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Re: Being The Booker

Date: 20th May 2007
Location: American Airlines Arena, Miami, Florida
Event Music: Ozzy Osbourne; I Don’t Wanna Stop

WWE Championship;
Fatal Four Way Elimination Match:
Randy Orton vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Edge vs. Brock Lesnar
A lot of scenarios with eliminations, but I think that Orton definitely retains.

WWE United States Championship Match:
Brent Albright vs. Paul London
London needs to win this here.

WWE Tag Team Championships Match:
Americas Most Wanted vs. Booker T & Elijah Burke
AMW will lose the titles soon enough, but not now. They will probably use some questionable antics to pull out a win.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match:
Brian Kendrick vs. Chavo Guerrero
Kendrick will cheat to win. But it definitely be only the beginning of a rivalry. This is one of my favorite storylines on Smackdown.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield vs. Hulk Hogan
Really tough call, but JBL could use this win more.

Grudge Match:
M.V.P vs. Carlito
Carlito gets revenge for himself and his brother.

6 Man Tag Team Match:
The New Wave vs. Batista, Finlay & Jeff Hardy
This is the beginning of the end of The New Wave.

1) Predict the match order (7 points)
Cruiserweight Title, 6 Man Tag, WWE Tag Team Titles, MVP vs. Carlito, U.S. Title, JBL vs. Hogan, WWE Title

2) What match will last the longest?
WWE Title

3) Which match will be shortest?
JBL vs. Hogan

4) Predict the order of elimination in the main event (3 points)
1. Rob Van Dam (he gets attacked by Orton at the beginning of the match, getting re-injured)
2. Edge
3. Brock Lesnar

5) Which competitor will score the fall in the six man tag team match?

6) Who will win the pre-show match between Charlie Haas & Super Crazy?
Super Crazy

7) How many pinfalls, submissions or other finishes {9 in total - three in the main event} will there be? (9 points)
9 pinfalls

Right Leg Hospital, Left Leg Cemetery
Cro Cop is back!
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Re: Being The Booker

7 - WWE Championship;
Fatal Four Way Elimination Match:
Randy Orton vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Edge vs. Brock Lesnar

While I could see you pulling out a shocker and have Edge or Lesnar win the belt, all signs point to Randy Orton retaining. The way you had him win the belt says that you are in it for the long haul with this guy. I could see Van Dam being reinjured in this match, leading to Orton and him having a huge feud leading into S'Slam. After this, TLK will continue to deal with Lesnar and Edge.

5 - WWE United States Championship Match:
Brent Albright vs. Paul London

Somehow, someway, Brent Albright will pull out the victory. London will look awesome but Albright may need to cheat to keep the belt. Big feud just starting between these two, imo.

3 - WWE Tag Team Championships Match:
Americas Most Wanted vs. Booker T & Elijah Burke

The faces got all the hype and the victories leading into this one, so it's only fair that America's Most Wanted keep the belts. New challengers after this match, with Booker and Burke possibly getting into an argument, leading to a split.

2 - WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match:
Brian Kendrick vs. Chavo Guerrero

Much like London/Albright, these two are heading for a long feud. Using some cheap tactics, "The" Brian Kendrick wins and then ducks a rematch with Chavo for a while, continuing the heel turn.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield vs. Hulk Hogan

I know that some people don't like this match and feud at all, but I know you well enough to know that I should wait for everything to play out before judging. That being said, I hope you have something good up your sleeve because this could be a dud of a feud if you don't. Hulk Hogan to win this by DQ.

4 - Grudge Match:
M.V.P vs. Carlito

'Lito is way too mad and messed up for this match to go over smoothly, imo. We won't have a clear-cut winner and loser. Instead, CCC goes wild with a chair and MVP picks up the victory by DQ, but 'Lito gets the last laugh.

1 - 6 Man Tag Team Match:
The New Wave vs. Batista, Finlay & Jeff Hardy

Doane, Dinsmore, and Cade need to prove themselves to Orton, and that's why The New Wave win this. Obviously it won't be clean, but it will be enough to get one over on the faces.

1) Predict the match order (7 points) Done.
2) What match will last the longest? WWE Title Match.
3) Which match will be shortest? Six-Man Tag.
4) Predict the order of elimination in the main event (3 points) Edge. Van Dam. Lesnar.
5) Which competitor will score the fall in the six man tag team match? Doane.
6) Who will win the pre-show match between Charlie Haas & Super Crazy? Haas.
7) How many pinfalls, submissions or other finishes {9 in total - three in the main event} will there be? (9 points) Pinfall - 6. Submission - 1. Other - 2.


PatMan Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2007
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Re: Being The Booker

Just wanted to inform anyone waiting that Judgment Day won't be up tomorrow. Only have two matches left to do, but I don't want to rush it just to have it done by tomorrow. Whilst in recent times I've posted PPV events on a Sunday, it'll be posted midweek at some point on this occasion. Still time for anyone to make last minute predictions.
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Re: Being The Booker

7 - WWE Championship;
Fatal Four Way Elimination Match:
Randy Orton vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Edge vs. Brock Lesnar

6 - WWE United States Championship Match:
Brent Albright vs. Paul London

3 - WWE Tag Team Championships Match:
Americas Most Wanted vs. Booker T & Elijah Burke

1 - WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match:
Brian Kendrick vs. Chavo Guerrero

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield vs. Hulk Hogan

4 - Grudge Match:
M.V.P vs. Carlito

2 - 6 Man Tag Team Match:
The New Wave vs. Batista, Finlay & Jeff Hardy

1) Predict the match order (7 points) Done
2) What match will last the longest? WWE Championship Match
3) Which match will be shortest? Brian Kendrick vs. Chavo Guerrero
4) Predict the order of elimination in the main event (3 points) Edge, Lesnar, Van Dam
5) Which competitor will score the fall in the six man tag team match? Ken Doane
6) Who will win the pre-show match between Charlie Haas & Super Crazy? Charlie Haas
7) How many pinfalls, submissions or other finishes {9 in total - three in the main event} will there be? (9 points) 7 Pinfalls, 1 Sumbission, 1 other

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Re: Being The Booker

Seems to be terribly quiet around here at the minute. Ghost town?? Isnt this normally the most active time of the year in BTB?? Anyways, sorry about the delay, hopefully it's worth it


On Pre-Show Heat; Charlie Haas defeated Super Crazy via submission in a First Round King of the Ring tournament match @ 06:11 with the Haas of Pain.



May 20 | American Airlines Centre, Miami, Florida


Open with the cold, dead eyes of Randy Orton, with only the sound of controlled, but sinister breathing…

Narrator: The night of reckoning is here…

‘Lost Souls’ the WWE production theme now plays, as flashing shots of Brock Lesnar and Edge trading shots, are shown.

Narrator: Tonight, you must stand before your judge…

The sickening punt kicks from Orton to RVD at WrestleMania, and Chris Jericho, four weeks later.

Narrator: Defend your actions to the jury…

The return of Rob Van Dam, nailing Orton with the Van Terminator.

Narrator: And feel the wrath of a callous executioner…

… Black Screen …

Clips of Hogan, first at the Hall of Fame ceremony, then at WrestleMania, running JBL out of the ring.

Narrator: For every decision made…

JBL bloodying Hogan on April 27.

Narrator: For every action you choose…

Flash from Hogan in his 1980’s heyday, to the bloody mess on April 27, being helped from the ring.

Narrator: The repercussions are severe…

… Black Screen …

MVP drilling young Primo Colon with a camera to the knee on May 11.

Narrator: On this night there is no way back…

Carlito letting fly with a flurry of punches on MVP, just two nights ago.

Narrator: There is no course of repent…

… Black Screen …

Chavo Guerrero coming to Brian Kendricks aide … but Kendrick leaving Chavo high and dry on Smackdown.

Narrator: No forgiveness will be offered…

Flashing shots of Brent Albright clutching the United States Championship, and shots of Paul London face to face with the long reigning champion.

Narrator: No opportunity for a second chance…

JBL sticking his boot into the bloody face of a battered Hogan.

Narrator: No pity for the weak…

Flashes of the Punt Kicks to Rob Van Dam and Chris Jericho.

Narrator: Tonight, you must stand by all your wrongdoings…

MVP attacking the knee of Carlito in April.

Narrator: Tonight, you must defend those decisions…

Hulk Hogan, ripping the t-shirt at WrestleMania 23.

Narrator: Tonight, you must await as the verdict is passed down…

Albright holding the U.S Title belt, and Paul London launching himself at the champion.

Narrator: Tonight, you must accept the fate that awaits you…

Flashing shots of Kendrick, Chavo, Lesnar and Edge.

Narrator: For the hour of darkness has fallen…

RVD doing the thumb taunt.

Narrator: The time has come…

Flashing shot of a hanging.


Silence. The video then ends, with the cold, dead eyes of Orton again, and the same, calculated breathing, as at the beginning.



We get a good look around the arena, with the fans looking heavily excited, as Michael Cole opens the show;

Michael Cole: JUDGMENT DAY … IS UPON US!!! We are LIVE in the American Airlines Arena here in Miami, and tonight Tazz, it truly is Judgment Day for the superstars of the Smackdown brand.

Tazz: And for one man in particular, Cole, the WWE Champion, Randy Orton has had his world turned upside down over the last two weeks. Not only does he have to survive a Fatal Four Way Elimination Match tonight - but he’s got a vengeful Rob Van Dam on his tail.

Michael Cole: And, it is Judgment Day for ‘The Immortal’ Hulk Hogan - Miami has been buzzing all day long. For the first time in nearly four years, The Hulkster is involved in a one on one match. Can Hogan roll back the years tonight, and shut JBL up once and for all??

Tazz: The legions of Hulkamaniacs called for it, Cole. They asked and pleaded for one more match - tonight, they might need to be careful what they wish for.


Bursting right out of his set, MVP raises the ire of the fans.

Michael Cole: You are looking at the highest paid superstar on Smackdown, and Tazz, over the last month - in my opinion at least - MVP has crossed the line.

Tazz: I gotta agree. There’s a line you don’t cross, Cole. And while this-

Michael Cole: OH- WHAT THE-

ON THE AISLE, CARLITO HAS JUMPED MVP!!! The fans come unglued, as the PPV begins at a frenetic pace, with Carlito dying to get a piece of his hated rival, as Porter is rocked by his fired up opponent!!!

MVP tumbles down the ramp, with Carlito on him like a cheap suit, hammering him at ringside.

The incensed Caribbean native reins down with punches, letting out his frustrations by battering MVP, who cant break free from his clutches on the ground. The official steps in, pulling Carlito from Porter, but Carlito instantly shoves the official away, and chases down his foe, AND TACKLES HIM FROM BEHIND - POUNDING HIM FURIOUSLY AGAIN!!!

We see the referee now calling for reinforcements, whilst Carlito continues to hammer MVP, with the highest paid superstar on Smackdown unable to escape the punishment. As this continues, agents and referees rush down the aisle, and quickly get to Carlito, dragging him from MVP, as Porter crawls away, looking amazed by the assault, and looks to be crawling FROM the ringside area … and towards the aisle!!!

Carlito though spots his rival trying to weasel his way to safety … and pushes free, chasing him down, and just as MVP gets to his feet, Carlito reaches him … and RAMS MVP INTO THE GUARDRAIL AT THE SIDE OF THE AISLE!!! Carlito grabs MVP by the head, and drags him to the ring, RAMMING HIM into the ring apron - THREE TIMES - before the group of officials and agents stop him again, telling him to get inside the ring.

With another chance to create space between himself and Carlito, MVP seeks sanctuary in the ring, with Carlito quickly following in … and the match official instantly calls for the bell!!

Grudge Match:
M.V.P vs. Carlito
Carlito stalks down MVP into the corner, but his reckless abandon instantly backfires - as MVP pokes the eye of his opponent!! Carlito grabs his face, and MVP grabs his ‘fro - SLAMMING Carlito onto the canvas!! Still looking worse for wear from the surprise attack from Carlito during his entrance, MVP takes the chance to catch his breath, leaning on the ropes, while Carlito is on the canvas, feeling the effects of the slam, but Carlito isn’t prepared to lie down, and is quickly getting back to his feet!!!

MVP meets Carlito, looking to strike with a punch - BUT CARLITO BLOCKS IT - AND RUNS MVP INTO THE CORNER!!! Carlito lets fly with punches, before ramming his shoulder into the gut of MVP, over and over. Carlito then looks to drag his opponent out of the corner, but MVP kicks free, and sends Carlito into the ropes … only for Carlito to bounce back … WITH A FLYING CLOTHESLINE!!! Once again, Carlito puts MVP down, with Porter rolling right out of the ring. Carlito though, isn’t prepared to wait for his opponent to get back inside, and follows out.

Porter rests at the announce table, but only for a split second, as Carlito is right back on him, hammering his back, then LAUNCHES Montel across the announce table, crashing through Michael Cole and Tazz, as the fans pick up in voice, seeing the collision of bodies. Instantly, we have no commentary, with both Cole and Tazz scrambling on the floor. Still, Carlito is going at full steam, not giving MVP a chance to even clear his head, and after rolling in and out of the ring to break the count, walks around the table, grabbing his enemy, picking him up … but as he does, MVP grabs Carlitos tights and yanks him forward, sending Carlito crashing into the timekeepers position, face first. Now, MVP stumbles away from the table, and climbs into the ring, hoping to win on a shitty count out, but Carlito isn’t too far behind, shaking off his collision with the timekeepers table.

Carlito rolls in, but this time, it’s MVP on him, turning the tables on the contest, and keeping Carlito down, softening him up, and finally the first pin attempt of the evening, but Carlito kicks out early. MVP though seems to be enjoying the spell of dominance though, and starts to look more relaxed, more confident, and as usual … more cocky, pulling out the Ballin‘ Elbow for a near fall. After his full throttle start, Carlito looks to have run out of steam, given his six week layoff to boot. Meanwhile, Cole and Tazz are finally back on commentary, following their unexpected collision with MVP moments ago.

Porter has Carlito set up in the corner, and looks to charge in with the drive by kick … BUT CARLITO AVOIDS IT!!! MVP is suddenly thrown off his game, limping out of the corner, as Carlito manages to pick himself up, and gives the fans a bit of high flying excitement, softening up MVP with a running knee lift, then spring boarding off the ropes - and catches MVP with the springboard reverse elbow!!! However, as soon as it’s delivered, Carlito goes right back to his earlier mind set - and gets on MVP hammering his opponent into oblivion with a succession of rights and lefts. The official has to eventually pull Carlito from MVP, and backs him into the corner, warning him he’ll be disqualified. Carlito though has the reply “I don’t care”, as he pushes away to get back at Porter … BUT MVP CHOP BLOCKS THE KNEE!!!!!

And now Carlito is in trouble. Montel is like a shark smelling blood now, and homes in on the knee, going to work, with Carlito suddenly in a bad way, as Cole and Tazz discuss just how much the injury has healed in the last six weeks. MVP rolls to the outside, wrapping the knee around the ring post, showing no remorse for CCC. Back in the ring, Porter continues the assault, using the ropes for leverage, as Carlitos bad knee resurfaces. The pain is clear to see, as MVP starts to really slide into his groove, and even begins a bout of trash talk, asking his opponent “Was it worth it??” and “Avenge your bro, Carlito, C‘MON!!”, stomping at the knee all the while.

Eventually, Porter looks to apply a submission - a single leg crab - with Carlito doing his best to avoid it … but cant. MVP turns him over, and has the submission locked on, but there is still fight inside Carlito, who is still desperate to get his revenge, and uses that to urge himself on … and he eventually reaches for the ropes, breaking the hold. Still though, MVP has the upper hand, merely toying with Carlito at this point, going for the knee, as Carlito treads the fine line between bravery and stupidity in his quest to avenge the actions of MVP in the past six weeks.

MVP continues to work over the knee, driving his own knee into the joint over and over on the canvas, with Carlito barely surviving the attack. Struggling with his knee, Carlito is unable to put up offence, and with Porter almost ‘coasting’ to a routine win, he allows himself to get complacent, as he lets Carlito up, then toys with him, grabbing his leg, forcing Carlito to hop on his bad wheel … UNTIL CARLITO CATCHES HIM WITH AN ENZIGURI!!!!!

Suddenly Miami comes alive, as Carlito wipes the smile off Porters face, with both men down. Inevitably, the referees count ensues, with both men finding it hard to reach their feet for different reasons - Carlito due to his troubled knee, and MVP due to the effects of a kick to the skull. However, they DO beat the count, simultaneously at seven, and in the centre of the ring, the two heated foes trade blows - back and forth, with more sting behind the shots coming from Carlito … BUT ONE KICK TO THE KNEE swings the momentum back to MVP. Porter takes a step back, setting himself for a bit boot … BUT CARLITO DUCKS … THEN DELIVERS THE BACK CRACKER!!!

The fans get behind the Caribbean native as he digs down deep to once again get a chance to avenge the attacks on his family from MVP. Carlito favours his knee, NOT going for a cover, but instead waiting for MVP to reach his vertical base. Porter slowly moves, reaching for the ropes, getting to his feet … AND RIGHT INTO THE PATH OF CARLITO … WHO GOES FOR THE APPLE CORE … BUT MVP ELBOWS FREE!!! Porter then runs Carlito into the corner, before quickly trying to deliver the Play of the Day … BUT CARLITO SLIPS FREE … DDT!!!

MVP is down … BUT THERE IS NO ATTEMPT AT A COVER!!! Instead, Carlito sits up, and looks down at MVP, as a snarl develops over the face of the vengeful Carlito … and immediately, The Cool One rolls out of the ring under the bottom rope (still selling his knee as he stands up outside) … AND GRABS THE CAMERA FROM AN UNSUSPECTING CAMERAMAN!!! He takes a look at the object which could have cost him his career … the object which put his young brother on the sidelines indefinitely … and looks toward the man that inflicted the callous damage … AND DECIDES ITS TIME FOR REVENGE!!!

Carlito rolls back inside, wielding the camera, with the official pleading with him to ‘Think about this’ … but it appears it’s all Carlito has been thinking about for the last week and a half since watching his brothers demise. Carlito doesn’t answer the official, but merely stares a hole through him for his answer … then turns his attention to MVP … HOLDS THE CAMERA UP OVER THE KNEE … BUT MVP SWINGS WITH HIS FREE LEG … LOW BLOW TO CARLITO!!! Carlito crumbles to the mat, the referee instantly calls for the DQ, and MVP rolls right out of the ring, escaping with his career in tact … JUST.
Winner: Via DQ - Carlito @ 14:22

MVP is already halfway up the aisle, stumbling like a mad drunk as Carlito recovers in the ring, holding his balls, wincing from that shot, but the overriding look of anger takes over, having been unable to exact revenge on his hated foe this evening.

Michael Cole: Chaotic, unruly, and ultimately an issue that hasn’t been resolved. Anarchy to kick us off tonight at Judgment Day Tazz, with emotions clearly getting the better of Carlito.

Tazz: And that’s what cost him, Cole. He won the match, but it’s a hollow victory, Cole. He let his temper rule his head tonight, and in the end, MVP may have been on the backfoot for a lot of this match - but he’s unscathed. Who knows what kinda damage was done to that knee.

Michael Cole: Indeed, Carlito was favouring that knee for a long portion of the contest. But really, this isn’t how we wanted this night to start.

Tazz: Absolutely not. No one likes to see matches end in a DQ or a count out, Cole. Let’s just hope this isn’t a sign of things to come tonight.

Michael Cole: Agreed. I just wonder Tazz, I just wonder if Rob Van Dam is sitting backstage right now, having watched Carlito - a man out for blood, a man out for revenge - and saw the results. Will RVD be able to keep his cool later tonight when he confronts Randy Orton in the Fatal Four Way Elimination Match.

Tazz: Well, one things for sure - with no disqualifications or count outs, Orton cant run like MVP did … and if Van Dam DOES let his emotions rule his head … he cant be disqualified.

We see another shot of Carlito in the ring - head down, dejected - as he comes to terms with his night not going as he had hoped it would.


A night time view from the sky of London is seen as the opening chords of ‘LONDON CALLING’ by The Clash plays.

As the opening chords continue, flashing shots of the WWE superstars {John Cena, Paul London, Christian, Randy Orton, Mr. Kennedy, Brock Lesnar, Kurt Angle & Brent Albright} appear as the focus zooms closer to the city … eventually zooming towards the newly completed Wembley Stadium…


Spliced together clips, going from sights in London (Westminster) with Edge spearing Brock Lesnar, and Rey Mysterio hitting the 619 to Mr. Kennedy.


Focus shifts between the Wembley Arc, to action with Shelton Benjamin leaping off a ladder at WrestleMania, then Batista shaking the ring ropes.


Focus then shifts between the sights of London Cabs and Double Decker Buses in Trafalgar Square, to the sights of MVP bursting through his elaborate set, to Melina completing her banana split ring entrance.


We see Tower Bridge and then rowdy fans from WrestleMania, mixed with shots of Christian face to face with John Cena at WrestleMania to a backdrop of thousands inside the Superdome, along with a clip of Rob Van Dam soaring through the air to deliver a Five Star Frog Splash.


Zooming shot of the London Eye, clips of more fans from big WWE stadium events, mixed with Umaga roaring at the camera, and Randy Orton crouched, lying in wait for an RKO.


Flashing clip of Buckingham Palace, with a crazed Kurt Angle going for the Ankle Lock, then Brent Albright applying the Crowbar.


Big Ben is shown, mixed with Straight Edge delivering the simultaneous Shining Wizard, then Carlito hitting the Apple Core off the ladder at WrestleMania.


Another glorious shot of the new Wembley, as a rapid succession of shots of the top name stars flashes across the screen.


The camera then zooms out, further and further, as the music fades.



Back to ringside.

Michael Cole: The anticipation grows partner. Without a doubt, we are fast approaching THE biggest Summerslam in history. I don’t remember any anticipation like it in my years in this company. Wembley in 1992 will be nothing more than a distant memory. 2007 in merry ‘ol England will make all kinds of history.

Tazz: Goose bump city, Cole. Londons Callin’, and I’m damn glad of it.


Jeff Hardy gets a portion of the audience on their feet, as he prances onto the stage for the upcoming contest.

Michael Cole: Judgment Day for The New Wave begins now, Tazz. We’re set for six man tag team action, and Randy Ortons brethren have a lot to prove in this one.

Tazz: Absolutely, Cole. A lot of people have really gotten on the back of Randy Ortons group, and many have said that they’re simply riding the champs coattails. Tonight is their chance to stick it to their critics.

Michael Cole: But to do that, they must overcome a hellacious team - albeit comprised of three complete individuals - but it’s a team that has just about every component you could ask for. And Jeff Hardy brings that daredevil attitude to the table, that reckless abandon, not to mention the speed, quickness and the unique creative mind that very few can rival.

Tazz: And while this is a big night for the New Wave; don’t think for a second that Jeff Hardy aint thinking about making headlines himself. Out on his own with Matt over on Raw, the time is now if Jeff Hardy wants to progress further up the ladder.


A respectful pop greets the veteran Irishman, who strides onto the stage with the ever present steely determination etched on his face.

Michael Cole: Forget the high flying risk raking of Jeff Hardy when you see this man. Finlay is a flat out brawler, raised in the streets of Belfast, and with more knowledge and experience in this business than just about anyone on the active roster today. THAT is what Finlay brings to the table.

Tazz: Just about the perfect tonic to compliment the attributes that Jeff Hardy brings to this makeshift trio. Finlay has wrestled in countries you and I probably havent even heard of - the man has done it all in this business. He’s been there, seen it, and bled all over the t-shirt.

Finlay joins Jeff Hardy in the ring, just sharing a nod with his unlikely partner, as they both look up the aisle, waiting for the third man…


A HUGE ovation greets the big man, with The Animal making his way onto the stage, and quickly gets to business, letting off the pyro, before purposefully walking down the ramp.

Michael Cole: The experience of Finlay, the devil may care approach of Jeff Hardy … and the unmitigated power of THE ANIMALLLL!!! Miami is on it’s feet for Batista, who may just wind up as the difference maker in this match if you ask me.

Tazz: He’s the wild card, that’s for sure Cole. Batista has rebounded from defeat at WrestleMania, and since then, he’s been tearing it up on Friday Nights. The locker room has been put on notice, and tonight, The Animal smells blood Cole.

Michael Cole: And you just have to wonder … what game plan have Cade, Dinsmore and Doane come up with tonight?? How do they plan to deal with such an array of abilities possessed by these three men.

Batista joins Finlay and Jeff Hardy in the ring, bouncing up and down on his toes, looking ready to be unleashed on The New Wave tonight.


To limited heat, the trio of Garrison Cade, Nick Dinsmore and Ken Doane step onto the stage, and despite not looking overly confident, they don’t show fear, steadily walking to the ring, watching their opponents.

Michael Cole: The moment of truth for these three men has arrived, Tazz. It’s time to put up or shut up.

Tazz: And they know it, Cole. Huge point to prove tonight, and we’re gonna see what these three are really made of.

The three men get onto the apron, but decide not to enter the ring, merely moving on the outside, taking up their place in their corner, as the music dies down, and the match is set to begin.

6 Man Tag Team Match:
The New Wave vs. Batista, Finlay & Jeff Hardy
The New Wave try to play it smart in the early going, remaining calm, and looking to take their time, as Dinsmore and Finlay kick it off with a lot of struggling on the mat and around the ring, as both men look to overpower the other. This results in a stalemate though, with both men standing off, before Dinsmore tags out to Doane, with Finlays team mates convincing him into tagging out too. Jeff Hardy and Ken Doane then liven proceedings up a little, but once again, the two merely cancel one another out, with dodges, counters and reversals dominating their meeting. Doane eventually catches Jeff with a dropkick, scoring the first near fall of the match. He then runs the ropes, charging toward Hardy, but is caught with an arm drag. The Future tumbles into the corner, and immediately tags out … bringing Cade into the match for the first time.

Cade steps inside, looking menacingly toward Hardy, who doesn’t look to be in fear, but hears the call from Batista, and accepts the request of the big man, tagging him in for the first time. And the two bulls of the match collide, struggling in a collar and elbow lock up, as they battle to see which of them is the most powerful … and Batista wins the first challenge, shoving Cade into the corner. The big Texan looks livid, and pushes himself back up straight, and after a moment of posturing between the two, Cade challenges Batista to a Greco-Roman Knuckle lock up, which The Animal is quick to accept. Cade quickly gets the upper hand, surprising Batista, even forcing the big man onto his knees, but The Animal summons another store of strength, and surges back up, seemingly about to overturn the advantage … BUT CADE KICKS HIM IN THE GUT!!!

Batista doubles over in surprise, as Cade hammers the back, then shoves The Animal into the New Waves corner, tagging in Dinsmore once again. The two hammer their biggest threat in the corner until Cade is forced out of the ring, leaving Dinsmore to tackle Batista. He delivers a simple snap mare, then charges into the ropes, but Batista avoids a basement dropkick, and gets to his feet, blocking a desperate swing from Dinsmore, then runs through him with a furious clothesline. Doane suddenly rushes in now, but Batista sidesteps him, and his momentum takes him to the outside, whilst Cade now tries to jump in, but The Animal beats him to the punch, hammering Cade into the corner, backing out, then charging in with another clothesline. Dave then whips Cade into Dinsmore, before chucking him out of the ring. He then backs Dinsmore into the corner, and tags Jeff Hardy back into the action.

Dinsmore then has to survive an onslaught from the faces, as Jeff forces a number of kick outs, before Finlay follows suit, further roughing up ‘The Prodigy’, but Dinsmore hangs on, keeping The New Wave in the match, despite suffering a sustained beating. Jeff Hardy is then brought back into the fold, and in total control over Dinsmore, as he looks to run off the ropes, when CADE low bridges the ropes, sending Jeff over the top rope, to the outside, allowing a beat down on the outside from the biggest man of The New Wave, which puts the heels in charge. All the while, Batista and Finlay are prevented from helping their partner, due to the incompetence of the official, who stops them, whilst missing the beat down on the outside. Cade eventually rolls Jeff back in before the referee spots what’s going on, as Dinsmore gets a near fall, before tagging out to the fresh man, Ken Doane.

The New Wave seize control now, and the trio of Cade, Doane and Dinsmore work well in tandem for their period of dominance, being able to keep Jeff at bay from his team mates, who grow further frustrated, especially as the heels resort to cheap tactics in order to keep the advantage for the contest, including an occasion when Jeff stunned Cade with a jawbreaker … but a last second intervention from Doane, dragging Hardy back centre prevents the tag. That irks Batista and Finlay enough to come for a piece of the young upstart - but once again, the official stops them, which allows another double team beating from The New Wave. After the double team, Cade has recovered and the big Texan hoists Jeff up … DELIVERING THE RAZORS EDGE!!! He has the cover made … BUT BATISTA BREAKS THE COUNT!!!

Once again, that sets off the official, who admonishes The Animal, ordering him to the outside again. So, as this goes on, Cade and Dinsmore hold down Hardy (which seems unnecessary considering the Razors Edge moments ago) whilst Doane sets himself on the top rope, surely for the big Leg drop … UNTIL FINLAY TIPS HIM OFF … AND FACE FIRST INTO THE BARRIER AT RINGSIDE!!! Dinsmore jumps up instantly, coming at the veteran Irishman … but Finlay catches him first, then sticks his shoulder to Nicks gut, before having to duck a shot from Cade, and hot shots the big Texan off the top rope, sending Cade stumbling away … AND INTO AN INSIDE CRADLE FROM A DESPERATE HARDY … BUT THE REFEREE TAKES TOO LONG TO SPOT THE CRADLE!!! He eventually is alerted by Batista who has exited the ring, and quickly the count is made … 1...KICK OUT!!!

Hardy surely had the match won, but it continues, as both he and a delirious Cade get to their feet, with Jeff beating his bigger opponent to the punch, and again, and again, before ducking a clothesline … AND LEAPS ACROSS … TAGGING IN BATISTA!!! Batista brings the fans to their feet, running through Cade with a big clothesline, then Dinsmore too, before delivering another to Cade, and follows up with a sidewalk slam on Dinsmore!!! Finlay now pulls The Prodigy from the ring, leaving just Batista and Cade for now (with Jeff looking worse for wear on the apron), and The Animal has Cade right where he wants him … DRILLING Cade with the spine buster … THEN SHAKES THE ROPES!!! It’s Batista Bomb time, and the fans know it!!! The Animal turns around, and gets Cade into position … but before he can go for it, CADE ESCAPES!!! Cade breaks free, then runs Batista into the corner, but Batista reverses the Irish Whip, sending Cade in instead. The Animal now charges forward … BUT EATS A BOOT!!! Batista reels away, holding his face whilst Doane now makes a tag off his partners back, unbeknownst to Batista.

The Future stays crouched on the apron though, and watches, as Batista stops Cade in his tracks CRUSHING HIM WITH A SPEAR!!! Now, The Animal goes for the Batista Bomb quickly … AND NAILS IT!!! He has the cover … BUT NO COUNT IS MADE!!! Batista is furious, but before the referee can explain why there was no count, Doane attacks Batista from behind. The Future hammers Batista with everything he’s got, and goes for a neck breaker, but Batista blocks it, and rams the youngster into the corner, overpowering him, winding Doane with a succession of shoulders to the gut, then pulls him out, hoisting him up … and delivers a MUSCLE BUSTER!!! It’s looking like the writings on the wall for The New Wave, with Finlay taking care of Dinsmore on the outside, and now Batista throwing a barely lifeless Cade out of the ring, whilst Doane stays down in the ring.

In a last act of desperation though, The Future spots Finlays SHILLELAGH in the corner, and slowly begins to crawl across the ring, hoping to get there before Batista comes back for him … WHEN HE IS SUDDENLY CRUSHED … WITH A SWANTON BOMB!!! Jeff Hardy finishes off any hopes the trio had, and Batista now puts an exclamation point on the matter, picking up Doane, as Dinsmore can only watch on from the outside, with Finlay joining Jeff in the ring to stop any interference … AS BATISTA DRILLS DOANE WITH A BATISTA BOMB!!! Nick Dinsmore is going spare on the outside, having a tantrum, helpless to save Doane, whilst Cade is still laid out, as the emphatic count is made, 1...2...3!!!
Winners: Batista, Jeff Hardy & Finlay @ 10:16

The New Wave fail to make the impact they had to, as the star trio of Batista, Jeff Hardy and Finlay overcome the young trio. On the outside, Dinsmore is tearing his hair out, kicking the steps, knowing his group have failed tonight, whilst Garrison Cade and Ken Doane are both out of it. In the ring, the victors celebrate - but nothing over the top, or ‘chummy’, with the three men only coming together for a common goal, and no real bond between them.

Michael Cole: Not the night that The New Wave had imagined, Tazz. They certainly didn’t embarrass themselves, but ultimately, they came for a win, and they didn’t get it.

Tazz: And you can bet your ass that Randy Orton is most likely throwin a fit backstage. These three men are inching closer and closer to having their rug pulled from them if you ask me. Orton aint a patient man, and he wont put up with much more failure from these three.

Michael Cole: And while we can talk about The New Wave failing to achieve their objective this evening, lets offer congratulations to Finlay, Jeff Hardy and of course, Batista. An impressive win for those three men tonight.

Tazz: For three guys with little in the way of a connection, that was pretty freakin impressive. They came for what they wanted, Cole, and could well have put the final nail in the coffin of The New Wave.

We see Batista now leaving the ring, the last of the winning trio to do so, whilst around ringside, Nick Dinsmore tries to help his brethren back to their senses, as Cade and Doane realise the ramifications of their loss…

Backstage now, we see CHARLIE HAAS walking through the hallway, with a towel around his neck, and no shirt on. He walks into the locker room, and passes through a range of the lower card guys, before reaching his intended target; BRENT ALBRIGHT. Albright is sat on a bench, shining the United States Championship - HIS United States Championship. Haas approaches his friend, putting a hand on his shoulder. Albright looks up, nodding at Haas…

Charlie Haas: Not nervous, are you??

Albright shows the slightest sign of a smirk, before shaking his head.

Brent Albright: Been in this spot countless times, Charlie. I plan on being in this spot countless times more. I’m not nervous.

Haas nods, smiling at the answer.

Charlie Haas: Didn’t think so. You got this, Brent. Paul London?? The guy doesn’t deserve to share a ring with you - he doesn’t deserve the share the ring with the likes of us. Show the world that tonight, huh.

Haas pats his friend on the back, offering support. Albright looks away from the belt, and up at Haas.

Brent Albright: Have to. The critics?? The so-called experts?? They say this is the end?? In a way, they’re right … it is the end … but it’s only the end of the beginning. Tonight, this is simply the beginning Chapter Two. Like I said on Friday, from this night forward, you’ll see a different Brent Albright.

Haas nods as he listens, liking what he’s hearing.

Brent Albright: And from this night forward - we’re making Smackdown OUR playground. Like we talked about - like we said we would - we’re gonna force the machine to conform to US!!!

Albright stands up, throwing the belt over his shoulder.

Charlie Haas: Music to my ears. This is the way it should be. The Master Craftsmen at the top of the tree.

Brent nods, and the two men firmly shake hands.

Brent Albright: The VERY top.

The two shake hands, and nod, as we fade out…

We then see footage of The New Wave, with the caption ‘moments ago’, as they walked through the curtain, following their loss. The trio pass the Gorilla Position, and through another curtain … and are met by RANDY ORTON. The trio stop in their tracks, as Orton simply keeps his head down. All three men look to each other, whilst Orton keeps his head down, then musters a low speech.

Randy Orton: The three of you are pathetic …

None of the trio say anything, but Cade and Dinsmore look rather angered by the tone of Orton towards them, but bite their tongue.

Randy Orton: And after that display … I’d advise the three of you to stay out of my sight. I don’t care if you leave right now or not … but I DO NOT want to see you anywhere near me for the rest of this night.

Orton finally looks up, with Doane putting his head down, but the other two standing firm, looking the WWE Champion in the eye.

Randy Orton: So in case you need it spelt out, all I want the three of you to do when I defend the WWE Championship … is … STAY … AWAY!!

Orton turns to walk away, then stops, looking halfway over his shoulder…

Randy Orton: I’m sure even you three can accomplish that task.

The WWE Champion walks off, whilst Cade is stopped by Dinsmore from speaking up, whilst Doane looks up, simply shaking his head in disappointment.

Back into the arena…


To a nice pop, Chavo Guerrero confidently struts through the curtain, feeding off the fans instantly, ahead of his CW title shot.

Michael Cole: Remarkably, it has been TWO years since Chavo Guerrero last held the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. After such a barren run for arguably the most respected cruiserweight in the WWE today, can Chavo finally reclaim the championship he once held such a stronghold over??

Tazz: I think it could be, Cole. Brian Kendrick has frankly had his head in the clouds lately, and like the challenger said himself … it’s time he came crashing back down to earth.

As Chavo prepares in the ring, his music dies down, and we are forced to endure a fairly awkward silence … until …


Instantly, the audience seem puzzled by the unknown music, but eventually, the mystery is unravelled, as a grinning, relaxed, Brian Kendrick steps into view, looking ever so pleased with himself, sporting his ridiculous new jacket he’s been wearing in recent weeks, but at least has had the decency to wear the Cruiserweight title.

Michael Cole: Well, we continue to see the … transformation of a once … for lack of a better term, respectful, young man, into a conceited, arrogant punk. Brian Kendrick is a prime example of how fame and fortune can completely change someones attitude - and in the worst way possible.

Tazz: The best thing that could happen to this kid would be for him to come crashing down to earth. For Kendricks own good, Chavo Guerrero NEEDS to take that Cruiserweight title from him tonight.

Michael Cole: And as if we needed an example in this change of attitude…

At ringside, Kendrick seems to be distracted by a voluptuous blonde in the third row, wearing a tight fitting white t-shirt, showing off A LOT of cleavage. He licks his lips, nodding his head, and rubs his chin, liking what he sees … but before he can make a move, Jack Doan interrupts him, ordering him into the ring.

Cruiserweight Championship Match:
Brian Kendrick vs. Chavo Guerrero
The bell rings, with Chavo looking eager to get on with it … but Kendrick appears to be calling for a time out already. Puzzled, Chavo remains stoic, as Kendrick hops out of the ring, and approaches the blonde that caught his eye moments ago, calling her forward. The smiling blonde comes forward, with Kendrick set to try and ‘woo’ her, whilst Chavo shakes his head in frustration inside the ring. Indeed, Guerrero has had enough, and hops out of the ring, grabbing Kendrick … AND HURLS HIM BACK INTO THE RING!!! The fans show a lot of love for that, and Chavo hurries in behind, with Kendrick backing off, begging into the corner, and Chavo relents, allowing him up.

Kendrick takes a deep breath, and circles the ring, nodding, trying to get his head in the game, with Chavo offering a Greco-Roman Knuckle lock … but as Kendrick looks to be accepting, and raising his left hand to compete … he drops it, and raises his right instead. The champion laughs as his little prank, but Chavo is unimpressed … AND SLAPS KENDRICK!!! Guerrero has seemingly had enough of the antics of Kendrick, and begins to attempt to teach some respect to his former(?) friend, beating him into the corner.

Chavo dominates the contest in the early going, with Kendrick looking ragged - under prepared, and unfocused, with it seemingly a matter of time before the championship changes hands. Chavo though, cant do enough to put Kendrick down, and ultimately it allows Kendrick a way back in, as he low bridges the ropes with Chavo running toward him, sending the challenger out of the ring. With that, Kendrick uses the ropes as leverage, leaping over, and crashing onto Chavo. Showing a newer mean streak too, Kendrick rams his buddy into the apron countless times, looking to soften him up, before taking the action back inside.

Surprisingly, Kendrick SLOWS the action down, which doesn’t win him too many fans, but it allows him to gain momentum, and weakens Chavo considerably in the process. Guerrero though, lives up to his family name, and fights back, stunning the champion … but the fight back is short lived, as Kendrick returns from an Irish Whip with a leaping calf kick, sending Chavo back down, and Kendrick scrambles into the cover, 1...2...NO!!! Kendrick is up quickly, prowling, crouched in the corner, waiting for Chavo to pick himself up, as Guerrero gets to a knee … KENDRICK RACES ACROSS, DRIVING A FLYING BOOT INTO THE FACE OF THE CHALLENGER!!!!! He covers again, 1...2...NO!!! Still, Kendrick cant put Chavo down, and he quickly transitions into a sleeper after sending Guerrero off the ropes, tripping him, and keeps the sleeper applied whilst on the canvas.

Chavo desperately tries to escape, but looks like he’s fading, with Kendrick increasing the pressure on the sleeper. Of course though, we get the traditional ‘sleeper comeback’, with Chavo feeding off the support of the fans, and elbows to freedom, running off the ropes … but right into a big dropkick!!! Kendrick instantly scrambles into another cover, 1...2...NO!!! Still, he cant put the challenger away in this one. Kendrick remains in control though, and waits for his moment, as Chavo pulls himself up in the opposite corner … with Kendrick steaming in, clocking him with a running roaring elbow!!! Guerrero falls back in the corner, and slumps to the canvas … as Kendrick turns, then sprints to the corner … and dropkicks the seated challenger!!! Again, the champ drags Chavo out, making a cover, 1...2...KICK OUT AGAIN!!!

NOW Kendrick shows a temper, quickly slapping the mat in angst. He looks down at the challenger, then roughly drags him up, setting him in the corner, and letting rip with a barrage of stiff forearm shots, directly to the mush of Chavo. The referee then steps in, stopping Kendrick and forcing the break in the corner, as Kendrick steps out … and smiles?? It’s a cocky smile, and the champion parades around the ring with a certain swagger now in his step, and looks out to the busty blonde in the third row, pointing to her, with a close up shot of the champion showing him winking too. He then motions that the next part is for her … as he runs across the ring, AND DELIVERS DR. SMOOTHS SECRET RECIPE!!! Guerrero staggers out, with Kendrick grabbing him, and quickly delivering a Gutbuster, which puts Chavo down for another cover, 1...2...NO!!!

Still, Chavo isn’t done. Kendrick shakes his head, but is still smiling - although it’s now a smile that hides worry - worry that he cant finish off the gutsy veteran challenger. He drags Guerrero up, and takes him into the corner, hoisting the challenger up, setting him onto the top rope, climbing up himself, setting himself - after nearly losing his balance - before shouting to the audience ‘Only THE Brian Kendrick could do this!!’ … THEN ATTEMPTS A HURRICANRANA … BUT CHAVO COUNTERS … AND POWERBOMBS KENDRICK OFF THE TOP ROPE!!!!! Suddenly, the buzz MULTIPLIES massively, and a huge roar engulfs the American Airlines Arena, with a faint ‘HOLY SHIT’ chant picking up some steam around the building. Obviously, both men are down, after Chavos sustained beating at the hands of Kendrick, and both men STAY flat out, with the referee beginning a mandatory ten count. Jack Doan reaches EIGHT before we see signs of life from either man … and it’s Chavo that stirs first … as he just about drapes an arm over the torso of Kendrick … 1...2...SHOULDER UP!!!!!

Somehow, someway, Kendrick survives!!! However, with the power bomb, we’ve reached a turning point, and as the two men reach their feet, Chavo begins his fight back, taking the fight to Kendrick now. He fires off a hat trick of arm drags, which have the champ reeling, and Guerrero follows up, clothes lining Kendrick over the top rope … and instantly scales the turnbuckles … AND SPLASHES ONTO KENDRICK ON THE OUTSIDE!!! The adrenaline has taken over the normally cautious, more mat based Guerrero, and the fans are loving it, with a ‘CHAVO’ chant starting to develop. Now, the anger gets the better of the challenger, with Chavo letting out his pent up frustration, grabbing the weary champ, and showing him the busty blonde, yelling in his ear ‘YOU WANNA CHAT HER UP NOW??’ then throws him back into the ring.

Chavo though, climbs the turnbuckles from the apron, and hunches in wait for the champion to get up, and scores with a MISSILE DROPKICK, putting Kendrick down, and quickly making the cover, 1...2...NO!!! He may be cocky, but the champion DOES have fighting spirit, and he’s digging deep tonight. Guerrero gets to his feet, and now signals to the fans, nodding, as he pulls Kendrick up, kicks him in the gut, then gets in position … AND FIRES OFF A SUPLEX … AND HANGS ON, SPINNING THE HIPS!!! The fans cheer, as Chavo pays homage to his late, great Uncle, and FIRES OFF A SECOND SUPLEX … HANGING ON … SPINNING THE HIPS AGAIN!!! Chavo then looks to complete ‘The Three Amigos’ … but Kendrick puts a stop to it, blocking the attempt initially, then reaching out with his free arm, and grabbing the top rope!!!

The heat all but confirms Kendricks status with the fans now, playing killjoy, with the fans not getting what they wanted, and Jack Doan is forced to break the grip of Chavo, with Kendrick at the sanctuary of the ropes. Guerrero releases, and despite being frustrated - like the booing fans - he holds his hands up innocently, and backs off with the referee, giving Kendrick a chance to breathe … BUT KENDRICK TAKES A CHEAP SHOT!!! Guerrero was caught off guard, and staggers away, holding his face … AND KENDRICK INSTANTLY GOES FOR SLICED BREAD … AND HITS IT!!! Kendrick hooks the leg, having no qualms about taking a cheap route to victory, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: AND STILL Cruiserweight Champion - BRIAN KENDRICK @ 12:49

The fans hate the finish, with Kendrick cheap shotting his supposed friend to get the jump on him, and steal the victory. The champion gets up, and struts around the ring, ignoring the referee who tries to give him the belt - EVENTUALLY realising the title is there, and taking it, as he turns his attention back to the busty blonde. Kendrick hops out of the ring, and proceeds to meet the lady … BUT IS FORCED TO HIGHTAIL IT … AS CHAVO COMES AFTER HIM!!!

The livid Guerrero gives chase, as Kendrick scarpers through the crowd, running like a scalded dog. Guerrero, still groggy from the Sliced Bread, is unable to catch up, and Kendrick escapes, as the camera focuses on Chavo, who looks rightfully furious, with Cole and Tazz coming to the conclusion that that friendship is over, as we fade out…



Back into the arena…

Michael Cole: Ten months and waiting Tazz. The anticipation for WrestleMania builds already. And ladies and gentlemen, WrestleMania 16 was the last time the WWE Championship was decided in a Fatal Four Way Elimination match - over seven years have past. On that night, the champion, Triple H retained the title, thanks to help from his Father-In-Law - help that Randy Orton cannot count on this evening.

Tazz: Naw, especially after chewin out the rest of The New Wave, Cole. Orton told his so-called buddies he’d rather go it alone. Not smart if your Randy Orton, but it sounds good to me. We all wanna see the very best guy walk outta Miami with the WWE Title.

Michael Cole: Without a doubt, Tazz. And Tazz, there will be no room for excuses tonight either. To lose you’ll have to be pinned, or forced to submit; completely different to a regular fatal four way which contains a sole decision.

Tazz: And personally, I like it better this way. Like you said, no excuses. Back in the day in ECW, we had what we called Three and Four Way Dances, which worked the same as tonight’s main event. To lose, you gotta be eliminated. In fact, my last official match for ECW before comin here was a Three Way Dance, Cole.

Michael Cole: And how did it finish??

Tazz: Let’s talk about that another time, huh.

Cole lets out his overbearing laugh, as the graphic appears for the JBL/Hogan contest, which is greeted with a raucous pop from the fans.

Michael Cole: Well, this next match is no laughing matter, Tazz. JBL has formed a huge grudge against the legendary Hulk Hogan. JBL has dogged Hogan out of retirement, and in the process, has allowed Hogan to grant his fans that request from the Hall of Fame ceremony in March … One, More, Match.

- Opens with JBL at WrestleMania, during the piece where he is badmouthing the Hall of Fame, mixed with clips from the previous nights HoF ceremony … and is inevitably interrupted by Hulk Hogan, and Hogan runs him off.
- Then, we get clips from the following weeks, where JBL constantly badmouths Hogan, pulling the legends name through the gutter.
- Hogan then finally answers the calls of JBL, and confronts him in Canada, with a war of words ensuing.
- The match is agreed upon, and the footage is spliced with footage of the Hall of Fame ceremony in March, with the fans calling for ‘ONE MORE MATCH’.
- As Hogan looks to say his famous catchphrase, JBL attacks him with the mic, and eventually leaves The Hulkster in a bloody mess.
- Clips from the following weeks, where JBL continues to spew nonsense about Hogan, trying to turn the fans against him, and produces a less than positive ‘tribute’ video for the legend.
- We then see clips of the Arn Anderson approved tribute video on Smackdown, which is interrupted by JBL, who makes his final promises for Judgment Day…

Back into the arena…


As ever, the unmistakable stretch white limo enters the side of the stage, which eventually leads to the first sight of JBL, stepping out as the driver opens the door, and proudly showing his trademark toothy grin, waving his hat to the audience, ignoring the mountains of abuse coming his way.

Michael Cole: Last November at the Survivor Series, at the hands of The Undertaker, JBL was forced out of action due to a debilitating back injury … but he returns to Pay Per View tonight with the sole purpose of forcing the Immortal Hulk Hogan out of action forever.

Tazz: And when JBL sets his sights on something- when he decides what he wants- he ALWAYS gets it. JBL aint a man that’s used to not getting what he wants. And for those reasons, I’d be pretty freakin worried if I was The Hulkster.

Michael Cole: JBL has returned from his five month lay off with two clear goals, the first was to hunt out the Deadman, who has been AWOL ever since WrestleMania, and the second, ever since being embarrassed at WrestleMania, was to destroy Hulkamania. Like you said Tazz, JBL is a man that is used to getting what he wants.

JBL enters the ring, and mocks Hogan, revealing a Hogan-esque tank top under his jacket, which reads JBL-a-mania, and much to the disgust of the fans, he mimics the actions of The Hulkster, ripping the shirt, and chucking it to the fans, who give Layfield all kinds of heat.

The music dies, and JBL faces a long wait in the ring, pacing around, as the ‘HOGAN’ chants reverberate around the American Airlines Arena.



And the fans ERUPT. The familiar music has the fans on their feet, and JBL seething, as Hulk Hogan powers onto the stage, already pumping the fans, pointing to the ring, as the roof threatens to blow.

Michael Cole: The request was simple. “One More Match” cried the fans at the Hall of Fame ceremony in March … and tonight, Hulk Hogan delivers one last request to the legions of Hulkamaniacs. Tonight, for one last time, HULKAMANIA IS RUNNIN WILD!!!

Tazz: I don’t believe these people Cole!!! This place is electric!!! It’s Hogan City here!!!

Michael Cole: For weeks, JBL attempted to blacken the name of Hulk Hogan, but tonight, the fans have responded - they still believe in The Hulkster … they still believe in the demandments, and you better believe that they believe Hulk Hogan is gonna run roughshod over JBL!!!

Hogan eventually reaches the ring, as JBL decides to take a walk, with The Hulkster ripping off his shirt - the original - and goes through the classic routine, to the delight of the fans … but to the disgust of JBL.

The Hulkster eventually turns his attention to JBL on the outside, and points to his foe, ordering him in the ring, not prepared to wait any longer … but JBL decides to take his time, not wanting to cave to any of Hogans demands … instead, taking things on HIS terms.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield vs. Hulk Hogan
Once JBL gets into the ring, the two men meet in the middle of the ring - eyeball to eyeball, with JBL showing disdain for Hogan, and Hogan glaring at his adversary, blowing hard through his mouth as the tension rises … but before we get any of the formula Hogan match ‘test of strength’ contests - JBL PIE FACES THE HALL OF FAMER!!! Hogan stumbles into the corner, as the fans show their feelings, showing the disrespectful self made millionaire oodles of heat. Hogan steadies himself, before confronting Layfield once more … but as he moves toward him - JBL SLAPS HOGAN IN THE MUSH!!!

Again, Hogan stumbles, and the crowd show their displeasure, whilst JBL bad mouths his opponent. Hogan looks to be getting heated, and looks to the fans, nodding at their approval for him, before coming back out of the corner - instantly blocking a right from JBL, and unleashing a shot of his own!!! Hogan blocks another two shots from JBL, rocking Bradshaw with his responses, backing JBL into the ropes - FIRES HIM OFF … BIG BOOT CONNECTS!!! Hogan doesn’t look like he’ll be wasting any time, and takes a quick look around - THEN BACKS INTO THE ROPES TO COME OFF FOR A LEG DROP … but JBL rolls under the bottom rope, and out to safety before Hogan can lift off!!!

JBL raises the ire of the fans, and indeed, he gets in the face of one Hogan fan, who is dressed head to toe as his idol. JBL slaps the bandana off the fan, and points in his face, chewing out the mouthy fan … all the while he has taken his eye off the ball - and Hogan has exited the ring, spins JBL around, and throws another old man right that sends JBL staggering around the ringside area. Hogan follows, and delivers another couple of his punches, with JBL trying to create some distance - eventually grabbing Tony Chimmel, and throwing the ring announcer in front of himself, stopping The Hulkster in his tracks. JBL uses Chimmel as a shield, with Hogan now looking around for some sort of response from the fans as to what he should do … but before he can decide - JBL shoves Chimmel into Hogan!! Hogan stumbles backward, going down, and JBL is on him right away, dropping a big elbow on the floor, crushing the legend.

Layfield then takes the opportunity to break the count, rolling into the ring, looking up at the referee, and then rolling back out. JBL mouths off at the fans, as The Immortal One struggles to get up, using the apron, but once he’s up, JBL grabs him from behind - AND HURLS HIM TOWARD THE STEEL RING POST - AND HOGAN COLLIDES FACE FIRST!!! The Legend goes down lack a sack of shit, and the camera focuses on a beaming JBL, who cups his ears to the fans, who respond with overwhelming boos for the ‘Wrestling God’. We then cut back to Hogan … AND HE’S BUSTED OPEN!!! The Hulkster now looks every bit the old man he is, sitting up, breathing heavy, with JBL closing in, standing over Hogan, grabbing him in a headlock, and pounding at the open wound with his free hand!!! JBL beats Hogan to a pulp, before letting go, and allowing Hulk to slump onto the floor again. With a smile on his face, Layfield hauls the carcass of the legend up, and rolls him inside the ring, before nonchalantly following inside himself, looking down on Hogan and wiping his hands - as if to say ‘job done’.

Now looking to pick his spots, JBL sticks the sole of his boot into the bloody face of his opponent, then drops the elbow again, making the first cover of the match, 1...2...NO!!! There is still life in the old dog yet, but it doesn’t concern the Wrestling God. JBL gets back up, and brings Hogan with him, winding up … and delivering with a solid, massive right hand, that sends Hogan tumbling into the ropes, and into the corner. JBL follows in, grabbing Hogan by the face, talking trash, before ramming his elbow into the face, putting all his force behind the shots, with Hogan defenceless to stop him. Layfield then drags The Hulkster out of the corner - and puts him back down with a swift swinging neck breaker!! JBL leans back, with a casual cover, 1...2...SHOULDER UP!!!

The laid back cover costs JBL, but again, he doesn’t look concerned, as he is merely toying with Hogan now, simply dragging out the inevitable. He gets up, standing over Hogan, who bravely tries to climb up, grabbing the legs of JBL to do so … but JBL simply kicks him away. Layfield then taunts the fans once more, again targeting the fan in the front row, pointing him out, talking smack, with the fan giving some back, which angers JBL. Layfield attempts to step through the ropes to confront the Hogan fan, but Charles Robinson stops him, telling him to stay in the ring, with JBL raising his hands innocently … before peeling off, and jumping out of the ring … AND GRABS THE FAN WITH BOTH HANDS … AND HAULS HIM OVER THE BARRIER!!!

It’s bedlam inside the American Airlines Arena, with JBL mercilessly attacking a die-hard Hogan fan (obviously a plant by this stage), and hammers the weedy Hulkamaniac before chucking him into the ring!!! The fan cowers into the corner, begging JBL to leave him, whilst Charles Robinson pleads with JBL too, but is shoved away for his troubles, as JBL sticks his boot in the face of the poor fan!!! He throws the lifeless geek up, holding him in position, yelling at them, and then looks down at Hogan, who is on one knee, begging with JBL to leave the fan alone … but the pleas are ignored … AND JBL DELIVERS A FALL AWAY SLAM!!! The fan rolls nearly right out of the ring, and lays sprawled out on the canvas, as JBL looks to continue the unnecessary punishment, grabbing the poor kids arm, and dragging him to a vertical position … holding the arm … possibly setting up the CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL - BUT IS FINALLY STOPPED BY HOGAN!!!

The fans go crazy, as Hogan grabs the arm, stopping JBL, and spins him around … FIRING with a blistering right hand, and a second, and a third, somehow finding another gear in his broken down body. With JBL dazed, Hogan runs limps off the ropes, coming at him … BUT EATS A BIG BOOT!!! The wind is taken out of the fans sails, and Hogan topples over. JBL looks down at his pitiful opponent, then turns his attention back to the sacrificial lamb of a fan, and hauls him up by the arm again, walking around the ring, getting the fans riled up first, showering Layfield with ungodly head … AS HE CRUSHES THE POOR FAN WITH A CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL!!! JBL is systematically destroying Hulk Hogan, AND his faithful Hulkamaniacs!!! Layfield mercifully rolls the poor fan out of the ring - kicking him out - before turning around, and pointing at Hogan.

Heat increases for Bradshaw, as he stalks toward Hogan, grabbing the bloodied up legend by the head, and raising him up slightly, placing him between his legs … for a power bomb?? JBL takes his time setting it up, once again lambasting the fans for their faith in Hulkamania … then looks to deliver … BUT HOGAN BLOCKS IT … AND A SECOND TIME!!! The fans rumble, hoping for a comeback, as JBL pounds the back of Hogan, trying to soften him up, then goes for the power bomb again … BUT HOGAN COUNTERS WITH A BACK BODY DROP!!!

Suddenly, the fans go crazy … AS HOGAN HULKS UP!!! The classic signs are seen - bulging eyes, heavy breathing … and eventually … he NO SELLS the punches from a desperate JBL, shaking furiously, then … YOU~!! The finger point of doom, followed by blocks of all the punches coming his way … and comes back with shots of his own to JBL!!! Hogan pounds JBL into the ropes … and throws him off … AND GOES FOR THE BIG BOOT … BUT JBL DUCKS UNDER … AND CLOTHESLINES HOGAN WITH THE CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL ON THE RETURN!!! He makes the cover … 1...2...FOOT ON THE ROPE!!!

Hogan is saved by the grace of the ropes!!! JBL though is absolutely LIVID!!! The Wrestling God is furious, and takes it out on the bloody old man, pounding Hogan to his feet, with the adrenaline surely now evaporated from the body of the legend. JBL gets him up, and grabs his arm … signalling for one last CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL … AND PULLS HOGAN IN … BUT HOGAN DUCKS UNDER … AND NAILS JBL WITH A BIG BOOT!!! Hogan doesn’t take even a second to think about it, or play to the fans … he comes off the ropes … AND DROPS THE IMMORTAL LEG DROP!!! He hooks the leg, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Hulk Hogan @ 09:13

Miami is on it’s feet, as JBL just kicks out - but too late. HOGAN WINS!!! Michael Cole has to yell on commentary to be heard, as the American Airlines Arena is in ferment for the bloodied up Immortal Hulk Hogan. JBL instantly exit’s the ring, throwing an almighty tantrum, but still stumbles slightly, selling the effects of the shock leg drop.

Quickly though, the coverage goes back to Hogan, and the fans get to enjoy his moment, with Hogan doing classic Hogan, playing to the audience, ear cupping, muscle posing, thumbs up etc, as Cole and Tazz both agree that Hogan was right to come back for ‘One Last Match’, emphasising it will be the last match. And of course, Cole adds in the classic ‘Hulkamania will live forever’ line that is trotted out time after time, ad nauseum. Cole and Tazz then fall silent, as they allow the moment to play out, with Hogan - bloodied and battered - enjoying his final send off, before we fade out…


In the trainers room, we see Chavo Guerrero being tended to by one of the doctors, treating his eye, as we join them mid-conversation…

Chavo Guerrero: … Think it musta been his finger or something. I just kinda felt this sharp poke, and next thing I’m pulling myself up from the canvas.

We hear a ‘ahem’ type of fake cough from the door, as Chavo looks around … and sees BRIAN KENDRICK. Chavo rolls his eyes, as Kendrick sheepishly enters.

Chavo Guerrero: Want something??

Kendrick seems extremely apologetic as he approaches.

Brian Kendrick: Hey, just wanted to apologise Chavito. If I caught you in the eye, I honestly didn’t mean to. No hard feelings, huh??

Brian extends his hand, but Chavo simply looks down on it, then looks away.

Brian Kendrick: C’mon dude, it was an accident.

Guerrero quickly looks around at his ‘friend’.

Chavo Guerrero: An accident?? Brian, you cheapshotted me. That wasn’t an accident.

Kendrick tries to respond, but cant find the words.

Chavo Guerrero: I know all about ‘Lyin, Cheatin, and Stealin’ Bri … it’s a family tradition. Outta respect for you - my friend - I didn’t resort to any of that tonight. I don’t do that to friends. But if that’s the game you wanna play esse … then I’m more than prepared to take you on.

Kendrick ‘pffts’ at Chavo as he turns his back on the champion.

Brian Kendrick: Look, I don’t need this ‘drama’ in my life. I don’t need to surround myself with ‘friends’ that are jealous of my success. I came around outta the goodness of my heart to check on ya - heck, I left a dozen honey’s in my locker room to come and see how you were … what a douche huh??

Chavo doesn’t even look at Kendrick as he responds.

Chavo Guerrero: Couldn’t have put it better myself.

Kendrick doesn’t quite grasp the response, not understanding what Chavo meant, but blows it off.

Brian Kendrick: Screw you “Chavito” … I’m not wastin anymore time on your negativity. No, instead, I’m about to take my title belt, and I’m gonna party the night away with a dozen beauties, all fighting for the affections of THE Brian Kendrick. Have a nice night, huh??

Kendrick storms out, whilst Guerrero shakes his head, having given up on his former friend, whose head continues to swell in his glory.

We cut backstage, where Josh Mathews is standing by…

Josh Mathews: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, Batista!!

Batista steps into view, getting a good reaction from the fans.

Josh Mathews: Batista, firstly, congratulations on your impressive victory earlier tonight in the six man tag. And, since your return to action recently, you’ve been blazing a trail through Smackdown, with many believing you’re looking better than ever. In fact, many are wondering just how far you can go, given your dominant displays in recent weeks?? What goals have you got planned in the coming months??

Batista affords himself a smile, before speaking.

Batista: Josh, a lot has been said about me over the years - good and bad - but there are A LOT of people out there who believed from day one, right through the days in Evolution with Ric and Hunter, right up to now, that I was destined to make it to the very top of this business … and I’m one of them. Now, I know I wasn’t successful in taking the United States Championship from Brent Albright at WrestleMania, but after taking time off to cure a few nagging injuries … I’m feeling better than ever … I’m feeling stronger, faster, sharper than I’ve ever been … and I think I owe it to myself to aim for the very top.

Small pop from the fans.

Batista: Oh yeah, that’s right. I’ve got ONE objective … and that’s to WIN the WWE CHAMPIONSHIP!!!

Bigger pop.

Batista: The way I see it … I’ve always been better than Randy Orton - right back in those days when we stood side by side in Evolution. I believed it then, and I sure as hell believe it now. I’ve already gone through his guard dogs … now I want the master.

Voice: You can have Orton all you want …

The voice is shown to be Edge, as the Rated ‘R’ Superstar enters the picture.

Edge: But why chase Orton if it’s the WWE Championship you want??

Edge and Batista come face to face, with Batista trying to look as intense as possible, but Edge merely smirks.

Edge: After tonight, that title will finally be around my waist. So if it’s a shot at the WWE title you want … then you can come see me after tonight.

Edge passes Batista, then turns to speak once more.

Edge: And we can discuss how far down the line you are.

Edge smirks, but Batista remains silent, with brimming intensity flowing in his body, as we fade out.

Back into the arena…


To a minimal response from the worn out fans, Booker T and Elijah Burke enter the arena, head of their title opportunity.

Michael Cole: In recent weeks Tazz, Booker T and Elijah Burke have simply had the number of the WWE Tag Team Champions.

Tazz: Undoubtedly. These two have had an answer for everything AMW have thrown at them, but AMW havent been able to respond at all.

The challengers reach the ring, with little time to wait.


The exhausted fans don’t even get worked up for the entrance of the tag champions, who enter, looking like a team with a point to prove.

Michael Cole: Tazz, you and I thought these two men would be untouchable after seeing off the challenge of the Hardy Boys at WrestleMania. But just like us, it seems like AMW have been taken by surprise at just how much trouble Booker T and Elijah Burke have caused them lately.

Tazz: Well, I’ve been thinkin over and over about this, but perhaps, the champs have simply gotten complacent. Like you just said, everyone thought they would be untouchable at the top of the tag team mountain after defeating Matt and Jeff at the Showcase of the Immortals … but clearly in recent weeks … it’s been proven that those titles are in SERIOUS jeopardy.

It’s all business from the champs this evening, as he hit the ring, looking more focused than they have in a long, long time.

WWE Tag Team Championships Match:
Americas Most Wanted vs. Booker T & Elijah Burke
The two teams get the dead spot of the evening, with the fans worn out following the drama of Hulk Hogan. For this reason, the action builds slowly, with all four men getting a brief period in the ring, with a variety of lock ups, and rest holds, with the momentum never really in either sides favour as they struggle for superiority. AMW though come through in the end of the opening sequence, and show the challengers why they’ve held the gold for so long, and get the better of Elijah.

Preying on the vastly more inexperienced member of the challengers, Storm (on the apron) purposely swings to miss Burke - and distracts him instead - with the youngster confronting The Cowboy, which allowed Harris to come in from behind with a running knee to the kidney, forcing Burke to crash into the corner. From there, the action steps up a gear, and the champions show a little more urgency, slipping in and out of the ring, keeping themselves fresh, whilst not giving Burke a mere moment to recover. To his credit though, Burke hangs on, refusing to stay down, and kicks out from each pin attempt.

With Burke showing no quit, Storm begins to get anxious, and instead of tagging out again to Harris to continue their constant tagging system, he continues to put a beating on Burke - but gets overeager, and after sending Eli into the corner, charges in far too quickly … AND EATS A BOOT TO THE FACE!!! Storm staggers out, and Burke quickly follows up, hoisting himself onto the middle rope, and flies off with a reverse elbow!! Burke shows enough wherewithal now to tag out, and brings in the fresh Booker T!!!

Simultaneously, Storm tags Harris, and the two legal men now meet centre ring, initially trading blows, but it’s soon the force of the shots from Booker that overcome the shots of The Wildcat, with Booker then pressing Harris into the ropes, sending him off, and knocking him down with a HARLEM SIDE KICK!!! That only scores Booker a two count though, with the fans slowly coming around to the contest as the action heats up. Booker knocks Harris down again, then comes off the ropes, dropping a knee to score another near fall, before Harris begins to fight back, but Booker stops his momentary comeback, dropping Harris with a flapjack … which sets himself up … TO GO FOR THE SCISSORS KICK … BUT STORM TRIPS HARRIS … AND DRAGS HIM OUT OF THE RING!!!

Storm saves Harris, but Elijah Burke makes them pay, SPLASHING OFF THE APRON … AND ONTO BOTH STORM AND HARRIS!!! All three are down on the outside, as Booker now steps out too, and throws Harris back in, looking to finish the job and crown new champions. He stalks Harris down, looking to get in position for the Book End … BUT HARRIS ELBOWS FREE!!! Booker pulls away, holding his head now, feeling the effects of the elbows … as Harris comes from behind delivering a Bulldog. He makes the cover … 1...2...NO!!! Booker kicks out, but it’s Harris in the ascendancy. And The Wildcat senses victory, now turning the tables on Booker and stalking the veteran … AND GETS HIM UP … INTO POSITION … AND GOES FOR THE CATATONIC … BUT BOOKER LANDS ON HIS FEET!!!

Booker fights back now desperately, swinging for the fences … but gets caught with a stiff driven knee to the gut, which stops him in his tracks. Harris then whips Booker off the ropes, but as Booker hits them, Burke makes a blind tag!! Booker comes back off, and is knocked down with a dropkick from Harris, but as Harris gets back up, he is met by Burke - WHO FLIES OFF THE ROPES AND CLOTHESLINES HARRIS DOWN TO THE MAT!!! Harris stumbles back up, having to use the ropes, and rests himself in the corner … then turns around … AND IS MET BY THE ELIJAH EXPRESS!!! Burke drags Harris out of the corner, and makes the cover, hooking the legs … BUT THE REFEREE HAS BEEN DISTRACTED BY JAMES STORM ON THE APRON!!!

Storm, wielding one of the title belts, has the referee in his way, stopping him from using the belt as a weapon, but Burke gets up, realising why the count hasn’t been made, and pushes the ref aside, before slapping Storm off the apron!!! Burke then looks to turn his attention back to Harris - BUT STORM GRABS THE LEG TO STOP HIM!!! Burke then obviously turns around, kicking Storm off … but while he does this … a groggy Harris sneaks up on Burke … AND ROLLS HIM UP FROM BEHIND … 1...GRABBING THE TIGHTS…2...KICK OUT!!! The cheap tricks back fire, as Burke kicks out, and is up quickly, flooring Harris with a clothesline, before looking to take Storm out of the equation once and for all, going for a baseball slide … BUT STORM SIDE STEPS IT … AND BURKE SLIDES OUT OF THE RING!!!

Storm instantly jumps on him outside before Eli can find his feet, and hammers away wildly. Meanwhile, in the ring, Harris struggles back up to his knees, but forgets about BOOKER T … WHO SIZES HARRIS UP … AND DELIVERS THE SCISSORS KICK TO PERFECTION!!! Knowing he isn’t the legal man, Booker then - with some prompting from the fans - performs the SPIN-A-ROONIE … but as he gets up … JAMES STORM DUMPS HIM OUT OF THE RING!!! The Cowboy now tries to revive his partner, but doesn’t seem to be able to bring him around, and in the end, takes too long, as Elijah Burke re-enters the equation, and attacks Storm, getting the better of The Cowboy, and after having his way with him, Burke dumps Storm over the top to clear the ring … but unintentionally fires Storm over … colliding into Booker T, knocking his partner over too!!!

The youngster now looks to finish the job, once and for all, pulling a recovering Harris to his feet, with the Wildcat trying to push Burke away, but is overpowered by the fresher opponent. Burke then gets Harris up, looking to hit a suplex (or possibly a brain buster) but struggles slightly, and takes longer to get Harris up … but as he does … STORM TRIPS HIS LEG FROM THE OUTSIDE … HARRIS LANDS ON TOP … AND STORMS HOLDS DOWN THE LEGS OF THE CHALLENGER AS THE COUNT IS MADE … 1...2...3!!!
Winners: AND STILL WWE Tag Team Champions - AMERICAS MOST WANTED @ 09:56

The champions retain, but it’s only by nefarious means once again. The champions quickly escape, getting out of dodge with their title belts, knowing they’ve stolen it tonight. Meanwhile, Elijah Burke stands in the ring, watching the champions scarper, hands on his hips, shaking his head, before being joined by Booker. Burke looks to be apologising for his screw up, but Booker shakes his head, putting an arm around his protégé, letting him know he doesn’t need to apologise. The beaten challengers salute the supportive fans, with Cole and Tazz pondering if Booker & Burke will be out of the chase for the titles just yet, as we cut away…

And we get a split screen view of Brent Albright and Paul London, moments away from the most anticipated United States Championship match in recent memory, as both men make their final preparations. Albright is seen strapping his right hand with the white tape, whilst London bounces up and down, slapping his face, geeing himself up, with Cole shilling the match, telling us it’s just moments away.


Clip of Bret Hart rolling up Bam Bam Bigelow to win the King of the Ring tournament in 1993.


Narrator: It has given the platform for champions to establish themselves.

Clip of Owen Hart being crowned King of the Ring in 1994, as we hear him yell over it.


Narrator: It has immortalized greats forever.

Clip of Stone Cold Steve Austin winning the 1996 King of the Ring tournament, with the sound bite over it.


Narrator: It ushered in the birth of a new attitude.

Clip of Triple H having his hand raised in 1997.


Narrator: Stars have been born.

Clip of Kurt Angle dropping to his knees in victory in 2000.


Narrator: Legends have been made.

Clip of Brock Lesnar having his hand raised in 2002, as we hear Paul Heymans voice over the top.


Narrator: Careers have skyrocketed.

Clips of Mister Kennedy with the crown last year, and Edge with his trophy in 2001

Narrator: The King of the Ring tournament has provided some of the most memorable moments in sports entertainment history, and on Saturday, June 23, 2007 … the King of the Ring lends itself to another staple in the illustrious history of the WWE … Saturday Nights Main Event.

Clips of current superstars, Shelton Benjamin, MVP, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Straight Edge, Brian Kendrick, Paul London, MNM, Carlito and Brent Albright.

Narrator: The year, the King of the Ring tournament climaxes on NBC, with quarter finals, semi finals and the grand final, on the most special edition of Saturday Nights Main Event in history!!!

Quick clips again of the prominent former winners.

Narrator: Which superstar will use the King of the Ring tournament to follow these legends, icons and immortals into the pantheon of greatness??



Back into the arena…


As he promised he would, the United States Champion enters first for this contest, after his rant on Smackdown. Brent Albright completely zones out the response of the fans, showing a steely stare, as he simply marches down the ramp, wasting no time to berate any smart mouthed fans. There is only one thing on Albrights mind here…

Michael Cole: Two nights ago on Smackdown, you and I saw a completely different side to Albright - a side we’ve never quite seen before-

Tazz: A side that personally, I loved seeing, Cole. Brent Albright has held that championship for SEVEN months, yet still, the man is disrespected, and in some sections - constantly written off. Well, write this man off at your peril, because you’ve succeeded in waking a damn animal.

Michael Cole: October 13th 2006, Brent Albright shocked Matt Hardy to become the United States Champion. Very few people on that night could possibly have predicted that seven months later, Brent Albright would still be holding the gold, having seen off the likes of Bobby Lashley and Dave Batista along the way. But, is tonight the end of the road?? Is Paul London the man to end the glorious reign of Brent Albright??


An enormous pop greets the ‘Golden Boy’, who races onto the stage, saluting the fans, looking HYPED for the biggest opportunity of his career.

Michael Cole: Two years ago at this very event, Paul London began his meteoric rise up the ranks with a surprise win to take the Cruiserweight Championship from Chavo Guerrero. And over the last two years, he has earned a reputation for being a nearly man - he reached the final four in the Royal Rumble, he was within a split second of becoming Mister Money in the Bank, and despite competing toe to toe with the likes of Kurt Angle and Triple H, he hasn’t been able to break that barrier. Two weeks ago on Smackdown, Paul London decreed, and I quote; “it’s now or never … do or die … and I plan on doing.” If he fails tonight, there may just be no way back for London. Defeat could quite literally crush The Golden Boy.

Tazz: Never did the words ‘Judgment Day’ ever ring so true for one man. Paul London has reached a crossroads. It’s time to find out if he will forever be a ‘choke artist’, or if he really can grab that brass ring, and take it in his hands.

Michael Cole: So many ‘X-Factors’ to consider here Tazz. It really does have a big fight feel to it. I know you have been anticipating this match for weeks, and partner, so have I. THIS might just steal the show.

Tazz: Sit back and enjoy Cole. I get the feeling we’re about to witness something special, regardless of the outcome. Two of the finest performers in the WWE today, which so much to prove. Personally?? THIS is the main event in my eyes.

London reaches the ring, the music dies down, and it’s time to go…

United States Championship Match:
Brent Albright vs. Paul London
The contest opens tentatively, with both men merely circling the ring at first, thinking over their opening move, before launching into a collar and elbow tie up. Albright - the bigger man - quickly transitions to a headlock, but London slips out, and applies an arm wringer, going behind the champion, but Brent counters, hoisting the challenger onto his shoulders, and attempts a firemans carry - BUT - London excites the fans, countering into a splendid arm drag. The fans applaud the show of athleticism from London, whilst Albright takes a knee at the ropes, shaking his head at the counter.

Albright gets up, dusting himself off, then comes to London again, locking up, instantly going for an arm, and applying his own arm wringer, but again, London reverses, and trips Albright, dropping down and looking to apply a hold of his own - but Albright scrambles away, and rolls under the bottom rope to the outside. The champion kicks the barrier in frustration immediately, before taking a walk around the ringside area, looking to clear his head after a rotten opening sequence for him against the challenger. Albright ignores the cat calls from the fans, and after taking time to clear his head, Albright walks up the steps, but as he reaches the apron, London plays a little bit of mind games, and holds the ropes open for the champion, riling Brent.

The champion stands still on the apron, staring a hole through London, and the challenger steps up, innocently raising his hands, then motions to the ropes, inviting Brent to step back in, giving the champion space to do so. Brent gets in, and the two men circle once more, before Brent shoots in, looking to take London down, but the challenger is able to keep his feet, and shakes off the champ, eventually getting a front face lock position, and drops down, with Albright finding himself getting outwrestled by his challenger - something he certainly didn’t expect coming into the match. Brent tries to flip over to escape, but London keeps a firm hold, and transitions into a headlock, pressing down on Albright. Using his superior strength now, Brent pushes up to reach his feet, despite still being trapped in a deep headlock, but looks to break free. London has other ideas though, and again shows off his athleticism, running the buckles, and flipping back, taking Brent down, with the side headlock still applied, much to the delight of an impressed American Airlines Arena.

On the canvas once again, Brent is forced to rethink his escape route, and after again being unsuccessful in reversing the hold, he is once again left to use his strength to reach his feet, and pushes up, getting to his feet - and this time has an idea once up - hoisting London in an atomic drop position, and powers him over the top rope, looking to break the headlock, but London has answers for that too - and once on the apron, LONDON SNAPMARES ALBRIGHT OVER THE TOP ROPE, which sends the champion tumbling onto the floor!!! The fans cheer for London again, and the cheers grow, as when Albright gets up - LONDON SPLASHES OFF THE APRON … but the cheers are soon stopped, as London is caught!! Wasting no time, Albright SLAMS London hard onto the floor, and takes the wind out of the challengers sails, and also shuts up the fans for the time being.

Looking down at his writhing opponent, Albright nods, then looks up, declaring to the fans “NOW I‘M STARTING”. The champion drops an elbow, then picks London up, rolling him back inside. In the ring, Brent roughs London up at the ropes, driving successive knees to his gut, before shooting him off the ropes, and knocks him back down with a reverse elbow, before going for a cover, 1...2...kick out. Albright gets up, and drops back down with another elbow, into a cover again, 1...2...Kick out again from London. With that, the champion pulls London back to his feet - but London begins a fight back, throwing shots to the gut and ribcage of the champion, surprising him, before London sends Brent off the ropes … BUT ALBRIGHT BOUNCES BACK WITH A RUNNING FOREARM - SENDING LONDON FLYING, CRASHING ACROSS THE RING TO THE CANVAS!!!

Albright walks around the ring, nodding happily at his forearm shot, whilst London turns over, holding his face. Brent eventually moves toward the challenger, and lifts him up, hurling him into the corner, and softens him up, planting blows to the face and gut, incorporating knees and kicks to the gut too. Albright then drags Paul out of the corner, to the ropes, and shoots him off again, waiting for the return … but the gutsy challenger has an answer, and springboards onto the ropes, and saults back, over Albright, and into a sunset flip, taking the champion by surprise, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! With the surprise of the sunset flip, London looks to build on it, and lets go with a flurry of punches to Albright as he tries to reach his feet, before running off the ropes, toward Brent - BUT - Albright ducks down, and elevates London over the top rope, only for London to hang on, ala Shawn Michaels. However, as London tries his utmost to hang on, and ‘skin the cat’, Albright runs off the opposite ropes, and darts toward London - DELIVERING A DROPKICK THROUGH THE ROPES to the back of London, who loses his grip, and CRASHES INTO THE BARRIER!!!

Groans and gasps reverberate around the arena, as London crashes HARD into the barrier, whilst in the ring, Albright looks impressed with his work, taking a moment to admire it, watching his opponent struggle on the floor, clutching his chest for the time being. Brent does eventually step onto the apron, holding his position, waiting for London to reach his feet, and once he does, Albright axe handles off the apron, dropping onto London, and knocking the challenger down again, after another collision with the barrier. The champion stands over London again, and pulls him up by his hair, smashing London with a right hand - whilst still holding the hair with his left hand, which prevents London from falling back - and repeats the trick over and over, with London unable to defend himself, looking weary. After a warning from the referee, Albright relinquishes the grip on the hair, but does take a cheap shot - a forceful cheap shot - that sends London to the floor. The champion stomps the head of the challenger, picking him up, and into a bear hug position, then runs him into the ringpost, back first, with a big yelp from London upon impact.

Albright turns around, with London still in position, and charges again, ramming the back into the next ringpost, with the same result. London winces, letting out a groan, but Albright shows no remorse, and continues … running to the next ringpost - AND AGAIN ramming his challengers back into the solid steel post. With three posts down, Albright decides one more wont hurt - him at least - and drives London into the fourth ring post, before simply dropping the challenger down, and London simply crumbles on the floor, clutching his back. Brent has already damaged the chest of London, and appears to be systematically breaking the challenger down, with a focused attack on the back … but how long will it be before he targets the crucial area … the arm?? Albright drags London up, and rolls him into the ring before following in himself. Momentarily, Albright toys with London, kicking his arms from under him as he tries to push himself up, then literally WALKS over the challenger, stepping on his back, laughing heartily as he does. The fans though, ARENT impressed, and let Albright know it - not that the champion seems to care.

London pulls himself up on the ropes, but Brent is right on him, pounding his back, before sending London into the corner with a powerful Irish Whip, then steams in after him … BUT LONDON GETS A FOOT UP!!! Albright staggers, doubling over, as London grasps the opening, hoisting onto the top turnbuckle, and jumps off, landing with a Mushroom stomp to the back of Brent, sending him face first into the turnbuckle. Pushing through the pain barrier, London continues to push on, and runs the ropes, and back toward Albright as he comes out of the corner, crashing into the champion with a running forearm smash - THAT SENDS ALBRIGHT TO THE CANVAS!!! The ferocious from London had enough sting to put the champion down, and it reawakens the fans, giving their hopes a big boost. London feeds off the energy, and looks to the fans … BEFORE HITTING A SHOOTING STAR PRESS FROM A STANDING POSITION ON THE CANVAS!!! A big pop greets the athleticism, and London hooks the leg, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

Suddenly, London is motoring, and the champion is looking ragged. The challenger gets to his feet, and stays in charge, landing kicks to the legs of the champion, keeping him at bay, before running off the ropes, charging at Albright, but the champion ducks down, flipping London over him, but London lands before the ropes, onto his feet. Albright turns around, with London leaping up … and London executes a picture perfect Hurricanrana, sending Albright tumbling, right through the ropes to the outside. With that, London looks down at his opponent, waiting for him to get to his feet, and picks up speed again - spring boarding to the top turnbuckle - AND MOONSAULTS TO THE OUTSIDE ONTO ALBRIGHT!!! Excitement rushes through the fans at the awesome sight of the springboard moonsault from London, as the two competitors lie on the floor for the moment after the collision.

Naturally, it’s London that rises first, finding his feet before Albright even begins to stir, whilst the fans pick up with a loud, raucous ‘LETS GO LONDON’ chant. As the champion struggles up, London looks to take more risks, and climbs onto the apron, waiting for Albright to get up and turn around. As he does, London races across, and soars toward the champion - BUT LONDON IS CAUGHT … AND ALBRIGHT EFFORTLESSLY DELIVERS A BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX ON THE COLD, HARD FLOOR!!!!! London squirms, wincing in pain, kicking his legs too, whilst Albright sits up, looking behind himself at the body of the spirited challenger, then turns, mounting London, and letting fly with another barrage of fierce shots, hammering the challenger. Albright has enough, and gets up again, bringing London with him, rolling the lifeless challenger back inside to the champions domain. Albright follows, and stalks London down, with The Golden Boy somehow on his feet, but stumbling and groggy, with Albright showing no mercy, delivering successive forearms to the jaw, before backing London into the ropes, shooting him off, but London ducks under a clothesline attempt … and another on the return … but the third time Brent changes tactic, expecting London to duck, and KICKS instead, planting the ducking challenger with a swift kick to the head. He then grips him in position, going behind … AND LOOKS TO HIT THE HALF NELSON SUPLEX … BUT LONDON COUNTERS IN MID AIR … WITH A VICTORY ROLL!!! 1...2...ALBRIGHT BREAKS FREE JUST IN TIME!!!!!

A section of the audience thought London had taken it, but the match continues, and the excitement dies quickly, as Albright levels London with a big clothesline as soon they reach their feet. Wasting no time now, the champion brings London to his feet, turning him over, going behind … AND EXECUTES A GERMAN SUPLEX … AND HE HOLDS ON!!! It doesn’t bode well for London, as Albright keeps an iron clad grip around his waist, bringing London to his feet … AND REELS OFF A SECOND GERMAN … AND HE STILL HOLDS ON!!! Albright, taking plenty out of his own tank with his showing, hauls London to his feet again, still gripping … then transitions, changing his grip … AND HITS AN ALMIGHTY HALF NELSON SUPLEX!!! London folds up like an accordion, with Albright slithering into a cover, 1...2...LONDON HAS A FOOT ON THE BOTTOM ROPE!!!!!

The match continues to the relief of the fans, and Paul Londons dream survives for now, but only just by the skin of his teeth. Indeed, for a split second, Albright believes it’s over, and raises his arms in victory, before looking to see why the referee has raised his arm, and spots London on the canvas, foot still on the bottom rope, with the referee clearly motioning to Brent that the match ISNT OVER!!! Albright looks up at the heavens, hands on his hips, looking for answers, wondering what it will take to finish the gutsy challenger off, once and for all. Albright eventually shakes his head, before continuing with his quest, and drags an almost lifeless Paul London to his feet, hoisting him in the air, up high, in position for a vertical suplex … but lets him hang … allowing the blood to rush to the challengers head … and looks to deliver the delayed vertical suplex … but London has other ideas, and shifts his weight, forcing the champion to lose balance, with London landing behind … AND SHOCKING ALBRIGHT WITH A DRAGON SUPLEX … AND HE BRIDGES FOR THE COVER … 1...2...NO!!!!!!!

Albright survives the surprise counter from London, but struggles to his feet, trying to shake the cobwebs loose, whilst London digs deep, trying to push on, despite the punishment he has taken. The two men climb to their feet, with Albright beating the Golden Boy to the punch, then comes looking for a clothesline … but the remarkable challenger has a counter, scoring with an arm drag!!! Albright goes down, but out of instinct at this point gets to his feet almost instantly, before London looks to hit another arm drag … but this time Albright has is scouted - blocking the arm drag … BUT GRABBING THE ARM HIMSELF … AND TAKES LONDON DOWN WITH THE CROWBAR!!!!! Immediately, the end looks in sight, as Albright torques back, looking for an instant finish … but London wont quit … and the quickness of applying the hold forced Albright to forego trying to apply a perfect grip, which allows London to free himself!! London escapes, but the threat is there, and Brent now smells blood in the water. London reaches his feet, and takes a desperation swing at the champion, which Albright avoids, and London is caught with an arm stunner - a clear indication that Albright is zoning in on his big finish.

London reels away, holding his arm, but Albright is on him, wringing the arm, and then takes The Golden Boy down with an arm breaker, forcing London to roll around in agony, clutching his arm. Albright though, is now in his element separating the arm on the canvas, and drives his knee to the point of the elbow - TWICE - before London pulls free, and rolls out of the ring, trying to shake his arm loose. Brent though is still right on the challenger, grabbing the arm, and WRAPS IT around the ringpost with a sickening thud!!! London lets out a moan, as Albright refuses to back off, grabbing the arm again, trips London down, dropping his leg across the arm, getting the desired effect once again.

Albright rolls the challenger back in the ring, and steps onto the apron, pulling his opponent up - by the arm, of course - and looks to drop the arm over the ropes whilst he drops off the apron … BUT LONDON WRIGGLES FREE!!! Albright drops onto the floor, but London is free … and with nothing to lose at this point, the challenger hops onto the ropes whilst Albright gets back on the apron … AND LOOKS FOR A SPRINGBOARD ROUNDHOUSE KICK … BUT ALBRIGHT AVOIDS IT - LONDON CRASHES AND BURNS ON THE CANVAS!!! And Albright darts into the ring … AND SCRAMBLES FOR THE CROWBAR … AND LONDON DESPERATELY SCRAMBLES TOWARD THE ROPES … AND GETS THEM!!! The fear of London is clear though, with his arm severely weakened, and Albright surely knows it. London attempts to go for broke, throwing his best shots at Brent - shots which rock the champion - and London runs the ropes, coming at Albright … BUT THE CHAMPION SCORES WITH A TILT-A-WHIRL BACKBREAKER!!! The brief excitement from the fans is killed off, as Albright makes a cover, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

Still, it’s not enough, but Albright has the jump on London now, with the challenger slow to rise, and Albright laying in wait … THEN GOES FOR THE HALF NELSON SUPLEX AGAIN … but the desperate challenger runs to the corner, and charges up them - ala Bret Hart @ Survivor Series ‘96 - FALLING BACK FOR A PINNING COMBINATION … 1...2...ALBRIGHT KICKS OUT!!! The two men bounce up, with London sliding under the champion, then kicks him in the gut … AND DELIVERS A SWIFT DDT!!!!! A huge roar develops inside the American Airlines Arena, with Albright there for the taking … the momentum has shifted, AND LONDON LOOKS TO THE CORNER … TIME FOR THE 450 SPLASH!!! The challenger knows that the time is NOW, and gets to his feet, climbing the buckles as quickly as he can with the fans on their feet … could this be the moment??? London settles himself for a split second … THEN FLIES THROUGH THE AIR FOR THE 450 SPLASH … BUT NO ONE IS HOME!!!!! ‘NOOOOOO’ is the cry from Michael Cole, and the fans share the sentiment … WITH THE CHAMPION LEAPING IN … AND GOES FOR THE CROWBAR AGAIN!!! London puts up a struggle, knowing it’s a fine line between victory and defeat now … as Albright tries to synch it in … AND HE GETS IT!!!!!

London is trapped, wildly trying to struggle free to no avail. The Golden Boy in an act of desperation, tries to turn over, looking to break free … BUT ALBRIGHT IS TOO STRONG … AND CLENCHES IN TIGHTER!!! London still fights it, stuck in the middle of the ring, desperately clawing his way towards the ropes, looking to survive with his title aspirations still just about attainable, BUT BRENT REFUSES TO LET HIM GET AWAY!!!! The fans are loud in voice, trying to inspire the challenger, but now Paul London has his hand raised … contemplating quitting … thinking … BUT REFUSES TO TAP OUT!!! The challenger looks to be fading, his hands dropping, his eyes closing, AS ALBRIGHT CRANKS BACK AGAIN … with London now digging down AGAIN … and surges forward … reaching out … with the fans begging for him to reach … AND HE DOES!!!!!!!!!! There is a HUGE reaction from the fans, but Albright is in shock - total shock.

The champion gets up, discussing the situation with the official, unable to decipher how the challenger survived the Crowbar. The official explains to Albright, with the champion ready to blow a gasket - STILL unable to finish off Paul London. Albright rips at his hair, then focuses back on London who is on the ropes, with them being the only thing keeping him up. Albright, losing his cool, storms toward the challenger … AND IS CAUGHT WITH A SUPERKICK RIGHT OUT OF THE SHAWN MICHAELS HANDBOOK!!! London collapses onto Albright, bringing shades of HBK, and the count is made …IS A NEW CHAMPION SET TO BE CROWNED???? 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Stunned silence greets the kick out from Albright, with the vast majority believing London had taken it, but Albright survives. London presses his head against the canvas, realising just WHY Brent Albright has been the U.S Champ for such a long time. London punches the canvas with both fists, pumping himself up, giving himself a pep talk, looking to dig deeper, and pushes to his feet, being greeted by the frenzied audience. The challenger signals toward the top rope, getting another big pop, then moves toward it, resting in the corner for a few seconds to gather himself … then begins his ascent. London reaches the top rope, but whilst he tries to set his balance … ALBRIGHT KICKS THE ROPES!!! London crotches the top turnbuckle, and the life drains from his face, and the fans voices alike.

Albright struggles to his feet, and falls to Londons corner, recklessly pulling the challenger down, and crashing onto the mat. He stomps the head of London, keeping the Golden Boy down whilst he tries to shake his own cobwebs loose. Albright then bends down, pulling London up by the hair … BUT LONDON FIGHTS BACK YET AGAIN!!! London, fearless as ever, throws whatever he has left at Albright, but the punches lack sting, and Albright stops the challenger in his tracks with a kick to the gut … THEN DARTS TO THE ARM … BUT LONDON STRUGGLES TO ESCAPE IT … WITH ALBRIGHT LIKE A WILD DOG GOING FOR A BONE … BUT LONDON SLIPS FREE … THEN NAILS ALBRIGHT WITH AN ENZIGURI!!! A sudden, out of the blue, standing enziguri puts Albright down, having dropped his guard, desparately going for his best weapon!!! Miami POPS huge, as Albright lays out cold, and the challenger simply has no other choice - HE HAS TO GO FOR IT!!! London pulls himself up in the corner, trying to set himself for the 450 splash, but it’s clear he has little - if anything - in tank, it’s ALL adrenaline at this stage … and London takes one look around the arena, with the electricity building … AND FLIES … 450 SPLASH IN MOTION … 450 SPLASH CONNECTS!!!!! The roof is ready to blow, as Paul London hooks the leg of the SEVEN MONTH reigning U.S Champion … and the count is made … 1...2...3!!!!!!!!!! WE’VE GOT A NEW CHAMPION!!!!!
Winner: AND NEW United States Champion - PAUL LONDON @ 27:11


Miami BOOMS as the three is made, and the Brent Albright stranglehold of the U.S title is FINALLY broken!!! Paul London rolls off Albright, and sits on his knees, head bowed on the canvas, with emotions getting the better of the Golden Boy, whose hard work has FINALLY prevailed, and delivered the United States title. London is presented with the title, and lays on the canvas, looking to the heavens, hugging his newly won title, clutching it to his chest, before being helped to his feet by the referee, and is greeted with another great pop.

Michael Cole: WHAT A MOMENT!!! What a moment Tazz!!! The American Airlines Arena is on it’s feet to a man!!! Paul London has etched his name in history tonight, ending the incredible seven month reign of Brent Albright as United States Champion.

Tazz: Big ups, big ups to Paul London. Helluva win. THIS Cole, THIS is what we get into this business for - moments like these. Paul Londons dreams have come true tonight.

Michael Cole: An emotional moment for Paul London. And Tazz, this is without a doubt, a moment that will live with London for the rest of his life.

Tazz: Damn straight, Cole. It’s a match I’ll never forget either. We just witnessed two guys leave it ALL in that ring. That’s what it’s all about, Cole.

In the ring, Paul London climbs to the top rope, holding his title aloft, whilst we see Brent Albright finally coming around, as he looks up to the corner, watching Paul London parade with the title he held for so long.

Michael Cole: And while this night will belong to Paul London, credit where it’s due; a lot of people may not like him, but Brent Albright was a heck of a champion. He never shirked a challenge, and when it came to the crunch, he came out unscathed, and the title in tact. And he ever so nearly done it again tonight, and perhaps on a different night, we’d be looking at Albright holding the title still … but on this night, no matter what he offered, Brent Albright couldn’t beat the spirit of Paul London.

Tazz: Y’know, I gotta admit, that was the most impressive performance I’ve personally witnessed from Albright in the whole seven months he was champ - that’s how much he raised his game tonight. Brent Albright shouldn’t be ashamed of this loss - he simply came up against a guy that refused to be beaten - but mark my words, Albright WILL be back. You can count on that.

Michael Cole: Indeed, Brent Albright will not be going anywhere, but right now, he’s got to adjust to life without the United States Championship. Paul London is the new United States Champion.

London leaves the ring, still clutching the title like a child would a teddy bear, slapping hands with fans with his free hand, whilst in the ring, Albright sits, resting against the ropes, bouncing his head off the rope, looking up, trying to get used to the fact that after seven long months, he’s no longer holding the precious U.S title.


Pitch black, until the voiceover begins…

‘Some have been wronged’

Slow silent shot of Kurt Angle, roaring in anger.

‘Some have been doubted’

Silent shot of Mister Kennedy, victorious last Monday night on Raw.

‘Some have crossed the line’

Silent shot of a sobbing Mickie James.

‘Yet some have yet to scratch the surface’

Silent shot of Umaga standing over Shawn Michaels.

… Still silence … then a sudden rush of crowd noise …

‘But on this night, NO act goes unpunished…’

Shawn Michaels firing up, gritting his teeth.

‘The wrongs can be righted … the doubters can be silenced’

John Cena and Kurt Angle exchanging blows … Mister Kennedy and Christian locking eyes at the close of Raw on Monday.

‘Lines can be crossed … and the boundaries can be forgotten’

Flashing shots of high flying risks from Shelton Benjamin, Rey Mysterio, Matt Hardy & Straight Edge.

‘For on this night … VENGEANCE … will be served’

Vengeance logo flashes across the screen.


Backstage now, we see Brock Lesnar walking down the hallway, with Josh Mathews quickly running behind him in the background, calling him back …

Josh Mathews: BROCK - BROCK!!!

Lesnar turns, but doesn’t look too happy at the sight of the interruption.

Josh Mathews: Brock, with just moments until your first title shot in nearly-

Brock stops Mathews.

Brock Lesnar: Now isn’t a good time to talk Josh.

Lesnar then stands over the interviewer, intimidating him.

Brock Lesnar: Right now … being in my space isn’t a good place to be either.

Lesnar merely stares through Mathews, with the poor guy slowly backing away, with Lesnar clearly in a certain frame of mind, just moments away from the main event…

And elsewhere, we see a nervous looking RVD pacing up and down the locker room, with ARN ANDERSON entering the room, looking nervous himself, and simply gets to the point, blurting out what he wants to say.

Arn Anderson: Rob, I cant let you do this. Son, I’ve been sittin in ma office all night, racking my brains. It’s just too big a risk to take. I cant have your blood on my hands, kid.

RVD shakes his head, with the words of Anderson seemingly burning a fire inside of him.

Rob Van Dam: There’s no backing out now, Arn.

Pleading, Arn speaks again.

Arn Anderson: Kid, it’s still not too late. No one will thin-

Van Dam stops the GM.

Rob Van Dam: Yeah … it is too late. And it’s not on your head Arn … I signed the contract, I made that choice. It’s on MY head. I know the risks involved, but all I’m thinking about right now … is the reward. That’s why I’m here, and that’s why I’m going to that ring right now.

Fired up, Van Dam storms out of the dressing room, leaving Arn standing, with the GM muttering ‘Please’, but knows RVD is a lost cause…

The graphic now appears for the main event, with Cole again outlining that it’s an ELIMINATION match, before moving to the video package…

- RVD retains the title at WrestleMania to joyous scenes, but is speared by Edge, who is furious in defeat.
- Smelling blood, the winner of MITB earlier in the evening; RANDY ORTON then walks to the ring, carrying the briefcase, as Edge realises he’s pretty much handed the title to Orton … but RVD kicks out of the RKO … only to fall foul to a devastating PUNT KICK. Orton wins the title, but the focus is on RVD, who leaves WrestleMania in an ambulance.
- Soundbites of the following weeks where commentators and Arn Anderson discuss the severity of Van Dams injuries, saying he may never return, whilst Orton shows no signs of guilt … and eventually repeats the Punt Kick on CHRIS JERICHO … putting Jericho on the shelf too.
- Meanwhile, EDGE emerges as the biggest threat to the title, but his title opportunity is ruined, and it looks like he will fall into the same trap as Jericho and Van Dam before him … until the timely return of BROCK LESNAR … who dismantles The New Wave … before taking out Edge too.
- Anderson then announces the main event for Judgment Day, with most expecting a triple threat … but shocks the world … adding ROB VAN DAM and announcing a Fatal Four Way Elimination Match.
- Then, in the coming weeks, speculation around the true condition of RVD mounts, forcing Anderson to admit that Van Dam has signed a ‘Hold Harmless Agreement’, all but confirming his condition as far from 100%
- Van Dam though makes a shock return, saving Jeff Hardy from suffering the dreaded PUNT KICK, and gives Orton a taste of his own medicine, taking him out with a VAN DAMINATOR.
- Then, RVD makes another surprise appearance on Smackdown, chasing Orton from the ring again, declaring he’s coming for revenge at Judgment Day … but just what condition is RVD in?????

Back live, it’s all silent in the arena, until the bell rings.

Tony Chimmel: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following contest is a FATAL FOUR WAY ELIMINATION MATCH … ANNNND IT IS FOR, THE W-W-E CHAMPIONSHIP!!! Now, in this match, competitors can ONLY be eliminated by pinfall or a submission. There are NO disqualifications, and there are NO count outs.

The fans pop again, then fall silent for a moment …


The smoke bellows, as the shadowy figure of Edge emerges through, and is greeted with heat from the fans, as we get set for the main event.

Michael Cole: Forget what has come before it … THIS is the main event. A Fatal Four Way Elimination match for the WWE Championship - and Tazz, we are looking at the only man in this match who has NEVER held the WWE Championship.

Tazz: And what makes it worse Cole, is the fact he had a guaranteed shot at the gold for TWELVE MONTHS. He could’ve cashed in at any time - and twice tried, but events conspired against him and prevented it from happening … but ultimately, he waited until the very last moment … and blew it. And to rub salt into the wounds, he had to watch as Randy Orton - in mere seconds - did what he was unable to do in twelve months.

Michael Cole: Can Edge finally put that demon to rest tonight?? Can he overcome THREE men to finally reach the top of the mountain??

Edge hit’s the ring, with his music coming to a quick halt.


And suddenly the mood changes … as Miami explodes for Brock Lesnar. The Iron Man paces onto the stage, wasting little time to make his entrance.

Michael Cole: At one point in time, Brock Lesnar was the youngest WWE Champion in history - before being eclipsed by Randy Orton. He won the WWE Championship within just FIVE months of his national debut, defeating The Rock at Summerslam in 2002. Since then, he has held the championship a further three times, headlined THREE WrestleManias. Brock Lesnar has been the dominant force in the WWE this decade, and tonight, The Iron Man has a fifth WWE Championship in his sights.

Tazz: And if this kind of match suits anyone of these guys, it’s The Iron Man, Cole. This could be a long night - three eliminations to occur - and no one is better suited to marathon style matches than Brock Lesnar. They don’t call this guy the Iron Man for nothing.

Michael Cole: Indeed. Brock Lesnar has proven himself over the years as a freak of nature. So big, so powerful, yet agile, quick, and seemingly unlimited stamina. It’ll take a Herculean effort to defeat Lesnar tonight.

Lesnar lets off his pyro, as Edge hops out of the ring, taking a walk, but keeping his eyes on Lesnar, who looks down at Edge, saying nothing, but looking mightily pissed off.


The cheers reverberate around the American Airlines Arena, as the former WWE Champion walks onto the stage LOOKING perfectly fine, but the question marks remain on just what condition RVD is in.

Michael Cole: I don’t know what to say, Tazz. Surely this is too soon for Van Dam, and the risks here outweigh the rewards by a long distance. What must be going through the mind of Rob Van Dam.

Tazz: God knows, Cole. Only God knows how messed up RVD’s head is. Van Dam is taking a massive risk here tonight. I just hope and pray he doesn’t live to regret it.

Michael Cole: And I believe the entire audience watching will share that sentiment.

Van Dam slaps hands with the fans, nodding at their words of encouragement, before rolling inside the ring, and giving them the ‘R-V-D’ thumb taunt.

There is a moment of silence, and a faint ‘RVD’ chant before…


The hatred can be felt from the voices of the fans, as the callous, vindictive WWE Champion parades onto the stage, as RVD desperately tries to restrain himself in the ring, perhaps learning from the actions of Carlito earlier this evening.

Michael Cole: We asked what was running through the mind of RVD a moment ago, but Tazz … what thoughts run through the head of THAT man.

Tazz: I don’t wanna know, Cole. We know he’s gonna do whatever it takes to keep that belt over his shoulder … and we’ve seen what lengths he has went to in the past.

Michael Cole: Lets just hope it doesn’t come down to that tonight.

Orton cagily steps onto the ring apron, as RVD continues to restrain himself, but begs Orton to get inside and begin the match. Orton though, wisely, takes his time, and waits for the official to create space for him to enter, as Edge also gets into the ring, as the anticipation stirs.

All four men take a corner, as the official, Nick Patrick, takes the belt from Orton, holding the title aloft, before handing it off. Patrick takes another look around … then calls for the bell!!

WWE Championship;
Fatal Four Way Elimination Match:
Randy Orton vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Edge vs. Brock Lesnar
And instantly, RVD races toward Orton, whilst Lesnar charges down Edge, and whilst Orton and Edge are brave enough to meet their rivals, it’s the two fan favourites that start off hotly, with RVD beating Orton to the punch, and Lesnar shoving Edge into the corner, getting to work early. Orton tries to fight back against Van Dam, but his attempts are thrown off, with RVD dominating the champion, eventually chucking him out of the ring through the middle rope, and following out himself to continue the beat down. That leaves Edge and Lesnar in the ring, with Edge raking the eye of the Iron Man to get the upper hand.

The camera focuses on the outside though for now, with Van Dam unleashing all his fury on Orton, slamming the champions head off the announce table, then hammering his foe, with Orton spread eagled against the table, which allows RVD to rain down blows on him. In the ring, Edge keeps Lesnar on the canvas, putting the boots to the big man, with very little going on there, meaning the camera can focus again on the action outside the ring. And, outside, Van Dam continues to administer punishment on Orton, beating him around the ringside area, with Orton stumbling like a drunken fool, until Van Dam SLAMS the champions head off the top steel step, then rolls him back into the ring.

Of course, RVD follows in, but Orton scrambles away from him, and grabs Edge, taking his attention away from Lesnar, but as he tries to hide behind Edge for a moment, RVD shoves the Rated ‘R’ Superstar away to get to Orton - but that doesn’t sit well with Edge - and Edge attacks Van Dam from behind, clubbing his back, and getting RVD into the ropes, shooting him off, but ducks his head down, which allows RVD to ROLL off the back of Edge, then connects with a spinning heel kick once Edge turns around, knocking him down. Orton meanwhile looks to pounce on RVD at this point, but is stopped by Brock Lesnar - WHO RUNS THROUGH ORTON with a sickening thud from his beastly arms, connecting with a clothesline, putting Orton down. Van Dam sees this, and pats Lesnar on the shoulder, looking to offer him Edge so he can get back to Orton … but Lesnar simply looks down on RVD, shaking his head … THEN SHOVES RVD INTO THE CORNER!!!

Lesnar shows that it’s truly every man for themselves here, and RVD nods, knowing the deal. He then comes at Lesnar, and the two fan favourites trade blows, with a split reaction from the fans in attendance. Brock wins the exchange, and shoots RVD off the ropes, catching him on the return … LOOKING TO DELIVER A BELLY TO BELLY … BUT RVD FIGHTS FREE. Van Dam struggles to free himself from the grasp of the bear like Iron Man, and Lesnar tries to tie him up again, but Edge is back up, and he attacks Lesnar from behind. As they pair off again though, Cole and Tazz both comment on RVD, who suddenly looks to be struggling, resting on the ropes, breathing heavily, taking a chance to recover already.

Orton now is up, and looks to take advantage of RVD, making a point to land to blow to the back of the head. The champion then attempts to whip RVD into the corner, following in … but Van Dam jumps to the middle, and flies back, creaming Orton with a flying kick!! The fans chant the name of ‘R-V-D’, with the former champion pulling out all the stops … but Orton rolls out of harms way now, and before RVD can follow - Edge is on him. Edge attacks RVD, and looks for an Irish Whip, but RVD reverses it, and knocks Edge down with a reverse elbow, then targets Lesnar in the corner, racing in, scoring with a number of kicks, then executes a Monkey Flip, sending Lesnar out of the corner, before looking around the arena, and back at Lesnar … before hopping onto the top turnbuckle … SPLIT LEGGED MOONSAULT CONNECTS!!! Before he can make a cover, Edge stomps on RVD, not happy with the actions of Van Dam, and drags the former champion up … but Van Dam fires back, and knocks Edge down with a clothesline. Before he can continue though, Orton is back … but RVD spots him, AND POWERSLAMS THE INCOMING ORTON!!!!! RVD reaches his feet, but now has Brock Lesnar gunning for him … only for Van Dam to think quick, lowering the ropes, AND LESNAR TOPPLES OUT OF THE RING!!!

Van Dam is riding the crest of a wave right now, and keeps Edge down, dropping a spinning leg drop on the Rated ‘R’ Superstar, then looks back at Orton again … and runs off the ropes … AND HITS ROLLING THUNDER!!!!! The fans pop … but RVD stays down after impact. Suddenly, the mood inside the arena changes, with Van Dam taking an awfully long time to get back to his feet … but he does get there in the end, despite looking worse for wear. He looks around the arena, but before we can see how badly he’s hurt himself … EDGE IS ON HIM AGAIN!!! Edge attacks Van Dam, striking deliberate blows to the head, then whips him off the ropes, knocking the former champion down with a big boot, and soon is shaping up to finish RVD off, positioning himself in the corner … crouching down … BUT HAS HIS LEGS PULLED FROM UNDER HIMSELF … BY BROCK LESNAR!!! Lesnar grabs his rivals legs … AND YANKS HIM BACK … INTO THE STEEL RING POST!!! ‘Oohs’ ring out around Miami, as Edge shows the pain on his face, his crown jewels crushed by the Iron Man, with Lesnar now pulling Edge out of the ring, and RAMS him into the barrier!!! In the ring, RVD and Orton both struggle up, with Orton attempting to line up a big blow, but RVD blocks it, and to the delight of the fans he fires back at Orton, backing the champion up, then CLOTHESLINES Orton over the top rope, and to the floor, instantly following out himself.

The ring is now empty, and we see Lesnar topple Edge over the barrier and into the audience, whilst RVD continues to strike Orton, softening the champion up, then looks to whip him into the steel ring post … BUT ORTON REVERSES … AND RVD CRASHES INTO THE STEEL POST - FACE FIRST!!! A sudden hush develops, as the fans look on, with RVD slumping to the floor. The former champion doesn’t move, whilst Orton takes a moment to recover. After a few moments, RVD still isn’t stirring, and Orton has now caught his breath, with the champion moving toward Van Dam, pulling the lifeless former champion to his feet, and getting him onto the apron … with Cole and Tazz both worrying about the safety of RVD now, as Cole suggests that Nick Patrick should pull Van Dam out of the contest before he is put out of action permanently. Orton gets into the ring, looking around, and down at RVD, realising his isn’t getting up, taking a moment to think over his next move … and the sick smirk develops. The champion doesn’t waste another second, as he drags RVD - the lifeless body of RVD - to his feet on the apron, and then positions him through the middle rope, with the fans beginning to realise what’s coming next. The high angle … balanced off the middle rope … the front face lock from Orton … and it seems an eternity that Orton waits, getting NO struggle from RVD … BEFORE DELIVERING A SICKENING HIGH ANGLE DDT FROM THE MIDDLE ROPE!!! Shocking gasps develop inside the American Airlines Centre, as Orton turns RVD over, making a lazy lateral press … 1...2...3!!!


The worst nightmare comes true. No punt kick … but MORE head trauma for an obviously less than 100% Rob Van Dam … damage that may make this his last ever in ring appearance. Hauntingly, RVD lays out cold, with Orton simply sitting - his back to the broken body of RVD - whilst medics - along with a concerned Arn Anderson rush to the ring, tending to RVD. In their serious, solemn voices, Cole and Tazz both ask for the camera to focus elsewhere, and eventually, we catch up with Edge and Lesnar, who have found their way backstage, brawling past the t-shirt stand!! The action stays with Edge and Lesnar, but the commentary focuses on the in-ring situation, with Cole and Tazz both showing their fears for Van Dam. They make passing comments on the action viewers at home are seeing, but state that right now, all they can focus on is the condition RVD is in.

Backstage, Lesnar dominates Edge, with the Rated ‘R’ Superstar in dire need of a turnaround, trying to get away from Lesnar, but the Iron Man stays on his tail, shoving Edge into a wall … then HIP TOSSES EDGE THROUGH TWO MASSIVE DOUBLE DOORS!!! Cole and Tazz briefly pick up in voice when seeing that piece of action, but move back to the RVD issue, as Cole states that he ‘hopes there isn’t more casualties in this match’. Backstage, Lesnar continues to push a dazed Edge around, whilst the camera switches back to the ring now, where RVD has been loaded onto a stretcher, and is now being wheeled out of the arena to poignant ‘R-V-D’ chants from sections of the audience, whilst Cole and Tazz speculate if it is to be the last time we‘ll see the former champion. In the ring, Randy Orton stands, looking proud of his work, simply waiting now for the return of Lesnar and Edge - resting up, as the Smackdown GM stares a hole through his champion, as if he's tempted to lose his cool and lunge at the callous Orton. Instead, he thinks better of it, and leaves behind the stretcher, looking to check on RVD, hoping the damage isnt permanent. Backstage, Edge turns the tables on Lesnar, breaking a wooden broom over the back of his rival, then runs him - head first - through a single door.

Edge stays in control of Lesnar, dragging him through the backstage area, and back toward the gorilla position, as Cole and Tazz focus again on the action, but still sound rather solemn, after the events surrounding RVD. Still, Orton stands in the ring, resting, as we see Brock Lesnar bundled through the curtain, Edge close behind, with the Rated ‘R’ Superstar ramming Lesnar into the steel structure, before Brock manages to turn the tables, and back drops an incoming Edge on the steel girders on the stage. Edge then tumbles down the aisle, with Brock in pursuit, picking him at the ringside arena, and sends Edge crashing onto the steps with a horrific biel, that sends chills around the arena, as the fans look at Edges contorted body. As Edge writhes in agony, Lesnar now turns his attention to the ring, where Orton waits. Lesnar smacks the apron, then hops onto the apron, met by Orton, but Lesnar blocks a right from the champion, fighting into the ring, and overpowers Orton, sending him into the ropes, but Orton rebounds with a kick that sends Lesnar reeling away, and quickly follows up with his reverse back/neck breaker combination. Orton quickly covers, 1...2...NO!!!

With Edge still incapacitated for the time being, Orton can focus on Lesnar, and lifts Brock to a seated position, before clubbing the chest of Brock, using all his forearm to smash the chest of his massive challenger, taking all the wind from Lesnar, pounding ferociously at his chest, eventually wearing himself out with the non-stop blows, and pushes Brock down again. Lesnar rolls away, holding his chest, showing signs of weakness, whilst Orton gets to his feet, contorting his face, getting in his ‘zone’, before turning his attention back to a recovering Lesnar, lying in wait for the big man to get up … then, as he does, Orton rushes in … BUT LESNAR SHOCKS HIM AND TACKLES ORTON DOWN!!! The Iron Man slams Orton onto the mat, and beats mercilessly at the champion, before reaching his own feet to a good response from the fans … but as he turns around he’s knocked down by the incoming EDGE!!!

Edge is back in action, and makes an immediate impact, knocking Lesnar down, then stomps his rival in the corner, preventing him from getting up. After a prolonged stomping session in the corner, Edge turns away … RIGHT INTO ORTON … but instead of any quick movements, there is a stand-off between the two men. Edge and Orton don’t take their eyes off one another, neither trusting the other, but slowly, Orton looks beyond Edge, and to Lesnar, motioning to the downed Iron Man. Edge stands still for a moment … but a smile develops across his face, and he nods, pointing to Orton, then himself, then Lesnar, with Orton nodding back. The two turn, and begin to get to work on Lesnar, looking to take out the biggest part of the equation, and bring it down to just them. The two unlikely allies work well, toppling Brock to the outside, and continuing a systematic beat down, taking turns to hammer the big man, with both egos of the champion and the champion in his own mind remaining in check. Together on the outside, the duo with a double Irish Whip, send Lesnar THROUGH the steel steps, and together, they deliver a double suplex - onto the cold hard floor, having removed the protective mats. Lesnar is in a bad way, but Edge and Orton continue to dismantle who they perceive to be the biggest threat in the match. The two then take turns to hold Lesnar up, whilst the other beats the defenceless Iron Man with shots to the head and body.

Eventually, they bring the carcass of Lesnar back into the ring, and again dissect the former champion, with Lesnar in serious trouble now. Edge has his way with the former NCAA champion, and takes the lifeless body up, delivering a modified face buster, but doesn’t go for a cover. He gets up, and Orton instructs him to move aside, with Edge looking rather angered initially by the ‘order’, but relents anyway, as Orton paces backward, taking a spot in the corner … and the crowd can guess what’s coming next, as do Cole and Tazz on commentary. Before we get the dreaded Punt Kick though … Edge has a different idea. The Rated ‘R’ Superstar steps into Ortons vision, stopping Orton with a sick, excited smirk on his face. Orton doesn’t look impressed, but Edge asks him to wait for a second, before quickly exiting the ring, pushing Chimmel etc away at the timekeepers table, and grabs TWO steel chairs, with the fans giving him heat, knowing what to expect next, as he slips the chairs into the ring.

Orton takes one of the chairs, whilst Edge takes the other, and Edge instructs Orton of what to do, reliving the days of Edge & Christian, with this short lived tandem planning on the CON-CHAIR-TO. Lesnar struggles to his feet, seemingly unaware of what is set to come, with Edge and Orton locked and loaded … with Lesnar standing, sandwiched between both men … BUT DUCKS THE CON-CHAIR-TO!!! Steel meets steel, as Orton and Edges chairs collide, and both men immediately drop their weapons, reeling away, selling the sudden pain … AS LESNAR BURSTS BACK TO LIFE WITH A DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE!!!

All of a sudden, the American Airlines Centre is on it’s feet, with Lesnar back in contention, dragging Edge back up, AND THROWING HIM LIKE A RAG DOLL WITH AN OVERHEAD BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!!!!! The Iron Man is riding the adrenaline now, and stalks Orton, who stumbles up in the corner … WITH LESNAR CRUSHING HIM WITH A HIGH KNEE TO THE FACE IN THE CORNER!!! Orton staggers out, right into the path of the champion … AND MEETS THE SAME FATE AS EDGE - BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!!!!!

Brock Lesnar has suddenly went from out on his feet, to utter dominance in the space of mere seconds!!! Edge manages to once again find his feet, but walks right into the path of Lesnar, who lifts him into the air without any problems, showing off his unquestionable strength, holding Edge in position for the Military Press and slams him onto the canvas!!! Lesnar turns his attention back to Orton, and kicks the champion in the gut, THEN SCOOPS HIM UP … INTO POSITION FOR THE F5 … BUT ORTON LANDS ON HIS FEET … AND GOES FOR A SUDDEN RKO … BUT LESNAR SPINS ORTON AROUND … SPINEBUSTER!!!!!

“UNSTOPPABLE” cries Michael Cole from ringside, in awe of this sudden burst from Lesnar, with Brock keeping focus on Orton, picking the champion up … BUT GETS CREAMED WITH A STEEL CHAIR!!! Orton flings the chair back, connecting with the cranium of Lesnar, who staggers away … AND GETS SPEARED BY EDGE!!!!! The velocity of the spear though sends Lesnar OUT of the ring … which infuriates Edge, who cant believe his luck. The Rated ‘R’ Superstar tears at his hair, knowing he had Lesnar beat, then turns his attention to Orton, pointing outside at Lesnar, with Orton getting to his feet, motioning that they should go and bring Brock back inside the ring. Edge nods in agreement, and turns to leave the ring … BUT ORTON SPINS HIM AROUND … RKO!!! Orton stuns Edge, with a perfect judas move, quickly scurrying into the cover, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!!! Orton immediately shoots up, unable to fathom the kick out from the RKO, but quickly decides to finish the job, grabbing the steel chair he used on Lesnar, and slamming it onto the canvas, with his temper boiling over at the thought of Edges kickout. Orton stalks Edge, who struggles to get to his feet, trying to position himself … AND SPINS EDGE AROUND AGAIN … RKO ONTO THE CHAIR!!!!! Orton hooks the leg this time, with Edge surely out of the equation now … 1...2...3!!!!!


And then there were two … either Randy Orton or Brock Lesnar will leave Judgment Day as champion, as Edges goal is once again ripped from his grasp, after uncharacteristically letting his guard down. Orton, on his hands and knees, crawls to the ropes, looking out at Lesnar, who is still worse for wear outside, feeling the effects of the earlier chair shot - spear combo. Slowly, Orton slithers out of the ring, coming after his final challenger, stomping the grounded Lesnar, before dragging him up, and drops him - chest first - onto the barrier. Orton takes Lesnar around ringside to the announce table, and attempts to smash his head off it, but Brock blocks - and repays the favour to Orton, slamming the champions head off the table instead, then clotheslines him to the floor.

Lesnar then sends Orton back into the ring, following behind, and shoving Orton into the corner, driving his knee into the gut of the champion, before sending him across the ring, looking to score again with his running high knee … BUT ORTON DODGES OUT OF THE CORNER AND AVOIDS IT!!! Lesnar hit’s the top turnbuckle, and crashes onto the canvas, with Orton thinking he’s got an opening … UNTIL HE GETS SPEARED BY EDGE!!!!!!!!! In blind fury, Edge gains revenge on Ortons blindsided RKO moments ago, and leans over Orton, screaming all kinds of abuse at him, letting off all kinds of aggression, pulling at his hair, fuming, having completely lost control. Edge turns, and at the mere sight of Lesnar … SPEARS HIM TOO!!!!! Edge takes his frustrations out on BOTH men, and the two men in the running are BOTH on the canvas, courtesy of Edge. Agents quickly swarm the ring to escort Edge from the ring, with Edge leaving, still seething at his loss - ANOTHER opportunity to become champion passing him by. Edge leaves … but leaves total carnage behind him, with both Lesnar and Orton out cold. The referee doesn’t bother with a count-out - there MUST be a winner here, and eventually, Orton stirs, and crawls over onto Lesnar, with one arm over the challenger … 1...2...LESNAR KICKS OUT!!!!!

The match continues, and both men struggle to their feet, showing signs of tiredness and exhaustion at this stage of the contest. Orton strikes first, delivering an uppercut forearm that rocks Brock. Orton delivers a second, then attempts to shoot the challenger off the ropes, but Lesnar reverses, sending Orton off instead … AND DRILLS HIM WITH A SCOOP POWERSLAM ON THE RETURN!!! Lesnar covers, 1...2...NO!!! Orton survives, with Lesnar unable to put him away, but the challenger has the upper hand, and drags Orton up, furiously driving his knee into the gut of the champion, but hoisting him up in the air - in a Fisherman Suplex position … but holds Orton in the air … showing off his unrivalled strength again, as the blood rushes to the head of the champion … before Lesnar delivers the Fisherman, much to the delight of the fans. The cover is made, 1...2...ORTON SURVIVES!!!

Now, the Iron Man motions to the fans for the finish, and stalks Orton, waiting for the champion to get up … is the end in sight?? Orton struggles to his feet, having to use the ropes, with Lesnar spinning him around, AND ONTO HIS SHOULDERS WITH EASE … F5 … NO!!! Orton lands on his feet … THEN RUNS THROUGH LESNAR WITH A DESPERATION CLOTHESLINE!!! The ferocity of the clothesline from Orton sends himself down, as Lesnar tumbles inside out from the impact of the last ditch move from Orton. The champion shows his desire to survive, but struggles to his feet, with Lesnar not far behind him. Orton tries to soften Lesnar up with big shots to the skull, hammering the challenger, but is stopped short with another knee from Lesnar, who looks to run off the ropes … BUT IS CAUGHT ON THE RETURN WITH A SCOOP POWERSLAM FROM ORTON!!! Orton returns the favour from earlier, and quickly covers, 1...2...NO!!!!!

Lesnar kicks out, with Orton STILL unable to put the challenger away. Orton bares his teeth as he reaches his feet, showing his own frustrations boiling over, and looks down at his opponent, shaping up, and dropping a knee, going for another cover, 1...2...No. That was never going to be enough, but it buys Orton time to think about his next move, and it seems the end might not be too far from sight now, as Orton appears to be thinking it‘s time to finish it, preparing for the killer blow. In familiar fashion, he crouches on the canvas, fists clenched against the mat, stalking his prey … and waits … ready to uncoil at the precise moment … waiting … with Brock struggling up, shaking the cobwebs loose initially … then pushes himself off the rope and turns around … RKO … NO!!! LESNAR HOISTS ORTON UP - ATOMIC DROP STYLE - AND DUMPS ORTON OUT OF THE RING!!!!! The last ditch counter to the RKO has the fans in fits, stirring all kinds of excitement inside the arena, with Brock Lesnar again showing off his remarkable strength, even at this late stage of the contest.

The Iron Man quickly follows out, and has BAD intentions, clearing the top of the Spanish announce table, before making a move toward Orton … BUT ORTON SHOCKS LESNAR WITH A DROPKICK!!! The tables turn once more, with the champion luring Lesnar in, and putting him down. Orton though, struggles to recover, but is still on his feet before the Iron Man, and drags Brock to the table, setting him on it, and climbs up himself. Struggling, Orton tries to pull Lesnar to his feet - more than likely for an RKO - but as soon as Lesnar reaches his feet HE BURSTS TO LIFE … SCOOPING ORTON UP … AND INSTANTLY DELIVERS THE F5 RIGHT THROUGH THE TABLE AND STRAIGHT TO HELL!!! It’s utter chaos inside the arena, with a ‘HOLY SHIT’ chant echoing loudly all around the arena, as we focus on the rubble that surrounds Lesnar and Orton!!!!! All it will take now is for Lesnar to get Orton in the ring, and we will crown a new champion … but how long will it take for Lesnar to reach his feet?????

'LETS GO LESNAR’ chants begin to echo, with the fans urging the challenger on, with Lesnar eventually stirring, sitting up on the floor, and much to the delight of the fans, he reaches his feet, shaking the cobwebs loose, before reaching down, and dragging Orton up, onto his shoulders, and carries him to the ring, dumping him through the ropes, back inside. Lesnar now climbs onto the apron, and steps into the ring, simply standing over the broken body of the champion. Lesnar nods, and motions to the fans for ‘one more’, raising his index finger, looking to finish Orton off with a final F5 … as Orton tries to crawl away … but Lesnar reaches down, grabbing the champion by the trunks, stopping him from going anywhere.

It looks like curtains for Orton now … as he is unable to get away … BUT … in one last desperate act Orton turns around, and swings a boot to the mid section of Lesnar, forcing the challenger backward momentarily. Lesnar doubles over for a split second, but laughs it off as the final act of a desperate champion, and closes in again … with Orton oddly scurrying in the corner, reaching out of the ring, with Lesnar pulling at his legs, trying to drag him back, with it seeming like Orton is reaching from something behind the steps … whilst desperately trying to shrug Lesnar off … which he does, as Lesnar topples backward, falling over, but is right back up - NO MESSING this time, and reaches to the head of Orton to drag him up … BUT GOES DOWN?????????

Lesnar falls down, like a tonne of bricks … OUT COLD!!! Cole and Tazz fall silent, wondering what just happened, and the fans go quiet too … AS RANDY ORTON REVEALS … A SLEDGEHAMMER??????? The fans are in uproar, with a replay from a different angle showing the shot, as Orton chucks the weapon - a certain somebodies signature weapon - out of the ring, crawling onto the unconscious challenger, making a cover, with Nick Patrick unable to do anything about it with no disqualifications, and makes the count … 1...2...3!!!!!
Winner: AND STILL WWE Champion - RANDY ORTON @ 29:25

Michael Cole: You can question his methods, you can question his motives … but you cant question the outcome Tazz - Randy Orton retains the WWE Championship, and the record books will show that he eliminated not one- not two- but ALL THREE challengers.

Tazz: I just wanna know where the heck that sledgehamma came from, Cole. Who left it there, and how did Orton know to find it??

Michael Cole: There will be a lot of questions Tazz. Not only on how that sledgehammer was positioned- HIDDEN behind the steel steps, but also, question marks over the future, the CAREER of Rob Van Dam. Have we saw RVD for the very last time tonight??

In the ring, Brock Lesnar begins to stir, as Orton stumbles out with the title over his shoulder, having dodged all the bullets tonight and retained his title. Orton continues up the aisle, not looking back just yet, wanting to get out of sight, whilst Lesnar sits up, shaking his head, trying to shake the cobwebs loose, slowly realising he’s lost tonight, and looks out of the ring at the sledgehammer.

Michael Cole: And while it looks grim for Van Dam, at least Brock Lesnar will recover for definite. The Iron Man WILL be back, in the hunt for the WWE title. But Tazz, do you suspect the same questions are running through Lesnars mind right now?? Do you suspect he is wondering just who was behind the placement of the hidden sledgehammer at ringside??

Tazz: I don’t think he’s wondering who Cole … I think Lesnars got a suspect in mind, and it’s the same guy that’s on everyone elses lips.

Michael Cole: Well … one man has made a career out of using the sledgehammer as a weapon … of course, that man is the very same man that just a few weeks ago stated that he still hadn’t forgotten about Brock Lesnar … was tonight the first blow landed by Triple H??

Randy Orton exit’s the stage, as Brock Lesnar now stands outside the ring, picking up the game changing sledgehammer, holding it in his hands, looking down on the weapon, then SNAPS it in half, over his knee, with that being the final shot of the night … as we fade to black with the sight of a raging Brock Lesnar…


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Re: Being The Booker

Judgment Day Review

M.V.P vs. Carlito: Overall good match with well done psychology for the feud. I was glad to see MVP was kept relatively weak after the beating at the beginning and Carlito's injury was sold well. I was a bit surprised to see the end being a DQ, didn't expect this feud to continue, but we'll see where it goes from here.

The New Wave vs. Batista, Finlay & Jeff Hardy: Haha. Looks like the kiss of death has been planted on The New Wave. Don't really see them going anywhere after this match besides being lackeys or leaving the group.

Charlie Haas/Brent Albright Promo: Nice little promo to build up the fact that Haas and Albright are positioning themselves to be at the top of the roster.

New Wave Promo: Looks like the problems are building for The New Wave after the loss, wonder if they are going to turn on Orton tonight?

Brian Kendrick vs. Chavo Guerrero: Pretty slow cruiserweight match, but it builds up the heat for Kendrick nicely. Kendrick gets a cheap victory, which I expected. Wonder what will be coming up in the near future for the cruiserweight division.

JBL vs. Hulk Hogan: Haha, eww total Sports Entertainment match x.x haha. JBL beating up the fan was the highlight lol. Poor JBL has to take the job though to the despicable one.

Chavo/Kendrick Promo: This promo felt a little off to me, as Kendrick seemed more like the victim here even though it is acceptable after the match. I guess this feud will be continuing.

Batista/Edge Promo: Decent way to slowly shift Batista into the main event scene. Edge seems arrogant as ever going into his match tonight.

Americas Most Wanted vs. Booker T & Elijah Burke: Nice match, AMW's tag team psychology is always entertaining for me. Not sure if Booker and Burke are going to get another shot or not after the classic heel tag team victory, but I'm looking forward to seeing, as always, what will happen next in your WWE Tag Team Championship scene.

Brent Albright vs. Paul London: Very good match, I liked it a lot. Good wrestling + nice spots worked very well together. I was slightly shocked by the Albright loss, but I'll be looking forward to what is next for him as my favorite guy right now in your BTB. Hope we get a PPV rematch between these two.

Lesnar Segment: Nice segment to build the intensity of Brock for the upcoming match.

Arn Anderson/RVD Promo: Probably my favorite promo for the night, even though it was short, it got the message across well and it wraps up the pre-match promos for the 4 main eventers.

Fatal Four Way Elimination Match: Ouch, RVD gets eliminated right off the bat after it is revealed he is still in bad condition. I'm wondering if this will be his last match in the WWE? Afterwards the match really heats up and Edge gets eliminated. I am surprised that Orton wasn't completely out of it at the end, after the F5 through the table. Orton gets the win with a planted sledgehammer and it looks like we'll be getting Triple H vs Brock Lesnar in a rematch either at SNME or SummerSlam.

Overall good show. The writing style was nice for a non-flagship PPV. MOTN for me was Albright vs London.

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Re: Being The Booker

First off they should hand out your PPVS as a text book on what BTBs can be...just saying.

Carlito/MVP: Like the brawl that opens it. Gets across the personal heat these two guys have going into this. Good opening match. The DQ finish lets MVP continue his D**Kish ways and lets Carlito come back for another match.

Love the idea of SummerSlam in London

Six Man: You did this perfect made The New Wave look like they could have taken the match but giving the win to Batista keeps him as a threat to the main event picture if need be. I like the line, they come together for a common goal, and no real bond between them when talking about Batista/Finlay/Hardy. I've always thought faces were to buddy buddy...they are in competition with one another.

Chavo/Kendrick Great cruiserweight action. Kendrick retains as much as I thought he would.

Hogan/JBL Here we go! What could have been a really really bad match turns into a fun Hogan match man. Like the bit with the fan cause with two guys who can't really put on a techincal effort something like this makes sense...drama. Hogan gets the win and unlike if he were to go over Orton or Christian or something it makes sense for him to get the win on JBL

Backstage stuff is good, Batista/Edge thing accomplished all of its goals. Making Batista look like a threat to the World Title and putting over the Four way later tonight.

Tag Titles- Kinda wouldn't have minded Booker/Elijah taking the straps for a while here but solid tag match.

US Championship WOW, what a match between these two. Giving them the almost a full 30 minutes was a smart move man and London winning the strap was very rewarding after reading through your BTB and seeing Albright's reign. Albright hopefully moves up the card IMO...he's got the skill to be the new Benoit of the WWE

Main Event Epic, you maybe should have split hte US title match and the Main maybe the tag match. Cause if i were in the crowd I would have been drained from the action of the US title match going into this. I think thats why the split the big matches at mania with a divas match.

Anyway Orton retain, which was expected. Looking forward to where you go from here with the main event. The sledgehammer? Hmmmm....Like the bit with Lesnar breaking the hammer at the end and I hope RVD isn't done in this BTB, but taking time off wouldn't hurt with a very crowded main event right now.
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Re: Being The Booker

Judgment Day Feedback

KOTR deserves better than heat, imo, although I’m just happy to see Haas get a victory.

Honestly, there was nothing wrong with the opening video, although for some reason, it just didn’t HOOK me like your videos usually do. As I said, not much wrong, maybe it’s just with my interest with BTB dwindling that I’m becoming less interested in the little things or what, but just didn’t “hook me”. One thing I can say those constant screen to black things were getting to me a little to, kind of ruined the flow, I think would have had better affect if you constantly went back to Orton’s cold, deadly eyes, but that’s just me.

‘Lito/Porter is a good choice to start the show, and despite the attack maybe being considered as a little heelish as it was from behind, I think it was the right way to go, portraying ‘Lito’s anger well. MVP trying to crawl away established ‘Lito as the face, and Porter as the cowardly heel, and I think it was needed, as even though I knew what was up, and liked it, the line may have been a little blurred as to who was what early on. I loved the story you told early on in the piece, Montel went with the typical heelish tactics, trying to weather the storm, but Carlito’s emotions were just too strong, as he’s able to nail the Flying Clothesline. The timekeeper’s table spot was well placed, finally giving MVP some time to dominate, and well, so far, so good. When Carly went high with the Reverse Elbow I was a little worried it was going to become a normal match, but you went back to the brawling well. Honestly, “I don’t care” coming out of ‘Lito’s mouth doesn’t seem to fit the situation, you could’ve used something a little more vicious, or even no reply to the referee at all would have been more effective. More typical heel stuff with MVP using the referee’s distraction to his advantage, and I have nothing else to say, except that the whole period of domination from MVP seemed okay, including ‘Lito’s Enziguri reversal. I was a little shocked to see the Back Cracker come out of nowhere, although I liked the way it came about, scrapping MVP’s attempt to go back at the knee. ‘Lito snapping and going for the camera was a possibility I could see, but didn’t expect, although MVP nailing the low blow and getting disqualified shocked me a little, but sets the scene perfectly for this feud to continue. Also wanted to let you know that I was happy you didn’t overly focus on the knee, whilst still making it a pivotal part of the match. I hate it when people focus on the injury TO much. A pretty good start to the show here.

Summerslam video package was less attractive than the JD opening one, imo. I thought it was far to England based, and not enough about the actual wrestlers that will be on display for my liking.

is what Jeff Hardy does classified as prancing? This made me chuckle. I don’t like Orton’s buddies not being confident, despite their recent slump inside the ring; I’d like them to remain a little uppity simple because they’re Orton’s boys. Out of all these guys in this match, Doane/Finlay is what I want to see the most, so when Dinsmore made the tag I was pretty happy. With this being said, I was a little disappointed with Hardy coming in straight away, but I guess you’ve got to give everybody a good go. Just as I expected, Cade/’Tista are next after another even encounter, and I hope things get going now, because this stop start stuff gets a little irritating after awhile. The old test of strength was a nice thing to see, yet I really don’t think Cade would drive Batista to his knees, no matter how large Cade is, just can’t see it happening. You quickly made Batista almost make up for it, but still don’t think it would have happened in the first place. I’m really interested to see how Batista dodged that Basement Dropkick, tbh. Batista pretty much just OWNED all three of the opponents which doesn’t bode well for The New Wave, imo. The faces were looking way to dominant for my liking, so I was happy with the low bridge, and FINALLY The Wave gets some sustained offence. Cade uses The Razor’s Edge!!! Forgive me here, but is this something you’ve given Cade, or is it just random use of the move? I really wouldn’t know. Once Finlay pushed Doane off the top rope, I really enjoyed how the pace picked up for a moment, made for some interesting reading. The ending was typical with the faces wave of momentum allowing them to pick up the victory. From Batista dominating at the start, I felt this ending was always going to happen, but I’m a little disappointed, as I was hoping Orton and his buddies would be able to have an Evolution type run on SD, but it simply doesn’t look like it is going to happen. Right now TNW don’t belong with Orton, tbh.

Albright/Haas interaction was pretty good, and I was happy Haas didn’t come across as Albright’s lackey here, despite Albright being the only one with any real success so far. Also, after this epic run, I’m not sure just being in a tag team will be good enough for Albright, so I’ll see what happens. Anyway, pretty interesting segment.

Orton lays down the law, and I was surprised that Doane wasn’t the one who wanted to speak up. Interesting to see he was the only one who still looked disappointed and not annoyed with Orton, perhaps he’ll be the only one Orton sticks with. It would be a nice change from the usual story where the guy who breaks away from the heel group becomes a star. The segment was a little short in length, but it is to be expected, as Orton’s focused on the main event.

I enjoyed Kendrick’s entrance, trying to hit on the blonde bimbo, great stuff. Even once the match begins, Kendrick continues to OWN, although the slap from Guerrero showed that he means business, and pretty much sums up the story of this match/feud. I know this was a pretty basic set up with the heel being arrogant, face taking exception, but this fitted in to this situation amazingly well, imo. The dominance from Chavo was good, letting out a lot of frustration, followed by Kendrick getting the advantage somehow. I loved the domination period for Kendrick, not only does it show he can back up his attitude, but for a moment I got a little worried that this match was going to follow the formula of ‘Lito/Porter way to closely, but that definitely wasn’t the case. The counter of the top rope Hurricanrana into the Powerbomb was very nice, although I didn’t like a moment before that where you mentioned Kendrick almost lost his balance. I could understand if it was John Cena on the top rope, but Kendrick is a high flying pro, so I just really have no idea why you put that in there. Guerrero’s offence was good, heading to the outside, rather than having the ending of the contest coming way to soon, although after Kendrick’s posing before, and now Guerrero bringing it up, I believe the busty blonde was perhaps overused a little. It just really didn’t have the same affect for me on this last occasion. As much as I love the three amigos, Kendrick still wasn’t a fully fledged heel here, imo, and stopping a popular move doesn’t seem like the type of thing that will cement his status to the fans. The cheap shot, followed by Sliced Bread is a nice, cheap way for Kendrick to win; now maybe cementing himself as a fully fledged heel. Chavo chasing Kendrick all but confirms that this feud will probably continue as well, which I really don’t mind, although now that Kendrick’s character has fully changed, I think Chavo might not be the right opponent. I want Kendrick to face somebody with a little more charisma.

‘Mania classic moments already? I remember despising McMahon for this back in the day, but now realizing how cool of a swerve it was.

at JBL, and JBL-amania, typical JBL greatness. I kind of marked for the pause before the entrance, building anticipation, even if it was for Hogan. Awesome, awesome start, with the pie face and the slam from JBL, as Layfield really doesn’t seem like the usual Hogan match formula type of guy. Hogan fired up pretty early, and well, typical crowd teasing/pleasing for us JBL fans, allowing him to roll out of the ring, and preventing the dreaded Leg Drop. This type of stop start stuff is really going to bore me, and I expect a lot of it with Hogan involved, so hopefully the JBL goodness can continue to overshadow the lack of quality action, as it did with the Chimmel spot. With that being said, I really can’t see Chimmel forcing JBL to fall to the floor. Typical JBL brawling style here, busting Hogan open, and then targeting the cut, but still not that entertaining when Hogan is the opponent. Just as I was really thinking this match was a stinker, JBL attacks a fan. Although it is a plant (of course), this definitely added a little more entertainment to the match, so I thought you placed this really well. The comeback attempt, halted by the Big Boot was terrific, I can honestly say even I thought Hogan was going to get something going, and maybe it’s just because I’m a cruel bastard but I marked for the Clothesline from Hell on the fan. Hogan’s Hulk up came at a perfect time, but once again, I must commend you on the counter from JBL, completely unexpected, and actually made me like the match a little. Hogan finally gets the victory, which disappointed me a little, but overall I thought this was not as bad as I expected. Hogan better piss off now, and JBL needs to do something before ‘Taker, he can’t move on to ‘Taker straight from a loss against Hogan, imo.

DVD commercial? Meh, a little unnecessary but whatever.

Another great promo with Kendrick involved. He’s definitely continuing to be one of the best him characters in this BTB, reminding me a little of Matt Hardy V1. Awesome stuff, and he and Chavo are definitely continuing after this.

Batista interview? Okay, it’s okay, ‘Tista finally wanting the WWE Championship is not something I like, as at this stage I don’t think he’s ready, so hopefully it’s all just crap. I loved Edge’s interruption, especially with the owning of Batista at the end. Honestly, I can see a little feud maybe coming out of this, and even though I don’t know if it’s the right thing to do with the thread at this time, it’d be a nice way to allow Lesnar/Orton to have their feud.

You really don’t seem enthusiastic about this tag team title match, despite the epicness of your champs, but I’m guessing it has something to do with your hate for Booker T. Burke surprisingly wasn’t dominated for as long as I thought he would be, and well, here’s Booker T. I thought it was rather clever, how after Booker was on fire, how the champs showed their experience, with Storm saving Harris. The offence seemed to kind of slow down a little after that, and not be that exciting again, until Burke got back into the ring, as the challengers surprisingly outwitted, or out-tagged the tag team champions with the blind tag, and then Burke’s little patch of dominance. The pace quickened once again, which I think was really needed for this contest a little more than what we got, and it made the ending pretty fun, with AMW once again finding a way to get the win. I guess the match was decent enough, but after the drama of Hogan/JBL, this really didn’t feel like a match worth paying attention to. AMW to hold the titles forever though, please.

Just curious as to how many KOTR matches will take place at SNME? Will it just be the main event, or will it be like the good old days where quarters, semi’s and the final all take place on the one night. If you’ve addressed this already I apologize, but I really can’t remember.

Honestly, this US Title match has a big time feel to it, but I found Tazz stating that this is the main event, when we’ve got an epic fatal four way coming up to be way to much of an over statement. Despite this line though, I really felt as if you did a good job, letting the commentators shill the shit out of this one, and the implications for both guys involved. No better match than this one to begin with chain wrestling, as it sure as well won’t happen in the main event. Once again, you’re telling the story of this feud through your match with perfection, having London dominate early, and Albright getting frustrated, showing that London may simply have Albright’s number. I thought the Snapmare over the top rope was pretty great and creative, and Albright catching London was a terrific way for him to get a sustained advantage without cheating. Albright definitely turned it up a gear here, and I can already see the extra effort you’re putting in to this one, with a nice sequence of moves, capped off beautifully with the skinning of the cat being reversed, and London being sent to the barricade. You’ve got me pumped up so far. I adore the style of Albright, and how after the amazing move sequence, he can just become so brutal, as he was with all those shots on London. Brent’s domination was fun, but I didn’t mind London’s offence ending with the Shooting Star Press either, although I have no idea why Albright was staggering around, which allowed for the Mushroom Stomp. Moonsault to the outside was okay by London to, although I must say I feel as if London is getting a little spotty here, so here’s hoping that Albright takes advantage again. Belly to Belly on the cold, hard floor was insane. Nothing else to say about it, great stuff. I thought the kick to the head when London ducked was rather clever to, basic, but never really used. Victory Roll out of nowhere continues the story that Albright can’t keep London down. The Suplex combination was rather brutal, and I’m guessing now we will slowly head into the final sequence. It has been good so far, nothing to complain about. The reversal of the Arm Drag into the Crowbar was pretty slick if I do say so myself, another thing I love about Albright, his finisher can come from anywhere. The work on the arm was a little dull for a moment or two, although I do believe it was necessary, and then the match hit fever pitch. The constant scrambling for the Crowbar, the attempted Springboard kick, and the eventual Backbreaker, all terrific stuff. I didn’t think this match could get much better, but it’s definitely stepping up a level. More ass kissing here, but I liked the anticipation you built when London was going for the 450 Splash, great writing, followed by the epic Crowbar minute or two. An awesome ending to Wolf, and London is finally the champion, just as I expected. An almost flawless match recap here, Wolf, terrific stuff.

This Vengeance video is more of what I expect.

Brock Lesnar’s intensity OWNS.

RVD’s interview was rather good for RVD to. Getting straight to the point, and showing his determination.

Main event time, and I must admit, I’m pretty excited. I definitely expected the pairing up to go like this, and RVD/Orton going to the outside gives them the chance to be more vicious, which is what I expect from both, whilst Edge/Lesnar can tear shit up in the ring. I loved how RVD pushed Edge out of the way to get to Orton, whilst it makes him seem a little dumb, it shows just how angry he is, and just how badly he wants to get at Orton. The pat on Lesnar’s shoulder was way to cheesy though, and as soon as it happened, I was hoping Lesnar would have a go at RVD, and thankfully he did. A couple of shots from Lesnar and all of a sudden RVD is hurt? I guess you’re going down the he is really fucked up route, which is fine with me; it will make Orton look like a beast later on. I must say RVD was on a massive roll for a bit there, and I love the way you are playing on his injury, although I must say, I think you’re focusing way too much on RVD early on. I have been liking the typical multi man match stuff though, with constant interference from a third or fourth competitor, is always fun stuff. Two big moves and RVD is out. I wasn’t expecting this, so I take back what I said earlier, I now understand why you focused so much on him in the early stages. Orton looks like a complete animal right now, and I expect RVD to be out for awhile after this. Lesnar/Edge were backstage for awhile, which was something I didn’t expect, but it’s something different, and Orton just standing there by himself, just waiting, really makes him seem like the fucking man. I honestly think this was more really good booking/writing. Once Van Dam was eliminated there was always going to be a period of time where Edge/Orton decided to work on Lesnar, and this was it. It went for maybe a little too long, or at least long enough for me to want it to end, so I was pleased when Lesnar weaved out of the conchairto situation. Lesnar’s comeback was pretty well written to, although I must say at Edge’s Spear sending Lesnar outside the ring. Have you seen his Spear? Simply not happening, not even to Spike fucking Dudley. I thought the way Edge was eliminated was very clever to, as Orton simply outsmarted Edge, so whilst Orton continues to look like a million bucks, Edge looked rather dumb, and now when he complains again, I’m just going to think “it’s your own fault you dumb fuck”, so yeah, not sure what’s going to happen with him now. Orton/Lesnar, I still think this is going to be the Summerslam main event, but I guess we’re going to get a preview of it now. Dirty win for Orton tonight though, I think. The epicness of Edge is simply unbelievable at this point, despite me not being sure about him a minute ago; these two Spears changed my opinion on things quite a bit. Just a real little thing, but Orton got Speared first, and Lesnar is the ‘Iron Man’, so I’d expect Lesnar to attempt to pin Orton, not the other way around, despite the punishment that Lesnar has taken earlier on. Lesnar/Orton has been very entertaining so far, with it being rather fast paced, both men going at it, no stale patches, just an all out great read, before we get a little break, after Lesnar reverses the RKO. Nice spot with the F5 through the table. A sledgehammer shot? Very much unexpected, and a dead set awesome finisher. The sledgehammer being Triple H’s signature weapon leaves me with questions regarding Lesnar/Triple H number two perhaps taking place on the blue brand. Awesome ending anyway, and your WWE Champion looks like a fucking superstar. Great stuff, now let him ditch his shitty little friends. Great main event anyway.

Overall, your motivation really seems to be disappearing but your talent sure as hell isn’t. Whilst this PPV was never going to be PPV of the year, you delivered huge, especially with JBL/Hogan, as I really felt as if you made it a lot better than what I expected. Whilst that was good, Kendrick/Guerrero, ‘Lito/Porter, and even the six man tag all did the job, and London/Albright and main event stole the show. Your threads been going for so long, and I don’t care what ANYBODY says, at this point in time, you’re still the man. Great PPV, mate, I hope to see Raw sometime soon.

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Re: Being The Booker

Been reading this constantly the past couple weeks. I'm up to WM 25, and wow this thing is a piece of mastery!

Once i get up to date, ill be sure to give reviews
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Re: Being The Booker

Judgment Day Feedback

Haas winning is really no surprise to start the KOTR tourney on SD!. New push, plz.

Pretty sick opening video package, really showing what tonight’s all about. Would have liked to see some more clips of the WWE Title participants and the Hogan/JBL feud, since those are probably the two biggest matches, along with MVP/Carlito. Oh, and speaking of…

Carlito coming out and attackin MVP before the bell even rings wasn’t a very big shock to me, as we had to start off the night with a bang. Once the match finally got going, it was good to see you really sell the story of these two men, with Carlito’s head getting too filled with revenge. MVP dominating for a period of time, really owkring over the knee, was a great way for the fans to get back behind Carlito, really hoping that he just KILLED Porter. The ending of the match was good, with Carlito not covering after a few of his best moves, instead trying to nail Porter with the camera! The low blow to end the match obviously means that this thing is FAR from over. Not sure when these two will lock up again, but I’m sure it will be just as awesome as this one when they do.

SummerSlam should be MONSTROUS. I know that you will have quite the show in store for us.

Didn’t really notice the similarity in styles between the three men on each team until you had them square off one-on-one. Cool way to start the match, imo. Match unfolded how it should have, with both teams having their spells of dominance before the big finish. While Hardy took the majority of the beating, him finally tagging out to Batista and then hitting the Swanton Bomb was pretty impressive. The ending was perfect, with Dinsmore not even wanting to try and break the count, knowing that the match is over. New Wave will pay for this one, imo.

Brent is way too confident. Could the end be tonight? He may lose that belt if he’s not careful…

This is only the beginning of what Orton has planned for his three lackeys, imo. First they will stay away … and then he will send them right out on their asses.

I bet Kendrick banged that chick after the show. Match started exactly as I envisioned, with Chavo really all over the young champion, showing him just how underprepared he was. When Kendrick finally got back into the match, I loved how his heel transformation really picked up, with him slowing down the match considerably to get the fans to hate him. The powerbomb spot sounded quite sick and I am glad that the match ended the way it did, as it gives Kendrick a very tainted victory, thus keeping the feud going for quite some more time. Very entertaining and I just love how Kendrick has been changed since winning the belt about two months ago.

Didn’t really expect the JBL/Hogan match to be this early on the card. And I certainly didn’t expect it to start with JBL just destroying Hogan after avoiding the “too early” Leg Drop. Everything that JBL did outside the ring was awesome, all the way down to screaming at the Hogan fan before continuing the beatdown. Continuing to toy with Hogan inside the ring was well done, before JBL went after the fan! Had to suspend disbelieve this time, with JBL beating the holy hell out of the fan inside the ring. Thought the match was over when Bradshaw ducked the Big Boot and nailed the Clothesline from Hell, but I guess Hogan has it in his contract that he can kick out of anyone’s finisher. The rest of the match was academic. Big Boot and Immortal Leg Drop, ftw. Good to see Hogan get his “final farewell”, but I have to think that JBL has something up his sleeve after the way this one ended. There HAS to be something more to this storyline, imo.

And the heel turn continues. I just cannot wait until Kendrick finally snaps and goes full-blown heel. Like when he actually KNOWS that he’s a bad guy. And I’m sure Chavo will be the first man that he targets.

I know that you have never really been one to push Batista hard, so I think all his talk about the WWE Title is just that … talk. The real purpose of this segment was to hear from Edge, who again seems confident that he’s going to walk out with the big gold belt. And when someone shows that much confidence … it usually means they’re leaving with NOTHING.

Even though the tag title match gets the shittiest spot on the card, I still feel like these four guys can have a good match, and down the road, a very good feud. A pretty basic formula for this one, but you wrote it very well. AMW is able to fight strong for most of the match, but Elijah Burke eventually gets on a roll and tries to end the match on his own. Liked how this ended up backfiring, with the youngster showing that he still has a lot to learn. Storm and Harris escaping just barely shows me that the feud isn’t over, but the champs are still the team to beat on Smackdown!.

The way that you build this match is really something, imo. At first, when London won the battle royal on SD!, it didn’t seem like it could be a big-time feud. But after the promo between the two on SD!, it really is the third biggest match on the card, behind the WWE Title contest and JBL/Hogan. I’ve actually been more entertained with this than JBL/Hogan. Great story-telling and in-ring psychology all throughout this one, with Paul getting the better of the opening exchange before Albright just flat-out DOMINATES, running through the challenger and targeting the arm. London never giving up really built him up even more, not giving into what so many other superstars have given in to throughout Brent’s title reign. The ending was just phenomenal, with London somehow escaping the Crowbar and then FINALLY hits the 450 Splash to win the belt! Such an amazing way for him to finally “get over the hump” and if there’s any match on this PPV that shows why a feud should continue, it’s this one. Another, plz.

Hopefully Vengeance can be as good as this PPV. Have no doubt it will be.

Uh oh. Mr. Lesnar seems to be quite focused and that’s not good for any of the other three men in the match. Too bad I still don’t feel good about his chances of winning.

RVD may be stupid for doing this, but that’s what makes the storyline great, right? He won’t win the belt back just yet, but he may be the last man eliminated, with Orton hurting him yet again.

Lesnar and Van Dam show why they are the most pissed off men in the match, going right after Edge and Orton to start the contest. Van Dam looked to be on a roll until he slowly started to wear down. That’s when I knew that he’d be the first man eliminated. And the way that you did it was perfect, with Orton hitting a high-angle DDT to cause even more head trauma. Edge and Brock continuing to brawl all around backstage was clever while Van Dam was wheeled out. He’ll be back, imo … just not for a VERY long time. Anyway, Edge and Orton teaming made sense, as they almost crushed Brock with the steel chairs, but he escaped. Orton eliminating Edge was a little surprising, but it just shows the smarts of the champion, getting Edge with his back turned. End of the match was superb, with Lesnar hitting the F-5 through the table. Didn’t understand why he didn’t just pin Orton when they got back into the ring. He didn’t need to go for another. The ending was the biggest shock the night with Triple H (?) helping Orton retain the belt. Very smart booking and this is sure to lead to another match between the bitter rivals, possibly at SummerSlam. Also, great to see Orton eliminate all three men. Quite a way for him to win his first PPV title defense.

Overall, a match better show than I initially thought it would be. Albright/London easily stole the show and the WWE Title match was awesome. You really have some different directions to take SD! following this, and I have no doubt whatever you write will be entertaining.


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