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Re: Being The Booker

Interesting show you've got coming here, with as you pointed out, the lack of both starpower and a world title. It definitely seems like this will have to be a more wrestling orientated show, with now too many epic promos seeming possible, which really is a juxtaposition to RAW. Both tag match looks good and should probably get some good time, while I guess we'll see a promo from Angle after a squash in probably the only big promo for the night. The Cruiserweight Title is something you said would mean something soon too, so I'm excited to see what you'll be doing with Kendrick in the future. Hopefully a nice win to get him started.

Looks interesting. I'll be reading.

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Re: Being The Booker

Albright and Haas on the same team? I'm sure DC is creaming over this as we speak

It'll certainly be interesting to see how this show goes down with basically no main event faces. However, Jericho teaming with The Hardys? Bit odd if he isn't turning to the light side, but if he is, by all means.

Post. Now. Plz.
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Re: Being The Booker

Good idea


Friday Night Smackdown | March 23 2007 | Baton Rouge, LA


Obligatory WrestleMania Recap Video;
(Why show it again?? Because this is Smackdown, not Raw)



(Fireworks going off at the top of the show, and J.R introducing the show)

Nobody ever had a dream round here,

(Quick clips of entrances; MNM, Brian Kendrick, Kurt Angle, John Cena)

but I don't really mind that it's starting to get to me

(Quick clips of entrances; Rey Mysterio, Batista, RVD, Christian)

Nobody ever pulls the seams round here,

(Quick clips of entrances; M.V.P, Hardy Boys, Shawn Michaels, Triple H)

but I don't really mind that it's starting to get to me

(Quick clips of entrances; Mick Foley, Edge, Steve Austin, Randy Orton)

I've got this energy beneath my feet

(Slow motion shot of The Undertakers suicide dive onto Angle)

like something underground's gonna come up and carry me,

(Slow motion shot of Paul London drop saulting Carlito from the ladder)

I've got this sentimental heart that beats

(Quick shots of the Hall of Famers getting their moment to wave to the fans)

but I don't really mind that it's starting to get to me now

(More clips of the Hall of Famers)

Why do you waste my time?

(Cena and Christian face to face)

Is the answer to the question on your mind

(Haas and Benjamin teaming up in MITB)

And I'm sick of all my judges

(Bischoff giving Mr. McMahon the bird)

so scared of what they'll find

(Foley wrapping the ring ropes with barbed wire)

But I know that I can make it

(Finlay reaching up for the MITB briefcase)

As long as somebody takes me home,

(The McMahon Family Empire staggering away in defeat)

every now and then...

Well have you ever seen the lights?

(Slow motion clip of Rob Van Dam soaring for the Five Star)

Have you ever seen the lights?

(Fade to black)



(Sudden rewind through the clips already seen)


(Lightning fast shots of the majority of competitors, ending with quick fire clips of the entrances in the opening match)

(Clips of the brawl to kick off the opener, Kennedy stalking Alexis, Rey bronco busting Mercury, and sudden clips of the finish sequence, with Kennedy nailing the Green Bay plunge on Alexis, the double Shining Wizard to Kennedy, the 619 to Mercury, followed by the Punk Card, and three count. Then, the celebrations, and commiserations.)

Nobody ever had a dream round here,

(Straight to Batista and Albright, with Brent running, and running.)

but I don't really mind that it's starting to get to me

(Batista finally getting his hands on the champion)

Nobody ever pulls the seams round here,

(Albright shifting out of the Batista Bomb, and scoring a shock win)

but I don't really mind that it's starting to get to me

(Contrast of winner in jubilation, and loser in frustration)

I've got this energy beneath my feet

(Hulk Hogan interrupting JBL)

like something underground's gonna come up and carry me,

(Quick brawl)

I've got this sentimental heart that beats

(Hogan hulking up)

but I don't really mind that it's starting to get to me now

(And Hogan standing tall, ridding the ring of JBL)

Why do you waste my time?

(Clips of Umaga being attacked at the start of the MITB match, with Orton looking to sneak the win, but getting caught.)

Is the answer to the question on your mind

(Benjamin running up the ladder and diving to the outside; Umaga using the ladder as a tie, swinging at anything that moves)

And I'm sick of all my judges

(Carlito with a Backcracker off the ladder to Finlay; Haas with a sunset power bomb off the ladder to London)

so scared of what they'll find

(Umaga with a Samoan Spike to the Little Bastard)

But I know that I can make it

(M.V.P and Carlito battling at the top … but both going off and through SIX stacked up tables)

As long as somebody takes me home,

(Haas and Benjamin with a double power bomb to Umaga off the ladder, and through another ladder)

every now and then...

(Orton winning, and the carnage afterward)

Well have you ever seen the lights?

(Kash and Kendrick across the ring from one another, then quick counters and reversals)

Have you ever seen the lights?

(Quick counters, and reversals, along with high flying moves)

I took a shuttle on a shockwave ride

(Kendrick kicking out, and Kash in shock)

where people on the pen pull the trigger for accolades

(Kendrick reversing the Dead Level, and hitting Sliced Bread, winning the title)

I took a bullet and I looked inside it

(AMW attacking Matt & Jeff as they entered the ring)

Running through my veins an American masquerade

(Hardys double teaming the champs, and AMW double teaming the challengers)

I still remember grandma Dixie's wake

(Matt making the tag to Jeff, and things breaking down)

I've never really known anybody to die before

(Hardys with high flying antics)

Red white and blue upon a birthday cake

(Hardys with the match won…)

My brother, he was born on the fourth of the July...and that's all

(…AMW stealing the win, and getting out of dodge.)

Why do you waste my time?

(Mick Foleys odd entrance, and HBK making his way to the ring)

Is the answer to the question on your mind

(Shot of the barbed wire around the rope, followed by the early brawl)

And I'm sick of all my judges

(Foley driving his knee into the head of HBK, and the Cactus Clothesline)

they're so scared of letting me shine

(Foley getting dropped onto the barbed wire, and crotched on it.)

But I know that I can make it

(Foley getting choked by the ropes, and Michaels smashing him with the chair)

As long as somebody takes me home

(Foley going through the flaming table, and the final Sweet Chin Music to end it.)


(Bloodied and battered … Foley smiling.)

Every now and then

(Angle entering the arena)

Every now and then

(The Undertaker entering the arena)


*Instrumental @ mid point of song*

(Taker and Angle going hell for leather from the opening bell, matching once another move for move. Taker escaping an attempt at the ankle lock, Angle escaping the Tombstone. Kick out after kick out, after kick out, after kick out, with the shocked look on Takers face)

I cried to my daddy on the telephone "How long now?"

(Taker trapped in the Anklelock, but making the ropes)

"Until the clouds unroll and you come home" the line went

(Angle kicking out of the Tombstone, then going for the Anklelock, but getting trapped in the Triangle, and tapping)

But the shadows still remain since your descent, your descent yeah, yeah

(Taker being carried out by the druids)

The saints are coming

(Entrances of The McMahons, Triple H, Austin and Lesnar)

The saints are coming

(Triple H and Lesnar face to face, Lesnar overpowering Triple H, and Austin throwing The Game back inside.)

I say no matter how I try

(Tomko being taken out early on, before all hell breaks loose.)

I realize there's no reply

(Bischoff screwing Vince, Tyson turning on, and punching Vince, Austin and Lesnar both getting clocked, then Lesnar winning.)

The saints are coming

(Edge nailing RVD with the title belt, and getting Jericho in the Walls)

The saints are coming

(Jericho hitting the top rope Codebreaker, and then the Tower of Doom)

I say no matter how I try

(Edge missing the Spear on RVD, and RVD with the Frog Splash on Jericho for the win.)

I realize there's no reply

(Edge spearing RVD afterward, and Orton making his entrance.)

Drowning sorrow floods the deepest grief, how long now

(Orton punting RVD, and winning the title)

Until a weather change condemns belief, how long now

(Van Dam being stretchered out)

When the night watchman lets in the thief, what's wrong now

(The entrances of both Cena and Christian)

The saints are coming

(Face to face … then switch to both men going through the barrier, then the brawl through the crowd.)

The saints are coming

(FU through the table, and the Gutbuster from the top rope, and both men scoring near falls.)

I say no matter how I try

(Both men hitting their finishers for near falls)

I realize there's no reply

(Sharpshooter to Cena; STFU to Christian … both men make the ropes)

The saints are coming

(Kick out of the FU)

The saints are coming

(Kick out of the Unprettier)

I say no matter how I try

(Finish to the match, with Cena countering the Unprettier for an FU … )

I realize there's no reply

(… but Christian reversing back to the Unprettier)

I say no matter how I try

(And the three count)

I realize there's no reply

(Christian being presented with the belt)

I say no matter how I try

(Cena bowing out of the ring, as confetti falls for Christian)

I realize there's no reply

(Christian embracing his family in the ring)


Opening Video


Michael Cole: Coming off the heels of an incredible WrestleMania, the fallout has seen the landscape of Smackdown change completely. As we speak, Smackdown is without a world champion, after Raws own, Randy Orton cashed in Money in the Bank directly after Rob Van Dam successfully retained the WWE Championship in a scintillating triple threat match that will go down for the ages.

Tazz: Not only that Cole. Not only did Orton beat RVD, he kicked him square in the head without a seconds thought. Rob Van Dam is in a damn hospital bed, with serious question marks over his career.

Michael Cole: Indeed there is, and later tonight, we had hoped to get an exclusive update on the condition of the former WWE Champion. However, due to the request of the Van Dam family, they have asked for privacy at this time, and they do not wish to make Rob Van Dams condition public. But Tazz, not only has Smackdown lost the WWE Championship, not only has Smackdown lost Rob Van Dam, but this past Sunday, at WrestleMania, The Undertaker was carried from the ring by those, those … druid type men, and Tazz, he’s not been seen or heard of since that night.

Tazz: Well, let’s be real here, The Undertaker is someone we’re used to being unsure as to his whereabouts, but at the end of his match with Kurt Angle - which he won - he didn’t move. Towards the end, The Deadman looked spent, he looked absolutely exhausted. Kurt Angle pushed the man to the limit like no one before. And Cole, perhaps, just maybe, it took it’s toll.

Michael Cole: I’d be inclined to agree Tazz. But nevertheless, Smackdown is facing uncertain times, a time of upheaval, but more importantly, a time without a World Champion. Tonight, Arn Anderson-


Michael Cole: What the-


Michael Cole: Well Tazz, it would appear, we are about to be graced by the presence of the WWE Champion. Randy Orton is officially still contracted to Raw, but made it clear on Monday night that he intends to join Smackdown. Frankly, I’d rather have no champion at all, than have to watch this sick, remorseless human - if he can even be called that - represent our brand as it‘s centrepiece.

It’s the music of Randy Orton, much to the surprise of the Smackdown audience, and the chagrin of Michael Cole. The new WWE Champion steps out confidently, with his title belt over his shoulder. Orton soaks up the heat of the fans, with a smirk on his face, before proceeding down the aisle. Just as it looks like Orton has come alone, we see the figures of Nick Dinsmore, Garrison Cade and Ken Doane step out of the entrance, and follow the leader of the New Wave to the ring.

Michael Cole: We certainly were not expecting Orton tonight Tazz, we hadn’t heard anything about it, we certainly weren’t expecting the entire New Wave either, and I just wonder if even Arn Anderson would’ve known about any of this.

Tazz: It’s been a busy week for our General Manager Cole, he’s been keepin tabs on RVD, he’s been trying to gain any information he can on The Deadman, and he’s been all over the place trying to work out what the future holds for Smackdown with a Raw talent holding our belt. I doubt he knows much about this.

Michael Cole: It’s been perhaps the most turbulent week Arn Anderson has had to deal with as Smackdown GM, but still, he has signed a massive, six man tag team match in our main event, with Edge, the former Mister Money in the Bank, teaming with the WWE Tag Team Champions AMW to take on Chris Jericho, and the beaten challengers for those tag titles on Sunday, Matt and Jeff Hardy.

Tazz: That’s to come later, but it looks like we’re gonna find out what this sicko has to say for himself.

The music dies down, with Orton in the ring, holding the mic, then pulling it down to listen to the boos of the fans, who heckle the WWE Champion. Orton grins, then looks around at his cohorts, before slowly pulling the mic up, and speaking over it.

Randy Orton: That … is no way to greet your W-W-E … champion.

More heat. Orton again smirks, and looks to be feeding off the hatred of the fans.

Randy Orton: I came here tonight, simply to get a look at my future home. You see, regardless of what Eric Bischoff may think … this is where I’m going to be, no matter what happens come draft night. He cant stop it. Smackdown NEEDS a world champion … Smackdown needs the WWE Championship to survive … Smackdown needs … ME.

Heat again.

Randy Orton: Tonight marks the beginning of a new era on Smackdown. Tonight, marks the beginning of a new wave … it marks the beginning of THE New Wave. Tonight … Smackdown becomes OUR kingdom.

The fans shit all over the claim from Orton, with Randy once again smirking at the response of the fans.

Randy Orton: Face it. You have no choice in the matter. And nobody in the back can do anything about it either … unless … unless they intend on winding up like RVD.

Huge heel heat for the last comment.

Randy Orton: And to think … that’s what I’m prepared to do to people I haven’t got a problem with … just imagine … what will I do if you cross me??

The camera closes in on Orton, with his smile developing further, revelling in the hatred of the fans.

Randy Orton: I wouldn’t advise anyone to t-


It’s the General Manager of Smackdown … and he looks less than impressed as he charges down the aisle, shaking his head in frustration. Meanwhile, it seems Orton has his grin plastered on, as he watches Anderson approach.

Michael Cole: By the looks of things, Arn Anderson isn’t in the mood for the WWE Champion tonight. As we stated earlier, it’s been a manic week for our General Manager, and this is the last thing he needs.

Tazz: It’s not often we see Double A in such a foul mood. I think he might be living up to his name of ‘The Enforcer’ tonight.

Anderson climbs up the steps, and gets inside the ring, passing the New Wave, and takes a mic from Tony Chimmel, motioning to the entrance way for his music to cut.

The General Manager doesn’t waste any time for any crowd cheers, and gets straight down to business once the music dies down…

Arn Anderson: Before we get started here son, let me just do somethin I’ve been waitin’ to do for a long time…


The fans roar in approval, as Double A strikes Orton with a good old fashioned slap, which reels Orton, who holds his jaw for a moment, then turns around, and glares at Anderson for having the audacity to slap him.

Arn Anderson: How unprofessional. I’m sorry.

Anderson holds his hands up innocently, with Orton seething with rage, staring across at the Smackdown GM.

Arn Anderson: For the record; that was for Ric Flair. And truth be told, I oughta give ya another one for Van Dam.

Orton now smiles, looking menacingly at Anderson, following the comment of RVD.

Arn Anderson: Your daddy?? He oughta be ashamed of his son. He oughta be ashamed, and you oughta be ashamed too, because you grew up in this business son … and still, you failed to respect the greatest wrestler in the history of this sport. You failed to recognise that if it wasn’t for Ric Flair … punk kids like you wouldn’t have what you have today.

Orton looks away from Double A, rubbing his chin, trying to block out the words of the GM.

Arn Anderson: Your daddy brought you up around this business … he taught you how you should conduct yourself, how you should treat your fellow professionals … yet you kicked one of your peers, Rob Van Dam, like a damn dog.

A small ‘R-V-D’ chant develops inside the arena, with Orton acknowledging the calls, and showing his disdain for the fans.

Arn Anderson: Look at me when I’m talking to you boy.

Orton spins his head around, taking exception to being called ‘boy’, and glares at the legend.

Arn Anderson: If you’re gonna be part of Smackdown … if you’re gonna be part of my show … then son, you had better start learnin some respect.

Orton tries to look away again, but Anderson moves around to keep in his face.

Arn Anderson: Not just respect for me … not just respect for legends, hall of famers, or your peers. But respect for every single fan-

The cheap pop from the fan throws Arn off for a second, and the GM turns to them, with a quick nod, but puts his hand up to stop them and allow him to continue. Some respect, huh??

Arn Anderson: But every backstage worker, every technician, every cleaner … anybody you come into contact with while you’re under my administration. No kicking people in the head … no more making peoples lives hell. Am I understood??

Orton doesn’t respond, with the fans picking up in voice. Anderson waits, keeping his eye on Orton, and asks again…

Arn Anderson: I said … am I understood??

Clenching his jaw, Orton slowly pulls the mic up, staring Anderson in the eye.

Randy Orton: Talk about respect?? Where is the respect, when you slapped me across the face??

Orton now gets a little too close to Anderson, getting in his face, with the GM looking to answer back.

Arn Anderson: You have to earn respect first kid. Like Ric Flair did … like Van Dam did. Running people into retirement … putting guys on the shelf for God knows how long … that doesn’t earn ya respect. It earns ya a trip to the woodshed.

Orton shakes his head, not liking the answer, but before he speaks again, Arn continues.

Arn Anderson: Now, as much as I dislike your attitude. As much as I detest your actions … and as much pleasure it would give me to take this belt off and teach ya some lessons … I have to remember my position, and I gotta remain as impartial as possible. So you have my word … as difficult as I’ll find it … I’ll be treatin ya like everyone else.

The champion smirks, and puts his hand over the top of Arns mic, and speaking himself.

Randy Orton: Apology accepted.

Heat from the fans. Anderson though, looks confused, and scratches his head, shaking his head.

Arn Anderson: Nope. I don’t remember apologising, and I don’t think I’m planning on it either.

The smile evaporates from Ortons face, as he takes a long look at Arn.

Randy Orton: Well if I were you … I’d start thinking about it.

‘OOOH’ from the fans, as Arn backs up a little, but keeps talking.

Arn Anderson: You lay one finger on me son?? Trust me, your life wont be worth livin. You want to rule the roost on Friday Nights?? Then you need to remember who calls the shots around here. As a matter of fact-

**I‘M BACK**

BISCHOFF?? The Raw General Manager makes a shocking entrance on SMACKDOWN, with the entire arena coming to it’s feet, and Orton looking livid in the ring. Perhaps wisely, Bischoff stays at the top of the ramp, with a mic in hand, waiting as the music dies down.

Eric Bischoff: Surprised to see me??

The Raw GM smiles on the ramp, whilst Orton prowls around the ring, before stopping at the ropes, glaring up the ramp at Eric.

Eric Bischoff: I figured you’d come to Smackdown tonight Randy, so I took it upon myself to follow you to Baton Rouge … and you didn’t disappoint. But don’t worry Randy, I didn’t come here to drag you back off to Raw by the ear like a bad child. No, I’ve decided you’re just not worth the hassle … in fact … the only thing you’ve got going for you that’s making me fight to keep you on Raw is that championship over your shoulder.

Orton looks to his shoulder, gripping his belt.

Eric Bischoff: I’m greedy. I want ALL the major championships on Raw … but I don’t necessarily need you though.

Small cheer for Eric, whilst Orton looks around at his running buddies.

Eric Bischoff: And it doesn’t seem like Arn wants you here either. So … here’s my proposal for you Randy, and indeed, for you too Arn.

Orton picks up his ears, listening carefully, as does Anderson.

Eric Bischoff: I propose that this Monday Night on Raw, Randy Orton, you compete, one on one, against a superstar of my choosing. You win?? … you get what you want … you get to come to Smackdown, you get to bring Dinsmore, Cade and Doane too, no questions asked.

Mixed reaction from the fans.

Eric Bischoff: Lose?? Then you don’t get your move. Nor do your boys. You stay on Raw, under my administration … unless of course, the draft is kind to all four of you individually … and Arn, I’ll give you one opportunity at Backlash. One opportunity to bring the WWE title back to Smackdown. Should Orton lose on Raw, he will face any Smackdown superstar of your choosing for the WWE Championship on April Twenty Second at Backlash.

Small pop from the fans, but Orton doesn’t seem so sure. Anderson though, seems to be keen.

Arn Anderson: It’s not ideal Eric … but … I’ll take the chance … you’re on.

Big pop from the fans, but the bubble is burst by Orton.

Randy Orton: Well I don’t accept.


Randy Orton: I won the WWE Championship at WrestleMania. For the last five years, this championship has been exclusive to Smackdown … and as far-

Arn Anderson: Too bad you don’t have a say in the matter son. Bischoff and I make the decisions … you just have to fall in line.

Massive pop for Anderson owning Orton.

Arn Anderson: And saying as you’re so keen on being part of the Smackdown family … I hope you brought your gear, because you’re gonna be in action tonight.

Pop. Orton though, throws a fit, throwing his arms around, veins nearly popping in his forehead. Bischoff quickly chips in.

Eric Bischoff: I guess you can call it a tune up Randy. And just to put you out of your misery … your opponent on Monday is gonna be a man you know very well … THE HEART BREAK KID SHAWN MICHAELS!!!

HUGE pop for the mention of Michaels.

In the ring, Orton is fuming, throwing his title down, veins popping out of his neck, as Anderson exit’s the ring, and Bischoff leaves the ramp, and the New Wave attempt to calm Orton down.

Michael Cole: Randy Orton has just had the sick grin wiped right off his smug face. The WWE Champion has been backed into a corner, by BOTH the Smackdown General Manager Arn Anderson, and a surprise guest tonight, the Raw General Manager, Eric Bischoff.

Tazz: Understatement to say the least Cole. Randy Orton just got sent a message from the two men that will hold his future in their hands; they aint gonna stand for any of his crap - title or no title.

Michael Cole: And what a match signed for Monday Night on Raw; a three hour draft spectacular, and it will be Randy Orton, one on one, with his long time adversary, Shawn Michaels. Should Orton win, he will be allowed to move to Smackdown, WITH the rest of the New Wave. Should he lose however, he’ll be staying on Raw - unless drafted - and will defend the WWE Championship at Backlash against a Smackdown superstar of Arn Andersons choice.

Tazz: Off the hook Cole. As if you and I being in Greensboro for Raw wasn’t gonna be enough, we’ve got a massive … insanely important match up between the WWE Champ, and The Showstopper.

Michael Cole: But that’s Monday, tonight, Orton is gonna be in action. Who will he face?? We’ll find out later tonight.

Commercial Break


The music of MVP engulfs the arena, and the still undefeated superstar steps out onto the stage, dressed in his swanky suit, accompanied by his bling, limps down the aisle.

Michael Cole: He came within a whisker of claiming glory on Sunday night in the Money in the Bank ladder match, but along with Carlito, MVP found himself toppling off the ladder, and through a stack of tables. The margins between glory and despair were all too clear to see. Tonight, Porter is not in action, but I can guess why he’s out here.

Tazz: He’s out to see his good friend Cole … that’s me by the way, not you.

Porter reaches the commentary table, and puts on a set of headphones.

Michael Cole: Montel, after the incredible effort you put into the Money in the Bank ladder match at WrestleMania, how are you bearing up, having been so close to victory??

M.V.P: Don’t call me Montel. It’s Mister Porter, or Sir, to the likes of you Cole. You wanna call me Montel?? You need to pay for that privilege, chump. As for how I’m bearing up?? What do you think?? I fell through a stack of six tables after touching the damn case.

Michael Cole: Well, tonight, you’ve been given the night off, yet three of the men you competed with; one of whom in Carlito you went through those tables with, are all in action in this next match.

M.V.P: And??

Michael Cole: Well those three guys went through just as much trauma as you did-

M.V.P: Enough outta you Cole. Unless I ask you a question, or make eye contact, you don’t speak to me, got it?? (Under his breath) Damn amateur.


Paul London enters for the opening match, rolling his neck, and trying to loosen his arms, looking worse for wear.

Tazz: Well, M.V.P, given the fact you came so close, so close to prevailing in your first ever match at WrestleMania, what does the future hold for a superstar of your potential and calibre??

M.V.P: I’m still undefeated. That means I’ve never been pinned, and I’ve never submitted. Now you’ve got a nobody like Carlito, whose had limited success … a year ago. He’s peaked already, he got found out, and couldn’t win a match for six months. He comes to Smackdown, gets a new lease of life … and thinks he can make a name for himself off my back. It’s his fault that I’m not carrying the Money in the Bank briefcase tonight. That fool got in my way in the Superdome … and he’s gonna pay for it.


Carlito enters the stage, to a great fan response, nodding at the reaction, as he makes his way down the ring, momentarily holding his back.

Tazz: Well, there he is. The man that cost you what I personally believe you shoulda won at WrestleMania.

M.V.P: That makes two of us. You know, normally, I’d refuse to even be in the same company as guys that aren’t on my level; both in terms of skill, and pay bracket … but as you can see Tazz, I’ve made an exception for Michael Cole here. And I’m making an exception for that guy too. Carlito is gonna rue the day he crossed me. First, I’m gonna beat him like a second class citizen … then I’m gonna pay for the idiot to get a proper hair cut.

Tazz: All heart MVP … all heart.


Charlie Haas, also selling the effects of the ladder match, slowly makes his way out, limping down the aisle.

Michael Cole: I’ve gotta pick up on a point you made a few moments ago Mon-, I mean MVP. You said that Carlito had already peaked, and had only limited success?? He was Intercontinental Champion on Raw for five months. He’s beaten a lot of top names including Rey Mysterio and Ric Flair, and he’s forged a name for himself - long before you got here. Granted, he had a disappointing year for the most part in 2006, but since coming to Smackdown, he’s been rejuvenated, and that’s got nothing to do with you.

M.V.P: He’s riding on my coattails. That’s a fact right there, and if you cant see it then you need new glasses … preferably designer ones to take the bad look off that beard. Is it even real?? You know, Carlito thinks he can jump back into the spotlight by following me around, stealing the headlines that I make … well, I’ll take the loser for a ride … but I’ll be dumping him in the trash once and for all.

Michael Cole: Well, I have to d-

M.V.P: Did I not tell you not to talk to me poindexter??

Michael Cole: I’m here to call the match.

M.V.P: Oh, is THAT what you’ve been tryin to do all these years??


The United States Champion - STILL the champion, Brent Albright steps out proudly showing off his gold, after the most unlikeliest of clean wins against Batista at WrestleMania.

Michael Cole: Perhaps, of all the shocks that we witnessed at WrestleMania this past Sunday, none were as shocking as Brent Albright outmanoeuvring Batista to score a fair victory over The Animal.

Tazz: I don’t know about shocking Cole. I keep telling ya every week, this kid is one cool customer. He’s never lost a championship match, no matter who he faces. Brent Albright is a survivor, and the kid gets the job done when it matters.

Michael Cole: Well, I don’t think we’ll forget his win at WrestleMania in a hurry, most probably because he’ll never let us forget it.

M.V.P: He may have never lost a title match, but that’s only because he’s yet to face me. Once I’m done with Carlito, that U.S title is the next thing on my agenda.

Match 1:
Carlito & Paul London vs. Charlie Haas & Brent Albright
The two sides take a couple of minutes to feel each other out, with the three men involved in MITB selling the effects of the match, whilst Albright appears to be literally oozing with confidence, coming off the back of his mammoth win just five days ago. On commentary, MVP continues to bury everything Carlito does, whilst in the ring, Albright begins to get overconfident whilst in with Carlito, and his posing backfires, after a knockdown, when he shakes the ropes, ala Batista - mocking his long term foe - which allows Carlito to sneak up behind, and get a roll through, for a near fall, only for Albright to just kick out.

Carlito ups the pace, and takes it to the U.S Champion, getting the face team in control, with CCC and London slipping in and out with tags, keeping fresh, but the heel side prove they’re just as smart, and a well placed knee from Charlie Haas on the apron, slows the momentum of the Golden Boy, allowing Albright to nail a half nelson suplex, getting a near fall, with London JUST popping a shoulder up. That one move though is enough to turn the tide back in favour of the U.S Champ and Charlie Haas, who begin to slip in and out, as we go into a commercial.


We return with the Golden Boy caught in a bow and arrow at the hands on Haas, with Carlito clapping his hands, getting the fans to stir London on, and raises the ire of MVP on commentary, taking another shot at Carlito, but it does help London, with the fans willing him on … and London begins to squirm, trying to free his arms … AND DOES!!! London frees himself … but Haas is right on him, and attempts to apply a Cobra Clutch … but London slips under … looks for a kick, but has his leg caught, and begins to hops on one leg with Haas tripping the other … BUT LONDON KICKS UP, SURPRISING HAAS, FORCING HIM BACK … London gets up, and Haas charges across … but London nails him with a cracking enziguri!!! The fans come alive, as London reaches out … AND TAGS CARLITO … JUST AS HAAS TAGS IN ALBRIGHT!!!!!

Both men dash into the ring, and collide in the centre, trading blows, with Albright getting the better of the exchange, whipping Carlito off the ropes … BUT CARLITO HOPS ONTO THE ROPES … AND SPRINGBOARDS BACK WITH AN ELBOW, KNOCKING ALBRIGHT DOWN!!! Carlito hops to his feet, and smiles to the fans, mouthing ‘THAT’S COOL’. He now stalks Albright, setting the U.S Champion up for the Apple Core … and goes for it … BUT HAAS ATTACKS HIM FROM BEHIND, STOPPING THE MOVE!!! Haas and Albright team together now, and begin to pound the back of Carlito … but LONDON MAKES THE SAVE!!!

London charges across, blasting Albright with a roaring elbow, then ducks under a clothesline from Haas, before connecting with a dropsault, which sends Haas tumbling through the ropes, and to the outside. London gets to his feet, and sets up to springboard to the outside … but from behind it’s Albright!!! The U.S champion stops the Golden Boy, but from behind Albright is Carlito … BACK CRACKER!!! The fans are eating it up, as Carlito tells his partner to climb the ropes, with London milking the fan support, then nods, climbing the ropes, with Albright laying prone … 450 SPLASH CONNECTING!!!

The match is surely over, with Carlito - the legal man - hooking the leg … but there is no count!!! Haas has the referee distracted!!! Carlito slaps the mat, and gets to his feet, patting the referees back, telling him to make the count, whilst London, slowly climbs to his feet … AND DARTS OUT OF THE RING WITH A TOPE … TAKING OUT CHARLIE HAAS!!! The suicidal move from London diverts all the attention, even Carlitos and Charles Robinson … as MVP leaves the commentary desk and sneaks up the steps.

Meanwhile, Robinson jumps out of the ring to check on the two men on the outside, leaving a frustrated Carlito to back track into the ring … and turns around … STRAIGHT INTO A RIGHT HAND FROM MVP … WRAPPED IN HIS GOLD CHAIN!!! Porter slips out of the ring, just as slippery as he got in, as Albright rolls onto Carlito, and Robinson gets back in, to make the count … 1...2...3!!!
Winners: Brent Albright & Charlie Haas @ 13:19

Carlito gets screwed by MVP!! Porter costs Carlito a big win over the United States Champion, and looks delighted by his actions. MVP struts away from the ring, walking up the ramp, and stopping. He turns halfway around, and looks back to the ringside area, where both Charlie Haas and Paul London are beginning to struggle to their feet, whilst inside, Albright rolls off Carlito, and to the outside to retrieve his precious belt, as Carlito puts his hands on his face, feeling the pain from the chain shot that put him down.

Porter, on the ramp, smirks at his handy work, placing the chain back over his head, then slips his glasses back on, straightening his jacket, proud of his work tonight.

Michael Cole: He had absolutely no right Tazz. MVP had no right to get involved in that match tonight. He just cost Carlito a huge win, and he says Carlito is the one riding off his back?? Seems to me that MVP is a little jealous of Carlito.

Tazz: It’s pretty clear Porter has a problem with Carlito, and it’s beginning to surface as more than a personality clash. Porter doesn’t like Carlito one bit.

Michael Cole: I think it’s safe to say Tazz, that the feeling is mutual.

We cut backstage, and see the arrival of Edge to the arena, entering the stage door, with a bag over his shoulder, wearing his ‘RATED - R’ shirt, ripped jeans and boots, sunglasses … and perhaps most importantly, and terrifying scowl of a man, quite literally on the edge. The Rated R Superstar storms through the hallway, and we see Josh Mathews run up alongside him, hoping to get a word…

Josh Mathews: Edge, if I could get a moment of your time, I’d-

Edge stops, and turns to Josh, barking in his face.

Edge: WHAT?? What could you possibly want?? Do you have … do you have some sort of death wish, pipsqueak?? Cant you see-

He rips off his glasses, and glares at Mathews.

Edge: Cant you see I’m not remotely interested in giving anyone a moment of my time??

Mathews tries to speak … but the words literally fail him.

Edge: Is this what you get paid for?? To stutter?? Is that what I’m wasting my time to listen to?? Lemme guess. You’re wanting to know what my feelings are about not winning the WWE Championship at WrestleMania. You want to know how I’m feeling after missing out on my crowning achievement … my moment of destiny … my night … …

Edge stops, pulling his fingers through his hair.

Edge: And Randy Orton bulldozing his way to glory instead.

Edge now grabs Josh by the face, letting him see the crazy look in his eyes.

Edge: Watching Orton walk out with the championship, the title THAT WAS MEANT FOR ME … IS TEARING ME UP INSIDE … IT’S RIPPING ME APART …

Pulling away, Edge holds his hands out, looking at them, still talking.

Edge: Knowing … knowing, that these hands should be clutching that gold … knowing, that it was my Spear to Van Dam that gave Orton the green light … it’s … it’s … killing me.

Now, he rubs his hand down his face, pulling at his short beard.

Edge: I cant- I cant, cant sleep, I cant eat, I cant function … and until I have my crowning achievement … I … WONT.

Without even looking at Mathews again, Edge throws his bag back over his shoulder, and takes off, storming down the hall, leaving Josh speechless.

We then cut to the hallway, and see the ever focused, Kurt Angle, steely eyed, walking straight ahead…

Michael Cole: Ladies and Gentlemen, when we come back, Kurt Angle, four days removed from an epic showdown with The Undertaker at WrestleMania, will be in action.

Commercial Break


Louisiana comes alive for the music of the Gold Medallist, with Kurt Angle entering to a response he has come to expect; early boos, mixed with respectful cheers from a section of fans that respect the accomplishments and skill he possesses.

Michael Cole: What a rollercoaster night it was for Kurt Angle at WrestleMania on Sunday. Numerous times, the Olympian had the upper hand on the legendary Deadman, pushing The Undertaker to his absolute limit … but in the end, a shocking triangle choke caught Angle off guard, and was applied so tight … that all he could do was submit.

Tazz: An incredible spectacle. Words seriously cant describe how awesome Kurt Angle was at WrestleMania, Cole. No one in the history of The Undertakers career has pushed The Phenom so close to the edge … have you ever seen The Undertaker have to be literally carried from the ring after match?? THAT’S how far he was pushed by Angle. So damn close.

Angle ignores his own pyro, and continues down the aisle, eyes focused on the ring, and pays no attention to the fans, jogging up the steps, and hopping into the ring, making a beeline for the far corner, pointing to the timekeepers position, and asking for a mic.

Tony Chimmel passes the mic as requested, and Angle pats the foam, creating a small ‘boom’, and his music dies down. Angle has his head down as he begins to speak.

Kurt Angle: This past Sunday at WrestleMania-

Small pop from the fans, that Angle takes exception to. He looks up, and into the crowd, before restarting.

Kurt Angle: At WrestleMania, I made a number of simple promises. After the nightmare of last year with Bret Hart, I made a set of promises to all of you people, to the Undertaker, and to myself.

Looking around the arena, Angle continues.

Kurt Angle: I promised NOT to get wrapped up in the moment. I promised NOT to be caught in the headlights of the spectacle. I promised to NOT get sidetracked by the streak … or the hype - Irresistible Force and the Immovable Object - …

Angle starts to hold up fingers as he makes his next points, point by point.

Kurt Angle: It was gonna be … just another night … just another match … in just another arena … with just another opponent.

He drops his hand down, and moves to the ropes, leaning on the top, and looking to the hard camera.

Kurt Angle: And whilst some of you may disagree given the outcome … that’s exactly what I did.

Angle goes quiet, staring far ahead, still into the hard camera.

Kurt Angle: I wasn’t overawed by the occasion this time … the Superdome was just another arena … I didn’t fold to the mind games … and I didn’t give “the streak” a second thought.

Moving off the ropes, Angle now walks around the ring to continue.

Kurt Angle: I promised to take The Undertaker to places he’d never been … and that’s exactly what I did. By the end of our match … The Deadman …

Angle stops, and allows a close up, showing a smirk.

Kurt Angle: Was almost literally … dead.

He shakes his head from side to side, still smirking. Once he stops, the smile fades, and he gives a single nod before continuing.

Kurt Angle: I lost the match … I lost to the Undertaker … I submitted for the second straight year at the Granddaddy of ’em all … but I can accept that.

The fans fall silent, almost confused by the last comment.

Kurt Angle: Because the end result … well … the end result was beautiful.

Some boos creep in, as Angle shows a sinister grin once more.

Kurt Angle: After the match … after The Undertaker had to stoop to a last, desperate move to win the match … a move that I’m man enough to admit, I sure as hell never saw coming … as if that wasn’t enough to prove that I pushed The Deadman beyond the limits … beyond even his threshold for punishment … then …

Long pause.

Kurt Angle: He had to be … carried … out.

Boos from the fans, with Angle acknowledging the response with a nod.

Kurt Angle: I pushed him so far … that the indestructible Deadman … couldn’t leave on the power of his own legs.

More heat.

Kurt Angle: The Undertaker won the match - granted. Kurt Angle … walked out.

Another intense close up.

Kurt Angle: Kurt Angle … won the war.

The camera pans back, with Angle remaining still, letting the words settle … before …


Buzzkill. Hardcore Holly steps out to almost no reaction, ahead of what is likely to be a bit of a squash to say the least.

Michael Cole: Huge challenge here for Holly, Tazz. Kurt Angle, by the sounds of things, has had a completely polar opposite reaction to his loss to The Undertaker than he did to Bret Hart a year ago. Instead of being flattened by a damaging loss … it would appear he has GROWN, in total confidence … if that was even possible.

Tazz: But everything he said Cole … every last word … was damn well accurate. He walked out, The Deadman didn’t. He lost to the match to a last desperate throw of the dice from a man on the brink on defeat - something that you, I, or ANYBODY expected; a triangle choke. Kurt Angle has every right to be full of confidence.

Match 2:
Kurt Angle vs. Hardcore Holly
Holly is as tough as ever, but this is only going to have one outcome. Angle overcomes an early barrage from Holly, snuffing his momentum with a picture perfect Belly to Belly for a close two count… and it’s pretty much all downhill for Holly from there. Angle tees off with right hands in the corner, then drags Holly out, teeing off with a second Belly to Belly. The Olympian shoots up, and roars out loud, stretching his arms, and stalking Bob as he struggles back up, shooting in behind, gripping the waist, and lets fly with a release German suplex, floating over, and giving him another two count. Brimming with confidence, Angle drags Holly up once again, and kicks him swiftly, before looking to deliver the Angle Slam … but Holly manages to land behind … and scores with a dropkick as Angle turns around!!!

Hardcore roughhouses Angle back to his feet, shoving him into the corner, and now, he lets fly with stiff as fuck chops, bringing big ‘OOHS’ from the on looking fans, then drags Angle out, firing him off the ropes, ducking down … but Angle comes back with a Sunset flip … only for Holly to drop down, with a big fist!!! Angle rolls away, holding his face, as Holly is admonished for the use of the fist, but pushes past, and drags Kurt up, throwing him off the ropes again … but this time, drops his opponent onto the ropes!!! It’s all set up nicely for Hollys barely legal groin kick at the ropes, which gains another pop from the fans, and another friendly word from the referee for the veteran. Holly continues to come at Angle, but as he drags the Olympian up this time, Angle fights back, throwing big rights that rock Holly, allowing Kurt to charge into the ropes, bouncing back off, ducking under a wild swing from Holly, then chop blocks his opponent down.

That one move is the turning point, with Holly not getting another serious piece of offence in, as Angle goes into overdrive, stomping the leg, dropping elbows to the point of the knee … then targets the ankle. Holly fights on, but is powerless to stop a blistering Kurt Angle from picking him apart. And despite managing to fight to his feet, Holly is unsteady … and easy pickings for the Angle Slam. No cover is made … because the Ankle Lock is next … and that brings the inevitable submission.
Winner: Kurt Angle @ 06:33

The result - never in doubt. The effect of a WrestleMania defeat for the second year in a row for Angle - unexpected. The Olympian appears to have turned the defeat into a positive, and it’s a bad sign for any future opponent.

Commercial Break

We return from the break for a quick V.P adding hype for this Monday Nights three hour spectacular; the annual WWE draft.

Backstage, Chavo Guerrero, and the NEW Cruiserweight champion, Brian Kendrick are caught talking.

Chavo Guerrero: You finally did it esse, and that’s all that matters. Kash deserved everything he got coming to him. The guy screwed us over at the Rumble, he backstabbed us, and didn’t stay true to his word.

Kendrick nods in agreement, with a pleased look on his face.

Brian Kendrick: I’m still in dreamland Chavo. I gotta be honest, I’m truly still trying to soak it in. But - I do agree. In Kash’s case … karma truly was a bitch.

Chavo smiles, and pats his friends chest, driving home his next point.

Chavo Guerrero: At least now though, the cruiserweight division has a champion it can be proud of … a fighting champion.

A little nervously, Kendrick chuckles, fixing the belt on his shoulder.

Brian Kendrick: Yeah. And Chavo … I’m gonna do my very best to make sure my first defence is against either you or Super Crazy. It’s the least you guys deserve after the last couple months with Kash running at every turn.

Kendrick then stands upright, and pats Chavo on the shoulder, before shaping up to walk off.

Brian Kendrick: No need to worry about me … with Brian Kendrick as your Cruiserweight Champion … I’ll not be shirking any challenge. I’ll catch ya later my man, I gotta match coming up later … and I’ll talk with Anderson later.

Kendrick salutes Chavo, who nods back, smiling at the new Cruiserweight champion, and the likelihood of a possible shot at the belt.

Back into the arena…


Randy Orton, the under siege WWE Champion, saunters onto the stage, slightly grimacing, as he still sells his pain from last Sundays Money in the Bank ladder match.

Michael Cole: Earlier tonight, the WWE Champion showed up to Smackdown, swaggering into Baton Rouge like he owned the place, going as far as having to audacity to call Smackdown ‘his Kingdom’, but in the moments that proceeded his cock sure entrance, Randy Orton had his world turned upside down. Not only is his move to Smackdown in the balance, resting solely on his match with Shawn Michaels this Monday. But defeat to The Showstopper on Raw would result in not only Orton staying on Raw, but also forced to defend his WWE Championship at Backlash against a Smackdown superstar of Arn Andersons choice.

Tazz: As if that wasn’t enough for Randy Orton, he’s been thrown into the deep end tonight. He didn’t expect to have a match here tonight, and not only that, but the guy doesn’t even know who his opponent is gonna be.

Michael Cole: A small dose of payback if you ask me. If Randy Orton thinks he’s suffering tonight - spare a thought for Rob Van Dam.

Tazz: Yeah. I second that Cole … I second that.

Michael Cole: As said earlier, we had hoped to gain some information on the condition of the former champion, but at the behest of Robs family, that information will remain private at this time.


And the mystery opponent is none other than the veteran Englishman, William Regal. Not the scintillating choice that some would’ve liked, but it’s a stern test nonetheless.

Michael Cole: Oh boy. The veteran, William Regal has been handed a big opportunity here to prove his credentials against the WWE Champion. In recent years, Regals career has stagnated, but the Englishman remains a distinct threat to anyone, and everyone in the WWE.

Tazz: Damn straight Cole. William Regal has been on the periphery for quite some time, but class, my friend, is permanent. You come into a match against Regal less than a hundred per cent, without a game plan, you’re in trouble. And right now, Orton ticks those boxes. He didn’t know who to expect here, he didn’t know how he’d be approaching it, and the man is far from healthy.

Michael Cole: As I mentioned earlier, it’s only a small dose of the suffering that RVD has been going through. When we come back, Orton faces Regal, one on one.

Commercial Break


Randy Orton vs. William Regal
Joined in progress from the commercial, with Regal surprisingly in charge, schooling the champion with his superior chain wrestling and mat work. The early going frustrates Orton, with Regal working him to the mat, and having his merry way with him, before Orton escapes out, and slides out of the ring, slamming the apron with his hands in anger whilst the intense Brit is vying for Orton to get back inside, knowing he is on a roll. Orton takes his time though, and stirs the ire of the fans, as he takes a walk around the ring, making the most of the ten count, before slowly stepping back inside, having got himself together.

Regal though, having gotten angered by the long wait, comes charging toward the champion, playing into Ortons hands, with Orton catching him with a kick to the gut that sends Regal reeling. Orton follows up, grabbing Regal by the head, slamming him to the mat, then stomps his opponent, blasting the wind from him with stomps to the midsection. He drops down, pounding the head of the veteran with a succession of straight right hands, before being dragged off by the official. Regal pulls himself up, but Orton follows in, peppering the Brit with another succession of slow, methodical right hands, scrambling the brain of Regal. Orton then takes the contest to the outside, looking to send Regal into the steel steps … but Regal reverses, and sends Orton into them instead.

Orton reels from the reversal, and crawls around the ring after impact, with Regal once again taking over. He takes the action back inside, and wears down the champion some more, getting himself a near fall off a double arm suplex, but as he runs into the corner at Orton, the Career Killer gets a foot up, stopping the momentum of his inspired opponent. Regal staggers away, and Orton swoops in, taking Regal down with his reverse neck/back breaker, getting him a near fall, then wears the Englishman down once more, blasting him with a sick series of forearms to the chest, lighting the chest of Regal up.

Orton stops, then drags Regal up, looking towards the ropes, and sets Regal up, looking for his high angle, elevated DDT … but before he can execute the move … Regal manages to slip out … and onto the apron. Orton quickly looks to get back on top, but Regal thinks fast, and drops Ortons neck on the top rope, sending him reeling away. The veteran now gets back inside, and comes looking for his Regal Neck breaker … BUT ORTON SLIPS OUT … RKO CONNECTS!!! Out of nowhere, the RKO drops Regal, and Orton quickly hooks the leg … 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Randy Orton @ 07:57

The Champion scores a win, despite not knowing his opponent, or even being at a hundred per cent, coupled with a valiant effort from William Regal. The champion leans on the ropes to make it to his feet, and grabs his championship from the official instantly, not even accepting his hand to be raised. The Career Killer flings the belt over his shoulder, and takes a last look at the writhing Englishman, before leaving the ring.

Michael Cole: Randy Orton, in his fourth official match in the past week, has managed to come out unscathed against a spirited William Regal. The Blackpool native has given the WWE Champion a massive fright tonight, and now, Orton has just seventy two hours to prepare for Shawn Michaels.

Tazz: And trust me Cole, Orton is gonna need every single minute of it to rest up. HBK still has unfinished business with Orton, and having had a week to rest up, Shawn Michaels will be relishing a match with the Career Killer on Monday.

Michael Cole: And again, credit to William Regal. The veteran showed up here tonight, and scared the life out of the WWE Champion. A huge impression left here tonight by Regal.

Tazz: Hey, you write off that man at your peril Cole. When Regal has his head in the game, the dude is a match for anybody.

Michael Cole: Well, I believe we are about to hand over backstage, to our broadcast colleague Josh Mathews, who is standing by…

Cut to Josh…

Josh Mathews: Indeed, here I am, and right now, I am standing by, with none other than the General Manager of Monday Night Raw, making a special appearance here on Smackdown, Eric Bischoff. And, Mister Bischoff, I believe you have an announcement to make regarding this Monday’s three hour draft spectacular??

Eric Bischoff: That I do Josh, that I do. Y’see, I’ve just come from my counterpart’s office, that being Arn Anderson, and coming out of that meeting, we’ve managed to agree on a sensational match up to add to this Monday Night. Now, Arn and I will never be friends … in fact, I know for a fact he hates my guts … but guess what?? So do a lot of people in this business … but to his credit, Arn Anderson wants what’s best for the fans. And Josh … that’s what we’ve put together.

Setting himself, Bischoff waits for a moment, before beginning his big announcement.

Eric Bischoff: This Monday, on Raw, you will see a hybrid of Raw and Smackdown talents, interspersed in a ten man tag team contest. Raw superstars will be teaming with Smackdown superstars to face Raw superstars and Smackdown superstars. And the ten men on these opposing sides … it reads like a who’s who in this company…

Bischoff smiles momentarily, before continuing.

Eric Bischoff: On one side, it’ll be Smackdowns own, Carlito … (Pop) … Paul London … (Pop) … and Chris Jericho … (Mixed reaction) … teaming with Raws FORMER World Champion, John Cena … (Heavy cheers, then met with boos) … and the NEW World Champion, Christian!!!

Massive crowd pop for the mention of Christian.

Eric Bischoff: And their five opponents this Monday … Tyson Tomko … (Small boos) … Montel Vontavious Porter, MVP … (Heat) … Edge … (More heat) … Kurt Angle … (Heat, filtered with some cheers) … and, The Game, Triple H!!!

Boos pour out for the heel names.

Eric Bischoff: Now, you add that ten man dream match to what’s already on offer … Mister Kennedy versus Rey Mysterio, Finlay versus Umaga, the Womens Championship match, and of course, Randy Orton versus Shawn Michaels … and you know what you have Josh??

Josh fumbles over his words, unexpectedly being forced to think up an answer.

Josh Mathews: Um, you have a … heck of a night in store.

Bischoff smirks, and puts his hand on Mathews shoulder.

Eric Bischoff: And a lot of revenue … and a whole lot of ratings.

The Raw GM pats Mathews shoulder, and walks off, leaving Josh to watch on.

Commercial Break

We return, backstage, with Randy Orton struggling through the hallway, limping slightly, clutching his title over his shoulder, wincing in pain as he moves along.

Voice: Hey.

Orton stops, and looks around, not able to search out the source of the voice for a moment, then spots Paul London leant up against a wall. Orton narrows his eyebrows, and slowly moves toward London, unsure of what he could want.

Randy Orton: Did you say something??

Fearless, London moves from the wall, and into the space of Orton.

Randy Orton: Did yo-

Paul London: I just wanted to get your attention.

Orton tilts his head slightly, taken aback by the attitude of London.

Paul London: You probably haven’t gave the likes of me a second thought … you probably haven’t given a second thought to the fact that if it hadn’t been for you tipping me off the ladder at WrestleMania … I’d be holding the Money in the Bank briefcase tonight.

Orton smirks, looking to his title belt.

Paul London: But that’s not the problem. The problem, Randy, is your actions after winning the briefcase. THAT’S what I mean, when I say to you, that you haven’t given the likes of me a second thought. Y’see, guys like me looked up to Rob Van Dam … RVD has paved the way for guys like me to break through the glass ceiling … and guys like me haven’t forgotten what you did to him.

London steps into the champion, trying to get in his face … but there is a bit of a height difference.

Paul London: And we wont. RVD has a lot of friends around here … and you’re gonna find out first hand. Arn Anderson may be impartial with ya for professionalism … but the rest of us?? We’re gunning for ya.

London moves away, and walks on, leaving Orton to ponder the words of the fearless former Cruiserweight champion.

Elsewhere, we see Maria now stood waiting for her cue…

Maria: Hi guys, it’s Maria!! And right now, I’m with the WWE Tag Team Champions, who last Sunday defeated the Hardy Boys to retain their championships … but guys, there are a lot of people out there who felt that Matt and Jeff had the match won, until you broke the rules to keep the belts.

Storm places his finger on Marias lips, forcing her quiet.

James Storm: Okay- enough outta you Missy. Let’s not dampen the mood here … Chris and I walked into Nawlins on Sunday, gold belts in hand … and by the end of the night, Chris and I STILL had the big gold belts, and proved to the entire WORLD, why it’s called the Big Easy.

Without looking to him, Storm slaps the chest of Harris, bringing him in.

Chris Harris: Last week Maria, we told the Hardy Boys their dream was a fairytale … and just like Hansel and Gretel … just like the Three Little Pigs … and just like Rumpelstilskin … nice story … never gonna be true.

Storm fidgets with his hat, as Harris, pulls his title belt down.

Chris Harris: So not only did we try and let the Nancy Drew boys down gently, but we have tried to educate the children of America … fairytales don’t happen. Winners win … losers lose. James and I?? We’re winners. Matt and Jeff?? Nice guys, sure … but ultimately, just another pair of losers.

Storm then takes over the picture.

James Storm: So kids?? What example would ya like to follow?? Be a nice guy and lose, or be like us, and be a winner??

Putting his arm around Maria, Storm continues.

James Storm: What would you rather be Maria?? Would you rather fight valiantly, have the love of the fans, but lose out when it matters most?? Or would rather do whatever it takes, do whatever you need to do, and make sure you win when it matters most??

Maria doesn’t get a chance to answer.

James Storm: That’s what I thought sweet pea.

Storm playfully taps Marias nose with his index finger, much to her chagrin.

Chris Harris: So tonight, James here wont be saying ‘sorry bout your damn luck’ … because Maria … it aint about luck …

The tag champions look to each other, then to Maria.

Chris Harris: And even if it was, it’s pretty clear that the Hardys don’t have any.

The champions give each other a hand slap, before walking off the set.

Back to ringside…

**HEY YO**

The NEW Cruiserweight champion sprints onto the stage, pumping up the fans, and patting his newly won title.

Michael Cole: He has been on cloud nine for the best part of a week. Brian Kendrick, for the first time ever, is the WWE Cruiserweight champion, and Tazz, he’s loving every minute of it.

Tazz: And he’s damn right to. Brian Kendrick has paid a heck of a lot of dues over the last few years to make it to this point. He’s earned his chance to hold that title, but Cole, he’d better get himself focused quickly tonight, or he’s gonna be coming crashing back down to earth.

Michael Cole: Jamie Noble has been almost the forgotten man in the Cruiserweight division in recent months, ever since the injury to JBL … and that Tazz, is something we haven’t had a chance to discuss … the surprise appearance of JBL this past Sunday at WrestleMania.

Tazz: A brief appearance Cole. JBL gave his two cents on many subjects, but he touched a nerve when it came to the Hall of Fame.

Michael Cole: Oh, absolutely. One man wasn’t going to stand for it, and the Immortal Hulk Hogan sent the self made Millionaire on his ass in front of seventy five thousand strong in the Superdome.

Tazz: Well, one thing is for sure, we might be seeing JBL back in the ring sooner than we think.

Michael Cole: And in just a few moments, we will be seeing the new Cruiserweight champion in action, against Jamie Noble.

Commercial Break

We return, just at the tail end of Jamie Nobles entrance.

Brian Kendrick vs. Jamie Noble
Slow paced opening to the contest, with Kendricks quickness nullified by the technique of Noble, who keeps Kendrick on the back foot, grounding the CW champion, with mat based offence, including a number of headlocks, but Kendrick fights free of the clutches of his opponent, and quickens the pace for a few moments, scoring a few near falls, as his speed flummoxes Noble, but eventually, the reckless abandon of Kendrick works against himself, and as he flings himself off the ropes at Noble, is caught, and Noble executes a tilt-a-whirl back breaker, which turns the tide back into the favour of the former CW champion, starting with a near fall.

Now, Noble begins to pick Kendrick apart, focusing on the knee of the champion, slamming the joint off the ring post on the outside, and slamming the body part off the apron too. Noble uses the ropes for leverage on the knee too, shooting up, and dropping his weight, causing further pain to Kendrick, with the champion struggling to get a foot up against Noble. Noble now dips into his bag of tricks, and applies a move rarely seen, and even at that, usually only by Triple H, busting out the Indian Death Lock, with Kendrick in massive pain, already suffering from a bad leg, due to the attacks of Noble thus far.

Kendrick though, shows his grit, and the determination that won him the title on Sunday at WrestleMania. He fights on, and inches closer to the ropes, looking for sanctuary, with Noble desperately hanging on … but Kendrick finds the ropes eventually, forcing the break. Noble though, continues the onslaught, still focusing on the knee, as Kendrick desperately tries to fight him off. Noble then looks to drag Kendrick out, holding his good leg, forcing the champion to hop on his bad leg to keep his balance … but Kendrick surprises Noble … AND CATCHES HIM WITH A ENZIGURI!!!

The fans pop for the turnaround, but Kendrick sells the leg injury, struggling to get up, not managing to make a cover, as Noble recovers too, and the two struggle up, and get involved in a fist fight with Kendrick on top … but Noble stops the comeback with a sweep of the leg, forcing Kendrick back down, then goes in for the knee once again, but this time, BK surprises him, and cradles Noble … 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Noble jumps up, having kicked out of the pin, and swoops in on the still grounded champion, but Kendrick kips up, kicking Noble in the process, sending Noble into the corner, but Kendrick limps around, still feeling the effects of his knee injury. Noble recovers in the mean time, and comes at the champion once more, only for Kendrick to catch him with an arm drag … then with a dropkick, with Noble reeling. Kendrick now goes for the kill, setting up for the Sliced Bread … but Noble pounds his opponents back, then rams him, chest first into the corner.

Now, Noble drags Kendrick out, and looks to finish things himself, going for the Tiger Bomb … BUT KENDRICK COUNTERS WITH A HURRICANRANA … AND A PIN … 1...2...KICK OUT!!! The two men bounce up, with Noble ducking a clothesline, then bounces off the ropes, but IS MET WITH A STIFF KICK TO THE HEAD!!! Kendrick near takes his head off, and Noble is left on dream street … easy pickings for Sliced Bread … and it connects!!! Kendrick makes the cover on Noble, 1...2...3!!!!!
Winner: Brian Kendrick @ 10:04

The new cruiserweight champion gets his reign off to a flying start, overcoming the stiff offence of Noble, and a bad knee to get the win. Kendrick poses with the belt on the ropes, playing to the fans, until …


The FORMER Cruiserweight champion enters the stage, dressed in his street attire, with ripped jeans, and a dirty white t-shirt, watching Kendrick. Kendrick drops off the turnbuckles, and looks up at his predecessor, who stands still on the stage, staring at the man who ripped the title from his grasp. Kash points down the aisle at BK, and motions around his waist, letting it be known that he isn’t going to rest until he gets the belt back.

Kash then turns, and walks away, making his sharp, but precise point, not needing to say a word, whilst Kendrick watches on.

Commercial Break

We return, backstage, once again with Josh Mathews…

Josh Matthews: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome my guest, Chris Jericho.

The camera pans to Jericho, who has a stern look on his face.

Josh Matthews: Chris, despite a phenomenal effort at WrestleMania on Sunday, you left the New Orleans Superdome empty handed … but in a stunning turn of events, so too, did your opponents in the triple threat match for the WWE title, Edge, and the man that won the match, RVD, as Randy Orton shocked the world, and cashed in the Money in the Bank briefcase to win the WWE title. How are you feeling following such a shocking moment like that.

Jericho ponders, rubbing his chin.

Chris Jericho: You wanna know how I’m feeling Josh?? I’m devastated. At WrestleMania, I had the opportunity to walk out with the biggest prize there is in this sport. I had the chance to become WWE Champion once again. That Josh, was my goal … and I’ll let you in on a little secret.

Taking a moment before speaking, Jericho gathers himself.

Chris Jericho: I planned to leave WrestleMania as WWE Champion … and I planned to never come back.

Heat in the background for the last comment.

Chris Jericho: I was planning on retiring Josh … as WWE Champion. No one has ever walked away from this business at the very top of the mountain, at the pinnacle … with the WWE Championship at WrestleMania.

Showing a glimpse of a smile, Jericho bows his head.

Chris Jericho: But Randy Orton isn’t to blame for any of that … and nor is Van Dam … I’ve only got myself to blame. Since Sunday though, I’ve had a change of heart. I’ve no intention of walking away, even WHEN - and it IS a matter of when Junior - when, I become WWE Champion once again.

Josh now pulls the mic back to speak again.

Josh Mathews: As you mentioned it Chris, I’d like to ask for your thoughts on Randy Ortons heinous actions at Wr-

Jericho stops Josh mid-sentence.

Chris Jericho: I may not like Rob Van Dam Josh. But I respect the hell out of him. He had a world title reign that was written off at every turn. He shoved the words of his critics down their throats, and for that … I respect him. What happened to RVD on Sunday … was disgusting.

Jericho shakes his head, taking a moment to think.

Chris Jericho: But Josh, lets not confuse the situation. If RVD had walked out of New Orleans with the championship in tact, I’d have been hunting him down. Instead, it’s Randy Orton … and Josh … nothing changes. I’m coming for Randy Orton, and I’m coming for that WWE Championship.

Now, Jericho turns to the camera, to send a message to Orton.

Chris Jericho: Randy, if I were you … I wouldn’t concern yourself with worrying about Edge … the guy’s gone nuts. Edge isn’t thinking clearly … and the likes of Paul London, and Rob Van Dams other friends out for revenge … they wont be thinking clearly either. They'll be acting with their hearts ... not their heads.

The camera closes in on Jericho.

Chris Jericho: Instead … you should worry about me. Because Randy, I’m thinking clearly … my emotions are in tact. I’m cold … I’m calculated … and I’m coming directly for the WWE Championship.

Jericho stares into the camera, letting his point sink in, as we cut away…

Back into the arena…

Michael Cole: Tazz, it’s been a wild week in the WWE, and we are just moment away from our six man tag main event, but before that, next week, things aren’t going to slow down.

Tazz: No doubt about it Cole. We’re gonna be there on Monday for Raw. One of us … or both of us could end up on Raw!!!

Michael Cole: Randy Orton faces Shawn Michaels, with high stakes, we’ve heard earlier about the mammoth ten man tag, Mister Kennedy and Mysterio, Umaga and Finlay. Four massive matches.

Tazz: That ten man tag match especially has so many combustible elements. Christian teaming with Cena, Triple H on the opposite side of both men, Edge and Jericho on opposite sides, Carlito and MVP too. What an incredible mix of talent.

Michael Cole: And next week on Smackdown, we have learned that regardless of what happens on draft night, two MAJOR matches have just been made official by Arn Anderson. The undefeated MVP faces Carlito, one on one, and -should both sides remain in tact following the draft - AMW will face The Hardy Boys for the WWE Tag Team Championships in a WrestleMania rematch!!!

Tazz: Off the hook Cole. What a week it’s been … and what a week it is gonna be comin up.


Michael Cole: And folks, it is now time for our main event. A star studded six man tag match, and here, come the WWE Tag Team Champions.

Tazz: Four times AMW have held those glossy belts, and if you ask me, they’ve gotten even better in these last few months. Huge win over the reunited Hardy Boys at WrestleMania, which in my eyes, solidifies them as the top dogs in the WWE tag team ranks - and that includes their counterparts on Raw.

Harris and Storm confidently make their way to the ring, but don’t get long to pose, as…


Edge bursts out of the entrance way, still looking on the ‘edge’, still bitter, still seething, that he has yet to claim a world championship.

Michael Cole: For eleven months, Edge proudly held the Money in the Bank briefcase … month after month, time after time, Edge either held off, or was fought off, from cashing in the briefcase, and ultimately, time ran out for the Rated R Superstar, literally taking too long to make his mind up, and at WrestleMania, his wait backfired.

Tazz: And if you ask me, losing out at WrestleMania tipped the Rated R Superstar over the edge, no pun intended. Not to mention it was his post match spear to RVD that gave Randy Orton the perfect opportunity to swoop in, and pick up the scraps.

Edge slides into the ring, but ignores his partners, throwing off his long jacket, and pacing around like a wild animal.


The fans come alive as the Hardy Boys come onto the stage, high energy as always, getting the fans pumped up.

Michael Cole: Screwed out of a dream victory at WrestleMania, Matt and Jeff Hardy, should they survive the draft on Monday, will get a second crack at the champions a week from tonight. Regardless of the outcome of this Monday and the draft, we will get the WrestleMania rematch on Smackdown next week, in the home state of these two brothers, North Carolina. Will they get the opportunity to reclaim the gold, or will they have to settle for a chance to gain sweet revenge??

Tazz: Already excited for that one Cole. AMW, Hardy Boys, next week.

Wisely, Matt and Jeff stay out of the ring, not looking to fight the numbers game just yet, waiting for their partner this evening instead.


The fans raise their voice for Jericho, but it’s a mixed response for the Manhasset NY born Canadian, getting a better reaction this evening, more than likely due to the fact he’s teaming with the out and out faces.
Jericho takes his time to walk down the aisle, remaining calm, staring straight ahead, whilst we see Edge in a polar opposite state of mind, still pacing wildly around the ring.

Michael Cole:
Chris Jericho, earlier tonight, made his intentions clear - he wants the WWE Championship. And he has warned Randy Orton that he’s the one the champion needs to watch.

Tazz: That’s all well and good, but Orton needs to beat HBK on Monday first before he can start to target the WWE Champ.

Jericho, still taking his sweet time, walks around the ringside area, looking at his opponents in the ring, whilst Matt and Jeff stand together, talking amongst themselves.

Michael Cole: Ladies and Gentlemen, please join us for our main event, when we return.

Commercial Break

Americas Most Wanted & Edge vs. The Hardy Boys & Chris Jericho
Joined in progress from the commercial, with the heels already in control, with Jeff trying to survive. Edge is extremely aggressive in the early going, driving his shoulder into the gut of Jeff multiple times, before, wisely, Harris takes it upon himself to tag himself back in, noticing the state of mind Edge is in. With Edge such a liability, it hurts the teamwork of AMW, not being able to count on their partner, and allows the opposition to make a comeback, with Jeff making a tag out to Matt, with the tide turning.

Now, it’s AMW in trouble, with Chris Harris having to do his best to survive against the Hardys and Jericho, and as Jericho gets involved, he begins to unload his own frustration, lighting up his opponents chest with stiff chops, then chokes him on the ropes, before pulling away at the referees count of four. After a short spell of further dominance, Jericho tags back out, bringing Jeff back in, who quickens the pace some more, catching Harris as the Wildcat began to take over, hitting the Whisper in the Wind, surprising Harris for near fall.

Harris again mounts some offence on Jeff, but gets low bridged over the top, allowing Jeff to hit a slingshot dropkick, sending his opponent into the barrier. Jeff then follows out, crashing over the top, onto Harris with a splash, as things break down momentarily, with all six men involved. Jeff hits his trademark barricade run and splash onto Harris, whilst Matt and Jericho fend off Edge and Storm, as we head into a commercial.

Commercial Break

We return from the commercial, with Jericho and Edge both simultaneously tagging in, and meeting in the middle of the ring, going right at it, both refusing to back off with it being Edge that gets the better of the exchange, before shooting Jericho off the ropes, catching him, almost by surprise, with a big boot, scoring a near fall. Despite the aggressiveness of Edge, Jericho musters a comeback, with a few near falls of his own, before attempting the Walls of Jericho … but AMW put a stop to it, with Harris distracting the official, whilst Storm slams Jericho to the mat by the hair. The Cowboy slips out, but the Hardy Boys are furious, and look to dish out revenge, but are cut off by the referee, which allows AMW to double team Jericho, softening him up for the Rated R Superstar.

The former Mister Money in the Bank has his way with Jericho, but the fight of Jericho cannot be questioned, with Y2J consistently kicking out, saving the match. Edge eventually tags out, bringing in Storm, and the heel side begin to consistently tag in and out, keeping fresh, all whilst keeping Jericho under total control. It’s Edge though, that makes the mistake to allow Jericho back in, taking too long to try and set up the Spear, and as he goes for it … GETS CAUGHT WITH THE STANDING ENZIGURI FROM JERICHO!!! Jericho crawls for a cover, but as he makes it, Harris INSTANTLY drags him off, not waiting for any count.

This, once again, sparks outrage from the Hardy Boys, who manage to get a few shots on Harris and Storm, whilst Jericho avoids a second attempt at a Spear from Edge, with the Rated R Superstar hitting the turnbuckles, which allows Jericho to make a hot tag to Matt, as the fans come alive. Matt Hardy, fresh as a daisy, dominates Edge scoring near falls with the Side Effect, and a reverse neck breaker, but Edge survives, and flapjacks Matt onto the ropes, giving him a chance to tag out to Storm, with the Cowboy tentatively entering the ring, which frustrates Matt, as we head into the final commercial of the night.

Commercial Break

And we return with Matt now in trouble with Storms tag partner, battling out of a front headlock from Harris, and making a brief comeback on The Wildcat, catching him with a side suplex, followed by a middle rope leg drop, scoring a long two count before a kick out!!! This looks to be an opportunity for Matt to get back in full control, but as he runs off the ropes … EDGE CATCHES HIM WITH A SNEAKY KNEE TO THE BACK!!!!! Matt stumbles into Harris, and into a clothesline for a two count. This turns the tide back in the favour of the tag champions and Edge, as Louisiana rains down heat on the Rated ‘R’ Superstar, but Edge couldn’t care less, as he reaches out, and makes a tag from The Wildcat.

From here Matt is dominated as the heel team begins to work like a well oiled machine, but Matt fights as much as he can, kicking out of everything AMW and Edge throw at him, whilst Jericho and Jeff try to will him on. He avoids a couple of attempts by Harris at the Catatonic, and survives a DDT from Storm, albeit thanks to Jericho saving him, but the momentum remains on the heel side. Eventually, Edge looks for the Spear again, but this time HE’S STUFFED BY A KICK FROM HARDY!!! Matt, instantly sensing the opportunity, leaps out … AND TAGS IN JERICHO!!!

Jericho blasts into the ring, chopping Edge down, fighting off Harris and Storm, as the match disintegrates into a six man brawl. Matt and Jeff take AMW to the outside, as we see Jericho setting a fragile Edge up, looking for a Bulldog … but Edge senses it, and ducks down, avoiding it … THEN NAILS JERICHO WITH A SPEAR AS HE COME BACK AROUND!!! Edge makes the cover … 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Edge looks up in shock, almost as if reliving this past Sunday, being unable to get the job done, then drags Jericho up, now looking for the Edgecution … BUT JERICHO SPINS OUT, TAKES EDGE DOWN … WALLS OF JERICHO!!!

The Walls are applied, but not for long, as Harris breaks it quickly, coming from behind with a clothesline. Quickly, Harris steps out, grabs the tag rope, and reaches out, getting a tag from Edge. With AMW having got the better of Matt and Jeff on the outside, Storm joins Harris, and the pair go for the dreaded Death Sentence on Y2J, but as Storm climbs the corner … MATT RUNS ALONG THE APRON, AND SHOVES HIM OFF, SENDING THE COWBOY CRASHING TO THE FLOOR BELOW!!! Harris lets go of the bear hug position, and comes after Matt, but the elder Hardy catches him with a big right hand, which sends the Wildcat reeling, and into the path of a Bulldog from Jericho … followed by a Lionsault!!! Jeff Hardy, now recovered, climbs the buckles, and flies off with a Swanton Bomb!!! Jericho now looks set to make the cover to end it … BUT EDGE NAILS JERICHO WITH A SPEAR!!!

Edge strikes again, but as he gets up, Matt and Jeff are on him, with a double clothesline knocking him down. Jeff spots Storm getting back up, and stops him, with a flying forearm sending him back off the apron again, before the brothers set Edge up for the Poetry in Motion … but as Jeff charges across … EDGE BOUNCES OUT OF THE CORNER … AND NAILS JEFF WITH A SPEAR!!! Edge hit’s a spectacular spear … BUT GETS UP … AND WALKS RIGHT INTO MATT … AND A TWIST OF FATE!!! Harris though, has now reached his feet, and from behind, throws Matt out of the ring, then turns around … AND JERICHO IS THERE … CODEBREAKER!!! Jericho makes the cover, with no one to stop the count … 1...2...3!!!!!
Winners: Chris Jericho & The Hardy Boys @ 25:12

Victory for Jericho, and the previously vanquished Hardy Boys in a spectacular tag team main event. Jericho has his hand raised in the air, whilst Storm drags Harris out of the ring, with Edge rolling out, and Matt getting back inside. Jericho and the Hardys don’t celebrate together, but acknowledge each other in their celebrations.

Michael Cole: A terrific way to close out this post WrestleMania week Tazz. A fantastically competitive tag team war, which has seen Chris Jericho, along with Matt and Jeff Hardy overcome the WWE Tag Team Champions, and the Rated R Superstar.

Tazz: Unreal Cole. Tremendous effort from these six men, and you can bet that with this win, Chris Jericho has made a statement over his intentions. The man is hungry for a championship, not just any championship - but a world championship.

Michael Cole: And perhaps, preferably, he’d like a shot at Randy Orton.

Tazz: Damn straight Cole. But as for Edge, you can bet that the Rated R Superstar aint gonna be stepping aside for anybody.

Michael Cole: But for all we know neither of these men will be on Smackdown by next Friday. We may be left with one, or possibly both. Ladies and Gentlemen, join us on Monday Night for a special three hour edition of Raw, the annual WWE draft takes place, and what a night it’ll be for. Thank you for joining us tonight folks, and we’ll see you then.


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Tag Teaming With James Ellsworth
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Re: Being The Booker

Review!!! (A TPS Trademark)

First SD since Mania. Should be epic. And here we go...

Segment 1 I was SHOCKED to see Randy here. Did not expect Orton to make an appearance. I thought that maybe SD would get a no Champ show here. At first I was certain that Randy would be going to Fridays. But now...just the appearance made me question his move. He said some basic stuff, then got owned by Arn. And then...was SHOCKED to see EB here (the man, not the defunct game store. JOKE!!!). He didn't really say anything shocking. Now I'm POSITIVE Randy won't be moving. ****

Segment 2 Fair tag match, which essentially was designed for the chain shot. Here's hoping that this rivalry blossoms. Didn't feel like MVP was fully in character with some of his comments. **

Segment 3 Great promo here by Edge. It makes me think that maybe Edge should've taken the Punt. RVD gets taken out of action by a desperate Edge, who will do anything to get the belt and does...only to get it taken away moments later by Orton! That would make Edge's on the cusp of losing it persona even more enthralling. However, it's still enthralling. ***

Segment 4 The Kurt promo was unexpected...weird...and I'm not convinced that it was appropriate. Yeah, Taker was taken what??? Kurt lost. He didn't set out to do what he wanted. I can see a heel saying something like that...but his confidence getting boosted as he actually BELIEVES IT? The match that follows was "vintage" Angle. GDYC. ***

Segment 5 Ok segment here. I would of liked to see some more fanfare for Kendrick's first appearance as Champ. After his promise of not dodging challengers...I'd kinda like to see him dodge some challengers. No joke. **

Segment 6 A match. Orton wins. ***

Segment 7 The ten man match should be pretty epic. Looking forward to that, and the trades. **

Segment 8 Paul London's got balls. I like Paul London's balls (pun intended). Good segment, which could lead to some interesting things. I'd love to see the young guys chase the title for a while. That would make for an interesting story. Maybe RVD returns at the end. ***

Segment 9 Very good AMW promo. Then again, all your AMW stuff seems to shine. But who's left to challenge them? ...The RAW roster, that's who!!!***

Segment 10 Good match here. Just noticed something. You shortened the belt to CW. SD used to be on CW. Missed oppurtunity? I think so. Lol. ***

Segment 11 Another interview, and while it's good, there have been too many tonight. Y2J throws his hat in the ring. It seems like there are a 100 potential feuds for Orton to pursue. I'm enticed.***

Segment 12 WOW. What a freakin main event. Bravo. *****

Overall The SD after Mania could've been better, and there were FAR too many backstage segments, but it was still very good. ***

Still Alive

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Re: Being The Booker

Smackdown Feedback

A pretty good promo to open the show, except for right at the beginning. From the moment Orton began talking I realized you did not really have that much to say, so he pretty much just started off doing the same crap as he did on Raw. I loved the anger of Arn Anderson, I love when General Managers refused to be walked all over, and that’s exactly what happened. Although, I think the slap went a bit overboard, and with Orton being demented and twisted I’m sure he would have attacked. Bischoff was good, not as good as Arn but good nonetheless, and Orton/Shawn Michaels for Raw next week is an awesome main event caliber match. Orton wrestling tonight should also be an entertaining prospect so good work on what was a decent enough opening for the show.

A decent enough opener to begin the in ring action on the first Smackdown following ‘Mania, and from what I gathered from this match is that MVP and Carlito are going to have themselves a nice, little feud, and that is actually something I’m looking forward to. London and Haas both look kind of lost at the moment, so I’m intrigued to see if they get lost in the shuffle, or do something good from here on in. As for Albright, he needs to find a challenger, but from what I can see, your mid card on Smackdown is definitely going to need some work put into it to make it exciting.

I loved the interview from Edge, the intensity was outstanding and was easily the best thing I’ve read so far from this show. I am now really excited to see what Edge does to make an impact, and relieve himself of his frustrations, should be great.

Kurt Angle~! Business to pick up, plz.

Angle’s promo was quite nice, I loved the direction you’ve taken with him, as his career has definitely come full circle in the last year, and the fact that he still feels good despite his loss is bad for everybody else. At this stage I can see Angle going to Raw and being Christian’s first big challenger, as I think he has done everything he can on Smackdown. Either way, nice promo.

Easy win over Holly, and you do know for job matches you don’t have to write more than one paragraph, right? I just finished telling Legend this to, there’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just me being a lazy ****. Anyway, Angle’s future is looking good, while Holly will be the resident jobber for the next eleven months.

… I’m going to hate your Cruiserweight division as long as Brian Kendrick is the face of it with his current persona. The guy can’t talk for crap and even though this segment was a little boring, I think I can see Super Crazy getting first crack, and perhaps even a Chavo heel turn which would make things a little more entertaining. But at this stage, I’m still not sold on it.

Randy Orton, your WWE Champion and despite not being one hundred percent you continue to build him hugely having him get his fourth victory this week. At first I thought it was a little weird to have Orton as champion as he had not done anything exciting, but you sure as hell changed things in this first week as champion. As for Regal, the guy clearly owns, and you clearly know it, use him properly please .

Bischoff’s interview was nothing special, however I’ll tell you with the card announced for the three hour Raw I’m pretty pumped up for it.

at Paul London standing up to Randy Orton. I understand you like the guy, and are trying to push him, but Orton will destroy him. However, this could be the start of an Orton against the rest of the locker room type of feud, and they are always fun. Please, have more people standing up to Orton on Raw.

A pretty good interview from the tag team champions, I really enjoyed their attitude, and although it was really just a filler interview bragging about ‘Mania, I hope they get thrown into some kind of epic feud. Although I really can’t see any tag teams touching them any time soon, which indicates that perhaps your tag division needs some serious work.

Nice win for Kendrick, although Noble probably would be a better ambassador for your cruiserweight division :@. Kash afterwards was okay, juts showing that he still wants the gold, it gives you a variety of things to play with to try and make Kendrick’s run readable.

Jericho’s now a face? It sounds like it after this promo, and that’s probably a good thing as with Edge, and I assume Orton will be around; you really need Jericho to fill the void left by Rob Van Dam, and Jericho is the logical choice. Smart Booking, really.

A really fun read, in what was a very well written main event match recap. I’m guessing the ending was another way to get Jericho further over which I think would have been achieved nicely, especially when he was teaming with The Hardy Boyz. A pretty good main event anyway I’m really looking forward to seeing how Edge reacts to this loss as well. On a side note, keep The Hardyz away from AMW unless they are going to job again.

An okay show, I enjoyed Raw a little more, but I guess this was alright to. The show itself was written pretty well considering, I didn’t have any problem with the writing, although I’m still not sure about your cruiserweight and tag divisions, hopefully you can convince me in the weeks ahead. I can’t wait for the draft show, hurry please, even though it’ll take my lazy ass a year to get a review up.

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Re: Being The Booker

Once again, I won't say anything about the opening VP. You know it's awesome, I know it's awesome. Everyone knows it's awesome

Sad news about RVD. He's been on fire in this thread since you gave him the belt. Such a fresh addition to the main event scene that usually consists of Triple H, John Cena, Triple H's ego, Edge, Triple H's sledgehammer, Batista, 'Taker, and Hunter Hearst Helmsley. Using Christian and Van Dam like you have has been a breath of fresh air. I usually always prefer people's SD's because they don't cram it with the big stars (except 'Taker), but since you have Christian and Orton now as champs, I think I'll be looking forward to Monday Night's show a bit more. I imagine RVD's pretty much done -- as far as this thread is concerned anyway -- since you've been hankering to get rid of him for a while now, and I don't see you bringing him back for a while. As for 'Taker? Pfft. Who cares? The man stinks up whatever show he's on generally because he tends to dominate with his usually repetitive shit. Luckily he's good in the ring, eh? Anyway, hopefully you keep him and Kane away for a while to let some guys with actually good gimmicks do their thing. Also, it's hilarious seeing TKoW bitch about how 'Taker and Kane aren't being treated right by us. He knows I <3 him really

Ah, Orton out first? Guess I was right with my prediction on Raw then. Orton's lack of strength on Monday is forgotten as he makes 2 appearances in one week compared with Christian's lowly 1. Surprised to see The Job Squad New Wave with him though. Na, I'm sorry, after Doane's performance on Raw I don't think I can say that any more. His match with Mysterio was fantastic. I just hope you start giving Dinsmore and Cade the same treatment; especially Dinsmore, since he was such hot shit last year with his heel turn and subsequent feud with Kane; plus, he is the best wrestler out of the three. Anyway, onto Randall's little speech. I have to agree with Stojy on this one. Before Arn 'GREATNESS' Anderson came out, Orton did his usual trick of saying ... fuck all. Just a bunch of random, threatening statements really. Randy Orton 101 I guess

Things really started to pick up with AA's introduction though. I know a lot of people have been lukewarm on him as GM, but that's probably because a lot of people are quite unfamiliar with him, and I just wish Mac was here to provide you with a true Horseman's markout on AA. He's probably ask you to bring Tully on board too. Anyway, the slap to Orton was vintage [/Michael Cole] Arn. You don't get a name like 'The Enforcer' by not standing up for your friends after all. Having Orton at odds with BOTH GM's is going to make some very entertaining reading I'm sure. Kind of like the current 'Special Guest Host' situation - only entertaining. Really pleased Arn brought up Orton's history with Flair, as Naitch's exit from this thread was rather abrupt -- due to you recapping it -- but you haven't let Randy either shut up or forget about it, so such a huge thing as that stays prevalent in our minds. I enjoyed the build up in tensions towards the end, with Orton getting very, very close to threatening AA ... without ever quite doing it. Playing up to his new 'Viper' gimmick very well. For the love of ... drop 'The Career Killer' please; it's awful. Bischoff?

Ol' Easy is getting a massive push post-WM, isn't he? This face tweener turn could be the best thing to have ever happened to him in this thread. Just as I mentioned the 'Orton vs. Both Gms' situation, you start it beautifully here. Bischoff as wonderfully cocky in his delivery, with both he and AA simply owning The LEGEND Killer throughout. Really liking the stipulation Bischoff has made. So Orton beats HBK on Raw, both he and The New Wave can come to SD? But if he loses, then they all remain on Raw, and Orton defends the WWE Title against an SD superstar of AA's choosing at Backlash? DAYUM. That's what you call exciting. I have no idea what's going to happen on Raw now. On the one hand, I can't see you simply letting Orton and co. swan off to Friday Nights with a simple victory over Michaels, but on the other hand, I can't see you having Orton lose so soon after winning the title at WM. Plus. you just had a No Contest in the Orton|Christian match on Raw, so I can't see you going the old DQ cop-out route ... I hope. Fantastic booking though, mate; you've really taken this angle with Raw having both championships and made it into something very exciting heading into Backlash. I'm hooked.

Damn, MVP was on fire here. He simply OWNED Cole throughout that opening commentary ... and I loved it. You've built Porter up nicely thus far, and this feud with Carlito is doing some good for both men. I can see two more matches between the two, with 'Lito first getting his win back from before WM to end 'VP's (unnecessary) undefeated streak, before Montel gets the last laugh in the Rubber Match. After that, hearing MVP's comments about the U.S Title being next on his agenda, I can't wait to see you let rip with this new and improved mid-card division you have on SD. Check it out, Albright (the champ), Haas, Carlito, London, MVP, The Hardys etc. Most people would kill to have a mid-card like that. Use it wisely.

Cracking opening contest too, giving four stellar athletes damn near 15-minutes to strut their stuff. I loved all of Albright's little digs at Batista, especially when he started shaking the ropes as though going for the Batista Bomb. This new found confidence you seem to have given him is really going to help his character progression in this thread I feel, where he has been a bit of a damp squib thus far. Don't take the strap off him soon, as it might kill his momentum I think. Crazy ending with 'VP ultimately screwing Carly out of the win to further their feud -- oh yeah, I can definitely see 'Lito being the first to beat Porter now -- and giving Albright yet ANOTHER win. The man is on a rolls. DC and I are loving this. A continued alliance between Haas and he please.

Crikey. I thought before WM that we would finally see the end of crazy psycho Edge in this thread with his almost certain victory in the WWE Championship Match ... how wrong I was. His failure to win seems only to have tipped him further over the, uh, edge This was some brutal stuff he through at Josh Matthews here, and his reference to Orton made me think that something -- I don't know what yet -- is the horizon between those two.

Loved Kurt Angle's pre-match promo. What an incredible change of character you've given him to contrast with his response to last year. From the misery and depression of losing to Bret Hart ... to the joy and jubilation of another defeat to The Undertaker. He closing line about him "winning the war" was just sensational, and he is rapidly becoming one of -- if not THE -- the most interesting characters in this thread. I'm fairly sure a move to Monday Nights is all but guaranteed on Raw, as he's already feuded with everyone on SD, and I tell you what, the prospect of Angle|Christian has me watering at the freakin' mouth already.

Wow, Bob Holly did better than I thought he would here. Lasting over 6 minutes? Against Kurt Fuckin' Angle? That's something to be proud of. No post-WM story for Angle yet though, so I await his explosion onto Raw for the first time in Being The Booker history with baited breath.

Nothing special about that Chavo|Spanky promo, but I think you already knew that. First CW promo you've done in a while I think. Really pleased you've decided to try and invest in the division rather than bury it like many. Kendrick, Chavo, Kash, Noble, and Super Crazy are a great backbone for your division, and I'm sure you've got a few more stars tucked away, just waiting to breathe life into the most exciting division in wrestling.

Well, you promised me a push for Regal and this is certainly a good place to start. From continual jobbing to a rookie like MVP to really pushing the WWE Champion to his limit, my fellow Englishman is on the rise ... I hope I love Regal when he gets to school guys like Orton and Triple H in the ring. He tends not to give a shit about politics, but just stiffs the fuck out of 'em. You seen what he did to Goldberg in WCW? Absolutely hilarious. Not quite the Spear. Jackhammer. Win. Everyone was expecting. Randy also comes out of this looking very good, which is kind of handy when you're the WWE Champion I guess, but I'm really more interested in Ol' Bill Regal at this point. With the Draft this Monday, could we see him reunited with Burchill finally?

What an awesome ten-man tag set up by Bischoff for this Monday. Definitely one for the fans. The likes of Tomko, London, Carlito, and MVP are going to get a HUGE rub from the guys they're going to be in the ring with. Should be interesting seeing Cena and Christian together for the first time since WM, as well as Triple H's involvement. As much as I want Y2J to dominate proceedings ... I think Angle's going to be THE MAN this Monday night.

Lmao @ your man crush on Paul London. Faded a bit towards the end of last year, but the homoeroticism quickly returned once he made it to the final 4 in the Royal Rumble. Nice little confrontation with the WWE Champion, but I wouldn't read too much into it. London will be going after the U.S Title next I think, and will more than likely be the one to take it off Albright. Reminding us that the SD locker room has a real problem with their possible new champion plants yet another element to this new angle for Orton. Great stuff.

AMW came out of WM looking like a million dollars, so I'm glad you've decided to capitalise on this by giving them such much needed exposure and a huge main event match. This was a nice little interview, just showing why AMW are so good as heels. This one line, in particular, impressed me:

"Last week Maria, we told the Hardy Boys their dream was a fairytale … and just like Hansel and Gretel … just like the Three Little Pigs … and just like Rumpelstilskin … nice story … never gonna be true."

Great stuff.

Wasn't expecting Kendrick|Noble to get over 10 minutes, but it's great to see the start of this Cruiserweight revival, it really is. Noble is awesome, so I hope he doesn't get relegated to the role of jobber, but with a performance like this against the champ, I doubt that's going to happen. The awesome Kid Kash isn't done with Spanky by a long shot it seems. Can't wait to see their rematch, especially since it will happen away from the grand stage of WM when you will be able to give it the exposure it deserves.

Ah ha. Here's the man I've been waiting for. Definitely hints of a face turn for Y2J here, with this extract in particular:

"But Randy Orton isn’t to blame for any of that … and nor is Van Dam … I’ve only got myself to blame. Since Sunday though, I’ve had a change of heart. I’ve no intention of walking away, even WHEN - and it IS a matter of when Junior - when, I become WWE Champion once again."

Heels tend to blame someone else, so I reckon Y2J is on the switcheroo here. Also, he said he respected RVD. Yeah, Jericho's not going to be a heel long, which makes a lot of sense considering the lack of main event faces on Friday nights, as well as his comment directed directly at Orton. Can't wait to see his push for the strap.

Two MASSIVE matches signed for next week. Hopefully Carlito ends MVP's undefeated streak, as Porter doesn't need it, and 'Lito needs the win. Also, quite surprised by the AMW|Hardys rematch, but should be great nontheless. Matt & Jeff aren't getting the belts, so it'll be interesting to see how this one goes down.

Wonderful, fantastic main event. This is what SD is best at. The first show post-WM, providing us with a quality, 25+ minute match between six of the best athletes on Friday nights. Great main event exposure for both The Hardys and AMW, with Harris getting pinned pretty irrelevant ultimately. The fact that they got to wrestle in a main event for over 20 minutes means much, much more. Matt, Jeff & Jericho gain instant momentum after disappointing nights at WM, which makes next weeks WrestleMania Rematch for the WWE Tag Team Titles even more interesting. I think Harris & Storm are walking out with the belts regardless, but it'll be interesting to see what the future holds for Matt & Jeff. I think my excitement about Y2J speaks for itself

Another fantastic post-WM show, Wolf BEAST (WTF is that awful name change? ), perhaps, dare I say it, even topping RAW, down simply to the emphasis you placed on in-ring competition. In saying that, you've really stepped up your game with your match recaps these last two shows. Makes your shows even MORE great. All I can say is that the Three-Hour Draft Show is going to be the best weekly show of the year probably, so ... I can't wait <3
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Re: Being The Booker

SmackDown! Feedback

As I’ve said before, epic ‘Mania video, and a pretty amazing way to remind people of ‘Mania. Commentary to open up with was also pretty good, summing up what really is the main focus of SmackDown! at the moment in the lack of starpower. Interesting that you also chose to have Orton on SmackDown!, although it does make sense with him wanting to go to SmackDown! regardless. Liking the surprise part of it, rather than him announcing that he’d be on SmackDown!, making it seem bigger that he’s there too. Orton was pretty much on right from the beginning here, with the pace and delivery of the promo being on key. Would have liked a fair bit more from Orton since the interruption was very, very early on into his promo, although I guess there just wasn’t much you had for him to say. Anderson slapping Orton sends a big message, and his little spiel after it really backs it up, giving a nice little respect speech. The exchange between Orton and Anderson was also pretty nice, although again, perhaps cut short by Bischoff, which is a bit of a pleasant shock in a way. Bischoff was pretty sharp and straight to the point, though I loved him talking of how he’s greedy, of how he wants all of the titles on RAW. Pretty good stuff right there. The little deal seems a bit weird since it adds what would look like a match with basically no real hype to it to Backlash, so I’m guessing Orton’s going to win on RAW. Orton attempting to get out of the match was a nice little heel heat tactic, while Arn owning him was pretty well done too. Orton in action both tonight, and on RAW against Michaels is pretty big, although the promo didn’t seem to have a real finish. It seemed like it needed maybe a last line to finish it off, imo. Not a bad start, although a bit abrupt in parts.

@ MVP owning Cole time and time again on commentary. Great stuff. Very nice match as a whole here, with the change of momentum sequence being pretty damn awesome, as well as a clever ending. I liked the smaller things mentioned throughout the match too, like the mocking of Batista from Albright, and the continued bagging of Carlito at the hands of MVP. Nice opening match.

Intense promo from Edge was pretty damn awesome. From the attack on Matthews at the beginning of the promo to the intensity, the fury shown at not winning the title, instead setting Orton up to cash in was beautiful. A very nice backstage promo.

Angle addressing what he had hyped his ‘Mania match around heading into it to start this promo off was smart, finishing that off nicely. Angle speaking of how he took ‘Taker further than he’d ever been and that he was the reason that ‘Taker was gone was very well done, with the pauses being inserted in the right place, really adding to the intensity of the promo. Unlike the first promo this had a definitive finish too, ending the promo strongly, which is what it deserved, really.

Angle’s match for the night was always expected to be a squash, and when it’s Hardcore Holly vs Kurt Angle, you know it’s a squash. I’m actually surprised you allowed the match to last as long as it did, as it was never really a match designed for Holly. Good way to make Angle look good after ‘Mania, although a total squash wouldn’t have been a bad thing, imo.

Ergh, Kendrick, a guy who actually has charisma, was bland as all fuck here, tbh. The “I’m a nice guy and will accept all challengers” type of guy is fine, just don’t let him speak again if you’re going with it. All you’re going to come up with otherwise is dorky sounding promos like this. I know you said you wanted to build your division around Kendrick, but Kendrick himself needs work.

Regal as Orton’s opponent? A bit disappointing, no matter how good of a match you have Michael Cole hype it up as. The match itself was pretty nice and served as a way to make Regal look alright, while also putting Orton over pretty well. Would’ve maybe have liked a younger opponent who had more to gain by going up against Orton; however, what you did with Regal made for a good match.

Wow, very nice match made for the draft show, which should be a good way to showcase some younger SmackDown! talent like MVP, Paul London and Carlito. Definitely a stacked card you’ve got lined up, which is as Bischoff rightly pointed out, ratings. Nice little promo with the characterization from The Bisch right, with a very nice announcement to add on top.

London standing up to Orton? I like it. Sets up some possible movement up the card for London via a feud with Orton, as well as setting up a situation where Orton goes to SmackDown!, only for the whole locker-room to be against him. While kind of generic, London was still okay and got the message across just fine.

I guess it’s kind of a small thing, but usually you’d see Chris Harris open the promo up for AMW back when they teamed. Aside from that the promo was pretty nice, again like Angle, focussing on the storyline heading into ‘Mania and using the promo to address it well. The mocking of Maria was pretty good and I loved the ending, especially this:

Chris Harris: So tonight, James here wont be saying ‘sorry bout your damn luck’ … because Maria … it aint about luck …

Epic line, topping off a pretty good promo.

Noble’s definitely a very good first opponent for Kendrick, with an epic match almost guaranteed to ensue. As a whole the match was pretty nice, with some strong psychology early, though it seemed to fall away at the end, with Kendrick able to execute moves like dropkicks, hurricanranas and even Sliced Bread #2 without even so much as wincing, despite the injured leg, which was slightly off-putting. Aside from that, a nice way to get Kendrick kicked off, while the staredown with Kash tells us their business is yet to be finished, which is of course good.

Not sure what the point of Jericho saying he would have retired is, considering all it’s really going to get him is heat, and he’s teaming up with two faces in The Hardy Boyz tonight against three heels. The message from Jericho to Orton was pretty good, clearly stating his intentions, differentiating himself from the pack well.

Some big matches set for next week, though I’m a bit confused in that you’ve said should both teams still be in tact the tag title match will take place, only to also say it’ll take place regardless.

Huge main event for sure, with again, good logic behind it early in the distrust AMW have for Edge. Interesting that Jericho is working together with The Hardy Boyz seemingly flawlessly, meaning we may just see him as a face soon I guess. Exchange between Jericho and edge was very nice after the first (or second, depending if you count the one that began before the start of the match) seemed very nice and crisp, with some good heel tactics used too. The second half-comeback from the faces was also nicely done, with again, a good way of cutting it off, this time from Edge. Match flowed on pretty well from there into an awesome counter into the Spear from Edge, which I have to say, I absolutely loved. Not a big fan of finisher kickouts usually on weekly shows, but since this has been such a huge match, I’m fine with it. Some more counter wrestling into the Walls was pretty damn good too, before a pretty cool sequence of moves, finishing with yet another awesome Spear. Very exciting finish with the Codebreaker for Jericho for the win, giving him some momentum to back up his claims to be Orton’s main worry. Interesting that you had Jericho and The Hardy Boyz not celebrate together, showing that Jericho is still a heel, although after this match I have a feeling it won’t be for too long, especially considering the severe lack of main event faces on SmackDown!, even with a few possibly being drafted in. Anyway, pretty great way to end the show.

A really enjoyable post-Mania show again here, with a bit of a different feel to it. The main event definitely stole the show, thanks mainly to the awesomeness of Edge (after he had a killer promo earlier too). A few exciting matches look set up for next week, and with the draft on RAW, SmackDown! makes for a very interesting next few weeks. Great work.

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Re: Being The Booker

1) Wolf King was by request.

2) AMW vs Hardys happens regardless on Smackdown. If any of the four are drafted on Raw, the match will still go ahead on the following Smackdown, it'll just be a non title match. Should both teams stay in tact, it's for the belts. Same goes if MVP or Carlito gets moved to Raw - the match on SD goes ahead.


More Releases!!

WWE has come to terms with the release of the following superstars;

Kevin Thorn
Mikey Mondo
Nick Mitchell
Kane (Yes, Kane. The man is finished people. Deal with it.)

These superstars are all wished well with their future endeavours.


Monday Night Raw Preview:

Prepare yourselves for a wild three hour ride this Monday, as Raw rolls into Greensboro with arguably the most important night of the year set to take place - the annual WWE draft!!! This Monday, five superstars from Raw will wave goodbye to the red brand, and say hello to Friday Nights, whilst another five superstars will travel in the opposite direction. No one is safe - every champion is at risk of moving, referees, commentators, and agents too. What type of excitement can we expect as the WWE draft takes place??

Outside of the regulation draft picks, the future of the WWE Champion Randy Orton, and his New Wave cohorts is also at stake, with Orton facing his long time rival, Shawn Michaels. Should Orton be victorious over HBK, the Legend Killer will move to Smackdown along with Garrison Cade, Nick Dinsmore and Ken Doane, without any repurcussions in the draft. However, should Orton lose to the Showstopper, the WWE Champion will be forced to remain on Raw -unless the draft is kind, of course -, and defend the WWE Championship at Backlash against a Smackdown superstar of Arn Andersons choice. It's high stakes for the New Wave on Monday ... can Orton deliver??

In addition, one further draft pick will be up for grabs in a special Raw vs Smackdown contest. Eric Bischoff and Arn Anderson will each choose a superstar from their brand, and the winner will earn his side one extra draft pick. Who will be chosen to carry the hopes of Raw and Smackdown??

Whilst the draft may be the focus of the evenings events, the respective General Managers have both worked together to make the most of a golden opportunity with both brands under one roof, putting together a sensational ten man tag team showcase, featuring a hybrid mix of Raw and Smackdown talent. The World Heavyweight Champion Christian will team with the man he defeated for the title a mere eight days ago, John Cena, and Smackdowns Chris Jericho, Paul London and Carlito to take on his old rivals Triple H and Tyson Tomko from Raw, along with Smackdowns Edge, Kurt Angle and MVP. Many eyes will surely be on the relationship of Cena and Christian, forced together, but with so many potentially explosive situations ready to unfold, this ten man tag is a must see event.

Old scores will also be settled as Finlay looks out for redemption against the undefeated, Samoan Bulldozer, Umaga in a Belfast Brawl for the first time in WWE history. At WrestleMania, Umaga demolished the companion of Finlay, known as the Little Bastard, so badly that the leprechaun will never return to our screens. This Monday, Finlay is set to bring justice to Umaga, and he will not only set out to halt the unstoppable run of the savage, but he is also looking to do to Umaga what the beast did to his defenceless friend.

Not only that, but Mister Kennedy and Rey Mysterio will end their dispute once and for all in a No Disqualification Match, only this time, there is no title on the line. The 2006 King of the Ring has made his intention clear to move on from the masked luchador, but before he does, Kennedy needs 'closure'. Can the loudmouth finally get one over on the Intercontinental Champion?? The title isnt on the line, but for Kennedy, it's about so much more. Can he overcome the tricky Mysterio?? Or will Rey pile further misery on Kennedy??

And whilst the Intercontinental title wont be at stake on Monday, the Womens Championship certainly will be. Melina has envoked her rematch clause for the title she lost at WrestleMania, and meets Alexis Laree this Monday, looking to win back the title in record time. Melinas fellow A-Listers, Mercury and Nitro, are also set to be busy, as Eric Bischoff and Arn Anderson have collaborated again to put together a 'strange bedfellows' tag team encounter, that will see one member of MNM team with one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions, AMW to take on one half of the World Tag Team Champions Straight Edge, and one of the Hardy Boys.

Also, in a late announcement, Mister McMahon himself has demanded in ring time on Raw. Details of his announcement are unknown at this time, but sources close to the McMahon Family Empire have suggested that McMahon has been working feverishly over the past seven days on a historic move that will change the face of the WWE forver. What could the boss have in store in for the world on Monday?? And, will it indeed make history?? There is only one way to find out...


Raw & Smackdown Hybrid Ten Man Tag Match
High Stakes | Randy Orton vs Shawn Michaels
No DQ | Rey Mysterio vs Mister Kennedy
Belfast Brawl | Finlay vs Umaga
Strange Bedfellows | One of MNM & One of AMW vs One of The Hardys & One of Straight Edge
Extra Draft Pick at Stake | One Raw Superstar vs One Smackdown Superstar
Womens Championship | Alexis Laree vs Melina

Raw up on Monday or Tuesday

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Re: Being The Booker

lol @ releasing Kane.

RAW looks great, looking forward to seeing who moves and which new feuds we can look towards. Don't fail me <3.


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Re: Being The Booker


RAW looks friggin' sexy, the Draft should shake things up in this thread and set up some new feuds, but I very disappointed with your latest update. He's a company man and as a character, he can be used to put people over. Wut.
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