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Re: Being The Booker

I'm kind of split on the opening. You know I'm a huge fan of this current angle you have going with Cena, which I'm fairly certain will culminate in a Macho Man-esque heel turn by WrestleMania XXIV (if you get that far, you'll have reached new, deity-like levels of awesomeoness btw) against probably Christian in a rematch. And I like the babyface mentality that Cena has here of understanding that he has to work his way up from the bottom. It kind of reminds me of an angle in ROH a few years back that Colt Cabana had going, where he would wrestle in opening matches every show to work his way back into World Title contention. It's subtle, and it also gives other guys the chance to shine in main event spots. What I didn't really like was Eric Bischoff's involvement. I never used to have much of a problem with ol' Easy E, but just recently I've become sick and tired of the man. He was becoming overexposed on Raw, and now that he's temporarily in charge of SmackDown as well, I'm just completely fed up of him. He's never been that interesting anyway in real life or in any BTB - although his face turn at WM XXIII by you was truly great. That's the other thing, he really is in full tweener mode at the moment, where he just seems to hate EVERYONE. I can't remember the last time he actually did something nice for someone. I hope you get rid of him soon, or, at the very least, bring Arn back on SD and have him be pissed off and go all 'Old School' on that show to spice things up. The little squash match for Cena was fine, and I think you should continue with these for the foreseeable future, including as drastic as it may sound, at SummerSlam, otherwise you run the risk of making his rise back to the top look cheap or just rehashing his feud last year with Finlay.

Absolutely LOVED the World Tag Team Title match. I kind of agree with what BkB said in that returning the belts to MNM has kind of re-started the feud we've been seeing all year between them and Straight Edge, but I fully understand why you're doing it. If you have a weak tag team division - and let's face it, most WWE threads do - then as a booker you pick your two top teams and you have the faith in yourself to stretch out a lengthy feud between the two of them. Now you just happen to have two fantastic teams with all kinds of potential for a lengthy, intriguing feud, so why the hell not eh? As I've said before, I was almost certain that a double switch was coming between these two at some point, with SE being revealed as the ones behind The British Lions' problems, but you've certainly thrown something just as intriguing out there with the inclusion of The Entourage. The match itself was a bit of a clusterfuck in terms of all the interference, but it had a nice old school feel to it with the babyfaces being completely screwed at the end, but with the other faces coming to their aid at the end. It's great to see you give over 15 minutes to them as well, as these two teams could probably put on a great match with double that on a PPV. I don't know what this is all leading towards at SummerSlam, as another multi-man tag team match would just seem a bit crap after Vengeance. I wonder if we'll see MNM/BL, and you are actually going to break SE up, which would be a real shame. I was hoping to see their tag title reign go for over a year! Anyway, it's tag team 'wrasslin, so I'm of course hooked

SummerSlam should be great, as everyone keeps saying. Funny how these same people can't actually be arsed giving you any feedback though

I have to give you props for this angle you're running with Cody Rhodes. We're in agreement on his talent. He's a good talker and by today's standards he's actually pretty good in the ring. The current WWE have fucked him over by giving him ridiculous gimmicks all the time, but you seem to be sticking to simple, old school, dickish heel ways of trying to leave his family's shadow. Dustin Rhodes or Goldust is going nowhere, so this angle really serves no other purpose than to get Cody over as a prick, which it does nicely. Although it was quite amusing to see Umaga kill Dustin, I think you should have used someone else in order to make the end of the show more effective. I know you wanted the "Oh Shit" moment when 'Maga came out, but it kind of took away from the epic ending since 'Mags had already appeared once in the show. You could have just used Mark Henry or Monty Brown if you wanted a squash, but I suppose you've been burying them a bit too much of late

Blimey, SummerSlam '99 was rubbish wasn't it?

Short but sweet promo from Kurt Angle. I'm still stunned he's not the one getting the shot at SummerSlam, since I have absolutely NO idea what he's going to do at that show now.

Jeez, the babyfaces are fired up tonight aren't they? First Straight Edge attack MNM on the ramp, and now even nice little Rey Mysterio does the same to Rhyno. You know what? I LOVE it. It means you've actually built a feud to the point where it's just unrealistic for these guys to wait to get their hands on one another. With Rey's involvement, this was obviously great, as no one quite works with big men the way he does. It was more like a Falls Count Anywhere match, with Rey-Rey just using everything as his props. Quite surprised that Rhyno kicked out of Mysterio's finisher towards the end, but I suppose you really do plan on pushing him Sick, if predictbale, ending with the Gore through the table, and Rhyno wins. I knew it was coming, but I'm still annoyed. I just pray you keep him as a heel, because he is FAR more interesting in this role than he is as a babyface. No idea where either man goes from here though.

Ugh. Miz. Glad you're using him in a non-wrestling capacity. The guy can talk, I'll give him that. He works as an obnoxious prick, even if this whole 'Reality Check' thing is unbelievably cheesy and a bit too similar to Alex Shelley's old Paparazzi thing in TNA. I honestly don't care when he comes back, but you need to be careful that you don't have both he and Santino doing the same schtick every week.

Simple squash for Mickie, which pretty much continues to stoke the fires of her feud with Beth, whilst also hinting at some Gail Kim involvement. It might have been a bit cheesy, but at least you've actually created some interesting characters in the Women's division. And guess what? All three of these ladies can wrestle too. Who's have thought it?

Another short promo from Mr. Kennedy. Delighted to see him sticking around in the main event scene as a permanent fixture. I know he's not the best in-ring worker, as everyone keeps pointing out, but at least when he's put with a great wrestler like Angle or Christian or even someone like Matt Hardy, he can be carried to a great match. You can't say the same about The Miz now can you? Still struggling to see what Ken will be doing at SummerSlam.

Disappointed that the Brotherhood/Hardy feud gets the shaft tonight. It's been one of my favourite things about Raw in recent weeks. Other than Shelton, you really do job Teddy's boys out something fierce, don't you? Such a shame too, as the group dynamic is excellent, and Long is a brilliant manager. Hardy and Regal 'outsmart' them with heelish tactics tonight, and it looks as though Shelton/Hardy will be taking place at SummerSlam. I just hope it's not a Ladder Match like I fear it will be. Yes, both guys can do wonders in such a match as we all know, but it's just so clichéd and obvious. It was obvious that Matt Hardy was going to win the U.S Title back from Charlie Haas in a Ladder Match, it was obvious that Shelton/Christian for the World Title was going to be a Ladder Match; these guys can actually wrestle, and I'd like to see you go a different route then the expected one, going with a 2/3 Falls or 30-Minute Iron Man Match or something along those lines. You could have Shelton choose the stipulation because he thinks he can outwrestle a "spot monkey stunt man" like Matt, but we all know that's not the case.

That SummerSlam video never gets old

Lol @ that Ricky Hatton video. It's pretty hard to right for someone like that, and I more than most people should be able to, since I'm from very close to where he's from. Glad that it's Shane McMahon doing all the promoting though. Fuck Vince. Interesting choices for the six wrestlers representing the WWE at the press conference too. Christian and Orton are obvious, as is Cena unfortunately, and Trips was always going to manoeuvre his way in there somehow, but Albright and London? Major, major props for that. They look like absolute STARS now up there representing the company like that. Would have been nice for Shelton or AMW or MNM to be there instead of Hunter, but I'll take Albright and London for now

Oh well, there goes my SummerSlam prediction MNM/British Lions next week should be great, and I wouldn't rule anything out at this point, mainly as I have absolute NO idea where this is going. MNM and The Entourage could screw Burchill and Smith again, or MNM could turn out to be nothing more than transitional champions for the Brits

Hardy and Regal should be good next week. That will probably set up Hardy/Shelton at SummerSlam.

Nice little interview from Christian. I love that he got pissed when asked about Umaga.

@ Coach when Cena came down for commentary. Brilliant stuff. It almost made up for Cena being there at all, but not quite. I don't like it because it gives the impression of Cena still doing whatever the hell he wants as a main eventer. I think he should be really treated as a mid-carder, meaning he can't just show up whenever he feels like it. I guess it kind of shows what an arrogant prick he is though, which is all leading towards the slow yet inevitable heel turn.

Amazing main event to cap off a show that has really delivered on the match front. A twenty minute classic for the World Title and it didn't disappoint. Angle and Kennedy were always going to gang up on Christian to begin with, but I'm glad it wasn't one of those triple threats where the double-teaming lasts for ages. It didn't last very last at all actually following the Angle Slam to Christian on the floor. The finish was good, as it keeps both Angle and Kennedy looking strong, although I have no idea what for, and puts a sense of urgency onto Christian. Kennedy's post-match attack gives him his heat back, as well as softening Christian up sufficiently. The little altercation between Cena and Kennedy may hint at a possible SummerSlam angle between them, but like I said, I'd much rather see Cena's mid-card run continue. I guess that would leave KK and Angle in the cold, but I'm sure you'll think of something.

And the aftermath. What can I say really? It was absolutely perfect. Or rather, it would have been perfect, had Umaga not only appeared once already tonight But still, the way he appeared when Christian was at his weakest, beat the shit out of him, and then... I'm so glad you've understood how to book a monster like this. Even though he's a heel, you just don't have him steal the title. Edge can do that, Orton can do that, but 'Maga is just going to beat CC fair and square at SummerSlam in what should be an absolute CLASSIC to mark the beginning of one of the most hotly anticipated title runs in BTB history. Imagine it, Umaga the champion, but with Estrada carrying the belt and doing all the talking. I'm getting excited just thinking about it. It's a shame for Christian, as I had hoped he would get a longer second reign than his first, but there was just absolutely no way Umaga wasn't cashing in on him successfully, especially after last year's trouble that you had with Edge when you ran out of time. I could possibly see Christian getting the title back before WM and facing a newly turned heel Cena, but that match wouldn't necessarily need the title, and Umaga's such a beast that anything other than a long run would be naff. I'm glad that after all this build, all this squashing of everyone and everything, you've finally pulled the trigger with Umaga, and he's going to be doing something meaningful at last. DDMac was just reaching the same point when he left, so hopefully you don't choose to leave us It would be such a waste...

Another great show, Wolfy, Three tremendous, PPV quality matches, some great story advancement with Cena, and one of the best endings in recent BTB history. With that single match, your SummerSlam already has mine beat ... and I couldn't care less, because I love reading yours so much
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Tag Teaming With James Ellsworth
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Re: Being The Booker

I would write something long and lengthy but I want you to have this feedback if it helps you stay at work on this thread. Feel a tad guilty that I've read this thread for four years now and I've only made two random mentions here.

It might sound odd but this whole thing you are doing with the Rhodes brothers from start to now has been my favourite stuff. That means something cause I've never really cared for Dustin Rhodes as a wrestler to begin with. As great as it was for Umaga to come out to destory Dustin like he did Cody not too far back, I am inclined to agree that Umage should only have appeared at the end.

Personally, the Mysterio/Rhyno feud is confusing to me. I don't know but nothing really clicks for me though, but its great seeing Rhyno doing something, he deserves it.


Coach being such a smug prick with Cena at the end was just great.

Great Triple Threat at the end. It had everything. A great match, a story to tell between these three men, and a twist of excellence at the end.
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Re: Being The Booker

The commentators basically summed up my thoughts on this show at the beginning. It’s absolutely stacked.

Surprised to see Cena starting out the show, considering it’s stacked with big matches, but I didn’t really see where he’d fit at all. The whole losing streak definitely isn’t about dropping him down the card (rather an amazing looking heel turn), so it makes sense to keep him in the spotlight by having him open the show up. Even though it’s simple, I really liked the start to this promo. It did a really good job hyping up how big tonight’s show is, and also really summed up where Cena is right now, not being involved in any of that type of stuff. I also found it interesting that he smirked at the mixed reaction, as I imagine that will slowly change with time. Right now he’s comfortable with it, but after what Vince said about the fans turning against him when he’s down, and Cena going through a stressful time due to being out of the title picture, I get the feeling that’s going to start getting on his nerves as he starts to struggle more and more. Hopefully that happens slowly, as this turn (if it is indeed happening), looks like it could be great. Cena summing up where he is, before going through what we’d normally see from Cena by pledging to fight through it is good to see, because it’s what you’d expect from him to start with. Capitalising on this show being in the same place as WrestleMania is great too, with the whole talking up of how Cena’s going to get back into it and walk into Phoenix as champion next time. Not only does it give Cena motivation to get out of the slump and back into title contention, but it gives him an aim to meet, one way or another. Bischoff coming out and playing the party pooper is interesting, as one moment he’s playing the face, the next he’s playing the heel. Having him antagonize Cena is a nice use of his character though, really summing up the position Cena is in well. Cena responding with his motivational stuff was nicely done, keeping him looking like that man on a mission, while Bischoff throwing Cena a nobody to show where he is in the pecking order is a great way to rub in Cena’s face all that he’s going to have to go through to get back to the top. Really nice first promo to sum up where Cena is at right now, and where he’s going next.

Cena running right through Ortiz is fine, starting him off at the bottom. I’m honestly surprised he’s winning so soon, but it takes the storyline the way you want, with Cena having to try to work his way back up. Have to say, I’m glad Ortiz won’t be coming back too, because he really is quite awful.

Having Straight Edge go on the attack right from the beginning is a clever way to show that they want to finish the match early before any rubbish is pulled, capitalising on the immediate past of these two teams well. The match itself went nicely from there, with the ending being nice. On one hand, I like how this leaves us one obvious rematch, with Straight Edge now aware of everything that MNM can pull due to both Melina and the entourage being around. At the same time, I’m not sure this feud has the legs. It’s up to you to see how it plays out, I guess.

The British Lions making the save here is nice, at least keeping in mind that they are a fresh face in amongst the title scene.

The world tour concept is interesting, as it could create some big matches if you really play up the gimmick while overseas.

This angle is something that continues to surprise me. I remember when you first started this and I said I thought it was crap and it seemed stupid, and you told me to have patience. Loving it now. Cody almost controlling Dustin and making him shun his past just because Dustin wants to control him is great, and the entire idea that Cody is having Umaga destroy Dustin, just like he did to Cody when Dustin entered him in King of the Ring is really clever. I originally just expected last week to mean these two would form a team, but this is so much better. Big thumbs up here for turning what seemed like a ridiculous midcard angle that had no real direction into, well, this. The final message there from Cody, having him say Dustin had to compete to protect him was just great. This character you’ve given Rhodes with the bitter twist is brilliant. Loving it.

Random and pointless, but this was one of my first wrestling DVDs, so I smiled at the use of SummerSlam ’99 here.

Clever use of the video package as a segue into the question, with the intense Angle promo that followed being just fine. Nothing absolutely spectacular, but that basic Angle intense promo that you do well is wheeled out again.

Even though it shows how personal this feud is, I have to say I find it odd to imagine Rey jumping someone the size of Rhyno from behind. Still, it does kick off the extreme element well. I really liked the brawling through the crowd to really give the ECW Rules Match that ECW feel, and the nearfalls built nicely. Having the 619 not get the win here is a good move, because so many other moves look so much more painful in a hardcore environment without getting the win. I was a bit surprised Rhyno went over so convincingly, but I’m kind of glad he did, as I’m interested to see what kind of role he can play in this thread. Neither have obvious feuds to move into, so I’m not quite sure what you’ve got planned for either man.

While I’m not sure I like the idea of Miz getting too much screen time when he, well, quite frankly sucked back in 2007, I like the ideas you’re using with him, really pushing the whole reality thing, while also having him talk up how much he works and how the boys in the back don’t like him, playing off stuff that actually happened really well. I’m not sure how much of a role he’ll have in the future of this thread, but for now you’re using him in quite a clever way.

Giving Mickie a squash win is a nice way to keep her momentum going, and the Phoenix connection was expected, but I’m surprised you had Kim watching also. I guess it throws something extra into the Women’s Title scene to make things interesting and not as straightforward as we had believed.

A nice promo from Kennedy, mixing his smartass attitude in well with the seriousness of the title match to come.

\Nice way to continue to keep Matt Hardy connected with Benjamin here, despite them not facing ahead of their seemingly inevitable match at SummerSlam, while getting Regal in there for a win is never a bad thing either, keeping his credibility up.

I’m not sure what Hatton will be involved in at SummerSlam, but I do like the idea of having him involved to give the show that extra “big event” type feel. You do seem to like your boxers too, following up on Tyson at WrestleMania.

The British Lions were a bit generic here, but they did have a bit of that UK characterization (well, Burchill did) to at least give them something. Setting up the tag title match for next week isn’t a bad idea either. It makes the title scene seems a little more fresh, and also gives The Brish Lions a chance to shine.

Loving the addition of Hardy/Regal to next week’s card for a shot at the IC Title too. It gets Matt to actually earn his shot at the title, while it also cleverly plays on the King of the Ring tourney with it being a rematch from there. Just a clever little piece of booking, showing how everything ties together so well in here.

Loved the serious element to this interview from Christian, really building up the match as big and talking up what the world title means. The way he reacted to Umaga being mentioned was great too, showing that Mags has gotten under his skin. Seems like you’re perhaps hinting at a feud there.

Honestly, I don’t like Cena coming out on commentary here. Having him work from the bottom to the top is a good storyline, but it feels like he just shouldn’t be connected here yet. Give him some time away from the main event entirely. I know it’s odd, with SummerSlam about to happen and Cena one of your bigger stars, and I know he wants the title, but I really enjoyed what I thought we were getting earlier. As you’ve shown with the Rhodes angle though, you always make things work, so I guess I’ll wait and see what the point of this is.

Really liked the opening to this match, with the heels working together. The early Angle Slam on the outside set the pace too, as you really managed to keep things going frantically, making for a very exciting and long final stretch. The finish caught me a little off-guard, as I thought we’d be getting a decisive fall after all of the big moves, but the pin works well to set up the attack from Kennedy. The interaction with Cena was interesting too. Cena/Kennedy at SummerSlam? I guess a loss for Cena could restart this storyline, in a way, and Kennedy certainly would look good going over Cena.

The ending to the show was great, plain and simple. Umaga has been teasing it for weeks, and to have Christian/Umaga at SummerSlam seems like a worthy main event right now. The build has been there, and with this segment, you’ve really sold the match perfectly. Great stuff.

Great show as usual, Wolfy. SummerSlam definitely looks like it’s going to be big on the RAW side, and everything on this show was developed well. I really shouldn’t need to tell you the writing was good too. Keep it coming, please.

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Re: Being The Booker

WWE Superstars | July 3 2007

Chavo Guerrero & Super Crazy (again, referred to on commentary as Los Latinos) defeated Evan Bourne & Elix Skipper @ 10:01 after Bourne caught Skipper trying to cheat, and stopped his partner from doing so. As the pair argued over Elix questionable tactics, Chavo and Crazy took advantage, with Crazy eventually delivering his triple moonsault to Skipper, gaining the 1,2,3!!

After the match, Bourne and Skipper would continue their argument over the tactics of Skipper … until the veteran sucker punched the up and comer!! Skipper then proceeded to beat Bourne down, until Los Latinos hit the ring again to make the save for Bourne.

Beth Phoenix defeated a local jobber @ 01:53 with the as yet, still unnamed Glam Slam.

Deuce & Domino defeated The Mad Murdoch Twins @ 05:19 with a roll up from Deuce catching Festus by surprise, and thanks to using the ropes, keeps the big mans shoulders down for the three.

Shelton Benjamin defeated Stevie Richards in a Non-Title Match @ 05:46 thanks to PayDirt to claim the victory.


Smackdown Preview:

It's the final stop before the Great American Bash this Sunday, and for two members of the Friday Night Smackdown roster, it could be a final appearance, as both Booker T and JBL will put their livelihoods at stake on Pay Per View. Booker has put up his contract for a shot at the WWE Tag Team Championships with Elijah Burke, whilst JBL of course meets The Undertaker in a Buried Alive match. With both men well aware it could be their Smackdown swansong, both will look to sign off in style when they go one on one. Which of the two will head into the Bash with a victory under their belts - and perhaps more importantly, much needed momentum ahead of career altering matches.

General Manager Eric Bischoff has also signed a six man tag team match to coincide with the return of Garrison Cade and Ken Doane to Smackdown. Cade has been out with a knee injury - suffered at the hands of Brock Lesnar last month - and Doane has been taking time off in order to 'reassess' his goals going forward. The duo will be thrown right into the deep end with their leader; WWE Champion Randy Orton, to face the man that tackles Orton on Sunday for the richest prize in the game, Brock Lesnar, along with the U.S Champion, Paul London and Batista. London and Batista meet The Brian Kendrick and Edge respectively at The Bash this weekend, and will be looking to send a message to their opponents with a performance in this six man tag. But after the attack he suffered at the hands of Orton - and the Master Craftsmen - last week, will Brock Lesnar keep his cool long enough for the match to take place?? Or will the Iron Man simply see red??

The Brian Kendrick may have his attention on taking the United States Title from Paul London this Sunday, but as he takes his eyes off his own championship, many others are eyeing the Cruiserweight Champion - not least of which is Jamie Noble. The former champion has been rejuvenated in recent weeks, building off a huge win over JBL last month, and now, he has his sights locked on The Brian Kendrick. Coming off a win over Kid Kash last week, Noble looks to go a step closer to a title shot this week - by challenging Kendrick to a non-title match!! A victory over the champion would be priceless for Noble, and would be sure to earn him a shot at the title. And, with Kendricks attention diverted elsewhere, could now be the perfect time for Noble to strike??

Carlito has remained tight lipped after last week accepting a challenge from the Master Craftsmen for him and a partner of his choosing to meet them in a tag match at the Great American Bash. With few friends in the locker room - and even fewer available to team with him this Sunday - Carlito appears to be short of options. Will we find out who - or even IF anyone - will partner him against the King of the Ring and Charlie Haas this weekend?? Carlito goes one on one with Haas on Smackdown, and will be looking to show not only Haas, but Albright, that he is more than capable of being a match for either man. But if he is to compete alone at The Bash ... it will be a much different story.

Confirmed Matches:
The New Wave vs Brock Lesnar, Batista and Paul London
JBL vs Booker T
Carlito vs Charlie Haas
Non-Title Match; The Brian Kendrick vs Jamie Noble


I'll hopefully post SD tomorrow afternoon.
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Re: Being The Booker

Interesting looking show, Wolf Man. Surprised you've thrown The New Wave back together like that, considering it seemed they may have imploded. I guess it still could happen during the match though. Booker/JBL should be fun, and Haas/'Lito quality, while Noble/TBK is a bit surprising too, but I guess a victory for Noble could set him up for a title shot after The Bash. Looking forward to how the go home show for The Bash comes together.

P.S. - You don't need to worry about me. I'm not fussed.

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Re: Being The Booker

Friday Night Smackdown | July 6 2007 | Phoenix AZ

Opening Video


Joey Styles: Less than forty eight hours remain until Smackdowns next Pay Per View - The Great American Bash!! And Tazz, we have quite the line up heading into this Sundays event.

Tazz: Oh, undoubtedly partner. A huge six man tag main event, with Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton lockin’ horns on opposite sides of the ring ahead of their WWE Championship Match on Sunday. The New Wave is back tonight, and the trio of Orton, Doane and Cade will have to be on the same page tonight when they take on the Number One Contender, Batista and the United States Cham’peen, Paul London.

Joey Styles: And for Garrison Cade, it’s his first appearance on Smackdown in a month, after he was brutally assaulted by Lesnar - and left high and dry by his supposed running buddy, Randy Orton. However, while it’s a welcome return for Cade, tonight could be the final time we see Booker T and JBL on Smackdown.

Tazz: Both men putting their livelihoods at stake this Sunday, with Booker offering up his career in exchange for that shot at the tag team titles, and of course, JBL will meet the returning Undertaker in a Buried Alive match. Tonight, both men are looking to head into the Bash with a big win over the other.

Joey Styles: What an intriguing night it promises to be, Tazz. And thankfully, we don’t have to put up with any petulant children alongside us tonight.

Tazz: Yeah … don’t speak too soon.


It’s heat for THE Brian Kendrick, as the current Cruiserweight Champion struts onto the stage, NOT dressed to compete this evening.

Joey Styles: And at the Great American Bash, Brian Kendrick-

Tazz: THE Brian Kendrick, Joe.

Joey Styles: Sorry - THE - Brian Kendrick has the opportunity to become the first ever United States AND Cruiserweight Champion at the same time, when he challenges his old friend - now his bitter enemy - Paul London. However, tonight, Kendrick has been challenged to a match by Jamie Noble, with Noble aiming to earn a shot at Kendricks Cruiserweight title in the near future.

Tazz: Well, a lot of people have been accusing Kendrick of neglecting his Cruiserweight title in the last month or so as he pursues the United States Title, and honestly … looking at Kendrick, he doesn’t appear to be prepared for a fight here, does he??

Joey Styles: Not at all.

Kendrick steps into the ring, picking up a mic, having something to say, as the fans mercilessly boo the cocky CW Champ.

The Brian Kendrick: Sooooo … here we are. The time is nearly here. In a couple of days time, my poor, bare, left shoulder will be lonely no more.

Kendrick glances over his shoulder, brushing it, before looking at his right shoulder, and pats the Cruiserweight title.

The Brian Kendrick: Because from Sunday, you will be looking at not only THE WWE Cruiserweight Champion … but THE WWE United States Champion too!!


The Brian Kendrick: And there are no tricks Paul London can pull to prevent it. All you people think the sun shines outta Londons rear end … but I know ‘em better than all you fools put together. I know how his mind works. I know what sinister acts he’s planning, I know what shady tactics he’ll try to use … and I’ll expose Paul London as inferior to me in every single way possible.

Kendrick smiles, ignoring the heat from the fans.

The Brian Kendrick: Paul was always jealous of me when we teamed up. He was jealous of my success with the ladies. He always tried to worm his way in while I was putting in the hard work to get numbers, or bring them back to my hotel room. He’d always fail of course - miserably - and it didn’t help matters that I was clearly the more talented member of our tag team.

“Shouldn’t that be the important issue?” asks Styles on commentary.

The Brian Kendrick: He hated the fact that I got all the attention, he hated the fact that it was me that everyone tipped to go right to the top. And when it came time for us to go our separate ways … he begged me not to go out on my own. But ultimately, sometimes you just gotta let the bird flock the nest, y’know?? I had to go out on my own, and Paul needed to stand on his own two feet.

Kendrick shakes his head.

The Brian Kendrick: And still, he couldn’t step outta my shadow. After I won the Cruiserweight Title in a classic, WrestleMania ‘Moment’, Paul’s jealousy spiralled outta control. He didn’t congratulate me … he didn’t applaud, or buy my a bottle of champagne … instead … he went out to try and better me. He went out and somehow won the United States Championship.


The Brian Kendrick: And suddenly … he thinks he’s great. All of a sudden, my ‘ol buddy Paul forgot that he was never anything more than my right hand man. My lackey …

The boos from the fans cut Kendrick off.

The Brian Kendrick: I know, I know. But please, don’t boo him. I’ve learned to live with his complete change in character. I’ll move on, and find a real, genuine friend, that will support me in my success … not try and outdo me.


The Brian Kendrick: But on Sunday, I will take it upon myself to teach Paul just where jealousy gets ya … and trust me people, it’ll be a case of tough love … but I just hope Paul understands why I’m doing this. I just hope he understands-


And to a decent reaction, Jamie Noble walks onto the stage, pacing quickly down the aisle, much to the chagrin of Brian Kendrick.

Joey Styles: THANK GOD!!! Tazz, it appears Jamie Noble has heard enough!!

Tazz: Damn straight, Joe. Noble made the challenge, and he damn sure doesn’t want to hear Kendrick talkin’ about this Sunday.

Joey Styles: He’s done us all a favour, Tazz!! I’m not sure I’ve ever heard such a pile of you-know-what from one man in one single session!!

Noble hops onto the apron, and steps inside the ring, with Kendrick instantly, cutting him off.

The Brian Kendrick: If you wouldn’t mind, I was just about to finish up, then you can say whatever you like.

Kendrick nods, and proceeds to talk again, but Noble rips the mic away from him - to a big cheer!!

Jamie Noble: I don’t care if it’s because you shut the hell up yurrself, or I do it for ya - boy, you gonna shut that trap ‘o yours!!!


Jamie Noble: Y’can live in yurr little world of fantasy all y’want, but before y’go to stay there, how’s about y’give me my shot at the Cruiserweight Championship??

Pop for Noble again, whilst Kendrick greets the challenge with … laughter.

Jamie Noble: What the hell you laughing at, boy??

Kendrick fixes his belt, and requests the mic from Noble … with Noble handing it over.

The Brian Kendrick: I’m sorry buddy. I didn’t realise that that was a genuine challenge you made to me.

Heat. Noble isn’t impressed.

The Brian Kendrick: I thought someone was kidding earlier, when they said you’d challenged me to a match.


The Brian Kendrick: As much pleasure as it would give me to face ya tonight, Jamie, in case you hadn’t realised … I’ve got a huge match on Sunday.

Noble butts in again, not happy.

Jamie Noble: Don’t you go duckin’ me now boyyy!!! Y’been swannin’ around these parts for months carrying that title, and treatin’ it like it aint worth a dime. Y’been eyeing up that U.S belt now, and you’ve neglected your duties as the Dubya Dubya E Cruiserweight Champ!! Well boy, I’ve had enough of of seein y’disrespect that title belt, and I wanna restore some pride to it!!

Big pop for the passionate Noble. Kendrick backs up, raising his hands innocently, before leaning over the top rope, and taking another mic from Chimmel.

The Brian Kendrick: I think you’ve been hanging out a little too much with Paul London.

Kendrick makes a crazy sign with his finger at his temple.

The Brian Kendrick: I haven’t disrespected this title at all. If anything I’ve restored some honour to this title since winning it … defending it with pride, and class … (eyes Noble up and down) … class obviously not being something you’d know much about.

Heat from the fans, but Noble remains calm, staring straight ahead at the smiling figure of Kendrick.

The Brian Kendrick: And it’s because of my pride and the honour of holding this championship … that I have to decline your challenge.


The Brian Kendrick: After all … what kind of champion would I be if I just granted title shots to every Tom, Dick and Harry.

Kendrick smirks, and gets more boos from the fans. Noble mouths to him “THAT‘S BULL”, as Kendrick shakes his head.

The Brian Kendrick: But hey, you look like a guy that loves to compete. And if you really want a shot at my title … then why don’t you earn it?? Because after I turned down your challenge tonight, I arranged for someone else to take my place to face you. Someone else that would love a crack at my Cruiserweight title.

Kendrick leans to the side, looking past Noble, and up the ramp…


Daivari steps into view, to bigoted cheap heat, and proceeds down the aisle.

Joey Styles: Daivari?? The Brian Kendrick just side stepped a challenge from Jamie Noble, and he’s talked this goofball into fighting for him!!

Tazz: Not for nothin, it’s a solid plan on Kendricks part. He’s got the biggest match of his career in two days time, and he don’t need any stress or hassle.

Kendrick exit’s the ring, as Noble now prepares for Daivari, as the CW Champ makes his way to the commentary position, joining Styles and Tazz … as we go to a commercial, just before the match begins…

Commercial Break

Match 1:
Jamie Noble vs. Daivari
Joined in progress from the commercial, and a solid, more mat based cruiserweight encounter ensues, with Daivari and Noble showing off their skills. On commentary, Kendrick spends more time discussing Paul London and The GAB this Sunday, rather than focusing on Noble and Daivari in the ring.

Both men score near falls, but the finish comes when Noble reverses out of a suplex, landing behind Daivari … AND TRAPS HIM IN THE DRAGON SLEEPER!!! Daivari struggles, putting up a decent fight … but eventually succumbs … AND TAPS OUT!!!
Winner: Jamie Noble @ 06:14

It’s a big victory for Jamie Noble, one that puts him even closer now to a shot at the Cruiserweight title, as The Brian Kendrick watches on from the commentary position, whilst Noble leans over the rope, giving Kendrick the message that he wants the title belt.

Joey Styles: Brian, your mind might be focused on Paul London this Sunday, but Jamie Noble is right on your tail, and he wants the Cruiserweight Championship!!

The Brian Kendrick: So do a lot of people. Haven’t you guys noticed how everyone wants to emulate me??

Tazz: Uhhh… sure.

The Brian Kendrick: Jamie Noble isn’t on my radar, guys. There’s no one in the Cruiserweight division worthy of my attention right now-

Joey Styles: That’s not true, Brian. Jamie Noble is testament to that fact.

The Brian Kendrick: Yeah, whatever.

Kendrick gets up, leaving the commentary position, and ignores Noble in the ring, as he walks by, and up the ramp, seemingly fully focused on Paul London this Sunday.

In the parking lot, we see the long, white-stretch limo belonging to JBL pulling up, with the driver exiting the vehicle, and opening the door … for JBL to reveal himself, getting out of the limo.

Joey Styles: And could this be the last time we ever see JBL on Smackdown?? In just two days he could well have his career ended in the Buried Alive match with The Undertaker. Tonight, Layfield faces the former five time WCW Champion, Booker T!!

Commercial Break


Opening shot of the American Flag waving proudly.

“What makes a GREAT American?”

Clips of Booker T & Elijah Burke high fiving, Paul London celebrating at Judgment Day with the United States title and Brock Lesnar fighting off The New Wave.

“Pride? Honour? Fighting spirit?”

Fade to darkness, then clips of the cocky THE Brian Kendrick holding the Cruiserweight and United States titles, Edge screwing Batista out of the WWE title, and Randy Orton punting Nick Dinsmore.

“Or is it Greed? Callousness? Malice?”

Shot of JBL looking cocky, arms spread wide, soaking up heat most likely, before switching to the rugged Batista, shaking the ropes in the ring during a match.

“In todays society, it becomes more and more difficult to decipher just who are the noble, and who are dishonourable by looks alone”

Clip of Americas Most Wanted, decked out in their ring attire containing the American Flag.

“There are those that bring shame to the stars and stripes”

Shot of M.V.P throwing money away, whilst sporting an overload of bling necklaces, and JBL assaulting Jamie Noble.

“There are those that have brought shame to living the American Dream”

Clip of Randy Orton hitting the Hangmans DDT on RVD at Judgment Day, Americas Most Wanted getting in the face of young fans at ringside, and THE Brian Kendrick attacking his ‘friend’ Paul London.

“Champions with no class, dignity, honour or respect”


“But a true hallmark of ALL Great Americans … is hope”

Euphoric music kicks in, and lots of rapid shots are shown now, of Paul London soaring through the air, Brock Lesnar with an F5 on Orton, Brian Kendrick running like a scalded dog, Booker & Eli getting the better of AMW … and a flashing image of a dark figure (The Undertaker??) in the distance??

“On July 8, the WWE welcomes ALL Great Americans to gather as one, and HOPE for justice … HOPE for righteousness … HOPE that good overcomes evil … ”

The euphoric music stops, and slow images of the cold Randy Orton, the bitter Edge, the cocky Brian Kendrick, then the toothy grin of JBL.



During the entrances for the upcoming match, Styles and Tazz throw to a pre-taped promo from The Master Craftsmen earlier today…

Brent Albright: So, not long to go now, Carlito. How can the most unpopular guy in the locker room conjure up a tag team partner out of thin air by Sunday??

Albright turns to Haas, who rubs his chin.

Charlie Haas: I don’t think he can, Brent. I mean, not only does he have very few options available to him … those few he can call on … (Scoffs) … they don’t quite match up to the Master Craftsmen, do they??

Albright shakes his head.

Brent Albright: Scour the locker room all you want Carlito … you cant find anyone that can deal with myself and Charlie. See, you’ve allowed that latin temper of yours to take over again, and in the heat of the moment you’ve gotten yourself into a situation you cant get out of. And trust us, you cant get out of this.

Haas agrees.

Charlie Haas: Exactly. Carlito … even if you cant find a partner; whether that’s because you cant find someone worthy enough … or whether you’re simply that unpopular that no one would help you out … you will honour the agreement to take on the Master Craftsmen this Sunday.

Brent chuckles.

Brent Albright: And considering you weren’t quite good enough to beat me one on one at the King of the Ring…

Albright looks to Haas…

Charlie Haas: And you’ll not be good enough to beat me tonight…

The two smirk.

Brent Albright: I suggest you find someone to bring down with you on that sinking ship.

Haas nods.

Charlie Haas: So take a long look around that locker room … and once you realise you’re down to begging Funaki … who we assume will be smart enough to turn you down on the offer…

Charlie turns to Albright, and the KOTR continues the sentence.

Brent Albright: You make a phone call to your little brother, Primo. Bring him along, crutches an’ all … I’m pretty sure he’ll put up more of a fight than you ever would.

The Master Craftsmen smile, as the promo comes to a close … and the show returns to the ring…

Match 2:
Charlie Haas w/Brent Albright vs. Carlito
Excellent contest, as you’d expect, with Albright not getting involved, leaving his partner to take care of himself. It’s a back and forth match up, in the early going due to the obvious clash of styles, with Carlitos superior agility causing Haas problems early on, before Haas’ mat game takes over.

Haas targets the legs of CCC, looking to prevent him from using his aerial prowess, but he is unable to force a submission, and after getting frustrated, Haas chucks Carlito to the outside, and distracts the referee, allowing Albright to soften up The Cool One further … as we head to a commercial break.

Commercial Break

We return with CCC trapped in a Figure Four, and spends the next minute or so trying to battle free, but being unsuccessful; both in trying to reach the ropes, and turning the hold over. However, with the fans spurring him on, eventually, The Cool One has the ability to turn the hold over … but Haas instantly grasps the ropes, forcing the break, and giving both men a moment to recover, as the KOTR shouts some encouragement to his partner.

After the break though, Carlito then begins to mount a fight back, impressing the fans with his high flying skills for a few near falls … but Haas cuts him off, then looks for the Haastile Takeover … BUT CARLITO COUNTERS … AND SCORES WITH THE APPLE CORE!!! He covers … 1...2...ALBRIGHT PULLS THE REFEREE FROM THE RING!!!

Instantly, the official admonishes Albright for the interference … AND SENDS THE KING OF THE RING TO THE BACK!!! Albright argues as he leaves, turning back, giving the referee a piece of his mind as he exits, with Haas now left to fend for himself, as Carlito attempts THE BACK CRACKER … BUT HAAS GRABS THE ROPES TO STOP HIMSELF FROM GOING DOWN!!!

Carlito crashes onto the canvas, and Haas now goes in for the kill … AND GOES FOR THE HAAS OF PAIN … BUT CARLITO GETS TO THE ROPES!!! Haas tries to keep his cool, and drags Carlito back up … BUT CARLITO SURPRISES HIM WITH AN INSIDE CRADLE … 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Carlito @ 12:54

Carlito nicks it!!! Haas kicks out instantly, but it’s too late, and he makes a swing for Carlito, but the Caribbean native ducks the shot, and exit’s the ring, pointing and smiling at his opponent, who is fuming.

Joey Styles: A great win for Carlito tonight, Tazz … but the overriding question here is … what happens on Sunday?? Who will Carlito find to team with him against the Master Craftsmen?? He’s shown he can handle both guys in singles competition, but there is no way he can take on both men alone.

Tazz: Yeah, great point Joe. No one is doubting that Carlito could beat either Haas or the King of the Ring … but alone, against both men?? He’s got no shot. No one would.

Joey Styles: He has two days to find himself a partner, Tazz … otherwise it could well be a long night ahead for Carlito at the Great American Bash. And another man who could well be in for a long night this Sunday is Paul London. We heard earlier this evening from Brian Kendrick, who appears to be highly confident of defeating his former best friend for the United States Championship. Right now, let’s go backstage to Kristal, who is with London…

Cut to Kristal…

Kristal Marshall: Thanks Joey. Paul London, in just two days time you’ll defend your United States Championship against your former friend and tag team partner - a man you even held the tag team titles with last year - The Brian Kendrick. Now, over the last three months, we’ve witnessed your relationship break down to … well, what is now, I assume, bitter hatred. But Paul, given your past with Brian Kendrick, how will that affect your mindset going into your title defence at the Great American Bash??

Paul London: Y’know Kristal, this is a spot I’ve never been in before. Sure, I’ve wrestled friends before in the past. But that was different. I wasn’t taking on friends in the spirit of competition. We went into the match as friends, and remained friends after the fact. Brian- (chuckles to himself) sorry - The Brian Kendrick has turned into … well, let’s call a spade a spade - the guy has turned into a tool.

Some laughs from the fans.

Paul London: It’s pretty obvious that the fame and fortune of becoming Cruiserweight Champion has gone to his head. The white leather jackets, the countless groupies, the whole nonsense of referring to himself as “THE” Brian Kendrick … and forgetting all about the help he had from his friends to get him where he is today. I supported Brian, I encouraged him when he was down - and credit where it’s due to the guy, back in the day … he was there for me too.

London pauses, lowering his head, shaking it in disappointment.

Paul London: But it’s only left me wondering if he was ever my friend, or was he trying to offer me encouragement for his own selfish goals when we teamed up?? And it’s not just me that Kendrick has betrayed … he’s stabbed Chavo in the back, Super Crazy, ALL the boys who offered him support when he was making his way up the ladder. When he won the Cruiserweight Championship at WrestleMania, I was the first to congratulate him … because that’s what friends do. I was banged up from the Money in the Bank ladder match, yet I was still there to offer my congratulations to my so-called buddy.

Kristal now chips in with another question.

Kristal Marshall: So … Brians claims earlier tonight about your ‘jealously’ towards him after he won the title at WrestleMania aren’t true??

London scoffs at the suggestion.

Paul London: I would never be jealous of a friends success, Kristal. Like I said, I was over the moon for Brian. He finally made it on his own … but had I known what kind of monster that victory for him at WrestleMania would create … I’d rather he never won the title. Because make no mistake, if it wasn’t clear by now … myself and Brian are no longer friends … but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t care about him. Wh-

The U.S Champion pauses for a second, thinking over what he is about to say, letting out a sigh first.

Paul London: Which is why this Sunday, I’m bringing “THE” Brian Kendrick back down to earth. As the ‘ol sayin goes Kristal … “You‘ve gotta be cruel to be kind” … and this Sunday, I’ll have to be cruel to Brian by dashing his big dream of becoming a dual champion … in the hope that he’ll see the error of his ways, see how far off the deep end he’s really gone … and maybe … just maybe … I’ll get my old buddy back.

London fixes the title belt on his shoulder, before walking off the set, as we fade out…

Commercial Break


The scene opens from a bedroom, with the camera panning out, showing NICK NEMETH - smiling, sat in bed, top off, arms behind his head, with a sleeping lady either side of him.

Nick Nemeth: I bet most of you people woke up this morning, either alone … or beside someone you wish you hadn’t. Me?? Just two. Their names?? They don’t matter.

Nemeth pulls the covers off, and climbs over one of the girls, getting out of bed, wearing just a pair of Calvin Kleins.

Nick Nemeth: There’ll be more to come tonight. Different faces, different names … one common trait …

The Narcissist pauses, admiring himself in the mirror.

Nick Nemeth: They want me. And who can blame them?? Look at me!!

He shows off his dashboard abs, before reaching for a pure white shirt from the door.

Nick Nemeth: As a matter of fact, I’m jealous of them, because they get to experience something I never will…

He glances over at the two sleeping figures in his bed.

Nick Nemeth: … What it’s like to be with the perfect specimen.

He turns to the camera again, as he throws the shirt on, smiling broadly.

Nick Nemeth: See??!! I’m not a selfish creature like you might think. I’m generous, I’m kind.

Nemeth continues, as he buttons his shirt.

Nick Nemeth: I give different girls the same thrills, night after night, after night.

The Narcissist picks up a bra, holding it up to the camera, smirking, before chucking it behind himself.

Nick Nemeth: And very soon, I’ll be bringing thrills to Friday Night Smackdown.

Nemeth looks into the camera, smiling broadly, showing off his pearly whites, as the camera zooms in for the (uncomfortably) extreme close up.

… SOON …

Backstage, we see the arrival of a pissed off looking BROCK LESNAR, to a big response from the watching audience, as roving reporter Josh Mathews attempts to get a walk and talk interview with the #1 Contender

Josh Mathews: Brock, Brock, tonight, you’re going to be opposite the ring from Randy Orton - just TWO DAYS AWAY from challenging him for the WWE Championship - and after last weeks attack at the hands of Orton, and the Master Craftsmen, you must be chomping at the bit to get your hands on Orton??

Lesnar continues to walk, as Josh points the mic to his face, trying to keep up with the fast pacing Iron Man.

Josh Mathews: Brock??

Brock continues to ignore Josh, but Mathews continues to try and get a word.

Josh Mathews: Brock?? A few w-

Lesnar snaps - AND TURNS, SHOVING MATHEWS INTO A WALL!! The Iron Man grips Josh - who looks like a deer in the headlights - by the jacket.


Mathews - almost frozen in fear - just about manages to shake his head. Lesnar simply growls in response, eventually letting go of the interviewer, and picks his bag back up, storming off, whilst we watch Mathews try to pull himself together … and probably seek out a fresh pair of pants.

Back to ringside…

Joey Styles: Welcome back to Friday Night Smackdown, and Tazz, Brock Lesnar is a man with a lot of pent up aggression.

Tazz: Yeah, you can say that again. A weeks worth of anger has been brewin up there, and for Lesnar it’s time to unload tonight in that six man tag.

Joey Styles: Indeed, just two days away from his one on one title shot, Brock Lesnar will be on the opposite side of the ring from Randy Orton. The New Wave is back tonight, but given Lesnars mood, they might want to pick a different night to make their comeback.

Tazz: I think Cade and Doane might be thinking that right now, Joe. Brock Lesnar is one angry dude - someone I wouldn’t wanna mess with.

Joey Styles: Well, for Lesnar and Orton, it’s another Friday Night. They WILL be here next week … however, for two other men, JBL and Booker T, tonight is potentially their final curtain call on Smackdown. This Sunday, both men are putting their livelihood at stake; JBL by facing The Undertaker in the sadistic Buried Alive match … and Booker T, by putting his career on the line for the tag team titles. Should Booker and Elijah Burke fail to capture the WWE Tag Team Titles, Booker is … gone.

Tazz: Smackdown will be a much poorer place without those two huge characters around the locker room, Joe … but the likelihood has to be that at least one of those two men are saying goodbye to Friday Nights tonight.

Joey Styles: And it could well be an emotional confrontation when those two men lock horns in a few moments time. With both men knowing it could be their last ever appearance on Smackdown, it could be a fiery contest.

Tazz: Yeah, neither man is gonna hold back, Joe. They’ve got career altering - potentially career ending - matches this Sunday … but both guys are true competitors, and their pride should guarantee a rocket buster tonight. No holding back, no saving themselves for the Great American Bash - both men want to win.

Joey Styles: But which man will head into the Great American Bash this Sunday with that all important, confidence boosting victory … it’s coming up next. But before that, let’s take a closer look at what exactly JBL has got himself into this Sunday. Let’s take a closer look … at the history of Buried … Alive …

Clips from Buried Alive matches in the past, with one common trait amongst them ... The Undertaker ... and The Undertaker more often than not ... being buried alive himself.


Backstage now, we see BOOKER T, walking along the corridor with his protégé, Elijah Burke, and the two bump knuckles, before Burke leaves Booker, with the veteran proceeding toward the gorilla position … as we head to a commercial break…

Commercial Break

Match 3:
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield vs. Booker T
With both men possibly wrestling their last televised match, the intensity level is raised, and the energy is turned up from both parties, putting together a better than expected match up. Layfield weathers an early storm from Booker, - which includes an impressive missile dropkick - and takes over, delivering a big boot to the face of Booker as the five times WCW Champion bounced off the ropes.

JBL takes the fight to the outside, roughing Booker up, but as he tries to slam his head off the announce table, The Book Man reverses, and slams Layfields head off the table instead!!! Booker now continues to attack around the ringside area, before attempting a whip into the ringpost - but JBL reverses it, and sends Booker into the steel instead, following up with a knockdown!!

The self made millionaire then takes Booker T back inside, looking to take charge, but the fired up Booker doesn’t allow Layfield to stay in charge, fighting back quickly, teeing off on the big Texan, but misses with the Harlem Side Kick, and JBL puts his opponent down with a Sidewalk Slam, and covers … 1...2...NO!!! Booker survives, with JBL fuming, as the show heads into another commercial…

Commercial Break

And back from the break, Booker T is beginning to fight out of a sleeper hold, elbowing his way to freedom, and with it, hit’s a second wind, beating JBL into the corner, then sending him across the ring, knocking him down with a reverse elbow as the self made millionaire stumbles out of the corner, but only gets a two count. Book scores another near fall off a hook kick following a hammerlock, but is still unable to put JBL away.


The Book Man rises to his feet again, now waiting, as Layfield slowly gathers himself … into a seemingly perfect position for the SCISSORS KICK … BUT JBL MOVES … AND CATCHES BOOKER ON THE REBOUND … FALL AWAY SLAM CONNECTS!!! Bradshaw makes the cover, 1...2...NO!!! In fury, JBL pounds the mat, and now gets to his feet, lining up Booker for the Clothesline from Hell … AND GOES FOR IT … BUT BOOKER DUCKS … CATCHES JBL … BOOK END!!!!! He makes the cover, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

The fans in Phoenix are in shock, as Bookers eyes bug out. He slowly sits up, and looks down at the self proclaimed Wrestling God, shaking his head, before proceeding to get back to his feet, looking to set up the Scissors Kick again … but as he bounces into the ropes … HE’S TRIPPED … BY JAMES STORM!!! On the other side of the ring, CHRIS HARRIS has jumped the barrier, getting the attention of the referee, allowing the interference to go undetected!!!

Storm climbs onto the apron, throwing a punch at Booker, but the veteran blocks it, and knocks Storm down, tumbling off the apron!!! Meanwhile, ELIJAH BURKE storms down the aisle, taking Harris by surprise … AND TACKLES THE WILDCAT DOWN!!! Burke continues to hammer Harris on the mats, as Booker walks to that side of the ring, trying to help out his protégé … but as he leans over, JBL SCORES WITH A LOW BLOW!!!

Jack Doan doesn’t spot the low blow - too preoccupied with the goings on outside the ring - and Booker sells the blow like a true pro, as JBL slowly picks himself up, stumbling slightly … THEN RIPS THROUGH BOOKER WITH A CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL!!! JBL crawls over, making a cover, as Elijah kicks Harris up the ramp, … and Doan makes the count, with JBL set to steal the victory … 1...2...


A massive roar engulfs the arena, as the lights stay out for a few moments … and eventually return … with Layfield … OUT COLD in the middle of the ring!!! Doan looks befuddled, as Booker T slowly comes around, seeing JBL out cold, and gets to his feet - first baseball sliding James Storm - then climbs the turnbuckles … and after steadying himself … NAILS THE HARLEM HANG OVER!!! It isn’t as pretty as it once was … but it’s just as effective, as Booker hooks the leg … 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Booker T @ 13:12

The fans show almighty appreciation for the high risk move, as Booker has his arm raised, with Elijah Burke joining him in the ring, having fended off Harris, whilst Storm joins his partner on the ramp.

Joey Styles: Tonight, Americas Most Wanted FAILED to ruin Booker T’s possible last hurrah … but will history repeat itself this Sunday at the Great American Bash?? Have the stakes been raised too high for the champions to deliver?? Can Harris and Storm be the men to retire a living legend like Booker T?? Tazz, you’ve got to agree, Booker has been like a man possessed in recent weeks - ever since putting his career on the line this coming Sunday he’s had a new lease of life, he’s been better than he’s been in YEARS … can AMW really have enough in their locker to end the storied career of the Five Time WCW Champion??

Tazz: That’s a helluva question, Joe!! You’re damn right though, Booker is like a new man ever since it was confirmed he’d be putting his career on the line in return for a final shot at the tag team titles this Sunday. But hey, let’s not forget the timely intervention from The Undertaker.

Joey Styles: Well, we don’t know if that was the work of The Undertaker, BUT - it was The Deadmans M.O-

Tazz: That was the work of The Undertaker, Joe, believe me on that.

Joey Styles: The Undertaker may well have come to the aide of Booker T tonight, but let’s not brush over the fact that Booker T has rolled back the years in recent weeks. CAN Booker T - along with his young protégé, Elijah Burke, capture the WWE Tag Team Titles this Sunday?? For Booker, he has no choice - defeat simply isn’t an option.

Tazz: Losing aint an option … but like you said, he don’t have a choice, Joe. He loses, or even if Burke is pinned, The Book Man is history. Gone.

Joey Styles: It’s all on the line this Sunday for Booker T.

Booker and Burke begin to leave the ring, slapping hands with fans, as Booker perhaps makes his final victory walk as a WWE Superstar…

Commercial Break

And we return … with the defeated JOHN BRADSHAW LAYFIELD regaining his bearings in the ring, shaking the cobwebs loose, as he holds a mic, waiting to speak.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Un- … UNDERTAKER!!! You yella bellied COWARD!!!

Layfield again shakes his head, trying to regain his senses.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Once again ‘Taker, you simply proved me right all along. You don’t have the guts, YOU DON’T HAVE THE INTESTINAL FORTITUDE TO MEET ME LIKE A GOD DAMN MAN!!!

Heat for the livid JBL.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Taker, you’re nothin but a fraud. It’s ALL mind games, it’s ALL parlour tricks … and it ALL ends … on Sunday.

More heat for the loud mouth.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: This Sunday, I will bring the curtain down on seventeen years of you runnin’ roughshod over the WWE, seventeen years of you being hailed as the “conscience” of the Dubya Dubya E … seventeen years of being a so-called ‘Phenom’.

Layfield sneers at the thought of ‘The Phenom’.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: But I know the truth. These people in Phoenix … know the truth-

Jeers from the fans for JBL, not wanting him to speak for them.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: You’re no Phenom, Deadman. YOU’RE A PHONEY!!!

Ungodly heat.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: You hid like the no-good dirty rat you are for months. You hid from ME … ME, DEADMAN!!! YOU HID FROM ME!!! Phenoms don’t hide, Phenoms face any challenge thrown in their path … hell, Phenoms LAY DOWN THE GOD DAMN CHALLENGES!!!

JBL glares at the fans, who don’t appreciate his words.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Phenoms don’t run, Phenoms don’t hide. I don’t run, I don’t hide … because Deadman … I am the true Phenom.

More heat for Layfield.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: You, Deadman … you’re a phoney. And on Sunday at the Great American Bash, I’m putting the lid on your seventeen years of hoodwinking these fans. May the lord almighty strike me down this instant if I‘m wrong, Deadman … but I guarantee you … I GUAR-AN-TEE YOU …

Bradshaw glares at the fans, pointing into the audience…


Layfield looks to the heavens, spreading his arms, soaking up the heat from the fans. JBL stays in the position for an uncomfortably long time, with the fans continuing to give him heat.

Eventually, JBL looks back to the fans, and slowly raises the mic to his mouth once more.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Because I am what I say I am. I am a self made millionaire … I am a WRESTLINGGGGG … GAWWWWD … - and so help me, you WILL bow at my feet before I put you outta your misery Deadman … but above all else … I can guarantee that I bury you alive … because unlike you, Phoney … I am a true, bonafide … PHENOM!!!

Heat for JBL, but it’s drowned out as **LONGHORN** plays over the top of them … until the music comes to a sudden halt.

The fans cheer, and the lights dim, with druid chanting filling the arena, and attention turning to the titan tron…

And there, in a dark, murky picture, we see a sole figure - digging. Rain pelts down in the dark, as the figure continues to shovel dirt, making a hole … digging a grave … and the focus zooms in on a headstone just above the gravesite …


In the arena, the fans go crazy, as JBL is seen watching from the ring, then turning, pointing at someone at ringside, yelling at the worker, not liking the sight whatsoever.

Meanwhile, the attention on the titan tron turns to the lone figure who has stopped digging, and shoves the shovel into the dirt … and looks up … revealing THE UNDERTAKER!!! Again, the fans react with a huge pop, as The Deadman stares straight ahead into the camera, as the rain beats down off his hat and leather jacket, with The Phenom rolling his eyes back.

**GRAVEYARD SYMPHONY** blasts into the arena, as the video cuts out, and JBL is left in the ring to ponder what his future holds this Sunday … and what kind of future he might - or might not - have following his Buried Alive match with The Undertaker at the Great American Bash.

Commercial Break


A night time view from the sky of London is seen as the opening chords of ‘LONDON CALLING’ by The Clash plays.

As the opening chords continue, flashing shots of the WWE superstars {John Cena, Paul London, Christian, Randy Orton, Mr. Kennedy, Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle & Brent Albright} appear as the focus zooms closer to the city … eventually zooming towards the newly completed Wembley Stadium…


Spliced together clips, going from sights in London (Westminster) with Edge spearing Brock Lesnar, and Rey Mysterio hitting the 619 to Mr. Kennedy.


Focus shifts between the Wembley Arc, to action with Shelton Benjamin leaping off a ladder at WrestleMania, then Batista shaking the ring ropes.


Focus then shifts between the sights of London Cabs and Double Decker Buses in Trafalgar Square, to the sights of MVP bursting through his elaborate set, to Melina completing her banana split ring entrance.


We see Tower Bridge and then rowdy fans from WrestleMania, mixed with shots of Christian face to face with John Cena at WrestleMania to a backdrop of thousands inside the Superdome, along with a clip of Rob Van Dam soaring through the air to deliver a Five Star Frog Splash.


Zooming shot of the London Eye, clips of more fans from big WWE stadium events, mixed with Umaga roaring at the camera, and Randy Orton crouched, lying in wait for an RKO.


Flashing clip of Buckingham Palace, with a crazed Kurt Angle going for the Ankle Lock, then Brent Albright applying the Crowbar.


Big Ben is shown, mixed with Straight Edge delivering the simultaneous Shining Wizard, then Carlito hitting the Apple Core off the ladder at WrestleMania.


Another glorious shot of the new Wembley, as a rapid succession of shots of the top name stars flashes across the screen.


The camera then zooms out, further and further, as the music fades.



Back in the arena, where Joey Styles and Tazz are in view.

Joey Styles: Summerslam is coming up fast, Tazz. After this Sunday in Philly for the Bash, it’s full steam ahead on the road to Wembley!!!

Tazz: It will be an incredible show Joe. And how about Ricky Hatton; The Hitman himself will be a part of the hottest event of the summer!!

Joey Style: It just keeps getting bigger and better, Tazz. As you said, this past weekend, Ricky Hatton was confirmed as a special guest. August 19 simply cant come soon enough!!!

~ Wembley Conference Centre; London, England ~
*Background music; Kings of Leon, Fans*

Shane McMahon: Ladies and Gentlemen, on August 19, the WWE will be taking over London, England for Summerslam. In 1992, it was big. It was huge. But now, fifteen years on, we’re coming back to Wembley Stadium - bigger, and better.

Fans cheering, as clips follow, of WWE stars in attendance; both World Champions; Christian & Randy Orton, John Cena, Triple H, U.S Champion Paul London, and 2007 King of the Ring Brent Albright.

Shane McMahon: You can expect to see the biggest names in the WWE today, with the biggest prizes in our industry on the line. They’re gonna have to keep the roof of the new Wembley stadium open, whether the sun is shining; or even if we get some of that typical British summer weather, because the WWE is going to blow the roof off that place on August 19.

More shots of the six superstars interacting with fans at the conference; having photos taken, posing etc.

Shane McMahon: And as you should all be aware, the WWE reaches out to all levels of sports and entertainment, and this years Summerslam is no different. In fact, we’ve just signed perhaps the biggest sports star in the world today, and he’s going to be a part of Summerslam. And better still, he hails from right here in jolly ‘ol England … Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce to you, the WWE’s special guest at Summerslam this August; Englands own, UNDEFEATED World Champion … RICKY ‘HITMAN’ HATTON!!!

A huge (overblown) cheer from the fans in attendance greet Hatton, who steps onto the podium, shaking hands with Shane, and posing to the fans.

Ricky Hatton: It’ll be an honour for me to be a part of Summerslam in Wembley Stadium on August Nineteenth. But I’m warnin all of ya, don’t be stepping out of line, fellas!! There’s over forty boxers around the world that regretted getting on my bad side!!

Hatton chuckles over the mic, whilst typically, the faces (Cena, Christian & London) smile at the joke, whilst the heels (Randy Orton, Triple H & Albright) seem less than impressed at the threat. Hatton, taking a look more musclebound figures; Triple H and Cena, imitates a grimace, pulls at his collar, and speaks again.

Ricky Hatton: Actually … on second thoughts…

As a joke, Hatton tries to run from the podium.

Cut to Hatton speaking again.

Ricky Hatton: Come August Nineteenth, I promise all of you that along with everyone in the WWE, I intend on giving all the fans - like I do in all my fights - their moneys worth. It’ll be an unforgettable night at Wembley Stadium, and I’m delighted to be a part of it!! DON’T MISS IT!!!

Hatton turns, and shakes hands with Shane, as McMahon stands side by side with the British legend, raising each others arms, as the video comes to a close.


And back to ringside…

Joey Styles: How big is that!? Ricky Hatton at Summerslam!! And while Summerslam promises to be a huge event - one of the biggest of all time - there is a man backstage who may not be a part of it. This Sunday, Booker T puts his contract on the line for a shot at the tag team championships. Should he and Elijah Burke end up on the losing side, the veteran from Houston will leave the WWE forever. Right now, Josh Mathews is standing by with the challengers for the WWE Tag Team Titles this Sunday…

Booker T and Elijah Burke are standing either side of Mathews…

Josh Mathews: Indeed, gentlemen, Booker T in particular, it’s never been more important than this Sunday. It’s a case of doe or die for you at the Great American Bash. We all know the ramifications should you and Elijah lose to Americas Most Wanted, but ever since the stipulation was agreed upon a few weeks ago, Booker, you appear to have found a new lease of life.

Booker nods, before talking.

Booker T: Damn straight dawg. Truth be tol’ Josh, I aint a young kid anymore. I’ve got a little ‘ol, and I aint got the same spring I use’ta have … ‘an retirement?? Yeah, it’s bin’ on ma mind for a few years now. But now dat my career is on the line?? I don’t wanna stop. An’ dat fear dawg?? Dat fear dat those two suckas Harris and Storm are gonna end ma career?? It’s driving me on. I feel younger, quicker, stronger an’ betta than I’ve bin feelin in years!!

Booker nods toward Elijah.

Booker T: An’ wit dis kid by ma side on Sunday, we gonna see to it dat dis career aint over jus’ yet!!

Burke nods in agreement, taking a hold of the mic.

Elijah Burke: Book, these last twelve months of teamin up with you, man?? They’ve been inspirational. You’ve helped me in a hundred different ways. Hell, if it wasn’t for you … I might not have even made it this far. I owe my career to you man. And on Sunday, I’ll show my gratitude … because this Sunday isn’t the end Book-Man … this Sunday will be a true BASH … ‘cause when we pick up those title belts and beat AMW, you an’ I are gonna party right through the night!! Now can you dig that!!!??

Elijah smiles at his mentor, slapping the veterans chest, with Booker showing his appreciation for the kind words.

Booker T: Ohhh, I can dig dat ma man. I can dig dat. But da question we gotta ask Eli … is can AMW??

Booker rips the mic from Mathews hand, and turns to the camera.

Booker T: HARRIS?? STORM?? YO PUNK ASSES IN TROUBLE!!! Dis Sunday in Philly, aint no career comin’ to an end. Awww naw, naw, naw … we aint diggin dat … Dis Sunday at da Great American Bash, Eli Burke and the FIVE TIME, FIVE TIME, FIVE TIME, FIVE TIME, FIVE TIME … DUBYA CEE DUBYA CHAMPION ARE GONNA TAKE THOSE TAG TEAM TITLES YO’ ASSES BEEN CARRYIN FOR WAY TOO LONG!!!

Big pop in the background, whilst Eli motions around his waist, looking excited.

Booker T: Now … CAN YOU DIG DAT???

Booker looks to Burke, with the protégé giving Booker the floor to deliver the line himself.


The duo slap each others chests to gee the other up, along with stiff pats on the back, as they leave the set.

And, elsewhere, we see MVP walking through the backstage area, joined by Chris Masters…

Joey Styles: A fired up Booker T is heading into the Great American Bash on the back of a huge rush of momentum in recent weeks, but will MVP build some momentum for himself heading into this Sundays Pay Per View?? He teams with The Masterpiece in a moment, to take on his opponent this Sunday, Finlay and Hardcore Holly. Tag team action, coming up next!!!

Commercial Break

Match 4:
Finlay & Hardcore Holly vs. M.V.P & Chris Masters
During the entrances, it is noted that MVP has ACCEPTED the challenge of the rugged Irishman this Sunday in a Belfast Brawl. In the early going of the match up, the veterans rough up the younger duo, forcing Porter and Masters to regroup on the outside to discuss their faltering tactics. After the meeting, the heel tandem take over, and slow things down, keeping Holly from tagging back out to Finlay.

After a number of underhanded tactics from MVP and Masters to prevent the hot tag, Finlay loses his cool, and jumps into the ring, taking the fight to MVP, tackling him down, and pounding his rival. The official hauls the Irishman off Porter, and tries to force him out of the ring, but Masters interjects, trying to cheap shot Finlay, but is blocked off, with Finlay getting the better of the fight, knocking Masters to the outside.

However, as the official looks to check on Masters following his tumble … MVP NAILS FINLAY WITH THE SHILLELAGH!!!!! Hardcore Holly, now back on his feet, spins MVP around … BUT HE GETS CLOCKED WITH FINLAYS WEAPON TOO!!! Porter gets rid of the evidence, as Masters rolls back inside, and quickly applies the Masterlock to Holly … and the bell is quickly rung with the veteran out cold.
Winners: Chris Masters & M.V.P @ 06:48

MVP quickly re-enters the ring, mounting Finlay, and putting the blows to the face of the Irish veteran. He then asks Masters to apply the Masterlock on Finlay, and gladly The Masterpiece accepts the offer, clamping the hold on tight, throwing Finlay around in his grasp, whilst MVP talks trash to the defenceless - and unconscious - veteran.

Eventually, Masters releases the vice-like hold, with Finlay slumping to the ground, as Porter stands over him, holding the Irishmans prized possession - the shillelagh - and disrespectfully blows his nose on the still body of the veteran, before leaving the ring, still carrying the Irishmans trusty wooden object.

Commercial Break

We return, backstage, with Kristal Marshall standing by…

Kristal Marshall: Ladies and Gentlemen, I am here with the WWE Champion … Randy Orton.

The camera pans out, showing the champion, and he is greeted with the usual disdain.

Kristal Marshall: And, his fellow New Wave members, ‘The Future’ Ken Doane, and Garrison Cade - making his return after nearly a month.

And the camera pans to the right, showing Cade and Doane on the other side of the interviewer.

Kristal Marshall: Gentlemen, in recent months it’s appeared from the outside looking in that your group, The New Wave, simply isn’t on the same wavelength. For months Randy, you have constantly criticised the performances of your cohorts - going as far as to Punt Kick Nick Dinsmore, kicking him out of the group in order to send a message to Cade and Doane. And since Garrison Cade was injured at the hands of Brock Lesnar last month, we haven’t seen any unity in the group, with both yourself Garrison, and you Ken, taking time off for differing reasons. But Randy, just how frayed is the relationship between the three of you now??

Head down, Orton leans over the mic.

Randy Orton: I resent the fact that you described my words and actions as criticism, Kristal. I have simply been frustrated. Frustrated by lacklustre performances from three men that are capable of far more than what they’ve shown me. Garrison, Ken and even Nick have coasted since joining forces with me. They have simply ridden my coattails since I became WWE Champion. I didn’t align myself with them to simply have back up. I didn’t align myself with them because I enjoyed their company. I aligned myself with them because they had proven themselves worthy of it.

Orton looks up, eyeballing Cade.

Randy Orton: Right now Kristal, I’m looking at a man that holds victories over BOTH Shawn Michaels and The Rock. Extremely exclusive company. Company that not even I am a part of. Yet here he stands, viewed upon with the general opinion that he’s simply my muscle.

Cade doesn’t take kindly, but Orton moves on, staring at Doane.

Randy Orton: And the man I look at now has all the capabilities to be a World Champion. He’s twenty one years old. The potential is there for this man to break my record of being the youngest World Champion of all time. Yet when people look at Ken Doane, they don’t see a future record breaking World Champion. They see a young boy in a mans world. A boy that’s out of his depth.

Orton glances away from the pair, turning his attention back to Kristal.

Randy Orton: I have done my utmost to help these men … much like Triple H and Ric Flair helped me become the champion I am now. But it’s beginning to appear that Garrison Cade and Ken Doane don’t have what it takes to run with the ball.


Randy Orton: Tonight though, they have the chance to prove me wrong. Tonight, you two have the opportunity to show to me - to show the world - what exactly it was that I saw in you. Cade?? Think about what Brock Lesnar did to you last month. Think about what you’ve accomplished in the past against The Rock and HBK. Think about adding Lesnar to that list.

The champion turns to Doane again.

Randy Orton: Ken?? Show the world why I anointed you as “The Future”. Announce to the world that Ken Doane IS “The Future”, and a future World Champion. Get the fans talking about YOU rather than Paul London and Brent Albright.

Cade reaches for the mic now, taking Orton by surprise.

Garrison Cade: Randy, you don’t have ‘ta worry ‘bout us. Whilst we were gone, Ken and I discussed our future, and where we were goin wrong. We’ve let ya down Randy, hell, we’ve let ourselves down. You’re right, I’m in elite company. I’ve got wins over The Rock AND Shawn Michaels. I’m 6’6, damn near three hundred pounds. With that record, and ma size, I oughta be scaring the holy hell outta people round here. Don’t worry bout us. Don’t worry bout me. From this night on, people are gonna take notice of Garrison Cade.

Cade passes the mic to Doane.

Ken Doane: Make that two of us, Randy. You gave me the moniker of ‘The Future’, and no one batted an eyelid - at first. But ever since, I’ve failed to live up to the billing. I’ve failed to reach the standards you’ve set me. And over the last couple of weeks, I - like Garrison - have realised where I’ve been going, and I know now where exactly I’m heading. From this moment on, you’re going to see what ‘The Future’ is all about.

Music to his ears, Orton lets out a rather sinister smile, as Kristal speaks up.

Kristal Marshall: Randy, the other question I wanted to ask you … tonight, the three of you are in action together against Batista, Paul London and the man you meet this Sunday, Brock Lesnar. After the condition you left him in last week, Brock Lesnar arrived here tonight seemingly chomping at the bit for revenge. With just forty eight hours until the Great American Bash, how do you intend to avoid the wrath of the Iron Man??

Orton tilts his head, looking at Kristal, as if to ask her “Are you really asking that??”

Randy Orton: Didn’t you just hear that?? Garrison Cade and Ken Doane are BACK … and real Garrison Cade and Ken Doane are back. That means the New Wave is at full strength. Which means Brock Lesnar is in trouble. I don’t need to avoid the wrath of Lesnar tonight … he needs to avoid the unity of a fully strengthened New Wave.

Orton turns, and nods at his fellow New Wave members, walking on, with Cade and Doane looking at one another, before following the leader.

And back to ringside, where ‘Rise Today’ by Alter Bridge plays over the PA…

Joey Styles: Whilst excitement continues to build toward Summerslam, the Smackdown brand is solely focused on this Sunday in Philadelphia for the Great American Bash. And Randy Orton may well be a little bit overconfident heading into his title defence against the Number One Contender, Brock Lesnar.

Tazz: Danger for both men, Joe. Orton has been cold, callous and vindictive ever since that kick heard around the world won him the WWE Title at WrestleMania, but he now faces the daunting task of overcoming Brock Lesnar. Lesnar damn sure aint gonna roll over for Orton this Sunday, and Orton better realise it, or else all his hard work to keep the WWE title to now will be for nothin.

Joey Styles: No friendship between Orton and Lesnar, but two former friends will do battle over the United States Championship. Paul London and The Brian Kendrick meet on Sunday, with Kendrick aiming to become the first ever man to hold both the United States and Cruiserweight titles at the same time.

Tazz: Showstealer, Joe. These two guys are gonna tear the house down. And with their friendship dead and buried, things could get really nasty at the Great American Bash. Cannot wait for that!!

Joey Styles: The 2006 King of the Ring Brent Albright and his fellow Master Craftsman Charlie Haas will take on Carlito … and a partner of his choosing. Who though, can Carlito reach out to??

Tazz: I know he aint got a whole bunch of friends back in that locker room, Joe. But if Carlito is to stand ANY chance this Sunday, he needs to find one - and fast.

Joey Styles: Both Edge and Batista feel that they should be competing for the WWE Championship this weekend. But while Edge has consistently fallen short at the final hurdle, The Animal blames Edge for costing him the title last month. Revenge is on the mind of Batista, but both men will be looking for a priceless victory to get back in the title hunt.

Tazz: And that’s exactly what a win will do for either man. A loss though is unthinkable. Must win environment for both men if they are to finally crack the code and become a World Champ for the first time.

Joey Styles: Then, in perhaps the most dangerous match in all of the WWE, The Undertaker makes his in ring return - for the first time since WrestleMania - to take on JBL, in a Buried Alive match!!

Tazz: JBL has been asking for this for months, hounding The Deadman to come out from the darkness. His wish comes true this Sunday, but man, JBL may live to regret ever callin out the Phenom.

Joey Styles: In addition to that, MVP and Finlay have embroiled themselves in an all out war recently. They’ll do battle in a Belfast Brawl this Sunday - a match that firmly favours the fighting Irishman. Can MVP bounce back from his crushing loss to Carlito last month, and get back on track??

Tazz: Big ask, Joe. Finlay always says it, ‘he loves to fight’. Just how much does MVP love to fight though?? We’ll find out in Philly.

Joey Styles: And then of course, the career versus the titles. Booker T will put his storied career on the line for one last crack at the WWE Tag Team Titles. Can the former five time WCW Champion and his young protégé Elijah Burke overcome the long reigning champions AMW?? Or will this Sunday bring the curtain down on a sure fire Hall of Fame career??

Tazz: Lotta pressure on both sides, Joe. This is a chance for Harris and Storm to cement a legacy by retiring a legend. But- they gotta do it the old fashioned way. AMW agreed to no underhanded tactics this Sunday. We’re gonna find out if the champions are worthy of the titles.

Joey Styles: I cannot wait, Tazz. An old homecoming for you and I this Sunday in Philadelphia, and what a stacked line up. Championships, bitter rivalries, and careers could come to an end. An unmissable night in store, partner.

Tazz: Huge evening on the horizon, Joe.

Joey Styles: But still to come tonight is our main event. Coming up, it’s The New Wave - back on the same page, with a newly found focus - taking on Batista, The U.S Champion Paul London, and the #1 Contender, Brock Lesnar!!! What a main event to lead us into the Great American Bash!! Don’t dare go away!!!

Commercial Break


~ 2004 ~



We return from the commercial, and see Booker T and Elijah Burke, bags over their shoulders, walking to their rental car, with the conversation not really clear, before Booker glances at the car, with his eyes focusing in, seeing something. He points to Burke, with his protégé also looking puzzled, as the camera shows two boxes by the side of the car, wrapped nicely as a present.

The two men walk to the car, with each picking up a box, unwrapping them … with Booker showing off A SMOKERS PIPE … and Burke reveals STABILISERS for a bicycle. The two seem unimpressed, as they hear a call from the distance.

Voice: See??? We’re not all bad.

Booker and Burke turn around, seeing AMW standing twenty or so yards away, looking pleased with themselves.

Chris Harris: Thought we’d show our appreciation for all your hard work over the years, Book. All the guys in the retirement home have one. Highly recommended.

Harris laughs, slapping the side of Storm, loving the joke.

James Storm: And we know how the kid gets cranky. So we couldn’t leave him out. And those things ought to come in handy to keep you upright once your crutch is taken away on Sunday.

Neither Booker or Burke look impressed, but AMW love it.

James Storm: But the biggest present of all will be at the Bash, when the FOUR TIME-

Chris Harris: FOUR TIME-

James Storm: FOUR TIME-

Chris Harris: FOUR TIME WWE Tag Team Champions put the old man outta his misery.

Booker throws his bag down, and paces toward the pair, with Burke following his mentor, but AMW quickly scurry away, preferring to wait for Sunday.


In a fit of rage, Booker slams the pipe down, stepping on it, crushing the ‘present’ as Burke looks ahead into the distance at AMW, then at his own ‘present’ chucking the stabilisers away, as we fade out…

Back into the arena…


No messing around, The Iron Man storms onto the stage, bounding down the aisle, wasting no time pacing around the stage. Lesnar charges to the ring, springing onto the apron, letting off his pyro in the process, but looks clearly pissed off.

Joey Styles: Well, we are getting set for our main event here, with the Number One Contender in an absolutely FOUL mood.

Tazz: If I were Orton right now, I’d be lookin at Cade and Doane and wondering if they can really be trusted to pull their weight. Talk’s cheap Joe. Cade and Doane had better step up to the plate tonight for Orton to get into Sunday in one piece.


The fans pop for the music of the ultra popular United States Champion … but after a few moments, the pop quietens down … with no sign of Paul London on the stage. In the ring, Lesnar continues to pace around, wanting to get on with things … but the camera soon switches backstage …


Referees and agents surround London, with the United States Champion clearly out COLD, as the agents shout for help from medics … whilst lurking firmly in the background of the picture is none other … than a smirking Brian Kendrick … HOLDING the United States Championship … stroking the belt he covets, watching people surround London …

… And back in the arena, Lesnar starts to ask questions, giving the official in the ring a piece of his mind, as it becomes clear it’s now set to be a 3 on 2 match.

Joey Styles: We are just receiving confirmation from Eric Bischoffs office that Paul London - obviously - wont be competing now this evening. The scheduled six man tag … is now a 3 on 2 handicap match.

Tazz: That’s the last thing Batista and Lesnar need with huge matches this Sunday, Joe. Fightin the odds?? Not a good way to prepare for a Pay Per View.


To a big reaction also, Batista enters the picture, making it further than Paul London did … BUT NOT BY MUCH …


Edge SMASHES a chair against the back of Batista, sending The Animal down to his knees, and another shot puts the big man down, with the Rated ‘R’ Superstar wasting no time at all … SLAMMING THE CHAIR OFF THE SKULL OF BATISTA - ONE MAN CON-CHAIR-TO!!!

Instantly, Edge runs, seeing a fuming - out for blood - Brock Lesnar hopping out of the ring, and chasing him up the aisle. Edge gets away, jumping off the side of the stage and out of the picture, with Brock stopping as he reaches The Animal, along with other agents and staff, looking to tend to Batista.

Joey Styles: Ladies and Gentlemen, ask you can see, our main event is in chaos right now. Paul London has been ruled out, and thanks to that low life scumbag Edge, it would appear Batista has been withdrawn also.

Tazz: There’s no way Eric Bischoff can let this go ahead as a three on one!! No way.

Joey Styles: Well, I believe we’re going to take a commercial break here, and in that time, we hope things can be sorted out. We may not even have a main event!! We’ll be right back after this.

Commercial Break

And, the show returns, with Brock Lesnar back in the ring, with Eric Bischoff standing on the stage, watching Batista being taken away on a stretcher, before speaking.

Eric Bischoff: EVERYONE!! If I could have your attention … due to some unforeseen circumstances … tonight’s six man main event tag team match … has been cancelled.

Heat. Bischoff throws his arms up in exasperation, as if to say “WHAT ELSE CAN I DO??” In the ring meanwhile, Lesnar is ready to throw a fit.

Eric Bischoff: I apologise for any inconvenience, but as you will see on your ticket stubs; “Card subject to change”.

Heat again.

Eric Bischoff: Now, what I can promise you people is that the perpetrators of the attacks on both Paul London and Batista will be severely reprimanded. But as for tonight … I’m afraid that there is simply no more I can do.

Massive heat for the unpopular announcement.

Eric Bischoff: But remember, The Great A-

Brock Lesnar: RANDY ORTON!!!!!

Big cheer, as the uber pissed Lesnar interrupts Bischoff, and talks over his GM, with Bischoff looking less than pleased.


Massive pop for Brock, calling out the WWE Champion, whilst Bischoff appears to be fuming.

Eric Bischoff: Wait just a second, Brock. You c-


Bischoff is cut off again - this time by Orton, who steps through the curtain … joined by Garrison Cade and Ken Doane!!! The New Wave stand together on the stage, with Orton looking to his left, then to his right, before proceeding down the aisle.

Eric Bischoff: WHOA!!! HOLD IT RIGHT THERE!!!

The GM’s request is ignored, as Orton, Doane and Cade walk down the aisle, with Brock standing firm in the ring, showing no fear.

Eric Bischoff: Brock Lesnar!! I demand you get out of that ring right now!!! Dammit, NOW!!!

Lesnar doesn’t even ACKNOWLEDGE the order of the GM, ignoring the pleas of Bischoff … who has had enough.

Eric Bischoff: Fine. If that’s the way you want it?? Be my guest.

The frustrated GM slams the mic down, and storms away, waving it off, leaving Lesnar to fend off three men …

… With the New Wave approaching the apron, Orton carefully climbs onto the apron, summoning Cade and Doane to join him, with Lesnar like a coiled spring, ready to burst as soon as Orton steps in the ring.

Standing on the apron, Orton licks his lips, anticipating the 3 on 1 attack, showing a sadistic smile … but the growling features of Lesnar soften … and the Iron Man smiles at Orton!?

Orton instantly stops smiling, thrown off by the change in attitude of Lesnar … and looks down to his left … no Doane. He looks up again at Lesnar - still smiling - before turning to look down to his right … no Cade either!!!

The WWE Champion closes his eyes momentarily, gulping, before looking up … and looking around … and see Cade and Doane … halfway up the ramp, backing away … DUMPING ORTON!!!

The fans cheer, as Cade and Doane put an end to their time under Ortons wing … and the final nail in the coffin of the New Wave … as Orton begins to realise … he’s on his own!!! Lesnar’s smile soon fades … AND THE IRON MAN POUNCES - HURLING ORTON OVER THE ROPES, AND INTO THE RING!!!!!

Orton bounces up, RIGHT INTO A CLOTHESLINE!!! The WWE Champion gets turned inside out, and stumbles up again, right into Lesnar once more … AND A BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!!! Lesnar lets out a massive roar, getting some much needed steam out of his system, before pointing to the outside - the announce table to be specific - and chucks Randy over the top, to the floor below!!!

Lesnar follows out, and begins to strip the table, whilst Orton crawls along the floor, trying to regain his bearings, but doesn’t get far, as Lesnar grabs him by the tights, dragging him up. Brock throws Orton onto his shoulders, setting him up for an F5 THROUGH THE TABLE…

… BUT A SECURITY GUARD SAVES ORTON!!! The guard drags Orton off by the legs, as we see more security running down the aisle, with Eric Bischoff leading the traffic, putting a stop to the carnage…

… BUT LESNAR GOES BERSERK!!! The Iron Man welts the security guard, delivering a clothesline to another, as he attempts to get his hands on Orton, who climbs over the barrier, and into the crowd, as Lesnar attempts to fight through security to no avail.

Orton escapes, but Lesnar isn’t done!! Brock swats a few of the guards away, and grabs one unfortunate member of the team, hoisting him onto his shoulders, before kicking another two away that try to stop him … AND DELIVERS AN F5 THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!!!

Lesnar has completely lost it!!! The Iron Man stands tall, with the rest of the security guards too afraid to try and stop him, whilst Bischoff can simply watch from the aisle. Brock slides back into the ring, climbing to the middle buckle, and looks out into the crowd, trying to spot Orton … with the camera showing the WWE Champion stumbling toward an exit, looking back, seeing Lesnar in the ring … knowing he has to face the wrath of the Iron Man on Sunday … ALONE.

Joey Styles:
BROCK LESNAR HAS CREATED ABSOLUTE CARNAGE TONIGHT!!! The Iron Man has blazed a path of destruction … and next on his list is the Legend Killer, this Sunday at the Great American Bash!!! Brock Lesnar wants the WWE Championship … and he wants a piece of Orton in the worst possible way!!! The Champion is in DEEP, DEEP TROUBLE this Sunday … no more New Wave to save him, no security to stop Lesnar … it’s Orton and Lesnar … ONE ON ONE!!!



Official Card for WWE Great American Bash:
Date: 8th July 2007
Location: Wachovia Centre, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Event Music: Alter Bridge; Rise Today

WWE Championship Match:
Randy Orton vs. Brock Lesnar

WWE United States Championship Match:
Paul London vs. The Brian Kendrick

WWE Tag Team Championships Match;
~If Booker T & Elijah Burke lose, Booker T must leave the WWE~
Americas Most Wanted vs. Booker T & Elijah Burke

Buried Alive Match:
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield vs. The Undertaker

Belfast Brawl:
Finlay vs. M.V.P

Grudge Match:
Edge vs. Batista

Tag Team Challenge Match:
The Master Craftsmen vs. Carlito & Any partner of his choosing


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Re: Being The Booker

Official Preview for WWE Great American Bash:
Date: 8th July 2007
Location: Wachovia Centre, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Event Music: Alter Bridge; Rise Today

WWE Championship Match:
Randy Orton vs. Brock Lesnar
The two youngest World Champions in WWE history collide for the richest prize in the game!! At Judgment Day, Randy Orton survived the challenge of three men; including Brock Lesnar, but now, The Iron Man has earned a one on one shot at the champion. And with the New Wave now officially disbanded, Orton must face the challenge of the 295 pounder alone. Could The Legend Killer finally face the backlash for his actions over the last eight months?? He hounded the legendary Ric Flair out of the WWE, and punted Rob Van Dam, Chris Jericho and Nick Dinsmore onto the sidelines ... and now all those acts could be punished by the most daunting challenge the champion has faced.

WWE United States Championship Match:
Paul London vs. The Brian Kendrick
Former friends, former tag team partners - former tag team champions - ripped apart by greed and selfishness. Ever since THE Brian Kendrick won the Cruiserweight championship at WrestleMania, the formerly polite, grounded, gracious competitor turned into a brash, cocky, egotistic asshole. And now, he has his eyes on double gold - the gold worn by his former friend. Betrayed by the metamorphasis of his former friend, Paul London must now put personal feelings aside, and fully concentrate on defending his most cherished possession against a highly dangerous opponent.

WWE Tag Team Championships Match;
~If Booker T & Elijah Burke lose, Booker T must leave the WWE~
Americas Most Wanted vs. Booker T & Elijah Burke
For Booker T, this Sunday is do or die. The legendary veteran MUST win the WWE Tag Team Championships with his protege Elijah Burke, or the proud five times WCW Champion will be forced to walk away from the biggest wrestling organisation on the planet. For SEVEN months, AMW - currently the longest reigning champions in ALL of the WWE - have ruled the roost of the tag division on Smackdown, almost with consumate ease ... but they have not faced challengers with so much riding on the outcome. Ever since his career was put on the line, Booker T has seemingly been reborn, rolling back the years in recent weeks. With the spark now back, can Booker T upend the overly confident champions and continue to build his grandiose leagacy?? Or, will the fat lady be calling time on the veterans WWE tenure??

Buried Alive Match:
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield vs. The Undertaker
Ever since WrestleMania, JBL has targeted The Undertaker - hungry for revenge after The Deadman injured JBL last November, forcing him to miss the Showcase of the Immortals - but The Phenom, after a thrilling, energy sapping victory over Kurt Angle to extend his WrestleMania streak, simply ... vanished. For months, The Undertaker wasnt seen, and wasnt heard. Many believed he had perhaps retired for good. JBL though, had other ideas. The Self Made Millionaire would publicly humilate The Deadman on countless occassions, calling him out, questioning his status as a 'Phenom', all in order to draw The Undertaker from the shadows. And, at Saturday Nights Main Event ... he did. However, JBL would perhaps rue the day he offered to allow The Deadman to name the match - again, doing his all to bring 'Taker out from hiding - as The Undertaker would send shockwaves through the WWE ... announcing a BURIED ALIVE match at the Great American Bash. Has JBL, despite his millions, finally written a cheque with his mouth that his rear end cannot cash?? Or, will Layfield bury the Undertaker, and eliminate The Phenom from the WWE ... once ... and for all??

Belfast Brawl:
Finlay vs. M.V.P
In recent weeks, MVP and Finlay have engaged in bitter brawls. Firstly, MVP bloodied the Irishman on Smackdown, venting frustration after losing his final showdown with Carlito, and losing out on the King of the Ring in the process ... but if he thought he had picked an easy target ... he thought wrong. Finlay loves to fight, and after being assaulted by MVP, retaliated the only way he knows how ... to return the favour. Now, the two will meet in a match that suits the veteran Irishman to a tee, but can MVP overcome the obstacles and get back on track after falling down the pecking order on Smackdown after a promising four month unbeaten streak??

Grudge Match:
Edge vs. Batista
Edge's bitterness over being unable to capture the WWE Championship spilled over in June, after losing out on a title shot to Batista, the Rated 'R' Superstar screwed The Animal out of the WWE Title. And ever since, Batista has been out for blood. Unfortunately, The Animal has had to wait for a month to officially get his hands on Edge in a match. Now though, the waiting is over, and Batista will get his opportunity for revenge, and perhaps a step further towards another shot at the WWE Championship. While for Edge, he will see Batista as a stepping stone toward another shot at the richest prize in the game also. Which of these two men will want it more at the Great American Bash??

Tag Team Challenge Match:
The Master Craftsmen vs. Carlito & Any partner of his choosing
During his epic run toward glory at the King of the Ring, Brent Albright encountered Carlito. The Ace of Spades bested the Cool One on that occassion, but tensions rised, as Albright refused a handshake from the beaten Carlito. Angered, Carlito confronted Albright later in the night, demanding the handshake to be accepted ... but then, Charlie Haas would attack Carlito, taking the hot tempered Caribbean native out of the equation. Off the heels of his KOTR win, Albright - with Haas - threw down the challenge to Carlito, offering The Cool One a chance to gain redemption by facing the two of them at the Bash, on the condition he found a tag team partner. With few friends in the locker room, can Carlito reach out to someone to befriend him ... if even for one night only??



Official Card for WWE Great American Bash:
Date: 8th July 2007
Location: Wachovia Centre, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Event Music: Alter Bridge; Rise Today

WWE Championship Match:
Randy Orton vs. Brock Lesnar

WWE United States Championship Match:
Paul London vs. The Brian Kendrick

WWE Tag Team Championships Match;
~If Booker T & Elijah Burke lose, Booker T must leave the WWE~
Americas Most Wanted vs. Booker T & Elijah Burke

Buried Alive Match:
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield vs. The Undertaker

Belfast Brawl:
Finlay vs. M.V.P

Grudge Match:
Edge vs. Batista

Tag Team Challenge Match:
The Master Craftsmen vs. Carlito & Any partner of his choosing

1) Predict the winners of each match (7 points)
2) Predict the match order (7 Points)
3) Longest Match (3 points)
4) Shortest Match (3 points)
5) Who will be Carlitos tag team partner? *hint; NOT Primo* (5 points)
6) Will there be any surprise appearances; and if so, WHO?? (3 points)
7) Which competitor will suffer the fall in the WWE Tag Team Titles Match?? (2 points)


I thought I might be able to rush through and get the event done by this Sunday, but that wont be happening. Two matches done so far, in more detail than I had intended. So, if the show ends up looking lopsided with some matches in more detail than others ... you know why.

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Re: Being The Booker

Sorry this is late, Wolfy me old mucker. I'd say I was busy, but we all know that's a filthy lie

No Michael Cole?

The opening to this show should be required reading for all new bookers. In fact, the entire build to The Great American Bash should be required reading, but this segment in particular. It's the final show before a big PPV, and most people have it stapled in their brains that a humungous bloody promo between the WWE Title contenders or Batista/Edge would be the only way to go here, because that's what Vince & co. have told them over the years. And they wonder why they have trouble building other angles The Brian Kendrick's build has been slow and predictable, but well handled, and the addition of Paul London to the mix was perfect. It makes Spanky's heel turn more meaningful than just turning on a guy like Chavo, with whom he has no real relationship. And it was only a matter of time before he got this kind of big star treatment to kick off a show. I've always quite like Kendrick on the mic. He sounds like a goofy, moronic cocky prick because that's what he probably is. Nothing really spectacular out of this promo, with Spanky's reasonings for his problem with London about as clichéd as one can get, but I'm not sure what I was expecting. Their feud defintely has legs, despite both holding separate titles. At first I wasn't a fan, but you've booked it so well that I don't want it to just be a 'one off' thing. Now, the stuff with Noble was gold, pure gold. I'm so glad you've gone this route, having Noble become the voice of the Cruiserweight division and call out Kendrick for his blatant disrespect by pursuing another title. Increases Spanky's dickishness and makes Noble look great in the process. I would have preferred just a random jobber for Noble to squash than Daivari, as a bit of solidarity amongst the Cruiserweights might have helped this angle, but I guess this win makes Noble looks much better. He seems to be the next in line for a Cruiserweight title shot, but I'm not sure exactly when Spanky will be done with London. Great opening though. Who's have thought it, secondary titles actually meaning something

Pretty goofy heel promo from Albright and Haas. I'd keep their promos to a minimum if I were you. Neither man is exactly Arn Anderson on the stick. They're not terrible; I just think it would do wonders for their current gimmick if they said very little. I guess they pretty much ruled out Primo though, which is reassuring. I don't mind him. It would just be a tad boring.

Great match between Haas and Carlito to go into the PPV with. Haas controlling things until his buddy gets sent to the back, but Haas still looks strong with a loss via a roll-up. I'm probably looking forward to the tag team match at GAB more than anything else, and this is exactly why. I'm absolutely clueless as to who 'Lito's partner could be though

Nice little promo from London, who seems to be taking this feud with his former partner a little too lightly for me. The fact that he hasn't come across as serious yet makes me think that this rivalry has legs, and the Great American Bash won't be the last London versus Kendrick match we see in this thread. I said the tag match was what I was most looking forward to, but this comes a close second.

So Nemeth's now a pimp? I hope you give him a manager. He's an awesome wrestler, but he's pretty dire on the mic.

Typical Brock nonsense. He's so boring

Very surprised by just how good the match between Booker and JBL was. Okay, so it wasn't Steamboat/Flair or anything, but considering the limits of the two guys in there, it was a ton of fun thanks to AMW, Elijah Burke and The Undertaker. Booker's win pretty much guarantees he's leaving this Sunday, but that was never really in doubt. JBL is losing also, but I imagine he'll be sticking around in some other capacity.

Nice crazy promo after the match by Layfield. He's been gold building this essentially squash feud up in recent weeks, and it's a shame he's literally going to be buried on Sunday by that glory hog. Typical Undertaker shit too with the tombstone and grave. He's so boring, yet you can't help but book him. You'd be a fool not to really.

Raw already sold me on SummerSlam. You've got mine beat

I told you my thoughts on the Ricky Hatton press conference in my Raw review, so I won't repeat myself.

Ah, a last promo from Booker T before he bids us a fond farewell. I wonder what Burke will be doing though. I always thought he was actually rather good.

So it's going to be MVP/Finlay this Sunday? Nice. Neither man has much else going on right now, so I'm glad you're putting them in a sort of mini feud. With all the use of the shillelagh there's been between them, if you were Vince Russo you'd probably have them in a shillelagh on a pole match or something. Thank god you're not Russo. Surprised to see Porter gain the upperhand here, as I have him as a sure thing to go over at the PPV. He still will I reckon.

Here's Randy Orton. Time for a boring promo. Lol, I kid. He is a bit a damp squib of a champion, but you at least have him in a slightly different angle with his stable, which has been all over the place, which was proved by this very odd promo.

@ AMW's 'gifts' to Booker and Burke. Harris and Storm are such brilliant wankers, It's a shame they haven't really got anyone to feud with.

Holy shit at the main event. That's some nifty, Heyman-esque booking right there, Wolfster. I doubt anyone saw that coming. Kendrick and Edge add some SERIOUS fuel to their respective feuds with their attacks. I'm glad to see Spanky has the U.S Title belt again. I like the idea of him as some kind of magpie who steals things. And as for Edge, I think the con-chair-to to Batista will lead to The Animal's downfall at the PPV. I can't see him recovering in time, and Edge really should be the one going over, because, well, he's more talented. And there everyone was thinking we were just going to get the usual 3-on-1 handicap match a la Goldberg and Evolution back in the day, with Lesnar looking like Superman or something ... but you've FINALLY ended this New Wave nonsence, and in the process created two more babyfaces to prop your roster. Cade and Doane instantly look great for this, and it's such a great way to go into the PPV, with Orton looking so unbelievably vulnerable and afraid. I actually can't wait to see what old school shenanigans he uses to pull out the win, 'cause it ain't gonna be clean, baby.

Really enjoyable send off show, Wolfy, add some serious weight to ALL of your title matches, and making the best decision possible by disbanding The New Wave with some very nifty booking at the end.

Official Card for WWE Great American Bash:
Date: 8th July 2007
Location: Wachovia Centre, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Event Music: Alter Bridge; Rise Today

7. WWE Championship Match:
Randy Orton vs. Brock Lesnar
As dirty a win as humanly possible I reckon here, possibly with some interference from Triple H.

6. WWE United States Championship Match:
Paul London vs. The Brian Kendrick
I don't see Spanky becoming a double champion yet, but I DO see this match having a controversial finish and Kendrick nicking the belt again.

3. WWE Tag Team Championships Match;
~If Booker T & Elijah Burke lose, Booker T must leave the WWE~
Americas Most Wanted vs. Booker T & Elijah Burke
AMW are great, you're building your tag division around them, and you've wanted to get rid of Booker for a while now.

Buried Alive Match:
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield vs. The Undertaker
He squashes people for no reason, that's what he does!

1. Belfast Brawl:
Finlay vs. M.V.P
Despite Porter getting the last laugh on SD, I still think he's your next U.S Champion, so he'll go over here.

2. Grudge Match:
Edge vs. Batista
He's obviously better than 'Tista, and the con-chair-to could prove to be the deciding factor,

5. Tag Team Challenge Match:
The Master Craftsmen vs. Carlito & Any partner of his choosing
Albright's just won the King Of The Ring. You'd foolish to NOT have him get the pin here. He shouldn't be losing a match for a LOOOOONG time.

1) Predict the winners of each match (7 points)
2) Predict the match order (7 Points)
3) Longest Match (3 points)
4) Shortest Match (3 points)
Buried Alive.
5) Who will be Carlitos tag team partner? *hint; NOT Primo* (5 points)
Uh... I'm really stumped with this one. Jeff Hardy?
6) Will there be any surprise appearances; and if so, WHO?? (3 points)
Triple H in the WWE Title match.
7) Which competitor will suffer the fall in the WWE Tag Team Titles Match?? (2 points)
Da' Book Man.

Should be a great show, mate. Looking forward to it
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Re: Being The Booker


Official Card for WWE Great American Bash:
Date: 8th July 2007
Location: Wachovia Centre, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Event Music: Alter Bridge; Rise Today

7.WWE Championship Match:
Randy Orton vs. Brock Lesnar

Orton's reign won't end after just one PPV defense so i think he'll retain.

2.WWE United States Championship Match:
Paul London vs. The Brian Kendrick

5.WWE Tag Team Championships Match;
~If Booker T & Elijah Burke lose, Booker T must leave the WWE~
Americas Most Wanted vs. Booker T & Elijah Burke

Buried Alive Match:
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield vs. The Undertaker

I don't think you want to end JBL's career and he is not someone who can come back from the dead so he has to win this one.

1. Belfast Brawl:
Finlay vs. M.V.P

4. Grudge Match:
Edge vs. Batista

3. Tag Team Challenge Match:
The Master Craftsmen vs. Carlito & Any partner of his choosing

1) Predict the winners of each match (7 points)done
2) Predict the match order (7 Points)done
3) Longest Match (3 points)London/Kendrick
4) Shortest Match (3 points)Buried Alive Match
5) Who will be Carlitos tag team partner? *hint; NOT Primo* (5 points)Jeff Hardy
6) Will there be any surprise appearances; and if so, WHO?? (3 points)No
7) Which competitor will suffer the fall in the WWE Tag Team Titles Match?? (2 points)James Storm

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Re: Being The Booker

Really looking forward to the bash, keep up the good work mate!

Official Card for WWE Great American Bash:
Date: 8th July 2007
Location: Wachovia Centre, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Event Music: Alter Bridge; Rise Today

7: WWE Championship Match:
Randy Orton vs. Brock Lesnar

I see things going Orton's way here but not in the way it looks. I think Orton will try every trick under the sun and eventually get himself disqualified but still keep the belt. So Lesnar to win but Orton to retain the championship.

4: WWE United States Championship Match:
Paul London vs. The Brian Kendrick

Great, I mean incredible build up to this one. Kendrick's turn has been great to read and you've nailed it spot on. Although i know you have a thing for London, I think you'll eventually have Kendrick drop the Cruiser belt to Noble so as he can focus on the US title. London will win here after a great back and forth match.

3: WWE Tag Team Championships Match;
~If Booker T & Elijah Burke lose, Booker T must leave the WWE~
Americas Most Wanted vs. Booker T & Elijah Burke

Like it's been said, You have been wanting rid of Booker and this is the perfect way to do it. Turn AMW's heat from red to white hot by having them screw Booker out of his career. I can see Booker almost winning it but then AMW will get the sneaky win. Bye Booker!

Buried Alive Match:
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield vs. The Undertaker

JBL has given some great promos over the last few weeks and kudos on that but I dont see him betaing Taker. Short match hopefully with Taker destroying JBL and putting him on the shelf for a while.

1: Belfast Brawl:
Finlay vs. M.V.P

Finlay does not need to win here, MVP meanwhile needs his momentum back and i think this si the perfect chance for that. MVP to win emphatically.

5: Grudge Match:
Edge vs. Batista

Another well built match with your depiction of the crazed Edge being spot on. I see Big Dave almost taking the win only for Edge to again sneak a win out of nowhere.

2: Tag Team Challenge Match:
The Master Craftsmen vs. Carlito & Any partner of his choosing

No way is Albright losing this soon after his performance at SNME. TMC will win and push Albright on towards the world title shot he deserves.

1) Predict the winners of each match (7 points)Done
2) Predict the match order (7 Points)Done
3) Longest Match (3 points)WWE Title
4) Shortest Match (3 points)Belfast Brawl
5) Who will be Carlitos tag team partner? *hint; NOT Primo* (5 points)Jamie Noble?
6) Will there be any surprise appearances; and if so, WHO?? (3 points)No
7) Which competitor will suffer the fall in the WWE Tag Team Titles Match?? (2 points)Elijah Burke
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