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Re: Being The Booker

I pretty much just wanted to pop in here and say welcome back. I think it's quite clear that you're the best around, and after completing a third 'Mania and continuing, you just continue to show us why. Despite BTB not being high on my priority list at the moment there are still a few threads I consider must read, this indeed being one of them.

Please, PLEASE, PLEASE, ignore the fact that you can't seem to get into things, and keep plugging away. Yes, this is ironic coming from me, but I don't care, just do as I say.

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Re: Being The Booker


World Wrestling Entertainment has come to terms with the release of the following superstars;

Gene Snitsky
Rodney Mack
Orlando Jordan
Simon Dean
Rob Conway
The Little Bastard
Marty Jannetty
Danny Basham
Doug Basham
Robbie MacAllister
Rory MacAllister
Shad Gaspard
Juventud Guerrera
Shannon Moore
Mark Jindrak
The Boogeyman
Torrie Wilson

All are wished well in their future endeavours.


News / Notes / Rumours:

In an interesting development, Batista has been taken off the booking schedule for this week, adding fuel to the fire regarding the rumours that he is the mystery violator of the wellness policy. Indeed, The Animal has flown out of New Orleans this morning, as it appears his suspension will begin with immediate effect.

After the laundry list of releases this morning (and more are rumoured to come in the coming week), and number of wrestlers currently down in OVW are said to be readying themselves for a call up to the main roster. Mike Mizanin, Matt Sydal and the former Spirit Squad member Nick Nemeth are just three of the names set to earn a call up in the ensuing months.

Expect new additions to both the Cruiserweight and Womens divisions over the next few months. Concerns have been raised over the depth of both divisions in recent months, and with plans to focus more heavily on the Cruiserweight division on Smackdown, the hunt is on for a range of new, exciting young talents to fill the division.

After his appearance last night, plans have been put in motion to arrange one final outing for the Immortal Hulk Hogan. Given his altercation with JBL at last nights show, and Layfield looking to secure a handful of ‘big’ matches before calling his own retirement, a date could well be set for the two men to meet somewhere down the road.

Another superstar set to return in the coming months is Rhyno. After four months out with a torn groin muscle, The Man Beast has been sent down to OVW to sharpen up before being called back up to the main roster.


Monday Night Raw | Preview:

The dust has barely settled after an awe inspiring WrestleMania 23 in the historic SuperDome, but just twenty four hours later, the show must continue.

New Orleans plays host to the fallout of WrestleMania, with the backlash of the ‘Worlds Biggest Mardi Gras’ all set to erupt in the city that contained the ‘Granddaddy of ‘em all’.

And indeed, what kind of backlash can Christian expect coming off the back of his second World Heavyweight Championship victory in a thrilling, classic, WrestleMania worthy main event against John Cena?? With the most coveted championship in all the WWE back around his waist, Captain Charisma will most definitely be expecting a target to develop on his chest, as the hunter now becomes the hunted. And, whilst Christian will no doubt be riding into New Orleans on a high … how will John Cena react, coming off the most gut wrenching loss of his career??

Twenty Four hours ago, Randy Orton walked into the Superdome with nothing but an opportunity - like seven other men - to earn a guaranteed World title shot anytime in the following twelve months. Before the night was out, Randy Orton left WrestleMania with the WWE Championship. After winning the Money in the Bank ladder match, Randy Orton shocked the world, and took less than three hours to cash in his golden opportunity.

However, the events surrounding the shocking moment are what have grabbed the headlines … as Randy Orton, moments after RVD had successfully retained the WWE title … punted the former champion, knocking him out cold to capture the gold. The circumstances surrounding Orton have dominated the wrestling world today; Mister Money in the Bank cashed in his shot on the very same night he earned the briefcase, the WWE Championship is in the hands of a Raw superstar, and the former WWE Champion is said to be in a critical condition in a New Orleans hospital. What will the aptly named ‘Career Killer’ have to say for himself tonight on Raw??

Whilst Randy Orton may have grabbed the headlines, for many, the most shocking action to come out of WrestleMania could well be the actions of Raws General Manager Eric Bischoff. Last night, after months … years, of taking abuse from the McMahon Family, catering to their every need, and giving them everything they’ve bullied him into … the former President of WCW finally had enough, as he literally and figuratively gave the McMahon Family two fingers, as he scuppered their heinous plans during the Triple H / Brock Lesnar showdown, as the McMahon Family Empires world collapsed around them. After Bischoff turned his back on the maniacal McMahons, their guest enforcer, Mike Tyson also showed his true colours, as Brock Lesnar overcame the odds to topple The Game in their first ever meeting - that will never be forgotten. Coming off this huge loss, how can Triple H rebound … and coming off the sheer embarrassment of being upstaged by the Raw General Manager, what kind of ‘Backlash’ can we expect from the McMahon Family Empire??

Just twenty four hours off the back of the gruelling Money in the Bank ladder match, two of the four Raw competitors in that match will be in action. Following the sick assault Umaga laid on the poor Little Bastard - spiking the leprechaun off a ladder, through a table outside the ring - the fighting Irishman Finlay is hell bent on vengeance, and he has DEMANDED this match take place tonight. Finlay, in the challenge itself, has made history, becoming the first man to call out the undefeated Samoan Bulldozer. But what kind of price will he have to pay for that kind of audacity??

Off the back of their crowning achievements, the NEW World Tag Team and Womens Champions; Straight Edge and Alexis Laree respectively, will be in action tonight in a six person tag team match. The trio team up for the second night in a row as they meet the tricky group known as The Cult Society. Ariel, Kevin Thorn and Michael Knox have been somewhat an unknown quantity on Raw since arriving in the fall last year, but tonight represents a massive opportunity to make a lasting impression. Will the new champions suffer a WrestleMania hangover??

Rey Mysterio, the fourth piece of the quartet that won the triple jeopardy match last night is in action, facing the talented New Wave member, Ken Doane. The Intercontinental Championship wont be up for grabs, but ‘The Future’ will surely be eyeing this as an opportunity to stake his claim for a title shot down the line.

Experience the fallout of WrestleMania … experience the beginning of the backlash from the Showcase of the Immortals … live on the USA Network.

Announced Matches;

Rey Mysterio vs. Ken Doane {Non Title Match}

Straight Edge & Alexis Laree vs. The Cult Society
Finlay vs. Umaga
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Re: Being The Booker

No major releases here at all really. Was thinking we may get a shock here, but that hasn't been the case. Jindrak being released kind of disappoints me, although apart from that I can't say I'm fussed by the other releases. I will say that you have lost a lot of cruiserweights though.

Batista being the one to violate the policy? That's not too surprising, especially considering Albright went over him clean. He shouldn't be too much of a loss anyway.

Miz, Sydal and Nemeth all own, so seeing them brought up would be great. As you said, a bit of depth may be needed to cover the women's division, as well as the cruiserweights, so it should be interesting to see who else you bring up. As fart as Rhyno returning goes, I'm ot too fused. Not a huge fan of Rhyno, but I guess he'll add to the product.

Preview for RAW looks good too. Definitely looking forward to what we see in both world title situations, with a challenger definitely being needed for the World Heavyweight Championship, considering Backlash isn't too far off. Finlay vs Umaga, the six person tag and Mysterio vs Doane all look to be pretty solid matches too, making up which looks like a very nice card. Looking forward to it.

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Re: Being The Booker

The Pomp and Pageantry has passed...

Monday Night Raw | March 19 2007 | New Orleans LA

Obligatory WrestleMania Recap Video;



(Fireworks going off at the top of the show, and J.R introducing the show)

Nobody ever had a dream round here,

(Quick clips of entrances; MNM, Brian Kendrick, Kurt Angle, John Cena)

but I don't really mind that it's starting to get to me

(Quick clips of entrances; Rey Mysterio, Batista, RVD, Christian)

Nobody ever pulls the seams round here,

(Quick clips of entrances; M.V.P, Hardy Boys, Shawn Michaels, Triple H)

but I don't really mind that it's starting to get to me

(Quick clips of entrances; Mick Foley, Edge, Steve Austin, Randy Orton)

I've got this energy beneath my feet

(Slow motion shot of The Undertakers suicide dive onto Angle)

like something underground's gonna come up and carry me,

(Slow motion shot of Paul London drop saulting Carlito from the ladder)

I've got this sentimental heart that beats

(Quick shots of the Hall of Famers getting their moment to wave to the fans)

but I don't really mind that it's starting to get to me now

(More clips of the Hall of Famers)

Why do you waste my time?

(Cena and Christian face to face)

Is the answer to the question on your mind

(Haas and Benjamin teaming up in MITB)

And I'm sick of all my judges

(Bischoff giving Mr. McMahon the bird)

so scared of what they'll find

(Foley wrapping the ring ropes with barbed wire)

But I know that I can make it

(Finlay reaching up for the MITB briefcase)

As long as somebody takes me home,

(The McMahon Family Empire staggering away in defeat)

every now and then...

Well have you ever seen the lights?

(Slow motion clip of Rob Van Dam soaring for the Five Star)

Have you ever seen the lights?

(Fade to black)



(Sudden rewind through the clips already seen)


(Lightning fast shots of the majority of competitors, ending with quick fire clips of the entrances in the opening match)

(Clips of the brawl to kick off the opener, Kennedy stalking Alexis, Rey bronco busting Mercury, and sudden clips of the finish sequence, with Kennedy nailing the Green Bay plunge on Alexis, the double Shining Wizard to Kennedy, the 619 to Mercury, followed by the Punk Card, and three count. Then, the celebrations, and commiserations.)

Nobody ever had a dream round here,

(Straight to Batista and Albright, with Brent running, and running.)

but I don't really mind that it's starting to get to me

(Batista finally getting his hands on the champion)

Nobody ever pulls the seams round here,

(Albright shifting out of the Batista Bomb, and scoring a shock win)

but I don't really mind that it's starting to get to me

(Contrast of winner in jubilation, and loser in frustration)

I've got this energy beneath my feet

(Hulk Hogan interrupting JBL)

like something underground's gonna come up and carry me,

(Quick brawl)

I've got this sentimental heart that beats

(Hogan hulking up)

but I don't really mind that it's starting to get to me now

(And Hogan standing tall, ridding the ring of JBL)

Why do you waste my time?

(Clips of Umaga being attacked at the start of the MITB match, with Orton looking to sneak the win, but getting caught.)

Is the answer to the question on your mind

(Benjamin running up the ladder and diving to the outside; Umaga using the ladder as a tie, swinging at anything that moves)

And I'm sick of all my judges

(Carlito with a Backcracker off the ladder to Finlay; Haas with a sunset power bomb off the ladder to London)

so scared of what they'll find

(Umaga with a Samoan Spike to the Little Bastard)

But I know that I can make it

(M.V.P and Carlito battling at the top … but both going off and through SIX stacked up tables)

As long as somebody takes me home,

(Haas and Benjamin with a double power bomb to Umaga off the ladder, and through another ladder)

every now and then...

(Orton winning, and the carnage afterward)

Well have you ever seen the lights?

(Kash and Kendrick across the ring from one another, then quick counters and reversals)

Have you ever seen the lights?

(Quick counters, and reversals, along with high flying moves)

I took a shuttle on a shockwave ride

(Kendrick kicking out, and Kash in shock)

where people on the pen pull the trigger for accolades

(Kendrick reversing the Dead Level, and hitting Sliced Bread, winning the title)

I took a bullet and I looked inside it

(AMW attacking Matt & Jeff as they entered the ring)

Running through my veins an American masquerade

(Hardys double teaming the champs, and AMW double teaming the challengers)

I still remember grandma Dixie's wake

(Matt making the tag to Jeff, and things breaking down)

I've never really known anybody to die before

(Hardys with high flying antics)

Red white and blue upon a birthday cake

(Hardys with the match won…)

My brother, he was born on the fourth of the July...and that's all

(…AMW stealing the win, and getting out of dodge.)

Why do you waste my time?

(Mick Foleys odd entrance, and HBK making his way to the ring)

Is the answer to the question on your mind

(Shot of the barbed wire around the rope, followed by the early brawl)

And I'm sick of all my judges

(Foley driving his knee into the head of HBK, and the Cactus Clothesline)

they're so scared of letting me shine

(Foley getting dropped onto the barbed wire, and crotched on it.)

But I know that I can make it

(Foley getting choked by the ropes, and Michaels smashing him with the chair)

As long as somebody takes me home

(Foley going through the flaming table, and the final Sweet Chin Music to end it.)


(Bloodied and battered … Foley smiling.)

Every now and then

(Angle entering the arena)

Every now and then

(The Undertaker entering the arena)


*Instrumental @ mid point of song*

(Taker and Angle going hell for leather from the opening bell, matching once another move for move. Taker escaping an attempt at the ankle lock, Angle escaping the Tombstone. Kick out after kick out, after kick out, after kick out, with the shocked look on Takers face)

I cried to my daddy on the telephone "How long now?"

(Taker trapped in the Anklelock, but making the ropes)

"Until the clouds unroll and you come home" the line went

(Angle kicking out of the Tombstone, then going for the Anklelock, but getting trapped in the Triangle, and tapping)

But the shadows still remain since your descent, your descent yeah, yeah

(Taker being carried out by the druids)

The saints are coming

(Entrances of The McMahons, Triple H, Austin and Lesnar)

The saints are coming

(Triple H and Lesnar face to face, Lesnar overpowering Triple H, and Austin throwing The Game back inside.)

I say no matter how I try

(Tomko being taken out early on, before all hell breaks loose.)

I realize there's no reply

(Bischoff screwing Vince, Tyson turning on, and punching Vince, Austin and Lesnar both getting clocked, then Lesnar winning.)

The saints are coming

(Edge nailing RVD with the title belt, and getting Jericho in the Walls)

The saints are coming

(Jericho hitting the top rope Codebreaker, and then the Tower of Doom)

I say no matter how I try

(Edge missing the Spear on RVD, and RVD with the Frog Splash on Jericho for the win.)

I realize there's no reply

(Edge spearing RVD afterward, and Orton making his entrance.)

Drowning sorrow floods the deepest grief, how long now

(Orton punting RVD, and winning the title)

Until a weather change condemns belief, how long now

(Van Dam being stretchered out)

When the night watchman lets in the thief, what's wrong now

(The entrances of both Cena and Christian)

The saints are coming

(Face to face … then switch to both men going through the barrier, then the brawl through the crowd.)

The saints are coming

(FU through the table, and the Gutbuster from the top rope, and both men scoring near falls.)

I say no matter how I try

(Both men hitting their finishers for near falls)

I realize there's no reply

(Sharpshooter to Cena; STFU to Christian … both men make the ropes)

The saints are coming

(Kick out of the FU)

The saints are coming

(Kick out of the Unprettier)

I say no matter how I try

(Finish to the match, with Cena countering the Unprettier for an FU … )

I realize there's no reply

(… but Christian reversing back to the Unprettier)

I say no matter how I try

(And the three count)

I realize there's no reply

(Christian being presented with the belt)

I say no matter how I try

(Cena bowing out of the ring, as confetti falls for Christian)

I realize there's no reply

(Christian embracing his family in the ring)



Opening Video


Jim Ross: The pomp and pageantry is over!! The fall out of the global phenomenon is set to take place, the aftermath of WrestleMania is set to be experienced with New Orleans still gripped by the events from just around the corner at the Superdome just twenty four hours ago!!! Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I’m Jim Ross, joined by my broadcast colleague, The Coach, and Coach, have you recharged the batteries after last night??

The Coach: I’m still trying to catch my breath baby boy, let alone recharge the batteries. The first ever WrestleMania in Nawlins is in the books, and old timer, we’ll never forget it.

Jim Ross: Indeed we will not. But Coach, looking forward, there are SO many issues to be resolved after last night, not only from Raw, but Smackdown too.

The Coach: And-


The music of the NEW WWE Champion engulfs the arena, with Coach and J.R staying silent momentarily, as the fans voice their disapproval over Randy Orton, and his callous actions just last night.

Orton saunters onto the stage, with the WWE Championship over his shoulder, and soaks in the fury of the fans, before slowly walking down the aisle.

Jim Ross: Ladies and Gentlemen, do not adjust your sets. That is Randy Orton, and he does have the WWE Championship over his shoulder. The Career Killer wasted no time whatsoever in cashing in his Money in the Bank contract that he won earlier in the evening, and at the conclusion of the WWE Championship match that Rob Van Dam won, Randy Orton swooped in, and kicked his way to victory.

The Coach: Oh, he KICKED his way to victory last night alright. He punted Rob Van Dams head off his shoulders.

Jim Ross: There’s no need to get giddy over it Coach. That man right there could have - and we still don’t know the severity - but he COULD have ended the career of Van Dam with that sick kick to the skull.

The Coach: Hey, lets look on the bright side Jimbo, Raw now has BOTH World titles, and Smackdown is left trailing in our wake.

Jim Ross: WOULD YOU GIVE IT REST!!! There are more important issues here, and that doesn’t include Raw holding both World championships.

The Coach: Speak for yourself. I think it’s pretty damn important myself.

J.R declines to reply. Now, we see Orton stepping into the ring, and stops inside, taking a long, emotionless look to the fans on the outside. He turns, and is handed a mic from Lillian, then patiently waits for the music to die down.

As it does, Orton prepares to put the mic to his lips, but stops short, and decides to bask in the heat from the vociferous fans, letting them raise their voices, before eventually speaking over them.

Randy Orton: Something feels … different.

Head bowed slightly, Orton smirks, casting a glance into the crowd, with the fans blasting him with more heat.

Randy Orton: Yet it feels right.

Another grin develops from Ortons face, with the fans dying down slightly.

Randy Orton: How does the saying go … what a difference a day makes … … twen-ty four little hours.

The arena goes quiet, as Orton readies himself, gauging a response.

Randy Orton: One day ago, I had nothing. This time last night, I was at the bottom of the food chain. Yet here I stand before you today … Double U, Double U, Eee, champion.

Slowly raising the title, Orton gets another reaction from the fans.

Randy Orton: I guess you all have one question … why?? Why Van Dam?? Why last night?? I’ll tell each and every single one of you … I couldn’t wait another moment.

Orton looks to his left, showing a bitter scowl, still seething over something.

Randy Orton: Going into last night, I had one of the most talked about losing streaks in WrestleMania history … at WrestleMania 20 … I lost to Shawn Michaels … at WrestleMania 21 AND 22 … I lost to John Cena … ALL in World Championship matches. S-

A small pop puts Orton off momentarily, before regaining his composure.

Randy Orton: So last night … the plan was simple … the plan … was unavoidable. I had NO other option than what I did last night. After I climbed the ladder and grabbed the briefcase … the wheels where already in motion … the opportunity presented itself, and I’d’ve been a fool not to take advantage.

Walking around, Orton preaches to the crowd.

Randy Orton: Think about the position I was in. Three years of bitter heartbreak at WrestleMania … and then suddenly … I’m given the opportunity of a lifetime … an opportunity of redemption.

Orton grinds to a halt, and steadies himself, softly beginning again.

Randy Orton: As for Van Dam being the victim?? Wrong place … wrong time. I don’t hold any grudge against RVD, in fact, I have no problem with him whatsoever … apart from the fact that he held what I wanted … had it been Edge or Jericho … or had Cena and Christian been up first … I’d have done the exact same to any one of them.

More heat for Orton and his matter of fact manner.

Randy Orton: And anyway … why should I wait?? Don’t you people think I’ve waited long enough??

Stopping, Orton turns slightly, looking to hear any reaction. He slowly pulls the mic back up, and begins to speak again.

Randy Orton: For two LONG years, I have been empty handed, chasing shadows, desperately seeking the World Championship. For a superstar of my calibre … the youngest ever World Champion … it’s far too long.

The camera closes up on The Career Killer, as he narrows his eyes, looking out to the fans.

Randy Orton: Last night at WrestleMania … I wasn’t prepared to wait. I wasn’t prepared to leave WrestleMania with a briefcase … not when I could trade it in for championship gold. Instead … I did in one night, what Edge couldn’t do in a whole year.

Orton, stone faced, looks right ahead, ignoring the heat from the fans.

Randy Orton: Like I said … Rob Van Dam was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

The camera closes up now on Orton again.

Randy Orton: And I make no apologies for my actions.

Orton pulls the mic down for a moment, setting himself for another speech … but …


Suddenly, the fans come alive, as the NEW World Heavyweight Champion, Christian, appears to have something to say himself, entering the arena, dressed in a designer white shirt, dark blue jeans, and brown loafers.

Jim Ross: AND THERE HE IS!!! Ladies and Gentlemen, you are looking at a TRUE champion, a man who earned the right to fight for the World Championship at WrestleMania, and a man that has fulfilled his dream, by walking out of the WrestleMania main event as World Champion in a magnificent effort against the sensational former champion, John Cena.

The Coach: Are we gonna argue about this again?? Haven’t you listened to that man in the ring?? Orton had just as much right as Christian did to challenge for a world title last night. He earned his shot.

Jim Ross: You’ve got a warped mind Coach, if you think what Orton did last night was fine.

The Coach: What the heck does Christian want here anyway?? Why is he raining on Ortons parade??

Captain Charisma stops at the top of the ramp, searching out into the crowd, before pounding his newly won championship, looking delighted to have finally gotten his validation. Now, he switches his focus to the ring, and Randy Orton, who doesn’t appear to be amused by the presence of the World Champion.

Christian steps inside, and holds the title belt aloft, with the fans cheering the champion, although there is a miniscule scattering of boos. Captain Charisma then quickly eyeballs Orton, before brushing past, and takes a mic from Lillian Garcia, with the music dying down to allow him to speak.

Christian: You make no apologies?? Couldn’t you at least apologise for boring the crap out of the entire world, bar three giddy guys in the back, for the last five minutes??

The fans pop for Christians comment, as Orton closes his eyes, and shakes his head for a moment, clenching his jaw.

Christian: I don’t think you realise it Orton. I don’t think you realise that the fans aren’t upset over how you cashed in Money in the Bank last night … they’re upset over the fact that you WON the Money in the Bank contract in the first place.

Another pop from the fans with Christian cutting Orton again.

Christian: And if that wasn’t bad enough … if the fans, and my peeps, weren’t upset enough that you won the Money in the Bank ladder match … you damn near made the entire universe suicidal by walking out of WrestleMania as the WWE Champion.

Smaller pop, with Christian fixing his title over his shoulder, getting ready to speak again.

Christian: Thankfully … my peeps … the Christian Coalition … we ended last night on a high … when I became the TWO TIME … WORLD … HEAVYWEIGHT … CH-

Randy Orton: ENOUGH!!!

Instantly, boos ring out around the arena, as Orton cuts off Christian. Christian even seems surprised, with the mic still at his mouth, his eyebrows raised.

Randy Orton: I’m not prepared to stand here and listen to you of all people talk down to me. Do you honestly think Christian, that I care what people think?? Do you honestly think … that I’ll lose any sleep over the fact that I ruined a bunch of these fans nights by taking THIS from Rob Van Dam??

Christian smirks, as Orton shrugs, with the fans giving the WWE Champion heat.

Christian: Of course not. I know you don’t care about the fans …

Boos from the fans.

Christian: But that’s only because the fans couldn’t give a crap about Randy Orton.

Cheers now from the sheep fans. Christian smirks, and nods to the fans, before pulling the mic up again, but Orton quickly cuts in.

Randy Orton: Then why, possibly, would you be out here … what reason would you possibly have to come out here … other than to pander to the ‘peeps’??

In a happy mood tonight, Christian still continues to smile, with some boos creeping back in to the comment from Orton.

Christian: You want me to cut to the chase?? That’s fine … your actions last night?? That’s not my gripe-

Orton cuts in.

Randy Orton: I wonder why…

Now, it’s Orton that’s grinning, with Christian putting his head down momentarily, shaking his head.

Christian: Trust me … had you waited until after my match with Cena … you wouldn’t be standing here with the World Championship … you’d be back in the exact same spot you where in before WrestleMania … in my shadow.

‘OOH’ from a section of the fans, with Orton turning slightly, locking his jaw again, as Christian looks right at the WWE Champion.

Christian: Now, where was I?? The reason I came to the ring tonight … not because I have a problem with what you did to RVD last night. Not that. My problem with you Orton … is simply that you shouldn’t be here.

More ‘OOH’ calls from the fans, with Orton tilting his head slightly, unsure as to what Christian means.

Christian: Last night, you took it upon yourself Randy to take the WWE Championship from Rob Van Dam. I’m not gonna stand here and analyse why you did it … whether it’s because you really just couldn’t wait another minute … whether it’s because you know that you wouldn’t have been so successful against Cena or myself … or because you cant cut it on Raw, and felt like you wanted to drop to the minor league on Friday nights.

Mixed response from the fans for the dig at Smackdown.

Christian: I don’t know why you did it … I don’t even care … but what I take offence to Orton … is you being here tonight on Raw.

Christian now steps into Orton, getting in his face.

Christian: Because Raw … is the home of the World Heavyweight Champion - NOT the WWE Champion … so what I’m trying to say Orton … is that as of the moment you became WWE Champion last night, you became property of Smackdown … which makes you a visitor on Raw … and when the WWE Champion comes to visit Raw, he’d better have permission from the World Champion to invade his territory.

The two men are now face to face, with the fans beginning to pop in the background, with Christian laying down the law.

Christian: So unless I missed the e-mail, or the text message, or the phone call … I don’t remember giving you permission to come to MY show … MY turf … and if you don’t pack your things up and hit the road, jack … I’m gonna be left with no other alternative than to … see you off personally.

Massive pop from the fans for the World Champion. Orton snarls for a few moments, whilst Christian pulls the belt from his shoulder, holding it down, ready for Orton to attack. Orton though, holds his hands up, innocently, showing a smile, before backing up to the ropes, and speaking.

Randy Orton: I see what you’re doing Christian … and you’ve got all of these fans eating outta the palm of your hands. Why so brave?? Is it because … you know that I’m still banged up from last night?? Is it … because you know I’m far from a hundred per cent??

Orton tilts his head, asking a few choice questions. Christian shakes his head though, not agreeing with the line of questioning.

Randy Orton: Regardless … I’ll fight another day Christian. I didn’t come to Raw tonight to get into any physical altercations. All I came here to do tonight, was to say goodbye to Raw, and explain my actions. So … I’ll yield. I’ll give you your one moment to look like a tough guy. But … we’ll meet again hotshot. And next time … I hope you feel just as brave.

Orton steps between the ropes, and drops down, throwing his belt over his shoulder, and begins to make his way up the aisle … but …

**I‘M BACK**

It’s the all too familiar music of the Raw General Manager, who steps onto the stage with his shirt unbuttoned at the top, no jacket, ALL business, and we see the GM carrying a collection of papers too.

Meanwhile, the fans are unsure at how to react to Bischoff, given his turn against Vince last night, but having been a bona fide heel for so long, the reaction is indifferent.

Eric Bischoff: Hold it right there Orton. I don’t know where you think you’re going.

Orton, on the aisle, looks taken aback from the opening comment from Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff: And as for you Christian?? Obviously you weren’t the only one to miss the memo … because I don’t remember leaving the running of this show up to the World Champion.

Minor heat from the fans.

Eric Bischoff: So before you begin to get ideas above your station … let me remind you, that any guests or visitors to MY show don’t clear it with you … they clear it with me. You may be the World Heavyweight Champion … but you are not untouchable.

Some more minor heat from the fans, with Bischoff looking EXTREMELY authoritative already.

Eric Bischoff: Now, I don’t know where this notion came from that you, Randy Orton, were just going to … swan off, into the sunset of Friday Nights without me saying a word about it??

Orton holds up the title, as if to suggest that is reason enough for him to be moving to Smackdown.

Bischoff though, shakes his head at the actions of Orton.

Eric Bischoff: That’s not a legally binding contract Randy. But THIS…

Bischoff holds up the papers he carried onto the stage for all to see.

Eric Bischoff: This is. And as far as I can see, you’re not going anywhere … ANYTIME soon.

Ortons jaw drops, as the fans cheer.

Eric Bischoff: So Orton, you’d better start making yourself comfortable, because as long as this contract runs, you’re staying here on Raw … WWE title, or no WWE title, and mark my words, I’ll fight it to the end to make sure that one of my hottest properties stays right here.

Fans pop again slightly, with Orton looking furious on the ramp.

Eric Bischoff: You’ll both have to get used to being on the same show.

Not even smirking at his comments, Bischoff remains extremely straight laced, showing little emotion.

Eric Bischoff: And since Arn Anderson thought it was a good idea to head into WrestleMania with WWE Champion vs. World Heavyweight Champion … why don’t we do it again tonight … only this time of course, both champions are right here on Raw … Randy Orton versus Christian … in that very ring … tonight.

Massive pop from the fans, with Orton looking furious, especially having said he wasn’t in condition to wrestle tonight.

**I‘M BACK**

Bischoff holds up the contract again, making sure Orton knows who is boss, as he walks away, having signed an explosive post-WrestleMania main event.


And we return, with The Cult Society on their way to the ring for the opening match.

Jim Ross: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome back to Monday Night Raw, just one night removed from WrestleMania 23, and in just a moment, we are set to see two of the new champions crowned last night in action. Together, along with the Intercontinental champion Rey Mysterio, Alexis Laree and Straight Edge became the new womens champion and world tag team champions, ending the reigns of MNM, and tonight, Laree and Straight Edge team up again to meet the Cult Society. The euphoria that Punk, Helms and Laree must be feeling coming to Raw tonight with championship gold will surely give them an added boost of adrenaline.

The Coach: Good for them Jimbo. They won their titles thanks to someone else. Mysterio picked up the win for the team last night, and don’t you forget it. Those three might have the belts, but as far as I, and many other observers are concerned, that trio didn’t deserve it.


Alexis Laree skips onto the stage, looking happy, as she poses with her newly won title.

Jim Ross: You’re entitled to your opinion Coach, but as far as I’m concerned, Straight Edge and Alexis Laree are deserved champions. Later tonight folks, the Intercontinental champion, Rey Mysterio, is in action against 'The Future' Ken Doane, and lets not forget the main event, signed by Eric Bischoff; champion vs. champion, Randy Orton versus Christian.

The Coach: Well, Eric Bischoff has a lot of explaining to do if you ask me J.R, and with the McMahon Family Empire expected to be here tonight, I think we’ll be getting some answers.

Jim Ross: And I cant wait to see the faces of the McMahons and Triple H after they were outdone by the Iron Man last night.

The Coach: Listen to you old timer. You’re supposed to be impartial … yet you’re sitting there like the cat that got the cream. Will you be as happy when we see John Cena later??

Jim Ross: I cant even begin to imagine what is going through the mind of the former World Heavyweight Champion tonight, coming off that crippling loss to Christian last night.


And, to a great ovation, CM Punk and Greg Helms enter the fray, clutching their first tag team title belts, and slapping hands with the fans.

Jim Ross: All of that to come though folks, as we’re getting set for some six person tag team action to kick things off tonight.

The Coach: Ugh, do we have to watch these three?? Get those smiles off my screen. I beg you guys in the back, PUH-LEASE!!

Match 1 | Six Person Inter-Gender Tag Team Match | Non Title Match:
Straight Edge & Alexis Laree vs. The Cult Society
Easy going opening match, and whilst not a squash match in any form, it’s obvious it’s here as a showcase for the new tag team and womens champion. Throughout the action, we also get shots of MNM backstage, watching the action on a monitor, whispering to one another as they watch their three rivals in action. After the initial opening moments with the new champions on top form, the bigger trio of Knox, Thorn and Ariel take over, with Ariel screwing up a trip on the apron to Punk as he came off the ropes, but her actions distracted the tag champion, who spun around to confront her, allowing Kevin Thorn to blast him from behind with a tough forearm.

Thorn begins to put the hurting on Punk, charging him with force, shoulder first into the ringpost, before nailing a shoulder breaker for a two count. He makes the tag out to Michael Knox, and Knox steps inside keeping the work going on the shoulder, hitting a front slam, making sure Punk lands on his bad left shoulder, then makes a cover, applying pressure to the shoulder, forcing Punk to kick out with his bad shoulder. Now, Ariel begins to scream on the apron, looking to get involved in the action, knowing Punk is in a bad way, and Knox yields to the request, tagging in the sexy vampire vixen. Ariel leaps into the ring, and scores with a high kick to the shoulder, and again, then looking to hit a fancy spinning kick, BUT PUNK CATCHES THE LEG!!! Ariel is caught, hopping on her other leg, with Punk slowly beginning to smile, seeing the reaction in his adversaries eyes, then trips her standing leg, and drags Ariel to his corner, tagging in Laree!!!

The new womens champion gets into gear, going to work on Ariel, beating her down in the corner, then sending her across the ring, and knocks her down with a dropkick, getting a two count. Alexis gets back to her feet, and runs off the ropes, ONLY FOR THORN TO PULL HER DOWN BY THE HAIR!!! Instantly, this causes a reaction from Punk and Helms, with Punk charging across the ring, catching Thorn with a big forearm, knocking him off the apron, with Punk quickly following out, whilst Helms runs around the ring, charging at Knox, taking the big man down, and fires a number of right hands to keep him down. As this goes down, we get another quick glimpse of MNM, not looking happy, as they watch backstage.

In the ring, Laree staggers up, and into the path of Ariel, who connects with a running neck breaker, quickly hooking the leg, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Ariel screams like a banshee at the kick out, admonishing the referee for not counting to three, as we get another look at MNM watching intently backstage. Meanwhile, on the outside, Punk and Helms, together, send Knox into the steel steps, whilst Thorn is down, leaving it to the two ladies to fight it out. Ariel drags Laree up, but the champion comes back, firing off right hands, only for Ariel to stop her with a kick to the gut, then turns her over, looking for a backslide … but Alexis slips out, then ducks a sloppy clothesline attempt, before kicking Ariel in the gut, then winding up … AND DELIVERS THE LAREE D-T!!!!! The champion makes the cover, 1...2...3!!!!!
Winners: Straight Edge & Alexis Laree @ 06:03

It’s the expected win for the new womens and tag team champions, coming off the back of their exploits last night. Punk and Helms join Alexis in the ring, as the trio have their hands raised in victory, carrying off their feel good win just twenty four hours ago. Backstage though, MNM don’t share the joy, with Melina especially showing a face of thunder.

Jim Ross: It looks to me that our new champions are growing in confidence Coach, and they are enjoying every single minute of it.

The Coach: You say that like it’s a good thing.

Jim Ross: The fallout from WrestleMania has been pretty good for these three tonight, but who knows Coach, who knows what the Backlash may bring…

Fireworks at the beginning of WrestleMania 23

‘The Glitz and Glamour has gone’

Confetti falling at the close of last night.

‘The Pomp and Pageantry has passed’

Shots of the celebrities on show last night, the grand entrance of The Undertaker, and the musical performance for John Cena.

‘All that remains…’

Everything goes dark.

‘… Is the Backlash’

Shots of dark, dingy streets, the polar opposite of WrestleMania, as the Backlash logo flashes across the screen.




Commercial Break

Backstage, Kelly Kelly is standing by with Finlay.

Kelly Kelly: Finlay, despite having only competed in the Money in the Bank ladder match twenty four hours ago, tonight, you have requested a match with Umaga. As we saw last night at WrestleMania, Umaga used his Samoan Spike on the Little Bastard, putting him through a table from a considerable height. And, rumours today have suggested that the Little Bastard will never appear in the WWE again.

Not waiting for the actual question, Finlay takes the mic, and begins to talk.

Finlay: Those aren’t rumours Kelly … those are facts. Umaga took that little fella … and he crushed him like a doll. He’s not gonna get away with it though Kelly … he‘s gonna pay, and that’s a fact too.

Finlay stops, then shows a wry, almost forced smile, before speaking again.

Finlay: One thing I’ve noticed, is that Umaga likes to pick on people smaller than him … a lot smaller. Well tonight, he’s gotta contend with the big boys. And the last thing Umaga wants to do is pick a fight with a pissed off Irishman.

Keeping it short and sweet, Finlay drops the mic, and wraps his shillelagh off his palm twice, before leaving the interview.

Back into the arena…

Rico is stood in the ring, waiting his opponent…


And out steps the imposing figure of Paul Burchill, the winner of last nights pre-show, forty person battle royal, joined by his step-sister, Katie Lea.

Jim Ross: For those of you who missed last nights free to air pre-show event prior to WrestleMania, that man there, the undefeated Paul Burchill, eliminated six men on his way to a decisive victory in the forty man battle royal. Dubbed the King of Pain in recent weeks, this Englishman is on a real tear through Raw at the moment.

The Coach: And with the luscious Katie Lea bringing the beauty, this is a potent combination if you ask me. This Burchill is turning heads old timer.

Jim Ross: And if the flamboyant Rico isn’t lucky, he may get his own head turned, and it’ll be by force, courtesy of that man, Paul Burchill.

Match 2:
Paul Burchill w/ Katie Lea vs. Rico
So much of a squash, that Rico doesn’t even get a chance to show off his flamboyance to the fans. No offence, no parading, just another beat down. Burchill cleans Rico from the outset with a stiff clothesline, then rag dolls the former police officer, hitting a few impact slams for good measure, before putting this one to bed early with the Curb Stomp, and quickly hooks the leg, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Paul Burchill @ 01:27

Not this nicest of send offs for Rico, but he had a job for longer than he should’ve in the thread. Burchill is joined by his step-sister in the ring, as she holds his hand high in the air, with Burchill showing a slight grin from the corner of his mouth, with his impressive run continuing.

Jim Ross: Another impressive showing from the ‘King of Pain’. But, come next week, Paul Burchill may not be plying his trade here on Monday nights. Next Monday in Greensboro, EVERYTHING could change. The annual WWE draft will take place, and NO ONE, not even you and I Coach, are safe from being drafted.

The Coach: Well, I should be exempt. Could you imagine what would happen if I got drafted to Smackdown??

Jim Ross: I could imagine the celebration!!

The Coach: You can imagine it, but the reality Jimbo, is that they’d shut this show down if I left.

Jim Ross: I’ll take the risk, thanks. Ladies and Gentlemen, the draft will be live next Monday on Raw, a special three hour edition of Raw, and what a night it promises to be…

Commercial Break

We return, backstage with Todd Grisham…

Todd Grisham: Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I’m Todd Grisham, and currently, I am stood outside the General Managers office, where I am waiting for Eric Bischoff to arrive back, and hopefully get a statement from Mister Bischoff regarding his shocking actions last night at Wres- and here he is…

The camera turns, and we see Bischoff, putting his phone into his top pocket, walking down the hallway, spotting Grisham waiting as he approaches, and looks less than thrilled to see the Waldo look-a-like.

Todd Grisham: Mister Bischoff, if I could have a moment of your time, could you explain to the Raw viewers what your reasoning was for turning your back on the McMahon Family Empire last night, st-

Eric Bischoff: Let me stop you Todd. You want answers?? The answers are simple, the answers should’ve smacked you in the face when you saw me flip Vince the bird last night. The real question Todd, shouldn’t be ‘why did you do it??’, but should be ‘why hadn’t you done it already??’.

Grisham looks a little confused, trying to process the answer.

Eric Bischoff: I’m Eric Bischoff dammit. That name should mean something … my name should strike fear into everybody … the McMahon Family included. Don’t forget the words Linda McMahon herself uttered in December … as long as Vince has a role working alongside talent … a vested interest in talent … his power to make decisions around here is null and void … meaning he, whilst having an on screen role on Raw … answers … to me.

Bischoff leans in a little, raising his eyebrows to Todd as if to emphasise his point a little more, letting the comments sink in.

Eric Bischoff: The power has been vested in me to run Raw how I see it … and from this point forward, that’s how it’s gonna be.

Bischoff now nudges past Grisham, walking into his office, slamming the door shut.

Back into the arena…

Jim Ross: Well, you heard it folks. Eric Bischoff is a doormat for absolutely no-one.

The Coach: And that J.R … THAT, is bad, bad news for just about every single person on this roster … but if he is thinking of going toe to toe with the chairman, I know where my money is going.

Jim Ross: A very brave, statement of intent from the General Manager of Raw, and for once, I gotta admit, I have a grudging respect for Bischoff, standing up for himself, knowing what could well wait for him.


Umaga enters the arena, joined, AS ALWAYS, by the awesome Armando Estrada, with the Samoan Bulldozer looking banged up, selling the effects of last nights Money in the Bank ladder match, as does Estrada, who is sporting a sling on his left arm.

Jim Ross: It took a su- WHOA!!!

Suddenly, we see Finlay attack Umaga from behind, nailing him with the Shillelagh to the back, and the legs, getting a jump start on his opponent, as he looks to gain a measure of revenge for the sick attack on the Little Bastard at WrestleMania.

Umaga stumbles down the ramp, with Estrada hobbling after him, and Finlay, with the Irishman scaring Estrada off, threatening with the weapon, as Estrada hops the barrier to escape. Finlay then slams Umagas massive head off the steel steps, and rams him into the post, before rolling him inside, and the match begins.

Match 3:
Umaga w/ Armando Alejandro Estrada vs. Finlay
It’s an unusual start for Umaga, as for possibly the first time, it is he that is dominated by the opponent, as Finlay puts on an aggressive attack, unloading all his fury on the massive Bulldozer. Finlay pounds Umaga in the corner, landing with stomps, but then, as he attempts to whip him across the ring, Umaga shows his impressive strength, standing firm, and then yanks Finlay to him, landing with a shot to the throat, sending Finlay staggering away, and looks to follow up with a clothesline, charging out, but Finlay strikes first, nailing Umaga with a short clothesline instead!!!

The Irishman drags his opponent to the edge of the ring apron, landing some dirty elbows, then drags Umaga out, throwing the apron over the 400 pound monster, trapping him in a sense, and pounding the life out of Umaga, before the referee just about manages to step in. Finlay pushes away, and drags Umaga back into the ring, stomping the face, then hit’s the ropes, looking for a mushroom splash, and lands, before turning over, and blasting Umaga with a succession of blows again, before being pulled off by the referee.

Finlay though, is only out for revenge tonight, and pushes past again, dragging Umaga up, but now, the Bulldozer finally kicks into gear, instantly scooping the Irishman up, and slams him down at force. With Estrada now picking up in voice, Umaga takes over, imposing his power on Finlay, who looks to be running out of steam, having went into this match emotionally, rather than logically, and it’s backfiring massively with the Samoan Bulldozer taking him apart, connecting with a rolling leg kick after an attempted comeback from the Irishman. The running butt splash into the corner connects next, and it looks like curtains for Finlay … as Umaga drags him up, looking to hit the Spike … BUT FINLAY DUCKS IT!!! Finlay breaks free, and hit’s the ropes … BUT IS CAUGHT OFF THE RETURN … AND EATS A SPINNING POWERSLAM!!!

Umaga yabbers down at Finlay, before picking himself up, and pushing up to the middle turnbuckle, yelling some more Samoan, before splashing off the middle rope with a head butt, catching Finlay in the heart … and it all leads back … to the Samoan Spike, with Finlay unable to avoid it this time … and the three count is elementary.
Winner: Umaga @ 04:13

Despite a stirring effort from a vengeful Finlay, he is still blown away by the immense Umaga. Slowly, the Samoan Bulldozer climbs to his feet, looking down at Finlay, with the Irishman writhing in pain, as Estrada raises the savages hand in victory.

Jim Ross: STILL yet to be pinned … STILL yet to submit … this Samoan Bulldozer continues to rack up the wins on Raw, and tonight, despite a tremendous fighting effort from Finlay, Umaga rolls on with another tick in the wins column.

The Coach: Watch out world. Umaga is a beast J.R, even with vengeance and all kinds of retribution on his mind, Finlay came up short. He’s like Godzilla.

Jim Ross: And King Kong. Combined. A destructive, monstrous, unemotional, one man wrecking ball … and he’s ripping through Raw like wildfire.

The camera switches backstage … and we see THE MCMAHON FAMILY EMPIRE!!! Vince, Shane, Tomko, Stephanie and Triple H walk through the hallway, ALL looking livid this evening, after a disastrous night at WrestleMania.

Jim Ross: Ladies and Gentlemen, you are looking at the most powerful entity in the WWE today … twenty four hours removed from their most embarrassing night as a group, and we are set to hear from them … when we come back.

Commercial Break


And we are back, with an outpouring of heat for the McMahon Family Empire, who step out onto the stage, into the view of a baying crowd, stopping at the top of the ramp to take in the vociferous reaction of the Nawlins faithful, letting the group know their exact feelings for them. Every single member of the group is stony faced, none of them with any positives to take from last nights catastrophic result against Brock Lesnar, and make their way down the aisle, with all five fixed on the ring, not even conversing with each other.

Jim Ross: What a week it has been for the McMahon Family Empire. Last Monday, this group was surrounded by a phoney army, all smiles, full of confidence heading into WrestleMania. N-

The Coach: Just shut up. The fans at home don’t want to hear this old timer. The McMahons got royally screwed over last night, and that’s a fact. Eric Bischoff, and for the life of me cant work out why, turned his back on his employer, Mike Tyson, invited to be part of the Hall of Fame, turned his back on the man that made him relevant again, and Stone Cold, decided to side with Lesnar. The ultimate screw job.

Jim Ross: They got exactly what was coming to ‘em Coach. The McMahons thought they had all bases covered, and it backfired … and not before time!!!

In the ring, it’s Vince that is handed the mic, as Triple H purposely moves to the background, keeping his shades on, dressed casually with a leather jacket, and his own T-shirt with jeans. He looks straight ahead, pouting, looking incredibly angry after the events that transpired last night. Meanwhile, Tomko and Shane flank Vince, whilst Steph stays close to her husband.


Vince, no longer sporting the wig, with his hair now beginning to come back, allows the fans reaction to build for a moment, but soon speaks over them.

Mr. McMahon: I would be grateful if you could all please just put a sock in it.

Boos from the fans.

Mr. McMahon: I said … shut up.

The fans ignore the calls from the boss, with Vince getting visibly angered.

Mr. McMahon: SHADDUP!!!

The trademark yell from Vince gets the reaction you’d expect - further heat from the fans. Shane takes a moment to calm his father, with Vince seemingly soothing, and takes in the words from his son.

Slowly composing himself, Vince begins to talk.

Mr. McMahon: I’d like to take a moment to address the abomination that was last night-

Small burst of cheers that cuts Vince off for a moment, throwing him off his flow.

Mr. McMahon: And that, was WrestleMania Twenty Three … right here in this filthy, rotten, disgusting, third world city.

Cheap heat.

Mr. McMahon: That’s right. I hope you all enjoyed WrestleMania in ‘NAWLINS’, I hope you all cherish it … I hope you all remember WrestleMania in the Big Easy for the rest of your lives … it was the first time ever … and by Gawd, as long as I have something to do with it … it’ll be the last time ever too!!!

More cheap heat from the New Orleans fans.

Mr. McMahon: Last night … March 18, 2007, Triple H versus Brock Lesnar, for the first time ever, five years in the making, the most anticipated match in all of the WWE … will be erased from memory … FOREVER!!!

Another small portion of heat for Vince and his empty threat.

Mr. McMahon: And I mean that. With God as my witness … that match at WrestleMania Twenty Three WILL be erased from the history books. Believe me … the wheels are already in motion. No place in the commemorative, three disk DVD, that’s cancelled.

Vince doesn’t even crack a smile, taking his statement ultra serious.

Mr. McMahon: You want to order the replay?? It’ll be one match short. I guaran-DAMN-tee you … never again will you hear about the First Ever Match between my son in law, Triple H, and Brock Lesnar. It just doesn’t deserve to be recognised.

Boos from the fans, and a faint ‘LESNAR’ chant develops, with Vince stopping for a moment, looking to Triple H, but The Game remains unmoved.

Mr. McMahon: And what about the parties involved?? Well Mike Tyson?? ‘Iron’ Mike took my olive branch and the Hall of Fame opportunity … and he STABBED ME IN THE BACK!!! But don’t worry … Tyson?? He was only a one night thing anyway. We wont be seeing the so-called ‘Baddest Man on the Planet’ anytime soon around here … not on MY planet.

More heat for the egomaniac, as he builds himself up.

Mr. McMahon: Austin?? He’s gone too. OHHHH HELLLL YEAHHHH!!!

Massive heel heat for the rip on Austin, as Vince continues to scowl at the fans.

Mr. McMahon: That’s right. Good ‘ol Stone Cold?? He’s back in Texas, throwing back cans of Steveweiser like it was goin out of fashion. He had his big night back in the spotlight … and believe me … he wont have another.

A small ‘Austin’ chant begins, with Vince turning his face up, like he had smelt a bad fart.

Mr. McMahon: That’s enough of that, thank you very much.

And that only goes to further the chants from the fans.

Mr. McMahon: Okay, okay … lets move on shall we?? Let’s move out of the past with Austin … and into the future … specifically … the future of one Eric Bischoff.

Mixed reaction from the fans, for both the brushing past of Austin, and the seemingly ‘tweener’ Bischoff.

Meanwhile, the mention of Bischoff raises a few eyebrows in the group, whilst Triple H remains unemotional, still staying stone faced, looking straight ahead, with his arms now folded.

Mr. McMahon: Eric Bischoff … ha.

McMahon cant help but smile, pulling the mic down for a moment … but he shakes his head, then immediately drops the smile, changing it to a scowl.

Mr. McMahon: Eric Bischoff?? Eric Bischoff is vermin. (Starts to get animated) Eric Bischoff … is like … (thinks for a split second) … like a terminal cancer … he’s been around for five years, in my company, paid by ME, and this … is how he repays me?? I’ve employed that ungrateful son of a bitch for five years, despite the fact he tried his damndest to run me out of business … to make my son and daughter like your sons and daughters…

More cheap heel heat.

Mr. McMahon: And when that came back to bite him on the ass … I took him in like some stray dog … I gave him a job, I allowed him to run the show I created … MY show, the show he tried to run out of business. I … handed Eric Bischoff my show, I handed over the reigns … and I even gave him a second chance to run Monday Night Raw last year.

McMahon shakes his head in disappointment.

Mr. McMahon: And look what happened.

Vince looks to his left, looking for a reaction from Shane, with his son responding to his words, shaking his head in disappointment with Bischoff.

Mr. McMahon: Like I said … Eric Bischoff … is like a cancer. He kept quiet for five years … he said all the right things, kept on the right peoples good side … all the while, he began to spread his disease … quietly, he began to eat away at my company, killing it … slowly … all under the radar, as he allowed his hatred to fester inside him.

Getting animated again, Vince starts puffing his chest out, using his arms to maximise the description.

Mr. McMahon: And he let that build … he let that build until he was ready to explode … and last night … that, that … bastard exploded.

Some cheers from the fans, as Vince glares at them for their reaction. He takes in the cheers, before ignoring them, and speaking once again.

Mr. McMahon: Well, this cancer … this cancer on the WWE, known as Eric Bischoff … it needs to be stopped, because now … it’s out of control. And I’m gonna stop it spreading.

Tomko is seen nodding to the right of Vince, agreeing with everything said.

Mr. McMahon: And I’m gonna deal with this cancer like only I can … I’m gonna stop Bischoffs disease from ripping my show apart … the only way I know how …

Vince looks to his left, looking for a reaction from Shane, with his son responding to his words, shaking his head in disappointment with Bischoff.

Mr. McMahon: Ladies and gentlemen … Tyson is gone … Austin has gone … and Bischoff …

McMahon smiles, taking his time before speaking, allowing for a long pause, then yells…


Vince stops again, chuckling a little to himself.

Mr. McMahon: … Going to suffer.

Vince shows a sadistic grin, having sent a chilling message to the General Manager of Raw, and gets set to leave … but stops dead in his tracks, putting his hand up, as if he’d forgotten something.

Mr. McMahon: Hold on … hold on … I forgot the most important thing.

Vince, smiling again, continues.

Mr. McMahon: Last night, Brock Lesnar put his hands on his boss. Not only did he put his hands on his boss … he put his hands on his bosses son. And worse than that ladies and gentlemen … he put his hands on a woman.

Boos from the fans, knowing who Vince is referring to, with the camera focusing on an upset Stephanie, who holds her neck, as if in pain.

Mr. McMahon: Brock Lesnar put his hands on a MOTHER.

Stephanie, playing the victim, nods along with her Father.

Mr. McMahon: Brock Lesnar put his hands on his bosses daughter … and I CANNOT accept it.

Vince puts an arm around Stephanie, comforting his child.

Mr. McMahon: And today, I was able to put into motion, with the backing of the majority of the Board of Directors … an INDEFINITE suspension on Brock Lesnar.

Massive heel heat on Vince. The Chairman holds his hands out innocently though in protest.

Mr. McMahon: Hold on. I don’t think you people understand. Brock Lesnar … the man who assaulted my children last night … is rightfully suspended … and yet, out of the kindness of my heart … despite Brock Lesnar being on an indefinite suspension, he will continue to be on FULL pay.

McMahon shakes his head in disappointment.

Mr. McMahon: Despite everything he’s done … the trauma he has caused my family … I’m still paying him with my money.

Ever the good Samaritan, Vince waves off the response from the fans, obviously not wanting to be seen as the hero he truly is.

Mr. McMahon: And trust me … to keep him sat on his farm for the next three years …

The camera closes in on Vince…

Mr. McMahon: It’ll be worth every penny.

Vince throws the mic down, as **NO CHANCE** hits again, signalling the end of the promo, with no one other than Vince speaking for the duration. Triple H, conspicuous by his silence, leads the troops up the aisle, still not uttering a word.

Jim Ross: I think that’s what you call a statement of intent. The McMahon Family Empire was roundly embarrassed last night, more so perhaps, than any other time in history, and tonight, I believe, would be phase one in the rebuilding stage.

The Coach: Enlighten me. What happened to them last night??

Jim Ross: Are you being serious??

The Coach: Nothing happened last night. I don’t remember them having any role at WrestleMania.

Jim Ross: Oh, for the love of-

The Coach: In fact, that’s why I think Triple H was so quiet tonight. He’s furious that he wasn’t part of WrestleMania last night.

Jim Ross: … and back in the real world folks … outside of the McMahon Family Bubble … Brock Lesnar, we have just learned, has been INDEFINITELY suspended, for having the audacity to defend himself at WrestleMania. That’s right, Brock Lesnars reward for overcoming the odds last night in the Superdome … is to sit out the rest of his contract on full pay.

The Coach: Money well spent.

Jim Ross: And not only that, but our General Manager … the guy that’s supposed to be making those calls, those big decisions … he’s basically on notice. Mister McMahon now has a vendetta, and you can be damn sure that he’s gonna follow it up.

The Coach: And it’s deserved. After everything Mister McMahon has done for Bischoff, he got repaid by a double cross.

Jim Ross: I cant believe this. For the last year that we’ve sat here under the Bischoff administration … you’ve kissed the mans ass week in, week out. Suddenly, the guy grows a backbone … and you’re against him.

Looking confused, Coach shrugs.

The Coach: I don’t follow.

J.R stares at Coach for a moment, then turns, and looks to the camera, flabbergasted by his idiotic co-commentator.

Jim Ross: We’ll hopefully have more on these developments later folks … but in just a few moments, the Intercontinental Champion, Rey Mysterio is in action, taking on Ken Doane of the New Wave. And still to come tonight, our main event, WWE Champion versus World Heavyweight Champion, both crowned last night at WrestleMania; it’s Randy Orton and Christian.

Commercial Break

We return, backstage, with Kelly Kelly standing by…

Kelly Kelly: Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m here with the New Wave, who have two men in action tonight. In just a few moments, Ken Doane faces the Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio, and later, Randy Orton, the WWE Champion, takes on the World Heavyweight Champion, Christian. First, Ken, tonight represents a huge opportunity for you to test yourself against a high calibre opponent, I was hoping to get your feelings on facing Rey Mysterio.

Doane steps to the mic, with Dinsmore and Cade flanking him, whilst Orton stands behind.

Ken Doane: You got it a little wrong babe, tonight, this isn’t a huge opportunity for Ken Doane. This is the opportunity I should be getting, week in, week out. You see, for the last few months, the New Wave has been respected by Eric Bischoff … in fact, we’ve been neglected … taken for granted.

Doane looks to his left, and passes over to Dinsmore.

Nick Dinsmore: First off … instead of all of us getting a shot in the Royal Rumble … he pitted three of us AGAINST each other for one spot. As if that wasn’t enough … he put us against each other again when it came to qualifying for Money in the Bank. You see, Bischoff doesn’t want to see any group remain strong. He doesn’t want to see any entity remain united … because he cant take on a team like ours.

Cade now steps in, getting to say his piece.

Garrison Cade: And now that Randy has the WWE Championship in his possession, we have power … we have pull around these parts Kelly. And all of a sudden … Bischoff is viewing us as we should be. He’s decided to treat us as an asset … but Kelly … it’s too little, too late. Now that Randy has the WWE Championship … we’re Smackdown bound. And there is nothing that our General Manager can do about it.

Kelly now pulls the mic away, looking slightly confused, speaking again.

Kelly Kelly: But how can that be possible?? I know that Randy has the WWE title, but … where do the three of you fit in??

Angrily, Orton grabs the mic, piping up for the first time in the promo.

Randy Orton: What the hell is that supposed to mean?? These three men … the four of us … are one. Where I go … they go. And despite what Eric Bischoff is saying, I’m going to Smackdown, and so are these three.

Voice: Don’t get your hopes up.

The camera spins around, and it’s ERIC BISCHOFF. The general manager steps into view, and confronts Orton.

Eric Bischoff: Your contract, like your three cronies … is watertight. Under no circumstance … other than the annual draft, are you permitted to swan off to Smackdown. Now, Randy, I’d advise you to get used to that. And as for you other three?? If you want to be viewed as an asset on my show, you’d better start making an impression. Because to me, it looks like you’re all just riding on his coattails. Starting tonight, you’ve got the opportunity to stand up and be counted … I’d advise you do just that, because believe me … I’m going to play a huge part in all of your futures.

Bischoff turns, and starts to walk off, as Orton pipes up.

Randy Orton: I’d disagree. Unless you missed what Mister McMahon just said … I’d be willing to bet your days as General Manager … are numbered.

Bischoff stops. He stands for a moment, then turns around, and proceeds toward the New Wave leader again, addressing his point.

Eric Bischoff: If I were you … I’d keep my money in my pocket. But believe me Randy … you had better hope I’m not in a job much longer … because if I am … your life is about to become a living hell.

The GM now looks to the other three men, and makes a point of addressing them.

Eric Bischoff: And if the four of you are truly one unit?? Then all four of you are gonna have a rough ride.

Bischoff, seemingly now with a devil mare care attitude, turns, and storms off, as the interview comes to an end.

Back to ringside…

Jim Ross: Eric Bischoff is certainly fighting his ground Coach. For a man with the threat of a Mister McMahon backlash hanging over him, our General Manager is standing firm.

The Coach: Our General Manager might not be our general manager for much longer baby boy. That’s why he’s startin to show some balls. He’s on borrowed time, and suddenly he’s acting like he’s big time.

Jim Ross: It remains to be seen as to what the future has in store for Eric Bischoff, but right now, we’d like to cast our eyes back to last night at WrestleMania. It was dubbed the biggest match to never happen at WrestleMania - a tag which I guess can now be applied to Brock Lesnar and Triple H, but last night, it was Mick Foley and Shawn Michaels. Two men with a lot of prove. For Foley, it was perhaps a final opportunity to have a memorable WrestleMania moment, a moment that had eluded him throughout his storied career. And for Shawn Michaels, it was the opportunity to once again steal the show at the Granddaddy of ‘em all. It was spectacular, it was violent, and above all else … it will never be forgotten. Shawn Michaels won the match … but both men got what they came for…

~ Still images from the match last night, with Foley entering the match in his Mankind mask, wrapping the top rope with Barbed wire.
~ The use of barbed wire backfires on Foley.
~ Foley gets choked on the ropes in the same situation that he lost his ear.
~ Foley metamorphosis’s from Mankind to Cactus Jack, and putting the mask on HBK, pounding the life out of him.
~ Michaels getting nailed with the 2x4, wrapped in Barbed Wire.
~ Foley gets kicked onto thousands of thumb tacks on the floor.
~ Michaels skins the cat, avoiding a flaming table.
~ And Foley goes through the table, after Sweet Chin Music.
~ Michaels hits another Sweet Chin Music, and wins the match.
~ Foley looking relieved at the end of the contest, getting his wish.

Jim Ross: Quite remarkable Coach. A match I will never, ever forget.

The Coach: Yeah, I gotta admit, that match was something else, and I don’t expect that one to be topped for some time.

Jim Ross: After months of having to sit and watch as Mick Foley struggled with his inner demons, it gave me enormous amounts of relief to see Foley release those demons, close the door on those voices. As we understand, Mick Foley this morning, checked himself into a psychiatric clinic, and we can only hope he gets the treatment he needs. Shawn Michaels meanwhile, is not here tonight, but we hope that the Heart Break Kid is back with us next Monday night on Raw as we prepare for the big three hour draft night.

The Coach: As you put it earlier Jimbo, no one is safe. Shawn Michaels could turn up in Greensboro next week, and be sent off to Friday Nights!!!

Jim Ross: We’ll find out next week on Raw-

**BOOYAKA 619**

Jim Ross: But folks, it’s time for our Intercontinental Champion, who will be in action against ‘The Future’ Ken Doane, when we come back…

Commercial Break

We return, just in time for the beginning of the match.

Rey Mysterio vs. Ken Doane
Doane takes the match alone, looking to prove himself against the Intercontinental champion, and does an excellent job. From the outset, despite not being the biggest of competitors, Doane is able to overpower Mysterio, using his size advantage over the champion to claim dominance early on, taking Rey to the ground, and keeping him there in the early going. Mysterio though, is able to wriggle free, and get to his feet, where he begins to bamboozle Doane, using his high flying antics to keep Doane chasing shadows, putting the advantage on Rey. Mysterio scores a number of close falls, with pinning combinations, aggravating ‘The Future’, but Doane gets back on top catching Mysterio off the ropes, turning a head scissors into a side slam, scoring a near fall.

From here, Doane takes over, wearing Mysterio down, delivering a vertical suplex for another two count, then looks to apply a sleeper, but Rey slips out, delivering an arm drag, sending Ken tumbling into the ropes, setting Rey up for the 619 … BUT DOANE AVOIDS IT!!! Mysterio swings back inside, and comes at Ken, but gets caught off guard with a perfect dropkick, stopping the momentum of the IC champion for the moment, giving Doane another two count, and giving Doane the chance to take control again.

Now, Doane drops a succession of elbows on Rey, keeping him grounded, before picking him up, and sending him into the corner, chasing in, and delivering a running knee to the gut, crushing the wind out of Mysterio. Doane drags him out, and keeps it simple, dropping his opponent with a side suplex, floating over for another cover, but Rey kicks out again. Once more, Ken pulls Mysterio up, looking to continue the onslaught, but Rey begins to kick the legs of Doane, weakening his opponent, and runs off the ropes, but as he comes back, gets caught into a wheelbarrow position, with Ken looking to deliver the wheelbarrow suplex … but Mysterio counters with a BULLDOG!!! Mysterio hooks the leg, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

Mysterio, with the pendulum swung back in his favour, now jumps to the ropes, looking for a Seated Senton, as Doane struggles up … but Ken catches him … AND DELIVERS A POWERBOMB!!! Doane has the pin … 1...2...SHOULDER UP FROM REY!!! Doane shakes his head in disbelief, arguing with the official, before motioning to the fans that ‘it’s over’ with his hands, and starts to climb the ropes, looking for the finish. Ken perches himself, waiting for Rey to get into position, and as the champion tries to get up … DOANE FLIES, LOOKING FOR THE TOP ROPE LEG DROP … BUT REY MOVES!!!

Doane writhes in agony, clutching his leg, as he hops to his feet, struggling to stay vertical, which allows Mysterio to come from behind, and score with a dropkick to the back, sending The Future tumbling into the ropes. The 619 follows, and this time it connects!!! The fans pop for the ever popular signature spot, with Mysterio now hopping onto the ropes again, and looks for a splash to finish it … BUT DOANE MOVES!!! The fans gasp in shock, expecting the finish to come, but Ken had Rey scouted, and avoided the splash!!! Doane now gets Rey up, and places him onto the top rope, throwing a few right hands, before climbing up, seemingly looking for a big time superplex … BUT REY SHOVES HIM OFF!!! Doane shoots back up, but is kicked away, with Rey perching himself, waiting for Ken to turn around, and as he does, Rey flies … AND CONNECTS WITH A WEST COAST POP!!! The legs are hooked, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Rey Mysterio @ 07:19

Mysterio scores with a hard fought win!!! The Intercontinental Champion keeps his roll going, overcoming a spirited Ken Doane tonight. Rey is handed the title belt, and parades it to the fans, as Doane slips out of the ring, shaking his head, having thought he had the match in his grasp.

Jim Ross: He is without a doubt, the most spectacular attraction on Monday Night Raw, and Rey Mysterio continues to dazzle the world, week in week out.

The Coach: He maybe got the win, but how impressive was Ken Doane. He matched Rey throughout the match.

Jim Ross: Undoubtedly. Ken Doane is a kid with a tremendous amount of potential, and maybe if he kept better company, I could respect him more as a person. But as an athlete, he’s got all the tools to make it. But, as the saying goes, you cant buy groceries with potential.

The Coach: No you cant, that’s for sure. But Ken Doane aint called ‘The Future’ for nothing.

Jim Ross: Well, what exactly does the future hold for his leader?? Randy Orton is intent on leaving Raw for Smackdown, and with the WWE Championship in his possession, he sure has a strong case to move. But does he have the right to bring his cohorts of The New Wave with him??

The Coach: Plenty. They come as a package J.R. You get one member of the New Wave … you get all four.

Jim Ross: Time will tell Coach, but regardless, Randy Orton is in action tonight, when he takes on Captain Charisma, Christian. The two new world champions, coming off the back of last night at WrestleMania, will face each other tonight in our main event. And ladies and gentlemen, I have just been informed, that this Friday on Smackdown, we will be getting an exclusive insight, into the condition of Rob Van Dam, after last nights sickening kick to the skull he received from Randy Orton. As we know right now, Van Dam is still in intensive care at a local medical facility, but by Friday, we will have an update on the health of the former WWE Champion.

The Coach: Oh please, stop giving that show free publicity. And stop giving their FORMER champion free publicity. He’d have been just fine if he didn’t … y’know.

Coach makes a smoking suggestion with his hands to J.R, with J.R shaking his head in disgust.

Jim Ross: That’s got nothing to do with it Coach. I cant believe you’re trying to insinuate that Van Dam is where he is for anything other than a kick to the skull.

The Coach: That’s not what I was saying. He might’ve only had a concussion if he didn’t abuse his head with you know what. That’s the type of side effects that junk brings.

Jim Ross: You truly are impossible Coach. The fact is, Randy Orton tried to kick RVD’s head off, RVD is in hospital, and for that, it cannot be condoned.

Suddenly, we switch to … somewhere?? It’s dark, it’s dingy, and looks like a cheap hotel room. A man is stood over a handheld camera it seems, messing with buttons at the side and back, before stepping back, sitting down … revealing the man to be MISTER KENNEDY.

Kennedy sits silently for a moment, staring straight into the camera, gathering his thoughts.

Mister Kennedy: Couple months ago, I sat in a similar position. I sat, one to one, with a camera in my face … and I … I made, a number, of vows.

Fed up, Kennedy slumps his head down, throwing one finger up in the air.

Mister Kennedy: ONE - I vowed to be taken seriously. I vowed that all of you would take me seriously.

Now, he throws up two fingers.

Mister Kennedy: TWO - I vowed to start taking. I said I’d stop waiting to be handed opportunities, and instead, I’d. Just. Take.

He slaps his thighs, and throws his hands up, shaking his head bizarrely.

Mister Kennedy: Well … here I am, two months later … after vowing to be taken seriously … I ended up chasing a mask wearing midget, and was part of a circus at WrestleMania. After vowing to take … the only thing I’ve taken … is two steps back.

Head slightly bowed, Kennedy remains transfixed on the camera, allowing a few moments of silence again, just staring ahead…

Mister Kennedy: Nine months ago … last June … I had been crowned King of the Ring. I won the accolade that propelled Bret Hart … immortalised Owen … kick started the Austin era … gave Triple H his biggest break … allowed Edge to hit the next level … set Kurt Angle on the road to Superstardom … and ushered in Brock Lesnar as the Next Big Thing.

Scratching his stubble, Kennedy stops again, allowing himself to gather his thoughts.

Mister Kennedy: That’s what it should’ve done for me. Instead … I’m on the verge of joining the other King of the Ring luminaries … like the washed up cage fighter … the worlds fattest man … or a guy with an ass more famous than he was.

Kennedy shakes his head, then pulls his stool closer to the camera, getting right up close.

Mister Kennedy: I wont allow that. So here … here’s what gonna happen.

Kennedy sets himself, smiling for a split second, then scowling.

Mister Kennedy: I’m leaving the circus … and I’m gonna stop chasing midgets … and as prestigious as the Intercontinental Championship is … that’s not my focus any longer. Frankly … I’m not wasting another night. From this point forward, I have one goal … and that’s to dine at the top table … ruffle a few feathers, and knock a few of the so-called big dogs off their perch.

Again, Kennedy stops, smirking at the side of his mouth, then shaking his head.

Mister Kennedy: But first, first of all, I need a little bit of closure. That’s why next week … I’m challenging one Rey Mysterio, one on one … and no … holds … barred.

Kennedy wags his finger momentarily, smirking once more as he speaks.

Mister Kennedy: Now I know … I know I’m outta chances with the Intercontinental Champion … but like I said … that title isn’t my focus. I just need … (closes his eyes, before euphorically speaking) closure.

Now smiling, Kennedy pops a piece of chewing gum into his mouth, cockily chewing.

Mister Kennedy: Remember this moment people. It’s the beginning of something special … courtesy of one … MISTERRRRRRRRRRRRR KENNNN-NA-DAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!

Kennedy throws his head back, looking to the ceiling, then back to the camera, chewing cockily.

Mister Kennedy: That’s right … Kennedy.

Kennedy then gets up, and flicks the camera off, ending the promo with his old signature repeated surname spot that he dropped two months ago in an eerily similar promo.

Commercial Break

We return, into the arena…


The music of the FORMER World Heavyweight Champion evokes a crazy reaction from a heavily split crowd. The music plays for a few moments with no sign of John Cena, with the fans battling each other, but as Cena enters the stage, the noise levels crank up a few extra notches, with Cena standing at the top of the ramp, acknowledging the cheers and jeers, before saluting the fans, and makes his way down the aisle, looking less enthusiastic than normal.

Jim Ross: Undoubtedly, there is no one in the WWE today, or perhaps in it’s history, that divides opinion quite like John Cena. There doesn’t appear to be any middle ground with Cena, and you can bet that for every person distraught over his loss last night, there is another absolutely overjoyed. It’s safe to say Coach, that Cena coming off that bitter loss last night - his first at a WrestleMania - will have hurt Cena, more than any other loss in his entire career.

The Coach: Without a shadow of a doubt old man. Cena has lost very few big matches in his career, he’s lost even fewer as clean as a whistle. Last night, at the biggest spectacle of them all … he was beaten fair and square. Nowhere for him to hide tonight … EVERYONE can see him tonight, WITHOUT that title his cherishes so much. He was beaten by the better man.

Jim Ross: Indeed he was, but I don’t think anyone can say that Cena is looking for a hiding place. The Boston native is an extremely proud man, and he’ll hold his hands up and admit he lost to the better man, you can bet on that.

Cena enters the ring, mic in hand, looking far from his energetic self. Slowly, the music dies down, with the former champ stood in the middle of the ring, slowly nodding, as he listens to the boos and the muffled cheers of the divided fans, with the boos currently far outweighing the cheers.

John Cena: Guessin y’all wouldn’t want me to come here for a holiday, huh??

The boos pick up more, with Cena smirking, taking his cap off, and rubbing his head, before placing it back on, patiently waiting for silence.

John Cena: Regardless of whether you like me or dislike me, or love me or hate me, nothin’ gonna change me being here.

The mixed ovation picks up again, but Cena talks over it this time.

John Cena: And aint nobodies opinion gonna change who I am, and what I stand for!!!

Cena stops again, allowing the cheers to be fought with jeers.

John Cena: Lotta questions were thrown my way these last few weeks. Whole lotta accusations, and lots of fingers pointed in my directions. People lookin to see the real John Cena … people wantin me to show my true colours …

Cena nods, listening as the fans chirp up again - on both sides.

John Cena: Well last night, round the corner, I got me seventy five thousand witnesses that saw the REAL … TRUE John Cena.

This time, the cheers outweigh boos, but it’s a divided audience for the former champion.

John Cena: So all the haters … you can continue to hate. Because now, the questions have been answered. In front of the entire world, at the biggest of the biggest, in the main event of main events … I proved to the world, that I am exactly who I say I am, and not the fraud some of you wish I was.

Boos ring out, with Cena pin pointing his haters, rubbing their face in it. He holds up three fingers, pulling one down, as he says each word.


The fire inside of Cena dies down a little now, as he prepares his next point.

John Cena: Those are the three words, my three beliefs that I live by. I fought to the bitter end, gave my all, gave everything I had … and … I lost.

Massive reaction from the anti-Cena portion, cheering his loss last night.

John Cena: Not only did I lose … I lost in the biggest match of the night, on the biggest night of the year, on the biggest night of my career … and I lost … to the better man.

More ironic cheers, from Cenas haters, with Cena looking less than pleased by the reaction of some.

John Cena: That. That’s somethin that don’t happen too often to me. And … it’s a helluva strange feelin. I’m used to comin out here, all guns blazin, screaming out for vengeance after being wronged … but … this is different. I was beat, fair and square, by the better man on the night.

Cheers again, as Cena pulls the mic down, allowing the fans to have their say.

John Cena: I have no desire for revenge against Christian, it aint nothin personal between us … yet, while I’ve been trying to make sense of it all, there’s been one word racin through my head all day … one word … rematch.

Massive, mixed response for the request of a rematch.

John Cena: Christian … you got me last night … and for that, I offer congratulations … you deserved it.

The camera closes in on the face of the former champ.

John Cena: But now I want my rematch.

Cena throws the mic down, and gets set to exit the ring, but…

Voice: A-hold it, righta there.

The voice is recognizable, and so is the face, as SANTINO MARELLA enters the arena, joined by two lovely ladies.

Jim Ross: What is this guy doing with a live mic?? He hasn’t even got a contract!!!

The Coach: I’m willing to give him yours, even if it’s so we can see more of those two fine pieces of A double S.

Jim Ross: Hey- I recognise those two Coach; it’s Leyla Milani and Layla El. Those are the winners of MTV’s Diva Search for 2005 and 2006. What the heck are they doing with this clown??

(MTV Diva Search, rather than eating up time on Raw. MTV loves that type of crap)

The Coach: They know class when they see it J.R. Santino is a mans man, but hopefully one of them is for me.

Jim Ross: Well, I just don’t understand this. What business does this Italian fake doctor have with John Cena??

Santino marches in the ring, showing his lack of manners, pushing ahead of the two ladies, to get in first. In the ring, Cena doesn’t look best pleased by the site of the un-contracted talent.

Santino Marella: I, Santino Marella, have a bone to pick … with a youuuuuu.

Cena shakes his head, not impressed by the annoying Italian.

Santino Marella: You, come-a out here, and tell these peoples that you’re notta fraud?? Imma onto you John Chena!!

Cena continues to shake his head, seemingly confused by what Marella is on about.

Santino Marella: For you, are no different to meeee. Yet I, have been treated like some … liar, some … scoundrel … for pretending to be a Doctor of the Science.

Heat for Marella, as he casts a look to the audience.

Santino Marella: And now, the M and M no longer require my services … bad publicity they say I bring a them. After all that I did for them?? SONNAMAGUN!!!

More heat for Santino.

Santino Marella: Well now … with the help of the lovely Leyla Em, and the beautiful Layla El, Ivva uncovered your secret, Chena. Because justa like me … you’re not a Doctor either, are you?? And this Thugamanomics?? It doesn’t even exist.

Cena rolls his eyes, with the fans getting a little impatient with Santino. Marella steps forward, and begins to prod Cena with his finger as he speaks.

Santino Marella: You ARE a fraud Chena … you ARE A-NOT what you say you are … and yet, you still havea the contract, and I don’t. You’re not a-

CENA SCOOPS MARELLA UP … AND HITS AN FU!!!!! Cena has had enough of the irritable Italian, and loses his cool in style. The fans are mostly cheering the action of Cena, as Santino lies motionless on the canvas, whilst the two Layla’s scream, and quickly tend to him.


Cenas music hits, and the former champ tips his hat to the two Diva Search winners, before leaving the ring, having shut the loudmouth Marella up tonight, after making his challenge to Christian.

Cena marches up the ramp, not looking back at his pesky foe, just exiting the arena, as we fade to a commercial.

Commercial Break

We return, backstage, with Triple H walking through the hallway, ignoring everybody, shades on, giving nothing away about his state of mind.

The Game continues walking through the halls, but as he turns the corner, he stops, and the camera pans to show none other than the new World Champion, Christian, walking his way. Triple H stands where he is, and allows a smiling Captain Charisma to approach him. Christian stops in front of his long time enemy, and rubs his chin, unable to hide a smile.

Christian: Isn’t this awkward??

Christian, loving every minute of goading The Game, keeps smiling broadly.

Christian: You remember a couple months back?? Round about the end of last year?? We were stood in a hallway, like this, only … then, you were the one carrying this, and you were the one with a smile on your face. Now?? Seems like a cat’s got your tongue.

Christian hovers down a little, trying to catch The Games eye, with Trips looking down.

Christian: It’s a bitch isn’t it?? Karma. How things change, huh?? Our roles … reversed. And since you lost last night … I guess you’re right out of the picture now, huh?? Especially now … since Eric Bischoff got tired of being pushed around. I’d dare say your chances of challenging for this?? They’ve gotta be pretty slim.

Triple H inhales deeply, looking to keep calm, with Christian pushing his buttons.

Christian: But hey, chin up … champ. I hear Alexis Laree is looking a new challenger.

Christian laughs, having used the exact same line that The Game used on him all those months back. Triple H realises, but keeps his cool, not rising to the bait.

Christian: At least now, thanks to Daddy … again … you don’t need to worry about Brock Lesnar, do ya??

Now, Triple H pulls his shades off, making eye contact with the champion.

Triple H: Brock Lesnar isn’t a concern to me. He was just a pest … my only concern … is what’s sitting on your shoulder …

Triple H moves to the side of Christian, his mouth right beside his ear, with Christian getting serious too.

Triple H: And I’m coming for it.

The Game pulls back, making eye contact with his adversary, placing his shades over his top, then walks past, having made his point. Christian meanwhile, watches on, as Triple H walks on, no longer smiling.


Back to ringside…

Jim Ross: Intensity, personified. The Game though, could find it a hard task to get back into title contention, coming off the back of two losses in two huge matches.

The Coach: He never got his rematch J.R!! The man was denied his God given right as the former champion!! And what the heck do you mean by two losses?? He lost to Cena, granted. But where is this second one??

Jim Ross: Oh, that’s right. I completely forgot. We’re supposed to forget that last night happened!!! We’re not in North Korea Coach, this is the United States, freedom of speech and all that. We’re not here to be dictated to, or told what we need to remember or forget. What happens, happens, and no matter how good or bad it turns out to be, you gotta live with it. The McMahons got embarrassed last night, and I for one, will never forget it, no matter how they try to erase it from our memories.

The Coach: Jeez, way to go all political on us Jimbo. What next?? A woman in the White House??

Jim Ross: Just shut up Coach. You can conveniently forget everything you want, it’s just a pity you couldn’t forget to show up to work on Mondays.

The Coach: Didn’t you hear me earlier?? This show wouldn’t survive without me.

Jim Ross: Well, it may just have to next week, if you, or indeed I … or anyone on the Raw roster is drafted to Smackdown. Anyone can be chosen, anyone can switch brands, and it all happens next Monday. And folks, what a three hour spectacular it promises to be. We are just getting confirmation of THREE spectacular matches live on Raw next week; Melina, with a rematch clause in her contract, faces the new Womens champion, Alexis Laree, one on one.

The Coach: Oh yeah!!! Digging it baby boy. Let’s see how the flavour of the month finds it out on her own against the most beautiful diva of ‘em all.

Jim Ross: And Finlay, still carrying issues with Umaga, has requested for, and been granted, a Belfast Brawl, next Monday with the man who annihilated the Little Bastard last night, that being Umaga.

The Coach: That can only end one way for Finlay J.R … BADLY. Is he suicidal??

Jim Ross: And, Mister Kennedy has got his wish, from the office of Eric Bischoff, he has his No Holds Barred match signed, sealed and delivered, he faces Rey Mysterio next week on Raw, but with no title on the line.

The Coach: Oh boy, what a match that’ll be. Kennedy is leaving the circus, but before he goes, he’s gonna put down the little acrobat Monkey!!!


The music of Randy Orton hits, and the leader of the New Wave enters … ALONG with his three cronies, to massive heat. Orton saunters down the aisle, still selling his injuries from Money in the Bank last night.

Jim Ross: And there he is, the cold, calculated leader of the New Wave, the new WWE Champion, Randy Orton. The Career Killer is anxious to move to Smackdown, and by next Monday night, we will know where exactly he is set to ply his trade.

The Coach: He really should be staying on Raw J.R. Why cant he stay, and send Captain Charisma-less over to the land of nod, or as the rest of you refer to it, Smackdown.

Jim Ross: If there is any justice Coach, Orton, his three associates, and you can all move to Fridays. I don’t think there will be too many here on Raw that’ll miss ya.

The Coach: Apart from everybody.

Orton stands in the ring, pacing back and forth, waiting …


The music of the World Heavyweight Champion brings an illicit response from the partisan fans in New Orleans, with Christian searching into the crowd, and pounding his chest, playing to the peeps.

Jim Ross: We are just moments away folks, from a glittering, champion versus champion main event. Randy Orton, the WWE Champion, takes on that man, the World Champion, Christian. Don’t go away, it happens … when we come back.

Commercial Break


Randy Orton w/ The New Wave vs. Christian
Joined in progress, with Orton on top, pounding the back of a seated Christian, as we get clips from during the commercial, where the New Wave were able to help Orton get the upper hand from the outset, but the referee quickly removed them from ringside, forcing Orton to go it alone, but with the advantage well and truly established. Now though, into the overrun already, the two men have little time to put together a match, and it’s straight in to the action.

Orton stomps Christian down, looking to keep the advantage through any means, knowing he himself is far from 100% coming off the back of last night, using the ropes for leverage, and choking with his boot. Orton is pulled away by the referee, and admonished for his persistent use of the ropes, and stupidly, Orton argues with the official, which gives Christian the chance to get himself together, and as Orton comes back for him, Christian attacks!!!

Captain Charisma takes things over, and with Orton already struggling, Christian is able to dominate the WWE Champion, and quickly focuses on the neck of Orton, an injury Orton was selling earlier in the night. The World Champ drops his knee on the neck of Orton, and looks to go further, but Orton rolls to the ropes for sanctuary, which angers Christian, being held back by the official, stopping him from attacking his opponent. Christian backs up, and allows Orton out, but comes at him, only for the new WWE Champion to rake the eyes, stopping the momentum of his opponent coming forward.

Orton knocks Christian down with a dropkick, hooking the leg for a quick two count, then drags him up, pulling him by the hair, getting in Captain Charismas face, but out of nowhere, Christian nails Orton with a right hand, staggering Orton into the ropes, then catching him with a kick to the gut, followed by a reverse DDT for a long two count, with Orton just getting the shoulder up. That though, is enough to set Christian up, to climb the ropes, and perches himself for the Frog Splash … BUT ORTON ROLLS OVER AND KICKS THE ROPES!!!

Christian is crotched on the ropes, and Orton quickly looks to take advantage, softening his opponent up with shots to the head, then has him in position … FOR THE SICK, HIGH ANGLE DDT … but as he slams down … CHRISTIAN HOLDS THE ROPES!!! Orton crashes onto the mat … but Christian doesn’t!!! The World Champion once again, slowly this time, gets himself set up on the top rope … AND FLIES FOR THE FROG SPLASH … BUT ORTON MOVES!!!

Captain Charisma eats canvas, as Orton now looks to get back up, but sells his injuries, and takes his time to get up, before looking to pounce on Christian … AND GOES FOR THE RKO … BUT CHRISTIAN COUNTERS … AND SENDS ORTON OVER THE TOP ROPE … AND TO THE FLOOR BELOW!!! The fans come to their feet, as Orton writhes on the mats, whilst Christian surveying the damage, before climbing the ropes, waiting for Orton to get back up … and as he does … CHRISTIAN FLIES … AND CONNECTS WITH A CROSS BODY TO THE OUTSIDE!!!!!

The fans are eating it up, with another high risk performed, and slowly, Christian gets to his feet, and takes a moment to rest on the barricade, catching his breath, before dragging Orton to his feet, looking to get him back inside the ring, but Orton takes him by surprise, and sends Christian into the ring post!!! Christian hit’s the post, and crumbles to his feet, with Orton now spotting the opportunity … Christian is on his hands and knees … just like RVD last night!!! Orton stops dead, realising the opportunity … then glazes over, almost trance like … AND SHAPES UP … TO PUNT CHRISTIAN … BUT CHRISTIAN DODGES THE BOOT!!! Orton misses, and turns around, with Christian still in his sights, but has his attention diverted, as the bell rings … BOTH MEN HAVE BEEN COUNTED OUT!!!
Winner: DOUBLE COUNT OUT @ 10:00

The match comes to an unsatisfying end, with the referee counting both champions out, but Orton quickly turns his attention back to Christian, and comes at him again, but this time, CHRISTIAN GRABS THE BOOT … AND TRIPS THE OTHER, TAKING ORTON DOWN!!!

Christian gets to his feet now, with Orton trying to do the same, AS THE NEW WAVE CHARGE BACK DOWN THE AISLE!!! Christian though, spots the cavalry coming, and wisely grabs a steel chair, prepared for what may come. The three men though, spot the chair, and stop as they reach Orton, all pleading innocence to the World Heavyweight Champion, helping the injured Orton to his feet, and backing away.

The New Wave leave the arena, as Christian gets back in the ring, hoisting the chair and his title in the air, making the point of letting the world know his position at the top of the mountain.

Now, the show comes to an end, with a little more hype for next weeks draft, as we watch the World Heavyweight Champion close the show, as he ended last night at WrestleMania … on top of the world.


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Re: Being The Booker

RAW Feedback

First off, I just want to say it’s epic to see this still rolling over. Awesome stuff. Great way to start us of with an epic WrestleMania highlights package that looked to have had a lot of work put into it, rather than the usual detailing of the results. The fact that you went above and beyond to do all of this shows a lot of dedication, which I love. Great way to kick us off.

Kicking it off with Orton definitely seems to be the right move after the shock cask in at ‘Mania, giving him a chance to run people down before maybe heading off to SmackDown! (or maybe allowing the draft to do that for you). Orton was on from the beginning here, and I liked you using his two world title failures at the previous two WrestleManias to explain what he did last night. Very clever. The whole I’ve waited long enough spiel was all very good, leading into what should be an absolutely epic confrontation between your two new champs. Christian playing it up with the comedy early was pretty cool, constantly referring to the crowd, his peeps well. The two had a nice little exchange here too, leading into this:

Trust me … had you waited until after my match with Cena … you wouldn’t be standing here with the World Championship … you’d be back in the exact same spot you where in before WrestleMania … in my shadow.

Awesome line. Followed up by some more good stuff with the declaration of RAW as Christian’s territory, with a few pretty nice lines in there too. Orton playing the heel was pretty cool too, and Bischoff coming out is definitely interesting, to at the very least see what kind of a role he plays after his face turn on McMahon last night. Bischoff was pretty good here, and as you yourself said, authoritative. Him wanting to keep Orton is smart, keeping with the good business The Bisch is known for, going in a different way to which I expected (meaning we’ll have to wait until the draft to see a move I guess). Huge main event set up to finish the promo, which was great to see, making the first show after ‘Mania a huge one. Pretty immense promo to kick us off, with Christian and Orton both been very good. Great stuff.

Some nice commentary here, hyping the show up well during these entrances, while also providing a fun dynamic between JR and Coach. Just a small thing, but I thought it was done well. As you yourself said, this was a good way to showcase the new champions here, though at the same time you gave us a pretty nice, entertaining match. The psychology throughout was good, and I liked Ariel’s overconfidence leading to the tag to Laree. The finish all flowed well too, capping the match off well, with the references to MNM watching showing us their feud isn’t quite done, with a rematch set to come. Good match, and some good hype too.

Nice little video package for Backlash. Liking the contrast that you really drummed home.

Short and sweet promo from Finlay, though it does its job in explaining the match between Finlay and ‘Mags for later on, as well as officially writing Horny off.

King of Pain? I wonder where that came from. Nice to see you hyping Burchill’s battle royal win, and also good to see Rico get sent off a jobber. Quite the fan of Burchill so this push excites me. Hopefully we see great things from the Pom.

Bischoff promo showed the ego of The Bisch well, while also explaining why he wouldn’t be fired in what I thought was a smart way. Definitely liking this badass ‘I answer to no man’ Eric Bischoff.

Finlay showing his intent before the match was good, as was the match itself, with Finlay actually looking pretty strong until Umaga got the w. One of those matches that did both men well, showing how good they both are.

Vinnie Mac was pretty good here to start with, using his usual cheap heat tactics well. I liked the way you went about Vince just pretending last night never happened, glossing over the loss of Triple H pretty well. Interesting to see what exactly Vince is going to do to make Bischoff’s life hell, or if he was just talking for the sake of it. Was also clever how you had Lesnar suspended by the board, since technically, Vince isn’t allowed to do it himself. Promo was maybe a bit short, and I might have expected an interruption, but I guess the next feud we’ll get is Tripper vs Christian, and Christian has other things to take care of tonight. Pretty good promo.

@ the ownage of Coach. Really.

Dinsmore, Cade and Doane all lack that extra bit of character that would help them, but their spiel was still alright. Bischoff and Orton have another exchange after already having one earlier tonight was unexpected, and while the exchange was good, especially on Orton’s part, Bischoff threatening to make Orton’s life hell would actually mean something more significant if McMahon hadn’t just promised to do basically the same thing to The Bisch. Perhaps a bit repetitive.

Nice little reminder of what was an epic match, with an explanation serving as to why Michaels isn’t on the show. Does its job.

Nice, simple match here, with a few good counters to finishers and big moves making for a crisp match. Thought you could have had the splash actually hit after the 619, as the aim of the match was to give Rey a win to consolidate, though I guess it made for a bit more excitement.

Interesting to see Kennedy’s promo in a dark place, perhaps in a way to reflect his mood? Promo as a whole was pretty good, playing on the fact that Kennedy is in a position to shoot up to superstardom well, using his vows. I also liked how you made the Intercontinental Title seem important, despite Kennedy not going after it, which is tricky to do. With a win next week for Kennedy he should be set to move up the card, which is exactly what it looks like will be happening, especially with the roster a little thin now.

Cena playing around with the crowd early all seemed alright, if not a bit bland, although I’m glad you addressed the whole fraud thing that Christian was accusing him of coming into the ‘Mania main event. Him also admitting that Christian was the better man and that he’s usually superman was also pretty well done, building up to him wanting his rematch. I have to say that Santino being the one to interrupt Cena is a bit underwhelming, as you’d expect someone who well, actually matters. MTV diva search? Clever. You actually wrote Santino very well, which is rare to see, with most people overcompensating for his accent. This wasn’t the case here and actually made for a good read, with the doctor of thuganomics shtick being quite funny. Cena hitting the F-U ended the segment off the right way, although in a way I was hoping for a little more from Cena tonight. I guess you’re holding out on deciding who the number one contender until at least next week, and this was just a way to keep Cena occupied for a week.

Very nice promo here, with Christian being right on and Triple H’s intensity being pretty awesome. Good stuff.

@ Coach. ‘What next, a woman in the Whitehouse?’ Great stuff. The card for next week already looks stacked too, though two no DQ matches on one RAW may be a bit much for my liking. We’ll have to see how they play out I guess.

Not ideal starting your main event during an ad break, though I guess the show has been a long one. The match as a whole was alright, with my only gripe being the inverted DDT counter maybe coming a bit too soon. Apart from that, the match was fine, and I guess the double count out works well since neither man looks weak. I found the ending a little hard to see, as I can’t see Christian taking Orton down and just leaving him, especially after Orton tried to kick his head flying. The show finished in the right way though, with Christian standing tall and looking like the man. Definitely the way to finish.

Overall, this was a pretty long show, but it really seemed to deliver. The promos were all at least pretty good, with the opening promo being great. Your match writing was also good throughout, and the show did its job coming off of WrestleMania, establishing the new champions well and setting up some big matches for next week too. The constant hype for the draft was well done, as you made sure we knew about that too. Really, a good show that I felt delivered the good. Good stuff.

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Re: Being The Booker


Far and away, my favorite BTB. Good to see you back.

Segment 1 I was pumped when Orton cashed in MITB so quickly. Good to see him make his first appearance as Champ here. Then the OTHER Champ shows up. I just climaxed. I'll need an hour turn around to finish reading your show... ****/*****

Segment 2 Never been a fan of these kinds of matches, however neccesary they may be. That being said, you are such a good writer, that filler is interesting. ***

Segment 3 Short was right. That was short. And so is this. **

Segment 4 I hope you really make Burchill shine...and kill Rico. Maybe in an airplane accident? Maybe ask A Random Person to fit him into his post? Maybe? **

Segment 5 Way to see Bischoff grow a pair. Maybe a Bischoff/McMahon feud??? I was scared that EB's face turn would be neglected immediately after Mania...but apparently I was wrong. ***

Segment 6 For a second there I thought I was going to see Umaga pinned. Thank you for putting me in my place. **

Segment 7 Vince is without a doubt...crazy. And funny. The fans may be booing in the capacity crowd...but this guy is laughing maniacally. Erased from the DVD? Priceless. But why is Brock gone??? NO!!! ****

Segment 8 I...I'm not a fan of the New Wave. Sorry, Wolf! I'm not. Puh-LEAZE don't let them stay together. I'm beggin ya! **

Segment 9 Would I be outta line to say Ken's in line for a push? ***

Segment 10 Gotta say...way too many dingy hotel rooms in your thread. Just sayin...I feel dirty...I'm going to shower. HOWEVER, Kennedy seems to be primed to make the climb up the ranks that he hasn't yet. ****

Segment 11 Weak segment here. Cena can suck balls for his uninspired promos...Marella can suck balls for not being funny enough. **

Segment 12 SWITCH-A-ROO!!! *****

Segment 13 What a turn of events in 24 short hours... ***

Overall Your promos are killer, dude. That alone gets your four easy. ****

Still Alive
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Re: Being The Booker

Raw Feedback

Beautifully written recap of ‘Mania, this is the one you used at the end of the show, right? I can’t really remember, but either way, it was a nice read, and a nice way to remind us of everything that has been going down in this thread.

I wasn’t sure about the opening commentary here, Wolf. I understand that JR is meant to be the face and all that, but I’m pretty sure he would be rather happy with the fact that Raw has both World Titles. Maybe he wouldn’t be happy with the way Orton won, but I’m sure he would be happy with what the Raw brand has accomplished, although perhaps this is just my spin on things, because I crave the brand against brand storyline.

The new WWE Champion Randy Orton to open the show was the right option as we get some kind of explanation as to why Orton did what he did. Well, in theory it sounds good anyway, as the explanation was never really going to be needed; it was pretty obvious that he just could not wait to get his hands on the gold. At this stage, I’m still not exactly sure as to what Orton will be doing, although I’m pretty sure he or Christian will be going to Smackdown some time soon via the draft perhaps? The promo was pretty good, without being anything stand out, but I didn’t expect anything epic as some times Orton is a very hard character to write correctly. There was one thing in particular I didn’t like about the promo and that was when Orton brought Edge, and the fact that he did what Edge couldn’t do. That was great, but the bit after it where Orton went straight back to RVD was really weird. He had already spoken about RVD, and I just feel as if it wasn’t needed, and sent the promo a little ‘backwards’, for lack of a better word.

I marked for the interruption by the new World Heavyweight Champion Christian, as he is much more entertaining than Orton at this point, imo. Christian was good, throwing in a few jokes, yet also being dead serious, however some of the jokes seemed way to cheesy, they seemed a little like the type of material that Christian was ripping on Cena about just before ‘Mania. The fact that you’re making Christian say these things now comes off as making him seem a tad hypocritical. The whole territory bit made me pretty happy, as it kind of showed me a glimpse of the storyline, that as I mentioned earlier, I crave. Anyway, decent enough start, and I especially liked the fact that Orton backed off here, it paints the imagery of Christian being the mightiest man in the WWE, and makes him a very believable champion.

Eric Bischoff, despite the heat you were giving him, I believe is still a tweener, I could tell from the way that he talked to Orton that there is no way he is a full on heel. I like the role he is playing, as Christian/Orton is a PPV worthy main event, and it it an awesome way to kick off the start of the ‘new season’ so to speak. Nice opening promo, besides a few little things that aren’t all that important.

A pretty good way to kick off the in ring action, as this opener was definitely not a squash, although the result was pretty obvious, to be honest. I can see Straight Edge and MNM battling for a long while yet, where as Alexis Laree, in my opinion, needs to find some new competition as for me, Melina just doesn’t cut it. Anyway, it will be interesting to see just where you go with the tag and women’s division, and one thing I might as well add is that The Cult Society kind of blow.

I already can’t wait for Backlash. I really am expecting an awesome card following ‘Mania.

This Finlay interview was more filler than anything, although I guess it was good that we got an explanation for the match between Finlay and Umaga later tonight. The Little Bastard being gone is something I am extremely happy about also.

Paul Burchill’s push continues with an easy victory over Rico. I’m glad Rico’s gone by the way, because even the jobbers need to be respected a little bit, and I just can not stand him. Burchill’s had a fair few big wins on the trot now, and I’m hoping that by Backlash, or if he gets traded, which I’m predicting, at Judgment Day he has got himself a PPV match with a decent feud.

I really enjoyed this short Eric Bischoff interview. This showed me that the continuous tweener role of Bischoff is indeed, uhh continuing, and I’m happy with that, as The McMahon’s having somebody else to compete with on Raw could make for a pretty fun power struggle on Monday Nights. Once again, I’m probably looking to far into things, but I will definitely be watching on with interest to see just where you take this power situation.

Another push that I’m really enjoying at this point in time is Umaga’s. The man pretty much OWNS, and the way Finlay attacked him before the match, and the way he was getting beaten down early, and the way he turned around and still dominated, put him over as more of a monster. Umaga should be doing some awesome things soon, and I know you’re a fan of Finlay, so I expect that he will not get lost in the shuffle.

The McMahon Family Empire… god I can’t wait to hear Triple H’s excuse, and I’m also happy to see just what direction you take this power struggle storyline, if there will indeed be one.

Awesome, awesome promo. This promo was a joy to read, and it really sold itself. The promo was about everything that went down last night, while also involving a long, long history, and you had McMahon sell this absolutely perfectly. McMahon was, well spot on, and I’m giving you a lot of praise because you deserve it, I can’t explain how much I loved this promo, this promo is probably the best promo I’ve read in a good month or so. I was saddened by Triple H remaining silent, although by the way you mentioned it, I’m sure it was not a mistake and we are going to see a really intense Triple H in the following weeks. Lesnar being suspended is something that disheartens me a little, because I felt as if he was on a massive role, so I’m hoping perhaps this is an excuse to draft him to Smackdown, or that Vince will be overruled by Linda or something. So yeah, once again, well done on this one.

The New Wave interview was decent enough, although I can’t see Dinsmore, Doane or Cade doing anything over impressive in the near future. This segment only really got good, and fun to read, when Orton and Bischoff had their little tiff. Orton is pretty much the generic heel champion hating the GM at this stage, and the role of Bischoff continues to impress me. In a way, I don’t want Orton to be drafted because I want to see just where you take this thing between he and Bischoff.

It was good to remind us of HBK/Foley, but I think that HBK is going to Smackdown next week.

Rey Mysterio continuing his role is something I don’t like, as I can’t explain why, but I just don’t like him as anything but Cruiserweight Champion. The fact that he is IC Champ, and over on Smackdown, you’re building the cruiserweight division around Brian Kendrick has me a little worried. As for Ken Doane, he put on an impressive performance which makes me think when Orton goes to Smackdown, and he along with Dinsmore and Cade remain on Raw, Doane is going to be the one who stays in the spotlight.

Mr Kennedy interview was good for a number of reasons, as it has finally become clear to me why you had him stop using the catchphrase a while back. It was to start this cycle that has brought his character full circle in around two months. He is now vowing to be taken very seriously, and I can see maybe not a main event push, but some sort of push in Kennedy’s future. It should all start nicely with a brutal win, putting over his mean streak next week. Kennedy is also another one I wouldn’t mind seeing on the blue brand, to be honest, I feel as if there is more room for him there.

John Cena was spot on again, as despite me not really being in to the opening promo, your other two big promos have delivered in style tonight. Cena wants a rematch, and unless he or Christian gets drafted, I can see this being granted, as I really can not see another challenger stepping up to the plate within the next few weeks. Marella is just a douche, and while he was not laugh out loud funny, it was clever the way you had Marella scrutinize Cena for not being a real doctor. Cena FUing Marella then quickly leaving, not even celebrating was a nice touch, as it shows he is still in a bad mood and he will do whatever it takes to change that.

I found it fun how Christian was doing the exact same thing Triple H did to him in the past. I was hoping Triple H would stay silent, however he did not, and that disappointed me a little bit, although what he said basically confirmed that he is still going to be buzzing around the title picture. After getting this bit of information, unless Triple H gets drafted by Smackdown, which I can’t see happening, then I can see Christian/Cena/Triple H in a fun triple threat match at Backlash. I guess I’ll have to see what happens.

Starting your main event during the commercial break is definitely not good time management, and is hopefully something that does not happen again, although you still gave us enough detail in the match recap to make me happy. To be honest, I really did not expect a clean finish or an actual result with one guy defeating the other, as both guys are champions, and both guys need to look strong, but at the same time, there were periods in the match where I thought Christian had it. So the double count out was probably the right way to go, and Christian standing tall at the end of the night was the perfect way to finish, as at this point in time he truly is on top of the mountain. Maybe you could argue that Orton should have ended the show on top, but in my opinion Orton’s win was not as great as Christian’s therefore Christian really deserved this time to shine. Very clever ending, Wolf.

Overall, a great fallout show for ‘Mania. There was nothing here that I didn’t really like, as every single segment seemed to lead to the correct place for next week, and despite a few tiny things, the show was pretty much perfect. I was very impressed, and the draft show next week should top this… No pressure though.

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Re: Being The Booker

Won't say too much about the opening WrestleMania VP. It was great, same as it was at WrestleMania Shame about the songs you chose though. U2 have gone seriously down hill and The Killers have always been terrible. Anyway, it was well written, and that's what this little shindig is all about, right?

Kicking off with the new WWE Champion? Nice. I'm glad you haven't simply gone the predictable and lazy route of having Orton automatically traded to SmackDown because he now hold their top title. I'd imagine he will end up on Friday Nights eventually, but the unpredictability of having two World Champions one show sure makes for some interesting reading. Btw, I wish you'd switch back to 'The Legend Killer'. 'The Career Killer' sounds crap -- not to mention it's Mike 'Awesome' Awesome's moniker. Killing careers and legends are basically the same thing anyway. Anyway, onto Randy's little speech:

"How does the saying go … what a difference a day makes … … twen-ty four little hours."

Was Orton actually singing? Ha-ha, with the emphasis you placed on his introduction on depicting him in his current 'Viper' guise of cold, menacing and unforgiving, him saying these words in his usual, monotonous, robotic manner would be quite cool. I wasn't too keen on the spelling of WWE -- "Double U, Double U, Eee, champion." I know does say it in a weird, slow way, but if you read what you wrote, it sounds like Randy just won the UUUUE Championship, not the WWE Championship. Boy, am I in a nitpicky mood? Orton's explanation for his actions can be summed up with two words: common sense. It wasn't some grand scheme, some master plan that will have any lengthy angle emanating from it; it was simply a guy so pissed off by his constant failure at WrestleMania, that he wanted to cash in his MITB contract immediately. It explains why he went for the WWE rather than the World Heavyweight Title, and it explains why he chose RVD instead of Christian or Cena. I like it. Sometimes it's good to keep things nice and simple. Pretty dismissive towards Van Dam too. I have no idea whether you intend to bring RVD back at some point, but if you do, these two will feud I'd imagine; over the belt or not, it doesn't really matter. The little dig at Edge didn't go unnoticed either. I'm not too sure what to make of that.

Here comes the World Heavyweight Champion now. Christian's opening promo was fairly comedic, which would seem to suit his jovial mood, having only just won the title:

"You make no apologies?? Couldn’t you at least apologise for boring the crap out of the entire world, bar three giddy guys in the back, for the last five minutes??"

As soon as he started to interact with Orton though, things really picked up. You're pretty darn good at creating immediate tension between guys, Wolf, and here's another example. Of course your set up for the Trips|Lesnar feud was a masterclass, but this segment worked very well also. Christian's persistent references to Raw being "his territory" and "MY show … MY turf" all worked very well. I like the idea of a short power struggle on Monday Nights before Orton eventually makes the jump -- whenever that is. It could be the draft next week, but knowing you, that's just too darn predictable, so I see a swerve a-comin'

Interesting to see Bischoff after his actions at WrestleMania. He wasn't too clear in his alignment in this short speech, as he stuck it to both the face Christian and the heel Randy Orton. I hope he stays in this kind of tweener role, just taking absolutely no shit whatsoever from anyone. That would certainly add an extra dimension to his already very entertaining character. Huge ME for tonight, though if that bad boy gets a clean finish then I'm The Pope...

Solid opening contest to give our new tag team and Women's Champions some exposure. Can't even remember the last time The Cult Society made an appearance, ha-ha, but as a three person, inter-gender stable, they fit the bill perfectly for this purpose. MNM's constant appearances backstage would suggest that this feud is not over. Possibly a rematch at Backlash? I hope you go with two matches for either championship though this time, as another multi-person tag match might be a bit too much. MNM|Straight Edge could also benefit from a gimmick this time I reckon. Maybe a Ladder Match? Anyway, good opener.

Nice VP for Backlash. You quashed my prediction for the ME, so now I'm clueless.

Short and sweet. That's how Finlay rolls. Looks like this business with Umaga could send the Irishman over to the face side of things, or at least the tweener. I'd be more interested in this match if they hadn't already met ... and Umaga essentially squashed Finlay in under 5 minutes. Maybe this one will be a little more competitive.

Another good win for the 'King Of Pain'. Someone's not going to be very happy Hope Burchill continues this good run. You've got a lot of good, young talent who could all have some great matches with Rey Mysterio for the Intercontinental Championship. Don't waste the opportunity. However, you mentioned a renewed push for William Regal. Could that involve Burchill in some way? Hmmm, I wonder...

Gotta love Easy E. I can definitely this new found attitude of his bringing some real entertainment to the brand. Even though this was only a short speech, one gets the impression that he is going to reek havoc on Monday Nights from now on. What an egomaniac! I love it.

Wow, I certainly wasn't expecting a start like that to the match? : How awesome is Finlay? You and I both had him attack opponents in the same way on our most recent shows. We understand greatness. This, aside from his battle with HBK, was probably the most trouble Umaga has looked in in a match, yet he still blew Finlay out of the water in the end. When is this domination going to end? You and Mac have both made Umaga into an absolute juggernaut, but at least Mac puts him in actual feuds that aren't simply squashes. I think it's about time you did the same, sonny jim.

Like I said on MSN, the decision to keep Triple H silent and in the background for this entire promo worked like an bloomin' charm. The way you described him, as just standing behind everyone else, arms folded, leather jacket, shades on, pouting, all made him sound like some idiotic movie star just sulking because he didn't get his own way. We know we'll hear from The Game eventually, so what's the rush? Vince was absolutely superb throughout this promo. Usually I like it in stables when they pass the mic around the group, but Vinny Mac was on fire in this little outpouring of rage, so why bother. My favourite line? Well...

"Eric Bischoff?? Eric Bischoff is vermin. (Starts to get animated) Eric Bischoff … is like … (thinks for a split second) … like a terminal cancer … he’s been around for five years, in my company, paid by ME, and this … is how he repays me?? I’ve employed that ungrateful son of a bitch for five years, despite the fact he tried his damndest to run me out of business … to make my son and daughter like your sons and daughters… "

I love it. With Austin and Tyson out of the way, it seems as though The McMahon Family Empire are going to be feuding with Bischoff and Lesnar now. However, I can't say I'm all too keen on the decision to get rid of Brock for a month. It's logical I guess. Something that McMahon would do, but it also seems like something I would do out of sheer laziness to try and keep a feud going because I don't have any current ideas for it I joke. Not sure what Trips is going to be doing at Backlash then. Maybe added to the World Title mix? Hmmm...

Oh my word, how awesome was Coach after this segment? :

Wow, you actually let Doane, Dinsmore and Cade ... speak? I'm in shock. I don't think we've heard them speak since, well ... I have no idea. Don't think Cade's spoken since his feud with HBK at least. With all this interaction with Bischoff, I think I would be extremely surprised if Orton didn't remain on Raw at least for a couple of months, as it seems you're setting up a little mini feud between this group and the GM.

No surprise that Michaels has the night off. He and Foley beat the hell out of one another at WrestleMania. It'll be interesting to see what's next for The Heartbreak Kid.

Great contest between Mysterio and Doane. Probably MOTN for me. This is what Rey should be doing as Intercontinental Champion, just like he is right now in real life, wrestling great matches with your plethora of young talent. It seemed much longer than 7 minutes, but you're always giving your matches short times. I'd like to see Mysterio wrestle the likes of Doane again, Dinsmore, Cade, Burchill, Finlay, Benjamin etc. with a bit more time, now that his feud with Kennedy is probably done with.

Once again, : @ Coach, and his jokes about Van Dam. The man's gold.

Ah ha. There he is. Excellent little promo from Mr. Kennedy that seems to set up the next chapter in his life. The "Kennedy" is back and it looks like it all starts next week. With this no longer about the Intercontinental Title, I'd be extremely surprised if KK didn't win that NHB match next week ... and win comprehensively. Can't wait to see how his renewed push goes.

Nothing really too special about Cena's rather short promo here. It was all about him challenging Christian once again. I hope we don't get a straight Christian|Cena rematch ar Backlash. You could maybe save that for later down the road when Cena finally turns. And turn he will. Despite his constant claims -- "Well last night, round the corner, I got me seventy five thousand witnesses that saw the REAL … TRUE John Cena." -- I still think a heel turn is coming later this year. Santino's little comedy skit here was enjoyable yes, but it wasn't really needed. I would've much preferred a straight forward, short promo from Cena, but I guess his F-U to Marella showed off his fired a little more.

Hmmm, while I'm glad you put this short segment in to remind everyone that all the build toward Christian|Trips hasn't been forgotten, I wish you'd just had CC speak. Hunter talking kind of ruined his great silence earlier. Looks like he could be in the title scene much sooner than expected though.

Three huge matches signed for next week. Guess we won't be getting Laree|Melina at Backlash after all. The two Hardcore Matches should be great too; I just hope Finlay looks a little better than he did tonight.

Solid main event, but nothing spectacular. Nothing to surpass the Mysterio|Doane match from earlier. No real surprise that this match had the shitty finish it did, as neither champion should be losing any credibility at this point in their respective reigns. The decision to have Christian look the stronger at the close of the show was a wise one, since Raw is, ultimately, the World Heavyweight Champion's domain, and Orton will probably get the opportunity to shine again on Friday Night SmackDown.

Great return show, Wolf, which has me absolutely stoked for next week's epic Draft. Good to have you back, matey
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Re: Being The Booker

WWE Monday Night RAW Review
The opening segment was something I really enjoyed. The way Orton acted, his entire persona was exactly what's needed to make the crowd hate you. The way he conducted himself was just perfect and I'm already liking him as WWE Champion and he's barely held the title a day. With Christian coming out and him being the World Heavyweight Champion, I got pretty excited. With both world champions in the ring, you don't know what could happen. Christian was nailed perfectly, with his little shots he takes at his opponent in the ring being just right. I personally, was hoping for some massive announcement for a match between these two and with the mentioning of SmackDown! I was hoping for a Loser Leaves RAW Match, or something along those lines to make the losing champion go to the other brand. Hopefully this can turn into a short-term feud of some sorts with a massive match to end it, like the Loser Leaves SmackDown! Match I proposed.

Obviously, with the next match, Straightedge and Alexis Laree have the momentum and I'd expect them to actually lose to make things less predictable. In a way, I regretted writing that when I read the opening line of the contest, but the match was done well. Alexis and Arial were written well and I actually didn't mind reading them, usually people are awful at writing the women. The match was by no means fantastic but the brawling on the outside was good, and allowed the females to showcase themselves in the ring and give them some uninterrupted ring-time. The result is fine and I don't expect this to be the last meeting between both teams.

Good hype for Backlash.

Now, I've never really been that much of a fan of Finlay but that interview was done very well and under the circumstances, you kind of do want to see him kick the shit out of Umaga. The last line was my favorite with the 'pissed off Irishman.' bit and I actually am excited for this match, and an Umaga/Finlay match isn't a match I'd normally be excited for.

The King of Pain, I'm not sure if I like that name or not. I'd rather it be something he's dubbed and not become official or anything, because I think it's a little bit corny. I can see you're looking to push him; undefeated and another squash, it doesn't really say anything else. I'm not that much of a fan of Burchill and I really don't like his finisher. I'll still observe and see whether your booking of him changes my mind on him.

A draft? That sounds exciting. I love drafts!

Eric Bischoff's turn is interesting as I don't fully understand it, having not read Wrestlemania, but it can be very interesting as it's not a character many people have. I'm looking forward in seeing the developing of this character and where it goes.

I was looking forward to this match and one of the things I like about Finlay is his 'fighting', not wrestling, fighting. I was looking forward to this match thinking I may enjoy it, but I've already achieved that with Finlay attacking him on the way down to the ring. This is going to be a fight and I love it when people fight in another's honor, or for what's right and this is exactly that. The beginning of the match is what I expected, with Finlay just going psycho. I must admit, I couldn't understand the section with the apron that well. I didn't quite get what was going on there, but after that I could vision it fine. I didn't however, expect Umaga to get the win. For some reason, I saw Finlay getting the win, especially with Umaga selling the effects of last night's Money in the Bank Match. Like I said though, I don't care much for Finlay so him losing or winning doesn't bother me too much.

The McMahon Family Empire! They're on their way to the ring!

With the McMahon Family Empire coming to the ring, I knew it was going to be a great promo, and it was just that. Vince was the character he plays just so damn well and the whole embarrassment the family showed was just perfect. Hunter not saying a word and just standing there was beautiful. Vince did all the talking and the constant referring to Hunter who didn't move a muscle, I loved. I wasn't expecting a firing, but in a way I was. I thought it'd be highly unlikely but with McMahon anything can happen. Then with the 'YOU'REEE' teaser, I thought it was coming but he said suffer. Suffer, I wonder what that suffering could be and how it's done. 'Don't cross the boss.' is a term coined by McMahon and Bischoff will no doubt be learning the hard way what the punishments are. I'm excited to see what happens, also with Lesnar. I didn't expect either of them to be taken off television, but Brock was. I wan to see how he returns or what happens with him. This is very interesting. Great segment. Oh, by the way, Coach is an ass-kisser.

I don't really like the members of New Wave apart from Doane and Orton. I'm not a fan of Dinsmore, and I don't really care much for Cade. He's decent, but not great, in my opinion. The promo was alright, I didn't have much interest in it. To me, Legacy is the only sort of stable that Orton works with, these guys just don't really mold together, in my opinion and I'd like to see them split up in the draft or Orton's contract problem. Doane is the only one I'd like to see go somewhere. The promo was nothing special until Bischoff came in. I'm loving his character now. I hope nothing happens to him now. The only thing I can see is maybe him getting drafted to SmackDown! just for the shock factor and to get away from McMahon. Other than that, I want him on RAW and making New Wave's lives hell.

Ken Doane put on a hell of a fight and I hope you have a big push in store for him, because recovering from a 619 that quick is a pretty big feat. I liked how Doane controlled the match for a lot of it and showcased his skill. He has potential and him jobbing to Rey doesn't really do any harm as the fight he put up certainly built him up credit. JR and Coach also put him over, so there really is no harm done.

Kennedy then suddenly appears with his own vignette, I suppose it could be called. This was well done, and I think the potential of the match he's announced is endless. A No-Holds-Barred Match with Rey Mysterio should be fantastic and with it being next week, that makes me want to read the show even more. I'd like to see Kennedy hang around the upper-midcard at most rather than challenge for a world title, as I just can't really see him doing it. I personally hated his feud with Michaels so let's see him get in a good feud and see what he's capable of.

The never outspoken John Cena comes out and cuts a promo rather different from his usual ones, like he even mentions himself. I liked the character he played and how he spoke, claiming the real John Cena was seen, etc. it was all good and that's the sort of Cena I like. He catered to the haters but it was coming.. the rematch. The inevitable, 'I want a rematch.' was coming and it came. I expected it and quite frankly, I'm not complaining. It'll be another great match. Santino coming out? I didn't like that at all and it was just a waste of time. Cena would have won over some haters with the FU but other than that, I didn't like it. I also prefer Santino more serious, rather than a comedy act.

Christian and Hunter's encounter was just beautiful. I loved it. Christian being an absolute dickhead was just great. Everything he said, I just loved but the ending was also fantastic. 'And I'm coming for it.' was just.. I loved this segment so much. Brief but fucking brilliant.

First off, I really dislike commercial breaks in matches when they're written. It just interrupts the match and it doesn't work, in my opinion. This match has so much potential, especially with both of them being world champions and I'm a little upset that it's being held on the first RAW back from a Wrestlemania, with both of them selling prior injuries. I really want these two to have another match somewhere further down the road. In the commercial break, Orton got the upper-hand thanks to The New Wave interfering, which is something you'd expect with him. I'm glad Christian made the comeback so quick because I'd at least like this to be an even contest, although, since it's overrun, it should be a rather quick match. Christian went for a frog-splash way too early. The usual trading of attempted finishers was fine and I'm happy it wasn't a clean finish. As it spilt to the outside I had a feeling something would happen and there was an inkling that it would have something to do with Mr. Orton's boot, and it did. I'm glad Orton didn't connect with the kick but if he did, it could have set up an interesting angle with just one champion. A good way to end the show with Christian standing tall after fending off The New Wave.

This was a pretty good show. I enjoyed it and found most of it great, with a few minor things I would have picked up on. You do this like a professional and the booking's simply great. You make the reader look forward to the next week and I honestly cannot wait. I love drafts, they're always so exciting. It's the shakeups I love and hell, drafts are full of them! I don't really have any major beef with the show, it was well-written, a few spelling or wording mistakes but overall, a good show. I'll try to review your next show.



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Re: Being The Booker

Been away for a few days, but I'm going to be hopefully getting a few reviews done tomorrow, as I'm off. For now...

Friday Night Smackdown Preview:

The fallout from WrestleMania 23 has hit Arn Andersons Smackdown brand extremely hard. Arguably his two premiere stars, Rob Van Dam and The Undertaker are now out indefinitely, and missing respectively. Not only is RVD out of action, but the WWE Championship he walked into New Orleans with is now on enemy territory, in the hands of the callous Randy Orton. The condition of Van Dam is still unknown at this time, but rumours have suggested that the former WWE Champion may never return to the ring due to severe head injuries. With The Undertaker now also M.I.A having been carried from the ring following his incredible last ditch submission win over Kurt Angle on Sunday, the Smackdown brand appears to be facing hard times, and surely, Arn Anderson will be looking ahead to this coming Monday, and the WWE draft.

However, the show must go on, and go on it must, as the General Manager has signed two huge tag team matches for this Friday night. The first, a six man tag team match which will pair the WWE Tag Team Champions, AMW, fresh off a succesful victory at WrestleMania, along with Edge, to meet the defeated challengers for the tag titles last week in the Hardy Boys, and the third part of the WWE Championship equation at WrestleMania, Chris Jericho. There is plenty of bad blood involved - not only between AMW and the Hardys, and Edge and Jericho, but also Edge and the Hardy Boys too, as they engaged in many wars over the years. AMW will surely be riding high having kept their titles at WrestleMania, but Matt and Jeff Hardy will be out for revenge here, whilst both Chris Jericho and Edge will be looking to recover from their gut wrenching loss at the Showcase of the Immortals.

Elsewhere, three of the four men involved in the Money in the Bank ladder match this past weekend will all be putting their injuries behind them as they engage in a tag team match too. Carlito and Paul London will team together to face Charlie Haas and the man that still holds the United States Championship, Brent Albright. Albright scored an impressive win over Batista at WrestleMania, and will undoubtedly look to build on that win on Smackdown.

Coming off his loss to The Undertaker at WrestleMania, Kurt Angle will also be in action, and it's expected that the Olympian will have something to say regarding his match for the ages at WrestleMania, in which he pushed The Deadman so hard, that the undefeated at WrestleMania Phenom has vanished into the shadows. Can Angle rebound from a tough loss, having come so close to doing what no other man had ever done before?? Or will Angle slip into the same problems he faced after a heartbreaking loss at last years Showcase of the Immortals??

The NEW Cruiserweight Champion, Brian Kendrick will be in action too, as he faces the former Cruiserweight Champion, Jamie Noble in a non-title match. Now that he holds the title, will Kendrick fall under the pressure of such responsibility?? Or will Kendrick rise to the challenge of holding singles gold??

And, what will Arn Anderson have to say - if anything - about the three major problems his brand faces in the wake of WrestleMania 23?? Will he have an update on the condition of Rob Van Dam?? Will he address the disappearance of The Undertaker?? And indeed, what will his stance be on the current location of the WWE Championship - the lifeblood of the Smackdown brand.


Smackdown up tomorrow.
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