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Re: Being The Booker

I'm glad you're still here Wolfy. You're always an inspiration to all bookers, and I'm happy to see you're still booking. On that note, I'm picking up from this Raw so forgive me for any lack of knowledge on previous events. The "Beat the Clock" challenges should be exciting considering its precedence in the show. Benjamin/Hardy, Smith/Pac, Mysterio/Kennedy, and Angle/Regal seem like awesome matches in the making. John Cena seems like a lock, but I wouldn't be surprised by a Kennedy win. I'd mark out actually. =P The diva situation looks quite intriguing as well. I'm guessing with their initial rematch being a loss, the tag title match will either write them off in the title situation or rejuvenate the feud.

Preview looks amazing. Can't wait for the show! =)

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Re: Being The Booker

Originally Posted by BkB Hulk View Post
Oh and to the jobber above me - there's still another SmackDown! to go before Judgmnent Day. Try to keep up.
Pfft, I know that. I was just testing the old man to make sure he hasn't gone senile.

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Re: Being The Booker

Thank God for this. My mind's been stagnating without its weekly 'Wolfy fix'.

Looks like a pretty unique show in terms of you, Wolfster, as I can't remember you ever doing a Beat The Clock before. I can't imagine anything being predictable with such a format, but I'm still keeping my money firmly on Kennedy. I don't think you're in any rush to do Christian/Cena again (although it will happen), and I think you may well be saving Christian/Angle for SummerSlam. Kennedy's the perfect choice. He's been on the cusp of the main event in this thread for a while now, and a competitive feud with Christian, albeit a short one, could give him the momentum he needs. Plus, has everyone forgotten that Cena's feuding with Angle? They're both clearly screwing each other. Same goes for HBK and Umaga.

Can't wait. Hopefully you have it up soon
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Re: Being The Booker

From pretty much straight after 'Mania, I fell out of the loop a little in terms of this thread, and I plan to get back into everything properly now. The show looks rather stacked, with Beat the Clock adding an interesting concept to the show. Angle/Regal twenty minute blockbuster would be nice.

Anyway, good luck.

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Re: Being The Booker

Monday Night Raw | May 14 2007 | Boston MA

Recap of last weeks ‘BEAT THE CLOCK’ announcement, with the winner of the challenge earning a World Heavyweight Championship Match at Vengeance.

Opening Video



Before J.R or Coach can even speak, it’s straight to business, opening the show with the same man that was inches from becoming World Champion last week, the reigning Intercontinental Champion, Shelton Benjamin, joined by Theodore Long, and the Worlds Strongest Man, Mark Henry.

The Coach: THERE HE IS J.R!!! THE greatest athlete in the WWE today - BAR NONE. The Black Diamond, the Intercontinental Champion, and the uncrowned World Champ; IT’S SHELTON BENJAMIN BAY-BAY!!!

Jim Ross: Indeed, seven days ago, Shelton Benjamin damn near shocked the world. He was seconds, a split second in fact, from becoming a dual champion. Tonight Coach, he’s got a second bite at the cherry. If he can defeat Matt Hardy in the quickest time this evening, he’s goin to Vengeance to face Christian for the title again!!

The Coach: After last weeks effort, this man ought to be automatically given a rematch if you ask me. He shouldn’t have to earn a rematch.

Jim Ross: Well Coach, unfortunately for you, it’s not your decision. Eric Bischoff has set up this Beat the Clock challenge, and if Shelton Benjamin is to get another shot at Captain Charisma in five weeks time, he needs to put Matt Hardy away, and he needs to do it quickly.


The fans rise to their feet, as the ever popular Matt Hardy races onto the stage, throwing his hands up, and getting the fans fired up.

Jim Ross: These two men have got to set the pace here, with SIX matches in total in this series. Another ten men will have a time to beat here, and folks, if you didn’t see the list of matches set this evening, here they are;







The Coach: I smell a fix, J.R. John Cena gets the final match, and it’s against … Santino Marella?? Everything has worked in his favour here. How does that work??

Jim Ross: It could be a helluva homecoming for Cena tonight, Coach. And since you ask, it was a random draw, much like the King of the Ring tournament, which kicks off in earnest tomorrow night on Superstars, but we‘ll discuss that later.

The Coach: There’s nothing TO discuss, old timer. Shelton Benjamin is your 2007 King of the Ring, case closed.

Jim Ross: Thirty one other guys might disagree, Coach, one of those being Matt Hardy.

Shelton Benjamin w/Theodore Long & Mark Henry vs. Matt Hardy
Two of the finest athletes on Raw get straight to it, and it’s with a sense of urgency, knowing they have to set the pace here, and give the rest of the pack a tough time to chase. With that, there are countless attempts at cradles, roll ups, and any other pinning combination you can think of in the opening exchange. Neither man can surprise the opponent long enough for a three count, and sometimes the pin barely even gains a one. Eventually, frustration takes over for Benjamin, and the I.C champ blasts an unsuspecting Hardy with a stiff clothesline!!!

Hardy is down, and immediately, Theodore Long is offering words of advice to his big meal ticket, with the camera picking up “Don’t just have to pin him”, with Shelton taking the advice and nodding. Benjamin topples Matt over the top rope, and follows out … but the plan goes awry, with Matt coming at him, blasting Shelton with his trademark right hands. Benjamin is rocked, and Matt quickly gets in position for the Side Effect … but Benjamin desperately elbows free, sending Matt reeling toward the barricade. Shelton wisely rolls in and out of the ring to momentarily break the count, then comes charging at him … BUT MATT HIP TOSSES THE BLACK DIAMOND OVER THE BARRIER!!!!!

Suddenly, the fans come alive, with a high risk move busting out. And Benjamin is certainly in a world of trouble now too. Matt takes a second to recover, then rolls back into the ring … with Benjamin now fighting a battle to survive, and not lose the match via count out!!! In an act of desperation, seeing the count at six already, with no sign of his boy, Theodore issues instruction to Henry, before hopping onto the apron, and distracting the official, momentarily stopping the count. As this happens, Benjamin is picked up, and hauled over the barrier by Henry, and let down at the apron, with Henry moving away, as Hardy gets irritated, getting the referees attention, who picks up his count again … but Benjamin quickly rolls back in.

With the match still going, Coach argues that it isn’t fair that Benjamin has to compete tonight, after last weeks ladder match. Hardy is on the offence at the time being, but cant get the elusive three count. He does his best to weaken down The Black Diamond, hammering Shelton in the corner, then goes for an Irish Whip across the ring, but Benjamin ducks out of the corner, goes for a boot which is caught … then delivers the Dragon Whip!!! He covers, 1...2...NO!!! Despite the kick out, Benjamin is where he wants to be, and that’s in control. He continues to wear down Hardy, but is unable to finish off his game opponent. The Intercontinental Champion, knowing he needs the win to be quick, goes for broke, and sets himself for Pay dirt … BUT HARDY SHOVES HIM AWAY!!! Benjamin comes back … BUT GETS CAUGHT WITH THE SIDE EFFECT!!!

Tellingly, Matt doesn’t attempt the cover, but instead, hoists himself onto the turnbuckles … AND CRASHES DOWN WITH THE LEG DROP!!! But still, Matt isn’t ready to finish it off … and wants to make sure … as he signals for the Twist of Fate!!! Hardy stalks, as Shelton struggles around on the canvas, trying to pick himself up, and in the last desperate act, Theodore Long jumps onto the apron, causing another distraction for both Matt and the official … AS MARK HENRY GETS INTO THE RING … AND CATCHES MATT … WORLDS STRONGEST SLAM!!! The big man rolls out of the ring, as the referee spins around, wondering what just happened (idiot), as Shelton drapes an arm over Hardy … 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

Shock reverberates around the Fleet Centre, as Hardy survives the slam, but despite that, it looks like he just delayed the inevitable, as Shelton drags him up, sending him into the corner, then races in for the STINGER SPLASH … BUT MATT MOVES OUT OF THE WAY!!! Benjamin staggers out … STRAIGHT INTO THE TWIST OF FATE!!! Wisely, Hardy is right back up … and baseball slides Mark Henry, who topples into Long, before hooking both legs for a desperate cover, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Matt Hardy @ 07:17

While it’s a huge win for Hardy, the time is certainly beatable. He has his arm raised, whilst Henry and Long slowly recover outside the ring, realising the chance for another crack at the big gold belt has been lost.

Jim Ross: Seven minutes and seventeen seconds, Coach. That’s the time to beat right now.

The Coach: I knew this wouldn’t be fair. Shelton Benjamin is still recovering from giving his all last week in that ladder match!!

Jim Ross: He may have bigger problems, Coach. Sure, he missed out on a shot at Christian at Vengeance; but let’s not forget, the Intercontinental Champion was beaten here. That to me warrants a shot at the belt for Matt Hardy.

The Coach: Under these conditions?? That win doesn’t count. C’mon, J.R, Matt Hardy isn’t worthy of a shot at Benjamin.

Jim Ross: Time will tell, Coach. But whichever way you look at it, Matt Hardy just earned himself a huge win - his biggest since arriving on Raw last month.

Hardy leaves the ring, hands raised in victory, as he celebrates on the ramp, with Long and Henry helping the beaten Black Diamond to his feet.

Commercial Break

We return, backstage, with Armando Estrada (carrying the Money in the Bank briefcase) entering the office of Eric Bischoff, grinning broadly.

Armando Estrada: Ahhh, Meester Bischoff … ju wanted to see me??

Bischoff disingenuously smiles.

Eric Bischoff: Indeed I did, Mister Estrada. Indeed I did. Please, sit.

Pleased as punch, Estrada takes a seat.

Eric Bischoff: Now, Armando, I think it’s of vital importance we have a serious discussion here. As it stands, your … client … is set to be a part of this years King of the Ring tournament.

Estrada excitedly nods.

Eric Bischoff: And, he’s due to begin his quest tomorrow night on Superstars. Well, there’s a slight problem. Y’see, even though it’s only twenty four hours away … I can still remove Umaga from the King of the Ring tournament.

Armandos expression drops.

Eric Bischoff: And trust me, I’ve got a whole host of guys that will be lining up to take his spot, should it become available.

Armando Estrada: But Meester Bischoff, this is the Samoan Bulldozer we’re talking about. He’s Meester Money in the Bank. Why would you consider, uh … como se dice … replacing, ha ha, Umaga??

Bischoff sits forward.

Eric Bischoff: Because he’s been pushing his weight around. And Armando, that’s a lot of weight to be pushing … I don’t like it. It makes me look bad if I just let it go, without fear of repercussion. You understanding this, okay??

Slowly, the unanimated Estrada nods.

Eric Bischoff: Shawn Michaels has got a match coming up … just about now actually. If Umaga goes anywhere near him - if Umaga interferes in his match - before, during OR after … I WILL remove your Samoan Bulldozer from the King of the Ring tournament.

Armando takes it in, realising the consequences.

Armando Estrada: I understand, Meester Bischoff. Tonight, Umaga will keep clear of Shawn Michaels, okay??

Eric grins, but shakes his head.

Eric Bischoff: Not just tonight, Armando. Not just tonight. I don’t want Umaga interfering in Shawn Michaels business AGAIN. Not unless it’s a match that I sanction. And trust me, Armando, soon enough, I WILL be putting Umaga in the ring with Shawn Michaels.

Armando smiles.

Armando Estrada: Understood. The Samoan Bulldozer will gladly face Aitch Bee Kay, one on one. Umaga has simply been … how ju say … toying, ha ha, with Shawn all this time.

Eric Bischoff: Well, playtimes over Mister Estrada.

Estrada smiles.

Armando Estrada: That sounds good to me, Meester Bischoff. Thank ju for the time.

Estrada takes out a cigar from his breast pocket and sets it on the desk as he gets up, smiling broadly at Eric, before picking up the briefcase and leaving the room, as the GM picks up the cigar, and sniffs it, as we fade out.

Back to ringside…

It doesn’t bode well for Tyson Tomko tonight, as he’s already in the ring, waiting his opponent, who we know will be Shawn Michaels.

Jim Ross: Folks, we’re set for our second Beat The Clock Challenge match, and as we know, Matt Hardy has set the time to beat at seven minutes and seventeen seconds.


Getting the fans on their feet, Shawn Michaels enters, looking jovial, and fired up for action.

Jim Ross: Tonight, The Showstopper doesn’t have to worry about looking over his shoulder. Umaga is banned from attacking Shawn Michaels. For the last six weeks The Samoan Bulldozer has left Shawn Michaels laying - but tonight, the only man who can do that, is the man in the ring, Tyson Tomko. Can either man get the job done inside seven minutes and seventeen seconds, and set the bar for the remainder of the evening??

The Coach: I’d love to see Tomko pull it out here, Jimbo. This guy has had a rough ride in these last few weeks, ever since Backlash. Big chance for him tonight.

~ TIME TO BEAT; 07:17 ~
Tyson Tomko vs. Shawn Michaels
Michaels launches himself right at Tomko, taking it to the big man, knowing there is no time to waste, to try and slowly break his larger opponent down. Tomko though fends off The Showstopper, and quickly takes the upper hand, surprising an oncoming HBK with a stiff clothesline. Tomko then goes to work, stomping Michaels to soften him up, then throws him off the ropes, scooping him up, and delivering a Military Press Slam, quickly scurrying for the cover, 1...2...NO!!! He scores another handful of near falls, with Michaels showing enough grit to kick out and keep his title dreams alive.

Tomko continues to put the pressure on HBK, desperately trying to prove a point, but as he backs Michaels into the corner, HBK turns it around, and lets fly with a string of knife edge chops to the chest of the Problem Solver. Shawn then attempts an Irish whip, but Tomko overpowers him, sending him off, and goes for a big boot … but HBK ducks under, and delivers an inverted atomic drop, then runs off the ropes … AND KNOCKS TOMKO DOWN WITH A FLYING FOREARM!!! Instantly, HBK nips up, much to the delight of the fans, and climbs the turnbuckles, possibly for the flying elbow … BUT TOMKO IS UP QUICKLY … AND HE SLAMS MICHAELS OFF THE TOP!!!

The Problem Solver plays the role of buzz kill, with the fans excitement dying down after that. Tomko lines Michaels up, and waits as Shawn struggles back up, and puts him down with a running big boot!!! He makes the cover, 1...2...NO!!! Michaels JUST gets a shoulder up, as Tomko looks up at the clock, with nearly four minutes already gone. The big man doesn’t have time to spare, and drags HBK up, going behind … and sets him up for a Pumphandle Slam … BUT - as he hoists Shawn up, HBK DROPS BEHIND … Tomko turns … SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!! Both men go down, as Michaels crawls over, hooking the leg, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Shawn Michaels @ 04:35

Out of nowhere, Michaels picks up the win, and trims nearly three minutes off Matt Hardys original time.

Jim Ross: If you ever needed proof, of just how quickly Sweet Chin Music can turn a match around, there it is. Shawn Michaels can hit that move anywhere, anytime, and it’s a game changer, Coach.

The Coach: Hard to deny, baby boy. Tyson Tomko just cant catch a break right now.

Jim Ross: Well, the gauntlet has been thrown down Coach. The time to beat is now just four minutes and thirty five seconds. That’s a task for anybody, if you ask me.

The Coach: Gotta admit, it’s a heck of a time. As much as I like Mister Kennedy and Kurt Angle … they’ll find it hard to put Mysterio and Regal away in such a short space of time. But, no disrespect to Santino Marella … I think this thing is set up for John Cena. He could dispose of Marella well inside four and a half minutes.

Jim Ross: Well, conspiracy theories aside, Coach, there are still four matches in the Beat The Clock Challenge to come, but Shawn Michaels has set a heck of a time to beat here. However, still to come outside of the Beat The Clock Challenge … Straight Edge and MNM will hook it up, one more time, for the World Tag Team Titles. But not only that … (sighs) we will hear from Melina, who promises to reveal the dark, disturbing truth that the WWE Womens Champion, Alexis Laree, has been hiding from the world.

The Coach: FINALLY!!!

Jim Ross: I cant begin to imagine what thoughts are going through the mind of Alexis Laree, who isn’t here tonight-

The Coach: If she’s got any self respect, she’s going to emigrate. Because once the closet is opened tonight, she’ll never want to be seen again.

Jim Ross: (Shaking his head) That’s all to come, when we come back.

Commercial Break


Backstage, we now see some shaky camerawork; very amateurish. Suddenly a young looking man jumps in front of the camera, momentarily sending it out of focus. Looking very excited, the smiling man oddly whispers.

Random Man: You recognise me, right?? You know who I am, yeah?? That’s right, ‘The Real World; Back to New York’, Mike Mizanan, A-K-A, The Miz.

The Miz smiles into the camera.

The Miz: And now, I’m here to entertain you fans, I’m here to put the ‘E’ in the WWE. Because everyone knows there’s no better form of entertainment … than a dose of reality.

With a shit eating grin, The Miz stares into the camera, before beckoning the cameraman to follow him. He quietly moves forward, before stopping at a slightly ajar door, and turns to the camera, putting his finger to his lips. Again, he whispers to the camera.

The Miz: And right now, it’s time for the superstars of the WWE to get a reality check.

Miz steps aside, and directs his cameraman to point the camera past the slight gap, into the locker room … where KATIE LEA AND HARRY SMITH are preparing for his upcoming match with X-Pac in the BTC challenge.

The audio is slightly muffled, to show the lack of quality being filmed.

Katie Lea: You look nervous, Harry.

Smith stays silent, just pacing around the room.

Katie Lea: Hey- relax. You’ll be fine, I promise.

Smith sits down, as Katie walks behind the chair, rubbing the shoulders of the youngster.

Harry Smith: This is a really big opportunity tonight, Kate. I don’t want to embarrass myself out there.

Katie Lea shakes her head.

Katie Lea: You need to be more confident, babe.


Harry Smith: I know, I know. This is such a big week for Paul and I. He’s got his first round match tomorrow night, I’ve got the chance of a lifetime tonight-

Katie Lea: Don’t worry about Paul.

Slowly, Katies hands seductively move down the chest of Smith.

Katie Lea: Go out there and do it for me.

Katie reaches down, and kisses the neck of Smith, who appears to be enjoying it.

Harry Smith: We shouldn’t- I mean, he could walk in at any minute.

Katie continues to nibble at Smith, all the while rubbing his chest with her hands.

Katie Lea: I know, but I cant help myself.

Now, Katie moves around, and sets herself on Smiths lap.

Harry Smith: Why don’t I just tell him??

Katie Lea: NO!!!

Katie quickly shoots down the idea, as her eyes widen in fear.

Katie Lea: Harry, he can NEVER know about us. Promise me.

Smith sighs. He doesn’t appear happy, but agrees anyway.

Harry Smith: I don’t understand why he’s so protective. I mean, you cant be single all your life.

Suddenly, off camera, The Miz is heard sharply saying “QUICK, MOVE!!” The shaky camera is moved quickly, as Miz and his cameraman shuffle off, with a shout in the background coming; “WHAT THE BLOODY HELL IS GOIN ON??”

All the audience sees is a shaky camera shot of the floor, and moving feet as Miz runs off. They create some space, and show the camera back to where they were a moment prior.

As the camera focuses, we see an irate PAUL BURCHILL staring down the hallway, as Harry Smith appears, having heard the commotion. It would appear that Burchill didn’t see what was happening between his partner and his step-sister, as he points down the hallway, seemingly telling Smith what he was shouting about. The Miz then turns the camera to himself.

The Miz: That was close, huh?? Tune in next week, for another reality check.

The Miz grins again, as the camera shuts off, and the screen turns black…

Commercial Break

Back live, we see X-Pac already in the ring, with his music playing, as he awaits his opponent.


To a generous pop, Harry Smith enters, joined by Katie Lea, with both looking rather sheepish after the ‘Reality Check’ candid camera segment, just a few moments ago.

Jim Ross: I think the less said about what we just saw, the better.

The Coach: I don’t think they need to worry about what we say, old timer, but someone that’s saw that backstage is sure to inform Paul Burchill of what’s goin on behind his back. Not just Alexis Laree with secrets to hide now it seems, huh??

Jim Ross: Well, be that as it may, young Harry Smith had better get his mind on the ring right now, because a title opportunity hangs in the balance. But for X-Pac, it’s a major opportunity to come back to the WWE with a bang, and he’ll be looking to book himself a shot at the champion to prove he’s still got it.

~ TIME TO BEAT; 04:35 ~
Harry Smith w/Katie Lea vs. X-Pac
Bit of a dead affair, with the fans not entirely into the action. Both men play into the concept of the match, looking for pinfalls at every opportunity, with the veteran doing everything in his power to get a pinning combination, but can only manage a succession of two counts, before Smith catches him with a drop toe hold to turn the tide in his favour. Smith then quickly follows up with a delayed vertical suplex, floating over for a cover, but X-Pac kicks out.

The action wears on, with Smith becoming the aggressor, showing good athleticism for a big guy, but he gets a little bit too ahead of himself, and as he looks to hit a running splash on the veteran, X-Pac ducks out of the way, with Smith getting caught in the ropes, and onto the apron. Then, Pac scores with a spinning heel kick, which sends Smith off the apron and onto the floor.

Momentarily, the veteran thinks about following out, but then spots a little over a minute left, and instructs the referee to count Smith out. Not happy with the speed of the count, X-Pac tries to force the official to count quicker … but with all his attention on making the ref count faster, he fails to realise Smith getting back inside!!! Smith gets up, and charges at X-Pac, but the veteran leaps up, avoiding contact, with the youngster running into the corner.
X-Pac then rushes in, delivering a succession of kicks, which force Smith down, setting X-Pac up nicely for the BRONCO BUSTER … BUT HE MISSES IT!!! Smith is back up, and seeing time running down, goes for broke, lifting X-Pac up, onto his shoulders … and goes for the RUNNING POWERSLAM … but X-Pac slips off … AND GOES FOR THE X-FACTOR … BUT SMITH SHOVES HIM AWAY!!! Ten seconds remain, as Smith gets X-Pac, and takes him over with a headlock, quickly going for a last gasp pin, but barely gets a one, with X-Pac now trying to turn Smith over … but it’s all too late … TIME IS UP!!!
Winner: Out Of Time @ 04:35

Neither man is able to break Shawn Michaels time, and as it stands, Shawn Michaels is heading to Vengeance. Both men look disappointed in the ring, having missed out, both, by the skin of their teeth, unable to deliver their finishing moves.

Jim Ross: A huge effort from both men, but ultimately Coach, neither man could get the job done. Just too big an ask for both Harry Smith and X-Pac this evening.

The Coach: Both men came so close though. It looked like Harry Smith was about to deliver the famous running power slam, but then, X-Pac freed himself out, and tried to nail that X-Factor. Tough break for both guys.

Jim Ross: And so, we move on. Next up to try and beat the clock will be Rey Mysterio and Mister Kennedy. Can either man score the win inside four and a half minutes?? We will soon find out. But folks, coming up next, we will be taking a break from the Beat The Clock challenge. As, coming up, Straight Edge will meet their long running rivals, MNM, once again for the World Tag Team Championships.

The Coach: And this time, MNM aren’t suffering from any illness, like they were at Backlash. The honeymoon is over for Punk and Helms.

Jim Ross: Don’t say that just yet, Coach. You might just need to come up with yet another excuse for your favourite duo. The tag team titles will be decided … NEXT!!!

Commercial Break


Clip of Bret Hart rolling up Bam Bam Bigelow to win the King of the Ring tournament in 1993.


Narrator: It has given the platform for champions to establish themselves.

Clip of Owen Hart being crowned King of the Ring in 1994, as we hear him yell over it.


Narrator: It has immortalized greats forever.

Clip of Stone Cold Steve Austin winning the 1996 King of the Ring tournament, with the sound bite over it.


Narrator: It ushered in the birth of a new attitude.

Clip of Triple H having his hand raised in 1997.


Narrator: Stars have been born.

Clip of Kurt Angle dropping to his knees in victory in 2000.


Narrator: Legends have been made.

Clip of Brock Lesnar having his hand raised in 2002, as we hear Paul Heymans voice over the top.


Narrator: Careers have skyrocketed.

Clips of Mister Kennedy with the crown last year, and Edge with his trophy in 2001

Narrator: The King of the Ring tournament has provided some of the most memorable moments in sports entertainment history, and on Saturday, June 23, 2007 … the King of the Ring lends itself to another staple in the illustrious history of the WWE … Saturday Nights Main Event.

Clips of current superstars, Shelton Benjamin, MVP, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Straight Edge, Brian Kendrick, Paul London, MNM, Carlito and Brent Albright.

Narrator: The year, the King of the Ring tournament climaxes on NBC, with quarter finals, semi finals and the grand final, on the most special edition of Saturday Nights Main Event in history!!!

Quick clips again of the prominent former winners.

Narrator: Which superstar will use the King of the Ring tournament to follow these legends, icons and immortals into the pantheon of greatness??


Back into the arena…


Minus Melina, who has more important issues this evening, Nitro and Mercury enter the arena to a heat filled reaction.

Jim Ross: Tonight, you are looking at two men aiming to reclaim the World Tag Team Championships, however, in the coming weeks, Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury will aim to progress in their individual careers, as they take part in the 2007 King of the Ring tournament, and Coach, right now, we can take a look at the Raw half of the draw…





Jim Ross: And Coach, as luck would have it, the two teams we see tonight have also been paired off against one another in the tournament. Nitro faces CM Punk, and Mercury will go one on one with Greg Helms. But Coach, how about you put your neck on the line. Which Raw superstars are going to make it to Memphis on June 23.

The Coach: Shelton Benjamin is goin all the way, baby boy. He’ll be the King of the Ring. But since you’re asking for the other three too … Tyson Tomko needs to get back on track, William Regals experience will be vital for this, and the help of Theodore Long should see my boy, Mark Henry pull through a very tough quarter.

Jim Ross: Some interesting choices, Coach, and in the c-

The Coach: Whoa. Are you not gonna put your neck on the line too, old man?? After all, you’re supposed to have an eye for talent, am I right?? The imitation Diesel and Razor Ramon say hello.

Jim Ross: Uh… we all make mistakes from time to time, Coach, as we can see by that shirt you’re wearing. But as for my picks?? All right, I gotta be honest, I like the look of Matt Hardy, and it’s a toss up between Rey Mysterio and Shelton Benjamin, but I think William Regal should make it, and I just cant see how anyone can beat Umaga.


To a tremendous ovation, CM Punk and Greg Helms stride onto the stage, full of confidence.

Jim Ross: But these two young men will certainly have something to say about it. They have one addiction, Coach - and that’s competition. Greg Helms has turned his career around since joining the Straight Edge lifestyle, and along with CM Punk, he’s reaped the rewards ever since.

The Coach: They don’t drink, they don’t smoke … what DO they do?? Rearrange their sock drawers?? Play chess with their great granddaddies?? When you say the words ‘Straight Edge’, I think - BORING. Look at the life they could be leading - look at MNM, J.R!!!

Jim Ross: Yeah, and look whose wearin the gold, Coach.

The Coach: For now.

Straight Edge vs. MNM
It’s fast paced, with both teams knowing one another so well now. It’s undoubtedly the last chance for MNM, having lost the titles at WrestleMania, and come up short last month at Backlash. Knowing this, Nitro and Mercury show a meaner streak, and look more aggressive than in the past, but Punk and Helms are equal to it, with the early going soon descending into a four man brawl, as MNM look to cut corners, forcing Punk to come to the aide of his partner.

Order is restored, and the two teams get down to doing what they do best, and put on an exciting show. Punk and Helms are too quick for MNM initially, but Mercury and Nitro soon pick up the pace, and match the champs. Oddly, there is no ‘formula’ tactic of the heel team singling out a member of the opposite team, as the momentum constantly swings back and forth. The action threatens to break down on a few occasions, with Nitro breaking a count after Helms delivered the Shining Wizard on Mercury, and again, as Mercury aided Nitro to attempt the Snapshot - only for Punk to tackle the illegal man down, and out of the ring. That then led to a neck breaker from Nitro on Helms, but only gets a two count.

Eventually, Punk and Nitro are the legal men, with Nitro missing a springboard chuck kick … AND ENDS UP EATING THE PUNK CARD!!! It would surely be over … BUT MERCURY BREAKS THE COUNT!!! Helms immediately races into the ring, taking Mercury out of the equation, with the action breaking down once again. The referee is distracted by the two illegal men fighting it out … as Nitro takes advantage … with a low blow to Punk!!! Punk drops to his knees, as Nitro quickly recovers, and delivers his freaky leg drop, getting the cover … 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

The match continues, with Nitro pleading with the official. He shakes his head, as we see a replay of Mercury send Helms into the ringpost whilst Nitro tried to finish off Punk. Then, Mercury grabs BOTH championship belts, throwing one into the ring, which distracts the official, then slides the other for Nitro to use, before distracting the referee, as he attempts to get rid of the foreign object from the ring. With the referees back turned … Nitro lines up Punk … AND LOOKS TO HIT HIM WITH THE BELT … BUT PUNK DUCKS … then kicks Nitro in the gut … TAKES THE TITLE BELT … AND SMASHES IT OVER THE HEAD OF NITRO!!! He chucks the belt out of the ring, and makes the cover, whilst Helms grabs the leg of Mercury to stop him breaking the count, 1...2...3!!!
Winners: And STILL World Tag Team Champions - Straight Edge @ 08:00

The Champions retain!!! Straight Edge play MNM at their own game, as the interference backfired for the challengers!!! Helms joins Punk in the ring, as Nitro rolls out to Mercury on the outside, once again outdone by the champions.

The Coach: They- They CHEATED!!! J.R, those two punks cheated!!!

Jim Ross: Who brought the belt in the ring??


Jim Ross: Oh c’mon, that’s a crock a’ you know what.

The Coach: I know!! Finally, you agree with me on those two so called ‘fighting champions’

Jim Ross: I’m talking about your little convenient story, Coach.

The Coach: The fact remains Jimbo, your boys still haven’t beaten MNM - not at a hundred per cent. They had to resort to cheating tonight.

Jim Ross: What comes around, goes around. And folks, I hate to say it, but coming up next, Melina will have the ring to herself … Melina will expose the darkest secrets of Alexis Laree, whatever they are.

The Coach: Yeah, well the shine of this night has already been taken off for Melina. But finally, we’re gonna hear all about the past of our esteemed Womens Champ, and not a moment too soon.

Jim Ross: It’s next.

Commercial Break

Straight into the arena…


The red carpet is rolled out, as Melina struts onto the stage, smiling broadly, holding all the card tonight.


Jim Ross: The fans inside the TD Banknorth Arena have been quick to let Melina know what they think of her. That Jezebel has made our Womens Champions life a living hell for the last six weeks-

The Coach: She’s just trying to do her bit for society. Alexis Laree has been lying to everyone for the last year, gaining the adoration of the fans, all the while, she’s been hiding all kinds of secrets.

Jim Ross: Everyone has a past, Coach. You have a past, I have a past, we don’t need to broadcast it. It’s nobodies business what we’ve done in the past.

The Coach: Obviously, by the sounds of things, you’ve got a few skeletons you’d like to keep hidden.

Jim Ross: I certainly do not. I’m just making a point Coach-

The Coach: Well, no one wants to hear your ‘holier than thou’ approach to life, old timer. Those of us in the new millennium want a bit of scandal, we want dirty laundry aired. And if you don’t like it, turn the headset off.

J.R sighs, as we see Melina do the split legged ring entrance, before getting in the ring, and picking up a mic. The A-Lister waits for the music to die down, and gets set to speak, but the fans boos pick up, putting her off for a moment. She throws the audience a scowl, before getting onto business.

Melina: You all know why I’m out here, tonight, right?? I’m here to shed some light on the truth behind “Alexis … Laree”.

Melina does the air quotes, and the fans give her heat.

Melina: After that… bitch took my title at WrestleMania, then defeated me in my rematch on Raw … I hit rock bottom. I got shoved out of the spotlight, and into the shadows, right to the back of the line for the title.

Melina scowls. Then, shows a hint of a smirk.

Melina: So, I had to do what I had to do. I started to shark around, and ask questions. I tried to find any dirt I could get on Alexis. Yet, all the journalists, gossip columnists, and paparazzi didn’t have anything I could use. Because, oddly, none of them had even heard of Alexis Laree … it was like she just appeared out of thin air.

The diva grins broadly.

Melina: And that’s because … she did.

The TD Banknorth Arena falls deadly silent.

Melina: It didn’t dawn on me until I received a phone call … and then it all suddenly made sense.

Melina stretches out the intrigue, pausing.

Melina: Alexis Laree didn’t exist.

Confusion seems to sweep the arena, as Melina cryptically continues.

Melina: You see, the woman that masquerades around Raw with the Womens Championship wasn’t born “Alexis Laree” … oh no, she was born with a different name … Mickie James.

It’s still eerily quiet inside the arena.

Melina: And while there’s nothing out of the ordinary in changing your name … Miss James reasons are of particular interest. But before I get into that, I’d like to introduce you all to the woman behind these revelations. For, if this brave woman hadn’t come forward, and let the truth be known, Al- Mickie, would still be living her lie. Right now, please show your appreciation for Beth Phoenix.

No music plays, as a blonde haired woman - Beth Phoenix obviously - enters the arena, quickly making her way down the aisle, to little fanfare, although there is a smattering of boos. On commentary, J.R points out she has a rather hulking physique, as Coach says there is something ‘alluring’ about the newcomer. Melina holds the ropes open for her contact, with Beth stepping inside the ring.

Melina: Beth, thank you for coming to Raw tonight. In fact, here, I want you to tell the world all about Mickie James.

Melina passes the mic to Beth, who graciously accepts.

Beth Phoenix: Wow. I mean, where do I start with her. … Well … I think for you all to grasp where this all begins, I should tell you all that all my life, all I ever wanted to be was a wrestler.

No one seems to care.

Beth Phoenix: I’m the first person in generations of my family not to follow in the footsteps of my parents. You see, for generations, the Phoenix family have always cared. For generations the Phoenix family have been carers. Whether that’s caring for the elderly, caring for the homeless … or even the mentally deranged.

Beth pauses, and looks to Melina, to prompts her to continue.

Beth Phoenix: And that’s what my Mother was. My Mother for all her working life, cared for the mentally unwell. She ran her own care home, family ran. For decades those patients were her life, and she helped turn many lives around.

Phoenix seemingly has to stop her emotions from taking over, as Melina rubs her back, trying to help her
get through it.

Beth Phoenix: But there was one … one that couldn’t be saved. One fateful day - a day I’ll never forget - October Seventeen, in the year Two Thousand and One, a new resident came to the facility … one by the name of Mickie James.

Again, Beth seems on the verge of tears, but Melina helps her continue.

Beth Phoenix: A psychotic, paranoid, schizophrenic … and my poor mother thought she could turn this troubled soul around. But … she couldn’t. Mickie made my mothers life hell. Any help my poor Mom tried to give her … it was thrown in her face. Mickie kept thinking my Mom was trying to hurt her … trying to make her sick … she’d bite, she’d scratch … and one day … she went too far.

Beth chokes back (fake) tears, seemingly catching a lump in her throat.

Beth Phoenix: February Ten, Two Thousand and Two, clear as day I remember it … Mickie tried to escape from the home, and she pushed my Mom down a flight of stairs. Thankfully, she survived … but it took nearly three years before she could walk again … but she’ll never be able to work again. She’s too afraid to leave the house … too afraid to meet new people, in fear of what could happen. Did Mickie see the error of her ways?? Did she apologise??

The camera goes close up on Beth.

Beth Phoenix: NO!!!

Phoenix looks up, showing pure anger.


Melina steps in to soothe Beth, and eventually decides it best she takes the mic back.

Melina: As I’m sure you can all imagine, this is a hard time for Beth. Please, show this brave woman some appreciation.

Nope. The fans boo. Melina glares at the fans.

Melina: This poor girl is baring her soul to you people. And you’re booing her?? How dare you.

Melina puts her arm around Beth.

Melina: Are you sure you want to continue, Beth??

Beth nods, and takes the mic, looking out at the fans.

Beth Phoenix: I- I cant believe your reaction. Aren’t you people sickened by this?? Aren’t you people disgusted at the fact Mickie James has been running around in front of all of you for the last fourteen months, living a lie?? Doesn’t that bother you at all?? No??

Phoenix looks for some sort of acknowledgement. Getting none, she shakes her head in disgust.

Beth Phoenix: You people make me sick.

Small dose of heat.

Beth Phoenix: Mickie James nearly confined by darling mother to a wheelchair for the rest of her life … my mother will never be the same again … and none of you seem to care. None of you seem to care that the womens champion of this company has lied to you all about her past??

Beth shakes her head, unable to fathom the reaction of the fans.

Beth Phoenix: Well I care. Mickie James put MY LIFE on hold. When my Mom couldn’t work anymore … who do you think had to run the care home?? I had to put my goals, my ambitions … my dreams, on hold. I had to look after those mental patients, I had to run that home. All I ever wanted to be … was a wrestler. All I ever wanted to do was follow the likes of Wendi Richter, The Fabulous Moolah, and Trish Stratus, and be the WWE Womens Champion. Because of Mickie James … I had to put my dream aside. I never even got the opportunity to get my hands on her … she got moved away, had her identity changed … and it seems like she got better … it seems like she got to live her life, and live out her dream.

Phoenix looks almost deranged, as she thinks back.

Beth Phoenix: I had given up on my dream … that is … until I saw someone by the name of Alexis Laree show up on Monday Night Raw fourteen months ago. I wasn’t fooled … I’d recognise that bitch in any crowd. I’ll never forget that face.

Beth looks ready to snap.

Beth Phoenix: As soon as I saw her living out MY DREAM … holding the WOMENS CHAMPIONSHIP … I decided I had to get revenge. I closed down the care home … and I left my family behind. I deserted my family … and they’ve disowned me because of it … but when I get my hands on Mickie James … it’ll be worth it. And my family will realise it too.

The blonde pauses, taking her time.

Beth Phoenix: I’ve made enough sacrifices in my life … too many. For the last year, I’ve been wrestling in gymnasiums, bingo halls, and even abandoned warehouses … all for the end goal … a contract with the WWE. And now, thanks to Melina, Eric Bischoff is giving me a try out match next week.

Melina smiles, as Beth looks to her, mouthing ‘thank you’.

Beth Phoenix: And once I get my contract … I’m going to do to Mickie James what she done to my poor mother …

Close up.

Beth Phoenix: I’m gonna make her life not worth living.

Beth looks into the camera, as Melina gives her a hug, as the truth is finally revealed. Melina holds up Beths arm, as the music of the former womens champion plays into the arena.

Jim Ross: That was … disturbing.

The Coach: I always knew that Mickie James was hiding something. I could tell, I said it from the start, didn’t I??

Jim Ross: I don’t recall it, Columbo. The fact is, Coach, this isn’t a time for you to sound good. Aren’t you even the slightest bit disturbed over the revelations we’ve just heard??

The Coach: Well … since I was in on it from the start, I’m not shocked. Don’t forget, Melina and I have a connection, she confides everything in me.

Jim Ross: I just don’t understand what this achieves?? What Alexis- sorry, what Mickie James has done in her past shouldn’t affect her now. Sure, it sounds like she was a troubled young woman, but look at her now. She’s turned her life around, she’s made something of her life. Alexis Laree is a shining example that people CAN change-

The Coach: Yeah, you can change your name. But, J.R, Mickie James cant change her past … and the past has come to haunt her.

Jim Ross: Indeed it has. I just don’t see a happy ending in this.

The Coach: I do. It’s Melina winning back the Womens Championship, and Beth Phoenix crippling Mickie James. Triumph and revenge.

Jim Ross: You’re a sick, sick, man, Coachman. You disgust me. Ladies and Gentlemen, we’re going to take a commercial break here … uh, the show of course will go on, and our three remaining ‘Beat The Clock’ challenge matches are on the way.

Commercial Break

Rey Mysterio vs. Santino Marella
In the ring, Rey gets the table he slid in earlier, and sets it upright in the corner, taking his time, knowing Marella isn’t going anywhere quickly … but strangely, a sudden buzz comes over Freedom Hall … and as Mysterio turns around, we find out why … AS HE IS GORED THROUGH THE TABLE!!! IT’S RHYNO~!!!!!
Winner: Santino Marella - Earns WWE Contract @ 02:07
In the ring, Rhyno crouches down by the broken down Mysterio, as we see Layla and Leyla help Marella to his feet on the outside, with the dazed Italian still unaware he’s won the match!!


The Coach: The Man Beast is back, baby boy!!!

Jim Ross: He- he’s been on the sidelines for nearly six months, Coach!! But why return now?? And why did he target Rey Mysterio??

In the ring, Rhyno continues to stand over Mysterio, who is folded up in the rubble of the table, with the returning Man Beast pounding his chest, and posing, as the fans give him a smattering of heat.


We return, backstage, where Kelly Kelly is standing by with Rey Mysterio, as the two watch the footage on a monitor…

Kelly Kelly: Rey, we just saw the shocking return of Rhyno, last week on Raw … and he immediately targeted … you.

Mysterio shakes his head in disappointment.

Kelly Kelly: Rey, do you have any kind of idea why Rhyno would return, and target you??

Rey fixes his mask, and rubs his chin, trying to think of an answer.

Rey Mysterio: Honestly, Kelly?? I don’t know. Before he got injured, Rhyno and I had started to strike up a great friendship. We’d tagged together a bunch o’ times …

Mysterio stops, and shakes his head.

Rey Mysterio: I just don’t get it, Kelly. I thought we were friends, y’know??

Kelly Kelly: Well Rey, Eric Bischoff has banned Rhyno from the arena tonight, which means you can focus on your match with Mister Kennedy in the Beat the Clock challenge. The two of you have a lot of history, but with just four minutes and thirty five seconds, do you think it’s possible you can beat last years King of the Ring tonight, and earn your title opportunity at Vengeance??

Rey Mysterio: It’ll be tough, Kelly, that’s for sure. I mean, Ken and I have had some real tough battles this year. But anything is possible … and if anyone should know that, it’s me.

Rey fixes his mask again, now smiling.

Rey Mysterio: And tonight, I’m intending on making it possible.

Mysterio then walks off, as we cut into the arena…


Mister Kennedy strides onto the stage, all set to take on the master of the 619.

Jim Ross: Well, coming up next, Mister Kennedy looks to grab the opportunity with both hands. Eric Bischoff has it made it clear that it’s his only chance to make an impression … and he’s got only four minutes and thirty seconds to do it … when we come back!!!


We return with Rey already reaching the ring, and stepping inside, climbing the ropes to play to the fans … AS KENNEDY ATTACKS FROM BEHIND!!!

~ TIME TO BEAT; 04:35 ~
Rey Mysterio vs. Mister Kennedy
Kennedy pounds Rey, with the Human Highlight Reel tumbling off the top, crashing onto the canvas, with Kennedy stomping the life out of his opponent, and hammering him with a barrage of punches, wasting no time, and dragging him up … AND SCORES WITH THE MIC CHECK!!! Kennedy scrambles into a cover, with just over thirty seconds on the clock … 1...2...KICK OUT!!!!! Mysterio was just too fresh at this point to finish the job … with Kennedy seething with rage. The 2006 King of the Ring stomps his former rival, with Rey scrambling to the corner, as Kennedy backs up … AND DELIVERS THE FACE WASH KICK IN THE CORNER TO REY!!!

Mysterio is in a bad way, with Kennedy taking it to him from the get go, and wants to go for the jugular, picking Rey up, onto his shoulders … and it’s safe to say what’s on his mind here. Kennedy hoists himself onto the middle turnbuckle, with Rey in the ideal position … FOR THE GREEN BAY PLUNGE … BUT REY SUDDENLY COUNTERS … WITH AN ARM DRAG OFF THE TOP!!! Both men are slow to their feet, with Rey now delivering a succession of kicks, with Kennedy now on the back foot, as Rey gathers up some steam, running off the ropes, and ducks under a clothesline attempts from Kennedy, coming back … AND SPRINGS OFF THE ROPES WITH A SPLASH!!! Rey has a cover, 1...2...NO!!!

Kennedy stumbles to his feet, shaken by the offence of Rey, with Mysterio too quick for him, coming off the ropes - getting caught in a wheelbarrow position … BUT COUNTERING INTO A BULLDOG!!! Mister Kennedy struggles up, with Rey quickly hitting a basement dropkick, sending KENNEDY INTO THE ROPES!!! Rey signals for it, and the fans dial it up … 619 CONNECTS!!! It could backfire badly for Kennedy, as Rey looks to go in for the kill here, SPRINGING OFF THE ROPES AT KENNEDY … BUT KENNEDY COUNTERS … TAKING REY DOWN … AND APPLIES … A CROSSFACE?????

Mister Kennedy has the Crossface applied!!! The fans are in shock, as Kennedy cranks back on Rey, surely surprising him with the manoeuvre that he’s never used before, as the clock shows just over a minute and a half remaining to beat Shawn Michaels earlier time … as Kennedy cranks back some more, with Rey caught in the middle of the ring with nowhere to go … AND IS FORCED TO TAP OUT!!!

Winner: Mister Kennedy @ 03:12

Kennedy literally OBLITERATES the time set by Shawn Michaels, disposing of the Human Highlight Reel in just over three minutes!!! And it’s probably the best three minute match you’re likely to see anywhere.

Jim Ross: Can you believe that, Coach?? He- Mister Kennedy wins … with the Crossface??

The Coach: Just make sure you spell ‘Crossface’ with a ‘K’, baby boy. I told ya this guy was resourceful - I’ve said it for weeks - he’s about to take Raw by storm, and whaddya know??

Jim Ross: Oh, you’re a regular ‘ol talent spotter, Coach. You’re the guy to predict the future, huh??

The Coach: Absolutely, and that man, Mister Kennedy, with the Crossface - spell it with a ‘K’, has just booked himself a title shot at Vengeance.

Jim Ross: Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here, Coach, there’s still two matches left this evening. John Cena meets Santino Marella, and up next, it’s Kurt Angle and William Regal. Can any of those four men get the job done inside three minutes and twelve seconds?? The bar has been set.

In the ring, Kennedy continues to climb the ropes, declaring himself the Number One Contender, despite two matches remaining.

The Coach: I still cant fathom how John Cena not only managed to get the final match, but he got the easiest opponent out there - no disrespect to Santino Marella.

Jim Ross: Be that as it may, he can only beat what’s in front of him. And the same can be said for Kurt Angle, who will need to try and find a way to dispose of William Regal, in just a few moments, but right now, The Wrestling Machine is standing by with Todd Grisham…

Cut to Todd, with an intense Kurt Angle stood next to him…

Todd Grisham: Thank you, J.R, and Kurt, you cant have been happy with what you’ve just seen. Mister Kennedy has set the time to beat - Three Minutes and Twelve Seconds. Surely, that’s a huge task for you, to beat William Regal in such a short time frame??

Angle removes his gum shield, and stares Grisham up and down.

Kurt Angle: Are you freakin serious?? Yeah, William Regal’s tough, he’s durable. Being the veteran he is, he’s got enough experience to survive three minutes with me. But he wont, Todd. I’ve had to wait for a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship for far too long. It should’ve been me facing Christian at Backlash … it should’ve been me facing Christian last week … and it WILL be Kurt Angle, one on one with Christian at Vengeance. As tough as William Regal is … he simply CANT survive three minutes against me … not tonight.

Angle turns to leave … BUT REGAL IS STANDING IN FRONT OF HIM!!! The fans pop in the background, as Angle and Regal stand face to face, with a smirk appearing on the face of the Olympian. Softly, the Brit speaks.

William Regal: It’s all well and good claiming that I cant survive three minutes against you, sunshine. But Mister Angle, perhaps it would be wise to concern yourself with the notion that I’m not thinking about surviving three minutes against you. Survival isn’t my objective … victory is.

Ever the gentleman, Regal nods to Angle, before walking on, setting the stage for the upcoming match up.

Jim Ross: Regal and Angle, folks. It’s next.

Commercial Break

~ TIME TO BEAT; 03:12 ~
Kurt Angle vs. William Regal
It’s hard hitting, and because of the match conditions, it’s fast paced, with Regal having to abandon his regular game plan, of slowly and methodically wearing his opponent down. Angle stiffs it with Regal, going blow for blow, but his momentum works against him, with Regal sending him out of the ring. On the outside, Regal and Angle continue to trade blows, with the Brit running Kurt into the barrier, before sending him back inside. As he looks to follow though, Angle delivers a baseball slide, keeping Regal out … as the count from the referee continues … but Regal breaks it at eight, much to the chagrin of Angle.

Inside, Angle takes over, delivering two successive Belly to Belly suplexes, before making a cover, but Regal kicks out. With that, Angle starts to target the ankle, but doesn’t spend long to weaken it, with time against him, and quickly goes to lock it on … BUT AS HE GOES FOR IT … REGAL CRADLES HIM … 1...2...NO!!! Angle just escapes the fall, and bounces right back up, going for a clothesline, but Regal ducks under, then looks to boot Kurt in the gut, but the boot is caught, spun around … AND ANGLE GOES FOR THE ANGLE SLAM … BUT REGAL LANDS ON HIS FEET … AND HIT’S A NECKBREAKER!!! Cover again, 1...2...NO!!!

Regal is irritating Angle here, getting the better of the Olympian, and sizes up a Butterfly suplex, hitting it quickly, and floating over, 1...2...NO!!! Regal lets out some frustration, as the time ticks down … as only FIFTY NINE seconds remain for either man to beat the time set by Kennedy … with Regal looking to go for broke and hit the KNEE TREMBLER … BUT ANGLE MOVES AWAY … THEN WASTES NO TIME … ANGLE SLAM!!! The Olympian scrambles for a desperate cover, with Kennedys time set to be beaten, 1...2...FOOT ON THE ROPE!!!

Angle gets up, CELEBRATING, believing he won the match, as the referee tries to inform him it’s not over, but before he can relay the information to Angle, REGAL ROLLS HIM UP … 1...2...NO!!! Angle pops up, looking around in shock, looking at the referee, as Regal slowly tries to get up, still feeling the effects of the Angle Slam moments ago. It dawns on Angle that the match ISNT over, and quickly … ANGLE GOES FOR THE ANKLE!!! Regal does his absolute best to avoid the deadliest submission hold in the WWE, kicking with everything he’s got … BUT ANGLE TURNS HIM OVER …. BUT IT’S TOO LATE … TIME IS UP!!!
Winner: Out Of Time @ 03:12

Angle lets go of the ankle, and sinks to the mat, pounding the canvas in frustration, banging his head off the pine, seething that he’s missed out on another opportunity at the World Championship.

Jim Ross: It was always going to be a huge task, Coach. Kurt Angle was always up against it with the time set by Mister Kennedy.

The Coach: Had that stupid official been able to do his job, and correctly inform Angle that Regal got his foot on the rope after the Angle Slam, he would’ve applied that Ankle Lock much sooner, and we could be looking at the number one contender.

On the outside now, Angle kicks over the steel steps, venting his frustration at the clock beating him on this occasion.

Jim Ross: But the fact of the matter Coach, is he isn’t. He didn’t get the job done in time, and as a result, Mister Kennedy is one match away from becoming the Number One Contender at Vengeance.

The Coach: And I couldn’t be happier, Jimbo. But not under these circumstances. Why cant we have two number one contenders??

Jim Ross: That would defeat the purpose, Coach. In that case, why don’t we have a dozen??

The Coach: Oh, you’d like that, wouldn’t ya?? Then, you could have all your favourites fighting it out for the big gold belt. Those rotten cheats Straight Edge, John Cena, Rey Mysterio, William Regal, Matt Hardy-

Jim Ross: Okay, you made your point, Coach. Folks, we have one more match to come. John Cena takes on Santino Marella momentarily. If John Cena or Santino Marella for that matter, beat the clock, and win the contest inside three minutes and twelve seconds, they will move on and challenge Christian next month in my home state of Oklahoma at Vengeance.


Jim Ross: Damn right, June 17, the first ever WWE Pay Per View from Oklahoma City, and what a night it’s gonna be.

The Coach: I’d like to apologise in advance to the rest of the planet. What sort of message is that gonna send to the rest of world?? Pay Per View … in Oklahoma?? Do they even know what Pay Per View is in Oklahoma??

Jim Ross: You don’t have to be there, Coach. Jerry Lawler can take your seat and show ya a few things.

The Coach: Like what?? His best lines?? He’d fit in well in Oklahoma, granted. That place still thinks it’s 1985 too.

Jim Ross: Urgh. That’s to come next month, folks. WWE Vengeance. But this Sunday, our esteemed colleagues over on Smackdown will present WWE Judgment Day, and Coach, it’s a heck of a line up.

The Coach: Yeah. I’m impressed. It’s not quite as good as what Raw can put together; for one, Tazz don’t compare to The Coach - but, hey, it’s pretty darn close. I’ll be ordering, that’s for sure.

We see a furious Kurt Angle leave through the curtain, shaking his head, furious that he missed out on the title shot at Vengeance, whilst William Regal follows closely behind, holding his neck, and stumbling a little, selling the effects of the hard hitting affair.

Then, the screen shows...

Jim Ross: And Coach, this Friday, over in London, it’s a huge day for our fans across the water … because first thing in the morning … tickets for Summerslam are up for grabs.

The Coach: Oh man, Summerslam at Wembley?? Now you’re talking baby boy.

Jim Ross: Those tickets are on sale, this Friday.


The fans suddenly rise to their feet, as for the first time this evening, the World Heavyweight Champion, Christian, graces us with his presence.

Jim Ross: Tonight, twelve men have been vying to earn a shot at that man right there; Captain Charisma. At Vengeance he defends that championship against either the man in control right now, Mister Kennedy, or we will see a WrestleMania Rematch … or indeed, could Santino Marella shock the world in his first official match as a contracted superstar?? We’ll soon find out, but when we return, we will hear from the World Heavyweight Champion.

Commercial Break

We return, with Christian in the ring, as the music has now died down, with the fans settled.

Christian: Is it just me, or have I been through the wars lately??

Christian smirks, as the fans give him a nice reaction.

Christian: Hell in a Cell at Backlash, and a Ladder Match last week … and that’s just the first two title defences!! I mean, what’s next?? Any ideas??

Smiling, the champion looks around for suggestions.

Christian: But y’know, as dangerous as those matches are … as much as they’ve taken outta me … I’ve welcomed the challenges- I‘ve thrived on them. Ever since I became the World Heavyweight Champion for the second time at WrestleMania, I wanted the biggest challenges, I wanted to prove to the world that I’ve earned this championship. I wanted to be a fighting champ. So … so far, so good, huh??

Minute cheers from the fans.

Christian: And right now, I’d like to take the opportunity, as unpopular as it might be to tell Shelton Benjamin … credit where it’s due, that was a heck of a job last week.

The fans doesn’t like it, as Christian acknowledges the negative reaction. He holds his hands up innocently, before speaking again.

Christian: I know it’s not popular to say it, but the fact is, he came damn close to leaving Raw last week as a double champion.

Pause. Christian smirks.

Christian: But Shelton … close doesn’t cut it. You gave yourself a great showing, but better luck next time.


Christian: So … that’s Triple H down … Shelton Benjamin down … I guess all I have to say is … who’s next??

Another small pop.

Christian: I know the ‘Beat The Clock Challenge’ has been running all night to determine the next number one contender … but forget that. Who does my Peeps in Boston want me to face next??

Cheap pop, before a resounding call of ‘CENA’ comes from the fans, backing their home town boy. Christian nods, as if he was expecting it.

Christian: Just as I thought. I know that’s what he wants … and if I’m being honest?? I want that rematch too.

Pop again from the fans, as a small ‘CENA’ chant begins to develop … but suddenly…

Christian: And if it doesn’t happen at Vengeance?? I’d bet my championship that that crazy S.O.B will make it happen eventually. And if it isn’t Cena at Vengeance … if it’s Kennedy … or Santino … Marella??

Christian has a puzzled look on his face as he says Marellas name, getting a few chuckles from the fans.

Christian: Whoever that next challenger is … I’m rea-


Uh oh. The fans, and Christian are cut off by the music of the undefeated, 350 pound savage … and of course, MISTER MONEY IN THE BANK, Umaga, with Armando Estrada leading out the Samoan Bulldozer. In the ring, Christian looks around, expecting the worst, as he prepares himself, with the possibility of a cash in arising??


Jim Ross: COULD THIS BE IT, COACH??? COULD THIS BE THE MOMENT?? Has Umaga decided to cash in the briefcase, here tonight??

The Coach: Christian never expected this!!! Look at him!!! He needs fresh underwear!!!

Jim Ross: He said he welcomes any challenge … but one week after a gruelling Ladder Match … surely he doesn’t want THIS??

Estrada and Umaga enter the ring, with Christian readying himself for an attack, looking at both men, setting himself, ready to fight. Estrada innocently holds his hands up, and holds the briefcase up, simply shaking his head as if to say ‘not tonight’. Armando takes a mic from his pocket, as the music dies off.

Armando Estrada:Todos, escuchenme, everybody listen, HA HA … to me … ju people already know my name … (looks at Christian) but ju?? I don’t think we’ve had the … comos se dice … pleasure … ha ha … so, el mono, MY NAME ES …

Christian beats him to it.


The fans cheer at Christians imitation, as Umaga steps forward, but Estrada puts his arm in front of the Samoan Bulldozer, stopping him from attacking. Armando looks at Christian, with his cheesy grin, before speaking.

Armando Estrada: Ha ha, so, ju do know me?? Then, mi amigo, you will know dis man??

Estrada points at Umaga, with the savage standing still, staring a hole through Christian, breathing heavy. The champion nods, taking a good long look at the carnivore across from him.

Armando Estrada: Then pero, ju will be well aware, ha ha, that Umaga has this-

Estrada holds up the Money in the Bank briefcase.

Armando Estrada:And ju will know that he can use it … anytime … anyplace … anywhere.

Smugly, Estrada smiles again.

Armando Estrada: This man- ah- this monster he doesn’t need to win any ‘Beat the Clock challenges’ … he doesn’t need to wait his turn mi amigo. Umaga could take that title from you (clicks his fingers) JUST LIKE THAT, HA HA!!!

Heat from the fans, with Christian standing his ground.

Armando Estrada: But don’t worry- at least not yet. The Samoan Bulldozer … he’s giving ju a little more time.

Christian raises his eyebrows.

Christian: He’s … giving me … time??

Estrada nods.

Armando Estrada: Exactly. Hombre, Umaga has other things on his mind right now, so ju can rest easy, jes?? Tonight, we just wanted to … uh … como se dice … remind ju, ha ha. We just wanted to make sure you aren’t forgetting us. We just wanted to give ju a friendly reminder … that when the time is right … THEEE SAAAAA-MO-AN BULLDOZERRR- WILL - be taking that title from around your shoulder, mi amigo.

Heat. Christian nods a little, then scratches the side of his head, as he responds.

Christian: Well, that’s all well and good Armando … good luck with that … but since we’re offering some … friendly reminders?? I want to remind you, and Umaga here … he’s not taking anything from me.

Massive pop for the champion. Still smiling, Estrada simply shakes his head.

Armando Estrada: With all due … respect, ha ha … dis MONSTER?? Is … UN-DE-FEATED … I SAID- UN-DE-FEATED!!! Whatever he wants?? He takes. And when the time is right, pero?? Whether you like it or not, hombre … you don’t have a choice- he WILL take the WORLD … HEAVYWEIGHT … TITLE!!!

The fans show their displeasure, as Christian shakes his head.

Christian: Maybe you didn’t understand me, Tony Montana, but I said that big sack o’ crap ISNT TAKING ANYTHING FROM ME!!!

Massive cheers from the fans, as Christian shows some stupidity courage, and stands right in front of Umaga, with Estrada making sure his savage doesn’t respond. Christian makes his point, and turns his attention back to Estrada, with Armando standing in front of Umaga.

Armando Estrada: Ju DON’T want to do this, pero. If I release him … there’s no stopping him.

Christian shows no signs of backing up, with Estrada staying between the two.

Christian: Well that’s too bad. Because nobody - and I mean NOBODY - intimidates me on my show.

Armando turns, trying to calm his savage, who simply stares a hole through Christian, breathing heavily, frantically trying to keep him calm.

Armando Estrada:UMAGA!!! UMAGA!!!

The savage looks down at his handler, with Estrada pointing out of the ring. For a moment, Umaga stands still, staring back at Christian again, as the fans come alive, wanting to see the two men go at it … but boos descend the TD Banknorth arena … as Umaga turns … and exit’s the ring.

As Umaga exits, Estrada turns to Christian again.

Armando Estrada: Ju can count jure’self lucky, Christian. But let me remind ju again … anytime … anyplace … a-

Christian: I’ll be ready.

Huge pop from the fans, as Christian cuts off Estrada. Looking infuriated by the stubborn Champion, Estrada shakes his head, and leaves the ring.

The fans cheer, and start a ‘CHRISTIAN’ chant, getting behind the World Champion, standing his ground against Mister Money in the Bank. As he departs up the ramp though, Estrada turns back, and has a final word for Christian…

Armando Estrada:HEY … EL MONO!!!

Christian turns his attention to Estrada again, who stands on the ramp.

Armando Estrada: Ju better be ready, hombre. Because next time … there WONT be a friendly reminder. Umaga decides how long you keep that title, don’t forget it, mi amigo. When we decide it’s time … it’s time. And ju can bank on that.

Estrada, with a sour look on his face, turns and leaves, pointing for Umaga to leave too, as Christian simply nods in the ring, accepting the warning.

Commercial Break

Backstage, we see X-PAC packing up his stuff in his bag, preparing to depart … but stops, as someone stands beside him … and the camera pans to show … TYSON TOMKO.

There is an awkward silence for a moment, as the two simply stare at one another, until Tomko finally speaks.

Tyson Tomko: Think it’s time we talked.

X-Pac smiles, and gives the big man a slap on the chest.

X-Pac: That’s more like it, big guy. That’s what I wanted to hear.

Tomko pushes the hand off though.

Tyson Tomko: But I aint gonna be nobodies puppet.

X-Pac holds his hands up.

X-Pac: You got my word, big man. Straight down the middle. Fifty-fifty. We can run this show, bro. Trust me.

Tomko matter of factly responds.

Tyson Tomko: That’s the problem … I don’t.

Nodding, X-Pac accepts the comment, and picks up his bag.

X-Pac: I’ll win ya over, big guy.

The veteran pats the chest of Tomko again, as the two exit the locker room…

Into the arena…

Jim Ross: We’re all set for the final match in the Beat The Clock Challenge, and joining The Coach and myself, is the man they are all dying to meet in thirty four days … Captain Charisma himself, Christian.

Christian: Great to be here, J.R.

The Coach: Great to have ya out here, Champ. Isn’t it great to have him here, J.R??

Jim Ross: (Thrown off by Coaches enthusiasm for Christian) Uh … indeed it is. Christian, moments ago, you were confronted by Mister Money in the Bank, The Samoan Bulldozer, Umaga. With that threat looming over you at any moment … have you got any comment to make about that meeting??

Christian: I said all I had to say. I’m not hard to find, and I don’t run from any challenge.

The Coach: That’s a true champ, J.R.


The TD Banknorth EXPLODES for the arrival of John Cena. The hometown boy races onto the stage, pumped up, ready and loaded, with the opportunity of a title shot at Christian at Vengeance.

Jim Ross: MY GAWD - YOU CAN FEEL THE ENERGY - YOU CAN FEEL THE EXCITEMENT - JOHN CENA … IS HOME!!! Massachusetts has welcomed home it’s favourite son, and tonight, John Cena has just over one hundred and eighty seconds to book the match he so desperately wants … John Cena has just three minutes and twelve seconds to set up the WrestleMania Rematch that consumes him!!! A date with the World Heavyweight Champion is at stake here, and at ringside to join us, is the man they’re all dying to get a piece of … Captain Charisma, Christian!!!

Christian: J.R, these people love this guy. And I know all too well, John Cena feeds off the support of the fans. With his home state on his side, tonight, Cena could well book his shot at yours truly on June 17.

The Coach: And what a contest it would be Champ!!

Christian: Since when did you kiss my ass, Coach??

The Coach: I’ve always been a fan of yours, baby boy. I’ve been biggin you up for the longest time!!

Christian: Well … could ya stop?? It’s making me nauseas.

Coach huffs.

Jim Ross: My Gawd, folks, I think we just had ourselves a first, The Coach is speechless.

The Coach: I’m not speechless, J.R. I just refuse to work with amateurs.

Christian: Is that because they show you up, Coach??

The Coach: Who invited you to sit at ringside??

Christian laughs, as does J.R.

Jim Ross: Regardless of whether Coach is silent or not, in any event, when we come back … John Cena takes on Santino Marella. He has just three minutes and twelve seconds to earn the WrestleMania Rematch against Christian - if he fails, Mister Kennedy is headed to Vengeance. Join us, when we return!!!

Commercial Break

We return with Cena in the ring, patiently waiting…



Uh?? The music of the current leader, Mister Kennedy, plays into the arena … as Mister Kennedy (??) enters the arena … followed by a limping (overly dramatic limp at that) Santino Marella, flanked by the two Leylas.

Mister Kennedy: John, John, John.

Kennedy chews cockily on his gum, looking around the arena.

Mister Kennedy: You all set for a triumphant homecoming?? Seems like it. You look pumped up … these people look HYPED!!!

Cheap pop from some sections.

Mister Kennedy: So … it pains me John … honestly. It pains me to be the bearer … of bad news.


Mister Kennedy: Y’see … your scheduled opponent tonight?? Santino?? He unfortunately pulled a hamstring during his … strenuous warm-up.

Hints of a ‘BULLSHIT’ chant.

Mister Kennedy: And he’s been advised NOT to compete tonight.

Heat. In the ring, Cena stretches his arms out, wondering what that means for him.

Mister Kennedy: But- have no fear people … you’ll still get to see your beloved hero in action. Because Santino Marella has been allowed to name a substitute in his place.

Chewing his gum, Kennedy grins, looking around the arena.

Mister Kennedy: And in his infinite wisdom, Mister Marella has chosen none other thannnnn … … THE MONDAY NIGHT JUGGERNAUGHT … MISTERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR KEN-NED-DAYYYYYYYY!!!!

Massive heat, whilst Cena shakes his head in the ring, smelling bullshit himself. On the stage, Kennedy waits for silence - or as much as he can get - before…

Mister Kennedy: KEN-NED-DAY!!!

Kennedy chucks the mic down, before licking his lips, charging down the aisle for this rescheduled main event.

Jim Ross: Well this- this is- something is off here. How can that man, Mister Kennedy be named as the replacement for Santino Marella??

The Coach: Well why not?? Santino Marella wants the very best chance to meet this man sitting next to us at Vengeance, and he’s picked the ideal guy.

Jim Ross: Oh come on, Coach. Don’t you see the flaw in that rationale?? Kennedy already has the lead- he’ll just want to run out the clock here!!! This is a God damn set up.

The Coach: That’s what I’ve been saying all night long. Maybe now you’ll listen to me, huh??

The bleach blonde superstar hops onto the apron, as the referee holds Cena back, with Kennedy taking his time to get in the ring.

Jim Ross: This is an absolute joke. How can Eric Bischoff allow this to happen??

The Coach: Stop your whining, old timer. This is what Cena gets for trying to set this whole thing up to suit himself.


The Coach: Give the man time, J.R, he’s took this match on short notice. Cut the guy some slack, will ya??

Kennedy finally gets inside the ring, and the bell rings.

~ TIME TO BEAT; 03:12 ~
John Cena vs. Mister Kennedy {Replacing Santino Marella}
Cena, knowing time isn’t on his side, instantly runs toward Kennedy … but Kennedy ducks between the ropes!!! The fans are all over Kennedy, as Cena is hauled away by the official. Kennedy slowly moves from the ropes, as Cena comes at him again … AND AGAIN KENNEDY DUCKS BETWEEN THE ROPES!!! Once more, Cena is escorted away to give Kennedy space … and as Kennedy turns to the fans to laugh … CENA SNAPS AND DRAGS HIM INTO THE RING, KNOCKING HIM DOWN WITH A BIG RIGHT HAND!!!

Kennedy sprawls, and looks to go for the ropes again, but Cena drags him back … AND ATTEMPTS THE STFU!!! Kennedy though, scrambles away, clutching the ropes, further infuriating Cena. The 2006 King of the Ring rolls under the bottom rope, and takes a walk, killing more time … BUT CENA ISNT WAITING!!! The home state hero rolls out of the ring too, AND ATTACKS KENNEDY FROM BEHIND!!! Kennedy stumbles into the announce table, with Cena slamming his head off it, before gaining eye contact with Christian, as the two men briefly share a glance at one another. Cena then comes after Kennedy again, slamming his head off the steps, but Kennedy rolling back into the ring … then as Cena rolls in … Kennedy kicks him … AND ROLLS OUT TO SAFETY AGAIN!!!

He’s already killed NINETY SECONDS, but the desperation to simply kill time is causing Kennedy all kinds of problems, having to stay on the back foot at all times … but as he focuses on Cena from the outside … CHRISTIAN GRABS HIM FROM BEHIND … AND CHUCKS HIM INTO THE RING!!! The fans BOOM for the interjection of the champion, as Kennedy gets up, and glares to the outside at Christian, furious with the interference … and turns around … INTO CENA … AND SCOOPED UP … FU!!! Cena makes the cover, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

Head in his hands, Cena cant believe it!!! Kennedy kicked out of the FU, AND THERE IS SIXTY SECONDS LEFT ON THE CLOCK!!! Cena, in a frantic state … drags Kennedy to the centre of the ring, and turns him over … looking for the STFU … BUT STOPS … AS HE SEES KURT ANGLE BOLTING DOWN THE AISLE!!!!! Cena gets up … and as soon as Angle hops onto the apron … BAM- A BIG RIGHT HAND SENDS HIM REELING OFF!!! Cena stares down at Angle, making sure he stays down … but hasn’t expected KENNEDY TO BE BACK UP!!! Kennedy, spaghetti legged, lies in wait … AND THEN GOES FOR THE MIC CHECK … BUT CENA COUNTERS … TRIPS KENNEDY … STFU!!!

THE TD BANKNORTH IS ON IT’S FEET - KENNEDY IS CAUGHT IN THE STFU … DEAD CENTRE … WITH TWENTY SECONDS REMAINING!!! Can he hold on????? Cena yanks back, contorting the body of Kennedy in all kinds of ways, with J.R in cardiac mode, questioning “HOW MUCH DOES KENNEDY REALLY WANT IT????” … and the 2006 King of the Ring desperately holds on … and REFUSES TO GIVE IN!!! Ten seconds remain, as Kennedy defiantly refuses to tap … as Cena pulls back one final time … with the fans BEGGING for Kennedy to submit … BUT HE DOESN’T … AS THE BELL RINGS … TIME IS UP!!!
Winner: Out Of Time @ 03:12

KENNEDY IS GOING TO VENGEANCE!!! Cena releases the hold, and rolls onto the back, as boos descend over the arena, with Mister Kennedy playing buzz kill, and costing John Cena his much coveted ‘WrestleMania Rematch’.


The Coach: I SAID HE’D DO IT, J.R!!! Mister Kennedy … the glass ceiling awaits … go break it, kid!!!

Jim Ross: For Kennedy, it’s a first EVER opportunity at the World Heavyweight Championship in just under five weeks time at Vengeance … but for John Cena, it’s another heartbreaking moment. For months he’s been hell bent on meeting Christian in a WrestleMania Rematch … but once again, he’s been denied.

Christian: He was unlucky tonight, J.R … I don’t doubt for a second he’ll get back there though. If John Cena wants it badly enough … he’ll earn the shot eventually.

In the ring, we see the distraught Cena shaking his head … before spotting Kurt Angle who is backing up the aisle … SMILING. Enraged, Cena gets up, mouths something at Angle, before exiting the ring, and giving chase to the Wrestling Machine, who quite possibly cost him victory tonight.

In the ring, Kennedy soaks up the heat, and tries to loosen up his neck, selling the effects of the STFU, raising his hands, having ‘beaten the clock’ to earn the title shot he believes he so richly deserves. On commentary, having quickly discussed the run in from Kurt Angle, J.R now focuses solely on the Vengeance main event…

Jim Ross: Well now, for you Christian, it’s Mister Kennedy. June 17. The Ford Centre in Oklahoma. WWE Vengeance. There’s your number one contender!!!

Christian: And I welcome the challenge. It’s time for Mister Kennedy to start swimming with the sharks. Time for that guy to step it up. He’s earned the opportunity, but that’s only half the battle. He needs to find a way to take this from me.

The show closes, with Christian taking off his headset, standing up, and raising the title belt aloft, as Kennedy hangs over the top rope, pointing at the champion, and signalling that the belt will be around his waist come Vengeance.



Current Card for WWE Vengeance:

Date: 17th June 2007
Location: Ford Centre, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Event Music: The Killers, Move Away

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Christian vs. Mister Kennedy


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Re: Being The Booker

Hi, how you put together shows this long and detailed is beyond me, such dedication. Anyway, Kennedy seems like a good number one contender and this thing with Umaga looks interesting too, you Estrada promos are funny btw :P

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Re: Being The Booker

Raw Feedback

Before I start, thanks for coming back, this section needs you. <3

Now, I’ve been a bit out of the loop as I said when I commented earlier, so if I’m behind on any key aspects, which I don’t think I am, just let me know. Opening the show with one of the Beat the Clock matches? Cool. I must say I love what you’re doing in this thread with Benjamin, and even the rejuvenation of Hardy has been nice. I liked how you had both guys be pretty frantic early on, and well pretty much throughout the whole contest, as it is what you’d expect with the stipulation on this match. Hardy looks like a million bucks here, getting the victory, yet I feel as if Shelton lost a whole bunch of momentum here, seeing as though I feel he has a higher standing in this thread than Hardy. Knowing you, there’s a reason for it, and Benji will probably do well in the King of the Ring tournament, but I’m calling it as I see it, and for now, it seems as though this may not have been the best option. Great match, though, you clearly haven’t lost a beat with your writing.

A really interesting meeting here between Bischoff and Estrada. Ever since McMahon has left, I’ve really loved the attitude of Bischoff, and I like the fact that he is not afraid to lay down the law. Estrada was pretty spot on here to, although I’ve come to expect that of you, and I think this is a clever little stipulation Bischoff has created, to save Umaga/HBK for Summerslam.

Michaels was always going to beat Tomko, and he was always going to get the new best time, as four minutes is a fairly good time, although I think he’ll get beaten.

I’m actually going to take interest in Superstars this week, considering on the KOTR tournament kicking off.

You’re a genius. This reality check thing you’ve got The Miz doing is absolutely brilliant, and whilst he probably won’t get in the ring for awhile, I’m really amped up to see just what else he reveals. The situation between Smith and Katie is quite interesting, hiding their relationship from Paul and all that, and I honestly think this is just genius. Great work, as now everybody is going to be wondering when Paul will find out, which will make these three superstars much more exciting.

I don’t like X Pac being resigned just to do nothing in the mid card, so I would have liked him to get the win, and at least look kind of strong. Smith on the other hand, probably could have used the win to try and build some momentum, so I’m kind of sitting on the fence, with me feeling both men needed the win, and I would have preferred one of them to get it, rather than both of them not looking to flash.

You’re really hyping the shit out of this KOTR. Good, man.

The commentary was good at hyping the tournament also. at the reference to the imitation Ramon and Diesel. You just have to love The Coach in this thread.

at Coach again, having a crack at the Straightedge lifestyle. More great stuff.

Another good tag team match between Straightedge and MNM, although I have a feeling this will not be the last match between the teams. I liked how Punk beat Nitro at MNM’s own game here, and it will be interesting to see just what excuse MNM will use to get another title shot again.

Melina’s microphone was pretty good here, discussing how she felt when she lost the title, and how she looked around for something to hold against Mickie James (I’m calling her that from now on). So, this is how Phoenix has been brought into this thread? Well, it’s a little weird, but I’m interested to see if she stays as Melina’s lackey, or branches out on her own. Honestly, Phoenix was awesome on the microphone, I really loved her story about the mental home and all that. It is a different, and very entertaining storyline, and I honestly can’t wait to hear from Mickie. This has honestly just become close to the most entertaining thing in this whole thread.

Mysterio’s interview was short, which was good, as it was rather generic, and I just hope Rhyno destroys him sometime soon.

A huge in for Kennedy. Despite the attack, after all the times Mysterio got one up over Kennedy in this thread, this pure domination makes me forget about all of that. You’ve really made Kennedy look tough here, and his time of three minutes and twelve seconds is going to be hard to beat, although I have a bad feeling Cena might. Anyway, I felt this was great booking to get Kennedy to look strong anyway.

Angle was intense, just the way I like him, and Regal was pretty good to, although I personally would have preferred Angle to have one last intense last say. Anyway, their match should be a good read.

The match up was probably my favourite of the night so far, simply because I know just how terrific these two guys can be. The match itself was rather hard hitting, and Regal looked pretty impressive, which he has for awhile in this thread now, and Angle still looks like a machine that just misses out. Anyway, was a very good read, and I guess this will be the way to keep Angle away from the title that will become his for a little longer.

Summerslam! A fourth Summerslam in this thread would be enormous...

Christian was alright on the microphone, although if I’m honest, he was a tad boring, but I guess you had to get him on the show, and there’s not really much else you can do right now. Anyway, it was a good enough promo from Christian, but I was very glad when the interruption came. Seriously, Estrada raised the standard of this promo tremendously, and I loved the back and forth bickering he and Christian had. Scarface is my favourite movie of all time, so I marked for the Montana reference to. I think this was a clever segment, as the briefcase hadn’t really been a big issue until now, but now it’s stuck in the back of all our heads. Terrific work.

Tomko and X Pac together? I guess at least they’ll both be used this way, but I can’t see them winning a match, or being interesting. I’m hoping time will change my mind on things.

Mr. Kennedy taking Marella’s place? Screw job. Awesome though.

The main event was written extremely well, with Kennedy cleverly killing time. I could imagine the riot this would have caused from Cena’s fans, it was simply great stuff. At the end of the day, this furthered the feud between Cena and Angle, as well as set up Kennedy/Christian for Vengeance.

On a side note, props for getting Christian/Kennedy started with over a month until the PPV, you’ve really allowed to give Kennedy that push into the main event scene, even if he doesn’t take the title, so good work.

Overall, despite the Beat the Clock challenge covering it up tonight, I’m not sure you’ve got much of a mid card to work with, atm. Anyway, besides this, everything seemed to serve its purpose on the show, and it’s clear you haven’t missed a beat. As I said earlier, I’m really, really happy to have you back, and this show has just begun to wet my appetite for this thread. Keep up the terrific work, Wolfy.

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Re: Being The Booker

RAW Feedback

About time. I’ve been waiting for this.

Starting off with a video about the major happening of this week in the Beat the Clock Challenge and getting right into the show is a good way to start us off. This is the gimmick that the show will of course be based around, so good to set the tone from the beginning.

Benjamin vs. Hardy? That’s a heck of a match to kick the show off with. Nice to see the King of the Ring getting a good plug here too. Good action to start the show here with some good use of Henry and Long throughout to add an extra dimension to the match, especially with the near count out which I thought was clever. Honestly, I’m surprised to see Hardy beat Benjamin, as Benjamin has been on a hell of a roll of late, and a loss to Hardy caught me off guard. Admittedly Hardy has looked in line for a good push too, and having them work together in a feud for now over the Intercontinental Title could be good.

Although Bischoff and Estrada were both written well throughout this segment and there were a few nice lines (the “playtimes over” line from Bischoff I especially liked), I’m not so sure about the booking behind this. The idea of a match between Michaels and Umaga coming up? That’s good. But the way this feud has been going, it has just been begging for Michaels to stand up and say that enough is enough and that he wants to fight Umaga in the ring, with the two then engaging in a huge brawl. For Bischoff to instead come out and say that he’s stopping Umaga from attacking Michaels and that he’s saying they’ll have a match coming up soon, to me, it makes Shawn Michaels look way too weak when I think about how the feud has gone.

Well, with no Umaga allowed to interfere and Tomko on a disappointing slide from the guy who went at it with Christian in a mini-feud before WrestleMania to basically jobbing, this result was pretty much a lock. At least Tomko got some offense in, and with the X-Pac storyline with him going, he should be sticking around, even if in a somewhat jobber pairing. I’m fairly confident Michaels won’t win this thing either and that Kennedy will, but you’ve set a quick time to beat with four and a half minutes too, which is interesting.

Superstars looks pretty good with two nice matches to start the King of the Ring, even if the results look fairly obvious.

Even if not great in the ring, The Miz is someone with some pretty great charisma, so this is a positive move to get him involved in here imo. Starting him off in that reality type of gimmick like they did irl isn’t too bad either, as it sets up a future more arrogant character based on his Hollywood fame, especially playing off the reality TV stuff, with the good line in there of a “reality check”. Smith and Katie Lea? A bit surprised by that, although it makes sense as even if The British Lions owns as a team name, the team never looked to have real legs. I would have liked to have maybe seen some sort of feud for Burchill that involved a heel making a move on Katie Lea to show how protective Paul is of his sister and give this storyline a little more context, but it should show the aggression of Burchill well, and giving The Miz an introduction is good to see too. Should also say, I thought this whole segment was written really well, with all of the characters pretty much spot on.

Neither man was ever going to get the score required here, but I have to say that I thought this was a well written match in that it played into the gimmick really well. Good to see you putting in a good showing in terms of the match writing and keeping the psychology going on throughout the show. Then again, I suppose I shouldn’t expect anything less from you.

Matt Hardy’s feud with Shelton Benjamin has probably provided evidence to say he isn’t winning the King of the Ring, but I’m sticking with my pick anyway.

The King of the Ring draw was mighty convenient, wasn’t it? Honestly, since you’ve been gone I’ve missed reading the way Coach talks on your shows. Something that I love reading throughout, as he always brings the entertainment.

As I’ve said before, really not at all sure on this match happening again. As a match, it worked fine with thw two teams knowing each other well, thus being able to counter each other, but I hope this is where the feud ends with Straight Edge now beating MNM at their own game and not getting a rematch for Vengeance because Straight Edge cheated, because as much as I liked the match at Backlash, I feel like this feud had ran its course by then, and it’s now just coming off its last legs.

In contrast with her associates, Melina’s storyline with Alexis is one I have been really enjoying, and has actually been a highlight of RAW for me, which is odd considering it’s the women’s division, and they usually get throwaway feuds both in BTB and irl. I guess that’s a testament into some of the effort this storyline has got, building up for a good few months. The early parts of the promo were good with Melina being unhappy at being cast into the shadows and going for dirt. Alexis not existing? I had a feeling you’d go down the path of having her be called Mickie James by the way you had Melina talking about her as Alexis. I should say, it was well built up that she just appeared out of thin air too. Beth Phoenix being behind the revelations is no surprise either, because I couldn’t see it being anyone else called Beth, and Phoenix stepping right up into the Women’s Title scene is certainly a good thing. Interesting storyline here, as I thought you would have had Mickie doing something like maybe injuring Beth herself, rather than Beth’s mother as a psychopath. Initially, my feelings are mixed, because while I like that it’s something different, it’s something new, and I’m not so sure how well it is going to transition into a wrestling storyline. I also would have liked to have seen a few hints at crazy Mickie at times, although I don’t think we ever saw them. Or maybe because I’m still a fairly recent reader I haven’t seen or noticed them. The promo itself was written fine, with some good emotion from Phoenix in that she had to quit what she wanted to do because of Mickie, and that Mickie was living her dream. The eeriness of her leaving the home to get her revenge on Mickie and saying it’ll be worth it, and that her family will think it too was great, with the ending following on perfectly (small sidenote: should have been did at the end, not done). Phoenix will no doubt win next week and look dominant in doing so, but it’ll be interesting to see how you go about the feud between Phoenix and Mickie from here, and how closely Melina stays involved. Very interesting in this feud, and I’m glad to see it’s looking to be taking a course worthy of the buildup, even if I was a little surprised by it at first.

Small promo from Mysterio, but it got the job done in selling the odd nature of the Rhyno attack and building that storyline up, along with the Beat the Clock Challenge, which of course it’s all about tonight.

Kennedy attacking Mysterio before the match and getting a quick win over him? I love it, as now Kennedy looks set to take up the place you’ve been grooming him for in the main event, even if he has no chance of taking the title from Christian, and it really shows him literally taking the ball himself, which you’ve been building up well. The crossface finish is a nice addition to Kennedy’s vicious character too, and the comments from Coach about spelling it with a “K” were gold. Do it please.

Nice intensity in the promo from Angle, really showing what he’s all about. Have to say, I like that he said he should have been the one getting the shot at Christian at Backlash, because I remember the situation being that he would have. Regal standing up to Angle is interesting, giving him some time to get some talking in. It could also be a possible hint at an Angle/Regal match at Vengeance which I would love since it would own, but I would think that Cena and Angle simply has to continue, and that this is just a small bit of hype for their match for this show.

Have to say, while it was an enjoyable short little sprint, it’s a crime that these two only got three minutes to strut their stuff. Rematch to come in the coming weeks please, because Regal deserves to take Angle along with him on a technical classic.

@ Coach’s speech about J.R. and his favourites. Awesome.

SummerSlam poster is extremely sexy, so props to whoever made it (I’m going to guess TKOW). I find it interesting that The Undertaker is on there, pretty much confirming he will be either returning to the thread by that point, or he’ll be returning at the event itself. Either way, while he’s obviously in his senior years, I think he’ll be able to add to what is a pretty shallow SmackDown! roster.

I was wondering what we would be seeing of Christian on this show with the challenge, and an in-ring promo certainly isn’t a bad thing. Okay start to the promo from Christian here, talking about his reign fine. I have to say, I liked that you made a point to put over Shelton Benjamin, making him look as good as possible, even if it wasn’t necessary in this promo. It’s just a small thing, but it’s something that I love, as it puts Benjamin over so well. A hint at a rematch with Cena is good to see too … before Umaga interrupts? Mr. Money in the Bank interrupting the champ? Interesting to say the least. Estrada was on from the beginning, talking Mags up really well, as you would expect, along with playing with Christian pretty well and being the calm voice of reason for the big guy. The interplay between Christian and Estrada was pretty good too, with Christian showing his spirit by not backing down, and the little digs like calling Estrada Tony Montana, which worked pretty well for him. The ending of the promo was good too, with Christian giving his whole fighting champion shtick a real good go, while I liked the ending from Estrada, who you write very well, with the no more friendly reminders. Not so sure if this segment really meant anything at all and if there’s a cash in imminent, or if you were just trying to get these two guys on the show here, but the segment was written well whatever the reason.

As I’ve said, not too sure on this X-Pac/Tomko stuff, but we’ll see where it leads. The writing for this segment itself was fine.

@ the stuff between Coach and Christian on commentary. Twas pretty awesome. Kennedy coming out instead of (well, with) Marella? Interesting. Kennedy substituting himself into the match for Marella is certainly interesting, and adds another dynamic to the match, because obviously Kennedy just wants to run the clock out, as you played up at the beginning of the match well. Much like the other matches, this was certainly exciting, with Cena’s desperation shown well, Christian getting involved being well done, and Angle getting involved with Cena, which I was waiting for after strangely no mention of their heat throughout the show. The finish with Kennedy just surviving and getting the match is a good finish to the show, and shows how much he wants the title. I’m far from a Kennedy fan, but I’m very happy with his current position, as I think that his push that you’ve given him required this match at Vengeance. It should be a chance to further cement his elevation, even if he doesn’t look to have much of a chance of winning when you’ve still got the big Cena/Christian rematch to come, probably at SummerSlam. A good way to finish a good show.

After reading the show, my first thoughts are of how good it is to have this back. Realy, an entertaining show throughout, with the writing being at its usual high standard. There were a few decisions I was a little unhappy with (mainly the Michaels/Mags stuff), but the women’s stuff, Kennedy getting the title shot and a few exciting matches more than make up for that. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what you put forth on the go home show for Judgment Day on SmackDown! now, before RAW gets headed right towards Vengeance, and we move on full force as we go further towards SummerSlam. Hopefully this thread stays consistent until then, because it adds an unfathomable amount to the section. Good work as usual here.

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Re: Being The Booker

Raw Feedback

I like how you showed the six matches for the beat the clock challenge right off the bat. Gives readers an idea of what's ahead. Haven't read this thread in a while, but I actually slightly recall Benji having Teddy and Henry on his side. I loled at the '(idiot)' you had in the match description. Hardy actually wins this match. Didn't see that coming. Certainly a beatable time, but definitely a great way to open the show. With six matches tonight, I'm glad you started off with a match rather than a promo.

I've always been a fan of Armando. Promos featuring him always seem good. Umaga is the money in the bank holder? That's freakin' awesome! Where the hell have I been? The idea of having Umaga stay away from HBK is good. It gives both men a chance to venture into their own things, but with Bischoff also granting a match sooner or later, it also continues the feud. Good work there.

HBK with an almost too easy win over Tomko. He cuts the beat the clock team down quite a bit as well. Should be interesting for matches later on. Commentating is great btw with great hype for later matches.

Nice to see you incorporated Superstars into your booker. Most current days bookers don't even use Superstars, but your in 2007 and have it already. I'm gonna go ahead and predict Umaga, and hopefully, Paul Burchill win their respective matches.

'shit eating grin' - lovvve it. Also love what you're doing with The Miz here. The whole 'reality' angle is perfect. I actually watched him on Real World and Road Rules challenge. I'm also glad you're not going the WWE route with him, and taking a whole different angle with him. With that said, the Katie/Smith/Burchill love angle here seems quite interesting. It's hard to book 'love' angles, and it's not often seen in booker, but at this point, I'm quite intrigued. Good job on the uniqueness.

Not much happening in this next match. Didn't really expect either men to win the allotted time. At this moment, HBK's time actually seems quite difficult to beat. I'm banking on either Kennedy or Cena to beat it though.

Nice KotR promo you have here. The KotR history, as well as the promo contents make this promo a realistic one. I'm quite amped for the the KotR now. With MITB in play also, there'll be two contenders for the world titles I'm guessing so I'm predicting a SD winner. Draw looks good as well. Punk or Mysterio as winner me thinks.

Straight Edge wins, which certainly writes MNM out of the title situation now. With both Mercury and Nitro in the KotR, I see a disbandment coming soon, and a singles career for both men or they could stick together for a future tag team venture. Gotta say, the team of Punk and Helms sounds spectacular. Would have never thought of it.

Quite interesting angle you have here with Melina and Laree/James. This revealing is actually a great way to switch up Laree's name. Beth Phoenix makes her debut as well. Awesome. Should definitely add to the women's division. Just like the fans, I don't seem to care about her life, but I'm intrigued to see where it goes. Beth in tears? Hah. Mickie James as a mental case? Kinda saw that coming. The way Beth is worked into this angle (and into Raw) is quite awesome. Got kinda vicious at the end. This promo kinda dragged on a little longer than I hoped. Beth's not that great of a mic worker, and you worked with her well, but things seemed reiterated too much. Other than that, I'm loving the booking, and incorporation of Beth/Mickie James.

Nice little recap before the interview. It's good to see Santino in there as well. Good short little promo here. I'm guessing Rhyno is pissed off that Rey stopped talking to him while he was injured or something. Nonetheless, with Rhyno banned, Kennedy versus Rey should be interesting. Kennedy using the 'K'rossface to finish the match was quite a surprise. I don't know if it's certainly a move Kennedy would do, but if incorporated over time, I think it could work well. Downer for Rey who loses cleanly in 3 minutes!

Amped for this match. Angle/Regal should be a treat. Regal calling Angle sunshine is too funny. Albeit being a short segment, I liked it. It did the trick, and got the match hyped up. Angle barely misses it. Too bad Regal didn't stand more of a chance. The commentary after is gold. Coach ripping on Oklahoma got a chuckle out of me.

Some good words from Christian. I've seen a lot of "fighting champion" promos lately, but I guess that's what every champion says. Armando and Umaga? This should be interesting considering the MITB. You must have some knowledge on whatever language Armando speaks or you've seen a ton of his promos because every little bit, every little word is down to the tee. That extra little bit, the extra little effort is what I appreciate in booking. Good job. Nice Tony Montana comment. Promo got me all riled up for nothing. =( I think it's a great way to start up the feud (which leads me to believe whoever wins BTC will lose to Christian). Quite entertained through this one.

Don't know what's going on with X-Pac and Tomko, but the idea of the two teaming up isn't to my interest. Seems like an odd couple with Tomko being the bitch (kinda similar to Christian w/ Tomko).

lol @ Christian shutting Coach up. Santino in the main event of Raw after receiving his contract? AWESOME. Kennedy switch with Marella is a good heel move. Would of liked to see Marella though. Don't like the fact that Kennedy is competing again tonight, but definitely a great heel move. Kennedy kinda looks weak at the end here. He's about to lose in three minutes, but he's also the #1 contender. Don't know what to think about that.

Entertaining show throughout; that's a fact. Although BTC took up most of the show, I think the rest of the storylines, and feuds didn't suffer too much (from what I know). Promos were great. I've always enjoyed your effort, character, and flow of your promos. Didn't like Kennedy looking a little weak, but also being #1 contender at the end there, but other than that, a fantastic show. It's obvious booking is something you love. You can tell by the work you put into it. And to be honest, this is a WWE thread, but doesn't feel like a WWE thread. Everything is pretty fresh, and new. There's very little resemblance to reality, which makes this thread the more entertaining. What can I say other than keep up the good work.

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Re: Being The Booker

Raw Feedback

Great match choice to kick off the evening, with both of these young guys always able to deliver a good match for the fans. Shelton is obviously still hurting after the Ladder Match last week, but he still looked good tonight. Thought that you might actually have him lose by count-out, so that he could at least say he wasn’t pinned. But the way you got him back into the ring was very in-character for the Brotherhood, and it certainly pissed off Matt. The ending was good, with Teddy and Henry again getting involved, but Hardy was able to battle through it all, pinning the I.C. Champion for the victory. Obviously, this time will not stand up, but the match did its job: get Hardy over and set him up for a possible rematch with Benji, this time for the belt.

Glad to see Bischoff actually making good on his word and not allowing anyone to push him around. Estrada seems to get the message, and he knows that he can’t let Umaga attack people if he still wants to be in the KOTR tournament. But it’s Armando, and you can be sure that he still has something up his sleeve, and Umaga will be raising hell again.

Surprised to see that you actually still care about Tomko, having him look pretty good in the opening minutes of his match with HBK. But in the end, this was always Michaels’ match to win, hitting the best finisher in the business, pinning Tomko to set the new time for Vengeance. I still don’t see him winning, because it’s obvious that he and Umaga will wrestle at the PPV in June.

Superstars looks pretty solid, with Umaga and Burchill advancing, imo.

Interesting way to have The Miz on Raw, imo. Interested to see if you just keep him checking in on the Smith/Burchill situation, or if he spies on other superstars. Anyway, it’s obvious that what we saw between Katie and Harry will come out eventually, with Paul Burchill losing it when he finds out. Very excited to see where this goes.

Harry and X-Pac try their best, but this was just a match that didn’t have much intrigue. We all know that neither of these men are heading to Vengeance, and I’m glad that the time wasn’t beaten. A decent match, with X-Pac using his veteran instinct, but he can’t get it done. Shawn Michaels is still the leader, but I don’t see him as the winner in the end.

King of the Ring should be awesome. Right now, I really like Shelton coming out of the Raw half.

Hopefully this wasn’t the last time we’ll see MNM and Straight Edge lock up, because while the match was good, it just seemed too short to be the “final encounter” between the two teams. I did like that MNM showed some urgency, but Helms and Punk were right there to fight it. Good ending to the match, with Mercury trying to cheat to help MNM win, but then it all falls apart and the champions end up retaining. Since they didn’t beat them cleanly, I see these two wrestling again. And I hope it ends in a big way at Vengeance, tbh.

I applaud you for making the whole Beth-“Mickie” storyline about what happened between them in the past, it’s a very interesting and original story. But I’ll wait and see how it plays out, before deciding if it was a good idea or not. Obviously, these two are going to hook up at some point, but I’m just not sure when. Beth will win the contract next week, but I don’t know where you will go after that. Maybe some sort of tag team match at Vengeance? And then Mickie/Beth at SummerSlam? Anyway, Beth and Melina will indeed make Mickie’s life hell over the next few months, and I look forward to see how the champion responds. And I think that response will begin next week. Good segment, with a whole lot of potential.

Rhyno vs. Rey should be an interesting summer feud, especially when the Man Beast finally reveals why he attacked Rey last week. As for tonight, I hope to see a good match between Rey and Kennedy, but with only four minutes to work with, that might be tough. I see Kennedy sneaking out the win somehow, with his being his “only” chance, given by Bischoff.

These two have locked up so many times in the past month that it made sense for them to go right at each other with their best moves to start. Some very close calls in just the first two minutes, but having KK bust out the crossface was awesome. Rey has nowhere to go and taps out, with Kennedy being the leader now! I see him winning the whole beat the clock sprint, because I see Cena either being screwed by Kennedy or Angle, not allowing him to get another shot at Christian just yet.

Angle’s intensity is close to its peak tonight, and there’s no doubt that he will come out on fire against Regal tonight. But from what we heard from Regal, Angle is going to have a tough time beating the time that Kennedy had to be the leader. I see these two going over three minutes and neither man winning, tbh.

Angle/Regal went pretty much how I expected it to go, with both men trying their best to win the match quickly, cutting the usual corners. Loved how Regal is being pushed somewhat in this thread, really using his veteran instinct to frustrate Angle, and keep the match going. Thought Angle might have had it with the Angle Slam, but Sir William gets the foot on the bottom rope. Nice ending, with Angle locking in his signature submission, but it’s right as time is up. Regal looked good in this one, while Angle continues to grow frustrated. A rematch with Cena is in the works for him, imo.

Glad to see you give the World Champion some time before the challenger is determined, with Christian talking about his two title defenses so far. Loved the arrogance shown by Christian after showing his respect for Benjamin, and playing to the Boston crowd by talking about Cena was smart. I just don’t see the rematch happening at Vengeance … but maybe SummerSlam. Umaga and Estrada? Would have been cool to see MITB cashed in here, but it’s probably not the right setting. Good back and forth between Estrada and Christian, with the manager trying to intimidate the champion, but Christian will have none of it. Glad that they didn’t fight each other, Umaga and Christian, but now Umaga will always be in the back of Christian’s mind, so I see Umaga and Estrada doing a lot of “fake” cash-ins before really doing it a few months from now.

A Tomko and X-Pac partnership? Would be pretty interesting…

Very nice move, having Kennedy replace Santino Marella. Now all Kennedy has to do it run out the clock, and that will really piss off the Boston fans. Match went pretty much how one would expect, with Kennedy rolling out of the ring, but then that backfires on the leader, as Christian even rolls him back into the ring. Between Kennedy kicking out of the F-U and Angle coming into the ring, Cena’s got his back up against the wall, as Kennedy holds on during the STF-U and beats the clock! It may not have been the cleanest victory, but Kennedy-Christian should be a fun Vengeance main event.

A very nice show, obviously centered around the World Title picture. But nevertheless, it’s great to see you back, and hopefully this thread picks up steam through the summer, giving more life to the BTB section. Look forward to Smackdown!.


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