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Re: Being The Booker

Just checking out your schedules and what not and well, i have to admit i am a tad surprised that you have not started hyping up, or at least slowly advertising the Raw draft show. I expect that to be happening a bit before 'Mania as usually draft show is a big thing.

Can't wait until your next show goes up, homework has been killing me as of late so expect a review, but keep in mind it could be very late.

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Re: Being The Booker

SNME Review

To be honest I'm quite surprised that you had Jericho win this match. While I'm a fan of Jericho, I was sure that you were going to go with Edge/Van Dam at Mania, instead of the Triple Threat match. Seems like Jericho will be playing a tweener role though in the feud. Great match though to kick off the show.

Trips/Brock is definately happening at Mania. While you are the only booker besides myself who has booked this feud between the two of them, I must admit that the way you booked your version of the feud is better than what I did with it, as mine were done during my Invasion storyline in my thread and was a one month feud, that concluded with a Last Man Standing Match, in which Trips won.

As far as the Women's title match goes, while it could've been done at Mania, for the time alloted this could've been scrapped. I know you mentioned the reasoning behind the short times for the matches, but this match could've gotten a couple more minutes. With that said Melina winning was expected, as some mentioned, I have a feeling that MNM will finally lose those titles at Mania, with Melina losing her title shortly thereafter.

The tag match was good for the time that it was given. Surprised quite honestly to see MVP get the win here. With that said, that kind of makes me think, that he won't be winning MITB at Mania. However with him recieving a strong push over the next month and a half (thread time until Mania) he could quite possibly be a favorite heading into the event.

Foley was spot on in this promo. I know you mentioned that when you first started this Foley angle, that you were planning something big for it, and really you knocked it out of the park! Foley vs. Michaels at Mania is going to be a classic! I know a stipulation/gimmick will be added to the match, but it should be a possible show stealer at the match.

As with the Women's title match, the Number 1 Contender's match for the Crusierweight championship should been given a little more time. As far as Kash interfering and causing the match to be a no contest, I like how you're booking Kash, as a desperate champion. With that said, I see a multi man match happening at Mania, with the title on the line. Unless you plan a swerve, I see Kash losing the title, and quite possibly moving up in the ranks following Mania.

Angle winning was expected, as like you've mentioned since Kane returned in this thread, it's been downhill in a way for him. Nice way of putting Angle over in the aftermath, storywise. With that said, it should be interesting to see how you build this feud, as this is probably one of the few feuds I have yet to see in BTB around Mania time.

Cena and Christian's promo served it's purpose of getting the match over. With that said, kind of surprised to see McMahon's team lose, as I was sure they would get the win. As far as shaving Vince's head, it works and should be interesting to see how you plan to continue the storylines heading into Mania.

Overall good show, and looking forward the upcoming Raws and Smackdowns heading into Mania.

[U]KOM has returned to BTB with WWE 2007: The Legacy and Aftermath of WrestleMania!
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Re: Being The Booker

Decisions, Decisions...

WWE Monday Night Raw Preview:

Forty Eight hours have passed after a thrilling Saturday Nights Main Event, and you can expect all the fallout this Monday in Hershey.

The WWE went off the air on NBC on Saturday night amidst the shocking image of a shaven headed Mister McMahon, courtesy of the 2007 Royal Rumble Winner Christian and the World Heavyweight Champion, John Cena. Will The Boss have the guts to show his face ... and, perhaps, more importantly, his bald head in Hershey and face the unbearable embarrassment?? Or will McMahon hide in shame after the ultimate indignity.

But, will McMahon be allowed to hide?? The Iron Man, Brock Lesnar has been promised that his WrestleMania opponent will be announced this week on Raw. For months, Lesnar has had to deal with broken promises from the boss ... will he stand for another one if Vince McMahon fails to deliver an opponent for the Iron Man at WrestleMania this week on Raw??

It's been a horrible week for the McMahon Family Empire. Starting with Triple H losing the 60 Minute Iron Man Match at the SuperBrawl, and therefore, the World Championship to John Cena. Then, last Monday, the wedding of the year was transformed into the worlds biggest circus act. And, the week from heel was rounded off on Saturday with McMahon having his head shaved bald in front of a world wide audience. This Monday Night though, the cloudy week might just have a silver lining as the WWE Board of Directors will confirm Triple H's fate. Will The Game be granted a rematch for the World Championship, or included in the World Championship Match at WrestleMania?? Or could things get even worse for the floundering McMahon Family Empire??

Elsewhere, both John Cena and Christian will have one eye on the Boards decision. This Monday, the two men will finally know just what fate their future holds. Until this point, Cena and Christian have found themselves as allies against the McMahon Family Empire, but with WrestleMania 23 now looming on the horizon, how long will it be before the two men turn their attention on each other?? That question could well be answered on Raw, with both men set to team together once again, as they face Brotherhood duo, Rodney Mack and Orlando Jordan. With the likes of Theodore Long, Jazz, Shelton Benjamin and the Worlds Strongest Man likely to accompany their Brotherhood compatriots, Cena and Christian will need to stay on the same page to overcome those odds.

And, after weeks of dodging the bullet, MNM last week were forced to finally defend the World Tag Team Championships against Straight Edge. Just as it looked like MNMs luck had ran out, Santino Marella provided one last 'out' for the champions. Eric Bischoff though, was less than impressed with his antics, and has signed ANOTHER rematch for the titles, and to avoid any chance of MNM finding an excuse to back out ... the match will occur at the BEGINNING of the night. Will Hershey be the final destination for MNM as tag team champions?? Or can Nitro and Mercury, along with Melina and Marella find yet another escape route??

Umaga, Finlay and Randy Orton have already taken three of the four available places from Raw in the Money in the Bank Ladder match, and this week, the final qualifer will be determined in a six pack challenge match. Garrison Cade and Nick Dinsmore of the New Wave will have the chance to join their leader, Randy Orton, whilst the duo of youth and experience, Booker T & Elijah Burke, will also battle solo for the right to partake in the ladder match in five weeks time, whilst Shelton Benjamin and Tyson Tomko will also be vying to earn the shot at going to the Big Easy on March 18. One of these six men will be going to WrestleMania, but which will it be??

Raw will also be visited this week by a special guest from Smackdown, as Paul London travels to Hershey to face Randy Orton, one on one. The two men met on Saturday as part of a tag team encounter, but these two Money in the Bank qualifiers will go one on one this week on Raw.

This past Saturday, Shawn Michaels and Mick Foley agreed to meet at WrestleMania. After months of peculiar behaviour, it appears The Hardcore Legend has got what he wanted, and that's The Showstopper on the Grandest Stage of all. With five weeks until the Streetfight, Shawn Michaels will look to keep himself busy, as he is in action this Monday night, facing the tough, rugged Irishman, Finlay.

It promises to be a wild night this Monday, as the road to WrestleMania is expected to become much, MUCH, clearer.

Confirmed Matches:
{World Tag Team Championships Match} MNM vs Straight Edge
{Money in the Bank Qualifier | One Fall} Garrison Cade vs Nick Dinsmore vs Booker T vs Elijah Burke vs Shelton Benjamin vs Tyson Tomko
Randy Orton vs Paul London
Shawn Michaels vs Finlay
John Cena & Christian vs The Brotherhood

Raw will be posted on Sunday
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Re: Being The Booker

Brock Lesnar is definitely going to do something to embarrass Vince McMahon tonight, it's gonna' be gold.

Triple H better not get a rematch, what he needs to get is Lesnar.

John Cena and Christian teaming up again ey? I expect some awesome tension to finally begin building between the two, and at this stage i believe that this match could be insanely good.

MNM and Straight Edge again, lol, is it weird that i can see MNM retaining AGAIN...

Elijah Burke for MITB please.

If Paul London defeats Randy Orton i shall riot.

Shawn Michaels to defeat Finlay and then i expect some kind fo apperance from Foley.

Raw is looking good, not as good as some shows we have had as of late, but good nonetheless. I will be reading and reviewing.

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Re: Being The Booker

Raw; February 12th; Hershey:

Highlights package from Saturday Nights Main Event, where John Cena and Christian overcame the McMahon Family Empire in a 5 on 2 contest, which meant Vince had to accept a forfeit … and had his head shaved … BALD!!!

Opening Video



MNM enter the arena, again joined by Santino Marella, opening the show.

Jim Ross: The Road to WrestleMania is in high gear, with less than five weeks until the Granddaddy of ‘em all, for the first time ever, in New Orleans, Louisiana, in front of over 70,000 fans in the Superdome. And Coach, who knows, maybe for the first time ever tonight, MNM will actually defend those tag team titles against Straight Edge.

The Coach: You’ll find they did that last week J.R, and Straight Edge got themselves disqualified!!!

Jim Ross: You‘ve gotta be kiddin me Coach!! We all know that Marella attacked Mercury to save his ass!!!

The Coach: Potayto, potaato. The fact remains, MNM won last week, and my sources tell me that both Mercury and Nitro are at 100% tonight.

Jim Ross: Well, they better be Coach, because they have a heck of a fight on their hands tonight!!!


CM Punk & Greg Helms AKA Straight Edge, enter to a great ovation, as they look to finally get their hands on the World Tag Team Championships.

Jim Ross: What a way to start Raw!!! The World Tag Team titles on the line, in this eagerly anticipated match up, and later tonight, six men will do battle in a one fall contest, where the winner will advance to WrestleMania, and claim that final spot from Raw in the Money in the Bank ladder match. Garrison Cade, Nick Dinsmore, Tyson Tomko, Shelton Benjamin, Booker T & Elijah Burke!!

The Coach: And that’s not all, because Paul London from Smackdown has made the journey to Raw, for one night only, to take on Randy Orton. Both men collided at Saturday Nights Main Event, and they’ll go one on one tonight!!!

Jim Ross: So much more too Coach. We haven’t even mentioned that John Cena & Christian, two days removed from Saturday Nights Main Event, will be forced to team up once again, this time against The Brotherhood!! And not only that, but tonight, the CEO is set to arrive, and deliver the verdict to Triple H. Does The Game have a title shot?? Or is the WrestleMania main event set in stone??

The Coach: The Game has GOT to get his rematch J.R. He just has to!!

Jim Ross: But the biggest news of all … the boss will also appear tonight … HAIRLESS!!! Mr. McMahon will bare his big bald head to the world!!!

MNM w/Melina & Santino Marella vs. Straight Edge
Finally after weeks of excuses, and runaways, these two teams DO have a proper match!!! And it doesn’t disappoint. The two sides take a couple of minutes to feel each other out, before Helms ups the pace, and takes it to Nitro, getting the challengers in control, with Straight Edge slipping in and out with tags, keeping fresh, but MNM prove they are no slouches, and show the challengers why they have been champions for nearly eight months, taking back the control, and isolating Punk as we go into a commercial.


We return with Punk caught in a body scissors at the hands on Nitro, with Helms pounding the mat, getting the fans to stir Punk on, and will him on, which they do, and it does help Punk, with the Straight Edge superstar fighting out of the hold, and looking to make a hot tag … BUT MELINA PULLS HELMS OFF THE APRON, AND PUNK MISSES THE TAG!!! Punk fights off Nitro, and knocks Marella off the apron, LANDING ON MELINA!!! Punk then looks for a second time to tag in his partner as he gets back to the apron, reaching out … BUT MERCURY PULLS PUNK BACK INTO THE CENTRE … ONLY TO GET AN ENZIGURI FOR HIS TROUBLES!!! Punk leaps across … AND TAGS HELMS!!!!!

Greg Helms dashes into the ring, and knocks down Nitro, then Mercury, before throwing Joey out of the ring, KNOCKING MELINA AND MARELLA BACK DOWN!!! Helms looks to hit the Nightmare on Helms street to Nitro, but he fights out … and looks for a super kick … BUT MISSES … AND GETS CAUGHT WITH THE SHINING WIZARD!!! Helms hooks the leg, 1...2...MERCURY PULLS NITRO OUT OF THE RING!!!

The match was won, but Mercury saves his partner!!! Punk has seen enough, and together with Helms, they charge across the ring … AND DIVE TO THE OUTSIDE ON NITRO AND MERCURY!!!!! The referee counts the two teams out, as they slowly get back to their feet. Punk whips Marella into the steps, getting rid of that pest, before he and Helms throw Nitro back inside, and as Helms looks to join him … MERCURY AND MELINA GRAB HIS LEGS … STOPPING HIM FROM GETTING BACK INSIDE!!! Punk stomps Mercury, getting him to release his grip, and Helms shakes off Melina, and gets back inside … BUT HE’S BEEN COUNTED OUT!!!

Winners: Via Count Out - And STILL World Tag Team Champions - MNM @ 09:25

MNM find another way to cheat a victory!!! Punk joins Helms in the ring, as Nitro rolls out, and MNM scarper, with a dishevelled Marella, hoisting the tag team title belts aloft, whilst Straight Edge are livid in the ring.

The Coach: Two weeks running J.R!!! Two weeks runnin MNM have beaten your boys!!! Straight Edge aren’t in MNM’s league, LIVE WITH IT!!!

Jim Ross: Please tell me you’re kidding Coach. Please tell me you don’t actually believe what you’re saying?? For the second straight week, Straight Edge have had MNM beat!!! And two weeks running, MNM have manipulated themselves a win.

The Coach: The fact is though, MNM 2, Straight Edge 0!!!

We quickly switch backstage, and see Linda McMahon, walking … WITH A PURPOSE~!!





Triple H enters the arena to a mammoth heel response, with the hot crowd giving HHH as much abuse as possible. The attention though quickly focuses as Mr. McMahon enters … AND … he has a full head of hair???!!! J.R and Coach cant believe it, although Coach is overjoyed at seeing the chairman with hair. J.R of course, instantly decides it’s a wig, as the five piece group enter the ring. Vince is the first to take a mic, and is first to have his say…

Mr. McMahon: Please, don’t adjust your television sets. Indeed, on Saturday Night, I had my head SHAVED BALD!!!

Pop from the fans. McMahon though, raises a finger, looking to stop the fans.

Mr. McMahon: But lo and behold … on Sunday morning … A MIRACLE HAPPENED!!!

Heat from the fans, followed by a ‘BULLSHIT’ chant.

Mr. McMahon: Look at me!!! In one night, I went from being as bald as a coot … to having a beautiful head of hair!!!

The ‘BULLSHIT’ chant grows, as McMahon gets angry.

Mr. McMahon: Hey. A- … SHADDUP!!!

McMahons reaction only helps to fuel the crowd on more, by lifting their chant higher.

Mr. McMahon: All of you folically challenged people out there should be hailing me!!! I’ve cured baldness!!!

McMahon gets increasingly frustrated as the fans refuse to obey his demands.

Mr. McMahon: So you don’t wanna know my secret??

Still, the fans don’t bow to McMahons request for respect. He looks around, and points out a balding fat ass in the front row, speaking directly to him.

Mr. McMahon: You!!! You don’t want to feel your fingers run through your own hair again??

The balding fat ass shakes his head, and almost comically, turns his back to the ring, and gets a pop from the fans, OWNING McMahon!!

Mr. McMahon: That’s fine. I’m wasting my time here anyway. All you people care about in this town is Chocolate. Who gives a crap about a medical breakthrough, when we’ve got Hersheys Chocolate!!!

Heat from the fans, as Vince listens, taking in their abuse.

Mr. McMahon: All around the world, people will be watching this. And they’ll all be thinking the same thing. Hershey has just robbed the ENTIRE world, the cure for baldness. They’ll no doubt now be thinking now … every time they think about Hershey … they’ll instantly think … morons.

The fans respond with more heat for McMahon.

Mr. McMahon: You people are a disgrace to your town, a disgrace to the great state of Pennsylvania, and most of all … an embarrassment to the United States of America!!!

Ohhhhhh. It’s big time heat. CHEAP HEAT for McMahon!! He shakes his head in disgust, as he passes the mic to Triple H.

Triple H: No offence Vince, but your cure for baldness?? It’s the last thing on my mind.

Mixed response for The Game on that comment, whilst Vince raises his eyebrows in surprise … then fixes his wig a little.

Triple H: In fact, the only thing on my mind?? Is getting my rematch for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Triple H instantly turns his attention to the entrance way, hoping to see Linda enter.

Triple H: Linda, I know you’re here, I know the board have made their decision. What’s it to be?? Do I get my rematch?? Or am I included in the WrestleMania main event??

Small boos for that question.

Triple H: I think I made my argument pretty much decisively last week. I don’t need to go through it again. C’mon Linda, don’t leave me waiting here all night…


Linda McMahon steps through the curtain, and gets a nice pop from the fans. She walks down the aisle, making her way to the ring, deciding to do this face to face, rather than from afar.

The Game smiles, and opens the ropes for the CEO, with Linda obliging, stepping into the ring, and is met with a hug from Shane, and then Stephanie. Linda finally pulls away, looking uncomfortable, and Vince moves forward to hug his wife, but she stops him!!! She lays down the law to Vince, telling him to save it, as she makes her way across the ring, taking a mic from Lillian Garcia. The music dies down, allowing her to speak.

Linda McMahon: Well, thank you for your applause Hershey. I promise I’ll not take too long.

Cheer for Linda, as Triple H eagerly waits to hear the verdict.

Linda McMahon: So lets get down to business.

Triple H smiles, and nods, mouthing ‘lets’.

Linda McMahon: Triple H, last week, you lodged an appeal to the WWE Board of directors concerning your right to a rematch for the World Heavyweight Championship. O-

Boos from the fans, not wanting The Game to get another shot.

Linda McMahon: Over the last eight days, the WWE board have been meeting constantly, each day, discussing your right to a rematch. On Friday evening, after five days of discussion, we were unable to come to a unanimous decision. We reconv-

Triple H interrupts.

Triple H: Whoa, hold on there a second. What do you mean, you couldn’t come to a unanimous decision?? What was there to discuss Linda??

Linda GLARES at Triple H, furious that he just interrupted her.

Linda McMahon: That’s a fair point, but before I answer it, I’d like to remind you that I’m not one of your peers Hunter, I’m the CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, and I don’t appreciate being interrupted.

Cheer for Linda, laying the law to Triple H.

Linda McMahon: You see, the main point of discussion, the main argument between the board was whether your loss warranted a rematch.

Triple H gets set to talk again, but Linda stops him.

Linda McMahon: Ah, ah, ah, ah. Remember what I said. … You see, the board have been split. And reason that some have been against a rematch, or alternatively, you being added to the World Heavyweight Championship Match at WrestleMania, is simply that had it not been for some underhanded … sneaky … and even darn right lucky victories against both John Cena and Christian, you’d never have BEEN World Heavyweight Champion, let alone, retain that title, twice, under shady circumstances, against John Cena.

Cheers from the fans.

Linda McMahon: And you did yourself no favours either when you took on John Cena, on your own, at SuperBrawl in the sixty minute Iron Man Match. A match that you called, and I quote, ‘your type of match’ … and lost.

Pop from the fans as Triple H starts to slowly shake his head.

Linda McMahon: After months of relying on others to help you out and winning, then losing the one night you go out alone, it doesn’t help your case. Sure, as a losing champion in such a close run contest, there is still an argument there that you should be entitled to a rematch … but as I said, the board haven’t been able to reach an agreement.

Triple H starts whispering to Vince, looking concerned.

Linda McMahon: And, as I was saying … on Friday, we failed to reach an agreement. On Saturday, we reconvened, and again, were unable to find a unanimous decision. Therefore yesterday, all sixteen members of the board met again, and after we once again failed to reach a unanimous verdict, it was decided that a majority vote would decide the outcome.

The fans expectation starts to build, as we get a quick shot of the backstage area with a split screen of John Cena and Christian backstage watching the in ring announcement.

Linda McMahon: And the result, is as follows … the WWE board of directors, having failed to reach a unanimous decision regarding Triple H’s appeal for a World Championship rematch have voted … 12 votes to 4 … in favour …

Dramatic pause, as some fans boo, taking too much from the ‘in favour’ bit.

Linda McMahon: … of NOT awarding Triple H a World Heavyweight Championship rematch, nor a place in the WrestleMania 23 main event.

The fans go ape shit!!! Triple H goes berserk!!! Stephanies face drops, whilst Vince and Shane look to each other, dismayed by the decision. The WrestleMania main event is now OFFICIAL!!!

Linda McMahon: Thank you for your time, good night.

**RETRO WRESTLEMANIA** hits again, and Linda exit’s the ring, with Triple H throwing a fit, kicking the ropes, ripping off his jacket and shirt, absolutely livid that he is OUT of the WrestleMania championship picture. The McMahons try to settle The Game down, hoping to calm him in someway, as Linda makes her way out, not even bothering to look back.

Jim Ross: It is official folks, mark your diaries, remember the day, Sunday, March 18, Louisiana Superdome, John Cena versus Christian, for the World Heavyweight Championship - IS ON!!!

The Coach: This is a travesty J.R!!! This is a damn travesty!!! That man earned the spot at WrestleMania!!! This just isn’t fair!!!

Jim Ross: And hey, McMahon better keep calm too, hey Coach?? We wouldn’t want him pulling that hair out now would we??

The Coach: You aren’t funny!! This isn’t a time for joking J.R!! This is serious!!

Jim Ross: Oh, you’ve gotta look on the bright side Coach. And it’s looking pretty rosy from where I’m sitting right now. And if we can get the very angry Triple H out of the ring, who has just suffered a taste of his own medicine by the way, when we come back, six men will compete, and the winner of a sudden death fall will be headed to WrestleMania, as part of the Money in the Bank ladder match!!!


We return from the commercial, with Tyson Tomko and Shelton Benjamin already in the ring, with Cade & Dinsmore entering together on their way to the ring.


Booker T & Elijah Burke also enter together, but are set to compete separately, with both men eyeing a place in the MITB Ladder Match.

Jim Ross: Welcome back to Monday night Raw, we are just moments away from a one fall, sudden death six man contest, every man for himself, and the winner will be heading to New Orleans on March 18 to be a part of the 8 Man Money in the Bank ladder match. Five have been confirmed already - Finlay, Umaga and Randy Orton, M.V.P, and Paul London!!! It’s a highly interesting line up, featuring a former world champion, a rookie, a veteran, a bulldozer and arguably the most exciting prospect in the WWE in Paul London.

The Coach: And they could well be joined by another former world champion in Booker T, or another rookie in Elijah Burke. Interesting mesh of talent J.R. This Money in the Bank sequel could well top the first attempt!!!

Tyson Tomko vs. Shelton Benjamin w/Theodore Long vs. Nick Dinsmore vs. Garrison Cade vs. Booker T vs. Elijah Burke
Real clusterfuck of a contest, with all six men in action at the same time throughout, creating a big mess, with lots of attempted covers being broken up before a count can be made. There are a few highlights, with Shelton Benjamin leaping over the ropes, onto all five opponents, and Burke then following Benjamins lead, splashing from the top rope to the outside onto the rest of the field. Dinsmore and Cade, already being aligned in the New Wave start to work together, and take out the competition, leaving it down to them for a short period, but neither man is able to gain a clear advantage, with both knowing the other too well. Cade scurries to the ropes to stuff Dinsmores attempt at the Cloverleaf, whilst Dinsmore is able to slide off the Razors Edge, having it scouted well too.

Eventually, the rest of the field get back into the match, rendering the New Waves earlier alliance useless. Now though, Booker T & Elijah Burke follow the example of the New Wave, and team together, which allows them to battle it out one on one, but just like with Cade & Dinsmore, they know each other too well, with Booker looking impressed that his protégé has come on well so quickly to hold his own against a veteran of his calibre. Again, the remainder of the field recover, and the match breaks down, with the finish looming near.

Cade blocks a T-Bone attempt from Benjamin, and takes over on him, HITTING THE RAZORS EDGE!!! He covers, 1...2...BROKEN BY DINSMORE!!! Cade and Dinsmore now don’t look to have such a friendly rivalry, and Dinsmores action lead to the two men brawling out of the ring, and out of the equation. Meanwhile, on the outside, Tomko finishes Burkes chances of victory tonight with a sick big boot, turning the rookie inside out!!! He and Booker then take it inside, with Tomko blocking, then fighting out of the Book End, before missing the big boot, AND GETS NAILED WITH A SCISSORS KICK!!! Booker thinks he has it won, but is distracted by Theodore on the apron, chasing him off, and turning around … INTO THE T-BONE EXPLODER!!!! Benjamin comes from nowhere, and hooks the leg, 1...2...3!!!

Winner: Shelton Benjamin @ 07:55

The Black Diamond is headed to Money in the Bank!!!!! Shelton Benjamin takes the final spot from the four offered on Raw, and now has the opportunity to earn The Brotherhood their first ever attempt at the World Heavyweight Title!!! Shelton leaves the ring, and rejoices with his mentor, Theodore Long, as The Brotherhood pick up a huge win for their faction!!! At ringside, The Coach is on his feet, applauding.

The Coach: YES, YES, YES!!!! THAT’S what I’m talking about!!! That’s my boy!!! Shelton Benjamin, the next Mister Money in the Bank!!!

Jim Ross: He’s a heck of a talent, I’ll give him that, it’s just a shame about the company that young man keeps is all. But never the less, six of the eight competitors have now been decided, this years Money in the Bank ladder match is all but set now. A former world champion, Randy Orton, an undefeated wrecking machine Umaga, a cocky rookie in M.V.P, a wily veteran in the shape of Finlay, the quintessential high flying machine, Paul London, and now, a young man on the brink of greatness, Shelton Benjamin. What an array of talent that is.

The Coach: How do you pick a winner J.R?? Do you go for the championship experience of Orton?? Or the man who’s seen it all in Finlay?? Or is it the big Samoan Bulldozer?? Or does the advantage lie with the fearless in London and Benjamin?? Or what about the confidence behind M.V.P?? Everyone has a chance!!!

Jim Ross: And the final piece in that jigsaw will be decided this Friday night, as I can exclusively reveal, here and now, that six men on Smackdown will battle it out, just like six did here tonight, but TWO men will qualify!!! I don’t have any details as yet on who we can expect to see, but be sure to tune in to Smackdown this Friday to find out!!!

We now cut backstage, to Todd Grisham…

Todd Grisham: Ladies and Gentlemen, my guest at this time … the World Heavyweight Champion … John Cena!!!

The fans pop in the background, as a smiling John Cena enters the picture.

Todd Grisham: John, th-

Cena grabs the mic.

John Cena: Excuse me just a second Todd. … HERSHEY??? ARE Y’ALL HERE TO REPRESENT???

Fans pop in the background.

John Cena: I cant hear ya out there, RAISE YO’ VOICE!!!!

Slightly bigger cheer. Cena grins, then holds the title aloft, before proclaiming;

John Cena: The Champ … is HERE!!!

Small pop from the fans, but a couple of boos creep in. Cena smiles, obviously pretending he didn’t hear the boos, and turns to Todd.

John Cena: Now I’m ready Todd. I’m feeling fine and dandy, and happy to be right here in Hershey, and best of all, John Cena is on his way TO THE BIG DANCE!!! WrestleMania Twenty Three!!! Ask me what you want, I’m rarin to go.

Thankfully, Grisham gets down to business, stopping the smiling Champion from breaking into song and dance.

Todd Grisham: John, as you just alluded to, tonight, the CEO of the WWE, Linda McMahon delivered the verdict, and it is now official … on March 18 at WrestleMania 23, you will defend the World Heavyweight Championship against the Royal Rumble winner, Christian.

Pop from the fans.

Todd Grisham: Now that the preparation can now officially begin for WrestleMania, how will your recent friendship with Christian be affected?? Can the two of you remain on the-

Cena shakes his head vehemently, which stops Grisham in his tracks.

John Cena: No Todd. Your information is very wrong my friend. Christian and I?? We’ve never been friends … and we never will be.

Mixed reaction for Cenas comment.

John Cena: Sure, over the last few months, we’ve had … an understanding. We’ve done what was best for ourselves, and if Christian tells you any different?? He’s lyin.

Small pop from the fans, but some boos again.

John Cena: Christian has watched my back, and I’ve watched his, because it was in our best interest. Christian aint brain dead, neither am I. For us to take down the three headed monster … we HAD to stick together.

Cena pauses for a moment, and turns his attention to the camera.

John Cena: Now though, that alliance … that, understanding … make no mistake about it … it’s over.

Very mixed crowd responses.

John Cena: NOW … the countdown IS ONNNN!!! Thirty Four Days … New Orleans, Superdome, 75,000 STRONGGGG!!! On one side, the 2007 Royal Rumble winner, a man whose beaten The Undertaker four times straight, forced Steve Austins retirement, ended Mick Foleys reign as General Manager of Raw, and been a former world champ to boot … Captain Charisma … Christian.

Fans pop for Christian, but there are boos too.

John Cena: On the other … the current, reigning World Heavyweight Champ, a two time Royal Rumble winner, whose beaten the best in the business today, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Randy Orton, The Undertaker, Kurt Angle, Brock Lesnar, and unbeaten on the grandest stage … unbeaten at Wrestle-FREAKIN-Mania … JOHN … CENA.

Pop for Cena, with a couple of boos. Cena calms down, and positions the title belt over his shoulder, and stares into the camera.

John Cena: Thirty four days … Cena versus Christian … there’s a collision course … and it’s headed directly for The Superdome.

Cena stares into the camera, as we fade out.


We return backstage, with Kelly Kelly now standing by.

Kelly Kelly: Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m here with the Number One contender, to get his reaction to John Cena’s comments moments ago. Christian??

The camera now pans to Captain Charisma, to a big response in the background from the fans. Christian shrugs at first, arms folded, before speaking.

Christian: My reaction, huh?? Kelly, after listening to John Cena … I agree.

Initial pop, which disintegrates into a mixed response.

Christian: Cena and I aren’t friends. Never have been, never will be … never want to be.

Christian waits for a reaction from the fans, before continuing.

Christian: As of this moment Kelly, I have only one objective … that’s to win back MY World Heavyweight Championship!!!

Fans cheer in the background.

Christian: And that means, that as of now … John Cena is my biggest enemy.

Mixed reaction.

Christian: Forget any alliance Kelly, that’s dead. It’s over. And y’know, I hear them talking … John Cena and Christian, it’s a collision course. That’s what they’re calling it. Well Kelly, you can call it whatever ya want. Dress it up however ya like … two forces are gonna collide at WrestleMania … and Captain Charisma is the one who’ll come out … champ.

Small pop. Christian now whispers the next line.

Christian: So if ya didn’t know … now ya know.

Christian pounds his chest, now looking to the camera.

Christian: And that’s how I roll.

Fade to ringside…


Theodore Long leads Rodney Mack & Orlando Jordan for the upcoming tag team contest.

Jim Ross: This could get very interesting Coach. We’ve just heard from John Cena and Christian, the two men that will meet at WrestleMania 23, and boy, they didn’t pull any punches.

The Coach: Well, we thought, at least I thought, that these two had forged somewhat of a friendship over the last couple months. We can categorically confirm that wasn’t true. Cena and Christian had a marriage of convenience and nothing more. I just wonder how they can co-exist tonight after what they said about each other.


The fans are on their feet as Captain Charisma enters the arena, pounding his chest, giving his peeps plenty of thanks.

Jim Ross: We are set to find out Coach, the two men that will contest the twenty third main event in WrestleMania history are gonna need to stay on the same page if they want to beat The Brotherhood tonight.

The Coach: Indeed, but I just cant see how they’ll do it. Two huge egos are gonna need to be kept in check.


John Cena bursts onto the stage, full of vibrancy as always, playing to the fans, as we get set for this interesting tag team match up.

Jim Ross: And here comes the champ!!! John Cena is set to team with his WrestleMania opponent, Captain Charisma, Christian, when we come back…


*2nd Hour*

3rd Match:
The Brotherhood w/ Theodore Long & Jazz vs. John Cena & Christian
Short match, joined in progress with the entire focus on Cena and Christian, as we look to see how they can co-exist, with the WrestleMania main event now looming in the distance. The answer, is oddly, still pretty well. The two men, despite their comments moments ago, still team up well, and seem to put WrestleMania to the side to do a professional job, and look to have the match won, with Christian nailing Mack with the Unprettier, and covers, 1...2...THEODORE LONG PUTS THE FOOT ON THE ROPE!!!

Christian then comes after Long, chasing him around the ring, back inside … but runs into the referee, accidentally knocking him down!!! REF BUMP~!! This leads to Mark Henry and Shelton Benjamin now running to the ring, and setting up a 6 on 2 attack, (although Long and Jazz don’t really count). But, lo and behold, this is just an opportunity to put Cena and Christian over, so it’s no surprise that they make a comeback, and fight off The Brotherhood, with the assistance of steel chairs, before Cena delivers the FU to Jordan, making a cover for the recovering referee to count, 1...2...3!!!

Winners: John Cena & Christian @ 06:08

Cena and Christian win!!! The fans are on their feet, as Cena pins Jordan, but the real story is set to unravel … Christian fends off Mack, swinging a chair, with Rodney jumping off the apron to miss the contact. Cena meanwhile, as he gets to his feet, grabs his chair … with both men taking a sneaky look around at the other … AS THEY POSITION THEMSELVES TO HIT THE OTHER WITH A CHAIR … BOTH TURN … AND BOTH SPOTS THE OTHER WITH THE SAME IDEA!!!!!

Both men suddenly stop in their tracks, realising they had both been looking to take the cheap shot!!! Christian points to the chair Cena is carrying, and motions a chair shot, as if to ask if that’s what he had planned, whilst Cena does the exact same thing. The two men keep their distance, coming to the realisation that neither can be trusted any more, as Christian backs off, leaving the ring, with an uneasy tension now firmly brewing between the two men who will headline WrestleMania in less than five weeks time.

Jim Ross: You can feel the tension here Coach. You can feel it simmering. Cena and Christian both had the same heinous idea!!!

The Coach: I love it J.R. We’re finally getting to see the real side of these two beloved fan favourites!!!

Jim Ross: The collision course is on Coach, and by Gawd, these two men almost collided tonight!!

The Coach: It’s a matter of time now J.R!!! Christian and Cena cant wait to rip each others heads off!!!


Backstage, we see the members of the McMahon Family Empire, stood in their private room, sullen faces all around, with Triple H nowhere to be seen.

Shane McMahon: Should someone go and find him?? I mean, where the heck would he have gone??

Vince looks down, unsure what to do, whilst Stephanie shakes her head, sat down in a chair.

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: No. Just let him get it out of his system.

Shane, Vince, Steph and Tomko look around at each other, not sure what to say at this point, all in a low mood following the negative response from the Board of Directors earlier.

Mr. McMahon: Good help the next guy to cross him, huh??

Stephanie looks up at her dad, eyebrows furrowed.

Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley: Good help the next person he sees.

Tomko, arms folded, pipes in.

Tyson Tomko: Cant you appeal the decision??

Vince shakes his head.

Mr. McMahon: No grounds for an appeal. The majority vote sealed t-

Suddenly, we see the door open, averting everyone’s attention … and it’s Brock Lesnar. Lesnar looks across the room, inquisitively looking at the boss.

Brock Lesnar: Well??

Vince tries to reason with the Iron Man, but rolls his eyes, not interested in dealing with him.

Mr. McMahon: Later Brock, please. I’ve a lot on my plate at the moment if you cant already tell??

Brock looks furious, fed up with McMahon after months of broken promises.

Brock Lesnar: No. No more of this. I’ve had it Vince. I want my answers, and I want them tonight!!!

Vince opens his arm, as if to show Brock the rest of the people in the room, and their expressions.

Mr. McMahon: Cant you see I’ve got a lot to deal with here?? Triple H has taken off, and god knows what the hell he is capable of in the mood he’s in.

Lesnar steps right into Vince, looking to unnerve the boss.

Brock Lesnar: … And God knows what I’ll be capable of if I don’t get what I was promised. I want you to make good on your promise Vince. Or else…

Tomko tries to step in, but a glare from Brock Lesnar stops him in his tracks.

Brock Lesnar: No more excuses. I want my WrestleMania opponent by the end of tonight.

Lesnar backs up, and takes a look at the ridiculous wig on Vinces head, shaking his head in shame for his boss, then takes a look around the room, before turning, leaving. The family all shake their heads, at a loss for what to do, at a loss for words, at an extremely low ebb, with no light at the end of the tunnel is seems.

Elsewhere backstage, we see a man, dressed in a sharp suit, carrying a briefcase, wearing a backstage pass, being escorted by a runner to ERIC BISCHOFFS OFFICE. He knocks the door, and hears the call from the office of “COME IN”. He promptly obliges, and closes the door behind him, with the cameras unable to follow…

Back into the arena…


The Heart Break Kid, Shawn Michaels enters the arena, with his WrestleMania match now set in stone following this past weekend, where we found out he will face Mick Foley.

Jim Ross: Ladies and gentlemen, when we come back, the Showstopper is in action, as he takes on the rugged Irishman that loves to fight, Finlay!!!


4th Match:
Shawn Michaels vs. Finlay

Less than stellar match, which is a surprise given the ability of both men. Finlay gains the upper hand early on, taking a few shortcuts from the initial lock up, putting him in charge. He stays on top, using his wily instincts to make sure HBK is unable to muster a comeback. Eventually though, Finlay is unable to keep HBK down, and Michaels proves to the veteran Irishman why he is the Showstopper, building a great comeback, eventually hitting the Flying Elbow, which leads to Michaels tuning up the band … as the little bastard makes an appearance!!!

He jumps into the ring, and runs at HBK … BUT GETS A MINI SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!! The fans cheer / laugh, as the Little Bastard takes a tumble back out of the ring, as Finlay is now back up, and attacks HBK from behind!!! He drags Michaels up, and looks for the Celtic Cross, but HBK avoids it, ducks a clothesline … AND DELIVERS SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!! Michaels makes the cover, 1...2...3!!!

Winner: Shawn Michaels @ 06:12

It’s a by the numbers victory for Michaels, who rolls on towards his scheduled Streetfight @ WrestleMania with the erratic Mick Foley. He salutes his fans, and gets set to leave the ring, until…

**I’M BACK**

Eric Bischoff, the Raw General Manager enters the stage, joined by the suspicious suited man with a briefcase, looking far from happy.

Eric Bischoff: Shawn Michaels, I have an announcement to make, that quite frankly, I’d rather not have to.

Curiosity spreads around the fans, as Bischoff points toward the suited stranger.

Eric Bischoff: This gentleman to my right is Doctor Alfred Keene … Mick Foleys psychiatrist.

Few boos for Foleys doctor.

Eric Bischoff: And earlier today, Doctor Keene met with his patient to examine Mick Foleys state of mind … and the results are not good.

More boos from the fans build in the arena.

Eric Bischoff: Now, in almost all cases, we’re all aware of doctor/patient confidentiality, but as this case involves more than the patient and doctor, I have the unfortunate responsibility to announce that after meetings between Doctor Keene and the WWE Board of Directors earlier this evening … it has been judged that the WWE will not sanction any match involving Mick Foley for the foreseeable future on medical grounds.

Major heat from the fans, whilst HBK stands in the ring, looking to the fans at ringside, looking visibly frustrated.

Eric Bischoff: Therefore, that means … the Streetfight at WrestleMania between Shawn Michaels and Mick Foley … is off.

Bischoff himself seems upset to have to pull the plug on one of the most hotly anticipated matches on this years WrestleMania card. Bischoff turns and walks off, whilst we focus on an angered Shawn Michaels in the ring. J.R & Coach stay silent at ringside.

We now cut backstage immediately, as Eric Bischoff walks through the hall, still looking angry himself heading towards his office, and sees Mister Kennedy stood outside, waiting for the General Manager.

Eric Bischoff: Mister Kennedy. How can I help you??

Kennedy smiles.

Mister Kennedy: At least you know my name then … that’s comforting. It’s shame then that you didn’t see fit to give me a match tonight, or did it just slip your mind??

Kennedy gets in Bischoffs face a little, with Eric staring right back at him.

Eric Bischoff: No match tonight Kennedy. But rest assured, you will be in action next week, in fact, you’ll get the match you’ve been after … your rematch for the Intercontinental Championship against Rey Mysterio.

Kennedy nods.

Mister Kennedy: That’s exactly what I’m after. And now … that’s exactly what I’m gonna get.

Kennedy motions around his waist, then turns and leaves, with his rematch set next week on Raw.


The same Hall of Fame video that played at Saturday Nights Main Event is shown, and revealing the next inductee into the hall of fame as … HULK HOGAN!!!

Jim Ross: We are back live in Hershey, less than five weeks away from WrestleMania 23, but tonight folks, a match that I personally was excited to see, Shawn Michaels and Mick Foley, one on one, tearing the house down in a streetfight … is off. Mick Foleys psychiatrist has ruled that Mick Foleys state of mind is not right, and he has advised the WWE board that Foley should not wrestle for the foreseeable future.

The Coach: Well J.R, we’ve sat here over the past five months or so, and every time we’ve seen Mick Foley, his actions have become stranger and stranger. As much as we both wanted to see those two living legends collide on March 18th, maybe, just maybe, it’s for the best that Foley doesn’t participate.

Jim Ross: Indeed Coach, I have to echo those comments. Mick Foley, quite frankly, hasn’t been Mick Foley in recent times. But folks, none the less, we have much more to offer that should more than make up for the loss of that Streetfight, and of course, one of those matches, is the triple threat WWE Championship match, pitting Rob Van Dam the champion, against Mister Money in the Bank, Edge, and now, after his victory at Saturday Nights Main Event, Chris Jericho!!! RVD has sat atop the mountain for six months now, whilst that whole time, Edge has patiently waited, and waited, and waited some more before finally deciding to cash in on the Grandest stage of ‘em all. Could it be Edges first ever WWE Championship, as the first ever holder of Money in the Bank, in his first ever one on one championship match, at the first ever WrestleMania in New Orleans?? Chris Jericho though, will have something to say about that!!!

The Coach: It’s a lot of firsts, but Edge is long overdue a title shot, that’s for sure. But as Edge cashes in Money in the Bank, eight more men will look to follow in his footsteps this year, Umaga, Finlay, Randy Orton and now Shelton Benjamin from Raw, with Paul London and M.V.P confirmed from the Smackdown side, with one more to come this week on Smackdown to complete that list.

Jim Ross: It is a stacked line up for Money in the Bank Part 2, but moving from stacked to iconic, Kurt Angle takes on The Undertaker!!! How big a match is that. How awesome will it be when Angle and The Deadman lock horns in front of over 70,000 in the Superdome!!!

The Coach: An undefeated streak against a man hell bent on exorcising his demons, I cant wait. Kurt Angle has never been better, he’s on a heck of a roll since his two month lay off in the autumn, and personally, I don’t think The Undertakers WrestleMania streak has ever been in more jeopardy.

Jim Ross: And of course, this past weekend, at Saturday Nights Main Event, Kurt Angle BROKE the ankle of Kane, sending a clear and stark warning to the Undertaker. Kurt Angle will do anything to beat The Phenom in New Orleans.

The Coach: Kurt Angle wont be the only man willing to do anything for victory at WrestleMania J.R, because John Cena, the World Heavyweight Champion, and the 2007 Royal Rumble winner Christian, are headed for a collision course, and earlier tonight both made it clear they’ll do whatever it takes to be victorious.

Jim Ross: And we saw first hand, that both men are willing to back up those comments, with an uneasy showdown earlier following their tag team victory, as both had the same idea, looking to nail each other with a steel chair. The build up is mounting. The time is coming, WrestleMania is less than five weeks away Coach, and I cannot wait.


Paul London, Smackdowns very own ‘Golden Boy’ enters the stage for this one on one spectacle against one of his WrestleMania opponents in the Money in the Bank ladder match.

Jim Ross: He is the most exciting prospect in the WWE, and Paul London has the ultimate opportunity in less than five weeks at WrestleMania to earn himself a title shot for anytime he wants it in twelve months.

The Coach: He sure is exciting, but can he cut it with the best in the business?? Paul London has given many a real scare, but he has yet to do it on a consistent basis. He has a big opportunity to do it tonight against Randy Orton, a former two time World Champion.


Randy Orton enters to heat from the fans, not accompanied by any of his New Wave cronies.

Jim Ross: Two men, on course for the Money in the Bank ladder match, and they go one on one, when we come back.


5th Match:
Randy Orton vs. Paul London

Short match, joined in progress from the commercial, with Orton applying a chinlock to London. The Golden Boy reaches his feet, fighting out of the hold, and putting together a run of moves, bringing the fans to their feet, with Orton in all kinds of trouble, scoring a long two count following a Tornado DDT, with the Career Killer JUST kicking out in time.

The momentum appears to be with London now, and he drops Orton again with a swinging neck breaker, setting himself up for his 450 Splash … BUT ORTON MOVES!!! The finish would appear to be here, as Orton now stalks his prey, looking for the RKO … BUT LONDON DROPS DOWN AND ROLLS UP ORTON … 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Both men jump up quickly, with London ducking under a clothesline, and goes for a Dropsault, but Orton squats him out of the way, THEN CONNECTS WITH THE RKO!!! Orton quickly hooks the leg, 1...2...3!!!

Winners: Randy Orton @ 07:39

Orton wins it with the sudden, deadly RKO!!! The Career Killer is back to his feet, his hand raised in the air, as he looks down at the beaten Paul London, having been given an almighty scare from the spirited Smackdown Golden Boy.

Jim Ross: There you have it. That quick, that sudden, the RKO wins it again for Randy Orton. A phenomenal effort from Paul London, but when Randy Orton connects with that RKO, it doesn’t matter who it is, no one is kicking out.

The Coach: Randy Orton has to be the frontrunner J.R. No one in that Money in the Bank ladder match has the type of pedigree Randy Orton possesses.

Jim Ross: You could say that Coach, but we don‘t know who the final two men from Smackdown will be??

The Coach: Let’s not get started on this again J.R. We all know it’s a wide open eight horse race for the Money in the Bank contract. But my pick, has gotta be Orton after tonight.

Jim Ross: Well, still to come of course, Brock Lesnar will finally find out his opponent for WrestleMania. That’s coming next folks. Who has Mr. McMahon found to take on The Iron Man at the Granddaddy of ‘em all??

We then cut backstage, and see Brock Lesnar, walking with a purpose ahead of the big announcement up next…


We return now, with Todd Grisham backstage with Shawn Michaels.

Todd Grisham: Shawn Michaels, earlier tonight, it was revealed that your match with Mick Foley scheduled for WrestleMania has now been cancelled due to the unfortunate circumstances that Doctor Keene has ruled Mick Foley as not of sound mind. That now leaves you without a match at WrestleMania, and personally, I’d find it unthinkable that you wont compete at the biggest event of the year. In fact, in the last twenty minutes or so, many have speculated that YOU could be the man set to face BROCK LESNAR now on March 18th.

Shawn Michaels: Todd, everyone seems to think that it’s over. Everyone seems to think that my match with Mick Foley at WrestleMania is dead. I don’t. Mick Foley may have a screw or two loose in that old noggin of his, but I don’t think for a second that he’s not in a condition to fight at WrestleMania. And that’s exactly what good ‘ol HBK plans on doing Todd. I’m gonna fight this all the way. I’m gonna fight for this match to happen, and I wont rest until I get it … and if you know anything about me Todd … I always get what I want.

Todd Grisham: Well, with that in mind, what would your reaction be to the strong rumour linking you to being the man scheduled to face Brock Lesnar on March 18th??

HBK shows a small smile, and shakes his head.

Shawn Michaels: I’ll face that big oaf anytime, anyplace, anywhere Todd … except for March 18, at WrestleMania, in New Orleans. The only man I want at The Superdome is Mick … Foley. I know Foley wants it, we all know that. Well now, we’re all gonna find out just how much yours truly wants it too.

Michaels puts his hand on Grishams shoulder, smiling again.

Shawn Michaels: If that means I have to cause trouble, stir the pot and create all sorts of anarchy, I’ll do it. As far as I’m concerned … it’s on.

Shawn turns and walks off, leaving Grisham to contemplate his words.

We return to the arena, at ringside with J.R & Coach.

Jim Ross: You heard it from the man himself Coach, Shawn Michaels has not given up on his quest to face Mick Foley at WrestleMania!!!

The Coach: But what lengths will Michaels go to?? And ultimately, will it matter what he does?? Mick Foley has beenwithdrawn for medical reasons, and there is nothing the WWE can do about it!!!

Jim Ross: We’ll certainly find out next week, and folks, not one, but TWO championship matches have been signed for next weeks Raw, when we come to you from San Jose. The first, as we heard earlier will be a SuperBrawl rematch, as Mister Kennedy gets a second bite at Rey Mysterio for the Intercontinental Championship, whilst MNM will once again be forced to defend their World Tag Team Titles against the challengers they cant shake off, Straight Edge!!! Eric Bischoff has viewed the controversial end to their match tonight, and has signed the rematch, only this time … no count outs, no disqualifications!!! There must be a winner!!!

The Coach: Thank God J.R!!! Finally MNM can show the world just how overrated Straight Edge are!!! No more second chances after next week!!!

Jim Ross: But that’s not all!! Also next week, John Cena and Christian, the respective world champion and the Royal Rumble winner will make it official. Both men will sign on the dotted line next week, in an official contract signing for the main event at WrestleMania 23!!!

The Coach: And if tonight is anything to go by, expect fireworks baby boy.


Brock Lesnar storms onto the stage, walking with a purpose, straight to the ring, as we enter the overrun.

Jim Ross: And here comes the pain Coach!!! Brock Lesnar will find out his opponent on March 18, any minute now. But who will Mr. McMahon deliver??

The Coach: We’ve heard the rumours all week J.R, many names from Smackdown such as Chris Jericho, RVD if he were to lose the WWE Championship and others were tossed around, even a couple from right here on Raw like Rey Mysterio, not to mention the Immortal Hulk Hogan, who we know now will be part of the Hall of Fame ceremony, ruling him out.

Jim Ross: JBL was mentioned, but he is definitely out for another couple of months, and Kane also was a name tossed around, but he too is now out injured. But suddenly, Shawn Michaels has become a front runner, following his match with Mick Foley being shelved earlier tonight. For Mister McMahons sake, he better have a big name, because Brock Lesnar will settle for nothing less.

In the ring, Lesnar is handed a mic, with his music dying down.

Brock Lesnar: I’m done waiting Vince. As far as I’m concerned, you’ve had more than enough time to hold up your end. The waiting is over. Get out here, and give me my match at WrestleMania.

Lesnar makes his statement short and sweet, slamming the mic down, waiting for his answer…


Mister McMahon leads out his son Shane, Tyson Tomko and Stephanie, with Vince still wearing his ridiculous wig, power walking down the ramp, looking more confident as he strides towards Lesnar who stands waiting in the ring. The McMahon Family Empire, minus Triple H enter the ring, with Vince looking overly confident, giving the mood Lesnar is in. McMahon is handed a mic from Lillian Garcia, as the music dies down. Vince has a beaming smile on his face, as he turns to Lesnar.

Mr. McMahon: Okay, okay. I’ve got your opponent Brock. Oh boy, I’ve got your opponent alright.

Lesnar rips the mic from Vince, with McMahons face dropping suddenly.

Brock Lesnar: Just cut the crap, and get his ass out here.

Vince smiles again, and takes the mic back.

Mr. McMahon: I’m gonna give you one last chance Brock. You don’t have to do this. You don’t want to commit … career suicide. By facing this man, that’s exactly what you’re gonna do. What’s it to be??

Brock is given the mic again, and he gets in Vinces face.

Brock Lesnar: You must think I’m stupid Vince. You must think I don’t have a brain. I’m a lot smarter than you think Vince. I KNOW who it is, it doesn’t take a genius to work it out. GET HIS ASS OUT HERE … NOW!!!

Vince smiles, and holds his arm out, towards the stage…

Mr. McMahon: Be careful what you wish for Brock … be very careful …


IT’S TRIPLE H!!! TRIPLE H IS BROCK LESNARS OPPONENT AT WRESTLEMANIA!!! The Game bursts onto the stage, wielding his trusty sledgehammer, looking ready to maim someone, having not gotten his way earlier tonight. He storms down the ramp, with Lesnar eagerly waiting for The Game to hit the ring, WHEN SUDDENLY, LESNAR TURNS, AND NAILS TOMKO!!! He then clotheslines Shane, as Stephanie runs for cover!!!

Lesnar sensed a sneak attack from the McMahon Family Empire, and got them before they got him!!!

Vince is left standing in the ring, holding a steel chair, and runs toward Lesnar with it, but Brock blocks the chair, and overpowers him for it, SMASHING THE CHAIRMAN, BENDING THE CHAIR OVER HIS HEAD!!!

Triple H stands at the apron, contemplating whether or not to get inside, as he watches Brock Lesnar clean house!!! Tomko is back up, and comes at Lesnar … BUT GETS HURLED WITH A SICK BELLY TO BELLY!!!

Shane now tries to pull his Dad from the ring, but Brock stamps on Shanes hand, stopping him from helping his father to safety, as The Game continues to watch from the outside at his WrestleMania opponent.

In the ring, Lesnar drags Vince back up, holding him up to keep him on his feet, and RIPS THE WIG OFF HIM … EXPOSING VINCES BALD HEAD!!!!!

The fans pop big time for the big reveal, and Lesnar throws Vince onto his shoulders effortlessly, pointing at The Game, yelling in his direction … AND DELIVERS THE F5 TO MISTER MCMAHON!!!!!

The fans are on their feet as The Iron Man creates all kinds of carnage, as he sends a clear message to his WrestleMania opponent, Triple H. The McMahons now are able to pull their Father to safety, as Brock picks up a mic, grabbing The Games attention.

Brock Lesnar:
Be careful what I wish for, huh?? I just got exactly what I wanted!!!

The fans cheer, as Lesnar continues.

Brock Lesnar: Triple H!!! HERE … COMES … THE PAIN!!!

It’s another raucous pop, as Lesnar makes sure he’s got the attention of The Game.

Brock Lesnar: I’ll see you … at WrestleMania!!!

The fans pop big time, as it’s official - BROCK LESNAR WILL FACE TRIPLE H AT WRESTLEMANIA 23!!!

Jim Ross: GOOD GOD!!! Brock Lesnar will meet Triple H - for the FIRST TIME EVER - at the Showcase of the Immortals!!! And by Gawd, Brock Lesnar just tore through the McMahon Family Empire here tonight!!!

The Coach: But he didn’t get his hands on the man he wanted … he didn’t get a hand on Triple H tonight.

Jim Ross: But he will Coach … on March 18 he will. Triple H cant hide at WrestleMania!!!

The Coach: I just cant believe it J.R … BROCK LESNAR WILL FACE TRIPLE H!!!

Jim Ross: By Gawd, things just got interesting Coach. The Road to WrestleMania just took a heck of a turn, and there is no going back now!!! What a stunning moment!!!

The McMahon Family Empire struggle up the ramp, holding up Vince, as Triple H just stands at the ringside area, locking eyes with Brock Lesnar, who stands on the middle turnbuckle, mouthing at his WrestleMania opponent, as we go off the air…



Current Card for WWE Wrestle Mania XXIII:

Date: 18th March 2007
Location: Superdome, New Orleans, Louisiana
Event Music: U2 & Green Day; The Saints are Coming & Killers; Sams Town

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
World Heavyweight Champion, John Cena vs.
2007 Royal Rumble Winner, Christian

WWE Championship; Triple Threat Match:
WWE Champion, Rob Van Dam vs.
Mr. Money in the Bank, Edge vs.
‘Highlight of the Night’ Chris Jericho

United States Championship Match:
Brent Albright vs. Batista

Money in the Bank Ladder Match:
M.V.P vs. Umaga vs. Paul London vs. Finlay vs. ??? vs. Randy Orton vs. ??? vs. Shelton Benjamin

Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar

The Irresistible Force vs. The Immovable Object:
Kurt Angle vs. The Undertaker

Mick Foley vs. Shawn Michaels

Hall of Fame Ceremony 2007;
Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, Mike Tyson (Celebrity Inductee)

WrestleMania Event Banner; Crazian
Match Banners; Rocker
MITB Gif; Whoever provided Legend with his


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Re: Being The Booker

Soooo… JR and the Coach were running down the card while the wrestlers were coming out. It doesn’t feel right to me, but since it is realistic... also, I loved the ending to this match, with the near pinfall and the shinning wizard. I think its very desperate for Melina and Mercury. In fact, since Melina got involved, shouldn’t that technically be a DQ?

I don’t think they would have an in-ring segment right after the opening match. Not with a main eventer like Hunter. They usually do that at the top of the show, or at the halfway mark. Think about it: if you’re at the top of the show, you wanna leave the fans waiting for the big announcement. The balding fat ass part was pretty funny. I don’t think it would happen, but a bit of comic relief here and there never hurts. I like how Linda talks a little before telling her official decision. I honestly expected HHH to get the title shot, but I’m kinda glad he didn’t (actually, I don’t care either way. Just as long as my boy Christian is in the spotlight). I guess this means you have other plans for Hunter (keep in mind, I’ve already read the entire show, so I know what’s gonna happen).

I hate seeing Shelton in the MITB picture. It’s just not right, tbh. But, where else you gonna put him? Just as long as he doesn’t win, I’m fine.

I like how Cena ran down he and his opponent’s resume. Very convincing interview.

I’m wondering why you would put a Christian interview directly after a Cena interview. Weird. Anyway, Christian FTW. No just because he’s my favorite wrestler, but because Cena’s had enough attention in your thread.

I like how Cena and Christian “put over” the Brotherhood, but confront each other with chairs afterwards. Good way to build the tension and the eventual brawl.

Brock coming in almost made it too obvious. Honestly. “I want my Wrestlemania opponent… tonight!”

I don’t see HBK connecting with a “mini sweet chin music.” Its just not believable. But a Michaels win was expected… the announcement afterwards… not so much. I suppose you’ve got something bigger for Michaels/Foley (you better).

Kennedy in the IC picture? Really? Why can’t you just get with the crowd and put him in a Wrestlemania main event match? In any case, Kennedy beats Mysterio in a close match plz.

One of the things I love about the MITB: you get to see inter-promotional matches like this one. I like the back and forth near the end with the 450, the roll-up, and the eventual RKO, etc. Oh, wait… is this the main event?

I like how you speculate that Lesnar could be facing Michaels now. That leaves us to wonder. But what’s this? I see Shawn Michaels is gonna do something drastic here. Hmmm…

Thank God for the No DQ tag team title match. This ensures a straight edge win.

WOW. Triple H and Lesnar? I never saw it coming. This actually sounds like an enjoyable match. Do you really think McMahon could take a chair shot like that? Even with hair… oh wait. It’s a wig. That makes sense. I hope to see a little conflict from the McMahons and Triple H, considering Hunter didn’t come in to make the save.

One final question: March 18th is kinda early for ‘Mania, don’t you think?

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Re: Being The Booker

Raw Feedback

Big tag team championship match to pen the show, and what a way for things to go down. Poor Straight Edge as I suspected have lost again, this time via count out. They shouldn’t be to depressed though, as I am sure that come ‘Mania we will have new World Tag Team Champions. Opening with style is what this is though, hopefully the show continues with this momentum, as this was one of the main things about the preview which stood out to me.

Linda McMahon doesn’t know how to walk with a purpose, that would require some sort of a personality.

Vince McMahon, god he is friendly. LOL, the baldness thing is still something I don’t really like, and, well, hopefully this whole wig charade doesn’t last to long because it is just generic stuff, and I have come to expect better. Anyway the rest of McMahon talking was all just cheap heat stuff, seemed like a bit of a waste really, but who cares, Triple H is the one we want to hear talk.

Triple H, short and sharp, I guess he did prove his point last week with that epic tirade, I loved the first comment by Triple H stating that he doesn’t care about Vince’s cure for baldness. Could it be the start of some dissention amongst the ranks? I think so. At this stage I can see Triple H losing at ‘Mania and then distancing himself from McMahon for a while.

Linda McMahon was perhaps the most charismatic character in the whole promo and that scares me. I like how she took no shit from Vince when she stepped into the ring, and then no shit from Triple H when he interrupted her. Triple H does not get a title shot, and, well, even though it added anticipation in the world of this thread, I think deep down not one person expected Triple H to get a rematch, as he officially belongs to Brock Lesnar.

Big Contest with everyone fighting to see who can get into the Money in the Bank and Shelton Benjamin gets it. Please don’t tell me your one of those Benjamin marks who is going to make him win MITB, and later the World Heavyweight Championship. He would be good for some spots in the MITB match itself, but please, keep him away from the title.

Nice John Cena interview here Wolf, you always seem to do him so well in this face persona. This interview was all hype, but I like how he mentioned the alliance is over, perhaps alluding to what I was in the preview and that is that things are finally going to pick up between the two men.

Christian interview straight after Cene was kind of a shock, but I guess they both needed to be interviewed before they try and team up later in the night. As I said both men’s eyes are firmly set on ‘Mania, so perhaps they come to blows tonight. The excitement is killing me.

Nice win for Cena and Christian you put them over well and this is probably better then having them lose, which is what I thought was going to happen. I mean you always want to keep your main event looking strong right? After the match was awesome with both men having the same idea with the chair, this is the tension that I was talking about and this in the coming weeks is what is going to make your ‘Mania main event epic.

Hmmmm, none of the McMahon’s seem impressed and I wonder where Triple H is. Perfect timing for the Lesnar appearance and I am sure he will find Triple H, and make a statement before the night is through.

Man in a sharp suit… Interesting…

Shawn Michaels with a relatively easy win over Finlay and, really this was just a way to put over Michaels before his match with Foley at ‘Mania. I was expecting an appearance from Foley but we didn’t get one, and now Bischoff and this suited guy come out. I wonder what is up with this guy?

Eric Bischoff calling off the match for ‘Mania? We all know this is bullshit the match will eventually take place, this is just a little swerve in the path.

Mr Kennedy’s new personality is okay, but with the personality change weeks like this where he is not on the show in a major capacity are really going to hurt his momentum.

Randy Orton gets the win over Paul London and, well, to be honest, I am kind of relieved. I understand London is and up and coming talent in this thread, but he is still not at the level of Orton and London and that my friend is the TRUTH.

Shawn Michaels defying authority. Stirring the pot. 1997 please.

Here we go, Lesnar is out keeps it short and here comes Vinnie Mac…

Fucking epic ending with Triple H comint out with the sledge hammer looking all bad ass, only for Lesnar to turn things around. Seriously, Wolf it was an awesome ending.

Overall another quality show on the road to ‘Mania good work bbud.

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Re: Being The Booker

RAW Feedback, courtesy of the nitpicker

- Personally, I would have preferred for RAW this week to have kicked off with something McMahon/Cena/Christian-related after the ending to SNME, but nonetheless, a World Tag Team Championship match is always good to see. I think we all expected some sort of screwy finish but it was perfect and continues the storyline that justice will finally be served at WrestleMania.

- @ GOD, aka. Mr. McMahon. I loved how he covered up being shaved bald and the characterisation here was spot on. “All of you folically challenged people out there should be hailing me!!! I’ve cured baldness!!!” was THE line of the night. I can’t say much for Triple H as he didn’t really say much. Despite Linda McMahon being such a boring and dull character to work with, you did a good job of using her to build up to that one moment of “NOT” for Triple H. This pretty much confirms Lesnar vs. Triple H at WrestleMania. I really enjoyed reading this segment.

- LOL, I always laugh when I see Booker T on a show in your thread. Anyway, it was nice to see Shelton win here and no surprise to see Booker do the job (AGAIN!). Benjamin in MITB will be good for sure, although I seriously doubt Shelton Benjamin is anywhere near becoming a world champion, both IRL and in this thread.

- Cena’s interview was alright, and as usual in character, but nothing spectacular.

- I really didn’t like the decision to have a Christian interview immediately after Cena’s one. Even with a commercial break, that never happens and rightfully so. There should’ve been a few more segments before Christian’s reply.

- Decent tag team contest with Cena and Christian obviously going over. I liked the aftermath, although I hope we do see some actual physicality between the two and not too many “will he attack him?” scenarios (I think you know what I mean).

- Interesting Brock/Vince segment; nothing special, but not bad either. You continue to build Lesnar/Trips, and the fact that Triple H wasn’t here suggests a set-up for later tonight to me.

- I’m not going to even comment on Michaels/Finlay since there isn’t really anything to say. I thought this Bischoff promo was decent, and the fact you said “the WWE will not sanction any match...” confirms to me that Foley/HBK will be back on later tonight or next week as an Unsanctioned match.

- Kennedy/Bischoff was okay. I’ll comment now on this Kennedy situation. I think it’s alright that you want to repackage Kennedy somewhat by getting rid of his old “KEN-NAH-DAY” persona, but at the moment, some of his lines are coming across as generic. This might just be because as a character he is in a “transition stage” at the moment, so hopefully, we’ll see some more edge/character to Kennedy soon.

- Orton’s sudden victory over London was the perfect way to sell the RKO and in fact Orton’s character of being able to catch you within an instant. I would’ve said it kind of made London look weak, but I’m not expecting him to go anywhere in this thread and IRL so it doesn’t matter.

- I liked Michaels promo and I think it was the best of the night, tbh. As I said earlier, I expect the unsanctioned match announcement to come next week. I really like the way you’re building this feud in particular, as much like the Tag Title feud, you’re dragging it out to the point where the audience is desperate to see the face get his hands on the heel.

- The Lesnar/Vince segment was undoubtedly the segment of the night for me. After months of building and building toward this turn, you finally pulled the trigger and at exactly the right moment. Originally, I thought the plan would be for the McMahons to ambush Lesnar and get the upper hand to end the show but now that I read this, I preferred it to that scenario. Great ending.

There were a few things here and there I didn’t like such as two interviews back to back and a few of the promos, but in general, the show was alright. It wasn’t your best though. WrestleMania is shaping up to be an amazing card, and the build up is going well. Keep it up great grandfather.
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Re: Being The Booker

Raw Review:

Finally, it looks like we are going to see MNM battle Straight Edge in a traditional contest, with the Tag Titles on the line. Glad that you see these two teams as being so evenly matched, with them trading the advantage early before Santino and Melina get themselves involved, making Punk miss the tag to Helms! Gregory finally does get the tag and now he comes in and dominates, even hitting the Shining Wizard on Nitro, but then gets pulled out of the ring! Somehow, Punk and Helms take the bait and end up outside the ring, as Helms tries to get back in but his held by Mercury and Melina, getting counted out! Another cheap way for MNM to retain, but at least we got a decent match this week. It’s obvious that this is going to end at WM23, so I am looking forward to when the match is announced.

Good way for Vince to get over even more as a heel, as nothing gets the crowd going more than having their intelligence insulted before they are told they’re an embarrassment. But now we get to what really needs to be seen, and that is the decision on Hunter’s Title shot. Linda wastes no time coming on down to the ring, as it sounds like she is going to make the decision right now. Obviously the board wasn’t going to come to a unanimous decision, and I think the points that Linda made were all true. Triple H never won the Belt on his own, and never successfully retained without the help of other wrestlers. Finally, Cena beat him when he went out on his own. TRIPLE H IS OUT OF THE TITLE PICTURE! I’m very glad to see this, as we need to have Cena and Christian wrestle one-on-one, because then we can find out who the best truly is. Triple H is pissed beyond belief and that doesn’t help whoever is going to face him at WM23 (Lesnar?). With the decision ruling against Hunter, it was good that it was announced early in the show, because now he probably will do something later on in the night.

Didn’t expect much less than a complete free-for-all, as this was a good way to get the midcard on Raw some much needed attention. Dinsmore and Cade work together early and look like they are going to win the match, but they’re too evenly match and that allows everyone else back into the match. Booker and Elijah do the same thing as Nick and Garrison, but again a winner cannot be decided. Liked the end of the match, as Shelton gets hit with the Razor’s Edge, and then it comes down to just Booker and Tomko, with Booker taking the big man down. Booker thinks he has the match won, but Teddy distracts him and Shelton hits the T-Bone! I figured Benji would get the win, because we need an athlete like him in MITB. Sounds intriguing with the way the final two SD! spots will be filled, can’t wait to see how that goes down.

Uh, Cena is so annoying when he is trying to “get the crowd pumped”. I’m glad you acknowledged all the boos, because I’d definitely be one of the people booing “The Champ”. Cena starts to get even more boos when he says that he and Christian have never been friends and they never will be. I like how he says they merely worked together to stop the MFE, and now that they’re out of the picture, the friendship is over. Gonna be a fantastic match on Match 18th, as these two are the best young studs that you have.

The 2007 Rumble winner pretty much says that same thing that Cena just did, so I’m glad to see that the feeling between them is mutual. I sense maybe a few turns by both men, with neither going heel, but just something to get the crowd more interested in the WM23 Main Event. As if it isn’t interesting enough already.

I didn’t really expect anything different in the match between Christian and Cena. They were obviously still gonna work well together and I think it was good to see them get all the attention, as I’m sure you’ll hype the hell out of their match now that it’s official. Put them over even more by having them fend off the entire Brotherhood stable, as Cena ends up getting the pin to pick up the victory. Now the interesting things start to happen, as both men look to hit the other with a chair … but neither man does! Too early for chair shots, imo, and now it looks like both men will be looking over their shoulder. Good way to get this feud rolling, tbh.

Looks like the decision by the Board will be affecting the entire MFE, huh? I understand why they are all in such a foul mood, but Lesnar deserves to know who his opponent for WM23 is. The end of the night makes me think it’s gonna be someone big … and the only person that can be is Triple H. Should be interesting to see how it plays out.

Someone called into Bischoff’s office? Intriguing…

Surprised that a match with guys as talented as HBK and Finlay didn’t get that much time, as I’d have liked to see how long the Irishman could hang with the Showstopper. Classic comeback for the face HBK, as he goes through the motions. Mini SCM to the lil’ Bastard was an added plus, and then Michaels hits Finlay after reversing the Celtic Cross. Mick Foley’s psychiatrist comes to Bischoff and now the Streetfight is OFF!? Gotta believe that this is gonna get turned around within the next few weeks, and I know you always give us a few surprises on the Road to WM. Interested to see where this ends up going.

The Title will be put on Kennedy this time. No more wins for the midget, imo. Thank you.

I’m pleased to see London get another big one-on-one match, as he hasn’t had one in quite some time. Match length was a little bit shorter than I’d hoped for, but I guess you can only give them the time you can afford. London keeps it interesting, as he always seems to do, but he has fallen since his epic matches with Triple H late year. I guess I never really expected to see him go much higher, as I didn’t see him as World Title caliber, but he’s been a little bit lackluster. Since Orton hit the RKO so quickly and out of nowhere, London still looks good, but Randy looks like the odds on favorite to win MITB. That’s why I don’t see it happening, tbh. I see London as the possible dark horse, but I need to see who qualifies on Friday before I make a pick. Just don’t see Orton getting it, he’s been built to much, we need a shock win, imo.

As I said earlier, there’s no way that the match between Foley and Michaels is off for WM23. I say it gets re-signed in two weeks, just to add some flavor to the match. Mick will do something to hurt Shawn and it will be determined that he can wrestle. Gonna be cool to see the HBK of old going out there and raising some good old hell until he gets what he wants.

Lesnar comes out to the ring acting all business, as we know what this is about. Vince comes right down to the ring with everyone except Hunter (wonder why?). Vince says that facing this man will be career suicide for Lesnar, and as if we didn’t already know this was coming … TRIPLE H VS. BROCK LESNAR AT WRESTLEMANIA 23~!! Huge news and it looks like Triple H is ready to give Brock a little preview … but Lesnar senses the sneak attack! Brock just cleaned house and I’m sure that this one will be built around the fact that these two men are animals. Great way for Lesnar’s match to be revealed, as Hunter didn’t get what he wanted earlier, but now we have a sure-fire classic lined up for WM23.

A very good edition of Raw, really got me ready for WM23. Everything served a purpose and now we have our Raw Semi-Main Event lined up, as Triple H and Lesnar are gonna put on a brutal match. Can’t wait for the first FULL Smackdown! in who knows how long. Still a very entertaining BTB.


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Re: Being The Booker

Thanks for the response to Raw. Hopefully the wait for the inevitable Lesnar / Triple H announcement was worth it.

I just want to address a couple of things first, before posting the Smackdown preview.

First and foremost; I'll be returning reviews over the course of the weekend. For those of you currently inactive, I'll even throw some credits your way for the continued support . As always, it's greatly appreciated.

Off the top of my head, few points to make that were brought up about Raw; Having the big announcement in the second segment might seem like a bad spot, but I felt that after five weeks of shows opening with a promo involving, or concerning the McMahon Family Empire, it was about time to kick things off with something different. I didnt want the angle to lead into the second hour, as the Cena/Christian angle was in need of promotion, and, the McMahon Family Empire angle was also closing out the show.

I also see the point about having Cena and Christian interviews back to back. Normally I'd agree, but I was looking to have a direct response to the comments from Cena, and to me, seemed like something different to do, rather than having the Cena interview, then a match, then the Christian interview.

Dont read too much into Mick Foleys doctor. One time appearance for that guy.

March 18th is early for WrestleMania, but not unheard of. Granted the last four, and this years have all been on the last Sunday of March or the first Sunday of April, but WrestleMania XX was March 14, WrestleMania 18 was March 17 that year.

Again, thanks for the replies Gentlemen. As stated, I'll look to return them over the weekend, or dish out points for those who arent active

Massive Implications
Friday Night Smackdown Preview:

The Road to WrestleMania hit high gear last Saturday night on the Smackdown Brand, but this Friday, the journey reaches a major crossroads.

Whilst the match between Kurt Angle and The Undertaker is confirmed, and WWE Championship picture is now clear; the champion Rob Van Dam now meets BOTH Chris Jericho and Mister Money in the Bank Edge in the first ever triple match in WrestleMania history for the WWE Championship - other paths do not seem so cut and dry.

That all changes this week on Smackdown.

The two remaining places in the eight man Money in the Bank ladder match will be decided, after Chris Jericho forfeited his spot, having earned the right to compete for the WWE Championship. Six men, just like on Raw, will compete; only two men will qualify over two falls. Whilst the winner of the first fall gets to soak up the glory and watch on as the others battle it out; the loser of the opening fall will see his dreams fade instantly, with no second chance to redeem himself. WWE veterans, Hardcore Holly & William Regal are joined by former United States Champion Charlie Haas, the rejuvanted Carlito, the Masterpiece Chris Masters and second generation rookie, Cody Rhodes. Which of these two men will move on and chase a shot of glory at WrestleMania in just over four weeks time??

And those six men aren't the only men gambling on a shot at glory on March 18; four teams will also be battling it out in a fatal four way tag team contest, which will determine which duo will challenge Americas Most Wanted for the coveted WWE Tag Team Championships in New Orleans next month. Whilst the reunited Hardy Boys have made it their mission to take the titles from the champions, three other teams stand in their way of making their dream come true; Deuce & Domino, Trevor & Festus Murdoch and Cryme Tyme. Will the experience of Matt & Jeff see them overcome the three upstart teams??

With opportunites to be seized from the first two matches, two champions will be battling to hold onto their precious gold.

Brent Albright, the United States Champion, scheduled to meet Batista at WrestleMania 23, has been knocked for six with the revelation during the week on that on Friday Night Smackdown, he must defend his championship against Bobby Lashley!! Albright had all sights set on his WrestleMania debut as United States Champion, but now, with a huge task in front of him, could those dreams be fading ... or indeed, faded by the time Friday Night comes to a close??

And, fresh off ruining a #1 Contenders match at Saturday Nights Main Event, Kid Kash has been thrust straight into a title defence this week on Smackdown, facing Chavo Guerrero - the man he cheated to keep the belt just two weeks ago. Smackdown GM, Arn Anderson is rumoured to be getting frustrated with the antics of the Cruiserweight Champion, and he has promised to confront Kash this week on Smackdown, and issue severe punishment for his actions. What could 'The Enforcer' have up his sleeve for the Notorious K-I-D??

As if all that wasnt enough, Double A has also put together a huge tag team main event, which will see WWE Champion RVD team up with Chris Jericho to meet Edge and the hometown boy, Kurt Angle. Edge will surely be after redemption following his bitter loss to Jericho at Saturday Nights Main Event, and there has been no love lost between Van Dam and Jericho either. Then of course, there is Kurt Angle, fresh off breaking the ankle of Kane this past weekend at Saturday Nights Main Event. The Olympic Hero will be determined to keep his electric run on course towards WrestleMania, and it's unlikely Angle will care if he breaks another ankle this Friday; even if it means scuppering the Smackdown main event on March 18.


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