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Re: Being The Booker

RAW Feedback

Big show here tonight, with the commentary hyping up the draft very, very well, especially Coach who pretty muh owned throughout.

Orton vs Michaels as an opener? Damn that’s big. More ownage from Coach in the commentary that was epic too . The slaps to kick the match off are pretty nice, showing that Michaels isn’t going to back down from Orton, really setting the way the match is going to go down well. The slow, methodical pace of Orton’s assault was pretty nice, although I didn’t really like seeing Orton attempt to punt Michaels in this match. It seems like a big move that should only come out at big times, not whenever a reversal is needed so that someone can dodge it. The small amount of offence on the leg from Michaels following up was pretty nice though, I guess. The finisher counters seemed maybe a little sudden, though it transitioned pretty well into the figure four, building back up on the psychology you had before. Everything from there all moved pretty well into the classic Michaels comeback, although I didn’t like the Sweet Chin Music kick out, as it kind of makes it look a bit weak. Would have maybe been better off with The New Wave distracting the referee when Michaels went for the pin, as they came down immediately afterwards anyway. The quick duck into the RKO for the finish was pretty nicely done, and it gets Orton to SmackDown! along with the rest of The New Wave, which is pleasing, though a break may be on the horizon anyway with Orton being pissed and the announcers mentioning it (while Coach continued to own Tazz). Regardless, pretty great way to kick us off, hopefully setting the tune for the night.

Was interested in how you’d do the draft, with the way you’re going with the tumblers being something I don’t mind, as it makes it seem more random than the usual ish we get on the tron. Money in the Bank at Backlash? Well, should be interesting I guess, and it should really elevate someone, although it kind of feels like it should be a WrestleMania exclusive event. You do have me interested about who will compete though.

First draft pick is Cody Rhodes? Didn’t even know he was brought up from developmental in this thread yet. Guess I’ve got to give you credit for making it truly seem random and not just having the big stars move, which is certainly a welcome change to what we usually see.

Brock Lesnar to SmackDown!? That’s freakin’ huge, and I have to say that I love the move. After all of the animosity with Triple H, it’d certainly feel weird keeping him on RAW, especially considering Triple H is next in line for a title shot. Definitely interesting that you played up that Lesnar is suspended, meaning we’re in line for an epic return from Lesnar at some point. It’s just when that remains to be seen.

Ugh, this was much too short for my liking. I understand you have a stacked card, but trimming two or three minutes off Orton vs Michaels and allowing the ladies to have it would have done Orton vs Michaels no harm, while doing this contest all the world of good. The good thing is that this clean win moves Laree away from Melina, and gives her somewhere new to go. Should be interesting to see what happens with Laree next.

Nice little segment, showing both Orton’s dickish side, and giving us more hints of Jericho vs Orton happening in the future. Jericho sounded maybe a bit too formal and forced with the ‘Hello’, though the closing line was pretty good.

Elijah Burke to SmackDown! is definitely something I like, as it should give him a chance to shine on a less stacked show. As for Kurt Angle to RAW? Epic. Seems a natural move after Angle treaded water on SmackDown! last week and didn’t look to start anything, with his arrival on RAW sure to be very interesting reading.

Ooo, The McMahon Family Empire in the house. Quite interested to see what kind of an impact they have here tonight.

Nice video before the Kennedy/Mysterio match, really showing us what it’s all about. Mysterio controlling the early part of the match is nice, and i loved the counter to the 619, no matter how sloppy it would probably look (as you mentioned). I also liked that it took awhile for weapons to get involved and that when they did, it wasn’t just straight at it with the big things, instead starting up with a trash can. A few nice moves through the middle portions of the match like the baseball slide into the ladder, the pumphandle slam reversal and the arm drag from the top keeping things interesting. Another finisher kickout is again, not something I really favour, especially since you’ve already had one tonight and this is just the third match. You would have just been better off having Kennedy avoid a seated senton, imo. The emphatic finish puts Kennedy over in the right way that this match was supposed to which is nice to see, hopefully setting up his push. Nice little cocky promo afterwards to top it off too.

The characterization of T’Lo was all pretty good in this promo, although I’m not overjoyed about the news of The Brotherhood remaining, as it doesn’t really seem like anything more than a lower midcard job stable. Regardless, if you can bring some new guys in and push them successfully under the guidance of Long, all the more power to ya’.

Nice little awkward exchange between Cena and Christian here, with things like Cena trying to walk out past Christian and Cena saying he’ll at least be on the same page as Christian being pretty nice. Much like the Jericho/Orton confrontation earlier, Angle getting involved in the business of Christian and Cena was pretty awesome, really setting the tone for Angle coming after either the title or Cena very soon. Good stuff.

Tazz stands up from his desk.

The Coach: If you want to intimidate me Tazz, why don’t you stand up??

Awesome. Coach owns.

I guess this being an absolute mess of a match makes sense, though it certainly wasn’t pretty. The brawl keeps the heat on the two separate feuds going though, and that’s definitely a good thing.

Nice promo from Anderson, showing his character really well in the part about Orton and The New Wave, before putting Elijah Burke over extremely strongly which I love. The playing up of Lesnar being off limits is also nice, reminding us that he won’t be seen on SmackDown! for now. As I said earlier though, when he makes his return it’ll definitely be epic.

Arn Anderson handpicked Spark Plug? What a moron. Nice way to get Burchill on the show really, continuing his little push on well, making him look strong by going over someone who’s known as pretty tough. Good stuff.

Regal to RAW is alright I guess, although again, nothing groundbreaking. Booker T to SmackDown! is certainly more exciting, with him hopefully being able to go out on his own, letting Burke work as a singles guy too. The Hardy Boyz split was heavily hinted at, so it wasn’t a real shock to see it coming. Fuck off with the ‘talented brother’ comments though, plz. We all know Jeff owns.

@ Grisham being a little pussy. Nice hype for the McMahon announcement, before we get a rather epic confrontation between Angle and Tripper. I liked Angle not just being a doormat, keeping things interesting, while Tomko getting some time to talk was also epic. Nice little promo.

Nice brawl to start things off, showing the chaos that having a ten man match can cause. London being the first face in peril is the right move since he’s the smallest and probably the furthest away from being a fully fledged main event on the face side (along with ‘Lito), with the tags to Cena and Tripper at the momentum change being very good to see. Action stayed nice until we saw some action between MVP and Carlito, which was again smart to get two rivals into the ring together. The big moves coming out not long after seems right, as the match has been going for quite awhile, and with that many men you can have a very long go home sequence. Definitely liked Carlito getting the better of Angle as it makes him look really good. From there the frenetic pace carried on pretty well, with things slowing down briefly during Cena getting beaten down, only to speed up well once again with a huge ten man brawl. The bits of tension between Angle and Tripper, as well as possibly Cena and Christian thanks to the blind tag were nice, with the finish also being pretty damn clever and sneaky on the part of Tripper. With the somewhat dirty finish Christian doesn’t look too bad, while Tripper can really lay a claim for a shot at the gold.

Finlay drafted? Meh, nothing huge again, but he can add to the match quality on SmackDown! Scotty? Again, I guess this makes it seem random. I have to question why you’d want Umaga vs Finlay in the main event over the ten man tag, as you could have done all of this before as well, although I like Umaga owning Scotty on his way in. Finlay getting the jump was also pretty smart, kick starting the fight the shillelagh. Didn’t really like Umaga using the nerve hold so early into the match as I would have liked to have seen some more punishment from ‘Mags first; however, liking the low blow counter. Umaga no selling the trash can lid shots on the outside was very nice too, as was the amazing spin kick that he can pull off. Goodness from Finlay too, with the table spot and the trash can/steel chair combo being especially impressive. The comprehensive finish puts ‘Mags over like an absolute beast, with the Samoan wrecking ball through the table being a really cool spot too. Pretty nice match, though again, it shouldn’t have been the main event.

JTG as RAW’s final pick? Not huge, but it seems clear that you have him joining The Brotherhood, or perhaps even feuding with them. Flair to SmackDown! is absolutely huge, especially since he already walked away. Return to battle with Orton at some point? I think so. The commentary and everything built it all up perfectly as the shocking moment it was. Very nice cliff-hanger to end the draft with.

Nice to see the big promo ending the show, meaning there will probably be a huge ending. Vince starts it off nicely with some hype and cheap heat, before saying he can throw his power around, which if I’m correct, he can’t actually do, so I’m not quite sure what the point of Vince rambling on about throwing his power around is about. If this can go ahead, i like the idea of McMahon appreciation night, as well as Vince and Shane challenging for the tag titles, as it could be interesting to see Straight Edge own ‘em. The announcement of Tripper as number one contender seems a natural with McMahon throwing his ‘power’ around, so it was pretty much expected. Bischoff’s initial rolling of McMahon was very nice, as was him talking about how he calls the shots. I liked the way he thought like me about the tag title match too. Bischoff taking the title shot from Triple H was also to be expected, although I must say I again like the way he went about it. The exchange between Vince and Bischoff leading to Eric saying ‘Kurt Angle’ off microphone was very nice, and also perhaps opens the chance for Angle to turn face and perhaps go up against the McMahons. Vince’s whole speech about how he’s sick of being bossed around by people like Bischoff was absolutely epic, leading to what is a very, very clever way for Vinnie Mac to get his power back, which I love. McMahon continuing to rant was awesome, and the firing announcement of Bischoff makes sense, although I guess it cuts the power struggle short which is a bit disappointing, considering I thought this would have had more legs originally. Regardless, with Vince back in charge he surely wouldn’t stand having Bischoff run around as GM, so it makes sense (going off on a tangent: where does this leave Arn Anderson? I’m guessing he won’t be replaced). The beatdown was pretty good, really sending a message as only McMahon can, and the closing lines were awesome. Epic promo.

Overall a very good draft show, with not many weaknesses. The state of SmackDown! is certainly interesting, with Orton and The New Wave going across, though not much else for now, meaning the roster continues to be drained and possibly the place to gain a push. RAW meanwhile is set up for many, many feuds, with Christian set to be heavily involved against the McMahons, as well as maybe even Kurt Angle, which would be pretty amazing. All in all, a pretty great show, with a lot to be made of it.

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Re: Being The Booker

Edit, WARNING FOR SPAM:Really Enjoyed the show i give you props

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Re: Being The Booker


The commentary to open this show, and throughout the show has been gold. I just want to say it now so that way I don’t have to keep bringing it up during the show but at The Coach on commentary. He owned so hard tonight, I beg you to please keep it up.

You chose a pretty good way to start the show with Orton and Shawn Michaels going at it. The extended match recap was a terrific read, everything pretty much flowed well throughout the match, except for the chin lock of DOOM~! Orton picking up the victory, thanks to interference from his three jobber friends was probably the right way to go, as Orton gets the victory, and Shawn Michaels still looks strong. Well done on an awesome opening contest, and I am extremely intrigued to see how Orton goes on Smackdown, and to see what Michaels does on Raw, unless he gets drafted later on tonight.

I really like Bischoff’s exclusive to Raw Money in the Bank idea, not only is it a smart move for the Raw brand and for him as a General Manager, but it’s a very smart move, as it will add a certain element of exciting on Raw for the next twelve months because nobody will know when the championship shot will be cashed in.

Cody Rhodes to Raw is something I really do not care about at all. I hope this does not mean you’re going to start to give him a push, as I really find him to be an over rated talent.

Brock Lesnar to Smackdown, far out talk about a big move. Raw is really getting hammered early here, which means they will pick up something big later on in the night. I got a feeling that Lesnar to Smackdown is smart and will help with the lack of main event faces that they have, although this suspension thing could really stuff up my theory. You leave me intrigued as to what will happen now with Lesnar on Smackdown.

This match was always going to be predictable and Alexis Laree was always going to pick up the victory. I guess it would have been a decent match because Melina can go a little bit inside the ring, however I’m completely at a loss as to how you are going to keep the women’s title situation entertaining, unless you are going to bring in somebody, perhaps Beth Phoenix.

I loved the cockiness of Randy Orton here to Eric Bischoff, as Orton really has the perfect edge between cocky and sadistic. Chris Jericho was pretty good also, hinting to a possible feud between the two which would be pretty awesome.

Elijah Burke to Smackdown is actually something I like, as you don’t really like Booker T, therefore he is not really being used. I can see him being used well now, and he could develop into a solid mid carder which is something that excites me as I’m a fan of the guy.

Just as I predicted in my Smackdown review, Kurt Angle is now on Raw. I’m interested to see how he goes as I could almost see a face turn in his future; however I think he might need to stay heel so he can eventually feud with Christian over the World Heavyweight Championship. Anyway, an awesome pick, and all of a sudden things are even between both brands again, not including Orton and The New Wave of course.

The McMahon Family Empire is in the house… Business picking up I reckon…

Another awesome match recap here, I know a lot of people don’t mention these, but I just feel the need to, that’s how great I feel they are. The use of the ladder was pretty good throughout, and I was overall happy, and I think you made the correct booking decision, with Kennedy finally going over. Hell, Mysterio beat him three times so he does not lose face, and now Kennedy can move on to bigger and better things. Smart move for Kennedy to get this closure, imo.

I really liked this Kennedy promo, despite the fact that there wasn’t much to be said. His character reminds me right now of the heel Rock back in late ’98 when he was really getting going. The line in particular that got that across was “like you need to be told.” I remember Rock used to say something on occasions like “If ya smell, what The Rock… you know the rest.” This little line just really showed me a comparison and I don’t know if this was done on purpose, or if Kennedy is on the way to having that kind of success, but this was a pretty cool promo for my liking, despite the shortness of it.

I still think Backlash is going to be pretty good, with a couple of shows left to shape things up after tonight.

Teddy Long promo was okay, and I guess The Brotherhood is going to be getting some new members. I’m personally intrigued, as I really don’t know who can make this good again, the only person I can really think of joining is Booker T. Could “ya dig” perhaps be a subtle hint. I’m probably reading way to much into things.

John Cena and Christian’s little interaction was pretty good to read, it really got me excited for a moment, as I’m hoping for another match down the line, although it probably will not happen any time soon. Kurt Angle coming here got me extremely pumped up, as it hints towards an Angle/Christian match up which is something I’ve been predicting for a little while now.

at Coach OWNING Tazz. I have really loved your commentary tonight, probably one of the best things about the show.

Wow. I expected the Strange Bedfellows match to go for a little bit longer than what it did, so I was definitely shocked to see it end in three minutes. I still can’t decide if this was a good thing or a bad thing, however I am happy with the fact that this match served great hype to the tag team title feuds on both shows. Now I just hope the draft does not stuff things up for the Raw feud, I wouldn’t mind seeing The Hardy Boyz being broken up. Push for Matt, release for Jeff.

The characterization of Arn Anderson was pretty much spot on, and I liked how you gave us his thoughts on the draft so far. I hope we get a similar interview from Eric Bischoff later on; it’d be good to hear both GM’s perspectives. Anyway, it sounds like it’s going to be Double A against The New Wave over on Smackdown which should be great. Burke getting pushed sounds alright to me, and that’s what it sounds like from Anderson’s word. Lesnar not being used is something I don’t like. I don’t care about this suspension thing, now he’s on Smackdown I thought it’d be over, Lesnar being out sucks If you have him come back on SD, and have no feud with Vinnie Mac, who some how gets involved with proceedings on SD, then I’m going to be even more unhappy.

Ugh. I didn’t like this situation at all. I found it laughable that Double A would actually choose Hardcore Holly to represent Smackdown. Anyway, another nice win for Burchill, as I guess his opponents are slowly getting harder and harder, and I hope his push really begins to pick up some more steam later.

Okay, not going to go into tremendous detail, but here are my thoughts on the next three draft picks, William Regal to Raw is a good move, and I hope this means he will be pairing with Burchill, as a nice feud with the tag champs would be a great way to get Burchill over, before dare I say it, Regal retires.

Booker T going to Smackdown to be with Burke is something I’m not to happy with. One, you don’t really like Booker so I can’t see him going far, and two, that means that if Burke is paired with him Burke won’t be getting pushed which is something I dearly want.

Matt Hardy to Raw is a big move, but a correct move, as now he can be away from his waste of space brother, and perhaps even get a push. I hope the moniker ‘The Talent’ sticks, what’s Jeff’s new moniker going to be. WWE Alumni please.

What an awesome backstage confrontation between teammates for later on tonight, or the next match up. I was loving how Triple H and Angle could not choose who would get a shot at Christian, it shows that there is a number of contenders for the World Heavyweight Championship, and that is definitely a good thing. Tomko sucks on the mic, but it was good that you let him speak for a moment here. Announcement for later on in the night still has me very excited, this match should be a cluster fuck, but pretty cool also.

Fuck that was a lot of entrances to read… Anyway, I liked the explosive start with most of the faces getting the advantage, as that’s usually the typical start to these matches, and it’s a fun way to get the crowd into it. I don’t care how common it is, but I hate commercial breaks in between matches.

Awesome, awesome match write up. I also liked the fact that you were able to make the match up be kind of orderly, with it only having certain cluster fuck moments. It made it a whole lot easier to read, and this match was indeed a fair read. I enjoyed every moment of it, and I liked how you gave MVP, Paul London and Carlito pretty much equal exposure to Angle, Christian and Cena. If anything I didn’t think Christian was used enough in this match up. A nice win for Triple H to, albeit a bit unexpected, and I guess he will be getting a title shot some time soon.

Finlay going to Smackdown is something I don’t mind at all to be honest. I expect him to lose tonight to Umaga, and then he can go be the tough, upper/mid carder who jobs to all the main eventers on Smackdown. That might sound harsh but that’s just his job in most threads. Ughhh, Scotty Too Hotty. Another waste of a pick, the guy should be released; although I have a feeling he may be Burchill’s next opponent.

The attack on Scotty by Umaga was not brutal enough for my liking. This made ‘Mags not look as intense as it could have made him look, but it’s not really a big thing. I liked the intensity of Finlay, attacking Umaga, getting the early advantage, though I doubt he will win tonight.

Another pretty good match recap written up here with Umaga and Finlay going at it. As I thought, you kept Finlay as the courageous fighter, but still made Umaga look extremely strong, which I’m sure was the main purpose of this match up. Now that Finlay is off to Smackdown, I’d love to see you give Umaga a feud with somebody whose pretty high profile.

JTG to Raw isn’t really something I like, I just don’t like the guy, but I guess he could be okay as Shelton Benjamin and Mark Henry’s bitch. Flair. Retired. At the moment it’s left us with an intriguing situation, especially with Orton wanting Flair to help him and he has gone to Smackdown to, so I expect to see Flair eventually be talked out of retirement, but still, a very cool situation.

The final segment was really good; honestly I don’t think there was anything I could complain about. Both Bischoff, but especially Vince McMahon were so in character that it was one of those promos where it didn’t feel like I was reviewing as I read, it just felt so smooth. I liked Bischoff standing up to Vince, however I’m pretty sure everybody knew where this was heading, so perhaps I could say the promo didn’t have to be that long, but I didn’t really care because it was so enjoyable to read. if Vince and Shane become World Tag Team Champions by the way. Oh, and I pray that Linda McMahon gets Bischoff back involved some how .

Overall, top notch show, easily the best since ‘Mania, and probably the best from a bit before that to. Everything just flowed so well, and I think things are really set to pick up with draft picks needing to make an impact at their new homes. Next weeks Raw should be pretty epic to since its in MSG and all so I can’t wait for that to. On a side note, sorry for the lateness, I’ve been extremely busy, and I’m struggling to keep up with everything BTB at the moment.

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Re: Being The Booker

Well, the Post-Kane Era begins. Don't worry, I'll struggle on ... somehow. As for TKoW...

Do I even need to tell you any more how much Coach owns on commentary? Seems to only be you and I who realise it. Coach > King:

"They will never draft The Coach baby boy. I’m just too damned important to Raw. You on the other hand…"

"Well dream on munchkin. What are you anyway Tazz?? A bad Coach look-a-like?? I know you dig The Coach, but I just don’t swing like that."

LMAO. I hope Coach continues to own Tazz just like he has done at the past 2 WrestleMania's. Btw, J.R. is like Coach's teacher, the way he keeps telling him off. Genius.

Cracking match up to kick off what is basically a free PPV (if that makes any sense ), but one that has had me scratching my head all week. I'm usually able to throw some kind of prediction out there (however inaccurate), but you had me well and truly stumped with this one. It turned into a really fantastic way to put the new WWE Champion over against one of the greatest ever, and an old enemy of Orton's at the same time. It'll be very interesting to see what you have in store for HBK come Backlash, since he's as free as a bird right now having finished his (GREAT) feud with Mick Foley. Kennedy? Umaga? They'd be my picks. Loved the leg work of Michaels throughout, especially the Dragon Screw counter to the PUNT. Surprised to see Orton kick out of Sweet Chin Music in such a carefree manner. Didn't really seem like that big a deal, which is pretty odd considering it usually has to be WM for guys to survive that move. Would've liked a clean win for Randy, if only to really cement him as the fuckin' man before his jump to Friday Nights, but this was as close as one can get I suppose. Have to say I'm absolutely stunned to see Orton so instantly successful as this, getting both himself and his entire crew over to SD. Really thought you had something else up your sleeve for this story. Maybe 1 or more of The Job Squad New Wave will be drafted over the course of the show. I shall wait and see. Storming start though, Wolf.

Wow, what an announcement from Bischoff. A RAW exclusive MITB match at Backlash? That's a first. Not a Ladder Match I take it? I guess that match will use up the likes of Kennedy, Umaga, Mysterio, HBK, Finlay, Benjamin, etc. 'Twill be interesting to see who gets the guaranteed title shot. Kennedy plz.

Cody Rhodes? I thought you sent him back to development? Whatever; he's a good talent so you might as well bring him up. Some guys just don't like him because he has a normal build, as opposed to usual supermen physiques they're used to getting their thrills to. LESNAR!? WTF!? That's odd. I know he's suspended and all, but at the very least I thought you'd have him finish up his feud with the McMahon Family Empire. Intriguing to say the least. Only on Monday Nights for a year...

Pretty short match between Laree and Melina, and no real surprise to see Alexis retain the title. Not sure who's left for Laree to face though, so I'm sensing the debut of Beth 'THE SEX' Phoenix soon

Two nice confrontations backstage. Loved the switch from Orton interrupting Bischoff to being similarly interrupted by the greatest man alive. I guess this pretty much confirms who Orton will be feuding with (or at least one of them); it's just a shame Jericho doesn't look like he'll be getting a last run with the belt before you get rid of him

Elijah Burke? Good stuff. Great talent. Getting him away from Booker is a great move, as you despise The Book Man and obviously have no intention of pushing him, so Burkey Boy is better off on his own. As for the next draft ... I knew it. In the words of Kurt Angle, IT'S TRUE, IT'S TRUE! Delighted to see Angle on RAW at last in this thread, and I'm calling it now, as SummerSlam we get the orgasmic main event of Christian versus Angle for the World Heavyweight Title. YEAHHH!!! (Angle )

Lol @ Shane and Tomko not holding hands. Why the hell not? RAW's most dominant Attitude Era throwback stable is in the house and TKoW has just wet himself. <3 ya really

Loved that you gave Kennedy|Mysterio some real attention here, as it seems as though they've been feuding forever. Nothing too Hardcore in this match, but the Ladder was a nice touch, and I really enjoyed the finish with KK basically dominating Rey and taking his time before finishing him off. Really gives Ken some serious momentum heading into Backlash now, so it'll be interesting to see where this HUGE push you promised me goes from here. RAW's MITB? HBK? Possibilities are endless. Christian|Kennedy feuding over the WHC one day doesn't sound too bad either.

I belie' 'dat, Teddy Long. Glad The Brotherhood is staying around, as I do enjoy Long's antics, and Benjamin and Henry are always worth it. I imagine he'll be recruiting some new members soon though, ya feel me?

Ooooh, the tension. Can you feel it? Ha-ha. Great little segment between Cena and Christian. I know these two are going to hook it up again one day, but I don't think that day's going to be for a while, because when it happens, I think that day ... is the day John Cena turns heel. Just a feeling I guess. Angle's The Man. He's been on RAW 10 seconds and he's already owning the place ... and its superstars.

@ Coach and Tazz again

Bit of a disappointing match if I'm being honest, but it was never going to get much attention on such a stacked show. AMW will undoubtedly retain this Friday, and I still think MNM and Straight Edge should finish their story at Backlash in an exciting gimmick Match. Ladder?

Great job putting Burke over, Arn. Can't help but think that with all this attention your giving to this 'Brock Lesnar Situation' you've got something awesome tucked away up your sleeve, just waiting to unleash it on us...

Another win for the *coughs* King Of Pain Introducing the insanely ridiculous C4 finisher too. He's on a roll. Oh, and look who it is who gets drafted to RAW as a result. Surprised we didn't at least get a 'look' from Burchill at who he got. I'll have to be patient. Booker T to SD? Damn. Please just release him already. This burial of him is depressing me, and I thought we'd at least see Elijah Burke get a push And Matt Hardy is on his way to Monday Nights. Well, AMW have it in the bags now (if they didn't before anyway~). Matt should be a nice addition to the IC division, as no one ever pushes him higher than that ... not yet anyway.

Angle isn't and shouldn't be turning face any time soon, so I look forward to more of these tension filled confrontation between him and fellow top heel Triple H. You seemed to master the art of tension during the entire build to the Brock|Trips match, so every time you do it now it's a pleasure to read. My word, Tomko's been speaking a lot tonight, hasn't he? Push plz. Stick him in the MITB at least.

A lot of interesting entrances to read there. That's what some people don't understand. You can convey so much of a person's character through entrance, and angles too. Absolutely fantastic seeing MVP, Carlito, London, and even Tomko in this company. MEGA rub. It was LONG, but it was fun as hell, with none of the aforementioned mid-carders looking out of place at all amongst the big boys. Carlito even had Angle beat at one particularly exciting point. I had Angle down for the win, but I guess you're going to capitalize on all the build you have for Christian|Trips that you never got to use at WM (for obvious reasons), with Hunter showing us his Cerebral Assassin persona perfectly to basically steal a victory over the World Champion. Loved the aftermath reactions of Angle, Trips and Cena. There's going to be some serious repercussions next week, I'm sure of it.

Finlay to SD is great. I can't remember the last time he actually won a match on RAW, so hopefully he gets a new lease of life on Friday Nights. BAHAHAHAAHHA @ Umaga just fucking murdering Scotty on the stage!!! I guess he won't be much of an addition to SD, eh? Here comes Finlay again! Reading this match you'd think Fit pushed 'Mags to the limit (he put him through a freakin' table for God's sake), but Umaga STILL won ... IN 6 MINUTES!!! What is it with you and Umaga? Can't he have competitive matches over 10 mins? He needs to start a proper feud with someone by Backlash where the result isn't obvious or I'm going to start losing interest tbh.

Some odd draft picks there to be sure. JTG is obviously on his way to Cracka Hatin' Inc. for some Thuggin' & Buggin' with Theodore R. Long ... but Ric Flair? What on earth is going on here with SD's picks tonight. No wonder Arn looked bemused. I guess this will give some closure to his angle with Orton. Can't think of any other reason for it.

Having a promo end THIS show, of all shows, it has to be something big. And I have to say ... it was. You're really enjoying your Attitude Era fetish at the moment aren't you, Wolf? Vince is pure 2000 right now, and here he was on fine form. McMahon Appreciation night? That should be fun to see how you do that one. I'm excited for the tag team title match ONLY because it'll push Straight Edge huge with a major rub. Don't give Vince and Shane the belts; that'd be stupid. I didn't think Bischoff would just let Vince make Trips thr #1 Contender, and his little war of words with The Boss was fun. I have to say I don't quite understand the inner workings of the WWE, so I don't don't why taking it off the stock market would suddenly give Mr. McMahon the power of God, but it certainly made for some interesting reading. Didn't expect to see Bischoff gone so soon, as it seemed you were really setting something up for with his recent tweener turn. I think he'll be back, but it can't be for a while. He got well and truly mangled here. Great way of putting over the evil empire-type takeover at the end of the show. If anyone isn't psyched for next week's show after this rollercoaster, then they can't be human.

Apologies for the short (and late) review. Sometimes I suck, what can I say? Brilliant show though, Wolf, with some epic match ups, with virtually every one getting a great result. With only the MITB and WHC Christian|Trips Match, Backlash already looks better than 99% of PPVs one sees. Keep it up, daddy-o
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Re: Being The Booker

The Showstopper 88’s RAW review for Wolf King

This is the first time I’ve read your stuff and wow.....where do I start?

Well, firstly, the commentary. Genius. The interplay between Coach and Tazz is awesome and the characterisation of all four announcers is spot on. I wanted to smack Coach in the mouth, just through reading this! Good hype for the draft too, definitely makes me want to read on.

Match 1 – HBK vs. RKO
What a great match to open with. Brilliantly written, oozing quality and demonstrating the hatred between these two men. I can’t fault the match at all. The slaps and disrespect at the start set the tone for a great match and there was some good ring psychology going on.

Was there not, however, an argument for having this match further up the card? Especially when you consider: 1) the reputation of the participants; 2) the ramifications of the result and 3) the fact that it was arguably a bigger match than the 7th and last match on your card.

Haha, more ownage from Coach, love it.

The Money in the Bank exclusive to RAW is an interesting idea. Whether it cheapens the concept, just like the initial Brand Split cheapened the world and tag titles, remains to be seen, but it’s interesting nonetheless. Cody to RAW is meh, but Brock to SmackDown is interesting. You wouldn’t have done that if you didn’t have something up your sleeve, so I’ll be watching intently to see where this goes.

Match 2 – Melina vs. Alexis Laree
Good effort to get at least a little bit of women’s action in, so marks for that. Women’s wrestling in BTBs still fails to capture my attention though!

RKO/Bischoff/Jericho/draft segment
Cleverly done here. Haven’t been reading before this, but safe to assume that Bisch and Randy have history. I thought it was clever to have Randy walk around the corner and run into Jericho. Changed the focus of the segment nicely. Not too sure what to make of this, but looks like a Jericho face turn to me. That would be fine with me!

Interesting picks here. Elijah Burke has bags of potential and there’s room there to keep building him up slowly but surely. Kurt to RAW is excellent and should shake the RAW roster up a bit, with Kurt not having appeared on the show since 2002.

Match 3 – Mr. Kennedy vs. Rey Mysterio
I like the promo at the start. Didn’t look like it was too much effort to put in, whilst at the same time being informative enough.

On the match, nothing to say that I haven’t said already! Brilliantly written, excellent use of language and an easy flow. So easy to read. Liking the use of capitals to display high spots too. Right winner in the end, can’t let Kennedy lose to Mysterio 4 times in a row. Provides closure too, which is what you set out to do.

Nice Backlash promo!

Theodore Long interview
Man, I hated Mack and Jazz. So glad they’re gone. Liking the idea of keeping the Brotherhood going by adding to it and I think I have a good idea who will be added.....!

Cena/Christian/Angle segment
This was well written. You built up the tension and the frostiness well, I liked that. God way to change the focus again by having Angle butt in too. Only problem with that was that to me, the characterisation wasn’t quite right with him.....that might just be me though!

Excellent work with all the commentary.

Match 4 – Strange Bedfellows
Man, I love the idea of strange bedfellows matches. An awesome way to develop a 4-way tag team feud. I could see the result coming a mile off, but it was the best outcome for the purposes of what you’re doing.

Arn Anderson interview
Man its good to see The Enforcer in an on-screen role. Looks like he’s got the GM role down to a tee too. Looking forward to seeing how he clashes with The New Wave. Looks like he has a job on his hands to get Brock onto SmackDown too!

Match 5 – Paul Burchill vs. Hardcore Holly
Meh.....squash match. Not much to say really! Good to see Holly have some fight in him though. Also makes sense to have Burchill win. RAW needs an extra pick after what happened with The New Wave.

Draft Picks
Regal moving is good, maybe he could do with some fresh air. He has potential as, perhaps, an IC or US Champion long term which a lot of bookers don’t see or take advantage of. Oooooh, Booker moving is interesting. I thought this was Burke’s breakout time? Perhaps we might see a pupil vs. Teacher situation before Burke fully moves on? Aaaaaaw, Matt Hardy! Didn’t want to see the Hardys split up! Maybe this is the start of good singles runs for them both though.

Triple H & Tomko/Angle segment
Triple H and Tomko being together is interesting, haven’t seen that one before. They seem to work well together though. Good to see more frostiness between two main eventers here.....the main event scene looks pretty multi-faceted at the moment, which is good to see.

Match 6 – 10 man tag
Ah man, what a way to start with the brawl outside! Having order restored during the commercial break is good writing too. What an epic match, brilliantly written and people like MVP and Paul London look anything but out of place in the main event scene. That’s testament to your booking I guess.

Finlay to SmackDown is cool. SmackDown appears to be acquiring some good experience. Scotty Too Hotty? Meh, lol.

Match 7 – Belfast Brawl
Brutal! Great start with Finlay going mental with the shillelagh before the bell has even rung. But man, you’ve built Umaga up well. He is a MACHINE! The way he finished the match off was nuts, you have him looking super strong. Just don’t have him suddenly job to Triple H or anything like that!

JTG to RAW is interesting. Didn’t realise you’d released Shad, so I’ll be interested to see how JTG manages on his own. Teddy Long getting involved here. JTG for The Brotherhood then? Ric Flair to SD? What? He’s retired! Man I’ll be interested to see how this plays out. Arn trying to convince his best and oldest friend to come back? 4 Horsemen? Man, endless possibilities. You could really stretch this out and make Arn’s search for Ric a long one.

State of the Union Address
Man, i didn’t see this coming (having not read before this, of course). Eric seemed quite comfortable in his position so far tonight. Good to see a heel McMahon-Helmsley faction Mk. II. Been wanting to see something like that for a while. I thought that the storyline here, i.e. the reasons you had Vince give for being able to remove Eric (taking WWE off the stock market) was very clever and very unique. I’d love to see how this plays out on RAW, and I really don’t think it’s over with Eric. Brutal beatdown, too!

Really nothing to complain about here. Matches expertly written in full, promos superb and in character (perhaps with the exception of Kurt Angle), storylines developing really well and main event scene looking stellar. Only slight thing I’d have done would have been to move the first match to a position just below the State of the Union address. Have a match on first, definitely.....but I believe in building a show from bottom to top.

9/10 – I tend not to give 10s as I believe nothing is perfect

Amazing, all the same. I WILL be watching.

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Re: Being The Booker

Thanks for the replies. I'd say that show was one I had a lot of fun writing. Couple of things to address...

1) Finlay vs Umaga wasnt intended to be the main event. With the show closing with the McMahon angle, (and any time I do a show with a promo to close proceedings) I felt it better to put the main event at the top of one of the hours instead. I can see where people are coming from, but quite often in the real world, the last match on a show before a promo closing segment arent 'main event' calibre. I dont have any examples off hand, but I'm sure if you look hard enough you'd find them.

2) There's been some confusion over the implications of McMahons announcement. I'm not a legal whizz by any stretch, so the legality of Vince McMahon buying out all the shareholders invested in the company isnt something I'd be sure could actually happen. With him already holding the majority, I'd assume it's a similar scenario to the world of football where the Glazers bought over Manchester United, having taken the majority of shares, and then buying the remainder out.

Basically, the idea is that with the 'Board of directors' basically outnumbering Vince, enforcing a strict policy of him being unable to call the shots whilst appearing on television, Vince, in his egocentric mindset, has decided the only way to combat that is to buy them out, take the company off the stock market, and go back to private ownership. Given the real life chaos that the 'Trump buys Raw' angle created for the company, I could imagine this angle creating similar havoc with people being unable to decipher real life from television, so perhaps it's something that maybe should've been reworked. Still, it's done now, and the angle will carry on.


WWE.COM - Breaking News:

WWE are delighted to announce the re-signing of former Womens Champion, Gail Kim. Kim had departed the company in early 2006, but after just over twelve months, she has rejoined the WWE family, and will join back up with the Raw roster in May, after completing her scheduled, contracted appearances elsewhere.


Friday Night Smackdown Preview:

A new dawn is set to take place this week on Smackdown, hot off the heels from Monday night's draft lottery, but the wrestling world has been abuzz over the earth shattering announcement from Mister McMahon this past Monday, in which he declared he would be buying out the investors behind the company, and once again privately owning the WWE. Although McMahon has been all but exclusive to Raw in recent months, what effect could this have on Smackdown?? Mr. McMahon wasted no time in firing Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff ... could Arn Anderson be next??

Whilst the new faces will settle into their new home, it'll be an emotional goodbye for Matt Hardy to the blue brand in his home state. Following his draft to Raw, Matt Hardy will team with his brother Jeff for the final time this week, as they battle the WWE Tag Team Champions, AMW in a bitter grudge match that will NOT be for the Tag titles, but it will be contested under table match rules. For one last time, Matt & Jeff get the opportunity to take the action to the extreme, but for AMW they will see the opportunity to wreck one final dream for their long time rivals. Both members of the team must go through a table to win the match, and with no championships at stake, it will be ALL personal in Raleigh.

And, whilst Matt Hardy will leave for Raw after tonight, many of Smackdowns newest acqusitions will get the opportunity to settle in to their new home. Finlay, Booker T and Elijah Burke will all team together in a six man tag team match against the duo of Deuce and Domino, along with the mean wrestling powerhouse Charlie Haas. It's a chance to shine for not only the three latest additions to Smackdown, but for their opponents too. Charlie Haas will be determined to push himself back into contention for the United States title, whilst Deuce and Domino will be keen to stake their claim for a crack at the tag team belts.

Thanks to Randy Ortons win against Shawn Michaels on Raw, The WWE Champion was granted his wish, and is now a part of the Smackdown brand, along with his cohorts, The New Wave. None of the four men are scheduled to compete on tonight's show, but we can surely expect an appearance from the group on their new home. What will Orton have to say about his victory, and what will he have to say about his future as the leader on the Smackdown brand??

Though Smackdown managed to pick up a number of excellent draft picks, the losses are plain to see. The Undertaker has still not been seen or heard of since WrestleMania 23, the condition of Rob Van Dam is still under complete secrecy, and the brand also lost the Olympic Gold Medal winner, Kurt Angle to the draft on Raw this past Monday. Adding to that list of losses is the Iron Man Brock Lesnar, and the legendary Nature Boy Ric Flair. Both men were drafted to Smackdown this past Monday ... yet neither man will be available for Arn Anderson. Lesnar is currently serving an indefinite suspension courtesy of Mister McMahon, and Flair announced his retirement last November - yet, as both are still under contract, both men were eligible for draft. Rumours have been swirling that Anderson has been attempting to appeal both picks, but, with the turmoil created by Mister McMahons shocking buy-out on Raw, the appeal has been unable to get off the ground.

However, whilst Anderson must contend with a depleted roster, it hasnt stopped The Enforcer from putting together a mouth watering collision between MVP and Carlito this week on Smackdown. The problems between the two men have escalated over recent weeks, and this week, they meet for the second time. In their last meeting, MVP scored a controversial win, and still remains undefeated. Could the rejuvenated Carlito be the first man to inflict a loss for highest paid superstar in Smackdown history??

Confirmed Matches;
Americas Most Wanted vs The Hardy Boys | Tables Match
Finlay, Booker T & Elijah Burke vs Charlie Haas, Deuce & Domino
Carlito vs M.V.P

Smackdown to be posted tomorrow.
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Re: Being The Booker

Thanks for clearing that up for me us, Wolf () Still not sure I fully understand it; perhaps I'll pick up a copy of the FT tomorrow...

Glad to see you bringing Gail Kim back on board, since your Women's division, like everyone's, is seriously depleted. Ignore the tossers who bad mouth Women's wrestling. Misogyny isn't cool, kids.

Despite the small roster, I'm still as psyched for SD as I am for RAW. You've got a cracking mid-card division to play with on Friday Nights now, so if I don't see your U.S Championship division becoming hotter than hell pretty soon, I'll be very disappointed. Carlito to end MVP's undefeated streak this week seems the way to go too, as both men (and Charlie Haas; I saw that reference) will likely be in the title hunt soon.

Unfortunately the Non-Title stip all but guarantees a Hardy victory in the Tables Match, which is a shame considering how hot AMW have been lately. Should still be a great bout.

Looking forward to it, matey
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Re: Being The Booker

A tables match and a six man tag on the SAME show?

Stop the Russo-esque booking Wolf, that's for me tbh.

All in all, looks like a solid show, and I can't wait to get back into this bad boy.


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Re: Being The Booker

So yeah, quickie comments…

I like Orton and his Legacy rip-offs () going to SD, as it’s a fresh start for me as a reader. Yeah, I fell back on reading in the run up to Wrestlemania. Fuck the summer, I know.

Speaking of SD, I love the swerve picks of Lesnar and Flair. Lesnar could do nothing on Raw because of the HHH and McMahon feud. When he comes back, it has to be on SD. And you know Double A will bring Flair back, it’s just that matter of when. Beautiful stuff, that was, Wolfers.

I don’t like Booker T and Burke both going over together to SD, however. Was a good chance to split them up; let Burke become more of a mdicard player while Booker fades out into retirement.

You know my takes on the McMahon angle. I get the kayfabe to it, but it’s not a major announcement, and something that would just go over the viewers’ heads, much like it did to your readers. It’s only good if it produces Vinnie Mac going all Attitude on our asses, becoming the evil leader once again.

Looking forward to SD, as I can hopefully read the shows regularly and produce some comments like these. See, I care! <3

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This was The Trio Ownership; I did it a long time ago, for a long time. T'was a good ready, I think. People liked it and stuff.
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Re: Being The Booker

Russo-esque booking?? I've never been so insulted...


Friday Night Smackdown | March 30 2007 | Raleigh NC

Draft Lottery Recap

Suddenly, we open up … and see the face of VINCE MCMAHON … sat at a long desk, in his office, with the bottom corner of the screen reading ‘WWE HEADQUARTERS; STAMFORD’. The fans boo the face of the boss, as Vince smiles to the camera.

Mr. McMahon: Good evening ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to a new era of World Wrestling Entertainment.


Mr. McMahon: As you may be aware, currently, I am in process of taking back full control of the company I created. That, is why this board room is empty … and that is why it will stay empty. From this point forward all decisions that concern the WWE run through me … and only me.

Boos again.

Mr. McMahon: Now, I’d like to allay any fears you people might have over the future of World Wrestling Entertainment, and in particular the future of Smackdown General Manager, Arn Anderson.

Pop for Double A.

Mr. McMahon: Let me assure you all, Arn Andersons position as General Manager on Smackdown is secure, and will remain so … as long as he doesn’t follow the same path Eric Bischoff chose.

Boos again for the threat.

Mr. McMahon: And that rule applies to all employees in the WWE. Stay on my good side, and you’ll survive. Cross me?? And suffer the consequences.

From a stern look, Vince musters up a disingenuous smile to the camera.

Mr. McMahon: Enjoy your evening … oh. And please, don’t forget to join the celebration this Monday Night on Raw, as we pay tribute to the first family of sports entertainment … the MCMAHONS!!!

Vince continues to smile at the camera, as we fade out…

Opening Video


Michael Cole: Tonight marks a new dawn on Friday Night Smackdown!!! Fresh off a productive draft lottery, the landscape of Smackdown is changing -

Tazz: Not that I want to butt in Cole, but the landscape of the WWE has changed after Mr. McMahons revelation this past Monday.

Michael Cole: Well, we will tackle that issue later. Indeed, as you just saw, Mr. McMahon has announced that the WWE is coming off the stock market, and moving back into private ownership - and that could have drastic consequences for everyone involved in this company. But as for the results of the draft, what we do know, is that the WWE Championship is back on Smackdown territory, but still in the hands of the dastardly Randy Orton. This past Monday, Smackdown bid farewell to Kurt Angle, JTG, Scotty Too Hotty, William Regal, Cody Rhodes and Matt Hardy, but in return, coming to Smackdown from Raw; The New Wave, Finlay, Elijah Burke and Booker T.

Tazz: And lets not forget Ric Flair and Brock Lesnar.

Michael Cole: Yeah, with an asterisk beside both names. Brock Lesnar, the multi time WWE Champion is currently serving an indefinite suspension that doesn’t appear to be getting lifted anytime soon, and Flair?? … well, the legendary Nature Boy is retired.

Tazz: In theory, Smackdown had a great night on Monday, but when you look deeper, The New Wave has the ability to create all kinds of chaos - not the good kind - Brock Lesnar, as Arn Anderson put it himself, is a white elephant, and Ric Flair shouldn’t even have been available to draft if he was retired!!!

Michael Cole: Indeed, but tonight, whilst he was drafted to Raw on Monday, Matt Hardy will sign off his Smackdown tenure with one final match, teaming with his brother Jeff. Tonight, the Hardy Boys will look to settle the score once and for all with Americas Most Wanted. The championships wont be on the line, but a grudge will be settled, and it will end in a tables match!!!

Tazz: Oh boy, that is gonna be one explosive showdown Cole. Could be an emotional send off for Matt Hardy, teaming with Jeff for one last time.

Michael Cole: And the ensuing war between Carlito and the undefeated MVP will roar on tonight. They meet one on one this evening.

Tazz: Two of the hottest prospects in the WWE today, Cole. MVP, the highest paid superstar in Smackdown history, STILL undefeated. Carlito, a man reborn, showing his true potential. Tonight, he’s got the opportunity to end the four month streak that MVP has built up.

Michael Cole: And how about this; a six man tag team match, that will see three of the new arrivals to Smackdown make their debut. Booker T and Elijah Burke reform to team with Finlay as they take on Deuce and Domino along with Charlie Haas.


Now on their new home, the New Wave, led by the WWE Champion Randy Orton enter to a heated reaction - more for Orton than any of his running buddies. Orton slowly saunters down the aisle, backed up by Dinsmore, Doane and Cade.

Michael Cole: You are looking into the cold, dead eyes of the Career Killer. The man that punted Rob Van Dam at WrestleMania without a seconds thought to collect that championship. He is now exclusive property of Smackdown, but Tazz, the question has been raised … who will step up to challenge Randy Orton for the WWE title??

Tazz: Oh, don’t worry bout that Cole. Aint no shortage of talent on Smackdown, and there is a slew of guys in the back queuing up for a shot at Orton. Some of those guys just want a crack at Orton, not for the title, but for what he did to RVD.

Michael Cole: Indeed there is, and Orton would be best advised to keep Ken Doane, Nick Dinsmore and Garrison Cade by his side at all times.

Orton stands in the ring, waiting for the music to die down, looking around the arena, surveying his new home.

Randy Orton: Last week, I stood in this very ring, telling all you people that Smackdown was to become OUR kingdom.

Orton looks to his running mates, signalling to them as he says ‘OUR’

Randy Orton: Smackdown is now OUR domain … The New Wave … runs … Friday Night Smackdown.

Heat again.

Randy Orton: WE … hold all the cards … WE hold the WWE Championship … WE have the strength in numbers … and whether they’ll admit it or not … WE strike fear into the entire Smackdown roster.

More boos consume the arena, with Orton licking his lips.

Randy Orton: Really … who can stop us?? Rob Van Dam certainly wont.

Huge heel heat for the last comment, as Orton responds with a sick smirk.

Randy Orton: Chris Jericho?? … Edge??

Mixed reaction for both names. Orton simply shakes his head.

Randy Orton: I don’t think so. Brock Lesnar wont be troubling anybody, anytime soon … and dare I even mention the likes of Carlito … or Paul London.

Small pop for the mention of Carlito and London.

Randy Orton: Don’t make me laugh. But … what about … The Undertaker??

Massive pop for the mention of The Deadman, whilst Orton affords himself a smirk.

Randy Orton: No. The man has disappeared … much like Batista.

Pop for Batista {currently serving a thirty day wellness suspension}.

Randy Orton: … Just like Smackdowns latest draft pick … Ric Flair.

Big pop for Flair, and a smattering of ‘WOOO’ shouts come from around the arena.

Randy Orton: Think about it … with one kick to the skull of RVD … I’ve scared off everyone in sight. Batista?? He’s nowhere to be seen. The Undertaker?? He’s bolted into the shadows. Flair has RETIRED, Van Dam is hiding in a hospital in New Orleans, Brock Lesnar is begging to remain suspended. And they … are the smart ones.

Orton lets the comments sink in for a second, before starting again.

Randy Orton: There is no single person … there is no entity, there is no group … that can challenge OUR dominance.

The champion pulls the mic down again for a moment, soaking up the boos, looking to his running buddies, then speaks again.

Randy Orton: Now, over the last twelve days … I’ve competed FIVE TIMES. At WrestleMania I had TWO matches…

Heat for Ortons boast, especially since one of those two matches lasted less than two minutes.

Randy Orton: The very next night on Raw, I faced the World Champion, Christian.

Big pop for the mention of Christian.

Randy Orton: Last week on Smackdown, I disposed of William Regal on short notice … and just last Monday … I beat Shawn Michaels.

Small pop for HBK, but overriding boos for the ego boosting claims from Orton.

Randy Orton: And now tonight … I’m giving MYSELF … the night off.

Boos again, as Orton tries to call his own shots.

Randy Orton: I think I’ve deserved it after the last two weeks I’ve had. I’ve put myself through hell … falling of ladders … winning championships … fighting hurt … wrestling on short notice … and having to earn my way to Smackdown. Tonight … I deserve the n-


It’s the General Manager of Smackdown, and as always, has that stern look etched on his face, especially with his least favourite member of the roster awaiting him in the ring.

Michael Cole: Whether he likes it or not, Arn Anderson is having to get used to the fact that Randy Orton is a part of his roster … and he’s the most powerful member of that roster as the WWE Champion.

Tazz: It’s a fact, and like you said, it’s one he’s having to get used to. So far in his four month tenure as General Manager, it’s been pretty much plain sailing, but now, Double A is beginning to find the pressures in the job.

The General Manager doesn’t waste any time for any crowd cheers, and gets straight down to business once the music dies down…

Arn Anderson: Umm … the night off??

Anderson scratches his head, seemingly trying to comprehend that statement, whilst Orton nods.

Arn Anderson: I don’t remember agreeing to that…


Arn Anderson: But hey, let’s not get off on the wrong foot, kid. I can understand that you’re feeling tired. What was it?? Five matches in twelve days??

Orton nods.

Arn Anderson: How bout ya try wrestlin’ THREE HUNDRED DAYS OUTTA THREE HUNDRED AND SIXTY FIVE!!!

Respectable pop, as Orton looks away from Anderson, biting his lip.

Arn Anderson: Sometimes even twice a day. That’s what I did … that’s what the greatest of all time did … that’s Ric Flair by the way.

Another round of ‘WOO’ chants from the fans.

Arn Anderson: So, after a series of five matches in twelve days, ya need a bit of a rest?? Bless ya, kid. I really feel for ya.

Realising he’s being patronised, Orton turns to his charges, with a scowl on his face, not liking the approach of Double A.

Arn Anderson: But … okay. You want the night off?? You got it.

The fans boo the decision, as Orton slowly smirks. Anderson though, holds his hand up, wanting to continue.

Arn Anderson: Because trust me son, you’re gonna need all the rest ya can get.

The fans pop again, as the smile drops from Ortons face.

Arn Anderson: As the Dubya Dubya ‘E champ … you’re gonna be expected to be ready for action … week in … week out. Orton … I’m gonna run your ass into the ground … I’m gonna whip ya into shape.

Orton tries to remain calm, holding back his anger, whilst the fans get behind the GM.

Arn Anderson: And since your awfully concerned about whose gonna pose a threat to ya on Smackdown … I’m gonna help ya find out. Because in two weeks time, you’re gonna be making your first defence of that title.

Minimal pop. After all, these fans would rather it happened tonight.

Arn Anderson: And next week, we’re gonna determine your Number One Contender. It’s gonna be, one on one … EDGE …

Mainly heat for Edge.

Arn Anderson: Taking on … CHRIS JERICHO!!!

Mixed reaction for Jericho, but more cheers than boos. Orton meanwhile, grits his teeth at the announcement.

Arn Anderson: So, enjoy the night off Randy, and I’ll see ya next week.

Anderson stretches out his arm, as if to show The New Wave out of the ring, not allowing Orton to retort.

The Champion takes a moment to think about it, then slings the belt over his shoulder, before trudging out of the ring, leading his troops, but as he exit’s the ring, Anderson puts an arm out to stop the other three.

Arn Anderson: Now … hold on.

Confused, the group stop, whilst Orton turns on the outside, wondering what’s going on.

Randy Orton: What the hell is this about Anderson??

Arn looks around at Orton, and shoos him off, before turning his attention back to the New Wave.

Arn Anderson: I gave him the night off … but I don’t remember giving you three the same privileges.

Pop from the fans, whilst Orton shouts off mic “This is ridiculous”

Arn Anderson: By my reckoning, from what I saw of you three on Raw … ya fed off his scraps, ya lived off his reputation, and ya were hanging by his coattails. Not on my show ya don’t.


Arn Anderson: Ta’night, the three of ya are gonna be doing what you’re paid to do … wrestle.

Another pop from the fans, whilst the trio listen intently.

Arn Anderson: Problem?? Good. I’m even gonna be generous, I’ll give ya the advantage … three on two. The three of you … versus Edge … and Chris Jericho.

Big pop for the match, whilst Orton stops looking so angry, as the wheels begin to turn. Anderson though, turns around, and addresses the champion.

Arn Anderson: Why are you still here?? You’ve got the night off Orton … which means I don’t want ya here. These three boys are gonna be standin on their own two feet for a change. Ya got ten minutes to leave … or I’ll see to it that you’re escorted off the premises. See ya next week.


The music hits, as Anderson throws the mic down, and exit’s the ring, glancing a look at Orton as he marches past, with Orton seething with rage, having been outdone by the GM tonight.

Michael Cole: I think Arn Anderson just showed Randy Orton that he’s not to be messed with.

Tazz: Without a doubt. Double A just enforced his authority. Orton wanted tonight off?? He got it … but not under his terms. Cade, Dinsmore and Doane have their work cut out for them tonight. Time to stand up and be counted for if you ask me.

Michael Cole: And how about next week in Madison Square Garden; Edge and Jericho, one on one, and the winner challenges Orton in two weeks time in Kansas City.

Tazz: That’s gonna be off the hook if you ask me. Gotta wonder though, how can those two co-exist later tonight with that match next week on both mens minds??

Michael Cole: We’ll find out later tonight … but next, can Montel Vontavious Porter keep his undefeated streak alive?? He meets the man that has caused him all kinds of problems in recent months Carlito … join us, when we come back.

Commercial Break

In the parking lot, we see an irate Randy Orton shoving his bags into the boot of his rental car, looking back, and sees a group of Smackdown superstars (Paul London, Brian Kendrick, Chavo Guerrero, Super Crazy, Hardcore Holly) making sure he abides by Andersons orders for him to leave.

Back to ringside…


MVP bursts through his custom set, entering to a big wave of heat from the fans, as he prepares to face Carlito.

Michael Cole: Over the last couple of months, Carlito and MVP are become embroiled in a real personality clash, that is beginning to become more and more personal with each passing week. Let’s not forget, both men came within inches of winning the Money in the Bank ladder match at WrestleMania, and they have met one time before, with MVP coming out on top.

Tazz: And it was under shady circumstances too Cole. MVP won that by the skin of his teeth.

MVP enters the ring, removing the bling, as he awaits his rival…


And Carlito saunters onto the stage to a great reaction from the fans, as he greets the reception with a broad smile, and a nod. The former Intercontinental Champion makes his way down the aisle, bouncing his apple up and down, not taking his eyes of Porter in the ring.

Michael Cole: Tazz, a lot has been made over the fact that Carlito has really stepped it up a notch since coming to Smackdown in January. It’s been well documented that he was in a massive slump on Raw in 2006, but since his move, Carlito has been beginning to flourish, and how big a win would it be for him if he could end the win streak that MVP has built up since his debut??

Tazz: Huge. It would be huge for Carlito. And trust me Cole, Carlito can do it. He pushed MVP to the wire when they went one on one last month. And most importantly, he believes he can too.

M.V.P vs. Carlito
The two men circle at first, not wanting to make a mistake, then finally lock up, struggling around the ring. They are forced apart a couple of times, after neither man can gain an advantage. In frustration, MVP rolls out of the ring, then gets into a petty argument with a few fans, which allows CCC to pounce, hitting a baseball slide, which knocks the cocky MVP into the barrier!!! Using that as a platform, Carlito now propels himself OVER THE ROPES … AND SPLASHES ONTO MVP!!! The fans start up a ‘CAR-LIT-O’ chant, supporting the antics of the high flyer, with CCC slowly getting up, showing a smile, and mouthing ‘Now das cool’. With that, Carlito grabs Porter, and throws him back inside the ring, following himself.

Porter backs into the corner, begging off, but Carlito shows no mercy, and hammers away at his enemy, before sending him across the ring to the opposite corner, but as the man from the Caribbean follows … MVP propels Carlito over the top … but Carlito lands on the apron, and as Porter turns around … Carlito grabs his head, and drops his neck onto the top rope, sending MVP staggering away!!! CCC uses that to jump onto the ropes, splashing off with a flying clothesline, knocking Porter down, getting a pop from the fans!!! MVP staggers up, spaghetti legged into the corner, as Carlito charges in, and delivers a scintillating Money Flip!!!

Carlito scores a near fall off that, but has MVP reeling, and as his undefeated opponent staggers up, Carlito now attempts a standing Hurricanrana … BUT MVP COUNTERS … AND DRIVES CARLITO ACROSS THE RING, AS HE DELIVERS A POWERBOMB INTO THE TURNBUCKLE!!!!! The outlook of the match changes in an instant, with MVP driving the life out of his spirited opponent, with a sick powerbomb. We see an evil smirk on the face of MVP, before he makes a cover, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Carlito survives, but MVP is in the driving seat, as we cut to a commercial…


And we return, with MVP now applying a boring chinlock, as we get clips from during the commercial, with Porter scoring a near fall from a falling Samoan Drop, and then off a face buster, keeping offensive on Carlito, not allowing him to fight his way back into the match. Carlito though, still has a lot of fight left in him, as he fights the chinlock, feeding off the support of the fans, as he battles to his feet, driving his elbow into the gut of Porter nearly half a dozen times … breaking the hold, and then runs off the ropes … BUT IS CAUGHT WITH AN OVERHEAD BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!!! Quickly, MVP scrambles for a cover, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

Still, Carlito refuses to give in, as Porter continues to pile on the pressure, dragging Carlito up, backing him into the corner, wailing with a succession of blows, before dragging CCC back out of the corner, AND SETS UP FOR THE PLAY OF THE DAY … BUT CARLITO SPINS OUT … kicks Porter in the gut, then runs off the ropes, connecting with a running knee lift, and follows up with a big clothesline, sending MVP inside out!!! The fans come alive for Carlito, as he drags MVP to his feet, and sets up for the reverse swinging neck breaker, but Porter this time spins out, kicks Carlito in the gut, then sends him off into the ropes, but Carlito leaps up … SPRINGBOARD REVERSE ELBOW!!! 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Carlito comes close again, but cant get the win. He now drags MVP up, and he sends Porter off the ropes, but out of nowhere … PORTER CONNECTS WITH A BIG BOOT!!! Carlito goes down like a sack of shit, and MVP makes the cover, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

The fans are on their feet, with the back and forth action living up to it’s billing, as the undefeated MVP drags Carlito back up, sending him into the corner. Porter sets himself for a minute, then charges across at CCC, but Carlito surprises him, and delivers a flapjack, hanging Porter onto the top rope!!! As MVP staggers out, it’s an open invitation to Carlito … BACK CRACKER!!! He hooks the leg, 1...2...FOOT ON THE ROPE!!! Carlito looks up in shock, realising he STILL hasn’t beaten his rival. Now, CCC pulls him foe back up, and now sets him into position for the Apple Core … BUT PORTER ELBOWS FREE!!! Carlito staggers away, as MVP moves in again, but Carlito kicks him in the gut, then runs to the ropes … DOUBLE SPRINGBOARD MOONSAULT … MISSES!!!

MVP dodges the moonsault, and now ROLLS HIM UP … GRABBING THE TIGHTS … 1...2...KICK OUT!!! The cheating failed!!! Porter shoots up, chasing the referee around the ring, holding up three fingers, unable to fathom how he only managed to get a two. Eventually, he turns his attention back to Carlito, but as he comes at him … CARLITO SPRINGS TO LIFE … APPLE CORE … PORTER SLIPS OUT!!! MVP scores with a kick to the gut, then fires Carlito, shoulder first into the ringpost, setting him up once again for the Play Of The Day … BUT CARLITO TRIPS HIM … JACKNIFE COVER … 1...2...3!!!!!
Winner: Carlito @ 12:03

There’s pandemonium in Raleigh … MVP HAS BEEN BEATEN!!! Carlito is quickly up, and topples backward, into the ropes, almost surprised himself that he scored the win. Charles Robinson raises his hand, with Carlito quickly fumbling out of the ring, looking absolutely delighted with his victory. MVP though, is in shock. He sits on his knees, looking in shock at Robinson, shaking his head, holding up two fingers.

Michael Cole: What a moment to be Carlito!!! After all his trials and tribulations over the last year, after all the questions over his ability, all the questions over his heart, and his desire … he just showed the world how much heart he has!! MVP after four months on Smackdown … is finally beaten!!!

Tazz: I’m in shock Cole. I knew Carlito was good enough to get the job done … I just didn’t think he would pull it off!!!

Michael Cole: Oh, he pulled it off alright, he just pinned M.V.P to the mat for the three count!!! What a turnaround for Carlito. Ladies and Gentlemen, if you didn’t think it was true before … you cant doubt it now … Carlito, IS, BACK!!!

Carlito leaves the arena, ecstatic over his win tonight, but in the ring, MVP is still beside himself. Porter gets to his feet, grabbing Robinson by the shirt, pushing him against the ropes, bullying him, getting in his face, yelling “THAT WAS A FAST COUNT … THAT WASN’T THREE … DO YOU REALISE WHAT YOU‘VE JUST DONE TO ME??”

Robinson quakes, as the usually cool, calm, collected MVP blows his top, losing his composure, having just seen his undefeated streak blown out of the water. “YOU‘VE JUST COST ME MY WIN BONUS … YOU JUST COST ME A COMMERCIAL BONUS, DOZENS OF ENDORSEMENTS … YOU‘VE JUST COST ME THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS BY FAST COUNTING ME”

Still, MVP hasn’t cooled down, with Robinson protesting his innocence, trying to explain to Porter that it was a legitimate three count … but MVP refuses to listen … and BOOTS CHARLES ROBINSON IN THE GUT … AND DELIVERS THE PLAY OF THE DAY!!!


Tazz: M.V.P aint used to losin Cole. He don’t take it well, as you can see.

Michael Cole: If he cant accept being beaten by the better man, maybe he should find himself a different profession. This isn’t right!!!

With a snarl on his face, MVP looks down at the poor Ric Flair look-a-like, breathing heavy, having to come to terms with his first EVER loss.

Michael Cole: He might have the biggest contract in Smackdown history, but he has no class. MVP isn’t a professional, that’s not how professionals conduct themselves.

Tazz: And might I add Cole, with that assault on Charles Robinson, he’s most likely facing a hefty fine. Arn Anderson wont be standin for that.

Michael Cole: And rightly so. It’s been a bad night for MVP - he’s lost his winning streak, he’s lost his win bonus, and he’s sure to have a lighter wallet after that unprovoked assault.

Porter now leaves the ring, still seething with rage, and rips a poster held by a heckling fan, venting more anger, as he leaves the arena.

Michael Cole: A tough night at the office for Montel Vontavious Porter, but what kind of night will it be for Chris Jericho?? He teams with the man he collides with next week on Smackdown tonight, as he and Edge take on Nick Dinsmore, Garrison Cade and Ken Doane. Can the two rivals co-exist tonight?? Josh Mathews is hoping to get those answers, he’s standing by with Chris Jericho as we speak…

And indeed, we see Josh, with Jericho standing by…

Josh Matthews: Thank you Michael, and Chris Jericho tonight, you are forced to team with Edge, one week before you meet to determine the Number One Contender for Randy Ortons WWE Championship. How can the pair of you be expected to co-exist knowing what hangs in the balance next week??

Jericho ponders, showing a smile before speaking.

Chris Jericho: What?? Do you think I should leave Edge hanging?? Ya think I should just not show up tonight, and let Edge get his ass handed to him by three ass-clowns?? Is that Josh, what you think might happen later??

Josh pulls the mic to answer, but Jericho pulls it back towards himself.

Chris Jericho: As clever as that might be … I’m not gonna pull that trick. No, tonight Josh, I’m gonna use this match as a statement of intent. Y’see, I’m gonna give Edge the chance to see the new Chris Jericho, up close, and personal. He’s gonna see a different man to the one he battled at Saturday Nights Main Event … he’s gonna see a different man to the one he saw at WrestleMania Twenty Three.

The camera closes up on Jericho, as he pauses for a moment, before looking down slightly, narrowing his eyes.

Chris Jericho: And he’s not gonna like what he sees.

Some cheers are heard in the background.

Chris Jericho: And while Edge is going to see the new Chris Jericho … Randy Ortons cronies are gonna experience the new Chris Jericho. And Josh, I’m gonna leave all three of ‘em with a extra special message for our esteemed WWE Champion … and that’s that I’m comin for him.

Ultra serious, Jericho shows a new found intensity.

Chris Jericho: I’ve been given a big opportunity Junior … and I’m not gonna blow it by getting involved in any mind games with Edge tonight. The way I see it, Edge is my tag team partner tonight … and nothing more than an obstacle in my way next week.

Pausing once more, Jericho takes a moment to think.

Chris Jericho: I’ve got an opportunity to get my hands on the WWE title … and I’m gonna grab it with both hands.

Now, Jericho turns away … AND EDGE IS THERE!!! The fans pop in the background, as the two rivals meet, face to face.

Edge: Cute. Very cute Jericho. But while you’re trying to pretend that you’re pissed off about something … I AM PISSED OFF!!!

Trying to keep a lid on his emotions, Edge calms himself, whilst Jericho remains almost statuesque, staring coldly into his adversaries eyes.

Edge: Randy Orton made me look a fool- he made me look like an idiot, at WrestleMania. Not only did he accomplish something in one night I failed to do in a- in … in a year … but he did it … THANKS TO MEEE!!!

Running his fingers through his hair aggressively, Edge calms himself again.

Edge: So while you’re gonna grab this opportunity with- with both hands … I … am going to RIP IT from you.

Edge makes his point, and makes it brief, storming on, as Jericho turns, watching as Edge storms off, but remaining calm, as we fade out…


We return with Deuce and Domino and Charlie Haas all already in the ring.


Carrying his trusty shillelagh, Finlay marches onto the stage, and down the aisle, ahead of his Smackdown debut.

Michael Cole: Welcome back to Friday Night Smackdown, and we are set for a six man tag team match, featuring of course, the three men already in the ring, as they face three of the new additions to Smackdown, Booker T, Elijah Burke and Finlay. But just moments ago, the long running undefeated streak of Montel Vontavious Porter came to a screeching halt.

Tazz: And to say MVP wasn’t happy about it would be an understatement.

Michael Cole: Indeed, MVP completely lost it with our official, Charles Robinson, and in my mind, he crossed the line.

Tazz: Yeah, I gotta agree. And you just have to wonder what action Double A will take with him.


Booker T and his protégé, Elijah Burke, enter to a good reception, joining the fighting Irishman on the aisle, with Booker T making his first Smackdown appearance in over five years.

Michael Cole: But right now Tazz, we are set to get our first look at the three men drafted to Smackdown this past Monday!!

Charlie Haas, Deuce & Domino vs. Finlay, Booker T & Elijah Burke
Short match, with the ultra talented Haas carrying the load for the heel side, in a match where the outcome seems obvious from before it begins. After a brief period of domination for the faces in the opening exchange, Haas takes over, getting the better of Finlay, and working him over. Deuce and Domino both get involved in the action too as the Irishman is wisely targeted, coming off the back of a rough couple of weeks after MITB, and two physical matches with Umaga. Unable to make a tag out, Finlay tries to put up a fight back, but his three opponents do a good job of keeping him away from his corner, but eventually, Deuce and Domino screw it up, and Finlay comes off the ropes to clobber both men with a double clothesline, then tags out to the five time WCW Champion!!!

Booker enters the ring like a train, knocking down the greasers, knocking down an incoming Haas, then catches Deuce with a Harlem side kick, before knocking Domino out of the ring with a clothesline over the top rope, and Haas follows with a back body drop from the Book. Now, Booker has his sights on Deuce … AND SCORES WITH A BOOK END!!! He makes the cover, 1...2...HAAS PULLS THE REFEREE OUT OF THE RING!!! That sparks Burke and Finlay back into action, with Elijah hurling himself over the top rope, and onto Haas on the outside, whilst Finlay makes a beeline for Domino. In the ring, Booker leans over the ropes, calling for the ref to get back inside … BUT DEUCE ROLLS BOOKER UP … AND THE REFEREE SLIDES BACK IN FOR THE COUNT … 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

Deuce nearly steals it, but Booker kicks out. The two trade blows as they reach their feet, with Deuce surprisingly winning the exchange, sending Booker off the ropes, but ducks down … which invites A SCISSORS KICK FROM BOOKER T!!! Then, just for more crowd pleasing antics, Booker performs the spin-a-roonie, before hooking the leg of his opponent, 1...2...3!!!
Winners: Booker T, Elijah Burke & Finlay @ 04:55

A great start to his new life on Smackdown, Booker picks up a win, as his tag partners join him in the ring to have their hands raised. Finlay doesn’t stick around for long, and allows Booker & Burke to celebrate the win, marking the teams re-debut here on Smackdown, finally stepping out of the shadows of Straight Edge over on Raw.

Michael Cole: A dream start for Booker T and Elijah Burke here on Smackdown tonight, Tazz.

Tazz: Damn straight, Cole. Those two looked completely refreshed, with a clean slate to start from here on Smackdown. Booker T back to his best if you ask me.

Michael Cole: Perhaps a sign of things to come Tazz. Booker T and Elijah Burke will surely be keeping an eye on the performance of the WWE Tag Team Champions tonight, when AMW face the Hardy Boys in a tables match. It is the farewell for the era of Matt & Jeff. From this coming Monday, the two brothers will be on opposite sides of the spectrum, with Matt moving to Raw as apart of the draft.

Tazz: Cannot wait to see those two teams tear it up, one last time tonight Cole.

Michael Cole: And still to come, three on two. Ken Doane, Garrison Cade and Nick Dinsmore of The New Wave will take on the two men that go head to head next week in Madison Square Garden, the two men that will be looking to book a WWE title shot against Randy Orton in two weeks time, Edge and Chris Jericho.

Tazz: St-

Suddenly, we switch backstage, and see MVP in a huff, still throwing a fit over his first ever loss earlier. Porter is heard shouting ‘GET ME A MONITOR … THAT WAS A QUICK COUNT!!!’, as he barges around, looking for a monitor to re-watch his loss to Carlito earlier.

The camera then switches back to ringside.

Michael Cole: Well, certainly, MVP is not happy. But Tazz, the fact is, he lost, and there wasn’t any problems with the count.

Tazz: No, I agree with ya Cole. MVP is gonna have to suck it up. He lost tonight, and he needs to bounce back from that. He needs to accept it, and he needs to get on with it. Everyone loses eventually.

**HEY YO**

To a nice ovation, the Cruiserweight champion, Brian Kendrick steps out onto the stage, carrying his championship gold, as he looks to join commentary this evening.

Michael Cole: And it would appear ladies and gentlemen, that we are set to be joined by our Cruiserweight Champion, Brian Kendrick.

Tazz: Interesting. We saw last week, Kendrick promise the first crack at his title to either Chavo Guerrero or Super Crazy, yet, he’s out here to join us for a match between Funaki, and the former champion, Kid Kash.

Michael Cole: Well, rumours have been running rampant over the last week since that promise was made, that Kid Kash is fuming. It’s been said that Kid Kash had it written in his contract prior to WrestleMania that should he lose the title, he would have a rematch before any other title shots were decided.

Tazz: Smart thinking if true, Cole. Kid Kash aint no slouch. And Kendrick is doing the wise thing to get a look at the man he defeated at WrestleMania, because they may just be meeting soon enough.

Michael Cole: Brian Kendrick will be joining us, when we come back.

Commercial Break

We return at ringside, where Brian Kendrick has joined Cole and Tazz, as Funaki’s music plays in the background.

Michael Cole: And welcome back to Friday Night Smackdown. Tazz and I are joined by the new Cruiserweight Champion, and Brian Kendrick, I would suggest you’re here to take a look at Kid Kash, and see just how he will rebound off his loss to you at WrestleMania less than two weeks ago.

Brian Kendrick: Well, I’m also here to get a look at Funaki, Michael. With me as the new Cruiserweight champion, everyone is starting off with a clean slate.

Tazz: I’m sure you’ve heard the rumours though, that Kid Kash has a contract clause written in that before anyone else has a crack at that title, he’s first in line with a rematch.

Brian Kendrick: Yeah, I’ve heard that. But as far as I’m concerned, Kash wasn’t true to his word when he screwed myself and Chavo over at the Royal Rumble, so maybe it’s time for him to experience a taste of his own medicine.


And to a smattering of boos, Kid Kash enters the fray, striding down the aisle, walking around ringside, and grabs a mic, blanking Kendrick for now, as he rolls into the ring, ignoring his opponent.

He motions for the music to cut, then spins around, now paying attention to the relaxed looking champion on the outside.

Kid Kash: Hey Bri. Not that I wanna burst that bubble you’re livin’ in … but if ya think I’m gonna jus’ stand idly by … stan’ aside, an’ watch while ya hand out gift’s to your friends … hand out title matches to ‘Chavito’, an’ ‘Soop’?? Big time mistaken son.

Boos for Kash, as he leans over the ropes.

Kid Kash: Naw. You’d better be thinkin’ short term. Stop thinkin’ about who oughta get the first crack … ‘cause I got the answer.

Taking a moment, Kash leans over further, slowly but sternly speaking…

Kid Kash: KID … KASH!!!

Boos ring out for the former champion.

Kid Kash: So boy, get yourself some paper, borrow a pen … and take some notes, cause Imma givin’ a lesson tonight in how to strike fear into a paper champ.

Kash dumps the mic to the outside, then turns around … AND GETS DROPKICKED BY FUNAKI!!!

Match 3:
Funaki vs. Kid Kash
Instantly, Funaki goes for the cover, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Kash jumps up, but is cradled by Funaki, looking for a shock win, 1...2...KICK OUT AGAIN!!! Once more, Kash jumps to his feet, swings a wild clothesline, but Funaki ducks under, then school boys the former CW champion, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Kash is all over the place as he shoots up, and Funaki takes him down, then jacknifes the cover, 1...2...NO!!! This time, Kash powers up from the pinning position, and looks for a backslide, but Funaki breaks free, then looks for a DDT … BUT KASH SPINS OUT, AND CRACKS FUNAKI WITH A SHORT ARM CLOTHESLINE!!!

And for Funaki that would be all she wrote. Kash doesn’t take his foot off the gas as soon as he makes his mark on the match. Funaki puts up a fight, kicking out of a neck breaker, and surviving a single leg crab, but it’s an onslaught of epic proportions from Kash to Funaki, making plenty of gestures to the on looking Brian Kendrick, and eventually, puts the match to bed, holding Funaki in position, as Kash goads the champion on the outside, before dropping Funaki, mercifully ending it with the Dead Level, and makes the cover, glaring at BK on the outside as the count is made, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Kid Kash @ 03:58

Emphatically, the Notorious K-I-D sends a clear, concise message to Brian Kendrick, and the Cruiserweight Champion watches intently, ignoring questions from Michael Cole, staying silent instead, nodding at Kash, with the former champion motioning around his waist, and pointing to the belt, letting Kendrick know exactly what his plans are, as we fade out to a commercial.

Commercial Break

Raw Rebound;
* Quick highlights of the draft picks from both sides
* Randy Orton defeating Shawn Michaels to rubberstamp his, and The New Wave’s move to Smackdown
* The final segment of the show, where Mr. McMahon declares his intention to buy back full ownership of the WWE, taking it off the stock market, announcing Triple H as the Number One Contender, and McMahon Appreciation Night next week in Madison Square Garden, before firing Eric Bischoff.

Now, we go back to ringside, where Michael Cole is clearly reading off a sheet of paper.

Michael Cole: And please join us for a celebration like no other this Monday Night on Raw. It’s a night dedicated to the first family of wrestling, and a night that allows fans of sports entertainment around the globe to appreciate the wonderful work of the McMahon Family.

Cole sets the piece of paper down, then looks across to Tazz, eyebrows raised, with Tazz looking quite awkward about the whole deal too. Both men sit in silence for a moment, until…


The music of The New Wave hits {the old Orton theme. Any suggestions for something better, gimme a yell}, and the three minor members of the group enter the stage, getting heat from the fans, as they prepare for this three on two handicap match.

Michael Cole: Well Tazz, here is the opportunity these three have been looking for over the last few months. Since aligning with Randy Orton last year, Nick Dinsmore, Garrison Cade and Ken Doane have constantly been accused of living off the name of the Career Killer.

Tazz: Which I think is a little bit unfair. The New Wave have struggled to get the recognition they deserve, but they just didn’t get a shot to shine on Raw. Now, Arn Anderson is gonna be determined to make these three earn their keep on Smackdown. No coasting along, and I think these three will all be chomping at the bit to prove a point.

Michael Cole: And at the same time, you’ve gotta wonder just how Edge and Chris Jericho will co-exist. Next week, they meet, head on, with a WWE Championship shot hanging in the balance.


To a bigger response, Chris Jericho enters the arena, focusing on the ring, as he walks down the aisle.

Michael Cole: We’re set to find out, just how Chris Jericho and the Rated R Superstar will coexist, when Smackdown returns!!!

Commercial Break


And back, with Edge on his way to the ring, with Jericho circling the ring, as the questions mount on commentary about how they can team with a #1 Contenders match in the balance next week. Neither man acknowledges the other, but the music dies down, and ARN ANDERSON appears on the tron.

Arn Anderson: Y’know, I’m gettin’ older. I apologise for that, but gentlemen, I forgot to add a very important note to my announcement of this match earlier. Just a little extra note to take down.

The GM pauses for a moment, as all eyes turn to him on the tron.

Arn Anderson: Edge, Chris, next week, you pair are gonna go one on one, with a title shot for the winner. That’s a given. But- … aint there always a but?? If either one of ya tries to play it cute tanight, and walk out … or attack your partner … or do anything that doesn’t constitute tryin to win the match?? Then you’re gonna be outta the title picture.

Pop from the fans.

Arn Anderson: Got that??

Now, Edge and Jericho look across the ringside area at one another, before both make their way around to their side of the ring, with Jericho taking it upon himself to start the match…

The New Wave vs. Chris Jericho & Edge
Jericho and Dinsmore lock up quickly, and struggle around the ring, but it’s Jericho that eventually goes behind, tackling ‘The Prodigy’ down, and quickly applies a headlock to keep him at bay. The exchange continues in this fashion, with the pair showing their superior wrestling prowess, grappling around on the mat, and to their feet, where Dinsmore shoots Jericho off the ropes, with Jericho holding the ropes as he hits them, and Dinsmore ducking down. Dinsmore then shoots up, wondering what happened, as Jericho gives him a big fuck you salute, then clotheslines him to the mat!!! The fans pop, as Dinsmore crawls to the ropes, acting as an invite for Y2J to run at the ropes, and sticks his knee into the back of his opponent, before tagging out to Edge.

Edge continues to pile the pressure on, full of intensity, looking to unleash his pent up frustration, but after an initial hot spell, Edge allows his anger to get the best of him, and takes his eyes off Doane and Cade, with the other two members of the New Wave hatching a plan, as Doane distracts the referee for a moment, allowing Cade to clobber the Rated R Superstar from behind!!! Dinsmore drops a leg to the back of the neck, and gets a two count, but Edge kicks out. This gives Dinsmore a chance to tag out, and he brings in Cade. Cade doesn’t waste a second, and gets to work on Edge, bringing the power of the New Wave. He charges Edge into the corner, thrusting his shoulders into Edge’s midsection, wearing out the Rated R Superstar. Cade continues the wearing out process, keeping the offence simple, and tags out to Doane, holding Edge in position, allowing Doane to axe handle off the top, onto the exposed ribs of the opponent.

Doane continues where Cade left off, but uses his speed and guile, rather than power to wear the Rated R Superstar down. Using the referees count to his advantage, Doane chokes Edge out on the ropes, breaking at four, chokes him with his boot in the corner, breaking at four. With a couple of near falls, Doane has Edge in trouble, and tags out to Cade again. Garrison quickly hurls Edge to the outside, and runs him into the ring post, then drops him onto the barricade, before setting up an Irish whip into the steel steps, but the big man gets overconfident … AND EDGE REVERSES … SENDING CADE INTO THE STEPS INSTEAD!!! The two men beat the ten count, and get back inside, with both trying to reach their corners, and if there was any doubt over Jerichos intentions, those are allayed, as he reaches out to make a tag … AND GETS IT … AS DOES KEN DOANE!!!

Jericho meets Doane in the middle of the ring, but lights Doane up with a thunderous knife edge chop!!! Doane spins around, clutching his chest, with Jericho now hammering away at The Future, backing him into the ropes, lighting up with chops, then sends him off the ropes, knocking him down with a running forearm. Jericho then hit’s the ropes … BUT DINSMORE TRIPS HIS LEG!!! Jericho stumbles out, then turns to confront Dinsmore, hitting him with a baseball slide, but as he gets back up, Doane pounces with a Russian leg sweep!!! And again, the match turns in favour of the New Wave. Doane scores a near fall off the Russian, and stomps away at Jericho to keep him under control. Cade is tagged in, and roughs Jericho up some more, with Edge getting frustrated now on the outside. Meanwhile, The New Wave begin to put their numbers advantage to good use, tricking the referee with distractions to allow a spare member to attack, anytime Jericho musters any offence.

Jericho continues to survive the attack, kicking out, with Edge growing more and more frustrated on the outside, but doing little to save Jericho, despite the continued cheating of the New Wave. Inside, Jericho is unable to fight off the numbers, and looks to be fading, as Dinsmore delivers a delayed vertical suplex, floating over for a cover, 1...2...Kick Out. Jericho refuses to stay down, as the New Wave begin to run out of ideas, as Dinsmore tags Cade back in. Cade plants Jericho with a sidewalk slam quickly, but again, can only score a two count, which begins to get him angered, with Jericho refusing to stay down. He now goes for it all, and sets Jericho up for his finish, throwing him up onto his shoulders, looking for the RAZORS EDGE … but Jericho wriggles free and slips off his back … Cade turns around … STANDING ENZIGURI CONNECTS!!!!! The fans come to their feet in anticipation, as Jericho now moves toward Edge, looking to tag out, but Edge seems reluctant!! The Rated R Superstar looks around, seemingly torn … then eventually sticks his hand out … and accepts the tag!!!

Edge makes the tag, just as Dinsmore tags in off Cade, and the Rated R Superstar ducks under a clothesline, and delivers the Buzz Killer!!! Straight back up, he is met by an incoming Ken Doane, but kicks him in the gut, AND SENDS HIM OUT OF THE RING!!! Edge turns around from that … AND EATS A BIG BOOT FROM CADE!!! The big Texan nearly boots Edges head off his shoulders, and looks to drag Dinsmore onto him … BUT JERICHO COMES FROM BEHIND … BULLDOG … FOLLOWED BY A LIONSAULT!!! Jericho hit’s the Lionsault on big Garrison Cade, then spots Doane back on the apron, and immediately jumps to the ropes … SPRINGBOARD DROPKICK!!! Jericho takes Cade and Doane out of commission, but as he gets to his feet, Nick Dinsmore is recovering, and he lines up an attack on Jericho … BUT EDGE SAVES JERICHO WITH A SPEAR TO DINSMORE!!! He makes the cover, and the referee makes the count, with Jericho making sure the count isn’t broken, 1...2...3!!!
Winners: Edge & Chris Jericho @ 11:34

The two rivals have come together and scored a win against the odds!!! And undoubtedly, the teamwork in the end was the deciding factor!!! The two men now stare across the ring from one another, a week away from colliding head on for a shot at Randy Orton. The two don’t say a word, as Edge’s music plays … BUT JERICHO RUNS … PAST EDGE … AND DELIVERS THE CODEBREAKER TO CADE!!!

For a split second, it looked like Jericho was going to attack Edge, but instead … he SAVED him from Cade. Jericho reaches his feet, and as he turns back to Edge … EDGE STORMS AT HIM … BUT PUSHES PAST … AND SPEARS DOANE OFF THE APRON!!!

They saved each other!!! The two men now stand tall in the ring, knowing what lies at stake next week, with Jericho backing out of the ring slowly, going through the ropes, whilst Edge watches on in the ring, as the New Wave crawl to Doane on the outside, looking to lick their wounds from this loss.

Michael Cole: In the end, Jericho and Edge came together for a common goal. But next week, all bets are off. There will be no mistaking when Jericho charges toward Edge next week in Madison Square Garden. There will be no questions marks over Edge’s intended target when he lines up a Spear next week!!!

Tazz: Damn straight Cole. These two are gonna go all out for the win next week, and it wont be as a team, it’ll be every man for himself.

Michael Cole: Two men who are desperate to wear the WWE Championship, but only one will move a step closer next week on Smackdown. What a night it promises to be in New York.

Tazz: It’s gonna be off the hook Cole.

Michael Cole: But before all that, we still have our main event to come tonight. The brothers Hardy, are hoping to make it a homecoming to remember. In their own backyard of Carolina, they are set to bid farewell to one another, with Matt Hardy moving to Raw this Monday. Tonight, they settle the score, once and for all with Americas Most Wanted, in a tables match.

Tazz: What a main event Cole. The roof is gonna blow off this place when Matt and Jeff hit this arena later.

Michael Cole: Will it be a fairytale ending to the team of Matt and Jeff Hardy?? Or will the fairytale end in disaster, just like it did at WrestleMania?? We’ll find out, later tonight.

Commercial Break

We return from a commercial with a graphic for;



Michael Cole: WOW!! The former United States Champion, JBL, will be here next week on Friday Night Smackdown!!

Tazz: Huge, huge news Cole. We got a quick glimpse of JBL at WrestleMania, but we can be sure that the self made millionaire will not be wanting to dwell on what happened in Nawlins, after he was humiliated by Hulk Hogan.

Michael Cole: JBL has not appeared on Smackdown in over four months, ever since he was injured at the Survivor Series. And Tazz, there has been a lot of speculation in recent months that JBL may never fully recover from his back problems.

Tazz: Well, one things for sure Cole, we’ll find out just what JBL has on his mind next week on Smackdown.

Michael Cole: In his favourite city in the whole world too!!! New York City!!!


Conspicuous by his absence thus far, the United States Champion enters the arena, still wearing the grin he’s head on his face ever since WrestleMania, along with a leather jacket over his ring attire. He ignores the heat from the fans, and makes his way down the aisle, looking pleased with himself, and pushes the title belt into the camera, making sure he is heard saying “Still mine baby”, as he reaches the ring, rolling inside.

He picks up a mic, seemingly left for him, as the music dies.

Brent Albright: Hold the applause.

Indeed, the fans DO hold their applause, and instead, giving the cocky champion heat.

Brent Albright: Hold the applause, because YOUR U.S Champ … has got something to get off his chest … his perfect, muscular, toned, chest.

More dislike for Brent, as he smirks out of his beard.

Brent Albright: Really, that’s no way to appreciate THE longest running champion in ALL of the WWE TO-DAY!!

The champion nods, shining up his belt with his palm.

Brent Albright: That’s right people, I, Brent Albright, am the longest running champion in the entire World Wrestling Entertainment global brand today. Y’see, it mighta escaped your attention, but I’ve been representing each and every single one of you- yep, even you people down in the Carolinas-

Cheap heat.

Brent Albright: I’ve been representing the entire country, ALL FIFTY STATES of our America … I have single handedly carried the hopes of a nation on my hulking back from LAST October.

Albright nods, but the fans aren’t happy.

Brent Albright: And since that time every other champion in this company has come and gone. Triple H, John Cena and Christian have all had the World title over on Raw … Shelton Benjamin and Rey Mysterio have been the Intercontinental Champs over on inferior Mondays … MNM and Melina have lost their stranglehold over the World Tag titles and the womens belt to Straight Edge and Alexis Laree too.

Brent allows himself a second to smile, halfway through his roll call of champions during his reign.

Brent Albright: And over here … RVD has lost the WWE title to Randy Orton, AMW took the tag titles last December, and little Brian Kendrick just won the Cruiserweight belt at WrestleMania.

Boos pour in for the annoying U.S Champion.

Brent Albright: But- through all that time, there has been ONE constant. There has been one champion you have been able to rely on … to pull through the hard times, and that’s … well, that’s me.

Holding up his left hand, Albright shows off his four fingers and thumb to suggest the number five.

Brent Albright: In five months, a lot can change. It’s been twenty four weeks to this night, since I enriched all your lives, by becoming the sole representative of our glorious country. In those one hundred and sixty eight days, our country has experienced a HUGE upswing across the board.


Brent Albright: The economy is better than ever, crime rates are down … our President has never been more popular … we’ve had the brightest winter on record, and with me representing ALL OF US, around the globe, we’re gonna have the hottest summer we’ve ever had.

Albright shrugs, and waves his hand away, as if someone is applauding him.

Brent Albright: I’m not looking for credit though people, I‘m not after any type of attention. I’m just statin pure facts, Albright style.

The champion makes a ‘Shooter’ motion with his hand to the camera, winking as he does it.

Brent Albright: And the fact is, I’ve been United States Champion for a damn sight longer than half the marriages in this country last.

The fans suddenly pick up, and give Brent much more vociferous heat.

Brent Albright: I’ve been U.S Champ for a hell of a lot longer than any of you could ever dream of staying faithful to your partner.

And the heat descends further, as the fans start to get very pissed.

Brent Albright: And my reign as United States Champ has outlasted any length of time any of you people could hold down a job for.

A few ‘ALBRIGHT SUCKS’ chants develop from the front row, but don’t catch on, although Albright makes a point of acknowledging it.

Brent Albright: This right here says I don’t.

Smiling again, Brent blocks out the jeers, fixing the belt on his shoulder.

Brent Albright: Now-

The chant has caught on now. Albright appears visibly upset at the ‘ALBRIGHT SUCKS’ chants, and loses his cool demeanour.


The boos continue, but Albright talks over it.

Brent Albright: I’ll answer for ‘em … I DON’T!!! I am … THE United States Champion, I’ve earned the right, I’ve taken on all comers, and I’ve beat them all. No one can question that. I’ve beat two of the biggest, baddest dogs on offer … no questions asked, and yet you morons cant accept me!!!

Albright stops, head down, breathing heavy, trying to calm himself, fixing his hair back, before looking up again, calmly continuing.

Brent Albright: Bobby Lashley … Dave Batista … have both tried … and they both failed. Despite the size advantage, despite the power they both possess, despite the intimidation factor they both bring to the table … I accepted the challenges … and I stand before you today … STILL … United, States, Champion.

Boos for the champion, as the camera closes in, and he narrows his eyes for the close up.

Brent Albright: I’ve met every challenge, I’ve beat the biggest, I’ve beat the baddest … I truly am … the definition … of a modern day giant killer.

Brent nods, but the fans don’t seem to like the self proclaimed moniker.

Brent Albright: So tonight … here’s the challenge. An open challenge. Anybody in the back that thinks they can shut the ‘Giant Killer’ up … anyone thinks they can prove the ‘Giant Killer’ wrong … be my guest.

Albright stretches his arms out to the side, as if to say “Well, I‘m waiting”

Brent Albright: The bigger … the better …

Smirking, Albright awaits a challenge, perhaps only throwing it down because he knows all the big men of the roster aren’t here.

Brent Albright: I guess no one is willing to be humbled by the Unit-


It’s certainly not a giant … it’s Paul London instead. The highly popular Golden Boy enters - in his gear - and makes his way down the aisle, sporting a smile of his own, whilst Albright is smiling too, mouthing ‘Really??’, as London slides inside.

The music dies down, as London gives the cheering fans a thumbs up, whilst Albright tries to contain himself from laughing.

Brent Albright: When I said the bigger the better … I didn’t mean little league big … I meant, big, big.

Boos for Brent, whilst London laughs it off.

Brent Albright: Kid, I slay giants for a livin … what do you imagine I‘d do to you?? Just, do yourself a favour … turn around now, before I do some serious damage.

Albright tries to shoo London away, but Paul stands firm. Indeed, he motions for the mic, and Albright, perhaps just for kicks, lets him have it.

Paul London: I know what ya meant Brent … I know what ya said. I get that you’ve beat the biggest there is on Smackdown, I get that you’re callin yourself the giant killer. The way I see it, champ … you’ve proven yourself against those guys … so why not try something different??

Brent laughs at the thought of facing London, but seems to respond with a ‘what the hell, why not’ kind of body language, accepting the ‘challenge’. He takes the mic back, and smirks in the face of the confident London…

Brent Albright: Something different?? You do realise that I will retire you, don’t’cha??

London stays calm, and confident as he leans over…

Paul London: I guess I’ll have to find out.

Albright shrugs, and almost sympathetically responds.

Brent Albright: So be it.

We now see the official in the ring, as Albright turns throwing the mic out, and taking off his jacket.

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, it would appear we have ourselves an impromptu match. Brent Albright issued an open challenge to any big man in the back, but instead, he got Paul London.

Tazz: He may not be big like Batista or Lashley, but Cole, you and I both know that Paul London has a heart bigger than anyone in the back.

Michael Cole: That’ll be put to the test Tazz, no doubt, when we come back. It’s Albright and London, in just a few moments…

Commercial Break

Brent Albright vs. Paul London
We join the match in progress from the commercial, with Albright working over the arm of London, as Michael Cole informs us that London had caused Albright problems in the early going, but got caught coming off the top with a cross body, with Brent scoring a dropkick. Already, the U.S Champ is targeting his favourite part of the body - the arm - as he looks to set up the Crowbar. As ever though, London refuses to go down without a fight, and struggles free of the countless holds Albright applies, fighting back with forearms that rock Brent, as London gains some steam, running off the ropes, BUT GETS CAUGHT WITH A RELEASE BELLY TO BELLY OFF HIS RETURN!!!!! Albright sets on his knees, with a smile on his face, rolling London over, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

Not put off by the kick out, Albright instead seems to get even more confident, as he stands over the Golden Boy, having a good time, stomping the head of the dizzy former cruiserweight champion. He drags London up, charging him into the corner, then works over the arm again with deliberate, straight rights to the upper arm, before wrapping the body part over the top rope, eventually pulling away at the referees count of four. Again though, Albright focuses on the arm, softening it up for the eventual attempt at the Crowbar, and wrenches the arm once more, but this time, London flips over, freeing himself … AND SCORES WITH A DROPSAULT!!! Brent staggers into the ropes, as London picks up some steam again, running off the ropes … BUT AGAIN … Albright catches him … AND DELIVERS A T-BONE SUPLEX!!! The cover is made, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

Now, visibly frustrated, Albright has a poker face, not used to dominating matches in recent times, and looks to be getting anxious with the gutsy London refusing to stay down. He drags London up, but quickly executes an arm breaker, taking him straight back down. Suddenly, he switches, and looks for THE CROWBAR … BUT LONDON ROLLS FREE AND GRABS THE ROPES!!! Pounding the mat in anger, the United States Champion kicks at London, forgetting his wrestling roots for the moment, dragging London up, softening him with a succession of forearm strikes, then sends London across the ring with an Irish whip into the corner. He bounds in after, but quick as a flash, London pushes himself up, onto the top rope, with Brent hitting the buckles!!! The champion staggers out, then shakes the cobwebs, charging toward London, who is perched, and leaps off, catching his bigger opponent with a mushroom stomp, sending him back into the corner, and as Brent staggers out again, London attempts a DDT … BUT ALBRIGHT SPINS OUT … HALF NELSON SUPLEX … AND LONDON LANDS ON HIS NECK!!!

The sick thud off the mat is enough for Cole to proclaim “IT‘S OVER”, and Brent appears to agree, showing a grin, as he slowly makes the elementary(?) cover … 1...2...SHOULDER UP!!! The over confident grin suddenly becomes a nervous smile, as Albright tries to accept the kick out from the courageous opponent. He slowly rises to his feet, and puts on a front, acting overly confident again, proclaiming to the fans that “This kid doesn’t know what‘s good for ‘em”, whilst he watches London slowly pull himself up. The U.S Champion trips him down, and stands over London, who is laid on his front, with Brent just slapping London around the head, bad mouthing as he does it, getting him heat from the fans. He then drags his opponent to the corner again, dropping the arm over the top rope, as he drops to the floor. London reels away, holding his bad arm, as Albright swaggers back inside, watching as London tries to shake his arm loose in the opposite corner. Brent has a smile etched on his face as he watches on, then proclaims “Sitting duck”, taking time to pull his hair back, THEN, charges across the ring to leap at the arm of London … BUT LONDON MOVES … BRENT HIT’S THE CORNER … TURNS AROUND … JUMPING CALF KICK!!! Albright goes down, as London leaps up top … and doesn’t even think about it, AS HE SOARS WITH THE 450 SPLASH!!! The move connects, and London covers, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Paul London @ 09:31

Instantly, London slips out of the ring, overwhelmed by his victory, immediately making his way up the aisle, with his hands over his head, shocked that he just upset the U.S Champion!!

Michael Cole: Oh my word!! Tazz, Paul London just beat the United States Champion!!! Paul London just shoved those words of that big mouthed Brent Albright right down his throat!!!

Tazz: You better believe it Cole!!! Paul London just embarrassed Brent Albright!!!

Michael Cole: He may be a giant killer, but Albright might have just met his match in the hundred ninety five pound Paul London!!! And what does this do to the title picture?? Has Paul London just earned himself a crack at the self proclaimed Giant Killer??

Tazz: Oh man, that’s a helluva question. He’s damn sure earned the right, but don’t be surprised if Albright wants no part of London after that. He just got completely outmanoeuvred by the Golden Boy.

Slowly coming to, Albright is on his knees, doing his best MVP expression, shocked that he just succumbed to a defeat against his supposedly ‘inferior’ opponent. London escapes up the ramp, whilst Albright remains stationary on his knees, face frozen, completely in shock that London caused the upset.

Michael Cole: And he STILL looks dumbstruck!!! He hasn’t even moved!!!

Indeed, Albright is still on his knees, trying to fathom how he lost a match he was in complete control over. London meanwhile, looks back from the top of the stage, smiling from ear to ear, before turning to leave.

In the ring though, Albright is slowly shaking his head, having had his words shoved down his throat tonight.

And backstage, we now see Matt and Jeff Hardy in the locker room, with the fans in Raleigh going nuts for their heroes. The two are seen talking, nodding as the other speaks, but we don’t hear the words, eventually, they both nod, touch knuckles, then hug, to a massive ovation, before Matt pats his brothers chest, and the two men turn, walking out of the room…

Michael Cole: It’s a final hurrah, for one last time, the most exciting team in WWE history are set to pair up for the last time ever. Team Extreme will join forces once more, and they will no doubt take it to the extreme again, in a tables match. In their way are the WWE tag team champions, AMW, and right now, Josh Mathews is standing by with the champs…

And there they are… Josh stands with Harris and Storm at either side of him, with the tag team champs getting a chorus of boos from the pro-Hardy audience.

Josh Mathews: AMW, tonight, the WWE Tag Team titles are NOT at stake, it’s purely personal, as you bring to an end your rivalry with Matt and Jeff Hardy.

Storm snatches the mic, and laughs over it.

James Storm: Listen to these people!!! Can you hear them Chris??

Chris Harris: Fraid so bud.

James Storm: Well, ladies and germs, guys an’ gals … Chris and I are about to do what we ALWAYS seem to do … what we do … BEST!!! We’re just about to shut every single one of ya up.

Harris puts his hand on the mic, taking it from Storm.

Chris Harris: Tonight, Raleigh, South Carolina-

Massive heat for that.

Chris Harris: Tonight, it’s the final life lesson for the boys who dream big. We’ve tried hammerin it home before … FAIRYTALES DON’T HAPPEN!!! In a perfect world, the nice guys win. In a dream land, the heroes conquer the villains. In the movies, good overcomes evil … but … HELLOOOO??

Storm gets to the camera, knocking the glass, as if to get the attention of the audience.

Chris Harris: THIS?? This is the REAL WORLD!!! Just like WrestleMania, THIS … IS … THE … REAL … WORLD!!! You people, Matt, Jeff … you don’t seem to have realised yet … well tonight, reality hits home … and it hits hard.

Storm puts his hand on the shoulder of his partner, taking the mic, and taking over.

James Storm: Like the man said … I’d love to see Matt and Jeff end their time together celebratin, in front of their people … but it just aint gonna happen. This is AMW, this is reality, and tonight boys, your reality?? It aint gonna be strawberries and champagne, it aint gonna be beautiful women and signing autographs…

Planting his face in the lens…

James Storm: It’s gonna be splinters and bruises … and it’s gonna be doctors and health insurance bills.

Storm hands over to Harris, as he fixes his hat.

Chris Harris: And at the end, AMW lived happily ever after.

The tag champions look to each other, nod, as Harris hands over to Storm once more.

James Storm: It was nice while it lasted boys, but I gotta say ... I'm so damn sorry, bout your damn luck.

The champions give each other a hand slap, before walking off the set, leaving Mathews to look on.

Commercial Break


The boos are ringing around the RBC Centre, as the current WWE Tag Team Champions enter for this non title tables match. The pair look as confident as ever, talking to each other as they walk down the aisle, ahead of this big main event.

Michael Cole: Ladies and Gentlemen, our main event tonight is commercial free, so sit back and enjoy, no more commercials this evening. It’s just Americas Most Wanted, the Hardy Boys, and a whole lot of tables.

Tazz: A whole, whole, whole lotta tables Cole. It’s like a damn hardware store out here!!!

AMW reach the ring, and now patiently await the ensuing madness once the Hardys enter.

Michael Cole: This rivalry has escalated over the past four months, it lead to the return of Jeff Hardy at the Royal Rumble, and now, it MUST end tonight. Tonight, Matt Hardy ends his tenure on Smackdown. As of Monday, he is property of Raw, and what a way it would be to end his time on Smackdown, winning his final match with his brother, in their home state.

It all falls quiet momentarily, as the fans grow impatient, desperate for their heroes…


And the roof damn near comes off the arena, as Matt and Jeff, full of vibrancy and life, run onto the stage, feeding off the fans, as they signal to their adoring public, before focusing at their awaiting rivals.

Michael Cole: WHAT. AN. OVATION!!!

Tazz: Just listen to these people Cole!!! I can barely hear myself think here!!!

Michael Cole: My word, what an ovation, what an ovation for North Carolinas own, Hardy Boys!!!

Tazz: If that don’t get goosebumps on your arms, I don’t know what would, Cole!!! This is incredible!!!

The Hardys slap hands with fans down the aisle, but stop halfway, with Matt patting his brothers chest, then pointing to the ring, with AMW begging for their adversaries to bring it on. Matt and Jeff look to one another, nod … AND SPRINT TO THE RING!!!

Michael Cole: AND HERE WE GO!!!

Tazz: Rocketbuster time, Cole!!!

Americas Most Wanted vs. Hardy Boys
There is no time wasted at all, as the four men engage in an all out brawl to start proceedings, spilling to the outside, with Matt and Jeff the early aggressors, sending the champions into the ringpost and barrier respectively. Jeff and Storm fight up the ramp, with Jeff hitting his now familiar front suplex slam onto the steel ramp, whilst at ringside, Matt sends Harris over with a hip toss, which provides him the opportunity to gain access to a table, setting it up, but Harris is back up before Matt can do anything with it, and rams Matt into the steps, before throwing him inside the ring. Inside, he sends Matt into the corner, charging in after him, but Matt gets a foot up, then knocks Harris down with a clothesline, as the red hot Hardys continue to gain the upper hand over every exchange.

Jeff now joins Matt in the ring, and they deliver a double reverse elbow, before sending Harris into the corner, as they set up for the Poetry in Motion … but as Jeff charges in … HARRIS FLIES OUT WITH A SPEAR!!! The fans go crazy for the counter, even if it is coming from the Wildcat, and before Matt can save Jeff, Storm is back, and he pulls Matt to the outside, leaving Harris and Jeff alone in the ring. Harris quickly looks to hit the Catatonic, but Hardy slips out, and punches himself free, before charging at Harris … BUT THE WILDCAT SIDE STEPS HIM, and Hardy goes flying over the top, to the outside … BUT HE HOLDS ONTO THE ROPES … SKINS THE CAT … WRAPPING HIS LEGS AROUND THE NECK OF HARRIS … AND TAKES HIM OUT WITH HIM!!!

All four men are on the outside now, and Matt and Jeff continue to dominate, with a double whip, sending AMW into EACH OTHER!!! A double clothesline follows, and now, Matt and Jeff make a beeline for the tables, sliding one inside the ring, and setting one up outside, but by this time, AMW are back up, and the tag team champions take the upper hand. Harris sends Matt over the barrier into the crowd, leaving Jeff to fight it out on his own, and doesn’t do too well, with AMW getting the better of him, weakening him down. Eventually, Storm sets Jeff on a table, whilst Harris climbs onto the apron, getting a run up, and looks to hit an Elbow Drop off the apron through the table on Jeff … but as he begins his run up, MATT COMES TO THE RESCUE … AND BLASTS STORM, BEFORE PULLING JEFF OFF THE TABLE AT THE LAST SECOND!!!


Of course, it doesn’t count, as he wasn’t physically put through the table, but the Wildcat will certainly be out of action for a few minutes after that, leaving Storm to fend for himself, as Matt attacks, whilst Jeff takes a second to catch his breath. Matt tackles the Cowboy down, pounding him on the ground, before dragging him up, but as he does, Storm rakes the eyes in an act of desperation. Matt reels away, allowing Storm to clobber him from behind, knocking him down. Now, Storm staggers around the ringside area, grabbing his title belt, but as he approaches Matt to strike him … JEFF tackles Storm down, unleashing a flurry of rights and lefts, much to the delight of the fans.

Matt and Jeff now team up once more, and roll The Cowboy back inside, but as Matt tries to re enter, Harris grabs his leg to stop him. Jeff does get back inside, and charges into Storm into the corner, beating away furiously again. He then sets the table up, but as he turns around, Storm comes back, attacking Jeff with a flurry of shots, then sends Jeff off the ropes, looking for a back body drop … but Jeff counters, rolling off the back, then rams Storm into the corner!!! Harris now gets back inside, having dealt with Matt, and drives his knee into the back of Jeff. AMW now send Jeff off the ropes, and look to double Flapjack him through the table … BUT MATT IS THERE … AND HE MOVES THE TABLE!!!

Jeff hit’s the mat, but avoided the table, as Matt swings at Harris, sending him reeling, then does the same with Storm, fighting off the champions. Jeff then gets to his feet to help out, and sends Storm out of the ring, before setting the table back up, as he and Matt now attempt a double suplex to put Harris through the table … but James Storm slides back in, and he moves the table, helping his partner avoid the grisly end. He then clotheslines Jeff down, before pairing off with Matt once more, and they brawl into the corner, trading blows back and forth.

Meanwhile, Harris and Jeff slowly recover, with Harris beating Jeff to the punch, and setting the table up, then hoisting Jeff to the top rope, setting himself … looking for a SUPERPLEX … but Jeff desperately tries to fight it off, and his tactics work, as Matt now races across the ring … AND LOOKS TO POWERBOMB HARRIS OFF THE ROPES … BUT STORM TOPPLES THE TABLE OVER … POWERBOMB CONNECTS … BUT NOT THROUGH THE TABLE!!! Storm turns around … BUT IS CAUGHT WITH A FRONT DROPKICK OFF THE TOP BY JEFF!!! Now, the Hardy Boys set the table up in the corner, placing Harris against it, with Matt kneeling down … JEFF CHARGES ACROSS … POETRY IN MOTION … AND HARRIS GOES THROUGH THE TABLE!!!

One down - one to go. Harris has gone through the wood, and now Storm needs to go for the match to end. Jeff stays down for a moment too, selling the effect of his high risk, whilst Storm and Matt now fight to the outside, brawling, going punch for punch. Storm manages to get a table set up on the outside, but gets no opportunity to use it, as Matt is back on him instantly. They spill momentarily into the sea of fans, whilst in the ring, Harris is dragged up by Jeff, but the Wildcat drops to his knees … AND PLANTS A LOW BLOW!!! Now, Harris spots the table … GOES BEHIND JEFF … AND APPLIES A FULL NELSON … AND SLAMS HIM … OVER THE TOP ROPE … THROUGH THE TABLE ON THE OUTSIDE!!!

‘HOLY SHIT’ chants ring out around the arena, with Jeff Hardy taking a sick bump, and now it’s down to one more table … Matt Hardy or James Storm … to crown the winner. The two men continue to fight in the crowd, but make their way back to the ringside area, with Matt clotheslining Storm over the barrier. Hardy then stands on the barrier, waiting for The Cowboy to get back up to his feet … AND FLIES OFF WITH A CLOTHESLINE!!! The fans eat it up, but Chris Harris now goes to the outside, knowing his side have a numerical advantage … and only need to put Matt through the table to win the match.

The tag team champions, with the numerical advantage, get the better of Matt, despite a spirited showing from the elder Hardy, and throw him back inside, working like a well oiled machine, as Harris hit’s an atomic drop, with Storm swooping in, following up with a Russian leg sweep. Now, Storm rolls out of the ring, going for another table, whilst Harris beats Matt down, keeping him in a weakened state, as the finish looms. He slides the table back inside, and now Harris sets it up, whilst Storm keeps Matt under control, hitting a trademark bulldog. The tag team champions now look to finish the contest … and set up for the DEATH SENTENCE!!! Storm holds Matt in position, hovering over the table, whilst Harris gets himself positioned on the top rope … and gets set to fly … BUT JEFF HARDY LEAPS ONTO THE APRON … AND SHOVES HARRIS OFF!!!

The Wildcat crashes onto the mats, and Matt fights off the hold of Storm … AND CONNECTS WITH A TWIST OF FATE!!! It’s a huge turnaround!!! Matt and Jeff (who is spaghetti legged) have turned the tide, and the fans are going crazy!!! Chris Harris staggers around the ringside area, as Jeff now sets himself up … AND RACES ALONG THE BARRIER … SPLASHING ONTO HARRIS!!! In the ring, Matt gets The Cowboy set on the table, and now climbs the ropes, setting up for the LEG DROP … AND MISSES!!! Storm rolled off the table … MATT HARDY CRASHES AND BURNS … THROUGH THE TABLE!!! He wasn’t put through though … and the match continues.

On the outside though, the fans GO CRAZY … as Jeff PULLS OUT A LADDER FROM UNDER THE RING!!! He keeps Harris down, bashing him over the head with a STOP sign, also from under the ring, and places him on the table, before climbing the ladder … meanwhile, in the ring, Storm has pulled another ladder inside, now not bothering to help his partner, knowing it’s between him and Matt to decide the outcome. He proceeds to set it up, whilst Matt continues to sell the effects of his crash landing … but on the outside, Jeff has scaled the ladder … AND DELIVERS A SWANTON BOMB OFF THE TOP OF THE LADDER … DRIVING HARRIS THROUGH THE TABLE!!!!

Another wild, ‘HOLY SHIT’ chant greets Jeff’s big risk offence, taking himself and the Wildcat out of contention … as we cut back to the ring, where Storm, having just witnessed his partner going through the hardware, sets a lifeless Matt Hardy onto the table, before setting himself on the middle rope, before pushing to the top … preparing to splash off for the win … BUT MATT ROLLS OFF!!! Storm stops himself from flying, but he’s caught in no mans land up top, as Matt hit’s the ropes … AND THE COWBOY CROTCHES THE TURNBUCKLE!!! Matt now climbs … and gets Storm into position … AND DELIVERS A TWIST OF FATE OFF THE TOP … THROUGH THE TABLE!!! (Although Matt went through the table too with the move … he was the aggressor) IT’S OVER!!!
Winners: The Hardy Boys @ 13:58

A feel good end for the era of the Hardy Boys!!! Raleigh is on it’s feet, having just witnessed a high risk, almost attitude era like match, with all kinds of sick bumps, and a lot of broken tables!!! The hometown heroes get the win that will send everyone home happy, and they end their tenure as a duo with a scintillating as ever victory!!!

Paramedics help Jeff to his feet on the outside, but he refuses help, wanting to celebrate with his brother in the ring, with Matt slowly coming around too. The brothers meet in the ring … AND SHARE A HUG TO A HUGE OVATION FROM THEIR HOMETOWN FANS!!!

On the outside, Harris is placed onto a stretcher, with a neck brace on him, whilst James Storm somehow rolls out of the ring, being met by medics too, looking dazed and confused. In the ring, Matt and Jeff push through their own injuries, and celebrate the win, feeling the moment, climbing the ropes, celebrating to the fans, before jumping off again, and sharing another hug, raising each others arms in victory.

Meanwhile, Harris is wheeled out of view, whilst two officials help Storm stagger up the aisle, with AMW getting what was coming to them tonight … but they’ll still have the tag team titles in the morning. We now see Matt and Jeff climb out of the ring, and hop over the barrier, into the sea of adoring fans, with everyone on their feet.

The show now comes to an end, with Matt and Jeff embracing one another once again, surrounded by ‘their people’, saying an emotional goodbye to one another, with Matt set for Raw this coming Monday. The two hug, as we fade to black.


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