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Re: Being The Booker

Smackdown Feedback

This is something I really don’t like, it’s not just this time or depending on who’s wrestling but I just hate squash matches opening up the show. It is proven through research that the opening of a show is very important due to how many viewers stay watching, and I think a lot would not have liked this start. Anyway, rant over and it was a nice win for Angle, just keeping the momentum rolling. Okay, after this aftermath I have a new opinion of things, starting off with a squash is awesome if it is going to followed by something like this. The whole way through this attack I was expecting Angle to get the advantage but it just never happened. The lack of mind games seemed to screw with Angle enough and that can be all that is needed. Anyway, this was nice to not make ‘Taker look like a total bitch but if ‘Taker is to hold on to his streak, Angle must get the upper hand again before ‘Mania.

I’m personally not a huge fan of Tony Atlas, even some of the stuff I have watched I just couldn’t get into him, but in saying that I guess he deserves to be in the HOF.

Nice interview from Chris Jericho, he had the whole cockiness thing down, mention the Undisputed Title and all that, was really in character. One thing I liked is that the go…through…hell part in the last line kind of makes me think that perhaps you’re going to incorporate some of his sadistic character into your thread. Maybe I’m reading things wrong, but if this is the case, do it right, like usual.

Another pretty generic win for one of The Hardyz as they continue to take the momentum into ‘Mania. I think you’re playing this perfectly for a huge upset, I really can see AMW retaining at this stage… hopefully this feud continues after ‘Mania, or there is a draft or something, because the tag division on SD lacks depth.

MVP perhaps scared? Probably, I know he won’t weasel his way out of the match or anything, but having him showing signs of fear could be good for some kind of feud after ‘Mania. Unless of course he wins MITB.

The Hardys interview besides both sucking on the microphone was decent until the last line by Jeff Hardy. Totally lame and unneeded, practically ruined the whole interview, seriously. I hope they don’t win at ‘Mania to.

Random Cruiserweight match here, not to say I don’t like it, its just rather random. I was very happy to see Kash’s team get the win as he has been under the pump lately, he couldn’t go into ‘Mania looking like a total bitch, I have something for you to ponder over though even if ‘Mania is finished, can Kendrick really carry the Cruiserweight Division? I personally don’t think so.

I love your ‘Mania flash backs, they make me pull out my dusty old DVD collection and watch some old school ‘rasslin’.

I really did not enjoy the promo with the Smackdown MITB competitors at all. I mean, it started off nicely with MVP doing what he does best but it went far down hill from there. Paul London and Charlie Haas are useless on the mic, and what you had them say really didn’t seem to help the situation. As for Carlito he is okay on the mic but only when he is a little more serious, this whole laid back, trying to be funny ‘Lito didn’t work for me, because I didn’t find him funny at all. Was an interesting concept, but I doubt they’re all going to go for Umaga. Just wanted to let you know I do realize you have to hype up every match not just the main ones, but this promo just didn’t do anything for me at all.

WTF? Charlie Haas getting the win was so unexpected. This match probably would have been the best match so far, but I definitely didn’t expect it to go down like this. Interesting none the less, and while all this did was make it look like Haas has a chance at ‘Mania, the real question is whether or not the others will agree with MVP. Either way, nice match up and shocking, yet good result.

Brock Lesnar is in the building and seems extremely pissed. Terrific way to build the anticipation of what could be an epic confrontation later on in the night.

Nice win for Batista, clearly about momentum. Shows Albright that the clock is slowly ticking on his title reign. Is this the end of Viscera in this thread? I hope so.

Awesome main event really, two of the three in the main event and the lumberjacks around ring side, it definitely was an explosive situation. I was surprised there was a clean winner but I guess the way Edge won kept RVD looking rather strong. Who cares about these two at the moment, this night belonged to Chris Jericho and having him be the key ingredient in the result of this match up was smart and exciting. Nice aftermath to, as the greed for the title was the feud a few weeks back, but now there is some legit hatred between the three competitors.

This final segment just about sums up why I love you so much. Everything and I do mean everything was perfect, from the set up to the ambush to the deadly finish. This was just awesome. I don’t think there is a bad word I can say about it… Seriously, epic stuff.

Overall Wolfy, yet another great show, first half was a bit iffy at times maybe, but the second half of the show made up for it and then some. Seriously, good work, you should be proud of yourself, ‘Mania is getting closer, I can’t help but get more excited every time I venture in to this thread. So, you know, keep it up.

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Re: Being The Booker

^ Yep. Last time you'll see Viscera


WWE News and Notes:

With only a week now until WrestleMania, morale is high from within the company, as many are confident that this years WrestleMania will deliver on all fronts. Despite not having quite the same star filled card from top to bottom like last years event, the feeling is that the quality in the ring this time around should outweigh the quantity of star studded matches that WrestleMania 22 offered, which didn’t deliver as much in the ring, with a broken down Steve Austin struggling through his match with Christian last year, Bret Hart coming out of a long retirement to match up with Kurt Angle, and John Cena versus Randy Orton falling short of expectation. This year though, from top to bottom, management are not expecting any match to fall below standards.

The current feeling is that last weeks Raw and Smackdown shows have dramatically helped the build for WrestleMania, after a number of weeks of solid, but unspectacular shows. The show closing angle on Smackdown is said to have put the Triple H / Brock Lesnar angle completely over the edge, and after a few weeks of some quiet whispers that the feud was stalling, those thoughts have all but vanished after the end to Smackdown on Friday.

And, with this being the final week in the run up to WrestleMania, expectations are high to keep the momentum going coming off the back of two stellar shows. Mick Foley though, who has creative control in his angle with Shawn Michaels, will not be appearing on television this week. Foley believes the next time he should be seen on screen, following his disturbing promo last week, is at WrestleMania. That though, is said to have disappointed management, who had hoped for an in ring showdown between HBK and Foley this week. Despite that, Foley has stood firm, believing that he wants to leave his side of the angle as it is, not wanting to go down any other route, bidding to keep the angle unique to himself.

There is said to be a major surprise appearance set for Raw this Monday. Details have been sketchy, with those in the know keeping tight lipped, but the chances of the surprise appearance happening are said to be high, with the mood high that this appearance could be perfectly timed, right at the time to hard sell the biggest event of the year.

It has been rumoured for weeks now that a massive clearout of talent is imminent, most likely, following WrestleMania. It’s believed that the talent involved are aware of their future, but all the departing names are set to get a farewell from the company, with the chance to compete in a pre-WrestleMania battle royal.

A rumour has been sweeping over the past weekend that Ric Flair has been invited to attend the Hall of Fame ceremony on Saturday. If true, it would likely indicate that the Nature Boy and the WWE are back on terms, and a return to the company would seem to be a distinct possibility. Flair had walked out in November, citing a lack of faith from the company towards him. He had been expected to complete a WrestleMania program with Randy Orton until that point, but with his walkout, he had threw those plans into disarray.

Rhyno is said to be on schedule to return from his injury in the early summer after suffering a recurrence of a previous neck injury. He has responded well to treatment in the last number of months, and is said to be excited about a return to the ring as early as late May.

Meanwhile, JBL is said to be resigned to the fact that he will be soon calling time on his career, as his back injury has shown no signs of recovery. It comes as a blow to Layfield, who since 2005 had been a massive fixture on the Smackdown brand. JBL though, has talked about going out "with a bang", and is said to be eyeing up an in ring return for a handful of matches before officially retiring.


Just the weekly news and notes stuff. Raw preview to go up tomorrow , I'm busy biting my nails for 90 minutes tonight, whilst the football is on ppy:

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Re: Being The Booker

Smackdown! Feedback:

Glad that the show started with a match, as really the only big promo that I see happening is the one between Austin and Lesnar, one that should be saved until the end of the night. I totally expected Angle to go over Cody in the fashion that he did, as it’s obvious that Rhodes needs to head back to OVW and get more polished before returning to the roster. ‘Taker actually coming down after the match to battle is something we don’t often see, but this is a very special feud. So glad that ‘Taker finally got his in this feud, actually beating Angle up pretty good after Kurt got the best of the Deadman so many times during their build. The throw into the steel steps and then the Chokeslam on the mat were great ways to put over ‘Taker’s aggressiveness. I see Angle coming back with an epic beatdown next week, something that really sends a message for WM23.

Good call on letting Atlas in, as you’re sure to have a tremendous class heading into the ceremony. Very interested to see who inducts there seven individuals. HBK inducting Iron Mike, plz.

Glad that Jericho gets some time to talk about his huge win against ‘Taker last week, seeing as his two opponents for WM23 are in a match against each other. Gotta love when he talks about becoming the first ever Undisputed Champion, that’s pretty much classic Chris Jericho. He’s moving back toward the heel side of his character, being totally self-centered when talking about Edge and RVD being in cahoots to try and prevent him from winning the WWE Title. Interested to see what he does as a lumberjack tonight, as he will obviously looking to do some real damage to both men.

I’m assuming that we are going to see Jeff/Storm next week? Good way to get this Title feud some more hype, as this is as generic as it gets when heading into a PPV Tag Title match. Good win for Matt Hardy, as it’s obvious that the Hardyz are going to take the Titles at WM23, even though a win by AMW would make them look like the absolute best on the planet, imo. Nice little touch with the Titles being grabbed by Matt and Jeff, sending a definite message to their ‘Mania opponents.

MVP watching clips of Umaga? Porter must have something up his sleeve, right?

Good interview from Matt and Jeff after they seemingly grabbed all the momentum in this feud. Loved the way aggression that they are showing, talking about AMW taking out Moore (something I forgot all about, btw ) and saying that their luck is going to run out at WM23. The ripping off of the catchphrase at the end was the perfect touch, tbh.

Not much more time to hype up the CW Title match, but this was a good way to get it done. Kash proves that he is still one of the smartest wrestlers in the company and he can still get the job done. Hopefully Crazy doesn’t fall off the face of the earth after this loss, as he still has probably the most talent in the CW Division. Good way for Kash to build off his win last week, and you still kept Kendrick looking strong, which makes sense considering he will probably take the Belt in nine days. Interested to see what is done in the final week of this build-up.

You gotta give MVP more in-ring time to cut promos, as you obviously know what you’re doing with him. Even though he was only in the ring for a very short period of time by himself, he’s got the talent to cut fantastic promos. He and Carlito better continue this feud past WM23, as they have been at each other’s throats for weeks. Pretty generic between these two, even though I am always a mark for the “BALLIN’!” comment, before Charlie Haas comes down to the ring?! He thankfully only gets a few lines in, as his talent is obviously in the wrestling department, not the talking part. He did stay in character pretty well, being very straightforward when talking to MVP, letting him know what he thinks. London comes out just for the hell of it, just in time to hear that MVP has the same idea as Finlay. I see that plan being acted on, but Umaga probably won’t be all that hurt by it. The ending was priceless with Carlito hitting MVP after asking why he didn’t just ask the question right away. Great way to transition from promo to match!

Pretty much what I expected in the four-way between these guys, as they all do something different very well in the ring. The Tower of Doom sounded insane, with MVP coming out as the only stable guy, making unsuccessful covers on all three of his opponents. Ending was very quick and that’s what we like to see in matches like these, with Carlito and MVP ending up sprawled on the outside, while Haas scores the huge upset, pinning London! This was a huge win for Charlie, who has been pretty much ignored in this build, and now he’s proven that he can win a big match. Hopefully we get London/Porter and Haas/’Lito next week, as that’d give us some great final build.

Lesnar is the most pissed off man on the planet, so it’s good for him to basically just shove past Arn Anderson. Austin probably won’t arrive until the promo actually starts, imo.

Hell of beatdown given by Big Vis last week, as now he actually has to face Batista in a match, something that probably won’t end well for the big fat ass. Yep, that match went down pretty much as I expected, with Vis getting some early offense and then Batista just dominated after that. The Batista Bomb would be the only thing that made this match worth watching. Brent only has nine more days before he has to put the Belt on the line, something that he’s got to be much more worried about after Batista just showed off his incredible strength.

Great way for the match to really get going, as the Hardyz attack Edge on the outside when he tries to leave the ring, sending him back in and he’s at RVD’s mercy. Loved the way that the heels took it to Van Dam, with Jericho finally joining in and nailing a stiff kick to the ribs! The rest of the match went down pretty well, as it was good to see Edge dominate this one for the most part, before Van Dam makes his comeback, taking down both Jericho and Edge on the outside. I always liked the way that you showed off the feuds between the Hardyz and AMW, as well as the CW Title. Finally, we get settled back in the ring, as Jericho really takes advantage of being a lumberjack, throwing RVD off the top rope! Edge then picks up the huge win but Jericho was really the star tonight, taking out both men and ending it all with a beatdown on Edge. Jericho definitely has all the momentum heading into WM23 at this point, which sadly means that he won’t be winning the Belt. Too bad.

Again, great WM23 card. Raw should be something special with the huge main event, and then we will also have a LIVE Smackdown!? That is a great final touch to end the road to WM23.

Brock is certainly ready to face off with Austin, but then Arn Anderson comes down? Austin isn’t here tonight!? Lesnar thinks that this is all a set-up, and now it looks like it’s going to be … the McMahon Family Empire! Triple H has the trusty sledgehammer and now it looks like he is going to beat the shit out of Lesnar. Very cool for this to happen like this, as Lesnar is going to take them all on! He’s got some balls and it’s a great way for him to move more toward being a full-fledged face. Holy hell, that’s a ton of people coming along with the McMahons! Lesnar already takes out the first five men that get in his way, as they all eat the steel chair, as Lesnar looks good so far. Lesnar actually did much better than I imagined in this vicious assault, as he is able to withstand the first beating before taking out everyone in the Brotherhood! But the rest of the assault went Triple H’s way, as this was one of the best beatdowns I have ever seen in BTB, as everything was perfect, with Triple H using the sledgehammer, hitting the Pedigree, laying Lesnar out cold to end the show, with this feud officially the best in this thread.

A very good show, with a smaller amount of segments but a better quality for each segment. The Main Event and the ending “promo” (if we wanna call it that) were done very well. Now we are down to the final two shows, as it looks like we are in for quite a treat with Raw and SD! combining for both shows. Can’t wait for the last episodes of each show!


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Re: Being The Booker

As promised the Raw review...Smackdown to be edited in later for you.

So Benjamin finally gets the match that he's been wanting and he gets a little bit of spotlight as well. I think it was played off well with Cena coming down and all but my only complaint was probably the way you had Cena speak. I don't think you've had him use his "rapping" gimmick too much recently so he hasn't been talking too much like one at all since then. Maybe it's just me but I haven't been noticing too much of the slang talk that he used tonight.

MNM promo was pretty much standard for them but I don't really like how Bischoff has been slowly pushing towards a face run. I can't see Bischoff being a face and hopefully it doesn't lead to that. I know MNM's been driving him crazy but the way he's perceived as talking to them strikes me as he's doing this for the fans and not for himself. Surprised MNM didn't interfere in the Kennedy/Punk match to perhaps add even more push to the match. Oh and you put Match #3 in the heading when it's only the second match. Caught that one.

Nice to see Finlay trying to get some help which of course I knew was going to be turned down from the other two. I could see Finlay being the one that gets attacked next week from both men if you choose to go that route.

Nice little video package and you've done well with all of the video packages that have been hyping the big match so far. It's certainly not the biggest WM match that you've had but it sure does feel like it with all the hype that it's been getting since it was announced.

And no surprise to see Umaga win, especially after the promo earlier. I can't really see Umaga winning MITB but even if he did I think it'd be a good choice. I think you have a wide array of candidates that can carry the briefcase for a good while and would all make good champions in the future.

Overall good segment and I'd say probably the best out of all of the ones that you've had for this feud. It wasn't anything special but I did enjoy the post-promo brawl a lot for some reason. I could see Austin taking both men down at WM just like he did in real life at WM XX but I'm not really sure what's going to happen and it seems to a lot of intrigue to the match that it already had.

Nothing much to say on the HBK/Cade match. Certainly was nothing like their match back at SS but either way it was a good win for Michaels. Shame to see no Foley or at least some type of appearance before/or after the match. Hmmm, I speak too soon huh? Wow NICE promo from Foley as it really brought out a lot of his emotional failures recently and I really could see WWE having done a promo like this if they were going this route with him. I really enjoyed it as I have all of your Foley promos that you continue to amaze me with.

No surrpise to see Santino lose but I expect that contract to be coming after WM when he gets a fluke win. Pretty much just a big clusterfuck with everyone coming into the ring which I guess was to be expected.

Once again no surprise to see Orton trying to get a little bit of help but we know that there won't be another spot taken up for MITB this late before WM. Either way GREAT main event for what it was worth on TV and the ending turned out to be good but it seems to be reminding me perhaps a bit too much of HBK/Cena where it was all about the attacks and the trust factor. Maybe it's just me but that seems to be what I'm getting a lot of this from.
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Re: Being The Booker

Raw Preview:

The journey is almost complete. Six days separate us from WrestleMania 23, and General Managers of both Raw and Smackdown have pulled out all the stops to create an unforgettable week leading into New Orleans this Sunday, with Raw and Smackdown united for one week only.

And Eric Bischoff has taken full advantage of having both rosters at his disposal, naming two massive matches for tonights show, live from Atlanta. The first being of course, the main event, WWE Champion Rob Van Dam and Chris Jericho vs former tag team partners Edge and Christian ... with World Champion John Cena as the special guest referee, all the ingredients for a massive explosion of epic proportions. RVD, Edge and Jericho meet on Sunday for the WWE title, and of course, Christian and Cena compete for the World Championship at WrestleMania. After Chris Jerichos actions on Smackdown, can he co-exist with Van Dam, and will Edge be preapred to even give them the chance before looking, not only for revenge on Jericho, but for a chance to send a message to the WWE Champion?? And, of course, how will Cena call the action, knowing he faces Christian in just six days ... and will Captain Charisma use the opportunity to try and push The Champs buttons?? Not only does recent history come into play in this match, but given the history between Edge and Christian alone, not to forget Christian and Chris Jericho ... is the Phillips Arena big enough to hold this animosity???

Then, in a preview of sorts before the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania it's an eight man tag, featuring the eight men that compete for the lucrative contract, granting the winner a world title opportunity for anytime in the next twelve months. The four qualifiers from Raw; Finlay, Umaga, Randy Orton and Shelton Benjamin join forces to face their four counterparts from Smackdown; MVP, Carlito, Paul London and Charlie Haas. With so much talent in one ring, with so much to prove, could the tension spill over just six days from WrestleMania?? And, will we see the Smackdown alliance join the other three men from Raw to eliminate Umaga, as planned by MVP?? Find out on Raw.

Last week, Mister Kennedy defeated one half of Straight Edge; CM Punk in a hard hitting contest. This week, Kennedy, six days shy of teaming with MNM for his opportunity to reclaim the Intercontinental Title, faces Punks partner, Greg Helms. Can Helms do what his partner fell short of and defeat Kennedy?? Momentum will be key for both men, looking to pick up as much as possible heading into the ultra-important 8 person tag at WrestleMania with the World Tag Team, Womens and Intercontinental Titles all on the line. Will either man buckle under the pressure heading towards the Big Easy??

Smackdown ended amidst bedlam on Friday night, as the McMahon Family Empire orchestrated a sick beating upon the Iron Man Brock Lesnar. Lesnar had been lulled to Corpus Christi under the pretence that Steve Austin wanted a face to face showdown. In the end, it was all a cunning plan by the sick, twsited Game, and his in-laws, as they brought an army of Raw superstars to beat down Triple H's opponent in six days time. The Game then sent a sickening message to Lesnar, blasting him with a sledgehammer, knocking him out cold. Lesnar will not be in Atlanta tonight, nor will he be in attendance on Friday, but the Iron Man WILL be ready for WrestleMania, but will that be against doctors orders?? Tonight, we are set to hear from the McMahon Family Empire, and most importantly, Triple H, just three days after destroying his adversary, whom he meets at WrestleMania.

And, with Shawn Michaels looking to address last weeks eerie video by Mick Foley, tonight promises to be a rollercoaster ride, the final Raw ON THE ROAD TO WRESTLEMANIA!!!

Confirmed Matches:
Edge & Christian vs Rob Van Dam & Chris Jericho /Referee; John Cena
Finlay, Umaga, Randy Orton & Shelton Benjamin vs Paul London, Carlito, MVP & Charlie Haas
Mister Kennedy vs Greg Helms
The Undertaker in action!!

And, Shawn Michaels speaks out!!


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Re: Being The Booker

Talk about one massive clusterfuck of a main event I love it. Kind of reminds of the match we got in the build up to WM 16 with Special Guest Referees and such. Now's the time we can start to say, "...if so and so wins this match he isn't winning at WrestleMania." so I'll be intrigued as to who comes out of that tag match the strongest.

As for the MITB match, part of me would love it if Umaga blew up and killed everyone, especially since I can't, not with how unstoppable he's looked, see him winning at WM.

Got me pumped, Wolfster

P.S. Bad luck the other night, eh? Iniesta not a name you want to hear? <3
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Re: Being The Booker

Raw; March 12th Atlanta:

Highlights from Smackdown on Friday Night, with the show closing angle, of Brock Lesnar coming to confront Steve Austin, only for the whole thing to be a set up, as the McMahon Family Empire, and a dozen strong entourage from Raw, along with a number of Smackdown stars stormed the ring, and partook in a sick, gruesome, ugly beat down, which left Brock Lesnar bloodied and battered, with a final shot of Triple H, hands soaked in blood, standing over his WrestleMania opponent.

Opening Video


Jim Ross: Tonight, Raw kicks off WrestleMania week in style, just six days away from the Showcase of the Immortals, with BOTH Raw and Smackdown superstars under one roof!! And the incredible blend of talent will never be more evident than our main event, which sees the WWE Champion Rob Van Dam forced to team up with one of his two opponents this Sunday, Chris Jericho, to take on the most successful tandem in WWE history, brothers reunited, Edge and Christian!!!

The Coach: And don’t forget, John Cena, the World Heavyweight Champion, and Christians opponent this Sunday in the main event of WrestleMania will be the special guest referee.


And off we go with an appearance from a pumped up Shawn Michaels!!!

Jim Ross: You are looking at the man, who, in just six days takes part in the biggest match that will never happen at WrestleMania. Shawn Michaels faces Mick Foley in a Non-Sanctioned match that the WWE refuses to recognize, and after the unsettling video from Mick Foley, the troubled Mick Foley, that we saw last week, Shawn Michaels is set to address that tonight.

The Coach: After seeing that video from the crazed Mick Foley last week, Shawn Michaels was lost for words. He’s had seven days to think about it, and tonight, HBK isn’t wasting time.

Jim Ross: And of course, both brands are under one roof tonight. The superstars from Raw and the superstars from Smackdown are all here, and it will be the exact same this Friday night on Smackdown, LIVE from Lafayette just two days from WrestleMania in Louisiana.

The Coach: The Road is coming to an end Jimbo, WrestleMania is on the horizon now.

In the ring, The Showstopper is handed a mic, and despite looking sullen faced at first, the reactions of the fans force a smile from him. The Georgians are red hot, and chant ‘H-B-K’ with Michaels eventually jigging along with the chant, conducting the orchestra, before holding his hand up, trying to stop the cheers from the fans. Michaels claps to all sides of the arena, giving his thanks for the reception.

Shawn Michaels: Atlanta, Georgia…

Massive pop from the hot fans. HBK shows a smile again, enjoying the moment.

Shawn Michaels: For those of you watching at home, can ya tell it’s WrestleMania week yet??

Smaller pop from the hot crowd, as Michaels sells the excitement heading into WrestleMania.

Shawn Michaels: Because in case HOT-LANTA wasn’t makin it clear; we’re headed for the biggest show of the year in just six little days.

Bit of a cheap pop, with Michaels enjoying the moment.

Shawn Michaels: And this Sunday boys and girls, The Heart Break Kid stops the show ONE MORE TIME.

One more nice pop from the fans, with HBK smiling at the response. As it dies down though, Michaels smile fades, and he waits for near silence before speaking again.

Shawn Michaels: It may seem a little strange to see me out here tonight as jovial as I am … given everything I’ve been through over the last couple months. Mick-

Boos from the fans put HBK off for a moment, acknowledging the fans anger at the hell he has been put through by the manic Mick Foley. HBK shows a smirk from the side of his mouth, then continues.

Shawn Michaels: Mick Foley … has been hell bent on making my life miserable these past few months … no doubt about it. He screwed me over at the Survivor Series … he screwed me over at the Royal Rumble … not to mention a couple of unexpected beatings along the road … ALL … for one little thing.

Michaels turns, and points to the WrestleMania 23 logo high above in the rafters.

Shawn Michaels: WrestleMania.

Pop from the fans.

Shawn Michaels: Honestly Mick, all ya had to do … was ask. All ya had to do, was approach me like a man … and ask me the question.

HBK has a stern look on his face, fighting back his anger.

Shawn Michaels: That’s all ya had to do. And be rest assured, no matter what you may think Mick; respect or no respect, when it comes down to WrestleMania, you ALWAYS get the very best of the Showstopper.

The fans cut in with a pop.

Shawn Michaels: You don’t need to push me for the heart break kid to raise his game; you don’t need to attack me and screw me over to get the showstopper pumped up for WrestleMania.

Small pop from the fans again, with Michaels stony faced.

Shawn Michaels: Now … I know you’re goin through a lot of problems Mick … you’re obviously not ‘yourself’.

Michaels stops momentarily, thinking over the disturbing Foley video from last week.

Shawn Michaels: I’ve watched that footage from last week Mick … I’ve watched it … time and time again. It doesn’t get any easier with time.

The arena has fallen silent, with HBK lowering his own tone.

Shawn Michaels: What I saw was not the Mick Foley that these fans loved and adored. It was not the Mick Foley we’ve all come to know … it was a man in dire need of help. And in my own special way, I’ll help ya Mick. Because the man I saw last week, the man in that video last week?? He was possessed … and consumed.

HBK has a stern look on his face, fighting back his anger.

Shawn Michaels: Possessed by demons … consumed … with a burning desire …

The camera zooms in on the ultra serious HBK.

Shawn Michaels: One defining WrestleMania match.

Fans cheer, with HBK staring deep into the camera.

Shawn Michaels: Credit where it’s due Mick … you want to steal the show at WrestleMania?? You want that one memorable match at the showcase of the immortals?? That one defining moment that will be replayed for years to come?? Then you handpicked the perfect candidate to give it to ya.

Another small pop from the fans, with HBK feeling the moment.

Shawn Michaels: Because Mick Foley, make no mistake about it, you’ll get that ultimate match at WrestleMania, COURTESY of The Showstopper, The Headliner, The Main Event, The Icon, The Heart-Break-Kid … MISTER … WrestleMania.

Still, the camera remains close up on Michaels, seething with intensity, whilst the fans cheer him again.

Shawn Michaels: But don’t be confused. I’ll be delivering ONE MORE WrestleMania classic, ONE MORE for the history books, ONE MORE MATCH that I promise … YOU’LL ALL … NEVER forget … but it wont be for your benefit Mick Foley … it wont even be for mine … it’s tradition.

Pop from the fans.

Shawn Michaels: And tradition for Shawn Michaels at the Granddaddy is to go out, and steal the show.

Again, the camera zooms in, with HBK looking right ahead to it.

Shawn Michaels: WrestleMania 10, Scott Hall and myself revolutionized the ladder match … WrestleMania 12, the boyhood dream came true … Two years later, EVEN with a broken back I STOLE THE SHOW!!!

Michaels appears to be getting himself fired up by listing his accomplishments, and turns away from the close up shot, to walking around the ring, unbuttoning his jacket.

Shawn Michaels: And five years after retiring, I stepped right back into the spotlight with Chris Jericho at WrestleMania 19 and without missing a single beat stole the show once more, just as I did a year later, and the year after that with The Undertaker at WrestleMania 21. And last year??

HBK ponders for a moment, then swings around, getting into the camera.

Shawn Michaels: I STOLE THE SHOW AGAIN!!!

Pop from the fans, as Michaels looks around, soaking in the ovation, not mentioning The Rock by name in connection to last year.

Shawn Michaels: As for this year?? This Sunday??

HBK looks to the fans, as a small ‘H-B-K’ chant stirs.

Shawn Michaels: It may not be officially recognised by the WWE, it may not be sanctioned, it may not be pretty, and it may go down as the biggest match never to happen at WrestleMania … but it WILL … happen.

Cheers engulf the arena, as HBK waits for the close up once more.

Shawn Michaels: And it WILL steal the show.


HBK drops the mic, and stares longingly into the distance, before turning, and leaving the ring, all set and raring to go, with his highly anticipated Non-Sanctioned Match with Mick Foley now on the horizon, just six days away.

Jim Ross: He put it best himself Coach; Shawn Michaels history at WrestleMania dictates that no matter the match, no matter the stakes, he ALWAYS turns it on for the Showcase of the Immortals, and this Sunday there is no reason to suggest that HBK will fail to live up to those expectations.

The Coach: It may not be officially recognised J.R, but Foley and Michaels will go at it on Sunday, and you and I will be there to call it.

Jim Ross: No rules, anything goes; the Non-Sanctioned war between Shawn Michaels and the crazed Mick Foley WILL happen, and in the words of HBK, it WILL steal the show.

We now cut backstage, and see Umaga making his way down the hallway, joined as always by the charismatic Armando Estrada.

The Coach: And when we come back J.R; THAT MAN - no, that BEAST is in action. The eight Money in the Bank participants will be in action, in an eight man tag match, and that Baby Boy, is next!!


We return with M.V.P, Charlie Haas, Carlito and London already in the ring, whilst Benjamin is stood at the bottom of the ramp, and Finlay is joining him, with his entrance finishing up.


Umaga makes his way out, joined by Armando Estrada, with the question on commentary being; can he finally be kept restrained for a tag team match?? And, will the other seven men decide to team up and try to take out the Samoan Bulldozer??


And the favourite for this Sunday’s match enters, sauntering down the aisle, with the big 8 man tag set to begin.

Finlay, Randy Orton, Shelton Benjamin & Umaga w/ Armando Estrada vs. M.V.P, Charlie Haas, Carlito & Paul London
It’s a bit of a mess early on, with everyone but Umaga getting in the match for a brief run, before Umaga takes a tag from Benjamin to meet M.V.P. Umaga steps in, and barks at Porter, whose eyes pop open, before turning, and looking to make a tag out … but Haas doesn’t want it, and Carlito and London both seem happy enough to see the cocky loudmouth take on Umaga!!! M.V.P begins to come to the realisation of what’s about to happen, and turns around, looking to talk to Umaga … BUT GETS A CLOTHESLINE FOR HIS TROUBLE!!!

Umaga knocks M.V.P down, and then sets him in the corner, looking to charge across the ring at him, backing as far into his own … with Orton making a blind tag!!! He hops into the ring, but Umaga is furious … AND CLOBBERS ORTON!!! The Samoan Bulldozer takes down his own partner, with Estrada quickly hopping onto the apron, looking to calm his savage down, as we head into the commercial break.


And from the return, we now see Haas in charge of Finlay, backing him into the corner, and tagging Carlito in. We then get highlights from during the commercial, with Umaga being calmed down, whilst M.V.P took advantage of Ortons weakened state, before tagging out to Haas, whilst Orton managed enough of a fight back to tag in Finlay, before he was eventually outdone by Charlie, leading to this point.

Carlito sends Finlay off the ropes, catching him with a dropkick, before bouncing onto the ropes for a double springboard splash, getting a two count, then tags in London, who goes right up top … ONLY FOR BENJAMIN TO RACE ACROSS THE APRON AND SHOVE HIM OFF!!! Paul London splats off the canvas, and the sneaky move from Benjamin sparks Carlito, who drops off the apron, and races around the ring, coming for Benjamin - BUT GETS NAILED BY CHARLIE HAAS FROM BEHIND!!!

Haas attacks his own partner, interestingly coming to aide of his former long term tag team partner. M.V.P then decides to get involved, wanting a piece of his enemy, putting the boots to Carlito, as the match breaks down. Finlay meanwhile, rolls to the outside, but comes for London, throwing him back inside, whilst the referee tries to get the outside carnage settled, admonishing Haas and M.V.P back to their corner, whilst the Caribbean native tries to pick himself up from the unsuspecting attack.

London shows his fight in the ring, kicking out of a number of pin attempts from the veteran Irishman, who eventually tags Orton in, who puts his stamp on London, but looks to be hanging back, and saving himself, getting out again quickly, tagging in Benjamin, after a few simple stomps and punches. The Black Diamond gets to work now, sending London into the corner, and charging in, looking for a Stinger Splash; BUT GETS KNEES!!! London hurls his knees up, hitting Benjamin, but is unable to make a tag, with Finlay getting inside, and dragging him back out - WITH NO ARGUMENTS FROM LONDONS CORNER!!! Carlito is still recovering, and doesn’t see what’s happened, but M.V.P and Haas don’t appear to be bothered by the intentional cheating.

Shelton recovers, and tags Umaga back in, with the Samoan Bulldozer looking down at his opposition, dragging the Golden Boy up … SAMOAN DROP!!! Umaga gets back up, and makes a beeline … FOR ORTON!!! Umaga hasn’t forgotten the earlier incident, and hurls Orton into the ring, then kicks Benjamin as he tries to stop it, and looks to Spike Orton … BUT FINLAY ATTACKS UMAGA WITH HIS SHILLELAGH!!! Umagas legs give in, and he drops down, with Finlay looking to get a sneaky attack in on Umaga, AND IS JOINED BY M.V.P!!! Porter, and now Haas, put the boots to Umaga, with Orton joining in … and the referee decides to throw the match out!!!
Winners: No Contest @ 11:26

The bizarre tag team match comes to an abrupt end, but the story begins now, with Umaga getting pummelled, with Finlay trying to strike with the oak-made weapon, whilst M.V.P, Haas, Orton and now Benjamin try to put him down too. Umaga tries to fight back, but as he fights to his feet … RKO CONNECTS!!! Orton drops Umaga with the RKO, as the five men continue to put to boots to the Samoan Bulldozer … until ORTON SURPRISES FINLAY WITH THE RKO TOO!!!

Orton takes out Finlay, but doesn’t get the chance to do it again, with M.V.P tackling him down. Also, Haas and Benjamin begin to rekindle their past, and join up to take out Carlito, as the eight men break down into an all out brawl, divided after conquering Umaga.

TWGTT look like they haven’t missed a beat, doubling up on Carlito, with Haas hanging Carlito on the ropes; as Benjamin hit’s the opposite side … BUT GETS CUT OFF BY LONDON!!! Paul London saves Carlito from a double team, whilst CCC turns his own problem around, taking Haas out of the ring with a head scissors!!!

Haas staggers around on the outside, but is quickly joined by Benjamin, as Carlito helps London to throw him out; sending Benjamin onto Haas!!!

Meanwhile, M.V.P slips out of the ring, spotting a recovering Umaga, and seeing that there is no one to help him take out the Samoan Bulldozer. He slips out, and backs up the ramp, whilst Carlito and London also take the high road, not wanting to incur the wrath of a raging Umaga.

In this time, Orton and Finlay have both rolled out to safety, with both already worse for wear, leaving Umaga standing in the ring, with Armando Estrada desperately trying to calm his savage down.

Jim Ross: Eight different men, all unique, but all have one common goal this coming Sunday at WrestleMania. We’ve had a chance to see glimpses of all eight men in action tonight Coach, and right now, whose your money on??

The Coach: It all depends on Umaga J.R. It all depends on how they deal with him, and indeed, it depends on how he deals with a ladder. Can he even climb one?? Such a big guy, but could a ladder match be the undoing of the Samoan Bulldozer?? If he can overcome that obstacle, he’s gotta be the odds on favourite. But personally, I’m pullin for my boy, Shelton Benjamin.

Jim Ross: Well, we did see a brief reformation of the self proclaimed worlds greatest tag team tonight. Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas appeared to be on the same wavelength. If those two make some sort of pact this Sunday, you gotta think they’ll be big time candidates.

The Coach: But really J.R, how can you write off any of these guys??

Jim Ross: So true Coach, ladder matches are the epitome of unpredictability. And there will be none more unpredictable than the Money in the Bank ladder match this Sunday at WrestleMania.



The VP then ends with the graphic for WRESTLEMANIA XXIII - MARCH 18TH 2007 - FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER IN NEW ORLEANS.

Backstage, Todd Grisham is stood with the mouthpiece of The Brotherhood, Theodore Long.

Todd Grisham: Theodore Long, this Sunday, your client, Shelton Benjamin will be apart of the eight man Money in the Bank ladder match, with the winner, of course, landing a glorious opportunity to become World Champion, getting a guaranteed title shot, any time within the next twelve months. With such an array of stars in the match though, how much chance does Shelton Benjamin have??

Long ponders, then smirks, putting his hands on the shoulders of Grisham.

Theodore Long: HOLLA HOLLA HOLLA!!! Let me holla at ya playa. This Sun-Day, is tha big one. This Sun-Day, is WrestleMania. And Tha Brotherhood is finally gettin it’s recognition dawg. I’m excited playa, and you’d better be excited too.

Long smiles, straightening the jacket of Grisham.

Theodore Long: You want to know the chances that tha Black Diamon’ has?? Shelton Benjamin?? Tha most gifted natural ath-lete in tha WHOLE of tha Dubya Dubya E??

Grisham nods, as Long continues to smile.

Theodore Long: Indeed, there is a great set of talent in tha Money in the Bank match this year, but playa, matches like Money in the Bank is where the stars shine brightest. Ya feel may??

Grisham shrugs, with Theodore preparing to continue.

Theodore Long: Put it this way playa … when you got seven studs, and one diamond, that big bright diamond is gonna outshine the seven studs. And playa, Shelton Benjamin is a true, one off, diamond amongst diamonds. And this Sun-Day, Tha Black Diamond will truly outshine the seven studs.

Long fixes his own jacket, preparing another statement.

Theodore Long: Matches like tha Money in the Bank match are where stars can be born, careers can be shaped, and lives can change forever.

Grisham nods, with Long looking extremely excited.

Theodore Long: This Sunday is the makin of Shelton Benjamin, WrestleMania is the makin of tha Black Diamond, and it is the coming of age … of Tha Brotherhood. Now Holla back, ya heard??

Long shuffles off, looking highly confident of his clients chances ahead of Money in the Bank this Sunday.


We return with the Hall of Fame music playing, and the graphic of the seven inductees into this years hall.

Jim Ross: It’ll be the biggest privilege of my broadcast career this weekend to join the illustrious class of 2007, and folks, it gives me great pleasure to announce that the man inducting me this Saturday night is none other than my old friend, former broadcast colleague, and fellow Hall of Famer, Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler will be handling that job.

The Coach: Oh great. I have to listen to that old glory hog. Hold on while I check the 1974 great big joke book and get a head start on his speech.

Jim Ross: And inducting Mister Wonderful, Paul Orndorff … THE WEASEL!! Bobby ‘The Brain’ Heenan!!!

The Coach: Another glory hog?? Listen, I’m gonna say this now J.R, if this is anything to go by, I don’t want anyone asking me to induct Michael Cole in 2027. Glory hogs!!!

Jim Ross: Mr. U.S.A!!! Tony Atlas, a breakthrough performer, a rightful member of the Hall of Fame takes his place, and who better to induct him than S.D Jones!!!

The Coach: Who??

Jim Ross: (Ignoring Coach, moving on) Arguably, the greatest manager of all time. Just about the perfect valet, a manageress of champions and legends, Sensational Sherri. And the Louisiana native will be inducted by a former client, The Million Dollar Man, Ted DiBiase!!!

The Coach: Finally, someone with a bit of class. Why cant all the inductees and inductors be as well suited as these two??

Jim Ross: Celebrity inductee, and possibly the most high profile celebrity to ever be involved with the WWE, IRON, Mike Tyson. And this oughta be interesting, as none other than Shawn Michaels, the man that Tyson KNOCKED OUT at WrestleMania 14, will be handling the induction of the baddest man on the planet.

The Coach: Oh yeah. Digging that Baby boy. Fireworks surely.

Jim Ross: And then, onto the two biggest inductees. First, inducting Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart, the man who was made at WrestleMania 13 by the Hitman, The Texas Rattlesnake, Stone Cold Steve Austin.

The Coach: It’s always interesting to hear from The Rattlesnake, and it’s hard to argue anyone more deserving of the Hall of Fame induction than Bret Hart.

Jim Ross: And when you think of WrestleMania, there is one name that strikes the imagination more than any other, synonymous with WrestleMania; Hulk Hogan. And inducting the Immortal One, none other than Raw General Manager, Eric Bischoff.

The Coach: Indeed, Hulkamania will run wild one more time this weekend in New Orleans.

Jim Ross: A special sixty minute broadcast will air on the USA Network this Saturday night, which will see the inductions of both Bret Hart and Hulk Hogan. It promises to be a memorable night in New Orleans, just twenty four hours before the big one itself.

The Coach: Cannot wait. Hall of Fame has become a staple of the WrestleMania weekend, and it’s no different this time.

Jim Ross: Folks, that’s all to come this weekend. But tonight, we have a huge night in store. We will hear from Triple H following his sickening, downright brutal assault on Brock Lesnar, we will also hear the thoughts of both John Cena and Christian separately ahead of this Sundays championship match, and let’s not forget, both men are involved in tonight’s main event.

The Coach: Oh baby, don’t forget it. Edge and Christian vs. RVD and Chris Jericho, tonight!! The band is back together, and John Cena will be calling the match!!! Utter brilliance from Eric Bischoff.

Jim Ross: And of course, that’s not all. The Undertaker will also be here tonight, making a special, rare appearance on Raw. All of that still to come.

We now see a determined looking, sullen faced Mister Kennedy making his way down the hall, ahead of his upcoming match.

Jim Ross: But ladies and gentlemen, before all of that, we are set to see Mister Kennedy, fresh off a win over CM Punk last week, take on Punks tag team partner, and another of Kennedys opponents in the Triple Jeopardy match this Sunday, Greg Helms. When we come back!!


2nd Match:
Mister Kennedy vs. Greg Helms
Competitive contest, with Greg getting the opportunity to shine in singles action against a highly respected top tier star. The two men get slightly longer (for TV) than you’d expect, with no one at ringside to interfere. Kennedy overpowers the smaller man early on in a test of strength, and uses that as his basis for dominance early on, keeping it simple, with an array of headlocks to keep Helms grounded. Greg does show his fight throughout though, battling to his feet, breaking free, but constantly gets cut off, just as it looks like he’s about to gain some steam.

Kennedy, despite having everything in hand, gets ahead of himself, and begins to underestimate his adversary, which allows Greg back in, and he begins to show what he’s made of, giving Kennedy a real scare, coming close with a near fall off a flying clothesline from the top rope, and then nearly catches Kennedy with a cradle for another near fall. Kennedy then after the scares, rolls to the outside, looking for a breather, but Helms feels the momentum, and slingshots himself over the ropes … BUT MISSES KENNEDY!!!

This plays right into the hands of Kennedy, and after roughing Helms up on the outside, brings him back inside, and begins to look for the finish, setting up for the Mic Check, but Helms fights it, and punches himself back into the contest, running off the ropes, but getting nailed with a clothesline!!! Kennedy drags Helms back up, taking his time, and slowly turns him over, looking for a reverse neck breaker, but Helms slips out, and as Kennedy turns back around, Greg connects with a high knee, rocking the 2006 King of the Ring!!! Kennedy drops to his knees, as Greg shapes up; SHINING WIZARD CONNECTS!!! Helms is on the verge of a major upset, and hooks the leg; 1...2...NO!!!

Kennedy survives the scare, but looks to be on the ropes now, struggling to recover from the kick, with Helms moving in for the kill, connecting with a number of kicks, putting Kennedy back down with a snap suplex, then goes up top, looking for a cross body … BUT KENNEDY CATCHES HIM WITH A SLAM!!! Kennedy hooks the leg, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Despite the kick out, the mood has changed, and it’s Kennedy looking more likely to take the win, stalking his prey, waiting for Greg to get up … AND DELIVERS THE MIC CHECK!!! Kennedy hooks the leg, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Mister Kennedy @ 06:11

Kennedy scores a hard fought win against a tricky opponent, setting himself up perfectly for this Sunday’s triple jeopardy encounter, with another shot at becoming the Intercontinental Champion. Kennedy has his hand raised, and stares down at his beaten opponent, then looks to the entrance way, with the camera shifting towards the stage … AND HERE COMES MNM … ALONG WITH SANTINO MARELLA!!!

The tag and womens champion quickly make their way to the ring, along with the hanger on, and begin to put the boots to Gregory Helms, looking to make sure he goes into WrestleMania at less than 100% --- BUT --- CM Punk, Rey Mysterio and Alexis Laree have other ideas; AND THEY COME TO THE RESCUE TO MAKE THE SAVE!!!

The Intercontinental Champion and the challengers for the Tag team and womens titles storm the ring, forcing the heels to scram, as they avoid a sneak preview of what’s to come this Sunday. The faces stand tall in the ring, with CM Punk helping his tag team partner back to his feet, with a big stand off, as MNM and Kennedy, along with Marella back up the ramp, showing off their gold, whilst Kennedy points at Rey, motioning around his waist, as the triple jeopardy match comes to a head at WrestleMania.

Jim Ross: There will be no running this Sunday Coach. This ongoing battle, a power struggle over three of the most coveted championships in the WWE all comes to a head this Sunday at WrestleMania. One decisive fall, one fall only will decide the destination of the womens championship, the world tag team championships and of course, the Intercontinental Championship.

The Coach: How humiliating will it be for the person that loses that one fatal decision this Sunday. I hope it’s Mysterio!!!

Jim Ross: Oh shut up Coach!! You’re supposed to be impartial out here!!!

The Coach: Practice what you preach old man.

Jim Ross: I just don’t like the attitude of MNM, that’s all. I don’t like how they conduct business. They’ve ducked the challenge of Straight Edge for months, but this Sunday, they’ll have no more excuses!!!

The Coach: Ducking challenges?? Need I remind you J.R that MNM have beaten your boys THREE times??? Have you forgotten that???

Jim Ross: Give me a break, that doesn’t tell half the story Coach. Folks, it’s one fall, for three championships this Sunday at WrestleMania. It’s a first for WrestleMania, and what a night of firsts it promises to be … and that includes the first ever meeting between two men who have somehow never crossed paths. Brock Lesnar and Triple H five years in the making. It comes to a head this Sunday, and when we come back, we’ll be taking a look at the sickening turn this rivalry took, this past Friday night on Smackdown.



Highlights air of the beating handed out by Triple H this past Friday Night on Smackdown to Brock Lesnar;

- Cole and Tazz talking about the announcement that Steve Austin had challenged Brock Lesnar to show up on Smackdown to come face to face with him.
- Lesnar arriving in Corpus Christi, and calling out Stone Cold.
- Arn Anderson announces Stone Cold left Texas on Tuesday.
- Arrival of the McMahon Family Empire, just as Lesnar realises the possibility of a set up.
- Run ins from the crowd, with Lesnar fighting them off.
- A look at an intense Triple H, being goaded to the ring by Lesnar.
- Numbers game becomes too much for Lesnar to fight.
- Triple H begins to pick Lesnar off; but Lesnar musters a short fight back.
- The Kodak moment with Lesnar and Triple H mouthing at one another with Lesnar being restrained in the corner.
- The sick shots from Triple H to Lesnar; followed by the sledgehammer shots, and a final clip of the bloody hands of Triple H.

Back in the arena …


The Georgia Dome descends into boos for The Game, stepping out into the arena, soaking up the response, followed, as always, by the McMahon Family Empire. Triple H stops at the top of the ramp, dressed smartly, shirt, tie, jacket.

Jim Ross: Ladies and Gentlemen, we will hear directly from that man, Triple H, when we come back.


We return with Triple H, backed up by the McMahon Family Empire in the ring, waiting to speak.

Triple H: Y’know … I’ve done a lot of things over my career that I’m not proud of … fortunately, last Friday night wasn’t one of them.

Triple H snickers, and gets the fans on his back.

Triple H: Brock Lesnar. What I did to you on Friday Night was exactly what I warned you would happen when you crossed me. I don’t make empty threats … my promises are just that … promises.

The Game looks over his shoulder to the Empire, before speaking once again.

Triple H: A month ago Brock … you were warned. You were warned to be careful what you wished for. Friday Night?? You got it.

The fans start to heat up again, with abuse for The Game.

Triple H: You were warned what would happen. You were warned of your fate … and you didn’t take heed. Bet you’re wishing you had now, huh??

Triple H shows a grin, enjoying getting the fans worked up.

Triple H: The Iron Man?? Is that some kind of joke?? The ‘Iron Man’ didn’t look so tough on Friday. He didn’t look like an Iron Man, did he??

More heat, as Triple H seems to be enjoying his moment.

Triple H: You people can say whatever you want. You can say what happened on Friday was cowardly … you can say it was a set up … you can say it was downright criminal. I’d prefer though … WE’D prefer though … if you called it a master plan.

The Game runs his fingers through his hair, taking a walk around the ring.

Triple H: Because that’s what it was. We put the plan together … and it unfolded to perfection on Friday night.

More heat for the cocky Game.

Triple H: Last Monday, you all saw Steve Austin, the guest enforcer this Sunday sticking his nose in where it wasn’t wanted … and stunned Brock Lesnar.

Triple H smiles, as a fairly pro-Austin reaction reverberates around the arena.

Triple H: And knowing how Brock’s mind operates … we knew he wouldn’t bother thinking twice if we set up a challenge from Austin … to show up for a face to face meeting on Smackdown … and he didn’t disappoint.

More heat from the fans, angry at the smugness of The Game.

Triple H: That big dumb gorilla couldn’t wait to get to Smackdown and confront Austin …

Again, Triple H smirks.

Triple H: But Austin wasn’t there, was he??

More heat from the fans getting fed up with the smug Game.

Triple H: And yeah, we did bring a couple of guys to help carry out the job … Brock should know that better than anybody … he used to be one of those ‘helpers’.

Triple H laughs, whilst the fans start an ‘ASSHOLE’ chant.

Triple H: But don’t confuse the situation. We only brought the back up for one sole reason … not because I couldn’t do it alone … not at all. We brought the group from Raw … because we could.

Huge heat for the matter of fact Triple H.

Triple H: Why exert the energy, when you can get a dog to bark for ya?? That was Lesnars role once. Those jobs kept him on our good side, and had he went with the script … had he followed orders, and obeyed the pecking order … he’d still be on side with the McMahon Family Empire.

The camera zooms in on The Game, as he attempts to drive home a message.

Triple H: Maybe now Brock. Maybe now, it’ll all be falling into place. Maybe now, you’ll be coming to realisation that what I told you a month ago was the truth. Maybe now, you’ll realise that Vince McMahon was protecting you after all.

Heat for The Game, as we see a shot of Vince, slowly nodding in agreement.

Triple H: Now … you’ll believe me when I say that this man here, Vince McMahon protected your ass for five long years. He pr-

Triple H stops, allowing the fans to have their say before he continues. He gives them a moment to settle down, then looks to make his point again.

Triple H: He protected you from havin to face me. Vince McMahon saved you from the inevitable beating at my hands for FIVE LONG YEARS … and he wanted to save you for much longer … but you ruined it Brock.

In the background, Vince nods in agreement.

Triple H: You threw all his hard work, right back in his face. After the path he paved you, after the opportunities he thrust your way … and you threw it back at him.

A small ‘LESNAR’ chant breaks out, catching Triple H’s attention for a moment.

Triple H: You did the exact same as all those before you. You thought you were better than you were. You failed to realise that all along, it was Vince keeping you on top … protecting you from me.

Triple H stops for a moment, and looks at his free hand.

Triple H: This past Friday … that protection you once had … vanished.

Boos from the fans, as Triple H removes his glasses, and we see the intensity in his eyes.

Triple H: That air of invincibility?? GONE!!! The Iron Man?? NO MORE!!! I took all your credibility, I took all of that ego, all of that reputation … and in one night I crushed it all.

The boos override the words from Triple H, forcing The Game to stop again for a moment.

Triple H: This Sunday … I will take that crushed reputation you have … and I … will … bury it.

Massive heat momentarily for Triple H, who soaks up the jeers.

Triple H: I will flush your credibility down the toilet. Five years of accomplishments … five years of building a stack of names that you’ve beaten … I will render it all … useless.

The camera comes for a close up again.

Triple H: You may be big … you may be strong Brock … but you lack the intelligence to match me in any single department.

Triple H turns away, looking to be finished, then seems to remember something.

Triple H: Oh … and Austin??

Cheers for the mention of the special guest enforcer this Sunday.

Triple H: Austin?? I hear you weren’t too happy with being used as bait last week?? Is that right?? In fact, I hear you’re planning on showing up this Friday to confront the McMahon Family Empire??

Triple H smirks again.

Triple H: Good luck with that.

Triple H now hands the mic off to Vince, as the heat picks up again. Vince, still using the hairpiece, takes centre stage shaking his arm out, before speaking up.

Mr. McMahon: Y’know, what happened last week on Smackdown, pained me terribly.

Heat from the fans, not buying the bullshit.

Mr. McMahon: To see a talent that I moulded, that I nurtured, and watched blossom before my very eyes beaten like he was … to be taught such a lesson. To have to be beaten like a rabid dog before my very eyes … it filled me with great sorrow.

More boos for the bullshit.

Mr. McMahon: Brock Lesnar, you could’ve avoided what happened to you. You could’ve avoided the lesson you were taught on Smackdown. That entire mess could’ve been avoided … you didn’t have to push me … you didn’t have to push my family … you could’ve followed the program … but you didn’t.

Some cheers for the mention of Lesnars defiance.

Mr. McMahon: As Triple H rightly pointed out … I did indeed try to help you, I tried to guide you, I tried to hold your hand through the ranks to the top of the mountain. It pains me to see you throw all that goodwill away … such a bright career … down the toilet.

The fans strike up another ‘ASSHOLE’ chant.

Mr. McMahon: Fortunately, last week, hopefully Triple H will have taught you the ultimate lesson … you don’t … cross … the boss.

Heat descends for the smirking McMahon.

Mr. McMahon: And if you still haven’t learned?? Oh, believe me, you will learn the hard way this Sunday.

Vince listens to the reaction of the fans, leaning his head back, taking it in.

Mr. McMahon: As Triple H said Brock … you cant outsmart the McMahon Family Empire. Look at how you reached out to Stone Cold Steve Austin. That backfired, and backfired royally.

More boos for the wig wearing chairman.

Mr. McMahon: And this Sunday, our intelligence will see the end of your illustrious career. Our intelligence will make Steve Austin a non-factor. Our intelligence saw you take the most vicious beating of your career last week … our intelligence has brought us … a WrestleMania Army …

Vince extends his arm towards the entrance, as we now see Theodore Long leading out The Brotherhood (minus Benjamin), The New Wave (minus Orton), Burchill, Deuce, Domino, Trevor & Festus Murdoch, Jamie Noble, The Cult Society and even the rarely seen Basham Brothers. Not a wonderful line up, but it’s strength in numbers, and it’s the formation of an ‘army’. The group surround the ring, with the McMahon Family Empire smiling and nodding.

Mr. McMahon: This is your future Brock. This is what awaits you at WrestleMania, and it’s what awaits you too Steve Austin this Friday on Smackdown if you want to show up.

The Family Empire all look at ease, highly confident, but are all taken aback as we hear…



What is this??? The ECW theme???



{/ 2ND HOUR }

PAUL HEYMAN??? The former owner of ECW, and the former long term manager of Brock Lesnar makes his way down the aisle, being seen on screen for the first time since Survivor Series. The McMahon Family Empire all seem like they’ve seen a ghost, as Heyman shoves off his ‘VISITOR’ pass to the camera, before being allowed to pass the wall of superstars, and step inside the ring.

Heyman blanks the Family Empire, and is handed a mic, with the music dying down, as the entire Family Empire do a double take at what they’re seeing.


Small pop for Heyman from the fans, whilst Vince looks disgusted.


Heyman sports a smile, knowing he’s got the boss worked up.

Paul Heyman: Me?? Little old me?? I’m here tonight as a guest of Brock Lesnar, who, as you know isn’t here tonight.

Still cocky, knowing he’s getting under Vinces skin, Heyman continues.

Paul Heyman: And I just thought, what the heck?? Why not use the opportunity to get my face on television …

The tone changes, with Heyman getting serious.

Paul Heyman: And tell a few home truths.

Pop from the fans, with Vince looking taken aback by the attitude of Heyman.

Paul Heyman: But you can rest easy Vince, I’m not gonna "shoot" on you … I want to speak to YOU.

Heyman points at Triple H, with The Game smirking at the extremist.

Paul Heyman: Something funny?? Don’t answer. Life is obviously a big joke for you Triple H. You’re made. You just had four months with the World Title, and every single moment of it was down to your family.

Cheer from the fans.

Paul Heyman: And you barely had to lift a finger this past Friday, when you beat, battered and bloodied Brock Lesnar. Why SHOULDN’T you be laughing??

Triple H shrugs, blowing off Heymans words.

Paul Heyman: It’s all a big joke, right?? Well … get this, you should find this hilarious … here’s the punch line … you’ve awoken a beast inside of Brock Lesnar.

Cheers build from the fans, as Heyman uses it, talking louder, with more venom behind his words, getting in the face of Triple H.

Paul Heyman: You have unearthed a MONSTER … you have created AN ANIMAL inside of Brock Lesnar … and you cant halt this monster, you cant tame this animal … you can only await the consequences this Sunday.

Triple H begins to look more serious, angered by Heyman.

Paul Heyman: And you have the gall … THE GALL to bring out these stooges, these bottom feeders, and call THEM an army???

Heyman smirks, shaking his head.

Paul Heyman: Triple H, let me tell you … this ‘army’ is nothing … but lambs … to the slaughter.

Huge cheer for the fans, getting behind the seemingly fearless Heyman.

Paul Heyman: Brock Lesnar will tear through these puppets, he will rip each and every single one of them apart … and make no mistake about it … he will RIP YOU … LIMB … FROM … LIMB!!!

Triple H gulps, but tries to remain tough, keeping his face screwed up.

Paul Heyman: You call this an army?? YOU CALL THIS AN ARMY??

Heyman asks the question, but Triple H doesn’t answer.

Paul Heyman: D’ya know what Brock Lesnar call this??? Brock Lesnar doesn’t call it army, he calls it FEEDING TIME!!!

The ‘army’ at ringside begin to look frustrated by Heyman getting free reign to run them down. Heyman holds court in the ring, with the McMahon Family Empire listening intently.

Paul Heyman: If you want an army that stands a chance of halting Brock Lesnar this Sunday?? Try the air force … try the navy … try the U.S military … try them all … you’ll need ‘em.

The army continue to shout and holler at Heyman, all furious with his berating of them.

Paul Heyman: And if you think your family can dig you outta this hole?? If you think they can save you like they did during your run as World Heavyweight Champion?? I’d advise you start rethinking the game plan pal. Because Brock Lesnar wont hesitate to break them in half too, regardless of what their last name may be.

Heyman, all the while looking at Triple H, points to Shane.

Paul Heyman: The Boy Wonder?? What do you think Brock Lesnar will do to him??

Heyman, not taking his eyes off Triple H, points to Tomko, then waves his hand away, getting a nice laugh from the fans, but angering the Problem Solver.

He then points to Vince, tilting his head.

Paul Heyman: Daddy dearest?? I’d LOVE to see that.

Vince now looks to be getting more angered with Heyman, as Heyman now casts his pointing towards Stephanie.

Paul Heyman: What about the blushing bride?? He wouldn’t harm a hair on her pretty little head, now … would he?? DON’T COUNT ON IT!!

Fans pop for Heyman again, whilst Triple H for some reason, shields Stephanie.

Paul Heyman: It’s not looking all that rosy now, is it??

Triple H starts to look increasingly agitated, unable to halt Heyman, as he smiles, getting further under the skin of The Game.

Paul Heyman: And as for all this crap you’re spouting about Brock Lesnar being protected?? GIMME A FREAKIN BREAK!!!

Another pop comes from the fans, as Heyman continues to own the Empire.

Paul Heyman: The only protection needed when Brock Lesnar is in the vicinity, is for whomever has the unenviable task of standing right across the ring from him. On Sunday … that’d be YOUUUU!!!

Heyman, with his head down, thinks on his feet, continuing his tirade.

Paul Heyman: Brock Lesnar, is the most gifted talent to come into this business in ALL my years … and I’ve seen some great kids with potential in my time …(turns to Vince) you should know Vince, you stole most of ‘em.

The fans erupt for the slight shoot directed at Vince, with Heyman quickly turning the focus back to Lesnar and Triple H.

Paul Heyman: I guided Brock Lesnar … not Vince McMahon … I opened doors for Brock Lesnar … not Vince McMahon. I brokered Brock Lesnars deal to move to Smackdown as Undisputed Champion five years ago. It wasn’t the work of Vince McMahon ‘protecting’ Brock. It was me trying to get the best deal for my client.

Everything simmers down for a second, as Heyman takes a moment to compose himself.

Paul Heyman: And while I may have guided Brock Lesnar … ultimately … he became champion within five months for one sole reason, and you’ll like this…

Heyman tilts his head, getting right at Triple H.


Huge pop for Heyman, getting right under The Games skin, using his own catchphrase to rile him further.

Paul Heyman: I’ve managed some terrific kids. I’ve guided and moulded many young guys looking for a breakthrough, believe me.

Heyman walks around, head down, as he continues, thinking back.

Paul Heyman: And of all those kids?? Out of all the superstars I’ve handled in my years … Brock Lesnar doesn’t just rank up there with them … he’s out in a field of his own.

Another pop from the fans for Heyman.

Paul Heyman: If I were you Hunter?? I’d stop trying to convince yourself that Brock Lesnar has been protected, and shielded from ya … and begin to face the realisation that you’ve not only backed yourself into a corner this Sunday … I’d begin to face the realisation that you assaulted a walking monster … and I’d begin to face the realisation that you have to answer to him … and face the consequences this Sunday at WrestleMania.

Cheers from the fans, with Triple H getting extremely angry, flaring his nostrils, near at breaking point from the verbal onslaught. Heyman looks around, looking at the ‘army’ at ringside, shaking his head, smiling. He then turns to Triple H again, and gets in his face.

Paul Heyman: I guess I’m pretty much done here. Now … I know … I know I’m not gonna get outta here in one piece. I know I’m not gonna just prance outta here, I’m not stupid. But let me make this clear … the beating I get any moment now will be truly worth it. To get the opportunity to come out here, and scare the life out of each and every one of you, makes the beating I’m about to receive worth it. Because NOW … NOW you know exactly what’s coming this Sunday.

Heyman holds up his finger, as if he has one final point.

Paul Heyman: And just so ya know … I can guarantee that the beating I suffer will be NOTHING … NOTHING, compared to the beating you can expect this Sunday at WrestleMania … at the hands … OF THE IRON MAN, BROCCCKKKK LESNARRRRR!!!


Strangely, Triple H decides to leave it at that, holding Tomko and Shane back, instructing them to leave Heyman. He then instructs them to throw him out of the ring, which they do, as he picks up the mic for a final piece.

Triple H: Count yourself lucky Paul. But make sure to say ‘Hi’ to Lesnar from me.

The Game slams the mic down, trying to hold back his seething rage, as the WrestleMania Army drag the former owner of ECW away, up the ramp, as we fade out to a commercial, with silence at the commentary table.


We return from the commercial, and see members of the ‘WrestleMania Army’ dumping Paul Heyman out of the building, with it looking like they’ve given Heyman quite a beating in retaliation for his scathing comments on them just moments ago. Mark Henry dumps the former ECW owner onto a pile of trash bags on the outside, symbolically taking out the trash.

We return to ringside, where The Coach is smiling broadly at the sight he just saw.

The Coach: Best place for the whale if you ask me. Back where he belongs … with garbage!!!

Jim Ross: OH COME ON!!! How can you justify that?? Now, I’ll admit, I’m not a fan of Paul Heyman, but I damn sure admire the guts and courage it took for him to come out here tonight, knowing he was walking into the Lions Den. Paul Heyman gave The McMahon Family Empire something to think about, that’s for damn sure, and you can bet your ass that Stone Cold Steve Austin will do the same this Friday night on Smackdown in Lafayette.

The Coach: Gimme a break old timer. Have you seen the WrestleMania army?? Steve Austin may well be a tough S.O.B, but he cant break that group.

Jim Ross: Oh, we’ll find out, you might just be proven wrong partner. Ladies and Gentlemen, the focus though, now shifts. Friday is a long way away, we still have a lot more to come tonight here on Raw. Of course, that rare appearance from The Undertaker, and the men scheduled to meet in the World Championship match this Sunday are here tonight.

The Coach: And don’t forget, both men are involved in the main event later tonight, with Cena set to officiate the tag team bonanza. Edge and Christian - reunited, take on the WWE Champ RVD, and Chris Jericho.

3rd Match:
Burchill w/ Katie Lea vs. Scotty Too Hotty
It’s a squash. No other way to describe it, although this certainly wasn’t the type of match fans expected when they heard Raw and Smackdown would be joining up this week. Burchill puts a physical beating on Scotty, and draws out the inevitable for two minutes, where J.R and Coach focus on talking up this Sunday and the glory that is, WrestleMania. Just as he decides the jobber has had enough, Burchill delivers the sick Curb Stomp, and hooks the leg, 1...2...3
Winner: Burchill @ 02:03

Still undefeated, and still yet to find himself in real danger of succumbing to a defeat, Burchill has his hand raised by his step-sister, Katie Lea, and the two look at one another lovingly; almost too lovingly for a brother and sister. He doesn’t have a match at WrestleMania (but will be on the pre-show in a battle royal), but Burchill could well be one to watch after this Sundays event.

Jim Ross: Most certainly, one to watch for the future Coach. The Chelsea, England native is making a huge impression on Raw, and he’s got plenty of peoples attention in a short space of time.

The Coach: Indeed he has J.R. Burchill, along with his luscious sister Katie Lea is going to be one to watch in 2007.

Jim Ross: Well folks, still to come, the main event; Edge and Christian, taking on Rob Van Dam and Chris Jericho, with John Cena the special referee for that one. But right now, lets send it to the beautiful Kelly Kelly backstage…

Backstage, Kelly Kelly is standing by with Straight Edge, Rey Mysterio and Alexis Laree, the four people that team up this Sunday to face MNM & Mister Kennedy.

Kelly Kelly: I’m standing by with the four people that will form one team this Sunday at WrestleMania in the first ever Triple Jeopardy Match, with the womens, world tag team and Intercontinental championships ALL on the line in just one fall. Guys, and girl, have you got a message at this time for your opponents this Sunday??

Punk opens proceedings, taking the mic first.

CM Punk: Oh, you better believe it Kelly. After all the excuses, after all the running, after all the hiding, all the run ins, and all the screw jobs … MNM are going to finally pay the price. Because this Sunday at WrestleMania, there are no more excuses, they cant run, they cant hide … they can only accept their fate … and they’re gonna get PUNKED!!!

Helms nods, as he takes over the interview.

Greg Helms: Like Punk said, MNM have run out of excuses, ran out of hiding places, and they’ve ran out of time. They’ve dodged the bullet one too many times … this Sunday in New Orleans IS the Final Destination for MNM as tag team champions … and it’s about damn time. Kelly … you’re lookin at the NEXT World Tag Team Champions … and it couldn’t happen a moment too soon.

Now, Alexis gets her say.

Alexis Laree: It’s beginning to seem like déjà vu. Just like Straight Edge have had to chase MNM, and come back, time after time, excuse after excuse, screw job after screw job … I’ve had to do the same. Melina?? I’d start preparing to go on the lookout for a new designer belt … because this Sunday … I’m taking back what’s rightfully mine … the WWE Womens Championship.

And, finally, the promo passes to the masked luchador.

Rey Mysterio: Unlike my partners, I’m not looking to win championship gold this Sunday Kelly … but instead, I’m desperate to keep the title over my shoulder right now. Mister Kennedy?? Time and time again, you’ve been unable to take this from me … and when I’m alongside these three?? These three champions in waiting?? I have no fear … I have no doubts, and no worries … that I’ll be leaving the SuperDome this Sunday STILL the Intercontinental Champion.

The four nod, and come together in a bit of a group hug, as we head out…



We return, straight to Todd Grisham backstage.

Todd Grisham: Ladies and Gentlemen, my guest at this time, the 2007 Royal Rumble winner, Captain Charisma, Christian.

Christian comes into view, as the fans in the background pop for the man that main events the Showcase of the Immortals this Sunday.

Todd Grisham: Christian, the time is almost upon us, WrestleMania is now just six days away, and on Sunday, not only do you compete for the World Heavyweight Championship, you also will be in THE main event of the Granddaddy of ‘em all. How are you feeling, with the ‘Collision Course’ on the horizon.

Christian ponders for a moment, soaking in the moment, before speaking into the mic.

Christian: Y’know Todd, for me, it’s been a very long road, and the toughest of journeys. Throughout my career I’ve never been hailed as the guy that’ll make it to the big time. I was never talked about as having the potential to follow the likes of Bruno Sammartino or Ric Flair. And I wasn’t tipped as a guy destined to transcend this industry like Hulk Hogan or Steve Austin…

Christian looks up, looking right ahead at Grisham.

Christian: I wasn’t given the promotion, I wasn’t handed the breaks, I didn’t get the t-shirts, and I didn’t have the glory. All that Captain Charisma was destined for … was mediocrity.

Small boos for the fans.

Christian: But I didn’t need to be talked about Todd … I didn’t need to be tipped for the top … and in the end … I didn’t need the promotion, I made my own breaks, got the t-shirts … and I’ve tasted glory.

The fans pick up, as Christian breathes heavily, getting a little bit emotional.

Christian: Last April, I proved all my doubters wrong. I proved all the nit-pickers, and all the nay-sayers WRONG!!! I proved to the entire world that I DO have what it takes to follow Bruno Sammartino, Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes and Bret Hart … and I became World Heavyweight Champion.

Pop from the fans, as Christian turns his attention to the camera.

Christian: I became World Champion through years of hard work … I broke the glass ceiling through years of putting my body on the line … I reached the top of the mountain through years of determination.

Pop from the fans again.

Christian: Despite all the negativity, despite all the doubters … Todd Grisham, you are looking at a man that is headlining WRESTLE … MANIA!!!

Christian pounds his chest, staring through Grisham, looking extremely intense.

Christian: I’ve proven the experts wrong, and I’ve proven to everybody in this business that if you put in the dedication … that if you put in the work, if you have the determination … then it doesn’t matter how big you are. It doesn’t matter how strong you are, or how fast or how athletic you are. If you have the heart, if you have the will, and if you have the desire to make it in this business … then you can do it.

Christian listens to the fans building slowly in the arena.

Christian: And this Sunday at WrestleMania … I’m gonna do my damndest to do it again.

A massive roar engulfs the Georgia Dome for the statement of intent from Christian.

Christian: I’m not promising victory at WrestleMania … but John Cena, make no mistake about it … I cant afford to lose. This Sunday, simply put, I HAVE to win.

The fans continue to show their support for Christian.

Christian: For me to finally put my critics to rest, for me to shut the doubters up once and for all … I HAVE to beat you.

Christian stops, as the fans slowly die down.

Christian: After all the talk, after all the hype, after everything … it comes down to just one thing. You and I Cena, this Sunday, March 18. It comes down to that, and that alone. For you and I Cena … the journey … ends. For one … ultimate glory, and a moment to be cherished for a lifetime … and for the other … no matter how much glory he goes on to achieve … he’ll always remember WrestleMania 23 for eternity, he’ll always remember the night he left New Orleans empty handed, the night he came up short, the night that he was second best … and that defeat will eat him up … forever.

The fans are dead quiet, as Christian looks to the camera, speaking softly.

Christian: And I don’t plan on that being me.

Christian stares into the camera … with a steely determination in his eyes, as the picture fades out.

Back to ringside…

Jim Ross: It’ll be one of the most highly anticipated main events in WrestleMania history Coach. And you and I will be there to call it. The Collision Course is six days away, and what a sterling, passionate interview from Christian. The Royal Rumble winner main events WrestleMania for the first time in his career this Sunday. What a night it could be for Captain Charisma.

The Coach: Oh boy, the anticipation for this thing has been off the charts. John Cena and Christian are without a doubt the two biggest forces on Raw, the two most popular superstars in the WWE today, and they’ll not disappoint in the main event of the showcase of the immortals.


It’s an electric reaction from the fans, as The Deadman slowly steps out onto the stage, ahead of a rare Monday Night Raw appearance.

Jim Ross: And here is the man, with perhaps more to lose than anybody else this Sunday at WrestleMania. The Undertaker puts his remarkable 14-0 WrestleMania record on the line, against his most dangerous adversary to date, the Olympic Hero, Kurt Angle.

The Coach: And not only is Angle a scary enough proposition; The Undertaker had been rattled for weeks, after his usual mind game tricks backfired, with Kurt Angle paying no attention whatsoever to his tomfoolery.

Jim Ross: But this past Friday Coach, The Phenom gained a measure of revenge, and took out weeks of frustration on Angle with a gritty beat down, mano y mano. It couldn’t be poised any better going into this Sunday, and when we come back, The Undertaker will be in action!!!


4th Match:
The Undertaker vs. Kevin Thorn w/ Ariel & Michael Knox
It’s almost a squash again, but after the initial hot start from Taker, the outside interference of Ariel and Michael Knox gives Thorn a chance to gain some offence, but not much. After all, he’s not in one of the biggest matches at WrestleMania this Sunday, is he?? The Deadman soaks up the offence, and makes his comeback on Thorn.

Once he delivers Old School, Taker catches an oncoming Knox, looking to interfere, and nails him with the Chokeslam. He then scares Ariel off the apron, before sizing his prey up, and drops Kevin Thorn with the Tombstone, and it’s elementary from there, and the 1...2...3!!!
Winner: The Undertaker @ 03:37

The Deadman rolls on, marking a rare Raw appearance with an emphatic victory, but he knows that he faces a much tougher test; arguably the toughest of his career this Sunday, when he meets Kurt Angle.

Jim Ross: Are you watching, Kurt Angle?? That’s the message from the Demon of Death Valley, six days away from meeting the Wrestling Machine. Kurt Angle isn’t here tonight, due to the orders of Arn Anderson, not prepared to allow the situation between The Phenom and Angle escalate any further. But you can be rest assured that Angle is watching this somewhere, and if he didn’t realise it before, he’s got his hands full this Sunday. If he wants to be the man that breaks the streak of The Undertaker, he’ll need to be the very best Kurt Angle that there ever has been.

The Coach: In my opinion J.R, there comes a time when all good things must come to an end. No one in WrestleMania history has a record that even comes close to the Undertaker, but at some point, he has to lose, and in my opinion, Kurt Angle is the man to do it.


Now, the camera switches backstage, and we see the World Heavyweight Champion, John Cena, stood, holding the belt over his shoulder, on his own, waiting to speak.

John Cena: There’s six days until WrestleMania 23. The biggest night of the year. What’s left to be said??

John Cena stands, thinking to himself.

John Cena: After all the talk, all the threats, and all the showdowns, it all comes down to one thing, and that’s March 18, in front of 75,000 fans inside the Louisiana SuperDome.

Cena fixes the title on his shoulder, pulling it down, and holding it up.

John Cena: In the end … THIS is what it’s all about. This right here, is what it all revolves around. It doesn’t matter if you don’t like me, or I don’t like you, because in the end … THIS is why we’re in the main event of WrestleMania, and it’s why we’re gonna fight it out like there’s no tomorrow come Sunday.

Small pop from the fans, listening intently in the background.

John Cena: For the last two years I’ve left WrestleMania holding this gold. Over the last two years, I’ve grown accustomed to leaving WrestleMania as World Champion. This Sunday, I expect to do the same again.

Some boos creep into the response for Cena.

John Cena: It doesn’t get bigger than the main event of WrestleMania … but this Sunday there’s more at stake than this title. This Sunday will forever cement one of our legacies. Like Hulk Hogan and the Ultimate Warrior, like Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels, like Stone Cold and The Rock … there can only be room for one top dog, one star that shines brightest … and likes those before us … we’ll determine just who it is on Sunday.

Cena takes a moment, barely blinking, staring right ahead.

John Cena: I respect how hard you’ve fought to get to this point. I admire your tenacity to break the glass ceiling, and your will to prove your doubters wrong Christian. But I’ve worked just as hard to get to this point … I aint had a damn thing handed to me … I’VE BUSTED MY ASS NIGHT IN AND NIGHT OUT … AND I WILL BE DAMNED IF I’M GONNA FALL AT THE FINAL HURDLE!!!

Stronger pop this time, as Cena gets fired up.

John Cena: As hard as you’re gonna fight … I’m gonna fight harder. As much as you want it, I’m gonna want it more. Measure your desire Christian … and times that by a thousand. I WONT BACK DOWN, AND I’LL SURE AS HELL NOT QUIT!!!

John Cena throws the title over his shoulder, staring down the camera.

John Cena: As good as you are Christian, I intend on being that much better. For everything you’ll bring to the table this Sunday, I’ll be bringing more. As much as you say you have to win this world championship … I need to keep it even more.

Cena thinks for a moment, then nods.

John Cena: But you’re right about one thing. For you and I … the two single greatest forces on Raw … our path culminates this Sunday, in front of the entire freakin planet for all to see. Like you said … for one … the ultimate prize, and a night he’ll never forget … and for the other … regardless of any other championships … regardless of whatever success he may have … the defeat at WrestleMania 23 will be one that haunts him forever … until his dying day.

John Cena takes another long look at his prized possession, then looks to the camera again.

John Cena: So … all that’s left to say … is good luck coming to terms with losing this Sunday.

The camera closes up on Cena, having delivered a surprising final line, as he locks his jaw, showing his brimming intensity, whilst we fade out.



A great ovation greets Smackdown GM Arn Anderson, as he steps out onto the stage, waving to a few fans, as his music dies down, with him staying on the ramp.

Arn Anderson: Don’t worry folks, I aint here to ramble on for too long. I just wanna make a bit of an announcement for the live edition of Smackdown this Friday night.

Anderson takes a moment, then readies himself to make the announcement.

Arn Anderson: Now, I gotta hand Bischoff credit where it’s due. Ta’nights main event is great. He took the main events from both Raw and Smackdown, and mashed ‘em together. He took full advantage of this weeks special combination of both shows together. But Eric … you missed something even bigger son.

Double A shuffles around the stage as he talks, not stopping for a moment.

Arn Anderson: Now, when you’ve got the opportunity to put superstars from Raw and Smackdown together, and make any match you wish … there is one match that soars above all the others. One match bigger than any other, and the perfect match to lead us into WrestleMania 23 this Sunday.

Anderson stops, turning his attention to the fans, with a smile on his face.

Arn Anderson: So tune in this Friday Night … to see … THE World Heavyweight Champion John Cena, taking on … THE Dubya, Dubya, E Champion, Rob Van Dam!!!

The fans pop for the huge announcement, and the announcement of a match, big enough to headline Wrestlemania!!! The Smackdown GM has a smirk on his face, knowing he’s just put together a sensational showdown, on the final show before the big one, this Friday. He then leaves the stage, as we focus on the fans.

"The Saints Are Coming" plays on the PA, with J.R and Coach discussing.

Jim Ross: The time has nearly arrived Coach. WrestleMania is almost here. We are less than a week away, and this Sunday, the historic SuperDome in New Orleans is home base for the biggest spectacle in sports entertainment.

The Coach: Wrong J.R. It’s the biggest spectacle in all of sports, AND all of entertainment. IT’S WRESTLEMANIA BABY BOY!!!

Jim Ross: And on Raw, Eric Bischoff has done his damndest to provide a hellacious side of the card. Starting off, with the biggest match that will NEVER happen. For weeks, we thought this one was cancelled. The troubled Mick Foley and The Showstopper Shawn Michaels WILL battle in an unsanctioned match, with the WWE wiping it’s hands of the matter.

The Coach: Absolutely awesome J.R. Shawn Michaels, who ALWAYS steals the show, taking on the obsessed Mick Foley, who craves that show stealing performance. And they’ll have free reign to do whatever they want. The WWE has no control over what the two men do to each other. I cant wait.

Jim Ross: And how about it; first time ever; FIVE YEARS in the making, The King of Kings, Triple H will have to answer to the Iron Man, Brock Lesnar. The McMahon Family Empire will be in the corner of Triple H, along with an assembled WrestleMania Army. And who can forget, the special guest enforcer, Stone Cold Steve Austin. How much will that beating have taken out of Lesnar though, this past Friday??

The Coach: You hit the nail on the head J.R. Lesnar now has the built in excuse when he loses. Don’t buy the rubbish that the human vacuum spouted earlier. Paul Heyman talking trash as always.

Jim Ross: We’ll have to see about that Coach. I don’t see it being as cut and dry as you make it out to be. Brock Lesnar is a big match performer, and there is no match bigger than under the bright lights, in front of 75,000 at WrestleMania. Moving on though, and we come to the Triple Jeopardy match which will see three championships decided in one fall; Rey Mysterios Intercontinental Title, MNM’s tag team titles, and Melinas womens title. Straight Edge will team with Mysterio and Alexis Laree to face Melina, Nitro, Mercury and of course, Mister Kennedy. All three titles on the line, but only one fall to decide the destination of those titles.

The Coach: I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again - this isn’t fair on MNM. They’ve got absolutely nothing to gain this Sunday. I just hope justice is done.

Jim Ross: And so do I. Then, it’s the Money in the Bank ladder match, the one and only match at WrestleMania this year that will feature superstars from both brands. The prize for the winner?? A guaranteed title match, anytime in the next twelve months.

The Coach: Ohhh, I cannot wait to see the carnage in that one.

Jim Ross: It could well be a human demolition derby, and representing Raw in the match will be the rugged, veteran Irishman Finlay, The Career Killer Randy Orton, the undefeated Samoan Bulldozer Umaga, and the Black Diamond himself, Shelton Benjamin. Whose your pick Coach??

The Coach: Shelton Benjamin for me baby boy. With the guidance of Teddy Long, the Black Diamond is ready to blaze a trail on Raw. But if that Samoan Bulldozer can climb the ladder … it might be a danger. But you don’t get off so easily, whose your pick??

Jim Ross: Well, it’s a pick ‘em Coach, but I’ll stay loyal to Raw. I’m gonna go for the only man in the match to have ever held a World Championship, I’m talkin about Randy Orton. Right now though, we’re gonna pass it over to our Smackdown colleagues, standing by in WWE studios, who are gonna give you the lo-down on the Smackdown portion of this Sundays event.

Switch over to WWE studios with Michael Cole and Tazz…

Michael Cole: Thank you J.R, and let’s kick it off with the four Smackdown superstars involved in that Money in the Bank match. The undefeated M.V.P, the rejuvenated Carlito, the Golden Boy Paul London and the outsider, the quiet man, Charlie Haas. Tazz, gimme a prediction.

Tazz: Vast array of talent Cole, but unlike J.R and Coach, I see the potential in our guys from Smackdown; and how can you go against a man that’s undefeated?? M.V.P is gonna shock the world, and take the briefcase.

Michael Cole: Personally, I’ve been won over by Carlito ever since his debut on Smackdown two months ago. The man from the Caribbean has really upped his game since leaving Raw, and I think he can top it off by winning the Money in the Bank ladder match this Sunday. Remember, he’s the only guy in this years line up that was part of the inaugural match last year.

Tazz: As long as one of our boys walks out with the title shot, I’ll be happy Cole.

Michael Cole: Moving on, and focusing on the Smackdown side of WrestleMania now. How about it Tazz, you’ve been looking forward to this one for weeks. Two of the most successful teams in WWE history, will do battle for the WWE Tag Team Titles, AMW defend, against the reunited Hardy Boys.

Tazz: Two of the greatest tag teams in the history of this business Cole, no damn doubt about it. Matt and Jeff have been like a well oiled machine after five years apart, and AMW are without doubt the premiere team in the WWE today.

Michael Cole: It’s been billed as the Irresistible Force meeting the Immovable Object. It’s the most celebrated athlete in WWE history, Kurt Angle, attempting to break the streak of The Undertaker. Kurt Angle has forced The Undertaker to tap out before, but can he do it at the showcase of the immortals??

Tazz: This one is gonna be off the hook my friend. Kurt Angle, Undertaker, locking horns at the grandest stage of ‘em all. I cannot wait. Kurt Angle has turned the tables on The Deadman like no man before, and it could just bring him the ultimate victory at WrestleMania.

Michael Cole: And it’ll be two men making their WrestleMania debuts, with the Cruiserweight Championship on the line. The Notorious K-I-D, Kid Kash, defends against the ultra cool, hugely popular challenger, Brian Kendrick.

Tazz: These two kids have an opportunity to shine at the showcase of the immortals, and put a big advertisement out for the awesome cruiserweight division, that you can ONLY see on Friday nights.

Michael Cole: He’s had to wait ever since the beginning of January, but Batista gets another shot at Brent Albright, and another shot at taking the United States Championship from the long standing champ.

Tazz: Like you said Cole, Batista has had to bide his time and earn the rematch, ever since falling short with that bizarre accident on January 5. Can Albright find a way to tame The Animal in New Orleans this Sunday??

Michael Cole: Then, it’s our main event, for the first time ever at WrestleMania, a triple threat match to decide the WWE Championship. Rob Van Dam, after a glorious seven months at the top of the mountain, faces his steepest challenge yet, when he defends against Mister Money in the Bank Edge, and the first ever Undisputed Champion, Chris Jericho.

Tazz: These three athletes could well steal the show. There is no better three performers in the WWE today. Can RVD’s remarkable championship reign continue, or has his luck finally run out??

Michael Cole: We will see you on Sunday gentlemen, but fans, be sure to check in on Friday Night with WWE Smackdown, just forty eight hours away from the big one itself, we will be in Louisiana, broadcasting LIVE, and what a main event, as announced by Smackdown General Manager Arn Anderson, Rob Van Dam, the WWE Champion and the World Champion, John Cena. One on one, champion vs. champion this Friday night on Smackdown.

And back to the arena…

Jim Ross: Indeed, that is one you will not want to miss, this Friday night, and what a main event Smackdown has produced for WrestleMania, but how about THE main event, billed as the Collision Course. The two biggest names in the WWE today will settle the score once and for all, to prove who is THE MAN; Captain Charisma, the 2007 Royal Rumble winner, meets the World Heavyweight Champion, John Cena.

The Coach: It doesn’t get much bigger baby boy. The two brightest stars, the two biggest names, duelling over the richest prize in the game. This is what a WrestleMania main event is made of. And, like Cena said, this isn’t just about the title, the winner this Sunday CEMENTS his legacy, and etches his name into the annals of WrestleMania history.

Jim Ross: Indeed, Coach, I think we can expect a night to remember this Sunday in the SuperDome. I for one, cannot wait, and the days, the hours, and the minutes are ticking down in anticipation. Ladies and Gentlemen, do NOT miss WrestleMania 23, I implore you, do not miss it.


The WWE Champion makes his way out into the arena, not smiling, not looking happy at all, seething over the attack he suffered on Friday night at the hands of Chris Jericho - the man he teams with tonight.


Chris Jericho enters now to a highly mixed reaction, descending into heat for the first ever Undisputed champion. Jericho swaggers down the ramp, looking to be at his most confident, more so than he has been in quite some time.

Jericho walks around the ring, keeping away from the seething WWE Champion, who paces around the ring like a caged tiger.


Edge bursts onto the stage, looking fired up, six days away from finally cashing in on the MITB contract that he has carried around for the last eleven months. The Rated ‘R’ Superstar charges down the ramp, and straight into the ring, as a brief staredown with his opponent, tonight, and of course, on Sunday, RVD. The two lock eyes, and trade words, as Chris Jericho hops onto the apron, catching the attention of both men.

But before the situation can descend into chaos…


The 2007 Royal Rumble winner hit’s the stage, moments away from reuniting with his estranged brother, Edge. Captain Charisma pounds his chest, and points to the fans, making his way to the ring, distracting Edge, RVD and Jericho from each other.

Jim Ross: Ladies and Gentlemen, join us when we come back, it’s our blockbuster main event, and it’s next!!!


We return from the commercial, with all four competitors in the ring, ready to go, waiting for one man…


The World Champion, the REFEREE tonight, enters the stage to a mammoth, confusing, mixed reaction. Cena blows it off, and continues to the ring, looking pumped up, and raring to go, six days away from his third straight WrestleMania main event.

Edge & Christian vs. Chris Jericho & Rob Van Dam
Atlanta reaches fever pitch, as the final Raw main event before WrestleMania gets underway, with the two main events at WrestleMania fully represented. There is a long delay in the action, with all four men stalling, bickering amongst each other, with both sides also waiting to see who starts on the other side. There is also of course, the added tension between Christian and the special guest referee, his opponent this Sunday, John Cena. Eventually, Christian and Jericho start proceedings, but keep it basic and simple early on, with an array of headlocks, and arm wringers, before the 2007 Royal Rumble winner speeds things up, taking Jericho by surprise with a quick arm drag.

Jericho looks taken aback by the move, and shoots up, but stops himself, then turns around, and decides to tag out, bringing in RVD. And, with his arrival, the contest begins to speed up, with Christian initially struggling to keep up with the speed of the WWE Champion, but eventually stops the electric RVD, catching him off the ropes with a dropkick, followed by a near fall. Christian has Van Dam where he wants him, and chokes him in the ropes, with Cena being called into action, forcing Captain Charisma off him, resulting in a tense stare down between the pair, before Christian gets his mind back on the matter at hand, and as if working like a well oiled machine, tags out to Edge, keeping RVD under control.

Edge steams in, full of intensity, looking to batter the WWE Champion, but after an initial hot spell, Edge’s intensity backfires, and allows Van Dam a way back into the contest, catching a running Edge with a heel kick. This gives the champion a chance to tag out, and he does with a HARD tag to Jericho. Jericho slowly steps inside, but has a long look at Van Dam, as the tension rises, with the final commercial of the evening just about to cut in.


And we return with Christian now in control of Jericho, with the mid match commercial highlights being Edge reversing a whip from Jericho into the steel steps, which has turned the tide back in favour of E&C. Christian continues to do a sterling job of keeping Jericho down, and along with Edge, the duo look to have never missed a beat, tagging in and out to perfection, keeping each other fresh, with Cena having very little to do in the match.

Continually though, Edge shows his bitter anger and frustration at Jericho, after months of Jericho foiling his plans, first eliminating him from the Rumble, then beating Edge to force his way into the WWE Championship picture at WrestleMania, then just last week on Smackdown, Jericho attacked both Edge and RVD. Edge uses this chance to exact some revenge on Jericho, but Jericho proves to be no rollover for his opponent, and uses the aggression of Edge against him, catching him with a boot as Edge came steaming into the corner after him.

Jericho now looks to try and put a beating on Edge, but before he can get going, RVD makes a blind tag, seeing Jericho wasn’t looking 100%, but Jericho is furious … AND ATTACKS RVD, HITTING THE BREAKDOWN!!! Jericho drops his own tag partner, then puts the boots to Edge, but is quickly admonished by the guest official, although the damage has been done … to his own side. With Jericho arguing with Cena, Edge is allowed to get away with nailing a low blow on RVD, AND IS ABLE TO FOLLOW UP … SPEAR!!! Edge has it won, and hooks the leg, but Cena is still busy arguing with Jericho … and takes too long to spot the cover, eventually making the count, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

Van Dam survives, but both Edge and Christian are incensed with the officiating, and it’s Christian in particular that argues with Cena, and the two men that collide in the main event this Sunday share another tense face to face … BEFORE EDGE WHIPS RVD INTO CENA!!! Cena takes a tumble over, through the ropes to the outside, whilst Edge tags Christian in, and Captain Charisma continues the punishment on the WWE Champion, fending off a spirited comeback, stopping him dead with a reverse DDT, setting himself up nicely … FOR THE UNPRETTIER!!! The move connects, and the cover is made … BUT CENA IS STILL TRYING TO GET BACK INSIDE THE RING!!!

Cena does get inside, BUT REFUSES TO COUNT!!! Having missed the tag from Edge to Christian, Cena orders Christian back out, telling Captain Charisma he isn’t the legal man, further infuriating Christian, as the two men trade verbally once more, whilst Edge decides not to waste anymore time, getting back inside, and making the cover on RVD, getting the attention of the World Champion, … 1...2...KICK OUT AGAIN!!!

Rob Van Dam somehow kicks out once more, but Edge senses the end, and runs off the ropes, possibly looking for another Spear … BUT THIS TIME JERICHO SAVES HIS PARTNER … TRIPPING EDGE AT THE ROPES!!! Edge instantly turns around, swinging at Jericho … BUT JERICHO DUCKS … AND HANGS EDGE UP ON THE ROPES!!! Edge staggers back, with RVD rolling him up, 1...2...EDGE POWERS OUT!!!

Once more, Christian gets the attention of Cena, pointing out the interference of Jericho, without punishment. Cena takes a long look at Christian, locking his jaw, looking fed up with the Royal Rumble winner, but decides to ignore him this time, pointing at Jericho, admonishing him again for the rule breaking, but this damage has been done, with Van Dam now recovering, dropkicking Edge to put him back down … then reaches out … AND FINALLY TAGS IN JERICHO!!!

Chris Jericho gets inside, immediately hitting the patented bulldog on Edge, setting for the Lionsault … BUT CHRISTIAN RETURNS THE FAVOUR … AND DROPS HIM ON THE TOP ROPE!!! Instantly, Cena is at Christian, barking at him, but Captain Charisma stays calm, and points out what Jericho just did moments ago to Edge. As a result of this though, Edge is able to deliver THE EDGECUTION TO JERICHO!!! He makes the cover, 1...2...VAN DAM BREAKS THE COUNT AND SAVES THE MATCH!!!

Van Dam saves Jericho, but the interference sparks Christian to get involved!!! He gets inside, and begins to brawl with the WWE Champion as Cena loses all order he had, with things now breaking down!!! Captain Charisma and Van Dam take it to the outside, whilst in the ring, both Edge and Jericho are slow to their feet, but Jericho manages to avoid a clothesline … THEN TRIPS HIM … WALLS OF JERICHO IS APPLIED!!! Cena now takes his eyes off the action outside, and focuses on Edge, asking him if he taps, with Jericho applying heavy pressure. Edge looks to be fading, but doesn’t want to be caught tapping out this close to WrestleMania … AND IS ABLE TO GRAB THE BOTTOM ROPE!!!

The match continues, with Edge showing his grit and determination, but the damage has been done, with Jericho now stalking his prey … AND GOES FOR THE CODEBREAKER … BUT EDGE HOLDS THE ROPES!!! Jericho hit’s the canvas, with Edge still standing, dropping down, looking for a bridge, 1...2...KICK OUT FROM JERICHO!!!

On the outside, we see RVD and Christian still trading blows, but Christian gets the better of it, tripping Van Dam down, and catapulting him into the ring post, taking the WWE Champion out of the equation!!! Meanwhile, inside, Edge and Jericho fight to their feet, with Edge winning the battle of attrition, then running off the ropes, looking for a big clothesline, BUT JERICHO DUCKS … AND EDGE LAUNCHES INTO CENA!!!!! Edge knocks the referee down, then turns, AND HE AND JERICHO KNOCK EACH OTHER DOWN!!!

Both men are down, and it’s down to Christian, as he gets back inside, CARRYING A STEEL CHAIR!!! Christian looks down at Jericho, pondering whether to hit him with it, then looks to the fans, getting a fairly mixed reaction, then swings back, looking for a CON-CHAIR-TO TO JERICHO … BUT CENA PULLS THE CHAIR AWAY FROM HIM!!!

Now, the intensity reaches fever pitch, with the fans torn between Cena and Christian, whilst the two men stare each other down, Cena now wielding the chair. The two talk trash at one another, with Christian accusing Cena of deliberately picking on him throughout the night, as Cena defends his own actions at trying to keep order. Captain Charisma isn’t buying it though, and the two men continue to bicker, with Cena finally pushing Christian … AND CHRISTIAN SLAPS CENA!!!

Cena turns, then looks back around, not saying a word … AND SWINGS THE CHAIR … BUT CHRISTIAN DUCKS … AND CENA HITS EDGE!!! Cena stands frozen, having snapped, swinging the chair at Christian, who is also shocked by the actions of Cena, but Christian ducked it, and he hit Edge!!! Not one to miss the opportunity, Jericho quickly bundles Christian out of the ring, and delivers the LIONSAULT TO EDGE!!! Jericho hooks the leg, yelling at Cena to count, with the Champ having no option, despite knowing it’s his fault that the match is won, and quickly makes the count, 1...2...3!!!

Winners: Chris Jericho & Rob Van Dam @ 15:45

Cena makes the count, but instantly rolls out of the ring, disgusted that he ended up being the difference maker, and allowed his anger to win the day. The Champ storms up the ramp, furious with himself, stopping at the entrance, and looking back.

And he sees his opponent this Sunday, Christian, looking right up the ramp at him, with the two locking eyes, Christian nodding, as if to say ‘I told ya so.’, after weeks of claiming Cena wasn’t as clean cut as he claimed to be.

Cena shakes his head, turns away, and leaves the stage, whilst Christian has a wry smile on his face, seemingly thinking he’s proven who the ‘real’ John Cena is.

Meanwhile, in the ring, Chris Jericho is celebrating like he’s already won the title, and that can only mean bad things … as Rob Van Dam re-enters, AND CATCHES JERICHO WITH A ROUNDHOUSE KICK!!! RVD stands over Jericho, trash talking the man that left him laying on Smackdown, then, picks up the steel chair … AND BEGINS TO WAIL ON JERICHO!!! Van Dam wears the chair out on Jericho, then turns, AND NAILS EDGE TOO - WITH THE IMPACT SENDING HIM OUT OF THE RING!!!

Van Dam chucks the chair out after him, giving Edge a piece of his mind too, with the WWE Champion reaching breaking point after weeks of frustration at the hands of his two challengers at WrestleMania. He isn’t finished making his point though … and leaps to the top rope … AND DELIVERS THE FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH TO JERICHO!!!

The WWE Champion rolls around for a moment, selling the move, as his music kicks in. RVD pulls himself up, getting a rousing response from the fans, and takes his title belt, parading it to the fans, as if to emphatically say "I’M THE CHAMPION!!"

Jim Ross: By Gawd, RVD has unleashed hell on Chris Jericho and Edge!!! The WWE Champion has exploded tonight!!!

The Coach: And if this is to be his final week with the championship, he's going out on a blaze of glory J.R!!

Jim Ross: But he's not thinking that way Coach. Van Dam aint contemplating defeat at WrestleMania. He's sent his two challengers a stark warning; he's not going down without a fight!!

The Coach: But what about Cena?? He tried to take Christians head off!!!

Jim Ross: I don't know what the heck is going through the mind of the champion Coach. Christian has got in the head of The Champ!! The Collision Course will erupt on Sunday, as the battle finally commences. For the last five weeks the tension has built, the angst has grew to a boiling point, and that boiling point is WrestleMania 23!!! What a double whammy, what a WrestleMania it promises to be!!! The triple threat match for the WWE Championship, the Collision Course over the World title; it all climaxes in New Orleans on Sunday night, ONLY on Pay Per View; IT'S WRESTLEMANIA!!!

The show closes with RVD standing tall, whilst Jericho is OUT, and Edge is all over the place on the outside, brain scrambled, watching the actions of Van Dam.



Official Card for WWE Wrestle Mania XXIII:

Date: 18th March 2007
Location: Superdome, New Orleans, Louisiana
Event Music: U2 & Green Day; The Saints are Coming & Killers; Sams Town

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
World Heavyweight Champion, John Cena vs.
2007 Royal Rumble Winner, Christian

WWE Championship; Triple Threat Match:
WWE Champion, Rob Van Dam vs.
Mr. Money in the Bank, Edge vs.
‘Highlight of the Night’ Chris Jericho

WWE Tag Team Championships Match;
Americas Most Wanted vs. The Hardy Boys

One Fall; Triple Jeopardy Match:
Intercontinental, World Tag Team & Womens Championships all on the line:
Rey Mysterio, CM Punk. Gregory Helms & Alexis Laree vs. Mr. Kennedy, Mercury, Nitro & Melina

Cruiserweight Championship Match:
Kid Kash vs. Brian Kendrick

United States Championship Match:
Brent Albright vs. Batista

Money in the Bank Ladder Match:
M.V.P vs. Umaga vs. Paul London vs. Finlay vs. Carlito vs. Randy Orton vs. Charlie Haas vs. Shelton Benjamin

Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar
With The McMahon Family Empire in the corner of Triple H, and ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin as special guest enforcer.

The Irresistible Force vs. The Immovable Object:
Kurt Angle vs. The Undertaker

Un-Sanctioned Match:
Mick Foley vs. Shawn Michaels

Hall of Fame Ceremony 2007;
Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, Paul Orndorff, Sensational Sherri, Jim Ross, Tony Atlas, Mike Tyson (Celebrity Wing)


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Re: Being The Booker

Raw Review

Nice promo to start off with HBK. But I am going to admit that it would have been better if Mick Foley would have been there for a 1 on 1 showdown. That would have been the perfect way to close out the feud before WM. Not to say that the HBK promo was bad, it just didn't match up to any of the promos that Foley has been doing since their feud started. But HBK did hype up their match as best as he could which is a good thing.

Good way to build up the MITB match by having an 8 man tag match. We all knew it would end with everyone turning on each other to show that everybody is by themselves. I liked how everybody went after Umaga at the end. It shows how nobody wants him to be in the MITB match. I would not mind whatsoever if Umaga wins the MITB. It would give him a huge push which would be really good.

Ok promo from Theodore Long. I don't really think this promo was really neccesary but he did put over Shelton pretty good to win MITB.

Good match between Kennedy/Helms. After Kennedy won, I knew M&M would come down to try to beat up on Helms. Nice to see Punk and Mysterio come down to chase them off. I don't know who is going to win their match at WM but at least I know it will be a good match.

Now, onto the best promo of Raw. I love how HHH comes across in this promo. You definitely know how to potray him as the best heel possible. The whole time I thought Austin would show up to put HHH in his place. But I never thought that Paul Heyman would show up on Raw!!! By involving Heyman in this feud, you have created the best promo so far in the Brock/HHH feud. Even though it seemed like Heyman was talking for a long time, I enjoyed every second of this promo. At first, I didn't like that Brock wasn't going to be on Raw. But having Heyman come to Raw, was the perfect way to follow up the beatdown that Brock got on SD last week. I was surprised that you didn't have HHH destroy Heyman to send a message to Brock. I was also surprised that Austin didn't show up on Raw either. I hope both Brock and Austin show up on SD to build up the feud even more.

Good promo from Punk/Helms/Mysterio/Mickie. It was a nice way to build up the feud even more than it already is.

Ok, I'm going to talk about both Christian and Cena's promos all at once. I think that both of them came off really good in both promos but I think it would have been way better if it was done in a sit down interview. Like the way Stone Cold/Rock did the SD before WM 17. IMO, a sit down interview would have been the perfect way to cap off this feud between Christian/Cena.

Having Undertaker on Raw is always a good thing but I thought the only reason you wanted to bring Taker to Raw was to continue the buildup with Angle. Without Angle showing up on Raw, I think it was kind of pointless for Taker to be there. Sorry for being so negative there but I just thought it was pointless for Taker to show up on Raw just to be in a squash match.

Great move by announcing a Cena/RVD match for SD. That is a great match to finish the road to WM perfectly. Even if there is no winner, it is still gonna be a great match.

Awesome main event to end Raw!!! This main event could not have gone down any better than it did. It built up both main events from WM just perfectly. I loved the ending with Christian slapping Cena and then Cena aiming a chair at Christian but nailing Edge instead. As much as I like Jericho, he was the last person I wanted to see get the pin in this match. That just tells me that he isn't winning the title at WM. But it was nice to see RVD get the upperhand on both Edge and Jericho. I could be wrong but I think this was the first time RVD has gotten the upperhand in this feud. That was definitely a good thing and was the perfect way to end Raw.

So, this was a definitely a good Raw. IMO, it would have been better with Foley showing up to confront HBK, A sit down interview between Christian/Cena, and Angle showing up to confront Taker. But that is just me trying to nitpick too much here.

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Re: Being The Booker

Raw Feedback:

Very good way to start the show, as Michaels was obviously going to have this promo all to himself, since you said that Foley wouldn’t be showing his face tonight. Like he himself mentioned, a little weird for him to start the promo by being so happy, but I guess that’s just because WrestleMania is so close and hey, he IS the Showstopper. After talking about the history between these two, this promo felt a little like the Hogan/Michaels feud IRL, with Michaels saying that all Foley had to do was ask for a match. A pretty good way for Michaels to hype the shit out of the match the week before ‘Mania, talking about how ready he is going to be, how ready he always is for ‘Mania, and then mentioning all the great matches he’s had at the event. Both men are obviously ready to “steal the show” on Sunday and I really hope that the match lives up to the billing, because it’s one of the most anticipated ones on the card, imo.

The tag team match was very well played out, as all eight men wanted to show off their skills and they also wanted to get the advantage on each other. Umaga nailing Orton pretty early was the first shock, with the rest of the match breaking down impressively. Haas and Shelton joining forces again would’ve been pretty sweet to see, since they’re one of my favorite teams in the history of the WWE. The ending was pretty good, as the focus shifted from winning the match to destroying Umaga, but that proves to be unsuccessful. Very good brawl to end the show, with everyone backing down from the recovered Umaga. Should be quite the interesting match this Sunday.

Not really much to say about the promo from T-Lo. It’s obvious that he’s confident in his client and it’s obvious that Shelton has all the talent in the world. Hope to see Teddy be involved in MITB, just because I can see something funny happening to him.

Pretty pleased with all of the people inductees the HOF’ers on Saturday. Good to see that my wish was granted with HBK inducting Tyson. Austin and Bischoff are great choices for both Hart and Hogan. A helluva class you got lined up this year.

Much like the match between Kennedy and Punk last week, this was a very good contest, especially considering how little time matches seem to get on Raw, what with all the promos. Pretty academic match, as KK grabs the control early and then endures the comeback before winning the match convincingly. I really don’t like that Kennedy is winning so many matches, as it seems like he is being set up for a fall at WM23. The big showdown between the two sides was expected after the match, as it is going to be one hell of a match this Sunday, with so much at stake.

Just wanna reiterate how damn brutal that beatdown was on Lesnar by Triple H. Easily one of the best in BTB history, imo.

I absolutely love when heels bask in their own glory when a “master plan” was done to perfection. The heat from the crowd is just astonishing and it’s really good booking when something like this goes down. Triple H’s portion of this promo was done to perfection, starting from him talking about the attack to talking about manipulating Lesnar and proving that Hunter is the smarter man, to finally talking about how he proved that Lesnar was the one being protected, not Triple H. Talking about the career and the credibility all being buried was the icing on the cake, as Triple H has all the reason to be confident heading into Sunday. Austin wanting to confront the MFE this Friday? Just another great addition to the show, imo. Vince’s little speech was just echoing what Hunter said, with him bringing out the ARMY that is going to help them win. Everything looks good and then we get the highlight of the evening … PAUL HEYMAN! Truly a fantastic promo/shoot by one of the best talkers in the history of wrestling. Even though he hasn’t been with Brock for a year, he still stands firmly behind his man, talking him up and I loved the way that he ripped into EVERYONE, including Vince and the rest of the MFE. Truly one of the best promos in a long time, possibly beating out Foley’s from last week. The ending was simply priceless, as he knew that he’d be beaten by these men, but he’s willing to accept it. Great way to hype The Iron Man without him actually being here. I hope we get an appearance from Paul at WM23, because that’d be great. Probably only one more promo, that being on SD!, and this build will be capped brilliantly.

Not really much to say about the squash by Burchill. There was never any doubt that he’d be the winner and I guess we’ll wait and see about him. I actually liked him much more as the pirate guy because this new gimmick really doesn’t interest me. But again, we’ll see what you do with it.

Good final interview from the face team for the Triple Jeopardy match at WM23. All four get to talk about the match one last time, as Rey is looking to keep his Belt and the other three look forward to winning theirs. Gonna be a fantastic match and the build has been awesome, very unique idea, tbh.

Loved the passion that the #1 contender showed in this promo. He is absolutely right about everything that he said. He’s never had the hype. He’s never been the man heralded as the next big superstar. But I loved how he talked about proving everyone wrong, and he said that he’s going to do that again on Sunday. Quite the hype that this match was given, and the fact that you did it in such a short time makes it all the better, as this is easily the most anticipated and unpredictable match on the card.

Not exactly the “Raw Appearance” that I had in mind for The Undertaker, as I thought he’d get a very good opponent to face. Either way, this is a good way to keep his build going for WM23, as he finally got some payback on Angle last Friday. Hopefully something big goes down between Kurt and ‘Taker this Friday, as the feud needs that one last bit of physicality to push it over the edge.

I actually liked the promo by Cena better than Christian’s … but only by a little bit. I love the way that his character has changed in such a short time, as it’s obvious that he’s going to be a tweener for a very long time. These two have so much in common that it’s almost scary. They’ve both battled to the top and now we are going to see who truly is the greatest superstar on Raw. Loved the edge that Cena showed at the end of the promo. Should be a fantastic altercation between these two men later.

HOLY HELL! Probably the biggest match that we’ve had during the build to WM23! Van Dam vs. Cena is sure to be quite the showstealer! But I gotta believe that this one isn’t going to go down without interference.

I’m not really going to go much into the actual wrestling in this one, as I thought it was pretty good, but the real story was the feuds between these five men. From the very beginning, things got very personal, with the staredowns and uncomfortable situations for everyone involved. Christian and Cena arguing throughout was a great touch, with it all ending with Cena stealing the chair from Christian and then accidentally taking out Edge. Cena leaves the ring right after the match, looking embarrassed about what he did, knowing that Christian has accomplished his goal, getting into The Champ’s head. The ending between RVD, Jericho and Edge was great with the WWE Champion finally getting some retribution, taking out both of his challengers, with Jericho really getting the worst of it. SD! closing Raw makes me think that Raw will be closing the show on Friday, with the final shot being between Cena and Christian.

Simply phenomenal way for Raw to end before WM23. The only thing I really didn’t like was that ‘Taker didn’t get a real match, seeing as his appearance on Raw was pretty hyped. I still understand where you were coming from with that, just a little disappointed. If this is what SD!’s gonna be like, then I can’t wait to see the final show. You continue to show why you truly are the most consistent booker that this place has seen.


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Re: Being The Booker

Raw Feedback

Nice way to start the show with Shawn Michaels having a little something to say, promo came off nicely nothing really wrong, characterization was good and all that. Typical HBK listing his achievements and all that, however I probably would have preferred it if he spoke more about Foley and less about HIM and HIS accomplishments as Foley is definitely the more exciting character at this time.

Clusterfuck match up to start the show, I’m not going to lie I didn’t really enjoy this match up, I mean I read it a few times to try and see it from an exciting angle but just couldn’t. The only thing I liked was the aftermath and how Umaga continues to look unstoppable. Great work with that, really great work.

Pete Rose and Kane. Oh the memories. You continue to choose great ‘Mania moments.

Nice interview from Teddy Long, hyping up his client, Shelton Benjamin, who I am sure will do okay before losing at ‘Mania.

Hall of Fame inductees are all pretty stock standard really, one I really like is Michaels inducting Tyson, that should be great fun. Are you actually going to write the ceremony out, I would love you if you did?

Very entertaining this match for me, unlike the previous match. Helms is a great talent and he will be good later in this thread but the correct decision was for Kennedy go over. Nice that you made it clean to, raise Kennedy’s stock a little. Didn’t like the aftermath with everyone coming out but no contact being made, it’s happened a bit to often with these superstars, IMO.

Fuck. This was a long promo to say the least. Triple H was okay without being anything overly special, there wasn’t really anything wrong but nothing overly great either. Vince McMahon I felt was completely unneeded, he just rambled and I really didn’t enjoy his part in this at all. Paul Heyman was epic. Really epic. I marked for his appearance and everything he was saying just sounded so right. Great promo, I was kind of upset to see him get attacked because it was so predictable, but it didn’t hamper what was an awesome promo.

at Heyman getting thrown in the trash, perfect way to fuck up a good night.

A squash with Raw and Smackdown on the same show, I don’t care if you’re pushing Burchill in the future or not, that’s pretty bad to have a squash when you have so many superstars capable of putting on great matches.

Generic interview with one half of the triple jeopardy match, wasn’t to interested in this, seemed like it was all coming from the mouth of Jim Ross if I’m honest.

I wish it REALLY was six days away.

Beautiful, absolutely beautiful hype promo from Christian. Well done!

That’s it from The Undertaker. Hopefully something happens with him later otherwise this will be a major disappointment for me.

Insert same comment about Christians promo earlier here fore Cena’s however Cena’s seemed a little more intense so I probably liked this one better.

Champion against champion on Smackdown should be great. I love Double A.

The main event was an amazing read. Great match recap, I thoroughly enjoyed it, as I enjoyed the winners. Just all the tension between the triple threat competitors, and then between Christian and Cena it was already to come to a head in an explosive situation. Great ending to the show.

Good show, not as good as I expected, and I have seen better, but good nonetheless.

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