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Default Re: Being The Booker

(7) WWE Championship Match:
Randy Orton vs. Brock Lesnar

(2)WWE United States Championship Match:
Paul London vs. The Brian Kendrick

(4)WWE Tag Team Championships Match;
~If Booker T & Elijah Burke lose, Booker T must leave the WWE~
Americas Most Wanted vs. Booker T & Elijah Burke

Buried Alive Match:
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield vs. The Undertaker

(3) Belfast Brawl:
Finlay vs. M.V.P

(6) Grudge Match:
Edge vs. Batista

(1)Tag Team Challenge Match:
The Master Craftsmen vs. Carlito & Any partner of his choosing

1) Predict the winners of each match (7 points) done
2) Predict the match order (7 Points) done
3) Longest Match (3 points) Paul London vs. Brian Kendrick
4) Shortest Match (3 points) Belfast Brawl
5) Who will be Carlitos tag team partner? *hint; NOT Primo* (5 points) Jeff Hardy
6) Will there be any surprise appearances; and if so, WHO?? (3 points) Nopers
7) Which competitor will suffer the fall in the WWE Tag Team Titles Match?? (2 points) Booker T
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Default Re: Being The Booker

7.) WWE Championship Match:
Randy Orton vs. Brock Lesnar

Orton has too many lose ends to tie up with Jericho, Flair, RVD, etc. He's not losing the belt until one of them (probably Jericho) comes back. Orton finds a shady way to pick up the win.

3.) WWE United States Championship Match:
Paul London vs. The Brian Kendrick

London will win a close one, I could see Noble costing Kendrick, or at least having some interaction with him after the match when Kendrick bitches.

4.) WWE Tag Team Championships Match;
~If Booker T & Elijah Burke lose, Booker T must leave the WWE~
Americas Most Wanted vs. Booker T & Elijah Burke

Even though I would love to see Book and Elijah pick up the belts and go at with Master Craftsman for the titles, that won't be happening. AMW picks up the win here.

Buried Alive Match:
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield vs. The Undertaker

1.) Belfast Brawl:
Finlay vs. M.V.P

MVP has lost a lot of momentum lately after not going over Carlito. He needs this one to get back on track.

5.) Grudge Match:
Edge vs. Batista

Don't know why, just know it's gonna happen.

2.) Tag Team Challenge Match:
The Master Craftsmen vs. Carlito & Any partner of his choosing

Albright, enough said.

1) Predict the winners of each match (7 points) Done
2) Predict the match order (7 Points) Done
3) Longest Match (3 points) I'm gonna go out on a limb and say the US Title match
4) Shortest Match (3 points) Belfast Brawl
5) Who will be Carlitos tag team partner? *hint; NOT Primo* (5 points) Jeff Hardy?
6) Will there be any surprise appearances; and if so, WHO?? (3 points) Yes Jamie Noble
7) Which competitor will suffer the fall in the WWE Tag Team Titles Match?? (2 points) Booker
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Default Re: Being The Booker

(7) WWE Championship Match:
Randy Orton vs. Brock Lesnar

(3) WWE United States Championship Match:
Paul London vs. The Brian Kendrick

(4) WWE Tag Team Championships Match;
~If Booker T & Elijah Burke lose, Booker T must leave the WWE~
Americas Most Wanted vs. Booker T & Elijah Burke

Buried Alive Match:
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield vs. The Undertaker

(1) Belfast Brawl:
Finlay vs. M.V.P

(6) Grudge Match:
Edge vs. Batista

(2) Tag Team Challenge Match:
The Master Craftsmen vs. Carlito & Any partner of his choosing

1) Predict the winners of each match (7 points) Done
2) Predict the match order (7 Points) Done
3) Longest Match (3 points) Kendrick/London
4) Shortest Match (3 points) Belfast Brawl
5) Who will be Carlitos tag team partner? *hint; NOT Primo* (5 points) Jeff Hardy?
6) Will there be any surprise appearances; and if so, WHO?? (3 points) Nah
7) Which competitor will suffer the fall in the WWE Tag Team Titles Match?? (2 points) Booker
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Default Re: Being The Booker

The usual good start to the show, doing a good job hyping up your go home card before The Bash.

Interesting to see you giving The Brian Kendrick time to talk to start the show off just two days away from The Great American Bash. I understand that with Flair, Jericho and Van Dam all inactive, you don’t have the most stacked roster, but I still think it’s good to see you giving a guy you’ve pushed well (despite the division around him really not being much at all) in the past few months some time at the beginning of the show. Kendrick talking up their history and really showing off his ego by claiming he was always the more talented member was nice, while I liked the little touch in there about him being the guy who always got the numbers from the chicks, because it really suits the way you’ve moved his character, as shown by him chatting girls up a few times in the locker-room in the past few months. Having him make up bullshit like London begging him not to leave because Kendrick was more talented is a nice way to ensure heat too, while having London capture the United States Title just because he was jealous of Kendrick’s success is a nice showing of how Kendrick’s mind works as the egomaniac that he is. Having Kendrick think the fans are booing London and not him shows that once again, although I found the line about him finding a new friend a little surprising. I thought something more along the lines of Kendrick saying he doesn’t need friends anymore because all of his old friends proved that any friends he has can’t help but be jealous of his success would have worked better, playing off the stuff with Chavo and Super Crazy too. Still, Kendrick’s crap up until the Noble interruption was nice. Noble getting right down to business and making the challenge for the Cruiserweight Title was good, while Kendrick literally laughing him off and saying he has a big match for Sunday, thus he can’t compete tonight is again a good way to show off his attitude. Having Kendrick pretend he’s been an honourable champion fits in with his attitude well, while having him sidestep the challenge for tonight and put Daivari in Noble’s path is a good way to ensure a match between these two will happen in the future.

Noble picking up the win here was obvious, but it’s a good way to build his momentum ahead of a possible match at SummerSlam, while Kendrick gets to continue to focus on London for the time being.

I’ve been waiting for The Bash for quite awhile now, so it’s good to see it’s almost time. Looking forward to seeing how it shapes SummerSlam.

Nice promo from The Master Craftsmen to hype up the whole gimmick of the tag match at The Bash. Making it seem like Carlito simply won’t be able to find a partner because he’s not liked, while also having them talk themselves up and say that they’re individually better than Carlito is nice, plus the last line was a really good closer, making the pair look like real dicks.

Nice match between Carlito and Haas, utilizing some strong psychology with the leg work, while also giving Carlito a victory that keeps him looking strong plus also keeps Haas looking alright, despite the loss.

I really like the whole idea of this promo, with London saying he’ll beat Kendrick in the hope of bringing him back to earth. The rest of it was good too, with London talking up their past and refuting the claims of Kendrick, but the ending was really powerful, giving their match that extra meaning.

As I’ve said before, looking forward to the debut of Nemeth. I hope he doesn’t spend an extended period on Superstars like Bourne has, because SmackDown! could do with a bit more excitement in the midcard. Had to laugh at this promo in general though, especially the line “Their names?? They don’t matter.” Just brilliant. The rubbish about how he’s kind for sleeping around is great too.

An intense Lesnar is great to see. It makes his situation with Orton seem that much more heated, plus it covers up his biggest weakness in that, at least as a face, he’s a little weak on the stick.

Hyping up the importance of the Buried Alive match here is a good idea, showing off just how big it is.

Giving Booker and JBL time to have a pretty good match (well, the best you can expect from the two of them) in what is possibly their last appearance is a really nice way to send them out. The way the match played out was nicely done with the respective interference from both men’s opponents for The Bash too, hyping those matches up while also adding to this match at the same time.

I love the iudea that you held JBL back after the interference from ‘Taker so that he could do what he does best in talking. Having JBL go back on his phony rant because The Undertaker didn’t actually show up again is a great way to really show what this feud has been all about and build up the match one last time before The Bash. I really liked that you had JBL continue to declare himself as the true ‘Phenom’ too because he hasn’t played mind games and he made the challenge, as well as also having him genuinely believe that he’s going to win, at least making him seem like he has a chance. The final bit with one last piece of mind games from The Undertaker was nicely done too.

The hyping of SummerSlam and the Hatton announcement was done well here, especially with the segues making it all flow together seamlessly on commentary.

Solid promo from Booker and Burke, letting Booker sum up just what is on the line at The Bash, and really send us into the match knowing his intent and that he wants it badly. This really does the job of showing what’s on the line.

The shots from the shillelagh by MVP in this match were a nice way to hype up the Belfast Brawl for The Bash, while I also liked that Masters was allowed to have a real impact here. Is that a sign of things to come for him? I’d certainly be happy to see him pushed if so.

I find it interesting that you have the final Orton promo before The Bash be all about Cade and Doane, but I guess it signals that, with Orton or not, these guys could have a big future in this thread. You hyped both men up well, with the final little bit perhaps being a bit of a sign that they aren’t fully unified.

Good job shilling The Bash here. I still think the card maybe lacks that “it” factor, but it’s certainly looking good from a wrestling perspective.

Nice to see you using some of your own moments in SummerSlam history from this thread, which has a huge past.

I liked the idea of this segment, and thought it was executed well, but I just don’t think it was needed after the Booker promo earlier. One or the other would have worked, but both was just a bit too much.

Interesting turn of events here with London and Batista jumped to hype up their respective matches for The Bash. Lesnar calling out Orton regardless, bringing The New Wave out, only for The New Wave to ditch Orton was kind of expected, although I thought it’d be in the actual match. Orton surviving while Lesnar goes nuts and lays out the security guards is a really good way to end things, showing just what Lesnar is going to bring come The Bash. A surprising way to finish things, but still a good one.

Yeah, I was late with this, but the show delivered as far as the hyping of The Bash went. Writing was at its usual high standard too, making for an entertaining SmackDown!. Good stuff.

7) WWE Championship Match:
Randy Orton vs. Brock Lesnar
Triple H screwed Lesnar last time, so why wouldn't he this time? I believe we'll be getting Orton/'Taker at SummerSlam for the title, so Orton has to win this to get there.

5) WWE United States Championship Match:
Paul London vs. The Brian Kendrick
London clean. Kendrick is headed to a CW Title match with Noble, while London and MVP should feud over the US Title.

1) WWE Tag Team Championships Match;
~If Booker T & Elijah Burke lose, Booker T must leave the WWE~
Americas Most Wanted vs. Booker T & Elijah Burke
Burke to turn on Booker. I just can't see them as champions in this thread, and you've never been a huge Booker fan, plus Burke could suddenly become interesting as a result.

Buried Alive Match:

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield vs. The Undertaker
He's going for the WWE Title next.

2) Belfast Brawl:
Finlay vs. M.V.P
MVP is headed for the US Title. Finlay, however, is just a strongly booked jobber in here.

3) Grudge Match:
Edge vs. Batista
He sneaks a win so Batista can have his breakout victory in a rematch at SummerSlam.

4) Tag Team Challenge Match:
The Master Craftsmen vs. Carlito & Any partner of his choosing
Now this is where things get interesting. Jeff Hardy has basically disappeared, so I can't see him being the partner. Primo was killed off, perhaps for good, plus you even said he's not the partner. I think you have to think about who The Master Craftsmen are when thinking about who the partner could be - which is why I'm saying Carlito's partner will be a returning Ric Flair (watch people bandwagon onto this in following predictions too, even if I'm way off the mark, despite him not coming into calculations before from people who don't follow this thread). The Master Craftsmen have the ability, but they're just missing that edge, which is why they need Flair. He fits in with the idea of being a master craftsman too, so he seems natural to take up a role in the group. Now I know he's teaming with Carlito here, but I expect the turn to happen possibly at SummerSlam, if not here (even though I've said 'Lito will win). I know it ignores his history with Orton in a way, but I just think Flair mentoring Haas and Albright is perfect, especially upon them entering the main event scene. Book it.

1) Predict the winners of each match (7 points) Way ahead of you.
2) Predict the match order (7 Points) And again.
3) Longest Match (3 points) Orton/Lesnar. London and Kendrick don't need as long to do something special.
4) Shortest Match (3 points) The Belfast Brawl, though hopefully JBL/'Taker isn't too long.
5) Who will be Carlitos tag team partner? *hint; NOT Primo* (5 points) Ric Flair.
6) Will there be any surprise appearances; and if so, WHO?? (3 points) Yes. Flair would be a massive shock to most, and Triple H MAY make an appearance.
7) Which competitor will suffer the fall in the WWE Tag Team Titles Match?? (2 points) Booker T.
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Default Re: Being The Booker


Official Card for WWE Great American Bash:
Date: 8th July 2007
Location: Wachovia Centre, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Event Music: Alter Bridge; Rise Today

7. WWE Championship Match:
Randy Orton vs. Brock Lesnar

3. WWE United States Championship Match:
Paul London vs. The Brian Kendrick

4. WWE Tag Team Championships Match;
~If Booker T & Elijah Burke lose, Booker T must leave the WWE~
Americas Most Wanted vs. Booker T & Elijah Burke

Buried Alive Match:
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield vs. The Undertaker

1. Belfast Brawl:
Finlay vs. M.V.P

5. Grudge Match:
Edge vs. Batista

2. Tag Team Challenge Match:
The Master Craftsmen vs. Carlito & Any partner of his choosing

1) Predict the winners of each match (7 points)

2) Predict the match order (7 Points)

3) Longest Match (3 points)
London vs. Kendick

4) Shortest Match (3 points)
AMW vs. Booker & Burke

5) Who will be Carlitos tag team partner? *hint; NOT Primo* (5 points)
This is a tough one, I'll go with Jamie Noble.

6) Will there be any surprise appearances; and if so, WHO?? (3 points)
I think HHH will show up, and I guess Noble might be a surprise as Carlito's partner.

7) Which competitor will suffer the fall in the WWE Tag Team Titles Match?? (2 points)
Booker T
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Default Re: Being The Booker


Official Card for WWE Great American Bash:
Date: 8th July 2007
Location: Wachovia Centre, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Event Music: Alter Bridge; Rise Today

6.WWE Championship Match:
Randy Orton vs. Brock Lesnar
I just can't see Randy losing the title any time soon. Plus, there's a major chance that Triple H will cost Lesnar, leading to a rematch between the two at Summerslam.

1.WWE United States Championship Match:
Paul London vs. The Brian Kendrick
You took so much time pushing London, there's no way he drops the US Title yet. Also, TBK already has some gold.

2.WWE Tag Team Championships Match;
~If Booker T & Elijah Burke lose, Booker T must leave the WWE~
Americas Most Wanted vs. Booker T & Elijah Burke
I know you don't like Booker, but I can't see both Booker and JBL leaving on the same show. I can't help but feel it would be a little to much. I'm going with JBL to get buried alive and leave the thread, and Booker will stick around for a little while.

Buried Alive Match:
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield vs. The Undertaker
Typical 'Taker feud. He'll go over.

3.Belfast Brawl:
Finlay vs. M.V.P
Porter is the guy getting pushed, let the momentum continue here.

4.Grudge Match:
Edge vs. Batista
He's better.

5.Tag Team Challenge Match:
The Master Craftsmen vs. Carlito & Any partner of his choosing

I love the Albright and Haas tandem. I don't want them losing to 'Lito and a random partner.
1) Predict the winners of each match (7 points)
2) Predict the match order (7 Points)
3) Longest Match (3 points)
4) Shortest Match (3 points)
Tag Team title match.
5) Who will be Carlitos tag team partner? *hint; NOT Primo* (5 points)
Jeff Hardy.
6) Will there be any surprise appearances; and if so, WHO?? (3 points)
Jeff Hardy and Triple H.
7) Which competitor will suffer the fall in the WWE Tag Team Titles Match?? (2 points)

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Default Re: Being The Booker

7. WWE Championship Match:
Randy Orton vs. Brock Lesnar

5. WWE United States Championship Match:
Paul London vs. The Brian Kendrick

3. WWE Tag Team Championships Match;
~If Booker T & Elijah Burke lose, Booker T must leave the WWE~
Americas Most Wanted vs. Booker T & Elijah Burke

Buried Alive Match:
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield vs. The Undertaker

1. Belfast Brawl:
Finlay vs. M.V.P

4. Grudge Match:
Edge vs. Batista

2. Tag Team Challenge Match:
The Master Craftsmen vs. Carlito & Any partner of his choosing

1) Predict the winners of each match (7 points)done
2) Predict the match order (7 Points) done
3) Longest Match (3 points)wwe title
4) Shortest Match (3 points)tag team title match
5) Who will be Carlitos tag team partner? *hint; NOT Primo* (5 points)Jeff Hardy
6) Will there be any surprise appearances; and if so, WHO?? (3 points)yes, by triple h, and jeff hardy
7) Which competitor will suffer the fall in the WWE Tag Team Titles Match?? (2 points)Booker T
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Default Re: Being The Booker

Official Card for WWE Great American Bash:
Date: 8th July 2007
Location: Wachovia Centre, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Event Music: Alter Bridge; Rise Today

7. WWE Championship Match:
Randy Orton vs. Brock Lesnar

6. WWE United States Championship Match:
Paul London vs. The Brian Kendrick

4. WWE Tag Team Championships Match;
~If Booker T & Elijah Burke lose, Booker T must leave the WWE~
Americas Most Wanted vs. Booker T & Elijah Burke

Buried Alive Match:
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield vs. The Undertaker

1. Belfast Brawl:
Finlay vs. M.V.P

2. Grudge Match:
Edge vs. Batista

3. Tag Team Challenge Match:
The Master Craftsmen vs. Carlito & Any partner of his choosing

1) Predict the winners of each match (7 points)
2) Predict the match order (7 Points)
3) Longest Match (3 points)
4) Shortest Match (3 points)
Buried Alive
5) Who will be Carlitos tag team partner? *hint; NOT Primo* (5 points)
Bobby Lashley
6) Will there be any surprise appearances; and if so, WHO?? (3 points)
7) Which competitor will suffer the fall in the WWE Tag Team Titles Match?? (2 points)
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Default Re: Being The Booker

Great American Bash to be posted in about 24 hours time. Still got two and a bit matches to do, but should have all day tomorrow to rattle through them. In the meantime, last chance saloon to make predictions, current leader has 17 (I think) out of a possible 30...

Official Card for WWE Great American Bash:
Date: 8th July 2007
Location: Wachovia Centre, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Event Music: Alter Bridge; Rise Today

WWE Championship Match:
Randy Orton vs. Brock Lesnar

WWE United States Championship Match:
Paul London vs. The Brian Kendrick

WWE Tag Team Championships Match;
~If Booker T & Elijah Burke lose, Booker T must leave the WWE~
Americas Most Wanted vs. Booker T & Elijah Burke

Buried Alive Match:
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield vs. The Undertaker

Belfast Brawl:
Finlay vs. M.V.P

Grudge Match:
Edge vs. Batista

Tag Team Challenge Match:
The Master Craftsmen vs. Carlito & Any partner of his choosing

1) Predict the winners of each match (7 points)
2) Predict the match order (7 Points)
3) Longest Match (3 points)
4) Shortest Match (3 points)
5) Who will be Carlitos tag team partner? *hint; NOT Primo* (5 points)
6) Will there be any surprise appearances; and if so, WHO?? (3 points)
7) Which competitor will suffer the fall in the WWE Tag Team Titles Match?? (2 points)


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Default Re: Being The Booker

On Pre-Show Heat; Jeff Hardy defeated Daivari with the Swanton Bomb @ 05:22



July 8 | Wachovia Centre | Philadelphia PA

Opening shot of Fourth of July fireworks going off.

Americas Most Wanted: Tonight is a night for celebration!!

Now a clip of JBL, spreading his arms out wide, with a huge grin on his face.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: A joyous occasion to hail momentous achievements.

Clips from last Friday night, where Brock Lesnar dominated Randy Orton.

Brock Lesnar: A chance to give everyone something to smile about.

Shot of AMW stumbling up the ramp, escaping with their titles last month on Smackdown.

Booker T & Elijah Burke: And a night to put things right.

Clip from last year of London and Kendrick side by side with the WWE Tag Team Titles.

Paul London: Time to spend with old friends…

Then, a shot of The Brian Kendrick standing over London at Saturday Nights Main Event, holding both the Cruiserweight & United States titles.

The Brian Kendrick: And make some new ones too.

Cut to Garrison Cade and Ken Doane walking out on Randy Orton on Smackdown past.

Randy Orton: So don’t spend your night alone…

And Orton turning around, looking at Lesnar - smiling.

Brock Lesnar: Bring all the family…

Clip of AMW mocking Booker T.

Americas Most Wanted: … Young … and old.

Clip of The Brian Kendrick acting like a douche.

Paul London: Even bring your annoying buddies.

Shots of AMW getting in the faces of fans.

Booker T & Elijah Burke: The loud, obnoxious ones too.

The Brian Kendrick surrounded by women a few months ago.

The Brian Kendrick: Tonight, we’re gonna party ‘till dawn.

Clips of Randy Orton punting RVD, Chris Jericho & Nick Dinsmore.

Randy Orton: Because this is an opportunity to celebrate all that’s great about America.

More fireworks from the beginning of the VP … then darkness.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: And everyone’s invited.


A final, flashing image of The Undertaker; eyes rolled back.



*Red, white & Blue pyro*

The camera pans around the arena, with fan signs galore filling the Wachovia Centre, before coming to ringside, where Joey Styles and Tazz are waiting to open the show.

Joey Styles: The Great American Bash is on the air, we are live, and the Wachovia Centre is filled to capacity!! Welcome one and all, I am your host, Joey Styles, and alongside me this evening, Tazz.

Tazz: I am pumped for this Joe!! Bein back in Philly is like a home from home for you and I. I cant wait to get started!!

Joey Styles: Well buckle in and get ready, because it promises to be an explosive night!! Three championships on the line, not to mention careers and livelihoods are at stake too!!

The camera cuts to just off the side of the stage, where the Buried Alive gravesite is ominously waiting…

Joey Styles: And how creepy Tazz does this sound. A little later tonight, either JBL or The Undertaker will be buried ALIVE under tonnes of dirt - RIGHT THERE by the side of the stage.

Tazz: Sends a shiver right up my spine, Joe.


MVP quickly bursts through his elaborate set, being greeted by a chorus of boos from the hot fans. As he makes his way down the aisle, Styles and Tazz revisit the recent goings on between Finlay and MVP, with MVP attacking Finlay with his own shillelagh three weeks ago, bloodying the veteran, showing his frustration from being eliminated from the King of the Ring tournament by his biggest enemy to date; Carlito.


And, getting a nice response from the fans, Finlay makes a no-nonsense entrance, staring straight ahead - carrying his trusty shillelagh. During his entrance, our commentary team show highlights from two weeks ago, where Finlay gained revenge on MVP for his attack the previous week, showing Porter he wouldn’t take any beating lying down.

As Finlay reaches the bottom of the aisle, he watches, as MVP stands at the ropes, trying to intimidate the veteran, looking to stop him from getting in … BUT FINLAY TRIPS THE LEGS - AND DRAGS HIM UNDER THE BOTTOM ROPE, ROCKING HIM WITH A MASSIVE RIGHT HAND!!! In the ring, the referee calls for the bell, officially beginning the ‘Belfast Brawl’ even though it’s kicking off outside the ring!!!

Belfast Brawl:
Finlay vs. M.V.P
Finlay continues to punish MVP, who seems completely unprepared for the quick fire attack from the veteran. Porter goes into survival mode, fighting back, and the two trade blows on the ramp, with MVP dropping the Irishman with a back body drop. He then picks Finlay up, dragging him down toward the ring, but as they reach the ringside area, Finlay bursts back into life, charging the highest paid star on Smackdown into the barrier, and dumps him over, into the crowd - wasting no time in following over!!

Once in the sea of fans, the brawl continues - blow for blow - with the two recent foes holding nothing back from one another. Finlay gets the better of the exchange, using his rough experience to get the upper hand, picking up loose chairs, hurling them through the air at MVP, who tries to squat them away. The amount of steel coming in his direction is too much for Porter to handle though, and the chairs begin to connect, eventually forcing him to go down. Finlay though doesn’t stop, and continues to stomp MVP.

The Irishman drags MVP up, delivering a drop toe hold onto a seated chair, before dragging his opponent back through the fans, and toward the ringside area, clothes lining Porter back over onto the floor. Finlay rams MVP into the side of the ring, throwing him under the bottom rope, as the match finally makes it into the squared circle. Finlay sets himself, waiting for Montel to reach his feet, and rushes Mr. 305 … BUT GETS CAUGHT WITH A BELLY TO BELLY!!! MVP quickly hurries into a cover, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

Finlay survives, but looks a little woozy getting back to his feet, using the ropes to stand up in the corner, as MVP spots the opening, running in, looking for a big boot - BUT FINLAY DUCKS AWAY!!! Porter gets his leg caught on the top rope, and the veteran swoops in, blasting Porter with a stiff shot to the ribs, before kicking the standing leg of his opponent. The Irishman dumps MVP over the top now, and follows out, dropping onto Montel with a double axe handle off the apron to put the opponent down.

MVP tries to quickly rise to his feet, but Finlay is right on him, surrounding him with a barrage of punches, eventually throwing the ring apron over MVP, trapping his opponent, and begins to tee off on Porter, with the highest paid superstar on Smackdown unable to defend himself!! The fans cheer, as MVP slumps down onto the floor, with Finlay nearly punching himself out, eventually stopping for a breather, as the fans cheer the Irishman on.

Finlay doesn’t rest for long, and rolls MVP back into the ring, teeing off with more right hands in the corner, then looks to send Porter to the opposite corner, but MVP has other ideas, reversing the whip. Porter then rushes in for a splash, but the veteran side steps again, with MVP running into the buckles. Finlay gathers up some speed, running off the ropes to come at MVP again … but Porter BLASTS the Irishman with a big boot!!! The cocky Floridian covers, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

MVP now looks to slow things down to his pace, putting boots to Finlay to prevent the veteran from getting up, choking him - legally - on the ropes, and eventually dragging him up, sending him into the corner with velocity. Finlay bounces out of the corner, and MVP follows up, dropping the man from Belfast with a sidewalk slam, into a cover, 1...2...KICK OUT AGAIN!!! Montel isn’t too frustrated with the kick out, and gets back up, playing to the fans - getting a nice round of boos - before launching into the ropes, and looking to nail the BALLIN ELBOW … BUT MISSES!!! MVP bounces up, holding his arm, as Finlay reaches his feet, CANNONBALLING into Porter, with the impact sending the highest paid man on Friday Nights THROUGH the ropes, TO THE OUTSIDE with a massive thud!!!

The ugly landing gets a reaction from the fans, as MVP writhes on the outside, with the veteran taking a second to look at his handy work, before following out, instantly kicking over the steps with a plan coming to mind. Finlay drags the bottom steps to the bottom of the aisle to give himself more room, and pulls Porter back to his feet, looking to execute a SUPLEX ONTO THE STEEL STEPS … BUT MVP BLOCKS, AND PUNCHES FREE, then swings a clothesline at the Irishman, but Finlay ducks the wild swing, AND DRILLS MVP WITH A SIDE SUPLEX ONTO THE STEPS!!!!! Both men feel the effects, with Finlay also taking punishment from the move, but the veteran manages to roll over, onto his loudmouthed opponent, 1...2...MVP KICKS OUT AT TWO!!!

Finlay rolls off his opponent, and drags MVP back up with him, rolling him back under the ropes, before throwing up the apron, and looking for some instruments of destruction - pulling out a (you guessed it) trash can, chucking it into the ring, and also a bare 2x4, sliding it into the ring too. The Irishman rolls back inside, and walks to the corner where MVP has been resting up … BUT MVP YANKS HIM IN - INTO THE MIDDLE TURNBUCKLE … AN EXPOSED TURNBUCKLE!!!!! Finlay stays attached to the middle buckle, as MVP slowly rises, smirking at his handiwork, with Tazz giving Mr. 305 credit, saying he even had him fooled. MVP eventually drags the veteran out of the corner, getting the lateral press, 1...2...KICK OUT!!

MVP gets back to his feet, keenly watching the progress of Finlay, and once the fighting Irishman is on his knees, MVP launches across WITH THE DRIVE BY KICK and the force sends Finlay THROUGH THE MIDDLE ROPE, and to the floor, just like Finlay had done to Porter moments ago. In the ring, MVP soaks up the abuse from the fans, before hopping out of the ring to continue the attack, shoving the older man into the ringpost, then picking him up and dropping him along the top of the barrier. Finlay clutches his chest as he reels away, and MVP trips him down, following up with a catapult - SENDING FINLAY FACE FIRST - into the steel ring post!!!

Finlay channels Ric Flair with a face flop on the outside, whilst MVP gets back up, stomping the veteran before rolling him back into the ring. Porter then picks up the trash can, picking his shot … AND SMASHING THE CAN INTO THE SKULL OF FINLAY!!! The Irishman stays rooted to the spot initially, but a second swing of the can sends Finlay to the canvas, and Porter slams the trash can into the mid section of his fallen opponent, before making the cover, 1...2...KICK OUT AGAIN!!! The spirit cannot be questioned!! Finlay refuses to lie down for MVP, and frustration NOW begins to mount for Mr. 305.

Porter picks the dented trash can up, and slams it into the canvas over and over, venting his fury, before throwing the instrument out of the ring. MVP then makes a beeline for the 2x4, picking it up, and hoisting it high to the fans - who show their disdain for the cocky superstar. Porter eventually turns his attention back to Finlay, and looks to line up the shot, at first readying himself like a baseball player, looking for the home run, but as Finlay gets up, MVP looks to strike down on him, and goes for it - BUT FINLAY SURPRISES HIM WITH A BLOCK - THE SHILLELAGH!!!!!

MVP’s posturing to the crowd gave Finlay the opportunity to grab his trusty weapon, and the block works for the veteran, who kicks MVP in his exposed gut, then fires the shillelagh deep into the ribcage of Mr. 305!!! MVP doubles over, and Finlay strikes with the weapon again - this time to the back - before running off the ropes, and scores with a running knee lift!!! MVP reels away, on dream street, as the veteran lines up the shillelagh shot - AND SCORES TO THE FACE!!! MVP goes down, and the Irishman makes the cover, 1...2...SHOULDER UP!!!

At the very last moment, MVP shoots a shoulder up, with the fans in Philly shocked, believing the popular veteran had it won. Finlay doesn’t hang around to argue though, and he drags MVP back up, looking to get him into position for the CELTIC CROSS - BUT MVP BATTLES TO FREEDOM, and surprises Finlay with a quick face breaker!!! He covers, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Finlay gets a shoulder up, and now, both men struggle to get up. MVP is still trying to shake the cobwebs loose after surviving the shillelagh shot, and Finlay isn’t too fresh himself at this stage.

Both men struggle up to their feet, but it’s the Irishman to strike first, putting MVP back to a knee, then drills his boot into the face of Porter. Finlay now picks his trusty weapon back up again, getting a positive reaction from the fans, and turns to pull his adversary back up, but as he does - MVP CLOCKS HIM WITH A BIG RIGHT HAND … WRAPPED IN HIS STEEL CHAIN!!! Finlay drops like a stone, as MVP looks to make sure of the victory, pulling the veteran back up - with Finlay a dead weight - AND DELIVERS THE PLAYMAKER!!! It’s elementary, but MVP makes the cover anyway, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: M.V.P @ 11:57

He may be cocky, and he may be brash, but MVP proves to any doubters that he can hold his own in any kind of environment. Looking worse for wear, the highest paid superstar on Smackdown has his hand raised, before mouthing a few obscenities at the fans. Porter poses for another few seconds in the ring, as Styles and Tazz discuss the fans in Philadelphia being no strangers to that kind of match up, and put over MVP proving himself on the night.


An image of the sun rising, getting brighter and brighter…


Clips of John Cena, Brock Lesnar, Christian, The Brian Kendrick, Straight Edge, & Randy Orton


Clips of Kurt Angle, M.V.P, Shelton Benjamin, Paul London, Mister Kennedy & Edge


Clips of some of the landmark sights in each continent.




The Summerslam logos from the years gone by.


A sight of the globe, which zooms in … toward Europe … toward the UK … toward England … and into London … zooming in still …


And hurtles toward Wembley Stadium.


Differing angles of the new Wembley, including a sight at the arc.


Clips of WWE stars in action, interspersed with clips of fans going wild.


More fast clips of the WWE superstars in action, with fans reactions, including sights of London too.



Back in the arena, Joey Styles and Tazz appear on camera again.

Joey Styles: The biggest summer in WWE history kicks off a week on Monday from Mexico City for Raw and Smackdown. Then, it’s off to Japan on July Twenty third, Sydney on July 30, Cape Town on August 6, before two weeks all over Europe with the Twentieth Annual Summerslam slap bang in the middle of that, from the glorious Wembley Stadium.

Tazz: Exciting times for everyone involved Joe. Without a doubt, the biggest summer in the history of this company.

Joey Styles: And for one man in particular, it’s been a big summer already. Two weeks ago, Brent Albright became the King of the Ring in a Herculean effort, winning three matches in one night to be crowned King. During that night though, Albright made himself a new enemy. After victory over Carlito in the Quarter Final, the defeated man offered a sportsmanlike handshake … but Albright threw the gesture back in Carlitos face. Since then, things have gotten rather heated.

Tazz: Big time, Joe. Charlie Haas jumped Carlito from behind after Carlito confronted Albright, and then, The Master Craftsmen issued the challenge to Carlito to find himself a tag team partner to face them here tonight.

Joey Styles: And, Tazz, the question remains; will Carlito find a partner to take on two of the top wrestlers on Friday Nights??

Tazz: Well, it’s no secret that Carlito don’t have a lot of friends back in that locker room, so finding a partner would be hard enough. His other problem though, is finding a partner that can compete at this kinda level. Not an easy task.


And, on cue, Brent Albright enters, alongside Charlie Haas, with the Ace of Spades being greeted with disdain from the fans. The Master Craftsmen talk tactics all the way down the aisle, proving it’s all business for this pair, whilst Styles and Tazz continue to discuss how Carlito can fare against both men if he is unable to come up with a partner.


To a positive response, Carlito enters the arena, stopping at the top of the aisle, smirking, soaking up the ovation, nodding to the fans … as Styles points out that ‘The Cool One’ has a microphone in his hand…

Carlito: Hey, Brent?? Charlie?? Carlito is ‘ere, and Carlito hasn’t come alone.


Carlito: You two have had plenty of fun at Carlitos expense. Making fun of my little brothers knee injury, telling de entire world that Carlito has no friends in the back. Well … dat might be true, but back home, in de Caribbean?? Carlito has LOTS of friends.

In the ring, Haas and Albright look to one another, less confident now.

Carlito: And one of Carlito’s friends has been waiting for a long time to get an opportunity in the Dubya Dubya ‘E. So he couldn’t wait to accept my offer to come join me in kickin’ your asses!!!

Big cheer from the fans.

Carlito: So, without any further adieu … allow Carlito to introduce to you his tag team partner, all de way from de feel good island of Jamaica … give it up for KOFI … KINGSTON!!!


Using Carlitos theme (because he’s only just come in - as a mystery partner) Kofi Kingston enters to a fairly warm reception (at least for a newcomer) as Joey Styles spouts some crap about knowing about Kingston, and making a name for himself in Jamaica, and now is seemingly ready to try and step up into the big leagues. The two men look excited as they quickly pace down the aisle, with Haas and Albright readying themselves, unsure what to expect from this newcomer.

Tag Team Challenge Match:
The Master Craftsmen vs. Carlito & Kofi Kingston

And it doesn’t take long for Kingston to show off his athletic prowess, proving WAY too fast for both Haas and Albright in the opening exchanges, completely rattling the King of the Ring and his illustrious tag team partner, breaking out the (unnamed at this point) Boom Drop early on, getting a nice pop from the fans for visually attractive move. Wisely, the Master Craftsmen decide to take a breather, and rethink their game plan on the outside, taken out of their comfort zone by the electric debutant, who soaks up a few cheers from the audience, impressed with his initial impact. And, Kofi ignites the fans further, teasing a dive to the outside, ruffling the feathers of Haas and Albright, but instead bouncing off the ropes, and showing a smile with the opponents clearly rattled.

The Master Craftsmen eventually re-enter the ring, and quickly try to slow Kofi down, with Haas wrestling him to the mat, applying a variety of holds … but after some success in muting Kingston, Kofi escapes the grip of the collegiate athlete, and ducks under a clothesline attempt before getting a huge leap on a dropkick to Charlie, before finally tagging Carlito in for the first time. Carlito, smiling at the pop from the fans, closes in on Haas, but Charlie escapes from the corner, reaching his own, and tagging in his partner, who looks pleased to be getting his hands on CCC.

After falling to the stronger man in Albright, Carlito battles back, and ups the pace, taking it to the reigning KOTR, getting the face team in control, with CCC and Kofi slipping in and out with tags, keeping fresh and also showing an understanding very quickly, but the heel side prove they’re just as smart, and target the inexperienced newcomer, with a well placed knee from Charlie Haas on the apron slowing the momentum of the aptly named (already by Styles on commentary) Jamaican Sensation, allowing Albright to nail a half nelson suplex, getting a NEAR fall, with Kingston JUST popping a shoulder up. That one move though is enough to turn the tide back in favour of the Master Craftsmen, who begin to slip in and out like the well oiled machine they are, making sure it‘s the debutant that they focus on.

Brent and Charlie take their time to wear down Kingston, stretching the newcomer all over the mat, with Haas eventually applying a variation of the Surfboard, with Carlito trying to get involved, clapping his hands on the apron, getting the fans to stir his partner on, and the energy from the fans DOES help stir Kingston … and with the encouragement of the audience, Kofi begins to use his athleticism to squirm free … AND DOES!!! Kingston frees himself … but Haas is right on him, but cheats to get the upper hand, pulling the newcomer down with a tug at his long dreadlocks!!

Heat descends for the cowardly act, but Haas shrugs it off, dropping a knee on Kofi, and keeps it there as he reaches for the tag from Brent, keeping Kingston down until his partner is able to take over. Albright now continues to dissect the body of the athletic newcomer, and throws him around like a rag doll with an array of suplexes, and tosses, but Kofi shows plenty of heart to survive, kicking out at each pin attempt, getting the Ace of Spades riled - frustrated - that he’s unable to finish off this ‘nobody’. On the outside, Haas spots his partners frustration growing, and calls him over, looking for the tag, before Albright loses his cool.

Haas tries to slow it down again, keeping cool, eventually reverting from type as a mat based worker, and instead looks to rough Kingston up on the apron, pounding the debutant with a focus on the ribcage and gut. Haas eventually attempts a whip across the ring, but Kofi takes Haas by surprise, hopping onto the middle rope, and springing back, landing with a cross body onto him!!! The cover is made, 1...2...NO!!! Haas pops his shoulder up, and quickly gets to his feet, rushing at Kofi, but Kingston ducks under a clothesline attempt, and knocks Haas down with a double armed chop!!!

Kingston now looks to make the tag to Carlito, but Haas wisely wraps his legs around the leg of Kofi, preventing the tag, and tripping the rookie to the canvas. Haas now drags Kofi back, with Kingston desperately reaching - as is Carlito - for the tag, but cant get there. Haas gets to his feet, controlling Kofi, and reaches out to bring his fresh partner in … but before he gets a tag to Albright, Haas is surprised by Kofi, and the Jamaican pulls Haas in, ducking under, trapping his arm - AND DELIVERS A SOMERSAULT STO ....O.S}!!! Now, both partners reach out, knowing it’s imperative to get the tag now, with Kofi exhausted, and Haas in big trouble. Both Carlito and Albright reach out desperately for the hand to come, with Kofi having further to travel than Haas, but both begin to move toward their respective corners … and HAAS TAGS ALBRIGHT … JUST AS CARLITO TAGS KOFI!!!

Both men dash into the ring, and collide in the centre, trading blows, with Albright getting the better of the exchange, whipping Carlito off the ropes … BUT CARLITO HOPS ONTO THE ROPES … AND SPRINGBOARDS BACK WITH AN ELBOW, KNOCKING ALBRIGHT DOWN!!! Carlito hops to his feet, and smiles to the fans, mouthing ‘THAT’S COOL’. He now stalks Albright, setting the King of the Ring up for the Apple Core … and goes for it … but Albright elbows him away, with direct shots to the temple, slowing the Cool One, and now hooks Carlito up instead, and attempts to drill him with a HALF NELSON SUPLEX - BUT CARLITO LANDS ON HIS FEET behind Albright … AND EXECUTES THE BACK CRACKER!!! Carlito covers, 1...2...ALBRIGHT KICKS OUT!!!

Carlitos mouth opens wide with shock, as one of his signature moves fails to put away the KOTR. Still though, Carlito isn’t fazed, and drags Albright back up to his feet, but before can proceed with his attack … HAAS ATTACKS HIM FROM BEHIND, stopping the Cool Ones momentum!!! Haas and Albright team together now, and begin to pound the back of Carlito … but, the Master Craftsmen take too long to think up their next move … allowing Kingston to bounce onto the ropes and SPRINGBOARDS WITH A DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE TO HAAS AND ALBRIGHT taking them down and makes the save for Carlito!!!

Kingston looks fired up by the pop from the crowd, and after helping Carlito back up, he sees Haas and Albright stumbling back to their feet, and charges across the ring at Albright in the corner, jumping to the top rope {Koronco Buster} ands lets loose with a barrage of punches to the King of the Ring, but it’s brought to an end, with Haas clubbing him from behind!! Kofi topples from the top rope, and Haas looks to put the boots to him on the canvas … BUT CARLITO COMES FROM BEHIND WITH HIS SECOND BACK CRACKER OF THE NIGHT - THIS TIME TO HAAS!!! Haas immediately rolls to the outside, selling the pain, whilst Carlito watches over the ropes - but that only allows Brent to attack from behind … and this time he DOES connect with the HALF NELSON!!! He makes the cover, 1...2...CARLITO KICKS OUT!!!

Albright pounds the canvas, before getting back up, bringing Carlito with him, and sends The Cool One off the ropes … but as he whips Carlito … KINGSTON APPEARS FROM NOWHERE AND SHOCKS ALBRIGHT WITH A RUNNING, SPINNING ROUNDHOUSE KICK {Trouble in Paradise}!!!!! Kingston delivers, as Carlito rebounds off the ropes, and dives into the cover, 1...2...ALBRIGHT GETS A FOOT ON THE ROPES!!! The fans groan in shock, as Carlito is denied a victory over the KOTR, and Carlito shows the strain himself, whilst Kofi spots Haas finding his feet on the outside … AND RUNS ACROSS THE RING … DELIVERING A SUICIDE DIVE TO HAAS ON THE OUTSIDE!!!

A big cheer erupts for Kingstons daredevil mentality, with Haas out of the equation - but Kofi taking himself out in the process - whilst Carlito gets back up, climbing to the outside, and waits for Albright to struggle back up to his feet, and the Ace of Spades barely gets to a vertical position … WHEN CARLITO SPRINGS OFF THE ROPES AT ALBRIGHT … BUT ALBRIGHT STEPS ASIDE … GRABS THE ARM … AND TAKES CCC DOWN … APPLYING THE CROWBAR!!! The landing from the ropes adds to the pain for Carlito, with the deadly CROWBAR synched in … and despite an effort to make the ropes, Carlito cant move … with Albright giving the Cool One no space to get to the ropes … and Carlito is left with no option … BUT TO TAP OUT!!!
Winners: The Master Craftsmen @ 13:07

The King of the Ring gets another one over Carlito, and it’s the risk taken by the Cool One that’s cost his team tonight!!! Albright quickly rolls out of the ring, just as Kofi crawls in on the opposite side to check on Carlito, and Brent helps drag Haas back to his feet.

In the ring, Carlito sits up, shaking his head in disappointment at himself for tapping out to Albright, with Kingston trying to reassure him that they’ll get another shot at them again. Meanwhile, the smirking Albright helps Haas up the aisle, looking back at the ring, happy to see Carlito looking miserable, as the Master Craftsmen continue to ride high.


The scene opens from a bedroom, with the camera panning out, showing NICK NEMETH - smiling, sat in bed, top off, arms behind his head, with a sleeping lady either side of him.

Nick Nemeth: I bet most of you people woke up this morning, either alone … or beside someone you wish you hadn’t. Me?? Just two. Their names?? They don’t matter.

Nemeth pulls the covers off, and climbs over one of the girls, getting out of bed, wearing just a pair of Calvin Kleins.

Nick Nemeth: There’ll be more to come tonight. Different faces, different names … one common trait …

The Narcissist pauses, admiring himself in the mirror.

Nick Nemeth: They want me. And who can blame them?? Look at me!!

He shows off his dashboard abs, before reaching for a pure white shirt from the door.

Nick Nemeth: As a matter of fact, I’m jealous of them, because they get to experience something I never will…

He glances over at the two sleeping figures in his bed.

Nick Nemeth: … What it’s like to be with the perfect specimen.

He turns to the camera again, as he throws the shirt on, smiling broadly.

Nick Nemeth: See??!! I’m not a selfish creature like you might think. I’m generous, I’m kind.

Nemeth continues, as he buttons his shirt.

Nick Nemeth: I give different girls the same thrills, night after night, after night.

The Narcissist picks up a bra, holding it up to the camera, smirking, before chucking it behind himself.

Nick Nemeth: And very soon, I’ll be bringing thrills to Friday Night Smackdown.

Nemeth looks into the camera, smiling broadly, showing off his pearly whites, as the camera zooms in for the (uncomfortably) extreme close up.

… SOON …

Backstage now, Josh Mathews is standing by…

Josh Mathews: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome, my guest at this time … ‘The Animal’, Batista.

Mathews turns, as Batista enters the picture to a big ovation.

Josh Mathews: Batista, just forty eight hours ago on Smackdown, you were savagely assaulted by Edge - from behind - taking you out of the main event, and the last we saw, you were taken out of the arena on a stretcher after suffering a sickening Con-Chair-To. As we can see, you are dressed to compete … but surely you’re not at a hundred per cent??

Batista breathes heavily over the mic initially.

Batista: Josh, we’re on the road three hundred days a year. It’s not often any of us go into matches at one hundred per cent. There’s always a niggle, or a tweak … or something. It comes with the job, and it‘s expected. But things like what happened this past Friday night?? Edge, the coward that he is, attacking me from behind with a steel chair?? Smashing my skull?? Hell, not only am I less than a hundred per cent, I shouldn’t even be at this arena tonight!!


Batista: But I’ve already had to wait for a month - A MONTH{!!} to get my hands around Edge’s scrawny little neck, and there was no way I was gonna miss this tonight!!

Big pop. Batista now grabs the mic from Josh, and turns to the camera.

Batista: EDGE!!?? You’ve been running scared from me for the last month. Now, all those sneaky Spears, all your attacks from behind … they’re gonna cost ya. Because payback’s a bitch. And there’s a lot of it about to come your way!!

Batista slams the mic down, and the angry Animal storms off the set, with Josh bending down to pick the mic back up.

~ Directly following Judgment Day, Edge tries to make a claim for another shot at the WWE Championship, but Batista has other ideas. The Animal throws his hat into the ring, wanting a crack at the title, telling Edge he’s had enough chances - and blew them all.
~ Batista then defeats Edge to earn a shot at the title {albeit in controversial circumstances … but Edge, in a fit of jealousy and rage, screws Batista out of the title.
~ The Animal then demands another match with Edge, wanting revenge for the screw job … but instead, the interim Smackdown GM, Eric Bischoff decides Batista must wait … signing the match for the Great American Bash instead … and then, Edge surprises Batista from behind … WITH ANOTHER SPEAR!!!
~ Despite his fury, Batista eventually accepts the decision, as both men begin to talk about seeing the match at the Bash as a stepping stone toward a shot at the WWE Championship.
~ Then, at Saturday Nights Main Event in a Raw vs. Smackdown 4 on 4 match, Edge *accidentally* spears Batista … and the following week on Smackdown, The Animal gains a measure of revenge for the attacks, drilling him with a spine buster, then puts an exclamation mark on it with a devastating Batista Bomb.
~ But, it’s Edge that has the last laugh, and the Rated ‘R’ Superstar attacks Batista during his entrance on Smackdown, attacking him with a chair, and delivering a sickening ‘Con-Chair-To’ to the skull of his rival.

Back into the arena…


Edge enters, getting a few initial cheers, before overwhelming heat takes over for the Rated ‘R’ Superstar. The frustrated figure goes through his usual routine, letting off a pyro display as he passes the top of the ramp, and continues to the ring with a purpose, while Tazz and Styles discuss the incident this past Friday, with Batista being advised not to compete tonight, but ignoring the doctors.


To a huge response, The Animal strides onto the stage, but ignores his own pyro display, and instead storms straight down the aisle, looking to get a piece of Edge, as Tazz and Styles agree that for The Animal to win, he’ll need to end it quickly, before he begins to feel the effects of what happened on Smackdown.

Grudge Match:
Edge vs. Batista

Batista quickly corners Edge, with the Rated R Superstar pensive, trying to find a way out of the corner, looking rather pensive, knowing Batista wants to tear his head off, but Edge manages to duck under The Animal and escapes from the corner, throwing a weak jab as he does. Batista smirks at the shot, whilst Edge continues to try and circle around, but The Animal continues to close in, and Edge continues to retreat, but again avoids Batista in the corner, ducking out to freedom. Growing agitated, simply wanting a piece of Edge, Batista stands his ground, roaring “COME ON YOU LITTLE BITCH!!”, and simply stays put in the middle of the ring, goading Edge to come at him instead!!

Edge rubs his mouth, as the fans get on his case, pressurising him to make a move, and he looks around, scratching at his hair, feeling the pressure, whilst Batista again looks to add the pressure to Edge, shouting across at him “I‘LL GIVE YOU THE FIRST SHOT FREE!!”, goading Edge to come and get him … with Edge slowly inching forward, still pensive, still nervous, but takes the swing … ONLY FOR BATISTA TO GRAB THE ARM. Edge is unable to pull himself away, and smiling, The Animal shouts into Edge’s face … “I LIED!!!” and DRILLS Edge with a thunderous clothesline!!! Edge nearly comes out of his boots from the impact, as Batista doesn’t waste a moment, picking Edge up, and hurling his counterpart into the corner, opening up on him with a barrage of punches, unleashing his anger onto Edge.

The beating continues, with Edge trying - and failing - to escape on the outside, with Batista following out, sending Edge into the ring post, then follows up by LAWNDARTING his adversary into the post!!! Batista breaks the referees count, then topples the steel steps over, completely losing his perspective, risking a DQ, as he drags Edge toward the steps, but before we find out what he had in store for Edge, the sneaky Canadian rakes the eyes of Batista, creating distance … but it’s not what Edge wanted … he’s seemingly looking for a way out. The Rated R Superstar waves the match off, and walks away, trying to leave up the ramp … but Batista (after muttering something unsavoury) shakes his head, having other ideas … AND CHARGES UP THE AISLE … CRACKING EDGE FROM BEHIND WITH A CLOTHESLINE!!!

Batista brings Edge back down the aisle, and runs him into the barrier, before throwing him under the bottom rope, and following back inside, backing Edge into the corner, and softening him up further, with kicks, punches and also his shoulder, driving through the mid section of his rival, over and over, punishing Edge and adding more for good measure. The Animal then sends Edge hurtling across the ring, following in with a crushing corner clothesline!! Edge staggers out of the corner following impact, and Batista follows up, letting out more aggression, and clotheslines The Rated R Superstar OVER THE TOP ROPE!!! Edge lands with a thud on the outside, as Batista kicks the ropes, letting out some more frustration, before getting the fans going with a massive roar in their direction.

He follows out again, dropping off the apron, standing over his woozy opponent, and drags Edge to his feet, hoisting him up, onto his shoulders again, looking to lawndart him into the ringpost again … but this time, EDGE SLIPS OFF … AND SHOVES BATISTA INTO THE POST INSTEAD!!! Batista collides - head first - with the steel, and Edge instantly smells blood, and dropkicks the front of the knees of Batista, and the big man drops, landing HEAD FIRST onto the steel steps!!! Suddenly the mood inside the Wachovia Centre has changed and on commentary, Styles and Tazz recollect the incident from just FORTY EIGHT hours ago on Smackdown, where Batista was left with a concussion.

Edge now gets to work, stomping the head of his opponent, slamming it off the steps numerous times, before rolling the big man back inside the ring. Edge follows, and continues the systematic destruction of The Animal, targeting the head, and the head only, scoring a near fall off a bulldog, and continues to punch and kick the weary area of The Animal, who is beginning to show the effects of the Con-Chair-to a mere forty-eight hours previously. Edge takes Batista to the outside again, sending him into the ring post once again, and drags him back up … BUT BATISTA SPARKS A FIGHTBACK!!! The Animal shoves Edge away, then knocks him down with a short clothesline, still looking spaghetti legged, but drags Edge back up, and again looks to get him up onto his shoulders, but as he does - Edge slips off the back AGAIN - and drops the big man WITH THE BUZZ KILLER!!! The impact of the move on the outside brings a gasp out of the fans, as Edge struggles to get the near 300 pound man back inside - BUT DOES - and makes a cover … 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

Batista survives, but Edge is all over the big man, controlling the contest, ramming his head into the top turnbuckle, over and over, mocking Batista by swinging his own head back and forth as he delivers each smash, then drops Dave with a reverse neck breaker, floating into the cover, 1...2...STILL NO!!! Batista refuses to stay down, much to the delight of the fans, and Edge gets up, waiting for Batista to move, and once the big man is on one knee, Edge dives right back in, dropkicking the head of his opponent, and covering again, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Edge cant put the Animal down just yet, but the Rated R Superstar stays cool, knowing he’s in the drivers seat, and continues to pile on the punishment.

AND the humiliation - as he intersperses his beat down with some rather colourful ‘impersonations’ of Batista, at first walking around the ring doing his best ape impression, getting a rise (and a few laughs) out of the crowd, and later, after ramming Batistas head into the turnbuckle again, he imitates the staggering opponent, mimicking his off balance steps, before putting his boot through the big man, scoring YET ANOTHER near fall. Now, Edge switches, and looks to perhaps finish Batista off once and for all, applying a sleeper, with Batista unable to prevent it … and fading fast in the clutches of the Rated R Superstar.

With the sleeper locked in tight, it could be curtains for Batista, with the already fragile head of The Animal in further distress. Slowly but surely though, Batista begins to fight it, (not going through the old arm raise/ arm drop rigmarole) first pushing to his knees. He is unsuccessful in trying to then break the grip of his opponent, and is forced to try and find his feet, pushing up, with Edge now beginning to panic, desperately trying to apply more pressure, but The Animal is know acting instinctively, allowing adrenaline to take over, and the elbows begin to come, directly into the midsection, with Edge’s grip breaking … breaking … BREAKS!!! Batista breaks the grip, and instantly hit’s the ropes, coming back at Edge … BUT GETS A KNEE RIGHT TO THE MID SECTION!!! Batista doubles over, and Edge now hit’s the ropes, running back at The Animal … BUT BATISTA EXPLODES … AND DRILLS EDGE WITH A CLOTHESLINE!!!

The impact turns Edge inside out, and crashing onto the canvas, with the fans coming alive, as the comeback appears to be on for The Animal. Batista follows up, racing into the corner, looking for a clothesline again, but this time, Edge raises a boot, stopping the comeback once more!!! Batista staggers out of the corner, as Edge perches himself onto the buckles, and comes off looking for a cross body … BUT BATISTA CATCHES HIM … AND THROWS EDGE ONTO HIS SHOULDER … FINALLY DELIVERING THE RUNNING POWERSLAM!!!!! A huge reaction washes over the Wachovia Centre, as Batista hooks the leg, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

Edge survives, but the momentum has surely changed now, with Batista seemingly in the drivers seat at this point. The Animal gets to his feet again, and wills Edge up, waiting as his opponent struggles to his feet, but gets on as soon as he’s up, giving the hated foe no time to settle, picking him up, and delivering a SIDE WALK SLAM, and hooks the leg, 1...2...EDGE KICKS OUT AGAIN!!! Now, it’s Edge that’s proving his grit and determination, with Batista realising his rival is a tough nut to crack too.

Getting back to his feet, Batista makes a beeline for the corner, and bizarrely begins to climb to the top, completely alienating his usual tactics - with Tazz covering for him on commentary, using the concussion angle as a reason for the rash risk - and perches himself up top … AND FLIES … LOOKING FOR A SHOULDER BLOCK … BUT EDGE AVOIDS IT!!! Batista lands on the canvas, but gets up quickly, looking worse for wear … AS EDGE RUSHES IN FOR A SPEAR … BUT BATISTA KICKS HIM AWAY!!! Edge spins around on impact, shaking the cobwebs, then turns back … RIGHT INTO A SPEAR FROM BATISTA!!! The Animal strikes Edge with his own move, and covers for the victory … 1...2...SHOULDER UP!!! EDGE WONT STAY DOWN!!!

The fans are rocking now, after an electric back and forth exchange, whilst Batista is still looking less than fresh, still with a glassy look in his eyes. The Animal takes a look at Edge and shakes his head, knowing what it’ll take to put his rival away, and begins to rise to his feet, bringing Edge with him … but Edge has other ideas, and as the big man pulls him up, he bursts into life, and runs Batista into the corner, crushing him, driving his shoulder into the Animals gut. Edge staggers away from the corner, looking for a moment to recuperate … BUT BATISTA RATTLES BACK OUT OF THE CORNER, coming for a clothesline - but Edge ducks under - and then kicks Dave in the gut, looking for the EDGECUTION … BUT BATISTA SPINS OUT OF IT … THEN YANKS EDGE IN FOR A SPINEBUSTER … BUT EDGE FREES HIMSELF, landing at the side of the Animal, QUICKLY DELIVERING A RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP!!! Cover, 1...2...KICK OUT AGAIN!!!

Both men are digging down, deep into the ‘fourth quarter’ so to speak, with Edge now once again taking the baton, and gets to his feet, climbing the ropes, waiting for Batista to get up, and once he does, he flies off, looking for the MISSILE DROPKICK … BUT BATISTA SQUATS HIM AWAY!!! Edge crashes onto the mat, and winces in pain, feeling his pain, which is like an open invite for The Animal … as he sizes up his prey, and once Edge is on his feet, Batista spins him around … AND CONNECTS WITH THE SPINEBUSTER!!! It could be lights out for Edge now … because Batista DOESN’T bother with a cover. Instead, The Animal proceeds toward the ropes, stamping his feet, and - after a momentary stagger, due to the punishment his head has taken - shakes the top rope, signalling to the fans what’s coming next … the dreaded BATISTA BOMB!!!

The Animal now stands over Edge, but while he waits for Edge to get up, he again slaps his own head, trying to shake off the wooziness and concussion. Batista now has had enough waiting, and hauls his lifeless opponent up, looking to position him … AND GETS HIM UP … BUT STUMBLES BACKWARD … AND EDGE FREES HIMSELF!!! Edge quickly follows up on the mistake from Batista, kicking him in the gut … AND NAILS THE EDGECUTION!!!!! Slowly, Edge turns Batista over, and hooks the leg, 1...2...BATISTA KICKS OUT!!! On commentary, Styles and Tazz both sell shock, having written Batista off, believing the head trauma had taken it’s toll, with the two slips prior to the attempt of the Batista Bomb, and the nearly fatal stumble as he went for it.

After putting over the spirit, guts and determination of the Animal, Styles and Tazz now see Edge taking up a familiar position - crouched down in the corner like a coiled spring - shaking his fingers, BEGGING Batista to reach his feet … and it’s a long wait, with the Animal selling the effects of his concussion from Smackdown, and this latest relapse, struggling to pull himself up using the ropes. Eventually, The Animal DOES make it up … but not for long, for as soon as he is up, and pushes himself off the ropes … EDGE SPRINTS ACROSS THE RING … AND SPEARS THE ANIMAL!!! Edge shoots up after impact - smiling - before immediately hooking the leg tight, in order to ensure victory … 1...2...3!!!!!
Winner: Edge @ 15:03

Edge gets it, but the commentary team are quick to give Batista ‘an out’ by using the attack from Smackdown on Friday as the determining factor. The Rated R Superstar doesn’t care though, as he has his hand raised, and immediately appears to declare himself as the #1 Contender, raising a finger, before pointing at himself.

Still, Styles and Tazz put over the courage of Batista, before Tazz gives Edge credit for giving himself the advantage coming into the match, calling it a smart move, whilst Styles of course describes the actions of Edge as cowardly. Edge doesn’t stay in the ring for too long, seeing Batista recovering, and decides to exit, but on the outside, again looks to inform the fans that he is the #1 Contender, raising the index finger, and making a belt motion around his waist.

As Edge leaves, focus returns to Batista in the ring, with The Animal sitting up, pushing away two medical staff, grabbing a bottle of water from them, and chucking it away. He touches his head again, wincing, showing the ill-effects of the assault from Smackdown, but refuses help, getting himself to his feet - despite a struggle - and gets a good ovation from the fans, but it’s scant consolation for a man looking to mark his intent for an assault at the WWE Title. Styles and Tazz also point out that The Animal has lost a lot of ground now in his hunt for the title, even despite the circumstances surrounding the loss - and Batista knows it.

Backstage now at the gorilla position, we see EDGE walking through the backstage area, past technicians and officials, ignoring a few half hearted ‘GOOD WIN’ and ‘CONGRATULATIONS’ from the workers, as he paces quickly through the hallway, stopping at road agent DEAN MALENKO…

Edge: Bischoff in his office??

Malenko - unhappy at the tone of voice from Edge - responds in a less than positive manner.

Dean Malenko: I’ve been stood here all night. How the hell would I know.

Edge shoves Malenko out of the way, and grabs Nick Patrick.

Edge: You’re tight with Bischoff, right?? Is he around??

Patrick shrugs, but before he can say anything, Edge pushes by, walking on, toward Deuce and Domino.

Edge: Hey, you two could’ve hardly had anything better to do tonight. You seen where Bischoff is??

Edge shakes his head as soon as he finishes asking the question.

Edge: He probably doesn’t even know who you two chumpstains are. I doubt he’s even spoke to you pair, right?? Forget it.

The duo are taken aback by the cutting tone of Edge, as the Rated R Superstar passes on by, and spots Kristal Marshall.

Edge: You know where Bischoff is??

Kristal points around the corner, and Edge nods.

Edge: Keep up the good work toots.

Edge storms on by, pushing past a few more nobodies, as he finally spots Bischoff, stood talking with another few nobodies. He puts his hand on the shoulder of the interim GM, and looks at the two men he’s been speaking with.

Edge: He’ll be right back.

Bischoff looks furious by the interruption, as Edge walks on, wanting the GM to follow him, which he does, despite not really wanting to.

Eric Bischoff: This better be damn good.

Edge stops, turns, and wide eyed, gets at Bischoff.

Edge: You saw what just happened there, right?? In the ring?? I just beat Batista, one, two, three. Just like that!!

Eric nods … then shrugs.

Edge: Well??

Bischoff shrugs again, not following the plot.

Edge: Go on. Say it. Say, “Edge, congratulations. You’re the new number one contender. You- You’re going … you’re going to SUMMERSLAM!!” Say it!!

Bischoff looks taken aback at first … and seems to think about it for a second … before breaking … and … LAUGHS!!!

Edge looks confused, as Eric simply shakes his head, still laughing out loud, and turns, leaving the conversation … as Edge’s look of confusion turns to a look of frustration … and then into anger … as his goal of earning a title shot via victory over Batista doesn’t appear to correlate with Bischoffs agenda…





Back in the arena, we see another close up of the gravesite…

Joey Styles: It gives me chills every single time I look at it, Tazz. Tonight, either JBL or The Undertaker will be buried under that mound. And that incident you just witnessed from Summerslam in 1996 of course led to the first ever Buried Alive match, just a few months later. Tonight is only the sixth time we have ever seen a match of this time. All of which though, have featured the Undertaker.

Tazz: But more often than not, Joe, The Deadman is the one that’s buried alive.

Joey Styles: Indeed, and JBL will be hoping lightning strikes again tonight, otherwise, his career could be - pardon the pun - dead.

Tazz: Without a doubt.

Joey Styles: Well, there is certainly no love lost between JBL and The Undertaker, but for Paul London and Brian- The Brian Kendrick, it’s a different story. A year ago, they were inseparable. The best of friends, tag team champions … but now, ever since The Brian Kendrick won the Cruiserweight Title at WrestleMania, that bond, that friendship … has been ripped apart by greed. Here is how these two wound up at the Great American Bash…

~ Clips of London and Kendrick as a tandem last year, winning the WWE Tag Team Championships at Summerslam, defending them throughout the autumn, wearing matching gear, slapping hands, smiling, hugging, with plenty of commentary soundbites about the two being great friends inside and outside the ring.
~ Fast forward to WrestleMania, where Brian Kendrick has a break out moment, winning the Cruiserweight title from Kid Kash, which is followed by bootleg video *never before seen* with superstars - led by London - congratulating Kendrick on his win.
~ Then, in the coming weeks, Kendrick begins to act differently. Surrounding himself more often with women, treating his title with disrespect, deserting his friends - especially when they need him most - declining Paul Londons plea to team with him back in May, claiming to be too busy for his old friend.
~ As time goes on, Kendrick begins to act overly odd, not really congratulating London on his U.S Title win, and instead, developing a lust for that title itself … eventually earning a shot at the title, and attacking his former best friend at Saturday Nights Main Event, walking out with the U.S Title belt.
~ London takes the belt back the following week, but just two nights ago, Kendrick would assault London again, leaving him laying, allowing the Cruiserweight champion to take the U.S title into his possession too…

Back into the arena…


Waltzing onto the stage holding BOTH the United States and Cruiserweight Titles, THE Brian Kendrick encounters a hostile crowd … but he doesn’t care. With a smile on his face, the egotistical Cruiserweight Champion makes his way down the aisle, whilst the commentary team talk up his focus on winning double gold, but also point out that he has neglected the championship he actually owns currently; stating it could come back to bite him.


Despite being the champion, Paul London is forced to enter the arena without his championship gold. The fans do a complete 180 from there stance when Kendrick entered, and greet the Golden Boy with a warm response. London though isn’t as happy go lucky as normal tonight, with his face emotionless, looking ahead to his former friend in the ring. London still takes his time to get to the ring though, as the fans get prepared for what many believe will be the match of the night.

WWE United States Championship Match:
Paul London vs. The Brian Kendrick

There’s a few moments of stalling, with both men staring across the ring from one another, as the fans build up slightly, getting firmly behind London. Eventually, the two former friends meet in the middle of the ring, with Kendrick offering a test of strength. London accepts the offer, reaching up for the Greco Roman Knuckle lock, but at the last second, Kendrick pulls his left hand down … and puts his right up instead. London looks unimpressed, and the fans give the cocky CW champion heat for his childish actions. Kendrick laughs, then raises his hands innocently, telling the U.S Champion “I was just playin”. London keeps his cool, nodding along, before shaking loose again. The two then look set to engage in a shoulder and elbow lock up, but just as they settle in … Kendrick slips out, and walks away … much to the chagrin of the fans again.

Kendrick leans through the ropes, annoying the fans further, before stepping back inside, walking toward London, smirking and offering a hand … BUT LONDON RESPONDS WITH A SLAP!!! Kendrick is rattled by the slap, doubling over, holding his jaw, as London tells his former pal to “TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY”, and the slap appears to have given Kendrick a sense of perspective. He nods, and rises to his feet, now focused, and the two begin to tussle, initially with neither able to get the better of the exchange. They are broken up, then try again … with a similar result, with neither man able to break the stalemate. At the third attempt, London quickly executes a headlock takedown, which Kendrick escapes from quickly, and the two tie up once more, this time with Kendrick delivering a hip toss … but instead of following up … Kendrick raises his arms in victory!!

TBK celebrates winning the exchange, as if he just won the title, and on commentary, Styles and Tazz both question the mans mentality. Meanwhile, London gets back to his feet, unimpressed again with the actions of the CW Champion, and once Kendrick turns around … LONDON SLAPS HIM AGAIN!!!!! Kendrick reels away again, holding his jaw … and it appears London has got the desired effect, as Kendricks expression has changed, and the Cruiserweight Champion explodes, coming back at the Golden Boy with a stiff slap of his own!!! Kendrick nods, as London holds his jaw, THEN RESPONDS WITH ANOTHER SLAP OF HIS OWN RIGHT BACK AT KENDRICK!!!!! Kendrick replies with another, and London does the same, as the two friends break down, trading slaps … and that soon breaks down into STIFF forearms - trading back and forth … shot for shot, forearm for forearm … and it’s the champion that wins the exchange, putting Kendrick onto a knee, and with the upper hand, London lets fly with a succession of unanswered forearms to the Cruiserweight champion!!! London is forced away by the official, and the fired up U.S Champ looks to the fans for a reaction, getting a cheer, before rushing at Kendrick, who wisely sidesteps, low bridging the ropes, forcing London out of the ring!!!

The Golden Boy hit’s the floor, with a woozy Kendrick holding onto the ropes to stay on his feet, shaking the cobwebs loose. Soon, Kendrick looks to follow up, stepping onto the apron, dropping down onto London with an axe handle to put the champion down. Ramping up the seriousness now, Kendrick puts the boots to the champion on the outside, and dropkicks Londons head into the steps, getting a ‘OOOOOH’ response from the fans, who grimace at the sight of London crushed against the steel steps. Kendrick pulls London back up, and looks to send him crashing into the barrier - but before impact, London hops up, jumping onto the guardrail - ONLY FOR KENDRICK TO SWIPE HIS LEGS!!! London crashes badly onto the barrier, and the fans lift in voice again, showing their concern for the champion, as he takes another punishing blow from Kendrick. While London grimaces in pain, Kendrick struts around ringside, playing with his hair, enjoying the moment, before hauling London back up, and rolls him into the ring, following inside, and dropping a leg, before hooking the leg, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

Kendrick stays on London, with a basement dropkick to his former friend after a series of mounted punches, leading to another cover on the champion, 1...2...Kick out again!! Kendrick now drags London up, kicking him in the gut to keep him under control, and attempts to send the Golden Boy into the corner with an Irish Whip, but London steps up onto the middle buckles, and comes back with a dropsault to the Cruiserweight Champion!!!!! London scurries, and makes the cover on Kendrick, 1...2...SHOULDER UP!!! The fans raise in voice as London comes back, with a big move out of his arsenal. The champion now begins to pour the offence onto the challenger, backing Kendrick into the corner, giving him an array of kicks to the leg and body, before sending TBK off the ropes. But Kendrick hangs on, stopping himself from coming back again … forcing London to race in on him, but Kendrick gets an elbow up, catching the champion in the jaw.

London stumbles away, and Kendrick comes in from behind, looking for a backslide, but London reverses, turning over … and attempts a suplex, but Kendrick escapes in mid air, going behind the champion, and runs him into the ropes, trying a roll up, but London rolls through … AND KICKS KENDRICK IN THE HEAD!!! The champion covers again, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! London again backs Kendrick into the corner following the kick out, and looks for a whip across the ring … but Kendrick reverses mid way, kicking London in the gut, sending the champion off the ropes, waiting for the return … BUT as he comes back, LONDON LEAPS UP … AND SCORES WITH A HEADSCISSORS … SENDING KENDRICK OUT OF THE RING!!! Again, the breathtaking U.S Champ gets a big ovation from the fans, and follows up with another death defying high risk move, wasting no time to hop onto the top turnbuckle - AND LAUNCHES TO THE OUTSIDE WITH A CROSSBODY ONTO THE CHALLENGER!!!!!

The Wachovia Centre comes alive again, and a ‘LON-DON’ chant fills the arena, with the champion picking himself up from the floor, kicking his opponent in the chest, as Kendrick sits up at the barrier. London rolls his former friend back inside the ring, following in, and hooks the leg, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! London cant put the challenger away just yet, but the champion remains positive, landing boots to the legs of his opponent as he reaches his feet, shoving TBK into the ropes, before gathering up a run of speed, coming at Kendrick … but the challenger acts quick, AND FLAPJACKS THE INCOMING CHAMPION ONTO THE ROPES!!! London lands - throat first - onto the top rope, and reels away, clutching his throat … as Kendrick pounces, kneeing the back of the champion, sending him stumbling through the ropes and to the outside!! Kendrick watches as London hit’s the floor, then shouts to the audience “YOU THOUGHT HE COULD FLY?? GRAB A LOAD OF THIS!!” before SLINGSHOTTING HIMSELF OVER THE TOP ROPE - CRASHING ONTO LONDON ON THE OUTSIDE!!!!!

Kendrick quickly shoots up, and rolls into the ring, posing, strutting like a peacock, delighted with himself at his high risk move, but the fans aren’t so enamoured with the Cruiserweight Champion. The lack of appreciation from the fans doesn’t faze the challenger, and still smiling, he gets back out of the ring, onto London, picking the champion up, and attempts a whip into the steel steps - BUT - London acts fast, and hops onto the steps instead, dropping off on the other side, avoiding the collision … BUT KENDRICK DROPKICKS THE STEPS - RIGHT INTO LONDON ON THE OTHER SIDE!!!!! London crumbles from the impact, and Kendrick pounces, hammering the grounded champion, before hauling him up, and getting him back inside the ring, following in, hooking the leg, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

Kendrick continues to pile on the pressure, pulling London to his feet, delivering a snap mare, then runs off the ropes … AND DELIVERS A STIFF KICK TO THE FACE OF THE SEATED CHAMPION!!! Kendrick covers, 1...2...KICK OUT AGAIN!!! The challenger is right back up, and drops successive elbows, getting up, dropping another, up and down, up and down, before pressing the shoulders down for the count, 1...2...LONDON POPS THE SHOULDER!!! Kendrick instantly pounds the mat, as his aggression grows, unable to put London away. The challenger gets up again, and brings London with him, sending him across the ring into the corner … but London pushes up on the ropes - anticipating Kendrick rushing in behind - but Kendrick doesn’t come, and as London lands on his feet, Kendrick rushes in, and dropkicks London - sternum first - into the corner. Kendrick then places London onto the top rope, with his front facing the fans, and climbs up behind, looking to execute a side suplex off the top … BUT LONDON COUNTERS IN MID AIR - INTO A SPLASH ONTO KENDRICK WITH A COVER AS THEY LAND … 1...2...KENDRICK KICKS OUT!!!

London nearly squeaked out a win from nothing, but as the two men get back to their feet, Kendrick strikes first, with a knee to the gut of the champion. With London doubled over, Kendrick runs off the ropes, but London straightens up, avoiding the return, and Kendrick misses an attempted swinging neck breaker. London then gathers speed, hitting the ropes, and comes at Kendrick, but the challenger shoots to the canvas, forcing London to run by, and on the return, Kendrick tries to guide London over the ropes, but the Golden Boy hangs onto the ropes, stopping on the apron, and springs off the ropes … RIGHT INTO A DROPKICK FROM THE CHALLENGER!!!

Kendrick scrambles for the cover, 1...2...NO!!! Again, the champion has too much fight to give in. Kendricks anger is beginning to boil, but he shrugs it off, and shows a smile to the fans, trying to show an air of confidence, waiting for London to bring himself to his feet, and as he gets up in the corner, TBK is heard shouting to the fans “LET‘S SEE HIM TRY THIS!!” before racing across to the corner … delivering DOCTOR SMOOTHS SECRET RECIPE!!! London staggers out of the corner, whilst Kendrick plays to the fans - to a massively negative reaction - then kicks up on London, scoring with an ENZIGURI!!! He covers again, nodding along to the count … 1...2...SHOULDER UP!!!!!

London WILL NOT stay down!!! Kendrick cannot put the champion away, and after punching the mat, he gets back up, stomping London in frustration, before dragging the champion up, pushing him against the ropes, firing off a number of knife edge chops to the chest, and shoots him across the ring, CONNECTING on the return with a JUMPING CALF KICK!!! Again, Kendrick hooks the champions leg, nodding - again - to the referees count, 1...2...NO!!!!! Kendrick pounds the mat with both hands this time, but doesn’t waste time, quickly dragging London up, instantly dropping him with a reverse neck breaker, floating into ANOTHER cover, 1...2...STILL NO!!!!!

The fans cheer for the kick out, with London now simply acting out of instinct to stay in the match, whilst Kendrick is throwing EVERYTHING at the champion to finish him off. Again, Kendrick quickly picks the champion up, looking to give him NO TIME to recover, instantly scoring with a suplex, again floating over into a cover, 1...2...KICK OUT AGAIN!!!!!

Unable to finish London off, Kendrick now begins to look rather desperate, with his offence not able to do the job. The CW Champion rolls out of the ring, pushing the timekeeper and Chimmel aside, grabbing both his own, and Londons title belts, placing the CW belt behind his back, whilst throwing the United States title into the ring. Instantly, the official grabs the title belt, admonishing Kendrick for trying to bring it into the match in the first place. As he tries to take the U.S title from the ring, Kendrick slips back inside … and shows off his own championship … NAILING LONDON WITH IT BEHIND THE OFFICIALS BACK!!!

The Golden Boy is out cold, and Kendrick quickly eliminates the evidence from the ring, before dropping down, making the cover, smiling - almost euphorically - as Charles Robinson returns to make the count … 1...2...FOOT ON THE ROPE!!!!! Kendrick is up, dancing like he’s won the title - unaware that London had a foot on the rope - with the referee having to inform him that the match ISNT over yet!!!

The penny drops, with Kendrick looking over, seeing the foot of the champion draped over the bottom rope, and he runs his fingers through his hair, before looking up at the skies, wondering what he has to do in order to defeat Paul London. Kendrick tries to remain calm, and stomps his grounded opponent, before picking him up off the canvas, and looks to attempt the SLICED BREAD … BUT LONDON COUNTERS - AT THE LAST POSSIBLE SECOND - CROTCHING KENDRICK ON THE TOP TURNBUCKLE!!!!! Kendricks facial expression tells it all, as London pounds the back, forcing Kendrick into the tree of woe position, and London, starting to hit a second wind, runs across the ring, back at Kendrick - AND DROPKICKS THE FACE OF HIS UPSIDE DOWN OPPONENT!!!!! Kendrick topples from the tree of woe, and London drags him out of the corner for a cover, 1...2...NO!!! Kendrick wont lie down that easy.

But the comeback is on now for London, with the momentum shifting in the champions favour, with London now gaining the upper hand. He backs Kendrick into the ropes, softening him up with a few stiff forearms to the face, then shoots him off the ropes, dropping down for the return … BUT KENDRICK KICKS HIM AWAY INSTEAD!!! London staggers away, with Kendrick rushing at him … RUNNING RIGHT INTO A LONDON DROPSAULT!!! Kendrick - instinctively - gets right back to his feet, and walks right into an arm drag … then another arm drag … as he somehow gets back up this time walking into another DROPSAULT … and gets up again … AND RIGHT INTO A THIRD DROPSAULT!!! The challenger - on spaghetti legs - stumbles back up, into the path of the fired up Golden Boy, who traps him … NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX - WITH THE BRIDGE - 1...2...NO!!!!!!!!

London looks surprised by the kick out, with Kendrick somehow surviving the sudden onslaught from the Golden Boy. The champion reaches his feet, waiting for Kendrick to get up, setting himself, sizing TBK up, and once the challenger is up, The Golden Boy GOES FOR A SUPERKICK - BUT KENDRICK DUCKS … running off the ropes … RIGHT INTO AN ARM DRAG FROM THE CHAMPION!!! London doesn’t stop there, and follows up, WITH A STANDING SENTON TO KENDRICK!!! He covers, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Kendrick refuses to give it up, desperate to hold double gold, and London is forced to try again as he gets to his feet. The champion lies in wait again, as Kendrick gets up, kicking him in the gut, and looks for a TORNADO DDT … BUT KENDRICK THROWS HIM OFF TO AVOID IT … THEN RUNS RIGHT INTO THE SUPERKICK!!!!! London falls back, into a cover … 1...2...KENDRICK KICKS OUT AGAIN!!! Now, it’s the challenger that’s proving his fighting spirit, with London now the one asking himself what it will take to end the challenge of the CW champion.

Nodding in the ring, the Golden Boy knows what it will take, and points to the corner, getting a big pop from the fans, who know what’s coming next. London now climbs the ropes, with the end in sight, surely now in the search for the 450 Splash … but once he gets up top, Kendrick is up, and the challenger desperately throws a forearm to the gut, stopping London in his tracks, raising heat from the fans, wanting to see Kendrick get his. The challenger mounts the ropes, meeting the champ up top, throwing his best shots to keep London muted. The two men trade blows, but a rake to the eyes works in Kendricks favour, and the challenger TOSSES LONDON OFF THE TOP, getting heat again from the fans!!! London lands on the canvas, as the challenger now goes for ALL OR NOTHING … setting himself … AND SOARS WITH A MOONSAULT OFF THE TOP ROPE … AND SCORES!!!!! There is a sudden hush inside the arena, as Kendrick covers … can London kick out??? … 1...2...SHOULDER UP!!!

He CAN kick out!!! It’s pandemonium in Philadelphia, as London somehow kicks out of the moonsault!! Kendrick is in a state of shock, convinced he had it won on that occasion, arguing with the official as he reaches his feet. Kendrick continues to argue, but then realises the state that the champion is in, and decides to move on, knowing the champion is there for the taking. The challenger brings London to his feet, and grips his head in position for the Sliced Bread again … but this time, looks to involve the fans, pointing to a corner, and expecting a cheer (but gets heat), pointing to another corner - to more heat - and then a third - to heat again - before finally the fourth corner, as the fans boo once more. He then turns back to the third corner, as if that was where the biggest ‘cheer’ came from, and he runs toward it for SLICED BREAD … BUT BEFORE HE CAN GET ONTO THE BUCKLES … LONDON COUNTERS … WITH A REVERSE DDT!!!!! The champion rebounds from the brink of defeat, and Kendricks cockiness costs him DEARLY!!! London summons the strength to climb the ropes, setting himself … AND FLIES WITH A 450 SPLASH … CONNECTING!!! London covers … 1...2...3!!!!!!!!!!
Winner: And STILL United States Champion - Paul London @ 22:14

Once again, Paul London dazzles on Pay Per View, and overcomes a stiff challenge from his former friend, turned bitter enemy. The champion has his arm raised in victory - and regains the title into his possession after having it stolen - and plays to the fans, whilst The Brian Kendrick is forced to roll to the outside, and dream of what may have been, as he picks up his own title.

Styles and Tazz put over the match, and both competitors, crediting Kendrick with bringing his all tonight, but making the point that his showmanship is what cost him tonight, playing to the fans before attempting the Sliced Bread. The commentary team then make the suggestion that Kendrick needs to STOP trying to outdo London, and concentrate on being himself, and do what HE does best instead.

In the ring, London continues to celebrate, catching the glare from the defeated Kendrick who backs up the ramp, still watching his former friend, looking dejected having come up short in his quest to become a dual champion tonight. Still, Styles and Tazz put over London as a true, fighting champion … as we fade out …





Back to the arena, where we see the victorious Paul London leaving the stage, patting the title over his shoulder, as Styles and Tazz talk again.

Joey Styles: And Tazz, ever since that fateful moment on March 17, life has not been the same for Rob Van Dam. For Orton, he’s appeared to be bullet proof; no matter how dastardly the action, he hasn’t suffered the consequences. Will that change later though when Orton is challenged by Brock Lesnar for the richest prize in our sport?? For the champion, everything seemed to be falling apart at the seams this past Friday when Garrison Cade and Ken Doane walked out on him, officially disbanding the New Wave. Has his luck finally ran out??

Tazz: All I know is that regardless of what’s happened to Orton in the last forty eight hours, he’s gonna be fully focused on Lesnar tonight. He has to be if he wants to keep that title that he won at WrestleMania. He’s gotta put the New Wave outta his mind, or he’s in huge trouble, Joe. The big question is though; can he handle what Lesnar is gonna bring to the table?? In my opinion?? He cant.

Joey Styles: It’s no secret that Brock Lesnar has been on a tear as of late, and despite a loss to the 2007 King of the Ring nine days ago, The Iron Man has had Ortons number in recent weeks. Now, with the New Wave done and dusted, Orton must find a way past Lesnar alone.

Tazz: Easier said than done, Joe. But let’s not sell Orton short here. The guy has headlined WrestleMania, he’s the youngest man to ever hold a world title in the WWE, and he eliminated all THREE men in the Fatal Four Way at Judgment Day to retain the title.

Joey Styles: Well, that match will of course come a little later tonight, but right now, let’s change gears. In just a moment, Booker T, the five times WCW Champion puts his storied career on the line. And up for grabs for the veteran is the tag team titles, currently held by Americas Most Wanted. Will Harris and Storm be the men to end the storied career of the legendary Booker T?? Or, will Booker and his partner, his protégé, Elijah Burke bring the curtain down on AMW’s seven month reign??

~ It starts with the promo from Smackdown on June 22, where AMW throw down the gauntlet to Booker & Burke, offering one last shot at the titles (with clips of their previous failed attempts) in exchange for Bookers career, with the challengers accepting.
~ It all seems to spark Booker into life, with the veteran rolling back the years in the following weeks, looking better than he has in years, with AMW beginning to show concern, with soundbites on commentary, asking out loud “WHAT HAVE AMW UNLEASHED IN BOOKER T??”
~ Lots of clips from Bookers past, with talk of him possibly having to leave the WWE should he and Burke lose at the Bash … then the completely disrespectful ‘gifts’ from AMW; a walker, infuriating the legend.
~ Bookers emotional promo, two nights ago … possibly his last … with everything hanging on the outcome of this Sunday.

Back into the arena…


It’s a thunderous response for Booker T, as Elijah Burke hangs back to allow his mentor to bask in the adulation. The veteran nods to the fans, accepting their cheers, mouthing “THANK YOU”, before getting ‘in the zone’, and continuing with his usual routine. Burke eventually jogs to meet the legend toward the bottom of the ramp, as the challengers enter the ring, saluting the fans.

The music dies down, and the fans pick up in voice, chanting ‘BOOK-ER T’ over and over, with Booker getting fired up, nodding at the fans, as the champions make the challengers wait…


As their new music by ‘Down’ plays, AMW delay their arrival before the big beat kicks in. Finally, Harris and Storm make their arrival, with the fans showing their hatred of the cocksure champions. AMW seem to enjoy the hatred, pointing out members of the audience to one another, whilst Booker and Burke patiently wait in the ring, pacing around, getting psyched up.

The champions take their time though, walking around the ringside area, still looking cocky and smiling, before finally getting onto the apron, and losing the jackets.

WWE Tag Team Championships Match;
~If Booker T & Elijah Burke lose, Booker T must leave the WWE~
Americas Most Wanted vs. Booker T & Elijah Burke

With a big ovation from the fans, Booker kicks the match off, staring across the ring from the champions, with Harris motioning to get in, but it’s only a distraction for Storm to try and get the jump on the veteran. Booker though, blocks a shot from the Cowboy, and knocks him down with an overhand right of his own!! He tries an Irish whip, but Storm reverses, and looks for a hip toss, only for Booker to block again, and delivers a short clothesline!!! The fans are fired up, as is Booker, with Storm rolling out of the ring, being joined by Harris, looking to regroup.

In the ring, Booker gets the fans pumped, and tags in Eli, as Harris gets Storm to get back inside, with the two legal man slowly circling, locking up, but neither is unable to gain an advantage. They try again, with Storm applying a headlock, but Eli escapes, running off the ropes, ducking under a clothesline, then leaping over Storm, nailing him with a stiff back handed slap. Storm drops to a knee, Eli runs off the ropes, but Storm side steps him on the return, and sends him over the top rope - thinking to the floor - but Burke lands on the apron. The youngster then hops onto the ropes, and springboards with a dropkick to Storm!!! He covers, 1...2...Kick Out!!!

Booker is tagged back in, and the veteran wrenches the arm of Storm, but the champion rakes the eyes of the legend, and backs him into the corner, tagging in Harris, who quickly tries to slow Booker with an array of stomps in the corner in quick succession. Harris then targets the arm, applying an arm wrench, with the veteran doing his utmost to escape, throwing his free elbow to no avail. Booker eventually reverses the wrench, throwing Harris into the ropes, and knocks him down with a reverse elbow. Storm now attempts to intervene, but Booker chases him back out, swinging wildly at the Cowboy … BUT IT ALLOWS HARRIS TO ATTACK FROM BEHIND!!

The Wildcat hammers Booker in the corner, and attempts a whip into the ropes, but once again, The Book Man has a counter, and turns Harris inside out, dropping him with a kick to the jaw!!! Booker covers, 1...2...NO!! The veteran gets to his feet, with James Storm now charging toward him, but he backs up, low bridging the ropes, and The Cowboy topples out of the ring!!! Booker drags Harris up now, and chucks him out of the ring with his partner, then tags in Burke, instructing his talented protégé, with Burke now racing off the ropes, and slingshots out of the ring, CRASHING INTO AMW!!!!

Burke gets the Wachovia Centre rocking with the high flying offence, as Booker nods in the ring, looking around the arena, getting a big cheer from the fans - despite it being Eli that done the actual dive!! Burke re enters the ring, bringing Harris in with him, and tags Booker back in, kicking Harris in the gut forcing him to double over, and Burke drops down, delivering the 4UP uppercut, and Booker follows up with a Harlem Side Kick!!! The fans cheer for the sweet double team, as The Book Man covers, 1...2...STORM BREAKS THE COUNT!!! Harris looked like he had gotten his shoulder up anyway, but the interference shows how rattled Storm is, and Booker knows it!!!

Booker gets up, talking trash to Storm who is back out of the ring now, before the veteran tags Burke back in, and the challengers show their teamwork again, sending their opponent off the ropes, and delivering a double reverse elbow to send him back down again. Burke covers, but only manages a two count. The youngster now picks Harris up, delivering a simple front slam, then tags Booker again, with The Book Man dropping his signature knee, and covers, 1...2...NO!! Booker drags the opponent up, backing Harris into the corner, and lights him up with an array of chops, slaps and right hands, softening Harris up, before tagging in Burke, who follows on, going to the body, showing off his boxing skills. Burke then sends Harris off the ropes, but as the Wildcat hits them, Storm trips his own partner, and pulls him from the ring, under the bottom rope.

Obviously, the challengers are frustrated, and they give chase on the outside, but as they reach AMW, Storm dropkicks the steps, clattering them into Booker, slowing the veteran, and quickly clotheslines Burke, taking him by surprise. Harris sends Booker into the guardrail, whilst Storm slams Eli’s head into the steps, throwing the youngster back into the ring, and Harris then follows in, shooting Burke off the ropes, and rushes him on the return with a flying clothesline, covering, 1...2...NO!!! From here, AMW begin to find their groove, with Burke struggling to stay in the contest, battling to kick out from the attacks of the champions.

During this period, Harris and Storm show why they’ve been champions for so long now, with close work in the corner, making sure Burke cant make a desperation tag to his partner - who is now recovered, and back in the corner - unable to do anything but watch, knowing at this point, his future ISNT in his own hands. Throughout this stage of the contest, Burke DOES show plenty of fire and heart, doing his damnedest to fight back … just to no avail.

With AMW seamlessly tagging in and out, Harris becomes the legal man again, and hoists Burke up, into position, holding him in the air for an eternity, letting the blood rush to his head … before finally delivering the delayed vertical suplex … and instantly switches to a sleeper!!! Burke is trapped, but as ever, battles … and battles to his feet, trying to escape, trying to push toward his corner, reaching to tag in Booker … but he is just a few inches too far … and Harris kicks the back of the knee to bring Eli down again, dragging him back across the ring, much to the chagrin of the veteran.

Burke still fights the sleeper, and begins to elbow, ferociously, and FREES HIMSELF … AND LUNGES FOR A TAG … BUT HARRIS PULLS HIM DOWN BY THE HAIR!!! The fans shit all over the tactic, and Booker contemplates entering the ring, but stops himself. He makes his feelings known to the official though, as Harris drags the challenger back to the corner, tagging in Storm again. The Cowboy continues the hard work, trying to wear Burke down further, with help from Harris in the corner, holding Burke up sneakily with the referee unaware, giving Storm free shots at the youngster.

Storm then sends Burke off the ropes, but Booker - playing AMW at their own games - grabs his partner to stop the return … leaving Storm to dropkick THIN AIR!!! He crashes onto the mat, and Burke returns, with a jack knife cover on the champion, 1...2...SHOULDER UP!!! Harris is fuming in the corner, bad mouthing Booker across the ring, as the two legal men get up, and Burke blocks a punch from Storm, kicking him in the gut, and runs off the ropes … BUT BOTH MEN COLLIDE ON THE RETURN WITH A DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE!!! Storm and Burke both go down, and the fans come alive, hoping now is the time for a tag, as Booker desperately reaches out … and the race is on, with Storm and Eli both crawling to their corners … AND STORMS TAGS HARRIS … WITH BURKE GETTING UP TO TAG BOOKER … BUT HARRIS NAILS BOOKER!!!

The tag is no longer available, and Harris stomps Burke, before hauling the battered youngster up, looking to hit THE CATATONIC … BUT BURKE ELBOWS FREE … HARRIS SPINS AROUND … RIGHT INTO AN STO!!!!! Burke now summons the energy, as Harris struggles to recover, with Booker back on the apron … and looks ready for the tag … as James Storm runs in to try and prevent it … BUT IS TOO LATE … AND BOOKER IS THE LEGAL MAN!!! The roof blows off the arena, as Booker steps back inside, with Storm back pedalling now, with The Book Man wanting a piece of him, but settling for the legal man, and batters Harris into the ropes, teeing off with right hands, shooting him off the ropes, but Harris ducks under on the return, coming back off the opposite side - RIGHT INTO A DOUBLE AXE HANDLE KNOCKDOWN!!!

Storm now rushes in for a clothesline, but Booker is too quick, ducking under … AND DRILLS STORM WITH A SUPERKICK!!! Storm rolls out of the ring, as Booker lines Harris up … picking him up … AND DRILLS HIM INTO THE CANVAS WITH A WHIPLASH SPINEBUSTER!!! The veteran covers, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Fans were on their feet, thinking Booker got it. The Book Man quickly pulls Harris back up, and sends him into the corner, tagging Burke back in, with Eli having a perfect set up … FOR THE ELIJAH EXPRESS … AND CONNECTS!!! Burke drags the champ to the middle of the ring, and covers, 1...2... STORM LOOKS TO DROP AN ELBOW TO BREAK THE COVER … BUT BURKE ROLLS OFF … AND STORM ELBOWS HIS OWN PARTNER!!!

Instantly, Booker is back in, and the veteran rushes Storm, CLOTHESLINING HIM OVER THE TOP - TAKING HIMSELF OUT OF THE RING TOO!!! In the ring, the official doesn’t know where to look, and the momentary confusion allows Harris to LOW BLOW Burke!!! The Wildcat rolls Burke up, HOOKING THE TIGHTS … 1...2...KICK OUT!!! A huge sigh of relief fills the arena, as Tazz questions how that would’ve affected tonight’s stipulation, with AMW agreeing to play by the rules for Booker to put his career on the line. The match continues, and we see Storm reverse a whip from Booker, sending the veteran into the steel steps!!!

That allows The Cowboy to join Harris in the ring again, tagging in from his recovering partner, and slams Burke, before motioning … FOR THE DEATH SENTENCE!!! Harris climbs the buckles, whilst Storm gets Burke set … but as Harris reaches the top - BOOKER SHOVES HIM OFF!!! Harris crashes onto the barricade, crashing and burning!! In the ring, Storm tries to release his hold on Burke … but Eli is now hanging on, keeping Storm hunched over … AS BOOKER ENTERS … AND DELIVERS THE SCISSORS KICK TO THE DEFENCELESS JAMES STORM!!! It’s pandemonium in Philly … but no count!!! Jack Doan takes WAY too long admonishing Booker, with the veteran pointing for the pin Burke has on Storm, but Doan demands Booker get out of the ring … and finally once the veteran does, the count is made … 1...2...HARRIS DRAGS THE REFEREE OUT OF THE RING!!!

The match continues!!! Booker is in disbelief on the apron, and drops down, attacking Harris, and chucks him into the ring, following inside, and makes a tag from Eli to become the legal man. Booker sends Harris into the corner, following in with a clothesline, but before he can follow up, Storm - the legal man - is back to his feet, and makes a beeline for him … GOING FOR THE BOOK END … BUT HARRIS BLINDSIDES THE BOOK MAN!!! Burke now comes to his mentors rescue, battling it out with Storm and Harris, with Booker fighting back too … and it’s the challengers winning the battle, with Harris being thrown out of the ring once again, and Storm sent into the canvas at the corner … AS ELI LOOKS FOR HIS ELEVATED CORNER ELBOW … BUT MISSES IT!!!

AND IT’S THANKS TO HARRIS!!! The Wildcat swipes Eli‘s hands from the ropes, forcing him to land badly, but Booker takes care of Harris again, this time with a baseball slide to knock him down. The veteran spots Storm struggling to his feet … and lines up THE SCISSORS KICK AGAIN … BUT STORM AVOIDS IT … AND LOOKS FOR A DDT … BUT BOOKER SPINS OUT, AND RUNS OFF THE ROPES … BUT HARRIS TRIPS HIM!!! Booker doesn’t go down, but is taken out of his stride, and spins around to confront Harris, then turns around … AND GETS KICKED IN THE GUT … THEN STORM PLANTS BOOK WITH A TORNADO DDT!!! He covers, 1...2...BOOKER KICKS OUT!!!!!!!!!!

Bookers career ISNT OVER YET!!! The veteran STILL has fight left in him, much to the chagrin of the champions, who look at one another in total disbelief. Before they can continue on Booker though, Burke saves his mentor, and attacks Storm, hammering The Cowboy, but Harris gets inside and stomps Eli to bring the attack to a halt. With The Book Man still down, AMW are able to handily take care of Burke alone, and send the youngster into the ringpost shoulder first.

It leaves Booker in an awful predicament, as the champs drag him to his feet, with Storm looking at his hand, shaking it ala The Book Man - to massive heat from the fans -, before setting him up, as Harris gets in position … AND THE DEATH SENTENCE CONNECTS ON THE LEGEND!!! Storm hooks the leg, as Harris tackles Burke, preventing him from breaking the cover, 1...2... BURKE TRIES TO BREAK FREE TO STOP THE COUNT, BUT CANT SHAKE OFF HARRIS … 3!!!!!!!!
Winners: And STILL WWE Tag Team Champions - Americas Most Wanted @ 18:46
~ Booker T must leave the WWE ~

An eerie silence covers the arena, as AMW are jubilant, celebrating - KNOWING - that they’re responsible for the end of Booker T’s tenure in the WWE. The champions embrace on the outside, overcome with joy … whilst in the ring, Elijah Burke is on his knees, with his head buried in his hands, knowing his mentor is fired.

With the attention focused on the defeated challengers, AMW are quick to leave the scene, with Styles and Tazz in silence on commentary, not having the words to describe the scene, with the champions still on cloud nine at the top of the aisle, jumping for joy, high fiving … as their music dies down once they disappear, leaving just the beaten challengers in the ring.

Slowly, Booker comes around, realising his worst nightmare … his WWE career is officially over. On his knees, he calls Burke over, hugging his protégé, and the two men share some words between each other - most likely words of wisdom and encouragement from The Book Man - before getting to their feet, and a big cheer from the appreciative fans, and a round of applause on commentary from Styles and Tazz, with a standing ovation for the legend now inside the arena.

Burke steps aside, allowing Booker to have his final moment to himself, with the veteran seemingly welling up, nodding, waving to the fans, mouthing ‘THANK YOU’ at the overwhelming response. Eli then walks back over, seemingly asking for something from Booker, with the legend laughing at the suggestion, then nodding, before indicating to the fans with one finger … AND BEGINS TO SET UP FOR THE SPIN-A-ROONIE … ONE LAST TIME … AND EXECUTES IT TO PERFECTION!!!


The familiar refrain fills the arena, as Booker hugs Burke again, with the rookie exiting the ring, allowing Booker to say his goodbyes, blowing kisses to the fans, touching his chest, waving to the fans, before following out of the ring himself, whilst Tazz and Styles thank Booker for his contributions over the years, as the legend slaps hands with fans on his way up the ramp, as we fade out…


Back live, we see Booker T making his way towards the backstage area, where the downcast Elijah Burke follows. He turns a corner … and is suddenly met with a HUGE ovation, as the locker room has come out to greet him, despite his loss, showing his popularity. Heels and faces alike have come together to give the legend a fitting send off, with handshakes and hugs all around, as emotions run high for the veteran, five time WCW Champion.


A night time view from the sky of London is seen as the opening chords of ‘LONDON CALLING’ by The Clash plays.

As the opening chords continue, flashing shots of the WWE superstars {John Cena, Paul London, Christian, Randy Orton, Mr. Kennedy, Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle & Brent Albright} appear as the focus zooms closer to the city … eventually zooming towards the newly completed Wembley Stadium…


Spliced together clips, going from sights in London (Westminster) with Edge spearing Brock Lesnar, and Rey Mysterio hitting the 619 to Mr. Kennedy.


Focus shifts between the Wembley Arc, to action with Shelton Benjamin leaping off a ladder at WrestleMania, then Batista shaking the ring ropes.


Focus then shifts between the sights of London Cabs and Double Decker Buses in Trafalgar Square, to the sights of MVP bursting through his elaborate set, to Melina completing her banana split ring entrance.


We see Tower Bridge and then rowdy fans from WrestleMania, mixed with shots of Christian face to face with John Cena at WrestleMania to a backdrop of thousands inside the Superdome, along with a clip of Rob Van Dam soaring through the air to deliver a Five Star Frog Splash.


Zooming shot of the London Eye, clips of more fans from big WWE stadium events, mixed with Umaga roaring at the camera, and Randy Orton crouched, lying in wait for an RKO.


Flashing clip of Buckingham Palace, with a crazed Kurt Angle going for the Ankle Lock, then Brent Albright applying the Crowbar.


Big Ben is shown, mixed with Straight Edge delivering the simultaneous Shining Wizard, then Carlito hitting the Apple Core off the ladder at WrestleMania.


Another glorious shot of the new Wembley, as a rapid succession of shots of the top name stars flashes across the screen.


The camera then zooms out, further and further, as the music fades.


Back to the arena, and the graphic appears now for Orton vs. Lesnar.

Joey Styles: As sad as it may be to say goodbye to Booker T this evening, Tazz … the show must go on. And as we just saw, Summerslam is coming up fast, it’s six weeks away, and of course, we already know the main event. Captain Charisma, Christian, will be challenged by the undefeated Samoan Bulldozer Umaga. But while the World Championship match is set, who will walk into Wembley as WWE Champion?? Randy Orton meets Brock Lesnar - it’s the first EVER one on one meeting between the two youngest champions in WWE history. Can Orton find an answer to the strength and dominance of the Iron Man??

Tazz: Thanks to a handily placed sledgehammer at Judgment Day, Orton found a way past Lesnar. Since then, he’s lost his New Wave, and Lesnar has built up even more momentum. This is a HUGE challenge for the WWE Champion.


And, as ever, Tazz greets the familiar music with the comment; “WELL … HERE COMES THE PAIN!”, as the focused, determined WWE Champion makes his way onto the stage. The fans cheer for the sight of Lesnar, and the Iron Man makes his way down the aisle - striding confidently - as Styles and Tazz try to figure a weakness to his game, and use his questionable temper as a possible area for Orton to expose. Lesnar paces the ring, back and forth … barely able to wait.


Slow and calculated, Orton makes his way onto the stage to a vocal response from the fans. As he slowly walks down the aisle, Styles recaps the heinous actions of the WWE Champion, starting with his hounding of Ric Flair, forcing the greatest of all time to walk away from the WWE, then, his punt kick to RVD at WrestleMania to win the title, before a punt kick to Jericho to retain the title … followed by a further assault to Van Dam at Judgment Day, before punting his own (now former) stable mate in Nick Dinsmore. Orton is cautious as he approaches the ring, knowing Brock is desperate to get a piece of him. Orton stalls at ringside, forcing the official to back the Iron Man off, allowing the champion to enter the ring.

WWE Championship Match:
Randy Orton vs. Brock Lesnar

To his credit, Orton shows no fear of the bigger, angrier man, and comes right at Lesnar, locking up … BUT GETS RAGDOLLED ACROSS THE RING!!! Orton bounces around, selling the overwhelming strength of the Iron Man, and suddenly, he’s not so keen to take him on!! Orton pulls himself up in the corner, with Lesnar coming right after him, preventing Orton from escaping from the corner, and blasting him with fierce elbows to the face, before following up with shoulders to the gut, winding the champion in the early stages. He follows up with stomps to the gut - incessant kicks - forcing the champion to slump onto the canvas, with Brock STILL stomping the life out of him. Eventually, Mike Chioda is forced to step in, and instruct the challenger to back away. Lesnar does, but quickly comes back, dragging the overwhelmed champion to his feet, and throws him through the ropes, to the outside, quickly following out to continue the punishment.

Lesnar stomps the back of Orton, with the Legend Killer trying to crawl away, and picks him up, throwing him into the barrier, then stomps the chest of the champion again, showing himself to be ULTRA aggressive in the early stages, and giving Orton little - if any - time to breathe. Lesnar drags Orton back up, into a bear hug position … AND RUNS HIM INTO THE RING POST … AND THE NEXT ONE!!! Lesnar lets go of Orton, with the champion slumping down, looking worse for wear even in the early stages. It’s all Brock in the early stages, bringing Orton back inside, scoring a few quick near falls as he continues to press the champion. Orton manages to survive the onslaught, but he’s STILL on the backfoot, and is forced to survive more punishment, as Lesnar sends him into the corner, following in with a running high knee … and follows that up by repeating the trick THREE MORE TIMES, before shoving Orton down, and hooks the leg, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

Orton is under SEVERE pressure in these early stages, and the pressure is RELENTLESS from Lesnar, with the challenger continuing to pile it on, dropping a knee on Randy, covering again, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Still, Lesnar seems happy to punish the champion, sending him into the corner, and roughhouses him there again, with big blows, not allowing Orton to escape, before sending him across the ring to the opposite corner with incredible velocity … enough that Orton bounces back out upon impact … RIGHT INTO A THICK CLOTHESLINE FROM THE MASSIVE CHALLENGER!!! Brock hooks the leg again, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

It’s ALL coming from the challenger, with Orton in SERIOUS danger of losing the title in the early going, unable to mount ANY offence. He struggles back to his feet, and even when he gets up, Lesnar is on him, putting the hurting on the champ, pounding the back, and shooting him off the ropes again … but Orton ducks under a wild clothesline attempt, and as Lesnar spins around … ORTON ATTEMPTS A DESPERATION RKO … BUT LESNAR SHOVES HIM OFF … into the ropes … AND SCOOPS HIM UP ON THE RETURN FOR THE F5 … BUT ORTON SLIPS OFF … and quickly dives to the ropes, trying to get out of the ring, but Lesnar catches him first, pounding the back, bringing him back inside, and scores with a snap suplex, covering, 1...2...Kick Out again!!!

Lesnar now toys with the champion, kicking the head as Orton tries to crawl away … standing on his hand to stop him from moving!!! Orton cries out in agony, as Lesnar relinquishes his foot, then stomps the head again. Still toying with his prey, Lesnar STANDS on the back of the champion … and stays there … before stepping off, as Orton writhes in agony. Lesnar - enjoying himself - affords himself a smile, and watches as Orton crawls away, under the bottom rope, trying to escape … but the challenger is in hot pursuit, and hops out of the ring, lying in wait, as the champion crawls around the ring … but stops as he comes face to foot with the boots of the challenger.

Randy looks up, at a smiling Lesnar, and the Iron Man stomps the back of the champion again!!! Lesnar hauls Orton up, and sends him with an Irish whip into the barrier. Orton slumps down again, whilst Lesnar steps back, enjoying himself, with Orton EXACTLY where he wants him … AND CHARGES AT THE CHAMPION … BUT ORTON MOVES … AND LESNAR CRASHES … RIGHT THROUGH THE BARRIER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

An eruption tears through the Wachovia Centre, as Brock Lesnar lies flat on the rubble of the barrier after crashing THROUGH the damn thing!!! Inevitably, a raucous ‘HOLY SHIT’ chant begins, whilst the champion pants heavily, with the complexion of the match shifting greatly in favour of Orton. Now, after regaining his footing, Orton pushes through the rubble, and lifts Lesnar up, bringing him back to the ring, rolling him inside, and rolls him over for a cover, 1...2...KICK OUT FROM LESNAR!!! Orton took too long to get the Iron Man back inside, but the champion now has a clear advantage … and Orton is a man that knows how to take advantage of ANY situation. Orton begins to hit his stride, and makes the most of the opening, putting the boots to Lesnar in the corner, hammering him with straight right hands, before connecting with a front slam, and makes a cover, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Still the champion remains in control, backing the groggy challenger into the ropes, and strikes with a big uppercut forearm, then follows up with the INVERTED HEADLOCK BACK BREAKER!!!!! He covers, 1...2...SHOULDER UP AGAIN!!!

It’s all Orton now, with the champion beginning to really find his rhythm, getting into his groove, sending Lesnar into the corner, and then knocking him down on the return with a big clothesline - falling over himself due to the impact!! He gets back up, stomping the body of the challenger, before launching himself into the air, driving onto the Iron Man with a big knee, following with a lateral press, 1...2...KICK OUT ONCE MORE!!! Brock wont stay down for Orton, but Randy continues to increase the hurting, applying a headlock in order to wear the challenger down further, but soon, Lesnar is fighting back, trying to reach his feet … but Orton puts a stop to it, kicking the backs of the challengers knees, and quickly applies the tried and trusted (and always exhilarating) chinlock (of DOOM~!!) further pressurizing Brock, with the big man trying to escape … but Orton weakens him more, releasing the hold, and beginning to strike the chest of Lesnar, REPEATEDLY striking the chest, turning it from milky white to a beet red, before changing BACK to the chinlock, with Lesnar unable to prevent it from happening!!!

The Iron Man tires in the hold, unable to break the grip of the champion, and begins to fade … but soon hit’s a second wind … AND BEGINS TO BATTLE BACK … trying to fight to his feet. Orton looks shocked by the come back, and panics as his challenger battle back up to his feet … BUT DROPS LESNAR WITH A SWIFT NECKBREAKER!!! Orton covers, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Again, Orton starts to stomp the challenger in order to keep him down, and drags him up, firing off a few straight right hands, before running off the ropes … coming back … RIGHT INTO A SHOCKING BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX FROM LESNAR!!! Suddenly, the fans erupt!!! Lesnar explodes FROM NOWHERE!!! The challenger lets out a roar of pent up frustration, whilst Orton writhes, and the Iron Man stalks the champion, waiting for Orton to get back up, and once he does … HE SCORES WITH ANOTHER BELLY TO BELLY!!! Lesnar floats over, into a cover, 1...2...SHOULDER UP!!!

Lesnar now paces around the ring, feeding off adrenaline, wanting a piece of the champion in the worst way, with Randy fumbling to his feet … AND BROCK POUNCES ON HIM … AND CLOTHESLINES THE CHAMPION OVER THE TOP ROPE … TO THE FLOOR!!! But Lesnar isn’t stopping there!! The challenger follows out, punishing Orton, slamming his head off the steel steps, and slamming him onto the mats. Then, the Iron Man has another brainwave, and removes the padding, wanting to increase the punishment, and stands over Orton, clubbing the back to soften him up … then paces backward … and charges at the champion … BUT ORTON RESPONDS WITH A SCOOP POWERSLAM TO THE INCOMING LESNAR … ONTO THE COLD … HARD … UNPROTECTIVE FLOOR!!!

Lesnars plan backfires, and the challenger grimaces on the floor, clutching his back, whilst Orton stays hunched over, looking at Brock, and begins to crawl toward the ring apron, dragging himself back inside … seemingly happy to win this on a count out!!! Naturally, the fans shit all over Orton, as he gets inside, with the referee now up to SEVEN on his count … and Lesnar still not making a move toward the ring himself … and as Chioda cries out ‘EIGHT’ … Lesnar begins to move … with Orton willing the official to count quicker, wanting no part of Lesnar … ‘NINE’ … and now the challenger drags himself up, using the ring apron … and JUST BARELY breaks the referees count!!!!!

Orton - despite being unhappy - gets right on Lesnar, kicking him back through the ropes, and now picking him up, through the ropes … and everyone begins to realise what’s coming next … AS ORTON SETS BROCK ON THE MIDDLE ROPE … WITH LESNAR UNABLE TO BLOCK IT … ORTON DRILLS HIM WITH THE HANGMANS DDT!!!!!!!!! Closing his eyes, the Legend Killer assumes victory at this point, and rolls Lesnar over, hooking the FAR leg to prevent the challenger from getting a foot on the rope … 1...2...KICK OUT!!!!!

A massive pop greets the emphatic kick out, but Orton isn’t so pleased that the match will continue. Randy leans over Lesnar, grabbing the head of his challenger, yelling in his face “WHY DON’T YOU JUST STAY DOWN!!??” over and over. Suddenly, Orton ‘flicks the switch’ and rolls off the Iron Man, taking a position on the canvas, pounding the mat … signalling for the RKO!!!!! The champion, with his cold, dead eyes, continues to pound the mat with both fists, waiting for Lesnar to stir … his fury building up, his aggression reaching boiling point … and as Lesnar pulls himself up from the ropes, barely aware of his bearings … he peels away … AND ORTON STRIKES … BUT LESNAR SHOVES HIM AWAY … INTO THE AIR … CRASHING ONTO THE CANVAS!!!!! He blocks the RKO!!!!!

Now, it’s Orton that is writhing, holding his back, as he feels the effects of his crash … whilst Lesnar tries to shake the cobwebs loose, waiting for Randy to reach his feet, and once he does … LESNAR RIPS THROUGH HIM WITH AN ALMIGHTY CLOTHESLINE!!! Brock pulls Randy up again immediately, and grips him, blasting the champion with YET ANOTHER belly to belly!!! He covers, 1...2...ORTON KICKS OUT!!! Orton may still be in it, but with Lesnar moving up another gear, it could simply be a matter of time now, and the challenger watches on, as Orton tries to climb out of the ring again. Lesnar stops him, pulling him back up by the waist … AND INSTANTLY fires off a German Suplex!!! … AND HANGS ONTO THE CHAMPION … bringing him back to his feet!!!

Orton swings his arms wildly, trying to struggle free from the clutches of the Iron Man … BUT LESNAR SCORES WITH A SECOND GERMAN … HANGING ON ONCE AGAIN!!! Brock pulls Orton back up to his feet … as the champion desperately reaches out, trying to grab the ropes to stop the inevitable … but CANT … and LESNAR DELIVERS THE THIRD GERMAN - THIS TIME RELEASING!!! He crawls over, making the cover … 1...2...ORTON KICKS OUT!!!!!

A groan is the reaction from the fans, as Orton gets a last ditch shoulder up to save the match. Lesnar though doesn’t seem too disheartened, and he now appears to wave the match off … getting to his feet, and stalking the champion … with Orton out on his feet, using the ropes to get up … RIGHT INTO THE PATH OF LESNAR … WHO SCOOPS HIM UP … FOR THE F5 … BUT ORTON GRABS THE ROPES TO STOP IT!!! The champion, in a last ditch attempt to save his title, grabs the ropes … BUT LESNAR FLINGS HIM OFF … OVER THE ROPES … ONTO THE FLOOR BELOW!!!!!

The Iron Man - without a hint of sympathy for Orton - follows out, and picks Orton back up, rolling the champion back inside. The challenger steps back in, dragging Orton up by the head, grabbing the champions face, telling him “YOU‘RE MINE ORTON!! AND IT ENDS HERE!!!” Lesnar hauls him up, onto his shoulders … and takes his time … BEFORE DELIVERING THE F5!!!!!!!!!! It’s curtains for the champion, with Lesnar set to become the champion, about to make a cover … BUT IS DISTRACTED … BY A FAN???

There is commotion at the ring apron, with seemingly not one, but a GROUP of four fans trying to jump into the ring, and the Iron Man is forced to fend them off, kicking them away from the ring, as the security team quickly hit the scene, coming from all angles, even through the ring to quickly bring the fans under control. Lesnar is rightly furious, having had the match won, and yells out at the fans … as we see one of the security guards oddly backing away in the ring … AND PULLS OUT A SLEDGEHAMMER FROM THE BACK OF HIS PANTS … AND YANKS OFF HIS HAT … TO REVEAL … TRIPLE H!!!!!!!!

Lesnar is still completely unaware of the man behind him … and still isn’t … WHEN TRIPLE H SMASHES THE SLEDGEHAMMER OFF THE BACK OF LESNAR SKULL!!!!!!!!!! And, with all the commotion at ringside, Mike Chioda doesn’t have a clue what’s just went down in the ring!!! Triple H doesn’t take long to pose, but looks up for long enough to get a close up … before slipping out of the ring, throwing the hammer down, and mixing in with the security guards escorting the ‘fans’ out of the arena … whilst Randy Orton drapes an arm over Lesnar - who is out cold - with Chioda getting back inside … and despite a moment of confusion, he makes the count … 1...2...3!!!
Winner: And STILL WWE Champion - Randy Orton @ 19:06

The entire Wachovia Centre is deflated, as Orton retains the title, from the brink of defeat, all thanks to Triple H. The champion is barely able to sit up, whilst Styles and Tazz instantly talk of a conspiracy theory that Triple H set up the entire situation with the ‘fans’ trying to rush the ring.

Orton is helped to his feet by the official, and presented with the WWE Championship, stumbling into the ropes, holding his head in pain, with the fans still showing their unhappiness at the title retention. Lesnar is still down in the ring, but is beginning to come around, whilst Orton staggers out of the ring, clutching onto his title.

Lesnar begins to sit up now in the ring, and slowly begins to realise what just happened, and without even seeing who attacked him … he knows. Quickly, the rage develops across the face of the beaten Iron Man, and he pulls himself up using the ropes, then kicks them in frustration, as Styles and Tazz begin to talk about there being hell to pay for Triple H when Lesnar gets his hands on him, before seguewaying to the upcoming Buried Alive match, and the hell that JBL might just be about to pay … as the commentators throw to a video package, just as Lesnar storms out of the ring…

~ Spliced clips of JBL from WrestleMania, right through to Saturday Nights main event, badmouthing, insulting, and disrespecting The Undertaker, with clips of Taker injuring JBL at the Survivor Series, and Taker being carried out by druids at WrestleMania during the narration from JBL.
~ Highlights of the JBL self promotion video, mocking The Undertaker in a bid to bring him back ‘from the shadows’, along with clips of ‘Takers parlour tricks, costing Layfield a match against Jamie Noble on Smackdown.
~ Finally, Taker returns, accepting the challenge of a match at the Great American Bash emphatically; attacking JBL, and raising the stakes; A BURIED ALIVE MATCH.
~ Clips of gravesites, and previous Buried Alive matches, mixed with JBL stating his lack of fear, and his belief that he is the true ‘Phenom’ in the WWE.
~ Then, this past Friday, where Taker appeared (via video) with a gravesite especially made for JBL, and a headstone bearing the self made millionaires name…

Cut backstage where we see JOSH MATHEWS sprinting to the parking lot, trying to catch up with Triple H, as Joey Styles provides commentary with Mathews unable to run and talk at the same time…

Joey Styles: Ladies and Gentlemen, we are under the impression that Triple H is STILL in the building, and last spotted headed toward the parking lot, and our backstage reporter Josh Mathews is in pursuit, looking to catch a comment from the Cerebral Assassin.

Mathews makes it to the parking lot, and spots Triple H, getting his car open, running over, breathlessly trying to get the words out…

Josh Mathews: Hunter- Triple H- can get just get a few words about your attack on Brock Lesnar a few moments ago?? Are you officially returning from sabbatical?? Is this a direct challeng-

Triple H steps away from the car, and pie faces Mathews to the floor.

Triple H: You’ve got about five seconds to get the hell outta my way!!

Looking around, Triple H scurries back to the car, slamming the door shut, and quickly starting up the engine, and slams the foot down, screeching out of the parking spot, and speeds right by Mathews, out of sight … job complete.

And into the arena…


It’s a long, drawn out entrance as always for JBL, with the self made millionaire entering in his limo, and after (finally) exiting the vehicle, he passes by the gravesite, taking an eternity to look over at the mound, lifting a handful of dirt, and letting it run through his fingers.

The self proclaimed Wrestling God continues toward the ring, ignoring the abuse of the fans, showing a determined look; a ready look. More serious than ever before, JBL steps into the ring, and doesn’t bother playing to the fans. It’s all business for JBL tonight…

And he is forced to wait…

For the darkness … and it arrives.

The arena remains in darkness for a few seconds … in total silence (bar the cheering of course) … until …



A half dozen druids slowly walk into view, all carrying flaming torches, and lining up around the ring, rather than the aisle, with JBL seen darting around, looking frazzled by the presence of the druids around the ring, surrounded by the flames.


A flash hit’s the gravesite, and is followed by silence.



The fans come UNGLUED as The Undertaker RISES FROM THE GRAVESITE!!!!! The Phenom makes a memorable entrance, and exit’s the grave, before slowly making his way to the ramp, and proceeds to the ring, as the druids line up at the bottom of the ramp, with Taker passing each pair, before making his way up the steps, whilst JBL can only watch in the ring.

From here, it’s standard Taker fare, entering the ring, removing the hat, rolling back the eyes. The lights return, and Taker removes his jacket … WITH JBL JUMPING THE GUN AND ATTACKING THE PHENOM!!!

Buried Alive Match:
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield vs. The Undertaker

JBL pours on the offence from the get go, letting fly with clubbing blows to the head, shoulders and back, with Taker covering up … THEN BLASTING BACK!!! Taker fires back with a flurry of punches to the body, then a BIG right hand, that drops JBL to the canvas. Layfield scurries to his feet, and Taker backs him into the corner, letting loose with some big rights to the head and body, with JBL trying to escape, but Taker shoves him back in, driving an elbow into the face of the millionaire, who crumbles to the floor, and Taker puts the boots to the sternum, continuing the punishment. He drags JBL up, wringing the arm, but just as he appears to be setting up the OLD SCHOOL rope walk, JBL rushes Taker, and rams him into the corner, and a second time, forcing Taker to release the arm wringer.

JBL unloads in the corner with his big right hands, taking it to The Phenom, before sending him across the ring to the opposite corner - HARD - and runs off the ropes to boot Taker as he stumbles out, but The Phenom has it scouted, and ducks the boot, and as Layfield turns … HE is met with a boot FROM TAKER!!! The Undertaker now sends Layfield into the corner, and charges in, crushing JBL in the corner, and as his opponent staggers back out, Taker scoops him up, on his shoulder … AND DROPS HIM ON THE TOP TURNBUCKLE FOR SNAKE EYES!!! The Deadman now waits, as JBL staggers around … right into the path of The Phenom … who winds up with a HUGE right hand!!! Layfield goes down, and might stay down if it wasn’t for Taker picking him right back up. He wrings the arm again, and this time, OLD SCHOOL isn’t stopped, and the fans pop for the trademark Taker move.

The Undertaker now stands tall, and looks out of the ring, towards the gravesite, and points in that direction, with a big pop from the fans, as he gestures the throat slice, before picking JBL up, and throws him through the ropes to the outside, following outside himself. And there, the attack continues, with Taker throwing another few rights to the skull of JBL, then sets him on the apron, driving an elbow to the face of Layfield, before climbing onto the apron himself, and delivering the leg drop across the throat on the apron.

Now, it appears Taker believes Layfield to be sufficiently weakened, and throws the self made millionaire up, onto his shoulders, and proceeds up the ramp, toward the gravesite … but Bradshaw shoves himself off, and in absolute panic and fear - finally now realising the severity of the ramifications in losing the match - tries to run down the aisle, falling over himself, stumbling into the ring apron, as Taker - with a knowing smirk - turns, and stalks back down the aisle in pursuit.

Layfield retreats into the ring, sat up, backing off, as Taker reaches the ring, climbing onto the apron, and methodically re-enters, standing over JBL, who begs off, wanting out of the match, trying to bargain with the Deadman, before rolling out of the ring, toward the announce position, clamouring over the table, pushing Styles and Tazz out of the way, as The Deadman follows out, throwing the cover off the table, then the monitors, before reaching over, trying to drag JBL from under the table, pulling him out by the hair, with Layfield desperately trying to free himself. Taker slams Layfields head off the table, with JBL falling to the floor again, trying to crawl away, over the barrier. Undertaker continues to pursue, and reaches over the barrier, looking to pull JBL back … BUT GETS CREAMED WITH A STEEL CHAIR TO THE SKULL!!!

Taker collapses backward from the shot, as JBL peels himself back over the barrier, carrying the trusty chair, and slams the chair off the back of the Deadman, putting his adversary down, and despite looking spaghetti legged, JBL shows off the toothy grin, raising the chair in the air to celebrate, with the fans showing their hatred of the self proclaimed ‘Wrestling God’. Layfield begins to drag Taker up, with an intention to bring him towards the grave now, getting the Phenom on his shoulder, but struggles to carry the weight … and once he gets at the bottom of the ramp, he is forced to put his opponent down in order to take a breather.

JBL then tries to pick Taker up again, but once on his knees, The Deadman unloads with rights and lefts to the body of JBL, then pushes to his feet, throwing shots to the head, before JBL attempts to subdue him with a whip into the ring apron, but The Undertaker reverses, sending JBL into it instead!!! JBL grimaces in pain as he hit’s the apron, and Taker runs in at him … BUT BRADSHAW CONNECTS WITH A BIG BOOT TO THE INCOMING TAKER!!!!!

Now, Layfield drags Taker back up, and without any wasted time, sends the Deadman THROUGH the steel steps!!! The Phenom topples over, and lies flat on the floor, whilst Bradshaw moves the steps, setting them up, before pulling Undertaker back up, and placing him in position … SETTING HIM UP … FOR A POWERBOMB ONTO THE STEPS?????!!! JBL thinks it over for a moment, then attempts to get his rival up - BUT TAKER BLOCKS IT - JBL tries again … but cant get The Deadman up, and reels away holding the bottom of his back, potentially damaging himself by trying to shift the 300 pound frame of Taker, and when he turns around … TAKER USES THE STEPS AS A PLATFORM … and runs up, diving off with a SPECTACULAR FLYING CLOTHESLINE TO BRADSHAW!!! Being who he is, Taker is up quickly, and brings his tormentor with him … picking him up, and now setting JBL up at the steps in the same position he was in moments ago … AND GETS HIM UP … DRIVING HIM INTO THE STEPS WITH THE LAST RIDE!!!!!

“Holy Shit” chants engulf the Wachovia Centre, as The Undertaker perhaps puts the final nail in Bradshaws coffin with a sickening Last Ride onto the steps. It could be plain sailing from here for the Deadman, as he peels Layfield off the steps, and begins to carry him on his shoulders up the ramp, toward the gravesite, throwing him off at the dirt. The fans voices raise higher again as we finally get toward the nitty gritty, with Taker kicking Bradshaw over, rolling him … INTO THE GRAVE!!!

Of course, it’s not over yet, and Taker picks up the shovel, trying to scoop dirt into the six foot hole, and the dirt appears to bring JBL around, with the self made millionaire pushing it off, moving around - PANICKING - scurrying around, trying to get out of the grave, as Taker continues to shovel dirt on him. JBL struggles to get up, but does, and tries to climb out at the opposite side to where Taker is, pulling himself out of danger for the meantime, as the Deadman drops the shovel, and proceeds to stalk down JBL once again.

The Deadman walks around, standing over JBL once more, and attempts to drag him up … BUT LAYFIELD LOW BLOWS THE PHENOM!!! Taker wheels away, dropping to a knee, giving JBL a chance to recover. Both men are now slow to get up, but Bradshaw is on his feet first, lying in wait for Taker to rise up, and once he has, BRADSHAW CHARGES - AND SCORES - WITH THE CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL!!!!! Unfortunately for Layfield though, the impact puts Taker down … but he rolls down off the side of the dirt - AWAY from the grave.

JBL looks to the heavens, knowing he’ll have to haul the frame of Taker back up over the dirt and into the grave, but decides he has to, rather than wait for Taker to get back up again. After stumbling over the dirt, JBL reaches his target, and has the unenviable task of getting his opponent back up the mound, and then into the grave, pushing him up, and over the dirt, trying to roll Taker over, into the grave … AND DOES!!!

Bradshaw has Taker in the grave … but he is spent after exerting all his energy on getting The Deadman INTO the grave … and takes a few moments to muster the strength to get up, and make a move toward the shovel to bury his opponent. JBL does get to it, but before he can even begin to shovel the dirt onto Taker, the Phenom is moving, and getting to his feet, pulling himself up to get out of the grave … BUT JBL WHACKS HIM WITH THE SHOVEL!!!!!! Taker crashes back to the bottom of the grave - OUT - after the sick thud of the shovel against his skull!!!

JBL laughs, peering over the grave, - enjoying the heat from the fans - before quickly turning, and begins to shovel the dirt … but it’s taking too long for Layfield. The self made millionaire throws the shovel down … and peers up at the JCB beside the grave, with the machine full of dirt, which would end proceedings in an instant. Bradshaw begins to make a beeline toward the machine, and climbs up, onto it, opening the door, and looks to step inside … BUT INSIDE THE GRAVE … THE UNDERTAKER HAS SAT UP!!!!!!!

JBL is still unaware, as the fans go nuts, with Taker getting back up, and pulling himself out of the grave … with JBL finally realising, and his expression drops from inside the JCB. The self proclaimed Wrestling God is forced to exit the vehicle, and is met by Taker as he exits, trying to kick down at Taker - trapped by the Deadman - and eventually has to go for broke, launching himself down at Taker from the machine - BUT TAKER CATCHES HIM - and RAMS Layfield into the side of the machine!!! Bradshaw rightfully winces in agony, before Taker roughhouses him into the direction of the gravesite, throwing him into the dirt, with JBL coughing up, getting dirt into his mouth. Taker reaches over, and begins to incessantly pound his foe on the muck, then reaches for a handful of the stuff, and shoves it into the face of Layfield.

The Deadman gets back to his feet, taking a moment to think of how to finish JBL off once and for all, and turns, looking to pick Bradshaw up - BUT JBL SWINGS AGAIN WITH THE SHOVEL - BUT THIS TIME, TAKER BLOCKS IT!!! The Phenom grabs the shovel, snatching it away from Layfield, and drives the wood into the gut of his opponent, forcing JBL to double over, THEN slams the steel end across the back of the self made millionaire!!! Taker now drags the lifeless JBL up … and looks the spent force in the eye, before making the cut throat taunt … AND SCOOPS JBL UP WITH EASE … BEFORE PLANTING HIM INTO THE DIRT WITH A TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER!!!!!!!!!

It’s surely over now, as Taker gets back up, and rolls JBL over to the grave … but stops short of rolling him inside. Again, the Phenom shows a devilish smirk, before reaching down … pulling JBL back up to his feet … AND GRIPS HIM AROUND THE THROAT … PAUSING … AS THE FANS RAISE THEIR VOICE … THEN LIFTS HIM UP … AND CHOKESLAMS JBL INTO THE GRAVE … ALL THE WAY TO HELL!!!!!! JBL is laid spread eagled, six feet under … as Taker stands over the grave, then drops to a knee … and raises a hand in the air, as the lights dim …


The six druids are joined by ANOTHER SIX druids, all carrying shovels, making their way to the gravesite, as Taker remains in same position, whilst the druids begin to shovel dirt onto JBL, and with such a high volume of people shovelling, it doesn’t take long … UNTIL THE BODY OF JBL IS COVERED IN DIRT … disappearing from view, with only dirt now visible in the grave … AND THE BELL IS RUNG!!!
Winner: The Undertaker @ 15:52

The Undertaker remains in the same stoic position, whilst the druids continue to shovel dirt, all the while, the Deadmans music fills the arena, and The Undertaker is announced as the victor, with Joey Styles barely able to get the words out that “JBL … has been … BURIED … alive???”

At the gravesite, The Undertaker stands back up, and slowly walks toward the JCB, as we see the dozen Druids stop their work, and proceed to leave the site. At the JCB, The Deadman makes another gesture … and LIGHTNING strikes the machine … AS THE JCB EMPTIES ALL IT’S DIRT INTO THE GRAVE … FILLING THE GRAVE TO THE BRIM!!!!!

A massive roar of shock and awe fills the Wachovia Centre … JBL is trapped under SIX FEET OF DIRT!!! The Undertaker remains cold and calculated, as the camera gets a close up of the Phenom, who rolls his eyes back, before turning, and slowly walking away from the grave, showing no remorse for his actions, as JBL remains BURIED ALIVE. The show comes to an end, as Taker stops at the entrance way, peering back over at the gravesite, raising an arm, just as we see medics - LOTS of medics - rushing by the side of the stage, instantly trying to find a way to remove the dirt and save Bradshaw…


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