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Re: Being The Booker

Hey Wolfy

I’m long time fan and lurker on BTB, but this is my first time reviewing hopefully I do alright.

Raw Review

HBK Promo
I’ve heard a lot of people say that HBK seemed too jovial, but I felt you switched things up really well, good balance of intensity and classic cocky HBK. I. This promo coupled with Foley’s last week have got me hyped for what should be a fantastic brawl

8 Man MITB Tag
Loved that Umaga was last to come in and that no one would tag MVP when he tried to run scarred. Nice culmination of MVP trying to take out Umaga.
The end I liked as well with everyone getting a spot in before the end. Umaga went over really strong here. I can’t imagine him taking the briefcase, but for the first time since you announced he’d be in the match I’d be really interested to see what would happen if he did. I’m also curious to see what will happen with WGTT in the match. I wasn’t sure how this match would turn out, but it seems like you’ve got a lot of interesting stories going in. It was a bit of a hard sell for me, but you’ve sold me on all your participants, hopefully you keep ‘em all strong after Mania.

Love the flashback to Pete Rose: a personal favorite of mine although I wish it had been 15 with him in the chicken suit. Either way Pete Rose was gold, another great choice.

Long Shelton Hype
Love the paring of Long and Shelton. Always thought WWE dropped the ball with Elijah Burke acting as Shelton’s mouthpiece so I’m glad he’s with Long. Long does a great job hyping him up. Personally not a fan of the Brotherhood, but T Long and Shelton works really well.

Hall of Fame
Good class this year. Like that Tyson is going in and Shawn’s doing the honors. Also like the choice of Bischoff for Hogan, wasn’t a fan of the gimmick inductors like Stallone and Shatner and Eric is really appropriate for Hogan. I didn’t like Coach crapping on Heenan and King. Good heel move, but I personally hate Coach, he was only good getting crapped on by The Rock.

Helms vs. Kennedy
Good match, Helms looked strong, but Kennedy didn’t lose any credibility either. The end was standard stuff for that kind of multi person match, but the participants excite me. Hopefully Straight Edge Rey and Alexis take it, but them having the momentum going into Mania scares me a little.

Lesnar/Triple H recap/MFE vs Heyman
The smackdown stuff was fantastic. ‘Nuff said.
Typical Trips promo, but he’s on his game. You write his long winded promos so well, if this were TV I wouldn’t change the channel like I always did back in McMahon Helmsley era. You’ve done something I didn’t think was possible…make heel Trips fresh again. You have my unending respect and amazement for that.
Wrestlemania army seems a little over the top though. Stacking the odds that high a little excessive the beating on smackdown and the MFE at ringside seems like enough against Brock.
Heyman owns! That’s it.
Heyman in the trash was pretty brutal, but a great way to end the build for Mania. The match will be epic.

Burchill vs Scotty
Squash. Boring. Still I’m looking forward to see what you do with Burchill, I really want to see him shine. Future endevors for Scotty.

Straight Edge/Alexis/Rey
Good recap of everything. Shows the importance of the match. Good stuff although it didn’t seem nessesary after the Helms/Kennedy match. I’d have rather heard from the heels.

Christian promo
Christian is the greatest period. Please have him win at Mania

Squash. Wasn’t a fan after all the hype. I guess you’re saving a final confrontation with Angle for Smackdown, but I was disappointed by the lack of Angle.

Cena promo
I like it, I have nothing to say. You write Cena really well and how he addresses the haters and Christian’s taunting from earlier in the build.

Arn's Smackdown Hype
Love Arn and like how he scoops the great match from Bischoff. Hopefully this isn’t another bait and switch like the first time Van Dam and Edge hooked up.

Tag Main Event
Great match. Nice to see some intensity from Cena. I’ve loved the build and its very nice to see Cena snap and stay strong while validating Christian’s taunting. Van Dam is massive under your influence. Wolfy you’re the man. Can’t wait for Wrestlemania
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Re: Being The Booker

Sorry for the inactivity as of late, both in this BTB and the section in general. Just been one of those lazy weeks. I will be getting around the usual threads over the weekend, so do not fear!! Looks like the WrestleMania banner has vanished too

For now though; Smackdown preview time!!


Friday Night Smackdown Preview:

The WWE hits Louisiana this Friday for the explosive start of WrestleMania weekend; a LIVE Smackdown from Lafayette with Raw and Smackdown superstars all under one roof.

And the main event promises to be something special - a perfect lead in for WrestleMania, pitting the WWE and World Champions head to head, mano y mano. John Cena and Rob Van Dam, just short of forty eight hours from the biggest night of their careers. With their respective opponents all set to be in attendance, will both men be caught with one eye on New Orleans, or will the two champions be hell bent on moving on to the Granddaddy of 'em all on a huge wave of momentum.

With WrestleMania so close now on the horizon, any mistakes could be lethal, especially in a preview of sorts for two WrestleMania championships matches; the Cruiserweight and United States title. The four men set to contest those matches will be on opposite sides this Friday with challengers, Batista and Brian Kendrick joining forces to take on the two champions, Brent Albright and Kid Kash. Brent Albright has been on the run from The Animal for weeks, going as far as using a substitute for an arm wrestling match two weeks ago. Now, with less than two days before defending his title Albright finds himself across the ring from Batista, albeit in a tag contest. Kash though, will surely be thinking back to his loss against Kendrick three weeks ago, and will be hoping to gain a win back over his challenger and level the scores heading into WrestleMania.

Despite being on the verge of a career threatening ladder match on Sunday, six of the eight competitors in this Sundays Money in the Bank ladder match will be in action on Friday night. Arn Anderson has put Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin together - just like old times!! - to take on Paul London and Carlito in what promises to be a hellacious tag contest, whilst Umaga will go one on one with one of Finlay, MVP and Randy Orton. It is believed that Double A has left the decision to the three men as to which of them faces the Samoan Bulldozer, but surely, all three will be looking to gain two extra days rest ahead of WrestleMania, rather than face an undefeated beast.

Kurt Angle will be in action for a tune up of sorts, just two days from facing The Undertaker at WrestleMania. Not only that, but after taking a horrendous beating from The Deadman last week, Angle has announced that he WILL call out the Phenom this Friday at the conclusion of his match. What type of fireworks can we expect so close to the date with destiny for Angle and The Undertaker??

And, finally, Steve Austin WILL be in Lafayette. Unlike last week, this wont be a set up. The Texas Rattlesnake has posted a video on to confirm his appearance on Smackdown this Friday, as he looks to confront the McMahon Family Empire - and their self assembled WrestleMania Army - after they used him to lure Brock Lesnar to Smackdown last Friday, and carry out a sinister attack that has left The Iron Man at home all week recovering from a severe concussion. One thing is for sure though, if Austin does get physically involved, and overwhelmed by the numbers - he wont get off as easily as Paul Heyman did on Raw. Triple H will be hoping to take Austin out of the equation ahead of his match with Brock Lesnar on Sunday, and with nearly two dozen helpers by his side, the likelihood of that happening is pretty big. Can Austin make it out of Lafayette and into New Orleans on Sunday??

It is the FINAL stop. The FINAL show, ahead of WrestleMania 23, and it promises to be UNMISSABLE!!!

Tune in, or miss out!!


Smackdown up: Saturday or Sunday (depending on when I make my rounds)
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Re: Being The Booker

... End of the road ...

Friday Night Smackdown; March 16th; Lafayette:

Opening Video


Michael Cole: ONLY FORTY EIGHT HOURS REMAIN, UNTIL THE SHOWCASE OF THE IMMORTALS!!! We are live in Lafayette, just down the road from New Orleans, LIVE on Smackdown, as the road to WrestleMania reaches it’s final stop!!! The Cajundome is rocking as WrestleMania fever hits Louisiana FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!!!

Tazz: I’ve never experienced a buzz quite like this Cole. It aint quite WrestleMania yet, but these fans are going absolutely nuts!!!

Michael Cole: And with good reason Tazz, tonight, our main event sees the two world champions, both just two days away from defending their championship belts this Sunday, FACE EACH OTHER!!! It is a Clash of Champions tonight, as John Cena takes on Rob Van Dam!!!

Tazz: That is one interesting scenario right there Cole. Both Cena and RVD have HUGE main event matches in just forty eight hours, how will they approach this one tonight??

Michael Cole: And, in addition to that, The McMahon Family Empire, likely to be joined by their recently formed WrestleMania Army ARE HERE TONIGHT!! Last week, they made an unscheduled appearance, after an elaborate set up to carry out a sickening assault on Brock Lesnar. Tonight though, they are here, and they are set to confront none other than the special guest enforcer in the match this Sunday that pits Triple H against Brock Lesnar, STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN is set to arrive in Lafayette tonight.

Tazz: Oh boy, The Texas Rattlesnake in Louisiana.

Michael Cole: It is the final stop, and it’s set to be one heck of a ride!!!

We see Brent Albright and Kid Kash already in the ring, waiting for their opponents, ahead of the opening match tonight.

**HEY YO**

Brian Kendrick saunters onto the stage, getting generous reaction from the hot fans, on this special, one off, LIVE Smackdown. Kendrick waits on the aisle, smartly not getting into a tricky position before his partner can arrive.

Michael Cole: What a way to kick us off tonight Tazz. It’s a tag team preview of what’s to come this Sunday, as that man, Brian Kendrick prepares to challenge the Cruiserweight Champion, Kid Kash, and Kash’s partner tonight, Brent Albright of course, defends his U.S Championship against Batista.

Tazz: Absolutely Cole. Four men that’ll collide on Sunday ready to get a taster of what’s to come. Wait till you hear these fans come unglued for Batista.


And the fans raise their voices, in anticipation for The Animal, two days removed from challenging Brent Albright at WrestleMania. He pats Kendrick on the back, then looks towards the ring, and the two men nod, making their way towards the squared circle, as the opening match tonight is ready to get going.

1st Match:
Brent Albright & Kid Kash vs. Batista & Brian Kendrick
Albright seems more than happy to face Kendrick to start things off, but soon changes his mind as Kendrick hears the call from Batista, and tags in The Animal, forcing Albright to back track and look to tag in Kash instead. Kash though, wants no part of Big Dave, leaving Brent to face his opponent on Sunday two days early … and despite showing the guts to take him on … Batista tosses him around like a rag doll!!!

With Batista in control, he tags out to Kendrick, allowing the challenger for Kid Kash to take over on Albright, but the U.S Champion is able to turn the tide, thanks to the help of his fellow champion, Kid Kash, who distracted Kendrick long enough for Brent to attack from behind. Albright quickly tags the Cruiserweight champion in, and the heel side take over. Kash gets his licks in on Kendrick, then tags in Albright, who continues the strong work on Kendrick, before tagging Kash back in, as Kendrick is left in a weakened state with Batista only able to look on.

Albright tries to rile The Animal, taunting him from inside the ring, trying to draw him inside, and then double team Kendrick with the referees back turned. It works once, but the second time Albright tries to tactic … Batista has a better idea, and fakes a swing at Albright … with Brent flinching. Embarrassed, Albright takes too long getting in Batistas face, and this allows Kendrick to come from behind, AND SCORE WITH A BULLDOG!!! The U.S Champion sees his plan backfire, with Kendrick now looking to make a tag … AND DOES!!!

Batista is in, BUT ALBRIGHT ZOOMS ACROSS THE RING, giving Kash no time to react … and Albright forces a tag!!! Kash is the legal man now, as Albright slips right out of the ring, instantly grabbing his belt, and LEAVES THE RINGSIDE AREA!!! Albright leaves Kash to fend for himself!!! The Cruiserweight Champion is stunned by his partners actions, standing in the ring, arms stretched out, shaking his head in disbelief. It doesn’t get any better for Kash though … he turns around … RIGHT INTO A SPINEBUSTER!!! The Animal now drags Kash up, yelling up the aisle at Albright, with Brent looking fearful of what he sees, as Batista DRIVES Kash with a BATISTA BOMB!!! The Animal covers, hooking the leg, 1...2...3!!!
Winners: Batista & Brian Kendrick @ 06:07

Batista keeps the cover for a few more moments, staring up the aisle at Albright, clutching his title, holding onto it for dear life … but no matter how hard he clutches the belt, he’ll need to pull off a miracle to upend The Animal this Sunday.

In the ring, Batista and Brian Kendrick stand tall, with Kendrick getting the rub by standing alongside The Animal, as they raise each others hands in victory, whilst Kid Kash rolls out of the ring to safety.

Michael Cole: Tonight, Brent Albright left Kid Kash high and dry in order to avoid Batista. This Sunday though, The United States Champion will need to tackle The Animal head on if he wants to leave New Orleans with that very same title.

Tazz: It don’t look so good right now for Albright, but as he always does, the champ is gonna find a way around Batista this Sunday. When that U.S Belt is on the line, he ALWAYS finds a way.

Michael Cole: But can he find a way to once again upset Batista?? And, can Kid Kash bounce back from this emphatic loss tonight, and retain his title against the hungry young challenger, Brian Kendrick??

Tazz: Just like Albright, Kash always raises his game when that championship is at stake Cole. And hey, Kash aint gonna sulk over this one, he got left behind by his partner to take on two men. Different scenario completely when it’s one on one this Sunday.


We return backstage, in the communal locker room, with M.V.P gathering Finlay and Randy Orton, with the rest of the locker room empty.

M.V.P: Alright guys, hear me out. Now, old man Anderson has decided to shoot the three of us in the foot tonight. We know he’s stuck the other four guys in a tag match later, which leaves one of us to face King Kong.

Neither Orton or Finlay look impressed with Porter, who takes another look around.

M.V.P: This is our chance to take that bulldozer out of the equation. Think about it, this is a perfect opportunity … so … which one of you want’s to take him on??

Randy Orton: Whoa. Wait just a second. Which one of us??

Orton points to himself and Finlay, as Porter slowly nods, biting his bottom lip, hoping one of the two takes the bait.

M.V.P: Well, it cant be me. I’m the brains behind this operation tonight. So, if one of you can take Umaga on, then I, along with the other one, get to implement my master plan, and put the big guy on the shelf.

Finlay shakes his head, not agreeing at all.

Finlay: Let me get this right. You want Randy or myself to put ourselves at stake … for your benefit??

Porter realizes the two men aren’t quite into the proposal. But, we see Orton showing a smirk, as he butts in.

Randy Orton: Actually, the more I think about it?? It could work. After all, Umaga is unbeaten, but what does that count for??

Montel smiles, and nods his head.

Randy Orton: And heck, Finlay, why didn’t we think of it sooner, huh?? We’re standing next to a guy that’s also undefeated.

Orton turns, and smiles at MVP, whose own smile soon fades.

Randy Orton: If you’re going to put a plan together to get Umaga out of this Sunday, you’re the man for the job.

M.V.P begins to squirm, as Finlay gets involved.

Finlay: You’re right Randy. M.V.P, you’re the man to do it. Tell ya what kid, you go out there, and you soften the big man up, then we’ll help ya out.

Finlay pats Porter on the shoulder, and walks off, whilst Orton shrugs, walking off too, leaving Porter to realise the trouble he’s talked himself into.

Back into the arena…


Paul London hit’s the arena, to a great reaction from Lafayette, with the Golden Boy looking excited, and ready for his big opportunity at WrestleMania.

Michael Cole: Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s a huge tag team contest, featuring four men set to do battle this Sunday at WrestleMania, and it’s next!!!


2nd Match:
Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin vs. Carlito & Paul London
Fantastic match up, joined in progress, between four terrific athletes at the top of their games. Haas and Benjamin don’t look to have missed a beat together, and dominate the early stages, using their experience as a team to control the duo of London and Carlito. With quick tags, signature double team moves, and more overall smarts for tag team wrestling, they leave Carlito and London a lot to think about. It’s there cockiness though, and lack of respect for their opponents that proves to be the opening for Carlito and London, as London builds a comeback, and manages to tag in Carlito.

From this point on, the match is wrestled at an even keel, with both sides showing their skill and teamwork, both making tags in quick succession to keep themselves fresh, and ready for an ensuing war. Benjamin eventually scores an incredibly close near fall, avoiding the Apple Core, hitting the T-Bone Exploder … BUT CARLITO GETS A FOOT ON THE ROPE!!! Carlito survives, but now needs to get a tag, looking worse for wear after running into the signature move of Benjamin.

Haas and Benjamin though are determined not to let it happen, and look to keep the Caribbean native under control, but Carlito takes both by surprise with his tenacity, and after he is thrown into the ropes by TWGTT, Carlito rolls off the back of Haas (the legal man), AND DELIVERS THE BACK CRACKER!!! Benjamin then looks for a kick, but his foot is caught by CCC, only for Benjamin to attempt the Dragon Whip … BUT CARLITO DUCKS, THEN LEAPS OVER BENJAMIN … AND MAKES THE TAG TO LONDON!!!

Paul London hops back into action, with his speed and quickness just too much for the former Worlds Greatest Tag Team to handle!!! After his burst, London manages to dump Haas out of the ring, then sets his sights on Benjamin again, catching him with a TORNADO DDT!!! The Golden Boy now climbs the turnbuckle, and sets up to nail the 450 Splash … BUT HAAS GRABS HIS LEG … AND LONDON TOPPLES OFF THE TOP!!! London crashes onto the mat, with Haas saving Benjamin, as Carlito watches on, now waiting for the tag again, if London can make it.

Benjamin gets up, and now looks for the T-Bone on London, but London tries to wriggle free, backing towards the ropes … and that allows Carlito to make a blind tag off his back!!! Despite that, Benjamin is able to still deliver the T-Bone to London, whilst Carlito hops onto the ropes, looking to spring off … BUT HAAS IS THERE AGAIN … AND SHOVES CARLITO OFF THE ROPES!!! Carlito crashes onto the mat, and Benjamin picks up on the scraps, covering Carlito … whilst Haas holds Carlitos legs from the outside, stopping a kickout!!! 1...2...3!!!
Winners: Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas @ 11:42

The former self proclaimed worlds greatest tag team steal the win, gaining massive momentum towards this Sundays Money in the Bank ladder match. Haas and Benjamin quickly escape from the ring, as Carlito recovers, knowing he was shafted in this match.

As Shelton and Charlie escape up the ramp, they each take a look at one another, a suspicious look. They may have had a mutual relationship this past week, but will it carry over to this Sunday when the Money in the Bank contract is up for grabs???

Michael Cole: An ominous sight. Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas, side by side, the former Worlds Greatest Tag Team reunited, and victorious tonight. Tazz, if those two men can find some sort of understanding this Sunday, can they be stopped by any one man??

Tazz: You just put the nail on the head there Cole. Should those two men stay on the same page long enough in New Orleans, they’ll be able to battle it out themselves for that illustrious briefcase.

Michael Cole: And still to come of course, the only two men competing this Sunday that are as yet, undefeated, going one on one, it’s Umaga and M.V.P. That, and of course, the main event, that could headline WrestleMania itself!!!! The two world champions, Rob Van Dam and John Cena, one on one!!

Tazz: Cannot wait for that one Cole. Off the hook for sure.

Michael Cole: What a night it’s been so far, and it only promises to get even bigger, as WrestleMania fever sweeps Louisiana.


We return with the Rated ‘R’ Superstar, Edge, sat in a studio, head down, stroking his Money in the Bank briefcase.

Edge: For eleven months I’ve been waiting. For eleven months I’ve been looking for the right moment. For eleven months I have been a World Champion in waiting.

Edge looks up, directly into the camera, with that vintage (TM Cole, Michael) crazy look in his eyes.

Edge: Eleven months doesn’t sound like such a long time does it?? But you add those eleven months onto eleven years of waiting, and you get frustration, angst, and a lot of anger.

Talking through gritted teeth, Edge runs his fingers through his hair.

Edge: I have waited long enough for my moment. I have waited long enough for my glory. And I REFUSE to wait another moment.

Almost manic, Edge continues to speak, in an almost manic state.

Edge: Years of missed opportunities, years of continued setbacks, years of wasted chances. All of that culminates on Sunday. All of that frustration, and all of that irritation ENDS with ME … having MY moment, having MY night of glory … and FINALLY trading this briefcase … for MY championship.

Edge holds the briefcase up, with a sinister smile, before continuing on, putting the case back down.

Edge: Rob Van Dam. You’re ENTIRE reign as WWE Champion has been completely overshadowed BY MEEE!!! All seven months that you’ve held that title, you’ve had to look over your shoulder. You’ve had to watch your back, knowing, expecting, waiting … for me to take it from you.

With the big smile showing, Edge nods, pushing his hair out of his face again.

Edge: Well now you know. The time is Sunday. The place is New Orleans, and the night is WrestleMania. That’s when I’ll finally put you out of your misery.

Edge tilts his head back, then looks at the camera again, smiling for a moment, before speaking again.

Edge: And as for you Jericho … you’re just an unwanted pest. You’ve been like a scab, right under the skin … that I cant just scratch away. This Sunday, I WILL scratch you off my skin. You shouldn’t even be part of the equation. Van Dam saved your ass … but he cant save you on Sunday … you cant even save yourself … and you cant save each other.

Composing himself again, Edge looks at his briefcase, stroking his ticket to WrestleMania, then takes a final look at the camera.

Edge: WrestleMania Twenty Three is my night of destiny. This Sunday … IS … MY … NIGHT!!!

Edge shows the famous sinister smile, as the picture fades out.

And to the parking lot, as a huge bus pulls up. There are a few moments of curiosity, as the door finally pushes open … and MISTER MCMAHON exit’s the bus, followed by Shane, Stephanie, Triple H and Tyson Tomko.

The McMahon Family Empire walk on, towards the door … as the bus empties with the ‘WrestleMania Army’ filled with the same superstars that helped take out Brock Lesnar last week on Smackdown. The Empire look around, ad watch as the bus empties with the low level heels, with Vince smiling, and nodding, ahead of a scheduled showdown with Steve Austin, face to face tonight.

Back into the arena…

Michael Cole: There you have it Tazz. The McMahon Family Empire have arrived, and they’ve not come alone.

Tazz: Yeah, Stone Cold might want to turnaround and head straight for New Orleans if he sees what he faces tonight.

Michael Cole: We all saw what happened last week on Smackdown, and if the Empire has it’s way tonight, it’ll be take two.


Matt and Jeff Hardy enter the arena to a great pop from the audience.

Michael Cole: In forty eight hours time, the brothers Hardy will be looking to end their WrestleMania jinx, and finally, as a pair, leave the showcase of the immortals victorious. Tonight, they have a final chance to send a message to AMW, ahead of the WWE Tag Team Championship showdown on Sunday.

Tazz: I’ve been dying to see those two teams hook it up for weeks, and come Sunday, the waiting is finally over. Either the reunited Hardy Boys or Americas Most Wanted will break their losing streak, and not before time.


3rd Match:
The Hardy Boys vs. The Basham Brothers
Since the injury to JBL, Danny and Doug obviously aren’t featuring in too many plans any time soon, as they are used here as fodder for the Hardy Boys to display all their great team work. Matt & Jeff are barely put under any pressure, and finish off the baldies with ease, as Matt delivers a Twist of Fate on Danny, and Jeff follows with the Swanton, allowing Matt to hook the leg as the legal man, whilst Jeff knocks Doug off the apron, 1...2...3!!!
Winners: The Hardy Boys @ 02:48

Matt & Jeff pick up the win, and set themselves up perfectly for this Sunday at WrestleMania. They share a hug in the ring, but avert their attention to the top of the ramp, where AMW are stood, clapping the exploits of the challengers. We then see the champions both have a mic in hand, and signal for the music to cut to allow them to speak.

James Storm: How about it, Matt and Jeff Hardy … BACK TOGETHER!!! WOOO!!!

Bit of heat from the fans, knowing Storm isn’t being genuine.

Chris Harris: Brings a tear to my eye James. Seeing two brothers after years apart, coming together to bring justice to the dastardly tag team champions.

AMW chuckle off mic, as they look to each other, impressed with one another.

James Storm: Jeff saves Matt from the evil duo, and the reunited brothers stand tall, fighting the good fight, and teach the despicable champions a lesson, winning the titles at the biggest event of the year for a typical happy ending. Almost poetic, right?? Like some sort of fairytale.

Harris puts his hand on Storms shoulder, butting in.

Chris Harris: In fact … that’s exactly what it is … A FAIRYTALE!!!

The champions laugh their asses off, as the fans give heat, whilst Matt and Jeff stand in the ring, listening intently.

James Storm: Boys, this is the real world. And as perfect as it might be for you two to beat us this Sunday and once again hold our belts … this isn’t a perfect world.

Harris nods, and continues on for Storm.

Chris Harris: You’re fairytale ends on Sunday boys, and it doesn’t have a happy ending … unless of course … you’re AMW. So Matt … Jeff … you’ve had a good run …

Storm butts in, ending the sentence.

James Storm: But sorry bout your damn luck.

Americas Most Wanted slam the mics down, and hold their belts in the air, as Matt and Jeff watch on, with the tag team title match set to culminate with what promises to be an epic showdown at WrestleMania.

Michael Cole: The time for talking ends on Sunday Tazz, and by the looks of things, whilst AMW are happy to run their mouths, Matt and Jeff Hardy will be doing their talking in the ring at WrestleMania.

Tazz: I’m telling ya know Cole, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, these two awesome teams could well steal the show this Sunday.

Now, we cut backstage again, and this time, it’s RVD, sat in a studio, with his title belt over his shoulder, staring into the camera.

Rob Van Dam: On August 20 last year, I did what many people said was impossible, and I became WWE Champion for the first time. Every day since that, I’ve been written off, expected to lose this belt every time I’ve defended it.

Van Dam nods, accepting the criticism, then smiles.

Rob Van Dam: Seven months later, here I stand … WWE Champion.

The smile slowly fades, with RVD continuing.

Rob Van Dam: Yet still, no one seems to expect Rob Van Dam to be walking out of WrestleMania as the WWE Champion. Least of all the so-called uncrowned champion, and the self proclaimed King of the World.

RVD shakes his head, and fixes the belt on his shoulder.

Rob Van Dam: I guess we’ll have to see about that.

Shaking his head again, RVD changes his stance.

Rob Van Dam: But I’m not gonna stand here and talk about it. I’ll leave that to Edge and Jericho. I don’t need to talk a good game … I just deliver where it matters … and this Sunday is where it all matters.

The champion stands up, with a serious, fired up look now on his face.

Rob Van Dam: Edge?? Jericho?? Your ass is grass … and I’m gonna smoke it.

Cheers are heard from the watching fans.

Rob Van Dam: Talk is cheap … but this …

Van Dam takes the belt off his shoulder, and shoves it towards the lens of the camera.

Rob Van Dam: This is priceless.

He throws the belt back over his shoulder, as the camera fades out.



4th Match:
Kurt Angle vs. Snitsky
Back to back squash matches. Sweet. You cant tell this is a show to bridge into WrestleMania, can you?? Angle, two days away from facing The Undertaker, runs through Snitsky like road kill, hitting an array of Belly to Belly suplexes, followed by a trio of Germans, an Angle Slam, and a submission victory through the Ankle Lock. Pink slip to come soon for Snitsky too???
Winner: Kurt Angle @ 02:56

Angle pulls his arm away, as soon as the referee holds it up, motioning for a mic, not wasting a single moment.
Angle is handed the mic, ripping it from Chimmel, as he barks into it with his fiery intensity.

Kurt Angle: CUT THE MUSIC!!!

And, just like that, the music dies down.

Kurt Angle: Undertaker?? Nice job last week. Now, let’s try it again. This time, I’m callin you out. COME ON!!!

Cheers develop around the arena, as Angle throws down the gauntlet to Taker.

Kurt Angle: You want me?? I’m right here, let’s not wait for Sunday!!!


The live audience ROARS with the lights going down…



The eerie blue lights appear, as The Undertaker enters the stage, and just like last week on Smackdown, he wastes no time with a deliberate entrance, instead taking off his hat and coat on his way, walking swiftly, rather than sauntering. Angle is crouched, ready to fight, as The Deadman locks his eyes on the man he faces in just forty eight hours time, coming up the steps, and into the ring…


Angle comes straight at Taker, blasting him with right hands, but Taker pushes him away, with Angle tumbling over, bouncing right back up, with Taker charging in, looking for the big boot … BUT ANGLE DUCKS … GOES FOR THE ANGLE SLAM … BUT TAKER LANDS ON HIS FEET … AND GOES FOR THE CHOKESLAM … BUT ANGLE KICKS HIM AWAY … THEN DELIVERS A BELLY TO BELLY!!!

Angle bounces up again, and roars to the fans, before mounting The Phenom, and pummelling him … BUT TAKER PUTS A STOP TO IT, AND GRABS ANGLE BY THE THROAT!!! The two men get to their feet, with Angle caught with a vice like grip from The Deadman … BUT ANGLE KICKS FREE AGAIN!!!

Now, the two warriors proceed to trade right hands, with Taker winning the duel on this occasion. He beats Angle into the corner, then backs out, getting a run into the corner, looking for a splash … BUT ANGLE MOVES!!! Taker hit’s the corner, and staggers out, with Angle coming behind again, looking for the Angle Slam once more … BUT THE UNDERTAKER FIGHTS FREE!!! Angle is thrown into the ropes, and comes back out … INTO A BIG BOOT!!!

The Olympian pulls himself back up, knocked silly by the boot, and staggers into the path of The Undertaker, WHO SCOOPS HIM UP … AND LOOKS FOR THE TOMBSTONE … BUT ANGLE SLIPS OFF … TRIPS TAKER … AND LOOKS FOR THE ANKLE LOCK!!!

Instantly, The Deadman scrambles, turns over, and kicks Angle away, just kicking himself free, with Angle sensing blood, coming for his deadliest weapon again, but this time, The Deadman kicks him away before he can apply it, with the boot sending the Gold Medallist out of the ring.

Kurt Angle pulls himself up on the outside, and thinks about coming back for more, but stops, as he watches The Phenom get back to his feet. Angle has a smile on his face, mouthing to the Undertaker "You know it", and "It‘s over", content to leave the battle as it was tonight, knowing he has The Undertaker worried about the deadly ankle lock. The Olympian backs up the ramp, pointing back to The Deadman, with a knowing smile on his face, whilst The Deadman stands in the ring, with a deadly scowl on his face, intently watching the man he faces at the showcase of the immortals on Sunday.



Michael Cole: Welcome back to Friday Night Smackdown, and the countdown to WrestleMania continues. Less than forty eight hours remain, yet, still to come tonight, champion vs. champion, RVD takes on John Cena.

Tazz: Huge main event Cole. I cant wait for the two champions of this company to lock horns, and lead us into WrestleMania 23.

Michael Cole: And not only that, but we’ve still to see the arrival of Stone Cold Steve Austin, as he gets set to confront the McMahon Family Empire, who have brought their WrestleMania Army for the party tonight.

Tazz: Bad things are gonna happen later. Stone Cold may not be making it to WrestleMania as the enforcer, it’s a real possibility.

Michael Cole: Well, two men that will unquestionably be going to WrestleMania this Sunday are The Undertaker and Kurt Angle. Moments ago, those two men gave us a sneak preview of what’s to come, and Tazz, it’s gonna be special.

Tazz: Never before has the streak been in so much jeopardy. Angle knows he can make The Deadman tap, he’s done it before, and you better believe he believes he can do it again and make history.

For the third time, we cut to a studio, where Chris Jericho is now sat, waiting for his chance to speak.

Chris Jericho: Something that was said to me a couple of weeks ago has stuck in my head. Edge, of all people, said the words. My big match experience at WrestleMania doesn’t read all that good. Every big match I’ve had has resulted in defeat.

Jericho grins for a moment, with his head down a little.

Chris Jericho: I’ve lost to Triple H in the main event. I’ve lost to Shawn Michaels when I had a chance to grab his torch. I’ve lost to The Undertaker when I should’ve ended the illustrious streak.

Now, he looks back up, not smiling anymore.

Chris Jericho: But y’know what?? All those losses, those defeats I’ve had to suffer, have all led to this Sunday. This year at WrestleMania I have an opportunity … a golden opportunity, to finally put those setbacks on the shelf for good.

Looking straight ahead, it’s a more vulnerable Jericho than we’ve seen.

Chris Jericho: I have the opportunity to end my misery, and vanquish those memories. You see, where Edge sees the negatives about those losses … I find the positive. For you see Edge, you’ve never had to taste that bitter pill. You’ve never had that one huge match, where you have to stand alone, with all eyes on you … but this Sunday … you will.

Jericho closes his eyes, thinking for a moment.

Chris Jericho: Until you’ve suffered the indignity of losing the BIG, BIG matches, then you cant want to put it right.

Speaking through gritted teeth, just like Edge, Jericho relives his losses.

Chris Jericho: And when you want something bad enough … when you need something bad enough … after you’ve had to suffer the defeats I have … you cant begin to imagine how much more I want it than either of you.

Still looking quite emotional, Jericho continues.

Chris Jericho: Neither you Edge, or you Van Dam, have suffered the kind of big match losses I have. Neither of you can begin to realise how much more I need it than you. Neither of you can begin to fathom just how much more I want it.

The camera closes in, with Jericho looking so focused, so determined, ready.

Chris Jericho: … But you will.

We fade out, with an intense close up of the focused Y2J, ahead of his triple threat title shot on Sunday.

Back into the arena…


The elaborate set for M.V.P and his entrance is burst open, with Porter entering the arena, ahead of a match he didn’t want. Porter looks far from confident, having to put his unbeaten record on the line, against another unbeaten competitor … Umaga.

Michael Cole: As if there wasn’t enough to offer tonight, in just a few moments, two men who have yet to be pinned or forced to submit, MVP, and Umaga, both headed for Money in the Bank this Sunday will meet head on.


5th Match:
Umaga w/ Armando Estrada vs. M.V.P
Porter does his best to avoid Umaga, looking to keep his winning streak in tact, running around ringside, holding onto ropes … ANYTHING!!! Porter then begins to argue with the referee, patting his knee, possibly feigning an injury, but it becomes clear why he’s distracting the referee … FINLAY HIT’S THE RING AND STRIKES UMAGA WITH HIS SHILLELAGH!!! Porter quickly pushes past the referee, and joins the Irishman in beating down Umaga!!!
Winner: Via DQ - Umaga @ 01:47

The referee has no option but to call the DQ, as Haas and Benjamin (together again tonight??) run down the aisle to join them. Randy Orton is also seen sauntering down the aisle, whilst Umaga is beaten down in the ring, as the MITB competitors attempt to take him out of commotion before this Sunday!!!

Carlito and Paul London though race to the ring with different ideas. Carlito sees an opportunity to gain some revenge on Haas and Benjamin for their cheap tactics earlier tonight, and attacks both men!!! Meanwhile … ever the dare devil … Paul London decides to bring Sunday forward a little … BY PULLING A LADDER FROM UNDERNEATH THE RING!!!

London slides the ladder inside the ring, BUT INSTANTLY … ORTON DROPKICKS THE LADDER INTO LONDON!!! The Golden Boy falls into the barricade, whilst Orton grabs the ladder, sizing up Carlito, but Carlito dodges it … AND ORTON NAILS BOTH HAAS AND BENJAMIN INSTEAD!!! The Worlds Greatest Tag Team both take a tumble, and Ortons dominance ends, as Finlay attacks him from behind, forcing The Career Killer to drop the ladder.

Finlay now backs Orton into a corner, and beats on him, whilst M.V.P takes the opportunity to grab the ladder … but Carlito gets there first!!! They both grab one end of the ladder each, and begin to tussle over it. Both men yank at the ladder, looking to take it from the other … THEN UMAGA RUNS THROUGH THE LADDER RIPPING IT FROM BOTH MEN!!!
The shocking force of Umaga forces both men to release the ladder, with both M.V.P and Carlito both falling from the sudden impact. Umaga picks the ladder up, AND PLACES IT OVER HIS HEAD!!! Umaga swings around … TAKING OUT M.V.P … TAKING OUT CARLITO!!!

Umaga swings around, but has no more victims … until London leaps onto the ropes … leaping at Umaga … BUT GETS CRACKED WITH THE LADDER!!! Umaga is taking out all the competition it seems … but then … Finlay and Orton join forces … and both chop block Umaga, taking him off his feet, with the ladder landing on his face!!!

Finlay, remembering Ortons turn on Raw, then looks to repay the favour … but Orton spots the attack coming, ducking the shillelagh … AND DELIVERS THE RKO!!!

Orton shoots up, waiting as Umaga pulls himself up … AND DELIVER THE RKO TO UMAGA … ONTO THE LADDER!!! The Career Killer is the final man standing it seems, getting the final word ahead of the Money in the Bank ladder match, using his most deadly weapon … not a ladder … but the RKO.

Orton takes a look at the carnage in the ring, a sneak preview for Sunday, and shows a smile, seeing himself as the last man left standing. The Career Killer takes a look around the ring, and leaves, having got the message across ahead of Money in the Bank.

Michael Cole: Could this be a sign of things to come Tazz?? Randy Orton is the last man standing, and if he can do that on Sunday, he’ll have a free run to capture the Money in the Bank briefcase, and find himself with an opportunity of a title shot whenever he pleases, anytime in twelve months.

Tazz: Championship experience goes to Orton for sure. But when you’ve got a wily veteran like Finlay in there, you can’t rule him out. Umaga is a damn beast, MVP aint never been pinned for no reason, Paul London is a breakout superstar waiting to happen, Carlito has had a great run as of late, and anyone that writes off Haas or Benjamin; especially if they work together, is a damn fool.

Michael Cole: For one of those eight men, dreams will be realised this Sunday at the showcase of the immortals.





Backstage, we see Mr. McMahon ending a call, as he looks up, and sees a figure he’s surprised to see. The camera pans around … to reveal Raw General Manager, Eric Bischoff.

Mr. McMahon: Eric?? What do I owe the pleasure??

Bischoff, looking a little pensive, musters up the courage to make his point.

Eric Bischoff: I need to try and reason with you. Vince, you’re on the verge of killing, in my eyes, the biggest match at WrestleMania this year. If you bring half the locker room to ringside on Sunday, what’s the point in Brock Lesnar showing up?? What chance does he stand??

Vince smiles, and shrugs off the question.

Mr. McMahon: You worry too much Eric. This Sunday, isn’t about Brock Lesnar standing a chance. I don’t want him to. Sunday at WrestleMania is about sending a message. It’s a message to Lesnar, Cena, Christian, Shawn Michaels, Rob Van Dam … and every other superstar, and every member of staff in this company, including you.

McMahon looks deep into the eyes of the Raw GM, making sure his point is made.

Mr. McMahon: There’s a line you don’t cross. And when you do?? You pay for it.

Vince changes his serious scowl, to a slight smile, continuing his speech to Eric.

Mr. McMahon: Brock Lesnar pays … and he pays royally this Sunday. And Steve Austin … he pays tonight.

The smile develops across the face of Vince, with Eric not smiling back.

Mr. McMahon: Anything else??

Bischoff, knowing his point is lost, just shrugs in response.

Mr. McMahon: Good. Because now that we’ve got that out of the way, I actually might require you’re services on Sunday, just as a precaution.

Vince puts his arm around Eric, as the two walk away, with the camera missing the conversation from this point.

Back into the arena…


John Cena bounds onto the stage, pumping the fans up, set to be in action, less than 48 hours from WrestleMania.

Michael Cole: Indeed the time is now, John Cena, the World Heavyweight Champion, meets RVD, the WWE Champion. Regardless of the outcome tonight, both men will walk out with their title in tact, but a loss on Sunday, wont be so easy to forget.

Tazz: And in the case of Van Dam, he doesn’t even need to be pinned to lose his belt. Triple Threat rules give the champ no advantage whatsoever.

Cena enters the ring, pulling off his t-shirt, and throwing it to the fans, as he waits for his opponent.


The WWE Champion enters, nodding along to his music, taking in a terrific ovation from the on looking fans.

Michael Cole: You are looking at the WWE Champion, but is it to be for the last time on Smackdown?? Rob Van Dam has been a tremendous champion for the last seven months, and he’ll do everything in his power to make sure it stays that way on Sunday. But, tonight, he’ll need to focus on John Cena. It’s champion vs. champion, and it’s live … NEXT!!!


Main Event: Non-Title Match; CHAMPION VS CHAMPION:
Rob Van Dam vs. John Cena
Disappointing match up joined in progress, with both men playing it ultra safe, this close to WrestleMania, neither wanting to get injured so near the big event. It lots of safe headlocks early on, with both men trading places on the mat, then breaking away, taking a moment to size each other up again, before locking up once more. Cena gets the better of the exchange this time, and overpowers RVD onto the mat.

Van Dam struggles to break free from the grip of Cena, but manages to slip out of the World Champions clutches, as the match begins to slightly develop, with RVD catching Cena off guard with a spin kick, following up for a two count. Van Dam remains in control, keeping Cena grounded, and long enough to deliver the split legged moonsault for a two count. Van Dam sees the condition of Cena, and decides to go for broke, looking for the crowd pleasing Rolling Thunder … BUT CENA MOVES OUT OF THE WAY!!!

Cena avoids the Rolling Thunder, and begins to take over, hitting a succession of clotheslines, then the Throwback, scoring a near fall on that. Cena then attempts the patented FU … BUT RVD ROLLS OFF THE BACK … and then dropkicks Cena into the corner!!! Quickly, the WWE Champion follows in, and hit’s the Monkey Flip, using the move to set up the Five Star Frog Splash … BUT CENA JUMPS UP … AND CATCHES RVD UP TOP!!! The two men trade blows on the top rope, with Cena looking to hit a superplex, but Van Dam fighting it with everything he’s got, desperate to avoid such a high impact move.

The two men battle at the top, seemingly for an eternity, trading blows, teasing a fall either way, and RVD having to fight off constant attempts at a superplex, and the tease all boils down to one thing … INTERFERENCE FROM EDGE!!! The Rated ‘R’ Superstar STORMS INTO THE RING … AND CROTCHES … BOTH MEN ON THE TOP TURNBUCKLE!!! Instantly, the bell is called for, and the disappointing spectacle is called off.
Winner: No Contest @ 10:36

Almost as if in slow motion, both men tumble onto the canvas, whilst Edge sets himself, waiting for either man to reach his feet, with Cena slowly pulling himself up … AND GETS A SPEAR!!! Revenge for the chair shot on Raw!!! Edge gets one over on Cena, but didn’t come out for him … he came for RVD.

Edge perches himself, lowering down in the corner, willing the WWE Champion up, AND GOES FOR A SPEAR … BUT IS KICKED AWAY BY VAN DAM!!! RVD kicks one of his two challengers away, with Edge reeling. Van Dam now takes the opportunity, AND TACKLES EDGE DOWN!!! The two men roll around on the canvas, rolling to the outside, trading blows, back and forth, neither letting up!!!

On the stage now, we see a smiling Chris Jericho, arms folded, watching on as his two opponents beat the hell out of one another at ringside, bounding each others heads off the steel steps, not holding back an inch, toppling over the barricade AND INTO THE CROWD!!!

Jericho meanwhile, has a HUGE grin across his face, loving the brawl he’s witnessing, seeing the two men he meets on Sunday take all their energy out on each other right now, unlike him, looking to conserve his energy until Sunday. The fight continues through the crowd, with officials running after them, looking to break the fight up, whilst Jericho cant stop smiling on the stage. Jericho turns, and walks to the back, shaking his head, still smiling to no end.

Meanwhile, as he leaves … CHRISTIAN ENTERS!!! Captain Charisma, without music, enters the arena, walking with a purpose down the aisle, whilst Cena is still out from the Spear. Captain Charisma walks around ringside, picking up the World Championship, and a steel chair, taking another look at Cena, as he gets inside the ring.

Christian stands inside the ring, dropping the title beside Cena, then stands over him with the steel chair, watching Cena as he pulls himself to his feet …

The Number One Contender readies himself as Cena slowly climbs to his feet, using the ropes to finally get there, and turns around … AND JUMPS BACK, SEEING CHRISTIAN WITH THE CHAIR!!!

Cena looks shocked by the sight of Christian, with Captain Charisma pushing the chair into the chest of Cena, allowing Cena to grab it … THEN CHRISTIAN TURNS HIS BACK!!!

Christian spreads his arms out, as if to goad Cena to hit him with the chair from behind, as Cena takes a look to the fans, furious at the antics of Christian, allowing Cena a free shot, with the Rumble winner desperate to prove that Cena is a snake in the grass.

Cena turns, and asks for a mic, getting it from Chimmel, then walks towards Christian, grabbing his arm and spinning Captain Charisma around to face him, with the fans cheering as both men are now face to face. Cena brings the mic to his mouth, ready to address the man he meets on Sunday.

John Cena: You think I’m just gonna take this chair and take the cheap shot??

Cena takes a look at the chair, then at Christian, and pushes the chair into the chest of Christian, giving it back to him.

John Cena: Keep it. I wont need it.

The fans come alive for that comment, but it’s a mixed response, with the fans split between the two mega-faces. Christian smiles, taking a look at the chair, as Cena bends down, picking up the title belt.

John Cena: You want me to show my true colours?? You want to see the ‘real’ John Cena?? This Sunday … you’ll get the real John Cena.

Cena gets a cheer from his die hard fans, and nods his head along with the acknowledgment.

John Cena: You goin one on one with a guy that aint gonna back down, and he aint gonna quit.

Cena nods, looking to his fans in the crowd, whilst Christian listens intently.

John Cena: I FEAR NOTHING … AND I REGRET LESS!!! … And this Sunday, at WrestleMania, you’ll get the very best John Cena that there is.

The champ steps into Christians face.

John Cena: And that’s the real John Cena.

Cena presses the mic into the chest of Christian, and proceeds to leave, but as he gets to the ropes … Christian grabs his arm!!

The fans pop, as Cena stops in his tracks, moving back inside the ring, with Christian now talking.

Christian: Wait just a second.

Christian and Cena lock eyes again, standing toe to toe in the middle of the ring.

Christian: I’m gonna get the real Cena on Sunday, huh?? The very best of John Cena??

John Cena nods, mouthing ‘Damn Straight’

Christian: That’s all fine and dandy. But just so you know … I don’t think that’ll be enough.

Mixed reaction, with the split in the audience showing their allegiances.

Christian: At WrestleMania … Cena, you’re going to come face to face with a force you’ve never felt. Because while you might think you know all there is to know about me, and you might think that you’ve got the advantage because this isn’t your first main event at WrestleMania … I’m telling ya you’re wrong.

Still face to face, the WrestleMania main event don’t take their eyes off one another.

Christian: You’re facing a totally different animal … you’re going to face a man that wont lie down … you’re going to give everything you’ve got … but you’ll need more.

Cena starts to get fired up himself, feeding off the words of Christian.

Christian: No matter what it is that puts me down. I’ll keep getting up. No matter what you throw at me … I’ll keep coming forward. No matter what … I’ll keep coming back, and I’ll keep getting up, I’ll keep moving forward, and I’ll keep getting in your face.

The peeps in Lafayette let out a big cheer for Christian, whilst Captain Charisma gets even closer to The Champ, almost to illustrate his point.

Christian: Every turn, I’ll be there. Every step, I’ll follow. Every single time you think I’m out … I’ll prove you wrong.

Still face to face, Cena and Christian keep their intense glare locked on one another, whilst the fans soak in the moment.

Christian: You’re not just facing the best of Christian on Sunday … Cena, you’re facing the best you’ve EVER faced.

The fans are almost battling each other, with the Cena fans and Christian fans trying to out cheer the other, as Cena nods at the words from the 2007 Rumble winner.

Christian: This is the culmination of my life’s work … I NEED to beat you Cena … I need to prove to the world that I’m the very best at what I do … and I’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Christian now pushes the mic into the chest of Cena, and prepares to leave … but Cena GRABS HIS ARM!!!
Captain Charisma stops, turning around, looking down at the arm wrapped around his, then looks up at Cena, with the fans popping once more, with Christian waiting for The Champ to speak. Cena lets go of Christians arm, then pulls the title off his shoulder, holding it high.

John Cena: You’d better hope you’re willing to do anything to win this … you’d better be ready to kill … FOR THIS!!!

Stepping RIGHT into Christians face, Cena, with total intensity, ramped up to the maximum, speaks again.

John Cena: Because I … AM WILLING TO DIE … to keep it.

No music, just THE main event this Sunday, face to face, both men refusing to give in to the other.

The fans are almost battling each other, with the Cena fans and Christian fans duelling with chants, as slowly, both men back away from the other, ending the build up, ending the talking, ending the mind games, just as they started six weeks ago … with a simple nod to one another, both ready, both set, both knowing what awaits them this Sunday at WrestleMania.


Back to ringside, as ‘The Saints Are Comin’ plays over the PA.

Michael Cole: Less than forty eight hours to go Tazz. The biggest night in the wrestling calendar is here. Louisiana has been gripped by WrestleMania fever, and can you blame them; in just two days they’ll get to see Americas Most Wanted face the Hardy Boys, with the WWE Tag Team Championships on the line. It’s been one of the most highly anticipated tag team championship matches in recent history, and it shouldn’t disappoint.

Tazz: I’ve been pumped for that one for weeks Cole. Finally, we’re gonna get to see Matt & Jeff face AMW. Will we get the fairytale ending for the Hardy Boys?? Or will it end in a nightmare?? Harris and Storm sure as hell think so.

Michael Cole: Kid Kash, will make his WrestleMania debut, to defend his highly coveted Cruiserweight title against fellow Mania debutant, Brian Kendrick. Kendrick has never held the title, but can he realise his dream, and capture the title in less than forty eight hours.

Tazz: Hey, it’s a dream for Kash too. He’ll be dreaming of making a successful defence of his title, but after his loss tonight, could that play on his mind going into the biggest match of his career??

Michael Cole: The streak is on the line. The Undertaker, puts his undefeated record on the line at WrestleMania against the Wrestling Machine, Kurt Angle. Will the streak move to fifteen and oh, or will Kurt Angle be the first man to slay The Deadman at the Granddaddy of ‘em all??

Tazz: If Angle has one weapon that The Phenom fears Cole, it’s that deadly ankle lock. The Undertaker tapped out at the Survivor Series, and if Angle locks that hold on this Sunday, it’s lights out Deadman, and goodnight to the streak.

Michael Cole: Brent Albright, United States Champion since October, faces the toughest challenge of his reign, as he takes on the Animal, Batista!!!

Tazz: Albright is resourceful, but he’s gonna need to be on top of his game in the Big Easy, because The Animal looks to be damn near unstoppable lately.

Michael Cole: Money in the Bank returns to WrestleMania after an auspicious debut last year. Eight men, four from each respective brand will compete for the briefcase that can bring all the dreams true and a guaranteed shot at a world championship anytime within twelve months.

Tazz: And what a cast of superstars, The Black Diamond Shelton Benjamin, The undefeated Samoan Bulldozer Umaga, Finlay, Randy Orton, Paul London, Charlie Haas, Carlito, and the highest paid superstar on Smackdown, M.V.P. This, is what they call a pick ‘em.

Michael Cole: Well, up until tonight, my pick had been Carlito, but after seeing the teamwork of Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin earlier, I’ve gotta believe that could be the difference maker.

Tazz: Hey, listen, MVP aint undefeated for nothin. He’s the highest paid superstar in Smackdown history, and if you ask me, he’s gonna pick up the Money in the Bank briefcase come Sunday.

Michael Cole: Well Tazz, lets now send it over to Fan Axxess in The Big Easy, where we should be greeted by Good ‘ol J.R and The Coach.

Cut to J.R and Coach at the Fan Axxess event in New Orleans.

Jim Ross: Boomer sooner!!! Hello everybody, and welcome to WWE fan axxess. I’m joined by the Coach, and Coach, we’ve been having a tremendous few days down here in Nawlins, but right now, let’s switch gears here, and focus on the main event, and that’s the big one this Sunday, WrestleMania. Our Smackdown colleagues have made their picks for Money in the Bank, but how about you Coach??

The Coach: I’ve been saying it for weeks old timer, and I think I just heard Michael Cole jump on my bandwagon. Shelton Benjamin IS Money in the Bank, and he’ll be the one leaving New Orleans on Sunday with some extra luggage.

Jim Ross: I’m sticking with Randy Orton, especially after what we just witnessed from him a little earlier. But moving on, and Coach, it’s another of your favourites, MNM, Mercury, Nitro and Melina, putting their gold on the line, and joined by Mister Kennedy, that foursome will face the team of Straight Edge, Rey Mysterio and Alexis Laree!!!

The Coach: Sometimes I wonder if Eric Bischoff has lost his mind. MNM defeated those sore losers time, and time, and time, and time again!!! Worry not though, this Sunday, they, along with Kennedy, are going to beat those four losers once and for all, and leave WrestleMania with a whole lot of gold!!!

Jim Ross: This is my personal favourite Coach. Brock Lesnar, The Iron Man, for the first time ever, five years in the making, takes on The Game, Triple H. And how about this for a supporting cast; The dastardly McMahon Family Empire, flanked by an assembled WrestleMania Army join Triple H, whilst Stone Cold Steve Austin is set to be the special guest enforcer.

The Coach: I cant wait, but for totally different reasons. Brock Lesnar is in serious need of a trip to the woodshed, and he can bring Austin with him as far as I’m concerned.

Jim Ross: Despite the WWE cancelling the proposed Streetfight between Shawn Michaels and Mick Foley at WrestleMania, they WILL take each other on, in an non-sanctioned match. That means anything can happen, and the WWE will not have any type of responsibility, should either man suffer any serious injury.

The Coach: It’s been dubbed the most anticipated match that’ll never happen at WrestleMania. And as difficult as it is to look at Mick Foley lately, I cant help but get excited to see these two tear the SuperDome this Sunday.

Jim Ross: And of course, the unforgettable main event. The Collision Course, which has got the entire city of New Orleans talking, with the World Heavyweight Championship at stake, the champion, John Cena, defends against the white hot, Royal Rumble winner, Captain Charisma Christian.

The Coach: These two are surely ready to rip each others head off. It’s been building for weeks now J.R. Cena and Christian are ready to explode. They nearly did tonight, but after weeks of holding off, these two men aren’t gonna hold back once that bell rings on Sunday.

Jim Ross: It has been a tremendous week so far here in New Orleans, and gentlemen, it’ll be a pleasure to see the pair of you this Sunday at the SuperDome. But for now, I think I’m gonna take in this incredible fan axxess.

The Coach: And I’m gonna walk off quickly. I don’t want to hurt my street cred being seen with you anywhere socially.

And back to Cole and Tazz in Lafayette, as we fade out from New Orleans.

Michael Cole: Well, it looks like J.R and Coach are having a whale of a time this week, and I for one cant wait to join ‘em.

Tazz: I’m headed straight for axxess right after the show Cole.

Michael Cole: But before that, one more match this Sunday, from Smackdown, our main event at WrestleMania, Edge and Chris Jericho will challenge the champion, Rob Van Dam in another WrestleMania first - the first time the WWE Championship will be decided in a triple threat match at a WrestleMania.

Tazz: And the chances of RVD walking away with the title are slim. He doesn’t need to be involved in the decision, he don’t need to be pinned to lose the title, and that’s gotta worry Van Dam, no matter how relaxed or confident he seemed earlier.

Michael Cole: It is WrestleMania 23. It is this Sunday, and it comes from New Orleans for the first time in it’s illustrious history, and ladies and gentlemen, we can promise you now, no one will ever forget the first time that WrestleMania came to the SuperDome.


Michael Cole: We know what this means Tazz. The Chairman of the Board is about to grace us with his presence.

Tazz: This could get ugly once Austin shows up Cole.

Michael Cole: After the horrific beating that you and I witnessed last week on Brock Lesnar at the hands of Triple H, are we set to witness take two, with Stone Cold ready to confront the McMahon Family Empire, backed up of course, by the WrestleMania Army??

Tazz: It is a very, very real possibility Cole.

Mr. McMahon steps out, onto the stage, garnering a huge heel reception, still wearing his wig … and followed by the massive entourage commonly referred to, as the WrestleMania Army.

Michael Cole: He certainly has not come alone. Mister McMahon is joined by his daughter Stephanie, his son Shane, the Problem Solver Tyson Tomko, and perhaps more importantly … that WrestleMania Army.

Tazz: No Triple H though Cole. Where the heck is The Game??

The massive group surrounds the ringside area, whilst Vince gets in the ring, along with Stephanie, Shane and Tomko. The Chairman is handed a mic, as the music dies down, allowing him to speak.

Mr. McMahon: Everyone should be aware of why we’re here. A certain Stone Cold Steve Austin-

Huge pop for the mention of the Texas Rattlesnake.

Mr. McMahon: SHADDUP!!!

Heat for Vince, who calms, and fixes his jacket, allowing the fans to die down, before starting again.

Mr. McMahon: Our esteemed special guest enforcer has requested our presence this evening, and the McMahon Family is only too pleased to oblige … after all … it’s not like we’ve been busy this week … not since what happened last week … right here … on Smackdown.

Vince shows a sinister grin, hinting at the beating to Lesnar last Friday, as the fans give him heat.

Mr. McMahon: In fact, with Lesnar out of the picture this past week, we’ve been looking for something to occupy our time.

Still smiling, Vince ignores cat calls from the fans.

Mr. McMahon: But before I get to you Austin, I’d like to take this moment to make an announcement … you see, whilst of course, Triple H will be joined at ringside by his family …

Vince opens his arm out, as if to direct the attention to the Empire.

Mr. McMahon: And, as you’ll all be aware … the WrestleMania Army.

Heat for the mention of the massive group.

Mr. McMahon: But there is one more party missing. One more member of this entourage that isn’t here tonight … but will be at WrestleMania, joining us, joining the McMahon Family Empire.

Vince waits for the fans to simmer down, looking to Shane and Stephanie, who both nod in approval.

Mr. McMahon: And that … is the soon to be, WWE Hall of Famer … IRON MIKE TYSON!!!

Mixture of a massive pop, with hints of boos from the fans, as the group around the ring all look impressed.

No one though, is more impressed than Vince.

Mr. McMahon: How brilliant am I, huh??

McMahon gloats over himself, with Shane patting his Dad on the back.

Mr. McMahon: But, there is one man more important than all the others … the man that this Sunday will finish off Brock Lesnar once and for all. The man responsible for destroying the so-called Iron Man last week … and that man … is Triple H.

Heat for the mere mention of The Game.

Mr. McMahon: Triple H?? Please. Join us…


All attention switches to the stage, as Triple H slowly enters, wearing a t-shirt and jeans, getting massive heat from the white hot live audience. The Game doesn’t spit his water, just carrying it to the ring, as the Army makes room for him to walk through, and enter the ring, joining the remainder of the Empire.

Vince hands the mic off to Triple H, who waits for the music to die down, soaking up the heat from the fans, eventually speaking over them.

Triple H: For those of you who watched Raw last Monday … don’t buy into anything that you heard from Paul Heyman. Be rest assured, Brock Lesnar will be a broken man this Sunday in New Orleans.

The camera zooms in, as Triple H hammers home his point.

Triple H: I just left enough of him last week, for him to make it to WrestleMania.

Triple H looks around, trying to get some sort of reaction.

Triple H: But on Sunday … I’ll finish him once and for all.

Removing his glasses, The Game pays attention to the fans reaction.

Triple H: But that’s Sunday. Tonight though … tonight, it’s the turn of Stone Cold Steve Austin.

The fans pop for another mention of Austin.

Triple H: And lets make no mistake about it, we’re not going to leave you with anything to make it to Sunday.

Around the ring, the group of stars nod in agreement.

Triple H: You stuck your nose in where it wasn’t needed, or wanted. Well tonight, Austin, WE are gonna put a stop to it.

Looking around, Triple H points to the Army on the outside.

Triple H: So how about we put an end to this right now. Austin, why don’t you bring your sorry ass out here now, and stick your nose in our business for the very last time.

The Game turns, and looks towards the entrance … waiting.

And waiting.



The Cajundome rocks, as the one and only, STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN makes a spectacular entrance, walking onto the stage … but stays there. Austin, the special guest enforcer this Sunday, takes a look down the aisle, seeing the massive group of superstars surrounding the ring. He pulls a mic out of his short jeans back pocket, but soaks up the adulation before speaking.

Steve Austin: Sounds like we got ourselves a rowdy bunch in Lafayette tonight!!!

Austin gets another rousing pop from the fans, as he shows a glimpse of a smile, before turning his attention to the ring.

Steve Austin: Now all I’ve been hearin for the last week is the same old crap. "The McMahon Family Empire used you as bait Steve", "Stone Cold, Triple H used you to set up Brock Lesnar", "Does that not piss you off??"

Austin suddenly stops.

Steve Austin: You’re damn right it does.

Cheers from the fans, as Austin glares down the ramp.

Steve Austin: Triple H, you little rat bastard, you, of all people oughta know, that if you’re gonna use Steve Austins name, you’d better be called Steve Austin, or you’d better be talking about the Six Million Dollar Man on the TV show, and not Stone Cold.

Austin, as serious as a heart attack, continues to glare down the aisle.

Steve Austin: And as if I wasn’t pissed off enough with that, I hear you and Kojak there-

Stone Cold stops, and allows the fans to laugh at Vince.

Steve Austin: I hear the pair of ya flappin ya little gums, talkin about what you’re gonna do to Stone Cold Steve Austin in Lafayette tonight.

Quick cheap pop from the fans.

Steve Austin: Well son, if you think you can intimidate good ‘ol Stone Cold with those pieces of trash, walking around callin themselves an army … EH EH!!!

Pop from the fans.

Steve Austin: If there’s one thing Stone Cold Steve Austin enjoys more than whippin one mans ass, it’s opening up a can of whoop ass on a couple dozen guys!!!

More cheers.

Steve Austin: But if there’s one thing Stone Cold likes even more than whipping ass … it’s drinkin beer!!

Another pop.

Steve Austin: And the longer you bunch of sorry sons of bitches keep me back from drinking a few cold ones, the more you piss me off!!!

In the ring, we see Triple H calling Austin to the ring, begging him down.

Steve Austin: So if you wanna see Stone Cold Steve Austin open up a can of whoop ass on Triple H, Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon, Stephanie, that big bald bastard, and every other sumbitch down that aisle … GIMME A HELL YEAH!!!


Steve Austin: OHHHH HELL YEAHHHH!!!!!

Stone Cold drops the mic, and sets himself for a moment, getting himself pumped, ready to take on the dozens of men at ringside, but then …





The Cajundome COMES TO IT’S FEET!!! Brock Lesnar appears through the curtain, and doesn’t stop for a single second, wielding a steel chair, the Iron Man bounds directly ahead … CHARGING THROUGH THE BACK OF AUSTIN, KNOCKING THE RATTLESNAKE OVER, LIKE HE WASN’T THERE!!!

In the ring, the McMahon Family Empire look like they’ve seen a ghost with Vince barking orders at the bodies around ringside, telling them to get Lesnar.

The Iron Man continues down the aisle, towards the ring, and is met by Deuce and Domino … as Deuce pushes Domino in front … AND HE GETS NAILED WITH THE STEEL CHAIR!!! Deuce freezes after seeing the sick, deafening chair shot … AND TAKES ONE HIMSELF!!!

Two down … and two more follow, as Trevor and Festus Murdoch are next in line, getting hammered with the chair!!! Lesnar is like a beast, smashing anything that moves his way, as Jamie Noble is next to feel his wrath, taking a sick chair shot, with Rob Conway getting hammered too!!!

The WrestleMania Army is dropping like flies … and we even see some of the rats fleeing the sinking ship!!! The Basham Brothers hop the guardrail, as does Santino Marella and the three attending members of the New Wave!!!

Lesnar reaches the bottom of the ramp, and is met by possibly his biggest threat to creating carnage … MARK HENRY!!!

Henry manages to grab the chair, and overpowers the Iron Man, TAKING THE CHAIR FROM HIM!!! … BUT LESNAR PUNCHES THE CHAIR INTO HENRYS FACE!!! The Worlds Strongest Man staggers back, as Orlando Jordan and Rodney Mack look to attack … BUT GET HAMMERED WITH A SICK DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE TURNING BOTH OF THEM INSIDE OUT!!!!!


It’s pandemonium inside the Cajundome, with Brock Lesnar systematically destroying the WrestleMania Army!!!

The Iron Man gets back up, and instantly turns his attention to the ring, looking to finally get his hands on Triple H … BUT PAUL BURCHILL ATTACKS LESNAR!!! The Englishman pounds the back of Lesnar, looking to weaken him, but as he turns him around … BROCK SCOOPS BURCHILL UP … AND DRILLS HIM WITH AN F5!!!!!

Now, Lesnar hops up, and pushes around the timekeepers table, grabbing himself another steel chair, and pushes back out of the sea of staff bodies, AND CRACKS IT OVER THE HEAD OF TYSON TOMKO!!!!!

The camera now shows the majority of victims now crawling AWAY from the ring, up the ramp, BAILING ON THEIR BOSS TO AVOID ANOTHER BEATING FROM LESNAR!!!

Now, Lesnar is left with a free run into the ring, with no more bodyguards to help the McMahon Family Empire!!! Vince orders Shane to get Lesnar, with Shane almost ready to plead with his Dad not to make him.

He’s too late though, as Brock walks up the steps, whilst Triple H looks around, his eyes darting all over the place, looking for a saviour … AND THE BROTHERHOOD ATTACK LESNAR FROM BEHIND!!!

Jordan and Mack knock Brock off the steps, and stumbling into the barrier, with the duo staying on top of the Iron Man, putting the boots to him, with Shane hopping out of the ring to help. Whilst there, Shane looks under the ring, pulling out Triple H’s trusty sledgehammer, shoving it into the ring, as we might just get a repeat of last weeks assault.

OJ and Rodney now roll Lesnar into the ring, leaving him at the mercy of The Game once more, with Shane and Vince grabbing the Iron Man holding him on his knees, as Triple H grabs Brock by the face, talking trash.

The Game then takes a few steps back, winding up with the hammer, looking to crack Lesnars skull … BUT LESNAR SURGES TO HIS FEET … THROWS VINCE AND SHANE OFF … AND RIPS THE SLEDGEHAMMER FROM TRIPLE H!!!!!


Triple H joins Stephanie on the outside, but with Lesnar locking his eyes on his opponent this Sunday, SHANE RATTLES HIM FROM BEHIND WITH A STIFF CHAIR SHOT … AND LESNAR SWINGS AROUND … NO SELLING THE CHAIR SHOT FROM SHANE!!!!!

The fans go crazy, as Brock begins to stalk Shane into the corner, but as he does, HE FAILS TO SPOT TOMKO BACK IN THE RING … AND HE JUMPS LESNAR FROM BEHIND!!! Jordan and Mack, along with Vince and Shane join in … BUT LESNAR FIGHTS TO HIS FEET.


Austin grabs Tomko, knocking him down with a big right hand, then catches Shane as he comes toward him, with a kick to the gut, STUNNER!!!

Lafayette is going ape shit, as Austin jumps to his feet … AND CRASHES ONTO TOMKO WITH A LOU THESZ PRESS!!! He lets fly with right hands to Tomko on the mat, whilst Lesnar fights off OJ, Mack and Vince!!!

Lesnar throws Vince out of the ring, whilst Austin on the other side of the ring stomps a mudhole on Tomko, WALKING IT DRY!!! Stone Cold then dumps the so-called Problem Solver out of the ring, and spots Jordan getting to his feet … STUNNER!!! Austin then attacks Rodney Mack, opening a can of whoop ass on him too in the corner!!!

Brock meanwhile, has the sledgehammer in his hands, keeping his eyes locked on the shocked Triple H, and the Iron Man breaks the signature weapon of The Game, right over his knee!!!

The fans are going buck daft, as Lesnar chucks the remains of the weapon towards the direction of Triple H, as Austin sets up to clothesline Rodney out of the ring, backing up … accidentally into Lesnar … who spins around … and out of instinct … LESNAR SCOOPS HIM UP … F5 TO AUSTIN!!!!!

For a split second, there is a hushed silence inside the Cajundome, as Lesnar jumps up, and looks down on the body he just F5’d … STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN!!!

Brock looks up, realising what he’s just done … AND DOESN’T SEEM TO CARE!!!!!

Lesnar turns away, and fixes his focus back on Triple H, showing no remorse for his F5 on Austin … possibly thinking of it as a receipt for the stunner two weeks ago.

Orlando Jordan and Rodney Mack have disappeared from view by now, most definitely a wise move, given the mood Lesnar is in.

In the ring, the Iron Man leans over the ropes, pointing at Triple H, barking at him, telling him he’s only got 48 hours to go.

Michael Cole: MY WORD!!! You can feel the emotion, you can feel the tension Tazz. You can feel the hatred, that has been brewing between Lesnar and Triple H. It all comes to a head on Sunday, at WrestleMania!!!

Tazz: Look at the damn carnage!!! Brock Lesnar has just left a trail of devastation, all to get a shot at one man. Think about what he’ll do once he gets his hands on The Game this Sunday!!!

The McMahon Family Empire stagger up the ramp to safety, whilst Triple H remains halfway up the ramp, looking back at Lesnar, getting a final look at his crazed opponent on Sunday, who is still yelling from the ring like a maniac.

Michael Cole: And think about the F5 to Stone Cold!!! What type of effect will that have on what goes down at WrestleMania?? Has Brock Lesnar just committed what Vince McMahon said he would … career suicide!!!???

Tazz: This is crazy Cole!!! This is nuts!!!

Slowly, The Game backs up, saying nothing, but looking ready, knowing the task that awaits him on Sunday, possibly now believing what Paul Heyman told him on Raw this past Monday.

Michael Cole: One thing is for sure Tazz, the WrestleMania army has been well and truly disbanded tonight!!! Brock Lesnar just destroyed a whole army. And for the ones that he didn’t, it was only because they ran for their lives!!!

Tazz: My God Cole. Just look at the eyes of the Iron Man. This guy is a damn beast, and he’s gonna be let loose this Sunday at WrestleMania.

Regrouped at the top of the ramp, The McMahon Family Empire all now take a final look at the Iron Man, pacing around the ring, walking around like a caged animal, full of intensity, looking ready for WrestleMania to happen right now.

Michael Cole: Ladies and Gentlemen, amidst absolute carnage and destruction, we are signing off. How can you miss WrestleMania after what we just saw here tonight?? It’s this Sunday, it’s on pay per view, and you CANT MISS IT!!! Take a look at the chaos Brock Lesnar has created tonight!!! Imagine what he’ll do on Sunday. Think about the Collision Course for the World Heavyweight Championship between John Cena and Christian. Think about The Undertaker, putting his streak on the line against Kurt Angle. The triple threat match for the WWE Title, Mick Foley and Shawn Michaels. It all boils down to this Sunday. It all comes to a head in New Orleans. It only happens once and year, and it’s ONLY on Pay Per View. It all happens … at WRESTLE MANIAAAA!!!



Final Card for WWE Wrestle Mania XXIII:

Date: 18th March 2007
Location: Superdome, New Orleans, Louisiana
Event Music: U2 & Green Day; The Saints are Coming & Killers; Sams Town

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
World Heavyweight Champion, John Cena vs.
2007 Royal Rumble Winner, Christian

WWE Championship; Triple Threat Match:
WWE Champion, Rob Van Dam vs.
Mr. Money in the Bank, Edge vs.
‘Highlight of the Night’ Chris Jericho

WWE Tag Team Championships Match;
Americas Most Wanted vs. The Hardy Boys

One Fall; Triple Jeopardy Match:
Intercontinental, World Tag Team & Womens Championships all on the line:
Rey Mysterio, CM Punk. Gregory Helms & Alexis Laree vs. Ken Kennedy, Mercury, Nitro & Melina

Cruiserweight Championship Match:
Kid Kash vs. Brian Kendrick

United States Championship Match:
Brent Albright vs. Batista

Money in the Bank Ladder Match:
M.V.P vs. Umaga vs. Paul London vs. Finlay vs. Carlito vs. Randy Orton vs. Charlie Haas vs. Shelton Benjamin

Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar
With The McMahon Family Empire in the corner of Triple H, and ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin as special guest enforcer.

The Irresistible Force vs. The Immovable Object:
Kurt Angle vs. The Undertaker

Non Sanctioned Match:
Mick Foley vs. Shawn Michaels

Hall of Fame Ceremony 2007;
Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, Paul Orndorff, Sensational Sherri, Jim Ross, Tony Atlas, Mike Tyson (Celebrity Wing)



I'll be doing a predictions contest with a 250,000 first prize, but please wait to post predictions until I post the preview. Any predictions posted before then wont be counted.

Some coments on Smackdown would be nice though
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Re: Being The Booker

Brent Albright & Kid Kash vs. Batista & Brian Kendrick: Good match to start off the show. Brent Albright shows some cowardliness as he doesn't want to face Batista and eventually Albright escapes the match altogether. Looking forward to how this comes to an end at WrestleMania.

MVP/Orton/Finlay Promo: Haha, good promo with MVP's plans backfiring. Finlay lines seemed out of place (maybe, idk if he has gotten too much mic time since I stopped watching), but still a nice little segment.

Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin vs. Carlito & Paul London: Nice to see TWGTT get a victory in their short reunion, I like both of them a lot. Looking forward to see if they work as a team at WrestleMania.

Edge Promo: Nice promo to get Edge's face on TV before WrestleMania as he hypes up his victory for WrestleMania.

The Hardy Boys vs. The Basham Brothers
: Nice little match to put The Hardy Boys over before their match at WrestleMania.

AMW Promo: Really good promo with AMW mocking The Hardy Boys. I am really looking forward to this match as it looks like the tag team division will get a well deserved match for WrestleMania.

Rob Van Dam Promo: A little promo undermining RVD's mic potential, but he made it clear that it isn't about words and that he plans to put down the critics at WrestleMania.

Kurt Angle vs. Snitsky: Another squash match for tonight. Kurt Angle gets his victory, but this match is just here to set up for...

Kurt Angle/Undertaker Segment: ...The brawl between Angle and Taker before their match at WrestleMania. Both men had a nice bit of control and though you could call this a stalemate, I say Angle just gained the upper hand.

Chris Jericho Segment: And now all three men give their views on the upcoming match for WrestleMania. I just hope at least one of them gets mic time for the big one due to all three having great skills when it comes to the interview.

Umaga w/ Armando Estrada vs. M.V.P: Finlay actually does come to the aid of MVP and afterwards we have a huge battle in the ring to build up the ladder match. Randy Orton defiantly seems like the favorite for the ladder match, but we shall see if someone can make an upset victory over the Legen...Career Killer.

Eric/Vince Promo: Eric tries to convince Vince to make this match fair so that a major match in history won't be ruined, but Vince ignores this by saying not to cross the boss. A nice measure of suspense regarding what exactly Vince is talking about for assistance.

Rob Van Dam vs. John Cena: A hyped main event, but a very predictable finish since this match would of messed with momentum entirely if one was to actually get a clean victory. The run in from Edge sets up a huge brawl before Christian comes in for his promo with Cena.

John Cena/Christian Promo: A great promo hyping up the main event for WrestleMania. This promo really got me excited for WrestleMania's main event and I can't wait to see what goes down in the 23rd Anniversary's Main Event.

WrestleMania Hype: Greatly executed promo to build up the matches at WrestleMania and I like the last line from Coach, haha. Can't wait to see how things unfold for this event.

Cluster of Carnage: Nice segment to end the show and really put in an amazing amount of hype into the match to make it feel like a big time match. Brock Lesnar's domination defiantly made what Heyman said reality and if this is the way he'll be at WrestleMania, Triple H will need an equalizer to get a victory.

Great show and I am really looking forward to WrestleMania. While the matches seemed lack luster for this Smackdown! it all came down to the hype for WrestleMania which this episode defiantly achieved.

I'll post my predictions whenever that is ready and hopefully I can win the $250,000.
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Re: Being The Booker

SD Review!!!

Brent Albright & Kid Kash vs. Batista & Brian Kendrick: Good match to start off SD. Brent Albright shows that he's afraid of facing Batista. I can't wait to see if Batista is gonna be winning the US title at WM.

MVP/Orton/Finlay Promo: This was a cool promo. I loved how MVP was trying to weasel his way out of facing Umaga. But I still think that they are gonna try to take out Umaga after his match with MVP.

Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin vs. Carlito & Paul London: Good match. I always like when you the WGTT together since I loved when they were a tag team. I was surprised that no one from the MITB match came down to start a brawl but I guess you saved it for the Umaga/MVP match.

Edge Promo: Great promo. I love how Edge kept saying that he is going to win HIS title at WM. I have a feeling he's gonna win at WM but I hope you surprise people and have Jericho win.

The Hardy Boys vs. The Basham Brothers: All this match was is to put The Hardys over before their WM match. And to tell you the truth, I never really like The Basham Brothers much so I was ok with seeing them be a stepping stone.

AMW Promo: Nice promo here from AMW. I liked how cocky they were towards their their match coming up with The Hardys. I can't wait to see who wins at WM.

RVD Promo: Nice promo here from RVD. I like how he mentioned that nobody has taking him seriously yet even though he's had the title for 7 months. It would be a shocker if he were to retain his title at WM.

Kurt Angle vs. Snitsky: Nothing much to really say about this match other than I can't wait for Undertaker to come out lol.

Kurt Angle/Undertaker Segment: I was surprised that you had them fight again so close to WM. and when you did have them fight, I thought Angle was gonna leave Taker laid out which I was wrong again lol. You have build this match up perfectly leading into WM. Like I've said before, If this match is anywhere near the quality of the match they had at NWO 2006 it has a big chance of stealing the show.

Jericho Segment: IMO, I think this is the best promo out of the 3 hyping the SD main event at WM. I thought Jericho came out perfect in this promo.

Umaga vs. MVP: I knew this would be the match that would lead into the brawl with all the people from MITB. I was surprised though that Orton came out looking out strong in the end. Since you did that, I'm starting to think that there will be a surprise winner.

Bishoff/Vince Promo: I was surprised that Bishoff actually tried to stand up to Vince and try to make the Brock/HHH match just one on one. I do wonder what Vince wants Bishoff to help him with.

John Cena vs RVD: Nice main event. I knew there was gonna be some interference in this match at the end but I thought Jericho would be the one to come out, not Edge. I liked how Jericho just stood in this stage and watched Edge and RVD tear at each other.

John Cena/Christian Promo: Great promo to finish their buildup for WM. I think this is the best promo you've come up with for this feud. It really made me hyped up to see who would win the match between these 2 at WM. I just hope it's Christian that wins lol.

Brock/HHH/Austin Segment: Perfect way to end SD. You know I was one of the people bugging you to do the Brock/HHH feud. And I actually think it has paid off in the end. This has been the biggest feud leading into WM. This was an awesome segment to finish the buildup leading into WM. I love how Brock tore his way through everybody but just missed getting his hands on HHH. I also liked that Brock gave Austin the F5. It was a nice revenge for the stunner he got 2 weeks ago and it sets up alot of suspense. I can't wait to see Brock/HHH to go at it at WM!!!

So, this is the end of the road to WM. The buildup has been awesome, now I can't wait to read it to see if it lives up to the hype. I'll definitely be putting up predictions once you put up the WM preview.

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Re: Being The Booker

Really no shock to see Albright leave Kash hanging dry, figures to be something that Albright would indeed do. I think having Batista and Kendrick win works out well and I figure we'll be seeing one, if not both of them, get the titles come WrestleMania. I'd be completely shocked if one didn't win a title so I think you made the right decision by having them go over tonight. It could have went either way as well too.

I had to take a double take when I saw Finlay and Orton speaking but then I remembered a few weeks back you said that these shows were going to be Raw and SD together. Pretty much just like the promo I read the other day with the superstars wanting to take Umaga out. Just the basic stuff.

Ok, decent tag team match and kind of surprise we haven't really had a big promo yet. If the announcers weren't talking about WrestleMania constantly, it would feel like just a normal show heading into a smaller PPV tbh. Either way, I totally enjoyed the WGTT reunion and despite the commentators saying they could work together this week, I'm too smart to know that they are not going to. It'll start out first and then it will break down between the two partners is what I think. But being honest, I don't think any of the four men in this match stand a chance at MITB tbh.

Mkay, well Edge's promo was rather formulaic and Edge-like. The basic cashing in MITB promo basically is what it was to me and he did convince me that the might take the title at WM. I'd like to see it happen since he's had MITB this long but I wonder what you're going to do. It could be any one of the three men winning the match so I really wonder where this is going.

Hmmm, well no surprise on the Hardy's victory. AMW's promo afterwards was really nothing special, IDK yet but the show doesn't seem "that impressive" just yet like it should heading into WrestleMania. Most of these shows feature mainly just squash matches and that's what we've gotten but the promos haven't been as outstanding as they normally are tbh. Next, RVD's promo was ok but really I enjoyed Edge's better. I can't see RVD walking back home with the title but I mean anything is indeed possible.

Easy win for Angle and I must say that this brawl did indeed heat up the show and add a little bit more flavor to it. Good thing to see both men play it safe and not push one person over the other too much. I've said it all along that Angle has looked the biggest threat to Undertaker that I've ever actually seen booked in BTB at least in my opinion but it's not going to happen. He doesn't need to end the streak at all as we know Angle's track record but he will indeed look VERY strong at WrestleMania. Moving on to Jericho, I like how he talked about what the other two have said. Something different there and I really don't see him being the one ethat is going to win at WrestleMania. It seems either RVD or Edge to me but I mean Jericho just might do it. I just wouldn't put my money on him mots likely though.

Glad you kept both undefeated, makes sense as no need to make them lose their streaks just yet. That can be done at a later time. Either way, saw the brawl coming and it ended just the way I thought it would with the veteran Orton coming out on top. I think Orton is too good to be true to win the match but I can;t really place who I think is going to win the match.

I must say it was a good main event and the promo afterwards didn't really stand out among all of the other promos but the intensity was great. I think Christian deserves the title after all he's been through in this thread and that he's finally going to earn the title. Cena's had enough runs in here but if Christian doesn't win the title, I'd be very disappointed.

GREAT WAY to end the show I must say. It worked out well and definitetly added that last little piece to hype WrestleMania that made it a GREAT show. The show started out slow at first but picked up towards the end and I must say that it was great. I can't help but think that Lesnar and Austin are going to definitely be going at it come Sunday and that we're in for one HELL of a chance for a fight.

Ok, well I hate that I'm going to be gone whenever WrestleMania goes up but know that it will be my priority to read it when I get back. I'm looking forward to the PPV but I am also looking forward to seeing what you've got planned for AFTER the PPV as I've spoke to you about before. I can't wait to see what goes on at the biggest show of the year and I'm sorry I probably won't be able to drop predictions unless it goes up this weekend before I leave.
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Re: Being The Booker

Smackdown! Feedback

Interesting way to kick off the final show before WM23. I guess it makes sense, as you wanna save the big stuff for later on, but I still thought we’d see a little more star power in the opening segment. Good match between these four men, ending up playing out in a pretty basic sense, with the smaller face {Kendrick} getting dominated before Batista finally comes in and cleans house. Good final build for both feuds, as Albright continues to avoid The Animal, and Kid Kash must come back from this to take on Kendrick in two days. Despite not liking this match kicking things off, you did a great job in providing some more build for two midcard feuds. Well done.

Very funny way for MVP to end up biting the bullet and go against Umaga later in the show. Even the heels don’t like how cocky he is, so they end up turning it on him, with Orton showing the most brains by giving a good reason why Porter should do it. Sadly, these two won’t have a very long match and a clear winner probably won’t be decided, with neither looking bad before MITB.

Probably the best undercard match on SD in a very long time, as the way that these four men meshed was just phenomenal. Haas and Shelton obviously have more tag team experience, so it wasn’t a shock to see them dominate the match in the early going. But the way that you have developed Carlito and London over the past couple of months made them lovable faces that were just ready to come back. The ending was very well done, as I thought maybe TWGTT wouldn’t win, seeing London and Carlito start to get into a rhythm, but the cheating by Charlie and Shelton sealed the deal, with Carlito getting screwed. I see Haas and Benjamin briefly working together on Sunday, but that won’t last very long.

Vintage “crazy” Edge here, as you did a really good job getting his point across in a short amount of time. It’s all been said by now, so he’s pretty much just restating the facts. He’s been around for so long and he’s yet to win a World Title. Blame it on injuries, bad luck, or being overlooked, but the fact still remains that he will be ready to go at WM23. Good close to the promo, as it looks like all that frustration will end on Sunday, as he’s ready for pretty much anything.

The WrestleMania Army has actually been an idea that’s grown on me over the past two shows. I love how everything is stacked against Lesnar. Now Austin is going to have to deal with the huge group, and that could cause some huge trouble. I have a feeling that this angle is going to close out the show, and that should be something to see.

I’m getting kinda tired of all these Hardy squash matches that we’ve seen over the past few weeks. I just thought you’d have a better way of getting us excited about this match, because the build has been a little lackluster. Perfect momentum builder for Matt and Jeff but I was more impressed with AMW on the mic. I know that it was only a couple of lines from both men, but they did the heel thing to perfection and now the time to talk is over. Despite the build not being all that great, the match between these two teams could steal the show on Sunday.

Glad that the Van Dam interview was kept pretty short, as talking is usually the last thing on his mind. Same thing we’ve been hearing for a while, that he’s been written off and overlooked. Loved the “ass is grass” line, pretty symbolic of RVD right there. Obviously Jericho still has some talking to do later, and after the Main Event the build for this one will be complete.

Should be Snitsky’s final match in the company, as we are now ready to see the hottest wrestler in the company (Angle), take on the most dominant WrestleMania wrestler the world’s ever seen (‘Taker). The build has been top notch and the victory by Angle followed by the brawl that ended without anyone getting a great advantage. This has been so much different than most of ‘Taker’s WM feuds, so it’s good to see you take a different direction. It’s all gonna come down to how Angle really reacts to the big stage, and that will determine if the streak is broken.

I am pretty surprised that you took the Jericho promo in the direction that you did. He’s always been so cocky that it’s good to see this vulnerable side. He certainly has had a number of big losses the last few times that he’s been at ‘Mania, and that’s gonna surely be a tough thing for him to overcome. But I liked the optimism that he showed, talking about knowing that he wants it more than his opponents, and he is ready to right the wrongs of WrestleMania past. The intensity was there, but the confidence wasn’t, which is still a good thing, because we have now seen three completely different promos from these men tonight. Great job in getting the final hype going.

Obviously the match between MVP and Umaga was never going to get that physical, as we weren’t going to see a streak end, and it was good that it didn’t last two minutes. Finlay comes down to the ring and now the beatdown begins, just like both these men wanted to do all week. Everyone comes down and this is a great way to build the MITB. Umaga dominates for a short time, but Orton is the last man standing, reinforcing what I’ve been thinking since he was announced for the match, he won’t be winning this one. TOO big of a name, imo. My money’s now on MVP or London, as they are both potential World Champions that just need that little push up the card, which is what this briefcase can provide. Great interaction between all eight men this entire time, as you’ve really outdone yourself as compared to last year’s build.

Just a little promo to allow Vince to make his point about the WrestleMania Army. I actually liked that Eric cared about the integrity of the match, as he usually just sides with Vince as of late. Now Vince has something to talk to Easy E about? Wonder what that could possibly be…

This match was never going to be as good as we could hope for, since both men are much more concerned about wrestling in two days, so they aren’t going all out tonight. At least you acknowledged that the match was a disappointment, since the WWE would probably overhype it IRL. No big moves go down for either side but it did sound like it was going to pick up after they both were on the top rope … that is until Edge decides to come down and ruin everything. I liked how Jericho didn’t get involved in the brawl at the end, as his character is obviously the smart guy, with Edge always looking to pick a fight and RVD never wanting to back down from one. The brawl into the crowd was a nice touch, as it sets up for what came next…

Christian comes running down to the ring! The free chair shot was a great touch, tbh, because you continue to make Christian want to have Cena show his true colors, and attack him from behind with a weapon. Cena doesn’t do that and instead cuts a pretty good promo, but it was still a little too much like one we’d here from Cena IRL. Anyway, he is just stating that CC better be ready for the very best John Cena, because that’s what he’s gonna get. Pretty basic stuff overall. Christian’s promo was even better, as he plays up the whole “I need to win this” storyline, saying that this is what his career is all about. I thought that was a very nice touch. Cena’s final lines were very well said, as the symmetry in this feud has been perfect, with the simple nod to each other to end the build, as these two never really got physical this whole time.

The final build for WM23 is done, with the entire card being rundown one final time. While there aren’t as many star-studded matches as last year, this is still going to be a mammoth event. MITB and Angle/’Taker are gonna be the two showstealers, imo.

I’m glad that Triple H didn’t come out to the ring with the rest of his WrestleMania Army. A final promo like this before one of the biggest matches of his career, Triple H should come out on his own. Vince did a fantastic job of building up the match and the beatdown that happened last week to Lesnar. Iron Mike with the WrestleMania Army? I gotta think that he’ll turn against them … since he ended up turning on D-X at WM14. Triple H makes his appearance and keeps it pretty short and sweet. He is convinced that Lesnar will barely be able to compete in two days, and now his arrogance shows again by calling out ‘Stone Cold’. And here’s come the Rattlesnake! Austin also keeps his speech short and sweet, as it looks like we are going to have a huge brawl to finish off the time of this show. Austin’s lines were pretty academic, needing to throw the word “beer” in as much as possible, before he gets ready to come down to the ring, as Triple H looks ready to kick his ass. Austin doesn’t even get a chance to go after Triple H, as LESNAR comes out and runs through Austin on his way to the ring! Quite the massive brawl followed, as Lesnar either disposed of everyone, or scared them off. He gets knocked down a few times, but that’s nothing he can’t handle, as some of the things he did were just superhuman. Austin finally gets back into things and it looks like he and Lesnar are working together before … F-5 to Austin! This was the perfect way for this thing to end, since Lesnar doesn’t have any allies, and that becomes clear with the finisher to Austin. Also, great payback for the Stunner a few weeks ago. This was the perfect way for the build for the match to end, as now we know that anything could happen at WM23, and it probably will. Fantastic way to end the show, even though Cole screamed about WrestleMania like a woman.

I guess that’s all she wrote on the Road to WrestleMania 23, and it sure was a hell of show to end on. Lesnar/Triple H has really become the main focus these past few weeks, and that’s a great thing, as the feud has been one of your best ever. Everything else was very well done tonight and I can’t wait to get my predictions up and then read the actual show. Quite the accomplishment that you’ve managed to complete THREE WrestleManias. I’ll be happy just to do one; you’re in a league of your own in terms of booking.


PatMan Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2007
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Re: Being The Booker


I'll be getting around to the reviews I need to do, as always at the weekend, Patman and KOP are the only two I can think of at the moment that have any shows up to review, but there could be others by the weekend.

Anyway ... it's time to open the doors to predictions. Top prize will be 250,000 points. After the preview, I've got the card set out properly, so use that. All predictions are welcome.


Official Preview for WWE WrestleMania XXIII:

18th March 2007

Superdome, New Orleans, Louisiana

Event Music:
U2 & Green Day; The Saints are Coming & Killers; Sams Town

WWE Championship; Triple Threat Match:

WWE Champion,
Rob Van Dam vs.

Mr. Money in the Bank,
Edge vs.

‘Highlight of the Night’
Chris Jericho

For the first time ever in WrestleMania history, the WWE Championship will be decided in a triple threat match, and as the tagline goes, you’ll never forget the first time … especially if Rob Van Dam, Edge and Chris Jericho have anything to do with it. For the champion, March 18 marks his night for validation. Month upon month, victory after victory, Rob Van Dam has continually been written off by the so-called experts. Yet, after coming back from a 3 on 1 disadvantage to retain the title at the Survivor Series, and surviving the devils playground known simply as the Elimination Chamber, not to mention coming out on top in a triple threat match at the Royal Rumble against The Undertaker and Kurt Angle, the experts still are writing Mr. Friday Night off. For the last seven months, Van Dam has taken the criticism, and time after time, has proceeded to shove it down the throats of all his doubters.

Standing in his way of glory though are two men hell bent on proving those doubters right. Edge, for the last eleven months, has held the Money in the Bank briefcase, winning it under controversial circumstances at Backlash, and patiently has waited for his opening to swoop in and cash in his title match. On two previous occasions; Cyber Sunday and Armageddon, directly following Van Dam title defences, Edge looked to take advantage on the weakened champion but on both occasions the plan fell through, with Edge unable to sneak attack RVD. Time, unfortunately for Edge, has ran out, and WrestleMania 23 is his moment of truth, his date with destiny, and he cashes in Money in the Bank at the last possible opportunity. Will the Rated ‘R’ Superstar finally claim that elusive World Championship he has never felt, or has time, simply, ran out for Mister Money in the Bank??

Then, there is the party crasher. Six weeks ago, it appeared to all that another WrestleMania main event had passed Chris Jericho by. Like last year, it looked like Jericho would miss out at the final hurdle, but unlike 2006, Chris Jericho this time, would refuse to be shut out of the equation. Through grit and determination, the self proclaimed King of the World has forced himself into contention, and because of his involvement, the championship is contested under triple threat rules for the first time ever at the Showcase of the Immortals. Jericho though, is no stranger to history. In December 2001, The Highlight of the Night shocked the world, and defeated The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin in the same night to become the first ever Undisputed Champion. In New Orleans, Jericho is looking to make history once again, and win his first world championship in two and a half years. On his road to the SuperDome, Jericho defeated Edge, and has laid waste to his demon of WrestleMania 22, defeating The Undertaker, leaving him to declare that now, he has reached his prime. On Sunday, Jericho aims to reach the pinnacle once again at the biggest show in all of sports entertainment.

Money in the Bank Ladder Match:
M.V.P vs. Umaga vs. Paul London vs. Finlay vs. Carlito vs. Randy Orton vs. Charlie Haas vs. Shelton Benjamin

Of the eight men contesting this second annual Money in the Bank ladder match, only one - Randy Orton - has ever tasted world championship gold. Should one of the other seven men reach the briefcase, he will move one step closer to immortality, with the promise of a title shot, ANYTIME in the following twelve months. Two men; MVP and Umaga, will come in to WrestleMania having never been beaten, but while that fact rings true, the questions remain; has MVP got enough big match experience to pull it off?? And is the 350 pound Samoan Bulldozer capable of climbing a fifteen foot ladder??

Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin, former tag team partners, and both former United States and Intercontinental Champions respectively, come into the match with the type of opportunity that they may never receive again. A guaranteed world championship match. Both men have prospered after going their separate ways, but can either Haas or Benjamin finally leave behind the ‘Worlds Greatest Tag Team’ memories that follow them, and move one step forward to becoming known as the ‘Worlds Greatest World Champion’?? Can the two men reach the next level and break the glass ceiling?? They will never have a better opportunity than the ladder match at WrestleMania.

For Paul London, WrestleMania 23 represents the golden chance for the Golden Boy to deliver on the grandest stage. For the past two years, Paul London has scored some highly impressive victories, and has proven he can hang with the very best in the business, but the doubts still remain over whether he can hang with the very best on a consistent basis. Victory at WrestleMania will provide London with the platform he craves, to go on, and make his ascension from talented youngster, to genuine superstar. Whilst Money in the Bank will provide Paul London with the opportunity to break into the next level, for Finlay, Money in the Bank provides perhaps the final opportunity for the Irishman to realise his lifelong dream of becoming a world champion. For his entire career, the veteran has travelled the world, and fought the best on every continent, never has been hailed as the world champion. For Finlay, the clock is ticking, and with little time left to accomplish his dream, WrestleMania could be the last throw of the dice for the man from Belfast.

Regardless of a win or loss for Randy Orton in New Orleans, the Career Killer is likely to find himself in title contention coming off the heels of WrestleMania, but the leader of the New Wave wont see it that way. For the cold hard facts remain, that WrestleMania 23 marks two years without a world title, and, in his three WrestleMania matches, Orton has been on the receiving end of three spirit crushing losses. And, while the list reads of Shawn Michaels, and twice against John Cena; all three in Championship matches, for Orton, having never won at the Granddaddy of ‘em all eats him alive. WrestleMania 23 is a must win event for the Career Killer, as coming up short, he knows whispers of being ‘unable to win the big one’ will begin to circulate. Victory in the ladder match for Orton will see those thoughts vanish, and will see Orton right back in the race for the World Championship.

And, for Carlito, WrestleMania is his judgement night. One year ago, Carlito left Las Vegas with the Intercontinental Championship in tact. But, for the six months that followed WrestleMania 22, Carlito didn’t win a single match. For the Caribbean native, his WrestleMania hangover looked to threaten his chances of ascension to the top. But, since a change of scenery, moving to Smackdown in January, Carlito has been a man reborn. Back is the smile, back is the confident swagger of old, and back is the match winning ability that many believe could see him rise to the promised land, and join the legends before him, becoming a World Champion. On March 18, Carlito has the opportunity to complete his journey, from the glory of WrestleMania last, through the torment of a soul destroying losing streak, to reviving his career again, topping it off by becoming Mister Money in the Bank.

Cruiserweight Championship Match:
Kid Kash vs. Brian Kendrick
It’s what dreams are made of. Kid Kash and Brian Kendrick will both make their debut at the biggest spectacle in sports entertainment this Sunday, and both will be looking to shine, wow the fans, and leave with their hand raised in victory, and the much coveted Cruiserweight championship belt over their shoulder. While it is what dreams are made of, for one of these two men, the dream will end in a nightmare. Kid Kash walks in to New Orleans with the title he won just two months ago, and after having to go through the unusual route of earning his own spot under the bright lights of WrestleMania to duke it out for the title, he will be keenly intent on nothing other than leaving with the belt in tact.

For Brian Kendrick, he has the chance to set himself up as a potential break out superstar. Having seen the superstardom that his good friend Paul London has achieved since winning the Cruiserweight title two years ago, Kendrick has been driven by the example set, and at WrestleMania he looks to dethrone Kid Kash, and become the champion for the first time. Kendrick, just a few short weeks ago, defeated The Notorious K-I-D to earn his spot, and with that victory he not only booked his title shot, but he gained an enormous amount of momentum. Can he build on that momentum, and once again upend the veteran, this time, with the gold up for grabs?? Or, will Kid Kash hold off the challenge of the spirited youngster and remain the champion??

Non Sanctioned Match:
Mick Foley vs. Shawn Michaels

Over his entire career, Mick Foley built a legacy that could never, and will never be replicated. As the vicious Cactus Jack, Foley broke into WCW, giving the fans a form violence they’d never seen. Foley broke the mould, with the reckless abandon of his own body, even losing an ear in combat. In Japan, Foley became the King of the Deathmatch, and continued to live up to his moniker in the extreme land of ECW. Then, in the WWE, Foley, created further headlines in the much fabled Hell in a Cell match with The Undertaker. Three times World Champion, and a New York Times Bestseller, Foley retired in 2000 with a glittering resume to his Hall of Fame career … but deep down … Foley wasn’t satisfied.

Whilst Foley made headlines his entire career and captured attention, one thing eluded the Hardcore Legend. A definitive WrestleMania moment. For years, that one blemish has festered in the mind of Foley. For years, Foley has looked at one man, and has seen him steal the show, year upon year, continuing to form his legacy on the grandest of stages, continuing to build WrestleMania moment, after WrestleMania moment … the man in question?? Shawn Michaels.

From the eye-popping entrance at WrestleMania, to his boyhood dream coming true at the very same event, Shawn Michaels has proven over the years that his moniker of ‘Mister WrestleMania’ is deserved. He revolutionized the ladder match, he main evented with a broken back, he made a remarkable return, and has faced the very best that the wrestling industry has had to offer year after year. The Heart Break Kid has stopped the show many times at the Showcase of the Immortals, and has indelibly etched his name into the annals of WrestleMania lore … and Mick Foley wants to join him.

For months, Foley has tormented HBK, costing him the World Championship and the Royal Rumble, and has delivered a number of sick beatings to Michaels, all seemingly for no reason. All along though, there was a reason, and the sinister actions of Mick Foley all came with one thought on his mind … that elusive WrestleMania moment. For Foley, his chance comes on Sunday, with no rules to adhere to, and with the SuperDome as his playground to create the moment he desperately craves. For Michaels, it’s business as usual, and HBK has promised to once again deliver a show stealing performance.

But whilst the two men look set to both get what they want … at what cost will it come at?? Mick Foley has explicitly assured the world that he will not think twice about putting his body and his health on the line to capture that elusive classic match, and Shawn Michaels has never held back himself. Given the state of mind that Foley is in, clearly possessed, no longer in control, could both his and Michaels future be in grave danger?? And all for one thing … a classic, WrestleMania moment.

One Fall; Triple Jeopardy Match:
Intercontinental, World Tag Team & Womens Championships all on the line:
Rey Mysterio, CM Punk. Gregory Helms & Alexis Laree vs. Mr. Kennedy, Mercury, Nitro & Melina
Nitro and Mercury have held the World Tag Team Championships for nine months, winning the titles in their first official match last June. For nine months, MNM have been untouchable, unable to be matched by any team on Monday Night Raw. But in the last two months MNM have been running scared. Now, they have a new set of challengers, and CM Punk and Greg Helms, commonly referred to as Straight Edge have been breathing down the champions necks, desperately seeking the titles that MNM possess. For Melina, her story is similar, with the dogged two time Womens champion, Alexis Laree clawing at her feet at every turn, looking to recapture the gold she feels she should have never lost. Mister Kennedy meanwhile, has been consumed with the prospect of dethroning Rey Mysterio as Intercontinental Champion, but without success thus far, twice being upended by the tricky champion.

At WrestleMania though, MNM and Kennedy will need to rely on one another to get the job done, as will Straight Edge, Alexis Laree and Rey Mysterio. The first ever triple jeopardy match will see the three championships decided under just ONE fall. Should Kennedy be pinned, MNM will also see their titles slip from their grasp. Should Alexis Laree be defeated, Rey Mysterio must hand over his Intercontinental Championship to Mister Kennedy without being involved in the decision. The fate of all four members of both sides rests in one another at WrestleMania.

MNM have proven to be resourceful in keeping the tag team titles from Straight Edge, but come WrestleMania, they could lose their titles without being pinned. Alexis Laree has had Melina on the run for months, but could see her title dreams slip from her grasp despite not being involved in the decision. For one team at WrestleMania, the risk will outweigh the reward … but for one person, the weight of defeat, the guilt of knowing it was they who cost their team championship gold will be a reality. For the other three, they must live with the fact that they lost their title, or their title shot, without really losing. Never before has triumph and failure been so close.

40 Person Pre-Show Battle Royal:
Orlando Jordan, Rodney Mack, Mark Henry, Garrison Cade, Nick Dinsmore, Ken Doane, Booker T, Elijah Burke, Snitsky, Val Venis, Kevin Thorn, Michael Knox, Harry Smith, Paul Burchill, Rob Conway, Rico, Stevie Richards, The Boogeyman, Simon Dean, Victoria, Dusty Rhodes, Goldust, William Regal, Hardcore Holly, Robbie MacAllister, Rory MacAllister, Trevor Murdoch, Festus Murdoch, Jamie Noble, Super Crazy, Chavo Guerrero, Cody Rhodes, Jerry Lawler, Akio, Danny Basham, Doug Basham, Deuce, Domino, Funaki, Scotty Too Hotty
Before the pomp and pageantry, forty superstars will compete in a pre-show battle royal, with many looking to prove a point, having missed out on making the main show. For a veteran like Booker T, he will be determined to show the fans watching what made him come within seconds of winning a world title just four years ago at WrestleMania 19. Just last year, Nick Dinsmore was part of a six man tag match featuring the two biggest stars arguably of all time; Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair. This year, he’ll be full of determination to win this contest and show his doubters that he should be on the main stage. William Regal has competed for, and defended the Intercontinental title at previous WrestleManias, whilst Hardcore Holly has walked out of WrestleMania as Hardcore Champion.

Whilst this match brings opportunity to veterans and former WrestleMania participants, it also brings the first taste of a WrestleMania match for a staggering TWENTY EIGHT of these competitors, and many will be determined to impress on their first showing. And for others it’s a possibly a final shot at the big time, with Jerry Lawler, Dusty Rhodes and Goldust set to participate. And, with Dusty Rhodes lining up alongside not only Goldust, but his younger son, Cody, it could be a family affair too. Not limited to males, Victoria will be given the chance to mix it up with the men, and prove that all sexes are equal.

Whilst there is no title opportunity and stake, whilst no contracts are on the line, the lure of a WrestleMania victory, albeit a pre-show one, will be enough for these forty men, women and legends to go all out for a moment of glory. Will a rookie, a man on a mission, an old hand, or indeed, even a female, take the plaudits and survive the other thirty nine??

United States Championship Match:
Brent Albright vs. Batista
One year ago, Brent Albright was wrestling in front of 70 people in gymnasiums and assembly halls. At WrestleMania, The Shooter walks in with the United States Championship in front of over 75,000 people to complete a remarkable journey from rags to riches. For most superstars, the fans would support the achievement made in such a short space of time, but not for Brent Albright. There is no goodwill for the self obsessed United States Champion from the fans, and at WrestleMania, the fans will undoubtedly be behind The Animal to capture the United States Championship.

But it wasn’t always the case for Albright. Upon his arrival to the WWE in 2006, he found himself cheered by fans, and willed on to make good on his dreams that he worked so hard to achieve. Albright though, didn’t bask in those cheers, instead, the Shooter had no time for fans, not when the opportunity to win his first singles gold arose. Albright, on October 13 2006, caused a major shock by ending the reign of Matt Hardy at U.S Champion, and without a care for what the fans might think, Albright took the rule book, and flushed it down the toilet. With his title win, his attitude changed. No longer a quiet, hard working up and comer, Albright, with the belt on show, now allowed his true self-important personality shine through.

Five months on, and Albright is still the champion. Many will point to his fortunate victory over Batista on January 5 as a lucky break, but as Albright will point out himself, a win, is a win. And Albright has gotten used to winning. At WrestleMania though, the champion has his work cut out to win again, with the hungry Animal chasing him down, determined in his quest to claim his first major singles gold. For while Albright is intent on victory by any means, Batista is hell bent on victory for recognition. For many years, The Animal has lived on potential, but now, Batista must prove his credentials, and a championship win at WrestleMania would go a long way to proven those credentials.

Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar
With The McMahon Family Empire in the corner of Triple H, and ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin as special guest enforcer.

For many fans, this match is the unofficial main event of WrestleMania 23. Indeed, for both men, they both came within seconds of legitimately main eventing this years event. Brock Lesnar, from entrant #1, lasted the course of the Royal Rumble, only to be last eliminated by Christian. Triple H, was seconds away from hanging on and seeing out the Iron Man Match to walk into New Orleans as the World Champion. As it happened though, both men found themselves fall short of their intended targets. Now, instead, they have personal issues to solve … with each other.

For five years, the paths of Triple H and Brock Lesnar have never crossed. The two constant entities have remained distant, but now, the two men have collided head on, and the end result is March 18. Brock Lesnar, under the illusion that for his services would be handed a title opportunity against Triple H, helped The Game retain the title in December against John Cena. The promised title match never materialised, and instead, Lesnar was handed the opportunity to compete in the Royal Rumble, and promised the much prized #30 slot. Again, a promise broken by Mister McMahon.

From that point on, all bets were off. Lesnar distanced himself from the manipulative McMahon Family Empire, but still clashed on occasion with The Game as tensions brewed. Then, once Triple H was denied a spot in the WrestleMania main event, the collision became inevitable, and since the showdown has been confirmed, the hatred has escalated. Which of the two men has Mr. McMahon protected all this time?? Did he protect Lesnar, his cash cow, from being exposed by The Game?? Did he protect Triple H, the father of his grandchildren, from being destroyed by the Iron Man?? Both Lesnar and Triple H are convinced it is the other, but as yet, we have not found out just who is right, and who is wrong.

One thing is for certain though. A clash of personalities has become much more than that. It’s become way more than whose been protected all along. This issue has become deeply personal. Nine days ago, Triple H, with help from the WrestleMania Army, battered and bloodied Lesnar with a sick, reprehensible assault, bashing the Iron Man with a sledgehammer. Lesnar though, just two nights ago, sent a clear, concise message to The Game, by wiping out the entire, so-called army, one by one, in a stunning assault.

Triple H though, will be joined by his family; wife Stephanie, father-in-law Vince, brother-in-law Shane, the Problem Solver Tyson Tomko, and even 2007 Hall of Famer Mike Tyson. Will that be enough back up to hold off the animalistic Lesnar?? And, will that Family Empire even be a factor?? With none other than Stone Cold Steve Austin set to be at ringside as the enforcer, the Texas Rattlesnake is unlikely to let anything go down involving the McMahons.

In the end, it will come down to Triple H and Brock Lesnar. The two constants in the WWE over the last five years. For five years, the two have remained apart, but on Sunday, when they finally meet head on, expect an explosion of epic proportions. Which man will have his hand raised, and find himself as the certified top dog in the WWE??

WWE Tag Team Championships Match;
Americas Most Wanted vs. The Hardy Boys
It’s what WrestleMania dreams are made of. Matt and Jeff Hardy will walk into the SuperDome on Sunday night at WrestleMania for the first time in five years, with the opportunity to walk out as the WWE Tag Team Champions. Never before have the brothers left the showcase of the immortals with the gold, but this Sunday they will look to put an end to that statistic, and complete the journey. AMW on the other hand, have other ideas. Chris Harris and James Storm have no room for sentiment, and in their sights is a similar prize; their first WrestleMania victory in three attempts.

In December, Harris and Storm began to target Shannon Moore, bullying the weaker man like a pair of bullies, until Matt Hardy, a lifetime friend of Moores, stepped in to help his friend. AMW, like the cowards they are, picked their moment to attack Moore on his own, and put the MF’er on the shelf. Matt though, wasn’t prepared to step back. Instead, he fought the duo head on, despite the disadvantage. At the Royal Rumble though, help was at hand for Matt, as his brother, Jeff, made his long awaited return to the WWE, and forced the champions into hiding.

Ever since, Matt & Jeff have made it their quest to end the reign of Americas Most Wanted as the tag team champions, and at WrestleMania, they find themselves with the opportunity they crave. Can Matt and Jeff finally win together at the Granddaddy of ‘em all?? Or will AMW grab their maiden Mania victory, and crush the dream of the Hardy Boys once and for all??

The Irresistible Force vs. The Immovable Object:
Kurt Angle vs. The Undertaker

At WrestleMania 22, Kurt Angle and The Undertaker suffered differing fortunes. The Undertaker added another victim to his tally of WrestleMania wins by defeating Chris Jericho, whilst Kurt Angle submitted to the legendary, but long since retired Bret Hart. That defeat sparked a chain reaction of confidence shattering losses to the Olympian. Never before had Angle felt so helpless, as he slumped down the food chain, unable to put a stop to the losses. Indeed, after a brutal loss at the hands of Batista in September, a bloody, battered, and once again beaten Kurt Angle walked out of the arena for what many believed was the last time.

Two months later though, Angle would answer the call from JBL to join his Survivor Series team which would face an all star team of The Rock, Kane, Paul London, Brian Kendrick and … The Undertaker. Angle accepted the invitation, and at the twentieth annual Survivor Series, Angle sent shockwaves around the wrestling world … he made the Undertaker submit. Not only did Angle make the Undertaker tap out, but Kurt Angle led The Cabinet to victory against the all-stars, despite losing JBL within five minutes. Kurt Angle was officially back.

It wasn’t a one off either. The following month at Armageddon, Angle came up just short of becoming WWE Champion for the eighth time, in the process, eliminating The Undertaker, scoring a second win over The Deadman in as many months. Since then, Angle and Taker have seemingly been destined to reach this night against one another. By winning the Super Brawl, Angle made the match official, and in the weeks following that, the Olympian sent a harrowing message to The Undertaker as to what lay in store on March 18, by breaking the ankle of the little brother of The Undertaker, Kane.

In his approach, Angle has been unaffected by any of The Undertakers mind games, indeed, turning the mind games on The Deadman, using his own brother Eric to play games with the head of his opponent. The Undertaker is well and truly off his game thanks to Angle, and the streak is now in serious jeopardy, more so than at any other stage in the illustrious career of The Undertaker. Kurt Angle holds two victories over The Undertaker, and is the first man to ever make him tap out. Will he become the first man to ever beat The Demon of Death Valley at WrestleMania??

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
World Heavyweight Champion, John Cena vs.
2007 Royal Rumble Winner, Christian

And so, the main event. John Cena and Christian, the respective World Champion and 2007 Royal Rumble winner have co-existed on Raw for the past year, even at times helping one another out in order to overturn the evil tyranny of the McMahon Family Empire. But, friendship shouldn’t be confused with convenience, for these two men are far from friends, and joined together for the sole purpose of defeating the Family Empire. Now, for the first time since both men found themselves on par with one another, on equal footing, as the main attraction on Monday Night Raw, the two men find themselves crossing paths, and at WrestleMania Cena and Christian will find that there is only room for one of them at the top of the mountain.

The journey for both men over the past twelve months has been rocky, eerily similar, with high points, and low points along the way, but their rise to superstardom have been polar opposites. For Christian, a decade of toiling, scratching and clawing his way up the ladder. For Cena, a rollercoaster wave, almost instantly shot into the upper echelons. Ultimately, the two men have found themselves in the same position now, with neither prepared to step aside for the other, neither ready to settle for second place.

The tension has brewed, words have been exchanged and tempers have flared. The answers will all arrive deep into Sunday night. The two biggest forces on Raw, the two biggest forces in the WWE today collide head on at WrestleMania to find out which is THE biggest force, and to determine who is THE world heavyweight champion. There can only be one, and this Sunday, John Cena and Christian will look to prove it is he.

Only one venue is big enough to contest this collision course. Only WrestleMania can handle the enormity of the match and all it’s ramifications. On the Showcase of the Immortals can host such an affair. At WrestleMania 6 it was Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior. At WrestleMania 12 it was Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels. At WrestleMania 17 is was The Rock and Stone Cold. At WrestleMania 23 it will be John Cena and Christian. And it will be remembered, like the others before it … forever.


Final Card for WWE Wrestle Mania XXIII:
Date: 18th March 2007
Location: Superdome, New Orleans, Louisiana
Event Music: U2 & Green Day; The Saints are Coming & Killers; Sams Town

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
World Heavyweight Champion, John Cena vs.
2007 Royal Rumble Winner, Christian

WWE Championship; Triple Threat Match:
WWE Champion, Rob Van Dam vs.
Mr. Money in the Bank, Edge vs.
‘Highlight of the Night’ Chris Jericho

WWE Tag Team Championships Match;
Americas Most Wanted vs. The Hardy Boys

One Fall; Triple Jeopardy Match:
Intercontinental, World Tag Team & Womens Championships all on the line:
Rey Mysterio, CM Punk. Gregory Helms & Alexis Laree vs. Mr. Kennedy, Mercury, Nitro & Melina

Cruiserweight Championship Match:
Kid Kash vs. Brian Kendrick

United States Championship Match:
Brent Albright vs. Batista

Money in the Bank Ladder Match:
M.V.P vs. Umaga vs. Paul London vs. Finlay vs. Carlito vs. Randy Orton vs. Charlie Haas vs. Shelton Benjamin

Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar
With The McMahon Family Empire in the corner of Triple H, and ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin as special guest enforcer.

The Irresistible Force vs. The Immovable Object:
Kurt Angle vs. The Undertaker

Non Sanctioned Match:
Mick Foley vs. Shawn Michaels


40 Person Pre-Show Battle Royal:
Orlando Jordan, Rodney Mack, Mark Henry, Garrison Cade, Nick Dinsmore, Ken Doane, Booker T, Elijah Burke, Snitsky, Val Venis, Kevin Thorn, Michael Knox, Harry Smith, Paul Burchill, Rob Conway, Rico, Stevie Richards, The Boogeyman, Simon Dean, Victoria, Dusty Rhodes, Goldust, William Regal, Hardcore Holly, Robbie MacAllister, Rory MacAllister, Trevor Murdoch, Festus Murdoch, Jamie Noble, Super Crazy, Chavo Guerrero, Cody Rhodes, Jerry Lawler, Akio, Danny Basham, Doug Basham, Deuce, Domino, Funaki, Scotty Too Hotty

Hall of Fame Ceremony 2007;
Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, Paul Orndorff, Sensational Sherri, Jim Ross, Tony Atlas, Mike Tyson (Celebrity Wing)



1 point for each winner correctly predicted.

Bonus Questions:

1) Predict the match order, *not counting the pre-show match*. (1 point for each match correctly placed)

2) What will be the longest match?? (1 point)

3) What will be the shortest match?? (1 point)

4) Will there be any special appearances?? (Predict one) (3 points for correctly predicting any correct appearance *HALL OF FAME INDUCTEES DO NOT COUNT*)

5) Which competitor will score the fall in the Triple Jeopardy Match (2 points)

6) Name the final four in the pre-show Battle Royal (1 point for each correct prediction) (4 points)

7) Predict the location of WrestleMania 24. (3 points)

*Maximum of 35 points*


About this time next week, I'll post a t-3 hours backstage report with some bits and pieces, and then twenty four hours before the event I'll post the pre-show (similar to Mac and Legend in the past), but the Battle Royal wont be done in full - list of eliminations only. Sorry.

Until then, get predicting, and hopefully, get excited
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Re: Being The Booker

Final Card for WWE Wrestle Mania XXIII:
Date: 18th March 2007
Location: Superdome, New Orleans, Louisiana
Event Music: U2 & Green Day; The Saints are Coming & Killers; Sams Town

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
World Heavyweight Champion, John Cena vs.
2007 Royal Rumble Winner, Christian 10

He has won the Rumble and I can see Cena turning heel so Christian getting the belt for Cena to chase seems logical

WWE Championship; Triple Threat Match:
WWE Champion, Rob Van Dam vs.
Mr. Money in the Bank, Edge vs.
‘Highlight of the Night’ Chris Jericho 8

I don't think he would have won MiTB and kept it for a whole year for you to book him to lose.

WWE Tag Team Championships Match;
Americas Most Wanted vs. The Hardy Boys 4

One of Jeff or Matt to turn heel methinks.

One Fall; Triple Jeopardy Match:
Intercontinental, World Tag Team & Womens Championships all on the line:
Rey Mysterio, CM Punk. Gregory Helms & Alexis Laree vs. Mr. Kennedy, Mercury, Nitro & Melina 5

That will really establish MNM and there doesn't need to be a lot of furore over the titles.

Cruiserweight Championship Match:
Kid Kash vs. Brian Kendrick 2

United States Championship Match:
Brent Albright vs. Batista 1

This will push Albright to the brink of smashing the glass ceiling and 'Tista is too good for the U.S title in my eyes.

Money in the Bank Ladder Match:
M.V.P vs. Umaga vs. Paul London vs. Finlay vs. Carlito vs. Randy Orton vs. Charlie Haas vs. Shelton Benjamin 3

Guesswork, it seems too obvious to be Orton though.

Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar
With The McMahon Family Empire in the corner of Triple H, and ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin as special guest enforcer. 9

I was thinking of a No Contest but that would make no sense, Hunter to win but SCSA and Lesnar to get the last laugh.

The Irresistible Force vs. The Immovable Object:
Kurt Angle vs. The Undertaker 7

Undertaker always wins... right?

Non Sanctioned Match:
Mick Foley vs. Shawn Michaels 6

Foley gets his 'Mania moment and Michaels comes out of it as Mr. WrestleMania


40 Person Pre-Show Battle Royal:
Orlando Jordan, Rodney Mack, Mark Henry, Garrison Cade, Nick Dinsmore, Ken Doane, Booker T, Elijah Burke, Snitsky, Val Venis, Kevin Thorn, Michael Knox, Harry Smith, Paul Burchill, Rob Conway, Rico, Stevie Richards, The Boogeyman, Simon Dean, Victoria, Dusty Rhodes, Goldust, William Regal, Hardcore Holly, Robbie MacAllister, Rory MacAllister, Trevor Murdoch, Festus Murdoch, Jamie Noble, Super Crazy, Chavo Guerrero, Cody Rhodes, Jerry Lawler, Akio, Danny Basham, Doug Basham, Deuce, Domino, Funaki, Scotty Too Hotty

Hall of Fame Ceremony 2007;
Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, Paul Orndorff, Sensational Sherri, Jim Ross, Tony Atlas, Mike Tyson (Celebrity Wing)



1 point for each winner correctly predicted.

Bonus Questions:

1) Predict the match order, *not counting the pre-show match*. (1 point for each match correctly placed)

2) What will be the longest match?? (1 point)

3) What will be the shortest match?? (1 point)
CW Title

4) Will there be any special appearances?? (Predict one) (3 points for correctly predicting any correct appearance *HALL OF FAME INDUCTEES DO NOT COUNT*) Terry Funk?

5) Which competitor will score the fall in the Triple Jeopardy Match (2 points)

6) Name the final four in the pre-show Battle Royal (1 point for each correct prediction) (4 points)
Book, Doane, Scotty 2 Hotty and Burchill

7) Predict the location of WrestleMania 24. (3 points) Madison Square Garden

I will definitely review this show as they are so many good matches from top to bottom. The former half of the card looks a little weak on paper but the final 5 or so are good enough to main event any 'Mania

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Re: Being The Booker

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
World Heavyweight Champion, John Cena vs.
2007 Royal Rumble Winner, Christian 10.

WWE Championship; Triple Threat Match:
WWE Champion, Rob Van Dam vs.
Mr. Money in the Bank, Edge vs.
‘Highlight of the Night’ Chris Jericho 9.

WWE Tag Team Championships Match;
Americas Most Wanted vs. The Hardy Boys 6.

One Fall; Triple Jeopardy Match:
Intercontinental, World Tag Team & Womens Championships all on the line:
Rey Mysterio, CM Punk. Gregory Helms & Alexis Laree vs. Mr. Kennedy, Mercury, Nitro & Melina

Cruiserweight Championship Match:
Kid Kash vs. Brian Kendrick 3.

United States Championship Match:
Brent Albright vs. Batista 1.

Money in the Bank Ladder Match:
M.V.P vs. Umaga vs. Paul London vs. Finlay vs. Carlito vs. Randy Orton vs. Charlie Haas vs. Shelton Benjamin 2.

Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar
With The McMahon Family Empire in the corner of Triple H, and ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin as special guest enforcer. 8.

The Irresistible Force vs. The Immovable Object:
Kurt Angle vs. The Undertaker 7.

Non Sanctioned Match:
Mick Foley vs. Shawn Michaels 5.


40 Person Pre-Show Battle Royal:
Orlando Jordan, Rodney Mack, Mark Henry, Garrison Cade, Nick Dinsmore, Ken Doane, Booker T, Elijah Burke, Snitsky, Val Venis, Kevin Thorn, Michael Knox, Harry Smith, Paul Burchill, Rob Conway, Rico, Stevie Richards, The Boogeyman, Simon Dean, Victoria, Dusty Rhodes, Goldust, William Regal, Hardcore Holly, Robbie MacAllister, Rory MacAllister, Trevor Murdoch, Festus Murdoch, Jamie Noble, Super Crazy, Chavo Guerrero, Cody Rhodes, Jerry Lawler, Akio, Danny Basham, Doug Basham, Deuce, Domino, Funaki, Scotty Too Hotty

Hall of Fame Ceremony 2007;
Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, Paul Orndorff, Sensational Sherri, Jim Ross, Tony Atlas, Mike Tyson (Celebrity Wing)



1 point for each winner correctly predicted.

Bonus Questions:

1) Predict the match order, *not counting the pre-show match*. (1 point for each match correctly placed)

2) What will be the longest match?? (1 point)
Kurt Angle vs The Undertaker.

3) What will be the shortest match?? (1 point)

Brent Albright vs Batista.

4) Will there be any special appearances?? (Predict one) (3 points for correctly predicting any correct appearance *HALL OF FAME INDUCTEES DO NOT COUNT*)
I'd mark for some kind of appearance from Lil Wayne.

5) Which competitor will score the fall in the Triple Jeopardy Match (2 points)

6) Name the final four in the pre-show Battle Royal (1 point for each correct prediction) (4 points)

Paul Burchill, Mark Henry, William Regal and Chavo Guerrero.

7) Predict the location of WrestleMania 24. (3 points)
The O2 Arena.

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