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Re: Being The Booker

I expect Lesnar to go over in the main event, because If I'm correct, he hasn't wrestled yet since returning, and we can't have him losing his return match. It should be a nice, big cluster fuck though. Whether Lesnar and Edge can co-exist intrigues me. I'm guessing they might, before coming to blows after the match, then Orton will retain at JD, and Lesnar/Edge gets set up for Summerslam? Yeah, I'm probably wrong, but it'd be a terrific feud, imo.

An Arn Anderson promo about the condition of RVD? I think it could get a little dull, so hopefully Orton, or some other guy who owns interrupts.

A Paul London interview? This is another promo that probably won't tickle my fancy, unless you manage to make him charismatic some how, but I really don't see it happening at this stage.

Albright/Haas > The Mad Murdoch Twins. Shouldn't even last five minutes, tbh.

MVP's opponent has me introduced. I sense perhaps the debut of Primo, although, once again, I'm probably way off, as per usual.

Booker T to beat Storm, keeping his and Burke's momentum up, me thinks.

JBL promo to be golden.

Kendrick and Batista to squash some jobbers.

I'm not to sure about the promos set up for the show, yet I'm sure you'll make them great, and with the big main event, and Cruiserweight champ in action, as well as MVP, the match card is sure to be acceptable. I'll try and review the show when it's up.

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Re: Being The Booker

A few comments on Superstars, since I missed that it was posted before.

Not really liking MNM getting a shot at Straight Edge. I know your tag division is shallow on RAW (and SmackDown! too for that matter), but Backlash gave us that feeling that the feud was over, and we had the big match to close it. Now getting another match between them just feels kind of cheap, I guess you'd say. I know you need time to build other teams up, but I would have thought there could have been some other challengers to step up from elsewhere.

Maryse getting a fluke win over Vickie is alright, although I'm just waiting for her to turn heel and be a force in the division. It doesn't seem like it will happen for quite some time with the arrival of Beth Phoenix set to happen any time now (possibly on RAW this week even), but it will definitely be great when it happens. Her as a heel > her as a face.

King of the Ring draw was, erm, convenient with lots of rivalries tying in. Matt looks to be in a relatively weak group of four, so he remains my pick.

Nice way to get Super Crazy back on track, while keeping Bourne looking good. Hopefully he steps up to SmackDown! possibly in the next month.

Chris Masters in the main event = ratings. Paul London in the main event of Superstars though, is not something I like. London is by no means a promo guy, and I really think that you'd be better off letting his wrestling do the talking on SmackDown!, especially since he looks set to take some gold at Judgment Day, rather than on Superstars.

SmackDown! here looks good, with a big eight man match set to be a great highlight on the show. Unlike Stoj, I like the idea of the Anderson promo, because this RVD thing actually has me really intrigued. However, London speaking isn't so much of a good thing. As I said above, my feeling on London are that he should be wrestling on SmackDown!. Still, you've got a JBL promo which should own, and quite a nice undercard to boot, so this is definitely a show to look forward to.

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Re: Being The Booker

Friday Night Smackdown | May 11 2007 | Lexington KY

Opening Video


Michael Cole: We are just NINE days away from Smackdowns first brand exclusive Pay Per View of 2007, we are just nine days away, FROM JUDGMENT DAY!!! Hello everyone, I’m Michael Cole, at ringside with Tazz as usual, and tonight, we have a star studded main event.

Tazz: No doubt about it, Cole. Eight man tag. The New Wave all in together to take on Jeff Hardy, the tough Irish Bastard Finlay, Brock Lesnar and Edge.

Michael Cole: And after how things wrapped up last week on Smackdown, how can Edge and Brock Lesnar co-exist??

Tazz: They’d better think of a way, Cole - and fast!! Because make no mistake about it, if they don’t co-exist, they’re toast. Not just tonight, but possibly for Judgment Day. Because if Orton even gets a sniff of an opportunity to put them out of commission before Judgment Day, you’d better believe he’ll do it!!

Michael Cole: And in addition to that main event, we will also see the United States Champion in action, as Brent Albright teams up with his good buddy, Charlie Haas to take on the duo of Trevor and Festus; The Mad Murdoch Twins. And while the U.S Champion looks to get some momentum ahead of Judgment Day, the man he faces in nine days will be part of a sit down interview with the host of Superstars, Joey Styles. Tonight, we’ll go in depth into the psyche of the fastest rising star in the WWE.

Tazz: Sounds great, Cole.

Michael Cole: But that’s not all. MVP and JBL are also in attendance tonight, and we know JBL will present a ‘Hulk Hogan Career Retrospective’, whilst MVP has been granted a request to choose his own opponent tonight. Of course, MVP faces Carlito at Judgment Day, but currently, Carlito is ‘medically suspended’.

Tazz: Yeah, but he’s still makin MVP’s life hell.

Michael Cole: Indeed, he cost MVP a victory over Funaki last week, but I’m intrigued over who MVP will choose to face tonight. Remember, he requested the chance to pick his own opponent tonight, and to me, something doesn’t quite add up.

During the entrances for the opening contest, Cole and Tazz take a quick opportunity to discuss the King of the Ring tournament, which was drawn on Tuesday, featuring both the U.S Champ, and his partner, Charlie Haas. Tazz picks Albright as his pick to win the whole thing, whilst Cole is a little more vague, but stays loyal to Smackdown, claiming he cant see a winner outside of the Smackdown roster.

Match 1:
Brent Albright & Charlie Haas vs. The Mad Murdoch Twins
The U.S Champ and Haas put on somewhat of a clinic, initially showing their intelligence by attacking Festus BEFORE the bell, and putting him out of commission with a stiff Irish whip into the steel steps. Then, as the match begins, Trevor is forced to fend for himself for a long period, with the two wrestling geniuses schooling the big man. To his credit, Trevor tries to fight back, but any offence he puts up is quickly snuffed out by Albright or Haas.

As the match wears on, it looks like the dominant duo are setting up the finishing touches … when FESTUS returns to the fold … but as he was out cold when the initial bell was rung … he’s stuck in his comatose state. Trevor spots it, and is able to eventually fight his way to the outside, and rings the bell before either opponent can stop him.

With that, Festus comes bounding into the ring, going crazy, attacking Albright and Haas … but despite his lunacy … he’s still not a match for Haas and Albright, and the duo take care of Festus, first with Haas coming behind with a chop block, before Brent sends him out of the ring with a Half Nelson over the top rope (which gets a faint ‘Holy Shit’ response). It leaves Trevor to go it alone again, but this time, his opponents aren’t playing, and it’s curtains for big Trev … as he taps to the Crowbar of the U.S Champ.
Winners: Brent Albright & Charlie Haas @ 04:16

It’s a confidence boosting win for the champion, after a number of weeks where events appeared to be conspiring against him. He and Charlie sportingly shake hands, nodding at one another, before Albright gets the attention of the cameraman, and points to the name plate on the title belt, saying absolutely nothing, but making his point pretty clear.

Michael Cole: In just nine days time, that man, the United States Champion, Brent Albright, defends his championship against the most exciting breakthrough star in the WWE day. Can Paul London continue his meteoric rise here on Smackdown, and end the seven month reign of Albright?? Or, will Albright, as we have stated time and time again, pass the test as he always does, and remain champion??

Tazz: The fact is Cole, Brent Albright is the only guy to have never lost a championship match. In his first crack at the gold, he became U.S Champ, and every time he’s had to defend it, he’s stepped it up to another level. If Paul London wants that title, he’s gotta step up to a whole new level. That’s the facts.

Michael Cole: The anticipation is building to a fever pitch. Judgment Day is fast approaching for Brent Albright and Paul London, and later tonight of course, we will show you the exclusive sit down interview, conducted by Joey Styles, with Paul London. But coming up next, after his blistering return last week, Batista is in action again. The Animal is unleashed - next!!

Commercial Break


The WWE production theme, “Lost Souls” plays over the package.

Opens with the following writing;
"Every idle word that men shall speak, they shall give account thereof in the day of' Judgement" Matthew 12:36.

Flashing shot of Randy Orton punting RVD at WrestleMania.

More writing;
"He that rejecteth me and receiveth not my words, hath one that judgeth him. The word that I have spoken, the same shall judge him in the last day" John 12:48.

Flashing shot of Randy Orton punting Jericho on 13/4 Smackdown.

Writing appears again;
"For we must all appear before the judgement seat of Christ, that everyone may receive the things done in his body, according to what he hath done whether it be good or bad" II Corinthians 5:10.

Flashing shots of Ric Flair leaving the ring, head bowed, for the final time, RVD being wheeled out of the arena at WrestleMania, and Chris Jericho being placed into an ambulance on the 13/4 edition of Smackdown.

The package then focuses on the face of the callous Randy Orton, the music stops, and it’s simply heavy, slow motion breathing.

Narrator: His Judgment Day … has come.


Back into the arena…


The fans come alive, as The Animal steps onto the stage, ahead of his first singles match since WrestleMania.

Michael Cole:
You are looking at the man, who last week made a stunning return to Friday Night Smackdown!! The Animal, Batista, after a period of absence after WrestleMania, came back with a bang, as he joined forces with Paul London to get a measure of revenge on Brent Albright, after succumbing to the United States Champion at the Showcase of the Immortals.

Tazz: It’s great to have the big man back, Cole. Batista has been missed on Friday Nights.


Remember this guy?? Mark Jindrak enters the stage for his first singles match on Smackdown in quite some time. In fact, it’s only his second appearance on the show this year. Due a pink slip, surely??

Match 2:
Batista vs. Mark Jindrak
A short match up, with Michael Cole and Tazz using it to discuss Judgment Day next Sunday. They also bring up the King of the Ring, with Batista finishing as the runner up to Mister Kennedy in last years tournament. Jindrak gets in enough offence to make it a competitive match up, but in the end, the match is there to make Batista look good upon his recent return, and after connecting with the spine buster … it’s safe to say what comes next. The ropes are shaken, and the Batista Bomb is delivered, with the three count academic.
Winner: Batista @ 03:55

The Animal has his arm raised, as Cole emphasises on commentary that ‘HE IS BACK’. With Batista victorious in his first singles match since returning, we go ringside with Michael Cole and Tazz.

Michael Cole: What a statement from The Animal, Tazz, after returning to Smackdown just last week. But right now, let’s cast our minds back to last week again, and the main event. It was Brock Lesnar, one on one with The New Waves Garrison Cade. Much like Batista tonight, it was The Iron Mans first match since WrestleMania, and he returned with a victory. However, Tazz, after the match … well, we’ll let the pictures do the talking…


The Iron Man is back to winning ways, picking up where he left off, having his arm raised in the air. Lesnar keeps his eyes on Orton, aware of the slithery champion, with Orton keeping his own focus on Brock, whilst trying to help his defeated running buddy out of the ring.

Orton pulls Cade to the floor, as Lesnar paces the ring, looking ready for more … and as soon as Orton sees a glimpse of an opening … he hops onto the apron … but Lesnar sees it coming, and charges toward the Champion, with Orton instantly jumping back off.

The Champions expression remains stoic, as Lesnar motions for him to come inside the ring … but Orton passes on the invite. Just as the champion begins to back up the ramp though, he shows signs of a smile … and the reason for that becomes clear …

EDGE IS IN THE RING!!! The Rated ‘R’ Superstar has come from the crowd, and prowls in the corner … waiting … and as Lesnar turns … EDGE RUNS THROUGH HIM WITH A SPEAR!!!

The fans boo, as Edge, on his knees, looks down at Lesnar who clutches his ribs, with Edge pulling at his hair, whilst on the ramp, Orton has an evil smirk on his face. In the ring, Edge soon turns his attention to the champion, still looking as if he’s ready to explode.

Michael Cole: Of course, Edge was livid that he had to share his title shot with Brock Lesnar at Judgment Day. He felt he was deserving of a one on one opportunity at Randy Orton-

Tazz: Not for nothing Cole, but I actually agree with the Rated R Superstar. After all, he didn’t lose to Orton on Smackdown two weeks ago. Orton got himself disqualified, so why should Edge have to share a title shot with Lesnar AND Rob Van Dam for that matter, at Judgment Day??

Michael Cole: The fact is Tazz, he’s got the title shot at Judgment Day. And even though he does have to share the spotlight with the Iron Man, to lose, Edge will have to be pinned, or made to submit. It’s that simple. It’s not a regular Fatal Four Way; it’s elimination rules. No excuses that you weren’t involved in the decision. To lose, you have to be beaten.

Tazz: Hey, don’t get me wrong, I love the match. It’s gonna be a heck of a showpiece, but in my opinion, Edge earned a one on one shot at the champ. Lesnar has had one match in two months, and RVD is clearly not ready to come back, according to all the reports we’ve heard.

Michael Cole: Well, we will have more information regarding the condition of the former WWE Champion tonight, directly from our General Manager, Arn Anderson - but regardless of how close to a hundred per cent he is, Rob Van Dam will be part of that fatal four way in nine days time. However, tonight, after that spear last week, how can Brock Lesnar be expected to co-exist with Edge in tonights main event??

Tazz: Good question, Cole. But if Lesnar is smart, he’ll have to bury the hatchet, if even for one night. Because if he and Edge cant work together, they shouldn’t even bother thinking of Judgment Day, cause they wont make it. Not with Orton on the opposite side of the ring, surrounded by his boys The New Wave. No way.

Michael Cole: Later tonight, Josh Mathews is scheduled to get a few words from the Iron Man, and I’m sure the main topic on Josh’s agenda will be to ask how Lesnar plans to co-exist with Edge, after the spear last week. But in just a few moments, when we come back, Montel Vontavious Porter is in action. But who has he chosen as his opponent tonight?? We’ll find out … NEXT!!

Commercial Break


MVP makes his entrance, bursting through his set, and tonight, oddly, he looks far more relaxed and laid back than in recent weeks.

Michael Cole: Tazz, it’s been a while since we’ve saw that man smile. In recent weeks, his personal rivalry with Carlito has escalated from dislike and verbal one-upmanship to flat out hatred. It all started on the road to WrestleMania, where both men set their sights on Money in the Bank. Indeed, at WrestleMania, both men cost each other the ultimate prize. Since then, Carlito inflicted the first defeat on MVP since he debuted on Smackdown. And from that point on, it’s become deeply personal.

Tazz: Understatement, Cole. MVP couldn’t handle the fact he lost to Carlito, and decimated the knee of his foe - he shattered Carlitos knee in retaliation. But miraculously, Carlito survived long term damage. However, he’s been unable to compete since then, and it’s left Carlito no other option to start playin mind games with Mr. 305.

Michael Cole: And he’s done an incredible job, Tazz. Carlito has gotten under the skin of MVP, he cost him a shot at the United States Championship, and last week, he cost MVP a match against Funaki. MVP went from being undefeated for nearly six months, to losing THREE TIMES in five weeks. Which begs the question, what could MVP be smiling about?? For the last number of weeks, he’s been like a bear with a sore head, but tonight, the demeanour has done a complete u-turn.

Tazz: He’s been dying to get Carlito in the ring for weeks, and he’s been irate that he’s gotta wait till Judgment Day. I don’t get the smiles either, Cole. Unless he’s persuaded Carlito to show up tonight.

Michael Cole: I somehow doubt it.

In the ring, MVP has a mic in hand, showing an odd smirk, given his frustrations in recent weeks.

M.V.P: You people may have noticed that Carlito has been duckin me lately.

Some heat, as MVP has a grin etched on his face.

M.V.P: That little apple spittin idiot has been hidin behind a knee injury for the last month, and he’s got everyone believin him too. ‘Ol Man Anderson fell for it, hook, line and sinker, EVEN after last weeks little stunt … but that’s okay.

Porter shrugs, holding his free hand up.

M.V.P: Because tonight Carlito … it’s check mate. I’m sure you’re hidin out somewhere. Last week, you posed as a cameraman … who knows what you’re dressed up as tonight, maybe you’re gonna pretend to be a wrestler tonight-

Porter smiles, as the fans give him heat.

M.V.P: Bottom line is, it doesn’t matter. You wont be pullin the wool over my eyes tonight, that I guarantee you. Because tonight, I got to handpick my own opponent … and I think you’ll like this one.

MVP then turns his attention to the aisle, and motions for someone to come out.

… and a young, Hispanic looking kid, dressed to compete enters …

Michael Cole: Hey- hey, wait a second, I know who that is.

Tazz: Ohhhh no. This aint good.

Michael Cole: Ladies and Gentlemen, that young kid walking down the aisle is Primo Colon, the brother of Carlito. He’s often been a guest of Carlitos backstage, and we’ve met the kid a number of times, Tazz.

Tazz: This kid has only just started trainin, Cole. He’s years away from being ready for this.

Primo walks down the aisle, and hops onto the apron, tentatively stepping inside the ropes, with MVP nodding and smirking at his ‘opponent’.

Michael Cole: What could’ve possessed Primo to accept this challenge??

Tazz: Anytime we’ve met this kid Cole, he’s always talked in glowing terms about his big bro. Primo looks up to Carlito, and I’m sure he was devastated to see what MVP had done to Carlito last month.

Michael Cole: The Colons are a proud wrestling family, Carlito and Primo were brought up around this business. But they are also an extremely close knit family unit, the only reason I can think that Primo would accept the invitation to face MVP tonight would be to get a measure of revenge for his big brother.

MVP stands in the middle of the ring, but quickly backs off, as Primo lunges toward him, wanting a piece of the man who put his big brother on the shelf.

M.V.P: Whoa!!! Don’t get too excited, kid. Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce Carlitos little brother Primo.

There is a little ovation for Primo, but nothing spectacular.

M.V.P: Now Primo here, is currently looking to follow in Carlitos footsteps, and make it big in the WWE. Just recently, he’s began to break into the business, and maybe in a few years, he could be ready for the big leagues.

Primo again looks to lunge at MVP, but Porter steps between the ropes, and the referee stops Primo.

M.V.P: Now … Carlito doesn’t know you’ve accepted my challenge tonight, does he??

Chomping at the bit, Primo shakes his head.

M.V.P: Yeah, right. I’m sure he doesn’t.

MVP pauses for a moment, and watches Primo pacing around like a caged tiger, looking fired up for a piece of MVP.

M.V.P: I think it’s fair to say young Primo here didn’t like what I did to his big brother last month. So, since he’s looking to make it in the WWE, and he also wants a piece of the big bad wolf that blew his big brother away … you jumped at the chance to face me tonight, aint that right, Primo??

In the ring, the fired up youngster nods, and mouths ‘C’MON!!’ MVP still smirks for a moment.

M.V.P: Well, that’s exactly what you’re gonna get, my friend.

Suddenly the smile drops.

M.V.P: But what I failed to tell ya, kid, was that this is gonna be a NO DISQUALIFICATION MATCH!!!

Uh oh. The fans arent sure how to react, whilst Primo still looks fearless, motioning for MVP to bring it on.

M.V.P: So Carlito … it’s time for you to come out from wherever you’re hidin. Or are you prepared to see your brothers promising career shot down before it even gets started??

MVP jumps off the apron, and walks around the ring, stopping at the bottom of the ramp, outstretching his arms.

M.V.P: C’mon Carlito. Are you really prepared to sit back and watch, while I end your baby brothers career?? This is your one and only chance, Carlito. COME OUT, COME OUT, WHEREVER YOU ARRRRRREE!!!

Porter continues to look up the aisle, shaking his head.

M.V.P: Looks like Carlito is a little yellow. Ladies and Gentlemen, Carlito … is … A COWARD!!!


M.V.P: That’s your choice, Carlito. I hope you can live with yourself, when you’re little brother is left in a wheelchair.


Primo pummels Mr. 305, as the fans get excited, with the rookie unleashing his best shots on the man that injured his brother. Primo hops up, and in a rush of excitement slaps hands with fans, fired up. He then turns back to MVP, dragging the dazed opponent up … BUT MVP DAMN NEAR DECAPITATES HIM WITH A CLOTHESLINE!!!

Buzzkill. MVP looks ready to blow a gasket, and picks Primo up, sending the youngster RIGHT INTO the steel steps!!! Excessive force would be the words to describe the Irish Whip into the steps, with Primo crashing right through them, as Porter breathes heavily. He looks around and yells out to no one in particular ‘C’MON CARLITO … TIME TO FACE ME LIKE A MAN’.

MVP moves the top step out of the way, then drags Primo up, and hip tosses the fledgling star onto the step!!! Primos back contorts on impact, with the youngster showing the pain on his face, as Porter shows no signs of remorse. He picks Primo up by the hair, and rolls him into the ring, before rolling in himself, as the bell rings to officially start the match.

M.V.P vs. Primo Colon
Porter stalks Primo to the corner, with the rookie crawling for safety, but in the corner, he is choked by the boot of MVP, before being mercilessly stomped. MVP then uses the ropes, as he leverages to add more to the choke with his boot, and looks out of the ring, once again calling Carlito out, if he wants this to stop. Still, there is no sign of the Cool One, and MVP continues the savage attack, simply sizing Primo up … THEN DELIVERS THE DRIVE BY KICK!!! The sheer force behind it sends Primo crashing out of the ring through the ropes, and onto the floor with a splat. Porter stands in the ring, looking around, outstretched arms, simply mouthing ‘COME AND STOP ME CARLITO’.

MVP drops out of the ring, not allowing Primo to get away, hammering the back of the kids head and neck, then sends him skidding along the announce table, throwing the younger brother of Carlito around like a rag doll. On commentary, Cole and Tazz both agree that this is going too far. MVP then grabs a cable, and pushes past the ringside employees, wrapping the thick cable around the throat of Primo, choking the life out of the defenceless youngster. As MVP continues to choke Primo, and again yells out ‘WHEN DO YOU WANT THIS TO STOP CARLITO??? IT’S UP TO YOU!!!’ The fans now begin to chant ‘CAR-LIT-O’, wanting the big brother of Primo to come and save him from this beating … but there is no sign of Carlito anywhere, with Cole and Tazz convinced Carlito is obviously not here tonight.

Eventually, MVP releases the choke, and lets go. Primo flops onto the floor, gasping for air, rolling around, kicking his legs around. MVP simply looks down on his ‘opponent’, and then turns his attention to Tony Chimmel, shoving the ring announcer over, and goes for his trousers (not in a homosexual way), as Cole and Tazz wonder what he’s doing. It soon becomes obvious, as Porter takes Chimmels belt off, and swings it around, looking down at Primo, who is crawling on the floor … THEN WHIPS PRIMOS BACK WITH THE BELT!!!

Over, and over, and over, and over. MVP blasts Primo with the belt, whipping him repeatedly. Briefly again, MVP chokes Primo, using the belt this time, and calling the cameraman over, getting a close up of Primo, and yelling ‘THIS IS YOUR FAULT CARLITO!!!’. Again, Porter releases the choke, and now, rolls Primo into the ring, throwing the belt down, and entering the ring again himself. Porter then looks to put this savage beat down to bed, and delivers the Play of the Day, mercilessly hooking the leg, 1...2...MVP LIFTS PRIMOS SHOULDERS OFF THE MAT!!!

“THAT‘S ENOUGH DAMMIT!!!” is the call from Michael Cole at ringside, as MVP has a sick smile on his face, looking at the referee, who pleads with him to finish it, but instead, Porter shakes his head. MVP then looks around, and points to a cameraman again, calling him up. Fearful of his own safety, the cameraman does as he is told, and steps onto the apron, with Porter taking the camera from him. On commentary, Tazz and Cole both speculate what is coming next, as both predict we may see a repeat of April 6, where MVP shattered the knee of Carlito with the same object.

Porter stands over Primo, and looks around, with one last shout to Carlito ‘LAST CHANCE CARLITO. LAST CHANCE TO SAVE HIS CAREER.’ MVP waits for a moment, and despite the rabid calls from the fans for Carlito to show up … he is nowhere to be seen … AND MVP DRIVES THE CAMERA ONTO THE KNEE OF PRIMO!!! Slowly, MVP pulls the camera back up, high into the air … AND DRIVES IT DOWN AGAIN!!! There is UNGODLY heat in Lexington for MVP, as again, he slowly pulls the camera up, high in the air … THEN FOR THE THIRD TIME CRASHES IT ONTO THE KNEE!!! The referee has seen enough, and calls for the bell.
Winner: Via Referee Stoppage - M.V.P @ 04:26

That doesn’t stop MVP though, and after shoving the referee out of the way … PORTER DRIVES THE CAMERA ONTO THE KNEE AGAIN … AND AGAIN AT SPEED … FOR THE SIXTH, SEVENTH, EIGTH, NINTH … AND THE TENTH TIME!!!

MVP then chucks the camera away, and attempts to continue beating at the knee of the (retired?) youngster, but he spots a number of superstars (Hardcore Holly, Super Crazy, Finlay, Jeff Hardy, Chavo Guerrero, Jamie Noble, Booker T, Elijah Burke, Evan Bourne, and road agents) now coming to the ring having seen enough, and decides to stop, quickly hopping out of the ring, and past Cole and Tazz, into the crowd, and away from any backlash from his peers. Quickly, medics rush to the ring, and tend to the knee of young Primo, after a sick assault at the hands of MVP.

Michael Cole: Too far. Tazz, MVP went too far.

Tazz: It’s obvious Carlito aint here, Cole. We worked that out after about thirty seconds of this beating.

Michael Cole: He may have failed to finish off Carlito last month with a similar attack on the knees … but given the ten successive shots to the knee, I don’t think he failed to send his message tonight.

Tazz: Sick.

In the ring, medics continue to tend to the knee of Primo, as we fade out…

Commercial Break

And we return, seeing an Ambulance leave the arena, with the camera turning to ringside, as Michael Cole has his ‘serious’ face on, and we know it‘s a really grave situation, as Tazz has removed his sunglasses…

Michael Cole: Ladies and Gentlemen, you have just saw the departure of Primo Colon in an ambulance, as he is set to be rushed to a local medical facility here in Lexington, after a heinous assault at the hands of MVP.

Tazz: That knee is decimated Cole. MVP has quite possibly ended the promising career of Primo Colon, before it even got off the ground. And, y’know, you gotta wonder Cole, just what will that do to Carlito.

Michael Cole: Well Carlito, who quite obviously isn’t here, has just had to watch his younger brother take a sick beating. A reprehensible assault at the hands of MVP. If it wasn’t already personal between Carlito and MVP, Tazz … it sure as hell is now.

Tazz: Without a doubt, Cole. But you gotta wonder … will Carlito blame himself for what just happened here?? His mind games led MVP to this-

Michael Cole: MVP crossed the line, Tazz. He went too far tonight. Primo is an innocent kid, and MVP used him tonight, to get to Carlito.

Tazz: But it was Carlito that started it. He had the match at Judgment Day, he shoulda stayed away until then, but he didn’t. He pushed MVP to this, Cole.

Michael Cole: He pushed the envelope TOO far, Tazz. He went WAY too far tonight. Carlito didn’t bring MVP’s family into this, it should be between Carlito and MVP, and only them. And at Judgment Day, that’s exactly what it will be. Carlito and MVP, one on one. No more mind games, no more assaults. It’ll be time to put up or shut up in nine days time!!!

Backstage, Josh Mathews is standing by…

Josh Mathews: Ladies and Gentlemen, the WWE Champion … Randy Orton.

Orton is brought into view, head down, title belt over his shoulder.

Josh Mathews: Randy, in nine days time, you defend the WWE Championship in a Fatal Four Way Elimination Match. Of course, Edge and Brock Lesnar are two of the opponents, but the one that has everyone talking, is Rob Van Dam. Given the ‘Punt Kick’ you delivered to him at WrestleMania, are you surprised that RVD is set to return so soon, especially after early indications that he may have had to retire??

Orton smirks. The champion runs his hand over his jaw, before speaking up.

Randy Orton: I’m not surprised, Josh. I’m astounded. After kicking Rob Van Dams head damn near off his neck at WrestleMania, I didn’t expect him to ever come back. But lo and behold, last week, Arn Anderson shocked the world, and announced that “Mister Friday Night” would be making a triumphant return at Judgment Day … only … it wont be all that triumphant though, will it??

The champion tilts his head toward Mathews, as if posing the question to Josh.

Randy Orton: Because we all know … Rob Van Dam isn’t ready, is he?? RVD hasn’t recovered from that kick, has he?? No … he hasn’t. But for some reason, Rob Van Dam has decided to come back - despite every sane doctor in this country advising him against it. Any doctor worth his salt has advised RVD to NEVER compete again.

Orton takes a moment, methodically looking to make his points.

Randy Orton: As a matter of fact, there isn’t any doctor that’s cleared RVD to compete. And later tonight, I have it on good authority that Arn Anderson is going to inform the audience that Rob Van Dam has had to sign a hold harmless agreement in order to compete at Judgment Day … and he’ll need it … because after Judgment Day, he wont just be advised to never compete again … he will never be allowed to compete again.

Looking uncomfortable, Mathews chimes in with more questioning.

Josh Mathews: Well, be that as it may, later tonight, you’ll face the other two challengers to your title at Judgment Day, in that eight man tag main event.

The champion affords himself a smile.

Josh Mathews: With both Brock Lesnar and Edge gunning for your title, what sort of game plan will you and the New Wave bring into that main event, with Judgment Day looming on the horizon??

Randy rolls his eyes, before resting his hand on Mathews shoulder.

Randy Orton: Josh, I stood on the aisle last week, and witnessed with my own two eyes, Edge spearing Lesnar in half. Knowing Lesnar … I’d wager he wont be keen on waiting until Judgment Day to get his hands on Edge. In fact, I’m counting on it. I’m counting on Edge and Brock Lesnar ripping each other apart tonight … and it wouldn’t surprise me if neither guy even made it to Judgment Day.

Fixing the championship on his shoulder now, Randy prepares himself to speak again.

Randy Orton: And it amuses me, Josh. Not Edge and Lesnar taking one another out … but the actions of our General Manager. At the beginning of this interview, you built up this Fatal Four Way Elimination Match at Judgment Day as a major threat to my reign as WWE Champion. And I’m sure at the time, Arn Anderson thought it would be a great idea. It’s pretty clear to anyone that’s been following Smackdown these last two months that Anderson has been doing everything in his power to see me lose this title. After I ran his best friend, his idol, out of the WWE, Arn Anderson has wanted to bring me down …

Boos for the reminder of Ric Flairs low key retirement.

Randy Orton: And he’s failed miserably. And this elimination match at Judgment Day?? It’s the latest plan in a long line of failures. In his desperation to bring me down, the old man rushed his pet project, Rob Van Dam, back to Smackdown, despite every expert opinion telling him otherwise. And it’s poetic that it’s called a fatal four way elimination match.

Orton allows a close up, as he delivers his next statement.

Randy Orton: Because it will be fatal, Arn. It’ll be fatal for Rob Van Dams career … it’ll be fatal for the hopes and dreams of Edge and Brock Lesnar … and once the smoke clears, and Van Dam is retired with Flair, and with Edge and Brock Lesnar joining Chris Jericho on the injured list … it’ll be fatal for your disastrous reign as the General Manager of Smackdown.

Fade out…

Into the arena…

**HEY YO**

The reception is suddenly indifferent. The WWE Cruiserweight Champion saunters onto the stage, wearing the gold that he defends at Judgment Day, and is now sporting a rather odd white leather jacket, with leopard skin design on the jacket collar.

Michael Cole: In nine days time, Brian Kendrick defends the Cruiserweight Championship against his good friend and mentor, Chavo Guerrero, but Tazz, it seems to me, and a lot of other people, that since becoming the Cruiserweight Champion, this young man has allowed the title to go to his head.

Tazz: Absolutely, Cole, and why not?? This kid has got it all. He’s good lookin, he’s got girls chasin him up and down the country, and he’s got that gold around his waist. He’s on top of the world right now.

Michael Cole: Well, his fantasy land could come crashing down on him in nine days time, when the veteran gets his shot at becoming champion for the first time in two years. It seems in recent weeks, he’s taken his eye off the ball, and if he does that at Judgment Day, it’ll be curtains for Kendrick. But, we’ll see if he can get his mind on the job tonight, because when we come back, Kendrick is in action, as he faces Domino. We’ll be right back.

Commercial Break

Brian Kendrick vs. Domino w/Deuce
Not the best showcase for the cruiserweight champion, but it’s more about his new demeanour, with Cole and Tazz focusing mainly on his attitude, rather than the actual action. Despite heeling it up with his actions in recent weeks, he still plays the role of the face in this one (for the most part) with his high flying antics. However, once he gains the upper hand, Kendrick takes his eye off the ball, and starts eyeing up a pretty blonde in the front row, giving her ‘the eyes’. The champion spends too long gazing, smiling and winking at the pretty-ish fan, and allows Domino to steam in, and take over.

With Domino on the offence, Kendrick is forced to focus back on the match, and tries to fight his way back, but the bigger man has the advantage, and with Deuce roaming the outside, Domino is able to overcome any comebacks from Kendrick. Eventually though, Brian shows the mettle that brought him the Cruiserweight title, and quickens the pace, rattling Domino. After scoring with his impressive ‘Dr. Smooths secret recipe’ in the corner, Domino is dazed, but before he can set his opponent up for Sliced Bread … Deuce hops onto the apron, distracting Kendrick.

Kendrick takes the bait, and swings at Deuce, missing the mark … but the distraction was all that was needed … as Domino is back up, and delivers a Side Walk Slam, getting the cover, 1...2...NO!!! Kendrick survives, but the numbers game is killing off his chances of victory … until CHAVO GUERRERO enters the fray, coming to even the scores at ringside!!! The fans pop for the presence of Chavo, as Domino looks to put Kendrick away … but Kendrick fights out of an attempted Pumphandle Slam, only to be tripped by Deuce!!!

The referee admonishes Deuce for the blatant interference, with Deuce protesting it was only an accident, whilst Domino scores with a DDT on Kendrick. However, with the referee distracted, Chavo enters the scene, AND NAILS DOMINO WITH THE TITLE BELT!!! He then places Kendricks arm over Domino, slipping out of the ring, with the referees count to come. Deuce goes to confront Chavo, having seen the interference, forgetting about the match, as the count is made, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Brian Kendrick @ 06:52

A bit of old school ‘Lyin, Cheatin and Stealin’ comes to the rescue for the CW champion, as Chavo helps Kendrick overcome the odds tonight. Deuce is livid, as he pulls Domino from the ring, with Chavo standing tall, before helping his own friend - and future opponent - to his feet, raising his hand. As Kendrick comes around, realising he’s won, the attitude takes over, and Kendrick begins to over celebrate - notably not even thanking Chavo for the assistance.

Kendrick takes the title belt from Chavo, and proceeds to celebrate the win, climbing the turnbuckles, and playing to the fans - whose cheers are dwindling. We then see Chavo show an expression of confusion, before shaking his head in disappointment, with his friend not even acknowledging his help tonight. Guerrero then leaves the ring, and walks up the aisle, with Kendrick making a half hearted attempt to point to his good friend and show respect, before immediately going to celebrating his win again.

On commentary, Michael Cole especially is disgusted at Kendricks attitude, as we see the champion now hop out of the ring, and approach the blonde in the front row, doing a little bit of chatting, before inviting her over the barricade. Excitedly, the blonde hops over, and the two leave up the aisle together, with Kendrick putting his arm around her, and allows his ‘precious’ title to drag along the ground, showing no respect for the championship, and putting all his focus on getting in the blondes panties.

Michael Cole: Well, Brian Kendrick has his hands full right now it seems, but he had better start thinking about Judgment Day, because make no mistake about it, he will most certainly need to be at his very best if he’s to hold back the challenge of the veteran, Chavo Guerrero.

Tazz: Oh without a doubt, Cole. I said earlier I don’t blame the kid for letting success go to his head, but when it comes to business, he’s gotta get his head in the game for Judgment Day. Big task ahead of him with Chavo in nine days.

Outside the arena … we now see the unmistakable white limo of JBL pull up, with the fans letting their feelings be known for the ‘Wrestling God’.

Michael Cole: Well, ladies and gentlemen, coming up next, John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield will present a ‘Career Retrospective’ of ‘The Immortal’ Hulk Hogan. I can only begin to imagine what tripe we will hear from JBL-

Tazz: Whoa, hold up there, tripe?? Not for nothin Cole, but you may not agree with what JBL says, but the man only deals in the truth. He’s got a big mouth, but he can back it up, and you betta believe he’ll do plenty of talkin tonight.

Michael Cole: I don’t disagree, Tazz. He does deal in the truth - but the truth is in his mind. He speaks his truth - not the truth. And when we come back, I’m sure we’ll hear plenty of JBL, as he runs down the incredible career of Hulk Hogan.

Commercial Break



It’s utter hatred for JBL, as the limo drives into the arena. And the venom for the self proclaimed Wrestling God turns up a notch as the driver opens the passenger back door, with Layfield exiting the vehicle. The toothy grin is on show, and the cowboy hat is raised in the air, as the man who takes on Hulk Hogan in nine days time soaks up the adulation heat from the fans.

Michael Cole: Ever since WrestleMania Twenty Three, JBL has had two goals. One, to gain revenge on The Undertaker for putting him out of action, and two, to finish off the career of Hulk Hogan once and for all, after an embarrassing come down courtesy of The Hulkster, at the Grandest Stage of ‘em all. So far, despite hiring the very best private detectives that money can buy, he’s been unable to track down The Deadman, but at Judgment Day, JBL could well put the final nail in the coffin of Hulkamania.

Tazz: And I cant wait, Cole. Hulk Hogan, the biggest name in professional wrestling, sports entertainment, whatever way you want to call it, The Hulkster is the biggest ever, and he’s comin back to Pay Per View for One More Match, in nine days time. And if that man gets his way, it will be for the last time.

Layfield steps into the ring, and again smiles to the fans, as he picks up a mic left for him in the ring, with the music dying down.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Lexington, Kentucky…

JBL shows a massive smile, but the fans don’t respond to the attempt at a cheap pop, and shower him with heat instead.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Tanight, you people have the honour and the privilege of seeing first hand, a presentation like no other. You people will bear witness to a career retrospective of ‘The Immortal’ Hulk Hogan, courtesy of Layfield Enterprises.

With his toothy grin, Layfield takes a moment to adulate himself.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: My people have been working around the clock, putting together footage of The Hulkster, for the benefit of his adoring Hulkamaniacs. They’ve been forced to sit through hours - decades worth - of footage-

Overriding heat for JBL, but the self made millionaire talks over it, having to raise his voice.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: They’ve been forced to sit through every single era of Hulkamania, every single rebirth … just when they thought it was over. And after nearly two weeks of sifting through the career of Hogan, my people have come up with something befitting the man.

JBL directs the audiences attention to the titan tron.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: So, without further ado, allow me to present to you, ‘The Career Retrospective of Hulk Hogan’…

Layfield smiles, and looks toward the titan tron.

The screen goes black … and slowly … HUGE white letters appear on the screen … and reveal the words …

The message remains on the screen for over fifteen seconds, as the heat grows, with more venom for JBL, as the camera comes back to Layfield, who has that toothy grin, looking proudly at his ‘video’.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Frankly, there is no amount of footage that can state it as clearly as the written word. Your beloved Hulkster is nothing more than a fraud.

Layfield points out to the fans as he delivers that last line.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again - and I will keep saying it, until I am blue in the face … HULK HOGAN … IS A FRAUD!!!

Massive heat from the fans.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: The demandments?? Eat your vitamins?? Do your trainin?? Say your prayers?? BULL. The universal colours of Red and Yellow?? BULL. Like I’ve said, it’s always been about what’s best for the almighty Hulkster, and what can line his pocket. And I know, I know you people have heard this before … but you still don’t get it, so here I am, DRUMMIN IT HOME!!!

Massive heat.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: You people are blinded by Hulk Hogan … but I’m not.

JBL pauses again, shaking his head.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Did you people honestly think I would stand here, and shower praise on Hogan?? Did you expect me to give you people another chance to be blinded by Hulkamania?? Present a sycophantic piece of nostalgia, and buffer his overgrown ego some more??

Boos from the fans, as JBL glares around the arena.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Me?? John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield, present a tribute to a man I detest, and loathe with every fibre of my being?? Me, a self made millionaire, and a certified WRESTLING … GAWWWD-

More heat for JBLs self love.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: A WRESTLING, GAWD … lower myself to paying tribute to man who gives this industry - MY INDUSTRY - a bad name?? Naw.

Layfield shakes his head, as the fans give him more heat.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: I don’t think so. At Judgment Day, I’m gonna ruin the hopes and dreams of you people who live for the Hulkster, and all he pretends to stand for. I’m gonna take back the dignity that professional wrestling had before Hulk Hogan turned it into a mockery. So no. No more career highlights, because they wont make a damn o’ difference come May 20. If you people want nostalgia?? If you want to relive the glory days of Hulkamania … then take it from me … buy yourself one of the countless Hulk Hogan DVD sets that the bigwigs in Stamford trot out every couple of months.

Serious as a heart attack, JBL ignores the heat of the fans.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: You want nostalgia?? I advise you … I implore you … don’t buy Judgment Day on Pay Per View. Because if you buy Judgment Day on Pay Per View in nine days time, I assure you … DAMMIT … I GUARANTEE YOU-

JBL pauses, with a furious look on his face, staring straight into the camera.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: I guarantee you, there will be no nostalgia at Judgment Day. You wont relive your youth vicariously through Hulk Hogan on May 20 … what you will see, is the biggest dose of reality that any of you Hulkamaniacs have ever witnessed.


John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: And when I say reality - I don’t mean the nonsense that MTV spews, when they follow the lives of the Hogan family. When I say reality, I mean the naked truth. And the naked truth is that at Judgment Day, next Sunday, is truly Judgment Day for Hulk Hogan.

Close up of JBL.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: I will be judge, I will be the jury, and I will take great pleasure in being your executioner.

More heat.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Let me remind you, two weeks ago, I left Hogan in a bloody heap. Make no mistake about it, if I chose to, I could’ve finished Hulk Hogan off, there and then. But I didn’t.

The toothy grin emerges again.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: I wanted to leave just enough for Judgment Day. I wanted to leave just enough … so I could build the hopes of you, his adoring sheep.

‘HOGAN’ chants start to build up.


Heat from the fans.

JBL settles down, and waits for the fans to quieten down.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Ladies and Gentlemen, Hulkamaniacs of all ages … your beloved hero’s career is now on life support. In nine days time, I, John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield … pull the plug.

Massive boos for JBL. ‘ASSHOLE’ chants begin to stir.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: I GUARANTEE IT!!!

Bradshaw looks around, listening to the boos, before eventually speaking over them.


JBL flexes his left arm, ala Hogan.


Bradshaw mocks the ear cupping.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: NO MORE RUNNING WILD … BROTHAAAAA!!!

JBL settles down, having gotten worked up. The fans shower him with ungodly heat, before Layfield speaks again, albeit in a restrained manner.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Next Sunday, May 20, at Judgment Day … the almighty ‘Immortal’ Hulk Hogan becomes a mere mortal.

JBL stops again, as the fans heat drowns him out.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: At Judgment Day, Hulkamania stops runnin’ wild … it comes screeching to a crashing halt.

Layfield holds his finger up.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: AT JUDGMENT DAY, I … John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield, put the final nail in the coffin of Hulkamania.

Looking pent up, JBL raises his voice once more, over the noise of the fans.


Massive heat for JBL, who chucks the mic away.


The camera closes in on JBL, as the music plays, with JBL having made his intentions clear tonight, ahead of Judgment Day next Sunday.

Michael Cole: Tazz, JBL has made it perfectly clear - he doesn’t just want to humiliate Hulk Hogan in front of the entire world … he wants to make sure Hulkamania dies at Judgment Day.

Tazz: Without a doubt. He sure as hell isn’t the first man that’s attempted to kill off Hulkamania, but I don’t think anyone has ever been so focused in the task. Hogan had better start training, taking his vitamins, and sayings his prayers if you ask me.

Michael Cole: How clever, Tazz. The fact remains, if JBL can have his way in nine days time, it could be the final appearance of the legendary, Hall of Fame inductee, Hulk Hogan, in the WWE.

We watch as JBL walks up the aisle, looking furious and aggressive, ready for Judgment Day right now, as we fade to a commercial.

Commercial Break

We return with a look outside the Rupp Arena.

Michael Cole: Welcome back to Friday Night Smackdown, and moments ago here in the Rupp Arena in Lexington, John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield made a guarantee to kill off Hulkamania at Judgment Day.

Tazz: And you and I both know what happens when JBL makes a guarantee, right??

Michael Cole: Yep. He almost always delivers on a guarantee.

Tazz: Almost always?? He always makes good on a guarantee.

Michael Cole: Well, we’ll find out in nine days time if JBL can succeed where so many others have failed. But still to come tonight, Tazz, our eight man tag team main event. The New Wave will take on Jeff Hardy, Finlay, Edge and Brock Lesnar. Of course, we know Randy Orton defends the WWE title at Judgment Day in that fatal four way with Edge and Brock Lesnar -along with Rob Van Dam providing the challenge. And, in addition, the other three members of the New Wave will be in action at Judgment Day too, facing Finlay, Jeff Hardy, and a third man of their choosing.

Tazz: Big preview tonight, Cole. That eight man tag could have some serious ramifications with Judgment Day just around the corner.

Michael Cole: Well right now, we’re going to send it back to Josh Mathews, who is standing by, with none other, than one of those three challengers at Judgment Day … ‘The Iron Man’ Brock Lesnar.

And, we cut to Josh, and as the camera pans, the fans see Brock Lesnar, and pop appropriately.

Josh Mathews: Thank you Michael, and Brock, tonight, you’re back in action after your return last week. However, given how Smackdown ended last week, with Edge delivering a spear to you … how do you think the two of you can co-exist tonight in the main event??

Lesnar smirks at the question. He shakes his head momentarily.

Brock Lesnar: Co-exist with Edge?? I haven’t given it any thought, Josh. I don’t need to co-exist with the guy. There’s only two things I’ve been thinking about for the last week…

Holds up one finger.

Brock Lesnar: That’s winning the WWE Championship at Judgment Day.

Holds up another.

Brock Lesnar: And getting my hands on Edge’s scrawny neck.

Lesnar hovers over Josh, pretty much intimidating the announcer.

Brock Lesnar: Last week, he thought he’d be smart and attack me from behind … and when someone does that to me?? There’s hell to pay.


Brock Lesnar: I don’t care about the eight man tag tonight. I’m not worried about our team imploding, because through hell or high water, I’ll be in Miami for Judgment Day next Sunday … but I don’t think Edge can say the same thing.

Another small pop in the background.

Brock Lesnar: Y’see, Josh, I don’t forgive, and I don’t forget … it doesn’t matter to me if Edge is on my side tonight, or not. He gave me the Spear last week, so tonight … he’s got something coming to him … and it’s not the WWE Championship.

Lesnar affords himself a split second smile, as the camera closes in.

Brock Lesnar: It’s a beating … courtesy of Brock Lesnar.


Brock Lesnar: So if I were Edge … I’d grow eyes outta the back of my head, and I’d do it fast.

Brock is about to walk off the set (with a slight dig at what Triple H said on Raw on Monday?) … then stops, and turns back.

Brock Lesnar: Oh-

Lesnar looks to the camera.

Brock Lesnar: Don’t think I haven’t forgot about you Orton.

Lesnar nods, before walking off.

Elsewhere, we see Batista, dressed casually now, with his bag over his shoulder, shades on, as it appears he’s leaving, patting a few random workers on the back or shoulder as he walks by, and shakes hands with Jamie Noble, then Hardcore Holly, before coming to Finlay, but Finlay wants more than a handshake, making sure The Animal stops…

Finlay: What about yah, big man?? You got a minute??

Batista: Sure, what’s goin on??

Batista drops his bag down, and removes his sunglasses.

Finlay: Well, t’ be honest, I’m actually lookin a bit of a favour. Last couple o’ weeks, I’ve had a few run ins with the New Wave. Young Jeff Hardy’s the same. Only there’s one thing … we’ve went and got ourselves a little numbers problem. Three o’ them, two o’ us. Now, I don’t shy away from a fight, everyone knows that, and the numbers aren’t that big deal … but we could do with a third guy.

Finlay, with his shillelagh, taps the chest of Batista.

Batista: And you want me??

Finlay smirks, showing his gap toothed smile.

Finlay: Couldn’t think of anyone better.

Batista smiles, and rubs his chin.

Finlay: Listen big man, you think it over. I’m sure you wont let us down.

The Irishman pats the shoulder of Batista, before walking off, leaving Batista to think it over.

Into the arena…


The music of the WWE Tag Team Champions fills the Rupp Arena, with James Storm dressed for action, whilst Harris is wearing a t-shirt and jeans.

Michael Cole: Last week, Elijah Burke was able to score a pin fall victory over Chris Harris, and tonight, James Storm attempts to rectify that, as he faces Booker T. Can ‘The Cowboy’ prevent the champions going oh and two against Booker and Burke in singles competition?? Find out, when we come back.

Commercial Break

We return with Booker now in the ring, seconded by Elijah Burke, as the bell rings to start the contest.

Match 5:
James Storm w/Chris Harris vs. Booker T w/Elijah Burke
Much like last week, with Booker getting off to a strong start, looking to prove himself and Burke worthy of a shot at the tag titles. With Storm unable to get a foothold on the contest, he decides to take a walk, looking for some respite (Thanks, BKB ) but as he and Harris talk over tactics, Burke attacks Storm from behind, shoving him into The Wildcat, then chucks him back inside the ring. Storm gets up, and yells at Burke, then turns around … and eats the Harlem Side Kick!!!

It’s all Booker, but as Storm looks to be on the outs in this one, his partner comes to his aide, tripping the leg of The Book Man, as the former 5x WCW Champion hit’s the ropes. That distracts Booker, and allows Storm to get the jump, and take over, getting the momentum shifting onto his side. Booker survives though, and kicks out of the offence from The Cowboy, who starts to get more agitated at being unable to put away the veteran. With Elijah cheering him on outside, slamming the apron, and getting the fans to get behind him, Booker feeds off the energy and starts to make a comeback, countering out of a DDT attempt, eventually delivering another side kick, knocking Storm down.

Booker then looks for the Book End, but Harris jumps onto the apron, distracting the veteran again, who lets go. Burke though, trips Harris off the apron, and sends him into the ringpost, taking him out of the equation. In the ring though, Storm rolls Booker up from behind, and grabs the tights … 1...2...NO!!! Booker still managed to kick out, despite the use of the tights, which shocks Storm. The Cowboy argues with the official, pleading for the three, but then turns back around … RIGHT INTO THE BOOK END!!! The Book Man covers, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Booker T @ 04:59

Booker and Burke pick themselves up another singles victory over the tag team champions!!! Burke joins Booker in the ring, as the duo cement their credentials for a title shot at the stuttering champions.

Michael Cole: Tazz, that’s two wins in two weeks. Booker T and Elijah Burke are more than backing up their claims that they deserve the next crack at the champions. AMW said there was a lack of challenges for them on Smackdown … well, I think now, Tazz, they’ve got a real challenge on their hands.

Tazz: Well, wait just a second, Cole. It’s two wins, sure. But those are in singles matches. Americas Most Wanted are the TAG TEAM champions. That’s where James Storm and Chris Harris excel. Good for Booker and Elijah, but you gotta beat AMW together, if you really wanna prove your point.

Michael Cole: After two wins, albeit in singles matches, I think it’ll be hard to ignore Booker T and Elijah Burke much longer, when it comes to a shot at the titles. As far as I’m concerned they’ve earned themselves a title shot.

Tazz: Well … you don’t make the matches, Cole.

Michael Cole: Indeed I don’t, but the man who does, General Manager Arn Anderson, will address the fans very soon. It is expected that we will learn more on the condition of Rob Van Dam, with and that information will come courtesy of the man in charge. But coming up next, Joey Styles sits down with the number one contender for the United States Championship at Judgment Day, Paul London. That sit down interview, is coming up … next.

Commercial Break


Clip of Bret Hart rolling up Bam Bam Bigelow to win the King of the Ring tournament in 1993.


Narrator: It has given the platform for champions to establish themselves.

Clip of Owen Hart being crowned King of the Ring in 1994, as we hear him yell over it.


Narrator: It has immortalized greats forever.

Clip of Stone Cold Steve Austin winning the 1996 King of the Ring tournament, with the sound bite over it.


Narrator: It ushered in the birth of a new attitude.

Clip of Triple H having his hand raised in 1997.


Narrator: Stars have been born.

Clip of Kurt Angle dropping to his knees in victory in 2000.


Narrator: Legends have been made.

Clip of Brock Lesnar having his hand raised in 2002, as we hear Paul Heymans voice over the top.


Narrator: Careers have skyrocketed.

Clips of Mister Kennedy with the crown last year, and Edge with his trophy in 2001

Narrator: The King of the Ring tournament has provided some of the most memorable moments in sports entertainment history, and on Saturday, June 23, 2007 … the King of the Ring lends itself to another staple in the illustrious history of the WWE … Saturday Nights Main Event.

Clips of current superstars, Shelton Benjamin, MVP, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, Straight Edge, Brian Kendrick, Paul London, MNM, Carlito and Brent Albright.

Narrator: The year, the King of the Ring tournament climaxes on NBC, with quarter finals, semi finals and the grand final, on the most special edition of Saturday Nights Main Event in history!!!

Quick clips again of the prominent former winners.

Narrator: Which superstar will use the King of the Ring tournament to follow these legends, icons and immortals into the pantheon of greatness??


Back to ringside…

Michael Cole: The King of the Ring is coming back, Tazz, and it’s officially kicking off next week.

Tazz: I’m pumped, Cole. Love the King of the Ring tournament.

Michael Cole: Well, of the sixteen Smackdown entrants, four will make it to June 23 in Memphis for Saturday Nights Main Event. And Tazz, let’s take a look at the Smackdown side of the draw…





Michael Cole: There you have it Tazz, any predictions for the final four over here on Smackdown??

Tazz: Hard to look past that tough Irish Bastard Finlay, Paul London is on a heck of a roll, and MVP didn’t stay undefeated for six months for no reason, Cole. But, while those are three of my picks to make it to Saturday Nights Main Event, my pick is Brent Albright to go ALL the way. I can never count the U.S Champ outta the runnin.

Michael Cole: Well, by the time the King of the Ring tournament rolls around, he might not be holding that championship. Next Sunday, he defends the United States title against Paul London. And folks, right now, we’d like to take you to a sit down interview, conducted less than forty eight hours ago, between the host of Superstars, Joey Styles, and the man that aims to become the next U.S Champion, Paul London…

Cut to studio, where Joey Styles and Paul London are sat across from one another.

Joey Styles: I’m here with the number one contender for the United States Championship at Judgment Day, Paul London. Paul, thank you for taking the time to join me this evening.

Paul London: My pleasure, Joey.

Styles nods, then looks to his script, and gets into the interview.

Joey Styles: Paul, May 20 marks an enormous crossroads in your career. Your own, personal, Judgment Day, if you will. Of course, you challenge Brent Albright, the reigning United States Champion. It marks a huge rise in your career, indeed, dating back to Judgment Day in 2005, a rise, which has taken many by surprise in the wrestling industry. But, what’s your take on your meteoric rise on Smackdown in just two years??

London nods, thinking it over, before speaking.

Paul London: It’s been a heck of a ride, Joe. I know you mentioned it’s been a major rise in just two years, but I’ve been here for three - and wrestling all over for much longer. Y’know, I had to scratch and claw just to get a foot up, and that took a year alone.

Joey Styles: And if I’m right in saying, your first Pay Per View appearance came at WrestleMania 21??

Paul London: Yep. My first big exposure, in front of something like seventy five thousand people in Detroit. I mean, I didn’t win the Cruiserweight title that night … but I knew I wanted to have that feeling again. It was that night when I realised I had to step it up if I wanted to make it, and make a name for myself.

Styles listens, before moving on.

Joey Styles: So, as we touched on, that led to Judgment Day, two years ago. There, you won your first Cruiserweight Championship, defeating Chavo Guerrero. And really, that served as the springboard for your career. From there, you have never looked back, and your popularity has truly skyrocketed.

With a smile, London responds.

Paul London: Wild, huh?? And I’ve loved every second, Joey. But, as prestigious as it was for me to win the Cruiserweight title, and follow the likes of Rey Mysterio, Dean Malenko and Eddie Guerrero to hold the title belt, my goals never stopped with that. Now, don’t get me wrong, if I had just that one reign with the Cruiserweight title, I’d still look back on my career, proud of what I accomplished. But as soon as I won the title at Judgment Day two years ago … I’ve kept aiming my goals higher.

The Golden Boy pauses, and takes a moment before continuing on.

Paul London: I guess you can attribute that to the fact that I was trained by, and learned from the very best in the business.

Joey Styles: That being Shawn Michaels??

London nods.

Paul London: Yep. You couldn’t wish for a better mentor, Joey. HBK is a guy I found it easy to look up to. He gave me the inspiration to chase my dreams. Shawn broke down so many barriers for guys like myself, and made it achievable for guys of my stature to make it to the top of the business.

Joey Styles: And ultimately, is that the goal?? To follow in the footsteps of Shawn Michaels, and become a World Champion??

London instantly responds.

Paul London: Absolutely. Over the last two years, I’ve grown up a lot. I’ve realised that there’s no point in just, y’know … “getting along”, and make a livin. If you’re in the WWE, and your ultimate goal isn’t to become the World Champion one day, then you shouldn’t be here.

Styles nods, agreeing with the sentiment.

Joey Styles: With that being said, you’ve been in the ring on many occasions with former World Champions, and in fact, you’ve even had one previous shot at the WWE Championship, back in September of 2005. How did it feel for you, to be given the opportunity of a shot at the WWE Championship, whilst still holding the Cruiserweight Championship??

Paul London: Huge honour. Flat out, huge honour, Joey. Not only for me, as the Cruiserweight Champion at that time, but for all the cruiserweights. It was a chance to prove that us cruiserweights CAN compete with the very best in the business. And on that night, I gave Kurt Angle the fright o’ his life. He told me as much afterward. Unfortunately, it was a case of good, but not good enough.

Joey interjects, looking to expand on the subject.

Joey Styles: And with that defeat, do you truly believe that one day, you’ll challenge for - and win - the WWE Championship??

Paul London: Definitely. I’ve already said, I’ve done a lot of growin up over these last two years. I know now, that in September of 2005, I wasn’t ready for the WWE title. It was without a doubt too much, too soon. But Joey … I got a taste of what it would be like. And that taste is what’s driving me to get to that spot.

Joey Styles: And obviously, with Judgment Day fast approaching, your goal now, is the United States Championship.

London nods.

Paul London: Without a doubt, man. The time for me, is now. I know I’ve had a lot of success. Two time Cruiserweight Champ, former Tag Team Champ, hell, just in January, I made it to the final four in the Royal Rumble Match, and at WrestleMania past, I touched the Money in the Bank briefcase.

The Golden Boy sits forward, making eye contact with Styles.

Paul London: But it’s like I said earlier … good … but not good enough. I don’t want to be remembered as a ‘nearly man’ … or a ‘choke artist’. But I’m well aware that that’s what could happen. Sure, I’ve went toe to toe with the biggest names in the business today, the likes of JBL, Chris Jericho, Triple H, Kurt Angle. Hell, I’ve even beaten Triple H and Kurt Angle at different points … but ultimately, I never proved to either that I was better. When it came to that defining match, I couldn’t beat Triple H in a Last Man Standing Match, and I lost best out of three falls against Angle. Joey, I want to win those matches. I don’t want to be known and remembered as a guy who had heart, guts, but was never quite good enough.

London now sits back, taking a second to reflect before starting again.

Paul London: I’m aware that a lot of people hold that opinion on me, Joey. It’s an opinion I’m determined to change. And I can start that- I can begin to make believers out of any doubters I have out there … by beating Brent Albright at Judgment Day, and becoming the United States Champion.

Paul stops, as Styles thinks for a second, before moving on.

Joey Styles: Well, obviously, next on the agenda is that match at Judgment Day, and like I previously said, it is a Judgment Day of sorts for you. You just mentioned yourself there, that you don’t want to be remembered in wrestling folklore as a nearly man, so just how much importance does this match at Judgment Day hold for you??

Paul London: It’s everything, Joey. It’s simply now or never. If I don’t beat Brent Albright next Sunday …

London pauses, and sighs.

Paul London: If I don’t beat him at Judgment Day, it’ll be back to square one. I’ve already had to scratch and claw my way to this point. I’m not prepared to fall back down now Joey. I can only think about headin onwards and upwards. Victory at Judgment Day is the only thought runnin through my head.

Styles quickly butts in.

Joey Styles: But you yourself must admit that you’re the underdog, Paul. Brent Albright has proven his class as a champion in the last seven months. Whilst many dislike the man, and I know most fans will be on your side in nine days time, Brent Albright undoubtedly goes into the match as favourite-

Paul London: And that’s okay with me, Joe. I’ll admit, it gets a little tiring always being referred to as the underdog, but it’s something I’ll always be. And I’ve made a career outta it. No one ever expected me to become a two time Cruiserweight champ, or a WWE Tag Champ, and no one ever thought I could hang with the likes of Triple H and Kurt Angle. But time and time again … I have.

Showing more fire than before, London inches forward again.

Paul London: And lemme remind ya Joe, I’ve beaten Brent Albright twice already. If he hadn’t jumped me before the bell … I coulda already been sittin here as the United States Champion. I know all about his pedigree. He’s held the title for seven months, and he hasn’t shirked a challenge yet. But all good things come to an end. I know I can beat him … he knows I can beat him. I’ve done it before … and at Judgment Day … I HAVE to do it again. Like I said, it’s now or never … do or die … and I plan on doing.

Joey nods.

Joey Styles: Well, Paul, thank you for the time, and I wish you all the very best next Sunday at Judgment Day.

The two men shake hands, as we fade out.

Back to ringside, as ‘I Don’t Wanna Stop’, by Ozzy Osborne plays over the PA…

Michael Cole: Tazz, I don’t know about you, but I cannot wait for Judgment Day next Sunday. It’s only NINE days away, and after that in depth interview, I’m pumped to see if Paul London can climb another rung on the ladder to success, and end the seven month long reign of Brent Albright as the United States Champion.

Tazz: That’s gonna be one for the purists, Cole. Brent Albright, my personal favourite superstar in ALL the WWE, a true master of the craft, one on one, with the U.S title up for grabs, against the hungry challenger, the high flying, risk takin son of a gun, Paul London. I’m amped to see these two tear it up in Miami.

Michael Cole: And from championships, to grudges. Earlier tonight, MVP raised the stakes, he made it extremely personal, in his rivalry with Carlito, when he shattered the knee of Carlitos younger brother, Primo, just like he tried and failed to do to Carlito last month. And maybe, Tazz, when it comes to next Sunday, MVP will wish he had finished the job on Carlito last month, because that latin temper is bound to boil over when Carlito gets his hands on the highest paid superstar on Smackdown.

Tazz: Oh man, you talk about personal?? I cant imagine what’s goin through the mind of Carlito, after seeing what happened to his kid brotha, earlier tonight. MVP crossed the line tonight … and he might just suffer the consequences at Judgment Day.

Michael Cole: But, Carlito and MVP arent the only two men with scores to be settled. The Hall of Famer, The Immortal Hulk Hogan will make his in ring return at Judgment Day - his first one on one match in nearly four years, and it’s next Sunday against the self proclaimed, Wrestling Gawd, JBL.

Tazz: We heard it from the man himself earlier, Cole. JBL is intending to kill off Hulkamania once and for all at Judgment Day. Will he truly be Judge, Jury and Executioner for The Hulkster??

Michael Cole: And how about this. Two good friends battle it out over the WWE Cruiserweight Championship. Brian Kendrick, who won the title at WrestleMania, defends against the veteran, Chavo Guerrero, who is looking to taste championship gold for the first time in two years.

Tazz: Despite the friendship, don’t expect any love to be lost - not when there’s gold on the line, Cole.

Michael Cole: It’s set to be a six man tag team match, Tazz, but as of right now, Jeff Hardy and Finlay may have to face the numbers game at Judgment Day, when they take on three quarters of the New Wave.

Tazz: It’s a big opportunity for Cade, Doane and Dinsmore to step outta the shadow of Orton, but if Finlay and Hardy cant find a third man, they’ll need to concern themselves with survivin, rather than winnin.

Michael Cole: And then, it’s the main event; it’ll be Randy Orton defending the title against three other men in a fatal four way, ELIMINATION MATCH. Orton defends against The Iron Man Brock Lesnar, The Rated R Superstar Edge, and of course, Rob Van Dam, who will be making his first appearance since being punted in the head by Orton at WrestleMania. Can Orton survive, with three men gunning for his title??

Tazz: The champ seems pretty darn confident, Cole. He’s already written off RVD, and he’s not worried about Lesnar or Edge either. But if he aint careful, he’ll cross the line from confident … to overconfident. And if he looks past this match?? He’ll live to regret it.

Michael Cole: It’s shaping up to be a spectacular night, Tazz; the first Smackdown Pay Per View if 2007, and we’d also like to send a special thank you to Ozzy Osborne for the use of the song, ‘I don’t wanna stop’, the official theme for Judgment Day, which is of course, next Sunday. Don’t miss it.



Arn Anderson quickly strides onto the stage, and stays there, quickly motioning for the music to stop.

Arn Anderson: Now, I’m gonna make it short an’ sweet tanight. We got ourselves a big main event in a second, but I gotta clear up one or two issues just now. First things first. I wanna make sure this main event goes off without a hitch, but I know there is a little problem between Brock Lesnar and Edge at the minute. So, to make sure they don’t rip each others head off tanight, wanna let them boys know now … save it for next week. Because forty eight hours before Judgment Day, the pair o’ ya can settle your differences in that very ring. One on one, for the first time ever, folks … Brock Lesnar and Edge.

Initial pop, but doesn’t last long, with the match not happening here in Kentucky.

Arn Anderson: Oh, and before I forget, I gotta little message for MVP. Y’see, Carlito was never here tonight … but after the number ya did on his brother?? He’s gonna make sure he’s in Worcester next week. So congratulations Montel, ya got what ya wanted. Shoulda been careful about what ya wished for, kid … that Carlito sounds pretty darn angry.

Another minimal pop.

Arn Anderson: Since I got that outta the way, lemma move onto the second item on the agenda … I’m officially announcin another match at Judgment Day. Now, since Booker T and Elijah Burke have beaten Harris and Storm the last two weeks, I say it’s only right that at Judgment Day, we see if they can do it in a tag match … FOR the WWE Tag Team Titles!!

Pop from the fans.

Arn Anderson: Now … there’s been an awful lot of whisperin going on around these parts for the last week … ever since I included Rob Van Dam-

Massive pop. Arn acknowledges the pop, and nods, before putting his hand up, looking for silence.

Arn Anderson: Ever since I included RVD in the Judgment Day main event, I’ve had the guys in the back askin me questions; “Is he ready??”, “Is he healthy??”, “Has he been given clearance??” … well … it’s time to lay it down straight. Time to come clean. To be honest, folks, Rob and I both agreed to keep this a secret. Rob didn’t want to, uh, give his opponents an advantage at Judgment Day … but the bottom line?? Been too much speculation, too many questions … and the truth simply cant be avoided any longer.

Anderson pauses, looking around at the fans, before eventually pulling a piece of paper from his back pocket, holding it up for all to see.

Arn Anderson: This right here folks … it’s called a ‘Hold Harmless Agreement’.

Pretty much silence.

Arn Anderson: Now, the jist of this is pretty simple. This protects World Wrestlin Entertainment from any lawsuits, and absolves the company of any wrongdoing or negligence … should any serious, debilitating injury occur during the course of a Dubya Dubya ’E sanctioned match.

Anderson pauses again, almost wrestling with his own conscience.

Arn Anderson: And on this agreement, there is a signature … the signature of one Rob Van Dam.

Pop, but short lived, with the fans unsure how to react.

Arn Anderson: So … I guess you can figure out what it means about the current health of Mister Van Dam. It’s true. The kid aint a hundred per cent … fact is … he may never fully recover from that kick at WrestleMania.


Arn Anderson: But just ta’ be clear … I aint pushed no one into this. As a matter o’ fact … I tried to talk the kid outta it. But far be it from me to tell someone they cant do what they wanna do … what they get paid for doin. Van Dam just wants ta’ get back in the ring … the kid wants ta’ come home.

Nice reaction for that comment.

Arn Anderson: The Dubya Dubya ‘E wouldn’t sanction ‘im … aint no doctor worth a dime would clear ‘im … so RVD had one option … and he took it.

Double A looks to be finished, but shows the strain on his face, wrestling with himself, knowing RVD shouldn’t be competing at Judgment Day.

Arn Anderson: You folks deserved the truth tanight … ya got it. Enjoy the main event.

Anderson then leaves the stage, to little fanfare or music.

To ringside…

Michael Cole: Looks like the rumours, Tazz … looks like they were pretty true.

Tazz: Not good if you’re RVD, Cole. No wonder he wanted to keep it under wraps. Van Dam will be goin into Judgment Day with a huge target on his chest now.

Michael Cole: And I can only imagine the reaction of Randy Orton, hearing that news. Orton will be absolutely delighted, I’m sure.

Tazz: No doubt about it, Cole. Everything Orton said would happen … seems to be unfolding this far.


The New Wave, led by the WWE Champion, make their entrance, ahead of this blockbuster main event. As the entrance takes place, Cole and Tazz continue to discuss the revelation of Rob Van Dams ‘hold harmless agreement’, and also touch on next weeks main event on Smackdown; Brock Lesnar vs. Edge for the first time ever.

The quartet wait in the ring, as the arena goes quiet, with the opposition set to enter…


To a decent reaction, the Fighting Irishman makes his way out onto the stage, carrying his trusty shillelagh as always. Wisely, he waits on the aisle, not prepared to take on four men at once.


With a more girly pop, Jeff Hardy blasts onto the stage, full of energy, getting the fans on their feet, as we cut to a commercial…

Commercial Break

And, we return, with Jeff and Finlay at the bottom of the ramp, waiting for their partners …


And suddenly, the fans are on their feet, with Brock Lesnar pacing onto the stage … AND ISNT WAITING FOR THE FOURTH MAN!!! The Iron Man jogs down the aisle … AND SLIDES RIGHT INTO THE RING!!! Finlay and Jeff follow, as the match kicks off prematurely, with Edge still not even on the scene!!!

Lesnar is like a man possessed, chasing Orton into the corner, and letting fly, with the champion unable to defend himself, coming under an intense shower of blows from the big man. Meanwhile, Jeff and Finlay have their hands full with Cade, Doane and Dinsmore, but the Shillelagh levels the playing field … until …


Edge sprints down the aisle, throwing his coat off on the way, joining his partners, not looking to miss the action, as the fans are on their feet, with a wild, eight man brawl taking place. Eventually, all eight men spill onto the outside, as officials now arrive on the scene to help the match official, trying to restore order, and eventually, split the two sides … with Finlay and Dinsmore getting the action underway officially.

The New Wave vs. Brock Lesnar, Edge, Finlay & Jeff Hardy
The action slows down considerably, with a plethora of back and forth tags between the two sides, to get all eight men in the action, but both Cole and Tazz notice, and point out that Orton has done very little, making just two brief forays into the ring, and tagging out fairly quickly. Also, Finlay and Hardy are forced to intervene on more than one occasion, with Edge and Lesnar sharing words, and getting into each others way. The two manage to keep both men under control, but the situation continues to simmer, which only helps the New Wave, as they eventually get the better of Jeff, and focus on keeping him from making a tag out.

With Jeff on the receiving end of a beating, the ‘Charismatic Enigma’ is forced to rely on his speed and quickness to get back into it, and as he does, he looks to go for broke, heading up top to fly onto Doane … but cleverly, CADE RACES ACROSS THE APRON … AND SHOVES JEFF OFF THE TOP … CRASHING INTO THE BARRIER!!! That piece of skulduggery prompts a run in from both Brock and Finlay, but Edge stays on the apron, not interested in getting involved in another brawl. We then cut to the final commercial of the evening, with the referee struggling to maintain order …

Commercial Break

And we return, with order restored, but Jeff still taking a beating from The New Wave, having been unable to recover from the attack prior to the commercial. Orton now is more comfortable to get involved, with Hardy in a weakened state, and takes the opponent apart, letting fly with stiff forearms to the chest, winding the rainbow haired Hardy. Then, playing some classic heel tactics, Orton raises the ire of the opposition, especially Lesnar, knowing The Iron Man has a short fuse … and the tactics work, with Brock attempting to get a piece of the champion, but is cut off by the official.

That distraction allows an illegal double team move from Doane and Cade, with the two men channelling LOD, and hit the Doomsday Device on Hardy!!! Orton tags out to Dinsmore, who then makes the cover, 1...2...BROKEN BY FINLAY!!! But that decision only hurts Jeff further, as the referee steps in to admonish the Irishman, which allows Dinsmore to get a piece of Hardy … BUT LESNAR SNAPS!!!

With the official too busy taking care of Finlay, he is unable to stop Brock … AND LESNAR RUNS THROUGH DINSMORE LIKE HE WASN’T THERE!!! He then sets his sights on Orton … AS THE CHAMPIONS EYES WIDEN!!! Orton freezes, with Lesnar inches from him … but Randy jumps off the apron!!! The fans boo, as Orton backs away, with Lesnar prowling the ring for him … WITH EDGE SHOCKING ORTON WITH A SPEAR ON THE OUTSIDE!!!

Edge delivers the Spear to Orton … and that suddenly prompts Lesnar to make good on his promise, and come after EDGE!!! Lesnar quickly jumps out of the ring … AND BEGINS TO TRADE BLOWS WITH EDGE ON THE OUTSIDE!!! It’s breaking down in Lexington, with Edge and Lesnar going back and forth on the ramp, as Brock drives a knee to the gut of Edge, then rams him into the steel barrier, with Edge doubling over in pain.

In the ring meanwhile, Finlay is unable to take on the three remaining members alone, with Jeff Hardy still trying to reach his feet. Rugged as ever, Finlay tries to fight them off, but the numbers game is too much to take, and eventually, Cade throws him to the outside, following him out to keep him there, whilst Doane climbs the ropes, under instruction from Dinsmore … AND NAILS THE TOP ROPE FLYING LEG DROP ON HARDY!!! Dinsmore is the legal man, and makes the cover, 1...2...3!!!
Winners: The New Wave @ 14:01

The breakdown between Lesnar and Edge costs the faces, as the three remaining members of The New Wave pick up the scraps to take out the two (of three?) men they’ll face next Sunday. We see Lesnar shoving Edge into the steel structure at the top of the ramp, before Edge throws out a boot to put a stop to the onslaught, before escaping behind the curtain, with Lesnar following behind, as the two men who meet next week on Smackdown disappear from view.

On the outside of the ring, meanwhile, Cade strips the announce table, with evil intentions, looking to do more than beat Finlay tonight. He picks the veteran up, and hoists him into position … LOOKING FOR THE RAZORS EDGE THROUGH THE TABLE …


Suddenly, the roof blows!!! BATISTA SPRINTS DOWN THE AISLE!!! Cade lets go of Finlay, and looks to meet The Animal … but Batista ducks under a clothesline attempt … AND SLAMS CADE WITH A SICK SPINEBUSTER ON THE FLOOR!!!!!

The fans are in ferment, as Batista pretty much confirms his involvement in the six man tag match at Judgment Day … as he then spots Dinsmore and Doane in the ring, holding up a defenceless Jeff Hardy, AND HE COMES AFTER THEM!!! Batista chases both men out of the ring, and into the crowd, with Finlay joining The Animal, whilst Jeff Hardy is on his knees, trying to gather himself, and recover from the long beating he suffered this evening.

With that, Randy Orton crawls back into the ring, looking groggy and worse for wear, but motions for his title belt … before spotting Hardy … in a perfect position … for a certain PUNT~!! The fans realise what’s on the mind of the WWE Champion, and suddenly get very hostile … with Orton sadistically licking his lips, and backing into the corner … setting himself …


WHAT THE-????????

It’s the music of ROB VAN DAM!!!!!!!!

Orton shoots a look to the stage, with his eyes boggling, unable to believe his ears … but there is no sign of RVD. The fans suddenly come unglued … as Randy then peels away from the ropes … AND IS THROWN A CHAIR … VAN DAMINATOR!!!!!

IT’S ROB … VAN … DAM~!!!!!!!!


Whilst the fans are on their feet, they suddenly boo, as the impact of the spin kick into the chair sends Orton tumbling out of the ring. The fans show their disappointment, having wanted RVD to get himself some more of Orton, but as Orton crawls away - not bothering to wait to get his title belt-, the focus returns to ROB VAN DAM in the ring, who looks pretty darn good for a man that’s been told not to compete at Judgment Day!!!

On commentary, Cole and Tazz are both shocked, and are forced to shout over the noise inside Rupp Arena, with the music of the former WWE Champion filling the arena once more, talking about RVD making a stunning - shocking - return to Smackdown tonight.

The crazy finish to the show comes, as the dazed champion stumbles out of view, with Rob Van Dam climbing the turnbuckle, pointing the thumbs for the first time in nearly two months, as Lexington chants along in unison … “ROB … VAN … DAM”



Official Card for WWE Judgment Day:
Date: 20th May 2007
Location: American Airlines Arena, Miami, Florida
Event Music: Ozzy Osbourne; I Don’t Wanna Stop

WWE Championship;
Fatal Four Way Elimination Match:
Randy Orton vs. Rob Van Dam vs. Edge vs. Brock Lesnar

WWE United States Championship Match:
Brent Albright vs. Paul London

WWE Tag Team Championships Match:
Americas Most Wanted vs. Booker T & Elijah Burke

WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match:
Brian Kendrick vs. Chavo Guerrero

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield vs. Hulk Hogan

Grudge Match:
M.V.P vs. Carlito

6 Man Tag Team Match:
The New Wave vs. Finlay, Jeff Hardy & (Batista?)


And, with that, it's time for a break. I'm going through another one of those phases when I'm just not interested in booking, so, it's probably going to be 3, 4, 5, or even 6 weeks until I pick it back up again. I'll still be around mind, and passing comments (mainly on No Way Out (BKB) and One Night Stand (Legend)). I had planned on pushing through to Judgment Day, THEN go on another hiatus, but there's no point in trying to book when I cant be bothered with it. I'll be back though

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Re: Being The Booker

Smackdown Review

really nice video package of Judgment Day, nice visualization and working details.

Batista destroying good old jobber Jindrak.

looks like MVP is really gunning for Calito. This would get some huge heat, attacking his brother like that. wonder where Carlito was, or what he might do next week after seeing this attack?

great promo for JBL. I loved the "fraud" part at the beginning after hyping up how great his video about Hogans retrospective was going to be.

can't say i was really interested by the Paul London interview. Doen't really seem like a guy who should garner a lot of mic time, he doesn't really have that captivating of a character.

Chaos reigns in the main event, good build-up and a nice surprise there with Rob Van Dam coming in and hitting the Terminator.

i don't know if it was just me, but the show felt a little long, think some of the segments could have been shortened down a bit or so, but overall this was pretty solid work, and a nice hype-up to Judgement Day.

cool and smooth, that's how i play.

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Re: Being The Booker

Smackdown Review:

Tag Match: Short match that gets over Brent and Hass. Nice to see used well in a BTB thread. With that said not surprised to see Brent get the win for his team. I notice that you mentioned you are going on a break with this show being your last for a while, but I can't wait for the "go-home" shows for Raw and especially Smackdown. The Albright/London match for JD looks to be a possible show stealer, and I'm not sure who wins since you're a big fan of both men in this thread.

Batista/Jindrak: You made it completely obvious who would win this match. Almost forgot that Big Dave just returned to this thread. Kind of a shame that Jindrak looks to be heading out of this thread, as he does seem like someone with some decent potential.

MVP/Primo: Not sure if this is the way you're going to introduce Primo to this thread, or if this is just for this feud, but this was well done in terms of progressing the feud. With the mind games that Carlito has been playing thus far, MVP needed something that would get a bunch of heat on him, and this Wolf, was the way to go about it. Simply a vicious attack to Primo and the academic win, and now I think that MVP is at the level where he needs to be for his PPV match.

Orton Promo: Great promo from the champion, Orton. Nice way of foreshadowing possibly ending Van Dam's career in this thread with Orton's comments. Obviously this Fatal 4 Way match will be coming down to those two, so it should be interesting how you close that match out.

Kendrick/Domino: As you mentioned in the opening paragraph, this was more about Kendrick's new attitude then it was about the match. Not surprised to see Kendrick get the win, but I can feel that you're going to have Chavo turn on Kendrick, being fed up with his new attitude on next week's show. That in turn will set up their title match at the PPV.

JBL Promo: As expected you knocked another home run out of the park with this promo. JBL imo is always one of the best wrestlers to write a promo for, and you made it no exception. From the image of the word "Fraud" shown on the titan tron, I knew this promo was going to be great, and it was. While we all know that Hogan is winning at JD, JBL has been booked completely strong in this feud.

Brock Promo: Typical promo from the "Iron Man" following what happened to him last week. Basically admitting that a brawl between Edge and him will end the show.

Finlay/Batista Segment: Interesting to see Finlay ask for help, even if it's from Batista. Looking forward to see how you continue this storyline.

Booker/Storm: First I'm surprised that the matches are kept short thus far, as I assume you're going to give the time to the ME. With that said, surprised that Booker actually got the win, as I know you're not much of a fan of him. Got a feeling that despite the buildup, AMW will retain the titles in the end.

Paul London Interview: Great interview from London, as it touched base on his career in this thread throughout. With that said, I'm starting to think that London WILL WIN the US title at JD, or like London mentioned in the interview, it will be back to square one. So this possible show stealing match at the PPV, looks like it may be the turning point for London's career in this thread.

Arn Anderson Promo: Pretty much confirmed what everyone thought would happen: Booker and Burke getting a tag title match at JD, and Van Dam isn't medically cleared to compete in the match. I must say that I was surprised to see that Carlito will be at next week's show, since I thought you would keep him off until the PPV. As far as Brock vs. Edge for next week's show, should be one great match.

Main Event: Not too surprised to see New Wave get the win, as you seem intent on getting the group over on Smackdown. Batista makes his appearance, and it looks like Big Dave will be apart of the six man tag match at the PPV. VAN DAM IS BACK!!! Woah, big news right there, as I'm surprised that you had Van Dam returned so quickly. IMO, I thought that he would return on next week's show, but this does make sense as it gives Van Dam a good buildup despite the fact that storyline wise, he shouldn't even be competing. However part of me still thinks that JD will be Van Dam's last match in this thread.

Overall Comments: Great show Wolfy. Hopefully the break from this thread won't last too long, as the buildup for JD has picked up greatly. Looking forward to the return of this thread.

[U]KOM has returned to BTB with WWE 2007: The Legacy and Aftermath of WrestleMania!
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Re: Being The Booker

SmackDown! Feedback

I know I said it when I commented on the preview, but after seeing the opening commentary (which btw, despite you not liking the dynamic between Cole and Tazz, I thought was great) I have to say once again, damn this show has a big feel to it. I don’t know if it’s that we’re getting close to Judgment Day or if it’s the Edge/Lesnar dynamic that I’m loving, but for some reason I’m real excited about this.

Starting off with the greatest tag team perhaps ever assembled? Sounds good. Nice basic match, showing the smarts of Albright and Haas, and also using the Festus dynamic well. Not sure about The Mad Murdoch Twins being used as jobbers since the tag division is relatively weak (and I quite like Murdoch), although maybe a title reign will be down the line for Haas & Albright, which would own pretty hard.

Have to say, at first I was sceptical, but Judgment Day has shaped up to be a pretty great looking show.

Giving Big Dave a chance to return with some one on one action is good, although I’m not at all happy to see Jindrak jobbing. I didn’t even know you had him employed, but now I know you do, I really think you could use him in the SmackDown! midcard. Guy is talented and has a damn good look. As for Batista, it should be interesting now to see where he fits in on SmackDown!, and if he’ll move up the card which, having looked back before I started reviewing this thread, he’s looked close to getting to for so long.

Nice to see you keeping the Edge/Lesnar situation, along with Van Dam in our mind. I didn’t know the fatal four way was an elimination match too, but I have to say that it makes the match even better.

@ M.V.P saying ‘Lito might pretend to be a wrestler. While I think M.V.P has actually been one of your weaker characters on SmackDown!, I think you do him a lot better when he’s more relaxed and confident, rather than agitated, as this is probably my favourite Porter promo that I’ve seen from you. I just thought that the arrogance and the attitude of M.V.P was all there. Primo accepting the challenge was what was expected, although the way in which you made him seem like just a little kid and explained that he had just become a wrestling trainee was well done, especially with the way in which you had Primo accept the challenge, yet made sure Carlito wouldn’t have approved. Making it a No DQ matches and really putting it on the head of ‘Lito was a really good way to go about making the feud even more personal.

Primo kickstarting the action with a nice little spot to show his desperation to attack M.V.P was good, before Porter went absolutely ballistic. Have to say, it was a nice touch not only for the referee stoppage, but also in that you had M.V.P attack Primo much like he did Carlito by going for the knee. Smart booking. I said a few weeks ago that I didn’t know if you’d be able to keep the heat in this feud going, but you’ve certainly done that.

Alright promo from here, with the content being good, although perhaps that killer edge missed from Orton. Throughout the early stages of the promo and in the middle, I just think you were missing that intensity, that menacing quality of Orton that really makes his promos great. It just seemed a little flat, if you know what I mean. Still, as I said, the material was pretty good, and the ending with Orton talking about how the match was fatal was clever, keeping this feud with Anderson running, hopefully leading up to Flair eventually returning. I’m not sure how soon it’ll happen, but the payoff should be good when it does.

Kendrick sporting the awesome THE jacket? Love it. Not sure about Deuce being used as a jobber here, as that’s two teams being used in that way on the one show, plus I would have thought Kendrick would face another cruiserweight. It was good to see the heelish antics of Kendrick continuing to get some focus, although the way in which this match ended didn’t seem right to me. I know the point was to have Kendrick ignore the fact that he was helped by Chavo, but Chavo cheating to help Kendrick win didn’t quite do it for me here, as it seemed Chavo levelling the playing field by simply taking care of Deuce would have sufficed in this spot. Having Chavo cheat to win in a face way in a match which is meant to be focussing on how someone is going to be cheating himself soon, only in a heelish way, doesn’t quite work for mine. Still, the Kendrick turn continues to be entertaining, and the fact that he doesn’t even care about the title just adds another aspect to it.

I have been looking forward to this promo since it was announced, especially after JBL’s rundown on Hogan last time, so I have pretty high expectations for this one. I liked that Layfield’s people were “forced” to sit through footage of Hogan, making it sound like an arduous task, although I have mixed feelings about the fraud thing. It’s simple and it gets its point across, although like I said before, I was expecting something big, and this wasn’t quite the start I came in expecting. Not sure about the demandments thing too – I assume it’s a play on words, although I don’t think it’s really necessary, and seems a bit weird to me. From there on, I thought that angry Layfield was pretty good, going on his rant about how he will destroy Hogan at Judgment Day. The reality line, taking a dig at Hogan Knows Best was something I thought was really cleverly placed in there. @ “HULK HOGAN ISN’T HERE, BECAUSE HE ONLY WORKS THE BIG CITIES!” Great, great, great cheap heat. The promo finished up pretty damn well, especially with the line of making Hogan a “mere mortal”. Although I wasn’t sure about the beginning of this promo, it really picked up in the middle and towards the end, and made for an enjoyable promo.

Pretty nice promo from Lesnar, really keeping the focus on the tension with Edge, while also throwing in that he still intends on winning the gold at Judgment Day. Pretty good job done here throughout, with the Tripper line nice considering they still have heat, which Trips indicated on RAW, although the ending line was a little odd. I assume it was meant to read “Don’t think I have forgotten about you Orton”, because it looked like with what Lesnar said that he had indeed forgotten about Orton.

It has to be asked. In a thread that has gone about three years of in thread time ... why in the hell does Hardcore Holly have a job? Batista seemed the likely choice for the final partner of Finlay and Hardy, so this didn’t surprise me. Finlay being friendly seemed a little awkward here, but the promo still got its job done.

The debut of “respite” in Being The Booker. Basic match between Storm and Booker, but it got the job done in giving B Squared some more momentum heading into Judgment Day, where they’ll undoubtedly face the champs. Not sure where to from there, but I guess that bridge will be crossed when we come to it.

Interesting King of the Ring draw. If anyone has an easy run, I guess it could possibly be Paul London, who I would be expecting to make the final of the SmackDown! side, probably to face against Brent Albright.

Unlike the JBL promo, I didn’t come into this one with really high expectations, purely because it’s Paul London and he’s not much of a talker. The positive is that you obviously do these interviews well, so it should still be at least good for London. The serious nature of the interview was pretty good early in this, and I have to say, I like the way in which you were careful to make sure the Cruiserweight Title wasn’t buried, while also drumming in that this is a big step up the ladder for London to a heavyweight title. From here you actually provided me some god insight into what London has been through in this thread, which is very handy considering I haven’t been reading for too long. The desire for London to make it to the top was also characterised well here throughout, and while it wasn’t exactly filled with a lot of charisma from London, as you would obviously expect considering he’s now awfully charismatic, I feel you’ve pulled off the serious sit down interview well here, and really made the match at Judgment Day seem important. I have no doubt that London will win, unless the feud is to drag on and London is to win it not long after Judgment Day, and this did a good job of making London seem ready for it.

As I said before, I have warmed a lot to the Judgment Day card, and it’s looking quite good. Nice shill job of it here.

Another promo I came in looking forward to, not because it was Arn, but because this whole RVD situation has got me really interested and added another dimension to your main event, outside of the already awesome Edge/Lesnar thing you’re getting going. Good to hear this is going to be short to begin with, although the next bit caught me off guard. I have no doubt that while next week’s match between Edge and Lesnar won’t have a clean finish, I’m surprised you’re having the “first ever encounter” (they actually wrestled a few times in ’02 when Lesnar was champ ) on SmackDown! before the world title match. The announcements of ‘Lito and the tag titles match were kind of expected, before we now get to the big business. The hold harmless agreement that Van Dam signed is interesting, keeping the possibility of Van Dam being put back out going into Judgment Day there, and adding that extra layer to the show. I almost thought that Randy Orton should have come out and told Anderson he was going to take RVD out before the main event, continuing their tension, but still, an alright little promo here that got its job done.

Exciting way to kick off a match which should be filled with chaos with some ... chaos. Good psychology to the match, as always, with the Edge/Lesnar situation being played on, along with the attitude of Orton. The ending seemed a bit odd with the spear on the outside, although it worked and allowed for The New Wave to look good with the win, which they should since they’re an actual faction. Exciting finish to the show with two run ins, which was well done in that you made both of them work. RVD showing up keeps the hype going for Judgment Day and brings his feud with Orton right into the limelight, while Batista getting involved with The New Wave is good too. Fun end to the show.

Having been reading since SmackDown! lost a lot of their talent in the draft and thanks to the Orton punt, I really think that SmackDown! has been getting better by the week, and this is another case of it. Your feuds are really starting to build up and get an exciting feel, and it really makes the show that much better to read. Make no mistake, your writing is always good, but it just adds that extra buzz. With that said, I of course hope you aren’t gone for too long, because for the past year or so you have really carried this section, and the section without you is obviously not going to be as good. If you’re not feeling like BTB, by no means feel like you have to read my stuff. I’d much rather you use whatever motivation you have to write, rather than read. Come back soon.

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Tag Teaming With James Ellsworth
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Re: Being The Booker

A Heroes Review for Being The Booker
Friday Night Smackdown! May 11, 2007

Here To Save/Review The BTB Day

Nice to see you starting to write out the commentaries for most of the show. You may be bored of the duo but I loved these guys when they were together.

Lets see now...8-Man Tag with Edge and Lesnar on the same team? 50 bucks on Edge and Lesnar losing the match for the team! With how you have built up the main event match Edge and Lesnar could have had their own match at J-Day, but here we are now with two talented guys who hate each others guts working on the same team. Edge and Lesnar's egos will not allow this match to end cleanly without starting something up. Jeff and Finlay, sorry but you are cannon fodder for Team Face (+Edge?) but really all of New Wave outside of Orton is Cannon Fodder...kind of 2 on 1 if you think about it for Team Face (+Edge)? Well if you minus the fight I am sure Edge and Lesnar will have, in actuality the match is now 0 on 1 for New Wave. My prediction: Team Randy Orton.

Blah, blah, blah...tag team match....JBL speaks (again)...MVP calls out mystery opponent aka Primo Colon. Okay to the first match because sorry wolfy but it doesn't look too interesting of a night. Amazingly the only think I have to look forward to is JBL talking, he's great on the mic but is it enough to make up for a what looks to be a lack luster show where the only strong point is the main event? Guess I should judge as I read the rest of the show.

Match One:
Team Lucky To Have A Title and Lucky To Be On TV vs.....zzzzzzz

Predictable but still entertaining amazingly. Nice play with the ring bell from start to finish. Made it look like the Twins had a chance. Obviously Brent picks up the win.

Current Rating (6/10)


Match Two:
Batista vs. Jindrak

Quick, predictable, and to the point. Batista Rules. Point Made.

Unfortunately this still adds to my theory of lackluster start to the show. Two matches in and nothing but quick with a side of predictable.


MVP: Cocky, spiteful, and ever so bitchy.
I love your MVP...the guy...shut up! (Seriously, I miss MVP being edgy)
And he calls out...yep Primo Colon, though the build up on commentary with Cole and Tazz was great! It makes me care that he is about to be pummelled to the ground, or now that I think about it...this could be a very nice debut for Primo into the WWE. A very early debut but a debut nonetheless. MVP's rant was very well done. Made me think MVP was actually going to commit murder or something.

May not be too far from the truth with the last statement. Really should finish a segment before I write.

Match Three
MVP vs. Get The Hell Outta There!!!!!

Primo had a strong start, made me think this may be a debut and not a slaughter. Yeah...I think you missed something Wolfy old boy. How about bringing out a guillotine? A cannon? A bomb? Could you have over killed anymore? 10 times, I mean really? 10 times! May as well as turned the show into an 'R-Rated' slasher flick and has MVP use a rusty hatchet to chop off Primo's legs. Dear god man...

Still kick ass though! Makes up for the not very interesting start

This would be 10/10 to me but I still have to count before.
Current Rating: 8/10

Out of all the matches on J-Day, all I care about now is MVP vs. Carlito.
GO CARLITO!!!!!!!!!

Interview with Randy Orton...I'm sure this was a great segment but I can't get MVP with a rusty hatchet out of my mind now...bad dreams tonight. Bad dreams...


Okay I'm back.

Good interview with a needed build up for the WWE Championship Match at J-Day. Nice to get some focus on that.

Match Four
Brian Kendrick vs. Elvis with a Side of Grease

I love what you have done with Kendrick since Mania. Its been built very well, but I am very confused by Chavo saving Kendrick. I know they're still friends but Chavo knows that Brian has been lying this whole time. Even with all the lies Kendrick has fed Chavo, Chavo should still know whats up.

Brian wins the match by not doing anything, has kept his title by not doing anything, and got the girl by not doing anything...I wish I was him.

Current Rating: (7/10)

A Gawd Speaks

Great stuff. If JBL was a face and a better wrestler, I might have cried at his greatness. You pushed all the right buttons at all the right times, but the two instances stand out to me to be the best. The “FRAUD” on the screen and..


Don't know why but those got to me the most. Great promo.

Current Rating (8/10)

Brock Lesnar's interview

Hmmm...this entire interview was about bashing Edge over Randy Orton. I change my bet for Team Orton winning, make it 100 BUCKS!!!

Brock Lesnar: Don't think I haven't forgot about you Orton.”
By the way the interview went, seems like you did. I am amazed you remember Orton's name at all. Not even a snide comment or joke at Orton's expense? No? Yeah...Brock is not winning tonight or at J-Day just by this interview alone. This is my final verdict: Brock will lose tonight and at J-Day, 200 bucks now. 200 bucks on tonight's main event alone!

Next we have Finlay talking to Batista. You really don't think that much of Jeff Hardy do you? Not even let him in the scene. Doesn't make me think less of it, just curious. I want to make the guess that Batista will interfere in tonight's main event and go to betting $300 but I don't think he will. I am guess swerve. Batista joins New Wave and takes over as leader some how. Maybe, probably not.

Current Rating (7/10)

Match Five
James Storm w/ Harris vs. Booker T w/Burke

Only one complaint, it was too short. This match could have gone at least another 3 or 4 minutes. Good match with a well deserved win for Booker.

London's interview was very interesting to read. Nice history and it really shows how worth while it is when you can write a BTB for so long and your characters have so much depth to them. This is really actually all or nothing for London. You have given him the chance to be a star so many times but he always fell back to being a midcarder or even lower. I hope he makes it past and stays past being a midcarder this time. Your Paul London has paid his dues enough and deserves this more then anyone on either roster.

Current Rating (8/10)

Arn's announcements. This is actually pretty epic. WWE Tag Team Match (bout time you announced it), Brock vs. Edge next week (bring the bet up to $500!), and RVD not being %100 but still wanting to fight. As much as I want RVD to win the match at the PPV, I think this is when you are going to let RVD go. One more match and bye bye Rob...Van...Dam.

Main Event (bout time)
Team Face (+Edge) vs. Team Randy Orton plus three.

Great Match but I am surprised a New Wave guy picked up the win and not Orton (on Jeff no less). I just want to say is somebody owes me $500! Somebody owes me that money and I say its the one who
posts next who pays me!

Nice appearance by Batista scaring off everyone (and wrecking that guess of him leading New Wave)

Now Orton is going to punt Jeff hate him don't you? Wait! RVD to save the day!

Rob Van Dam saves the day and stops Wolfie from killing Jeff Hardy off!
Don`t worry Wolf Beast, you`ll kill Jeff next time, NEXT TIME!!!

Great ending. With the RVD announcement and him standing alone in the ring makes for a great image.

Final Rating (9/10)

You are WHAT?!?

After the Gawd speaking to the crowd...
After you making me envy Kendrick...
After making me care so much for Paul London...
After bringing back RVD...
After almost killing Jeff Hardy...
After MVP cutting off Primo's legs with a rusty hatchet...

(only a little over dramatic)

You cruel, evil man you!

Well have a nice vacation! See you when you come back bring upon us all the day of judgement upon the land of bookers once again.

See you soon.

There will always be Heroes,
To Save/Review The BTB Day
(yes I have an ego which is quite large. Also I know I am not funny and can't use grammar good)
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Re: Being The Booker

So, I guess that was a long enough break

TBH, I havent wrote one single segment since going on a break, so right now, all I have written is the upcoming Raw, Superstars and a tiny portion of Smackdown. Still, I'll soldier on anyway.


Monday Night Raw Preview

Raw rolls into the TD Banknorth Arena in Boston with the first ever 'Beat The Clock Challenge' set to dominate the evenings proceedings. Six matches in all, with the fastest winner earning a one on one shot at the World Heavyweight Champion Christian at Vengeance next month.

Over the weekend, Eric Bischoff revealed the line up of matches, and the order in which they will run this evening; opening proceedings will be the Intercontinental Champion, Shelton Benjamin facing off against Matt Hardy. With Benjamin and Hardy having to set the bar, Shawn Michaels and Tyson Tomko will then be facing a race against time to beat whatever time is set. Following them, it's a massive opportunity for the relatively inexperienced Harry Smith, facing off against the veteran X-Pac, who has recently returned to Raw, and could cap his return in sensational fashion.

In the fourth match of the evening, bitter foes Rey Mysterio and Mister Kennedy face off once more, but tonight, both men will need to forget their bitter past, and focus solely on obtaining a quick victory, as will Kurt Angle and William Regal who follow that match. Then, in the main event of the evening, and the final match of the 'Beat The Clock Challenge', Maas. Native, John Cena takes on Santino Marella - just one week after Marella 'earned' his WWE contract. Could it be a glorious homecoming for Cena this week on Raw??

Whilst the 'Beat The Clock Challenge' will dominate the evening, there is still much more scheduled this Monday. Most notably, the World Tag Team Championships are on the line, in a Backlash rematch, as Straight Edge and MNM face off one more time. It is said to be the final opportunity MNM will have to recapture the titles after losing their inital rematch at Backlash - it's simply do or die for Nitro and Mercury on Raw this Monday.

And, they'll need to go it alone, as their third member, Melina, is otherwise 'engaged', as she prepares to finally 'lift the lid' on Alexis Larees shady past. Just what information does Melina hold over the Womens Champion?? What sort of revelations can we expect?? And will we finally find out who they mystery 'Beth' actually is?? Melina has promised to open the closet and reveal the skeletons ... just what are those skeletons that have haunted Alexis Laree??

Also, after a shocking return from injury last week, 'The Man Beast' Rhyno has been BARRED from the arena tonight. Last week, Rhyno cost Rey Mysterio his match with Santino Marella, leading to Marella winning a contract, but with Rey Mysterio involved in the Beat The Clock Challenge this evening, Eric Bischoff has taken steps to precaution that Rhyno doesnt target the Human Highlight Reel for a second straight week.

However, no word has been given on 'Mister Money in the Banks' involvement this week on Raw. Umaga has consistently been a thorn in the side of Shawn Michaels over the last six weeks, with a succession of brutal beatdowns, and although he kicks off the 2007 King of the Ring tournament on Superstars this week against Cody Rhodes, 'The Samoan Bulldozer' is still expected to be in attendance, along with his handler Armando Estrada in Boston. Will Eric Bischoff follow his own example set with Rhyno, and take any preventive measures to stop Umaga attacking Shawn Michaels this week??

It remains to be seen, but all will be revealed- on RAW.

Confirmed Matches;

Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin vs Matt Hardy
Shawn Michaels vs Tyson Tomko
X-Pac vs Harry Smith
Rey Mysterio vs Mister Kennedy
Kurt Angle vs William Regal
John Cena vs Santino Marella

World Tag Team Champions Straight Edge defend against MNM


Probably be Monday week before I post it tbh.
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Re: Being The Booker

'Bout fucking time.

Have you just posted the RAW preview because you felt like it or because you're just going to recap what happened at Judgment Day?? Anyway, regarding RAW...

I think a Cena/Christian WrestleMania rematch is on the cards, but I'm not sure if you'll pull the trigger for Vengeance. I can't see anyone else challenging Christian at SummerSlam, and especially with that Vince/Cena segment from the last RAW, it would make sense to save the big rematch for 'the biggest part of the summer.' HOWEVER...Cena is against Santino. That suggests a very very quick win. SO...I'll say Cena wins the Beat the Clock challenge.

With the "secret" about Alexis (?) finally being revealed this week, I'm assuming this means the debut of Beth Phoenix (otherwise, next week). Considering I'm the one who triggered this storyline, I'm very intrigued to see how it continues to unfold.

BTB can rejoice that one half of its restoration is complete.
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Re: Being The Booker

Thank god. By now I had honestly thought you had left. Glad to see that isn't the case, even if you haven't written a whole lot (or anything) while you were off.

The show itself looks really good. Benjamin/Hardy, Tomko/Michaels and Mysterio/Kennedy should all be good, while Angle vs. Regal has the potential to be amazing, should Angle not win too quickly. Like TKOW said, the obvious choice looking at the matches here is Cena to win, but if Kennedy were to pick up a quik win via Rhyno sneaking into the arena and assaulting Rey, I'd be very happy, not because it's Kennedy, but because his push would skyrocket, and really that's what it should be doing. The tag title match should of course be good too, even if I don't really like seeing it again, while the Beth storyline is something I've loved, and the payoff this week should be great.

Looking forward to the show. Should be awesome.

Oh and to the jobber above me - there's still another SmackDown! to go before Judgmnent Day. Try to keep up.

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