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Re: Being The Booker

Even though my current engagements have prevented me from being able to consistenly continue with my own thread , I have been following the threads that I usually read, yours being at the top of the list. I still stick to my earlier opinions of Smackdown, so I'll be reading in particular to see whether those are addressed or brushed to the side.

And here's another one just for luck, since you like it so much. <3
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Re: Being The Booker

Smackdown looks outstanding, I don't usually make picks for TV shows but I will here just becasuse this card is fucking stacked.

Orton will retain one way or another, he'll push a ref, Edge or the New Wave will interfear, he'll just plain leave. Something will happen to pretend Orton from losing the belt. I think he keeps it until Flair comes back at least. So I see Orton retaining.

I think Albright will retain by some means also, you won't have London pin him three weeks in a row, it just makes sense. I see a dirty pin like after a low blow a chair shot when the refs back is turned or something. London will probably get the belt just not yet.

Kendrick hasn't really done much sense winning the belt but I don't see him losing it to Kash espacailly since he just one and fued with Chavo is waiting in the wings.

Elijah and Booker are the only people could see challenging AWM, that BTW would be a great fued by the way. I won't rule out New Wave but I think you need to establish Orton on Smackdown as a dominating champ before you to do like a total domination storyline. So Elijah and Booker take that one and I also see Edge going over Doane just because there is no point in having him lose

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Re: Being The Booker

Originally Posted by BKB Star. View Post
Don't worry about feedback for me: I've been hanging out to read this show for awhile. I'd rather just have it posted.
I WILL get it done tomorrow. Promise.



Friday Night Smackdown | April 13 2007 | Kansas City, MO

Highlights Package of last weeks main event, in which Chris Jericho defeated Edge to become the Number One Contender.

Opening Video


Michael Cole: Last week, Madison Square Garden played host to what has been acclaimed the greatest match in Smackdowns history. Tonight, the Kemper Arena could well play host to a contender to that throne. Tonight, Randy Orton makes his first defence of the WWE Championship, as he takes on the undisputed Number One Contender, Chris Jericho, and Tazz, the excitement levels are off the charts.

Tazz: Off the hook, Cole. This place is electric. Orton and Jericho, tonight!! I’ve only just been able to catch my breath after last week.

Michael Cole: Well partner, you’d better take a big, deep breath, because in the near eight years that I’ve been calling Smackdown, I don’t believe I’ve ever witnessed a night as stacked at this. Two more championships on the line tonight, in addition to the WWE title main event.

Tazz: One of ‘em a WrestleMania rematch, with Brian Kendrick making his first ever defence of the title against Kid Kash.

Michael Cole: And it’s a huge night for Paul London, who has the opportunity to capture his first ever United States Championship. Not only that, but JBL is set to make another appearance tonight, AND, we’ll attempt to get some answers from MVP after his savage assault on Carlito last week.

Tazz: Don’t forget Edge is in action too, Cole.

Before Cole can answer…


Paul London rushes onto the stage in excitement, ahead of his massive United States title shot, looking to make it three wins out of three against Brent Albright.

Michael Cole: And here comes the man that could well join the likes of Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat and Bret Hart into the history books as a United States Champion. In recent weeks, Brent Albright has had no answer to Paul London, coming up short twice in two matches. If the champion fails to find a way to defeat the Golden Boy tonight, we will be looking at a new U.S Champion!!

Tazz: The momentum is all on his side, Cole. Brent Albright has gotta be worried about losing his title tonight. But Cole, I aint writing ‘The Shooter’ off here. We ALL know what happens when you write the champ off.

Michael Cole: He’s never lost a United States title match.

London slaps hands with the fans, and makes his way around the ringside area, but as he does, a fan tries to jump the barrier, getting over, but is tackled down by security. The fan wriggles, as London is momentarily distracted by the events going on … AS BRENT ALBRIGHT (dressed as a security guard) CHARGES THE UNSUSPECTING CHALLENGER INTO THE RING POST!!!

London winces, as Brent follows up, delivering a Sambo Suplex, driving London onto the paper thin mats. Albright rips the jacket off, and chokes London with it, before pulling away, and rolling London inside the ring. Albright slides in after, demanding the bell be rung.

Brent Albright vs. Paul London
The bell rings, and Albright wastes no time, taking the dazed London up, and seeing him on dream street, rams London shoulder first into the ring post, before gripping him from behind, and delivers a SICK Half Nelson Suplex, rolling the challenger over, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: AND STILL UNITED STATES CHAMPION - Brent Albright @ 00:14

A huge disappointment for London, missing out on his big opportunity before he could even get out of the blocks. Albright though, looks mightily relieved, having successfully retained his title - by any means necessary.

Michael Cole: (Deflated) This … is … not how we expected this night to begin. Literally, seconds ago, you and I were sat here in anticipation for a potentially history making U.S Title match. Brent Albright pretty much told the world what he thinks of Paul London. Man to man, he cant figure out a way to beat the Golden Boy. He had to cut a corner.

Tazz: I was really pumped for this one Cole. Shame if you ask me. But, I cant blame Albright … tonight, the game plan worked a treat.

Michael Cole: Some game plan if you asked me. Planting a fan, and attacking your opponent unaware doesn’t seem fair to me. I guess someone took notice of Kurt Angles actions on Raw this past Monday, and thought it‘d be a good idea to replicate. Ladies and Gentlemen, we have so much more to come tonight, and I can promise that not everyone will employ the same tactics as our esteemed United States Champion.

Albright leaves the ring, proudly displaying his belt over his shoulder, with a gleam in his eye, whilst in the ring, London is on one knee, looking dejected, realising his big chance has passed by tonight.

Commercial Break

We return with Brent Albright looking delighted backstage, constantly looking at his precious title belt, and telling anyone within ear shot “I‘m still the champion baby … six months and counting!!”.

Michael Cole: Welcome back to Friday Night Smackdown, and if you missed it, Brent Albright has retained his United States Championship, under dubious circumstances this evening already. Heartbreak for Paul London. Tonight, he was all set to capture the worlds attention once again, just like he did as Cruiserweight champion, just as he did when he upset The Game, and just as he did in the Royal Rumble this year, as well as last months Money in the Bank ladder match. Instead, he never even got out of the blocks.

Tazz: Credit to Albright, Cole. You may not like how he conducts business, I aint keen on it either … but it gets the job done, and when you’re in this business, winning is everything.

Michael Cole: If you ask me, Albright had the gut feeling that he couldnt beat London, and he took the easy route. That tonight, was NOT the mark of a true champion. Brent Albright is a disgrace to the lineage of that U.S title. Two championship matches still to come, including of course, our main event tonight; Chris Jericho challenging Randy Orton for the WWE Championship.


After getting last week off, AMW are here - not in action mind - but making their way out for guest commentary.

Michael Cole: It looks like we are set to be joined by the illustrious WWE Tag Team Champions, who will perhaps be looking to get a closer look at the four tag teams battling it out for the next shot at their gold.

Tazz: The mark of champs, Cole. AMW looking to get a good look at the next team brave enough to challenge them for those titles. It’ll be good to add a touch of class to this broadcast too.

The champions reach the table, and take their seats.

Michael Cole: Good evening gentlemen.

Cole gets no respect. Both Harris and Storm offer a nod to Tazz though.

Tazz: Great to have ya here champs. How’s it goin??

James Storm: Y’know how it is Tazz. Chris an’ I, just sittin back tonight, relaxing, and getting ourselves a good look at the next pair of clowns to try and topple the greatest tag team in the WWE today.

Michael Cole: (sarcastically) Just the greatest team today?? Bit modest.

Chris Harris: That’s what I was thinking, Cole. But that’s us, we’re a couple of modest guys.


Deuce and Domino enter to a nothing response. Sooner or later, it’ll be future endeavour time. The tag division on Smackdown is a little bare right now.

James Storm: Wow. It’s grease lightning!!!

Harris and Tazz laugh. Cole doesn’t.

James Storm: This has got to be Travolta’s best role yet, boys.

Chris Harris: I take it you haven’t seen these two in action then, James??

Storm gets the punch line, with Tazz chuckling again too.


Trevor and Festus Murdoch enter to a tiny response, and AMW have a field day with these two, making plenty of references to ‘Deliverance’, as well as Festus’ ‘disability’.

James Storm: Now here’s a guy that needs his bell rung!!

It’s the laugh factory at ringside, with Harris and Tazz chuckling away, but Cole isn’t impressed.

Michael Cole: I don’t think any of this is funny guys.

Chris Harris: You wouldn’t Cole.


Cade and Dinsmore step out to a barrage of heat from the fans, but ignore it, sharing a few words with one another, making an understated walk down the aisle, looking straight ahead to the ring.

Chris Harris: Y’know, these two look different tonight.

James Storm: Hmm… I know what it is, they’re not attached to Randy Ortons ass tonight.

Chris Harris: Oh yeah. Now I see it.

Tazz: (Laughing) Guys, stop it. You’re killin me, here!!


To a good pop, Booker T and Elijah Burke enter the fray, pumping up the crowd on their entrance, slapping hands with the fans, whilst their three opponents begin to look restless (bar Festus), looking to get the action underway.

James Storm: Don’t you think it’s a little odd, guys, for such an old guy to take a liking to such a young, impressionable kid??

Chris Harris: Enough about Michael Cole, that hasn’t been proven yet, what about these two though??

Yep, you guessed it, Tazz is laughing out loud again.

Chris Harris: In all seriousness though, I think it’s commendable that Elijah Burke isn’t embarrassed to bring his grandfather to work with him.

James Storm: Uh, hello?? Grandfather?? Try great-Grandfather.


Michael Cole: We’ll see how much you two enjoy laughing when this match is over. One of these four teams are about to become your next challengers.

Chris Harris: Yeah Michael, James and I are REALLY petrified over that thought.

The New Wave vs. Booker T & Elijah Burke vs. Deuce & Domino vs. The Mad Murdoch Twins
It’s another short one. The action is fast and furious, with all four teams getting in with quick bursts of offence, whilst in the early going, Trevor Murdoch has a hard time keeping Festus under control. Eventually, Cade and Dinsmore take advantage of the distraction for Trevor, and beat him down, whilst Festus is restrained by the official, allowing the New Wave and the Greasers to co-exist momentarily to continue the beat down. Booker and Burke though, don’t go along with this game plan, and come to the aide of the Murdochs, making a blind tag off Trevor, and from this point, the pace quickens.

Tags aplenty are made, and the actions is frenetic, but things get all kinds of crazy when Festus tags in off Burke, with the big man going crazy, running into anything that moves, but eventually, The New Wave recover, and together, Cade and Dinsmore take Festus down. Despite that, they are unable to capitalise, as Booker and Burke get a piece of Ortons followers, with the action spilling to the outside. In the ring, Deuce and Domino look to finish off the work started by Cade and Dinsmore, but Trevor trips Deuce from the outside, dragging him out, leaving Domino to deal with Festus alone, and after sending the big man off the ropes, gets a big running clothesline for his troubles. Festus then picks Domino up, onto his shoulders, and delivers his firemans carry into a face buster, hooking the leg, 1...2...3!!!
Winners: The Mad Murdoch Twins @ 06:59

It’s a surprise win for the Mad Murdochs (and a sign of the lack of depth right now in the Smackdown tag division -don’t worry, it‘s something I plan on working on, it just takes time-) with AMW already writing off the new number one contenders. The brothers celebrate, well, Trevor does, Festus is back to his trance like state, whilst AMW mock the pair on commentary.

Michael Cole: Well next week, right here on Smackdown, we’re gonna find out if you two can back up your words.

Chris Harris: Have you never seen us perform before Michael?? We’re the best damn tag team in the world, and these two boys aren’t fit to tie our laces. Next week, we’ll take the two boys from “Deliverance”, and we’ll make them squeal like pigs.

Harris, offended by the comments from Cole, slams the headset down, and leaves the commentary desk, with James Storm following after him. The duo point to the ring, bad mouthing Trevor, but refrain from a physical attack, as we gear up for next weeks tag team title showdown.

Michael Cole: Did I touch a nerve??

Tazz: Think ya did. You don’t question the champs, Cole. But boy, that’s gonna be a big test for Trevor and Festus next week.

Michael Cole: Without a doubt. It will be the Murdoch Twins first shot at tag team gold, a huge step up, against undoubtedly, the very best, and the most experienced duo in the WWE today.

A graphic now appears on the titan tron, BRIAN KENDRICK VS KID KASH ~ NEXT!!

Michael Cole: That title match will be next week, but in just a few moments, it’s a WrestleMania rematch. Brian Kendrick defends the Cruiserweight title for the first time, against the man he defeated in the Superdome last month, Kid Kash. Don’t you dare go away.

Commercial Break

We return with Chavo Guerrero and Super Crazy standing with Brian Kendrick as he finishes up his warm up.

Chavo Guerrero: Just remember esse, you’ve beaten Kash before, you stick to what you do best, and you’ll be fine. You’re better than Kash, remember that.

Super Crazy: {Indistinct Spanish}

Chavo Guerrero: Exactly. Bri, believe in yourself.

Kendrick turns, and picks his belt up from the rack, throwing it over his shoulder.

Chavo Guerrero: Good luck, kid. You got this.

Kendrick smiles, touching knuckles with both men.

Brian Kendrick: Relax Chavito … I’m Brian Kendrick … and I don’t need luck.

The CW champ pats his friend on the shoulder, before leaving, as we see Chavo look to Super Crazy, with a slightly bemused look on his face, surprised by the demeanour of Kendrick.

The camera now cuts to Josh Mathews, standing by.

Josh Mathews: Ladies and Gentlemen, please allow me to introduce my guest at this time, the number one contender, Chris Jericho.

The camera pans to show Jericho, and the sight of the #1 Contender ignites a massive pop from the fans.

Josh Mathews: Chris, tonight is the night you have been waiting for. A one on one opportunity for the WWE Championship. The New Wave are barred from ringside, all outside interference is banned, it will be you and Randy Orton, one on one. Is tonight the night, that you, Chris Jericho, once again climb to the mountain top??

Jericho smirks at the question, taking a moment to ponder, before replying.

Chris Jericho: Well Josh, there’s been a number of false dawns for Chris Jericho over the last few months. I went into SuperBrawl expecting to become WWE Champion … and I went into WrestleMania expecting to climb back to the top of the mountain. It didn’t happen.

Momentary pause.

Chris Jericho: Since WrestleMania though … I’ve had a new fire develop under me, a new zest to hold the WWE Championship, different from before. Before WrestleMania, I wanted to win … for me, and only me. But now?? Now Josh, I feel like it’s my duty to take the WWE Championship from Randy Orton, and restore some semblance of prestige to the biggest prize in the sport … that’s being held hostage by an undeserving brat … not just for me, but for Rob Van Dam, Ric Flair, and yeah … even the Jericholics out there.

Pop in the background from the fans, warming to Jericho. Jericho smirks.

Chris Jericho: I’m not Van Dams biggest fan, hell, I’m not Flairs either, but Josh … after what Orton has done to those two men … justice deserves to be served, and tonight, I’m the self anointed judge, jury and executioner.

Another pop.

Chris Jericho: Orton, I told ya I was the guy you had to keep your eye on, I was the one you had to worry about, and tonight, in Kansas City-

Jericho is cut off by a cheap pop.

Chris Jericho: Tonight, you’re facing the Ayatollah of rock and ROLLA!!! … We’re goin downtown to China Town, Junior, and after I beat you within an inch of your pathetic, miserable, monotonous life … your little reign of terror will be coming to an end.

Another decent pop in the background.

Chris Jericho: Oh, and Orton, I know you’ve got your little ass clown, New Wave buddies runnin around for ya like a bunch a love sick puppies, but I’d like to introduce a little New Wave of my own. It‘s fresh, it‘s exciting, and the fans will love it. Best of all though, it‘s especially for you Randy…

Jericho starts waving to the camera.

Chris Jericho: That’s me, waving goodbye to your pathetic excuse of a reign as the WWE Champion.

A few fans chuckle in the background, but Jericho gets serious, before looking at Mathews, and walks off the set.

Back to ringside…

Michael Cole: Tazz, Chris Jericho has never looked so focused, ahead of tonight’s main event.

Tazz: Yeah. You heard the man yourself, he feels like it’s his duty to the fans, to his peers and himself to take the WWE title from Orton tonight.


The former cruiserweight champion, Kid Kash, enters the arena, as we gets set for his return match for the title he lost at WrestleMania.

Michael Cole: It’s time for the first rematch from WrestleMania 23. Kid Kash has been granted his rematch, but this will be his one and only chance to recapture the title from Brian Kendrick. Will he prove that victory for Kendrick last month was nothing but a fluke??

Tazz: I don’t know about a fluke, but Kash has the capabilities to win this match, and end Brian Kendricks fairytale run at the top of the cruiserweight ladder. His experience is gonna be vital tonight.

**HEY YO**

To a big pop, Brian Kendrick enters, with the gold around his waist, set to defend his title for the first time. He slaps hands with fans as he makes his way to the ring, sliding inside.

Brian Kendrick vs. Kid Kash
This time, the two men are given the adequate time needed to get out of second gear, and put together a far more worthy contest than the brief showing we got at WrestleMania. With the time to shine, both men step up to the plate, with a fast paced opening exchange, full of counters and reversals from attempts at hip tosses, and suplexes, eventually switching to an array of fast moving pinning combinations, bringing plenty of near fall situations. As they break, Kendrick outpaces Kash, delivering a hat trick of arm drags, forcing Kash to take a walk on the outside. This though, is seemingly an elaborate plan for Kendrick to believe he’s in a comfort zone, and turns the tables getting full advantage of the match up. The challenger starts to move through the gears, getting nasty on the outside, before we cut to a commercial break.

Commercial Break

Returning with Kash still dominant, Kendrick continuously displays the grit that brought him the title, kicking out of a Northern Lights suplex, and a spinning heel kick, and escapes an attempt at a sleeper, upping the pace of the match up, getting the fans on their feet in the process, busting out Dr. Smooths secret recipe to a big pop itself. Kendrick then looks to finish, going for Sliced Bread, but in a ‘HOLY SHIT’ moment, Kash counters, shoving Kendrick over the ring post, and onto the cold floor on the outside. Kendrick lays prone on the outside, whilst Kash has a big old smile on his face, but has to then get out, and drag the lifeless champion back inside, knowing he cant win the belt on a count out.

Kash just about manages, struggling to get Kendrick in, but eventually gets the cover … 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Kash goes for a second cover, more out of shock by the kick out, but again, the champion gets a shoulder up. Evidently, Kash took too long to get Kendrick back inside, giving BK the chance to recover to a certain extent. Kash though, piles on the pressure now, targeting back, delivering a hat trick of back breakers, getting another succession of kick outs. Getting more and more angered, Kash moves onto playing for a submission, setting up a back breaker submission hold, with Kendrick in a world of pain.

The champion survives though, somehow feeding off the fans support, and frees himself from the submission, but gets levelled with a sidewalk slam to keep the challenger in control. That gets another two count for Kash, and the Notorious K-I-D decides enough is enough, looking for the Dead Level, but as he attempts it, Kendrick lands behind, delivering a reverse neck breaker!!! Both men stay down, eventually breaking the mandatory count at seven, with a punch for punch battle ensuing between the two. Kendrick, with blistering forearms, gets the better of the exchange, backing the challenger into the corner, before delivering a Monkey flip. Before hopping to the top rope, the champion holds his back, fighting through the pain, he climbs, and Kendrick flies off, with a cross body, but Kash rolls through … AND GRABS THE TIGHTS … 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

Kash bounces up, tugging his hair in despair, before charging Kendrick into the corner, letting fly with big shots, before going to the back again, delivering ANOTHER back breaker. Kash then climbs the ropes, but Kendrick rolls out of the way of a moonsault, and rolls Kash up … with Kendrick uncharacteristically GRABBING THE ROPES FOR LEVERAGE … 1...2...KASH KICKS OUT!!! Kash pops up, screaming at the referee over the use of the ropes, with the official claiming not to have seen it, but before Kash can turn around … KENDRICK RACES BESIDE HIM, GRABBING HIS HEAD … SLICED BREAD!!! Kendrick hooks the leg, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: AND STILL CRUISERWEIGHT CHAMPION - Brian Kendrick @ 15:55

Kendrick retains!!! The champion looks euphoric, as he is once again presented with the title belt, holding it proudly, having his hand raised in the air. Again, favouring his bad back, Kendrick salutes the fans, climbing the middle ropes, and showing off the title.

Michael Cole: Brian Kendrick remains the Cruiserweight Champion, but Tazz, lets talk about the ending to that sensational contest.

Tazz: Damn, Kid Kash got caught at his own game. Uncharacteristic for Kendrick to resort to using the ropes, but in the end, despite the kick out from Kash, that, for me, was the turning point.

Michael Cole: Absolutely. After that kick out, Kid Kash went straight after the official, complaining over the use of the ropes, and whilst he did that, the champion spotted a fatal opening. As you said though Tazz, an uncharacteristic tactic from Kendrick. But what we do know - if we didn’t already - is that Brian Kendrick is for real.

Tazz: No doubts from me. But Cole, Kid Kash is gonna be kickin himself when we watches this back later. Kendricks tactics may have been questionable, but ultimately, he’s got no one to blame but himself. Big ups to Kendrick.

In the ring, Kash starts to come to, on his hands and knees, forehead resting on the canvas, whilst Kendrick slaps hands with fans on his way up the aisle, overjoyed with his successful defence.



Commercial Break

We return from the commercial, and into the New Wave’s locker room, with Josh Mathews dwarfed by Cade, Dinsmore and Doane who stand around him, whilst Orton is sat back on the couch, but isn’t as relaxed as he appears to be.

Josh Mathews: Gentlemen, tonight has been built as a make or break night for the New Wave. Up until this point, the jury has been out over your perceived dominance over Smackdown, and already tonight, Garrison Cade, Nick Dinsmore, the pair of you failed to become Number One Contenders for the WWE Tag Team Championships. Later, Ken Doane, you’ll face Edge and in tonight’s main event, Randy Orton, you defend your WWE Championship for the first time, against Chris Jericho.

Cade stops Mathews before any real questions have been asked.

Garrison Cade: Hold up, poindexter, don’t disrespect Nick and I like that. Sure, we didn’t win tonight, but in case you hadn’t noticed, it was a fatal four way, and Nick and I … we weren’t even involved in the decision. Trust me, our time is coming to hold the tag belts, whether it’s me and Nick, me and Ken, or Ken and Nick … it’ll happen sooner or later.

Dinsmore takes the mic now, putting his thoughts across.

Nick Dinsmore: And as for this “perceived” dominance?? Where the hell do you get off?? There’s nothing to “perceive” Josh. The New Wave IS the dominant force on Smackdown. We’ve got Arn Anderson splitting hairs, constantly on his toes outta fear over what we’ll do next. We ran Ric Flair outta town … RVD is out of commission thanks to us … and Chris Jericho is gonna follow tonight.

And he passes off to Doane.

Ken Doane: But at least Jericho is gonna have company when he’s wheeled outta here tonight … because Edge is going with him.

Just as Doane gets set to speak again, Orton butts in.

Randy Orton: Listen to yourselves.

The trio look around, with Orton not even giving them a look as he addresses them.

Randy Orton: Where does all this ‘we’ stuff come from?? Huh?? Nick, we didn’t run Ric Flair out of town … I did that. We didn’t send RVD to the hospital at WrestleMania … I did. And tonight, we wont be doing the same to Chris Jericho … I will.

The three stay silent, but none look awfully pleased. Orton meanwhile, stands up, and approaches his amigos.

Randy Orton: And enough of the excuses. Didn’t Shawn Michaels teach you anything when you were playing his court jester, Garrison?? In this business … there is no next time, there is no tomorrow. You want to become WWE Tag Team Champion … then you make every opportunity count. I didn’t wait for a next time, or a next opportunity to become WWE Champion when I won the Money in the Bank contract … I took the first shot I got at WrestleMania.

Orton gets into the big Texans face, trying to intimidate his running mate.


Cade breathes heavily, but nods.

Garrison Cade: I hear ya.

Orton turns away from Cade, and looks to Doane, turning his attention to him instead.

Randy Orton: And you … if you say you’re gonna do something you DO IT. If you say you’re gonna send Edge out of here tonight on a stretcher … THEN YOU DO IT!!!

Doane nods. Orton snarls, before looking at Dinsmore, with The Prodigy expecting a dressing down next.

Instead though the WWE Champion drops the intensity, but makes his point just as clear.

Randy Orton: Be very careful about taking credit for something you had no part in. Very careful.

Orton stares through Dinsmore, making sure the point sinks in. He then looks to all three, making his next point.

Randy Orton: The three of you need to up your game. Because quite frankly, I don’t want to be associated with anything other than the very best … and right now … all three of you are far from it. None of you have earned the right to stand here and proclaim how great we are … because from the outside looking in, the three of you are nothing more than a joke, which means by association … I’m a joke too … and I wont allow that forever.

Cade, Doane and Dinsmore all look rather pissed by the attitude of their leader, whilst Josh Mathews (yeah, he’s still there) tries to get a word in with Orton.

Josh Mathews: Randy-

Randy Orton: WHAT!!??

Josh Mathews: Umm- earlier this evening, Chris Jericho-

Randy Orton: I heard him Josh. I heard … every, single, word. Let me tell you this - and I want the three of you to listen up too - … Chris Jericho can make all the empty threats he pleases, because after tonight, NO ONE will remember a single one … not after what I do to him.

Sheepishly, Mathews asks another question.

Josh Mathews: Uh… could you elaborate on what you meant by that comment??

Momentarily, Orton looks up at Josh, and smiles.

Randy Orton: Let’s just say … since Jericho seems so concerned about what I did to Rob Van Dam … Jericho is going to be sent on a personal visit to Van Dam … courtesy of me.

Orton smiles again, and puts his arm around Mathews, almost whispering in his ear.

Randy Orton: How apt that its Friday the thirteenth, Josh … because I have a feeling Chris Jericho will be cursing this night for the rest of his life.

Fade out…

And to ringside…

Michael Cole: Chilling. Simply, chilling words from the WWE Champion. What kind of dastardly plan could Orton have in store for Chris Jericho tonight??

Tazz: I’ll give ya one guess Cole.

Michael Cole: I dare not think about it. Folks, Randy Orton defends the WWE Championship later tonight against Chris Jericho, but before that match later, the newest addition to the WWE family, Joey Styles, a man you know very well Tazz, who will be the anchor for the upcoming return of WWE Superstars next month, will be sitting down with Montel Vontavious Porter for a special, behind closed doors interview, where he will grill MVP for answers behind his sick assault on Carlito last week.

Tazz: Yeah, great to see Joey back in the big time, and Cole, I know this from personal experience, Joe aint gonna pull any punches with MVP.

Michael Cole: Well, we promised an update on the condition of Carlito, following last weeks attack, with MVP targeting the knees of Carlito. Miraculously, there was no long term damage done to the man from the Caribbean.

Tazz: A very lucky escape if you ask me, Cole. Carlito is only gonna miss about six or eight weeks of action according to our sources. How he managed to avoid a long term lay off is beyond me, but great news.

Michael Cole: And you can bet that once Carlito is back to full health, MVP is going to be top of his agenda.
Tazz: Without a doubt.

Michael Cole: Also-


The music of JBL fills the arena, with the fans instantly showing their lack of love for the self made millionaire.

Michael Cole: One week ago, JBL made a true to form return to Smackdown, throwing himself right into the thick of controversy, calling out, not only The Undertaker, but the Immortal Hulk Hogan too.

The white limo pulls out at the side of the entrance, with the driver opening the door, allowing JBL to step out, and receive his usual reception.

Tazz: Some choice words for The Hulkster last week, and true to his word, JBL is here again tonight. He said he’s gonna keep coming, week on week, until either Hogan or The Deadman show up to shut him up.

Layfield steps onto the stage, looking around the arena, with disdain on his face for the fans, as he begins to walk down the aisle.

Michael Cole: Ladies and Gentlemen, we will hear what JBL has to say for himself this week, in just a few moments time, when we come back from this, commercial break.

Commercial Break

In the ring, JBL has a mic in hand, and begins to speak.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: My word, is my bond. Last week, I told you people that I’d be here, week after week, until Hogan or The Undertaker show their face … here I am.

JBL stops, allowing the fans to voice their displeasure at his attitude.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Last week, I stated that I had a number of issues to address, but only had time to focus on two.

Holds up two fingers.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: I made my points crystal clear on The Undertaker. You all know where I stand. He can run into the sunset, and can hide in amongst the shadows … but through hell or high water, he will be found … and when he is, The Phenom is gonna be held accountable for my period on the sidelines.


John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: And need I remind you people of my thoughts on Hogan??

Initial pop for the mention of Hogan.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Without running the risk of sounding redundant … like you, brother … when you grow a set, or when you find guts, or if you feel like you’re ready for that last pay check … come find me, I’ll be waitin.

JBL looks dead eyed at the camera, before snapping away, and turning to the audience.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Like I said, I’m gonna show up, week after week until one of those two yella bellied cowards have the fortitude to face me … and each week, I intend on airing another grievance.

Layfield looks to the ramp, pausing for a moment, before quite lowly speaking again.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Jamie Noble … I’d like a word.

Small reaction for the forgotten Jamie Noble, as JBL calls out his former ‘Chief of Staff’ during the days of The Cabinet, which disbanded after JBL went down with his injury in November.

Layfield stands still, looking up the aisle, as the arena falls quiet, waiting for the arrival of Noble.


No music plays, as Noble, dressed in his everyday trailer get up, with a ‘WWE’ shirt on, makes his way out. A few fan give him a nice enough reaction, as he walks down the aisle, with a puzzled look on his face.
As he reaches the ring, JBL holds the ropes open for him, with Noble accepting the offer, getting inside the ring. Noble stands inside, sheepishly, unsure of what JBL has to say to him.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield:
Relax, son. You’ve no need to be uptight Jamie.

Noble nods, as JBL smiles.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Since I was put on the shelf, life hasn’t been too easy for you, I gather. Since the Survivor Series, you’ve hardly had a match on television, and even in the few you have had, it’s safe to say you’ve been less than impressive. Is that a fair comment??

Taking a few seconds to think of a response, Noble simply concedes, and nods in agreement.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Good. Son, I admire ya, honestly. For you to come back, week after week, and have your ass literally handed to ya every time you step through these ropes, it takes a lot of courage.

JBL pats Noble on the shoulder, almost patronisingly. Noble still seems uneasy, and doesn’t appear to appreciate the gesture.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: It’s been a struggle for ya, son. Without me around to back ya up, and fight you’re corner, it’s been a severe slide down the totem pole over the last five months. But credit to ya, Jamie Noble … unlike Danny and Doug, you’re still around. You survived. And now that your guardian angel has returned … all is good for Jamie Noble.

JBL smiles broadly at Noble, but Noble still appears unsure.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: But in those five months … things changed.

The smile evaporates on JBL’s face now, into a scowl.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: It became wholly apparent that you, Jamie Noble, are nothing when you have to stand on your own two feet. And son, I don’t have time to carry around baggage like you. After carrying you around for a year and half … it’s obvious that you learned NOTHING!!!

JBL begins to go into bully-boy mode, standing over the much smaller Noble.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: I wasted precious time on a no talent scrub like you, allowing you to learn from a Wrestling Gawd, putting real clothes on your back, and paying thousands of dollars of my own money on elocution lessons to help you talk like a human being, rather than an inbred hick!!

Huge heat for JBL, whilst Noble starts to look angry.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: And now look at ya … you’re back to being Smackdowns whipping boy, you’re talking like the trash you really are, and you’re wearing that same trash!!!

Layfield shoves Noble into the ropes, then grabs his shirt, ripping it off him.


JBL then grabs Nobles head, and shoves him - hard - to the canvas.


Noble tries to get up, but JBL kicks him, literally, in the ass.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: The saying is true … you can take the boy outta the trailer … but you cant take the trailer outta the boy.

More heat for JBL, who stands over Noble, as the former CW champion tries to pick himself up, but JBL puts his foot on his back, stopping him.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: You stay there boy, you stay there, it’s where scum like you belong.

Noble tries to crawl away, but JBL moves in front of him, smiling for a moment, before getting serious again, as he bends slightly to address Noble.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: You should be kissing my feet, you should be begging me to give ya another shot. Well son … I will.

Some strange reactions from the fans, surprised by the change of heart from JBL.

John ’Bradshaw’ Layfield: But I aint gonna be as generous as I was before. You want to be trailer trash?? Fine. I gave you the chance of the high life, but evidently, you belong in the gutter … so Jamie, instead of making a mockery of yourself as a low rent WWE superstar, why don’t you come and work for me.

JBL bends down again, grabbing Noble by the face.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: I could do with a baggage handler. Or how about you be my caddy?? How’s that for ya, boy??

Noble looks JBL, dead in the eye, with the cocky JBL still bent over, grabbing his former friend by the face … AND NOBLE SPITS IN LAYFIELDS FACE!!!

The fans go nuts, with a huge cheer developing inside the arena, but almost immediately, JBL kicks Noble in the face!!!

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: You little, ungrateful, son of a bitch.

Bradshaw then kicks Noble in the ribs, sending his former ally out of the ring.


Boos from the fans, as JBL straightens his jacket up, fixing himself, before turning to the fans, and speaks again, looking ultra serious.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: I don’t have time to waste on vermin like that. I’ve made my point, and it still stands. Hogan, Und-

Jamie Noble: HEY!!!

The fans pop for Noble, as the spirited cruiserweight has picked up a mic at ringside, and cuts JBL off!!! Layfield spins around, and looks furious that Noble has the audacity to interrupt him.

Jamie Noble: JBL, you’re damn right. You cant take the trailer outta the boy. I may be getting my butt whipped every week on Smackdown, but JBL, I’d rather stand on ma own two feet and take a beatin, than stay in your pocket, and be your little puppet.

Cheers for Noble, sticking up for himself.

Jamie Noble: I aint nobodies puppet. I’m Jamie Noble, boy!!! And I’m damn well proud of who I am!!!

Few more cheers for Noble, whilst JBL looks absolutely livid.

Jamie Noble: And I aint gonna take any crap from anybody!!!

Noble then hops onto the apron, and ducks as JBL launches himself at him, thrusting his shoulder in JBL’s mid section, before hopping onto the ropes, and flying off with a clothesline to JBL!!!

The fans roar in approval, as Noble jumps to his feet, barging JBL into the corner, and letting fly with a succession of the blistering rights and lefts, throwing wild shots as JBL tries to cover up!!!

Noble jumps out of the corner, roaring to the heavens, letting out his pent up frustration … but turns around … BOOM!!! Big boot from JBL!!!

Heat fills the arena, as JBL stands over Noble, before looking to the fans. He then rolls up his sleeves, and unbuttons a few of the top buttons on his shirt, before picking Noble up, and hurling him like a rag doll into the corner. Methodically, JBL follows in, measuring Noble up, before delivering a pin point elbow to the face, putting his weight behind it. He strikes with another, before grabbing his former pupil by the face telling him “BIG MISTAKE, SON!!”.

JBL then grabs Noble by the arm … AND HURLS HIM IN … CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL!!! Noble folds up like an accordion, as JBL again stands over the brave cruiserweight, watching him writhe in agony. Layfield though, still isn’t finished, and kicks him under the ropes, sending him to the outside, following out, sticking the point of his heel into the skull of Noble.

Layfield takes Noble back to his feet, taking a look at him, before bieling him through the steel steps!!! As the fans groan, feeling the pain that must be going through Nobles body, JBL still isn’t done, and pushes two medics out of the way, allowing himself to pick up Noble again … and this time … HE HIP TOSSES HIM INTO THE TIMEKEEPERS POSITION!!!

It’s chaos, as Chimmel, Yeaton and a few others all tumble to the floor with Noble landing right on top of them. JBL wades through the sea of bodies, picking the lifeless Noble up again, dragging him back out, and grabbing a steel chair at the same time, holding Noble up. He then lets go of Noble, with the battered Noble already falling back down, but as he does, JBL makes sure of it, with a thunderous CHAIR SHOT TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD!!!

Emphatically, Layfield slams the chair into the ground, before raising his arms in the air, to a chorus of boos.


JBL stands in victory for a few seconds, before turning away, and grabbing his cowboy hat, and leaving the ringside area, as a bunch of medics surround the battered Jamie Noble.

Michael Cole: We need serious medical attention for Jamie Noble here, Tazz.

Tazz: You aint kidding. That kid just took a heck of a beating.

Michael Cole: An absolutely uncalled for beating if you ask me, Tazz. He made his point with a Clothesline from Hell. The rest of that assault was just sickening.

Tazz: But what the heck got into Jamie Noble. I mean, credit to the kid for standing up for himself, but- well, there’s only ever gonna be one winner in a fight between Jamie Noble and JBL.

Michael Cole: Noble simply had enough. He was humiliated and embarrassed by JBL this evening, and I don’t blame him for fighting his corner. We all know it, Tazz, JBL is nothing but a damn bully!!!

Tazz: Be that as it may, but JBL made a huge statement of intent tonight. And if you ask me, I’d say part of that assault was meant as a message for Hulk Hogan and The Undertaker. Those are two men at the top of JBL’s agenda.

Michael Cole: Thankfully, Jamie Noble is getting the help he needs here, and when we return from this commercial, Ken Doane of the New Wave will be taking on ‘The Rated R Superstar’, the man who came within a whisker of becoming the Number One Contender last week … that man is Edge. And that match is next!!

Commercial Break

We return, with Maria standing by backstage…

Maria: Hi guys, it’s Maria, and I’m with Edge right now, just a few minutes before he faces Ken Doane.

Unshaven, Edge is brought into view, looking pissed off.

Maria: Umm, Edge, last week, you lost the chance to become the Number One Contender, but tonight-

Without looking, Edge grabs the mic from Maria. He holds the mic, then gives Maria ‘THE STARE’, before speaking.

Edge: Jus- Just SHUT UP, okay?? I don’t want to hear your- your whiny, bimbo voice, okay??

Maria, looking scared, leans back, nodding her head.

Edge: Yeah, last week it was Chris Jericho, this week, I’m babysitting Ken Doane for Arn Anderson to make sure his precious main event tonight goes off without a hitch.

Edge shows a disingenuous smirk.

Edge: You know what- FINE. Fine, I’ll play along. Better than that- I’m gonna go a step further, Maria. Tonight, I’m gonna make sure Ken Doane cant help Randy Orton in any way shape or form for the foreseeable future.

Stopping for a moment, Edge looks at Maria, as if for her to ‘get’ what he means.

Edge: Not because I agree with Chris Jericho, and his self righteousness, or- or his quest for justice for Rob Van Dam and the almighty Ric Flair. No. Frankly, I couldn’t give a crap about RVD or Ric Flair. All I care about, is getting my one on one shot at the WWE title.

Edge smiles, but the smile quickly fades.

Edge: That’s why tonight, I’m gonna destroy- scratch that. I’m going to annihilate Ken Doane, not to aide Chris Jericho, far from it. I’m gonna take out Ken Doane … (through gritted teeth) … BECAUSE I’M PISSED OFF!!!

Edge tries to calm himself, but just gets more worked up.

Edge: I- EDGE, should be in tonight’s main event. I- EDGE, should be winning the WWE Championship for the first time tonight- DAMN IT - I SHOULD BEEEE W-W-E CHAMPIONNNN … but once again … ONCE AGAIN … I’m on the outside, looking in. I’M SICK OF IT!!!

Maria leans back, as Edge gets in her face, straining his neck, pulling at his hair.

Edge: Tonight, I’m taking out this pent up aggression on Ken Doane … and it’s ironic really … it’s ironic that Ken Doane is called ‘The Future’ isn’t it?? Because once I’m through venting my frustration on him, Ken Doane isn’t gonna have much of a future left.

Allowing himself a sinister smirk, Edge continues.

Edge: And after that, if I have to, I’ll go through Nick Dinsmore and Garrison Cade too. I will go through all three of the stooges if I have to if it means I get a shot at Orton. And if Jericho strikes lucky again tonight, I will do whatever it takes to get my hands on his scrawny neck. Maria, simply put, I don’t give a rats ass who I have to go through to get it … but I WILL … get the W-W-E title.

Edge then storms off the interview set as we cut into the arena…


Ken Doane enters the arena for undoubtedly, the biggest singles match of his career, as he prepares to take on Edge.

He looks confident enough, as he strolls to the ring, sliding inside, and running the ropes, getting amped up for a huge opportunity to make a name for himself.


Emerging from the smoke, Edge enters the stage, looking rough, as he storms down the aisle, wasting no time to get in the ring.

Match 4:
Ken Doane vs. Edge
From the outset, Edge goes in for the kill, opening up with an assault on Doane, pounding him into the corner, letting his fists fly, as he unloads his anger, whilst ‘The Future’ does his best to survive the opening onslaught. Despite the opening moments suggesting a squash, it’s far from it. Whilst the result is never in doubt, Doane puts in a mighty good showing, taking advantage of the fragile mental state of Edge to get into the match, making the most of Edge’s reckless behaviour. Doane scores a really close near fall on a snap DDT, after a period of dominance, which appears to waken Edge from his slumber.

Doane sends Edge into the corner, and runs in, but gets a boot from Edge, sparking the Rated R Superstar into life, as he goes on the full attack again. Doane, to his credit, hangs in there, kicking out of the offence from Edge, including the Buzz Killer, and puts up a fight, coming back at Edge, ducking out of the corner as Edge raced in for a corner Spear, and rolled him up for a near fall, before catching Edge with a Russian Leg Sweep, getting a near fall again. Doane then attempts to finish the match off, climbing the ropes for the top rope Leg Drop … BUT EDGE MOVES!!! Edge then sets himself, as Doane struggles to get to his feet … and as soon as he does … SPEAR!!! Edge has it won, making the emphatic cover, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Edge @ 06:16

Edge scores a win, as expected, but as soon as the count is made … EDGE GOES BACK TO WORK, HAMMERING DOANE!!! Edge places Doane in a crucifix position, trapping his arms, hammering away, with Doane unable to free himself or defend himself from the onslaught. The referee helplessly tries to pull Edge off, but cant get him away.

More referees run to the ring, with security also joining the procession, as they struggle, but eventually pull Edge away. Edge though, wriggles free, and SPEARS the first official in his path.

The security now leap on Edge, restraining the Rated R Superstar as he goes over the edge (pun intended) tonight. Ken Doane rolls to safety, and stumbles up the aisle, whilst in the ring, Edge is placed in cuffs - not for his safety - but for everyone else.

Michael Cole: He has lost it Tazz!! Edge is out of control!!!

Tazz: Yeah, you’re tellin me. The guy has gone nuts!!!

Michael Cole: Edge came out here tonight with the pure intention of maiming Ken Doane. Those shots after the bell were just sick to watch. Ken Doane was simply defenceless, as Edge hammered away at him. Edge’s quest for the WWE Championship has sent him completely over the edge.

Tazz: Unstable dude right there, Cole. If I were Jericho and Orton, I’d be very worried about having this guy on my tail.

Edge is dragged from the ring, looking wild eyed, as he struggles from the security team, but is overpowered, as we then get a graphic.


Michael Cole: Ladies and Gentlemen, coming up next, Joey Styles sits down, face to face with the man that destroyed Carlito last week. Why did he go so far?? We’ll find out, after this.

Commercial Break

We return, in a nice room, with Joey Styles sat alongside MVP, with Porter sporting the bling as always.

Joey Styles: M.V.P, thank you for joining me at this time, n-

M.V.P: Hey, hey- the pleasure is all yours Joey. I didn’t want to do this little get together. Old man Anderson put me up to it.

Feeling slightly uncomfortable, Styles exhales, and slowly nods, getting the point.

Joey Styles: Okay, well, be that as it may, thank you for joining me. Montel, tonight, we’re here to discuss the incident that occurred after Carlitos match, in which you brutally assaulted him.

Styles stops momentarily, being thrown off by seeing MVP smile. Joey shakes his head, before continuing.

Joey Styles: And in my eyes, the attack wasn’t a spare of the moment thing either. What you did last week was cold and calculated, planned to the finest detail. You picked your spot, and you made a conscious decision to target Carlitos knees using that television camera.

M.V.P: Damn right, Joe.

Porter continues to smile, fixing his chains.

Joey Styles: All in all, thankfully, reports have surfaced that miraculously Carlito didn’t sustain any long term damage to his knees, and sh-

MVP scoffs.

M.V.P: A miracle if you ask me Joe. After the beat down I put on that boy last week, he’s the luckiest man walkin- (smirks) well, he aint walkin, is he??

Montel looks over at Styles, with a cocky grin etched on his face. Styles though remains unfazed.

M.V.P: Naw, Carlito’s the luckiest man on crutches. After the number I did on him last week, he oughta be retired. And if the guy has any sense in that head of his, he’ll stay far, far away from Friday Night Smackdown, because he wont survive an attack like that again. I assure you that.

Again, MVP looks pleased with himself, whilst Styles remains emotionally detached.

M.V.P: Now I thought this was supposed to be some kinda sit down interview. Right now it seems like I’m doin a whole lotta talkin, and you’re sittin there bobbin your head like a mute. How bout it?? I aint got all day ya know.

Remaining calm, Styles takes a look at his notes, before continuing.

Joey Styles: Okay, let’s cut to the main issue here. Why?? Why such a heinous assault?? Surely Montel, Carlito ending your undefeated streak-

Porter butts in.

M.V.P: Think I’ll stop ya there, Joe. See, people seem to be forgetting that the only reason I lost to Carlito two weeks ago, was down to inept refereeing. Charles Robinson couldn’t wait to see me lose, and got so over excited he counted to three before my shoulders even hit the mat. As far as I’m concerned Joe, I’m STILL undefeated. The thing that gets me outta all this though, is the fact that suddenly, Carlito thinks he’s better than me. He got lucky one time. One time Joe, for less than three seconds. That fool didn’t beat me two weeks ago, hell no. Carlito had a victory gifted to him by a moronic referee.

Styles interjects.

Joey Styles: With all due respect, replays have not only shown that the three count was perfectly legitimate, but your shoulders were indeed on the mat for the duration of the count.

M.V.P: You interrupt me again?? We’re gonna be havin some serious problems.

Joey puts his hands up as an apology.

M.V.P: Forget the cover, it doesn’t change the past now anyway. The result stands, and it will forever. But what gets me, is than in ten years time, when I’m being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, I’m always gonna be the guy that suffered his first loss to an afro wearing nobody, that will ONLY ever be remembered for beating me one time.

Joey Styles: So, can I assume your reasoning for the assault last week was down to the fact that you didn’t feel Carlito was worthy enough to be in competition with you??

M.V.P: Aint down to what I think Joe. I KNOW Carlito aint worthy enough for me to waste my time on. I’m the M.V.P on Smackdown, and I got bigger fish to fry than some one dimensional flash in the pan. You want the scoop, right Joe?? You want to dig into my psyche?? I’ll tell ya why I took out Carlito last week.

MVP sits forward.

M.V.P: That smile.

Styles narrows his brows, and leans forward, puzzled.

M.V.P: That cheese eating grin. The moment he lucked out and beat me, he had that damn smirk on his face, and y’know what it said to me Joey?? I’m better than you. That piece of garbage honestly believed when he beat me two weeks ago … that he was better than me. ME!! The highest paid superstar in Smackdown history, he thought he was better than me. Joey, NO ONE is better than MVP.

Styles fixes his glasses, thinking over the last comment.

Joey Styles: Surely though, you must know that your actions last week, despite your grievance, were totally unacceptable, and out of order. What you did last week, cannot be justified because you didn’t like how Carlito smiled after his victory. S-

Porter stops Styles.

M.V.P: I think I’ve heard enough outta you Styles. Pretty obvious to me that you havent done your research, like a real interviewer would. You don’t know about me, you don’t know where I came from, or what I had to do to get to where I am today. Where I come from, you gotta do whatever you can to get ahead. Where I come from, that assault on Carlito last week woulda been nothin.

Porter leans back, setting himself, getting his wording reading before he speaks.

M.V.P: In my position, the highest paid superstar in Smackdown history … I got a lotta eyes fixed on my actions. I cant afford to be seen losin to the likes of Carlito, you know what that does to my rep?? Huh?? I gotta be laying down the law when someone makes a fool outta me, and that‘s what I did last week. Yeah, it was personal. Carlito having the audacity to beat me two weeks ago MADE IT personal. Make no mistake about it Joe, last week I didn’t go out there with the intention of sending a message to Carlito … I went out there with the intention of ending his career. As far as he should be concerned, he should be thanking the lord, because by the grace of God, he’s gonna be okay.

Montel then sits forward again, but turns to the camera.

M.V.P: And Carlito, if you’re watching?? I’d like to make something real clear so we don’t get confused with where we’re at. When you come back, you stay outta my path. You keep out of my company, outta my area, boy, you don’t even LOOK in my directions. You get in my grill … just once?? There will be trouble, and it wont be cool.

MVP sits back again, whilst Styles still has something to say.

Joey Styles: I assume by that statement Montel, that you believe your future lies elsewhere?? I think I speak for the many fans watching out there that perhaps, you owe it to the fans, yourself, and even Carlito … for the two of you to meet once more, and settle the issue once and for all.

Porters eyes bug at the thought, and Joey sits back slightly, perhaps wary of getting hit.

M.V.P: Didn’t you just hear me?? I will destroy Carlito if he pokes his damn nose in my business ever again. Joe, I’m above the likes of Carlito. He’s in the past as far as I’m concerned, and he oughta be thinking the same. My future Joe?? It lies elsewhere … I think it’s about time that Mr. 305 starting thinking about getting himself an accessory … some bling … around my waist. You know what I’m saying??

Styles nods. Still though, he wont give up his point.

Joey Styles: Before we end though Montel, can I get a definitive answer. Should Carlito, when he is fit and healthy, challenge you to one more match, will you accept??

Porter sits silently, staring a hole through Styles. MVP starts to breathe more heavily, before slowly pulling his mic off, and getting up off the seat, and storms from the interview set.

Back to ringside…

Michael Cole: No remorse, no sense of guilt. Does MVP have a conscience??

Tazz: Well, he’s got everything money can buy, but I guess he doesn’t think he needs a conscience. And hey, it looks like it works for him.

Michael Cole: Sickening comments from MVP. He’s showed himself up to be nothing more Tazz, nothing more than a common thug.

Tazz: Don’t let him hear you say that.


We return, backstage, where Edge is being hauled into a police van, still seemingly seething. As this goes on, GM Arn Anderson tries to talk sense into him.

Arn Anderson: This is for the best, son. You need to cool off, you’re a damn loose cannon, and I cant have you goin nuts during this main event. I need this main event to pass off without incident. Now cool off. Your chance is gonna come, you just gotta be patient.

Still struggling with the officers, Edge pushes forward, getting into Andersons face.


Edge is hauled back into the van, as the doors are shut, and the van pulls away. Anderson rubs his head, showing the strain of an out of control roster in recent times, and it’s not about to get easier.

Voice: Stressed??

Anderson turns around … it’s Randy Orton.

Randy Orton: You know Arn, maybe it’s time you called it a day … and joined Ric in the retirement home. By the looks of things, you’re starting to lose grip as the General Manager of Smackdown.

Anderson rolls his eyes, and shakes his head. He ignores the comment from Orton, and gets to a point of his own.

Arn Anderson: I heard what ya said earlier Randy. Kid, you pull any of your old stunts tonight against Jericho … so help me God-

Randy Orton: You’ll do what??

Orton smirks, looking down at the General Manager, smirking, as Anderson stays silent.

Randy Orton: Just like I thought … absolutely nothing. Oh, Arn- better tell the EMT's to keep the motor running ... I think there may just be an emergency soon.

The champion turns and leaves, as Anderson rubs his eyes, pushing his glasses up, showing the evident strain the job is having on him.

Back to ringside…

Michael Cole: In just a few moments, it will be time for our main event. The New Wave are barred from ringside. It’s Chris Jericho, one on one with Randy Orton for the WWE Championship. Jericho feels it’s his duty to become champion, but Orton has promised a Friday the Thirteenth to forget for Jericho.

Tazz: I’ve been waiting for this all week Cole!!!

Michael Cole: Well next week, the road to Judgment Day will officially begin!! After his successful title defence tonight, Brent Albright will learn his next contender to challenge him at Judgment Day. It will be a TWENTY MAN battle royal!!! The winner goes to the American Airlines Arena in Miami on May 20 and will challenge Brent Albright for the U.S title!!!

Tazz: Wow.

Michael Cole: And of course, the Mad Murdoch Twins get their first ever opportunity at the WWE Tag Team Titles!! Next week Trevor and Festus will challenge Americas Most Wanted!! Have the Murdochs got what it takes to dethrone AMW??

Tazz: No way, no how partner.

Michael Cole: And Tazz, how about this- you’ve got to admire this kids courage. Jamie Noble has challenged JBL to a match, NEXT WEEK, on Smackdown!!!

Tazz: Oh boy. Good night Noble, if JBL accepts that. Nice knowing ya.

Michael Cole: IF, JBL accepts, it will be his first match in over five months. Will JBL face his former ‘Chief of Staff’?? Find out, next week on Smackdown.


Chris Jericho enters to a big pop, as he stands on the stage, and looks around the Kemper Arena, before making his way down the aisle.

Michael Cole: Can Chris Jericho become the WWE Champion once again?? We are set to find out in just a few moments!!!

Commercial Break


Orton makes his long, dragged out entrance, with Jericho pacing around the ring, looking to get to the action, not happy to wait much longer…

Randy Orton vs. Chris Jericho
It’s a cagey opening, with both men getting a slender advantage at different stages in the early going. Orton overpowers Jericho in the initial lock ups, but gets a little too overconfident, allowing Jericho to fight his way into the battle, putting Orton on the back foot, as he opens up with big forearms, backing Orton into the corner, before letting fly with an array of knife edge chops. Jericho then ups the pace of the contest, outmanoeuvring Orton, using his speed to his advantage.

With Orton on the back foot, Jericho appears to be growing in confidence, but as he sends the champion off the ropes, Orton hangs on, and kicks Jericho away as the challenger bends down. Orton then comes at Y2J, but Jericho back body drops him over the ropes, sending the champion to the floor!!! The fans pop, with Jericho getting to his feet, picking his spot as Orton gets up, baseball sliding Randy, sending him into the barrier!!! Jericho waits as Orton pulls himself together, then launches over the ropes, splashing onto the champion, getting a pop from the fans.

Jericho keeps on the front foot, letting fly with more knife edge chops on the outside, before getting Orton in position for a suplex, but instead of a vertical suplex, Jericho drops him on the barricade with a front suplex, as Orton falls backward into the fans, as Jericho rolls in and out of the ring, breaking the count, before reaching over the barrier, and hauling Orton back over, and rolls him inside the ring. Jericho climbs the buckles, and waits as Orton stumbles to his feet, and flies off, delivering a reverse elbow off the top rope, getting a near fall, with Orton BARELY surviving.

The challenger pulls Orton back up, keeping on top, but Orton fires back with a knee to the gut, before running off the ropes, but Jericho side steps him, and sends the champion over the top rope, and onto the ring apron. Orton looks dazed, and struggles to pull himself up, whilst Jericho waits for a moment, and jumps to the middle rope, before delivering the springboard dropkick, sending Orton back to the floor!!! Jericho motions to the fans, getting another pop, as we head out to the final commercial of the evening.


And we return, with Orton miraculously in control, and yep, you guessed it, he’s got the CHINLOCK (OF DOOM~!!) applied. As this goes on, we get clips of during the break, where Jericho catapulted Orton into the ringpost, and then got caught with a power slam in the ring from Orton after running off the ropes, which caused the swing back into the champions favour. He has the hold locked in tight, but Jericho musters a fight back, elbowing out of the hold, and ups the pace again, with Orton unable to catch him, as Jericho delivers with a succession of running forearms, with a number of knockdowns, then trips Orton down, looking for the Walls of Jericho … but Orton counters, WITH A CRADLE … 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

Jericho slips out, with Orton popping up too, and as Jericho charges … ORTON LOOKS FOR THE RKO … BUT JERICHO DRIVES HIM INTO THE CORNER INSTEAD … THEN ROLLS HIM UP … 1...2...NO!!! Orton escapes the pin, and as the two men get to their feet, JERICHO LOOKS TO SURPRISE WITH THE CODEBREAKER … BUT ORTON DODGES IT!!! Jericho lands on the canvas, as Orton instantly drops a knee onto the head of the challenger, and hooks the leg, 1...2...NO!!! Orton looks furious, but drags Jericho up quickly, moving in for the kill … AND DELIVERS HIS NECK/BACK BREAKER trademark move!!! The cover is made, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

Somehow, Jericho got a shoulder up!!! Orton though, continues to press, giving Jericho no time to recover, and drags the challenger up, sending him off the ropes, but as Jericho comes back, he ducks under a clothesline, then comes off the opposite side, charging at Orton … but Orton leaps over … then turns around … AND IS TAKEN DOWN BY JERICHO … WALLS OF JERICHO APPLIED!!! Orton writhes in pain, locked in the submission hold, with Jericho eagerly wrenching back, looking for the title win … BUT ORTON DIGS DOWN … AND REACHES OUT … MAKING THE ROPES!!!

Now, it’s Jericho in disbelief, letting go at the referees count of four, but stomps wildly at Orton, before being restrained. Jericho argues with the official, but takes too long, as the desperate Orton launches himself at Jericho, knocking him off his feet with a blistering clothesline!!! Orton stumbles into the ropes, showing the amount of velocity behind the move, whilst Jericho lays on the mat. Orton steadies himself, and looks over at Jericho, who is slowly moving, and gets back in on him, striking Jericho on the canvas with a load of stiff right hands, keeping him down.

The champion drags Jericho up, and with everything he’s got, sends the challenger into the corner HARD. Jericho hit’s the turnbuckles, with Orton charging in after him … BUT JERICHO MOVES … AND ORTON HIT’S THE CORNER!!! Jericho, out of desperation … races in, RUNNING BULLDOG CONNECTS … AND WITHOUT HESITATION … DELIVERS THE LIONSAULT!!! The fans are on their feet, as Jericho crawls to hook the leg … 1...2...SHOULDER UP!!!

Kansas City goes into shock. They cant believe it isn’t over!!! And neither can Jericho in the ring!!! Jericho holds up three fingers to the official, protesting the count, giving Orton time to recover. Jericho continues to badger the official, slapping his hands three times, arguing the count, in a state of despair that this match isn’t over. The challenger turns around, giving up his argument, and moves to Orton, bending to drag him up … AS ORTON POUNCES … RKO!!! Orton stays down for a moment, before crawling, seemingly for an eternity, before draping his arm over Jericho … 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

Orton sits up, hands over his head, mouth wide open, looking down at Jericho, who just wont quit. He now unleashes his anger on Jericho, going behind him in a seated position, and begins to strike with pure venom, unloading with stiff forearms to the chest, lighting Jerichos chest to a beet red. Orton stops after over a dozen, and gets to his feet, kicking the ropes to further show his frustration, before looking over at Jericho, then sets himself, readying himself for the finish, as Jericho struggles to make it to his feet … RKO … CONNECTS!!! The champion covers, 1...2...FOOT ON THE BOTTOM ROPE!!!

Jericho survives AGAIN!!! In anger, Orton pounds the mat, yelling in anger, before willing Jericho up, looking to finish proceedings once and for all. Somehow, with the help of the ropes, Jericho is making it to his feet, and falls into the corner, absolutely exhausted, but somehow, has the energy to challenge Orton to bring it on, giving the champion the ‘FUCK YOU’ salute - bad move. Orton roars, before dragging the defenceless challenger out of the corner, RKO!!! A third RKO, and Orton makes the cover, 1...2...NO??? Orton lifts Jerichos head off the canvas!!!

Suddenly, the mood has changed, as the eyes of the champion change dramatically. Orton looks at Jericho, surely beaten, and slaps him. Jericho crumbles back down, as Orton pushes himself to his feet, and backs away. The fans seemingly realise what is set to go down, as does the official, who pleads with Orton to finish it already. Orton though, shoves the referee away … AND RUNS ACROSS … AND PUNTS JERICHO IN THE SKULL!!!!! Jericho is lifeless. The fans show Orton what they think with ungodly heat, as Orton taps Jerichos torso with his boot to make sure he’s out, before putting his boot on the challengers chest, ordering the count from that position, with Armstrong duly obliging, knowing Jericho needs help, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: AND STILL WWE CHAMPION - Randy Orton @ 24:35

Paramedics are already in the ring, as the bell rings, and Ortons music plays into the arena. Jericho is in serious trouble, whilst Orton looks down on him, with an emotionless look on his face the entire time.

Arn Anderson is even in the ring now, laying by Jericho, asking the medics how bad is it, whilst Orton rests his belt over his shoulder, nonchalantly backing out of the ring, as if he hadn’t a care in the world.

The champion exit’s the ring, with Cole and Tazz both off commentary, both also now in the ring, looking to see how bad a condition Jericho is in, whilst Double A gets up, rubbing his head, shaking his head ruefully, before turning his attention to the aisle, as Orton continues to back up, showing no remorse, no emotion. Anderson looks ready to explode in the ring as he stares out Orton, not saying a word, but his face says it all.

In the ring, we are left with the image of the unconscious Jericho being loaded onto a stretcher, lifeless … as we fade to black.

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Re: Being The Booker

SmackDown! Feedback

As I said, been hanging out for this since, so looking forward to it. Opening up with a video package showing why Jericho is challenging for the title tonight was smart, with some nice hype for your massively stacked card from the announcers coming too.

Opening with London vs. Albright was no surprise, but the events that followed certainly were. While I expected a screwy finish, I have to admit that I never expected this and it really works well, since everyone involved comes off looking good. Albright looks like a vicious son of a bitch, London looks like he still has momentum against Albright with Albright having to screw him over to retain the title, and we also get the feud to continue on. Really good booking, with the way you drilled the angle home afterwards only making it seem oh so much more significant. Top stuff.

AMW on commentary was great. Michael Cole paedophile jokes get a definite thumbs up from me. The action throughout the match seemed solid, with it nice to see you making a point of ensuring lots of tags were made, getting everyone involved. The Mad Murdoch Twins definitely shows how lacking the tag division currently is, but at least you know that and are trying to work on it. Hopefully we see some new teams hit the scene soon.

Arrogance from Kendrick? I love it. With faces seemingly being his biggest threat (let’s face it: Kash isn’t taking that gold back), turning Kendrick heel could be very fun and could really make him the guy to lead the cruiserweight division into a more prominent position. Liking the signs.

A huge pop for Jericho? The face turn is also complete, although it needs a little something more, methinks. Liking the continuation of Jericho’s turn with him bringing up RVD and Flair, and even the fans to drill home that he is turning. A little more personality in the second part of the promo which was good to see, and with Jericho continuing to play through to the crowd, it looks like he’s almost there as a face. He still, imo, needs something more to tip him over the edge, which as I said in my earlier comments, will hopefully be in the main event.

After the two had a somewhat short match at WrestleMania, it is again good to see you making a point of giving the two a chance to shine on SmackDown!, with their actual wrestling probably being enough to keep the fans excited. Apart from the wording being a little confusing before the break (I assume Kash took the advantage, although aside from taking a break, I’m not sure how he did so) the action progressed nicely, with a pretty good tease at a Kendrick comeback, only for the big counter to Sliced Bread being used well. The ending was done very nicely, with again, good emphasis being put on the big picture here of Kendrick attempting to cheat a victory out of Kash. As I said, this heel turn has the potential to help the division big time, and I’m liking thus far.

Evan Bourne is a guy who against Kendrick would certainly be exciting. Looking forward to seeing him come to SmackDown!.

While lacking any distinct character, The New Wave were decent in the early going, with Cade, Dinsmore and Doane all showing some nice cockiness. However, Orton owning things up was out and out awesome. Using his own experiences of using Money in the Bank instantly was good against Cade, as were the messages to Doane and Dinsmore, both of which had very nice characterization and screamed Orton. Hopefully that speech against the trio will lead to something, which hopefully is dominance, rather than a breakup since breaking the stable up isn’t really going to benefit anyone. Orton message afterwards to Jericho was also great, with good plays on both the date and Jericho’s earlier promo. Loving how you’ve been writing Orton ever since he’s won the title, as really, I think he may be your best promo guy right now.

Definitely glad to see JBL back in the thread, as he can be of good use, imo. On from the beginning here, JBL was pretty impressive, reiterating his points well, with nice lines on ‘Taker ‘hiding in the shadows’ and the little cheat shot at Hogan with the ‘like you, brother’ both coming off very well. JBL calling Noble out was certainly a surprise, and while I’ve had a look back at the past of this thread, I haven’t read too much on the version of The Cabinet that you had running. Playing up Noble’s situation well, I loved the turn on Noble from JBL, looking like he was sympathising with him, only to ramp the intensity up very impressively. Noble taking a stand against JBL was pretty damn well done, and the pitbull type attitude from Noble was great to see. JBL winning the brawl was the right move since he’s obviously higher on the card, but you did give Noble a chance to fight, and maybe even hinted at a possible future Noble/JBL match, to occupy some time while we wait for either ‘Taker or Hogan. Aggressiveness from JBL to finish this segment was nice, with a pretty impressive showing all round here.

Wow, Edge on fire here in probably the best promo he’s cut since I’ve been actively reading this thread. Intensity early, sarcasm towards the GM, and almost a manic tone throughout. Making his point clear in that he’s going after the WWE Championship, I loved how Edge also kept his heat by saying he wasn’t doing anything for Flair or RVD. More intensity to finish it off, with a nice line about Doane’s future to go along with it. Loving the manic Edge in this promo, as this is when he’s at his absolute best. Awesome.

I’m never big on heel vs. heel matches since it leaves the crowd with no one to really cheer for, although this match did have some reasoning behind it which is good. Giving Doane some offense was also the right move, imo, while giving Edge a clean victory to keep him looking strong. Edge going nuts on Doane also shows his wild state well, while since Edge was the one to almost send Doane to hospital as opposed to Doane doing it to Edge, I’ll be interested to see if anything comes of it New Wave wise, especially with Orton being pissed off earlier.

A nice bit of cockiness from MVP early on in the promo, before showing the more sadistic side that you’ve developed for him with him smiling about the assault, and talking about how next time he won’t survive. The making excuses stuff was alright too from MVP, while I loved him talking about how he’ll be inducted into the Hall of Fame and how Carlito wasn’t even worthy of beating him. A great showing of confidence. Using the past of MVP to make his character badass like this is a very good move, as it gives MVP another dimension as a heel, so I really liked you also having MVP talk about his past and what he had to do. MVP not wanting to face Carlito again is interesting, as surely they’ll be going against each other at Judgment Day. I’ll be very interested to see how you get MVP to accept that match before then. As a whole, I really liked this interview, as you’ve given MVP another aspect to his character which definitely bodes well for him.

Nice way to play up the lust for gold from Edge here, with Anderson also playing enforcer to protect his main event. Orton continuing to get in Anderson’s face is interesting, as it seems to hint at Flair coming back at any time to fight for his old buddy against the guy that took him out. Interesting segment.

Already a pretty good card for next week, eh? Glad to see Noble getting a chance to go against JBL, as he really could be something if used right.

Standard opening to the huge match here, with the face getting the early advantage and hitting some exciting offense, such as the dives to the outside. Surprised Jericho kept his momentum going all of the way up to the first break, although it clearly shows your intentions to make the battle between the two a long one. Orton looking for the RKO not long after the break was a bit of a surprise considering all we know he had hit up until that point was the powerslam and the chinlock, as was Jericho going for the Codebreaker, which despite Jericho having hit a bit more offense, maybe came a bit too early for my liking. Despite the finishing stretch maybe coming a bit soon, the action picked up nicely, with a finisher kickout which I don’t mind since you made a point out of making sure we knew Jericho took his time in getting the cover. The psychology behind the finish of the match, with Jericho not quitting, prompting Orton to go nuts and lift his shoulder up off the mat and punt the shit through him made perfect sense, and is officially what was needed to completely turn Jericho face, while also allowing Orton to deliver on his word and look good in the process. The ending with everyone tending to Jericho was well done too, leaving us with the image of Jericho down as the show closes. Good stuff.

All in all, a very impressive show, with SmackDown! really now starting to really kick in to gear a few weeks after the draft. The two concerns are the lack of depth in both the tag and main event scenes atm, although the tag division looks like it’ll be built up. As far as the main event scene goes, I’m not too sure. If I had to guess at this point, I’d say we’re headed to a return from Flair and Flair vs. Orton at Judgment Day, although that doesn’t exactly scream Pay-Per-View main event. With Jericho, RVD, ‘Taker and Lesnar now all out, you really only have Edge and Orton as main event players though, so I’m thinking it’ll have to be Flair vs. Orton, since heel/heel matches generally don’t work well. Anyway, my guesswork on the main event scene aside, everything on SmackDown! seems to be clicking nicely, with angles continuing to progress well. Good stuff.

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Re: Being The Booker

Smackdown Feedback

Starting off with a United States title match on a show that may have the most stacked card for a weekly show I’ve ever seen? Fuck yeah, I sure as hell am not complaining. The attack from Albright was pretty cool, as not only does it give him more heat, it once again puts over the fact that he’s a fighting champion. Paul London of course wouldn’t be happy, as you alluded to after the match, but I think he still will eventually become US Champion. As clever as this was to make Albright look practically invincible, and a clever champion, the way London has been booked lately in this thread, I think he’ll get the title because Albright could now possibly be ready to move on to bigger and better things. Anyway, this was a good way to open the show, even if I was a little disappointed that the match didn’t take place properly, but I’m sure there will be a rematch some time in the future.

at James Storm and Chris Harris, they pretty much OWNED on commentary, and yeah, surprisingly enough, they made me laugh, which is something that doesn’t happen often while I’m reading, so I guess that means you did something right. Ugh, was not happy with the result of this match at all, I understand you’re in the process of rebuilding your tag division, but I don’t think giving The Mad Murdoch twins a shot is the right way to go. As far as I’m concerned, I would have liked you to be a little less biased, and give Booker T and Elijah Burke, because despite your hate for the ‘over the hill performer’ they were the most credible tag team, and just looking past them like that, doesn’t really make sense to me. AMW will be happy though, since there’s no chance they will lose to the jobber team that they will eventually have to face.

A decent little segment with the three faces of the Cruiserweight division here. Chavo sounded rather generic, although that’s pretty much his character at the moment, Super Crazy was nice and indistinct, but I was interested by Kendrick’s attitude. I have a little theory on what is going on with Kendrick and I’ll let you know a little later on after his match up, but I can say, that if I am right, I will be pleased .

The Chris Jericho interview was in character pretty much from start to finish. You had him be serious, while also having a little joke here in there, while also cramming in a few of his catchphrases; I just really thought this was a great interview. It shows that Jericho is really beginning to catch on as a face, but despite that, I still can’t see him getting the victory tonight.

The Cruiserweight Championship match was written okay, nothing overly great, IMO, but the write up doesn’t really matter, it’s the result that does. I’m not sure exactly what is going on with Kash from here, but I think for awhile he is going to have to step out of the picture. I believe a Kendrick/Chavo feud is the way to go, and Kendrick grabbing the ropes, and being over confident in his earlier segment, really just makes me believe in my prediction even more. Kendrick is going to become a fully fledged heel, when he eventually gives his “friends” their shots at the Cruiserweight Title, and he does whatever it takes to win. I also believe that this is why Paul London will win the US Title, its because at the moment all your champions are going to be heels, and Kendrick is pretty much going to be a carbon copy of Albright as champion, therefore one of them, IMO Albright, needs to lose the strap.

Evan Bourne would help build up the Cruiserweight division even more, although I’m not to sure with how he will fit in, with me being pretty much set on Kendrick/Guerrero to carry the division for awhile.

Another good interview here with The New Wave and Randy Orton. I don’t mind the cocky youngsters as part of New Wave, I think it’s a nice way to give them all a rub, but I think they really do need to start picking up some victories. As for Orton, I liked the way he let them know that he is the man who did all those things, perhaps hinting towards the youngsters eventually abandoning Orton. I don’t know exactly when it will happen, but I think you have to pull the pin on this New Wave thing sooner or later, as that way, when the youngsters turn face, they can all be on the way up. As for tonight, Orton’s sadistic attitude continues to impress, I just hope he doesn’t put Jericho on the shelf. Oh and nice little line about Friday the thirteenth at the end, I thought that was pretty cool.’

Carlito is going to be out for six to eight weeks? I’m not really happy with that at all, although I guess it does give MVP some heat. I’m just worried about two little things regarding this situation, I’m scared Carlito is going to lose some well built momentum, and I’m scared MVP might get lost in the shuffle a bit with nothing immediate to do.

Awesome promo from JBL, and even though he hasn’t been back around for that long, I’m really enjoying him being back, and targeting both Hogan and The Undertaker. Which ever guy shows up first, I’m hoping Hogan, it should be a fun feud, leading to the retirement of JBL. As for this Noble situation, I think it was pretty smart but pointless at the same time. JBL has to air some grievances, which I think is clever, as it allows him to not just say the same shit week after week, and I think we’re in for a pretty fun time until one of these two HUGE superstars come back. On a side note, will JBL be in any matches before either of the guys come back?

I love the character of Edge at the moment. He is pretty much still the Edge from two thousand and five, but I’m enjoying it so much, that I don’t care if it seems like he hasn’t really changed as a character. I think its fine as it shows he’s that obsessed with the title so much. Not only this, but the man is a bad ass at the moment, so it’ll be interesting to see just what you do with Edge within the coming weeks.

This match up just made me love the character of Edge even more. The intensity I could almost picture it, all you need to do now is add in the detail about him pulling his hair out, and he’ll be set to OWN for a long time to come. Awesome after the match assault also, just showing how serious Edge is about the title. Oh and also props to not totally squashing Doane.

Sit down interview with MVP was absolute gold. I know now that he will not be lost in the shuffle, as he has gold on his mind, but with that being said, I still feel that when Carlito comes back there will be another match in their future. I’m just happy MVP is going to have something to do while Carlito is gone, the only thing I ask is that you constantly have MVP referring to Carlito over the next month or so, otherwise I have a feeling this feud may be forgotten .

Arn Anderson is really having a tough time as General Manager at the moment, and I love every minute of it. Edge has gone completely over the edge, but at least Anderson hinted towards Edge getting a shot at the title some time soon. As for Orton, at first I wasn’t digging him as champion, but I think he is really starting to get some momentum behind him, and with him constantly reeking havoc, and taking people out, he’s become one of the most entertaining characters in BTB at the moment.

Looks as if Smackdown next week is going to be pretty good also, despite the shitty number one contenders for the tag team titles. You answered my question about JBL to, so that’s all good.

Another awesome write up for this main event between Randy Orton and Chris Jericho. Throughout this whole contest, while expecting Orton to win, I always thought there was a little chance that Jericho could pull out the victory, however in the end, despite a few close calls, Orton was just to good. The three RKO’s followed by The Punt made Jericho seem really resilient; however it also put Orton over as a sadistic monster. Despite me not being happy with the fact that Jericho is going to be out for awhile, it was an amazing end to what was a pretty good show.

I have a theory regarding the main event situation also, and as much as I’m usually off when it comes to this kind of thing, I really think I may have got on to something here. Backlash, all Raw event, Cena defeats Angle meaning Raw goes back to being a public company or whatever, this somehow leads to Vince’s authority being taken away, and Brock ‘FUCKING’ Lesnar returns to take on either Edge or Orton, more than likely Edge, while Flair will return and feud with the heel that is not feuding with Lesnar. It’s probably a little farfetched, and probably won’t happen, but it’s just something I think will help with practically all your main eventers on the injured list, or taking time off.

Overall, this is probably the best Smackdown I’ve read of yours since ‘Mania, although with that being said there is still room for improvement. The ever shit tag divison (don’t worry I’ve got the same on both my brands) needs some work, which it seems like you’re prepared to take care of, and your main event scene at this stage could be hit or miss depending on how you book it. Either way, I’ll be along for the ride, as I’m now hoping that this is the beginning of me getting back to full feedback. Anyway, keep at it, this is still the best thing going… BY FAR!

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Re: Being The Booker

Cheers for the comments gentlemen


In a spot of good news, it looks like Raw is nearly done. Just seemed to have had one of those weeks where I've been able to get flying through the show. Couple of things still to do, and a few other things to iron out, but all in all, Raw is nearly done. Expect it up on Saturday (or possible Friday~!!)

For now ... preview.



Monday Night Raw Preview:

It could well be the end of an era this Monday Night, just six days shy of what has been billed, 'The Most Hisotorically Significant PPV in WWE history', Backlash. And indeed, it's hard to argue, as this Monday could signal the final time that Mister McMahon ever appears on the flagship show of the company he built. Should Kurt Angle - Mister McMahons last minute saviour last week to represent him at Backlash - lose to John Cena - the representative of Linda McMahon in Sundays 'All or Nothing' match, then Vincent Kennedy McMahon will forever be restricted to the boardroom, NEVER to appear on television again.

On the other hand, should Kurt Angle defeat Cena at Backlash, Monday Night Raw as we know it could be changed forever, as Mr. McMahon would take full control of the WWE once again, removing the company from the stockmarket. Should that scenario come to pass, it could well signal the end of John Cenas WWE career, with no other authority to challenger The Chairman, not to mention other certain thorns in McMahons side over the last number of months, including World Champion Christian, and the World Tag Team Champions, Straight Edge. The enormity of the 'All or Nothing' match this Sunday in Montreal cannot be understated.

And with the possibility of the end of an era on Raw, Mister McMahon has requested that he open proceedings in East Rutherford on Raw. What type of message could McMahon have for Cena, and the fans, ahead of this Sunday, and the possible future of the WWE in general, should he get his way at Backlash?? Also, will we learn the motivation behind Kurt Angles decision to come forward for The Chairman in his hour of need, coming off the back of Mister McMahon overruling the original decision to place Kurt Angle in the World Heavyweight Championship match at Backlash?? After that, why would Angle even consider attempting to help his boss??

Whilst we look for answers from Mister McMahon and Kurt Angle, the man that stands between them and victory this Sunday, John Cena, will be in action. Cena teams up with Straight Edge in a six man contest, to face the power of the McMahon Family Empires 'Problem Solver', Tyson Tomko and the former World tag team champions, who get their rematch for the titles this Sunday, MNM. It promises to be an explosive main event this Monday, but with Backlash in the minds of all six men involved, which will put Sunday to the back of their minds, and focus on surviving this Monday Night??

This Sunday also sees the emphatic return of the device known as 'Satans Structure', as Triple H challenges Christian inside Hell in a Cell for the World Heavyweight Championship. Much has been made of the differences in experience inside the most destructive, career shortening match in all of the WWE, but last week, Christian made it clear that he holds no fear of the Hell in a Cell, and even boldly went as far as to claim that at Backlash, he would end 'The Game' for good. On Monday Night Raw, just six days from their confrontation in Hell, Christian and Triple H will come face to face in the 'Passage Through Purgatory'. What type of mind games will both men attempt to play, as both look to get a mental advantage ahead of the physical brutality that will follow in Montreal?? One thing is for sure, this in ring meeting will merely be a calm before the storm, an epic storm, this Sunday.

Ahead of the Raw Exclusive Money in the Bank match this Sunday, the powers that be have signed two mega match ups between four of the men vying to take the briefcase this Sunday at Backlash. First, Mister Kennedy looks to continue his impressive streak since WrestleMania, taking on the ever physical William Regal. Then, it's the mouth watering prospect of Shawn Michaels, for the first time ever, facing off against Matt Hardy. For Hardy, it's a huge opportunity to make a statement, heading into Backlash, as he looks to climb the ladder on Raw, but for Michaels, it will be a chance to relieve a massive amount of pent up frustration, after two consecutive beatings, in two consecutive weeks from Umaga.

It's a Monday Night Raw that's not to be missed. With Backlash on the horizon, either way, it's the end of an era this Monday ... but for whom??

Confirmed Matches;
John Cena & Straight Edge vs Tyson Tomko & MNM
Shawn Michaels vs Matt Hardy
William Regal vs Mister Kennedy
Alexis Laree & Candice Michelle vs Victoria & Jillian Hall


Friday or Saturday. Likely to be Saturday tbh.
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Re: Being The Booker

Friday or Saturday. Likely to be Saturday tbh.
Last time you said that I had to wait until Wednesday.

Anyway, previewing is looking pretty good, man. Loving Vince open the show, and hearing from Angle should indeed be interesting, even if he's just going to job at Backlash anyway. Christian and Tripper promo should be ratings too, as I liked what you had from both of them last week. You've also got three very good matches lined up, which should be exciting ... oh, and the divas, which would look decent on paper if not for Candice's involvement.

Regardless of divas wrestling on the show, this looks like a very good go home show before Backlash. Looking forward to it.

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Re: Being The Booker


Monday Night Raw | April 16 2007 | East Rutherford N.J

Clips from last week, with Kurt Angle causing havoc at the close of the show, stepping up to represent Mr. McMahon at Backlash.

No opening video, and no pyro. We open cold, inside the arena, where Mister McMahon is stood alone, with the fans greeting him with the heat he deserves. J.R quickly welcomes us before the boss gets rolling.

Jim Ross: There is an undeniable tension in the air, as just six days remain until the most historically significant event in WWE history. And folks, we are still trying to come to terms with the fact that Kurt Angle - the man passed over as the number one contender for Triple H by Mister McMahon - will be fighting the bosses corner this Sunday at Backlash.

The Coach: The battle lines have been drawn baby boy. You and I have taken our sides, the entire company is divided over what result would be best for the WWE this Sunday. It’s big time at Backlash J.R.

Jim Ross: And it’s time to send it up to the boss himself. Is it though, the final time that Mister McMahon will be seen opening up, Monday Night Raw??

The boos have died down somewhat, and Vince takes the opportunity to speak.

Mr. McMahon: This Sunday ma-

Just as he speaks, the boos rise for Vince. He stops momentarily.

Mr. McMahon: This Sunday marks the end of one era … and the dawn of another.

Standing tall, Vince looks around the arena, making sure he has everyone’s attention, as the fans give him heat for the proclamation.

Mr. McMahon: After Backlash, the face of this company as you know it, will be changed … forever.

Standing in the centre of the ring, Vince continues, holding court with the fans listening intently.

Mr. McMahon: And how apt that it happens in my favourite city in the entire world … Montreal.

McMahon smiles, whilst the fans barely react to the reference. But just like he did when he made a similar reference on Draft night, Vince lets the comment sink in before moving on.

Mr. McMahon: For far too long, you people have had too much power. For far too long, the investors behind MY global conglomerate, and the fabled Board of Directors, have listened to your voice and acted accordingly … because they’re too weak to make decisions that go against the grain … too weak to make the right, reasonable, fair decisions … and instead fold to the whims of a lowly office worker, who doesn’t know how to send e-mail, yet believes they know what’s best for MY company.

Heat from the fans.

Mr. McMahon: Because of you people whining and moaning, the Board of Directors - led by my own wife, took away all my power last December. Because of all of your pleas for redemption against me … I suffered the indignity of having my head shaved bald at Saturday Nights Main Event. Because of all your complaining and crying … Triple H didn’t get his rightful rematch for the World Championship after the SuperBrawl. You people have ran my company into the dirt, but now, I’m taking it back … and I’m restoring order, and most importantly, I’m restoring pride to the WWE.

A massive grin develops on McMahons face, but the fans continue to show their displeasure.

Mr. McMahon: I promise you people this … after Backlash this Sunday … my company will not be ran by the general public. You common people will once again learn to keep your mouth shut, and like it. I will TELL YOU what you like, I will TELL YOU how to like it, and you’ll thank me for it.

McMahon randomly points to members of the audience.

Mr. McMahon: Common Bus drivers will no longer try to tell me what’s best for the WWE, those guy’s that work in McDonalds drive through wont attempt to put forward their opinions, and plumbers all around the country will stick to what they know best.

More heat for Vince.

Mr. McMahon: You people will once again stick to your day job, instead of trying to run a billion dollar company. Your voice will not be heard, your opinion will not matter … you will conform to my way of thinking … you simply have no other choice.

Heat for The Boss, with Vince pointing toward a fan in the crowd, and telling the camera to get a look at him.

Mr. McMahon: Let’s look that this guy as an example.

The camera shows the man in the crowd, holding up a ‘VINCE = SATAN’ sign.

Mr. McMahon: “Vince … equals … Satan”. That’s the type of dross I’m referring to. After this Sunday night, that type of slanderous sign will no longer be tolerated in my company to be broadcast around the globe on television.

Vince shakes his head in disgust at the fan.

Mr. McMahon: As a matter of fact … security … take that sign. Take it.

Nothing seems to happen for a second, which infuriates Vince.


With a little bit more authority, Vince’s wishes are granted, and the sign is taken from the rowdy fan, who reacts angrily to having his sign removed.

Mr. McMahon: Actually … security, remove that man from my arena.

The boos get louder, as security take the fan away, who was quite obviously a plant.

Mr. McMahon: And take that as a warning. Ladies and Gentlemen, prepare for the reality that awaits this Sunday. Prepare yourselves for the end of the WWE as a publicly traded company … and prepare for the future … which is in my hands.

The famous evil grin is etched on Vinces face, as he basks in the hatred of the fans.

Mr. McMahon: That message spreads to the employees of this company too … your future is in my hands … and my advice??

Long pause, with fans booing over the silence.

Mr. McMahon: Don’t cross the boss.

Massive heat for Vince, as he soaks up the heat, before continuing.

Mr. McMahon: Your future in this business depends on it.

McMahons smile fades, with the fans dropping silent momentarily.

Mr. McMahon: And for those of you who left me for dead last week … for those of you that were simply too gutless to step up to the plate and represent me at Backlash … I don’t forget.

Little reaction from the fans, but Vince stares into the camera, as if to make sure his point has been put across.

Mr. McMahon: But just when everyone thought that I was a dead man walking … just when you people believed that the end was nigh for Vincent Kennedy McMahon … one man came through.

The fans boo for the hint towards Angle.

Mr. McMahon: One man that had the guts to go against the grain, and stand for what he believed in. And boy, John Cena, do you wish you had accepted my offer when it stood last week.

More heat.

Mr. McMahon: Needless to say John, that offer is off the table. Your lifeline has gone … and after this Sunday, your career will be in tatters, because I wont even just keep you around to mess with … you’ll simply be gone … wiped clean from the memory banks of WWE history … in a flash.

Massive heat for Vince, as he soaks up the heat, before continuing.

Mr. McMahon: You see, John Cena … he crossed the boss. It was thanks to Cena and Christian that my power around here was taken from me. Since then … those two rotten lowlifes have done nothing but disrespect the man that gave them the platform to become worldwide, global superstars … disrespect the man that signs each overblown pay check they pick up … DAMMIT … THEY SHAVED ME BALD!!!

Huge pop.

Mr. McMahon: SHADDUP!!!


Mr. McMahon: Well on Sunday, in Montreal, at Backlash … John Cena will pay the price for crossing the boss, that, I guarantee you. He may not have been the first to cross me … but by Gawd, he’ll be the last!!!

Heat again. Vinces fixes himself up, and composes himself, before calmly proceeding again.

Mr. McMahon: But right now, ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you, the man that will carry me to the promised land, and bring the power of the WWE back into my hands where it should be …

McMahons stops, as the fans boos pick up again.

Mr. McMahon: He is the most decorated Olympic athlete in WWE history, a man that had, without question, the most successful rookie year in WWE history, winning his first WWE Championship within twelve months of his debut to add to the 2000 King of the Ring crown, an Intercontinental championship reign, even whilst holding the European title … he won his Olympic gold medal with a broken neck, is the only man in history to have made Hulk Hogan and The Undertaker tap out … and he has headlined countless WrestleManias … ladies and gentlemen, this man has done it all in this business … and this Sunday at Backlash, he will add to his amazing list of accomplishments … he is a wrestling machine … he is … KURRRRRRT … ANNNNNNGLLLLLLLLE!!!!!

Massive heat for the announcement of his representative, with Vince holding out his arm for the arrival of Angle…


It’s a crazy response from the fans, showering Angle with an incredible showing of heat, as the Olympian steps into view, wearing a shirt and tie combo, with a smart jacket, looking the part this evening.

Angle nods to Vince as he makes his way down the aisle, whilst Vince smiles like the cat that got the cream, looking full of confidence in Angle. Angle gets into the ring, and shakes hands with McMahon, as Vince passes the mic over, and the music dies down.

Kurt Angle:

Angle is unable to get a word out, with the fans giving him tremendous abuse.

Kurt Angle: Can I speak??

Angle shakes his head at the fans, who continue to boo.


That didn’t work either, it actually just made the fans more eager to give him heat. Kurt eventually gives up, and tries to talk over them.

Kurt Angle: I’ve been asked countless times this week, ‘why?’ And every single time, my response has been the exact same … ‘why not?’.

Kurt takes a moment, with the fans now quietened down.

Kurt Angle: As far as I’m concerned, there’s no drawbacks to being Mister McMahons representative at Backlash. And I know what you’re all thinking, I’ve been asked all week long. “Vince screwed you over on draft night.” … “You were supposed to face Christian at Backlash until Vince fired Bischoff” … “Why help McMahon after he passed you over for Triple H??” Well … it’s simple.

Angle looks at Vince, then to the camera.

Kurt Angle: After I pull through for Vince at Backlash … I’m made.

Small amount of heat.

Kurt Angle: He’s said it himself … I was the only man willing to back him up, and put my own neck on the line. His own son-in-law didn’t even sacrifice himself … no, Hunter is too busy thinking about himself.

Ooooh, bitch. Angle smiles, whilst Vince looks a little uncomfortable, knowing it’s the truth.

Kurt Angle: I’m the guy that’s bringing Vince’s dream to the promised land … I’m the only guy capable of doing it … and when I do beat Cena …

Angle smirks, and takes another look at Vince.

Kurt Angle: Like the man said … he doesn’t forget.

McMahon nods, as Angle turns away from Vince again.

Kurt Angle: It wont matter if Triple H becomes World Heavyweight Champion this Sunday … I’ve been guaranteed the next shot at the champion if I deliver my end of the bargain at Backlash.

Heat from the fans for that announcement, as Coach exclaims on commentary “Wow, Triple H and Angle after Backlash.”, whilst J.R sighs at his broadcast partners reaction, angered by Coach seemingly writing off Christian and Cena.

Angle meanwhile, turns back to Vince for his next line.

Kurt Angle: And if there is one thing that Vince McMahon is … he’s a man of his word.

Boos for the compliment to Vince, who nods approvingly. The camera comes for a close up on Angle.

Kurt Angle: Just like me.

Boos for Angle.

Kurt Angle: At Backlash, I’m going to have my hand in another part of WWE history … and off the heels of this Sunday … I’m gonna reap the benefits … for the rest of my career. It’s true … it’s damn true.

Angle then hands over to Vince, who begins to finish up the promo.

Mr. McMahon: Thank you Kurt. Honestly. Kurt, I guarantee you, I will never forget the day you stood by me … and when you deliver at Backlash, you will reap the benefits of being the man who brought the power into my hands.

Vince pats the shoulder of his representative, then turns to the fans.

Mr. McMahon: Ladies and Gentlemen, get a look at the future of the WWE … Mister McMahon, standing side by side with Kurt Angle. On Sunday at Backlash … you all will bear witness to a force of nature like never before … and NOTHING can stop this force of nature…

The camera closes in on Vince.

Mr. McMahon: Especially not a one man army … not against this machine.

McMahon looks to Angle, referring to the Wrestling Machine.

Mr. McMahon: John Cena … after everything that’s happened … after the months of abuse I’ve had to take from you … the indignity of having my hair shaved bald, seeing you become World Heavyweight Champion, and watching you headline WrestleMania … it’ll all be distant memories … because all that remains for you … IS THE BACKLASSSSSSHHHH!!!!

McMahon then raises the arm of Kurt Angle, to the disgust of the fans.


The music of Mr. McMahon fills the arena, with Vince and Angle standing side by side, as we fade into a commercial.

Commercial Break

We return with William Regal already on his way to the ring.

Jim Ross: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw, and we are looking at one of the six men that will attempt to become the next holder of Money in the Bank briefcase, this time, exclusive to Raw. And William Regal will be facing one of his five opponents this Sunday in Mister Kennedy, but Coach, moments ago, we saw somewhat of a prophecy from an unholy McMahon/Angle alliance.

The Coach: A cast iron guarantee J.R. This time next week, you’ll be sat at home, listening to The Coach and Pat Patterson calling Monday Night Raw.

Jim Ross: With the volume down.

The Coach: Out of rage, for realising what you had here.

Jim Ross: The longest two hours of my week, sitting next to you. Moving on, tonight folks, if it is to be my last broadcast on Raw-

The Coach: It will be. Vince aint gonna keep you around after Backlash, that’s for sure.

Jim Ross: Our main event tonight, will see John Cena-

The Coach: In his last ever appearance on Raw!!!

Jim Ross: Teaming with the World Tag Team Champions, Straight Edge-

The Coach: In their last ever appearance on Raw!!!

Jim Ross: To take on the McMahon Family Empires so-called Problem Solver, Tyson Tomko and the men that will challenge Straight Edge this Sunday, MNM. A six man tag team main event tonight, that you do not want to miss.


Mister Kennedy storms onto the stage, getting an overwhelming heat filled response, quickly making his way down the aisle, chewing out a couple of rowdy fans as he walks to the ring, and proclaims “I DON’T NEED AN INTRODUCTION”.

Jim Ross: And folks, we also have another mouth watering match up, pitting another two of the men involved in this Sundays one fall to a finish Money in the Bank match, and it will see the legendary Shawn Michaels going one on one with the hungry for success Matt Hardy. What a match that promises to be.

The Coach: Sure will be, but what about Triple H and Christian, six days before Hell in a Cell, head to head, face to face, in the ring tonight.

Jim Ross: Indeed, it will be the calm before the storm … and before they make the trip to hell … Triple H and Christian will take a ‘Passage through purgatory.’

Match 1:
Mister Kennedy vs. William Regal
In the first of two singles matches featuring competitors in this Sundays Raw exclusive MITB match, it’s a hard hitting affair, with Regal initially the aggressor, using his wily veteran instincts to slip in a few slightly questionable elbows, putting Kennedy on the back foot, but the 2006 KOTR winner shows his own ring smarts to avoid the vicious shots, creating space between himself and Regal by forcing the Englishman to the outside, and gets his own offence going as he drops down to follow.

After a brief attack from Kennedy, slamming his opponents head into the steps, the brash, cocky bigmouth throws the veteran back inside, pressing Regal against the ropes, as the two break into a momentary - and out of character - chop fest, sharing chops, taking each other on, as the pale white chest of Regal turns to red, but the veteran ends the chop-a-thon with a driving knee to the gut, forcing Kennedy to double over, and Regal follows up with a simple, but deadly, European uppercut for a two count.

The pace slows, with Regal in charge for a short period, but he gets caught with a back body drop, which turns the contest into Kennedys favour, who softens Regal up with the face wash in the corner, and then goes for the Green Bay Plunge … but the British veteran elbows himself out of that predicament, and positions himself off his opponents shoulders … AND DELIVERS A STUNNING TOP ROPE DOUBLE ARM SUPLEX!!! The fans pop for the high risk move, as Regal slowly makes a cover, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Despite the kick out, Regal has the momentum … but not for long. He attempts his Regal Neckbreaker, but Kennedy slips free, dropping Regal with a DDT for a long two count of his own.

From this point, Kennedy is in charge, breaking down Regal, stamping his authority over the veteran, but cant put him away. He eventually looks to set up the Mic Check, but Regal is able to escape, and trips Kennedy, looking to apply the ever dangerous Regal Stretch … but Kennedy frees himself before it’s applied … but as he gets to his feet, Regal charges for a running knee … BUT KENNEDY AVOIDS IT … AND DELIVERS THE MIC CHECK!!! He hooks the leg, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Mister Kennedy @ 05:37

Whilst Regal suffers his third straight hard fought loss, it’s another victory for Mister Kennedy, who is on a magnificent roll, off the back of WrestleMania, as he looks well prepared to take the Money in the Bank contract at Backlash.

Jim Ross: Is there anyone on a bigger roll right now than Mister Kennedy?? He has turned a corner since WrestleMania, and at this moment in time, the 2006 King of the Ring looks well positioned to become Mister Money in the Bank.

The Coach: You better believe it baby boy, Kennedy, if he can execute the right game plan, has Money in the Bank well within his grasp this Sunday.

In the ring, Kennedy has the old school mic in his hand, with the fans quiet.

Mister Kennedy: Do you people really have to be told who just won the match??

Kennedy looks out for a reaction, and shakes his head.

Mister Kennedy: I didn’t think so.

Kennedy chucks the mic, and leaves the ring, as we fade out…

Backstage, we see the arrival of Triple H, walking through the hallway, with Stephanie alongside him, winding up at the McMahon Family Empires private quarters, and opens the door, walking inside … then stops dead. The Game looks angry, as the camera pans around … to show Kurt Angle sat back on the leather sofa, smirking at Triple H.

Triple H: You lost or something??

Angle smirks, and replies.

Kurt Angle: Far from it. I’m just getting settled in.

Triple H looks to Stephanie, then back at Angle.

Triple H: Don’t get too comfortable Kurt.

Still smiling, Angle replies.

Kurt Angle: Why would that be??

Triple H walks around the room, grabbing himself a bottle of water, turning to Kurt, as he leans on the mini fridge.

Triple H: You think just because you’ve become Vince’s knight in shining armour that you’re the golden child now?? Don’t make me laugh. Brock Lesnar thought the same thing … know how that ended up??

No more smirking … it’s intense Angle that’s come out to play.

Kurt Angle: I do actually … I seem to remember him kicking your ass at WrestleMania.

Triple H affords himself a smile.

Triple H: No … he ended up with an indefinite suspension. He picked the wrong fight, and if you really think you’re getting rewarded if you win at Backlash-

Angle cuts in.

Kurt Angle: When I win.

Trips chuckles for a second.

Triple H: If you really think you’ll be rewarded with a title shot, against me, you’d better prepare yourself for a long wait … or wind up like Lesnar.

Angle sits forward, and looks over at The Game.

Kurt Angle: Not gonna happen … and don’t start assuming that’s gonna happen either. I’m not winding up like Brock Lesnar. See, Brock did Vince a favour … for your benefit. But me, I’m doing nothing for you. I’m helping Vince … and like I said earlier, he doesn’t forget.

Angle stands up now, and approaches The Game, who stands up straight.

Kurt Angle: And he wont forget where you were in his hour of need.

Kurt smirks in Triple H’s face, then collects his jacket, moving to the door.

Kurt Angle: What was it you said about Brock Lesnar?? I’d try and keep that in mind if I were you.

Angle leaves the room, whilst Triple H is positively fuming.

Commercial Break




We return, with Kelly Kelly stood backstage with Rey Mysterio.

Kelly Kelly: Rey Mysterio, you’ve had a rough couple of weeks recently, suffering losses to both Mister Kennedy and Shelton Benjamin. Now, this Sunday at Backlash, you’ll defend your Intercontinental Championship against Benjamin. How has your preparations been affected by your recent struggles?? And, how will that loss to Shelton, two weeks ago play into your mind set with the championship up for grabs this Sunday??

Rey Mysterio: Kelly, it’s no secret I haven’t been at my best the last couple weeks, but starting tonight, I’m turning the corner again. Starting tonight, I’m gonna let Shelton Benjamin get a good look at the-

Voice: At the Intercontinental Championship.

Mysterio turns, and it’s the voice of Theodore Long, leading Shelton Benjamin and the rest of The Brotherhood, surrounding Mysterio. Long then turns to Kelly.

Theodore Long: You’re done here baby girl. Get the steppin.

Kelly doesn’t wait to be told twice, quickly shuffling off.

Theodore Long: Rey, I want to introduce to you, tha next W-W-E Intercontinental Champ, ‘Tha Black Diamond’ Shelton Benjamin.

Rey peers past Long, and at the cocky looking Benjamin.

Theodore Long: What’s the matter, playa?? Cat got yo tongue?? Lemme holla at ya, you’ve been a great Intercontinental Champ-

Long stops, and ponders momentarily.

Theodore Long: Lemme scratch that. Come to think of it, you’ve been a fraud ever since you beat our boy at the Royal Rumble, you feel me??

Mysterio remains silent, as Long tries to intimidate him, knowing he has four men to back him up.

Theodore Long: For starters, you oughta be ashamed for the fact you’ve been allowed to carry that belt around for so long, knowin all the while that there’s a man right here that shoulda been carryin the gold. As a matter of fact, I don’t believe there’s ever been a champion around these parts that’s lost so many matches-

Mysterio cuts in.

Rey Mysterio: Alright. Yeah, you’re right. I have lost a lot of matches, but Teddy, there’s one match I wont be losing … and it’s this Sunday at Backlash.

Mysterio stands his ground, but Benjamin pushes in now, and lightly shoves his opponent this Sunday.

Shelton Benjamin: You don’t think so, huh?? Well why don’t we just beat the title outta you right now.

The Brotherhood move forward, but stop in their tracks when…

Voice: I don’t think so.

The camera pans to show PAUL BURCHILL … WITH HARRY SMITH. As the two Brits move forward, Mark Henry is restrained by Brown and JTG from going after Burchill. The undefeated Englishman directs his focus at Benjamin.

Paul Burchill: You want Rey?? Then you’ll either have to wait until Sunday … or you’ll have to go through the two of us, sunshine.

Benjamin thinks about it, and Long gets in his ear, with Shelton nodding, and back tracking, pointing to Mysterio.

Shelton Benjamin: You’re mine on Sunday.

The Brotherhood back away, as Burchill pats Mysterios shoulder.

Paul Burchill: You ready to do this, chum??

Rey peers up at Burchill, taken aback by the friendly nature of the previously seemingly twisted ‘King of Pain’.

Rey Mysterio: Uh … sure.

Burchill smiles, and the trio turn, walking off down the opposite side of the hallway, ahead of the six man tag match, coming up next.

Fireworks at the beginning of WrestleMania 23

‘The Glitz and Glamour has gone’

Confetti falling at the close of last night.

‘The Pomp and Pageantry has passed’

Shots of the celebrities on show at WrestleMania, the grand entrance of The Undertaker, and the musical performance for John Cena.

‘All that remains…’

Everything goes dark.

‘… Is the Backlash’

Shots of dark, dingy streets, the polar opposite of WrestleMania, as the Backlash logo flashes across the screen.




Back into the arena…


The Brotherhood enter the arena for the upcoming six man tag team match, as we head into the commercial…

Commercial Break

We return from the commercial, with Mysterio joining Burchill and Smith, along with Katie Lea on the ramp, getting set for the match.

Rey Mysterio & The British Lions w/Katie Lea vs. The Brotherhood w/ Theodore Long & Shelton Benjamin
Just like last weeks six man, involving three of this six, it’s an excellent little match, with Harry Smith and Paul Burchill working as a unit for the first time after last weeks run in from Burchill to help his fellow countryman. For different reasons than last week, Mysterio struggles to get a foothold on proceedings, knowing his opponent at Backlash, Shelton Benjamin, is at ringside. Despite that, the undefeated Burchill impresses early on, getting the better of Monty Brown, then JTG, before coming head to head with Mark Henry, and is able to take the Worlds Strongest Man off his feet.

Despite both Smith and Mysterio being unsure about Burchill, he appears to be legitimately keen on being their team mate, bringing Rey in after softening up Mark Henry. Rey does the only thing he can to survive against the massive Henry, and quickens the pace, ducking and diving, hitting and running … but the presence of his opponent this Sunday costs him dear. Rey looks to use the ropes to springboard back at Henry, but stops short, as Benjamin stands on the outside, which allows Henry to attack the Intercontinental Champion. From this point, it’s a long way back for Mysterio.

Henry and Brown use their power base to dominate Rey, whilst JTG comes in and feeds off the scraps, with Mysterio having to absorb a lot of punishment from the three members of The Brotherhood. In this period, Mysterio barely even musters a newsworthy piece of offence, being decimated by the well drilled, new look Brotherhood, as Theodore and Shelton watch out approvingly from the outside. As this period of dominance continues, Burchill grows more restless, being unable to do anything but watch, and on a few occasions, is stopped from interfering by the referee, and calmed by his sister, with Harry Smith seemingly unsure of how to approach his new tag team partner in this mood.

Whilst Burchill is able to be restrained on the outside for the most part, there is no stopping him - as Mysterio connects with a head scissors off the return of a whip from Brown, and looks to make a last ditch tag … Theodore Long distracts the official, allowing JTG to drag Rey back to The Brotherhoods corner, and ignites the fire under Burchill … that cant be put out.

The Englishman comes on the warpath, running through the cocky JTG with a stunning big boot, knocking him off the apron, and into the barrier, then catching an incoming Monty Brown with a stunning sidewalk slam … before coming face to face with the man mountain figure of Mark Henry. There’s no fear from Burchill, with the undefeated ‘King of Pain’ throwing massive shots at Henry, and the two men trading blows, fighting out of the ring, whilst Harry Smith drops to the outside to deal with JTG, leaving it to the exhausted Mysterio, and the groggy Monty Brown to fight it out in the ring. Brown is up first, but as he drags Rey up, the IC Champion fires back with stiff kicks to the leg, rocking The Alpha Male, and looks for an Irish Whip, but Brown overpowers Rey, and reverses the whip, sending Rey into the ropes, but as he comes back, Brown catches him in a wheelbarrow position, only for Mysterio to counter with a beautiful bulldog!!!

The Alpha Male stumbles up, with Rey dropkicking him into the ropes, setting him perfectly for the 619 … BUT BENJAMIN PUSHES BROWN TO SAFETY!!! Rey swings around at nothing, landing back in the ring, looking around, as Benjamin hops onto the apron, looking to distract Rey AS BROWN CHARGES FOR THE POUNCE … BUT REY LEAPFROGS HIM … AND BROWN HITS SHELTON!!! Benjamin flies off the apron, and onto Theodore Long, whilst Burchill hammers Henry on the aisle, and Smith has JTG at his mercy, leaving Rey to dropkick the stunned Brown into the ropes again, and connects this time with the 619!!! Brown is helpless, as Rey splashes onto him, making the cover, 1...2...3!!!
Winners: Rey Mysterio & The British Lions @ 05:52

Huge win for Mysterio, gaining massive momentum ahead of Backlash, out smarting the numbers of The Brotherhood, and getting one over on his opponent this Sunday, Shelton Benjamin.

On the outside, Mark Henry and JTG regroup, having gotten away from Burchill and Smith, helping Long and Benjamin to their feet, whilst Katie Lea joins Burchill, grabbing the arm of Harry Smith too, and making a point of holding the arms of both men up, with Burchill keeping his sights on Henry, with unfinished business there.

Back inside, Mysterio hoists his belt aloft, standing on the turnbuckles, looking down at Benjamin, tapping his belt, letting ‘The Black Diamond’ know he doesn’t intend on losing the title this Sunday at Backlash.

Jim Ross: It was a performance that Mysterio promised. Tonight, we got to see Rey Mysterio at his fighting best, and if that Mysterio shows up on Sunday at Backlash, I cant see how Shelton Benjamin takes the Intercontinental title.

The Coach: At some point, that little munchkin’s luck has to run out. I’d say he’s all out of lucky charms after tonight, and if I were a betting man - and I am - I’d have my money on a new Intercontinental Champion this Sunday.

Jim Ross: It aint the first time I’ve heard Mysterio written off, certainly not the first time I’ve heard you say it Coach, but time after time, Rey defies the odds, and come Backlash, you might just be eating your words.

The Coach: Not this time baby boy, new champ is in the pipeline.

Jim Ross: Well, ladies and gentlemen, in just a few moments, it’s gonna be a helluva contest. Matt Hardy, with a tremendous opportunity to make a huge impression, faces The Heart Break Kid, Shawn Michaels. Shawn Michaels has had his hands full in recent weeks with the Samoan Bulldozer, finding himself on the receiving end of a beat down for two weeks straight … will Umaga strike again tonight??

The Coach: I hope so.

Commercial Break

We return from the commercial, and straight into the arena … yep, back to back matches on Raw …


It’s another huge opportunity for Matt Hardy, two weeks after taking Kurt Angle to the limit, the former U.S Champion races onto the stage, looking pumped, ahead of a dream match (for him) against HBK.

Hardy makes his way to the ring, with J.R and Coach discussing the One Fall to a Finish Money in the Bank this Sunday, giving Hardy a big chance of taking the win. He gets to the ring, and doesn’t have long to wait for…


And the fans go nuts for HBK!!! Shawn Michaels plays up to the heroes reception, and slaps hands with the fans on his way to the ring, as we get replays from the last two weeks with Umaga laying The Showstopper out, two weeks running.

Match 3:
Shawn Michaels vs. Matt Hardy
In the second match to pit MITB competitors against one another, HBK shows Hardy respect in the early going, not launching in quickly, before eventually locking up. The two tussle around the ring, with Hardy looking aggressive immediately, looking to grab the opportunity with both hands, and Michaels is all too aware of it. Hardy gets HBK to the ground, and has The Showstopper struggling, but the veteran escapes the clutches of the keen Hardy, and looks to break things down quickly into a brawl, keeping Matt at bay with a few quick jabs.

Hardy though, still chomping at the bit, keeps moving forward and avoids a couple of shots from Michaels, and lets fly with his own stiff shots, backing Michaels into the corner, and looks for a running clothesline, but HBK dodges out, and looks for a sudden Sweet Chin Music … but Hardy ducks under, and then catches Michaels with a back breaker!!! He gets a two count, but Hardy almost reacts like he expected it, not asking the official, and going right back to work - targeting the well known weak back of his opponent.

Michaels struggles, with Hardy determined to make a statement of intent, and his troubles become worse with Hardy refusing to take his focus off the back, dropping elbows, and sending HBK into the corners with hard whips. The fans turn slightly on Matt during the course of the match, but Hardy doesn’t bend the rules, or mock the fans or HBK, with the boos more likely to be down to the support for HBK. Matt scores a succession of near falls, creating more pressure on Michaels back, with the commercial break nearing in, with Hardy in complete control of the legend.

Commercial Break

We return from the commercial with clips from the break, where HBK got a slight reprieve as Matt missed his diving leg drop, only for the pendulum to swing back in his favour as HBK was caught on the outside, as he went for a springboard splash and rammed into the ringpost. We then return live, as Hardy now applies a bow and arrow submission, focusing on the back again, with HBK showing the strain of the hold, but survives, as Hardy eventually loses his grip of the hold. Still on the attack, Matt sends HBK into the corner again with a hard whip, putting more pressure on the back, and follows in with a hat trick of shoulder thrusts to the gut, as Michaels takes more and more punishment.

Matt looks to repeat the trick, succeeding with the hard Irish whip … but as he charges in for the shoulder thrust to the gut … MICHAELS KICKS HIM AWAY!!! Hardy staggers away, holding his face, as the battered HBK comes forward, planting Hardy with right hands, putting the younger man on the back foot now, sucking up his injuries, as he softens Hardy up further with a series of inverted atomic drops, book ended with a crowd approving flying forearm to knock Matt off his feet!!!

Both men are down, with the adrenaline wearing off on Shawn, as he clutches his back on the canvas … BUT STILL NIPS UP!!! The fans pop, but HBK leans on the ropes, with one hand pressed against his back, wincing in pain from the devastating assault from Matt Hardy throughout the contest. Slowly, and perhaps, stupidly, Shawn begins to climb the ropes, setting himself on top … but looks spent … and Matt is on his feet, launching into the corner, with a big shot to the open mid section of HBK, winding the veteran. That allows Matt now to climb, and looks to deliver a superplex onto the frail Heart Break Kid … BUT HBK FIGHTS BACK … AND KNOCKS HARDY OFF THE TOP … THEN DELIVERS THE SAVAGE ELBOW!!!

The fans are on their feet, as Michaels again sells his bad back, struggling to get to his feet, having to use the ropes to get up … but eventually reaches his vertical base in the corner. And once there, Michaels begins to tune up the band, with the fans firmly behind him, as Matt Hardy slowly comes around, pushing to his feet … and turns around … SWEET CHIN MUSIC … NO!!! Hardy catches the leg, spins Michaels around … SIDE EFFECT!!! He has the cover, 1...2...NO!!! The Showstopper survives, but Matt isn’t done, and turns Michaels over, instantly dropping an elbow to the back, going back to what he’s worked on for the whole match.

Hardy drags Shawn up, setting him on the top turnbuckle, positioning HBK with his back toward the ring, climbing up alongside him. He pounds the back a couple more times, then looks to deliver with a side suplex off the top … BUT SHAWN HAMMERS BACK … AND COUNTERS IN MID AIR WITH A CROSS BODY ON MATT!!! He has the cover, 1...2...NO!!! Matt survives the counter, and is first to the punch as both men stir, forcing HBK into the corner, then drags him out, looking to finish … TWIST OF FATE … HBK PUSHES FREE AND DUCKS A CLOTHESLINE … SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!! Hardy runs right into the boot of the veteran, with Michaels falling onto the impressive Matt Hardy for a decisive cover, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Shawn Michaels @ 11:21

Spent after a gruelling affair, Michaels has his arm raised in victory, stumbling into the ropes, looking exhausted. The Showstopper shows his appreciation for the tremendous effort from Matt Hardy, helping Matt up, and raising his hand, with the fans showing their appreciation for both men. It all seems to be a very nice moment, with Michaels giving Hardy credit for a great showing … but …


It’s Umaga, being led down the aisle by the cheesily smiling Armando Estrada, as HBK sees what’s coming, trying to straighten himself up for an ensuing brawl.

Umaga rolls in, and HBK jumps on him right away, pounding the Samoan Bulldozer, with Matt Hardy trying to help, but both men are spent after their own battle, and Umaga pushes to his feet, shoving Matt away, and dropping HBK with a sick clothesline!!!

Hardy stumbles out of the corner, and straight into the impressive rolling wheel kick from the Samoan Bulldozer, with the impact sending Matt tumbling through the ropes and to the outside.

Umaga now turns his attention back to Michaels, scooping him up with ease, and throws him up … and drops him with a stunning Samoan drop!!! HBK is folded up like an accordion, but Umaga still isn’t finished, dragging his exhausted rival to his feet … and delivering the Samoan Spike, mercifully ending the beat down with that.

Umaga stands tall, joined by Estrada, who looks down at Michaels, and laughs heartily, as Umaga dismantles the living legend for the third straight week, looking damn near indestructible in the lead in to Backlash.

Jim Ross: Earlier Coach, we talked about Mister Kennedy being on a roll, coming into Backlash, but be that as it may … how do you get around this savage beast??

The Coach: Uh … you don’t. That’s why I said Kennedy needs a game plan … one that involves avoiding Umaga.

Jim Ross: As far as I’m concerned, that’s the man to beat at Backlash.

The Coach: Easier said than done, Jimbo. Easier said than done.

Mike Chioda tends to HBK in the ring, with Michaels clutching him back in agony, whilst Estrada leads Umaga back up the aisle, and Matt Hardy tries to pick himself up outside the ring.

And backstage, we see Triple H now making his way down the hallway…

Jim Ross: Do not go anywhere, folks. In just a minute, Triple H and Christian are set to go face to face for the final time before this Sunday. The two men that enter Hell on Sunday, are on the path to purgatory … when we come back!!!

Commercial Break


And the fans show their dislike of The Game instantly, giving Triple H a genuine heel ovation, with the #1 Contender making his way to the ring, looking focused as ever, but his sunglasses hide the look in his eyes.

Jim Ross: In six days time, Triple H will enter Hell in the Cell for the sixth time. He has never lost a one on one match inside Satan’s structure, and was responsible for the end of Mick Foleys career.

The Coach: It took Chris Jericho over two years to fully recover from his meeting with The Game inside Hell in a Cell … Kevin Nash was never the same. Christian is next on the list.

Jim Ross: It’s a massive challenge for Captain Charisma, but the World Heavyweight Champion firmly believes he is up to task - he believes he can end The Game, once and for all this Sunday in Montreal. Will that surely partisan Canadian crowd give Christian even more drive to succeed at Backlash??

The Coach: He’ll need more than the fans on his side to overcome Triple H inside the Cell.

Jim Ross: Remains to be seen, Coach.

Triple H spits his water into the crowd, and enters the ring, picking up the mic that’s been left for him, as the music dies down.


Triple H: I think I made my point clear last week. But words only go so far. Christian, before you come out here, I suggest you take a look at this…

Triple H points to the titan tron…


Back into the arena, the fans shower Triple H’s video with jeers, as The Game looks around … but before he can speak …


And suddenly, the jeers turn to cheers, as the fans greet the World Heavyweight Champion with a massive show of appreciation, with Christian entering, wearing a casual t-shirt and jeans, pounding his chest, pointing to the fans, and nodding to them in approval.

Jim Ross: Coach, it would appear that the champion has seen enough.

The Coach: I KNEW IT!!! He’s here to forfeit!!!

Jim Ross: Oh, get a grip, will ya!!??

Christian confidently steps into the ring, not taking his eyes off the statue like figure of Triple H, who stands tall, refusing to move an inch for the champion.

Christian reaches out, getting a mic from Lillian Garcia, and motions for the music to cut, as he walks around Triple H, who stands firm in the middle of the ring. The champion points to the titan tron, and references the video.

Christian: Cute video. You make that all by yourself??

Before Triple H can answer, Christian speaks.

Christian: I don’t care. The fact is Hunter, I watched that video … and …

Christian looks around at the fans, getting a couple of random cheers, before slightly shaking his head, and taking the belt off his shoulder, looking at the centre piece, shaking his head again.

Christian: Take it. After seeing that video, I don’t think I should even bother turning up at Backlash.

Christian holds the belt out for Triple H to take, but The Game suspects it’s a joke, and shakes his head.

Christian: Good. For a minute there, I thought you really were stupid.

Christian throws the title back over his shoulder, and continues.

Christian: I’m not gonna be intimidated by a video I’ve seen about twenty times before. Any chance of something original for once??

Composed, Triple H lightly replies.

Triple H: We’ll extend it by about ten seconds this time next week to include you.

Heat from the fans, but a smile from Christian.

Triple H: You say you’ve seen that video twenty times?? Keep watchin it … because it’ll do you no good in the long run. You think we can scout the Hell in a Cell like a normal match?? Watch a couple of videos and understand it?? I’ll let ya into a little secret, kid. You cant prepare for the hell that awaits you on Sunday. Until you’ve experienced Hell in a Cell first hand … you cant begin to imagine.

Triple H shows a hint of a smirk, as Christian now looks stony faced.

Triple H: And no one has experienced Hell in a Cell like I have.

Christian has heard enough.

Christian: I get it, you’ve been through the wars. You’ve bled buckets, you’ve had your head smashed with a steel chair, you’ve been through Hell in a Cell more times than enough. But I think you’re forgetting something … I’ve been through my fair share of extreme.

Triple H smiles, putting his hand up to stop Christian.

Triple H: What?? TLC?? Where the object of the match is to climb a ladder and retrieve the belt?? Sure, it’s dangerous, I’ll give ya that. You put your body on the line, and you risk your career … but you cant compare TLC to Hell in a Cell … not for a second.

Triple H stands in Christians space, trying to intimidate him, but Christian doesn’t back up.

Triple H: You’ve been through TLC … but Hell in a Cell?? It’s a completely different animal. You’ve succeeded in TLC matches … because to win, you don’t need a killer instinct.

Still trying to intimidate Christian, Triple H pushes into him again.

Triple H: For Hell in a Cell, that killer instinct is essential … and that’s just to survive … and you don’t have it.

Christian remains unmoved, but the fans give The Game heat.

Triple H: You’re a heck of a competitor, Christian. You’ve got fighting spirit, and you’ve got heart, I wont deny that. But you lack one thing … the one thing you need this Sunday. And I’m looking in your eyes, trying to find it … and I don’t see it.

The Game gets in Christians face again.

Triple H: You don’t have the killer instinct … you’ve got a heart … you‘ve got remorse.

Heat from the fans.

Triple H: And when it comes to the crunch, you wont do what’s necessary to get the job done.

Christian shakes his head.

Triple H: It’s not up for debate, kid. The fact is, you don’t have that killer instinct to take me out once and for all, and finish the job. If you get the chance to put me out for good … you’ll hesitate … you’ll think … and your conscience will win out.

The champion continues to shake his head.

Triple H: And while you think twice about ending my career … I’ll not be thinking … I will do what I do best … and that’s end careers. This time, it’s yours.

Christian still defiantly shakes his head, as Triple H rips his sunglasses off.


Triple H presses right into Christians face.

Triple H: Look at my eyes, then take a look in the mirror, and see your own. That’s the difference. I’m prepared to do the sick, reprehensible acts that end careers. I’m prepared to smash your skull into a million different pieces with a sledgehammer … you arent … and you never will be.

More heat for Triple H, but the fans pop, as Christian has heard enough, grabbing his enemies mic, and throwing it to the mat.

Christian: I made a statement last week … and I stick to it. At Backlash, I’m planning on finishing you … forever.

More cheers from the fans. Sadists . Triple H though, having picked up his mic, has a reply.

Triple H: You can say what you want, but it’s just words.

Christian, looking ready to snap, speaks again.

Christian: Think of it as a warning, because while it might just be words now … I intend on making them actions on Sunday.


Christian: You say you don’t see a killer instinct in my eyes?? I say, keep looking … because for the last three weeks, all I’ve been thinking of is killing your career.

Another pop.

Christian: If you don’t see it now … you will see it on Sunday … and it’ll be the last thing you see on Sunday.

Another sadistic pop, with the fans cheering Christians threat to finish The Games career.

Christian: So, Hunter, if you didn’t know … NOW-

Triple H SLAPS the mic out of Christians hand. The fans initially ‘OOOH’, then descend into heat for The Game, as Triple H pipes up.

Triple H: I hear you … but I don’t believe you. So why don’t you prove it now. Why don’t you show me what you mean … gimme a preview.

Some cheers, with the fans wanting to see some action between the pair, as Triple H now goads the champion.

Christian looks around to the fans, who cheer for him to get it on, and as he turns to face Triple H again … SLAP!!!

Triple H slaps the taste out of Christians mouth!!!

Triple H: Come on, you cant wait until Sunday. Think about the screw jobs … think about the beat downs … think about all the times I’ve knocked you down. Let it out!!!

Christian composes himself, rubbing his cheek, and ponders for a moment.

Triple H: It’s your last chance, champ. You wont get another at Backlash.

The fans start to chant ‘CHRISTIAN’ begging the champion to shut The Game up … and with The Game continuing to goad him … CHRISTIAN SNAPS!!!

Captain Charisma floors Triple H with a big right hand, and The Game tumbles into the corner, with Christian following in, letting fly with successive right hands, before Triple H drives his knee to the gut!!!

Christian staggers out of the corner, allowing The Game to clobber him with a clothesline. Triple H then kicks Christian under the bottom rope to the outside, dropping down and following out after him.

Outside, The Game biels Christian into the barrier, before sticking his boot into his face, keeping him down, and allows Triple H to then look under the ring … AND PULL OUT A SLEDGEHAMMER!!!

The fans pick up with the sight of the sledgehammer, and Triple H doesn’t hesitate to swing, BUT CHRISTIAN AVOIDS IT!!! Christian narrowly escapes the hammer shot, but Triple H swings again, and Christian again narrowly avoids the blow, with the hammer smashing off the ring post.

Christian then comes at Triple H, with the two duelling it out for the hammer, tussling back and forth, and Christian wins out, stopping Triple H with a kick to the gut, grabbing the hammer in the process, then chucks it into the ring, leaving it to him and Triple H, man to man … but The Game quickly rolls into the ring, trying to get the hammer back, but Christian stands on it, stopping him.

Triple H then slowly gets to his feet, with Christian waiting … and tries a cheap shot, but Christian blocks, and Captain Charisma now tees off … BUT TRIPLE H FIRES BACK!!! The two begin to slug it out, punch for punch, in the middle of the ring, with the old BOO/YAY reaction from the fans accordingly. Christian gets the better of the exchange, eventually sending Triple H off the ropes, and delivering a back body drop.

The Game bounces up, with Christian going for the Unprettier, but Triple H slips out, then kicks the champion in the gut, and goes for the Pedigree … BUT CHRISTIAN SLIPS OUT … AND DROPS THE GAME WITH A DDT!!! Triple H is down!!!

With Triple H down, Christian looks across … with his sights firmly set on the sledgehammer. He moves toward it, with the fans cheering as he picks it up, taking a good look at the lethal weapon. Captain Charisma then looks around at the fans, and points the object in Triple H’s direction, getting a rousing reaction, before proceeding towards The Game…

And he stands over him, waiting for Triple H to come around, and as he does, Christian has the hammer cocked and loaded for a massive shot … but once he has Triple H’s attention - caught in the headlights - the champion chucks the hammer out of the ring!!!

The fans boo momentarily, as Triple H, on his knees, looks to the outside at his trusted weapon, whilst Christian picks up the mic, getting his challengers attention.

Christian: Hunter…

Christian catches his breath, as The Game looks around.

Christian: Don’t look at that as a sign of weakness … come Sunday at Backlash … inside Hell in a Cell … I wont hesitate to use it.

Christian slams the mic down, and exit’s the ring.


Christian doesn’t look back, storming up the ramp, with his title belt in hand, but in the ring, Triple H has a cock sure grin etched on his face, convinced his theory that Christian doesn’t have the bottle to finish him for good, is true.

Jim Ross: It all comes to a head between these two on Sunday, LIVE on Pay Per View … HELL IN A CELL!!!

The Coach: J.R … Triple H was right. Captain Charisma, for all his skill, all his heart and all his desire, is lacking the one fundamental element he needs at Backlash … HE DOESN’T HAVE THE KILLER INSTINCT!!! It’s gonna cost him dear at Backlash … it’s gonna cost him the ultimate price!!!

The World Heavyweight Champion disappears out of view, whilst in the ring, The Game is on his feet, looking around the arena with a knowing grin on his face.

Commercial Break

Backstage, Cody Rhodes is stood talking with a random production member. The conversation is indistinct, but it picks up, as another random staff member enters the fray.

Random Staff Member: Hey, Cody. There’s a guy here to see ya. Say’s the two of you are related.

Rhodes ponders for a moment, then lights up with a smile.

Cody Rhodes: Dad’s here?? Where is he??

Random Staff Member: He’s waiting in the storage room.

Cody, already walking, suddenly looks puzzled.

Cody Rhodes: Store room??

Rhodes shrugs it off, and continues on, walking down the hallway, and looking at the doors, stopping at the storage room, and peers into the dark room … as the light suddenly flicks on …

And GOLDUST is standing there.

Cody jumps back initially, then as the scare passes, looks angered by his real life brother, the bizarre one.

Cody Rhodes: Oh man, what are you doing here?? I thought we had an agreement, Dustin.

Goldust looks insulted, and peers at Cody from the corner of his eyes, before piping up.

Goldust: Whatever deal you’ve struck with your brother, young Cody, it does NOT … OOOOOHHHH … pass through to me.

Cody clenches his fist in frustration, getting angered by the presence of his embarrassing relative, who rubs himself.

Cody Rhodes: This is embarrassing. I’m here trying to restore some honour to our family name, trying to be taken seriously around here … but you show up, and make me look like an idiot. You cant do this to me!!!

Goldust flicks his blonde wig back, over his shoulders.

Goldust: I’ll tell you what’s embarrassing, shall I, young Cody?? It’s embarrassing that you’ve disowned someone, just because they’re a little di- di- di- di- DIFFERENT … to the rest.

Goldust throws his head up, peering away momentarily, before snarling his lip at Cody, who looks furious, and continuing.

Goldust: It’s nice that you’re trying to make it here in the big bad world of the WWE on your own two feet, Cody. (Gets right up close, and whispers) But I’ve been watching you closely.

The Bizarre One then grabs Cody by the shoulders, shaking him.

Goldust: And you need help, kid.

Goldust then throws his arms up in spectacular fashion.

Goldust: THAT’S WHY I’M HERE!!!

Rhodes shakes his head, and puts his hand up to stop Goldust.

Cody Rhodes: Whatever it is, I’m not interested.

Cody clenches his fist in frustration, getting angered by the presence of his embarrassing relative.

Goldust: Ohhhhh … ye of little faith, Cody … ye of little faith.

Rhodes huffs, with Goldust putting his hands on Codys shoulders again.

Goldust: I’m here to guide you Cody. I’m here to make you the star of Monday Night Raw … and to start your journey, young Cody … I’ve entered you into the 2007 King- King- King- OOOOH PUPPIES!!! … KING OF THE RING … tournament.

Cody looks surprised by the entrance into the King of the Ring tournament, but slightly impressed. He then shakes his head.

Cody Rhodes: No way. I’m not having you in my corner. No way, no how.

Goldust has a weird as fuck smirk on his face, before lightly replying.

Goldust: Let me ask you something Cody. What do Rocky Balboa, Daniel LaRusso, and ‘Honey’ Roy Palmer have in common??

Cody looks puzzled.

Cody Rhodes: Roy who??

Goldust scoffs.

Goldust: ‘Honey’ Roy Palmer. Only the greatest fictional boxer in movie history. Ohhhh, Cody, you have so much to learn.

Cody shrugs.

Cody Rhodes: I don’t know, what do they have in common.

Goldust puts on his odd grin again.

Goldust: They all had guidance. And now Cody … you too, will have guidance, because I’m here to sprinkle some magic dust on your fledgling career … and when you are crowned the 2007 King of the Ring, you’ll never forget the name … OHHHHHHHHHH …. GOLD-DUST.

Goldust then bites the air in front of the bemused Cody, before leaving, as Cody shakes his head, looking frustrated.

We then cut backstage elsewhere, as Todd Grisham is standing by with Alexis Laree.

Todd Grisham: Alexis Laree, this Sunday at Backlash, you’ll defend the Womens Championship against the new number one contender, Victoria. However, before I ask you your thoughts on that match, last week, when speaking to me, Melina made some vague remarks that she was going to make your life very complicated. Have you any idea what Melina could’ve been alluding to??

Alexis scoffs at the questioning from Todd, blowing it off.

Alexis Laree: I think you said it best, Todd. Melina was very vague. All Melina is, is a jealous, conceited bitch. She cant handle the fact that she’s no longer holding this.

Laree holds up the womens title to illustrate her point.

Alexis Laree: And now that she’s out of the title picture altogether, Melina is doing whatever she can to keep her face in the limelight. She just cant handle the fact that the attention isn’t on her anymore. Todd, I haven’t given anything she said last week a seconds thought, and I suggest you and everyone else, do the same.

Alexis smiles at Todd, who continues.

Todd Grisham: Well, with that being said, it’s quite obvious that you’re looking into the future now, and your immediate future is this Sunday at Backlash, when you defend the Womens Championship-

Grisham stops, with Alexis looking puzzled. She then turns around, and is surrounded by MNM. Feeling secure with her boys by her side, Melina, smug as you like, steps forward to Laree.

Melina: Ohhhh Lexi. I’d love to let you go on thinking that I’m simply a jealous woman scorned, looking to make some trouble. But I’m not.

Melina, trying to anger the champion, flicks Alexis’ hair from her shoulder, with the champion pulling away, giving Melina a dirty look.

Melina: Y’see, where I come from, in the circles I associate with … I’ve got a lot of useful contacts … paparazzi … journalists … gossip columnists … private investigators even. And it’s funny, because I’ve been asking a lot of people a lot of questions about (uses air quotes) “Alexis Laree”, looking for any kind of dirt I could find to use against you. But, to my disgust, I got nothing. No leads, no gossip, no scandal … in fact, these world famous journalists hadn’t even heard of you …

Melina looks to Nitro and Mercury, with a knowing look on her face, smirking all the while. She then turns to Alexis again, and speaks.

Melina: In fact, it was like Alexis Laree didn’t exist.

Still smug, Melina puts her hand on the angry looking champions shoulder.

Melina: But if you dig deep enough … you can find dirt on anyone … and the dirt I’ve found on you is enough to fill a graveyard.

Almost nervously, Alexis scoffs, trying to put a smile on her own face, and blow off the comments from her long time rival. Laree then mockingly claps.

Alexis Laree: Very nice. But I think you oughta stay in Hollywood, because since you’ve fallen to the back of the line for the Womens title, I think you’d have a better chance of making it in the acting business.

Devilishly smiling, Melina shrugs.

Melina: Maybe … maybe not.

Melina then looks to Nitro and Mercury, and motions for them to leave. The trio brush past Alexis, and walk off, with Laree shaking her head at the antics of Melina, but just as it looks like the showdown is over, Melina turns back.

Melina: Oh, Alexis??

Laree rolls her eyes, and turns to listen to Melina.

Melina: Beth says ‘hi’.

Melina grins broadly, and turns, leaving, letting out a bit of a cackle … as we see the look on Alexis face completely drop. With one comment, Alexis looks like she’s just seen a ghost. (Whatever that looks like. Anyone that’s seen a ghost will know) … but who the heck is Beth?? Duh.

Laree looks to be deep in thought suddenly, as Todd tries to make sense of everything that’s just happened.

Todd Grisham: Uhh, Alexis??

Laree turns to Grisham, but says nothing, looking past him, and oddly walks off, leaving Todd high and dry.

Back into the arena…


Victoria steps to a moderate response, ahead of the divas tag team match.

Jim Ross: Coach, we’re about to see Victoria in tag team action, against the lady she challenges this Sunday, but, what was that we just witnessed backstage??

The Coach: Hey, I cant talk about it, but Melina has confided in me - as part of her social circle, and boy, does Alexis Laree have some skeletons in the closet??

Jim Ross: Care to divulge??

The Coach: If I did, I’d have to kill ya baby boy. And although it’d be a great excuse to do it, I just couldn’t bring myself to doing it.

Jim Ross: Of course. In any event, we are set to see some divas tag team action, and it’s next, folks.

Commercial Break

Match 4:
Alexis Laree & Candice Michelle vs. Victoria & Jillian Hall
Very little time given to the divas again, with Candice and Jillian getting very little time, before it comes to the two divas that will do battle at Backlash. Alexis though, appears to be off her game, seemingly effected by the recent stirring of Melina, and Victoria takes full advantage, getting the better of Laree, until Candice is able to make a blind tag off her partner, and get to grips with the #1 Contender.

Victoria though proves too much for the fairly awful Candice, and brings Jillian back in to weaken Candice further, with Candice - to her credit - surviving a couple of near fall attempts from Hall. Victoria then takes over again, but is unable to execute the Widows Peak, with Candice slipping off … then surprises Victoria with a cute dropkick.

That gives Candice the opening to make a tag, and crawls across … but as she reaches out … Alexis isn’t focused on the ring, and doesn’t spot her partner looking for her help, which gives Victoria the opening to pounce again. This time, there is no way back for Candice, as Victoria DOES deliver the Widows Peak, and scores the emphatic 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Victoria & Jillian Hall @ 03:36

Before she can have her arm raised, Victoria notices the ‘far away’ champion, and takes the opportunity to strike … DELIVERING A VICIOUS FOREARM TO ALEXIS, KNOCKING HER OFF THE APRON AND LANDING ON THE MAT … HARD.

Smiling, Victoria looks down at Laree, waving mockingly at the champion, as if for her to say goodbye to the title this Sunday. On the outside, Alexis is laid out, holding her head in agony, whilst Victoria continues to lean over the ropes, watching her opponent this Sunday squirm in pain.

Jim Ross: What the heck has gotten into Alexis Laree?? The womens champion seemed like she was on another planet tonight, and completely out of the loop when it came to this match. Coach, if Alexis doesn’t get her head in the game this Sunday, her long quest to reclaim the womens championship at WrestleMania could all come to nothing. Because there is no way Alexis can beat Victoria at anything other than 100%.

The Coach: For once old timer, we agree on something. Alexis Laree is on borrowed time right now. That little witch has more skeletons in her closet than a serial killer, and she knows that Melina has all the dirt … and trust me, she’s gonna spill.

Jim Ross: But what in the name of sanity is it?? Once Alexis Laree heard the name ‘Beth’, it was like the lights went out. Who the hell is Beth?? And what does she have over the womens champion that could play into Melinas hands??

The Coach: All in due course. Just be patient, my rotund friend.

Jim Ross: Oh, of course. Because you’re the fountain of all knowledge Coach. You know everything that’s goin down here, but for the first time in your life, you’re keeping quiet. Convenient…

We then cut backstage, where Todd Grisham is stood, waiting to proceed with another interview…

Todd Grisham: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome, my guest at this time, the man that single handedly will carry the hopes and dreams of all the WWE fans on his shoulders this Sunday … John Cena.

Massively mixed reaction, drowned out by the cheers eventually, as an ultra serious John Cena is seen for the first time tonight.

Todd Grisham: In six days time, John, you arguably face the biggest mountain in your entire career, when you attempt to save Linda McMahons vision for the WWE from the clutches of Mister McMahon. Not only do you represent Linda McMahon, but should you lose, the likelihood of you being fired by Mister McMahon on the spot is almost a certainty. Taking into account you’ve main evented multiple WrestleManias, and you’ve been a multi time World Champion … Is this the biggest match you’ve ever had in your career??

Grisham moves the mic toward Cena, but Cena remains unmoved.

John Cena: Is this the biggest match of my career?? Hmm … I gotta say, that night I took on Funaki, all the way back …

Cena stops. He then looks at Grisham, emotionless.

John Cena: Y’know what, Todd?? Tonight aint the time for bad jokes, it aint the time for me to brush off the enormity of what lies ahead at Backlash.

Cena, as serious as a heart attack, without a glimpse of a smile, continues.

John Cena: And I’m well aware of how big it is. It don’t get any bigger. You asked me about WrestleMania?? WrestleMania is the GRANDDADDY OF ‘EM ALL!!! That’s what we work to every year, but if I lose on Sunday … Todd, WrestleMania aint just gonna be a distant memory for me, it’s gonna be a distant memory for every single WWE fan, ALL AROUND THE DAMN WORLD!!!

Getting more worked up, Cena gets set to keep talking.

John Cena: If I lose at Backlash, next week, it wont be Monday Night Raw … it’ll be Monday Night McMahon … and it’ll be Friday Night McMahon … and come next March, it’ll be McMahon-A-Mania. I cant afford to imagine what the future is for this company if I lose to Kurt Angle on Sunday … the company that Bruno Sammartino established … the company that Hulk Hogan brought global … and (points to the Raw logo in the background of the interview set) the house that Austin built … it dies Todd … it dies if I lose on Sunday.

Cena goes quiet, then mumbles the next couple of words, as he picks up again.

John Cena: The legacies that Pedro Morales and Bret Hart made … the memories of Mick Foley and The Rock … they’ll be tarnished forever. The WWE is no longer for the fans if I lose … it’ll simply be Vince McMahons personal playground, and I sure as hell would RATHER HAVE MY EYES YANKED OUT OF THEIR SOCKETS WITH A CORKSCREW, THAN SIT THROUGH TWO HOURS EVERY MONDAY WATCHING VINCE MCMAHON WITH HIS TROUSERS BY HIS ANKLES, HAVING HIS ASS KISSED BY SANTINO MARELLA, AND ANYONE ELSE DESPERATE FOR A DAMN JOB!!!

Some fans cheer in the background, slightly getting behind Cena.

John Cena: So yeah, to answer your question Todd, it’s big. It don’t get any bigger … it’s a match I dare not lose, otherwise I go down in history as the guy that allowed Vince McMahon to kill his own company.

Cena now shakes his head.

John Cena: But this aint about what I’ve been put through by Vince McMahon, it aint about what I’ve done to him, or whose shaved whose head. It aint about me settling the score on Sunday…

Slowly, Cena turns his head to the camera, with the (younger) fans, cheering like mad.

John Cena: This is about YOU!!! THIS IS ABOUT EVERY SINGLE FAN WATCHING … whether it’s live here in New Jersey … whether it’s sat at home in Moscow … or from outside your next door neighbours window in Tokyo!!!

Mixed response.

John Cena: Whether you love me, you hate me … it doesn’t come into it on Sunday … whether you like it or not, I’m putting my ass on the line for your best interests … I’m putting my body on the line to keep the WWE IN THE HANDS OF EVERY FAN … OF EVERY COLOUR, AND EVERY CREED … IN EVERY CONTINENT … AND IF I GOTTA RUN THROUGH FIRE … I’LL DO IT!!!

Big pop, with boos creeping in.

John Cena: If I gotta fight off an army … I’LL DO IT!!! … If I gotta take on every single member of the McMahon Family, alive or dead … I’LL DO IT!!! And hell, I promise each and every person watchin … if Kurt Angle snaps my ankle in half … I’ll keep going … if Kurt Angle slams me right through the mat … I’ll pull myself to my feet again … if Vince McMahon hires the entire workforce of Montreal to beat me down … I’LL FIGHT ’EM ALL!!!

The fans get excited, as Cena gets himself worked up.

John Cena: Vince, Kurt, you read my lips, and you listen good … I FEAR NOTHING … AND I REGRET LESS … this Sunday, I cant afford to have any other mindset. You better get a freight train, YOU’D BETTER BRING A JUMBO FREAKIN JET, BECAUSE I PROMISE … I AINT GOIN DOWN!!! AND IF YOU WANT SOME … COME GET SOME!!!

Cena calms himself, as the fans continue to be as rowdy as ever.

John Cena: It aint a fancy sellin slogan … it truly is ‘All … or Nothing’ at Backlash … it’s the end of an era.


John Cena: The end of an era … for Vincent, Kennedy … McMahon.

Cena walks off, leaving the interview, in a fairly understated manner in the end, as we cut to a commercial…


And into the arena, where ‘Breathe’ by Breaking Benjamin plays over the PA.

Jim Ross: You are listening to the sound of Breaking Benjamin, who have provided the theme song for Backlash this Sunday, called ‘Breathe’, and potentially, this Sunday at Backlash could be the last breath for John Cena as a WWE employee. Should he lose to Kurt Angle on Sunday, Coach, it looks increasingly likely that with full, one hundred per cent power in the hands of Mister McMahon, the chairman of the board will immediately terminate the contract of John Cena.

The Coach: You’ve called it the most historically significant Pay Per View event in WWE history, J.R, and that’s exactly what it’s gonna be. History will be made this Sunday, and the WWE will never be the same again. But that’s a good thing if you ask me - no more Cena.

Jim Ross: We certainly differ on our personal preferences, but Coach, the course of WWE will change forever this Sunday - it’s all or nothing for Mister McMahon. Could tonight have been his final EVER appearance on television?? Or will the WWE cease to exist as we currently know it?? If McMahon gets his way, his empire will resemble nothing more than a scaled down version of North Korea.

The Coach: It doesn’t get much better than that.

Jim Ross: For you, maybe not. Whilst the enormity of that ‘All or Nothing’ match cannot be underestimated for a split second, there is so much more at stake elsewhere this Sunday, including an opportunity for one of six men to become Raws Mister Money in the Bank. It’s one fall to a finish, with Shawn Michaels, Matt Hardy, Umaga, Tyson Tomko, William Regal and Mister Kennedy battling it out for the ticket to the top - a twelve month long guaranteed title shot, any time, any place, anywhere.

The Coach: Of the six, only Shawn Michaels has ever tasted World Championships, but Mister Kennedy is on the cusp of greatness, Matt Hardy is hungry as hell to crash the party, William Regal is itching to cap off a wonderful career with a run as the World Champion, Tyson Tomko will be looking to step out of the shadows … and Umaga is undefeated. Diverse line up, and while all six men are worthy of the briefcase, there’s only one on show, and it aint for sharing, baby boy.

Jim Ross: In addition, there are FOUR championship matches this Sunday, and they don’t come much more personal than for the World Tag Team Championships, as Straight Edge and MNM settle their differences, once and for all.

The Coach: End the madness!!! This Sunday, MNM are restoring order to the tag team division on Raw, and taking back the gold. Write it down - it’s a fact.

Jim Ross: You sound overly confident about you’re A-List buddies, but will Shelton Benjamin share the same confidence, when he challenges Rey Mysterio for the highly coveted Intercontinental championship!!!

The Coach: He will, don’t doubt that. I’m sure MNM are taking the World Tag Titles back this Sunday, but I doubly sure that my boy, ‘The Black Diamond’ is taking back the Intercontinental title for a third time at Backlash.

Jim Ross: And still talking of confidence, what is going through the mind of the Womens Champion, Alexis Laree?? Out of sorts this evening, and in six days, faces the most experienced diva on the roster today in Victoria. Has Laree been sidetracked by the mind games of the devilish Melina, hell bent on making her rivals life hell. Just what dirt does Melina have over Alexis Laree?? And can the womens champion put those issues to the side this Sunday??

The Coach: Oh boy, J.R, I’d love to tell ya the scoop, but I’m sworn to secrecy by Melina.

Jim Ross: Oh, so you know??

The Coach: Pfft, of course. I’m The Coach baby. Me and MNM are like peas in a pond. They tell me everything.

Jim Ross: Sure they do. Alexis Laree’s mind may be elsewhere, but for two men, they cannot afford to think about anything other than what awaits this Sunday - it’s the long awaited return of Satan’s Structure … it is, Hell in a Cell - for the World Heavyweight Championship. Christian and Triple H will settle the score, once and for all this Sunday in Montreal, with nowhere to run, and nowhere to hide. Does Christian have the killer instinct to take out The Game if necessary??

The Coach: Clearly, he doesn’t. Christian has a heart, J.R. But Triple H?? His heart is as black as coal, and when the opportunity arises, The Game will end … for Christian. He just cant measure up to the experience that Triple H has inside the Cell, and he doesn’t have the mentality to succeed either. The fairytale ends for Christian, in front of his own fans in Canucker land.

Jim Ross: Ladies and Gentlemen, I implore to, do not miss Backlash this Sunday, on Pay Per View. It truly will be, the most historically significant event in WWE history - never has so much rode on just one match. Never, has so much pressure rested on two mens shoulders. John Cena and Kurt Angle have the hopes and dreams of the good and evil sides of the McMahon Family resting on their shoulders. The face of the WWE WILL change … forever, and it all rests on the outcome of one match. It is Backlash … and it is this Sunday, only on Pay Per View.

The Coach: Nice shill job.


MNM, with Melina, enter the arena for the main event, with the paps snapping like mad.
The trio make their way to the ring, with Melina doing the usual leg splits entrance, as we wait for their partner.


It’s the music of Mister McMahon, as Vince AND Kurt Angle join Tyson Tomko down the aisle, to the chagrin of J.R on commentary, and the fans in attendance.

Jim Ross:
Ladies and Gentlemen, the odds are gonna be stacked against John Cena and Straight Edge here, with Mister McMahon and Kurt Angle at ringside. Our main event is coming up, next.

Commercial Break

We return with Straight Edge at the bottom of the aisle, being goaded by the six in the ring, looking tough with such a massive advantage.


Cue Marmite. Cena hurries onto the stage, quickly chucking his hat to the fans, before throwing his shirt off, and jogs down the aisle, sliding into the ring, with Punk and Helms following, as the heels surprisingly remain calm, as it looks like the main event will begin normally.

John Cena & Straight Edge vs. Tyson Tomko & MNM w/Kurt Angle, Mr. McMahon & Melina
It’s Cena and Tomko to start, with Cena looking around pensively, seeing McMahon, Angle and Melina surrounding the ring. He gets the better of Tomko though in the early going, getting the fans behind him, overpowering Tomko, and taking him off his feet with a running shoulder block. Cena then motions to Angle to come on, but Vince advises Angle against it for now, with Cena running Tomko to his sides corner, and tagging in Punk. Despite the size difference, Punk copes well with Tomko, proving to be too quick for the Problem Solver, escaping unscathed, as he tags in Greg Helms, with the tag champions delivering a double drop toe hold on the big man, before Punk is ushered out of the ring.

Helms goes on to score a near fall with a quick elbow, before engaging in a bit of jaw jacking with Mercury and Nitro, which proves to be a silly decision, as Tomko blasts him with a strong clothesline, scoring a two count, but importantly gaining control of the match. Thanks to the clothesline, Tomko is able to get MNM into the contest, and the challengers for the tag titles this Sunday go to work on Greg, but Helms surprises them after the duo send him off the ropes with a whip, coming back with a double clothesline, knocking both men down, and getting a big pop, before tagging in Cena, to a mixed reaction.

Cena unloads on Nitro (the legal man), then delivers a hip toss, before spotting Angle on the apron … AND KNOCKS HIM OFF WITH A RIGHT HAND!!! Angle tumbles to the floor, with Melina rushing to his aide, whilst Cena calls on Vince to bring it on, looking to get a piece of the chairman. Vince doesn’t accept the challenge, but tries to goad Cena long enough to allow a distraction to help MNM and Tomko seize an advantage, but as they attack, Straight Edge come to the rescue of Cena, as the fight spills to the outside, with all six men brawling wildly. Cena clotheslines Tomko over the barrier, then spots Vince, and chases the boss up the aisle, with Vince falling over, leaving himself at the mercy of Cena.

Cena then stands over his begging boss, with a wry smile on his face … until Angle comes to the rescue for Vince!!! Angle and Cena now trade blows down the aisle, with the referee’s attention on the ongoing brawl between Straight Edge and MNM, as Punk and Mercury end up back in the ring, with Scott Robinson declaring them (conveniently for him) as the legal men. With that, order is restored, with Cena knocking Angle down, and Vince holding his man back, as Cena turns his attention back to the match, with Tomko now back in commission too, taking his place on the apron with Nitro.

It’s Punk and Mercury the legal men, with Mercury raining blows on one of his rivals, as we get clips from during the break where Cena chased Vince up the aisle, before being attacked by Tyson Tomko, as they brawled back to the ring. Eventually order was restored, leading to Punk and Mercury as the legal men at this point. Mercury gets the better of Punk, but gets too cocky, as he catches his opponents boot, with Punk having to hop … but catches Mercury with an enziguri, which allows him to make the tag to Cena.

Cena bounds into the ring, knocking down Mercury, again and again, with Joey continuously getting back up, before Cena pushes him into the ropes, throwing him off, then blasting him down with a stiff clothesline. Cena then throws Mercury onto his shoulders, and LOOKS FOR THE FU … BUT ANGLE JUMPS ONTO THE APRON … PULLING MERCURY OFF!!! Cena turns around, and swings at Angle, but Kurt ducks it, and drops Cenas throat off the ropes, allowing Mercury to score with a dropkick, before tagging in Nitro.

Nitro puts the boots to Cena, and with a neat neck breaker scores two successive near falls, failing to put Cena away. With coaching from Vince and Angle, Nitro goes to work on Cena, bending the rules when possible, choking in the ropes, and distracting the referee to allow Angle to choke Cena on the ropes. Nitro drags Cena up, looking to deliver another fancy neck breaker … BUT CENA REVERSES … AND THROWS NITRO ONTO HIS SHOULDERS … AND DELIVERS AN FU … TO THE OUTSIDE … AND ONTO ANGLE!!!

The fans go nuts, as Cena motions to Vince that he cant be broken, before making the tag to Helms, who, along with Punk, gets Nitro back inside. Nitro looks to be at the mercy of Helms after the FU … but suddenly, the attention diverts from the action in the ring … AS ANGLE TRIPS CENA OFF THE APRON … AND CHARGES HIM THROUGH THE STEEL STEPS!!! Angle assaults Cena, as officials run down the aisle to try and restore order, with Scott Robinson losing control … and as his attention is diverted to the Cena / Angle incident, it allows Tomko TO BOOT GREG HELMS!!! Punk spots it, and charges at Tomko, battling him to the outside, as it all breaks down again, as officials try to help get the match under control, as we head into the final commercial of the evening.

Commercial Break

And into the last segment of the show, Greg Helms is in a bad way INSIDE the ring, with Punk helpless but to look on, whilst Cena is still in a heap, following the attack from Angle - who has been ejected from ringside following his attack. Back inside, Tomko gets the lifeless Helms on his shoulder for a Pumphandle Slam, delivering with ease, and getting the cover … 1...2...Punk breaks the count. Immediately, the referee orders Punk out, but the distraction allows a brief illegal double team, as Tomko holds Helms up, exposing the ribs, with Mercury pounding away at the body. Tomko tags in Nitro now, and the former tag team champion applies a sleeper, with Helms fading rapidly.

The referee raises the arm twice, and both times it falls to the ground. The third time it stays in the air, and he breaks the hold with repeated elbows to the mid section. He then bounces off the ropes, but MERCURY SNEAKILY PULLS HIS HAIR!!! Helms is pulled to the mat, whilst Punk again tries to get in, playing into the hands of the heel side, as Nitro delivers a standing moonsault, with Mercury holding Helms down. Robinson gets Punk out of the ring, and counts the cover, 1...2...NO!!! Helms gets his shoulder up, refusing to give in. Still though, the heel side are dominant, with MNM giving Helms a taster of what to expect at Backlash with a double flapjack, for another long two count.

Nitro - now the legal man again - toys with Helms, slapping him a couple of times, before running off the ropes … AND INTO A BOOT … HELMS GOES FOR THE NIGHTMARE ON HELMS STREET … BUT TOMKO CUTS HIM OFF!!! AND PUNK HAS SEEN ENOUGH!!! CM Punk darts into the ring, launching at Tomko, taking him down, and pounding him out of the ring, whilst MNM take the opportunity to double team Helms once more, with Scott Robinson distracted again. Nitro holds Helms up, as Mercury looks to take a free shot, scoring to the body first time, then lines up a big shot to the unprotected face … BUT HELMS DUCKS … AND NITRO PUNCHES HIS OWN PARTNER!!! Helms then throws Nitro out of the ring, with Melina rushing to check on him, before Helms delivers a stunning Shining Wizard to the dazed Mercury!!!


Helms then looks up, looking for a tag … BUT PUNK GETTING HIS ASS BEAT ON THE OUTSIDE … AND CENA IS OUT OF ACTION!!! Greg climbs to his feet … BUT VINCE STRIKES FROM BEHIND!!! Vince McMahon is in the ring, with the referee having lost all control, basically allowing ANYTHING to go, with all kinds of interference riddling the match, with Vince now kicking Helms in the ribs with his pricey shoes. The Boss, to ungodly heat, stands over the broken Greg Helms, looking confident, and cocky, trash talking Helms, telling him there is no one to help him. Suddenly though, the boos turn to massive cheers, but the camera don’t pick up why.

Helms though, on his knees points behind McMahon, with Vince looking around … AND CENA IS ON THE APRON … LOOKING FOR A TAG!!! Vince’s eyes open wide at the sight of Cena, but before we get to see the infamous ‘McMahon gulp’ … HELMS LOW BLOWS THE BOSS!!! The fans are going crazy, as Helms reaches out … AND TAGS IN CENA!!!

Cena steps into the ring, and looks around for approval from the fans, as Vince staggers to his feet … and Cena gets him up … FU COMING … NO!!! Melina rescues Vince, grabbing his legs, stopping the move, and Mercury now attacks Cena, with Vince slipping off the shoulders to safety … AND HUGE HEAT. Nitro throws his best shots at Cena, then throws him off the ropes … BUT CENA FIRES BACK WITH ANOTHER FLYING SHOULDER!!! Cena catches Tomko now bounding into the ring, and stops him with a boot, following up with the release Fisherman buster!!!

Cena gets up, and ducks under a wild swing from Mercury, then puts him down with the Blue Thunder bomb!!! Cena then gets himself set up, motioning to the fans … who respond with ‘YOU CANT SEE ME’, before he bounces off the ropes, as CM Punk flies into action, cutting off Nitro with a springboard clothesline … AND CENA DELIVERS THE FIVE KNUCKLE SHUFFLE ON MERCURY!!! Tomko though attacks Cena from behind following the move, to the delight of Vince on the outside … but not for long, as Helms attacks Tomko … taking him out of the ring with a clothesline over the top - both of them going out!!!

Punk throws Mercury out of the ring, before being bundled out from behind by Nitro, as Nitro then makes a beeline for Cena, dragging him up … BUT CENA BURSTS INTO LIFE WITH AN FU!!! Cena points out at Vince, uncharacteristically making a slice throat taunt to his boss, before APPLYING THE STFU!!! Before Vince or Melina can intervene … NITRO TAPS OUT!!!
Winners: John Cena & Straight Edge @ 16:49

Cena has his hand raised, whilst Vince can only watch the man he must have Kurt Angle defeat in incredible form, digging deep tonight, battling adversity to come through - just like he’ll have to do at Backlash.

Punk and Helms join Cena in the ring for handshakes and hugs, celebrating with the former world champion, before leaving the ring (via the crowd to avoid Vince) to give Cena his moment, with Cena still keeping focused on Vince, who is stood on the ramp, intently watching the one man that stands between him and 100% control of the WWE at Backlash.
Cena leans over the ropes, and taunts Vince with the ‘You Cant See Me’ actions, whilst McMahon starts to get worked up, throwing his jacket off … AND WALKS DOWN THE RAMP … but stops??

Kurt Angle is back in the ring!!! Angle storms around the ring, roaring intensely, whilst Vince now joins him, with the coast clear. The Boss and Angle stand over Cena with Vince laughing maniacally, before raising the arm of Angle in victory, over the broken body of John Cena…

Jim Ross: Coach, is this a sign of what’s to come on Sunday?? Tonight, John Cena has won the battle … but Kurt Angle and Mister McMahon are the two men standing … TONIGHT, THEY’VE WON THE WAR!!!

The Coach: And on Sunday, Cena is gonna wave the white flag, and the fans are gonna throw in the towel. Mister McMahon WILL control HIS company after Backlash.




FINAL Card for WWE Backlash:

22nd April 2007
Location: Bell Centre, Montreal
Event Music: Breaking Benjamin, Breath

World Heavyweight Championship;
Hell in a Cell Match:
Christian vs. Triple H

Intercontinental Championship Match:
Rey Mysterio vs. Shelton Benjamin

World Tag Team Championships Match:
Straight Edge vs. MNM

Womens Championship Match:
Alexis Laree vs. Victoria

All or Nothing:
~ If John Cena wins, Mr. McMahon must relinquish sole ownership of the WWE, and allow Linda McMahon to take the company public again ~
~ If Mr. Mahons representative wins, he will be permitted to proceed with total ownership of the company ~
John Cena vs. Kurt Angle

Raw Exclusive Money in the Bank Match:
Six Pack Challenge Match | One Fall to a Finish:
Shawn Michaels vs. Umaga vs. Tyson Tomko vs. Matt Hardy vs. William Regal vs. Mr. Kennedy



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Re: Being The Booker

Just as I am about to post this, you've posted a red show. That one'll have to wait sir.

So let’s see if I can figure out just what’s going on around here. No better place for me to fall back in than Kansas City. Irony.


Seems Edge and Jericho tore the house down last week. Good for them. Jericho faces Orton for the strap TONIGHT? Love TV world title matches as they make for a special feel, but the champ rarely loses. And in this case, Orton has only just won the belt at Mania. He aint losing.

Honestly had a gut feeling Paul London would win the US Title here once I saw his name. I know you’ve been building him forever, and it seems like the time. Judging by the way this went down, I’m sure that you are building London up to win the strap. How long has Albright had the damn thing? And what is with your mancrush on him? He’s a good talent and all, but his name is horrible. Just hasn’t ever sounded or looked right to me. I’d have called him Gunner Scott. That said, his long heel reign couldn’t be jeopardized by a better built up challenger. The Golden Boy is on the cusp of that next level.

You said yourself that the Smackdown tag division is a little bare, and I’d agree, it is. D & D to get released just as I just did pretty soon I’d say. Furthermore, I’m tired of AMW. They were a great team in real life, but those days have passed. They were great in this thread, but they’ve been around in the thread for so long now, it’s beginning to seem stale. Refreshment is needed. No joke, I have some more of the famous gimmick team names and ideas that I haven’t and/or am not gonna use. IM me if you want some of them. The Murdoch’s are a solid team though, and with work, could be good. The gimmick just doesn’t strike me as having major appeal or potential to be involved in tag title matches at big events like SummerSlam or Mania. New Wave is decent enough, and I actually don’t mind the name. Never been a fan of the whole Nick Dinsmore situation, but ah well. Booker T and Elijah Burke (ironically also stabled in my thread) make a good team. Are they permanent? Is it makeshift? What’s the deal? I lol’d at the grandfather bit from AMW. So the Mad Murdochs get the shocker win. No biggie. I’d have gone with either New Wave or BT/EB though.

Not sure what to make of the pep talk between the Mexicans and Kendrick, or why it happened, but the Mania rematch should be the sex.

I think that the Jericho promo was perfectly done. Short, to the point, making his intentions very clear. Well spoken, right amount of perfectly crafted Jericho humor, yet very serious as well.

Very well written little match there for the CW belt. I actually thought you might be taking the strap right back off Kendrick when Kash rolled through the bodypress and hooked the tights. Loved Kendrick hooking the tights as well.

Evan Bourne will make a great addition to Smackdown. Certainly, he’ll be the Cruiserweight Champion by years end.

Another really, really good promo from Orton. The promos haven’t been like mind blowing or anything, but the characterization has been spot on, and again, the messages very clear. Orton checking his stablemates was very well done, and I especially loved the reference to WrestleMania and his MITB cash in when speaking about there being no tomorrow.

What a great segment. I appreciate finding out what happened to the Cabinet and JBL. I didn’t know, then he returned at Mania, and I was just in the dark. I love that he’s waiting for either Hogan or Taker. What a perfect way to kill time this week. Hashing out the Cabinet thing, and just dogging Noble. While I love Jamie and think you should use him better than you have since the Cabinet, this whole angle was just perfectly done. So realistic. JBL was perfect, Noble was spot on, and the brawl to follow was well written. It’s intriguing to wonder what JBL will do each week.

Glad to see Edge all fired up. The promo was decent, not nearly the level of the past three. I am disappointed to be honest with Edge’s whole position. He’s never been the champ, and he just can’t seem to make it there. I will never understand why you had him carry MITB for a year, and then not win the title. I mean I get Orton cashing in and all, but I still think Edge should have won. Edge kills Doane, then snaps. All fine, but feels underwhelming when I believe he should be WWE Champion.

The MVP interview was fine. Not sure why it had to be conducted in that format, but I guess it makes for something different instead of just another guy cutting a promo. Carlito will be back in two months, and the feud will go on. MVP will win the next one, one-upping his first ever loss. However, I think Carlito will win in the end. I think in the long run to, he’ll need it more, despite the fact that you’ve booked him pretty well in the thread. MVP could lose at the end of the feud, and immediately find himself in a feud with US Champion London (who will be champ by then.) I noticed MVP wants some bling. It’s not coming anytime soon though, as the only belt for him is the US Title, currently held by another heel. Anyway, I’m rambling.

Nice pre-title shenanigans out back with Orton & Arn.

Nicely written match description. I can tell you are sort of phasing the RKO’s strength in favor of the punt. That’s all good to me, however I do think you made it look weak by having Jericho kick out twice. I think MAYBE once, and then the punt. Sadly, I can’t even remember whether I started using the punt or not! I am going to have to look back, because whether I have or not, it’s effectiveness is going to skyrocket in Orton’s arsenal in the coming months. The one foot pin is just humiliating, and perhaps overkill. Maybe it didn’t need to happen, and Jericho didn’t need to look quite so bitchslapped. Then again, add another name to Orton’s list. While the New Wave seem a floundering group not worthy of ties with the Legend Killer, Orton himself is quickly becoming one of the most dominant and dangerous characters in the history of the thread. Much like his real life persona. I like it.


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Re: Being The Booker

RAW Feedback

Looks like you proved me wrong about when this would get up. Pleased to say the least.

After showing a video of what went down to close last week we open with Vince in the ring straight away? Sounds good. McMahon was pretty much on from the beginning, with his selfish attitude being captured very well with the constant reminder that it’s HIS company (I also liked the little Montreal mention before that). “I will TELL YOU what you like, I will TELL YOU how to like it, and you’ll thank me for it.” That, for example, was great, and it really captures the attitude of the promo well. The removal of the sign and plant from the audience was also a very nice way to show how McMahon will (and does) throw his power around, and him getting angered when the sign wasn’t immediately taken was some nice classic characterization of Vince. McMahons little rant on Cena was also very nice, going through everything that’s he’s had done to him in this thread well (which helps people like me ). Angle’s explanation was simple and makes sense, and with Angle taking a shot at Triple H and also being guaranteed the next title shot should he win (which he won’t), it looks like you’re setting up for some tension between Tripper and Angle, with that Angle face turn perhaps still being a possibility. @ Coach. The ending to Angle’s portion of the promo was fine, sucking up to Vince a bit and establishing his reasons for helping Vince again. Vince summing things up was fine too, and the last line of the promo was pretty clever, playing up to the Pay-Per-View well. A good promo to kick us off here, with both Angle and Vince being pretty much spot on throughout.

@ Coach interrupting J.R constantly. You have to love him.

Like Kennedy’s new attitude of not needing an introduction. Clever little way to twist the more serious and aggressive character from Kennedy that you’ve developed well. Regal was never going to win here, but you gave him and Kennedy sufficient time to put on a pretty food little match which was good to see. Liked the double arm suplex spot from the top, as well as the simple and effective finish which makes Kennedy look very strong (and rightfully so since Regal’s really just filling in the numbers in the MITB match). Again, the mini promo from Kennedy after the match keeps that serious personality going, which imo, makes him almost definite winner of MITB since he seems primed for the main event (no matter how much I despise him).

Tension between Angle and Tripper? Awesome. Angle getting the better of Tripper in this exchange was the right way to go, and Angle again bringing up that Triple H is too worried about himself to help Vince keeps the tension running high well. Hopefully the feud this is hinting at comes to fruition after both lose at Backlash, as really, it should own.

Ehh, I guess Superstars can be a useful tool for you to build up lower card guys who don’t get much TV time. Not too fussed on seeing it, but it’ll have its place.

Mysterio not getting too long to talk is alright I guess since really, he’s bland as all hell. Long’s promo on Rey was decent enough, hyping Benjamin up well, while Burchill interrupting hypes up the match later well.

The British Lions? Like the name, although as I’ve said before, not too sure about this Burchill/Smith tandem, especially since one week of Burchill randomly saving Smith doesn’t really seem like a justifiable reason for them to suddenly become a full time tag team with their own name. However, Burchill looking impressive in the early going of the matchup was certainly promising for him, and the use of Shelton Benjamin at ringside to help change momentum if only by presence was well done. Burchill’s anger was well captured here in him trying to get involved, before snapping and owning shit. Seriously, the ultra aggressive character is something I love. Very nice finish as well with use of Shelton at ringside as well as Mysterio overcoming his presence, keeping with the psychology on what had the match turn originally. Nice little six man match, giving some hype to Mysterio/Benji’ as well as all of the stuff surrounding Burchill (Smith, Henry).

Ergh, the continued push of the wrong Hardy. Overlooking the fact that Matt’s horribly boring as anything other than heel V1, I will say that I’ve liked what you’ve done with him on RAW thus far, pairing him up with some big names, and even through not winning all of the time, you’ve made him look very good. Anyway, with Michaels knowing Hardy would be aggressive early, I would have liked to have seen Michaels slow things down with a headlock, rather than Hardy doing it, although Hardy moving on to focus on the back of Michaels makes sense. Michaels comeback was a little out of order compared with normal too, as he usually just runs through his offense in the same order, although I’m not too fussed by that. The finish to the match was fine, basic, yet keeping both men looking strong, especially with the length of the match. Michaels putting Hardy over post-match was a nice touch too, although what we all wanted to see was what followed. Umaga’s continued beatdowns of Michaels really have me holding high hopes for the future of ‘Mags. Whether or not MITB is involved or not, I’m not too sure, although I do know that the guy owns and that he should continue to be allowed to so.

First off, should point out I never watched the youtube vid since my internet is a bitch, but I’m going to assume it’s Hunter kicking ass in HIAC. Christian stepping out before Tripper can even speak properly is different, although I guess it shows his intent. @ Coach’s commentary during Christian’s entrance too, btw. Christian’s little jokes at the start were alright, although I have to say this: We’ll extend it by about ten seconds this time next week to include you” was gold. Triple H, from there progressing to serious to sell the match was very nice, selling the gimmick well, while Triple H’s intensity when talking about his own killer instinct was awesome. Christian’s “keep looking” little speech was also very nice, with the ensuing brawl being pretty awesome, and the ending to it leaving us with questions about whether Hunter is right about Christian heading into Backlash. Good promo, followed with a very good brawl here.

Ugh, I hate Goldust tbh. Some of the stuff here was alright, and I did laugh at Cody’s reaction that Dusty was there, only to find to Goldust in a storage room. Having Rhodes entered in the KOTR is good to hear though, as its for young superstars, and I guess you’ve also plugged it here too. Not too keen on this storyline, but I guess since you’ve got family ties you may as well use them.

Laree blowing off the question from Todd was pretty well done, although I’m glad to see you had Melina interrupt and give us a little more details. When Melina said she found dirt on Laree, I honestly thought we were going to see Laree’s porn brought up on WWE TV. Not sure if it would’ve been a good thing. Beth saying hi? Well, here comes Phoenix, which will be a welcome addition to the women’s division. As far as ‘Alexis Laree’ not existing, I’m interested to see what that means. Nice promo to keep things between Laree and Melina rolling.

Of course Coach is in the know. I have no problem with the divas getting little time when one of them is Candice Michelle since the less we see of her, the better (she’s ugly and can’t wrestle? What in the hell is she good for?). Laree still being affected by Melina’s little bombshell was a nice touch, adding to both the finish, and finally some form of hype to the match at Backlash with the post-match attack from Victoria.

at Cena essentially representing the fans, yet STILL getting booed by them. I loved the more serious side of Cena in this promo, really selling how important the match is, and what it would do to RAW should he fail, playing on all of the legends that came before him very well. Cena ending things with one of his catchphrases as well as that of the match at Backlash was good, and really, this did a good job of showing how much the match means, and how serious Cena is about it.

Loving the fact that you’ve got Tomko, Straight Edge and MNM all in the main event of RAW here right before a Pay-Per-View, giving the youth a real go. The match started off fine enough with Cena looking good as well as Punk, with the use of the bad blood between MNM and Helms being a good way to bring about a momentary change in momentum. From there, I felt the chaos maybe came a bit early, although Angle coming to the aid of Vince to save him from Cena at the last moment was cleverly eerie of last week, in a way. Angle providing the distraction for Cena’s momentum to be ended was nice, and Cena coming back with an F-U on Nitro onto Angle was a pretty cool spot, leading to chaos giving the heels some nice momentum headed into the break well. The faces overcoming the numbers to start their comeback was good, and Helms low blowing Vince then tagging in Cena was pretty awesome. Cena then looking strong with the convincing win, sending the message to Vince was good, while Angle nailing the Angle Slam on Cena (along with the sell job from ‘J.R’) was a very nice way to finish the show.

As a whole, this was definitely an impressive show, selling all of the matches well (outside the women where the focus is elsewhere), and really doing its job as a go home show before the Pay-Per-View. Promos were solid throughout, as were matches, and really there wasn’t anything to dislike about the show (apart from Matt’s push ). Good stuff. Oh, and I’ll wait until you give me permission to leave predictions.

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