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Re: Being The Booker


New Orleans is the heart and soul of jazz, and Wynton Marsalis is an unexpected, yet, great way to kick off the show. A+ for that.

First match: the inter-gender tag. Not a shock here. MNM’s entrance was cool. But what’s this? Several sleezball celebrities accompany them? How clichť! Where the freak was Paris Hilton? The preceding brawl was a nice touch, just to tell us that this night is gonna be a bang. Kennedy acting like Ike towards Alexis really sold his heel character. Suicide dive from Mysterio… hmm-hmmm. Everything looks routine so far. A lot of hair pulling and inter-gender interaction. A Green Bay plunge to Alexis, eh? Sounds like Kennedy’s doing too much abusing to Alexis. Seems like you pulled him over a bit thick there. In any case, face wins are always a great way to kick things off. I think I would have preferred MNM retaining, but you ARE the boss and you must have other plans. Superb starter. Great way to end Straight Edge’s quest for the titles.

Thick-headed McMahon thinking he’s in charge. Just a time-killer, tbh.

I didn’t care much for this match, really. Albright trying to call off the match halfway. What a bitch-ass move. That coward. Oh wait, never mind. Arn Anderson makes him go back. Good. This ensures a Batista victory. The sudden arm drag by Albright took me off-guard and really seemed misplaced. Loved how Batista outsmarted Albright after the shoulder block, and then went right into the spear. The running powerslam into the Half Nelson suplex was another pleasant surprise. A Batista Bomb turned into a school boy abruptly ends the match, huh? Interesting way to close out a powerhouse match. I like how Cole points out that Albright got the clean victory (a slow face turn, maybe?) Now let’s not have any rematches shall we?

Nobody in this match is worthy of holding MITB… except Orton. The Haas German into the ladder was so bad ass. Wait, lemme get this straight. London went for a suicide dive, and Umaga met him with a ladder? That’s just sick!! Not in a good way, either. You’d never see that in the real WWE, would you? Sunset powerbomb off the ladder… you learned that from me! Just kidding. LMAO!! Little Bastard gets owned hard by Umaga!! This was ill. I mean, obviously, you didn’t mean it that way, but damn! Celtic Cross and an Electric chair off the ladder? Wow. Too many moves off the ladder. Overkill, imo. And let’s face it: a Carlito chant would never happen in a giant football stadium of 75,000. Still… Carlito coming so close only to be dropped by London was a dramatic and dangerous call. MVP and Carlito crashing through six stacked tables? This sounds more like a TLC to me. In the end, Orton picks up the win. Nothing stunning about that.

JBL! My second favorite wrestler makes his return at the grand-daddy. I can’t believe you had enough time to let JBL shoot a promo! Nobody shoots promos at a Wrestlemania! However, I do like the idea you’re poking at with this JBL/Undertaker feud. They do make lovely rivals!! Oh wait. No. Hulk Hogan comes out and ruins it all by promoting Hulkamania. What a way to get a cheap pop. Rats! That sucks. JBL’s return was nothing more than a promo to put over Hogan.

Oh God. The Crusierweight match I DIDN’T want to see. Well, it was bound to happen, I guess. Springboard moonsault = highlight of the match. Kendrick wins. Excellent call. Now, you can start setting up for Kendrick v. Crazy.

Ah yes. A Hart/Angle confrontation. What a memorable way to flashback to last year’s Mania. I like the way you said Bret shook his head, disappointed at Angle. It’s like he’s saying “When will he learn?” That’s what you gotta love about Kurt. Every time he goes down, he just gets right back up.

Tag team title match. I can see AMW retaining. Why would Smackdown have two title changes in a row, let alone two tag team title changes in one night. I’ve never seen Jeff hit a corkscrewy moonsault before. But, then again, this IS a Wrestlemania. A low blow AND a championship belt? Usually it’s one, not both. Overdone just a tad bit, wouldn’t you say?

So, Mania 24 won’t be at Wembley, eh? That’s fine with me. The new Wembley is too big for ANY wrestling show, imo.

Orton asserts himself as the head of the New Wave and as a threat to the champions. Not a bad interview.

OH BABY!! The undercards are done and it’s time for our first REAL match of the night!! I gotta say, a traditional lock-up caught me off-guard, but I like how they tried to whip each other into the barbed wire ropes. Mickey boy would never take off the mask in a match!! That mask is sanctioned and sacred to the name that is Cactus Jack, Dude Love, Mankind, and all the other crazy bastards that make up Mick Foley. By taking off that mask, not only have you taken him out of character, but you killed every character Foley ever created. Still, good to see him still in character with the “bang, bang” poses. Foley’s the first to taste the barbed wire ropes. This was pretty obvious, right? It almost seems like protocol that someone should be busted open BEFORE the thumb tacks get pulled out. Sweet shin music, eh? I completely forgot about that. Way to do your homework. That sweet chin music onto the thumb tacks would’ve been a fitting end, but hey, why not more violence? Okay, a FLAMING TABLE??? Waaaaay out of hand!! And of course Foley is the one to fall through. Makes perfect sense. This leads to his downfall and the Michaels victory. The immediate Foley face turn threw me off. He could’ve just as well done that the next night on Raw, couldn’t he?

MAIN EVENT NUMBER 2 – ANGLE AND THE ‘TAKER. This sounds like the makings of a slobberknocker. Great to see Angle strong in the early going, with his technical skills and what not. Angle slam off the top rope is a great segue into the climax. The moonsault, huh? An ace up Angle’s sleeve I never thought you’d use. The chokeslam off the top from the deadman, followed by an ankle lock? That’s interesting. Angle survives a chokeslam off the top, and then has the strength to go into an ankle lock. I’m glad you used the grapevine ankle lock at some point, even if it didn’t finish the match. And what’s this? KURT ANGLE KICKS OUT OF THE TOMBSTONE?? That’s usually the closer!! Don’t even want to know why you did that. Moving on, I like how you said Angle ripped down the straps near the end, like he’s going into berserk, crazy mode. The triangle choke finish was a great way to break the same old, undefeated streak tradition, and yet keep the undefeated streak alive. Outrageously fucked up match… not to mention a good read.

And here comes the match “five years in the making.” Have to say, Angle and Undertaker was the only non-title match I was really looking forward to. McMahon introducing Triple “Aitch.” Nothing says father/son moment like a wrestler tearing someone limb from limb. Lol. The gorilla press toss was an excellent touch to show Lesnar’s dominance early on. Shane getting involved for a hot second to give Hunter the lead. Sure, why not? I can buy that. It was bound to happen sometime. And the heated Tyson/Austin confrontation in the middle. Nostalgia. Back to the match. An F-5 to the outside seems lethal and very dangerous. Slightly unrealistic, but hey: Lesnar IS a monster. Solid match from there. Too much McMahon interference near the end with Vince and Stephanie. Bischoff coming out to referee… oh wait, never mind. The F-U wasn’t needed after the double birds, though. But I get the gist. Bischoff is turning face. What’s this? Tyson turns on Vince too? Shades of DX and Wrestlemania 14!! What mayhem! F-5 to Shane, F-5 to Stephanie!! Why don’t you just F-5 the kitchen sink while you’re at it! Pedigree into F-5, stunner to Vince, Lesnar wins. Beer bash. Crazy-ass shit. By God, match of the night. Love how J.R. brings up the question at the end of it. Is this it?

THE UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX STADIUM??!! Isn’t that the site of ‘Mania 26? I’m kinda disappointed by this news, but I’m sure you’ll put on a good show, despite the bad venue.

Smackdown’s main event, eh? Should be a doozy. Jericho looking for the codebreaker early on? Waaaayy too soon. Y2J wouldn’t try that. I see we’ve got a little teamwork going between the Canadians, eh? Always great to see the heels working together, until they turn on each other. The somersault plancha to the outside = obvious Wrestlemania Kodak moment. Van Dam + Sidewalk slam = unlikely. The suplex/powerbomb “tower of doom” combo? Something like that was bound to happen. Convincing. I also dug the usage of Jericho’s arsenal, including the Lionsault, the Codebreaker, and, of course, the walls. The superplex into the Five Star frog splash was very sudden. Perhaps you could’ve made RVD wait a second before hitting it. I mean, he IS tired, right? That ending made me giggle inside. You had Edge fly through the ring post and then RVD finish it off with the Frog splash. Killer ending.

Now that’s what I call irony. Edge waited a year to cash in his MITB, and he failed. Orton cashed in his MITB shortly after winning it, and he gets the title. So, you’re sending Orton to SD!, huh? Awesome. The landscape shall never be the same, and all that jazz. Given the circumstances… Van Dam/Orton = ratings and an epic rematch.

Well, well, if it isn’t my all time favorite wrestler, Christian. And what’s this? He gets a grand entrance from Waterproof Blonde. God, he deserves it. John Cena just shitted on the entire music genre that is jazz. In a bad way. Moving on, the big chants from the crowd beforehand sets the mood for mucho ass-kicking match. Not much I’m gonna say. Just gonna keep things brief. About the Mike Chioda thing with the count-out: isn’t every Wrestlemania main event match no count-outs? Intense shit with both men sent through the barricade. Never seen Cena hit a spinebuster before. The referee gets knocked out? Don’t get me wrong: it DOES make things tenser and adds to the drama. But was that really necessary? I was expecting the F-U into the Unprettier, I just didn’t know when. Thank God. Cena loses at a Wrestlemania and Christian finally tastes championship gold. Awwww. How sweet. A nice, family moment closes out the show. All is right with the world.

All in all, I know this doesn’t seem like much of a review, but I just thought I’d give you my two cents and a bit of feedback on the matches. Damn fine PPV, my friend. However, I would’ve like to have seen some funny promo or backstage segment. A funny Wrestlemania memory and/or moment. Didn’t get much there. In fact, the backstage segments weren’t much. Just little time-killers to promote the matches. But hey: it's not my place. In conclusion, the matches themselves were written to die for, not that you need me to remind you.

"In time you will call me master..."

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Re: Being The Booker

WOW. I'm a bit tired so I will probably post a full review tomorrow. I just finished reading it, and I was absolutely blown away. Amazing match after amazing match. After reading WrestleMania 21, I didn't think you'd ever be able to improve on that, but sure enough, you did with another amazing year and then WrestleMania 22, which was so amazing that the word amazing didn't do it justice. Then, again, I didn't think you could ever improve on that, and you did it again. This was an absolute masterpiece, soak it all in and take a break, you deserve it. Well done, sir.
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Re: Being The Booker

Triple Jeopardy: Very good fast pace match to kick off the show. The way it was set up as a brawl in the beginning built it up nicely and the attacks on Laree by the heels were pulled off very well. I was expecting the heels to steal the victory, but ultimately I am more happy to see the faces win since I am too huge of a Rey, Helms, Laree, and Punk fan. Great way to kick off the show and I'll give this match 3.5/5. I think some more could have been done with Laree & Melina in this match as in them wrestling each other, but otherwise pretty solid match.

McMahon Family Empire Promo: Nice little segment to have before the next match. Mike Tyson as an enforcer to take care of Austin...wait at WrestleMania XIV Tyson turned on DX to help Austin. I bet he's gonna turn on the McMahons tonight as well.

Brent Albright vs. Batista: Wow. This match surprised me a lot. I thought this match was going to be a WrestleMania XX Kane vs Undertaker style squash in Batisa's favor, but that wasn't what it was at all. Brent Albright played his roll very well for this match and even though it did drag on, I believe it was the perfect way for him to act for the match. The roll up victory was very shocking and it looks like Batista won't get his push just yet in this thread. Maybe never? Haha. 4/5 While not an amazing match technically, the in-ring story was put together very well.

MVP/Carlito/Josh Matthews Promo: Haha, nice promo before Money in the Bank. I hope MVP or Shelton Benjamin wins, but I'm going to have to say Randy Orton for this one. But hey, you surprised me twice already. Lets see if you can do it again.

Money In The Bank: Awwwwwwwww Orton wins. Hehe. Good match and some very nice spots. The only thing I would comment on was that it didn't seem Orton did much in the match, but otherwise another good match for the show. Looking forward to seeing what Randy Orton does with the briefcase after his first victory at WrestleMania. Maybe he'll use it on the winner of Cena vs. Christian TONIGHT!? Haha. If that is what happens, I truly am reviewing this as I go so I don't know what happens, just making crazy predictions. XD 3.5/5

JBL/Hogan Promo: I knew I should have picked JBL as the surprise appearance, it is too predictable ><. Hogan saves the day which is always nice and we are left dreaming for a feud, but knowing it isn't happening.

Kid Kash vs. Brian Kendrick: Some pretty decent back and forth cruiserweight action. Of course I'll never fully be happy with WWE-style cruiserweight wrestling, but that is just the way things go. Kendrick gets a well deserved win to become cruiserweight champion, hopefully it will bring some life into the divison. 3/5

Kurt Angle/Bret Hart Promo: Nice little backstage segment with Angle getting the ability to talk to Hart after their match for the last WrestleMania. Looks like Angle is very focused for his match tonight with Taker.

AMW vs. The Hardy Boys: Very good match. Defiantly could have been a better match, but AMW play their cheating games too well to allow that to happen. AMW steal the victory very nicely and probably the biggest upset of the night. 3.5/5

Orton Promo: Randy Orton is looking ready to show what the New Wave has got. After he cashes it in on Cena or Christian, he defiantly will have, lol. That's my foreshadowing and I'm sticking to it.

Mick Foley vs. Shawn Michaels: Very good hardcore action. The spots were placed very well and everything moved smoothly up to the double Sweet Chin Music for Shawn Michaels victory. Fun match to read, didn't feel like it draged on at all, and well put together. 4.5/5

Kurt Angle vs. The Undertaker: Amazing match. I actually thought (and was semi-wanting) Kurt Angle was going to win the match some time into it. Defiantly MOTN and the open mindness I gave for this one defiantly made the predictable win not too predictable for me. 5/5

Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar: Lots of interefernce which was expected. I would have been dissapointed if Tyson didn't turn on the McMahons haha. Overall a good match, even though the most part of it was carnage. Hopefully this feud will continue so we can see a clean match between Lesnar and HHH. 4/5

Rob Van Dam vs. Edge vs. Chris Jericho: Wow. Really good triple threat match and surprising victory for Rob Van Dam. Very good finish to the match and even though I'd say Angle vs. Taker was the best match, this is my favorite one of the night so far (Seeing as how it is Cena next, I doubt that will change, haha). Obviously a RVD vs Edge feud from here. 5/5

Rob Van Dam vs. Randy Orton: Wow, I was expecting Orton to use it on Cena or Christian, but Randy Orton uses it on RVD instead. I'm looking forward to seeing what happens now with RVD, Edge, Orton, and the WWE Championship.

John Cena vs. Christian: Good main event. This was put together very well and the chair part was pretty necessary for this match and it was interesting to see neither man use it. I am looking forward to seeing how this plays out from here. 4.5/5

Overall: Great show. The matches were good and the stories told in the ring were amazing. I liked the commentators A LOT in this show, especially J.R. and The Coach. My only big problem would be that it seems to me like there wasn't enough interviews or backstage promos which are usually always great to see at WM. Still, good show and looking forward to where the stories progress from here. 9/10
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Re: Being The Booker

WrestleMania XXIII Review


Right off the bat, I’d like to thank you for doing a pre-show, because not only is it great that you are making this truly a special Pay Per View as a WrestleMania should be, but you are in a way allowing me to catch up on the thread without having to go all the way back!!

Career Retrospectives were insightful. Coming out of them, it leads me to think Christian will win. Cena seems to have the cocky, smarmy attitude unlike the PG version the real WWE are putting out. I applaud you.
Brian Kendrick was fine for what it was. He wants to win the Title, yep, let’s see what he can do.
Awesome Foley/HBK recap, AWESOME! Loved the HBK ‘I’ll bring it at WrestleMania because I am Mr. WrestleMania’ notion, and Foley losing it at the end was a great touch.
Angle/Taker should be a great Wrestling match. The build-up seemed fine for what it was, Angle basically trying to get over losing to Bret Hart but being confronted by Taker’s winning streak. This will probably gain MOTN status.
Your flirting between Kelly Kelly and Grisham did make me chuckle!!
Just reading the build-up between Triple H and Lesnar, just some STUNNING BOOKING! Love psycho Brock, the way he should be kept. Arn Anderson warning Lesnar of Triple H’s might was a good shout and the Heyman quotes made the whole thing seem legit. A brutal beatdown of Lesnar was what was needed to give him the big ‘babyface’ beatdown of The Game thereafter. This feud, whilst it may not have the best match is certainly the best booked one from what I can see. This one should be interesting especially with the variable of SCSA added to the mix. Not really sure if he’s needed to be honest? I would like to have seen Lesnar go it alone.
Triple Threat Match. Probably would be top of any other card, but so many well booked feuds put this around #4 for me.
40 Man Battle Royal – Yeah, it was ok. Burchill gets a nice victory although I don’t think he’ll be getting any World Titles soon...

Here we go....

Main Show

OK, I’ll be serious. I liked the Opening Package to a certain extent. But then it just seemed to drag on. I liked the retro moments, but, and it may just be me, I felt as if I kept on hearing these ‘great moments, moments that will never be forgotten’ about 20 times. Nevertheless, I’m nitpicking.

‘You never forget your first time’ – man I can tell that’s Vince feeding them the lines huh?!

Triple Jeopardy Match – LOLOL – ‘It’s a who’s who of Z-List Celebrities. Line of the night so far! Good call to remove Santino from Ringside, you don’t need that many people there. Nice to see Melina getting some offence in, then tagging Kennedy in, who is being the Jerk, standing on Laree’s hair. She needs the tag and gets it! MNM look to be very sneaky throughout this match and it’s good that you are building the crowd up with inevitable heel heat, hopefully a face comes through to pop the crowd. Wow, great finish. Is Kennedy allowed to hit women?!?! Haha. Good work from the faces taking advantage of the whole situation and the faces are the Champs!!

Triple H/Vince Promo – Good hype for the Match with Lesnar. Trips has to be all Game (pun intended) and his seriousness shone through in the Promo. Good work overall.

Batista/Brent Allbright – I don’t know anything about Allbright so I’m not going to dilly-dally and pretend I do! Although it’s a testament to how you’ve built a superbly strong upper card and main event team that Batista is only a Mid-Carder in your thread. Nice start to the match, showing that the Champion is scared of Big Dave, and who wouldn’t be?! The start of the match is all Batista, the tide turns to Allbright, and I love the sequence of near-falls. WOW, screwy finish though!! Big Dave getting rolled up sets up an in-evitable re-match for me. It has to be!

Money in the Bank – Funny backstage promo. MVP’s cockiness is sublime and Josh Mathews goes to show that with reactions like that he will never be a wrestler!! For the match itself, as with all MITB’s, no one really has that upper hand it’s all a mish-mash. THE LITTLE BASTARD THROUGH THE TABLE!! Oh shit. Carlito and MVP have ‘sick spot of the night’ honours for crashing through the six tables. That one’s gonna hurt. London getting screwed had to happen, Orton ever the opportunist cashes in and we’ve got a MITB winner.

JBL Promo – Oh God, he’s back. Hasn’t been seen since November but let’s see what he has to say. Typical JBL condescending promo, but a good one. I don’t doubt that we’ll see him back in the Ring in the title picture, or maybe in a feud with Taker after he’s done with Angle? However, a WrestleMania wouldn’t be a WrestleMania without the Hulkster!! Typical Hogan spiel. Fine for what it was. Was it original, probably not, did it give JBL some heel heat ahead of his return and the crowd a nice suprise, certainly so.

Kid Kash/Brian Kendrick – Let’s see if your Pre-show Promo did anything for Kendrick? Good, fast paced match, but for 8 minutes it seemed like too much was packed into too little time. Not sure if it came across like that for anyone else? Like Kendrick winning the Title!


Bret/Angle Promo – Interesting. Bret has obviously let the ship sail but Angle, like we saw in the Pre-Show wants to get his career and life back on track. It should make for a good match, but in my opinion, I feel that more is being made about Angle losing to Bret than Angle having the opportunity to end one of the greatest winning streaks in WWE History. That’s just me.

AMW vs. Hardy Boys – Great sneak attack. The Heels will attack at any time, good that you didn’t give them the generic entrance. The match was OK, the finish was better for me though with the heels having to cheat in terms of bringing the belts to the ring in order to get the win.

SummerSlam in Wembley! Logistically a nightmare but we Englishmen know how to throw a party...well I hope I know how to!!

Robotic Orton Promo. The way it should be done! Winning MITB and being guaranteed a title shot within 12 months indicates to me that you intend to make Orton a focal point of your thread. I’m looking forward to seeing how you go about doing this.

Foley/HBK – Literally one not for the weak at heart. The beginning seems to be all about who’s gonna land on that Barbed Wire!! Which ends up to be Foley, taking sick spot #1. Then sick spot #426 and the one that in my opinion turns the tide is Foley falling through the burning table. How ironic with Foley that he always seems to find trouble and pain when he is the instigator of it. Nevertheless it takes HBK countless Superkicks before we get the victory, and Foley is a battered man (but still manages to get the ‘Foley Pop’ with the brief promo after the match!) I think we may see him once or twice more before he calls it a day. That’s my gut instinct.

Angle/Taker – It has finally arrived. This match wasn’t all that I expected, purely because I expected Angle to get more offence in. For me the ending seemed to be Angle living on the edge, before Taker allows him to submit. I suppose you could argue that this is Taker asserting his ‘WrestleMania dominance’ but bar an Angle Slam, it was all Taker. For me though, what happened after the match was the main talking point, should it be?? I mean, could this be you preparing Taker for retirement???

Lesnar/Trips – I really, really hope SCSA doesn’t turn here, I really hope he doesn’t.... Some insane shows of strength by Brock throughout the match. Some major run ins and appearances here though. I loved Bischoff finally showing some bollocks!! Tyson turning on the McMahon’s was great as well. This match was your typical WrestleMania match. i.e. was it overbooked? Yes, but it needed to be to get everything across.

The Triple Threat Match – Another fantastic match. RVD manages to save his own skin, but OMFG, you did it. Orton cashed in MITB. He’s going to SmackDown, everything I said earlier makes sense, I HAVE TO SEE WHAT YOU DO WITH HIM. I cannot wait. I hope we see RVD/Orton, but with the Punt coming into play, I feel that you will give RVD some time off. I wonder who will step into the frame now?? Looking forward to seeing how you book this.

Cena/Christian – Two great entrances. Ones that I can really see in real life. Makes me acknowledge that this is the TRUE main event. Great Main event, my favourite part of it being Christian going through the Spanish Announce Table LOL. Some great near falls as well. The post match celebration was cool as well, Christian celebrating with his family. Can’t wait to see what you’re going to do next.
Great post show closing as well. Summed up the whole PPV, this was a fitting way to close.

Overall – Wow. I mean, truly, astonishing. If anyone ever doubted you are the best at this, this completely blew me away. Everything was written superbly and maybe one or two things may have been questionable, in the context I can see why they were booked that way. Let me say that this show has been a pleasure to read and review, and it has taken me at least two hours. However, whilst you probably do need a well earned rest, I really, really, really hope you continue. You are, as the infamous Kurt Angle mentioned in the PPV, the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be...
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Re: Being The Booker

My 1st WrestleMania Review!!!!

Nice opening video for WM. I will admit it did drag a little bit towards the end but it's not that big of a deal. It has been a long road towards this WM. I am so hyped to read how everything goes down. So, here we go....

Triple Jeopardy: Great match to kick of WM. Everybody got enough ring time to shine in this match. I am glad to see Straight Edge win this match after all the ducking that M&M did in the buildup to WM. I do think that Kennedy will win the IC title sometime in the future. He might win it at Backlash.

McMahon Family Empire Promo: Good way to keep building the Brock/HHH showdown. I am surprised that Vince is all smiles after the way Brock tore down the "army" on SD. Nice to see HHH fired up for the showdown later. Even though Brock will probably destroy HHH, I still think that HHH could pull of an upset.

Brent Albright vs. Batista: This match turned out completely different that I thought it would be like. I thought Batista would dominate this match and end up winning the US title. I was surprised to see Albright get alot of offense in this match. I still can't believe that Albright beat Batista fair!!! I would have never predicted that going into WM. This match was definitely better than I thought it would be.

Money In The Bank: Match of the night so far. All the spots that happened in this match were crazy. I loved how Umaga came off in this match. At one point I actually wanted him to win this match. But in the end, I knew that Orton would be the person winning this match. I wonder how long it's gonna be before Orton cashes in the briefcase. I think it would be awesome if he cashes it in after the Christian/Cena match. But I kind of doubt that would happen unless you really want to pull off a shocker to end WM.

JBL/Hogan Promo: With all this WM buildup, I completely forgot about JBL lol. I see he wants to get revenge on Undertaker for putting him on the sidelines. I think JBL is going to come back in the summer to feud with Undertaker. I was also surprised to see Hogan come out to confront JBL. I hope this is just one time appearance and not a start to a Hogan/JBL feud. IMO, that would just be horrible. All in all, this was an ok promo to get the crowd hyped up.

Brian Kendrick vs Kid Kash: Decent cruserweight match. I was a little disappointed that the match ended up being so short. It was nice to see Kendrick win the title. But it definitely would have been better if it was a longer match.

Kurt Angle/Bret Hart Promo: Once I saw that Bret was being interviewed, my first thought was... how awesome would it be if Angle would interrupt Bret here. I like how focused Angle was in this promo to make up for what happened the year before. I remember liking the Bret/Angle match last year, but the only thing I didn't like was that Bret won. It was just so unrealistic imo.

The Hardy Boys vs AMW: This was an ok match. I have to admit that I thought this match would be better than it was. Even though the match was 12 minutes, it felt like it was a really short match. And what also made me not like it too much was that The Hardys lost. I know why you had them lose, since both of them will likely be moved to different brands when you have the draft. But, I just didn't like The Hardys losing here.

Orton Promo: I don't know why but I am starting to get the feeling that Orton will be cashing the briefcase alot quicker than Edge did. I don't know if he will be cashing it in tonight, but I do think it will be soon.

Shawn Michaels vs Mick Foley: Awesome fucking match. Definitely MOTN right here. This turned out to be just as good as I thought it was going to be. I loved how he went from Mankind to Cactus Jack in mid match. I don't think that has happened before. Everything that happened in this match was great. IMO, this match was better than anything you did in your last WM. This match was just amazing!!!

The Undertaker vs Kurt Angle: Wow, this was another great match. It may not have been as amazing as the match they had at NWO 2006, but it was still a great match nonetheless that had me at the edge of my seat. IMO, the only gripe I had with this match is that it was so good that I wish it was longer. If this match was 10-15 minutes longer, it would have reached the greatness that their NWO 2006 match was. I hope you continue this feud past WM. I would love to see Taker/Angle in an Iron Man Match. That would just be fucking amazing imo.

Brock Lesnar vs Triple H: I loved the video package before the match. It just got me super hyped for the match to start. The match itself was really good. I really liked how crazy the match ended up getting. I loved that Bishoff finally stood up for himself but it was funny to see him get beaten down afterwards. I also liked Tyson punching out Vince out of nowhere lol. The only gripe that I could come up with is that maybe there was too much interference. I really hope that you continue this feud also. I would love you so much if you let them fight in a Hell In A Cell match. I would just like to see them fight in a match that doesn't have any interference.

Rob Van Dam vs Edge vs Chris Jericho: The great matches just keep on coming don't they lol. This match was everything I thought it would be. There is absolutely nothing bad I could say about this match. I was really surprised that you had RVD retain the title. I just loved how you didn't have Edge win this match. It just looked so obvious that he would win that it was just awesome to find out he didn't.

Rob Van Dam vs Randy Orton: And here is the biggest shocker of WM!!!! I would not have predicted to see Orton cashing his title shot against RVD. IMO, this is the biggest thing that happened at WM. I say that because it automatically makes people start wondering what is going to happen after WM. And Orton winning the SD title at WM is a great way to have people keep tuning in after WM.

John Cena vs Christian: Before I read this match, I had no idea how this match was going to turn out. It could have gone 2 ways: It could surprise me and turn out to be really good match or it could turn out to be a disappointing main event. And surprisingly, I got the first answer. This was the most surprising match at WM. And what I mean by surprising is that it turned out to be the opposite of what I thought it would be. It got really close to stealing the show. When Orton won the WWE title, I was starting to think that Cena was going to win the World Title. I was already thinking that Cena winning this match would end WM on a horrible note. I am so glad that I was wrong about Cena winning this match. IMO, Christian winning the title was the perfect way to end this WM.

In conclusion, I definitely think that you surpassed WM 22. This was just a great PPV from beginning to end. I already can't wait to see how you follow up this WM. Unless this WM is the last thing you plan on doing, which I hope is not. So, congrats on finally surpassing WM 22!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Being The Booker

WrestleMania 22 Review

Mmmkay, nice touch having Marsalis sing "America the Beautiful". Props for that. And the open video was very well written, it served its purpose and got you excited for what should be an epic show.

Triple Jeopardy: Very fun match. Lots and lots of action which is what an opener needs to get the crowd excited for the rest of the show. Good move putting the faces over, because kicking off a show with a heel win = bad move tbh

McMahon Family Empire: Again, does its purpose and gets the crowd excited for HHH/Lesnar which should be an all-out war. Looking forward to it.

Albright/Batista: Didn't look appealing on paper, but you did a good job here. Batista did everything he could, but the heart of a champion was too much for Big Dave to overcome. Albright getting the clean win is a terrific move, I've never been a fan of cheap wins at WrestleMania, it just feels so...wrong. Even if it's a heel it's never felt right for something like that to happen. Anyway, good job here. Glad Albright got the win.

Money In The Bank: Backstage promo was good. The match itself was an epic spotfest, following the simple formula of these kinds of matches: one guy alone in the ring with a chance to retrieve the briefcase, another guy comes in and stops them with a sick spot, and on and on, sick spot after sick spot. It was very entertaining, the 6 table spot gives me memories of TLCII at WMX7, that was crazy. And Little Bastard getting the Spike through the table? Nice. I didn't like Orton winning, as it seemed too predictable but I'm sure there's a reason for it.

JBL/Hogan: Excited to have JBL back, this thread has lost quite a bit of star power over the last year. I miss The Rock, cancel his movies and bring him back plz. Anyway, anyone and their grandma could have seen Hogan coming out after he bashed the Hall of Famers, but it was a good nostalgic moment I suppose and everyone loves the Hulkster. Good stuff.

Kendrick/Kash: I don't know, it was a good match but after the crazy ladder match and Hogan, it really couldn't follow it up. For what it was, it was a fun 7 minutes of cruiserweight action, and I think Kendrick will make a good champ.

Angle/Hart Promo: So this promo tells me that Angle will put up a better fight against 'Taker than anyone ever has, and still lose. Can't wait, should be an instant classic.

AMW/Hardys: Honestly, I wasn't really excited for this match and I was really thinking about how after this one, we move to all the epic matches I read it again and it was a pretty good tag team match, I'm guessing Jeff will be on his way out soon or else I can't see why you'd have the Hardys build up all that momentum and lose at WrestleMania. Fun reunion and I love AMW in this thread, they've made the tag team division more fun to follow.

Orton Promo: Dead giveaway for me than Ortons cashing in but maybe it's just me. I would probably still be shocked to see him cash it in, but yeah some good foreshadowing.

HBK/Foley: Fucking sick match. Foley took some insane bumps, and HBK took some pretty good ones as well. Ladders, chairs, tacks, tables, flaming tables, barbed wire, 2x4s, I don't know how you could have made it any better. Everything was perfect, both guys destroyed each other and themselves for the win, and you made Foley look like a beast getting up from the flaming table, surviving one Sweet Chin Music and only going down after another. HBK gets the win, Foley gets his WrestleMania moment(s) with all those bumps he took, and now we got four more great matches. Yum.

Angle/Taker: Amazing. Close finish and near fall after near fall and great storytelling as well as wrestling throughout the match. Both men threw everything but the kitchen sink, and throughout the match, nobody could take advantage. Had me at the edge of my seat throughout. Having Angle kick out of the Tombstone and lose via Triangle Choke was a good move, a Tombstone finish would have been too predictable. Mad props for this one, on par with the previous match if not better. And 'Taker dead? Nah, he'll come back in a few months as he's done numerous times in this thread.

HHH/Lesnar: As I expected, an all-out war. Crazy shit happening left and right, Tyson clocking Vince, Stone Cold taking down everyone, tons of pedigrees and F-5s (including one on Steph!) and again, great storytelling. I have to admit though, I'd like to see these two go at it mono-e-mono, maybe put them in a Hell In A Cell environment and let them destroy each other? Awesome match. It takes about a million F5s in the 20-minute match, but he finally overcomes the odds and defeats HHH. This isn't over, plz. Hell In A Fuckin' Cell Plz. But take a break first. Then Hell in a Cell.

RVD/Edge/Y2J: Probably my favorite MOTN. Nonstop action throughout, kept me on the edge of my seat again. Great spots and a lot of close finishes. I think adding Jericho added a lot to the match, triple threat matches when done right are some of the most exciting matches in wrestling. RVD escapes with the title, by the skin of his teeth, but not for long as...

RVD/Orton:...Orton comes strolling down to win the title. OUCH! Punt in the head? RVD could be out for a while, but I have a feeling he gets his revenge in the summer and wins it back? I don't know, lots of possibilities after this shocker. Who knows what happens next? Great move and funny how Edge watches someone cash in this year's MITB successfully minutes after he fails to cash in last year's MITB. I have no idea who chases Orton for the title now that RVD's out? Jericho and Edge are both heels, the other top face is probably 'Taker...but he's "dead' or whatever. Hell, I don't even know, most of the top dogs on SmackDown! are heels. Which is why we need The Rock back.

Christian/Cena: I wasn't concerned at all about this match, I knew you'd make it fucking epic, and it was. Good decision to put over Christian, I think he's ready to be the top dog in the WWE, along with Orton and Cena. I was really hoping for a Cena heel turn sometime during the match, and when Cena paid the price for hesitating when pondering whether to use the chair, I think a heel turn may be in his future. Great match.

All in all, what can I say? Fucking epic, I would say it was slightly better than WM22 which was a 10/10 btw. You deserve a nice long break after this. Enjoy the praise, a lot more will come. Best PPV ever? Fuck yes.
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Re: Being The Booker


First of all I'd like to say the card looks fantastic and includes a wide array of matches rather than the usual 'Mania BTB card of Rock vs. Superstar A etc. You have built the card up extremely well but I'll get to that in the review.

A nice tagline for 'Mania and what seemed like a generic opening package was peppered with moments from your own 'Manias of the past which is always a nice touch. The end section involved a bit of repetition which wasn't really needed but on to the main show.

A lovely 'Mania entrance to kick us off with the extravagance being highlighted perfectly in the pomposity of MNM. Again adding to the big time feel with the 'celebrities' It was good to see the action break out straight away leaving no expense spared. Punk nearly getting a big win in record time sets the flow up nicely. Great heelish actions from Nitro slamming Laree to the mat. I don't think having Laree and Melina go at it in long portions would be wise so it's nice to see you are breaking it up. Kennedy nearly getting taken down a peg was a neat move. I would have preferred MNM and Kennedy to cut the ring off from Rey Mysterio and his team mates because that would make more sense but I guess you have to include the Mysterio comeback. This is Flow 101 at the moment because every move makes sense and there isn't a lot of down time because there are 8 wrestlers to be involved. Punk hasn't been in a while and a slight criticism would be there haven't been too many tags in because you need to be fresh in a match like this and quick tags would be the logical decision. Finally some sectioning off of the ring with Helms being controlled, it was good to see he wasn't being completely dominated but that was certainly meticulous from the heels. It did get a bit clusterfucky at the end when it really wasn't needed. This match placement (though I didn't put it first) was perfect because the fans are pumped up from what seemed like a quick opener and the faces won so the crowd are rolling in to the next match and that was a perfect example of tag team wrestling; moreso in the latter part of the match but nevertheless it was a great match and I may as well follow the example of my Legend review and give you star ratings. ***1/2

A more conventional 'Mania match up next and it will be interesting to see how you adapt to writing this match as this is pretty much the polar opposite of the opener. A nice opening to get the tension going with the two men circling each other and you are really giving it a big match feel. Albright stepping out the ring was freakin' genius. He gains the ire of Batista AND the fans, he has already gained all of the neccessary heel heat by just taking three steps. Whilst it is cutting up the flow it serves a purpose and I feel frustrated reading it because I want the match to continue so that definitely gets you extra marks. Batista explodes out of the blocks, I know he hasn't been in the main event in this thread but he doesn't need to be and I feel he is a credit to the division and you have shown him to be a real powerhouse in the build up and almost instantly in this match. Albright throws a bitch fit, not really expected for a 'Mania match and especially for a title match but it was a nice touch and you're making me fall in love with Albright.... his character anyway. When Albright got back in the ring I didn't really feel the need for having him roll 'Tista up. I get the fact that he is a chickenshit heel but Albright nearly won the match at the point where Batista needs to be dominating. A lovely piece of arm work from Albright which you elaborated on later on in the match. I don't feel a lot of bookers use such psychology like that and you take it to a whole different level. After all the accolades you receive (and deserve) you still pull of great touches like that. Albright's work on the arm pays off with the Crowbar and it all builds up tension for the final section. Nice, smart move from Albright but BATISTA BOMB... NO ALBRIGHT OUTSMARTS HIM AGAIN IT'S OVER! Brilliant, I thought this was one of the weaker matches on the card but you proved me so, so wrong. In fact I loved that match so much I'm going to give it **** Phenomenal.

Money In The Bank, this should be good as I feel anyone could win it but Orton winning seems the right choice though a little too obvious. Orton hasn't won at 'Mania but I don't think his time will come yet and this could lead to a manic Orton. Nice build up from the announcers and I honestly don't have a clue who is going to win this but it's certainly going to be fun. Eliminating Umaga is a smart choice and I don't think he will win because he won't be able to have an effective MITB run. German Suplex in to the ladder??? INSANE! I feel like that could have caused some serious damage but I'll let it slide. Umaga absolutely owned London with a move that pretty much gave Benoit brain damage. I got a little lost reading but it was nice you cleared through the mess and Orton is looking godly with 2 RKO's in a few seconds and Benjamin running up the ladder spot (which he seems to do every year) was still cool. A nice selection of moves to eliminate a few people to focus the spotlight on a select few with Carlito coming off surprisingly well. I think Little Bastard would have been killed from that sick, sick bump but Umaga is THE MAN here and you seem to do a good job of giving everyone their chances. It all got a bit spotty from thereon in which is always a problem with every MITB match I have read and I get lost in all of the capitalised words and it seems like everything is going on and I seem to be missing something. Nice to see Carlito's vicious side with a chair shot and I feel he will go far this year despite 'having a miserable 2006' and it was a nice throwback to last year's MITB with Carlito's chance being snatched away at the very last second. PAUL LONDON IS BACK IN … AND HE TIPS THE LADDER … WITH BOTH MEN FALLING … AND CRASHING THROUGH THE SIX STACKED TABLES!!!!!!!!!! Ok... six tables seems a hell of a lot for a start but at least they are eliminated from the contest rather than a feeble clothesline renders them unable to continue which you see a lot in real life and in BTB. You made me think London had won it but that was obviously false hope as Orton pushes London off and he wins! A good match but I felt it lacked a good story and was very spotty but there were obvious reasons and limitations which caused you to go down that route but it was fun. ***1/2

Ahhh J.B.L, this is bloody interesting... JBL bigging him self him as per the norm these days and he was actually quite great on the stick here and this surprisingly good promo came out of nowhere with JBL talking about how he has basically put people away and the little rant on the Hall of Fame must have hit home there with Vinnie Mac about how Tyson has never wrestled a match. HULK HOGAN!?!? I didn't expect him in the slightest but this is a neat WrestleMania moment. JBL starts the introductory beat down of the legend after he badmouths the legends but Hogan put across a nice message there and he hits the leg drop. I hope there will be a feud but it looks like JBL/'Taker is happening. A nice 'Mania moment to split things up.

I'm looking forward to this CW match mainly because of how much I loved Legend's CW match. The generic spot to applause up first, at least you cleared that out of the way as it is becoming something of a norm in CW matches. I loved Kash's domination against the spirited challenger and although you did mention the crowd they could have played a major factor in the beginning of the match which is an opportunity you missed out on. I'm unsure as to whether Kash is heel or not because I spent a lot of time trying to get back in to the ring but he gets a cheer from the fans for a big move. I love the way this match is written because it is written as it would be shown in real life with no let up and fast paced action. There didn't really seem to be any substance to the moves and not much of a story compared to Batista/Albright which was disappointing and as soon as it got going it was over. I fully understand why you did this and I wasn't expecting a twenty minute match up at all and there wasn't many near falls to my liking but again it was a fun match even though it didn't really reach it's crescendo and seemed to end suddenly. The ending was quite brilliant though with a few false moves before the final big move and I like the fact that the Dead Level and Sliced Bread weren't hit during the match and that really sold the finishers which is something, again, which doesn't happen a lot and probably won't happen during the course of the show because it has been systematically drilled in our heads for the last ten years or so. ***

The draft show should be good, I see a few big names switching brands, possibly Orton. Hart's promo, meanwhile, was quite emotional and it was nice to see Hart return after a year out. This put over Angle and it's a shame he's going against 'Taker because in any other match on the card he would win, unless you break the mould...

I expect a great tag match here and... what's this? AMW are put over instantly by attacking the Hardyz before the bell has been rung but I hope you don't overuse this throughout the show. Nice to see Jeff get some momentum and his run being stunted was great booking because it now paves the way for an AMW section of domination but unfortunately that period wasn't long enough but at least the action is back and forth because I would hate for the faces to dominate as it makes the heels look so weak. A nice tease with the Twist of Fate but again Harris breaks it up and I am loving the fact AMW aren't letting the Hardyz get a foothold in the match anymore because they constantly keep breaking everything up. I love the contrasts between the two teams with AMW obviously being more of a brawling team compared to The Hardyz more high flying and entertaining style. Talking of entertaining I loved the meticulous beat down of The Hardyz and the mini story where Jeff keeps breaking up the pins a la AMW was a neat touch and probably plants the seeds for a heel turn down the line. BEFORE SPRINTING ACROSS THE RING … POETRY IN MOTION CONNECTING!!!!! Storm staggers out, right into the path of Matt Hardy now … kick to the gut … TWIST OF FATE!!! The SuperDome comes to it’s feet, as Jeff scales the ropes, nodding to the fans … AND DELIVERS WITH THE SWANTON BOMB!!! Vintage Jeff there and all of that time being dominated was worth it for the build up to that and Harris pulling the referee out was awesome and a lovely false finish. Matt being stopped from breaking up the pin smells of a heel turn like I said in my predictions and little things like that will probably mean a heel turn for one of the two but I fully expect them to keep teaming for a few months. A good, solid match with some nice foundations being built ***1/4

Michaels/Foley has been my personal favourite feud because I love Foley's state of mind and this storyline looks to have been the brainchild of Foley himself because it is quite simply genius. 'All you had to do was ask' I loved that promo and that line was epic. The build up from J.R was a nice touch but I don't see (as WWE have done) call it an unsactioned match and have their announcers to commentate on it but that's not your fault. Ha Ha brilliant! Foley wrapping the barbed wire around the turnbuckles has just added countless variables to this match. The slap from HBK symbolises how Foley should find out who he really is and symbolism isn't used enough in BTB so kudos for that. Ahhh, the motions of Foley as he goes in to his Jack persona which was a brilliant idea and I don't know where you come up with this. HBK putting Foley out of his misery with a few chair shots is a sudden change in character which I didn't like and I'd rather HBK be more sympathetic. I feel the weapons came out a little too quickly for my liking and I would have liked a bit more storytelling like the beginning of the match but the counter argument is Mick wants his moment and HBK wants to put him out of his misery. I do feel the pacing of the match is a bit off, tacks coming out that early I didn't like either because it seems like a match ending spot but Foley is a sick sadistic bitch and I have to give you credit because I feel he is out of his mind and it certainly looks that way as he goes for the piledriver. Foley turns in to Dude Love and then Foley and I am liking this metamorphisis before my very eyes. The promo where he doesn't know who he is anymore certainly has provided the bulk of this match and it is a very interesting story. SWEET CHIN MUSIC ON TO TACKS??? That's original but it wouldn't hurt as much as a suplex because there is no momentum what so ever but it still would look brilliant. Foley is finally going to get that 'Mania moment and a nice false hope with Michaels skinning the cat and Foley is the one to fall through, that was expected but Foley didn't go without a fight and he gets his 'Mania moment. The crowd were incorporated brilliantly because Foley is slowly turning to face again and Foley looked strong here only staying down after two doses of Sweet Chin Music and the match was bloody fun but it was laid on all a bit too thick for my liking with no sense of drag which there should be in a match of this brutality but a brilliant story was told. ****1/4 I hope this is not Foley's last ever match but if it were to be his last match I would be happy and it would be a very emotional promo seeing that live at the end there.

Nice to see some love for the HOF'ers and with that Bret and Hogan's stints in this thread are surely over.

From two HOF'ers to two sure fire HOF'ers in Angle and Undertaker. To be brutally honest I feel you have built up Angle too much and too well because Undertaker is looking weak going in to this match up, especially judging by that video package. The start of this match is very similar to HBK/Undertaker with the smaller man outmaneouvering the Phenom and Angle made an instant impression by taking down the Undertaker which is no mean feat. Angle was a MACHINE in the opening few minutes but it was a good move to have Undertaker's ring savvy shine through as he is a veteran on this stage and people seem to forget that. I am slightly puzzled by how Angle would escape Old School so easily and still have time for Undertaker not to notice he is behind him to hit the German but it was an innovative counter, even if it did defy logic. Angle working on the legs was a good idea for two obvious reasons, one being his finisher and the other, and perhaps more important, grounding the Phenom. As has been widely stated The Undertaker can't hurt you if he is on the ground. The Undertaker has really brought out the big guns here and that plancha was freakin' insane but I feel he got up a little quickly and again in this match it seems to be all action and not a lot of drag. It makes for a more exciting read but it's not that realistic. Angle is losing his cool which will probably lead to his downfall and that is a nice little prelude to the end of the match and one of your hallmarks is always including a great story in your matches. The Undertaker survives … but needs the ropes to do it!!! Maybe it was just me but I feel you could have made more out of this because this is THE UNDERTAKER at 'MANIA needing the ropes to avoid a defeat and that is probably the closest anyone has ever come to breaking the streak. You suddenly stepped up a gear here and this is the match I was expecting as this end stretch was so energetic and one of the best I have seen from any booker. I loved the Ankle Lock sequence because it had so much emotion and description and it seemed 'Taker would tap out. This match is brilliant and Angle kicking out of the Tombstone puts the icing on the cake as it puts Angle over as a monster. Angle has the match won at the end but the Triangle Choke out of nowhere, I DID NOT see that coming and Angle must reach a new low after the submission machine tapped out twice in two 'Manias. Overall a brilliant match but not as spectacular as I would have hoped but the last 10 minutes was the best piece of wrestling-related writing I have seen but the opening was a little meh. ****1/2 Undertaker get carried off was haunting. ABA return?

5 years in the making, polar opposites and opposite ends of the spectrum. It looks good on it's own but adding Stone Cold in was a touch of genius as it adds so much to the match. The opening of the match was perfect, I can imagine the roar around the stadium but I don't think Lesnar would laugh at Hunter slapping him because, like you said, he was waited so long to get his hands on him. I must say you have done a good job of building this match up because the two haven't had real contact one on one as it's always been after interference from jobbers. The Austin/Tyson interaction was epic and I would love to see two hit it off in this match. The build up in the early sections of the McMahon Family and their comrades shows they are a legit threat. Lesnar is a monster here and the character of Triple H being a chickenshit heel here suits the circumstances much better than Albright did. Triple H went for the Pedigree WAY too much throughout the course of this match and he didn't wear Lesnar down like he should have done as that would have made much more sense. I don't know why but I am not feeling this match as much as I would like to, I didn't emotionally connect with it as much as HBK/Foley, I wasn't as excited as in Angle/'Taker and the psychology wasn't there as it was in Batista/Albright. The foot on the rope by McMahon was, I hate to say it, better than most of the opening section of the match. Things certainly pick up as things break down with Austin being decimated and Bischoff crossing the boss was probably the highlight of THE WHOLE SHOW because it was so damn awesome and such a simple action has probably changed the landscape of RAW for the next 2-3 months. “FUCK YOU VINCE!!! I‘M DONE BEING YOUR PUPPET … I‘M ERIC BISCHOFF DAMMIT!!!”. Famous last words perhaps? I couldn't think of a better way for Bisch to go out. The McMahon family are crumbling and this is a complete mark out moment here. This is more like it, your ending stretches in nearly all of your matches are second to none and you are easily the best in the section at this. TYSON HITS VINCE!?!? The ending was like an epic battle from a movie, it's how Agent Smith vs. Neo should have been booked with both men trading near falls and, unfortunately, Lesnar coming out on top. I hope this feud continues but I wanted Triple H to win. To be honest I was extremely disappointed by the opening part of the match but the final stretch was one of the best (how many times am I going to say 'best' in this review?) I have ever read. A nice heartwarming moment at the end as we head in to the two title matches ****

Phoenix? Meh you should push the boat out and have it on the moon or somewhere more exciting than Phoenix...

A promo wouldn't have gone amiss here to be honest. An Edge promo would have been epic here. The next two main events are so hard to call and hopefully that makes it more exciting. This match does remind me of the WM 22 Real Life main event and it started in the same way and Edge gets instant heel heat but it was a little cliched. Contrary to The Absolute's views I feel Jericho going for the Codebreaker was the right thing because what better way then to shock the world by winning in a minute and RVD was out cold so if he had hit that it *could* have been over. Jericho and Edge teaming up was fine but, again a little bit cliched. Edge locking in the Walls of Jericho from a Codebreaker was genius, I don't know if it has been done before but I don't think so. The description was brilliant here but I feel you could utilise facial expressions a little more to add that extra dimension. RVD really is a fighting champion here and it shows because he is fighting all comers and he is still getting some brilliant offense here and I must say you have really built him up brilliantly as an underdog champion. I don't see RVD holding on to the title because he has nowhere to go from here. I think that tower of doom would have killed someone because that was INCREDIBLY dangerous and there was little room for error and I'm sure RVD would have snapped his neck IRL. Nice little touches like Edge going to pin RVD instead of Jericho just prove why you are in the top 1&#37; on this forum. A nice throwback to the RR with RVD hitting the 5 Star out of nowhere after a move is already hit. Ha, Edge just isn't staying down and we are clearly witnessing the top 3 on the roster battling and you can write these 3 men, their personalities and action really well. The end section (again) was phenomenal with all 3 men about to lose and RVD snatches the win away from Edge. Edge was my favourite superstar here tonight but RVD showed tremendous spirit... Edge spears RVD? Why? Wait, Orton? Shocking and I see Edge and Orton forming a tandem. Brilliant fight from RVD (though I don't see why Jericho was RKO'ed other than a catalyst for a face turn) ORTON WINS!!! ORTON WINS!!! You have shocked me here, I expect RVD to be out for a few months before the big return against Orton (in hell in a cell, perhaps?) at Summerslam in England. ****1/2 for the match and ***** for the aftermath

Now, not the most anticipated match of the night but definitely the hardest to call as either could win and it would make sense for both to win. Christian because he is the RR winner and Cena because he has had a relatively short reign. The video package was easily the best of the night drawing comparisons from the two men and they are both quite similar and the fact that throughout the build up to 'Mania neither man has really touched the other apart from one slap so the anticipation you built will only help the match. A nice live entrance, thinking about it I would have loved Saliva to sing Jericho's song 'King of My World' Cena's entrance was epic and the face to face actually gave me chills down my spine as sad as that may be. :P Thank God you didn't rush in to the action this time as you played to the fans which is what Cena and Christian would have done. I liked the fact the two men were testing the waters before exploding through the barricade, it kind of sums up their feud. That F-U to Christian was the spot of the night, no doubt and this time there seems to be a short gap between spots instead of instantaneous actions one after the other. I am clueless as to why Christian put his foot on the rope before one as it would have made more sense for Cena to drag Christian to the middle of the ring. Christian applying the Sharpshooter is what makes you so awesome, nice little subtle touches like this which would have garnered a FANTASTIC crowd reaction. When both men were down I feel the count could have gone on a little longer, maybe to 8 or 9 to build up some tension and show how equal the two men are. For a main event there have not been many false finishes which you would expect from a high octane main event. Again you build the tension brilliantly and I am emotionally connected with this match after Christian hits the Unprettier and Cena hits the F-U and it seems more like the WWE style. Cena seems so intense here so you must be hinting at a heel turn but I doubt it will come in this match. A throwback to last year's 'Mania with your 'Mania golden boy Cena was a brilliant touch and the last set of counters tipified a brilliant show and Christian winning was the logical choice because he can go on to so many feuds not seen before in BTB although I would leave to have seen Cena/Lesnar. My gut instinct tells me a rematch is happening at Backlash but Cena may just be drafted. Major respect from Cena and that's a nice moment to send the fans home happy and you ended 'Mania on a fantastic note. Easily MOTN ****3/4

Overall, this 'Mania had everything. Unique matches (Triple Jeopardy) some exciting matches (Angle/Undertaker) some brilliantly told matches (Albright/'Tista) and the down right legendary (Cena/Christian) You have, without a doubt, proved you are the best on this forum at doing what you do and you should be extremely proud of this effort, the only downer is (as I am sure many said last time) how can you top it? Knowing you is I'm sure you can. The best PPV ever IMHO.

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Re: Being The Booker

rry Smith eliminated Mark ďBest superstar in any threadĒ Henry? Travesty. You copped out with Burchill winning, you biased son of a gun, you! I guess a preshow battle royal doesnít really matter, but I was hoping a shock win would occur, starting the mid card push of a lower card guy. But hey, besides Booker and Henry and Burke, Burchill was the best choice haha. Pre show banter was amazing by the way, RVD/Edge/Y2J got me so pumped. Cena/Christian was great to follow, man I hope Christian walks off with the title. You put a whole lot of work into the preshow, props.

Great match choice to start off the work. New York? That is my girl haha. That is just funny my man. Booyaka Booyaka! Man, I love Rey. Great to have him come in the ring like a bat out of hell and even look for a 619 early. Suicide Dive to MNM! Rey looking to get this crowd rocking early. Props. I love how Laree takes it to Melina and no member of the heel team has a problem going after her. Rey and Kennedy are two that I feel you can have fued for a year and it still be okay with me haha. Nice counter by Rey and getting Helms in. Kennedy getting the double shining wizard is great after he went after Laree. 619! Punk Card! Rey gets the win. Great decision to have this matchup first as it was a nice bit of action, and Rey and CM Punk basically winning the match would send the crowd into a frenzy. Great start. Punk and Helms as Tag Champions sounds great. And love Rey retaining, but I wonít lie, I hope we see bigger things from him soon.

Nice little segment here. Triple H and Vince were of course on character, but I mean have you ever had a promo that wasnít on character? It was short and sweet and reminded us that Triple H/Lesnar is one of the best matchups in years, despite no title being on the line. Such star power, and then you add in Austin/Tyson. This would have gotten be to buy the PPV.

Another championship match. Woot. I am interested in which way you are going to go here, as Batista is rolling (and should get a push in your thread whether you like him or hate him), but I know you like Albright. Good start to the match with Albright playing a great heel and continually wanting to get a break from the action. Batista doesnít think so and is in pursuit! Batista is now on a roll, laying into the champion. Basically, has to happen. I love Albright in this match, calling it off? That is classic. Maybe I am starting to want him to retain. Batista in control for a bit, before Albright finally bringing in some offense. SPINEBUSTER! NEW CHAMPION! Oh, never mind. Albright isnít going to just lay down for Batista, which is respectable. Wow, gets up from the spear with a counter. I canít see Albright losing anymore. Albright is looking like a damn good fighting champion now, almost submitting Batista. Clean win for Albright? Wow. I do not know what you plan to do with Batista now, but Albright is clearly the real deal and just in the match, you have made me jump on the bandwagon. Is this a face turn soon? Or is Albright just proving how good he is? We shall see.

Money in Bank? Fire. Loved this match. The sunset power bomb was a real nice spot and would have been crazy to see. Umaga was gold in this match. Seemed more set on destruction than climbing a stupid ladder. Death to that little bastard? I hope so. What an awesome spot. Finlay gets his revenge. Good, whatever. Surprised Haas was the first to almost win. The match then really gets about climbing to the end, as almost every superstar becomes that close. Good suspenseful writing. Haas and Benjamin going at it? GOLD! T-BONE! Badass man. You donít know how bad I want Benji to win this thing. Poor Carlito. London then hits another insane spot. BAH GAWD WHAT A MATCH. Wow. Umaga dying was just sick. And Orton is back in the fray, and here we go. A finish is coming soon, who gets it? ITS ORTON. Wow, great match here. Of course I wanted Benjamin to win, but Orton was the smartest choice, and I am not disappointed. Great match.

JBL? Wow! He is epic in this promo, but I wish he didnít bring up Rocky. I miss himÖ anyways, really to bad JBL isnít on the card tonight. HOGAN. Ha, you sold out brother, but great call here. You made a classic Maniaí moment, and it was gold.

Another fast paced match here. Not going to lie, not one percent of me is a fan of Kid Kash, so have him drop title. Ah, thank you. Good match here, but I would hate to have to follow the MITB, but Kendrick winning is great, and I hope to see a great CW title run from him.

Hey, Bret Hart. Good memories from earlier in this thread. Angle was amazing in this promo! Very intense. BREAK THE STREAK! BREAK THE STREAK!

AMW attack before the match was a nice touch. I am really surprised to see AMW retain here, even with the cheating, as I really thought we would see new champions. I see something with the Draft ending the Hardys short reunion perhaps. Something, as I donít see it going much longer. Here is to hoping AMW becomes Beer Money Inc. soon. Ah, wait, yeah I was right. Hardys are gone. Bring back V1, fire Jeff.

Oh man, here we go! What a sadistic matchup. I loved Foley in this match, makes me miss the old days. The spots were incredible, and the Mankind switch to Cactus Jack was a great call. I also like HBK seeming to be like the HBK of old in this match. Truly classic. Foley and Michaels really looked at their best in this match and it was a great job. Loved that there wasnít a cover until pretty late in the match, also. The suspense of who was gonna fall on the tacks would have been great to see live, of course it had to be Foley. Good call. HBK then puts his own body on the line. FLAMING TABLLEEE?! SICK! Still needed 2 Sweet Chin Musics. These two had to steal the show. Wow. Also glad to see Foley leave to a pop.

Tough match to follow, but this match was also good. The setup was perfect. Taker really shined in this match. The Angle Slam failed continuously to put him away. I really enjoyed the last few minutes of the match with Angle locking in the Ankle Lock. Angle has been on such a role, I actually wanted Taker to tap. Loved Angle kicking out of the Tombstone. I think that was enough to make Angle not look weak. Ah, Angle taps. It looks like we may have seen the end of Takerí, a big win to send him out, but where does Angle go from here?

Not going to lie, I wish this match could have been just Brock and Lesnar going at it. Adding in Austin and Tyson was awesome, but the whole Empire being there, meh. Crazy interference from Eric too. Nice touch. Glad to see Brock get the win, and yes all the shit that went down would be awesome for Mania, but I hope to see a rematch soon, one on one. No inference. (mark for Tyson knockout though, just awesome)

Another amazing match, was a little not to keen on the match before the PPV, but it was a good one. I always have trouble with Triple Threats but you balanced it out nicely. It was great to see RVD retain but lets talk about after the match. ORTON ORTON ORTON! What a shock. I did not see this coming. Wow. I freaked out when I saw ďVoicesĒ. That was awesome, that is why you own. This was truly a great Maniaí moment.

And it is main event time. What a setup here. Christian better win. This was truly a war. So back and forth. Christian almost using the chair was a shock, he changes his mind and FU! YES CHRISTIAN KICKS OUT. Christian kicking out of the FU = ONE OF BEST THINGS TO EVER HAPPEN IN THIS SECTION. The STFU canít even finish Christian. He is truly at his best, he must win. CHRISTIAN WINS! Wow, really enjoying both men looking unbeatable, and so happy to see Christian win.

I mean man, what can I say? This PPV was so freaking amazing, and you are so clearly the best of all time. Make your break from the section short, because we have an amazing Christian title run that all your fans are waiting to see. Haha. I give it a 567 out of 10.

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Re: Being The Booker

WrestleMania Review

Damn glad to finally see it here. Itís been a long wait, and I promised myself Iíd review, so yeah.

The national anthem being sung was a nice touch. Itís attention to detail like this which is great, because itís sung every WrestleMania (well, thatís in America). Video package was very nice, chronicling the many moment of WrestleMania after the hypejob of how big the event truly is. No WrestleMania is complete without a great opening video package, and this did just that job (and then some). Commentators hyped the event adequately, and the cufflinks was a nice touch which you only just reminded me of.

Great way to kick things off with a grand entrance for MNM. Playing up their gimmick with the ĎA-Listí celebrities is a great idea, and it works really well. Also really liked the Mysterio stuff, again with the attention to detail that makes a BTB special. Good swift start to the match here, which is needed for the first match to really get the crowd excited. Punkís usual knee lift/bulldog combo seemed a little off as he just grabs his opponent without springing off the ropes between moves, but itís nothing major. Not too sure about a clothesline from Laree taking Nitro down, though it served to build to the big heel move and thus the change of momentum, which I thought was a very nice touch. The fact that he didnít care then just dragged her by the hair only adds the icing to the heel cake. Kennedy also using the cheap heat tactics against Laree is great, and i liked the way you went about it, having him cop it right back, with his toolish actions leading to him to get rolled up and having to face Rey. Mysterio coming in like a house on fire is smart, as the time was right for the speed to pick up, and it made Kennedyís reversal seem even more vicious with all of the momentum Rey had going, which is great. Not sure if I like the heels losing the momentum so quickly, however the big move was pretty much needed early on, so all is forgiven. Nice contrast in the match, with the faces and heels being juxtaposed when Helms decides to tag the other woman in, rather than attack Melina. The action between Melina and Laree was good, though Lareeís counter to the sleeper Melina was about to apply seemed a bit awkward. I like how Nitro was eager to get a piece of Laree only to not be able to, though Iím not too big on the momentum swapping so quickly again. Itís forgivable with Laree as the legal man/woman, though hopefully it doesnít happen so quickly again next time the heels get momentum. While the counter from Nitro to Punk was nice, not big on the momentum swapping again so quickly, especially when Nitro was only just not wanting to come into contact with Punk. While the momentum for the heels didnít last too long again, glad to see them getting some going, as it makes the comeback from the faces seem a lot more special. Or maybe not a real comeback? Interesting that you changed the momentum back to the heels here, wanting to tease the fans for a change, though I generally think itís better off doing that before the hot tag is made so the new legal man can come in with a shitload of momentum. The counter back from Rey with the bulldog seemed a bit sudden, with maybe a rest hold being needed to get the fans really, really itching for the tag, though itís a good momentum stealing move the wheelbarrow bulldog. Big move to come into the ring from Helms is great to get the momentum going, getting the crowd really excited (as you yourself pointed out). Great to see the match break down to a frenetic pace, though not sure on the heelís getting momentum again after just one move from the faces. It works alright with the break-up of the pin from Laree getting the crowd even more excited I guess, though it didnít feel like the time to give the heels momentum again, as it could have worked just as well earlier. Glad to see some extended offence from the heels, though again, the constant teases arenít really needed. Quite a bit overused, at least in my opinion. The cockiness of Nitro eventually leading to the counter is great, and what a counter it is. A move Helms utilises well is very smartly put in here. Kudos for knowing his moveset well, and what would have worked best. The explosion of superstars is again good to get the crowd amped, picking the pace of the match up well at the right time. The best part of a multi-person match is when the actions breaks down into finishers, and this was no exception. Kennedy hitting the Green Day Plunge on Laree was a huge spot, though I loved that you evened it up by him getting nailed immediately. While the Helms/Nitro action at the end seemed a little sloppy, the rest of the finish was a great way to cap off the match and really get the crowd going for Mania with a huge start. Despite me not always agreeing with how fast the momentum changed, this was a near perfect way to start the show off with fast-paced action and a face win, getting the crowd really going. Good start.

Good promo with Triple H and Vince. Triple Hís intensity was awesome here, with the promo being great hype for the match later tonight. Nice to see you mentioning Austin may have an influence, as well as the bit of hype for Tyson being in Triple Hís corner.

Batista wasnít only being hyped as the favourite, but almost as a sure thing by Cole. Not sure if thatís a great move since it underhypes Albright in a way, while making it seem somewhat like an upset may be coming with an Albright win. Smart start to the match here, continuing the psychology of the feud, with Batista being the big, powerful, intimidating challenger, while Albright doesnít want a piece of him. Batista coming out and nailing Albright gets the match going well, and it also gets the crowd excited for a match that maybe wouldnít have as much momentum, so good work with that. The powerhouse moves from Batista shortly after follow this up well, keeping the crowd into the action. The action kind of slows down, with a hip toss not being the best choice of moves for Batista since itís a little too much of a finesse type move, as opposed to a Batista meat and potatoes smashmouth, powerhouse move. However, again good idea to see Albright try to slow the match down to change the momentum, though with it happening again, one would think the momentum now has to change Albrightís way, else the match will be getting stuck in Batistaís favour for too long. Well, a good save I guess with Albright looking to leave and Arn not allowing it to happen, though I still think the momentum has to change soon, as this match is kind of stuck in a lull. Batistaís offence continues to drag again, and him using the hip toss again is simply not him. The clothesline has been a bit overused too here from ĎTista, as while heís limited, I think right hands would be more appropriate in some cases for him here than clotheslines. The momentum swing here was down in a pretty good way with a nice counter. It simply had to come, as Batista had probably spent more than enough time on top. The psychology works well, as not only does working on the arm limit Daveís power game, but it also sets up for the Crowbar, as you alluded to. The attempted switch in momentum from Dave may have come a bit early, though as a tease it wasnít too bad, especially with Albright taking the control back so swiftly. The hot shot over the top rope was a very nice move here, by the way. Really looks good visually in real life, obviously), so it definitely makes Albrightís assault on the arm believable. Not sure about Batista again launching a comeback right after the move, as it looks extremely damaging, and Batista coming right back after it kind of undersells the move. The fact that Batista couldnít get Albright up thanks to the pain in his arm is smart, as it again sells the pain, though it seems a bit odd that this happened right after he had a sudden burst of energy. Strong psychology with the scoop slam onto the injured arm and even the cover add to the match well, making the psychology even stronger. The ringpost is also a great weapon to use, so Iím glad youíve utilised it well. Since this match has one of the more limited workers in Batista involved, itís good to see you using what you can. Nice to see Albright going for the Crowbar only for a quick escape, proving Batista is weary, leading into a nice, explosive power move from Dave. A few nice counters here, though I donít think Batista had the momentum for quite long enough, despite the very clever move you had with him there into the spear. Smart use of Batista taking in the atmosphere being an opportunity for Albright, with the Crowbar having to come after the work of Albright throughout the match. The description of Batistaís struggle and the crowdís involvement was written very well, and really had you wondering if Batista would tap or not. The finish was pretty well done, though the fact that Batista was able to get Albright up that quickly, despite not being able to at all earlier seemed a bit off. Not sure on the roll-up ending cleanly for Albright, as Batista looked too good to lose coming into this, however it looks like you were going for the shock factor. The loss may do a bit much to damage Batista, so I probably would have preferred a not so clean cut finish, however, I canít say Iím unhappy to see Albright holding gold.

Nice package hyping up how big Money in the Bank is with some highlights from last year. You had some big spots in there, so itíll be interesting to see how you go about topping it.

Promo was decent, though there wasnít much to it. Perhaps hinting at a future feud? I donít know, but for what it was, the promo was pretty good.

MVPís entrance with Lil Wayne? Nice touch to build the ego of MVP. Everyone jumping Umaga as soon as the action starts off is smarty, because he obviously is, as you said, the biggest threat. I liked that someone played the role of sitting off the pack and watching it unfold, however, with the build to this match focussing around MVP wanting others to take Umaga out, I think it wouldíve been better off with him sitting off and watching, rather than Orton. The action paired off pretty well after that first initial period, moving everyone on well. The ladder has come into play early, and I must say, I like the use of it. A pretty damn sick move from Haas was done well, as was London coming in and clearing the ring. A nice spot with Umaga which would work well, especially with London who bumps like a nutter. Nice to see some crazy Shelton spots coming into play too, though they may need to space out a bit more soon, as at the moment itís almost too hectic of a pace. The good thing is with everyone bar Umaga down, youíve now given yourself a chance to slow it down for awhile. The idea of Umaga not knowing what to do not only adds to his character, but it also gives you time to bide which is good. The RKO on Umaga was set up pretty well with MVP buying Orton time (along with the continued confusion of Umaga) allowing it to look believable, which is what is needed in these type of matches. The Backcracker from the ladder is yet again, another big move, with half of your guys now taken out, hopefully meaning weíll see this slow down a bit in order to leave time for selling. The lack of selling shows here, as Umaga seems up too quickly from the Super RKO, getting back into things. I know ladder matches are a little different, but I think a little more selling was needed here, especially coming off such a big move. Glad to see Umagaís dominance being showcased, as he absolutely kills everyone. Heís definitely the powerhouse monster of the match, so he needs at least one period of dominance. Huge spot off the ladder on little Horny getting Finlay motivated is very smart, while the spot was absolutely crazy. Orton using the ladder as a weapon allows us somewhat of a rest period, which is good, before the action picks up again, allowing us to (momentarily) catch our breath. The London clothesline to a climbing Haas came off as incredibly sloppy, as itís just impossible to visualize. London would need to go straight through the ladder to connect, which kind of wrecked the flow here. I actually forgot MVP was in the match for awhile too, as you havenít really used him or done anything at all with him, while others have recovered over twice as quickly, which is odd. Iím guessing you just forgot about him for awhile there lol. The Russian legsweep on Umaga from Finlay was nice, though Iím not sure if he would be able to do it to someone so big, especially on a ladder when you canít really sweep someoneís legs out from under them. The London/MVP exchange also had me a little confused right after as well. Nice little reunion between Haas and Benjamin, although I didnít know Haas was a heel. In the lead-up to this match heís acted very much like a face, and I really canít remember any of him from earlier in this thread as a singles guy. Whatever, that just surprised me. Haas turning on Benjamin was smart for him, however I thought Benjamin recovered a bit quickly. Getting thrown into the steel probably should have taken him out for a little longer. The T-Bone off the top provides quite the spectacle though, and now youíve got just about everyone out, allowing the finish to come on nicely. Chairs and tables now added to the fray? Not sure if the chairs are needed, though the tables definitely look set for a huge match-ending spot. While the dropsault spot was nice, I think you made it too obvious that London was setting up for a spot, instead of going for the win. It kind of defeats the purpose of the match if everyone is just flying around, not trying to actually win. Umaga coming in at this time is great, and the spot with Finlay in the corner was pretty sick. He can get away with not going for the win with him being a savage and all, so it actually works. The amazing double powerbomb from TWGTT works great, as it provides a very good way for Umaga to be out for the rest of the match. You need a big move to believably take Umaga out for good, and that definitely works. Orton suddenly being off the ladder and nailing the RKO on Haas wasnít set up too well to be honest, though the quick action from there was pretty good. Not too big on Finlay just being taken out by Benjamin falling into him and knocking him through the ropes since it seems kind of weak, especially if he doesnít get back involved in the match. The MVP spot was very cleverly done, using his basic offence well. The chase between Carlito and London was well done, making it seem like it was the end, only for London to come back. Then, the popular London looking set to win, only for Orton to pounce at the last second and pick up the win was very good, taking the wind out of the sails of the crowd after they were sure a fan favourite would win, providing a heelish win for Orton. All in all, this was a pretty fun spotfest, and despite the lack of selling at times, it was still good as far as MITBís go.

Again, nice little realistic touch, playing up how big Mania is. Gives us a nice break from the action, while also making WrestleMania seem great.

Nice playing up of the injuries of ĎLito and MVP. Possible feud? Iíd mark. JBL being at WrestleMania is awesome, especially unscheduled, cutting Cole off. JBL was pretty damn good. I wouldíve maybe liked him to have spent more time on Kane and Rocky, though him setting up the feud with ĎTaker was pretty damn solid. Him bagging out the Hall of Fame to set up the Hulk Hogan arrival was gold, bringing about a great WrestleMania moment. Hogan was good on the mic, and JBLís cheap shot was in character, while Hogan was always going to oust him for the feel good moment. Very fun WrestleMania moment.

Little break-up of events with the ad was fine, and the triple threat hype is good to see. The match has been overshadowed by a lot of the others in terms of hype, though itís good to see you building it up here.

I like the action to the cruiserweight match starting out quick, as their speed is exactly what you need to be emphasising. The start seemed a little awkward and odd, with Kendrick being able to simply duck under Kashís arms without much build and quick counters which I wouldíve liked to have seen, but itís nothing major. The stalemate was broken nicely, and itís good to see the face on top early, attempting to get the crowd into it. Wouldíve preferred Kendrick to have flied around the ring a bit longer before Kash took back over to get the crowd into the match, though itís hard for that to happen anyway I guess with the positioning on the card. Glad to see him going high after some small Kash offence, as you made sure to note that the crowd was pretty much dead, and a few exciting moves spread out across the match with some impressive counters is what youíre going to need to keep it interesting. The powerslam counter was pretty decent, and this is a match where things like this should happen, with the momentum swinging quickly to add excitement. The counter from Kendrick again into the nearfall is exciting, though Kashís next move was a little confusing. I think he grabbed Kendrick in a waistlock, then run him into the ropes and sent him through to the floor, though it seems a little weird to imagine. Kendrick suddenly cradling Kash after Kash had just hit a big move seems a little too much to me, with it bordering on no selling. I know the focus is on fast moving action, but youíd have to have Kash at least pick him up slowly and whip him off or something to give Kendrick time to recover. The roll-up counters keep it moving quickly which is fun, with Kash going for the cheap win showing of his heelishness. Again, the counter to Kendrickís finish attempt into the side suplex is high impact, which is needed, though the match is void of too much psychology at this point, in my opinion. The high impact finish from Kendrick before some nice counters was fun, though Iím shocked you gave us a new champ. While it was a cruiserweight match, this seemed like a bunch of spots thrown together a bit too quickly with no psychology in between. I know the fans wouldnít have been into it, but maybe two more minutes to add that extra bit of logic into the match would have helped it out.

Draft, eh? Should be huge, with the rosters changing up a bit to give us some fresh new matchups which should be fun. I look forward to it.

Bret Hart was kind of boring to be honest, though the guy doesnít have much charisma, so thatís acceptable. Angle interrupting him was smart, with him hyping his match up. Not sure if Angle talking about the occasion doing it to him last year is going to anything, because Iím not big on the same excuse being used two years in a row.

AMW sneak attacking The Hardy Boyz before their match was smart booking, making the match somewhat different and not just your run of the mill affair. The Hardy Boyz coming right back and sending AMW packing is also the right idea, since it gets the crowd excited for the match, getting the faces looking strong. AMW cheating to take the momentum early was very well done, and I really like the idea of how you went about it. Right move having that not be the end of The Hardy Boyz in the early portion of the match, as that really would have taken the wind out of the sails of the crowd. Jeff coming in with some fast paced action is the right idea, though a tag team move from The Hardy Boyz early would have been nice. Not sure on the counter coming back from AMW so soon, and it didnít really make sense, as Jeff jumped onto the second rope, yet somehow got crotched on the top rope which seems wrong. A double jawbreaker also seems an unlikely move, as I canít see it really connecting properly at all, with two heads on top of Jeffís one. Would have preferred the double team move coming earlier than now, especially with Jeff desperate to get out, not wanting to remain involved in the action. The side effect also may have come a bit soon, though considering itís a tag team match, not singles, I guess you get some leeway in that regard. The low blow spot was pretty wisely done by AMW, with it set up pretty well, coming at an appropriate time. The teasing of the comeback from The Hardy Boyz came maybe a little too early, and I didnít like that Matt had seemingly recovered so quickly, however AMWís counter was again good. The comeback led from Jeff was good, though the move they used to do wasnít a double leg drop (as both men canít really nail a leg drop on the same person at the same time), rather a leg drop/splash combo. The action came controlled again a bit tamely, with no real big moves after the double team, which kind of disappointed me. However AMW getting back on top was the right move, as the match certainly had a lot of legs left in it. AMWís heel tactics while being on the offence was very good, as youíve written their offence pretty damn strongly. Iím also happy to see youíve had them take the control for an extended period, really getting the crowd to want to see Matt make the tag to Jeff. The teasing hope spots were very well done, with AMW desperate not for Matt to make the tag. Wouldíve liked you to have explained what Matt did to Ďcatchí Storm when he attempted the double axe handle (punch, kick, clothesline?), though thatís the only small complaint I have from this very solid piece of the action. Again, when AMW set Matt up for the Death Sentence, explaining how Matt broke free wouldíve helped, though I imagine he would have just barraged Storm with right hands before running across and knocking Harris down. Another hope spot with the tag not being seen is classic tag team wrestling, with the crowd being even more anxious now. The tag had to come right after this, as otherwise the offence from AMW would have lasted too long in my opinion, so I was very happy with the DDT counter from Matt, leading into the tag to Jeff. Jeff coming in like a house on fire was good, and the splash onto the outside was well timed, serving as a great way to get the crowd even more excited. The finish was good, with the titles looking sure to change, only for AMW to cheat to pull out the victory. Not too sure on the low blow being used again in the match, as it seems a bit repetitive, but apart from that it was good. The Hardy Boyz re-union seemingly needed the tag title to top it off, though now it looks like youíre breaking them up already to different brands. Not sure how much I like this, though the result definitely shocked me.

SummerSlam in England? Boo. What about Australia?

Orton promo was small, though it works to send a message to the roster. ďThey soon willĒ is perhaps sending a message, meaning that we should be seeing an impact from Orton soon. How soon? I donít know, but it certainly doesnít look to be far off.

Foley/Michaels video was very good, chronicling what the feud (and more specifically, what Mick Foley) is all about. I love that youíve thrown him over the edge of sanity, and he has now become the man he once was in Mankind. Adds a different feel to the match and Mick Foley as a whole, rather than just having Foley come out as himself. Youíve captured Mick being absolutely bonkers well, having his mood quickly swing from one emotion to another, as shown by the fact that he was just wrapping the barbed wire around the top rope, when he now wants a lock-up. The slap triggering Foley was very, very smart, with the action now picking up. The action focussing around the barbed wire early was good, though Iím also glad you didnít blow that spot early. You again captured Foley well as a nutter by having him take the mask off and force it on Michaels, showing just how crazy he is by having him again swing moods. The absolute aggression of Foley is great to see, and Michaels going to any measure to avoid the barbed wire sells just how dangerous it is. Iíd think Michaels would be smart enough to just slide under the ropes as Foley did himself earlier, although I guess the does a better job of selling the dangers, and perhaps even fear. The action around ringside was good to see, as it allowed you to get the chair into the ring without breaking the action up too much. Foley taking the fall onto the barbed wire first was definitely the right move, as he would be more eager to take part in that type of a spot, while Iím not so sure about Michaels. Ripping Foleyís nuts apart is definitely a sick spot, and Iím a bit worried about your imagination thinking of such a spot. Not so sure about Mick being able to run so soon after having his two balls become two-hundred, though it set up the hangman spot nicely. Good use of the chair here as well, with Foley taking an absolute beating to make this match as violent as possible. Glad to see you addressed the barbed wire being removed, because if we were left to believe it magically balanced, itíd be at least slightly confusing. Good work on moving the action to the outside again so you can get more weapons out, while I loved the act of desperation from Foley of just throwing Michaels over the announce table. The barbed wire 2x4 making an appearance was an absolute must, though Iíd put money on Michaels being the one to use it later. Not so sure on Michaels taking back control so quickly as he has controlled the whole match, though Foley should launch a comeback soon enough to keep control for at least a small while. The table spot was interesting and different, though Iím not so sure itíd work so well with the legs on the bottom for Michaels. Liked how Michaels setting the table up cost him, as itís a perfect opportunity for a momentum shift, so Iím glad you took it. The suplex of the ladder onto Michaels was nice, though Iím not liking the table being used so quickly. Being put through a table is usually a big spot, and this match has much longer to run, so I think it could have waited. Michaels missing the elbow is also a rather big spot, though I loved the mannerisms of Foley here; the sick smile was brilliant. The signature Foley weapons coming into play on the outside is fun, and while Iím surprised Michaels took the shot from the 2x4, Iím very happy to see a little bit of blood in this match to show how violent this has been (and will continue to be). Not huge on the tacks being emptied on the outside, as I feel such a spot should take place in the ring so all of the audience can see it perfectly and appreciate how sick of a spot it is. The action on the outside was pretty fast and furious, with the 2x4 coming back into play which I love, then the Cactus Elbow ultimately being set up. The move is a big move from Foley, so it definitely has to be used in this type of environment. The 2x4 filler move in the ring was nice, while I absolutely loved the mocking of Michaels, into the kick to the shin, then double arm DDT. Huge nearfall, with this match building up beautifully. Foleyís nuts sure are taking a lashing tonight, with this counter using the 2x4 now being well done. Michaels comeback was great stuff, with the sick use of weapons making this match everything it should be. Foleyís block of Sweet Chin Music was good, though I think a little more build to the thumbtacks would be needed, rather than Foley just simply picking him up and trying to throw him over the top rope. It built up a little better afterwards, as you had the two desperate not to fall onto the tacks, leading to them both on the apron which was good. The resulting Sweet Chin Music that knocked Foley onto the tacks was very nice, and set up really well in the end. The slingshot onto the tacks was also pretty cool, showing Michaels desperation to keep Mankind down. Flaming table spot? Sounds awesome. This definitely has to be the end of the match coming up, because you canít top that spot. Trying to simply throw Michaels onto the table is again odd. Trying to weaken him first with some punches probably would have added a bit to the match, as thatís what Foley usually does before going for a huge spot. The skinning the cat spot was very nice, with it definitely looking like Foley had crashed a burned (literally), which would have been very appealing visually. The huge spot of Michaels nailing Foley with the 2x4 to send him through the flaming table was great, though it seemed a little similar to the spot you had with the tacks not too long ago. Maybe something different with the tacks was needed to make this seem even bigger. While i like the idea of Foley not quitting, I think it wouldíve been better if the paramedics treated him, but he pushed them away, then got into the ring, fighting through what would look like more pain than it did with him getting up rather quickly. The low blow/piledriver combo from Foley after tricking Michaels was very smart, capitalising on the fact that heís the heel well. A huge nearfall on top of that, making the match even more exciting. Foley going for the cross body instead of the Superfly Splash wasnít to my liking really, as Michaels could have nailed Foley as soon as he got up. Sure, the cross body/Superkick spot would have been visually impressive, but it isnít really in tribute to the Superfly as it should be. Foley kicking out to show his fight shows what the match is all about, and I think you ended it the right way, having Michaels nail it again, showing he no longer has any more fight. This was definitely the match of the night so far, as you did a better job of transitioning between spots than in Money in the Bank, and you also had a great build-up leading to the end. Awesome, awesome stuff. The happy ending with Foley getting what he came for in a great WrestleMania match, and thus winning the fans back was a great moment. This would be a fitting end to Foleyís career if you were to not use him again in this thread. Great stuff.

Hall of Fame ceremony was pretty well done, as well as the introduction of the Hall of Famers, making it look important.

Excellent video package here, really letting us know whatís happened for Angle over the past year and why this match is taking place. Summed it up beautifully, using some great promos to really illustrate just why this match is taking place. Nice mind games with the fifteen victims shown on the screen and the druids coming with ĎTaker for his entrance. Match started pretty much like any ĎTaker match, with his opponent not looking to be caught. I liked Angle going on the offence too though, showing heís not scared as he goes after the leg. Angle going toe-to-toe with ĎTaker really sets the scene well, especially with him nailing the first big move in the belly-to-belly. The clothesline to ĎTaker seemed a bit awkward to imagine, though I guess it set up the leg drop rather nicely. The match slowed down nicely as it should, building it up slowly before the nice dodge of old school into a German. Very clever counter there. I felt using the triple German so early was a bit of a waste though, as it brings about a nice nearfall later in the match. How many stronger moves does Angle have than a trio of German suplexes anyway? Probably just his two finishers. Seeing ĎTaker duck a clothesline attempt from Angle would be bizarre since he has almost a foot on him in height, so maybe a better lead in could have been used. Liking the intensity in the attack from Angle on the ankle of ĎTaker, using the ringpost, though where can he go from here? Itís very hard to step it up after such a big move, and itís still pretty early on in this match. The intensity of Angle going after that ankle was awesome, really showing his desperation after seeing pain on the face of Undertaker. Great stuff. ĎTaker already making a comeback tells me the opening of this match could have been a bit longer, with the two feeling each other out, however Angle was on the offence for about the right amount of time. The comeback offence of ĎTaker however was very bland. Three clotheslines before a Chokeslam attempt? I know you want to save moves for later, but something a little different couldnít have hurt. I know the big dive over the top rope is a classic move of ĎTaker, especially at WrestleMania, however I donít see it being possible for him to do that after the trauma on his ankle. Another reason I think the use of the ringpost should have been held back until later, as he kind of no sold the move by being able to cleanly jump over the top rope. The counter from Angle sending ĎTaker over the rope looks to further sell the damage to the leg, so hopefully you capitalise on that later in the match. Angle Slam into the ringpost is a very nice spot, by the way. A big time thing in WrestleMania 21, though that was slightly different with Angle working over the back of Michaels in that match. Again, ĎTaker is dashing around the ring so easily definitely makes his leg out to be barely injured, when in fact it should be extremely hurt. The Angle Slam counter to old school was absolutely huge, though because as big of a nearfall as it is, I really think it should have come right near the end of the match. Weíre building to it, though itís clear weíre still not there yet. The moonsault is generally pulled out at the big events by Angle, so it was good to see, though I think the Last Ride would have served as a better counter from ĎTaker than the Chokeslam with Angle up top. While Angle grabbing the ankle of Shawn at WrestleMania 21 was a nice spot, not a big fan of the no selling. Itís acceptable for ĎTaker to sit up since... well, heís ĎThe Deadmaní, but I donít like Angle recovering so quick after having to get his foot on the bottom rope. The quick counter of moves, leading into the Northern lights suplex was very nice, though wouldnít landing behind Angle do damage to the ankle of ĎTaker? Again, a bit of a lack of selling here. I did like the counter of the Last Ride into the Ankle Lock here, and the pain, the struggle of ĎTaker was written very well, building suspense well. Wouldíve been better if it wasnít ĎTaker and thus an automatic win, but you know. Ugh, hate the Tombstone kickout. Hated it at Mania this year, so I donít like it here, though Iím probably in the minority. Dropping someone on top of their head can potentially break their neck, so I just donít like someone being able to lift their shoulder up right after that happens. Just goes against everything you know. The burst of energy from Angle again is something I donít like, as now he has the strength and wherewithal to suddenly hit an Angle Slam after being dropped on top of his head? Again, just something I disagree with. The counter to the Ankle Lock was rather excellent though, and a great way to end the match, with ĎTaker countering the move that Angle was oh so sure was deadly. Angle tapping out again possibly means he choked again, with the ending just tying in so well. The action all round for this match was good, though I think there was a little too much no selling. The aftermath would suggest that ĎTakerís probably gone for a few months, though there was that feud mentioned earlier with JBL. Should be interesting to see how things pan out.

Backlash should be good. Just make sure it isnít a whole bunch of WrestleMania rematches, plz.

Video package of Brock vs Triple H was great. The whole feud has been very, very well put together, as shown by this video package. The turn of Lesnar was built amazingly, Austin saying he wasnít just going to be in Lesnarís corner with their history, and the closing scenes before WrestleMania. Vince McMahon coming out to personally introduce Triple H, rather than having them come out altogether was a nice idea, and would do well to garner extra heat. Austin and Lesnar having a few words is also good, as it shows thereís heat there. Lesnar showing heís not afraid of Tripper by laughing right in his face after the slap is a smart move, as was Triple H going for the sudden desperation right hand. Lesnar needed to start on top and show his power, because his power was what was drummed into us on SmackDown!. To not capitalise on it at the start of the match would have been a missed opportunity, so Iím glad you didnít miss out on that. I think you did an even better job than expected by having him then ragdoll Triple H around and throw him onto the McMahons. You put Lesnar over huge right here, and it was great to see. Not s big on the idea of Triple H trying to walk away, as you already did that with Albright tonight, though it was a good way to get Austin involved, which was obviously the point. Using Shane to create a distraction to allow for the change of momentum was the right idea, as Lesnar was just too dominant for Triple H to simply reverse. Plus, using the accessories you have at ringside is always good, rather than having them just stand there doing nothing. Triple H cheating and using any means necessary to keep Brock down was the good way to start off with his offence as well, as youíre making Lesnar look really good by Triple H having to resort to cheating to keep him down. The high knee may have come a bit early since thatís usually a move Triple H uses late in the match. Having it create the first cover of the match is a bit odd. Lesnar taking the control back so early was alright, as it was just for a moment, though I was sure Tyson would betray the McMahons at the end, so I donít know what to make of him getting involved to help Triple H. Maybe he wonít help Brock. I liked the little exchange from Austin and Tyson, showing neither are afraid, though I donít know why Triple H wouldnít have gone after the knee of Lesnar right after the opportunity showed itself. He usually works on the knee quite well, and he has submission holds he uses on it regularly (especially as a heel), so having him go straight to work on the knee would have worked well, in my opinion. The momentum change in order to get the crowd going was great, using Tomko for at least something here. Pretty sick spot, which again, really puts Brock Lesnar over well. The distraction leads to the change of momentum again which is fine, though the Double A spinebuster already? Much like the high knee earlier, I think itís a bit too early for that. Something about Triple H being able to manhandle Lesnar like he did with the Irish whips into the corner at ha high velocity seems wrong. Lesnarís got about thirty lbs on him, and just looks like a beast, so I donít really like the easy overpowering of Brock from Triple H. The use of Austin to keep the McMahons away again served as a good reminder that heís there, while the spot with Lesnar going into the crowd barrier works pretty well, as it keeps him down for longer with an effective move. Having Triple H purposely get Austin hit was smart, as it shows that heís a real dick, while the Pedigree reversal on the outside from Brock was good too. Using Shane as a crash test dummy is smart, as I love the idea of Lesnar taking the members of the McMahon Family Empire throughout the match, really showing that he owns. The low blow counter from Triple H was smart, though rather than just saying the referee was at a bad angle, using Vince at ringside to cause the distraction probably would have worked better. Good to see you treating the DDT as a possibly finisher by having Tripper go right for the cover too, since people seem to ignore the fact that it is a brutal move. The way you moved around the ring in order for Lesnar to hit the F-5 was great, as it allowed Vince to get involved well. Also liked Tripperís little mouthing off to Austin not long before that. Lesnar going over huge by dominating Triple H in this period is great, as was the pursuit of Vince, and the little cheap pop with the bald spot. The match was always going to turn into pandemonium, and Iím glad to see you had it going as we head into the end here. Austin getting involved would get the crowd going absolutely nuts, and the use of the sledgehammer on him from Tripper would have been great. The match has broken down, though itís turned into a lot of fun, turning it into a crazy match. The plan to have The Bisch come down and make the count after using all of the McMahons to take Lesnar out was great, though him giving the McMahons the bird would have been a great WrestleMania moment (and just a great moment period). The simple ďHere Shane, you put the referee shirt onĒ is genius, because well, theyíre the McMahons, so they can do what they want. The Pedigree looking like it had set up the win, only for Austin to make the save was an awesome nearfall, with this match building to an awesome climax. Austin with the Stunners was awesome, while Tyson turning on the McMahons seemed predictable at the start, though didnít make much sense with him helping them beat the shit through Lesnar all of the way through. Would have worked better if you didnít have him get as involved, but the turn was always going to come I guess. The counter wrestling after both men got up was great, and the nearfall with Austin now making the count after the F-5 has this match getting even hotter. The dissension between Austin and Lesnar, the missed sledgehammer shot nailing Austin and the F-5 to both Steph and Shane... awesome stuff. Triple H winning with the Pedigree after the low blow would have been a screwy finish, especially the way both this match and this whole feud were designed (Lesnar overcoming the odds), so having Lesnar kick out really tells the whole story perfectly. Despite Austin maybe getting up from the sledgehammer shot a little early, the ending was great; just how it should have been. An epic ending to an epic match, really. Lesnar celebrating with Austin, before Austin makes sure he has the spotlight really tops it all off. Great feud, great match, great stuff.

Phoenix? Well, I got that wrong too. Iíd be surprised if I cracked ten points here, which is a shit effort. Iíll be better next year, I promise.

Kind of disappointed we didnít get a hype video for the Triple Threat Match, considering itís one of the biggest matches on the card. The match started alright with Edge using some cheap tactics, though the bell not having rung yet shouldnít be an issue, as you canít be disqualified in a triple threat match anyway. Nice quick exchange between Jericho and Edge to open with, as well as a good trading of shots, with Edge trying to get the cheat advantage summing him up well. Probably should have mentioned him dropping the WWE Championship since you didnít say anything after Edge missed the shot at Jericho, though you naturally assume it was dropped and fell out of the ring or something. RVD coming back in and keeping this moving quickly is good to see, with Edge continually blind-siding people and taking cheap shots also spot on. The fast pace keeps going well, and an, erm, nice spot, with Jerichoís nuts copping it. Edge coming from God knows where with a clothesline seemed awkward, as a clothesline from behind/the side is, though Iím liking this attempted alliance against the champion to add another dimension to the match. I would have liked to have seen the partnership last longer, though you went down the rather generic route of having them disagree thanks to Edge going for a pin. The breakdown came a bit early since it used to be a big move, though the distraction for RVD meaning the Lionsault misses being smart. Liking RVD being unable to interject himself in the match thanks to being attacked on the apron, as it keeps the match going along simply. Spear off the apron after Jerichoís dodge was a nice move as well, by the way. The counter into the Walls from Edge on Jericho was good, though odd, considering you yourself said theyíre both heels, and as such it isnít going to get Edge any more heat anyway. The aggression of Edge was pretty damn great, as I like seeing him like this, though again, the referee really canít say anything because thereís no disqualifications in a triple threat match anyway. Edgeís offence continued on nicely, and the counter from RVD with the springboard kick was awesome stuff. Sets up the plancha well (which is also awesome), as well as just being damn visually impressive. Good stuff. RVDís offence inside the ring was fine, though Jericho using the clothesline coming out of the corner is a bit repetitive, since weíve already seen that (and a hell of a lot of clotheslines as well lol). Not sure about RVD shrugging off the chops of Jericho only to have his momentum halted by another one, but whatever. Momentum seemed to start to change a bit much in the ring, with each man only getting to hit one move each. Also seems like Jerichoís going to the top rope a bit much, especially for a heel, with this being the third time heís been caught up there, while heís hit the reverse elbow too. Tower of doom spot was nice, generally a good spot to include in these multi man matches. DDT was a nice move, but I donít like RVD moving from being dropped in a huge spot to a sudden counter, especially when itís not really building up yet. Nice little sequence with Jericho getting involved ultimately costing him, though both moves had already missed in the match, so one would think theyíd have to be hit eventually. I donít know about RVD waiting on Jericho to get up just so he can go for a hurricanrana since itís a pretty tame move, however the counter was smart. Just probably should have been used in another way, probably in a sequence of moves. Even though the hold was locked in for a long time, it always seemed obvious that Edge would be the one to end the Walls, as well, itís a triple threat, so thereís always going to be that one free man, and the match hadnít quite built up to a finish yet. RVD seemed to spring back up after the Walls a bit too soon, not selling the effects of it, as you had him in it for a long, long time, meaning a fair bit of damage would have had to have been done to his back. Jericho also pretty much no sold the kick, getting up much too quickly. And while I liked the idea of the Codebreaker done by him springing up off the second rope catch RVD with it off the top rope, it just doesnít seem possible. Much too easy to screw up, with it being able to go wrong in too many places. Itíd likely end up looking like a car wreck, to be honest. Good move by having Edge come in and nail the Spear. That was very well done. I guess Edge thinking heíd won the title could be attributed to his desperation, though it seemed a bit corny. Well set up sequence to get the bulldog done from Jericho into the Lionsault (which was good to see finally hit), into another nice nearfall, with things now heating up well. Jericho going up top again was odd, as heís already been up top enough, and well, he wouldnít have had time to even start ascending the turnbuckle , let alone get to the top since all he used to knock Edge down with was a chop. Generally a man springs up pretty damn quickly from them, so I think this was a bit off. The sudden Five Star Frog Splash from RVD was awesome, however, again, I think Jericho didnít quite sell for long enough. I think this would have been an appropriate way to end the match anyway, as it probably could have been done there. I wondered if youíd use the Spear interrupting the Walls spot, as it worked quite well in my mind, so Iím glad to see it come to fruition here. The ending to the match told the tale well, with Edgeís own desperation, his want to be champion costing him. He could definitely have a bone to pick following this match with RVD, saying he should be champion if it wasnít for one mistake. This rivalry shouldnít be over just yet, especially with Edge nailing the Spear after the bell.

However, it wonít be for the gold apparently, as Ortonís decided that his sudden impact is now. And what an impact, with despite RVD kicking out, the Punt was a great way to put over Orton as a sick son of a bitch, which was also helped along with your commentary and the fact that you had Van Dam carried out on a stretcher on screen. Putting over the fact that a RAW guy just won the gold from SmackDown! was done very well too, and it should be interesting to see where all of the titles end up come draft time (which now seems very conveniently dated ).

Nice to see both men warming up before the video package for the main event started, really making a big deal of it. Showing how both men won matches in the lead up to WrestleMania to get there also was good, as it shows how we got where we are today. The rest of the video package, with neither man trusting each other, was good, as it detailed all of the important parts and what this thing is all about. Christian having the big entrance courtesy of Waterproof Blonde playing live was cool, since grand entrances are a great part of WrestleMania. Cena entrances usually suck at WrestleMania (though i liked his from this year), so Iím glad you didnít have him come out dressed like a jackass. The staredown and pandering to the fans has to happen to open this match up, as thatís what itís about; your two most popular guys going at it. The slow build up to get the match going is perfect, as itís meant to build up slowly to a huge climax. Itís your main event. Play to the crowd, get them emotionally invested by the two pushing each other around early. Excellent stuff. The slap from a pissed off Christian suddenly triggering the action was great, as it gives the crowd a reason to just explode into a reaction. The two men brawling on the outside was good stuff, with Cena having to get the upper hand since heís the more brawler type, however again, clotheslines from behind arenít something I like. Having both men go straight through the crowd barrier was a great idea for a spot in a match like this, as it has all of the hype behind it. Surprised you came out with it, but it was very, very well done. Having the action spill out through the fans is a great idea, considering the reaction the two guys would be getting, and i like how the actionís moving. The hip toss on the outside seems to be a common theme in these matches (well, I remember it at least happening in the last match), and a lot of guys youíve had using hip tosses donít generally do them. I canít remember the last time Cena did a regulation hip toss. Perhaps during a match in his ruthless aggression gimmick. Anyway, the action back inside the ring is fine, with Christian taking the momentum with one of his better moves to do so. A sudden tease at a finisher in these matches always, always, always gets the crowd going nuts, so I liked seeing Cena going for the FU. Rolling through with a cross body is a stunning reversal? Clothesline sending Cena through the ropes isnít something that seems likely, as people generally fall straight down to the mat from clotheslines. While I liked the announce table being used in this match, it felt much too early for it at this point in the match, especially with it being an FU sending Christian through it, instead of just any move. After sending Christian through the table, Cena simply has to control the next portion of the match too, since Christian would be reeling. I think the Christian attempted comeback was a bit early here, as was an arm drag leading that comeback. After a man has been sent through a table, a weak move like an arm drag isnít really a great move to use since the match has been built well past that point, though maybe that was your point, as Cena took control right back. Again, the comeback of Christian seems a bit early, while I canít see him using a gutbuster, as he really isnít big at all (heís skinny as all hell, to be honest). Glad to see some psychology come into things here with Christian working the back of Cena over, before using the move every Canadian must inherit. T was obvious Cena was never going to tap to it, however, nice move to pull out to continue the attack on the back. Cena looking to make a comeback after escaping the hold is the way matches generally go, though Iím surprised Christian came back so soon with the inverted DDT. Cena coming right back was the right move, as it was about time he took back over. Not sure about Christian staying down after a jumping shoulder tackle, since itís not at all a big move. I can accept Cena staying down out of exhaustion, but thereís no real need for Christian to sell a move like that more than other people have sold big moves like kicks to the head throughout the match. Something Cenaís meant to be is a brawler, so him losing out to Christian in an exchange of rights is a big nono. The order of Cenaís moves was off here as well, since Cena hits the Five Knuckle Shuffle after the spin out powerbomb, while you had the fishermanís suplex inserted in there when it would have been better off being used before the powerbomb. If Christian did a 360, wouldnít he have landed on his feet? The dodge from Christian came at the right time, as the match was starting to get a bit stagnant. Ref bump? Not sure what to make of it, though it was a nice way to set up for a surprise Unprettier. This whole feud was based around the true Cena and the true Christian, so the chair getting involved keeps up with the psychology of the feud very well. Christian struggling with himself after saying heíd have no problem doing it was interesting, while the sudden FU was great, very smartly done. Cena thinking about the chair was good too, though the referee must have been able to see him thinking about it and thus using it if he were ever going to if he was ready to count a sudden roll up. Another clothesline from Cena? I think heís used it a bit much this match. His offence isnít that small, despite what some smarks would have you think. Nice counter of the Unprettier into the STFU. Something I hadnít considered, though it was extremely clever. As Iíve said elsewhere in this review, you write the pain people are going through in submission holds very well, making it very believable that they may tap. Christian escaping and thus prolonging the match is good, because it really shows his drive to become champion, overcoming the Ďdeadlyí move. The counter to the second attempt was pretty good and creates a nearfall, building the match further up. Cena winning the exchange this time was the right move, as he is the brawler, though Christian nailing a clothesline was a surprise. Not necessarily a bad one, as itís good to see him come out with one of his own, though it looked like Cena had it going all his way. Another nearfall, this time to Cena was good, with another counter to a finisher. The hot shot into the Unprettier was a good combo, and the kick out would have had the crowd going into a frenzy before you went home with the WWE counter finish, which worked very well, allowing Christian to pick up the huge win in a great match, which probably built up better than any other match on the card. Great ending to the night, making the win as emotional as possible. The show of respect from Cena was alright, showing he is that good guy, while Christian gets to win the gold. Beautiful way to end WrestleMania.

So, how do you wish for me to sum this up? Simply, it was pretty damn amazing. To have done yet another WrestleMania is really just phenomenal. Now, I wasnít around for your last few Manias (though Iíve had a look at them, nothing in depth though), but you kept apologising for the lack of starpower here. Believe me, you had nothing to apologise for. There were some tremendous matches here, some feel good moments, and just an amazingly put together WrestleMania. The way this all came together was nothing short of spectacular, so really, well done. Hopefully the thread chugs on pretty soon, as I know you have much more to offer with the draft coming up, as well as the backlash (pun) of what has transpired tonight.

Awesome stuff, man.

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Re: Being The Booker

Ten days on...

Just want to let everyone know that I'm still around, and DO intend on continuing. Saying that, the following Raw after WM isnt even half done yet, and I tend to try and get ahead before posting a show. Also, I'll be looking to avoid as much of the silly season as possible, so dont expect anything until mid-August.

In a few days though, I'll be posting my thought process for WM, which should hopefully answer any queries that anyone has had. I'm delighted though, that the event appeared to get great responses all around. Glad it didnt disappoint.

For now though, what I intend to do is reveal the result of the prediction contest. Anyone that predicted Hogan or Hart as surprise appearances needs new glasses. It did state in CAPS that 2007 Hall of Famers didnt count. Anyone that thinks they were scored wrong (and it's highly likely) has 72 hours to come forward or forever hold your peace. Remarkably there were 25 predictors. Thank you all.

In reverse order, for added time wasting suspense...

25) The Showstopper - 6
=22) Ian Carlisle, Chain Gang Red, Heroes - 9
=19) Forever-Delayed, jcoke, Abyss - 10
=14) Mr. King, Nature Boy, Starbuck, kidcomet, CLVO - 11
=10) Perfect Poster, JBWinner, bkbstar, Bradley - 12
=7) 10mikebibby10, Smarties, jmanhbk619 - 13
6) kid o mac - 14
= 4) TKOW, Legend - 15
=2) Patman, Stojy Freak - 16
1) Szumi Horror - 18

And to rub it in, he probably wouldnt have voted if I didnt bug him into it
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