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Re: Being The Booker

Monday Night Raw | April 9 2007 | St. Louis MO

Clips from last week, with ‘McMahon Appreciation Night’ dominating proceedings, with everything going the McMahon Family Empires way … until the main event, where the majority of the roster would revolt, leading to Linda McMahon announcing the ‘ALL OR NOTHING’ match at Backlash.

Opening Video


Jim Ross: After a turbulent fortnight, the time is fast approaching for a definitive answer to the ongoing power struggle within the WWE. We are thirteen days away from Backlash, and at Backlash, the long term future of the WWE will be settled in just one match - one match, where everything is on the line. Tonight, we are live from the Scottrade Centre in St. Louis for another action packed edition of Monday Night Raw!!

The Coach: Disgraceful. Mister McMahon, who built this company from the ground up, is being forced to put his future on the line at Backlash. Should his representative fail to defeat John Cena, he can never appear on his own television broadcasts … EVER again.

Jim Ross: After the stunts McMahon pulled last week Coach, I’d say you’re in the minority on that. Mister McMahon crossed the line last week. He went completely over the top, drunk on power, and rightfully, his wife - the voice of reason - Linda McMahon stepped in and restored some normality, some order.

The Coach: And the lesson behind that J.R … don’t get married.

Jim Ross: I think it depends on who ya marry Coach. Tonight, Mister McMahon must put his future into someone elses hands. Which Raw superstar will he pick to take on John Cena at Backlash?? The contract signing is tonight. But that’s not all, as the Backlash continues; after a stunning performance last week, Christian is back in action, and he will look to rectify his shocking loss to his former best friend, when he takes on the McMahon Family Empires Problem Solver, Tyson Tomko.

The Coach: And this is the type of nonsense you expect when the so-called ‘voice of reason’ has a say in company matters. STICK TO THE BOARD ROOM LINDA!!!

Jim Ross: Indeed, tonight, Linda and Vince McMahon have had to work side by side in the running of this evenings broadcast. And as a result, this isn’t a lopsided affair like last week. It’s fair, it’s even, it’s what it should be every week. No handicap matches, no gauntlets, no ridiculous refereeing decisions. Fair and square!!!


Jim Ross: And we are kicking off this evenings broadcast with the man that challenges Christian in under two weeks at Backlash, inside the demonic Hell in a Cell structure for the World Heavyweight Championship!! The Game will enter hell for the sixth time at Backlash, and holds an incredible record inside the cell, having NEVER been pinned.

The Coach: And in the process, he ended the career of Mick Foley … he finished off Kevin Nash as a top class competitor … and it took Chris Jericho years to recover from their battle inside the Cell. Christian is gonna follow, trust me.

Jim Ross: It will be the biggest challenge in the career of Captain Charisma. He has never encountered a beast like the Cell. It’s ruined careers, and as you pointed out, in some instances … ended them.

The Coach: And the man that’s done it more than anyone else … is Triple H.

Jim Ross: I cant disagree Coach.

Triple H makes his entrance, same as always, ready for action. He spits water, poses on the turnbuckles, then drops down, but instead of waiting for his opponent … he motions for a mic.

Being The Game, his request is fulfilled, and he is given the mic, with the music dying down, allowing him to speak…

Triple H: Mick Foley … Chris Jericho … Kevin Nash … Christian.

Triple H stops, and allows a cheap pop from the fans for Captain Charisma.

Triple H: Four completely different entities … four different personalities … but all four of them have one trait that links them together … facing me inside Hell in a Cell.

Small amount of heat.

Triple H: And at Backlash, Christian is gonna find out he’s got something else in common with Foley, Jericho and Nash … I took something from each of them, something they could never get back … and I’m gonna do the same to Christian.

The camera focuses on The Game, as he glares into the camera.

Triple H: Y’see I don’t think I need to remind anyone what I took from Mick Foley seven years ago in his playground. I ended his career … I RETIRED MICK FOLEY!!!


Triple H: I walked into Foleys domain, his structure … his home … the one that made him famous … and I made it mine.

Not even smiling at his accomplishment, The Game remains stone faced, with the camera still closing up.

Triple H: I retired Foley … and after I was through with Jericho inside Hell in a Cell … he’s never been the same. It took him two whole years to climb back to the top of the mountain. The mental scars are still there, I guarantee ya. You can look into Chris Jerichos eyes now … and you’ll see a different person. You’ll see a man still haunted by that night, locked inside Hell … with The Game.

Deadly silent inside the Scottrade Centre.

Triple H: And then you’ve got Kevin Nash … I finished Kevin Nash as a relevant commodity in this business. When I was done with Big Sexy inside Hell in a Cell … Big Daddy Cool became nothing more than an afterthought. That’s why he’s hidin in the minor leagues now … he’s not here, because I took everything he had left to give … and I crushed it.

The Game looks around at the fans, addressing them.

Triple H: So now … you people might think I’m about to tell Christian that I plan to take the World Championship from him at Backlash … and you’d be right.

Triple H shows a hint of a smirk, and turns to the camera again, as if to send a message personally to Christian.

Triple H: But Christian … I’m making an exception with you … because I’m not just gonna take the World title, and become an eleven time champion … I’m gonna do to you exactly what I did to Chris Jericho … I’m gonna do to you exactly what I did to Kevin Nash … and yeah, I’m gonna do to you … exactly what I did to Mick Foley.

Heat from the fans, but The Game blows it off.

Triple H: I’m gonna set you back two years, just like I did to Jericho … I’m gonna render you irrelevant like I did to Nash … and I’m gonna end your career … like I did to Mick Foley.

Triple H absorbs the heat, and carries on.

Triple H: Christian, I hope you’ve had the time of your life since WrestleMania … because it’s time for a reality check at Backlash. And the reality is … your fate lies in my hands. It’s your final test, the final hurdle to cement yourself as a legitimate, genuine, one hundred percent top dog … but it’ll just be one step too far.

The fans start to heat up again, with abuse for The Game.

Triple H: Face the facts … as great as it must’ve felt at WrestleMania, having your hand raised, feeling the confetti fall from the ceiling, having your family join you in celebration as you hoisted the World title over your head … somewhere … somewhere in the back of your mind you had to be thinking … ‘What if?’

Triple H looks toward the fans in the front row, looking confusedly at them.

Triple H: You don’t follow?? What I mean … is in the back of his mind somewhere, Christian, during his defining moment had to be thinking … ‘What if I had faced Triple H, and not Cena’.

Heat for The Game, but he holds his hand up, indicating he hasn’t finished, with more info to input.

Triple H: Let me break this down for those of you who don’t have the brain power to remember things … six weeks before WrestleMania, I was the World Heavyweight Champion, and I was to face Christian in New Orleans.

More heat.

Triple H: Thanks to John Cena getting lucky in the craziest sixty minutes in the history of this business, that didn’t happen.

Few ironic cheers.

Triple H: And instead of the biggest anticlimax in WrestleMania history, instead of me dominating Christian, dashing his dream once and for all … he found himself head to head with an equivalent of a bull in a china shop. He didn’t get The Game … he got the Goof.

The entire audience At least one person chuckles. Somewhere

Triple H: He didn’t have to worry about facing a strategist, he didn’t have to worry about facing a Cerebral Assassin … he didn’t have to contend with me at WrestleMania, and as a result, he fooled you people one more time … but what if he had faced me??


Triple H: Well at Backlash … you’ll ALL find out … every single one of you will find out why it was me that ended Christians first World title run, because I will be ending his second … and final run as World Heavyweight Champion.

The camera focuses on The Game, as he straightens up.

Triple H: And like I said earlier … not only will I bring an end to your second reign as World Heavyweight Champ … I will bring an end to your career … inside MY PLAYGROUND!!!

Lots of heat for The Game as he pipes up.

Triple H: No one has the kind of experience I have inside Hell in a Cell … no one has achieved as much as I have … no one has inflicted more damage, or shortened as many careers … or ended as many careers as I have inside the Cell.

More heat for Triple H.

Triple H: It takes a certain type of individual to thrive inside that Cell. No matter how much research you do, no matter how you try to prepare … you cant. You cant prepare for Hell in a Cell … once that door locks, you’ll know if you’re made for Hell, or you’ll find yourself simply out of your depth … surrounded by steel … nowhere to run, nowhere to hide … with no excuses, and no second chances … it’s live … or die.

Some cheers from the fans, but not much of a reaction.

Triple H: When that cell door is locked … and it’s just you and I Christian … face to face, nose to nose … and when I see that fear in your eyes?? When I sense you don’t want to be locked inside a cell with me … It’ll be time to play The Game … and in this game?? I … AM … THE MASTER!!! I AM … THE KING … OF KINGS!!!

Triple H stops, as the heat reaches a climax.

Triple H: And at Backlash … inside Hell in a Cell … The King of Kings will step over your broken, bloodied body … and back on his throne.

The arena quietens down, with Triple H staring into the camera once more.

Triple H: And for you Christian … it’ll be over. It’ll be … all over.

Triple H stares into the camera, letting his message sink in…


William Regal has now heard enough (well, Triple H was finished) and makes his way down the aisle.

Jim Ross: What a way to kick things off here tonight on Raw. It’s the number one contender, Triple H in action, one on one with William Regal, when we come back.

Commercial Break

Match 1:
Triple H vs. William Regal
Physical match, with both men wasting little time in getting down to business. It’s a hard hitting brawl, veering away from Regals usual style, but he proves he can mix it up, going toe to toe with The Game on the outside, briefly fighting into the first few rows of the crowd, before fighting back over the barrier, and into the ring, breaking the referees count. In the ring, Regal enjoys some momentary domination, hammering Triple H in the corner with his authentic hard hitting style, before The Game reverses an Irish whip off the ropes, surprising the Brit with a spine buster, scoring a two count, with Regal shooting a shoulder up.

Triple H now goes on the offence, with a succession of HARD Irish whips, chest first into the corners, sapping the air from Regal. With The Game in cruise control, he stomps the life out of Regal in the corner, targeting the chest area, taking more air from his British opponent. He continues the dissection with a vertical suplex … turned into a front suplex … onto the ropes!!! Regal clutches his chest, as The Game makes a number of covers, further pushing Regal to exert energy with each kick out. Triple H now goes in for the kill, setting Regal up for the Pedigree … but to his credit, Regal fights out, and musters a comeback. The Brit puts Trips on the back foot, forcing the issue, scoring a near fall off a butterfly suplex, then off a neck breaker, with The Game surviving both moves.

Regal charges Triple H into the corner, opening up with another array of right hands, pounding at the Number One Contender, shooting him off the ropes, and takes him down with a drop toe hold, instantly shooting for his famous Regal Stretch … but the cerebral assassin avoids it, quickly getting himself to the ropes for survival. Regal though, remains on the offence, sending Triple H off the ropes, but The Game rebounds with a high knee!!! Regal hit’s the canvas, and The Game now takes over again, delivering a face buster … and follows up with an emphatic Pedigree, hooking the leg … 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Triple H @ 07:27

Triple H comes through a stern test, holding off the challenge of William Regal to secure himself another win, as he rolls into Backlash, looking full of confidence, knowing what awaits inside Hell in a Cell in less than two weeks.

Jim Ross: Coach, it appears that everything is falling into place for Triple H right now. He’s back in title contention, he has his shot at Backlash in his match of choice, and he’s looking more confident than ever. Right now, he looks better than he ever has.

The Coach: You almost say that like it’s a bad thing. It’s about time the King of Kings got back on his throne. He should’ve never lost the title in the first place, he should’ve headlined WrestleMania, and ended Christians shambolic dream. But justice will be served come Backlash.

Jim Ross: Justice my ass. Christian will be heading to Montreal with the intention of walking through hell, and walking out still the champion. He aint gonna roll over, and if you think Triple H feels like he’s got a point to prove, what about Christian?? He has the opportunity to show once and for all that he is better than The Game.

The Coach: But he isn’t, and he’s gonna find that out in the worst way possible come Backlash.

Jim Ross: Folks, do not go anywhere, later tonight, four of the six men competing in the Raw Exclusive Money in the Bank Six Pack Challenge will be in tag team action, as Shawn Michaels teams with Matt Hardy to face Kurt Angle and Mister Kennedy. Not only that, but the World Champion will be in action, when he faces his former best friend Tyson Tomko. It promises to be another magnificent Monday!!

Commercial Break

We return from the commercial into the McMahon Family Empires massive private quarters, as Vince paces back and forth, flicking through the contract that his representative will sign later tonight. Shane watches, and sighs, before piping up.

Shane McMahon: How about Bradshaw??

Vince continues to walk back and forth, taking a moment to think over Shanes suggestion. Then, without looking up, responds.

Mr. McMahon: I’m not risking my future with someone who hasn’t had a match in five months.

Shane, losing patience it seems, sighs again before speaking up again.

Shane McMahon: We’re running outta time here, Dad. That contract has gotta be signed tonight, and we’re no closer to finding our guy.

Vince now stops, and turns, looking at Shane.

Mr. McMahon: Don’t rush me.

Shane snickers, and gets up, looking to emphasize a point.

Shane McMahon: Don’t rush you?? Dad, in case you haven’t realised, the clock is ticking. We’ve spent the last seven days trying to find the guy that’s gonna save your- OUR asses. And guess what, we’ve got nothing. You don’t want JBL because he’s been injured, Hunter is already tied up, Orton isn’t interested, you still think Umaga is a loose cannon … anyone else that’d be interested is tied up.

Vince throws the contract down, and vents a little.

Mr. McMahon: Quit it. You don’t think I’m racking my brain to find the perfect guy?? I’m searching for a guy that’s willing to break his back for me, willing to put his body on the line for US. Randy Orton?? He’s got nothing to gain. Umaga IS a damn loose cannon, and yeah, pretty much everyone that’s suitable is tied up. The reason I’m not running the length of the country to find our guy is because I’m waiting.

Looking confused, Shane fires back.

Shane McMahon: Waiting for what??

Calm as you like, Vince answers.

Mr. McMahon: Waiting for him to run to me.

Shane shakes his head, and looks at his watch, seeing time running out.

Back into the arena…


Alexis Laree, the womens champion, enters to a generous ovation, not dressed for action.

Jim Ross: Well Coach, momentarily, we are about to determine the next contender to Alexis Laree, with the winner of this triple threat match to challenge Alexis at Backlash.

The Coach: And it looks to me, the champ is coming to get a closer look at her opposition.

Jim Ross: Indeed it does, and we will speak with Alexis when we return from this.

Commercial Break

Jillian Hall vs. Victoria vs. Candice Michelle
Short affair, with the quality fairly low. It’s a typical triple threat match, with one of the competitors out of commission throughout, bar in the early stages, with all three in the action, until Jillian and Victoria team up to send Candice outside. This sequence repeats throughout the contest, as Candice low bridges Jillian out of the ring to get Victoria to herself. Then, after a brief period of action between them, Jillian re enters the ring, just as Victoria is back dropped over the top by Candice.

Candice and Jillian drag out a period of action whilst Victoria recovers, with the main highlight being Candice using her over the top rope choke, using her legs, getting a rowdy pop from the fans. As the match comes to it’s conclusion, Victoria rejoins the action, and we get a nice three lady spot, with Candice looking for a Hurricanrana off the top on Jillian, only to end up in the tree of woe position, as Victoria hit’s a baseball slide on her, then Jillian comes off with a splash … BUT VICTORIA CATCHES HER WITH A DROPKICK!!! Jillian rolls out of the ring, as Victoria picks Candice up, and drills her with the deadly Widows Peak. She covers, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Victoria @ 04:01

Write it down. Victoria will challenge Alexis Laree at Backlash for the womens championship. Laree leaves the commentary position, staring at her next challenger, who locks eyes with Alexis, as the two engage in a staredown, ahead of their upcoming meeting at Backlash.

We then cut backstage, and see MNM crowded around a monitor, watching the showdown, with Melina looking especially drawn to the meeting, with a face of thunder. The camera pans out, and we see Todd Grisham standing alongside them, waiting for an interview.

Todd Grisham: Uhm, guys-

The trio turn, and look toward Grisham.

Todd Grisham: Guys, I was hoping to get your thoughts on your rematch at Backlash for the World Tag Team Championships that you lost to Straight Edge at WrestleMania-

Melina cuts him off instantly.

Melina: Whoa. Hold on Todd. Johnny and Joey didn’t lose the titles to Straight Edge at WrestleMania. No, no. Straight Edge won the tag team titles thanks to that Neanderthal Eric Bischoff, making a match that we didn’t have to be beaten in to lose the titles. But now Todd, thanks to the brilliant Mister McMahon, Johnny and Joey will prove to the entire world how much better they are than Punk and Helms at Backlash.

As Melina finishes, Nitro takes over.

Johnny Nitro: And this time Todd, Punk and Helms don’t have anyone to hide behind like they did last month at WrestleMania. Nuh-uh. Just them, just us. The so-called best team in the WWE taking on the legitimate best team in the WWE.

Nitro passes over to Mercury.

Joey Mercury: Like Johnny said, Straight Edge wont have anyone to fight the battle for them like they did at WrestleMania … or like they did last week when the entire Raw roster came to their aide. At Backlash Straight Edge fight their own battles for once.

Nitro pipes up again.

Johnny Nitro: And we’re gonna expose them as the biggest myth in the WWE. It’s time for the truth to come out about Straight Edge…

Nitro smiles, and looks to Mercury, with Mercury smiling too.

Joey Mercury: And we love to break a big story.

MNM seem to think the interview should be over, but it appears Grisham has another question…

Todd Grisham: Melina, I was also just wondering … a few moments ago, you were deep in focus as you watched Victoria become the Number One Contender for the Womens Championship. With you now seemingly out of the equation in the womens division, I was wondering why you appeared to be so interested in th-

Melina doesn’t like this line of questioning.

Melina: How dare you. Todd, I may be out of the running at this moment in time, but soon enough - like Johnny and Joey - my time will come around again. For now though … I’m very keen on keeping an eye on our current womens champion.

Devilishly smiling, Melina looks at Mercury and Nitro. Grisham though, continues to probe.

Todd Grisham: Why so much interest in Alexis Laree??

Puzzled, Melina acts for a moment like she’s confused.

Melina: Alexis?? Who’s Alex- oh … (smiles) Alexis.

Melina looks at the two men either side of her once again, smiling, then cryptically answers.

Melina: Her life is about to get very complicated.

With an evil laugh, Melina walks off, leaving Grisham dumbfounded. He tries to follow, and ask a further question, but Nitro and Mercury stop him.

Joey Mercury: That’s enough questions for one night.

Todd Grisham: But what did Melina mean by her last comment?? I-

Johnny Nitro: We’ve got places to be Todd. Save the questions for another week.

MNM walk off, leaving Grisham without the scoop.

Commercial Break


The Brotherhood (minus Mark Henry, in action later) enter the arena to the same heat as ever, but they are joined this week by three added bodies … MNM.

Jim Ross: Oh, this is a joke. It’s supposed to be a six man tag team match, yet I count seven people walking down the aisle for one team.

The Coach: Sharp. I take back anything I ever said about you being an old timer, because boy, you can count.

Jim Ross: You’re damn right I can count. And I sure as hell don’t like the looks of this.

The Coach: Relax, MNM are simply here to observe their opponents at Backlash in action.

Jim Ross: My ass!!!

The Coach: No, Straight Edge. They couldn’t compete with your ass Jimbo.

Jim Ross: For the love of-

J.R huffs on commentary, whilst Coach laughs out loud.

**BOOYAKA 619**

The reigning Intercontinental Champion bursts onto the stage, coming off the back of consecutive defeats on Raw in the past two weeks.

Mysterio only walks halfway down the aisle, not liking his odds against seven people, and instead waits for his partners. Funnily enough though, the man he faces at Backlash - Shelton Benjamin - seems more than happy to challenge Rey to come to the ring.


The duo that defeated the boss, and the bosses son last week enter to a big pop, saluting the fans, before meeting Mysterio on the aisle, and making their way to the ring, as the ring empties for the match to take place.

Straight Edge & Rey Mysterio vs. The Brotherhood w/ Theodore Long & MNM
Excellent little match, with JTG and Monty Brown getting a chance to show off their skill set as the new duo in the Brotherhood camp. Meanwhile, with MNM at ringside they throw Punk and Helms concentration off the match at times, as Mysterio struggles to get a foothold on proceedings, taking on his own opponent at Backlash in Shelton Benjamin. The I.C Champion is found isolated, and the heel group take full advantage, keeping him as far away as possible from his partners, adding to the frustration of the tag team champions.

Rey valiantly fights the trio, but cannot muster enough offence to score the vital tag, as the well drilled Brotherhood continue to just stop him at the right time. Punk and Helms continue to get behind Rey, urging the fans to do the same, with the littlest big man feeding off that energy, and eventually surprising Benjamin with a sharp arm drag out of an attempted T-Bone exploder, then catching him with a hurricanrana, sending Shelton sprawling, as Mysterio leaps … AND TAGS PUNK!!!

Punk jumps onto the ropes, and leaps off at Benjamin, catching him with a flying clothesline, but as he gets set to race into the corner at him … he is sidetracked by Nitro, who hops onto the apron. Punk swings -and misses- with Nitro jumping back off the apron. The referee then steps in, admonishing Nitro … but as this goes on, JTG gets inside, and attacks Punk from behind, with a leaping reverse neck breaker, taking the tag champion down, instantly getting a reaction from Helms, who tries to get involved, but is cut off by the referee, who missed the run in. Benjamin makes his tag, out to Brown, who looks to drop an elbow … but Punk avoids it, and gets to his feet, scoring with an impressive round house kick, and a two count.

Brown is thrown into the corner, with Punk racing in, clobbering him with a high knee, and delivering a running bulldog out of the corner, gaining another close two count with a late kick out. He now motions for the Punk Card (GTS for anyone that‘s not been following) and gets Brown up … BUT MERCURY TRIPS HIS LEG!!! Punk loses his balance, and Brown slips off, as Helms leaps off the apron, onto Mercury, whilst Punk is held back from the referee from getting out to tackle Nitro … and as he turns around … HE IS MET BY THE POUNCE!!! We see Benjamin race around the ring, tripping Rey off the apron, whilst Nitro holds Helms back from breaking the count … 1...2...3!!!
Winner: The Brotherhood @ 06:14

Thanks to MNM, The Brotherhood have stolen it. Mysterio and Helms roll back inside to tend to Punk, whilst The Brotherhood raise the arms of one another in victory, whilst Benjamin motions around his waist, getting Reys attention.

MNM meanwhile, back up the ramp, smiling proudly, as Helms helps Punk to sit up in the ring.

Jim Ross: Well this isn’t a surprise. Seven people are always gonna get the better of three, the real answers will lie at Backlash, when Benjamin takes Mysterio on, man to man, and when MNM have to face Straight Edge, without any distractions. Mercury and Nitro can talk about Helms and Punk hiding behind others all they want, but as far as I’m concerned, the only ones doing the hiding are MNM.

The Coach: Oh, get off that high horse. The big thing here J.R, and you’ve failed to notice it, is that The Brotherhood is back … and we’re better than ever!!!

Jim Ross: Absolutely, your gang have perfected the art of stealing a win.

The Coach: I told you before J.R, it’s not a gang, it’s a group. And the new and improved Brotherhood are making waves.

Jim Ross: Absurd. Ladies and Gentlemen, the real test comes at Backlash. But still to come tonight, Christian will go one on one with Tyson Tomko, and later, Kurt Angle and Mister Kennedy team up to face Matt Hardy, and HBK Shawn Michaels. Four of the six men involved in the Raw exclusive Money in the Bank match at Backlash, all in action.

Commercial Break

Fireworks at the beginning of WrestleMania 23

‘The Glitz and Glamour has gone’

Confetti falling at the close of the night.

‘The Pomp and Pageantry has passed’

Shots of the celebrities on show at the event, the grand entrance of The Undertaker, and the musical performance for John Cena.

‘All that remains…’

Everything goes dark.

‘… Is the Backlash’

Shots of dark, dingy streets, the polar opposite of WrestleMania, as the Backlash logo flashes across the screen.



We return, into the private quarters of the McMahon Family Empire. It’s only Vince, Shane and Tomko in the room, with Triple H and Stephanie nowhere to be seen. Vince is still looking over the finer details of the contract, whilst Shane still looks uptight, as Tomko finishes up his warm up for his upcoming match with Christian.

Shane McMahon: Alright, we gotta do something Dad. No one is hammering down the door to represent us. None of them are willing to run the risk of getting blackballed if they lose.

Vince peers up.

Mr. McMahon: What do you want from me Shane?? What idea do you have that‘s any better??

Silence. Shane takes a moment, but Tomko chips in before he can speak.

Tyson Tomko: How about I solve this problem.

Suspicious, Vince quizzically looks to Tomko.

Mr. McMahon: You??

Tomko nods, and stands by the widescreen television, tapping the top of it.

Tyson Tomko: How about you watch this when I dismantle Christian for the second week straight. Think of it as my audition.

Tomko doesn’t wait for a response, and leaves the room, as Vince and Shane look over at each other, both seemingly giving the proposition some thought.

We cut away, and see Armando Estrada stood in front of the screen, with a cheesy grin on his face, waiting as the fans boo in the background.

Armando Estrada:Todos, escuchenme, everybody listen, HA HA … (rips of sunglasses) to me … my name es ARRRRRRRRMANDOOOO … ALEJANDRRRRROOO …. ESSSSSSTRRRRADAAAAAA!!!!

Boos from the fans, after some join in the introduction. Estrada nods as he smiles.

Armando Estrada: And tonight, I bring to ju, a message straight from THE SAAAAAAAA-MO-ANN BULLDOZERRR … OOOOO-MA-GAAAA!!!

Estrada continues to nod, as he places the glasses in his top pocket.

Armando Estrada: Because in less than two weeks, Umaga is going to tear through five other guys. In less than two weeks, Umaga is going to cement his … como se dice, future … and the future of whomever the World Champion is, by becoming Meester Money in the Bank.

Still grinning like the buffoon he is, Estrada continues.

Armando Estrada: Now ju people may think Shawn Michaels had a chance of winning … until the Samoan Bulldozer bulldozed his way through the Heart Break Kid … and stopped his show, ha ha.

Laughing at his own joke, Estrada composes himself.

Armando Estrada: Forget Matt Hardy. Hombre, ju wouldn’t, and ju wont survive five minutes with Umaga. William Regal?? Sure, ju’re tough pero. Ju got a lotta experience, but ju have never experienced someone like Umaga.

Estrada takes off his hat, wiping sweat from his brow.

Armando Estrada:Kennedy?? Amigo, ju’re just a … comos se dice … loudmouth, ha ha. Ju are no match for my savage.


Armando Estrada: And some of ju people might think that Kurt Angle is the front runner, but el mono, Umaga will run straight through ju. The Samoan Bulldozer IS the front runner … The Samoan Bulldozer is undefeated, that’s right … UNDEFEATED … and at Backlash, ha ha, The Samoan Bulldozer becomes MONEY … IN THE BANK!!!

Estrada picks out a cigar, and snaps it in half, making a point, as we fade out…

In the arena…


Confidently, Tyson Tomko steps onto the stage for his one on one meeting with Christian.

Jim Ross: Last week, that man created shockwaves around the world of professional wrestling when he defeated the World Heavyweight Champion Christian. But folks, lets not forget, that victory came at the tail end of an almighty gauntlet, and littered with outside interference. Tonight, Tyson Tomko has the opportunity to prove a point to his doubters, including me, that last week was not a fluke.

The Coach: And he’s got a point to prove to Mister McMahon too. Is Tyson Tomko the man to lead Mister McMahon to the promised land. Are we looking at the man that can deliver one hundred per cent ownership of the WWE for the boss at Backlash.

Jim Ross: We are set to find out, when we come back.

Commercial Break



Christian enters … AND SPRINTS DOWN THE AISLE, STRAIGHT TO THE RING!!! Captain Charisma looks dead set on gaining a measure of revenge!!!

Christian vs. Tyson Tomko
The champion races to the ring, sliding inside, and meeting Tomko with a flurry of blistering shots, backing his former best friend into the corner, letting fly with all his fury, before being dragged out by the referee … AS TOMKO SCORES WITH A MASSIVE BIG BOOT!!! Tomko thinks it could be over with that, and quickly makes the cover, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Tomko wastes no time, knowing Christian has been rattled by the big boot, and scoops him up, looking to deliver a big Pumphandle slam, and score a second successive win … but Christian slips off the back … AND DELIVERS A REVERSE DDT!!! But more telling, is the decision NOT to make a cover at this stage.

Christian powers Tomko into the corner, letting out more of his pent up frustration, with another flurry of left and right hands. He drags Tomko out, shooting him off the ropes, taking him back over with a hip toss, before stomping away at the Problem Solver, dropping down, and choking the life out of him, before releasing at the count of four. Tomko eventually begins to fight back, but it’s not enough to get a clear advantage, with Christian looking like a man hell bent on sending a message after two straight losses. Captain Charisma hits his swinging rope kick, dazing Tomko, then catches him with the reverse neck breaker / backbreaker move, setting himself up for a long two count. Tomko shows his own heart with a kick out, but it’s apparent that he’s been caught by a man on a mission tonight, and is easy pickings for the UNPRETTIER. Even that though, isn’t enough for the champion, and he scales the ropes, looking to a cameraman on the apron, and shouting “This is for you Hunter” … before delivering the Frog Splash, and making the cover, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Christian @ 04:46

The music plays, but Christian still isn’t happy. He has his arm raised, and stomps his former friend out of the ring, before turning, and demanding a mic, getting his wish, as the music is cut off, allowing him to speak…

Christian: Something Triple H said earlier struck a chord. I know that’s hard to believe, because the guy stood here spouted the biggest pile of verbal diarrhoea I’ve ever heard, but believe it or not … after wading through all that crap, he said one thing that actually had substance.

Momentary pause.

Christian: Not that he caused Chris Jericho years of mental anguish. No. Everyone knows it was listening to Fozzy that did that.

Some laughs.

Christian: And it wasn’t making Kevin Nash irrelevant, because the last time Kevin Nash was relevant in this business, Triple H was carrying his bags for him like a love sick teenager … and it wasn’t even the fact he retired Mick Foley, because unless I’ve been having a series of odd dreams, I coulda sworn that Foley tore the house down at WrestleMania a month ago.

More cheers from the fans, as Christian allays any possible fear from The Games mind games.

Christian: Hunter, forget the mind games, I don’t have time to care about them. But like I said, there was one thing you mentioned that rang true … ‘What if?’.

The fans die down, as Christian turns on the serious.

Christian: Because you’re right. The entire time I was having my moment … that crowning achievement at the closing moments … the very end of WrestleMania, the night that I’d worked my entire career for … there was one overriding thought in my head, one point nagging me throughout the celebrations … ‘What if?’

Another pause.

Christian: But it wasn’t why you’d think. It wasn’t “What if it had been Triple H instead of Cena?? Would I be standing here celebrating if it had been The Game??” … no. It was “How much sweeter would this have been if Triple H had made it to WrestleMania instead”.

Cheers from the fans.

Christian: Because lets make no mistake here, it was the thought of getting my hands on you at WrestleMania that drove me to overcome all the obstacles, it was the thought of reclaiming this title by beating the man who stole it from me that pushed me to outlast twenty nine men at the Royal Rumble. It was the thought of gaining revenge over you that gave me the desire to never give up.

Christian pauses … again.

Christian: And while WrestleMania Twenty Three will forever be the greatest night of my career … Backlash is gonna be the sweetest. Because at Backlash, I finally get the answer to ‘what if’, when I get my shot at retribution … I get the shot I’ve waited six months for, and best of all … I get to do it in the confines of twenty foot high cage, where you cant escape, or run, or hide. I don’t have to worry about looking over my shoulder for a member of your family coming to save your ass … it’s just gonna be us … and the score WILL be settled, once and for all.

Cheers from the fans again.

Christian: But don’t worry about me not being ready for Hell … because I’m more than ready Hunter. And I sure as hell don’t fear stepping inside the Cell … in fact, I look forward to it. You see, you fail to remember that I’ve put my body on the line more times than I can remember in ladder matches, TLC matches, and just about every other match there is. At Backlash, I get to add Hell in a Cell to that list.

Christian throws the title over his shoulder, with the fans firmly behind him.

Christian: So save the mind games, because it’s not gonna wash with me. I know what awaits, I know what to expect … I’ve had broken bones, I’ve crashed through tables, and I’ve seen my own blood before … hell, I saw it just last week.

The champion shows a slight smile, but a rueful smile, recalling last weeks events.

Christian: I’ve bled before, I’ll bleed again, and I’ll surely bleed at Backlash … but no matter how much blood I lose, no matter how many bones break … you will NEVER BREAK ME.

Massive pop from the fans.

Christian: There’s just one more thing though. At Backlash, the face of this company could change forever if Vince gets his way. If he does, it probably wont even matter what happens inside Hell in a Cell, my card is gonna be marked anyway.

Christian raises the title belt up high.

Christian: But they’ll have to kill me before I ever lose this to Triple H again.

Another big pop.

Christian: So … seeing as Backlash could be my last opportunity to finish this thing with Triple H … that’s exactly what I’m gonna do.

The camera zooms in for a close up, as Christian gets set to talk.

Christian: I’m not just setting out to retain the World Heavyweight Championship at Backlash … I’m planning on finishing The Game … forever.

Christian slams the mic down, showing no fear, as his music blares into the arena.

Jim Ross: Don’t dare try to say that man doesn’t know the task that awaits him. Captain Charisma is ready, willing and able to head into Hell at Backlash. He is set to face the most sadistic, demonic structure in the industry. And perhaps, as he just alluded to … he is ready to end The Game for good.

The Coach: A big show for his ‘Peeps’, but I can see the fear in his eyes J.R. Christian doesn’t want to experience hell, especially not against the master of the cell.

The World Heavyweight Champion continues up the aisle, with a purpose, having made an emphatic statement tonight, as we head into a commercial.

Commercial Break

We return from the commercial, and see the arrival of John Cena (bad timekeeper getting here this late), as he walks through the backstage area, nodding to random workers, as the fans give him their customary 50/50 reception.

And elsewhere, Mister Kennedy is warming up for his tag team match later, doing squats, as a shadowy figure creeps beside him. Kennedy stops his routine, and turns … as we see STEPHANIE MCMAHON-HELMSLEY standing by him, with a grin on her face.

Mister Kennedy: You lost, sweet cheeks??

Stephanie narrows her eyes, but smirks, playing along to his attitude.

Mister Kennedy: Seriously. Need something?? Want me to fetch ya some strawberries and cream??

Stephanie looks down, trying not to smile, and shakes her head.

Stephanie McMahon: No, thank you, but that wont be necessary. Ken- I can call you Ken, right??

Kennedy purses his lips, thinking about it.

Mister Kennedy: Well … it’s a little bit informal for my liking. And I do prefer Mister Kennedy.

Stephanie blows the response off.

Stephanie McMahon: I’ll call you Ken. Listen, I want to offer you the chance of a lifetime.

The 2006 King of the Ring bugs his eyes in comedic fashion for a second, and rubs his chin.

Mister Kennedy: Does … Triple H know about this??

Stephanie guffaws, and pats the arm of Kennedy playfully.

Stephanie McMahon: In your dreams. Look, this opportunity I’m talking about could change your career. You see, I’ve been watching you for a long time now-

Mister Kennedy: I’m sure you have.

Stephanie stops, shaking her head again, but cant help but smile.

Stephanie McMahon: Don’t flatter yourself … and don’t interrupt me either.

Kennedy raises his eyebrow, as if to suggest ‘Was that a threat?’

Stephanie McMahon: In less than two weeks, my father is putting his future at stake. He’s putting everything he’s ever worked for into one match at Backlash … but he needs someone. He needs someone deliver in the ring. He needs someone that’s not only talented - gifted even - but he needs someone fearless, someone that can rise to the challenge, and wont succumb the pressure. And I think you’re the guy, Ken.

Kennedy rubs his chin, thinking it over.

Mister Kennedy: Hmm … okay, let’s think this over. Weigh it up. You want me to help your father grab a stranglehold over the entire WWE, right??

Stephanie nods.

Mister Kennedy: You want me to be the guy that gives your father, and your ‘Family Empire’ total control, without consequence??

Stephanie continues to nod, showing a smile, thinking Kennedy is being won over.

Mister Kennedy: Basically, you want me to ensure that Triple H can force his way in front of the likes of me until he decides he’s had enough?? Regardless of how many matches he loses, or how many matches the likes of me win??

Mrs. McMahon-Helmsley stops smiling and nodding now, but Kennedy does smile.

Mister Kennedy: Unfortunately, I’m not willing to be the next Brock Lesnar. I’m not willing to do your families dirty work, and then wait for the reward, whilst Triple H is handed all the glory.

Smile gone, Kennedy is much more serious, and tries to intimidate Stephanie a little.

Mister Kennedy: I’ve got a better idea. How about, instead of jumping into the pocket of the McMahon family, and becoming your next lackey, waiting a lifetime for a title shot that’ll never materialise … how about I trade that phantom ‘opportunity of a lifetime’ you promise … for a big black briefcase … a genuine ticket to the top … and your beloved husband wont be able to politic his way out of that one, he wont be able to whisper in your Daddy’s ear for help when I decide to cash it in.

Stephanie begins to show a more sinister look, not appreciating the attitude of Kennedy.

Mister Kennedy: So, if you haven’t got it by now … I’m telling you to shove your offer. So run along, and find another idiot, toots.

Stephanie turns to leave, but Kennedy cant help himself.

Mister Kennedy: Oh, and princess … next time you come to speak to me, it WONT be Ken … it wont even be Mister Kennedy … it’ll be Mister Money in the Bank.

Stephanie begins to walk off in a huff, but Kennedy grabs her arm, and she spins around, with Kennedy right in her face.

Mister Kennedy: BANK!!!

Kennedy smiles, and watches as Stephanie pulls away, storming off.

Back into the arena…

And we see Harry Smith already in the ring, making his first Raw appearance since the WrestleMania pre-show battle royal in which he finished in the final four.


Two matches in one night for The Brotherhood?? Theodore Long leads out Mark Henry for what we can assume will be somewhat of a squash match against the rookie second generation starlet.

Match 5:
Harry Smith vs. Mark Henry w/ Theodore Long
Second appearance of the night for Theodore Long. This time, he’s much more active, as he instantly gets involved, distracting young Harry … allowing the big man to capitalise, and dominate. With Theodore Long grinning with glee as Henry dismantles the youngster, the smile is wiped off his face … as to EVERYONES surprise PAUL BURCHILL marches down the aisle, joined by Katie Lea. The expression on the face of Long is complete confusement (not an actual word), as Burchill gets to the ring … and begins to slam the apron … in support of Smith??

Long, and Henry, seem baffled by the presence of the undefeated Brit, and his presence is a turning point, as Smith catches Henry off guard, dropkicking him in the back, into the corner, and rolls him up, 1...2...NO!!! Smith looks up in disbelief as he fails to score the win with his big chance … and Henry runs through him with a big clothesline, putting the balance back in his favour. He then scoops Smith up, looking to deliver the Worlds Strongest Slam, but takes a moment to call out Burchill … but takes too long, as Smith CRADLES HIM … 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Harry Smith @ 03:44

It’s a shock win for the second generation superstar!!! He scrambles straight out of the ring, with Henry bouncing up, chasing him out, kicking the ropes in anguish. On the outside, Long cant believe what he’s witnessing, as Harry Smith backs up the aisle, with his arm being raised … by Burchill??

Smith himself looks surprised by the presence of Burchill, as Katie Lea grabs his other arm, raising it in the air too. Burchill doesn’t smile at Smith, but gives his a nod of acceptance, whilst the youngster continues to be confused by why Burchill would be standing by his side. In the ring though, Henry and Long are livid, complaining to the referee about the presence of Burchill, which undoubtedly turned the match on it’s head.

Commercial Break

We return from the commercial with Harry Smith taking a seat in the locker room, exhaling deeply, as Paul Burchill and his sister, Katie Lea, sit either side of him, making Smith look a little uneasy.

Harry Smith: Uhm, thanks??

Burchill, smiling oddly, slaps the leg of Smith.

Paul Burchill: Don’t mention it chum. Us Brits, we gotta stick together around here.

Still uneasy, Smith stumbles over his words.

Harry Smith: Uh, sure. I, er, appreciate it … man. Eh, and you too, Katie.

Seductively, Katie strokes Smiths arm.

Katie Lea: Like Paul said, don’t mention it. We’ve got to stick together around here Harry.

Harry nods, but looks as stiff as cardboard, with the two sitting either side of him, unsure how to react to them. Smith then awkwardly looks around, scratches his head and asks Katie.

Harry Smith: Uh… should you be allowed in here??

Katie laughs.

Katie Lea: Don’t worry. There’s nothing in here I haven’t seen before.

Katie smiles, with Harry repaying the favour, smiling back - albeit forced.

Paul Burchill: Listen mate, you can count on us. Katie and I?? We’re looking out for you. Anytime you need a hand, we’ll be there for ya.

Burchill and Katie get up, and begin to leave, with Katie looking back.

Katie Lea: Any time, Harry.

Smith awkwardly nods, as Burchill and Katie leave him to recover.

And we cut backstage, as Todd Grisham stands by with Shawn Michaels…

Todd Grisham: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, The Heart Break Kid, Shawn Michaels.

HBK smiles approvingly, as the fans cheer the icon in the background.

Todd Grisham: Shawn, before we discuss your match in just a few moments, I was hoping to ask you about something else first. At Backlash, the Hell in a Cell match returns, of course pitting Christian against Triple H. You were in the very first Hell in a Cell match way back in 1997. Could you perhaps give the fans your thoughts and feelings on the Hell in a Cell match, and describe how the match changed your career…

Michaels rubs his chin, taking the question seriously.

Shawn Michaels: Wow. Hell in a Cell, huh. Y’know something Todd, that phrase … Hell in a Cell … every time I hear it … I get goosebumps. Every time I hear it, I get flashbacks. And not the type of flashbacks you enjoy Todd. No, instead, I get flashbacks of having my skull smashed into a chain link fence … I get flashbacks of laying in a pool of my own blood, flashbacks of having my entire body splattered off an unforgiving cage wall, flashbacks … yeah, flashbacks of falling … helplessly … off the top of that damn cage, and through a table.

HBK runs his fingers through his hair, reliving the first ever HIAC.

Shawn Michaels: My experience of Hell in a Cell Todd … it’s not good. Heck, I ended up having to sit out four years of my career not long after my first visit to the Cell. Now, while the Hell in the Cell match wasn’t the direct cause of my injury … the torture I suffered for those thirty minutes on that October night when I was merely a human guinea pig … they contributed a helluva lot.

Looking serious, Michaels almost breaks to a whisper as he continues.

Shawn Michaels: That match … that match has caused nothing but pain and suffering for all that have entered it. It made Mick Foley … but at what cost?? Ultimately, it ended his career too. Like Triple H said earlier, Big Kev never recovered, and it took Chris Jericho years to get back to his best. There isn’t a more apt name for a match, it aint a fancy slogan … it truly is Hell inside a Cell … it’s something I hope I never have to put my body through again … and I pray that Christian and Triple H both survive it.

Michaels exhales, closing his eyes for a second, then smiling at Grisham, looking as if he got a weight off his chest momentarily, whilst Grisham nods, before continuing.

Todd Grisham: Shawn, in just a few moments, you will be in action, teaming up with Matt Hardy for the first time, to take on Mister Kennedy, and an old foe you know extremely well, Kurt Angle. However, in just thirteen days, the four of you, along with William Regal and Umaga will be in competition for the Raw exclusive Money in the Bank contract. How will that upcoming match effect your mindset tonight??

HBK, with a grin, puts his arm around Todd, and begins his answer.

Shawn Michaels: Well it’s pretty simple Toddmeister, the Heart Break Kid is gonna do exactly what he does every single week on Monday Night Raw, and of course, the obligatory Sunday every month, regardless of what lies on the horizon. And that, my friend, is steal the show. Now tonight, I’ve got Matt Hardy comin along for the ride, and that’s fine by me, cause as far as ‘ol Aitch Bee Kay is concerned - the more the merrier. But as for Kennedy and Angle??

Michaels pulls away from Grisham, and turns to the camera.

Shawn Michaels: Boys, it aint gonna be a night to remember. Because while Matt Hardy joins up with the band for one night only, you two are gonna be on the receiving end. Now Kurt, you know what it’s all about. Heck, I’ve kicked you in the mush more times than I care to remember … and to be honest, I’m almost a little tired of it.

With an almost cheesy grin, HBK wags his finger at the camera.

Shawn Michaels: But you, Kennedy, oh boy, tonight you’re gonna get the experience of a lifetime. As far as I recall, you aint been on the receiving end of some Sweet Chin Music, but kid, tonight, that’s all about to change, because you get to join the illustrious list that reads like a who’s who in this business, of guys that my foot send their teeth down their throat.

Cheers in the background.

Shawn Michaels: Angle, Kennedy … don’t say ya weren’t warned. But Matt, as good a kid as you are … I hope you’ve done your homework, because there is one rule you gotta be aware of in this business … and that’s that you don’t trust your tag team partner when his name is Shawn Michaels.

Mixed response.

Shawn Michaels: And the chances of Shawn Michaels going a little nuts tonight are pretty darn high. Why?? Because last week, a jacked up nimrod by the name of Umaga decided to poke his nose in ma business. Now Todd, I’m not an unreasonable guy. I don’t begrudge anybody trying to get a foot up in this business … but boy oh boy, are you makin a mistake when you try to climb over Aitch Bee Kay. In case you’ve been locked in a closet for the past two decades, let me bring ya up to speed with who you’re dealing with here…

Pop from the fans, as HBK takes a second to gather himself.

Shawn Michaels: I aint the biggest dog in the fight, far from it. But there aint a soul in this business with more fight than this dog right here!!!

Big pop from the fans.

Shawn Michaels: So Estrada, you bring that big ball of crap you call Umaga, and you stick him in the ring with me. Then, hombre, I’ll show that big dumb beast just who is THE SHOWSTOPPER, THE ICON, THE MAIN EVENT!!! And we’ll see just how long … (Mocking Estrada) THEEE SAAAAAAA-MOANNNN BULLDOZER … stays undefeated.

Quickly, Michaels takes off, firing himself up, as we fade away, with Grisham watching on.

Back into the arena…


Kurt Angle enters the arena to a mixed response, but eventually leans toward heat after the initial pop. Angle, focused as always, makes his way to the ring, ignoring the fans, as we gear up for a big main event match.

Angle hit’s the ring, and runs off the ropes a couple of times, as his music dies down…


And to a similar reaction, Mister Kennedy bursts onto the stage. The 2006 King of the Ring steadily marches down the aisle, blowing off a few younger fans with their arms stretched out.

Jim Ross: Well, ladies and gentlemen, we are just seconds away from our main event match this evening, with Kurt Angle and Mister Kennedy to face Shawn Michaels and Matt Hardy. How will these two teams co-exist with Backlash, and the Raw exclusive Money in the Bank contract up for grabs?? Find out, when we return!!!

Commercial Break

Kennedy and Angle both pace around the ring, as we wait for the arrival of their opponents…


Matt ‘The Talent’ Hardy enters, full of zest as he signals to the fans, who give him a great ovation. Hardy makes his way to the ring, dropping his smile, turning to focus, as he paces around the ringside area, not getting into the ring, bouncing up and down, getting himself ready for action…


And the roof blows off the Scottrade Centre for the legendary HBK, who jives onto the stage, getting the fans on their feet, before going through his routine, dropping to his knees, setting off the pyro, before making his way down the aisle, slapping hands with the fans, before shaking hands with his partner for this evening, as they slide into the ring, with Kennedy and Angle keeping their distance as we get set for the match…

Main Event:
Shawn Michaels & Matt Hardy vs. Mister Kennedy & Kurt Angle
Four of the six men due to compete for the Raw exclusive Money in the Bank contract do battle, with both Hardy and Kennedy desperate to prove that they belong in such esteemed company. And indeed, both men hold their own, with Hardy proving to be a match for Angle, just like he did last week, and Kennedy clashing favourably with HBK during their altercations. The two sides mesh well together, with a crisp, fast paced match resulting from four guys firing on all cylinders. Throughout the match, the camera cuts backstage, to where Armando Estrada intently watches the action unfold, getting a good look at four of the men who stand between his client Umaga, and the MITB briefcase.

After the initial feeling out process, HBK ups the pace, and takes it to the 2006 King of the Ring, getting the face team in control, with HBK and Hardy slipping in and out with tags, keeping fresh, but the heel side prove they’re just as smart, and a well placed knee from Angle on the apron slows the momentum of a free flowing Matt Hardy, allowing Kennedy to deliver a float over DDT, getting a near fall, with Matt JUST popping a shoulder up. That one move though is enough to turn the tide back in favour of Kennedy and Angle, as Kennedy delivers the impressive face wash in the corner, before tagging Kurt in, as we cut to a commercial.

Commercial Break

We return with the Angle expertly applying a body scissors, squeezing the life out of Hardy, with HBK clapping his hands, getting the fans to stir Matt on, and it does appear help Hardy, with the fans willing him on … and Matt begins to squirm, trying to separate the legs of Angle … AND DOES!!! Hardy frees himself … but Kurt is right on him, and attempts to go behind for a German … but Hardy elbows free … looks for a kick to the gut, but has his leg caught, and begins to hop on one leg with Angle spinning him around … BUT HARDY SURPRISES HIM WITH A BIG DISCUS PUNCH!!!

Kennedy races into the ring, looking to prevent a tag, BUT HE RUNS INTO A SIDE EFFECT!!! The fans come alive now, as Matt reaches to make a cover … BUT ANGLE GRABS THE LEG … AND ATTEMPTS TO APPLY THE ANKLELOCK!!! Matt though fights with everything he’s got, kicking with his free leg, keeping Angle at bay, then rolls through, reaches out … AND THE TAG IS MADE!!!

HBK makes a dash into the ring, and collides with Angle in the centre, trading blows to a huge roar from the fans, with Angle initially getting the better of the exchange, whipping Michaels off the ropes … BUT HBK EXPLODES WITH A FLYING FOREARM ON THE REBOUND!!! Michaels nips right up, getting a big pop from the fans … BUT KENNEDY RUNS THROUGH HIM WITH A BIG BOOT TO THE SIDE OF THE HEAD!!! Kennedy now attempts to help Angle up … BUT MATT HARDY TACKLES KENNEDY DOWN!!!

It’s breaking down in St. Louis, as Matt Hardy lets fly with stiff right hands to Kennedy in the corner, whilst both Angle and Michaels struggle to their feet, staggering into one anothers path … as HBK delivers a chop, and another … before Angle bursts into life … BELLY TO BELLY CONNECTS!!! Angle rips his straps down, and looks to apply the Ankle lock … BUT MATT CUTS HIM OFF … KICK TO THE GUT … TWIST OF FATE!!! Hardy turns the tide back in his sides favour, but doesn’t reap the benefits, as Kennedy recovers, and both he and Hardy tussle through the ropes, and to the outside!!!

Now, HBK again struggles up, pulling himself up in the corner, crawling through the ropes, and climbing the turnbuckles, setting himself up top for the flying elbow … BUT KENNEDY FRANTICALLY REACHES UP … STOPPING HIM!!! Shawn punches at the King of the Ring, trying to get rid of him, but Kennedy shows tenacity, before Matt Hardy drags him from the apron … but it’s too late … ANGLE IS BACK UP … AND DELIVERS A STUNNING ANGLE SLAM OFF THE TOP ROPE TO MICHAELS!!! He slowly crawls over onto the lifeless HBK, dropping an arm across his chest, whilst Kennedy holds the leg of Matt Hardy, restraining him on the outside from breaking the count, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Kurt Angle & Mister Kennedy @ 11:39

Hardy kicked free … but he couldn’t stop the count in time. Angle rolls out of the ring, having his arm raised by the official on the outside, before struggling up the aisle, holding his arm in pain, whilst Matt Hardy checks on Shawn Michaels inside the ring.

Kennedy hops onto the apron, thinking about a sneak attack … but for some strange reason, he quickly decides against it, hopping back off, and backing away, mouthing to Hardy “I‘ll pick my spot” … and we realise why, as the camera pans around … AND UMAGA IS IN THE RING!!!

Hardy turns around, not expecting anyone … and gets a sudden shock … AS UMAGA RUNS THROUGH HIM FOR A SHORT CUT!!! The Samoan Bulldozer seemingly decides to spare Hardy at this point, simply chucking him out of the ring, before turning his attention to the grounded HBK.

Umaga grabs the arm of Michaels, dragging his lifeless carcass to the corner, setting him purposefully, before backing away, with his handler Armando Estrada now on sight, directing traffic … AS UMAGA RACES ACROSS THE RING LIKE A STEAM TRAIN … RUNNING BUTT SPLASH!!!

The annihilation isn’t over there, as the Samoan Bulldozer drags The Showstopper to his feet, yelling Samoan jibberish … before the Samoan Spike ends the assault. HBK is laid out on the canvas, with Umaga, for the second week running, stands over him, with a beaming Estrada raising his clients arm in a sign of victory.

Meanwhile, Kennedy watches intently on the aisle, knowing he needs to find a way to overcome the undefeated Samoan Bulldozer to grab the briefcase at Backlash, before we get a sight of Matt Hardy leaning on the apron, also getting a good sight of the dominant Umaga…

Jim Ross: This is completely uncalled for!!! This Umaga is like a damn animal!!! Estrada needs to get his bulldozer on a leash!!!

The Coach: Shawn Michaels laid out the challenge J.R, Umaga accepted it.

Jim Ross: Don’t give me that crock. Shawn Michaels didn’t challenge Umaga to attack him while he was down. HBK wants Umaga, one on one. This was a damn assault!!!

The Coach: I don’t remember Shawn Michaels ever saying how he wanted it. He just challenged Umaga to come and get him some. The way I see it, Umaga not only stepped up to the challenge, he crushed the challenge!!! We are looking at the odds on favourite for the Raw exclusive Money in the Bank contract!!!

Jim Ross: You could well be right about your last point. I don’t think I can disagree with that.

We now see the parking lot, as a limousine pulls up. The driver steps out, and quickly walks around the door, opening it … AS LINDA MCMAHON STEPS OUT!!! The fans pop for Robo McMahon, as she walks WITH A PURPOSE~!!

Jim Ross: Ladies and Gentlemen, we are far from over tonight. The contract signing for the most important match pertaining to the future of this company is still to come, and Linda McMahon has arrived!!!

Commercial Break

We return from the commercial, back into the private quarters of the McMahon Family Empire, as Vince, Shane, Triple H, Stephanie and Tomko all stand in conference, with the audience joining mid way through the discussion.

Tyson Tomko: Vince, gimme the chance. I swear, I wont let you down.

Triple H: He’s your best bet Vince. Think about it. Who else is there??

Stephanie McMahon: Tomko is the only guy on Raw with a set. No one else has stepped up to the plate Dad.

Mr. McMahon: Enough. Dammit, Tomko … I appreciate the offer, but you dropped the ball earlier tonight. You’re big, strong as an ox, but you’re not ready for the responsibility.

Tomko, in fury, punches the wall, having been knocked back.

Triple H: If not him … then who??

Vince stops. He ponders… but before speaking, Shane pipes up.

Shane McMahon: Me.

The other four all look around in surprise, as Shane, arms folded, steps up and nominates himself.

Stephanie McMahon: Shane, the last time you got in the ring with John Cena, he barely broke a sweat. It’s madness.

Shane McMahon: Maybe. But what else have we got?? I’m willing to break my back to save our asses. Sure, I’m not a skilled wrestler, but I’ve shown time and time again I’ll fight to the death with anybody. Hell, you oughta know Hunter.

Triple H says nothing, but nods. Vince meanwhile, seems unsure.

Mr. McMahon: Uh… I guess … I guess you’re in.

Shane gulps, possibly already regretting his act of bravery.

Shane McMahon: I guess I am.

Triple H pats Shane on the back, as Vince grabs the contract, and opens the door, motioning for Shane to go first, as we cut away…

And into the arena, where ‘Breathe’ by Breaking Benjamin plays over the PA.

Jim Ross: It would appear Coach, that Shane McMahon has just stepped up to the plate to face John Cena at Backlash. And if that is to be the case - and the contract will be signed momentarily - you have got to believe that the advantage lies in the court of Cena.

The Coach: Yeah, write Shane-O-Mac off at your peril J.R. He’s not a wrestler, but when it comes to the big occasion, you cant deny Shane McMahon steps up. How, I don’t know, but the facts are, he steps up.

Jim Ross: We will find out if Shane McMahon will step up once again, when he fights for his Fathers future at Backlash, it’ll be No Holds Barred. The entire long term future of the WWE rests on one match at Backlash. For Mister McMahon it will be all or nothing. Should Shane, his representative, win the match, Mister McMahon will be allowed to go ahead with his plans to take the WWE off the stock market. Should he lose, then Mister McMahon will NEVER be seen on WWE television again. It truly is ALL OR NOTHING!!!

The Coach: It doesn’t get much bigger than that.

Jim Ross: Well, for six men, it’s pretty big. After Randy Orton jumped ship to Smackdown and cashed in his Money in the Bank contract, Eric Bischoff - in one of his final acts as General Manager - signed a Raw exclusive Money in the Bank match for Backlash. The legendary Shawn Michaels will line up alongside the best in the business today Kurt Angle, the 2006 King of the Ring Mister Kennedy, the undefeated Umaga, the veteran William Regal, and the up and coming Matt Hardy.

The Coach: It’s a chance to get back in the mix for Michaels and Angle, it’s possibly a final shot at the big time for Regal, whilst it’s a huge opportunity for Hardy and Kennedy to climb the ladder … but who can look past Umaga?? The Samoan Bulldozer has looked nothing short of unstoppable in recent weeks.

Jim Ross: Alexis Laree will defend the WWE Womens Championship against a former champion in Victoria. Can Alexis continue her reign as champion?? Or will Victoria spoil the party??

The Coach: Victoria is the most experienced diva on the roster, and she will use all of that experience at Backlash. I just don’t know if Alexis can handle the ring smarts of the former champion.

Jim Ross: After months of dodging Greg Helms and CM Punk, MNM now find themselves as the hunters. After a glorious nine months on the top of the tag team tree, MNM now look to win back those World Tag Team Championships they lost at WrestleMania. Mercury and Nitro cannot afford to play the running games they adopted for months, but can they overcome Straight Edge??

The Coach: As a man would say, ‘Does a cat drink milk??’ Of course MNM can beat Punk and Helms. In fact, they WILL beat Straight Edge come Backlash. I just hope your boys enjoyed their moment in the sun, because it ends in Montreal.

Jim Ross: Shelton Benjamin looks to win back the Intercontinental title that he lost in January at the Royal Rumble. Can he find a way to defeat the enigma that is Rey Mysterio in thirteen days??

The Coach: Mysterio is gonna find that he’s had the luckiest title reign since the Honky Tonk Man. He should’ve never been champion in the first place, he should’ve lost on multiple occasions to Mister Kennedy … but justice will prevail at Backlash. The Brotherhood is better than ever, and it’s Black Diamond is gonna be wearing a shiny new belt in less than two weeks.

Jim Ross: And how can you forget, the World Heavyweight Championship. Christian defends for the first time since becoming champion at WrestleMania, against The Game, the ten times World Champion, Triple H. And it doesn’t get any bigger than Hell in a Cell.

The Coach: No match in the WWE elicits a response quite like the devils chamber. Hell in a Cell makes, breaks, and ends careers like no other. Triple H has been there on FIVE occasions … Christian meanwhile … has NEVER been locked inside the two tonne structure. Experience will play a huge part, and Triple H has it in abundance.

Jim Ross: Could The Games experience inside Hell in a Cell … and could his impressive record to boot be the deciding factor?? Ladies and Gentlemen, if you have never witnessed a Hell in the Cell before, my advice would be to keep the children away, it is not for the weak of heart. With that, we have a video package to give you an insight into the hell that awaits Triple H and Christian in two weeks time...

* I didnt make the video, just borrowed it *

Back into the arena…


John Cena bursts onto the stage, getting that marmite reaction as always.

Jim Ross: Ladies and Gentlemen, join us for the contract signing, when we return in just a few moments.

Commercial Break

We return with John Cena holding the ropes open for Linda McMahon as her entrance comes to an end, thankfully being played out during the commercial.



Vince McMahon, along with Shane - but no one else - enter to a chorus of boos from the fans. It’s power walk time, as Vince charges down the aisle, with Shane trotting along behind, whilst in the ring, John Cena does a lame impression of the boss, with his own over the top power walk in the ring.

The McMahons make their way up the steps, with Vince entering first, followed by Shane, as the confidence drains from both men, with crunch time looming.

Vince takes a seat, whilst Cena, ever the gentleman, offers Linda a seat, which he accepts. The warring husband and wife look across the table from one another, and Vince picks up the mic on his side of the table.

Mister McMahon: Can we just get on with this please?? I assume you’ve had this contract studied and dissected to every last detail, so let’s not beat it around the bush.

Linda nods, not saying anything (YAY), taking a final flick through the papers.

Mister McMahon: Being the gentleman I am, I’ll offer you the opportunity to sign the contract first.

Linda smiles, picking up her microphone.

Linda McMahon: How generous. Thankfully Vince, I don’t intend on wasting peoples time, so I’m delighted that you’d like to get this signed, sealed and delivered as soon as possible.

Linda puts the mic down, and signs the contract, passing it to Cena, who doesn’t look to waste any time, but Vince stops him.

Mister McMahon: John??

Cena narrows his eyes at Vince, then almost does a bad impression of The Rock with his eyebrow, as Vince picks up the courage to speak.

Mister McMahon: Before you sign that, think of the consequences. Think John, about what the repercussions will be of failure.

Heat from the fans.

Mister McMahon: If you take this stand John, if you stand for everything Linda does, and you go against me, and lose … the consequences on your career … will be fatal.

More boos, but Linda has heard enough.

Linda McMahon: Vince, didn’t you just say a moment ago, you wanted to get this over and done with?? Why-

Mister McMahon: Just shut up Linda. Just shut up. John-

Linda McMahon: Wait ju-

Mister McMahon: SHADDUP!!!

Massive heat from the fans, as the veins in Vinces neck bulge, as he berates his wife. Vince calms himself, and turns his attention back to Cena.

Mister McMahon: John, if you sign that contract and lose at Backlash … there is no way back … your career will be … over.

Cena continues to coldly stare at Vince.

Mister McMahon: Take a moment to think-

Cena cuts in.

John Cena: What’s the alternative??

Heat for Cena’s seeming interest.

Mister McMahon: The alternative?? John, the alternative is you putting that contract down, and leaving this ring, in turn, saving your career. I promise you John, if you do that … I’ll put the past behind us.

Cena looks around, trying to get the fans involved.

Mister McMahon: Better still John, why don’t you come to this side of the table … why don’t you represent me.

Massive heat from the fans.

Mister McMahon: Together John … you and I … we could be dynamite. You and I together John … we could CRUSH ANYTHING … anything in our path. Nothing would stop us. Y-

John Cena: Enough.

Mixed reaction from the fans.

John Cena: You want me to join ‘Team McMahon??’

Vince nods.

John Cena: You made a heck of an offer … I mean, us?? Together?? Man … that really would be …

Cena dry heaves. Some of the younger fans laugh, some older ones boo. Cena composes himself for a moment, then gets back on topic.

John Cena: No, I tried to get that sentence out … but … no. That wouldn’t work for me.

Some cheers.

John Cena: In fact, I think I’d rather watch re-runs of the Bastion Boogers greatest matches, followed by the three disc collectors set of the Warlords career retrospective FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!!!

Mixed reaction from the fans, bordering more on louder (younger) cheers. Before Cena can speak on, Vince pipes up.

Mister McMahon: Well if you sign that contract Cena, in two weeks time, that could be a reality.

Heat. Cena, almost sarcastically asks.

John Cena: Really??

Mister McMahon: Really.

Cena nods. He looks at the contract, and without hesitation, signs.

The fans cheer, whilst Vince throws his head back, knowing it’s all but set.

Mister McMahon: You just signed your career away kid.

Cena shakes his head.

John Cena: I don’t think so.

Cena looks across the table, leaning down, getting into Vinces face.

John Cena: What I just did, was insure that you don’t corrupt Raw, Smackdown or the WWE anymore. These fans … these people are sick TO DEATH of watching you ruin everything good about this business. Come Backlash, I will put an end to all of your underhand decisions, all the screw jobs, and all the sleaze that you’ve infested the WWE with.

Big pop.

John Cena: Your ego, Vince … finally got too big. You went too far … AND THERE IS NO WAY BACK!!!

More cheers.

John Cena: YOU … brought all this on … YOU … forced this on yourself … YOU … will have no one else to blame … and now Vince … YOU are gonna face the consequences.

Cena pauses for more cheers, whilst Vince gets worked up.

John Cena: Come April Twenty Second … all that remains is for you to pay the price for your actions, you’re gonna pay the damn price for screwing with the lives of all your employees … YOU’RE GONNA FACE … YOUR BACKLASH!!!

More cheers for Cena, whilst Vince, in a state of anger, grabs his contract, and signs his name, throwing it to Shane.


Vince stands up.

Mister McMahon: Shane, sign the contract.

Shane pauses, having second thoughts.

Mister McMahon: Cena …

Vince stops, looking a little confused, but a lot of the fans erupt, seeing something off camera. Vince starts to smile, as he brings to mic to his mouth…

Mister McMahon: Cena … allow me to introduce your opponent at Backlash …



Angle rips the jacket off, with the cap already coming off during the flight of the Angle Slam. The Scottrade Centre is going apeshit, as Kurt Angle stands over Cena, whilst Linda runs for cover.

Angle grabs the contract from Shane, takes one long look at Vince, and puts his name to the contract, making it official - KURT ANGLE VS JOHN CENA @ BACKLASH.

Jim Ross: WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE!!!??? WHY HAS KURT ANGLE OF ALL PEOPLE COME TO THE AIDE OF VINCE MCMAHON!!!??? McMahon pulled Angle from the World Heavyweight Championship match in favour of Triple H, and now, Angle is helping the boss?? WHY??

The Coach: I don’t give a crap J.R!!! THIS IS BRILLIANT!!! The future of the WWE IS IN SAFE HANDS!!! Kurt Angle WILL deliver for Mister McMahon … IT’S ALL FOR VINCE … IT’S NOTHING FOR CENA!!!

In the ring, Vince, Shane and Angle stand tall, with Mr. McMahon looking incredibly relieved with the awesome Kurt Angle coming to his aide, giving him MORE than a fighting chance at Backlash.

Jim Ross: I just don’t understand what Kurt Angle gains from this. The Wrestling Machine has sold out to Mister McMahon, but why?? Will it be all … or will it be nothing for the McMahon Family Empire come Backlash??



Following the shocking turn of events moments ago on Raw, Kurt Angle has withdrawn himself from the 6 Man Money in the Bank match at Backlash. It has been revealed that Tyson Tomko will be taking Angles place in the match up.

Current Card for WWE Backlash:

Date: 22nd April 2007
Location: Bell Centre, Montreal
Event Music: Breaking Benjamin, Breath

World Heavyweight Championship;
Hell in a Cell Match:
Christian vs. Triple H

Intercontinental Championship Match:
Rey Mysterio vs. Shelton Benjamin

World Tag Team Championships Match:
Straight Edge vs. MNM

Womens Championship Match:
Alexis Laree vs. Victoria

All or Nothing:
~ If John Cena wins, Mr. McMahon must relinquish sole ownership of the WWE, and allow Linda McMahon to take the company public again ~
~ If Kurt Angle wins, Mr. McMahon will be permitted to proceed with total ownership of the company ~
John Cena vs. Kurt Angle

Raw Exclusive Money in the Bank Match:
Six Pack Challenge Match | One Fall to a Finish:
Shawn Michaels vs. Umaga vs. Tyson Tomko vs. Matt Hardy vs. William Regal vs. Mr. Kennedy


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Re: Being The Booker

RAW Feedback

Been awhile since I’ve left some real feedback, but rest assured, I have skimmed over what I’ve missed so I should know what’s been going on.

Kicking things off with all of the focus on the All or Nothing Match to open up with was definitely the right move, as it really plays up how important the match is. Coach’s lesson of “Don’t get married” was gold, as was the constant sucking up to Vince too, making for some good opening commentary.

Liking the move of making Triple H vs Regal the opening match, as I really don’t see Regal as being someone who should be near the main event, unless he gets some kind of a tremendous push. Giving Tripper some promo time is a good move too, as you’ve really got to build up the Cell if you’re going to make the match that’s taking place in it fitting of the stipulation, which I know you’ve said you’re not sure it is. Good way to kick the promo off with Tripper building up how punishing the Cell can be, although his spiel on retiring Foley would have more effect if Foley hadn’t just competed at WrestleMania. The line about ending Nash as someone who was relevant in the wrestling business was good, although I don’t know about even referencing TNA as ‘the minor leagues’, as usually WWE doesn’t like to mention them in any way, shape or form. The rest about the Cell, saying Christian will go through what all three other men who Tripper have faced in the Cell was all very well done, as was the ‘What if?’ stuff, which was well used, as was the history of Tripper ending Christian’s first title reign. Good way to finish the promo too, with the message really being driven home well. Simple promo, but it hyped the Cell and the match well, and really such a match needs the hype. Good way to kick things off.

Nice little match which was competitive, yet at the same time put Tripper over strong. Not sure about the spinebuster being used so early in the match with the high knee/facebuster being the setup for the Pedigree, although apart from that there was nothing to fault here.

Shane stressing out again shows how important the match at Backlash is, building some nice hype for the contract signing and the unveiling of Vinnie Mac’s choice. Vince expecting someone to come to him shows his ego nicely too, while it also makes for whoever chooses to join Vince look like the ultimate suckup, which is good for extra heel heat.

Nice little spot to end the divas match, with the right result really, since Victoria’s by far the best of the three. Hopefully we’ll see some sort of hype next week between Laree and Victoria, as the match has nothing behind it thus far.

Interesting that you start the promo off with Melina continuing to watch Laree. Nice little cheap heel heat tactics from Melina by insulting Bischoff and commending Vinnie Mac, while the continued insistence that MNM never lost the tag titles legitimately was well played on here. Melina’s continued interest in Laree was mentioned well here, and a nice little hint at something happening to Laree from Melina was very nice. You’ve got me interested.

All of the commentary from Coach during the entrances there was absolute gold. First off, I should say that I actually like this version of The Brotherhood that you’ve got running around now. While JTG as a heel is something new, you’ve got a very good balance going in the group right now, adding a lot of credibility to it. As far as the actual match goes, the counter from Mysterio into the hot tag was very nice, setting the tone for the run home very well. Punk’s comeback being halted so soon, only for it to recommence seemed a bit weird, although I do like the use of MNM at ringside, which worked pretty well in the end to, leading into The Pounce well. Nice little match, with a victory that gives this new Brotherhood some much needed momentum, as well as keeping the heat between MNM and Straight Edge going.

Again, liking the desperation that Shane is showing, while Tomko volunteering himself is alright, though he’d be a bit of a letdown of a choice. This can’t be done yet.

Nice promo from Estrada with some good characterization. Liked the line about Umaga stopping HBK’s show, while the rest was all fine. It may sound odd, but I actually hope you put Money in the Bank on Umaga. It’d be extremely excited to have the savage running around with the contract, imo.

Surprised you didn’t have Tomko vs Christian as the main event, although I guess having it at the start of the second hour makes sense as it corresponds with Tripper having his an hour earlier. Christian showing aggression towards Tomko to start off with was pretty good, and the use of the referee to give Tomko an advantage was well done. Christian pretty much dominating from here makes him look good coming off some losses, although Tomko looks a bit weak for my liking, especially considering Regal lasted almost twice as long with Triple H.

A promo from Christian makes sense, considering we got one from Tripper earlier, and as I said with Tripper’s promo, it should be good hype. Christian owning all of what Triple H said about what he did earlier was pretty good, and I liked that you used Foley competing at ‘Mania in Christian’s promo. The way Christian turned the ‘What if?’ around on Triple H was pretty awesome too, playing on the rivalry well and really making it seem special. Saying he went through the Rumble just so he could beat Tripper was also something I liked, as was bringing up Vince and the All or Nothing match again, making it seem vital. Another nice last line here, topping off a nice little promo for Christian.

I thought Cena had a reputation as someone who always worked hard. A bit lazy tonight, I see.

Kennedy was pretty damn entertaining here as his cocky, condescending self, along with a few smartass sex jokes that weren’t bad. Steph’s attitude was pretty good too, with “I’ll call you Ken” and “Don’t interrupt me” as little comments that were placed in there well. Kennedy’s response to the offer was pretty nice too, as was the reference to Brock Lesnar. I’m not sure about Kennedy telling Steph to ‘shove’ her offer, as that seemed a little off to me, but the ending with Kennedy declaring himself Mr MITB was good. Nice little promo showing the desperation of the McMahons and a way to put Kennedy over strong.

Paul Burchill with an assist to Harry Smith? Interesting, although I thought Burchill was destined for greater things than moving into a tag team that looks like it’ll stuck be doing not much. The promo after the break pretty much confirms it, with the UK team, perhaps even stable with Regal on RAW too, to feud with The Brotherhood I guess. Hopefully you have Regal come in and team with Smith while Burchill stays as a single guy, because he looked like he may have a future on RAW.

Interesting that you used a promo with Michaels to further hype Tripper vs Christian, with some real emphasis being put on it tonight. The whole speech from Shawn on it was also very good, putting over how dangerous the match is very well. Michaels was pretty much on throughout, with the parts on Kennedy and Angle being very nice. Not too sure about Michaels saying he may turn on Matt, although it did transition into his problem with Umaga well, I guess. Good promo throughout, really.

Surprised this is main eventing since I saw it as either a strong opener or midcard match, although the way the show’s been booked has made a lot of sense. Having Estrada watch the match to remind us Umaga (along with Regal) is a missing piece in this puzzle come Backlash was clever, although after the break Carlito and Paul London seemed to join the match for a moment. Apart from that little mistake, the match itself progressed very well, with the comeback from Matt to make the hot tag being very nicely done. The finish of the match was also good, making Matt look very strong with a Twist of Fate on Angle and the fact that he wasn’t the man pinned. Umaga attacking Michaels post-match is a good sign, as it continues to tell us we’ll be getting a Michaels/’Mags feud post-Backlash, which hopefully can amp the credibility of Umaga up even higher.

More discussions from Vince and co, eh? I like how Vince put Tomko over while saying no, but allowing Shane McMahon, a non-wrestler, to compete over Tomko? That’s pretty much burial, tbf.

@ the distinct lack of love for Linda here. From being called ‘Robo’ McMahon, to her entrance thankfully being during the commercials and her not talking (yay), I’m sensing that you perhaps don’t like her. Liked the way you really drilled home the consequences for Cena should he go against McMahon and lose, before having him offer Cena the chance to join him. Cena being a smartass and the hero by saving the fans from Vince was all pretty good and on key from Cena, while Vince being his pissy self was also good. The killer arrival of Kurt Angle was also epic, and definitely unexpected since he was to be in MITB, and because of the reasons you had J.R give. You’ve definitely set up a huge match for the huge stipulation with Angle vs Cena, which along with Hell in a Cell, now makes for a hell of a card. Pretty great way to finish things off here.

As a whole the show felt like it had enough of everything to be a good show. Promo-quality was good throughout, and the same can be said with the matches. You’ve actually set up a surprisingly good card for Backlash too, which is a change from WWE’s attitude of just having a whole bunch of WrestleMania rematches. With one more show before Backlash (I believe), every match outside of the women’s match have been hyped very well, and only need the finishing touches. Good stuff.

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Re: Being The Booker

FlyinStyles Raw Review

First off the opening commentary was amazing, when Coach the lesson is don't get married I laughed so hard.

Any way Triple H's opening promo was amazing, it was great really. Put over all his Hell in a Cell wins, it was just perfect heel HHH promo it was just great that all there is too say, but didn't you use Foley at Wrestlemania, yeah you did. The win over Regal whatever it was a squash like it should be.

Nice segment who will represent Mr. McMahon? I'm sure I'm thinking Tomko at this point but I could see swerve or you bringing someone over from Smackdown or something weird but right I don't know, suprise me.

Women's Match was pretty boring to be honest, it seemed kind of thrown together and half-assed. No problem with Victoria challenging for the Title though.

The MNM promo was good they got their point across, Melina's final comments got me thinking, I don't know what they mean but I'm sure they mean something and I'm sure she'll get invovled with a Alexis Lane.

The Mega tag there was obviously no change Straight Edge and Rey were going to win, the ending was kind of a cluster fuck but I think it was supposed to be. My only question is where the is the Brotherhood going, other then Shelton none of them really have a storyline, maybe a fued with Straight Edge after they beat MNM, but right now they are just kind of there.

Estrada promo damn you're pushing Umaga hard with the attack on HBK last week and this it seems like you might have him win the MITB but I still got a feeling it'll be Kennendy

Christian wins, and wins desievely now I'm sure you'll swerve and have someone I'm not expecting representing Vince. Christian's promo after was very well done, his and Triple H could win awards they've jsut been great. I love Christian and I loved this promo and overall I'm loving this show.

Lol, at the Kennedy segment, is this a face-tweener turn. It seemed pretty tweener. Does he possibly win MITB then cash in on Triple H right after Hell in a Cell. That my friends is possible. I could see it happen. Funny segment that also got a serious point across. I love it.

The Henry-Smith matches was pretty boring, but damn! Mark Henry got beat by DH Smith!! DH Smith!! Alright at least it's a new story for the Brotherhood, fueding with the UK Pack. It's all fine and good with we.

HBK promo the Hell in a Cell stuff wasn't really needed. But the MITB stuff was good, it looks the tag match is going to be the main event? ok that's like two or three weeks in a row with a weird main event.

Great tag match, main event, though? I guess there's the contract signing next but the ending was sick with the top rope Angle slam, I guess it doesn't hurt Shawn as much as it would hurt Matt to take two straight pins to Angle. The insane Umaga push continues.

The contract signing was ok ANGLE WTF??? You were pushing him so hard for MITB swerve job. I don't mind Angle being the match but I do mind the fact you did take away what would've been a good win for Kennendy for Angle who isn't even in the match any more. Tomko replacing him is fine

Overall I liked the show, The Christian and HHH promos were amazing and all the other promos were solid, the matches weren't that great this time, one was a cluster fuck, one was boring, one was just written so you could get a top contender, but overall the Triple H and Christian promos made this show for 8/10

Once upon a time the Pain was brought in 2008.......It will be brought again........


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Re: Being The Booker

Random update...

For those of you that read the last non-show post, you may remember me saying I'd be looking to cut down on the length of the shows by trimming the amount of detail on the matches. It'll make perfect sense then that it looks like I'll be writing Backlash out in full.

Why? No idea, tbh, as I know reading full PPV shows can be off putting for the majority. I wrote the Hell in a Cell match first, and ended up going into overdrive, and into far too much detail - ending up writing the thing in full. I dont really want to do the show with some full matches and some recapped, so it looks like it'll be a big long ass show. Saying that, it should be a nice way to cap off 2009 in this thread, and this Backlash is a PPV I've been looking forward to for some time.

As a result of that unwanted announcement, expect the April 20th edition of Smackdown to be done in recap form, as I'll be devoting more time to writing the PPV. After Backlash though, I'll be taking a big of a sabbatical. I want to get ahead on shows, and with about two months of not posting, I can hopefully build up 4-6 weeks worth of shows. Given the recent slump in readership (is that a word?) I think a break could do some good from December to February.

Right now, I've got this weeks Smackdown done, and am about to make a start on next weeks Raw (the last before Backlash). I'm aiming to post Smackdown at the weekend, and then Raw a week or so later, with the recap form of Smackdown following the week after that. By my calculations, that would make the posting date for Backlash some time in the first two weeks of December.


WWE News and Notes:

In addition to the announcement of the return of WWE Superstars, WWE has confirmed on it's website that the former voice of ECW, Joey Styles and WWE Hall of Famer, Jerry 'The King' Lawler, will be the shows announce team. Styles has just signed a contract with the company, whilst Lawler has been making sporadic appearances over the last eighteen months since losing his position as colour commentator to The Coach on Raw.

In a surprise piece of news, Sean 'X-Pac' Waltman has been re-signed to the company. It's unknown what kind of role the former member of D-X can play, but his long standing friendship with Triple H is likely to be a factor in his re-signing with the company. It's expected that Waltman will report to OVW for a period to time to work off any ring rust, before being called up to the main roster.

Glen Jacobs, formerly known as Kane, has called time on his career. After failing to fully recover from his quad-tear in April 2005, Kane had been suffering from a number of niggling injuries upon his return to the ring twelve months ago, which led to his release. Now, he has decided to retire, accepting that he can no longer perform to the best of his ability, and wanted to go out on top.

Evan Bourne is said to be weeks away from a call up to the Smackdown roster. Bourne has impressed in OVW, and is seen as someone that could be a major cornerstone of the cruiserweight division. The experienced Elix Skipper, who joined OVW initially as a trainer, could well also play a part in the cruiserweight division at some point, adding another experienced body to help the young stars of the division grow. Daivari is another name that has been tossed around for a call up to the paper thin division.

There is also said to be real concern over the lack of depth to the tag team division on Smackdown. Besides Americas Most Wanted, there appears to be a major gulf in class between the champions and the rest of the division, with Booker T & Elijah Burke the only realistic challengers on the scene at the moment. It's been said that the division could face a complete overhaul in the coming months, much like that of the tag team division on Raw a year ago.

Also, after the seeds appeared to be planted for a partnership between Harry Smith and Paul Burchill this past week on Raw, it's rumoured that the pair could only be paired up for the short term, and that there are no long term plans for Smith and Burchill to concentrate on tag team wrestling. Some eyebrows have been raised with the apparent end of a monster push for Burchill, but that is said to still be in the pipeline ... but in the long term future, not the short term.


So, that's all from me for now. Expect a Smackdown preview by Friday'ish

Cant end a post without one of those ^^

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Re: Being The Booker

I can't help but thinking that one of those updates was made just for me.

Edit: I'm not surprised X-Pac has been re-signed on a full-time deal since I'm the one who suggested it. He'll make for a good midcard jobber.
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Re: Being The Booker

Hey, I'm pretty excited for Backlash in full as it means it won't be posted until December, which means I will be able to read and review. It's something I actually miss doing for this thread, so I can't wait for exams to finish so I can get back on the horse. Good work for keeping this going though, Wolf, despite your lack of time or motivation or whatever it is that is making you take so long to write.

Joey Styles for Superstars commentator is great, Lawler I don't really care about. X Pac resigned? This comes as a huge shock, but hopefully he will be used in an effective way, because he definitely can be a useful tool to put people over. Kane gone? Terrific. I hate Elix Skipper and Daivari so wouldn't really care much for them in the Cruiserweight division, however Evan Bourne is somebody who could definitely strengthen things up a little. Smackdown's tag division needs work, so I'll be happy if you're actually going to put some time into it, and give AMW some decent competition. Hopefully Smith and Burchill end as a team with Burchill attacking Smith leading to the continuous push of Burchill. It would definitely be a good thing, I'll try and pop in for the Smackdown preview and perhaps Smackdown, but I really can't make any promises.

I probably should have spaced this out, but I didn't, so yeah. Oh and just for you.

Keep at it, man.

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Re: Being The Booker

Backlash in full? mtfo. I loved WrestleMania, so you know that I'll be reading for sure. Not too happy about this sabbatical though, as that leaves us without you and Legend for the moment, while TKOW only gets a show up once a year. Three of the best four on the site not getting shows up for awhile is a big blow to the section.

As far as the news goes, glad to see the last bit, which seems to be addressed to me I guess. Burchill owns, and Smith reeks a bit of a generic jobber at this stage. Keeping them too close is only lowering the awesomeness of Paul Burchill. The tag news and Bourne news is also nice, while idc about King, X-Pac or Joey Styles, so I'm impartial to all of that.

Show soon plz.

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Re: Being The Booker

Right, bout time this show got back on the road...

I'm going to do a quick Smackdown preview, and will post the show tomorrow or Thursday. Before I do post it though, I want to get some feedback up for Stojy and Broken(BKB?) Star. Hopefully that'll all be done tomorrow.


Friday Night Smackdown Preview:

It's been dubbed "Championship Friday", as Kansas City hosts THREE championship matches this week on Smackdown, along with another contest to determine number one contenders for the WWE Tag Team Championships. Whilst there is plenty of intrigue in a 'WrestleMania Rematch' for the Cruiserweight Championship, and many points of interest in the United States Championship match where Paul London aims for a hat trick of wins over Brent Albright, ALL eyes are on this weeks main event, when Chris Jericho challenges Randy Orton for the WWE Championship.

Following his sensational win over Edge last Friday night, Chris Jericho enters the Kemper Arena this Friday with the goal of becoming WWE Champion for the first time in two and a half years. In his way though, is the menacingly cold, Randy Orton. Over the past twelve months, Randy Orton has morphed from Legend Killer, to Career Killer, forcing Ric Flair to walk away from the business he helped build, and putting Rob Van Dam on the shelf at WrestleMania. This Friday night, Chris Jericho aims to put Orton in his place, whilst Orton, making his very first defence of the championship, could well be zeroing in on killing another legendary career.

Whilst Jericho will look to reach the top of the mountain again, Paul London has his sights set on climbing another foot on his journey to the top, when he challenges the reigning U.S Champion, Brent Albright. Albright has overcome all obstacles thrown in his way during his unlikely six months as the United States Champion, but whilst 'The Shooter' has found a way around massive figures such as Batista and Bobby Lashley, Albright has been unable to overcome the high flying 'Golden Boy'. After suffering two straight defeats to London, has Albrights time as the U.S Champion come to an end??

And, Kid Kash will aim to prove to the world that Brian Kendricks win at WrestleMania was nothing more than a one in a million fluke, when the two men battle head to head for the Cruiserweight title. The veteran envokes his rematch clause this week, but if he loses, Kash will fall to the very end of the pecking order in the cruiserweight division. It's the first test that Brian Kendrick has faced as the Cruiserweight champion - will the young head of the division crumble under the pressure of his first big title defence?? Or will Kendrick shut Kid Kash up for good??

They were given the week off last week, but this Friday Night, Americas Most Wanted will find out who will be the next challengers to their throne on the top of the tag team division. Four teams - Booker T & Elijah Burke, Deuce & Domino, The Mad Murdoch Twins, and the duo of Garrison Cade and Nick Dinsmore of the New Wave will battle it out for the right to face AMW in one weeks time.

Whilst the focus will be on the championship matches, questions will also be asked. After his savage assault on Carlito last week, MVP will sit down with the upcoming 'voice of Superstars' Joey Styles, for a special, one to one interview. Just what drove the highest paid superstar in Smackdown history to such a disgusting, reprehensible attack?? Joey Styles will attempt to get the answers.

Edge is also in action, and while he would have surely been chomping at the bit for a shot at Randy Orton, the Rated 'R' Superstar will have to settle with Ortons New Wave running buddy, 'The Future' Ken Doane. How will Edge rebound after his bitter loss to Chris Jericho last week??

And, if JBL is one thing, it's that he's a man of his word. Last week, after calling out both 'The Immortal' Hulk Hogan, and The Undertaker, the 'Self Made Millionaire' has promised to show up on Smackdown EVERY WEEK, until either man answers his challenge. Just what, or who, will JBL target this week, as he awaits a response from either Hogan, or The Deadman??

Find out the answers this week on Smackdown.


Confirmed Matches;
WWE Championship | Randy Orton vs Chris Jericho
U.S Championship | Brent Albright vs Paul London
Cruiserweight Championship | Brian Kendrick vs Kid Kash
#1 Contenders Match | Booker T & Elijah Burke vs The Mad Murdoch Twins vs Deuce & Domino vs Garrison Cade & Nick Dinsmore
Edge vs Ken Doane


Smackdown should be up either tomorrow or Thursday - at the latest.
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Re: Being The Booker

Dubya wanted the namechange back ... plus, everyone just calls me BKB anyway. Other name failed to take off.

Onto the actual show, it looks amazingly stacked. Three titles matches as well as a number one contender match? Damn. Jericho vs. Orton should be big, although I have no doubt we'll see a DQ finish, either thanks to Edge running in and jumping Jericho, or Orton getting himseld disqualified. Nonetheless, very excited for that. The US Title match also looks like a possible screwy finish to me, possibly with a walkout from Albright. Kash vs. Kendrick and the tag should be great too, as should Doane vs. Edge, despite being heel vs. heel.

As I said before, amazingly stacked. Looking forward to it. Don't worry about feedback for me: I've been hanging out to read this show for awhile. I'd rather just have it posted.

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Re: Being The Booker

Hey Wolfy, as BKB said, I'd rather see this show up, then you giving feedback to him, but as far as my thread is concerned, you must hit that up . Nah, in all seriousness, your thread is more important so if you need to write the show, write the show, then you can drop in on other people's whenever.

Randy Orton against Chris Jericho for the WWE Championship is something that really excites me. I'm looking forward to reading this, and even though you said you'd cut down on match recaps in detail, I'm hoping this is one of the ones that remains in detail. As for the finish, I see Edge getting involved, and rather than going with the Orton screwy finish, I'd love to see Edge insert himself in the title picture, causing a triple threat feud for awhile, as it'd really kill some time, until somebody who could legitimately challenge Orton stepped up to the plate. With that being said, we just had a triple threat feud at 'Mania, so, ermm, Brock Lesnar, please.

I'd usually say that Albright would get the win after losing to London a few times in the row, but with the way London has been booked in this thread lately, I could really see him being the one to dethrone Albirght, as I think Albright is ready to move on to something else, unless you give us a dirty finish, and give them a PPV match, but I doubt it.

I'm pretty sure Kendrick will be retaining the Cruiserweight Championship, although ever since becoming champ, well actually since before then to, he has been rather bland, so I'm not sure if this is something I like or not. Anyway, after this, please give Kendrick something to get him over.

Booker T and Elijah Burke are the only team I can see getting a shot at the tag titles at the moment, but then at the same time, I'm not writing off you giving Dinsmore and Cade the straps, leading to a Evolution type domination of Smackdown with The New Wave, although I doubt it. I'll still be reading with intrigue to see.

MVP interview should be golden, don't really have much else to say, except he and Carlito's feud should be pretty good.

Edge to go over Doane, and now I'm thinking perhaps unholy alliance Jericho and Edge to dethrone Orton, but once again, I doubt it. Edge to get the win, and signal his intetnion for gold.

JBL/Hogan first I believe, that way the old geezer and piss off after defeating JBL. 'Taker won't be back for awhile, or at least I hope not, just so it makes Kurt Angle look like more of a beast, even if they are on different brands now.

Show definitely is stacked, I can't wait to read, and if all goes well, this will be the first show of yours I give feedback to in a pretty long time .

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