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Learning to break kayfabe
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Thumbs up

Great storylines, im looking forward to the hell in a cell match, and also its good to see the hardcore title back! keep up the good work
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Smackdown: 8/04/04: Hartford:

Smackdown video
Michael Cole and Tazz welcome us to another Smackdown, live from Hartford. Cole also says tonight is going to be a huge edition of Smackdown with three title matches: T.W.G.T.T defend against Show and A-Train, Rey Mysterio faces former friend Billy Kidman and Kurt Angle challenges Kanyon for his newly won U.S Title. And tonightís main event, Eddy vs. Chavo in a steel cage match.

1st Match:
Tajiri vs. Jamie Noble
Finish: After the referee banishes Akio & Sakoda from ringside, the match settles down into an even contest. Toward the end, Tajiri sets up Noble for a top rope suplex, thenÖÖ Glass shatters and Stone Colds music hits. He enters in his pick up truck and enters the ring to be met by Tajiri who is quickly stunned as is Noble and also the referee. He takes a microphone and demands to see Vince. Bret Hart enters and tells Austin that Vince is not here. Austin tells hart that he Knows Vince is in Stamford, and knows that he can make it to Hartford in One hour- or else he is taking over the show! Bret is now incensed and reminds Austin he is fired. Austin says he doesnít care and if necessary he will stun any officer sent out to arrest him. Bret gets into the ring to try and get Austin but is immediately stunned. Austin then sends the message to Vince that heís got sixty minutes. Austin begins the countdown.


We return with Austin joining Cole and Tazz on commentary.

2nd Match: WWE Tag Team Championship Match:
T.W.G.T.T vs. Big Show & A-Train.
Finish: Big Show and A-Train dominate most of the match until the referee gets knocked out. T.W.G.T.T take advantage by cheating and look set for the win when the APA hit the ring and dismantle Haas and Benjamin. The referee calls for the bell and T.W.G.T.T win by DQ. The APA continue the assault through the crowd, as Big Show and A-Train look pissed off.

We go backstage with Josh Matthews as he stands by with John Cena for an interview. Cena talks about The Rock and last weeks events. Says he is not finished with the Rock yet.
Bret is seen talking on the phone with Vince. Vince is on his way.
Kidman interview. He says that tonight he will expose Rey Mysterio as a talent less champion and once again become cruiserweight champion.


3rd Match: Cruiserweight Championship Match: Wrestlemania rematch!!
Rey Mysterio vs. Billy Kidman
Finish: A fantastic 15 minute cruiserweight epic. Rey Mysterio hitís the 619 and then Kidman ducks as Rey attempts to hit the West Coast Pop. Kidman takes advantage by rolling up Rey and grabs the tights to become NEW cruiserweight champ.

We cut to Chris Benoit. He announces that Bret Hart has signed a #1 Contenders match next week between him and Goldberg to face Lesnar at Judgment Day. Goldberg enters and goes face to face with Benoit. He wishes him good luck next week and walks off.


Austin counts down the hour, now just 27 minutes remain.

Lesnar interview from WWE studios. Firstly he talks about beating Eddy Guerrero two weeks straight. He then rolls biased footage showing him dominating Guerrero, trying to make himself look invincible. He then moves onto Goldberg and Benoit. He says the winner will be the unlucky one because he then has to face the most dominant figure ever- Him.

4th Match: U.S Championship Match:
Kanyon vs. Kurt Angle
Finish: After a fairly even start, Angle eventually takes control and dominates most of the match. Kanyon kicks out of the Angle slam and makes the ropes when the Ankle lock is applied. Once Angle locks it in again Kanyon cant get to the ropes and just as he looks set to tap, he reverses and cradles Angle for a shock win. He takes his title and runs to the back. Angle is shocked and takes a temper tantrum.

We are reminded that now only 9 minutes are left on the countdown.


We return with Austin standing in the middle of the ring with four cans of beer. He begins the final few minutes of the countdown. Sable enters. She tells Austin to leave right now. He says no. She warns him he will regret it and brings out the Bashams. They sprint to the ring with Shaniqua. At first the numbers are too much for Austin, but eventually he takes control and stuns all three. He then announces that Vinces time is up. He takes a chair and sitís the ring drinking beer. He starts to tell a few stories when Bret enters. A furious Bret brings out a line of Police to tackle Austin. He takes on everyone of themÖ.then ďNo Chance, Thatís what youíve gotĒ and Vince enters. He tells Austin to get out of his ring. Austin refuses. Austin says he wants his job back. Vince says no. Austin then threatens to drag his ass to court under Unfair dismissal. Vince thinks about it and then agrees to give Austin a lifeline. He says Austin must win his job back in a match at Judgment Day. Austin likes the sound of it. Vince then says the match will be against him in a Wrestlemania rematch. Austin laughs and accepts the proposal. He then challenges Vince to give the fans a taster of Judgment Day by getting in the ring. Vince declines and leaves, waving toward Austin.


We return with Austin leaving the arena in his pick up truck.

5th Match:
John Cena, Chris Benoit and Goldberg vs. La Resistance and Rob Conway
Finish: After a decent paced match, Cena takes it to the outside with Grenier, leaving the other four to brawl in the ring. Conway kicks Benoit out of the ring, leaving Goldberg to take on both Conway and Dupree. After a Goldberg takes out both, and hitís a press slam on Conway, and a spear on Dupree. He then hitís the Jackhammer but is pulled to the outside by Conway, as Benoit re-enters and locks in the crossface, leaving Dupree no choice but to tap. As the three winners celebrate thing gets heated between Goldberg and Benoit. Cena eventually has to keep them apart.

Bret asks Vince why he put himself in the firing line to take on Austin at Judgment Day. Vince said he has a wonderful plan, and it will work, he guarantees it.
We are shown a video chronicallising the recent history between Eddy and Chavo.


Main Event: Steel Cage Match, (Win by pinfall or escaping the cage)
Eddy Guerrero vs. Chavo Guerrero
Finish: In an outstanding match, the referee is knocked out early on. Angle then makes the most of the situation by trying to help Chavo. They double team Eddy until a mix up sends Angle into the cage. Eddy takes the advantage by throwing Angle outside the cage and relocking the door. Eddy dominates Chavo for most of the match, but Angles ringside presence prevents Eddy from winning. At the end, Eddy looks to makes his way out by climbing the cage. He sees Angle also climbing to stop him. Eddy then gets to the top, and hitís a frog splash on Chavo. Angles desperate attempts to climb in are too late as Eddy picks up the win. He then spots Angle and quickly climbs the cage as Angle tries to scarper back to the other side. He is caught, and Eddy suplexes him back in. Eddy then hitís the frog splash on Angle and celebrates as we go off air.

There it is then, Smackdown. Tomorrow I will post Backlash, but until then, I am still waiting for more ratings but as long as people are still reading my work, I donít mind.
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Learning to break kayfabe
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Sorry I haven't been on here latley, but I have been busy with work. anyways I read them and I thought they were good, and I really enjoyed them so keep up the good work, and I like the storylines too. all around great.

"You all shall bow down to me, and show your respect the the Vampire!!"
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WWE Backlash 2004 - Raw Brand PPV

Raw Brand Pay Per View; WWE Backlash: Phoenix, 11/04/04.

Opening Video plays

Castrol GTX presents a Raw brand production, WWE Backlash.

J.R and The King welcome us to Phoenix for WWE Backlash, where tonight five titles will be decided, including the return of the Hardcore Championship, and the six man Hell in a Cell in tonightís main event for the World Heavyweight Championship. The picture cuts to the HIAC above the ring as J.R and King speculate the type of carnage we could witness. They are cut off by the Dudley Boyz music and we are ready for the opening bout for the Tag team titles.

1st Match: World Tag Team Championships match:
Garrison Cade & Mark Jindrak (champions) vs. Dudley Boyz
Match Overview: In an evenly fought contest, the challengers took the fight to the champions and quickly began to dominate, however, eventually Cade and Jindrak got back into the match via a concealed low blow. They began to isolate DíVon for a couple of minutes, until DíVon countered a suplex from Cade into a DDT. As he looked set to tag Bubba, Jindrak distracted the referee so he didnít see a tag made. This only infuriated Bubba more as he was ordered back to the corner. While the referee was busy admonishing Bubba, Jindrak hit DíVon with the Tag title belt. Once Bubba was sent back, Cade crawled over to pin Dí Von, but count was broken at two by Bubba. The referee again had to force Bubba back to the corner, while this was happening, Cade held DíVon while Jindrak looked to score with the title again this time DíVon ducked and Cade was hit instead. DíVon then hit a spine buster on Jindrak and made a cover on Cade, 1...2...Jindrak somehow brakes the count. Bubba again enters and takes Jindrak to the outside. DíVon grabs the title belt and looks to nail Cade buts Cade ducks and DíVon hitís the referee instead. Cade goes for a power bomb, but is reversed into a cradle, but with no referee no count happens. Eventually he lets go and throws Cade to the outside. Jindrak runs back in trying to get away from Bubba but walks right into a 3D. Bubba tells DíVon to get the tables. When DíVon goes for the tables Cade sneaks up from behind and nails a low blow. He then whips DíVon into the post. As he is playing to the crowd, Bubba doesnít realise whats going on, when he does he attempts to get Cade. He is raked in the eyes by Cade and holds his face around the ring selling the injury. He then walks into a 3D courtesy of Cade and Jindrak. The referee comes together and makes the three count for victory. The champions retain. J.R and King talk about how cheap the victory was etc. etc.

Evolution are seen arriving. They are met by Batista who is already here. He tells them he will be back soon, right after winning the Hardcore Title.
A video plays showing the history of the Hardcore Championship.
Mick Foley interview, holds the Hardcore Championship, and then gives it to match referee, Mike Chioda. He then says he hopes everyone has a great night, right here in Phoenix!!!

2nd Match: Return of the Hardcore Championship.
15 man, 15 minute, Iron Man Match.

Al Snow, Batista, Brooklyn Brawler, Chuck Palumbo, Doink the Clown, Kamala, Matt Morgan, Maven, Orlando Jordan, Rhyno, Rodney Mack, Sean OíHaire, Spike Dudley, Tommy Dreamer, Val Venis.
Last 60 seconds: At this stage, only Matt Morgan, Batista, Tommy Dreamer, Al Snow, Rhyno and Maven have a chance of winning. They are mostly all tied on seven pin falls each, with Rhyno and Maven on six. They pair off, Morgan-Snow, Batista-Dreamer and Rhyno-Maven. Both Batista and Morgan get another fall, Morgan with a twirling power bomb on a trash can and Batista with a chair shot, with thirty seconds remaining. They both realise that it will come down to them now and Batista has the idea of taking Doink to beat up to score a quick pinfall. He hits him with a trashcan but Morgan stops the referees from noticing. Batita is irate and goes for Morgan. Morgan hits him with the ring bell and proceeds to cover Doink and goes into the lead with countdown reaching ten. Batista struggles to get to his feet as Morgan celebrates with the time running out. Matt Morgan is declared the NEW Hardcore Champion. J.R and King talk about this monster and say he could be an unstoppable Hardcore Champion.

We cut to a preview of WWE Judgment Day which is a Smackdown only show.
ďHell in a Cell momentĒ- Undertaker throws mankind off the cell, and through the cell.
RVD interview. Says that he has been nervous about HIAC. He then says its nothing to be ashamed of because with a match this big, even the most laid back people get scared.
HHH, Orton and Flair are seen preparing themselves.

3rd Match:
Booker T and Goldust vs. Test and Scott Steiner
Match overview: The match starts off with all four men brawling on the outside for approx. 2 minutes. Eventually, Test and Goldust start the match officially. The match is participated at a quick pace with a number of tags being made with each team. The match begins to settle down with Booker T taking control over Test but a sneaky knee to the back by Steiner to Booker swings the advantage back to Test. They begin to take control over Booker with some sneaky tactics. (Holding Book against the ropes, illegal 2 on 1 attacks, blind tags etc.). On two occasions Book comes close to tagging Goldust. The first was stopped by Test pulling Book back, and the second where Steiner pulled Goldust off the apron leaving to tag for Booker. Test then tags Steiner back in and they proceed to double team Booker. They whip him off the ropes buts he comes back with a double dropkick and makes the hot tag to Goldust who cleans house. The match breaks into a brawl between all four men. Eventually, Goldust hitís a jawbreaker on Steiner and clotheslines him over the top leaving a 2 on 1 advantage. Test tries to beg out of a beating but to no avail. Eventually, Goldust hitís the kick to the nuts and Booker hitís the Scissors kick for the three count. They celebrate after with a double spin-a-roonie.

We cut back to an interview with the World Heavyweight Champion, Shawn Michaels. He says the sight of HIAC brings back horrible memories, but they make him more determined not be the human rag doll tonight.
Sting is seen preparing for his match later.
Christian and Trish arrive. Terri asks for their thoughts on tonightís match after what happened last week. Trish talks about how bad she has been suffering this week after being tabled last Monday. Christian then goes on to say Y2J should be institutionalised for his actions, but tonight he will be hospitalised thanks to their fool proof plan. They walk off laughing.
We are shown quick clips of the recent history leading us to the Womenís title match tonight.

4th Match: Womenís Championship Match:
Lita(champion) w/Matt vs. Victoria w/Richards vs. Jazz w/T. Long
Overview: The match starts off with Jazz exiting the ring and talking to Long. Victoria and Lita go one on one as Jazz watches from the outside. This continues for around seven minutes, then Jazz re-enters and takes control of the two weakened women. She chucks Lita to the outside and concentrates on Victoria. She looks to have the match won until Richards puts Victoriaís foot on the ropes. This infuriates Long who has a war of words with Richards. Lita re enters and takes Jazz by surprise with a twist of fate. She suplexes Victoria to the outside and then hitís the moonsault on Jazz. Long throws his shoe at the referee stopping the count. Matt races over and knocks down Long. Meanwhile Richards has entered the ring and has Steviekicked Lita. However instead of Victoria getting the cover, Jazz does so he has to break the count himself. Jazz chases Richards around ringside. (The crowd are in hysterics over Richards facial expressions). In the ring, Victoria attempts to bring Lita to her feet buts is reversed by a small package and Lita picks up the victory. Matt and Lita celebrate and Kiss emotionally to the approval of the crowd. :sex

Backstage, HHH sits down Orton and talks to him about how this match will change his life forever. He then sets out instructions for what Orton is to do.
Interview with Ric Flair. He talks to Lillian Garcia about his storied history with Sting, but promises that is exactly what Sing will become tonight- history.
A video package plays of the Ric Flair - Sting history.

5th Match: Clash of the Legends; No Disqualification:
Ric Flair vs. Sting
Overview: The match starts at quite a good pace with the two going blow for blow on the outside with Sting taking the early advantage and brings the match inside to officially begin. Sting goes to work on Flair for a few minutes, but the dirtiest player in the game turns the tables with a wicked rake to the eyes. He backs Sing into the corner and dominates him with trademark chops. Sting fights back and puts Flair into the corner to deliver his own chops. The match then gets scientific, with momentum going back and forth. Flair then nails a low blow. He then goes to the outside and jams Stings legs into the post. He takes a steel chair into the ring and goes to work on Stings legs. He then sets the chair on Stings ankle and goes to the second rope in an attempt to break his ankle. Sting gets a foot up and hits Flair square in the face. He takes the chair and plants a dazed Flair on the head. Flair is now busted wide open. Sting proceeds to take control and hitís a number of Stinger splashes. He looks set for a victory when Batista runs through the crowd and nails a chair shot of his own to Sting. Sting is now busted open too as Batista is told to leave. Flair crawls on top but Sing kicks out at two. Both men get to their feet, but Flair takes control with a chop block. He works on the legs of Sting and eventually locks in a figure four. Sting looks down and out until he manages to reverse the move on Flair. The nature boy makes the ropes to break the hold. The two warriors go at it again, but the match ends when Flair mis directs a chair shot which bounces off the ropes and hits himself. Sting locks in the Deathlock and Flair is forced to tap. Sting celebrates as Flair crawls out. J.R and King talk about Evolution being 0/2 tonight and say if that may be a sign of things to come.

Kane is seen preparing backstage.
We are then shown the Undertakers Hell in a Cell moments.
We cut to a dark eerie room where Taker can be barely seen. He talks about the end being near, and for them all to rest in peace.
Jericho interview. He is asked if he regrets letting the Dudleyz put Trish through a table on RAW. He replies with, ďWell TerriÖno. No I donít regret Trish being put through a table, because quite frankly sheís used to it. Trish has been tabled more times than a village whore. You see Trish loves to taste some hard wood, I mean can you blame her. She has to look at Christian every day. Hell even when I was friends with Christian I couldnít look at him, he couldnít satisfy me as a good looking friend, so only god knows what Trish goes through as his bitch sorry, I mean girlfriend. But tonight just like in bed, Christian is going to come up a little short!
Christian - Jericho video package of the history leading to Backlash.

6th Match: Intercontinental Championship Match:
Christian (Champion) w/Trish vs. Chris Jericho
Overview: The two go head to head and begin mind games. Trish gets on the apron and Jericho knocks her off. This gives Christian the chance to capitalize on Jericho. Christian beats on Y2J to try and end the match early, but an inspired Jericho fights back into the match and sways the momentum into his favour. He becomes the aggressor for a good 5 minute spell, until Trish pulls Jerichoís leg to distract him. Christian again takes advantage and nails a clothesline. His control on the match doesnít last long as again the spirited Jericho fights back. He locks in the walls of Jericho but Trish helps Christian make it to the ropes. Jericho chases Trish, who leads him into the path of a waiting Christian. Christian works on Jerichoís legs and locks in his own Walls of Christian as king calls it. Trish tries to help Christian gain more leverage and Jericho find it hard to get out of the move. Eventually his will helps him fight out of it and then nails a flying forearm. He bounces off the ropes and hitís the bulldog, followed by a lionsault. Trish pulls the referee out of the ring. And Jericho goes mad. He grabs a steel chair and swings for Trish buts she ducks and he hitís the ref. She then runs but is caught. He chucks her into the ring. And nails Christian with the chair. He grabs Trish and attempts to put the walls on her, but as he turns her over he is met by a thunderous spear fromÖ.EDGE. Edge celebrates for a moment before placing Christian on top of Jericho. He helps Trish out of the ring, and throws the referee back in. The groggy ref makes the three as Edge grabs the belt and helps Christian out of the ring. A battered Christian raises his hands in victory and rejoices with Trish and Edge as the commentators talk of their shock at what just happened.

ďHell in a Cell momentĒ airs - Triple H defeats Kevin Nash in a bloody epic.
Edge helps Christian and Trish into a Limo as the three ride off into the night.
The camera cuts to all six participants of HIAC making their way backstage.
Video package showing the lead up toward the Main Event.

Main Event: World Heavyweight Championship; 6 man Hell in a Cell Match:
Shawn Michaels (Champion) vs. Kane vs. Randy Orton vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Triple H vs. Undertaker
Match Overview: All 6 men staredown in the middle of the ring. They then pair off; HBK-HHH, RVD-Orton, Taker-Kane. Very soon only RVD and Orton remain in the ring, with the other four fighting on the outside. After a minute or so, Taker re enters and takes down both, he is followed soon by Kane who then takes control over Taker, and puts both Orton and RVD on the outside. HBK and HHH find their way back into the ring, while Taker and Kane brawl to the outside. HHH takes control with a Harley Race like high knee, and follows with a clothesline. This is enough only to get a 2 count. He then pounds on HBK in the corner. HBK soon fights back, but HHH ducks an attempted clothesline and retaliates on HBK with a backbreaker. Another two count. Taker gets back in after putting Kane down. HHH quickly scrambles out of the ring, leaving HBK to take on Undertaker. On the outside, RVD and Randy have so far traded blows banging each others bodies off the cell walls. RVD begins to take control when HHH helps Orton. They double team RVD. Meanwhile, Taker has began to decimate HBK in the ring. Kane gets in with a steel chair. He hits Taker square in the face, sending him out of the ring. He then busts HBK open with a hard shot to the skull. HHH and Orton continue to dominate RVD and bust him open with the steel steps. The Undertaker gets back to his feet and hitís the two members of Evolution with a double clothesline. He then singles out Orton and begins to lay a beating on him. A groggy HHH slowly crawls back into the ring, but is immediately stopped by Kane who nails a big elbow on the game. Kane then attempts to annihilate HHH, but HHH nails a low blow. HHH hitís a face buster on the big red machine before planting HBK with a DDT. He then quickly goes outside and searches under the ring for a sledgehammer. Once he finds it, he gets back into the ring he lines up to hit Kane, however behind him, HBK nips up and proceeds to turn HHH around, then he hitís a jawbreaker and HHH drops the Hammer. HBK flies off the ropes and hitís a flying forearm on Kane. Then HHH gets back on his feet and throws HBK out of the ring, HHH turns away, not noticing that Michaels has held on to the ropes. He skins the cat and surprises HHH with a clothesline. By this stage, Kane is on his feet. He plants a big boot into the face of HBK. Out of nowhere, RVD appears on the top rope and hits Kane with a kick to the face. HHH runs at RVD but is taken down with a sweep followed by a rolling thunder, and a spinning leg drop. We then see Kane sit up. He pulls RVD by the hair from behind. Out of desperation, RVD hitís a low blow. He bounces off the ropes but is caught by Kane. Kane goes for a choke slam, but HBK intervenes. HBK and RVD begin to double team Kane. Meanwhile, whilst all this has taken place, Undertaker has beaten Orton like a rag doll around the outside. He has busted open Randy badly after numerous shots into the cell. At this stage he has been hoisted on Takers shoulder and has had his slammed into the cell again. HHH takes the Hammer to the outside and attempts to help Orton, he drives the weapon into Takers midsection. He takes on taker alone, as a bloody Orton staggers around ringside to recover. In the ring HBK and RVD have came to blows after laying out Kane. Orton attempts to get back into the ring, and is immediately met by Sweet Chin Music. RVD then catches HBK with a Spin Kick and proceeds to hit the 5 Star. The count is broken at 2 by Kane who takes on RVD. He gets the better and nails a power slam, but can only manage a two. He grabs Orton by the throat and goes for a choke slam. Orton reverses into an RKO. HHH immediately sees this and before Randy can make a cover he is pulled out. He then gets the cover, but HBK breaks it a 2. Taker then pulls out HBK. Orton and HHH then double team Kane. Orton takes out RVD with the chair. They bust open Kane also with the chair. They then attempt a double suplex from the top rope, but Kane pushes them off and hits his top rope clothesline. He choke slams RVD and body presses Orton from the ring to the Cell. HBK gets back in after busting open the Undertaker. He and Kane go at it. Eventually, HBK goes for Sweet Chin Music. Kane ducks, and HBK accidentally hitís the referee instead. He turns around and straight into a Chokeslam. Kane takes the key from the refs pocket. He stands in the ring, looking at the key and laughs. Then he opens the cell door and takes HBK to the outside. HBK fights back as they move to the timekeepers position. HBK grabs the ring bell and put down Kane. HHH and Orton crawl to the outside and Taker follows dragging RVD with him. HHH and Orton attack HBK and Taker begins to dominate Kane. RVD helps HBK and then HBK finds a 2x4 wrapped in Barbed wire. HHH and Orton try to escape by climbing the cell. RVD and HBK follow as do Taker and Kane soon after.
On top of the cell, the six men begin to battle again. HBK hits HHH with the 2x4 and attempts to throw HHH to the floor, but Orton saves him by hitting HBK at the last moment. HHH and Orton quickly climb back down as does Kane. Taker beats up RVD and then after HBK tries to interfere, Taker tombstones Michaels on the cell roof. RVD attempts to throw Taker off, but Taker reverses and RVD flies into the Spanish announce table. In the ring HHH and Orton decimate Kane. HHH then has the plan to lock the door again. Orton hits another RKO, but again is pulled off by HHH. They argue and then begin to fight. HHH hitís the pedigree on Orton. He then revives the referee but by this time Kane is up. They get into a fist fight, with Kane taking the upper hand. Undertaker then pulls off the cell door and hit both men with the barbed wire. He hitís the Old school on HHH and then a Chokeslam on Kane. He gets the cover, and the groggy referee makes a slow count, 1.Ö..2.Öthen Orton stops the count. An enraged Taker tombstones Orton. Meanwhile HBK has crawled back down to the ring and stops Taker from making the cover. HBK then fights out of a Chokeslam attempt and hits Sweet Chin Music. HHH breaks the count at two. He and HBK slug it out in the middle of the ring and HHH takes the upper hand. HHH bounces off the ropes looking to hit a clothesline, but HBK also goes for one. They both hit the clothesline knocking each other out. Orton rolls onto HBK for the cover, 1.Ö.2.Ö.3!!! Randy Orton wins!!!
We end the night with Earl Hebner placing the title beside the body of Randy Orton who cant even move. The picture cuts as JR and King say this is one of the biggest shockers ever.


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good ppv, a few surprises makin it very interesting, edge comin to help christian, matt morgan winnin hardcore title and randy orton winnin the world title! But great ppv anyway
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Randy Orton winning the world that is one HUGE shocker..bigger than Edge's return. Besides..HIAC..great match...kinda difficult to keep track off but great PPV..Can't wait for the fall out on RAW

On to Smackdown...Nice feud on Bret and Austin..I am having them feud too in EWR nice build up to Judgement Day..

Keep the show going...and I guess others have stopped writing their shows...ur the only one active

Anywayz...keep up the work...
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Raw - The Aftermath of Backlash

RAW: 12/04/04: Dallas

We are shown a highlight segment of Backlash, showing us everything that went down.
The Raw video plays
J.R and King open the show by telling us about Backlash and they talk about it going down as the most shocking PPV in WWE history.

Evolutions music plays into the arena, and they enter the arena to a chorus of boos. HHH leads the way, with a very angry look, Flair and Batista follow and then Randy Orton, the new world heavyweight champion, lags behind and poses with the belt while the rest of the group arenít looking. HHH then takes a microphone. He talks about how ďEvolutionĒ won the World title at Backlash. We see Randy in the background shaking his head in disgust. HHH then announces that next week, he will face Randy Orton for the title and this time the right member will take the gold. Randy prepares to speak, but is stopped by HHH who decides that they should leave right now. Orton is not happy, but reluctantly leaves with the rest of Evolution.

We cut to Matt Morgan, the new Hardcore Champion as he prepares for his first defence, up next.


We return with Evolution getting into their limo. Orton tries to make an excuse to stay, but HHH orders him to get in the limo.

1st Match: Hardcore Championship:
Matt Morgan vs. Al Snow
Finish: Al Snow give as good as he can but after four brutal minutes Morgan hitís the twirling power bomb on the ramp for victory.

Terri catches up with Foley for a comment on last nights PPV. Foley says he hopes he delivered to the fans, but tonight he hopes to put a wrong right from Backlash by making tonightís main event a No DQ match for the I.C Title between Christian and Jericho.
HIAC highlights are shown from Backlash. We cut back to JR and King who discuss what happened to RVD. They announce they will be speaking to a doctor later tonight to give more information on RVD condition.

2nd Match: #1 Contenders Match for Tag Team Championships next week, Fatal 4 Way
Jordan & Mack vs. Test & Steiner vs. OíHaire &Palumbo vs. Booker T & Goldust
Finish: The match breaks down into an 8 man brawl. Goldust plants Steiner with the curtain call but is pulled out and double teamed by O.J and Mack. Test and Booker go at it on the outside, leaving Palumbo to hit the jungle kick on Steiner and is followed by a Seanton Bomb for the victory.

Christian, Trish and Edge are seen arriving to the arena.


We return with Coach interviewing Teddy Long and co. Teddy refers to the group as the Brotherhood. He also talks about Jazz receiving a 1 on 1 match with Lita next week for the womenís title.

3rd Match:
Matt Hardy & Lita vs. Steven Richards & Victoria
Finish: The match breaks down into a brawl. Richards throws Hardy out of the ring and he and Victoria begin to dominate Lita. Matt gets back in and fights with Steven. Lita dropkicks Victoria out of the ring as Hardy hitís the twist of fate on Richards. Lita then hitís a moonsault for the victory.

The arena then blacks out. Undertaker appears on the screen. He talks about HIAC and then the lights return.

We then go to an interview with the #1 contenders for the tag titles, Sean Oí Haire and Chuck Palumbo. They talk about how all their hard work has paid off. They are stopped by Cade and Jindrak. The champions talk about only just winning the titles and they are not prepared to lose them next week.

Edge, Christian and Trish then come to the ring for the peep show. They talk about the reunion of the greatest tag team of all time, Edge and Christian. They talk about Backlash and then say tonight the rematch will be a doddle. Jericho. Asks them to please shut up. He says he didnít realise that the highlight reel had been replaced with the ďgeekĒ show. He says he has a better name for it, ďChristians pet store, featuring Edge the beaver and Trish the dog. E,C,T are irate. Jericho then tells them that they may have got lucky last night, but tonight their luck has run out.


4th Match:
Garrison Cade vs. Spike Dudley
Finish: After being dominated throughout the match, Spike begins to fight back. He goes for the Dudley dog but out of nowhere, Jindrak holds him at the top rope. Cade takes advantage with a backdrop and uses the ropes to gain the victory. They then beat up Spike and hit the 3D. This leads the Dudleyz to make the save. They take out both Cade and Jindrak. They then 3D both through a table.

Edge, Christian and Trish then walk into Foley backstage. They thank him for the No DQ stipulation in tonightís main event. He then says it was his pleasure. He walks away. He then comes back and tells them that he forgot to inform them that Edge and Trish are banned from ringside. The trio are irate and Foley walks off laughing.
We go to an interview with Kane. He talks about being angry at not being the one to throw RVD off the cell at Backlash, and even more so for not winning the title. He then says he is going to take all of his anger out on Maven next. HBK interrupts. He says that Kane isnít the only angry man after last night. He talks about losing the Championship last night. Kane says it is not a surprise to him that HBK lost the title. He calls Shawn a has been and shove him to the ground. He walks off as HBK looks in anger.
Sting then arrives to the arena.

5th Match:
Kane vs. Maven w/Jackie Gayda
Finish: Kane decimates Maven right from the outset. He wins within two minutes with a tombstone. He then takes Maven to the outside and begins to dismantle him with steel step shots. Maven is busted open as Kane sets up for a choke slam through the announce table. Jackie tries to stop him. He grabs her and looks set to choke slam her on the ramp until HBK intervenes. He fights with Kane but is overpowered. He is also tombstoned, before being choke slammed through the table. Kane laughs at the decimated HBK.


We return with an update on RVDís condition. We are told his injuries will never fully heal, but he will be cleared to return in four to six months.
Sting then comes to the ring. He talks about starting his WWE career on the right note. He then says he has his eye on the World Title. Steiners music interrupts. He comes to the ring. He says when he signed with the WWE he had the same goal and it never happened for him. Sting then says the difference is that he has the drive and ability to see his goal come true. They fight. Test runs in to save Steiner and they double team Sting.
We then cut to a preview of next weeks raw with three championship matches.

Main Event: No DQ, Intercontinental Championship:
Christian vs. Chris Jericho
Finish: After a good 15 minute evenly fought contest, Christian nails a low blow and an unprettier. Somehow Jericho kicks out at two. Christian cant believe it and takes a temper tantrum. Jericho then takes him by surprise and locks in the walls of Jericho. Christian, in an act of desperation grabs the referee and pushes him to the outside. With the referee gone, Christian taps. Jericho, not knowing the referee has been thrown out, lets go and thinks he has won. He looks round and sees that there is no referee. He then goes to pick up Christian, but Christian sprays something into the eyes of Jericho. He throws the spray away and calls the referee into the ring. He then hits another unfprettier followed by a lion sault to retain the title. He calls out Edge and Trish to celebrate. They enter and Edge brings two chairs with him. He hands one to Christian and signals for a conchairto. Y2J ducks at the last minute and E and C miss. Jericho takes the chair off Edge and nails him with it. He also hits Trish and Christian. He locks in the walls of Jericho in a fit of rage as the show goes off air.
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Smackdown - The road to judgment Day begins!

Smack down: 15/04/04; Albuquerque

Video plays showing last week where the Stone Cold-Mr Mc Mahon match was made.
Smackdown video
Michael Cole and Tazz open the show, they tell us the road to Judgment Day will kick into gear tonight as Goldberg meets Benoit face off to determine the #1 Contender and also Bret Hart has a major announcement concerning the Judgment Day PPV. They also comment on Mr McMahon and Steve Austin at Judgment Day..

1st Match:
Lance Storm w/Hurricane vs. Rob Conway w/La Resistance
Finish: Lance locks in the maple leaf, but Dupree distracts the referee so Conway isnít seen tapping out. Hurricane runs around the ring and beats up Dupree. Meanwhile, Grenier knocks out Storm with the French flag. Conway steals the win as the trio quickly hightale to the back.

Backstage, Sable enters the ladies locker room. She informs Torrie and Dawn of a Mud Match tonight. The ladies do not look impressed as Sable leaves.
Eddy interview. Says that now he can put Chavo behind him, and taste championship gold once again.
APA talk in office. They talk about TWGTT and their match with Big Show and A-Train later.
Kidman interview is shown from earlier in the day. The cocky champion talks about finally feeling good about himself, now he has dropped the fans, and tonight he will lay down the seeds of the most successful cruiserweight championship reign of all time.


2nd Match: Cruiserweight Championship:
Billy Kidman vs. Spanky
Finish: In a short but decent, fast paced, even encounter, Kidman picks up the win with a low blow, followed by a Kid Krusher and finished with a Shooting Star. He continues the beat down afterwards, until Mysterio runs in to save Spanky. Kidman bails out and taunts Rey with the title belt.

Bret Hart is seen backstage getting ready to makes his statement.
A video plays shoeing how the SCSA-Mc Mahon match came about.
Benoit interview. He talks about what the WWE title means to him, and how much he needs it at this stage of his career.

3rd Match:
APA vs. Big Show & A-Train
Finish: In a real slobber knocker of a match, The APA come out on top after about 6 minutes, when Bradshaw nails Train with a Clothesline from Hell, while Show and Faarooq fight outside.

Zach Gowen is backstage for an interview. He explains why he has been missing for so long, then Tajiri and Co. interrupt. They make fun of Gowen for having only one leg. Bob Holly then enters. He tells Tajiri and Co. to get lost before he gets them lost. He tells Gowen not to listen to those assholes and wishes him good luck later.


4th Match: U.S Championship:
Kanyon vs. Eddy Guerrero
Finish: Chavo and Angle interfere and take out Kanyon. Eddy wonders what is going on. The referee calls for the bell for a DQ. Eddy realises they have done this to cost him winning the title. He goes mad in the ring as Chavo and Angle laugh.

Torrie prepares for the mud match later.

Brets music plays into the arena. Even though he is now a heel, the crowd still pop for him big time. He begins by talking about Judgment Day on May 16th (5 week build up). He announces two major matches for the Smackdown only event- John Cena vs. The Rock in a Wrestlemania rematch, and also, Eddy Guerrero & a partner of his choice vs. Chavo Guerrero & Kurt Angle. Also next week, he has signed a SCSA choice vs. Vinces choice match, in which the winner will have the option of naming the stipulations in the Austin - Mc Mahon match at Judgment Day.


We return with a Brock Lesnar interview. He announces that he is McMahons choice for next week, and will also sit ringside for tonights main event.
The Rock comes to the ring and says he will be doing some colour commentary for the next match.

5th Match:
John Cena & Billy Gunn vs. TWGTT
Finish: With the rock ringside, Cenas attention is more on the great one rather than the match. They have a showdown mid match and Cena slaps the rock. Then when the match breaks down, The rock tries to get involved by attempting to hit Cena with a chair. Cena moves and Rock hits Benjamin instead. Cena plants Rock with an FU and then finishes Benjamin with a Peoples elbow. Cena celebrates on the ramp as the rock gets to his feet, irate. Cena taunts Rock with his ďYou cant see meĒ taunt.

Bret talks in his office with Sable.
We go to an interview with Goldberg. He talks about now being the right time to become the champion once again.

6th Match: Mud Match:
Torrie Wilson vs. Dawn Marie
Finish: A typical SD divas match, the only thing to look pretty in this match is the Women. They go through the paces, (hair pulling, slapping, spanking) for about three minutes until Sable comes out to watch. She laughs at the pair for looking stupid, and with this she is pulled in. Torrie and Dawn leave as Sable is irate.


We cut to a home interview with SCSA. He talks about the PPV and next week. He announces that he has agreed with John Cena to represent him next week.

7th Match:
Zach Gowen vs. Tajiri
Finish: Another short match. Constant interference from Akio and Sakoda forces the referee to call for a DQ. The three Japanese men then proceed to attack Gowen. He is saved by Hardcore Holly who takes down the trio. He helps up Zach and then clotheslines him. He spits on Gowen and gets booed out of the arena.

Show and A-Train stop Kanyon. They make fun of his speech impediment. He then says that may be true, but at least he is a fighting champion, unlike Show.


Main Event: #1 Contender Match to face Brock Lesnar at Judgment Day for the WWE Championship:

Goldberg vs. Chris Benoit
Finish: The two warriors go at it in an all war. Goldberg takes the early advantage, but Benoitís superior mat skills turn the tide in his favour. Lesnar watches from ringside throughout the match. Then Goldberg accidently hitís the referee. Lesnar takes this opportunity to hit both men with the title belt. Eventually when both men get back to their feet, Lesnar tries to get involved again. This time he is speared by Goldberg. Benoit then takes Goldberg by surprise with a crossface. Goldberg looks set to tap after being held in the move for at least 90 seconds, but somehow he counters the move into a Jackhammer. Goldberg gets the win and is now going to Judgment Day to face Brock Lesnar for the title in a WM XX rematch. He holds the belt and then throws it to the wounded Brock Lesnar. We then end the show with Goldberg screaming to Brock, ďYouíre NextĒ!!!
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countering crossface into a jackhammer..don't see that happening..
other than that nice shows
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yeah, even though it would be good to see how he countered into a jackhammer, i couldnt see it happening
but great show
10/10 for flow, 9/10 for realism, 10/10 for promos and ,matches
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