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Re: Being The Booker


June 23 | The Pyramid | Memphis TN


*Old School Saturday Nights Main Event opening*

Eric Bischoff, standing in his office;

Eric Bischoff: Good evening one and all, and welcome, to Saturday Nights Main Event. I am Eric Bischoff, the current General Manager of BOTH Monday Night Raw and Friday Night Smackdown. Tonight, you all have the privilege of bearing witness to the culmination of the 2007 King of the Ring tournament. Eight men remain, but only one will be standing by the end of this night. And that man will be crowned, King.

Matt Hardy is sat on a trainers table, taping his hands.

Matt Hardy: For years, I have toiled in the WWE, tryin to work my way to the very top. Every time I seem to get close, someone pulls me back down. Well … not anymore!! Tonight, I don’t care who stands in my way, I will go through them ALL in order to be crowned King Hardy.

Cut to Paul London, with the United States Championship over his shoulder in a corridor.

Paul London: My name is Paul London, the current United States Champion. Don’t worry about my size, or that I’m smaller than the other seven guys - tonight, my summer continues to shine. I won this title last month, and I’m shooting for the ultimate prize; the WWE Championship. But in order to get there, it HAS to be me that’s crowned King of the Ring tonight.

Cut to the cheese eating grin of Armando Estrada, with Umaga standing by.

Armando Estrada: EVERYBODY LISTEN … HA HA … TO ME!!! My name es ARMANDOOOO, ALEJANDROOO … ESSSSSS-TRA-DAAAAA!!! And this man?? He’s no man. He’s a monster. He already (holds up the MITB briefcase) has a World Title shot whenever he pleases, he’s already ended the career of the legendary Shawn Michaels, and he’s never EVER lost a match. Take a look at THE SAAAAA-MO-AN BULL-DOZERRRRRRR … and the next King of the Ring … OOOOOOOO-MA-GAAAA!!!

Umaga roars, as we cut…

To Brent Albright & Charlie Haas; The Master Craftsmen.

Brent Albright: I am Brent Albright. The gentleman to my left is Charlie Haas, and together we are the Master Craftsmen, and tonight, one of us will be crowned King of the Ring.

Charlie Haas: We’ve both been United States Champion in the past, I’ve held numerous tag team titles. Collectively, championships gravitate toward us. We are simply the greatest in ring performers in the entire world. To us, wrestling is an art form, and tonight, Brent and I will put on a showcase like no other when we meet in the semi-finals.

Brent Albright: And then, the winner will go on to the finals, and become King … reinvigorating the good name of professional wrestling. And Charlie, with all due respect … it’s gonna be me.

Charlie Haas: No, no, no partner. It’s gonna be me.

Albright shakes his head, and points to himself, before cutting…

To William Regal in the locker room.

William Regal: My name is William Regal. And how fitting it would be on this night for a noble, English gentleman like myself to be crowned King?? I may be a little older than my fellow competitors this evening, but what I lack in youth, I more than make up for in experience. And all those yearsof experience will see me cross the finish line, and bring some class, honour and dignity to the title … of King.

Cut to Carlito, resting in a hammock.

Carlito: My name?? Carlito. And after the last couple months Carlito has had, he could do with some good news. Carlito’s got just the thing to cheer himself though … becoming the 2007 King of the Ring. King Carlito?? Now das Cool.

Carlito takes a chunk out of his apple…

And, cut to Theodore Long, standing with the Intercontinental Champion, Shelton Benjamin, with The Brotherhood in the background.

Theodore Long: LEMME HOLLA AT YA PLAYAS!!! You all know that the man has been holdin The Brotherhood down in the ghetto for years … but all dat is about to change for the better playas. The Black Diamon’, The Intercontinental Champion, MY BOY, Shelton Benjamin is gonna wow ya tonight, ya feel may?? Shelton Benjamin is walkin into Memphis with a bag of hopes and dreams, and lemme tell ya playas, he aint headed to the heart break hotel. He’s gettin all shook up, and he’s headed for greatness. He’s headed for the King of the Ring … HOLLA HOLLA HOLLA!!!

The Brotherhood all ‘holler’ in the background, with Theodore smiling proudly…

Cut away…



The camera pans around The Pyramid, before the familiar voice of Jim Ross greets us to tonights event…

Jim Ross: Good evening one and all, and welcome to Saturday Nights Main Event!!! Tonight, the eight remaining superstars in the 2007 King of the Ring tournament battle it out to be crowned King. A field of thirty two began the tournament, only eight remain, and by the culmination of tonight’s event, only one will be left standing!! I’m Jim Ross, and joining me tonight, from Friday Night Smackdown, Michael Cole!!

Michael Cole: Thank you J.R, and yes folks, Michael Cole was selected to call the action on Smackdowns behalf. Not Joey Styles, not Tazz, but me. And tonight, as you pointed out J.R, the King of the Ring will be crowned, but also, there’s a little battle for brand supremacy. Raw meets Smackdown in an eight man tag match, and things really exploded last night on Smackdown.

Jim Ross: Indeed they did. Infighting on both brands, but in the end, Raw came together at the close of last nights show, whilst the WWE Champion, Randy Orton stabbed his team mates in the back, with an RKO on Brock Lesnar. We could be in for carnage tonight.

Michael Cole: And of course, J.B.L has given The Undertaker until tonight to answer his challenge. Will the Deadman accept the invitation to meet John Bradshaw Layfield at the Great American Bash in two weeks time?? Or, is the Phenom really a phoney??

Jim Ross: All those questions are gonna be answered tonight-


Memphis rises to it’s feet, as the familiar refrain of JERRY ‘THE KING’ LAWLER fills the arena, and The King walks onto the stage to a massive home town pop from the fans inside the Pyramid!!

Jim Ross: Well ladies and gentlemen, there he is. The King has come home!!

Michael Cole: That’s all well and good J.R, but we’ve got a packed line up here, we don’t really have time to waste on Jerry Lawlers homecoming.

Lawler quickly jogs down the aisle, slapping hands with the fans, before making his way around to ringside … to join J.R and Cole on commentary!! First though, King picks up a mic to address the fans.

Jerry Lawler: Aint it great to come home??

Huge pop, as King smiles at the reaction.

Jerry Lawler: Now, are you people ready to crown the 2007 King of the Ring??


Jerry Lawler: Well, who better to call the action tonight, than royalty, huh??

Cheers again.

Jerry Lawler: I mean, you’ve got J.R from Raw, and Michael Cole from Smackdown … so we need to have someone impartial, right??

Lawler looks around for a positive reaction, smiling as he gets it.

Jerry Lawler: I guess that settles it!!!

The fans pop, as The King makes his way around the table, with J.R and (a noticeably irritated) Michael Cole shifting to make room for him.

Jim Ross: King, it’s great to have ya back!!

Jerry Lawler: It’s good to be back, J.R. Feels like old times, sitting here calling the action with ya.

Jim Ross: Feels like the good ‘ol days!!!

Jerry Lawler: I hope you don’t mind Michael. I know you’re not a fan of a three man announce booth!!

Lawler chuckles, as Cole refuses to respond.


The music of Paul London hits, and the fans come alive again, with the United States Champion quickly making his way to the ring, as we kick off the Quarter Finals of the King of the Ring tournament, with all three men believing London could go all the way this evening.


A former U.S Champion in his own right, Charlie Haas is also quick to make his way to the ring, as the commentary team discuss the bond between Haas and Albright, and how the friendship his reinvigorated Haas in recent months to the point where he is seen as a viable contender this evening.

Charlie Haas vs. Paul London
There is no messing around from either man, with Haas and London getting straight to business, foregoing any feeling out stage. London is just a step too quick for Haas initially, using hit and run tactics to try and wear down Charlie, but the reckless abandon of the United States Champion backfires eventually, and he gets caught … and blasted with a German Suplex!!! Haas makes the cover, 1...2...London kicks out!!! From here, Haas has the upper hand, and uses his time in charge to dominate the United States Champion, wearing him down, and gaining a near fall from a delayed side suplex.

Quickly, Haas applies a front chinlock, further wearing the champion down as he thinks of his next move, keeping The Golden Boy at his mercy. But the dogged Texan fights up, reaching his feet, and drives his elbow into the gut of Haas, over and over, freeing himself … but before he can run the ropes, he is grabbed by the hair, and slammed back onto the canvas by Haas. Jack Doan admonishes Haas for the action, but Haas laughs it off, and puts the boots to London in the corner, further taking the wind out of the United States champions sails.

Haas sends London off the ropes, but misses with a clothesline … and London launches himself from the opposite side … AND TAKES HAAS DOWN WITH A FLYING CROSSBODY!!! Both men quickly get to their feet, but London strikes first with a dropsault … and another, before sending Haas off the ropes, looking for a front dropkick on the return … BUT HITS FRESH AIR - AND CRASHES ON THE CANVAS!!! Haas grabbed the ropes to prevent his return, and goes for a jack knife cover on London … 1...2...NO!!!

London just frees himself in time, and Haas is left to argue with the referee, saying it was a three. Haas drives a knee into London to slow him down, and hooks him up, going for a suplex … but London frees himself, landing behind - on the apron - and ducks a right hand from Haas, driving a shoulder into the gut of Haas, and springs off the ropes - HURRICANRANA!!! The fans come alive again for the high flying London, and the United States Champion picks himself up, running off the ropes, and puts Haas right back down with a swinging neck breaker!!! He covers, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

The U.S Champion cant believe it!! He gets back up, and looks down at Haas, before deciding to go for it all, and climbs the ropes … but as he gets to the top turnbuckle, Haas gets up … and races across, SHOVING London off the top turnbuckle, and into the barrier on the outside!!! The fans gasp as Haas wastes little time to pick up the scraps, hopping out of the ring, and driving London into the apron. London winces in agony, and Haas rolls him back inside, managing another near fall. After the kick out, Haas pulls London back up, and goes for T-Bone Suplex DRILLING London again, and makes the cover, 1...2...FOOT ON THE ROPE!!!

Haas is denied again, this time, by the ropes, with London surviving. Haas is irate, and stomps the hell out of London, shoving him into the corner, coming close to a disqualification before backing off - THEN SLUGS London with a hard unsporting right hand!!! Haas now hoists London onto the top rope, and climbs up, looking for a superplex … BUT LONDON FIGHTS IT!!! The tenacious Golden Boy fights back, stunning Haas … AND FRONT SUPLEXES HAAS OFF THE TOP!!! Haas crashes onto the canvas, and rolls over … offering an open invite to London, to catches his breath … BEFORE DELIVERING THE 450 SPLASH!!! London hooks the leg … 1...2...3!!!!!
Winner: Paul London @ 10:11

LONDON ADVANCES!!! The United States Champion overcomes the technical wizard, and books his spot in the final four for the second consecutive year!!!

Jim Ross: PAUL LONDON CONTINUES TO DAZZLE!!! Just as it was twelve months ago, The Golden Boy is in the final four, but can the United States Champion go all the way this time??

Michael Cole: You bet he can J.R!! Paul London is finally maximising on his potential. For years London has stolen many shows, and been on the brink of greatness, but this year, The Golden Boy has taken that next step, and he might just be the man to go ALL the way tonight!!!

Jerry Lawler: What a gutsy display gentlemen. Paul London may be smaller than the majority of guys in this tournament, but what he lacks in size, he more than makes up for in heart.

London doesn’t celebrate the victory for long, leaving the ring, knowing he still has a long way to go for the ultimate prize tonight, slapping hands with some fans on the way. Meanwhile, in the ring, Charlie Haas slowly comes around, coming to terms with his loss - for the second straight year in the Elite Eight.

Jim Ross: But what has this match taken out of the U.S Champion?? Paul London was on the backfoot for long periods of this contest, and he’ll have to compete again shortly. And if he IS to go all the way, he’ll have to compete twice more tonight.

Michael Cole: Don’t worry about that. Paul London has plenty in reserve in the tank J.R.

Jim Ross: Well, when we come back, Londons semi final opponent will be decided - it’ll be Carlito and Brent Albright in the Elite Eight - NEXT!!!

Commercial Break


An image of the sun rising, getting brighter and brighter…


Clips of John Cena, Brock Lesnar, Christian, The Brian Kendrick, Straight Edge, & Randy Orton


Clips of Kurt Angle, M.V.P, Shelton Benjamin, Paul London, Mister Kennedy & Edge


Clips of some of the landmark sights in each continent.




The Summerslam logos from the years gone by.


A sight of the globe, which zooms in … toward Europe … toward the UK … toward England … and into London … zooming in still …


And hurtles toward Wembley Stadium.


Differing angles of the new Wembley, including a sight at the arc.


Clips of WWE stars in action, interspersed with clips of fans going wild.


More fast clips of the WWE superstars in action, with fans reactions, including sights of London too.




Backstage, Matt Striker is standing by…

Matt Striker: Hello everybody, it is I, Matt Striker, and at this time I have with me, the 2006 King of the Ring, Mister Kennedy.

To a mix of heat and a few cheers, Kennedy enters the picture.

Matt Striker: Mister Kennedy, a year ago, you were crowned King of the Ring, and while it may have taken a little longer than you anticipated, your own career is now beginning to sky rocket off the back of your success in the tournament last year. What kind of advice would you give to whomever leaves Memphis tonight as King of the Ring??

Kennedy screws his face up at the question.

Mister Kennedy: Why should I give a crap about who wins the King of the Ring?? I won the thing last year. Biggest accomplishment of my career … so far. If you honestly think I am where I am right now solely because I won the King of the Ring last year, you’re more stupid than you look. Winning the King of the Ring isn’t a free pass to superstardom Matt. What it is … is a chance to announce yourself as a player … a chance to tell the world you intend on becoming part of the bigger picture.

Kennedy nods at Striker, as if to say “Understand?”

Mister Kennedy: Now … as for advice?? Well … (chuckles) … I’d advise the guys left in the tournament NOT to win. Why?? Simply put, you’ll never follow THIS KING. The 2007 King of the Ring … and ALL the Kings to follow will FOREVER BE … IN THE SHADOW … OF … MISTERRRRRR KEN-NED-DAYYYYYYYY … … … (whispers) King … Kennedy.

Kennedy winks at the camera, as we fade out to ringside…


Brent Albright is greeted to overriding heat from the fans, as the former United States Champion makes his way to the ring ahead of his first of potentially three matches tonight, as the show goes to a commercial…

Commercial Break

We return, with Carlito now on his way to the ring, with the majority of his entrance taking part during the commercial.

Carlito vs. Brent Albright
Albright dictates the pace in the early going, in stark contrast to the opening contest, with a longer feeling out process between the two, with Albright keeping Carlito grounded, and agitated at being unable to turn the tide. Albright though, cant keep the man from the Caribbean on the canvas forever, and CCC finally makes it up, speeding things up, springing off the ropes with a splash for a near fall, then attempts to run the ropes again … BUT ALBRIGHT CATCHES HIM WITH A SIDEWALK SLAM!!! He covers, 1...2...NO!!!

Brent refuses to accept the kick out, going for a cover again, but if the first one couldn’t do it, the second certainly wouldn’t either. Albright sends Carlito into the corner with a whip, running in after, but is met with an elbow from CCC!!! Albright is dazed as he staggers away, whilst Carlito runs out of the corner, and catches Brent with a running knee lift, further dazing Albright, whilst Carlito springboards off the ropes - and catches the former U.S Champion with the springboard reverse elbow, and a cover, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Albright pops up quickly, but is a step behind the firing Carlito, and the man from the Caribbean scores with a suplex, and another cover, 1...2...KICK OUT AGAIN!!!

Carlito now climbs the corner, perching himself up top, waiting for Albright to get up … and launches with a cross body … BUT ALBRIGHT DROPKICKS HIM ON THE WAY DOWN!!! The former U.S Champion immediately scrambles for a cover … 1...2...SHOULDER UP!!! Albright sits up in shock, looking at the referee, shaking his head as he drags Carlito up, quickly hooking him into position, and goes for his signature HALF NELSON SUPLEX - BUT CARLITO SHIFTS IN MID AIR … AND ROLLS ALBRIGHT UP … 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Albright bounces up, and DRILLS his opponent with a stiff clothesline!!! He hooks the leg, 1...2...NO!!!

Still, Albright cant finish Carlito off. He drags Carlito up, backing him into the ropes, softening him up with a few right hands, then shoots him off the ropes … BUT CARLITO SPRINGS ON THE ROPES AND SAULTS BACK, LANDING BEHIND ALBRIGHT … AND NAILS THE BACK CRACKER!!! The fans cheer as Carlito crawls into the cover, 1...2...ALBRIGHT KICKS OUT!!! Carlito cant believe it. He looks winded, due to the breakneck speed of the match, but sucks it up, and pulls himself to his feet, looking down at the writhing Albright … THEN LEAPS ONTO THE ROPES … AND GOES FOR THE DOUBLE SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT … BUT MISSES!!!

Carlito crashes and burns!!! Albright played possum, and looks to pick up the scraps, dragging Carlito up … AND SLAMS CARLITO WITH THE HALF NELSON SUPLEX!!!!! He makes the cover, 1...2...NO!!!!!! Hands on head, Albright’s eyes boggle, whilst the fans come unglued, with the frightening pace of the match taking all by surprise. The former U.S Champion pounds the mat, then pulls Carlito back up to his feet, sending him off the ropes, and catching him on the return … WITH A SLEEPER!!! Some boos are heard, with Albright slowing the pace right down, and attempts to draw the life out of CCC … but the man from the Caribbean has other ideas … and REVERSES with a side suplex!!!

Now, both men are slow to their feet, and as they get up, they trade blows, with CCC winning the exchange, and shooting Albright off the ropes, going for a clothesline, but missing … with Brent running under, coming off the opposite side … with Carlito leaping up to avoid, and Brent continues on, hitting the ropes again, coming back … RIGHT INTO A DROPKICK!!! Carlito now stalks, waiting for Albright to get back up, with the former U.S Champion struggling to reach his feet, but gets there … and Carlito swarms in … AND GOES FOR THE APPLE CORE … BUT ALBRIGHT COUNTERS INTO A SMALL PACKAGE … 1...2...NO!!!!!

Carlito shoots up, and darts at Brent … BUT ALBRIGHT GRABS THE ARM … AND APPLIES THE CROWBAR!!!!! Carlito is caught, and looks set to tap almost instantly … but he digs deep, scrambling along the canvas, unable to reach the ropes with his free arm … but WRAPS HIS LEG AROUND THE BOTTOM ROPE!!! And the deadly submission hold is broken!!! Albright is forced to break, and lets go, with the Cool One moving to the corner, shaking his arm loose. Albright senses the end is near, and races into the corner - but Carlito moves out of the way, Albright hit’s the corner … and Carlito moves in for the roll up … BUT ALBRIGHT ROLLS THROUGH … 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Brent Albright @ 10:59

ALBRIGHT GETS IT!!! Carlito kicks out at 3.1, but it’s too late!!! The Cool One sits up in shock, holding up two fingers, but his protests are useless, as Albright is the one to have his arm raised!!

Jim Ross: My word what a match!!! Carlito and Brent Albright just let it ALL hang out here, and ultimately, it’s the former United States Champion that advances.

Jerry Lawler: If you ask me, Carlito cost himself J.R. Too much fancy flips, and not enough solid work. Brent Albright may have only just got the three there, but in my opinion, his style was always goin to outlast Carlito.

Michael Cole: For too long, Brent Albrights solid work on Smackdown has gone unrecognized. Seven months he spent as United States Champion, and for at least six of those months he was written off as a lucky champion. Tonight, Brent Albright is on a mission to prove that luck plays no part in his victories. He IS that good.

Despite his loss, Carlito accepts the defeat, and approaches Albright in the ring, offering his hand to shake … but Albright laughs … and SLAPS the hand away!!! He pushes past Carlito, and hops out of the ring, walking up the ramp, with a semi final now to worry about against Paul London.

In the ring, Carlito is livid. He stares as Albright leaves, shaking his head, mouthing something in Spanish, as his temper begins to boil over.

Jim Ross: Well, that was a classless act if you ask me. Carlito offered his hand like a man- there was no reason whatsoever for Albright to do what he just did.

Michael Cole: Albright has one friend, J.R. He doesn’t need any others, especially someone like Carlito.

Jerry Lawler: Yeah, for what it’s worth, for once, I agree with Michael Cole. If you’re not first, you’re last, and Brent Albright doesn’t need to associate with losers like Carlito.

Carlito now leaves the ring, with a few faint ‘CAR-LIT-O’ chants in the front rows, as we go to another commercial…

Commercial Break






Back into the arena…

Jim Ross: We are back live, and moments ago, we learned that either Brent Albright or Paul London will contest the King of the Ring final. Charlie Haas and Carlito have been eliminated from the tournament, and now, a little later tonight, it’ll be Albright and London in the first Semi-Final.

Michael Cole: Two tremendous rivals, J.R. They contested a ‘Match of the Year’ contender at Judgment Day. They stole the show in Miami five weeks ago, and I have a feeling they might just do the same tonight with the stakes being so high.

Jerry Lawler: Well, whoever gets there will be a worthy finalist, but after the matches they’ve just competed in, I’m not sure which one is in better shape to advance. Those two Quarter Final match ups REALLY took it out of both men.


To a big ovation, Matt ‘The Talent’ Hardy makes his way to the ring, kicking off the first of the two Raw Quarter Finals. During Hardys entrance, Cole heelishly declares Hardy as a ‘never will be’, having had so many chances to reach the next level over the years, whilst J.R defends Matt, saying he’s in the prime of his career right now, and ready to step up.


Jim Ross: Oh- for the love of- not this again!!

Like last Monday, Benjamin is CARRIED ON A THRONE by white boys to the ring, using the royal style music, already wearing a crown … but without the added bonus of Theodore Long by his side, due to the edict from Eric Bischoff last week on Raw, banning any, and all outside influences in the KOTR tournament.

In the ring, Hardy has had enough … AND LEAVES THE RING TO MEET THE PROCESSION ON THE RAMP!!! Benjamin sees Hardy coming, and pre-empts a repeat of Raw, getting up, and climbing off the throne, then SHOVES the white boys into the path of Hardy, and attacks his rival!!!

Benjamin showers Hardy with stiff rights and lefts, slamming him against the barrier, then slams Matt into the steel mesh of the ramp. He drags Matt up, and rolls him into the ring, with the bell ringing, and the match officially beginning…

Shelton Benjamin vs. Matt Hardy
Immediately, Shelton covers, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! It wont be that easy for the I.C champion, and Shelton quickly looks to wear Hardy out, applying a sleeper on the mat, whilst he thinks about his next move. Hardy though, forces himself to his feet, and with some well placed elbows to the mid section, forces a break, and starts to get into the contest, catching Benjamin with some stiff rights, before dropping his rival with a discus punch, leading to a near fall. Hardy pulls Benjamin up, shoving him into the corner, letting fly with his stiff right hands, then shoots Shelton across the ring, only for Benjamin to leap to the middle buckle … BUT MATT SWEEPS HIS LEGS AND BENJAMIN CRASHES ONTO THE CANVAS!!!

That move from Hardy gets the fans rocking, and an elbow drop leads to a second near fall for Matt, but again, Benjamin survives. Matt drags Shelton up, backing him into the ropes, then looks to send him off for a whip, but The Black Diamond turns him inside out, pulls him in, AND DELIVERS A BELLY TO BELLY!!! The I.C Champion makes a cover, 1...2...NO!! Matt has too much fight in him to lay down this early, and the kick out frustrates Benjamin. Shelton gets up, and almost instinctively, looks around for Theodore Long and his input - but Long is nowhere to be seen; banished to the role of a backstage spectator. Benjamin wastes too much time now, thinking of his next move, and it allows Hardy the chance to fight back as he recovers from the Belly to Belly, fighting Benjamin off, and running the ropes … BUT RUNS INTO A POWERSLAM FROM THE IC CHAMPION!!!

Benjamin scores another near fall, but it’s not good enough to get the job done, although he doesn’t allow the advantage to pass him by this time. Shelton piles the pressure on Matt now, following up with another succession of near falls with his trademark suplex into a neck breaker, and then with a leaping knee drop on his grounded opponent, but both times, Matt kicks out. Shelton pulls Hardy back up, and sends him HARD into the corner with an Irish Whip, then sets himself, readying … and runs in for the STINGER SPLASH!!! Benjamin crushes Matt in the corner, and looks to follow up WITH THE FROST KICK … BUT MATT DUCKS UNDER … SIDE EFFECT!!! Hardy instantly covers, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

The fans rise momentarily, thinking Matt had it, but realise there was a kick out from the I.C Champion, as Matt shakes his head, also believing he’d got a flash three count. Both men try to pull themselves up, with Matt reaching his feet first, noticing his opponent in the corner, getting to his feet … and rushes in … HITTING A CLOTHESLINE … HANGING ON … RUNNING OUT OF THE CORNER WITH A BULLDOG!!! Hardy covers again, 1...2...NO!!! He cant put Benjamin away!!! The elder Hardy gets to his feet again, and climbs to the middle turnbuckle, setting himself, signalling to the fans … AND GOES FOR THE LEG DROP … BUT BENJAMIN ROLLS AWAY!!!

Hardy crashes and burns … and looks to have hurt his leg!!! Matt attempts to get back up after the miss, but hobbles badly on his leg … and Benjamin spots it, immediately running in … AND CHOP BLOCKS THE BAD LEG!!! Matt hit’s the canvas, clutching his leg, whilst Benjamin goes to work, stomping the injured body part with gusto. Matt tries to get away, but cant, as Benjamin looks to put the hurting on his rival, as we cut to an ill timed commercial break…

Commercial Break

And from the break, Benjamin is in cruise control, contorting the leg of Matt Hardy, as the commentary team let us know that Benjamin dominated proceedings throughout the break. They then show us clips of Benjamin taking Matt to the outside, and slamming the bad knee against the steps, and wrapping it around the ring post, causing further damage. Then, back live, Benjamin is seen looking to apply a single leg crab … AND SUCCEEDS!! It could all be over for Hardy now, with the pressure on the bad leg multiplied. Matt scratches and claws, desperately trying to reach the ropes, seeing his KOTR dreams fading … and reaches … BUT BENJAMIN DRAGS HIM FURTHER AWAY!!!

Matt looks to be on the brink on giving up, as J.R asks on commentary if Matt could even go on to compete again tonight if he did fight on and win, due to the damage done to his leg. Hardy though simply wont give in … and again claws his way across the ring, looking for the sanctuary of the ropes … and Benjamin CANT stop him this time … AS HARDY GRABS THE BOTTOM ROPE!!! The fans cheer in unison, as Matt forces the hold to be broken!!! Benjamin has to be forced off though by the referee, and the Black Diamond is incensed he didn’t get the submission, and charges back in to go for the crab again … but as he grabs the leg, MATT COUNTERS … INSIDE CRADLE … 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Benjamin powers out, and gets right up to his feet, looking around in shock again as Hardy surprises him once again, nearly grabbing the win.

Matt struggles up, selling his leg injury, pulling himself up in the corner, giving his opponent an open invite for the STINGER SPLASH AGAIN … BUT MATT SIDE STEPS!!! Benjamin hit’s the corner, and stumbles out into Matt, who kicks him in the gut … and LOOKS FOR THE TWIST OF FATE … BUT BENJAMIN KICKS THE LEG!!! Instantly, Hardy pulls away, hobbling on his leg, and Benjamin sees the end in sight … AND GOES FOR PAYDIRT … BUT MATT GRABS THE TOP ROPE AND BENJAMIN CRASHES ONTO CANVAS!!! Matt drops down, and cradles Benjamin, looking for a win, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Shelton kicks out, and is up quickly, instantly driving his knee into the gut of Hardy, then runs off the ropes, coming back at Matt … but Matt FLAPJACKS Benjamin off the top rope!!! Benjamin springs back, staggering into Hardy … TWIST OF FATE!!! Matt hooks a leg … 1...2...3!!!!!
Winner: Matt Hardy @ 14:56

Out of nowhere, Matt pulls it off!!! He defeats the Intercontinental Champion, and moves on to the FINAL FOUR!!! Hardy lays on the canvas, raising his arms, looking overjoyed at his win … but with the injury to his leg, at what cost will the victory have come???

Jim Ross: Good God Almighty!! You cant begin to measure the heart of that man. Matt Hardy has come to Memphis tonight to be crowned King of the Ring, and by Gawd, he will not be denied!! He has defeated the Intercontinental Champion, despite taking a devastating beating. We don’t know the true extent of the damage done to Hardys leg here, but it cant be good.

Jerry Lawler: Just think what William Regal or Umaga is gonna do to Matt Hardy in this condition. He doesn’t stand a chance, J.R!!

Michael Cole: Matt Hardy faces an uphill battle now, that’s for sure.

In the ring, Matt is helped to his feet toward the ropes, but before he can leave, SHELTON BENJAMIN ATTACKS!!! Benjamin spins Matt around … AND DROPS HIM WITH PAYDIRT!!! Benjamin - the sore loser - begins to stomp the bad leg of Hardy again, pushing the official away, before dropping down, and dragging Matt to the edge of the apron, with the leg draped over the edge.

Benjamin rolls out, picking up a steel chair, AND SMASHES THE STEEL AGAINST THE LEG!!! Shelton slams the chair down, and grabs his rival by the face, taunting him, yelling in his face “I‘M THE KING - NOT YOU!!” Now, a group of officials arrive on the scene, to pull The Black Diamond away, with Benjamin still yelling at Hardy, who is writhing in agony.

Jerry Lawler: Errr … I think Umaga or Regal could be battling it out for a bye to the finals gentlemen.

Michael Cole: Hardy should withdraw, RIGHT NOW, and allow Shelton Benjamin to take his place in the final four.

Jim Ross: Oh, gimme a break, Michael. If we applied that rule, we’d be seeing every single loser doing what we’ve just saw. Shelton Benjamin deserves a fine and a suspension after his actions here.

Jerry Lawler: I agree, J.R. Besides, Shelton Benjamin came in here as if he’d already won the damn thing!! He crowned himself King already!! He got what he deserved.

Michael Cole: This is beginning to feel like a Friday night. I’m out here trying to offer my opinion, and I’m being ganged up on by two friends. Don’t you two have an opinion of your own??

Jim Ross: I think you’ll find The King was in agreement with you earlier Michael.

Jerry Lawler: Yeah, no need to be so touchy, Cole.

Medics help Hardy from the ringside area, telling him to keep the weight off his leg, as he winces … an ominous sight for his future in the tournament tonight, surely??

Commercial Break

Jim Ross: Welcome back to Saturday Nights Main Event, and moments ago, Matt Hardy booked his place in the Final Four, with a stunning victory against Shelton Benjamin.

Jerry Lawler: But it came at a price, J.R.

Jim Ross: Indeed, King. Matt Hardy battled through a leg injury to pick up the win, but after the match, Shelton Benjamin took his anger out on that bad leg.

Michael Cole: And, as if that wasn’t enough, Hardy has got to deal with Umaga in the semi finals.

Jim Ross: William Regal might have something to say about that Michael.

Michael Cole: Yeah, I imagine it would go something like; “I yield”.



Looking almost bare without his handler, Umaga makes his lonesome entrance, as J.R puts over the Samoan Bulldozers twelve month long streak, which has included a number of victories over {the now retired} Kane, Rey Mysterio and Shawn Michaels, with the last win over HBK possibly ending his career. Cole also mentions his title shot whenever he chooses to take it with the Money in the Bank briefcase also at his disposal, before questioning how anyone in the competition can possibly defeat him. Lawler then adds his two cents, commenting on his previous match with Umaga, saying he’s never felt so much pain ever before from an opponent.


To a generous response, William Regal makes his entrance, with the commentary team making reference to his quiet confidence, alluding to his ‘gameplan’ which he has devised to get by Umaga. As he nears the ring though, Regal stops, and shows a wry smile, as he looks at the imposing figure of Umaga at the ropes, chomping at the bit to get his hands on Regal.

But Regal is in no rush.

The veteran slowly walks around the ring, doing a full lap, trying to irritate his opponent, and Umaga IS getting restless. The Samoan Bulldozer paces, as Regal slowly meanders around the ring again … and Umaga loses patience, stepping out of the ring, and gives chase to the Brit, with Regal speeding up now, and slides into the ring, with Umaga following behind … and Regal stomps the Savage, officially beginning the match.

Umaga vs. William Regal
Regal stomps Umaga again, then backs away, with Umaga showing no effects from either boot. He gets up, and marches toward Regal, who backs up … and slips between the ropes, forcing Umaga to back away, per instructions from the official, who just barely gets Umaga to back away. Meanwhile, it becomes apparent to the commentary team that Regals tactic is to frustrate Umaga into a mistake. Regal repeats the rope break trick, further irritating the Bulldozer, who pushes the referee away the second time, and grabs Regal by the hair to bring him back inside, but the official issues his count, and Umaga JUST breaks at four to prevent a DQ.

The referee gets Umaga to back up, then has a stern word with Regal, telling the veteran to engage, with Regal nodding, stepping inside, and with Umaga hurtling toward him … Regal slips between the ropes again … this time hopping to the outside!! Umaga has lost control now, and drops down, pounding the mat, before rolling out, and giving chase, with Regal running around the ring, but as Umaga turns the corner … REGAL DROPKICKS THE STEPS!! The steel steps crack onto the knees of Umaga, and the Bulldozer topples over, with Regal stamping Umagas head against the steps, before rolling back inside … LOOKING TO WIN VIA A COUNT OUT!!!

In the ring, Mickey Henson makes the count - already at FIVE when Regal enters - and gets to SEVEN, before Umaga stirs, and grabs onto the apron … AND ROLLS BACK IN TO BREAK THE COUNT!! Now, Regal puts the boots to Umaga whilst he‘s on his hands and knees, trying to soften the savage up … THEN NAILS HIM WITH THE KNEE TREMBLER!!! Regal covers … 1...2...UMAGA POWERS OUT!!!!! Regals eyes bug open, as Umaga rolls over, trying to get up, as the plan unravels for the veteran. Regal now tries to think quickly, and rolls outside the ring, grabbing a chair, bringing it inside, threatening to use it … but is stopped by the official. Regal drops the chair, allowing Henson to take it … AS REGAL PULLS OUT THE BRASS KNUCKS!!!

The official is distracted by the chair, and whilst he removes it from the ring, Regal advances on Umaga … AND DELIVERS THE POWER OF THE PUNCH!!! The veteran DROPS Umaga, and covers … looking to inflict his first EVER loss, with the count being made … 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Nothing can keep Umaga down!!! Regal again delves into his book of awesome facial expressions, unable to comprehend the kick out. He gets up, with the knucks still in his hand, and in a bid to distract the official again, rips the padding off the top turnbuckle. With the referee distracted once more, Regal attempts a SECOND punch … BUT UMAGA GRABS REGALS HAND!!! The Savage overpowers Regal, and scoops him up - SAMOAN DROP CONNECTS!!!

Umaga doesn’t bother with the cover, and instead sends Regal to the corner, AND CONNECTS WITH THE RUNNING BUTT SPLASH!!! That could be enough to do it … but Umaga isn’t satisfied. The Bulldozer drags Regal up … AND DELIVERS THE SAMOAN SPIKE!!! That should do it … but Umaga spots THE BRASS KNUCKS … and after becoming infatuated by the sight of the weapon, Umaga picks them up, placing them around his hand … THEN PROCEEDS TO BATTER REGAL WITH THEM … forcing the official to signal for A DISQUALIFICATION!!!
Winner: Via DQ - William Regal @ 04:56

The favourite has gotten himself DISQUALIFIED!!! Umaga hammers at Regal with the brass knucks, BLOODYING his opponent, as the bell continues to ring, with the referee unable to get the Samoan Bulldozer off.


Jerry Lawler: The Eighty Second Airborne couldn’t stop this beast, J.R!!! I should know, I’ve been on the end of one of his beatings. I can tell you first hand, it’s not fun. And William Regal is taking twice the beating I got.

Michael Cole: What the hell is up with Raw?? Are they all bad losers on your show, J.R???

Other officials and agents now quickly run to the ring, in an attempt to drag Umaga off … but the first to try is met with a BRASS KNUCK PUNCH!!! He is instantly out cold, due to the force of the Bulldozer, which puts the brakes on the rest of the cavalry from trying to stop the assault.


Jim Ross: Umaga has lost it here!!! He got himself disqualified, and now, he’s tryin to take Regal out of commission altogether!!!

Michael Cole: The only people benefiting from this are Paul London and Brent Albright!!! After the semi final, they’re either facing a busted up Regal, or a one legged Hardy!!

Umaga drags the bloodied Regal up, scooping him up … and delivers the SPINNING POWERSLAM!!! The Samoan Bulldozer then shoves Dean Malenko and Bill DeMott out of his path, before hitting the ropes … AND SPLASHES onto the prone body of William Regal!!!

Jim Ross: THAT’S ENOUGH!!! Gawd DAMMIT!!! Stop this!!!

Michael Cole: The damage is done, J.R. The King of the Ring is coming from Smackdown this year!!

Jerry Lawler: This Umaga is like King Kong or something!! He’s simply unstoppable!!

We now see ERIC BISCHOFF bringing ARMANDO ESTRADA out, and points to the ring, demanding the handler of Umaga goes to the ring to calm his savage down. Estrada duly nods, and jogs to the ring.

Jim Ross: Finally!!

Jerry Lawler: Finally is right, J.R. I just hope Estrada CAN stop him.

Michael Cole: Too little too late, gentlemen. Like I just said, the damage has been done.

Jim Ross: You could be right, Michael. How in the hell can Regal compete again tonight after that?? We’ll be right back folks…

Estrada is now in the ring, and tries to soothe the manic Bulldozer, as we fade out, to a commercial…

Commercial Break

We return, backstage, with Josh Mathews…

Josh Mathews: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome one of the King of the Ring semi finalists, Brent Albright.

Heat in the background, as Albright enters the picture.

Josh Mathews: Brent, earlier tonight, you disposed of Carlito to bring yourself two wins away from becoming the 2007 King of the Ring. And, with Umaga getting himself disqualified moments ago, coupled with the fact that both Raw semi finalists Matt Hardy and William Regal will go into their match at less than 100%, both yourself and Paul London are now viewed as the odds on favourites-

Brent Albright: BOTH?? For starters Josh, the smart money to win the King of the Ring tournament has always been on me. Forget Umaga being the odds on favourite, and don’t put Paul London on the same level as me. I’ve been waiting for this opportunity for the last five weeks, ever since Smackdowns ‘Golden Boy’ took MY United States Championship. Yeah, that’s right, I still view that title as MINE.

Josh Mathews: Well, si-

Brent Albright: I didn’t ask you speak again, Josh. Ever since London beat me at Judgment Day, people have been putting him on some high and mighty pedestal, as if he’s capable of achieving anything … well I’m here to tell you all that there is one thing he’s INCAPABLE of … and that’s becoming the 2007 King of the Ring, because Paul, the party stops here. “Your Summer” as you like to call it … it’s right in the middle … of “My Year”.

Albright storms off the set, leaving Mathews to watch on…

And now, we cut to Kristal Marshall, who is also standing by elsewhere, alongside Paul London, who has just been watching Albrights interview on a monitor.

Kristal Marshall: Well Paul, you’ve just heard what Brent Albright had to say ahead of your semi final match. What are your thoughts??

London shakes his head, showing a wry smile.

Paul London: Talk is cheap Kristal. I didn’t talk my way to the United States title … I didn’t talk my way into the semi finals … and I wont be able to talk my way into the finals either. What I will do Kristal, is the exact same thing I done at Judgment Day … just … watch.

London winks, then turns to leave … and is met by BRIAN KENDRICK. The fans boo the former friend of London, and the Cruiserweight Champion smiles, but doesn’t look at London - instead, his focus is all on the United States title over the shoulder of the Golden Boy, and his glare doesn’t move as he speaks…

Brian Kendrick: I don’t think you’ve been giving your prized possession the care it deserves Paul. I mean, look at this. It’s filthy.

Kendrick wipes his finger over the title, pointing his finger up into the face of London, finally looking the U.S Champion in the eye.

Brian Kendrick: While you’ve been filling your head with thoughts about winning a crown and wearing a cape, it might’ve skipped your attention that I am now your number one contender. And at the Great American Bash, I’m doing my deed for all of America by bringing some dignity back to it’s championship, by bringing it back from the hands of an ungrateful owner.

Kendrick steps back, looking London up and down, then shakes his head.

Brian Kendrick: You’ve changed … for the worse.

The Cruiserweight champion walks off, leaving London looking baffled as we cut away…

And, in the trainers room, we see WILLIAM REGAL being treated, his mouth bloodied, and a doctor looking into his eyes, with the veteran Brit possibly concussed.

Jim Ross: Well, William Regal will have to battle through his injuries if he is to become King tonight. He has by hook or by crook gotten by Umaga, and now, a far from hundred per cent Matt Hardy awaits in the semi final.

Michael Cole: The advantage clearly lies with Smackdown right now, J.R.

And the camera pans out … showing MATT HARDY on the next table, getting his leg strapped up, with Matt wincing in pain as he stretches.

Jerry Lawler: Look at this gentlemen. Regal and Hardy are due in battle after the Smackdown semi final, and both men are in need of treatment here.

Jim Ross: It’s a testament to both mens will and heart that they’re fighting on this evening.

In the trainers room, we see Regal and Hardy both slowly look around at one another, watching the other getting treatment for his injuries. Neither utters a word, but both lock eyes, as we fade out…

Commercial Break


Opening shot of the American Flag waving proudly.

“What makes a GREAT American?”

Clips of Booker T & Elijah Burke high fiving, Paul London celebrating at Judgment Day with the United States title and Brock Lesnar fighting off The New Wave.

“Pride? Honour? Fighting spirit?”

Fade to darkness, then clips of the cocky THE Brian Kendrick holding the Cruiserweight and United States titles, Edge screwing Batista out of the WWE title, and Randy Orton punting Nick Dinsmore.

“Or is it Greed? Callousness? Malice?”

Shot of JBL looking cocky, arms spread wide, soaking up heat most likely, before switching to the rugged Batista, shaking the ropes in the ring during a match.

“In todays society, it becomes more and more difficult to decipher just who are the noble, and who are dishonourable by looks alone”

Clip of Americas Most Wanted, decked out in their ring attire containing the American Flag.

“There are those that bring shame to the stars and stripes”

Shot of M.V.P throwing money away, whilst sporting an overload of bling necklaces, and JBL assaulting Jamie Noble.

“There are those that have brought shame to living the American Dream”

Clip of Randy Orton hitting the Hangmans DDT on RVD at Judgment Day, Americas Most Wanted getting in the face of young fans at ringside, and Brian Kendrick attacking his ‘friend’ Paul London.

“Champions with no class, dignity, honour or respect”


“But a true hallmark of ALL Great Americans … is hope”

Euphoric music kicks in, and lots of rapid shots are shown now, of Paul London soaring through the air, Brock Lesnar with an F5 on Orton, Brian Kendrick running like a scalded dog, Booker & Eli getting the better of AMW … and a flashing image of a dark figure (The Undertaker??) in the distance??

“On July 8, the WWE welcomes ALL Great Americans to gather as one, and HOPE for justice … HOPE for righteousness … HOPE that good overcomes evil … ”

The euphoric music stops, and slow images of the cold Randy Orton, the bitter Edge, the cocky Brian Kendrick, then the toothy grin of JBL.



Back to ringside…

Michael Cole: We are back, and indeed, ladies and gentlemen, Smackdowns next Pay Per View, the Great American Bash is two weeks away tomorrow. Brock Lesnar meets Randy Orton for the WWE Championship in the main event.

Jim Ross: And could JBL be taking on The Undertaker?? The Self Proclaimed Wrestling God has issued the challenge, and he wants an answer - TONIGHT!!

Jerry Lawler: Is JBL nuts?? Who in their right mind would call out The Deadman??

Jim Ross: JBL could well live to regret it King. We will find out once and for all tonight, if The Undertaker will accept or reject the challenge.

Michael Cole: You two can say all you want. JBL isn’t crazy. He’s got guts if you ask me. He isn’t scared of The Undertaker, and he believes the Phenom is just a plain phoney.

Jim Ross: Crazy, brave, stupid, it doesn’t matter Michael. JBL has made the challenge. And folks, still to come tonight, in addition to the semi finals and the final itself of the King of the Ring tournament, we have of course, that Brand Supremacy eight man tag team match, set up by Eric Bischoff.

Jerry Lawler: And as you’d say J.R, it could be a slobber knocker!!

Jim Ross: Both World Champions are involved, while the three men in the hunt for the World Title on Raw are teaming with our champion, Christian, as he leads the troops against Randy Orton from Smackdown, along with Ortons scheduled opponent in two weeks time, Brock Lesnar, and two other men set to meet at the Great American Bash, Edge and Batista.

Michael Cole: Yeah, and there are no allies whatsoever on that Smackdown side. That one could get ugly J.R.

Jerry Lawler: I don’t think there’ll be too many friends on the Raw team either.


For the second time this evening, we see the United States Champion enter the arena, and the fans again rise to their feet for the Golden Boy, who is a little less quick on his way to the ring, conserving his energy.


With little fuss or flair, Albright marches down the aisle, fixing his glare on the ring, shaking his arms loose, ready for war, whilst London nods in the ring, well aware of the challenge that is coming from the former United States Champion.

Brent Albright vs. Paul London
Just as it was at Judgment Day, the two open up tentatively, with London elusive, whilst Albright tries to wrestle him to the ground to wear him out. The two finally engage in a collar and elbow lock up, with Albright overpowering London into the corner, with the official forcing a break, and Brent cheekily going for a cheap shot but misses. London dodges out of the corner, running the ropes, but right into a drop toe hold from Albright, who instantly floats over … AND GOES FOR THE CROWBAR … BUT LONDON WRIGGLES OUT AND ROLLS OUT OF THE RING!!!

Huge piece of drama in the opening minutes, with London rolling out of the ring to avoid the deadly submission hold. Albright licks his lips, knowing London is worried about the submission, and patiently waits for Paul to get back inside. London enters, and again, they lock up, with Brent instantly going for an arm, and applying his own arm wringer, but London spins out, and trips Albright down, into a front face lock, with Brent trying to flip over to escape, but the U.S Champ keeps a firm hold, and transitions into a headlock, pressing down on Albright. Brent pushes up to reach his feet, and toward the ropes, shoving London off, then knocks him down on the return with a shoulder block.

After a near fall, Brent rag dolls London into the corner, and roughs the U.S champion up, driving successive knees to his gut, then sends him to the opposite corner, working him over this time with shoulders to the gut. Again, Albright looks to whip London to the corner, but this time, London hops to the middle turnbuckle, and splashes back - TAKING ALBRIGHT DOWN WITH A COVER … 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Albright nearly got caught, but immediately drives a knee into the gut of his opponent as he reaches his feet, taking him over with a snap mare, then BOOTS the back, forcing London to yell in agony from the kick.

Brent then runs off the ropes, looking to deliver a boot to the face, but London lies back, forcing Brent to miss, and NIPS UP, before taking the oncoming Albright down with an arm drag … and another … AND A THIRD!!! Albright bounces up, stumbling into the ropes, with the fast paced London steaming in, and DROPSAULTS Albright, sending him tumbling out of the ring!!! London stands, feeding off the adulation of the fans momentarily, then looks as Albright regains his footing on the outside … THEN RUNS OFF THE ROPES … AND GOES THROUGH THE ROPES … SUICIDE DIVE TO ALBRIGHT!!!!!

‘HOLY SHIT’ is the chant inside the Pyramid, with Paul London risking life and limb to take out Brent Albright!!! Both men sell the effects of the dive, laid out on the outside, whilst Nick Patrick begins to issue a ten count. London, being the man that performed the move, is naturally the first to recover, crawling toward the apron, pulling himself up, rolling into the ring, and back onto the apron to break the count, and lies on the apron for a moment to continue to sell the effects of his dive. London then tries to get up, pulling himself up on the ropes at the apron … WHEN ALBRIGHT SWEEPS HIS LEGS FROM UNDER … AND LONDONS FACE SMASHES OFF THE APRON!!!

The Golden Boy falls onto the floor again, whilst Albright remains on his hands and knees, trying to shake the cobwebs loose. Eventually, the former U.S Champion gets to his feet, hammering the back of London, preventing him from getting up … THEN HIP TOSSES LONDON ONTO THE STEEL STEPS!!! A huge groan develops from the fans, as London writhes on the floor, with the momentum clearly shifting to Brent Albright … as we go to a commercial …

Commercial Break

And from the return, Brent Albright has a sleeper applied, with London in all kinds of trouble. With the hold applied we see clips from the commercial with Albright catapulting his opponent into the ring post, then back inside delivering a succession of clotheslines, with London bouncing all over the place. Back live, London is in serious trouble, on the canvas, with the big arms of Albright wrapped around his head and throat of the United States Champion. The fans get behind the Golden Boy, willing him on with “LETS GO LONDON” chants. London though is unable to respond, and forces Nick Patrick to raise his arm … dropping it once … dropping it twice … BUT NOT THE THIRD TIME!!!

London, to the joy of the fans, keeps his arm up, and begins to battle to his feet, with his opponent getting wild eyed and desperate, trying his best to tighten his grip, with the U.S Champion struggling to break free … and in an act of intelligence, London races up the ropes, pushing back … AND INTO A PIN ON ALBRIGHT … 1...2...KICK OUT!!!!! Albright is forced to release the sleeper, and the two get up … WITH ALBRIGHT GOING FOR A BIG CLOTHESLINE … but London ducks under, ONLY FOR BRENT TO GRIP HIM FROM BEHIND … RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX!!!!! He covers, 1...2...NO!!! Albright slaps the mat in frustration, before stomping the head of London to keep him down, before dropping an elbow, and turns him over for another cover, 1...2...Kick out again!!!

Albright now pulls London up, sending him into the corner, following in … BUT LONDON RESPONDS WITH A REVERSE ELBOW!! Albright is staggered momentarily, but comes back, only to be met with a STIFF forearm from London, rocking the bigger man again. Albright turns away, shakes the cobwebs, then comes back again, but AGAIN London SMASHES him with a stiff forearm!! Albright drops to a knee from the ferociousness of the shot, as London now comes out of the corner, and BLASTS Albright with EVERYTHING he’s got, firing off successive forearms to the face of Albright. London feeds off the energy of the fans, roaring to the audience, before running off the ropes, AND DROPSAULTS THE FACE OF ALBRIGHT!! He makes the cover, 1...2...NO!!!

Albright has to dig down deep to survive, with London finding a second wind and now making his move toward a place in the final. As Albright tries to make it back to his feet, London meets him again with more stiff forearm shots, with everything he’s got going into them, sending Brent into the ropes. London turns, speeding off, hitting the ropes, charging back - BUT IS CAUGHT - AND ALBRIGHT EXECUTES A BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX … OVER THE TOP ROPE - SENDING LONDON ONTO THE FLOOR!!!!! The fans go crazy, with concern immediately coming over them, with London crashing BADLY onto the floor. In the ring, Albright leans on the ropes, watching his handy work, and licking him lips, catching his breath, before stepping out, and looks to get the United States Champion back inside to finish the job.

Brent struggles, with London at dead weight, and rolls the Golden Boy back inside, following in, and straight into a cover … 1...2...SHOULDER UP!!! Somehow, someway, London has the heart to kick out!! Albright cant believe it, and looks to be on the brink of a breakdown, shaking his head furiously. He drags London to his feet, and slams his forearm to the shoulder of London, putting the U.S Champ back down to a knee, before hooking him into position AND GOES FOR THE HALF NELSON SUPLEX … BUT LONDON BREAKS FREE IN MID AIR … AND COUNTERS … INTO A RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP!!! Both men are down from the counter, with the referee issuing the standard ten count … reaching five … before London turns over, draping an arm across the chest of Albright … 1...2...NO!!!!! The delay in making the cover surely cost London, and the match continues.

London and Albright both have to use the ropes to make it to their feet, and as they pull themselves up, their eyes meet, and the fans RISE in voice, with a fairly split reaction - many fans admiring Albrights work ethic - but more siding with the face, as both reach their feet at the ropes - AS ALBRIGHT STRIKES WITH A FOREARM … and London falls back into the corner … THEN RUSHES OUT WITH A FOREARM OF HIS OWN … the shot rocks Albright, who hangs onto the ropes to stay up … THEN FIRES BACK ANOTHER FOREARM TO LONDON!!! London reels away, dropping to a knee, then hops up, AND CRACKS ALBRIGHT WITH ANOTHER OF HIS OWN!!! Albright hangs onto the ropes again, as London tries to fire up another forearm … BUT THIS TIME - ALBRIGHT BLOCKS IT … GRABS THE ARM … AND TAKES LONDON DOWN … CROWBAR!!!!!

London is trapped, wildly trying to struggle free to no avail, with Albrights positioning keeping London from getting to the closest ropes. The fans are loud in voice, trying to inspire the challenger, but now Paul London has his hand raised … contemplating quitting … thinking … BUT REFUSES TO TAP OUT!!! The U.S champion looks to be fading, his hands dropping, his eyes closing, AS ALBRIGHT CRANKS BACK AGAIN … with London now digging down AGAIN … and surges forward … reaching out … with the fans begging for him to reach … and Albright seemingly unable to stop him … AND HE MAKES IT!!!!!!!!!! Londons grit sees him survive, as he holds onto the bottom rope for dear life, even after Albright releases the hold.

Albright, in fury, stomps wildly at the head of London, with thoughts of Judgment Day now surely running through the head of the former U.S Champion, unable to put his rival down. He drags London up to his feet, grabbing the head, and hammering him with right hand after right hand, unloading his frustrations on London, before being hauled off by the referee. Albright angrily argues with the referee, then shoves him away, coming back at London, roughhousing him again, spinning him around - AND GOES FOR THE HALF NELSON - AGAIN - BUT THIS TIME … LONDON COUNTERS BY ROLLING OVER … and goes behind Albright … AND EXECUTES THE DRAGON SUPLEX!!! London does hang on for a bridge and cover, but instead gets up, falling into the corner, catching his breath … BEFORE SCALING THE CORNER!!!

The fans pop, as London finally looks to go for his finishing manoeuvre, setting himself at the top rope … AND FLIES FOR THE 450 SPLASH … BUT ALBRIGHT ROLLS TO SAFETY!!!!! The United States Champion went for it all and missed, as his rival sits against the ropes, watching London writhe … THEN BOUNCES UP … AND GRABS THE ARM … CROWBAR!!!!! London is in no mans land, with no ropes anywhere from the middle of the ring … and no options … his King of the Ring hopes fading … FAST!!! Albright cranks back, closing his eyes, willing London on to submit … AND WITH AN AIR OF INEVITABILITY … LONDON YIELDS … AND TAPS OUT TO ALBRIGHT!!!!!
Winner: Brent Albright @ 19:29

Finally, Albright scores a win - A HUGE WIN - over the enigma that is Paul London, and advances to the FINAL of the 2007 King of the Ring tournament!!!

Michael Cole: What a spectacle!! What an amazing performance!!! This is the kind of action you only get from Friday Night Smackdown!!! Vindication for Brent Albright tonight, but he cant afford to rest on his laurels now.

Jim Ross: These two young men just laid it ALL on the line tonight. Anyone that doesn’t think the King of the Ring is a huge honour, just take a look at these two men. Brent Albright and Paul London just gave you EVERYTHING they had to offer, and by GAWD they just showed the entire world what becoming King of the Ring meant to them both.

Albright, looking pumped up from his win, power walks up the aisle, head down, seen talking to himself, firing himself up, clenching his fists, as he exits behind the curtain in order to prepare for the grand final a little later on.

Jerry Lawler: But in the end, only one could advance to the finals, and gentlemen, the better man on this night won. Brent Albright is one win away from being crowned the King of the Ring.

Michael Cole: And given the condition of BOTH Matt Hardy and William Regal, I think we can start to get the champagne glasses out over on Smackdown!!

We now see London stood in the ring, with the consolation of his coveted United States title still over his shoulder, as the fans stand and show their appreciation for his efforts this evening, despite ultimately coming up short. London raises his hands and claps to the fans, showing his appreciation of their love for him, mouthing “I‘m sorry”…


The Cruiserweight Champion - and #1 Contender for the United States title - lays out London with the Cruiserweight title belt, right to the back of the skull, and stands over his former friend, chuckling to himself, bending down, picking up the United States title, nodding his head in elation, as he raises it - and his own title belt - in the air, to vociferous heat.

Jim Ross: What a no good-

Michael Cole: Opportunity knocks, J.R. Brian Kendrick has spotted the opening, and at the Great American Bash he’s looking to become a dual champion.

Jerry Lawler: What a headline grabbing jerk. He has no business out here tonight, he didn’t make it far enough in the King of the Ring tournament because he wasn’t good enough, and yet he still showed up tonight to steal the spotlight!!

Michael Cole: He just sent the United States Champion a message, King. Surely you can appreciate those motives??

Jerry Lawler: Yeah, what a big man, attacking his former friend from behind.

Jim Ross: With plenty of emphasis on the ‘former’, King. That friendship is dead and buried now.

Michael Cole: Friends only bring you down in this business gentlemen. The WWE is a dog eat dog world, and friends don’t equal success. I can attest to that.

Kendrick leaves the ring - with BOTH the United States and Cruiserweight titles over his two shoulders - whilst London remains face down on the mat.

Jim Ross: Now where the hell is he going with that?? The United States title doesn’t belong to him!!!

Michael Cole: But it could just be a matter of time, J.R. Brian Kendrick sees what he wants, and while he may not legally own it yet, he will come July 8.

Jerry Lawler: Let’s not get carried away here, Cole. He attacked London from behind tonight. I get the impression that Kendrick wont be so brave when he meets London face to face in two weeks time.

Jim Ross: Well, that will come to pass, two weeks from tomorrow at the Great American Bash, but folks, we’re moments away from determining the other finalist in this years King of the Ring tournament. Will it be Matt Hardy or William Regal that meets Brent Albright in the final later tonight??

Michael Cole: We’ll find out - NEXT!!

Commercial Break

We return backstage, with Kelly Kelly standing by…

Kelly Kelly: Hi guys!! Later tonight, Raw meets Smackdown in an eight man tag team match, and with me now to talk about it is the World Heavyweight Champion himself, CHRISTIAN!!

To a big reaction, Christian enters the picture.

Kelly Kelly: Christian, right now, it seems like everyone is gunning for your title over on Raw. Especially the three men you’re teaming with tonight. With brand supremacy at stake though, do you think you can co-exist with your team mates, at least for one night??

Christian smirks at the question, then attempts to answer.

Christian: Well y’know-


Heat from the fans greet the sight of ARMANDO ESTRADA, who carries the Money in the Bank briefcase onto the set.

Armando Estrada: Captain Charisma … listen … HA HA … to me. Because … I … have a message … for JU!!!

Estrada holds up the briefcase, waving it inches from the nose of Christian.

Armando Estrada: The clock on ju’re title reign … IS TICKING!! Because very soon pero, ju’re little world of sunshine and happiness will crumble. And the reason?? THE … SAAAAAAA-MO-AN BULLDOZERRRR will be cashing IN his title match in the very near future, and he will be trading in this briefcase … for … ju’re … TITLE!! HA HA!!

Estrada has his heat seeking grin etched on his face, whilst Christian s......s.

Christian: Okay pero. Now (mocks AAE) Armandoooooo … hows about (mocks him again) ju listen … HA HA … to me?? (And into serious mode) I’m not surprised you want to swap that briefcase for these twelve pounds of gold. But since you’ve been learning a lot of English phrases, I’ve got another one for ya; ‘I want … doesn’t get’. You can talk all you want about trading that briefcase in for the World Championship … but I’m afraid it’s a ‘No deal’ on my end.

Estrada shakes his head, still smirking.

Armando Estrada: This isn’t an offer el mono, this is a fact. There is simply NOTHING ju can do to stop Umaga. No matter who ju’ve beaten and what ju’ve done in the past … ju cant beat Umaga. NO ONE CAN!! HE’S UN-DE-FEATED!! HE’S NEVER BEEN PINNED-

Christian interrupts.

Christian: I don’t care that your (wags his finger and mocks AAE again) SAAAAAAAA-MO-AN BULLDOZERRRR is undefeated. I don’t care that he quite possibly retired Shawn Michaels. He doesn’t … scare … me. I’m the World Heavyweight Champion for a reason, and like I said before to you and your overgrown troll … I’ll be ready for the challenge ANYTIME … and he’s not taking ANYTHING from me … especially … this.

Christian taps his title belt, giving Estrada the message. Armando raises his hands innocently, offering a smile.

Armando Estrada: Please pero, ju don’t need to be so … como se dice?? Hostile. I am merely here to offer a fair warning to the World Heavyweight Champion. And hombre, believe ju and m-

Suddenly, Estrada is stopped, as he feels a hand on his shoulder … the hand of KURT ANGLE!!

Kurt Angle: Armando, if you have something to say to the World Heavyweight Champion, you should just direct your questions to me.

Angle looks at Christian, before speaking again.

Kurt Angle: Because very soon, I’LL BE the World Heavyweight Champion.

Estrada opens his mouth to speak, but Christian butts in first.

Christian: I don’t think so, Kurt. Y’see, you were a World Champion … but that was a long time ago. And for as long as you and I are both on Raw, it’ll be a long time before you are a World Champion again.

Christian fixes the title belt on his shoulder and prepares to walk off the set, but has a parting message for both.

Christian: But hey, the way I see it, you and Scarface here are about as deluded as each other. So … why don’t the two of you discuss you being World Champion Kurt, and Armando, you can tell Kurt here about your meal ticket becoming World Champion whenever he feels like it. Meanwhile, I’m gonna step back into reality and prepare for my match a little later. Ciao.

Captain Charisma salutes Angle, before walking off, leaving Estrada and Angle to watch on, before looking over at each other, as we fade out.

Back into the arena…


Matt Hardy bravely enters the arena, limping heavily, but still throwing his arms up to signal to the fans. He winces in pain, still selling his injuries, as he hobbles down the aisle.

Jim Ross: Ladies and Gentlemen, two battle tested warriors in that man, Matt Hardy and the veteran William Regal will battle it out. Who meets Brent Albright in the grand final?? Don’t go away!!!

Commercial Break

We return, with William Regal now at the bottom of the ramp, holding a bloody towel to his mouth, still bleeding, and also looking dishevelled after his vicious beating at the hands of Umaga earlier.

William Regal vs. Matt Hardy
Both men slowly circle the ring, neither wanting to give an early advantage away, as it could prove costly for either. Regal attempts to implement his wrestling on Matt, but struggles to get Hardy to the mat, with his early beating at the hands of Umaga making Regal look sluggish now and worn down. Hardy evades Regal, despite his badly injured leg, and tries to pick the veteran off with his trademark stiff right hands, eventually shooting Regal off the ropes, and knocking him down with a reverse elbow, dropping down for a cover, 1...2...NO!!

Regal struggles back up to his feet, with Matt following in, keeping the heat on the Brit, and shoots him across the ring, following in (slowly) with a clothesline, and looks to hit a bulldog on the way out - but Regal throws him off, then knocks him down with a stiff clothesline!! Regal stumbles, showing the effects of his likely concussion, then drops a knee, and covers Hardy, digging his elbow into Matts face, 1...2...NO!! Hardy kicks out, but Regal - running on auto pilot - hammers the face of his opponent, driving his elbows and forearm into the face of Matt on the canvas, and makes another cover, 1...2...NO!!!

The veteran now pulls Matt to his feet, hooking him up, and executes a butterfly suplex, floating over for another cover, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Regal is unable to put Matt away, and the frustrations begin to show, with the Brit gritting his teeth before pushing himself back up. He brings Matt with him, pulling his opponent up by the hair, BUT NOW Matt fires back, with shots to the mid section of Regal winding his adversary, then charges him into the corner, driving his shoulder into the gut, and pulls him back out, executing a snap suplex. Hardy covers, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!!!

Matt gets back up, still hobbling, and patiently waits for Regal to stand up, and attempts a boot - BUT REGAL CATCHES THE FOOT - AND DELIVERS AN UPPERCUT FOREARM TO THE LEG!!! Hardy immediately crumbles to the mat, and Regal turns him over, dropping down … AND LOOKS FOR AN STF … BUT HARDY SCRAMBLES … AND GREATFULLY CLUTCHES THE ROPES!!! The break is forced, with Hardy knowing he would struggle to survive the strain on his bad leg.

Regal though, seems to be hitting a second wind, and -still bleeding from the mouth - demands Hardy to get to his feet, with Matt struggling. Regal darts in, dragging his opponent up to his feet, but Matt kicks Regal in the gut … AND DROPS HIM WITH A DDT!!! Hardy drapes an arm over his opponent, 1...2...NO!!! Regal kicks out, SOMEHOW!!! Both men are slow to rise, with Hardy struggling on his bad leg, whilst Regal looks to have run out of gas. Hardy is up first, and waits for Regal to follow, but the veteran cant get to his feet!!! Regal leans up against the ropes, challenging Hardy to come at him, with Hardy torn, seeing Regal has nothing left in the tank … but puts him out of his misery - kicking him in the gut - AND SCORES WITH A TWIST OF FATE!!! Hardy hooks the leg, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Matt Hardy @ 04:11

In the end, Regals earlier beating at the hands of Umaga gave him little chance of putting up a sustained challenge in this match. Hardy has his hand raised, but is still hobbling, selling his earlier leg injury.

Jim Ross: Could it be possible?? Could Matt Hardy, after almost a decade of hard work and perseverance, finally make the breakthrough to the upper echelon?? He will now contest the FINAL of the 2007 King of the tournament a little later on, against Smackdowns Brent Albright.

Michael Cole: And the two men know each other very well, J.R. Last year, it was Matt Hardy who lost the United States title to Albright; a championship that Albright would hold onto for SEVEN long months. The psychological advantage is most certainly with Albright.

Jerry Lawler: So is the physical advantage, Michael Cole. Matt Hardy is FAR from a hundred percent going into that final.

In the ring, Hardy sportingly helps Regal to his feet, getting a nice ovation from the fans for his gesture, with the beaten Brit raising the arm of Hardy, endorsing the Carolinian, graciously accepting his defeat.

Jim Ross: But gentlemen, Matt Hardy wisely protected that leg for the most part against William Regal. Minimum damage was absorbed, and he got the job done quickly too. Hardy has competed this evening for a total of nineteen minutes, but Albright has competed for a total of THIRTY. Advantage Hardy in that aspect??

Michael Cole: Maybe so, but Brent Albright has the gas in the tank to go for ANOTHER thirty PLUS if he needs to later tonight. I don’t think Matt Hardy, with the condition his leg is in, can.

Regal leaves the ring, with Hardy opening up the ropes for the battered veteran, showing respect for his opponent, before raising his arm again, getting a decent reaction from the fans.

Jerry Lawler: Matt Hardy is a gutsy competitor Michael, don’t rule him out. He wants it - BADLY.

Michael Cole: And so does Albright, King. Don’t forget that.

Jim Ross: So, ladies and gentlemen, the 2007 King of the Ring final is SET; Matt Hardy from Raw meets Friday Night Smackdowns Brent Albright. One of those two men will join the list of immortality as King of the Ring. That will be decided later tonight, but before that, coming up in a few momtents … John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield will call out The Undertaker one more time. Will The Deadman finally respond?? Or have we truly seen the last of The Undertaker??

Commercial Break


The video opens up with a crowded picture akin to the ‘Where’s Waldo’ (or Wally for the British), and the voiceover speaks;

“Where is The Undertaker in this picture?”

The camera moves around the picture, moving closer, up, down, left, right … no sign of The Undertaker.

“Did you find him??”

The camera continues to move around the picture, but it seems like it’s impossible to spot where The Undertaker is.

“Of course you didn’t. Because he isn’t there.”

The clip changes to an early sight of The Undertaker, circa 91/92, methodically walking to the ring.

“After a decade and a half of destruction, The Undertaker has disappeared from the face of the earth … but why??”

Clips of The Undertaker with the title at WrestleMania XIII, face to face with Kane the following year, and throwing Mick Foley off the Hell in a Cell roof.

“This, a man who has struck fear into his rivals, a man who dominated men bigger even than he is, a man who won multiple championships … gone … but why??”

Cut to a clip of JBL, standing tall in the ring.

“This is why”

Clips of JBL attacking opponents.

“The Undertaker is a coward. He looks at JBL, and sees the biggest threat to his reign as the conscience of the WWE. And instead of standing tall, and fighting like a man, he has disappeared, into the shadows”

Cut back to a mix of old and recent shots of The Undertaker.

“So now, it‘s up to you … the fans … to decide”

Shot’s of Taker delivering countless Tombstones.

“Is The Undertaker a fraud??”

Clips of Takers wins at WrestleManias.

“Has The Undertaker fed you lies for over fifteen years??”

Flashing shots of Taker sitting up, hitting Old School, and the cut throat taunt.

“Is he the Deadman or the Conman??”

Close up of Taker rolling his eyes back.

“Phenom or Phoney??”

Cut to black. Then back to clips of JBL.

“JBL knows the answers. He has been hunting The Undertaker for over two months, but The Undertaker remains in hiding. JBL has publicly challenged The Undertaker … but The Undertaker remains in the shadows”

Mocking images of Taker; first with a yellow line on his back, then a clear photoshop of JBL standing over The Deadman.

“Let it be known. Tell your friends, tell your neighbours, tell your family, and tell your work colleagues. The Undertaker fears … John … Bradshaw … Layfield”


Back into the arena…



The fans voice their hatred for JBL, as the stretch white limo pulls up at the side of the stage, and the driver steps outs to open the door, and allow Layfield to exit the vehicle.

Jim Ross: Is that truly the bravest man in the WWE, or the stupidest??

Jerry Lawler: It’s definitely one or the other J.R.

Michael Cole: Make no mistake guys, JBL may have a big mouth, but he’s got guts too. He firmly believes HE is the reason that The Undertaker has been in hiding, and he firmly believes that HE will put the Deadman away for good if he does return tonight. He’s that confident, he’s even allowing The Undertaker to name the match at the Great American Bash.

JBL makes his way down the aisle, a smile firmly etched on his face, parading his hat, waving it at the fans, as he approaches the ring.

Jim Ross: Well, the time has come. Is The Undertaker here?? Will he accept the challenge from JBL??

Jerry Lawler: And if he does, what kind of match is he gonna put JBL into??

In the ring, JBL waits - mic in hand - for the music to die down, before preparing to talk, but stops, due to the heat from the fans.

Layfield continues to wait, as the fans eventually die down.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: I wouldn’t want to insult your intelligence … but since we’re in Memphis, I suspect that doesn’t really count-

Cheap heat.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: But allow me to remind you people exactly why I, John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield, have graced you with my presence this evening.

Layfield pauses.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: The Undertaker has been AWOL- sorry, I beg your pardon - The Undertaker has been in hiding ever since WrestleMania Twenty Three … which just so happened to coincide with MY grandiose return at the Showcase of the Immortals.

He pauses again, as chants of “BULLSHIT” are audibly heard.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: The so-called “Phenom” ran like a scalded dog into the shadows, knowing that payback was comin’, after he put me in the shelf back in November last year. From the moment I came back, I made my intentions clear; I wanted a piece of The Deadman. I wanted my opportunity to deliver redemption after he cost me my rightful spot at WrestleMania. I threw down the gauntlet the very moment I came back, I laid out the challenge … and The Undertaker hasn’t been seen, he hasn’t been heard from … in my eyes … and I suspect all of yours too … The Undertaker … is scared.

Huge heat descends on JBL for that comment.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: I don’t blame you people for not liking it. Many of you have grown up idolising the so-called “Demon Of Death Valley” for the last seventeen years. You’ve seen him as the one true constant in the WWE, regardless of whose era it may be. The man that strikes fear rather than be struck by it, the timeless WrestleMania Streak, victim after victim inside the demonic Hell in a Cell. But the facts are this; I return at WrestleMania … The Undertaker vanishes. I call him out, week after week, to face me like a man … and he stays hidden. I offer him the chance to NAME ANY MATCH … of his choosing … and he remains in the shadows.

Boos for JBL.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: To me … that makes The Undertaker … a coward.

Heat, but JBL talks over it.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: A COWARD, A FRAUD AND A GOD DAMN PHONEY!!!

Heat overwhelms JBL, and he stops to allow the fans to vent their anger.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: You’re all angry, because you know I’m right, arent you?? You people are angry at yourselves for worshipping a conman for damn near TWO decades. BUT FEAR NOT … BECAUSE I, JOHN ‘BRADSHAW’ LAYFIELD have a NEW hero for you people to worship. A TRUE ‘Phenom’ … a true ‘Hero’ … … ME!!!

More heat for that suggestion.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: I wont run into the shadows and leave you people stranded. I wont duck the challenges of bigger, badder, nastier men. For I … am a WRESTLING … GAWWWWWDDDD!!!!

Boos. JBL laughs off mic, then holds a hand up, before turning his attention toward the ramp.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: But Undertaker … if … if you’re here … it’s now … or it’s never. Don’t bother waiting for another three months, six months or a year. If you are man enough, you’ll accept my challenge right now. Tell the world ‘Taker … lets them know … ARE YOU REALLY THE PHENOM??? … or just a no-good phoney??

Layfield walks to the ropes, and waits for a response, with the fans simmering down, waiting …

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: What’s it t’be Deadman??

JBL leans over the ropes, smiling broadly, with NO SIGN of The Undertaker. JBL waits, then shakes his head.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: The silence says it all. Ladies and Gentlemen, I believe we have our answer. Take a look at your NEW Phenom.


John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Accept the fact that The Undertaker has deserted you all, because he can no longer compete with the greats. The Deadman is nooooo match for THE WRESTLINGGGGG … GAWWWWW-



The Pyramid is rocking, as the fans begin to expect the return of The Undertaker. The lights remains off, as we hear the clear, booming voice from The Deadman.

The Undertaker: Haven’t you ever heard the phrase; “Let a sleeping dog lie”??

The lights remain out, as Taker continues.

The Undertaker: For months, JBL, you have been demanding my return, and a one on one match. Be careful what you wish for… because now … you have unlocked … THE GATES … OF HELLLLLL!!!!!

Huge pop in the arena … but the pop dies quickly, as the lights return … with NO SIGN of The Undertaker. A few boos are even heard with the lack of appearance from The Undertaker.

JBL looks around the ring, on edge, before slowly bringing a smile upon his face, and speaks into the mic.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Your words don’t impress me, Deadman. I cant even tell if that was an acceptance of my challenge. You didn’t even say what kind of match you wanted!! In my eyes you’re still a Phoney, Deadman. What kind of ‘hero’ doesn’t face his enemies face to face?? The Undertaker … is A COW-ARD!!!


… The fans pop again …





The fans are in uproar, as JBL is frozen to the spot, as if he’s seen a ghost … AS TAKER GRIPS HIM BY THE THROAT … AND DELIVERS AN ALMIGHTY CHOKESLAM!!!!!

Memphis is in hysterics, as The Undertaker kneels down, picking up the mic, and stands back up, looking down at the prone body of JBL…





Michael Cole: A BURIED ALIVE MATCH???!!!

Jerry Lawler: OH MY!!!!

The fans are on their feet, as The Deadman kneels down in the ring, rolling his eyes back, making a spectacular return, and accepts the match with JBL at the Great American Bash … making it a BURIED ALIVE match!!

Jim Ross: I cant believe what I just heard!! The Undertaker will meet JBL in Philadelphia at the Great American Bash … in a BURIED … ALIVE MATCH!!!

Jerry Lawler: He said JBL should’ve been careful with what he wished for!!

Michael Cole: Somebody has got to block this from happening. It’s just not safe!!! It’s inhuman!!!

Jim Ross: JBL threw down the gauntlet. He dogged and harassed The Undertaker for months, asking for his return. He offered a match of his choosing … and by Gawd, did that bravado come back to bite him!!!

Jerry Lawler: JBL had better start praying for miracles, guys.

The Deadman now leaves the ring, slowly walking up the aisle … as we fade out, into another commercial break.

Commercial Break


The scene opens with the face of NICK NEMETH, staring into a full length sized mirror. Smiling at his reflection, Nemeth runs a comb through his hair, before talking into the mirror.

Nick Nemeth: Hi again. Nick Nemeth here again.

Nemeth stops, patting a part of his hair with his hand to fix it to perfection.

Nick Nemeth: Y’know, some people use the word “Narcissist” like it’s a dirty word.

Nemeth stops smiling, and shakes his head in disgust.

Nick Nemeth: Some even use it as an insult; as a slight on someones character … a tool to make someone feel less good about themselves.

Head bowed momentarily, Nemeth continues.

Nick Nemeth: … Some people call me a narcissist.

Nemeths head slowly rises, looking up at the mirror with a grin on his face.

Nick Nemeth: I don’t take it as an insult though. To me?? Being called a narcissist is a compliment. I’m PROUD to be a narcissist. Yeah, I spend longer to make sure my hair sits perfectly … and I didn’t get this body by hanging out at McDonalds.

Nick stands, and shows off his perfect abs.

Nick Nemeth: I wear the tag of Narcissist as a badge of honour. Do you do the same with your tag of jealousy??

Nemeth pulls a white T-Shirt on, and runs his fingers through his hair again, making sure not one is out of place.

Nick Nemeth: Yes, I AM the most important person in my life … After all … if you cant love yourself … who can you love??

Nemeth winks, as the video fades out.

… SOON …

Back into the arena…

Jim Ross: Ladies and Gentlemen, we are still in shock. Moments ago, we witnessed the return of The Undertaker, after a little over three months in the wilderness, and he returned with an almighty bang.

Michael Cole: Did he ever, J.R. The Undertaker is a sadist. JBL wanted a fight with him at the Great American Bash - NOT a freak show death match!!!

Jerry Lawler: Either JBL or The Undertaker will be Buried Alive on July 8 guys. How scary a thought is that.

Michael Cole: It’s absurd!!! It’s too much!! It’s too dangerous!!!

Jim Ross: Well it will happen, that much is for sure, and what a spectacle is promises to be!!!


A strong face reaction greets ‘The Iron Man’, with Brock Lesnar walking onto the stage with a purpose, ahead of this eight person tag team match, pitting Smackdown against Raw.

Jim Ross: And lets not forget, that at the Great American Bash, THAT MAN, Brock Lesnar meets Randy Orton - for the richest prize in the game, the WWE Championship!!

Michael Cole: You guys from Raw jealous?? If you arent lucky, Eric Bischoff might just decide to stay with the superior talent on Smackdown.

Jerry Lawler: I’m not part of Raw, idiot.

Michael Cole: Oh yeah, you got relegated (laughs as he speaks) for The Coach!!


With the show pressed for time, Lesnar doesn’t even get to finish his entrance before Edge’s music kicks in, with the Rated ‘R’ Superstar rushing towards the ring.

Michael Cole: And how about Edge taking on Batista on July 8 too!! You guys hyped Vengeance to holy hell with your ‘Triple Main Event’, but for my money, our top three matches for the Bash completely blow your line up outta the water.

Jerry Lawler: Didn’t you hear me, idiot. I’m not on Raw. I’m the impartial one here.

Michael Cole: I was talking to J.R, King. You’re only here for a touch of nostalgia.

Jim Ross: Calm down, Michael. Yes, Smackdowns line up for the Great American Bash IS impressive, but my loyalties lie on the Raw brand, and personally, I think you guys would be doing well to have half as good a show as we had last week.


No pyro on the stage for Batista tonight. The Animal walks down the aisle, with his entrance being hastily rushed.

Jim Ross: Is there a more impressive physical specimen in the WWE today?? The Animal has been knocking the door on that glass ceiling for some time, and many believe a win over Edge in just over two weeks time on Pay Per View could be the breakthrough he needs.

Michael Cole: He came within a whisker of becoming WWE Champion last month, and if it hadn’t been for the maniacal Edge, we could well have been looking at Batista right now with that title belt around his waist.

Jerry Lawler: He has all the tools, gentlemen. Batista is on the cusp of championship glory if you ask me.


The music of Randy Orton raises the ire of the fans, with heat for the WWE Champion as he saunters onto the stage, and down the aisle.

Jim Ross: He is the man that hounded Ric Flair into retirement, the man that punted his way to the WWE Championship at WrestleMania, putting Rob Van Dam on the shelf in the process, and over the past few months, he has done the same to Chris Jericho and Nick Dinsmore. His New Wave is falling apart at the seams … yet somehow, he manages to come out of every situation still in tact as WWE Champion.

Michael Cole: And surely that J.R, is a mark of a champion. The New Wave have been like a noose around this mans neck for months, yet despite that, he’s come through every situation with his title in tact. His methods are certainly questionable, but the results are what matter, and for Randy Orton, the results speak for themselves J.R.

Jerry Lawler: You do make a good point for once Michael. But his treatment of his peers is sickening. The embarrassment he forced on Ric Flair - the greatest EVER in my book - was despicable.

There is an uneasy tension in the ring between the four Smackdown superstars, with Edge and Batista sharing a few words, with The Animal laughing at the threats coming from Edge, whilst Orton wisely keeps his distance from Lesnar, who watches the WWE Champions every move.


Attention turns to the stage again, as John Cena briskly enters, getting the trademark 50/50 response from the fans.

Jim Ross: John Cena, six days removed from the biggest, most humiliating loss of his career, will look to begin his road to redemption here and now, tonight at Saturday Nights Main Event. Can Cena co-exist with his fellow Raw superstars?? We’ll find out - NEXT!!!

Commercial Break

We return with Mister Kennedy now reaching the bottom of the aisle, not joining Cena, who is standing his ground in the middle of the ring, despite all four Smackdown opponents being there too.


To a reaction split between respect and hatred, the Olympian strides confidently onto the stage, but like everyone else, doesn’t get to let off the fireworks etc, having to settle with a quick, no frills entrance.

Jim Ross: He is CONVINCED he deserves the next shot at the World Heavyweight Championship. Kurt Angle, after beating John Cena last Sunday at Vengeance has a heck of a claim, and he believes that it’s simply a matter of time before he is crowned World Champion for the EIGHTH time.

Michael Cole: His resume speaks for itself. Olympic Gold Medallist, a former King of the Ring winner, Intercontinental, European, United States Championships, and as you said J.R, EIGHT world championships too. He is what he says he is; a wrestling machine.

Jerry Lawler: You know how much I love Angle J.R. He’s been the best in the business for the best part of the decade, and at this moment, he seems hungrier than ever, in a prime position to once again be crowned World Champion. I know I wouldn’t back against him, that’s for sure!!


The response is positive, as Christian - with his World Title in tow - makes his way to the ring, saluting ‘The Peeps’, before quickly advancing down the aisle, where we see both Angle and Kennedy watching, whilst Cena remains focused on the opposition IN the ring.

Jim Ross: THE top dog in the WWE today, Christian is a two time World Champion, that has had to fight off a number of hungry young challengers in recent times, and the list of potential challengers is growing by the day. It’s tough at the top, and Christian surely now realises it.

Jerry Lawler: His three partners all have their eyes on that title, J.R, and then you’ve got the likes of Shelton Benjamin, Rey Mysterio, Matt Hardy and Umaga just to name a few waiting in the wings!!

Michael Cole: And those challenges he has already seen off are beginning to take their toll. Hell in a Cell in April, a Ladder Match last month, Mister Kennedy a week ago. How much more can Christian take guys??

Christian reaches the bottom of the ramp, and eyes Angle, then Kennedy, before sliding into the ring, joining Cena, as we get set for the match to begin, with the ring slowly clearing, and Angle slips inside to kick off for Raw, against Brock Lesnar from Smackdown.

Special Attraction | Eight Person Tag Team Match:
Randy Orton, Brock Lesnar, Edge & Batista vs.
Christian, John Cena, Kurt Angle & Mr. Kennedy
Lesnar and Angle are the legal men to start the match, and the two former long time rivals face off, with the fans building up in the background as Kurt and Brock stall momentarily … before trading blows back and forth, punch for punch. Quickly, The Olympian drives a knee to the mid section, and trips Lesnar to the ground and then looks to school Brock, but Lesnar overpowers Kurt and gets back to his feet, taking down an oncoming Angle with a hip toss. He backs Kurt into the corner, and beats away at him there, before tagging to Edge. Wasting no time, Edge hits five hard shoulder thrusts in the corner to Angle, and then whips him off the ropes, but Angle anticipates Edge ducking down, and delivers a running knee lift, knocking Edge backwards, THEN GRASPS HIM - BELLY TO BELLY!!! Angle covers, 1...2...NO!!! He doesn’t end it there, and decides to now tag out, bringing Edge to the corner, before tagging Kennedy in.

Kennedy takes it to Edge, and lays a number of right hands in the corner, softening him up for an Irish Whip, following up with a deep knee to the gut to knock Edge down, before making a cover for a quick two count. Kennedy drags Edge back up, but is taken aback by a comeback from the Rated ‘R’ Superstar, and Edge now runs off the ropes, and scores with a dropkick to the 2006 King of the Ring, quickly covering, 1...2...NO!! Edge quickly pulls Kennedy up, and reaches, tagging Orton into the match for the first time. Orton slips inside, pounding Kennedy down in the corner, and sends him off the ropes, ducking down - and Kennedy acts quickly, GOING FOR A SUNSET FLIP … but Orton drops down, and grabs the legs of his opponent for a cover, 1...2...NO!!! Kennedy escapes the pin, and gets to his feet, ducking a clothesline attempt from Orton, then CONNECTS with a Roundhouse kick!!! He covers, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

With Orton down, Kennedy takes the opportunity to tag out, and slaps the arm of Christian - ORDERING - the World Champion to get in. Christian and Kennedy share a look of disdain as Christian gets inside, before turning his attention to his opposite number; fellow World Champion, Randy Orton. Christian and Orton look across from one another, with Randy on a knee, but not for long, as he backs up, begging off from Christian … then looks for a cheap shot, but Christian had it scouted, blocks it, and fires off on Orton!!! The fans pop for the action, with the Raw superstar pounding away at Randy in the corner, with the fans eventually counting along, as he mounts the ropes to continue … but after nine … Orton surprises his fellow World Champ, dropping him onto the top turnbuckle!!! Christian hit’s the buckle, and staggers out, into the path of his enemy, with Orton executing a powerslam, and hooks the leg, 1...2...Kick Out. Now, in the corner, Orton stomps the face and chest of Christian, then reaches out, tagging in Batista.

The Animal uses his powerful offence to great effect on Christian, taking the wind out of the World Champion, before shooting him off into a neutral corner, rushing in, and clothes lining Captain Charisma, crushing him in the corner. Christian staggers out, with Big Dave sending him to the opposite corner, and rushing in for a second corner clothesline … BUT CHRISTIAN SPINS OUT, ONTO THE ROPES - SEESAW KICK CONNECTS!!! Batista is staggered from the kick, and Christian sets himself onto the top rope, waiting for The Animal to turn around - AND CONNECTS WITH A REVERSE ELBOW TO TAKE BATISTA OFF HIS FEET!!! Christian now crawls to his corner, where the outstretched hand of John Cena awaits … BUT EDGE PULLS CHRISTIAN FROM THE CORNER!!!

Oddly, Edge helps his foe, Batista, and accepts the stern lecture from the official, as we see Batista - seemingly unaware of Edges interference - now deliver a sidewalk slam to Christian, and make a cover, but the referee is slow to make the count, and it’s only a two this time. The advantage though, is with Smackdown, and Batista tags Lesnar back in, as we head to a commercial.

Commercial Break

As we return, it’s now Cena and Edge the legal men, with Edge on top, before we get clips from during the break, where Christian slipped away from Batista to tag in Cena, but before Cena and Batista could get it on, Edge made a blind tag on The Animal. Edge sends Cena off the ropes, but the Raw superstar fires back ducking under a clothesline, then connects with a hip toss. Edge then rolls away, to his corner, tagging Lesnar, as Kennedy tags the back of Cena to bring himself back in, showing no fear of the Iron Man. Lesnar overpowers Kennedy though, and throws him to the corner, looking to run in with a high knee, but Kennedy ducks out, then scores with a DDT on Brock for a two count. As he gets back up, Angle makes a blind tag off Kennedy, with the 2006 King of the Ring winner looking angered - despite having just done the same to Cena.

The two exchange a few heated words, but Angle blows him off, quickly getting on his former long time rival, dragging him up, looking for a sudden ANGLE SLAM … BUT LESNAR LANDS BEHIND … AND AS ANGLE TURNS AROUND … HE TAKES HOISTS HIM UP FOR THE F5 … NO!!! Angle frees himself, and takes Brock with an inside cradle … but The Iron Man slips out at two. The two trade blows as they get up, but Angle - despite taking more blows - wins the exchange eventually, ducking under a shot … going behind … AND DELIVERS A THUNDEROUS GERMAN SUPLEX … AND HOLDS ON!!! He hangs on, to a mixed reaction from the fans, and hits another … AND HANGS ON AGAIN!!! He hangs on again, looking for the third in the series … but this time, Lesnar reaches out his hand, in desperation … and … BATISTA makes the vital tag, but it’s gone undetected by Angle, who hangs on to Lesnar, and delivers another German … but it’s all for nothing … as Batista surprises him AND DRILLS ANGLE WITH A SPINEBUSTER!!!

The fans come alive, as Batista turns it up a notch, and SHAKES THE ROPES signalling the BATISTA BOMB … BUT EDGE MAKES A BLIND TAG ON HIS RIVAL!!!!! Batista is fuming, as Edge no sells Batistas reaction, jumping on Angle, hammering the Olympian, before the irate Animal shoves Edge off, shouting at him “WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING??” Orton is forced to play mediator, stepping in front of Big Dave, telling him to calm down, all the while … Angle is crawling away … AND TAGS IN CHRISTIAN!!! Captain Charisma is back in, and as Orton and Batista are ordered to the outside, he spins Edge around, and rattles him with a big right hand, beating Edge into the ropes, looking for a whip, but it’s reversed by Edge, who ducks down for the return, but Christian kicks him away … AND LOOKS FOR A QUICK UNPRETTIER … BUT EDGE SCRAMBLES FREE, pushes Christian off the ropes … AND LOOKS FOR A SPEAR … BUT CHRISTIAN SIDESTEPS … and Edge runs into the corner!!! Christian drags Edge out of the corner, and DROPS HIM WITH THE REVERSE DDT!!! The cover is made, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

Edge kicks out, with Christian looking frustrated by the kick out, waiting and watching as Edge tries to get up, then runs off the ropes … WHERE ORTON DRIVES HIS KNEE INTO THE BACK OF THE CHAMPION!!! Christian stumbles from the ropes … AND INTO A BIG BOOT FROM EDGE!!! Edge makes a cover immediately, 1...2...NO!!! Despite the interference, Christian survives, but it’s the blue brand in control now, as Edge tags Orton in. Orton goes on the attack, getting a near fall from a snap powerslam, before clubbing the chest of Christian, wearing him down, before applying the CHINLOCK OF DOOM~!! Christian begins to fade, with the pressure increasing from the WWE Champion. On the outside, Cena stamps the apron, trying to lift the fans, who will Captain Charisma on. The World Champion battles to his feet though, trying to fight Orton off, who transitions into a sleeper to keep Christian at his mercy, but fails to keep him from his corner … and Christian reaches out to Kennedy … WHO REFUSES THE TAG!!! Kennedy looks away, as if he hasn’t seen Christian, who is desperately trying to tag out … and Cena loses his patience with the 2006 King of the Ring, and shoves Kennedy away … MAKING THE TAG!!!

Cena bursts into the ring, running off the ropes, ducking under Orton, then flying back … WITH A FLYING SHOULDER TACKLE!!! Cena then sees Edge coming at him … AND CHUCKS HIM OUT OF THE RING!!! Cena picks Orton up, and whips him toward the Smackdown corner, into Batista and Lesnar, knocking Big Dave off the apron, whilst Lesnar just holds on, but loses his temper at the act from Cena … AND ENTERS THE RING … WITH ALL HELL BREAKING LOOSE!!!

Suddenly, Angle joins Cena in the ring, tackling Lesnar into the corner, whilst Kennedy drops down, attacking Batista at ringside, and Christian gets to grips with Edge outside too. In the ring, Cena pounds Orton in the corner, whilst Angle is overpowered by Lesnar, who fights out of the corner, then runs off the ropes … BUT IS CAUGHT … AND BELLY TO BELLIED … OUT OF THE RING!!! The fans go crazy for the big move, and Angle now looks to team up with Cena (by the looks of things anyway), but Cena seemingly senses someone coming up behind him, and instinctively, THROWS AN ELBOW!!! Angle gets clocked by the elbow, and Cena spins around - realising what he has just done … and the pause allows Orton to come from behind … AND SCORES WITH HIS BACK/NECK BREAKER!!! Orton now makes a cover, 1...2...CHRISTIAN DRAGS HIM OFF!!! Captain Charisma saves the match, but before he can do any damage to Orton, BATISTA - having fought off Kennedy - is at him, and axe handles the World Champion, with Christian tumbling, falling out of the ring again through the ropes.

Batista then turns, BUT GETS CLOCKED with a big clothesline from Angle, putting the big man down, and looks to quickly drag him back up, but The Animal punches Kurt in the gut to put a stop to his attack. Angle doubles over, and stumbles a foot in front of Batista, who tries to reach his feet again. Meanwhile … EDGE is in the ring, and setting himself FOR A SPEAR … but is it for ANGLE OR BATISTA??? The two are too close together to tell … AS EDGE RACES ACROSS … WITH ANGLE MOVING AWAY … AND EDGE NAILING BATISTA!!!!! There is a huge reaction inside the arena, but it’s impossible to tell if Angle or Batista was the intended recipient, as Edge doesn’t have time to show his reaction … AS ANGLE COMES FROM BEHIND … ANGLE SLAM!!!

Angle shoots up, letting out a massive roar … but is spun around by Orton … RKO … NO!!! Angle shoves Orton off the ropes … AND DELIVERS A BELLY TO BELLY ON THE WWE CHAMPION!!! Angle shoots up again after the impact … and spots Cena on his knees, remembering the earlier elbow … AND APPLIES THE ANKLE LOCK ON CENA!!! Angle gains revenge, attacking the ankle of Cena … but not for long, as CHRISTIAN re-enters the ring, pulling Angle off, shoving his team mate, telling him to ‘knock it off’ … but before anything more can happen … KENNEDY BLINDSIDES THE CHAMPION!!! Kennedy AND Angle now put the boots to Christian, working in tandem, with the champion rolling out of the ring, with both men following out. In the ring, Orton stirs, and sees Cena is in a bad way … in a perfect position for the dreaded PUNT … BUT LESNAR CUTS HIM OFF MID WAY … AND HOOKS HIM UP … F5!!!

Lesnar gets payback on Orton for last nights actions … and looks set to cost Smackdown victory … or is he?? Lesnar then hauls Cena up, but instead of dragging him onto Orton … HE HAULS HIM UP … AND DELIVERS AN F5!!! The Iron Man drags Orton onto Cena, with the official having no option but to make the count, whilst the other three Raw superstars are busy on the outside, and with seemingly no interest in breaking the count … 1...2...3!!!
Winners: Randy Orton, Brock Lesnar, Batista & Edge @ 16:55

Lesnar secures the win for Smackdown, and manages to get his hands on his own team mate in the process!!!

Michael Cole: YES, YES, YES!!! SMACKDOWN BEATS RAW!!! Once again, Smackdown, despite infighting and simmering hatred, overcomes Raw to solidify itself as the number one show in sports entertainment!!!

Jim Ross: A manic closing sequence, I think you’ll agree gentlemen. Congratulations to Smackdown, but the story here was the complete breakdown between Raw. Greed took over in the end if you ask me.

Jerry Lawler: Well I’m still watching this, J.R. Angle and Kennedy are still on the attack on Christian!!!

On the outside meanwhile, Angle and Kennedy continue to take turns hammering Christian, before road agents arrive on the scene to create some distance between the champion and his two fiercest challengers.

Jim Ross: The lust for the World Heavyweight Championship has been evidenced here tonight. Kennedy had no interest in gaining a win for Raw if you ask me, and in the end, Angle couldn’t resist the chance to get his hands on Christian either!!

Jerry Lawler: I just think Angle didn’t want Kennedy grabbing all the headlines, and pushing himself further ahead in the race for the next shot at the title.

Michael Cole: Hey, don’t try and cover this up as Raw costing Raw victory. Edge speared Batista, Lesnar F5’d Orton. Team Smackdown had it in for each other too, and yet they STILL won the match!!

In the ring, Lesnar stands tall, placing the WWE Championship on the chest of his fallen - yet victorious - rival.

Michael Cole: Last night on Smackdown, Randy Orton struck, but tonight, Brock Lesnar got his revenge. But in two weeks time, he’ll be aiming to leave Philadelphia with the WWE Championship - not placing it back with Randy Orton like he has tonight.

Jerry Lawler: Lesnar has sent a huge message to Orton tonight. He got his hands on the WWE Champion, and he won his team the match. Ortons reign is in serious trouble on July 8.

Jim Ross: Indeed it is, but from a Raw perspective, I’m thinking about John Cena. Another loss - albeit under unforeseen circumstances - just as Cena was wanting to bounce back with a bang. Angle and Kennedy are breathing down Christians neck right now … but Cena, has perhaps never been further away from the championship.

Also in the ring, Batista makes it back to his feet, and glares to the outside, where Edge is stumbling back up to his feet, down the side of the aisle, looking worse for wear.

Michael Cole: What do you think guys?? Did Edge intend on spearing Batista??

Jerry Lawler: For his sake, I hope not.

Jim Ross: With Edge, I wouldn’t rule it out. Undoubtedly, he’ll deny it, but by the looks of Batista, he wont be buying it. As far as The Animal will be concerned, Edge meant every last bit of that spear.

Michael Cole: Well, I’m just happy that once again, Smackdown has proven itself as the Premier brand in the WWE, and it will again in a very short space of time - as Brent Albright is about to be crowned KING of the Ring. Matt Hardy is being taped up, and held together by paper clips and duct tape right now. Brent Albright on the other hand?? Fresh as a daisy!!!

Jerry Lawler: Hey, DON’T, rule out Matt Hardy. I know I certainly wont.

Jim Ross: Folks, we are nearing the crescendo now. We are building to the main event of this night - the King of the Ring final. We’ll be right back!!

Commercial Break

We return, straight into the arena, where J.R greets us once again…

Jim Ross: The anticipation is building. The King of the Ring final is coming up shortly, and right now, both finalists, Matt Hardy and Brent Albright are standing by with Matt Striker and Josh Mathews respectively. But before we get some final words from both men, let’s take a quick look at how both men made it to this point…

~ The Road to the Final ~
Round of 32; Defeats Tyson Tomko with Twist of Fate @ 05:59
Sweet Sixteen; Defeats Greg Helms with Twist of Fate @ 07:29
Elite Eight; Defeats Shelton Benjamin with Twist of Fate @ 14:56
Final Four; Defeats William Regal with Twist of Fate @ 04:11

Jim Ross: A heck of a resume to reach the final if you ask me. Brent Albright can surely gauge from that that he needs to avoid the Twist of Fate at ALL costs.

Michael Cole: What that tells me J.R, is that Matt Hardy is one dimensional. He’s got one weapon; the Twist of Fate. Brent Albright on the other hand, has all sorts of manoeuvres at his disposal, as this package will show…

~ The Road to the Final ~
Round of 32; Defeats Brian Kendrick with the Crowbar @ 07:42
Sweet Sixteen; Defeats Jeff Hardy with the Crowbar @ 06:07
Elite Eight; Defeats Carlito via roll up @ 10:59
Final Four; Defeats Paul London with the Crowbar @ 19:29

Michael Cole: THAT is the next King of the Ring if you ask me gentlemen-

Jim Ross: He very well may be, Michael, but you said Brent Albright had a variety of ways to finish off Matt Hardy. I saw a load of Crowbars in that package. If you ask me, it’s a case of the Twist of Fate versus The Crowbar.

Michael Cole: Trust me, J.R. Brent Albright can finish this match in a variety of ways, and he’ll be targeting that gammy leg of Matt Hardys.

Jim Ross: I think you’re overestimating Brent Albright, and underestimating Matt Hardy here, Michael. Albright has wrestled for over thirty minutes already tonight in two gruelling contests. Hardy just under twenty. That WILL make a difference.

Jerry Lawler: Okay guys, let’s just settle down here. We’re gonna find out who’s right and wrong very soon. But like we said a few minutes ago, both guys are standing by right now…

Cut to Mathews, with Albright…

Josh Mathews: Thank you, King. Brent Albright, ever since losing the United States Title at Judgment Day you’ve made becoming King of the Ring your sole focus, and here you are, one win away from becoming King. Having just gained redemption against the man that defeated you for the U.S Title last month, you must be flying with confidence ahead of the final??

Brent Albright: Josh, I came to Memphis for one thing. Not to make friends, not to visit Graceland … but to become the 2007 King of the Ring. And no disrespect Josh, but I cant become King standing here talking to you.

Albright turns to leave … but CARLITO is in his way!! The fans pop in the background, as Carlito extends his hand again, with Albright looking down at the hand.

Carlito: Don’t disrespec’ Carlito twice. Shake my hand.

Albright smirks.

Brent Albright: Get outta my way.

Carlito slowly shakes his head, with a stone like face glaring at Albright.

Carlito: Dis is your las’ ch-


Carlito is attacked by from behind … BY CHARLIE HAAS!!! Haas, carrying a LEAD PIPE, stands over the fallen Carlito, and looks at Albright, smiling.

Charlie Haas: Don’t worry about him. Go out there, and finish the job.

Albright smiles, and nods at Haas, stepping over the body of Carlito, walking off.

And now, we cut to Matt Striker, standing with Matt Hardy…

Matt Striker: Matt, it seems Brent Albright has no time for small talk. All business from your opponent. After the night you’ve had, coming into this match far from one hundred per cent, what kind of game plan are you taking into - arguably - the biggest match of your career??

Matt Hardy: Well, first of all Matt, it IS the biggest match of my career. I’ve competed at WrestleManias, I’ve challenged for championships, I’ve held numerous titles … but THIS match?? It blows all of that outta the water. The King of the Ring is one of the biggest honours in the WWE - in the entire wrestling business. It made Steve Austin, propelled Triple H, solidified Bret Hart, and announced the likes of Brock Lesnar and Kurt Angle to the entire world.

Hardy pauses, and shakes his bad wheel.

Matt Hardy: I don’t know how long this leg is gonna hold out for. But I’ll be damned if I don’t give it my all, Matt. I cant guarantee I’ll have my hand raised, but I’ll die trying.

Voice: No.

Matt looks around … as JEFF HARDY enters the picture.

Jeff Hardy: No Matt … you wont die trying. Because you WILL have your hand raised, and you WILL be crowned King of the Ring.

Matt gets fired up by his brothers words, and nods along.

Jeff Hardy: This is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for. This is your chance to shatter the glass ceiling, bro. No leg injury, no arm injury, NOTHING is gonna stop you here. YOU are Matt Hardy … and YOU are gonna be the 2007 King of the Ring.

Jeff prods his brothers chest with each ‘YOU’, then hugs Matt after his speech, Matt then nods, and punches his brothers knuckles, before hobbling off the set…

Matt Striker: There you have it gentlemen … back to ringside!!

Back to ringside…

Jim Ross: And don’t go ANYWHERE. The King of the Ring final … IS NEXT!!!

Commercial Break


~ 1993 ~



Jim Ross: That must bring back some memories, King??

Jerry Lawler: Indeed it does, J.R. Indeed it does.

Michael Cole: Yeah, well don’t try to steal the spotlight from Brent Albright when he is crowned King in a few minutes time. He’ll break your arm.

Jerry Lawler: I might break yours Michael.


To a raucous ovation, Matt Hardy hobbles onto the stage, throwing his hands up to his fans, before walking down the aisle, trying to shake his leg loose, looking to get the blood flowing, with the biggest match of his career looming large.

He gets into the ring, and stretches at the ropes, before hopping up and down to put his leg through the motions, as he awaits his opponent…


To the Nine Inch Nails track, Brent Albright confidently strides down the aisle, ignoring the reaction of the fans, keeping his focus solely on the ring, where a pensive Matt Hardy waits. Albright hops onto the apron, but delays stepping inside, staring from the apron at Hardy, before slowly getting inside, as the anticipation grows…

Matt Hardy
Brent Albright
Both men circle the ring … BEFORE MATT GOES FOR BROKE - instantly, Hardy launches at Albright, getting Brent into the corner, and hammers at his opponent, trying to end the match quickly - knowing his damaged leg cant withstand much more punishment - and blasts the unsuspecting Albright with a barrage of wild lefts and rights in the corner, before running out - with Brent in a headlock - and drives him into the canvas with a bulldog!!! Cover, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Albright pops a shoulder up, and rolls away, with the camera showing his face with a look of shock, taken aback by the quick start from Hardy.

Matt continues to push the pace, stomping Brent as he tries to get up, and sends him off the ropes, but Albright holds on, as Matt leaps up expecting his return, landing on his leg, and instantly hobbles. Albright smells blood and looks to kick the leg, but Matt avoids, THEN CLOTHESLINES Albright down, and drops a leg (his good leg) before making a cover, 1...2...NO!!! Matt gets back up to his feet … but from the ground, Brent reaches for the BAD LEG … BUT MATT STRUGGLES TO FREEDOM!!! Hardy avoids any damage to the leg, as Albright gets to his feet, trying to pick a moment to shoot in for the leg again, but Matt is on ultra-defence, and keeps away from the opponent.

Albright finally shoots in, but Hardy drops down, planting the point of his elbow into the back of Albright, over and over, freeing his leg, looking to apply a front face lock, but Albright scrambles free, and retreats to the corner for a moment to rethink the gameplan, having perhaps spent too long focusing on the bad leg. Albright slowly rises, and circles the ring, still perhaps thinking over his next move, with Matt still looking pensive. They come to the middle of the ring, and lock up, with Albright instantly going behind, and tripping Matt down, into a front face lock of his own, but Hardy slips out, and to his feet, but Albright is up quickly too, and he charges into Matt, looking to run him into the corner, but Matt slips over, and into a sunset flip, but Albright pops out at ONE.

Both men pop up, but Albright strikes first, with a knee, DEEP to the gut of Hardy, then grabs Matt by the trunks, and RAMS him, shoulder first, into the ring post!! He quickly hops out of the ring, and grabs the loose arm of Hardy, WRAPPING IT with force, across the post, with Matt reeling away from the corner, clutching his arm now, to add to his leg problems. Albright gets back into the ring, and comes in behind Matt, AND LOOKS FOR A GERMAN … BUT MATT ROLLS THROUGH, HOOKING THE LEG … 1...2...NO!!! Again, Albright bounces up, and this time, drops Matt with a clothesline. Albright takes a moment with Matt down, to calm himself, realising he’s getting caught up in the moment.

Albright turns his attention back to Hardy, and pulls Matt back up, shoving him into the corner, and strikes with a succession of forearms to the face of Hardy. He then hoists Matt up, onto the top rope, and climbs up with him, hooking him into position for a superplex … but cant shift Matt, who desperately fights free, with Brent teetering on the top rope … but hangs on, only for Matt to strike with a STIFF right hand. Brent teeters, but jumps off the top, keeping his footing … AND RUNS BACK TO THE TOP … AND DELIVERS AN EXPLODER!!! Matt CRASHES onto the mat, with the fans going crazy at the sight of the impact, as Albright moves into the cover, 1...2...NO!!!! MATT KICKS OUT!!!

Brent sits up in disbelief, but after a brief shake of the head, gets back to his feet, and stomps the head of Matt, dragging him up, and chucks him to the middle rope, running off the opposite ropes himself, before driving his knee into the back of Matt, against the ropes. Hardy tumbles out, with Albright pinning him back down, 1...2...NO!!! Again, Hardy refuses to lie down, and Albright looks on with almost a look of expectancy. He waits for Hardy to stir, then forces him into the corner, and now TARGETS THE ARM, pounding at it, before stepping out onto the ropes, grabbing the arm, AND DROPS off the apron.

Hardy reels away from the corner, holding his arm in agony, but Albright is right back in the ring, on him, wringing the arm, and then takes Hardy down with an arm breaker, forcing Matt to roll around in agony, clutching his arm. Albright though, is now in his element separating the arm on the canvas, and drives his knee to the point of the elbow - TWICE - before Hardy pulls free, and rolls out of the ring, trying to shake his arm loose. Brent though is still right on his rival, grabbing the arm, and WRAPS IT around the ringpost with a sickening thud!!! Hardy reels away in pain again, as Albright refuses to back off, grabbing the arm again, TOYING with Hardy … BUT HARDY STUNS HIM, DRAGGING HIS ARM BACK … KICKING BRENT IN THE GUT … AND DELIVERS A TWIST OF FATE!!!!!

Hardy brings the fans right back into it, with a desperation move, but is hampered by a bad leg and now a bad arm to boot. He takes a moment to rest up, and then bends down to pick Albright up, with Lawler going mad on commentary; “LEAVE HIM THERE, YOU IDIOT!! GET IN THE RING AND WIN THE MATCH!!!” As J.R comes to the defence of Matt with; “He doesn’t want to win the King of the Ring on a count out, King!!”. Matt gets Albright up, and rolls him back inside, following in, and slowly getting his cover, 1...2...ALBRIGHT KICKS OUT!!! … AND ROLLS OVER … INTO THE CROWBAR!!!!!

Albright STUNS the fans - AND HARDY - with a brilliant move, and applies HIS FINISHING MOVE!!!!! The Crowbar is locked on - AND TIGHT - with Hardy in deep, deep trouble but fights it, despite being stuck in the middle of the ring, desperately clawing his way towards the ropes, looking to survive with his dreams of becoming KOTR still on his agenda, BUT BRENT REFUSES TO LET HIM GET AWAY!!!! The fans are loud in voice, trying to inspire Hardy, but now he has his hand raised … contemplating quitting momentarily … BUT HE REFUSES TO TAP OUT!!! Despite the refusal to quit, Matt looks to be fading, and Albright senses the end … AND CRANKS BACK AGAIN … with Matt now digging down AGAIN … and surges forward … reaching out … with the fans begging for him to reach … AND HE DOES!!!!!!!!!! There is a HUGE reaction from the fans, but cant believe it - his biggest weapon has failed him!!!

Albright rises up in fury, thinking he had Hardy beat, and drags Matt back up to his feet, into a standing chicken wing position, and proceeds to land MULTIPLE knees to the chest and abdomen, DRILLING Matt OVER AND OVER, with malice and aggressiveness, with Hardy faltering, slumping to the mat, as an outraged Albright covers again … 1...2...KICK OUT!!! HARDY WONT STAY DOWN!!! He looks completely out of it, but Matt WONT LIE DOWN!!! Albright grips at his hair, but turns his focus back to Hardy, trying to not boil over. He grabs Matt by the hair, pulling him back up, standing Matt up, then runs off the ropes himself, LOOKING FOR A FOREARM … BUT MATT SIDE STEPS … AND CATCHES ALBRIGHT AS HE TURNS … SIDE EFFECT!!!!! Hardy, crawls into a cover, hooking the leg … 1...2...KICK OUT!!!!!

Hardy looks up, eyes closed, showing strain and despair, SPENT after a gruelling night, with his body in tatters. With little left in the tank now, Hardy appears to go for broke, and is setting himself … waiting for Albright to get up … AND LOOKS FOR THE TWIST OF FATE … BUT ALBRIGHT SPINS OUT … AND TAKES MATT DOWN … CROWBAR AGAIN!!! WHAT A COUNTER!!! From euphoria of the Twist of Fate … a collective groan encompasses the Pyramid, as it seems like the end is nigh … BUT MATT HAS NO INTENTION OF SUBMITTING!!! With EVERYTHING he has left, Matt tries to CRAWL … INCHING his way to the ropes … AND GETS THEM!!!!!

EVERYONE is in shock, believing that the finish was in sight. Albright rolls onto his front, unable to fathom how this match isn’t over, whilst the fans fill the arena with “LETS GO HARDY” chants, willing Matt on, having TWICE survived the devastating Crowbar in this gutsy performance. Albright is up, and kicks the ropes, before coming after the grounded Hardy - reaching down - AND HAULS HIM UP IN A HALF NELSON POSITION … SLAMMING HIM BACK ONTO THE CANVAS, DROPPING HARDY ON HIS NECK!!! He covers again, this time SURELY finishing his battered opponent … 1...2...FOOT ON THE ROPE!!!!!

Once again, the fans come alive - IT’S STILL NOT OVER!!!!! He couldn’t kick out, but he managed to break the count with his foot. Albright is in shock. He stares at the foot - still on the rope - and wonders aloud, mouthing “What can I do??”, looking around for an answer from somewhere, before pushing up to his feet. On commentary, J.R gives the hard sell, “YOU CANT BEGIN TO IMAGINE HOW MUCH MATT HARDY WANTS THIS!!! BUT HOW MUCH LONGER CAN HE COMPETE?? HOW MUCH CAN THIS MANS BODY TAKE???” Albright, on his feet, walks to the apron, AND BEGINS TO CLIMB THE TURNBUCKLES … much to the surprise of everyone. “HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND??” bellows King on commentary, “YOU‘RE NOT A HIGH FLYER!!!”. Lawler continues to question the motives of Albright, with Cole defending the Smackdown superstar. Brent settles himself up top, steadying himself … AND LEAPS WITH AN ELBOW FROM THE TOP TURNBUCKLE … AND CRASHES AND BURNS!!!!!

The fans come alive, as Hardy rolls to safety, whilst the trio on commentary talk about Albright making a huge error, letting his desperation get the better of him, as the fans get a chance to cool down, with both men down. The fans get behind Matt as he DRAGS himself up, using the ropes, struggling with his bad arm - and leg - whilst his opponent begins to stir - despite looking dazed - beginning to climb to his feet, and both men are up … with Albright staggering toward Hardy … and Matt blocks a right hand, AND SHOOTS OFF ONE OF HIS OWN!!! Brent drops to a knee, with Matt teeing off, firing a series of big right hands, before running off the ropes … BUT ALBRIGHT CATCHES HIM ON THE RETURN … LOOKING FOR A SPINE BUSTER … BUT HARDY COUNTERS WITH A DDT!!!!! Matt covers … 1...2...KICK OUT!!!!!

STILL, the match continues, and Matt looks up, toward the corner, and pushes to get to his feet, having to rely on the ropes again, staggering to the corner, and signalling to the fans, getting a big pop. He rests in the corner momentarily, then finds the energy, and climbs the turnbuckles, reaching the top rope, looking back, steadying himself, seeing Albright is still down … AND MOONSAULTS OFF THE TOP … IT’S ALL OR NOTHING … AND HARDY GETS … NOTHING!!!!!!!!!! Albright rolls away … AND HARDY EATS CANVAS!!! The Smackdown superstar rolls to the ropes, sitting up, looking at the prone body of Hardy … with Matt OUT OF IT … and Albright gets up, staggering toward Hardy, pulling Matt to his knees. Hardy looks up at Brent, eyes glazed … and shakes his head defiantly … but he has no choice … ALBRIGHT HAULS HIM UP … AND SCOOPS HIM UP … AND DELIVERS A SAMOAN DROP DRIVER!!!!! The fans ‘OOOHHH’ at the sight of the never before seen move from Albright, as Brent hooks the leg … 1...2...3!!!!!
Winner: AND THE 2007 KING OF THE RING - Brent Albright @ 13:17

Jim Ross: MY GAWD WHAT A MATCH!!! WHAT A WAR OF ATTRITION!!! Both men had to dig down, and dig deep … but in the end, Albright overcomes a valiant Matt Hardy to become KING OF THE RING!!!

Michael Cole: Get used to hearing this; KING Brent Albright!!!

Jerry Lawler: And what a worthy King!!

In the ring, Albright has his hand raised, as he closes his eyes, showing the emotion, as he is announced KING of the Ring!!!

Jim Ross: He defeated the Cruiserweight Champion, AND Matts brother Jeff to make it here tonight, and tonight, Brent Albright went through Carlito, Paul London and now Matt Hardy to win the honour.

Michael Cole: Has any King in history ever faced that level of competition right through to the final??

Jerry Lawler: Very few- IF ANY!!

Jim Ross: But lets give some credit to Matt Hardy. He showed incredble heart tonight. It took a move we've never seen Albright use before to finish him off. He battled and battled, despite numerous injuries sustained through the evening-

Michael Cole: If you're not first, J.R, you're last. No one remembers who came second in the Superbowl, or who won the silver medal. Winning is all that matters!!

Albright now exit’s the ring, and looks toward the stage … where his throne awaits.

Jim Ross: Ladies and Gentlemen, please rejoin us as the official coronation takes place. We’ll be right back.

Commercial Break


We return, with Brent Albright now at the stage, as Todd Grisham, along with Kelly Kelly and Kristal Marshall, await to crown the 2007 King.

Todd Grisham: Ladies and Gentlemen, please, give it up for the 2007 King of the Ring … BRENT … ALLLLLBRIGHT!!!

Albright walks to the throne, but as Grisham tries to show him to the chair, he shakes his head, and calls over Kelly Kelly, who holds the crown. Albright snatches the crown, and holds it up, to the chagrin of the fans.

Todd Grisham: Well, Brent Albright, congratulations on your victory. You have joined the illustrious line of former winners. Please, take your rightful throne…

Again, Grisham attempts to show Albright to the throne, but Albright shoots Grisham a look, shaking his head slowly, before ripping the mic from the announcer of Superstars.

Brent Albright: Let me make something clear, Todd. In fact, let me make something clear to ALL of you.

Albright turns, addressing the fans.

Brent Albright: I came here tonight to win the King of the Ring. And, as the man said, “I came … I saw … I conquered”…


Brent Albright: I don’t care if you like it. Like I said, I came here tonight for the accolade of King of the Ring. So while I’ll accept the title … I REJECT the circus it brings with it.

Albright CHUCKS the crown over his head, getting heat for his action.

Brent Albright: If you honestly think I’m putting on a cape, you are SORELY mistaken. I’m not gonna run around Smackdown with a crown and a sceptre, referring to you people as my royal subjects. All I intend on doing … is EXACTLY what I have been doing for the last year, and that’s being THE very best in the business. Only now?? Now that I’m King of the Ring, you people are gonna sit up and NOTICE what I’m capable of.

More heat for the King of the Ring.

Brent Albright: I don’t cock an eyebrow, I don’t flip the bird, and I sure as hell don’t give crotch chops … BROTHER!!

Heat for the comments directed at Austin, Rock, DX & Hogan.

Brent Albright: NOOOO … I wont cup my ears to you people, and don’t expect me to start up a ‘Chain Gang’, or refer to you as ‘My peeps’. I love this sport too much to treat it like a joke. Y’see, I’m too busy being a professional … WRESTLER. And tonight, is the beginning of my crusade. A crusade to bring back the art of professional wrestling BACK to the WWE.

Albright nods, ignoring the heat, as we see Charlie Haas enter the stage to join him, and the pair shake hands.

Brent Albright: Mark the date. June Twenty Three, Two Thousand Seven … the day that BRENT ALBRIGHT became King of the Ring. Mark this day as a VICTORY FOR ALBRIGHT … A VICTORY FOR THE MASTER CRAFTSMEN … AND A VICTORY … FOR PROFESSIONAL … WRESTLING!!!!!

Albright and Haas raise their arms on the stage, as Brents music plays again, as J.R signs off.

Jim Ross: Ladies and Gentlemen, there you have it. Brent Albright is the 2007 King of the Ring, and with it, he has began his own personal crusade to bring back the “art” of professional wrestling. Can Albright follow the likes of Bret Hart, Stone Cold and Triple H?? Time will tell. It’s been an unforgettable evening, and a memorable closing sequence to one of the most competitive King of the Ring tournaments in history. Thank you for joining us … good night everybody … and congratulations, to Brent Albright; King Albright…


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Re: Being The Booker

Great show! Personally, I feel that the DQ ending between Umaga and Regal was a little cheap (Though it makes alot of sense), and Hardy-Regal was pretty short, but the rest was great. All of King Albright's matches were great, the Deadman-JBL segment was great, and I'm loving what your doing with London and Kendrick. Good show, mate!
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Re: Being The Booker

Another Great show Wolf Beast. You are one of the best bookers on here imo. Everything on the show was great from the promos to all the matches. Umaga being DQ's was great as it kept his record going while letting somebody else win the Kking Of The Ring. Albright winning was a surprise as i thought you were going to make London win. Can't wait to see the Buried Alive match between JBL and Taker.
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Re: Being The Booker

I am a little embarrassed. I honestly thought Matt Hardy was going to walk out the winner. The way it was all set up was very well done. Hardy may have had the injuries but Albright had more competitive matches that ran longer. Giving the win to Team Smackdown threw me off even more. I honestly thought you wouldn't give SD! the two big wins. Damn that was a great King of the Ring. As much as I love Hardy and want to see him get to Crhsitian's level...

ALL HAIL KING to save the wrestling world.

Also, i am loving the Albright/Haas gimmick
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Re: Being The Booker

Well, I'm taken aback by the overwhelming response to SNME.

{/End sarcasm}

I get why the feedback is non-existent these days. At least I hope I get why , but I'm just too lazy to dish out feedback elsewhere. Sorry.

Anyway, I'll chug along for as long as I can be bothered. As previously mentioned, the upcoming Raw and Smackdown will both be in recap form. I'll post Raw tomorrow.

Not posting a preview. Like it matters.
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Re: Being The Booker

I'm genuinely interested to see where the Nick Nemeth character goes. Will you bring up his amateur background? Downplay it?

As for much as I like the Albright character, and the push he's getting....I have to wonder if you only had him in there because EVERYONE predicted Umaga. On paper, there is no way it could not be Umaga, and the way he got "eliminated" seems pretty sketchy to me, sacrificing the undefeated streak for the sole purpose of making Umaga more of a monster.
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Re: Being The Booker

Don’t think I forgot about you, Wolf man. Only one of us is senile here.

Solid start to things with the little segments featuring all of the competitors talking their chances up. Lawler coming down to add to the announce team in his hometown is a nice little touch too.

Haas/London is a good match to start with, getting two guys in there who can go, especially an over guy like London, in there to get the crowd fired up. The match was pretty simple, and while I thought you could have maybe started with some nearfall roll ups due to both men wanting a short match to conserve energy for later, this worked just fine in putting on a nice little match that meshed the two styles. Not going all out is wise too, because London obviously has more to do tonight. Good start.

SummerSlam soon? Yes please.

A pretty nice little promo from Kennedy just to show off his attitude. A clever little segment to interview the previous King of the Ring too.

Surprised you went with such a fast-paced match early in the tournament, but it wasn’t too long so it certainly works in the context of it being an endurance tournament. Some very good nearfalls, building things up well, before the surprise ending, which certainly caught me off guard. Interesting little segment afterwards, perhaps making for an Albright/Carlito feud? I certainly wouldn’t mind seeing it.

Get to WrestleMania 24 and I’ll love you. Not sure if anyone’s said anything, but in your text for WrestleMania 24, you have it as WrestleMania XVII (or 17).

I like the little touch of the throne being used again already during Shelton’s entrance, showing the arrogance of The Brotherhood. Hardy going to attack him during the entrance was a nice way to kick things off with a bang too, showing the fire in this feud. The little spot with Shelton almost costing himself the advantage in the match due to a lack of Long at ringside was nice, as was the transition into the work on the injured leg of Matt, perhaps starting something up that can be used all of the way through the night. The ending was certainly a surprise, but I thought it was still built really well at the same time. Giving Hardy a shock win there allows him to be strong enough to fight all of the way through the final, should he make it, while you’ve also given us an exciting match. Good stuff.

I like the post-match attack here, as not only does it allow for a story to continue to be told here tonight, but you’ve also got the Shelton/Hardy feud to continue.

The start to this match was certainly interesting, playing on both Regal’s experience and the fact that Umaga has no one to control him at ringside. The match itself told an interesting tale itself, again reinforcing how hard it is to keep ‘Mags down, while also getting the DQ finish done that I thought you’d go for. A little surprised that you had Regal get beaten up so badly, as it makes Hardy’s road to the final a lot easier (and more predictable), but I guess you didn’t want him taking such a beating that it would be unrealistic for him to make it.

Simple Albright promo to put over his confidence in winning and keeping in mind his issue with London. Very nice line to finish on too there.

London going with the talk is cheap angle is fine, because he’s really not much of a talker. The confrontation between Kendrick and London was very interesting, although it just seems odd that Kendrick continues to talk about how the US Title has been neglected when we’re barely seeing anything from the Cruiserweight Champion on his title. I guess that’s intentional though.

Looking forward to The Bash, which has quite a nice little card coming together.

Very nice start to this match with some good mat wrestling, plus the little bit of added excitement in the Crowbar attempt. The way the action picked up with London coming back was very nice, taking things up a notch before the big moves from Albright sets the gauntlet down that it will be high impact, even if nothing Albright did was that fancy. The attempted comeback from London was nice, keeping the fans interested before the big belly to belly to the outside from Albright, again, keeping the high impact moves coming. The transition from the forearm exchange into the finishing sequence with the Crowbar counter was really nicely done, with the Albright win coming somewhat surprisingly. A nice match to follow up on their Judgment Day encounter, letting them put on a great shoe, despite Albright still having another match to come now.

The post-match attack from Kendrick wasn’t exactly surprising after what we saw earlier, although having him leave with both belts is a nice way to add a little something else to this feud.

The exchange between Estrada and Christian was very nice, keeping Mr. MITB and the champion connected, with the warning that Umaga will be cashing in soon ominous (my early money is on after a successful title defence from Christian at SummerSlam). Christian retorting by mocking AAE and standing up for himself was nicely done, while Angle getting in on the action, seemingly ahead of a world title match against Christian at SummerSlam is clever too. Having Christian walk out on Angle and Estrada, looking like the bigger man was a good way to end a good segment.

This match simply HAD to be kept short, considering the condition both men were in. It was far from exciting, but at least it was quick.

That Undertaker video package remains brilliant, and is a great segue into the actual JBL promo. A very nice start to things, using the typical JBL cheap heat to get under the skin of the fans. Having Layfield talk about why he believes The Undertaker is scared of him, explaining his logic is good, making sure that we know that, while it obviously isn’t true, at least there’s a reason that JBL believes it’s true in his head and he’s not just talking complete crap. Having Layfield react to the heat with the line about understanding why the fans don’t like that The Undertaker is a coward and talking up what he’s meant in the past is a great response, before trash talking The Undertaker a little more and putting himself over as their new hero in typical JBL fashion. Having him talk about how he won’t leave the fans, making himself seem better than The Undertaker, was really nice, before getting off the “Wrestling God” line that simply has to be done in a JBL promo. The response to The Undertaker not coming out initially with JBL declaring himself the new phenom was another good one, before the interruption then came with some good timing to interrupt JBL talking himself up again. I was surprised you had ‘Taker speak, because we don’t hear it often, but I guess by having him not do it in the flesh, you kind of keep the aura about him. I know that he can speak in front of people sometimes, but I only feel like he should when he’s either a champion or when he’s in a really big feud, which this obviously isn’t. I was surprised you didn’t have JBL back right down after ‘Taker spoke, but I guess he was still justified in his mind in standing up to ‘Taker. The ending of the promo was simple, with ‘The Phenom’ laying JBL out, then delivering the simple message to make for a big return for him at The Bash. While JBL/Undertaker isn’t the most awe-inspiring feud, the match at The Bash should be alright, especially with the Buried Alive gimmick giving it that extra aspect. As usual, a very good JBL dominated segment here.

At this stage, I’m quite liking the character for Nemeth. He should be a solid addition to the SmackDown! midcard, which, quite frankly, could maybe use a little extra life that he should provide.

Lesnar and Angle is a nice paring to start the match off, getting two old rivals in there together. A bit disappointed we didn’t get any amateur wrestling type stuff from the two, but I get that you wanted to get everyone involved early, and I thought you did that well. It was very sudden, but I liked that you brought the big moves on early, with no extended period of dominance from either team due to there not really being a face or heel team. The very finish to this was really good, with the little feuds rearing their heads, just as they should. I found it surprising that Cena took another fall, especially with Kennedy on the same team, although it seems like a storyline you’re going with here, handing him a few losses perhaps en route to a heel turn. SmackDown! getting the win is probably a positive due to them having a PPV coming up, meaning the momentum does their guys a lot of good. Nice match.

Again, a good short interview from Albright. The attack on ‘Lito from Haas was interesting, continuing to show a possible storyline between The Master Craftsmen and Carlito as well as possibly somebody else.

A feel good promo for Matt here too, giving him a real positive feel.

Matt starting the final with a bang to try to get things done quickly is clever, while Albright doing his all to go after Hardy’s injured leg was good psychology for him. Having Albright change his focus to the arm of Hardy due to being unable to get at his arm was a really smart way to go about things, setting up for the Crowbar well, while also giving a solid reason as to why he changed his focus. A couple of nice surprise counters into the finishers pick the pace of the match up nicely, picking things up. Albright’s frustration boiling over due to his inability to put Hardy away was beautifully done, setting up his false move well, before Hardy went for it all himself. A nice way to introduce the new finisher from Albright, with nothing else finishing Matt off, while also making him King of the Ring with a bang. Honestly, a move that has me very surprised as I can’t really see him meshing with too many people in the SmackDown! main event scene at this stage, but I guess he’ll linger in the midcard with Carlito for a moment longer. The promo afterwards sums up what Albright’s all about, but whether or not that gimmick can carry him to the main event scene without a bit of a tweak, I’m not sure. Still, for now he’s certainly looking good coming off this big win.

Nothing to really fault you with here, Wolfy – it was a great show. Everything was executed well, and you certainly pulled out a few surprises, especially with Albright, that I didn’t see coming. I know this probably isn’t the most helpful, but I had to show you some love at some stage, and with RAW coming up, I figured I had better finish this for you. Don’t worry about the lack of other feedback – you’re still the best going. Good stuff, my man.

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Re: Being The Booker

Monday Night Raw | June 25 2007 | Nashville TN

No videos, no pyro. The show opens cold, in the ring, with Eric Bischoff standing, waiting to address the fans. The Raw GM wastes no time, and gets straight to business, telling of his shame of the showing his roster gave at Saturday Nights Main Event. He says that while he may be in charge of Smackdown in the interim, Raw is where his priorities lie, and fully believes one of the four men representing Raw should have won the prestigious King of the Ring crown.

As a result, Bischoff says that tonight, those four men will be punished. Firstly, he berates Shelton Benjamin for his post match actions after his loss to Matt Hardy, putting Matt at a disadvantage for the remainder of the evening. As a result, tonight, Benjamin will defend the Intercontinental Championship in a FATAL FOUR WAY match!!! The challengers will be former Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio, and, the former World Tag Team Champions, Greg Helms and CM Punk!!

He then moves on to Umaga, billing Mr. Money in the Bank as the biggest odds on favourite in King of the Ring history, picked by just about everyone to become 2007 KOTR … and yet he fell at the first hurdle, getting himself disqualified. Therefore, tonight, Umaga will compete in a NO DISQUALIFICATION MATCH!! And as for Regal, his actions on Saturday where fully unjustified and his tactics underhanded - certainly not becoming of a so-called noble Gentleman. So, as he decided to not act accordingly at the weekend - and cost Raw it’s best chance of victory in Umaga … he will be Umagas OPPONENT in the NO DQ match tonight!!!

Which leaves the runner up in the King of the Ring tournament … Matt Hardy. At first, Bischoff puts over the effort, grit and determination Hardy showed at the weekend, fighting through a number of injuries to make it to the final, and damn near win the whole thing … but he didn’t. And he only has himself to blame. After his ambush on The Brotherhood last week on Raw, he should’ve expected repercussions at the weekend … and that’s exactly what he drove Shelton Benjamin too. So, if he wants to pick a fight with The Brotherhood … he can do that tonight. As he will face ALL of The Brotherhood (minus Benjamin) in a HANDICAP match!!!

Bischoff then wraps up the promo, stating that he DOESN’T accept failure, and tonight, the Raw roster will learn the hard way.

Commercial Break

We return with J.R and Coach recapping the opening promo from Bischoff, and also discuss tonight’s main event; John Cena & Christian versus the NEW World Tag Team Champions, MNM.

Match 1 | No Disqualifications:
Umaga w/Armando Estrada vs. William Regal
Regal - still looking worse for wear after his savage attack from Umaga at the weekend - tries again to employ the same tactics of hitting and moving, but to very little success. Umaga crushes the veteran Brit, with J.R trying to cover for Regal saying he is far from 100% tonight, and the Samoan Bulldozer takes his time to gain his revenge for Saturday Nights antics. Umaga uses the steel steps, and after punishing the veteran with them, Estrada introduces a table from under the ring, with Umaga setting it up in the ring, and finishes Regal off, splashing off the middle turnbuckle onto Regal, putting him through the table. Mercifully, Umaga puts an end to proceedings … 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Umaga @ 04:39
The Samoan Bulldozer keeps rolling, and despite missing out of becoming King of the Ring, he still of course, has that guaranteed title shot whenever and wherever he wants it. As Estrada (with the briefcase on show) leads Umaga from the ring, medics tend to Regal in the ring, with J.R stating that Regal was in no condition to compete tonight, but Coach tells his broadcast colleague that that’s the price you pay when you cross the boss!!

Backstage now, CM Punk & Greg Helms approach the General Managers office, and discuss their loss last week with Bischoff. The duo show their appreciation for a shot at the Intercontinental Title tonight, but tell Bischoff that as prestigious a title it may be, they have unfinished business in the tag team division. Bischoff understands the concern from Straight Edge, but puts them at ease, letting the former champions know that they WILL get a chance to regain the titles from MNM. But tonight, after all the whining and harassing MNM have done in recent months, and their antics last week, he’s wanting to punish them tonight, hence their match against the top two names on the Raw roster.

Commercial Break


~ 1989 ~



Match 2:
Gail Kim vs. Jillian Hall
It’s a rematch from last week, with Jillian requesting a second bite at the returning diva, having suffered a loss in a hard fought contest last week. However, Jillian is unable to gain revenge, and falters to Gail again, with the Hurricanrana being the difference maker again, as Kim gets the pin out of the athletic move, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Gail Kim @ 04:57
Gail Kim moves to 2-0 since her return, and has her hand raised, whilst J.R hypes up her performances, before shilling the Raw return of the current Womens Champion, Mickie James - TONIGHT!!

Backstage, Rey Mysterio is seen doing last minute warm ups, ahead of his (billionth?) shot at the Intercontinental Title - NEXT!!

Commercial Break

Shelton Benjamin w/Theodore Long vs. Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk vs. Greg Helms
It’s an exhilarating contest, with four of the most exciting performers on the Raw roster putting on a magnificent show, and despite coming into the match as tag team partners, Punk and Helms share an understanding that it’s every man for himself, with the duo doing very little as a team, and have no hesitation about going at it themselves, whilst Rey and Benjamin have plenty of history too. The pace is frantic in the early going, and the near falls come by the bucket load with counters, reversals, interference from other participants to boot. The match settles a little, and dips into the WWE formula of multi man matches, with two in the ring, and two out for periods, with all four men getting time in the ring. Eventually, Mysterio dumps Helms out of the ring, and with Punk and Benjamin also on the outside, Mysterio planchas to the outside, with all four men going down, as the match heads into a commercial.

Commercial Break

And as the show returns, all four men are now in the ring, with Straight Edge in charge, finally deciding to come together as a unit, and taking Rey and Shelton apart, eventually sending both opponents out of the ring, leaving it down to themselves to battle it out. Again, there’s no punches pulled between the friends, and the duo let it all hang out, but knowing each other so well, it’s hard for either to gain an advantage, with Helms avoiding the Punk Card, and Punk escaping from the Nightmare of Helms Street!! A series of cradles and roll ups then ensue, but neither man can gain the magical three count, and despite the urgency from both men, neither can land a killer blow - both missing a Shining Wizard - and eventually, Shelton Benjamin is able to re-enter the ring, hopping onto the ropes, and knocking both men down with a flying double clothesline!!

Benjamin gets up following his athletic assault … BUT MYSTERIO THEN LAUNCHES FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF THE RING WITH A SENTON AND HOOK THE LEG … 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Benjamin was nearly caught, but as he gets up, Rey leaps for a springboard splash from the ropes, BUT IS CAUGHT … AND EATS A T-BONE EXPLODER!!! Benjamin covers Rey, 1...2...BROKEN BY PUNK!!!!! Punk saves the match, and gets the better of the Black Diamond, getting him up, into position for the Punk Card … AND NAILS IT!!! He gets the cover, BUT THEODORE LONG PULLS THE REFEREE OUT OF THE RING!!! In the ring, Punk realises why there hasn’t been a count, and gets up, looking to confront the mouthpiece of The Brotherhood … but before he can, GREG HELMS swoops in from behind … AND NAILS HIS PARTNER WITH THE NIGHTMARE ON HELMS STREET!!! Helms makes the cover, and the referee pushes past Long to get back inside and make the count … 1...2...REY BREAKS THE COUNT!!!

It’s getting wild in the ring now, as Helms and Mysterio now go at it, blow for blow, with Helms throwing Rey off the ropes, then looking for a wheelbarrow, but Rey counters into a bulldog!! Helms flops around, and Mysterio now spots Shelton, leaning through the ropes, with Theodore Long passing him the title belt!! Rey instantly has a plan, and races across the ring … 619 CONNECTS!!!!! Benjamin hit’s the canvas, with Rey now looking to set himself to spring off the ropes, but Benjamins manager has other ideas, and pulls Rey off the apron!! Mysterio lands on his feet - AND CLOCKS LONG WITH A RIGHT HAND!!! Mysterio drops Teddy Long, and turns to get back onto the apron … BUT GETS WIPED OUT WITH A GORE … FROM RHYNO!!!!!

Once again, The Man Beast needlessly targets Mysterio, finishing off his hopes of clinching a third Intercontinental title!!! Rhyno stands over the broken body of Rey, pounding his chest, breathing heavily, looking pleased to have taken his foe out of the contest!!! It’s down to three, and in the ring, Helms, now back up, knocks down a still groggy Benjamin with a clothesline, then turns around … AND INTO A SHINING WIZARD FROM PUNK!!! Punk looks set to win the match … BUT BENJAMIN RACES UP BEHIND HIM - AND THROWS PUNK OVER THE TOP ROPE - OUT OF THE RING!!!! The Black Diamond immediately drops down, and scrambles to hook the leg of Greg Helms … 1...2...3!!!!!
Winner: And STILL WWE Intercontinental Champion - SHELTON BENJAMIN @ 13:01
Gratefully, Benjamin clutches onto his title belt, and rolls out of the ring, picking up his mentor and getting out of dodge as quickly as possible. On the outside, Mysterio is still laid out, whilst Rhyno climbs over the barrier, having done his job, and in the ring, Punk re-enters, looking up the aisle at the champion, before turning his attention to his partner, looking to help Helms back up to his feet.

Commercial Break

Backstage, MNM are interviewed by Kelly Kelly, with the diva firstly congratulating the pair on recapturing the World Tag Team titles last week, before asking Nitro and Mercury if they knew the two ‘look-a-likes’ that distracted Straight Edge during their entrance. Of course, the duo, cocky as you like now that they hold the titles again, brag about their master plan coming together last week. They tell Kelly that everywhere they go, they have groupies and hangers-on … an ‘Entourage’ even, and last week, two of their ‘Entourage’ helped them to distract Punk and Helms long enough for them to make their mark.

Kelly then asks about the recent goings-on with the British Lions; first they mysteriously were given incorrect flight details into Vengeance, and the night after were attacked - unable to compete - giving MNM the opportunity to swoop in and take their shot at the titles. MNM laugh at the questioning, before brazenly admitting that whilst they didn’t ‘do the deed’, they did set the situation up. At this point, Nitro and Mercury both mention Melina - not seen since her loss at Vengeance - and credit their third member for the idea to target the Lions, and thank her for helping them regain their titles - even in her absence.

Kelly, rather flabbergasted by the brazen admittance from MNM, asks if they are not concerned that when the Lions return, they’ll be out for revenge?? But, still cocky, the tag champions show little concern, again mentioning their ‘Entourage’, saying they’ve got friends to take care of minor issues like that. The champs then move onto tonight’s main event, saying they are right where they should be - mixing it up in main event matches, against fellow ‘A-Listers’ … and they plan on grabbing the headlines again tonight.

Elsewhere now, we see KURT ANGLE making his way down the hallway, with J.R telling us that the Olympian is on his way to the ring … NEXT!!!

Commercial Break



Kurt Angle arrives, right at the top of the second hour - not dressed to compete - and makes his way to the ring. On commentary, J.R and Coach both comment on Kurts quest to capture the World title once again, whilst also mentioning Mister Kennedy being in the hunt, with both men having good cases to be the next man to challenge for the title.

In the ring, Angle doesn’t take long to get to business, stating his intention of challenging Christian for the World Heavyweight Title, claiming he’s done more than enough to warrant his shot …


Angle doesn’t get long to state his case, as the outgoing King of the Ring enters, and walks briskly to the ring, not allowing Angle to say any more. Kennedy steps into the ring, getting a mic of his own, and with a smile on his face, informs Angle that no one will be getting a shot at Christian until HE gets his rematch from Vengeance.

The two men go back and forth over who should get the next title shot, and why, before threats are made. Angle coldly tells Kennedy he stood by his side on Saturday night, and helped him to put Christian down … “but you can be Christian in that position anytime I please”.

Cocky, again Kennedy laughs and smiles, before snarling at Angle with his response reminding Kurt that it was HE who struck Christian first; Kurt simply jumped on the bandwagon … “and I will gladly throw you off my bandwagon right here, right now if you intend on staying in my way”. It looks like things are set to boil over between the two top contenders, as they go face to face …

**I‘M BACK**

Bischoff quickly steps into view, and stops at the top of the aisle, calling for both men to ‘settle down’. Bischoff begins to discuss the current championship contendership situation, stating that in his eyes, the two current most worthy contenders are the two men in the ring. HOWEVER - neither man has really made a strong enough claim for a one on one title shot.

In the ring, both Kennedy and Angle disagree, believing themselves worthy enough of a one on one crack at Christian, but before the bickering can restart, Bischoff talks over the pair, shutting them up. He reiterates that he cant justify giving either man a one on one title shot … which is why next week on Raw it will be Christian … versus KURT ANGLE … VERSUS MISTER KENNEDY … IN A TRIPLE THREAT MATCH FOR THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

Kennedy and Angle both accept the decision, and as Bischoff exit’s the stage, the two men stare down in the ring … Angle intense; Kennedy relaxed … but neither man comes to blows, as Kennedy carefully exit’s the ring, not taking his eyes off his rival for the World Heavyweight Title.

Commercial Break

During Cody Rhodes entrance for the next match, we see a pre-taped promo from the youngster, calling out Jerry Lawler for a match tonight. Cody uses ‘The King’ as an example of the type of people that disgust him; just like his father, just like his brother, embarrassing himself by wearing a crown and referring to himself as a ‘King’. Rhodes then says Lawler is EVEN WORSE than his Father and Brother though, because at least they knew the right time to step aside and let someone else have the spotlight, but Lawler cant let it go - using SNME this past weekend as an example.

And, during The Kings entrance, Coach is heard on commentary agreeing with everything Rhodes said about Lawler, stating his fury at having to sit and watch Saturday Nights Main Event, listening to The King doing his job.

Match 4:
Cody Rhodes vs. Jerry Lawler
Lawler, the veteran, uses all his know-how to negate the youthful Rhodes in the early going, having to resort to a few cheap tricks - but still gets cheered from his home state fans - gaining a near fall from his trademark fist drop from the middle turnbuckle, before eventually Cody scores with a beautiful dropkick to take over. From here, it’s ALL Rhodes, with the second generation superstar wearing down the older, slower Hall of Famer. With the fans in Nashville rooting for Lawler though, The King eventually makes a spirited comeback, fighting off Rhodes … pulling out a dropkick of his own!!! The King then PULLS DOWN THE STRAP, and signals to the fans for the signature PILEDRIVER!! He drags Rhodes up, and places him into position … BUT RHODES BACKDROPS OUT OF IT!!! Cody now grips Lawler, trying to place him into position for the Cross Rhodes … but Lawler escapes and fights free, slugging it out with the younger man, and resorts to poking the eye!!!

Rhodes peels away, clutching his face, whilst Lawler falls into the ropes, feeling the pace … as attention turns to the stage … where J.R spots (by name) Dustin Rhodes. Better known to the WWE audience as Goldust, the older brother of Cody Rhodes walks down the aisle minus the trademark face paint and clothing, but instead in jeans and a shirt!!! In the ring, Cody knocks down the tired Lawler with a clothesline, but is now distracted by the presence of his older brother, who has arrived at ringside. Cody berates Dustin for being here, and the distraction allows Lawler to sneak up … AND SCHOOL BOY CODY … 1...2...NO!!! Rhodes escapes, but gets up right into a clothesline from The King!!! Lawler looks to run off the ropes … AND DUSTIN TRIPS HIM!!! Now, it’s The King that’s distracted, and he turns to confront Dustin … allowing Cody to get up, and from behind grabs Lawler … CROSS RHODES!!! He hooks the leg, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Cody Rhodes @ 05:47
Cody Rhodes defeats the legend - THANKS to his older brother!! Despite being humiliated by Cody in recent weeks, Dustin - dropping his Goldust persona - has come to his younger siblings aid!! In the ring, Cody has his hand raised, but looks perplexed as to his brothers actions. He watches, as Dustin backs up the ramp, looking confused, asking “What was that about??”. Dustin continues to back away, but mouths clearly “I have to protect you, Cody. I have to.” In the ring, Cody still seems unsure, whilst he ignores the heat from the fans, furious that The King has lost in Tennessee.

Commercial Break

Back from the commercial, Matt Striker is standing by with Matt Hardy, who is seen heavily taped at the arm and leg, showing the effects of his gruelling evening just forty eight hours ago in Memphis. Striker firstly asks Hardy how he feels, having come so close to realising his goal on Saturday night. Hardy, naturally sombre, says coming second to a guy like Brent Albright isn’t anything to be ashamed of … but it’s nothing to celebrate either. Hardy tells Striker that he’s fed up of being a ‘nearly man’, or ‘runner up’ … he wants to taste the glory, he wants to wear championship belts, and he wants to headline Pay Per Views with his hand raised at the end of the night.

Hardy then discusses his match tonight - a handicap match against The Brotherhood - and after initially laughing at the fact he’s being ‘punished’ for his showing at SNME, he recaps his leg injury suffered against Benjamin, and an arm injury suffered against Albright in the final, before signing off, telling Striker that no matter what injuries he has, he’ll always battle to the end, “regardless of the odds … Matt Hardy comes to fight … and Matt Hardy comes to win!!”

Elsewhere, Rhyno cuts a promo, direct to the camera, calling out Rey Mysterio, announcing that he just got word from Eric Bischoff that NEXT WEEK, Rhyno will meet Mysterio in a rematch from Vengeance … only this time, it’ll be AN ECW RULES MATCH!!! The Man Beast declares that lightning WONT strike twice, and that this time, Rey Mysterio will have only one thing to look forward to … and that’s … THE GORE, GORE, GORE, GORRRRREEE!!!!!

Commercial Break

Match 5 | Handicap Match:
Matt Hardy vs. The Brotherhood w/Theodore Long
It’s short, but far from sweet for Matt Hardy. The big hearted baby face gives his all, but a short burst in the early going - including a Twist of Fate on JTG - isn’t nearly enough to take down his three opponents, and eventually the numbers take it’s toll, with Henry blindsiding Matt just as he attempted a Side Effect on Brown. After Monty Brown scores with the POUNCE, it’s as good as over, but Henry, JTG and Brown continue to dissect the bane of The Brotherhoods existence, at the behest of Theodore Long. Henry scoops the limp Hardy up, delivering the Worlds Strongest Slam, before following up with a big splash onto the prone body of the flattened opponent. Henry then makes the cover, ending the match in elementary fashion, 1...2...3!!!
Winners: The Brotherhood @ 03:56
At the climax of the match, Theodore Long enters the ring, jiving and strutting, getting Henry to sit Matt up, in order to trash talk some more. Getting right into the mans face, telling Hardy in no uncertain terms “QUIT MESSIN‘ WIT MY BOYS!!! YA DIG, PLAYA?? DIS ONLY GONNA GET WORSE!! GIVE IT UP PLAYA … WHILE YA STILL CAN!!!” Long then bravely -with Hardy restrained - slaps the face, TWICE, before instructing Henry to release Matt, who slumps to the canvas, ending a horrible weekend for the Carolinian.

Backstage now, we see MICKIE JAMES, for the first time live on Raw since early last month, as she prepares to address the fans … NEXT!!

Commercial Break

Back live, Mickie James does indeed make her long awaited return appearance to Monday Night Raw, receiving a rapturous response from the fans. The Womens Champion goes through the motions early on in his promo; thanking the fans for the support during this tough period etc, and again shows her remorse for her actions in the past, apologising for what she had done to Beth Phoenix mother; stating that she is a different person now. Strangely, Mickie then THANKS Melina for bringing her past to life, saying she realises now she should’ve been open with everyone, proud that she was able to turn her life around, and should’ve saw herself as a role model to people as an example that you CAN change your ways and become a better person. Mickie looks set to wrap up the promo, having gotten a load off her chest, stating that she can now move on with her life, and intends on becoming the greatest womens champion of all time…


Now with her own music, BETH PHOENIX interrupts the feel good celebration, with Mickies eyes filling with fear at the sight of the intimidating diva. Phoenix tells Mickie she’s safe … “for now”, and stays on the aisle to deliver her message. Beth mockingly congratulates Mickie on getting on with her life, before reminding the champion - and the audience - that Beth had to put her own life on hold after the selfish actions of a younger Mickie … and her mother will NEVER have her own life back because of it. “So, while all of these fans may be forgiving, I‘M NOT!!”, is the firm words of the vengeful blonde. Eerily, Beth finishes up her promo saying that while Mickie may feel ‘free’ after the revelations of her past … she’ll need to deal with the reality that she is now ‘trapped’ on the same show as her. And her revenge has been ‘a long time coming … but it will come … and soon’. Phoenix then exit’s the stage, leaving Mickie to ponder the threat …

Commercial Break


An image of the sun rising, getting brighter and brighter…


Clips of John Cena, Brock Lesnar, Christian, The Brian Kendrick, Straight Edge, & Randy Orton


Clips of Kurt Angle, M.V.P, Shelton Benjamin, Paul London, Mister Kennedy & Edge


Clips of some of the landmark sights in each continent.




The Summerslam logos from the years gone by.


A sight of the globe, which zooms in … toward Europe … toward the UK … toward England … and into London … zooming in still …


And hurtles toward Wembley Stadium.


Differing angles of the new Wembley, including a sight at the arc.


Clips of WWE stars in action, interspersed with clips of fans going wild.


More fast clips of the WWE superstars in action, with fans reactions, including sights of London too.




Backstage, Matt Striker is standing by with John Cena. The interviewer quizzes Cena on his recent slump, which has seen him seemingly perilously close to crossing the line (his attack on The Miz last week; postponing the reality stars WWE debut match), and also out of the equation in terms of the World Heavyweight Championship contendership debate. Cena tries to laugh it all off at first, but soon gets to the point, saying he’s still having nightmares about tapping out at Vengeance … and goes on to agree that he’s a far, FAR way away from getting a shot at the World Title … but starting TONIGHT, he’s putting his recent troubles behind him, and he’s going to force his way into back the picture, telling Striker that while Angle and Kennedy will get their shot next week … his aim is to get his shot at the title - preferably Christian in a WrestleMania rematch - at … SUMMERSLAM.

And, in perfect timing, Christian enters the fray. The Champion nods at the suggestion, and tells Cena that IF he manages to earn a shot at Wembley Stadium, it WILL be against him, as he has no intention of losing the title next week to Angle or Kennedy, then moves closer to Cena, nearly nose to nose, before stating … “and I have no intention of losing my title to you either.” The champion walks off the set, with Cena watching on, muttering under his breath “you wont have a choice.” … as we fade out.

Back in the arena, MNM now make their entrance, ahead of this weeks main event, which is coming up … after the commercial.

Commercial Break

During the entrances of Cena and Christian, J.R & Coach announce that Straight Edge will get their rematch with MNM for the titles - NEXT WEEK ON RAW!!!

Christian & John Cena vs. MNM
MNM hold their own surprisingly well with the two top stars in the WWE today, and it’s a long, competitive match up, as we see clips from backstage, where both Kennedy and Angle are seen (in different areas) watching the World Champion in action ahead of next weeks main event. Christian and Cena show no signs of tension, and work well as a unit - and have to - as MNM are on their game, rejuvenated since regaining the tag team titles last week. MNM take control of the match, using their know-how as a team to gain the upper hand, and single out Christian, as the show goes to it’s final commercial of the evening.

Commercial Break


MNM are still in control on the return, but Christian is never out of it, and nearly makes a tag to a desperate Cena, before a last ditch move from Nitro trips Cena off the apron, and the tag is missed!! The tag champions get back in control, but cant put Christian down; either thanks to Captain Charismas own refusal to give in, or thanks to Cena, who continues to be isolated on the outside. The tide turns though, as Mercury sends Christian into the corner … but follows in, only to be a victim of the seesaw kick at the ropes!! Christian follows up with a reverse DDT on Mercury, and low bridges the ropes on an incoming Nitro, freeing himself up … TO TAG IN CENA!!!

Cena bounds into the ring, and makes up for lost time, taking it to Mercury, and the returning Nitro, dominating the champions, before a recovering Christian helps the cause, taking Nitro back out of the ring, leaving Cena to deal with Mercury, and he easily disposes of the tag champion, delivering an FU, and making a cover … 1...2...NO THREE!!! Cena looks perplexed, as he spots the referee now outside the ring … as MNM’S ENTOURAGE - the same two long haired men from last week - have pulled him out of the ring!!! Cena, rightly fuming, exit’s the ring, and chases the duo of followers off, with the two men hopping over the barrier, as Cena decides not to give chase, and instead looks to re-enter the ring, and finish the match off. As he gets inside though … on the outside we see MISTER KENNEDY … AND HE HAS THE WORLD TITLE IN HIS GRASP … AND BLASTS CHRISTIAN FROM BEHIND WITH THE TITLE!!!

With the referee down, the action goes unpunished - and Cena hasn’t spotted it either - as he now ties up Mercury … IN THE STFU!!! Mercury is tapping immediately, but with the referee still out of commission on the outside, the bell doesn’t ring … AND NITRO GETS BACK INSIDE … CLOBBERING CENA!!! The hold is broken, and Nitro hammers Cena, but is overpowered into the corner. Cena lets fly on Nitro with a barrage of punches to the body … UNTIL MERCURY SCORES WITH A LOW BLOW!!! Mercury, dishevelled and worse for wear, comes to his partners rescue, and musters the energy to help Nitro again … AS THEY DELIVER THE SNAPSHOT ON CENA!!! Mercury covers, and the referee crawls back inside to make the convenient count … 1...2...3!!!
Winners: MNM @ 14:11

The World Tag Team Champions win!! MNM steal the win, thanks to their mysterious ‘Entourage’, and a helping hand from Mr. Kennedy. We see a gleeful Kennedy backing up the aisle, looking delighted with his actions, whilst MNM celebrate like they just won the titles again, pinning the former World Champion tonight. The pair continue to oversell their win in the ring … UNTIL BAILING as they spot GREG HELMS AND CM PUNK storming down the aisle!!! Straight Edge give chase as MNM (like their ‘Entourage’ earlier) hightail it through the crowd.

In the ring, Cena slowly picks himself up, beginning to come to the realisation that he’s lost THREE TIMES in THREE MATCHES, in just EIGHT days. Cena looks close to a meltdown, but rises above his simmering anger, and calmly exit’s the ring, but with his head hung low. On the outside of the ring, Christian slowly comes around, shaking the cobwebs loose, crawling back into the ring … when …


“OH MY GOD … IS THIS …???”

Roars J.R from commentary, as … ARMANDO ESTRADA LEADS UMAGA ONTO THE STAGE!!!! There is a huge buzz inside the arena, as Christian gulps hard in the ring, still looking dazed … with MISTER MONEY IN THE BANK on the way to the ring!!! Even Cena looks shocked, as the pair pass him on the aisle, Estrada laughing maniacally on the way. Christian quickly tries to dust himself off, expecting the worst at this point … but oddly, Estrada stops his savage at the bottom of the aisle. Still grinning wildly, Estrada dips into his pocket, pulling out an old style watch, complete with chain, and AAE swings the watch back and forth, shouting to Christian “TIME IS RUNNING OUT PERO!!!”

Estrada laughs, seeing the pale white face of Christian - visibly shaken up by the possibility of Umaga cashing in tonight - and shouts at the champion again; “SOON … VERY … SOON. HA HA!!!” Armando throws the watch into the ring, telling Christian to “keep it”, then backtracks, calling on Umaga to join him, as the pair send a message to the champion, getting into the head of Captain Charisma. Christian shows his growing anger at the mind games, and shouts back at Estrada, leaning over the ropes, whilst Estrada simply laughs …

AS KURT ANGLE COMES IN FROM BEHIND … ANGLE SLAM TO THE UNSUSPECTING CHRISTIAN!!!!! Kurt Angle doesn’t stop there though, and the Wrestling Machine instantly targets the champions ankle … APPLYING THE ANKLELOCK!!!! ‘Whatever Kennedy can do, Angle can do better’ is the thinking behind the Olympians motives, as he applies the deadliest submission in the business today … with Estrada still watching from the stage with Umaga … as the show fades to black with Angle ripping at Christians ankle, ahead of next weeks triple threat match for the title!!!



Triple Threat Match for the World Heavyweight Championship;
Christian vs. Mister Kennedy vs. Kurt Angle

World Tag Team Championship Match;
MNM vs. Straight Edge

ECW Rules;
Rhyno vs. Rey Mysterio


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Re: Being The Booker

Sorry this is so late, Wolf. Amazingly enough, in a drastic change to the rest of this year, I’ve actually had very little free time on my hands. Makes me feel very grown up to say it wasn’t because of exams this time, but actual, real, honest to God work, if you can believe it. I read SNME the second (slight exaggeration) it was posted though, and have been meaning to give you some feedback on it ever since. So here it is. I’m not going to review the show in the usual way that people do: simply running down the card as though you’re reading it for the first time and recapping a ton of shit you already know … because you … uh … wrote it I’m going to address different parts of the show in sections. There’ll be the bit dealing with the 8-Man Tag Team Match and everything surrounding that (e.g. the WWE and World Heavyweight Titles), then I’ll touch on the JBL/’Taker segment, and, of course, the most important one of all, everything that happened in the King of the Ring tournament. I hope you get what I mean. I think you will, because that’s how a lot of your feedback has been presented in the past. Okay here we go then…

We’ll start with the Eight-Man Tag Team Match first of all…

Kennedy’s interview early on in the show has me excited for the future of the winner of this year’s KOTR. Yes, it might have taken KK rather a long time to get there, and no, there’s absolutely no chance of him actually winning the World Title any time soon, but he is a main eventer. He’s mixing it up with the likes of Christian, Cena and Angle, and you just can’t beat getting a new main event player to work with. It freshens things up instantly, rather than reading the same shit group of guys over and over and over and… Well, you get my point. It’s why I enjoyed Mac’s push of Kennedy so much, despite what others said, because at least he tried to make his own star, rather than ramming Cena or ‘Taker or Trips or Orton or anyone else from that little group down our throats. He gets no marks for using The Rock though. That’s the exact opposite of what he should be doing. But this year’s KOTR feels much more special than twelve months ago, as back then the final was a solitary match on a completely unrelated PPV, and it nowhere near the main event. No wonder KK didn’t seem like a big deal when he came out of it, and it took him so long to recover. This time you’ve built this tournament beautifully, making it as much of a big deal as the MITB and even the Royal Rumble. Whoever wins will be damn close to the main event already, and it should only take a little nudge to propel them to the top of the card.

Christian’s meeting with Estrada later was very interesting. I don’t think I’m entirely original or unique in believing Umaga to be the one who will take the World Title from Christian. I don’t see ‘Mags making the jump to SD, and I certainly don’t see anyone else on Raw getting the belt off Captain Charisma. I hope Christian gets a nice, long run though. Much of his first reign was recapped, and it didn’t even start at WrestleMania, which makes this one all the more special, and deserving of an epic run. In an ideal world, I’d like to see a true great like Christian go a full year with the belt, putting on great match after great match with the likes of Cena, Kennedy, Angle, Trips, Umaga, HBK, Shelton, Hardy etc. But I can’t see that happening. What I can see happening is Umaga cashing in the briefcase properly in a one-on-one match like RVD did to Cena, and beating Christian clean as a whistle, which could really go either way in terms of what it does to CC’s status. Hopefully we get a good few more months of what has already been an extremely enjoyable title run.

The match itself was very exciting, but that’s to be expected with a huge Strange Bedfellows contest like this. Lesnar looked dominant as usual, but I have to say I’m getting a bit sick of him. I hope you begin phasing him out after he loses to Orton at GAB, but that seems unlikely with his feud with Trips still going. The ending was the kind of mess one would expect in this kind of environment, with everyone just turning on one another at every chance they get. Kennedy and Angle going after Christian again seems to be a prelude to the championship situation at SummerSlam, but I still think Angle is going to get the shot somehow, whilst Kennedy faces Cena possibly? I’m not sure on that one. Cena losing again continues this absolutely brilliant slide to the dark side. First we had the now famous submission at the hands of Kurt Angle at Vengeance, and every week we seem to be seeing the Cena of old being taken apart piece by piece. I still remember what Mr. McMahon said to him at his farewell, and it has me so excited. This turn is going to be right up there with Macho Man’s epic degeneration between WrestleMania IV and V when he became jealous of Hogan. Long, subtle and brilliantly executed. By the time WM XXIV comes around, I fully expect Cena/Christian II, and this time I think we’ll be seeing Cena as a heel, fresh off turning his back on the fans by attacking CC in some way. It should be absolutely phenomenal. Lesnar getting the pin and one over on Orton was always inevitable given his upcoming title shot. He needs a ton of momentum heading into that, where Orton will somehow escape with his belt, thanks possibly to Trips again? Edge and Batista isn’t the most engaging of rivalries, but you’ve built the feud really well, and I think the eventual blow off match the two have after GAB could be something special depending on which stipulation you choose to hide Big Dave’s flaws. I’d go with a Steel Cage personally. They never fail.

The JBL/’Taker stuff…

Well, it was just kind of … there, wasn’t it? I have no real love for either guy to be honest, and I’m sure you’ll be the first to agree that things start to get very repetitive when The Undertaker is involved. He goes away. Random Heel A starts talking shit about and carrying the feud. ‘Taker comes back and buries said heel, thus taking all his heat. Repeat endlessly. I know ‘Taker’s over as hell and has a great gimmick, but it gets kind of boring to watch and read after a while. But what is there to do with him really? He’s like a novelty act you just have to roll out every now and then, before rolling him back because of his dodgy knees. The best you can do is not have him bury a young and upcoming wrestler like he did CM Punk , and you’ve chosen wisely in JBL. The guy can’t wrestle and his career is virtually over, but he can sure talk the talk, what’s the harm in having him carry this feud on his back until ‘Taker comes back, literally buries him, and takes all his heat? None, that’s what. Bradshaw will likely take some time off, and become a manager or (hopefully, I’ll elaborate later) a commentator to replace Michael Cole. No idea what lies ahead for ‘Taker. Probably more of the same. He’ll leave/be taken out for a bit, before coming back a few months later and squashing whoever’s talking smack this time. Rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat, rinse and…

The Commentary situation…

This business with Michael Cole needs to end. Now. It’s awful. You’re obviously a fan of the current product, or I guess you wouldn’t be running with this, but it’s one of the reasons I haven’t watched a WWE show for a very, very, very long time. Cole is a bad commentator. He’s a bad actor (even by wrestling standards). And it all comes together to make him a truly terrible heel. I know lots of people would say I only hate him because he’s a heel. No, a good heel is someone you want to watch because you hate them so much. Cole is just unwatchable and bad. Stick with Coach on these occasions, or bring in JBL if you want a heel on SD so much. Just cut it out.

And onto the important stuff - the King of the Ring Tournament…

I don’t think I’ve ever been more wrong about a card and yet couldn’t care less because it turned out better than I could have ever hoped. If I was worried in the run up to this show that the KOTR would turn out like most KOTR’s have in the past, where we get one maybe two good matches, with the rest getting barely enough time to rank at all, I was dead, dead, DEAD wrong. You clearly understood that you had some tremendous workers in this tournament and you made the most of that, putting on a series of matches all around the 10-15 minute mark that were fast-paced and unbelievably exciting. Look at your opener - Paul London and Charlie Haas. Unbelievable. Two of the best wrestlers on your roster and they tore shit up to give us a hot opening with the babyface win. I’m a big fan of his, but I never had any hopes for Haas to win this thing, and I think you have other plans for him that will continue to showcase his talents, so I’m okay with it. At least he lost to someone with talent eh?

Here’s where you started to surprise me. I thought your love affair with Brent Albright had well and truly ended after he lost the United States Title and that he would go the way of a lot of younger guys you have tried to push in the past, such as Garrison Cade, Nick Dinsmore, Mark Jindrak, Luther Reigns, Ken Doane etc., and disappear into obscurity. On the same note, with his latest victory over MVP, it seemed as though you were falling in love with Carlito all over again, which is why he was my pick to win the whole thing. Good call eh? I pretty much like everyone in this tournament, so it’s hard for me to say I like this guy or that guy going over, but I was very pleased to see you completely prove me wrong and have Albright go over, clean too nonetheless. The stuff between the two men afterwards is obviously setting up something for later on too, and I like the fact that it is solely based on respect and Albright’s lack of it.

Next we got what I thought was going to be the opening contest and also the match of the night. It came close, but amazingly enough you managed to top it later on. I really liked the edict before the tournament that no managers or other personnel would be allowed at ringside, mainly because it furthers this Hardy/Benjamin angle even more. With Matt going over here, it kind of looks as though Shelton can’t beat Hardy in a fair one-on-one match without T-Lo at ringside, which is what the fans think anyway. It’s a classic way to set up their next encounter, which the fans will be just certain that Matt will win, only for Benjamin to prove them all wrong. I love it. The attack after the match works both for their own feud and for the tournament as a whole, so once again, very savvy booking, Wolfy. This is why you’re the man around here, and the rest of us are just young pretenders feeding on your tobacco.

Another surprise came in the next match. I thought Umaga would destroy Regal and then get disqualified in the next round. Well, I was right about the destroy thing I guess. Regal’s veteran intelligence would have beaten anyone else here, going for a count out, hitting his finisher, and then decking ‘Mags with the brass knucks, but all it did was piss the monster off, which made the DQ actually work in the end. Sometimes the DQs or count outs that protect an undefeated streak feel a bit forced (see my World Tag Team Title Match at Vengeance for an example of how not to do it), but yours worked rather well, as it was Regal’s own ‘Do Whatever It Takes’ attitude that ended up backfiring on him. Plus, ‘Maga still came out of it looking like a beast, and that’s the most important thing right? You needed him out of the way so that someone else could get the rub, and you did just that. Bravo, sir. Bravo.

No we move on to the Match of the Night. I love the placement of the Kendrick/London face off too, right before London’s big match with one of his greatest rivals. Whilst Albright was utterly focused in his interview, London was experiencing more mind games from his former friend - who has been a lot more interesting lately, if still a little clichéd on the heel front. But yes, this was an awesome match. They stole the show at Judgment Day, and have arguably had your best feud post-WrestleMania so far, so this was to be expected. It is also a tremendous way for Albright to get his win back over London whilst keeping the title on the Texan. Albright comes out of this thing looking like an absolute star, making your popular babyface tap out in such a classic. It’s almost reminiscent of how good Angle looked after making Michaels tap at WM 21. Both men looked great, but to win like that … wow. It’s really nice to see you invest so much time in these two as well. I might moan about you de-pushing certain guys, but your treatment of London and Albright has been consistently excellent, and it will just take one more shove like it did with Kennedy to put them in the main event. Given how stale your SD main event scene is right now, I can’t wait for that to happen. It’s a shame London is feuding with Kendrick right now, as proven by the post-match attack (what is this? A Legend show , as his mere presence in the number one contender’s match a few weeks back was such a welcome introduction. But it looks like he’s in for the long haul with Spanky, especially since Kendrick is running low on challengers for his own belt. I hope you don’t forget about the plethora of guys you’ve got lined up for a U.S Title shot though.

I guess it was inevitable that we would get one bad match on the card right? But it still adds to the overall story of the night. The toll of the first round is felt, as neither Regal nor Hardy can muster much of an offence, with Hardy slightly the better off and able to advance. It slightly takes away from Hardy’s run to the final doing it in such a way, but he still has that clean win over Shelton Benjamin under his belt, so I guess that’s the important thing right?

We almost got the reverse of the semis here, as Albright was more distracted going into the final following his confrontation with Carlito and Haas’ subsequent attack. I could possibly see this leading to Primo’s introduction to team with his partner against the Master Craftsmen, as a short feud before Albright goes on to the main event, and I have to say I like the idea of the matches. The stats you put up showed just how hard this one was to call. Hardy’s in worse condition certainly, but Albright has had the longer matches throughout the tournament. And what a fitting end to a such a great tournament. Injured, Hardy just thinks “Fuck it, I ain’t beating this guy in a mat wrestling match” and goes for absolute broke from the offset. It kind of reminded me of a boxing match where the two guys just forget about defence and just go at it from the bell. It might not have been his original game plan, but what else could Albright do but go with it and fight it out. He did manage to ground Hardy a few times, and really went after his arm with the Crowbar. After London tapped earlier, Matt looked like a million dollars refusing to quit here. This is a prime example of how someone can lose and still look great. He could have won the match via count out, but wants to do it the honourable way. Great heel/babyface dichotomy that throws shades of doubt over the heels ultimate victory, but not enough to hurt him, only to keep the face strong. And the finish, after all the suplexes and the numerous Crowbars, it is a move I have never heard of that finally gets the win. What on earth is a Samoan Drop Driver? I assume it’s an Air Raid Crash (Celtic Cross)? You’ll have to give us an example, unless you’ve just made it up, ha ha.

But what a win for Brent Albright. I honestly didn’t give him a chance coming into this night, as I stated earlier I thought you were done with him. Far from it, it seems. As the commentators pointed out, Albright just won the most competitive KOTR EVER, wrestling for about 45 minutes on one night in some fantastic matches, and winning them all as clean as a whistle. If that doesn’t make you look good I don’t know what does. His victory speech was FUCKING AMAZING! I know Albright received a lot of flack in the past for not being the best talker, but I always thought he was decent, and when you’re saying stuff like this, who cares what your voice sounds like. It’s almost as though you wrote this thing for me, Wolfy. He spits in the face of all the ridiculous ‘Sports Entertainment’ garbage that the WWE is known for and the cartoonish stars who’ve been its most prominent stars, and completely puts over the sport of professional wrestling. And absolutely everything he said was true. You don’t need a stupid gimmick out of a children’s cartoon to be a good, if you’re a talented professional wrestler. Flair proved it. Bret proved it. Owen proved it. Angle proved it. Eddie proved it. Benoit proved it. Jericho proved it. And now Haas and Albright are going to bring that back. I’m so excited for this I’m not sure what to write. This is the most excited I’ve been for an angle in a LONG time, Wolfy. Just when I though SD was becoming stale, you reach out from my screen and punch me in the face with this work of art.

People will probably shit on you for putting Albright over because they don’t know who he is and can’t be bothered looking him up because he’s not in the WWE anymore. They only do what Vince tells them. They only like who Vince tells them. It’s pretty sickening to be honest, but who gives a toss about those ‘Sports Entertainment’ loving monkeys? I love professional wrestling, and you just made an angle entirely for me.

This is required reading, and already a frontrunner for show of the year as far as I’m concerned. I don’t care it isn’t in full. It was genius, Wolfy. Genius
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Re: Being The Booker

Legend. I love you. Greatest piece of feedback I think I've ever received, and it makes me feel like shit because of the half assed job I did with feedback for you the other day

And BKB, you need to post shows more regularly - and I need to start commenting on them again - thank you too for taking the time to give me feedback for the show.

Now, I'm by no means a fan of the current WWE product, and the Michael Cole character has went way too far - but for whatever reason, I have gotten a kick out parts of his heel persona. He'll not be cutting 20 minute promos everyweek on Smackdown.

Samoan Drop Driver is a AP Cross Diamond. Or at 01:30 in this video...

While I cant confirm or deny what the eventual 'end game' is for Cena, I'm delighted you've been following his progress in recent months, Legend. Hopefully you're not the only one with a good memory .

I owe you, and you too BKB - big time

Just wanted to make a few comments about my decision making for the KOTR too;

I know Albright wouldnt excite too many people as the choice to be KOTR, but as I've previously stated in recent months, I want to make stars of my own for the thread. I had plenty of fun booking the older guys, but I just reached the end in terms of what I could do with them. Trying to make a star out of someone like Brent Albright is a challenge to me, and something that keeps me wanting to do this thing. He wont be a main eventer overnight, but I am going to aim to get him there in the long run.

Now, Umaga WAS pencilled in originally to win it. But, I came up with the idea of this big KOTR tournament shortly after I posted WrestleMania 23 - two years ago. As time went on, a lot of things built up that put me off putting the crown on him. 1) It was TOO obvious, 2) He's already a monster that's over as a legit player, 3) Someone else could use it as a platform, 4) I started to flirt with the idea of Albright winning it. So, by the time I settled on Albright, I had already committed to Umaga being in the tournament. I toyed with the idea of him getting disqualified in one of his two qualifiers, but decided that would be a lazier way out, and by having him qualify for the final eight, he could be a good red herring, as most would be predicting him to win the thing.

I then came up with the idea of Regal using his smarts to try and frustrate Umaga, leading to the DQ (with Estrada unable to be at ringside to control him). In all honesty, I felt it STILL was a bit forced, but from the feedback I've gotten, it appears it went over okay. Obviously, with Regal in a weakened state, it made it easier for Hardy to qualify for the final (which, for a face it shouldnt be) so that's why Benjamin (who I also toyed with as KOTR) attacked Hardys leg after their match to make it more of a level playing field. Again, I felt that it might've been a bit forced, but I think I got away with it
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