forced to hand over my title due to injury. After everything I done to you and your family five years ago … I owe it to you NOT to fight you, Beth.


Mickie James: I owe you the chance to fight for this title. At Summerslam. In front of ninety thousand people. Beating me up within an inch of my life tonight ISNT what you dreamt of as a child. Competing for the Womens Championship IS what you dreamt of a child.

Nice pop from a section of the fans, with Beth looking slightly conflicted, understanding Mickies stance - it IS her dream.

Mickie James: I always said I wouldn’t have a problem facing you in the ring, if you could earn a shot at this title. You did that. And I owe you the opportunity you’ve waited on for your whole life. Thirteen days, Beth. You’ve waited to get your hands on me for over five years. You’ve waited to get your hands on this title for your whole life. What’s thirteen days??

Mickie makes a pensive step forward, asking Beth the question … and Phoenix looks around, being won over by the words of the champion. Mickie slowly begins to raise her hand - OFFERING Beth a HANDSHAKE!!! The fans cheer, with Beth looking up, seemingly considering the offer … UNTIL COACH SLAPS MICKIES HAND DOWN!!! Coach tries to intimidate Mickie, backing her into the corner, and towering over her.

The Coach: WHAT THE HELL IS YOUR GAME!!! You’re pathetic!! You ruined this girls life, you snatched her dreams, and you took them for yourself!! And now you’re trying to get in her head!! You’re taking advantage of her fragile mental state!! You disgust me!!!

Coach turns, and addresses Beth.

The Coach: Don’t dare listen to what this evil witch has to say!! She’s scared to death, and she’s trying to play you for a fool!! Don’t let her get inside your head. She isn’t sorry!! She’ll do anything it takes to keep that womens title. Beth, don’t forgive her. Don’t forget the trauma she caused your family. She RUINED your life!! Don’t buy it for a second. If I were you Beth, I’d rip her head off right now!!


The fans pop … but Beth snaps, and tries to hit Mickie with a clothesline … BUT MICKIE DUCKS … and then slides under Beth as they both turn around … and OUT of the ring!!!

Mickie jogs to the ramp, with Beth FUMING in the ring, on the verge of total fury, after having come so close to seeing sense, before The Coach ruined the whole thing. Mickie turns, and shakes her head on the aisle, looking disappointed at Beth’s reaction, knowing she nearly broke the bitter exterior of her rival. Beth kicks the ropes in the ring, trying to call Mickie back … but Mickie continues to shake her head, refusing to give in and fight the #1 Contender … as we fade out.

Commercial Break

We return, backstage with Kelly Kelly standing by with William Regal and Matt Hardy standing either side of her.

Kelly Kelly: Hi guys!! It’s Kelly here, and right now, I’m with the two men that are set to challenge Shelton Benjamin in the triple threat match at Summerslam for the Intercontinental Title; Matt Hardy, and William Regal. Tonight though, the two of you are on the same team, with a diva of your choice to take on The Brotherhood, and Sheltons girlfriend - that cost you the title last week Matt - Alicia Fox. Guys??

Ever the gentleman, Regal motions to Hardy to speak first.

Matt Hardy: Yeah. Once again, Shelton Benjamin holds onto the Intercontinental Title without beating me. I thought he was low before last week, Kelly … but getting his girlfriend to save him the title?? That’s a whole new level. William knows just like I do … Shelton Benjamin cant beat me. Everyone knows it. And with all due respect to you, William … at Summerslam I’m ending this everlasting quest, and I’m beating Shelton Benjamin for the Intercontinental Title.

Regal narrows his eyes, thinking about the last statement, before slowly speaking into the mic.

William Regal: Kelly, you’ll have to excuse young Matthew. His frustration in recent weeks at being unable to decisively defeat Master Benjamin appears to be clouding his judgment. In thirteen days time in the motherland, it will be I, William Regal, departing Summerslam with the Intercontinental Championship in my possession.

Hardy smirks, and steps forward.

Matt Hardy: I don’t think so, William. I’ve bust my ass too hard for too long to just allow you to waltz into your backyard and take the Intercontinental Title. I’m (places index finger and thumb and tiny distance apart) this close to finally doing it now, and at Summerslam - as much as I’m sure you’d love to walk out of Wembley Stadium as a national hero - it’ll be ME that has his hand raised.

Regal steps forward, and the two come close to being nose to nose.

William Regal: You’ve had more than enough chances, sunshine. If you were going to win the championship … you’d have done it before now.

Just as tensions begin to rise, MARIA of all people steps into the scene.

Maria: Guys, GUYS!!

Maria steps between the two, with both backing off slightly, calming down.

Maria: Why don’t you discuss this later on, yeah?? If you two cant get along now, you wont get along out in the ring. And I don’t think I can take on the Brotherhood all on my own. So … if you cant get along for each other … could you … (innocently smiles at both men) … get along for me??

The cutesy diva grabs both mens arms, and the two share a look, nodding, as she leads them off, and we fade out with Kelly smiling…

Back into the arena…


Stepping onto the stage, joined by Theodore Long, Monty Brown and JTG, Shelton Benjamin, Mark Henry and Alicia Fox make their way to the ring for the six person tag match … as THE COACH jogs out after them, patting Theodore Long on the back, trying to buddy up.

Jim Ross: We are back live, and as you can see, The Coach is on his way back out here after being kicked in Mickie James a few moments ago. Something I’m sure we’ve all wanted to do for some time. I had hoped we wouldn’t see him again tonight, but unfortunately … here he comes.

The Brotherhood make their way to the ring, with Coach being sure to wish Shelton luck as he continues on around, to the announcers desk, and puts his headset back on.

The Coach: It’s okay, people. It takes a lot more than a cheap shot to put The Coach out of action. That cowardly witch Alexis Laree showed her true colours tonight. Too scared to fight Beth Phoenix, but brave enough to kick me in the head when I wasn’t looking!!

Jim Ross: Obviously the kick scrambled your brain, Coach. It was Mickie James that kicked you.


Matt Hardy rushes onto the stage, with Maria jogging out behind, and plays to the fans, with The Brotherhood shaking their heads at the thorn in the side from the ring.

Matt and Maria don’t get far down the ramp before…


And wasting no time to play to anyone, William Regal strides out onto the stage, and straight down the ramp, with Matt and Maria walking with him, eyes locked on the six strong group in the ring.

Jim Ross: In just thirteen days, Regal and Hardy will be in competition, challenging Shelton Benjamin for the Intercontinental Title. But tonight, they’ll HAVE to be on the same page to take on The Brotherhood, with the entire group out here - I’m sure, Coach, simply for moral support.

The Coach: Precisely. Don’t forget, this is Alicia Fox debut tonight. She’s never competed in a WWE ring before. And hey, don’t dare get me started on this joke of a triple threat match at Summerslam.

Jim Ross: Well, if Shelton had beaten Matt Hardy fair and square last week, this wouldn’t be an issue. It would be Regal and Benjamin, one on one at Summerslam. But it isn’t. He needed his girlfriends help to retain the title, and he’s been rightfully punished as a result!!

The Brotherhood {Shelton Benjamin, Mark Henry & Alicia Fox w/Theodore Long, JTG & Monty Brown} vs. Matt Hardy, William Regal & Maria
Not a long match, but there’s plenty of action thrown in. It’s mainly Hardy and Regal trying to overcome the powerful Mark Henry, with Shelton doing his best to hide behind The Worlds Strongest Man, taking a tag once Henry puts Hardy down, and the Intercontinental Champion gets to work on his long time rival. Hardy though, doesn’t give up without a fight, and strikes back, rocking The Black Diamond with stiff right hands, but as he hit’s the ropes, JTG trips him, and allows Benjamin to score with the Frost Kick!! He makes the cover, whilst Regal chases off JTG … 1...2...KICK OUT!!!!!

Benjamin now sizes Hardy up, looking to connect with Pay Dirt - but Hardy avoids it … then catches Shelton on the rebound with the SIDE EFFECT!!! Both men go down, and begin to crawl along the ring, looking for a tag … and Hardy finds Regal … as Benjamin gets up … and reacts in the most cowardly way possible; tagging the nearest person to him - ALICIA!!! Alicia’s eyes bug out, as Regal shows his anger, knowing he has to step out to allow Maria in, and Maria wastes no time, racing in - AND HURLS the timid Fox over the top, and into the ring!!! She sends Fox into the corner, and races in - BRONCO BUSTER!!!

Maria finishes up, and now sizes Alicia up for her next move, looking for a clothesline … but Mark Henry steps in, and protects Fox, taking the clothesline FROM Maria … but it’s Maria that hit’s the canvas upon impact!!! The intimidating figure stands over Maria … AS HARDY AND REGAL LEAP INTO ACTION!!! The two men attack Henry, and bundle him out of the ring as all hell breaks loose. In the ring though, Benjamin sneaks in, lining poor Maria up from behind … AND NAILS HER WITH PAYDIRT!!! The boos for the Intercontinental Champion are deafening, as Alicia makes the cover, whilst Benjamin joins the fight on the outside, and the count is made … 1...2...3!!!
Winners: The Brotherhood @ 04:37


The sickening sneak attack from Shelton Benjamin is the turning point, but as the bell is rung, the attack continues, with a FOUR on TWO attack happening on the outside, with Theodore Long directing traffic. Henry plants Hardy with a Worlds Strongest Slam on the floor, whilst JTG low blows Regal, and allows Brown to POUNCE the Englishman.

Jim Ross: AWW COME ON!! This is uncalled for!!!

The Coach: Don’t mess with The ‘Hood, J.R!! These boys don’t play!!

Jim Ross: Clearly not!! Obviously Maria was a big threat to force Shelton Benjamin to attack her from behind.

Meanwhile, Benjamin - without breaking a sweat - grabs his title belt, and stands over BOTH his fallen challengers, points to the belt, talking trash to Regal and Hardy, before Long raises his prized assets arm in celebration.

Jim Ross: Enjoy this while it lasts!! That title might not be Shelton Benjamins for much longer. In thirteen days he doesn’t need to be pinned or made to submit to lose it remember!!

The Coach: And how ridiculous is that. You’re not the champ unless you can beat the man holding the belt if you ask me!!

In the ring, Alicia Fox picks herself up, and has a broad smile on her face, enjoying the victory, having her hand raised as Benjamin et al join her in the ring, enjoying the victory tonight.

The Coach: What an impressive debut for Alicia Fox!! What a night for The Brotherhood!!

Jim Ross: She didn’t even land ONE offensive manoeuvre!!

The Coach: I said what a night for The Brotherhood!!!

Commercial Break


Back into the arena, and ‘LONDON CALLING’ by The Clash fills the arena.

Jim Ross: Thirteen days and counting!! You are listening to ‘London Calling’ by The Clash, and indeed, London IS calling. Wembley Stadium hosts the twentieth annual Summerslam, and Coach, you and I would surely be in agreement; it’s the biggest of all time.

The Coach: For once, we DO agree, old timer.

Jim Ross: Five hours of action, just like WrestleMania, and what a line up. The Intercontinental Championship is up for grabs under triple threat rules. And I don’t care what you say Coach, after what I’m just after seeing, I believe Shelton Benjamin is truly scared. He doesn’t have to be pinned or made to submit to lose his title. Matt Hardy and Englands own, William Regal will be coming for the title.

The Coach: I don’t know about scared, but Shelton knows he could lose the title without being involved, and yeah, the kid is worried about that. He knows he could beat Hardy or Regal any day of the week - they know it too - and at Summerslam they might just double up to take The Black Diamond out of the picture. Our title is in jeopardy.

Jim Ross: Paul London has been flying high over on Smackdown with a busy, successful summer, but the United States Champion could see all that hard work crumble if MVP defeats him for the title at Summerslam.

The Coach: And MVP is on quite the roll himself, J.R. Mr. 305 has been stacking up a lot of wins over Smackdown recently - he’s only been beaten four times in nearly twelve months!! Montel Vontavious Porter is a serious threat for that title, and make no mistake, he wants it!! Huge bonus coming his way if he wins the title at Summerslam.

Jim Ross: Three letters that raise so much excitement amongst the fans; T-L-C. Straight Edge challenge MNM for the World Tag Team Championship in one of the most famous matches in WWE history, but the stakes have been raised - the losers of this match?? They’ll LEAVE Monday Night Raw.

The Coach: I cannot wait to see the back of those two boring geeks, CM Punk and Greg Helms. MNM are the IT team on the scene. MNM are the A-Listers. MNM are the champs. And after Summerslam, MNM will STILL be the champs!!

Jim Ross: Edge has been crying out for a one on one shot at the WWE Championship all year long. He’s had opportunities, but never one on one or without interference. To make his case, Edge believes a victory over The Undertaker will make it IMPOSSIBLE for him to be ignored. The challenged has been answered, but is Edge capable of beating The Deadman??

The Coach: Time will tell, baby boy, but it is easier said than done. We’ve been saying for weeks about this years Summerslam feeling like WrestleMania, and we all know about The Undertaker at WrestleMania. With that environment surrounding the occasion, we might just see The Phenom raise his game to another level, like he does for WrestleMania.

Jim Ross: A helluva point. Elsewhere, the Womens Championship is up for grabs in one of the most hotly anticipated matches in the history of ladies competition in the WWE. Mickie James defends the title against the undefeated Beth Phoenix. Lot’s of history between these two, and finally at Summerslam, they’ll get it on.

The Coach: And I hope Beth Phoenix destroys Alexis to the point we never see her ugly, boyish face again!!! She’s a disgrace to this company, and brings shame to the title.

Jim Ross: Nothing to do with your altercation with Mickie earlier tonight, of course. Moving on, and this one is HUGE. Despite the attack last Friday on Smackdown, Brock Lesnar WILL be at Summerslam, and he WILL compete in the Streetfight. Triple H bloodied and battered The Iron Man this past Friday, breaking ribs and concussing Lesnar … but come Summerslam, The Game will have to contend with a wounded animal, and sometimes a wounded animal is the most dangerous.

The Coach: But what kind of condition will Brock be in?? Obviously not one hundred per cent … but he could be in terrible shape come August 19, and in those circumstances, you’ve GOT to favour The Game … and you’ve got to wonder if Lesnar is putting his livelihood at stake by taking part in a streetfight with Triple H at less than perfect condition.

Jim Ross: Moving on from one personal rivalry, to another. It’s Kurt Angle and Rey Mysterio, one on one, with a LOT of personal animosity built up in a very short space of time.

The Coach: Angle doesn’t want to be travelling all over the world for six weeks. He’s been ripped away from his young kids, his loving wife, and his home. And he HATES the fact that Rey Mysterio sucks up to these fans all over the world, and he HATES the fact that the fans idolise a man that hides his face with a mask!! At Summerslam, he’s intent on breaking Mysterio apart, and making the fans hero tap out to the ankle lock.

Jim Ross: Kurt Angle has made no secret that he despises this world tour … but two men that have enjoyed every moment are Chris Harris and James Storm. AMW have had the last four weeks off, but come Summerslam, they’ll be putting their WWE Tag Team Championships on the line.

The Coach: They’ve bemoaned the lack of competition for the titles on Smackdown. They cleared out the division - TWICE!! It got to a point where Eric Bischoff had to send the two off on a holiday because there wasn’t a team that could challenge them!! But now, there’s four teams that’ll provide stiff competition, and this Friday we’ll find out which two will battle it out for the title shot at Summerslam.

Jim Ross: And another issue that has been gathering steam over here on Raw is the one between John Cena and Mister Kennedy. Cena has been struggling ever since WrestleMania, unable to get over his loss to Christian, whilst Kennedy has been on the cusp of greatness, coming within a hairs breadth of becoming World Champion in June. Are these two stars moving in opposite directions?? Summerslam will be the time for answers.

The Coach: If you ask me, that’s EXACTLY what’s happening. Kennedy is on his way up, Cena is on his way down. He lost to The Miz tonight, and he’ll see his star fade out completely at Wembley!! Coming of age for Kennedy at Summerslam!!

Jim Ross: And a match that EVERYONE wants to see. At WrestleMania, Randy Orton punted his way to the WWE Championship, and put Rob Van Dam on the shelf … but now, Van Dam is back, and he gets his shot at Orton in less than two weeks!! Will it be sweet revenge for RVD, or a bitter loss??

The Coach: Van Dam has been on a roll since making his return. He’s got Orton all shook up, and the title could be in serious jeopardy, unless Orton can turn it around before August 19.

Jim Ross: A little later tonight, Roddy Piper hosts The Pit with Umaga and Christian, less than two weeks before the two collide in the most hotly anticipated Summerslam match of all time. Can Umaga be beaten?? Will Ricky Hatton be a decisive factor in Christians favour?? Will it be the dawn of a new, monstrous era on Raw, or will Christian cement his legacy with a win that would match ANY accomplishment in WWE history. So many questions … all the answers will come in just thirteen days. Christian. Umaga. World Heavyweight Championship. It’s THE main event, and we cannot wait.

The Coach: I cant wait either, because it’ll be the quickest, most decisive championship victory in WWE history. Forget The Ultimate Warrior beating Honky Tonk, forget Hogan crushing the Sheik, and forget Diesel running down Backlund … Umaga crushing Christian will outshine them all!!!

Jim Ross: Only two weeks remain, and next week, Raw is THREE hours long, and will feature none other than the man who corners Christian at Summerslam; Ricky Hatton!! The undefeated boxing champion will join us in Belfast for the final show on the road to Wembley, and remember - a THREE hour show next Monday!! Still to come tonight though, Pipers Pit. Can Hot Rod keep order with Umaga and Christian in the same ring at the same time?? We’ll find out-

**BOOYAKA 619**

To a big pop, Rey Mysterio hit’s the stage, playing to the fans.

Jim Ross: But before that, our main event match is still to come!! When we come back, Rey Mysterio meets Rhyno. It’s the rubber match, and it’s next!!

Commercial Break

Main Event | RUBBER MATCH:
Rey Mysterio vs. Rhyno
Another short match, packed with action from the opening bell, with Rey bouncing around like a good sport for Rhyno, who misses an early shot at the GORE, which allows Rey to knock the Man Beast out of the ring, and delivers a head scissors after running off the apron at Rhyno. Rey brings the action back inside, delivering a succession of kicks to his opponent, eventually scoring with a big roundhouse kick to the head for a near fall. Mysterio then goes to the apron, and leaps onto the ropes, looking for a seated Senton - BUT RHYNO DUCKS - Rey lands on his feet, runs off the ropes, but is POWERSLAMMED!!! Rhyno covers, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

Now, Rhyno slows things down, putting the boots to Rey, before targeting the mid section, with a succession of shoulder thrusts to the gut in the corner, taking the wind out of Rey, before applying a body scissors. Rey though, fights the power of the thick legs of his rival, and manages to break free, beginning his fight back. Mysterio proves to be too quick for the Man Beast, scoring a number of near falls off pinning predicaments, eventually dropping Rhyno into the ropes, winding up for the 619 … BUT HE MISSES!!! Rhyno avoids the 619, and charges at Rey for THE GORE … BUT REY LEAPS and avoids … AND RHYNO RUNS INTO THE POST!!! Rey runs in and scoops Rhyno from behind for a roll up … 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

Rhyno groggily makes it to his feet, as Rey looks for a head scissors … BUT RHYNO COUNTERS INTO A BACK BREAKER!!! The Man Beast covers, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! The little man kicks out, as Rhyno looks angered, shaking his head. He gets back up, scooping Rey up, looking to deliver A PILEDRIVER … BUT REY COUNTERS AND ROLLS THROUGH … 1...2...NO!!! Both men shoot up, but Rey catches the Man Beast with an arm drag, sending him into the ropes … AND THE 619 CONNECTS!!! Mysterio now hops onto the ropes … AND DROPS THE DIME ON RHYNO!!! He turns the Man Beast over, hooking the leg, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Rey Mysterio @ 05:57

No sooner as the bell rung … THAT KURT ANGLE LEAPS ON MYSTERIO!!!!


Angle rains down left and right hands on Mysterio, with Rey unable to get cover up, such is the ferocity of the blows, whilst the referee is unable to stop Kurt from attacking Mysterio, and the bell being constantly rung doesn’t put him off either.

Jim Ross: KURT ANGLE HAS LOST IT!!!! He’s gone crazy!!!

Kurt stands up, putting the boots now to Rey … BUT KEN DOANE sprints down the aisle, sliding inside … AND TACKLES ANGLE FROM BEHIND!!!!! Doane now hammers down Kurt, saving Rey … BUT RHYNO DROPS AN ELBOW ONTO THE BACK OF DOANE!!!

Jim Ross: NO!!

The Coach: Doane shouldn’t even be out here!! He asked for this!!!

Rhyno puts the boots to Doane now, as Angle recovers from the shock of Ken Doane attacking him … but Rhyno is dropkicked out of the ring by Rey Mysterio!!! Kurt runs at Rey, but Mysterio ducks under, then drop toe holds him - RIGHT INTO THE ROPES!!! Doane leaps onto Angle, holding him down … AS MYSTERIO DELIVERS THE 619!!!

The Coach: This isn’t right!!! Can Mysterio not fight his own battles!?

Angle stumbles backward, as Doane follows up, scoring with a dropkick of his own, sending Kurt over the top rope, to the floor!!! Meanwhile, Rhyno tries to climb back into the ring, but is knocked back off by a baseball slide from Rey!!!

Jim Ross: Angle and Rhyno got exactly what they deserved there!! Thank goodness for Ken Doane coming to Mysterios aide here!!

The Coach: He cant keep relying on that little squirt to save him every week!! Eric Bischoff better make sure Doane is banned from ringside at Summerslam!!

On the outside, Angle stumbles up the ramp, but as he looks up, he spots STRAIGHT EDGE stepping onto the stage!!!

Jim Ross: Things just went from bad to worse for Angle here!! He might just regret his actions earlier tonight!!

The Coach: It’s just like these cowards to try and gain an unfair advantage. Yeah, come after him when he’s hurt!!!

Angle looks around, wanting no more of an attack after it all went wrong, and hops off the ramp, making a beeline down the side, making an undignified exit, holding his head, disappearing into the darkness.

Jim Ross: I believe Angle just caught a case of the limber tales!!! He’s running out of here like a scalded dog!!

The Coach: What the hell is he supposed to do?? Fight four guys???

We cut to Mysterio in the ring, thanking Doane for the save, whilst also saluting Punk and Helms on the ramp, whilst Rhyno skulks out of view, following Angles exit, into darkness.

Commercial Break


An array of clips of The British Bulldog, from his early days in Canada, to his move to the World Wrestling Federation with The Dynamite Kid, covered with sound bites from Jim Ross, Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Jesse Ventura and his own son, Harry.

The clips then move on to his unforgettable Intercontinental Championship win at Summer slam ‘92, with classic commentary from Vince McMahon, and more sound bites from Bret and J.R.

We hear more sound bites from Michaels, Hart, and added pieces from Triple H as we see more clips of Davey Boy from later in his career, tagging with Owen Hart and winning the first European Championship.

The video then moves to a more sombre tone, and the Bulldogs untimely death in 2002, with comments from Bret and Harry, before they talk about his overdue induction into the WWE Hall of Fame, with the other commentators on the package declaring it a fitting tribute to the man to induct him on the weekend of the Twentieth annual Summerslam in his home nation.



We return, backstage, into Eric Bischoff’s office.

Eric Bischoff: Ladies and Gentlemen, next week marks the biggest seven days of the summer for the WWE. Personally, it’s the biggest week in the five years I’ve been employed by this company, and as a result, I intend to deliver a huge, unforgettable week of events leading to Summerslam. As the general manager of Raw and in the interim, Smackdown, I have the power - for one week only - to scrap the border lines, and allow superstars from Raw and Smackdown to appear on both shows.

Small pop from the fans.

Eric Bischoff: And to commemorate this huge week of events, Smackdown will main event Raw next Monday in Belfast, and Raw will main event Smackdown in Cardiff next Friday, and over the course of this week, I will announce both of those matches - and I promise, they WONT disappoint. In addition, Ricky ‘The Hitman’ Hatton will appear on Raw next Monday, and right now, I’d like to officially announce the first match to take place on next weeks show. It’ll be an EIGHT MAN TAG TEAM MATCH!!


Eric Bischoff: And given the recent interactions between these eight men, it’ll be explosive. On one side, Rhyno will team with the World Tag Team Champions, MNM, and the Wrestling Machine, KURT ANGLE!!!

Heat for Angle especially.

Eric Bischoff: And their opponents will be, Ken Doane, Straight Edge … and REY MYSTERIO!!!

Big pop for the fan favourites.

Eric Bischoff: Do join us this Friday for more developments ahead of next weeks three hour broadcast. And, enjoy the rest of your evening.

Bischoff shows off his disingenuous smile, as we fade back into the arena…


To a big ovation, the fans rise for the legendary ‘Hot Rod’ Rowdy Roddy Piper, who steps onto the stage, and stands, soaking up the adulation.

Jim Ross: There he is!! The Hot Rod is here, and that can only mean one thing-

The Coach: Yeah, a second rate Playas Club!!!

Jim Ross: We are moments away folks, from the Pit!! Umaga and Christian will be his guests. A combustible situation for sure, and with Roddy Piper in the middle, he could well be the fire starter!! It could be explosive, and we’ll hear from Hot Rod when we return!!

Commercial Break

Back live, Piper is in the ring, ready to speak, having enjoyed quite the ovation during the commercial break.

Rowdy Roddy Piper: When the WWE decided they wanted to get Umaga and Christian in the ring together before Summerslam, they had a dilemma. Who could control such a power keg?? Which S.O.B would be crazy enough to accept the role of the middle man when you’ve got the Samoan Bulldozer and his latest target either side of ya??

Piper chuckles, before raising an arm and pointing to himself.

Rowdy Roddy Piper: YOU’RRRRE LOOKIN AT ‘IM!!!

Big pop.

Rowdy Roddy Piper: I was the only man crazy enough to take on this task. And that’s why the WWE flew me out to South Africa this week, first class, at a five star resort. WELCOME … TO … PIPERS … PIT!!!!

Another pop.

Rowdy Roddy Piper: ALRIGHT!! So let’s get t’business!! THIRTEEN DAYS!!! The twentieth Summerslam, Wembley Stadium. HISTORRRY … in the making!!! And tonight, I’ve got the main event in the Pit!!! Now … I’ve been around … (shakes his hand a little, with a smirk) a while … and I’ve seen monsters. Big ones, fat ones, strong ones, loopy ones. I’ve seen giants, and I’ve seen nasty animals. I’ve watched unstoppable forces in action … but I have NEVER witnessed anything like my first guest tonight.

Some boos, with the description sounding a lot like Umaga.

Rowdy Roddy Piper: THREE HUNDRED … and fifty pounds. He’s got one of those typically hard Samoan heads … strong as an ox, but as quick and graceful as a gazelle. This thing is the real deal, people. He’s NEVVVVER lost. Not even close to it. And in less than two weeks at Summerslam, only one man stands between him and the Heavyweight Championship of the World. He is rightfully called the Samoan … Bulldozer … OOOMAGAAA!!!


Led out by the grinning, briefcase carrying, Armando Estrada, Umaga charges out, and down the ramp, toward the ring, where Piper watches, looking slightly unsettled by the sight of the Samoan Bulldozer. Umaga reaches the ring, and he, with Estrada, gets into the ring.

AAE smirks at Piper, and picks up a mic from the stool, positioning himself to speak.


Rowdy Roddy Piper: TO ME!!!

Estradas eyes bug out, as Piper finishes the line for him, and the fans pop.

Rowdy Roddy Piper: I’M the one in control here bucko. I call the shots on Pipers Pit!! I’ve already introduced this man, so you can sit down, and suck on one of those cigars you’ve got in your top pocket!!!

Cheers from the fans, as Estrada tries to put on a smile, and softly speaks.

Armando Estrada: Aha Mister Piper, I understand. I think ju and I have gotten off on the … como se dice … wrong foot, ha ha.

Piper looks down at his feet, as AAE continues.

Armando Estrada: I appreciate ju hosting this edition of ju’re little show, and as a token of my appreciation, I’d like to give to ju one of THE finest cigars from Coo-ba.

Armando pulls out a big cigar from his inside pocket, handing it to Piper. Piper accepts it … then drops it, and wipes his foot on it.

Rowdy Roddy Piper: I don’t smoke.

Once again, Estrada tries to smile it off, before responding.

Armando Estrada: Now, Mister Piper, I must warn ju … I have tried to be hospitable since coming out here. But ju?? Very, very hostile. And when ju’re hostile to ME …

Estrada doesn’t finish the sentence, but does look to his left - at Umaga. Piper tilts his head, smiling, and nods.

Rowdy Roddy Piper: Just testing. I wanted to know if you stand on your own two feet and fight your own battles without resorting to the Sloth there. But that’s okay.

Piper laughs, as Estrada narrows his eyes in anger.

Rowdy Roddy Piper: Look, I’ve praised the hell outta your savage here. I’ve seen Andre The Giant and King Kong Bundy, I’ve seen The Undertaker, an I’ve seen Big Van Vader. All monsters. Some of the scariest bastards I ever laid eyes on … but this guy??

Piper points at Umaga, and puffs out his cheeks.

Rowdy Roddy Piper: I wouldn’t want to meet ‘im in a dark alley, put it that way. And right now, the guys in the production truck have a video that they’re waiting to play. All about this freak of nature. Roll it!!

Piper turns, pointing to the titan tron…

Flashing shots of Umaga play; hitting the running butt splash in the corner, Samoan drops, Samoan Spike, rolling leg kicks, big splashes, spinning power slam, with the unmistakable voice of J.R played over it.



The word ‘animal’ echoes.

A different version of ‘Virtual Voodoo’ takes over, as we see clips of the mere sight of Umaga, with Estrada by his side, charging down the aisle, close ups of his face during entrances, and when yelling out his tribal screams.

Jerry Lawler: I’ve been doing this for nearly forty years. I’ve faced the best of ‘em, but this … thing … is like nothing I’ve ever seen.

Brock Lesnar: Honestly, I thought it was hype. I can tell ya now, after first hand experience … this guy is for real.

Finlay: Without doubt, the most intimidating figure I’ve ever took on.

We now cut to Umaga destroying everything in his sight, including his dominant performance in the Royal Rumble eight months ago.

Matt Hardy: Pure, unmitigated brute force.

Ken Doane: Scares the heck outta me. I aint afraid to admit that.

Shawn Michaels: You can either run, or pray. What else can you do??

The footage moves to Umaga running through opponent after opponent for the past twelve months.

Jim Ross: I’ve been around long enough. I’ve seen ‘em come and go. Umaga is the most dominant and destructive force I’ve ever saw.

Rey Mysterio: I was in WCW when Goldberg had his undefeated streak. But Umaga isn’t just undefeated … he’s unbeatable.

William Regal: You-Manga doesn’t just want to win. He wants to destroy.

Clips of Umaga throwing the Little Bastard off a ladder at WrestleMania, going mental on William Regal at Saturday Nights Main Event, and shoving Shawn Michaels off the stage at Vengeance.

Jerry Lawler: He’s got no conscience. He feeds off bringing as much punishment and pain as possible to his opponents.

Finlay: He doesn’t care who you are, or what you’ve done. Anyone that gets in his way is in deep, deep trouble.

Jesse Ventura: You name ’em, this guy would beat ’em. And I’m talking of ALL time here.

Shots of Umaga TAKING punishment over the last year … but brushing it all aside; chair shots, finishing moves, double teams.

Brock Lesnar: He’s hard headed. I hurt my fist off the guys skull. He’s made of steel.

Matt Hardy: You can try giving it all you’ve got, it’s never enough. You might get the guy off his feet … but you cant hurt him. You cant keep him down.

Rey Mysterio: It’s like he enjoys taking punishment. It gives him an excuse to dish out twice as much.

And then a selection of shots dedicated to Umaga attacking and owning Christian for the last month.

Jim Ross: He’s been toying with him. He’s simply unstoppable.

Shawn Michaels: I’ve been that guy. I’m sitting at home, missing the biggest tour in the companies history because of that kind of punishment.

William Regal: I honestly just hope and pray … that Christian survives.

Ken Doane: Forget saving the title. Christian’s career’s on the line here.

Jesse Ventura: Matter of time, isn’t it??

The video ends, with Umaga and Armando Estrada standing over the prone body of Christian … holding the World Heavyweight Championship aloft.


Back live, the fans boo, but Estrada has the biggest of smiles on his face.

Rowdy Roddy Piper: Now … lemme tell ya … that scares the hell outta me. For guys like Jim Ross, Jesse Ventura and Jerry Lawlerto talk about this guy in those kinds of terms … given the guys they’ve fought, watched and commentated on over the years?? Sends a CHILL … down my spine.

Piper pauses, allowing the comment to sink in.

Rowdy Roddy Piper: But that leaves me with a question. What kind of crazy son of an unnamed goat would be willin to stand up and take this savage on?? Who in their right mind could honestly believe they could beat this guy!!?? There’s a guy, who DOES believe he has the antidote … CHRISTIAN!!!


The fans inside the Coca-Cola Dome come alive, as the World Heavyweight Champion makes his long awaited entrance. Christian salutes the fans, pounding his chest, before fixing the title over his shoulder, and marches down the ramp, with Armando Estrada holding the Samoan Bulldozer back, making sure his savage stays under control.

Captain Charisma steps into the ring, and holds the title aloft once more, peering over his shoulder to make sure Umaga doesn’t attack him, before shaking hands with Hot Rod, as the music cuts off, and a “CHRISTIAN” chant takes over from the fans. Christian nods at the reception, pounding his chest again, as Piper cuts in and gets to business.

Rowdy Roddy Piper: Christian. First thing first … I admire your courage for taking this monster on head on … but I wouldn’t trade places with you for all the tea in China.

Piper pats the champions back, and Christian puts his head down, showing a forced smile.

Rowdy Roddy Piper: The question on every bodies lips … can ya do it?? Can you, Christian, BEAT - THIS - MAN??

Piper points at Umaga, who looks ready to explode into action at any given moment. Piper turns back around, speaking, before Christian can say anything.

Rowdy Roddy Piper: Don’t answer yet. Just like Umaga, the WWE production people have been asking THAT very question to the boys in the back, and some other interested observers back home. ROLL … THE FOOTAGE!!!

Again, Piper turns and points to the titan tron…


The video opens with a black screen, and simple white text, asking; “WHAT DOES CHRISTIAN HAVE TO DO??”

Brock Lesnar: He needs more than guts and heart. That got him through against me at last years Summerslam. He’s got courage, more than most. But he needs a lot more than that to beat this guy at Wembley.

Edge: That’s the million dollar question. No one’s found an answer yet.

Paul Heyman: Have to do?? For what?? Winning?? There’s nothing he can do. To survive?? He’s got to pray.

Rey Mysterio: Run like hell, buddy. Tire the guy out.

The Coach: Find a good doctor??

Mister Kennedy: He ought to retire. Now.

John Cena: What does he have to do?? He needs to use his speed for sure. The longer the match goes, the better his chances get.

Finlay: I’ve been in the ring with both guys. Ordinarily, you’d say Christian would have to use his speed advantage. But, uh, I don’t think he’s got one against Umaga. The guy is 350 pounds and moves as quick - if not quicker - than Christian does.

Matt Striker: His best hope is that he puts up a good showing. He could be crushed in seconds. Embarrassed, humiliated … he’d have to retire.

Matt Hardy: He’s got to stay elusive. He has to hope Umaga tires, but he’s shown no signs of tiring before. It’d really be a hope and a prayer if he takes that route.

Jerry Lawler: He has to use every trick in the book. He’ll have Ricky Hatton in his corner, and he’ll need to use him at every turn. Distract the ref, hit Umaga with a chair, with a chain - anything. He has to throw the rulebook out to stand ANY kinda chance.

Randy Orton: Get himself disqualified. That’s the only way he leaves Summerslam with the belt.

Shawn Michaels: If I knew the answer to that, I wouldn’t be sitting at home right now, contemplating retirement.

Jim Ross: He’s got to frustrate Umaga. He made a great move to bring in Ricky Hatton in his corner. He’ll have his hands full with Umaga, and now, he doesn’t need to worry about dealing with Estrada. But he’s got to get Umaga off his game, and he has to do it early.

Kurt Angle: If he thinks Ricky Hatton is the answer, he’s in for a real rude awakening.

Jesse Ventura: You look at any big man, small man match in history, take notes. Then, you realise you’re not dealing with just any ‘ol big man. You’re dealin with a one of a kind.


Jim Ross: If I had to hedge my bets … I’d have to say no.

Brock Lesnar: If I cant beat this guy … no one can.

Michaels doesn’t answer, but regretfully shakes his head.

Paul Heyman: HELL NO!!

Edge: Christian is gonna find out the hard way that eliminating someone from the Royal Rumble and beating the same guy in a match, 1,2,3 are two totally different things. The answer to your question is no.

The Coach: Are you serious?? NO WAY!!

Matt Striker: On his best day, Stone Cold Steve Austin couldn’t beat Umaga, neither could The Rock, Shawn Michaels or Bret Hart. Go back in history. Sammartino, Hogan, Andre?? None of these guys could match up to what Umaga brings to the table. Christian - in my opinion - wont last five minutes.

Jerry Lawler: Anything is possible. So ‘can’ he?? Yes. Will he though?? No chance.

Jesse Ventura: I sat and called WrestleMania Three when Hogan beat Andre. I don’t think Hogan - in his prime - could beat Umaga. And Christian aint no Hogan.

Mister Kennedy: No. (Followed by a succession of straight ‘NO’ answers from, Angle, Orton, Hardy, Mysterio and Finlay)

John Cena: (Long pause) … No.


Back in the arena, the fans boo the video, basically writing Christian off. In the ring, Christian looks embarrassed, shaking his head defiantly though, whilst Piper scratches his head, unsure how to proceed.


Rowdy Roddy Piper: Y’know … I want to pick up on something that Jesse Ventura commented on. Now … he talked about Hogan vs. Andre at WrestleMania Three. If anyone is in any position to talk about that one … it’s me. I was right in the middle of that match. The WHOLE thing started on Pipers Pit … funnily enough, with a weasel standing by the challenger there too.

Piper smiles, but AAE isn’t impressed. Hot Rod looks across to Umaga, then across to Christian, before pointing back at Umaga.

Rowdy Roddy Piper: Andre was the most impressive looking monster of a man that I ever laid eyes on. Well over seven feet tall, five hundred something pounds. But while he had the size and the power, and the strength to scare the hell outta ya … the man had a heart, y’know?? He didn’t want to cripple Hogan. He just wanted to beat him. God bless his soul, Andre was a gentle giant … but this guy, Umaga??

Piper puts his head down, and looks over at Christian.

Rowdy Roddy Piper: This guy’s a wreckin machine, kid. He doesn’t just wanna beat ya … he’s wants to crucify ya, he wants to break your bones, he wants to put you on the shelf - PERMANENTLY!!

Hot Rod scratches his head again, before speaking, putting an arm on the shoulder of Christian.

Rowdy Roddy Piper: With all due respect, kid … it took a Herculean effort from an in his prime Hogan to beat an older, slower Andre. You’re good. Heck, you’re great … but I agree with all those guys in the video … ya cant beat ‘im.

Heat. Christian pulls away from Piper, and takes the mic from the legend.

Christian: I know no one believes I can beat Umaga at Summerslam. You didn’t need to play me that video, Hot Rod. You didn’t need to give me your opinion either … I coulda told ya what it would be before you even said it.

Piper shrugs.

Christian: No one believed in me from the start. It was always Edge and Christian; Edge first, Christian after. When we went our separate ways, it looked like everyone would be proved right. I was going nowhere. Then it clicked.

Christian looks across at AAE and Umaga, before continuing.

Christian: I got the opportunity to face The Undertaker, two years ago at Summerslam. As usual, I was written off. But guess what?? I won. I won at Summerslam, and went on to beat him THREE … MORE … TIMES. I beat Steve Austin at WrestleMania, and I won the World Heavyweight Championship for the very first time. That all happened within a twelve month span.

Christian steps forward, and closer to his foes.

Christian: So there’s nothing that anyone can say to me. I believe in me … and that’s all that matters. I don’t care that no one thinks I can beat Umaga at Summerslam … because I KNOW I can.


Christian: I cant promise victory, I cant do that … but I’m not going to Wembley Stadium to make up the numbers. I’m not turning up at Summerslam expecting to lose.

Estrada laughs over his mic, cutting the champion off.

Armando Estrada: But lose, and lose ROYALLY in jolly ‘ol England is EXACTLY - HA HA - what ju will do!!!

Estrada walks up, into the face of Christian, confidently gesturing to the champ.

Armando Estrada: Ju cant hurt dis man, ju WIMP!!! Ju don’t keep this man awake at night in fear … Umaga keeps JU awake!! Dere is NOTHING - I SAID NOTHING - that ju can do to stop the unstoppable force that is THE … SAAAAAAAA-MO-AN BULLDOZER!!!

Christian nods at the smiling AAE.

Christian: Since we got here over the weekend, I’ve been reading up a lot about the history of South Africa in my spare time. Been doing a lot of reading about Nelson Mandela.

Pop for the mention of Mandela.

Christian: Whilst the man was incarcerated for twenty seven years, he kept a poem, by his side, that helped him make it through those years. Without it, he wouldn’t have survived. And when he was released from prison, Mandela led this country out of apartheid, and galvanized this place into the country it is today.

Another pop from the fans.

Christian: I’ve spent all weekend reading that poem, reciting it, over and over, and it keeps going through my head, to the poi-

Estrada disingenuously claps.

Armando Estrada: And what is a poem going to do to Umaga?? There’s no poem, no rhyme, no PRAYER that can save ju at Summerslam and stop dis man from becoming World - Heavyweight - Champion!! Ju’re pathetic reign as Champion is on it’s last legs. It’s on life support, and at Summerslam, Umaga will pull … de …

Christian: No.

Christian interrupts, shaking his head at Estrada.

Christian: On August 19, I will keep the words of that poem running through my mind. Everytime he puts me down, I’ll recite the words, over and over. And I’ll keep getting up. I’ll keep fighting back, and I-

Armando Estrada: It makes no difference!!! Ju cannot beat UMAGA!!!

The champion lowers his head, as Estrada looks to berate him for his belief.

Armando Estrada: Recite a stupid poem all ju want!! See where it gets you when The Sam-

Christian: Out of the night that covers me, black as the Pit from pole to pole … I thank whatever gods may be, For my unconquerable soul.

Christian, head down, continues, as a section of fans rumble, with a selection beginning to speak with him - the few that know the famous poem.

Christian: In the fell clutch of circumstance, I have not winced nor cried aloud. Under the bludgeonings of chance … My head is bloody, but unbowed.

Estrada begins to shiftily look around, a little bit thrown by Christians outburst, and the fans reaction. Christian looks up, and into the face of the uncomfortable Estrada - eyeball to eyeball.

Christian: Beyond this place of wrath and tears, Looms but the Horror of the shade … And yet the menace of the years … Finds, and shall find, me unafraid.

Christian now turns, and walks RIGHT INTO Umaga, showing no fear of the Samoan Bulldozer.

Christian: It matters not how strait the gate, how charged with punishments the scroll … I … am the master of my fate … I … am the captain of my soul.

A huge pop meets the end of Invictus, as Christian refuses to back away from a fired up Umaga … AND UMAGA BLASTS CHRISTIAN WITH A CLOTHESLINE!!!!! Umaga turns the champion inside out, and stomps wildly on his rival, whilst Piper tries to intervene, with Estrada trying to stop Hot Rod - and gets a RIGHT HAND for his troubles!!!

Piper knocks Estrada down, and tries to stop Umaga, trying to reason with the crazed Samoan Bulldozer … BUT GETS SWATTED AWAY!!! Umaga grabs a stool, and cracks it over the back of the champion, breaking the wooden stool, before throwing one of the broken legs at Piper, who crawls to the corner.

Estrada picks himself up, and begins to direct traffic, with Umaga lifting Christian up - AND DRILLS HIM WITH THE SAMOAN SPIKE!!! The champ rolls out of the ring, but before Umaga can follow out, Estrada stops him, pointing to the corner - where Piper is sat, trying to regain his bearings. Umaga takes a step back into the opposite corner … THEN SPRINTS ACROSS - RUNNING BUTT SPLASH TO PIPER IN THE CORNER!!!!!

With Piper being made to pay for his interference, Armando and Umaga turn their attention back to the outside, and come after Christian on the outside, ripping the top off the announce table, removing the monitors too. Umaga turns to lift Christian up … BUT CHRISTIAN FIGHTS BACK!!!!!

Christian strikes with blows to the gut of the Bulldozer, fighting to his feet, hammering the Samoan with everything he’s got, and slams Umagas head off the table, then looks to send him into the post - BUT UMAGA REVERSES - AND SENDS CHRISTIAN INTO IT INSTEAD!!!!!

The fans momentary cheer diminishes, and Umaga knocks Christian down again with another clothesline. Meanwhile, Estrada has managed to drag the steel steps in front of the announce table, and issues more instructions to his savage. Umaga drags Christian up, carrying him to the steps, and hoists him up on that platform … DRILLING HIM THROUGH THE TABLE WITH A SPINNING POWERSLAM!!!!!

J.R and Coach have long since went quiet - having had to run for cover from the announce position - it’s simply the shrieks from the fans that can be heard, as the champion is left in a heap on the floor amongst the rubble, whilst Umaga picks himself back up, and climbs back onto the steps, with Estrada raising the Bulldozers arm in glory … having decimated Christian - AGAIN.



Official Card for WWE SummerSlam:
Date: 19th August 2007
Location: Wembley Stadium, London, England
Event Music: Kings of Leon, Fans & The Clash, London Calling

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
World Heavyweight Champion Christian w/ Ricky ‘Hitman’ Hatton
Mr. Money in the Bank; Unbeaten & Undefeated Umaga w/ Armando Estrada

WWE Championship Match:
Randy Orton vs. Rob Van Dam

World Tag Team Championships | Tables Ladders and Chairs Match:
MNM vs. Straight Edge

WWE Tag Team Championships Match:
Americas Most Wanted vs. TBD

WWE Intercontinental Championship | Triple Threat Match:
Shelton Benjamin vs. Matt Hardy vs. William Regal

WWE United States Championship Match:
Paul London vs. M.V.P

Womens Championship Match:
Mickie James vs. Beth Phoenix

Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar

John Cena vs. Mr. Kennedy w/The Miz

One on One:
Edge vs. The Undertaker

Grudge Match:
Rey Mysterio vs. Kurt Angle

Special Hall Of Fame induction ceremony
~ ‘The British Bulldog’ Davey Boy Smith ~

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Re: Being The Booker

The Miz vs. John Cena: Haha. I wasn't expecting a J.R. vs Triple H style match here. Overall an entertaining opening to the show and a good way to build heat for the SummerSlam match.

The Rhodes Brothers vs. The British Lions w/Katie Lea: Nice to see these talents on the show, hopefully there will be a bit of significant direction soon for them so they can actually make an impact on the show.

I'm looking forward to seeing the Angels of Anarchy making their debut, like I've said before, good to see some new tag talent coming in as we are losing a tag team at SummerSlam.

John Cena Promo: A decent promo here for Cena to build up his match with Mr. Kennedy. It was interesting to see Cena actually building up the importance of the match for his opponent, but I think it fits because I couldn't see Kennedy doing this for himself due to his personality.

MNM/Straight Edge Promo: Great promo here, I liked everything about it and the heat that it brings to the angle. This promo has me really looking forward to seeing the two teams clash at SummerSlam and it'll been interesting to see how D&D do in this next match.

Straight Edge vs. Deuce & Domino: Wow, a shocking victory for Deuce & Domino. Kurt Angle's interference was definitely a shock and I'm looking forward to the explanation.

Kurt Angle Promo: Good promo with a very believable reason for Angle to attack CM Punk. Really creates a "got to see whats next" attitude from me to see how this develops from here as we get closer to Angle vs. Mysterio.

Triple H Promo: Come on now, this isn't realistic at all, a short Triple H promo? Joking (or not) aside a good way to get the point across and to reveal the fact that Lesnar won't be showing up until SummerSlam. Looking forward to how the heat for this match is continued as we get closer to SummerSlam with Lesnar sidelined.

Maryse vs. Victoria: Eww lackluster feuds ending on RAW. Anyways I will be looking forward to how Victoria goes from here.

Mickie James/Beth Phoenix Promo: I didn't really get into this promo and that is probably due in part of my ignorance of the history to this feud so the comments made by the two made no sense to me. The Coach coming in just made it more awkward for me due to my already existing confusion. I hope next week will have something to reinvest my interest into the match.

Matt Hardy/William Regal/Maria Promo: Nice promo to show Hardy and Regal aren't necessarily friends as we head into SS.

3-on-3 Match: Eww, 5 minute matches, haha. It does build up the match though and it helped Shelton Benjamin get some heat for attacking Maria to finish the match.

Rey Mysterio vs. Rhyno: RHYNO IS MAIN EVENTING RAW!...But only for 6 minutes. Good win for Mysterio followed by Angle's attack. With Angle being bested I wonder what his plans will be for next week.

Eric Bischoff's Announcement: A solid match announced and one that I was expecting. Looking forward to how it plays out and what is in store for the main events.

Piper's Pit: Awesome promo to end the show. Great video packages, use of Invictus, and ultimately Umaga dominating Christian again after the upset from last week. Great promo to build heat for the main event of SummerSlam and I am looking forward to that match.

Great RAW with a lot of your angles getting set up for the PPV and I'm definitely excited about it, hopefully Smackdown! will be able to build things up similarly in the remaining shows.

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Re: Being The Booker

Raw Feedback

Opening with Miz/Cena wasn’t a bad choice at all and I thought you did a great job overall with this. First off, Kennedy as the special guest ring announcer = win. And secondly, the way you used Kennedy during the match was brilliant. I thought you would let Miz look slightly competitive in defeat or possibly a sneaky win thanks to Kennedy but there was no signs of that at all which is the only small disappointment. I’m not Miz’s biggest fan but I’d have liked to see a little bit more from him. The way you wrote this though was great, Kennedy tripping Cena, dragging the ref out and the camera were all very nice and I expect a pretty pissed off Cena later on tonight.

Decent tag match here but I am hoping that Cody soon finishes things off with his brother and heads in a different path, it’s been good while it’s lasted but I don’t know how much longer I want it to. The Lions on the other hand? I hope their little crisis continues and we get to see it drag out a little longer with a possible heel turn in the works for Mr.Burchill. Nice job on developing two stories here.

Really liked this interview from Cena here. I was hoping for a serious, focused Cena and that’s what we got. This really hyped up the importance of their match come Summerslam as you put it, both men are on the verge of either moving up or moving down in the pecking order and that puts some pressure on ahead of Mania. This got me a lot more ready for their clash come Wembley.

I didn’t expect a whole lot from this segment with MNM and Straight Edge but I was pleased to be proved wrong as I enjoyed it. Melina stating that MNM are the reason the tag division is big again was nice as it really does make them seem hugely important here on Raw and them leaving could see the tag ranks go downhill once more. Also liked how you had her say that MNM are actually worried about this, the possible injuries and whatnot. Normally it’d be ‘Oh we’re not afraid of anything etc.’ so was pleasantly surprised to see you go that route. Punk was on song from the minute he came into this whole thing, would love to hear more from him regularly but I know he’s not that big in the thread right now. Mercury and Nitro were blah but no real surprise. Deuce and Domino? Completely forgot that they were headed to Monday nights and that’s a big statement to make taking out Straight Edge.

Impromptu match up and a decent little contest for what it was worth. The ending was obviously the talking point and it was one I didn’t see coming at all. Kurt Angle attacking Punk?? I’m guessing it’s to do with last week but still, caught me right off guard. Big win for D&D though here.

Ah, there we go, answers from Angle. Makes sense I suppose, although if he wanted the Lions too, surely he’d have gone for them earlier on? This was very short from Angle which isn’t a bad thing but it certainly didn’t do a lot for me compared to Angle’s recent promos. I thought Angle would simply keep his mind on Mysterio, keep his mind on the mask and that’s it. Shifting it a little to these five guys as well surprised me, though I get the message he’s trying to send.

Trips was spot on here, loved the line ‘I don’t make the same mistake twice.’ Can picture that from Trips all day long. Last Friday being a tame preview was another nice line as you can feel the intensity from the Game and just how much it means to take Lesnar down come Summerslam. I’d be surprised if Lesnar doesn’t show up before Summerslam, I think you saying he won’t be is a swerve, although if not, it certainly adds to the excitement for Wembley.

Victoria/Maryse, meh.

Mickie/Beth was a very good segment I must say. Coach’s appearance was golden as well. This rivalry is definitely very heated which is a change for a Women’s match and this one at Summerslam has a hell of a story set to unfold I feel. Good job, takes a lot to get interest in Women’s wrestling nowadays.

Nice little interview with Hardy/Regal there. Adds a bit more ahead of Summerslam and of course the match tonight.

Didn’t see that ending coming with Benjamin taking out Maria, wow. New low for Shelton but just adds more heat to him, to the Brotherhood and to this triple threat come Summerslam. Good job.

Another fine rundown of the Summerslam card. Very close now!

Mysterio was always gonna get the win here, had to be done but the aftermath is where it’s at once more and I’m not sure what to think really. I kinda like the fact that you’re elevating Doane somewhat by throwing him into the mix but at the same time, I don’t feel he’s needed at all in this. In my eyes, this should be Angle and Mysterio’s thing, leave them to it, leave Rey to fight his own battles.

Well there’s a step in solving things. Big tag match for next week and hopefully that should settle a few scores. Should be a good one.

Was really looking forward to Piper’s Pit and it didn’t disappoint. Hot Rod was written really well throughout so well done on that and he just added all the more to the drama of this match. The two video packages for both men were absolutely superb, really really good stuff, the kinda things I like to read and I’m sure others must do too. Getting the wrestlers themselves views on this was great and the way you built it up as the question of ‘Can Christian beat Umaga?’ was excellent. Piper even saying he feels Christian can’t was a great touch also. The little poem from Christian was a good thing for the South Africans obviously so understood you throwing that in and the attack was just as brutal as usual, even throwing Piper into the mix. You really have built him up to be unstoppable and I hope it continues come Summerslam, though I have a feeling Christian’s gonna get the job done. Great ending.

As per usual, a top notch, entertaining show. Cena and Kennedy were a highlight for me in particular tonight, the stakes were raised somewhat after that Cena promo. The MNM/Straight Edge feud also went up again tonight as the stipulation was built up nicely, both TLC and the losers heading to Smackdown. Christian/Umaga you know my thoughts on already, fantastic stuff. Only negative would be Angle/Mysterio needing a supporting cast so to speak in Doane, Rhyno, Straight Edge, not needed in my book BUT the tag match next week should be a good one. Great stuff, really looking forward to Smackdown.
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Re: Being The Booker

Thread started eight years ago today. Thought it would be fitting to post something. Unfortunately it's Superstars...


WWE Superstars | August 7 2007

Todd Grisham and The Coach introduce the show from South Africa, with tonight’s main event seeing Jamie Noble take on Chris Masters, coming off the heels of their recent interactions on Smackdown.

In the opening contest of the night, Mark Henry defeats Val Venis @ 04:17 with the Worlds Strongest Slam in a bit of a nothing match.

Finlay defeats Daivari @ 04:39 with the Celtic Cross … in another uneventful, nothing match.





In a divas contest, Melina scores a win over Gail Kim, giving the Korean her second straight loss, after months of going undefeated @ 04:58. The victory though is tainted, due to interference from The Entourage, helping Melina snatch victory from the jaws of defeat.

In the main event, Jamie Noble meets Chris Masters, in a typical big man/little match contest. It’s a good contest, with both men putting in plenty of effort, and they get enough time to put together a worthwhile match up. The finish comes, with Masters lining up the dreaded Masterlock … but as he looks to lock it on … NOBLE SLIPS FREE, AND SURPRISES MASTERS WITH A PIN … 1...2...3!! Noble scores the win @ 10:36


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Re: Being The Booker

Wow, eight years. You're quite the trooper, Wolfy.

I'm surprised you even bother to post Superstars, tbh. Why not just reveal the results in a much shorter post? I'd rather you save your writing for Raw, Smackdown and pay-per-views then write a paragraph or two for Superstars and get bored. I can see why you'd want to use the show as a way of getting your smaller talents noticed, but I think in the grand scheme of things you could do with just writing the results in a few sentences, if not scrapping the show altogether.

Looking forward to Smackdown as always.
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