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Re: Being The Booker

Obviously, I haven’t commented in awhile. I was going to go back and give you feedback for every show, but that would be very time consuming for me, and probably just as useful as this one piece of feedback will be for you. Basically, I’ll be commenting on EVERYTHING to do with each angle as I go through this show, so hopefully this will summarise my thoughts on SD as a whole. Expect the same for the next RAW.

LOVED the Orton/London title match. You’ve really done a good job as pushing London as someone who can hang with the best, and someone who is up there, despite the lack of mic skills. It reminds me a lot of the way WWE would get people invested in someone like Jeff Hardy. Just let him be fun in the ring, so people can see what there is to like about him. Not exactly the same, as you’ve done a lot more with making sure there’s been quality matches throughout London’s mega long push in this thread (yes, I do occasionally glance back through this giant piece of goodness), but I think you get what I’m going with there. The twenty minutes you gave this match was great to see, and London getting to hang right in there with Orton after being there about in the WWE Title scene does both good for London, and the prestige of the US Title, as the US Champion is looking strong. I have some thoughts on the quality of opponents for London, but I get the feeling we’ll get to that later. I don’t think it’s necessary here.

Surprisingly long paragraph, so I’ll split this up to talk about the return of RVD too. Quite simply, this has fast become my favourite angle in BTB. When the attack on RVD originally happened, I thought it’d be a simple rematch at Judgment Day when RVD returns, then you get Orton off elsewhere. Then with the four way at JD, I figured you’d go Van Dam/Orton at The Bash, and either Batista/Orton or Orton/Lesnar at SummerSlam. The way you’ve managed to have this storyline span out is great, and it’s certainly the best possible match for SummerSlam. The feud is extremely hot, despite nothing in it really happening for once, and we’ve never seen a proper one-on-one match between these two. Definitely worthy of a SummerSlam main event. The return itself was booked in a great way too – definitely something to be proud of. A good way to kick things off along the road to SummerSlam for those two.

Not too big on having in-ring promos in a country where a lot of the audience isn’t likely to understand the majority of a promo, although maybe I’m underestimating the English abilities of the Japanese wrestling fans. I’m actually not sure. London acknowledging his title loss last week is a good way to start though, really building up how much winning the WWE Title means to him, not just giving the WWE Title that prestige, but also giving London that ultimate goal perhaps for this thread, which would be amazing to see, as it’d be someone you would never expect to see as WWE Champion in a good BTB thread. The introduction from London was a nice touch, following up on that he introduced Van Dam’s return last week. Van Dam officially announcing he’s back to begin with gets out of the way, and having him say he’s happy just to be back in the ring is a good way to show what it all means to him. I like that you had him put over London too. While this obviously isn’t about London, and it could take the focus away from Van Dam, it does a good job of continually making London one of the faces of SD, plus the mention of how long it took RVD to become champion shows how much it means to him personally too. Things got a bit lovey dovey from there, but again, it does a good job of showing how much Van Dam wants to get at Orton, and what it really means. The Bischoff interruption came at a good time though, because it was getting a little bit nauseating. I really like how you had Bischoff play the bad guy here by bringing up Van Dam’s past head injury with the whole idea that he may not be past it, and thus Bischoff doesn’t want him in the SummerSlam match. Van Dam being willing to put his money where his mouth is I like too, because it’s a good way to book the brave face that Van Dam is supposed to be. MVP stepping up to face Van Dam so he can get a shot at London is a nice touch too, having the cowardly heel look to take advantage of a potentially damaged face to try to get a shot at a title. The stipulation to the match between the two is nice as a result, and Bischoff pulling the dick move by having Van Dam compete in his street clothes is a strong way to finish the segment. Like I said, not sold on promos in the ring in a non-English speaking country, but a strong opening to the show nonetheless.

I guess this is where I’ll give my thoughts on London’s opposition for the US Title. As a whole, thus far, I think it has been a bit weak. It seems like you’re kind of playing it both ways with London. For example, his last feud was against Brian Kendrick, a guy who was in by far the lowest profile match at WrestleMania, and someone who, despite the great heel turn, isn’t really much of a star. He hasn’t hung with the big boys, and he doesn’t seem on London’s level. The same kind of goes for MVP. I get that he has a bit of the star factor, but London has been mingling with the stars. MVP finished a feud with Carlito that never really went above the midcard and allowed him to match it with the best, and then he beat Finlay in what seemed like a filler spot to get him some momentum, but, again, didn’t really do anything with him. Following his feud with Albright, it just seems like you haven’t quite got anyone in that US Title scene who is able to seem on the same level as London. It’s partially a byproduct of London being in the midst of what seems like the ultimate shove towards the main event (maybe for WrestleMania next year, should you make it that far), but having his opponents seem like bigger stars can solve it.

With all of that said, having MVP able to mix it with RVD is a good start to make him look good. That obviously didn’t happen in this match, but having Orton try to jump Van Dam after last week, eventually leading to the tag match due to the London save may serve as a good way to enable MVP to look like he belongs on the same level as London. I’m not sure I like Orton and Van Dam having an in-ring meeting so fast, as it kind of takes away one of the talking points about whether Orton could easily injure Van Dam again, but I guess that isn’t the main story you’re going with here, as it’ll be more about Van Dam’s revenge.

RVD getting the pin in the tag match pretty much HAD to happen to show that he’s back and make it seem like he really did earn his WWE Title shot. I have mixed feelings on the pin on Orton. On one hand, you can say he really does deserve a title shot, having pinned Orton, but on the other, it already feels like he’s got at Orton a bit. I understand it’ll be bigger at SummerSlam though, plus MVP not getting pinned means he could still be in line for a US Title match, which I’m happy with.

The SummerSlam moments are a good way to begin hyping that show up, and I like how you transitioned it to hype up the Pick Your Poison for later in the show. I have more thoughts on Triple H/Lesnar, but I’ll get to them later.

Splitting up The Mad Murdochs when you’re trying to revitalize the tag titles is an interesting move. I guess they’ve already had a bit of a run at AMW earlier in the year, plus they’re not really tag title worthy, but that means the teams you do put together have to have some depth to them. The Nemeth promo here was pretty amusing. As I’ve said already, he’s one of my favourites in here already, based purely off his vignettes. The attitude is great. The dominant victory for Ziggler was to be expected, as he continues to roll following his debut. I look forward to seeing how you thrust him into a storyline following SummerSlam.

@ creepy Bischoff. Brilliant. I like the idea of Layla bringing in a team, although she doesn’t exactly seem like she fits in with what sounds like two boys with cowboy gimmicks (KC James and Idol Stephens is what I’m imagining is the team). Still, an addition to the tag division is much needed, so I’m glad to see you bringing it.

I guess the Masters/Kendrick team shows that not all teams here will have legs, although Masters sticking around as Kendrick’s bodyguard may not be a bad move. It’ll give Masters something to do, and also give Kendrick that little extra toy to use in his matches. The Kendrick pre-tape was pretty funny, but the Los Latinos one just reinforced my main worry about them – they’re quite boring. There’s no real character depth to them, and they’ve been languishing down the lower part of the card for a bit now. They’ll be good enough to add to the tag division, but I’m kind of hoping they don’t make it to SummerSlam (again, I’ll get to what I’m hoping for later, because there’s another big tag match to come).

I like that you’re continuing to build to Noble/Kendrick at SummerSlam, and using it here is alright, but it doesn’t do much for Los Latinos. At the same time, I guess they’re not making it to SummerSlam, while Noble/Kendrick is, so Noble/Kendrick takes far greater importance here.

Edge/Undertaker is a feud that obviously doesn’t have too much depth, but I really like it. The storyline that Edge just can’t get a shot at the WWE Title, thus he’ll go out to prove himself against The Undertaker shows how much Edge wants that title, plus it gets Undertaker on the SummerSlam card and delivers us a good match. Again, not so sure about in-ring promos on shows like this, but the cheap heat to start with was nice. The way Edge talked about The Undertaker being beatable tears me. It does make it seem like there’s a chance Edge can win by bringing up WrestleMania, but, at the same time, it makes it seem like beating The Undertaker isn’t as big of an accomplishment as you first think. The words will soon be forgotten by Edge though, and The Undertaker will still have his legacy, so I guess it doesn’t really matter. You kind of erased that anyway by pointing out that Angle didn’t actually beat The Undertaker in Edge’s insane rant too, which did a really good job of both hyping up what The Undertaker has done of late, and showing how egomaniacal Edge is. Edge kind of got into the JBL territory for a bit there, but you acknowledged it well and the interruption from Undertaker not long after was good. The little speech from Undertaker was spot on for him, and the beginning of the mind games is a good way to signal how this feud will be going. Another good promo.

First of all, I like the introduction of Kofi into this thread as Carlito’s partner at The Great American Bash. It wasn’t something that I expected, and it serves as a good way to get Kofi instantly over by giving him a connection to someone popular. I also think you’ve booked The Master Craftsmen pretty well since King of the Ring, but they do seem just about ready to move beyond the midcard. With all of that said, THIS is where I’d like to see the tag team titles. These two teams along with AMW in a three way at SummerSlam is probably as credible as you’re going to get, but with The Master Craftsmen facing The James Boys next week, plus I’m not even sure if ‘Lito and Kofi are in the tournament, it isn’t too likely to happen. Still, I feel like these two could bring them right up the card, especially The Master Craftsmen if they get a little run, then drop them to ‘Lito and Kofi, who then feud on with AMW.

The match itself here was interesting. Far from conventional, it seemed like you were really trying to play up how chaotic it was, and how willing The Master Craftsmen were to cheat to win. This seems to indicate this isn’t over, which keeps alive my hope for SummerSlam. For now, The Craftsmen looking dominant is the right move with Albright coming off his King of the Ring victory.

The Batista/Edge promo is a good way to keep that thing in mind, with it set to kick back off post-SummerSlam, I guess. I’m a little disappointed that Batista isn’t on the SummerSlam card, as his feud with Edge really did elevate him up. Having him not there makes him feel a bit like a midcarder again.

I’ve really enjoyed these AMW clips, although I shudder to think what stereotypes you’ll be portraying with Australia.

Now would be an appropriate time to comment on this Lesnar/Triple H stuff. I think it’s probably your biggest match for SummerSlam, although, at the same time, it doesn’t have the big fight atmosphere that they had going into WrestleMania. Maybe it’s because Lesnar made his big face turn for that WrestleMania match, but thus far, there hasn’t been that intensity between the two. With it being a street fight, hopefully we see some wild brawls between the two seen to hype it up as that dangerous match. This promo here was simple, but good. It tells us we should be in for the best possible match at SummerSlam, which is what you want. Lesnar also comes off looking very much like the face that he is. Good stuff.

Nice main event for next week. Seems worthy of Australia.

Really, just loved this main event. Lesnar looked great by being able to take it to Umaga, while Umaga looks amazing by both kicking out of the F-5, and picking up the win. For a weekly show, this would be one of the best matches I’ve seen. The intensity after was exactly what I thought this thing needed, so hopefully you can really kick it up a gear now. Great way to end the show, giving Lesnar/Triple H exactly what it needs.

Only one thing left to say, I guess. You’re still the man around here. Great stuff. I’ll be back for some long winded comments on RAW.

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Re: Being The Booker

Thanks gentlemen for the feedback, and the level of detail too. Lovely to read , I'll be sure to get back to you in the near future when I have the time available. Great to see Stojy & BKB too, you've both been missed in the section recently.

Anyways, it's slow progress on Raw, but hopefully I'll have it done and dusted in time for Monday next week. I'll post up a preview next weekend maybe ... but first...



~ Saturday, July 28~

Earlier today, were sent the following video, directly from Rey Mysterio, with the instruction to make the video available to the WWE fans ...


It’s shaky camera work to say the least, as Rey is sat down on his hotel bed, sighing, before starting…

Rey Mysterio: Uhh, this is a personal, public message for Kurt Angle. I, uh, I decided to make this a public message, because I have nothing to hide, and I want all of the WWE fans across the world to hear what I have to say.

Rey pauses, giving himself a chance to collect his thoughts.

Rey Mysterio: Kurt?? You and I have never been buddies. We’ve never been tight … never ... mi rasa. But until a few weeks ago, I respected you for all your accomplishments. I respected you for your abilities as a competitor and a performer. You’d always been one of my favourite opponents, man. Win, lose or draw, wrestling you, Kurt, has always been a highlight … (he smirks, and wags his finger) really tough and punishing, but still … it was always a pleasure to stand across the ring from you.

Rey shakes his head.

Rey Mysterio: But that all changed two weeks ago. In Mexico City, you not only humiliated me, but you humiliated my entire family, me familia, my entire bloodline … you trashed everything my people stand for … but not only that … you questioned MY integrity. You questioned my heritage, and you accused me of using my people for my own gains.

Mysterio struggles with the words, lowering his head.

Rey Mysterio: That thought alone, Kurt … even thinking that … makes me sick to my stomach, man.

Rey stands, and lifting his shirt, shows off his tattoo on his torso.

Rey Mysterio: This is who I am, Kurt. I wouldn’t dream of using the people of Mejico for my own personal gain. The people of Mejico are my blood. The mask?? Is my heritage … it is not a gimmick to me. IT’S MY LIFE, KURT!!

Mysterio looks directly into the camera, pausing for effect.

Rey Mysterio: You embarrassed me, Kurt … you questioned my integrity, you questioned my morals … and not only that … you humiliated me, you treated me like a DOG … in front … of my people. Kurt, you pushed the envelope too far.

Mysterio shakes his head.

Rey Mysterio: But before this gets twisted up, I want to make one thing clear to everyone. This isn’t a Mexico versus United States issue for me. I’m proud to be an American … but being an American doesn’t define who I am. My Mexican heritage doesn’t define who I am. See Kurt, I hold no bias against any race, colour, creed, sexuality or nationality. Black, white, Asian, European, Catholic, Jewish?? To me … none of that matters. To me … we’re all human beings … one race, under God.

Mysterio holds one finger up, letting it linger, before speaking again.

Rey Mysterio: I’m proud of my roots … I’m proud of who I am, Kurt. Just like you, I’m proud to be an American … but I’m a member of the human race first. No prejudice, no judgment … unlike you.

He takes a deep breath.

Rey Mysterio: And above all else … I stand for my beliefs. After what you did to me?? After what you said about mi rasa?? And after you proclaimed your small, narrow minded views to the entire world … bringing embarrassment to not only yourself, but the rest of America … I lost all respect for you, man.


Rey Mysterio: So, with all that being said, Kurt … I’m challenging you to a match, at Summerslam, August 19, London, England … in front of ninety thousand human beings. Not Brits, not Europeans, not Americans ... human ... beings.

Mysterio nods at his challenge.

Rey Mysterio: I want to prove to the entire world that your viewpoint is all messed up. I want every single fan inside Wembley Stadium to tell you you're opinion is wrong. It's because of people like you Kurt, that this planet isnt the perfect place it could be. It's because of opinions like yours Kurt, that wars are being fought, and that hate crimes are still ongoing, and minorities are still being hounded by the small, narrow minded ...

Rey shakes his head in disgust.

Rey Mysterio: You made this personal Kurt. Now it’s time for you to answer for your actions ... now?? It's time for me to stand up for what I beleive in ... and if the only way to get through to you is by beating you at Summerslam?? Then so be it.

Rey looks into the camera for a few moments, before standing, and clicking the camera, ending the promo.


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Re: Being The Booker

A bit of constructive criticism is long overdue, methinks.

As opposed to BkB Hulk, I'm not too sure about the U.S. Champion getting involved in the hunt for the WWE Championship. Please note that I didn't say Paul London, I said the United States Champion. BkB argues that it does good for the US Champ to look good against the WWE Champion, but I'm not too sure. I'm always a bit funny about a midcard title holder going after the world title but quite simply it devalues the midcard title. It's like whoever wins the title won't really get a rub from it because it's like you, as the writer, are having your character say "Oh here you go have this belt, I don't need it anymore." It's not a huge deal but I think it'd be better if London lost the title then started to pursue Orton.

Next...HATED the Brock Lesnar/Umaga finish. How much of a bitch does Lesnar look like heading into SummerSlam, both by being pinned CLEANLY by Umaga AND losing to the opponent chosen by Triple H, even though Triple H could beat Batista on Raw. Other bookers will praise you by saying that Umaga looks strong coming out of this, which is true; but to me you needed to go with either a no contest or interference finish. Umaga has already pinned numerous superstars, he's got the Money in the Bank briefcase; he didn't need to go over Lesnar clean.

Speaking of Lesnar, in real life he wrote in his recent book that "if a guy pins me and I'm the champion, then he should become the champion." He's got a point. Call it a non-title match all you want, but the fact is Van Dam pinned Orton, therefore he should already be the WWE Champion. I think you could've very easily booked Van Dam into a number one contender's match or simply had him pin MVP. The face/heel chase is always much more entertaining when the face finally gets his hands on the heel at the end of the feud, but you've lost some of that now by having RVD pin Orton.

Everything else is looking fine. Hurry up and get to SummerSlam. Ciao.
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Re: Being The Booker


Greatly appreciate the comments TKOW (refuse to acknowledge you under this new name) you've always been one of the biggest critics I've had (and I mean that in a good way) but just to touch on a few subjects you brought up.

Personally, I feel having the secondary title holder (be it US or IC) also eyeing the World title helps the prestige of the title he's holding, by being able to measure up to the 'top dog' also. I can understand criticism if it's in the form of "It takes the focus of his belt by chasing someone elses" (and that will become a side issue in the coming weeks on SD) but the idea of no one getting a rub from when he eventually drops the belt is one I'm not on board with. If booked wrongly, it could come across that way, but I think regardless of the direction the champion takes after losing the belt, it wont go down as a "have this belt, I dont need it anymore" kind of deal.

Maybe I got it wrong with the Umaga finish. I dont know. I'm just keenly aware that in all actuality, Umaga doesnt have THAT many high profile wins. He destroyed HBK ... but after that, what big names has he knocked off??

Challenger pinning Champion in a non title match has been done for decades. Nothing new, and while I appreciate Lesnars opinion, (plus, it's pretty lazy booking imo, but it's effective) and where you're coming from with it, but I have my reasons, which I'll not get into now.

Please dont leave it so long to offer some feedback again. I miss you



In an exclusive announcement, can confirm that Kurt Angle has accepted Rey Mysterios challenge to a match at Summerslam. However, in a quick statement to, Angle wanted to make it clear that he wouldnt go to the trouble of making a video response to Mysterio, citing that he wanted to spend any - and all - free time on the world tour talking to - via webcam and e-mail - his family.

In addition, Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff has rubber stamped the match up, making it official for Summerslam on August 19. In his brief discussion with the Head of, Michael Cole, Bischoff also informed us that instead of competing on Superstars and Smackdown in the coming week, The Master Craftsmen will instead perform 'double duty' this Friday, firstly taking on the Layla El led James Boys, before competing against each other in the main event; a triple threat match with Paul London for Londons United States Championship. The GM strenuously denied accusations that the change was made due to increased pressure from Layla, who was reported to have demanded her team get more spotlight by making their debut on the bigger show.

If it wasnt already clear, Summerslam on August 19th will be the biggest of all time. Emanating from the glorious new Wembley Stadium, the twentieth Summerslam is set to be the most memorable in history ... a Summerslam of WrestleMania proportions. With celebrity guests in the shape of Ricky Hatton, matches as big as the Streetfight between Brock Lesnar & Triple H, along with the monumental main event pitting Christian against Umaga, can confirm that 2006 X-Factor winner, Leona Lewis will perform at the beginning of the show, to sing a rendition of British national anthem, "God Save The Queen". With the announcements continuing to impress, just what could be next for this incredible show from Wembley Stadium??


Monday Night Raw Preview:

The land down under plays host to week three of the worldwide summer tour, and the fans in the Acer Arena in Sydney will NOT be disappointed with what's on offer!!

Last week, THREE massive matches had already been announced; one title match, another with title implications, and the third a grudge match of sorts. Since then, two more matches have been signed to round off what could well be an incredible evening in Australia.

Firstly, 'Captain Charisma' Christian is given the chance to get his hands on the mouthpiece behind the Samoan Bulldozer. And with Umaga barred from ringside, Christian will have Armando Alejandro Estrada ALL to himself. With three consecutive beatings still fresh in his mind from Umaga, Christian will have plenty of pent up frustration to take out on the cocky loudmouth this Monday. Can Christian finally get building some momentum on the Road to Wembley?? Or can Estrada pull off the most stunning of upsets and defeat the World Heavyweight Champion??

Then, Mickie James will learn whom she will defend her Womens Championship against at Summerslam. Fresh off a successful retention last week over a brave Maryse, Mickie will now watch as the only two undefeated divas on the roster put their runs on the line against one another. The impressive Korean, Gail Kim, is looking to mark her glorious return to the WWE with a title shot at the biggest Summerslam ever ... but in her way is the dominating figure of Beth Phoenix. For Phoenix it's not just the glory she is chasing. Since her debut, Phoenix has been hell bent on earning a match with Mickie James for personal reasons, and sooner or later, surely those two will collide. But as far as Gail Kim is concerned, she would rather it be later, as she eyes the next shot at the title. Which 'streak' will be broken on Raw??

And, the Intercontinental Championship is on the line. Shelton Benjamin. Matt Hardy. They've battled for months. It all began in May, when Hardy surprised Benjamin in the 'Beat the Clock' challenge. Benjamin though, successfully retained his title at Vengeance, before Hardy knocked The Black Diamond out of the King of the Ring tournament. For the last two weeks, Benjamin has eeked out of Mexico and Japan with his title intact. Firstly, thanks to help from The Brotherhood. Then, last week, he resorted to an intentional DQ to save the title. Is time running out for Benjamin as champion?? Has Matt Hardy got his number?? It all comes to a head this Monday in Sydney. No Brotherhood at ringside, no DQ can save Benjamin either. This time, they meet in a THIRTY MINUTE Iron Man Match. Which of these two incredible athletes can score the most decisions in a thirty minute period?? With William Regal awaiting the victor at Summerslam, it promises to be a match for the ages between two great rivals, and a match that you surely cannot afford to miss.

Plus, over the past weekend, Eric Bischoff confirmed TWO further matches. The first, a meeting between MNM's Johnny Nitro and Straight Edge's Greg Helms. In less than three weeks, the two teams meet in a tag team match to bring the curtain down on their year long rivalry, but this Monday on Raw, it's singles action. Who can strike the first blow on the run in to Summerslam??

The second match?? One worthy to main event any show, or any Pay Per View. Two great rivals; John Cena and Kurt Angle, go head to head one more time, with hostility and hatred still running deep between both men. Currently, both men have other foes at the forefront of their minds (Cena meets Mr. Kennedy and Angle faces Rey Mysterio at Summerslam respectively) but for this one night, their rivalry will be renewed. Cena has cried out for another crack at Angle ever since his humiliating submission loss at Vengeance, and this week on Raw, he has the opportunity to banish that memory once and for all. For Angle though, it's an opportunity to prove that the submission at Vengeance was not a one off, and an opportunity to prove once and for all that he is superior to Cena.

With such a loaded line up, it promises to be a 'bonza' night of action in Sydney, as the journey to Summerslam continues in earnest!!


I'll post Raw this time tomorrow.

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Re: Being The Booker

Monday Night Raw | July 30 2007 | Sydney, Australia

There is no obligatory opening video, nor pyro, as we cut directly to the arena, where MATT HARDY AND SHELTON BENJAMIN are already stood in the ring, waiting to go, ahead of their 30 minute Iron Man Match which is kicking off the show!!!

Lillian Garcia: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is the THIRTY MINUTE, IRON MAN MATCH, FOR THE WWE INTER-CONTINENTAL … CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

A big pop greets the announcement, as there is NO time being wasted this evening.

Jim Ross: Well, welcome to Raw folks-

The Coach: G’DAAAYYY!!!

Jim Ross: A frenetic start to this evenings show, we’re kicking off with the Iron Man Match to settle this issue once and for all between the Black Diamond and Matt Hardy-


Jim Ross: Indeed, both men as you can see made their entrances before we even came on the air, and we’re not going to hang-


Jim Ross: And as you can tell by my partner, we’re in Australia, as the World Tour rolls on this week-

The Coach: RIPPA!!!!

Jim Ross: This could be a long two hours folks…

Shelton Benjamin vs. Matt Hardy
Tentative opening from both men, knowing they’ve got to pace themselves for thirty minutes tonight. Plenty of chain wrestling eats up the first couple of minutes, and it’s a contest that Benjamin is much more comfortable in than Hardy, and it shows. The champion dominates Hardy on the mat, but begins to get cocky, and as ever, cockiness breeds a lack of concentration, and opens the door for Hardy to get back into contention, turning the match into more of a brawl; an environment that suit’s the challenger much better. With Matt in the ascendancy, he takes the fight to the outside, ramming Benjamin into the side of the ring apron … then whips him OVER AND ACROSS THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!!! J.R and Coach have to dive for cover, as Matt is seen breaking the referees count, whilst Benjamin writhes on the floor … as we cut to the first commercial of the night.

Commercial Break

We return, with Shelton now back in charge, in the ring, controlling Hardy with a rear headlock, as J.R resets the contest (AND, introducing William Regal, who has joined the commentary team during the commercial to get a look at his two potential Summerslam opponents), with replays from during the commercial, where Shelton - after being helped back into the ring by Hardy - avoided a corner attack, with Matt hitting the buckles, allowing Shelton to takes charge, following up with a suplex, leading to the rest hold applied now. Hardy though, doesn’t lie down for long, and is quickly battling back to his feet, teeing off on the champion, breaking the hold, then, as Shelton lunges back at the challenger, Hardy catches him … SIDE EFFECT CONNECTS!!! Matt covers, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

The vital, opening fall is still ongoing as the match nears the ten minute mark, but once more, Hardy is in control, softening Shelton up with a front slam, then a quick elbow, and another cover, 1...2...NO!!! Refusing to give the champion any time to recover, the challenger drags Benjamin back up, sending him back into the corner, and begins to tee off, then sends Shelton across the ring again, but the champion gets a foot up at Matt charges in!!! As the challenger wheels away, Benjamin hoists himself onto the top rope, and looks to fly off … BUT MATT KICKS HIM IN THE GUT ON THE LANDING … AND DELIVERS A SUDDEN TWIST OF FATE!!!!! He hooks the leg … 1...2...3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First Fall: Matt Hardy - Twist of Fate @ 10:08 (1-0)

Hardy takes the lead, but with twenty minutes remaining, the challenger cannot rest … but is forced to wait, as a thirty second rest period now begins, giving the champion a chance to recover, and shake the cobwebs loose. The seconds tick down, with Hardy like a coiled spring, dying to get on the weakened Black Diamond … and the bell rings, with Hardy charging forward, unloading on the spaghetti legged champion, dragging him back to the centre of the ring, and GOES FOR A SECOND TWIST OF FATE … BUT SHELTON SHOVES HIM AWAY … then goes for a flash kick, but the leg is caught … DRAGON WHIP!!! Both men go down, with the champion still woozy from the first fall, and obviously, Matt feels the effects of the kick.

The two competitors are slow to rise this time, but begin to trade blows as they do, looking to get the upper hand, with Hardy winning the fist fight, sending the champion off the ropes, ducking down, but Shelton leaps over … SUNSET FLIP … BUT HARDY DROPS DOWN, PIN … 1...2...NO!!! Shelton struggles free, and flips Matt over, with his own pin, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Both men are quick to rise, but Matt surprises the champion with a small package, 1...2... REVERSAL … 1...2... REVERSED AGAIN … 1... SHELTON BREAKS FREE!!! Once again, the two men pop up, and Benjamin attempts a roll up, but Matt rolls on through, with another cover of his own … 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Hardy takes Benjamin back down with a school boy, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

The champion shoots up, but looks dizzy from all the pinning combinations, allowing the challenger to run him into the ropes, bouncing back off with ANOTHER roll through … 1...2...SHELTON KICKS OUT!!! Hardy hit’s the ropes, but comes back, and jack knife covers the champion … 1...2...KICK OUT AGAIN!!! Both men get up, but before Matt can look for another pin attempt, Benjamin grasps for the ropes … and hops out of the ring!!! The fans in Sydney boo the chicken shit tactics of the champion, as he takes a walk - probably wisely, as a 2-0 deficit at this stage could spell disaster for the champion - with Hardy furious in the ring … and he gives chase, sliding out, coming after his weary rival, and grabs him from behind, and attempts to slam his head off the steel steps, but the Black Diamond blocks it, elbowing Hardy away, before ramming the challenger into the ring apron - twice … THREE TIMES!!!

Benjamin brings Hardy back inside again, and waits, as the challenger pulls himself up in the corner … then shoots across … STINGER SPLASH!!! Benjamin smiles as he bounces out of the corner, before sending the challenger back across the ring, to the opposite corner … racing in behind … STINGER SPLASH!!! Matt staggers out with Shelton this time, as the champion sends him to ANOTHER corner!!! Benjamin doesn’t instantly follow in, but instead waits, and looks around at the fans for a moment - smirking. A little cockier this time, (with Regal commentating that he shouldn’t be smiling when he’s behind) Benjamin sizes Matt up … and races across the ring again FOR A THIRD STINGER SPLASH … BUT MISSES!!! Hardy ducks out of the corner, the champion hit’s the buckles … AND HARDY FOLLOWS UP WITH A ROLL UP … 1...2...3!!!!!

Second Fall: Matt Hardy - Roll Up @ 15:29 (2-0)

It might just be an unassailable lead now!!! With less than 15 minutes remaining, the champion finds himself needing TWO falls to go in his favour!!! Benjamin sits up, realising the gravity of his situation, whilst Matt looks ecstatic at his lead, surely now feeling that the title is coming his way!! With the thirty second rest period in effect, Hardy takes the time to compose himself, and plays to the fans, geeing them up, clapping his hands together, and wanting to get them involved, taking no notice of the champion, knowing he has time before the bell rings … BUT BENJAMIN SNAPS … AND ATTACKS MATT FROM BEHIND!!!

Charles Robinson tries to step in and prevent the attack, but Benjamin clobbers his challenger in the corner, eventually dragging him out … PAYDIRT!!! Benjamin HAS LOST IT!!! He stands over Hardy, trash talking the challenger … as the bell suddenly rings??? Shelton looks around, confused, as the referee speaks with Lillian Garcia, who nods … and makes the announcement…

Lillian Garcia: Ladies and Gentlemen, the referee has just informed me, that as a result of his disregard of the thirty second rest period, Shelton Benjamin has been disqualified!! Therefore, the winner of the third fall; MATT HARDY!!!

Third Fall: Matt Hardy - Disqualification @ 16:09 (3-0)

The fans are on their feet, with Hardy CRUISING toward the title. Benjamin is livid, seeing the title slipping from his grasp, arguing blind with the official … and having to now wait for a FURTHER thirty seconds before he can attempt to claw back his THREE FALL deficit. The time runs out, and the bell rings, but Shelton is STILL arguing and pleading his case with Charles Robinson … WHICH ALLOWS HARDY TO SNEAK IN, and despite being worse for wear after Pay dirt … SCHOOL BOYS THE UNEXPECTING BENJAMIN FROM BEHIND … 1...2...SHOULDER JUST POPS UP!!!!! It would’ve been absolute bedlam had the challenger went 4-0 ahead, but the champion JUST survives that embarrassment. He shoots up, and quickly knocks Hardy down, taking advantage of the challengers weakened state. Then, letting out his fury and frustration, the Black Diamond kicks out at the ropes, perhaps conceding that he simply CANT claw back three falls in just over twelve and a half minutes - with no Theodore Long to guide him, no Brotherhood to help his cause - the champion looks out of ideas … and The Coach on commentary is STILL arguing the DQ, as we cut to another commercial break.

Commercial Break

And, just as before, we return with Benjamin in charge; this time with a tight sleeper applied, looking up at the clock - 20:25 has passed - desperately looking to put the challenger asleep … and indeed, Robinson performs the duty bound test of whether the challenger is out … and the arm drops once … twice … but with the fans firmly behind him … HARDY KEEPS HIS ARM UP THE THIRD TIME!!! The life drains from the champions face, seeing ANOTHER plan going wayward, and with time running out, his faint hopes of walking out with the title are all but gone. Hardy battles to his feet, elbowing free - breaking the sleeper - and runs off the ropes … BUT RUNS STRAIGHT INTO A SHELTON BENJAMIN BELLY TO BELLY OVERHEAD THROW!!!!! The champion scrambles into a cover, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!!!

Instantly, Benjamin hammers the mat, unable to hide his disappointment. He stomps the dogged challenger as he tries to get up, and hooks him into position - GOING FOR THE T-BONE EXPLODER … BUT HARDY ELBOWS FREE!!! The challenger thwarts YET ANOTHER attempt from Benjamin, and then charges Shelton into the corner, driving his shoulder into the champions gut. Hardy backs out, then runs back in, crushing the champ with a clothesline in the corner … AND BUNDLES OUT WITH A BULLDOG TOO!!! He covers, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Hardy nearly put the contest beyond ANY doubt, but has everything in hand at this point, and climbs the ropes, setting himself on the middle buckle … AND LOOKS FOR A FLYING LEG DROP … BUT BENJAMIN ROLLS AWAY!!! Matt lands on the canvas, and the champion smells blood … GRABBING THE LEG, TURNING HARDY OVER … SINGLE LEG CRAB!!!!! With a 3-0 lead and so little time remaining, Hardy does the smart thing, preventing further damage to his leg - and nowhere near the ropes … and taps out.

Fourth Fall: Shelton Benjamin - Single Leg Crab @ 22:12 (1-3)

Benjamin gets on the scoreboard; but is it too little too late?? The thirty second rest period ticks down, with Shelton chomping at the bit to get back at Hardy, with the challenger favouring his leg now, shaking it loose, trying to get the blood pumping again … but as soon as the bell rings, Benjamin leaps from the traps, targeting the leg, but Hardy does his best to avoid the attack, smartly trying to keep his distance at this stage, but Benjamin grabs the leg, forcing Hardy to hop, but before the champion can do any damage - HE GETS CREAMED WITH AN ENZIGURI!!! Hardy clocks Shelton, and crawls into a cover, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!!!

That would’ve surely finished the contest once and for all!! Benjamin survives, but the time it takes for him to regain his senses, it allows Hardy to shake his leg out, and get it back into working order … and with time running out, Hardy is left with a dilemma; does he go for another fall?? Or play it safe and secure the title with only seven minutes to see out with a two fall lead?? Seeing the condition of the champion, and his own morals, Hardy refuses to take the easy option - and looks to emphatically win the title he’s been chasing for months, and brings the champion to his feet … AND LOOKS FOR ANOTHER TWIST OF FATE … BUT BENJAMIN SHOVES HIM AWAY!!! Hardy hits off the ropes, turning around … misses a clothesline … AND DROPPED WITH PAYDIRT!!! Benjamin stuns Hardy, and hooks both legs tightly … 1...2...3!!!!!!!

Fifth Fall: Shelton Benjamin - Paydirt @ 23:28 (2-3)

In the space of TWO minutes, the contest has turned on it’s head!!! The Coach is giddy on commentary, ALREADY calling it the greatest comeback in sporting history (despite Hardy still leading), claiming that Benjamin is pulling the ultimate ‘rope-a-dope’, as the champion eagerly watches the clock tick, and the thirty second rest period feel like a lifetime, whilst Hardy tries to recover, grabbing the ropes to try and reach his feet. Glassy eyed, the challenger tries to shake his cobwebs loose, hanging over the ropes … and the bell rings, with Benjamin NOT jumping straight into action, but waiting … as Hardy peels off the ropes … and turns around … FROST KICK CONNECTS!!!!! Benjamin leans back, into the cover, 1...2...NOOOOO!!!!!

Hardy digs deep to kick out, as the champion - now brimming with confidence - smiles, again waiting rather than attacking … as the vulnerable challenger picks himself off the canvas, barely able to reach his feet … and walks right into the path of the Black Diamond - AND A SAMOAN DROP!!!!! Benjamin covers again, 1...2...KICK OUT AGAIN!!! This time, Benjamin shakes his head, taking a look at the clock - EXACTLY five minutes are left. Instead of picking his shot, Benjamin now drags his exhausted opponent up, and looks for another suplex - hoisting Hardy in the air … THEN drops Matt behind him - NECKBREAKER!!! It’s typical Benjamin, and a large portion of the fans show their appreciation for the heel, as he covers Hardy AGAIN … 1...2...SHOULDER UP!!!!!

For Benjamin, it’s becoming clear just how dogged and determined his opponent is, and with time evaporating before his eyes, the champion NEEDS to find something from somewhere to save his title in Australia. On commentary, Regal and J.R both put over Hardy’s spirit, whilst Coach is convinced that the challenger is about to ‘crack’ at any moment. Benjamin drags his lifeless opponent up, to his feet, shoving him into the corner, and hoisting him up, to the top turnbuckle and sitting him there. The champion looks to his left, then right … AND LEAPS to the top rope with Hardy, looking for - NOTHING - HARDY SHOVES BENJAMIN RIGHT OFF!!! A big pop meets the big shove from the challenger … and Hardy, with every ounce of energy left in him, SHOOTS AND SCORES WITH A FLYING LEG DROP!!!!! Despite the perfect landing, Hardy is unable to reach for the cover right away, grimacing, as he grabs at his leg for a moment. THEN, he finally begins to crawl - slowly - towards the champion, and drapes an arm over Benjamin … 1...2...SHOULDER UP!!!!!

It remains 3-2 to Hardy!!! The challenger shakes his head, knowing a three count there would’ve ended the match for sure. Time though, is slipping for the champion, as both men are extremely slow to reach their feet - with LESS than three minutes remaining, Matt hoists himself to the middle turnbuckle, waiting for Benjamin to get up … and looks for an axe handle … BUT SHELTON CATCHES HIM - T-BONE EXPLODER!!!!!!!! Benjamin hurriedly crawls, onto the torso of Hardy, to even the scores … 1...2...SHOULDER UP!!!!!!!!! ??????????? Benjamin is shocked, the fans cant believe it, Coach is sure it was three … BUT HARDY KICKED OUT!!!!!

Two and a half minutes remain; just 150 seconds, as Benjamin looks to the heavens, wondering what he has to do to save his title, and takes a look to the front row, looking for … motivation?? Inspiration?? The champion shakes his head, and pushes himself to his feet, but not in any kind of hurry, perhaps accepting that he CANT put the challenger down to save his precious gold. The Black Diamond drags Matt to his feet, then tumbles him out of the ring, through the middle ropes. The broken hearted champion shakes his head, and steps through the ropes, following Hardy out of the ring, stomping the challenger down, as J.R speculates Benjamins last throw of the dice might just be a count out victory??

The champion drags Hardy to his feet, kicking him in the gut, THEN looks for ANOTHER T-Bone … BUT HARDY - STILL DOGGED - refuses to accept it, and elbows wildly, desperate to avoid it, breaking the grip … then kicks Benjamin … AND TRIES A TWIST OF FATE … BUT BENJAMIN RUNS HARDY INTO THE RING POST!!! Shelton then topples Hardy over the barricade into the front row, before stumbling backward himself, and rolls back into the ring!! The champion lies on the canvas, pointing to the outside, as if to instruct the referee to count quicker … as Robinson begins to count - having used his discretion not to earlier when both men were on the outside. Benjamin sits up in the ring, changing his focus from the outside to the titan tron, watching the clock - NINETY SECONDS REMAIN.

Robinson is already at FIVE … SIX … before we finally see Hardy stir … his hand grabbing the top of the barrier, and his other hand … with Robinson calling SEVEN … as Hardy now tries to haul himself over the barrier, and looks to be climbing over … but cant get there??? Suddenly, the camera switches angles, to behind the barrier … WHERE A WOMAN IS HOLDING HARDY’S LEG!!!!! Robinson is oblivious to this in the ring, reaching EIGHT … as Hardy finally shrugs the woman off, with security swarming the scene!!!! Hardy climbs, and gets over the barrier … NINE … and scrambles madly … grabbing the apron, reaching to find a burst to get onto the ring apron … TEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sixth Fall: Shelton Benjamin - Count Out @ 28:49 (3-3)

The arena falls silent, as Benjamin SOMEHOW draws level, and Hardy sits on the floor - dejected - knowing he’ll have only forty seconds to win the match once the rest period ends. On commentary, Coach is beside himself, talking up Benjamins comeback as something not even Hogan, Austin or Sammartino could accomplish, whilst J.R is livid, stating that Hardy was impeded by the woman in the crowd. We cut away from the ring, and see the young, tall, slender, black woman being led away by the security - with Charles Robinson still unaware of the interference - whilst the rest period eventually expires … with Benjamin still celebrating as the bell rings to restart the match. The champion has his eye COMPLETELY off the ball, still believing Hardy is outside the ring, and thinking the title is safe with so little time remaining … but Matt has spotted the scenes of celebration in the ring, and spots the opportunity … slipping back inside the ring - WITH TWENTY FIVE SECONDS REMAINING - and wills the champion to drop down off the buckles … and he does … RIGHT INTO THE PATH OF HARDY … KICK … TWIST OF FATE CONNECTS!!!

… But as Benjamin hit’s the canvas … HE TUMBLES … OUT OF THE RING!!! Matt tries to scramble and stop Benjamin from tumbling out … BUT CANT!!! Hardy simply leans through the middle ropes, LITERALLY seeing his opportunity slip through his fingers … with Shelton OUT COLD on the floor … as the time evaporates … SEVEN SECONDS … SIX … Hardy, with one final throw of the dice, rolls out of the ring, and TRIES to get Benjamin back inside, but it’s a worthless cause … AS TIME EXPIRES!!!!!
Winner: Time Limit 3-3 Draw @ 30:00 - Shelton Benjamin STILL Intercontinental Champion

Jim Ross: Awww, damn.

It’s a sorry sight; Matt Hardy holding up Shelton Benjamin on the outside, having fallen short of victory in his LAST shot at the title. Hardy lets go of the champion, and sinks to the floor himself, head buried in his hands, on the verge of tears, knowing he was SCREWED by a mystery female fan.

Jim Ross: I am lost for words, gentlemen. I cannot believe what I have just witnessed.

The Coach: Neither can I, J.R!!! This night will be remembered forever. THE greatest comeback in the history of professional wrestling. This will go down in folklore forever - they’ll make MOVIES about this match!!! Denzel Washington will play Shelton Benjamin, Steven Seagal can play Matt Hardy - I’ll play myself of course, and Philip Seymour Hoffman or Danny DeVito can play you J.R!!

Jim Ross: I don’t give a damn about any movie being made, Coach. And to hell with this ‘greatest comeback ever’ BS. Matt Hardy got screwed!!! He got screwed by a fan, and he’s missed out on the biggest win of his career. This match ends a draw, but to Matt Hardy, it’ll feel like a defeat.

The Coach: Oh come off it, old timer. Give my boy Shelton Benjamin some credit. Three falls down, less than ten minutes left … and he salvaged the draw to retain his title. If this happened in a Rocky movie, they’d say it was too far fetched!!! Regal, you’re in for an unhappy homecoming at Summerslam!!

William Regal: We’ll just see about that, Jonathan.

The Coach: Oh, you don’t think you can beat that man, do ya?? Shelton Benjamin should have a month off after that … but even in three weeks time, he’ll wipe the floor with you at Wembley.

Jim Ross: Indeed, as saddening as this night has been for Matt Hardy … we now have to look ahead to Summerslam. William Regal, you meet Shelton Benjamin in your home country on August 19 for the Intercontinental title. After what you’ve seen tonight, what do you think of the current champion??

William Regal: Well, he’s an incredible athlete, that, I cannot deny … but tonight, without Theodore Long by his side, and The Brotherhood to aide him … Shelton Benjamin was vulnerable. The thirty minute stipulation saved him this evening, but it’s one fall at Summerslam, and I’m confident that from what I witnessed tonight, it will be my hand that’s raised in victory.

The Coach: That might happen … in your own fantasy movie. We can get Hugh Grant to play you, Willy.

Hardy remains seated, leant up against the steps, not moving at all, as The Brotherhood arrive at ringside, with Theodore Long collecting the title belt, whilst Mark Henry hoists the champion to his feet, before JTG and Monty Brown help carry Benjamin out, up the ramp, with Long clutching gladly to the gold, turning and hoisting it in the air for all to see … as if he retained the title himself.

Jim Ross: What the hell is he doing?? What an idiot. Theodore Long is celebrating as if his boy earned that title tonight. He drew, Teddy, your boy drew. And he was damn lucky to get that draw!!!

The Coach: Is Sidney Poitier still alive??

Jim Ross: (Exasperated) I believe he is, Coach-

The Coach: He could play Theodore Long!!

Jim Ross: Gimme a break!!

The Coach: Ohhh - or Morgan Freeman. Yeah-

Jim Ross: Just shut up, Coach. Just shut … up. No one gives a damn about your movie of the week. This was a damn daylight robbery. Matt Hardy should be leaving Sydney with the Intercontinental Championship - THAT - should be the story here, that’s what we SHOULD be discussing … NOT, some ridiculous movie.

The Coach: Shoulda, woulda, coulda. Hardy didn’t win, that’s why we’re not talking about it.

William Regal: Well gentlemen, I believe I’ve seen everything I needed to. A pleasure as always.

Jim Ross: Thank you for joining us, William. All the very best against Shelton Benjamin AND The Brotherhood at Summerslam.

The Coach: Yeah, good luck, Willy … you’re gonna need it!!!

As the group exit the stage, we cut back to the dejected Matt Hardy at ringside, who looks up, toward the fans, with a big chunk of the audience now beginning to show their appreciation for his incredible effort tonight. Hardy nods, but still looks devastated … as we fade out to commercial.

Commercial Break





Back into the arena, and cut to ringside, where we SEE Jim Ross and The Coach for the first time tonight … and once again, Coach is ‘embracing’ the local culture … dressed just like Crocodile Dundee…

Jim Ross: Hello everyone, and thank you again for joining us this evening, it’s already been a wild ride in Sydney. The Acer Arena has been sold out for MONTHS in anticipation for the WWE worldwide tour, and already, these fans are trying to catch their breath after a dramatic Intercontinental Championship match, moments ago.

The Coach: I’m high as a kite, old timer. Shelton Benjamin just gave this generations Stone Cold Steve Austin at WrestleMania 13 performance. I’ve never witnessed anything like it, J.R. Still got goosebumps!! Shelton Benjamin IS MY HERO!!!

Jim Ross: Somehow, I don’t think the sight of Shelton Benjamin salvaging a time limit draw, thanks to a crazy fan is going to go down in the annals of time as an iconic moment in WWE history, Coach. Matt Hardy was robbed tonight - BUT - before we get into this debate again, we’ve got so much still to come tonight; TWO main events, one ridiculous, one sublime. First, Armando Alejandro Estrada makes his … uh, anticipated (?) debut, against the World Heavyweight Champion, Christian-

The Coach: And after Umaga and Estrada have ended every week for the past month standing over that sorry excuse for a champion, I know what my money’s on tonight. How about that win for Umaga last Friday on Smackdown by the way-

Jim Ross: Indeed, Umaga defeated Brock Lesnar on Smackdown, and we will touch on that subject a little later on in the broadcast Coach, but let’s not forget that Estrada will be going it alone tonight; Umaga is banned from ringside in that one. But, as we said, from the ridiculous … to the sublime. John Cena and Kurt Angle will renew hostilities later tonight, they go one on one!!

The Coach: Both men have their eyes on separate matches at Summerslam, but hey, that’s a main event I could watch every week. Those two hate each other.

Jim Ross: Well, speaking of Summerslam Coach, we’ll determine who challenges for the Womens Championship - TONIGHT!! Will Gail Kim or Beth Phoenix earn the right to challenge Mickie James at Summerslam??

The Coach: Please, please, please … let it be Bethy!!


The familiar refrain fills the arena, and MNM … joined by The Entourage, make their red carpet entrance.

Jim Ross: And, one match we are certain of at Summerslam is the battle for the World Tag Team Championships!! MNM once again meet Straight Edge. I cant wait for that one.

The Coach: Once and for all, MNM are gonna prove themselves to be the superior tag team. Straight Edge have ridden on the coattails of the a-listers for too long, and come August 19, my boys are gonna drop the tee-totalers like a bad habit!!

Jim Ross: That remains to be seen, tonight, it’s singles competition for Johnny Nitro and Greg Helms.


To a good response, CM Punk joins Helms, as the #1 Contenders discuss tactics on their way to the ring, knowing the numbers game is against them tonight.

Match 2:
Johnny Nitro w/ MNM & The Entourage vs. Greg Helms w/ CM Punk
It’s a mess of a match, with outside interference rife from the opening bell, as Mercury, Ryder, Hawkins and Melina all get involved, with Punk unable to deal with all of them, and the distractions allow Nitro to gain the upper hand early on. Nitro, with the flashy offence, scores a variety of quick near falls, but not enough to keep Helms down for a potential three count. Despite Nitro having the better of the action, Punk plays the opposition at their own game, and trips Nitros foot as he runs the ropes, causing a distraction - and an outburst from the other ringside onlookers, whilst Punk pleads innocence from the curious official. In the ring, the distraction allows Helms to fight back, taking over, scoring a collection of near falls himself. Helms has Nitro right where he wants him, and sets up for the Nightmare on Helms Street … UNTIL MERCURY JUMPS ON THE APRON!!! It’s another distraction, and Helms lets go of his opponent, but as he does, RYDER AND HAWKINS SLIDE IN AND ATTACK HELMS!!! Punk instantly reacts, and slides in too, with Ryder sliding out, and Punk giving chase.

In the ring, Helms handily deals with Hawkins, throwing him out … but he then turns around … RIGHT INTO A CHUCK KICK FROM NITRO!!! Nitro makes the cover, 1...2...PUNK PULLS THE REFEREE OUT OF THE RING!!!!! Naturally, the official is furious, and berates Punk, but the outspoken Chicagoan argues the point that MNM have been screwing around the whole match … at least, he does UNTIL he gets blindsided by Mercury!!! The Entourage then stall the referee on the outside, whilst Melina slides Nitro the title belt … and he SMASHES Helms across the skull!!! Nitro eliminates the evidence, and makes the cover, as Ryder and Hawkins instruct the official to get in and make the count … BEFORE THEY HAVE TO HIGHTAIL IT … AS BURCHILL AND HARRY SMITH SPRINT DOWN THE AISLE!!!! The Entourage run around the ring, and up the aisle, with the Lions in hot pursuit … whilst the referee makes the count in the ring … 1...2...3!!!!!
Winner: Johnny Nitro @ 04:10

The chaotic match comes to an end, with Nitro getting the win, and having his arm raised. The celebrations are cut short though…

Voice: I’m not putting up with this any longer!!

The voice is quickly revealed … TO BE ERIC BISCHOFF!!! The Raw GM walks onto the stage with a purpose, wasting no time in getting to business.

Eric Bischoff: I am sick and tired of seeing the same scenario develop between you people, month after month after month.

We see Nitro hopping off the apron, joining Mercury and Melina at the bottom of the ramp, looking intrigued by Bischoffs comments.

Eric Bischoff: And I am determined for this mayhem to end once and for all - at Summerslam. You see, I’ve been mulling this over for the last week. MNM, Straight Edge, you two teams have been at one another’s throats ALL year. You’ve met so many times, I’ve lost count by now. So at Summerslam, a regular match just isn’t gonna cut it … we need to raise the stakes here.

In the ring, Helms is recovering, whilst Punk joins him, holding the back of his head, helping Helms up.

Eric Bischoff: So I’m going to ensure that your meeting at Summer slam … is the last.

The fans rise in intrigue now, as Bischoff continues.

Eric Bischoff: Because the losing team?? They will LEAVE Monday Night Raw … FOR GOOD!!!

Big pop, whilst MNM shake their heads, and Melina in particular is livid.

Eric Bischoff: Oh- and that’s not all. I’ve got one more announcement … that match at Summerslam for the World Tag Team Titles?? It’ll be a … TABLES … LADDERS … AND CHAIRS MATCH!!!!!

HUGE pop from the fans - TLC @ SUMMERSLAM!!! Melina, Nitro and Mercury all look shell shocked by the announcement, whilst in the ring, Punk cant help but crack a smirk, and Helms - still catching his breath - nods at the announcement, whilst Bischoff turns on his heels, and exit’s the stage.

The fans are still cheering the announcement, whilst MNM come to terms with it, turning, and locking eyes with Straight Edge in the ring, as Punk mockingly waves goodbye to the champs, who respond angrily by pointing back at the ring whilst backing up.


The Coach: That’s not a good thing, J.R. This isn’t fair on MNM!! They could be disfigured!! Their good looks could be ruined!!!

Jim Ross: And not only that, but the losers of that match at Summerslam?? They will have to LEAVE Raw!! Coach, the stakes just got raised considerably. The MNM-Straight Edge saga WILL conclude at Wembley Stadium … IT HAS TO!!!

Commercial Break

We return and immediately see a shot of a man walking down the hall, showing his boots … then jeans … panning up to his plain black t-shirt … before revealing TRIPLE H!!!

The Coach: OH BOY!!! The Game- THE GAME IS HERE!!

Jim Ross: Indeed he is, but what will role will Triple H play here tonight?? Will we be hearing from the man that meets Brock Lesnar in a Streetfight at Summerslam??

Quickly, we cut elsewhere backstage, where Eric Bischoff is approaching his office … only to be met by two security guards … with the mysterious woman that cost Matt Hardy the Intercontinental title earlier tonight.

Eric Bischoff: What the hell is going on here?? Why hasn’t she been removed from the building??

Security Guard: Sir, she claims to be a WWE employee-

Woman: I’ve got a developmental deal.

Bischoff looks at the woman with disdain.

Eric Bischoff: I don’t care what you claim to have, dear. Whether that’s true or not, you attended this show as a fan, and what you did was against the rules. You’re lucky we’re not pressing charges. And as for this imaginary ‘deal’ you’ve got?? If you really do have one?? You can expect that to be ripped up by tomorrow morning.

“NOOO!!!” screams the fan, as she kicks her legs wildly, still being restrained by the security.

Eric Bischoff: As if I’d believe that. I highly doubt you could afford the plane tickets out here on a developmental salary, let alone be granted a vacation. Get this woman out of my sight.

Woman: I am!! Check it out, my name is Alicia!! Alicia Fox!!

Eric Bischoff: Get her outta here!!

The woman continues to put up a fight, but as she does, Bischoff glares, spotting something attached to her jeans, and takes a closer look, unclipping a plastic piece, and taking a long look at it. The girl has stopped kicking now, as Bischoff reads the plastic object, then looks at her.

Eric Bischoff: This is a backstage pass. Who gave you it??

Alicia suddenly gets quiet, and refuses to answer, showing some attitude as she looks away.

Eric Bischoff: Alright then, Alicia. I’m sure after you cost Matt Hardy the Intercontinental title earlier tonight, he’d be more than happy to press charges for assault. You can have a criminal record to go along with your unemployment.

Fox gulps, as Bischoff holds up the pass, looking at her directly.

Eric Bischoff: Who supplied this to you??

Face to face, the restrained girl shows plenty of ‘sass’ in her reply.

Alicia Fox: My boy-friend.

Bischoff accepts the answer, pursing his lips, and nods.

Eric Bischoff: And I assume this boyfriend paid for your vacation to Sydney??

“MMM-HMM” is the sassy response.

Eric Bischoff: It’s just … these specific passes … they are available to WWE employees only. So … your boyfriend … is a WWE superstar, correct??

Not so cocky, the girl gulps, but says nothing. Bischoff smirks, shakes his head, then softly speaks again.

Eric Bischoff: Let me guess … Shelton Benjamin??

Alicia says nothing … but her expression gives her away.

Eric Bischoff: Ohhh … I think you just got your boyfriend in trouble. Boys … please escort Miss Fox off the premises.

Kicking and screaming, Alicia is led away, whilst Bischoff has a wry smile on his face … but it soon turns sour, as we fade out.

And, we cut to Matt Striker, who is standing by…

Matt Striker: It is I, Matt Striker, and right now, I’m here with the man that goes one on one with Kurt Angle at Summer slam … Rey … Mysterio!!

The masked magician smiles as the camera pans to him, with Striker getting right down to business.

Matt Striker: Rey, over the weekend the match was made official, off the heels of your challenge via, Kurt Angle quickly accepted. After the events of two weeks ago in Mexico, you’ve now had time to let things sink in. What now, are your feelings toward Kurt Angle??

Mysterio rubs his mask, shaking his head.

Rey Mysterio: Man, Matt, where do I start?? I let it all out at the weekend, I poured my heart out, and I meant every single word. I stand by my heritage, but I don’t allow it to define me like Kurt Angle does. And … yeah … I did lose all respect for Kurt Angle two weeks ago. His actions … were unforgivable.

Rey looks down, shaking his head, thinking back.

Rey Mysterio: So at Summerslam, Matt … I wont look forward to going through hell with Kurt Angle like I used to. I wont be excited about locking up with the best in the business like I used to. This time … when I get in the ring with Kurt?? It’s personal. Matt … it’s more personal than anything has ever been for me before. In the past, Matt, I’ve been backstabbed, I’ve been beaten down, I’ve been insulted, humiliated and embarrassed … but never Matt … never like I was by Kurt Angle.

Striker nods, as Rey pauses.

Rey Mysterio: And at Summerslam … it’ll be a night for revenge. Not just for me, Matt … but for my people … for mi rasa, mi familia … all across the world.

Rey nods to Striker, before walking off the set.

Commercial Break


The video opens in a rather murky wrestling gym, where we see the two men recently revealed as DOUG WILLIAMS and CHRISTOPHER DANIELS, to be sitting on the edge of the apron.

Doug Williams: Every continent, every major company worldwide … Christopher and I have made a mark. Left a footprint, and added to our legacies.

Daniels nods.

Christopher Daniels: For the last decade, we’ve become renowned for our abilities, collecting championship gold in every organisation we’ve competed in … bar one.

Williams ‘pffts.’

Christopher Daniels: See, Doug and I have never caught the attention of the big league, the mecca of professional wrestling…

Doug mutters “Sports Entertainment”.

Christopher Daniels: We didn’t fit the mould. We’re not musclebound, we’re not “larger than life” and as a result … the WWE has forever passed us by.

Daniels looks to Williams.

Doug Williams: Until now of course. After over a decade of being the best kept secrets in professional wrestling, we’ll finally have the opportunity to show the narrow minded WWE officials of what they missed for the last ten years…

Daniels nods.

Doug Williams: And we don’t intend on wasting any time.

The two men take a look at one another, nodding decisively.

Doug Williams: No paying dues, no biding time …

Christopher Daniels: It’s anarchy from the get go.

Fade to black.


Back into the arena…


The Acer Arena is on it’s feet, as the under fire World Heavyweight Champion makes his big entrance, saluting the fans to the right and left, pounding his chest too, before proceeding down the aisle.

Jim Ross: In less than three weeks, at the biggest Summerslam of all time, Christian will face the biggest challenge of his career. To keep his World Heavyweight Championship, Captain Charisma must defeat the undefeated Samoan Bulldozer, Umaga.

The Coach: Easier said than done. Christian is on borrowed time Jimbo. If he had any sense, he’d hand over that belt tonight. At least then carrying the extra luggage from country to country on the world tour wont be his problem anymore.

Jim Ross: One thing is for sure, Coach, there is no quit in this World Champion. Faced with a task that no man has achieved, Christian still has the fire in his eyes, he still has the belief that HE is the man to topple Umaga. Tonight, Christian gets to take on Umagas handler, Armando Estrada-

The Coach: Which, if you ask me, is crazy.

Jim Ross: Well, I didn’t ask you. Armando Estrada has had plenty of fun, hiding behind the Samoan Bulldozer, talking the talk, rubbing Christian up the wrong way … but now, he must pay the piper. Estrada makes his in ring debut, without the 350 pound Samoan too - Umaga is BANNED from ringside.

The Coach: Not right, J.R. You say Christian isn’t scared?? Then why is Umaga going to be barred from ringside?? Huh, answer me that, fan boy!

Christian reaches the ring, posing on the buckles with the belt, saluting the supportive fans once again. Now, the champion paces the ring, awaiting the arrival of his opponent tonight. He waits for a few moments, with nothing happening … and then …


It is, of course, the unmistakable voice of Armando Alejandro Estrada, striding out onto the stage - alone - wearing his trademark white hat, black trousers … but sports an interestingly quite chiselled torso - not what we would’ve expected … and also he’s carrying the Money in the Bank briefcase … UMAGAS Money in the Bank briefcase.

The Coach: WOW!!! Look at those abs!!! I bet Christian just had seconds thoughts about this so-called cake walk!!!

Jim Ross: Indeed … Estrada does have a more impressive physique than what we would’ve expected … but I get the impression that his body isn’t going to win him this match.

Estrada paces at the top of the ramp, waiting for the heat to die down.

Armando Estrada: Christian … ju probably thought that this would be EASY … ha ha … pero … ju couldn’t be more … WRONG!!

Estrada grins. Christian just stands at the ropes, looking bored.

Armando Estrada: Ju thought ju were clever by getting me in the ring alone … whilst my Samoan Bulldozer is forced to wait backstage … caged like some … some lion!!!

Christian motions with his hand that Estrada is talking too much, but AAE ignores the champ.

Armando Estrada: I know what ju’re plan is, el mono. Ju want me outta the way for Summerslam. Ju think if ju can put me on the shelf tonight, I wont be able to accompany Umaga at Wembley…

AAE wags his finger left to right.

Armando Estrada: Ju cant outsmart me ju … JU DUMMY!!! I wouldn’t risk getting in the ring with ju all alone.

Christian smirks, shaking his head.

Armando Estrada: So last week, after this match was made … I struck a deal. I offered to help someone, in order to get their help in return, by being in my corner tonight, ha ha. Como se dice? … I scratched his back … and now?? He … scratches … mine …

Estrada turns, looking to the curtain …


Sauntering onto the stage, TRIPLE H is met with hate from the fans, as the jigsaw is put together, and it becomes apparent why Estrada agreed for Umaga to represent Triple H on Friday past against Brock Lesnar. The two stand side by side on the stage, and shake hands; AAE smiling like a Cheshire cat, Triple H stone faced, giving nothing away.

Jim Ross: Well I’ll be damned.

The Coach: Ohhhh BABY!!! Yeah!!! Armando Estrada has THE sharpest mind in the business, J.R!!! What a combination; the calculating Cerebral Assassin, and the best businessman in the game!! Not such an easy night now, huh, Christian!?

Triple H and Estrada make their way down the aisle, Estrada nodding excitedly, whilst Christian paces in the ring, knowing his challenge tonight just became a tad more difficult.

Jim Ross: This, ladies and gentlemen, will be the first time that Triple H and Christian will have crossed paths since their incredible Hell in a Cell match at Backlash. Triple H is in the corner of Armando Estrada, as he takes on the World Heavyweight Champion … NEXT!!!

Commercial Break


We return, with Estrada pensively getting into the ring, realising now that whilst Triple H maybe in his corner … he still has to get the job done alone.

Christian vs. Armando Alejandro Estrada w/Triple H
The bell rings, and immediately, AAE ducks between the ropes, forcing Christian to back up, and as he does, Triple H hops onto the apron, causing a distraction, allowing Estrada to jump Captain Charisma from behind. AAE rabidly pounds the back of the champion, but Christian soon shrugs off the shots, and shoves Estrada down … with Armando weaselling out of the ring, rolling under the bottom rope. But Christian is in hot pursuit, and rolls out after him, forcing Armando to go on the run.

Christian gives chase … but predictably, AAE runs by Triple H, then shields himself behind him … as Christian and Triple H come face to face for the first time since Backlash. The fans cheer, as the two long time rivals trade verbals, with Triple H seemingly goading Christian into a cheap shot … but we see Estrada running around the ring again, coming behind Christian … BUT CHRISTIAN SENSES HIM COMING … AND CLOTHESLINES AAE ALMOST RIGHT OUT OF HIS SHOES!!! Christian drags Estrada up, throwing him into the ring, before taking another long look at Triple H, and gets back into the ring, making a cover … 1...2...CHRISTIAN STOPS THE COUNT HIMSELF!!!!!

A smirk develops on the face of the champion, shaking his head to the fans, and mouths “Not that quickly”, before dragging Estrada back to his feet, and chucking the useless mouthpiece into the corner. Now, Christian gets to open up on Estrada, pounding the body, before dragging him back out, and dropping him with a his inverted backbreaker. Instead of covering though, Christian pulls Estrada back up, chucking him at the ropes, stepping up and choking the loudmouth, enjoying the moment, but steps off just before he can be disqualified. Looking like he’s having a good time, Christian salutes Triple H, before perching himself on the middle buckle, waiting for Estrada to get back up … and flies off, catching AAE with a flying reverse elbow!!! Christian thinks about a cover, but decides against it, wagging his finger just like Estrada did earlier.

Estrada tries to crawl away, but having a good time, the champion grabs Estrada by the belt, with Armando scratching at the canvas, desperate to get away … but Captain Charisma drops an elbow to the handlers back. Taking his time, Christian pulls Armando back to his feet, slapping the taste out of the mouth of the mouthpiece, then finally hooks him up, and delivers a gut buster, with AAE offering no resistance whatsoever. Christian covers again, 1...TRIPLE H DRAGS THE REFEREE OUT OF THE RING … AND DRILLS HIM WITH A RIGHT HAND!!!!! The official is out of the equation, and Christian shows a wry smile, not surprised at Triple H’s move, picking himself up off the canvas, and sarcastically applauds The Game. Triple H calls out the champion, wanting a piece of the under worked Christian … and Christian is all too happy to oblige … stepping back, and challenging HHH to join him in the ring!!!!!

The fans want it, and Triple H looks eager to get it on with his old rival, and hops onto the apron, and into the ring … AND THE TWO MEN WASTE NO TIME!!! It’s blow for blow between Christian and The Game, with Triple H winning the fist fight, forcing Christian back into the ropes … and goes for an Irish Whip … but Christian rebounds … AND SPLASHES ONTO TRIPLE H TAKING HIM DOWN!!! The champ pounds Triple H on the canvas, and bounces up, willing Triple H to get up too, looking to drop him with an Unprettier, setting Triple H into position … but The Game shoves Christian away, into the ropes, and kicks him in the gut … PEDIGREE … NO!!! Christian back body drops out of it!!

Captain Charisma doesn’t give Triple H anytime to get up, laying his punches on him as he clambers back to his feet, and looks for a quick Irish Whip to the corner … BUT- Triple H reverses, sending the champion into the corner instead. He races in behind … but Christian slips out, leaving his rival to hit the buckles, and delivers his patented SEESAW KICK!!! Trips staggers away, and Christian looks for the Unprettier again … BUT GETS LOW BLOWED … BY ARMANDO ESTRADA!!!!!

Estrada sends Christian to his knees, as Triple H quickly recovers, sticking his boot into the face of Captain Charisma. Suddenly, despite looking dishevelled, Estrada has a new found arrogance about him, stomping on the face of the champion, whilst Triple H takes a step back for a moment. The Game then instructs Estrada to get Christian up, which he does - with great difficultly - and shoves Christian into the path of the King of Kings … AND SMASHES CHRISTIAN WITH A SPINEBUSTER!!! AAE jumps for joy, and goes for a cover … but there’s no referee … and it’s likely that the match is over anyway. Estrada bounces back up, and asks for a Pedigree. Triple H pauses for a moment, then smirks, before reaching down, picking Christian up, and slowly hooking both arms … THEN LETS GO!!!

… AS WE SEE BROCK LESNAR CHARGING DOWN THE RAMP!!! It’s bedlam in the Acer Arena, with the fans going crazy for the sight of Lesnar … as Triple H pushes Christian away, WANTING Lesnar to come at him, and Lesnar hops onto the apron … with Estrada meeting him first - and gets pie faced to the canvas, then steps inside, met by The Game … AND THE BRAWL IS ON!!!!! The two current foes trade blows, but it’s the fired up Iron Man that wins the fist fight, eventually knocking his rival down, before clubbing AAE out of his way. Lesnar shoves The Game into the corner, and opens up, driving his knee into the gut of his arch rival, but Triple H fights back!! He hammers Lesnar back, rocking the big man, fighting out of the corner … UNTIL LESNAR EXPLODES WITH A CLOTHESLINE!!!

Triple H is turned inside out by the blow, and Lesnar (after scaring AAE out of the ring) hauls HHH up, effortlessly onto his shoulders … FOR THE F5 … BUT TRIPLE H RAKES THE EYES!!! The Game avoids the F5, slipping to his feet, and dumps Lesnar out of the ring, via the middle rope, following outside. As this happens though, the camera cuts … to the stage … WHERE SECURITY POUR OUT FROM BEHIND THE CURTAIN!!! On the outside, Lesnar catches Triple H, ramming him into the ringpost, then scoops him up again … BUT THE SECURITY DRAG TRIPLE H OFF!!!!! The security team now try and create some space between the warring pair, as Lesnar is held off … but he shoves the security away, grabbing a chair from the timekeepers table, threatening to nail the security guards … AS TRIPLE H HIGH TAILS IT!!! The Game is seen hopping the barrier, and backing away - wanting no part of a steel chair wielding Brock Lesnar … AS WE SEE LESNAR NAIL A SECURITY GUARD IN HIS WAY WITH THE CHAIR!!! Brock then looks set to swing again, but the next security guard thinks better of it, stepping aside and allowing the Iron Man to move over the barrier in pursuit of his fierce rival!!!

In the ring, Estrada has his hands on his hips, looking exasperated, with Triple H leaving him high and dry. Triple H and Lesnar disappear from view, with the security team in hot pursuit, as focus returns to the ring, and the fans settle from the surprise sight of Lesnar … but come alive again … as we see Christian recovering, standing up, behind Estrada … who backs up … into Christian!!! Estrada freezes on the spot, realizing the predicament he’s in … and slowly turns around, putting on an uncomfortable smile, putting his hands up … BUT CHRISTIAN GRABS ESTRADA BY THE THROAT - AND CHUCKS HIM TO THE CORNER!!! Captain Charisma now unloads, driving his shoulder repeatedly into the gut of his opponent, showing no mercy for the overmatches AAE, before dragging him out of the corner, and easily gets Estrada into position … UNPRETTIER!!!!! Jack Doan has miraculously recovered, just as the champ makes the cover, and the count follows … 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Christian @ 06:13

No sooner does the bell ring to end the match…


IT’S UMAGA!! The Samoan Bulldozer is on his way to the ring - his ban from ringside officially over - as Christian gets up to his feet, seeing an all too familiar sight … but, as ever, Captain Charisma isn’t showing any fear. The champion reaches down, pulling Estrada to his feet by the head … AND LAUNCHES AAE OVER THE TOP ROPE - INTO UMAGA!!!

The Bulldozer is taken aback by his handler coming at him, and loses his footing … which gives the champion a chance … leaping to the middle rope, TRIANGLE PLANCHA TO THE NUMBER ONE CONTENDER!!!

Christian takes his challenger off his feet, and the fans inside the Acer Arena go nuts for the champ!!

Christian quickly gets back to his feet … AND UMAGA IS UP TOO!!! The Bulldozer looks incensed, and sprints at Christian … but the champion drop toe holds Umaga … AND MR. MITB CRASHES FACE FIRST INTO THE STEPS!!!!!

For the first time since Umaga announced his intention to cash in at Summerslam, Christian has gotten in sustained offence on his challenger!!! And the fans chant the champions name … BUT UMAGA IS ALREADY MOVING AGAIN!!!!!

Christian spots it, and waits - like a coiled spring - for Umaga to reach his feet … and dropkicks the Bulldozer in the back, sending him into the ringpost!! Umaga looks rattled, stumbling away, with Christian looking to follow up … ripping the padding from the floor … then grabs Umaga by the head, hopping onto the apron … TORNADO DDT … ONTO THE HARD FLOOR!!!!!

Umaga is down!!! And this time, he stays down, with Christian FINALLY getting the better of his dominant foe. He walks around ringside, grabbing his belt, and gets into the ring, looking out … at the stirring Bulldozer, pushing himself slowly to his feet!!! Umaga comes around, reaching his feet … AND GOES BERSERK!!!!!

The Bulldozer hammers the barrier, then kicks over the steel steps, before punching the ring apron, but just as he gets set to get into the ring - where Christian is stood, title in hand, ready to strike - Estrada has recovered, and grabs his client, looking dishevelled, but pleads with Umaga to stop.

Predictably, the fans boo - wanting to see Christian and Umaga fight it out - as Umaga is soothed by his handler, with Estrada content to fight another day … finally NOT getting the upper hand in a collision with Christian. As the World Champs music begins to play again, AAE leads his undefeated Bulldozer away - with ‘NA NA NA NA, NA NA NA NA … HEY HEY HEY, GOOD-BYE’ catching on around the arena with the fans.

He turns, looking back at the ring, pointing to Christian that tonight “JU GOT LUCKY”, before turning away. Meanwhile, Captain Charisma turns, asking for a mic from Lillian Garcia.

Christian: Hey, hey- cut the music, just a second.

The wish is granted, as Estrada stops Umaga on the ramp, turning to hear what their foe has to say…

Christian: Y’know, after all these weeks of beatdowns … I gotta say … THAT felt (Australian accent) BONZA!!!

Cheap pop from the fans, and Christian cant help but smile, as Estrada looks like he’s chewing a wasp.

Christian: Honestly?? Getting my hands on you, Armando, would’ve made my night … but finally getting the better of Umaga?? That was the icing on the cake!!

Estrada is livid, IRATE, that Christian is getting the better of him and the Samoan Bulldozer tonight.

Christian: But, y’know something, I wanted to take this opportunity to make a little announcement. Y’see, I didn’t want this match tonight just so I could take you out of the equation at Summerslam … I mean, that would’ve been a bonus, but it wasn’t why I wanted to do it. You’ve just been getting on my nerves, and I haven’t had much fun lately … so it seemed like a good idea to give you a beating.


Christian: Umaga himself is a tough task for anyone - too tough for anyone he’s met so far - but with a sneaky … conniving … and dare I say it, creepy little bastard in his corner … it’s a damn near impossible task to overcome.

“And ju‘ll find that out!” yells Estrada from the ramp.

Christian: But to deal with you, Estrada … it’s just a case of mind over matter … y’see I don’t mind you being at ringside at Summerslam … because you don’t matter!!

The fans cheer, but AAE smirks, shaking his head in disagreement.

Christian: If I’m gonna walk out of Wembley Stadium still the World Heavyweight Champion, then I need to focus one hundred per cent on the Samoan Bulldozer. I cant afford to have you on the back of my mind, Estrada … which I why I’ve got a good friend of mine to stand by my side on August 19 … and stand in my corner … making YOU a non-factor!!

Pop. Estrada scoffs at the suggestion, blowing it off.

Christian: You wont be smiling much longer pero … not once you hear the guys name. You know the guy, Armando … all these fans know the guy … he’s one of THE most recognisable faces on the planet in fact …

The suspense rises inside the arena…

Christian: Now … I know my peeps in Australia aren’t the biggest fans of the British-

An outpour of heat suddenly rains down inside the arena.

Christian: What is it you call them?? Poms?? Pommies??

Huge pop from the fans. Christian smiles, shaking his head.

Christian: Despite that … I dare anyone not to like this guy. He is one of the most universally popular men on the planet … and like the Samoan Bulldozer there, he’s undefeated in his field.

British, and undefeated in his field … … Some of the fans have worked it out by now, but Christian continues to drag it out.

Christian: Ladies and Gentlemen … in my corner on August 19 at Summerslam … will be … RICKY … HATTON!!!

Pop (but nothing EARTH SHATTERING) from the fans, as Estrada goes bug-eyed on the ramp.

Christian: So Estrada … if ya didn’t know?? NOW … YOU KNOW!!!! Who’s the (Estrada impression) DUMMY now??



Estrada quickly rushes to Umaga, once again calming his temperamental Bulldozer, as he looks up, to the ring, where Christian holds his title up high, aloft in the air, mouthing to the handler “AND THAT‘S HOW I ROLL!!!”

Armando helps Umaga to his feet, leading his wounded animal away, constantly looking back though, absolutely seething that tonight, it’s Christian that has the upper hand.

Jim Ross: Coach, can you believe it?? Ricky Hatton, Englands own, in the corner of Christian!!! The playing field has been evened up for the main event of Summerslam!!! Estrada will be nullified on August 19, by the undefeated Light Welterweight Boxing champ!!!

The Coach: Level playing field?? Have you lost it old timer?? Christian still has to deal with Umaga. And it doesn’t matter if he has Hatton, or all the Kings Horses, or all the Kings men in his corner … Christian CANT beat Umaga!!! And if Hatton tries to stand in his way?? Goodbye boxing career.

Jim Ross: For the first time tonight, we have seen Christian get the better of Umaga in a physical confrontation. He outsmarted the Samoan Bulldozer, and with less than three weeks until their epic showdown inside Wembley Stadium, surely now, tonight’s events will have filled the champion with new confidence!!

The Coach: He can be as confident as he wants … he’ll never beat Umaga. He got a few lucky shots in tonight, but on August 19, he will - TRUST ME - he WILL … come unstuck.

Jim Ross: It is unquestionably, the biggest challenge of Christians career, and while you may be right Coach, we wont know. We wont TRULY know the answer until August 19 … twenty days away … the countdown is ON.

Commercial Break


We return backstage, to see BROCK LESNAR obviously in search of Triple H, looking ready to explode, pushing staff members out of his way, charging through the hallway.

Voice: BROCK!! BROCK!!

Lesnar spins around, and we see Matt Striker rushing to him. Brock stops.

Matt Striker: Brock- Triple H-

Brock Lesnar: Where?? WHERE IS HE??

Striker shakes his head.

Matt Striker: He just left, Brock. I’m sorry.

Lesnar, with the steel chair still in his possession, throws the object at the wall in frustration.

Brock Lesnar: Some tough guy, huh?? Runnin??

Brock stops and thinks for a moment, until…


It’s Eric Bischoff. The GM has been busy tonight, and here he is again, as Brock rolls his eyes.

Eric Bischoff: You cant- You cant just show up on Raw when you feel like it!!! Did you see the chaos you just caused?? You ATTACKED a security guard, Brock!!! He’s having to be treated for that!! You’re not even supposed to be here!!!

The Iron Man smirks - only momentarily - before snarling.

Brock Lesnar: Someone gets in my way, Eric … one way or another, they’ll get shifted aside. Triple H can talk all he wants about all the pull he’s got, and how he can use his contacts to go from Raw to Smackdown as he pleases … well … I can go wherever I please … not because I’ve got permission … but because I want to.

Trying to intimidate the GM, Lesnar towers over Bischoff.

Brock Lesnar: And if you know what’s good for you, Eric … you’ll see to it that Triple H makes an appearance this Friday on Smackdown.

Looking intimidated, Bischoff weakly responds.

Eric Bischoff: I need to ensure your match with Triple H goes ahead at Summerslam. Having the two of you beat the holy hell outta each other every Monday and Friday between now and then?? Not such a good idea-

Brock Lesnar: Oh- don’t worry, Eric. I’ll be sure to leave just enough of him for Summerslam. You just make sure he’s in Melbourne on Friday.

Lesnar slaps the shoulder of Bischoff - more intimidation - before leaving the area, whilst Bischoff mutters under his breath whilst watching the Iron Man walk away.

Eric Bischoff: I need more security…

Bischoff turns around, gathering himself, before muttering again…

Eric Bischoff: I’ll deal with that issue later … now … where’s Shelton Benjamin …

The GM walks down the hallway, as we cut into the arena…

Jim Ross: Back live in Sydney, and Coach, the energy has been off the charts tonight. Kicking things off with an incredible, pulsating, thirty minutes of action between Shelton Benjamin and Matt Hardy for the Intercontinental Title-

The Coach: And before you say anything about the how, let’s just focus on the fact that Shelton Benjamin retained the title, coming back from THREE FALLS DOWN to keep his title tonight.

Jim Ross: And it would’ve been an inspiring comeback; one to be proud of - had it not been thanks to his girlfriend in the crowd!! Regardless, Benjamin now moves on to Summerslam to meet William Regal in the veterans own backyard in England … and another man that will be in his backyard on August 19, as we just found out, to be in the corner of the World Heavyweight Champion Christian - Ricky Hatton!!

The Coach: Ricky Hatton cant save Christian from being mauled by Umaga. At least now, that little weasel Christian wont have any excuse to fall back on when he gets destroyed. He cant blame the outside influence of Armando Estrada - he can only blame himself!! HA HA HA!!!

Jim Ross: It is still a huge task for Christian, but now, the playing field has been levelled up. Armando Estrada can advise - and advise ONLY - his Samoan Bulldozer on August 19. Don’t expect to see Estrada get involved in any other way … not with an undefeated professional boxer watching him at all times.

The Coach: Hatton had better not get too close to Estrada at Wembley, otherwise he’ll be getting knocked out in his own home country. Did you see the shape Estrada is in???

Jim Ross: I saw him get thrown around like a rag doll. But, moving on folks, if you missed it at the weekend, a match between Rey Mysterio and Kurt Angle was firstly proposed by Mysterio, and later accepted by Angle, before being confirmed by the Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff to happen at the Twentieth Annual Summerslam. It all began in Mexico City two weeks ago, when Kurt Angle insulted - then attacked - the returning hero to his spiritual home. Tonight though, Angle is in action, against another man with a big match at Summerslam; John Cena.

The Coach: Yeah, and Cena - just like Mysterio - is setting himself up for the biggest of falls at Summerslam. In front of ninety thousand people, he’s gonna be getting his overrated ass kicked by Mister Kennedy!!!

Jim Ross: We’ll see about that, but tonight, Angle and Cena will renew hostilities, after battling for months on end earlier this year. Who can forget their Ultimate Submission match last month at Vengeance??

The Coach: A career defining match, J.R, for John Cena. He tapped out like the bitch he is, and killed his chances of being the fans hero - the one thing he wants to be more than anything - once and for all.

Jim Ross: Tonight Cena has the opportunity to put that right-

The Coach: What have you been smoking?? He’ll NEVER be able to put that right!!

Jim Ross: He has the opportunity tonight for redemption - but before our main event - coming up next, it’s a number one contenders match for the opportunity to face the Womens Champion, Mickie James. Undefeated since her return, Gail Kim, takes on the also undefeated Beth Phoenix … NEXT!!!

Commercial Break

Gail Kim vs. Beth Phoenix
There’s a rather ‘big match’ feel to the contest, between two divas yet to be pinned or made to submit since their return/debut in the company. Mickie James is seen backstage, watching the drama unfold on a monitor, as Beth overpowers the resilient opponent early on, forcing Gail to dig into her bag of tricks, and speed the match up in order to get the momentum shifted onto her side. Beth tries to overpower the Korean diva once more, but is outmanoeuvred, and a head scissors from Gail sends Beth out of the ring. Phoenix tries to rethink her game plan - and try to stay calm too - but Kim doesn’t want the pace to be slowed … and jumps to the top rope - AND SPLASHES ONTO HER OPPONENT!!!

Gail soaks up the cheers from the fans, booting Beth to keep her down on the outside, before climbing onto the ring apron, racing across - and launches herself at her opponent - BUT BETH CATCHES HER!!! Phoenix draws gasps from the fans at her brute strength, and hoists Kim in the air … MILITARY PRESS SLAM ONTO THE FLOOR!!!!! Phoenix, looking to continue to damage Gail, lifts her up, and RAMS her foe into the side of the ring apron - TWICE - before rolling the prone body of the Korean back inside the ring. Phoenix sizes Gail up, with her opponent on shaky legs, and runs through her with a clothesline!! Cover, 1...2...GAIL KICKS OUT!!!

Beth continues the punishment, and sends Gail into the corner, rushing in behind, but Gail throws an elbow, rocking her bigger opponent, then rushes out, attempting a hurricanrana, BUT BETH BLOCKS IT … AND SHAPES UP FOR A POWERBOMB … but Kim LANDS ON HER FEET!!! Beth wildly swings a clothesline, but Gail ducks under, then dropkicks the knee of her opponent, and follows up with a dropkick to the face - KNOCKING PHOENIX OFF HER FEET!!! Gail hooks the leg, 1...Beth throws her off immediately. Kim though, is not to be put off, and rushes in behind Phoenix as she tries to get up, scoring with a roll through … 1...2...NO!!! Phoenix kicks out, and is quickly on her feet, but has Gail Kim right on her, backing her into the corner, booting Beth constantly, softening her up before backing away, then runs in, springboard handstand elbow!!!

Beth staggers out of the corner, and once more, Gail looks to follow up, running at her opponent … BUT GETS CAUGHT … AND DROPPED WITH A SIDEWALK SLAM!!!!! Beth hooks the leg, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Beth sits up, and shakes her head at the official, unable to fathom the two count, before putting the disappointment aside, and gets back to her feet, bringing Kim with her, sending the Korean into the corner … but Kim launches herself on the ropes - waiting/hoping for Beth to follow in; which she DOESN’T - and once she lands back on the canvas, Beth rushes in behind, shoulder to the back, CRUSHING Gail in the corner!!! With her opponent softened up, Beth sets Gail onto the top rope - back facing the ring - and climbs up herself … positioning the Korean … AND DROPS HER WITH A SIDE SUPLEX FROM THE TOP!!!!! Both women rightly stay down, whilst the fans show their appreciation, giving both divas a big ovation for the high risk offence. Eventually, Beth slithers onto Gail, making the cover, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!!!

Once more, Phoenix sits up, running her fingers through her hair, and scowling, as J.R puts over both divas for their spirit, talking up the fact that neither has lost a match thus far - and THIS is why. Mickie James is spotted again, watching backstage - and Coach makes a remark as ever - whilst Beth figures out what to do next, before pulling her gutsy opponent up by the hair, throwing her into the corner, and catches her as she bounces out - scoop slam!! Cover again, 1...2...NO!!! Phoenix screams in frustration, before rag dolling Gail to her feet again, and throws the Korean up … LOOKING FOR THE PHOENIX RISING … BUT GAIL ROLLS THROUGH … WITH A PINNING COMBINATION … 1...2...PHOENIX SQUEEZES OUT!!!!! Beth just survives the pin, and shoots up … DRILLING GAIL WITH A DOUBLE AXE HANDLE!!!!!

Gail goes down, and we’re right back to where things were. Phoenix leans over the ropes, looking FURIOUS at her inability to finish off the plucky Korean. Beth eventually refocuses, grabbing Gail, dragging her to her feet, shooting her off the ropes, but Gail comes back - AND STUNS PHOENIX - WITH THE FLYING DRAGON!!!!!!!!!! Gail catches Beth in the submission, wrapping her legs around the head of the bigger diva, and tying up her arms, bringing Phoenix to her knees, driving the wind out of her … with Beth fading … going out … passing out … BUT RISES … AND WITH GAIL ON HER BACK … BETH DELIVERS A MODIFIED SAMOAN DROP!!!!! The hold is broken!!! Beth JUST survives the major scare, and after pulling herself together, clearing the cobwebs, Phoenix puts Kim back down with a running clothesline. Gail is easy pickings at this point, and Beth hoists her up … NOT failing second time around … AND DELIVERS THE PHOENIX RISING!!!!! She hooks the leg … 1...2...3!!!!!
Winner: Beth Phoenix @ 07:25 - Earns Womens Title shot at Summerslam

In an enthralling divas battle, it’s Beth Phoenix that wanted it more - and it’s Phoenix that’s heading to Wembley for her inevitable meeting with Mickie James!!! Beth - looking highly emotional - has her hand raised, whilst the camera quickly shoots backstage to show Mickie actually clapping the win, nodding, as she finds out her opponent at the biggest Summerslam of all time.

Jim Ross: Coach, I don’t know about you, but I’ve gotta say, that may just be the best divas match I’ve witnessed in years. What a showcase of guts, determination, and desire from both Gail Kim and the eventual victor, Beth Phoenix.

The Coach: J.R, I honestly don’t care how good the match was. The important thing for me?? Beth Phoenix just punched her ticket to Summerslam. No more running for Alexis La-fraud. She’ll finally have to meet her biggest nightmare!!

Jim Ross: Indeed, the bottom line here tonight is that Beth Phoenix has set up a mouth watering showdown with Mickie James in twenty days time. Ever since she stepped foot in the WWE, Beth has been demanding the match … NOW, thanks to defeating the previously undefeated Gail Kim?? Beth’s wish is granted.

Phoenix stays in the ring, now finally smiling, pointing to the camera, then motions around her waist that she wants the belt. Beth then walks forward, to the camera, and simply says the words “TICK … TOCK”, before smiling again, and exiting the ring.

Commercial Break


A night time view from the sky of London is seen as the opening chords of ‘LONDON CALLING’ by The Clash plays.

As the opening chords continue, flashing shots of the WWE superstars {John Cena, Paul London, Christian, Randy Orton, Mr. Kennedy, Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle & Brent Albright} appear as the focus zooms closer to the city … eventually zooming towards the newly completed Wembley Stadium…


Spliced together clips, going from sights in London (Westminster) with Edge spearing Brock Lesnar, and Rey Mysterio hitting the 619 to Mr. Kennedy.


Focus shifts between the Wembley Arc, to action with Shelton Benjamin leaping off a ladder at WrestleMania, then Batista shaking the ring ropes.


Focus then shifts between the sights of London Cabs and Double Decker Buses in Trafalgar Square, to the sights of MVP bursting through his elaborate set, to Melina completing her banana split ring entrance.


We see Tower Bridge and then rowdy fans from WrestleMania, mixed with shots of Christian face to face with John Cena at WrestleMania to a backdrop of thousands inside the Superdome, along with a clip of Rob Van Dam soaring through the air to deliver a Five Star Frog Splash.


Zooming shot of the London Eye, clips of more fans from big WWE stadium events, mixed with Umaga roaring at the camera, and Randy Orton crouched, lying in wait for an RKO.


Flashing clip of Buckingham Palace, with a crazed Kurt Angle going for the Ankle Lock, then Brent Albright applying the Crowbar.


Big Ben is shown, mixed with Straight Edge delivering the simultaneous Shining Wizard, then Carlito hitting the Apple Core off the ladder at WrestleMania.


Another glorious shot of the new Wembley, as a rapid succession of shots of the top name stars flashes across the screen.


The camera then zooms out, further and further, as the music fades.


Backstage, we catch up again with Eric Bischoff, as he stops outside a door marked “PRIVATE FUNCTION ROOM”, and from the outside, we can hear lots of joyous cheering, then a pop of a champagne cork. Bischoff rolls his eyes, opens the door, with the camera panning … and shows THE BROTHERHOOD in celebration - completely unaware of Bischoffs presence - partying the title retention of Shelton Benjamin earlier.

The GM reaches across, knocking off the CD player, bringing the music to a halt … instantly, Theodore Long spins around with a face like thunder…

Theodore Long: Who the hell w-

Long spots Bischoff, and immediately changes his expression.

Theodore Long: Ahh, Mister Bischoff!! You came to join the party playa??

Bischoff shows an insincere smile.

Eric Bischoff: Quite the opposite actually. Teddy, this party is over.

JTG swaggers toward the GM.

JTG: Dis party too kickin’ fo’ you boss man??

Bischoff sneers at JTG, then looks away, back to Long - who now has a concerned Shelton Benjamin by his side.

Theodore Long: What seems to be the problem??

Eric Bischoff: Funny you should ask, Theodore. Seems here … (walks forward) … that your boy Shelton … knows more than he’s letting on.

Both Long and Benjamin look confused … or, are at least pretending to be.

Eric Bischoff: Crazy fan in the front row tonight?? Beautiful, long, slender legs … pretty face … the girl that cost Matt Hardy the Intercontinental title tonight?? That girl?? Ring any bells??

Benjamin plays dumb, whilst Long tries to laugh it off.

Theodore Long: Mister Bischoff … please. Y- You cant blame ma boy for a crazy girl gettin involved in his bi’ness?? Come on playa-

Eric Bischoff: Oh, I think I can. Turns out this “fan”, was issued with a very special backstage pass … courtesy of her boyfriend …

Benjamin puts his head in his hands.

Eric Bischoff: Do you see where this is going, Teddy??

Again, Long tries to laugh out of the predicament.

Theodore Long: But- But Mister Bischoff … even still, you cant blame Shelton for her actions. You’re married, playa, right?? You know how loop the loop those crazy women can be. Them girls got minds of their own, playa.

Bischoff chuckles.

Eric Bischoff: You can try and talk your way out of this one all you like, Teddy. But I said there would be no interference, and I said that Shelton couldn’t rely on anyone, or get counted out, or disqualified. I wanted him to beat Matt Hardy tonight and end this thing once and for all … and he couldn’t do it. Matt Hardy doesn’t deserve his quest to end under these kinds of circumstances.

Theodore tries to speak, but Eric cuts in.

Eric Bischoff: Which is why my hand has been forced. At Summerslam, Shelton Benjamin will defend the Intercontinental Championship against William Regal, AND Matt Hardy … in a triple threat match.

Benjamin looks exasperated, and looks to the heavens, whilst Long is stunned into silence.

Eric Bischoff: Oh, and I do believe that Miss Fox is currently on a developmental deal with the WWE?? In that case, bring her along next week, and she can have a proper try out match … and you can hold her hand all the way through it too Shelton … when you, Miss Fox and Mark Henry take on William Regal, Matt Hardy and any diva of their choosing.

Bischoff doesn’t wait for the response, and turns away, clicking the music back on.

Eric Bischoff: Enjoy the party.

The GM leaves the room, with the jovial music playing … whilst every single member of The Brotherhood (bar JTG) look like their dog just died.

We then cut away, to Kelly Kelly, standing by…

Kelly Kelly: Hi guys!! It’s Kelly, and right now, I’m here with the man that faces John Cena in tonight’s main event, Kurt Angle!!

A very serious, intense Kurt Angle steps forward to an initial pop … followed by boos from the fans.

Kelly Kelly: Kurt, you and John Cena have already met on a number of occasions this year, the last of those matches being an unforgettable Ultimate Submission Match at Vengeance - in which you made John Cena tap out.

Angle shrugs.

Kurt Angle: And?? Kelly … everyone taps to the Ankle lock. John Cena is no different. He tapped at Vengeance, and he’ll tap again tonight.

Angle looks fired up and angry, as Kelly delicately continues.

Kelly Kelly: If you don’t mind my saying, Kurt you seem … uhm … a bit … uh, angry tonight. Is that anything to do with what happened over the weekend, when you accepted a challenge from Rey Mysterio - to a match - at Summerslam, which all began a few weeks ago in Mexico-

Angle doesn’t look up, but just raises his hand, stopping Kelly in her tracks.

Kurt Angle: Let’s not cover old ground, Kelly. I explained my actions in a reasonable, calm manner, last week. I justified my actions from two weeks ago, and I refuse to apologise or plead for forgiveness … because I’m not sorry … and I don’t want or need to be forgiven. If Rey Mysterio cant handle the cold, hard truth … if you people cant swallow the cold, hard truth … then that’s too bad, cry me a river.

Heat from the fans.

Kurt Angle: And you want more cold, hard truth?? At Summerslam, I’ll destroy Rey Mysterio. I’ll tear that jumping bean limb from freaking limb in London. I’m going to beat him so badly at Summerslam that Rey will be wishing it was just Mexico City two weeks ago all over again. But unfortunately for Rey, Mexico City, compared to Wembley?? He’ll think that was a cakewalk. I plan on destroying Mysterio so badly at Summerslam … that he’ll wear another mask over his face in the hope that no one recognises him.

More boos from the fans, as Angle turns to look at Kelly.

Kurt Angle: I’m not the bad guy here. I didn’t start this, Kelly. I delivered a few home truths … and little, lovable Rey didn’t like it. HE ran to the ring and attacked me like a common thug - mask an’ all - and I simply defended myself. Last week, after my match with Ken Doane, I tried to teach that little punk a lesson too … and fan favourite Rey Mysterio decided to run to the ring AGAIN … and attack me … once again, like the common mask wearing thug he is.

Angle shakes his head in bewilderment.

Kurt Angle: And I’m the bad guy?? For what?? Telling the truth?? Getting attacked for speaking my mind?? Standing up for my beliefs?? Rey Mysterio hides his face like a criminal … Rey Mysterio has tried to attack me twice … Rey Mysterio made the challenge to me … all for pointing out some simple home truths??

Angle pauses, then turns his attention to the camera.

Kurt Angle: The truth hurts. Just like John Cena already knows … just like Cena will find out all over again tonight … and just like you’ll find out at Summerslam, Rey … the truth … (whispers) hurts.

Angle stares into the camera, ending the promo seemingly … until …


Mister Kennedy enters the picture, flanked by The Miz. Angle, with no love lost for the loudmouth, doesn’t look impressed. Smiling, Kennedy holds his hands up innocently.

Mister Kennedy: The truth … hurts, huh?? I like that. I like your attitude, Kurt. No nonsense, take no prisoners, take even less BS, straight up, in your face, this is what I am, and to hell with whoever doesn’t like it.

Kurt Angle: What do you want??

The Miz pops up by Angles right side, like an annoying jack-in-the-box.


Miz spins around, looking at Kelly.

The Miz: Next week on Raw, in South Africa, it’ll be host to THE most highly anticipated debut in W-W-E … hisssssstory.

Annoying as ever, The Miz nods repeatedly.

The Miz: That’s right boys and girls, it’s the one you’ve all been waiting for … the transition from reality TV to a WWE ring is now … well, it’s a … reality.

Miz laughs.

The Miz: That’s right. Fans all across the globe have been calling for it … they’ve had to wait anxiously with baited breath, but FIIIIIII-NALLLLLYYY THE MIZ IS MAKING HIS DEBUT!!!!

Heat from the fans for the poor Rock impression.

The Miz: And my opponent?? The man who prevented me from making my debut a long time ago … the man that put me through a table for no reason … and the man that’s gonna … (bangs the wall over eagerly) tap out to Kurt Angle tonight in practice for tapping out at Summerslam to Mister Kennedy … the soon to be forgotten child, John Cena.

Mixed reaction from the fans; Miz vs. Cena next week. Angle though, steps in front of Miz, and the obnoxiously loud reality star goes quiet.

Kurt Angle: And, uh … who says he’ll make it to Raw next week … or even make it to Summerslam??

Kennedy smirks, tapping the shoulder of Angle. Angle looks around, at his shoulder that Kennedy tapped.

Mister Kennedy: That’s why we came to see you. Now, you and I aren’t the best of buds, I think we can agree on that, right?? But, who’s to say that we ca-

Kennedy stops himself, looks around, at the cameraman, then Kelly.

Mister Kennedy: Interview’s over sweetheart. Run along now.

Kennedy shoos Kelly away, and leads Angle away with Miz by his side, walking down the hall, as Angle throws Kennedys arm off his shoulder, as we fade out, with the two men deep in conversation…

Commercial Break

Cody Rhodes w/Dustin Rhodes vs. Lachlan Taylor
The match doesn’t last long, and the local jobber is so small that he makes Cody Rhodes look like Brock Lesnar. For the duration of the contest, the discussion between Coach and J.R centres on Codys treatment of his brother, and the attack on Jerry Lawler which forced the Hall of Famer to miss the World Tour. Of course, Coach loves the fact that he’s got Lawlers spot on Superstars, and applauds Codys attack on the legend.

In the ring, Rhodes makes quick work of Taylor, and a (very) brief comeback (an elbow in the corner to an incoming Rhodes, then a brace of arm drags … before having the momentum derailed with a clothesline from Cody) that lifts the fans doesn’t stop Rhodes from completing a dominant victory, delivering an emphatic CROSS RHODES on the wiry Australian, and hooks the leg, with the count being elementary, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Cody Rhodes @ 01:48

Rhodes quickly pulls away from the referee after having his arm raised, and INSTRUCTS his brother to join him in the ring. As if against his will, Dustin clambers into the ring, and Cody - without taking his glare off his older brother - points to the fallen Australian, demanding Dustin add insult to injury. Dustin looks away, conflicted, shaking his head … but Cody walks over to him, getting the attention of his older brother, and is heard saying “I‘M YOUR BROTHER!! DO THIS FOR ME!!”

Dustin glares at Cody, with the younger Rhodes pointing at the beaten Taylor … and eventually, Dustin moves toward him, looking to get it out of the way, dragging the young kid up, and pauses … until Cody points again, demanding the move … with Dustin shaking his head … then quickly - and forcefully - delivers THE CURTAIN CALL!!! Dustin looks at the young Australian, then punches the mat, before rolling out of the ring, and makes his way up the ramp, with a smiling Cody watching from the ring … as we fade out.

Backstage, we see JOHN CENA for the first time tonight, making his way down the hallway, as the main event between him and Kurt Angle nears … coming up soon.

Commercial Break

And, we return with ‘Fans’ by Kings of Leon playing in the arena, as we cut to J.R and Coach at ringside.

Jim Ross: We are back live in Australia, and the music you are hearing right now is one of the two theme songs for Summerslam. Fans, by the Kings of Leon-

The Coach: Thanks to me. I know the boys personally.

Jim Ross: That’s great. Anyway, ladies and gentlemen, if you still weren’t sold on the enormity of this years Summerslam - the twentieth Summerslam - if you didn’t believe the hype that it would be an event of WrestleMania proportions, then perhaps this rundown will convince any remaining doubters. Ninety Thousand fans will pack WEMBLEY STADIUM in London … for a FIVE hour event - not four, as Summerslam has been in recent years - a FIVE hour extravaganza.

The Coach: And The Coach is gonna be there!!!

Jim Ross: We’re trying to make the event appeal to the audience, Coach. But one match that surely will, is the long awaited, highly anticipated, one on one meeting between former WWE Champion, Rob Van Dam, and the man that dethroned him in brutal fashion with a devastating punt kick at WrestleMania, Randy Orton. It’s taken Van Dam four months to fully recover, but he’s back, and at Summerslam, the WWE Title is on the line!!

The Coach: If this were a movie, RVD would get revenge at Summerslam, win back the WWE title and live happily ever after. It’s not the movies though. It’s real life, and the very real possibility for Van Dam is that he could wind up back in hospital when Orton’s done with him.

Jim Ross: Earlier tonight, Beth Phoenix earned her shot against Mickie James Womens Championship. Coach, I think it’s safe to say that there has not been a more eagerly anticipated Womens Championship match in quite some time.

The Coach: Absolutely correct, old timer. Beth Phoenix has been on a tear since her debut, with her sights focused on one person, and one person only - and now at Summerslam, she’s got her - Mickie James. Judgement Day is comin’ Alexis, and no matter what your name is, it wont matter … you’ll be a thing of the past!!

Jim Ross: Well, it’s been a night of big Summerslam additions. Along with that Womens title match, the Intercontinental Championship has been confirmed, and Shelton Benjamin faces not one, but TWO challengers to his title at Wembley. We already knew that William Regal would be one of them, but now, after a scandalous ending to the Iron Man Match that kicked us off tonight, Matt Hardy is rightfully awarded another crack at the gold. Triple Threat rules for the Intercontinental title on August 19!!

The Coach: Bischoff can stack the deck against Benjamin all he wants, The Black Diamond is STILL gonna shine like the star he is!! He’s already banned The Brotherhood from ringside, he’s already stripped him of his championship advantage, and tonight he blamed Benjamins girlfriend for him retaining the title!! Bischoff has an agenda against Theodore Long and The Brotherhood and this proves it. He cant get that title off Benjamin, so he’s put him in a match where he doesn’t need to be pinned or made to submit to lose!! Disgrace.

Jim Ross: And another big change made tonight, and when I say big … well, listen to this. Coming into tonight, we had been all set for MNM and Straight Edge at Summerslam, and still, we will get that match … but now, it’s Tables, Ladders, and Chairs, and not only that … the losing team will LEAVE Monday Night Raw for GOOD.

The Coach: This might just be the biggest tag team title match - it certainly has more implications than any I can remember - in Summerslam history. All personal feelings aside for Straight Edge, I cant wait for this match. Tables, Ladders and Chairs?? I’m all over that one baby boy … and hopefully … I’ll get to say G’DAY and good riddance once and for all to Punk and Helms from my show.

Jim Ross: That storied rivalry comes to a close at Wembley, but a rivalry that just seems to be gathering speed will be on show at Wembley too. Mister Kennedy has raised the ire of former three time World Champion, John Cena. The 2006 King of the Ring gets a shot at the biggest name in the business at Summerslam. Does Kennedy belong in the main events?? We will find out once and for all at Wembley.

The Coach: Cena has been complaining about not getting the main event at Summerslam. He’s taking on Kennedy, and rumour has it, he believes Kennedy is below him. If that big headed Prima Donna doesn’t take Kennedy seriously … he’ll find himself beneath the Monday Night Juggernaught after Summerslam.

Jim Ross: From one burgeoning rivalry, to one that’s filled with hate … THE WrestleMania Rematch takes place at Summerslam between Brock Lesnar and Triple H … and it’s a Streetfight.

The Coach: Neither man will ever be the same again if you ask me. The Game is back, and is as good as he ever was. Brock Lesnar is still at the top of his game … these two hate one another, and SOMETHING has to give. It’ll be nasty, it’ll be brutal, bloody … in short?? This one wont be for the weak of heart.

Jim Ross: Another one that I cannot wait to see unfold will be the battle that was confirmed on Smackdown this past Friday; Edge takes on The Undertaker!!

The Coach: The Rated ‘R’ Superstar has a point to prove, and credit where it’s due Jimbo, he’s lookin to make that point against the biggest name. John Cena, take note, that’s how you earn a shot at the title!! And trust me, if Edge can slay the dragon at Wembley, he’s GOT to be right in line for a shot straight after Summerslam.

Jim Ross: Edge is hell bent on winning the WWE Title, it’s the only thing on his mind … but for two men at Summerslam, it wont be about titles. For Rey Mysterio and Kurt Angle their meeting will be personal.

The Coach: Five years ago, Angle and Mysterio met at Summerslam, and put on a hellacious match … but that wasn’t personal. They didn’t like each other … but it wasn’t personal. This year, it’s personal. Angle humiliated Mysterio in his spiritual home two weeks ago, and Rey wouldn’t let it slide. He threw down the challenge and Kurt Angle was quick to accept. Now, it’s on. Mysterio vs. Angle?? I cant wait!!

Jim Ross: Americas Most Wanted thought they were going to get a nice long summer break, but on August 19, their vacation comes to a shuddering halt when they defend their tag team titles. The opponents are as yet unknown, with an eight team tournament currently underway over on Smackdown. But can any of the teams in the running overcome the long reigning champions??

The Coach: As good as some of those teams battling it out are, I don’t think any of them can match up to AMW. They’re the champs for a reason; they’ve been together the longest, they’re best friends outside of the ring, they gel best, they know each others strengths and weaknesses. They’ve held those belts for eight months for a reason, J.R. Whoever wins that tournament can be proud of themselves … but to quote the champs, sorry ‘bout your damn luck.

Jim Ross: And, of course, the main event. It’s never been bigger, or as highly anticipated as this one. The unconquerable champion, ‘Captain Charisma’, Christian faces undoubtedly the biggest challenge of not only his title reign - but his career - in the shape of a three hundred fifty pound, undefeated, Money in the Bank winning, Samoan Bulldozer … Umaga. But that’s not all. The biggest name in Boxing, the popular Ricky Hatton will be in the corner of the World Heavyweight Champion, killing any threat of Armando Estrada having any hand in the outcome of the match.

The Coach: I’ll agree that it’s never been bigger. But if you ask me, despite the fact that Christian got the better of Umaga tonight, this could be the biggest flop in Summerslam history. Umaga might just destroy Christian in record time to mark a new era in the WWE. Hatton?? Non-factor. Christian needs an army to stop Umaga … and no army on this planet would be crazy enough to take on the Samoan Bulldozer.

Jim Ross: There has never been a line up like it. No Summerslam has ever been as hotly anticipated at this one. It’s the twentieth Summerslam, and it is set to go down in history as the biggest … and the best. Twenty days remain until ninety thousand fans descend on Wembley Stadium … and it cant come quick enough!!!


It’s a reaction that is mainly positive, as a vibrant John Cena rushes onto the stage, feeding off the energetic fans in the land down under.

Jim Ross: And right now, it is time for our main event!!! John Cena will take on Kurt Angle!! Two massive foes will rekindle their rivalry tonight. And the action … IS NEXT!!!

Commercial Break

We return, with John Cena in the ring, looking amped, and ready for action, as his music dies down…

Jim Ross: We are back live, and awaiting the arrival of Kurt Angle for tonight’s main event … but during the commercial break, The Coach and I received some big news ahead of next weeks show in South Africa. As we already knew, The Miz makes his uhm, eagerly anticipated debut against that man right there, John Cena … but in addition to that, WWE legend, Rowdy Roddy Piper will join the crew for one night only, and will host a special edition of Pipers Pit!! But how can Piper maintain order when his guest will be none other than the two men that main event Summerslam; Christian and Umaga!!

The Coach: Oh boy. That idiot Piper will probably side with Christian, so they can get their asses kicked together!!! He better bring plenty of bubblegum because if he tries to kick anyones ass, he’s in deep, deep trouble!!


To an initial pop, Kurt Angle makes his way out through the curtain … and is met with boos, as he enters … draped in the American Flag!!!

Jim Ross: I admire patriotism, I admire people that are proud of where they come from … but Kurt Angle takes it too far!! His elitist views are so wrong, and so out of line, he’s bringing shame to our great country. What a horrible advertisement for the United States of America.

The Coach: How dare you!! This man is an Olympic Gold Medallist!!! He represented his country at the highest level!! What did you ever do!! Angle is real. His views are real. And I commend him for his honesty!!!

Jim Ross: I’m as patriotic as the next guy, Coach. I believe the U.S.A is the greatest nation on the planet … but my life doesn’t revolve around our country. We live on the planet earth, and it’s healthy to embrace other cultures, visit different countries, and open your mind to other ways of life!! Angle is so narrow minded and bigoted that is makes me ashamed to call myself an American!!

The Coach: That’s your problem, not mine.


Main Event:
John Cena vs. Kurt Angle
Little time is wasted on the ‘feeling out’ process, with time running low, and quickly, the two former long time rivals descend into a fist fight, with Cena winning the exchange, and eventually clotheslines Angle over the top rope, to the floor, and follows the Olympian to the outside. The brawl continues outside, with Angle turning the tables on Cena, knocking him over the barrier!! The two men brawl in the crowd, which gets a hearty response from the fans … but they soon find themselves back by the barrier, as Cena back body drops Angle over the top, onto the thin mats at ringside again!!!

After breaking the count (at nine), Cena rolls back out, picking Angle up, looking for an Irish Whip through the steps, but Angle reverses, yanking Cena into him … AND RATTLES OFF A BELLY TO BELLY ON THE OUTSIDE!!! Angle - after roaring to the fans - picks Cena back up, throwing him back inside the ring, and rolls in himself, placing Cena in the corner, and proceeds to hammer home right hands to the face of his opponent. Kurt then shoots Cena across to the opposite corner - but Cena reverses - sending Angle in chest first, and goes behind, hoisting Kurt up … BLUE THUNDER BOMB!!! Cena covers, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

Angle gets the shoulder up, and it forces Cena to think bigger … and he does. Cena climbs the ropes, perching himself up top, waiting for Angle to recover … AND ANGLE EXPLODES … CHARGING TO THE CORNER … BUT CENA SHOVES HIM OFF!!! Angle tries to get up quickly again, but Cena leaps off the top … LOOKING FOR THE LEG GUILLOTINE … BUT MISSES!!! Angle ducks out of the way … AND SHOOTS IN FOR THE ANKLELOCK - AND GETS IT!!! Kurt applies his favoured hold … but Cena instantly spins around, and wildly kicks at the gut and chest of his opponent with his free leg … eventually freeing himself from the deadly submission!!!

Kurt quickly jumps up, looking to apply the hold again, but Cena surprises him WITH AN INSIDE CRADLE … 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Both men are quick to their feet this time, and Angle misses with a clothesline, getting kicked in the gut, and Cena rushes off the ropes … THROWBACK CONNECTING!!! Cena - wasting no time - is quick to his feet, and signals for the daftest move in wrestling … THE FIVE KNUCKLE SHUFFLE!!! He goes through the motions, hitting the ropes, but before he can drop the fist … ANGLE GRABS THE ANKLE, TRIPPING CENA … ANKLE LOCK APPLIED AGAIN!!!!!

This time, Angle has Cena caught in the middle of the ring, forcing Cena to battle for the ropes - shades of Vengeance - with J.R talking about the psyche of Cena, having tapped to the move six weeks ago … but tonight, Cena REFUSES to give up, and scratches, CLAWS his way forward … with the vocal fans in Australia willing him on … AND HE REACHES OUT … GETTING THE ROPES!!! Angle is livid, and proceeds to stomp Cena in the corner, driving his boot to the chest of his long time rival, over and over. After a grilling from Mike Chioda, Angle backs up, then comes back, bringing Cena to his feet, and proceeds to nail Cena with big uppercut forearms in the corner, softening Cena up, then shoots him across the ring, into the corner … BUT CENA BOUNCES OUT … AND RUNS THROUGH ANGLE WITH A THUNDEROUS CLOTHESLINE!!!!!

Cena now begins to try and make his comeback, running through a series of clotheslines on the Olympian, kicking him in the gut, and throwing off a big snap suplex, floating over into the cover, 1...2...NO!!! Cena shakes his head as he gets up, but now stalks Angle, willing the Olympian up … AND SPINS HIM AROUND … THROWING HIM ONTO HIS SHOULDERS … FU … NO!!! Angle slips off the back … AND EXECUTES A BRILLIANT GERMAN SUPLEX!!! Angle hooks the leg, 1...2...SHOULDER UP!!! Angle is beside himself, hands on his bald head, questioning the referees count. He continues to shake his head as he gets to his feet, bringing Cena up too, and quickly tries to nail the Angle Slam … BUT CENA LANDS BEHIND … AND SCHOOL BOYS KURT … 1...2...NO!!! Angle shoots up, but is immediately tripped … AND CENA SCRAMBLES … LOOKING FOR THE STFU … BUT ANGLE QUICKLY GRABS THE ROPES BEFORE IT IS APPLIED!!!

The match continues, as Angle holds onto the ropes, but Cena doesn’t want to wait, and looks to drag Kurt from the ropes, but Angle grabs Cena by the shorts, and yanks him into the corner, smashing his face off the turnbuckle!!! Cena is momentarily dazed … AND ANGLE AGAIN GOES FOR HIS ANKLELOCK!!! Angle takes Cena down, desperately trying to apply the hold … BUT CENA ROLLS THROUGH … AND ANGLE STUMBLES … INTO THE REFEREE!!! Mike Chioda takes a tumble, as both men try to find their feet … AND RUN INTO EACH OTHER WITH DUELLING CLOTHESLINES … BOTH MEN GO DOWN!!!

Angle and Cena both hit the canvas … but neither stay down for long, with both slowly trying to find their feet … AS WE SEE THE MIZ SPRINT DOWN THE AISLE!!!! The annoying reality star slides into the ring, grabbing the unaware Cena from behind … AND RAMS HIM INTO THE CORNER - SHOULDER FIRST INTO THE RINGPOST!!! He quickly celebrates as if he won the World Title, hands aloft, before turning around, and offers Angle a high five … BUT KURT DELIVERS A RIGHT HAND INSTEAD!!! Angle drops The Miz, then lifts him up, and drills him WITH AN ANGLE SLAM!!!!! The Olympian stomps a mudhole into Miz, kicking the interfering nuisance out of the ring … but as he turns around to drag Cena from the corner, CENA EXPLODES - TRIPS ANGLE … STFU APPLIED!!!

Cena cranks back on the submission … AND ANGLE TAPS … BUT THERE’S NO REFEREE!!! Cena keeps the hold applied, cranking back whilst Angle continues to tap … UNTIL KENNEDY DROPS AN ELBOW ON CENA!!! Kennedy wildly stomps his Summerslam opponent, giving him no time to recover, dropping down and hammering Cena with rights and lefts all over his face and body, giving Angle time to recover and shake the cobwebs loose. Kurt gets up, and leans on the ropes, watching at Kennedy begins to choke Cena with his boot in the corner, and Angle decides to join in this time!!! After a brief - uncomfortable - staredown, Kennedy and Angle work together, booting Cena in the corner, getting boos from all corners of the arena … UNTIL A BIG POP REVERBERATES AROUND THE ACER ARENA … AS REY MYSTERIO RUNS DOWN THE AISLE!!

Mysterio slides into the ring, with Kennedy coming to meet him, but Rey ducks under … AND LAUNCHES HIMSELF AT ANGLE!!! Rey takes Kurt down, and hammers his Summerslam opposition … until Kennedy drags him off!!! Mister Kennedy, throws Rey into the ropes, but Rey bounces back … RIGHT WITH A PAIR OF STIFF KICKS TO THE LEGS OF KENNEDY!!!!! Kennedy is slowed down, and drops to a knee, as Rey runs off the ropes again … but bounces back, with Kurt shoving Kennedy out of harms way … AND CATCHES MYSTERIO … BUT CENA CHARGES OUT OF THE CORNER AND CLOTHESLINES ANGLE!!!

Angle goes down, and Kennedy comes at Cena … BUT CENA HOISTS HIM UP … AND DELIVERS AN FU … OVER THE TOP ROPE … ONTO A RECOVERING MIZ ON THE OUTSIDE!!!!! Cena leans over the top rope, mouthing at Kennedy … but awaiting him is Angle, who is ready to pounce … ONLY FOR MYSTERIO TO DROPKICK ANGLE FROM THE SIDE … INTO THE ROPES!!! Cena watches on, as Rey dials it up … 619 TO ANGLE!!!! Kurt stumbles from the ropes … right into the path of Cena … FU CONNECTS!!! Cena rolls out of the way … ALLOWING REY TO SPRING OFF THE ROPES … AND DROP THE DIME!!! Cena now covers … as Mike Chioda slowly recovers, and Mysterio exit’s the ring to make sure Kennedy or Miz cant interfere … 1.….2.….3!!!
Winner: John Cena @ 09:12

Mysterio rejoins Cena in the ring, and the two raise each others arms in victory, getting the better of their Summerslam opponents tonight.

Jim Ross: What a series of events!! John Cena records his biggest win in months-

The Coach: All thanks to that sneaky snake, Rey Mysterio!!

Jim Ross: Mysterio simply came to Cenas aide, after run ins from The Miz and Mister Kennedy!!! The playing field was evened up, and in the end, Cena had his hand raised - NOT Kurt Angle!!! Justice is served in Australia tonight!!!

The Coach: Yeah, enjoy winning this battle, Cena. You and that little pest Mysterio will lose out in your wars at Summerslam!!!

Cena spots Kennedy and Miz recovering on the outside, and after giving Rey a look as if “do you mind if I conduct some business?” Rey smiles, and tells him to go ahead. Cena immediately rolls out of the ring, and comes after Kennedy and Miz, with the duo staggering away. Kennedy spots Cena coming, and sacrifices Miz, shoving him into the path of Cena, giving himself a chance to getaway, and Cena pie faces Miz - he’ll get plenty of him next week - and proceeds to come after Kennedy … disappearing behind the curtain in pursuit.

In the ring, Rey is still smiling, watching on…

Jim Ross: OH- REY!! LOOK OUT!!!


The Coach: YEAH BABY!!!

The fans cheers turn to boos, as Angle quickly drops down, slapping on the ANKLELOCK!!!!! Mysterio is defenceless, and taps to the submission, but Angle isn’t interested in any submissions.


The Coach: That’s your problem, not mine.

Angle now applies the grapevine, adding further pain to Rey, who continues to tap out … but Kurt shows no signs of letting go!!!


Kurt now releases the hold, and stands up … to UNGODLY heat from the fans in Sydney. He takes a walk around the ring, soaking up the boos from the fans, before grabbing Rey by the head, and flinging him into the corner. He stands away, smirking, as he watches Mysterio slumped in the corner … before slowly moving forward.


Angle takes a look at his defenceless foe, then grabs him by the face, shoving him into the ropes, hanging Reys face out by the middle rope, driving his knee into the back and neck of Mysterio, still grabbing his face, as he looks out, over the top rope, into the camera … and speaks with an evil grin etched on his face …


Kurt laughs, as he begins to try and rip at the mask, with Rey swinging his arms wildly, trying to prevent his face from being exposed.



Angle continues to rip at the mask, making a tear … but stops … to slap the back of Reys head, trying to stop him from squirming, and begin to rip at the mask again … but looks up … AND STOPS … QUICKLY HOPPING OUT OF THE RING …


Jim Ross: Thank God for that!!!

The Coach: Party poopers!!!

Angle is already walking away, as the five men slide into the ring, and backs away, up the aisle, pointing to the ring, and yelling at the group in anger; “THIS IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS!!!”

Doane and Smith help Rey back to his feet, as Mysterio covers the exposed part of his face with his right hand, as he searches up, out of the ring, looking at Angle, who is halfway up the aisle now. Angle stands tall, eyeballing Rey, whilst Mysterio shakes his head in disgust at Angle.

Jim Ross: Oh … this is personal. This is DAMN personal now. And in three weeks time at Summerslam, Mysterio and Angle will explode inside Wembley Stadium.

The show closes, with Angle motioning to the ring that he will rip Mysterios mask … sooner or later … whilst Rey continues to shake his head in disagreement … as the show fades … to black.


Official Card for WWE SummerSlam:
Date: 19th August 2007
Location: Wembley Stadium, London, England
Event Music: Kings of Leon, Fans & The Clash, London Calling

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
World Heavyweight Champion Christian w/ Ricky ‘Hitman’ Hatton
Mr. Money in the Bank; Unbeaten & Undefeated Umaga w/ Armando Estrada

WWE Championship Match:
Randy Orton vs. Rob Van Dam

World Tag Team Championships | Tables Ladders and Chairs Match:
MNM vs. Straight Edge

WWE Tag Team Championships Match:
Americas Most Wanted vs. Winners Of #1 Contenders Tournament

WWE Intercontinental Championship | Triple Threat Match:
Shelton Benjamin vs. Matt Hardy vs. William Regal

Womens Championship Match:
Mickie James vs. Beth Phoenix

Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar

John Cena vs. Mr. Kennedy w/The Miz

One on One:
Edge vs. The Undertaker

Grudge Match:
Rey Mysterio vs. Kurt Angle

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Re: Being The Booker

So yeah. I think the last time I left any kind of feedback for you was one of your SummerSlams...must've been two or three years ago. Anywho, I won't call this feedback. I don't think it can be called that. I've been following for a good while, but can't say I've followed every storyline going on at the moment. Guys like you and Legend are quite hard to give feed to in my book, seeing as how I don't feel there's much I can do to make you better. These then are just some thank you notes then, perhaps, for what you've helped me with and understand just by reading your stuff...

The way you write matches is certainly captivating. And there seems to be nothing fancy about it – it seems incredibly simple, but tells a great deal of story. You’re no stranger to writing these types of matches, so you’ve got the psychology and pacing down pact on this opening contest. Also I will say I love kicking it off with this in a very unorthodoxed manner – no intros, Regal intro’d later, it just came across as really odd, but it all seemed to add to the effect of the match in some way. Again, the psychology and pacing was very well done, and having Hardy look strong in the opening and getting a huge advantage only to have everything slip through his fingers was something to behold, but by no fault of his own. I’m gonna take a shot in the dark here and say the black chick is…Alicia Fox? Anyways, great action from both men and Coach’s banter and overselling of Benjamin was bearably entertaining. I’m sure there’s much more to these two that I’m unaware of, but it told a fantastic, if tragic for Matthew, story.

Jesus, I’m not sure if clusterfuck is the way to describe this or not, because at least a clusterfuck can make a little bit of order before going to hell. This wasn’t even there. So would this be…a mobfuck? Riotfuck? Judging from some of the feedback on this feud, a TLC sort of stipulation has evidently been foreseeable for some time I imagine, but that doesn’t quite count it out as a bad thing. I’m still not quite keen on a TLC match that doesn’t include one of the original six guys to innovated the thing, but seeing as how these guys hate each other somethin’ fierce, we’ll just have to see where this goes. Will love the match regardless, seeing as how it’s my personal favorite stip. But here’s to looking forward to how you wrap this story up in all that mayhem.

So it is Miss Fox. At least you’ve already shown her with more character than she has in real life. Amirite? *badum-tss* Lame jokes aside, I’m not quite sure how to feel about her ‘development deal’ line being thrown out like that. She couldn’t say something else that kind of didn’t lean on the fourth wall a bit? Granted, we all know she was a plant and most likely has a development deal, but I don’t know about throwing it in there. It’s not something I can really hear anyone say…but that’s probably because I’ve never heard anyone say it before. Not on TV anyways. And I’m confident you’ll do your best with the sassy black woman character. Don’t make it too stereotypical, though.

Rey and Rob Van Dam are two guys I have quite a hard time visualizing (and such, writing) as aggressive, or even slightly agitated. They just never seem to be the right guys that would ever really be angry. Even though it is difficult to picture Mysterio in that light, you did paint a very nice picture here of him having a deep-seeded motive to try and up Angle this time. Not sure what’ll take to sell me a vengeful Mysterio, though.

Not quite sure how to feel so far on the Angels. They seem to undoubtedly be bitter heels and will add a very much needed layer of depth to the RAW tag division, so I’m not gonna complain there. What I’m not sure how to feel about is their whole ‘the ‘E never recruited us, so we’ll raise hell’ outset mentality they seem to have. But nonetheless, I’ll probably be seeing where it goes. I hate you for stealing their name, btw. I was gonna use it for something…

I will be the umpteenth person to commend you on your Christian build here for the last several years, but he’s one of, if not the, golden standard amongst character development/building here in the section, so he can’t really be mentioned enough. Oh, and that Paul London fella over on the blue brand is beginning to feel the same. As for your Umaga monster building, it’s also something to commend you on (and mimic e). Of course, the two birds with one stone booking here is smart and adds more build to two of SummerSlam’s main events and ties together some things and even moreso puts Estrada over as the true mastermind behind Umaga. And Christian finally getting the upper hand was pretty much due and I’m glad he did it here finally. Adding Hatton to the mix gives SummerSlam, and Christian while we’re at it, a much bigger feel. You’re really driving home the point that SummerSlam will be bigger than ever in Wembly and it shows. Did wonders for Christian here.

PLEASE do something with Beth and Mickie that isn’t too one-dimensional. The monster that is Beth I’m sure needs this more, too.

Oh, Bischoff. So serious. The Triple Threat throws a huge wrench into things it seems, as I was pretty sure Regal would be the guy to walk out of SummerSlam with the gold, but as a reader the emotional ties to Hardy are probably stronger knowing his struggle. And now he truly has only one last chance. Unless Sir Regal can convince me otherwise. Still, this doesn’t sit well for the Brotherhood at all, seeing as how Benjamin walking out of England with the title is a bit more farfetched now.

Oh dear. I love hating how you write Miz. There isn’t a single thing likable about how he’s pictured in my head. I’m hoping that’s intentional.

Definitely a different approach between the Rhodes brothers. Again, I admit to not following everything, but this seems to be very attention grabbing. Is there a specific reason this is happening? Is there something we don’t know? I’m sure there’s more analytical questions that can go here, but will say there doesn’t seem to have been a wasted segment thus far, even if could get glanced over on paper.

I’m not gonna comment on the actual match, seeing as how it’s now really the most important thing here. I loved this not for the ridiculous aftermath. Not for Miz and Kennedy doing what Miz and Kennedy do. I loved it because the mechanics behind it were simple. You had a half hour long match kick off the show. And as such, I don’t think there was another match all night that went more than ten minutes, not even the main event. None of that was needed. And everything seemed simple. I’m not quite sure why I love that entire concept so, but alas, I do and am probably just gushing over nothing.

Again, I’m not marking this as feedback, seeing as how this was just a long list of things I feel I’ve learned with a teeny little bit of actual feedback thrown in. Overall, there’s a reason you’re still the go-to guy here and always have been. There wasn’t a wasted segment, you keep everything in mind and with purpose (i.e. personally, I probably would’ve forgotten Bischoff was looking for Benjamin all night) and the build for SummerSlam is TREMENDOUS. Not like you haven’t posted umpteen big time PPVs already, but this one seems beyond huge. It really is Wrestlemania-like in aura. Everything was driven, even things I wasn’t too keen on. But again, this is just one long thank you note, Wolfy man. Keep puttin’ the rest of us in our places


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Re: Being The Booker

Raw feedback

Opening things up with the Ironman match is a good call. I figured it’d open or close so happy with this option. Some great passages of action throughout, particularly the amount of near falls at one point during the second fall, couldn’t tell which way it was going. Was really surprised to see Hardy go 3-0 up in all honesty but it was booked brilliantly as you thought finally Hardy was gonna get his rewards after all the long battles they’ve been through but to have Shelton come back the way he did was great stuff. The two falls in quick succession for Benjamin was great as it grips the crowd, now not knowing what’s to happen next. Of course the final fall was very controversial but it was very well done. Not a clue who the woman is but certainly an intriguing angle and a great way for this feud to hopefully now have one more blow off match.

Absolutely hilarious stuff with Coach on commentary I must say.

Decent stuff with Helms and Nitro there but obvious talking point is the aftermath with Bischoff. TLC AND Loser leaves Raw stipulation is huge and just adds yet another notch to this already stacked Summerslam card.

Ah Alicia Fox, now it all makes sense. Pretty nice confrontation here between her and Bischoff although I wasn’t too sure on all the Developmental deal stuff but I liked the whole playing up the backstage pass and the boyfriend situation. Good route to go and should be nice seeing Miss. Fox joining Shelton and the Brotherhood.

Decent interview with Mysterio here. Glad to see he’s taken this to heart and that it’s now going to be all very personal come Summerslam. Yes it’s hard to picture Mysterio getting fired up and whatnot but I thought you did a good enough job here.

Angels of Anarchy are certainly gonna be a nice addition to the tag ranks and I like the direction you seem to be taking them with, the whole WWE never wanted us schtick.

Loved Estrada here, his scratching back line was great and it does make sense in a way for Trips to help him out after what Umaga did last week. Certainly makes this contest a bit more unpredictable. Lesnar was always gonna show his face at some stage and glad it was pretty soon into it, otherwise this coulda dragged. Really pleased to see Christian get the upper hand on Umaga tonight for what feels like the first time and Estrada’s reluctance for Mags to get in the ring was nice as you start to realise maybe there is a bit of fear on their side now.

Gonna comment on this bit separately. Now I’m torn on it in all honesty. I get what you’re going for and why you’re doing it and on the one hand I love it. Hatton in his homeland, in the corner of the World champion, a big time atmosphere is gonna be there and it’s more than likely gonna end with a feel good moment. Sounds great. BUT at the same time, that’s the exact same reason why I don’t like it. This should be in my opinion, Christian vs. Umaga, can the monster be stopped? Can Christian finally end Umaga’s incredible run, fend off Estrada in the process and walk out of Wembley still with the World title? Now though there’s gonna be a lot of focus on ringside and what Hatton’s gonna do, when him and Estrada are gonna go at it, if Hatton and Umaga go at it. I feel like there’s no way now that Umaga leaves Wembley with the title as Hatton’s there for that feel good moment. Dunno if you get where I’m coming from with that? I hope it’s not as clear cut as I seem to think lol, I’m sure it’s not.

Small yet effective little segment between Bischoff and Lesnar. Hopefully we do see Trips show up on Smackdown this Friday.

Good contest between Beth and Gail here but Beth/Mickie for Summerslam is the right call in my eyes and should be a good match up come Wembley.

Nice stuff with Bisch and the Brotherhood here. Teddy Long’s the man in all of this, love the way you write him. Hardy being inserted in the match at Summerslam is the right call although Regal slightly feels outta place now despite it being his homeland. Six person tag next week should be a fun one, glad to see you throwing Alicia right into it.

Great job with Angle here. Your intensity with him in recent weeks has been great and I’m loving his whole way of making Mysterio out to be the bad guy, it’s great. Decent stuff with Kennedy and Miz here, though I didn’t like Miz calling him Kurtsy. Miz/Cena next week, hmm dunno what you’ll do with that one, hopefully Miz puts up a decent fight but it could be somewhat easy for Cena, we shall see. The last line from Kennedy was nicely done, adds to the suspense ahead of the main event.

Enjoying the Cody and Goldust storyline still but hoping it picks up a bit in the coming weeks or after Summerslam as I’m interested to see just how you go with it and what direction Goldust takes.

Cena/Angle was everything I expected. Excellent writing and a very good contest, ending was a tad predictable but at the same time you pulled it off perfectly. Mysterio getting one over Angle was nice to see but how wrong was I? Aftermath was brilliant with Angle trying to expose Rey’s face and for you to have to bring out Straight Edge, British Lions etc just shows how bad this whole situation is for Mysterio and how much Angle wants to humiliate him. Great ending.

Overall, another top notch show. You’re still the very best around here and Summerslam is going to be phenomenal, no doubt about it. My only gripe really is the potential Hatton problem but at the same time, you’ll probably pull it off well. Everything else advanced fantastically well, in particular Benjamin/Hardy and Angle/Mysterio. Smackdown should be a gooden.
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Re: Being The Booker

Should be another week maybe before I have Smackdown done. It'll probably be the last show I'll post this year, with the Christmas drinking season looming large. For now, I'll post everyone's favourite show...


WWE Superstars | July 31 2007

Todd Grisham and The Coach introduce the show from Australia, with tonight’s main event pitting the British Lions against The Entourage in their first match without MNM by their side.

Kicking off the show, it’s a huge EIGHT man tag team match, with Jeff Hardy & Evan Bourne (entering together, and billed as ‘The Daredevils’) teaming with fellow semi finalists in the #1 Contenders Tag Team Tournament; Los Latinos, to take on Elix Skipper, Kid Kash, and the team that was shunned from the tournament; Deuce & Domino. It’s an exciting, fast paced affair, but in the end, a Jeff Hardy Swanton Bomb on Domino is enough to score the win for the faces @ 10:15.

The four victorious men celebrate in the ring, as they roll on to their respective semi final match ups, which will be determined this Friday on Smackdown.

Rhyno gets back on the winning trail, defeating a game Ken Doane in a back and forth affair with a sudden Gore @ 06:30. After the match though, Rhyno GORES the youngster again, with Grisham citing that it could well have been through instruction from Raw GM Eric Bischoff, as he continues to test the resolve of the twenty one year old.





Nick Nemeth defeats Trevor Murdoch w/Festus @ 01:49 with the Fame Asser (not called as such on commentary. It still doesn’t have a name) and after having his hand raised, Nemeth isn’t happy - looking into the camera, he demands better competition to showcase his talents, and lets it be known he should be on Smackdown EVERY week.

In the main event, The Entourage w/Melina defeat The British Lions w/Katie Lea @ 07:36 after another mishap between the faces, when Katie and Melina get into a ringside brawl, Hawkins tries to intervene, but Burchill goes crazy, attacking Hawkins, completely taking his eyes off the ring … and Smith is distracted by the commotion … allowing Ryder to roll him up from behind - WITH A HANDFUL OF TIGHTS - 1...2...3!!!

The Entourage steal the win, shocking Smith, as he watches the trio of heels escape up the aisle (with Hawkins slipping away from the crazed Burchill) whilst the Lions argue about how it all finished.


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Re: Being The Booker

Nice little opening to kick off the show with the corny jokes from The Coach.

Good match to kick off the show, I really liked how it was written. Shelton's frustrations was an interesting twist forcing him to climb his way back up to victory, even though it included underhanded tactics. Nice ending with the mysterious woman in the crowd. Looking forward to seeings who it is.

I enjoyed the post-match commentary, J.R. and The Coach make a nice announcer's duo.

Crazy scramble of a match which is a good way to introduce the stipulations needed to put an end to an ongoing feud. Looking forward to reading it.

Oh Alicia Fox, should be interesting to see what role she plays in the upcoming weeks.

Nice little promo here to gear things up for Mysterio's match against Angle.

I'll be interested in seeing how you write Christopher Daniels. Should be an interesting tag team coming in to replace whoever loses in the MNM/Straight Edge match.

Good match revealing the deal HHH and AAE made together and showing Brock Lesnar trying to take out Triple H. Christian gets the upperhand on Umaga tonight which leaves me interested how the remaining build up time will play out after this confrontation.

Should be interesting to see what happens on Smackdown with Lesnar and Triple H.

Nice to read a solid women's match. Looking forward to another one hopefully at SummerSlam which is really shaping up to feel like the big event it should be.

I really liked the backstage sequence with the Brotherhood. Should be a good triple threat match. Also I could just picture JTG going back to normal, haha.

Looking forward to how this goes with Angle, Kennedy, and Miz. Also, Miz's in-ring debut should be interesting.

Uh oh...Piper's Pit. No good can come from this!

The fans cheers turn to boos, as Angle quickly drops down, slapping on the ANKLELOCK!!!!! Mysterio is defenceless, and taps to the submission, but Angle isn’t interested in any submissions.


The Coach: That’s your problem, not mine.
Whether or not Coach's line was suppose to be here, this made me laugh. An interesting ending to the show building up more heat between Angle and Mysterio, it is a much I haven't read or seen in a while so I'm really looking forward to these classic foes clashing.

Looking forward to the Tag Team Tournament's finals to see who will get to face AMW. I'm also looking forward to seeing Nick Nemeth show up on Smackdown. And of course you know I'm a Rhino mark so I'm happy to see him win.

Thanks for the read, I am really hyped up due to the SummerSlam booking.

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Re: Being The Booker

Friday Night Smackdown Preview:

After an emotional rollercoaster of a night in Sydney on Monday, Melbourne hosts Smackdown to cap off an incredible week Down Under. And it could be just as much of a white knuckle ride tonight. Not one - BUT TWO - Championships will be on the line, another #1 Contender will be determined, and the two remaining first round matches in the tournament to decide the challengers for AMW at Summerslam will also take place. As if that wasnt enough, Eric Bischoff has set up not one - BUT TWO - face to face showdowns between two pairs of great rivals, set to collide at Summerslam. But with tensions running high, could Summerslam come early in Australia??

After what went down last Friday in Japan, followed by the brawl on Raw, how can Triple H and Brock Lesnar be expected to remain calm when they come face to face?? Both men have been chomping at the bit to get at each other, and with Eric Bischoff scheduling this 'meeting' between the two on Smackdown, surely it is simply adding fuel to the already raging fire.

And, given the well documented history between RVD and WWE Champion Randy Orton, how can the #1 Contender keep his cool when he comes face to face with the man that had put him on the shelf for four months?? Over the past two weeks since his return, Van Dam has gained only a measure of revenge - crashing into Orton with a Van Terminator two weeks ago, then pinned the champion last week to book his place in the title match at Summerslam, where he will look to gain the ultimate revenge. As for Orton, the champion will surely be on the lookout for revenge himself, given the last two weeks on the recieving end of RVD's wrath.

Two face to face showdowns on one show ... and both have the potential to explode.

Just sixteen days away from challenging The Undertaker at Summerslam, Edge will be in action this Friday as he looks to tune up for The Deadman by welcoming back Elijah Burke, who now begins his singles career after his tag team partner, Booker T, was forced to leave the company after the Great American Bash. It could be a rough welcome to life as a singles competitor for the promising prospect, with Edge surely looking to make a statement on his way to Wembley.

Los Latinos and The Daredevils will find out the identity of their opponents in the semi finals of the #1 Contenders tournament when The Caribbean Connection take on the former WWE stars hell bent on winning new contracts; Rob Conway and Andrew 'Test' Martin, whilst The Master Craftsmen meet the unknown quantity in The James Boys, led by the elegant Layla. For Albright and Haas, it's the first of TWO matches this week on Smackdown. After their match with the James Boys, it's every man for himself when the duo eye singles gold...

... As Paul London defends his United States Championship in a triple threat main event match. Albright lost the title to London at Judgment Day but never got a rematch, and Haas is a former U.S Champion himself. Three of the most technically gifted athletes in the WWE will do battle over the prestigious gold, with a spot at Summerslam up for grabs as earlier in the night, MVP and Batista will do battle for the right to face the champion at Summerslam. MVP has made no secret of his desire to take the United States title, but for Batista, it must be seen as somewhat of a step down after challenging for the WWE Championship less than two months ago. However, The Animal will be hungry for gold in order to strengthen his cause for a shot at the ultimate prize. Which of these two men will go on to Summerslam??

And finally, after months of chasing and hounding The Brian Kendrick, Jamie Noble has been granted a shot at the Cruiserweight Championship, and he wont be waiting for too long - he gets it in Melbourne!! Noble has seemingly had Kendrick rattled in recent weeks, and with the champion still harbouring a desire to hold double gold, has his focus been taken off the game enough for Noble to take advantage and win the Cruiserweight title for the third time in his career??

Smackdown to be posted tomorrow.
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