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Re: Being The Booker

Looks like a pretty sweet show to keep this World Tour ticking along nicely. Your title match on RAW was awesome, so I expect nothing less here. Lumberjack matches are usually shit, but this one makes perfect sense given Orton's actions last week; plus it has a hot Paul London in it, so it should be great. I see one of the lumberjacks *cough* Brian Kendrick *cough* costing London the match. No idea where this will leave the WWE Championship at SummerSlam though. Hopefully 'Taker and Batista stay away from the belt. Edge turning babyface perhaps? Oh intrigue, intrigue...

I suppose Carlito and Kingston will probably get the win over Haas & Albright this week by pinning Haas, before the two teams go off in separate directions. I see 'Lito/Kofi going after the tag titles, whilst Albright (with Haas as his back-up) starts a feud with 'Taker.

Like I said before, with neither man seemingly involved in the title picture, I have no earthly idea what Edge and Batista will be doing. I imagine they will continue their feud at some point, but for now...?

The Trips/Lesnar confrontation should be pretty spectacular. Hopefully Lesnar doesn't talk though

You know I love AMW and everything you're doing with them. Talking about makiing the most of what you've got. Your tag division is almost literally one team (for now), but it's still compelling as hell. I think this World Tour will see the emergence of Harris & Storm's new challengers, whether it's simply 'Lito/Kofi and Chavo/Crazy, or an entirely new team, that I do not know.

And finally, the debut of Nick Nemeth should be fun. The guy's pretty great in every aspect apart from the talking side of things. He could do wonders with a manager, but I'm sensing big things for him in this thread anyway.

Can't wait, Wolfster
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Re: Being The Booker

Looks to be a good show dude, Great main event setup with me agreeing with legend here in saying someone costing him the match ie Kendrick. Should be a good match as London looked like gold last week in their match and im sure he will in the rematch as well.

Triple H-Lesnar will be explosive and im sure Bischoff is gonna stop them gettin physical with some stipulation. Still their match at Summerslam will be great to read and im pushing for Trips to take the win and make it one all.

AMW have been a great highlight of this thread and I just love the fact that they are going on vacation. Should be some hilarious vids from them which will hopefully lead to a new team to take them on although Carlito/Kofi dont really appeal as a team. Maybe some new teams from elsewhere or a challenge to any tag team legends would make the division a little better although i know you said a while back you didnt wanna do that. Should be good though.

Speaking of Carlito/Kofi im hopin they pick up the win and carry on the feud as Albright has no feud to say at the moment. Agree with Legend in that a feud with taker would be epic for him and push him to the moon.

Finally the debut of Nick've built his promos nicely.....just never see him being more than a midcarder. maybe you'll prove me wrong.

All in all cant wait for the show dude, keep it up!
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Re: Being The Booker



WWE Superstars | July 17 2007

*NOTE; Jerry Lawler is replaced on commentary this week by The Coach, after Lawler was attacked on Raw by Cody Rhodes*

The Brotherhood duo of Monty Brown and JTG defeat X-Pac and Tyson Tomko @ 06:04 in a clunky, heel vs. heel affair, brought on from last weeks battle royal, when The Brotherhood dominated early on, eliminating X-Pac and Tomko during that run. The match ends when Brown POUNCES X-Pac for the 1...2...3.

Finlay gets back on the winning trail, defeating Deuce w/Domino at ringside @ 05:25, using the shillelagh to take out Domino, before finishing Deuce with the Celtic Cross.





Rhyno defeats Val Venis @ 05:46 with The Gore.

Los Latinos defeat two men billed as Los Conquistadors (well, we’re in Mexico after all) @ 11:26 in a high flying, competitive, lucha style match up, which ends with Guerrero nailing Uno with the Gory Bomb, and the 1...2...3. 


Friday Night Smackdown | July 20 2007 | Mexico City, Mexico

Opening Video


Before we can hear from Joey Styles or Paul Heyman on commentary …


Brent Albright and Charlie Haas hit the stage, being greeted - as ever - with heat from the fans.

Joey Styles: Welcome one and all to Friday Night Smackdown, and tonight, we officially kick off our part of the World Tour, and after an incredible Monday Night Raw, the fans in Mexico will be expecting something big to top it from the superstars on the blue brand, and I firmly believe we’ve got an even BIGGER show in store than our friends on Raw. I’m Joey Styles, and alongside me, Paul Heyman!! Paul, you made it to a second week!!!

Paul Heyman: Oh, and I am looking forward to tonight’s action. How great is this; the 2007 King of the Ring, Brent Albright and his friend Charlie Haas; aptly named The Master Craftsmen - kicking us off!!!

Joey Styles: Indeed, momentarily we are set for a rematch from the Great American Bash, as Carlito and Kofi Kingston, who have been referred to in some circles as the Caribbean Connection, issued the challenge, and being the competitors they are, Albright and Haas have accepted. But not only that, Paul, our main event tonight is a rightful rematch from last weeks show, and it IS for the WWE Championship!! Paul London, the United States Champion gets a second shot at the gold after Randy Orton manufactured a double count out last week.

Paul Heyman: And this time, there’s no chance of a count out; this time, the ring will be surrounded by every Smackdown superstar … tonight, it’s a Lumberjack match!!!

Joey Styles: Nowhere to run or hide for the WWE Champion tonight, Paul. And of course, as announced this past Monday, Triple H WILL be here, and the contract signing is set!!! Brock Lesnar and The Game will make it official tonight, THE WrestleMania rematch will be signed for Summerslam!!!


Carlito and Kofi make an energetic entrance, especially the bouncy Jamaican, as we get set to kick the evening off …

Match 1:
The Master Craftsmen vs. Carlito & Kofi Kingston
Tough feeling out process, with Haas and Albright winning the mat battle, dominating both Carlito and Kofi in the early stages, eventually focusing on Kofi, just like at the Great American Bash nearly two weeks ago. The Master Craftsmen contort the flexible Jamaicans body, but Kingston battles back, proving too quick for Albright, and is able to make a tag out to Carlito, who begins to heat things up. Soon, both Haas and Albright jump CCC, but Kofi comes to his partners aide, and the face team get the better of the Master Craftsmen, working together to send the two men out of the ring … THEN KOFI AND CARLITO HIT OPPOSITE CORNERS … SPRINGING TO THE ROPES … AND SPLASHING TO THE OUTSIDE ONTO HAAS AND ALBRIGHT RESPECTIVELY!!! All four men are down … and the show cuts to the first commercial of the night…

Commercial Break

We return with Carlito now on the backfoot, with the Master Craftsmen back on top, with clips from the break of Albright distracting Carlito, then Haas attacking CCC from behind as he tried to leap up onto the ropes. Carlito takes a sustained beat down from the Master Craftsmen, with Kofi getting agitated on the outside, unable to change anything about the situation, watching merely from afar. Carlito though, naturally fights back, fending off Haas and Albright, before delivering a Back Cracker to Haas (the legal man) and catches an oncoming Albright - who looked to stop the tag - with THE APPLE CORE!!! Carlito with a free run, lunges across … AND MAKES THE TAG TO KINGSTON!!!

Kofi raises the energy, bamboozling Haas and Albright with his speed and offence, throwing the dazed King of the Ring out of the ring before dropping Haas again with the S.O.S and follows up with the BOOM DROP!!! It’s all looking perfect for Kofi, as he sets himself, looking for the TROUBLE IN PARADISE … BUT ALBRIGHT RACES IN BEHIND … HALF NELSON SUPLEX!!!!! Albright stands over the newcomer, but before he can follow up … CARLITO LAUNCHES HIMSELF AT THE KING OF THE RING!!! The Cool One unloads on the Ace of Spades, and fights with him out of the ring, whilst Haas crawls over … hooking the leg of Kingston … 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

Haas is unable to steal it, but the former U.S Champion strikes first as both try to regain their footing. He sends Kofi into the corner, but as he races in behind him, the Jamaican Sensation hoists his legs up, and landing over onto the apron … leaving Haas to run directly into the corner!!! Haas stumbles out, as Kofi hops onto the ropes, leaping off with a dropkick!!! He covers, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! On the outside, Carlito and Albright continue to brawl, and we see Kofi sending Haas into the corner, but eating a boot when he rushes in. Haas then looks to follow up, with Kofi staggered … BUT HAAS RUNS RIGHT INTO TROUBLE IN PARADISE!!! Kingston covers, 1...2...3!!!!!
Winners: Kofi Kingston & Carlito @ 10:56

Kofi Kingston notches up his first EVER win in the WWE!!! On the outside, Albright is in shock, whilst Carlito slips back into the ring, hugging his Caribbean compatriot, whilst Haas rolls to the outside, with Brent having to hold his groggy partner up. The winning duo play to the fans, getting the show off to a happy start … but Albright isn’t happy, looking back to the ring, shaking his head, and making sure Carlito and Kofi know that their issue isn’t over…

Backstage now, Josh Mathews is standing by…

Josh Mathews: Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight, as you’re aware, our main event will see Paul London challenge Randy Orton for the WWE Championship - in a lumberjack match - and my guest at this time is the WWE Champion himself, Randy Orton…

Orton enters the picture … to a round of boos.

Josh Mathews: Randy, thank you for joining me. And tonight, you have no option but face Paul London, and fight it out to determine the better man once and for all. With Lumberjacks surrounding ringside - many of whom with an axe to grind against you - tonight, you don’t have the option of walking out.

Orton doesn’t speak, but stares out Mathews, looking furious with the announcer and his insinuations that he walked out of last weeks title match.

Randy Orton: Paul London … is a pest. Forget what happened last week, Josh … that was a freak. I was still banged up from the Great American Bash, and I took the match on short notice.

Some heat for the phoney excuse.

Randy Orton: This week it’s different. This week, I’ve had time to prepare, time to think about what I’ll do to London. And even with the deck stacked in his favour tonight with the entire locker room surrounding the ring … he wont be leaving Mexico City with the WWE Title.

Orton furrows his eyebrows, fixing the title on his shoulder.

Randy Orton: And make no mistake about it; the deck IS stacked in Londons favour tonight. Think about it … regardless of what the rest of the boys think of me, or think of him … they know they stand a better chance of becoming WWE Champion if it’s only Paul London that they have to knock off.


Randy Orton: With me as champion?? The rest of the locker room don’t stand a chance of becoming WWE Champion. But despite being at a huge disadvantage tonight … I will ensure you that Paul London will not have his happy ending … as a matter of fact … the ‘Golden Boy’ might just experience his worst nightmare … and it’s beyond just losing to me tonight.

The camera closes up onto the face of Orton … and the champions cold eyes, staring off into the distance … as we fade out.

Commercial Break


A night time view from the sky of London is seen as the opening chords of ‘LONDON CALLING’ by The Clash plays.

As the opening chords continue, flashing shots of the WWE superstars {John Cena, Paul London, Christian, Randy Orton, Mr. Kennedy, Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle & Brent Albright} appear as the focus zooms closer to the city … eventually zooming towards the newly completed Wembley Stadium…


Spliced together clips, going from sights in London (Westminster) with Edge spearing Brock Lesnar, and Rey Mysterio hitting the 619 to Mr. Kennedy.


Focus shifts between the Wembley Arc, to action with Shelton Benjamin leaping off a ladder at WrestleMania, then Batista shaking the ring ropes.


Focus then shifts between the sights of London Cabs and Double Decker Buses in Trafalgar Square, to the
sights of MVP bursting through his elaborate set, to Melina completing her banana split ring entrance.


We see Tower Bridge and then rowdy fans from WrestleMania, mixed with shots of Christian face to face with John Cena at WrestleMania to a backdrop of thousands inside the Superdome, along with a clip of Rob Van Dam soaring through the air to deliver a Five Star Frog Splash.


Zooming shot of the London Eye, clips of more fans from big WWE stadium events, mixed with Umaga roaring at the camera, and Randy Orton crouched, lying in wait for an RKO.


Flashing clip of Buckingham Palace, with a crazed Kurt Angle going for the Ankle Lock, then Brent Albright applying the Crowbar.


Big Ben is shown, mixed with Straight Edge delivering the simultaneous Shining Wizard, then Carlito hitting the Apple Core off the ladder at WrestleMania.


Another glorious shot of the new Wembley, as a rapid succession of shots of the top name stars flashes across the screen.


The camera then zooms out, further and further, as the music fades.


Match 2:
Evan Bourne vs. Kid Kash
Bourne picks up from where he left off with his big victory over Elix Skipper last week, impressing the fans and commentators alike with his speed and aerial ability. Kash though, off the back off a high profile victory over Jeff Hardy last week on Superstars soon slows Evan down, and takes over as Heyman puts over the vast experience and the ring smarts of Kash, with Bourne in trouble - but fighting tooth and nail to survive against Kash.

Kash is unable to finish off the plucky youngster, and Bourne is able to fight back into the contest. Evan ramps up the speed, with Kash unable to keep up, but survives the onslaught, kicking out of a variety of pin attempts … before slowing Bourne by kicking the ropes as Bourne perched himself up top!! Kash climbs up, looking for a superplex … but Evan shoves him off … then goes for the AIR BOURNE … BUT MISSES!! Kash rolls out of the way, and then looks to finish off the youngster … BUT BOTH MEN COLLIDE WITH A DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE!!!

Both men struggle to get back up, but as they do … ELIX SKIPPER appears from behind the curtain, and makes his way - slowly - down the aisle, surveying the situation, whilst in the ring, Bourne drops Kash with a kick to the head. The youngster looks set to scale the turnbuckles … but spots Skipper … and begins to mouth something out to his rival, with Elix protesting his innocence at ringside … AND KASH ATTACKS BOURNE FROM BEHIND!!! The veteran drags Evan back inside … AND SCORES WITH THE DEAD LEVEL!!! Kash covers, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Kid Kash @ 06:39

Thanks to Skipper, Kash steals the win, and as soon as the bell is rung, Skipper slips inside the ring - and in tandem with Kash - puts the boots to Bourne, looking to teach the newcomer a lesson … BUT JEFF HARDY SPRINTS DOWN THE AISLE TO EVEN THE PLAYING FIELD!!!

Looking for revenge for last weeks cheap loss to Kash on Superstars, Jeff makes a beeline for Kash, ploughing through Skipper with a running clothesline … but Kash escapes just before Jeff can catch him. Hardy then turns his attention back to Skipper, and hammers Elix in the corner, before helping Bourne up … and together, Hardy and Bourne clothesline Skipper over the top to the floor, joining Kash on the outside!!!

Joey Styles: It appears Paul, that there might just be some unfinished business between Elix Skipper and Evan Bourne!!

Paul Heyman: Oh damn right, Joey Styles. Evan Bourne maybe thought he’d seen the last of Mr. Skipper, but the veteran holds a grudge. And it looks like Jeff Hardy wasn’t too happy with Kid Kash’s tactics last week on Superstars.

Joey Styles: Evidently. A lot of issues still to be resolved between these four men it seems, and later tonight, another issue that will look to be settled is that between the United States Champion and the WWE Champion!! Paul London challenges Randy Orton for the richest prize in the sport, and the ring will be surrounded by lumberjacks!!

Paul Heyman: Oh boy, a helluva main event Joey. And another issue that could well explode tonight is a little later when Triple H and Brock Lesnar make it official for Summerslam!!

Joey Styles: It will be the first time since WrestleMania that The Game and The Iron Man will have come face to face, and tensions could, and possibly - probably - will boil over…

Backstage now, we see Eric Bischoff, surrounded by roughly TWO dozen security guards, as he debriefs them.

Eric Bischoff: I’m taking no risks tonight gentlemen. I’m not anticipating trouble between Triple H and Lesnar - I’m expecting it - and so should all of you.

The meat heads nod.

Eric Bischoff: I’ve been told that you guys are the best at what you do in this country, and I expect nothing less than your very best tonight. And trust me, I didn’t hire so many of you to just make a statement of intent. I hired all of you tonight because there’s a good chance it’ll take all of you to keep those two apart out there.

The security team continue to listen and nod, as Eric continues, telling them where he wants them to set themselves up in and around the ring later, as the sound fades along with the picture…

Back at ringside, Styles looks at Heyman, with Heyman begrudgingly nodding at what he’s just seen.

Paul Heyman: Don’t make me say it, Joey … please. Y’know it’ll kill me right?? … It goes against every fibre of my being … but hat’s off to Eric Bischoff. Brock Lesnar and Triple H will be looking to rip each others heads off tonight, and he’ll need every member of security he can find to keep those two men apart.

Joey Styles: Fireworks are surely expected later on for the contract signing, and also later tonight, we‘ll see the long awaited debut of Nick Nemeth, but be-


To heat - as always, even outside of the U.S - THE Brian Kendrick casually enters the arena, Cruiserweight title belt in tow, not dressed to compete tonight.

Joey Styles: Well … it looks like the Cruiserweight Champion is coming to get a closer look at this next match, Paul, which will feature a man that - if you believe what Kendrick says - isn’t on the champions radar; Jamie Noble.

Paul Heyman: Ohh, believe me, Joey, Noble is right in the forefront of Kendricks thoughts - after himself of course.

Joey Styles: Of course. Jamie Noble has been pushing for a shot at The Brian Kendricks title for weeks, and a win last week in a six man tag team match on the opposing side to the champion has the boy from the trailer right on the brink of a shot at the gold.

Paul Heyman: Noble is on a roll at this moment of time, Joey. He’s been like a dog with a bone for the last couple of months. He wont be denied … but his opponent tonight has also got his head back in the game after the wheels came off. MVP refocused after his King of the Ring loss to Carlito, and he’s once again showing the world why he’s on the biggest paid contract in Smackdown history.

Joey Styles: A really intriguing match in prospect coming up … and Paul … it appears as if we’re going to have ourselves company here.

Kendrick pulls up a chair, and places a set of headphones on.

The Brian Kendrick: Yep. It’s The Brian Kendrick; Cruiserweight Champ … here to brighten up Friday Night Smackdown.

Joey Styles: Well, thanks … I guess. Brian, Paul and I were just discussing Jamie Noble, and his quest to recapture the Cruiserweight Title. Now, I assume you’re out here to get a closer look at potentially the next challenger for your title??

The Brian Kendrick: I’m out here to give the ladies at home a closer look at The Brian Kendrick. I didn’t even know Noble had a match.

Joey Styles: Sure.


Blasting through his set, MVP is greeted with the same negative response as Kendrick, but brushes it off, swaggering down the aisle…

Joey Styles: It’s a battle between two men with title aspirations. A win for MVP or Jamie Noble could well propel them right into contention, but only one can win tonight. Who will it be?? We’ll find out, right after this!!

Commercial Break

Match 3:
M.V.P vs. Jamie Noble
Intense, physical contest, with both men showing their renewed vigour from recent weeks, taking it to one another, trading stiff blows and chops, holding nothing back in the early going. Noble gets a little over eager though, and after putting Porter down onto one knee, rushes off the ropes, sprinting at his opponent, but MVP jumps up, and sidesteps Jamie, sending the cruiserweight tumbling out of the ring, with a thud on the floor. Noble writhes, whilst Kendrick gloats on commentary, questioning how a ‘fool’ like Noble can even be considered for a title shot. Porter follows out, roughing up his dogged opponent, ramming him into the apron, and then whips him against the barricade.

MVP rolls Noble back inside but only scores a two for his efforts. The highest paid superstar on Smackdown continues to punish Noble though, but cant beat the fight out of the tenacious boy from the trailer. Noble, even spaghetti legged, continues to fight, throwing wild blows and chops, undeterred by the domination shown by Montel … but eventually gets flattened by a Drive By kick!!! MVP hooks the leg, nodding along, believing the contest to be over with that - as does Kendrick - 1...2...KICK OUT FROM NOBLE!!! There’s simply no quit in Noble, and that fact begins to put doubt in the mind of MVP, but on commentary, Kendrick isn’t so impressed with Nobles fighting spirit, calling him a ‘punching bag’.

MVP sends Noble into the corner, and runs in to squash him, but Noble fires an elbow, catching Porter in the jaw, forcing him to reel away, then Noble perches himself onto the middle rope - and leaps off with a front dropkick!!! The fight back is on now, and Noble runs off the ropes, just as MVP is getting up, sending the opponent right back down with a running leg lariat. He scurries into a cover, 1...2...MVP POWERS OUT!!! Noble is up quickly - perpetual motion - running off the ropes again, ducking under a clothesline, running off the opposite side, ducking under again, then hooks MVP up, and swings with a neck breaker!!! He covers, 1...2...SHOULDER UP!!!!!

Noble looks up in shock, mouth opened wide as he gets to his knees, shaking his head at the kick out, and as MVP gets back up, Noble throws himself at him, pushing him into the corner, and letting fly with a flurry of offence. He drags MVP out, and audaciously tries A TIGER BOMB!!?? Noble though, doesn’t have the strength to pull it off on the bigger man, and Porter eventually back drops out of the predicament, turning the tables back in his favour again. Porter looks to follow up, dragging Jamie up … but Noble trips MVP unexpectedly … and quickly … APPLIES THE TRAILER HITCH!!!!!

Porter is in a world of pain - and it shows - desperately reaching out, trying to get to the ropes … but has a lot of work to do to make it. On commentary, the CW Champ falls silent, not responding as Styles asks if Kendrick could withstand the submission - simply watching as MVP writhes. Porter though, fights on, and struggles across … FINALLY MAKING THE ROPES!!!!! On commentary, Kendrick tellingly lets out a sigh of relief. MVP survives, but tenacious as ever, Noble wants a piece of his opponent and tries to get at him … but Porter rolls under the bottom rope to the outside, looking for a moment to recover. Noble though, doesn’t like that idea … and climbs to the top rope … FLYING OUT ONTO MVP WITH A SPLASH!!!!!

The fans cheer in appreciation for Noble, as the cruiserweight warrior picks himself up, shaking the cobwebs loose, and throws MVP back into the ring … but as he looks to follow inside himself … BRIAN KENDRICK GRABS HIS LEG!!! Noble tries to kick him off, eventually doing so, but the momentum means he tumbles into the ring … and as he gets up … HE STANDS UP INTO THE PATH OF MVP - AND A BELLY TO BELLY THROW!!! Noble is knocked for six, and is easy prey for Porter now … AND THE PLAY OF THE DAY!!!!! He covers, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: M.V.P @ 07:12

MVP - whether unwittingly or not - steals the win from Noble, as Kendrick peers over the apron - smiling. Porter has his arm raised in victory, motioning around his waist that he wants the U.S Title as he leaves the ring, and heads up the ramp.

Joey Styles: A cheap win for MVP!!! How-

Paul Heyman: But a win none-the-less, Joey. They ALL count, and that win might just see Mr. Porter get the U.S Title shot he has been aiming for.

Joey Styles: It’s hard to know just how much MVP knew about the interference from The Brian Kendrick, but whether he knew or didn’t, it was - without a doubt - the deciding factor tonight.

Meanwhile, in the ring, Noble sits up, processing the defeat … and realising that he was cost the victory … by The Brian Kendrick. Noble looks around, spotting Kendrick cockily walking away from the ringside area … AND CHASES AFTER HIM!!!


Noble rushes out of the ring, and charges behind TBK, spinning him around, and TACKLES HIM DOWN!!! Noble pounds furiously at the face of the CW Champion, letting out all his fury, before dragging Kendrick up to his feet … when TBK desperately rakes the eyes of his rival putting the brakes on the attack. Noble doubles over, holding his face … and Kendrick picks his title up - RUNNING AWAY - wanting no part of his foe.

Joey Styles: The Brian Kendrick can deny it all he wants Paul, but the Cruiserweight champ wants no part of Jamie Noble whatsoever.

Paul Heyman: Maybe not Joey. A couple of weeks ago Brian Kendrick believed he was destined to hold two titles. That didn’t transpire, and now, with Jamie Noble breathing down his neck, maybe the Cruiserweight Champion is fearful of having NO championship gold whatsoever. And for a man as vain as Kendrick, having no “accessories” could be fatal.

Joey Styles: It’s a matter of time if you ask me. Despite this loss tonight - if we can really call it that-

Paul Heyman: Well we can call it that, because he did lose.

Joey Styles: Okay, despite tonight’s loss, Jamie Noble is still right at the head of the line. Whether Kendrick likes it or not, sooner or later he’ll have to face the challenge of Jamie Noble.

Paul Heyman: And I for one cannot wait to see that one if and when it happens.

Joey Styles: It’s all future possibilities, but tonight, we know what’s still to come; the Lesnar/Triple H contract signing, the debut of Nick Nemeth, and of course, the lumberjack match for the WWE Championship!!! So much still to come tonight on Smackdown!!!

Commercial Break


The scene opens up with a picturesque view of the sunny sky … but the beautiful scenery is ruined … by a horrible *BURP* … and the camera moves … showing JAMES STORM on a balcony of a hotel room, wearing a string vest, feet up on a table, gulping on a beer and tilting his hat to cover him from the sun. Beside him is an empty seat - presumably belonging to Chris Harris - with a half eaten burrito in front of the seat on the table.

James Storm: Hey Chris!? How you gettin’ on in there??

Storm takes another swig of the beer, as we hear some rather odd sounds coming from inside the hotel room.

James Storm: Ohhh man … don’t be lighting a match in there.

It’s quite literally toilet humour from the classless tag team champions - on vacation - with no challengers on the horizon in the near future. Harris is heard from inside the room, sounding distressed.

Chris Harris: I hate this stinkin country, Jim!!!

Another unruly noise comes from the hotel room, as Storm laughs, then wafts his hand over his face.

James Storm: I told ya yesterday Chris, “don’t be drinkin the water here”. I told ya earlier, “don’t be eatin that burrito!!”

Harris groans from the toilet, as Storm shakes his head. The Cowboy peers over the balcony, and starts to chuckle, pointing down.

James Storm: Hey, Chris, catch a load o’ this; they got Chavo Guerrero and Super Crazy cleanin the pool!!!

Storm laughs out loud, as we hear the toilet flushing. Harris then walks out onto the balcony, looking pale and sweating profusely.

Chris Harris: I hate this stinkin country.

Harris, then looks over the balcony to get a view of the pool cleaner, before scoffing at Storms suggestion.

Chris Harris: That’s not Chavo and Super Crazy, you idiot … it’s those other two idiots that used to be on Smackdown … (clicks his fingers, trying to recall the names) … Juvi Whatshisname and Cyclops.

James Storm: Psichosis??

Chris Harris: Yeah, him too.

James Storm: Let’s be fair though big guy, I think those two are the first Mexicans I’ve seen here that don’t just lean up against a fence and take a siesta all day long.

Harris thinks about it for a second.

Chris Harris: Well … there was those guys last night that kept following us. Remember?? The ones with the guitars??

Storm raises a finger, recalling it.

James Storm: Man, I was wasted last night. I completely forgot about that.

Chris Harris: So you don’t remember how you managed to get rid of them??

The Cowboy looks puzzled, as Harris describes his completely ignorant rant from last night.

Chris Harris: Bro, you told them that you were from border patrol, and if they didn’t leave us alone, you’d deport their families from the U.S. And when they walked off, you chased them off yelling “Andele! Andele! Arriba! Arriba!”

Storm laughs out loud, spilling his beer over his vest like a true slob.

James Storm: Good times.

Harris looks out at the scenery, screwing up his face.

Chris Harris: Y’know Jimbo, we’ve been in Mexico … what?? Twenty Four hours?? I think I’ve spent about twenty two o’ them on the toilet. Looking at this place - the scenery, takin’ in the air … I kinda wish I hadda been on the toilet for the other two too.

Storm nods in agreement, finishing off his beer, and chucking the empty bottle over the balcony, and into the pool.

James Storm: DAMMIT - missed.

Chris Harris: No man, you hit the pool alright.

James Storm: I know … I was aiming for Juvi.

Harris shrugs, as we see Storm reaching for something out of his mini-fridge.

James Storm: How y’feelin big guy??

Chris Harris: Think I’m homesick buddy. But I think I’m done with the toilet.

James Storm: Good.

Storm slams a bottle of tequila onto the table, with Harris turning around, and rolling his eyes.

James Storm: C’mon man, we can do this stuff. The Mexicans cant out drink us guys.

The Cowboy pours Harris a shot, but doesn’t bother to pour himself one - instead holding onto the bottle to drink out of - as Harris sits down.

James Storm: On three … UNO … DOS … (Pauses) … Uhh … THREE!!!

The two drink - Harris knocking back his shot, Storm taking a swig straight from the bottle - and Harris slams his glass down, and sits with his head down for a couple of seconds … and shoots up from the chair, making a beeline back into the hotel room. Storm looks around, grimacing … as we hear Harris throwing up in the background. Storm looks back around, shaking his head.

James Storm: Lucky guy. I’ve got to sit out here and breathe in the rotten air.

Storm takes another swig from the bottle. In the background, Harris stops throwing up momentarily to shout from the toilet …


Harris is heard throwing up again, as the camera switches to the strong sun again, before fading out…


Back in the arena, Joey Styles shakes his head in disgust at ringside…

Joey Styles: Classless. Tasteless. Americas Most Wanted are bringing shame to the WWE Tag Team Titles. Narrow minded, stereotypical views - that DO NOT - represent the WWE and America as a whole. Disgusting.

Paul Heyman: Chris Harris is lucky that he and Storm are on vacation. How could he compete in that condition??

Joey Styles: He’s got a severe case of verbal diarrhoea if you ask me, Paul. And unfortunately, I’m being told that this is set to be a weekly feature during the world tour … ugh.

Styles rolls his eyes, as the camera shifts focus to the ring … which is neatly set up for the upcoming contract signing.

Joey Styles: But now, back to the serious business. In just a few moments, Brock Lesnar and Triple H will make it official; THE WrestleMania Rematch will be signed, sealed and delivered on August Nineteen at Wembley Stadium.

Paul Heyman: I don’t know about you Joey Styles, but I for one intend on taking cover. These contract signings don’t often end well … and there is no way this one will be ending with a gentlemanly handshake.

Joey Styles: Well, I might just join you, Paul. But before the expected explosion, I believe our backstage correspondent, Kristal Marshall is standing by with Charlie Haas and the King of the Ring, Brent Albright, who have requested this time. Kristal??

Backstage, Kristal is indeed waiting.

Kristal Marshall: Thank you guy-

Albright snatches the mic.

Brent Albright: You can run along princess, let’s cut to the chase, shall we??

Brent ‘shoos’ a disgusted Kristal out of shot, then looks to Charlie, who nods.

Brent Albright: Alright. First off…

The KOTR slow claps, with Haas joining in.

Brent Albright: Well done Carlito, well done Kofi … but everyone can get lucky … one time.

Albright holds up one finger, and passes the mic to Haas.

Charlie Haas: Tonight, lightning struck. But boys, lightning doesn’t strike twice. We’re not saying you pair got lucky tonight … we’re just saying that it wouldn’t happen again.

Haas points to himself and Albright.

Charlie Haas: Brent and I aren’t super beings. We’re not unbeatable. But we are the best that there is anywhere on this planet.

The mic is handed back over to Brent.

Brent Albright: Like the good man just said, you boys didn’t necessarily get lucky tonight … but we know for a fact … you couldn’t do it again. But- we have a feeling you might disagree. So this is what we’re proposing … let’s settle this dispute once and for all. Next week in Tokyo … The Master Craftsmen versus Carlito and Kofi Kingston … Two outta three falls.

Haas once again takes over.

Charlie Haas: Anyone can get strike lucky one time. But not twice. We’re that confident we’re that much better than you, and we’re laying down the challenge. Do you really think you can beat us two times outta three??

Albright shakes his head.

Brent Albright: We know you cant.

The two men smirk, as the promo ends, and the picture fades to a commercial…

Commercial Break

And … we return in the arena, with Eric Bischoff standing in the ring … with security surrounding the ringside area, and another half a dozen are stood at either side of the table, with another man at each end of the table too.

Eric Bischoff: Alright then. You people all know what we’re here for tonight. Let’s not draw this out any longer … let’s bring the two men out here right now … first … TRIPLLLLLEEE AITCHHHHHH!!!!


Using his alternate theme, Triple H enters, wearing the same gear he wore on Raw - not overly professional for a contract signing - and carrying a bottle of water as ever … as it’s noted by Styles on commentary that there is MORE security behind him - possibly to prevent Lesnar from jumping The Game on his way to the ring - standing at the top of the ramp.

Triple H goes through his regular routine of spitting water, before stepping inside the ring, foregoing his turnbuckle pose, and instead standing tall, looking around at the fans, ignoring a handshake attempt from Bischoff, before sitting himself down at the table. The Game makes himself comfortable, removing his sunglasses, as the music dies down…

Eric Bischoff: And now, the man he’ll face at Wembley Stadium at Summer slam … BRRRRROCK … LLLLLESSSSSNARRRRR!!!


Wasting little time, Brock Lesnar paces through the curtain, and straight down the aisle, his eyes locked right onto the ring where Triple H sits still, looking nonplussed. Bischoff looks rather ‘on-edge’ barking orders at the security, expecting all kinds of chaos to ensue.

Lesnar steps onto the apron, looking over at Triple H, mouthing something, but The Game remains unemotional, stoic, sat patiently waiting. Brock steps inside the ring, and stands on his side of the table, refusing initially to sit down, trying to intimidate Triple H. Bischoff steps in, trying to settle Lesnar down, whilst Heyman expresses his surprise that Lesnar didn’t go straight for Triple H when he got in the ring.


As the music dies down, Lesnar is finally convinced by Bischoff to take a seat, and the Iron Man sits himself, but doesn’t take his eyes off Triple H. Whilst Lesnar is brimming with simmering anger, Triple H seems calm, which appears to be riling the hot-headed Lesnar further.

Eric Bischoff: Alright gentlemen. You know why we’re all here. It’s a match you both want, and it’s a match that only I have the power to make, as the General Manager of Raw and Smackdown.

Slight heat for Bischoffs self promotion.

Eric Bischoff: Now, before I ask you both to sign those contracts, I had a little something extra thrown into the deal. It’s pretty obvious to everyone that the two of you have an issue that runs much deeper, an issue that goes way beyond who the better man is. This isn’t an issue built on respect, or competition. You two HATE each other.

Lesnar breathes heavily, STILL with his eyes locked on Triple H across the table, as Bischoff continues…

Eric Bischoff: I mean, looking at you two right now, I can see- I can see how much you both want to reach across that table, and throttle one another!!!

Bischoff smiles in excitement, getting a little carried away, potentially riling both men up.

Eric Bischoff: So we cant leave this thing to chance. I’m not prepared to ruin THE WrestleMania rematch with a DQ or a count out. Oh no … at Summerslam, it’ll be Triple H and Brock Lesnar … in a … STREETFIGHT!!!

Big pop.

Eric Bischoff: Now … if that’s too much for either of you to handle … by all means, walk away now.

Bischoff laughs, knowing neither man will walk away.

Eric Bischoff: No?? Very well. Gentlemen, let’s make this official. Hunter?? If you’d like to get the ball rolling??

Triple H picks up the pen, and without any hesitation, signs the contract, sliding it across the table to Lesnar, who - just like his foe - doesn’t hesitate, taking his eyes off The Game for the first time to sign the paper.

And, once he does, the fans erupt with a massive pop.

Bischoff looks at both men, unsure of what to expect next … but surprisingly, both men stay seated, and the GM slowly reaches over, lifting up the contract, double checking it, nodding, before holding it up in the air for all to see.

Eric Bischoff: Ladies and Gentlemen, THERE you have it!!! It’s … OFFICIAL!!! THE WrestleMania Rematch will take place at Summerslam inside Wembley Stadium in front of NINETY THOUSAND FANS!!! Triple H, Brock Lesnar; STREETFIGHT!!!

Pop. At the table, Lesnar nods, then looks up at Bischoff, asking him “SO, WE‘RE DONE??”. Bischoff - off mic - nods, then states ‘YEP!!’ Lesnar nods, then responds “GOOD” … And instantly … LESNAR SHOOTS UP, FLIPPING THE TABLE OVER!!!


Both Lesnar and Triple H try to wriggle free to get at each other, but there is simply TOO MANY security people for them to break free. Both are held down, kicking wildly as they are restrained.

Eric Bischoff: ARE YOU PAIR CRAZY!!?? There was no way I was gonna let this get outta control.

The fans boo, as Lesnar and Triple H continue to struggle.

Eric Bischoff: No. (Holds up contract) This match is way too important to me- for Summerslam- to let you two take each other out of commission beforehand. So I’m gonna do everything in my power to keep you pair apart until then. If I have to swarm you with security everywhere each of you go, so be it.

Bischoff stands over the struggling security teams, looking over at Lesnar being held on the canvas, then over at Triple H being held back too.

Eric Bischoff: But there’s no way I’m just gonna let you two twiddle your thumbs for the next month either. You both want to punish each other, huh?? Both wanna ‘get one over’ on the other, right?? Well next week, you’ll get your chance.

Still taking turns to address both men, Bischoff points the security guards to get the two men out of the ring, wanting Lesnar to be taken away first.

Eric Bischoff: Triple H, you’re gonna be in action on Raw, and Brock, you’ll be competing next Friday on Smackdown. But- I don’t know who you’ll be facing … because you’ll be picking each others opponents.

Lesnar is escorted from the ring, STILL trying to break free from security, whilst Triple H is brought to his feet, but held in the corner, seen trying to reason with security, whilst Lesnar is still being hauled up the aisle to keep the two rivals as far from one another as possible.

Eric Bischoff: It’s a concept I’ve used before, and it’s called Pick Your Poison. So gentlemen, I suggest you choose wisely.

The Iron Man disappears from view now behind the curtain, with Bischoff addressing the in ring security with Triple H.

Eric Bischoff: You keep him in the ring until I say otherwise. I want him here until I know Lesnar’s been escorted from the building. Understood??

The (apparent) head of the security team nods, as Triple H mouths something to Bischoff, with the GM scoffing at whatever the words were, before leaving the ring.

**I‘M BACK**

The General Managers music plays, and Bischoff paces quickly up the aisle, as we see Triple H - no longer bothering to put up a struggle, instead trying to reason with security - still in the ring.

Joey Styles: It IS official. The Game meets The Iron Man at Summerslam, and Paul, how about the Streetfight stipulation being added to proceedings??

Paul Heyman: A no-brainer if you ask me, Joey. Smart business decision, because like it was alluded to, there’s no way Brock Lesnar and Triple H would fight within the rules at Summerslam.

Joey Styles: My word … have you just agreed with Eric Bischoff … again??

Paul Heyman: Don’t remind me.

Joey Styles: The bombshells continue to drop here on Friday Night Smackdown, ladies and gentlemen. And Paul, how about those announcements for next week in Japan?? Pick Your Poison returns, and on Raw Triple H meets an opponent of Brock Lesnars choice, whilst this day next week, the tables turn, and Lesnar takes on an opponent handpicked by Triple H.

Paul Heyman: Huge news, Joey. And I cant emphasise enough just how important those matches will be next week. The psychological advantage will be won or lost over the course of the next week. If one man wins and the other loses, BAM, major advantage to one guy goin into Summerslam.

Joey Styles: Well, that’s next week on Raw and Smackdown, but still to come tonight, Nick Nemeth makes his Smackdown debut, and of course, Paul London has a second crack at Randy Ortons WWE Championship in our main event Lumberjack match … but in just a moment, The Animal, Batista is set for action, after being challenged by The Masterpiece, Chris Masters. Two powerhouses, one on one, NEXT!!!

Commercial Break


We return, backstage, with Kristal Marshall - smiling again after being disrespected by the Master Craftsmen earlier - standing by…

Kristal Marshall: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Kofi Kingston, and Carlito…

The two men walk into view, either side of Kristal.

Kristal Marshall: And guys, earlier tonight you collected a huge win - your first since coming to the WWE, Kofi - but just a short time ago, The Master Craftsmen challenged the two of you to a rematch next week on Smackdown. Only this time, they want a two out of three falls match. How do you respond??

Carlito: Well it’s pretty simple Kristal. Kofi Kingston an’ Carlito have teamed up together twice. Kofi Kingston an’ Carlito came up a little short firs’ time around at de Great American Bash … but tonight?? Tonight, Kofi an’ Carlito came back stronger, more in sync wit’ one another, on de same wavelength and more united … tonight Kristal, Kofi an’ Carlito teamed like brothers … an’ de results were pretty obvious.

Kofi steps in over the mic.

Kofi Kingston: Kris-tal, Carlito and myself go waaayy back, man. Way back to de beautiful Caribbean Islands. When Carlito picked up de phone and asked for help from ‘es old friend Kofi Kingston … I was on the next flight to help a brotha out. Now, like De Cool One said himself, firs’ time around … we didn’t quite click. Tonight though?? Take two?? You musta felt the electricity in the air man. I know I felt it, I know Carlito felt it … there was a connection tonight.

Carlito nods along in agreement.

Kofi Kingston: And if Albright and Haas cant see it, das too bad man … Carlito and I didn’t get lucky. Lightnin’ didn’t strike tonight. A pair of brothas bonded and came together as one. So, if dey wanna do it again next week?? Hey, I’m all too happy to accept.

Kofi hands the mic over to Carlito.

Carlito: The Master Craftsmen don’t think Kofi Kingston and Carlito could beat them again?? Ha. Two outta three falls?? Das cool. Brent?? Charlie?? The Caribbean Connection officially accept.

Carlito and Kofi bump knuckles, and nod before leaving, with the challenge accepted.

Back in the arena, Chris Masters is already in the ring, waiting for his opponent …


Batista makes his way out into the arena, to a good response from the fans as ever.

Joey Styles: Well, this past week on

Paul Heyman: Michael Cole runs that now, right??

Joey Styles: Yeah. Big promotion. Anyway, this past week on, Chris Masters called out Batista. He threw down the challenge for this match tonight. If you recall, it was around a year ago that Batista and Masters first crossed paths, and indeed, The Animal became the first man to ever break the Masterlock. And ever since that point, Masters confidence shrunk, and he has slipped further and further down the pecking order … but recently, he’s found himself on somewhat of an upswing, and The Masterpiece has picked up a few victories recently to get back on track.

Paul Heyman: Chris Masters is certainly a talented kid, no doubt, but I’m not sure how wise this move is. If I were advising him, I’d tell him to keep stringing wins together for another month or two at least before calling out the meanest, nastiest animal on Smackdown.

Joey Styles: Well, Masters feels like he’s lost enough time over the past twelve months because of what happened with Batista, and tonight, he’s looking to take a massive leap back to the upper echelon where he was on the brink of a year ago.

Match 4:
Chris Masters vs. Batista
It’s physical … but not terribly pretty. The two men trade big blows in the opening exchanges, and Masters knocks Batista off his feet with the Polish Hammer, but gets a little bit carried away with himself, and attempts to apply the Masterlock immediately after … but Batista is able to fend Masters attempts off, then catches Masters with a sidewalk slam for a near fall. Now, The Animal puts the boots to Masters in the corner, eventually having to be pulled away by the official, getting over aggressive, taking exception to the challenge of Masters tonight.

Batista then comes back at his opponent again … but Masters yanks him into the corner, into the buckle, then pulls him out of the corner with a side suplex, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Masters takes over now, striking the face of the grounded Batista with his big forearms, then gets up, posing to the fans - and gets roundly booed. Masters gets Batista back up, clubbing his opponents back, and then looks to deliver a Pumphandle Slam … but Batista slips off his back … AND RUNS THROUGH MASTERS WITH A CLOTHESLINE!!! Masters has his lights turned out from that one, and stumbles back to his feet … RIGHT INTO A SPINEBUSTER!!!

It’s curtains for the ‘resurgent’ Masterpiece now, as a fired up Animal shakes the ropes … and it can mean only one thing … THE BATISTA BOMB!!! Batista sets it up, getting Masters into position … BUT MASTERS PUNCHES FREE!!! The Masterpiece comes back, and drops the Animal with a power slam, but foregoes the pin cover, and instead looks to set up the MASTERLOCK!!! Masters stalks his opponent, looking for the HUGE win … and tries to lock it on … BUT BATISTA RESISTS!!! The Animal overpowers Masters, stopping him from locking the hold on … but Masters drives an elbow into the back of The Animal, sending him into the corner. There, Masters mounts the ropes, pounding the head of Batista … BUT BATISTA CHARGES OUT … WITH MASTERS UP … AND DOWN … BATISTA BOMB!!!!! He hooks the leg, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Batista @ 04:48

Batista again prevails over Masters, despite a brief scare, and has his hand raised.

Joey Styles: Credit where it’s due, Chris Masters was a game opponent tonight … but ultimately, he wasn’t quite able to overcome Batista.

Paul Heyman: Took a lot of balls if you ask me, but balls don’t win titles - you gotta use your brain too. Too early for Masters to be taking on Batista. He’s only just starting to get back on track, and he reached too quickly.

Joey Styles: Well, it’s another impressive victory for Batista on Smackdown … but what’s next for The Animal?? We know he harbours a desire to hold the WWE Championship. We know he wants another shot at Edge after what went down at the Great American Bash … but he’s not in contention for the title right now, and Edge … well … Edge hasn’t been seen all night tonight.

Paul Heyman: Batista’s in a tough spot right now, Joey. He is caught between a rock and a hard place. He lost his opportunity to stake a claim at a title shot when he lost to Edge, and Edge doesn’t appear to want any part of a rematch. The Animal needs something to aim for. He needs a goal, or he’ll be stuck in limbo.

The Animal walks up the ramp, slapping hands with the fans as he leaves the arena, having completed another routine win.

Joey Styles: We still haven’t seen the last of Batista tonight though- later this evening he will be one of the many Lumberjacks that will surround the ring when Randy Orton defends the WWE Championship against the U.S Champion Paul London. A match I’m sure that Batista wishes he was a part of as a competitor and not a lumberjack…

Commercial Break

Backstage, we see Batista drinking a bottle of water, pouring some of it over his head to cool himself down, and we then see PAUL LONDON, approach the Animal, with Batista greeting his friend with a tag.

Paul London: Impressive, big guy. Lookin good out there.

Batista nods, patting London on the back.

Batista: Thanks man. Hey, I’m pullin for ya later. I cant speak for the rest of the boys, but I got your back.

London nods.

Paul London: I appreciate it, Dave. I’m hoping it doesn’t come to that though. After last week, I know I can beat Orton. And hey, it’s not a matter of if anymore as far as I’m concerned … it’s when. And when … is tonight. But hey, I didn’t come to see you because I wanted to toot my horn … I had a proposition for ya. After I become champ tonight … I want to defend it against you at Summerslam.

Batista looks surprised by the offer, and thinks about it for a second.

Batista: That’s … well, I’m speechless.

Batista scoffs, and smiles.

Batista: I’d be honoured, Paul … but I gotta warn ya. You win the title tonight and give me the first shot at Summerslam?? Thatssss… not gonna end well.

Batista stops smiling, and shrugs, with London fixing his U.S Title belt over his shoulder, and accepting the threat.

Paul London: I appreciate your honesty, big guy. I … I don’t necessarily agree with that viewpoint … but like I said, I want to give you the first shot. We’ll see how the cards fall after that.

Dave nods, and offers a hand to his friend, with London graciously accepting … as M.V.P enters the picture.

M.V.P: All very cosy, boys.

Porter smiles, as both Batista and London look on in an unimpressed manner.

Paul London: Can I help you??

MVP steps into London, looking down at the U.S Champ.

M.V.P: Like I said last week kid, don’t be takin yo eye off the ball.

London shows no fear, but says nothing to Porter.

Batista: I think it’s about time you were leaving.

Batista puts a hand on MVP’s shoulder, with MVP pulling away.

M.V.P: Hands off, Dave. I’m just passin through. Friendly warnin.

Porter backs away, smirking, nodding, as Batista and London both shake their heads in disgust.

Elsewhere, inside the general locker room, we see the mid card and lower level superstars gathered, preparing for tonight’s main event where they will be called upon as Lumberjacks. No conversation is discernable, with just mumbled voices talking over one another.

There is a hush though, as a *COUGH* is heard … and Eric Bischoff is stood at the doorway.

Eric Bischoff: I’m glad you’re all here. I’ve been wanting a staff meeting tonight anyway. Take a seat, stay standing … I don’t care. Just listen.

Eric pauses, whilst a few men move around to find a seat, or get closer to hear what is said.

Eric Bischoff: As you’re all aware, I’m only running Smackdown in the interim whilst Arn Anderson serves his suspension. The long term future of this show?? Not at the front of my mind. But there is something that’s really bugged me.

Bischoff starts to walk around as he addresses the Smackdown roster.

Eric Bischoff: Over on Raw, there are guys breaking their backs to get a shot at the World Tag Team titles. MNM; the current champions, hired two guys out of their own pay packets to help them get the titles back. Straight Edge and the British Lions are friends, and this coming Monday, they’re gonna beat the living hell out of one another for a shot at the gold.

The GM sneers down at the Murdoch Twins.

Eric Bischoff: Over here, you lot have just allowed the tag team champions go off on a six week holiday, and didn’t bat an eyelid!!!

Bischoff shakes his head in fury.

Eric Bischoff: I expected some kind of backlash last week when I gave AMW their request for time off. Not ONE guy came to my office to complain. Not ONE guy came to me and said “Y‘know Eric, if AMW want a challenge- NEED a challenge, let me find a partner, and give me a shot”. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves!!!

Eric points away.

Eric Bischoff: Harris and Storm are off on a paid holiday. They’re sitting somewhere in this city with their feet up, having the time of their lives, not a care in the world…

Bischoff stays silent for a moment, with no one saying anything.


He points around the locker room.

Eric Bischoff: SURELY … SOMEONE in this locker room can step up to the plate?? Huh?? AMW need a challenge. And right now, they think they’ve got six weeks off, but not anymore. They’ll be defending the WWE Tag Team Titles on August 19 at Summerslam. And their challengers are gonna be the winners of an eight team tournament starting next week.

There’s a few murmurs now around the room.

Eric Bischoff: So partner up, find a friend, heck- I don’t care if you hate each other, and neither should you!! The opportunity is there. A title shot at the biggest Summerslam of all time. That should be motive enough. But don’t take too long to find a partner. The best eight teams that present themselves to me by the end of the weekend will be in the tournament. Good luck.

Bischoff pushes by Daivari, and exit’s the locker room, as we see a number of stars now turning, striking up conversations, perhaps looking to agree to team up for the #1 Contenders tournament…

Back to ringside…

Joey Styles: Three for three tonight if you ask me, Paul. Eric Bischoff - and you know I hate his guts too - is having a heck of a night.

Paul Heyman: Yeah. AMW have bitch slapped the entire locker room, and declared themselves above any challenge that could come from the back. They asked for - and were granted - a six week break, because there ISNT any worthy challengers for those titles. Well, come Summerslam, a challenge is what they’ll get.

Joey Styles: As stated by the General Manager, the tournament will begin next week, and hopefully will keep us up to date in the meantime with the teams that are set to come together for it. However, in just a moment, it’s the debut - the long awaited debut - of ‘The Narcissist’ Nick Nemeth.

Paul Heyman: And I believe it’ll mark the beginning of a truly magnificent career. Conceited he may be, but trust me Joey Styles, Nick Nemeth can back it all up in the ring.

Joey Styles: Time will tell on that prediction, but either way, the highly anticipated debut of Smackdowns newest superstar is next…

Commercial Break

*A collage of clips from the previous packages*

The scene opens with a blonde haired man swimming lengths of a pool. The man reaches the edge, and bursts from the pool, pulling himself up, over and onto the floor. He is met by a beautiful woman, handing him a towel. He dries himself a little, before looking towards the camera, with a smile on his face, handing the towel off to the woman, who continues to dry him off as he talks.

Blonde Man: Hi there. My name is Nick Nemeth. I bet you think you recognise me, I get that a lot.

Nemeth turns, and smiles at the woman, looking toward the sky, with the camera shifting focus, around the poolside arena, the sky, and the scenery in the distance.

Nick Nemeth: Beautiful … aint it??

It seems like Nemeth is referring to the scenery … but as the camera focuses back on him, we see Nemeth is looking into the pool … at his own reflection. His voice then cuts in from a different video package.

Nick Nemeth: Y’know, some people use the word “Narcissist” like it’s a dirty word.

Nemeth stops smiling, and shakes his head in disgust.

Nick Nemeth: Some even use it as an insult; as a slight on someones character … a tool to make someone feel less good about themselves.

Head bowed momentarily, Nemeth continues.

Nick Nemeth: … Some people call me a narcissist.

Nemeths head slowly rises, looking up at the mirror with a grin on his face.

Nick Nemeth: I don’t take it as an insult though. To me?? Being called a narcissist is a compliment. I’m PROUD to be a narcissist. Yeah, I spend longer to make sure my hair sits perfectly … and I didn’t get this body by hanging out at McDonalds.

The scene cuts to Nemeth standing in a room full of mirrors. He opens the door to the room (also a mirror) and steps out, walking down his hallway, pointing the camera into the direction of the wall, which showcases trophies, medals and certificates from his amateur career.

Nick Nemeth: You maybe think it’s all good looks, and a perfectly sculpted body. But like I said; I’ve worked hard in life … I’m simply reaping the rewards now, and having fun while I do it.

Nemeth stops, standing over his balcony at the top of the stairs, with another camera picking him up from downstairs.

Nick Nemeth: The time and effort has clearly paid off for me. Look where you are in life … look at where I’m heading.

Nemeth smiles, as the picture fades…

!! NOW !!

We return in the ring, where … Funaki … of all people … is waiting…


To little reaction, Nick Nemeth makes his entrance, wearing a silver jacket over his bare torso, and as he gets halfway down the ramp, he turns, looking up at the titan tron, showing his reflection, and he runs his fingers through his hair, before rubbing his six pack, then smiles at what he sees before turning again, and continuing down the aisle to the ring.

Nemeth hops onto the apron, and into the ring, surprising Tony Chimmel and yanking the mic from him, talking over his own music, pointing at Funaki…

Nick Nemeth: THIS is the best you can do???

Nemeth throws his jacket off … THEN BOOTS FUNAKI IN THE FACE!!!

Match 5:
Nick Nemeth vs. Funaki
Nemeth continues to viciously put the boots to Funaki, before the official steps in to order the break. Nemeth peels away, and grabs the mic from the canvas again…

Nick Nemeth: After ALL the hype, ALL the buzz around ME {!!} … this is the best they can offer for my debut??

Nick drops the mic, and kicks Funaki in the gut as he gets up, quickly firing off a snap suplex, floating over for a cover, 1...2...Nemeth BREAKS the count!!!??? Nick gets back up, stomping the face of the jobber, and picks up the mic again.

Nick Nemeth: I wouldn’t even let this guy stand behind the camera when I’m in front of it … he doesn’t belong in the same room- he doesn’t belong in the same building as me … let alone share a RING with me!!

Nemeth pulls Funaki up, shoving him into the corner, and grabbing him by the face, speaking into the mic again, as he ushers the camera over for a close up on his opponent.

Nick Nemeth: Look at HIM!! This guy is on national - WORLDWIDE television, and he shows up with skin like this?? Hair like this?? And you put him in the ring with me!!??

The Narcissist sends Funaki across the ring with an Irish Whip, with the jobber hitting the corner hard!! He tumbles out of the corner, onto his knees, with Nemeth following in, standing over him.

Nick Nemeth: And most importantly … he doesn’t even give me enough of a challenge to showcase my talents properly.

Nemeth chucks the mic out, shaking his head, willing Funaki up, and sizing the jobber up … before running off the ropes, and delivers a FAME ASSER {not called as the Fame Asser on commentary though} !!! The newcomer covers, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Nick Nemeth @ 01:29

Nemeth has his arm raised in victory, but The Narcissist quickly yanks it away, and walks to the ropes, shouting at the camera to “Get a close up. Take a good look at the beautiful future of the WWE!!” Nemeth fixes his hair, before hopping out of the ring, and storms up the aisle, livid at his lowly opponent, but pretty happy at his dominant debut.

Joey Styles: An impressive, if perhaps a little … conceited, debut from Nick Nemeth. A statement has been made Paul, and Nick Nemeth doesn’t appear to want to spend much time settling in…

Paul Heyman: And neither should he, quite frankly. Nick Nemeth has demonstrated here tonight what he brings to the table. Remember this moment ladies and gentlemen, because in a few years - if as many as that - when Nick Nemeth is a World Champion, you’ll be able to say you saw the rise of this star from the very beginning.

Nemeth strolls up the aisle, turning at the top of the ramp, looking around the arena, and nodding, as we fade out…

Commercial Break





Back in the arena…


To a pop … then heat, Edge enters the arena - dressed casually - with no match scheduled this evening.

Joey Styles: Conspicuous by his absence tonight, Edge has finally surfaced, but he’s not scheduled to compete, and nor does he look ready to have a match.

Paul Heyman: Oh, what gave him away?? The jeans??

Joey Styles: The Rated ‘R’ Superstar has been extremely quiet for this past week, after he was told in no uncertain terms that despite beating Batista at the Great American Bash, he would NOT feature in any WWE Championship matches in the near future. Edge - much like we said with Batista earlier - appears to be in limbo right now. He wants the title, but he cant get it.

Paul Heyman: Finally!!! You give me something to pull Bischoff up on. This man, Edge is without a doubt - WITHOUT A DOUBT - the most deserving guy for a shot at the belt. He’s never had a genuine, one on one shot at the gold - at least not a one on one shot that ended with a clear, defined winner. How this athlete has never been WWE Champion is beyond me. I say, give this man the winner of tonights WWE Title match at Summerslam. One on one, let it all ride on that one outcome. If he loses?? So be it. But puh-lease, give this man the shot he clearly deserves!!!

Edge reaches the ring, and takes a mic, giving the boisterous fans a chance to settle down before finally speaking.

Edge: I… uh … you people don’t need this translated, right??

Cheap heat.

Edge: I guess that answers that question…

Edge smirks, looking down, and moves on…

Edge: You all probably saw what happened last week?? Despite beating Batista at the Great American Bash … Eric Bischoff doesn’t deem me championship material right now…

The Rated R Superstar shakes his head, showing a wry smile.

Edge: I’m not championship material … but that little squirt Paul London supposedly is?? TWICE??

Mixed response; cheers for London, boos for Edge running London down.

Edge: Oh, and by the way Eric, your little uh- Lumberjack match tonight?? I forgot my chequered shirt, so count me out.

Edge pauses, whilst a few rowdy fans settle down.

Edge: I never thought I’d see the day that Paul London- Paul London got a title shot over me. Paul London could be walking out of this cesspit with TWO championships … while I’ve got NOTHING!!!

Getting angry, Edge stops, calming himself.

Edge: It seems like it doesn’t matter what happens tonight. Whether London wins or Orton wins … or- or- or a big giant asteroid hit’s the ring during their match and swallows up both men whole, leaving us without a champion … I wont be headlining Summerslam for the WWE Title.

Ironic cheers.

Edge: It seems like I could’ve done- could’ve done anything at the Great American Bash … I was never getting the next shot at the title.

He shakes his head in frustration again.

Edge: You people seem happy about that. You all seem soooo happy that I’ve been overlooked … AGAIN!! My efforts have gone unnoticed … AGAIN!! Everything I do has been ignored … AGAIN!!!

More cheers from the anti-Edge fans.

Edge: Glad you idiots seem to enjoy it. I bust my ass every night, for fifty two weeks a year, hoping that eventually I’ll be rewarded. Hoping that I’ll get what’s rightfully mine. I’m SICK AND TIRED OF IT!!!

The Rated R Superstar tugs at his hair.

Edge: I’m sick and tired of being overlooked … being, uh, being underappreciated … and being forgotten- ignored, a nearly man … whilst the likes of Paul London get MY rightful title shots!!

Heat for Edge.

Edge: What’s it gonna take, huh?? What’ll it take?? Do I have to pander to you chump stains to curry favour?? Huh?? Do I- Do I have to come up with a fancy catchphrase, or sell more merchandise to earn my shot?? Because it sure as hell doesn’t seem like winning matches counts these days!!!

Again, Edge is forced to pause, and calm himself down before boiling over.

Edge: I’ve done everything … I- I- I’ve done anything I can do to win my title shot … and I’m still waiting. I’m still being ignored. I broke my NECK trying to earn a shot at the title!!

Edge points to his neck … keeping it there for a ridiculous period of time.

Edge: After ya break you’re neck (ironic smirk) there’s not a whole hell of a lot left you can do. Pretty hard to raise the bar past that. So … what … what exactly can I do to get someone to sit up and take notice and say; “Hey, that Edge maybe deserves a shot at the WWE Title” … and I’m not talking some bogus eight man over the top rope deal, or a six pack challenge where I don’t need to be involved in the decision. I’m talking straight up, one on one. No frills, no fancy rules. Straight up, man to man … and I guarantee I’d walk out … WWE … Champion.

Heat, but one or two cheers creep in.

Edge: What can I do to get that?? I’ve got an idea … I can do something at Summerslam that wont slip under the radar. I can do something at Summerslam that CANT be ignored.

Edge pauses.

Edge: Right here, right now … I’m laying down the challenge …

Another dramatic pause.


Huge pop for the mere mention of The Deadman.

Edge: I’m calling you out, Deadman.

Another pop. Edge stops, letting the fans take over, and nods along.

Edge: That’s right. Undertaker, I’m challenging you to a match at Wembley Stadium, in front of Ninety Thousand witnesses, I’m gonna beat you, and then … then?? They CANT ignore my claims for a shot at the title. They CANT deny me my shot any longer.

Edge ignores the fans boos now, and looks into the camera, sending a message to Taker now…

Edge: Over to you, Deadman. What’s it to be??

Edge drops the mic, and hops out of the ring…


Joey Styles: Edge just called out … The Undertaker!!??

Paul Heyman: He absolutely did, and (claps loudly) I commend him. Edge is sick and tired of not getting the title shots he deserves. He takes on and defeats The Undertaker at a show as big as Summerslam- especially THIS Summerslam?? Oh, bravo, sir. Edge has played his card beautifully tonight.

Joey Styles: Of course, we don’t know if The Undertaker will indeed respond to the challenge-

Paul Heyman: Of course he will Joey. When has The Undertaker EVER NOT accepted a challenge??

Joey Styles: That’s true, Paul, but nothing in life is certain-

Paul Heyman: Except taxes and death. And The Undertaker is the DEAD man.

Joey Styles: Well, should The Undertaker accept the challenge and meet Edge at Wembley Stadium, will Edge have bitten off more than he can chew?? Remember what The Undertaker callously - without remorse - done to JBL at the Great American Bash … JBL is gone because he had the audacity to call out The Phenom … Edge may live to regret his actions tonight.

Backstage now, we see a split screen; United States Champion Paul London on one side, WWE Champion Randy Orton on the other … both making their way through different areas toward the gorilla position…

Joey Styles: And the time is almost upon us, ladies and gentlemen. The WWE Championship Match … IS NEXT!!!

Commercial Break

We return, with the lumberjacks now surrounding the ring, waiting for the two competitors to enter…


Paul London appears through the curtain, greeted by a huge cheer from the fans, all on the side of the Golden Boy. London takes a moment on the stage to soak it all up from the adoring Mexican faithful, before nodding, and proceeds down the aisle, running past the lumberjacks, sliding into the ring.

London poses on the turnbuckles with his United States title belt, getting a big cheer from the fans, whilst a few of the lumberjacks (notably The Brian Kendrick) look unimpressed with the U.S Champ.


Unwavering heat greets the WWE Champion who saunters onto the stage, taking his time … making London wait. A few lumberjacks at ringside seem rather restless, with the vast majority all holding a grudge against Orton for his actions in recent months.

Orton slowly makes his way down the aisle, eyeing London, and passes by the lumberjacks - completely ignoring them - before proceeding up the steel steps, and into the ring … with the title set to be decided.

Randy Orton vs. Paul London
Lumberjacks; Batista, MVP, Brent Albright, Charlie Haas, Carlito, Kofi Kingston, Finlay, Hardcore Holly, Nick Nemeth, The Brian Kendrick, Chris Masters, Deuce, Domino, Trevor Murdoch, Festus Murdoch, Evan Bourne, Jeff Hardy, Kid Kash, Elix Skipper, Jamie Noble, Daivari, Chavo Guerrero, Super Crazy
Unlike last week, London doesn’t get overpowered in the early going, and instead looks to remain elusive, staying away from any lock ups with his physically superior opponent … and those tactics frustrate the champion. London is simply too quick for Orton to catch him, and the challenger begins to make a mark, chopping Orton down like a tree - catching him with stiff boots, over and over, not waiting around for a response, and eventually, London nails him with a running cross body, getting a cover, 1...2...NO!!! Orton pushes free, and rolls out of the ring … momentarily forgetting himself … AS THE LUMBERJACKS POUNCE!!!

Orton quickly escapes - rolling back into the ring - and turns around to look at the outside … ALLOWING LONDON TO ROLL HIM UP FROM BEHIND … 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Just like late into last weeks match, London now busts out a variety of pinning combinations on Orton, with the champion having to fight to kick out of each one, with near fall after near fall after near fall from roll ups, cradles and presses … but Orton survives the onslaught, despite perhaps being dizzied from the frenzied attack, and finally slows London down with a dropkick of his own, putting the eager challenger down, then throws him out of the ring to give himself a brief respite … and allow a few of Londons enemies a chance to get a piece of him.

The Brian Kendrick is the first to attack London, with The Master Craftsmen also making sure to get a few kicks in, but the cavalry; Batista, Jamie Noble, Carlito and Kofi (the last three mainly to attack their enemies) save London from a further beat down, helping him to his feet … as we go to the final commercial break of the night…

Commercial Break

And we return … right into the chinlock … OF DOOM {~!!} being expertly applied by Orton on London, and clips are played from during the commercial break, where Orton exited the ring to collect London, only to be set upon by the lumberjacks and thrown back inside, before he then caught London with a power slam for a near fall, putting the champion in control. Orton continues to crank the pressure on the challenger, but as London begins to fade … he soon surges back to life!! London rises to his feet, trying to fight free … but Orton releases on his own accord … THEN BLASTS LONDON WITH A CLOTHESLINE!!!

Orton with that move, remains in control, and continues to dissect London, picking the challenger apart, focusing on the neck … methodically going about his work, with the fans falling almost silent for the boring - yet effective - ring work of the champion … but despite the long period of dominance stretching close to four minutes, Orton cant put London away!!! The plucky challenger refuses to give it in, kicking out of everything Orton throws at him, despite the extensive work on the neck region. The champion now applies a CAMEL CLUTCH, applying further pressure to the neck and back of the challenger!!!

On the outside, a group of the Lumberjacks try to will London on, slapping the apron, getting the fans involved too … keeping London alive, with the challenger doing his absolute best to get back to his feet … but he cant lift the weight of Orton, and is left with his only option being to reach the ropes!! With the fans and many lumberjacks willing him on … London uses the energy to push himself … scraping across the ring … to the ropes … AND CLUTCHES THEM!!! THE HOLD IS BROKEN!!! The challenger ISNT DONE YET!! And Orton is livid!!! The champion attacks London, shoving him into the corner, and unleashes a barrage of punches and kicks, before finally being hauled off by Nick Patrick.

Orton kicks the ropes in frustration, then turns, and sprints across the ring at London in the corner … BUT LONDON HOISTS HIMSELF UP … AND ORTON HIT’S THE CORNER!!! The champion staggers out of the corner, and London now sprints off the ropes coming at him … but Orton ducks under … AND GRABS LONDON … INVERTED HEADLOCK BACKBREAKER!!!!! Orton drapes an arm over the challenger … 1...2...KICK OUT!!! A huge sigh of relief is heard around the arena, and by many at ringside, wanting London to score the upset. Orton though, with the momentum quickly shifting back in his favour, drags London up, shooting him off the ropes, ducking down … AND LONDON SUNSET FLIPS OVER HIM … AND TAKES ORTON DOWN … 1...2...SHOULDER UP!!!!!

The champion bounds up quickly, racing toward London … BUT WALKS INTO AN ENZIGURI!!! The fans explode, as London puts Randy down … and crawls over to cover him … 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Orton survives!!! The champion though is all over the place - his brain scrambled after the kick - and stumbles to the ropes, allowing London to follow up … WITH THE DROPSAULT!!! The impact sends Randy through the ropes … AND OUTSIDE TO THE LUMBERJACKS!!! The lumberjacks swarm over Orton, some attacking, some trying to get him back up … but in the ring, London has other ideas … AND SPRINTS ACROSS THE RING … SUICIDE DIVE TO THE OUTSIDE!!!!!!!

It’s bedlam inside the arena, with the rabid Mexican fans loving the lucha style of London, as the Lumberjacks now come to blows (although many are down from the dive from London connecting on many) as it all breaks down at ringside. Slowly, London gets up, reaching for Orton, rolling the champion back into the ring, and looks to get back inside himself … but THE BRIAN KENDRICK ATTACKS HIM!!! The cruiserweight champion - and former friend of London - attacks the Golden Boy … BUT IS CUT OFF BY JAMIE NOBLE!!! Noble tackles Kendrick down, unloading on his enemy … but Kendrick quickly frees himself, and hops the barrier … and Noble gives chase!!!

London is now able to pick himself up, and shakes the cobwebs loose, being helped to his feet by Chavo Guerrero. Chavo points to the ring, with London nodding, looking to get after Orton again, and climbs back onto the apron. However, once he gets on the apron, London becomes distracted by MVP, who shouts abuse toward the U.S Champ, telling London “remember what I told ya”, as London takes a moment, brushing off the comment, and goes through the ropes … but Orton cuts him off!!! Orton clubs the back of the challenger at the ropes, quickly setting him up … HANGMANS DDT CONNECTING ON LONDON!!!!! Slowly, a groggy Orton makes a cover (and on the outside MVP is seen to be saying to a camera “I told ‘im” whilst pointing to his brain) slowly hooking a leg … 1...2...SHOULDER UP!!!!!


Somehow - IT’S NOT OVER YET!!!!! The match continues, with London refusing to give in. Orton is beside himself, shaking his head in disbelief, before turning over, onto his knees, smashing his fists on the canvas … meaning one thing … the RKO is coming next!!! Orton lies in wait, as London struggles to get to his feet, surely too far dazed to be unaware of what’s to come … pulling himself up on the ropes … peeling off … RKO … NO!!!! LONDON SHOVES HIM AWAY … ORTON TURNS AROUND … SUPERKICK- NO!!!!! Orton catches the leg, spins London around, AND GOES FOR THE RKO AGAIN … BUT LONDON COUNTERS … WITH A REVERSE DDT!!!!!!!!!!

No cover is made though; BOTH men are down!!! Both champion and challenger are spent, laying on the canvas, as the fans pick up in voice … with the referee beginning to issue a ten count … whilst on the outside, Joey Styles informs us that The Master Craftsmen and the Caribbean Connection have brawled to the back!!! In the ring however, London is first to show signs of life … with the referee reaching five … then six … before the challenger drapes his arm over Orton - who still hasn’t moved after the reverse DDT … 1...2...HE KICKS OUT AGAIN!!!!!

Neither man will stay down!!! Londons head sinks, shaking it in despair, as he picks himself up again, before willing Orton back up, with the champion somehow getting to his feet, and London is right on him, with a kick to the gut, and now, sets him … LOOKING FOR THE TORNADO DDT … BUT ORTON SHOVES HIM OFF … AND LONDON LANDS ON HIS FEET ON THE CANVAS … but doesn’t have a split second to think or act … AS ORTON STRIKES … RKO!!!!!!!!!! Orton - showing how seriously he’s taken the challenge - hooks BOTH legs, covering the U.S Champion, 1...2...3!!!!!!!!!!
Winner: And STILL WWE Champion - Randy Orton @ 19:20

Orton sees off the challenge of London, as many of the lumberjacks shake their heads in disappointment, sad to see the valiant effort of London falling short. Orton stumbles, having his hand raised in victory, and clutches gratefully onto his title belt, knowing he’s been through a war tonight.

Joey Styles: Love him or hate him, the WWE Champion always seems to find a way, and tonight, despite the Herculean effort of Paul London … Randy Orton leaves Mexico City STILL WWE Champion.

Paul Heyman: Incredible, Joey. Paul London may not have won the title, but he’s won over so many doubters. So many that believed he wasn’t big enough, wasn’t strong enough to be WWE Champion. He may have lost, but Paul London has taken the WWE Champion to the very limit for the second straight week.

Joey Styles: The question now Paul … is who is next??

Orton peers over at London, fixing the title belt on his shoulder, then shakes his head at the beaten challenger, with the Golden Boy sitting up, burying his head in his hands. Orton now gets set to exit the ring, stepping through the ropes and onto the apron … looking at a group of lumberjacks; Batista, Chavo, Super Crazy, Jeff Hardy, Evan Bourne, Finlay and Hardcore Holly … still at ringside.

The champion stays on the apron, looking down at them, shouting “WHAT!?” wondering what they’re doing - and possibly being slightly worried that they’re about to attack him. He looks back over his shoulder, at London, who is sat up in the ring, trying to get up, and he turns again to the lumberjacks, asking them; “LET ME GO … OR I KICK HIM IN THE SKULL!!!”

Still, the group refuses to budge, as Orton takes one step back into the ring … to heat from the fans … and more heat, as he fully re-enters the ring, looking over at London … but curiously stops, seeing London has a mic in his hand…

Paul London: This wasn’t … (breathes) … quite … how I expected this to go.

London reaches up, pulling himself up on the ropes, wincing, as he leans over the ropes.

Paul London: I sorta thought at this point … (breathes heavily) … I’d be celebrating my WWE Title victory … and that this … would be like the icing on the cake, y’know??

Orton looks confused, unable to follow Londons cryptic promo.

Paul London: I thought … this … woulda been really stickin the boot in.

Orton has heard enough, and rips the mic from London.

Randy Orton: What in the hell are you talking about?? Huh??

Orton questions … but London doesn’t answer. Instead, a wry smile appears on the United States Champions face. Orton looks furious, completely out of the loop on what’s going on…


Joey Styles: Wha- … OH MY GAWWWWWWDDDD!!!!

Ortons expression changes instantly … and the WWE Champion slowly - very slowly - turns his head …


Paul Heyman:

Joey Styles: Mister Friday Night, Mister Pay Per View, the former ECW Television Champion, the former WWE Champion … the man put out of commission … TWICE by Randy Orton … THE WHOLE DAMN SHOW … ROB … VAN … DAM!!!!!

In the ring, Orton paces around, trying to hop out … but he’s cut off by the remaining lumberjacks … as it all becomes clear why they stayed … whilst London exit’s the ring … with RVD walking with a purpose - AND WITH A CHAIR IN HAND!!!

Paul Heyman: Listen to these fans, Joey!!!

Joey Styles: He’s been gone for the best part of four months … and it’s all because of Randy Orton!!! Van Dam is here for payback of the highest order!!!!!

Orton is desperately now trying to escape the ring, but the men around the ring make sure he cant … as RVD closes in, reaching the ring … and slides the chair in, and hops over the ropes … WITH ORTON TRYING TO RUSH HIM … BUT VAN DAM CATCHES HIM FIRST!!!!!

RVD tees off on Orton, and nails him with a spin kick, knocking the champion down … instantly running off the ropes … ROLLING THUNDER - to a monstrous response!!! RVD leaps up, and gives the Mexican fans the chance to chant along … pointing the thumbs and getting “ROB … VAN … DAM” in response.

Van Dam picks up the chair, and waits for Orton to get up, throwing the chair at him; Orton catches … VAN DAM LEAPS UP … VAN DAMINATOR CONNECTS!!!!! The lumberjacks and Paul London - now at the top of the stage - watch on approvingly, giving RVD a thumbs up, nodding at his revenge.

Orton is flat out on the canvas now, as RVD looks to the fans once more, nodding at them, and drags Orton toward the ropes … setting him up … with the chair pressed against him!!! The fans raise their voices again, knowing what’s coming next, as RVD climbs the ropes on the opposite side of the ring.


Paul Heyman: I absolutely think!!! We’ve both seen this many times before Joey!!!

Van Dam sets himself … the fans are on their feet … Orton isn’t moving … AND VAN DAM GOES COAST TO COAST … WITH THE VAN TERMINATOR!!!!!!!!!!

Joey Styles: OH MY GAWWWWWWWDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!


Van Dams music blasts into the arena, but is barely audible over the ‘R-V-D’ chants reverberating around the arena!!! The former WWE Champion picks himself up, and poses to the fans once more, as we see Randy Orton - OUT COLD in a slumped heap in the corner.

Joey Styles: Of all the things we could’ve anticipated tonight - I didn’t think we’d see this Paul - ROB VAN DAM … is back!!!

Paul Heyman: And in a big freakin way, Joey!!! What a statement from Rob Van Dam here tonight!!! You asked a question Joey, you asked who would be next for Orton after tonight. Well, I believe the answer is standing tall right now in the ring!!!

Joey Styles: RVD is back, and has struck a huge blow to Randy Orton tonight … but has Van Dam truly recovered from his severe head injuries suffered at the hands of Randy Orton at WrestleMania and Judgment Day?? If so … God help Randy Orton against a recovered RVD!!! The Whole Damn Show is back!!!!!

The show closes, with the image of RVD standing tall, playing to the fans … with Orton in the background, laid in a heap in the corner … a complete role reversal of their previous meetings … as we fade … to black.



Official Card for WWE SummerSlam:
Date: 19th August 2007
Location: Wembley Stadium, London, England
Event Music: Kings of Leon, Fans & The Clash, London Calling

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
World Heavyweight Champion Christian
Mr. Money in the Bank; Unbeaten & Undefeated Umaga w/ Armando Estrada

World Tag Team Championships Match:
MNM vs. Straight Edge OR The British Lions

WWE Tag Team Championships Match:
Americas Most Wanted vs. Winners Of #1 Contenders Tournament

Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar


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Re: Being The Booker

Smackdown feedback

Great American Bash rematch was a nice way to kick things off and you went with the right result, was pleased to see Kofi pick up the pin and his first win also. Wouldn’t mind seeing a rubber match between the two teams.

Decent enough interview here with Orton, done the job in building tonight’s match and I liked the way he said that people want London as champion as he’s an easier opponent.

I like that you’re giving the Bourne-Skipper feud time to grow on Smackdown and not on Superstars and it was well done here with Skipper costing him. Stuff with Hardy and Kash was decent too, everything progressed nicely.

Nice little segment with Bischoff here, gives the contract signing a big feel.

Excellent line from Kendrick here about the ladies haha. Good win for MVP here and I’m guessing he’s gonna head after London and the U.S. title. Doesn’t do much damage to Noble either with the Kendrick interference, so all in all a good job here.

Fantastic video with AMW here. The line about Chavo and Super Crazy cleaning the pool haha. Top stuff and wouldn’t mind seeing more of these every week while this World Tour goes on.

Nice stuff with Albright and Haas here and I guess the rubber match is well and truly on now. Two out of three falls should be a good one next week.

Contract signing time. Pretty good idea making this a Street Fight, adds another notch to it. Was very surprised that neither man said a word here although I suppose the fact they just wanna fight says it all. No contact between now and then adds more to it I guess and pick your poison next week should be very interesting. Pluses and minuses to the segment here.

Carlito/Kofi reply was simple and effective. Caribbean Connection’s a nice name and a sign these two may be tagging a little while longer which I’m all for.

Comfortable for Batista here, nothing to it. Not sure what he does heading into Summerslam tbh.

Nice exchange backstage between Tista and London. Liked how Batista said he’d be making a mistake allowing him to challenge. MVP’s arrival was nicely done and all the signs point towards the U.S. title feud, should be a good one.

Really liked this segment with Bischoff. What he said rang true and it’s nice to see him recognise it. Tournament’s a good idea and I liked the thought of people teaming up with someone they don’t even like just in order to get a shot. Should be exciting.

Squash for Nemeth on debut wasn’t much surprise although it was certainly different the way you went about it. I give you props for that but I wasn’t too keen on it. I’d rather see him just do the business in the ring then a promo or other way round.

Wow, great segment here with Edge. You could certainly feel his pain here and the emotion he showed was great. Challenging Undertaker was a bold call but I liked the thought process behind it and should be another good contest come Summerslam.

Very good main event here, nothing I didn’t expect. Orton retaining was the right call but yet again London puts up a great fight and his stock rises higher.

Now this was a way to close the show! Huge ending and great to see RVD back in action. I was starting to wonder just exactly who Orton would face come Summerslam as he almost had nothing left but this settles it. Huge match now surely set for Summerslam and the card went up another notch or two here tonight.

Solid show here most definitely. Didn’t enjoy it as much as Raw but the ending certainly had that shock factor you’d want for a big night like this. Enjoyed the AMW stuff as well as Edge’s continued anger and the tag title tournament should be nice. Looking forward to the road to Summerslam hotting up all the more now.
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Re: Being The Booker

Apologies for this review being a bit late. I'm actually quite busy for once and I just wanted to get The Great American Bash up last week. Now I can get to a thread that's actually worth reading

Glad to see you opening the show with some high quality wrestling this week. This feud might not appear so on paper to some people, but it's actually been one of the best things about your thread in recent weeks. Nothing too fancy about the booking, just a good ol' fashione 'rasslin' rivalry surrounding four talented young workers. Albright is obviously the one going places in the singles division thanks to his KOTR victory, so it was no surprise to see Haas take the fall here. Brent still looked dominant despite the loss, whilst Kofi can hopefully build from here. Oh, and The Carolina Connection? It's cheesy as hell, but if it means you're continuing to rebuild SmackDown's floundering tag team division, then I really couldn't care less. Both Kingston and 'Lito are great, and I could see a future feud between them and AMW being a LOT of fun. Great opener.

Nice little promo from Orton trying to intimidate London, but obviously being the one scared. You've managed to get me interested in Randy in recent weeks. I didn't care for him much post-'Mania, but he's become such a weaselly now bastard that it's hard not to be entertained.

How much of your SummerSlam have you done? I'll tell if you will

I have to say I'm quite surprised at the way you've brought Evan Bourne in. You obviously have a different booking style to me, as if I think someone is supremely talented - and I think he is - then I would fire him onto the scene like a nuclear bomb. You obviously favour the slow build, giving Bourne a few wins - and losses - on Superstars, before moving him over here. I still prefer the hot introduction, as losses like this won't do anything for the kid unless you actually plan on pushing Kid Kash as well, which I doubt. At least you're bolstering your Cruiserweight division too. I can;t believe I was ever cheeky enough to insult the lack of depth in your roster

Short but sweet from Bischoff. You're seriously hyping this Lesnar/Trips confrontation to the max, and why the hell not?

By the way, I might not have had the chance to mention it before, but Paul Heyman on commentary? FUCKING GENIUS

A match between two of the top contenders to different belts next. I know Noble's been on a bit of a run lately, but there was absolutely no way you were putting him over Porter here. Kendrick continues to fuel the fires of his feud with Noble, whilst MVP continues to pick up momentum heading into his inevitable shot at London. I'm still surprised you ended his feud with Carlito the way you did. Really, really weird.

Kurt Angle's promo on RAW was absolute gold from a booking standpoint. This one from AMW was absolute gold from a pure entertainment factor. Who cares if these guys have no challengers when they're cutting hilarious shit like this each and every week? Their inevitable feuds with Los Latinos and Carlito/Kingston have me drooling after this brilliance. On this form, they could carry any feud and make me enthralled. Don't EVER take the belts off them, mate; they're just too damn good.

Two out of Three Falls next week?? Oh baby, it's like you read my mind. What a treat. I love Albright and Haas' desire to prove their wrestling superiority over their rivals, and I honestly have no idea how that match is going to go now, or what Albright will be doing at SummerSlam, because let's be honest here, he IS the KOTR, and he SHOULD be on SummerSlam.

I'm not the biggest fan of contract signings in wrestling, as they've become a bit cliched and hacky of late (you'll slap me in the face after reading my next RAW now ), but you managed to make this one as exciting as possible. Thankfully it was short and sweet, thankfully there was no violence (really), and thankfully we didn't get the usual dreary, overlong promo from Triple H. The addition of the Street Fight stipulation is gorgeous. It was the only way to up the ante after WrestleMania, and it gives Trips a great chance to get his win back without making Lesnar look weak at all. The Pick Your Poison (looks like we'll be doing one at the same time eh? ) should make for some rather intriguing matches. There;s a number of guys either guy could pick really who would be awesome. Imagine Brock/Umaga or Batista/Trips would be my bets. Great segment overall though. Felt like WrestleMania build if I'm being honest, and that is NEVER a bad thing, especially with the way you have been building this show to the moon.

Carlito and Kofi accept the challenge? Surely not!

Poor old Chris Masters Make him someone's lackey soon please.

Whilst I like the little exchanges between London and MVP, Batista's constant presence has me worried that you're going to insert him in the picture somehow. Just go with London/Porter for the U.S Title at SummerSlam. You don't need Big Dave on the card. He's really not that special.

Absolutely BRILLIANT announcement from Eric Bischoff, but I'm sure you knew I was going to say that didn't you? SmackDown's tag team division has been an absolute joke for a long time, but this tournament could really inject some much needed life into it, especially if you're able to fill it with 8 quality teams, rather than 5 jobber tandems and 3 proper teams or something like that. Los Latinos, The Caribbean Connection and I suppose The Master Craftsmen are the obvious favourites, but I can see you springing a surprise with a new team. Both tag titles being defended at SummerSlam just makes me all warm and fuzzy inside, Wolfy :heart:

You might not have given him a manager like I asked (MY GENIUS MUST BE ACKNOWLEDGE, DAMMIT~!! )), but you gave Nemeth one heck of a debut in his own right. After weeks of hype, he comes in like the cockiest prick we've seen in a long, long time with his own commentary. I'd like to see this become his gimmick over the next few weeks as he squashes jobbers. Imagine the heat he'd get?

Really surprising promo from Edge. I said it before, coming into this show I had absolutely NO idea what the WWE Title match was going to be at SummerSlam, with an Edge face turn seemingly the most likely, or possible an Orton/'Taker rehash. What a curve ball you threw here by actually having Edge CHALLENGE The Deadman, presumably taking them BOTH out of the title picture for the PPV. This was a great promo too. It makes the match actually mean something, as opposed to just being conveniently thrown together with an attack or accidental chair shot to bring us a great match (which it WILL be of course; these guys have amazing chemistry). It's about Edge's constant desire to prove himself worthy of the title, and what better way eh? As much as loved this, with SummerSlam shaping up to be the biggest supercard this thread has ever seen (See, you don't need fucking Rock, Austin, Hogan or Bret Hart), it has left me completely and utterly baffled going into the main event.

And what a main event it was. Lumberjack Matches are usually shit, but you had two great workers and a bunch of absolutely cracking angles all helping to drag this one out of the pit. Don't think I didn't notice all othe other goings on too, as Kendrick tries to screw his former friend, only for Noble to chase him through the crowd; The Master Craftsmen and Caribbean Connection brawling to the back, and MVP constantly berating London from the floor. When booked right, when you think about it, Lumberjack Matches are actually a pretty great way of advancing multiple angles at once. Amateur bookers should really take a lesson from this match. With all of the chaos surrounding the ring, it's hard to call any win "clean" in these circumstances, but it was a pretty strong showing from Orton in the end to put London away. I suppose he has looked like a bit of a bitch for the last couple of weeks.

And then the aftermath. At first I thought we were going to have to add Paul London's name to the list of men who have been put out of action by Randall, and I loved the way he tries to make the others back off by threatening it. But ... WHOA! ROB VAN DAM! A shocking ending to say the least, with Orton's rival returning for blood it seems. Great attack at the end; we haven't seen the Van Terminator for AAAAGES. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I suspect it wasn't always your plan to have RVD come back to challenge Orton at SummerSlam, but you've run out of babyface challengers, so you had no choice. Don;t get me wrong, I couldn't care less. I much prefer this match to the alternative, and it frees up 'Taker, Edge, London etc. to do their own thing. Plus, with all of their history, we could see another gimmick match added to the card, as RVD looks for revenge on his attacker. But with a Street Fight already signed, I can either see this match being a Ladder Match, or British Lions/MNM/Straight Edge being a TLC match. Too many gimmicks gets a little silly sometimes, but with the sheer SIZE oF this epic card, who the hell is going to CARE??!!

Another magnificent show, Wolfy, to keep to road to one of your hottest shows ever still as fresh and exciting as ever. The re-emergence of the tag team division fills me with especial delight, whilst the Edge/'Taker, Orton/RVD, MVP/London and Noble/Kendrick possible additions to the card is just fucking SCARY. How the hell can I compete with a monster card like THIS?!
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Re: Being The Booker


Please Release Me, Let Me Go...
WWE.COM can announce that the WWE has come to terms with the release of Raw superstar, Santino Marella. He is wished well with his future endeavours.

Tag Team Rasslin!!
Eric Bischoffs quick deadline to the Smackdown roster to declare their interest with a tag team partner for the hastily announced #1 Contenders tournament to face the peerless tag team champions, Americas Most Wanted at Summerslam, has yielded some surprise inclusions - AND - exclusions.

Two of Smackdowns most well known tag teams have been overlooked for the eight team tournament, and can confirm that both tag teams DID apply to be included. However, both Deuce & Domino and The Mad Murdoch Twins have seen their applications REJECTED by the interim GM, Eric Bischoff. Another team whose request was also rejected is the team of veterans in Hardcore Holly & Finlay.

Up and coming tandems Los Latinos & The Caribbean Connection will be part of the eight team tournament, as will The Master Craftsmen, (who still have to compete against the Connection in a 2 out of 3 falls match this week on Smackdown, before beginning their journey for the title shot) whilst Jeff Hardy & Evan Bourne's application has been accepted, as has the duo of Elix Skipper & Kid Kash. Cruiserweight Champion THE Brian Kendrick will also be involved, as he seemingly continues to chase double gold, enlisting 'The Masterpiece' Chris Masters as his tag team partner.

And perhaps in the biggest surprise of all, two teams not currently signed to an exclusive WWE contract have seen their optimistic applications accepted, which could well be the biggest slap in the face to the established teams that were not given the chance to enter. Rob Conway & Andrew 'Test' Martin, two former long time WWE employees, have joined together and sources close to Eric Bischoff have claimed both Conway and Martin have personally called the interim GM, and their persistance over the weekend has paid off, and both men will be flown out to join the World Tour immediately with another chance to get their feet back in the door and earn a new contract with the WWE.

The eighth and final team to make the cut is that of OVW Tag Team Champions, K.C & Kassidy; The James Boys. OVW is a developmental territory where many of todays current WWE superstars first found their feet, and The James Boys - whose application was hand delivered by 2006 Diva Search winner Layla El - will now have the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of Kurt Angle, John Cena, Randy Orton and Batista to name a few, and make the step up to the big leagues. But what role will Layla have to play in this teams future??


Jeff Hardy & Evan Bourne vs Kid Kash & Elix Skipper
The Caribbean Connection vs Rob Conway & Andrew 'Test' Martin

The Brian Kendrick & Chris Masters vs Los Latinos
The James Boys vs The Master Craftsmen


WWE Raw will air live six days before the hottest event of the summer - the BIGGEST Summerslam of all time - from sunny Belfast, Northern Ireland (Yeah, my thread, my rules. Let me have this one!) and with Eric Bischoff running both Raw and Smackdown until the end of the world tour, it is expected that the GM will indeed be inviting the superstars of both brands to attend this massive bash from the homely Odyssey Arena. One special guest that has already been CONFIRMED to appear on the final Raw before Summerslam is world boxing champion, Ricky Hatton. The Hitman was confirmed for Summerslam last month, and while his role at Wembley has yet to be confirmed, the undefeated two weight world champion will be in attendance in Belfast - perhaps with a pint of Guinness or two before, and after the shindig in the North.


Despite his sickening verbal - and physical - assault on Rey Mysterio this past Monday on Raw in Mysterios spiritual home of Mexico City, Kurt Angle has escaped with a small - insignificant for a star of his calibre - fine of $10,000. High ranking WWE executives had been pushing for a hefty fine AND suspension, but sources close to Eric Bischoff have told us at that Bischoff wasnt angry at Angles actions, but indeed PLEASED, by the controversy caused by the Olympian, and only administered the fine after been ordered to act by WWE Commissioner, Jesse Ventura. Angle WILL be at Raw this Monday night, but isnt expected to be ordered to explain, or even apologise for his actions last week in Mexico, where he had to be rushed out of the arena at the close of Raw, and thrown into a rental car to escape a simmering mob on the brink of riot after his disgusting actions. What is expected next from Angle, this week in Japan??


After his stunning return to Smackdown on Friday, Rob Van Dam has told that he WILL be showing up for work again next week in Japan, and that he has finally been given a clean bill of health from his physician. Whilst Eric Bischoff will surely be seeking confirmation of this, it looks promising for Rob Van Dam, and the WWE as a whole, with the former WWE Champion joining up for the world tour, and with his sights firmly on Randy Orton. Can RVD earn a shot at the lonesome WWE Champion?? The entire world wants to see it, and they would love to see some sweet justice administered to Orton after his sickening actions in recent months - most notably to Van Dam. Now that Van Dam is said to be clear to return, is time almost up for the Champ??



Garrison Cade has joined up with the Smackdown crew, after taking time off to heal a nagging back injury in recent weeks. Fortunately, Cade wont be needing surgery, and is expected to return to TV in the coming weeks. It's unknown how Cade will be brought back to the fold after the split of the doomed New Wave, but many in power are still high on Cade, as evidenced with his summer long angle with Shawn Michaels last year, but the push for the big Texan fell by the wayside after joining up with Orton and company last Fall. Despite the damage done in the last nine months, Cade is likely to get one more push later this year.

Indeed, a lot of damage has been done to three of the most promising prospects in the WWE by the association of the failed New Wave. Along with Cade, Nick Dinsmore and to a lesser extent Ken Doane, have seen their stocks fall badly, after Dinsmore had been positioned as a potential main event heel after his shocking turn on legendary figures Hulk Hogan and Mick Foley as Eugene before last years WrestleMania, sharing the ring with both men AND Ric Flair at that event. It's thought that any chance Dinsmore had to reach that level is now gone, but he will - like Cade - be given another chance to recapture some credibility upon his return from injury, which is expected to be around November or December.

It's thought that of the three, the least damage done was to Ken Doane, and now being placed back on Raw, the youngster is expected to be given time to grow and shine as a performer, with time to build him into a credible force away from The New Wave.


Going forward, it's expected that The Miz will pair up with Mister Kennedy, likely playing the loudmouths lackey as he continues to learn the ropes, with many beleiving he has a long, long road to take in order to reach an acceptable standard to make it in the WWE. It's hoped he can learn from Kennedy - an average worker himself - that's made the most of his talents to get further. It's expected that the burgeoning Kennedy/Cena feud will run through Summerslam, and long into the autumn, and after the huge reaction to the angle on Raw between Kurt Angle and Rey Mysterio, the creative team are said to be making big changes to both mens plans coming out of Summerslam to prolong the feud, as it had initially been pegged as a last minute plan to give both men worthy opponents for such a big Summerslam.

Another man expected to find his way onto the Summerslam card is Blackpools own, William Regal. How big his match or role will be at this point is unclear, but Regal has always been highly thought of, and despite being poorly used over the last two years, the veteran is likely to be rewarded with a spot on the biggest Summerslam of all time in his homeland.

There had also been a lot of internal bickering this week over whether or not to bring Rob Van Dam back into the fold before Summerslam, with many pulling for Paul London to be rewarded and get the WWE Title match with Orton at Summerslam after some incredible performances in high profile matches stretching back over the last eighteen months, but especially from his feud with 2007 King of the Ring, Brent Albright. However, in the end, RVD did return this week on Smackdown, and it appears set in stone that Van Dam will meet Orton for the title at Wembley Stadium.


Expect some roster shake ups after Summerslam too. With the Cruiserweight division being given more spotlight since WrestleMania, and the tag team divisions being pin pointed as places needing work, some moves are expected to help form new teams, or add extra faces to the lighter division, or just to give some floundering superstars a chance to recapture some of their heat.

Also, the WWE are keen to hire more female workers in the coming months, with the Womens division continuing to grow, but with a lack of depth - after Mickie James, Beth Phoenix, Gail Kim and Victoria, the talent level drops astonishingly - it's hard to see the momentum being kept up without more quality talents.


So, there you have it. Lots of stuff there that I've meant to post for a long time. Just haven't got around to it, or had the time. I'm sure I've missed a few things I wanted to cover too, but there you go. I've had NO time whatsoever recently to even write up this, or a preview or any shows, or feedback, but should have free time tomorrow for all of that. Look out for a Raw preview tomorrow, and hopefully Raw on Monday (with a shiny new banner ).

In the mean time, ciao.
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Re: Being The Booker

As excited as I am for this tag team tournament, you've still manages to turn it into a three horse race. Master Craftsmen, Caribbean Connection and Los Lationos are the only teams I see winning this. Bourne & Jeff might be an outside bet, but I don't think you like Jeffrey enough. Who does? Still, with all the attention you're giving to tag team wrestling in the lead up to SummerSlam, you never know, maybe some of your slightly less enlightened readers will remember how awesome it is.

@ you booking a three-hour show in Belfast. Hey, I've been there before. I like it. I'd say I prefer Dublin just tp annoy you, but that would be childish of me

Glad you're continuing this Angle, uh, angle. It's saying a lot considering how good your booking is right now, but it's the thing I'm most excited about.

Vam Dam being back has just breathed new life into your SummerSlam card. The amount of matches (Edge/'Taker anyone?) that have been made possible by his return to face Orton is staggering. I'm calling a Ladder Match either at this pay-per-view, but certainly the next one.

I wondered where Cade had gone. He needs to come back and start jobbing like the rest of The New Wave [/Joke]
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Re: Being The Booker

Despite my absence from the section s of late, this is one of the three three threads I've really tried to keep up with. I just didn't see the point of torturing myself into giving you feedback when Legend seemed to be doing such a fine job.

There's not really much to say right now, except that EVERYTHING, and I do mean EVERYTHING is flowing beautifully into Summerslam. The only real worry was the Smackdown tag division, but the tournament is surely going to take care of that. Angle/Mysterio has a rather old school feel to it, and has been a joy so far, whilst the return of RVD did wonders in spicing up the WWE Title scene. As much as I love Lesnar, with his issues with Trips, he was never going to win the title, so the last few months for Orton have felt very filler. RVD back with a vengeance really changes this.

Cade and Doane both need to be pushed, but Dinsmore can go fuck himself as far as I'm concerned. I'd also mark like a girl if Regal could get a spot on the Summerslam card. The only thread where he has any real prominence is Legend's, and the guy is freaking awesome. People really need to realize that.

Anyway, my apologies for not being more consistent with feedback. I'll try and pop in a little more frequently with my thoughts from now. Keep it up, Wolfy, you're still the man.

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Re: Being The Booker

Monday Night Raw Preview:
World Tour - Week 2 - Japan

Seven days have passed since the disgusting conclusion to last weeks Raw in Mexico City, where not only did Umaga leave his Summerslam opponent - World Champion Christian - laying, but Kurt Angle humiliated Rey Mysterio in his spiritual home, draping the masked superstar in an American flag. This, after Angle had earlier belittled Mysterios heritage, and the Mexican people in general. Shockingly, Angle was not suspended for his sickening actions, and WILL be part of this Monday nights broadcast from Tokyo.

Christian however - will not. After his beating at the hands of Mister Money in the Bank, Christian has been advised to rest, and rather than attend Raw, the World Heavyweight Champion has been asked to represent the WWE in China to promote the upcoming shows there later this week. However, The Samoan Bulldozer will be in Tokyo, and the undefeated mastodon has captured the imagination of the Japanese press since arriving at the weekend. So much so, that the media have requested a special 'public viewing' of Umaga, where Armando Estrada will field questions on his wrecking machine. With just four weeks until his date with destiny at Wembley, will Umaga - with Estrada by his side - have any more to show Captain Charisma ahead of their World Championship showdown at Summerslam??

Almost forgotten in the shuffle of last weeks closing images was the brutal beatdown earlier in the night inflicted on John Cena. Scheduled to meet Mr. Kennedy, Cena was jumped from behind by a returning Miz - with a camera - and busted open, as Kennedy directed traffic. Just what is the relationship between Kennedy and Miz?? This week, the voice of Raw, 'Good 'ol' J.R will attempt to get to the bottom of the issue, as he conducts an in ring interview with both Mr. Kennedy and The Miz. How will the two men explain their actions last week?? And will we see a reaction from the polarizing John Cena??

Whilst drama has caused the headlines this week, the in ring action could be forgiven for being an afterthought. However, with TWO championship matches, a Number One Contenders match, AND the first of two (with the second to come on Smackdown) Pick Your Poison matches, that WILL NOT be the case in Tokyo.

Mickie James will defend her Womens Championship against the French Canadian Maryse - who caused shockwaves by picking up a surprise win last week to earn the shot, whilst the ongoing saga between Matt Hardy and Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin will be attempted to be settled once and for all. Last week, The Black Diamond escaped with the title thanks to help from The Brotherhood, but this week, he goes it alone, with Eric Bischoff BANISHING the entire group from ringside. The last time Hardy and Benjamin met under those conditions - in the King of the Ring tournament last month - Hardy defeated Benjamin. Will history repeat itself - this time - for the Intercontinental Title??

And, The British Lions and Straight Edge - both holding issues with MNM & The Entourage - will face off to earn the right for a shot at the World Tag Team Champions at Summerslam. Both sides have mutual respect for one another, and just last week teamed up against their foes, but now it'll be all out war with a spot at the biggest Summerslam of all time up for grabs. For the Lions it's a chance to not only win the titles in front of their home town fans, but a chance to settle their issue with MNM in the best way possible. For Straight Edge, it's the opportunity to finally conclude an eight month long saga with the A-Listers at the hottest event of the Summer. Which of these two teams will want it more??

Then, Triple H will partake in his first match in three months - since his brutal loss inside Hell in a Cell at Backlash - and to make it even tougher for The Game, he wont even know who his opponent will be. The roles will be reversed this week on Smackdown, but on Raw, Triple H will meet an opponent of Brock Lesnars choosing. Can The Game get one over on his Summerslam opponent, four weeks out from their highly anticipated Streetfight at Wembley?? Or will the combination of ring rust AND the mystery surrounding his opponent prove to be too much for even the ten times World Champion to overcome??

It all goes down from the land of the rising sun, as the World Tour continues to gather steam. And with such a loaded line up, it promises to be a night to a remember - and certainly a show NOT to be missed.

Confirmed Matches
Intercontinental Championship | Shelton Benjamin vs Matt Hardy
Womens Championship | Mickie James vs Maryse
#1 Contenders Match | The British Lions vs Straight Edge
Pick Your Poison | Triple H vs Brock Lesnars Pick

*Plus, some jobber made me new show banners. Debuting at the top of Raw. Posted tomorrow.*
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Re: Being The Booker

This show looks like it's going to be huge. The in ring action should be awesome, but I'm kind of hoping for Shelton/Hardy to be given the main event slot. It seems like Triple H's return will get the slot, but I just feel like Shelton/Hardy has been going for so long, and so well, that the feud deserves a main event match. And a main event is going to do nothing but good for both competitors in the long run. The only match I'm not really looking forward to is the Divas match, and it's because Maryse sucks. All of this, plus Kennedy/Miz interview, Umaga jizzfest with some epic Estrada on the mic, and some Rey Rey retaliation (?) makes me REALLY look forward to this shit. It seems you're going to continue your awesome form with this one.

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