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Re: Being The Booker

WWE.COM Breaking News:

Another TWO matches have been officially added to Raws Vengeance Pay Per View; Rhyno vs Rey Mysterio, and a triple threat match for the World Tag Team Championships, which will see Straight Edge defend the titles against The Brotherhood and The British Lions. It had been widely expected that Rhyno and Mysterio would collide, given Rhynos attacks on Rey since his return, whilst the decision from Eric Bischoff to sign a triple threat match for the tag titles has surprised many. A source close to the Raw GM revealed to that Bischoff didnt feel that any potential challengers had sufficiently stepped up to the plate to earn an outright one on one shot. Despite that, the champions will be at a huge disadvantage at Vengeance, being forced to defend against not one - but two other teams.


Monday Night Raw Preview:

Just thirteen days remain until the hotly anticipated Raw brand Pay Per View, Vengeance, and all eyes will be on the Pepsi Centre for the latest developments this week on Raw; not only on the bad blood brewing on the road to Vengeance, but also in the King of the Ring tournament.

The first round will conclude this week, as Rey Mysterio - who meets Rhyno at Vengeance - takes on Santino Marella, whilst the Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin - due to defend his title against Matt Hardy on June 17 - begins his quest against one half of The British Lions - who will be part of a triple threat match for the tag team titles at Vengeance - Harry Smith.

Not only that, but the first second round contest will also take place this week in Denver, when the collision of two undefeated competitors goes down. Burchill takes on Mister Money in the Bank, Umaga. Last week, Umaga delivered a crippling attack to Shawn Michaels sending a message to the man he meets at Vengeance - in a Last Man Standing Match no less -, forcing HBK to miss this weeks Raw. Shawn Michaels WILL be cleared to return by Vengeance, but many insiders have began to show concern over The Showstoppers future, believing that the Last Man Standing match with the devastating Umaga may put the legendary HBK on the shelf - for good. This week, Umaga will put Vengeance to the back of his mind, and focus solely on advancing to the final stages of the 2007 King of the Ring tournament.

Another of the big TRIPLE MAIN EVENT line up at Vengeance sees John Cena take on Kurt Angle in only the second ever Ultimate Submission Match. Doubts have been raised over Cenas ability to compete in such a contest, but as ever, the stubborn, hard headed Cena has taken on the challenge - no questions asked. This week on Raw, Cena is in action, as he faces off against the dangerous Rhyno, in what J.R might refer to as a slobberknocker. Since his return, Rhyno has shown signs of thoughtless recklessness, and with a meeting with Rey Mysterio now set at Vengeance, that thought process is unlikely to change.

Whilst Umaga has left a path of destruction, and Kurt Angle might be highly confident of besting Cena at Vengeance, no one will be coming into the Pepsi Centre with more momentum that Mister Kennedy. The #1 Contender had a week to remember last Monday; firstly defeating Shawn Michaels in the first 'Pick Your Poison' match, then later in the night, Kennedy left Christian dumbstruck, as he exploted the rules of the Pick Your Poison concept, and delivered a handicap match to the World Heavyweight Champion. Despite his best efforts, Christian was unable to overcome the 5 on 1 odds of The Brotherhood and Santino Marella, and after suffering that beating, Christian was then humiliated, as Kennedy stood over his broken body, posing with the World Heavyweight Championship. Since becoming #1 Contender, Kennedy has been of the belief that Christian isnt taking the challenge seriously ... but after last week, surely that can no longer be the case?? And surely, Mister Kennedy will be on the lookout for repercussions from the World Champion, who is unlikely to have taken last weeks actions lightly.

Despite being the victim of that 5 on 1 attack, Christian will be in action again this Monday, and will surely be on the lookout for revenge as he teams with Matt Hardy to face The Brotherhoods JTG & Monty Brown. For Hardy, it will be another chance to show Theodore Long and his group exactly what to expect when he challenges Shelton Benjamin at Vengeance for the Intercontinental Championship.

Meanwhile, it has been four weeks since the former Alexis Laree - now known to be Mickie James - was seen on Monday Night Raw, due to the revelations of Beth Phoenix. And last week, Eric Bischoff publicly declared that if Mickie James fails to appear to defend her title at Vengeance, not only will she be stripped of the gold, but the Womens Champion will also be fired. Now, in a massive twist, Mickie James has agreed to appear on Raw - albeit via satellite - to address the fans, and explain the accusations that have been thrown her way by Beth Phoenix and Melina. It promises to be emotional, and potentially explosive. Will we finally get the answers we have been looking for from the Womens Champion?? And will Mickie James EVER return to Raw??

Confirmed Matches;
King of the Ring - Round of 32; Rey Mysterio vs Santino Marella
King of the Ring - Round of 32; Shelton Benjamin vs Harry Smith
King of the Ring - Sweet Sixteen; Umaga vs Burchill
Christian & Matt Hardy vs The Brotherhood {JTG & Monty Brown}
John Cena vs Rhyno


I'll post the show tomorrow. Dont expect shows to be churned out as quickly as this all the time though. Just seem to have gotten into a bit of a groove at the minute
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Re: Being The Booker

Hmm, a bit taken off guard by that announcement. The addition of Rhyno/Mysterio to the Vengeance card is logical, and it should be a good match, but the three way tag match is ... well, random to say the least. I know The Brotherhood and The British Lions have been having a little feud, but they seem to be getting a title shot out of nowhere here. Hopefully the build to the match begins some type of feud between The Brotherhood and Straight Edge, because right now the tag division is looking like the only weakness on RAW.

As far as the actual show goes, everything looks good. The matches don't seem to leave too much room to hype the tag title match that you just announced, which is a shame, but match quality look like it should be pretty high here, plus you've got Kennedy continuing to go after Christian and the Mickie James promo, which should prove interesting. Happy to see things moving this quickly and you getting in a groove, because it makes it seem like you're enjoying it. Looking forward to the show, which I'm sure I'll enjoy too.

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Re: Being The Booker

Monday Night Raw | June 4 2007 | Denver CO

Highlights package of last weeks ‘Pick Your Poison’ matches; Mister Kennedy opens the show and defeats the legendary Shawn Michaels … then later, Kennedy manipulates the PYP rules, and puts Christian in a Handicap Match, against The Brotherhood & Santino Marella … a match that Christian simply COULDN’T win, and didn’t. The video package then ends, with the words Kennedy spoke whilst standing over Christian;

“You still lookin past me now?? I’m deadly serious when I say I’m taking this belt at Vengeance. Now?? Now you know I’m serious. And now … you better start taking me seriously … CHAMP!!”

Opening Video


Jim Ross: We are live from the Pepsi Centre in Denver, Monday Night Raw is on the air, and Coach, I, like many of our fans here tonight, and all around the world, are still reeling from the conclusion of last weeks show. The number one contender, Mister Kennedy made a huge statement-

The Coach: Reeling?? I aint reeling!! I always knew Mister Kennedy had it in him to play with the big dogs, and last week, Kennedy showed his bark, and not only that, he showed his bite too!!! About time you stood up and took notice of the NEXT World Heavyweight Champion, J.R. I thought you were supposed to have an eye for talent, eh??

Jim Ross: I’ll give you credit, Coach, you have indeed championed Mister Kennedy for quite some time, and his actions last week; including a priceless victory over Shawn Michaels-

The Coach: Clean as a whistle might I add … in the middle of the ring.

Jim Ross: That, he did. His actions last week caught many peoples attention, and now, with just thirteen days until Vengeance, can Mister Kennedy keep that momentum going?? The Number One Contender is NOT in action tonight, but he WILL be here a little later this evening.

The Coach: And I cant wait for it!!

Jim Ross: That, and so much to come tonight. The final two first round King of the Ring matches from the Raw half of the draw are scheduled this evening, as is the first second round contest, pitting the only two undefeated members of the Raw roster; neither man has been pinned, neither has been made to submit. It’ll be Umaga, one on one with Burchill!!

The Coach: Somebodies losin tonight, old timer, and my monies on it being the man from Britain. Umaga is simply unstoppable, and he showed it last week baby boy!!

Jim Ross: He has looked just that in recent weeks. Shawn Michaels has been advised to stay home tonight, after last weeks savage assault, and in my opinion, The Showstopper has made the right call to stay at home this evening, in preparation for the Last Man Standing match at Vengeance.

The Coach: I bet he’s shacked up with Mickie James!! Coward!!!

Jim Ross: Shawn Michaels aint no coward, Coach, that I know. And, speaking of our womens champion, we WILL speak - via satellite - TONIGHT with Mickie James. This will be the first appearance of Ms. James in a month, since the shocking revelations from Beth Phoenix and Melina. We will speak with Mickie James tonight, and hope to gauge whether or not the womens champion will return at Vengeance - not only to defend her title … but to save her job.

The Coach: I wonder if we’ll get Mickie or “Alexis” tonight.

Coach laughs in the background, as J.R ignores his ‘quips’, and talks over him.

Jim Ross: And folks, that’s not all, because tonight we have TWO HUGE matches - two main event level matches; John Cena, thirteen days away from an Ultimate Submission match at Vengeance against Kurt Angle, goes one on one with the returning RHYNO!! And, the World Heavyweight Champion is in action also; Christian will be out for revenge tonight, teaming with Matt Hardy, to face The Brotherhoods Monty Brown and JTG!! What a night this promises to be!!


The Coach: YEAH!!!!

To the delight of Coach, the number one contender kicks us off again, just like last week, as he struts onto the stage (carrying something?), and looking EXTREMELY happy, soaking up the abuse of the fans.

Jim Ross: We weren’t expecting to hear from Mister Kennedy this early, Coach-

The Coach: Always expect the unexpected when this guy is around!!

Jim Ross: And- what the hell is he carrying??

Kennedy saunters down the ramp, and it becomes clear what he is carrying with him - SLICED BREAD? Kennedy gets in the face of the camera, showing off the bread, and shouting “Forget this. You‘ve got me now!!” And chucks the bread over his shoulder, wiping his hands, as he strolls on down.

The Coach: HA HA!! I LOVE IT!!! Did you get that old timer?? He’s better than sliced bread!!

Jim Ross: I got the joke, Coach, thanks.

Kennedy steps into the ring, and picks up a mic, soaking up the vociferous atmosphere, rubbing his chin, patiently waiting for the noise to die down, and eventually talks over them.

Mister Kennedy: Like me much??

Heat from the fans, as a smiling Kennedy feeds off it.

Mister Kennedy: Have I- Have I done something … to … offend you people??

Laughing over the mic, Kennedy lets the fans get more hatred off their chest.

Mister Kennedy: C’mon. Is it that bad?? Huh?? All of you fans were the exact same as our current World Heavyweight Champion. You all wrote me off. You all pigeon holed me as a clown. A big mouth with a microphone. All show, no tell. You people thought you’d worked me out … but now?? After last week?? Well … like a man once said … “Just when you thought you had all the answers … I went and changed the questions”.

Kennedy cockily chews his gum, trying to rile the fans a little more.

Mister Kennedy: Last week, I took the popular opinion that you all held of me, and I ripped it up. In this very ring, I beat the legendary Shawn Michaels.

More serious now, Kennedy pauses again, allowing the fans to react. The #1 Contender then walks to the ropes, staring at J.R.

Mister Kennedy: J.R?? I’ve heard you say it before yourself; Shawn Michaels is arguably the greatest of all time. Am I right??

J.R nods, with a giddy Coach nudging him, saying “You say it all the time!! Tell him!! Tell him!!”

Mister Kennedy: Thank you. Y’see, not only did I beat arguably the best of all time last week … but I beat him clean as a whistle. No complaints from HBK … the better man … won.


Mister Kennedy: So … after proving my superiority in the ring … later in the night … I proved my superiority in the brain.

Kennedy grins, as heat from the fans cuts him off.

Mister Kennedy: That’s right. I exploited the Pick Your Poison rules, and threw Christian into the lions den. And I enjoyed every … single … second of it. To see that smug look taken off Christians face was simply a joy to behold.

The #1 Contender gets serious again, thinking about Christians nonchalant attitude in previous weeks about his challenger.

Mister Kennedy: From the moment I became the Number One Contender, Christian wrote me off. I don’t care what he says … he looked past me, and looked past Vengeance. To him, I wasn’t a challenge. I didn’t have the credentials of a Kurt Angle, or John Cena, or Shawn Michaels.

Kennedy smirks as he says Michaels name, after his win over HBK last week.

Mister Kennedy: Think he’s treating me as a threat now??

Kennedy pauses, and looks for a reaction from the fans.

Mister Kennedy: You think he’s looking past Vengeance now??


Looks like we’re about to find out!! To a huge pop, the World Heavyweight Champion enters the stage, and doesn’t wait a moment. No posing, no saluting, Christian walks right down the aisle, belt over the shoulder, as Kennedy readies himself, bouncing side to side, looking excited.

Jim Ross: Business has just picked up!!

The Coach: Oh baby, I think Kennedy has got The Champ rattled now!!!

Kennedy, looking to annoy Christian, opens the ropes for the champion, but Christian rejects the patronizing offer, and walks around the ring, entering at the opposite side of the ring, picking up a mic on his way round.

Christian enters, and stands opposite to Kennedy, who cockily chews his gum, as the champion waits for the music to die down. Eventually, it does, and a brief ‘CHRISTIAN’ chant reverberates around the arena, with the champion staring a hole through Kennedy, as Kennedy decides to make the first move…

Mister Kennedy: So I guess-

CHRISTIAN NAILS KENNEDY!!! Christian rocks Kennedy with the mic, slamming it into the face of the #1 Contender, and batters him into the corner, pounding him with rights and lefts, with Kennedy desperately trying to cover up, but it’s no good. Christian then attempts an Irish Whip to the opposite corner … but Kennedy reverses, sending the champion into the corner, then rushes in … but Christian swings out, onto the ropes, and Kennedy runs into the buckle, stumbling out, with Christian catching him with the seesaw kick!!

Kennedy staggers away, as Christian now sets himself on the middle buckle, waiting for Kennedy to turn around, and as soon as he does, Christian flies off, catching the #1 Contender with a reverse flying elbow. Kennedy struggles to pick himself off the canvas, reeling from the unsuspected attack, whilst Christian looks to really drive home a message, picking up the World title belt … AND NAILS KENNEDY WITH THE BELT!!!

‘OOOHS’ rumble around the arena, as Christian picks up the intensity, slamming the belt down, and now NOT waiting for Kennedy to get up, and DRAGGING the #1 contender to his feet … getting him into position … AND DROPS KENNEDY WITH THE UNPRETTIER!!!!!

The Pepsi Centre erupts, as Christian exacts some revenge, and lets off some steam on Kennedy, after two straight weeks of being embarrassed by the #1 Contender. The champion picks up his belt, and the mic, looking around, nodding to the fans, with the crowd rocking for Captain Charisma. The Champion places the belt over his shoulder, and mirroring the end of last weeks show, stands over his challenger…

Christian: Congratulations. You’ve got my attention.

And as simple as that, Christian drops the mic onto Kennedy, who writhes on the mat, with Captain Charisma leaving the ring, making his point, and storming up the aisle, bringing a close to an explosive opening segment.

Commercial Break

Back to ringside, with clips being shown of the previous segment over the commentary…

Jim Ross: Welcome back to Raw, and Coach, the number one contender, the man YOU have championed for months, just got accepted into the elite … he has officially got the attention of the champion now.

The Coach: He should’ve had it weeks ago!!! The moment he won the right to challenge Christian at Vengeance, the champion should’ve locked his sights on Mister Kennedy!! And what a cheap assault from our so-called champion!! What the hell is going on around here?? How can you condone this!? Our world champion is committing unprovoked assaults, our womens champion is throwing helpless old women down stairs - not to mention living a double life - and YOU are promoting these people as role models!!!

Jim Ross: What am I condoning??


The Coach: Oh- and right on cue!! Don’t get me started on these jokers!!!

Jim Ross: Well, we could sit and debate the state of our champions all night Coach, but what a way to kick us off!!! The most exciting tandem in the WWE today, the World Tag Team Champions, Greg Helms and CM Punk, Straight Edge are in non-title action!!!

Punk and Helms, reunited after two weeks of singles action in the KOTR tournament, make their way out, to a excellent reaction from the fans.

Jim Ross: With a far from clear picture of the tag team divisions best contenders to the champions, Eric Bischoff over this past weekend announced a triple threat match at Vengeance, pitting the champions against The Brotherhoods duo of Monty Brown and JTG, and The British Lions, with those two teams trading victories in recent months … however - the decision didn’t sit well with X-Pac and Tyson Tomko - who, despite only having one match together, albeit a win, have challenged the champions to a non-title match tonight. Should Tomko and X-Pac win, Eric Bischoff has confirmed the title match at Vengeance will become a Fatal Four Way.

The Coach: Way to make a straightforward stipulation sound very confusing baby boy.


And, to limited fanfare, X-Pac and Tomko enter the arena, looking focused, and ready to go, knowing a massive opportunity awaits them tonight.

Straight Edge vs. Tyson Tomko & X-Pac
The new comer tag team make a good early impression, with Tomko quickly gaining superiority over the quick as a flash opponents, thanks to his size and power. The experience of X-Pac helps keep Tomko on top, with the veteran guiding his powerful partner. However, the champions are that for a reason; and they soon turn the corner, with Helms and Punk becoming too quick for The Problem Solver, and X-Pac is unable to keep up the pace with the younger opponents either, as Straight Edge take it up a gear.

It looks like Punk and Helms will now finish off Pac and Tomko, but X-Pac manages to avoid the Punk Card, countering out - and SHOCKING Punk with a sudden X-FACTOR!!! X-Pac makes a cover, looking to create a huge shock, 1...2...FOOT ON THE ROPE!!! X-Pac thinks he has it won, and celebrates as so, until the referee informs him of Punks foot being on the rope. The veteran is furious, and argues with the referee, which gives Punk time to recover, and the champion gets to his feet, and gets right back at it, launching himself at X-Pac, knocking the veteran down with a flying clothesline.

Punk then looks to run off the ropes, BUT TOMKO LOW BRIDGES!! Punk tumbles out of the ring, landing hard on the floor. Helms then naturally is irate, and enters the ring, but is cut off by the official - who stops Helms from interfering - which allows Tomko to rough up Punk on the outside. Meanwhile, in the ring, X-Pac attacks Helms from behind, and rams him, shoulder first, into the ring post, before tossing him out of the ring, just as Tomko rolls a battered Punk into the ring. Pac then tags out to the big man, as Tomko sizes Punk up, whilst X-Pac puts the boots to Greg on the outside, and the Problem Solver BOOTS Punk, putting him down for the 1...2...3!!!
Winners: X-Pac & Tyson Tomko @ 05:39

And with that, Vengeance’s triple threat tag team title match becomes a Fatal Four Way affair!! A shock win for the recent addition to the tag team division jumps them up the pegging order, and right into the mix for the titles.

Jim Ross: I’m in shock Coach. As much as X-Pac and Tomko collectively bring to the table, I didn’t expect this!!

The Coach: I bet you didn’t!! As far as you’re concerned, Straight Edge are untouchable!! Newsflash baby boy, THEY AINT!! Punk and Helms took their eye off the ball to chase their dreams in the King of the Ring tournament, and they’re gonna pay royally at Vengeance!! I don’t like the champs chances in that four way!!

Jim Ross: Perhaps Coach, you might actually have a point. Has the King of the Ring tournament removed Punk and Helms focus from the tag team titles?? Both men are in the second round of the tournament - both only one win away from Saturday Nights Main Event - and maybe, right now … both men are thinking of breaking out alone …

The Coach: And what a sad day that’ll be, J.R. For you anyway … personally, I cant wait. Vengeance cant come soon enough.

Jim Ross: Well, we can speculate all night long, but Coach, the fact of the matter is that Punk and Helms will be defending the World Tag Team Titles against THREE teams at Vengeance in two weeks; three teams that have NEVER held tag team gold; three teams HUNGRY for success … but just how hungry are the champions to keep the titles??

Commercial Break


Pitch black, until the voiceover begins…

‘Some have been wronged’

Slow silent shot of Kurt Angle, roaring in anger.

‘Some have been doubted’

Silent shot of Mister Kennedy, victorious in the Beat the Clock challenge.

‘Some have crossed the line’

Silent shot of a sobbing Mickie James.

‘Yet some have yet to scratch the surface’

Silent shot of Umaga standing over Shawn Michaels.

… Still silence … then a sudden rush of crowd noise …

‘But on this night, NO act goes unpunished…’

Shawn Michaels firing up, gritting his teeth.

‘The wrongs can be righted … the doubters can be silenced’

John Cena and Kurt Angle exchanging blows … Mister Kennedy and Christian locking eyes at the close of Raw on Monday.

‘Lines can be crossed … and the boundaries can be forgotten’

Flashing shots of high flying risks from Shelton Benjamin, Rey Mysterio, Matt Hardy & Straight Edge.

‘For on this night … VENGEANCE … will be served’

Vengeance logo flashes across the screen.


We return with a still clip of Matt Striker, with the caption ‘DURING THE COMMERCIAL BREAK’ … The image moves, with Matt Striker jogging through the hallway…

Matt Striker: CHRISTIAN!? Hey, Champ!!

Striker catches up with Christian, who stops for Raws latest interviewer.

Matt Striker: Christian, if I could just have a moment of your time-

Christian cuts him off with a nod.

Matt Striker: Thank you. Christian, just a little earlier, we witnessed you completely lose control of your temper, and assault the number one contender, Mister Kennedy-

Christian: Hey. Lose my temper??

The champion shakes his head.

Christian: I haven’t “lost control”. In all honesty, the only thing I lost, was my focus, but I’ve only got myself to blame for that. As much as I hate to admit it, Kennedy was right. I was in the comfort zone. But after what went down the last two weeks on Raw, I took a good long look in the mirror … and trust me, my focus?? It’s back now. What you saw earlier Matt … was me giving Ken Kennedy exactly what he wanted. Kennedy wanted recognition, and frankly … he should’ve got it the moment he became the number one contender.

Christian then turns to the camera, to send a message to Kennedy.

Christian: So Kennedy … I’d like to say thanks for the wake up call. But listen up … I got a word of warning for ya, an old saying you’ve probably heard before … “Be careful what you wish for”. Kennedy, you wanted to be taken seriously?? Consider it done. … Now?? NOW, you’ve got my FULL … UNDIVIDED … ATTENTION!!

The champion fixes the belt over his shoulder, staring into the camera for a moment, before we fade out…

Back to ringside…


Harry Smith enters to a moderate reaction, joined by Katie Lea.

Jim Ross: Tonight, Raws side of the King of the Ring draw will truly take shape. The first round of matches ends tonight, and this man will partake in the first of the two final first round matches. Harry Smith has found a common ally in Paul Burchill in recent months, and along with Katie Lea, he has found the confidence he was sorely lacking in the early days of his WWE career.

The Coach: Oh yeah; Katie Lea has given Harry Smith A LOT of confidence.

Jim Ross: Could this be a breakout moment for the son of the late, great, Davey Boy Smith?? He has an almighty opportunity here to create a storm, and defeat the Intercontinental Champion.

The Coach: Wont happen.


Joined by the mouthpiece of The Brotherhood, Theodore Long, Shelton Benjamin enters, looking focused and confident.

Jim Ross: In less than two weeks at Vengeance, The Black Diamond will defend the gold around his waist against Matt Hardy, but tonight, Shelton Benjamin has his hands full with Harry Smith. Theodore Long has unlimited confidence in his diamond; but can Shelton Benjamin progress to the Sweet Sixteen in the King of the Ring?? Find out, when we come back!!

Commercial Break

Shelton Benjamin w/ Theodore Long vs. Harry Smith w/ Katie Lea
It’s a short contest, with Smith giving a spirited performance, putting Benjamin to the test, especially in the early going, surprising Benjamin with a couple of close near falls, giving Theodore Long a few nail biting moments. But it’s clear from the outset that the second generation superstar is out of his depth still at this level of singles competition, and Benjamin is able to overcome the Brit.

Despite a few glimpses of heart from Smith, kicking out of pin attempts from the Intercontinental Champion, it’s simply a matter of time before Benjamin keeps him down. And in the end, Shelton finishes off the youngster with Paydirt, getting the elementary 1...2...3!!
Winner: Shelton Benjamin @ 04:24

The Intercontinental Champion eases into the ‘Sweet Sixteen’, and will meet the winner of the next match between Mysterio & Marella. Theodore Long looks delighted at the result, and jigs in excitement up the ramp, whilst Katie Lea consoles the defeated Harry Smith.

Jim Ross: Well, Harry Smith came up short tonight, but both he and Katie Lea will surely be hoping Paul Burchill can fare better when he faces Umaga in the first second round match a little later on. For Shelton Benjamin though, it’ll be Rey Mysterio or Santino Marella next in the King of the Ring tournament.

The Coach: It doesn’t matter who it is!! Shelton Benjamin is gonna overcome anyone on Raw, and then whoever’s left on Smackdown!! King Benjamin - 2007!!

Jim Ross: That may well be the case … but regardless, Rey Mysterio and Santino Marella will battle for the right to face - or as you might say, Coach, lose to - Shelton Benjamin in the next round. That’s coming up next, but before that; over the past month, Rey Mysterios life has been made a misery by one man, one vengeful man, and the man he now faces at Vengeance, Rhyno. Lets take a look at WHY Rhyno has targeted Mysterio…


- Four weeks ago; Rey Mysterio vs. Santino Marella in a Tables Match on Raw Roulette, with Rey looking like winning easily and sending Marella out of the WWE … until Rhyno returns … and GORES Mysterio through a table.

- Two weeks ago; Rey Mysterio is found - out cold - backstage, with no known identity of his assailant.

- Last week; Rhyno ends the confusion, freely admitting it was him that attacked Rey Mysterio, and explains that he did it because when he got injured, Mysterio - supposedly his friend - didn’t show any sign of concern for his stricken partner, and even during his recovery, Rhyno never heard from Rey. Chillingly, Rhyno then states that Mysterios health is now the last thing on his mind.

Backstage now, we see Rey Mysterio make his way backstage, with his match next…

Jim Ross: Due to the attack two weeks ago at the hands of Rhyno, Mysterio was unable to appear on Raw last Monday, but tonight - in fact - NEXT, Rey Mysterio will begin his quest to become the 2007 King of the Ring, and in the process, make up for his embarrassing loss to Santino Marella last month. Join us, when we return!!!

Commercial Break

And back, with Santino Marella (flanked by Leyla and Layla) in the ring, waiting for his opponent…

**BOOYAKA 619**

The fans come off their feet for Rey Mysterio, with the masked luchador making his way quickly to the ring, but still takes time to slap hands with excited fans (the kids).

Jim Ross: Rey Mysterio wont need to look over his shoulder tonight; by order of the Raw General Manager, Rhyno cannot interfere in Rey Mysterios matches, and vice versa, meaning Rey Mysterio cannot interfere in Rhynos match tonight, when the Man Beast takes on John Cena.

The Coach: Just the way it should be, J.R. I wouldn’t want to see Mysterio sneak attack Rhyno before Vengeance. And did we ever find out where this coward was hiding last week??

Jim Ross: He was told to stay at home on medical grounds, Coach. Due to an attack from Rhyno the week before. An assault.

The Coach: A lesson in friendship, J.R. Rey has learned that if you’re not a good friend, you’d better be prepared to pay the price.

Jim Ross: That explains why you have no friends then Coach.

Rey Mysterio vs. Santino Marella
With his previous ‘victory’ over Mysterio still fresh in his mind, Marella looks ever so confident coming into this one … but shouldn’t be, as Mysterio - looking more intense than usual, coming off recent attacks from Rhyno - blows the Italian out of the water, finishing him off in near record time, toying with Santino seemingly, before the 619/West Coast Pop combo finish, giving Rey a comprehensive 1...2...3!!
Winner: Rey Mysterio @ 01:39

The Littlest Big Man progresses to meet a stiffer test in the next round of the tournament; the man who took the Intercontinental title from him in April, Shelton Benjamin. For Marella, it’s back to the drawing board … back to the bottom of the pile on Monday Nights …

Jim Ross: That result … does NOT surprise me. Coach; the first round - on Raw at least - is now complete. The King of the Ring has officially taken shape. The eight men remaining on Raw are now ONE win away from the culmination of the King of the Ring tournament at Saturday Nights Main Event. Let’s take a look at the draw…



Jim Ross: And Coach, you know what’s coming next. Prediction time. Who’s going to Memphis for the King of the Ring??

The Coach: I’m sick telling ya old timer, SHELTON BENJAMIN!!! The Black Diamond is goin ALL the way baby boy. You wanna know who’ll be joinin him for the ride?? Umaga, William Regal … and I guess it’d be fun to see Shelton beat Matt Hardy twice in the space of a week. Firstly at Vengeance when he retains the Intercontinental title, then in the Quarter Finals of the King of the Ring tournament.

Jim Ross: Well Coach … I’m gonna disagree with ya on one of those picks … your big tip, Shelton Benjamin.

The Coach: WHAT!?

Jim Ross: I think Rey Mysterio will progress to the elite eight at the expense of the Intercontinental Champion next week.

The Coach: Y’know you’re supposed to be impartial, right??

Jim Ross: I’m aware of that Coach … are you??

The Coach: Of course I am. I’m a professional remember.

Jim Ross: Interesting concept of professionalism you got there, Coach. In any event, the first of those second round contests is TONIGHT. It’s unbeaten run versus unbeaten run, as Umaga; two weeks away from a LAST MAN STANDING MATCH against Shawn Michaels, meets Paul Burchill; two weeks away from challenging for the World Tag Team titles. That happens tonight, but next week, the remaining three matches will take place, and the Raw half of the Quarter Finals will take shape.

The Coach: I cant wait for that one later, old timer. Umaga and Burchill. Gonna be off the charts.

Jim Ross: Indeed, Coach, that is something we CAN agree on. Still to come tonight, John Cena meets Rhyno, AND, the World Heavyweight Champion; refocused and gunning for Mister Kennedy, is in action, teaming with Matt Hardy against The Brotherhood. But coming up in just a moment, we will link up live via satellite with the Womens Champion, Al- apologies, Mickie James.

The Coach: How can that woman show her face!!

Jim Ross: You’ve complained for weeks that she’s been AWOL, Coach…

The Coach: Yeah … and she’s still hiding.

Jim Ross: So what do you want her to do?? Show her face, or stay away??

The Coach: Uhh… I want Beth Phoenix to smash her annoying face into the ground - THAT’S what I want. Right before Melina takes back the womens title, and brings some class back to that championship.

J.R shakes his head in annoyance.

Suddenly, the image switches backstage - somewhere - and the grainy, CCTV like footage of ‘The Reality Check’ accompanies it. We see CODY RHODES, chatting to a random backstage worker, until WILLIAM REGAL arrives on the scene, standing beside Cody, saying nothing, but making it clear he wants to talk.

Cody Rhodes: (To the worker) Uh, could you give us a moment??

Random Worker: Uhh, sure. I’ll catch up with you later.

The worker leaves, as Cody turns to Regal, shrugging his shoulders.

Cody Rhodes: May I help you??

William Regal: Help?? I don’t think so, my dear boy. But I have been looking all over for you, because I have been wanting to say something for the last week.

Cody Rhodes: Oh, I get it. You’re “disgusted” that I’ve shunned my own family. Is that it?? I’d expect that from the likes of you.

William Regal: I beg your pardon?? The likes of me??

Cody Rhodes: Yeah. Old school. Let me guess, you wanted to speak to me about how things were back in your day?? How you had respect for previous generations?? Look Willy, don’t waste your breath, and don’t waste my time. I’ve had this talk with my father, I’ve had all this nonsense drummed into me growing up. I’ve heard it all before, and honestly … I don’t need to hear it anymore. So, if you don’t mind-

Rhodes looks to brush past Regal, but the veteran stops him.

William Regal: Not so fast sunshine. I’ve worked with your brother for years, I’ve known your father for well over a decade. They’ve always been so proud of you growing up. And over the past few years when you decided to follow in their footsteps, you’ve made both of them incredibly proud. They have done so much to help your career, you wouldn’t even realise. They’ve helped to give you the breaks they had to work hard for, they pestered the McMahons to give you a chance in the WWE, and they succeeded. You barely had to break a sweat to get ahead in this business, and it‘s thanks to them. So to sit back and look at you throw all their goodwill back in their face?? It makes me bloody sick. I look at you, and I don’t see the humble, respectful young man that your father and brother described to me.

Cody Rhodes: Is that right??

William Regal: Yes. Yes, it is right, you little twerp. I don’t see what they described. Instead, I see a spoiled brat, that needs a good trip to the woodshed, and taught a bloody lesson in humility.

Cody Rhodes: Oh yeah?? And I guess you’ll be the guy to do it, huh??

William Regal: Ohh … I would take great pleasure sunshine. Great pleasure.

Cody Rhodes brushes past Regal, smirking back at the veteran.

Cody Rhodes: I’ll look forward to it.

Rhodes walks out from view, as Regal shakes his head at the attitude of the youngster.

Commercial Break

We return straight to a split screen; J.R at the commentary booth, and Mickie James, live, via satellite, from Virginia. Mickie looks far from glamorous; her hair is messily tied back, her eyes show heaviness from a lack of sleep, and the Womens champion appears to be wearing little - if any - make up.

Jim Ross: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw, and right now, we are joined by the Womens Champion. Mickie James, it’s been four weeks since you have been seen on Raw, and to say that things have changed in your life would be an understatement. There are so many questions that have to be asked, and I realise this is a difficult time for you, so firstly, I’d like to, on behalf of all our viewers around the world, thank you for coming out to address the speculation and accusations.

Mickie nods (albeit via time delay), as J.R continues.

Jim Ross: So, with that, I guess the first question that I have to ask, Mickie … are the accusations true?? Is what Beth Phoenix accused you of true??

Mickie pauses, taking time to compose herself, then nods, before speaking.

Mickie James: I’m so sorry. I- I have lied to all my fans, I’ve lied to all my co-workers. I’ve lived a lie for so long. J.R, it’s all true. Everything Beth said was true. Everything.

J.R nods, trying to deal with the situation kindly.

Jim Ross: Mickie, I admire the fact you have admitted to your past indiscretions, and I’m sure everyone would appreciate it, if you would talk us through your side of the story.

Mickie looks off to the side, biting her lip, trying not to show her emotions, before turning, looking to the camera, composing herself.

Mickie James: It’s been such a long time since anyone referred to me as Mickie, J.R. It’s brings back a lot of memories. Bad memories. I guess I should start from the beginning. My childhood … wasn’t a happy one. I never met my father. He left before I was even born. And my mother … she left too. She couldn’t cope as a single mother. So … I was raised by my Grandmother. But Gran?? She passed just before my tenth birthday.

Mickie pauses, wiping a tear from her eye.

Jim Ross: Take your time, Mickie.

Mickie James: Thank you. After Gran passed on … I was lost. An orphan. I was passed from care home, to care home. No one wanted me. I was too old for most adoptive parents to be interested. They wanted an infant, and I was nearing my teenage years. I was passed to places no one ever wants to be. I saw things no one ever wants to see. Things happened to me … things you wouldn’t want to imagine … things … …

The womens champion shakes her head, breaking down.

Jim Ross: Mickie, you don’t have to go into details. Would you like a moment to compose yourself??

Mickie James: It’s okay … I just want to say … what I done to Beth Phoenix mother … was, and still is unforgivable. I don’t want anyone thinking that my childhood is an excuse for the actions I committed, J.R. I just wanted to explain how I ended up … y’know … the way I did.

Jim Ross: I understand.

Mickie James: After … the incident … I got the help I needed. I got better. The doctors helped turn my life around, and I decided once I was ready to make it on my own in the real world again … that I wanted to start afresh. I wanted to forget my past. I wanted to forget Mickie. That’s why I changed my name. And I put that life behind me. I really was a different person. I had goals in life, and I started out wrestling, with big dreams, and somehow, thanks to hard work, I wound up being picked up by the WWE, with the opportunity to live out my life’s dream.

Jim Ross: Mickie, did the thought ever cross your mind to … apologise to the Phoenix family? Did you attempt to mend those broken bridges once you got your life in order??

James looks down. She shakes her head, and looks up at the camera with guilt.

Mickie James: I wanted to. I sooo wanted to, J.R … but I physically couldn’t. I couldn’t face the Phoenix family. How could I apologise for what I had done?? My doctors advised me not to. They thought it could lead to a relapse. So … I didn’t J.R. I didn’t. And I guess now … it’s too late to do so anyway.

Jim Ross: Well now, I’d like to ask, given the delicate information you’ve shared with us this evening … how are you … now?? It’s been four weeks since you last appeared on Raw, and in less than two weeks at Vengeance, you are set to defend your championship against Melina. Just what frame of mind are you in??

Mickie chuckles momentarily.

Mickie James: Wow. What frame of mind?? I wish I knew. My head is all over the place, J.R. I’ve been visited by psychiatrists, psychologists, and God knows who else. People trying to see how I’m coping. How I’m holding up. J.R, I had forgotten that part of my life … I had forgotten about being Mickie James. For four weeks now … all I’ve been thinking of are the bad times. My childhood … my adolescence. My life as Alexis Laree is now the one I cant remember. My good times … have vanished.

Jim Ross: Well now that you mention it … if you don’t mind me asking. I know I’ve referred to you as Mickie throughout this interview, but would you prefer to still be known as Alexis??

Mickie smiles, closing her eyes, then shaking her head in defeat.

Mickie James: What’s the point?? I’ve learned you can only hide your past for so long, J.R. No matter how much you try to push it away … it always comes back to haunt you in the end. My name … is Mickie James.

J.R pauses now, before continuing.

Jim Ross: I know this has been a difficult time for you, Mickie. I have just a few more questions, if you don’t mind??

Mickie nods.

Jim Ross: Perhaps the most important of all. When can we expect to see you again?? As I mentioned earlier, your career is on the line at Vengeance. Not only will you be stripped of the womens championship should you fail to show on June 17 … but Eric Bischoff has publicly announced you will be fired.

Mickie shakes her head.

Mickie James: Honestly, I don’t know. I mean … how can I ever come back?? How can I ever show my face in that locker room, after living a lie for so long?? I don’t … I don’t think I can.

Jim Ross: But Mickie, you turned your life around. You should be proud of what you’ve accomplished. You’ve shown how sorry you are, and you’ve explained what happened in your life to send you to that point. The fans, your peers … they all want to-

Mickie James: It doesn’t matter J.R. The truth of the matter is … I don’t deserve to live my dream. Not after the things I’ve done … the lies I’ve told. I deserve … to suffer. Mickie James … deserves to suffer.

Long pause.

Jim Ross: Uhm … just … one last question, Mickie. I’m sure somewhere in the back, Melina and Beth Phoenix are watching this. Do you have any words for either of them??

Mickie takes a moment to think, then nods.

Mickie James: Beth?? I simply cant put into words how sorry I am. I’m sorry that I halted your dream. I’m sorry that I ruined your Moms career. I can never make up for it. But now that you’re in the WWE, where you want to be … I sincerely hope you get to live your dream … like I- Like Alexis Laree got to.

Mickie puts her head down, taking a moment, before looking up, teary eyed.

Mickie James: Melina?? I hope-

The champion chokes back tears.

Mickie James: I hope you’re happy now.

Mickie waves the interview off, tears streaming down her face, getting up, taking the mic off, and running from the set, as we cut back to J.R and Coach at ringside.

Jim Ross: Uhh … thank you Mickie James.


Jim Ross: Shut up Coach. Now is not the time to crack jokes. That young woman just poured her SOUL to the entire world. Her life has been turned upside down, and THAT is your reaction??

The Coach: Hey, count yourself lucky I didn’t cut in on your interview, old timer. I paid that little tramp unnecessary respect right there!! She wont be coming back?? WHO CARES!!! Good riddance to bad news. Crown Melina the champion right now, and be done with it.


To little reaction (with the fans still reeling from the interview) Monty Brown & JTG, representing The Brotherhood, enter, - joined of course by Theodore Long - and make their way down the aisle.

The Coach: Two doses of The Brotherhood in one night!! How lucky are we!!!???

Jim Ross: Well … I guess the show goes on. But, folks, I apologise if I’m a little off on this one. That interview … well, I just cant move right on past it, I’m afraid. My heart goes out to Mick-

The Coach: WAAAA WAAAA WAAAAA!!! That’s all I’m hearing. Stop the crying, and get with the program!! Boys and girls, we’re goin to a commercial so J.R can dry his eyes!! Don’t go anywhere, because MY BOYS The Brotherhood are about to take apart the less talented Hardy, and the soon to be FORMER World Champion!!

Commercial Break

We return with Matt Hardy finishing up his intro, waiting on the aisle for his partner, wanting a piece of The Brotherhood…


AND CHRISTIAN RUNS DOWN THE AISLE!!! Last weeks humiliating beat down is obviously fresh in the mind of The Champion, and Christian is FIRED UP for revenge!!! Christian runs straight to the ring, sliding in, with Hardy joining him … AND IT’S ON!!!

Match 4:
The Brotherhood {Monty Brown & JTG} w/Theodore Long vs. Christian & Matt Hardy
Looking for retribution for last weeks humiliating beat down, Christian goes right on the attack, and with Matt Hardys recent Brotherhood related run ins, ‘The Talent’ is just as aggressive when he is brought into the fold. The rich experience of their tag team past helps Christian and Hardy, and the duo are like a well oiled machine, but Brown and JTG are not to be counted out either, and the promising (and possible future tag champions come Vengeance?) tandem come back into the contest, and single out Hardy, going to work on the man that challenges for the I.C title in less than two weeks on PPV, just as we go to a commercial.

Commercial Break


Hardy plays the face in peril role well, and after a few fight back attempts, Hardy puts up more resistance, with it looking likely he’ll make the much needed tag back out to Christian, fighting off JTG, and then catching Brown with a Side Effect to take him out of the equation … but as he reaches to tag … THEODORE LONG DISTRACTS THE REFEREE!!! Christian makes the tag and bounds into the ring, teeing off on JTG, and dumping Brown out of the ring, before picking JTG back up … AND HOOKS HIM UP FOR THE UNPRETTIER … BUT THE REFEREE STOPS HIM!!!!!

Christian looks confused, with the referee grabbing his arms to pull him away from his hapless opponent, but the penny drops, as he is ordered back to the corner!! In a state of fury, Matt takes his frustrations out on Long, taking the mouthpiece of the Brotherhood by surprise, and catching him with a baseball slide!!! Long tumbles into the barrier, crashing hard, but as Matt gets back to his feet, JTG blindsides him with a running axe handle, knocking him down!!

JTG scores a near fall off a running leg drop, then tags out to the powerhouse Brown, and the former NFL player roughs Matt up some more, sending him crashing hard into the corner, and opening up with rights and lefts, then sends him off to the opposite corner … AND LOOKS TO DRILL MATT WITH THE POUNCE … BUT HARDY AVOIDS IT!!! Monty crashes into the ropes … AND FALLS RIGHT INTO A TWIST OF FATE!!! As Hardy sets it up, Christian makes the tag, instantly hopping to the top rope … AND FLIES WITH THE FROG SPLASH ONTO THE DOWNED BROWN!!! He makes the cover, as Matt knocks JTG off the apron to stop him breaking the count, 1...2...3!!!
Winners: Christian & Matt Hardy @ 09:45

Christian gets back on track, and Matt Hardy continues to be a thorn in the side of The Brotherhood!! Christian and Hardy have their hands raised, and congratulate each other, before Matt lunges at JTG again, with the pest jumping onto the apron, but jumping off before Matt can get him. On the outside, Theodore Long is back up, and instructs his boys to fight another day, with Monty Brown being helped out by JTG.

Jim Ross: If there was any doubt, it’s gone now, because Christian IS back. That was a typical performance that we have come to expect of the World Heavyweight Champion, and right now, somewhere in the back, Mister Kennedy has GOT to be thinking; “What have I awoken??” And, once again, Matt Hardy proves his credentials to The Brotherhood. In thirteen days, Matt Hardy will look to rip away the prized asset of The Brotherhood - the Intercontinental Championship, and if you ask me Coach, Hardy has got your boy - Shelton Benjamins - number.

The Coach: He didn’t beat The Black Diamond, Jimbo. He didn’t beat Shelton tonight.

Jim Ross: Not tonight, but Matt Hardy HAS beaten Shelton Benjamin before-

The Coach: In that stupid ‘Beat the Clock’ challenge!!

Jim Ross: He has beaten Benjamin before, and in recent weeks, has shown he can deal with the outside influences of Theodore Long and the rest of his posse.

The Coach: Listen, old timer. Come Vengeance, with the Intercontinental title on the line, Matt Hardy will do what he does best, and Shelton Benjamin will do what he does better than anyone else. Matts gonna choke, Sheltons gonna win.

Jim Ross: We will find out, once and for all, in Oklahoma a week on Sunday, but still to come tonight; John Cena battles Rhyno in the main event, and coming up next, the King of the Ring tournament continues; with the FIRST second round match, and what a prospect this is gonna be. Umaga, eleven months UNDEFEATED, goes one on one with Burchill, who has been undefeated in the three and a half months he has been on Raw. One man will be leaving Denver having suffered a loss for the first time; but who will it be?? It’s next!!!

Commercial Break

Backstage, Kelly Kelly is standing by…

Kelly Kelly: Hi everyone, it’s Kelly, and right now, I’m with Kurt Angle. And Kurt, in less than two weeks, you will face John Cena in a match that has only ever been seen once before in WWE history; a thirty minute, Ultimate Submission match. Last week, you made the challenge, and John Cena had no hesitation in accepting-

Kurt Angle: Wait just a second, Kelly. John Cena didn’t even wait to hear the challenge. John Cena accepted the challenge before I even made it. But that’s what I’ve come to expect from Cena. Rash, stupid, boneheaded decisions. Only this time, he’s accepted a challenge that he may not fear … but it’s one he’ll live to regret. Because when I clamp on that ankle lock at Vengeance, John Cena is gonna do something he hasn’t done since he burst onto the scene … and that’s tap. And once he taps, it all comes crashing down.

Angle pauses, smiling at the thought.

Kurt Angle: Over the last three years, John Cena has built himself a fearsome reputation. Never gives up, never quits, with a never say die approach. And now, Cena truly believes he’s bullet proof. He’s headlined multiple WrestleManias, he’s beaten all the greats that have stood in his way, and he is even responsible for bringing the curtain down on a decade of Mister McMahon calling the shots week in, week out on Monday Night Raw by banishing the boss from television. There’s simply nothing Cena cant do. Except one.

Angle pauses again.

Kurt Angle: And that is beat me in an Ultimate Submission Match. By accepting that challenge, John Cena has single handedly shot himself in the foot. He cant go thirty minutes with me without tapping. And these people?? John Cenas fans … they don’t want heroes that quit. They don’t want heroes that TAP!!

Heat in the background.

Kurt Angle: When John Cena taps … once, twice, three times, heck, half a dozen times at Vengeance … that invincibility cloak he’s been wearing is gone, and his reign as hero to his ‘Chain Gang’ comes to a shuddering halt. Kids wont look up to him, their parents wont buy the merchandise … and the Cena era becomes a mere footnote in WWE history … all thanks to a true, legitimate, hero … me. (Shows off the Gold medal) Kurt … Angle.

More heat from the fans.

Kurt Angle: Then what Cena?? Then what?? I understand that you may not fear what’s coming at Vengeance … but trust me … you WILL regret ever accepting the Ultimate Submission Match. It’s true … (whispers) it’s true.

Angle looks into the camera, with an extreme close up of the grinning Olympian, as we fade out…

Back to ringside…


Joined as ever by Armando Estrada, Umaga enters the stage, to heat from the fans.

Jim Ross: In less than two weeks, that man, Umaga, meets his sternest test yet in the WWE, when he faces Shawn Michaels in a Last Man Standing match, but tonight, his focus is solely on moving onto the King of the Ring Quarter Final stage, at Saturday Nights Main Event on June 23. But, to do that, he must overcome another undefeated Raw superstar, in the form of Englands finest, Paul Burchill.

The Coach: I know he’s undefeated, but if Burchill can pull this one off, he’ll have to become a hot favourite - behind Shelton Benjamin of course.

Jim Ross: Of course.


Burchill enters - alone - not wanting to involve Katie Lea in this environment with the creepy Estrada at ringside, and the unpredictable Umaga in the ring.

Jim Ross: What an opportunity Coach, for Paul Burchill to make a huge statement on his ability. Can the King of Pain, from Chelsea England, go on and defeat Umaga?? We’ll find out … NEXT!!

Commercial Break

Umaga w/Armando Estrada vs. Burchill
The only two men on Raw that have never been pinned or made to submit collide; and it’s a battle of two bulls. Burchill shows no fear of the Samoan Bulldozer, whilst Umaga remains as savage as ever. The two men battle it out early on, fighting to the outside, trading blows, and both very nearly get counted out; but both make it inside just in time.

Umaga then takes the upper hand, overpowering the Brit, but fails to put him away, with the Bulldozer looking more and more agitated as time passes by, whilst Estrada tries to keep his meal ticket in check, not shutting up at ringside, constantly shouting to keep Umaga focused. The Bulldozer manhandles Burchill into the corner, lighting him up with ferocious shots, beating him to the canvas. This beat down sets up the inevitable RUNNING BUTT SPLASH … BUT BURCHILL HAS IT SCOUTED AND ROLLS TO SAFETY!!! Umaga crashes into the corner, and it gives Burchill a glimmer into the contest; with the King of Pain not needing a second invitation.

Burchill now begins to get his rhythm going, and has Umaga reeling; something rarely seen in the eleven months that Umaga has been on Raw. The Brit takes Umaga off his feet, sending him down with a sidewalk slam, but it’s only good enough for a two count - with Umaga POWERING out - and Burchill is forced to go back to the well to try and finish off the Bulldozer. Taking a risk, Burchill tries to lift Umaga, getting him on his shoulders, but only just … and the risk back fires, as Umaga slips off, and CLOBBERS Burchill with a short arm clothesline!!! The savage hoists himself onto the middle rope, and looks to fly with a splash … BUT BURCHILL GETS A FOOT UP TO BLOCK IT!!!

Umaga reels away, and Burchill attempts to take advantage, running off the ropes, charging at Mister MITB … BUT RUNS INTO A SAMOAN DROP!!! Umaga has the cover from it, 1...2...NO!!! Burchill shows tenacity, kicking out, but it may now only be delaying the inevitable. Estrada makes the call from the outside, telling Umaga to finish it, and Umaga attempts to do just that, setting up for the SAMOAN SPIKE … BUT BURCHILL FIGHTS BACK!!!

The Brit has the fans coming alive, as Umaga is put on the back foot once more, with the big shots from Burchill having effect on the savage, backing him into the ropes, and sending him off, knocking Umaga off his feet with a forearm smash!! Burchill is now fired up, and challenges Umaga to get up, with Umaga now STRUGGLING to find his feet, and the Brit rushes at him, BUT HE RUNS RIGHT INTO THE SAMOAN SPIKE!!! Burchill crumbles to the canvas, and it’s there for the taking for Umaga … but the Samoan Bulldozer wants to continue.

Not happy to just win, it seems Umaga wants to punish Burchill for testing him, and the undefeated savage drags the Brit to his feet, picking him up … and swings Burchill like a rag doll with the swinging power slam!! STILL not finished, Umaga hoists himself to the middle rope, and after not connecting earlier, he doesn’t fail twice, CRASHING onto Burchill with the SPLASH!!! Mr. Money in the Bank covers, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Umaga @ 06:30

Becoming the first man to book his spot at Saturday Nights Main Event King of the Ring culmination, Umaga remains undefeated. But tonight, the Samoan Bulldozer was put to the test, due to a fighting performance from Burchill. The King of Pain loses for the first time, but earns a ton of respect on commentary, as Umaga exit’s the ring. Mr. Money in the Bank makes his way up the aisle, with Armando Estrada giddily in tow.

Jim Ross: Umaga will be one of the elite eight, on June 23 in Memphis. Who - if anybody - will stop this monster from becoming the 2007 King of the Ring. I just cant see it happening, Coach.

The Coach: He’s never lost. He’s never looked like losing. But does the Samoan Bulldozer have enough in the tank to wrestle THREE matches in one night?? I know Shelton Benjamin does. But honestly, that’s the only thing I can see stopping this savage from leaving Memphis as King of the Ring.

Jim Ross: Indeed, cardio will be a huge factor for all eight finalists to consider. But for now, Umaga will be putting his focus onto June 17 in Oklahoma at Vengeance. The last man standing match with Shawn Michaels - undoubtedly - THE biggest test of this beasts undefeated WWE career.

The Coach: Umaga has toyed with HBK for months, like a cat with a mouse, but the gloves came off last week, and that was simply a taster for what’s to come at Vengeance. Trust me, on June 17, Umaga puts the final nail in the coffin of Shawn Michaels glorious career.

Jim Ross: I would certainly not rule that out. But I hope, I hope and pray Shawn Michaels career isn’t finished after Vengeance. But after what we saw last week - what we have seen over the last few months - it has to be a real possibility.

Umaga reaches the top of the aisle, and looks to walk through the curtain … BUT GETS SMASHED WITH A TRASH CAN!!! Umaga stumbles backward … AS SHAWN MICHAELS APPEARS!!! The fans go nuts as Shawn Michaels makes a surprise appearance, and HBK nails Estrada with the trash can too, to take him out of the equation.

Umaga then tumbles toward Michaels, but HBK cracks him again with the trashcan, forcing him backward, and Michaels strikes a third, fourth and fifth time with the trash can, as the Samoan Bulldozer continues to stumble back … and begins to get ever so close to the side of the stage … teetering. Michaels then chucks the trashcan at Umaga, with the savage squatting it away … BUT ITS SIMPLY A SET UP FOR SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!!


The Pepsi Centre is on it’s feet, as Umaga lies MOTIONLESS amongst the rubble, and Estrada tries to scrape himself off the stage, his own brain scrambled by HBK, whilst Michaels - sporting heavy stubble - peers over the stage at Umaga, before looking to the fans, and holding up his index finger …

Followed by another finger … and another, with the fans catching on, and now counting to each finger …




… TEN!!!!!


Michaels music kicks in, with HBK showing no signs of a smile, or a laugh, but keeps his face of stone, making his point without having to say a word.

Jim Ross:

The Coach: I DON’T BELIEVE IT!!! I saw it, J.R … but I don’t believe it!!


Umaga remains motionless on the floor, whilst a wobbly legged Armando Estrada tries to get down to tend to his savage, as we fade out to a commercial.

Commercial Break

We return to highlights from before the commercial, where Shawn Michaels made a surprise appearance, and stunned Umaga, delivering Sweet Chin Music to send Umaga off the stage, and through a set of tables.

J.R and Coach remain in shock themselves, before sending it back to Matt Striker backstage …

Matt Striker: Indeed, once again, it is I, Matt Striker, and now, I am joined by the woman scheduled to meet Mickie James at Vengeance, Melina, and of course, Beth Phoenix.

A smiling Melina enters the picture, whilst Beth scowls, looking far from pleased.

Matt Striker: Ladies, earlier tonight, we finally heard from Mickie James regarding her whereabouts and future. In an emotional interview, the womens champion poured her heart out to the world, and hinted on a possible retirement from the WWE. Your thoughts??

Melina chuckles into the mic.

Melina: I didn’t really expect anything less from her, Matt. After all the lies and deceit?? I don’t think there’s a single person that bought those crocodile tears earlier tonight. She didn’t cry because she was sorry Matt … Mickie only cried because she got caught!! For what it’s worth though, I believe she done the right thing. I me-

Beth Phoenix: Wait a second.

Beth puts her hand over the mic, and eyeballs Melina.

Beth Phoenix: You think she done the right thing by running?? You get what you wanted, sure. But what about me?? I’ve been itching to get my hands on her for FIVE long hard years Mel. You might be happy to have run Mickie James out of the WWE … but that’s not nearly enough suffering as far as I’m concerned.

Beth turns from Melina, and looks to the camera.

Beth Phoenix: I hope you’re still watching at home, Mickie. I don’t care how sorry you are. I don’t care if you had a rough childhood. NOTHING excuses what you have done … NO amount of tears can buy you forgiveness. You might think running and hiding is the answer to your problems … but I promise you Mickie … it doesn’t end. You can quit the WWE … but it wont stop me from coming for you.

Phoenix looks set to boil over.

Beth Phoenix: I will hunt you down … and I WILL find you … and if you seriously think your life is a living hell right now?? You’re in for a big surprise.

Beth slams the mic down, and storms off, as Melina looks to Striker, looking worried, before hurrying off to calm her ‘friend’.

Back to ringside…

Jim Ross: This has been an extraordinary night. Thinking back right to the top of the show, where Christian finally got his hands on Mister Kennedy, to that heart wrenching interview with Mickie James, and just a few moments ago, a surprising appearance from Shawn Michaels - who was not supposed to be here tonight - and shockingly, The Showstopper sent Umaga off the STAGE and kept the seemingly indestructible Samoan Bulldozer down for a count of ten. And STILL we have our main event to come.

The Coach: Been one hell of a night baby boy, but I still cant believe you condoned that unprovoked attack by Christian at the beginning of -

**I’M BACK**

Coach is cut off by the music of the General Manager, with Eric Bischoff quickly stepping onto the stage, and signifying the music to cut.

Eric Bischoff: In less than two weeks, I, Eric Bischoff will present THE biggest Raw brand Pay Per View in the entire history of the brand extension era. WWE Vengeance comes to you on June 17 from Oklahoma, and will be headlined by not just ONE … OR TWO … BUT THREE MAIN EVENT MATCHES!!!


Eric Bischoff: And next week on Raw, I intend to set us off to Vengeance with a blockbuster show. Firstly, there’s the little matter of THREE second round matches in the King of the Ring tournament. BUT - not only that, I have come up with a main event that WILL blow … your … minds.

Bischoff smirks at his own boast.

Eric Bischoff: Y’see, as I previously mentioned, Vengeance will host a “Triple Main Event”, and in celebration of that fact, next weeks Raw main event will see ALL SIX MEN involved in those matches in action. Now … I know what you’re thinking at this point. I know you’re expecting me to announce a run of the mill six man tag match. But if there is one thing about Eric Bischoff everyone should realise … it’s to expect the unexpected.

Bischoff smirks again at his own self promotion.

Eric Bischoff: And next week … Raw sees it’s Vengeance Triple Main Event in action … in a Triple Threat Tag Team Match.

Small bit of reaction.

Eric Bischoff: And no. It wont be a simple case of me stirring the pot and forcing Vengeance opponents to team up. Oh no. No, instead, I’m mixing it up. The first tandem will see the ‘experience’ of our six main eventers team up. That being Kurt Angle … (Heat) … and SHAWN MICHAELS!!!

Pop for HBK.

Eric Bischoff: The second team will see the ‘new blood’ in the main event scene, the future of Raw … that of course, is Mister Money in the Bank, Umaga … (Heat) … AND, the Number One Contender, MISTERRRRR KENNEDYYYY!!!

Heat for Kennedy.

Eric Bischoff: Which means, if you’re following closely … that leaves two. The third team in next weeks triple threat tag match will see THE two current - and I repeat - CURRENT biggest names in this industry … JOHN CENA … (Mixed reaction - mainly cheers) … AND THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, CHRISTIAN!!!

Big pop for the champion.

Eric Bischoff: THAT is what you call a main event. THAT is the work of Eric Bischoff. And you’re all welcome.

Bischoff smiles, as his music plays into the arena again, with the GM pointing to the fans, before leaving.

Jim Ross: Say what you want about his attitude and personality … but Eric Bischoff continually delivers.

The Coach: Yeah. I have questioned Bischoff since he came back … but in terms of concepts and ideas … he’s hitting home runs, week in, week out. Big props to the GM. You got the Coaches approval.

Jim Ross: I’m sure he’s delighted to hear that Coach. A monstrous main event next week. A potential slobber knocker. Think of the egos, think of the hostility - and that’s just next weeks teams. What about the hatred, the simmering bad blood between the competitors that will collide at Vengeance??

The Coach: Powder keg, baby boy. I say we hide under the table during that main event next week. Angle and Cena in the same ring?? Kennedy and Christian?? Umaga and HBK?? And like you said; what about the history between the actual teams!! Angle and Michaels had a series of incredible matches over the last eighteen months … heck, Cena and Christian JUST HEADLINED WrestleMania!!!

Jim Ross: An explosive situation for sure Coach, and I- (suddenly stops, and talks into the headset) huh?? Right now?? Uh… folks, we’re hearing that there is some sort of incident backstage … can we??

The picture shifts … and backstage, MISTER KENNEDY AND CHRISTIAN ARE BRAWLING!!! Kennedy charges Christian into a chain fence, with Christian pounding the back of Kennedy, fighting back, with the two tackling one another to the floor, swinging wild blows, as officials arrive on the scene to break things up.

Val Venis, William Regal, Mike Knox, Stevie Richards, Scotty Too Hotty, X-Pac and Tyson Tomko all arrive on the scene too, as Kennedy and Christian fight to their feet, being pulled apart and kept apart, but still wildly swing. The two trash talk as they are led away in opposite directions, with Kennedy heard shouting “YOU THINK YOU CAN JUST GET AWAY WITH THAT, HUH?? YOU STILL UNDERESTIMATE ME CHAMP!!” And Christian shouts over him; “YOU AND ME, FACE TO FACE. I‘M READY FOR IT!! YOU WANT ME, I‘M RIGHT HERE!!”

The two are led off, as the show suddenly cuts to a commercial, amidst chaos.

Commercial Break


Clip of Bret Hart rolling up Bam Bam Bigelow to win the King of the Ring tournament in 1993.


Narrator: It has given the platform for champions to establish themselves.

Clip of Owen Hart being crowned King of the Ring in 1994, as we hear him yell over it.


Narrator: It has immortalized greats forever.

Clip of Stone Cold Steve Austin winning the 1996 King of the Ring tournament, with the sound bite over it.


Narrator: It ushered in the birth of a new attitude.

Clip of Triple H having his hand raised in 1997.


Narrator: Stars have been born.

Clip of Kurt Angle dropping to his knees in victory in 2000.


Narrator: Legends have been made.

Clip of Brock Lesnar having his hand raised in 2002, as we hear Paul Heymans voice over the top.


Narrator: Careers have skyrocketed.

Clips of Mister Kennedy with the crown last year, and Edge with his trophy in 2001

Narrator: The King of the Ring tournament has provided some of the most memorable moments in sports entertainment history, and on Saturday, June 23, 2007 … the King of the Ring lends itself to another staple in the illustrious history of the WWE … Saturday Nights Main Event.

Clips of current superstars, Shelton Benjamin, MVP, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Straight Edge, Brian Kendrick, Paul London, MNM, Carlito and Brent Albright.

Narrator: The year, the King of the Ring tournament climaxes on NBC, with quarter finals, semi finals and the grand final, on the most special edition of Saturday Nights Main Event in history!!!

Quick clips again of the prominent former winners.

Narrator: Which superstar will use the King of the Ring tournament to follow these legends, icons and immortals into the pantheon of greatness??


We return, back at ringside with Jim Ross and The Coach…

Jim Ross: Just before we went to a commercial break there, you may have witnessed a scuffle backstage between Mister Kennedy and Christian. Indeed, our sources tell us that Mister Kennedy attacked Christian in the hallway, just as the World Champion was preparing to leave the arena. Apparently, Kennedy had been prowling around the area from earlier in the night, and seemingly wanted revenge for the incident earlier this evening.

The Coach: Good for Kennedy!! Christian just thought he could bully Kennedy into the shadows, well he just realised that one sneak attack doesn’t scare off Mister Kennedy - the NEXT - World Champion.

The Killers ‘Move Away’ plays over the PA now, as the graphics for Vengeance appear on the screen.

Jim Ross: Well, we will find out in thirteen days if Mister Kennedy can wrestle the World Heavyweight title from Christian at Vengeance. The two men meet for the richest prize in the game, and Coach, I cannot wait to see if Kennedy can truly compete at the highest level.

The Coach: He’s got the intelligence, he’s got the talent, he’s got the look, he talks the talk, he walks the walk … and Mister Kennedy is walking out of Oklahoma with the World Heavyweight Title!!

Jim Ross: Compared to the tag team champions, Christian might have it easy next Sunday; because Straight Edge will have to deal with THREE challengers in a Fatal Four Way for the World Tag Team Championships!!

The Coach: The Brotherhood could finally land double gold at Vengeance, but The British Lions will be looking to bounce back from their eliminations in the King of the Ring tournament. But the wild cards in this one are the fresh tandem of X-Pac and Tyson Tomko. A blend of experience and power, a hard formula to beat if you ask me old timer.

Jim Ross: For Rhyno and Rey Mysterio, it’s not about titles, it’s about revenge and redemption. Rhyno harbours a grudge for what he believes was Mysterio abandoning him when he got injured in November, but Mysterio will be out for revenge himself after Rhyno TWICE assaulted him in recent weeks.

The Coach: Pray for Rey!! The Man Beast has bad intentions, J.R!! That one could get ugly … and I don’t mean if Mysterios mask comes off!!

Jim Ross: Last week, the outlook didn’t look good for the legendary Shawn Michaels … but after tonight, The Heart Break Kid has proven he CAN be the Last Man Standing in two weeks. Is Shawn Michaels the man to end Umagas undefeated streak dating back almost an entire year??

The Coach: Michaels has done a lot of things … but he’s never beat a guy like Umaga … and while he was impressive tonight, I just don’t see lightning strike twice at Vengeance. I see bad things coming for HBK at Vengeance.

Jim Ross: Bad things could be on the horizon for Shawn Michaels, but could bad things also be on the horizon for the Intercontinental Champion?? Matt Hardy challenges Shelton Benjamin, and right now, there might not be a man on a hotter run on Raw than Hardy!!

The Coach: Nuh-uh. Not gonna happen. The Black Diamond is the champion, and TRUST ME, it’s gonna stay that way for the foreseeable future. Retention at Vengeance, then he’ll be crowned King of the Ring six days later - mark my words baby boy.

Jim Ross: Could there be a more emotional match at Vengeance, than the one for the Womens title?? Will Mickie James find the strength to not only return, but conquer her demons, and retain the title she worked SO HARD to win, against the devilish Melina??

The Coach: Forget this one, J.R. Mickie James is DONE. Melina is the Womens champion, and Beth Phoenix is gonna hurt a lot of people to get Mickie James, wherever that psycho is hiding out.

Jim Ross: And of course, the third of that triple main event set; THIRTY minutes, Ultimate Submission Match … Kurt Angle, John Cena. A true “blood feud” that comes to a head on June 17.

The Coach: Angle said it himself, Cena thinks he’s bullet proof. We’ll see how bullet proof the fans hero is when he’s trapped in all kinds of submissions with his body bent in all kinds of shapes. John Cena will be embarrassed at Vengeance if you ask me.


Rhyno charges onto the stage, nostrils flared, looking psyched, and ready to go.

The Coach: Cena might not even make it that far!!! Look at the fire in Rhynos eyes!!!

Jim Ross: It’s a massive test for John Cena tonight. Our main event is coming up … NEXT!!!

Commercial Break

We return, with KURT ANGLE joining J.R and Coach at ringside, putting on his headset, and sitting down.

Jim Ross: Welcome back to Raw, folks, and indeed, as you can see, we are being joined by Kurt Angle, who I assume is here to take a closer look at the man he faces at Vengeance; John Cena.

Kurt Angle: That I am, J.R. That I am.

The Coach: Great to have you here, Kurt.

Kurt Angle: Thanks.


To a big response, a pumped up John Cena enters, saluting the fans, but quickly makes his way down the aisle, with no time to waste.


Main Event:
John Cena vs. Rhyno
*With Kurt Angle on commentary*
Rhyno charges at Cena, and the match kicks off, with both men swinging wildly, looking to take the upper hand. The two brawlers trade blows, with Cena winning the exchange, sending The Man Beast off the ropes, but Rhyno rebounds back, knocking Cena off his feet with a thunderous clothesline. Rhyno takes over, showing off his tenacity, aggressively taking Cena apart (much to the delight of Angle), but fails to score a decisive three count with Cena continuously showing the grit and determination that’s helped him succeed over the years, and Cena looks to turn the corner, sidestepping Rhyno forcing him to the outside.

Cena then follows out, and attempts to spark his comeback, slamming the head of Rhyno off the steel steps, before hurling the Man Beast across the announce table - directly onto Angle!! Cena drags Rhyno back up, and sends his opponent into the ring post, with Rhyno grimacing, dropping to his knees upon impact. Cena looks to capitalise, but as he lurches forward - ANGLE GRABS HIS LEG - causing a distraction. Cena turns around, and kicks Angle off, yelling at the Olympian that ‘YOU’LL GET YOURS AT VENGEANCE’, and turns around … GETTING BLINDSIDED BY RHYNO!!!

Rhyno rolls in and out of the ring to break the count, and gets back on Cena, putting the boots to him, before Charles Robinson steps in, stopping the Man Beast, and ordering the action back inside the ring. Rhyno backs up, protesting his innocence … and we see behind the referees back, Angle is allowed to go on the offence on Cena himself!! Angle hammers Cena, bad mouthing his rival, before getting up, and moving off, protesting innocence himself, as Rhyno looks to pick up the scraps, rolling Cena back into the ring.

The Man Beast scores another near fall off a power slam, then attempts to tire Cena out further, and clamps on a body scissors, but once again, Cena battles, and fires up, digging deep, and eventually unclamps the tree like legs of the last ever ECW Champion, and the comeback is on!! Cena fights to his feet, beating Rhyno to the punch, and charges off the ropes … having to duck under a wild swing from Rhyno, before bouncing off the opposite side … AND CLATTERS RHYNO WITH A FLYING SHOULDER!!!

Cena is on the offence now, and runs through the remainder of his repertoire, including the Five Knuckle Shuffle, to it’s mixed - as ever - reaction. It all sets up the seemingly inevitable finish, with Cena stalking his opponent, and hoists him up for the FU … BUT RHYNO LANDS ON HIS FEET - AND RUNS THROUGH CENA WITH A CLOTHESLINE!!! Suddenly the match has turned … and it’s now Rhyno looking to finish … SETTING CENA UP FOR THE GORE … AND CHARGES … BUT CENA TRIPS RHYNO … SCRAMBLES … STFU!!!

The STFU is applied, with Rhyno in all kinds of trouble, caught in the middle of the ring … with no option but to tap out it seems … UNTIL KURT ANGLE SMACKS CENA ACROSS THE BACK WITH A STEEL CHAIR!!! Instantly, Charles Robinson HAS to call for the bell, signifying the disqualification.
Winner: Via DQ - John Cena @ 07:09

The submission is obviously relinquished, as Angle stands over Cena - chair in hand - and strikes again, across the back, before going Olympic on his foe - ala Steve Austin on The Rock at WM X7 - wearing Cena out with the chair … until Rhyno(?) stops him??? Rhyno takes the chair from Angle, slamming it to the canvas, with Kurt taking a puzzled look at the Man Beast … until Rhyno signifies to Angle to get Cena up … FOR THE GORE!!

Angle smirks, and nods, telling Rhyno to get back to the corner, before hauling Cena up, setting him in the corner, looking to time things just right, with Rhyno getting fired up, desperate to strike … AND GOES FOR IT … BUT BEFORE HE CAN … HE IS TRIPPED FROM THE BOTTOM ROPE …


Mysterio comes to the aide of Cena, saving him from THE GORE~!, and slides into the ring, ducking under an irate Kurt Angle, bouncing off the ropes, and drops Angle to his knees with a basement dropkick to the Olympian!! Mysterio is straight back up, and delivers a front dropkick to Rhyno … SENDING THE MAN BEAST INTO THE ROPES!!! The fans know what to expect, and Rey doesn’t disappoint … LOOKING TO DELIVER THE 619...


Angle strikes back, as Rhyno shakes the cobwebs loose, and the pair share eye contact, nodding to each other, as Rhyno drags Rey up, and Angle moves toward Cena … AND CENA LAUNCHES AT ANGLE!!! Rhyno is distracted by the resurgence of Cena, which allows Rey a chance to recover … and the Master of the 619 kicks the legs of Rhyno, taking him to his knees, before Rey takes a run off the ropes, dropkicking Rhyno in the face, with the Man Beast rolling right out of the ring after impact.

Cena meanwhile, hammers Angle, as Rey surveys the scene … AND SENTONS OVER THE TOP ROPE … CRASHING ONTO RHYNO!!! Rey and Rhyno both stay down on the outside, whilst in the ring, Cena is back up, dragging Angle with him … UNTIL ANGLE BURSTS TO LIFE … AND LOOKS TO SURPRISE CENA WITH AN ANGLE SLAM … BUT CENA LANDS ON HIS FEET … ANGLE SPINS AROUND … RIGHT INTO AN FU!!!

The fans pop for the FU, as Cena stands over Angle momentarily … THEN DECIDES TO GO FOR THE STFU!!! Cena clamps the submission hold on, pulling back, with Angle in all kinds of pain, but refuses to tap to Cena!!! On the outside, we now see Rey holding a steel chair, with Rhyno high tailing, not wanting a part of a chair wielding Mysterio, looking to fight another day … but Mysterio leaves in pursuit of the Man Beast anyway, disappearing into the crowd, looking for Rhyno.

Back in the ring, Cena continues to torque back on Angle, looking to deliver a message … and after much stubbornness from Angle … the Olympian yields, and TAPS TO CENA!!!


Cena continues to lean back, putting more and more pressure on the neck and back of his enemy, who begins to fade … and the tapping becomes less rapid … less regular … and eventually … stops completely.

The cheers from the fans die down now, as Cena continues to apply his vice like grip of the STFU, with Angle clearly out cold … and Cena eventually - FINALLY - releases the hold, having made his point. Cena gets to his feet, and looks around the arena - an arena that has fell rather silent - before his music kicks in, and a stunned J.R begins to sign off.

Jim Ross: Well I- … John Cena saw red tonight, folks. John Cena made his point tonight. In fact, I’d dare say … John Cena went too far.

The Coach: Ya think?? That right there proved why Kurt Angle wears Gold Medals around his neck, and John Cena wears steel chains. Angle was right about this thug all along.

Jim Ross: I don’t know about that Coach. This was completely out of character for Cena tonight. He has been goaded and pushed and ridiculed on his ability by Angle for weeks … and tonight, he had enough. Cena snapped.

The Coach: He should be fined and suspended!!

Cena leaves the ring, with Angle still spread out - face first - on the mat, out cold.

Jim Ross: Ladies and Gentlemen, if you had any doubts on the intense hatred between these polar opposites, the bitter hatred between John Cena and Kurt Angle … after tonight, you surely couldn’t have any doubts now. The bad blood between Cena and Angle runs damn deep … and it comes to a head at Vengeance in thirteen days time. John Cena has gotten the upper hand tonight … but there could be hell to pay next week on Raw!!

The show ends with the image of Kurt Angle unconscious … as we fade to black.



Current Card for WWE Vengeance:
Date: 17th June 2007
Location: Ford Centre, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Event Music: The Killers, Move Away

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Christian vs. Mister Kennedy

30 Minute Ultimate Submission Match:
John Cena vs. Kurt Angle

Last Man Standing Match:
Shawn Michaels vs. Umaga w/Armando Estrada

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match:
Shelton Benjamin w/Theodore Long vs. Matt Hardy

World Tag Team Championships | Fatal Four Way Match:
Straight Edge vs. The British Lions vs. The Brotherhood vs. X-Pac & Tyson Tomko

WWE Womens Championship Match:
Mickie James vs. Melina w/Beth Phoenix

One on One:
Rhyno vs. Rey Mysterio


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Re: Being The Booker

Solid opening from Kennedy, a man who we all know I'm not a fan of, delivering on the stick and Christian coming out and sparking a brawl was a bit out of no where, and the champ standing tall looks good to me, Christian over Kennedy plz

Marks for X-Pac being used decently. No marks for his partner being Tomko. Another addition to the tag titles match makes it more entertaining for sure, but I can't see Straight Edge losing their straps to any of these teams tbh

Christian's not the same fun loving guy he's been in this thread down the years, but he's making himself look a credible champ due to that

Easiest decision you'd have to make in regards to Benji > Smith. Benji rules despite a lack of charisma

Rhyno still being used well = ratings. You make me so happy . Rhyno vs Rey will be a sweet match too

I take back what I said about Benji > Smith earlier, Rey > Marella was definitely the easiest thing you'd have to do

Fuck Cody Rhodes. I hope Regal does take him to the woodshed. Regal owns

That was some exposure for the Women's feud, strong promo from MAC'S FAVOURITE WRESTLER here, nice depth to it aswell. Very emotional stuff and probably the most interest you've given the Women's divison for a while

@ Coach "And the Oscar goes to". Brilliant

Was expecting Matt Hardy to take the fall after you didn't even give him an entrance, but was pleasantly surprised he didn't and he and Christian won. Monty Brown could do better than a tag team imo, singles push plz

Kurt Angle with a good promo, surely he's gonna beat Cena in a Submission match. Surely you're not that crazy you'd have Cena beat him?

Thank god Umaga beat Burchill. HOLY SHIT @ HBK. Umaga maybe dead? That was nuts, wasn't expecting it, but there's one way to put him down for ten seconds. Maybe ten years. Massive spot for the RAW show and HBK shows he ain't going down easily

Beth is reminding me of psycho Victoria back in the day. Scary stuff

Strong main event from the Bisch for next week, interesting teams aswell, should be a cracking match. Christian/Kennedy brawl backstage shows Kennedy isn't gonna allow Christian to have the upper hand for long, but come Vengeance I fully expect Christian to win

Nice hype for the PPV, card looks solid

Good main event aswell as Rhyno looks strong and Cena does too after winning via DQ. Super Cena survives the two on one attack thanks to Rey and this does well to set up the Rhyno/Mysterio and Cena/Angle clashes but with Cena not releasing the hold on Angle, I'm seeing Kurt gain some revenge next week. Good stuff

You're still the man. I've missed your stuff and am glad you're still kicking <3


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Re: Being The Booker

RAW Feedback

Good start to the show, as usual, with the little recap of Kennedy making an impact last week, before the usual commentary gold. @ Shawn Michaels being shacked up with Mickie James. Great line from Coach.

Mr. Kennedy starting the show is good to see, continuing his momentum along strongly by thrusting him into the limelight to begin with again. I personally thought the sliced bread thing was a little lame, but I guess it’s the type of thing I can see Kennedy doing. Having Kennedy antagonize the crowd right from the beginning was a nice little touch, getting under their skin well, before playing up what this feud with Christian has been all about. Connecting the crowd with it too, talking about them in a way that makes it seem like they hold the same beliefs as Christian is a smart way to transition from getting that cheap heat onto the whole getting attention thing too (sidenote: nice Roddy Piper quote there too). Kennedy then talking himself up, putting himself over strong by putting Shawn Michaels over strong was good to see, before talking up his other actions as smart to continue to get under the skin of the crowd. Having Christian interrupt Kennedy was expected, although I loved the attention you went with it once he came out. Having Christian show his frustration by attacking Kennedy, gaining himself some credibility back by dominating him (while also not taking credibility away from Kennedy due to the shock nature of the attack) was completely different to what I expected to see in a really good way. The finishing line, once again, summed up what this thing is all about, and really sets the feud up to heat up even more as you head into Vengeance. A good opening segment both in writing and booking.

This seemed like a pretty nice match here, and while it feels like your tag division has been suffering over the past couple of months on both shows due to a lack of credible teams, I think you’re going alright in trying to build some up here on RAW. While the now four way tag has received very little hype, suddenly X-Pac and Tomko look like a threat to Straight Edge as a result of this match, while The British Lions and The Brotherhood both aren’t too bad either. I’m not sure anyone other than The Brotherhood could really have an isolated feud with Straight Edge at this stage, but for now I think you’re doing the right thing in your effort to build up the tag division on RAW. With all of that aid, I hope the talk of Straight Edge breaking up isn’t true, because they’re the only thing really holding the tag division together right now.

Solid little promo from Christian, again building on what the feud has been about and ensuring that it’s set to get even more heated due to Christian now taking Kennedy seriously. The characterization was good throughout, like usual, making for a nice little backstage promo.

Nice little match here to allow Benjamin to continue to look strong in progressing to the second round of the King of the Ring, while Smith gets to look alright too by hanging with him for a bit. With that said, hopefully the hype for Benjamin/Matt gets going later in the show with Matt’s tag match, because their feud has just been kind of thereabouts without really meaning anything.

Nice to see the Rhyno/Mysterio feud getting a little bit of extra hype and explanation during the show to get it some attention.

Mysterio going over Santino quickly is fine, because Santino really is a joke character, while Rey has some momentum to gain ahead of his match at Vengeance with Rhyno.

The Sweet Sixteen draw on the RAW side of things looks very good indeed. All four definitely have the potential to be good matches.

Nice segment here, building to a possible Regal/Rhodes program. The contrast between the two was made clear in this promo, making it seem natural that they’d feud due to Regal being that old school type of guy as opposed to Rhodes as the young upstart. I thought it was an extra nice little touch that you had Regal bring up knowing Dusty and working with Goldust too, giving the promo that little personal aspect too. The ending, with Rhodes simply brushing past Regal, was a great way to typify his new arrogant attitude. Good promo to set up what should be a nice little midcard feud.

The Mickie segment is probably personally my most anticipated promo on the show due to this storyline being something else when it comes to the women’s division, which is a real credit to you. A bit surprised you had Mickie simply own up to everything, as I wasn’t sure the story was going to be one hundred percent true, but the way you explained Mickie’s past was done well (and I now see we’ve got somewhat similar storylines for Mickie’s past here ). The explanation from Mickie to explain what she did to Beth’s mum is fine, keeping her looking like a face despite the surrounding situations, while the explanation as to why she’s normal now due to the help she received was a good way to cover that base. The reasoning for never apologizing was covered well too, again, making sure that Mickie seems like a relatively good person, despite her past actions. Mickie’s current state of mind, having her stuck in the bad place, is good too, while having her say she’ll be known as Mickie because she can no longer hide from her past is a good way to show how much this means to her, while the closing messages, both to Phoenix and Melina, show just how emotional the situation is supposed to be. A very nice promo to continue one of my favourite ever storylines of BTB, capturing the emotions with the characterization very well as this story continues to be told.

Good way to get the match kicked off here with a bang, showing the frustration of Christian well after last week. I have to say, I liked that you acknowledged the tag past of Christian and Hardy, despite it being separate, to make sense of them working together well. The finish was something a little different too, yet again in a good, exciting way, making for a nice little match. Not so sure about one of the challenging teams at Vengeance losing so close to the event, but I guess it doesn’t matter too much considering they were up against two tag team veterans, both of whom are two of the bigger (or biggest in Christian’s case) faces on RAW.

Gail Kim should be a solid addition to the RAW tag division, although I’m not sure what role she’ll play at first. Perhaps you’re just going to ease her back in, with the major women’s storyline taking centre stage right now.

Very nice promo from Angle, hyping up his advantage in the Ultimate Submission match well and making it seem like a ridiculous move for Cena to accept. The buildup in the speech about Cena being a hero was done really well, leading to the end line about Angle being a true hero being really clever. Basic promo, but it does its job in hyping the Cena/Angle match at Vengeance.

While a win for Umaga here was always obvious, I thought the way you made Burchill look as strong as possible here was a good way to put him over. At the same time Umaga still comes out looking beastly after the way he treated Burchill in the end.

The attack from Michaels was simply great, showing why he has hope at Vengeance and to what lengths he’s willing to go to. Simple, but like I said, great booking.

Interesting to see you continuing to signal there is a bit of a difference in opinion between Melina and Phoenix when it comes to Mickie James. Not so sure what to make of it, but for now this segment was written well, with the intensity of Phoenix being great.

Wow, huge RAW set for next week with the three second round KOTR matches, and especially the three way tag match. A good way to tie your triple main event thing in there in the go home show, with special interest being with the team of Cena and Christian – perhaps foreshadowing the WrestleMania rematch coming at SummerSlam? I’d love if it happened tbh.

As I’ve said previously, it’s good to see you really drumming home how much more intense this Christian/Kennedy issue is looking. One more heated confrontation next week and this thing will be set to explode at Vengeance.

After realising that Vengeance is before Saturday Night’s Main Event, I’ve decided to change my pick. Umaga to win as you continue to build his credentials up.

While I wouldn’t be entirely sure on Mr. Kennedy headlining a Pay-Per-View usually, the card looks good here with the triple main event billing. Hopefully the shows continue to come reasonably quickly so we get to it soon.

With all of the talk of the triple main event, the one concern about this show is that I’m not sure this is really a big enough match to be a main event. I mean, I know it’s Cena, but I’m not sure Rhyno is there. Still, with that said, the match between the two was good, with Rhyno being allowed to look good, while Cena comes out looking better (as he should) due to being set to win until the interference came. The brawl to close things was good too, and while Cena proving his point to Angle felt a little similar to what Shawn Michaels did to Umaga, it was still a good way to close the show.

Simply put, this show shows why you’re the man around here. Good writing throughout, smart booking and all of your feuds furthered along well. Good stuff as per usual, my man.

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Re: Being The Booker

WWE Superstars | June 5 2007

Todd Grisham and Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler open the show, which tonight is all about the Women of Raw, and the Cruiserweights of Smackdown!! With tonights main event crowning a #1 Contender for the Cruiserweight title!!

Match 1 | 6 Diva Tag Team Match:
Victoria, Jillian Hall & Layla vs. Katie Lea, Maria & Maryse
It’s up to Victoria, Jillian and Katie Lea to keep it together, with the other half of the match green, inexperienced, or just awful in the ring. It’s a debut for one of Santino Marellas squeezes (Layla) whilst Victoria and Maryse have a chance to continue a rivalry which began at Backlash, but stalled over recent weeks. Maria eventually succumbs, and plays the role of ‘face in peril’, before a mix up between Jillian and Layla allows the ditsy former interviewer to make a hot tag to Katie.

The British minx turns up the heat, and things soon break down into chaos, with all six ladies getting involved in the action. Victoria pairs off with Maryse trading blows, Jillian battles with Maria to the outside, leaving Layla and Katie as the legal duo in the ring. Unfortunately for the 2006 Diva Search winner, she is no match for Katie, and after a backbreaker, has no chance of kicking out, with Jillian distracted on the outside, and Maryse stopping Victoria from breaking the pin, 1...2...3!!!
Winners: Katie Lea, Maria & Maryse @ 06:01

Feel good win for the faces, with Katie Lea ending a bad week for the British Lions on a positive note. On the outside, Victoria is furious with the loss, as is Jillian, whilst Maryse looks delighted to have gotten one over on her rival, as she and Maria join the victorious Katie Lea in the ring to celebrate.

Commercial Break


Clip of Bret Hart rolling up Bam Bam Bigelow to win the King of the Ring tournament in 1993.


Narrator: It has given the platform for champions to establish themselves.

Clip of Owen Hart being crowned King of the Ring in 1994, as we hear him yell over it.


Narrator: It has immortalized greats forever.

Clip of Stone Cold Steve Austin winning the 1996 King of the Ring tournament, with the sound bite over it.


Narrator: It ushered in the birth of a new attitude.

Clip of Triple H having his hand raised in 1997.


Narrator: Stars have been born.

Clip of Kurt Angle dropping to his knees in victory in 2000.


Narrator: Legends have been made.

Clip of Brock Lesnar having his hand raised in 2002, as we hear Paul Heymans voice over the top.


Narrator: Careers have skyrocketed.

Clips of Mister Kennedy with the crown last year, and Edge with his trophy in 2001

Narrator: The King of the Ring tournament has provided some of the most memorable moments in sports entertainment history, and on Saturday, June 23, 2007 … the King of the Ring lends itself to another staple in the illustrious history of the WWE … Saturday Nights Main Event.

Clips of current superstars, Shelton Benjamin, MVP, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Straight Edge, Brian Kendrick, Paul London, MNM, Carlito and Brent Albright.

Narrator: The year, the King of the Ring tournament climaxes on NBC, with quarter finals, semi finals and the grand final, on the most special edition of Saturday Nights Main Event in history!!!

Quick clips again of the prominent former winners.

Narrator: Which superstar will use the King of the Ring tournament to follow these legends, icons and immortals into the pantheon of greatness??


Back into the arena, where Lawler and Grisham continue to hype the King of the Ring tournament, with a further two matches this week on Smackdown, bringing a close to the first round, as Brent Albright, Brian Kendrick, Jeff Hardy and Kid Kash all begin their quest to become King.

Match 2:
Evan Bourne vs. Nunzio
It’s a rare appearance for Nunzio, but while he isn’t the victim of a squash, he never looks like winning, with Evan Bourne always looking like the likely victor, getting to look impressive with his high flying antics in this one. Nunzio musters enough offence to trouble Bourne, but Evan rallies, and puts Nunzio down with a kick, setting himself up perfectly … for AIR BOURNE!!! He sells the impact momentarily, and covers, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Evan Bourne @ 05:22
After last weeks loss, Bourne gets himself back on track with a victory, getting his hand raised in the air.

Commercial Break

We return from the commercial with a promo for this Friday Night on Smackdown, where WWE Commissioner Jesse Ventura will make an appearance, to discuss the future of Arn Anderson as General Manager of the brand … but also, a WWE CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH IS SCHEDULED; Randy Orton defends against Batista!!

That leads us back into the arena, where Grisham and Lawler discuss the upcoming announcement this Friday, with both men believing Arn Andersons days as GM could be numbered. They then throw backstage to Kristal, who is with Elix Skipper…

Kristal interviews Skipper, who will be part of the triple threat match tonight to determine the next #1 Contender for the Cruiserweight title, despite debuting just last week with a win over Evan Bourne. Skipper talks about his history and experience, telling Kristal that he’s not some wet behind the ears kid. He says he’s wrestled all over the world, and the WWE can be proud of their NEXT Cruiserweight champion.

Just as he prepares to leave … EVAN BOURNE arrives on the scene, and tells Skipper he wants a second crack at him, believing he can beat the highly experienced veteran. Skipper though, laughs off the challenge, telling Bourne he has a lot to learn before he should contemplate stepping into the ring with him again, and attempts to push past the youngster … but Bourne stands firm, and lets Skipper know he doesn’t fear him, reiterating that he wants a rematch with him, before leaving the set.

Back into the arena, Beth Phoenix (joined by Melina) makes her way to the ring, as we head to a commercial break, with the newest addition to the Raw roster in action when Superstars returns.

Commercial Break

Match 3 | Squash Match:
Beth Phoenix w/Melina vs. Candice Michelle
Somehow, I haven’t got around to releasing Candice yet. Beth dominates the useless diva, and throws her around like a rag doll, and is even heard calling Candice ‘Mickie’ on a few occasions. Michelle is done after less than sixty seconds, but Phoenix continues on with the assault, before putting an end to the ruthless punishment with what is now called “The Glam Slam”, getting the 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Beth Phoenix @ 02:19
And Beth continues to look like an unstoppable force in the womens division. But how long can Melina keep her onside?? For now, Melina is all smiles, raising Beths hand, as Lawler and Grisham hype the Mickie/Melina match set for Vengeance, with the Mickie James situation set to reach a climax - if she doesn’t show, she not only loses the belt, but she is fired too.


Pitch black, until the voiceover begins…

‘Some have been wronged’

Slow silent shot of Kurt Angle, roaring in anger.

‘Some have been doubted’

Silent shot of Mister Kennedy, victorious in the Beat the Clock challenge.

‘Some have crossed the line’

Silent shot of a sobbing Mickie James.

‘Yet some have yet to scratch the surface’

Silent shot of Umaga standing over Shawn Michaels.

… Still silence … then a sudden rush of crowd noise …

‘But on this night, NO act goes unpunished…’

Shawn Michaels firing up, gritting his teeth.

‘The wrongs can be righted … the doubters can be silenced’

John Cena and Kurt Angle exchanging blows … Mister Kennedy and Christian locking eyes at the close of Raw on Monday.

‘Lines can be crossed … and the boundaries can be forgotten’

Flashing shots of high flying risks from Shelton Benjamin, Rey Mysterio, Matt Hardy & Straight Edge.

‘For on this night … VENGEANCE … will be served’

Vengeance logo flashes across the screen.


At ringside, Grisham and The King hype Vengeance, and shill the triple threat tag team match next Monday on Raw, featuring the six men involved in the triple main event at Raws PPV on June 17, before segue waying into the Superstars main event; Chavo Guerrero vs. Super Crazy vs. Elix Skipper with a Cruiserweight title shot on the line … NEXT!!

Commercial Break

Main Event | Cruiserweight Title Shot On The Line:
Elix Skipper vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Super Crazy
The three men put together a memorable match up, technically sound, with Super Crazy bringing the ‘craziness’ of reckless abandon, and high flying antics. Crazy and Chavo work together in the early going, with Grisham and King highlighting their friendship, with the duo getting Skipper out of the action, then shaking hands … and going at it themselves. On this occasion, Super Crazy is just a little bit too quick for Chavo, but is unable to finish Guerrero off. The inability of the luchador to put Chavo away costs him, as Skipper recovers, and reinserts himself into the match.

A period of all three men in the match ensues, with lots of counters, reversals and break ups, with the third man over putting a stop to any big moves. Chavo sends Skipper back out of the ring, and drops Crazy with a neck breaker, allowing himself time to climb the ropes, but as he reaches the top turnbuckle … SKIPPER HOPS ONTO THE APRON - AND SHOVES HIM OFF!!! That leaves Skipper and Super Crazy to battle it out in the mean time, with Skipper dominating proceedings, but the Mexican refuses to give in, infuriating the former WCW Cruiserweight Champion, and for a split second, it looks like Super Crazy might pull out an out of nowhere win, catching Skipper in an inside cradle … but Skipper kicks out just in the nick of time.

Skipper quickly reasserts himself on top, knocking the luchador off his feet, but, as he goes for an Irish Whip - Chavo low bridges the ropes - with Super Crazy tumbling over the top. Meanwhile, anticipating the return, Skipper leaps in the air, as Chavo quickly slides in the ring, and dropkicks Primetime as the veteran lands. Chavo covers, but only scores two, with Skipper kicking out. The kick out leads on to Chavo continuing his onslaught, hooking Skipper up, and proceeds to deliver the THREE AMIGOS!!! It all seems to be setting things up nicely for Guerrero, who climbs the buckles, and looks to deliver a Frog Splash … BUT SUPER CRAZY COMES FROM NOWHERE TO STOP HIM!!!

Crazy hammers Chavo in desperation, but Guerrero fights him off - shoving the luchador off the ropes - before going for the FROG SPLASH ON SKIPPER … BUT MISSES!!! Skipper quickly rises to his feet, and rolls up Chavo … 1...2...SUPER CRAZY BREAKS THE COUNT!! Super Crazy saves the match, and now pounds Skipper as he gets to his feet, running off the ropes, but is caught on the return … only to deliver a head scissors!! Elix goes down, and Super Crazy climbs the ropes … TRIPLE MOONSAULT!!! Crazy hits one … hits two … BUT MISSES THREE … CHAVO DRAGS SKIPPER OUT OF THE WAY!!! Super Crazy hit’s the canvas, as Chavo dumps Skipper out of the ring, and sizes up his friend … NAILING THE GORY BOMB!!! Chavo hooks the leg, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: And #1 Contender for the Cruiserweight Championship - Chavo Guerrero @ 13:56

Chavo Guerrero earns his Judgment Day rematch, getting another crack at Brian Kendrick. Chavo punches the air as he has his hand raised, whilst Skipper recovers on the outside, pounding the apron in fury. In the ring, Chavo helps Super Crazy to his feet, with Crazy gracious in defeat, congratulating Chavo, as we go off the air, with Guerrero and Crazy raising one anothers hands.


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Re: Being The Booker

Brief Superstars comments, as per usual.

Good to see the rest of your divas getting some TV time on Superstars. Obviously they shouldn't be getting it on RAW when the focus is around the Mickie/Melina/Beth situation, but allowing them time on Superstars so they're not just shunned until one of them is needed in a title feud is a good idea. No problem with the faces getting the win here since Maryse could do with a little win over Victoria, while Katie Lea looks like someone who could feature heavily in the division in the future.

It seems like you want to hold Bourne off SmackDown! for a while, which I don't mind I guess, so long as you make him seem like a big deal when he finally makes his actual debut on the blue brand. Getting him over initially on Superstars works for now.

@ the comment on Candice. She is fairly useless, although she does fill in space in the tag division to be used to squash. Phoenix has to look beastly, so putting her over Candice here in quick fashion keeps her going.

Not so sure about Elix Skipper being in the main event for the number one contendership. Didn't he just debut last week? Still, I like you actually going about making someone number one contender for the Cruiserweight Title, especially since it's Chavo, who you feel has unfinished business with Kendrick. Nice main event with some crisp looking action and good time given.

SD soon plz.

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Re: Being The Booker

Firstly, want to apologise for lack of feeback I've been dishing out (none). TBH, it's been a while, and I'm kinda out of the habit. Been reading a few shows, but cant really come up with much to say - constructively anyway. Need to try to get back into it soon, hopefully not just saying 'Like this, and I like that' etc


Friday Night Smackdown Preview:

It could the be end of a brief era this Friday Night on Smackdown, as the tumultous reign of Arn Anderson as General Manager could be brought to an end, after weeks of speculation over his future. WWE Commissioner Jesse Ventura is set to announce what action will be taken against the Smackdown GM this Friday.

However, while it may be the end of Arn Andersons reign as GM, this Friday could also mark the end of Randy Ortons reign as WWE Champion. The champion faces Batista, with the title on the line, with Arn Anderson re-signing the match after it was postponed last week. And for Orton, it couldnt be coming at a worse time, after he literally kicked Nick Dinsmore out of the New Wave last week at the close of Smackdown. After that action, Ortons fellow New Wave members Garrison Cade and Ken Doane walked out on their leader ... possibly for good?? Has the New Wave now disbanded?? Will Orton be able to overcome Batista alone if needs be??

The King of the Ring progresses this week, and the first round of match ups comes to a close. Brent Albright, Brian Kendrick, Jeff Hardy and Kid Kash all begin their quest to become King, but only two will move onto the next round, with the two winners meeting one another next week on Smackdown for a slot in the elite eight, and finals night at Saturday Nights Main Event.

Last week, JBL called out The Undertaker, demanding that The Deadman step out of the shadows to face the self proclaimed 'Wrestling God'. The Undertaker has not been seen since WrestleMania, but Layfield appears hell bent on forcing the Demon of Death Valley back into the ring, determined to finish off The Undertaker once and for all. Will JBL continue to goad the MIA Deadman this week??

With only three matches signed, it could be an unpredictable night of action on Smackdown. With the future of the GM up in the air, it appears little else has been announced ahead of the show. Just what the does the future hold for the blue brand?? Find out this Friday!!


I'll post Smackdown tomorrow probably.
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Re: Being The Booker

First of all, don't feel like you need to dish out feedback to me. I'm just happy to have you around these parts.

Anyway, not a whole lot announced, perhaps showing that your midcard scene is a bit barren. Still, what we've got is good, with the two major points of the show announced last week being very interesting. Both KOTR matches look solid too, so with all of that in mind, I'm expecting a pretty good show here. Looking forward to it.

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Re: Being The Booker

It's sad that I'm finally getting in here and commenting just now but I too have fallen out of really commenting on people's shows.

I'm kind of excited to see what happens to Arn Anderson as I have not honestly been that big of a fan of him being the General Manager but hopefully that will change. The KOTR tournament has without a doubt been great as well so far and I'm glad to see that it has worked out pretty well to this point for you. I'll try my best to come in and comment on SmackDown if I get a chance this week. Glad to see you are back here though and booking.
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