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Re: Being The Booker

Just read the last Raw show you posted. I am still relatively new on these forums and will be honest, I haven't read a lot of the long standing threads. (Wow 306 pages!) But your name comes as a highly recommended read, so I thought I'd drop in and take a gander.

I'm not going to review your show, just to say that I enjoyed this show alot. I didn't have to read the previous weeks show to get a good idea of what was going on, every segement seemed to back build the storyline well enough for me to know who has history with whom.

I enjoyed your dialogue writing for Christian, I could almost hear the man speaking those lines, and I say kudos for giving him a major title.

I also enjoyed your dialogue writhing for Mr. Estrada. Very well written, just one question can you roll your r's IRL like he could?

I enjoyed your Mr. Kennedy quite a bit more than your Cena, but in reality I prefer Kennedy/Anderson over Cena anyhow, the guys gold on the mic, so that could just be bias speaking.

Oh and I LOVED your 'pathetic little italian' description of Santino, My thoughts exactly.

On the ladies, I know it was a big deal rivalry, but for some reason I don't get excited for Beth VS Mickie, and I'm a fan of both. When I think about Beth VS Mickie, the words "again, really?" come to my mind. (Kinda Like Cena or Orton with a title, Again, Really?)

I don't recall if we ever got to see it, but I would have loved a long brutal Victoria vs Beth feud.

Anyhow, I loved the show, great writing.
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Re: Being The Booker

Smackdown feedback

Expecting a good fallout from the Bash here.

Really liked the opening with Bischoff here as it really pushes hard the fact that JBL was well and truly finished after Buried Alive and will sadly no longer be back. Please bring him back in some capacity down the line though, commentary would be gold!

Paul Heyman on commentary? Nice. Bit surprised to see him mentioning Tazz’s contract and Cole’s position in the company as I doubt that’d happen in real life but at least it explains things.

The champ coming out to kick things off makes sense. Liked how he immediately distanced himself from the Triple H involvement though I was surprised he moved so quickly on to Cade, Dinsmore and Doane, I thought the win Sunday woulda been where he commenced. What he had to say about the trio was spot on however.

London interruption? I’ll take that all day long. I thought you did an excellent job here with London standing up to Orton and all he had to say was great as was Orton’s reaction to London suggesting he dish out a dose of karma. Superb stuff. The match later on should be great, though surprised to see the title on the line.

Decent little match here between Bourne and Skipper. Nice to see you showcasing two of the newer Cruiserweights on Smackdown. Good win for Bourne also. Heyman’s commentary afterwards was good also, certainly wouldn’t mind a rubber match.

Kofi/Albright was a good match, made Kofi look pretty strong on his debut which was a smart move. This little feud between Lito/Kofi and the Master Craftsmen is going along smoothly. Keep it up.

Good stuff with Edge backstage. Bischoff labelling him a choke artist, ouch. Bit much perhaps but really furthers the Edge quest for gold. I still can’t believe he hasn’t won the big one in this thread yet! I’m certainly hoping that changes and this little storyline hopefully points to it doing so.

Interested to see the debut of Nemeth next week, should be a solid addition.

Comfortable win for MVP. Stuck at the moment with a bit of nothingness, I hope that changes.

The Brian Kendrick. Genius. You have his character down to perfection and this interview was no different. Beating himself is priceless and his whole attitude is so entertaining. I hope Noble does take the title from him and Kendrick goes onto U.S. gold.

The Lesnar/Bischoff stuff was well done here. I liked the intensity and the no messing around attitude from Lesnar in wanting answers. Bischoff’s in a helpless position here and the F5 was brutal, really hits home the point that he’s in dire need of this match. I really don’t know when it’s gonna happen though. Summerslam would be great although it is building up more and more, makes me think Survivor Series even.

Good win for Noble, Chavo and Crazy. Just furthering things between Noble and Kendrick. Nothing too exciting here.

I liked the points Albright and Haas were making here. Very interesting stuff and they both make mighty fine points. Expect Lito and Kofi to win the rematch but I am interested in seeing where these two, namely Albright head next.

Snitsky-Batista? Ha ha. That is all.

America’s Most Wanted was absolutely brilliant. Your use of them is fantastic and I don’t really wanna see them take a ‘vacation’ but again much like Albright and Haas, they make a great point. There is nothing left for them and I’m not sure who you throw at them next really.

Batista wishing London luck was a nice little touch but I particularly enjoyed MVP’s appearance and I guess that answers my statement of nothingness for MVP as he’ll chase U.S. gold.

Very good main event here and I genuinely thought London was gonna get the win at some stage. You certainly did a good job in making London look like he has every chance at bringing the title home in the future so kudos to you on that although I would’ve maybe had Orton cheat to win rather than the countout finish.

Overall another very impressive show from you here. Loved the continued rise of London and also the rise of Kendrick’s character, if not his results. Really enjoying Edge’s role at the minute also. Interested for what the main event will be come Summerslam on the Smackdown side cos there‘s plenty of options. I await anxiously, keep it up!
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Re: Being The Booker

Terrific BTB, went thru all the major events ad PPVs. Just like to say that your choice of winners was a bit odd considering that Cena won consecutive Rumbles which was not needed imo, and beating Goldberg in the last both time.

Also Cena losing out on his title shot in 2004, but then u also had Rock vs Cena at that time, that's like thinking ahead of WWE, kudos.

Benoit win in 2006 was again something which was a bit odd, but then again he had to win sometime it was somewhat late to give it to him, atleast a better option than Rey.

The Randy vs Cena you had were awesome. Your strength of details is brilliant. Also, one thing that i read only two rumbles till now and in both No.14 was Benoit, so that internet rumor of No.14 being a bad omen is true in your btb also lol.

Overall, great job i will be following soon reading other PPVs, and currently seeing your work i m getting an idea that u r pushing people whom WWE never laid their eyes upon one example being Paul london and also Albright thats awesome.
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Re: Being The Booker

Monday Night Raw Preview

And so it begins. The biggest World Tour in WWE history gets underway on Raw, just south of the U.S border in Mexico City, and the stars couldn't have aligned any better to set up the main event, as the World Heavyweight Championship is on the line with Christian defending his title against a man who's career began in Mexico, under the tutelage of his legendary uncle; Rey Mysterio. Last week on Raw, Mysterio upset the odds to defeat Kurt Angle in his own hometown, eliminating the Olympian last from a gruelling Battle Royal, earning him the opportunity of a lifetime - to become World Champion - for the first time ever - in the country where it all began.

... And of course, the opportunity to headline the biggest Summerslam of all time in less than five weeks time at Wembley Stadium in England ... with one caveat ... the undefeated Samoan Bulldozer is the challenger in waiting. Last week, Umaga - under the supervision of Armando Estrada - continued to play mind games with the current World Champion. Like a shark, Umaga circled Christian, intimidating his prey, after a physical beatdown the week prior, but on this occasion, there was no physical altercation. After this week in Mexico, Umagas target could be changed ... but his goal will remain the same.

As if a World Title match wasnt enough to kick off the world tour in style, Eric Bischoff has delivered another TWO main event worthy match ups for this weeks edition of Raw. The first?? A continuation of the ongoing rivalry over the Intercontinental Championship, as Shelton Benjamin once again finds Matt Hardy as his opponent. The Black Diamond held Hardy off at Vengeance, but has been unable to shake off the tenacious Carolinian, and after a loss to Matt in the King of the Ring, coupled with Hardys victory last week over William Regal, he has more than earned this title rematch. Will it be a repeat of Vengeance?? Or the King of the Ring when these two superstars collide in Mexico City??

The second of these matches is the FIRST EVER showdown between the ever rising Mister Kennedy, and the struggling John Cena. Over the last two weeks, the two men have found themselves in each others faces, but tonight, it's not words that will be shared, but blows. Can Kennedy pick off a huge name as he continues to forge his reputation as a main event player?? Or, will Cena continue in his quest to once again reach the dizzying heights he has fallen from in recent months??

Last week, Smackdown superstar Ken Doane made a surprise appearance on Raw, asking the interim Smackdown GM Eric Bischoff to use his power and engineer a move for the youngster from Friday Nights to Mondays. Bischoff though wasnt quite welcoming to Doane, and offered Ken the chance to simply walk away from the WWE ... or join up with Raw this week for the first in a series of 'tests'. With Bischoff unconvinced over Ken Doanes commitment to the WWE, what kind of 'test' will the twenty one year old be subjected to - if he even decides to show up??

Elsewhere on Raw this week, four divas will battle it out for a shot at Mickie James Womens Championship next Monday in Japan. Former champions Victoria and Gail Kim, and relative rookies Maryse and Beth Phoenix will compete for the right, whilst MNM's peculiar 'Entourage' will finally get a taste of in ring action, when they team up with the Tag Champions in an eight man tag match, facing the champions biggest foes; The British Lions and former champions Straight Edge.

It's a packed line up, on what promises to be an unforgettable night. Championships are up for grabs, history will be made ... and it's only the BEGINNING of the six week long World Tour. Just what else could happen on a hot, wild night in Mexico City???


Confirmed Matches
World Heavyweight Championship- Christian vs Rey Mysterio
WWE Intercontinental Championship- Shelton Benjamin vs Matt Hardy
#1 Contenders Match- Victoria vs Gail Kim vs Maryse vs Beth Phoenix (Winner meets Mickie James next week)

First Time Ever- Mister Kennedy vs John Cena
Eight Man Tag- MNM & The Entourage vs The British Lions & Straight Edge

*I'll post Raw tomorrow*
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Re: Being The Booker

Whilst it's likely that neither the World Heavyweight title nor the Intercontinental title will change hands on this show, I still expect a couple of solid matches. In addition to that I think we could see some interferences too. I can easily see Teddy Long interfering and helping Shelton Benjamin retain his title; and after what you wrote last week, focusing in on Kurt Angle's reaction to Rey Mysterio winning the Battle Royal, he could make an appearance in the World Title bout. Considering this is Mexico City Angle could get himself over huge by screwing Mysterio.

Kennedy vs. Cena is such a huge match for RAW that I just cannot see it ending in a clean finish. As a matter of fact, I think this is going to be a show of schmoz finishes.

I have no doubt in my mind that Beth Phoenix will win the number one contender's match and challenge Mickie for the Women's Title next week. Though, I guess you could do a little swerve where someone else wins, then gets their shot, loses, and Beth earns a shot at SummerSlam.

Finally I think this "World Tour" was a great idea as it gives you a chance to use the environment in which the characters are set to influence them, which could prove to be interesting.
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Re: Being The Booker

Monday Night Raw | July 16 2007 | Mexico City, Mexico



No opening video, no pyro; the show opens direct into the arena … AND THE MUSIC OF TRIPLE H???

Jim Ross: I- WHA- WHAT THE???

The first show in the much hyped World Tour is kicking off with an almighty shock … and the fans explode (out of sheer excitement) AS TRIPLE H ENTERS THE STAGE!!!!!!!


The Coach: IT’S HIM!!! TRIPLE H IS HERE!!!!!

Jim Ross: We- We were NOT expecting this!!! These fans in Mexico City sure as hell weren’t expecting this either!!! The WWE World Tour is kicking off, LIVE on Monday Night Raw with an ALMIGHTY BANG!!!

The Coach: The King is back J.R!!! LONG LIVE THE KING!!!

Triple H, dressed casually - leather jacket and a new T-Shirt with jeans - brimming with intensity, storms down the aisle, with tunnel vision on the ring, ignoring the excited fans.

Jim Ross: The Sports Palace in Mexico City is on it’s feet, and rightly so. Coach; we are kicking the World Tour in style tonight, with Mexico’s favourite son, Rey Mysterio, challenging Christian for the World Heavyweight Championship!!

The camera cuts to The Coach at ringside; wearing a sombrero, and a poncho, completely acting out a stereotypical Mexican, like the ignoramus he is.

The Coach: Hey, it’s the ‘Palacio de los deportes’ J.R!! Embrace the culture, USE the language!!! (Scoffs) “Sports Palace!!”

Jim Ross: And you certainly have embraced the culture, Coach. How many sombreros do you see in the audience?? Or ponchos for that matter!!

The Coach: They took them off. It’s warm in here J.R, and those sombreros block peoples view!!

Jim Ross: Absolutely. Well, instead of spending all night apologising for The Coach, how about our other main event tonight; for the first time ever, John Cena and Mister Kennedy will collide; one on one!! And not only that, but Matt Hardy gets the rematch he has been craving for the Intercontinental Championship!! It’s Hardy and Shelton Benjamin; TONIGHT!!! What a line up Coach!!!

The Coach: And a lot of tears to come too. John Cena is about to fall off the radar for good, and Matt Hardy - the glutton for punishment that he is - will be overmatched by the Black Diamond - AGAIN!!!

Jim Ross: The Road to Wembley continues. We are less than FIVE weeks away from Summerslam, and it looks like The Game is ready to speak!!!

Triple H is forced to wait for quite some time, as the rowdy fans make themselves heard. Eventually, The Game is forced to simply talk over the noise.

Triple H: Three months ago … I took the beating of a lifetime. I took a beating, so bad, that I had to do something I never thought I’d ever be capable of doing … I walked away.

Finally, the fans settle, as Triple H pauses for a moment, and walks around the ring as he continues to speak.

Triple H: I took time off to heal … and to think … think about my future in this business … think about whether or not I could still cut it with the best this business has to offer … think about whether I could become an eleven time World Champion, and think about whether I was capable of still laying claim to being … The Game.

He stops in the middle of the ring. Another dramatic pause, then he looks up, right into the camera.

Triple H: Well, here I am … THE GAME … IS BACK!!!

Big cheer, even for the heel, Triple H.

Triple H: And Brock Lesnar??-

Massive cheer for Lesnar, cutting The Game off.

Triple H: Brock, you can bet your sorry ass that you’re on the top of my list of victims!!!

Big pop.

Triple H: So you don’t have to call me out anymore … because I’m officially accepting your challenge!! You want me?? YOU GOT IT!!!

Huge pop, and even a ‘TRIPLE H’ chant can be heard faintly.

Triple H: Because make no mistake about it Lesnar; I want a piece of your ass just as badly as you want mine!!!

Lots of homoerotic overtones there…

Triple H: I still haven’t forgotten WrestleMania … I still haven’t forgotten about what you did at Backlash. You emasculated my father-in-law … you took away his God given right to run his own damn company how he wanted. Because of you, he cant even appear on his own God-damn television shows!!

Some boo … some cheer.

Triple H: But that’s not what it’s about. At WrestleMania, you got a Triple H that was far from his best. You got me when I was completely reliant on the McMahon Family to bail me out. You got me at a time when I didn’t trust my own abilities … since then, I’ve had a lot of time to think. Yeah, I screwed you outta the WWE title twice … but don’t get confused Brock. I didn’t set the sledgehammer up for Orton at Judgment Day because I was too afraid to do it myself … and I didn’t arrange for that distraction at the Great American Bash because I didn’t have the guts to meet you face to face …

Extreme close up.

Triple H: I did it because I could!!! THAT … is why that man (points to J.R) right there christened me ‘The Cerebral Assassin’ … THAT … is why I have earned the right to call myself “The Game” because I AM that damn good … THAT is why I call myself “The King of Kings”. And trust me jack, The King of Kings has returned … and I’m here to take back my throne.

Some heat now for HHH.

Triple H: Forget the fact I’m a Raw guy, and you’re over on Smackdown. I’ve got a lot more pull around here than most people including any General Manager. You want me at Summerslam?? YOU’RE ON!!!

Massive pop from the fans; LESNAR VS TRIPLE H II is in the works for Summerslam.

Triple H: But why wait ‘till then?? You want me that badly?? Don’t worry pal, you don’t have to wait much longer. Like I said, I’ve got plenty of pull around here … and I don’t need to follow any jurisdictions … See ya Friday.

Triple H slams down the mic, hopping out of the ring quickly.


The Game storms up the ramp, snarling like a madman, again, ignoring the antics of the fans, with tunnel vision as he walks out.

Jim Ross: My word Coach, The Game is back!!!

The Coach: And he’s badder than ever J.R!!! Brock Lesnar has unearthed something scary!!!

Jim Ross: The gauntlet was thrown down by Lesnar last Friday; and Triple H had no hesitation in accepting!!! These two look set to collide AGAIN at Summer slam … but if Triple H makes good on his promise to show up on Smackdown this Friday … will either man make it that far??

The Coach: There’s no way. Just no way, J.R. Those two want to rip each others heads off!!!

Now, we cut backstage, and see MATT HARDY warming up, with the wild fans popping for the sight of the elder Hardy.

Jim Ross: AND THERE HE IS!!! Matt Hardy will look to rip away the Intercontinental Championship from Shelton Benjamin in just a few moments. A rematch from Vengeance … NEXT!!!

Commercial Break

We return with Matt Hardy already on his way to the ring, slapping hands with fans at ringside, as he gets into the ring, jumping up and down, waiting for his rival…


Joined by his inspirational leader; Theodore Long, Shelton Benjamin makes his way to the ring, looking focused and ready; certainly not taking the challenge of Hardy lightly.

Jim Ross: I’m sure you’ll disagree Coach because you’re Shelton Benjamins biggest fan, but over the last two months, Matt Hardy has really taken it to the Intercontinental Champion. He beat him in the Beat The Clock challenge, he beat him in tag team matches, and of course, in the King of the Ring Quarter Finals; but when it really mattered, with the Intercontinental title on the line, it was Shelton Benjamin that escaped with the title. Hardy has proven to be unbreakable in his quest to capture the Intercontinental title, and tonight, I honestly believe Matt Hardy is perfectly poised to rip that championship away from The Brotherhood.

The Coach: Okay, someone’s had an overdose of Tequila. The Beat the Clock challenge was a joke for starters. Not gonna count that. Shelton Benjamin - in case you haven’t noticed - has proven himself to be above sharing the spotlight with a tag team partner, but Matt has always excelled with a partner because it gives himself a chance to be the supporting player. You cant take nothin’ from a few tag wins. Yeah, Matt deserves credit for the King of the Ring; but everyone gets lucky once!! AND, he jumped Shelton before the match even started!! The one time these two have met for real for the Intercontinental title, Shelton wiped the floor with the inferior Hardy.

Jim Ross: And you have the audacity to say that I’ve been drinking too much tequila??

Shelton Benjamin w/Theodore Long vs. Matt Hardy
A tentative start sees the two men engage in somewhat of a stalemate, with a few shoulder and elbow lock ups resulting with neither man gaining an advantage, and some frustrations grow for both men. They shift to a Greco Roman Knuckle lock, but much like the shoulder and elbows, it results in a stalemate, with Shelton now especially looking agitated. He requests another knuckle lock, but as the two lock up, the champion takes a cheap shot with a kick to the gut, and looks to get to work on Matt, but Hardy takes the oncoming Black Diamond down with a headlock takedown, and the two scramble around the mat, with Shelton just getting the better of the exchange, using his amateur background to get the upper hand … but eventually, the two break, and reach their feet … stalemate again.

Now though, both men have had enough, and meet in the middle of the ring, trading bombs … and this suits Hardy perfectly, with the challenger unloading on the more refined I.C Champion, scoring with his famous stiff right hands, eventually knocking the champion down with a big discus punch!!! Benjamin struggles up, but quickly goes down again from another Hardy haymaker, and struggles up again - this time using the ropes - AS HARDY RUSHES IN AND CLOTHESLINES THE CHAMPION OUT OF THE RING!!!

Theodore Long rushes out to tend to his prized asset, trying to help him up, but Hardy has other ideas, stepping onto the apron, and looks to crash onto BOTH MEN with an axe handle off the apron … BUT LONG SACRIFICES HIMSELF - SHOVING Shelton Benjamin out of the way, taking the impact himself!!! Hardy gets up, and before he knows it - BENJAMIN RUNS HIM FACE FIRST INTO THE RING POST!!!!! Theodore Long helps his Black Diamond to retake control, and the champion stands over Hardy … as we cut to a commercial.

Commercial Break

And we return, unsurprisingly with Benjamin still in charge, wearing Matt down with a front facelock. Matt struggles, and tries to worm his way out of trouble, spinning around to try and break the hold, eventually fighting free, to his feet … right into a driven knee from Benjamin to the gut of the challenger!!! Matt doubles over, and the champion rushes off the ropes, coming back … RIGHT INTO A SIDE EFFECT FROM THE CHALLENGER!!! Hardy hooks the leg … 1...2...KICK OUT!!!!! The fans allowed themselves to get excited, but Hardy is unable to finish it there. The challenger gets to his feet, delivering a simple front slam, giving him the opportunity to set up the middle rope LEG DROP … BUT MISSES!!!!!

An agonizing groan develops inside the arena, as we see shades of SNME; KOTR with Hardy unable to deliver the leg drop!! Benjamin lies in wait now for Hardy to get back to his feet, and looks for a kick … but it’s caught by Matt … BUT BENJAMIN CONNECTS WITH THE DRAGON WHIP!!! The Black Diamond covers, 1...2...NO - HARDY KICKS OUT!!! Benjamin is furious, and watches as Hardy gets back to his feet in the corner, allowing the champion to run in; STINGER SPLASH CONNECTS!!! Hardy is in huge trouble now, and Benjamin sizes him up … DELIVERING A SAMOAN DROP!!! Benjamin - overly cocky - makes a cover by resting his back on the torso of the challenger … 1...2...SHOULDER UP!!!

Shelton looks up at the official ruefully, knowing he might’ve cost himself victory on that occasion. The champion drags Hardy back up, sending him into the corner again … going back to the well for the STINGER SPLASH … BUT THIS TIME MISSES IT!!! Hardy quickly races in, hitting a clothesline to his cornered opponent, and charges out WITH A BULLDOG!!! The challenger covers, 1...2...SHELTON KICKS OUT!!! Matt clasps his fists in frustration, before picking himself up, dropping an elbow onto his foe, then another, then a third. The challenger gets to his feet, looking back at Benjamin, and begins to climb the ropes now … setting himself up top … with the fans on their feet for the moonsault … BUT BENJAMIN SHOOTS UP … AND INCREDIBLY LEAPS TO THE TOP ROPE … AND IN ONE FLUID MOTION ATTEMPTS A SIDE SUPLEX OFF THE TOP … BUT HARDY COUNTERS IN MID AIR WITH A CROSS BODY!!! 1...2...KICK OUT!!!!!!!

Benjamin JUST survives, with Hardy nearly scoring the upset with a tremendous counter. Matt slowly picks himself up, and eagerly awaits the champion to get to his feet … WILLING Shelton up, and once he is, Matt spins him around, kicking him in the gut … TWIST OF FATE … NO!!! Benjamin shoves him away … THEN SCORES WITH THE FROST KICK!!! Hardy goes down in a heap, and Benjamin dives onto him for the cover, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!!! Benjamin refuses to accept it, arguing with Scott Armstrong on his way back to his feet, and takes a look at his challenger, struggling to sit up, before deciding his next move. Shelton steps through the ropes, onto the apron, waiting for Matt to reach his feet … and once he does, SHELTON SPRINGS ONTO THE ROPES … RIGHT INTO A KICK FROM HARDY … TWIST OF FATE CONNECTS!!!!!!! Hardy hooks the leg … 1...2...


Scott Armstrong has been dragged out of the ring … BY THEODORE LONG … who has finally recovered - just in time to save the title!!! Armstrong is waving his arms in fury at Long, who keeps the official distracted … AS JTG STORMS INTO THE RING TO ATTACK HARDY … BUT IS THROWN RIGHT BACK OUT BY HIM!!!! Then, Matt turns around … AND MONTY BROWN RUSHES HIM FOR THE POUNCE … BUT HARDY DODGES IT!!! Brown hit’s the corner, and staggers out … WITH MATT DRILLING HIM WITH A TWIST OF FATE!!!

Still, Theodore Long keeps the official occupied on the outside, making some bizarre case for Hardy to be DQ’ed for attacking him earlier … whilst in the ring, after removing Brown, Matt drags the champion back up … BUT MARK HENRY NOW APPEARS … AND RUNS TOWARD THE CHALLENGER … BUT HARDY LOW BRIDGES THE ROPES … AND THE BIG MAN TOPPLES OUT OF THE RING!!! Hardy is forced to kick JTG off with the pest grabbing from foot from the outside, and eventually turns around … RIGHT INTO PAYDIRT!!!!!!! Benjamin recovers, and drops his rival, hooking BOTH legs in desperation, as Long demands for the official NOW to get back into the ring … and make a count … 1...2...3!!!!!!!!!!
Winner: And STILL Intercontinental Champion - SHELTON BENJAMIN @ 14:57

Jim Ross: NO, NO, NO!!!


Benjamin rolls out of the ring, whilst the jubilant Theodore Long runs to the timekeepers table to grasp the title belt. Meanwhile, Henry helps Brown along with JTG to sneak out of view, all three looking ragged following their rather inept run in - but it was enough to keep Matt occupied for Shelton to strike.

Jim Ross: How in the hell can you celebrate this Coach!!! Surely now, SURELY, you cannot claim that Shelton Benjamin is better than Matt Hardy!!??

The Coach: He won the match, didn’t he??

Jim Ross: They ought to re-issue that Intercontinental Title, because Shelton Benjamin didn’t retain it alone. He is holding it only thanks to his brethren; The Brotherhood!!!

The Coach: We’re a family, J.R!!! We’re like the Waltons, we’re like the Simpsons, or the Kennedys, or the McMahons!!! We are ONE!!! The Brotherhood are as tight a unit as there is, and we’ve proven it again tonight!!!

Jim Ross: It’s a damn joke, is what it is!! Shelton Benjamin STEALS another one from Matt Hardy. He knows he cant beat Hardy alone … now the world knows it!!!

Benjamin escapes with the title, as Theodore Long proudly hugs his golden goose, with the duo leaving the stage, whilst Matt Hardy now sits up in the ring, watching Benjamin escape with the title - AGAIN!!

Backstage now, we see TRIPLE H seemingly preparing to leave the arena, carrying a small luggage bag over his shoulder, but slows down as he spots someone, and eventually stops.

Triple H: The hell you looking at??

The camera pans … showing MISTER KENNEDY, chewing on gum, looking The Game up and down.

Mr. Kennedy: Y’know … having just listened to you out there fifteen minutes ago … I gotta say, you must think that since you’ve been away, there’s been some … like, massive hole on Raw. Like you’ve been missed incredibly by everyone …

Kennedy stops chewing, and pushes off the wall, looking more serious.

Mr. Kennedy: Well ya haven’t.

The two men come face to face, with Triple H showing a blank expression.

Mr. Kennedy: As a matter of fact, Monday Night Raw hasn’t missed you at all. So since you don’t follow any “jurisdiction” why don’t you make your trip over to Friday Night Smackdown a permanent one??

Triple H smirks at the suggestion.

Mr. Kennedy: You’re simply not welcome on Raw anymore, pal.

Triple H puts his head down, rubbing his jaw, seemingly smirking still as he looks up …

Triple H: Not welcome on Raw, huh??

The Game snarls, and gets right into Kennedys face, using his best gravel-like voice.

Triple H: That’s too bad, ‘cause I don’t need an invite.

The two remain face to face for a moment, with Kennedy refusing to back down to the 10x World Champion. Triple H eventually turns away, picking up his luggage, and pushes past, leaving the arena…

Commercial Break


A night time view from the sky of London is seen as the opening chords of ‘LONDON CALLING’ by The Clash plays.

As the opening chords continue, flashing shots of the WWE superstars {John Cena, Paul London, Christian, Randy Orton, Mr. Kennedy, Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle & Brent Albright} appear as the focus zooms closer to the city … eventually zooming towards the newly completed Wembley Stadium…


Spliced together clips, going from sights in London (Westminster) with Edge spearing Brock Lesnar, and Rey Mysterio hitting the 619 to Mr. Kennedy.


Focus shifts between the Wembley Arc, to action with Shelton Benjamin leaping off a ladder at WrestleMania, then Batista shaking the ring ropes.


Focus then shifts between the sights of London Cabs and Double Decker Buses in Trafalgar Square, to the sights of MVP bursting through his elaborate set, to Melina completing her banana split ring entrance.


We see Tower Bridge and then rowdy fans from WrestleMania, mixed with shots of Christian face to face with John Cena at WrestleMania to a backdrop of thousands inside the Superdome, along with a clip of Rob Van Dam soaring through the air to deliver a Five Star Frog Splash.


Zooming shot of the London Eye, clips of more fans from big WWE stadium events, mixed with Umaga roaring at the camera, and Randy Orton crouched, lying in wait for an RKO.


Flashing clip of Buckingham Palace, with a crazed Kurt Angle going for the Ankle Lock, then Brent Albright applying the Crowbar.


Big Ben is shown, mixed with Straight Edge delivering the simultaneous Shining Wizard, then Carlito hitting the Apple Core off the ladder at WrestleMania.


Another glorious shot of the new Wembley, as a rapid succession of shots of the top name stars flashes across the screen.


The camera then zooms out, further and further, as the music fades.


Backstage, we return with Kelly Kelly…

Kelly Kelly: Hi guys, it’s Kelly Kelly here, and right now, I’m here with the World Tag Team Champions, MNM!!

Nitro, Mercury and Melina enter the picture … along with the mysterious Entourage.

Kelly Kelly: Guys tonight, you team up with … uhm … well, we only them as The Entourage. But do you have, like, names??

Melina shows the two men forward, who get to speak for the very first time.

First Guy: Yeah, my name is Zach Ryder, all the way from Long Island, and I am MNM’s biggest fan!!!

Second Guy: And I’m Curt Hawkins, comin’ outta Queens New York, and I TOO am MNM’s biggest fan!!!

Zach Ryder: Are you serious, bro?? It’s clearly me!!

Curt Hawkins: No way man. I was following these guys before it was cool.

Melina steps in.

Melina: Guys, guys. It doesn’t matter who our biggest fan is. You two are part of us now. We’re a team - together.

Ryder and Hawkins nod.

Melina: It doesn’t matter which of you loves MNM more, what matters is that you have our best interests at heart. And so far, you’ve proven yourselves worthy additions to our group. Nitro and Mercury couldn’t have asked for a better Entourage.

Melina smiles, rubbing both mens arms, as Kelly speaks up.

Kelly Kelly: Well … that being said … guys tonight, you make your Raw debut, teaming with Mercury and Nitro to face two teams you’ll all know very well; The British Lions AND the former tag team champions, Straight Edge.

Nitro grabs the mic.

Johnny Nitro: And they’re more than ready. You saw the damage Hawkins and Ryder done to Burchill and Smith last month. They’ve been instrumental in Joey and I reclaiming the World Tag Team Championships.

Joey Mercury: We’ve already proven we’re that much better than Straight Edge. We’ve already proven we’re that much better than the Lions. We’ve beat both teams for these titles. And tonight, thanks to our buddies here, we get to take out both teams in one go!!

Melina now takes over.

Melina: Jealousy Kelly … (looks Kelly up and down with disdain) gets you nowhere. Last week, the Lions and Straight Edge had to team up to eliminate Johnny and Joey from the battle royal, because they couldn’t do it when the odds were even. It’s not our fault that they aren’t as popular, aren’t as famous, aren’t as good looking … and certainly aren’t as talented as we are … but if they cant handle that?? It’s too bad. Tonight, the odds are even, and tonight, the ‘It’ team on the scene, along with the finest Entourage on this planet, are going to show Punk, Helms, Burchill and Smith just why we’re A-List, and they … (chuckles) well … they’re not ON the list.

Melina gathers the troops, leading the foursome off, as we fade away…

Back into the arena…


The fans cheer for the presence of Punk and Helms; collectively known of course as STRAIGHT EDGE.

Jim Ross: A month ago, these two young men were robbed of the World Tag Team Championships, and went on to be robbed again two weeks ago in their rematch. Tonight though, CM Punk and Greg Helms have the opportunity to gain a measure of revenge against both their long term rivals; MNM AND the recent addition to that group; The Entourage.

The Coach: Whoa- hold it right there. Robbed?? MNM WON those titles, J.R. No need to tarnish their inspirational victories by saying they were stolen. I bet you’d love to be Straight Edge’s ‘Entourage’, old timer.


Punk and Helms wait at the middle of the ramp, as the British Lions make their way onto the stage, joined by Katie Lea, offering a handshake to their partners tonight; Punk and Helms.

Jim Ross: Folks, when we come back, it’ll be a gigantic eight person tag. MNM & The Entourage will face Straight Edge and The British Lions; NEXT!!!

Commercial Break

We return with the two face teams in the ring, awaiting their opponents…


It’s red carpet treatment in Mexico for the A-Listers, with MNM entering the stage now joined by Ryder and Hawkins - who also have their own lavish coats.

The Coach: And how lucky are Curt Hawkins and Zach Ryder!!?? They get to follow their heroes EVERYWHERE!!! Imagine if the fans at home got to do that?? I mean, it’d never happen. I live too busy a lifestyle to have millions of people follow me everyday, but The Entourage get to live that dream with MNM!!

Jim Ross: Coach, people run from you. They don’t follow.

MNM & The Entourage continue on their way to the ring, helping Melina onto the apron, with the former Womens Champion performing her leg split on the apron … but quickly, Straight Edge and the Lions attack the champions and their running buddies, brawling on the outside … with Helms and Mercury eventually getting inside to kick things off!!!

Straight Edge & The British Lions w/Katie Lea vs. MNM & The Entourage w/Melina
Pretty formulaic tag team action; the faces are on top in the opening exchanges … but eventually, the heel side take over; and as has been the norm in recent weeks, it’s all thanks to the irritating presence of the Entourage. Hawkins and Ryder provide a distraction to allow Mercury to get the upper hand on Smith (now legal) and makes a tag to Nitro, with the champions now getting the momentum shift in their favour.

Despite so many men involved, the match doesn’t get much time for everyone to get in - in fact, Burchill has yet to officially get involved, and neither has Punk - whilst MNM take the opportunity to let Ryder and Hawkins showcase their talent, with The Entourage spending most of the time in the match. J.R puts the two younger men over, stating that whilst he doesn’t like their methods, it’s obvious they have some modicum of talent.

However, the two rookies eventually make an error, and that allows Smith to score with a sidewalk slam on Ryder … and despite the best efforts of MNM, Melina and Hawkins to provide distractions … SMITH TAGS PUNK!!! Punk instantly hops onto the ropes, springing with a clothesline onto Ryder, then with the rookie tumbling into the corner, Punk runs in with a big knee … AND FOLLOWS OUT WITH A BULLDOG!!! Firing on all cylinders, Punk gets Zach up for the PUNK CARD … BUT HAWKINS PULLS RYDER OFF PUNKS SHOULDERS!!!

And suddenly, all hell breaks loose!!! Quickly, a melee develops in the ring, with all eight men getting involved, the fight breaking mainly to the outside … but in the ring, Punk and Helms dump out Nitro, leaving Ryder all alone … AND HE IS NAILED WITH THE DOUBLE SHINING WIZARD!!! Helms exit’s the ring to keep Nitro at bay, but in the ring, MELINA GRABS PUNK BY THE HAIR TO STOP HIM FROM MAKING THE COVER!!!

Melina takes advantage of the referee being distracted elsewhere … but KATIE LEA TACKLES MELINA DOWN!!! The two tussle to the outside with Katie getting the better of her counterpart … but in the ring, Ryder has been pulled to the outside to prevent the cover … and as Punk reaches to drag him back him … MERCURY ATTACKS HIM FROM BEHIND!!! Nitro soon follows, and the champions quickly try to hit the SNAPSHOT … BUT BURCHILL STORMS THE RING - RUNNING THROUGH NITRO WITH A CLOTHESLINE!!!

The King of Pain throws Nitro out of the ring, through the ropes, jumping out after him, whilst Mercury soon follows, as Punk gets the better of him and throws him out of the ring. Meanwhile, Burchill scares the life out of Ryder on the outside, intimidating the rookie … who hops into the ring to escape the big Brit … but forgets about Punk - the legal man - who grins, lying in wait … as Ryder continues to back up, watching Burchill on the outside. Punk eventually taps Zach on the shoulder … and he spins around … Punk waves at him … then scoops him up … PUNK CARD!!!!! Punk covers, and the official makes the count … 1...2...3!!!!!
Winners: Straight Edge & The British Lions @ 06:51

It all falls apart for MNM and The Entourage, as the former champions and the British Lions score a feel-good win … but MNM will leave Mexico with the ultimate prize still in their possession.

Jim Ross: If MNM think that this long running issue is over … I think they’ll be very sorely mistaken, Coach. Straight Edge and The British Lions are STILL in the hunt for the World Tag Team Championships!!!

The Coach: No they’re not!! They beat the weak links tonight. The Entourage AREN’T the World Tag Team Champions, old timer. Hawkins and Ryder have potential, but they are merely that to MNM; an Entourage. Just like me and you - I carry you every week.

The five; Straight Edge, and the British Lions - along with Katie Lea, stand tall in the ring, mouthing at MNM who regroup on the outside with The Entourage, but despite being dishevelled, Nitro and Mercury make sure to hold up the tag team titles, raising the ire of the faces in the ring.

Commercial Break


We return into the arena, getting a good view of the rowdy, vocal, Mexican fans.

Jim Ross: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw, tonight LIVE for the first time in Mexico City, kicking off the World Tour, and of course, it’s a loaded line up. Already, we’ve seen Shelton Benjamin escape with the Intercontinental Title-

The Coach: That’s blasphemy.

Jim Ross: Not only that, but TRIPLE H made a stunning return at the top of the show, completely unexpected!! But- still to come, for the first time EVER, John Cena will lock horns with Mr. Kennedy!!!

The Coach: Ohhh, I cant wait for that old timer.

Jim Ross: And let’s not forget tonight’s show will be headlined with a World Heavyweight Championship match, pitting the champion, Christian, against none other, than a man that will no doubt receive a heroes welcome tonight; Rey Mysterio.

The Coach: And of course, J.R the winner of that match will be whoever loses. Because whoever walks out of here tonight with the title will be walking into their own grave at Summerslam by defending the title against OOOO-MAGAAAA!!!

Jim Ross: Umaga may be damn near unstoppable. Never been pinned, or made to submit, Umaga has dominated match after match over the last thirteen months … but any man that doesn’t seize the challenge in front of them, any man that cowers from the fight doesn’t deserve to be champion. Christian and Mysterio will both be desperate to walk out of here tonight with that World Championship, and walk into Wembley Stadium with the opportunity to make history and inflict Umaga with his first ever loss!!!

The Coach: You’re just a dreamer old timer. Umaga CANT be beaten!!

Jim Ross: It remains to be seen Coach. Right now though, Matt Striker is standing by with the man that looks to become World Champion for the first time in his illustrious career … Rey Mysterio …

Cut to Striker, standing with Mysterio … and the fans come unglued. Rey is seen smiling at the reaction, and Striker smiles too, excitedly beginning the interview.

Matt Striker: Rey Mysterio, a lifetimes dream hangs in the balance tonight. Can you believe that you could realise your dream right here, where it all began for you, in Mexico.

Mysterio, still beaming, shakes his head in disbelief, and touches his mask.

Rey Mysterio: Sorry Matt … if you could excuse me for a moment …

Mysterio turns to the camera, and begins to ramble in Spanish, basically talking about how great it is to be back in Mexico, and wrestling for the world title. (Sorry folks, I’m too lazy to go through a translator) The fans eat it up, chanting his name, before Rey goes back to English.

Rey Mysterio: Thanks Matt. You know man, it’s a dream come true for me to be wrestling here in Mexico, like you said, where it all began for Rey Mysterio Junior. Y’know ever since I was… (looks to motion around his waist) … well, since I was smaller I always wanted to be a luchador, like my uncle. Rey Mysterio helped pave the way for me to live this moment tonight.

Rey smiles, nodding.

Rey Mysterio: I’ve made a name for myself back in the States, Matt, no doubt. But coming back here, back to Mejico?? … and being with all my familia THIS is home to Rey Mysterio!!!

Cheap pop.

Rey Mysterio: And tonight, I’ve got an opportunity that may never come again, Matt. To win my first World title at home. And that Matt, is exactly what I plan on doing. Now … I know Christian is the champ an’ all, and I have the utmost respect for him as a champion. He has honour, respect, and most of all, he’s a fighting champion. It’ll be my honour to face him tonight … but all respect aside, I want to pay homage to my predecessors, all the legendary luchadores that came before me … El Santo…

Big pop. (And a pop follows each man he mentions in the coming paragraph)

Rey Mysterio: Gory Guerrero … Mil Mascaras … Blue Demon … and yes … Rey Mysterio Senior.

Mysterio bows his head, smiling, showing appreciation for those that came before him.

Rey Mysterio: I want to honour all those men tonight, by dedicating my championship match, and hopefully, my championship victory to them … me rasa.

Rey now looks up, and smiles, as CHRISTIAN enters the picture (to quite a few boos from the partisan fans) The two look at each other, with Christian nodding.

Christian: Rey, I know this is a huge night for you; the biggest of your career. And I just wanted to wish you all the best.

Rey appreciates the friendliness, and the two share a handshake.

Christian: But I CANT allow sentimentality to take over.


Christian: This is about the World Heavyweight Championship, this is about the main event of the biggest Summerslam EVER … and I must be in that main event.

Mysterio nods, understanding.

Christian: So with all due respect Rey, I’m throwing friendship and sentiment out the window … and may the best man win.

Rey Mysterio: Absolutely.

There’s a moment of awkward silence between the two, before Christian leaves the set, with Mysterio nodding, as we cut back to ringside…

Jim Ross: And for both men, it is all about that Summerslam main event. They both want that shot at ending the incredible streak Umaga has racked up over the past twelve months. Admittedly, Umaga HAS looked unstoppable, he HAS looked invincible almost … as this video will tell us …


Clips of many of the famous big men in the WWE; Gorilla Monsoon, One Man Gang, Earthquake, King Kong Bundy, The Wild Samoans, Yokozuna, the Legion of Doom & Sid Vicious…

Armando Estrada: Over de years many men have laid claim to being ‘King of the Jungle’ … the biggest of the big, the baddest … of the bad.

Clip of The Big Show chokeslamming The Undertaker through the ring in 1999.

Armando Estrada: There have been giants…

Cut to Kane, raising hell, fire and brimstone.

Armando Estrada: … Monsters …

Shot of Vader performing the Vader Bomb.

Armando Estrada: … Mastodons …

Clip of Brock Lesnar performing an F5 on Big Show in 2002.

Armando Estrada: … Machines …

And, The Undertaker sitting up in the ring, then slicing his throat.

Armando Estrada: … Even … Phenoms.

Clips of Andre The Giant, and his own paths of destruction in his heyday.

Armando Estrada: Dere’s been immovable objects …

Cut to Goldberg running through Hogan with a Spear, then a Jackhammer.

Armando Estrada: … And irresistible forces.

Shots of the aforementioned big men at their peak; Vader destroying Sting, Undertaker throwing Mankind off the HIAC, Yokozuna destroying Hulk Hogan, and Sid power bombing HBK.

Armando Estrada: In decades past, these colossal figures have struck fear and terror into those they’ve crossed … causing devastation, chaos and mayhem, leaving body after body … in their wake …

Cut to Goldberg tapping out to Kurt Angle at WrestleMania 21, and Hogan body slamming Andre.

Armando Estrada: But eventually … some time down the road … they’ve all … ha ha … been humbled. At some point … they’ve all been beaten.

Shot of Bret Hart beating Diesel, Steve Austin pinning The Undertaker in 1998, and Ric Flair defeating Vader in WCW.

Armando Estrada: Sooner or later, these so called monsters and giants have been humanised by smaller … inferior men.


Armando Estrada: Until … now!!

Suddenly, a long ‘Andre’ shot of Umaga fills the screen, with the production music “FURY” playing in the background.

Armando Estrada: For over twelve months, this MONSTER is un-de-feated…

Clips now of Umaga demolishing opponents.

Armando Estrada: For over twelve months, this MACHINE has proven himself to be un-stop-able.

Body after body falling to the power of Umaga.

Armando Estrada: Over the course of twelve months, this force of nature has left a path of destruction like no man ever before, striking fear into every single person he meets.

Repeated shots of the Samoan Spike.

Armando Estrada: Now … there’s no need for debate … THIS MASTODON has become the most destructive force in the HISTORY of professional wrestling.

Clips of Umaga crashing into opponents with the Running Butt Splash.

Armando Estrada: This SAVAGE has changed the como se dice … perception of the stereotypical big man … he is a new breed of phenom

Shots of Umaga hitting a top rope splash, and his impressive rolling kick.

Armando Estrada: One that is quicker than any man of his size that came before him … one that is faster than most cruiserweights … and one that is more agile than anyone would dare imagine.

Cut to Umaga DESTROYING Shawn Michaels at Vengeance … William Regal at the KOTR … and the Little Bastard at WrestleMania.

Armando Estrada: He is NOT an irresistible force … and he is not an immovable object … he’s both.

Umaga running through body after body after body.

Armando Estrada: Ladies and Gentlemen … this is the future of the W-W-E … THEEE … SAAAAA-MO-AN … BULLDOZERRRRRRR …

Clips of Umaga throwing men with ease out of the Royal Rumble in January.


Clips of the aforementioned ‘big men’ earlier in the video package.

Armando Estrada: Over de years many men have laid claim to being ‘King of the Jungle’ … the biggest of the big, the baddest … of the bad.

Flashing shots of Umaga soaring with a top rope splash, the running wheel kick, and the running butt splash.

Armando Estrada: Umaga doesn’t lay claim to these titles … he … simply … is.

Closing shot of Umaga, with Estrada by his side, standing over the prone body of Christian … the video closing in absolute silence.


Back in the arena, J.R and Coach both look impressed.

Jim Ross: Hard to argue with those kind of claims, Coach. Umaga has been utterly dominant.

The Coach: CLAIMS?? Those aren’t claims, baby boy, they’re fact. Umaga has cleaned out the entire roster, and at Summerslam, he’s gonna officially take the mantle as the man to beat!!

It all goes rather quiet in the arena for a few seconds…


Even outside of the U.S, the reaction for John Cena is mixed - but it is cheers far outweighing the boos on this night. Cena steps onto the stage, saluting the fans, before making his way down the aisle.

Jim Ross: Slowly but surely, John Cena has come to the realisation that he will NOT be headlining Summerslam in less than five weeks time. For the past two years, Cena has been involved in the main event of the hottest event of the summer, but with the World Heavyweight Championship set … Cena now knows he CANNOT be involved in the main event at Wembley on August 19.

The Coach: And it’s something he’ll have to get used to. John Cenas days as a headline act are numbered J.R. Numbered.

Jim Ross: I wouldn’t agree with that, Coach. John Cena IS going through a tough spell right now, he’s having to ask himself a lot of questions, but I firmly believe that Cena will - one day - be back in the hunt.

The Coach: The guy’s a loose cannon old timer!! Look at what he done last week to Santino Marella!! Look at what he done last month to The Miz!! He needs fined and suspended!!!

Jim Ross: Like I said Coach, Cena is going through a tough spell at this moment, and yeah, he’s acted a little rash, but he can - and I’m convinced he WILL - turn things around, and it could start with Kennedy tonight. And folks, that match … is next!!

Commercial Break

We return with Cena in the ring, awaiting his opponent …


The reaction is far less positive for the cocky Kennedy, who marches onto the stage, but slows as he continues down the aisle…

The Coach: Some mind games J.R!!! Keep ‘em waiting!! I LOVE IT!!

The slow walk soon turns into a very slow meander towards the ringside area, and the 2006 King of the Ring hops onto the apron … but immediately drops back off, and decides to take a walk around the ringside area, bobbing his head, chewing on his gum, making Cena wait.

Jim Ross: I’m not so sure that Kennedy hasn’t just caught a case of the limber tales!!

Cena shouts at Kennedy “WHAT ARE YOU WAITIN FOR!!??” with the self proclaimed Monday Night Juggernaught ignoring the impatient cries from Cena, walking around the ring, soaking up the boos from the fans.

Jim Ross: What exactly is he waiting for??

The Coach: I already told ya!! It’s mind games baby boy. Kennedy is gettin in Cenas head here!!


Kennedy finishes up at the bottom of the ramp again, and laughs at the fans, before making a move toward the ring apron … but pauses again!! Heat rains down on Kennedys time wasting tactics, and Cena is getting impatient.


The Coach: Calm down, J.R. Little bit of patience. Geeez.

Kennedy, standing at the bottom of the ramp, backs up a little more, with Cena having finally had enough, stepping through the ropes to get out and confront the 2006 King of the Ring, but Kennedy comes forward, raising his hands up, telling Cena “ALRIGHT, ALRIGHT … I WAS ONLY PLAYIN”

The Coach: That John Cena is such a spoilsport J.R!! No wonder you like him!!!

Cena ducks back through the ropes, allowing Kennedy to get in, and Kennedy moves forward, getting onto the steps, putting one foot on the apron … then turns to the fans, shrugging and says “NAHHH!!”

Jim Ross: OH COME ON!!!

The Coach: HA HA!!! I LOVE IT!!! Kennedy wont be bullied by Cena; he marches to his own beat!!!

Kennedy jumps back down, and towards the ramp again, with Cena finally having enough standing at the ropes, shouting out to Kennedy “YOU LEAVE YOUR NUTS BACK IN THE U.S??” Kennedy, typically laughs, and mysteriously replies “NO CENA … TONIGHT JUST DOESN’T WORK FOR ME”

Jim Ross: Did I just hear him right?? You’re getting paid to wrestle Kennedy!!!

Cena is furious, and attempts to get out of the ring, but as he does, a big rush of noise develops from the fans … BEFORE CENA IS BLASTED WITH A CAMERA …

… BY THE MIZ!!!!!


The Coach: YES!! REVENGE!!!

Jim Ross: The Miz just attacked John Cena with that damn camera!!

The Coach: It’s a live edition of the Reality Check, J.R!!! HA HA HA!!!

NOW, Kennedy is happy to get in the ring, and instructs Miz to pass him the camera, which the annoying reality star does with great aplomb. Kennedy pats Miz on the back, as the bell is heard ringing to try and stop the carnage, and Cena is seen trying to get up, but clearly looks lost as to where he is.


Kennedy sees Cena getting up, and quickly turns the camera around, shouting into it “AND THE OSCAR FOR BEST DIRECTOR GOES TO…”



Cena crumbles to the mat, as Kennedy turns the camera around again; “MIST-ERRR KEN-ED-DAYYYYYYY!!!” Kennedy pauses, and looks around, with Cena moving again, on one knee … AND BLASTS HIM ONCE MORE - WITH REAL FINALITY THIS TIME!!!

Jim Ross: NO!!! THIS IS TOO MUCH!!

The Coach: It’s not enough, J.R!!! Cena’s had this coming to him for a long, long time!!!

Cena hit’s the canvas, with the overly excited Miz standing over his fallen foe, talking trash (real tough guy stuff) … whilst Kennedy turns the camera around once more … “KEN-NED-DAYYYYY”


Miz looks up, smiling over at Kennedy, who nods at Miz, with it becoming apparent that there was some kind of arrangement between the two tonight. Cena is left on the canvas, looking up at the lights, with a trickle of blood dripping from his forehead after THREE camera shots; one behind the head, and two directly to the cranium.

Jim Ross: We need some help out here for John Cena!!!

The Coach: We need an award for Kennedy and Miz!!! At least now you’ve got your answer J.R!! No limber tales for Kennedy, just a well hatched plan!!!

Kennedy and Miz pose in the ring for a few moments, with the supposed match most certainly not happening tonight, and the fans show their displeasure for the advertised match being snatched from them.

Kennedy and his potential new sidekick (?) The Miz exit the ring, and leave, with Miz talking the entire way, looking excited, whilst Kennedy just smiles - carrying the camera still - continuing up the ramp, whilst Cena tries - and fails - to push up to his feet in the ring.

Jim Ross: John Cena doesn’t know where he is!!! This is sickening!!! And those two S.O.B’s are smiling about it!!!

The Coach: And so they should be!!! John Cena cost The Miz his big debut. We STILL haven’t got to see Miz in action, J.R!!! And that’s Cenas fault!!

Jim Ross: Oh, I’m sure the entire wrestling world is in mourning that we’ve yet to see The Miz in action.

Cena hangs onto the middle rope, looking out through the ropes at his two conquerors tonight, seething with rage, whilst Kennedy and Miz turn around at the top of the stage, with Kennedy proudly holding the camera aloft, and both men looking delighted at their work … before cutting back to Cena in the ring, swatting referees away, not wanting their help to get back to his feet.

Jim Ross: Kennedy better realise that there will be HELL TO PAY for his actions tonight, and you can bet that The Miz will be getting his too!!!

Commercial Break

We return, direct to ringside, where WWE Womens Champion Mickie James is joining J.R and The Coach on commentary.

Jim Ross: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw, and ladies and gentlemen, as much as I’d like to discuss the cowardly actions of Mister Kennedy moments ago, we’ll have to come back to that later, because we are being joined right now by our Womens Champion, Mickie James, who I assume is here to do some scouting ahead of this #1 Contender match.

Mickie James: Indeed I am, J.R, thank you for having me.

The Coach: Hi Alexis!!!

Being a dick as ever, Coach grins at Mickie, knowing he just called her the wrong name, with Mickie offering a fake smile in return, saying nothing.


Victoria quickly makes her way to the ring, getting a nice response from the fans.

Jim Ross: And yes, we are set for a Fatal Four Way here, and Mickie, we understand the winner will not have long to wait for her title shot - it’ll be next week in Tokyo!!

Mickie James: Yeah, I’m super excited J.R!! I’ve never got to wrestle in Japan before, and to get to defend my title there?? WOW!! I cant wait.

The Coach: I wonder how ‘super excited’ you’ll be once Beth Phoenix wins this one, Alexis??

Jim Ross: That’s enough, Coach!!


Maryse now enters, putting her hand up in the direction of the fans, looking as sultry as ever.

The Coach: Hey Alexis, outta interest, who are you pulling for in this one??

Mickie James: It’s Mickie, Coach. And y’know what, this might surprise you, but I actually hope Beth Phoenix does win this. I know a lot of people might think I’m scared of her after last week, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. This title means the world to me. And I know how much it would mean to Beth too. I don’t want to be responsible for Beth losing her job, doing something she’d regret by running to the ring and fighting her.


Gail Kim, to a positive response, jogs onto the stage, pointing to no one in particular, before jogging down the aisle.

Jim Ross: So … you do want to face Beth Phoenix, Mickie??

Mickie James: Absolutely. I don’t want people to think I’m afraid of anyone, J.R. Given my history though, and Beth’s obvious hatred toward me, I just want to make sure when I do wrestle Beth … it’s under the right circumstances. It’s not a slight on the other girls in the match, J.R, I’ll welcome a challenge from any of them.


Beth Phoenix walks out, looking firmly determined, as Mickie is seen staying silent on commentary now, watching and nodding as the undefeated diva marches down the aisle with a purpose.

The Coach: Look at this thing of beauty!!! She’s like a white version of the Williams Sisters!! Bulging biceps, huge muscular thighs … and see’s SMOKIN hot!!! ARRRIBBAA!!!

J.R mutters under his breath, embarrassed by the antics of Coach.

Victoria vs. Maryse vs. Gail Kim vs. Beth Phoenix
The four pair off; predictably with Gail taking on Beth and Victoria renewing her rivalry with Maryse. Beth overpowers Gail on the outside, whilst Victoria and the young Frenchwoman do battle in the ring. Beth sends Gail into the steel steps, then sets her focus on Mickie, staring down the champion, not saying a word, with Mickie saying nothing either … but Phoenix takes too long, and Gail recovers, jumping on her rivals back, applying a sleeper!!

In the ring, Maryse gets the better of the veteran, but takes too long to pose to the fans, performing her now signature ‘hair spot’, getting the horny males worked up … but the little spot plays against her, with Victoria getting back up, and dropkicks her enemy; through the ropes!! Victoria then follows out, just as Kim gets Beth into the ring, with the roles reversing. Victoria continues to dominate Maryse on the outside, whilst Beth counters Gail in the ring to retake control. Victoria though, quickly gets back inside, and with the help of the Korean, they get the better of Beth, and dump her out of the ring … before going at it with each other!!!

Kim and Victoria throw any friendship to the side, and go through a sequence of near falls, with neither able to get a big upper hand for any sustained period, and it leads to the two heel divas getting time to recover, eventually getting back inside the ring, reviving hostilities. This time though, it’s Beth on Victoria, and Maryse on Gail, with Phoenix and Vic spilling out of the ring. In the ring, Maryse is no match for Kim, and Gail looks to be closing in on victory … and hits her HURRICANRANA … 1...2...BETH BREAKS THE COUNT!!!

The match continues, as Phoenix takes the fight to Gail again, but Kim is able to out manoeuvre the bigger, stronger diva, putting her down with a series of dropkicks, then climbs the ropes … BUT BETH SHOOTS UP … AND SHOVES GAIL OFF THE TOP - TO THE FLOOR!!! Gail Kim crashes and burns, leaving Beth and Maryse in the ring, with the French-Canadian looking scared for her life, begging off, on her ass, pushing into the corner, with Beth stalking her down … UNTIL VICTORIA HIT’S THE RING!!!

Victoria attacks Beth, and looks to be getting the better of the newcomer, but after sending Beth into the corner, Victoria charges in … ONLY TO GET BLASTED WITH A BIG CLOTHESLINE!!!!! Phoenix now picks Victoria up, and with total ease … DRILLS HER WITH THE PHOENIX RISING {GLAM SLAM}!!! She is set to make the cover … BUT MARYSE TRIES TO STOP HER!!! Instantly, the rookie chicken shit runs for cover, with Beth livid … but as she turns around … GAIL KIM JUMPS OFF THE TOP WITH A CROSS BODY!!! The two then roll out of the ring, trading blows … as Maryse takes advantage of the situation, and hooks the leg of Victoria … 1...2...3!!!
Winner: And Faces Mickie James for Womens Championship NEXT WEEK - Maryse @ 05:22

In a total shocker, Maryse STEALS IT!!! The sexy French-Canadian slips out of the ring, and prances up the aisle, looking happy with herself, whilst Beth Phoenix looks on from ringside in fury. Gail Kim also picks herself up, and shakes her head in disappointment.

Jim Ross: Well Mickie, you may have wanted Beth Phoenix, but instead, it will be the young French Canadian, Maryse, challenging you for the Womens title next week in Tokyo!!

The Coach: Yeah, you can breathe a sigh of relief now, Alexis!!!

Mickie James: And like I said, J.R, I welcome any challenge. Good for Maryse, she was in the right place at the right time. But Coach, I’m sure Beth will get a shot sooner or later, and like I said, that is when I’ll take her on.

She might not have a choice though, as Beth turns … and walks toward the announce table!!! Mickie instantly gets up, putting her headset down, and takes a step behind J.R, as the official comes out of the ring to try and direct Beth away … BUT SHE SHOVES HIM ASIDE!!! Beth Phoenix manhandles the referee, and lunges over the table, trying to get to Mickie, but the champion gets away, and Gail Kim interjects too, trying to force Beth away … but she gets tossed aside too!!!

Suddenly, a raft of referees have swarmed around Beth, and are forced to hold her back, with the muscular diva proving tough to handle for the group of MALE officials, as Mickie walks away, backing off, shaking her head mouthing “I WONT LET YOU DO IT, BETH. I WONT!!”

Voice: BETH PHOENIX!!! You had better settle down this instant!!

Boos ring out, as Eric Bischoff paces down the aisle quickly, trying to calm the rather hot headed diva down. Beth still puts up a bit of a struggle with the officials, as another is forced to deal with Gail Kim, who has picked herself up, and is rightfully angry with Phoenix herself.

Eric Bischoff: Beth, settle down!!! Look, I’m starting to become worried about your behaviour.

Eric stops, wanting to talk to Beth face to face, quickly making his way around the ringside area to where Beth is.

Eric Bischoff: Your obsession with Mickie James is beyond normal, Beth. And this little outburst has just solidified that fact. So here’s what I’m doing. Beth Phoenix, until such time as you earn the right to face Mickie James for the Womens Championship, you will NOT come within twenty feet of that woman.

Beth is livid, and kicks out in anger, but again, is held back by the officials.

Eric Bischoff: And should Mickie James lose the championship before you earn a match against her, I will seriously consider never allowing you to meet her in the ring in any kind of match.

The fans boo, wanting the match to happen.

Eric Bischoff: And if you disobey my orders?? Suspending you would only be a temporary measure … I’m afraid I’d have to … FIRE YOU!!!

Phoenix stops kicking out, as the news sinks in.

Eric Bischoff: So it’s up to you, Beth. You can either let the past eat you up and cost you the job you always wanted … or you can look to the future, and leave the past behind!! Now get this woman the hell outta my sight!!!

We see Mickie James - looking disappointed - and shaking her head just at the top of the stage, walking through the curtain, as Phoenix is ushered away from ringside, up the aisle, as Bischoff stays at ringside…

Commercial Break

Back in the arena, ERIC BISCHOFF is standing in the ring, waiting for his cue to speak…

Eric Bischoff: Little hot in here, don’t you think??

Bischoff looks to interact with the fans, but gets little in return.

Eric Bischoff: Anyway, right now, I’d like to officially announce that over the course of the last week, I’ve had the pleasure of dealing in negotiations with the current General Manager of Smackdown…

Talking about himself…

Eric Bischoff: Oh, and while I’m on the subject of Smackdown, if Triple H is serious about his threat to show up on Friday, I have it on good authority from the General Manager of Smackdown…

And again…

Eric Bischoff: That he is going to arrange for an official contract signing to take place. Triple H and Brock Lesnar, to make it official this Friday Night … THE WrestleMania Rematch AT Summerslam!!! How about that!!!

The fans pop.

Eric Bischoff: Very well. That’s Smackdown taken care of. But, as I was saying, after stringent negotiations, I have managed to renegotiate the contract of one Ken Doane, and I have the pleasure to announce that young Kenny is now an official member of the Monday Night Raw family!!!

No reaction.

Eric Bischoff: And, I know Mister Doane is here tonight, so it must mean that he made his decision to continue with his pursuit of accomplishing his dreams as a professional wrestler. Now, I also know Mister Doane was instructed by one of my assistants to be ready for action at any stage this evening … and Kenny … your number just came up!!! Get out here!!!


His music plays, but there is a delay in Doane entering the stage, having just been literally called out, unaware. The youngster jogs down the aisle, not wanting to keep Bischoff waiting much longer, and slides into the ring, shaking the hand of his new GM, thanking him.

Eric Bischoff: Now Kenny, remember last week … you came a begged for a job, right??

Not liking the wording, Kenny grudgingly nods.

Eric Bischoff: Good. And you’ll remember my warning right?? I said I’d test your resolve to the very limit. Remember that?? I said we’d find out if you were a man, or just a boy in mans shoes, yes??

Again, the youngster nods.

Eric Bischoff: All right then. Let’s get your opponent out here, shall we?? Ladies and Gentlemen, please, give it up for young Kenny Doanes first test … OOOO-MAGAAAAAA!!!

Doanes jaw hit’s the floor…


A gasp fills the arena, as Mr. Money in the Bank - joined by AAE - bounds onto the stage, walking down the aisle with his eyes firmly locked on his dinner prey … and Ken begins to wonder if working in McDonalds might’ve been a better idea after all.

Bischoff smirks in Doanes direction, before sarcastically offering him good luck, and hops out of the ring, shaking hands with the beaming Estrada, as Umaga climbs into the ring…

Match 4:
Ken Doane vs. Umaga w/Armando Estrada
To his credit, Doane goes for it, hoping to surprise Umaga from the start, attacking the Samoan Bulldozer as he enters the ring … but his best shots have NO effect on the undefeated Savage, who squats Doane out of the way, and a second time when Ken charges at him again … BEFORE CATCHING HIM WITH THE STUNNING ROLLING WHEEL KICK!!!!! Already, the end is in sight, as Umaga drags the twenty one year old over to the corner, setting him in a seated position … backing out … AND SPRINTS ACROSS … RUNNING BUTT SPLASH!!! Umaga sets Kenny up again inflicting the poor kid with the running butt splash - not once - BUT TWICE MORE!!! That’s not enough though, and Estrada instructs the Bulldozer to ‘punish him’ more.

The beat down continues, with Umaga applying a nerve hold on the shoulder, with the youngster fading quickly, but before the referee can step in to end it, Umaga releases the hold, allowing the beating to continue. The Savage, opens up with chops now to the chest of the kid, before throwing him into the ropes … DRIVING HIM into the canvas with a Samoan Drop!!! Umaga doesn’t bother to cover, and instead gets up to his feet, climbing to the middle rope, taking his time - Doane isn’t going anywhere - before FLYING OFF WITH A DIVING SPLASH!!!!! Again though … Estrada - perhaps under orders from Bischoff - instructs Umaga to continue to punishment.

Umaga of course, is only too happy to accept, and the Savage throws Ken out of the ring, dropping down behind him, shoving him into the steps … BEFORE RUNNING IN WITH A KNEE TO THE FACE - CRUSHING KENS HEAD AGAINST THE STEPS!!! It’s harrowing stuff for the fans to watch, with the audience deadly silent now, as Umaga STILL isn’t finished, and rips the padding off the floor … before picking Doane up … AND SLAMS HIM ONTO THE COLD FLOOR WITH A SWINGING POWERSLAM!!!!!

The Samoan Bulldozer takes another look to Estrada now, with the mouthpiece seemingly now content, and nods, with Umaga throwing his lifeless young opponent back into the ring, and rolls back inside himself … DROPPING A LEG ONTO DOANE!!! Umaga seems to add the leg drop for good measure, before slowly dragging the kid to his feet, holding him up whilst he barks out in his tribal tongue … BEFORE DELIVERING THE SAMOAN SPIKE!!! It’s all she wrote for Doane - it was over inside 30 seconds - as Umaga drops down the for lateral press, with AAE already climbing up the steps, the result in no doubt … 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Umaga @ 03:24

And he continues to dominate. With less than five weeks before he challenges for the World Heavyweight Championship, Umaga picks up YET ANOTHER one sided, impressive victory. Estrada raises his savages hand, and also the Money in the Bank briefcase, as Ken Doane remains motionless on the canvas.

Commercial Break





Backstage now, Matt Striker is standing by again…

Matt Striker: It is I, Matt Striker, once again ladies and gentlemen, and right now, I am standing by with one of the most exciting prospects on Monday Night Raw; Cody Rhodes.

Cody, with Dustin in tow, steps into view.

Matt Striker: And Cody, just last week, you nearly caused shockwaves through the entire WWE, coming up short in the Battle Royal for a title shot tonight. My ques-

Cody snatches the mic.

Cody Rhodes: Save it, Matt. We all know the real reason I didn’t win the Battle Royal last week on Raw …

Cody looks over his shoulder at Dustin, sneering at his older brother.

Cody Rhodes: Unfortunately, I was forced to carry my older brother, severely hampering my chances of success.

Heat, with the fans clearly remembering Dustin spending the entire match protecting Cody.

Cody Rhodes: If it hadn’t have been for Dustin here distracting me from focusing on eliminating the entire field - getting in my way - I would be standing here tonight, preparing to do something my so called legendary father was never capable of … and that’s win a World Championship in the W-W-E.

Once again, Cody looks over at his brother - with disdain - and Dustin puts his head down. Cody turns … and JERRY LAWLER is stood in his face.

Jerry Lawler: You ungrateful little punk!!

Lawler pie faces Rhodes to the floor, and looks at Dustin, shaking his head.

Jerry Lawler: Have some self respect, Dustin. I know he’s your little brother, and you want to see him do well … but that kid needs some tough love to learn a little bit of humility. Do yourself a favour … cut him loose!!


Cody Rhodes smashes Lawler from behind with a steel chair!!! The old timer falls to the floor, and Cody stands over him, looking at Dustin … AND SHOVES THE CHAIR INTO DUSTINS CHEST!!!

Cody Rhodes: HIT ‘IM!!!

Dustin looks torn, holding the chair … looking down at Lawler on his hands and knees … with Cody simply pointing downward. Dustin closes his eyes, with Cody SLAPPING his own brother!!! Dustins eyes shoot open, and momentarily, it looks like he’s about to snap on Cody … but then … SLAMS THE CHAIR ACROSS THE BACK OF THE KING!!!

Cody Rhodes: AGAIN!!

Dustin sighs, but DOES slam the chair across Lawlers back again, and this time, Cody smiles, happy. The youngster simply walks off, the damage done, as Dustin lowers his head, dropping to a knee, letting go of a chair, and checks on Lawler, as we hear him apologising, over and over, as officials arrive on the scene. Dustin gets up, and apologises again, backing away, as we fade out…

Back to ringside with J.R and Coach…

Jim Ross: This is getting disturbing, Coach. Dustin Rhodes is being emasculated, week after week by his younger sibling, Cody Rhodes.

The Coach: Anyone that leaves Jerry Lawler eating dirt is okay in my book. I like what Cody is doing with Dustin. He’s allowing his brother to stay in the spotlight - ol’ Goldust should be grateful!!

Jim Ross: Gimme a break, Coach. It’s humiliating. Hopefully one day - soon - Dustin Rhodes will have enough. But Coach, we’ve still got our main event to come tonight. Right here in Mexico City, Rey Mysterio will aim to become World Heavyweight Champion for the first time in his career, when he takes on Christian. The roof will be sure to blow off the Sports Palace when Mysterio makes his entrance very soon. But next week, we have quite a line up already in store.

The Coach: That’s Raw for ya baby!!

Jim Ross: Just confirmed from the office of Eric Bischoff; in addition to Maryse challenging Mickie James for the Womens Championship, there will be a number one contenders match for the World Tag Team Championships!! Straight Edge and The British Lions were victorious tonight in perfect harmony, but next week in Tokyo, they’ll be on opposite sides, and the winners will go on to challenge MNM - at Summerslam!!!

The Coach: Can we settle this once and for all?? MNM to wipe the floor with either of those two teams in front of NINETY THOUSAND in London on August 19 - THEN, it’ll be DONE!! Nitro and Mercury will prove to the entire world that THEY are the premiere team in the WWE today, not your boys Punk and Helms, not them damn Brits … but M-N-M!!!

Jim Ross: And how about this, Coach, after tonight’s antics, Eric Bischoff has demanded a rematch for the Intercontinental Championship!! Matt Hardy gets another shot at Shelton Benjamin - and this time, The Brotherhood are banned from ringside!!

The Coach: Everyone?? Theodore included??

Jim Ross: Alvin, Simon, Theodore; the whole lot, Coach!! It’ll be Matt Hardy and Shelton Benjamin, ONE ON ONE, like it was in the King of the Ring, when Hardy picked up the victory!! It’s time to put up or shut up next week for your boy Coach, is Benjamin as good as you, Teddy Long and he says he is??

The Coach: Of course he is!!!

Jim Ross: We’ll find out next week when the World Tour lands in Tokyo, but still to come tonight, it’s getting closer folks; Rey Mysterio challenges Christian for the World Heavyweight Championship!!! Don’t go anywhere!!!

Commercial Break


The video opens in a rather murky wrestling gym, where we see two men grappling on the mat, with one in control, easily overpowering his opponent.

Voice: That man you see in the ring is known worldwide as ‘The Anarchist’ Doug Williams…

The footage cuts to a shaven headed man sat on the apron looking to a camera, as the action continues behind him in the ring.

Voice: And I should need no introduction either, but as it goes, I am ‘The Fallen Angel’ Christopher Daniels.

Daniels takes a peek over his shoulder, as Doug Williams is seen stretching his opponent in the ring.

Christopher Daniels: For well over a decade, he and I have etched a reputation all over the globe … but I’ll allow Doug to speak for himself at a later stage.

He smiles, before continuing.

Christopher Daniels: However, for me?? Well, in all honesty, if you haven’t heard of me before, you’re clearly not a true fan of this sport. But for those of you that are too ignorant to do your research, I’ll let you know a little bit about how I came to this point…

Pause, smirking, then starts again.

Christopher Daniels: This is a bittersweet moment. Nine years ago, the WWE took me on and gave me a shot in their dojo. I got my shot with up and coming guys that would go on to big things here … the likes of a guy that you might’ve heard of … Kurt Angle.

Daniels looks down, shaking his head.

Christopher Daniels: I got tossed aside. But since then, I’ve travelled from continent to continent, from Europe to Asia, and all across America, wrestling in gymnasiums, bingo halls … anywhere with a wrestling ring … I’ve been there. And soon, with that man behind me … I’ll be right there inside a WWE ring.

Daniels smiles, as the camera passes him, focusing on Williams in the ring, forcing a tap from his opponent as we fade out … to a graphic …


Back into the arena…


For the first time tonight, we hear the music of Kurt Angle … and the Olympian enters to a decent enough response … but we see him enter now, wearing a Rey Mysterio-esque mask; Red, White and Blue of course, and the fans don’t react as positively for it.

Jim Ross: Kurt Angle last week was simply like a Wrestling Machine. He eliminated SEVEN men in the Battle Royal, a match he firmly believed he would win, in front of his hometown fans, and go on to challenge Christian tonight … but he didn’t factor in the incredible performance from Rey Mysterio. But, Coach … what in the world is Angle wearing??

The Coach: It’s a mask.

Jim Ross: Well, I can see that, Coach … but I mean, why is he wearing it??

Angle gets into the ring, being handed a mic, and keeps the mask on, waiting for some kind of silence. He looks from side to side, pointing at the mask.

Kurt Angle: What?? This??

Angle waits again, before speaking.

Kurt Angle: I thought you people would’ve appreciated this?? I mean, you all seem to love Mysterio for it…

Pop for the mention of Rey.

Kurt Angle: Oh … I get it. It’s because of the Mexican heritage, right?? To you people, I’m making a mockery out of the luchadors by coming out here and wearing a mask. That’s why you all love Mysterio. Because he honours the history, the storied history of past Mexican luchadors…

Under the mask, Kurt smiles.

Kurt Angle: He’s so proud of his Mexican heritage … his family is so proud of the Mexican way of life … that little Rey Rey was born, raised AND resides … North of the Border.


Kurt Angle: That’s the truth people. But it doesn’t surprise me that you’re booing me. Because you all seem to be happy living in denial … living with lies … cheering people whose faces you never see. What is it with the Mexican people … and their love of these??

Kurt points at the mask again.

Kurt Angle: Anyone with something to hide wears a mask. THIEVES wear masks, people.

More boos for Kurt.

Kurt Angle: And Rey Mysterio is little more than a common pick pocket.

More heat.

Kurt Angle: Last week, in my hometown - my actual hometown - of Pittsburgh PA, little Rey STOLE my rightful title shot from me. I dominated last weeks Battle Royal, and I eliminated more guys than anyone else - by far. Yet it was Rey, like a stereotypical Mexican hopping over the border … that snuck in through the backdoor to win the match.

Massive heat now for Angle, going the cheap route to rile the fans.

Kurt Angle: And Rey’s no stranger to crossing the border. His father is no stranger to crossing the border. Don’t believe me?? Take a look…

Angle points toward the titan tron…


Rey Mysterios Father: (Subtitled in English) We wanted Rey to be born in the U.S, because we planned for him to be born in the U.S so we could immigrate, and have a better life than what we had in Mexico.


Back live, Angle shakes his head, and the fans boo.

Kurt Angle: Don’t get me wrong … I agree with everything the man said. There isn’t a better place on this earth than the United States of America. I didn’t even want to come on this stinkin World Tour!! I’m gonna be away from my family for the next six weeks, travelling from hell hole to hell hole, all around the world!! I could stand out here and pretend it’s great to be mixing with the Mexican fans … but I’m real … I’m DAMN real.

Angle rips the mask off, chucking it to the ground, and wipes his foot on it as he continues.

Kurt Angle: That’s why I don’t wear a freakin mask, people!! I’ve nothing to hide … (holds up his gold medals) I’m proud of what I am. I represented my country at the Olympics; and won. I’m an American, and I’m damn proud of it.

More boos for Kurt.

Kurt Angle: … Just like Rey Mysterio is American.

Heat again.

Kurt Angle: Only … I don’t pretend to be proud of my ancestors … I don’t pretend like I love another place … a country my family couldn’t wait to exit. I’m from Pittsburgh PA, and I love it … just like Rey Mysterio is proud to hail from San Diego, California … U.S.A!!

The fans are getting pretty restless now with Angles tirade.

Kurt Angle: Cant you idiots see it?? Rey Mysterio is probably gonna come out here in a minute, draped in a Mexican flag, wrapping you fools around his little finger … and then, win, lose or draw … he’ll be on the first flight outta here … just like the rest of us!!!

The boos are pretty incessant now.

Kurt Angle: Think about it!!! He played you people like a fiddle when he started out … and the first chance he got to jump back to the U.S … he took it with both hands, runnin back over the border, and he never looked back!!! The man wears a mask, and claims it’s his life. He says he wears the mask to honour the prestige and the history of Mexican luchadors … but Rey’s about as American as Apple Pie!!! He’s making a mockery out of every single-

The boos are just too loud for Angle to talk over, and the Olympian is forced to wait for a second before continuing. While he waits, Angle picks up the mask again.

Kurt Angle: He’s making a mockery out of every single one of you fans. He’s making a mockery of El Santo, his uncle, and all the other luchadors that did wear these with pride. The guys who did honour the heritage of lucha libre. Mysterio wears the mask to sell merchandise.

Angle smiles, and points all around the arena.

Kurt Angle: The mask means absolutely nothing to Mysterio … and he’s laughing under that mask. He’s laughing at all of you for believing his bullcrap … believing that he actually loves this place … and calls it his home. Wake up a smell the freakin coffee!!!

Angle takes another long look at the mask, waiting for the fans to quieten.

Kurt Angle: For such a proud nation … you people may as well just piss on your flag … because that’s exactly what Rey Mysterio does back HOME in San Diego.


Mysterio slides into the ring, under the legs of Angle, and gets up, LETTING FLY with his best right hands - and the fans are in ferment for it - kicking Angles legs with everything he’s got, chopping Kurt down with the stiff kicks, then runs off the ropes … AND DROPS KURT WITH A FRONT DROPKICK!!!

Angle his lit a fire in Mysterio, and the luchador mounts Angle, pounding the head of the Olympian, then gets up to his feet, trying to drag Kurt back up too … BUT ANGLE EXPLODES … AND THROWS REY WITH A BELLY TO BELLY!!!

The Olympian now puts the boots to Rey in the corner, choking the little man with his boot, before dragging him to his feet … AND TRIES TO REMOVE THE MASK!!! Rey though, puts up a fight … but in an act of desperation in the end … HE BOOTS ANGLE IN THE NUTS!!! Angle wheels away, clutching his balls … as Rey dropkicks him from behind … RIGHT INTO THE ROPES!!! Mysterio doesn’t play to the fans though … and immediately runs to the ropes … 619 … MISSES!!!

Angle ducked, and Rey swings around, WITH ANGLE GRABBING THE ANKLE … AND APPLIES THE ANKLELOCK!!! Rey grabs onto the ropes … BUT ANGLE HAULS HIM OFF - DRAGGING HIM INTO THE MIDDLE OF THE RING!!!!! Rey taps, but Angle is showing no mercy here … AND DROPS DOWN … APPLYING THE GRAPEVINE!!!

Mysterio is in agony, tapping again, but Angle WONT release … trying to snap the ankle of the luchador … and the passionate fans seem to be on the brink of a riot … JUST AS CHRISTIAN SPRINTS TO THE RING!!! The World Heavyweight Champion charges, looking to make the save for his opponent, and gets into the ring … but Angle releases the hold, and rolls right out, before Captain Charisma can get his hands on him!!!

Kurt takes a walk around ringside, looking furious, touching his mouth, which has been busted open from Reys punches, and points at Christian in the ring, unhappy that the champion made a run in. Christian tends to Rey, who clutches his ankle, shaking his head, as Kurt backs up the ramp, still irate - despite the damage he’s done to Rey.

Just as Angle turns to leave … ERIC BISCHOFF appears on stage for the second time tonight, and gives Kurt a look of disgust, before passing Angle, pointing to the Olympian to get out of his sight. Mike Chioda now appears from behind the curtain, and Bischoff nods to him in the direction of the ring, with Chioda following orders, and jogging down the ramp, before Eric speaks up on the mic…

Eric Bischoff: Touching moment, gentlemen. Honestly. However … we came here to see you two compete for the World Heavyweight Championship tonight … and that’s exactly what we’re gonna see … RIGHT NOW!!!

Christian stands up, looking at Eric, and pointing down at Rey, who is still struggling, with the champion trying to make the case that Mysterio is in no condition to compete right now … but Bischoff isn’t interested … and the bell rings!!!

Jim Ross: I believe this match has officially begun!!! How bizarre is this?? Has Kurt Angle scuppered the dream of Rey Mysterio before the match could even start?? How can Rey compete now?? We’ll be right back folks…

Commercial Break

Christian vs. Rey Mysterio
Joined in progress from the commercial, it is naturally, Christian in control, with Rey in big trouble already. Christian seems torn, knowing Rey began the match in a bad way, and seems reluctant to punish Mysterio. The fans though, are solidly behind Rey, and for his part, he plays the face in peril to perfection, grimacing and wincing to every piece of offence that Christian delivers, selling like a champion … and the more Christian stalls, wrestling with his conscience … he allows Rey an opportunity to get a sneaky roll up … 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

The fans nearly come out of their skins with excitement, but Rey is quickly squatted back down by the nearly defeated Christian. After that brief scare, the champion is forced to find that killer instinct, and begins to rough up Rey some more, knowing that to keep the title that is what he must do. Captain Charisma really begins to do a number on Rey, but oddly - with the ankle already damaged - he targets the back, delivering a series of moves to give that area trauma; the obvious backbreaker, side suplex, sidewalk slam, and an array of basic front slams. Again, Rey sells like a champion, getting the fans anxious, wanting their hometown hero to prevail … but he keeps them cheering, kicking out of each and ever pin attempt from Captain Charisma.

Briefly, Mysterio gives the fans something to cheer for, catching an incoming Christian to the corner with his feet, then launches from the middle rope with a head scissors, before softening Christian up with successive stiff kicks to the legs, but as he runs off the ropes … he runs right into Christians boot … and the champ follows up with an almighty GUT BUSTER!!! He covers, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Christian has a few words with the referee, but accepts the two count, as we close in … and go to the final commercial break of the night…

Commercial Break

We return with Christian STILL in total control, now with a Texas Cloverleaf applied to the challenger, and with the condition of Reys back; plus his body being contorted into an extremely unnatural position, it looks like it could be the end of Reys brave challenge. Mysterio though, REFUSES to tap on this night … refusing to yield in the biggest match of his life … and battles through … inching nearer the ropes … and closer still … with the fans solidly cheering him on … HE REACHES OUT … AND GRASPS THE BOTTOM ROPE!!!!!


The submission is broken by Christian, and Rey lives on, but once again Christian is on the challenger, backing him into the corner, softening him up, then shoots him across the ring, but as approaches the ropes … HE SPRINGS UP … AND SHOOTS BACK WITH A SPLASH ONTO CHRISTIAN!!!!! Christian looks dazed, and is shaky to his feet, with Mysterio rushing in, and dropkicks the back of the champion … INTO THE ROPES … AND GOES FOR THE 619 … BUT CHRISTIAN DUCKS UNDER, SLIPPING OUT OF THE RING … then tries to yank Rey off the apron, but is kicked away … AND REY HOPS ONTO THE ROPES … AND FLIES WITH A PERFECT ASAI MOONSAULT!!!!!

Suddenly, the fans are going BAT-SHIT CRAZY!!! Mysterio has suddenly heated up proceedings, and the challenger - after getting his breath back - rolls Christian back inside, climbing onto the apron himself … THEN LEAPS ONTO THE ROPES … WITH A SPRINGBOARD LEG DROP ACROSS THE CHEST OF CHRISTIAN!!! He covers … 1...2...SHOULDER UP!!! It’s agony for the Mexican fans, desperate to see Mysterio prevail, but Rey comes a fraction short this time, but looks to be hitting a second wind, with his earlier ankle - and back - problems seemingly not affecting him now, with adrenaline taking over.

Rey softens up the champion with kicks as he tries to get to his feet, and sends Christian into the corner, racing in after him - BUT CHRISTIAN SPINS OUT - AND SCORES WITH THE PENDULUM KICK!!! Mysterio is rocked by the move, and staggers away, as Christian sits himself on the top turnbuckle … BUT REY SPRINTS ACROSS, AND SPRINGS OFF THE MIDDLE ROPE … AND SHOCKS THE CHAMPION WITH A FRANKENSTEINER OFF THE TOP!!!!! Again, Rey scrambles, making a cover … 1...2...SHOULDER UP AGAIN!!!!!

Another crazy near fall for Mysterio!!! The challenger is on his knees, praying to the heavens, as Christian demonstrates just WHY he is champion. Rey again tries to soften the champion up as he gets to his feet, then runs off the ropes, at Christian, but this time, the Champion scoots down, then leaps up, behind the confused challenger … AND DROPS HIM WITH A REVERSE DDT!!!!! Christian covers, 1...2...KICK OUT FROM MYSTERIO!!! Still, there is hope for the fans, as Christian begins to wonder just what it will take to keep the inspired challenger down!!!

Christian now drags Rey up, shoving him into the ropes, and rushing in after him … BUT REY LOW BRIDGES THE ROPES … AND OUT GOES CHRISTIAN TO THE FLOOR!!! Rey takes a second to watch the positioning of the champion … then runs off the opposite ropes … and looks to fly onto Christian … BUT MIKE CHIODA STANDS IN HIS WAY!!! The heat is deafening for Chioda, with the official instructing Rey to stay in the ring, before turning, looking out of the ring to shout out to Christian … ALLOWING REY TO SOMERSAULT OVER HIM … TO THE OUTSIDE … SOMERSAULT PLANCHA TO CHRISTIAN!!!!! Mysterio - AGAIN - gets the fans rocking!!!

After taking a moment selling the effects of the move, he climbs back onto the apron, waiting for Christian to rise … and runs off looking for the SEATED SENTON … BUT CHRISTIAN COUNTERS … AND POWERBOMBS REY ONTO THE MATS!!!!! Momentum shifts again, with the fans suddenly deflated, and both men lay on the floor for a few seconds, with the champion selling the effects of the match, whilst Mysterio clutches his back, grimacing in pain after another awesome counter. Christian gets his opponent up, rolling him back into the ring. Captain Charisma DOESN’T make a cover though, and instead, climbs the buckles, perching himself on the top rope … BEFORE SEARCHING FOR THE FROG SPLASH … BUT GETS KNEES!!! And once more, the fans come alive!!!

Christian rolls around, grabbing his abdominal region, whilst Rey tries to shake the cobwebs loose, pulling himself - slowly - up using the ropes, as Christian also recovers, with the champion running at the challenger … BUT REY DROP TOE HOLDS HIM … INTO THE ROPES!!! Rey doesn’t waste a second, and sucks it up, running off the ropes, back across … AND CONNECTS WITH THE 619!!!!! The Mexican fans can feel it now … as Rey signals to them … SPRINGING OFF THE ROPES AT CAPTAIN CHARISMA … WEST COAST POP … CONNECTS!!!!! 1...2...NOOOOOOO!!!!! CHRISTIAN KICKED OUT!!!!! EVERYONE - including our commentary team - are shocked, as Christian survives!!!

Mysterio, shaking his head in disbelief, pulls himself to his feet, thinking of what he can do next … and makes his way to the ropes, looking back at Christian … and leaps up, springing off the ropes … ARABIAN PRESS … NO!!!! CHRISTIAN ROLLED OUT OF THE WAY!!! Both men are absolutely spent, and struggle to get up, but it’s the champion to his feet first, and he comes in from behind on Rey … AND HOOKS HIM UP FOR THE UNPRETTIER … BUT REY WRIGGLES FREE!!! He runs into the ropes, and Christian ducks under … Rey leaps over … LOOKING FOR A SUNSET FLIP … BUT CHRISTIAN KNEELS DOWN … AND HOOKS THE LEGS … TRAPPING REY … 1...2...MYSTERIO ESCAPES!!!!!

It’s incredible scenes, as both men get up, J.R in hysterics on commentary, Coach even impressed … as Rey slows the champion with a kick, then runs off the ropes, launching at Christian, who catches him … and looks for a wheelbarrow … ONLY FOR REY TO COUNTER … BUT CHRISTIAN COUNTERS THE BULLDOG … AND THROWS REY INTO THE TURNBUCKLES!!! Rey is dazed … CHRISTIAN DIVES IN … HOOKS HIM UP … AND DROPS THE CHALLENGER - FINALLY - WITH THE UNPRETTIER!!! He hooks the leg … 1...2...3!!!
Winner: And STILL World Heavyweight Champion - CHRISTIAN @ 17:57

The fans aren’t happy, having wanted Mysterio to capture the gold, but there is some grudging respect shown for Captain Charisma, who instantly hugs Rey, with Mysterio - rightfully - looking out of sorts after having his brain scrambled. Christian has his hand raised, and holds dearly onto his title, before helping Mysterio up - to get the fans onside - and the two men hug again in a show of respect.

Jim Ross: Despite the efforts - the DAMN NEAR SUPERHUMAN EFFORTS - of Rey Mysterio, Christian is STILL World Heavyweight Champion, and it’s now official; Christian will defend the Heavyweight Title on August 19 at Summerslam against Umaga!!!

The Coach: What a match, J.R!!! What an unreal experience that was!!! I’m still on the edge of my seat here!!! But hey, congratulations to Mysterio; he avoids the beating from Umaga!!!

Jim Ross: I don’t know Coach, Christian proved tonight he has incomparable amounts of intestinal fortitude. He came back from the dead more than once here tonight against the game challenger.

The Coach: Yeah … a challenger three times smaller than Umaga.

Christian and Rey continue to raise each others hands in victory, before the champion allows Rey to have the floor to himself, leaving the ring, and letting Mysterio have his moment with HIS people. Captain Charisma exit’s the ring, as Rey bows to the fans, showing his appreciation for their love, and is seen mouthing ‘SORRY’, having not come through in the end tonight. Rey waves to the fans, milking it for all it’s worth … UNTIL KURT ANGLE SLIPS INTO THE RING … AND RACES BEHIND REY … ANGLE SLAM CONNECTS!!!!!

Jim Ross: DAMMIT NO!!! Kurt Angle has gone crazy!!!

The Coach: He knows he would’ve beat Christian!! Mysterio ruined it!!!

There is ungodly heat for Angle inside the building, with the Olympian putting his own mask back on, before APPLYING THE ANKLE LOCK AGAIN!!! On the stage, we see Christian has just become aware of what’s going on … AND THE CHAMPION RUNS BACK DOWN THE RAMP TO THE RING!!! Christian slides in, and is met by Angle, but Captain Charisma blocks the punch, and fires off a series of his own … before finally dumping Angle out of the ring with a clothesline to a huge cheer!!!

Jim Ross: Thank God!! Who knows what Kurt Angle would’ve done if it-


Jim Ross: No … not this.

The Coach: THAT’S WHAT I’M TALKIN ABOUT!!! Summerslam preview baby boy!!!

It IS Umaga … with the maniacal, laughing Estrada, and the two men stride down the ramp, as Christian throws the belt down, looking defiant … readying himself for a fight - and a likely beat down - UNTIL HE GETS LOW BLOWED … BY KURT ANGLE!!!

Jim Ross: SON-OF-A-BITCH!!!

Angle stands over Christian, before getting back to Rey … and drags Mysterio to the outside … allowing Umaga to have the ring to himself … with the downed World Champion. Angle hammers Rey on the outside, as Umaga enters, with AAE directing everything, standing over Christian, who is on his knees.

Jim Ross: This could get real ugly here. We need officials, we need security for Gods-sakes!!!

The Coach: We need popcorn!! THIS IS GREAT!!!

Estrada grabs Christian by the face, laughing, calling the champ pathetic … before calling on Umaga - WHO STICKS HIS FOOT THROUGH THE FACE OF THE CHAMPION!!!!! Meanwhile on the outside, Angle SENDS MYSTERIO THROUGH THE STEPS!!! We then see Angle pulling something out of his pocket, before cutting back into the ring, where Umaga is slowly dragging Christian up … holding him up as Estrada continues to talk trash - SLAPPING - the defenceless champion around the face … THEN BLASTS HIM WITH THE BRIEFCASE!!!!!

Jim Ross: UGH!!! That- that’s SICK!!! Steel on skull, that’s sickening!!!

The Coach: What a beautiful sound!!!

Back outside, we now see Angle has a (small) AMERICAN flag, and wraps it around the face of Mysterio, tying it to the luchador, with the fans ready to explode - ready to riot - with Umaga dragging Christian back up in the ring … FINALLY DELIVERING THE SAMOAN SPIKE!!!

Jim Ross: THAT’S ENOUGH!!! Kurt Angle’s goin too far here!!! Somebody needs to put an end to all this!!! Christian wont make it to Summerslam!!!

The Coach: Oh, he’d love an excuse to get out of Summerslam!!!

Estrada is seemingly happy to end the beating there, but picks up the World Championship belt, reaching down, talking more trash to Christian, as Angle pulls Rey onto the ramp … DROPPING HIM WITH ANOTHER ANGLE SLAM!!! He leaves Rey - spread eagled on the ramp for all to see - in Mexico, his spiritual home … with an American Flag wrapped around his face.

Jim Ross: Kurt Angle has crossed the line here!!! There’s patriotism … but this is just … wrong. It’s disgusting!!!

The Coach: Did you just call the Stars and Stripes … disgusting??

Angle stands over him … as we cut back to the ring, where Estrada with Umaga - standing over the prone body of Christian - raises BOTH the Money in the Bank briefcase … AND … The World Heavyweight Championship…

Jim Ross: Is this a sign of what’s to come?? Is there ANY WAY that Christian can do the unthinkable … and stop THIS being his fate at Summerslam??



Current Card for WWE SummerSlam:
Date: 19th August 2007
Location: Wembley Stadium, London, England
Event Music: Kings of Leon, Fans & The Clash, London Calling

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
World Heavyweight Champion Christian
Mr. Money in the Bank; Unbeaten & Undefeated Umaga w/ Armando Estrada

World Tag Team Championships Match:
MNM vs. The British Lions OR Straight Edge


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Re: Being The Booker

Right, been long time fan and not posted so felt its time to start givin my feedback.

First off great surprise start to the show with Trips comin out and announcing hes back to claim his throne. Should be an epic match between him and Brock at Summerslam and I think that and the main event will be, to wuote tazz, off the hook.

Next I could see Benjamin winning here as whenever he has Long at ringside, he will always regain the gold. Nice announcement that Hardy will face Benjamin with The Brotherhood banned from ringside, maybe a title change is at hand?

Interesting way of introducing Ryder and Hawkins and glad to see they got jobbed out to the better team. Punk and Helms vs The Lions will be a greta match and im gunning for the Lions to get another crack at the gold come Summerslam.....or maybe it will be a no contsest because of Mnm and it will be a triple threat??? hehe either way it will be another good addition to Summerslam.

Well done for not giving Cena/Kennedy away for free as now I can see Cena facing(and hopefully losing to) Kennedy at Summerslam in a gimmick match of some kind. Great way to give the Miz a boost as well by adding him into the mix.

Womens contest does nothing for me although glad to see your holding off on Phoenix/James and letting it gather steam. Besides that, divas matches = toilet break.

Cody beating up Lawler maybe leading to a legend killer style gimmick maybe? Nice way to keep Dustin looking face at the same time as looking out for his brother.

LMAO at poor Kenny Doane.....Squashed in minutes by Umaga which I thought might have been a little pointless, maybe feeding him to someone else could have done the same job, either way he's in for a tough time on Raw.

Daniels and Williams? Angels of Anarchy? NICE! You said you were gonna start building the tag division and this will be a much needed boost with two fantastic wrestlers. Looking forward to their debut.

Nice little cheap heat from Angle, and weird but good way of making Rey even more of an underdog by having Angle attack him and......leading to Christian winning and Angle attacking which must be another match set up for the Slam. Umaga killing Christian and Angle destroying Rey with the flag leads to a white hot ending.

All in all a great show and am hyped to hell for Summerslam. keep it up dude!
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Re: Being The Booker

Sorry for not commenting lately, but I've been out of the country, so hopefully you understand.

Short yet sweet opening promo from Triple H to stoke the fires for Helmsley/Lesnar II at SummerSlam. It was your bog-standard 'Heel Game' speech really about how much of a bad-ass he is, but at least you're turning him back into '00/'01 Triple H rather than the Ric Flair-wannabe of the '02 onwards era. The lact of involvement from the McMahons - with them being off T.V and all now thankfully - should make this whole feud with Brock more interesting. I enjoyed the WrestleMania build, but it was kind of overshadowed by the shenanigans of Vince & co., so now it's just mano-e-mano, I think I'll enjoy it more. Having an inter-promotional match of this size also makes SummerSlam seem comparable to WrestleMania, which it was already due to how you've been pushing it.

Another racking T.V match from Hardy and Benjamin. They might not quite have what it takes to main event when it all comes down to it, but both of these guys are great workers who know how to get it done in a limited amount of time. With Shelton needing the entire Brotherhood to pull out the win here once again, there's bound to be some kind of stipulation match coming at SummerSlam. Like I've said before, I just really, REALLY hope it isn't as predictable as a ladder match given the two guys involved. I'd like to see Shelton prove he can out-wrestle Matt and go for 2-Out-Of-3 Falls or something along those lines.

Loved the little nose-to-nose between Trips and Kennedy. KK such a prick in this thread. I think he's still destined to meet Cena at SummerSlam, but I like this stuff about taking Hunter's spot. He might be garbage in the ring, but Ken certainly more entertaining than The Game.

I think pretty much everyone and his mother knew who The Entourage were, but who cares, right? Hawkins and Ryder are two solid as hell workers, and your Raw tag division just got a serious shot in the arm in recent weeks. FOUR teams now all worthy of holding the gold? Great stuff. Love the gimmick you've given Ryder/Hawkins too of MNM's biggest fans. It could end up being the tag team equivalent of Mickie/Trish, as I'm fairly certain The Entourage will be turning on their heroes one day.

I was a bit disappointed that the eight-man tag got less than seven minutes. I know you have some big stuff on this show, but that could have been an absolute T.V classic right there given the amount of young talent involved. Punk gets the win puts Straight Edge back in contention, but I'm smelling a multi-man match at SummerSlam. You keep telling me you think I'm doing a TLC match at my SummerSlam, so now I'm telling you that's what I think YOU are going to do Well, a Ladder match at the very least. I'd much rather you used that stipulation here rather than for the Intercontinental Title. Not sure if Hawkins/Ryder will actually be in the match as 'challengers', or just run in to help their buddies. Either way, we could have a classic on our hands.

Nice little meeting between Rey and Christian to hype the title match later. The booking for this show has been absolutely PERFECT so far with Mysterio getting the shot in his spiritual home. See, it's stuff like this that makes you the best, Wolfy

@ Estrada's video package. That was cheesy as hell, but Armando's a goofy idiot so it was just right for him. Btw, keep calling Umaga a 'Mastadon' - the more nicknames the better when it comes to monsters. Vader style!

Ah ha! I thought it was bit odd that you'd give away Cena/Kennedy on free T.V when both guys are so friggin' hot right now. The attack itself was cool, but the build up with KK's stalling was great. He comes across as a complete douche in this thread, which is how I think he should be characterized, instead of being a bad-ass or sadistic or anything like that. This looks to be the first signs of a mini-push for The Miz also. It's odd, but I think Kennedy and Miz are extremely comparable. They are both so damn charismatic and good on the mic that you can almost excuse their piss poor wrestling ability ... almost. So Cena/Kennedy is virtually a lock for SummerSlam now, but I'll be interested to see what road this alliance with The Miz goes. Great way to keep two guys just out of the title scene interesting.

once again at Coach with Mickie James. He's just pure gold in this thread. His description of Beth Phoenix as one of the Williams' sisters was pure gold. I suspected that Maryse might sneak the win, if only because you clearly want to save matches with Beth and Gail Kim for pay-per-views and Victoria had a shot recently. Hopefully Mickie absolutely kills Maryse next week. Great aftermath too, with this issue between Mickie and Beth getting even hotter. Glad to see someone booking a women's feud with the same level of seriousness as a male one, and using two talented ladies to do it with. I imagine Mickie/Beth will take place at SummerSlam. Fuck me, that show's going to be UNBELIEVABLE.

Nice announcement from Bischoff about Trips and Lesnar's contract signing this Friday night. I can't see that ending well So Ken Doane ditches Randy Orton, moves to Raw, and becomes ... a jobber? Oh well, it's not like he's Bryan Danielson or anything. Good little squash for Umaga, but I wish you wouldn't overexpose him so much. I understand you want him constantly winning matches, but think his appearances each week should be minimal, and considering he shows up at the end of this show, I think you should have scrapped this squash in order for the 'Oh Shit' factor of the end to be as big as possible.

This shit between Cody and Dustin Rhodes is getting seriously weird now. I do like Cody; I just hope this angle doesn't go too far and hurt his character or anything. I don't know if we'll see an actual mini-feud with King, but Lawler is an absolute legend who can still go when he has to, so I wouldn't be opposed to it.

Some interesting matches signed for next week. I don't see Straight Edge/Bbritish Lions getting a clean finish, and more than likely MNM and The Entourage will interfere, leading to the multi-team match at SummerSlam. I have no idea what will go down between Matt and Shelton with The Brotherhood barred from ringside. More heel nonsense no doubt in order to progress this really enjoyable feud to the pay-per-view.

Daniels and Williams are a tag team? Interesting. Most interesting. I didn't see that one coming. Glad you're keeping them heel though. Daniels is a quite sensational heel with some of the best mic skills in the sport. Not a fan of the name though. Not a fan at all

Well, the rest of us might as well throw in the towel right now, because the winner for Promo Of The Year is right here! Holy shit, Wolfy, this was absolutely incredible. There was me wondering what you might do with Kurt Angle if he wasn't going to challenge for the title, and I had a slight suspicion after last week that he might face Rey-Rey in some kind of exhibition match, but you've just take that and turned this into the best feud I've seen in ages. Seriously, in terms of storylines, we need to put last week's Battle Royal and this week's promo and everything involving these two guys and sticky in as an example of how to start and build a feud. It's like Jericho or Punk have been booking this thing, as they usually seem to do when they work with Mysterio. Everything about it was perfect and just made complete sense. Angle's pisses at being eliminated in his home town last week, so he wants to humiliate Rey in his pretend home town by making them turn on him. Such sensational stuff. You didn't veer too much into the waters of racism, just enough to ensure the maximum amount of heat for Kurt. I loved every second of it. Mysterio getting his ass kicked by Angle too made Kurt look like a monster, which how this feud will obviously be built. Rey's not allowed to look like anything other than an underdog. That's the rule! It would have been nice to hear what kind of epic ovation Mysterio got when he came out normally, but Angle ruining his moment just adds fuel to the fires of their already magnificent feud. Christian doesn't seem like so much of a heel to the crowd any more after saving their boy, does he? Fuck me, this was so, SO good, mate. You need to teach the rest of us how to book

And Rey loses in his home town cleanly but comes out of it looking strong because he got beat up before the match and still went over 17 minutes with the best in the business; whilst Christian was clearly taking it easy on his buddy for the opening stages. Both guys look great, as you'd expect for a match between, arguably, two of the best workers in the world right now. But the aftermath stole the show for me. Angle continues to be a prick by laying out Rey, before distracting Christian for Umaga to come get him some. The stuff between Christian and 'Mags was pretty standard stuff, as the champion gets put down with another Samoan Spike, but the shit Angle did to Mysterio, wrapping the American flag around his face sensational. Raw has just taken off like a rocket this week. I just can't wait to see where you go with Angle/Mysterio. I'm not even worried about their inevitable SummerSlam encounter; we know it will be incredible, but this angle (no pun intended) is really something else. Give yourself a big pat on the back, my friend.

A truly great show, Wolfy. With the SummerSlam line-up that this show hints at, that pay-per-view is going to be out of this world good. A complete masterclass of a show, in which you wrote the Promo Of The Year. Old School 'Rasslin' feud style. That's the shit I like. That's what this was. You are The Man
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Re: Being The Booker

Raw feedback

Wow. Didn’t expect Triple H to return here and now but a great way of kicking off the World tour with a bang. I liked the intensity and the aggression in Trips here and you can really tell he’s fired up and ready to do battle with Lesnar again. Summerslam just went up another notch with this match now I presume pencilled in. I liked the way you had the crowd cheering for him also, despite the fact he’s a heel because most of them would with a returning superstar like him. Great start to what should be a great show.

Benjamin/Hardy has gone along really nicely in this thread and the match here kept up that. Was a very good opening contest and Hardy’s continual hard luck at the hands of the Brotherhood is doing wonders for both he and Shelton, adding to Benjamin’s heat and furthering the sympathy for Hardy. The right result here but I sense it’s only a matter of time before Hardy gets the gold.

Good little interaction with Trips and Kennedy here and a feud down the line between the two would be entertaining for sure.

The Entourage haha. I love this, the way you’re portraying them as MNM’s biggest fans. For some reason this had the Eminem ‘Stan’ song in my head lol. Good stuff from all of MNM and Ryder/Hawkins here. Looking forward to seeing how this group go forward.

Standard tag team contest and a good win for the two teams in the hunt. Made the right move also in having Ryder/Hawkins take the pin. Loving Coach’s commentary as usual in the show by the way, the carrying J.R. line was great.

Nice little interview with Mysterio here. I guess it had to be done with it being in his home and all. Going the whole dream story is a great way to go, especially in the first show of the tour as it gives it a real big time feel so kudos on that and I expect a great match. Christian throwing his two cents in was also nice and the mutual respect was evident.

Handy video package for the monster that is Umaga. This guy is pure gold in this thread along with Estrada and I’m awaiting his next move during the show.

Very good stuff with Kennedy here. Couldn’t see you throwing this one away on Raw and it was the right call. Loved the way Kennedy toyed with Cena on the ramp before finally saying forget about it. The next twist in the tale was very surprising I must say but I love it. Miz and Kennedy together? Fantastic. A slow little rise of the Miz would be good to see and pairing two guys with the mic skills of Kennedy and Miz together is gonna be damn sure entertaining. Very good segment here.

Divas doesn’t really bother me although I liked the little restraining order placed on Beth here. I’m sure she’ll eventually get to Mickie but for now, something different I guess.

Bischoff’s announcement about the contract signing was nice although I’m surprised he didn’t want it to be on his show next week. Good way of hyping Smackdown though. Doane arriving is nice as he can now finally break out on his own away from Orton and the like. Or maybe not lol. Umaga, jesus christ, he’s gonna destroy him.

And just as expected, bye bye Doane. Bit disappointed you just kinda killed off any kind of momentum Doane could’ve had but always enjoyable seeing Umaga decimate someone. Surprised to see him in action tonight I must admit.

I’m quite enjoying this stuff with Cody and Dustin. I don’t know why but you just make it work and the way Cody is controlling his brother is great. Lawler putting over Cody would be nice as Lawler can still go for a match here and there in 2011 let alone 2007.

The Angels of Anarchy. I like it. Should be a solid addition to the tag ranks there.

Now this was fantastic. Angle was on absolute fire here and everything he had to say was on the money. This is just a great, great promo and I really enjoyed reading it. The look back at Mysterio’s DVD, the whole wearing a mask and the eventual line of ‘may as well just piss on your flag’ was brilliant. The heat Angle would get for that would be phenomenal. I’m not surprised Mysterio eventually had heard enough and the two came to blows. Angle probably weakens Mysterio here and that could well effect the main event. Christian making the save was a nice touch and the main event goes from here. Really, really well done here and an Angle/Mysterio feud has just become one of the big feuds heading into Summerslam in my mind.

Well I certainly didn’t expect the main event to go this long although it was great action throughout following the early going. The way you had Christian’s conscience play on him to begin with was very good, as a fighting champion there’s no doubting he would do just that. Christian retaining was expected and despite not quite the outcome the fans wanted, they get a good ending nonetheless.

Aftermath was just great once again. Umaga and Angle just destroying their rivals in a flash and Umaga just looks beastly doing so. I cannot see how Christian stops him come Summerslam whilst Angle just looks relentless also in dismantling Mysterio.

Overall a fantastic show from top to bottom. Triple H returning added the shock factor to begin with. The Hardy suffering furthers whilst a Kennedy/Miz alliance could be gold. Angle promo was the highlight for me, guideline for anyone looking for a great promo and the main event delivered as expected. Summerslam really is heating up in a big way.
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Re: Being The Booker

Friday Night Smackdown Preview:

Monday Night Raw kicked off the biggest summer in WWE history in style, and now this Friday, the superstars of Smackdown will look to keep the ball rolling ... and anything Eric Bischoff can do on Raw ... Eric Bischoff can do on Smackdown too, as the second show in Mexico City is headlined with a World Title match. Following the controversial finish to last weeks title bout, the interim GM of Smackdown has ordered a rematch this week between Randy Orton and the U.S Champ Paul London - only this time, there will be no chance of a count out - in a Lumberjack Match!! The superstars of Smackdown will surround the ring, guaranteeing a victor - an undisputed WWE Champion. Has Ortons run ran it's course?? Last week, he appeared to have no answer to the inspired London, but to remain WWE Champion, he MUST find a way past the Golden Boy in Mexico City.

In addition, Bischoff - wielding his power - has set up a contract signing this week on Smackdown to confirm the anticipated Triple H-Brock Lesnar showdown at Summerslam. Both men have already verbally agreed to THE WrestleMania Rematch, and on Friday will come face to face for the very first time since WrestleMania. And with tensions running high between the pair - not to mention, statements of intent from both men on what they WANT to do to one another - how can the GM be expected to keep order??

Also, in a rematch from the Great American Bash, Carlito & Kofi Kingston take on The Master Craftsmen. Coming off the back of two straight defeats to the pair of Haas & the 2007 King of the Ring - the tag match at the PPV, and a singles contest last week - it's a must win match for the friends from the Caribbean. A third loss in three weeks could do serious damage to both Carlitos momentum, AND the belief and confidence of the rookie from Jamaica ... but do the long time friends have what it takes to overcome the well oiled wrestling machines in Charlie Haas and Brent Albright?? The Master Craftsmen dont think so.

Elsewhere, after a recent win streak, 'The Masterpiece' Chris Masters has audaciously called out 'The Animal' Batista, and challenged him to a match this Friday. In his personal message to Batista on this past week, he detailed how low he sunk over the last twelve months, and directly pinned the blame on The Animal - the first man to ever break the vice like Masterlock. Batista, never one to back down to a challenge, has accepted the challenge, and now, the two men will butt heads in Mexico City. With his loss to Edge at the Great American Bash still raw in his memory, Batista is a wounded animal with a lot of pent up aggression to let out ... and Masters could well have picked the WRONG time to call out his foe.

And, on the subject of Edges victory over Batista at the Bash, the Rated 'R' Superstar STILL finds himself on the fringes of the WWE title picture - not in Eric Bischoffs consideration ahead of Summerslam. With no title shot - the one thing he craves more than anything - on the horizon, what is next for the desperate Rated R Superstar, as he continues to chase that elusive FIRST WWE Championship??

Edge may not be able to secure a shot at the WWE Title, but the WWE TAG TEAM Champions are unable to secure a worthy challenge for their titles ... and as a result, AMW have been granted a paid vacation for the duration of the World Tour!! Having cleaned out the division, Harris and Storm can now put their feet up for the summer, and get a free trip around the world. Word is that the champions will have a video message on Smackdown 'for their fans' - the first of what promises to be a weekly series during their absence from in ring competition. But while AMW enjoy their summer, just what course of action will the tag teams on Smackdown take to prove themselves worthy of a shot at the titles??

Also, after over a month of weekly vignettes, Nick Nemeth - the self proclaimed Narcissist - makes his Smackdown debut. Will the brash, cocky and conceited up and comer prove to be worth the hype?? Find out this Friday Night.

Confirmed Matches:
WWE Championship Match - Randy Orton vs Paul London - Lumberjack Match
The Master Craftsmen vs Carlito & Kofi Kingston
Batista vs Chris Masters



Smackdown to be posted on Sunday...
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