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Re: Being The Booker

Monday Night Raw | July 23 2007 | Tokyo, Japan

We cut directly to Eric Bischoffs office, where the GM is sat on the edge of his desk, with a fake, disingenuous smile planted across his face.

Eric Bischoff: Kon’nichiwa Tokyo.

Cheap pop.

Eric Bischoff: Now before tonight’s festivities, I’d like to take a moment to address a few issues from last week on Monday Night Raw. For the past seven days, Mister Kennedy, The Miz, Armando Estrada, Umaga, and especially Kurt Angle, have been vilified for their actions on last weeks show.

Heat for the heels.

Eric Bischoff: I’ve been blasted from all media outlets for my failure to punish any of these men for their actions. No suspensions, a paltry fine dealt to Mister Angle being the only action taken. Allow me to explain myself. This is the WWE.

Small pop.

Eric Bischoff: This isn’t a schoolyard, this isn’t your regular ‘office’, it’s not a Nine to Five job. It’s a tough place to work, it’s live TV, and it’s my responsibility to ensure the best wrestling, and the best entertainment on television every single week on Raw - and for the time being - on Smackdown too. So I applaud these actions from last week. They’ve made my job easy. Monday Night Raw ISNT a monotonous two hours every week. It’s exciting, it’s newsworthy, it’s athletic, it’s competitive and it’s controversial. Last week proved it.

Bischoff smiles.

Eric Bischoff: There will be no further action taken against these men. I’ve personally requested that Jim Ross conducts an in ring interview tonight with Mister Kennedy and The Miz. Because of last weeks attack, the World Heavyweight Champion, Christian, wont be here tonight-

Massive heat.

Eric Bischoff: But- ALL eyes, all of the media attention and focus is on Umaga. And why shouldn’t it?? Three Hundred and fifty pounds of sheer brutality, force and destruction, a huge unit that can move like a cruiserweight. He’s like nothing you people have ever seen before, and tonight, the public gallery will have the opportunity to get an up close and personal look at the Samoan Bulldozer.


Eric Bischoff: And as for Kurt Angle?? Well, Mister Angle himself has asked for an interview tonight to explain his actions - under NO pressure from myself - entirely his own decision. Happy now??

Bischoff smirks, as the picture fades to black…

Opening Video


Jim Ross: The WWE Summer Tour bandwagon is in full gear tonight, one week on from a hot, sticky and WILD night in Mexico City, we are in the land of the rising sun, and tonight in Tokyo, it could be yet another crazy night of action on the road to Wembley and Summerslam!! I’m Jim Ross, and alongside me as always, doing his bit for public relations … The Coach.

The camera pans to Coachman … and just like last week, he ‘embraces’ the culture, and is seen wearing a conical hat, and a karate uniform. We also see a bowl of sushi on the desk.

Jim Ross: Cant you show some respect?? Or are you so narrow minded that you cant see past stereotypical views??

The Coach: Hey, count yourself lucky old timer. I was ready to come out here in a Sumo uniform!!!

Jim Ross: Well, Coaches outfit aside, Nippon Budokan Hall is absolutely buzzing with excitement. The tag team title match at Summerslam will be determined tonight, the Intercontinental Championship is on the line again with The Brotherhood barred from ringside, Mickie James defends the Womens Title, and the man that challenges for Christians World Heavyweight Championship at Summerslam will be subject to a press conference, requested by the Japanese media, and granted by Armando Estrada.


Kicking proceedings off for the second straight week, Triple H enters - this time dressed for action - for his first match since Backlash … and he doesn’t even know who his opponent will be!!

Jim Ross: And we are kicking things off in a BIG way. The Game made an unexpected return to Raw last week, and this past Friday on Smackdown it was made official; at Summerslam, Triple H meets Brock Lesnar in a Streetfight!! And this week, they will pick each others opponents!! That’s right, Pick Your Poison is back!!

The Coach: And Triple H in particular is at a major disadvantage. He hasn’t had a match since that brutal Hell in a Cell match with Christian at Backlash, and he’s taking this one with absolutely no idea who he’ll be facing!!

Jim Ross: What a way to kick off another historic night, Coach.

Triple H completes his ring entrance, and it’s a long wait …

Lot’s of suspense for Brock Lesnar’s choice …




Jim Ross: Wh- Oh my!!! BATISTA!!!

The Coach: This isn’t right!! He’s from Smackdown!!! YOU CANT BE HERE!!!

Jim Ross: Hey, Bischoff didn’t state that Lesnar couldn’t pick a guy from his own show, Coach. And I gotta say, that’s a helluva choice from the Iron Man. Think of the history; EVOLUTION!! Batista and Triple H go way back, Coach. And there is no love lost there!!

The Coach: Yeah, Batista had no gratitude for everything The Game done for him in the past. If I recall correctly, Batista shunned Triple H when they were both on Smackdown last year.

Jim Ross: The Animal decided to - and excuse the pun here - but, walk alone at that point, and he’s never looked back.

The Coach: Well, if he thinks he can knock off his teacher, his mentor, the guy he owes his career too?? Good luck to him … but he’s wrong!!

Batista reaches the ring, stepping inside, with Triple H standing across from him, looking ready to explode.

Triple H vs. Batista
It’s a blockbuster start to Raw, with two of the biggest names in the company locking horns. The two stall in the early going, trash talking in the middle of the ring, perhaps reliving old times … before circling the ring, and locking up … jockeying for position … struggling around the ring … and stalemate. The fans react to the stalemate, as the two former allies circle the ring again … and lock up once more … but after another impossible struggle, a clear victor isn’t there … and it’s a second stalemate between the pair. Both men look agitated by the deadlock, and J.R heads into a commercial, wondering aloud if either man can gain an advantage … when we return.

Commercial Break

And the show returns with Triple H in the ascendancy, in control of big Dave with a side headlock, as J.R recollects what happened during the commercial, telling the audience that the two broke down into a fist fight, brawling to the outside with the bigger man Batista in control, throwing The Game back inside, but getting cut off as he tried to re-enter, and got suplexed back inside by Trips for a near fall … leading to the side headlock now being applied. The hold doesn’t last long though, and soon, the big man is fighting back to his feet, fending Triple H off with elbows to his gut, and scores with a knock down, followed by a front slam, hooking the leg, but Triple H quickly kicks out before two.

Batista keeps on his opponent though, catching HHH with a knee, and sends him into the corner, rushing in behind him - but Triple H moves out of harms way!!! Batista hit’s the corner, and that allows The Game to take over, stunning Dave with a face buster, following with a high knee, and a cover, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! From here, it all starts to click for Triple H, with The Game rediscovering his groove, picking apart his bigger opponent, targeting Big Dave’s lower back, dissecting the area with knees and elbows, as the strain shows on The Animals face, but the Smackdown superstar refuses to give up to his former leader, once upon a time.

Triple H drags The Animal up to his feet, and attempts to send him off the ropes, but the whip is reversed, and upon his return, Triple H is back body dropped by Dave, and as he gets back up, he gets clotheslined by The Animal - OVER THE TOP - to the outside!!! The fans pick up, as Batista follows out, pulling Triple H, and clubs the back of his opponent, softening him up further, before attempting a whip into the steel ring post … but The Game manages to reverse - AND SENDS BATISTA INTO THE POST INSTEAD!!! The post rattles Batistas brain, and the Animal staggers away … turning around … and gets flattened with a clothesline from The Game!!! Triple H pulls Big Dave back up, slamming his opponents head off the steps, and a second time, before ramming Batista into the ring apron. Big Dave slumps down, holding his back, as Triple H follows in again, sticking his boot in the face of his opponent, before rolling him back inside.

Back inside, it’s much the same, as Triple H dominates, whipping Batista into the corner - HARD, back first - and as the big man stumbles out, Triple H repeats the trick with a hard Irish whip into the opposite corner. Once more, The Game sends Batista into the corner, then follows in, turning Dave over, and driving his shoulder into the lower back of his opponent, with Batista grimacing in pain with each strike. HHH knocks Big Dave down, and drops a knee for a cover, 1...2...No. Not enough to finish the big man. After that, HHH attempts another Irish Whip to the corner, and this time runs in behind … BUT BATISTA THROWS UP AN ELBOW!!! The Game gets caught in the mush, and the elbow sends him onto dream street … as Batista shakes his own cobwebs loose … THEN RATTLES THROUGH THE GAME WITH A STIFF CLOTHESLINE!!!

Suddenly, the fans are buoyed, as The Animal threatens a comeback, knocking the veteran down with another clothesline, and follows that up with a sidewalk slam, and a hook of the leg, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! With The Animal in the ascendancy, he drags his opponent up, throwing him onto his shoulders, and looks for the running Power slam … BUT TRIPLE H SLIPS OFF HIS BACK … AND SCORES WITH A DDT AS THE ANIMAL TURNS BACK AROUND!!! He hooks the leg, 1...2...SHOULDER UP!!! Batista survives, but the end could be near, as we see The Game getting to his feet, and stalking as Big Dave tries to get up … spinning Batista around, and looking for the PEDIGREE … BUT BATISTA COUNTERS … AND BACKDROPS TRIPLE H … OVER THE TOP ROPE … TO THE FLOOR WITH A SICK BUMP!!!!!

The Game lands badly on the floor, and The Animal stays on his knees in the ring for a moment, gathering himself, before rolling out after his opponent, stomping the back of his head, before pulling Triple H up, and gets him onto his shoulders - NOT failing this time - AS HE CRUSHES THE GAME WITH A POWERSLAM ON THE OUTSIDE!!!!! A big reaction greets the high impact move, and Batista wastes little time to get The Game back in the ring, making the cover … 1...2...SHOULDER UP!!!!! Batista shoots the referee a look of shock, getting straight to his feet, holding up three fingers, unable to comprehend the kick out … and neither can the fans, as the match continues.

Batista stays on Triple H, sending him into the corner, following in with a clothesline … walking around … and running in for another … and a third!!! The Animal crushes his former mentor in the corner, and sends him off the ropes, slamming him back onto the canvas with a hip toss. The Game looks to be fading now, and The Animal seems to sense it himself, taking the risk to climb the ropes, perching himself up top as HHH struggles to get up … AND THE ANIMAL FLIES … WITH A DIVING SHOULDER BLOCK TO THE GAME!!!!! The fans go crazy with a uncharacteristic high risk from the big man, as he makes a cover, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Again, Batista cant believe it, thinking he had done enough to finish Triple H that time. Big Dave unleashes his frustration, kicking Triple H (who is on his knees), then runs off the ropes … BUT TRIPLE H COMES ALIVE … AND DELIVERS AN UNEXPECTED SPINEBUSTER!!! He covers, 1...2...BATISTA KICKS OUT!!!

The match continues, with the fans in the arena building into a frenzy. Spaghetti legged (with J.R noting it‘s been three months since his last match), Triple H gets back to his feet, sizing Batista up, kicking his opponent in the gut, hooking him into position for the PEDIGREE … BUT BATISTA COUNTERS OUT … AND SHOCKS TRIPLE H AS HE SLAMS THE GAME WITH A SPINEBUSTER OF HIS OWN!!!!! Unlike Triple H though, Batista DOESN’T go for a cover … but instead gets right back to his feet … reaching the ropes, shaking them … getting the fans in ferment, knowing what’s coming next. He turns, pulling Triple H back to his feet … and throw him between his legs, taking a moment … AND GETS TRIPLE H UP FOR THE BATISTA BOMB … BUT TRIPLE H FIGHTS OUT!!!

With everything he has left, Triple H punches The Animal, forcing himself back onto the canvas … but gets kicked in the gut as soon as he drops down. Batista sends him into the corner, and runs in, looking for a clothesline … BUT TRIPLE H GETS A BOOT UP!!! Batista is stopped by the boot of The Game, and Triple H doesn’t waste another second, kicking Batista in the gut, placing him … AND DRILLS THE ANIMAL WITH THE PEDIGREE!!!!! He turns him over, hooking the leg … 1...2...3!!!!!
Winner: Triple H @ 16:29

In a heck of an effort, Triple H returns with a victory, besting The Animal, and getting the better of Brock Lesnars handpicked opponent. The Game turns over, lying on his back momentarily, selling the hard fought contest - and three months of ring rust, before getting on his knees, and having his arm raised in victory.

Jim Ross: Coach, he meant it when he said; “The Game is back!!”

The Coach: I never doubted him, baby boy. Did you??

Jim Ross: After what you and I saw him go through at Backlash inside the Hell in a Cell, I never thought he’d be the same again, especially when he took a sabbatical. But tonight, The Game has proven to any lingering doubters like myself that the rest has paid off. Triple H is refreshed, and he is ready. This is Triple H working off ring rust, Coach. What kind of Game can we expect in four weeks at Summerslam??

The Coach: We can expect him at his very best!! He had to really dig deep to pull it out tonight old timer, in twenty seven days, he’ll be vindictive, he’ll be callous, and he’ll be way too much for Lesnar to handle!!

Triple H doesn’t spend long celebrating his win, and exit’s the ring, walking up the aisle, pointing to a couple of loud fans, mouthing off at them, as he continues up the aisle, whilst we see Batista recovering in the ring, shaking his head in disappointment after his loss.

Jim Ross: And now, focus for The Game will move on to this Friday in Saitama, when he will pick Brock Lesnars poison. Will he play Lesnar at his own game and pick a member of the Raw roster?? Or will Triple H find his man among the masses on Smackdown??

The Coach: I know one thing, I bet Triple H wishes he could choose himself this Friday. He doesn’t want to wait until Summerslam.

The Game poses at the top of the aisle now, extending his arms, raising them, before pointing his thumbs at himself, looking very confident in himself after a big return victory tonight.

Jim Ross: I bet Brock Lesnar feels the exact same way, Coach. But the wait will undoubtedly be worth it. But still to come tonight, we are going to hear from Mister Kennedy after he and The Miz beat down John Cena last week in Mexico. Just what in the world was that all about??

The Coach: It was great!!

Jim Ross: Two titles will also be on the line, MNM will find out their challengers for Summerslam, AND as alluded to earlier, the Japanese media, dazzled by the mere sight of Umaga, have been granted an in ring press conference later tonight with the Samoan Bulldozer, and his ever present handler, Armando Estrada. And when we return, it’s the first of those two title match ups, can the French Canadian rookie Maryse upset the odds and unseat the Womens champion, Mickie James?? Find out; NEXT!!!

Commercial Break


Backstage now, we see KEN DOANE tying up his boot laces, dressed to compete … as the camera shows a pair of shoes walking up beside him. The youngster pauses, looking down at the shoes, then up … revealing ERIC BISCHOFF!!

Bischoff smiles, patting the back of Doane, as the twenty year old stands up straight, nodding at Eric, before fixing his wrist tape.

Eric Bischoff: Back for more, huh??

Firmly, Doane nods.

Ken Doane: And goin nowhere, boss. You might not have a lot of faith in me, but this is where I want to be, and this is what I want to do.

Eric grudgingly nods.

Eric Bischoff: I’ll admit, you impressed me last week. You took the fight to Umaga, and while- well, it didn’t last long, did it?? But for the time it did, you showed me a lot of heart, kid. And I see you’ve got your gear on, ready to rock and roll again tonight.

Doane nods.

Eric Bischoff: That’s good, because I’ve got another test for you a little later on. I’ve got just the opponent.

Ken Doane: Bring it on, I’ll fight whoever.

Eric lets out a lone ‘HA’ before stopping, and pausing.

Eric Bischoff: Kurt Angle.

Disingenuously, Bischoff smiles, and slaps the back of Doane, before walking off, leaving the youngster to process the news, watching as Eric walks on.

Back into the arena…


To minimal response, Maryse enters the arena ahead of her first ever shot at the Womens title, just three months into her career on Raw.

Jim Ross: Well, Maryse will be momentarily set to challenge Mickie James for the Womens title, after sneaking in through the backdoor last week to claim victory in a Fatal Four Way match-

The Coach: Whoa, whoa. Don’t rain on this delightful honey’s parade, J.R. LOOK at this THING of beauty.

Jim Ross: I’m not disputing how hot Maryse is, Coach. It’s pretty damn evident how hot she is. But I’m not convinced this young woman is quite ready to challenge for the womens title. And, as a matter of fact, Eric Bischoff might not be overly sure himself, because already, he has announced a match for next week in Australia, between Gail Kim and Beth Phoenix - a number one contenders match to meet the winner of this match.

The Coach: He has??


Mickie James hit’s the stage, showing off her title belt, smiling to the audience as she makes her way to the ring.

The Coach: Well … now I’m torn. I wanted Maryse to win a minute ago, but now, if this is true, and Beth Phoenix can get a shot at the title with a win next week … then maybe I’d like Alexis Laree-

Jim Ross: Mickie James, Coach.

The Coach: Whatever she’s calling herself this week … maybe I’d like her to win this, and finally face up to her past!!

Mickie James vs. Maryse
The champion is forced to make the most out of her fairly green challenger, and after schooling the French Canadian early on, is outsmarted as Maryse sneakily yanks the champs hair to pull her down, out of the referees eyeshot. Maryse then takes over, and gets the fans riled up with her heelish antics, throwing her hair around and posing, whilst the champion writhes. As all this happens, we see glimpses of both Gail Kim and Beth Phoenix (in different areas) watching on monitors backstage. Maryse scores a couple of near falls, but the fans don’t quite buy any of the pin attempts.

Maryse now pulls Mickie up, and positions her for her French Kiss DDT … but Mickie wisely grabs a rope, stopping her from going down, and Maryse lands on her back in pain, allowing the champion to go for a jack knife cover … 1...2...MARYSE KICKS OUT!!! From here, Mickie turns it up a notch, getting her big comeback in full swing, proving to be just too good for her inexperienced opponent, but to her credit, Maryse hangs in there for as long as she can, even managing to block an attempt at the Mickie-T, and charges the champion into the corner!!!

Mickie though comes right back at Maryse, attacking her with hard forearm shots, but the challenger stops Mickie with a rake to the eyes … AND THEN GETS A ROLL UP … HOOKING THE TIGHTS … 1...2...MICKIE KICKS OUT!!! … Mickie jumps up, arguing with the official about the use of the tights, but Maryse makes the most of the distraction, placing a kick to the gut of the champion, Maryse hit’s the ropes … AND RUNS RIGHT INTO A ROUNDHOUSE KICK!!! It’s lights out for the challenger, as Mickie drags her back up, and THIS TIME, nails the Mickie-T!!! She covers, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: And STILL Womens Champion - Mickie James @ 04:13

It’s a routine defence for the Womens Champion, but her next title defence will likely be much tougher; Beth Phoenix or Gail Kim await, and the match to determine her next challenger will be in seven days time.

Jim Ross: Mickie James will walk out of Budokan Hall as she entered it; Womens Champion. But Maryse has nothing to be ashamed of here, she gave a great account of herself, she ran Mickie close, and perhaps after tonight, the young French Canadian will have the belief that one day she’ll go one better.

The Coach: Well, Mickie can celebrate all she wants - her reign is officially on borrowed time. Next week, Beth Phoenix is gonna get her shot, and from there?? BYE BYE MICKIE, OR ALEXIS, OR WHATEVER YOU’RE CALLED!!!

Jim Ross: Do you mind?? There’s no call for the shouting, whatsoever.

As Mickie celebrates her win, we cut backstage again to see a boiling over figure of Beth Phoenix - the sight of a smiling Mickie James eating her alive, knowing she cant get near her until she becomes #1 Contender - and then cut to a stern looking Gail Kim, nodding at the monitor, impressed with the performance of the champion tonight.

Jim Ross: Well folks, coming up in just a second, we will get words from Kurt Angle, following his despicable actions against Rey Mysterio in Mexico last week on Raw. I don’t know how Angle can condone those actions, but we’ll soon hear his true motives…

Commercial Break


The video opens in a rather murky wrestling gym, where we see two men grappling on the mat, with one - revealed as CHRISTOPHER DANIELS last week - in control, easily overpowering his opponent.

Voice: As you’ll know by now, that man in the ring is ‘The Fallen Angel’ Christopher Daniels…

The footage cuts to the man revealed last week as Doug Williams, sitting over the apron.

Doug Williams: And as you were informed last week, I’m ‘The Anarchist’ Doug Williams.

Doug rubs his chin, taking a look at Daniels at work in the ring and nods in approval.

Doug Williams: For over a decade, just like my good friend there, I’ve made my name by wrestling all over the world. From my home in England, all over the United Kingdom and the rest of the Europe, before taking my talents across the water to the U.S and conquering Japan.

Williams then points his thumb behind him for a second.

Doug Williams: Unlike Chris though, I didn’t get a chance to prove myself with World Wrestling Entertainment by joining one of their development projects … twelve months ago when the WWE toured Britain, I got a shot to prove myself at a WWE event before the audience even got to enter the building.

He smirks.

Doug Williams: It took them long enough to do it, but it appears that my efforts didn’t go to waste. Because here I am, ready to make my mark in front of a worldwide audience.

Nodding, Williams continues.

Doug Williams: And while Chris and I have waged many a battle in the past all over the planet, we’ve got unwavering respect for one another … which is why when we became aware that the WWE had signed us both up, we made a pact to break into the picture, and break the mould together. Very soon, our time will come to hit Monday Night Raw from a bomb from heaven. Two angels … bringing unbridled anarchy.

Williams smiles, as the camera passes him, focusing on Daniels in the ring, standing over his exhausted opponent as we fade out … to a graphic …


Backstage now, Matt Striker is standing by … with KURT ANGLE!! The fans boo the Olympic Gold medallist, who stands firm, not allowing the boos to affect him.

Matt Striker: Kurt Angle, thank you for taking the time to speak with me … and right now, I think the entire watching audience would like you to explain your reprehensible actions last week on Raw…

Angle looks down on Striker, taking a moment before finally speaking.

Kurt Angle: You’ve gotta be either incredibly brave, or incredibly stupid Matt … that’s quite a statement to make, especially after seeing what I did to Rey Mysterio last week. Reprehensible?? You used to be a teacher, right??

Striker nods.

Kurt Angle: So explain to me what that word means…

Uncomfortably, Striker has to be prompted by Angle, but eventually speaks.

Matt Striker: Well Kurt, it means … something that is highly unacceptable … wrong, disgraceful, shameful, inexcusable.

Striker shrugs.

Kurt Angle: Okay … so what’s reprehensible about my actions last week?? What did I do that was so wrong, and inexcusable, huh??

Looking extremely uncomfortable, Striker tentatively speaks, pointing toward the monitor.

Matt Striker: I believe we have the - uh … footage here, if you want to take a look at what I’m getting at…

Outside the ring, we see Angle has a (small) AMERICAN flag, and wraps it around the face of Mysterio, tying it to the luchador, with the fans ready to explode - ready to riot …

… Angle pulls Rey onto the ramp … DROPPING HIM WITH ANOTHER ANGLE SLAM!!! He leaves Rey - spread eagled on the ramp for all to see - in Mexico, his spiritual home … with an American Flag wrapped around his face.

Back at the set, Angle looks confused.

Kurt Angle: Wait just a second, Matt. Because I’m patriotic, that makes my actions reprehensible?? For the last two weeks, I’ve been forced to put up with Mexican flags being shoved in my face, Japanese flags in my face, and every other country in between … are those people - those proud Mexicans, proud Japanese … are they reprehensible, Matt??

Striker squirms, not quite agreeing with Angles take, but before he can say anything, Kurt continues.

Kurt Angle: No, they’re not. So why am I?? Why is me, shoving an American flag in Rey Mysterio’s face - Rey Mysterio an American himself - why is that such a crime?? In fact, let me ask you a question Matt. Where did you grow up??

Matt Striker: New York City, Sir.

Kurt Angle: New York?? The Big Apple. You must be a proud American, right??

Matt Striker: Of course, absolutely.

Kurt Angle: Would you find it reprehensible if I shoved an American flag - your nations flag - in your face??

Matt Striker: I … uh … guess not.

Kurt Angle: You guess not. So why the outrage?? Because Mysterio has a big Mexican heritage?? Big freakin deal. If he loved Mexico that much, he’d live there. Mysterio is nothing more than an opportunist. He sees an opportunity to play both sides of the border … yet I’m the villain because I nail my allegiance to the mast??

In total exasperation, Angle stops, unable to speak for a moment, restarting.

Kurt Angle: It wouldn’t surprise me tonight if Mysterio went out to the ring claiming his Great Aunts Cat came from Japan … or his almighty Uncle Rey Senior mastered the art of Karate under the guidance of Bruce Lee … and that as a result, he’s just like all of these people in Tokyo …

Angle shakes his head in disgust.

Kurt Angle: And maybe next week, he’ll reveal that in actual fact, he’s part adopted, and his real dad is Crocodile Dundee … and the week after, his family lineage ties in with the Royal Family in England … some way to make him feel like one of you, some way - any way to make you people cheer him and love him.

He pauses again, now turning his attention from Striker, and to the camera.

Kurt Angle: And you people eat it up. You people DO buy into his phoney act … you morons are fooled into believing the lies of a conman. I’m the one standing here being true to myself … being true to you people. I don’t wear a mask … I don’t pretend to be someone, or something I’m not … and I’m the reprehensible one??

Another pause, looking over at Striker, then back to the camera, shaking his head.

Kurt Angle: And the conman that feeds you people lies … the man that dare not show his face … the man that wears a MASK … is the victim??

Kurt scoffs.

Kurt Angle: If being real is a crime … if being true to who you are, or being proud of where you came from is reprehensible?? Then lock me up and throw away the key … because I don’t want to live in a world where phoneys, fakes and liars are the heroes.

Angle gives Striker another look of disdain, and walks off the set, with the interviewer watching on, as we fade out…

Commercial Break

We return, straight into the ring, where Ken Doane is already waiting…


To deafening heat, Kurt Angle marches onto the stage - draped in an American flag - and wastes no time walking to the ring after letting off his pyro.

Match 3:
Ken Doane vs. Kurt Angle
Angle lunges for Doane straight away, taking the youngster down, and hammering Ken mercilessly, before being hauled away by the referee. Angle is admonished by the official, but soon pushes past, coming at Doane in the corner, but Ken kicks him away, and again, before leaping off the middle buckle with a diving clothesline, knocking the veteran off his feet!! The fans pop for the youngster, and Doane looks to build on his pocket of offence, sending Angle into the corner, and connects with a reverse elbow to his opponent. Doane, knowing that he cant let up for a single second, immediately pulls Kurt out of the corner, looking for a suplex … but Kurt blocks … AND FIRES OFF A SUPLEX OF HIS OWN!!!

Kurt doesn’t bother with a cover, and instead looks to punish, choking Doane with his boot in the corner, before pulling him to his feet, reeling off a succession of stiff uppercut forearms, roughing the kid up, and sends him across the ring, racing in behind … but before impact, Doane pushes up on the ropes, landing behind Angle, and rolls him up … 1...2...NO!!! Doane nearly surprises Angle … but pays the price, as Angle bounces up … AND TEARS THROUGH DOANE WITH A CLOTHESLINE!!! Still Kurt doesn’t cover, and he drags Ken up, shoving him to the corner, grabbing him by the face, talking trash, admonishing the kid for having the audacity to push him … THEN DELIVERS A PERFECT BELLY TO BELLY!!!

AGAIN, Angle doesn’t cover, and the Olympian instead picks Ken up again, shoving him into the corner, putting the boots to his opponent - running close to being disqualified by the referee - before pulling him to his feet again, out of the corner, and looks to hit a German Suplex this time … BUT THE KID COUNTERS … INTO A ROLL THROUGH … 1...2...ANGLE KICKS OUT!!! Again, Doane nearly shocks the over-aggressive Angle, and Kurt bounces up again, but this time MISSES his wild clothesline attempt … AND DOANE CONNECTS WITH A DROPKICK!!! Angle bounces up … RIGHT INTO AN ARM DRAG!!! Kurt bounces up again, looking rather ragged, as Doane picks him up, dropping Kurt onto the ropes with a flapjack, and kicks him on the rebound in the gut … DDT!!!!! The fans are going crazy now, with the youngster building momentum, making a cover … 1...2...NO!!!!!

An ‘AWWW’ fills the arena, hoping for the upset, as Doane sits up, hands on his head, mouth open wide. He gets to his feet, bringing Angle with him … BUT KURT EXPLODES … WITH A BELLY TO BELLY AGAIN!!! The life is sucked out of the arena after that, expecting that to be all she wrote for young Doane, as Angle sizes him up … AND LOOKS FOR THE ANGLE SLAM … BUT DOANE COUNTERS … INTO A RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP!!!!! This time, the kid doesn’t bother with a cover, and instead crawls to the corner, onto the apron, and climbs the ropes … it’s all or nothing for Ken Doane … AND HE SOARS WITH A DIVING LEG DROP … AND MISSES!!! Doane misses, and Angle isn’t taking any more chances … he lifts Ken up, and drills him emphatically with an Angle Slam, before quickly applying the ANKLELOCK … and the submission follows quickly.
Winner: Kurt Angle @ 05:02

Angle wins, but it wasn’t the squash everyone expected it to be, with Ken Doane giving the Olympian a mighty scare tonight.

Jim Ross: Kurt Angle was very nearly left red faced here tonight!!! Angle wins, but the story - for me at least Coach - was that Ken Doane just showed the world what he’s capable of!!

The Coach: Tapping out like an excited seal?? Yeah, he got a few shots in, but Kurt Angle was always in control.

Jim Ross: Oh come on, Coach. Give the kid some credit!! He just pushed one of the best - if not THE best - to the very limit tonight!!

The Coach: Kurt Angle was just a little worked up. He’s still angry about Rey Mysterio.

Jim Ross: I’ll give you that, Coach, it wasn’t Angle at his best. He was reckless, he was a little overaggressive at times, and not as focused as always, but I refuse to let that overshadow a really impressive showing from the twenty one year old Ken Doane.

In the ring, Angle peers over at Doane, watching the youngster trying to regain his footing, selling the pain in his ankle, and surprisingly, Angle helps him up to his feet, patting his chest to a nice response …

… THEN ANGLE CHEAP SHOTS HIM!!! Angle wails on Doane in the corner, mercilessly pounding the youngster, before dragging him out of the corner … AND RE-APPLYING THE ANKLE LOCK!!!


Angle clamps down, applying the grapevine on Doane, who taps repeatedly on the canvas, but Kurt has no intention of releasing … he wants to inflict as much pain and punishment as possible …




Jim Ross: IT- IT’S MYSTERIO!!!


The fans explode, as Kurt releases the hold, rolling away … into the ropes … as Rey spots the opening … AND SETS UP THE 619 … BUT ANGLE AVOIDS IT - SLIPPING OUT OF THE RING!!!

Jim Ross: Ohhh … NOW he doesn’t want to fight??


Heat rains down on Angle, with the Olympian stumbling up the ramp, holding his neck, whilst a rightly fired up Mysterio watches from the ring, beckoning Angle back to face him, wanting revenge for last weeks attack.

Jim Ross: What’s the matter, Kurt?? Huh?? What’s wrong??

The Coach: He’s tired!!! He got jumped from behind!!! And there’s two of ‘em!!!

Mysterio now helps Doane to his feet, and is seen giving the youngster words of encouragement, before turning his attentions back to the outside where he watches Angle on the stage, still holding his neck, looking back at the ring at Rey. Rey again challenges Angle back to the ring, but Kurt waves it off, taking a quick look at the fans, mouthing “THERE‘S YOUR HERO” and points in the direction of Rey, shaking his head as he disappears behind the curtain.

The Coach: What kind of a world do we live in where a guy that wears a mask is a hero, and an Olympian is a villain?? Sickening!!!

Jim Ross: Oh stop that nonsense. You sound just like Angle. Have you been brainwashed?? Do you not have an opinion of your own??

The Coach: I have plenty - and they’re all different from yours. I just happen to agree with Angle on this one.

In the ring, Rey pats Doane on the back again, before holding the ropes open for the youngster, as they leave the ring together, with Rey offering more encouragement for the promising Doane.

Jim Ross: Well, Kurt Angle caught a case of the limber tales tonight. He got outta here like a scalded dog- he wanted no part whatsoever of Rey Mysterio.

The Coach: Oh please. Kurt Angle afraid of THAT??? You’re really going senile old timer.

Jim Ross: I call what I see Coach. Tell me if I’m wrong. Did Kurt Angle not just get the hell outta dodge??

Coach remains silent, as Rey and Doane disappear from view, with the camera switching back to ringside…

Jim Ross: Your silence speaks volumes Coach. Ladies and Gentlemen, last week, Rey Mysterio wasn’t the only man to be savagely beaten down. John Cena found himself the victim of a two on one attack from Mister Kennedy and The Miz … when we come back, we’ll have that sickening footage, and later, we’ll hear from Kennedy AND The Miz.

Commercial Break

Straight back to ringside with J.R and Coach…

Jim Ross: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw, live from Tokyo, and still to come tonight; Straight Edge meet The British Lions for the opportunity to meet MNM for the World Tag Team Titles at Summerslam. Both teams are their issues with the champions, issues that have been well documented. Not only that, but our main event tonight is for the Intercontinental Title. Once more, Shelton Benjamin defends his title against Matt Hardy. And, after last weeks shenanigans, there will be NO Brotherhood at ringside.

The Coach: Not fair. What exactly is the point of Theodore Long having his managers licence if he isn’t allowed to make sure of it??

Jim Ross: He’s abused that licence more than enough times, Coach. If you’ve got an issue, take it up with Bischoff!! And also tonight, the Japanese media have been absolutely star struck with the Samoan Bulldozer - to the point where they have been granted a press conference later tonight with the number one contender.

The Coach: They haven’t seen anyone like Umaga since Godzilla!!! That’s why they’re so enamoured with him, old timer.

Jim Ross: Well, we will see Umaga, with Armando Estrada as always, as the anticipation grows towards the Samoan Bulldozers title shot at Summerslam against Christian. But before we concentrate on that, last week, Mister Kennedy, with the help of The Miz bloodied John Cena. Kennedy was due to meet Cena in the ring for the first time ever, but it became apparent early on that he didn’t want the match at all last week in Mexico, and instead, he stalled. He bought time, until The Miz made his return, attacking Cena from behind … and well … well, take a look at this…


Quick clips of Cena and Kennedys entrances, with soundbites from J.R and Coach setting the scene for last weeks meeting … then Kennedy stalls on the outside … and stalls some more … raising the ire of Cena …

Kennedy moves forward, getting onto the steps, putting one foot on the apron … then turns to the fans, shrugging and says “NAHHH!!”

Jim Ross:

The Coach: HA HA!!! I LOVE IT!!! Kennedy wont be bullied by Cena; he marches to his own beat!!!

Kennedy jumps back down, and towards the ramp again, with Cena finally having enough standing at the ropes, shouting out to Kennedy “YOU LEAVE YOUR NUTS BACK IN THE U.S??” Kennedy, typically laughs, and mysteriously replies “NO CENA … TONIGHT JUST DOESN’T WORK FOR ME”

Jim Ross: Did I just hear him right?? You’re getting paid to wrestle Kennedy!!!

Cena is furious, and attempts to get out of the ring, but as he does, a big rush of noise develops from the fans … BEFORE CENA IS BLASTED WITH A CAMERA …

… BY THE MIZ!!!!!


The Coach: YES!! REVENGE!!!

Jim Ross: The Miz just attacked John Cena with that damn camera!!

Cut to; Kennedy joining Miz in the ring, now holding the camera; Kennedy sees Cena getting up, and quickly turns the camera around, shouting into it “AND THE OSCAR FOR BEST DIRECTOR GOES TO…”



Cena crumbles to the mat, as Kennedy turns the camera around again; “MIST-ERRR KEN-ED-DAYYYYYYY!!!” Kennedy pauses, and looks around, with Cena moving again, on one knee … AND BLASTS HIM ONCE MORE - WITH REAL FINALITY THIS TIME!!!

Jim Ross: NO!!! THIS IS TOO MUCH!!

The Coach: It’s not enough, J.R!!! Cena’s had this coming to him for a long, long time!!!

Cena hit’s the canvas, with the overly excited Miz standing over his fallen foe, talking trash (real tough guy stuff) … whilst Kennedy turns the camera around once more … “KEN-NED-DAYYYYY”


Cut to; Kennedy and Miz at the top of the ramp, with Cena recovering in the ring … Cena hangs onto the middle rope, looking out through the ropes at his two conquerors tonight, seething with rage, whilst Kennedy and Miz turn around at the top of the stage, with Kennedy proudly holding the camera aloft, and both men looking delighted at their work … before cutting back to Cena in the ring, swatting referees away, not wanting their help to get back to his feet.

Jim Ross: Kennedy better realise that there will be HELL TO PAY for his actions tonight, and you can bet that The Miz will be getting his too!!!

The video ends with the image of Kennedy repeating his name, glaring into the camera … “KEN-NED-DAYYYYYYYY”


And cut backstage, where we see Kennedy walking and talking with The Miz, who is holding his camera again from last week. The conversation cant be heard, with J.R talking over it…

Jim Ross: Well, there they are. Just what is the relationship between them?? What motive did Kennedy have to attack Cena so violently last week?? I will be looking to find out the answers in just a moment, when we come back!!

Commercial Break

And, we return, with J.R stood in the ring, waiting to speak…

Jim Ross: I’m sure you all just saw the video a few moments ago. Last week, Mister Kennedy and The Miz beat down John Cena, and right now, I’d like to invite Mister Kennedy and The Miz to the ring to explain themselves…

J.R turns, and waits…



Mister Kennedy confidently strides onto the stage, and is joined by The Miz, with the pair being greeted with a round of boos from the fans in Budokan Hall. The pair stall at the top of the stage, with Kennedy taking a look at Miz, laughing at the response from the fans, before proceeding down the aisle.

The two point at one or two of the fans, having a joke at their expense, whilst Miz films the entire thing on his handheld camera. Kennedy reaches the ring, with Miz getting onto the apron first, and holds the ropes open for his buddy, with Kennedy over-graciously accepting the invite, stepping into the ring.

Now inside, the music dies down, with Kennedy and Miz smiling broadly, as J.R prepares to kick things off, taking loudly over the vocal fans.

Jim Ross: Mister Kennedy- if I could start with you. Last week, for seemingly no apparent reason, you joined this man to your left, The Miz, in a sickening two on one beating on John Cena.

The Miz grabs the mic.

The Miz: No reason?? No reason?? Have you gone senile, J.R?? Is that cowboy hat cutting off the blood supply to your brain?? Don’t you remember what John Cena did to me!!??

Miz puts the mic at J.Rs mouth for an answer.

Jim Ross: As a matter of fact, Miz, I do remember. But I asked Mister Kennedy what his reason was. Cena never laid a hand on him. And whilst his actions toward you were unjustified, what you, and this man conspired to do was not the right way to go about gaining a measure of revenge.

Kennedy reaches over, asking Miz for the mic, with Miz handing it over.

Mister Kennedy: J.R … I had plenty of reason. Okay, John Cena maybe didn’t put me through a table, maybe he didn’t cheap shot me in the past … but that doesn’t surprise me. Bullies tend to pick on those that are weaker than them.


Mister Kennedy: John Cena manhandled this man to my left last month … because he thought there would be no repercussions. He knew that The Miz was being shunned by all corners of the locker room … he knew The Miz wasn’t being accepted because he was an outsider … he knew that no one would chew him out for putting the kid on the shelf. It was a costless crime, and he would get to feel good about himself as a result.

Miz nods, as Kennedy pats his friends back.

Mister Kennedy: And if you can get away with something once, hell, why not do it again?? And that’s exactly what Cena did two weeks ago to poor Santino Marella.

Kennedy shakes his head in disgust, as J.R takes the opportunity to lean in and speak again…

Jim Ross: But what has any of that got to do with you??

Kennedy furiously yanks the mic away from J.R, shooting the voice of Raw a look of disdain.

Mister Kennedy: It’s got everything to do with me, J.R. Whilst everyone else in the back is happy to see John Cena push his weight around and bully people … I’m not. I wont just stand around and watch Cena push people around to get what he wants. I look at this man, The Miz, and I see a guy that needs guidance … needs an arm around his shoulder … needs encouragement. But the boys in the back shun this man because he came from the world of reality TV.

Miz nods, mouthing off mic “it’s not fair”.

Mister Kennedy: You, J.R, have ran this man down, week after week for that very fact. This kid is being chastised for his past. Forget the fact he hasn’t even had a match on Raw yet … you, and all the rest of the Raw roster have judged and persecuted him already. You aren’t prepared to offer him words of advice, or build up his confidence, or even just say; “Y‘know, let‘s give this kid a chance, huh?? Let‘s give The Miz a few months to find his feet, and let‘s judge him then.”

Kennedy leans over J.R, trying to intimidate the commentator.

Mister Kennedy: No … no, you want him to fail. Yet, if this guy was going by his name of Mike Mizanin, and he was a two time All American collegiate star?? Ohhhh … THEN this kid’s a star. THEN, you’ll gush … ohhhh J.R … you’ll be hanging off this man like he was the next Lou Thesz. You’ll be sitting over there beside The Coach, rhyming off his accomplishments, touting him as the next big deal … because you’re ignorant.

Prodding J.R with his finger, Kennedy continues to intimidate the Oklahoman.

Mister Kennedy: Just like everyone else in this business. You’re narrow minded, you’re bitter, and you don’t like outsiders infiltrating your business. Well … I’m not like everyone else. I look at The Miz here, and I see a kid that needs a mentor, needs someone to offer him advice … someone like you, J.R … but we know you’re too narrow minded to give this kid off MTV the time of day. So I’ll guide him … I’ll protect him from the bullies like Cena, and I’ll watch him flourish…

Miz smiles, and nods, before randomly shouting “HOO-RAH”

Mister Kennedy: So last week?? That was me helping The Miz get a measure of revenge on Cena. And as an added bonus, we filmed the whole thing.

Kennedy laughs, winking at Miz, with Miz smiling back, holding up the camera as some sort of prize. J.R meanwhile, has now got a mic of his own, and speaks up.

Jim Ross: Well, that’s very noble of you, Mister Kennedy. But with all due respect, the reason I, like many others have given Mister Mizanin a hard time is because in this business, respect isn’t given … it’s earned … and while I can appreciate he’s at a disadvantage from where he’s come from, running around Raw performing candid camera tricks sure as hell wont win over my respect.

Big pop.

Jim Ross: Perhaps- Perhaps, when The Miz gets in the ring and shows us what he’s capable of, then he’ll get mine, and everyone elses respect.

Another pop, with J.R bravely speaking up for himself, much to the anger of Kennedy and Miz. Kennedy offers Miz the chance to speak up for himself now.

The Miz: Perhaps if I hadn’t been assaulted by your buddy Cena a month ago, I might’ve already earned your almighty respect, J.R. Did you ever think of that, huh??

Miz tilts his head, asking the question. J.R stands firm, and nods, accepting the comment from Miz.

Jim Ross: That’s a fair point. But, if we could maybe move on here … Mister Kennedy, I had one question I really wanted to ask you here tonight. Last week, you had the opportunity to face John Cena for the first time. Forget your personal opinion of the man, John Cena is arguably the biggest name in the industry today. You, on a number of occasions over the course of this year have made it clear that you want to be a main event player.

Kennedy says ‘YEP’ off mic.

Jim Ross: Yet last week, when the opportunity presented itself to prove your credentials … you passed it up, and took the easy way out of the match, joining your friend here to attack Cena instead. My question … why?? Why would you not take Cena on last week, and show the world that you’re not just full of hot air, and that you truly are here to stay among the main events??

A few ‘OOOHHS’ develop inside the arena, as J.R doesn’t mince his words, leaving Kennedy speechless for a second, taking the mic from Miz, but not saying anything initially.

Mister Kennedy: You trying to ask in a roundabout way if I’m scared to take on Cena?? Ohhhhh, Jimbo … WAAAAAY off. No, I don’t fear Cena, you idiot. But, J.R … I’m smart.

Kennedy points to his brain.

Mister Kennedy: Our friend, Mister Cena is in a bit of a mess right now. Ever since he lost his title at WrestleMania?? He aint been quite the same, has he?? You may not admit it, J.R, but you know it, I know it, Miz knows it, Coach knows it … hell, Cena knows it. His bubble has burst. The wheels have came off, and the Chain Gang hasn’t had too many membership renewals this year. John Cena is a star on the wane … he’s been found out. Hell, last month at Vengeance the guy tapped out to Kurt Angle.

Miz drops down, over-egging the re-enactment, tapping wildly on the mat.

Mister Kennedy: And now, he’s losin his grip. The nice guy act has already worn thin, and the fans see through it. It sure as hell don’t help his cause when he’s putting innocent people on the shelf, and then whines and bitches to Eric Bischoff because he’s not in the running for a shot at the title.

Kennedy turns away from J.R, getting into the face of the camera.

Mister Kennedy: NEWSFLASH JOHN-BOY - title shots are earned - NOT on reputation, but by winnin matches in the ring. And you, my friend, have not been doin too much of that lately.

He turns away from the camera again, finished with his personal message to Cena.

Mister Kennedy: Yet … despite all that … yeah … John Cena is still a big name … maybe even THE biggest name … for now.

Mixed reaction.

Mister Kennedy: And I’m (puts his index finger and thumb a millimetre apart) this close to reaching that level. I’m one big win away from breaking the glass ceiling, but there’s a time and a place to do it. I could’ve beaten Cena last week and left his career in tatters, sure. But why not do it on the biggest stage possible, huh?? Why not announce myself in the upper echelon by picking off a big name - the biggest name - at the biggest Summerslam of all time??

Pop from the fans, as J.R pipes up, stating the obvious.

Jim Ross: Are you- are you trying to tell me that you’re challenging John Cena to a match at Summerslam??

Miz rips the mic from J.R.

The Miz: Bravo, doofus!!! Give J.R a prize!!! (Puts on awful J.R impression) Give him a Bargain Bucket with extra BAR-B-QUE SAUCE!!!!

Miz shoves J.R, with J.R falling into the corner, and immediately pointing at Miz, lecturing the loudmouth, as Kennedy grabs J.R by the jacket, intimidating the commentator …


Out to save the day, John Cena walks onto the stage, and in the ring, Kennedy lets go of J.R, turning his attention to the stage, as does Miz, whilst J.R quickly gets out of the ring.

John Cena: The two of you are about to beat up a commentator … and I’m the bully??

Kennedy and Miz shake their heads.

John Cena: Maybe I am a bully, I dunno. But if I’m a bully, you two are definitely hypocrites.

Again, Kennedy and Miz try not to show any sort of reaction.

John Cena: Kennedy, you’re standing there, talkin’ as if you’re some kind of noble saint. You’re looking out for the little guy, you’re takin’ Miz under your wing, and you’re gonna help him along … come on man … fess up. You just gone and got yourself a lackey.


John Cena: Mike, don’t listen to his sweet talk. He’s probably told you he’ll help make you a star, right?? He’ll help take the lemons you’ve been given, and turn them into lemonade, right?? He’s playin ya, kid. He sees a desperate naïve boy that he can get to do all his dirty work, and string along for as long as he possibly can. He don’t care about you … he just cares about himself, and how he can get ahead. And if you can help him do that, he’ll use you all the way.

In the ring, Kennedy shakes his head, telling Miz it’s not true and not to listen.

John Cena: He wont be straight with ya kid … but I will. You aint gonna make it.

‘OOOHHHHS’ from the fans.

John Cena: Y’Don’t have the heart for it. Y’Don’t have the will. The only reason the WWE signed you up Miz … is for a few mainstream features on TMZ and MTV.

Miz frowns, and looks on the verge of tears.

John Cena: You’re a reality TV star, Miz. And a damn fine one at that. Stick to being famous for that … and you Kennedy?? Well, as far as I’m concerned, you can join him on The Real World … because your fifteen minutes of fame in the WWE is just about up!!


John Cena: You want me at Summerslam?? You want to “pick me off” at Wembley?? I’d love to see ya try. Let’s do it!!!

It’s official; Cena vs. Kennedy @ Summerslam.

John Cena: But that … (Cena wags his finger) … thaaaaat’s four weeks away. After what you did to me last week?? I don’t feel like waiting for four weeks …

Cena drops the mic … AND SPRINTS TOWARD THE RING!!! Cena runs, sliding inside … and Kennedy shoves Miz to the wolves - RIGHT INTO AN FU FROM CENA TO THE MIZ!!!! Cena quickly gets back up … AND GETS LOW BLOWED INSTANTLY!!!!!

Kennedy low blows Cena, bringing his rival to his knees, and stands over the writhing figure of Cena, grabbing him by the face, with the camera in the other hand, filming everything … yelling at Cena “YOU‘RE ON THE OUTS CENA … AND I‘M FINISHING YOU OFF AT SUMMERSLAM!!!”


Kennedy sprints halfway up the ramp, getting away from Cena, with his foe getting back to his feet, ready to explode. Cena turns, seeing Miz laying flat out on the canvas … and shouts up at Kennedy; “FORGETTING SOMEONE??” Cena turns, dragging the lifeless Miz to his feet, and onto his shoulders … walking to the ropes, and shouts up at Kennedy; “HERE … TAKE HIM” … and with that, CENA DELIVERS AN FU … SENDING MIZ OUT OF THE RING TO THE FLOOR BELOW!!!!!


On the ramp, Kennedy is beside himself, turning from left to right, fuming and upset, before cautiously walking down the aisle to collect Miz, but decides against it when seeing Cena make a slight lunge to the ropes, scaring his enemy off.

Kennedy backs up, pointing to Cena, looking frustrated, yelling out in fury, whilst Cena turns away, saluting the fans … as we fade out…

Commercial Break





Backstage, we see a smiling Armando Estrada, waving in members of the Japanese press, ahead of tonight’s Press Conference with Umaga, stopping one member trying to enter, and shooing him out, decreeing him unsuitable for the occasion, as we fade back out to ringside…

Jim Ross: We are back live in Tokyo, and still to come Coach, the Japanese media will get an up close and personal look at The Samoan Bulldozer. A press conference with Umaga, the undefeated savage that has torn through the Monday Night Raw roster on his way to the main event of Summerslam next month.

The Coach: I’ve never seen such a buzz over one guy in one place in all my life, J.R. These people in Japan are in awe of Umaga!!

Jim Ross: But, before all that, we still have to determine the number one contenders for the World Tag Team Championships to challenge MNM at Summerslam. Straight Edge meet The British Lions, AND Shelton Benjamin defends the Intercontinental title against Matt Hardy with The Brotherhood banned from ringside!!

The Coach: I still cant get over that, J.R. It’s just not right. But, one thing that does make me smile … is thinking back to you a few minutes ago, wetting your pants when you were in the ring with Mister Kennedy and The Miz!!!

Jim Ross: Well Coach, there’s a reason I’m sat out here with you every week, and not competing in there. But we’ll see just how tough Kennedy is on August 19. He’s got himself the match he wanted. He’s got Cena at Summerslam, and I cant wait. Time to put up or shut up for the man from Green Bay.

The Coach: Yeah, and it’ll be curtains for Cena. He can stay in London as far as I’m concerned, because after Kennedy wipes the floor with him at Summerslam, his career is over!!


To a strong enough reaction, Harry Smith, Paul Burchill and Katie Lea enter the arena, ahead of their #1 Contenders match for the Tag titles.

Jim Ross: Two weeks ago, Smith and Burchill got royally screwed out of the tag titles by MNM and their damn Entourage. Tonight though, they have the opportunity to earn a second bite at the cherry, and how fitting would it be if they could get that shot in their own backyard, in London at Summerslam?? Standing in their way will be the former champions, Straight Edge!! Which team is going to Wembley?? Find out; NEXT!!!

Commercial Break

We return with Straight Edge now in the ring, and the two teams share a handshake in good sport, before we get underway…

The British Lions w/Katie Lea vs. Straight Edge
Very early into the match, with the teams still in the feeling out stages, settling into the contest … both sides are thrown off their game as …


Both teams are distracted, as MNM and The Entourage make their red carpet entrance, with workers wheeling out a big couch, giving the quintet somewhere to sit as they look for a closer view of their potential Summerslam opponents. In the ring, we see Punk pointing out over the ropes, saying something at the group … but then gets attacked from behind by Burchill!!!

It’s a rather heelish move from the Brit, attacking his distracted opponent, and the fans boo the attack, but Burchill continues on, dropping Punk after a stomping session in the corner with a high angle back drop, but only gets a two. He tags out to Smith, and the younger member continues the early work, wearing down Punk, but the wily Second City Saint manoeuvres free, turning the tables, and quickly tags out to Helms, with the pair double teaming Smith, and scoring a near fall.

Helms and Punk now take over, showing off why they were - and in many peoples eyes still are - the premiere team on Raw, working over Harry Smith, and cutting him off from his partner, Burchill. Straight Edge slip in and out, with MNM on the stage, comfortably watching, not showing a lot of concern, but keeping a vested interest in proceedings. It all turns around though as Helms climbs to the top rope, leaping off for a cross body onto Smith … BUT IS CAUGHT AND BODY SLAMMED ONTO THE CANVAS!! Smith reaches out, and makes a last ditch tag to Burchill, bringing the angry Brit into the ring!!!

Burchill overpowers Helms, having his way with the smaller man, scoring a couple of quick near falls, but Helms keeps getting his shoulder up to frustrate the King of Pain, who tags Smith back in, with the pair now showing off their own fluid team work, sending Helms off the ropes, and Burchill hoisting him up on the return, dropping the smaller man onto the outstretched knee of Smith!!! Again though, it’s only good for a two count, with Helms kicking out again. Smith soon tags Burchill back in, and the Lions send Helms off the ropes, with Burchill back body dropping Greg, and then his partner looks to follow up, coming in with a baseball slide to his downed opponent … BUT HELMS ROLLS OUT OF THE RING … AND SMITH SLIDES THROUGH … CONNECTING … WITH KATIE LEA!!!

In an accidental collision, Smith takes out his girlfriend, knocking her over on the outside, and instantly has his hands on his head in despair, checking on her, trying to help her around. On the stage, Melina feigns worry for her female rival, whilst in the ring, Burchill is distracted, and leans over the rope, asking “WHAT THE HELL!!!??? IS SHE OKAY???” … but turnabout is fair play, and CM Punk takes advantage of the distraction, rushing into the ring, spinning Burchill around … PUNK CARD CONNECTS!!!!! Helms re-enters the ring as the legal man, and makes the cover, and despite a wait for the count - with the referee admonishing Punk back to the outside - he eventually gets it with Smith too busy with Katie Lea on the outside, 1...2...3!!!
Winners: And #1 Contenders for the World Tag Team Titles - Straight Edge @ 06:57

It’s victory for Straight Edge, and the duo instantly hug in the ring, selling the importance of the victory tonight; they now get MNM one more time at Summerslam!!! Smith is joined by a medic at ringside, and after a brief consultation, he lifts Katie Lea up, and carries her away, talking with the medic, as they exit via the side of the ramp. Burchill rolls out of the ring, trying to shake the cobwebs loose, and spots his partner and stepsister leaving. He stops for a moment, and soon looks to be furious, calling them back, and pacing quickly, pursuing them, exiting via the side of the stage also.

Back in the ring, after posing on the turnbuckles, Straight Edge get back on the canvas, with Punk pointing up from the ring to the aisle at MNM, who are standing on the couch, lifting the titles high in the air, letting Punk and Helms know who still hold the belts. Straight Edge nod though, standing by the ropes, with Helms notably being heard shouting up at the champs; “NOT FOR LONG!!” … as the stand off fades us into the commercial break…

Commercial Break


A night time view from the sky of London is seen as the opening chords of ‘LONDON CALLING’ by The Clash plays.

As the opening chords continue, flashing shots of the WWE superstars {John Cena, Paul London, Christian, Randy Orton, Mr. Kennedy, Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle & Brent Albright} appear as the focus zooms closer to the city … eventually zooming towards the newly completed Wembley Stadium…


Spliced together clips, going from sights in London (Westminster) with Edge spearing Brock Lesnar, and Rey Mysterio hitting the 619 to Mr. Kennedy.


Focus shifts between the Wembley Arc, to action with Shelton Benjamin leaping off a ladder at WrestleMania, then Batista shaking the ring ropes.


Focus then shifts between the sights of London Cabs and Double Decker Buses in Trafalgar Square, to the sights of MVP bursting through his elaborate set, to Melina completing her banana split ring entrance.


We see Tower Bridge and then rowdy fans from WrestleMania, mixed with shots of Christian face to face with John Cena at WrestleMania to a backdrop of thousands inside the Superdome, along with a clip of Rob Van Dam soaring through the air to deliver a Five Star Frog Splash.


Zooming shot of the London Eye, clips of more fans from big WWE stadium events, mixed with Umaga roaring at the camera, and Randy Orton crouched, lying in wait for an RKO.


Flashing clip of Buckingham Palace, with a crazed Kurt Angle going for the Ankle Lock, then Brent Albright applying the Crowbar.


Big Ben is shown, mixed with Straight Edge delivering the simultaneous Shining Wizard, then Carlito hitting the Apple Core off the ladder at WrestleMania.


Another glorious shot of the new Wembley, as a rapid succession of shots of the top name stars flashes across the screen.


The camera then zooms out, further and further, as the music fades.


Back in the arena “London‘s Calling” plays as we join J.R and The Coach at ringside…

Jim Ross: We are now less than four weeks away from the most hotly anticipated Summerslam of all time, and Coach, moments ago, another big match just got added to the line up; Straight Edge and MNM will look to settle their issue once and for all at Wembley. Can Straight Edge recapture the titles, or are MNM still the ‘it’ team on the scene??

The Coach: We all know the answer to that baby boy. You’re onto a loser with Straight Edge, but I’m onto a winner; always have been, by siding with MNM.

Jim Ross: Not only that, but another long term rivalry will come to a head. It’s a rematch from WrestleMania; it’s THE rematch from WrestleMania; Brock Lesnar, head to head with Triple H … in a streetfight!!

The Coach: The bad blood runs WAY BACK between these two, J.R. It’s well documented. Lesnar got the better of a below par Triple H in New Orleans, but can he deal with a reinvigorated Game in London?? Blood is gonna be spilt, it’ll be dirty, it’ll be nasty, and it’ll be AWESOME!!!

Jim Ross: Earlier tonight the challenge was issued, and instantly accepted. John Cena will meet Mister Kennedy; for the first time EVER at Summerslam. Kennedy believes he’s on the way up and Cena is on the way down, but the former World Champion does not agree at all. It’s a must win match for both men at Wembley!!

The Coach: Kennedy talks trash, but it’s only because he can back it up, baby boy. He sees what I see, and what you refuse to acknowledge; that John Cena is a flash in the pan, whose flash lasted much longer than it had any right to … but the heat is off, and there’s no flash left in Cenas pan. He’s gonna get his pan knocked in come Summerslam, ha ha!!!

Jim Ross: And, of course, how can we forget the main event?? Unbeaten, undefeated … The Samoan Bulldozer has left a path of destruction in his wake on Raw, and now at Summerslam he’ll cash in the Money in the Bank briefcase against the indomitable World Heavyweight Champion, Christian.

The Coach: It’s the unstoppable force, it’s the immovable object … and that’s just Umaga!!! Christian, just like Cena, is gonna be finished come Summerslam. New champion, new era old timer. Umaga is gonna take over officially at Summerslam, and I wish good luck to anyone that dares try to knock him off.

Jim Ross: Well, Christian isn’t here tonight. He is currently in China on a promotional tour, but he is already looking ahead to Summerslam. Preparations have already begun for the World Heavyweight Champion, and Coach, you can write him off at your peril. Christian has defied the odds countless times in his career. He was told he’d never make it. He was told he’d never be a main eventer. He was told he’d never be a World Champion, or headline WrestleMania. But he has done it all. He did make it, he has main evented - he’s main evented WrestleMania, and he’s been a World Champion TWICE. He believes he can find a way to beat Umaga at Wembley Stadium-

The Coach: And I believe Christian is high!!! He cant beat Umaga, J.R. Are you serious?? Shawn Michaels got creamed by Umaga at Vengeance. He’ll never wrestle again because of that beating. And you believe Christian can beat him!?

Jim Ross: Nothing is impossible in this business Coach. Ab-

The Coach: Oh, that might’ve been true before Umaga came along. Now, one thing is impossible; finding someone that can beat the Samoan Bulldozer!!!

Jim Ross: It’s no secret that Umaga has been utterly dominant. He has perhaps ended the career of Shawn Michaels, and he’s never lost. Indeed, I’m struggling to think of a man that has looked more impressive, or more dominating that Umaga, and I cant. But I stand by my opinion that ANYTHING is possible in this business. Whether or not Christian has enough to overcome the Samoan Bulldozer is another question.

The Coach: It’s a question I can answer. No, he doesn’t.

Jim Ross: Well later tonight, the Japanese media will get an up close and personal look at the imposing figure of Umaga. But, before that, Shelton Benjamin puts the Intercontinental Title on the line against Matt Hardy. That one is coming up very shortly, but first, we have footage that was shot during the commercial break, that we would like you all to take a look at right now…

Cut to footage, with the caption “MOMENTS AGO”…

We see Kelly Kelly, giving a thumbs up to her camera man, and then approaches Dustin Rhodes, who is stood at a water dispenser.

Kelly Kelly: Dustin?? Could I have a moment of your time??

Dustin turns, nodding.

Dustin Rhodes: Sure, Kelly. Go ahead.

Kelly Kelly: Well, last week, you looked torn as to whether you should help your brother Cody during his attack on WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler. In fact, ever since you decided to ‘retire’ the persona of Goldust a month ago and join forces with your younger brother to help him in his career … you haven’t looked happy or comfortable at all. Just why are you putting up wi-

The microphone is swiped from Kelly by CODY RHODES!! The younger Rhodes glares at Kelly.

Cody Rhodes: From now on Kelly, you don’t speak to Dustin. You pass that message on to Matt Striker too. No one asks my brother questions. If you have anything to ask … you come to me.

Cody turns to his brother.

Cody Rhodes: Dustin, could you give Kelly and I minute please.

Cody shoos his older brother away, with Dustin slowly backing away, but looks conflicted again. Meanwhile, Cody turns his attentions to Kelly again.

Cody Rhodes: Dustin isn’t here for the spotlight anymore. He doesn’t wish to be interviewed or harassed for his views and opinions. He has one purpose to serve, and that’s to cater to my every need. He’s a background player now, Kelly. And while he may be too polite to say it to you, he wants to be treated as such. Understood??

Cody passes the mic back to Kelly, but before he walks off, the blonde speaks up.

Kelly Kelly: Well, since you’re here, do you have any comment on your actions last week, which have resulted in Jerry Lawler being sent home for medical reasons, meaning he’ll miss the remainder of the world tour??

Cody ponders momentarily, before smiling.

Cody Rhodes: Well … the majority of that attack was carried out by my big brother, wasn’t it?? You’d have to ask him for his thoughts … but you’re not allowed. But, since you ask?? I believe this was a blessing in disguise for Mister Lawler, and perhaps he should take the time at home to reflect on his career … and then call time on it.

Kelly looks disgusted by the response, and Cody picks up on it.

Cody Rhodes: Have you got a problem?? Let me ask you, Kelly … how would you feel, as a backstage announcer … if my brothers ex-wife, Terri Runnels came back and started interviewing people around here?? Given the fact she’s a lot older than you, less attractive and infinitely less talented … with her time to shine long since passed … would you not be annoyed?? Would you not be furious at the fact that some old, washed up has been is trying to steal your spot??

Kelly isn’t give a second to respond.

Cody Rhodes: Of course you would. So I don’t have sympathy for Jerry Lawler, and I don’t have sympathy for the fact he’ll miss out on this world tour. Lawler has travelled this world countless times. He has nothing left to see on it. But for me, Kelly?? The world … is my oyster.

Rhodes smiles at Kelly, before walking off, with Kelly still looking disgusted at his actions.

Back into the arena…


Matt Hardy jogs onto the stage, looking lively, ready to go, with another crack at the Intercontinental title just a moment away…

Jim Ross: Can Matt Hardy - with the odds even - finally dethrone Shelton Benjamin as Intercontinental Champion?? He looks to do exactly that in just a moment. Don’t go anywhere folks, we’ll be right back!!

Commercial Break





Back in the arena, Hardy is jumping up and down, waiting for his opponent…


All alone, The Intercontinental Champion makes a subdued entrance, with little panache, looking rather unconfident, having to face Hardy by himself - remembering the result the last time that happened in the KOTR tournament.

Jim Ross: Well that is huge news, Coach. The winner of this match tonight will meet either William Regal or Rhyno at Summerslam next month. And that match will be the main event of Superstars tomorrow night!! A huge opportunity for Regal to go home and repeat history by emulating the British Bulldog and winning the Intercontinental title at Summerslam at Wembley Stadium!!

The Coach: Well, if he’s like those British Lions, he’ll choke. Those Brits are chokers J.R!! I watch soccer, y’know. The national team over there choke every time they have to take part in a penalty shootout!!

Jim Ross: Time will tell, Coach, but that is a huge main event for Superstars tomorrow night.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Matt Hardy
Hardy senses Benjamins lack of confidence, and goes for it from the get go, foregoing any feeling out process, and lays into the champion with a barrage of his trademark stiff right hands, beating Benjamin into the corner. The quick fire work of Matt continues putting Benjamin into all kinds of problems in the early going, with the champion struggling to stay in the fight, unable to live with the pace Hardy is setting, and at the very first chance he gets, he rolls out of the ring to catch his breath and rethink his game plan … but Hardy isn’t letting that happen .. AND HE PROPELS HIMSELF OVER WITH A SPLASH ONTO BENJAMIN!!!!!

The challenger rolls the champion right back into the ring, and drops an elbow, before making a cover, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Again, Benjamin tries to scramble away and out of the ring, but Hardy drags him back, and in an old Hardy Boys tribute (albeit on his own) hurls Benjamin up from the canvas, and slams him down, rolling into another cover, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Benjamin rolls away, to the corner to get up, and holds the ropes, forcing Hardy to back up, but with Hardy so pent up, he becomes over aggressive, forcing the referee to step in to calm Matt … and that allows Shelton to blindside the challenger!!! Shelton rattles Matt, and quickly puts him down with his flashy suplex into a neck breaker, and makes his first cover, 1...2...KICK OUT!!

Soon, the confidence comes flooding back to Benjamin, and the champion takes the fight to Hardy now, but keeps it on the ground, refraining from his flashy and high flying antics, but as Hardy sparks a short lived comeback, Shelton is forced to bust out his Dragon Whip to regain control, and another near fall. As ever though, Hardy wont give in easily, and Benjamin learns it the hard way, with Matt refusing to stay down, infuriating the champion. In a silly move - one that the presence of Theodore Long would advise him against - Benjamin goes for it all, AND TRIES TO TAKE OUT MATT WITH PAYDIRT … BUT HARDY BLOCKS IT!!! Then scores himself … WITH THE SIDE EFFECT!! He covers, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

Benjamin JUST survives, but his stupidity and desperation could be the deciding factor, with Hardy now in the ascendancy, hammering Shelton on the ropes before shooting him off, ducking down … BUT Shelton leaps over … SUNSET FLIP … NO!!! Hardy fights it … DROPS DOWN FOR THE COVER … 1...2...BENJAMIN JUST ESCAPES!!!!! Hardy thought he had it, and his agony costs him the advantage as Shelton quickly strikes with a clothesline. Benjamin picks Matt up, sending him into the corner, then shapes up, looking for a Stinger Splash … BUT HARDY MOVES OUT OF THE WAY!!! Shelton staggers around … INTO THE PATH OF A TWIST OF FATE … BUT SHELTON SHOVES FREE … AND SUPERKICKS HARDY!!!!! HE COVERS … 1...2...KICK OUT!!!!!

The champion hammers the mat, clearly yelling ‘DAMMIT’ before dragging Matt back up, and hooks him into place FOR THE T-BONE … BUT MATT ELBOWS TO FREE HIMSELF!!! Benjamin wheels away, allowing Hardy to follow up … WITH A BULLDOG!!! Cover, 1...2...NO!!! Shelton kicks out, as Matt continues to pile the pressure, with a sense of urgency, and slams The Black Diamond, before setting himself on the middle buckle … and leaps off with a Leg Drop!!! He covers again … 1...2...NO!!!!! Still, he cant finish Benjamin off, but now, Hardy signals for the finish … and waits for the groggy champion to get to his feet … and once he does … MATT SPINS HIM AROUND … KICK TO THE GUT … TWIST OF FATE - CONNECTS!!!!! A new champion is sure to be crowned … 1...2...FOOT ON THE ROPE!!!!!

It’s MORE agony for Hardy, with Benjamin surviving by the skin of his teeth … but the challenger refocuses, realising ONE MORE Twist of Fate will do it, and he looks to drag Shelton up, not waiting for him to get up this time … BUT BENJAMIN - RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE REFEREE - BLATANTLY DELIVERS A LOW BLOW!!!! The boos are heard, as they realise what’s coming now … and Mike Chioda has no other option … but to signal for the bell, as Matt crumbles to the canvas, with Shelton on his knees … smiling!!!
Winner: Via DQ - Matt Hardy @ 07:12 {Shelton Benjamin STILL Intercontinental Champion}

Shelton takes the easy way out, and rolls out of the ring, spaghetti legged, pushing through the timekeepers position and grabbing his title belt, and leaving the ringside area with the title firmly in his possession.

Jim Ross: This is a damn travesty, Coach. Don’t try and dress it up either!! Call it as it is for once, Matt Hardy was about to defeat Shelton Benjamin for the Intercontinental Title-

The Coach: I’m confused J.R. Did Hardy tap out?? I just saw Shelton Benjamin punch Hardy right on the thigh … it’s a move we’ve been working on for weeks, because you may not be aware of it, but there is a spot, right on a certain point of the thigh that if struck a certain way, can cripple a man for a mom-

Jim Ross: Shut up, Coachman. You’re full of it!! MORE EXCUSES!!! Just admit it, because this get more ridiculous every week … just say it, Matt Hardy has Shelton Benjamins number!!!

The Coach: That’d mean I’d be lying J.R. I don’t lie.

In the ring, Hardy is still down, on his knees, and his head buried onto the canvas, with his hands on his crown jewels, selling the agony of the blow, as Mike Chioda tries to help him up.

Jim Ross: Once again, Shelton Benjamin takes a cheap way out!!! You cant sit here and tell me that Benjamin didn’t mean to get disqualified.

The Coach: Well … he maybe misplaced the blow, J.R. I’ll admit, it looked pretty close to that region. Shelton maybe got it wrong.

Jim Ross: MAYBE???

Benjamin doesn’t bother to look back, continuing straight on through the back, whilst Hardy - looking exasperated - uses the ropes to get back up, and shakes his head in anger with the title he desperately covets … STILL eluding him.

Jim Ross: This isn’t over yet, Coach. Until Shelton Benjamin can beat Matt Hardy on his own merits, he wont be able to move on. He wont get rid of this man until he can defeat him, fair and square!!!

Commercial Break

We return straight backstage, with Matt Striker standing by…

Matt Striker: Ladies and Gentlemen, I have just been summoned to the General Managers office, and right now, I believe Eric Bischoff has something to say.

Striker knocks the door, and walks into the room, with Bischoff nodding from his chair, beckoning the interviewer over. Striker proceeds.

Matt Striker: Mister Bischoff, you wanted to see me??

Bischoff stands up.

Eric Bischoff: I did. A few moments ago, Shelton Benjamin once again wormed his way around Matt Hardy. Now, I thought after taking The Brotherhood from ringside, we’d finally settle this issue. Obviously not. Now, I’ve already set a Number One Contenders match for the Intercontinental Title tomorrow night on Superstars between William Regal and Rhyno, and we’re running short on time to order a rematch tonight … so next week in Australia, I want this thing to end. But how??

The GM smiles.

Eric Bischoff: Well, I’m going to set it in an environment where there can be no excuses for losing. Once again, The Brotherhood will be banned from ringside, and Shelton can low blow Hardy all he wants … because disqualifications will count next week … when Shelton and Hardy compete for the Intercontinental Championship … in a thirty minute … IRON MAN MATCH!!!

Pop in the background, and Strikers eyes widen; looking impressed.

Eric Bischoff: No excuses next week, no cheap way out. Next week, we’ll finally find out who the better man is … that’ll be all. Close the door on your way out.

Striker nods, turning and leaving immediately … as we fade out…

Back in the arena, we see the ring being set up for the Umaga Press Conference, with the ring ropes all being removed (bar the ones at the back of the ring), as chairs are set up around the ring, with members of the Japanese press taking their seats.

Jim Ross: As you can see, we are getting set for tonight’s closing segment, which will be an Eric Bischoff approved press conference for Umaga. As ever, I imagine Armando Estrada will be doing the talking for the Samoan Bulldozer … but Coach, how about next week in Australia??

The Coach: Don’t get me started. What has Shelton Benjamin ever done to Bischoff??? Again, he has Theodore Long stripped from his side, and now, he has to compete in a THIRTY minute Iron Man match?? He has to waste thirty minutes of energy on a guy he can beat in five???

Jim Ross: Well Coach, that’s the thing … he cant beat Matt Hardy, period!! Next week, in thirty long minutes, we’ll finally know, once and for all, which man is the better of the two.

The Coach: All this travelling isn’t helping The Black Diamond, J.R. He cant be expected to go for thirty minutes next week!!!

Jim Ross: Matt Hardy is in the same scenario, Coach.

The Coach: But he doesn’t have to fill the roles of a champion. It’s extra pressure, extra appearances, extra travelling … Hardy gets to relax in his hotel room after a match watching videos of his brother and wondering how he can ever be as good as him … while Shelton has to do personal appearances, autograph signings … he doesn’t get to rest or relax. Why the hate, Bischoff?? WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM!!!!

Jim Ross: The match is on whether you like it or not, Coach. And another match that will be on next week … Gail Kim, one on one, with Beth Phoenix. Mickie James await’s the winner of that one at Summerslam.

The Coach: I’m pullin for Beth, J.R!! Gimme something to smile about next week.


Heat greets the arrival of Armando Estrada, the smiling handler of Umaga, walking onto the stage, carrying the briefcase.

Armando Estrada: Damas, caballeros … THIS is the moment ju have ALLLL been waiting for!!!

Estrada strides down the aisle, jovial as ever, stepping up the steps (positioned at the middle of the ring apron) and into the ring.

Armando Estrada: Members of the Japanese media, I ask of ju, to turn ju’re heads toward the stage to get a look at the most … IMPRESSIVE … IMPOSING … DEVASTATING AND DOMINATING … MONSTER … that has ever walked this planet.

Estrada pauses for a moment, as the media members turn to look.

Armando Estrada: This is a man who for over twelve months hasn’t tasted defeat - NOT ONCE!!! This man in UN-DE-FEATED!!! I said … UN-DE-FEATED!!! And, at Summer slam … in front of the ENTIRE planet … will become the World Heavyweight Champion … to crown the beginning of a new era … an era that will far eclipse that of Hulk Hogan-

Pop for Hogan.

Armando Estrada: An era that will dwarf the Austin era-

Pop for Austin.

Armando Estrada: And an era that will make Christians era completely … irrelevant, HA HA!!!


Armando Estrada: I give to ju … the future … the savage future of the W-W-E … I give to ju … THEEEE … SAAAAAAAA-MO-ANNNN … BULLDOZERRRRRRRR … OOOOOOOOOOO-MA-GAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!


The imposing figure of Umaga steps onto the stage, and hurries down the aisle, with the (planted) media throwing looks of shock and awe at the sight of the #1 Contender.

Jim Ross: There he is, the man that main events Summerslam next month. When we come back, the media will get a better look at the Samoan Bulldozer…

Commercial Break

The show returns, in the ring, with Umaga stood on a podium - with a lot of flash photography going on at ringside - beside an elevated table, with Armando Estrada and three other men sat behind it; all Japanese.

One stands up, with a mic in hand.

Japanese Man: Thank you. Please, finish with pictures. Mister Estrada will now take questions…

The second Japanese man stands, and repeats the first mans announcement … only in his own language.

Once he sits, the third man begins to show what he is there for, and nods in the direction of one member of the media outside the ring, who speaks into a microphone … in Japanese. Once he’s finished, the translator relays the question to Estrada.

Japanese Man: He would like to know … What … does Umaga eat??

Estrada nods, then smiles broadly, leaning into the mic in front of him.

Armando Estrada: Little … HA HA … Japanese men.

Estrada laughs, as the answer is reiterated in Japanese to the man and the rest of the media on the outside. Once the answer is given, a few of the men gasp, actually believing it to be true. Morons. Soon though, another question is asked, and relayed to Estrada in the ring…

Japanese Man: What do you think his biggest strengths and biggest weaknesses are??

AAE scoffs.

Armando Estrada: Weaknesses?? Pero, look at this man … look at this monster weaknesses??? Umaga has NO weaknesses. Didn’t ju listen earlier?? He’s UN-DE-FEATED!! And in less than a month, he will become World Heavyweight Champion!!!

Estrada takes a moment, sipping on the water in front of him, whilst the answer to part one of the question to translated back to the media member.

Armando Estrada: Now … strengths?? HA HA … the list … is endless. Like I said, he is UN-DE-FEATED … he’s three hundred and fifty pounds of pure … unadulterated … PAIN!!! But- that’s not all. Take a look at this monster … he defies logic … despite his size, he has the durability of a marathon runner, and he can move like a …. gazelle- HA HA!! Yet … with the force of a MONSTER TRUCK!!!

Estrada looks over at his Bulldozer like a proud father.

Armando Estrada: Umaga is the perfect combination of speed, agility, power and malice, with an unlimited engine, and not one thought quit in his body whatsoever. There is no force on this planet that can hurt this monster. He is … a living … breathing … GENUINE … GOD … ZILLA!!!!

Estrada excitedly nods, as the words are relayed to the media people. Again, once that is done (and the media people look impressed again) another question comes, and is relayed to AAE.

Japanese Man: What are your thoughts on Umagas opponent at Summer slam - the current World Heavyweight Champion, Christian??

Armando smirks.


Armando Estrada: Christian?? He’s got a big mouth, and very little to back it up with.

Heat, as the answer is translated back, but Estrada motions that he isn’t finished.

Armando Estrada: Ordinarily pero, I would say that Christian was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, and there was nothing personal behind it. But on this occasion?? I will personally take joy in seeing my Samoan Bulldozer rip Christian apart; limb from limb at Summerslam.

The mouth behind the savage stops smiling now, getting riled.

Armando Estrada: Because Christian has done nothing but talk the trash to me, and about my Umaga. He has shown at lot of cojones with a microphone in his hand … but when it’s come to backing it up?? Captain Charismas big cojones have shrunk every single time!!!

Heat from the fans.

Armando Estrada: Christian cannot compete with an athlete- with a FORCE like Umaga. Compared to the Samoan Bulldozer?? Christian is small … pathetic … weak … JOKE of a champion!!!

More heat.

Armando Estrada: At Summerslam, Umaga will punish Christian for all his smart talk with devastating actions … I advise to lock away the children on August 19 … and hide ju’re wives … it wont be for the faint of heart … because The Samoan Bulldozer will be conducting a public … EXECUTION!!!

The fans don’t like the threats, but Estrada nods. The message is relayed to the media outside the ring, and Estrada talks over it, adding to his answer.

Armando Estrada: As the saying goes … como se dice … Actions … speak louder … than words, HA HA!! And Umagas actions?? They will be DEAFENING!!!

Once more, the words are reiterated to the outside in Japanese, as another is asked.

Japanese Man: Uh, Mister Estrada … do you give Christian any chance of victory against the Samoan Bulldozer at Summerslam??

Armando Estrada: No.

Estrada has the question answered, almost before it is asked. Estrada stands up, taking exception to the question.

Armando Estrada: Who- WHO seriously asked that??? I want to know!!! ARE YOU STUPID, YOU DUMMY!!! LOOK at HIM!!!

Estrada points to Umaga, who still stands on the podium.

Armando Estrada: Not only do I not give Christian a chance at Summer slam … after what Umaga has done to Christian the last couple of weeks … I wouldn’t give that worm a chance against ME!!! No one can withstand the punishment Umaga inflicts. And when ju anger him- when ju anger ME?? Then, ju’ll feel the real wrath of the Samoan Bulldozer … Shawn Michaels will tell ju people that. He was the only man dumb enough to really make him angry … and now?? Shawn Michaels is sitting at home in Texas, looking back on his career … because IT’S OVER!!!

Heat from the fans.

Armando Estrada: Now though, because of Christians bravado … he also … has talked himself … into retirement at Summerslam.

Estrada pauses, waiting to speak again, but as he opens his mouth…

Voice: I have a question.

All eyes turn to the stage … AND CHRISTIAN WALKS OUT - TO A HUGE OVATION!!!

Christian: Yeah, me. What exactly, Armando … what will you do after Summerslam, when your meal ticket loses for the first time??

Big pop.

Armando Estrada: Ha ha, Christian. I don’t think so, hombre.

Christian affords himself a wry smile.

Christian: Well, just in case, I’d start stocking up, because I have no intention of losing to that big lump of crap.

Pop again.

Christian: Yeah, he’s big, he’s nasty, strong, durable, quick … and how can I forget - since you shove it down our throats every week - he’s undefeated. But Armando … all good things come to an end. And your Samoan Bulldozer will be losing sooner or later … and I’d wager it’ll be sooner.

The fans drum up a ‘CHRISTIAN’ chant.

Armando Estrada: I agree. All good things DO come to an end … like ju’re reign as World Heavyweight Champion!!! And that WILL come to an end sooner rather than later, pero!!

Christian fixes the title on his shoulder, shrugging.

Christian: Y’know … maybe you’re right, Estrada. Maybe it will … after all, according to you … I wouldn’t even stand a chance against you, would I??

Looking smug with himself, Estrada smiles and nods.

Christian: Then why not prove it??

Pop … as Estradas face drops.

Christian: Why not?? You talk a good game, so do I. I’m willing to at least try and back it up.

Estrada takes a moment to think about it, looking pensive … but then, he looks over his shoulder at Umaga, nods and smiles, before turning back around at Christian.

Armando Estrada: Okay, pero … ju’re on!!! Next week on Raw, I’ll fight ju … I’ll fight ju, and I’ll beat ju … I’ll embarrass ju, and-

Christian: Oh, and (points beyond Estrada) he’s banned from ringside.

Huge pop … as Estradas face drops again. The loudmouth looks around, trying to think quickly.

Armando Estrada: Okay … uhhh … Christian … uhhh … WAIT!!! HA HA … Pero … who says ju’ll even MAKE IT onto Raw next week?? UMAGA (points up at Christian) GET ‘IM!!!

Umaga steps off the podium, as the fans get rowdy.

Christian: Hold on a second … he doesn’t have to come after me. How about for a change, I come down there after him??

Christian doesn’t wait for the answer, and walks down the ramp, as the Japanese translators quickly scurry to cover out of the ring … and Christian runs up the steps throwing his title belt at Umaga to distract him … BEFORE TACKLING UMAGA DOWN!!!

The champion hammers Umaga on the canvas, as Estrada goes bananas, wailing at Umaga to get up, but the Bulldozer swats Christian off, and tries to get to his feet, but Christian swarms on him, bashing the Bulldozer into the corner, smashing his head repeatedly off the turnbuckle … but Umaga swats Christian off again … THEN CONNECTS WITH THE ROLLING WHEEL KICK TO THE CHAMPION!!!



The Coach: Holy- you know what J.R.

With the ropes on one side removed, there is nothing to stop Umaga falling out of the ring, and the Bulldozer lands badly on the outside, onto members of the Japanese media, with the rest all scurrying for cover.

Jim Ross: We might need some help out here. That was a sickening landing, Coach. Umaga could be hurt - those media members could be hurt too.

The Coach: I think some of them are trapped under him!!!

Jim Ross: Oh … and now look …

In the ring, Christian gets to his feet, being left alone with Estrada … and the fans are going wild … as the champion stalks down Estrada, with the loudmouth begging off, quickly pulling a cigar out of his pocket, offering it … but Christian swats the cigar out of AAE’s hand. He grips Estrada by the coat, roughing him up … but soon lets go … AS HE SPOTS UMAGA CLIMBING BACK ONTO THE APRON!!!

Jim Ross: WHAT!!?? HOW!!???

The Coach: He’s like something outta a monster movie!!! You cant keep this beast down!!!

Christian stomps the Bulldozer as he climbs back into the ring, but Umaga continues to move, shrugging off the boots, trying to get to his feet … whilst we see Estrada picking up the Money in the Bank briefcase … AND CLATTERS CHRISTIAN WITH IT FROM BEHIND!!!

Jim Ross: NO!!! DAMMIT!!! Like Umaga needed the help!!!

The Coach: Christian put his hands on Estrada first, J.R!!

Christian stumbles forward, before falling to his knees, giving Umaga the chance to attack … and he doesn’t waste a moment, clubbing the back of the champion, before throttling him with a clothesline. Umaga roars loudly, with Estrada nodding proudly - and the fans boo - before the Bulldozer takes directions from his handler again, and picks Christian up … holding the champion up … as Estrada winds up … AND NAILS CAPTAIN CHARISMA WITH THE BRIEFCASE!!!

Jim Ross: Ohhh, what a big man he is!!! Yeah, well done Armando!!

The Coach: Now you’re talkin my language J.R!!! Go Armando!!! Take it to him!!!

Jim Ross: This is sickening!!!

Umaga and Estrada stand over the prone body of Christian, before AAE peers over at the table in the ring … and has another idea. The loudmouth gives more instructions to Umaga, with the Bulldozer picking Christian back up, and dragging him to the podium … picking the lifeless body of the champion up … AND SENDS HIM THROUGH THE TABLE WITH THE SPINNING SIDEWALK SLAM!!!!!

Jim Ross: NO, NO, NO!!!!!!! THAT’S ENOUGH!!!

The Coach: OUCH!!!

Jim Ross: We need help out here- Christian could be seriously hurt!!!

The Coach: He cant say he wasn’t warned!!!

Umaga gets right back up, pulling away from the wreckage, leaving the champion amongst the wooden rubble, as Estrada picks up the World title, along with the briefcase … and raises the hand of Umaga … foreboding to the future?? Foreboding … to Summerslam???

Jim Ross: How does Christian stand a chance against this?? How can Christian beat this mastodon at Summerslam??

The Coach: I’m not even sure he can beat Estrada next week on Raw!!

Jim Ross: Forget about that match Coach, there’s no way Christian will be in any condition for that next week.

The Coach: More excuses!!!

Jim Ross: As if Christian wasn’t already up against it- Umaga is enough to deal with alone. How can Christian be expected to deal with Estrada too?? Is there any way that Christian can beat Umaga?? Can he even compete at Summerslam?? Or will it be as Estrada said it will … a PUBLIC … EXECUTION!!??

The show ends with the image of Estrada and Umaga standing tall holding the title that belongs to Christian (for now) … AGAIN - just like last week on Raw … as Christian lays unconscious amongst the wreckage of the table … as we fade to black.


Current Card for WWE SummerSlam:
Date: 19th August 2007
Location: Wembley Stadium, London, England
Event Music: Kings of Leon, Fans & The Clash, London Calling

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
World Heavyweight Champion Christian
Mr. Money in the Bank; Unbeaten & Undefeated Umaga w/ Armando Estrada

World Tag Team Championships Match:
MNM vs. Straight Edge

WWE Tag Team Championships Match:
Americas Most Wanted vs. Winners Of #1 Contenders Tournament

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match:
Shelton Benjamin OR Matt Hardy vs. William Regal OR Rhyno

Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar

John Cena vs. Mr. Kennedy

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Re: Being The Booker

Raw Review

This week's Raw wasn't that special, all was the fall out from last week but i can't say it didn't help in building all the storylines going in Summerslam and i enjoyed it. I can't wait till your SummerSlam, probably the first PPV i'll read every match.

Good start with Eric Bischoff clearing up why everyone wasn't punished, saying how WWE is suppose to be entertaining. Triple-H and Batista starting the show was very unpredictable, but good nonetheless. It put over Triple-H, making him look strong for his match against Brock Lesnar, it also continued the storyline you have for Batista, where he isn't really winning so many matches. I liked how through-out the show the commentators kept announcing whats gonna happen, keeps you hooked. You're booking each show like its a special show leading up to Summerslam, I like it.

I loved how Kurt Angle explained his actions, Rey Mysterio got burned there. Kurt Angle dominating Ken Doane and Rey making the save was also good. But i don't think Rey should had the upper-hand here. I think it could have added to the fans pitying Rey if Kurt Angle attacked him again, but lets see what happens next week regarding this situation.

The Womens championship match was just to make Mickie James look strong as champion, i think. No one would expect Maryse to have won, but next week Beth is winning and she's coming after Mickie at Summerslam. I always have liked Beth vs Mickie, can't wait to see how you play it in the coming week.s

Mr.Kennedy having the Miz as his lackey helps both, makes The Miz somewhat relevant and Kennedy can get more wins cheaply, helping him get more heat. The promo about Cena bullying Miz was good, and Cena's promo was also good. I liked how Mr.Kennedy fed Miz to Cena. I wonder how he'll keep Miz on his side next week. I'm guessing The Miz vs John Cena will happen on of the weeks leading to Summerslam when he faces Kennedy. I think you have perfectly made both Kennedy/Cena and Kurt/Rey heated feuds in just 2 weeks.

I can't say i expected Straight Edge to win the next match. I thought it'd be a Triple-Threat tag match at Summerslam but now i think the Intercontinental Title match will be Triple-Threat instead. The ending to Matt Hardy vs Shelton Benjamin was disappointing, until the 30 Min Iron man match got announced, i can't wait for that match! I think Matt Hardy will finally win the title, then Matt vs Regal vs Shelton, who invokes his rematch clause. Then the next PPV a one on one ladder match between Hardy and Shelton, book it.

I really like the Cody Rhodes/ Dustin Rhodes situation, this makes the fans really pity Dustin, but its yet to be revealed why he's doing this. I don't think he'll turn on Rhodes, if he does though i see him putting over Cody Rhodes in their match anyway, but i like it going this way for now. Can't wait to see how this ends.

Press Conference - Very creative and original, i liked how it went, perfectly booked. at Umaga eating little mexican men, and them believing it. I liked the story here where the Japanese people are really impressed by Umaga, great way to put him over. Christian FINALLY stepping up to Umaga was good to see, and him putting down Umaga was also good. But yeah Umaga in the end gets the last laugh. I'm liking this match, but in my personal opinion there is no chance in hell that Umaga is losing at SS. You can't make him the first guy to lose MITB can you? Plus Christian doesn't need to end his winning streak.

Overall it was an entertaining show, Great card lined up for next week.
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Re: Being The Booker

Raw Feedback

Not really got the time right now for a massive review but thought I’d give some thoughts on what went down this past Raw.

Enjoyed the pick your poison match and choice of opponent. I guess it was a given due to the history between the two but it was the right move Trips getting the victory and I’m looking forward to seeing who he throws Lesnar’s way on Smackdown.

Loved Kurt Angle again here tonight. Last week you wrote him fantastically and I thought you did the job again here perfectly. The way he brought up his patriotism and the fact that Mysterio is American also is what makes it all the more brilliant. Mysterio making his appearance after Angle’s match was expected and I’m quite glad you had Angle avoid it rather than Mysterio gain some payback. Loving where this is heading, great stuff.

Much like Angle, I loved the Kennedy/Miz segment. Kennedy’s reasoning for aligning with Miz was great and believable. Bringing up Miz’s past was a nice touch and the way you had Kennedy calling Cena a bully was nicely done. Didn’t really like the Cena stuff to be honest, don’t know why I just couldn’t get into it like Kennedy/Miz. The fact he told Miz he won’t make it, I didn’t like at all as the fans then don’t buy into him really, as this is coming out the mouth of a top guy, perhaps the top guy around. Nice little brawl though afterwards and glad to see the match is official now.

Didn’t like the route you went with the I.C. title match. Expected a longer match up and was thinking this may be the final outing of the two but this certainly wasn’t a way to end it. Expect another chance for Hardy which I expect him to take, although the Rhyno/Regal match threw me somewhat. Reading on, was glad to see this will be sorted next week, 30 min Ironman match is a good call and can’t wait to see what goes down.

Ending to the show was certainly very different and unique and I think you pulled it off nicely. Ending things with a promo, contract signing etc is always tough but I thought you did well with Estrada and Christian actually showing up was nice, the way he entered was well done also. I’d have maybe liked to have seen Christian get the upper hand this week although I get that Umaga is ‘unstoppable’ so not too big a concern. Very nice ending on the whole.

Overall not a lot to complain about, another very well written show and the build towards Summerslam continues to impress. Highlights have to be Angle/Mysterio and the Kennedy/Miz alliance at the moment. Umaga/Christian is also building very nicely while I look forward to Benjamin/Hardy next week and Lesnar’s Pick your Poison on Smackdown. Keep it up!
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Re: Being The Booker

Been a while since I updated this ... to the point where some people cant actually remember if the last show posted was Raw or Smackdown

Anyways, been pretty busy as of late, hence my lac of activity around here, and I haven't spent any of that time booking. BUT, I have still be reading a number of threads with regularity, I've just been too darn lazy to post any comments (Nothing ever changes) ... and it'll be another week or two before I'll have Smackdown ready to post. In the meantime, I'll get this out of the way...

WWE Superstars | July 24 2007

*NOTE; Like last week - and now for the remainder of the World Tour, The Coach replaces Jerry Lawler on commentary*

In the first match of the #1 Contenders tournament for the WWE Tag Team Championships, Jeff Hardy & Evan Bourne defeat Elix Skipper & Kid Kash @ 07:13 when Jeff reverses a roll through from Kid Kash (using the tights), and uses the tights himself to score a near fall. Kash jumps up to argue with the official (despite having the same idea) and Hardy takes advantage, spinning KK around, and drilling him with his brothers finisher; the Twist of Fate!! Skipper and (a dazed) Kash are livid after the match, but the heel pair are run off by Hardy and Bourne, who then celebrate in the ring.

Jillian Hall defeats Maria @ 02:29 with a DDT in a pretty awful match up.





Jamie Noble defeats Tajiri (returning for one night only) @ 08:59, finishing him with the Tiger Bomb, and gets a big ovation from the fans afterward, as the two share a handshake - and a bow.

In the pre-advertised main event, William Regal defeats Rhyno @ 08:06 in a #1 Contenders match to earn a shot at the Intercontinental Championship at Summerslam. He avoids the Gore, then runs through the Man Beast with the Knee Trembler to pick up the three count.


Smackdown preview to follow ... eventually.

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Re: Being The Booker

I have no idea if I'm the guy who messed up with the last show that you posted. If it was me, my bad, that's a little embarrassing. If not, at whoever did it. My money's on TKOW (Kingpin sucks), he's not the sharpest tool in the shed.

One of the only things anybody could really have an issue with in this whole thread right now, is the Smackdown tag division. I'm pretty happy with the tournament to give things a little bit of life, or maybe stall for time to introduce some new teams, either way it's a smart move. I don't really like the matches being used on Superstars though, it's just to low key for something that I feel needs to be made to be a bigger deal. I doubt either of these teams have a chance of winning the thing, and I think it's worth mentioning that having Jeff Hardy pin Kid Kash should be illegal in all of BTB.

Divas match filler. Awful probably would have summed it up pretty nicely.

This is really of no importance but I actually watched The Hart Brother's cage match the other day. Fuck I loved that match. As much as I grew up with The Attitude Era, after doing some downloading and searching, those are the good old days. God, I miss Owen and even Bret now that he's grown old. Ahh, my bad, I'll stop rambling now.

Tajiri appearing for one night only seems pretty random, but heck, this would've been a pretty good match. Obviously Noble is hanging around, so it's the smart move to have him pick up the win.

Regal getting a title show in any thread is fucking awesome, and to be frank, should be done a hell of a lot more. At the moment, it seems you and Legend are the only guys who actually know how good the man is. He'll more than likely just be a time wasting challenger, but he'll put on an epic match regardless.

Anyway, kind of a small update, I'm kinda' hanging to be able to give you my thoughts on a full length show again. So try not to take so much time with Smackdown... PLEASE.

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Re: Being The Booker

Originally Posted by Stojy View Post
I have no idea if I'm the guy who messed up with the last show that you posted. If it was me, my bad, that's a little embarrassing. If not, at whoever did it. My money's on TKOW (Kingpin sucks), he's not the sharpest tool in the shed.

One of the only things anybody could really have an issue with in this whole thread right now, is the Smackdown tag division. I'm pretty happy with the tournament to give things a little bit of life, or maybe stall for time to introduce some new teams, either way it's a smart move. I don't really like the matches being used on Superstars though, it's just to low key for something that I feel needs to be made to be a bigger deal. I doubt either of these teams have a chance of winning the thing, and I think it's worth mentioning that having Jeff Hardy pin Kid Kash should be illegal in all of BTB.

Divas match filler. Awful probably would have summed it up pretty nicely.

This is really of no importance but I actually watched The Hart Brother's cage match the other day. Fuck I loved that match. As much as I grew up with The Attitude Era, after doing some downloading and searching, those are the good old days. God, I miss Owen and even Bret now that he's grown old. Ahh, my bad, I'll stop rambling now.

Tajiri appearing for one night only seems pretty random, but heck, this would've been a pretty good match. Obviously Noble is hanging around, so it's the smart move to have him pick up the win.

Regal getting a title show in any thread is fucking awesome, and to be frank, should be done a hell of a lot more. At the moment, it seems you and Legend are the only guys who actually know how good the man is. He'll more than likely just be a time wasting challenger, but he'll put on an epic match regardless.

Anyway, kind of a small update, I'm kinda' hanging to be able to give you my thoughts on a full length show again. So try not to take so much time with Smackdown... PLEASE.
Correct on Kingpin being the culprit. The tag match took place on Superstars simply because there wasnt enough room to include it on Smackdown. Most of the tournament matches will take place on Smackdown though. Also, Tajiri appearing for one night was to tie in with the shows being in Japan this week. Thanks for the feedback Stoj


Friday Night Smackdown Preview:

Last week, Smackdown ended with a jaw dropping return - ROB VAN DAM. Twice this year, the former WWE Champion has been put on the shelf by the CURRENT champion, Randy Orton ... but last Friday, RVD made a stunning - and shocking - return to Smackdown, and instantly targeted Randy Orton. Has Van Dam finally recovered from the gruesome head injuries suffered at the hands of the dastardly champion?? Find out this week, as revealed earlier this week that Rob Van Dam has indeed joined up with the rest of the Smackdown roster for the world tour, and landed in Japan, with an appearance this week on Smackdown being his first - and most important - piece of business. Just what will RVD have to say to Randy Orton?? And, what will Orton have to say to the man he punted in the head at WrestleMania??

Also last week, the Rated 'R' Superstar, Edge, took many by surprise with his challenge to none other than The Undertaker. Having been overlooked for a shot at the WWE title, Edge has made it clear that he intends to make it impossible to deny him a one on one shot at the belt he claims he deserves; and he believes that a win over The Undertaker at the biggest Summerslam of all time would be just the act that would make him a certain number one contender. Since the challenge was made, there has been no response from the Demon of Death Valley, but being someone that has never ducked a challenge, could that all change this week on Smackdown?? Will The Undertaker agree to meet Edge at Wembley Stadium on August 19??

Elsewhere, in a week where many questions MAY be answered, one question WILL be answered; which team is better?? The Master Craftsmen?? Or, The Caribbean Connection?? After their victory last week, Carlito and Kofi Kingston tied the scores with Haas & Albright, leading to this weeks rubber match. Only this time, it'll be Best 2 out of 3 Falls. Can Carlito and the inexperienced Kingston overcome the red hot King of the Ring, and the technician in Haas for a second straight week?? The fans in Saitama will be in for a treat, as these four get set to tear the house down once again.

And, with both teams involved in the #1 Contenders tournament to face AMW at Summerslam (both compete in their first round matches NEXT WEEK) both teams are likely to have one eye on the battle between Los Latinos and the makeshift tandem of Chris Masters and Cruiserweight Champion, The Brian Kendrick. Can the newly forged alliance between Masters and Kendrick overcome the good friends in Chavo and Super Crazy?? One of these two teams will join Jeff Hardy and Evan Bourne in the final four, after the high flyers defeated Elix Skipper and Kid Kash on Superstars.

Then, in the main event of the evening, The Iron Man Brock Lesnar will be in action ... but against who?? That will be revealed by Lesnars Summerslam opponent, Triple H, as The Game picks Lesnars 'poison', after overcoming the challenge of Batista, sent by Lesnar on Raw. It's a big opportunity for Triple H to strike a huge blow to Lesnar psychologically ahead of their Streetfight at Summerslam, if he can find an opponent that could defeat Lesnar on Smackdown. But WHO will step up and face the 285 pound monster that is Brock Lesnar??

Confirmed Matches:
Pick Your Poison; Brock Lesnar vs Triple H's pick
2 Out Of 3 Falls; The Caribbean Connection vs The Master Craftsmen
#1 Contenders Tag Team Tournament; Los Latinos vs The Brian Kendrick & Chris Masters
Plus; Nick Nemeth is in action

I'll post Smackdown ... maybe tomorrow, or sometime soon.
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Re: Being The Booker

I forgot about the show being in Japan, just because it was Superstars, tbh. But yeah, obviously Tajiri makes a lot more sense now.

I'm so happy to see RVD back. I wasn't sure if he'd return or if we'd perhaps see Chris Jericho, but now that Lesnar is occupied, somebody HAD to stand up to face Orton. With all the bad blood between the two, I'm expecting a very intense RVD. Preview sounds like you've got him scheduled to speak, but with his laid back character and what not, maybe he'd be better off not doing that much talking.

I'm guessing we're also going to get the typical 'Taker turning off the lights for a bit and accepting Edge's challenge. The in ring action also looks pretty tasty, with the 2/3 falls match definitely primed to steal the show. I think that would be a really good way to open the show with a bang, plus the Japanese crowd is always known for respecting proper, epic wrestling. I expect Los Latinos to pick up the win in the tag tournament match, with Kendrick to turn on Masters in the process. Kendrick just has that character right now where turning on tag partners simply because seems a perfect fit.

I'm really not sure on who Triple H is going to pick for Lesnar to face. I'm definitely intrigued though, and any Lesnar match will be at least solid. Show looks to be a good one, as always, I'll be reading.

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Re: Being The Booker

Friday Night Smackdown | July 27 2007 | Saitama, Japan


Randy Orton vs. Paul London
Orton begins to shape up … the RKO is coming next!!! Orton lies in wait, as London struggles to get to his feet, surely too far dazed to be unaware of what’s to come … peeling himself off the ropes … RKO … NO!!!! LONDON SHOVES HIM AWAY … ORTON TURNS AROUND … SUPERKICK- NO!!!!! Orton catches the leg, spins London around, AND GOES FOR THE RKO AGAIN … BUT LONDON COUNTERS … WITH A REVERSE DDT!!!!!!!!!! No cover is made though; BOTH men are down!!! Both champion and challenger are spent, laying on the canvas, as the fans pick up in voice … with the referee beginning to issue a ten count … reaching five … then six … before the challenger drapes his arm over Orton - who still hasn’t moved after the reverse DDT … 1...2...HE KICKS OUT AGAIN!!!!!

Londons head sinks, shaking it in despair, as he picks himself up again, before willing Orton back up, with the champion somehow getting to his feet, and London is right on him, with a kick to the gut, and now, sets him … LOOKING FOR THE TORNADO DDT … BUT ORTON SHOVES HIM OFF … AND LONDON LANDS ON HIS FEET ON THE CANVAS … but doesn’t have a split second to think or act … AS ORTON STRIKES … RKO!!!!!!!!!! Orton - showing how seriously he’s taken the challenge - hooks BOTH legs, covering the U.S Champion, 1...2...3!!!!!!!!!!
Winner: And STILL WWE Champion - Randy Orton @ 19:20

Joey Styles: Love him or hate him, the WWE Champion always seems to find a way, and tonight, despite the Herculean effort of Paul London … Randy Orton leaves Mexico City STILL WWE Champion.

Paul Heyman: Incredible, Joey. Paul London may not have won the title, but he’s won over so many doubters. So many that believed he wasn’t big enough, wasn’t strong enough to be WWE Champion. He may have lost, but Paul London has taken the WWE Champion to the very limit for the second straight week.

Joey Styles: The question now Paul … is who is next??

Orton peers over at London, fixing the title belt on his shoulder, then shakes his head at the beaten challenger, with the Golden Boy sitting up, burying his head in his hands. Orton now gets set to exit the ring, stepping through the ropes and onto the apron … looking at a group of lumberjacks; Batista, Chavo, Super Crazy, Jeff Hardy, Evan Bourne, Finlay and Hardcore Holly … still at ringside.

The champion stays on the apron, looking down at them, shouting “WHAT!?” wondering what they’re doing - and possibly being slightly worried that they’re about to attack him. He looks back over his shoulder, at London, who is sat up in the ring, trying to get up, and he turns again to the lumberjacks, asking them; “LET ME GO … OR I KICK HIM IN THE SKULL!!!”

Still, the group refuses to budge, as Orton takes one step back into the ring … to heat from the fans … and more heat, as he fully re-enters the ring, looking over at London … but curiously stops, seeing London has a mic in his hand…

Paul London: This wasn’t … (breathes) … quite … how I expected this to go.

London reaches up, pulling himself up on the ropes, wincing, as he leans over the ropes.

Paul London: I sorta thought at this point … (breathes heavily) … I’d be celebrating my WWE Title victory … and that this … would be like the icing on the cake, y’know??

Orton looks confused, unable to follow Londons cryptic promo.

Paul London: I thought … this … woulda been really stickin the boot in.

Orton has heard enough, and rips the mic from London.

Randy Orton: What in the hell are you talking about?? Huh??

Orton questions … but London doesn’t answer. Instead, a wry smile appears on the United States Champions face. Orton looks furious, completely out of the loop on what’s going on…


Joey Styles: Wha- … OH MY GAWWWWWWDDDD!!!!

Ortons expression changes instantly … and the WWE Champion slowly - very slowly - turns his head …


Paul Heyman:

Joey Styles: Mister Friday Night, Mister Pay Per View, the former ECW Television Champion, the former WWE Champion … the man put out of commission … TWICE by Randy Orton … THE WHOLE DAMN SHOW … ROB … VAN … DAM!!!!!

In the ring, Orton paces around, trying to hop out … but he’s cut off by the remaining lumberjacks … as it all becomes clear why they stayed … whilst London exit’s the ring … with RVD walking with a purpose - AND WITH A CHAIR IN HAND!!!

Paul Heyman: Listen to these fans, Joey!!!

Joey Styles: He’s been gone for the best part of four months … and it’s all because of Randy Orton!!! Van Dam is here for payback of the highest order!!!!!

Orton is desperately now trying to escape the ring, but the men around the ring make sure he cant … as RVD closes in, reaching the ring … and slides the chair in, and hops over the ropes … WITH ORTON TRYING TO RUSH HIM … BUT VAN DAM CATCHES HIM FIRST!!!!!

RVD tees off on Orton, and nails him with a spin kick, knocking the champion down … instantly running off the ropes … ROLLING THUNDER - to a monstrous response!!! RVD leaps up, and gives the Mexican fans the chance to chant along … pointing the thumbs and getting “ROB … VAN … DAM” in response.

Van Dam picks up the chair, and waits for Orton to get up, throwing the chair at him; Orton catches … VAN DAM LEAPS UP … VAN DAMINATOR CONNECTS!!!!! The lumberjacks and Paul London - now at the top of the stage - watch on approvingly, giving RVD a thumbs up, nodding at his revenge.

Orton is flat out on the canvas now, as RVD looks to the fans once more, nodding at them, and drags Orton toward the ropes … setting him up … with the chair pressed against him!!! The fans raise their voices again, knowing what’s coming next, as RVD climbs the ropes on the opposite side of the ring.


Paul Heyman: I absolutely think!!! We’ve both seen this many times before Joey!!!

Van Dam sets himself … the fans are on their feet … Orton isn’t moving … AND VAN DAM GOES COAST TO COAST … WITH THE VAN TERMINATOR!!!!!!!!!!

Joey Styles: OH MY GAWWWWWWWDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!


Van Dams music blasts into the arena, but is barely audible over the ‘R-V-D’ chants reverberating around the arena!!! The former WWE Champion picks himself up, and poses to the fans once more, as we see Randy Orton - OUT COLD in a slumped heap in the corner.

Joey Styles: Of all the things we could’ve anticipated tonight - I didn’t think we’d see this Paul - ROB VAN DAM … is back!!!

Paul Heyman: And in a big freakin way, Joey!!! What a statement from Rob Van Dam here tonight!!! You asked a question Joey, you asked who would be next for Orton after tonight. Well, I believe the answer is standing tall right now in the ring!!!

Joey Styles: RVD is back, and has struck a huge blow to Randy Orton tonight … but has Van Dam truly recovered from his severe head injuries suffered at the hands of Randy Orton at WrestleMania and Judgment Day?? If so … God help Randy Orton against a recovered RVD!!! The Whole Damn Show is back!!!!!


Opening Video


We open the show, with just about EVERY face on the Smackdown roster surrounding the ring…

Joey Styles: Welcome to Saitama, it’s Friday Night, and Smackdown is on the air, and as you can see, the ring is surrounded- I don’t know why, Paul. But off-


The United States champion, beaten last week by Randy Orton, walks onto the stage carrying his title belt, and waves to the fans to a hearty response from the respectful Japanese fans.

Joey Styles: One week on from a brave, but ultimately failed effort to become the first man ever to hold both the United States and WWE Championships simultaneously, we are being greeted by the presence of Paul London, but Paul Heyman, with all due respect to London, the entire wrestling world has been abuzz ever since the shocking return of Rob Van Dam last week.

Paul Heyman: And rightly so. Many believed that RVD would never step foot inside a WWE ring again after WrestleMania, even fewer thought we’d see him again after Judgment Day, but back he is, and Van Dam is seeking vengeance on one Randy Orton.

Joey Styles: However, we are still unsure just what Van Dams medical condition is. Has he fully recovered from the head injuries inflicted by the WWE Champion?? Has RVD been given a doctors consent to return to the ring?? As far as we know, the WWE Board of Directors will not sanction any Van Dam return until the former WWE Champion is given a clean bill of health.

Paul Heyman: And you’d be correct, Joey.

London enters the ring after high fiving a few guys around the ring, and lifts a mic from the canvas.

Paul London: In all honesty guys, it’s a little bittersweet standin here right now. After last week on Smackdown, I’m still a little down. I really thought I had what it took to beat Randy Orton and win the WWE title.

London nods to a couple of heckles from around the ring.

Paul London: Don’t get me wrong, I know now that I can compete on the highest level. I’ve got the belief now, that one day - sooner or later - I will stand before you all as the WWE Champion … I just wish it was tonight.

The Golden Boy nervously smiles and shrugs, trying to hide his disappointment.

Paul London: Because it would make this moment so much more special to me … the reason I’ve gathered you all out here tonight … was so you could help me welcome back a certain someone…

Pop from the fans, knowing already who London is referring to.

Paul London: A certain someone … who has had a pretty rough four months … four months where he hasn’t been allowed to do his job- something he loves … because of one man.

Heat for the hint at Orton.

Paul London: Well, like they say, y’cant keep a good man down … and Randy Orton?? You found that out the hard way last week, didn’t ya??

London smirks.

Paul London: So ladies and gentlemen, without further adieu, allow me to introduce a man that needs NO introduction … but I’ll do it anyway … THE WHOLE DAMN SHOW … (Does thumb taunt with free hand) ROB … VAN … DAM!!!

A big pop follows from the fans, then …


It’s pandemonium, as Rob Van Dam - the former WWE Champion - strides onto the stage, mouthing “WOW” as he enters, taken aback by the warm reception, then smiles, before proceeding down the aisle to the ring. He walks around the ringside area, slapping hands with all the superstars that have come out to greet him, and also slaps hands with fans too, before slipping into the ring, and saving a hug for London.

After the hug, London offers RVD the mic, and Van Dam accepts, but has to wait to speak, with the fans being too loud to talk over. He smiles in wonder, and eventually speaks…

Rob Van Dam: That was an incredible ovation, guys. Wow. Honestly, it means a heck of a lot to me to come out and be greeted like that.

RVD embraces the culture, and bows to the fans, getting another cheap pop.

Rob Van Dam: Y’know, it feels GREAT to be here in Japan in front of all you people … hell … it just feels GREAT to be back in the ring!!!


Rob Van Dam: Yeah … you heard right … it’s great to be BACK - period. Last week wasn’t some guest appearance, or a warnin’ shot into the future … The Whole Damn Show IS BACK … NOW!!!

Big pop from the fans. RVD nods, and now points at London.

Rob Van Dam: Last week, I had hoped to be coming back to congratulate Paul on his WWE Title victory, and make it a real bad night at the office for Randy Orton … but unfortunately for us, we know things didn’t turn out that way in the end.

A few boos, but RVD shrugs at his buddy, before pointing at him again.

Rob Van Dam: But I know man, I know for a fact, that one day?? You WILL be a WWE Champion. Hey, I know better than anyone that perseverance is key in this business. It took me sixteen years to win the big one … but I’d be willing to wager it doesn’t take you as long, Paul.

London nods, thanking RVD, with a light cheer from the fans, and some claps.

Rob Van Dam: Now … originally Paul … you and I discussed me coming back, and what might happen. You were gonna win the WWE Title last week, leaving me with Orton at Summerslam … now though … we’re in a bit of a tight spot.

The Golden Boy shakes his head, requesting the mic from RVD.

Paul London: Rob, that’s why I’ve invited everyone out here tonight.

Van Dam looks puzzled, but London continues.

Paul London: It means a lot to me - although I’m not surprised - that you’d want to speak to me, and consult with me about where things go from here. You want Orton … I want the WWE Title … and unfortunately for us, it means we want the same thing.

RVD shrugs outstretching his arms, and nods.

Paul London: But after what you’ve been through with Randy Orton - what he’s done to you?? Rob, I, and everyone else surrounding this ring - not to mention all the fans around the world - want nothing more … than to see you stick it to Orton!!


Paul London: You’re right … one day, I’ll be WWE Champion … but right now, I want to step aside, and let you take care of business with Orton.

Respectful pop from the fans, as RVD raises his eyebrow in surprise. RVD points to the mic, with London handing it over.

Rob Van Dam: Wow man … I mean- that’s a helluva thing to do for a guy.

London nods, then mouths “But it‘s the right thing to do”

Rob Van Dam: I mean … you sure you’re okay with it??

Smiling, the U.S Champion leans over.

Paul London: Rob … I insist.

Pop. London takes the mic now from Van Dam, with something to add.

Paul London: Like I said, WE ALL want to see Orton get what’s comin to ‘im … and you ought to be the one to do it. Just make sure you give ‘im another Van Terminator when y’get the chance!!!

RVD smiles, and nods, as London offers a handshake, and the two shake hands.

**I‘M BACK**

The big reunion is cut short, as the interim GM hit’s the stage, not looking overly amused.

Eric Bischoff: Well … what do we have here?? Rob Van Dam is back, and ALLLL is right with the world, huh?? You’re back, Paul London is stepping aside, and you can get even with Randy Orton …

All said with the slightest hint of sarcasm…

Eric Bischoff: See Rob … here’s my problem. On one hand, it all makes perfect sense. RVD versus Randy Orton at Summerslam in the ultimate grudge match, ECW style with blood, tables, chairs … you name the weapon, it’ll be there.

Cheers from the fans.

Eric Bischoff: But … on the other hand … we’ve seen all this before from you Rob. I mean, you came back before Judgment Day, and you looked in perfect condition, just like you do now. You looked like you were ready for action, just like you do now … but when it came to showtime … it became pretty apparent that things weren’t quite … right.

A few boos can be heard.

Eric Bischoff: I’ll be honest … I’ve read the your doctors report, and yes, you’ve been cleared to return with a full bill o’ health … but I’m worried that this is all just another case of Déjà vu, and when it’s all said and done … you’ll be on the sidelines once again … or worse.

Boos from the fans, whilst RVD shakes his head in disagreement in the ring- but before he can respond, Bischoff continues.

Eric Bischoff: Besides … Randy Orton is the WWE Champion, and it would be horrible management on my part not to have Orton defend this companies most recognised championship at it’s biggest Summerslam of all time.

More heat for the GM.

Eric Bischoff: And while it’s true you never got a fair, one on one rematch for the title … Rob, bar one match, you’ve been out of action for over four months now … and with that lack of in ring action, plus your well documented head injuries … I’m not just hesitant to give you a title shot … I’m against it.

It’s not a positive response from the fans for that one. In the ring, RVD looks frustrated, but before he can do, or say anything, London speaks up.

Paul London: Eric, you’ve got half the Smackdown roster that’s willin to go to bat for RVD. They don’t care that Rob’s been outta the ring. If he says he’s fit to return, it’s good enough for the boys. We all want him to have his chance at Orton - at Summerslam.

Pop from the fans. But Bischoff isn’t won over.

Eric Bischoff: That’s sweet. The boys want it. Well Paul, it’s not up to the boys … it’s my decision. And I think you’ll find I have enough reasons NOT to make the match happe-

RVD suddenly interrupts.

Rob Van Dam: First off Eric … I can assure you, man, I’m not playin’ … I AM fully recovered. I’m one hundred per cent, and I’ve been given a clean bill o’ health by my doctor.


Rob Van Dam: Secondly?? If you want me to prove it … I can do it right here in Saitama!!!

Massive cheap pop … followed by an ‘R-V-D’ chant.

Rob Van Dam: And thirdly?? You’re right. I never got my one on one rematch for the title. And I absolutely agree that the WWE title should be defended at Summerslam. And … while I love the fact the boys would be willing to go to bat for me … it’s not necessary.

RVD nods and gives a thumbs up at ringside.

Rob Van Dam: Why don’t you give me a match tonight … and if I win, I get Orton, at Summerslam - for the title.

Huge ovation from the fans.

Rob Van Dam: And if I lose?? Then you’ll have your answers anyway. You’ll know whether or not I’m ready to be back in the ring.

RVD throws the gauntlet down, and Bischoff takes a few moments to ponder…

Eric Bischoff: Alright. Rob … you want to-


Everyone seems rather puzzled … as MVP strides onto the stage - dressed to compete - and holding a mic.

M.V.P: Eric … I think I got a solution to your little problem here.

The fans boo - for no apparent reason - as MVP confidently looks down the aisle.

M.V.P: See, I’ve been eyein that U.S Title belt over Paul Londons shoulder for quite some time … and since you need a test for Van Dam, I’m steppin up.

Porter prods his own chest.

M.V.P: That way, if he wins, he gets his shot at Orton. But WHEN I win?? I get a crack at the Golden Boys treasure. How’s that sound??

Everyone seems happy and content, including RVD, who beckons MVP to the ring, wanting to get it on.

Eric Bischoff: Alright … done. You win, you’ve got a shot at Paul London, and if RVD wins, yeah … you get Orton for the WWE Championship - at Summerslam.

Big pop. Eric devilishly smirks now, as he looks down the aisle.

Eric Bischoff: But how about this … why don’t we do this not later … BUT NOW!!!


There is a pop … but as pointed out by Styles, RVD isn’t dressed in ring gear right now, instead wearing jean shorts and a t-shirt … Van Dam though doesn’t seem bothered, and nods in agreement.

Eric Bischoff: Clear out from the ring, gentlemen. You got your way. And someone get me a referee out here!!!

Confidently, MVP makes his way down the aisle - with a certain swagger about him - passing the Smackdown faces, and only acknowledges London - turning as the U.S Champion walks by, letting The Golden Boy know he has his sights set on him…

Joey Styles: Well … Rob Van Dam is set to prove himself to Eric Bischoff. Is Van Dam truly recovered from his horrific head injuries suffered at the hands of Randy Orton??

Paul Heyman: Eric Bischoff better hope so - he’s just put the man in a sanctioned match. Bischoff was hesitant despite the doctors clearance, but he’s made the match!!!

Joey Styles: Well stand by ladies and gentlemen, because we’ll be right back - it’s MVP and RVD … NEXT!!!

Commercial Break

Rob Van Dam vs. M.V.P
The match is joined in progress, with RVD in the ascendancy, pummelling his opponent in the corner, and with Porter worn down, Van Dam somersaults out of the corner - for a cheap pop - before racing back in, and taking MVP over with a monkey flip!!! Van Dam follows up, hitting the ropes, running back … ROLLING THUNDER CONNECTS!!!!! The fans are eating it up, and RVD looks to put the contest to bed early, leaping onto the top rope … BUT MVP SHOOTS UP, HITTING THE ROPES, AND VAN DAM CROTCHES THE TOP TURNBUCKLE!!!

Van Dam crumbles to the canvas, and MVP quickly puts the boots to him, dropping down, hammering the back of his opponent, then stands, and purposely begins to stomp the head of RVD, much to the dismay of Joey Styles on commentary, but Heyman points out that this is what Van Dam will have to put up with from here on out after his well documented head problems. MVP continues the focus on the head, applying a headlock - a simple headlock - trying to squeeze the life out of RVD … but very quickly, Van Dam is fighting back, to his feet, and elbows to freedom before shooting off the ropes, ducking under Porter, then looks for a kick, but MVP catches the leg … ONLY FOR RVD TO STEP OVER AND SPIN KICKS MONTEL!!!

Van Dam shoots up quickly, and runs to the ropes … SPLIT LEGGED MOONSAULT!!!!! The fans are on their feet, as RVD scores a near fall, but he now climbs the ropes, looking again for the FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH … BUT RANDY ORTON COMES SPRINTING DOWN THE AISLE!!!! RVD spots him coming … and changes his trajectory AND LEAPS OUT ONTO THE WWE CHAMPION!!!!! It’s chaos, as RVD leaps onto Orton on the floor, hammering down on his hated foe, whilst MVP now rolls out of the ring, and elbows Van Dam!!!

Porter swarms Van Dam putting the boots to him, whilst Orton recovers, pulling himself to his feet, preparing for a two on one beat down … BUT PAUL LONDON NOW RACES DOWN THE AISLE!!! London sprints … AND LAUNCHES HIMSELF AT THE CHAMPION!!! The bell is heard incessantly ringing, trying to bring order, as it appears the official has thrown the match out!!!!!
Winner: No Contest @ 05:42

All four men brawl on the outside, with RVD and London quickly getting the better of their adversaries, rolling both Orton and MVP into the ring, rolling inside themselves, but the heels take the cheap exit, and roll straight back out to safety!!! In the ring, London and Van Dam stand tall, calling the two men back, with Orton and MVP backtracking, trying to regroup on the ramp…

Voice: This doesn’t solve anything!!!

We see Eric Bischoff now on the stage, shaking his head.

Eric Bischoff: I needed to see if Van Dam was ready. He needed to win to get his title shot, so did MVP. Orton, London?? If the two of you want to get involved … I say … let’s do it!!! Right here, right now … MVP and the WWE Champion Randy Orton …


Eric Bischoff: Versus the United States Champion Paul London-


Eric Bischoff: … AND ROB … VAN … DAM!!!

Huge cheer. In the ring, London and RVD nod.

Eric Bischoff: RING THE BELL!!!

The bell rings, with Orton and MVP taking a look at one another, realising the count is already being made, and slowly they decide to make their way back to the ring.

Joey Styles: Potential challengers and the defending champions are ALL in the mix here!! A tag team match to decide who gets a title shot!! It’s high stakes … and we’re back … NEXT!!!

Commercial Break

Randy Orton & M.V.P vs. Paul London & Rob Van Dam
Once again, joined in progress, but with the heels on top, focusing on London for now, with MVP taking his time, wanting to savour his chance to shine against his main target, but takes too long, and allows London to roll him up with a school boy, but only manages a two count. The near fall rattles Porter though, and allows London to fight back, stunning MVP with stiff forearm shots against the ropes, shooting him off - but being reversed - and thrown over the top … but London hangs on, landing on the apron … and hops onto the ropes, FLYING WITH A CLOTHESLINE BACK INTO THE RING!!! He covers, 1...2...NO!!! MVP quickly rolls away, and briskly tags in Orton, not liking how its going.

Orton steps inside, but is taken over with an arm drag from London, who then backs the champion into the corner, ramming his head off the buckle, before tagging in RVD … but before the fans can react positively for it, Orton rakes the eyes of the incoming Van Dam and gets back across the ring, tagging straight out to MVP. Porter steps back inside, not looking overly impressed, telling Orton “I only just got out, man!!” as he enters … AND TURNS RIGHT INTO A SPIN KICK FROM RVD!!! Quickly, the former champion lunges at Orton, but the WWE Champion drops off the apron!!! RVD contemplates going after him, but decides against it, instead focusing on taking apart MVP, and drops a leg, covering, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

London tags back in, and the face team continue to look like a well oiled machine, and RVD doesn’t appear to be showing ANY side effects of his recent head issues, and shows little to no rust from his extended absence. The two men continue to dominate MVP, with Orton little more than a spectator at this stage … but MVP eventually turns the corner, catching London coming from the ropes with a BELLY TO BELLY THROW!!! That move takes the life out of the vibrant fans, and after a near fall, MVP takes London to the corner, keeping him there, tagging in Orton. And now, the tide turns in the heel sides favour, and it’s RVD that becomes the spectator, as MVP and Orton pick apart the plucky United States Champion.

But, as ever, London IS plucky, and the U.S Champ battles back at any and every opportunity he can get … but despite his best efforts, he’s unable to make the pivotal tag to RVD, with MVP and Orton JUST managing to keep him away from his partner, frustrating Van Dam, and the fans. MVP gets London into the corner again, tagging Orton in once more, and holds London, restraining the U.S Champion as Orton hit’s the ropes, charging toward him with a big shot … BUT LONDON DUCKS DOWN, FREEING HIMSELF … AND MVP GETS CLOCKED BY ORTON!!! Porter tumbles through the ropes to the outside, whilst Orton stands in shock … THEN GETS CREAMED WITH A DROPSAULT!!! London races across the ring … AND TAGS IN VAN DAM!!!!!

The roof is ready to explode, as Van Dam hops inside, with Orton sitting up, realising what’s about to go down … and before he can even begin to try and beg off … VAN DAM IS ON HIM!!! The months of pent up fury gets the better of RVD, and the former champion lets it all out on Orton … but MVP quickly breaks it up, dropping an axe handle on RVD … AS LONDON QUICKLY SPRINGS BACK INTO LIFE AND TACKLES MVP DOWN!!! All four men are now in the ring, but London and MVP quickly spill to the outside, leaving Van Dam and Orton in the ring, with RVD hammering Orton in the corner, and then proceeds to deliver the monkey flip … but in the process, the referee gets hit!!!

The official hit’s the canvas, as does Orton, with RVD initially not spotting the incident, and instead climbs to the top rope, looking to fly for the FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH … BUT MVP SHOVES HIM OFF!!!!! The fans boo, whilst London quickly yanks MVP off the apron … but the damage has perhaps been done, as Orton recovers in the ring, and now stalks RVD … signalling for the RKO … AND GOES FOR IT … BUT RVD SHOVES HIM AWAY!!! RVD then looks for a kick, but Orton ducks under … AND LOW BLOWS VAN DAM!!!!! Orton takes full advantage of the incapacitated referee, whilst we see MVP clocking London with a steel chair to the ribs, and then to the back - also taking advantage of the referee being out of action.

Inside, Orton shouts to MVP, demanding the chair, with MVP taking a look back at London, deciding whether or not to deliver one more, but decides against it, and throws the chair to Orton in the ring. Orton catches it, and turns … RIGHT INTO A LEAPING VAN DAM … VAN DAMINATOR TO ORTON!!!!!!!!!! Orton goes down, as the shell shocked MVP goes wide eyed on the outside, and leaps onto the apron, but Van Dam THROWS the chair at him, knocking him back off!!! RVD quickly now hops to the top rope, taunting with his thumbs … BEFORE SOARING … FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH CONNECTS!!!!!! He covers the champion, as the referee slowly comes around, making the count … 1……2……3!!!!!!!!!!
Winners: Rob Van Dam & Paul London @ 10:03 - Van Dam faces Randy Orton at Summerslam for the WWE Championship


Van Dam is back … AND BACK IN STYLE!!! The former champion GETS his rematch at Summerslam!!! Van Dam has his hand raised, as London joins him in the ring, hugging his good friend, showing how happy he is for RVD to get his chance at redemption with Orton at Summerslam. Meanwhile, Orton rolls out of the ring, looking worse for wear, whilst MVP is seen regrouping too, looking pissed that he’s missed out on his own title shot at London.

Joey Styles: MISTER FRIDAY NIGHT IS BACK!!! Rob Van Dam - the whole damn show - gets his long awaited rematch with Orton at Summerslam, and tonight, he gained just a small measure - a tiny bit - of redemption for the months he’s missed because of Ortons sick punt to the head at WrestleMania, and the disgusting DDT at Judgment Day. But on August 19 at Wembley Stadium, Rob Van Dam will have the opportunity to strike back in a bigger way - the best way possible - by beating Orton for the WWE Title!!!

Paul Heyman: A year ago at Summerslam, Rob Van Dam won his first WWE Title, and now, a year later, he has the opportunity to win his second!! What a comeback from the Whole Damn Show!!! But it’ll be a different story come August 19. It’ll be Van Dam and Orton for the richest prize in the game … no distractions, no partners, just man to man, mano e mano.

Joey Styles: I cannot wait for it, Paul!! Three weeks this Sunday … Van Dam and Orton for the WWE Title!!!

Paul Heyman: Well, I don’t know about you Joey, but I’m spent already. We’ve barely had a second to breathe here tonight.

Joey Styles: Well take a breath now Paul, because it promises to be a breathtaking night. STILL to come, our main event tonight, Brock Lesnar meets an opponent on Triple H’s choosing. On Raw this past Monday, Triple H got by Lesnars choice of poison; Batista. Who does Triple H have in mind to take on his Summerslam opponent tonight?? And that’s not all, Paul. The #1 Contenders tournament WILL continue after kicking off this past Tuesday on Superstars. Tonight?? It’s the turn of Los Latinos and the team of Cruiserweight Champion THE Brian Kendrick and Chris Masters … PLUS two other teams that will be part of the tournament next week, will meet to settle their differences. Two out of three falls; The Master Craftsmen meet The Caribbean Connection - IT’S ALL TO COME - TONIGHT ON SMACKDOWN!!!

Commercial Break





Back in the arena, we go to ringside…

Paul Heyman: Without a shadow of a doubt, by far and away, THE proudest night of my managerial career. Guiding Brock Lesnar to the WWE title in record time, beating THE ROCK at Summerslam?? Nothing comes close.

Joey Styles: Indeed, and now, five years later, Brock Lesnar is involved in another huge Summerslam match. This time, it’s personal. It’s not about titles, it’s not about money, or fame. At Summerslam, Lesnar meets Triple H in a Streetfight. Blood will undoubtedly be shed, bones will probably be broken, and with the hatred between these two men … both mens careers could be altered come Summerslam.

Paul Heyman: We know what both men are capable of, we know just what exactly both men will be willing to do, and at Summerslam, it’s all legal. They can do anything they damn well please. It wont be pretty, but it sure as hell will be unmissable.

Joey Styles: And tonight, the mind games will continue. Who will Brock Lesnar face in our main event?? What has Triple H got up his sleeve tonight?? It’s pick your poison tonight.

In the ring, we see Trevor and Festus Murdoch standing, waiting to speak.

Trevor Murdoch: Y’know, ma brother and I have been on Smackdown for the past year, doin our best to rise to the top of the ladder of the tag team ranks. Now, with Eric Bischoff throwin together an eight team tournament to crown the next contenders … we got the heave ho!!!

Trevor snarls.

Trevor Murdoch: Me and Festus got told by Bischoff that we didn’t make the cut. We got told we had enough chances here on Smackdown, and that it might be time for us to separate as a team. BROTHERS!!! WE’RE BROTHERS!!! And Bischoff wants us to go in different directions?? Look at ma brother!!

Close up of the comatose Festus.

Trevor Murdoch: He needs ma help. He needs me to guide him. Festus cant fend for hisself. So Bischoff, after tonight, you cant forget puttin Festus in singles matches, cause the Murdoch Twins aint goin anywhere!! You just gone an’ lit a fire under us, and once your little tournament is done?? The Murdochs be comin for whoever holds the gold!! We aint the whippin-


The music of Nick Nemeth fills the arena, to heat from the fans. The newest addition to the roster quickly talks over his music, as the tune dies down.

Nick Nemeth: Hey, hold up. You’re angry?? How do you think I feel!!?? Last week, I had to carry this guy-

Nemeth points to the guy standing in the front row, then does a double take, and points to the guy next to him, confusing all the Japanese for Funaki. Classy, and not racist at all…

Nick Nemeth: And this week, I’ve got to put up with that stiff of a brother of yours?? Is there someone back there trying to make me look bad??


Nick Nemeth: Yeah, I get that the powers that be want me to string together a few easy wins … but these … “challenges(??)” … are just ridiculous. Winning comes first everyday … but I’m a rare breed, and I like to look good when I’m winning.

More boos for the cocky superstar.

Nick Nemeth: But no one could look good sharing the ring with a lumbering fool like that idiot. So instead of you bitchin out here about your problems … spare a thought for my problems. Let’s get this thing done already.

Nemeth angrily chucks the mic down, and rips off his waistcoat, sliding into the ring, and instantly attacks Festus, jumping the gun before the bell, and hammering him into the corner. The bell still doesn’t ring, as the official is too busy holding off an irate Trevor, forcing him out of the ring first.

Once the elder twin is banished from the ring, the referee drags the intense Nemeth from Festus, admonishing him for the attack, and checking over Festus’ condition before finally signalling for the bell to start the match.

Match 2:
Nick Nemeth vs. Festus Murdoch w/Trevor Murdoch
And, as the bell rings … Festus comes alive. The big lump now races forward, forcing Nemeth to scram, and rethink his game plan, eventually outsmarting the maniacal Murdoch, moving as the big man rushed to the corner, and as Festus hit’s the buckle, Nemeth is on him, chopping him down. Nemeth launches from the canvas, using the ropes for leverage, driving an elbow into the sternum of Festus, before holding him down … 1...2...NO!!!

Festus struggles back up, as Nemeth rushes back off the ropes, connecting with a perfect dropkick, knocking him back down, following up with a snap neck breaker, and another cover, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Nemeth shakes his head, getting to his feet, and leaning against the ropes, before looking out into the crowd shouting toward the camera “GET ME SOME COMPETITION. I DIDN’T COME HERE TO WRESTLE BROOMSTICKS” and pushes off the ropes, connecting with the FAME ASSER {Again, not referred to as the Fame Asser on commentary} quickly turning the lump over, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Nick Nemeth @ 01:11

2-0 without breaking a sweat. The cocky newcomer wins impressively again, and in an act of disgust over the choice of opponent, stomps Festus out of the ring, where Trevor is waiting, tending to his brother on the outside.

Joey Styles: Nick Nemeth is certainly making people stand up and take note on Smackdown already, Paul.

Paul Heyman: This is a rising star, and that star is rising FAST, Joey Styles. I’ve got a high opinion about this guy.

Joey Styles: Probably not as high an opinion as he has in himself. Narcissist might just be an understatement for this kid.

Paul Heyman: Credit where it’s due Joey. Nick Nemeth doesn’t want to waste months by building up a collection of meaningless wins. He wants the big names, and he wants them last week - not next week. No time to waste for this guy. I like that attitude.

Nemeth continues to pose in the ring, brushing his firm torso as we cut away.

And backstage, we see Eric Bischoff impressively nodding, as he watches the action on his television, before the camera pans out, showing LAYLA EL sitting on the other side of the desk, watching and nodding.

Eric Bischoff: Now THAT is what I call a talent, Layla.

Layla El: I agree Mister Bischoff, and I promise you, my boys will soon prove to you that they are just as talented and hungry as Nick Nemeth.

Eric Bischoff: Well, the contracts are all signed, all the loose ends have been tied up, and as the Diva Search winner of 2006, you are within your rights to switch brands as you wish.

Layla El: Thank you Mister Bischoff. Casey and Kassidy will be delighted to hear it. They’re extremely excited to be making their debut on Smackdown, and with me by their side … I think you can guarantee new tag team champions at Summerslam.

Layla stands up, offering a handshake, and Eric rises, taking the hand, and creepily bends over to kiss it. Layla tries not to act creeped out, and forces a smile.

Eric Bischoff: With a woman of such beauty by their side … I don’t see how the James Boys can fail, Layla.

Acting coy, Layla waves her hand at Bischoff, as if to say to stop.

Layla El: You’ll make me blush, Mister Bischoff, please.

Bischoff smiles, and grabs her hand again.

Eric Bischoff: Why don’t you stay here and keep me company for the rest of the show??

Again, Layla forces a smile, trying to think quick.

Layla El: Oh … I … well, Mister Bischoff, I, errr, I need to take this tournament very seriously. Casey and Kassidy are expecting me to meet them later. We’re planning on watching the two out of three falls match between the Caribbean Connection and the Master Craftsmen. Scouting the competition.

Eric smirks, nods, and releases her hand.

Eric Bischoff: I admire your dedication, Layla. It’s a very … attractive quality. Good luck … but if you need me … for anything … don’t hesitate to come see me.

Bischoff smiles, and winks at Layla, who backs away, smiling too, albeit uncomfortably as we fade out…

And elsewhere, we now see CHAVO GUERRERO AND SUPER CRAZY; Los Latinos, making their way down the hallway …

Joey Styles: Ladies and Gentlemen, in just a moment, the Number One Contenders tournament to meet Americas Most Wanted will continue!! Los Latinos are in action, and they’ll face the team of Chris Masters and the Cruiserweight Champion, THE Brian Kendrick. Which team will join Jeff Hardy and Evan Bourne in the Semi Finals?? Find out - NEXT!!!

Commercial Break

Back in the arena…


Entering to a combined theme (an updated version of the old LWO theme from WCW) Chavo Guerrero and Super Crazy step into the arena, looking composed and ready, ahead of their first round match in the tag team tournament.

Joey Styles: In recent weeks, these two long time friends have come together to form one of the most exciting and promising tandems in all of the WWE. Both men have travelled the world over the course of their careers, both men have experience that’s second to none, with dozens championships to their name. Now, together, Chavo and Super Crazy; Los Latinos have their eyes set on a date with Americas Most Wanted for the WWE Tag Team Titles at Summerslam. And earlier today, Chavo and Super Crazy had this to say…

Inside a pre-tape studio…

Chavo Guerrero: Y’know, I’m so excited about this tag team tournament. A spot on the card at Summerslam. A shot at the WWE Tag Team Titles?? This is why Super Crazy and I have formed our team. For a chance to prove to the world what we already know … that we are the best damn tag team in the world today.

Super Crazy spouts a bunch of excitable Spanish, whilst Chavo nods along in agreement.

Chavo Guerrero: Starting tonight, Super Crazy and I will start our path to Wembley Stadium. For all our familia, all our raza, amigos … past and present … Los Latinos dedicate this to YOU!!

Super Crazy spouts more crazy Spanish, as the picture fades.

Back in the arena, Los Latinos are waiting…


Leading out Chris Masters, the Cruiserweight Champion THE Brian Kendrick saunters into the arena, looking cocky, and plays to the camera with two fingers, indicating double gold.

Joey Styles: The Brian Kendrick has not hidden his desire to hold double gold, and as soon as this tournament was announced, he found the biggest man he possibly could in the locker room, and instantly made his application.

Paul Heyman: And hats off to Mister Kendrick for doing so. He could’ve paired up with anyone, and he would’ve gotten his shot due to his pull as Cruiserweight Champion. But smartly, he seeked out the best possible partner - someone that offers everything that he doesn’t; size, strength and power. This could be a team to be reckoned with, Joey.

Joey Styles: Well, Kendrick has had his problems with Los Latinos in the past over the Cruiserweight Title, and earlier today, he and Chris Masters had this to say…

Inside a pre-tape studio…

The Brian Kendrick: Paul London … count yourself lucky. For now, your title is off my radar. For now, I’ve got my eyes locked on tag team gold, and just like I carried you as tag team champion a year ago … I’m gonna do the same with Chris Masters.

Masters raises an eyebrow, and slowly turns to look at Kendrick, but before he can speak, the self absorbed Kendrick continues…

The Brian Kendrick: And once we’re done with Los Losers (laughs to himself) it’s full steam ahead to Summerslam, where I can not only capture double gold, but I can repeat history by winning the WWE Tag Team Titles at the biggest event of the summer. It’s written in the stars. Tell ‘em Chris.

Kendrick slaps Masters chest. The Masterpiece is NOT impressed.

Chris Masters: Lets just get on with it, huh.

Masters walks off the set, and Kendrick shrugs.

Kendrick steps into the ring, and talks trash … before hiding behind the big frame of Masters - who still doesn’t appear to be enamoured with his partner.

Los Latinos vs. The Brian Kendrick & Chris Masters
Kendrick ‘allows’ Masters to take the lead, and the imposing figure of The Masterpiece gets the better of Guerrero and Crazy, but the Latinos come together, and try to take down the big man, momentarily getting the better of him … but Masters catches Crazy coming off the top … and drills him with a power slam. Super Crazy manages to kick out at two, but now that he is in a bad way, Kendrick is ever so keen to get involved in the action. Masters is reticent at first to make the tag, but after constant pestering, he gives in, and tags his partner in, as the camera cuts to the backstage area, where Layla is standing with Casey & Kassidy; The James Boys.

The Cruiserweight Champion takes it to Super Crazy, and does well initially … but as always, TBK allows his ‘personality’ to take over, and he begins to showboat - much to the chagrin of Masters, who yells at Kendrick to get on with it, but the advice is too little, too late … and Super Crazy mounts a comeback, tagging Chavo back in, and the fans begin to pick up, as Los Latinos display their teamwork on Kendrick, using this opportunity to show their chemistry - AND - get a chance to get their hands on their former friend. Kendrick survives an onslaught from Los Latinos, and a rake to the eyes of Chavo allows him time to get to the corner, and tag in Masters.

Layla and The James Boys are shown once again, watching the action on a monitor backstage, as Masters tries to use his power game to dominate … but Chavo and Super Crazy are too wily to fall to the big man, and overcome his size to gain the upper hand … but Kendrick drives a sneaky knee to the back of Chavo, allowing Masters to clobber him with a thunderous clothesline. Kendrick smiles at his handiwork, whilst Super Crazy hops up and down on the apron, furious at the cheating, trying to inform the referee … whilst Masters now sets up for the Master lock …

… But just as he does, the fans pop … AS JAMIE NOBLE SPRINTS DOWN THE AISLE … TRIPPING KENDRICK OFF THE APRON!!! In the ring, Masters doesn’t pay the incident too much attention, and turns his attention back to Chavo … but with the referee distracted, Super Crazy pounces on the opportunity, and dropkicks Masters from behind, preventing the Masterlock, sending Masters into the buckles … and Chavo quickly follows up, rolling Masters up from behind - GRABBING THE TIGHTS - and the referee makes the count … 1...2...3!!!
Winners: Los Latinos @ 06:52

Turnabout is fair play tonight - as Chavo and Super Crazy show some of the old Lyin, Cheatin & Stealin from the past - turning the tables on Kendrick and Masters to pick up the win!!! On the outside, Noble continues to hammer Kendrick down, getting revenge on his rival for his attack last week, but Kendrick manages to scramble free from Nobles grasp, and hops over the barrier, and into the sea of fans, escaping from Noble - but Noble gives chase.

Joey Styles: If Brian Kendrick thought Jamie Noble would forget what happened last week, he was sorely mistaken!!!

Paul Heyman: How can that be allowed Joey?? Jamie Noble just attacked a competitor in this match!! Why isn’t that a disqualification??

Joey Styles: Normally Paul, I’d agree, but after the stunt The Brian Kendrick tried to pull … he got what he deserved.

Paul Heyman: Two wrongs don’t make a right, Joey. You know that.

Momentarily, the camera switches backstage, and we see Layla standing with The James Boys either side of her, watching the action on a monitor, talking about what they’ve just saw, but we don’t hear what is said. In the ring, Masters is furious about the loss, and begins to look around, searching out Noble, blaming him for the loss, and rolls out of the ring, climbing over the barrier himself, looking to find Noble, whilst Guerrero and Crazy are left to celebrate their entry into the Semi Finals of the tournament.

Joey Styles: Los Latinos advance to the final four, and will now meet the winners of next weeks match between The James Boys and The Master Craftsmen. Of course, The Master Craftsmen will also be in action later tonight in a Two out of Three Falls Match with The Caribbean Connection, before both teams begin their quest to get to Summerslam in just over three weeks time.

Paul Heyman: But personally, I don’t think this result should stand. Jamie Noble attacked The Brian Kendrick. Where I come from, THAT results in a DQ.

Joey Styles: The inquest can begin Paul, but in my opinion, The Brian Kendrick got what he deserved tonight. He put his nose in Jamie Nobles business last week, and paid the price tonight. Los Latinos join Jeff Hardy & Evan Bourne in the final four - and that’s the way it is.

Paul Heyman: If I were Kendrick and Masters, I’d be beating down Eric Bischoffs door right now.

Joey Styles: I think Kendrick has other things on his mind right now. He’ll be looking for the nearest exit to get away from Noble. Ladies and Gentlemen, still to come tonight, TWO out of THREE falls; The Master Craftsmen. The Caribbean Connection. What a match it promises to be. PLUS, Triple H picks Brock Lesnars poison after The Iron Man came up short on Monday with Batista losing to The Game. Who does Triple H have in store for Lesnar tonight?? That’s our main event.

The camera cuts backstage, and shows EDGE, dressed in street clothes, walking down the hallway…

Paul Heyman: And THERE, Joey, THERE is a man who is looking to create his OWN destiny. Shunned from the title picture, thrown to the side by Eric Bischoff, EDGE is looking to FORCE his way back into the mix. He called out the biggest dog in the yard last week in The Undertaker, one on one at Summerslam.

Heyman claps enthusiastically for Edge.

Joey Styles: And it seems that Edge is on his way out here. Has The Undertaker accepted?? Will the Rated R Superstar meet The Deadman at Summerslam?? We’ll hear from Edge - NEXT!!!

Commercial Break


Back into the arena…


Bursting through the smoke, Edge is greeted in Japan just as he is back home - with animosity. The fans show their feelings, as Edge calmly walks down the aisle, dressed in t-shirt and jeans, along with sunglasses.

Joey Styles: Last week Paul, Edge took us ALL by surprise when he made the gutsy call to challenge The Undertaker, one on one, at Summerslam.

Paul Heyman: This is what Edge has been driven to Joey. Frozen out of the title picture by Eric Bischoff, The Rated ‘R’ Superstar - without fear - without reservation - without any second thoughts - stepped up to the plate, and instead of whining and moaning about the breaks he’s got, he called out the ‘conscience’ of the WWE, the big dog himself, the head honcho, The Undertaker, to-a-match … at Summerslam. He wants to stick it to Bischoff and all his doubters, by showing just how deserving of a title match he really is by besting The Deadman, and he wants about ninety thousand witnesses to see it in Wembley Stadium.

Joey Styles: Indeed, credit to Edge for his ballsy move last week. As yet though; no response from The Undertaker, and The Deadman of course, has not been seen since he retired JBL at the Great American Bash three weeks ago.

Paul Heyman: And despite that gruesome fact - DESPITE the fact that JBL paid the price for calling out The Undertaker WITH HIS CAREER - Edge has STILL got the guts to call out The Phenom. THAT my friend, is how BADLY Edge wants a shot at the gold.

Edge stands inside the ring, holding a microphone, wagging the mic, looking down at it, before cracking a smile, and talking over the noise of the fans.

Edge: Kon’nichiwa!!

Cheap pop. Edge smirks, and cheekily mumbles into the mic.

Edge: It’s that easy, huh??

A few scattered boos ring out, as Edge shakes his head, quickly moving on.

Edge: Well anyway, you people all know why I’m out here. Last week, I threw out a challenge to none other than The Deadman- The PHENOM- THE Under … taker.

Pop for the mention of Taker.

Edge: Now … ever since I “shocked” the world, people have been passing opinions, judging my mind set for having the audacity to call out the revered, legendary Undertaker. Some people called it “ballsy” … others?? Called it “crazy” … “madness” … some so-called experts even said that I must’ve lost my mind … that I must be desperate if I’m calling out The Undertaker. Y’see … apparently, like tugging on Supermans cape, or spitting into the wind … calling out the almighty Undertaker is something y’ just don’t do.

Confidently, Edge smirks again.

Edge: The more the years pass, the bigger The Deadmans legacy grows … the bigger the stories become, and the accomplishments become more glorified … you people; fans and the boys in the back alike … talk about The Undertaker like he’s some kind of mythological figure … glorifying his every achievement … talking about him like he’s some kinda … some kinda … GOD!!

A few cheers develop … as Edge talks into the mic, through gritted teeth.

Edge: The Undertaker … ISNT … A … GOD!!


Edge: Yes, the undefeated WrestleMania streak is incredible. It’ll never be replicated, it’ll never be duplicated … but people seem to forget just how close Kurt Angle came to breaking it in New Orleans … he had The Undertaker BEAT. On that night … he humanized The Deadman. That was the reason no one laid eyes on The Undertaker for four months … he disappeared because of what Angle took out of him … still sound like a God now??

Boos ring out for Edge.

Edge: But that all appears to be some … some distant memory now, doesn’t it?? After the callous and brutal nature that The Deadman retired JBL - burying him … alive … without any remorse, or any regret … the sight of a weary old man clinging by a thread at WrestleMania was erased. And you people call me crazy for calling him out??

Edge scowls at the fans.

Edge: I’m not crazy. As a matter of fact, I’ve never had more clarity than I do right now. I know, deep down, in my heart of hearts … that I am the best in the business today … I -

Edge pauses, as some fans boo.

Edge: I should be WWE Champion … I should be headlining Summer slam … but the powers that be don’t deem me championship material right now. So by calling out The Deadman, I get to do two things at Summer slam … make it- make it IMPOSSIBLE to be ignored any longer … and I get to erase all the hype and the propaganda, and ALL the BS that follows the God-like Deadman.


Edge: Because make no mistake about it … when I said I was THE BEST … I … MEANT IT!!! That means I’m not Kurt Angle, and I’m not JBL … I wont fall at the final hurdle like Angle did … BECAUSE I’M THE BEST!! I wont be retired by The Phenom like JBL was … BECAUSE I’M THE BEST!!! And I wont listen to all the crap coming from you people that I’ve lost my mind by calling out the almighty Deadman … BECAUSE … I’M … THE … BEST!!!

The Rated ‘R’ Superstar snarls over the mic, breathing heavily, and tugging at his hair momentarily, before snapping at the rising noise from the fans.


Boos. Edge stops, and settles himself.

Edge: That’s right. No response from the Phenom. The lord and ruler of all of wrestling. And that people- THAT … is the telling sign. No, I wont start a campaign to lure him out of the darkness like JBL … I’ll simply accept it for what it is … fear.


Edge: The Undertaker, for all his faults … isn’t stupid. He sees, what I know … and that is the fact that I am - without a shadow of a doubt - THE single greatest wrestler to have never held a World title. But not for much longer. With or without a win over The Undertaker at Wembley … very soon, I will be known as simply the greatest. The Deadman cant afford to ruin his overblown reputation by being crushed by me at Summer slam, and so he’ll remain in the darkness-



The fans instantly explode, and the lights remain out … as THE UNDERTAKER appears on the titan tron!!! The pop isn’t quite as loud as it could be, with the fans marginally disappointment that he’s only here via video … but The Deadman - stood in his regular attire, in the middle of a murky graveyard - lifts his head, and pauses, before speaking.

The Undertaker: Edge … be careful … what you wish for. By challenging me to a match at Summer slam … you have UNLOCKED THE GATES … OF HELLLLLL … and with it you will unleash the wrath of a thousand rabid dogs, ready to maim any man, woman or child that dares lay siege to my kingdom.

Pop from the fans for the seemingly positive response to Edges challenge, in typical overblown Taker verbiage.

The Undertaker: Be careful Edge … be careful what you wish for. AT SUMMERSLAM … YOU WILL BE DRAGGED INTO THE DEPTHS OF DARKNESS … and like those that tried and failed before you … you will … REST … INNNNNNN … PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEACCCCCCEEEEEE!!!

A big pop greets the familiar line, as Taker rolls his eyes back.

~ GONG ~


~ GONG ~


The fans cheers instantly cut out, as Edge spears The Undertaker … or has he?? Edge gets up, with a peculiar look on his face, looking down at the motionless body of The Undertaker … as the camera gets a close up in the ring … and it’s not The Undertaker … it’s just a MANNEQUIN!!!!!

Edge shoots up, with a look of anger on his face, already falling to the mind games of the Undertaker, kicking the ropes, then shooting a glare up at the titan tron, but there is no sign of Taker there either, as Edge begins to talk to himself.

Joey Styles: Paul Heyman - it’s official - EDGE MEETS THE UNDERTAKER AT SUMMERSLAM!!!

Paul Heyman: Oh boy, what a match. What a freakin line up!!!

Joey Styles: It is, without a doubt, lining up to be the biggest Summerslam of all time, with main event after main event being lined up for August 19 at Wembley Stadium. Oh, what a special occasion, what a special night it’ll be in London.

Paul Heyman: It’ll be Edge’s moment of truth for sure, Joey. It’s win or bust for Edge against the conscience of the WWE. It doesn’t get much bigger.

Joey Styles: It certainly does not. Summerslams twentieth edition could well be it’s greatest, and we’re just over three weeks away. Of course, as you’ll all know, Americas Most Wanted will defend their WWE Tag Team Championships at that very event, against the winners of an eight team tournament, and two of the teams vying for the title shot will be in action next. The Caribbean Connection and The Master Craftsmen will attempt to settle their issues once and for all, before beginning their quest for that title shot in their qualifying match next week. Tonight, it’s not about the titles - it’s personal, and it’s next!!!

Commercial Break

The Caribbean Connection vs. The Master Craftsmen
The story of the match is pretty straightforward; Albright and Haas continue to look impressive, with Albright still riding high off his King of the Ring triumph, and Haas believing himself to be just as good as his partner; and importantly, much better than Carlito and Kofi. Meanwhile, Carlito is still determined to get one over on the Master Craftsmen after being disrespected and attacked at Saturday Nights Main Event, whilst Kofi is desperate to prove he belongs in the same illustrious company as the three men in the ring, and the newcomer hangs with Haas and Albright … but is still the weaker link in the Caribbean Connection, and the Master Craftsmen know it - and look to target the rookie.

Haas and Albright, being the quintessential students of the game that they are, cut the ring off with Kofi inside, giving the newcomer little chance of making a tag, and begin to dominate the Jamaican, taking him off his feet, and cutting off his spring in the process, looking to beat the will and heart out of him, as Joey and Heyman discuss how much Kofi can take in this first fall, before deciding to fight another day and be in a better condition to contest the final two falls, surviving a sick half nelson from Albright … as we go to a commercial.

Commercial Break

And back from the commercial, Kofi is still being taken apart, and forced to dig deep to survive, with Carlito continuously willing him on, and with the fans beginning to back the Jamaican Sensation, Kofi mounts a comeback, beginning to release his ‘controlled frenzy’ which shocks Albright and Haas, and with the tandem now on the backfoot, Kingston looks to make the vital tag to his desperate partner … but Albright and Haas stop him at the last second!!! Carlito is furious, but is restrained by the official, allowing Albright and Haas to continue the illegal double team behind the referees back!!!

Soon, it’s Haas and Kofi only in the ring - with Albright slipping out just before the referee turned back around - and Haas whips Kingston into the corner, racing in after him … BUT KINGSTON GETS HIS FEET UP!!! Haas staggers away, and Kofi hoists himself onto the top rope, flying off with a cross body!!! KK hops up, hitting another wind … and looks to make a tag … but Albright desperately charges in … but Kofi senses him coming … AND THROWS BRENT OUT OF THE RING!!! It looks like a clear run for Kingston to Carlito … BUT HAAS WRAPS HIS ARMS AROUND KOFIS LEG!! Haas prevents the tag, and keeps hold of the leg, getting to his own feet … and Kofi hops on one leg … BEFORE CONNECTING WITH AN ENZIGURI!!! The fans go crazy … as Kofi leaps across to tag Carlito … BUT ALBRIGHT - FROM THE OUTSIDE - SWIPES CARLITO OFF THE APRON … AND MISSES THE TAG!!!!!

The fans are deflated, and Kofi is irate, pulling his hair, as he looks out of the ring, at Albright and Carlito, both on the floor writhing … AS HAAS RUNS IN BEHIND KOFI … SURPRISING HIM … AND ROLLS HIM UP … 1...2...3!!!

First Fall: Charlie Haas pins Kofi Kingston @ 10:22; Master Craftsmen lead 1-0

There is no thirty second rest period, and as Kofi bounces up in shock from the sudden loss, Haas tries to sneak in again, going behind, with another roll up … 1...2...NOT THIS TIME!!! Kofi leaps up, just surviving, as Haas jumps up too, racing at his opponent … BUT GETS CREAMED WITH THE TROUBLE IN PARADISE KICK!!!!! Kofi dives into the cover for an instant reply … 1...2... ALBRIGHT BREAKS THE COUNT!!!!!

Kingston cant believe it!!! He is livid, and takes out his fury on Albright, pounding the King of the Ring on the mat, before the official drags him off, and admonishes Kofi for attacking the illegal man. Albright rolls out to the apron, as the match slows, and we begin to reset, with Carlito back on the apron now too, tagging in from Kofi, as the Caribbean Connection attempt to claw back, knowing they MUST win the next two falls of this contest. Haas wisely tags out to Albright, and Brent tentatively steps back inside the ring to face Carlito, with the bout slowing down momentarily … as the commentators use this as a perfect chance for another commercial.

Commercial Break

And we return with all four men now battling in the ring, as Styles helps the audience catch up, telling us that Haas and Albright again tried to cheat their opponents, but CCC and KK had enough on this occasion, leading to the current melee. Carlito and Kofi dominate the brawl, getting the better of Haas and Albright, sending both men out of the ring, then look set to dive to the outside onto them … but the official again plays spoilsport, stopping them from doing so … and the fans boo. But as the official turns his back to check on the Master Craftsmen, Kofi and Carlito look to one another and nod … then race off the ropes … AND SPRINGBOARD OVER THE ROPES … DIVING ONTO HAAS AND ALBRIGHT ON THE OUTSIDE!!!

The fans pop for the high risk offence, as Kofi and Carlito take the fight to Haas and Albright, with Carlito rolling Haas (now the legal man) back inside, and goes for a cover, but only manages a near fall. However, the Caribbean Connection are in the ascendancy now for sure, and the Craftsmen are struggling to keep in the second fall, with Haas battling to survive the onslaught from Carlito, and then from the fired up Kingston. Kofi hit’s the Boom Drop on Haas, but Albright makes sure it only scores a two count … and his interference again sparks a reaction, with Carlito charging into action, tackling the KOTR down, pounding him on the mat, with the referee distracted once again, looking to get the two legal men out of the ring … and Kofi is distracted too … rookie mistake … as Haas LOW BLOWS Kofi!!!

Kingston drops to his knees, as Haas looks to follow up … BUT CARLITO DRILLS HIM FROM BEHIND WITH THE BACK CRACKER!!!!! The fans pop, as Carlito plays the Craftsmen at their own game, and now pleads innocence as he retreats to his corner. Albright is livid, arguing with the official as he is admonished to his own corner. In the middle of the ring now, it’s a race to get to their feet … with Kofi showing the strain of the low blow … and Charlie trying to shake the cobwebs after being laid out with the Back Cracker … with the fans firmly behind Kingston, he rises first, and sizes up Haas … but Charlie rakes the eye of his opponent to buy himself time!!! Haas now looks to follow up, but Kofi kicks him in the gut, forcing Haas to double over, then Kofi LAUNCHES him HEAD FIRST into the gut of Albright - SENDING THE KING OF THE RING TO THE FLOOR!!! Haas stumbles back … RIGHT INTO THE SOS!!! 1...2...3!!!!!

Second Fall: Kofi Kingston pins Charlie Haas @ 08:27 (18:49); Caribbean Connection tie 1-1

The fans are in raptures, as Kofi pegs the match up back, sending the contest to the third and final - DECISIVE - fall. Kofi tags in Carlito, with the Caribbean Connection not wasting any time celebrating. Instead, they smell blood, and sense that victory could be theirs. Carlito stalks the groggy Haas, and hooks him into position for the APPLE CORE … AND DELIVERS!!! It’s over, as Carlito makes the hook of the leg … 1...2... ALBRIGHT DRAGS THE REFEREE OUT OF THE RING!!! The fans are outraged, as is Carlito, who outstretches his arms at the referee, who demands that Albright get Haas back in the ring. Kingston, seeing Albright ignore the referee, drops off the apron, and gives chase … BUT ALBRIGHT SEES HIM COMING AND KICKS THE STEPS - RIGHT INTO THE KNEES OF KINGSTON!!!!!

In the ring, Carlito runs off the ropes, and baseball slides Albright in retaliation, sliding out of the ring to grab Haas, and rolls the dazed collegiate grappler back inside, and attempts to follow, hopping onto the ropes to spring inside … but Albright shakes the ropes, and CCC topples over!!!!! Carlito lands badly, as Haas, working on instinct, drags him into the centre, and covers … 1...2...KICK OUT!!!!! Haas sits up in shock, and argues with the official - DISTRACTING HIM - as Albright WHACKS Carlito with a STEEL CHAIR through the ropes - DIRECTLY TO THE ARM!!!

Carlito rolls in agony in the ring, clutching his arm, as Albright gets rid of the evidence … then onto the apron, and gets the tag from Haas … and no surprises for guessing what’s coming next … CROWBAR TO CARLITO!!! Haas drops off the apron meanwhile, and holds Kofi down on the outside to prevent any interventions … as Carlito desperately tries to survive … but the damage to the arm has been done, and the pain is simply unbearable … forcing him to … TAP … OUT!!!!!

Third Fall: Brent Albright submits Carlito @ 01:59 (20:48); Master Craftsmen win 2-1
Winners: The Master Craftsmen 2-1 @ 20:48

Albright and Haas stoop to almighty lows to secure the win, after a Herculean effort from Carlito and Kingston, proving them to be more than a match for the King of the Ring and his partner. Albright keeps the Crowbar locked on for a few seconds longer, just to make a point, before finally releasing the hold, and accepting the victory.

Joey Styles: An absolutely scintillating tag team war … MARRED, Paul, by the disgusting, gutter level tactics, deployed by the Master Craftsmen - ESPECIALLY in the final fall.

Paul Heyman: A win, Joey … is a win … is a win. And for the Master Craftsmen, victory is ALL that matters. They don’t care how they get it, just that they do. And that’s one of their biggest qualities too. They can beat you in a variety of ways. They can out wrestle ya, they can out brawl you, and tonight, they outsmarted their opponents.

Joey Styles: I’m not sure I agree entirely, Paul. On this evidence, I don’t think Albright and Haas could beat Carlito and Kofi Kingston without cheating.

The Master Craftsmen have their arms raised in the air, whilst Kingston comes in to check on the hurt Carlito, who is still clutching his arm. Meanwhile, Albright and Haas take the chance to talk trash before leaving the ring, pointing and bellowing at both Kofi and the fallen CCC, having gotten the final word. Kingston looks fired up, but just shakes his head rather than retaliate, instead looking to tend to his partner, making sure Carlito isn’t seriously hurt.

Joey Styles: A huge setback tonight for the Caribbean Connection, Paul. And with the injury sustained by Carlito tonight, you’ve got to wonder just what kind of condition he’ll be in next week, and how this will affect the teams preparation ahead of their tournament match against the returning Rob Conway and Andrew Martin.

Paul Heyman: Somewhere, you’ve got to believe that Conway and Martin are rubbing their hands together in glee at this sight of Carlito. There’s no way that arm will be fully healed in time for next Friday Night.

Joey Styles: That one goes down next Friday night in Sydney, but for the Master Craftsmen, they meet the upstart James Boys, backed by Layla El, next Tuesday night on Superstars. After that gruelling twenty minute war, will three days be long enough for Haas and Albright to recover??

Paul Heyman: Are you freakin serious?? Haas and Albright can go for sixty minutes, any night- EVERY night. Three days rest is a lifetime for those two guys. Could be a rough welcome for the James Boys if you ask me, Joe.

Joey Styles: That’s all to come next week, but still to come tonight; Pick Your Poison. Triple H picks Brock Lesnars opponent. Our main event is still to come!!!

Coverage cuts backstage, where Edge is seen walking down the hallway, seemingly leaving the arena, but as he turns a corner, he stops. The camera swings around … showing BATISTA!!!

The fans pop, as Edge looks to either side of The Animal, looking to go by him, then scratches his hair.

Edge: Could you errr … could you step aside??

Batista stands tall, sniffs, then steps into the face of Edge.

Batista: Just because you’ve got your match with Taker at Summerslam … don’t forget about me … because I haven’t forgotten about you. You and I have some unfinished business … and I plan on FINISHING IT … sooner … rather than later.

Batista snarls, and brushes past Edge, letting the Rated ‘R’ Superstar know that their issue is still unresolved.

Commercial Break


A night time view from the sky of London is seen as the opening chords of ‘LONDON CALLING’ by The Clash plays.

As the opening chords continue, flashing shots of the WWE superstars {John Cena, Paul London, Christian, Randy Orton, Mr. Kennedy, Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle & Brent Albright} appear as the focus zooms closer to the city … eventually zooming towards the newly completed Wembley Stadium…


Spliced together clips, going from sights in London (Westminster) with Edge spearing Brock Lesnar, and Rey Mysterio hitting the 619 to Mr. Kennedy.


Focus shifts between the Wembley Arc, to action with Shelton Benjamin leaping off a ladder at WrestleMania, then Batista shaking the ring ropes.


Focus then shifts between the sights of London Cabs and Double Decker Buses in Trafalgar Square, to the sights of MVP bursting through his elaborate set, to Melina completing her banana split ring entrance.


We see Tower Bridge and then rowdy fans from WrestleMania, mixed with shots of Christian face to face with John Cena at WrestleMania to a backdrop of thousands inside the Superdome, along with a clip of Rob Van Dam soaring through the air to deliver a Five Star Frog Splash.


Zooming shot of the London Eye, clips of more fans from big WWE stadium events, mixed with Umaga roaring at the camera, and Randy Orton crouched, lying in wait for an RKO.


Flashing clip of Buckingham Palace, with a crazed Kurt Angle going for the Ankle Lock, then Brent Albright applying the Crowbar.


Big Ben is shown, mixed with Straight Edge delivering the simultaneous Shining Wizard, then Carlito hitting the Apple Core off the ladder at WrestleMania.


Another glorious shot of the new Wembley, as a rapid succession of shots of the top name stars flashes across the screen.


The camera then zooms out, further and further, as the music fades.


Back to ringside, as ‘FANS’ by Kings of Leon plays over the PA…

Joey Styles: Just twenty three days remain, Paul, until the twentieth annual Summerslam. And without a doubt, in front of NINETY thousand fans in London, it’ll be the biggest Summerslam EVER!! I say that, because tonight, a stellar line up just became a line up of epic proportions. The WWE Championship will be on the line, as Randy Orton meets a man you and I know EXTREMELY well, the returning, former champion, Rob Van Dam.

Paul Heyman: Mr. Friday Night, the Whole Damn Show, Mr. PAY PER VIEW is back, and without sounding cliché, the man looks better than ever. No signs of the head injuries that have kept him on the sidelines since WrestleMania. It’s deeply personal, and RVD, despite the cool exterior will be gunning for blood come August Nineteen. Randy Orton is in big trouble.

Joey Styles: From Raw, the World Tag Team titles will be on the line too. MNM and Straight Edge have DOMINATED the tag team scene over on Raw since the turn of the year, and it all boils down to one night in London. Who is the superior team??

Paul Heyman: What a rivalry, Joey. Four of the most exciting talents in all of the WWE, duking it out for the tag team titles, two teams so polar opposite, two teams so evenly matched. What an addition to a loaded line up. It’s a pick ‘em, and I cant separate ‘em!!

Joey Styles: Confirmed earlier this evening; The Undertaker has accepted the challenge from Edge!! Those two men WILL meet at Wembley!! The Deadman will be part of Summerslam, and he’s got a hungry, hungry opponent.

Paul Heyman: Oh, talk about an understatement. That hunger is driving Edge on, and if he channels that hunger correctly, he could just take The Undertaker apart … unless of course, we get the same sadistic Undertaker that destroyed and retired JBL just three weeks ago at the Great American Bash. HUGE match.

Joey Styles: And in recent weeks over on Raw a massive grudge has emerged between John Cena and Mister Kennedy. This past Monday, they made it official, and their meeting is set for Wembley Stadium. Huge challenge for Mister Kennedy, but it’s a big match for Cena too. Is Cena on the decline?? Many people, Paul, believe he is.

Paul Heyman: One thing is for sure, Joey, Cena hasn’t been himself since his crushing loss at WrestleMania. His fall has been well documented, but what he has at Summerslam is an opportunity to begin his rise back to the top, by shutting up a loudmouth in Kennedy … but it wont be easy. Cena WILL have to be at his best to fend off the 2006 King of the Ring.

Joey Styles: Then, of course, you’ve got the World Heavyweight Championship. Captain Charisma, Christian, faces the biggest challenge - of not only his reign - but of ANY champions reign … no one, not Hogan, not Bret Hart, not Steve Austin, EVER faced a challenge quite like Umaga. Undefeated for over twelve months, DOMINATING victory, after victory … and now, the Samoan Bulldozer looks to cast aside Christian, and bring about a wave of domination like never before over the WWE. Can Christian defeat the 350 pound devastation machine??

Paul Heyman: He cant, Joey. He simply; cant. I cant see anyway that Christian can keep Umaga down. I cant see anyway that ANYONE could keep Umaga down. I’ve never saw a figure quite as intimidating as Umaga. And at Summerslam, I’m afraid a new era will dawn … a dark, disturbing, dominating era, like never before.

Joey Styles: And of course, the big inter-promotional Streetfight. Triple H from Raw, meets Brock Lesnar from Smackdown, it’s been billed as THE WrestleMania Rematch, and everyone has been waiting for these two to collide since March 18. At Wembley, it happens.

Paul Heyman: And I cant wait. Lesnar is Lesnar, what you see is what you get … but Triple H is back, and he looks refreshed, and better than ever if you ask me. This wont be like their WrestleMania encounter. Triple H is going in alone, and he doesn’t need ANY back up. This’ll be bloody, this’ll be brutal, this will be a war!!!

Joey Styles: And, let’s not forget, Brock Lesnar is in action in our main event in a few moments, taking on an opponent of The Games choosing. But, three other matches we have yet to comment on that will happen at Summerslam, but have yet to be determined; Mickie James defends her Womens Championship against the winner of a match between Beth Phoenix and Gail Kim this Monday, William Regal await’s the Intercontinental Champion, either Shelton Benjamin or Matt Hardy; to be determined in a Thirty Minute Iron Man match this Monday, and, from Smackdown, AMW defend their tag titles against the winners of an eight team tournament.

Paul Heyman: All in all, Joey, it’s incredible. I just cant believe Eric Bischoff of all people put this thing together.

Joey Styles: Personal feelings for the scumbag aside, I have to admit, Bischoff has delivered something incredible for Summerslam. And, just as we mention Americas Most Wanted title defence at Summer slam … (sighs) … I’m just being informed that Harris and Storm have sent in another video from their paid vacation … (shakes his head) roll the footage…


A bustling restaurant is where the video opens … and quickly, the ignorant, southern accent of James Storm is heard filling the scene.


We cut to the table where Storm and Harris are sitting, with The Cowboy berating a Japanese waiter.

Waiter: Ah, sir … sushi. We serve sushi. Sushi restaurant.

Storm looks across the table at Harris, unimpressed.

James Storm: Does no one speak American in this hellhole?? (turns to waiter) DO-YOU-SPEAK-AMERICAN??

The waiter looks confused, before answering.

Waiter: Sir, no American. I study English in Boston, many year ago. Speak good English.

Storm shoots the waiter a look of fury.

James Storm: You tryin to make fun of me??

Chris Harris: I think he thinks you’re dumb, Jimmy. I think he thinks because we’re a visitor in his country, he can make us look stupid. Hey Jackie Chan, go get us someone that speaks our language, comprende??

Waiter: Uhh, sir … comprende??


Storm stands up, shooing the waiter away, before sitting back down, and swigging back on a glass of water.


Harris shakes his head in disgust.

Chris Harris: How do idiots like that even get a job?? I mean, who doesn’t speak American??

James Storm: Jim Ross??

Chris Harris: Yeah, but at least he speaks Oklahoman. Give him some credit.

James Storm: I don’t like this place man. Mexico?? I know you had your uh … problems there, but man, that was good times. The Tequila was flowin, beer was comin outta my ears … but this place?? Beer that tastes like toilet water, foot I wouldn’t serve to a Dog-

Chris Harris: Don’t they eat Dogs here??

James Storm: Yeah, I guess Hotdogs would be a universal kinda thing. I’m sure us Americans would export hotdo-

Chris Harris: No Jimbo, I meant dogs … like four legs … bark a lot.

Storms face drops, and momentarily looks sad.

James Storm: They … eat dogs?? Like, real dogs?? Like my little Poodle?? They eat dogs like my ‘Paris’??

Harris nods.

James Storm: That’s just sick man.

Chris Harris: They eat cats too.

The Cowboy shrugs at that piece of information.

James Storm: That’s not so bad. Cats are like vermin … but Dogs?? Dogs are adorable man. How could you eat one of those things??

Chris Harris: Some sick individuals, Jimbo. Scumbags. Where the hell is this waiter??

James Storm: Where’s my God-damn food!!??

Like a spoilt child, Storm pounds the table a few times, gaining the attention of the other restaurant goers.


Harris barks at the fellow customers, with the majority quickly turning away, and one or two even standing up, and walking out. Out of sight, behind the camera, the cameraman asks AMW a question.

Cameraman: Hey guys, what’s your thoughts on the tournament that Eric Bischoff has put together, where the winning team gets a shot at you two at Summerslam??

Storm and Harris look to one another; both perplexed.

James Storm: Huh??

Cameraman: Uhm, the tournament?? Eight teams have signed up. Whoever wins it faces the two of you for the Tag Titles at Summerslam. Didn’t you hear??

Chris Harris: Uhhh … no.

Harris and Storm go silent for a second, then shrug it off.

James Storm: Like it matters, huh big guy?? We just have to take five minutes out of our summer holiday.

Harris shows how badly that announcement his affected his happiness … as he sticks the chopsticks in his mouth.

Chris Harris: Hey, look … I’m a walrus!!

Storm begins to laugh - obnoxiously - loudly, overbearingly. He pounds the table again to try and control his laughter.

James Storm: That is- OHHH … that is- HA … HA HA HA HA … too good man. That is TOO good.

Chris Harris: Yeah, I saw someone do it on TV once, I thought it w- oh, hey, look … I think this is our food.

James Storm: FINALLY!!!

The waiter returns, setting down two plates on the table … of SUSHI. Storm looks down on the plate, not moving his glare, whilst Harris sits back on the chair, looking unimpressed … with the chopsticks still stuck in his mouth.

James Storm: What is this??

Waiter: Ahhh sir, sushi.

The Cowboy shakes his head, looking back down at the plate.

Chris Harris: We asked for steak, Ting Tong. Y’know what steak is??

Waiter: Ahhh sir, sushi. This, sushi restaurant. We serve sushi here.

Storm picks up the plate, and stands, grabbing the waiter by the shirt, and shoving the plate - and the sushi - into the waiters face. Instantly, Harris bellows with laughter.

James Storm: That’s what I think of your God damn precious sushi, you dog eatin cannibal!!!

Storm kicks the waiter as he tries to scurry away, then mocks the Japanese by performing a mock bow. Then, another man enters the scene, possibly the manager.


Chris Harris: Alright Bruce Lee, we’re goin anyway. What kinda self respecting restaurant doesn’t serve steak anyway. You oughta be outta business, Myagi!!!

Manager: GET OUT!!!

Americas Most Wanted get up, and begin to walk out, before Storm turns, and sheepishly speaks to the manager.

James Storm: Whereabouts could we get a steak around here??


Storm backs up, taken aback by the reaction of the manager, whilst Harris chirps up from out of the camera shot.

Chris Harris: Someway to treat tourists!! I thought the Japanese were supposed to be welcoming?? WE WONT BE BACK!!!


Back in the arena, Joey Styles shakes his head in disgust at ringside…

Joey Styles: Can that be the last of these embarrassing video diaries?? Does anyone really want to see these narrow minded idiots bringing shame and embarrassment to the American people?? I certainly do not.

Paul Heyman: (Excitedly) I wonder what they’ll get up to in Australia next week??

Joey Styles: I cant wait… Ladies and Gentlemen, for those of you who managed to sit through that abomination without channels, our main event is still to come. Brock Lesnar takes on an opponent of Triple H’s choosing. But before that, when we come back, Josh Mathews will speak to the Iron Man himself … right after this.

Commercial Break

And, we return, with a smiling Josh Mathews…

Josh Mathews: Ladies and Gentlemen, in just a few moments Brock Lesnar will learn just who Triple H has selected as his ‘poison’ … but right now, I am with The Iron Man himself … Brock Lesnar.

The camera pans to show Lesnar, all set to compete…

Josh Mathews: Brock, you still don’t know the identity of your opponent tonight. Now, obviously, it puts you at a huge disadvantage, just as Triple H was this past Monday when he took on Batista. With your pick coming up short, and The Game winning that match, it surely puts much more pressure on you to do the same tonight??

Lesnar takes his time to respond…

Brock Lesnar: Every time I step into the ring, my goal - my ONLY goal - is victory. I’m the most competitive S.O.B in the WWE. So to me, it doesn’t matter who I’m facing, it doesn’t matter if it’s a mystery opponent, or if I’ve had weeks to prepare … the goal never changes. Triple H winning on Monday didn’t change my mindset. And while I’m on the subject … when Triple H beat Batista on Monday … I was pleased.

Mathews does a double take, looking perplexed by that statement.

Brock Lesnar: That’s right. I was pleased. As a matter of fact, I’ll let you all into a little secret … going into this ‘Pick Your Poison’ … I was ready to send over Funaki to face Triple H. I didn’t want Hunter to get hurt this close to Summer slam … I didn’t want him to have an excuse to get out of our Streetfight, or have an excuse for why I finished his career on August 19. But then … then I thought, ‘This guy hasn’t had a match for three months, and I want him at his best when I end The Game once and for all’ … so Batista was his test. And he passed.

Josh nods, accepting the reasoning.

Brock Lesnar: And as we found out … the old Triple H is back. The ten time World Champion is back to his best. That doesn’t scare me, that doesn’t make me doubt myself ahead of Summer slam … it … excites me. Now, I get to prove at Summerslam that Brock Lesnar is better than Triple H … now I get to prove what I’ve always known … that Brock Lesnar is the very best in this business … and no matter who Triple H throws in front of me tonight … Brock Lesnar is better.

Lesnar turns, walking away, as we cut back into the arena…

Joey Styles: Strong words, Paul, from the Iron Man … but before we focus on the main event … during the commercial break, Eric Bischoff announced next weeks main event from Australia … and it’s a big one!!

Paul Heyman: Oh, that’s an understatement Joe. And it’s a huge week for the Master Craftsmen.

Joey Styles: Indeed, Charlie Haas and the 2007 King of the Ring Brent Albright will be pulling double duty. As we already know, they take on the unknown James Boys on Superstars this coming Tuesday … but next Friday on Smackdown the tag team will be put to the test … competing against each other, as BOTH will challenge Paul London for the United States Championship!!!

Paul Heyman: Triple threat rules for the U.S title, and what a contest it’ll be Joey Styles. Paul London and Brent Albright have already tore the house down MULTIPLE times this spring and summer, they’ve proved a handful for one another, but NOW, you throw another former U.S Champ in the mix with Charlie Haas, and this thing could be one for the ages. Haas and Albright are the best of friends, but I guarantee it; next week, that friendship will be put aside whilst they battle it out for the United States title.

Joey Styles: Indeed, they have a friendship based on respect and admiration for each others abilities, and next week, they get to battle each other. With their competitiveness … it wouldn’t surprise me if they enjoy beating the tar out of one another.

Paul Heyman: Without a doubt. And it wouldn’t surprise me Joey, if they ended up laughing about it afterward.


The daunting music of Brock Lesnar brings the Japanese fans to their feet, as the Iron Man walks onto the stage, focused as ever.

Joey Styles: Well, Triple H has been holed up somewhere in this building all night long … he hasn’t been seen, hasn’t spoke to anyone … but he DOES have an opponent for Brock Lesnar. But Paul, the question is … who??

Paul Heyman: It could be anyone, Joey. Brock raised the stakes this Monday, pulling a swerve on The Game by bringing over a Smackdown superstar in the shape of Batista … will The Game do the same, and use a superstar from Raw??

Joey Styles: We’re about to find out…

Lesnar paces the ring, getting agitated, as he waits for his opponent…


To somewhat, the surprise of many, Triple H enters the stage … but instantly we can tell he’s not picked himself, as he’s wearing a jeans, t-shirt combination. The Game stands at the top of the ramp, with a coy smirk on his face. His music dies down, and he reveals a mic from his back pocket.

Triple H: As much as I would’ve loved to pick myself tonight, Brock … I was told I couldn’t. So … that’ll have to wait until Summerslam. But … seeing as you think you’re so much better than everyone else … let’s see how true that really is. You said you wanted to test me on Raw?? I think it’s safe to say I passed … now … let’s see if you can play my game …


Uh oh. Bounding from behind the curtain, the Samoan Bulldozer, the undefeated Mister Money in the Bank - that’s headed for the main event at Summer slam - Umaga storms down the aisle, with Armando Estrada having to jog at a certain point to keep up (after tipping his hat to Triple H) whilst Lesnar shows no fear, nodding - LIKING the challenge that’s just been presented to him.

Joey Styles: Advantage; Triple H. What a coup for The Game to convince Armando Estrada to bring the Samoan Bulldozer over to Smackdown tonight.

Paul Heyman: But what is in it for Estrada?? There’s no way he’d happily be talked into this without some kind of sweetener from Triple H.

Joey Styles: Regardless - what a match we have here. Umaga; UNDEFEATED, and on his way to the main event of Summerslam at Wembley Stadium to face Christian for the World Heavyweight Championship. What a test for Mister Money in the Bank, facing Brock Lesnar; the quickest rise to prominence in WWE history, winning his first WWE Title within four months of his debut, becoming the youngest champion in history at the time, and at that time was also UNDEFEATED.

Paul Heyman: You don’t need to sell me on Lesnars credentials, Joey. I know how good he is … that undefeated streak of Umaga’s could well be broken tonight. Lesnar IS MORE than capable of doing it.

Joey Styles: We’re going to take a quick commercial break; the last of the evening … when we come back, you’ll not want to miss this; FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER; Brock Lesnar takes on Umaga!!!

Commercial Break

Brock Lesnar vs. Umaga
We return, JUST as the bell is rung, with the two massive man mountains going face to face in the middle of the ring; testosterone fuelling both units, neither showing fear, neither backing up … and Umaga snaps first, SHOVING Lesnar into the ropes … but Lesnar bounces straight back … AND SHOVES Umaga into the ropes!!! The fans pop, with Umaga coming back, and locking up with Lesnar, tussling … before overpowering the Iron Man … SHOVING him into the corner. Lesnar settles himself, and recuperates, coming back, locking up again … AND OVERPOWERS UMAGA, sending the undefeated Samoan into the corner!!! We cut to Triple H on the stage, watching intently, but showing no emotions, as he watches the action unfurl.

The stereotypical ‘big man vs. big man’ template is followed on, with the two continuing to try and outdo the other, running the ropes, shoulder blocking each other … and winding up in a stalemate each time. Umaga then gets frustrated with his inability to take Lesnar off his feet with sheer force alone, and resorts to a big chop, right across the chest of the Iron Man … and this results in a chop fest, drawing ‘OOOOHS’ from the fans in response … and … it also ends in a stalemate, with neither man going down. Umaga again shows his frustration, and resorts to a cheap kick to the gut, winding Lesnar. From there, the Bulldozer throws it onto Brock, hammering him with heavy blows, and sends him into the ropes, but Lesnar hangs on … forcing Umaga to come at him, but Lesnar drops the top rope down … AND UMAGA TUMBLES OUT OF THE RING!!!

He is instantly up though, and in anger, kicks the steel steps over, picking them up, then attempts to throw them into the ring … before Estrada steps in to cool his man down. On the stage, Triple H continues to watch, but still shows no signs of his emotions on how the match is going, whilst Lesnar takes the opportunity to get a look at The Game, before turning his attention back to Umaga, now calmed, as the action gets back underway. And it’s much the same, with the two cancelling each other out, neither able to gain a significant advantage … but Umaga EXPLODES, and charges his opponent into the corner, letting loose with solid shoulders into the gut of Brock, and lets fly with wild clubbing blows to the head and chest of Lesnar, before going back to the mid section with the use of his shoulders. Eventually, the official orders a break in the corner … and as soon as Umaga breaks … LESNAR EXPLODES!!!

The Iron Man darts out of the corner, tackling Umaga down, hammering the undefeated Bulldozer, before HE is forced to break by the referee. Lesnar gets up, and follows Umaga to the corner, landing with boots to the gut, and whips him across the ring to the opposite corner, and runs in behind … LEAPING AND NAILING UMAGA WITH A MASSIVE HIGH KNEE TO THE FACE!!! Umaga is rocked, and stumbles out of the corner … AND LESNAR GRIPS HIM … OVERHEAD BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX CONNECTS!!!!! The fans erupt upon seeing that sight … as Estradas face drops at the damn near inhuman strength of the Iron Man … yet Triple H still refuses to show any kind of emotion. Lesnar covers … 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Umaga may have been manhandled, but he’s FAR from done, with a big kick out.

Lesnar continues to try and pour it on, working on the undefeated superstar in the corner, and sends him off the ropes again, ducking down for the return … but as Umaga comes back, he kicks Lesnar away. Brock reels away, and Umaga follows up, knocking him OVER THE TOP ROPE with a big clothesline!!! Umaga instantly follows out … AND SENDS LESNAR THROUGH THE STEEL STEPS!!! Umaga has turned it up a notch now, and Estrada claps wildly in support of the Bulldozers efforts. He continues the onslaught on the outside, briefly being instructed by AAE to roll in and out of the ring to break the count, and then power slams the Iron Man on the thin mats, forcing Lesnar to wince in agony. Umaga sends Lesnar into the steel post - FACE FIRST - and then puts him down with another front slam, onto the floor again, before rolling him back into the ring, and the cover, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

Umaga continues to pile on the pressure, wearing Lesnar down, with Triple H STILL stoic on the stage, watching on intently. Umaga climbs to the middle rope, yelling, before flying off, SPLASHING onto the prone body of Lesnar!!! He covers, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Lesnar refuses to give in, despite suffering at the hands of the undefeated Bulldozer, and Umaga is forced to continue the barrage. Under the instruction of his handler, Umaga looks to slow it back down, applying a firm nerve hold on the massive shoulder of Brock Lesnar. It forces Lesnar to fight back, and find a second wind, battling through the pain to get to his feet … and then, the elbows begin - incessantly - and the fight back is certainly on, BREAKING the iron clad grip of the Samoan Bulldozer, freeing himself, and scores with a number of kicks to the gut of his opponent … then runs off the ropes … RIGHT INTO UMAGAS ROLLING WHEEL KICK!!!!! Umaga covers, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

The comeback didn’t last long, but despite that, Lesnar is STILL in the contest … but for how much longer?? Umaga pummels the Iron Man in the corner, wildly swinging his arms, with Brock crumbling to the canvas - a sight not often seen with Lesnar - as Umaga backs up … RUNNING BUTT SPLASH!!!!! Umaga follows up … WITH ANOTHER … AND A THIRD RUNNING BUTT SPLASH to the defenceless Lesnar, and now, Mister MITB drags Brock from the corner, making a cover … 1...2...SHOULDER UP!!!!! Lesnar WONT give in, but how much more will it take to break him once and for all?? Umaga looks to put him to the test, dragging Brock up, hoisting him up - WITH EASE - and spins him … SPINNING POWERSLAM!!! Umaga makes ANOTHER cover … 1...2...SHOULDER UP AGAIN!!!!!

Despite being DOMINATED, Lesnar is showing his grit - a trait not often having to be used by Brock - and kicks out again. Frustration shows for Umaga again, with AAE trying to be a calming influence on his wrecking machine, and gives him the green light to go for the finish. Umaga hauls his battered opponent to his feet, setting him … AND LOOKS FOR THE SAMOAN SPIKE … BUT LESNAR BLOCKS IT!!!!! From SOMEWHERE, Lesnar finds a rush of adrenaline, blocking the big thumb, with the Bulldozer unable to overpower Lesnar on this occasion … AND LESNAR KICKS UMAGA IN THE GUT … AND DRILLS HIM WITH A CLOTHESLINE!!! Brock finds a surge, hitting the ropes, and knocking Umaga down with another clothesline, before letting out a massive roar, as the feeling grows that the momentum has shifted in the Iron Mans favour. On the stage, Triple H stands still, watching intently still, as Brock points to his foe, before turning his attention back to Umaga, gripping him from behind … AND DELIVERS A STUNNING GERMAN SUPLEX!!!!!

Lesnar has the fans on his feet, with the ungodly sight of a unit like Umaga being thrown like a rag doll!!! BUT … UMAGA DOESN’T STAY DOWN!!! As soon as he hit’s the canvas, Umaga is already rolling, trying to get back up, stumbling to his feet, but instead of looking shocked, Lesnar rolls with the punches … AND SPRINTS AT THE BULLDOZER … CLOTHESLINING HIM OUT OF THE RING!!!!! Again on the outside, Umaga is already clambering to his feet, and Brock steps onto the apron, waiting for Umaga to turn around … AND LEAPS OFF, LOOKING FOR AN AXE HANDLE … BUT UMAGA CATCHES HIM … AND RAMS HIM INTO THE STEEL RINGPOST!!!!! Lesnar feels the impact on his back from the steel, as Umaga backs up, shaking the cobwebs loose … BEFORE CHARGING AT LESNAR … BUT BROCK MOVES … AND UMAGA HIT’S THE STEEL!!!!!


Umaga stumbles, groggily walking around ringside, with Lesnar in hot pursuit … coming from behind, and FIRES UMAGA INTO THE OTHER STEEL STEPS - HEAD FIRST!!!!! Having to dig deep, Lesnar uses all his might to lift the dead weight of Umaga, rolling him back into the ring, following inside. In the ring, Umaga crawls to the corner, pulling himself up, but as he does, Lesnar sizes the Bulldozer up, and once Umaga is up, Brock races across the ring … AND DELIVERS ANOTHER HIGH KNEE IN THE CORNER!!! Lesnar waits, and takes a big deep breath, as Umaga stumbles out of the corner … AND HOISTS HIM UP … FOR THE F5 … AND NAILS IT!!!!! It’s pandemonium in Saitama, as Triple H rips his sunglasses off, for the first time showing emotion - SHOCK - as Lesnar turns Umaga over, making the cover, whilst Estrada is frozen on the outside … 1...2...UMAGA KICKS OUT!!!!!

Instantly, Lesnar sits up in shock - whilst Triple H and Estrada show their relief - and on commentary, Styles and Heyman put over Umagas toughness, asking what in the world can keep him down. For Lesnar, he believes another F5 is the answer … as he looks to drag Umaga to his feet again … but struggles with the dead weight of his opponent. Lesnar takes another deep breath … then hoists Umaga up … BUT UMAGA ELBOWS LESNAR … FREEING HIMSELF!!! The Bulldozer gets back onto his feet, and fires off a right hand on Lesnar, but Brock strikes back - and the two bulls trade blows - going back and forth … then both run off opposite ropes … AND COLLIDE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING … AND BOTH GO DOWN!!! The official begins a mandatory count, and reaches five before either man makes a move to reach their feet … but by the time he reaches seven, both are up, breaking the count, as Estrada hops onto the apron, distracting Lesnar, and Brock aims a clothesline at AAE, but Armando jumps off - JUST - avoiding it … and as Lesnar turns around … RIGHT INTO A SAMOAN DROP!!! Umaga covers, 1...2...SHOULDER UP!!!

The distraction nearly done it, but Lesnar survives again. He struggles up, as Umaga gets set … GRABBING LESNAR … SAMOAN SPIKE … NO!!! LESNAR DUCKS IT … he kicks Umaga in the gut, then tries to get him up again … BUT CANT GET HIM HOISTED!!! Umaga fights free … and in a flash … DOWNS LESNAR WITH A SAMOAN SPIKE!!!!!!!!!! Lesnar turned right into it … but Umaga REFUSES to cover!!!!! Instead, Umaga decides to take advantage of his weakened opponent … dragging him up … and sets up … FOR A SECOND - DEFINITIVE - SAMOAN SPIKE!!!!!!!!!! Lesnar drops to the canvas … and it’s a matter of making the cover now for Umaga, which he does … 1...2...3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Winner: Umaga @ 17:42

Lesnar is beaten by Umaga; Umaga remains undefeated, and is heading to Summerslam in incredible fashion!! On the stage, a smile is etched on the face of Triple H … and The Game now slowly begins to walk down the aisle.

Joey Styles: Paul, Umaga wins, remains undefeated, and frankly, I don’t remember a match where Brock Lesnar was on the defence for the majority. An incredible showing from Lesnar to comeback to the point where it looked he may win … but how scary is Umaga??

Paul Heyman: Brock Lesnar isn’t used to being physically dominated, Joey. I’m not used to seeing him dominated like that, but despite losing, Lesnar showed the entire world that he can adjust to an environment like this. He doesn’t just rely on his power, he’s courageous, he’s gritty, and despite losing tonight, he could have as easily just won this thing. BUT- kudos to Umaga. Gotta give it up for the Samoan Bulldozer, heeluva performance, and in MY opinion, THE biggest win of his career.

Joey Styles: But now- what does Triple H want?? Where is he going??

In the ring, Lesnar is slowly coming around, getting to his knees, as he spots Triple H at the bottom of the ramp, and tries to get to his feet quickly … scrambling up, but looking worse for wear, lazily challenging The Game into the ring.

On the outside, Triple H smirks, nodding - which only further riles the beaten Iron Man - challenging The Game to step inside … but Triple H smiles, and points behind Lesnar … with Brock turning around … RIGHT INTO A BRIEFCASE SHOT TO THE SKULL!!!!!

Lesnar goes down, after Umaga rattles his brains with the MITB briefcase, and with Estrada by his side, stand over Lesnar - just like they’ve done week after week to Christian on Raw - whilst Triple H now walks up the steps, and into the ring, where he shakes hands with Armando Estrada, before AAE and Umaga leave the ring … but just what is deal between the two???

As Estrada and Umaga exit, Triple H hauls the lifeless Lesnar to his feet … hooking him into position … taking his time, and trash talking the fans … BEFORE DELIVERING AN EMPHATIC PEDIGREE!!!!! The Game soaks it up for a moment before he kneels down, taking pleasure at the condition the Iron Man is in, taking the mic out of his back pocket again, before speaking…

Triple H: You thought you could outsmart me, huh?? You thought you’d “test” me on Raw?? You didn’t think I still ‘had it’ I guess?? Well guess again, tough guy … I AM STILL THE BEST IN THIS BUSINESS … I’M THE GAME - NOT YOU!!! … And ANYTHING … that you can do?? I can do better.

Now, The Game sticks his knee in the throat of Lesnar, before speaking again.

Triple H: I proved this week just how much more intelligent I am … and you can bet your ass that I’ll prove just how much better I am than you at Summerslam. No rules, no stoppages, no get out clauses … at Summerslam, I’m bringing you to your knees Lesnar. I will break you like never before … and you WILL bow before me … and acknowledge that you’re not on my level … before I finish your sorry excuse for a career … once … and for all.


Triple H slams his mic down, and stands back up - standing tall - raising his arms in the air, soaking up the chorus of boos from the Japanese fans, before leaving the ring.

Joey Styles: The message; loud and clear. At Summerslam, The Game isn’t just looking to beat Brock Lesnar … he’s looking to END Brock Lesnar.

Paul Heyman: If he does … oh boy … I don’t think it can be done … but if Triple H could somehow finish Brock Lesnar for good?? I … I just cant picture it. Victory?? Of course he can win … but end Lesnars career?? He’d have to stoop to a almighty length to do that. He’d have to do something dastardly.

Joey Styles: But Paul, this is a different Triple H. He’s had three months off, and the time off looks like it’s made an incredible difference. He’s come back with a big chip on his shoulder, and at Summerslam, he feels he has a point to prove to Lesnar, and the rest of the world for that matter … and what a statement it would be if he finished the Iron Mans career.

Paul Heyman: Well, if he thinks that Brock Lesnar is gonna be scared?? He’d better think again. You’ll never intimidate Brock Lesnar. It cant be done. These two will rip one another apart at Summerslam. If Triple H is truly going to attempt to end Lesnar career?? He might just have to sacrifice his own to do it, because if I know Brock Lesnar, if Brock is going down … he’ll bring ya with him.

The Game reaches the top of the ramp, as Lesnar begins to stir, crawling to the ropes, and looks out to Triple H, scowling at his rival, who raises his arms aloft on the stage, getting the better of the Iron Man tonight … as Lesnar froths at the mouth … as we fade to black.



Official Card for WWE SummerSlam:
Date: 19th August 2007
Location: Wembley Stadium, London, England
Event Music: Kings of Leon, Fans & The Clash, London Calling

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
World Heavyweight Champion Christian
Mr. Money in the Bank; Unbeaten & Undefeated Umaga w/ Armando Estrada

WWE Championship Match:
Randy Orton vs. Rob Van Dam

World Tag Team Championships Match:
MNM vs. Straight Edge

WWE Tag Team Championships Match:
Americas Most Wanted vs. Winners of #1 Contenders Tournament

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match:
Shelton Benjamin OR Matt Hardy vs. William Regal

Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar

John Cena vs. Mr. Kennedy

One on One:
Edge vs. The Undertaker


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Re: Being The Booker

Smackdown Feedback

After last week’s shocker of an ending, must say I’m excited for what you’ve got in store this week.

Starting things off with London surprised me somewhat. I expected Orton or Van Dam but I did like what London had to say and the way he introduced Van Dam. Van Dam’s always tricky to write but you did a good enough job here considering. The whole respect thing was nice between the two but I wasn’t too keen on them both stating they want the same thing, but London just stepping aside like that. I get the whole concept of it, with London realising he’ll get his turn but I think I’d have preferred it if you went with the respect concept continuing and maybe had Van Dam and London face each other, may the best man win kinda thing.

Bischoff was on song here, loved the way he used his authority, stating it’ll be his decision whether RVD gets the shot, nobody else’s. Glad to see MVP show up and it’s a nice little stipulation agreed here. Though I wanna see both men get their shots at Orton and London, so interested to see how this one goes.

Well it was decent enough for how long it lasted. Glad you kinda went down the chaotic route and Bischoff entering Teddy Long mode was the right call. Tag match should be fun. Woulda liked Bischoff to reiterate that if MVP and Orton win, MVP gets his shot. If Van Dam and London win, RVD gets his shot. Just me nitpicking probably.

Some nice action throughout here and enjoyed the build up to RVD getting involved. Once he did you knew there was only one team winning and it was the right call. Definitely a good opener and pleased RVD-Orton is now on.

Pretty passionate stuff from Trevor Murdoch here, can’t see what he’s saying coming true though. Glad to see Nemeth get some mic time and liked what he had to say, showing off his cocky side all the more. Comfortable win also, as expected. Hopefully he gets into a nice feud after Summerslam or just prior to it.

Decent little interaction between Bischoff and Layla. The James’ Brothers should be an interesting addition to the tag ranks and a powerful figure with a woman in tow in their sights, like McMahon back in the day is always cringey, yet entertaining.

Los Lations victorious. Good call in my mind as Chavo/Crazy suit a hell of a lot more than Kendrick/Masters in my opinion. Also helps the Kendrick/Noble feud pick up another notch now heading into Summerslam. Must say I enjoyed the pre match little segments also. Nice touch.

Fantastic promo from Edge here and everything he had to say was on the money. Your delivery with him is perfect, the pardon the pun, edge you give to his character is excellent. The whole I, I, I part was great, you really believe with the intensity that what he’s saying is true. I think you timed Taker’s mind games perfectly. Standard Taker stuff, no real complaints here and I liked the whole mannequin stuff, something out of the ordinary. Pleased this match is now official and I expect Edge gets that big victory.

2 out of 3 falls was exactly as I expected it to be, full of action throughout. The opening was great, with the Craftsmen not allowing Kofi to make the tag, it worked really well and first fall going with Haas and Albright was smart. Second fall, I expected Carlito to enter things and shift the match in his team’s favour but I was glad you allowed Kofi to gain a measure of revenge by pinning Haas. Good move. And the third fall was just such a typical heel thing to do, was glad you got Albright and Lito involved in the outcome and this win just makes the Craftsmen continue looking a real threat around here. Very good stuff on the whole.

Nice little confrontation between the Animal and Edge. I know they probably will collide again at some stage but I’m happy with them apart for a while.

I must commend you here. Really. This whole AMW video had me in stitches. Absolutely hilarious stuff. Your use of them is one of the best things on Smackdown and I can’t wait to see what else you have in store for them as this World tour continues. ‘They eat dogs, like my Paris?’ Priceless. Harris’ walrus comment was brilliant too. Loved this.

Pretty nice interview from Lesnar here. I liked the whole wanting Trips to be at his best as it’s believable coming from someone so competitive like Lesnar. Looking forward to seeing his opponent.

Wow. I kinda hoped for Umaga but I wasn’t sure whether you actually would as it could potentially harm both men ahead of Summerslam. An excellent match up, nothing I didn’t expect but you really let both men go full throttle here which was great. I enjoyed the fact Trips was watching on on the stage too, thought that just added nicely to things. Umaga winning was the right move, although I woulda maybe liked for Trips to cost Lesnar ultimately. This was the only worry as you sorta booked yourself into a corner. Good job on the whole though.

Ending was nice with Trips tricking Lesnar into things. That briefcase shot would’ve been brutal no doubt and the pedigree really emphasised this was Trips night. The little statement at the end from Trips was intense and down to a tee, really spicing up their clash even more so than before.

As ever, very enjoyable show here. Glad that Van Dam-Orton is now scheduled and should see things really heat up between them in the coming shows. Edge’s promo was excellent and the AMW video was hilarious. 2 out of 3 falls and Lesnar-Umaga really delivered also with Trips coming out of this looking like his old cerebral assassin self here tonight. Great stuff and looking forward to Raw.
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Re: Being The Booker

I know it’s only a little thing but if you didn’t begin the show with a video recap of RVD’s return, I would have been baffled. Things like these are always touched on by you though. Well I’m on the topic of RVD, because I haven’t hit you up with any feedback in awhile, I just want to say I think you’ve timed his return BRILLIANTLY. Despite my love for Brock Lesnar, and I thought his quest for the title was booked well, it wasn’t exactly the most exciting title feud in the world, because we all knew Orton was going over. Whilst I still believe Orton will go over RVD, coming back after being taken out really adds some hatred into their feud. This should give the Smackdown brand’s main event scene the little, ermm, kick in the ass that it needs. Also wanted to give you credit for making it so unexpected. Usually when people have a return or whatever, most readers are able to predict it coming, but I just didn’t expect to see RVD, so before I get into the show, I’ll reiterate one more time that I think you handled the situation perfectly.

I was a little shocked to see Paul London open the show after the ending last week, but once he got started, it made enough sense. Everything he said from the disappointment of his loss to RVD’s introduction was all pretty solid. I think having London hanging around RVD who is so over with the fans at the moment will get London even more over. All the other wrestlers surrounding around ringside is a nice touch as well, just making this moment seem that much bigger. If I wanted to be really nit picky, I thought maybe RVD’s entrance could have been a little more detailed. Again, no big deal, but the ovation from the fans, the reaction from the guys at ringside, it all just could have added to the spectacle if you made it seem a little more emotional. RVD’s whole playing to the fans thing early was alright, although I was a little confused as to why he brushed over Orton early on and just spoke about London’s rise. Giving his friend a little rub is nice, but at the end of the day, I just didn’t expect Van Dam to be so cheerful. Orton took FOUR MONTHS off of his career, and it was made to seem like his secondary agenda here because he didn’t want to step on London’s toes. I thought maybe that undersold the situation a little bit. London agreeing to step aside was alright, although maybe he’s being a little to unselfish. I mean what wrestler would put somebody else’s title (even with getting back at Orton on RVD’S agenda) over his own title aspirations? So not to sold on that idea either, although it was written as well as it could be considering it was one of those cringe worthy feel good moments. Thank god for the interruption from Bischoff as things were really beginning to get sickeningly friends for a moment. Easy E was alright, being a sarcastic ass, whilst getting down to the point pretty quickly. Obviously somebody objecting was needed, we couldn’t just have everybody rolling over and allowing Van Dam to do what he pleases. RVD’s negotiating was alright, although again, he seemed too laid back for my liking, and didn’t really seem overly desperate. I know he’s a “laid back” guy, but I guess I just expected something a little different from Van Dam tonight. MVP coming out was a little unexpected, but I’m more than happy to see him getting a shot at the US Title. Match made for right now is nice, and honestly, despite a few things I didn’t agree with, it was still a good way to open up the show.

The match itself seemed good enough, with RVD clearly being the dominate guy, which he has to be, but Porter still managed some offense. It was smart move to have MVP focus on the head of RVD, as that’s a huge part of the storyline right now. Orton’s appearance and London’s made for an explosive, entertaining end to the match.

The brawl continuing makes sense, and whilst at first I wasn’t sold on the ending to the opening match, Bischoff turning it into a tag match made me pretty happy. I enjoy a lot of this impromptu booking, and I actually had something similar planned for my next Raw. Different but sort of similar, so I just wanted to give you a heads up, so it doesn’t make me look to bad.

The match seemed to be going along solidly enough when we joined, and I thought it was smart move to have Orton trying to avoid Van Dam early. After RVD’s aggression and desperation to face Orton was maybe not portrayed well enough in the opening promo, I felt Orton avoiding contact with his future Summerslam opponent (we know who’s winning this one) was perfect. The isolation of London was smart as well, as RVD just HAD TO be the man who got the hot tag. The ending came along nicely, with Orton’s dirty tactics biting him on the ass. A nice touch to have RVD pinning the champion, putting him over as even more than a thread then he already was. A well booked match here, kick starting a possible new feud as I still think Porter will get a shot at London, whilst continuing Orton/RVD’s one. Good stuff.

Lesnar/Rocky was a very nice passing of the torch sort of moment. I remember really enjoying the match despite being a huge Rocky mark back in the day.

A promo from Trevor Murdoch? Ugh, I guess he’s solidifying that he and Festus plan on sticking around, but due to their previous booking, nobody myself included, really cares. This was not really something that warranted in ring microphone time, but I’m pretty sure you just set it up for Nemeth to interrupt. I still would have preferred for Nemeth to just do all the talking, and run them down of his own accord, as the interruption meant we still had to deal with a little bit of boring Murdoch. Nemeth was alright, talking about wanting to look good and what not, and there’s not really much else to say about it.

Starting the match abruptly for Nemeth was good, showing just how pissed off he is. Obviously he was going to get the win in this squash match, and I actually like the fact Nemeth wants better opponents. Looking over the roster, I’m really not sure who you are going to pair him with in a feud or whatever. I’m not sure if Carlito and Kingston are going to be a full time team, so maybe Kingston would be a decent first proper test? Anyway, the generic slow build of the new star is continuing to work effectively here.

at the segment between Bischoff and Layla. Layla was just doing the usual suck up to the boss to get what she wants thing, nothing wrong with that. I loved Easy E trying to sleaze only for Layla to want nothing to do with him though. It made for a fun segment, and I’m intrigued to see if Layla has Bischoff wrapped around his finger for future preferences now.

I like the little pre taped segments before the tournament match. Despite neither of these teams really having a chance of winning, it just continues to add a certain level of prestige to the tournament. at the cockiness of Kendrick as well. He continues to be one of my favorite characters in this thread.

Obviously Kendrick isn’t going to want to start the match, that’s just the way he is. Again, he comes in when Crazy is down, it’s typical dickish antics that I’ve come to love from TBK. I like how you mentioned that Guerrero and Crazy did get a chance to show some of their chemistry, since they’re winning; it makes them seem like a legit threat. Noble’s interference sets things up perfectly for the Cruiserweight title feud as well. Another well booked match, imo.

Edge has been chasing the championship for so long; his journey has been so entertaining to read so far. Anyway, I really liked how he made fun of the fans with the cheap pop straight off the bat. It’s such an asshole move, and it’s just typical Edge really. The rest of Edge’s part of the promo continued on in brilliant fashion. I really enjoyed how you had him build ‘Taker up as he is in the fans eyes, only to bring him all down, and the Angle argument was a very clever angle to take. With ‘Taker, we always get the constant I’m not afraid thing, but Edge claiming ‘Taker is scared, and using how ‘Taker almost loss to Angle humanizing him is just a really nice angle to take. Undertaker’s bit was a s good as it can be for ‘The Deadman’, although I thought it was a little weird how the commentators were saying it was official for Summerslam, when Bischoff hasn’t actually cleared the match yet. It seems you’ve fallen into the old “let the wrestlers make the matches” trap. Edge taking down the mannequin was better, original mind games from ‘Taker. The originality of this really made it shine through, as it just makes it that tiniest bit different to the usual ‘Taker stuff, and it just makes this new feud that much better. Almost a perfect promo, imo.

I was a little surprised to see Albright and Haas dominate for as long as they did during the first fall. ‘Lito and Kingston got almost NO offense in, and again, it just really shocked me. With that being said, the isolation period seemed alright, you didn’t really go into much detail about it except for a sick Half Nelson Suplex from Albright. The actual first fall was a nice way to get it, with Albright taking Carlito off of the apron, which left Kingston distracted for Haas. Good stuff so far, although I am hoping you get a bit more detailed with the actual wrestling, instead of the story of the match for the last two falls.

Straight after the fall, Haas going for broke again only to run into Trouble Of Paradise was a pretty slick sequence of events. I was really excited to see Albright and Carlito go at it one on one, and then you had a commercial break, and when we came back, all four men were in the ring. I thought that could come across as a bit of a mistake, considering this whole feud was built on an initial meeting between Albright and Carly. The Double Springboard over the ropes was nice, it puts ‘Lito and Kingston over as a tag team, as they are clearly on the same page and what not. The second fall was pretty good as well, once again with shady tactics from both teams really. As expected though, we are now down to the exciting third fall.

The dirty tactics from Albright in this third fall were definitely the match winner. Kicking the steel stairs to stump Kingston was pretty epic, and the chair shot whilst Haas distracted the ref was just heel tag team wrestling 101. A huge win that ends the feud well and I just want to point out that I’m pleased you gave these guys twenty minutes to shine. Easily match of the night so far, and depending on Lesnar’s opponent, I think it’ll be hard to topple. Well I’m here, I’m curious if The Master Craftsmen are going to be a permanent tag team. If not, brilliant, because Albright is oh so hot after winning the KOTR. If they are, I think you need to work on putting Haas over a little more, because Albright just seems WAY TO GOOD to be teaming with Haas at this stage.

A decent enough confrontation between Batista and Edge, just keeping that feud fresh in our minds.

The commentary hyping up Summerslam was done pretty nicely. I did want to comment on the Summerslam card, it is shaping up to be a BRILLIANT event. It’s the PPV I’m most excited for, at the moment, which is saying something considering Legend, iMac, BkB etc… are all building towards events.

at the AMW video. Harris was alright throughout, but James Storm is THE FUCKING MAN. That was brilliant, making fun of their food, and constantly calling them Chan and Lee. Just brilliant, slightly racist stuff, I enjoyed the shit out of this.

Lesnar interview was solid enough for a Lesnar interview. I liked his explanation about being happy Triple H won and what not. He also put himself over as a gritty, determined competitor, so yeah, this did its job nicely.

The announcement of the triple threat for the US Title is pretty cool. I’m definitely going to be interested to see how Haas and Albright get a long afterward. Plus it’s in Australia, so you know, a major plus there obviously.

Triple H choosing Umaga is huge. This is going to be one hard hitting contest, even if we know Umaga can’t lose.

A highly intelligent start to the match, with both men’s strength cancelling each other out. I could just imagine the crowd’s atmosphere at seeing a match like this. You’re really pulling out all the stops on this world tour, booking excellent in ring action on ever show. Lesnar getting the advantage with the Belly To Belly was an epic first high impact move of the match. The domination of Umaga throughout the match was all done pretty well. And whilst he looks like a monster for dominating Lesnar, Brock still looks good because he’s showing just how resilient he is. Umaga being beat down but constantly getting straight back up was a nice touch, as was kicking out of The F5. That’s a pretty huge thing to do, obviously. I like how finally Triple H showed some emotion as well, it adds to just how big Lesnar being able to nail the F5 on Umaga is. TWO Samoan Spikes get the job done, and both men come out of this looking like a million bucks in what was a damn good match.

A nice ending really putting Triple H over in what has been a huge week. Hunter looks back to his best, and now we wait for Lesnar to retaliate next week.

As usual with you, a very good show. The odd little thing I may have mentioned, but nothing that could deter my enjoyment of the show. You continue to book awesome matches on your weeklies, whilst not ruining the money matches for Summerslam. The Edge promo really stood out as damn near perfect tonight as well. By the way, Summerslam is going to be AMAZING. I really can’t wait; keep up the good work, Wolfy.

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