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Re: Being The Booker

Friday Night Smackdown Preview:

For the second time this week, Madison Square Garden plays host to the WWE, but after the madness of this past Monday night, Smackdown brings the sublime, with a potential match for the ages between Chris Jericho and Edge for the right to challenge Randy Orton in one weeks time for the WWE Championship. And, in addition - Arn Anderson has promised that this weeks main event of Smackdown will be commercial free.

For Jericho and Edge, this Number One Contenders match could signal the final opportunity for both men, after both already came up short last month at WrestleMania. Will it be Jericho or Edge that grabs the opportunity for a date with destiny with the WWE Champion next week on Smackdown??

Whilst Edge and Jericho battle it out tooth and nail, Randy Orton will also find himself in action with a tune up match, ahead of his first title defence in one weeks time, as he faces the now solo Jeff Hardy, one on one. For Hardy, it's an opportunity to create a massive shock, and make his own intentions clear for the future, but Orton will surely be looking to end proceedings early, and focus on whomever earns the right to challenge him next week.

Also, one week on from his magnificent victory over MVP - ending the highest paid superstar in Smackdown historys winning streak - Carlito looks to continue the best run of his career, teaming up with Booker T and Elijah Burke to take on Deuce, Domino and Chris Masters. Can Carlito use the victory over MVP last week as a springboard to bigger and better things?? If he is to do that, first, Carlito needs to keep his own winning run in tact this week on Smackdown.

Elsewhere, one week on after suffering a humiliating loss to Paul London after dismissing the challenge of the Golden Boy, The United States Champion Brent Albright has demanded a return match. General Manager Arn Anderson has granted the request, giving Albright the opportunity to redeem himself. Should London cause a second straight upset though, the likelihood of a title shot would have to be a firm reality. For Albright, it's a chance to prove a point, but for London, it's the opportunity of a lifetime with the possibility of a U.S title shot in the balance.

And of course, this week on Smackdown will see the return to Smackdown of the self made millionaire, the self confessed 'Wrestling God' John 'Bradshaw' Layfield. After suffering a debilitating back injury in November, JBL has made one appearance on WWE television since - at WrestleMania - but in his adopted home state, JBL plans to make a historic return. What does Layfield have to get off his chest this week on Smackdown??


Expect Smackdown to be posted tomorrow or Tuesday. When I can be bothered tbh.

Thanks for the feedback on Raw btw, it's greatly appreciated as always. I understand the criticism on the HIAC match, and I had gone back and forth over it myself. Had I went with Christian and Triple H at WrestleMania as originally planned, the HIAC rematch at Backlash might've worked better, but still, there is quite a bit of history between the two going back six months or so. Hopefully in the next two weeks, I can make it work. Thanks again for the replies.

Again - Smackdown up tomorrow or Tuesday.
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Re: Being The Booker

It's been a while since I've commented in here, so before I get back (well, at least try to ) of giving feedback, here's some random thoughts on the thread as a whole.

- You've definitely gone full-steam ahead with making Backlash a show full of OWNAGE!~, however I'm not sure whether you've gone a little overboard. As some others have probably told you, Christian vs. Triple H was expected. HIAC, however, was not. I know they have history from before WrestleMania, but at the end of the day, you've could've used a different match which was still quite big gimmick-wise - something like Last Man Standing or First Blood, maybe even just Steel Cage - instead of HIAC, which is more of a feud-ending match. On the flipside, it does fit in with McMahon's power craze (which I'll get to in a minute ) to go and book a HIAC match. So, whilst it's not a horrible booking decision, it could've been done better.

- Vince McMahon's WWE = . I'm actually a little disappointed that the angle could be over so quickly. You could've waited a while longer - not as long as SummerSlam perhaps, but a while - to end the angle. That is, of course, IF you are ending the angle. Personally, I'm hoping Vince's representative beats the shit out of Cena at Backlash and Vince's WWE continues , but I'm not holding my breath. Still, if it is over, what we've read so far in the form of promos and booking has been very entertaining.

- Speaking of booking, I didn't like that Gauntlet match where Tomko pinned Christian at the end. I get that Christian had to go through hell and high water (however you say it), but who the fuck is Tomko? He's done absolutely fuck all since his turn (let's be honest), and he's nothing more than a lackey. I think the pin did more damage to Christian that it did good for Tomko. I think it would've been wiser to have Trips or even Vince to pin Christian if that's the route you insisted on taking. A random thought, but something I thought needed to be picked up on.

- Months ago, in a feedback to one of your RAW's (don't ask me which), I commented that we'd got the message that Umaga was a monster and it was time for him to get involved in a real program, if you wanted us to take him seriously. Someone else touched on it a few posts back, and I stick to what I said. It's now post-WrestleMania, and Umaga is still flapping around without any real cause. Sure, he's a Samoan Bulldozer, whatever, but he has yet to be involved in a real feud with another superstar. I'm sure you'll do your best to make him look like a threat in RAW's exclusive Money in the Bank match, but after that, he needs a program because I'm getting bored. Think Vladimir Kozlov in mid-2008. A positive note is the HBK/Umaga angle we saw on RAW. Hopefully, that will develop into a real program post-Backlash. Otherwise, let's hope it's not just another random attack on a legend.

- Speaking of Backlash and MITB, my money's on Kurt Angle. Even though he lost at WrestleMania, he's received somewhat of a hard push since then and I think you're going to go full-steam ahead with that with Angle winning at Backlash. To be honest, not only do I think he is going to win it, but he SHOULD win it. Let's review. HBK and Umaga look to be involved in a program post-Backlash and I @ the thought of Regal or Matt Hardy winning. Now that just leaves...Mr. Kennedy. He COULD win, but he shouldn't. If I'm being perfectly honest, I think you've somewhat messed up Kennedy's push. It could all be part of a master plan where Kennedy is trying to find himself, who he is, but I don't think it is. He went from dropping the "KEN-NAH-DAY!!" thing before WrestleMania to simply adopting it again after it. So, with that said, Angle should be winning - and then taking the World Heavyweight Championship somewhere down the road.

There's a lot more I could say about RAW, but for now, I'm just going to jump over to the blue brand.

- I have loved what you've done with Chris Jericho over the last few months, and I'm just waiting now for that definitive moment where Jericho becomes a fully-fledged face. I'm not sure how, I'm not sure when, but you've done a great job in making us wait to see it.

- I'm still disappointed Edge didn't win the WWE Championship at WrestleMania, but obviously with Orton winning the title, you had other plans. I also still think that face Edge vs. heel Orton should be your summer program, but you're the booker.

- I didn't like the way MVP's undefeated streak ended. Streaks can be overrated, but they should at least have a proper ending. The way you just casually had Carlito pin MVP on Smackdown wasn't the right way to go about it, for me at least. If you were going to have the streak end, you needed to make a bigger deal about it.

- JBL is returning. Meh. I'm not expecting anything major from JBL and quite frankly, I don't want to. The man has been gone for so long, why not just leave him in retirement? Don't get me wrong - if he's coming back for a short-term deal, fair play. I just don't want to see JBL, as fun as a character as he is, back in a full-time wrestling role.

I would have more to say about the whole thread, but for now I'm all out. One last comment is that in general, I think RAW is 10x more entertaining than Smackdown right now. I just get the feeling that you seem to be enjoying RAW more than Smackdown (correct me if I'm wrong). Even if you're not, I am, and so I think that one of your number one targets for the thread should be to make Smackdown more interesting. The main event scene is looking good - Jericho's face turn, Edge's endless quest to become champion. Be careful with Orton though. He's starting to seem too much like the monotonous Orton of today. A lot of what he's saying in his promos is looking too similar. Apart from that, the rest of the show is a little hit and miss at the moment. So, you're on probation T.Lo. Make Friday nights more intriguing.

You still own though. <3
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Re: Being The Booker

Saved me from double posting. Thank you for the honest as always approach I'll address a few points in due course.


Friday Night Smackdown | April 6 2007 | New York City, NY

Opening Video


Before Michael Cole and Tazz get the chance to welcome us to the worlds most famous arena…


The music of the WWE Champion fills the Garden, much to the chagrin of the fans in attendance, with the sight of Orton just adding fuel to the fire…

Michael Cole: It is a sight that we are becoming used to Tazz. Randy Orton has opened our last two broadcasts coming off the back of WrestleMania, and tonight, it’s a sense of deja vu.

Tazz: Yeah, and that aint no good thing. However, I think Arn Anderson is as sick of it as we are, because tonight, Orton aint opening the show to blow his own horn, he’s in action.

Michael Cole: Indeed, it is his first official match on Smackdown since earning his spot on the Friday Night roster, and for Orton, this could well be a vital tune up, as he prepares to defend the championship for the very first time next week in Kansas City, as tonight, in our commercial free main event, Edge and Chris Jericho will face off to fight for the right to challenge the cold, calculating Legend Killer … or indeed, in the cases of Ric Flair and Rob Van Dam … the career killer.

Tazz: That one is gonna be off the damn hook Cole. Edge and Jericho, one on one in the Garden. Commercial free?? Oh baby.

Michael Cole: And, in addition, we are awaiting the arrival of the former United States Champion, the self made millionaire, John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield, who is set to make his first appearance on Smackdown since last November, after suffering a horrific back injury. Just what will JBL have to say tonight??

Tazz: I don’t know Cole, but I can take a wild guess … and I’d imagine the words Hulk and Hogan might make an appearance in anything JBL talks about later on.

Orton reaches the ring, and now awaits his opponent…


The Charismatic Enigma jaunts onto the stage, getting a positive reception from the fans, as he prepares for his biggest singles match since returning to the WWE in January.

Michael Cole: And while this may be just a tune up for Randy Orton, this is the opportunity of a lifetime for Jeff Hardy. His brother Matt got a wonderful sending off last week, but now, the Hardy Boys are flying solo, and Jeff could well crash the party for Orton tonight.

Tazz: And the last thing Orton wants is a match with a daredevil like Hardy. Orton would love nothing more than a safe tune up, work up a bit of a sweat, get himself ready for next week … but you can bet your ass he aint gonna get an easy ride with this maniac.

Hardy charges toward the ring, leaping onto the turnbuckles, and posing to the fans … BUT ORTON RACES ACROSS, AND KNOCKS HIM OFF, ONTO THE FLOOR BELOW!!!

The referee admonishes Orton, but the WWE Champion blows him off, looking down at Jeff on the outside, before dropping down, and rolling out to capitalise.

On the outside, Randy continues to soften up Jeff, executing a snap suplex on the steel ramp to cap off the attack, before sending Jeff into the ring, following himself, starting the match officially.

Randy Orton vs. Jeff Hardy
Orton chokes Hardy down on the mat immediately, taking the life out of the younger Hardy, who kicks his legs furiously, trying to escape, but is saved by the referee, as he drags Orton off, giving the WWE Champion a stern telling off for his rule breaking. Orton though ignores the pleas of the referee, and goes back to Hardy, who is now in the corner, and sticks his boot to the throat of Jeff, choking him some more, but breaks away at the count of four, smirking at the disgruntled referee. The champion moves back to Hardy, dragging him to his feet, before driving his elbow to the face of Jeff, then whips him across the ring into the opposite corner, with Jeff bouncing back out, dropping to his knees, then gets the sole of Ortons boot directly into his face. In total control, Orton takes his time to drag Jeff to his feet, backing him into the ropes, throwing a couple of straight rights, then sends him off the ropes … BUT JEFF FLIES BACK WITH A FLYING FOREARM!!!

Instantly, the fans pick up their spirits, with Jeff catching his wind, quickly getting on a shocked Orton, who backs into the corner as he gets up, with Hardy charging in, letting fly with wild rights and lefts, as Orton is unable to defend himself from the blistering shots. Eventually, Jeff is forced away by the busy Chad Patton, but in a rush of blood, Jeff charges Orton back into the corner, and again goes crazy with his wild shots, before hitting his trademark double swinging double leg dropkick using the ropes, driving his feet into the chest area of Orton!!!

Orton looks stunned by the comeback from Jeff, and struggles to his feet, with Jeff now in the ascendancy, kicking Randy in the gut, then delivering a front suplex slam, turning Orton over, 1...2...Kick Out. Staying on top, Jeff now looks to send Orton off the ropes, but the champion is able to reverse the whip, sending Jeff instead. Orton though, ducks down, allowing Jeff to kick him away, sending Randy reeling toward the ropes, allowing Jeff to charge again, hitting a clothesline, sending Orton out of the ring!!! Ever the daredevil, Jeff scales the ropes, and looks for a crowd pleasing splash … BUT ORTON MOVES … AND JEFF CRASHES AND BURNS!!! The younger Hardy squirms on the floor, as Orton looks to regroup, and we head into the first commercial of the evening.

Commercial Break

We return with Orton now in a dominant position, stomping at the legs of Jeff, looking to keep the Charismatic Enigma off his feet. Using the ropes as a tag partner at times, Orton leverages the leg onto the ropes, dropping his weight down onto the body part, causing further agony for Hardy. Believing he’s done enough, Orton now begins to set up for the Figure Four, but as he turns to lock it on, he takes notice of the fans ‘WOO’ in the background, he stops, and shakes his head, before showing a sick grin, letting go of the leg, not giving the fans the famous Ric Flair submission. That leads to a lot of heat from the Garden, but Orton shrugs it off, and turns his attention back to his wounded opponent, dragging Jeff to his feet, BUT JEFF FIGHTS BACK!!! Hardy again strikes furiously at the mid section of Orton, forcing Randy to back off, and Jeff struggles to a vertical base, favouring the bad leg, but reacts quickly as Orton comes at him, low bridging the ropes, and Orton tumbles over the top, and to the floor.

Jeff takes a moment now to catch his breath, but then turns his attention to the fans, looking to get them on their feet, before propelling himself over the ropes, splashing onto the WWE Champion on the outside!! Jeff is first to his feet, but still sells his leg injury, looking to shake it off … but from behind, Orton chop blocks Jeff!!! Hardy crumbles back to the floor, with Orton now slowly rising to his feet instead. The champion pulls Jeff up, and rolls him back inside, following in, and targets the leg again … but takes too long to decide what to do with it, and Hardy surprises him with a cradle, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Orton shoots up, and looks to make Jeff pay, but instead he’s kicked in the gut … TWIST OF FATE … NO!!! Orton spins out, and before Hardy knows it, Orton connects with his back/neck breaker.

The fans enthusiasm dies down instantly, with Orton hooking the leg, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! A look of frustration develops on the face of Orton, whilst the fans pick up again after the kick out … but it could be very shot lived.

Orton now slowly turns, and lies in wait … with a cold stare in his eyes, as he watches Jeff Hardy struggle to recover. Slowly, Jeff gets up, and as soon as he is on his feet … ORTON STRIKES … RKO … NO!!! This time, Jeff spins Orton around, and before the champion knows it, he’s been rocked with a jawbreaker!!! Jeff scores with a takedown, and grabs the legs of Orton, before dropping both legs into the groin area of the champion!!! Orton rolls away, clutching his groin, whilst Hardy rips off his shirt getting a pop from the female (and homosexual) portion of the crowd, as he zones in on Randy, running into the corner at him, hammering the champion, then looks to whip him across to the opposite side, only for Randy to reverse it, sending Jeff in, but Jeff runs up the buckles … AND FLIES BACK WITH THE WHISPER IN THE WIND!!! He lays on Orton, getting the count, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

Orton survives, but Hardy now appears to be picking up momentum, and knows the time is now, dragging Randy up … and delivers a swinging neck breaker!!! He covers again, 1...2...KICK OUT AGAIN!!! Hardy is asking big questions of the champion here, with Orton having to dig deep to see off the challenge of the spirited opponent … but Jeff is now set to go for broke, and CLIMBS THE ROPES … LOOKING FOR A SWANTON … BUT ORTON KICKS THE ROPES!!! Jeff buckles, and lands on his nuts, with the champion zipping up, as if he’d been playing possum, and has no hesitation, grabbing the head of Jeff Hardy, perched up top … AND DELIVERS THE SICK, HIGH ANGLE DDT!!! It’s over, as Orton covers, 1...2...ORTON PULLS JEFF UP!!! The heat is enormous, as Orton slowly shakes his head in the direction of Chad Patton, pulling Jeff up … holding him for what seems an eternity … THEN DELIVERS THE RKO!!! Cover, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Randy Orton @ 11:51

It’s a solid, hard fought win for Orton, dispatching of a game Jeff Hardy, and rips his belt from the official, before holding it aloft, much to the chagrin of the fans.

Michael Cole: He can show off that gold as much as he likes Tazz, but the fact of the matter is that Randy Orton may not be holding that title much longer. Next week, he defends the WWE Championship against either Edge … or Chris Jericho.

Tazz: That aint escaped his attention, I guarantee ya Cole. Orton is gonna be following the main event tonight VERY closely. He’s calculated, he’s cunning, and he’s gonna be thinking up a game plan as soon as he knows which of those two he’ll face next week.

Michael Cole: He’d need to Tazz, because Edge and Jericho are gunning for him, and they’re both desperate for the WWE title. In addition to that, Brent Albright, the United States Champion, attempts to rebound off a loss to Paul London last week, taking on that same man tonight. It’s all to come on a very special Friday Night Smackdown, don’t go away.

Commercial Break

Backstage, Randy Orton is met by his fellow New Wave running mates, who all congratulate him on his win. Orton though, looks ahead, and looks visibly frustrated. The camera pans around … and shows Smackdown General Manager stood further down the hallway, arms folded.

Orton, followed by his cronies, moves toward The Enforcer, with Anderson standing firm with his arms still folded.

Randy Orton: What now??

Ken Doane: Yeah, you gonna make us jump through hoops Arn??

Arn Anderson: Hoops?? No. I’m just keeping you boys in check. Randy, congratulations on your win tonight … see ya next week.

Taken aback, Orton sharply responds.

Randy Orton: Sorry??

Arn Anderson: Go get your stuff. You can go.

The WWE Champion pulls his belt off his shoulder, getting into Andersons face.

Randy Orton: You’re act is beginning to wear thin.

Without flinching, Anderson softly replies.

Arn Anderson: I’m not putting on an act Randy. I’m doing my best to keep this ship afloat. And I’m doin what I see fit to make sure tonight’s main event goes down without a hitch.

Defiantly, Orton refuses to accept his General Managers call.

Randy Orton: I’m not going anywhere. I’m staying to see who I face next week, and you cant stop me.

Anderson seemingly gives up, and steps back a step, putting his hands up.

Arn Anderson: Fine. You win. You can stay.

Smugly, Orton smirks, having gotten the better of the GM on this exchange. Anderson steps aside, as the New Wave look to proceed past …

Arn Anderson: But if you’re going to stay … I aint letting you outta my sight. You got yourselves some extra company for the rest of the night.

Orton, and in turn, the rest of the New Wave, all come to a standstill, as Anderson motions for them continue, happy enough to follow behind. Ortons smirk has gone, and it is replaced with an icy glare, as he turns, and leads the way off.

Elsewhere, Josh Mathews is stood with Carlito…

Josh Mathews: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome, Carlito.

Close up of Carlito, to a great pop.

Josh Mathews: Carlito, last week, you picked up what many people have claimed to be your biggest victory to date since coming to Smackdown, by ending the winning streak of Montel Vontavious Porter … MVP.

Carlito nods with a smile, as the fans pop.

Carlito: Y’know Josh, it maybe wasn’t the biggest win of Carlitos career … but it sure was the sweetest.

Pop from the fans.

Carlito: To shut that big mouth of MVP up?? To see that smile gone?? Man, dat was cool.

With a cheeky grin, Carlito bounces his apple up in his hand.

Carlito: And now?? Now, the dude isn’t even here tonight. Maybe Josh … just maybe, Carlito has done Smackdown a big favour … and got rid of it’s most overpaid superstar.

Another pop from the fans.

Carlito: Y’see Josh, you learn more about a guy … you learn who he truly is, the type of character he’s got … not when he’s winning … but how he responds to a defeat. Carlito should know … I’ve lost my fair share of matches. But it was how Carlito reacted to the losses that’s got Carlito back to where he is today. MVP?? He’s shown his true character … and it’s dat he cant take losing.

Josh Mathews: Well Carlito, since you came to Smackdown in January, you’ve been like a new man. Refreshed after a torrid time on Raw, you’ve now ended the undefeated streak of Smackdowns highest paid superstar. What’s next??

Carlito ponders for a second, and strokes his chin, showing a glimpse of a smile.

Carlito: Y’know how people say “The skies the limit”?? Well Josh … Carlito is aiming higher dan dat.

The confident Caribbean native tosses his apple from left hand to right, before leaving the interview set, as we head back to ringside…


Chris Masters, making his first appearance since a wellness policy violation, enters the arena to a lukewarm heel reaction.

Michael Cole: Well, we just heard from a confident Carlito, and in just a few seconds, the former Intercontinental Champion is in action, teaming with Booker T and Elijah Burke in a six man tag contest, taking on The Masterpiece and the duo of Deuce and Domino. Don’t go anywhere!!

Commercial Break

We return with Masters, Deuce and Domino in the ring, as Booker and Elijah wrap up their own entrance, waiting for their partner at the bottom of the ramp.


A big pop reverberates around the Garden, as Carlito steps into view, looking impressed by the reaction, pointing randomly into the crowd, as he confidently strides down the aisle, joining Booker and Burke…

Carlito, Booker T & Elijah Burke vs. Chris Masters, Deuce & Domino
It’s the first glimpse of Chris Masters after his suspension for a wellness policy violation, but it’s Carlito that steals the show in this one, coming off his biggest win since coming to Smackdown, having ended the win streak of MVP last week. After dazzling the fans with his array of flash flips and springboard moves, Carlito lets Booker T and Elijah Burke get a piece of the spotlight, with the duo of youth and experience showing off their teamwork, before the opposition begin to put a stamp on the match up, isolating Booker, and working him over, keeping him away from his two partners.

Eventually though, as always, Booker musters a fight back, and the turning point comes, as Booker catches Deuce with a Harlem side kick, then sends Masters out of the ring, as he tries to stop a hot tag from being made, before Domino runs right into THE BOOK END!!! Booker reaches out … and tags Carlito!!! The Caribbean native darts into action, befuddling Deuce, then dropkicks Masters back off the apron, as Booker and Elijah help him out, keeping Masters and Domino at bay, as Carlito delivers the Apple Core to Deuce, and makes the cover, 1...2...3!!!
Winners: Carlito, Booker T & Elijah Burke @ 05:44

The roll continues for Carlito, as the rejuvenated superstar has his hand raised once again, with Booker T and Elijah joining him in the ring, whilst Deuce and Domino suffer another defeat, adding to their woes. Masters quickly distances himself from the losers, whilst Booker and Elijah allow Carlito to have the moment to himself.

Michael Cole: Is there a hotter prospect on Smackdown right now Tazz?? Is there anyone on a bigger roll than Carlito right now??

Tazz: No one. Absolutely no one Cole. But don’t chalk this kid up as a prospect. This guy is ready now. You throw him in with anyone, and he’s gonna be asking some big questions from the very best.

Michael Cole: You’ve got the wonder though Tazz, what’s next for Ca- HEY!!!

From the crowd, MVP has snuck into view, grabbing a camera from a defenceless, tubby cameraman, and slides into the ring … DRILLING CARLITO FROM BEHIND!!!!! Carlito drops instantly, knocked out from the heavy camera to the back of his head, as MVP looks around, acknowledging the boos from the fans, then shouts out “You still gonna cheer for him??” … before SLAMMING the massive camera onto the knee joint of Carlito!!!

Carlito immediately clutches his knee, whilst MVP turns his attention to the fans once again, shouting out “Time to find a new favourite” … AND CRASHES THE CAMERA ONTO CARLITOS OTHER KNEE!!!

Porter stands over Carlito, with his rival grimacing in utter agony, both his knees having been targeted in a sick assault. MVP now positions the camera onto his shoulders, and zooms down on Carlito, as we hear him trash talk some more…

“Not so happy now, laughing man. Nothin funny now, is it?? Hope that win was worth it … was it worth it?? Was it worth this??”


Suddenly though, Porter drops the camera, and makes a getaway, through the fans, as Booker T and Elijah Burke run back to make the save for their partner tonight, quickly signalling for help for Carlito, who looks to be in a world of pain.

Michael Cole: M.V.P has just crossed the damn line!!! And for what reason?? Because he lost a match?? Was he expecting to go his whole career without losing??

Tazz: I guess so Cole. Montel has been used to everything going his way, in all areas of his life. He got the contract he wanted, he got the bonuses he wanted, and he was winning, week after week … until Carlito beat him last week. I guess this is the reaction we can expect.

Michael Cole: This is absolutely sickening. Carlito is hurt, ladies and gentlemen … and for what?? Being the better man than his opponent??

Medics surround Carlito in the ring, whilst we see MVP halfway up the steps, surrounded by angry fans, looking down to the ring at his handiwork, gaining a measure of revenge.

Michael Cole: Absolutely reprehensible. If MVP had a problem with Carlito beating him … why didn’t he just be a man … he could’ve accepted he’d lost to the better man, or he could’ve stepped up to the plate, and challenged Carlito face to face for a rematch, and settle the score once and for all. This was the action of a coward.

Tazz: Coward?? Dunno about that Cole. What MVP has just done is send a clear message to the Smackdown locker room … and it’s one I know very well, and it’s very apt in this case … beat me if you can … survive if I let you.

Michael Cole: Carlito proved he can beat MVP … but it doesn’t look like he survived the outcome.

Commercial Break

We return with Carlito being loaded onto an ambulance, as Booker T and Elijah Burke stand by him, as Arn Anderson shows up on the scene, with Booker confronting the GM.

Booker T: Dis is too much dawg. Have you seen what happened??

Pulling his glasses up, and rubbing his eyes, the strain shows on Andersons face.

Arn Anderson: Yeah Book. I saw it.

Booker, enraged, talks down to his GM, like a regular staff member.

Booker T: Well maybe it’s bout time you got yo mind off Orton and his punk ass … and started to remember you got more than four guys on tha damn roster.

Booker walks off in a huff, with Burke following, giving the GM a dirty look too, as Anderson watches the ambulance doors closing, with a rueful look on his own face, knowing he’s paid too much attention to keeping Orton in check, as we fade to ringside…

Michael Cole: The signs do not look good for Carlito, Tazz. A sickening assault from a vengeful MVP tonight has left Carlito in need of hospital treatment, where we will find out just how serious his injury is. But Tazz, something needs to be done about the actions of MVP tonight. Completely uncalled for, he’s gone too far.

Tazz: He’s gone too far, but he’s also forewarned anyone else that faces him, just what the consequences are of a victory.

Michael Cole: He surely cant get away with it though. Arn Anderson is going to have to dish out some major punishment. A statement needs to be made, by Arn Anderson.


The U.S Champion hit’s the stage, looking surprisingly smug for a man that was beaten last week. He walks out holding a mic, and calls for the music to cut as he makes his way down the aisle…

Brent Albright: You’re all owed an explanation, as to the events of last week … and people … I got ya one.

Stopping half way down the aisle for a second, Albright explains himself…

Brent Albright: Basically, the fact of the matter is that I’m a true professional. A meticulous forward thinker, that has all his matches laid out like a chess match. That’s the reason I’ve beaten the big guys like Batista and Lashley. I’m YOUR United States Champ … because I’m a master of the mind, a strategist … a planner.

Smiling, Albright begins to trot down the aisle again.

Brent Albright: And last week, I specifically called out any BIG MAN. I called out a big man … I planned to take on a big guy … so to see little Paul London?? That threw me off my strategy.

Albright nods, as if he’s letting the fans into a big secret.

Brent Albright: But like the professional- sorry, like the champion, that I am, I still accepted the challenge. Despite being under prepared for him, I still took on Paul London, man to man. And as you’re all now aware … the so-called ‘Golden Boy’ scored the biggest upset in WWE history.

Quite the claim. And the fans don’t like it.

Brent Albright: Bigger than Hogan body slamming Andre … bigger than Jericho beating The Rock and Austin in the same night … bigger than Maven eliminating The Undertaker from the Royal Rumble … bigger than …

Albright notices the boos, and decides to cut his monologue short.

Brent Albright: … Well … you get the picture people. The fact is … I’ve had a week to think it over … I’ve had a week to get my head back in the game. I’ve had a week to prepare for London … and tonight … lightning wont strike twice.

The camera closes up on Brent.

Brent Albright: Tonight, Paul London is getting shot down by the shooter. Tonight … Paul London is getting shot down … by YOUR U.S Champion.

Brent chucks the mic to the outside, as we wait…


London steps out, feeding off a buzzing MSG, as he prepares to go 2-0 over the reigning U.S Champion.

Michael Cole: Brent Albright has defiantly claimed that lightning will not strike twice, but Paul London has other ideas. Can London shock the United States Champion again tonight?? We’ll be back with all the action in just a second.

Commercial Break

Paul London vs. Brent Albright
This week, Albright is much more cautious dealing with London, slowly working into his own game, locking up, and having his way in his comfort zone, getting London to the mat, and dominating the smaller man with his superior mat skills. Despite being roughed up in the early going, London manages to struggle free, and once on his feet, London begins to cause the U.S Champion problems, using his main strength - his speed. After finding himself overrun by the quickness and agility of London, Brent decides to slow it down, rolling right out of the ring, following an arm drag.

The champion takes a walk, and ignores the boos from the fans, as he thinks it over, but gets a firm shock as London teases a dive, forcing Albright to jump out of the way, then looks around for the opponent, as London DOES dive out of the ring on the second occasion, taking out Albright!!! Madison Square Garden shows it’s appreciation for the risk taking Golden Boy, as he struggles to his feet, and manages to get the dead weight Albright back inside the ring. Slowly, London climbs the buckles, and waits for Albright to get up, then soars, looking for a splash … BUT ALBRIGHT CATCHES HIM … AND NAILS A BACK BREAKER!!! Cover, 1...2...KICK OUT FROM LONDON!!!

Despite the kick out, it’s a turning point for Albright, who now holds the upper hand, and dominates London for the next portion of the contest, physically wearing him down, scoring a number of near falls, testing the mettle of the much loved former cruiserweight champion. London though, refuses to give in, causing much annoyance for Albright, unable to put his spirited opponent away, despite plenty of big moves, including a stiff German suplex, and a Northern Lights suplex, gaining an almighty close two count. Despite London surviving, the Golden Boy is in a bad way now, and Brent closes in for the victory, dragging London up, setting him on the top rope, looking to deliver a superplex … BUT LONDON FIGHTS BACK … AND SHOVES ALBRIGHT OFF!!! The champion lands on the mat, but is up quickly … AS LONDON LOOKS FOR THE SIGNATURE DROPSAULT … BUT ALBRIGHT DODGES IT!!! Immediately, Albright swoops in for the Crowbar … BUT LONDON SLIPS HIS ARM OUT, AND SURPRISES ALBRIGHT WITH A PINNING COMBINATION, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Paul London @ 07:55

Paul London has just upset the United States Champion for the second week running!!! The Golden Boy darts out of the ring, jubilant with another huge win over Albright, whilst the champion lays motionless on the mat, holding his face, knowing he’s been shown up two weeks straight by the tricky Paul London!!!

Michael Cole: Tazz!! HE’S DONE IT AGAIN!!!

Tazz: I cant believe it Cole. Albright had this thing in the bag, but you can never count out Paul London. Outta nowhere, Paul London has stolen the victory from the United States Champ, and the look on Brents face says it all!!

Michael Cole: That makes it two straight wins for London over the champion, and you’ve gotta wonder, a shot at the title MUST be on the horizon for the Golden Boy of Smackdown.

Tazz: Without a doubt Cole. He’s earned the right. And I’m sure Arn Anderson is thinkin just that as we speak.

In the ring, Albright sits up in shock, looking around himself, trying to fathom how he managed to snatch a defeat from the clutches of victory. It’s a different story though at the top of the ramp, with Paul London positively beaming from ear to ear, motioning around his waist that the belt is the next thing on his agenda.

Backstage, the recognizable white stretch limo pulls up in the parking lot. The driver steps out, and walks around, opening the door … AND JOHN ‘BRADSHAW’ LAYFIELD exit’s the vehicle. The fans stir in the arena, as we fade to a commercial, with Michael Cole telling us that JBL is up next…

Commercial Break



To a vociferous heel response, JBL steps onto the stage, posing to the audience, getting shit on in the process by his ‘hometown’.

Michael Cole: We have not seen JBL on television since November, but tonight, in the Worlds Most Famous Arena, his home town New York City, JBL has returned!!!

An array of fireworks go off for JBL, as he raises his arms in the air, with s grin on his face.

Tazz: And it’s a heroes reception for the Wrestling God!!!

Michael Cole: Not quite, Tazz.

Tazz: He’s been sorely missed in my opinion Cole. Been a long time coming for JBL coming back to Friday Nights.

In the ring, JBL has a mic in hand, and the music dies down.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: IT’S BEEN TOO LONG!!!

JBL outstretches his arms, holding his hat, but the boos pour down. He rises above it though, with a massive smile on his face, speaking again.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: I’d like to start off real quick, by telling you people just how tremendous it is to be in my favourite city, in the entire world … the greatest city on the planet earth, my home town … MY CITY … NEW YORK CITY!!!

Bit of a cheap pop, overriding with boos though for the ‘My city’ bit, but JBL doesn’t dwell on it, fixing his jacket, before getting on point.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Ladies and Gentlemen, I have a number of issues I’d like to raise. I have a lot of targets on my radar … but this evening … I’m going to focus on just two.

JBL holds up two fingers.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Be rest assured though, I’ll get to the others in due course, don’t worry about that … but tanight … two men are on my list.

He puts the fingers down, and paces momentarily, fixing his hat, before beginning his spiel…

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: The entire world has been abuzz since March eighteenth. Not because of the grandeur that was WrestleMania, not because of Christian and John Cena tearing the house down in a main event for the ages, and not because of Randy Orton kicking Rob Van Dams head off his shoulders.

JBL affords himself a smile for that, as the fans boo.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: It wasn’t even The Undertaker being carried from the ring in true, over the top Undertaker fashion. The fact that the Deadman has not been seen since WrestleMania isn’t a coincidence either … he caught wind of the fact that I, JBL was back on the road to recovery … and just like The Rock, who swanned off to the hills of Hollywood … just like his baby brother Kane, who decided to retire … The Deadman bolted into the shadows.

Layfield mockingly claps, with a disingenuous smile on his face.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Bravo Deadman … bravo. But let me assure each and every single one of you … I assure you- no. … I GUARANTEE YOU … I GUARANTEE YOU … that I have hired the best private investigators money can buy, from all corners of the globe … and they are working around the clock to hunt The Undertaker down.

Camera comes for a close up.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: And when they find you … and they will … they will drag your sorry carcass back to Friday Night Smackdown, back to this ring to meet YOUR MAKER … and then Taker … THEN, you will BOW at the feet of GREATNESS … you will bow at the feet of a WRESTLING … GAWWWD!!!

Serious as a heart attack, JBL ignores the heat of the fans.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Then, and only then … under MY terms … under MY orders … I will put you, Deadman … out to pasture … once … and for all.

JBL intensely stares into the camera, before turning, and getting back to his initial topic.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: As I was saying … there was one event that overshadowed all the glitz, all the glamour … and that … was MY show stealing, unadvertised appearance, my appearance, that didn’t cost you people a single cent.

Heat for JBL’s self importance.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: However, despite going out of my way … despite flying myself out to that forsaken dump in Louisiana, paying out of my own pocket, buying my own allotted in ring screen time, and making an unscheduled appearance … an added bonus for the fans … FREE OF CHARGE … my presence was not only unappreciated by the churlish infidels that wouldn’t know an added bonus if it jumped up and bit them in the face … but it was big footed by the ultimate glory hog, desperate to shove his decrepit, worn out face into the public eye for one more shot at the big time, one last crack at fame, to top up the retirement fund…

JBL acknowledges the fans picking up in voice, but talks over them.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Well, here I am. You want another run?? You come find me. You dare rain on my parade … then brother you had better be prepared to pay the price. You’re looking for one last run on top … well I’m willing to give it to ya … but I aint the man you want to mess with. Make no mistake about it dude, you face me … that last run … THAT LAST BIG CHEQUE … wont materialise … because I will crush it in the palm of my hand.

A ‘HOGAN’ chant begins to stir.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: SHEEP!!!

JBL starts pointing at certain fans, repeating the word ‘SHEEP’ over the mic, as he points them out.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Every single one of you … sheep. Let me inform you all, that you are doing nothing but feed that cockroach’s ego. Hulk Hogan-

Pop for the first direct mention of The Hulkster. JBL shakes his head in disgust.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Hulk Hogan doesn’t give the slightest damn about any of you. Yet, for all you sheep … all you ‘Hulk-a-maniacs’ … when you see that old horse limp down the aisle, tear off the tired old yellow and red shirt, flex those shrivelled up twenty four inch pythons, and cup his ear to hear ya chant his name … he aint doin it for your benefit. Naw, naw, naw … EVERYTHING that Hulk Hogan does … is simply for his benefit, and his benefit only.

Heat from the fans.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Hulk Hogan aint wheeling his ass out here to give his legions of followers, that bleed red and yellow one more thank you for years of undying support … get a grip. He does it because he sees another holiday home in Honolulu that he needs to put a deposit on … and he’ll go back to the only well that he can … you people.

More boos from the fans, as JBL glares around MSG.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: You look at Hogan, you see your hero … Hogan looks at you- YOU.

Points to a fan in the front row, wearing a Hogan circa 2002 shirt. More than likely a plant for the promo.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: He looks at you … and he sees dollar signs. He has infested this industry for the last twenty years with Hulkamania runnin’ wild … cashing in on the infantilise who have bought into that tired old franchise … generation … after generation.

Bradshaw ignores a few cat calls, pointing his finger out to try and put a stop to them.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: And make no mistake about it … his acceptance of a place in the WWE Hall of Fame was not for the opportunity to put an end to a so-called ‘glittering’ career … his acceptance was not for the opportunity to say goodbye to the sheep that bankrolled him for the past two decades, not to say goodbye to the fans who kept him on top for far too long … no. The opportunity he saw wasn’t to join luminaries like Andre The Giant, Classy Freddie Blassie, The Hot Rod or Dusty Rhodes … the opportunity was dollar signs.

Boos from the fans, but JBL points his finger out again, not finished.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: The opportunity was millions of red and yellow shirts to be wheeled out once more. The opportunity was to preach to the choir once again, and get that bandwagon rollin like never before, throwin action figures like candy with infants chasing behind him, in a manic trance … like he was the Pied Piper of Hamelin … his acceptance into the once dignified Hall of Fame was solely for the intention of one more run.

JBL holds up a finger to indicate.


He stops, and pauses for a moment, with the fans giving him plenty of heat, whilst some continue to chant for Hogan. Layfield calms himself down, and quietly (for a moment anyway) continues…

John ’Bradshaw’ Layfield: One more chance to brainwash another generation of impressionable children, with the almighty HULKA-CRAP LIMPIN WILD … BROTHAAAA!!!

Massive heat for JBL, who gets wrapped up in the moment, and drops the mic down, mocking Hogan with a muscle pose. The heat rains down on him, as he bends over to pick the mic back up. He stands, and acknowledges the heat, shaking his head in disgust.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Y’know the thing that gets me the most?? It’s not the kids following old man Hogan, they’re still young … they can learn from these mistakes as they get older. It’s the likes of you-

Layfield points to a older man in his early to mid thirties, next to what is likely to be his son.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Hulk Hogan most likely brainwashed you as a child … that’s acceptable … young, impressionable … perfect prey for Hogan, the type of mind he feeds on … but what’s your excuse now?? Huh??

The fan gives JBL a few inaudible verbals, with JBL blowing him off.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: SHEEP!!! Nothin but a God damn sheep. But you’re not the only one. This arena is full of ‘em. Grown adults that are still under the spell of Old Man Hogan … you give, you give, and you give for Hulk Hogan … but what do you get in return?? He aint here tonight … he wont be at Smackdown next week, because Hogan doesn’t do television. Uh-uh. Not enough money in it for ‘im. It’s Pay Per View or nothin for the Hulkster.

JBL makes a ‘money’ motion with his fingers. (You know the one I mean)

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: The Hulkster only does Pay-Per-View, because that‘s where the big dollars are at for him. Yet … I’m here. And I was at WrestleMania, without any advertising, without any hype, costing myself a pay check … for you fans. Has Hulk Hogan ever done that?? Unless it benefits Hogan … unless it buffers his coffers … Hogan aint interested. Hulk Hogan doesn’t take his dog for a walk unless it’s hyped on billboards all around the damn country a month in advance.

Few boos from the fans.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Hogan aint here, and Hogan WONT be here. Yet I’m here to grace you people with my presence, and spread the truth. I’m here to crush the propaganda spread by Hulk Hogan, and I will continue to ram the facts down your throats week upon week … until it’s implemented in your skulls, like the word once spread by the Hulkster.

Small amount of boos, as JBL motions for the camera to come in for another close up.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: And Hulk … anytime you feel like ‘running wild’ … I’ll be here waiting. Then we’ll see what I’m ‘gonna do’.

JBL turns away, and addresses the fans now.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Next week … I’ll be here. The week after that … I’ll be here. And I will continue to show up every week … until either The Undertaker is found … or until Hulk Hogan is ready for his final … and I do mean final run.


The camera closes in on JBL, as the music plays, with JBL having made his intentions clear tonight.

Michael Cole: Tazz, it’s like he’s never been away.

Tazz: Without a doubt. And JBL aint lookin to ease himself in, he’s pin pointed the biggest star of all time in Hulk Hogan, and the MIA conscience of the WWE, The Undertaker.

Michael Cole: His issues with both men run deep. He holds a personal grudge with the Undertaker for being responsible for his back injury that kept him OUT of WrestleMania, and he’s still seething with Hulk Hogan for stealing his moment three weeks ago at WrestleMania.

Tazz: And they aren’t the only two on his radar Cole.

Michael Cole: He has promised to show up every week until he can get his hands on either man, so folks, get set for week two of JBL’s crusade next week. But still to come tonight, our magnificent main event, pitting Chris Jericho against Edge for a shot at Randy Orton next week on Smackdown. It’s commercial free, and you don’t want to miss it, but coming up in just a moment, Charlie Haas battles the rugged Irishman Finlay. They clashed last week in a tag team match, but tonight, Haas has thrown down the gauntlet. Can he defeat the man who loves to fight??

Commercial Break

We return with Haas already in the ring…


The no frills entrance of Finlay takes place, with the veteran making his way to the ring, carrying his ever present shillelagh, as Haas patiently waits in the ring.

Match 4:
Charlie Haas vs. Finlay
It’s a cagey opening, with Haas looking to implement his superior mat skills, whilst Finlay is looking to press more of a fight, knowing he cant compete with Haas in a straight wrestling match. They lock up, with Finlay quickly applying an arm lock, but Haas instantly out manoeuvres the veteran, tripping him, and scrambling for a front face lock. Finlay though fights up, and stamps his authority on Haas, softening up with a blast of stiff forearms in the corner, then takes him to the outside, putting a beating on the collegiate grappler, taking him right out of his comfort zone with a physical battle.

With Finlay in his element, he dominates Haas before taking the match back inside, but the ring smarts of Haas helps turn the contest in his favour, and soon, he shows his incredible ability, beginning to dominate the veteran Irishman. Working the back, Haas puts on a bit of a clinic, targeting the body part, zoning in on the lower back and only the lower back, with Finlay experiencing pain and suffering at the hands of his opponent. But as Haas begins to look for shortcuts, he gives the Irishman an opening to get back into the contest. Charlie takes too long trying to take off the middle turnbuckle pad, and then argues with the official, allowing Finlay to come from behind, and roll him up, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

The surprise roll up throws Haas off, and Finlay fights through the pain barrier, turning the contest back in his favour, with Haas now on the back foot. Finlay then looks to finish the match off, and attempts the Celtic Cross, but the injured back prevents him from executing, and he drops Haas back down, allowing Charlie to deliver a stunning Sambo Suplex, giving him a long two count. Haas goes back to work on the back momentarily, softening it up for the Haas of Pain, but before he can fully apply the hold, the veteran gets to the ropes, forcing a break, and adding to the frustration of the former U.S Champion.

Once again though, Haas goes back to the turnbuckle, trying to rip off the padding from the middle buckle, being stopped by the official … but it soon becomes clear why he was so obvious about it … as the referee places the padding back on, he grabs the Shillelagh, and behind the referees back … CRACKS THE WEAPON OFF THE HEAD OF FINLAY!!! He gets rid of the evidence, then … applies the HAAS OF PAIN!!! The referee quickly spots Finlay not moving, and checks his hand, realising he’s out … and calls for the bell!!!
Winner: Charlie Haas @ 07:26

Big win for Haas, defeating the veteran Irishman, cementing his place as a big obstacle for anyone on Smackdown. He has his hand raised, whilst Finlay remains out cold from his own weapon.

Michael Cole: We haven’t learned anything here Tazz, Ch-

Tazz: Whoa. Now hold it a second Cole, I think I know where you’re goin with this. But lemme tell ya, a man once said, it aint cheatin if ya don’t get caught. Remember that.

Michael Cole: Cheating is cheating Tazz. You can dress it up how you like, but as far as I’m concerned, Charlie Haas hasn’t proven anything to these fans tonight, and least of all to Finlay.

Tazz: That’s your opinion. You’re entitled to it. But you’re wrong.

Haas leaves the ring, backing up the aisle, with a smile etched on his face, as the referee helps Finlay to come around, looking on dream street, as Haas leaves the arena with a big win.

The camera then cuts backstage, and we see EDGE pacing up and down like a mad man, trying to keep his emotions in check, as the hype continues to build for the main event this evening.

Commercial Break

And in contrast to just before the break, we now see CHRIS JERICHO looking calm and collected, slowly taping his wrists, and looking into a mirror, with a face of stone, knowing the ramifications of tonights main event…

We return backstage, with Brian Kendrick stood with Chavo Guerrero and Super Crazy, deep in conversation.

Brian Kendrick: Trust me guys, I’ve been buggin Anderson for the last couple weeks, but he aint budging. Somethin about title shots not being handed out like candy.

Chavo Guerrero: Hey, hey. It’s not that Soop and I just want a title shot given to us, we just want a chance to earn a shot.

Super Crazy: {Indistinct Spanish}

Chavo nods at what Crazy says, before continuing.

Chavo Guerrero: And Bri, I don’t want it to seem like we’re pushing you into asking Anderson to give us a crack at the title. It’s not like that. Maybe Soop and I ought to iron things out with Arn, because I don’t want it to-

Brian Kendrick: NO!!!

Kendricks sudden outburst stops Chavo, with both Chavo and Crazy being taken aback by the reaction of the champion.

Chavo Guerrero: Uh… okay. I-

Brian Kendrick: Look, I appreciate where you’re coming from Chavo, you don’t want Arn to think you’re looking a free ride to a title shot. But, really, just let me deal with it. I don’t want Arn to think I’m just sending you to do my dirty work for me, y’know??

Chavo seems a little confused, but nods anyway.

Brian Kendrick: Trust me, I’m workin on things with Arn, and we’ll get things rollin for you two to get a crack at the belt. It’s what I promised ya, and I’ll make it happen.

Now, a hand is rested on Kendricks shoulder … and the Cruiserweight champion turns around … and sees Kid Kash, wearing a big, cocky grin.

Kid Kash: No need for a lovers tiff boys. I got your solution. How about Chavo faces ‘Soop’ AND Bri here … for the chance to face me.

Kendrick pulls away from Kash, with the Notorious K-I-D still smugly grinning ear to ear.

Kid Kash: Cause next week, that little belt of MINE, that you’ve been kindly handlin’ for the last few weeks?? I think it’s bout time that little baby came back to me.

Kash pats the arm of Kendrick with Kendrick looking at his arm with disdain.

Kid Kash: That’s right Bri. You don’t need ta’ fret about getting your boys a shot at the gold, I’m invoking the ‘ol rematch clause … and I’m doin what I oughta done at Mania, boy … show ya whose boss.

Kash winks at Kendrick, before leaving the group, whilst Chavo and Super Crazy start talking to the champion, giving him positive words, as he watches Kash walk off.

Back to ringside…

Michael Cole: It’s shaping up to be another high octane week on Smackdown next Friday Night already Tazz. Edge or Chris Jericho will challenge Randy Orton … JBL has promised to show up again … and now Kid Kash invokes his rematch clause to challenge Brian Kendrick for the Cruiserweight Championship!!

Tazz: A WrestleMania rematch. Gonna be off the hook Cole. Kid Kash knows if he loses this one, he’s gonna be at the very back of the line for a shot at the belt, with so many other contenders waiting in the wings for a crack at Kendrick. Big stakes for both men next week.


Garrison Cade and Nick Dinsmore of the New Wave enter the arena for this upcoming tag team match…

Michael Cole: Well, can Nick Dinsmore and Garrison Cade follow in the footsteps of Randy Orton earlier tonight and score a victory. Both men will be looking to make an impression, as they face Trevor and Festus, the Murdoch Twins.

Tazz: This could have big ramifications too Cole. We know that Arn Anderson is keeping an eye on all the tag teams here on Smackdown, and a win here could propel either team into contention to face Americas Most Wanted.

Michael Cole: Harris and Storm are on the lookout for a new set of challengers, and which teams here can rise to the occasion and make their claim for a crack at the gold.

Commercial Break

Match 5:
The New Wave {Garrison Cade & Nick Dinsmore} vs. The Mad Murdoch Twins
As the bell rings, Festus is drawn immediately into action, going nuts and tackling Cade down, hammering away at the big Texan … but all the while, Dinsmore has grabbed the bell at ringside, and strikes it one time … putting Festus into his comatose state. From there, Cade is able to regroup, and beats his big lug of an opponent down, whilst Trevor Murdoch is incensed on the outside, coming after Dinsmore (who is still carrying the bell). In the ring, Cade dominates Festus, but the dead weight of the simpleton stops Garrison from executing the Razors Edge, but he still tries. As he does though, Trevor slides inside … AND NEARLY DECAPITATES CADE WITH A RUNNING CLOTHESLINE!!!

Suddenly, it all breaks down, with Dinsmore attacking Trevor from behind, with both men eventually bundling out of the ring. Inside, Festus is on his feet, but the comatose state he’s in prevents him from taking advantage of a dizzy Cade. Cade gets to his feet, and quickly nails Festus with a big boot, putting the big man back down. However, on the outside, Trevor has got the better of Dinsmore, and gets the bell, hammering it … AND FESTUS GOES NUTS!!! Festus roars to his feet, catching Cade, drilling him with a sidewalk slam, cover, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Cade struggles back to his feet, but Festus charges him into the corner, driving his shoulders into the gut of his opponent, and now climbs the buckles, hammering away at the New Wave member, with the fans counting along…

But on the outside, Nick Dinsmore drop toe holds Trevor onto the steel steps, then grabs the bell, hitting it … and FESTUS SUDDENLY STOPS!!! Festus returns to his comatose state in the ring, in an awful spot, having mounted Cade in the corner. On the outside, The Prodigy chucks the bell up the aisle, as far as he can, and wraps himself around the legs of Trevor, stopping him from attempting to grab the bell. In the ring, Cade picks up the scraps … and POWERBOMBS FESTUS FROM THE CORNER!!! He makes the elementary cover, 1...2...3!!!
Winners: The New Wave @ 03:49

Dinsmore immediately releases Trevor, who makes a beeline for Cade in the ring, but the big Texan rolls to safety, and Dinsmore meets him at the bottom of the ramp, having stolen a win. Trevor kicks at the ropes, before tending to his brother, whilst Cade and Dinsmore make their way up the aisle, grabbing the ring bell, and having a good old chuckle between themselves, looking back at the ring, where the Murdochs try to regroup.

Michael Cole: Ridiculous. Absolutely ridiculous Cole. The New Wave have stolen one here tonight.

Tazz: They spotted a weakness Cole, and they did what any professional athlete would do, and they jumped on it. Cant argue with that.

Michael Cole: I don’t know if this win can really put Cade and Dinsmore in the frame for a shot at the tag team titles, they didn’t endeavour, not like Booker T and Elijah Burke have in recent weeks.

Tazz: Say what ya want, Cade and Dinsmore got the job done here. You mightn’t like it Cole, but you cant change the fact.

Backstage, we see Randy Orton sitting uncomfortably in his locker room, as Arn Anderson sits in the background, keeping his promise of making sure Orton didn’t leave his sight this evening. Ken Doane paces around, taking a look at Double A, then addresses him.

Ken Doane: Don’t you have a job to be doing?? Shouldn’t you be out there looking for MVP after what he did earlier?? I mean, you’ve sat here nearly all night, and you’ve done nothing. JBL is paying out of his own pocket to track The Undertaker - your talent - and bring him back to Smackdown. Shouldn’t YOU be doing that, rather than sitting here babysitting us??

Anderson looks up at Doane, with his glasses halfway down his nose, giving Doane that old man stare.

Arn Anderson: This job isn’t just two hours on a Friday, Ken. I’m on the job twenty four hours a day, every day of the week. Not that it’s any of your interest son, but I’m doing my very best to dig information on The Undertaker … I’m also back and forth from New Orleans, checking on Rob Van Dam - you remember RVD, right??

Anderson stops for a moment, showing disgust to Doane, who grins at the mention of RVD.

Arn Anderson: I’m on the phone, day in and day out, trying to coax an old friend outta retirement. Ever heard of Ric Flair??

Doane smiles again, with Anderson trying to remain calm.

Arn Anderson: Yeah, the guy who was winnin World titles while you were still stuck to your mothers breast, the greatest of all time. You keep laughing boy.

Anderson slams his newspaper off the table, with Doane still cocky, keeping a grin on his face.

Arn Anderson: So yeah, this aint ideal. Sitting here, looking after you boys, it aint what I wanna do, but it’s what I HAVE to do right now. MVP?? He hit the road, he was outta here, even before Carlito was rushed out in the ambulance. But since you’re so concerned?? Porter is gonna have to answer for himself next week. He’ll be at Smackdown next week, and he’s gonna be explaining his actions.

Doane shrugs.

Arn Anderson: While I’m at it, son … I don’t plan on keeping a leash on you boys every week. It aint fair to the rest of my roster. So next week … all four of ya are gonna be in action. Your two buddies, Cade and Dinsmore?? They’re gonna be part of a fatal four way to find our next contenders for the tag team titles, along with Booker T and Elijah Burke, Deuce and Domino, and the Murdochs.

Orton now shows interest in the conversation, turning his attention to Arn.

Arn Anderson: Everyone and his dog knows that Randy is facin Edge or Jericho … but whoever loses between those two boys tonight, Edge or Jericho … they’re facing you, laughing boy, next week.

Ken isn’t smiling now.

Arn Anderson: And so I don’t have to baby sit you little rats next week … if any one of ya get involved in any match you’re not involved in … then Randy there … kid loses his title belt automatically.

Orton shoots up, slamming his belt off the floor.

Randy Orton: YOU CANT DO THAT!!!

Anderson stands up now, standing his ground.

Arn Anderson: I just have. And as long as I’m calling the shots on this show, it’s my way or the highway boy. Deal with it. Because I’ve had it with you punks … I said I’d keep treating ya as equals, and that’s what I’m doin … I’m just making sure you don’t kill my show. Now, if ya got a problem, go see the boss. Because I aint changing a damn thing.

Orton tenses up, getting irate, but keeps his composure, as we fade out…

Back to ringside…

Michael Cole: Tazz, I thought tonight was big. But next week … next week is gonna be like a Pay Per View on free television!!!

Tazz: Wow. Raw got Backlash comin up in a few weeks, but by the looks of things, we’re gonna be blowing that outta the water, and we’ll be doing it for free next week.

Michael Cole: THREE championships are gonna be on the line, another Number One Contender will be decided, and Ken Doane is going to be put into the biggest match of his entire career!!!

Tazz: And let’s not forget MVP is gonna be giving some answers for his heinous actions tonight, AND JBL is gonna be here too. What a night it promises to be Cole.

Michael Cole: A WrestleMania rematch between Brian Kendrick and Kid Kash for the Cruiserweight Championship, a fatal four way to decide the number one contenders for the WWE Tag Team Championships, and we have just been told, Paul London, after back to back wins over Brent Albright, GETS his title shot next week. He’s beaten the champion for two consecutive weeks, and next week, if lightning can strike for a third time, he can become UNITED STATES CHAMPION!!!

Tazz: Off the hook Cole.

Michael Cole: And in just a moment, we will find out who challenges Randy Orton for the WWE Championship in next weeks main event. Edge and Chris Jericho, the two men who came so close to winning the title at WrestleMania, are going to collide, and it’s going to be commercial free!!!

Tazz: It keeps gettin better and better partner.


Chris Jericho marches onto the hallowed ground of Madison Square Garden, and gets an almighty positive reception, looking to embrace it, with a few nods and points to the fans, before focusing his mind on the ring, and makes his way to the squared circle.

Jericho steps inside, and waits for a moment, but it’s not long until…


The Rated R Superstar charges through the smoke to a blaze of heat from the fans inside the worlds most famous arena. Edge takes his time, rubbing his face, then slapping it, before briskly walking down the rest of the aisle, as we cut to the final commercial of the night…

Commercial Break

Edge vs. Chris Jericho
We return as the bell rings, and no time is wasted, with both men locking up right away, with plenty of fire and intensity between the two contenders, struggling around the ring, with neither man able to get the upper hand, and get locked up in the corner, with the referee having to step in, and pull the two apart. Slowly, they break, with both men looking intense, glaring at one another, before taking a walk around the ring, keeping their eyes locked on the other. Again, they go for the collar and elbow, but once more, they reach a stalemate, as neither man can gain an advantage over the other.

They are pulled apart once more, but this time, they engage in a spot of trash talk … which leads to another fiery lock up, and this time, Edge applies a quick headlock, with Jericho instantly throwing him off, onto the ropes, knocking him down with a shoulder block. Jericho now runs off the ropes, with Edge staying down as Jericho jumps over, and Edge now jumps up, meeting Jericho on the return, with a hip toss, looking for a arm lock, but Jericho snap mares out, then slaps Edge around the head a number of times, getting a mixed response from the fans. Edge is furious with the blatant disrespect, jumping to his feet, casting an angry glare at Jericho … who responds with a Fuck You salute!! Edge buys the mind games from Jericho and plays into his hands, running at him, allowing Jericho to trip him into the ropes. Jericho then runs up for his knee to the back … but Edge dodges it, and Jericho gets tangled in the ropes instead!!!

The Rated R Superstar takes full advantage of the predicament, hammering at a defenceless Jericho, with the referee eventually stepping in, forcing Edge back, before trying to free Y2J from the ropes. Edge though, takes another cheap shot, sticking his boot into the face of his opponent. And again. Jericho is eventually freed, with Edge now looking to get to work, knowing Jericho has been weakened by the previous attack … but Jericho catches him by surprise with a knife edge chop. Edge reels away, holding his chest, giving Jericho an opening, and presses Edge against the ropes, opening up with a succession of devastating chops, lighting up the chest of Edge to a beet red.

Jericho then sends Edge off the ropes, but misses a clothesline, and Edge now looks for a surprise SPEAR off the opposite side … BUT JERICHO LEAPS OVER … and as Edge comes back again, Jericho back body drops him over the top, onto the apron, and as Edge pulls himself up, Jericho spots the opening, AND DELIVERS THE SPRINGBOARD DROPKICK sending Edge off the apron, onto the floor, tumbling into the barrier!!! With that, Jericho gets a rise from the fans, as he follows out, bashing his adversaries head off the steps twice, before ramming him into the ring apron. Jericho delivers another chop, before rolling Edge back inside, following himself, climbing the turnbuckle.

He perches himself up top, as Edge struggles to his feet, staggering around like a drunk, with Jericho waiting … and delivers a missile dropkick from the top!!! Edge goes down, as Jericho waits for a moment, watching Edge laid out … AND LOOKS FOR THE LIONSAULT … but Edge has been playing possum … AND HOPS UP … DUMPING JERICHO OUT OF THE RING WITH A HEAVY LANDING!!! Edge leans on the ropes, looking out over the crowd, with a toothy grin on his face, getting plenty of heat from the fans, before following Jericho to the outside, scooping him onto his shoulders … AND LAWN DARTS HIM INTO THE RING POST!!!

Edge stands over Jericho, who is in big trouble after that move, looking glassy eyed on the floor. Edge though, doesn’t show any remorse, with the title shot up for grabs, and instead, grabs the legs of his opponent, and catapults Jericho into the ring post, with the first ever Undisputed champion hitting the post again!!! Jericho staggers away after impact, as Edge gets up, homing in, drilling Jericho with a simple clothesline. The Rated R Superstar rolls Jericho back onto the apron, and rolls inside the ring, dragging Jericho up over the ropes, looking to deliver a suplex over the ropes … but somehow, Jericho fights back, pounding Edge, freeing himself … then hangs Edge over the ropes, choking him as he drops down to the floor!!! Jericho hit’s a second wind, and climbs the corner, waiting for Edge to turn in his direction … and flies off, connecting with a reverse elbow off the top!!!

The Garden pops for the high flying move, with Jericho getting the cover, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Sensing the momentum shifting now, Jericho runs off the ropes, charging at his enemy … BUT EDGE FLAPJACKS HIM ONTO THE ROPES!!! Jericho staggers away, holding his throat, as Edge moves in … and delivers a reverse neck breaker, quickly hooking the leg, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Jericho survives, as Edge now mounts, looking to put on some punishment, driving his forearm into the face of Jericho, wearing him down, scoring another near fall from the barrage of shots, taking full control of this huge match. The Rated R Superstar slows the pace down, taking him time to wear down Jericho, and still conserve his own energy, driving his shoulder to the gut, his knees to the ribcage, with Jericho doing his best to survive.

Moving in for the kill, Edge scores a long two count off a side suplex, and again off a simple front slam. He then goes for his big Edgecution DDT looking to finish off the defiant Jericho … but Jericho counters, running Edge into the corner, and drives his shoulder into the gut again to force a break from Edge. Jericho tries to get his breath for a moment, but Edge comes back for more, still sensing a finish in sight … only for Jericho to surprise him with a sudden takedown … AND LOOKS FOR THE WALLS OF JERICHO … BUT EDGE USES HIS LEG STRENGTH TO PUSH HIM AWAY!!! Jericho is sent into the corner, but tenaciously charges at Edge, who is back to his feet, but Edge ducks under, then kicks Jericho in the gut … RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP CONNECTS!!! Hook of the leg, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Jericho shoots a shoulder up, keeping the match alive, much to the dismay of Edge, who pounds the mat in anger.

Edge drags Jericho up, sending him off the ropes, but all of a sudden, Jericho slips behind, initially with a school boy, then grabs the other leg of his grounded opponent, and turns him over … WALLS OF JERICHO … BUT EDGE IS TOO CLOSE TO THE ROPES!!! Jericho is forced the break the submission, with the official having to drag him off, as Jericho refuses to break the hold, having barely locked the hold on before Edge got the rope. Eventually, he releases, knowing the ramifications of a DQ tonight. He stomps Edge though, keeping him under control, allowing himself to send Edge off the ropes, but ducks down … ALLOWING EDGE TO RETURN … OPEN INVITATION … EDGECUTION!!! The inverted DDT connects, as Edge turns Jericho over, looking to book his title shot … 1...2...SHOULDER UP!!!

The match continues, with the fans coming alive as Jericho kicks out of Edge‘s second primary finisher!!! Edge looks up, wild eyes and all, pulling his air in a frenzy, before looking at the referee, slapping the mat three times, and holds up three fingers, arguing the count. As Edge becomes preoccupied with the official, he allows Jericho to get back to his feet and recover, coming from behind … rolls him up, 1...2...KICK OUT FROM EDGE!!! Both bounce up, Edge swings wildly, but Jericho ducks … and delivers with a quick enziguri!!! The fans roar inside MSG, as a worn out Jericho struggles to turn Edge over, and eventually hooks the leg, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Now, it’s Jericho’s turn to be shocked by the kick out, looking around and shaking his head in amazement, trying to think of his next move as he looks down on a spent Edge.

Jericho uses the ropes to pull himself to his feet, and now lies in wait, willing his opponent up, and with Edge struggling to his feet, Jericho goes for the kill … and looks for THE CODEBREAKER … BUT EDGE GRABS THE TOP ROPE … AND JERICHO HIT’S THE MAT!!! Jericho grabs the back of his head in agony, and allows Edge to capitalise, grabbing the legs … AND APPLIES THE FAMOUS SHARPSHOOTER!!!!! The reaction is huge, as Edge turns Jericho over, as the fans seem divided, with many cheering the hold, with even more giving Edge heat, with Jericho struggling to make the ropes. He reaches out for what seems like an eternity, as a ‘Y2J’ chant picks up steam … and feeding off the support … he crawls … AND GRABS THE BOTTOM ROPE!!!

Edge is incensed as he releases the hold, yelling at the referee, before yelling in the direction of Jericho “WHAT WILL IT TAKE??”, then drags Jericho back centre, looking to go for the Sharpshooter again, but this time … JERICHO COUNTERS WITH AN INSIDE CRADLE … 1...2...EDGE POPS OUT!!! Edge frees himself from the pin, and shoots up … drilling Jericho with a running clothesline!!! He makes a cover, 1...2...NO!!! Still, Jericho will not stay down, with Edge becoming more and more frustrated. The Rated R Superstar sends Jericho off the ropes, but Jericho has a trick up his sleeve, coming back, SUNSET FLIP … BUT EDGE DROPS DOWN … PINNING JERICHO … 1...2...NO!!!

Still, it’s not over, as both men make it to their feet, and the match breaks down into an all out slugfest, trading blows, dead centre in the ring. Both men look spent, with the gap in time between blows growing with each shot, before Edge has a big right hand blocked, and Jericho responds with a stiff chop!!! Jericho moves in to continue, but gets a boot to the gut, with Edge sending him off the ropes … BUT JERICHO FLIES BACK … FLYING FOREARM!!! Edge goes down, but running on pure adrenaline, he struggles up quickly, but straight into a running shoulder, then, a running clothesline, as Jericho hits another gear … AND GOES FOR THE BREAKDOWN … BUT EDGE BLOCKS IT … TURNS JERICHO OUT … BUZZ KILLER!!! 1...2...SHOULDER UP!!!

Madison Square Garden is on it’s feet, as this contest continues, with Edge sat up, ripping at his hair in frustration, knowing it’s going to take something special to finish Jericho off. He drags Jericho to his feet, sending him into the corner, and charges in recklessly, WITH JERICHO DODGING OUT … and Edge hit’s the buckle … staggers out … Jericho looks for the bulldog … BUT EDGE PUSHES HIM AWAY … AND DRILLS HIM WITH A BIG BOOT!!! Edge drops down, hooks the leg, 1...2...SHOULDER UP AGAIN!!! Edge bangs his head off the canvas, seething with rage, boiling over, as he continually fails to put Jericho away … then looks over at his adversary, and realises there’s one big move left to end proceedings.

Slowly, Edge pulls himself back up, leaning on the ropes, whilst Jericho tries to drag himself up too in the opposite corner. Edge now perches, and wills Jericho to his feet, setting up for the big finish, looking for the Spear … AND CHARGES ACROSS FOR IT … BUT JERICHO KICKS HIM AWAY!!! Edge reels away, pushing off the ropes … and into the path of Jericho … take down … WALLS OF JERICHO LOCKED ON TIGHT!!! Edge grabs his face in horror, before crawling … inching … scratching his way to the sanctuary of the ropes … and despite all of Jerichos best efforts … EDGE MAKES IT!!! Edge shows his grit and determination to book a title shot next week, going through hell to save his chances.

Now, it’s Jericho that has the look of frustration etched on his face, releasing the hold, and walking away, kicking the ropes in anger. He turns and comes back for Edge, letting fly with another knife edge chop, then sends him into the corner, but Edge hops to the middle rope, jumping back off, looking to surprise Jericho with a splash … BUT JERICHO MOVES AWAY!!! Edge crashes and burns, as Jericho now delivers a running bulldog, and doesn’t waste a moments thought … LIONSAULT … GETS KNEES FROM EDGE!!! The zest and cheers of the fans dies instantly, as Jericho rolls around on the mat, clutching his ribs, as Edge attempts to reach his feet, looking spent. But Edge still has some life left, as he looks to finally put Jericho away … NAILING HIM WITH AN ALMIGHTY SPEAR!!! Edge has the lateral press for the victory … 1...2...3!!!


JERICHO HAD HIS FOOT ON THE ROPE!!! Edge though has already got up, and began to celebrate a victory, climbing the ropes in jubilation, whilst the referee now desperately tries to inform him that the match isn’t over. As the news slowly sinks in, the jubilation disappears, and the hair pulling resurfaces. Edge cannot believe it, as he looks across at Jericho, who is somehow on his feet, leaning back on the ropes to keep himself up … and in bitter rage, EDGE RACES FOR ANOTHER SPEAR … BUT JERICHO DELIVERS THE CODEBREAKER!!! Out of nowhere, Jericho strikes, as he drapes an arm over Edge, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: And #1 Contender - Chris Jericho @ 22:36

There is pandemonium inside Madison Square Garden, as an exhausted Chris Jericho has his arm raised, as we quickly cut to Ortons locker room, with the WWE Champion showing little emotion, blankly staring at the television screen.
In the ring, Chris Jericho is on his feet now, leaning on the ropes, trying to catch his breath, as we see Edge roll out of the ring, also exhausted from a gruelling match.

The show now comes to a close with Jericho climbing to the middle turnbuckle, stretching his arms out, looking to the heavens, jubilant in a thrilling victory - a classic main event at the mecca of Sports Entertainment - earning a WWE Championship match next week against Randy Orton.

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Re: Being The Booker

A TPS Review!!!

Smackdown from the Garden…

Segment 1: Orton In Action This was a good match, even if it was a bit generic. That’s what you get with The Enigma I suppose. I’m not a great big fan of Hardy, but with the fight he put up I was thinking that he might be getting some sort of push. However, he was squalled quite readily by a rolling Orton, who wins VERY decisively. That’s how it should’ve gone down…but I don’t really know what a solo flying Hardy would have next after this. ***/*****

Segment 2: Arn CommAnderson I was really getting jumpy over the fact that you might be sending your brand’s Champion home two weeks in a row. Luckily, that’s not what went down. Instead we have a bit of a weird situation going down the rest of the night. We’ll see how it goes down. ***

Segment 3: MVP’s Defeat Is Cool The promo Carlito cut seemed a bit basic, but I appreciated its relevance. He needed to talk about the huge win over MVP the week prior, and he did so in vintage Carlito fashion. A lot has been made over Carlito’s turn in luck on Smackdown. I hope it continues that way, and the win last week was a big pin on the Caribbean Native’s lapel. The match that followed was what it was, more time to get Booker/Elijah over while positioning Carlito for…the sneak attack. It was well done, but I’m kinda surprised by the level to which Carlito was hurt. I hope he’s not out of action too long. ***

Segment 4: Shooter; Lil Wayne Ft. Robin Thicke You should use Shooter for “The Shooter’s” music. It would make NO sense…but I love the song and would mark for it. Brent tries to explain away the loss last week, and the fans aren’t buying it. The Golden Boy (Oscar De Lay Hoya) is able to upset Albright once again. I expect a title match for London in the near future, and it will be good for him at this point in his career. I hope he doesn’t keep beating The Shooter, because you’ll have an opposite momentum thing going. Continual wins into a title win will make Brent look bad. I don’t expect that to happen, though. Just saying. ***

Segment 5: He’s Back JBL cut an inspired promo here. Absolutely, spot on. He delves quickly into Taker, and then It seemed to me like he wasn’t really speaking on his absence and subsequent return enough, but then what followed was a hard hitting tirade on the Hulkster. Everything he touched on hit home, and was what we’ve all known and heard before, but coming from Bradshaw’s mouth it was like new. Especially, with the sight of a Hogan return on the horizon, this promo is very interesting. I can’t wait for the feuds with both men that JBL addressed, and it’s good that he’s pledged to a full fledged return. JBL is one of the most entertaining guys in the business, and I’m looking forward to the exchanges you’ve got planned. *****

Segment 6: Haas Of Fire Charlie Haas gets a big, unexpected win here over the Irish Fighter. Charlie deserves to move up, and it seems that is what he’s doing. ***

Segment 7: THE Cruiserweight Champion I’m a little surprised by the outburst of Kendrick on Chavo. But the feud with K-I-D is still the main agenda. ***

Segment 8: The Wave Is All The Rage The New Wave picks up an win over The Murdoch Twins. It was an interesting dynamic with the entire focus being on Festus’ strange state. The Wave overcomes. ***

Segment 9: Arn’s Da ManDerson (He Does It Again!) It appears we only get one Arn/New Wave segment, but it was entertaining. I liked how the whole thing played out, with Orton paying little attention to Arn, Ken egging him on, and the GM sitting in the corner trying to play his cards just right. It seems like next week is stacking up to be something truly special. ****

Segment 10: A Barn Burner This was an all out, nonstop classic. It started off slow, and I wasn’t really getting into it. But around the time that they started brawling on the outside I was getting a little into it. When Chris started locking in Walls I was really starting to get pumped. Then the false finishers and reversals kicked in and things were popping. The finish was well done, and while the Jericho win wasn’t unexpected, it still played out very interestingly enough. A great way to cap the show off. Well done, bravo. *****

Overall Good show, and next week has me even more pumped. ****

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Re: Being The Booker

Just read through RAW Wolfy, was a pretty damn good show.

I marked hard for X-Pac and even for Gangrel, that was sweet. Christian got fucked up and after the HIAC announcement too, this leaves the champ in a bad way heading into the PPV. That was what I thought till I read the ending, was a total clusterfuck of a match and the aftermath was pretty awesome. Backlash is looking good.

Oh and I must say, "McMahon Classic Moments" is great. Typical Vince ego.

You're still the king, gramps <3


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Re: Being The Booker

EDIT: RECEIVED WARNING FOR SPAM:Thanks for your sharing. Thanks for sharing this useful information. It's great.

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Re: Being The Booker


I found this just sitting in my documents so I thought I'd post it here. I did plan on finishing it but months have passed and to be honest, I won't be able to finish it off. I got all the good stuff though.

Enjoy! <3


HOW IT WORKS (Matches):

***** stars - Classic Match

**** or ****1/2 - Very Good or Excellent respectively

*** or ***1/2 - Decent or Good respectively

** or **1/2 - Poor or Below Average respectively

* or *1/2 - Horrible or Very Poor respectively

DUD - GTFO, you suck


HOW IT WORKS (Angles/Promos):

***** stars - Classic Moment/Promo

**** or ****1/2 - Very Good or Excellent angle/promo

*** or ***1/2 - Decent or Good angle/promo

** or **1/2 - Poor or Below Average angle/promo

* or *1/2 - Horrible or Very Poor angle/promo

DUD - GTFO, you suck

WrestleMania 23 - The Feedback!

Straight Edge/Mysterio/Laree vs. MNM/Kennedy
A nice brawl on the outside to start the match and really create an atmosphere of chaos and confusion, which is usually what eight/ten-man tag team matches are all about. It was a smart decision to start off with Punk in the ring to get a fast pace going early on. I didn’t understand why Helms would tag in Laree. Why not Mysterio? I guess you were going for the “faces trying to embarrass the heels” dealy, but I just thought it was unnecessary. Kennedy stepping on Laree’s hand, as you saw on MSN, made me say “oooh!” and as simplistic as it was, really sold him as a bastard heel. What I liked about this match is that everybody got their fair share in the match and no one was “overused” so to speak. When Kennedy went to pin Rey after a clothesline I thought two pins was good but the third was overboard. I think you timed the match well to have a good balance before the heels got the momentum and isolated Helms. The finish was exactly how it should’ve been - hectic, fast paced, and exciting. I was very surprised to see the faces go over as I was convinced MNM would lose the tag titles in a match later on, but at least this way WrestleMania is off to a fun start. The fact that Punk pinned Mercury also leaves the door open for Kennedy to continue to chase Rey Mysterio for the Intercontinental Championship. Kennedy is a right prick for laying his hands on Laree but that’s a good thing because his rise as a heel continues and I look forward to seeing what you’re going to do with him. Overall, a nice way to kick off WrestleMania, with a fun and fast paced match and a happy ending.
Rating - ***1/2 - Good

Mick Foley vs. Shawn Michaels in an Unsanctioned Match
I haven’t really commented much on video packages, if at all, but I have to say you really did a good job with this one, and the choice to end it with Foley’s closing line from that memorable promo, ‘I don’t know who I am anymore’, was a smart one. I’ll say right now that out of all the characters in your BTB, Mick Foley is/was the most interesting character to follow. In a way, it’s kind of sad to see the story end but at the same time, it was necessary and the perfect conclusion to this character’s riveting journey. Anyway, let’s get to the match. The start of the match was interesting. I’m not so sure if I would’ve started off with a traditional wrestling lock-up - I probably would’ve had Foley go on a crazed all-out attack - but I think your approach is better. It plays more on the conflicted mind of Mick Foley. Taking off the mask and putting on HBK was fantastic storytelling and intelligent match writing all in one. I actually let out an “Oooh!” at the flapjack onto the barbed wire, lol. Very nice spot. Get ready for more nitpicking (again, forgive me). One thing I noticed in this match (and a few others actually) is that some of your sentences are a little slacky, and have a few unnecessary words which stop the flow of the sentence and subsequently the match. For example, ‘Now, The Showstopper spots Foley getting to his feet’ and ‘Now, can simply be “Back inside the ring...” and “The Showstopper spots Foley getting to his feet.” I hate to be so picky, especially when it comes to the best booker in this section, but I do think it’ll make the sentences flow a little better without a “now, ...” in front of everything. Anyway, moving on...I again lol’d at Mick Foley suplexing the ladder onto HBK. A painful attack, but for some reason, the image of Foley suplexing the ladder made me chuckle. Speaking of Foley, the decision for him to take most of the big bumps in this match was obviously a smart one because it was realistic and told rather well the story of Mick Foley as the crazy, all-out attacker who’ll make sacrifices to inflict pain, and Shawn Michaels as the more level-minded, skilled counter wrestler, trying to work his way out of Foley’s offense. One little thing that could’ve been added to the ladder sentence was to mention the height of the ladder, just to bring home the damage it can do in a match like this. Another great example of your experience as a fantastic storyteller was having the fans slowly get behind Mick Foley throughout the match. A clever booker would understand that with these big spots and the character’s direction, the fans would start to rally behind Foley as well as Michaels. The Sweet Chin Music from the apron onto the thumbtacks was a very nice spot, my second favourite behind the table. Speaking of the flaming table, OH MY GOD! Albeit, this spot has been overused ever since the real life WrestleMania 22 and altered to suit everyone’s BTBs, lol, but it is still a great spot to see. I was surprised to see the match continue, as usually, a huge spot like the flaming table would end the match. However, I am glad you chose for the match to continue because it again continued the terrific storytelling. Much like Angle/Undertaker, we knew Mick Foley was going to lose this match really, so it was important to make him look great before conceding defeat and you pulled it off perfectly. I loved the way Foley suckered Michaels in then hit the low blow, for it showed that not until the conclusion of the match could he be fully freed from his demons. The finish was simply put, superb, and the aftermath of Foley finally free of his demons made for a true WrestleMania moment. Some people will think I’m giving this rating because I’m an “Attitude Era junkie”, but that’s not the case. I absolutely loved the storytelling in this match and thought you did a fantastic with it. An amazing match from an astounding booker.
Rating: ***** - FIVE STAR CLASSIC!

Kurt Angle vs. The Undertaker - The Irresistible Force vs. The Immovable Object
If you recall, heading into this PPV I said that in real life, Kurt Angle vs. The Undertaker at WrestleMania is my ultimate dream match. So naturally, I expected a lot from this match (you know what I’m like anyway, lol). That being said, this match did NOT fail. I enjoyed the cat and mouse catch start to the match. You found the perfect balance between showing Undertaker as the better striker but Angle being better at counters. This is nitpicking (forgive me) but I would’ve liked a little elbow to the chest to keep Angle down before Taker hit the apron leg drop. I really enjoyed seeing Angle counter a lot of Taker’s moves because as I said earlier, it shows his strength in this match and that he won’t be taken lightly. The Figure-Four leg lock around the ringpost was a very nice move. I liked the fact you had Angle go straight back on the attack after the first Chokeslam attempt, and take the Taker (see what I did there?) back to the mat. I actually MARKED OUT for the Angle Slam into the ringpost. With awesome spots like this, you really do show why you are regarded as the premier booker of BTB. The Old School countered into a top-rope Angle Slam was both an awesome spot and a great portrayal of Kurt Angle outwrestling The Undertaker so to speak. Another great way in which you told the story of this match so brilliantly was the desperation Moonsault, a move that Angle seldom uses anymore. It wasn’t a huge detail but it told the story of Angle pulling out everything he can to defeat The Phenom at WrestleMania. The Chokeslam off the top rope was a VERY spot. The Dragon Sleeper countered into the Northern Lights suplex was again a great counter by Angle. For a man who we just KNEW was going to lose this match, you made Angle look really strong in his defeat. I again, MARKED OUT, for Angle kicking out of the Tombstone Piledriver. I’m so glad he did kick out of it, because as I just said, he needs to look as strong as possible before conceding defeat. I lol’d at the “THIS IS AWESOME” chant. Nice touch.
You know, out of all the matches I’ve commented on here, this match rating bugged me the most. I just kept going back and forth on what it really deserved and eventually, I settled on the rating below. If there’s one thing that I didn’t like, for some reason, it was the finish. Maybe it’s because I don’t like Undertaker’s submission finisher or even submission finishes at WrestleMania. Maybe it’s because the ending just seemed a little rushed after such a great match. Whatever it was, it stopped me from being comfortable with giving this match the full five stars. However, I hope that doesn’t take away from the fact that this match still OWNED.
Rating: ****1/2 - Excellent!

Brock Lesnar vs. Triple H - Five Years In The Making!
Coming into WrestleMania, I think it’s fair to say every match had a distinct feel to it. Angle/Undertaker was going to the technical, mat-based battle; Foley/Michaels was going to be the overbooked hardcore brawl; MITB was going to be the human demolition derby and so on. Without question, it was guaranteed that Brock/Triple H was going to be the clusterfuck and BAH GAWD what a clusterfuck it was! We’ll get to that in more detail later. The match started off (I’m repeating this word but whatever) NICELY, lol. I liked the emphasis on Brock’s strength advantage and I appreciate that you didn’t try and pull the wool over and eyes and sell that Brock and Trips are equally matched, because they’re not. This is something that WWE does quite often and it’s irritating. Again, just like every match on the card, the pace, storytelling and psychology of this match was pretty much spot on. The Gorilla Slam Slam onto the McMahon family and the F-5 on Tomko to the outside were both fine spots. Speaking to the McMahon family, I feel you utilised them, and Stone Cold Steve Austin, to their full potential in the match. At every possible opportunity the McMahons tried to screw Brock and it was great in setting up his victory for being all the more sweeter. It was a good decision to have Tomko taken to the back as it shows the slow punishment that the entire McMahon Family Empire endured throughout the match. The DDT attempt reversed into a Belly-to-Belly was an excellent counter and nicely done. Again, good utilisation of Mr. McMahon by having him put Triple H’s foot on the ropes after the first F-5. In fact, of all the outside characters, I think I liked Vince the most here and I pissed myself laughing at him throwing Stephanie at Austin to save himself. Bischoff’s turn was surprising but not shocking, since you’d been hinting at it for a while now. Still, it was executed perfectly. I didn’t think Bischoff would stop counting and thought Brock would kick out, so props there. Another character who I (and I’m sure everyone else) expected to turn at some point during the match was of course Mike Tyson, and again, the turn was pulled off perfectly. You’d think the McMahons would know not to trust Tyson after WrestleMania 14, but whatever, lol. I’m also glad you had Triple H kick out of the F-5, as it saved him some credibility. Had Brock hit the F-5 and won, I think Trips would’ve looked a little weak coming out of this match considering his loss of momentum in the last few months. The ending was superb, and put the exclamation point on a fantastic match. I think the interferences took away from the match itself a little - it wasn’t exactly a technical classic - which is why it doesn’t get the full five stars. It still earns a terrific rating though.
Rating: ****1/2 - Excellent!

Chris Jericho vs. Edge vs. Rob Van Dam © for the WWE Championship
Heading into the PPV, I was looking extremely forward to reading this match, as I felt that with the superstars involved it could be the match of the night. I have to say I loved the beginning. Edge taking out RVD with the title is a very smart move, and something WWE doesn’t utilise often enough IRL. I feel that with this move, you’ve given Edge instant credibility as a worthy component of this match. The pace was perfect and emitted a rushed, hasty, but tense atmosphere which is exactly what a triple threat match should be. I lol’d at Edge running head-first into Jericho’s nuts, that was a nice spot. I’m also glad that you maintained Jericho’s tweener status throughout the match and didn’t book him as too much of a face or a heel. That being said, it was logical booking to have two men team up against one, and the first and obvious partnership that comes to mind is Edge and Jericho, so nicely played. In terms of actual chemistry between the competitors, I’d say this match was probably second on the list just after Angle/Taker. The moves and counters on display are an example of that. I particularly liked the Enziguiri reversed into an Electric Chair drop. It’s a small thing, but it’s the small things that make the world go round, and in terms of match writing, sometimes it’s the small things that can make a match. We then get to a part of the match where I was confused. This isn’t necessarily aimed at you, but tell me this: if there can be no disqualifications and no count outs in a Triple Threat match, how does the rope break rule still apply? It’s not like the referee can count to five then disqualify a superstar for refusing to break a hold. Also, I should mention that you did a fine job of making me believe that all three men had a legitimate shot at winning the match. Going into the match, I was sure that Edge would win, but the events through the course of the match had me anxious at some points, especially when Van Dam hit the first Five-Star Frog Splash. The Tower of Doom spot was again nicely done and an essential part of a Triple Threat confrontation. Speaking of spots, my favourite was most definitely the SICK mid-air Codebreaker by Jericho. It takes a real “match artist” to take all these moves and put them together to paint a picture that speaks a thousand words, and it’s difficult to find someone in the section who can top your ability to make a match so nicely put together. I was absolutely shocked to see Van Dam win, but it is a nice shock, because in hindsight WrestleMania needs a big time match result that is unpredictable to give the fans something that’ll stand out in their memory. It was guaranteed that Brock, Taker and HBK were going over and whoever won between Christian and Cena wouldn’t have been a surprise since it was so close. I liked the Spear post-match, as it nicely set up what came next. I wasn’t expecting to enjoy this match as I did, so hats off to you sir.
Rating: ****1/2 - Excellent!

Orton cashes in MITB to win the WWE Championship

As you read in my predictions, I pretty much called the MITB would be cashed in at WrestleMania by Randy Orton, but just on the wrong person and championship, lol. On my rating system, I’d say this was a classic moment for a number of reasons. For one, the MITB is being cashed in at WrestleMania. That’s HUGE. Also, the fact that Orton not only took the title but RVD on the shelf in the process puts him over instantly as the top heel on Smackdown (or RAW, whatever). It was also well planned. Let’s face it, not many of us thought Van Dam was walking out champion anyway, but when Orton cashed in it all made sense. The fact you kept mentioning Edge makes me think that your summer program is a face Edge vs. heel Orton for the WWE Championship, but I could be wrong. Either way, now that Orton is finally champion again after so long, I think he’ll get a title reign that lasts until at least SummerSlam.

Christian vs. John Cena © for the World Heavyweight Championship - COLLISION COURSE!!
And here we are! The biggest match on the WrestleMania card, and the most unpredictable contest of them all, as Royal Rumble winner Christian collides with John Cena for the world title. First of all, let me just say I’m very happy you stuck to tradition and placed this match as the true main event of the show. Now, let’s talk about the actual match.
The opening was very well written and was an example of great storytelling on your part. Not only did you show the popularity contest between the two men, but you showed the psychological warfare before the physical collision, which was exactly show it should be: two men trying to get inside each other’s head. I LOVE the way you write Coach’s commentary, and even though it was a small detail, the “KILL EACH OTHER” comment was brilliant, and really sucked me in as if I was actually a part of the show myself. There’s one thing I didn’t understand though. Now, I get the referee not wanting to end a WrestleMania match with a count-out, but since when he can just decide not to count? As a referee, it’s the official’s job - he doesn’t have a choice. I would have preferred either a referee bump, or Christian or Cena rolling in and out of the ring quickly to break the count and force the referee to start. If you go and have a look at Batista vs. The Undertaker from WrestleMania 23 (IRL), you’ll see that they managed to pull off what I’m saying properly. I just felt this one thing wasn’t entirely logical booking. Though I can see why you did it, so it’s not a huge deal. Moving on...I really liked the F-U through the Spanish announce table. Some people like to keep all the action in the ring in a traditional, mat-based wrestling match for the WrestleMania main event but I felt that the emotions needed to be poured out and you did just that with all the brawling on the outside, the height of it of course being the F-U through the table. I also much enjoyed the in-ring action. I think each man had his fair share of control in the match and neither was made to look weaker than the other. The Gutbuster from the middle rope was a spot I particularly liked, and was well thought out. The ending was fantastic - exciting, fast-paced, and really had me on the edge of my seat reading the show, as weird as that sounds. Again, the school-boy pin attempt by Cena, ‘shades of last year’, shows us why you’re the king of booking as this simple but effective storytelling/spot makes the reader even more anxious, as we know that’s how Cena won last year. It’s also showing the importance of event’s history, which is obviously of the utmost importance when it comes to WrestleMania. The final, second Unprettier and the finish was very well done. I’m so glad you had a strong finish like this instead of a roll-up/school-boy style pin, as this finish puts over Christian big as the new World Heavyweight Champion. Compared to the other matches and to last year’s Benoit/Lesnar main event, I wouldn’t say this is my favourite match from WrestleMania 23, but it definitely fit the top billing you gave it.
Rating: ****1/2 - Excellent!

This was, as per usual, a stellar piece of writing from quite simply (this sounds like so much ass kissing but who cares, it's true), the best booker that's ever graced this section. I really can't think of much else to say. Awesome work, grandad.
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Re: Being The Booker

Bout time this show got back on the road...

Insider News and Notes:

WWE Superstars is set to make a grand return to our screens. As of Tuesday May 1, WGN America will broadcast one of the former staples of WWE television.
*It‘ll be in total recap, very short tbh. I just needed an extra show to get talent on screen that I don’t have enough room for on Raw or Smackdown to promote. It‘ll mainly be stars that are lower on the totem pole, and will have 2 Raw and 2 Smackdown matches per show*

In a change to the schedule, the June 23 Saturday Nights Main Event will now be a special three hour edition. Also, according to it will no longer be a Clash of the Champions special, but instead will be a King of the Ring special. It had been expected that the 2007 King of the Ring tournament would culminate as it had at last years Clash of the Champions PPV with the final only on the broadcast, but it’s now likely to feature Quarter Finals, Semi Finals and the Final.
In addition, it appears that the Clash of the Champions concept has been dropped for this calendar year. The event has been used annually since 2004 as a Pay Per View event, but this year had been dropped to a Saturday Nights Main Event special, before this latest change.

Rhyno is set to make a return early next month, with the Man Beast listed in upcoming house shows. He is expected to make a return to television sometime in May, but rumours suggest this could be his last chance to get over, after other failed pushes in the past. A heel turn is likely, despite a lack of depth to the face side of the Raw roster currently.

With the six week world tour in July and August coming up, management have made an unprecedented move to give the entire roster a full eight day break after the scheduled June 23 Saturday Nights Main Event, in order to give the talent time with their families, before a six week stint around the world. The Raw and Smackdown shows set for June 25 and June 29 respectively will likely be compilation shows.
*Anyone with a good handle on their history will spot what I‘ve done there*


Bookers Notes:

No, not the diary of Booker T.

Just want to address a couple of things, and explain a few bits and pieces. The reasoning for using Gangrel and X-Pac on the last edition of Raw was to buffer the Gauntlet match a little by adding on two more names (who both made sense, given Gangrels history with Christian, and X-Pac with his Triple H friendship) without making anyone on the current roster look weak by taking a quick loss. Simples.

Again, I take on board the criticism of the HIAC gimmick coming out to play for Backlash. When I provisionally had Christian vs. Trips as the WM main event, I pencilled this in as the return match, but when I changed the WM main event, I should’ve immediately scored HIAC off the agenda for Backlash. As I mentioned previously, this was something I went back and forth on for quite some time, and when I wasn’t convinced the match suited the feud at this time, I should’ve went for a different kind of match (Last Man Standing was the next on the list) … but alas … I didn’t. Hopefully, I’ll still make the gimmick feel important, despite the feud not quite warranting the match.

Onto TKOW ...

One last comment is that in general, I think RAW is 10x more entertaining than Smackdown right now. I just get the feeling that you seem to be enjoying RAW more than Smackdown (correct me if I'm wrong). Even if you're not, I am, and so I think that one of your number one targets for the thread should be to make Smackdown more interesting. The main event scene is looking good - Jericho's face turn, Edge's endless quest to become champion. Be careful with Orton though. He's starting to seem too much like the monotonous Orton of today. A lot of what he's saying in his promos is looking too similar. Apart from that, the rest of the show is a little hit and miss at the moment. So, you're on probation T.Lo. Make Friday nights more intriguing.

TBH, when I was planning the post- WrestleMania shows, I was really excited to get writing Raw, but pretty ‘meh’ towards the goings on over on Smackdown. In fact, I’d planned on going to recaps for SD after one or two shows following WM. Since I started the writing though, I’ve actually had more enjoyment when writing Smackdown. Whether that’s because it’s been booked in a more ‘simple’ fashion compared to the ‘chaos’ on Raw, or whether it’s because I’ve got a lot of different, not so familiar names to work with and mould on Smackdown, compared to the established order throughout Raw, I don’t know. It’s been an odd experience. So, in reply to that question … umm … sort of??

There’s one thing I didn’t understand though. Now, I get the referee not wanting to end a WrestleMania match with a count-out, but since when he can just decide not to count? As a referee, it’s the official’s job - he doesn’t have a choice. I would have preferred either a referee bump, or Christian or Cena rolling in and out of the ring quickly to break the count and force the referee to start. If you go and have a look at Batista vs. The Undertaker from WrestleMania 23 (IRL), you’ll see that they managed to pull off what I’m saying properly. I just felt this one thing wasn’t entirely logical booking. Though I can see why you did it, so it’s not a huge deal.

The referee thing in the WrestleMania main event, not calling the count out should’ve worked, as I had planned a sit down interview with Mike Chioda in the run up to the event, with it being the most important match he’d ever called etc, and in the interview, he would state that he would never live it down if he had to end the WM main event in a DQ, so he would relax the rules to a certain extent. That would’ve played off better at that moment, but in the end, I didn’t think the interview would be all that interesting, and the Raws in the run up to WM were just too loaded to add something else on that wasn’t completely necessary.

JBL is returning. Meh. I'm not expecting anything major from JBL and quite frankly, I don't want to. The man has been gone for so long, why not just leave him in retirement? Don't get me wrong - if he's coming back for a short-term deal, fair play. I just don't want to see JBL, as fun as a character as he is, back in a full-time wrestling role.

Should’ve been playing attention when I posted previous news bits. I’ve said a number of times he’s not recovered from his injury, and will be back on a short term run.


Other bits and pieces to mention...

Also, I’m going to be cutting down on the length of matches on the weekly shows. I’ve found myself just going into too much detail in the last few weeks, and to be honest, I’m pretty sure the majority of people reading just skim the matches anyway. It’s time consuming, and it’s more than likely going to result in burn out. However, for big main events on Raw and Smackdown (umm, like Orton vs. Jericho next week) I’ll go into added detail.

In addition to that, expect to see the odd show trimmed down to a recap. I’m not going to be rigid and say “one month, all Raw shows will be recapped, and the next all the Smackdown shows will be recapped”, it’ll just happen when it happens. Some weeks both shows may end up as a recap, and in others both shows will be in full.

Anyone that replies telling me I’m being lazy (or something like that) GTFO, I can count on one hand the amount of people that are more active than I’ve been this year, and I lost two fingers in a bizarre accident three years ago in Guantanamo

No post of mine is ever complete without


Now, onto the real reason we're all here...

Monday Night Raw Preview:

The Scottrade Centre plays host to Raw this Monday, with the warring Mr and Mrs McMahon co-producing this weeks show. Just two weeks remain until Backlash arrives, and after last weeks rollercoaster Raw, Raws next PPV event has taken shape … and it promises to be the most historically significant PPV in WWE history.

Triple H dropped the first bombshell. After watching the World Heavyweight Champion Christian toil, for twenty minutes last Monday in a gruelling Gauntlet Match, The Game picked off the scraps, dismantling Captain Charisma before delivering his hellacious message … their match at Backlash would be contested inside Hell in a Cell.

In terms of experience, Triple H is second to none inside the two tonne structure, with five separate appearances, in which he has ended Mick Foleys career and significantly shortened Kevin Nash career as a top class competitor. Christian meanwhile, has NEVER encountered the most famous match in all of the WWE. With the hatred between the two men dating back to last October when Triple H ended Christians first reign as World Heavyweight Champion, will the Cell be enough to hold these two foes??

Both men are in action this Monday, with Triple H set to face William Regal, after Regal seemingly turned his back on the McMahon Family Empire last week, backing up John Cena at the end of the broadcast. Christian meanwhile, will be looking to gain a measure of revenge on Tyson Tomko, as they meet one on one, one week after The Problem Solver scored a shocking win over the World Heavyweight Champion in the Gauntlet match. Christian has been defeated on back to back editions of Raw, and will be desperate to stop the rut, as he attempts to build momentum ahead of his biggest ever challenge at Backlash.

The second major bombshell came courtesy of the forgotten member of the McMahon Family on their own appreciation night - Linda. The CEO came to the rescue of the WWE last week, ending her husbands reign of terror … but perhaps only temporarily, as she has now put the entire future of the company in jeopardy at Backlash. Linda McMahon has put all her faith in one man to steer the WWE back into the arms of it’s fans, and away from the destructive ego of her tyrannical husband. That one man is John Cena. At Backlash, Cena will face a representative of Mister McMahons choice, and should Cena win, Vince will NEVER AGAIN be seen on WWE television, banished solely to his office in Stamford. Should Mr. McMahon triumph, his wife will step aside, and allow her husband to call the shots as he sees fit, giving up her right to contest his decisions.

It has been dubbed ‘All or Nothing’ and for the warring Mr and Mrs McMahon, it will truly be just that. Vince though, must find his representative by the close of Raw, when the contracts will be signed, making the match official. Has Mr. McMahon found the ideal representative to seal his future?? Has he found the ideal opponent to combat the irrepressible John Cena for the biggest match he’s ever been involved in?? Find out on Raw.

Elsewhere on Raw, with the 6 man Money in the Bank match fast approaching at Backlash, four of the six competitors will be involved in a special attraction tag team encounter, as Shawn Michaels teams up with the fast rising Matt Hardy to take on the rejuvenated Mister Kennedy, along with the Wrestling Machine Kurt Angle. All four men will surely have one eye on Backlash, but with the opportunity to get one over on their opponents, it’s an opportunity none of these four men will want to miss.
Last week, Shawn Michaels was brutally assaulted by Umaga, and will be desperate to bounce back in style, whilst Matt Hardy will surely be aiming to go one better than he did last week when he come mightily close to upsetting Angle. Kennedy meanwhile, will look to continue on his impressive showings over the last two weeks, and Kurt Angle, as always, will be going one hundred per cent, full steam ahead for victory.

Also, in a preview of sorts for Backlash, the Intercontinental Champion, Rey Mysterio teams with the World tag team champions Straight Edge, to face his challenger at Backlash, Shelton Benjamin along with the two newest additions of the Brotherhood, JTG and Monty Brown. Surely, with Backlash fast approaching, MNM will not be far away either, as they gear up for their rematch against Punk and Helms for the world tag team champions. Could the potential numbers disadvantage prove fatal for the champions in this six man warfare??

Another title match will be determined for Backlash this Monday too, as Alexis Laree will find out her next challenger for the Womens Championship. Former champions Victoria and Jillian Hall along with Candice Michelle will battle it out in a triple threat match with the championship opportunity hanging in the balance. Which of these three divas take the initiative and book herself the chance to dethrone Alexis Laree in Montreal at Backlash??

Confirmed Matches/Segments:
‘All or Nothing’ Backlash Contract Signing
NON TITLE MATCH | Christian vs. Tyson Tomko
Triple H vs. William Regal
Rey Mysterio & Straight Edge vs. The Brotherhood
NUMBER ONE CONTENDERS MATCH | Jillian Hall vs. Candice Michelle vs. Victoria


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Re: Being The Booker

First off, I just wanted to say sorry for not commenting in here in so long, it's just I've been busy with school, and trying to get my own shit together. Even now, I can't promise consistent reviews and comments until December when my schedule lightens up, but I'll try and pop in when I can anyway.

I just thought I'd mention that TKOW pretty much hit the nail on the head, Raw is way more exciting than Smackdown at the moment. I'm really enjoying the old school feel you've given Raw as of late, it's really refreshing to read, and something, being a fan of the attitude era I really enjoy. As for Smackdown, I don't really know how you can fix it at this stage, it just seems really generic...

Anyway, onto your latest post...

The return of Superstars is something that can be good to get certain talent exposed, while not wasting energy. It's a simply yet good thing, but I don't even think a small recap is required, quick results would be good enough, imo.

The Clash of the Champions feels way to WCW for my liking, so without being a hater, I'm glad that the King of the Ring is making a return. It's simply an awesome PPV, and one that can be used to great effect, to put over young talent.

Rhyno as a hell is a necessity, as that is when he is truly at his best, but I don't want him to be a filler heel. I want him to be vicious, and I want you to put time into him, and make him a credible heel. If this is not done, I will not be a happy man.

I get what you've done, but I don't really want to comment on the issue any further.

I was enjoying the extra match detail, but do whats best for you, as I'd rather condensed match recaps, then you going away for awhile.

Now onto the preview...

I think that Triple H and Christian has been built pretty good, although HIAC probably would have fitted in better, if they had this match at Backlash, and then had HIAC at next PPV. Either way, since their feud has dated back to October, I don't really see a huge problem with it, except maybe it's a tad rushed. As for both men in action, I expect Triple H to get a nice win over Regal, and Christian will defeat Tomko, and it's smart to put him against Tomko, as being covered by Tomko made Christian look a little weak last week. He definitely needs some credibility before Backlash.

The 'All or Nothing' storyline is another one that interests me, as it just adds some spice to the mix of things on Raw. I'm intrigued to see who McMahon's pick is, I'd love for it to be Kurt Angle but I really doubt it since he's already booked.

The other three match ups should also be pretty good, especially the special showcase tag match...

The show looks pretty stacked, I'll be sure to read, not to sure about whether or not I'll review though. We're just going to have to see what happens.

Things are still looking pretty good, Wolf, just keep at it. Damn, I didn't expect this post to be this long, but anyway that's me done for now.

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Re: Being The Booker

Sorry, but I've only really glanced over SmackDown!, and since RAW is coming in the next day I'm not going to have time to read it properly, although I will give you some of my thoughts on the show.

~ Orton vs Jeff was a very nice opener, and I really think that having Jeff so competitive against Orton is good for you in the long run. I know you're not big on Jeff, but with very little face starpower on SmackDown! atm, and only Jericho looking likely to change that, Jeff could be a very handy face on the cusp of the main event, especially since Paul London, the only other man I could pick out as ready to move up, has stalled back at the midcard title zone.

~ As I said, London has somehat stalled, though this program with Albright could be a bright spot on SmackDown! if we get some more depth. It looks like London will get the gold since you've said before that Albright is the luckiest champion in the thread, although whether or not you can keep them going until Judgment Day will be a point of interest.

~ A vicious side of MVP is always good to see. Nothing else really on that.

~ Arn Anderson and Orton continue to have their mini confrontations which is interesting, but I'm not sure it's leading anywhere really. I know you had Flair drafted to SmackDown!, and him returning to fight Orton would be big, but is it really the headline feud for a brand?

~ And finally, the Jericho face turn. It's yet to happen properly, yet here we are with him seemingly set to enter a real program with either Orton or Edge, depending on how he gets screwed out of the title next week (and since no New Wave interference is allowed, I'm going with the Edge screwing Jericho angle). We're all set for a Jericho face turn, it's just how he actually turns which will be interesting.

As a whole, I'm actually enjoying the freshness of the SmackDown! midcard. There are a lot of young guys for you to push, and with Lesnar, Van Dam and possibly 'Taker to come back, in a few months this roster may well be better than the RAW one.

As far as news goes, King of the Ring is usually a good tool for a push, so I look forward to that. Superstars should also be a good way to help the midcarders out to. Couldn't give a flying fuck about Rhyno though.

Now, onto RAW. Christian vs Tomko is a pretty nice match and will do fine in the main event slot, although I don't really care for Regal vs Tripper. I know there's reasoning behind the match as you detailed yourself in the preview, but I'm indifferent towards Regal, especially in a higher spot on the card. Hopefully once he's jobbed to Triple H he'll take back a spot in the midcard.

This All or Nothing contract signing should be interesting, and I'm interested to see who Vinnie Mac picks. I'm going to agree with something TKoW said earlier though, and echo the sentiments that hopefully this isn't the end to any powertrip from Vince, as he does make things entertaining.

Money in the Bank tag match looks like a qualty midcard match, especially with Angle involved. Six man tag and women's three way matches also look pretty good, making for a pretty stacked show on paper. Looking forward to reading it, and hopefully reviewing it.

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