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Re: Being The Booker

**POSTING EARLY - There's a good chance I'll be unable to get on over the weekend, so, I'll fire ahead now and post the show**

Raw; February 19th; San Jose:

Video recap from last week, where after Triple H was not granted a rematch for the World Championship, he was then later revealed as Brock Lesnars opponent at WrestleMania 23, which led to Lesnar ripping the McMahon Family Empire apart, finishing off with an F5 on Vince, sending a clear message to The Game.

Opening Video

No pyro, instead, we go straight to…


The McMahon Family Empire, led by Triple H, enter the arena to a massive heel reaction from the fans. The five piece group stand at the top of the apron for a moment, soaking in the response, before continuing down the ramp.

Jim Ross: You are looking at the man, who in twenty seven days takes on Brock Lesnar - for the first time ever - at the Showcase of the Immortals, and Coach, we’ve been waiting for this one for some time now.

The Coach: Absolutely. We’ve saw that ingrate, Brock Lesnar, causing trouble for the McMahons for months now, and at WrestleMania in less than four weeks, he’ll pay the price for crossing the boss, and most importantly, The Game.

Jim Ross: Are you kidding?? Brock Lesnar has pulled the McMahon Family Empire out of numerous holes, he was responsible for keeping the championship around the waist of Triple H, and in return the McMahons continued to give him promises that they never intended to make good on. Brock Lesnar reached breaking point, and I for one am pleased he finally saw the McMahons for what they really are!!!

The Coach: The guy’s a mercenary. All he ever wanted was to take from the McMahons, and give as little as possible in return. He’ll pay for it at WrestleMania, mark my words baby boy.

Jim Ross: I cant wait Coach. I cant wait to see the look on your face on March 18 when the Iron Man demolishes the McMahon Family Empire, one by one.

In the ring, the Family Empire stand tall, looking around the arena, taking in the abuse from the fans. Triple H waits, shades on, for the fans to quieten, before speaking.

Triple H: Five years.

Triple H holds up his palm, showing the four fingers and thumb, to indicate five years.

Triple H: That’s how long I’ve had to wait … wait for the opportunity to get my hands on one Brock Lesnar.

Pop for the mention of Lesnar. Triple H lowers the mic for a moment, and turns his head, looking to a portion of fans in disgust.

Triple H: Five years is a long time for two guys the stature of myself and Lesnar not to cross paths. But it’s not a coincidence.

The camera focuses on The Game, as he straightens up.

Triple H: Y’see … when Brock Lesnar first burst on the scene here … he looked like a human wrecking ball. You’ll all remember him be referred to … as the ‘Next Big Thing’ … and boy, he didn’t disappoint, did he??

Slight pop.

Triple H: In the space of five months … FIVE MONTHS … he beat legends, he beat his peers, became King Of The Ring, and at the time, the youngest WWE Champion in this companies history.

A small ‘LESNAR’ chant breaks out, catching Triple H’s attention for a moment.

Triple H: It’s a heck of an accomplishment … especially when you mention the names he beat along the way in that incredibly short journey … Ric Flair …(WOO‘s from the fans, and cheers)… RVD …(Cheer from the fans)… Hulk Hogan …(Massive Pop)… The Rock …(Another massive pop)… and that was just the first five months.

Some cheers from the fans, but not much of a reaction.

Triple H: That list goes on … The Undertaker inside Hell in a Cell, The Big Show, a Royal Rumble … then Kurt Angle in the main event of WrestleMania Nineteen … to cap off his rookie year.

Triple H shows a glimpse of a smile, with the fans fairly quiet throughout the history lesson.

Triple H: And so it looked like a star was born, huh?? I mean, the second year just got better, didn’t it?? Holding off the challenges thrown at him as Champion, beating Kurt Angle in a sixty minute Iron Man Match, and holding the championship through WrestleMania Twenty, beating Goldberg.

Despite the fairly silent crowd reactions, The Game continues on.

Triple H: Two years down … and an extremely long list of accomplishments, huh??

Triple H looks around, trying to get some sort of reaction.

Triple H: And as most of you know, the next three years would build on those first two. Now, I’m not gonna stand here and list every single accomplishment Lesnar has achieved … but when you look down the list of guys he’s beaten. The legends, the icons, the past, present and future … there is one name … one man … not on that list.

Triple H removes his sunglasses.

Triple H: Triple H.

The fans start to heat up again, with abuse for The Game.

Triple H: And there is one reason for why that is …

Triple H looks towards Vince, before speaking again, revealing the answer is the most twisted of tones.

Triple H: Vince McMahon purposely kept us as far apart as possible.

Heat for The Game, as we see a shot of Vince, slowly nodding in agreement.

Triple H: And why would he do that you’d ask?? … Business.

More heat from the fans, but Triple H looks dead serious, taking a moment before explaining.

Triple H: That might not make a whole lot of sense to you people. I mean, how is keeping arguably the two biggest names in this business apart for so long deemed a business decision?? But I’ll explain it for ya.

Camera zooms in on Triple H once more.

Triple H: In 2002, Vince found himself a new hot commodity … a new breed of superstar … a new face to carry this company … and he needed protection.

Triple H moves towards the ropes, keeping his focus fixed on the camera.

Triple H: So Vince did what he does best … he moulded a new superstar. Lesnar had the same package that the likes of Hogan, Warrior, Bret, and The Rock before him had.

Heat for Triple H, but The Game shakes his head, talking over the boos.

Triple H: Hey … hear me out. He had that hulking physique, he had that aura, had the tools, he was raw around the edges, but he had what it took to make it, and make it big. Just like Vince did for all those big names before him, Vince paved Lesnars path. He gave Brock every opportunity to reach the same heights as those before him.

We see Vince ponder, nodding along to everything Triple H says.

Triple H: He matched Brock with weaker guys, part timers, guys on the way out. He built his reputation for him … he built Lesnar’s credibility for him … and he built his confidence for him.

Triple H points to Vince now, taking a moment as he does, and continues to point towards the Chairman, as he speaks again.

Triple H: This man MADE Brock Lesnar … but at WrestleMania 23, I will BREAK Brock Lesnar.

Triple H points to himself now, narrowing his eyebrows, getting tense.

Triple H: Now you’ll understand why we’ve been kept apart for so long … now you’ll understand why we carried Lesnar along for the ride for so long … Vince McMahon tried to protect him from me … and all the thanks he got was constant badgering … constant threats … constant intimidation.

Small boos from the fans, as Triple H looks around for a moment, looking to get the attention of all the fans before he speaks again.

Triple H: Come March 18 … Lesnar is gonna receive a constant beating courtesy of The Game.

Triple H holds out his palm again, indicating five years.

Triple H: For five years Brock, this man (Points to Vince again) has done nothing but help your career … and mould you into the superstar you are today.

The Game begins to get heated as his continues, almost yelling into the mic as he walks around.

Triple H: He was the one that guided you … he was the one that looked out for you … he was behind the deal to take you to Smackdown exclusively when you became Undisputed Champion … to protect you … from me.

He now comes to a standstill, allowing his words to soak into the brains of the fans, and takes the moment to calm himself again.

Triple H: Over the last couple months … you’ve pushed the boundaries, and you’ve broken our patience. And at WrestleMania, I promise you, I will expose you as n-


Lesnar’s music hits to a sensational response from the fans. The Iron Man then steps out from the curtain to receive a bigger ovation, as The McMahon Family Empire all scowl in the ring, with Triple H on the ropes, looking especially angry.

Brock stands at the top of the ramp, waiting as the music dies down. The music dies down, and Lesnar puts the mic to his mouth, addressing the fans.

Brock Lesnar: I’m more used to using my hands for beating up guys in the ring, but I guess tonight, I can make an exception, and use it to hold the mic.

Small pop for Lesnar, who quickly reverts from cheesy one liner, to straight laced again, focusing his attention on the ring, pointing at the Family Empire…

Brock Lesnar: So … I’ve been carried to this spot??

Lesnar shakes his head slowly, giving it a moment, before continuing.

Brock Lesnar: My path has not been paved for me, and don’t believe it for a second. I earned my spot here. I’ve earned everything I’ve accomplished.

Lesnar continues to keep his same tension, and intimidating glare on the ring.

Brock Lesnar: Vince McMahon didn’t win any of those championships for me. He didn’t wrestle in my Iron Man matches, he didn’t face Kurt Angle for me at WrestleMania 19, and he sure as hell didn’t help me through the Royal Rumble last month.

Triple H interrupts.

Triple H: Whoa, hold on there a second. Y-

Lesnar BOOMS over Triple H’s voice.

Brock Lesnar: NO!!! You hold on. You’re done talkin Hunter. I’ve got the mic in my hands, and I’m gonna speak.

Huge pop for Lesnars straight ahead approach.

Brock Lesnar: I have dug YOU, Vince, and your whole damn family out of holes, time after time over the last few months … and I’ve reached breaking point.

More cheers for the Iron Man.

Brock Lesnar: Enough of the broken promises … you’ve had enough chances to make it right and stay true to your word … now?? Now, it’s time for broken bones.

Lesnar stays full fledged bad ass. No pandering to the fans, just keeping focused on the ring, and the reaction of the McMahon Family Empire.

Brock Lesnar: But Triple H?? You keep telling yourself I’ve been helped to where I am. You keep telling everybody within earshot that I’ll be exposed on March 18. You keep telling the family that we’ve been kept apart for my protection … but if anything?? We’ve been kept apart for YOUR protection.

‘OHHH’ from the fans. In the ring, Triple H looks incensed, looking at Vince, who has an uneasy look on his face. Is it true??

Brock Lesnar: Think about it Hunter. You’re family … I’m just an employee. You’re married to the bosses daughter … you’re the father of his grandchildren … and he wants to keep you as healthy as possible.

Triple H looks around at Vince again, with McMahon not making eye contact with his son-in-law.

Brock Lesnar: And although obviously you don’t believe ‘the hype’ … when you meet me at WrestleMania … your career … is in my hands.

Lesnar gets more sinister now, possibly to the point of splitting the audience.

Brock Lesnar: And when I get my hands on you at WrestleMania … I wont be thinking of your kids. I wont be thinking of your family … I will be fully focused on all the lies, all the broken promises, all the times I scratched your back for nothing … and I’ll want payback of the highest order.

Cheers from the fans, as Stephanie now comes forward to address Lesnar.

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: But you fail to realise Brock … at WrestleMania … you’re not just facing my husband … you’re facing the ENTIRE McMahon Family Empire.

Heat from the fans, as a grinning Stephanie tilts her head, and looks up the ramp at Brock, who shows a glimpse of a smile.

Brock Lesnar: Will I??

Few random cheers from sections of the audience, whilst the Empire look a little befuddled by Brocks response.

Brock Lesnar: If that’s the case … I guess I’ll just have to take you all out of the equation … right here … right … NOW!!!

Lesnar drops the mic, as the fans start up a massive ‘LESNAR’ chant, with the Family all pacing the ring, frantically wondering what to do. Lesnar rips off his tank top, as he approaches the ring … then …

**I’M BACK**

Eric Bischoff?? The lame duck General Manager steps out onto the stage, and in a hurry, quickly talking over his music.

Eric Bischoff: Enough!!! Brock Lesnar, don’t you make another step. You stay where you are, because I don’t want another incident like last week. Let’s keep this professional, shall we??

Boos from the audience, wanting to see a brawl. Lesnar stops, and listens to what the GM has to say.

Eric Bischoff: Alright. Tonight, we’re gonna settle this little dispute in the ring. Brock, you don’t want the McMahon Family Empire at ringside come WrestleMania?? Let’s decide that the old fashioned way. Tonight, in that very ring … Triple H and Brock Lesnar …

The fans pop big time!!! Are we set to get a WrestleMania preview tonight??

Eric Bischoff: You two … will choose a representative to face off in that ring tonight.

Nope. The old switch and bait performed expertly by Easy E, generating plenty of heel heat from the audience.

Eric Bischoff: If Lesnars representative wins?? Then the McMahon Family Empire will be BANNED from ringside at WrestleMania.

Cheers from the fans.

Eric Bischoff: If Triple H’s representative on the other hand wins?? Then … sorry Brock, you’ll have to live with it.

Heat from the fans, as we catch a glimpse of a frustrated Brock Lesnar.

Eric Bischoff: And in the meantime … Brock, as of this moment you are officially BARRED from touching any member of the McMahon Family. And as for tonight’s match?? ALL OF YOU are BARRED from ringside.

Bischoff nods, getting his message across, then gets set to leave when we cut to the ring suddenly … AS SHAWN MICHAELS SLIPS IN THE BACK … AND DELIVERS SWEET CHIN MUSIC TO SHANE!!!!!

Out of pure shock, the rest of the Family Empire scatter, as an unkempt, unshaven Shawn Michaels holds court in the ring, picking up the mic left by Stephanie, as the family scatter into the crowd.

Shawn Michaels: I hope … oh man, I hope you saw Smackdown last week Eric. This is just the start. You can either put a stop to this right now … or I’m gonna keep stamping my feet, and causing ALL kinds of trouble for ya, kicking everybody from the tea lady to the Executive V.P. What’s it to be??

Michaels has a huge scowl on his face, looking wild eyed, having just hijacked the show. On the ramp, Eric looks absolutely furious … but shocked at the same time, as Lesnar walks toward him, pulling the mic even before Eric can speak.

Brock Lesnar: That’s made my mind up Eric. Shawn Michaels will represent me tonight.

Huge cheer, as Lesnar walks on, leaving the stage, and now, just Eric, Shawn, and a sprawled out Shane are in the arena. Michaels doesn’t even flinch from Brocks announcement, fully focused on the GM, waiting for an answer. Eric composes himself, then speaks.

Eric Bischoff: My office … NOW!!!

Michaels nods, with the fans still cheering him and his sudden burst into the arena - as promised on Smackdown - as we fade into a commercial after an epic opening segment.


We return from the commercial, with Greg Helms and CM Punk already in the ring, set for their FIFTH scheduled tag team title shot against the champions.


MNM make their grand entrance, joined again by the Italian Santino Marella, as the foursome enjoy their photo session, before continuing to the ring.

Jim Ross: Welcome back to Monday night Raw, and currently, Shawn Michaels is meeting with Eric Bischoff in the General Managers office, looking to make some sort of deal regarding the cancelled match at WrestleMania between Michaels and Foley. But right now, MNM will defend the tag team championships for the third straight week against the tandem known collectively as Straight Edge - and before you start complaining Coach - here’s a few reasons why Punk and Helms have a third straight shot in three weeks…

Quick Highlight V.P;
- MNM dodge a tag team title defence claiming to have ‘food poisoning’, then later ‘recover’ and help Melina keep her title.
- For a second week, MNM dodge the rescheduled match, with Mercury suffering from ‘chickenpox’, then later is exposed as red pen, as he gets involved in a Punk vs. Nitro match.
- MNM finally are forced to defend the titles, despite legitimately suffering from illness and injury. Thanks to Marella, they keep the titles.
- Last week, once again, MNM find a cheap route to keep the titles, leading to tonight’s third match.

The Coach: And what does that video prove?? To me, it proves MNM have beaten Straight Edge TWICE!!!

MNM w/Melina & Santino Marella vs. Straight Edge
Unlike last week, it’s back to shenanigans and running from MNM rather than a competitive match - but it appears that tonight, their luck has run out. Melina gets caught by the referee trying to interfere, AND ORDERED TO THE BACK!!! She leaves, kicking and screaming, having to be dragged by officials, as MNM fall apart with the determined Straight Edge finally getting their reward, and dominating the champions.
Marella looks to save his cohorts … BUT EATS A PUNK CARD, courtesy of CM Punk, taking the Italian out of the equation … as Nitro falls prey to the deadly DOUBLE SHINING WIZARD!!! The titles surely are changing hands here, as Helms dives through the ropes to take out Mercury!!! Punk gets set to hook the leg of the champion, but the referee is too busy getting Marella out of the ring … AND MISTER KENNEDY COMES FROM THE CROWD … INTO THE RING … SPINS PUNK AROUND … MIC CHECK!!! Kennedy rolls Nitro onto Punk, wipes his hands, then darts out of the ring!!! The referee turns back around, looks surprised by the sudden turnaround (not that the interference would matter)… but counts anyway … 1...2...3!!!
Winners: And STILL World Tag Team Champions - MNM @ 04:39

MNM steal the victory AGAIN!!! But what the heck was Mister Kennedy doing to help them?? Why?? On the outside, Helms is just as shocked by the result, having missed the run in. He gets back inside, looking a little worse for wear after the suicide dive, but comes to the aide of Punk, helping his partner come to, as Nitro rolls out of the ring, surviving once again.

The Coach: Now you have to admit it J.R … MNM are simply too good for your boys!!! Three matches, three wins. Nothing else to say baby boy.

Jim Ross: Are you serious?? Are those glasses tinted?? Did you not just see Mister Kennedy, who faces Rey Mysterio later for the Intercontinental Championship SCREW Straight Edge out of the titles?? Punk had it won!!!

The Coach: Quit your cryin old man, it’s OVAH!!! MNM are too good for Straight Edge, that’s what we know.

Jim Ross: But we don’t know that Coach!!! We don’t know if MNM are better, because they refuse to meet the challengers straight on. They’re runnin scared Coach, AND YOU KNOW IT!!!

MNM escape up the ramp, once again, somehow clinging onto those title belts, whilst in the ring, a worse for wear Punk tries to explain what happened to his partner, with Helms furious that MNM stole one again tonight.

We quickly switch backstage, and see Shawn Michaels exit Bischoffs office, and slams the door. Obviously, things didn’t go well. HBK walks down the hallway, and is quickly joined by that roving reporter, Todd Grisham.

Grisham is forced to walk and talk briskly, with HBK showing little interest in speaking with him.

Todd Grisham: Shawn, would you care you share your thoughts on what just happened in your meeting with Eric Bischoff??

Michaels stops in his tracks, and looks at Grisham, slowly shaking his head, then speaks.

Shawn Michaels: Until I get what I want Todd … I don’t want to talk about anything. I think it’s obvious though, that things didn’t go as I wanted them to.

Michaels removes his hat, and continues.

Shawn Michaels: But on Eric Bischoffs head may it be. I’ve warned Eric of the lengths I’ll go to get what I want. Now, I believe that I’m ‘supposed’ to be in action tonight, right?? Well, we’ll have to wait and see how things go, wont we??

Michaels shows a smirk, almost heelish, stirring trouble. The smile is wiped off his face though, as he looks down the hall … and sees someone he doesn’t want to … Triple H.

Triple H: Sounds good to me Shawn. You keep well away tonight, and force Lesnar to forfeit.

Triple H smiles, but Michaels doesn’t.

Shawn Michaels: Did I say I wasn’t gonna show??

HBK plants a seed of doubt … but Triple H still smiles.

Triple H: True. But don’t forget … if there is something you really want … there’s only one man that can truly deliver it.

The Game gets in close to Michaels ear, and whispers.

Triple H: …Vince McMahon.

Triple H smiles, but HBK throws him a dirty look, with a scowl on his face.

Triple H: You want Foley that bad at WrestleMania?? Vince can make that happen … as long as you have something to bargain with.

The Game steps back, looking to see if his hint has got to HBK.

Triple H: It’s all down to how much you want it Shawn. Think it over.

HBK looks away from The Game, as Triple H still smiles, before walking off, leaving the offer in the air.



The VP then ends with the graphic for WRESTLEMANIA XXIII - MARCH 18TH 2007 - FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER IN NEW ORLEANS.

To ringside…

Jim Ross: And welcome back folks to Monday Night Raw. It’s been a wild ride tonight already, MNM have controversially retained the tag team titles, thanks to Mister Kennedy, and Shawn Michaels has made good on his word to create chaos in his quest to get his match with Mick Foley back on the agenda at WrestleMania. Tonight, Michaels will represent Brock Lesnar to take on a representative of Triple H. Should he win, the McMahon Family Empire will be barred from ringside at WrestleMania. Should he lose …

The Coach: Should he lose, he gets what HE wants for WrestleMania. You saw what Triple H said, we can read between the lines here.

Jim Ross: I just cant imagine for a second, that Shawn Michaels, despite his desperation, despite his own state of mind, would EVER throw a match. And even if he contemplated it, he ought to ask Brock Lesnar if Vince is a man of his word.

The Coach: Oh yeah, ask someone without a vested interest.

Jim Ross: Alright. Folks, we’ll find out all those answers later. Still to come tonight, a rematch from SuperBrawl, with Rey Mysterio defending the Intercontinental Championship against Mister Kennedy, who inexplicably helped MNM earlier tonight. Not only that, but how about this one - Shelton Benjamin, the in ring leader of The Brotherhood, and Randy Orton, the leader of the New Wave, one on one tonight, both men set for Money in the Bank at WrestleMania.

The Coach: Sure to be a classic J.R. Two of my favourite guys on Raw right there.

Jim Ross: But perhaps, more important than any match scheduled tonight, it is time to make the WrestleMania main event official; The World Champion, John Cena takes on The Royal Rumble winner, Christian on March 18, and tonight, champion and challenger alike will sign on the dotted line and make it official.

The Coach: From two of my favourites … to two of my most hated. I just hope Cena and Christian beat the holy hell out of each other. That’s my saving grace.

Jim Ross: Be that as it may, the road to WrestleMania has officially begun, and as we approach the Granddaddy of them all, we are going to give you all an insight … a look … at the careers of both these men. John Cena and Christian, first, we’ll take a look at the rise to glory of The Champ…


The V.P starts with the simple text of “JUNE 27 2002”

The scene opens up, with a young John Cena, standing face to face with Kurt Angle, as the opening bars of ‘Lose Yourself’ by Eminem plays (the same theme music for WrestleMania 21 - where Cena won his first world title)

Kurt Angle: Who in the hell are you??

John Cena: I’m John Cena.

Kurt Angle: What is the one quality that you possess … that makes you think you can walk out here and come into the ring and face the very best in the business??

The euphoric music pipes in, taking over the scene, as Cena responds…


Cena slaps Angle, and makes an instant impression…

Cut to early shots of Cena in his WWE run, looking like a generic baby face, but mixing it with the top stars on the show, as the music continues in the background, and Cena talks over the footage…

“I started out … just a kid with big dreams … I got my shot … and grabbed the opportunity with both hands.”

Shots of the early Cena now taking punishment, and getting beat down.

“I paid my dues … and earned respect”

Getting a handshake from the Undertaker.

“Then after a while … I grew into my own skin”

Cena approaches Stephanie McMahon at the Smackdown Halloween party in 2002.

John Cena: The old mans got a plan … he chillin in the buildin.

“And after months of earning my spot, I began to get noticed”

Clips now of Cena performing various raps, and changing his look over the course of the few months…

John Cena: I’ll watch you drown and not throw a rope … this is jail, we inmates … YOU JUST DROPPED THE SOAP!!!

John Cena: I’m reloaded like the matrix … how’m I gonna lose to a midget dominatrix!!??

John Cena: She’s only with ya for the money homes … when she’s done stealing from you, she comes to tickle my funny bones!!

Clips from that time period, with Cena taking it to Brock Lesnar, beating The Undertaker, and nailing an FU to the Big Show.

“And over time … I went from a rising talent … and became a star”

Cena wins the Royal Rumble in 2004 (but failed to get a title shot), and beats The Rock at WrestleMania XX, then wins the Rumble again in 2005.

“And after becoming a star … I arrived … and world championships followed”

Cena beating Orton at WrestleMania 21, lifting the title for the first time.

“And suddenly … I’m the franchise player … with a brand on my shoulders … overcoming the obstacles, overcoming the odds, overcoming adversity”

Cena defending the championship valiantly, despite blood loss, despite being put through tables … before losing to Shawn Michaels.

“Next came the crossroads … flash in the pan?? Or for real??

Cena in battle on Raw, and finally overcoming Shawn Michaels to win back the World Championship!!!

“All doubts cast aside … the champ again”

Defeating The Undertaker, Edge, and Randy Orton for the second straight WrestleMania.

“On top of the world … but with everything to lose”

Cena loses the championship, then loses to Orton inside Hell in a Cell at SummerSlam.

“Down … but NEVER out”

Cena rebounds from the disappointing period of last year to bounce back, and chase Triple H for the championship.

“I’ve feared nothing … and I’ll regret less”

Cena taking on all of the McMahon Family Empire.

“And that tenacity … that intensity … has seen me through”

Cena forcing Triple H to tap at SuperBrawl.

“Back to the top of the mountain”

Quick run through of Cena’s looks from his debut, as the video package comes to a close, with ‘Lose Yourself’ taking over again.

“John Cena is the present … John Cena is the future … John Cena is the champ”

The video ends, with a shot of Cena from the back, walking down the aisle at WrestleMania 22.


Now, in their private quarters, The McMahon Family Empire are seen discussing their options tonight.

Tyson Tomko: I’m ready to go guys. You give me a shot at Michaels tonight, and I’ll not let you down.

Vince shakes his head.

Mr. McMahon: No. You’ve already got a match tonight Tyson. We need something different tonight.

Triple H smiles, and pats Tomkos chest.

Triple H: I really don’t think it’ll be a big deal anyway Tyson. If you guys could’ve seen the desperation in Michaels eyes earlier?? He’ll do anything to get Foley at WrestleMania … including throwing the match tonight.

From somewhere in the background, we hear a cough. All four (Shane hasn’t been seen since the Sweet Chin Music earlier) look around, and to their surprise, it’s SANTINO MARELLA. Everyone seems taken aback by his presence, and Vince doesn’t even seem to know who he is. He looks around at his fellow family members to ask…

Mr. McMahon: Who’s this??

Before anyone can answer, Marella pipes in.

Santino Marella: Me?? Why I am the great Santino Marella.

Santino puffs out his chest, looking proud, but no one else seems impressed.

Mr. McMahon: Okay … do you work for me??

Marella stutters a little, as he replies.

Santino Marella: Ahhh … a-not exactly. Imma good friend and personal doctor of the science to the M and M.

Vince looks confused.

Mr. McMahon: Well, I don’t need a doctor, but thanks anyway.

Santino wags his finger in disagreement.

Santino Marella: Ahhh not exactly. Imma wrestler, and I want to a-wrestle for you toniiiiiiight.

Marella nods, thinking he’s done the hard sell.

Mr. McMahon: You just introduced yourself to me as a doctor. I need a wrestler, and you’re not a wrestler.

Santino continues to sell himself.

Santino Marella: ME!? I’m the greatest wrestler of all of the timesss!!! And I can prove for you if y-

Triple H now puts an arm around Marella, and slowly shows him out of the room.

Triple H: Not tonight pal, huh??

The Game shows Marella out the door, with Santino still trying to plead his case to the Family Empire. Triple H then shuts the door, as the group of four look around, all taken aback by the presence of Marella and his pitch.


We return from the commercial, with Rey Mysterio already in the ring, waiting for his opponent to enter…


Boos reverberate around the arena, along with some ‘cool’ pops, as straight laced Mister Kennedy briskly makes his way down the ramp … AS MNM FOLLOW BEHIND HIM!!! Melina, Nitro and Mercury walk behind Kennedy, with the challenger now at a distinct advantage.

Jim Ross: Now how the hell is this fair!!! This is a damn joke!!! How can Mysterio overcome these types of odds??

The Coach: Well, I guess we can work out that Kennedy struck some type of deal with MNM, right??

Jim Ross: Oh, you don’t say Coach. Please, enlighten us some more.

The Coach: Meh, maybe later. I don’t want to indulge you too much J.R. I need to save my brilliance, I cant just throw it away like lollipops.

Rey Mysterio vs. Mister Kennedy w/ MNM
Rey is forced to battle the odds from the outset, as it becomes clear that MNM and Kennedy struck some kind of ‘I scratch your back, you scratch mine’ deal, after helping them keep the tag titles earlier. MNM certainly hold up their end of the bargain, tripping Rey as he runs off the ropes, then distracting the referee to allow an illegal attack from Kennedy, and distracting the referee anytime the champion builds any momentum or gets a cover. It looks like Rey’s number is up, with the referee failing to act on the continuous interference. However, the fans come alive, and stand on their feet … AS THE CAVALRY ARRIVE!!!
Straight Edge & Alexis Laree enter the arena, and make their way down the aisle, with MNM spotting the entrance, and start to panic!!! Punk, Helms and Laree now come after their foes, with the chase distracting Kennedy, who confronts Punk from the apron, distracting the referee, who tries to get Punk off the apron, taking his eye off the ring, with Kennedy turning around … AND HELMS NAILS HIM WITH THE I.C TITLE BELT!!! Kennedy staggers into the ropes … ALLOWING MYSTERIO TO COME FROM BEHIND AND ROLL HIM UP, and the referee is quickly allowed to refocus on the ring … 1...2...3!!!!!!!
Winner: And STILL Intercontinental Champion - Rey Mysterio @ 04:02

Kennedy is stunned!!! From the bottom of the entrance, MNM grimace, and have their head in their hands, as they fail to hold up their end of the bargain. In the ring, Straight Edge stand with Alexis and the Intercontinental Champion, as a unit, having foiled the plan put together by Kennedy and MNM.

Jim Ross: Howd’ya like that Coach?? Your boys just got a little taste of their own medicine!!!

The Coach: Well, I just love the fact that you hold one rule for some, and another for others. When MNM cheat to win matches, you blow a gasket, when Mysterio cheats to keep his belt, it’s fair game!!! It’s double standards!!!

Jim Ross: You just cant handle the fact that Mysterio, Straight Edge and Alexis one upped your favourites Coach. But here’s a newsflash - THEY DID!!!

In the ring, the foursome stand by the ropes, goading MNM back to the ring, with the trio shaking their heads, and Melina screaming in anger, as we see the reaction of the fan favourites, laughing at the reaction.

We now go backstage, and see FINLAY exiting the McMahon Family Empires private room, looking a little despondent. From that, surely we can gather that he has not been selected to represent Triple H tonight??

Suddenly, we then switch elsewhere … and see the World Heavyweight Champion, John Cena, walking down a corridor towards the entrance, as the Contract Signing is coming up … NEXT~!


We return with Eric Bischoff now standing in the ring, set up for your usual contract signing, waiting with a mic in hand.

Eric Bischoff: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the 2007 Royal Rumble winner, and the man that will challenge the World Heavyweight Champion in the main event of WrestleMania 23 … CHRISTIAN!!!


The fans are on their feet as Captain Charisma enters the arena, pounding his chest, wearing a white shirt, unbuttoned at the top, with the sleeves rolled up a little, with dark blue jeans. The Royal Rumble winner strides down the aisle, and steps inside the ring, climbing the ropes and saluting his fans again, before taking his seat, and putting his feet on the table.

Eric Bischoff: And now, please welcome, the Three Time, World Heavyweight Champion, and the man that will defend that championship at WrestleMania … JOHN CENA!!!


John Cena bursts onto the stage, full of vibrancy as always, dressed in his usual street attire, pumping the fans up, before focusing his glare at the ring, and straightens up, before bounding down the ramp, and slides into the ring. Cena hoists the championship up high to the fans, before turning, and pointing at Christian, who stands up again, and the two lock eyes across the ring, with the music slowly dying down, as Bischoff tries to direct traffic, and gets both men sat down.

Eric Bischoff: I want to set a few ground rules here gentlemen. I don’t want this to get out of control. Both of you need to stay professional, and just sign the contract, and be done with it.

Heat for Bischoff. Cena and Christian stare across the table at one another, neither taking their focus from the other.

Eric Bischoff: Do you think you can comply??

Bischoff looks for a response, but doesn’t get one. Both men fix their glare directly at each other, barely even blinking, as the tension mounts.

Eric Bischoff: I’ll take that as a yes.

Bischoff looks to the two men in suits, and nods, as they each pull out copies of the contract, with Eric taking a quick flick through each contract, before setting them down, for both men to sign.

Eric Bischoff: Now, all that’s left is for the pair of you to sign your contracts and it’s set in stone. Christian, as the challenger, I’d like to ask you to sign first.

Christian lifts his pen, and flicks through the two contracts (why is there two anyway??), and puts his signature on both.

Captain Charisma then drops the pen, and gets a slight pop just for signing the thing, before pushing both contracts towards The Champ.

Eric Bischoff: And John … over to you.

Cena wastes little time, and signs on the dotted line, slamming the pen on the table, locking eyes across the table with Christian again.

The fans pop again, like they did with Christian, as the main event for WrestleMania 23 is now set … the Collision Course is on.

Eric Bischoff: Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s official … we have a WrestleMania main event!!!

Bigger pop from the audience, as even Eric has a smile now. Both champion and challenger now get to their feet with the official business over.

Eric Bischoff: Thank you Gentlemen for your professionalism tonight. Now, if that’s all, perhaps a handshake wouldn’t be out of the question??

Neither man seems interested in a handshake, with both men standing firm, keeping their glare fixed on their WrestleMania opponent.

Eric Bischoff: Very well. In that case, let’s keep this dignified, if you cou-

Cena suddenly grabs the mic from Eric’s hand, with the fans offering a mixed response for the champion, as the older males voice their discontent with Cena.

John Cena: Hold it just a second there frosty top.

Mixed response from the fans, as Cena confronts Bischoff.

John Cena: I don’t follow orders from you, or anybody. So when you tell me to just leave the ring?? Aint gonna fly with me Eric.

Same mixed reaction for Cena, who ignores the boos, and continues on.

John Cena: No. I aint leavin the ring just like that …

Cena turns his attention to Christian, and points at his WrestleMania opponent.

John Cena: … because I’ve got somethin to say TO YOU!!!

Heavy mixed response, as the younger portion of the audience cheer, whilst the deep voiced males slowly drown them out with boos.

John Cena: Christian. The countdown is well and truly on. You and I, March 18, the BIGGEST of the biggest, WrestleMania. OUR WrestleMania … OUR main event.

Cena walks around the table, and now gets up close and personal with the #1 Contender, as the fans come to their feet, with Bischoff making big waves with his arms, wanting security from the back.

John Cena: All I’ve got left to say …

Cena looks from right to left, then … EXTENDS HIS HAND!! The fans greet the gesture with a mixed response as usual, with many wanting to see the two rip into each other, rather than buddy up.

John Cena: May the best man win.

Fans cheer, but the boos take over in the end, with Cena holding his hand out, but Christian takes his time to think over whether to accept. Security now surround the ring, but Bischoff holds them off for the time being, now intrigued by the situation in the ring.

Cena keeps his right hand out, but Christian holds out his LEFT - opening up his palm … requesting the mic!!!

Cena tilts his head slightly, a little irked by Christians reaction, but passes the microphone over, as Christian takes it, and pulls it away.

A small ‘CHRISTIAN’ chant builds, as Captain Charisma slowly pulls the mic to his mouth.

Christian: Y’know Cena … I’d love to wish you the best of luck too …

Small pop, but that is drowned out by boos, with the majority of fans not happy at the boring show of respect. Christian though, holds his hand up - not finished.

Christian: … I’d love to say that … but I wont.

Big initial cheer from the pro-Christian section, but some boos are heard from the Cena die hards.

Christian: I wont … because I don’t believe a single word that comes from your lips.

The mixed crowd responses continue, as Cena starts to look a little pissed by Christians words.

Christian: You see Cena, as far as I’m concerned … you’re not … ‘real’ … you’re a fake.

‘OOOOH’s’ from the fans, with Cena getting rather red faced, and extremely angry.

Christian: And it sounds to me … like a lot of these fans see through your act.

The majority of fans back up Christians claim, with a cheer in his favour.

Christian: They don’t believe you are what you say you are Cena … they don’t believe you’re hip. They don’t believe you live for rap music and the hip hop lifestyle.

Some boos filter in, but the majority of fans are behind Christian.

Christian: In fact … there’s probably more chance of you going home and listening to a Neil Diamond CD than there is of you listening to Snoop Dogg.

Mixed reaction, but the louder voices are behind Captain Charisma.

Christian: It’s not just that though John. You come out here, week after week, proclaiming that you stand by three things - Hustle … Loyalty … and respect.

Christian simply shakes his head, looking straight at Cena.

Christian: But that’s a load of bull too, isn’t it??

Cena shakes his head, disagreeing with Christian.

Christian: See, the way I see it, if you had any loyalty … you wouldn’t even think of smashing a chair over a tag team partners head.

Mixed reaction, with Cena pointing at Christian, as if to say, ‘you had the same idea’.

Christian: And as for respect?? If that’s your definition of respect, you need to find a dictionary pal.

Cena again, points at Christian, making the point that he was set to do the exact same.

Christian: Yeah, I did, that’s right. But Cena, I don’t hide the fact that I’m a no good son of a bitch.

Mixed reaction, but Christians honesty appears to win the fans over.

Christian: I don’t pretend to be something I’m not. But you?? You’re starting to crack Cena … and your true colours are starting to show.

Cena runs his tongue over his bottom lip, trying to hold himself from exploding.

Christian: Yet, you’re still clinging to the hope that these fans, my peeps, are gonna accept you lovingly into their arms … but your act is starting to wear thin Cena … not just on me … but on them.

Christian points to the fans, who respond in an unsure manner.

Christian: And the fact that you come out here, and show your desperation to feel wanted and loved by the fans doesn’t endear you to anyone.

Cena looks to be trying to keep a lid on his emotions here, with Christian really battering him with a range of insults.

Christian: Now, I’m not claiming to be everybody’s favourite. Heck, I know there are a lot of people here tonight that don’t like me … but here’s the thing John … that’s their prerogative. But I do have my peeps.

Christian nods, and looks out to the fans, with the Peeps getting behind him.

Christian: And that’s based out of respect Cena. Because I don’t come out here and beg for the fans cheers … because I don’t come out here and tell them to love me … anybody that calls themselves a peep … does so through choice.

The peeps in San Jose represent for their favourite.

Christian: Your Chain Gang?? It’s beginning to dwindle John. They’ve gotten tired of you … they’ve saw through you as a phoney … and they’ve got sick and tired of being told they have to cheer you on.

Mixed reaction, with Cena’s fans (again, mainly the younger portion of the audience) booing the 2007 Royal Rumble winner.

Christian: Soon John … you’ll be left with nothing … and that’s not just your fans … that includes the World Heavyweight Championship.

The fans are almost battling each other, with the Cena fans and Christian fans trying to out cheer the other.

Christian: So if ya didn’t know?? … K-

Cena rips the mic from Christian, to a heck of a response, eventually breaking down with boos.

John Cena: I ALREADY KNEW!!!

Mixed response again from the hot crowd.

John Cena: You don’t think I can hear?? I hear the fans voice their opinion week in, week out, and hell, I hear what they say. I hear a lot of them boo my ass right out of the buildin.

Boos from the fans, but Cena talks over it.

John Cena: But you are DEAD WRONG when you say I come out here and beg for these fans to love me … DEAD WRONG.

Cena, getting worked up, points around the arena at the fans.

John Cena: These guys pay their money … they get to choose who they boo and who they cheer!!!

Cena shakes his head at Christian, with the fans voicing their own opinions.

John Cena: It’s up to them. They can boo me all they want … because for all the haters out there … there are just as many that will follow me into the trenches, roll up their sleeves and join John Cena into the battle, no questions asked!!!

Cena gets a cheer from his die hard fans, and nods his head along with the acknowledgment.

John Cena: So it don’t matter Christian … it don’t matter if every single person in the SuperDome in four weeks time wants to see you kick my ass … it don’t matter if all 70,000 want to see me lose … it wont effect me bro.

Cena nods, looking to his fans in the crowd, whilst Christian listens intently.

John Cena: Because all I’ll be thinkin of is the real John Cena fans. And I will fight to the death for each … and every … single … one of them.

Cena points to the fans, hoping his followers will back him, and they do … but boos creep in from the anti-Cena brigade.

John Cena: And at WrestleMania?? You’ll find out first hand that John Cena ISNT a fake, not a phoney … but as real as they come … and most importantly … THE CHAMP!!!

It’s another crazy mixed response from the fans, with Cena and Christian now coming nose to nose, and the tension at boiling point.

John Cena: So I’m gonna say the same thing again Christian … only this time, I aint gonna offer my hand … good luck … and may the best man win … I’ll see you at WrestleMania.

The Champ shoves the mic into Christians chest, and takes one last look at his challenger, then leaving the ring, before the situation could boil over.


Jim Ross: Coach, can these two men hold off for another twenty seven days?? Can these two men keep their temper in check for just under four weeks until WrestleMania??

The Coach: It’s a heck of a question J.R, but in my opinion?? It’s a matter of time before these two explode. You can tell J.R, you can tell these two cant wait to rip into each other. They want to beat the crap out of one another, but who will make the first move??

In the ring, Christian stands on the ropes, jaw jacking with Cena, as the champion makes his way up the ramp, still looking incensed with his challengers comments moments ago.

Jim Ross: May the best man win at WrestleMania, but how can these two wait that long to get their hands on one another, that’s the question!!!


We return from the commercial with another Hall of Fame video … this time, the focus is on New Orleans own … SENSATIONAL SHERRI!!! The legendary valet will take her rightful place in the WWE Hall of Fame in March 17, in her home state!!!

Jim Ross: Talk about deserving Coach, Sensational Sherri who has devoted her life to this business, will get her just rewards in New Orleans of all places, next month, when she takes her own rightful place in the WWE Hall of Fame!!!

The Coach: Think of the names Sherri has led in this business. Macho Man Randy Savage, Ted DiBiase, a young Shawn Michaels. She’s done it all J.R!!!

Jim Ross: Simply Sensational Coach. That’s the only way to describe Sherri. And she now joins Bret Hart, Hulk Hogan and our celebrity inductee, Iron Mike Tyson into this years Hall of Fame.

3rd Match:
Tyson Tomko vs. Rico
It’s a rare … and very short outing for Rico on Raw, with the ‘outgoing’ former police officer barely getting a shot on Heat these days (release to come soon??). He is quickly fed to Tomko, to give the McMahon Family Empire ‘Problem Solver’ a much needed squash win, and the fans a few minutes to take in the events of the explosive last hour. Rico gets in his usual antics, but Tomko doesn’t find it funny, and punishes the former tag team champion jobber further, before finishing him off with the Big Boot, 1...2...3!!!
Winners: Tyson Tomko @ 02:18

What else did you expect?? Tomko wins, has his hand raised, and leaves the ring to little fanfare.

Jim Ross: An emphatic win for Tomko tonight, and that must essentially rule him out of representing Triple H tonight, with a match already under his belt.

The Coach: Well, let’s be honest J.R, it was more of a warm up than a match. Rico was totally outclassed tonight. Tomko looks in perfect shape to face Shawn Michaels later, that’s for sure.

Jim Ross: That’s if Michaels decides to show up later Coach. Don’t forget that.

Backstage, we see Vince McMahon - but not the person he is conversing with - in the McMahon Family room…

Mr. McMahon: Okay, I’m intrigued by that. You’ve got me interested … very interested.

The camera pans around … and we see ARMANDO ALEJANDRO ESTRADA!!! Estrada has his lovable cheeky grin, as he nods in agreement with Vince.

Armando Estrada: Ahh … I’ve sold ju?? Yes??

Vince looks across at Triple H, who seems happy with the offer on the table.

Mr. McMahon: Alright Mister Estrada … you got it. Tonight, your Samoan Bulldozer will take on Shawn Michaels!!!

Estrada clasps his hands together in glee, smiling and nodding.

Armando Estrada: Ju will not regret this Meester McMahon. THE SAAAA-MO-AN BULL-DOZER will not let ju down!!

Triple H pats Estrada on the shoulder, and gets a word with the greasy Cuban.

Triple H: You’d better hope not. Because if he does … it’ll be you that pays for it.

Estrada’s smile drops for a moment from the threat, but quickly comes back, reassuring The Game.

Armando Estrada: Das okay. Because Triple Haitch, I can make a promise to ju, that tonight Umaga WILL remain undefeated … otherwise my name is not … ARRRRRMANDO … ALEJANDROOOO … ESSSSSSSTRADA!!!!

Estrada nods and smiles, patting Triple H on the chest, then takes out a cigar, and places it in Vinces top pocket.

Armando Estrada: My gift to ju.

Estrada now turns, and begins to leave the room, tipping his hat to Stephanie, before nodding at Triple H and leaving the room. Once he leaves, Vince shows a big, confident smile, taking out the cigar, and sniffing it.

Mr. McMahon: Smells like success.

The trio look around at each other, all looking confident of victory tonight, as the undefeated Samoan Bulldozer is now set to take on HBK.

Back to ringside…

Jim Ross: Well, it would now appear folks, that our main event is set. A massive task ahead for The Showstopper … but what an opportunity to see how much of a threat Umaga really is to the upper echelon here on Raw. He’s never been beaten, but Umaga has never faced a test, quite like Shawn Michaels.

The Coach: This is Umaga’s big chance tonight J.R. He’s ran roughshod over anyone he has met thus far … but Shawn Michaels is a whole new level of competition for the Bulldozer!!! Can Umaga be stopped?? We’ll find out tonight baby boy.


Randy Orton enters the arena for the upcoming match against his fellow MITB opponent - but he isn’t coming alone - joined by his New Wave cohorts, Nick Dinsmore, Garrison Cade and Ken Doane.

Jim Ross: Ladies and gentlemen, when we come back, the Career Killer will get an opportunity to scout his competition at WrestleMania, first hand, when he takes on the ever improving Shelton Benjamin. Two men set for the second Money in the Bank ladder match meet, in just a few moments.


4th Match:
Randy Orton w/ The New Wave vs. Shelton Benjamin w/ The Brotherhood
It’s another match that doesn’t get into gear, with more emphasis on the build up to Money in the Bank, and a simmering faction war threatening to break out, rather than the match itself. The two heels put on a decent, yet awkward match, with no clear fan favourite, and neither man willing to play the face. Throughout the match, the two factions on the outside nearly come to blows, but refrain from a brawl, until the end nears, as Orton elbows free of a T-Bone Exploder … AND HITS AN RKO!!! He has the cover … BUT MARK HENRY GETS IN THE RING … AND SPLASHES ORTON (Squashing Shelton in the process) FOR A DQ!!!
Winner: Via DQ - Randy Orton @ 04:17

And suddenly, a riot breaks out!!! The numbers advantage is with The Brotherhood, but the talent lies with the New Wave, as Teddy calls the shots for his boys from the outside, with Benjamin rolling out, after being squashed by Henry at the end of the match. Orton tries to take on Henry, whilst Jazz is thrown out of the ring by Doane, who then helps Orton, whilst Cade and Dinsmore take on Jordan and Mack.

Eventually, the numbers game works in the favour of The Brotherhood though, with Benjamin recovering, and along with the help of the feisty Jazz, and a brave Theodore, the six members of The Brotherhood empty the ring of New Wave talent, with Orton gathering his troops on the outside, having came off worse in this exchange tonight, ahead of Money in the Bank @ WrestleMania.

Orton backs up the ramp, holding his face, looking back at the six strong Brotherhood, knowing that on another night, his troops could’ve had the better of the exchange.

Jim Ross: Tonight, it would seem that the advantage lies with The Brotherhood. The numbers advantage of the six strong group have gotten the better of Randy Orton and the New Wave, but by the look on the Career Killers face, this issue is far from over. For months, Orton has proclaimed his charges as the dominant force on Raw, but tonight, the Brotherhood may well have planted some seeds of doubt.

The Coach: As much as I love Randy Orton - and I do J.R - you know my heart lies with my boys, The Brotherhood. The New Wave just picked off more than they could chew tonight.

Jim Ross: Well, I hope both groups beat the hell out of each other. That’d make me happy Coach. But folks, moving on. Earlier tonight, we took a look at the career journey of John Cena. And now, we can take a similar look at the journey that Captain Charisma has taken to finally reach the status of WrestleMania main eventer…


The V.P starts with the simple text of “OCTOBER 18 1998”

The scene opens up, with a young Christian, wearing a puffy white shirt, and associated with Gangrel, in the ring, facing TAKA Michinoku. In the background Kings of Leon ‘McFearless’ plays quietly.

“When I arrived … I made an immediate impact”

Christian wins the match, and the ‘illustrious’ light-heavyweight championship.

Jim Ross: In his first outing, he has become Light Heavyweight Champion.

The music plays a little louder, as the video shows the transformation of Christian over the first couple of years in the WWE, forming a tag team with his ‘brother’ Edge.

“Despite that instant success … it took me years to find myself … and grow into my own skin”

Clips of Edge and Christian taking risks, and wowing the audience.

“I had to work my way up the ladder … and do whatever it took to gain notice and recognition.”

Cut to many of the infamous ladder spots he has been involved in with The Hardys and Dudleys, stealing the show at WrestleMania 2000, SummerSlam of the same year, and the following WrestleMania.

“And through that hard work and dedication … I worked my way up the ladder.”

Shots of Christian, battered from the various ladder matches … but seemingly always victorious.

“The death defying moments paid off … I earned my place … I earned the plaudits”

Edge & Christian enjoying life, and parading around, with five second poses, being general assholes, but loving every minute.

“And I enjoyed every single moment”

Christian and Edge sitting in the locker room, with Christian on a Kazoo.

Christian: Hey, listen to this, I’m gonna play our music!!!

Christian, clowning around, plays the Kazoo with Edge singing along ‘You think you know me, you think you know me’.

Clips of more five second poses, with the pair dressed as fat Elvis’s, and a Yokel Band. Then, Christian doing jumping jacks in a Chicken suit, trying to cut weight.

“But eventually … there comes a time to take a look at your career goals … and I hadn’t fulfilled mine … yet”

Clips now of Christian turning on Edge in 2001, his reigns with the Intercontinental Championship, then the European Championship, before embarking on a losing streak, and the temper tantrums.

“But frustration followed … and those goals didn’t materialise like I intended”

Clips from the period that would follow, with Christian seemingly starting over again, tagging with Lance Storm, and working his way back to the top of the mid card, once again holding the Intercontinental Title, with a new look, chopping his long locks.

“At one point … I thought I‘d hit my glass ceiling … I thought I‘d peaked”

Christian joins up with Trish Stratus, and we see shots of the two locking lips.

“And I was ready to settle for that”

Christian tagging with Edge again in a brief reunion in 2004.

“But I realised I wanted more … I WAS capable of more”

Christian defeating Edge in a Best of Three Falls Match at WrestleMania 21, and again in a Cage at Backlash.

“But I wasn’t going to be given the breaks … I wasn’t going to get the chances … I had to go out there and take them myself.”

Christian developing into the main event attraction on Raw … beating The Undertaker at Summer Slam ‘05 … then on Raw the following month in a No Holds Barred Match … then eliminating him at Nemesis in a 6 Pack elimination match … then eliminates him again in a War Games match at Survivor Series, becoming the only man to ever pin The Undertaker four times in four months in four straight matches.

“The world stood up and took notice … as I stopped waiting for something to happen … and smashed the glass ceiling on my own terms.”

Confronting Steve Austin at Saturday Nights Main Event last year.

Christian: I’m tired of waiting for my break through. I’m sick of waiting for a free pass, so instead, I’m making my own opportunities … my own openings … my own legacy.

The hard guitar riffs of the song take over for a second.

Christian: My goal now is to become not just the face of Raw … but the face of this company … hell, the face of this business. And I plan on starting, by clearing out the junk that just wont go away.

The guitar riffs pipe in again.

Christian: So basically what I’m trying to say Austin … is that if you wont leave … I’ll have to make you.

The music takes over, as Christian beats on Austin … then cuts to WrestleMania 22, where Christian defeats a bloody Stone Cold emphatically.

“And finally made my mark”

Christian goes on to win the championship at Backlash.

“Realised my destiny … and refused to let it go.”

Captain Charisma holding off the challenges thrown at him from the likes of Brock Lesnar, and a sensational, unpredictable TLC match against four other guys at Nemesis.

“I earned my championship … I earned my recognition … I earned it all … and became the champion I knew I could be.”

Christian losing the title under shady circumstances with an all out screw job costing him on Raw.

“Despite the setbacks … I had to be champion again … I had to get another shot.”

Royal Rumble last month, and despite being battered and bloodied, Christian wins the match, earning his shot at WrestleMania.

“Nothing was going to stop me going to WrestleMania”

Quick run through of Christians looks from his debut, just like the Cena package, as the video package comes to a close, with ‘McFearless’ taking over again.

“And nothing will stop me at WrestleMania”

The video ends, with a shot of Christian on his knees at the Royal Rumble, pointing toward the WrestleMania 23 logo.


Now, a graphic for Cena & Christian is shown, as the fans in the arena get rowdy, as the anticipation builds.

Jim Ross: You can feel it Coach. These fans are counting down the days. The collision course is headed for WrestleMania. The two biggest names on Raw today, John Cena and Christian, will do battle in arguably the most anticipated main event in WrestleMania history, it’s less than four weeks away Coach, TWENTY SEVEN DAYS!!!

The Coach: What a journey it’s been for both men J.R. Cena caught his breaks early, Christian had to pick himself up after a couple of knockdowns. It’s gonna be a rollercoaster in Nawlins when these two lock horns on the biggest stage.

Jim Ross: WrestleMania is sold out there wont be a seat in the house, but folks, you can join us on PPV for this epic event, one you cannot miss. Go to for details on how to order.

Eric Bischoff, the Raw General Manager now enters his office, with MNM, the tag team champions and the womens champion, joined by Santino Marella, stood waiting for him…

Eric Bischoff: Ah, I see you got my message then.

The General Manager takes a seat, with the four piece group looking rather confused.

Eric Bischoff: Let’s just cut to the chase here, shall we?? I’m sick of the screwing around involving the four of you.

MNM look at each other, all rightly concerned.

Eric Bischoff: And I’m ready to put a stop to it once and for all.

Santino doesn’t look terribly ill at ease, but MNM all have the colour drained from their faces, expecting bad news.

Eric Bischoff: But I’m not sure what I want to do with you yet.

Bischoff now reclines back in his chair, enjoying seeing MNM squirm.

Eric Bischoff: So I’m gonna think it over, and I’ll let the three of you stew on that thought … until next week. Now leave.

Melina tries to get a word in, but is instantly cut off by Eric.

Eric Bischoff: Don’t. Don’t make this any worse. Leave.

Melina tries to show a smile at her boss, but the charm wont work this time. She turns, and leaves with her three men, as Bischoff calls from afar.

Eric Bischoff: And you can tell Kennedy he’s involved in this too!!

Bischoff leans back, enjoying exerting his authority, as the door slams shut, with a cloud hovering over MNM until at least next week.


Jim Ross: And indeed, we are now a mere twenty seven days away from the one and only, WrestleMania 23, emanating from the glorious New Orleans Superdome, and Coach, it’s shaping up to be one of the greatest of all time, aint it??

The Coach: Absolutely, and you should be privileged to be calling it next to The Coach. I was there with ya last year in Vegas, but there is just something extra special about this years event.

Jim Ross: And could it be due to the first ever meeting between two of the biggest stars of this decade. Two incredible forces, The Iron Man Brock Lesnar and The Game Triple H. It’s a match that could only happen for the first time at the Granddaddy of ‘em all, and Coach, IT WILL happen in twenty seven days!!!

The Coach: And the balance of power will shift terrifically tonight, after Shawn Michaels and Umaga meet. If HBK wins for Lesnar, The McMahon Family Empire will not be permitted access to ringside at WrestleMania, but if Umaga remains undefeated, then it’ll be an uphill task for The Iron Man, as The Game will have the McMahons in his corner come March 18.

Jim Ross: And speaking of The Showstopper, Shawn Michaels is still desperately trying to find a way of making his hotly anticipated showdown with Mick Foley get back on the card, after Foleys doctor last week forced the WWE’s hand, and cancelled the match, due to Foleys mental well being. Can HBK find a clause, a loophole, or anything to get the match back on track??

The Coach: It’s a match we all want to see, and I cant blame HBK for his actions. He’s a desperate man, and desperate times, call for desperate measures J.R. But what I want to know is … where the heck is Mick Foley?? We haven’t heard from the guy in weeks, and he was the one who pushed for it in the first place!!!

Jim Ross: That is a heck of a question Coach. We have not seen nor heard from Mick Foley in the last week, since the match was cancelled. One match that WILL definitely go ahead though folks, is the eight man Money in the Bank Ladder Match - Finlay, Randy Orton, Umaga, Shelton Benjamin, Carlito, M.V.P, Paul London and Charlie Haas. An exceptional array of talent, with a former world champion and without doubt, future world champions in that group, possibly with the aide of that Money in the Bank contract!!!

The Coach: Absolutely, that’s what the contract is for. It’s why Randy Orton wanted to be part of this match. Those eight guys are gonna put their bodies on the line for the opportunity to earn a title shot, whenever they want it within twelve months.

Jim Ross: And one man that has made the most out of that stipulation is of course, the Rated ‘R’ Superstar, Edge. In less than four weeks, he has the opportunity to finally realise his dreams, fulfil his ambition and become WWE Champion. In his way though, is not one, but TWO obstacles. RVD of course, the WWE Champion, and now, Chris Jericho!!! Edge has been livid with the fact he has to share his title shot with Jericho in Louisiana. For the first time ever, it’s triple threat rules for the WWE Title.

The Coach: It’ll be a heck of a showdown baby boy. Can Edge finally win the big one?? All three men have a point to prove, and none of them will be happy if they don’t leave WrestleMania as champion … only one of them can though!!!

Jim Ross: Matt and Jeff Hardy will turn back the clocks at WrestleMania, as the Team Extreme juggernaut reunites to take on the current reigning WWE Tag Team Champions, Americas Most Wanted.

The Coach: Could it be a dream reunion at the grandest stage of them all for the Hardy Brothers?? Remember, neither of these two teams have EVER won at a WrestleMania, and for one of these two teams, that unique statistic will continue, but for the other, they’ll have tag team gold around their waist!!!

Jim Ross: We’ve heard about epic tales of the immovable object taking on an irresistible force, and it has never been as true as it will be when Kurt Angle, the fearless, determined, Kurt Angle looks to put an end to The Undertakers incredible WrestleMania streak … but he’s not after the streak, Angle wants to break The Phenoms ankle!!!

The Coach: It’s an approach that has never been done before. Kurt Angle isn’t following in his predecessors footsteps at WrestleMania by focusing on the streak … instead, he is looking at it as two guys in a ring … and he’s set to break the other guys ankle. And y’know, I think he’ll do it J.R!!

Jim Ross: Brent Albright, United States Champion since October will face his toughest challenge yet in the form of the six four, near three hundred pound Animal Batista!!! Can Albright hold onto his highly coveted title??

The Coach: Big challenge ahead for Albright. But he’s never lost a title match, and I like the sound of that record. He’s gonna need to be at his very, very best though.

Jim Ross: And of course, the unforgettable main event. The Collision Course between the two figureheads of Raw over the past two years, John Cena and Christian will lock horns on the biggest stage of all, and how fitting Coach??

The Coach: I’m neither guys biggest fan Jimbo, you know that, but even I, am a little excited by this one. It got personal tonight at the contract signing, and dare I say it … things can only go from bad to worse. These two wont be able to keep a lid on it for four more weeks, I guarantee it.

Jim Ross: Just twenty seven days to go folks, the countdown is truly on!!!

We then cut backstage, and see Shawn Michaels - still not dressed for action - as his match is quickly approaching.


We return now, in the locker room, as Shawn Michaels sits on a bench, head down, deep in thought, with his gear sat next to him. Will he compete tonight??

Voice: Shawn??

Shawn takes a look to see who it is … and instantly stands up, looking incensed by the man talking to him … AS MICK FOLEY WALKS TOWARDS HIM!!! Foley, the man HBK was supposed to face at WrestleMania walks toward the Showstopper, holding his hands up innocently.

Mick Foley: Whoa. Easy, easy. Listen, I know I’m the last guy you want to see right now, but you can trust me on this, we’re on the same page here. We both want our match to happen at WrestleMania.

Foley sits on the bench, offering Michaels a seat, which strangely, HBK accepts.

Mick Foley: Regardless of what you think of me Shawn, I’m glad I came to Raw tonight, because you need to hear exactly what I have to say.

HBK refuses to look at Foley, but sits next to him, listening to what he has to say.

Mick Foley: I know you want this match to go ahead at WrestleMania, we’ve established that. But refusing to compete in a match to get it?? It’s selfish, and it’s quite frankly … foolish.

Michaels runs his tongue to the left of his mouth, biting his bottom lip, trying not to say anything in retaliation.

Mick Foley: You wont get what you want by stomping your feet, and throwing your toys around. You’ll only get what you want Shawn … if you go out there tonight, and show the world, one more time WHY they call you the Showstopper, the icon and the main event. Show the WWE powers that be WHY you’re called MISTER WRESTLEMANIA!!!

Shawn starts to breathe heavily, almost as if Foley’s words are getting him fired up.

Mick Foley: You go out there Shawn, and you show the WWE that YOU are the prime talent, a man too good to scribble out of WrestleMania. You give the performance of your life tonight Shawn, and you take that Samoan Bulldozer to the limit. Take him to places he’s never been, take him places where only you know how to survive!!

Michaels, still not looking at Mick, continues to breathe heavily, getting really worked up now to go out and prove a point.

Mick Foley: YOU’RE THE GUY TO DO IT!!!

Foley gets up, and grabs Michaels gear, throwing it at him, making his point. HBK stands up now, and with a sneer on his face, teeth gnarling, the two look eye to eye. Foley nods, smiling.

Mick Foley: THAT’S THE GUY I WANT TO SEE!!! And that’s the guy that gets our spot back at WrestleMania!!! That’s why I chose you!!!

Slowly, the snarling HBK begins to zone out of his rage, and begins to think over what Foley just said.

Shawn Michaels: What was that supposed to mean??

Foley looks confused by the question.

Mick Foley: What?? I’m trying to get you ready. We both need this Shawn, w-

Michaels cuts in.

Shawn Michaels: No, I meant the last comment. “That’s why I chose you??” Chose me for what??

Foley acts dumb.

Mick Foley: No. You must’ve heard me wrong Shawn. That doesn’t make any sense to me. Look, just get ready. You’ve got, what?? Five minutes?? Remember how important this is … for us.

Foley now leaves, with Michaels looking confused, thinking over the conversation. Mick exit’s the locker room, and the camera follows him out, as he closes the door.

Once outside, Foley rests his forehead on the door, then turns away, and pulls a piece of paper out from his back pocket, unfolding it, looking over it, but we don’t see what it says. Foley though, closes his eyes, and has a small smirk in the corner of his mouth, as we fade out

We return to the arena, at ringside with J.R & Coach.

Jim Ross: An unexpected appearance Coach, from Mick Foley??

The Coach: And it seems he’s got Michaels to think straight too. Looks to me that HBK will compete tonight after all.

Jim Ross: Indeed it does, but next week, we can expect more bumps on the Road to WrestleMania. Eric Bischoff has promised to ‘deal’ with MNM next week in Washington D.C, after weeks of cheap wins and tainted victories. What punishment does the General Manager have in store for the tag team and womens champions respectively??

The Coach: Don’t annoy me J.R.

Jim Ross: And also, two matches have also been signed for next Monday night. A six man tag team match will pit Nick Dinsmore, Garrison Cade and Ken Doane of the New Wave against Mark Henry, Orlando Jordan and Rodney Mack of The Brotherhood after tonight’s earlier altercation. And that’s not all. Also in action, the 2007 Royal Rumble winner, and the man that challenges John Cena at WrestleMania … Captain Charisma, Christian, will go one on one with the Black Diamond himself, Shelton Benjamin!!!

The Coach: Should be off the charts old timer. D.C is in for a heck of a night next Monday.


It’s main event time, as Umaga gets his first crack at a feature match on TV, in the main event tonight. Estrada leads his man down the aisle, keeping Umaga under control.

Jim Ross: And we are set for our main event. What a main event too. The unstoppable 350 pound wrecking ball, Umaga, will take on the legendary Shawn Michaels. If Umaga wins, Triple H will have his family ringside at WrestleMania 23. Should Michaels end Umaga’s undefeated streak, the McMahon Family Empire will have no business at WrestleMania 23!!!

The Coach: Big time stakes J.R. Cant wait!!!

Jim Ross: Well, you’ll need to wait for another few minutes yet. Please join us, when we come back, for our main event!!!


We return, and see Shawn Michaels on his way to the ring, ready for a first ever clash with the unproven Umaga…

Main Event:
Shawn Michaels {Representing Brock Lesnar} vs. Umaga w/ Armando Estrada {Representing Triple H}
Finally, Umaga faces a legitimate one on one test, and it doesn’t disappoint. From the opening bell, HBK looks to try and take it to The Samoan Bulldozer, but is constantly squatted away by Umaga, before the undefeated monster takes over, and starts to dominate Michaels. HBK hangs in there, but is seemingly overmatched by the savage 350 pound animal, having to withstand a heinous battering, and Umaga delivering his now well known move set. Estrada watches from the outside, calling the shots for his bulldozer, looking happy with what he sees. Meanwhile, backstage, we see shots of Lesnar watching on a monitor, and then, The McMahon Family Empire in their private room.


After a commercial break - the final break of the night - Michaels now begins to stir, and makes a valiant fight back, beginning to wobble the Samoan Bulldozer, and tries to nail a quick Sweet Chin Music … BUT UMAGA DUCKS … AND MICHAELS NAILS THE REFEREE!!! Michaels stops in his tracks for a moment, looking down at his unintended target … then turns around … INTO A ROLLING WHEEL KICK FROM THE ATHLETIC BIG MAN!!! Umaga now has HBK at his mercy … and delivers the dreaded SAMOAN SPIKE!!! He has the cover on Michaels … BUT THERE IS NO REFEREE!!!

Quickly, from the back, we see Vince barking orders at a referee to get to the ring, and he quickly sprints down the aisle, sliding into the ring, making the long awaited count on Michaels, 1...2...HBK KICKS OUT!!! Umaga cant believe it!!! The Samoan Bulldozer gets to his feet, AND TAKES OUT HIS FRUSTRATION ON THE SECOND REFEREE!!! Umaga SPIKES Mickey Henson, as Estrada slides him in a chair to use on Michaels, having to tell him what to do with it. Umaga stands over his opponent, looking at the chair … AND EATS A LOW BLOW!!!

The Showstopper yanks the chair from Umaga … AND SMASHES IT AGAINST THE SKULL OF THE SAVAGE!!! Umaga wobbles, but stays on his feet … AND GETS CRACKED AGAIN!!! Umaga continues to wobble, but still stays on his feet … AS MICHAELS BEGINS TO WEAR THE CHAIR OUT!!! HBK strikes with a half dozen shots of the steel chair … BUT UMAGA STAYS VERTICAL!!! Shawn now notices the first referee, Jimmy Korderas, getting back to his feet, and throws the chair out … AND DELIVERS SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!! Umaga finally goes down, and HBK makes the cover, with the referee counting, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

Backstage, we see The McMahon Family Empire in hysterics, relieved at the kick out, whilst Lesnar, in the hallway, turns away in anguish. Back in the ring, a spent HBK shakes his head in disbelief, and pulls himself up, and begins to tune up the band … waiting as the Samoan Bulldozer pulls himself up … AND GOES FOR IT … BUT UMAGA CATCHES THE LEG … SPINS MICHAELS AROUND … SAMOAN DROP!!!!! Umaga stands over Michaels, looking down at his fallen opponent, and resists the urges of Estrada to cover, and instead, drags the Showstopper to the corner, before climbing to the middle rope … AND DELIVERS A BANZAI DROP!!!!! Umaga sits on Michaels, with a cover, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!!!

At ringside, Estrada is throwing a fit, taking off his hat, punching it in, yelling at Umaga, grabbing his attention, and snapping a cigar. Umaga nods at the signal, and drags a lifeless Shawn Michaels back to his feet, … defenceless, and spent after expending all his energy, allowing Umaga to DELIVER A SAMOAN SPIKE!!! The second spike of the match should end it, as Umaga covers, counting along in his native tongue … 1...2...3!!!

Winner: Umaga @ 13:47

Umaga remains undefeated, and in the process picks up his biggest win thus far, defeating the legendary Heart Break Kid. More importantly in the short term though - it means that the McMahon Family Empire has won the right to join Triple H at ringside at WrestleMania 23.

Backstage, on a split screen, we see the reaction of both sides, with the McMahon Family Empire sharing hugs and handshakes, whilst Lesnar watches his monitor, nodding, knowing the challenge that now awaits him on March 18.

Umaga and Estrada leave the ring, with Estrada jumping for joy, excitedly talking to his Bulldozer, who seems indifferent to the win. As they walk towards the top of the aisle though …


Mick Foley?? The fans treat Foley with indifference, still unsure what to make of the Hardcore Legend, as he paces down the aisle, pointing and saying something to Estrada, before continuing on, towards the ring, with Michaels still laid out in the middle of the ring.

Foley walks around ringside, and grabs a mic, before rolling inside, not acknowledging the fans, as he looks down on Michaels. He offers HBK a hand, and helps pull Shawn up, with The Showstopper falling into the ropes, spent after having so much energy taken out of him tonight.

Mick Foley: I think we can all agree that tonight, you all saw the greatest in ring performer EVER … give his all.

Foley points at Michaels, not naming him, but making his point with his finger.

Mick Foley: Shawn Michaels, despite losing, you gave the world another sight of The Icon … The Main Event, The Showstopper … but I have bad news.

HBK can barely muster a reaction, out on his feet, still trying to recover from the beating he received.

Mick Foley: We will not be facing each other in a streetfight at WrestleMania 23.

Michaels closes his eyes in despair, whilst Foley runs his fingers through his scraggily hair.

Mick Foley: But earlier today, I did get clearance … rubber stamped … signed, sealed, delivered. We wont meet officially at WrestleMania … but it will happen.

The fans go quiet, with Foley talking in all sorts of riddles.

Mick Foley: It will be you and I … but it will be … UN-SANCTIONED!!!

The fans pop, as Foley pulls out the same piece of paper from his back pocket as he did earlier -revealing in the process that Michaels DIDN’T have to come out and give 150%, because the match was always going to happen!!!

Mick Foley: And what that means Shawn … is that anything goes. The WWE will provide an official … and his ONLY job is to count to three. We can beat each other to a pulp, we can bleed from every pore of our bodies, we can rip at flesh, tear each other apart, break our bones … and there wont be a damn thing anyone can do to stop it!!!

Foley shoves the paper into Michaels chest, with the exhausted HBK just about holding the paper.

Mick Foley: And believe me … I’m gonna get the greatest performance of your career Shawn, we’re gonna go places no one has ever been. We’re gonna push the boundaries … and we’re gonna … we’re gonna …

Foley pulls out his sock … STICKS IT OVER HIS HAND … AND SHOVES IT DOWN MICHAELS MOUTH!!! The defenceless HBK cant defend himself from it, with Foley taking him down, putting his WrestleMania opponent to sleep, with a sadistic smirk on his face, yelling the words “I WANT YOUR BEST!!! I WANT YOUR VERY BEST!!!” over and over, before finally relinquishing the Mandible Claw … to a vociferous response from the fans.

Foley ends the show, standing over his battered WrestleMania opponent, with the show going off the air, after a near fifteen minute over run.



Current Card for WWE Wrestle Mania XXIII:

Date: 18th March 2007
Location: Superdome, New Orleans, Louisiana
Event Music: U2 & Green Day; The Saints are Coming & Killers; Sams Town

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
World Heavyweight Champion, John Cena vs.
2007 Royal Rumble Winner, Christian

WWE Championship; Triple Threat Match:
WWE Champion, Rob Van Dam vs.
Mr. Money in the Bank, Edge vs.
‘Highlight of the Night’ Chris Jericho

WWE Tag Team Championships Match;
Americas Most Wanted vs. The Hardy Boys

United States Championship Match:
Brent Albright vs. Batista

Money in the Bank Ladder Match:
M.V.P vs. Umaga vs. Paul London vs. Finlay vs. Carlito vs. Randy Orton vs. Charlie Haas vs. Shelton Benjamin

Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar
With The McMahon Family Empire in the corner of Triple H.

The Irresistible Force vs. The Immovable Object:
Kurt Angle vs. The Undertaker

Non Sanctioned Match:
Mick Foley vs. Shawn Michaels

Hall of Fame Ceremony 2007;
Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, Sensational Sherri, Mike Tyson (Celebrity Wing)

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Re: Being The Booker

I don’t know if it’s really like Hunter to mention his opponent’s history. I think Triple H made a weak excuse about protecting Lesnar’s career. That wouldn’t be the case when you’ve faced and beaten the name’s he’s faced and beaten. Lesnar brought up a pretty good point about Hunter being protected in the family. I like how Bischoff lays down the law and makes an interesting stipulation. Lesnar’s rep FTW, though. That would make things easier and we would focus on the match more so than the distractions. The Shawn Michaels attack was unexpected, but I guess that’s the point, right? Can’t wait to see who he’s facing.

Why is this the opening match again? Pfft, how original is that. Anyway, I could see a major turning point and a possible win with Melina’s ejection, but Mr. Kennedy? That was so flipping random. I hope there’s a good explanation behind this. And why is the match only four minutes?

I’m assuming Shawn wants something to do with Mick Foley, right? I like how Hunter has a little reuniting with Shawn and tries to get him on the heel side. I don’t, however, see him turning. Not after kicking Shane.

Not a big fan of the John Cena video package, even though it was well thought out and organized.

I know you meant for Santino to be comic relief, but… no. Not feeling it. Still, I guess all this segment was meant to narrow the search.

Ohhhh… now I get it! MNM is accompanying Kennedy to the ring! Good call with the heels teaming up. Didn’t expect that shit. I did, however, expect a Straight Edge interference, setting up for a six man tag team match next week. Make that happen, plz.

You know what’s funny? How Christian is in no position to challenge Cena’s hip hop skillz. “In fact … there’s probably more chance of you going home and listening to a Neil Diamond CD than there is of you listening to Snoop Dogg.” Tee-hee. Even though Christian's in no position to challenge his hip-hop skills, I get the message he's trying to send. Christian wants to punk Cena out. But, of course, like every Cena promo, it ends with him making some fiery, preachy speech.

Not a bad squash match for Tomko. Hope you keep him clear for Wrestlemania, just in case he needs to get involved in Lesnar/HHH.

So, Umaga v. Michaels. Yeah, this could go either way, but I’m slightly leaning towards a Michaels victory.

Epic war brewing between these two factions. I just hope it gets resolved soon as ‘Mania’s a little less than a month away.

A lot of involvement going around here. Can’t wait to see what the GM is cooking.

Awesome Foley segment. He really put on the charms and wooed his lover. “That’s why I choose you.” Obviously, the match is back on. I can tell at this point that that’s what’s gonna happen.

Christian owns Black Diamond, MNM in a steel cage and the Brotherhood owns the New Wave. Those are the only predictions I’m making for next week.

I didn’t expect such a huge victory for Umaga. I thought it would come down to the last wire, but you just had Umaga own Shawn, flat-out, in the last paragraph. So, basically, all you told us was that the McMahons will interfere at Wrestlemania. Foley and Michaels in Unsanctioned mayhem. Hell to the yes! However, I believe Unsanctioned is a bit too extreme for a Wrestlemania.

All in all, another awesome show leading to ‘Mania, Beasty. Can’t wait for Smackdown!!

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Re: Being The Booker

Raw Review

When I first saw the banner for Hunter and Lesnar, I thought it was rather odd and pointless for the 'Five Years in the Making' "aspect" of this match to be played up, but this opening promo effectively tied into that part of this epic confrontation and made it more than a match between two pissed off SOBs. Hunter and Lesnar have barely sniffed each other in the last five years due to Vinnie Mac (for one smart reason or the other) and it all comes to a head at WrestleMania. H and Brock both had rather awesome explanations for why they've been kept apart, though I wished Lesnar couldve kept going a little longer to drive his point home.

Nice way to set up the main event for tonight; continues the HBK storyline and addresses the Empire's vested stake in the Wm match.

No shocker to see MNM once more sneak out with the tag belts once more, and I'm glad that you're dragging this thing out, since the tag division isn't all that strong besides those three. KK + MNM? Me likey.

Very smart move by Hunter to plant the seeds of doubt in the head of his former best friend. Michaels is gonna show up, no doubt about that (it'd be rather cowardly of him not to), but it's nice that the options are being spread out on the table.

Nice John Cena video package, and was a good reminder of all he's managed to do in this thread.

Santino's segment completely lost me. I'm guessing he's not an actual doctor and is merely a stooge for MNM, but I'm definitely not sure.

Ah, god damn it! Solid booking as it continues all three feuds over the belts effectively, but Kennedy should most definitely be the champ. I would expect that that is in fact in the cards, possibly with some form of eight person tag team match with all of these stars involved.

Interesting choice of direction for Cena-Christian, focusing on the popularity and personalities of the two stars involved. I thought we could be headed for a Cena heel turn once Christian went into complete ownage mode, exposing (or at least I thought) Cena for a pandering phony, but The Champ showed that he is in fact pathetically sincere in his love for his Chain Gang. Face-face feuds are always incredibly tough to pull off but I think you've managed to get this one on the right track this week after the downturn last week - I thought them both going for chairs made them look like weak cowards

SQUASH. I thought Tomko would fade into obscurity after he served his purpose and was served up as food for Christian in the I Quit match. You clearly have other plans for the Problem Solver.

Omg, Estrada owns. Umaga vs Michaels? Strong TV main event.

Faction war between the Brotherhood and the New Wave? Get Orton out of this please - via injury, via face turn, via c*ntage, but he has been nothing but dragged down by the three bland wrestlers currently on his hip.

The Captain's VP > Cena's

Easy E has a plan? I'll stick with my eight person tag idea.

This Foley-Michaels feud has been the strangest top-tier feud that I have ever read from you Wolfy. I feel like there's something missing, and I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt until WrestleMania, as I feel you've got something to tie this all together and make this wacky feud make sense. Don't disappoint plz.

Holy crap what a main event. As a fellow Umaga fan, I'd figure you wouldn't end his undefeated streak, but for him to go over Shawn Michaels CLEAN - who has himself a rather big match at WrestleMania - was not expected. It hurts the Foley-Michaels build in the short run a bit, but it does so much for the Samoan Bulldozer, all is forgiven.

And look at you. Immediately making me look bad, by getting Michaels and Foley right back into gear wit the unsanctioned match officially announced. The attack by Foley on HBK seemed to reveal a bit more, with Mick seemingly wanting to have a big, special WrestleMania matchup with Michaels. Hopefully, Foley brings that point home with an awesome promo soon.

Solid show, Wolfy, definitely one of the better shows recently, with Hunter and Lesnar carrying the show. This year's WM isn't nearly as loaded as last year's (though that's to be expected with no Rock, Bret, Austin, Hogan, Flair, etc) but it's fixing to be solid in it's own right. Keep it up.

for the week of September 28th


Cash has harsh words for Pope Francis, his believers, and his bandwagon followers, while Mac still hates Russell Wilson.
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Re: Being The Booker


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Re: Being The Booker

That was some promo. Only two people can write face Lesnar so well and that was Mac when we shineboxed BTB for a few weeks, and you. You were on the top of your game here with Lesnar tonight, and Triple H was solid as ever. This is exactly what their feud needed and has really got it cookin' with gas now. HBK appearance was a shock, but we know what he wants. HBK representing Lesnar seemed like a wise move at the time, but I have a feeling Trips will pick Umaga. Coz you mark for him and he's undefeated.

lol @ MNM still beating Punk & Helms. If this doesn't end up as a Mania match with Punk/Helms finally winning, I will have questioned this whole process, but at the moment, that's what it's looking like

Hmm. Bit of intrigue there with HBK & Trips sharing words. I still expect Michaels to show up for his match tonight, but that definitely gives you a thinker

Solid work on the Cena video package, but I hate him as a face so yeah, fuck him

LOL @ Santino.

Rey over Kennedy again, another alarmingly often occurance atm. Leading to a possible Rey/Punk/Helms/Laree vs Ken/MNM match? Wonder where you're gonna take this clusterfuck of a programme now

Christian OWNED Cena. O-W-N-E-D. Exceptional stuff from him, I can tell just me like you relish writing him every week, top stuff. Ugh, I kinda skimmed over Cena's ramblings tbh. Ya know I hate face Cena. Cena brought a bit of fire himself towards the end of the promo, but this was definitely Captain Charisma's moment on the mic. Mania win plz, it MUST happen

Tomko. Yuck. And you talk about future endeavouring Rico? Send Big T with him plz, he's nothing without Christian to guide him

Gotta love Estrada. I knew they'd pick Umaga. Just had that gut feeling. I'm expecting Mags to beat HBK despite a brave fight from Shawn, I don't see you ending Umaga's streak yet. It'll have to end someday, but not just yet imo

Jesus the matches tonight have been balls. Nothing's eclipsed 5 mins has it? A little lame especially considering it's Benji and Orton. Orton's winning MITB, no doubt about it. New Wave vs Brotherhood next week? Looking likely tbh. New Wave, much like Legacy IRL, lacks charisma severely

Well done with Christian's VP. Enjoyed much more than Cena's, for obvious reasons. Still adamant Christian needs to go over

MNM in hot water. Expecting 8 person tag match tbh. Who knows what you'll produce tho

Foley getting in HBK's head again. I'm surprised Michaels didnt kick Mick's teeth out. Main event was well done and ECLIPSED 5 MINS! OMG! Nah lol, good stuff and the aftermath with Mags winning, thought he would. Foley out again, and it's finally on. Unsanctioned Match should be classic, here's hoping it reaches some big heights like we know it can. Good ending to a promo dominated show



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Re: Being The Booker

Raw Review:

Opening Promo: Great way to open the show by putting over the magnitude of this match taking place at Mania. Five years you’ve been building this match up, and I’m sure that you are going to deliver with an excellent matches. Hunter was on point, but LESNAR OWNED THIS SEGMENT! Lesnar was on point from the moment he first spoke. As far as the announcement from Bisch, great use of the bait and switch tactic. With that said, Michaels appearing out of nowhere and OWNING Shane with SCM, was a good way to build momentum for Michaels and tonight’s Main Event. However Bischoff demanding Michaels to meet at his office, seemed like a lame way to end the segment.

Tag Team Title Match: Like someone mentioned before, if this storyline doesn’t end with Straight Edge challenging and WINNING THE TITLES AT MANIA, then this storyline would make no sense. I say that because it simply would make Straight Edge look weak, and make MNM even bigger as a heel tag team champion group. However adding Kennedy into this storyline was interesting, as I wonder how you plan to explain Kennedy’s actions.

Michaels/Grisham/Hunter Promo: Well obviously things ain’t go well with Michaels/Eric’s meeting, nor did I think they would at this point in the show. As far as Michaels/Hunter’s segment, good way of planting a seed for how the show might end tonight.

Cena VP: Even though you’ve mentioned that you’re not a Cena fan, you write him excellently in this thread. The VP really put him over and you’ve really made him a big name in this thread.

McMahon/Marella Segment: Even though he hasn’t had a match in this thread to my knowledge, Santino has been gold in this thread. Great way to add some comedy in the show.

IC Title Match: Before I comment on the match, I notice the match times for the first two matches, barely eclipsed the four minute mark. Seems like this show will mostly be a promo show. With that said, not surprised to see Kennedy’s plan not work, as Straight Edge and Alexis Laree(when do you plan to have her go by her real name of Mickie James?) even the odds out. Hopefully some type of announcement concerning the parties involved and Mania are made soon, because I’m not sure how much more you can book of this storyline, without it becoming redundant.

Cena/Christian Promo: NOW THIS IS THE WAY YOU BUILD UP A MANIA MAIN EVENT! Flawless promo man! With that said, Christian OWNED CENA WITH HIS LINES! Cena though came back with his ending lines, as he really made the match at Mania feel like it is going to be a truly epic classic!

HOF Video: Sensational Sherri inducted into the Hall of Fame…excellent choice. What a tribute to one of the pioneering female managers of this business. RIP Sherri.

Tyson/Rico: Surprised to still see Rico in this thread(though you do hint to a possible “future endeavors” for him, possibly following Mania). With that said, not surprised that Tomoko gets the easy win.

McMahon/Estrada Segment: UMAGA VS. MICHAELS IS GOING TO GREAT! With that said, it looks like Mags will be winning and the Empire will be in Hunter’s corner come Mania.

Orton/Benjamin: Like you mentioned the match was more on the storyline of MITB and the two groups, then the actual match. That saying, kind of surprised that the match end in a DQ. Also I thought this match would go over the five minute mark. Brotherhood gets the advantage here tonight, but I see this feud continuing for quite some in this thread.

Christian VP: Like Cena, through the VP, you really shown the build that Christian has had in this thread, throughout the past couple of years. Him beating Taker four times in a row at the time, was crazy imo, however it now makes sense as Christian is a bona-fide star in this thread. Looking forward to the title match.

Bischoff/MNM Segment: Looks like next week we’re finally going to get an answer concerning MNM/Kennedy/Alexis Laree/Santino/Straight Edge and the tag team title situation. This is one storyline that Bisch isn’t playing a lame duck GM.

Michaels/Foley Promo: It seems a lot like Foley is playing a similar role of that he plays IRL in TNA at the moment. With that said, this Foley evolution in this thread over the past year has been amazing. I wonder how you’re gonna explain Foley’s line “That’s Why I Chose You”. I think though that you’re saying that as Mania will be the final match for Foley in this thread.

Main Event: Umaga has been built up strongly in this thread, and Brock has been as well. With that said, it’s not a surprise that Mags won. That way if, and I believe Brock WILL beat Hunter at Mania, it will mean more, because he would had beaten not just Hunter, but the rest of the McMahon Family Empire in the process.

Ending Promo: Foley was spot on as I think we all knew that Foley/Michaels would be an Unsanctioned match. Foley locking in the Mandible Claw to Michaels following his match, was a great way to continue the crazy persona that Foley has, as Foley’s lines of “I WANT YOUR BEST, I WANT YOUR VERY BEST” really made the feud between the two even more personal.

Overall Comments: Last week I mentioned that Smackdown had the better show. However you hit a home run with Raw, as this Raw really was a promo-heavy show, and made the Cena/Christian match come off as a match that you don’t want to miss. Also the Hunter/Brock segment was well written with Brock being on the top of his work. Finally the Foley/Michaels segments were great. Only thing that bothered me was the fact that outside the Main Event, all these matches barely eclipsed the four minute mark. Hopefully that won’t be the case on Smackdown.

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Re: Being The Booker

Oh wait, no. :]

I haven't read all of the show yet, as it make take some considerable time, but i'll get through it all eventually.
But from what i have seen, the standard and quality of detail and time spend creating these threads has increased drastically, beyond my belief.
The promos are great in depth and detail, and although i've missed the build-up previous to this, i already have a feel for what this WrestleMania will display.
I'll hopefully get a full response up soon.

And oh yeah, i remember making that Raw banner. :]
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Re: Being The Booker

i have read this from beginning to end in the last couple of weeks and i decided due to this BTB to sign up to this forum.

This is by far the best BTB on the BTB section (or at least i think it is)


There's just one thing i hope you can tell me. are the times you put just guesses?
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Re: Being The Booker

Anybody miss me??


Okay, my absence this past week has been down to two things; Football Manager and work. I'm betting at least one person thought I'd done another runner. Well, a big fuck you to whoever you are. I'm back ... again

So, with things now running behind, expect the WrestleMania postage date to get pushed back by a week. At the minute I'm thinking to put Smackdown up tomorrow, and then get cracking with reviews.

No big deliberate preview for Smackdown. Off the top of my head, here's what's in store;

* THE HIGHLIGHT REEL; Chris Jericho hosts the show with both WrestleMania opponents, Edge and the WWE Champion, RVD.

* THE UNDERTAKER TALKS; It is what it is. Dont be expecting promo of the year. It's the Deadman afterall.

* KID KASH VS BRIAN KENDRICK; If Kash wins, Brian Kendrick is out of the title picture.

* EDGE VS BOBBY LASHLEY; Lashley is injured, Edge is going to WrestleMania. Do the math.

* HAAS VS LONDON & MVP VS CARLITO; The four men from Smackdown involved in MITB are all in singles action.


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Re: Being The Booker

Sorry about the double post.

I'll hopefully be trying to get back on the reviewing horse during the week. Sorry about the lack of activity.


Smackdown; February 23rd; Anaheim:

No opening video, and no pyro … we open straight into the arena, with the set for the Highlight Reel set up, and Chris Jericho sat on a stool.

Michael Cole: Welcome everybody to Friday Night Smackdown, and tonight, the road to WrestleMania continues, with just twenty three days until the Showcase of the Immortals, and right now, in the ring, Chris Jericho - one of the three men competing in the WWE Championship Match at WrestleMania is set to host the Highlight Reel, and his two guests?? His two WrestleMania opponents, Edge and the WWE Champion, RVD.

Tazz: Sit back and enjoy the ride Cole. This could get interesting.

Jericho hears enough of the fans abuse, and now speaks up, kicking things off.

Chris Jericho: Anaheim, California, THIS is the Highlight Reel, and I am the one, the only, CHRIS JERICHOOOOO!!!

Mostly heat for Jericho, but some cheers for the egomaniac.

Chris Jericho: And tonight, you will bear witness to the most star studded Highlight Reel, featuring the three men that will make history in twenty three days, by competing in the first ever triple threat match for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania!!!

Pop from the fans.

Chris Jericho: But let’s not stand around wasting anytime … let’s bring out the other two men in that equation … an equation that equals … Y2J as the NEXT WWE CHAMPION-AH!!!

Heat from the fans.

Chris Jericho: But enough about me, for now. Let’s bring out our esteemed - and soon to be FORMER - WWE Champion … ROB VAN DAM!!!


The Pond comes to it’s feet for the highly popular WWE Champion, entering six months as champion … in the arena where he BECAME champion. RVD nods at the fans, appreciative for their support, and goes through the thumb taunt, getting the usual sing-a-long of R-V-D, before getting inside the ring, and again saluting the fans, before Jericho speaks over the music.

Chris Jericho: I’ll get to you in a minute Junior … but first, let’s round out this party … let’s bring out the guy that earned his spot in the WWE Championship match by carrying around a briefcase for ten months, after holding a child hostage to ‘earn’ it. Of course, it’s EDGE!!!


A chorus of boos descend in Anaheim, as the Rated ‘R’ Superstar makes his entrance, with his usual look of fury written all over his face, as he lets off his pyro, before making his way to the ring, sliding inside, and takes a long, hard look at Jericho, then RVD, keeping his distance, and not taking a stool.

Chris Jericho: Cut the music monkey’s!!!

The music dies down, as Jericho looks at both of his opponents, smiling as he does.

Chris Jericho: Don’t want a seat, Edge??

Edge doesn’t really answer, but mouths at Jericho ‘just get on with it’

Chris Jericho: No messing, huh?? Ladies and Germs, THIS is your Smackdown main event at WrestleMania. WE are the three men set to make history. But forget about Van Dam … forget about Edge … because no one remembers second best … they only remember life’s winners … and at WrestleMania 23 … they’ll only remember … ME!!!

Heat from the fans, whilst RVD shakes his head with a smile, fixing the championship over his shoulder, whilst Edge paces around, trying to keep himself under control.

Chris Jericho: Now … I assume the pair of you don’t agree with that statement. But let’s face the facts … neither of you have ever had a match of this magnitude … neither of you have had a match as grandiose … on the biggest night of the year.

Jericho looks toward RVD, making sure he has the champions attention.

Chris Jericho: … But I have.

Boos for Jericho, but before he can continue, Edge now has a mic, and interrupts.

Edge: And remind us Chris, remind us all … how’d that pan out for ya?? Jog our memories for us.

Jericho stops, and struggles to say anything, as Edge smiles.

Edge: Oh, that’s right … you’ve LOST every major match you’ve ever had at WrestleMania. That’s about right, isn’t it??

Jericho tries to mask his embarrassment with a grin.

Edge: You lost in the main event of WrestleMania 18, didn’t ya?? You lost to Shawn Michaels the year after that, and just last year, you got beat by The Undertaker.

Jericho, still grinning, shrugs his shoulder, with no answer to the facts.

Edge: So yeah, you may have that big match experience Jericho … but you’re area of expertise is LOSING the big matches.

Heat for Edge, the only fully fledged heel in this trio.

Edge: If I were you Chris, I wouldn’t boast so much about that. So … I guess we’ve worked out that you’ll find a way to lose yet again. That just leaves us Van Dam.

Edge turns his attention to RVD, who until now has sat back and enjoyed the bickering. Now though, RVD turns, and listens to what the Rated ‘R’ Superstar has to say.

Edge: Let’s talk about your big match experiences at WrestleMania … let me think … oh, that’s right … YOU HAVENT HAD ANY!!!

Massive heat for Edge’s comment, as RVD shrugs, accepting the criticism.

Edge: Why is that, I wonder?? Is it because you’ve been overlooked?? Is it because you’ve not been given the breaks Rob?? Or is it because you’ve never fulfilled the so-called potential??

Van Dam makes a point of fixing the title over his shoulder again, letting Edge know that he has in fact reached his potential. Edge notices the movement, and reacts.

Edge: Don’t even bother with that Rob. Let’s face the facts … you’ve held that belt for six months for one reason … and one reason only.

Edge gets in RVD’s face, to make his next point.

Edge: … I’ve allowed you.

Huge boos for Edge, who stands up, and addresses the reaction.

Edge: What?? You people don’t agree?? Care for me to explain?? How about this??

Edge holds up the Money in the Bank briefcase.

Edge: I have been WWE Champion in waiting for the entire time RVD has held that belt. Just waiting … and waiting … and waiting for the right moment to strike.

Small portion of boos begin to build, but Edge talks over them, pointing at RVD.

Edge: I have overshadowed this mans entire reign.

Edge shows his evil grin, as the camera closes in.

Edge: Because for the last six months, the talk hasn’t been of how great Van Dam has been as champion. In fact, I don’t remember too many people even referring to RVD as WWE Champion. Instead … the only thing people think of when they see Rob Van Dam … is MEEEE!!!

Heat again for Edge.

Edge: Every single time you’ve walked out here for the last six months Rob … people have looked at you … and they’ve thought of me … the champion in waiting.

Edge again holds up the briefcase.

Edge: THIS has dogged your entire moment in the sun.

Heat for Edge again.

Edge: Nobody has thought of you as Champion Rob … not one person … you’re champion in name only … because they’ve all just been waiting for me … to put you out of your misery.

Again, Edge gets in RVD’s face.

Edge: And I’ll do that at WrestleMania.

More heat for The Rated ‘R’ Superstar, as he prepares to pull away … but RVD grabs his arm!!! The fans come alive, as RVD takes the mic from Edge’s hand.

Rob Van Dam: Wrong.

The fans pop for RVD, finally breaking his silence, having had to listen to Edge verbally rip him apart.

Rob Van Dam: You’re not the champion in waiting Edge … you’re just a chicken shit with a briefcase.

Huge reaction to RVD, with Edge looking shocked by the comment, mouth open wide.

Rob Van Dam: This last year has been the best of my career, and I’ll be damned if I’ll just let you crap all over it!!!

The champion is now on his feet, holding the title belt up, allowing Edge to see it.

Rob Van Dam: I’ve been the WWE Champion for six months Edge … not because you’ve allowed it … but because I have worked my ass off, night in, night out to keep it.

Cheers for the ever popular champion.

Rob Van Dam: And as I recall Edge, you’ve tried twice to blindside me and take the belt when I was less than a hundred per cent … and it backfired both times.

More cheers for Van Dam, with Edge looking around, not liking the truth.

Rob Van Dam: As far as I can see … you’ve not ‘allowed’ me to keep the belt until now … you’ve just ran out of opportunities to attack me when I wasn’t expecting it … and now, you’ve just ran out of time.

RVD now gets in Edge’s face.

Rob Van Dam: And at WrestleMania … you’re gonna run out of excuses!!!

RVD now turns his attention back to Jericho.

Rob Van Dam: And as for you Jericho?? The only thing that’ll be remembered about your night … is the fact that you lost again.

Cheers for Van Dam, as Jericho, who had been shaking his head and smiling as Edge had gone on a tangent, now picks up again, and gets involved.

Rob Van Dam: I hate to point out the obvious, but Chris?? You’ve never seized the opportunity at WrestleMania … but I will.

An ‘R-V-D’ chant reverberates around the Pond, as the champion continues.

Rob Van Dam: I going to WrestleMania on March 18 … and just like I have every time I’ve stepped inside this ring for the last six months … I’m gonna rise to the occasion.

Van Dam nods, looking to the fans, as Jericho gets a chance to speak up.

Chris Jericho: Alright.

Jericho stands up now, getting a slight pop, with RVD not backing up an inch.

Chris Jericho: I cant disagree with what either of you have said to me. I’ve never rose to the occasion … I’ve never won a big one at WrestleMania … but that was then … and this is now.

Small pop for the tweenerish Jericho, who keeps his voice low, and calm.

Chris Jericho: And frankly, I think the two of you are making a huge mistake. You’ve written me off.

Jericho leans in to the mic, starting his response.

Chris Jericho: Because you seem to be forgetting what I’ve put the pair of you through over the last month.

Jericho turns to RVD, looking completely serious.

Chris Jericho: Rob, if it hadn’t been for Edge here at Super Brawl … dare I say it … I’d be the WWE Champion right now, and you’d be an afterthought … again.

Heat for that comment, as Jericho now turns his attention to Edge.

Chris Jericho: And Edge, you seem to have forgotten that I beat you not two weeks ago to get into the position I’m in right now.

Mixed response for Jericho this time.

Chris Jericho: Unlike you Edge, I’ve REALLY earned my place in this triple threat match. I’ve done everything in my power to be in the WWE Championship Match at WrestleMania.

Jericho gets closer to Edge, tilting his head slightly, looking to rile him.

Chris Jericho: At least Van Dam here has defended my title with honour, and like a man. Despite what you say, he’s earned his place … but what about your credentials??

Jericho looks inquisitively at Edge, who looks ready to explode.

Chris Jericho: What have you done to earn it?? Huh?? Do you need reminding?? Do you want me to remind Anaheim what you’ve done to earn your title shot?? How about I do that, huh??

Jericho turns to the audience…

Chris Jericho: Does anyone want to see how Edge earned his place in the WWE Championship Match at WrestleMania??

The fans cheer, as Jericho now directs the attention to the JeriTron 5000...
**BACKLASH 2006**
I Quit Match for the Money in the Bank Contract:
Rey Mysterio vs. Edge

Edge devilishly grins, and sets the ladder down, before setting Rey in between each side of it, and begins to slam one side of the ladder onto Rey repeatedly, and repeatedly, sickening thud, after sickening thud, with Mysterio trying to cover up but unable to stop the impact.

Eventually, Edge stops, and smiles again, dropping down, beside the mangled opponent, and once again, asks the question, this time, more smugly, expecting the end. Rey though, still refuses to quit, and just about manages to say ‘NOT TONIGHT … NOT EVER’.

Edges smile fades quickly, and his scowl re-appears, as he shakes his head, before pointing at Rey, but then, it seems like he has another plan. The smile resurfaces, and Edge slips back out of the ring, and looks under the apron, scurrying around for a moment or two, before finally pulling something out from under the ring, and shows it for all to see … HANDCUFFS.

Edge, after kicking Rey out of the ring, places the handcuff onto his left hand, whilst placing the other to the ring ropes. Mysterio swings his free hand, trying to strike Edge, whilst the smiling opponent playfully slaps Rey, before walking around ringside, and grabs the briefcase. Edge walks around, at a leisurely pace, and nails him with the briefcase across the face!!!

Now, Edge takes the mic from the referee, and tells Rey he has no option now but to quit, and holds the mic to Rey, but Mysterio replies - in Spanish - something that certainly is not ‘I Quit’. Edge shakes his head, and smashes the case across his head again, with Rey unable to protect himself. Edge then tells Mysterio he’ll keep striking him with it until Rey decides to quit. Four more times, Edge nails Rey with the case, but each time, Rey shows no indication that he wants to quit. Edge then comes to the realisation that Rey wont quit, and drops the briefcase. Edge grabs Mysterio by the face, and yells at him “I guess I cant make you quit, can I??”.

Edge then lets go, and storms up the ramp, with the fans not sure what to think at first. Then, as Edge disappears from view, the fans begin to boo, thinking Edge has walked out of the match, and a ‘BULL SHIT’ chant. The referee looks around, not sure what to think, and starts to talk with Lillian Garcia, and just as they look set to make an announcement, EDGE APPEARS ON THE TITAN TRON.

Edge shouts to get Reys attention, asking him if he knows where he is … or who he is with. The camera then switches, and we see Edge with his hand over Dominick’s mouth. Edge then threatens to do the same damage to his son as he has done to Rey, unless he hears what he wants to hear. Rey pathetically, tries to rip the handcuffs free, as Edge lifts the kid up, and threatens to ram him into the wall, and suddenly, we hear the words “I QUIT” scream around the arena, as Rey forfeit’s the match, and the MITB contract, in order to save his son.


We then see Edge laugh sadistically, and puts the kid down, ruffling his hair playfully, before pushing past him, and leaving the locker room. Meanwhile, at ringside, the medics tend to Mysterio, who is likely to have suffered a severe concussion tonight.

Edge then comes down the aisle briskly, and walks straight past Rey, chucking the keys to the official for the handcuffs, whilst picking up the MITB briefcase, kissing it, and walks straight back up the ramp. He holds it up high at the top of the ramp to major heat, as Mysterio is held back, wanting to go back to his son, but the doctors refuse to let him go just yet, wanting to check out his condition first.

Back into the arena…

Chris Jericho: What a hero, huh?? Give that man his due, he truly earned that briefcase, didn’t he??

Edge now covers the mic before Jericho can talk, and pulls it away.

Edge: You want me to prove my credentials?? Is that what you want?? Do you want me to prove myself worthy of the WWE Championship??

Jericho smiles, knowing he’s gotten Edge riled, then nods. Jericho then pulls the mic towards his mouth again from Edge.

Chris Jericho: Please do.

Edge snarls, and looks to his left, then right … but doesn’t do what the fans expected (and cheap shot Jericho). Instead, he grabs the mic again.

Edge: Then you watch closely Jericho. You and Van Dam can watch me tonight … you can watch me dismantle Bobby Lashley.

Edge turns slightly, to address RVD.

Edge: And get a sneak preview for what’s in store at WrestleMania.

Edge then turns back to Jericho again.

Edge: I just hope the pair of you are ready to accept the responsibility … because I wont be held accountable for what I do to Lashley tonight.


Edge’s music hits, and Mr. Money in the Bank slams the mic down, taking one last look at both men, before leaving the ring, having got the last word on the Highlight Reel tonight.

In the ring, Jericho and Rob Van Dam engage in an off-mic heated discussion, as Cole and Tazz take over.

Michael Cole: I don’t know about you Tazz, but I cannot wait to see these three go at it in just over three weeks time.

Tazz: It has all the hallmarks of a classic Cole. All three men have somethin to prove in the Big Easy on March 18. Jericho wants to prove he’s not a big match choke artist, RVD wants to legitimise his championship reign by beating the man who has cast a shadow over his entire run, and Edge wants to prove he belongs.

Michael Cole: And by the sounds of things Tazz, Edge will look to prove that point tonight, when goes one on one with a man he knows very well in tonight’s main event, that being, Bobby Lashley.


We return to the arena, with the WWE Tag Team Champions, James Storm and Chris Harris - Americas Most Wanted - walking towards the commentary area.

Michael Cole: Well, we are about to be joined by the men who in twenty three days will defend their WWE Tag Team Championships against Matt & Jeff Hardy, who are moments away from tag team action.

Tazz: Scouting mission tonight for our tag team champs, Cole.

AMW take their seats, and place headphones on, as Deuce and Domino make their entrance now.

Michael Cole: Well, gentlemen, thank you for joining us at ringside, a-

Chris Harris: We’re not here to see you Michael Cole. So how about you shut it, and get on with your job.

Michael Cole: My pleasure.

Tazz: I don’t know if these other three team would agree though Cole. They aint been happy that the Hardys have just come back on the scene and tried to jump to the front of the line. Big opportunity for all four teams.


The fans come to their feet, as Matt & Jeff, the reunited Hardy Boys enter the arena to a terrific response. On commentary, AMW look far from impressed.

Michael Cole: Well gentlemen, perhaps while you’re here, we can get your thought-

James Storm: Did the Wildcat not just tell you to shut it?? We’re out here to get a look at the next pretenders to challenge us for these titles, not for you to get an exclusive Michael.

Michael Cole: That’s fine, but in all fairness, The Hardy Boys are multiple time tag team champions. I wouldn’t really refer to them as pretenders.

Chris Harris: And when was the last time they held the tag team titles?? Come on Michael, you’re the one with all the information here, when was it?? I’ll tell ya … a long time ago … and long before AMW arrived on the scene.

James Storm: Y’know, everyone seems to be getting on this Hardy Boy reunion bandwagon, but for those of you watching at home, here’s a warning … jump off before the wheels come off at WrestleMania.

Michael Cole: We’re about to see Matt and Jeff in action, and in my opinion, they haven’t missed a beat since regrouping after five years in the Royal Rumble last month.

Chris Harris: It wouldn’t surprise me if you had a Hardy Boys sleeveless shirt on underneath your clothes Cole.

James Storm: Yeah, what are you?? Their biggest fan??

1st Match: Americas Most Wanted on commentary.
The Hardy Boys vs. Deuce & Domino
More of a showcase for Matt and Jeff than a real contest, with the reunited brothers taking on one of the many floundering teams on Smackdown, whilst AMW make the most of their opportunity on commentary, talking a good game ahead of WrestleMania where they face Matt & Jeff. In the ring though, the Hardy Boys do their talking, and finish off Deuce and Domino with relative ease despite a brief period of dominance for the greasers, and end the match with a Twist of Fate from Matt to Deuce, allowing Jeff to follow up with a Swanton Bomb, as Matt, being the legal man, makes the cover, 1...2...3!!!
Winners: The Hardy Boys @ 04:33

The reunited Hardy Boys celebrate the win, but not for long … AS AMW LAY SIEGE TO THE RING!!! Harris and Storm attack the brothers, pounding Matt and Jeff down in opposite corners, then look to whip Matt and Jeff into one another … BUT THE HARDYS REVERSE THE WHIP … AND AMW COLLIDE INSTEAD!!! Matt and Jeff then team up, and deliver a double dropkick to Storm, sending him through the middle rope, leaving them with Harris!!!

Matt takes him down, and the Hardy’s show their double team skill, with an in sync double leg drop manoeuvre, with the Wildcat rolling around in pain. They now set him up in the corner, with Jeff throwing a forearm at Storm to keep him at bay, before a beautiful POETRY IN MOTION!!! Harris staggers, as the Hardy’s team up again, and send him out of the ring with a double clothesline, as Harris drops over the top, and onto Storm on the outside!!!

In the ring, Matt and Jeff hold their own, with AMW getting a big shock from their challengers at WrestleMania. The Hardy Boys pick up the tag team titles, and nod at one another, as the momentum builds towards their title shot in just over three weeks time. On the outside, AMW regroup, but refrain from having another go at the challengers, instead, doing a bit of talking, with Matt & Jeff just simply nodding with smiles on their faces, having got the better of the champions tonight.

Michael Cole: Harris and Storm sure talked a good game on commentary tonight Tazz, but Matt and Jeff have done plenty of talking too … only they’ve been using actions rather than words.

Tazz: It is set up to be a terrific contest at WrestleMania Cole. The Hardy Boys and Americas Most Wanted will do battle for the highly coveted tag team titles in less than four weeks time, and they have every opportunity to match, or even better, some of the classic tag team title matches in WrestleMania history.

Michael Cole: Think of some of the classic tag team matches in WrestleMania history Tazz - those two teams have a tremendous opportunity to join them. Tazz, still to come tonight, we will get an appearance from The Undertaker, as he gets a chance to respond to Kurt Angles comments last week.

Tazz: That’ll be interesting Cole. The Undertaker is in a hard spot right now. Kurt Angle has completely zoned out all the usual mind games that The Deadman uses to get in the head of his opponents. The Phenom is gonna need to find another way of getting the better of Angle, because right now, nothin’ he says is gonna have an effect on the Gold Medallist.

Michael Cole: And in action tonight, the four men that will represent Smackdown in the now annual, Money in the Bank ladder match at WrestleMania. Charlie Haas meets Paul London, and Carlito will finally get his hands on M.V.P.

Tazz: Oh boy, Haas and London could tear the house down tonight, but Carlito and M.V.P, that one could get personal. M.V.P still hasn’t lost a match since his debut in the WWE in December, and since moving to Smackdown last month, Carlito appears to have a new lease of life too Cole. Undefeated since coming to Friday Nights. Big time showdown tonight.

Michael Cole: Not only that, but Kid Kash needs to beat Brian Kendrick tonight, or Kendrick is guaranteed a Cruiserweight title shot at WrestleMania.

Tazz: Kash will be desperate for a win tonight, and that’s what he needs Cole, no championship advantage, the belt aint at stake, but if Kash loses tonight, he HAS to beat Super Crazy next week or face the humiliation of forfeiting the title, and watching Kendrick and Super Crazy battle for the title in Nawlins.

Michael Cole: And of course, tonight’s main event will see Mister Money in the Bank, Edge, going one on one with Bobby Lashley.

Tazz: Lets not forget, Edge was the first man to ever defeat Lashley, and neither man will have forgot that. Edge say’s he’s gonna prove his credentials tonight, and boy, he’s facing a big task to do it. Lashley has been in a foul mood since losing to Brent Albright last week, which has put him out of the WrestleMania picture.

Michael Cole: It promises to be another unforgettable Friday Night folks, and you should join us, when we come back.


The VP then ends with the graphic for WRESTLEMANIA XXIII - MARCH 18TH 2007 - FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER IN NEW ORLEANS.

We then cut to Josh Matthews, standing by with the #1 Contender for the United States Championship, Batista. We can hear the fans in the background, cheering loudly for The Animal.

Josh Matthews: Batista, the match is now set for WrestleMania, and you will challenge Brent Albright for the second time, as you look to become the new United States Champion.

That wasn’t a question, that was just a statement?? Batista takes the mic anyway, and begins to talk.

Batista: You’re damn right Josh. Brent Albright can do all the runnin’ he wants to. He can run his mouth, or he can just run for his safety … but in the end, he’s gonna find himself runnin’ straight into my path, and a Batista Bomb.

The camera closes in on Batista, who stares straight at Josh.

Batista: And you know what that means, don’t ya??

Josh nods knowingly, as Batista puts his hand on the interviewers shoulder.

Batista: You’re lookin at the next United States Champion … and not before time.

Matthews nods, and speaks again.

Josh Matthews: Having said that, aren’t you at all concerned with the fact that Brent Albright appears to have a canny knack of always pulling out a victory from nothing every time he defends the United States Championship?? In fact, you have experienced that first hand last month, and just last week, Albright upset the odds again by defeating Bobby Lashley.

Batista raises an eyebrow slightly, pondering the question, before speaking.

Batista: That’s a good question. But Josh, as resourceful as Albright is … in my opinion, he’s been damn lucky too. And as everyone knows … at some point, your luck will always run out … and for Brent Albright, he’s gonna find himself all out of luck come WrestleMania.

Josh nods again, but has another question.

Josh Matthews: Well, speaking of luck, tonight, you go one on one with Chris Masters, and it would appear that The Masterpiece still has unsettled issues with you, after you became the first man to ever break his Masterlock last summer given his comments on earlier this week, when he said you got lucky when you broke the hold. Are you confident of breaking the vice like grip again tonight, should Masters apply the hold??

Batista smiles, thinking the question over for a moment, possibly finding it funny that Masters is so highly thought of that his promo was restricted to the internet and not on TV.

Batista: Josh, if I’ve broken the Masterlock before … then I know I can break it again tonight … and unlike Brent Albright and his miraculous victories … there is nothing lucky about it.

The Animal nods, then walks off, leaving Josh to watch and gaze after Batista … bender.

We then cut to the arena again, and move to the sky box, where the United States Champion himself, Brent Albright is sat, watching the show from afar tonight, with no match.


Paul London enters the arena to a stunning response, with the Golden Boy set for singles action.

Michael Cole: The most exciting prospect in the WWE, Paul London, is in action in just a few moments, taking on Charlie Haas, both men set to compete in the Money in the Bank ladder match at WrestleMania. Join us when we come back…


2nd Match:
Paul London vs. Charlie Haas
Good encounter, with both men getting ring time to allow Tazz and Cole to talk about the Money in the Bank ladder match that both men will compete in. Haas, despite a lot of losses in the last few months, gets plenty of offence in to look a credible threat, and a genuine contender for Money in the Bank, rather than a late addition to boost the numbers. Ultimately though, it is London that shines brightest, as the momentum builds for him with another push under way, and the Golden Boy picks up the expected victory, avoiding the Haas of Pain, and drilling Haas with a nice German to set himself up to deliver the awesome 450 Splash!!! He covers, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Paul London @ 06:21

London continues on his current roll, and looks to be heading into Money in the Bank on a massive wave of momentum. He has his hand raised in the air, and looks highly confident as he gets set for the biggest match of his career at WrestleMania.

Michael Cole: Could we be looking at the next Mister Money in the Bank, Tazz??

Tazz: He’s got just as good a chance as anybody Cole. London has all the high flying qualities to come through, but he’s gotta think about the other seven guys. He’s riding high though, and that momentum could carry him through to a guaranteed title shot.

Michael Cole: And don’t forget, the other two Smackdown superstars involved in that ladder match at WrestleMania, Carlito and M.V.P will also meet in action later tonight.

Tazz: That one could get ugly. Expect a completely different match up there Cole, lot’s of bad blood brewing between those two.

We cut now to the interview area, as Maria stands by with the Cruiserweight Champion, Kid Kash.

Maria: Kid Kash, tonight you begin a two week series of matches in which you’ll face Brian Kendrick, then next week, Super Crazy. And, by the order of Smackdown General Manager Arn Anderson, if you lose to either man, you’ll face him for the title at WrestleMania. Should you lose both matches however-

Kash quickly takes the mic, stopping Maria from continuing, and shakes his head.

Kid Kash: I don’t even want ya to say it sweetheart. It’s the unthinkable. Maria, I just won my championship last month, and already, that old dodo bird, Double A is tryin to take the belt from me.

Kash clutches proudly to his title, takes a look at it, then looks at Maria again.

Kid Kash: I cannot let that happen Maria … I will not let that happen. The odds are stacked against everyone’s favourite cruiserweight champion … but never fear little lady.

Kash brushes Maria’s face, with the interviewer turning her nose up slightly at the inappropriate touching.

Kid Kash: Because I’m gonna be the most fightingest cruiserweight champ there’s eva been. Kendrick is goin down tonight … and next week, Imma beat Super Crazy so damn bad, he’ll be beggin to mow my lawn.

The champion repositions the belt on his shoulder, and nods with a smile on his face.

Kid Kash: And then?? Imma sit back and enjoy WrestleMania, with the cruiserweight title over this shoulder, and a hot little number like yourself, if you’re lucky, on my lap.

Kash flicks Marias hair, with Maria repulsed by the Cruiserweight champion.

Kid Kash: And honey, aint nothin old man Anderson can be doing bout that.

The Notorious K-I-D then blows Maria a kiss, before taking off, with his match up next.


Kid Kash vs. Brian Kendrick
It doesn’t disappoint, with Kash being forced to go out and look for the win to get Kendrick out of the title picture, rather than sit back and pick his spots to keep the title. After a blistering opening exchange, Kash grounds Kendrick, and works from the mat, picking apart Kendricks legs, but Brian doesn’t take the punishment for long, and makes a fight back, putting Kash on the back foot. Despite a burst from Spanky, Kash takes over again, and starts to use desperation tactics to get Kendrick out of his life, hooking the tights, using the ropes, trying to get Kendrick counted out too, but the determined Kendrick refuses to give in, and as Kash sets up for the Dead Level … HE GETS CAUGHT WITH AN INSIDE CRADLE … 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Brian Kendrick - Has Championship Opportunity at WrestleMania @ 06:57

Kash instantly sits up in shock, coming to the realisation that he now HAS to beat Super Crazy next week, or he will be forced to forfeit the title, and watch Kendrick and Crazy fight over the title on March 18!!!

Meanwhile, Kendrick is jubilant in victory, a complete contrast to Kash, as the realisation sets in for him … that’s HE IS going to WrestleMania in just over three weeks time!!! He runs up the ramp, slapping hands with fans, jumping for joy, with a shot at the Cruiserweight title next month set in stone!!!

Michael Cole: Not what Kash wanted Tazz!!! Not what the cruiserweight champion wanted at all!!!

Tazz: He is in big trouble now Cole. Kid Kash has no other option, but to beat Super Crazy next week, otherwise, he’ll no longer be the cruiserweight champ!!

Michael Cole: Well, he has no one to blame but himself Tazz. He sabotaged a number one contenders match at Saturday Nights Main Event between Kendrick and Super Crazy, and thanks to our General Manager, he didn’t get away with it!!

Tazz: Sure, he deserved to be punished for that Cole, but if you ask me, Double A went a little too far with this. Kid Kash is now on the brink of losing the championship, a little over a month after winning the thing!!!

Michael Cole: Be that as it may, but Kash is paying the price for crossing our General Manager, and trust me Tazz, the boys in the locker room will be sitting up and taking notice of the authority displayed by Anderson.



The second hour kicks off in style, with the long, boring entrance of The Undertaker, eating up nearly four minutes of TV time, in which Cole and Tazz discuss the highly anticipated Angle - Taker match in less than four weeks time at WrestleMania.

Eventually, Taker reaches the ring, but keeps his long trench coat and hat on, with the lights returning, and The Deadman picks up the mic, left in the middle of the ring for him.

The Undertaker: There comes a time in life … when a man must search … deep into his soul.

The Deadman drops the mic a little, composes himself momentarily, then speaks again.

The Undertaker: And he must delve into the depths of his being … to discover what drives him … what demons he must exorcise … to live free.

Again, Taker pauses, with the fans barely making a noise, trying to figure out what the heck he is talking about.

The Undertaker: At the present moment … Kurt Angle has found his demons … and those ghouls are what consume him … and that demon … is WrestleMania.

Taker turns his head to the left, looking towards the massive WrestleMania 23 logo in the rafters, taking his time to speak.

The Undertaker: His crusade is to vanquish bitter memories … his intention has been made clear.

He now turns his head back to the hard camera, looking straight ahead.

The Undertaker: Kurt Angle, heed this forewarning … you may appear to be in control of your actions … and you may be in control of your inner demons … but I am not your holy grail, and I am not your road to freedom.

Taker stares straight ahead, once again just simply pausing.

The Undertaker: All you can achieve by facing the Phenom is continued bitterness … further pain … and darker demons.

Another long pause from The Demon of Death Valley.

The Undertaker: And now … you have passed the point of no return … you have no way out … Kurt Angle … your destiny is firmly in the hands … of the Deadman.

Small pop from the fans this time.

The Undertaker: Despite your intentions … regardless of your determination … and irrespective of your beliefs … you will fall … like the other mere mortals before you.

Suddenly … THE LIGHTS GO OUT!!! The lights stay out for a moment, perhaps part of an Undertaker stunt … but that theory is thrown out the window … AS KURT ANGLE APPEARS ON THE TITAN TRON!!!

Angle looks dead serious, as Taker looks toward the screen, as if he cant believe he is seeing someone turn the mind games tables on him.

Kurt Angle: Anything seem familiar to you Undertaker??

Heat for Angle, whose face doesn’t crack an inch, playing it up as serious as possible.

Kurt Angle: The tables have turned Deadman. I’m the one in your head. Never before has anyone EVER played you at your own game.

Angle stays serious, not even showing a glimpse of a cocky smile.

Kurt Angle: And no, I don’t mean the theatrics. This?? All of this was just to emphasise the point.

Angle starts to show signs of a wry smile, looking pleased with himself.

Kurt Angle: You’re the one that’s having to look deep into your soul Taker. You’re the one that’s battling demons … you’ve never encountered anything like me before … you’ve never experienced someone showing no fear to your mind games … no ill effects … nothing.

The Olympian drops the smile, as Taker listens intently.

Kurt Angle: When we meet on March 18 … there are no tricks you can perform to put me off … there will be nothing you can say that will get in my head … if you want to beat me Deadman … you’ll have to be better than me.

Taker continues to stand still, listening to every word Angle says.

Kurt Angle: And that’s damn near impossible.

Huge boos for Angle, who stops for a second to allow the reaction to die down.

Kurt Angle: Right now, I’m in the best shape of my career … I’m on the hottest streak I’ve ever been on … and there isn’t a man alive … or dead … that can beat me in that ring.

In the ring, The Undertaker shakes his head, in firm disagreement with Angle.

Kurt Angle: No?? You don’t agree Taker?? If I was in that ring right now … I’d prove it … but then again … maybe I am in the ring??

Taker has a confused look on his face, not sure what to make of the last comment … AS THE LIGHTS GO OUT!!!

And they return … WITH KURT ANGLE IN THE RING BEHIND THE DEADMAN!!! Taker turns around … AND JUMPS BACK IN SHOCK MOMENTARILY … before attacking Angle, knocking him down!!! Angle slowly picks himself up … and easily falls into the grasp of The Deadman for a Chokeslam … BUT TAKER PUSHES HIM AWAY???

The Undertaker starts to dart around, looking around to the outside, oddly taking his view off Angle, with the camera closing up on Angle … TO REVEAL IT’S NOT KURT ANGLE … IT’S ERIC ANGLE!!!

Meanwhile, Taker looks around, waiting for Kurt to show up for a possible sneak attack, pacing around, pivoting in circles, looking to see if he comes through the crowd or down the aisle … but Angle doesn’t show.

The fans show their anger at the situation, with many unsure as to what is going on, with the Kurt Angle look-a-like fooling many, especially from a distance. Eric manages to escape the ring, with The Phenoms attention drawn elsewhere, most definitely fazed by Kurt Angles mind games.

On the titan tron, Kurt re-appears, with a sinister grin across his face.

Kurt Angle: Have I got in your head yet Deadman??

Taker stops his search, and turns his attention back to Angle on the big screen.

Kurt Angle: I’ll take that as a yes.

Angle sneers, with Taker doing the exact same.

Kurt Angle: I’ve got your head … your ankle is next.

The titan tron fades to black, as the camera closes in on Taker, staring intently at the black screen, eyes fixed, and mind … on overdrive??


Michael Cole: We are back here on Friday Night Smackdown, and Tazz, has anyone, ever, managed to get inside the head of The Undertaker quite like Kurt Angle has??

Tazz: It’s somethin that I cant ever recall happening Cole. The Undertaker is the master of the mind games, but it’s not had a single piece of effect on Angle, and now, Angle himself, has turned the tables on The Deadman. A move that’d you’d expect would be brave or stupid … and Cole, it appears to be pretty damn effective. I’ve never saw The Deadman react like that to anything. Angle has got into Taker’s head, and The Deadman don’t like it a single bit.

Michael Cole: And another interesting point here Tazz, Kurt Angle didn’t make a single mention of either WrestleMania or The Undertakers streak.

Tazz: Absolutely, Angle said it last week. He’s viewing this as a match between two guys in a ring. He aint gonna get wrapped up in the occasion like last year, and he’s not getting carried away with breaking Undertakers WrestleMania streak.

Michael Cole: It could be a very interesting ride to WrestleMania between these two Tazz. What type of mind games does Kurt Angle have left up his sleeve??

Tazz: I don’t know about mind games Cole, but don’t forget those chilling words from Angle. He has Takers head … his ankle is next.

Backstage, Josh Matthews is in action again, this time, standing by with a smiling Carlito.

Josh Matthews: Carlito, ever since your move to Smackdown, it appears you’ve been rejuvenated, and after a horrid 2006 on Raw, you’ve started 2007 with a bang, undefeated since coming to Smackdown, and now, one of the eight competitors in this years Money in the Bank ladder match. How does it feel to be back on top??

Carlito shows his cheeky smile, then bounces his apple up and down a couple of times.

Carlito: Well … it feels …

Carlito shrugs, and bobs his head, almost as if to say that the next word is pretty self explanatory.

Carlito: It feels cool Josh. Coming over to Smackdown … it’s looking like a good move, huh??

Carlito bounces the apple a couple times again, then stops, looking at Josh again.

Carlito: Not only have I got back to winning ways Josh, but I’ve got a spot in the Money in the Bank ladder match at WrestleMania. And on top of that … I get longer weekends now too.

The Caribbean smirks at Josh, and winks, bouncing the apple up and down again, but as he throws it up … it’s caught?? The camera pans out, and shows M.V.P has the apple!!! Carlito stops smiling, and keeps his eyes locked on a cocky Porter, but addresses Josh.

Carlito: Unfortunately though Josh, Smackdown isn’t without it’s faults.

M.V.P grins, and starts biting into Carlitos apple, cockily chewing on it, then speaks with his mouth wide open.

M.V.P: Y’know, this tastes pretty good.

Porter nods, biting into the apple more, trying to get under Carlitos skin, with his rude eating habits.

M.V.P: But … y’know what’ll taste better than this??

Carlito rolls his eyes.

Carlito: Tell me.

Porter starts to jab his finger into Carlitos chest, further trying to incite the Caribbean native.

M.V.P: Me beating you, in the ring tonight.

M.V.P nods at his own crack, smiling, and biting into the apple again. Carlito meanwhile doesn’t appear to agree, as MVP talks again.

M.V.P: And, even better than that?? Will be me taking that briefcase at WrestleMania.

Porter laughs, but Carlito responds.

Carlito: Man, I don’t know what they put in those apples … but are you high??

M.V.P’s eyes widen at the thought of the question.

Carlito: You aren’t winnin anything tonight pal. And the only Money in the Bank you can count on is whatever you’re making from your enormously generous Smackdown contract.

Porter looks furious by Carlitos response, and gets right in his face.

M.V.P: You need to watch what you say around me Buckwheat. You may be on a winning streak … but I’m undefeated.

Porter starts to jab his finger into the chest of Carlito again, with CCC looking down at the finger, not looking impressed.

M.V.P: So, in case you weren’t already aware of it … that makes me … better than you.

M.V.P takes another big chunk out of the apple, as Carlito shows a smile.

Carlito: Whatever man. I guess we’ll see about that in the ring later.

Carlito then playfully (but hard) slaps Porters chest, with M.V.P not suspecting it, and chokes on the apple. Carlito then prepares to walk off, as Porter doubles over, coughing up the apple.

Carlito: Now dat Josh?? Das cool.

Carlito walks off, getting the last word on Porter, who struggles for a moment then regains his composure, eyeballing Josh, but still struggling and wheezing a little.

M.V.P: That’s not cool Josh. That’s not cool at all!!!

Fade out, and back to ringside…


The Animal, Batista, enters the arena to a hefty ovation, getting the fans on their feet in anticipation for the #1 Contender for the United States Championship.

The camera also switches to the sky box, where the interest of Brent Albright, the United States Champion, has just been raised.

Michael Cole: You are looking at the man, who, in twenty three days time, will challenge Brent Albright for the United States Championship. The Animal will look to hold the illustrious title for the first time in his career, and as he prepares for that massive opportunity, tonight, he gets a stern test, against the Masterpiece, Chris Masters. With the United States Champion in attendance, will Batista take the chance tonight to send a message to his WrestleMania opponent?? Find out, when we return.


We return with Chris Masters finishing up his entrance, moments away from the match beginning.

4th Match:
Batista vs. Chris Masters
It’s a borderline squash, with Batista dominating Masters - another man close to the exit door - as the camera cuts occasionally to Brent Albright in a sky box, watching his WrestleMania opponent intently. Masters get a short period of offence in, but as he sets up for a quick Masterlock, Batista blocks it … then delivers a spine buster, which sets him up nicely for a routine Batista Bomb, and an emphatic 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Batista @ 03:59

It’s a by the numbers victory for The Animal, who is rolling into his title shot at WrestleMania looking in tip top form, as Albright watches from the sky box, standing up, and opening the big window … with a mic in his hand???

Brent Albright: HEY!!! Cut the music!! Batista-

As the fans start to realise it’s Albright from the sky box, heat descends over the arena for the U.S Champion. Batista also directs his attention to his WrestleMania opponent, with Albright having something to say.

Brent Albright: Yeah, Batista, I’ve got something to say.

Batista throws his arms up, as if to say ‘Get on with it’

Brent Albright: I watched your match there. Solid. I’ll be generous, and give you a six outta ten.

Batista smiles, shaking his head at Albrights ‘criticism’. The fans also give Brent some heat, but he holds his hand up to try and calm them.

Brent Albright: And what I noticed, was that you seem to think you’re some sort of … Incredible Hulk. I mean, you must think you’re Superman, what with all those rippling muscles, and all those big power lifts you like to pull off.

The Animal looks a little confused, shrugging in the ring.

Brent Albright: So how about we put that to the test next week. How about we test just how strong you are??

Albright smiles, whilst Batista seems up for it.

Brent Albright: Yeah?? Alright … you and me Davey. You and I, caveman versus aristocrat. I’m willing to drop down to your level, and challenge you … to an arm wrestling contest!!!

Batista laughs at the thought of facing Albright in an arm wrestling contest, but seems to respond with a ‘what the hell, why not’ kind of body language, accepting the ‘challenge’.

Brent Albright: I’ll see ya next week then. And I’ll prove to the world that muscles don’t mean strength. You’ve got the look my man, but I’ve got the strength.

Brent now poses, showing off his modest muscles, whilst Batista shakes his head in bewilderment at Albright.


Return to ringside…

Michael Cole: The Arrowhead Pond has been wild tonight, and Tazz, as we just saw, Sensational Sherri will be joining Iron Mike Tyson, Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart and the immortal Hulk Hogan in the 2007 Hall of Fame.

Tazz: Shaping up to be the most star studded Hall of Fame I can remember. Terrific way to kick off WrestleMania weekend.

Michael Cole: Heck of a way to lead into the showcase of the immortals for the first time ever in The Big Easy. All tickets are sold out at the Superdome, and those fans will be waiting in anticipation for a match that has everything you could ask for; it truly is a dream match, with plenty at stake for one man, and the other with a huge point to prove to the world. The Undertaker meets Kurt Angle, one on one, and what a classic it promises to be!!

Tazz: You know this is the match I’m pumped for most. We’ve had to wait to see these two go at it one on one for months, but Cole, it’ll be well worth the wait. Rocketbuster of the highest order!!!

Michael Cole: And how about this one from Raw, the most anticipated match that will NEVER happen. This time last week, Shawn Michaels and Mick Foley were off the bill, but after a rollercoaster Monday Night Raw, it is back on, but will not be sanctioned by the WWE.

Tazz: And that means bad things are gonna happen. No liability for the WWE should these two get seriously injured, and with no rules, there is a strong possibility of two broken bodies come March 18.

Michael Cole: Two of the most successful teams in WWE history, will do battle for the WWE Tag Team Titles, AMW defend, against the reunited Hardy Boys.

Tazz: Potential show stealer right there. These are two of the greatest tandems in the history of this business, Hardy Boys aint missed a beat since hooking up again, and AMW are without doubt the dominant team in the WWE today.

Michael Cole: Speaking of show stealers Tazz, Money in the Bank returns to WrestleMania after debuting last year. Eight men, four from each respective brand will compete for the briefcase that can bring all the dreams true and a guaranteed shot at a world championship anytime within twelve months.

Tazz: Heck of an array of talent too Cole, The Black Diamond Shelton Benjamin, The undefeated Samoan Bulldozer Umaga, Finlay, Randy Orton, Paul London, Charlie Haas, Carlito, and the highest paid superstar on Smackdown, M.V.P.

Michael Cole: And how about Tazz, five years in the making, for the first time ever, Brock Lesnar and Triple H. A dream match if there ever was one. And after the events on Raw last Monday, we now know that the McMahon Family Empire will join The Game at ringside in the SuperDome.

Tazz: This one gives me goose bumps Cole. The Game and Lesnar have NEVER crossed paths before, but after months of jibes and showdowns, it’ll come to a head on March 18. Huge blockbuster match on the Raw brand.

Michael Cole: We know that next week, Batista and Brent Albright will meet in an arm wrestling match, but the big business goes down on March 18 at WrestleMania, as Batista gets another shot at Brent Albright, and another shot at taking the United States Championship.

Tazz: Lot of factors to think of on this one. Albright has always rose to the occasion when the belt is at stake, but think back to January 5, when Batista, in a bizarre accident knocked himself out, when on the brink of beating Albright for the title. Hard to call.

Michael Cole: Then, it’s over to the two main events. The two biggest titles in the game. First, from Raw, the Collision Course, Heavyweight Champ, John Cena defends against the 2007 Royal Rumble winner, Christian.

Tazz: The two biggest names on Raw, but there can only be one top dog Cole, and we’ll find out at WrestleMania which is the biggest star on Raw, that’s for sure.

Michael Cole: And finally, from Smackdown, our main event, Edge and Chris Jericho will challenge the champion, Rob Van Dam in another WrestleMania first - the first time the WWE Championship will be decided in a triple threat match at a WrestleMania.

Tazz: And the chances of RVD walking away with the title are slim. He doesn’t need to be involved in the decision, he don’t need to be pinned to lose the title, and that’s gotta worry Van Dam.

Michael Cole: It promises to be one of the most memorable WrestleManias in history, and it’ll come from New Orleans for the first time ever on March 18. Twenty three days to go, the Road to WrestleMania is getting shorter, and shorter, and you CANNOT miss it!!!

5th Match:
Carlito vs. M.V.P
Excellent encounter, with M.V.P really getting a chance to show himself as an athlete, in a back and forth contest with Carlito, who has yet to lose since jumping to the blue brand last month, making for an intriguing contest between the other two Smackdown stars in the MITB ladder match at WrestleMania. The fans are into it, and both men put on a classy contest, with near falls aplenty. The action spills to the outside, with the recent showdowns between the two men turning the heat up, with Porter taking over on the outside, sending Carlito into the steel steps.

Back inside, Porter takes over, wearing CCC down with a fairly boring abdominal stretch, but makes it slightly more interesting with his heel tactics, hanging to the ropes for more leverage, getting heat from the fans … but eventually gets caught, and is forced to break the hold. M.V.P argues with the referee about the decision, and takes too long to do so, allowing Carlito to make his comeback, catching Porter with a quick arm drag, before turning the pressure up a couple of notches, pushing the pace to his liking, scoring an almighty near fall with the Back Cracker!!!

Carlito now sets up Porter, feeling the end is near, and hooks him into position … looking for the Apple Core … BUT PORTER ELBOWS FREE!!! Montel then manages to drop CCC on the top rope, and sets up for the Play of the Day … BUT CARLITO AVOIDS IT!!! Carlito again looks for the Apple Core … but for the second time, MVP elbows out … and sends Carlito off the ropes … BUT CARLITO COMES BACK WITH A SUNSET FLIP … BUT PORTER DROPS ONTO HIS KNEES … AND HOLDS THE ROPES … 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Montel Vontavious Porter @ 11:46

Porter steals the win, and keeps his winning streak in tact, but in the process, ends the winning streak of Carlito, since his move to Smackdown last month!!! Porter, knowing he’s stole one, quickly escapes out of dodge, with Carlito furious in the ring, having just got screwed over by M.V.P. Carlito points and yells at Porter as MVP continues to back away, signifying that this issue is far from over. On the ramp, MVP shakes his head, with a smile on his face, indicating that he’s made his point, and is ready to move on.


The General Manager makes a late appearance, as the scene opens up, with him sat in his office, ready to make a statement…

Arn Anderson: Good evening folks. I’ve just got a couple of announcements to make, and then I’ll be on ma way.

The GM fixes his glasses, looking down at a piece of paper.

Arn Anderson: Next week on Smackdown … oh boy, Las Vegas is gonna be thinkin it’s WrestleMania 22 all over again, when they get a look at this line up.

Anderson takes another look at the piece of paper, before speaking.

Arn Anderson: Now, all three men involved in the WWE Championship Match at WrestleMania WILL be in action.

Small pop from the fans, not entirely into the promo as it doesn’t effect tonight.

Arn Anderson: First off, heck, I’m gonna give Edge a chance to prove himself against the Champion, one on one-

Bigger pop from the fans, putting Anderson off, mid flow.

Arn Anderson: Damn right. Edge wanted Van Dam one on one originally, so I say, let ‘em have it!!!

Anderson nods for a moment, waiting for the fans to die down.

Arn Anderson: And that aint all, not by a long shot. Also next week, how about we have ourselves a little WrestleMania 22 rematch … how bout Chris Jericho going one on one with The Undertaker?? Huh, how bout that one??

Huge pop, despite the fact the match is for next week, and not tonight.

Arn Anderson: That’ll do it from me folks, enjoy your night.

Double A nods, as the picture fades out.

Back to ringside…

Michael Cole: Tazz, I am stunned!!! Next week, right here on Smackdown from the site of WrestleMania 22, Las Vegas, we’re gonna get a HUGE rematch from that very event. Chris Jericho, one third of the WWE Championship Match at WrestleMania, will go one on one with the man who will face Kurt Angle at this years event, The Undertaker.

Tazz: Oh boy, that is huge Cole. And that’s not even all. Edge and the WWE Champ are gonna lock horns next week too!!!

Michael Cole: Sensational. That just about sums it up Tazz. Edge will have a terrific opportunity to cement his credentials if he can beat the WWE Champion in a one on one match next week on Smackdown.


Edge steps out onto the stage, looking highly focused, ready to make good on his word, and prove his credentials.

Michael Cole: We’ll need to put next week on the back burner though for a little longer … because it is main event time TONIGHT. Edge promised to prove his worth tonight, by making an example of Bobby Lashley, but now he knows he has RVD next week in Vegas, will that play a part in his mind??

Tazz: We’ll soon find out, because Edge and Lashley are gonna be goin at it here in a minute.

Michael Cole: It is our main event, up next, Edge and Lashley.


We return, just in time for the main event.

Main Event:
Edge vs. Bobby Lashley
Lacklustre affair, with Lashley seriously hampered by his injury now, and unable to move freely, with this match specifically set up for two reasons - 1) To get Lashley a reason to be off TV, and 2) Put Edge over with a massive statement. After the initial hot start from Lashley, a dropkick from Edge sending Big Bobby off the apron leads to his downfall, as Cole and Tazz both comment on Lashley seemingly landing awkwardly on his ankle. Edge is quickly on him, sensing the injury himself, and goes straight to work, slamming the leg off the steel steps, and then the ring post.

Back inside, Edge continues to put the hurting on Lashley, with the rookie monster unable to defend himself, falling easy prey to the Spear!!! Edge doesn’t cover, but instead perches himself, crouching down in the corner, waiting for Bobby to slowly try and get up, which he just about manages on one leg … AND FALLS PREY TO A SECOND SPEAR!!! Edge this time hooks the leg, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Edge @ 05:59

Edge gets the emphatic win, against the injured Bobby Lashley, who doesn’t move on the mat, as Edge has his hand raised. Quickly, he pulls his hand away, and looks down on Lashley, before stomping at the bad ankle again!!!

Mister Money in the Bank now slips out of the ring, grabbing his briefcase, THEN - TWO chairs, sliding them in the ring, before carrying the briefcase inside with him, and slams the case against the skull of Lashley as he tries to sit up!!!

The fans are pouring down heat on Edge, as he sets the bad ankle inside a chair, then picks the other chair up … AND SLAMS IT REPEATEDLY OFF THE ANKLE OF LASHLEY!!!!! Edge wears the chair out, and surely breaks the ankle, with a sickening, brutal one man con-chair-to attack on the ankle of Lashley.

Edge finally puts a stop to the madness, feeling the damage is done, and the message is sent, grabbing a camera from one of the cameramen, and looking deep into the lens, and yelling “DO I LOOK LIKE I‘M KIDDING??”, surely addressing Jericho and RVD, then turns the camera, and points it in the direction of the ankle of Lashley, most certainly broken tonight.

The Rated ‘R’ Superstar then drops the camera, and picks up his briefcase again, holding it up high, letting the fans know he means serious business at WrestleMania, and he intends on winning his first ever WWE Championship.



Current Card for WWE Wrestle Mania XXIII:

Date: 18th March 2007
Location: Superdome, New Orleans, Louisiana
Event Music: U2 & Green Day; The Saints are Coming & Killers; Sams Town

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
World Heavyweight Champion, John Cena vs.
2007 Royal Rumble Winner, Christian

WWE Championship; Triple Threat Match:
WWE Champion, Rob Van Dam vs.
Mr. Money in the Bank, Edge vs.
‘Highlight of the Night’ Chris Jericho

WWE Tag Team Championships Match;
Americas Most Wanted vs. The Hardy Boys

United States Championship Match:
Brent Albright vs. Batista

Money in the Bank Ladder Match:
M.V.P vs. Umaga vs. Paul London vs. Finlay vs. Carlito vs. Randy Orton vs. Charlie Haas vs. Shelton Benjamin

Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar
With The McMahon Family Empire in the corner of Triple H.

The Irresistible Force vs. The Immovable Object:
Kurt Angle vs. The Undertaker

Non Sanctioned Match:
Mick Foley vs. Shawn Michaels

Hall of Fame Ceremony 2007;
Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, Sensational Sherri, Mike Tyson (Celebrity Wing)


WM Banner Credit; Crazian
Match Banners; Rocker
MITB Gif; Whoever did it for Legend

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