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Re: Being The Booker

Little bit surprised with the reviews thus far. Wasnt expecting many at all, so I'm really greatful to everyone that's taken time to leave comments ... now, if only I'd stop being so bloody lazy myself . Right now, I'm motivated to get back in the swing of things, it just trying to find time to do it...

Oh, and by my calculations Cubstommy was the winner of the prediction contest - I'll send you your reward in due course.



In a massive announcement, the WWE Board of Directors have issued a WWE-wide television ban on the ENTIRE McMahon family. After Backlash in April, Mister McMahon was barred from ever appearing on television again, and following that, his wife - the CEO of the WWE, Linda McMahon gave herself a self imposed ban. In addition, Shane McMahon has not appeared on television since Backlash, and Stephanie McMahon, despite promising revenge on those who forced her father off television, has been absent recently also. However, now, the youngest McMahons plans will be shelved, with the ban on any McMahon family member appearing on television. Rumours are sweeping that this motion has been made at the behest of the boards top target to become the new WWE Commissioner - who will only agree to take on the role if he/she is not forced to deal with any member of the McMahon family. With this motion passed, a new WWE Commissioner could well be in place in a very short space of time.

Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff has been quick to get the focus back on his brand off the heels of Smackdowns Judgment Day. With four weeks now until his next PPV, Vengeance, Bischoff has signed off on the second match to become official for the June 17 event. After a meeting at Backlash, and a rematch on the Raw Roulette edition of Monday Night Raw, John Cena and Kurt Angle will get the opportunity to settle their score once and for all in Oklahoma. With one victory apiece, and a huge amount of hostility, Cena and Angle will be highly determined to get the last word in this intense rivalry.

In addition, Bischoff has confirmed an official 'in ring' contract signing this week on Raw between the #1 Contender Mister Kennedy, and the World Heavyweight Champion Christian. Last week, as Kennedy successfully 'beat the clock' to earn his title shot, he and Christian engaged in a staredown to close the show. Will the situation heat up this week??


I'll post a Raw preview nearer the time, but it wont be for a few weeks at least.

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Re: Being The Booker

I'm really happy you're motivated to get going, makes me excited because I've really got back into the swing of things in this thread. The McMahon's all being banned is actually something I like, simply because I think the McMahon's have done all they pretty much can in this thread. They had their run back in the Attitude Era, and you've given them another good run through 2006-2007, so now I think it's time for them to piss off.

I've no idea who the new Commissioner is going to be, absolutely none. With what has gone on lately the only interesting name that comes to mind is Triple H, although knowing me, I'm probably missing something.

The final battle between Cena/Angle should be good to. I'm actually picking that Angle will get the win, and go on to face Christian at Summerslam.

Christian/Kennedy is still something I'm buzzing over, even though Christian is going to go over, this could do wonders for Kennedy.

Even though you're going to take awhile to post a preview, I actually don't mind as uni has me swamped, so hopefully you're able to coordinate when you post Raw, when I'm ready.

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Re: Being The Booker

Judgment Day Feedback

I called Haas winning the match against Crazy on Heat, so chalk one up for me. Nice opening video package btw. Judge, jury and executioner idea is pretty awesome.

From what I know, this feud between MVP and Carlito has been a back and forth grudge match, so the quick attack by Carlito is a nice touch to add to the feud. Oh, and good way to start the show with some intensity. The back and forth nature of the match, as well as the continuous intensity make for a great match. Not a lot of impact moves until the closing moments of the match. The "speaking" in the match, and MVP working on the knee are good as well. No way! MVP low blows to DQ himself, and basically continues to the feud. From the DQ, I guess the next match will be a no DQ type of match. Good going here. I'm expecting the feud to escalate even further now.

Good idea here for the Summerslam video package. Focusing on London, an overseas event, is a smart idea and also a great way to market it. With the pay-per-view being 3 months away, this might be a little early.

I like how you started this next one with the even nature of Finlay and Dinsmore, followed by an even follow up from Hardy and Doane. Quite shocking to see Batista being manhandled a bit. Some good action to follow. Surprised at how much control the faces had there for a little while. Lance Cade is built up like a monster. I forgot how big he was until he hit the Razor's Edge on Jeff, and the big boot on Batista. Batista with a muscle buster? Could work I guess. Faces win. Didn't really expect them to considering the New Wave should have made an impact. I guess it's also good to prolong their push, and give the vets a little kick.

The Albright/Haas confrontation was pretty good. I like how confident Albright was, but his chapter two about him and Haas kinda made it seem like the title reign is coming to an end. Albright doesn't seem fit to go higher in the cards just yet, so maybe a tag team run would help his cause. Albright and Haas do seem to be a good fit together.

After this Orton promo, I see Doane being his main lackey, and main 'helper'. I do think Doane fits in better with Orton than Dinsmore and Cade. This little side angle you have is actually something I see being awesome by the time it's through. Possibly a Doane against Orton match? I'd mark.

hah @ Kendrick. Makes sense with his character that I saw from SD. Good to see you stick with this little bit, even after the match started. It's these little nice touches to the matches and storylines that make your BTB is a good read. Some pretty good action here with Kendrick using his heel tactics to slow the match, and such. Eight count after the top rope powerbomb? Don't know about that one. Tough powerbomb I guess. Not a bad finish. Good win for Kendrick who I suspected would take this. Too bad Kendrick never got a chance to get the busty blonde. lol. Chavo going at him makes sense though. Good stuff.

WM classic moment? Guess you're doing this year round. Builds up the hype I guess.

JBL-a-mania shirt? Sign me up for one! lmao. The early leg drop was kinda expected. Kinda hoping this doesn't go too long cause knowing Hogan, he'll blow his knees or something. Oh, and what a surprise, Hogan is busted open. Holy shizzakoff @ the fan beatdown. Not something new in wrestling, but definitely haven't seen that in BTB. Hulk up is great, but I'm quite surprised that Hogan kicked out of the clothesline from hell to be honest. Glad he did though because that wouldn't be the finish I'd be expecting. Hogan wins with the leg drop. What I'm surprised at is the amount of offense Hulk actually got, and still managed to win. Nonetheless, I'm guessing the feud's over from here. Good stuff here. Some great booking moments.

Sickkk. DVD video package.

I like Kendrick's character, but for some reason, I don't know if he'll fully turn heel. I mean he's got it in him, and he's showing the traits for it, but I really, really, really wanna see Chavo just go all out, be overly vicious, and just destroy Kendrick. Short, and sweet promo btw.

Intriguing promo here. Batista for the WWE title does make a bit of sense, but with another monster in Brock Lesnar still on the roster, it'll be a little tougher to build imo. Nonetheless, I don't think he should go from the New Wave feud to the title right away so Edge coming in here was the right decision. A Batista/Edge feud wouldn't be that bad, and it would help elevate the Animal. I like it.

Dead spot of the evening. Nice little mention of that. Never really thought about it that way. This match, like most tag matches, uses the conventional tag tactics with the singling out of Burke and constant tag ins. Glad it didn't take up most of the match though. I like how you used Burke's aerial abilities too. It livens up the match a bit, which is good. Good job on Booker hitting the scissors kick, and I know he did the spin-a-roonie, which is realistic, but I've always hated that he did that. I don't find it entertaining that he does a spin-a-roonie all the time. Just a personal pet peeve I have against Booker =P. AMW win, and Booker seems to be good with Burke so no break up of this team just yet. Just another thorn in AMW's side basically. With AMW being heels, and Albright & Haas entering the scene as heels, I don't think they'll battle just yet. I found this match to be a little boring to read, but I'm guessing it's because it's the aftermath of JBL/Hogan, as well as the wrestlers not being that great. I've always found Booker boring too, and unless AMW have good opponents, they too are quite boring.

'The year, the King of the Ring tournament climaxes on NBC, with quarter finals, semi finals and the grand final, on the most special edition of Saturday Nights Main Event in history!!!' - gonna be f'n crazy if you have the quarters, semi and finals on the same show. Definitely gonna be a great show.

I'm a fan of high fliers, and I've always liked London, but I never saw him as a United States contender or champ. Maybe it would have been best to see how you built him up. Anyways, this match is pretty opposite in terms of wrestling capabilities (although London is pretty versed technically) so it should be good. Wow, some actually good work from London to start. Surprisingly, this is more back and forth action than I thought it would be. I was expecting a lot of submissions to tie London down tbh. With London's capability of staying in this one, I'm sure he's gonna take the title now, as he needs to look good to win, and not have Albright think of challenging him again, but rather move on. Wow @ this match. MOTN, and I'm maybe just past the halfway point. Missed 450 right into a crowbar. This should really be it considering it's the third crowbar this match. London reaches the ropes though, which I did mark out for. 450 and the win now! 27 minutes? Makes sense. MOTN. I doubt the WWE match beats this. London is champ, and I'm hoping for a rematch between the two now. At least on SD? Please, and thanks.

Cool Vengeance promo. You touched all events you needed to touch in this pay-per-view, and even had a DVD promo. Good stuff.

Good to see Lesnar concentrated. With Edge's confidence earlier, I'm doubting he'll win. That usually makes sense nowadays in WWE. Lesnar and RVD are the contenders imo with RVD/Orton being the feud I'm looking at after this ppv. As expected, it's a bit of a scramble to start with four men in the ring. RVD is on a fuckin' roll. He's bound to tire out, and get wrecked though. High angle DDT from the middle ropes? Ouch. Good move to finish RVD off, especially since you wanna save the RKO for later. Sucks to see RVD leave just 7 minutes in, but with his injury, as well as his activity in this match, it was bound to happen I guess. This makes me doubt that he'll be up against Orton after the ppv though. Brawling backstage? Wow! Hip toss through doors? You're kidding me. With Edge incapacitated, the focus should be on Edge =P. Glad they're back in the ring area though. Would suck to pay to go see a ppv, and its main event is mostly seen on the Titan Tron. Lesnar is absolutely tearing it up, but I have a feeling he'll end up the same way as RVD. Edge spearing Lesnar out of the ring? Really? Don't see that happening tbh, but I'll let it slide =P. Two RKOs to finish Edge? Wow. The one on the chair does it though. Lesnar and Orton to finish? Didn't really see that coming. Edge spears both men after the match. Awesome. He's the only one in the match that would seem likely to do that. And there goes the Spanish announce table. I'm glad Lesnar hit the F5, but him not winning from it doesn't do him any good. Sledgehammer to finish it? Ala Triple H? Definitely an interesting finish here. I'm not totally back into this thread, so I don't know if there's some significance behind this, but it's definitely intriguing. Orton eliminating all three men just shows pure dominance. Don't know who his challenger will be now. Triple H maybe?

Overall, I thought it was a fantastically booked show. It's not fully written like some of your older pay-per-views that I've read, but I'm liking the more recapped style of writing for the matches, and I think I might assimilate this kinda of style for my shows (just to let you know). You got great style, great booking, great content, and emphasize what needs to be emphasized. I was on a lengthy hiatus before a month ago (don't know if you remember me), but I'm back now, and hopefully for good now. I'll anxious to see the backlash from this ppv now. So keep up the phenomenal work.

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Re: Being The Booker

Judgment Day Feedback

It goes without saying that Haas winning is the right move. He’s the man and needs to get another title reign in this thread.

Nice opening with a pretty cool video package to go along with some good hype for some of your matches from the commentators, even if I really wanted to see some hype for London/Albright at the start of the show, because that’s what I’m sure a lot of people are hyped about the most, because I certainly am.

Very exciting start to the show, and one that really fits the feud between MVP and Carlito, having Carlito really show his rage to kick things off. The actual match started very well too, with Carlito’s rage being shown really well, while I also liked the way MVP used that against him with the acts of desperation to get moment back in his favour, like with the poke to the eye and use of the timekeeper’s area. The way the match continued in this way was really good to see too, with Carlito not worrying about wrestling too much and just trying to beat the shit out of MVP, while Porter going after the knee brought that aspect back from the feud too. The ending with Carlito looking to get revenge, only for MVP to slither away with the DQ finish is a good way to keep this feud going, because Carlito still has that revenge to seek, giving this some real reason to continue. Good start to the show with a surprisingly good match, which psychologically could not be faulted.

Nice little comparison of ‘Lito to Van Dam on commentary, really giving us something to think about with the main event.

I would mark if this thing got to SummerSlam after a good, long burst of shows.

Nice little way to start this match, pairing off the teams into three pairs and giving an interesting start, which actually made The New Wave look good. The attempt to isolate Batista through Cade taking a cheap shot only for Batista to fight back was done well, before the cheating to isolate Jeff. The hot tag was built up well too, with the involvement of all of the men, leading to Batista getting the pin being well done. On one side, the result is okay because it seems like you had a pretty stacked all-star type of team, even for midcarders, but on the other hand this really makes The New Wave look weak, and I want to see them pushed rather than just forgotten about and disposed of by Orton, because cutting them now would seem like a waste of your time, imo. I would much prefer you instead continue the stable and at least make them all competent midcarders.

Interesting way to hype the US Title match for later tonight. I really like the bond you’re showcasing between Albright and Haas, because even if the tag division may be a step down for Albright, I’d love to see them become a permanent team, which is what it looks like they’re headed to. If that means they can use each other to hang with the top guys as well, I’ll be even happier.

Interesting that you have Doane be the only one to not want to stand up to Orton. I’m not sure what that singals, but I guess we’ll see.

@ Kendrick looking for some action on the way to the ring. Awesome. The way the match started was great too, really getting something a bit more personal into it with Chavo continuing to get sicker and sicker of Kendrick, to the point where he slaps him. Kendrick’s aggression and arrogance continuing to shine further and further through as the match progressed was good to see too as he dominated, right up to the comeback from Chavo. The finish, I thought, was a bit soft, but it keeps Kendrick’s heel turn going pretty much ot the stage of completion with the dirty win over his former friend. Chavo chasing Kendrick off post-match from the blonde at ringside was a nice touch after the bell too.

WrestleMania 24? Yes please.

@ JBL-a-mania. Good start to the match with JBL really showing his disrespect for Hogan, before Hogan beat the shit out of him, only for some cool cheap tactics from JBL. I have to say, the anger JBL has for Hogan was portrayed really well, however, JBL attacking the fan dressed up as Hogan? It seems like it’s way too much for mine. I understand JBL’s anger for Hogan and his fans, but it seemed way over the top. Despite that, the match was okay, especially for what it was, and it was good to see it kept short, with Hogan getting his feel good win.

Good promo to completely cement the breaking of the friendship and subsequent turn of THE Brian Kendrick. I liked the way you really played it up for Chavo, with him saying he didn’t cheat tonight because he was friends with Kendrick, only to say he’ll turn it up a notch now and will cheat, signifying the continuation of a feud that I think has been done well, and one that can hopefully continue to carry the cruiserweight division along.

Right Batista, a few nagging injuries. Batista signaling his intentions to be gunning for the WWE Title is interesting to see, because he’s looked on the cusp of making it to the main event in your thread for as long as I’ve been around. The promo itself from Batista was fine, sounding right for Batista, and addressing the old issue of his old buddy Orton well. The Edge/Batista confrontation brings some intrigue too, because while I’m certain Orton will retain, I’m not sure if this is a way for Edge to make a statement, or if we’re getting a bit of a hint at an Edge/Batista feud. Either way, pretty good promo here.

A bit disappointed that the tag match is being positioned as a buffer here, really indicating what the division means atm. :\ Still, I liked that you started it slow due to the dead crowd, then tried to build it up from there with AMW working over Burke. The comeback with the hot tag to Booker seemed to be built fine, even if the match has seemed very short, through the finishing stretch was nice and long. The finish was okay, seemingly keeping this AMW/Double B feud alive with the cheap win for AMW, which makes sense since they’ve been struggling of late. Still, a little disappointed with the spot this match was put in and the limited time that it was given.

The King of the Ring Saturday Night’s Main Event should be great. Really looking forward to it and seeing this thread move forward.

As I’ve said before, this is the match that I’ve been really looking forward to, so it getting a good slot on the card is great to see. Interesting start to the match which I like, with London outperforming Albright, as it shows London’s ability well, and allows Albright to get a bit angry and hopefully bring some real aggression to the show. Albright’s viciousness in taking the momentum back was good to see, used well with the catching of the dive from London and subsequent slam, along with the big forearm. London keeping in things with his athleticism was a nice way to show his spirit too, leading well into the big spot of London being slammed through the crowd barrier. The aggression from Albright on the outside that followed was beautiful, although I was a little disappointed to see London make such a sudden comeback, considering he had gone through such pain. While it led into some pretty cool spots, and ultimately, some more Albright dominance after a great belly to belly on the outside, I thought it should have been held off a little longer. The way the match flowed, moving smoothly between good spots was good, although I would have thought some work would have been put into London’s arm before the Crowbar attempt, especially from the way Albright talked up how he wanted to break London’s arm, but I have to say, when it followed on from that, it was done quite well. The way the Crowbar was built up with the desperation of both men to either lock in and avoid the move was done really well, and I have to say it made it all the more exciting when Albright then did get it in, following some exciting counters. The heart of London in resisting the temptation to tap out, and then fighting off Albright at the end with his exciting arsenal pretty much summed up what makes London what he is in this thread, and I have to say it made a great way for him to become US Champion. Very nice match that build up and up as it went on very well, leading to the big victory for London perfectly. The emotion that was showcased after the match, especially from Cole on commentary, made the win seem all the more important. Awesome stuff.

Nice hype package for Vengeance, which I’m looking forward to already with one of your other projects, Mr. Kennedy, getting a shot.

Nice way to show how fired up Lesnar is, keeping him short and sweet, yet showing his personality well.

Nice way to build up all that’s on the line for RVD too. It is big for him, and I like the way you’ve built it. Very unique.

The aggression of the faces earlier – particularly Van Dam – was good to see, and was pretty much how this match needed to start. The way the match transitioned early into the big face showdown was done well, and the condition of Van Dam struggling early was a very nice early indicator of how things sit for him. The continued showings of Van Dam’s condition were done really well, up to him crashing into the ring post face first, leading to Orton capitalizing well very early, which honestly shocked me. The way the commentators spoke about the situation and all of the emphasis on it after the pinfall was really well done, like usual, building up your angle well. The brawl between Edge and Lesnar was also pretty nice, before we moved back to the ring, where the action kept moving well, using the classic case of the two heels working together well. Lesnar’s comeback was really good too, leading into the excitement of the finishers on him, and then Orton eliminating Edge in some fast paced action. A bit surprised to then see Edge interfere after that, and I didn’t think it was entirely necessary, but I guess it shows off the no disqualification aspect of the match, and also shows Edge’s lust for the title. The action between Orton and Lesnar was pretty good, though I have to say, the use of the announce table spot seemed really random, and the way the match had gone, especially with the action between Orton and Lesnar, really didn’t call for it. Unlike other spots, which you work well into your matches, it felt like this was here just to be here. The ending, however, with the sledgehammer was very good, continuing the Lesnar/Triple H issue for the second straight time on Pay-Per-View, and really making for a surprise ending. Good way to finish the Pay-Per-View, giving Orton the win to keep his title, while also continuing this interesting saga between Lesnar and Triple H, despite Trips not being around right now.

All in all, a good shortened Pay-Per-View. I thought the booking throughout was very solid, with some real surprises coming through. Despite SmackDown! being the weaker of the brands, you’ve got some storylines chugging along that look exciting, plus with the continued rise of Paul London, things are looking somewhat bright on the blue side. I know this is awfully late, but hey, I got it up eventually (a line perhaps used a little more by Stoj). Good stuff, and hopefully the motivation you’ve mentioned in the last post gets this thread moving soon.

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Re: Being The Booker

Bar the main event, the matches are in extreme recap form. Apologies again for the stop/start nature of the thread these days. With the limited time I'm getting to write, it's turning me off doing it at all, because posting one show ever 4-6 (or longer) weeks doesnt appeal to me. I'm not writing another show until I get caught up where I need to around here also. Fallen WAY behind. Anyway, going to forego the preview, and just get the show posted. Here it is...


Monday Night Raw | May 21 2007 | Orlando FL

Recap of last weeks ‘BEAT THE CLOCK CHALLENGE’ where Mister Kennedy scored the upset, winning in the fastest time, earning a shot at Christian for the World Heavyweight Championship at Vengeance.

NO opening video or pyro … instead, we open up cold, in the ring, where Eric Bischoff stands. The ring is already set up for the contract signing, with the red carpet and table.

Eric Bischoff: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Eric Bischoffs MONDAY NIGHT RAW!!!

Cheap pop. Bischoff smiles.

Eric Bischoff: Since being reinstated as General Manager a month ago, I have provided you, the fans, with THE very best in entertainment, THE very best in athleticism, THE very best in innovation, and above all else, THE very best of action inside these ropes.

Bischoff stops to admire his last few weeks as GM.

Eric Bischoff: We had Mr. McMahons grandiose send off, I gave you Raw Roulette, and just last week we had another Eric Bischoff approved format - Beat the Clock.

Again, admiring his accomplishments, Bischoff pauses.

Eric Bischoff: And of course, that’s why I’m standing here right now, preparing to oversee a contract signing. Because in twenty seven days time, the winner of that Beat the Clock challenge - Mister Kennedy-

Initial mixed response, before becoming overwhelming boos.

Eric Bischoff: Will receive the opportunity of a lifetime at Raws next brand exclusive Pay Per View - VENGEANCE!!!

Small pop.

Eric Bischoff: When he challenges Christian-

Big pop cuts Bischoff off again.


Good reaction from the fans.

Eric Bischoff: So … without any further ado, lets make this thing official. Introducing first-


Jim Ross: What the-??

Unfamiliar music fills the arena, with the fans quiet, wondering who this may be … as JESSE ‘THE BODY’ VENTURA steps onto the stage, getting a huge ‘surprise’ pop from the fans, with ‘The Body’ waving to the audience as he walks down the aisle. In the ring though, Bischoff looks perturbed, unsure what to think of Ventura.

Jim Ross: Ladies and Gentlemen, this IS live television, and THIS sight is enough to prove that ANYTHING can happen on live television. You are looking at Jesse ‘The Body’ Ventura - the former Governor of Minnesota, and perhaps the greatest colour analyst in WWE history.

The Coach: Excuse me?? J.R, you’re sitting next to the greatest colour analyst in WWE history. Jesse Ventura was good in his day, but baby, I’ve raised the bar.

Jim Ross: Of course you have Coach. But it doesn’t matter who the better commentator is or was - why is Jesse Ventura here tonight??

Ventura steps into the ring, smiling, but Bischoff looks unimpressed. Ventura waves to the fans once again, before motioning for a mic from Lillian Garcia. The music dies down, with Ventura looking toward Bischoff, holding his free hand in the air innocently, speaking before Bischoff can.

Jesse Ventura: Eric?? Eric, relax.

Bischoff mouths off mic “What are you doing here??”

Jesse Ventura: That’s an interesting question, Eric. And I’ll tell you why I’m here. Y’see, I just flew in to Orlando from New Yo-

A frustrated Bischoff cuts in.

Eric Bischoff: Look Jesse, with all due respect, you cant just waltz out here because you felt like saying ‘Hi’ to the fans. Right now, I’m just about to conduct some important business. We’ve got a busy night here, and frankly, I just don’t have time to waste for a little moment of nostalgia. So, without wanting to be disrespectful-

Ventura cuts Bischoff now.

Jesse Ventura: Well, with all due respect, Eric, I think it’s part of your nature to be disrespectful.

Small pop.

Eric Bischoff: Well, be that as it may Jess, I’ve got an important job to do here. I made a promise to Linda McMahon that I’d run Raw to the best of my abilities, and to do that, I cant have the stars of the yesteryear filling precious air time. So, again, let-

Once more, Ventura intervenes.

Jesse Ventura: Hold on just a second there. Did you just say you made a promise to Linda McMahon to run Raw to the very best of your abilities??

Bischoff nods.

Jesse Ventura: Well excuse my ignorance Eric, but remind me … what’s tonight’s main event??

Eric looks slightly annoyed by the line of questioning from the uninvited guest.

Eric Bischoff: Not that it’s any of your business … but tonight, I was thinking of-

Ventura raises a hand, stopping Eric, who looks disgruntled further by the attitude of Ventura.

Jesse Ventura: You were … ‘thinking of’?? Does that mean you haven’t announced tonight’s main event?? If that’s the case Eric … I’m not so sure Mrs McMahon will be pleased. In fact, I’d go so far as to say, she’d be pretty unimpressed.

Bischoff looks agitated.

Eric Bischoff: Look, over the last month I’ve delivered, time and time again. Since returning to my role as General Manager, I’ve provided everything possible to make Monday Night Raw the number one brand in Sports Entertainment. Okay, so tonight, I didn’t announce a main event in advance, but-

Jesse Ventura: Not good enough Eric. When you are in charge of the flagship show in the biggest company in professional wrestling, you cant relax, and pat yourself on the back for what you did last week, or the week before. You need to be thinking of what you can do THIS WEEK, to top what you did last week.

Pop from the fans. Bischoff smirks, almost as if he’s amazed by what he’s hearing, and responds with a slight hint of sarcasm.

Eric Bischoff: Well … thank you. Thank you for that wonderful insight. I’ve always wanted to know how a former wrestler, turned commentator, turned Governor would run the biggest show in sports entertainment. However, now you’ve got that off your chest, Governor, could you please excuse us, and allow us to get back to business??

Ventura stands still, smirking, raising the mic to his mouth.

Jesse Ventura: Hmm … Governor. Been a while since I’ve been called that. It’s funny Eric, throughout my life, I’ve had many different titles. I’ve held all kinds of wrestling titles all around the world. I’ve been Mister Ventura, ‘The Body’ Ventura, Colour commentator Jesse Ventura, and like you just said, Governor Ventura. But we all know I’m no longer a Governor, Eric. You don’t need to call me that.

Bischoff disingenuously smiles.

Eric Bischoff: Fine by me. Jesse Ventura, p-

Jesse Ventura: Just call me, Commissioner Ventura.

The fans pop, as Bischoffs expression suddenly DROPS.

Jesse Ventura: That’s right Bischoff. As you know, ever since Linda McMahon decided to step out of the spotlight, the search has been on for a new WWE Commissioner to oversee the actions on Raw and Smackdown by the General Managers. And I’ve spent the last week now in solid discussions, back and forth with the WWE Board of Directors. And last night, I flew in to Stamford to finalise the deal. And in that deal, I have FULL authority over YOU, Arn Anderson, and every single piece of talent in the back.

Another pop.

Jesse Ventura: Now Eric, I don’t want you to worry - at least not yet. I wont be on your back every week, I wont even be here every week. But I will be watching very closely. So you’d better be on your toes, because all I need is an opening. All you have to do is step outta line once Bischoff …

Ventura attempts to stand over Bischoff and intimidate him.

Jesse Ventura: And I will see to it that you’re gone in a flash.

Small pop.

Jesse Ventura: Now, seeing as I took it upon myself to fly down to Orlando from Stamford this morning, I’d like to kick off my tenure as WWE Commissioner with a bang. So, Eric … see ya next week, you’ve got the night off.

Eric blankly stares at Ventura, before attempting to stand his ground.

Eric Bischoff: You cant do this, Jesse. You cant push your weight around like you own the place. I mean, this is abuse of power. The Board wont stand for this, Jesse. We- I have a lot planned tonight alre-

Jesse Ventura: And now you don’t need to worry about it. You’ve got the night off, Eric. And I might suggest that with seven days to think of one, you come up with a main event for Monday Night Raw next week.

Pop for Venturas no-nonsense attitude, with the Commissioner not discussing the matter with Bischoff at all, and motions to the ropes, with Bischoff standing down - overruled tonight. Despite Bischoffs neutral, even face like tendencies in recent weeks, the fans cheer for this comedown, as the GM is banished from his own show. Ventura shows little to no respect for his former employer back in WCW, and turns attention away from Bischoff as he exit’s the ramp.

Jesse Ventura: Now, we’ve wasted enough time tonight. Let’s get to business here. How about we make the Vengeance main event OFFICIAL!!!

Pop from the fans.

Jesse Ventura: First off, let’s bring out the challenger. The winner of last weeks Beat the Clock challenge. Mister Ken Kennedy!!


Dressed dapper, and looking ALL business, Mister Kennedy strides onto the stage, passing by Eric Bischoff as he leaves, not giving him a second glance, as he makes his way down the aisle.

Jim Ross: You have championed this man for months Coach. And in recent weeks, Mister Kennedy has really stepped up his game, and suddenly, he finds himself with a golden opportunity to win his first World Championship.

The Coach: And he WILL do it, J.R. Mark my words. Mister Kennedy is right on the cusp of greatness here on Raw. And on June 17 in your pigpen, Oklahoma, he’s gonna do it.

Jim Ross: He is on a roll, of that there is no doubt. But can Kennedy make the biggest of step ups in twenty seven days time??

Kennedy enters the ring, acknowledging Ventura, but doesn’t attempt to engage with him, and instead takes his seat at the table.


To a huge response, Christian steps onto the stage, already dressed in his ring gear, with his own t-shirt too, and carries the World Heavyweight Title over his shoulder.

Jim Ross: That right there folks, THAT, is the man to beat. Christian, the standard bearer, the target everyone else has to aim for. He is the World Heavyweight Champ for a reason, Coach-

The Coach: But not for much longer, for a reason.

Jim Ross: Christian and Mister Kennedy - it’ll be official, NEXT!!

Commercial Break

We return from the commercial, with Jesse Ventura already on the mic, and both men seemingly ready to get to business.

Jesse Ventura: Lets get to the formalities, shall we, gentlemen?? Right there, you both have a contract to sign, and I think it’d only be right if we let the challenger sign it first.

Christian waves his hand away as if to say ‘feel free’. Kennedy pulls the contract to himself, and skips to the last page, pen in hand, but pauses. Kennedy flicks the pen around his fingers, staring across the table at Christian, who leans back in the chair, looking ever so relaxed. Kennedy leans forward, grabbing the mic on the table, and speaks softly.

Mister Kennedy: It doesn’t matter to you, does it?? It could be the esteemed Commissioner signing this contract, it could be Jim Ross, or it could be any of those faceless clowns in the back, couldn’t it?? To you, it doesn’t really matter, does it??

The Champion remains calm, leaning back in the chair, simply keeping eye contact with Kennedy, and nothing more.

Mister Kennedy: You’re not taking any of this seriously, are ya?? You’re not taking me seriously, are ya?? Just look at ya for Chrissakes. We’re out here for a contract signing. I took it seriously. I dressed for the occasion, because this title shot means EVERYTHING to me. You?? You didn’t take this seriously. This isn’t serious for you, is it?? I mean, why should it be?? After all, you’re Christian. You’re the World Heavyweight Champion. You’ve beaten everybody there is to beat; you love to remind everyone that you beat The Undertaker (pop) … FOUR TIMES. You beat Steve Austin, (crowd pops) Brock Lesnar, (pop) Triple H, (heat) John Cena, (mixed reaction, outweighed with cheers) etcetera, etcetera. So why should you give a rats ass about facing little ‘ol me.

Still, Christian looks relaxed, as Kennedy continues.

Mister Kennedy: After all, you’ve reached that promised land. Now that you’ve made it, you only give a second thought to those other top dogs. Well I’m very sorry, Christian. I’m sorry that I’m not a ten times World Champ … I’m sorry I don’t have a “Chain Gang” … I’m sorry I’m not a Phenom, and I’m ever so sorry that I’m not ‘The Worlds Toughest S.O.B’. I’m soooo very sorry you’ve had to take time outta your busy schedule to sign this contract for this pesky title match on June 17.

Kennedy stares over at the champion who still looks unconcerned, leaning back, waiting patiently. Kennedy now looks down at the contract, quickly signing it. Ventura looks over to make sure the challenger signs, with Kennedy looking up at the commissioner, then lifts the clipboard and chucks it across the table toward the champion. Just as Christian moves forward to pick up his pen, the challenger speaks up again.

Mister Kennedy: But I’m not at all sorry that on June 17 I’m gonna shock the world, and take that World Heavyweight Championship.

Mixed reaction, quickly descending into boos for the challenger. Christian smirks, and now takes the mic on his side of the table.

Christian: Is that right??

Kennedy nods.

Christian: Look, I’ve heard that spiel before. These fans have heard it all before … at the very least, please come up with something original.

Agitated, Kennedy responds immediately.

Mister Kennedy: It only sounds familiar because you were once the guy on this side of the table. It’s familiar because you said the exact same thing once upon a time. You see, the tables have turned Christian. You don’t realise it … but you’ve entered that special place that you never want to enter - the comfort zone.

Kennedy grins, as the confident look on Christians face starts to turn.

Mister Kennedy: That’s right. You’re in that place. You’ve become THAT guy. You broke the glass ceiling, you won your title, you headlined and closed out WrestleMania, you’ve beaten all the greats … and now, you’ve entered your own little bubble. You’re thinking you’re untouchable. You look down at the likes of me now, and don’t give a second thought. That hunger that got you in that position?? It’s gone. Christian, you’ve peaked … and once you reach the top … there’s only one way to go … and that’s down.

Christian stares at Kennedy, looking rather angered by the accusations.

Mister Kennedy: So let me … reiterate. On June 17, I’m gonna burst your little bubble, and I’m taking that big gold belt with me.

Heat. Now, it’s Kennedy sitting back, relaxing, as Christian stares a hole through the challenger, whilst Ventura continues to watch on..

Christian: I have reached the top, yeah. But I’ve got plenty left in the tank to stay here, and I will be staying here for the foreseeable future.

Pop. Christian leans forward, making sure he has eye contact with Kennedy.

Christian: You know, you’ve got a big mouth Kennedy. And on June 17, I’m gonna take great pleasure in shutting it.

Another pop. Christian signs the contract, but as he does, Kennedy pipes up again.

Mister Kennedy: Now where have I heard that before??

Kennedy rubs his chin, pretending to think hard, then clicks his fingers.

Mister Kennedy: Oh yeah, that would’ve been Steve Austin saying that to YOU, not so long ago.

Kennedy smirks at Christian, with the champion looking more and more agitated by the challenger.

Mister Kennedy: And just like Austin, you’re making a fatal mistake. You’ve underestimated the loudmouthed, cocksure rising force that’s nipping at your heels. To you, I’m nothing more than a pest … just the “challenger of the week”, right?? I mean, you’re sitting there thinking that really, it should be Shawn Michaels, Kurt Angle or John Cena sitting on this side of the table.

Christian rolls his eyes at the accusation, shaking his head.

Mister Kennedy: You don’t need to try and convince me, Champ. I know that deep down, you’re not focused on this. This isn’t a serious issue for you. You aren’t viewing me as a serious threat … but you will.

‘Oooooh’ is the noise reverberating around the arena. Kennedy looks to Ventura, pointing to the champion.

Mister Kennedy: He signed that yet??

Ventura nods. Kennedy looks satisfied, and turns his attention back to Christian.

Mister Kennedy: Good. Christian?? You sit back, relax yourself, and think about the future. Go ahead, think past Vengeance, think about your next challenger …

Kennedy stands up, leaning over the table at Christian, who also stands up now, with the fans getting excited.

Mister Kennedy: … And you KEEP thinking about it … dream about it every night, because those dreams will be all you have after Vengeance.

Kennedy slams the mic down, and turns away from the table, storming from the ring, with Christian watching on, not taking his eyes off the hungry challenger. As Kennedy drops off the apron, and walks up the aisle, Ventura now speaks up.

Jesse Ventura: Hold on just a second. The two of you arent finished tonight - not just yet.

The fans pop, with Kennedy turning around on the aisle, and Christian looking quizzically at the Commissioner.

Jesse Ventura: Eric Bischoff neglected to announce a main event for tonight’s show, but now that I’m in charge, it’s The Body’s rules … and I’m announcing tonights main event, right here, right now.

Another pop for Ventura.

Jesse Ventura: I know the excitement is building for Vengeance already, but lets be honest - it’s still four weeks away. I don’t know about you people here in Orlando (cheap pop) but I want a taster of what’s to come. That’s why tonight, it’ll be Mister Kennedy in one corner, teaming with the Olympic Gold Medallist Kurt Angle. And their opponents will be the two men they face at Vengeance, John Cena, and the World Champion Christian!!! Enjoy the evening gentlemen.


It’s a big pop from the fans, with Ventura chucking the mic away, and exiting the ring, with the main event this evening set in stone, and excitement running through the arena.

Jim Ross: My word!!! The new Commissioner has just laid down the law!!! Talk about an instant impression, Coach, tonight, it’s a preview for Vengeance; Christian and John Cena will team to face Kennedy and Kurt Angle. A star studded main event if ever there was one!!!

The Coach: No nonsense stuff from The Body, baby boy!!! Vengeance comes early tonight!!!

Jim Ross: The stage is set Coach, but that’s the main event. When we return though, it’s back to the King of the Ring tournament. CM Punk, one half of the tag team champions, with the opportunity to break out into singles competition, as he faces a man he knows very well; Johnny Nitro!!! Don’t dare go anywhere!!!

Commercial Break

We return, straight into the arena…


Red carpet? Check. Photographers? Check. Fur coat and saucy valet? Check. Johnny Nitro enters the arena with a gleaming Melina by his side, as Joey Mercury (not in action tonight, therefore dressed casually) follows behind.

Jim Ross: Last Tuesday night on Superstars, the King of the Ring tournament kicked off in earnest, with Umaga and Burchill advancing to the round of sixteen. Tonight, it continues, and the opportunities fall into the lap of CM Punk and Johnny Nitro - an opportunity to break out and make a name for themselves. This is what this tournament is all about, Coach.

The Coach: Don’t tell that to guys like Willy Regal or Finlay, J.R. Yeah, for the likes of Punk and Nitro, it’s a breakout opportunity, but for the veterans like Regal and Finlay, this is a last big throw of the dice to hit the promised land.

Jim Ross: You make a good point Coach - for once - and indeed, William Regal kicks off his assault on this tournament tonight also, facing Mike Knox. The winners of these two matches tonight will meet in the round of sixteen in the coming weeks too.


Joined by his partner Greg Helms, CM Punk steps onto the stage, getting a positive reaction from the fans, ahead of his big moment.

Johnny Nitro w/ MNM vs. CM Punk w/ Greg Helms
The outside factors are eliminated early, as interference from both sides forces the official to banish Melina, Mercury and Helms from ringside, leaving Punk and Nitro to battle it out. And, in the short space of time the two get, it’s a fast paced affair, which excites the fans, full of near falls and athleticism. Nitro comes closest to a finish with a roll up, grabbing the tights, but Punk manages to just kick out. Then, Nitro misses a super kick, and eventually falls foul to the Punk Card, and the cover is made, 1...2...3!!!!!
Winner: CM Punk @ 05:23

Punk advances to the last sixteen stage - just one away now from the Elite 8, and Saturdays Nights Main Event, where the tournament will culminate. Punk celebrates his win in the ring, whilst Nitro is rolled to the outside, with the woes continuing for MNM against Straight Edge, as we fade out, backstage.

Backstage, Todd Grisham is standing by with Maria.

Todd Grisham: Ladies and Gentlemen, I am joined by the newest addition to the Monday Night Raw roster, formerly of Smackdown, Maria.

Excitedly, Maria smiles, waving to the camera.

Todd Grisham: Now Maria, you have requested this switch in order to compete in the womens division here on Raw, however tonight, in your first match you face the unknown Beth Phoenix, also making her in ring debut on Raw.

Maria nods, still selling excitement.

Maria: Todd, I’ve been asking for months to come to Raw. I’ve been training really, really hard for the last twelve months, and now, I think I’m ready to compete with the very best divas on Raw.

Brimming with excitement, Maria bounces slightly.

Todd Grisham: But, given the lack of details you’ll have on Beth Phoenix, and with no knowledge of what she is capable of, don’t you think there is some risk attached to your first match here on Raw??

Maria ponders the question for a moment.

Maria: Umm… I guess there is, but Todd-

Maria stops, as she sees BETH PHOENIX, joined by MELINA, enter the picture. Beth stands over Maria, hard faced, whilst Melina has a wicked smile, that grows bigger as she looks at Maria starting to look scared.

There’s a long, awkward silence, before Phoenix finally speaks.

Beth Phoenix: There’s A LOT of risk involved for you tonight Mickie.

Melina lets out a chuckle, whilst Maria lets out a tiny response.

Maria: Umm, I’m M- Maria.

Phoenix merely shakes her head, then leans in, whispering into the ear of Maria.

Beth Phoenix: Not tonight. Tonight, you’re Mickie James.

Phoenix backs off, and shows the slightest hint of a smirk, as she and Melina walk off, leaving Maria with a lot to think about…

Commercial Break

We return, straight into a video package;
- ‘Alexis Laree’ wins the Womens Championship at WrestleMania as part of the 8 Person Tag Team Match.
- In the following weeks, Melina loses her rematch, and falls to the back of the line in the hunt for the title.
- Melina then begins to torment Laree, speaking of ‘Beth’, and Larees past, using this to threaten her with blackmail, telling the champion she’ll reveal all her secrets to the world, unless she ‘lies down’ and allows her to win back the belt she lost at WrestleMania.
- Laree snaps though, and in the end refuses to lie down, defeating Melina to retain the title, calling Melinas bluff … but she wasn’t bluffing.
- Last weeks revelations, courtesy of Beth Phoenix, including the revelation that Alexis Laree was once known as Mickie James.

And back to ringside, with J.R and Coach, whilst Maria waits in the ring…


Using Melinas music, Beth Phoenix makes her entrance, accompanied by the former womens champion.

Jim Ross: Coach, Mickie James, Alexis Laree, whichever name the young lady wishes to go by, the womens champion, has now not been seen on Raw for the second week running. Last week, she was given compassionate leave, but tonight, after the revelations of that woman, Beth Phoenix, she‘s simply no showed. Just WHERE is she??

The Coach: Probably beating up kind old ladies-

Jim Ross: Oh COME ON!!! Coach, that is just unacceptable-

The Coach: I know it’s unacceptable J.R, but that’s what we’ve come to expect of our womens champion.

Jim Ross: I’m talking about you!!

The Coach: Hey, I just call it as I see it. A Leopard never changes its spots J.R, you know that. Once a maniac, always a maniac. And Mickie James is a certified maniac.

Match 2:
Beth Phoenix w/Melina vs. Maria
Nothing but a vehicle to show the dominant force of Beth Phoenix. Maria is simply a deer caught in the headlights from bell to bell. During the impressive squash, J.R and Coach recover the events of recent weeks, and the current disappearance of Mickie James, after last weeks revelation. Phoenix makes a few calls during the match toward the camera, all directed toward the womens champion, whilst Melina watches on, looking highly pleased, and eventually, the finish comes with an impressive elevated double chickenwing wheelbarrow face buster (Glam Slam; but simply called by J.R as ‘My word, that broke her in half!!’) and an elementary, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Beth Phoenix @ 02:29

A highly impressive debut for Phoenix, who has her arm raised by the devious Melina. As the camera goes for a close up on the victorious debutant, Phoenix calls out the missing womens champion once again, saying to the camera “Mickie James, Come out, come out, wherever you are”. Melina devilishly laughs by Beths side, as Coach and J.R talk.

Jim Ross: An impressive, imposing victory from Beth Phoenix. She has just crushed poor Maria. I think Coach, it is safe to say, this woman is the real deal.

The Coach: Never doubted it baby boy. Look at this woman!! She’s got bigger arms than me!!

Jim Ross: The matchstick man has bigger arms than you Coach.

The Coach: Who injected you with a dose of humour?? We’re talkin about Beth Phoenix here. No wonder Mickie James has gone on the run. Would you want to be on the end of this womans wrath??

Jim Ross: In a word Coach?? No.

Commercial Break


Pitch black, until the voiceover begins…

‘Some have been wronged’

Slow silent shot of Kurt Angle, roaring in anger.

‘Some have been doubted’

Silent shot of Mister Kennedy, victorious last Monday night on Raw.

‘Some have crossed the line’

Silent shot of a sobbing Mickie James.

‘Yet some have yet to scratch the surface’

Silent shot of Umaga standing over Shawn Michaels.

… Still silence … then a sudden rush of crowd noise …

‘But on this night, NO act goes unpunished…’

Shawn Michaels firing up, gritting his teeth.

‘The wrongs can be righted … the doubters can be silenced’

John Cena and Kurt Angle exchanging blows … Mister Kennedy and Christian locking eyes at the close of Raw on Monday.

‘Lines can be crossed … and the boundaries can be forgotten’

Flashing shots of high flying risks from Shelton Benjamin, Rey Mysterio, Matt Hardy & Straight Edge.

‘For on this night … VENGEANCE … will be served’

Vengeance logo flashes across the screen.


We then return backstage, where Kelly Kelly is standing by, alongside Kurt Angle…

Kelly Kelly: Hi everybody!! I’m here with Kurt Angle, who tonight will team with Mister Kennedy, facing off against Christian, and his opponent at Vengeance, John Cena. Kurt, you and John Cena have been at each others throats for months now, but in four weeks time, the two of you will have the chance to settle the score, once and for all-

Kurt Angle: Absolutely. Kelly … I hate John Cena. I don’t say that word too often, but I truly hate him. I hate everything he stands for, I hate how he’s accomplished so much with so little talent, I hate the way he has a generation of children brainwashed into following his every move. But most of all … I hate how he genuinely believes he can compete on my level. Me … an Olympic gold medallist. A genuine athlete. And Cena … a common thug, who knows only one kind of combat … street combat.

Angle pauses, then looks into the camera.

Kurt Angle: Well Cena … I’ve already had to stoop to your level at Backlash, and again in the First Blood match two weeks ago. And even when we competed in your element, we’re one and one. Now, you’ve gotta make the step up. At Vengeance, you have to enter MY element, MY world … and for you, it’s a world of pain you cant survive.

Now, a sinister smile develops on the face of Kurt Angle.

Kurt Angle: Tonight, it’s just the start. Tonight’s tag match is just a preview of what’s to come. On June 17, we’re doin things the old fashioned way … we’re doing what it says on the marquee, we’re gonna do what I do best, what I’m in this business for … something you cant do … at Vengeance, we’re gonna wrestle.

Angle walks off the set, delivering a strong message to Cena, as we cut away…

We then switch away, to a dark, unknown corner, with some amateurish, shaky camerawork, and the reason is soon clear … as THE MIZ jumps in front of the camera, looking around, before whispering to the camera.

The Miz: Guess who?? Oh yeah, it’s me, The Miz, and you should all know what time it is … umm hmm … it’s time for our WWE superstars to grab themselves a dose of reality!!

Miz walks on, summoning the cameraman to follow him. He stops, crouching down, and points down the hallway, with the shaky camera zooming toward a door reading ‘WOMENS LOCKER ROOM’. Miz looks to the camera, smiling broadly, and nods, before motioning for the cameraman to follow him down. He scurries down the hallway, trying to keep quiet, sneaking toward the door. The Miz turns to the cameraman again, putting a finger to his lips, before putting a hand on the door, looking to the camera again, and whispers …

The Miz: It’s time for the Reality Check to become ‘X-Rated’.

Miz then looks to turn the handle, but a hand enters the picture, stopping him. The camera turns, and shows that the handle belongs to JESSE VENTURA.

Jesse Ventura: Uh-Uh. Not tonight pal. In fact, you’re just the guy I’ve been looking for.

The Miz, like a deer in the headlights, simply looks up at the Commissioner, and slowly gulps, before letting out a quiet response.

The Miz: I was uh, just trying to, y’know … inject some more entertainment-

Ventura shakes his head, stopping Miz.

Jesse Ventura: Not tonight you don’t.

Miz accepts the ruling of Ventura, nodding.

Jesse Ventura: You caused quite the stir last week with your hidden camera antics. Now, for some reason, your paperwork still hasn’t cleared, which means it’s your lucky night punk. Because if I had my way, I’d be throwing you into the deep end, and getting you into the ring. Now, since I cant do that, all I really can do is escort you … (looks at the cameraman) and your buddy here off the premises, and I’d advise you not to come back until you’re actually here to compete … in fact, I’d advise you not to come back at all. Because make no mistake about it … there’s gonna be no hidden cameras when you step into that ring to save your embarrassment. No, no, no … the entire world is gonna see you get your puny little butt kicked. And trust me punk, there is a locker room full of guys lining up, for a shot at you.

Ventura points down the hall, with Miz turning and walking away, as the Commissioner follows him, making sure he’s leaving. As he trudges off, Miz turns to Ventura…

The Miz: What am I supposed to do now??

Ventura simply shrugs.

Jesse Ventura: I don’t know … and I don’t care either. Just make sure it’s not disrupting my show.

Ventura then steps in front of Miz, and opens two double doors, leading to a back entrance of the building, and shows Miz out. Just as Miz exit’s the door, he turns back to Ventura again.

The Miz: Y’know what your problem is, Ventura?? You’re old school. Y’need to get with the times. It’s Two Thousand Seven!! Step aside and embrace the change!!

The Commissioner ignores the sudden show of balls from Miz, and slams shut the doors, leaving a disgruntled Miz standing outside, looking around, with his cameraman trying to get a close up. Miz pushes the camera away.

The Miz: Cant you see now isn’t a good time, you idiot?? … We’re not finished tonight … we’re not finished tonight. I promised my followers a reality check, and that’s what they’re gonna get. Forget what that old fossil said … I’ve got an idea. C’mon.

Miz quickly moves off, with the cameraman lagging behind…

And back in the arena, SHAWN MICHAELS is walking through the backstage area, NOT dressed for action, but instead, dressed casually …

Jim Ross: It’s the Heartbreak Kid, Coach!!! Shawn Michaels is here, and it looks like he’s coming this way!! Shawn Michaels is set to join us, when we come back!!

Commercial Break


To the delight of the fans, Shawn Michaels enters the arena, saluting his fans, slapping hands as he makes his way down the aisle.

Jim Ross: For nearly two months, Shawn Michaels has found himself on the end of the wrath of the Armando Estrada handled Samoan Bulldozer, Umaga.

The Coach: That’s Mister Money in the Bank to you, J.R. And for your information, Shawn Michaels was given a reprieve last week, so-

Jim Ross: Oh, how kind of him.

The Coach: You know sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, don’t you?

In the ring, HBK stands in the centre, fixing his cowboy hat, acknowledging the cheers, before raising a hand to ask for quiet.

Shawn Michaels: HELLO ORLANDO!!!

Eliciting a cheap pop, HBK shows a cheeky grin, before rubbing his chin, and gets set to continue.

Shawn Michaels: I aint gonna take up too much of your time tonight, boys and girls, but I just hadta get somethin off ma chest this evening.

Momentary pause.

Shawn Michaels: Y’know, couple weeks ago, I stood in this very ring, and threw down the gauntlet to Umaga.

Michaels stops, allowing a couple of cheers.

Shawn Michaels: After a number of weeks of sneak attacks and beatdowns, I pretty much had it up to here.

HBK motions to the top of his head.

Shawn Michaels: But … Umaga decided he’d rather just continue to attack yours truly from behind, again … and again.

Shawn rolls his eyes, before continuing, showing a slightly confused look.

Shawn Michaels: Now, maybe I’m missin somethin here, but isn’t Umaga undefeated?? Isn’t Umaga currently holding the Money in the Bank briefcase?? Isn’t this guy THREE HUNDRED AND FIFTY POUNDS??? He’s been called the Samoan Bulldozer time and time again … but it seems like the guy doesn’t like it when he’s bein called out!!

Small boos for Umaga.

Shawn Michaels: It seems to me, Umaga has a problem with facin good ‘ol Aitch Bee Kay, man to man. It seems to me, Umaga is happy to just jump good ‘ol Aitch Bee Kay from behind, week after week, time after time.

Shawn scratches his chin again, showing a slight smirk, before getting serious again.

Shawn Michaels: Well big man, I aint puttin up with it any longer. A few weeks back, I challenged ya to come face me man ta man … and you declined the invitation. Well … I aint askin anymore … I’M DEMANDING!!

Big pop.

Shawn Michaels: You wanna make a name off The Showstopper, big man?? Come right ahead … but lets try to do it the old fashioned way … one on one, man to man, mano e mano.

Another pop.

Shawn Michaels: I wanna see if The Samoan Bulldozer is the real deal … and I’m pretty sure just about everybody in Orlando, Florida-

Cheap pop.

Shawn Michaels: … and the rest of the fans all around the world wanna see if Umaga has what it takes to step into the ring with The Heart Break Kid. Because lets face it, any schmuck can attack a guy from behind and look good. Those guys are a dime a dozen. Here’s your chance Umaga. Here’s the chance to step up to the plate, stand out from the crowd, and EARN a reputation.

Another pop from the fans.

Shawn Michaels: So Armando, what’s it gonna be?? Is Umaga gonna be just another ‘Johnny Come Lately’, OR is your Saaaaaaa-mo-an Bulldozerrrr the real thing?? If he’s just another flash in the pan, there aint no shame. He aint the first, and he sure as hell wont be the last either my man. But- if he is what you make him out to be … why don’t you bring that big lump out here, right now, and come see me face ta face??!!

Massive pop from the fans, wanting Umaga to meet HBK face to face. HBK waits for a moment, before speaking again, looking bored as he waits.

Shawn Michaels: What’s it t’ be??

HBK leans on the ropes, waiting for a response.

And waiting.



And, led by a grinning Armando Estrada who is carrying the MITB briefcase, Umaga steps into view, with the fans cheering in excitement.

Jim Ross: Folks … business, has just picked up.

The Coach: Over the years, we’ve heard that Shawn Michaels regrets a lot of his actions back in the nineties. J.R, I think I can safely say, Shawn Michaels will regret calling out the Samoan Bulldozer more than anything he’s ever done in the past. This is what you call career suicide.

Jim Ross: For six of the last seven weeks on Raw, Umaga has left Shawn Michaels laying. Tonight, we’re gonna find out if he can do it face to face. HBK has reached breaking point, and you say he’ll regret this?? I don’t think so. Umaga may be bigger and stronger, but you can never count out Shawn Michaels.

The Coach: On this occasion, I think I will.


Estrada enters the ring, along with Umaga, with the handler standing in front of his savage, smiling at a very serious Shawn Michaels.

Armando Estrada:Ask … and … comos se dice … ju shall … HA HA … receive.

Boos from the fans, with HBK still looking extremely serious, in the face of the smiling Estrada.

Armando Estrada: The great Shawn Michaels, ha ha. Ju hombre, have got a lot of … BALLS, HUH??

Michaels remains concentrated, showing no emotion.

Armando Estrada: Ju come out here, and you demand a piece of Umaga?? Ju want to challenge Umaga to face you like a man??

Still smiling, Estrada steps back, and by the side of Umaga, looking the beast up and down.

Armando Estrada: Pero, does this look like a man who …(tries to think of the word) DUCKS a challenge??

Michaels doesn’t respond. Estrada steps forward again, and points at HBK.

Armando Estrada: Mi amigo, ju have made a HUGE mistake. Ju don’t call out Meester Monney in the bank, ju DON’T challenge THIS MAN!!!

Estrada points at Umaga, with the savage standing still, staring a hole through HBK, breathing heavy.

Armando Estrada: Pero, until now, Umaga has been just toying wi’ ju. He’s attacked ju from behind, because he wanted to … because I wanted him to. But now that you‘ve questioned this man?? NOW … that you’ve called out Umaga?? NOW?? … Playtime?? IT’S OVER PERO!!

Heat for Estrada.

Armando Estrada: From now on, the gloves?? … ARE OFF!! Now?? Now, I’m gonna let THE SAAAAAAAA-MO-AN BULLDOZERRR off the leash, ha ha!!

Overly confident, Estrada gets in Michaels face, constantly pointing behind himself at Umaga.


Estrada continues to bark in the face of Shawn.


Estrada now gets in Michaels face.

Armando Estrada: It’ll be the great Shawn Michaels, one on one … with the Samoan Bulldozer … at Vengeance!!

Pop from the crowd. Michaels remains stoic, as Estrada removes his sunglasses.

Armando Estrada: But hombre, let me warn ju … BE CAREFUL WHAT JU WISH FOR!! Because … at Vengeance?? HA HA … ju are going to get … THE BEATING- BEATING- I SAID BEATING of a lifetime courtesy of-


Shawn Michaels, that quickly, drops Estrada!!! The arena goes NUTS as Estrada goes down, but UMAGA instantly pounces on Shawn … DRIVING HBK into the corner with ferocity. The Samoan Bulldozer wildly throws blows, swatting Michaels, pounding him to the canvas. Umaga then stops, and turns around, yelling wildly, before storming out of the corner … THEN CHARGES IN … BUT MICHAELS AVOIDS THE RUNNING BUTT SPLASH!!!!

The fans come alive again, as Michaels avoids Umaga, and gets to his feet, ducking under a wild clothesline, then delivers an inverted atomic drop … AND CONNECTS WITH SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!!


Mister Money in the Bank merely wobbles from the super kick, as HBK looks stunned … but winds up again … AND HIT’S A SECOND SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!!


This time, Umaga wobbles backward, feeling the effects of the kick, as Michaels looks down, and spots the briefcase, quickly picking it up, AND SMASHES IT OFF THE SKULL OF UMAGA!!! The Samoan Bulldozer stumbles back again, into the ropes … AS MICHAELS HIT’S A THIRD SWEET CHIN MUSIC … SENDING UMAGA OVER THE TOP ROPE!!!

Umaga lands on the floor outside, crashing into the barrier, and onto his knees, looking dazed from the shots to the head, as Michaels looks pumped up in the ring, begging the 350 pound beast to get back inside!!!

Michaels then turns his attention back to Estrada, and picks the mouthpiece up, ripping his jacket and shirt off, before slapping Armando around the face, before grabbing a cigar from the canvas, and shoves it into the mouth of the knocked out Estrada, then chucks Armando over the top rope, to join Umaga on the outside!!!

Orlando is on it’s feet for HBK, who has finally landed a blow in this one sided war with Umaga, as the Samoan Bulldozer furiously pounds the apron in frustration on the outside. Meanwhile, in the ring, Michaels picks up the briefcase, throwing it outside too, and picks up Estradas hat, putting it on, adding insult to injury, as Umaga picks up his handler, throwing him over his shoulder, and backing up the ramp, yelling back at Michaels, who stands firm in the ring, wearing the hat of Estrada, showing no fear of the Samoan Bulldozer, as we fade out.

Commercial Break

We return with clips from the last segment, where a meeting between Shawn Michaels and Umaga was verbally agreed, before Shawn Michaels finally got one over on his tormentor for the past two months.

Jim Ross:
Coach, have we just seen the first chink in the armour of the Samoan Bulldozer?? For weeks - months even - Umaga has dominated Shawn Michaels, but tonight, Shawn Michaels finally got the upper hand!!

The Coach: But it took him THREE, count ‘em, THREE doses of Sweet Chin Music, and the helping hand of a solid briefcase to do it!! Not to mention Shawn Michaels attacked Armando Estrada for no good reason!!

Jim Ross: Turnabout’s fair play, Coach. Haven’t you ever heard that?? Shawn Michaels has been on the receiving end of Umaga wrath, led by his handler, for the last two months, and tonight it was payback!!!

The Coach: Well, we’ll see what happens in twenty seven days time at Vengeance. Shawn Michaels might have just signed his own death warrant with that attack. Umaga has GOT to be furious.

In the ring, Mike Knox - making his first appearance on TV since the night after WrestleMania - is standing, waiting for his opponent.

Jim Ross: Well folks, it’s time to continue the King of the Ring tournament, and as you can see, Mike Knox is standing by, waiting for his first round opponent…

The Coach: We haven’t seen this guy for quite some time J.R. And by the looks of it, wherever he’s been, they don’t sell razors. Look at that beard!!

Jim Ross: Quite the sight.


To a generous pop, the veteran, William Regal, makes his entrance, looking focused and ready.

Jim Ross: Coming from England, perhaps there would be no one more fitting to win the King of the Ring tournament than William Regal, Coach-

The Coach: Maybe not, but this thing isn’t about sentiment, old timer. You gotta earn the right to be the King of the Ring. And don’t get me started on royalty in England-

Jim Ross: We’ll have plenty of time to discuss your views on that in August at Summerslam, Coach.

William Regal vs. Mike Knox
Regal displays his veteran instincts in order to get the upper hand on the much bigger opponent. Knox, making his first appearance on TV since WrestleMania, puts in a good showing too, getting the better of Regal for a period of the contest. But, despite showcasing his power, Knox is unable to put the Brit away, with Regal hanging on, surviving the onslaught. Knox, starting to grow anxious, looks more and more for a finish, but instead, allows Regal back into contention, and in the end falls victim to Regal and the Knee Trembler, earning the veteran the 1...2...3!!!
Winner: William Regal @ 04:46

Regal books himself a showdown with the up and coming CM Punk in the last sixteen of the King of the Ring tournament!! The veteran celebrates, showing how much the win means to him, as he has his hand raised, whilst it’s back to the drawing board for Mike Knox as he attempts to make an impression on Raw.

Jim Ross: Regal advances, and it will be youth against experience in the sweet sixteen, as Regal takes on CM Punk for a place at Saturday Nights Main Events conclusion of the tournament on June 23rd.

The Coach: This years King of the Ring is beginning to take shape baby boy.

Jim Ross: And next week, we will continue with a further two matches in the first round from the Raw side of the draw, but we’ll get to that a little later on.

We return backstage, where Todd Grisham is seen, approaching the General Managers office, tonight occupied by Jesse Ventura. Grisham knocks the door, and opens it, walking in, and sees Ventura, with his feet up on the table, looking relaxed.

Todd Grisham: Uhh, Mister Ventura?? Would it be possible to get a quick interview??

Ventura waves him on, allowing Grisham in.

Todd Grisham: Thanks. Basically, I just wanted to get a few comments on how it feels to be the new Co-

Voice: I saw the door was open so-

The camera turns, showing CODY RHODES entering the room. Rhodes pauses, seeing Ventura has company.

Cody Rhodes: Oh … I’m sorry, I uh, is this a bad time??

Jesse Ventura: Make it quick Mister Rhodes.

Cody nods.

Cody Rhodes: I’m just looking for a very small favour. Last week on Superstars I was humiliated in the King of the Ring tournament. All I want tonight is a chance to redeem myself. I just want a match, sir.

Ventura looks to Grisham, then back to Rhodes.

Jesse Ventura: I like your spirit Cody. Reminds me of your old man. However, I cant give you a match tonight, because you are otherwise engaged on Superstars tomorrow night.

Rhodes looks pleased.

Cody Rhodes: That’s fantastic. Who am I facing??

Ventura smirks, and shakes his head slightly.

Jesse Ventura: Well, here’s where it gets a little interesting. Y’see kid, this wasn’t a match I was planning on putting together, but I’ve had a couple of visitors here already tonight - one of which already concerned you.

Cody looks confused.

Cody Rhodes: Somebody asked to face me in a match??

Ventura smiles again.

Jesse Ventura: Not quite. The opposite in fact. Somebody was here to ask for a tag match, to team with you.

Rhodes suddenly twigs where this is going.

Cody Rhodes: Oh no, not him. No way Jess. Dustin already ruined by chances at becoming the King of the Ring, I’m not gonna let him make a mockery of me any longer.

Suddenly, we hear ‘TUT, TUT, TUT’ from behind Cody, and we see it’s none other than GOLDUST. The Bizarre One walks up to Cody, putting an arm around his shoulder.

Goldust: You cant blame your bigger brother for your shortcomings Cody. I’m here to help you step out of his shadow!!

Rhodes rolls his eyes.

Goldust: Now the King of the Ring didn’t work out. But I’ve seen what you need now.

Rhodes nods.

Cody Rhodes: Yeah, I need to get away from you, you freak.

Goldust shakes his head.

Goldust: Ohhhhh … no, no, no. Quite the opposite. You need to get closer to me, young Cody.

Rhodes huffs, furious with this, as Ventura speaks up.

Jesse Ventura: Look, you two can take this elsewhere. The fact of the matter is that you both get your wish. Cody, you have your shot to redeem yourself after that King of the Ring fiasco, and … (look at Goldust)you get to team with him. Tomorrow night, you’re facing off against Tomko and X-Pac. They wanted a piece of the action, he wanted a tag match, and you wanted a match. The way I see it, you all oughta be happy. Now get this damn circus outta my office, will ya.

Cody storms off, with Goldust chasing behind him, as Grisham remains with Ventura.

Jesse Ventura: You too, Todd.

Grisham accepts the decision, and nods, before turning to leave. He walks out, as we hear Ventura mutter under his breath.

Jesse Ventura: God damn freak show.

Commercial Break


Accompanied by Katie Lea, Paul Burchill and Harry Smith enter to a good ovation, ahead of this upcoming tag team match. Smith and Katie though look extremely uncomfortable after last weeks ‘Reality Check’, whilst it is still unclear if Burchill is aware of the situation, with his usual ‘fixed’ expression etched on his face.

Jim Ross: And Coach, here come two men who still have a massive, vested interest in this years King of the Ring; Paul Burchill has already advanced to the ‘Sweet Sixteen’ and will meet Umaga there in a clash of two undefeated superstars on Raw, whilst Harry Smith begins his quest, when he faces the Intercontinental Champion, Shelton Benjamin in the coming weeks.

The Coach: Yeah, but something tells me the King of the Ring might just be the last thing on either of these guys minds right now. Does Burchill know Smith has been foolin around with his little stepsister?? I say if he does, we’ll soon see why Burchill has been referred to as the ‘King of Pain’ as opposed to the King of the Ring.

Jim Ross: Well, I’d dare say if Burchill did see that footage from last week, Harry Smith wouldn’t be physically able to stand by now.

The Coach: Maybe I should inform Burchill-

Jim Ross: Maybe not.

In an interesting twist, we see Burchill call for a mic, as the music dies down.

The Coach: Maybe he does know afterall.

Both Harry and Katie look at each other, neither looking forward to what they might be about to hear. Burchill stands still, staring at both his stepsister and tag team partner, before finally speaking.

Paul Burchill: Alright. I think the pair of you know what this is about.

Again, Harry and Katie look at each other, uneasy.

Paul Burchill: Last week, the two of you were caught on camera…

Burchill cuts himself off, not wanting to talk any further. He puts his head down, and shakes his head.

Paul Burchill: Look- I’ve went through a wide range of emotions this past week. I’ve had a lot to think about. That’s why I didn’t answer calls from either of you.

Burchill pauses again, then looks straight at his sister.

Paul Burchill: You know I’ve always been protective of you Katie, ever since we were little … but over the last week, I’ve had to realise that I cant dictate what you do in your life, I cant hold on to you forever … that wouldn’t be fair, and in the end, it’d would only end with you resenting me.

Burchill nods, and turns his attention to Smith.

Paul Burchill: Harry … in the short time we’ve known each other and been tag team partners, I have to admit, I’ve grown very fond of you. You’re a good guy, and I have no doubt that you’ll treat my baby sister with the respect she deserves.

Still looking uncomfortable, Smith nods, but quickly puts his head down.

Paul Burchill: And after having time to think about it, I’ve realised that there isn’t a better guy for my sister than you. Basically, what I’m trying to say here is … the two of you have my blessing.

Small pop from the fans, but many in attendance couldn’t really care less about this issue.

Paul Burchill: I’m just sorry that the two of you felt you had to hide this from me. That’s my fault. But believe me, you don’t have to worry about how I’ll react from now on. I support you both.

Burchill extends a hand to Smith, with Harry accepting, but still looking uneasy with the imposing Burchill smiling at him.

Paul Burchill: And at least this way, it works out the best for all of us. You two get to be together … and I can keep an eye on the pair of you at the same time.

A few ‘Oooohs’ come from the fans, as Katies expression drops. Burchill is set to turn and give his sister a hug, when…


Heat instantly descends as the fans realise it’s none other than THEODORE LONG, leading out The Brotherhood.

Theodore Long: PLAYAS!! Excuse me for tha interruption, but I was under the impression that this was Monday Night Raw, NOT One Tree Hill, ya feel may??

Couple of cheers from the fans, but the comment is met mainly with boos.

Theodore Long: But gentlemen, and of course, lady-

Theodore nods down the aisle at a disgusted Katie Lea.

Theodore Long: Tha Brotherhood has a problem. Y’see, Eric Bischoff only afforded my four soldiers a measly two spots for Mark and Tha Black Diamond in tha King of the Ring tournament, but playas … four inta two don’t go, ya dig?? An’ Monty an’ JTG here deserve some recognition if ya ask me.

Smirking, Long winks at the two men in the ring.

Theodore Long: So … we have ourselves a dilemma. BUT!! Fortunately … you guys are tha solution.

Long chuckles.

Theodore Long: By eliminating tha two of you crackas … Tha Brotherhood profits … ya feel may?? And as for you, little lady??

Long looks at Katie again, with Burchill standing in front of her, getting to her before Smith had the chance.

Theodore Long: Well … you just know y’place, and y’ wont get hurt.

Burchill snaps.


Theodore Long: HOLD IT- Hold it right there, playa. If that English Rose doesn’t wanna get hurt, she’d betta get outta the firin line, ya dig??

Paul Burchill: YOU DON’T THREATEN HER!! You pack of gutless cowards bring your God Forsaken arses to this ring right now, and I’ll damn sure eliminate any problems!!!

Theodore smiles at the reaction, then looks at his troops, nodding.

Theodore Long: Gentlemen. Proceed.

Led by Mark Henry, The Brotherhood make a beeline for the ring, with Smith and Burchill meeting them as they enter, and the punches are traded, but instantly, the numbers are too great for the Lions to handle … and naturally, Katie gets involved, jumping on the back of Monty Brown … but he simply throws her off.

Brown then stalks the female in the corner, with Katie cowering down, as a three on two beating continues, with Theodore Long directing traffic …


IT’S MATT HARDY!!!!!!!!!!

Matt Hardy, one week removed from a massive win over Shelton Benjamin, charges to the ring, sliding inside, and throws blows to ANYTHING that moves, knocking down JTG, then Brown, THEN Benjamin!!! Hardy then continues to pound on the Intercontinental Champion, as Burchill and Smith fight back to their feet against Mark Henry, eventually knocking him OUT of the ring!!! JTG and Monty Brown soon follow, with the supposedly scheduled tag team match between the British Lions and The Brotherhood up in the air now.
Just as the stand off begins, the camera switches to the stage again, where an unimpressed Jesse Ventura is waiting.

Jesse Ventura:
AHEM!!! May I have your attention??

All eyes turn to the stage now, with Ventura prepares to speak.

Jesse Ventura: Now … we were all set for a tag team match, before it all kicked off and The Brotherhood attempted to handicap the Lions. Well … Matt Hardy since you decided to throw yourself into the situation as the hero of the piece, you’ve just got yourself into this match. Matt, you’re gonna team with the Lions, and the three of you are gonna face three of Teddy Longs Brotherhood. JTG, Monty Brown, and the Intercontinental Champ himself; Shelton Benjamin!!

Pop from the fans, as the match is made, but Theodore Long is furious at ringside, not wanting to throw his prized asset into action tonight, but the decision is final.

Commercial Break

The Brotherhood w/ Theodore Long & Mark Henry vs. British Lions & Matt Hardy
Joined in progress from the commercial, it’s a fast paced six man tag match, with excitement rising when Hardy and Benjamin are in the ring, and eventually when the two find themselves in the ring at the same time, the fans come alive. Neither man gains a clear advantage before filtering back to their team mates as the match continues. Eventually, (as always), the match breaks down with Smith and JTG the legal men, and all six men get involved, with Long and Henry also trying to get in on the act, but Burchill is able to overpower Henry, knocking him over the barrier.

After that though, Burchill is attacked by Monty Brown, as they pair off on the outside. Meanwhile, in the ring, Theodore Long distracts Smith, allowing JTG to attack the youngster from behind but thanks to an intervention from Katie Lea, she chases Long up the aisle, ridding all outside interference now. JTG is then caught with a side walk slam from Smith in an impressive counter, giving himself the opportunity to go for the running power slam finish. However, Shelton Benjamin re-enters the ring, with the IC title belt in his grasp, waiting for Shelton to turn around … BUT MATT HARDY comes to the rescue, spinning Benjamin around, kicking him in the gut, AND DELIVERS THE TWIST OF FATE!!! It leaves Smith with a clear path, and he DOES finish off JTG with the old finisher of his late father, and gets a cover, 1...2...3!!!
Winners: The British Lions & Matt Hardy @ 07:09

Matt Hardy proves himself to be a thorn in Benjamins side for the second consecutive week, whilst The British Lions score another win over The Brotherhood, as they surely close in on a shot at the tag team titles. Burchill joins Matt and Smith in the ring, whilst The Brotherhood try to regroup on the outside. Hardy takes the IC title belt, taking a good long look at it, holding it aloft, whilst Benjamin looks set to blow a gasket on the outside, demanding his belt back.

Jim Ross: The British Lions continue to look like a rising force in the tag team division here on Raw, and also, tonight, for the second consecutive week, Matt Hardy gets the better of your boy, Coach, Shelton Benjamin.

The Coach: Yeah, well “your boy” Matt Hardy had no business even being out here in the first place!! And he had no business being in the ring at the end. He’s an unwelcome pest.

Jim Ross: Much like someone else I know.

The Coach: Don’t talk about Jerry Lawler like that, J.R. I already ousted him to Superstars, don’t try and lose the man his job.

Jim Ross: Ignorance is bliss, aint it, Coach?? But folks at home, back to business- Matt Hardy has made it clear tonight that Shelton Benjamin - and more importantly, the Intercontinental Title - is in his sights.

The Coach: Not. Gonna. Happen.

Commercial Break


Clip of Bret Hart rolling up Bam Bam Bigelow to win the King of the Ring tournament in 1993.


Narrator: It has given the platform for champions to establish themselves.

Clip of Owen Hart being crowned King of the Ring in 1994, as we hear him yell over it.


Narrator: It has immortalized greats forever.

Clip of Stone Cold Steve Austin winning the 1996 King of the Ring tournament, with the sound bite over it.


Narrator: It ushered in the birth of a new attitude.

Clip of Triple H having his hand raised in 1997.


Narrator: Stars have been born.

Clip of Kurt Angle dropping to his knees in victory in 2000.


Narrator: Legends have been made.

Clip of Brock Lesnar having his hand raised in 2002, as we hear Paul Heymans voice over the top.


Narrator: Careers have skyrocketed.

Clips of Mister Kennedy with the crown last year, and Edge with his trophy in 2001

Narrator: The King of the Ring tournament has provided some of the most memorable moments in sports entertainment history, and on Saturday, June 23, 2007 … the King of the Ring lends itself to another staple in the illustrious history of the WWE … Saturday Nights Main Event.

Clips of current superstars, Shelton Benjamin, MVP, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Straight Edge, Brian Kendrick, Paul London, MNM, Carlito and Brent Albright.

Narrator: The year, the King of the Ring tournament climaxes on NBC, with quarter finals, semi finals and the grand final, on the most special edition of Saturday Nights Main Event in history!!!

Quick clips again of the prominent former winners.

Narrator: Which superstar will use the King of the Ring tournament to follow these legends, icons and immortals into the pantheon of greatness??


Jim Ross: King of the Ring tournament, Coach. It’s beginning to heat up, and next week here on Raw, it’s MNM vs. Straight Edge; Part Two. Tonight, CM Punk defeated Johnny Nitro. Next week, it’s Greg Helms, one on one with Joey Mercury. Can Mercury win back some pride for the former World Tag Team Champions, or will Straight Edge once again prove their dominance over MNM???

The Coach: Not only that, old timer, but your latest crush; Matt Hardy begins his quest for recognition - undeserved recognition might I add - when he takes on Tyson Tomko - one of my personal favourites.

Jim Ross: And of course Coach, we’re on the road toward Vengeance. Coming from Gods Country; Oklahoma City!! The first ever WWE Pay Per View to come from my home town-

The Coach: And the last!!

J.R ignores the comment.

Jim Ross: And already, this event is shaping up. A triple main event in place Coach if you ask me. Three matches signed; and any of the three could potentially headline ANY Pay Per View. Kurt Angle and John Cena face off one last time, Shawn Michaels attempts to be the first man to ever defeat Umaga, and of course, Mister Kennedy has his first EVER shot at a World Championship, when he faces Christian. Coach, it’s gonna be a slobber knocker.

The Coach: Just a shame of the location, but yeah, cant complain about this line up J.R. When it comes to Pay Per View, regardless of it being on the Moon, or in Shanty Town, U.S.A, Raw ALWAYS delivers.

In the ring now, we see Stevie Richards in his ring gear, making a rare appearance on Raw.

Jim Ross: Well Coach, it’s still twenty seven days away unfortunately, but right now, Stevie Richards is waiting in the ring for his match, and of course, we have our main event still to come; a Vengeance preview if you will!!!

The Coach: Oh yeah, tonight, Kennedy and Angle take on Christian and Cena. Blockbuster!!! BLOCK-BUS-TER!!!

**BOOYAKA 619**

The music of Rey Mysterio plays through the arena … for an overly long period of time … with no sign of Rey Mysterio whatsoever.

The Coach: I know Mysterio is small, J.R … but I’m pretty sure he’s not invisible. Where is the little guy??

Jim Ross: Yeah … this is … not like Mysterio, Coach.

In the ring, Richards looks confused, asking the referee what’s going on, with the official as dumbstruck as Richards. Suddenly though, the action switches backstage to the gorilla position - where REY MYSTERIO is laid out, face down, out cold. There appears to be a lot of chaos backstage, as officials quickly surround the fallen superstar, wondering what has happened.

Jim Ross: What the-??

The Coach: Has he fallen asleep?? How unprofessional is that??

Jim Ross: Oh shut up Coach!!

Backstage, medics quickly tend to Mysterio, with Jesse Ventura arriving on the scene.


Ventura looks for potential witnesses, but no one appears to be seen what happened to Rey.

Jim Ross: Ladies and Gentlemen, it appears that … Rey Mysterio has been brutally assaulted - knocked out cold it seems, backstage.

The Coach: Well, we don’t know that. It is getting pretty late, J.R. It might be passed the kids bedtime. It is a school night after all.

Jim Ross: Can you show some sort of compassion?? Can you do that?? Folks, I think it’s safe to say that this scheduled match … wont be happening.

Mysterio is slowly placed onto a stretcher, with Ventura still appealing for any witnesses backstage.

Jim Ross: And y’know, thinking back to two weeks ago, Coach … you remember what happened to Mysterio??

The Coach: (Sounding delighted) Oh yeah, he got GORED- I’ll say that again in honour of the man who made the word sound so great - GORED through a table by Rhyno.

Jim Ross: I cant help but think that these two events are somehow related…

The Coach: You’re putting two and two together, and old timer, you’re-

Jim Ross: I’m making four, Coach. Think about it, where has Rhyno been tonight?? Banned from the arena last week, but not this week. If you ask me, that attack was the work of one man, and that’s the vengeful Rhyno.

The Coach: Well good for him!!!

J.R simply stares at Coach for a moment, with utter disdain, before speaking.

Jim Ross: We will hope to get an update on Mysterios condition later, folks. But coming up next, it’s the main event. Vengeance comes early; Kurt Angle and the #1 Contender, Mister Kennedy, meet their respective opponents come June 17; that being John Cena, and the reigning World Champion, Christian. DON’T go away.

Commercial Break

And back from the commercial, we see an ambulance leaving the arena, with Rey Mysterio being taken from the arena, after a vicious assault, seemingly from Rhyno, following on from his attack two weeks ago.

Jim Ross: A terrible, terrible sight, Coach. The sort of thing we hate to see-

The Coach: But on the plus side, Stevie Richards just won a match for the first time since he wrestled in a bingo hall in Philly.

Jim Ross: I’m looking at the bigger picture, Coach. I’m sure even Stevie Richards wont be celebrating a hollow win tonight.

The Coach: Take ‘em when you get ‘em is what I say, J.R. Who knows when Stevie will have his hand raised again- who knows IF he’ll have his hand raised again!!!

Jim Ross: You’re an idiot Coach, and you app-

Voice: Are we on???

J.R is cut off mid-flow, as we see THE MIZ on the titan tron. Again, the camerawork is shaky, and it appears he’s cut into the feed from an unknown location.

The Miz: Annnnnnd … BACK!! Oh yeah, The Reality Check is ‘on the road’ after being unfairly cut off back in the arena. But Jess, thank you. Because instead of a peep show in the womens locker room, we’ve got a real big scoop. Behind me, is the bar in which Eric Bischoff has spent the last hour after being unceremoniously ejected from HIS OWN SHOW!! Follow me.

The Miz leads the way, and into the bar. He then stops, and looks around the bar, before spotting Bischoff, and makes a beeline toward him. The Miz approaches, as we see Bischoff sitting, looking unhappy at the bar, finishing off a whisky, and nodding to the barman for another.

The Miz: Mister Eric Bischoff.

Bischoff looks around at the smug Miz, rolling his eyes.

The Miz: It appears that the WWE’s new Commissioner has a dislike for the anti-establishment. He sent you away earlier, and he threw me outta the building from Raw. So what I was thinking Eric, was this- let’s stick it to Ventura. You and me. How about you give me an exclusive interview for my Reality Check-

Eric Bischoff: How about I do you one better. How about I exclusively reveal to you, for your Reality Check thing you’ve got going here, next weeks Raw main event??

The Miz looks to the camera with a cheesy grin on his face.

The Miz: Mister Bischoff, THAT, would be fantastic. In fact, after he gave you the night off for not naming a main event this week, it would be the PERFECT comeback.

Bischoff takes a swig of Whisky again, before turning to Miz, and speaks.

Eric Bischoff: Alright. Next week, there’s gonna be TWO main events. And I’m gonna give the power to the talent. It’s been a while since we saw the ‘Pick Your Poison’ formula used. So next week, Mister Kennedy and Christian are gonna do just that. They will decide each others opponents. How does that sound??

The Miz nods, smiling.

The Miz: Mister Bischoff … that’s EPIC!!! That’s why you’re a genius. ‘Ol Jesse is gonna l-

The feed on the titan tron cuts, with the important part revealed already anyway, as we come back into the arena.


And striding onto the stage, Mister Kennedy is greeted with heat from the fans, but as ever, the #1 Contender couldn’t care less.

Jim Ross: A huge - unscheduled - announcement from Eric Bischoff. Next week on Raw, Pick Your Poison returns, and that man, the number one contender will pick Christians opponent. And in return, the World Heavyweight Champion will decide who Mister Kennedy takes on next week too.

The Coach: Gotta hand it to The Bisch, J.R. That’s pretty damn sweet.

Jim Ross: I don’t doubt Bischoffs ability to create interesting match ups, Coach. He’s been tremendous at creating interest in matches for a long, long time.

Kennedy reaches the ring, and almost instantly…


Kurt Angle enters, looking fired up, ready to get his hands on John Cena, as we head into a commercial again…

Commercial Break

And we return, with John Cena already on the aisle, throwing his shirt into the crowd, and waits for his partner, as Kurt Angle prowls in the ring, wanting a piece of Cena.


And to a massive reception, Christian enters, carrying the big gold belt, with Mister Kennedy giving the champion his full attention, watching as Christian makes his way down the aisle. Cena and Christian meet on the aisle, sharing a nod, before walking together to the ring, as we get set for a big time main event.

Main Event:
Christian & John Cena vs. Mister Kennedy & Kurt Angle
The anticipation rises inside the arena, as the two teams take to their corners, and the match begins with Cena and Kennedy … but Kennedy doesn’t want Cena, and points to Christian, challenging the champion to take him on. Christian seems pleased enough to take the #1 Contender on, and accepts the tag from Cena … and as soon as he enters the ring … KENNEDY IS ON HIM!!! The hungry challenger takes it to the champion, giving Christian plenty to think about early on, with a vicious pounding in the corner, before being forcefully pulled away by the official, calling for the break.

That allows Christian to get a foot hold on the match, and he and Kennedy trade blows, going back and forth, but neither really gets a clear advantage despite a couple of near falls. Kennedy eventually goes for a tag, bringing in Angle, having given Christian something to think about. Angle steps in, but like Kennedy, wants his Vengeance opponent, and just like Christian earlier, Cena has no reservations in tagging in. With Cena and Angle face to face, Kurt shoots for a takedown, but Cena avoids it, and swings a right hand when Angle gets up, but misses.

It’s a cagey battle between the two foes, with Angle eventually getting Cena down, and outwrestles his rival, backing up his statements from earlier. However, Cena survives the onslaught, and fights free, trying to turn the tables, and make it more of a knockdown drag out affair, as they trade near falls, much like Christian and Kennedy earlier. Eventually, Cena gets the upper hand, and tags in Christian, with the champion getting to work on Angle, but the Olympian kicks out of two pin attempts, before Christian brings Cena back inside.

Cena continues where Christian left off, but is caught with an unexpected Belly to Belly from Angle, which puts the advantage in Angle and Kennedys corner, as Angle tags Kennedy in, looking to get a breather. Kennedy continues where he left off, showing his own tenacity, getting to work on Cena, and scores a two count off a neck breaker before going to a commercial.

Commercial Break

And the coverage returns, with Cena caught in a front face lock on the canvas, courtesy of Angle, as we watch clips from during the commercial break, where Kurt and Kennedy got to work on Cena, including a barrage of shots in the corner, where Kennedy held Cena up, exposing the ribcage, allowing Angle to pound his rival mercilessly - an attack that became prolonged as Christian tried to intervene, only to be cut off by the referee, inadvertently distracting the official, allowing the illegal double team to continue.

Cena eventually musters a comeback, fighting his way back, but is quickly cut back down by Angle, who catches him with a reverse uppercut, as Cena comes back off the ropes. The enthusiasm of the fans dies down too, with Cena once again taking a beating at the hands of Kennedy and Angle, whilst Christian can only watch on, hoping for a tag. With Cena still doing his best to fight back, showing his spirit with constant kick outs as Angle and Kennedy increase the pressure, Christian tries to spur him on, clapping his hands, trying to drum up support from the fans when … KENNEDY YANKS HIM OFF THE APRON!!!

Christians face smashes off the apron, as Kennedy attacks the champion - FOR NO REASON!! Cena wasn’t inching for a tag, it was simply for no reason - a mindless assault - and Kennedy continues it, dragging the champion up, and HURLS him into the steel steps!! The steps tumble over, such is the force, as Kennedy now reaches over, and POUNDS Christian showing no mercy to the man he faces at Vengeance. In the ring meanwhile, Cena has finally begun to turn the tables, avoiding a German suplex, and breaking free, then beats Angle to the punch, eventually delivering a release Fisherman!!

Cena then looks for the tag, but spots Kennedy pounding Christian on the outside, and looks to get his hands on the #1 Contender, but as he drops out of the ring, Kennedy scarpers away, leaving Cena to tend to Christian on the outside, as we cut away to the final commercial break of the evening, as the four men engage in a stand off, with Angle trying to reach his feet again, whilst Cena tries to help Christian up on the outside.

Commercial Break


And the action resumes, with Christian now taking a hammering in the corner from Mister Kennedy. We see that during the commercial, Cena was due to take on Kennedy (now the legal man) whilst Christian recovered, but after the attack from the #1 Contender, Christian demanded the tag from Cena … but he has ended up on the end of a beating, with Angle also making a cameo, delivering a Belly to Belly in between Kennedys shifts in the ring. Kennedy delivers his face wash kick in the corner, continuing to punish the champion, and scores a near fall off a second face wash.

Kennedy then turns his attention to going for his recent addition to his repertoire - the Crossface. Desperately though, Christian tries to avoid it, and manages to fight Kennedy off, battling to his feet, fighting the #1 Contender off, but is caught coming off the ropes with a SPINEBUSTER!!! Kennedy gets the cover, but only scores a two count. He then drags Christian up, and to the corner, setting him up … for the GREEN BAY PLUNGE … BUT CHRISTIAN BLOCKS IT!!! Christian fights to freedom, and shoves Kennedy off the top … BEFORE DELIVERING A SUDDEN FLYING HEADBUTT!!!

The tables have turned, and Christian now looks to tag out to his fresh partner … but Kennedy looks out of it!! Christian inches closer, whilst Angle is ready to have a fit, with Kennedy showing no signs of motion on the canvas … AND CHRISTIAN TAGS CENA IN!!!!!

Cena charges right across the ring, making a beeline for Angle … AND KNOCKS HIM OFF THE APRON!!! Cena then stands over Kennedy, pointing down at him, then motions for the most ridiculous move in sports entertainment … coming off the ropes … FIVE KNUCKLE SHUFFLE … MISSES!!!!! Kennedy rolls out of the way, having played possum, and rolls to his corner, looking for the tag … but Angle isn’t there!! Kennedy drags himself up in the corner, looking around, with Angle down on the floor … and suddenly has Cena charging toward him … BUT GETS A FOOT UP - RIGHT IN THE MUSH OF CENA!!! Kennedy then comes from behind, and looks to hook up the MIC CHECK - BUT CHRISTIAN RUNS IN - AND CLOTHESLINES KENNEDY!!!

Christian now finally gets his hands on Kennedy, pounding him, before throwing his next challenger out of the ring, and following himself. In the ring, Cena shakes the cobwebs loose, and watches on … but forgets about Angle … AND ANGLE RUSHES IN BEHIND … AND TRIPS HIM FROM BEHIND … AND APPLIES THE ANKLELOCK!!! Cena is caught in the submission, as the referee tries to break it, considering Angle isn’t the legal man, but Kurt has a manic look in his eyes, refusing to break it. Cena though, shows his own skill and ability, twisting around, then KICKS Angle away with his free foot, breaking the hold!!!

Angle tries to come right back for the submission, but Cena leaps up, tackling Angle down, pounding the Olympian!!! Cena gets to his feet, and now stalks Kurt, looking to deliver the FU, getting him on his shoulders, but Angle slips off, and shoves Cena toward the ropes - with Cena stopping himself right at the ropes, just before he could collide with his tag team partner who is on the apron … BUT THEN Angle shoves into Cena, who crashes into Christian, knocking the champion off the apron!!! Cena looks down off the apron, as Christian squirms … WHILST ANGLE COMES FROM BEHIND AND FOLLOWS UP… ANGLE SLAM!!!

Kennedy now slithers into the ring, but DOESN’T make a cover, and instead, turns Cena over, AND APPLIES THE CROSSFACE!!!!! Cena is out of it already, and cant put up a fight, whilst Angle lies on the canvas, right in front of his foe, trash talking Cena whilst Kennedy cranks back … with the referee raising the arm of Cena, but it immediately drops, and he calls for the bell!!!
Winners: Mister Kennedy & Kurt Angle @ 16:04

It’s victory for Kennedy and Angle, and it’s a massive victory too!!! Kennedy beats John Cena, with Christian picking himself up on the outside. Kennedy releases the hold, and has his hand raised, whilst Kurt Angle continues the trash talk on the mat, as we quickly end the show, with Christian still struggling on the outside, whilst Kennedy appears on the top of the world, hand raised again, momentum riding high going toward Vengeance…



Current Card for WWE Vengeance:

Date: 17th June 2007
Location: Ford Centre, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Event Music: The Killers, Move Away

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Christian vs. Mister Kennedy

One On One:
John Cena vs. Kurt Angle

Grudge Match:
Shawn Michaels vs. Umaga w/Armando Estrada

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Re: Being The Booker

Just wrote this this evening. Thought there was no reason to wait to post it, as it's only Superstars. Smackdown preview in a few days hopefully ... but that could end up being next month.


WWE Superstars | May 22 2007

Instead of Joey Styles tonight, it’s TODD GRISHAM and The King that call the show, with Todd explaining that by request of the new WWE Commissioner Jesse Ventura, Joey Styles has been ‘reassigned’. They talk up tonight’s line up, with the main event seeing Evan Bourne and Daivari settle their issues once and for all, having been trading victories since debuting three weeks ago on Superstars.

Entering to Goldusts music, The Bizarre One leads out a disgruntled Cody Rhodes, who has been forced into this tag team match tonight.

And, making their debut as a duo, the veteran X-Pac and Tyson Tomko enter, with a point to prove.

Goldust & Cody Rhodes vs. X-Pac & Tyson Tomko
Goldust gives his best, trying to guide Cody, but the youngster is simply not interested in tagging with The Bizarre One, and ultimately that costs the team. X-Pac and Tomko show early signs of being a well oiled unit, with Pac still able to perform at a respectable level, whilst Tomko looks good as the big man. With Cody distracted by Goldusts ‘directions’ on the apron, the heel duo are able to take over, and Rhodes is unable to reach a tag as they beat him down. Eventually, Tomko nails a big boot on Cody, then tags in Pac before taking care of Goldy, allowing the veteran to hit the X-Factor on Rhodes, and pick up the elementary 1...2...3!!!
Winners: X-Pac & Tyson Tomko @ 04:39
It’s a winning start for the newest combination on Raw. X-Pac and Tomko have their arms raised, with the veteran slapping the chest of his new partner, as if to say ‘I told you so’, and Tomko nods, slowly accepting the guidance of X-Pac, as they leave the ring, where Cody Rhodes is helped to his feet by Goldust.

Rhodes stumbles backward into the ropes, holding his face, selling the effects of his beat down. Goldust tries to console Rhodes, but Cody shoves him away, yelling at him ‘LEAVE ME ALONE!! I’M SICK OF YOU MAKING A MOCKERY OUT OF ME!!’

Goldust puts his head down, shaking his head for a minute, before looking up again at Cody, and moves in for a hug to try and diffuse the situation … BUT CODY KICKS HIM IN THE GUT!!! Goldust doubles over, but an incensed Rhodes shows no remorse, and grabs his brother by the face, shouting at him ‘I’VE WANTED TO DO THIS FOR THE LONGEST TIME!!’ … then turns him over, AND DELIVERS THE CROSS RHODES!!!

There’s a lot of heat for Cody, but the youngest Rhodes shows no guilt, getting to his feet, dusting himself down, and casually exit’s the ring, leaving Goldust on the canvas, with Grisham deploring the actions of Cody, whilst King says he’s finally been impressed by Cody.

Commercial Break

We return with a promo for THIS FRIDAY ON SMACKDOWN; The fall out from JUDGMENT DAY!!

Match 2:
Chris Masters vs. Finlay
Hard hitting affair, with Masters especially participating like a man that has a point to prove. The veteran Irishman gives Masters plenty back though, and roughs up the muscular younger man on the outside, before The Masterpiece is able to take over again on the inside. Masters lines up the Masterlock a little too quickly though, with Finlay able to avoid it, and nearly scores the win himself off a DDT, but only scores a two count. Finlay then looks to get Masters up for the Celtic Cross … but the bigger man is a little too heavy for the Irishman to get up, and instead, Masters is able to run Finlay into the buckles … AND QUICKLY APPLIES THE MASTERLOCK!!! For the veteran, there is NO escape, and despite putting up a battle to do that, Finlay eventually succumbs, and passes out, handing Masters a BIG win.
Winner: Chris Masters @ 05:13
Throwing Finlay down like a rag doll, Masters raises his arms, gaining a LOT of sudden momentum, putting himself back in the picture, with an unexpected win over the highly rated veteran. On commentary, Grisham and Lawler put over the importance of Masters win, giving The Masterpiece plenty of praise, as he exit’s the ring.

Commercial Break


Clip of Bret Hart rolling up Bam Bam Bigelow to win the King of the Ring tournament in 1993.


Narrator: It has given the platform for champions to establish themselves.

Clip of Owen Hart being crowned King of the Ring in 1994, as we hear him yell over it.


Narrator: It has immortalized greats forever.

Clip of Stone Cold Steve Austin winning the 1996 King of the Ring tournament, with the sound bite over it.


Narrator: It ushered in the birth of a new attitude.

Clip of Triple H having his hand raised in 1997.


Narrator: Stars have been born.

Clip of Kurt Angle dropping to his knees in victory in 2000.


Narrator: Legends have been made.

Clip of Brock Lesnar having his hand raised in 2002, as we hear Paul Heymans voice over the top.


Narrator: Careers have skyrocketed.

Clips of Mister Kennedy with the crown last year, and Edge with his trophy in 2001

Narrator: The King of the Ring tournament has provided some of the most memorable moments in sports entertainment history, and on Saturday, June 23, 2007 … the King of the Ring lends itself to another staple in the illustrious history of the WWE … Saturday Nights Main Event.

Clips of current superstars, Shelton Benjamin, MVP, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Straight Edge, Brian Kendrick, Paul London, MNM, Carlito and Brent Albright.

Narrator: The year, the King of the Ring tournament climaxes on NBC, with quarter finals, semi finals and the grand final, on the most special edition of Saturday Nights Main Event in history!!!

Quick clips again of the prominent former winners.

Narrator: Which superstar will use the King of the Ring tournament to follow these legends, icons and immortals into the pantheon of greatness??


During the entrances now for the next match, The King and Grisham discuss the King of the Ring tournament thus far, with Umaga and Burchill set to meet in the next round, whilst CM Punk will also take on William Regal on the Raw side of things. And, over on Smackdown, Finlay and Charlie Haas have advanced to the sweet sixteen, whilst this week on Smackdown, the NEW United States champion Paul London meets Nick Dinsmore and Ken Doane takes on Hardcore Holly.

Victoria & Jillian Hall vs. Maryse & Kelly Kelly
Victoria and Jillian are forced to carry the match, with Maryse and Kelly not exactly ‘polished’ when it comes to in ring ability. During the match, Grisham and Lawler announce that Eric Bischoff has signed a #1 Contenders match next week on Raw, with a shot at the Womens championship at Vengeance up for grabs, with Melina, Katie Lea already part of the match, and the winners of this match set to advance to make it a Fatal Four Way. Despite their best efforts, Maryse and Kelly are unable to match up to the more experienced opponents, and in the end, Jillian finishes off Kelly with the sitout face buster, and scores the three!!!
Winner: Jillian Hall & Victoria @ 04:21
Jillian scores the win for her team, and earns both herself and Victoria a chance to become the #1 Contender for the Womens title. Jillian looks delighted as she celebrates her win … before being BLINDSIDED by her own partner!!! The ‘gracious’ Victoria shows her gratitude by attacking her own tag team partner tonight, and stands over her, wickedly smiling, and mouths ‘Thanks. But it’s every bitch for herself now.’


Commercial Break


Pitch black, until the voiceover begins…

‘Some have been wronged’

Slow silent shot of Kurt Angle, roaring in anger.

‘Some have been doubted’

Silent shot of Mister Kennedy, victorious last Monday night on Raw.

‘Some have crossed the line’

Silent shot of a sobbing Mickie James.

‘Yet some have yet to scratch the surface’

Silent shot of Umaga standing over Shawn Michaels.

… Still silence … then a sudden rush of crowd noise …

‘But on this night, NO act goes unpunished…’

Shawn Michaels firing up, gritting his teeth.

‘The wrongs can be righted … the doubters can be silenced’

John Cena and Kurt Angle exchanging blows … Mister Kennedy and Christian locking eyes at the close of Raw on Monday.

‘Lines can be crossed … and the boundaries can be forgotten’

Flashing shots of high flying risks from Shelton Benjamin, Rey Mysterio, Matt Hardy & Straight Edge.

‘For on this night … VENGEANCE … will be served’

Vengeance logo flashes across the screen.


Just before the main event, Grisham and Lawler look back at the previous two meetings between Bourne and Daivari, with Bourne winning the first contest - the first match on Superstars since it’s return - and Daivari scoring a surprise win last week on Smackdown to even the score.

Daivari makes his entrance to plenty of heat, and berates the fans on his way to the ring.

In complete contrast, Bourne enters with a smile on his face, slapping hands with the fans, before turning his attention to his foe in the ring, as he hops onto the apron.

Main Event | RUBBER MATCH:
Evan Bourne vs. Daivari
They begin slowly, as if they could be going for a long match, with plenty of holds and counter holds, with Daivari overpowering Bourne at first, but the fan favourite soon outmanoeuvres the Arab-American, using his quickness and guile to frustrate Daivari, who slides out of the ring to take a walk, and calm down, as we cut to the final commercial of the evening.

Commercial Break

And we return with Daivari hammering Bourne in the corner, as we get a reply of the turning point during the commercial, where Daivari cheapshotted Bourne during a clean break in the corner. Daivari shows a lot of intensity during the prolonged beat down, whilst Bourne plays the fighting baby face well, refusing to give in. Bourne then makes a fight back, with the match kicking up a gear, with both men pushing the pace, exciting the fans. Eventually, the two are trading falls back and forth, but neither man wants to give in.

The final stretch then comes, with Daivari nearly scoring the three with a roll up, grabbing a handful of tights, but Bourne survives. Bourne then surprises an incoming Daivari with a standing enziguri, but can only score two himself. Bourne drops the groggy Arab-American with a snap suplex, which sets him up to go for AIR BOURNE … BUT DAIVARI AVOIDS IT!!! Daivari then looks to pick up the scraps, covering Bourne as he recovers from missing the Shooting Star, PUTTING HIS FEET ON THE ROPES … BUT ONLY SCORES TWO!!!

Now, Daivari drags Bourne back up, but is caught running off the ropes with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker from Bourne, earning the fan favourite ANOTHER near fall, with Daivari surviving once again. Bourne then climbs again, looking to hit Air Bourne … but Daivari stops him!!! Daivari now climbs, hammering at Bourne, hoping to deliver a top rope SUPERPLEX … BUT BOURNE BLOCKS IT!!! The two struggle, but Bourne wins the battle … AND FRONT SUPLEXES DAIVARI OFF THE TOP ROPE!!! Daivari goes for the ride off the top rope … AND BOURNE FOLLOWS UP WITH AIR BOURNE!!! The fans come to their feet, as Bourne drops an arm over his adversary … 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Evan Bourne @ 13:03
Bourne wins the decider, proving himself the better man, scoring a big win over the impressive Daivari. Bourne sells his ribs after the Shooting Star, as he has his arm raised, and we go off the air with the feel good win.

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Re: Being The Booker

RAW Feedback

Glad that we are getting right down to business, with the contract signing between Kennedy and Christian. Maybe it’s the fact that you haven’t posted an episode of RAW in quite some time, but I really forgot about just how great of a match these two should have. Also, they are both very similar in terms of attitude and arrogance. I was a little surprised that Bischoff started off his promo by tooting his own horn, as I thought he was a full-blown face by now. I guess he’ll always be the same ole’ Eric Bischoff. Jesse Ventura coming out and interrupting Bischoff was quite the shock, as I didn’t think you’d have another person in this opening promo. As soon as Ventura started questioning why Easy E didn’t announce the main event, I knew he was going to have some sort of “authoritative” role in the company. New Commissioner is cool, but again, I don’t like how you made Bischoff seem like a heel, with him getting cheered after Jesse told him to take the night off. Guess that The Body is now overseeing the contract signing?

The actual contract signing was done very well, imo. I love the intensity that Kennedy showed throughout, really driving home the fact that he takes his title opportunity VERY seriously. Talking about all the people Christian has beaten as compared to Kennedy was a nice contrast, showing why Christian maybe would be a little too relaxed for this match. Kennedy is definitely trying to get into the champion’s head, and with four more weeks of back and forth, I think he will end up getting Christian really pissed off. The Champ’s responses were a little more generic than we’re used to seeing, but he still got the job done. He may say that he isn’t treating this match any differently, but I think he isn’t nearly as concerned as he would usually be. The contract is finally signed and the main event announced by The Body is a HUGE one, as I can’t wait to see all four of these men in the same ring. Should be a great preview for Vengeance.

Nitro and Punk have great chemistry IRL and I know you tried your best to have a good match in such a short time. Recap hurt the match, imo, but I know what it’s like to not want to write a match out in great detail. Anyway, glad the interference was taken care of quickly, and Punk was definitely the right person to win, with MNM continuing to plummet as Straight Edge rises. Punk in the elite eight at least, imo.

So Beth is pretty much going to murder Maria tonight to symbolize her beating Mickie down the road? Sounds like a good way to bring Maria over just to get squashed, since she has NO in-ring talent, tbh.

Just like everyone figured, Maria is just trounced by Beth, making her debut in a very impressive way by showing some dominance. Liking the way that this storyline has begun to build; now I just hope that you can keep it interesting. Knowing you, we should expect the unexpected.

With the two matches you already have lined up for Vengeance, I’m really looking forward to the show.

Although I felt that this interview was FAR too short, I really thought Angle was perfectly in character. He was his usual, intense self, and that’s all you can really ask for. Good recap of his feelings about Cena, and even though you knew the final line was coming, it was still a very good one. Should be a blockbuster match at Vengeance.

Interesting segment with The Miz, imo. Didn’t think his whole “hidden camera” gimmick would end that quickly thanks to Ventura, but I guess he has to think of something else to do now that he’s out of the arena. Wonder what that could possibly be…

It’s good that Michaels finally gets some in-ring promo time, as it is a nice change of pace after the constant attacks by Umaga week after week. HBK seemed very in character here, talking all about the last few weeks before showing some real balls, and calling out Umaga! Great hype from HBK, as he kills time until Umaga and AAE finally show themselves. Good response by AAE, as we all know that Umaga is capable of much more dangerous things than what we’ve seen from him to HBK in the past few weeks. The match being made for Vengeance is HUGE, adding to an already good-looking card. The Sweet Chin Music out of nowhere is always a crowd-pleaser, as HBK finally gets one over on Umaga, despite it taking three SCMs to knock him out of the ring. But I get why you had him do that, and it really adds to the storyline. Great segment.

Regal >>> Knox and I’m just very glad that you also realize that. Never been a fan of Knox and probably never will be, so I really don’t care what he does on RAW, as long as he’s not taking up too much time. Regal/Punk should be intense and I pray that you give them at least ten minutes, with Punk going over the veteran for an impressive win.

Interesting way to have Rhodes and Goldust actually team up for the first time, making Cody even more pissed. This segment would have been a lot more interesting if I hadn’t already read the Superstars recap and saw that Rhodes beat up Goldust , but it was still a good idea, imo.

I’m actually kind of glad that you had Burchill address the situation between Smith and Katie Lea right away this week, as I wouldn’t have been very interested if things just went back to normal and they were hiding it from Paul. NOW, you make things much more interesting, as we don’t know if Burchill was really sincere in wishing them luck at the end of his little speech, adding in the extra line about keeping an eye on the both of them. Good back and forth between Teddy and Burchill, with the Brotherhood doing the cowardly thing and jumping the lions … only for Matt Hardy to make the save! Shelton and Hardy getting added to the match makes it much more appealing, so good job with that.

Very nice story told in this match, despite it being in “major recap”. Love the way that you have slowly built up the Lions, making them look like they are for sure going to be the next challengers for Punk and Helms’ tag titles. The ending was well-written, with Hardy again getting one over on the Brotherhood and more specifically Shelton, leading to the big win for the faces. Hope to see Shelton/Matt and Lions/Straight Edge at Vengeance, tbh, as it would add to an already awesome-looking card.

KOTR matches for next week sound pretty good, as I see Helms and Hardy moving onto the Round of 16.

Interesting way to continue the Rey/Rhyno storyline, imo. We don’t know for sure that Rhyno was the man who attacked Rey, but all signs seem to point towards that being the case. I’m guessing Rey isn’t on RAW last week and Rhyno’s in action, not admitting to attacking Rey. Then in two weeks, Rey shows up and jumps Rhyno, with the match made for Vengeance. But that’s just me.

Miz somehow cutting into the feed of RAW and finding Bischoff in a bar was great, as it shows that Eric is still actually part of “his” show. Pick Your Poison for Kennedy and Christian sounds great, as I know that we will now have TWO good matches next week. Great way to announce it too.

The beginning of the tag team main event was very well-written, with both pairs of superstars really trying to get at each other, making for some intense in-ring action. The rest of the match went pretty much as one would expect, with the heels dominating for the majority of the time. Loved the tenacity that KK showed, really putting a beating on Christian just to show how serious he is about getting the WWE Title. The ending of the match was also very good, with Kennedy actually beating Cena, despite some help from Angle, as Kurt is right in the face of his Vengeance opponent as the match ends. Great win for the heels, but I expect the faces to come back strong next week.

After such a long wait, it’s safe to say that this show delivered. While the match recaps were very short, the only match I really got into was the main event, and that was a fine length. With the card you already have lined up for Vengeance, plus some other matches that are likely to happen, this could be one of the best single brand PPVs the section has seen in a while. Keep up the stellar work.


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Re: Being The Booker

RAW Feedback

Nice way to start things off with the little recap, reminding us of last week’s big happenings with KK becoming number one contender.

Very different way to start off the show with Eric Bischoff already in the ring. The way he referred to it as his RAW to start with is something I like, keeping with that theme well of him really taking control of the show since the McMahons have left RAW. The way he bragged about what he’s done was done well too, as while he’s seemingly a face, the way he’s justifying his bragging works in allowing him to put himself over and get the crowd excited pretty well. Honestly, I was shocked to see this start things off, because I had imagined it closing the show, but I have no complaints about the contract signing starting things off. Jesse Ventura interrupting things is certainly a surprise and something that caught me off guard, because there’s no way you could see that coming. Bischoff not really letting Ventura explain why he’s around shows his dickish attitude well, while Ventura giving his straight forward attitude right back, not taking any shit from Bischoff gets some tension in there. The way you built to the announcement of Ventura as commissioner was done pretty well, I must say, making it seem really natural. Personally, I’m not so sure on the appointment myself. I don’t know too much about the history of this thread, but from the surprise pop, I’m assuming Ventura hasn’t been heavily involved, if at all involved in the events of the thread, meaning that like in real life, Ventura is pretty irrelevant to today’s fans. While I like the idea of using someone who is old school and no nonsense, I just don’t see Ventura really being cared about enough to be in that role. He just doesn’t seem to have any real connections, but like I said, I don’t know too much about the history of this thread, so I could always be wrong. Ventura showing his no crap attitude by kicking Bischoff right out, flexing his authority right away is a good way to start, showing his power well before the contract signing. Interesting way to open the show, with an announcement I have mixed feelings on before the contract signing. With that said, the segment was written well.

Separating the contract signing from the start of the show is a nice way to go for mine, setting them apart in people’s mind, and allowing it to change the focus. A little surprised to see Kennedy almost taking the underdog route about things to start the contract signing off, putting Christian over huge and making it seem like beating him would be an unassailable task. Still, I think you went about it well in showing Kennedy’s hunger by having him then progress to talking up his hunger and saying that he’s going to be champion, while contrasting himself with Christian well. I really liked the way Kennedy used Christian himself in his talk, talking about how Christian had been in his position before, but now he’s vulnerable because of it. It’s different, using the fact that Christian is your top star almost against him, but I think you’ve done it right here with Kennedy. Christian trying to shake off what Kennedy was saying, only for Kennedy to refer back to Christian’s rivalry with Austin was really nicely done, while the way Kennedy went about again talking himself up as a threat was also good. Great stuff all-round from KK. The little announcement from Ventura at the end was nice too, giving the show a big main event, and a real chance for Kennedy to prove himself, which is a huge positive. I’m looking forward to that now at the end of the show.

Nice way to play on the old rivalry of Straight Edge and MNM with the, erm, random draw, allowing for a nice match between two guys who know each other well, even if short. Punk picking up the win is certainly the preferred option for mine, as he has all of the momentum rolling, and I’m glad to see you capitalising on that. Hopefully an even stronger performance in the tournament is to follow.

Maria joining the ranks on RAW as a face jobber is fine, giving the women’s division another worker. Having her build up her training to make her seem like she’s not such a jobber is a good move, while I loved the way Phoenix entered the shot coldly and told her that she’d be Mickie James, putting over how sick and dangerous she is already without her even wrestling yet. Melina seems to move quick too.

Nice little way to recap the Alexis (or Mickie) issue with Melina with the video. The match that followed did its job just fine, allowing Phoenix to look like a beast on debut. Good start for her, while Mickie no showing RAW is a smart way to show the emotional trauma she’s currently suffering.

Vengeance is shaping up like it should have quite a card. The poster looks nice too.

Very interesting way to go about things, turning the blood feud between Angle and Cena into something that’s almost headed backwards by bringing it back to being about wrestling. The way Angle explained it was great though, with Angle saying he hates Cena because he’s not a real wrestler like him, and that he’s going to prove it in his own environment by wrestling him at Vengeance. As I said, a different way to go about things, but certainly a positive. Good promo from Kurt.

@ The Miz trying to get in on the women in their locker-room. Ventrua not accepting the crap is a nice way to show his attitude, with him wanting to make Miz wrestle. Ventura kicking Miz out though, and seemingly putting an end to this segment in just it’s second week is a little disappointing, although I am interested in what exactly Miz plans on doing later in the show instead.

A bit surprised to see Michaels come out and start the promo off so jovially, considering the beatdowns he’s been getting at the hands of Umaga. I would have maybe liked a more serious way for Michaels to go about it at first, but I have to say I like Michaels calling Umaga out. I thought he needed to do this a few weeks ago, but Michaels making the stand now, saying he’s sick of being jumped from behind is good to see, and him demanding that Umaga come out and go face to face with him is a nice touch, showing the hart from Michaels that you’ve come to expect to see, not even backing down from a monster like Umaga. Again, I thought Michaels was a bit jovial towards the end of the promo, as I would really like to see some killer intensity out of him instead, but Umaga coming out and accepting the challenge is great anyway. Estrada talking about how Umaga was merely having fun with Michaels, and that now he was going to let him off the leash against Shawn was nicely done, while I liked the way he also built up Umaga, warning Michaels that you don’t call a guy like him out before the announcement of the match for Vengeance. Michaels simply having enough and laying out Estrada with Sweet Chin Music is a fine way to go about it, before the brawl between Umaga and Michaels. The way the brawl went, showing the intensity Michaels can bring by winning out was great done, finally bringing his part to the feud, while you still made Umaga look like a beast while doing so. Honestly, I thought this was due to come about two weeks ago, but the way you went about it tonight was well done regardless, and it now sets the feud up to absolutely explode with Umaga’s response.

Knox appearing with his epic beard is great, although I’m a little disappointed he’s treated as such a jobber, even with the little bits of offense. Regardless, I’m happy to see Regal continuing to look like a solid midcard player in your thread, and his position in the King of the Ring is a real positive, because whoever beats him is going to look very good.

Nice to see Cody is hungry for opportunities, seeking out Ventura for a match. This was a nice way to continue on your little Rhodes/Goldust saga, having them team together now, with Rhodes continuing to try to resist Goldust. The match with Tomko and X-Pac is alright, giving them a chance to shine too, making for an okay match for Superstars.

I’m really surprised to see Burchill being happy for Katie and Smith just like that, but I guess it’s just for now, as he seems like a lot more of a twisted type in this thread. The line about keeping an eye on the two of them pretty much confirms it, making things a little awkward. Teddy Long interrupting is fine, considering he’s had an issue with The British Lions of late. Long explaining why he’s out there was done fine, while the ease with which Burchill went off is a nice little window into what I’d imagine we can expect down the line when he turns on Smith. The Brotherhood beginning to assault The British Lions, only for Hardy to make the save is a nice way to tie Hardy into the situation, especially after his involvement with Benjamin of late. A bit of an odd way to set up the six man tag, with a very insignificant feeling segment in a way, but it gets the job done.

Nice win for The Lions and Hardy, keeping their momentum rolling well, while Hardy posing with the Intercontinental Title is a nice way to keep hinting at that feud between Hardy and Benjamin, which just hasn’t quite kicked off yet. A good way to go about allowing all of the faces look strong.

The King of the Ring seems to be shaping up pretty well.

@ Coach on Oklahoma. Brilliant.

Rhyno attacking Mysterio backstage now is a nice way to continue things along after his prior assault on Mysterio. Coach, again, was awesome here.

I was beginning to wonder if we’d see The Miz again, although I have to say I like what you delivered here, starting a bit of a war seemingly between Ventura and Bischoff, with an interesting concept for next week with the Pick Your Poison being rolled out. It’s one I’ve always liked, as it allows the two guys picked to usually look good too, so it should work well.

I have to say, I’m glad to see the main event get a little more detail than the rest of the matches. A very nice way to start the match, with Kennedy and Christian matching it, allowing Kennedy to look good, while I like how you did the same with Cena and Angle. The way the match went there was fine, with Kennedy showing some real aggression to Christian. I really like the way the finish went, with Kennedy getting the victory over Cena, but Cena doesn’t quit all the same, having already been knocked out. A smart way to end the show and allow Kennedy to look very good.

Overall, like always, I thought this was a very good show. The promo writing for the most part was great, with the only thing I disliked being the way Michaels went about things early in his promo with Umaga. Still, the booking was great, progressing everything along, and the one written out match was a very nice one. I’m glad to see you trying to get this thread moving, because it really provides the example for what people should be trying to write like. With the fallout coming from Judgment Day on SmackDown!, you’ve now really got me looking forward to that show. Good stuff.

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Re: Being The Booker

Raw Feedback

I’m so pleased your back, it feels good to read a show from you again.

I still can’t believe that Kennedy is facing Christian at Vengeance; the video recap reminding us is good, as this match will be huge for Kennedy’s career.

I don’t know what’s going to close the show, but a contract signing seems like a really weird way to open the show. I’ve no idea why, but it just doesn’t feel right. Bischoff was pretty basic here, getting a few cheap pops, before getting down to business, nothing to complain about. Jesse Ventura? This shocked me. Honestly, the bickering between Bischoff and Ventura was done well, although I don’t like the idea of Ventura being Commissioner. We just had McMahon piss off, and now we’ve got somebody else who shouldn’t still be on television taking over, it just doesn’t feel right for me. You’ve mentioned he won’t be around every week though, so the lesser the better, imo. I know Christian was making his entrance, but I hate commercial breaks in between segments like these, ruins the flow. It seemed like with Kennedy’s speech you were trying to draw a fine line between his determination and his arrogance, and I think you did a pretty good job. Christian really does seem as if he is taking it easy, and it’s good that KK calls him out on it, it gets us all thinking. Kennedy continuing on from here was brilliant, I loved the comparisons to the Austin situation, as you clearly thought out this promo, and it delivered wonderfully. The main event announced by Ventura should be pretty good too, this was a really good opening segment.

Honestly, I don’t really mind the matches being not that detailed and stuff, but I thought two guys like Nitro and Punk would deserve a little longer than five and a half minutes. Despite the injustice on behalf of both guys, it is another good win for Punk, as MNM continue on their down fall.

Maria getting interview time, as a legit, serious competitor shows just how bad your division is lacking depth, even if she is only going to be a jobber. Very generic stuff, but once Beth came into play; it got a little more interesting, as she just seemed intense as hell. By the way, would Melina really be smiling widely, just a minute or two after one of her guys got eliminated from the KOTR tournament?

Good to get a video package, reminding us of what is up with the women’s division, because it has been awesome.

As you said, simply a vehicle to show that Beth has awesome skills. Laree/James not showing up for the second week in a row, even with the gloating of Melina shows that this is really getting to her. Good stuff, but I expect some sort of promo from any one of the divas involved in this feud next week.

I’m guessing Vengeance is going to be in recap if you ever get there?

Kurt Angle’s interview eas very good, simple yet effective. From how much he hates Cena, to why, to what they’ve done, to what they’re going to do at Vengeance, everything was brilliant. The contrast of styles in this one is what makes it so great.

I really enjoyed the way you’ve brought The Miz into this thread, and I expected more of the same greatness, so I was a little disappointed with Ventura. Ventura was okay, being the bad ass authority figure, but I don’t know, for his first night he still hasn’t really done anything special that makes me care about him.

Michaels/Umaga is set to be awesome...

Anyway, the cheap pop was a terrible way to start. I understand a lot of faces throw in cheap pops here and there, but Michaels should really be in a bad mood with what has been happening lately, and with that, plus the fact that he is usually a pretty charismatic guy, this cheap pop came across as really lame. From here, the promo strengthened a fair bit, although there were still some little things I didn’t like, which I haven’t come to expect when reading your shows. Basically, summarising the story was good, but the whole demanding Umaga to come out, it just doesn’t seem to fit. I’d understand if Michaels was Bischoff or McMahon for him to demand, but he isn’t, so I thought his challenge of sorts could have been worded a little better. The second cheap pop was unnecessary too, whilst I did feel as if this one was placed a little better, it simply wasn’t needed after the opening. The only guy who can get away with so many cheap pops is John Cena when he comes out after a victory. I have to admit to marking a little when Estrada and Umaga answered the call, it simply means this promo is about to pick up in intensity and entertainment. Michaels/Umaga at Vengeance should be amazing. Oh, and Estrada’s bit of this promo was simply spot on. I was glad with the way the attack went, as Michaels really needed something, after all the attacks. With that being said, I feel as if THREE Sweet Chin Music’s are just a little too much, Umaga already looks damn near invincible, now how is it going to be believable during their encounter at Vengeance if HBK takes him down with say the old Flying Forearm? Not sure if I liked how you made ‘Mags look here, although Michaels definitely needed to come out on top here, otherwise he would have looked way to weak for my liking. An enjoyable segment though, which got better as it went on.

Regal > Knox. Honestly, at first I loved the idea of the KOTR being so big, and looking so important, but with all the squashes, I’m beginning to wonder if maybe you could have just had one less round. Actually, scrap that, no I’m not, as all your feuds will culminate later in the tournament, excuse that last statement. I’m really looking forward to Punk/Regal, by the way.

Ventura’s already been on this show way too much for my liking, and the fact that I’m not a huge fan of his role in the thread, hasn’t changed now that he has been forced down our throat. As for Rhodes, I still think he will eventually come out of this whole Goldust thing looking good, even if all his segments have been comedic, which is probably not a good thing for a young guy. With that being said, everything was written superbly here, and match on Superstars should thicken the plot nicely.

Burchill’s bit on the mic was pretty hard to read, although it was needed, to clear up what went down last week. It is a feel good story that he gives them his blessing and what not, but much like the audience, I don’t really care all that much at this stage, so maybe this revelation could have waited until after you got Burchill and Smith more over as a tandem. Maybe you would have realized by how I enjoy writing Teddy in my thread, but yeah, I love his character, it is simply awesome. at the One Tree Hill line, classic stuff. Teddy was good here, before the brawl, and Hardy coming was nice. Ugh, more Ventura? Oh boy. At least he was short and sharp this time.

The six man tag match was alright, getting a bunch of guys on the show, but mainly putting over Hardy/Benjamin’s little thing. A solid win for the faces and Hardy’s look at the IC Title advances things between them nicely as well.

I really can’t wait for SNME. The finals for the KOTR should be brilliant.

Mysterio being attacked? If it is by Rhyno, good, I love him when he’s intense as hell. If it isn’t, good, a bit of mystery never hurt anybody. at The Coach’s commentary throughout this whole situation, it was great stuff.

I was pleased that the Reality Check got back on track here tonight, because as I said earlier, it is something that I really an enjoying at this stage. Of course eventually The Miz will have to get in the ring, but this epic little thing you’ve got going could last for a long, long time. Anyway, pick your poison sounds good, as it’ll make for two interesting matches next week.

Wow, you know Cena is going downhill a little when his whole entrance isn’t on television. As for the main event itself, it started well with you giving us a little preview of the two of the matches that will take place at Vengeance. As everything continued, it turned out into a usual tag match, although the extra focus you gave Kennedy throughout this main event was wonderful stuff. I actually don’t mind Cena tapping, simply because he actually had no choice, considering Christian was done, and Angle was right in front of him, pretty much blocking the ropes if you think about it. The Crossface as Kennedy’s new move is now officially over to, so this match really did it’s job well.

Overall, whilst the writing continues to make the show look really strong, I can’t help but feel as if things are a little dull around the mid card. Vengeance has THREE epic main events, but I hope you find a way to make some more guys interesting in your mid card, otherwise we could be in for a bit of a struggle. I believe you’ll get it done though, so all is well, as this was another good show.

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Re: Being The Booker

Friday Night Smackdown Preview:

Coming off the back of Judgment Day, the lay of the land on Smackdown is oddly both clear ... and murky. After surviving the dreaded Fatal Four Way Elimination match, eliminating ALL THREE challengers, Randy Orton stands alone at the top of the mountain as WWE Champion. Whilst his methods and ethics are to be called into question, Ortons desire to succeed cannot be questioned. And with three challengers dispensed of ... who is next in line to challenge the champion??

And whilst the actions of Orton are consistenly brought into question, the same cannot be said of the NEW United States Champion, Paul London. After SEVEN long months, Brent Albright was finally dethroned at Judgment Day, in a match that will be remembered for quite some time. Now that Paul London has realised his potential, can he continue his meteoric rise?? That question might well be answered this Friday, as London begins his quest to become the 2007 King of the Ring, taking on 'The Prodigy' Nick Dinsmore.

The grass may be green, and the future might look rosy for the WWE & U.S Champions respectively, but what next for Brent Albright?? Now bereft of his most cherised possession, will Albright now sink into obscurity?? Or will the former champion regain his focus and bounce back in style?? And what of Edge and Brock Lesnar?? Both will feel aggreived over how their losses came about at Judgment Day at the hands of Randy Orton - with Orton double crossing Edge to dispatch of the Rated 'R' Superstar, and knocking Lesnar out with a sledgehammer. A sledgehammer that has been speculated to have been planted by Ortons former teacher, and Lesnars recent foe - Triple H. What sort of vengeance will Edge and Lesnar seek this Friday??

For Edge and Lesnar, vengeance is still a possibility. For Rob Van Dam though, it appears that revenge will have to wait - possibly forever. At Judgment Day, RVD suffered a reoccurance of the devastating head injuries he suffered at WrestleMania, and after already being knocked unconscious, RVD was then driven - face first - into the canvas, courtesy of a second rope DDT at the hands of Randy Orton. On Smackdown this week, Smackdown General Manager Arn Anderson will address the condition - and future - of the former WWE Champion.

Another superstar that would've left Judgment Day with a load of frustration was Carlito. Having had to wait for over a month to get his hands on MVP, the hot headed Puerto Rican missed his chance to gain a measure of revenge on MVP, and despite winning the match, it was merely via a disqualification, as Porter intentionally lost the match in order to avoid the wrath of Carlito. Surely this issue is far from over??

Elsewhere, neither the Cruiserweight or Tag Team Champions will have left Judgment Day on Sunday with much more respect. Brian Kendrick cheated to defeat his own supposed 'friend' Chavo Guerrero, whilst AMW also took a cheap way out to retain their titles against the challenge of Booker T and Elijah Burke. Brian Kendrick appears to have talked his way into a night off this Friday, but for AMW - no such luck. Harris and Storm have been challenged to a rematch by their vanquished challengers, only on this occassion, the titles will NOT be on the line. A victory could well propel Booker and Burke right back into contention, but a loss will surely end their hopes of winning the championships.

Confirmed Matches;
King of the Ring Tournament | Paul London vs Nick Dinsmore
King of the Ring Tournament | Ken Doane vs Hardcore Holly
Non-Title Match | Americas Most Wanted vs Booker T & Elijah Burke


Sorry to say it, but this might be the last show for a good few weeks. Got more important shit going on at the minute, which sucks, because I really quite enjoyed writing this show, and was wanting to get cracking on Raw ... but shit happens. This show will be up tomorrow.
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