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Re: Being the booker

im glad evolution won both titles even thought i predicted the opposite.
it was amazing from start to finish, yeh i was hoping for abit of a screw job wit bret and vince aswell but it was still brilliant.
i agree with buch44burt650 wen he says its better than most stuff on wwe t.v
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Re: Being the booker

It totally rocked!!!!
Loved the Hart/McMahon match and all the other matches as well.
The Best PPV yet!! Can't wait for WrestleMania!!
Am guessing Orton v Undertaker at WrestleMania
only one negative point:
Didn't like the finish to the Triple Threat Match otherwise it was trully a rocketbuster!


Word "Mother Freaking" Life!!
The Heart Break Kid - Shawn Michaels
The Excellence Of Execution - Bret "Hitman" Hart
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Re: Being the booker

Thanks for all the replies guys. I will post up the next report tomorrow at some stage.

I'm surprised there was hardly any talk about the Undertaker. I expected at least more than one comment, because Taker will be making a huge impact soon.

Again, next report is tomorrow.
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Re: Being the booker

Also, whats the next PPV for your WWE?
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Re: Being the booker

Armageddon, RAW Production.
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Re: Being the booker

Aah, l see.

Could you put a list up of all your PPV's, so we don't lose track of them?
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Re: Being the booker

Yeah sure;

December: Armageddon
January: Royal Rumble
February: No Way Out
March: WrestleMania
April: Backlash
May: Judgment Day
June: Bad Blood
July: Vengeance
August: SummerSlam
September: Clash of the Champions
October: Nemesis
November: Survivor Series

Red = Raw PPV's
Blue= SD PPV's
Green= Joint PPV's

It's basically the same as WWE, only with two more joint PPV's, plus a few different named events.

I will post the next report later tonight.
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Re: Being the booker

RAW; 15th November; Springfield:

After one of the most jam packed PPV events of all time, RAW picked up where Survivor Series left off!!!
At the top of the show, Evolution made their way to the ring, with Randy Orton carrying the richest prize in the game with him……THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT TITLE!!
They opened the show, talking about last nights events, saying that although it will go down in the history books as Evolution won one lost one at the 2004 Survivor Series, the loss meant nothing, because right from the start of the elimination match, they were a man short, and the rest is history.
Then Orton took centre stage. He talked about becoming the youngest ever two time WWE Champion, and that both HBK and Jericho on their best day couldn’t take Orton….then we see Mick Foley come to the ramp!!!
Foley congratulates Orton on his victory, then cuts the celebration short by announcing that next week he will face the FORMER Champion, Chris Jericho, one on one, for the World Heavyweight Championship, and the winner will go on to face the man who was NOT pinned at Survivor Series, Shawn Michaels at Armageddon!!!
Evolution are irate. They stand in the ring shouting at Foley and telling him he cant do that, then……LIGHTS GO OUT, AND WE HEAR THE GONG OF THE UNDERTAKER!!!
The audience goes wild as they think that we will see the Undertaker here tonight, then we see another message on the tron, just like last night at Survivor Series!!! This one reads; “In 27 Days, the Legend Killer, becomes the hunted, and the Dead Will Rise from the depths of darkness, taking the souls of three men….EVOLUTION!!!”
Lightning then hit’s the ring, and a flashing image of the Undertaker appears on tron before it quickly fades, another gong is heard, and the lights return.
Evolution look to one another and scamper up the ramp and quickly jump into their limo and leave the arena.

After some backstage talk about the message from the Undertaker, we finally get the action under way with a Hardcore Title match, pitting the Champion, RVD vs. The Innovator of Violence, Tommy Dreamer!!!
The two friends shook and the beginning of the match, then waged war on one another, in a brutal, epic contest. Eventually, after nearly fifteen minutes of bloody action, Van Dam scored with a 5* through a table for the well earned victory to retain the Hardcore Championship. Afterwards, the two men showed a ton of respect to one another with a genuine handshake, before helping each other to the back.

Chris Jericho was then seen arriving to the arena, certainly not happy about losing the title last night. He went straight to Mick Foley were he was told of the situation for next week, as well as a tag match TONIGHT with HBK taking on Garrison Cade and Mark Jindrak. Jericho was not happy about having to team up with Michaels again.

Matt Morgan then faced Sting in a rematch from one month ago for the Intercontinental Championship. In the early stages, Morgan wore down Sting, with a physical approach, but soon, Sting’s experience started to swing the favour to Sting, however, Morgan’s manager Eric Bischoff proved to be the deciding factor in the match, helping his client score the victory after a timely distraction.

We were then given an update on the condition of Raven, after last nights match with Kane, and the news was that Raven should be back for next weeks RAW!! This brought out Kane, who talked about all the recent damage he had done, listing all the superstars he had brought pain and suffering to, and then said that he now has a new target, and later, everyone would know who it was.

Sting then made his way to Foley’s office, demanding another match with Morgan. Foley wasn’t able to give him a one on one shot, but did place Sting in a eight man Battle Royal next week to determine the #1 Contender to face Morgan at Armageddon.

John Cena was in action next. Cena who is undefeated since moving to RAW faced Rodney Mack this week, who was accompanied by Teddy Long as usual, which would make the task in hand a little more difficult.
Cena however, took the challenge with ease disposing of both Long and Mack in pretty quick time. After the match, he was ready to begin a rap, until KANE came through the crowd, and attacked Cena from behind, finishing the Dr. of Thuganomics off with a Chokeslam. He then stood over Cena, letting the crowd know that it was Cena he was talking about last week.
An interview with HBK soon went sour as he talked about his title match at Armageddon with whoever the World Champion maybe, was abruptly interrupted by Chris Jericho, who told HBK to put all his money on Y2J being that man come Armageddon. The two men then had a stare down before walking off to prepare for their match later.

Next up, Booker T and Goldust defended their Tag Titles against Edge and Christian, in an athletic tag contest. Both teams took the advantage at various points of the match, but it looked as if E&C were ready to regain the belts after some heavy cheating, when their plan backfired as Goldust was down on the outside, Edge distracted the referee, and Christian lined up Booker for a chair shot.
Then at the last moment, TRISH STRATUS RETURNED!!! And made her impact known as she low blowed Christian, allowing Booker to knock Edge off the apron, and to score with the Scissors Kick for the win.
Afterwards, Trish let E&C know that they will not get away for what they did to her four weeks ago, and hit both with a steel chair!!! What will Trish do next on her quest for revenge on E&C???

Then it was main event time, HBK and Y2J vs. Cade and Jindrak. After some early arguments, HBK and Y2J were in deep trouble, with Cade and Jindrak taking control.
This was the case for the most part, until HBK and Y2J started to show some unity. They started to make constant tags, and even through in some double team manoeuvres too. This led to a well deserved victory, after HBK kicked Cade with Sweet Chin Music, and Jericho followed up with a Lionsault for the three count.
After the match, Jericho and Michaels stood toe to toe, and to the shock of the crowd shook hands, before making their way from the ring separately.
How fragile is this uneasy alliance between Jericho and Michaels?? Will this be a factor in next weeks Championship match as Jericho faces Orton for the title???

Find out next week on RAW!!!
Match Results:
Rob Van Dam defeated Tommy Dreamer to retain the WWE Hardcore Championship.
Matt Morgan defeated Sting to retain the Intercontinental Championship,
John Cena defeated Rodney Mack.
Booker T and Goldust defeated Edge & Christian to retain the World Tag Team Titles.
Shawn Michaels & Chris Jericho defeated Garrison Cade and Mark Jindrak.

*** *** *** *** *** ***
Current Card for WWE Armageddon:
Date: 12th December 2004
Location: Orlando, Florida
Event Music: The End, WWE Produced

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Randy Orton or Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels

*** *** *** *** *** ***

Smackdown; 18th November 2004; Des Moines:

Bret Hart kicked off this weeks Smackdown with an enormous reaction from a partisan Hitman crowd. Bret looked pretty banged up from his epic contest at Survivor Series, but was happy none the less, after finally settling the score with McMahon.
He firstly told the crowd that after all the talk from McMahon, in the end, it is Vince who is too embarrassed to show up at the arena’s after the crushing defeat. He then soon moved onto Smackdown itself, telling the fans that this month, RAW has the only PPV. He then said that he aims to outdo RAW’s PPV, Armageddon for the SD fans. He then went into detail. He announced that the only way to go one better, is to give away a PPV worthy show on free Television!!
He then announced that in three weeks from tonight, three days before Armageddon, Smackdown will present The Night of Championships!!! He announced that all five titles will be up for grabs on that night, and beginning tonight, an 8 Man tournament will take place to determine the #1 Contender for the WWE Title, with first round matches tonight, Semi Finals next week, and two weeks from tonight, the final, with the winner facing HHH at the Night of the Championships Smackdown.
Bret then announced the participants; Goldberg to face Angle, Rock to face Big Show, Lesnar vs. Benoit, and RIGHT NOW it would be….Eddie Guerrero vs. William Regal!!!

After a commercial break, the action got under way, and Eddie faced off with Regal. The two men waged war in a technical master class, reaching the ten minute mark, when Eddie finished off Regal with a Frog Splash, and advanced to the Semi Finals next week.
A recap of Survivor Series aired, which was followed by an interview with The Rock. Rock talked about Triple H ending his chances at the Elimination Chamber. He talked about being in right from the start, and going all the way to the end, only to be cut short by The Game, who had to cheat his way to beating him. Rock then said that tonight is his second chance, and would do what he does best and Layeth the Smacketh down on the Big Show’s monkey ass, then would whip Eddie Guerrero’s ass next week, then would whip anyone who is left, before wiping the smirk off the Games face and once again be Champion!!!
Brock Lesnar then took on Benoit in the second match of the tournament, with the help of Paul Heyman giving Lesnar the victory over the Crippler in an intense, hard hitting affair, which saw Benoit lock in the Crossface with Brock tapping, but Heyman caused a distraction, leading to the downfall of the Wolverine.

Another video aired, promoting the signing of AMW to Smackdown, and they will debut in three weeks time!!!

The NEW Cruiserweight Champion, Hurricane teamed up with partner Citizen Storm to take on the former champion Chavo Guerrero, and his father Chavo Classic in a tag match. Hurricane and Storm came out on top, but Lance Storm looked to be a little unamused with Hurricane’s antics during the match. Is there trouble brewing between the former tag champions???

Triple H then had a interview conducted from his home. In the interview, he dismissed the challenge of all eight men, including The Rock, as nothing more than pathetic. It was then announced that The Game will defend the WWE Championship next week, against the man who defeated him in his first Smackdown match, Rey Mysterio!!!

Goldberg and Kurt Angle had a brief backstage showdown, were Kurt asked Goldberg how he was after crashing through the Chamber at Survivor Series. Goldberg replied, telling Angle that he doesn’t want his sympathy, and just like at SummerSlam, he is going to prove he is better than Kurt Angle.
The two men then locked up in the ring, with the winner advancing to meet Brock Lesnar next week. Goldberg came out all guns blazing, but due to the injuries he suffered on Sunday, Goldberg was soon in trouble.
Angle wore down Goldberg, and after a short fight back from Goldberg, Angle nailed an Angle Slam, and picked up the victory over Goldberg to the shock of the crowd. Angle has now pinned Goldberg twice in one week!!!
After the match, Goldberg had to be helped to the back, still suffering from his injuries.
It was then time for the final first round match. The Rock vs. Big Show. In your average big man vs. smaller man match, Big Show dominated, fighting off any offence Rock could muster. Eventually, The Rock desire, and conditioning came into play, and Rock fought his way back into the match. And after Big Show kicked out of a Rock Bottom, and a People’s Elbow, The Rock, summoned the energy to nail one more Rock Bottom to pick up a well deserved win in a hard fought match.

The Rock now goes on to face Eddie Guerrero next week, while Brock Lesnar takes on Kurt Angle. Also next week, Triple H defends the title against the man who defeated him six weeks ago, Rey Mysterio!!!
Match Results:
Eddie Guerrero defeated William Regal to advance to the Semi-Finals of the #1 Contenders Tournament.
Brock Lesnar defeated Chris Benoit to advance to the Semi-Finals of the #1 Contenders Tournament.
Hurricane and Citizen Storm defeated Los Chavo’s
Kurt Angle defeated Goldberg to advance to the Semi-Finals of the #1 Contenders Tournament.
The Rock defeated Big Show to advance to the Semi-Finals of the #1 Contenders Tournament.

Please tell me what you thought of this weeks report, and maybe what you think will happen in the coming weeks. Next report will hopefully be up by the weekend. Most likely, Sunday!!!
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Re: Being the booker

Great couple of shows, although I did like Smackdown more then Raw.
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Re: Being the booker

Can't wait for the return of the Deadman!!!!
Once again, as always, great report!!
The SmackDown Night of Champions should be great, I see Rock v Triple H!!!
Keep it up!
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