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Re: Being the booker

The members of the Brotherhood are Orlando Jordan, Rodney Mack, Theodore Long and Jazz. But the tag team was Mack and Jordan.

Thanks for the replies. Next reprt will be next Sunday again.
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Re: Being the booker

great shows! can't wait for survivor series, the 3 matches on the card so far should be brilliant!!
good work.
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Re: Being the booker

Unfortunately, I have been having problems with my computer at the minute, so I will have to post the next report on Monday instead.
Sorry, but I promise it will be good!!
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Re: Being the booker

How do you have the time to write all of these shows, This is the first one I have read and I love it.

However, someone will make his return to the scene soon with what is a STUNNING first show (and its not me). It will be good to see the competition.

P.S Dont ask any questions because I wont tell you any answers!

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Re: Being the booker

How do you know this?
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Re: Being the booker

RAW: Memphis; 25/10/04:

This weeks Raw saw four title matches, and another huge announcement concerning Survivor Series.
Mick Foley made his return as RAW GM to kick off the show, as the special guest on this weeks Highlight Reel. However, the sole purpose of this Highlight Reel was to pick out a lottery winner, who would face Chris Jericho for the Heavyweight Title later in the night.
Still banged up from the classic Nemesis match with Randy Orton, Foley firstly thanked the fans for their support, and then picked out the winner of the lottery…..EDGE!!!

RVD retained the Hardcore Title against Rodney Mack, despite interference from the Brotherhood in the first of four championship matches.
Then, Christopher Nowinski came to the ring and made a derogatory speech about the people of Memphis, and then moved onto Jerry Lawler, causing a brief showdown between the two, then Nowinski cheap shotted the legend from behind with a steel pipe. Mick Foley then raced to ringside to check on King, before announcing that tonight, Nowinski would be in action, in a No DQ match, against The King!!!

Booker T & Goldust continued their winning ways by retaining the tag belts once again, this week against Garrison Cade & Mark Jindrak.
The new women’s champ also continued her path of destruction as she demolished Miss Jackie within minutes to retain the title. Can anyone pose a threat to Shaniqua?

Eric Bischoff then came to the ring and talked about finally being back, and then said that the man to get him back on top is none other than the NEW Intercontinental Champion, his new client, Matt Morgan.
Morgan then made his way to the ring, and they Bischoff began hyping up Morgan as the future of RAW. Then Sting’s music hit, and he raced to the ring to take out both Morgan and Bischoff, but he as overpowered by Morgan, and they then double teamed Sting, leaving him a mess in the ring.
HBK then approached Jericho backstage, and told him that tonight he had his back, but Jericho told him he didn’t want his help. HBK then told him he had no choice, because he has to have his back, to make sure he makes it to Survivor Series, with the Heavyweight Title on his shoulder, but come Survivor Series, the belt will be HBK’s, but it is meant to be.

Also, an update was given on the condition of Trish Stratus. It was told that she received a serious concussion, and will not be able to return for four months. Edge & Christian gave their opinion after hearing the news, and said that they hoped it would be longer, but she deserved it anyway. Then the two Canadians plotted on how to win the belt from Jericho tonight.
After this, Christian was in action against John Cena. Edge was banned from ringside for the match, so it was a straight up one on one contest. Cena scored the victory with an FU, but afterwards, Batista & Flair from Evolution attacked Cena, leading to a three on one attack. However, Booker T & Goldust made an unlikely save for Cena, beating off Evolution & Christian.
Backstage, Evolution were irate, and challenged Cena & BookDust to a Survivor Series 10 man tag elimination match, which was immediately accepted. Evolution then announced that both teams must announce their squad next week on RAW!!

Talking of Survivor Series, Bret Hart & Vince McMahon finally came face to face in the ring on RAW. Firstly McMahon hyped up the match, before being interrupted by Bret. Bret then made his feelings clear about McMahon, and then said that people are referring to the Survivor Series match as 7 Years in the making. He said for Vince they have been probably the best seven years he has ever had, but for Bret it has been seven years of bad luck. He said that since Vince screwed him at Survivor Series, he has had the worst run of luck ever seen.
Firstly, he was made to look a fool in front of his home fans, then he was humiliated by the WWF on national T.V, he had no credibility in WCW, lost family members, lost his career, had a stroke, and had to watch as that famous incident in Montreal was replayed, and reincarnated for seven years, ending up with him doing the same thing to someone else.
Bret then backed Vince into the corner and told him that at this years Survivor Series, he will end his seven years of bad luck by finishing what was started seven years prior, in the middle of the ring, at Survivor Series.
Vince then struck back. He told Bret that he had no one else to blame, but himself. He said that if Bret had of stuck it through the bad times, then they wouldn’t have any problems right now, Bret could be sitting at home, looking over a great career he had with the WWF/WWE. He told Bret that Vince didn’t screw Bret, Bret screwed Bret!!! He apologised for all that has happened to his family, but it has nothing to do with him, and as for Survivor Series, he had no choice.

Mick Foley then entered, just as it looked as if the two men were to come to blows. He stood in the middle and told both men to save it for Survivor Series. He said that they had to discuss what they wanted in the contract to be signed next week, on RAW.
Bret immediately called for the referee, not to be Earl Hebner, and for No Disqualifications. He then added that he wanted it stipulated that if ANYONE is to run in, they will be fired immediately.
Vince then interrupted, he said that he wanted the board of directors to appoint the official, and he also wanted a release clause, that would not put the blame on him if Bret is to be seriously hurt. He then said that he wanted the loser to be fired, but then he stopped and thought for a second, he then changed his mind. He said with a smile on his face, that he didn’t want their careers on the line, because that would be the easy way out for Bret. Vince then explained. He said that when he beats Bret at Survivor Series, Hart will be too embarrassed to continue as GM of Smackdown, that he would end up quitting. He then laughed, and continued. He said that he wants to be there when Bret is forced to step inside the ring, and tell all his fans that because he was beaten by Vince McMahon, he could no longer continue as the GM of Smackdown. He would then drop the microphone, and stick his tail between his legs, walk up the ramp, and acknowledge that Vince McMahon had won the war!!!
He then dropped the mic and left the ring, waving to Bret as he walked up the ramp, with Bret irate in the ring.

It was then back to in ring action as Jerry Lawler took on Christopher Nowinski in a No DQ match. Nowinski looked set to cheat his way to victory, until Lawler outsmarted the Harvard graduate with a cup protecting him from a low blow, followed by a trademark piledriver for a hometown win. Afterwards, King celebrated with the crowd to a huge reaction.

Randy Orton & Shawn Michaels both went to Mick Foley to ask about where they stand for the World Title match at Survivor Series, now that Edge had a shot tonight. He simply told them, that if Edge were to win, then it would be a Fatal Four way at the upcoming PPV. He then told both men that next week they would be in action, in a six man tag, with Evolution taking on Jericho, Cena & HBK.

It was Main Event time, and it was Edge challenging Jericho for the World Championship. After a great even contest, filled with high flying moves, and great technical wrestling, Jericho side stepped the spear, and locked in the Walls of Jericho. Christian then sprinted to the ring, and distracted Jericho, and he broke the hold, then chased after Christian, but was lead into a Spear from Edge. Jericho kicked out at two.
Christian then distracted the referee, while Edge grabbed a chair, but Shawn Michaels then made a run in through the crowd, and hit Sweet Chin Music on Edge, with the referee still being distracted. HBK then took on Christian on the outside, whilst Jericho nailed a Lionsault for the three count.
He then saw HBK entering the ring, and Jericho nailed him with Sweet Chin Music. He then told Michaels that he didn’t want his help, and while he done this, Randy Orton came through the crowd, and nailed Y2J with an RKO.
He then raised the title in the air, as the show ended with his two opponents for Survivor Series, motionless on the canvas.

Match Results:
Rob Van Dam defeated Rodney Mack to retain the Hardcore Championship.
Booker T and Goldust defeated Garrison Cade & Mark Jindrak to retain the World Tag Titles.
John Cena defeated Christian
Shaniqua defeated Miss Jackie to retain the Women’s Championship.
Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler defeated Christopher Nowinski
Chris Jericho defeated Edge to retain the World heavyweight Championship.

Smackdown; 28th October 2004; Nashville
It was another wild ride this week on Smackdown, as tensions toward the Survivor Series reached fever pitch.

The first announcement of the evening was that Smackdown would also provide a traditional 10 man elimination match at the PPV, with the team leaders to be Chris Benoit & William Regal. Immediately Benoit recruited Rey Mysterio & Eddie Guerrero, while Regal asked the team of Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas to be on his side, setting up a six man tag for this weeks Smackdown.

Two titles were on the line this week on Smackdown, with Kanyon defeating Rikishi to retain his U.S Title, while Torrie & Kidman held onto the Inter Gender tag titles, with a victory over Jacqui & Funaki.

Brock Lesnar also sent a message to his five opponents at Survivor Series, with a easy win over Shannon Moore. He then took the microphone and told his opponents at the event that this is just a taster for what he will bring in the Elimination Chamber. Then suddenly, Kurt Angle burst through the crowd and nailed Lesnar with a steel chair, then hit Heyman with the Angle Slam.
He announced after this attack, that Lesnar may have won the match at Nemesis, but Angle will win the title at Survivor Series!!!

Big Show and Goldberg then went face to face in the ring, with both claiming to be the most dominant man in the Chamber at Survivor Series. Then Triple H interrupted. He told the two men that just because they are the biggest guys in the title match, it doesn’t mean, that they will dominate.
He reminds both that he has the best record in the chamber, with one victory, and coming second, after being in from the start, and suffering a life threatening injury during the match. The Game then tells both, that power doesn’t play a part in the Chamber, brains do.
After this, HHH then interrupted an interview with The Rock, and they both went head to head, and traded insults, with Triple H ending the confrontation by telling The Rock that he better watch his back tonight in his match with Scott Steiner.

In the six man tag, Regal struck the first blow to Benoit’s team by scoring a pinfall victory over Rey Mysterio, thanks to some great team work from TWGTT, who held the legs of Mysterio while Regal got the pin.

Los Chavo’s then made a speech in the ring, saying that there is just no competition for him in the Cruiserweight Division. He then said he would prove it by giving the lucky winner of a Cruiserweight Battle Royal next week, a title shot at Survivor Series.

It was announced that next week on Smackdown, that the main event would see all six men in the Chamber match in action, with a six man tag main event. Kurt Angle, The Rock, and Goldberg would team up to face, Brock Lesnar, Big Show, and Triple H. Kurt then said that next week, he will show each and every person, that they better watch out for him at Survivor Series.

Bret Hart also made a quick speech about what Vince said on RAW, and said that Vince never realised that HE will lose at Survivor Series, and it is McMahon, who will be forced to disappear through embarrassment.

In this weeks Main Event, Scott Steiner had the opportunity to get the last word in the feud with The Rock, and with his partner Test on the outside, it looked as if things would go his way. For most of the match it did, but toward the end, The Rock seemed to find a second wind, and fought back against the odds. He then ducked a boot from Test which hits Steiner, and planted him with a Rock Bottom, before hitting the Peoples Elbow on Steiner for the three count.

The Rock then celebrated, until Triple H ran in with a sledgehammer, but The Rock was ready, and took down HHH with a Rock Bottom.
He then went for a People’s Elbow, but Big Show, came in, and caught Rock with a choke slam, before doing the same to Triple H. He then raised the belt in the air, until Goldberg sprinted down, and nailed Show with a Spear. He then went for a Jackhammer, but was stopped by Brock Lesnar who delivered an F5 to both men.
Kurt Angle then went toe to toe with Lesnar, but thanks to Heyman, Lesnar got the best of the action, and hit Angle with an F5 to the outside.
The show went off the air with Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman raising the WWE Championship in the air.

Match Results:
Test defeated Bradshaw
Torrie & Kidman defeated Jacqui & Funaki to retain the Inter Gender Tag Titles.
Brock Lesnar defeated Shannon Moore
William Regal, Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas defeated Rey Mysterio, Chris Benoit, and Eddie Guerrero.
Kanyon defeated Rikishi to retain the United States Championship.
The Rock defeated Scott Steiner

Let me know what you thought of the shows this week, and also, what match would you prefer to see headline to event; The triple threat, the Elimination Chamber, or Bret vs. Vince.

Updated Card for WWE Survivor Series:
Date: 14th November 2004
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Event Music: TBA

WWE Championship: Elimination Chamber Match:
Triple H vs. Goldberg vs. The Rock vs. Angle vs. Lesnar vs. Big Show

World Heavyweight Championship: Triple Threat Match:
Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Randy Orton

Survivor Series Elimination Match:
(Teams so far)
William Regal, Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin vs.
Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit & Rey Mysterio

Survivor Series Elimination Match:
Team Evolution vs. Team Thuganomics:
Team Evolution (So far): Ric Flair, Batista, Edge, Christian.
Team Thuganomics (so far): John Cena, Booker T, Goldust.

7 Years in the Making; No Disqualifications:
Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart vs. Mr. McMahon.

Next report is on Saturday!!!
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Re: Being the booker

Another excellent update and i would like Bret vrs Vince to be main event if it had a big finish. If not the elimination chamber

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Re: Being the booker

Yeah!! Great Shows as always!!
Definitely Bret v Vince as the Main Event!! It's been a long time and the longest running feud so has to be them.
Survivor Series is looking to be great. I'm glad to see that you are having the classic survivor series matches on the card.
"btw" Team Thuganomics is a great name!!

Word "Mother Freaking" Life!!
The Heart Break Kid - Shawn Michaels
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Re: Being the booker

Another class update, Suvivor Series will be HUGE!!!
I think the Elimination Chamber should be the main event as i can see one of Bret or Vince getting screwed out of the match and that would not be a very good way to end this epic battle, in a main event. Still it is your choice.
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Re: Being the booker

Yet another great report from Wolf Beast, a big fat 10/10 for you.
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