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Re: Being The Booker

I haven't reviewed a show in ages but the fact you have released Kane made me cry for hours and hours.

Still I got over it.

Looks like another one of those epic Raws you do so well, I still remember the draft show with Heyman and Bischoff being re-hired as GM's last year.

I hope Orton/Kennedy win.


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Re: Being The Booker

@ Kane being released. TKoW makes it even funnier <3

Show looks absolutely awesome though. The interaction between Cena & Christian should be off the chart.

Monday plz
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Re: Being The Booker

Thanks for clearing that up.

Didn't even know you still had Kane employed, but releasing him isn't a bad thing. The guy is one of the worst wrestlers in mainstream wrestling. Washing your hands of him isn't a bad thing.

No doubt the draft will be epic, with maybe a few shocks along the way. You've got a remarkably stacked card, so it definitely should be a big show. Hopefully we'll get some nice storyline progression with Triple H/Christian too (if Tripper is of course challenging him at Backlash).

I agree with the above sentiments. Monday plz.

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Re: Being The Booker

My first time posting in this thread but for the record I really like it. I don't mind Kane being released he really should just be a jobbler at this point but it's hard to make him lose believably with his size.

I can't wait for the draft it should be outstanding I'm really excited for it, The only thing I'm postive that will happen is Randy Orton will end up on Smackdown. Otherwise it's pretty wide open I can't wait
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Re: Being The Booker

I dont think Orton will go to smackdown, I think he will lose to Michaels, and lose the title. But I do think the New Wave gets broken up. Hell maybe even Christian goes to Smackdown! I honestly dont know, but I cant wait for it.

Monday please

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Re: Being The Booker

All of the releases are good, even the 'big one' in Kane, which in essence really isn't much of a big one, it was just made to be big by some jobber.

Randy Orton against Shawn Michaels for the billionth time in this thread, although for some reason with the circumstances surrounding this match, I'm willing to be intrigued by it again .

Raw vs Smackdown shall OWN!

The ten man main event is definitely going to be a cluster fuck, however with some of the huge names involved in this match up, I have a feeling the cluster fuck will set up some good things for the future of this thread.

Umaga to squash the fuck out of Finlay, please. I like Finlay, but he is not anywhere near as good as 'Mags.

Mr Kennedy has to defeat Rey Mysterio, otherwise any push he is going to get will be a tad unrealistic, but I think you are smart enough to know that yourself.

Alexis Laree > Melina. Strange bedfellows match is going to be a rather unique read, hopefully you make it fun some how.

You know it's funny, Vince McMahon's announcement is probably the most exciting thing, besides the actual draft itself that will take place on this show. I seriously can not wait for it.

Draft show is going to be extremely entertaining, I can't wait... I want the show by the time I wake up tomorrow tbh.

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Re: Being The Booker

The Glitz and Glamour Has Gone...

Monday Night Raw | March 26 2007 | Greensboro NC

Opening Video


Jim Ross: Tonight, the landscape of Raw and Smackdown will change dramatically, as we are set for the annual WWE draft. All of the superstars from Raw and Smackdown are here tonight, with all their futures hanging in the balance. Nobody is safe, including myself, or my broadcast colleague, The Coach.

The Coach: They will never draft The Coach baby boy. I’m just too damned important to Raw. You on the other hand…

Jim Ross: All our futures are at stake tonight Coach. But folks, the draft isn’t the only talking point tonight on this three hour spectacular. A Raw and Smackdown hybrid ten man tag team match has been signed, a high stakes match between Shawn Michaels and the WWE Champion Randy Orton, not to mention a Belfast Brawl, a No Disqualification Match, and so much more.

The Coach: It’s like WrestleMania all over again Jimbo.

Jim Ross: And we are joined by another two men who are under threat due to the draft, our Smackdown broadcast colleagues, Michael Cole and Tazz.

Michael Cole: Thank you J.R, and it’s a pleasure to be here at ringside tonight for Raw. Tazz, there is a special feeling in the air tonight. NO ONE is safe from the impending draft.

Tazz: It’s a very uneasy feelin Cole. Lotta nervous faces in the back, a lotta champions who know they may have no other choice but to relinquish their gold. What if one of Americas Most Wanted was drafted to Raw?? The greatest tag team in the WWE today would be history.

Michael Cole: And, even in the event that BOTH Harris and Storm were to be drafted to Raw, they would still most probably have to vacate the WWE tag team titles. That, ladies and gentlemen is the type of havoc this draft can cause. And just like in years gone by, tonight, the draft will see some dreams come true, but at the same time, it may be stuff of nightmares.

Tazz: I’m thinking about a guy like Carlito. Got stuck in a rut on Raw, negotiated a move to Smackdown, was reborn in a sense, but tonight, could have no say in the matter and find himself back on Raw. Yet on the other hand, a move to Raw could be the type of thing on Paul Londons wish list. The Golden Boy on Smackdown has been looking to step away from the cruiserweight division, and coming to Monday nights would be as far away as possible.

Michael Cole: It would be quite a loss to Smackdown though to lose a talent like London. However, THAT is the type of chaos the draft could bring. Realistically, Smackdown could lose, say, Edge, Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle, Carlito and Paul London. That would be a mammoth blow to Friday nights, especially if we were to draft some of the lesser stars on Raw.

Tazz: Yeah, absolutely. I mean, personally?? I’d love to see Smackdown keep all it’s top stars, all our awesome athletes, and add the likes of John Cena, Rey Mysterio, and HBK Shawn Michaels.

The Coach: Well dream on munchkin. What are you anyway Tazz?? A bad Coach look-a-like?? I know you dig The Coach, but I just don’t swing like that.

Jim Ross: That’s enough of that nonsense Coach. But Michael, Tazz, you both bring up some great points. Could you imagine the type of blow it would cause our newly crowned tag team champions for either one to be drafted?? CM Punk and Greg Helms have battled for months to win the titles, and tonight, they will wait with baited breath to see if they get to remain a tandem.

The Coach: I’d love to see one of those two head off into the sunset. And it’d be even better if we could pick up the Rated R Superstar. Or the unbeaten MVP. Now that, J.R, is what it’s all about.

Jim Ross: They would both make great draft ch-


J.R is cut off by the music of Shawn Michaels, which instantly gains a huge roar from the fans.

Jim Ross: The time for talking is over. After a week off, following that unforgettable match eight days ago against Mick Foley at WrestleMania, Shawn Michaels is back, and he’s back where he belongs!!

Shawn Michaels, fresh off a seven day lay off, enters the stage, looking refreshed, and good to go, with a meeting against Randy Orton on the offing.

The Coach: High stakes baby boy, just how The Coach likes it. It aint often I want HBK to win a match, but if he loses to Orton tonight, we’ll be losing the WWE Champion to Smackdown, and the rest of the New Wave!!!

Michael Cole: And Coach, perhaps, even if Shawn Michaels defeats Orton tonight, the championship might still be coming back to Friday Nights. Because, should Orton lose tonight, Arn Anderson will handpick a contender from Smackdown to face the Career Killer at Backlash.

Tazz: Honestly guys, I’d rather you got to keep this jerk on Raw. If I had my way, HBK would beat Orton tonight, and at Backlash, someone like Kurt Angle or Chris Jericho or Edge from Smackdown got to bring the WWE title back home.

Jim Ross: Well, I hate to keep bringing the subject back up, but by the time this night is over Tazz, Angle, Jericho and Edge could ALL be part of the Raw roster.


The cheers for HBK are matched now, by the heat for the WWE Champion, Randy Orton, as he saunters, confident as you’d like, onto the stage, with the title belt slung over his shoulder.

Jim Ross: Could this be the final appearance from Randy Orton as a Raw superstar. He has been part of the Raw roster from the Fall of 2002, almost his entire WWE career, but a win tonight, could see the WWE Champion moving to Friday Nights.

The Coach: And into obscurity.

Tazz: Where the hell do you get off Coachman?? Obscurity my ass. If anybody ought to be in obscurity, it’s you.

The Coach: Have a bit of professionalism. I’m here to call the match, not score personal insults. (Mumbles) Leprechaun.

Michael Cole: I’ve gotta say, it doesn’t get any bigger than this to kick off, arguably, the most important episode of Raw this year. Randy Orton and Shawn Michaels, with such a long, storied history, meet once again.

Match 1 | HIGH STAKES:
-If Orton wins; he and the New Wave are permitted to move to Smackdown
-If Michaels wins; Orton and the New Wave remain on Raw, and Orton must defend WWE Championship against a Smackdown superstar at Backlash
*Michael Cole and Tazz on commentary*
Shawn Michaels vs. Randy Orton
The two former long time rivals meet in the middle of the ring, as the bell rings, with both men exchanging words, and HBK getting under the skin of Orton, showing a smirk, which elicits a slap from Orton, surprising Michaels, sending him to one knee, but the Showstopper gets back to his feet, AND FIRES A SLAP BACK AT ORTON, which sends Orton reeling into the ropes. The champion holds his face, having been slapped for the second time in the space of a week, then spins around, glaring back at his opponent. HBK motions for Orton to bring it on, and Orton brings it, launching in, and the two tie up, struggling around the ring, with neither man gaining an advantage, and pulling apart.

They circle the ring, and then tie up again, but once more, despite Orton holding the leverage, neither man gains an advantage. After another pull apart, they tie up again, this time Orton getting a headlock. HBK reverses though, and gets a headlock of his own, but Orton shoves him into the ropes, as HBK comes back with a shoulder, taking Orton down, almost by surprise. The champion stays down, as HBK runs off the ropes, but as he comes back, Orton is up, and looks for a hip toss, but Michaels lands on his feet … AND SLAPS ORTON AGAIN!!! The WWE Champion reels away, more in fury, than pain, and kicks the ropes, taking a moment to recover. Michaels then turns to the fans, and shrugs his shoulders, looking annoyed, trying to get the fans to boo Orton for his stalling.

The boos work, and Orton comes after HBK once more, but Michaels is step ahead for the time being, taking him over with a headlock takedown, and then stomps Ortons head, one time, getting another outburst from Orton, who rolls away, to the outside in anger, pounding the steps. Orton, having been outdone in all the early going so far, takes a moment to compose himself outside, with the boos ringing. The champion responds, yelling at the fans to shut up, as Michaels lays on the top rope, taking a break, showing even more disdain for Orton, pushing his buttons with further disrespect to a nice pop, as we head into a commercial.

Commercial Break

We return, with Orton now in control, having his way with HBK in the corner, pounding his rival into oblivion. As Orton is pulled away, we are shown highlights of during the commercial, where Orton raked the eyes to gain the advantage. Now, back live, Orton whips HBK across, to the opposite corner, and follows in slowly, but takes too long, as HBK is able to duck under a right hand, with Ortons momentum carrying him into the corner, which allows HBK to unload, and light up the chest of Randy with a succession of knife edge chops, getting a fair number of woos from the fans. Orton though comes back, slowing HBK with a knee to the gut, then a straight right hand, rocking HBK, and Orton then tries to bore the fans with a sleeper, but HBK counters with a snap mare, and applies a sleeper of his own.

Orton though, is right back to his feet, and elbows free, breaking the hold, and trades right hands with his opponent, going low with a knee again to slow HBK. He backs him into the ropes, and firing him off, but on the return, Michaels slides under the champion, and as Orton turns around, Michaels lets fly with another chop. HBK then charges into the ropes again, but as he comes out … Orton scores with a dropkick, scrambling for a quick cover, but Shawn is able to kick out at two. With that move though, Orton has gained the advantage, and has HBK on the backfoot, with Michaels struggling to his feet, being bullied to the corner, as Orton unleashes an assault on the Showstopper, delivering a succession of deliberate, methodical right hands to the temple, sprinkling in a number of big forearm uppercuts, leaving HBK a groggy mess, staggering out of the corner, and easy prey for Ortons side on neck and back breaker, going for another cover, 1...2...Kick Out!!!

Michaels survives, but it’s Orton in total control, setting himself on his knees behind a seated HBK, grabbing, and unloading a barrage of hard, blunt forearms to the chest, beating at Michaels, taking his breath away, adding to the methodical punishment from his WWE Champion. After well over a dozen lethal forearm shots to the chest, Orton relents, and covers again, but again, The Showstopper is able to force a shoulder off the mat to keep the match going. Getting to his feet, Orton stands over Michaels, with HBK crawling up, using the legs of Orton to do so, but the champion shrugs him off with his leg, then drops a knee to the face of his opponent, forcing HBK to roll around the canvas, holding his face. Orton stands back up, then paces backward, with the fans coming alive, realising what the deliberate back track could mean. There is excitement in the air, but boos ring out, as Orton readies himself on the ropes, as if being held back, whilst HBK gets to his knees … AND ORTON GOES FOR THE PUNT KICK … BUT MICHAELS GRABS THE LEG … SHOOTS UP … DRAGON SCREW TO ORTON, TAKING THE CHAMPION DOWN!!!

North Carolina pops for the sudden reversal in fortunes, as HBK starts to make a comeback. Both men struggle up, but despite Orton reaching his feet first, HBK is first to strike, darting across the ring, scoring with a chop block to the knee of Orton, bringing the champion down!!! Instantly, HBK grabs the leg, and rolls to the outside, slamming the leg off the apron, then driving his elbow to the point of the knee. HBK, sensing the moment, rolls back inside, and continues to work on the weakened body part, stomping the knee, with Orton reeling, desperate to get away, seeking sanctuary in the corner, and forces a break, grabbing the ropes. The fans give the champion heat, whilst HBK seems frustrated, then pushes the referee away, but Orton scores with a kick to the gut!!! Michaels doubles over, allowing Orton to slam him by his hair onto the canvas. Despite being admonished by the referee for pulling the hair, Orton doesn’t seem concerned, and comes forward at HBK, favouring his knee, and bend down to pick him up, BUT HBK CRADLES HIM … 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

Orton bounces up, and looks to exert his authority on Michaels once more, but misses a clothesline, then eats a knife edge chop. Orton spins around from the impact, AND MICHAELS SUDDENLY GOES FOR SWEET CHIN MUSIC … BUT ORTON SIDE STEPS IT … RKO … NO!!! Michaels shoves Orton into the ropes, with Orton coming back, AND NAILING MICHAELS WITH A CLOTHESLINE!!! The sweat flies, as Orton drops his arm over HBK, 1...2...NO!!! Still unable to finish off Shawn, the WWE Champion drags HBK back up, and holds him in order to execute a straight right, then attempts a kick, but HBK grabs the leg, and trips the other … dropping down … AND APPLYING A FIGURE FOUR!!!

The Champion shoots up in despair, locked in the most famous of submission holds, eyes shooting from his sockets, whilst HBK applies the pressure. Orton reaches quickly, looking to make the ropes, but is too far away, forcing him to attempt to turn it over, but HBK has the hold locked in too tight, and Orton now desperately tries to reach the ropes, pulling towards them with everything he’s got, having to pull the weight of Michaels too … AND MAKES IT!!! Instantly, Ortons feat deflates the fans, and the hold is forced to the broken, with HBK milking every second of the hold, breaking at four. As Michaels breaks it, Orton immediately rolls out, limping badly, whilst Michaels senses the opportunity, and launches himself over the ropes to Orton … BUT ORTON MOVES!!!!!

Michaels crashes and burns, and plays straight into the hands of Orton once more, with the champion shaking his bad leg loose, and rolls back inside, seemingly happy enough to take the count out win, but the fight of Michaels cannot be questioned, and the legendary performer slowly crawls onto the apron, just breaking the count, but is stopped by Orton at the ropes, who takes advantage and gets Michaels into the all to familiar position … FOR THE SICK ELEVATED DDT!!! Orton nails the sick DDT, with HBK flat on the canvas, spark out, with Orton making a cover, 1...2...FOOT ON THE ROPE!!!

The Showstopper survives, but is in a bad, bad way. After a long argument with the official, Orton focuses back on the match, and decides to bore the fans, applying the chinlock of DOOM~!! The Career Killer has the hold applied for a long period, with the fans getting restless, before Michaels finally begins to stir, getting the fans involved once more, getting to his feet, forcing Orton to switch to a sleeper, but HBK has a counter, and pushes himself off the turnbuckles, coming back off, into a pinning combination, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!!! Orton releases the hold just in time to get his shoulder up, and is quickly back to his feet, clubbing the back of HBK to keep him under control, and whips him off the ropes … BUT MICHAELS STUNS ORTON ON HIS RETURN … SCORING WITH A FLYING FOREARM!!!!!

Greensboro comes alive now, as HBK NIPS UP!!! Michaels starts to hop around the ring, shaking his arms feeding off the fans, taking it to Orton, who is reeling now, as he scores with a hat trick of knife edge chops, then knocks the Career Killer off his feet with a big right hand!!! Orton is up quickly, but moves right into the path of HBK, who scores with a simple scoop slam, serving as the set up … FOR THE FLYING ELBOW!!! The elbow connects, and now, the fans anticipate what is coming next … as Michaels stomps his foot in the corner, with the fans firmly behind him … AND HE LOOKS FOR SWEET CHIN MUSIC … AND CONNECTS!!!!! The Showstopper falls onto Orton, and the count is made … 1...2...SHOULDER UP!!!!!

Somehow, Orton kicked out!!! Michaels, in disbelief, pulls himself up on the referee, disputing the count … as we see THE NEW WAVE run to the ring. Doane jumps onto the apron, but is quickly swatted off by Michaels, onto Cade, then Dinsmore slips inside the ring, BUT EATS A SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!! Michaels quickly drags Dinsmore back up, and throws him to the outside, onto his two running mates … then turns around … ORTON IS UP … RKO … AVOIDED AGAIN BY MICHAELS!!! Michaels avoids it as he drops down, and rolls Orton up … 1...2...NO!!!!! Orton kicks out, and both men get up … HBK looks for Sweet Chin Music … ORTON DUCKS … RKO!!!!! That quick, that sudden. The WWE Champion hooks the leg, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Randy Orton @ 20:16

It is a vital victory for the WWE Champion, who is now granted his move to Smackdown, along with the other three members of the New Wave. Orton leans against the ropes, looking down at HBK, as he is presented with his title belt.

Jim Ross: Despite a terrific effort from Shawn Michaels, he’s found himself coming up just short against a phenomenal Randy Orton here tonight in Greensboro.

Michael Cole: And not only that J.R, but now, Randy Orton, and the rest of the New Wave have been granted their wish - regardless of what may come tonight, those four men are exempt from the draft. They are quite literally untouchable.

Tazz: It’s a relief to have the WWE Championship back in Smackdown hands, but I just question the impact this group will have on Friday Nights.

The Coach: Well, they’re coming to ya from Raw, so instantly, they’ve just made Smackdown less of a chore to watch.

Tazz: You better watch your lip Coach, cause you’re startin to get on my nerves.

Jim Ross: Lets get back to the point here, shall we?? Randy Orton has just beaten The Showstopper, but you have to wonder, was that run in from the New Wave - albeit thwarted by Shawn Michaels - the deciding factor?? Was that momentary distraction what cost The Heart Break Kid from picking up the win tonight??

Michael Cole: It’s certainly a point worth raising J.R, but lets not forget, those three men didn’t exactly do Orton many favours.

Tazz: They bought him a little extra time to recuperate Cole. I’d say that’s pretty big.

The Coach: What you know about big??

Jim Ross: Oh for- Coach, could ya keep it to what’s important?? Can ya try that??

On the outside, Orton is greeted by his three running mates, who all seem delighted by Ortons win, but Orton on the other hand, doesn’t look terribly pleased by his three allies, possibly due to their incompetence as they ran in to get owned by Michaels??

Jim Ross: Well, ladies and gentlemen, when we come back, the draft will officially begin, as our General Managers of Raw and Smackdown, Eric Bischoff and Arn Anderson, will be picking the first names from the famous tumblers. And later this evening, the McMahon Family Empire, still reeling from their embarrassment at WrestleMania, will be holding a special ‘State of the Union’ address.

The Coach: I’m dying to know what that entails, J.R. Gotta be something big.

Jim Ross: Well, we’ll find out later, but folks, please join us again, when we come back.

Commercial Break

We return from the commercial with the camera focused on the top of the ramp, as the tumblers are set at opposite sides of the stage, one clearly marked Raw, and the other, clearly marked Smackdown.

Lillian Garcia: Ladies and Gentlemen, we are about to begin the 2007 WWE Draft. Throughout the course of the night, General Managers Eric Bischoff and Arn Anderson will each simultaneously pick a superstar from the tumblers at either side of the stage. The tumbler marked Raw contains the names of every Smackdown superstar eligible for draft, and Eric Bischoff will draw his names from that tumbler. The tumbler marked Smackdown contains the names of every Raw superstar eligible for draft, and Arn Anderson will draw his names from that one.

**I‘M BACK**

The Raw General Manager steps onto the stage, getting an indifferent reaction from the fans, still unable to decide what to think of Bischoff in recent weeks. He makes the short trip to his tumbler, and awaits…

Jim Ross: Having already lost FOUR major superstars before the draft could even begin, you have got to believe that Eric Bischoff will be desperate to get off to a flying start with his opening pick.

The Coach: Hoping for a major name J.R. Gimme Edge, or Chris Jericho.

Before the music of Arn Anderson hits though, Bischoff has a mic…

Eric Bischoff: If I could just have your attention for a moment please…

No real reaction from anyone, but Bischoff waits for a moment regardless.

Eric Bischoff: Given the fact that Randy Orton just earned himself a move to Smackdown along with the New Wave, I’ve decided to make sure that loophole with the Money in the Bank contract doesn’t arise again.

Taking another moments pause, Bischoff speaks again.

Eric Bischoff: Which is why at Backlash, six Raw superstars will compete in a one fall to a finish match. A six pack challenge if you will. Six Raw superstars, and the winner … the winner, will receive a Raw EXCLUSIVE Money in the Bank contract.

Some cheers from the fans.

Eric Bischoff: Now what that means, is that the winner cant do what Randy Orton did. He cant surprise the Smackdown champion, then worm his way to Friday Nights. No. Instead, that Raw superstar will have twelve whole months to challenge the World Champion on Raw. Any time, any place, anywhere … exclusive to Raw.

It would appear Bischoff is finished, and even if he isn’t, Double A waits for no man.


And, to a much more positive reception, Arn Anderson steps onto the stage, waving to the fans, as he briskly moves toward his tumbler.

Michael Cole: And while Eric Bischoff is having to contemplate losing an undoubtedly major star in Randy Orton, I would have to believe that Arn Anderson isn’t exactly thrilled to have him on Smackdown, given what he did to Ric Flair last year.

Tazz: He may not like Orton, but the positives outweigh the negatives. Orton is bringing the WWE Championship, he’s bringing huge star quality, and he’s at the top of his game.

The two General Managers wait patiently, as Lillian speaks again.

Lillian Garcia: Now, after the result of a coin toss earlier tonight, it was decided that Eric Bischoff will pick the first Smackdown superstar to come to Raw.

Bischoff dips his hand into the tumbler, moving his hand around, finally pulling it back out. The Raw GM unscrews the ball, reads the name, shrugs and turns it to the camera to show…

It’s an underwhelming reaction to say the least. Despite being a second generation superstar, and the ‘Son of a plumbers son’, Rhodes hasn’t exactly caught the world alight whilst on Smackdown.

Jim Ross: Cody Rhodes coming to Raw. Good pick if you ask me Coach. He’s learned from one of the greats this business has ever witnessed, he’s got a lotta upside, one to watch for sure. If anything, he reminds me of a young Randy Orton, fresh faced, coming to Raw, with a lotta promise, lotta potential, and big dreams.

The Coach: You cant buy groceries on potential, aint that what you say J.R?? Well, Cody Rhodes wont be buying any groceries with his potential, which is probably a good thing, given the shape of his old man.


Rhodes makes his way out onto the stage, again, to an underwhelming response, and is handed a Raw shirt, quickly pulling it on, and shaking his hands with his new boss. He then waves to the fans, before turning, and exiting the stage, to as little reaction as he entered it.

Now, Arn Anderson takes his cue, wasting no time, quickly pulling his ball from the tumbler, unscrewing it, taking a quick look, and pulls his head back a bit, looking surprised by his choice. The Smackdown GM turns the piece of paper to the camera…

Now, this pick gains a HUGE reaction from the fans. Despite being suspended ‘indefinitely’, Lesnar is STILL part of the draft. But, has Anderson just picked a lame duck?? It may well be a HUGE name … but it doesn’t appear to be worth shit.

Michael Cole: This … is … odd. Brock Lesnar is currently serving an indefinite suspension, courtesy of the McMahon Family Empire. But, will this be overturned now that he’s been moved away from the McMahons??

Tazz: Well, I’d hope so, but you and I both know, that the McMahon Family aint exclusive to Raw. No jurisdiction for the most powerful family on TV. And, they hold grudges too. I think we just picked a white elephant Cole. Huge name, delighted to have him back on Friday Nights … but we aint gonna reap the benefits.

Anderson looks around, expecting the same rigmarole we had for Rhodes moments ago, but instead, it’s a whole lot of nothing. The Smackdown GM looks around, confused, whilst Bischoff has a smirk etched on his face, knowing he’s just lost a massive name … but one he couldn’t use anyway. The Raw GM leaves the stage, as Anderson still stands around, looking baffled by what’s going on.

Lillian Garcia: Ladies and Gentlemen, that concludes the first round of the draft, and throughout the night, we will continue. To recap, Cody Rhodes has been drafted to Raw, and Brock Lesnar has been drafted to Smackdown, thank you.

Anderson now slowly moves from the stage, as…


The womens champion enters the stage, ahead of her first title defence, facing the former champion, Melina. Alexis Laree quickly gets to the ring, hoisting her prized possession in the air, when…


The red carpet rolls out for Melina, exercising her rematch clause, but is all alone, not being joined tonight by MNM.

Alexis Laree vs. Melina
It’s a short one for these two, despite previous longer contests. Given such short time, Melina wastes no time, and goes for Laree, getting the early advantage, bending the rules, standing on the champions hair as she pulls her up by the arms, gaining yells of pain from Laree. Melina is told off for her rule breaking, but plays dumb, before coming back at Alexis, only to be caught with a dropkick from the champion, followed by a stiff spin kick, getting Laree a near fall.

With the champion taking over, the speed quickens, but as Laree goes up top, looking for a cross body, MELINA COUNTERS WITH A SCOOP POWERSLAM IN MID AIR!!! Melina covers, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! The former champion cant believe it, and protests with the referee, before going back to work on Alexis, but the champion surprises the A-Lister, cradling her, 1...2...KICK OUT FROM MELINA!!! The two ladies bounce up quickly, with Melina scoring with a kick to the gut, then sets up for a DDT … but Laree spins out, and counters the hold … LEAPING UP … AND DELIVERS THE LAREE-DT!!!!! Alexis hooks the leg, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: And STILL Womens Champion - Alexis Laree @ 04:04

Alexis Laree makes a successful defence of her title, fending off the challenge of the former champion, Melina. Alexis celebrates with her belt, looking as jovial as she entered, whilst Melina is rolled out of the ring to contemplate what lies in her future, having lost her one rematch for the belt she covets so dearly.

Commercial Break

We return from the commercial backstage, with Eric Bischoff standing eagerly, holding a plastic cup of coffee, as a backstage runner approaches him.

Backstage Runner: Mister Bischoff, you’re back out in two minutes.

Eric Bischoff: On my way.

Bischoff puts the cup down, and begins to walk down the hallway, fixing his jacket, before stopping, as he realises someone is standing in front of him. He pulls his head up … and it’s RANDY ORTON that stands in his way.

Orton grins in his FORMER General Managers face, before speaking.

Randy Orton: I guess Eric … this … is goodbye.

The WWE Champion puts his hand on Bischoffs shoulder, with Eric just peering at the hand with disgust.

Randy Orton: I’d love to thank you for everything Eric … but why should I lie?? Don’t be too downhearted though, I think Raw can survive without me … at least, I hope so.

Orton pats Bischoffs shoulder, and moves past, sauntering on, as Bischoff shakes his head.

Eric Bischoff: Good riddance.

Orton smirks at the comeback, but continues on, and turns the corner … straight into CHRIS JERICHO!!!

Orton is now the one stopped, with Jericho standing firm. The two men stare at each other, as Jericho slowly and quietly speaks…

Chris Jericho: Hello.

Turning the tables on Orton, Jericho puts his hand on the champions shoulder, putting Randy at unease.

Chris Jericho: A very old saying comes to mind when I see ya, Randy … be careful what you wish for.

Jericho shows a sly grin, as he softly talks to Orton.

Chris Jericho: You might not realise it … but you’ve just said goodbye to paradise.

The friendly facial expression fades from Jericho, to a more serious, sinister look.

Chris Jericho: And you’ve just walked into your worst nightmare.

Jericho now moves off, looking back at the WWE Champion, making sure his message has sunk in, with Orton turning his head to the side, looking at Jericho from the corner of his eye, as we fade out…

Back into the arena…

Both General Managers make their way onto the stage, but this time, without music, quickly shuffling to their podiums.

Lillian Garcia: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now time for the second round of draft picks. As Eric Bischoff was the first to pick in the last round, Arn Anderson will be first to make his pick on this occasion.

And, with that, Anderson dips his hand in, wasting no time to shuffle the balls, and pulls one out immediately, unscrewing the ball, taking the piece of paper, having a quick glance looking content, as he shows the name to the world…

Fair response for the young, promising prospect, who, until now, has been exclusive to tag team matches with his mentor Booker T.

Michael Cole: Well, a lot of people have talked about this kid as a genuine future star. Elijah Burke has the tools to go far, and could turn out to be a rough diamond over on Smackdown, don’t ya think??

Tazz: Hope so Cole. Like you said, this Elijah Burke has had a lot of admirers, and he’s been honing his craft under the tutelage of the five time WCW champion, Booker T. The kid keeps good company.


Using his mentors music, Burke enters the stage, with Double A applauding the burgeoning talent. Burke shakes hands with his new GM, and holds up a Smackdown shirt, showing a pleased smile, before heading off again.

Bischoff already has his hand in the tumbler, and moves his hand around, before pulling a ball out, taking his time to open it, and reads the name, with a smile developing quickly across his face, turning the paper around for the camera to catch it…

KURT FREAKIN ANGLE!!!!! Despite being a heel, it’s a huge response for the trade, with Angle becoming an official member of the Raw roster for the first time since the inception of the brand split in 2002!!!!!

Jim Ross: Massive, massive swing of momentum to Raw Coach. Kurt Angle has just made history Coach. Having been exclusive property to Smackdown from the very first night of the brand extension in March 2002, Kurt Angle is FINALLY back on Raw!!! Good God almighty, WHAT A PICK!!!

The Coach: THIS is what I’m talking about baby boy. My boy, Kurt Angle, coming back to the big leagues. He’s been missed here on Monday nights Jimbo, I’ll tell ya that. The Raw roster just sat up and took notice of the Wrestling Machine. It’s true, it’s damn true.


Met with ‘YOU SUCK’ chants from the fans, Angle shows his disgust, before turning his attention to the Raw podium, taking a shirt, and shaking hands with a delighted Eric Bischoff. The two men walk off, with Eric doing all the talking, and Angle doing a lot of nodding, whilst Anderson briefly waves to the fans, at the conclusion of the second draft pick tonight.

Lillian Garcia: That concludes the second round of tonight’s draft, and later, we will be joined once again by Mister Bischoff and Mister Anderson as the draft continues.

Now, in the parking lot, a limo pulls up. The driver steps out, and makes his way to the back, opening door … and the first thing we see emerge are the legs of a woman … STEPHANIE MCMAHON-HELMSLEY. The Billion Dollar Princess is followed by her husband, TRIPLE H, with the couple walking on, holding hands, whilst Shane McMahon and Tyson Tomko follow - NOT holding hands incidentally - and finally, to massive heat, it’s the head honcho himself … MISTER MCMAHON. Vince buttons up his jacket, and breathes in the night air, with a knowing grin, before walking on, joining the rest of the Family Empire.

Back into the arena…

And a graphic appears for MISTER KENNEDY VS REY MYSTERIO!!!

Jim Ross: For the last two months, Mister Kennedy has been on a quest to reclaim the Intercontinental title, currently held by Rey Mysterio. On three separate occasions, Kennedy has fallen short of the mark, but tonight, it’s not about the title. Kennedy has declared he is moving ON - but before he does, the 2006 King of the Ring has unfinished business with the littlest big man.

The Coach: You fail to recognise the fact that Kennedys three “losses” to Mysterio where a fluke roll up, a cheap screw job, and a match where Kennedy wasn’t even pinned to lose. He’s been cheated by that little sneak.

Jim Ross: Regardless, it’s time to put up or shut up for Mister Kennedy. He says he NEEDS to beat Mysterio in order to move on, it’s No Disqualification, and it’s next!!!

* Kennedy cuts a promo the night after the Royal Rumble, and adopts a new serious attitude*
*Kennedy targets Mysterio … and the IC title*
*Mysterio catches a lucky break at SuperBrawl, after being dominated by the challenger*
*In the rematch, MNM and Straight Edge get involved in an interference laden match, that sees Kennedy lose to Mysterio again*
*Kennedy loses at WrestleMania, failing for the third time to win the title, but isn’t pinned, and storms out in anger*
*Kennedy cuts a promo last week, declaring he‘s going to move on from the IC title, but needs closure on Mysterio first*

Back into the arena…

**BOOYAKA 619**

The Intercontinental Champion explodes onto the stage, emphatic as always, proudly holding his Intercontinental title, ahead of this No DQ match up with Mister Kennedy.

Jim Ross: When we come back, it is now or never for Mister Kennedy. Can he finally overcame that man there, the tricky, elusive, Rey Mysterio. Find out, when we come back!!!

Commercial Break

We return from the commercial, with Mysterio in the ring, pumping up his fans, his music still playing …


But all eyes turn to the entrance, and Mister Kennedy bursts from behind the curtain, and powers toward the ring, looking every inch the man with a purpose.

Jim Ross: It truly is, make or break tonight for the 2006 King of the Ring. Mister Kennedy must overcome his hoodoo against the Intercontinental Champion, or he may never be able to move on. In the past couple of months, Kennedy has become obsessed with defeating Mysterio, but tonight represents closure - whether it’s win, lose or draw.

The Coach: Which is ridiculous. If Kennedy wins tonight, Mysterio gets off scot free … he keeps his belt, and he gets Kennedy off his back. It’s a win - win situation for that little masked freak.

Jim Ross: Kennedy has had more than enough chances to win the title. He should be thankful that Mysterio is the type of competitor he is. Most other guys wouldn’t have accepted this match. Rey has nothing to prove to Kennedy anymore.

Rey Mysterio vs. Mister Kennedy
Kennedy is frustrated early on by the speed and quickness of Rey, being left to look a little silly at times, charging into the corner, with Rey quickly darting out. As Kennedy gets angered, he gets sloppy, and Rey is able to continue to get the better of the early exchanges, keeping the KOTR at bay with stiff leg kicks, and high flying antics that fustigate Kennedy. A hurricanrana scores Rey a two count, and a springboard cross body gets another, but Kennedy just hangs on. Mysterio then executes a drop toe hold, sending KK into the ropes, giving the IC champion the perfect set up for the 619 … but as he comes for it, Kennedy gets inventive, and grabs the legs, before dropping his enemy with a (sloppy) sidewalk slam!!! 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

Now, Kennedy spots the opening, and doesn’t give Mysterio a second to recover, getting right on top, and making up for lost time, after a slow start. He throws Rey to the outside, and now begins to take advantage of the rules - or lack thereof - and after sending Rey hard into the barrier, he looks under the ring for any instruments of destruction. Pulling out a run of the mill trash can, Kennedy smashes the weapon off the cranium of the Intercontinental Champion. Kennedy now begins to talk trash to his foe, taking him to the time keepers table, smashing his head off that, then launches him across the two announce tables, like a surfer hitting the waves!!!

Mysterio writhes on the floor, folded up like an accordion, whilst Kennedy refuses to let up his relentless assault, stomping the champion down, and getting in the faces of the fans. Kennedy drags Mysterio back up, and brings him back to the apron, rolling him inside, before looking under the ring again, and this time he pulls out … A LADDER??? Kennedy pulls out the ladder, much to the delight of the fans, despite him being a heel, and slides it inside the ring … BUT MYSTERIO BASEBALL SLIDES THE LADDER INTO KENNEDY KNOCKING HIM DOWN!!! The fans come alive, as Rey begins a fight back, waiting on the apron for Kennedy to get up, and as he does, the IC champion runs across the apron, and flies off, taking his opponent back down with a seated Senton!!!

Rey keeps up on the offence, pounding the flummoxed Kennedy to keep him at bay, then rolls him back inside, before hopping onto the ropes, and launches himself at Kennedy again, but Kennedy catches him this time, throwing him into position on his shoulder … AND DELIVERS A PUMPHANDLE SLAM!!! He makes the cover, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Mysterio kicks out, much to the chagrin of Kennedy, but to the delight of the on looking fans. Kennedy hurls the IC Champion into the corner, and puts the boots to him, weakening him further, beating Mysterio into a heap, before backing away … then charges in and sticks his boot across the face of Rey, with the face wash. Taking a moment, Kennedy watches Rey squirm, and then turns away, grabbing the ladder from the apron … and slides it across the ring into the path of Rey, who is unable to get out of the way of the steel. He drags the IC Champion back out of the corner, and hooks the leg, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Mysterio hangs on, but Kennedy has the momentum, as he head to a commercial.

Commercial Break


We return with Kennedy still dominating, choking Rey in the ropes, as we get highlights from the break, where Mysterio again began to build momentum, but was unable to do so for long enough, with Kennedy taking over again. Now, channelling Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania X, he climbs the corner, holding the ladder, and steps on it, dropping down onto Rey, causing further pain to the IC Champion. Kennedy covers again, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Rey hangs on, but Kennedy is in full control, placing him in between the ladder, and begins to slam the ladder off the IC champion, with Mysterio unable to defend himself. Mysterio is out on his feet now, with Kennedy dragging him up, and throwing him onto his shoulders, setting things up for the Green Bay Plunge … but as he goes for it … MYSTERIO COUNTERS … ARM DRAG OFF THE TOP CONNECTS!!!

Carolina is in hysterics!!! Mysterio gets the fans on their feet, and is first to rise, beating the count of the official at six, then hit’s the ropes, ducking under a wild clothesline from a dazed Kennedy, and comes off the opposite side, launching at the 2006 KOTR, but Kennedy catches him … only for Mysterio to manoeuvre around, and gets a crucifix … into a pin … 1...2...SHOULDER UP!!! Kennedy just survives the surprise fall, and launches wildly with another clothesline attempt … but Rey ducks under again, running to the ropes, and coming off, scoring again, this time with a head scissors … SENDING KENNEDY INTO THE ROPES!!! Rey wastes no time, and looks for the 619 … AND CONNECTS!!!

The Intercontinental Champion has Kennedy in all kinds of trouble, and leaps onto the ropes, AND DROPS THE DIME!!! Rey hooks the leg, 1...2...KENNEDY KICKS OUT!!! A shocking gasp fills the arena, as Mysterio looks up in utter shock that he didn’t win, and slowly rises to his feet, still looking shocked, whilst Kennedy struggles to get up, looking worse for wear. Rey steps out again, and leaps onto the ropes once more … but this time … KENNEDY JUMPS, HITTING THE TOP ROPE … AND REY LOSES HIS BALANCE … AND STRADDLES THE ROPES!!! Kennedy quickly grabs the ladder … AND LAWNDARTS IT AT REY!!! Mysterio crumples off the ropes, landing on the apron, as Kennedy shakes the cobwebs loose, and drags Mysterio up, and barks something in his face … before setting him into position, and takes his time, admonishing the fans, calling it over … AND DELIVERS THE MIC CHECK!!! Kennedy hooks the leg, leaning back, with a euphoric look on his face, as the referee counts … 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Mister Kennedy @ 14:39

Ecstatic in victory, Kennedy rolls off, and has the look of a relived man, having finally gotten the monkey off his back, and beaten Rey Mysterio, one on one, man to man.

The Coach: I KNEW HE’D DO IT!!! What did I tell ya J.R. Kennedy wins, but this is a travesty - Mysterio, the loser, still gets to leave with the Intercontinental title. Where’s the justice??

Jim Ross: There’s plenty!!! Mysterio successfully defended the title three times against Kennedy. All the credit in the world to Kennedy tonight, a magnificent, ruthless performance to beat Mysterio, but he had more than enough chances to take home the Intercontinental title.

Kennedy rolls to the outside, and makes a beeline for Lillian Garcia, ripping the mic from her grasp.

Mister Kennedy: CUT - THE - MUSIC!!!

The music, as per request, cuts. Kennedy takes a moment to compose himself, then speaks.

Mister Kennedy: It gives me great pleasure to announce … THE … WINNER … of this match …

Kennedy licks his lips, and smirks, with some fans calling out ‘KENNEDY’. Kennedy though, shows a smirk, and shakes his head, before cockily speaking…

Mister Kennedy: Like you need to be told.

Kennedy throws the mic behind him, and struts off, as cocky as you like, getting some heckles from the fans he passes at ringside, and he proceeds up the ramp, having gotten exactly what he came for tonight.

Commercial Break


Fireworks at the beginning of WrestleMania 23

‘The Glitz and Glamour has gone’

Confetti falling at the close of last night.

‘The Pomp and Pageantry has passed’

Shots of the celebrities on show last night, the grand entrance of The Undertaker, and the musical performance for John Cena.

‘All that remains…’

Everything goes dark.

‘… Is the Backlash’

Shots of dark, dingy streets, the polar opposite of WrestleMania, as the Backlash logo flashes across the screen.



We return from the commercial, backstage with Todd Grisham…

Todd Grisham: Ladies and Gentlemen, my guest at this time … Theodore Long.

The camera pans to show the smirking mouthpiece of The Brotherhood, as Grisham talks again.

Todd Grisham: Theodore, over the last week there has been a tremendous amount of speculation regarding the future of The Brotherhood. After WrestleMania, Rodney Mack, Jazz and Orlando Jordan all parted company with the WWE, leaving your band three members short. Neither Shelton Benjamin or Mark Henry have been seen since their exploits at WrestleMania, and until now, you’ve remained silent. Can you shed any light on what the future holds for your group??

Todd reaches over, giving Theodore the chance to speak.

Theodore Long: Todd my man, am I smilin, playa??

Grisham nods, as he looks at the smiling interviewee.

Theodore Long: Now, would a man whose just lost three of his clients be smilin if he didn’t have anythin in the pipeline?? Ask y’self dat.

Grisham ponders momentarily, as Long gives him a moment.

Theodore Long: Indeed, there is reason for concern … but as of right now, you can rest easy playa … The Brotherhood aint dead, we aint dead Todd, not by a long shot.

Theodore starts to look more excited as he continues.

Theodore Long: As for the whereabouts of Tha Worlds Strongest Man, Mark Henry, and our Black Diamon’ Shelton Benjamin?? Dont’cha be worried bout dat dawg. My boys are chillin out, takin some much needed R ‘n R. And Todd, they gonna need that rest, cause Tha Brotherhood IS comin back strong, BETTER than eva … ya feel may??

Grisham nods, ‘feeling’ Long.

Theodore Long: Next week Todd, you will see the new and improved Brotherhood, ready, willin and able to dominate the Dubya Dubya E. Ya dig?? Now holla back.

Long struts off, leaving Grisham to watch on, having heard what Long had to say.


We cut now to the trainers room, where JOHN CENA (cue the crazy mixed reaction) is being tended too, talking quietly about something to do with his elbow, but the chatter is indistinct … and the mood changes as the door opens … and CHRISTIAN enters. The fans go nuts for the World Heavyweight Champion, as he and Cena lock eyes, and the elephant in the corner stands up, knife in hand, to cut the atmosphere.

Christian: Should I come back later??

The trainer sheepishly looks up, unsure what to say, as Cena looks away, picking up his wrist bands, before getting up.

John Cena: No need. We’re done here.

Cena attempts to walk past Christian, but the champion reaches his arm out in order to stop the former champ.

Christian: I think we need to clear the air.

Cena, not looking too won over by the request, stops, and stuffs his wrist bands into his pocket for the time being.

John Cena: What’s to clear?? You’ve made your feelin’s about me pretty clear as it is.

Christian: Look- I’m not saying we need to be best buddies. I’m not saying we need to exchange numbers, or add each other to Face book … yeah - I’m not your biggest fan … but as a competitor … I cant fault ya. We went through hell and back at WrestleMania. But that was then. Tonight, we gotta be on the same page.

The two men look one another dead in the eye, as Cena speaks again.

John Cena: We will be … at least … I will be.

Christian nods.

Christian: Glad to hear it.

Cena now steps in a little closer…

John Cena: But I still want my belt back … and don’t forget about it.

The frostiness reaches another level, with neither man backing up an inch, before Cena nods, and turns … AS KURT ANGLE IS STOOD IN THE DOORWAY.

The two men look around at Angle, who has a somewhat knowing grin on his face … how long was he standing there for??

Kurt Angle: You’d need to be on the same page tonight. Because if you’re not … you’re gonna regret it … both of you.

Angle glances a look - not at Christian - but at the World title over his shoulder.

Kurt Angle: Even if you are on the same page … nothing changes. In case you haven’t the news, I’m back on Raw, and I’ve got big plans … and for as long as the two of you are here … either standing in my way, or holding what I want … your lives are about to change … for the worse.

Angle, having made his point, nods at the two men, almost mocking the two rivals he faces in the ten man tag later, as we fade out.

Back to ringside…


It’s the music of the newly crowned World Tag Team Champions that greets Greg Helms, joined by CM Punk, ahead of a special tag team attraction…

Jim Ross: You are looking at the hottest commodity in tag team wrestling today folks. And tonight, with the special circumstances surrounding us, Eric Bischoff and Arn Anderson have co-signed this ‘Strange Bedfellows’ match, which will see Greg Helms joined by CM Punk teaming with Jeff Hardy, who will be joined by Matt Hardy, and those two will face the team of Johnny Nitro and Chris Harris, who are set to be accompanied by their tag team partners.

The Coach: Strange Bedfellows indeed. The four teams mentioned have dominated the scenes on Raw and Smackdown in recent months, and whilst AMW have proven to the Hardy Boys who is Numero Uno on Smackdown, MNM had the titles those two clowns are holding right now unfairly ripped from them last Sunday.

Michael Cole: Coach, I don’t mean to echo J.R here, but MNM knew the consequences they were getting into at WrestleMania. They knew they didn’t need to lose to Punk or Helms to lose the titles. And having seen the lengths they went to keep the titles in the last few months, their comeuppance was well and truly over-

The Coach: What the hell do you know about Raw?? You’re an outsider Cole, don’t be sticking your business into matters that don’t concern you.

Michael Cole: I’m offering my opinion Coach, just like you seem to do all too often.

The Coach: Just keep your nose out-

Tazz: And you keep your mouth shut Coach. You’re startin to really test my patience ya jackass. They way you’re going, if you last the remainder of this show without getting choked out, you’ll be one lucky dude.

The Coach: I’m not gonna be intimidated by you.

Tazz stands up from his desk.

The Coach: If you want to intimidate me Tazz, why don’t you stand up??

Tazz throws off his headset, as Coach quickly chickens out, and gets up himself from the Raw announce table, hopping over the barrier, as Tazz shakes his head, sitting back down.

Jim Ross: Maybe we can concentrate on the wrestling?? How about that??

Michael Cole: I’m with you J.R.


Jeff Hardy, accompanied by Matt, and slaps hands with the fans as he makes his way to the ring.

Michael Cole: Well gentlemen, this Friday Night on Smackdown - regardless of what the outcome is of tonight’s draft - Matt and Jeff Hardy will face Americas Most Wanted in a tables match. Should both teams remain in tact, it will indeed be the WrestleMania return match with the titles on the line, but if either - or both - teams are broken up tonight, then it’ll be the final chance for a line to be drawn under this war.

Jim Ross: And regardless of the draft, that match WILL happen on Friday Night, and what a contest that promises to be.

Tazz: Personally speaking, I hope we don’t lose any of those four guys. In my opinion, and I’m sure you and Coach wont agree J.R, but in my opinion, Americas Most Wanted and the Hardys are the top two teams in the WWE today.

Jim Ross: You are certainly welcome to your opinion Tazz, and they are two wonderful duos, but as you thought, I would be inclined to disagree.

Michael Cole: Well it’s all a matter of opinion, but tonight, we’re going to see how these four men can gel together, away from their regular partners. How will the team of Greg Helms and Jeff Hardy work together?? Can the egos of Nitro and Harris co-exist long enough to take out their rivals?? We’ll find out in just a few moments.

Commercial Break

We return, with Chris Harris (with James Storm) joining Nitro on the aisle, who is chaperoned by Mercury, with the match ready to get under way. It’s Cole and Tazz on commentary for this one, as J.R and Coach (who has rejoined the table) sit this one out.

Greg Helms & Jeff Hardy w/CM Punk & Matt Hardy vs. Johnny Nitro & Chris Harris w/Joey Mercury & James Storm
Short, messy tag match, with the outside interference running rampant from the early stages. The four competitors get in and out early, all having a few moments in the ring, with nothing newsworthy going on. Helms and Hardy have the slight advantage on Nitro, and Jeff tags Greg back in, with the two men teaming up to send Nitro off the ropes, but as he hits them, Mercury grabs his partners legs, pulling him out of the ring, and out of harms way. This though, sparks a reaction from Punk, who runs around the ring and attacks Mercury, and as a result, Storm gets involved, and Matt Hardy does the same in order to get a shot in on The Cowboy.

In the ring, Greg and Jeff are seen discussing the goings on outside the ring, with Helms quickly cutting off Harris, who looked to attack Jeff from behind, and Jeff then takes it upon himself to be a crazy fool, and jumps to the top turnbuckle, flying off to the outside, onto all five men brawling on the floor!!! The fans pop for the high risk, as the six men now on the outside all writhe around, whilst in the ring, the referee appears to have lost control, with Harris - not the legal man - and Helms slugging it out, with Harris winning the exchange, sending Helms off the ropes, but misses a boot, allowing Helms to bounce off the other side, and nails the Wildcat with a flying body splash, with Harris going down, and rolling to the outside, whilst Helms wastes no time, and follows out. The bell rings suddenly, and the referee has thrown the match out!!!
Winners: No Contest @ 03:12

The match is over, with no winner, and ALL eight men on the outside now, as the brawl continues. Helms now pairs off with Mercury, whilst Punk takes on Nitro, as the Hardys and AMW trade blows on the ramp. All hell has broken loose, as Nitro sends Punk into the ringpost, then makes a beeline for the World Tag Team Title belt, looking to blast his enemy … but as he lines the shot up, Helms comes to the rescue of his partner, grabbing the belt, as Punk recovers, and throws Nitro up, onto his shoulders, looking for the Punk Card … but Mercury saves Nitro, pulling his partner off Punks shoulders, and the two jump the barrier, looking to escape the champions for now, having got the worse of this exchange.

Meanwhile, on the aisle, a group of Smackdown superstars (Brian Kendrick, Chavo Guerrero, Super Crazy, Deuce, Domino, William Regal and Hardcore Holly) break the two teams up, dragging the four men away from each other keeping them apart, as the four men all leave, kicking and pulling at the mediators, as tensions boil over. At ringside, we see Straight Edge pointing into the crowd, at the escaping Nitro and Mercury, holding the belts aloft, letting MNM know that they’re going nowhere.

Michael Cole: The situations are boiling over between these four teams. For the Hardy Boys and AMW it comes to an end on Friday Night in a tables match…

Jim Ross: But for Straight Edge and MNM, there doesn’t appear to be an end in sight, as the war rages on. Tonight, MNM have hightailed it to lick their wounds, but Punk and Helms know it better than anyone - those two will be back again.

The Coach: Damn right baby boy. MNM aren’t goin anywhere, until they win back those titles. Straight Edge better get used to it too.

Michael Cole: But Coach, MNM might not have a say in the matter, tonight, this draft lottery could well see the break up of your favourite team.

The Coach: And Michael, THAT, is a major flaw in this whole process. Diamonds like MNM should never be apart. They’re a two of a kind.

Jim Ross: A great double act!! {/pseudo sarcasm}

The Coach: I wouldn’t expect someone from your generation to appreciate the likes of Nitro and Mercury J.R. Fossils like you fail to move with the times. MNM are THE hottest team on the scene, and you’d better enjoy all the time those two idiots hold the world tag team titles, because it wont be for long. THAT, I promise you.

Backstage, we see Arn Anderson at the coffee machine, seemingly struggling to get the machine working. Kelly Kelly approaches, looking for an interview…

Kelly Kelly: Mister Anderson??

Anderson looks up, then back down, trying to get his cup filled.

Kelly Kelly: Could I have a moment of your time??

As he stands up straight, Anderson smiles, giving Kelly the go-ahead.

Kelly Kelly: I was just looking to get your thoughts on the draft so far tonight. Up until now, you’ve acquired the entire New Wave, Elijah Burke, and, oddly, the indefinitely suspended Brock Lesnar.

Putting his cup down beside the machine, Anderson gathers his thoughts.

Arn Anderson: Hit and miss if I’m being honest Kelly. The New Wave ARE without a shadow of a doubt, four magnificent talents. They’re all young studs, and they’ve all got tremendous upside. It also means we’ve got the WWE Championship back home, and we’ve added four guys without one draft pick being made. On the other hand, we’ve got three guys being led by a sick, twisted, egomaniac. Three guys that’ll do whatever he says, whatever he wants, whenever he wants. That’s not the kind of superstars I want on Smackdown. If I could take their talent, and leave behind the attitude?? I’d be delighted. But Kelly, if those four, especially Orton, think they’re gonna throw their weight around … intimidate people … intimidate me?? They’ll be finding out the hard way, why they call me 'The Enforcer'.

Pop in the background from the fans.

Arn Anderson: Those four boys are gonna get whipped into shape under my watch, I promise ya that. They’re gonna get whipped into shape, and they’re gonna stand in line with the rest of the Smackdown roster. Now … Elijah Burke?? Now that, that’s a kid with potential. It’s all upside with that kid. He’s learnt from one of the very best in Booker T, and now he’s comin to Smackdown, he’s gonna flourish. Elijah Burke is gonna be a name y’all want to remember.

Now, Anderson takes off his glasses for a second, scratching his face, then puts them back on, and rubs his chin.

Arn Anderson: Then you’ve got Brock.

Big pop in the background for the mention of Lesnar.

Arn Anderson: On one hand, you’ve got arguably the biggest name in the business, at one time, the youngest World Champion in the history of this company. World Champ within six months of his debut. The most ferocious talent in the WWE today … and yet … my hands are tied. He’s out of bounds. I’ve got this incredible superstar on my books … and I cant work with him. I’ve already spoke with Mister McMahon, and indeed I’ve been on the phone with the Board of Directors … that suspension is water tight. Basically … I’ve wound up drawing a white elephant.

Anderson looks a little dejected, before turning, and walking away, as we fade out…

Back to ringside…

Jim Ross: Well Gentlemen, it’s been somewhat a night of mixed emotions for Double A. He’s picked up a group he’s not too fond of, yet he’s got the WWE Championship back on Smackdown. He’s picked up the promising Elijah Burke, but he’s picked, and I quote; a white elephant.

Tazz: Hard to argue with that J.R. The New Wave could be poisonous for Friday Nights, despite the enormous talent they possess. It’s all upside with Burke, and it’s a heartbreaking pick to grab Brock Lesnar. Huge name … but he’s not available due to that suspension.

Michael Cole: And, he didn’t even touch on the loss of Kurt Angle.

The Coach: Which is a huge blow for Smackdown, yet an almighty gain for us on Raw.

Jim Ross: It certainly is, and Angle will be in action later tonight in that monstrous ten man tag team match. Cena, Carlito, London, Jericho and the World Champion Christian all teaming to face Angle, Albright, MVP, Edge and The Game, Triple H.

Michael Cole: The excitement is growing, you can feel it building J.R. But Finlay and Umaga in a Belfast Brawl is still to come too.

The Coach: And who can forget, the State Of The Union address from the McMahon Family!!! What could they have in store for us??

Tazz: And hey, lets not forget the big reason we’re all here … the draft continues.

We now cut to backstage, and see Eric Bischoff making his way through the hall, en route to the stage…

Jim Ross: Indeed it does Tazz, and in just a few moments, the two General Managers will each pick a superstar to represent the brand, with an additional pick in the balance for the winning brand. Join us, when we come back.

Commercial Break

We return and see both Eric Bischoff and Arn Anderson stood behind their podiums…

Lillian Garcia: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following is a special Raw versus Smackdown match, and the winners brand will be permitted an extra pick in the next round of the draft…


Joined by his stepsister Katie Lea, the undefeated ‘King of Pain’ Paul Burchill makes his way out to the ring, representing the Raw brand and Eric Bischoff, with pretty high stakes at hand.

The Englishman gets inside the ring, awaiting his opponent, hand picked by Arn Anderson…


Guess whose losing this one?? Hardcore Holly makes his entrance, to limited fanfare, but expected to give the undefeated Burchill a stern test.

Paul Burchill vs. Hardcore Holly
Short, but competitive affair. Holly brings it from the get go, refusing to be intimidated by the relative newcomer, taking the fight to Burchill, with the Englishman ultimately getting the better of the exchange, overpowering Holly. Knocking him down with a thunderous clothesline, Burchill uses that as the launch pad to get to work on the veteran, but finds himself in a real fight this time, as Holly fights back, surprising Burchill.

The Englishman though is TOO much for Holly to handle, and quickly kicks out of a power slam, before catching the veteran with a sidewalk slam. It’s all downhill from there for Holly, as Burchill barely gives him a look in, but shows some respect for the hard hitting veteran - by adding to the Curb Stomp finish - as he drags his opponent up, nailing him with the C4, and earns himself another victory.
Winner: Paul Burchill @ 04:16

And with that, Raw will be drawing TWO names out of the tumbler on this go around, much to the delight of a beaming Bischoff on the stage. Anderson meanwhile, nods in acknowledgement, clapping the effort of Holly, despite being way off the mark in troubling Burchill.

Attention turns to the stage now, as Lillian pipes up again…

Lillian Garcia: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now time for the third round of the 2007 Draft. As a result of the previous match, Eric Bischoff will be choosing TWO Smackdown superstars in this round to join Raw.

Bischoff, having looked around for a cue to go, dips his hand into the tumbler, moving his hand around, finally pulling it back out. The Raw GM unscrews the ball, reads the name, shows the camera…

It’s another underwhelming response, although there are scattered cheers.

Jim Ross: A whole lot of experience right there Coach. William Regal is as tough as they come; he began fighting at the age of sixteen in Blackpool, England, and to say he’s lived a tough life would be an understatement.

The Coach: Brings a lot to the table Jimbo, I gotta admit. He’s not the youngest guy of the bunch, but like you said, he brings a lifetime of experience to Raw. He’s stagnated a little on Smackdown if you ask me, but now, coming to the bright lights of Raw, you gotta think that’s gonna give this veteran the shot in the arm he needs. He’s got the tools to bring it, now he’s got the platform.


Regal, like the others so far this evening, enters the stage, and puts on his new homes shirt. He shakes hands with his new GM, and waves to the fans - nothing spectacular.

It’s Andersons turn now, and wasting no time, he has the ball out straight away, unscrewing the top … revealing …

‘Ooooh’s’ fill the arena, as the partner and mentor of Elijah Burke, Booker T, is drafted to Smackdown.

Michael Cole: Five time… five time…

Tazz: Five time, five time, five time - Dubya C Dubya Champion … SUCKA!!!

Michael Cole: What a coup for Smackdown. Coach, you want to talk about William Regal stagnating on Smackdown?? What about Booker T?? He’s one of the most decorated superstars on this show, and he’s been shoved into the wilderness. Whether he decides to remain partners with Elijah Burke, or wants to get back in the mix - he’s a terrific pick for Friday Nights.

Tazz: And how about this for a bit of symmetry - earlier, Kurt Angle, after being exclusive to Smackdown since the beginning of the brand era, moved to Raw. Now, Booker T, exclusive to Raw for the last five years is headed into the opposite direction. Huge move.


Booker, smiling broadly, graciously accepts his shirt, and shakes hands with Anderson. Now, we see Elijah Burke enter the stage, still wearing his shirt, and the two meet - reunited already.

It’s back to Bischoff now, as he makes his added pick, dipping his hand in, quickly pulling his ball out … revealing …

HUGE pop for Hardy!!! As speculated, the Hardy Boys will split, and it looks like the talented brother is getting a promotion to Raw!!!

Jim Ross: Talk about game changers!!! Matt Hardy to Raw has officially shifted the balance in this draft to Raw. This has to be considered a massive, massive blow to Smackdown.

The Coach: No questions about it. Smackdown just lost one half of one of it’s top tier tag teams!!! A big step up for Matt if you ask me, can he cope with the level of competition on Raw??


Matt ‘The Talent’ Hardy steps onto the stage, looking pensive initially, knowing he and Jeff will now be separated, but embraces the Raw shirt, whilst Bischoff seems genuinely happy to have Matt on Raw.

Jim Ross: Michael, you’ve got to agree that this is a huge blow for Smackdown. Matt Hardy has been a stand out performer on the brand over the past eighteen months, with two United States Championship reigns under his belt, and many big, big matches against the biggest names on Friday Nights.

Michael Cole: Any superstar leaving Smackdown is a blow in my opinion J.R. Matt Hardy has been a big part of Friday Nights over the past couple of years, but I think we can all agree that at this stage of their careers, Matt and Jeff Hardy would be better suited to standing alone.

The Coach: I agree. Matt’s carried that screw up for too long. He cost him a major spotlight match at WrestleMania.

Tazz: Where do you get off, Coach?? No carrying done when it comes to Matt and Jeff. Both guys can stand on their own two feet, and they’ll prove it now that they’ve been given the chance.

Michael Cole: But lets not forget, the Hardy Boys will STILL compete together, THIS Friday Night on Smackdown. Will they sign off with a bang, or end on a whimper, when they face AMW in a tables match. The titles wont be on the line, but there is a whole lot of pride at stake.

The Coach: Well, that’s Friday, and you can plug your own show then, but while you’re a guest on Raw, we’ll plug our show.

Jim Ross: And coming up next; you don’t want to miss it folks. A ten man tag team showcase, pitting the best of Raw with the best of Smackdown. All kinds of rivalries will collide head on, egos are gonna clash, Triple H, Kurt Angle, Edge, MVP and Tyson Tomko face the might of the World Champion Christian, Carlito, Chris Jericho, Paul London and John Cena.

Commercial Break

We return … backstage. Todd Grisham is stood outside a room which reads on the door ‘The McMahon Family’. He seems nervous, as if he’s on duty to interview the McMahons, but doesn’t have the guts to knock the door … he turns, and readies himself to knock … but the door opens … and out walks Triple H, joined by Tyson Tomko, both dressed for action. Triple H narrows his eyes at Grisham, looks back at a bemused Tomko, then, in his best intimidating gravel voice, asks…

Triple H: The hell do you want??

Grisham stutters over his words, pointing to the room.

Todd Grisham: I-I er, I was jus- just hoping to, er, speak to, er, Mister-

Tomko ends the awkwardness.

Tyson Tomko: Er, er, er. How about I cut to the chase. Mister McMahon doesn’t want to be disturbed this evening. You want answers to some low rent questions, then you’ll get them later. Mister McMahon has something very special to talk about later … and you wont want to miss it.

Grisham nods, taking the hint, but before he leaves … things get interesting … Kurt Angle shows up.

Kurt Angle: Where the heck have you two been?? Don’t you realise we’ve got a match??

Triple H throws his best glare at Angle, but Angle isn’t intimidated, and glares right back at his old foe.

Triple H: Need to talk about a game plan?? I’ll make it easy. You can do whatever the hell you like … just leave Christian to me.

Angle scoffs at the suggestion.

Kurt Angle: Sure. How bout I just bend over while I’m at it?? Listen, I’m not leaving anyone for anybody … especially Christian. If you think I’m just gonna give you free reign on the World Champion, you’d need to think again, and fast. Christian is my priority.

Triple H, again trying to intimidate, lightly growls as he responds.

Triple H: Then it looks like we’re gonna have a problem.

Tomko looks to diffuse the situation, stepping in between the two.

Tyson Tomko: Both of you need to start thinking clearly. If you’re gonna be fighting over one guy, th-

In the background, **MEDAL** is heard, and it’s time for the ten man tag. The three men hear the music, with Angle speaking first.

Kurt Angle: I’ll see ya out there.

Pulling up his straps, Angle turns and walks off, with Triple H looking furious, as Tomko looks to be trying to calm him.

To the arena…

And after a short delay, Angle enters the stage to a split reaction from the fans, with many appreciating the Olympian, but many still despising him too.

Angle quickly makes his way to the ring, and does his trademark spin as he enters, with the music dying down quickly.


Over four months into his active tenure, MVP is STILL yet to be pinned or made to submit. The cockiness exudes from him, as he makes his entrance - albeit minus the big set he’s used to - feeling at home, rubbing shoulders with main eventers.

Porter slips inside the squared circle, looking calm and confident, sharing the ring with Kurt Angle, as we await…


From calm, cocky and confident … to embittered, enraged and on the edge (no pun intended), with the Rated R Superstar bursting through the smoke to a blaze of heat from the fans. Edge - looking unkempt and unshaven, wastes no time making his way to the ring, joining Angle and MVP, not acknowledging either man, as his music dies down…


To almost no reaction, the underrated Tyson Tomko enters the stage to his own music. With no fancy pyro or smoke, Tomko just looks tough as he marches down the aisle, but doesn’t even make the ring before his music dies off…


Triple H enters to immense heat from the fans, blasting his water, before making his way down the aisle, looking highly intense, and fully focused…

Jim Ross: Ladies and Gentlemen, we will be back in just a few moments. Our mammoth ten man tag team match is just moments way, join us, when we come back…

Commercial Break

We return with Triple H in the ring now, along with the other four in his team, as he and Angle exchange words again, with a lot of finger pointing. Before the situation can escalate though…


Chris Jericho, teaming with faces for the second time in a week, enters to a fairly positive reaction, but it’s still littered with boos - he’s not a whole lot to be considered a face after all. He makes his way down the aisle, but wisely halts at the bottom, as he locks eyes with long time rival Edge.


A nice, bigger than expected pop greets Carlito, who even shows a little surprise himself, stepping back to take in the reception. He nods, and jogs down the aisle, pointing to the ring, at his nemesis, MVP, who, in the sanctuary of the ring, seems confident to challenge Carlito to bring it on. Carlito though, is wise to join Jericho, and the two slowly move around the ringside area…


Greensboro comes to it’s feet for the uber cool, highly popular ‘Golden Boy’ of Smackdown. Once again, London gets to rub shoulders with the top dogs at the top table, and it’s unlikely that he’ll disappoint, given the chance to shine.


Cue the reaction. As always, it’s Marmite for Cena, with a gaping split in the audience for the former World Champion. Cena shrugs off the negativity from some sections, and makes his way down the aisle, and shows no respect for the five men in the ring, sliding inside, as his team mates join him, with the heel team being ushered to one corner by the referee.


But there is a HUGE roar for the World Heavyweight Champion. Christian makes his entrance, and feeds off an incredible pop from the fans, pumping his chest, patting his belt, and signalling to the ‘Peeps’, before making his way down the aisle … but in the ring, the referee has lost control, and the brawl has begun … with Triple H slipping out, meeting Christian on the outside!!!

Tomko is unable to get the better of London thanks to the trickery and speed of the Golden Boy, getting dropkicked to the outside, and followed by a slingshot splash to the outside onto the Problem Solver!!!

Meanwhile, Cena has paired off with Angle, with Cena getting the better of the exchange, thanks to Angle being distracted by the meeting of The Game and Christian.

Jericho and Edge brawl to the outside, trading blows, whilst Carlito and MVP do the same, but in the ring, with neither man gaining a clear advantage.

Jim Ross: By Gawd, this place has ERUPTED!!! Can the official get this thing under control?? We’ll find out when we come back!!

Commercial Break


Kurt Angle, M.V.P, Edge, Tyson Tomko & Triple H
Chris Jericho, Carlito, Paul London, John Cena & Christian
Indeed, order has been restored, as we join the match in progress, with a lot of early tags on both sides, padded out with basic rest holds for the most part. Quickly though, London is isolated by the heel side, with MVP slowing him down, and tagging in Tomko to soften the Golden Boy up. That plan doesn’t go down so well, as after a few clubbing blows to the back, Tomko runs off the ropes … BUT IS MET WITH A DROPSAULT!!! Both men quickly move to make a tag, with London bringing in Cena (cue mixed response) and Tomko tagging to The Game.

The two long time rivals face off, with the fans building up in the background, as Cena and Triple H come face to face, milking the fans reaction … before trading blows back and forth, punch for punch, looking to incite a BOO / YAY response, but not getting the desired effect. Quickly, The Game drives a knee to the mid section, and pounds Cena to the ground and then drops a knee for a near fall. He backs Cena into the corner, and beats away at him there, before tagging to Edge. Wasting no time, Edge hits five hard shoulder thrusts in the corner to Cena, and then whips him off the ropes, but Cena ducks a clothesline and bounces back, surging at Edge with a flying shoulder, knocking Edge off his feet!!! The fans pop, as Cena bounces back up, dragging Edge with him, throwing him to the corner, and Jericho is quickly to reach for a tag to get a shot in at Edge.

Jericho takes it to Edge, and lays a number of vicious chops, lighting up the chest of his rival, softening him up for an Irish Whip, following up with a reverse elbow to knock Edge down, before making a cover, for a quick two count. Still on the offence though, he goes for another whip, but Edge reverses and slips under, surprising Jericho, and hitting the Buzz Killer, allowing Edge a quick near fall of his own with Jericho kicking out at two. With the momentum shifted, Edge drags Jericho up, sending him into the corner, making a tag back out, bringing in Angle. The Olympian goes to work on Jericho, firing off a succession of rights and lefts to the temple in the corner, following up with a big European uppercut that takes Jericho off his feet. He drags Jericho back up, but this time, Jericho fights Angle off, going back to knife edge chops, before running off the ropes … BUT IS CAUGHT WITH A BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!!! Angle scrambles for a cover, 1...2...SHOULDER UP!!! Keeping the pressure on, Angle applies a arm lock, switching into a front facelock, looking to wear Jericho down, but Y2J forces himself out, but is beaten to the punch again, with Angle quickly scoring a knock down. The Olympian stomps Jericho to keep him down, and reaches out, tagging MVP back in.

With a chance to shine, Porter doesn’t want to disappoint, and stomps Jericho to keep him down, and when happy enough, he lifts him up and goes for a suplex, but this is blocked and Jericho looks to hit a suplex of his own … but Porter lands behind, and rolls him up … 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Jericho bounces up, but surprisingly is caught by Porter with an arm drag, and MVP follows up with a release throw, gaining another near fall. Now, Porter is dripping with confidence, and gets a little too cocky, getting in the face of Carlito, before posing for the Ballin Elbow … AND MISSES!!! Jericho avoids it, and gets up, running through Porter with a clothesline. Jericho now sees Carlito literally BEGGING for a tag, and grants his partner the wish, and Carlito is the legal man. CCC and MVP look across from one another, with Porter on a knee, but not for long, as he backs up, begging off Carlito … then looks for a cheap shot, but Carlito had it scouted, blocks it, and fires off on Porter!!! The fans pop for the action, with Carlito pounding away at Porter in the corner, with the fans eventually counting along, as he mounts the ropes to continue … but after nine … Porter surprises his rival, dropping him onto the top turnbuckle!!! Carlito hit’s the buckle, and staggers out, into the path of his enemy, with Porter nailing a big boot to the face, and gets a cover, 1...2...Kick Out. Now, Porter reaches out, tagging in The Game, as we head into another commercial break.

Commercial Break

As we return, it’s now Paul London and Edge the legal men, with Edge on top, before we get clips from during the break, where Carlito slipped away from The Game to tag in Christian, but after Christian outmanoeuvred HHH, Triple H decided to fight another day, tagging in Tomko again. From there, both men eventually made their next tags with London and Edge coming into the action. Edge sends London off the ropes, but the Golden Boy fires back ducking under a clothesline, then sliding under him, before catching Edge with an arm drag. Quickly, London makes a beeline for the top rope, looking for a cross body, but Edge rolls through, getting a near fall himself in the end. The two men bounce up, with London again ducking under a clothesline, as Christian makes a blind tag, and at the right time, as Edge catches the speedy Smackdown star with a power slam!!!

Before he can cover though, Christian is there, and the fans come alive, as the former partners come face to face, with Edge not realising Christian is the legal man … and pays for it, as Christian strikes first, and beats Edge into the ropes, looking for a whip, but it’s reversed by Edge, who ducks down for the return, but Christian rolls off the back … AND LOOKS FOR A QUICK UNPRETTIER … BUT EDGE SCRAMBLES FREE, pushes Christian off the ropes … AND LOOKS FOR A SPEAR … BUT CHRISTIAN LEAPS OVER TO AVOID IT … and catches Edge with a dropkick on his return!!! Now, Christian holds his hand out for a tag to Cena, and after taking a few moments to think it over … Cena accepts … BUT JERICHO QUICKLY MAKES A TAG INSTEAD!!! Jericho quickly enters, to the chagrin of Cena, and gets to work on Edge, scoring a few quick near falls after a suplex, then a missle dropkick, before nearly getting the job done with the Breakdown, but Edge hangs on each time.

Jericho, with Edge at his mercy, fires his rival off the ropes, but ducks down, allowing Edge to come back off to boot Jericho away, then scores WITH A BIG BOOT knocking Jericho down!!! Before he can continue though, Edge finds himself being blind tagged by Angle. The two exchange a few heated words, but Angle blows him off, quickly getting on Jericho, dragging him up, looking for a sudden ANGLE SLAM … BUT JERICHO LANDS BEHIND … AND AS ANGLE TURNS AROUND … HE TAKES HIM DOWN … WALLS OF JERICHO … NO!!! Angle slips free, and kicks Jericho away, then catches him off guard with an inside cradle, but Jericho slips out at two. The two trade blows as they get up, but Angle - despite taking more blows - wins the exchange eventually, ducking under a shot … going behind … AND DELIVERS A THUNDEROUS GERMAN SUPLEX … AND HOLDS ON!!!

He hangs on, to a mixed reaction from the fans, and hits another … AND HANGS ON AGAIN!!! He hangs on again, looking for the third in the series … but this time, Y2J reaches out his hand, in desperation … and … CARLITO makes the vital tag, but it’s gone undetected by Angle, who hangs on to Jericho, and delivers another German … but it’s for nothing … as Carlito surprises him, springing off the ropes, and taking Angle down with a cross body!!! The fans come alive, as Carlito turns it up a notch, uses the ropes to spring from again, this time with a reverse elbow!!! Now, sensing the moment, Carlito sets Angle up for the Apple Core, but Angle reverses out of it … and LOOKS FOR THE ANGLE SLAM … BUT CARLITO DROPS BEHIND … BACK CRACKER!!! Carlito makes the cover, looking for a huge scalp … 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

Carlito now lays into Angle with a number of right hands, and whips him off the ropes catching him with a dropkick for another two count, before tagging out to Christian who keeps the pressure on. The heel team start to become agitated on the outside as Angle is unable to make the tag to any of his team mates. Christian then whips Kurt into the ropes, but Kurt reverses the whip, and looks to hit a Belly to Belly, but the champion has it scouted and fights free, before he hit’s an atomic drop, followed by a hip toss. With Angle dazed, Christian continues the punishment, and scores a near fall with his reverse backbreaker/neck breaker manoeuvre. Now, the tag goes to London, and the Golden Boy gets his shots in at Angle, but the Olympian overpowers London, then catches a boot … BUT LONDON SCORES WITH AN ENZIGURI!!! He covers Angle … 1...2...NO!!!

The fans groan, and London looks bitterly disappointed, but the match continues, with the Golden Boy climbing the ropes, looking to finish it for all … BUT ANGLE POPS UP, AND SCALES THE ROPES … BELLY TO BELLY OFF THE TOP!!! Slowly crawling towards him, Angle drapes an arm over London … 1...2...KICK OUT!!! The Golden Boy survives, as now, both he and Angle inch to their corners, looking for a last ditch tag … Angle reaches out … London reaches out … ANGLE TAGS TRIPLE H … LONDON TAGS CENA!!!

The Game and Cena race to the middle of the ring, a trade blows, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, with Cena getting the better … but Triple H drives a knee to the gut, slowing Cena down, then hit’s the Facebuster, following with a running high knee, quickly going for a cover, 1...2...Kick Out. Triple H keeps the pressure on, dropping a knee, and gets another two count. Quickly, he sends Cena off the ropes … BUT CENA ROARS BACK … FLYING SHOULDER KNOCKS TRIPLE H DOWN TO THE MAT!!! Triple H rolls away, and reaches to Edge, tagging the Rated R Superstar in, with Cena now fired up, and drills Edge instantly with a running clothesline, knocking him down. Cena feeds off the energy of the divided fans, hitting the ropes, and executing the Throwback, before running through a dazed Edge with a succession of clotheslines, then a Fisherman buster floating over, AND TOMKO BREAKS THE COUNT!!!

Cena, in a rage, quickly comes after Tomko, chasing him to the outside, but as Tomko runs around with Cena in pursuit … Angle drops off the apron … AND NAILS CENA WITH A BELLY TO BELLY ON THE OUTSIDE!!! Quickly, he rolls Cena back inside, as a stand off begins on the outside with Cenas side and Angles side exchanging heated words, nearly coming to blows … but attention is diverted to the ring, as Edge makes the cover, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Edge now drags Cena to the heel corner, and makes a tag to MVP, as the heels begin to isolate Cena, tagging in and out like a well oiled machine, targeting Cena, keeping him WELL away from his teams corner.

Tomko stomps on Cena in the corner and then pulls him out for a Pumphandle Slam, getting the cover, but Christian breaks the count. Immediately, the referee orders Christian out, but the distraction allows a brief illegal double team, as Tomko holds Cena up, exposing the ribs, with Triple H pounding away at the body. Tomko tags his leader in, and The Game applies a sleeper, with Cena seemingly fading. The referee raises the arm twice, and both times it falls to the ground. The third time it stays in the air, and he breaks the hold with repeated elbows to the mid section. He then bounces off the ropes, but Triple H NAILS him with a spine buster, getting the cover, 1...2...NO!!!

Cena raises a shoulder, refusing to give in. Still though, the heel side are dominant, with Trips tagging Angle back in, and Angle continuing the punishment to the former World Champion. Angle beats at the defenceless Cena and hits an arm drag, then immediately goes for the Ankle Lock, but Cena in desperation kicks him away, and fights to his feet, but MVP makes a blind tag on Angle, and attacks the unsuspecting Cena, stopping him in his tracks again. This time, he does connect with the Ballin Elbow, but once more, it’s a two count only.

Porter, with Cena in all kinds of trouble, drags him up, and looks for the Play of the Day … but Carlito puts a stop to it, as he attacks MVP!!! The referee quickly drags Carlito away, which allows Edge to get in the ring, setting up Cena for the Spear … BUT CENA DODGES IT … AND EDGE SPEARS MVP!!! Cena low bridges the ropes, sending Edge out … THEN APPLIES THE STFU ON PORTER!!! MVP is caught in the hold … AND LOOKS SET TO TAP … BUT ANGLE DROPS AN ELBOW … AND NOW … ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE!!!

All ten superstars then engage in a mass brawl, as the referee loses control of the action. Cena fights it out with Angle, Carlito throws the weakened MVP to the outside and follows out, Triple H fights with Christian, Jericho greets Edge with a springboard dropkick then follows out, and London pairs off with Tomko. Tomko and London spill to the outside, as MVP rolls back in, followed by Carlito. Carlito has the better of the exchange, but then runs off the ropes, and Triple H catches his leg, tripping him, leaving him as easy pickings … AND THE PLAY OF THE DAY CONNECTS FOR MVP!!! He covers … but the referee correctly informs him that Carlito isn’t the legal man.

Outside, Angle and Triple H - team mates - begin to have a stand off, with the two both wanting Christian … but as they argue, Christian … with Cena … attack the pair, giving them no choice!!! We see Jericho and Edge now fighting into the crowd, whilst London and Tomko continue to fight on the outside, but Christian and Cena throw The Game and Angle inside. Triple H immediately rolls out with Christian in pursuit, as MVP takes his chance, and attacks Cena … but as he sends Cena into the ropes, we see Christian leap up and tag him, making himself legal. MVP catches Cena with a boot, but Cena catches it … throws MVP up onto his shoulders … FU!!!

Cena is set to cover, but the referee pats his back, signalling the tag being made, with Cena confused, not realising he was tagged … AS ANGLE SWOOPS IN FROM BEHIND … ANGLE SLAM!!! Cena goes down, and Angle instantly goes for the Ankle Lock, applying the hold … but from behind is CHRISTIAN … and Christian drives Angle into the ringpost, shoulder first, whilst we see Triple H drag MVP to the corner … tagging himself in … but dropping off the apron, kneeling down on the outside!!! Christian meanwhile delivers the Unprettier to Angle, taking him out of the equation … then spots Porter, believing him to be the legal man. Christian jumps to the top rope, and looks to the fans … AND FLIES WITH THE FROG SPLASH … CONNECTING!!!

He sells the move for a moment, holding his ribs … AS TRIPLE SNEAKS IN … THE REAL LEGAL MAN … AND CATCHES CHRISTIAN OFF GUARD … KICK TO THE GUT … PEDIGREE!!! Triple H hooks the leg of the World Champion, with no one in sight to break the count … 1...2...3!!!
Winners: Triple H, Kurt Angle, MVP, Edge & Tyson Tomko @ 28:19

Huge win for Triple H - he has just pinned Christian - the World Heavyweight Champion - clean as a whistle - in the middle of the ring!!! The Game has his arm raised, as we quickly cut to Jericho and Edge disappearing from view, whilst Tomko gets inside, having overpowered London on the outside. Triple H and Tomko stand tall in the middle of the ring, whilst everyone else is either out of view … or simply out of it.

Jim Ross: Triple H has just proved, once again, why they call him the Cerebral Assassin. Christian was never aware of his tag to MVP. And by Gawd, Triple H made no mistake with that Pedigree. How big will that victory, over the World Heavyweight Champion to boot, be for The Game??

The Coach: He’s right back into contention Jim. He’s right back in the race to challenge for the World Heavyweight title. This win, without any outside interference, right in the middle of the ring, has most definitely put Triple H into line for a shot at the belt. And lets not forget - he never got his rematch when he lost to John Cena at SuperBrawl.

Michael Cole: Whilst I don’t want to spoil the party Gentlemen, I’d like to just point something out - Triple H hasn’t survived the draft just yet. The Game could be a Smackdown superstar before this night is out.

Tazz: Damn straight. But what a match we’ve just witnessed. Ten of the top dogs in the WWE today giving it their all, heck of an effort.

In the ring, Triple H drapes the title belt over the chest of a fallen Captain Charisma, standing over his rival, sending the message that he’s on his radar.

Meanwhile, we see Kurt Angle leaving the arena, backing up the aisle, seething with fury, watching as his rival for the title shot makes an emphatic statement.

We then cut to John Cena -another man desperate for a title shot- regaining his composure on the outside, seeing his chances slipping, following the victory for The Game.

Jim Ross: Well folks, as Michael Cole just touched on, the draft will continue tonight - two more picks to come from both Raw and Smackdown - the next of which is coming up in just a few moments. But as we go into our commercial, you’ve gotta wonder what type of pressure Eric Bischoff will be under to give Triple H a shot at the World Champion, Christian. Will Bischoff grant that title shot, despite Triple H’s links to Mister McMahon?? That remains to be seen.

We fade out, with Triple H still standing tall in the ring, backed up by the Problem Solver.

Commercial Break

We return from the commercial, with Lillian Garcia stood in the ring, and we can also see both General Managers, from a distance, stood on the stage.

Lillian Garcia: Ladies and Gentlemen, it is now time for the next round of the 2007 DRAFT LOTTERY!!!

And, to the stage, where Anderson is first to go this time, reaching in, pulling out his ball, and going through the same rigmarole, before showing…

A fairly interested ovation develops around the arena, as the fighting Irishman is the latest pick to move to Smackdown.

Michael Cole: It’s another big name with a tonne of experience. Smackdown is racking up the big names tonight Tazz.

The Coach: Pity the biggest one is suspended, huh.

Tazz: (Ignoring Coach) There is gonna be a whole lotta people wanting to avoid this tough Irish Bastid over on Fridays, that I guarantee ya, Cole.


And, the tough Irishman enters the stage, taking his Smackdown shirt, but doesn’t stop, and proceeds down the aisle … with his match coming up next - his final match on Raw.

Without wasting anytime, Bischoff has his pick out, and quickly opens the ball … and rolls his eyes in disgust, shaking his head, before showing it to the fans…

There are some laughs, and a couple of cheers, but it’s an underwhelming pick for Raw.

Jim Ross: A slight disappointment.

The Coach: SLIGHT?? That’s an understatement old timer. What a waste of a pick if you ask me. I’d have rather picked Michael Cole. At least that would’ve been funny.


Scotty, jovial as always, skips out onto the stage, looking to take his shirt, but is taken aback when he hears…


IT’S UMAGA!!! Umaga, clearly not wanting to wait any longer for his Belfast Brawl with Finlay, bursts onto the stage, AND GRABS SCOTTY … FLINGING HIM INTO THE STAGE STRUCTURE!!! Scotty crumples onto the floor, as Umaga looks down at his handiwork, but quickly, Estrada is forced to avert his clients attention … TO FINLAY - as the newly acquired Smackdown talent, and bitter foe of Umaga races up the aisle, and ATTACKS WITH HIS SHILLELAGH - TO THE POINT OF THE KNEE, PUTTING UMAGA ON THE FLOOR!!!

Finlay chases Estrada off with the shillelagh, before coming back for Umaga, beating away senselessly at him with the weapon, whilst Bischoff and Anderson have exited the stage. Finlay doesn’t let Umaga up, kicking him down the aisle, and rolls him into the ring, officially starting the match…

Finlay vs. Umaga
As soon as Finlay enters behind Umaga, Umaga comes back, catching the veteran with a shot to the gut (sending the shillelagh flying), then an uppercut, getting to his feet, and knocks Finlay down with a short arm clothesline, following up with a simple splash for the first near fall. Following on, Umaga clamps on a nerve hold on the shoulder, with Finlay writhing, but he forces himself to his feet … and takes advantage of the rules … planting a LEGAL low blow, right between the legs of the Samoan Bulldozer!!!!! Umaga reels away, clutching his jewels, as Finlay reaches for the Shillelagh once more, and strikes to the back of the knee, and to the head of Umaga, chopping the undefeated monster down, with Umaga rolling out of the ring to escape the blows!!!

Finlay steps out, onto the apron, and waits for Umaga to turn around, jumping off at him … BUT UMAGA CATCHES FINLAY … and delivers a side belly to belly, slamming Finlay into the ground!!! Now, Umaga undresses the Smackdown announce position, setting it up for Finlay to go through … but as he turns his attention back to the fighting Irishman … FINLAY STRIKES WITH A TRASHCAN LID!!! Umaga is rocked by the shot, but barely moves, as Finlay musters up as much effort as he can, AND WRAPS THE LID OVER THE HEAD OF UMAGA!!! This time, he does stagger, as Finlay grabs a baking tray from under the ring, and charges at the Bulldozer … BUT UMAGA SCORES WITH A SCINTILLATING WHEEL KICK!!! The tray smashes back into The Irishmans face!!! Finlay goes down, and Umaga brushes off the blows he received, as he gets words of encouragement from Estrada, who has finally reached ringside.

Umaga drags Finlay up, and rolls him onto the table, climbing up himself, and sets his opponent up for the Spike to put him through the table, but Finlay fights back, breaking free, and AGAIN low blows Umaga … THEN HIT’S A DDT IN DESPERATION … PUTTING UMAGA THROUGH THE TABLE!!! The fans roar in approval, as Umaga collapses through the rubble, with Finlay perhaps in the driving seat to inflict Umagas first ever loss!!! Finlay slowly gets back to his feet, resting against the barrier for a moment, before putting the boots to Umaga, trying desperately to lift the dead weight, and get Umaga back inside the ring. Eventually, he manages it, and then looks under the ring for more goodies, PULLING OUT A TABLE!!! The fans pop for the sight of the hardware, with Finlay sliding the instrument inside, before turning and grabbing a steel chair too, flinging it inside, along with a trashcan, as we see Umaga struggling to reach his feet.

Finlay slides back in, using the Shillelagh once again, hammering Umaga around the head with it, before dropping his trusted weapon, and turns to the trashcan, PLACING IT OVER THE HEAD OF THE SAMOAN BULLDOZER!!! The fans pop, as Finlay now picks up the chair … AND WAILS UMAGA … REPEATEDLY … WITH THE CHAIR, INTO THE CAN!!! The fans roar louder each time, as Finlay takes it to the undefeated monster … toppling him, and continuing the smash him on the mat!!! In a strange comedic moment, Finlay then makes the cover, whilst Umaga still has the trashcan over his head … 1...2...UMAGA ROLLS FREE!!! Unable to kick out, Umaga had to roll to his side, due to the can impeding him.

Now, Finlay pulls the damaged trashcan off Umaga, but continues to stomp him, before running off the ropes, coming back with a butt splash onto Umaga, quickly looking for another cover, 1...2...UMAGA POWERS OUT!!! Suddenly, Finlay looks slightly worried, as Umaga POWERS him off. The Irishman makes a beeline for the old faithful Shillelagh, and looks to clobber the Samoan Bulldozer again … BUT UMAGA GRABS THE WEAPON IN TIME … AND SWATS IT AWAY FROM FINLAY TO THE OUTSIDE!!! Knowing he’s in trouble, Finlay goes for broke, and starts lashing out wild swinging rights … BUT UMAGA OVERCOMES THEM … AND RUNS THROUGH FINLAY WITH A CLOTHESLINE!!! Finlay folds up like an accordion, as Umaga looks to be getting stronger. Using the ropes to propel himself, Umaga crashes down on Finlay with his butt, then drags him out, setting him in position, with Umaga setting himself on the middle ropes … and flies off with a head butt to Finlay!!!

Still not making a cover, Umaga drags Finlay back up, and sets him into position … DELIVERING THE SWINGING SIDE SLAM!!! AND STILL DOESN’T COVER!!! Umaga now grabs the table, and sets it upright in the corner, before dragging his lifeless opponent to the corner too, backing up, yelling in his tribal tongue … THEN RACES ACROSS THE RING … RUNNING BUTT SPLASH TO FINLAY … THROUGH THE TABLE!!! It’s academic now, as Umaga lifts his lifeless opponent … AND EXECUTES THE SAMOAN SPIKE!!! Umaga puts a foot on the torso of Finlay, as the count is made … 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Umaga @ 06:49

Umaga saves Finlay any further punishment, looking down at his beaten opponent, who came up well and truly short in the end, despite a tremendous showing of fighting spirit and grit. The fact remains though … Umaga is still undefeated. Estrada joins his client in the ring, raising his hand, as the audience must now surely start taking notice of Umaga … if they haven’t already, that is.

The graphic now shows up on the screen for the ‘McMahon Family; State of the Union Address’ coming up later … but it’s not far away.

Jim Ross: What exactly could Mister McMahon have in store tonight?? We have been promised earth shattering news, we have been promised massive announcements … but what exactly do they entail??

The Coach: We’re gonna find out shortly old timer. And I bet it’s gonna be huge … it’s gonna be great.

Michael Cole: But gentlemen, before that, we still have the final round of the 2007 Draft Lottery to come. Who is going to join Raw?? Who is moving to Smackdown??

Tazz: We’re gonna find out in a minute Cole.

Commercial Break

And as we return, we see, ONCE AGAIN, the general managers of Raw and Smackdown on the stage.

Lillian Garcia: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following is the FINAL ROUND of the 2007 WWE Draft!!!

And with that, Eric Bischoff reaches in, looking to draw one final big name to Raw, unscrewing the ball … and revealing…

There’s a small pop for the relatively new JTG, separated from his Cryme Tyme running buddy Shad (released last week), and now finding himself a new home on Raw.

Jim Ross: One for the future Coach. JTG has a lot of potential to go far. A kid with a great personality, lots of exuberance, and plenty of talent to match.

The Coach: I kinda like this kid from what I’ve seen from him, J.R. Like you said, he’s got a tonne of charisma, and he’s not a bad athlete either.


JTG saunters onto the stage, looking excited to be part of the Raw brand, grabbing his shirt, and saluting the fans, grabbing the hand of Bischoff and giving him one of those odd knuckle punch, street style ‘shakes’. He then turns to leave the stage, and interestingly, THEODORE LONG is there to greet him. JTG looks a little taken aback by the sight of Long, with Theodore putting his arm around the new Raw superstar, as he walks from view.

Whilst that happens, Anderson has already pulled his ball out, takes a quick look … and goes BUG EYED, shocked by his pick, and slowly reveals to the camera…

How is that possible?? Flair called his retirement last November!! The fans though, go absolutely wild at the mere sight of Naitch’ name.

Michael Cole: Ric- Ric Flair?? The sixteen time World Champion?? Tazz, what could this possibly mean?? Ric Flair RETIRED after the Survivor Series when he was humiliated by Randy Orton!!!

Tazz: No idea. The only thing I can think of, is that perhaps, Flair is still under contract, but the man stated last November that he ‘didn’t have it’ anymore. Have we just drawn another white elephant??

No music plays, as Anderson looks around, unsure what to think, having just drafted his best friend … his RETIRED best friend.

Michael Cole: This cannot be right. We need to get some more information on this, because something isn’t right here. As great as The Nature Boy is … the greatest of all time … the man has been retired for four whole months. He hasn’t been seen this year.

Tazz: What a buzz kill. Brock Lesnar and Ric Flair to Smackdown on the same night … yet we aint gonna reap the benefits.

Jim Ross: Be that as it may Gentlemen, I’m afraid that just about wraps up tonight’s draft proceedings, and let’s quickly recap. From Smackdown to Raw; JTG, William Regal, Scotty Too Hotty, young Cody Rhodes, Matt Hardy and of course, Kurt Angle.

The Coach: A good nights business if you ask me old timer. Plenty of experience, plenty of future potential, it’s looking rosy for Raw.

Michael Cole: Looking rosy for Raw, maybe. But despite a few setbacks, it’s looking pretty damn spectacular for Smackdown. All FOUR members of the New Wave, including the WWE Champion Randy Orton - that was even before the lottery began. Then, we got Elijah Burke, a kid oozing with potential, along with two of the greats; Booker T and Finlay. And, if Arn Anderson can manage to overturn his indefinite suspension, Brock Lesnar is set to return home to Smackdown. Not bad if you ask me.

The Coach: That’s a big if though Cole. Oh, and you forgot Ric Flair.

Michael Cole: I didn’t forget him Coach, I just didn’t mention him … The Nature Boy is retired.

Tazz: Yeah, and you can bet your ass Arn Anderson is gonna be asking a lotta questions about that draft pick. Or maybe, he’ll be directing questions to his buddy … like “Please come back”.

Michael Cole: We can only hope partner.

We now cut backstage, and see Mister McMahon leading his son and daughter down the hallway, minus Triple H and Tomko, as we prepare for the final segment of the show.

Jim Ross: And ladies and gentlemen, whilst the draft has come to it’s conclusion, this show is far from over. Mister McMahon has promised an array of announcements of epic proportions this evening. The speculation can end in just a few moments, as Mister McMahon is on his way to the ring as we speak. What does he have to say?? Find out, when we come back.

Commercial Break

And we return…


That music can only mean one thing … and indeed, it brings the arrival of the Chairman, Mister McMahon.

Flanked by Shane and Stephanie, the boss marches down the aisle, strutting with the flamboyant, unmistakable ‘McMahon Power Walk’.

Jim Ross: And folks, there he is, the boss. Mister McMahon has been on a rampage over the past week, indefinitely suspending Brock Lesnar, and he’s made a personal promise to make Eric Bischoffs life hell. Bischoff has vowed to stand firm. He wont be bullied from his position, and he wont bow to McMahon … but surely, Mister McMahon, with that look in his eye, has something in store this evening.

The Coach: When the boss promises big announcements, the boss doesn’t disappoint. Does this involve Eric Bischoff?? Perhaps. What I do know baby boy, is that we’re about to find out.

Vince opens the ropes for Stephanie, then allows Shane to open the ropes for him, with Shane then following inside. Mr. McMahon is then handed a microphone, as the music dies down, and we are set to get our big announcement.

Mr. McMahon: Y’know, there’s been a lot of speculation tonight regarding my announcements … and rightfully so. When I promise something huge, when I promise an earth shattering announcement, when I promise something so big that it will turn Raw on it’s head … then you know it’s big.

Audience are pretty dead, as Vince shows off a hateful grin.

Mr. McMahon: Now, I’ve heard the rumours circulating all weekend. One I heard was that I was going to lift the ban on Brock Lesnar on the condition he obeyed my every command.

Vince chuckles over the mic.

Mr. McMahon: I liked that one. But, no. If I ever see Lesnar again … it’ll be too soon.

Heat for The Boss.

Mr. McMahon: I’ve heard that tonight I was going to force Eric Bischoff to join the ‘Kiss My Ass’ club.

Smirking again, Vince shakes his head.

Mr. McMahon: I don’t think so. I don’t just allow ANYBODY to kiss MY ass. No. For what I have in store for Bischoff … that wouldn’t even measure.

Composing himself, Vince speaks again.

Mr. McMahon: Enough of the speculation. Enough of the rumours, because now … it’s time for answers. I suppose you’re all desperate to hear what exactly I’ve got to say, huh??

Heat from the fans.

Mr. McMahon: After all, as much as I’d love to stand here and grace you people with my presence this evening-

A massive wave of heat cuts Vince off for a moment, having raised the ire of the fans with blatant sarcasm.

Mr. McMahon: As much as I’d love to do that … I’m a busy man, and I don’t have time to waste with the squalor of Greensboro.

Cheap heat, but there is a lot of it. Vince, it seems, is feeding off the heat.

Mr. McMahon: Y’know, I’m in the mood this evening to start shaking things up. I’m in the mood … to show off my power. I feel like throwing my weight around … and I think that’s what I’m gonna do.

More heat from the fans. Vince though, is in his element, as he struts around the ring.

Mr. McMahon: I might just say … SCREW THE DRAFT!!! I might just call it null and void. Why?? Because I can.

Another small portion of heat for Vince.

Mr. McMahon: … but I wont.

Vince smiles, fixing his jacket sleeve, before continuing.

Mr. McMahon: I could … but I wont. I wont, because that’s not part of my agenda this evening. No, I have some BIG NEWS … BIG, EARTH, SHATTERING, ANNOUNCEMENTS.

McMahon positions himself, readying himself, for his announcement.

Mr. McMahon: And the first is that next week … right here on Monday Night Raw in the Worlds Most Famous Arena, MADISON SQUARE GARDEN … we’re gonna have ourselves a good old fashioned appreciation night in honour of the worlds most famous family. That’s right, next Monday on Raw, it will be … a … MC MAHON FAMILY APPRECIATION NIGHT!!!

Lots of boos from the fans for the self-important McMahons. In the ring, Shane and Stephanie look delighted, smiling broadly, whilst Vince looks as pleased as punch.

Mr. McMahon: And to celebrate McMahon Appreciation Night … I’ve decided that … that HISTORY NEEDS TO BE MADE!!! And so, to make history next week … my son Shane … and me, Vincent Kennedy McMahon … WE are going to be in action together. In fact, we wont just be in action … WE’RE GOING TO CREATE HISTORY!!!

Long pause, with fans booing over the silence.

Mr. McMahon: Next week, Shane and I are going to become the first ever father, son … WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!!!

Massive heat for Vince, as he books himself and Shane to challenge Straight Edge for the Tag Team Championships next week.

On commentary, J.R wonders aloud “How can he do that??”

Mr. McMahon: That’s right. This time next week The McMahon Family will stand before you as the NEW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!!!

With a wild, excited look in his eyes, Vince continues to grow more and more animated.

Mr. McMahon: Now, now that’s next week … but my next earth shattering announcement concerns our next Raw Pay Per View event in four weeks time, that being Backlash … in one of my favourite places in the entire world … Montreal.

Little reaction from the fans, but Vince lets the last comment sink in.

Mr. McMahon: Yes, Backlash. As of right now, I’d like to announce the Number One Contender to face the World Heavyweight Champion, Christian.

The fans pop for the mention of Christian, much to the chagrin of Vince.

Mr. McMahon: I’d like to introduce you to Christians opponent at Backlash … and in turn, the NEXT … WORLD, HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION … TRRRRRRRIPLLLLE … AITCHHHHHHH!!!!!

Massive heat for the bullshit announcement of the new Number One Contender, whilst again, J.R wonders aloud “Surely this isn’t allowed. Surely this is a decision for Eric Bischoff??”…


And here comes The Game, followed by the Problem Solver, Tyson Tomko. Triple H, fresh off a clean win over Christian tonight, looks like the cat that got the cream, as he saunters onto the stage, nodding in the direction of the ring. Smiling, The Game proceeds to the ring, now dressed regularly after his match a little over thirty minutes ago.

He enters the ring, having the ropes held open by Tomko, and immediately shares a hug with his Father in law, before putting his arm around Stephanie, kissing her forehead, as Shane offers his congratulations with a handshake that Triple H graciously accepts.

The fans shit all over the love in, as Vince pipes up again.

Mr. McMahon: So, ladies and gentlemen, here you-

**I‘M BACK**

It appears that the Raw General Manager has heard enough. In the ring, Vince looks like he was sharing an elevator with someone that just farted, whilst the rest of the McMahon Family Empire seem infuriated by the arrival of Bischoff.

Bischoff wisely keeps to the stage, with his mic in hand, looking ALL business, but at the same time, seems rather confused by everything going on.

Eric Bischoff: Have- Have I missed … something?? Or have you lost it?? I mean … have you gone senile, old man??

A ‘OHHH’ develops around the arena, as Eric lays on a huge insult to Vince. In the ring, Vinces eyes nearly pop out of his head at the comment.

Eric Bischoff: And frankly, I’m surprised your family has allowed you to make a mockery of yourself here this evening. Not just surprised- but angry. Because Vince, you’ve just wasted the final quarter hour of this show. Nothing you’ve just ‘announced’ holds any water. All your announcements this evening … they’re not for you to make. ALL of those announcements … those are the decisions that are to be made by the General Manager of Raw.

In the ring, Vince continues to look angered by the presence of the GM.

Eric Bischoff: I decide if next weeks Raw is going to have a theme … I decide the next challengers for the World Tag Team Champions … an- Actually…

Bischoff stops, bowing his head ever so slightly. He has a cheeky smirk on his face, and wags his index finger in the general direction of the ring.

Eric Bischoff: You might be onto something. Yeah … how about we DO go ahead with Vince and Shane McMahon taking on Straight Edge for the World Tag Team Titles next week??

Heat from the fans, not liking it one bit.

Eric Bischoff: Hold on, hold on, hear me out. This could be the most entertaining thing in WWE history. I for one, would take great pleasure in seeing the pair of you get your asses collectively handed to you. And to make sure that happens, and that there is NO outside interference … I’ll hand pick a number of Lumberjacks.

Minor pop from the fans.

Eric Bischoff: But … I don’t like the sound of Triple H challenging Christian for the World Heavyweight Championship at Backlash.

Big pop from the fans, whilst in the ring, the McMahon Family Empire are livid.

Eric Bischoff: Are- are you surprised?? Did you honestly think I’d just let you run roughshod over MY show?? You didn’t just imagine that I’d sit idly by and watch you announce the new Number One Contender, did you??

Bischoff shakes his head, whilst the Family Empire talk off camera to each other.

Eric Bischoff: That’s a decision for the General Manager to make … that’s a decision … for Eric Bischoff.

Bischoff smirks, knowing he’s getting under the skin of his boss.

Eric Bischoff: As a matter of fact … I’ve already found the number one contender … I’ve already found Christians opponent at Backlash … and it’s not Triple H.

The fans pop, and one or two chant ‘CENA’, but the chant doesn’t catch on.

Eric Bischoff: As we speak, the contract is being written up, and it’s a matter of signing on the dotted line before we make it official. So without further ado, let ME announ-

Vince cuts in.

Mr. McMahon: HOLD IT!!! Eric, hold on, just a second.

Taken aback, Eric ponders for a moment, then replies.

Eric Bischoff: I don’t think I will.

Mr. McMahon: I think you should.

Showing some surprise, Bischoff holds off on replying, allowing Vince to continue.

Mr. McMahon: It might be in your best interests to save yourself any further embarrassment Eric. If I were you Eric, I’d turn around, and walk away … while you can.

Vince delivers the final line with extra chill, making sure Bischoff understands the nature of the comment.

Eric Bischoff: You wouldn’t be threatening the General Manager of Raw now, would you … Vince??

Agitated, Vince immediately responds.

Mr. McMahon: I think you know damn well what I’m getting at Eric.

Getting more cocky, Eric continues to agitate Vince.

Eric Bischoff: Well, I wouldn’t advise that … Vince.

Vince mouths to Stephanie ‘He’s pushing it’, as Eric continues on.

Eric Bischoff: The fact of the matter is Vince … you cant throw your weight around here like you used to. Now, I can understand someone of your age forgetting things … but I’m amazed that none of Shane, Stephanie, Triple H or Tomko can recall the ruling thrown down by Linda McMahon at the behest of the WWE Board of Directors last December. But, as it seems you’ve all forgotten … it just so happens I have the footage ready … roll the tape.

December 18 2006;

Linda McMahon: And ALL future decisions on Raw will be monitored by the board of directors, and should we feel that any of Eric Bischoffs actions have been influenced by ANYONE … there WILL be repercussions.

Now, we see Eric, looking rather smug to say the least, turning his attention from the titan tron footage, and to the ring.

Eric Bischoff: Now, Vince, I’ve had enough of being belittled on national television … I’ve had enough of being humiliated by you … and I’ve had enough of this charade. You’ve just killed the closing segment of MY show, but I’m going to end this nonsense now.

Mr. McMahon: Well, I’m afraid the humiliation isn’t over. And indeed, nor is this ‘charade’.

Eric Bischoff: Oh, it is. I’m putting a stop to this.

Mr. McMahon: No Eric … I AM!!!

Eric Bischoff: I don’t think so. Vince, I’m done bowing to you, I’m done taking your orders. I’m running this show my way … and whilst you have an active participation on this show … YOU ANSWER TO ME!!!

Massive pop from the fans.

Eric Bischoff: Now, let me announce the Number One Contender at Backlash …

Mr. McMahon: Cut him off.

Eric Bischoff: The man that will face Christian for the World Heavyweight Championship…


Eric says the name ‘KURT ANGLE’ … but his mic HAS been cut.

Boos ring out around the arena, as Vince gets what he wants. Eric meanwhile is livid, and starts looking around, pounding the top of his mic, asking for it to come back on.

Mr. McMahon: Y’see Eric … I’m not going senile. I haven’t forgotten my wife Linda’s ruling … but I did forget something … in fact, I forgot the biggest announcement of all. The one announcement that would be shocking … epic … huge. One, that will change the face of not only Raw … but the entire WWE.

On the stage, Bischoff is throwing a fit, not being able to get on the mic.

Mr. McMahon: That piece of footage Eric … that announcement from my wife last December … has been driving me crazy. It’s quite literally tied my hands, and left me … powerless. And I’m not used to it … I don’t like it.

Vince, with a snarl etched on his face, looks out into the audience.

Mr. McMahon: I’m now supposed to take orders from MY employees?? I’m supposed to take orders … FROM HIM??

Vince points up the ramp to Bischoff, who is still trying to get his mic working.

Mr. McMahon: That’s just not gonna happen. I didn’t build this conglomerate from the ground up to listen to weasels like Eric Bischoff. I didn’t run all my competitors, all the territories out of business, just to answer to Bischoff … I DON’T WANT TO ANSWER TO ANYBODY!!!

Vince begins to get over animated again, with his face turning purple, and the veins ready to pop.

Mr. McMahon: But ever since I took my company public … ever since I put the WWE on the markets, to give all kinds of snakes and leeches a slice of my cake … that’s what I’ve had to do.

More, and more animated, Vince continues.

Mr. McMahon: I’ve had to suck up to investors, I’ve had to play nice, and I’ve had to bite my tongue, nod my head and play ball … WELL NOT ANYMORE!!!

Vince gets right into the camera, yelling into the lens.

Mr. McMahon: I’VE HAD ENOUGH!!! I made this company what it is, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to be expected to become part of the machine … DAMMIT … I AM THE MACHINE!!! As of this very moment … I am announcing my intention of taking World Wrestling Entertainment … OFF THE STOCK MARKET!!!

Heat for the announcement, with some shocked gasps too. Vince allows the announcement to sink in momentarily, then picks up again.


The Family Empire all look delighted, having surely already known this was going to be the announcement.

Mr. McMahon: And Eric?? There’s nothing you can do about it. So next week, in Madison Square Garden, we’re all gonna celebrate the WWE returning to one hundred per cent private ownership … and each and every single one of you have no choice in the matter … you’re all going to appreciate The McMahon Family Empire!!!

Massive heat engulfs the arena, as the McMahon Family Empire all raise one anothers arms in celebration, whilst Eric watches on in horror.

In the ring, Vince pulls away from the group, and continues to talk.

Mr. McMahon: Oh, and just to reiterate; at Backlash … Triple H WILL challenge Christian for the World Heavyweight Championship, oh, and Eric … I guess, since I’m buying back full exclusive ownership of the WWE … your services are no longer required … in other words??

The fans wait for it, as does Eric…


Boos ring out for the firing of Bischoff, as we see security now enter the stage, and surround Bischoff. They look to lead him away, but it seems Vince has other ideas.

Mr. McMahon: Whoa. Hold it, just a second. Gentlemen … I’d like to say goodbye to Eric … personally.

More heat surrounds Vince, as the security grab Eric, not allowing him to move, or wriggle free, dragging him to the ring, with Bischoff knowing that what happens next will not be good for him…

The security team shove Eric inside the ring, with Bischoff scrambling to the corner, in desperate hope that he can escape a beating.

Mr. McMahon: Thanks for everything Eric. As a token of my gratitude … I’d like to give you this…

And Vince shoves the heel of his shoe into the face of Eric!!! Defenceless, Eric is unable to put up any type of fight, as Vince directs traffic, with Tomko dragging Eric up, holding him … allowing Stephanie to slap the taste out of Erics mouth … not once, not twice, but thrice.

Meanwhile, Shane has gone to the outside, picking up a trashcan from under the ring … (I wonder what for), whilst Triple H HAS THE SLEDGEHAMMER. Both men get back inside the ring, as Vince, thanks to the help of Tomko holding Eric, gets in Bischoffs face, giving Eric the same double bird he received at WrestleMania, and tells Eric “I told you never to screw with me!! I told you never to cross me!!”

Now, Triple H hands over the hammer to Vince … and Vince lines it up, with Eric closing his eyes, awaiting the inevitable … AND GETS NAILED WITH THE SLEDGEHAMMER!!! Eric crumbles like a sack of shit, but Triple H quickly pulls him up, getting his own message sent … AND DELIVERS A PEDIGREE!!!

Bischoff is decimated, flat out in the middle of the ring with blood trickling down from his temple, as we see Vince encouraging Shane to climb the ropes. In the meantime, Tomko, still doing the donkeywork, drags the lifeless former GM to the opposite side of the ring, whilst Triple H positions the trashcan on his torso … AS SHANE READIES HIMSELF … AND GOES COAST TO COAST … DRIVING THE TRASHCAN INTO BISCHOFF!!!

With the mic back in his hand, Vince drops to his knees, and gets in the face of the unconscious Eric Bischoff, whilst Tomko and Stephanie tend to Shane.


Pushing himself back to his feet, McMahon now looks to the fans, with a euphoric look on his face, announcing to the world…



Standing tall, (albeit in Shanes case, winded) The McMahon Family Empire raises one anothers hand in triumph, whilst the body of Eric Bischoff lays prone on the ropes in the corner, slumped like a drunk. The WWE is going back into the hands of Vince McMahon … 100%.

Jim Ross: What in the- folks, I’m in shock. Ladies and Gentlemen, our worst nightmare is unfolding before our very eyes. The WWE is going off the market … no longer will it be a publicly traded company … the WWE is in the hands of one man … the WWE is in the hands of the devil incarnate … Mister McMahon is calling the shots.


Jim Ross: His actions tonight have been nothing short of despicable. His treatment of Eric Bischoff was reprehensible … and who does he answer to for that?? NO ONE!!! And God only knows what type of nonsense we’ll have to put up with next week - McMahon appreciation night, my ass ... my word ... what have we just bore witness to??

The Coach: Eric Bischoff got what was coming to him!!! The man got ideas above his station!!! He thought he could bully Mister McMahon, but tonight, TONIGHT, he learned the hard way baby boy. YOU DON’T TUG ON SUPERMANS CAPE!!!

Jim Ross: The man is right in front of ya, why don’t you go up and kiss his ass.


Jim Ross: Dammit Coach, shut up!!!


Jim Ross: In the name of Jim Croce!!!


Jim Ross: Oh, for the love of- are ya done??

Coach leans back, looking at the ring, whilst J.R shakes his head in disgust. Back in the ring, we see the triumphant McMahon Family Empire standing tall … as the show comes to an end.

Current Card for WWE Backlash:

Date: 22nd April 2007
Location: Bell Centre, Montreal
Event Music: Breaking Benjamin, Breath

World Heavyweight Championship;
Christian vs. Triple H

Raw Exclusive Money in the Bank Match:
Competitors TBA


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Re: Being The Booker

This is the first time I've read this BTB, so you'll have to forgive me if I miss a few things or ask a few redundant questions. Glad I decided to start here with the Draft. I've heard a lot of good things, hopefully I'm not disappointed.

Very good banter between the commentators, it really hypes up the unpredictavility of the draft. Some more nice draft hype and I lol\d at the fights between Tazz/Coach. I'm a little confused about who the New Wave are exactly, I'll just read on assuming they're a stable. So far so good in the opener, you've got the beginnings of a nice story in this match with the classic veteran vs. young gun scenario. Ugh, I hate it when this happens, the heel gaining control in the ad break. Anyway, I'll leave it for now, just a minor annoyance. A whole lot of strikes, would've been a lot more interesting to have a few more submission holds mixed in there, but the only one Orton seems to use is the CHINLOCK~! Nice way to have HBK begin his comeback with the punt kick counter. Some psychology enters in, although it's a little late, you probably could've had Randy working over a body part. Orton turns the tables with his own veteran-like instincts here, another turning point. Haven't seen that sleeper counter in yonks, glad to see it get another shot as I've never known why it isn't used more often. Didn't think Orton would kick out of the SCM, but he is WWE Champion. Awesome finish, the New Wave interference and dodging off the RKO were well done as neither man comes off looking weak. It's a big pick up for Smackdown, once again some funny banter from Tazz/Coach. Good solid opening match, although it did seem to drag on in some points of the encounter.

An old school draft, eh? Very unexpected but I think it's a great idea. Cool idea for a Raw Exclusive MiTB, although overall I think it kind of waters down the original briefcase. I see a story developing here; Smackdown gets the big picks early while Raw is less than impressive. I suspect, if this continues, Raw is going to get one or two massive picks at the final rounds of picking.

Way too short for me to even review really. Pure filler, a shame Melina's rematch clause is wasted on a 4 minute match. Perhaps you just want to get her out of the picture.

The interaction between Jericho/Orton was epic. I don't know whether it's a swerve or the seeds for a legit feud, but I'm intrigued nonetheless.

I was DEAD wrong. Angle is a massive move back to Raw, but Burke is still a goodish pick for SD.

Kennedy should go over here, as he gets the proverbial monkey off his back and Rey keeps the belt. Having him lose four times in a row makes no sense if you intend for him to 'move on'. Lol, sloppy. Glad to see the weapons were chucked in early-on. Kennedy is very agressive as we head to commercial and I'm expecting some intense brawling when we come back. Good he's still in control. Kennedy kicking out is another shock for me, and I have a feeling this might not be over just yet. Hinting at a ladder match finale? Classic Kennedy post-match though.

Theodore Long, . He's an awesome gangsta. I wonder what will happen with Mark Henry and the 'Black Diamond', which is an awesome name btw.

Some more feud teasers, this is why the draft owns. A Triple Threat Feud between these three would be great, I'd mtfo if it happens.

Strange Bedfellows, I really like the concept. More gold between Tazz & Coach. I'm dissapointed by another short match, although this one made a lot more sense. Still, It could've been a better idea to just drop the Womens Title match off the ard completely so this match could've gone longer. AMW vs. Hardys should be a massive match, you're doing a great job of all these little cross-promotions, I'm really looking forward to Smackdown right now.

Very good AA promo, big props for making him a GM. Not much to say here, he was in character and made the position clear that he wasn't going to let the New Wave run the show and Lesnar is still suspended.

Undefeated? Sounds like Burchill's getting a big push. Yet another short match, but it is Holly so that's probably better. It achieved it's purpose nonetheless, so it didn't need to be too long. Raw get to make up for the New Wave and Burchill gets another win.

Three more big picks. Regal owns. Hardy sucks. I wonder how Burke/Booker will go now, probably teaming or you wouldn't have moved both. Then again, a new show could be the chance for Elijah to break out as a singles star.

Some more interesting confrontations, all men in character well. A formidable team, MVP's undefeated as well it appears. Perhaps he'll get drafted for a payoff with Burchill. This match should be HUGE. Awesome way to start off with a brawl, too many egos and animosity for one ring to contain it would seem. You've got some nice names, The Golden Boy is simple but effective. Typical tag team stuff early-on for massive multi-man matches like these, with each man getting a chance to shine. So far it's been average, but hopefully it'll pick up after the commercial. Lots of blind tags and the match still doesn't seem too inspired, hopefully it's building to something. Pandemonium was to be expected, albeit if it is very similar to early-on. The ending was good but seemed to abrupt. This match never really seemed to have much of a story; too often it appeared as if you just wanted to have everyone get a showing. Would've been a better idea to just have a 6 man tag so everyone could get some time in the spotlight without it dragging out so long without any real psychology.

Finlay is an epic pick, while Scotty...I think Coach said it best, I literally laughed out loud at "I’d have rather picked Michael Cole. At least that would’ve been funny."

Nice start to the match, fitting of it's name, a Belfast Brawl. And it stays a brawl throughout, and I don't mind that this one was shortish. Their was action from before the bell even rang and it sustained throughout. I'm a bit worried you have a third superstar on an undefeated streak, as isn't as impressive if there's two others at the same time.

I wonder what you'll do with JTG. And Ric Flair is a big question mark as to what will happen. Once again, another big reason for me to read Smackdown, so well done.

Awesome promo so far. Vince is at his heelish best and we've already had THREE huge announcements, two more than promised. Shane/Vince as champions would be cool but I think Bischoff or Lesnar might do something about that, and Triple H as Number One Contender is a big announcement, unless Bischoff is coming out here to change that. Bischoff was in character and this whole employee vs. boss thing was very well done. The beatdown and firing was a big shock, especialyl for a new reader like me. Seems like the end of Eric and the beginning of a new era of McMahon.

Overall, this was a good show, but not great. Some of the matches were too short whilst the others were too long, but you planted the seeds for some very interesting future angles, plus some great draft picks. The promos were all great, but some of the matches did seem to drag on. I'll definitely be a fulltime reader from now on :lickslips:
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Re: Being The Booker


Draft show, baby! I can't wait. So...I won't.

Segment 1 Incredible match here. Great near falls, awesome story telling, I was shocked to see Orton go to SD, as I was really expecting the WWE Title to go back another way. Still, awesome all around. NO COMPLAINTS. *****/*****

Segment 2 While to New Wave move was big, the first OFFICIAL round was underwhelming to say the least. The Lesnar pick was confusing to say the least. And I'm not too keen on the RAW MITB match. Seems like a kick to the Mania's MITB match nuts. **

Segment 3 Ok match that just gets the rematch out the way. Who's next??? **

Segment 4 The backstage interaction was well done. Short and sweet and covering the past (Bischoff) and future (Jericho). ***

Segment 5 The picks were good this round. Burke finally gets to spread his wings (spread 'em Wolf. Puh-leaze!). And the shocker...KURT??? It will be a good shake up with new feuds for the Machine! ***

Segment 6 Another good match to cap off this feud. It was a great way to end things. Rey has proven himself time and time again, but now Kennedy gets to move up the card without the title. ****

Segment 7 The interview here seems pointless. You could have just as easily SHOWN The Bro's getting back to work. I don't care enough about them to find this segment worth much. **

Segment 8 Good interaction between RAW's top three stars. I think Cena may be leaving RAW, and Angle may start a feud with CCC. Or we could get a three way? Either way, I'll be happy. ***

Segment 9 Just a scuffle here. I'm ready for some new feuds. **

Segment 10 Arn touches on shit we already know. (Read: sarcasm) Brilliant. *

Segment 11 A match that shows Paul off. As far as the picks go? Regal? Meh. Book? Shit...looks like Burke and Book will stick together. Matt? Expected. Overall, the only shocker for me has been the Kurt pick. **

Segment 12 A good interaction between Kurt and Hunter. Where will all this go??? I'm excited for it. ***

Segment 13 The match here was TOO much. Thirty minutes for a ten man tag? A little too much. The stuff here was good...there was just way too much of it. I do like the tension here growing for the number one contender spot though. ***

Segment 14 The picks here were again...underwhelming. The Scotty thing was funny, though. Getting pwned by Umaga made me die laughing. Welcome to RAW bitch! The match afterwards was good, but I didn't expect the loss here for Big U. ***

Segment 15 WTF??? Flair? Where are you going with this? I generally don't like officially retired wrestlers coming back...but I'll admit I'm VERY intrigued. As for JTG...meh. I now wish you'd of skipped the Long promo. It would've given this more weight. ****

Segment 16 Wha...I can't find this believable. WWE wouldn't be re-bought out by VKM. And if you announced this on TV then stocks may plummet (remember Trump's RAW). I really hope this isn't the end of things. I was enticed by a long term EB/VKM feud. We got a glimpse and I'd love to see more. ****

Overall Good draft show, but there were a number of underwhelming parts. I am excited for some things to develop though. ***

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Re: Being The Booker

Awww here it goes. I think I will review the draft picks seperately at the end and for now just focus on the show.

First off nice way to get over how serious the draft is with the announcers acting worried and concerned about their own spots. Coachman insulting Tazz was nice but I have to say it did get a little repetitive throughout the show which I suppose is quite realistic considering Coach did do that for real when on commentary but still it ran out of steam.

What a great match between Orton and HBK with in my opinion the right result at the end. Orton grinning and telling the crowd to shut up when they were booing him suggests this Orton isn't the "Viper" Orton we have now which is very very very fine with me. As for HBK what now? coming off that really well built and unique Wrestlemania feud there isn't much left for him surely?

The tease at dissention in the New Wave group is only a tease I hope, this group should be the main focus now on Smackdown and be able to dominate. Nice to see a Jericho vs Orton staredown backstage. Have they ever fought in this thread?

The Womens match was fine but the match I was most interested in was the Kennedy/Mysterio feud. I know you like Kennedy and that this will be his first step on the road to the main event but to have two top babyfaces back to back in HBK and Rey Rey lose relatively cleanly and have their finishers kicked out of was strange. However like I said the end justifies the means I suppose and With Orton on Smackdown and Kennedy ready to be a main event player it was no big problem.

I think the Strange Bedfellows match did what it was meant to do. Get over the idea that these 4 tag teams are involved in two heated feuds hence the DQ ending. I am not sure it would have been that great a match to watch but the pull apart at the end was good. Great touch in having MNM scarper through the crowd which is very realistic for their gimmicks, avoiding a fight at all costs.

One of my favourite things about your writing is the occasional breaking of the 4th wall. You don't do it too much to be annoying but you do it now and then and it is always funny. The Burchill/Holly had this with the guess who is going to win remark. Anyay obviously the right man won and as big Burchill fan I hope you give him a push. Please no Pirate Gimmicks.

The Ten Man Tag was great fun to read and worked well as a reflection of how well you have pushed people into the main event. Christian as the top guy, MVP and Paul London being legit enough to main event it has all worked well. As for the match I take it we will see an Edge Jericho feud, I hope you continue with Carlito/MVP and it looks like Triple H will be the man to take on Christian. After his loss at Wrestlemania I think Triple H needed the win so a good choice.

The Finlay/Umaga match was the all out brawl it should be. Two tough as shit guys beating the hell out of each other. Has Finlay turned face now? Or is this just for his mini-feud with Umaga? Either way I like how he is still the Tough Bastard and not the sad parody of Finlay we see in real life. With Finlay now on Smackdown he could easily turn back to a heel. The ending was fantastically brutal with Umaga just hitting big move after big move to decisively win the match. You have built up Umaga so well how the hell can anyone beat him?

Well what an End Segment. As much as I liked the new Bischoff who was standing up to himself as it created a new dynamic for the shows, if you do go through with Vince taking back the WWE it would completely change Raw and shake it up. Vince is always at his best when going insane and this was another case in point. The beat down of Eric was brutal and to top it all off he is Fired. I have a feeling we will see Eric again and that this isn't the end. As the announcement of Triple H vs Christian well it is a good one. The two have never wrestled each other on a PPV so it will be relatively fresh. Be interesting to see what Kurt Angle has to say about almost being the number one contender...

As for the Draft Picks it was mostly about young guys or mid carders with lots of potential finding their way to new homes. Will Cody Rhodes get a push on Raw? I hope you split up Elijah Burke and Booker T. Elijah is Money where as Booker T is old money. Have them feud in a JBL/Ron Simmons way and get Elijah Burke in the US Title picture. The draft picks of Lesnar and Ric Flair were the most intriguing as I genuinely didn't expect them. Especially Flair once I knew he was missing out on Wrestlemania I was sure you were done with him. Now tih Orton on Smackdown and the Enforcer as GM will that be enough to bring Naitch back for one last run?....

Kurt Angle to Raw is Huge. He had definately stagnated on Smackdown as he had done absolutely everything on that brand, a change was needed. Straight away think of the possible new match ups for him with Cena, Christian, Rey Mysterio etc.

Overall another fantastic show. It felt epic and important and the big state of the union address teased throught the show was well worth the wait. Since Wrestlemania I think these shows have been your strongest to date. The detail in them is remarkable and I cannot wait to see the first show of Smackdown in The Orton era.


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