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Re: Being The Booker

Official Card for WWE Saturday Nights Main Event:
Date: 10th February 2006
Location: Wachovia Centre, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Event Music: POD, Lights Out

WWE Championship Match Decider:
- If Chris Jericho wins, he makes title match a triple threat at WrestleMania -
- If Edge wins, Jericho is out of title equation at WrestleMania -
Special Guest Referee; WWE Champion, Rob Van Dam
Chris Jericho vs. Edge

5 on 2 Handicap Match:
- If John Cena and Christian win, Mr. McMahon must perform a forfeit -
- If The Family Empire win, John Cena and Christian will join the kiss my ass club -
Triple H, Brock Lesnar, Tyson Tomko, Shane & Vince McMahon
vs. Christian & John Cena

Cruiserweight Championship #1 Contenders Match:
Brian Kendrick vs. Super Crazy

Womens Championship Match:
Melina vs. Alexis Laree

WrestleMania Warm Up Match:
Kurt Angle vs. Kane

Money in the Bank Competitors Tag Match:
Finlay & Randy Orton vs. M.V.P & Paul London


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Re: Being The Booker

WWE News and Notes:

There are said to be a number of superstars on tenterhooks as of late, as impending rumours of a 'clearout' of talent following WrestleMania continues to build. With a number of new faces debuting, or set to debut, such as the recent arrivals of Cody Rhodes, Harry Smith, Santino Marella and Paul Burchill, many of the guys on the lower end of the scale are now in fear of losing their jobs. No cuts are expected to be made until after the March 18 event though.

One superstar not worrying about his job safety is Booker T. It's been reported that the veteran has scoffed at suggestions of signing a new contract, and plans on leaving the company once his current deal runs out in the summer, with a jump to TNA likely. Booker has been increasingly frustrated with his limited TV time as of late, initially holding high hopes for his tag team with Elijah Burke, but since seeing a lack of time on Raw, Booker has decided to pursue other avenues.

Meanwhile, Rob Van Dam is also another name yet to put pen to paper on a new deal. The current WWE Champion has stalled on negotiations, but unlike Booker T, RVD is not intending on jumping to any rival promotion. Van Dam is said to be pondering taking a prolonged break from the ring once his current deal expires in June. There had been some rumours circulating that Van Dam would be pulled from the WrestleMania title match and drop the WWE Championship to Chris Jericho, but it appears the company has kept faith with him, having been impressed with how he has coped with the companies major title.

As of now, there is not set to be any musical performance at WrestleMania. Attempts to bring in U2 or Green Day to perform the WrestleMania theme has proven unsuccessful, whilst The Killers are unavailable to perform at the event. Talks to sign up Britney Spears, a Louisiana native, to open the show with America The Beautiful have not gone as planned, with Britney going through many personal problems at present (Wolf Beast note; and she's about to shave her head in real time at this point, so dont expect her to show at WM).

Bobby Lashley has been continuing to try and fight through his injury in recent weeks, but his performances have steadily declined as a result of the problem. It's thought Lashley will need surgery, meaning he will miss out on WrestleMania altogether.

Another superstar in likely need of surgery is Kane. The Big Red Machine has struggled with a number of injuries since his return at last years WrestleMania, and some rumours have suggested that Glen Jacobs may even call it a day, with the injuries racking up, having never fully recovered from his torn quad in April '05. It is thought he will at least be taking a long break from the ring in the near future.

With Smackdown set to suffer somewhat of an exodus in the coming months; Chris Jericho is set to tour with Fozzy over the summer months, RVD is stalling on signing a new contract, The Undertaker isnt a weekly feature of the show, The Rock is unlikely to return anytime soon, Lashley and Kane are both injured, and JBL is said to be behind schedule with his return, the upcoming draft, set for a week following WrestleMania will see a number of Raw stars moving to Smackdown and help boost the star power of the show.




WWE Saturday Nights Main Event:
10th February 2006
Location: Wachovia Centre, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Event Music: POD, Lights Out

WWE Championship Match Decider:
- If Chris Jericho wins, he makes title match a triple threat at WrestleMania -
- If Edge wins, Jericho is out of title equation at WrestleMania -
Special Guest Referee; WWE Champion, Rob Van Dam
Chris Jericho vs. Edge
Can the Highlight of the Night force his way into title contention and beat Edge to seal a triple threat match for the WWE Championship at WrestleMania?? This time last year Jericho fell short of his goal to main event the Showcase of the Immortals, but can he avenge that bitter defeat twelve months ago, and earn the opportunity to fight for the title on March 18??

5 on 2 Handicap Match:
- If John Cena and Christian win, Mr. McMahon must perform a forfeit -
- If The Family Empire win, John Cena and Christian will join the kiss my ass club -
Triple H, Brock Lesnar, Tyson Tomko, Shane & Vince McMahon
vs. Christian & John Cena
It's put up or pucker up for the World Champion and the Royal Rumble winner this Saturday. The two men scheduled to meet in The Big Easy on March 18 will align once again to settle the score with the McMahon Family Empire. They may have strength in numbers, but can Triple H and Brock Lesnar co-exist?? It's a match that Triple H dare not lose, needing a victory over either Cena or Christian to solidify his claim for a spot in the World Title match at WrestleMania. The McMahon Family Empire will be hell bent on revenge after John Cena and Christian ruined the wedding of the year on Raw, and what better way to get it than to make the two biggest stars on Raw kiss the ass of Mr. McMahon on live television ... but, wait forfeit awaits McMahon, should the five man team lose this highly stacked handicap match??

Cruiserweight Championship #1 Contenders Match:
Brian Kendrick vs. Super Crazy
Both men have their eyes on the Cruiserweight Champion, Kid Kash. Crazy is desperate for another shot at the belt he lost one month ago at the Royal Rumble, and Brian Kendrick is looking to taste his first piece of singles gold. Which man will want it more this Saturday night, and earn the right to face the Notorious K-I-D??

Womens Championship Match:
Melina vs. Alexis Laree
Ever since Melina took the title from Laree in October in Melbourne, the challenger has valiantly chased the A-Lister, and at Saturday Nights Main Event, she gets another crack at becoming a three time womens champion. One thing is for sure; where Melina goes, MNM are sure to follow. And with the world tag team champions recent problems with Straight Edge, can we expect CM Punk and Greg Helms to show up if Nitro and Mercury accompany the champ??

WrestleMania Warm Up Match:
Kurt Angle vs. Kane
In just over five weeks time, Kurt Angle meets The Undertaker at WrestleMania. He's made both The Deadman and his brother tap previously, but this Saturday, the Wrestling Machine is not looking to just make Kane tap; he's looking to break the Big Red Machines ankle. Will The Olympic Gold Medallist prove good on his word, and send another strong message to The Undertaker??

Money in the Bank Competitors Tag Match:
Finlay & Randy Orton vs. M.V.P & Paul London
Four of the five confirmed names for the Money in the Bank Ladder match get the chance to impress this weekend, as Finlay and Randy Orton from Raw take on the undefeated M.V.P and the Golden Boy Paul London from Smackdown. Which brand, or indeed, which superstar will get the opening shot in the race for the briefcase at WrestleMania??

After months of strange occurances between Mick Foley and Shawn Michaels, will we finally get closure on the long running saga this Saturday?? What question could Mick Foley possibly have for HBK??


Predictions are welcomed. No prize on offer though.

Saturday Nights Main Event, this Saturday (less than 24 hours from now~!!)
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Re: Being The Booker

SNME looks decent.

I am cringing at the thought of this thread losing so much star power as mentioned (RVD, Jericho, Booker, Kane, Lashley, Rock still not back, Taker part time) it's gonna make this thread look weakish and I don't want to see another thread go down the MODERN DAY roster road, because that would make me quite sick inside.

Keep your big guns plz, if Cody Rhodes gets a sniff of being anything more than a jobber, I'll vomit. I'm begging that not another Legacy stable is created, begging.

Don't disappoint me, love. <3.


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Re: Being The Booker

Paul Burchill push please. The other three i am not to fond of and well these guys debuting better not mean that your epic roster is cut down.

Booker T leaving is usually something i wouldn't like but regarding your thread, i really don't care as he wasn't exactly setting the house on fire, was he?

Rob Van Dam better stick with the E' and he better not take a break or else i will be disappointed, i was looking forward to seeing a fully extreme RVD once he lost the WWE Title.

LMAO. Bald Britney FTW!

Lashley missing Mania is meh. But i didn't mind him in this thread, so please don't get rid of him as well.

Kane has just been jobbing anyway, i can see Kurt Angle "breaking his ankle" at SNME to send a message to Taker. Would make sense, wouldn't it?

Geez, you really are losing a lot of talent. Realism is overrated Wolf...

Can't wait for SNME.

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Re: Being The Booker



February 10th;

Opening Video which consists of a mix between classic SNME moments and clips of the superstars of today.


The camera pans around the arena, eventually reaching the announce table, where J.R is sat, joined by Tazz.

Jim Ross: The tradition continues … Saturday Nights Main Event on NBC, is on the air, and we are live in the Wachovia Centre in Philadelphia!!! I’m Jim Ross, joined tonight by Tazz, and what an epic event this is set to be Tazz.

Tazz: I love Saturday Nights Main Event J.R. And I’m privileged to be sat here callin the action tonight.

Jim Ross: And with WrestleMania 23 fast approaching, we’ve got big matches from both brands signed for tonight. From Raw, it‘s must win, 5 on 2, as the McMahon Family Empire take on the two men, set to collide, for the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania, with John Cena and Christian not only fighting the odds, but if they lose … Mr. McMahon will make both men suffer the ultimate indignity … and force both men to join the ‘illustrious’ kiss my ass club. Should they win however, the shoe will be on the other foot, as McMahon will be forced to perform a forfeit of his own!!!

Tazz: Big stakes on Raw, that’s for sure … but they pale into comparison with what’s on the line from Smackdown. It’s a last throw of the dice tonight for Chris Jericho, as he takes on Mister Money in the Bank, Edge. Jericho loses, he’s out of the picture come WrestleMania. Jericho wins?? Then we’re set for a rocket buster triple threat come March 18 in the Big Easy.


The music of the WWE Champion nearly blows the roof off the arena, as RVD, wearing a black and white striped referees shirt with the sleeves cut off, enters the stage, and takes a look around the arena, taking in the adulation.

Jim Ross: And here’s the man set to call the action. The WWE Champion set to referee our main event. Chris Jericho and Edge, with major WrestleMania implications!!!

Tazz: How about this. Keeping with the Saturday Nights Main Event tradition … main event opens the show!!!

Jim Ross: We wouldn’t have it any other way!!!


Chris Jericho enters the stage to an oddly positive response from the fans, as he pumps himself up, looking fired up for his final opportunity to be part of the Smackdown main event come WrestleMania. He enters the ring, and shares a few unfriendly words with RVD, pointing at the referee, and making a few stern points.

They are forced to wait for a few moments until…

Edge makes Jericho wait a few moments, before appearing from the smoke, and stands at the top of the ramp, holding his Money in the Bank briefcase high in the air, patting it, before making his way down the ramp, and takes his time to get inside the ring, knowing Jericho wants a piece of him badly. In the ring, RVD is forced to hold Jericho back, just to allow Edge in the ring.

As Edge gets in though, Jericho shoves Van Dam out of the way … AND TACKLES EDGE DOWN!!!

1st Match: WWE Championship Decider:

- If Chris Jericho wins, he makes title match a triple threat at WrestleMania -
- If Edge beats Jericho, Jericho is out of title equation at WrestleMania -

Chris Jericho vs. Edge

Special Guest Referee: WWE Champion, Rob Van Dam

It’s a brawl from the get go, with Jericho the aggressor, not even given Edge a chance to take off his leather jacket, pulling it over his face, and pounding his adversary, with Edge unable to see where Jericho is coming from, as Jericho eventually clotheslines him over the top rope, sending Edge to the floor below!!! Edge still struggles on the outside, and while he tries to pull off his jacket, Jericho continues to be the aggressor, using the ropes to spring himself over, crashing on Edge with a cross body!!! On the outside, Jericho continues to beat Edge down, slamming his head off the steel steps, and the announce table, before ramming him into the ring apron, and rolls Edge back inside, with RVD asserting his authority, ordering Y2J to bring the action back into the ring.

Edge has finally removed his jacket, but Jericho is still on top, blasting his opponent with vicious kicks, not allowing Edge to get back to his feet. Jericho mounts, and begins to pound Edge down, not holding back for a second. Eventually, Van Dam is forced to drag Jericho off, refusing to disqualify him, but making sure he plays within the rules. Jericho though, isn’t pleased with RVD, telling him to stay out of it, and just count to three, but Van Dam shakes his head, pulling at his referee shirt, as if to get it through to Jericho that HE is in charge, not Jericho. The brief argument has allowed Edge to get back up though, and as Jericho turns around … Edge nails him with a clothesline!!! Now, Edge enjoys a period in control, stomping Jericho down in the corner, asserting his own authority now, as we go into the first commercial of the night.


We then return from the commercial, with Edge still in charge, laying the offence on thick to Jericho, forcing Van Dam to step in and force him away after choking Y2J, with Edge backing away, then sticking his boot in the face of his opponent. Edge drags Jericho out, and looks for a cover, but doesn’t manage to even get two, with a quick kick out from Jericho. Edge continues to pile on the pressure, scoring a plethora of near falls, as he wears Jericho down, and pulls himself to the middle rope, waiting for Jericho to get to his feet, and comes off, looking for an axe handle … BUT GETS CAUGHT … AND TRIPPED … TURNED OVER … WALLS OF JERICHO APPLIED!!!!! Jericho surprises Edge, catching him in the dangerous submission hold, and Edge is in deep trouble, with Jericho pulling him out to the middle of the ring, a world away from the ropes!!!

Jericho leans back, applying more pressure, shouting to RVD “ASK HIM!!”, as the special guest referee gets in tight at Edge, waiting to see if he submits. Mr. Money in the Bank refuses to give in though, desperate to see Jericho out of the title equation at the big dance, and inches forward with Jericho trying to torque the back as best he can … BUT EDGE GRABS THE BOTTOM ROPE!!! Jericho is forced the break the submission, with RVD having to drag him off, with Jericho refusing to break the hold, and nearly lashes out at Rob Van Dam as the special guest referee breaks his grip from the Walls of Jericho. RVD warns Jericho, but Y2J pushes him away, to go back at Edge … BUT GETS NAILED WITH A SPEAR!!!!! Mr. Money in the Bank grips the leg, in the middle of the ring, looking to put away Jericho, with RVD quick to make the count, 1...2...SHOULDER UP!!!!!

The match continues, with the fans coming alive as Jericho kicks out!!! Edge looks up, wild eyes and all, pulling his air in a frenzy, before looking at RVD, pointing at him and accusing him of a slow count. Van Dam though, shakes his head and argues back, with J.R and Tazz defending the WWE Champion too. As Edge becomes preoccupied with Van Dam, he allows Jericho to get back to his feet and recover, coming from behind … AND NAILS THE BREAKDOWN!!!!! Jericho slowly turns his opponent over now, hooking the leg, 1...2...EDGE KICKS OUT!!!!! Now it’s Jerichos turn to look in disbelief, flabbergasted that Edge popped a shoulder out. Jericho though, doesn’t begin to argue with RVD, and instead focuses on Edge, dragging him up to his feet, and delivering a knife edge chop. Things settle down for a moment or two, with Jericho now the aggressor, but soon heat up, as Edge catches Y2J off the ropes with a dropkick!!! He then sets up for a second Spear … BUT JERICHO LEAPS OVER HIM!!! Edge hit’s the corner, and staggers out … allowing Jericho to nail the running bulldog … AND LOOKS FOR THE LIONSAULT … BUT GETS KNEES!!!!!

Edge had it scouted, and gets to his feet quickly, kicking Jericho in the gut … AND NAILS THE EDGECUTION!!!!! Is it over now?? Edge makes the cover, with RVD making the count, 1...2...FOOT ON THE ROPE!!!!! The fans pop for the match continuing, whilst Edge is ready to throw a fit. Once again, the Rated ‘R’ Superstar crouches down, waiting patiently for Jericho to find a way to his feet, AND GOES FOR THE SPEAR FOR A THIRD TIME … BUT GETS KICKED AWAY!!! Edge spins around from the impact … AND JERICHO DELIVERS THE STANDING ENZIGURI!!!!! Slowly, Jericho crawls over, and drapes his arm over Edge, with Rob Van Dam right there to make the count, 1...2...SHOULDER UP!!!!! It’s despair for the Highlight of the Night, looking like he’s run out of options, as he watches Edge slowly stir, and try to get up. Jericho bears down on Edge in the corner, pounding his opponent down … BUT EDGE DELIVERS A LOW BLOW … out of the sight of the special guest referee, caught out of position!!! Jericho wheels away, clutching his mid region, with RVD suspecting what’s just happened, and checks on Jericho, asking him what’s happened … WITH EDGE LOOKING TO SPEAR JERICHO … BUT JERICHO PUSHES RVD INTO EDGES PATH … SPEAR TO VAN DAM!!!!! The referee gets Speared!!!!!

Edge gets up, realising what just happened, and looks down on RVD … THEN LOW BLOWS JERICHO AGAIN!!!!! Edge now turns, and looks to the outside, getting an idea, and steps between the ropes, making his way to the timekeepers table, and pushing past the ring announcers, grabbing something … HOLDING UP THE MONEY IN THE BANK BRIEFCASE!!! The fans show their disdain for Edge, who steps back into the ring, lining up Jericho for a fatal shot from the illegal briefcase … but as he gathers up speed … HE GETS TRIPPED!!!??? … BY RVD!!!!! Van Dam, going to extreme measures, makes sure order is kept!!! Edge is up to his feet quickly, looking incensed, berating the referee who still struggles on the ground, suffering the effects of the Spear. Edge picks up the briefcase again, and looks to nail Jericho … BUT HE TURNS AROUND … AND GETS NAILED OUT OF NOWHERE BY JERICHO … WITH A SICK DOUBLE KNEE TO THE FACE DROPPING EDGE {CODEBREAKER}!!!!!!!!!! Jericho hooks the leg tightly, leaning back, as RVD makes the count … slowly … 1 ……… 2 ……… 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Winner: Advancing to WWE Championship Match @ WrestleMania 23 - CHRIS JERICHO @ 16:29

JERICHO HAS DONE IT - HE HAS HIS SLOT IN THE WWE CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH AT WRESTLEMANIA 23!!!! It’ll be a triple threat match, as Jericho inserts himself into the equation with Edge and the WWE Champion, Rob Van Dam!!!

Tazz: What a damn match!!! What a freakin moment to be Chris Jericho!!!

Jim Ross: With this victory Tazz, Chris Jericho has just made history. For the first time ever in WrestleMania history, the WWE Championship will be decided in a triple threat match!!! Jericho, as he always seems to do, rewrites the history books, and now, he’ll look to do it once again, on March 18, by once again becoming the WWE Champion!!!

Jericho has his hand raised by a wincing RVD, still suffering the effects of the spear, and Jericho quickly pulls his arm away from Van Dam, pushing the WWE Champion away, raising his own arm!!!

Edge meanwhile, rolls out of the ring, as Jericho kicks the briefcase towards it’s owner, holding centre stage, whilst a furious RVD, who basically SAVED Jericho from losing, storms out of the ring, after getting shoved by Y2J. The Smackdown main event is set for WrestleMania 23 - Rob Van Dam must defend against BOTH Chris Jericho and Edge!!!

Jim Ross: What a way to start the night!!! Justice for Chris Jericho, after last week Edge cost him his opportunity. But Tazz, I cant help but say … what a jackass. I’ve heard of bad losers, but Chris Jericho is without a doubt, an awful winner. He should be thanking Van Dam for helping him here, for saving his dream … and instead, he just shoved the WWE Champion to the damn mat!!!

Tazz: Aint no love lost J.R. RVD did the right thing, but Jericho don’t give a damn about that. It’s every man for himself as far as he’s concerned, and you can be sure Van Dam and Edge will be thinking the exact same.

Jim Ross: We are up and running big time folks. Chris Jericho has just earned himself a championship opportunity at WrestleMania, and when we come back, there is so much more to come. Don’t dare go anywhere!!!



The VP then ends with the graphic for WRESTLEMANIA XXIII - MARCH 18TH 2007 - FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER IN NEW ORLEANS.


We return, backstage with the McMahon Family Empire, all dressed for action, ready for tonight’s 5 on 2 handicap match, as we see Stephanie in a world of her own, staring at the rock on her wedding finger. Shane is shadow boxing, whilst Tomko, Vince and Triple H are stood around each other, deep in discussion.

Triple H: How the hell can we count on Lesnar, when he hasn’t even came to see us today?? The guy’s a liability. He doesn’t care whether we win or lose tonight Vince. To be honest, I don’t even think we need him tonight.

Vince shakes his head, not agreeing.

Mr. McMahon: Look. I know you don’t like Lesnar, I know you don’t trust him. But I’m not risking doing whatever it is Cena and Christian have in mind for me. Strength in numbers Hunter. We need Lesnar tonight.

Triple H doesn’t look happy, turning his head away.

Mr. McMahon: Besides, I don’t know how much I can rely on you out there tonight.

Vince suddenly catches The Games attention, with Triple H looking surprised by the comment.

Triple H: And what’s that supposed to mean??

Vince sighs, not wanting to get into an argument.

Mr. McMahon: Lets face it Hunter, you’ve had your mind elsewhere. I know you’re not 100% focused on this tonight. All you’ve been thinking about for the past week is the Boards decision this coming Monday. (Vince holds up his hands in innocence) And that’s okay. I know how much WrestleMania means to you, and trust me, I’ve been working as hard as I can to sway the boards vote. I want you in that WrestleMania main event.

Suddenly, the attention turns to a voice from far off…

Voice: I hope you’re working just as hard to find me an opponent at WrestleMania, Vince.

IT’S BROCK LESNAR!!! Lesnar walks toward the trio, with Triple H now looking extremely angry, following their showdown on Raw. Stephanie and Shane look wary of the situation, and move closer to Vince, Triple H and Tomko, not wanting anything to get out of hand.

Brock Lesnar: What’s the latest on that by the way??

Vince smiles, looking to keep the peace, greeting Lesnar, and steps in front of Triple H, making sure the two are kept apart.

Mr. McMahon: I’m working on it. Still trying to find the perfect match, y’know??

Lesnar smiles and nods, but makes his next point clear.

Brock Lesnar: Monday. You said Monday.

Vince squirms a little.

Mr. McMahon: The t-

Lesnar stops Vince before he can really even start.

Brock Lesnar: Monday.

Triple H now steps forward, having heard enough from Lesnar.

Triple H: Why don’t you do us a favour Brock. Stop thinking about yourself and Monday night for a second, and start thinking about tonight, and our match. Where the hell have you been?? Didn’t you think we might need to talk some things over??

Lesnar walks toward Triple H, getting in his face, showing no fear of The Game.

Brock Lesnar: Have you got a problem??

Lesnar and The Game are eyeball to eyeball, with Vince trying to step in the middle, looking to play peacekeeper, but The Game doesn’t help matters, rising to the bait from Lesnar.

Triple H: You’re starting to become one.

Lesnar nods, and the two come head to head, as Vince, with help from Tomko, steps in between them.

Mr. McMahon: Okay gentlemen, let’s calm down here. Hunter, c’mon we don’t need this. Look Brock, Triple H is just a little angry about the incident between you last week. But it was all just a misunderstanding right??

Vince tries to put the words in Lesnar mouth, but The Iron Man smiles.

Brock Lesnar: Misunderstanding?? … Sure. I was just getting a little anxious over WrestleMania.

Lesnar, smiling still, looks back at The Game, with Triple H still breathing heavy, getting worked up. He then looks to Vince, and sees the desperation in his Father in laws eyes, and swallows his pride.

Triple H: Fine … but you ever put your hands on me again …

Lesnar instantly cuts in.

Brock Lesnar: What??

Triple H attempts to walk forward, but Vince, wary of the animosity brewing between Triple H and Lesnar, is quick to interrupt.

Mr. McMahon: Okay. That’s settled, no hard feelings eh?? We’ll see you out there later Brock.

The Iron Man nods, but keeps his glare on Triple H.

Brock Lesnar: I guess I’ll see you guys later.

Lesnar turns, and walks out of the room. As he closes the door, Triple H picks up a vase, AND THROWS IT ACROSS THE ROOM, SMASHING IT AGAINST THE DOOR!!! Triple H turns to Vince, pointing at the door where Lesnar just exited.

Triple H: You just keep him outta my way. And after tonight Vince … we stop dealing with him. Understood??

Vince nods, as he begins to see his team falling apart from the seams.

Back into the arena…


Melina, flanked by MNM, now seemingly recovered after their legitimate illness last week on Raw, enters the arena, along with their recent friend, Santino Marella, ahead of the womens championship match.

Jim Ross: And there you see folks, the luckiest tag team in the world, somehow, MNM are still the World Tag Team Champions, but will Melina, the Womens champion, still hold her title after tonight?? We’re about to find out, after this short commercial break.


2nd Match: Women’s Championship Match:
Melina w/MNM & Santino Marella vs. Alexis Laree

Coverage returns just in time for the beginning of the match, with the two women just really going through the motions early on, with lock ups, and tests of strengths, with both coming out evenly. With the fans getting slightly restless, the two women turn it up, and begin to trade near falls, back and forth, before Laree counters a bulldog attempt to nail the Laree-DT on the champion, only for Melina to get a foot on the rope … AS NITRO PUT IT THERE!!! The challenger then decides to take a high risk, and climbs to the top rope, going for a cross body … but SANTINO JUMPS ON THE APRON TO DISTRACT THE REFEREE … AND MERCURY PUSHES ALEXIS OFF THE TOP WITH LAREE CRASHING AND BURNING!!!!! Alexis staggers up to her feet, and into the path of Melina, who scores with a spin kick, allowing the champion to score the decisive three count, and retain the title!!!
Winner: AND STILL Women’s Champion - Melina @ 03:01

Melina, much like MNM, retains her title by any means necessary, and is quickly joined in the ring by Nitro, Mercury and Marella … BUT THE FANS ERUPT … AS STRAIGHT EDGE SPRINT TO THE RING … AS MNM QUICKLY ESCAPE, just spotting Punk and Helms just before they could get a piece of them.

In the ring, Punk and Helms help Alexis to her feet, while MNM and Santino back up the ramp, having dodged a bullet tonight.

Jim Ross: This is beginning to get rather tiresome. MNM, once again, find themselves victorious … and once again, they’ve not done a thing to deserve it!!!

Tazz: As the sayin goes J.R, it aint cheating if you don’t get caught. And MNM have that bit down pat … they never get caught!!!

Jim Ross: Trust me Tazz, the time is indeed coming. MNM cant keep dodging the bullet. At some point, someday, they’ll run out of shortcuts, and I promise ya, they’ll pay the price!!!

Straight Edge, with a struggling Alexis, keep their eyes focused on the ramp, where MNM proudly all hold up their title belts, whilst Santino joins in the fun, holding his arms up, with MNM making it clear, who the champions are.

Jim Ross: Well, ladies and gentlemen, moving on, a month ago, Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart was revealed as the very first inductee into the Hall of Fame, class of 2007, and there aren’t many that are more deserving than The Hitman. One of the greatest in ring generals in this history of the game. Joining him of course will be our celebrity inductee ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson. And now, it gives me great pleasure, great honour, to announce the following package, dedicated to the third inductee into this years Hall of Fame …

The Hall of Fame video plays … announcing the next inductee into the Class of 2007 … THE IMMORTAL HULK HOGAN!!!

Back in the arena, the fans are going wild, as a ‘HOGAN’ chant fills the air, rocking the Wachovia Centre.


Jim Ross: OH MY, WHAT A RESPONSE!!! The Wachovia Centre is going wild, arguably, the man, in many peoples eyes as one of the greatest in ring performers of all time, The Immortal Hulk Hogan, is there anyone more deserving of a place in the WWE Hall of Fame??

Tazz: This is insane BROTHER!!! Listen to these fans!!!

M.V.P bursts through his expensive looking entrance set, and gets the reaction he’d expect from the fans.

There he is J.R … Money in the Bank himself, Montel Vontavious Porter … M.V.P.

Jim Ross: He’s made a heck of a start to his WWE career Tazz over on the blue brand. Undefeated, and beginning to look worth every penny of his huge contract.

Tazz: The largest contract in Smackdown HISTORY J.R.

Jim Ross: Well, he’ll get a chance to justify his huge reputation, and boost his huge ego, in just a few moments. Porter teams with Paul London tonight, and they’ll take on Finlay and Randy Orton. Four men that will be a part of the second annual Money in the Bank ladder match at WrestleMania 23, collide in tag team action … NEXT!!!


We return, with Randy Ortons music playing, with the Career Killer sauntering towards the ring, where London, M.V.P and Finlay await him.

3rd Match: Money in the Bank Competitors Tag Match:
M.V.P & Paul London vs. Finlay & Randy Orton

Fast paced match up, not given much time to progress, as various shots go backstage during the match to show Armando Estrada {handler of Umaga}, watching on the monitor, with his Samoan Bulldozer also confirmed for a spot in the MITB ladder match in just over five weeks time. The match itself has the fans from the opening moments, wasting no time to get rolling. Paul London causes the early headlines, with his athletic ability and risk taking getting the fans on their feet, as he stuns the veteran and the former World Champion. M.V.P meanwhile looks a little irritated by the show being put on by his tag team partner, showing forcing a tag to try and grab the headlines himself.

Porter holds his own with Finlay and Orton, allowing Tazz to talk about the unbeaten star as a genuine star, and not just hype. Neither the Raw side or Smackdown side are able to gain a big advantage during the match, with no hot tags being made, nor is any of the four beaten down for a period of time. There is also very little in the way of tension between the two sides, as all four appear to have their eyes on the win tonight, despite Porters early jealousy of London. As the match reaches its conclusion, London and Orton both have the same idea, looking for clotheslines, but knock each other down. Slowly, the two men get back to their feet, and again, both have the same idea, and make tags out, bringing in MVP and Finlay.

The Irishman and Porter trade blows in the ring, with Finlay getting the better of the exchange, throwing Porter into the ropes - and knocking off London from the apron in the process. Finlay then looks for the Celtic Cross on Porter, but MVP fights out of it, and drops the veteran with a DDT, making a cover, 1...2...ORTON BREAKS THE COUNT!!! The Career Killer now looks to deliver the RKO, but PAUL LONDON comes to the aide of his Smackdown compatriot, nailing Orton with a beautiful dropsault, sending Orton tumbling out of the ring!!! MVP and Finlay how reach their feet, with Porter the fresher of the two, able to duck under a clothesline attempt, kick the Irishman in the gut … AND DELIVER THE PLAY OF THE DAY!!! He covers, 1...2...3!!!

Winners: M.V.P & Paul London @ 05:03

Smackdown picks up a big win, and more importantly for Porter, it’s a big win for him, continuing his unbeaten streak since debuting on Smackdown, but he has Paul London to thank for keeping that streak in tact, with the Golden Boy saving him from a certain RKO. Unsurprisingly, M.V.P doesn’t thank London for the save, in fact, he gets in Londons face, telling his partner for the night “Money in the Bank”, whilst pointing to himself. Porter pushes past London, and exit’s the ring, with the laid back Golden Boy, looking on, shaking his head, with a smile on his face.

We now cut backstage … and see MICK FOLEY!!! The Hardcore Legend walks down the hall, saying hello to the superstars he passes ( all faces; Booker T & Elijah Burke, Kelly Kelly, Maria, The Hardy Boys, Harry Smith and Rey Mysterio), but all the men and women he cheerfully greets do not reciprocate, all disgusted by the usually ultra nice Mick Foleys recent actions.

Jim Ross: This could get interesting Tazz. Mick Foley, I believe, is on his way to the ring, and he has a question for Shawn Michaels.

Tazz: Yeah, but what the heck is the question!!

Jim Ross: We will find out, when we come back!! Don’t go anywhere folks, you will not want to miss this.



Jim Ross: It’s only thirty six days away folks. The biggest event on the wrestling calendar is looming, and getting closer by the minute. The SuperDome in New Orleans is lying in wait for the Granddaddy of ‘em all, for the first time ever in Louisiana.

Tazz: And you never forget your first time J.R!! I know people in Nawlins, and believe me, they are pumped, they cant wait, WrestleMania is on it’s way!!!

The unforgettable music of Mick Foley blares across the arena, and the fans appear divided over the Hardcore Legend, but as Foley makes his entrance, the sight of the former Raw GM brings with it a damning reaction from the fans, with Foley greeted with heat.

Jim Ross: What is going through the mind Tazz, what is going through the mind of that man, Mick Foley??

Tazz: We’ve both known Mick for years J.R. I’ve seen the guy, as I’m sure you have, in some peculiar states of mind. But the way he has been acting lately … it’s bizarre, it’s unsettling, and frankly J.R, it’s pretty damn disturbing.

Jim Ross: Indeed it is. From the experiments during the summer, to the screw job of Shawn Michaels at the Survivor Series, purely for shock value and controversy - as Foley admitted himself, then the screw job at the Royal Rumble, and of course, the sickening attack two weeks ago on Raw. But the tip of the iceberg, for me, was last week on Raw. Mick Foley seemed in some sort of trance … some sort of frenzy, and indeed, it was disturbing.

Tazz: And what were his words J.R?? He didn’t remember what he did to Michaels the previous week?? He was scared of what he was capable of doing?? And then asking Shawn to help him??

Jim Ross: Something is up with Mick Foley folks. I just hope there is an explanation, and hopefully, we can get it now.

In the ring, Mick Foley stands, holding a mic, waiting for his cue to speak. The Hardcore Legend seems to ignore the response of the fans, and goes ahead with his cheap pop routine.

Mick Foley: It’s great to be back … RIGHT HERE … in Philadelphia!!

Heat for Foley, despite a few cheap pops from sections.

Mick Foley: And tonight, I come in peace.

Foley nods, as he takes in the negative fan response. He holds his hand up, hoping to stop the boos, before speaking.

Mick Foley: I’m here to apologise to every single fan, of all ages, that had to witness my actions two weeks ago in Albany.

Heat for Foley, with many remembering the incident.

Mick Foley: What I did … was unforgivable. Reprehensible … sick.

The fans continue to treat Foley with the dissatisfaction he has earned.

Mick Foley: It’s something that I will never forget, and something I will never forgive myself for, for the remainder of my life. I will live that moment in my head … over and over, every single passing day. I have to live with it.

The camera zooms in on the eyes of an emotional Mick Foley.

Mick Foley: The fact is … I haven’t been ‘myself’ for quite some time.

Foley taps his brain, putting his head down.

Mick Foley: And what I did two weeks ago on Raw … wasn’t something I planned to do … it wasn’t something I even wanted to do.

Foley runs his fingers through his hair, flicking it back.

Mick Foley: It just … happened.

Foley turns, head down again, and continues to talk, with the fans in a stunned silence.

Mick Foley: And that scares me. It’s scared my friends, and it’s scared my entire family.

The Hardcore Legend peers his head up, looking towards the camera.

Mick Foley: I need help.

The Wachovia Centre is dead. Barely a noise is heard in the building, with Foley most definitely holding court.

Mick Foley: Because it seems to me that every time I come to a WWE show … I lose … … control.

Still, Foley holds the audience, looking towards the camera again, peering his head up.

Mick Foley: And for that reason, and for the sake of all my loved ones, I’ve decided to meet a psychiatrist, first thing, Monday morning.

Little response from the fans, as Foley begins to walk around the ring.

Mick Foley: I just hope … I hope I haven’t tarnished my standing with you, the fans.

Foley looks for some positive responses, but is given little. Foley continues to walk around, holding up his finger.

Mick Foley: Before I go though, there is something I need to do.

Foley stops, and catches the view of the camera again.

Mick Foley: Last Monday … I promised to come here to Saturday Nights Main Event and ask a certain someone a question.

Few cheers, with Foley hinting towards Shawn Michaels.

Mick Foley: And if he would be kind enough to come out here … I’d like to speak to Shawn Michaels.

The fans pop, and kick off a ‘H-B-K’ chant. Foley turns, and looks towards the entrance, holding out his arms, waiting for the arrival of Shawn Michaels.

Foley is forced to wait for a few moments, and the fans begin to get restless, until …

The Wachovia Centre is on it’s feet for the Showstopper, entering the arena wearing an expensive suit, dressed for the occasion, with no match for HBK tonight. Michaels looks extremely serious, and rightly so, he’s been screwed in two major matches by Foley in three months, and was savagely attacked two weeks ago on Raw. Shawn enters the ring -tentatively- not prepared to trust The Hardcore Legend one bit.

Michaels takes his jacket off, and the music dies down, with the fans beginning to pick up, expecting HBK to start a fight with the undressing of his jacket. Instead though, Michaels drops the jacket onto the ropes, before making a beeline to the other side of the ring, being handed a microphone. The Showstopper chews on gum, staring across at Mick Foley, whose eyes are also narrowed, with the King of the Deathmatch watching on. Michaels though, isn’t the first to talk, instead, Foley speaks first.

Mick Foley: I’m glad you decided to come out here Shawn. I-

HBK interjects.

Shawn Michaels: You had a question for me, and I wanted to hear it.

Small pop from the fans for Michaels direct approach. Foley puts a hand up, as if to ask for patience.

Mick Foley: Shawn, you know I respect and admire you greatly.

The Hardcore Legend nods, looking across at an emotionless HBK.

Mick Foley: I respect the things you’ve done in this business. I admire your ability, and undoubtedly you are second to none when it comes down to that.

Few cheers, and another small ‘H-B-K’ chant breaks out.

Mick Foley: You’ve done things in this ring Shawn, that guys like me could only ever wish to do.

Foley pulls the mic down again, mouthing something to HBK and nodding at him.

Mick Foley: And frankly, I’m ashamed of what I’ve done to you in the last few months.

Foley now looks to be crawling up into his head down shell like state, no longer looking Michaels face to face.

Mick Foley: I’m disgusted for the embarrassment I’ve caused myself in these last couple months.

Mick then throws his head up again, looking into the direction of Michaels.

Mick Foley: And I’m repulsed by the guy I see in the mirror.

Silence. The fans start to build up some noise, as Michaels still looks perturbed by the entire situation, but remains emotionless, not getting dragged in.

Mick Foley: At this point Shawn…

Foley starts to inch closer to HBK, with Michaels setting himself, preparing for a cheap shot.

Mick Foley: … I’d like to offer my sincere apologies.

Mixed response, but the boo’s far outweigh the cheers.

Mick Foley:
I’m apologising for EVERYTHING. Forget my reasons for Survivor Series and the Royal Rumble. I want to wipe the slate clean. I was in the wrong, I had no reason to do what I did.

Foley continues to inch closer to Michaels.

Mick Foley: And as for Raw two weeks ago?? Like I said earlier, that wasn’t me … I wouldn’t do that.

Some heat now, but Foley ignores the fans cries, and focuses solely on HBK.

Mick Foley: But I still want to apologise for what happened. It was my fault, and no amount of words can ever explain how sorry I really am.

More heat for Foley, and ‘Bullshit’ chants can be heard echoing around the arena, with HBK looking around, hearing the chants.

Mick Foley: So Shawn, my question to you, is simple.

Foley moves right into Michaels space.

Mick Foley: Will you … forgive me??

The fans boo, as Foley continues to look into the eyes of Michaels, full of sorrow, begging for forgiveness. HBK looks to his left, and his right, gauging the fans reaction, before turning to Foley again, slowly bringing his mic up.

Shawn Michaels: You want me … to forgive you??

Foley nods.

Mick Foley: Shawn, I know it’s an awful lot to ask after everything I’ve cost you … and everything I’ve put you through. I just cant explain what’s gotten into me. I just cant figure why I’ve done what I’ve done. Please … forgive me.

Foley lets the mic drop, and speaks off mic to Michaels, who seems conflicted as to whether he should accept the apology or not. We can hear Foley repeating ‘please’, over and over, as HBK looks away. Shawn looks angry at himself, before quickly answering.

Shawn Michaels: Okay.

Boos from the fans, with Michaels instantly looking away, appearing to be less than convinced with his own judgment. Foley though, looks relieved, as if he’s just had a weight lifted off his shoulders.

Shawn Michaels: But Mick, it’s obvious to me, and all these fans … you’ve got a screw loose my friend.

Michaels looks straight at Mick, 100% serious with his comment.

Shawn Michaels: And I’m glad you’re gonna get the help you need.

Foley looks sombre, but nods in agreement. HBK though, puts his arm out, and grabs Micks.

Shawn Michaels: But I want answers Mick. I want to know … why me??

HBK and Foley lock eyes, with Foley now the expressionless one.

Shawn Michaels: You must have a reason for me Mick. Out of all these guys, all the guys in the back, you chose me.

Michaels waits for Foley to respond, as Mick looks down at HBK’s arm, holding Foleys. Foley stops dead, and lowly, yet sadistically requests HBK to let go.

Mick Foley: Could you let go of my arm please.

Foley looks extremely angry, still staring at his arm, which Michaels has gripped.

Mick Foley: Shawn. Let go of my damn arm.

Mick looks up at HBK, with Michaels holding firm.

Mick Foley: You want answers?? You want to know why Shawn Michaels?? Why The Showstopper??

Michaels nods, but doesn’t let go of the arm.

Shawn Michaels: I want answers Mick.

Calm and collected, Foley instantly responds.

Mick Foley: Well, if you want those answers … you’ll do two things for me.

Foley holds up two fingers with his arm that HBK is holding onto. Shawn nods, as if to say ‘what are they?’

Mick Foley: The first?? … you’ll let go of my arm.

HBK lets go, and holds his hands up innocently.

Mick Foley: The second …

Foley stands at the ropes, and turns his head to Michaels direction.

Mick Foley: … You and me …

The Hardcore Legend points high to the back of the arena … and straight at the WrestleMania 23 logo. The fans begin to pop big time, as Foley makes his point crystal clear.

Mick Foley: … March 18 … New Orleans, Louisiana … WrestleMania 23!!

Huge pop from the fans, as Michaels looks shocked by the challenge (coming out of left field to him), but doesn’t take long to answer.

Shawn Michaels: You’re on.

The fans come alive, with a huge cheer, as WrestleMania just got a whole lot more interesting. Foley nods … THEN TURNS TO LEAVE!!! Quickly, Michaels stops him at the ropes, with Mick stepping back inside, as HBK questions him about just walking out.

Shawn Michaels: I gave you what you wanted Mick. I did what you asked. Now put me outta my misery. Why me??

Foley runs his fingers through his hair, not making eye contact with HBK.

Mick Foley: What do you want me to say, huh?? WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO SAY SHAWN!!?? I DON’T HAVE THOSE ANSWERS!!!

HBK steps back, looking disturbed by Foleys aggressive tone.

Mick Foley: I CAME OUT HERE … and I bared my soul … I begged for forgiveness Shawn. What more do you want from me??

Michaels now looks to be running out of patience.


Foley instantly responds.

Mick Foley: I DON’T KNOW!!!

Dead silence. HBK stares a hole through Mick, with the two legendary veterans both looking in a state of frenzy.

HBK looks ready to snap, as Foley puts his hand over his face, then tugs at his hair, pulling out a couple of clumps. This action doesn’t go unnoticed by Michaels, and HBK backs off, looking extremely disturbed.

Foley now turns, looking straight at Michaels, but with a wild look in his eyes, before speaking, in an almost deranged tone.

Mick Foley: And I’ve had enough of being questioned. Mick Foley doesn’t have the answers. … He doesn’t know … what’s he doing.

FOLEY NOW CHARGES AT MICHAELS … BUT GETS SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!! The fans go ballistic, as Michaels NAILS Foley with an almighty Sweet Chin Music!!! Foley drops to the canvas, with Michaels staring down at his now confirmed WrestleMania opponent, looking at a man clearly troubled, clearly out of sorts, but ultimately a man that has caused The Showstopper nothing but trouble over the last few months.

Michaels takes a look around the arena, at the fans, all in favour of the Showstopper, as he picks up his jacket from the ropes, before taking another look at the deranged Mick Foley, shaking his head - still no closer to an explanation, before exiting the ring, and leaving up the ramp, not bothering to look back, with Mick still sprawled out on the canvas.

Jim Ross: Surreal Tazz. Simply surreal. Mick Foley has literally gone over the edge.

Tazz: This whole situation is messed up J.R. On one hand we oughta be hyping the hell outta Mick Foley and Shawn Michaels goin toe to toe at WrestleMania 23, yet on the other, Mick Foleys behaviour cannot be ignored.

Jim Ross: It really is Tazz. You’ve hit the nail on the head. A match the calibre of Michaels and Foley does not come around too often, and yet here we are, more concerned with the mental state of Mick Foley.

Tazz: Disturbing. Really disturbing scenario J.R.

Jim Ross: Folks, we are about to go into another commercial break, but please join us when we come back. So much more to come, it’s Saturday Nights Main Event.


We return with a brief recap of the last segment between Mick Foley and Shawn Michaels, resulting in the agreed match at WrestleMania, and the eventual Sweet Chin Music.

Back in the arena, both Brian Kendrick and Super Crazy are in the ring, as the bell rings, starting their match.

4th Match: Cruiserweight Championship - #1 Contenders Match:
Brian Kendrick vs. Super Crazy

Unfortunately for Kendrick and Crazy, they get jipped for time, with more important things to get pushed tonight. The two hardly even get a chance to get out of second gear, with a bunch of lock ups and grapples taking up their time, with the fans not too interested at the slow nature of the contest, but the interest is quickly turned up, AS KID KASH INEXPLICABLY SLIDES INTO THE RING … AND SMASHES THE TITLE BELT INTO THE HEAD OF BOTH MEN!!!!! Kash even has the audacity to CALL FOR THE BELL!!! The referee is furious, but has no option but to copy the action of the Cruiserweight Champion, and calls for the bell!!!

Winner: No Contest @ 02:14

The desperate champion sabotages the #1 Contender Match, even before it could get going. Kash stands in the ring, holding up his precious title, almost as if he just successfully defended it!!! He tells both Crazy and Kendrick to ‘Keep tryin’ boys’, before throwing the title over his shoulder again, saluting the fans, before sliding out of the ring, having done the damage tonight.

Jim Ross: I’ll tell ya one thing Tazz, this Kid Kash would fit in well with our esteemed tag team champions on Raw. This guy isn’t a true champion. He’s not a fighting champion-

Tazz: But he is a desperate champion J.R. And never question the tactics of a desperate champion. Kid Kash does not want to lose that title belt, and in a way, I cant blame the guy.

Jim Ross:
I don’t agree one bit Tazz. Kid Kash, if he wants to be remembered for the right reasons, needs to start defending that title with honour.

Tazz: He doesn’t care about what anybody thinks of him J.R. Kid Kash doesn’t care what legacy he leaves behind. All he’s interested in is himself, and as long as he holds that title belt, he’s happy.

Jim Ross: Well folks, moving on, but staying with Smackdown. Fourteen men have all got one thing in common. From Jimmy ‘Superfly’ Snuka, to Triple H, to Chris Jericho. They all have went to different WrestleManias, all with the same intention, all with the same goal, yet all with the same result. Losing to the Undertaker. This year, Kurt Angle will be the fifteenth man to attempt to create history. Kurt Angle will meet The Undertaker on March 18, and tonight Angle warms up for The Deadman, as he faces his little brother, the big red machine, Kane.

Tazz: This is the match that’s got me hooked this year J.R. Kurt Angle perhaps, poses the biggest threat to The Undertaker’s fourteen and oh record. He made The Deadman tap at the Survivor Series, he eliminated him in the Elimination Chamber, and nearly tore his ankle off at the Royal Rumble.

Jim Ross: And for anyone that has missed the ongoing rivalry over the last few months, then take a look at this…

Video Package hyping the Kurt Angle - Undertaker feud
- Quick clips of The Undertaker‘s previous fourteen wins at WrestleMania with a voice over from The Deadman.
- Cut to Kurt Angle, pushing The Undertaker to the limits over the last couple months, before earning his own choice of WrestleMania opponent.
- And he chooses the Undertaker.
- Promo at the end of Smackdown last night, and the attempted attack from Kane, but Angle dodged it.

Back into the arena…

The Big Red Machine enters to a fairly decent pop from the fans, ahead of this Warm Up match for Kurt Angle.

Jim Ross: The younger brother of The Undertaker has twice been beaten by The Deadman at WrestleMania, and of course, he was also a victim of Kurt Angle at WrestleMania 18.

Tazz: Always a big test for anyone. Kane will give Kurt Angle problems tonight, that’s for sure. I wouldn’t call it a ‘warm up’ J.R. I’d call it a big challenge.

Jim Ross: And when we come back, Kane faces the Wrestling Machine. Kane vs. Kurt Angle, in just a few moments.


We return with Kane pacing around the ring, waiting for his opponent.

It’s a mixed reaction for Angle, with a lot of respect being shown to the phenomenal Olympian, but heat at the same time for his actions. Angle of course, isn’t fazed, and solely focused on causing damage to Kane, and sending a message.

Tazz: Look at the eyes J.R, look at the intensity from that man, The Wrestling Machine, Kurt Angle.

Jim Ross:
Inside those ropes, there is no doubt about it, Kurt Angle is a deadly customer. After a well documented 2006 full of struggle, Kurt Angle ended the year back to his best … better than ever in fact, and now finds himself with the opportunity to become the first man to vanquish The Phenom at WrestleMania.

Tazz: But if he’s looking past Kane tonight, Angle is in for a rude awakening.

Angle continues on his way to the ring, but as he reaches the bottom of the ramp … THE LIGHTS GO OUT!!!


Mind Games from the Undertaker!!! The lights stay off for a moment, then come back on … but it seems like Angle completely ignored it!!! Angle continues to focus on Kane, running up the steps, unconcerned by Taker’s games!!! Tazz and J.R comment on the mindset of Angle, no selling the tricks of the Undertaker.

5th Match: WrestleMania Warm Up Match:
Kane vs. Kurt Angle

Angle quickly looks to shoot in and take Kane down, but the Big Red Machine snuffs it out, blocking each attempt from Angle, eventually catching the Olympian with a big boot, and clotheslines Angle over the top rope to the floor. Kane follows, and looks to put some hurting on Angle, ramming him into the apron, but Angle reverses a whip into the barricade, sending Kane in instead. From here, Angle takes over, beating his opponent down on the outside, rolling in and out to break the count. As he continues the beating though, Kane catches him with a big uppercut, rocking Angle, before slamming Kurts face off the steel steps. Kane then rolls Angle back into the ring, and climbs the turnbuckle, waiting for Angle to get up … AND SCORES WITH A FLYING CLOTHESLINE!!!

Kane now lines Angle up, looking for a Chokeslam … but Angle kicks his way out of it, AND DELIVERS A BELLY TO BELLY!!! Angle makes a cover, the first of the match, but only scores a two. The Olympian though turns up the heat on Kane now, and manages to deliver a perfect German Suplex, scoring another two count, before shaping up, waiting as Kane reaches his feet, and looking for an Angle Slam, but Kane DROPS ON HIS FEET … and catches Angle with a sidewalk slam!!! Kane again signals for a Chokeslam, but as he gets Angle up, Kurt switches his momentum, and lands on his feet, AND DELIVERS THE ANGLE SLAM!!!!! This time, Angle doesn’t cover, and instead, pulls the straps down … ANKLE LOCK!!!!!! Angle has the hold applied, and Kane holds on for a few moments … BUT HAS TO TAP OUT!!!!!

Winner: Kurt Angle @ 05:26

Angle gets the win … BUT KEEPS THE HOLD APPLIED!!! The referee desperately tries to pull Angle away, but Kurt shoves him off with one arm, AND KEEPS THE ANKLE LOCK ON!!!!! Kane is still tapping, and uncharacteristically yelling out in pain, but Angle looks determined to make good on his promise … and BREAK THE ANKLE!!! He drops down, with the grapevine applied, as Kane covers his face, hiding the pain, as Angle continues to torque the ankle, ripping the body part from side to side!!!

Now, a bunch of officials and road agents hit the ring, and manage to pull Angle away, ending the torture for Kane, as the manic Olympian has to be held back, still wanting to make sure the job is done … but it could be anyway.

Jim Ross: This is sickening Tazz. This was uncalled for!!! Kurt Angle won the match, what else does he need??

Tazz: He promised to send a message J.R. He promised to come to Philadelphia tonight, and break Kanes ankle.

Jim Ross: And it looks like he may have succeeded Tazz!! Kane is in a world of pain here, his ankle could well be broken!!!

Tazz: And if it is J.R, Kurt Angle will have made his point to the Deadman.

We go into the commercial, as Angle is led away, up the ramp, whilst Kane is unable to get onto his feet


We return with Smackdown GM Arn Anderson, stood outside with a number of officials and road agents, as the doors for an ambulance are shut.

Jim Ross: Welcome back to Saturday Nights Main Event, but an incident moments ago has marred proceedings tonight, as Kurt Angle brutally picked apart the ankle of Kane, AFTER the match. Kane is now set to be headed to a local medical facility, but early indications suggest folks … Kanes ankle has indeed been broken.

Signal of intent J.R. No other way to put it. Kurt Angle has his stall out, and that is what he plans to do to The Deadman come March 18.

Jim Ross: He may well have made his point Tazz, but what will the repercussions be for Kurt Angle?? He may have just awoken a beast from within the Deadman, and we might not have to wait until March 18 to find out how The Undertaker will respond to this!!! But one thing we will have to wait to find out … the next holder of Money in the Bank.

Tazz: Hell yeah J.R. Money in the Bank Two. Bigger and better than before. Raw and Smackdown involved. Four guys from each brand represented. The undefeated M.V.P and the Golden Boy Paul London from Smackdown, along with your guys Randy Orton, Finlay and undefeated Umaga!!!

Jim Ross: A heck of a list of talent, and as we are told, the final three spots will ALL be decided this week on Raw and Smackdown. But perhaps a bigger decision, to be made this Monday when Raw comes to Hershey, Triple H will finally find out if he gets a rematch against John Cena, or indeed, will he be included in the WrestleMania main event??

Tazz: Big time decision. The Game has been hell bent on main eventing WrestleMania 23, God help Raw if he doesn’t get it.

Jim Ross: And Brock Lesnar will also find out this Monday who he meets at WrestleMania, if Mr. McMahon is to be taken at his word.

Tazz: Lots of uncertainty over on Monday nights, but on Smackdown, our main event HAS been confirmed, earlier tonight in the main event, Chris Jericho defeated Edge to force his way into the WWE Championship equation come WrestleMania. History to be made, first time ever, WWE Championship at WrestleMania to be contested in a triple threat match. RVD, Edge and Jericho are gonna give us a show we’ll never forget.

Jim Ross: That wasn’t the only match confirmed tonight though Tazz, because two legends, two of the most recognized faces in WWE history will meet, at WrestleMania. Mick Foley, the troubled Mick Foley, takes on Shawn Michaels, and on Unlimited, Eric Bischoff has confirmed that they will meet … in a streetfight!!!

Tazz: Couldn’t think of a better way for that one to go down J.R!!! Foley and Michaels in a streetfight?? Rocketbuster!!!

Jim Ross: And of course Tazz, it’ll be a big week for the blue brand this Friday, huge WrestleMania implications, am I right??

Tazz: Oh without a doubt J.R!!! This is an unmissable Smackdown. We’re gonna find out who goes to WrestleMania to challenge AMW for the coveted tag team titles. Matt & Jeff Hardy, Cryme Tyme, The Murdoch Twins and Deuce and Domino fightin it out, and one team progresses to the Superdome. Not only that, but Brent Albright, the United States Champ, has one final obstacle to overcome if he wants to make it to the big dance as champ, and it’s a heck of an obstacle J.R … in the form of Bobby Lashley.

Jim Ross: Well, I watched the show last night, and saw Batista earn his shot at the gold, now Brent Albright has to earn the right to defend it.

Tazz: They don’t come much tougher than Lashley either. Kid Kash, also defending his gold against Chavo Guerrero, but what will be the repercussions of his actions tonight?? Kendrick and Super Crazy were set to battle for the right to challenge the champ at WrestleMania, it leaves Double A with a tough decision.

Jim Ross: Not to forget, the final two places from Smackdown in Money in the Bank are to be decided, as will be the final place on Raw this Monday. It’ll be six men, Nick Dinsmore, Garrison Cade, Tyson Tomko, Shelton Benjamin, Booker T and Elijah Burke will fight it out, and the winner gets the opportunity to go to WrestleMania and win himself a title shot whenever he pleases in twelve months!!

Tazz: Big week ahead in the WWE, on Smackdown AND Raw. Major WrestleMania implications on both shows this week.

Jim Ross: But we are now just moments away from our final match tonight, and someone’s pride is set to be ripped away. Someone is gonna be taking a huge forfeit. Will Cena and Christian be forced to kiss Vince McMahons ass?? Or will Vince have to face ridicule of his own??

Tazz: Well, Todd Grisham is backstage as we speak, with BOTH the Royal Rumble winner, and the World Heavyweight Champion!!!

Cut backstage to Todd Grisham.

Todd Grisham: I am joined at this time by the 2007 Royal Rumble winner and the World Heavyweight Champion. Christian, and John Cena…

The camera pans around to both men, Christian, arms folded, head down, and John Cena belt over his shoulder, getting a huge response from the fans.

Todd Grisham: Gentlemen, in just a few moments, you will team up to face The McMahon Family Empire, joined once again, by Brock Lesnar. Of course, should you lose … both of you will be forced into joining … the kiss my ass club.

Fans boo in the background, whilst Christian glances at Cena, and Cena shakes his head, unimpressed.

Todd Grisham: But should you win … then Mr. McMahon will perform a forfeit of your choosing.

Fans pop again.

Todd Grisham: Before the match though, I was hoping to get both of your thoughts on the ramifications should you win … or lose.

Todd holds the mic out, and Christian is first to speak.

The ramifications are simple Todd, you’ve just named them. We win, then we embarrass Vince McMahon in front of the entire world. We lose??

Christian takes a look around at Cena.

Christian: Should we lose, then …

Christian stops, not speaking for a second, then looks at Todd again.

Christian: Losing simply isn’t an option.

Christian starts to pick it up a bit.

Christian: I have no intention on kissing Vince’s ass. Cena here has no intentions on that either … at least I don’t think so.

Christian gets set to continue, but Cena puts his hand over the mic. He and Christian look at each other, as Cena pulls the mic from Todd.

John Cena: How about I just confirm that I don’t want to kiss Vince McMahons ass.

Cena gives Christian a nod, not joking around.

John Cena: Kissing Vince McMahons ass in front of the entire world Todd, is unthinkable. And it aint gonna happen.

Fans pop in the background.

John Cena: Tonight, it’s five on two. Christian and I are gonna go out there and whip somebodies ass. We aint kissin a single damn one!!!

Another pop, as Cena continues, with Christian watching on.

John Cena: Shane-O, Tomko, Lesnar, Tripper and Vinnie?? Yo’ asses BELONG TO US!!!

Big pop, whilst Captain Charisma nods.

John Cena: And Vinnie?? Christian and I are gonna take great pleasure in embarrassing you in front of the entire world!!!

Christian now takes the mic, and speaks.

Christian: This is something you’ll never forget … it’s something that’ll live with you forever Vince, and you’ll have to look at yourself every single day and be reminded … reminded of the night that John Cena and Captain Charisma took your dignity … and wiped our ass with it!!! So if you didn’t know?? NOW … now you know!!!

Christian grins, and looks to Cena, before speaking again.

Christian: Because that’s how WE roll!!!

Christian slams the mic into Grishams chest, whilst taking a long look at Cena, before walking off. Is there dissention between the two men scheduled to meet at WrestleMania 23??? Surely not.

Back into the arena…

Brock Lesnar enters, to a highly mixed ovation, getting his own entrance, and not with the McMahons.

Tazz: Well, here comes the pain!!

Jim Ross: It will be a very embarrassing night for someone. But will it be Vince McMahon taking the forfeit, or will John Cena and Christian be forced to literally kiss the bosses ass!!! Our final match is coming up next.


We return with Mr. McMahon, Shane and Tomko now in the ring, joined by Stephanie on the outside. Lesnar doesn’t seem interested in talking, ignoring his partners.

Triple H enters to a mammoth rush of excitement, then heat. The Game steps out onto the stage, and doesn’t surprise anyone with his entrance, performing the exact same one he has for eight years. He enters the ring, and takes a long look at Lesnar, before climbing the ropes, ending his entrance, as Vince and Shane are seen talking with Brock, looking to make sure he and Triple H can co-exist. Tomko and Stephanie make sure The Game remains occupied, not allowing him and Lesnar to enter each others vicinity.

The Wachovia Centre comes to it’s feet, as Captain Charisma makes his entrance, catching the attention of his foes, all waiting in the ring. Christian plays it smart, not moving too far down the aisle, waiting for his partner, as his music quickly dies down.

And John Cena allows the arena to EXPLODE!!! The women and children go nuts, as the older males start to let their voice be heard, resulting in a mixed reaction for The Champ - a regular occurrence these days. He and Christian share a look, both nodding, before making their way down the aisle, and show no fear of the numbers game, sliding into the ring, and holding court, as the McMahon Family Empire all take a walk.

Cena and Christian finish off their pre-match routine, as the opponents slowly step back inside, and the match is set to begin.

Main Event: 5 on 2 Handicap Match:
- If John Cena and Christian win, Mr. McMahon must perform a forfeit -
- If The Entity win, John Cena and Christian will join the kiss my ass club -
John Cena & Christian vs. Mr. McMahon, Shane McMahon, Triple H, Brock Lesnar & Tyson Tomko

With everything on the line for Vince, he‘s the one calling the shots tonight for his team. He tries to get things organized, and looks to Lesnar or Triple H to kick things off, whilst Christian waits on the other side of the ring. Brock shrugs it off, happy enough to start, but Triple H pushes in front, and takes up the mantle instead, deciding to take the ball for the five man team. Lesnar laughs off the desperation from The Game, and steps back out of the ring, allowing Triple H to get his wish instead. The Game comes face to face with Christian {what was intended to be the WrestleMania main event}, and the two trade insults, AS CHRISTIAN STRIKES FIRST!!! Triple H is staggered by the right hand, as Christian follows in, backing his adversary into the corner, unloading with an early flurry of right hands!!! HHH strikes back, but Christian stops him with a knee to the gut, then drills The Game with a front slam, before tagging in the champ.

Cena bounds in, and tackles Triple H with a number of clotheslines, flustering his long running enemy, dropping The Game with a suplex, and limbers up for the over the top 5 Knuckle Shuffle, but Triple H has it scouted, and kicks Cena away on his comeback from the ropes!! Triple H manages to get back up, and puts Cena down, catching him with a heavy high knee, and it allows Triple H to get to his corner, bypassing Lesnar, and making the tag out to Tomko. Tomko asserts his authority over Cena, beating him down in the corner, wearing him out, throwing him off the ropes, and delivering a big sidewalk slam, getting a two count for his efforts. The Problem Solver then chucks Cena back into the corner, and tags in Shane, with Cena worn down significantly from the beating.

Shane steps in, and tries to show off his boxing ‘skills’, taking swipes at Cena, with The Champ already staggering. Shane starts to try and dance, shaping up for his big shot, but Cena grabs the arm … AND SHANES EYES WIDEN WITH FEAR!!! Cena instantly pulls Shane in … and turns him inside out with a clothesline!!! He makes the cover, 1...2...VINCE LOOKS TO BREAK THE COUNT WITH AN ELBOW … BUT CENA MOVES … VINCE ELBOWS HIS OWN SON!!!!! Cena grabs Vince as he gets up, throwing the boss to the outside, before making a tag back out to Christian!!! Christian stands over Shane, just watching, as he tries to crawl away with the show going into it’s final commercial of the evening.


We return with Brock Lesnar now in, having his way with Cena, with J.R and Tazz informing us that during the break Shane managed to get a tag out, with Stephanie distracting the referee, and ultimately Christian (then, the legal man) and Cena, which allowed Vince to attack Christian from behind, and Shane a chance to tag out, finding Lesnar for the first time. In that time Christian managed to sustain enough offence to tag out to Cena, but since then, Lesnar has taken over, leading us to back live, where Brock is in control.

Lesnar continues to pile on the pressure on Cena, delivering a pair of Belly to Belly suplexes for two near falls, then delivers spine tingling shoulders in the corner, putting the hurting to the champion, before scoring another near fall with a delayed fisherman buster!!! Lesnar looks to keep the domination up … but Triple H has other ideas, and makes a blind tag from The Iron Man … but it doesn’t upset Lesnar, who again, laughs at the actions of The Game, telling him ‘Fine by me.’, as he steps out of the ring.

The Game now takes over where Lesnar left off, and wears down the champion, scoring near falls, but unable to keep the champion down. Triple H methodically beats Cena down, looking to rile Christian too, drilling Cena with a vintage, Double-A spine buster, but cant keep Cena down for three. Triple H looks around now, and sees Vince now wanting him to tag out … but not to him … pointing instead to Tomko, much to the chagrin of HHH. He does accept the request however, and reluctantly tags in Tomko. McMahons plan appears to be coming together, as his set of men start to work like a well oiled machine, with Triple H and Lesnar being kept apart, and all four men (Vince still hasn’t got into the match) make frequent, quick tags, causing Cena all kinds of problems. On the apron, Christian is desperate to make a tag, seeing his partner fading, with a beating from four fully fresh men consistently taking the power from Cena.

Shane though, nearly costs the Empire, getting overly cocky again, and gets caught by Cena, who nails a spin out power bomb!!! Cena now looks to make a tag out … BUT TRIPLE H PULLS CHRISTIAN OFF THE APRON!!! He misses the tag from a desperate Cena!!! Meanwhile, Shane finds his corner, and brings Lesnar back in, who splashes Cena in the opposite corner!!! Lesnar now drags Cena out of the corner, and looks to continue the punishment, but gets distracted by the antics of Triple H on the apron, YELLING at the Iron Man to either finish Cena, or tag someone in that will, rather than waste more time. Lesnar takes exception to the comment, and forgets Cena for a moment, turning his attention to Triple H, as the two look to be getting into one here!!! The argument intensifies, with Triple H sticking his finger in Lesnars face, AND LESNAR PUSHES IT AWAY!!!

Instantly, Tomko, Shane and Vince attempt to get between the two men, but Triple H manages to slap Lesnar!!! Brock is incensed, and tries to get at Triple H … but JOHN CENA stops him!!! The Champ attacks Lesnar, putting an end to the confrontation. Cena backs Lesnar into the corner, but gets caught with a knee, getting winded by the shot. Brock pounds Cena down again, and scoops him up, looking the finish proceedings … BUT CENA GRABS THE ROPES … STOPPING THE MOVE … THEN DELIVERS A DDT!!! Cena takes Lesnar down, and now looks for another chance to tag Christian … BUT HERE COMES TOMKO … BUT HE GETS AN FU!!!!! Cena hops up his partner is on the apron again … AND TAGS CHRISTIAN IN!!!!!

Captain Charisma takes the match up a gear, running through anything that moves, with clotheslines and dropkicks, taking on all four men (with Vince still on the apron), ducking a big boot from Tomko … WHO NAILS SHANE BY ACCIDENT … then drops his former friend with a reverse DDT, before low bridging the ropes, sending out Triple H, then clotheslines Lesnar!!! Christian now locks eyes with the boss … who freezes on the apron, and gulps. The 2007 Royal Rumble winner starts to move towards the boss … BUT BROCK LESNAR SAVES HIM!!! Lesnar drills Christian from behind, grabbing him and delivering the German Suplex!!!! Lesnar gets up … AND VINCE GETS A BLIND TAG!!! Brock spins around, furious with Vince looking to capitalise, but doesn’t have long to think about it … AS CENA CLOTHESLINES HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE!!! Both men go over, leaving just Vince and Christian in the ring, with Vince standing over his opponent.

McMahon scores with a couple of kicks as Christian struggles on the canvas, but as he goes for another kick … CHRISTIAN GRABS THE LEG!!! Captain Charisma trips Vince, and gets back to his feet … but is met by Triple H … and he goes for the Pedigree … BUT CHRISTIAN BACK DROPS HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE … ONTO TOMKO ON THE OUTSIDE!!!!!!! Vince now picks up steam, and charges at Christian … but gets kicked in the gut … and Christian throws Vince at his daughter … KNOCKING STEPHANIE OFF THE APRON ON THE OPPOSITE SIDE OF THE RING!!!!! Vince staggers into the path of Christian … UNPRETTIER!!!!!!! He hooks the leg, 1...2...3!!!!!!!!!

Winner: Christian & John Cena @ 13:51

Vince is in big trouble now … HE NEEDS TO PARTAKE IN A FORFEIT!!!!! Christian has a wry smile on his face now, with Vince set to be and his and John Cenas mercy. Triple H though, has other ideas … AND KNOCKS CHRISTIAN DOWN FROM BEHIND WITH A CLOTHESLINE!!!!! Triple H saves his father-in-law from indignity, and Shane is back up now, with Tomko, as Triple H directs traffic, telling Vince to pull his pants down … as it looks like Christian will kiss the bosses ass after all!!!

Vince pulls his black jeans down, exposing his bare ass … BUT CENA MAKES THE SAVE FOR CHRISTIAN!!! The World Champion bursts into the ring, nailing Tomko and Shane with a double clothesline, then goes at it with Triple H … as Christian beats down Vince again!!! Cena delivers an FU to Triple H, with The Game rolling out of the ring, as we see Brock Lesnar … WALKING UP THE RAMP!!! Lesnar leaves his team mates high and dry, not interested in the final outcome.

Meanwhile, we see Christian signalling to the back, as does Cena … and two workers carry out … something covered in a black sheet. The two men are forced to still fend off Triple H, Tomko and Shane as the workers bring the object into the ring, setting it in the middle … and pull off the sheet to reveal … A BARBERS CHAIR!!!!!

Cena forces the Boss into the barbers chair, and with help from the two workers ties him down on the chair, stopping him from escaping, whilst Christian continues to fend off the rest of the family from watching Vince suffer complete public humiliation.

Now, the two workers hand over the shaving instruments, as Cena and Christian take turns in working out what to do, with the Family Empire in hysterics at ringside, unable to help Vince out of his predicament. And their despair deepens … AS CHRISTIAN TAKES A HUGE CHUNK OF HAIR OUT OF VINCES HEAD … RIGHT DOWN THE MIDDLE!!!

The fans go nuts, as Vince sits in the chair, with a huge line down his head, a chunk of hair GONE!!! Cena and Christian now start to take turns at whacking clumps of hair off Vince’s head, with McMahon pleading, yelling, begging for the two men to stop … BUT THEY DON’T!!!

J.R and Tazz are in hysterics at ringside, unable to control their laughter as Vince gets all his precious mane shaved off, with his family at ringside to watch … unable to do a damn thing about it!!! We sign off, with Cena and Christian still shaving the hair from Vince’s head … on course to SHAVE IT BALD!!!

The two men set to compete in the main event at WrestleMania look to be happy on the same page tonight, but will they be so happy side by side should the Boards decision rule against Triple H, and confirm that they will go one on one on March 18 in New Orleans … at WrestleMania??

The show ends, with one final shot of Vince, with little hair left, small clumps, his eyes closed, his face gurning … HUMILIATED!!!!!



Current Card for WWE Wrestle Mania XXIII:
Date: 18th March 2007
Location: Superdome, New Orleans, Louisiana
Event Music: U2 & Green Day; The Saints are Coming & Killers; Sams Town

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
World Heavyweight Champion, John Cena vs.
2007 Royal Rumble Winner, Christian

WWE Championship; Triple Threat Match:
WWE Champion, Rob Van Dam vs.
Mr. Money in the Bank, Edge vs.
‘Highlight of the Night’ Chris Jericho

Money in the Bank Ladder Match:
M.V.P vs. Umaga vs. Paul London vs. Finlay vs. ??? vs. Randy Orton vs. ??? vs. ???

The Irresistible Force vs. The Immovable Object:
Kurt Angle vs. The Undertaker

Mick Foley vs. Shawn Michaels

Hall of Fame Ceremony 2007;
Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, Mike Tyson


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Re: Being The Booker

Right thing with Jericho winning, making the Mania match more appealing, although I want to see RVD walk out champ, I have a feeling you'll give Edge the strap tbh. Either way it was a good opener here with plenty of excitement and such

I'll be shocked if Lesnar/Triple H doesn't happen at Mania tbh. Really enjoyed this promo, it was quite sexeh, some awesome interaction between Brock & Trips, with Vince always trying to keep things cool, but I'm guessing by the end of the night, we'll get a better idea of how Lesnar/Trips is going to go ahead

Melina as Women's Champ, could do better, but then again, you could do worse. Straight Edge save the day, and I'm amazed the amount of times MNM are escaping against them, which means come Mania, they're dropping the straps to SE

MVP getting an insta-push? Eww, but aslong as he doesn't win MITB (no Jesus push plz) I'll be happy. Orton should win, although I can possibly see a later addition winning it

Foley promo was God like, even if a little generic in parts dare I say, towards the end it really picked up momentum, and then HBK's appearance just made things bigger. I was expecting it but not tonight, the announcement of HBK/Foley for Mania. It's fresh and new, exciting and yet it'll be killer Hardcore, as HBK is more than capable of some big spots and Foley will take a beating as usual

Kash owns his potential suitors for the CW title, which will lead to a Triple threat match at Mania perhaps? Could be a goody, if you go down that route. If not, better challenger for him plz, Chavo or Kidman tbh. I'd say London but you've moved the lil man into the midcard scene it seems

MIND GAMES!~ lol @ Angle no selling the gong and lights. Funny. What wasn't funny was the subsequent jobbing of Kane. You had him re-debut in the mask at Mania last year and he was unstoppable, and all of a sudden he's losing in 5 mins at SNME? I love Kane, don't release plz, stick him in a tag team with another guy you're not too high on, Booker T, and push imo. RATINGS. BOOK IT. Angle sends a message to Taker, but he's not winning at Mania, if he does, I will laugh at you

Decent Christian/Cena promo, if Christian loses to Cena, I will destroy

Nice main event, making up for some short matches tonight overall, bit of excitement here and Vince jobbing to CLB is awesome. @ Lesnar walking off and leaving the McMahons to get owned. Shaving Vince's head? I expected better Wolf, I really did, but I guess you could've done worse than it

Congratulations on meeting my "Seal Of Approval" for what, the 100000 time?


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Re: Being The Booker

SNME Feedback

Okay, so uhhh, starting with the main event is something quite weird but it’s Saturday Nights Main Event and this is the way things are done, so, lets get on with it.

Chris Jericho vs Edge
Opening with this match is, as I said before, quite an entertaining start. RVD as the special referee would have added that extra little bit of excitement. I don’t know what else to say really, it was just a nice opening contest and as I said in my predictions, having Jericho get the win was the right option as it seems to add that little extra excitement element to the Mania main event. Edge vs RVD would have OWNED but Edge vs RVD vs Jericho shall really OWN and I can see Edge getting the championship at Mania, RVD taking his summer long “break”, and Jericho being Edge’s first obstacle. I am predicting far ahead but who cares, tbh. I also like the way RVD was involved in the match and was a deciding factor in the match, this should really make the lead up heat things up even more, as at what it was before this match Edge and RVD seemed to distant with each other to have the correct hype. I have no question in believing that the Mania main event along with the build up will go down without a hitch.

Nice interaction backstage here, and well, Lesnar vs Triple H at Mania is really going to OWN. I Can not see things going any other way at the moment, and this segment did nothing but back up my claims that this is what would take place. I expect some pure domination from Lesnar tonight before one of the McMahon’s cops the pinfall and things between Triple H and Lesnar should implode. I personally can not wait.

Womens Championship Match
Quick and easy championship match and I really think this was the way to go considering you have to jam so much into this show. I also said earlier, during my predictions I think, that I could not see Melina losing the Womens Championship until after MNM lost the World tag Team Championships and at this stage it looks like my prediction could have been right. Only thing I really didn’t like about this match, is that I found it kind of weird that Straight Edge were not at ringside to have Laree’s back, don’t get me wrong I know that Laree isn’t Straight Edge’s manager, but I would expect them to have her back because it would be common sense for them to realize that MNM Nitro and/or Mercury would interfere. This perhaps made Straight Edge look, well, a tad dumb.

MITB Tag Match
Well, technically Finlay and Randy Orton > London and MVP however I knew the whole time that the Smackdown duo were going to get the win. Not only are they on the brand that needs it the most, but you seem to heart London, and this match is not big enough to have MVP lose his streak in. So, logically it was a pretty obvious result. Geez, I really thought this match could have had a little bit more time, I mean five minutes seems really weak Wolf. MITB is always hard to build up, however these little interbrand show downs really help it, now we just need a massive build up on both Raw and SD with personal rivalries sprouting everywhere and MITB will be set. Oh yeah, no ratings for no Umaga appearance.

Oh Shit. Mick Foley in the house.

Mick Foley beginning promo was absolutely awesome. I love everything that happened here with Foley. Him being sorry was so weird, but at the same time I can’t help but feel he is lying, but I feel sympathy for him, as well as wanting him to get decked by HBK. I feel a whole bunch of things so it will be interesting to see what Michaels has to say. Michaels coming out and these two talking was pretty FUCKING epic. I loved how the tension slowly build and the intensity slowly raised. Foley running at HBK and Sweet Chin Music was great. I hope we still get answers though, the challenge by Foley was avoiding answers and I believe you are leaving us hanging for something.

Kendrick vs Crazy

Ermm, there is really not much to comment on as another rematch was cut tremendously short but I won’t harp on about this one because Kid Kash OWNS. I expect a triple threat between these three some time soon, I don’t know what else I can really say.

Kurt Angle vs Kane’
Nice mind games by ‘Taker but this match always belonged to Kurt Angle. I guess I was glad that you at least gave Kane a little bit of offense but damn this match was short. Then again, short matches have been the specialty of tonight. Angle cleanly OWNED Kane and the added intensity after the match was to one let Kane have a break, and two add some fuel to the already burning fire of Angle and Kane.

Christian and John Cena interview was nice with them still teaming up. Seemed very funny and these two have great chemistry. Mania is gonna’ rule.

5 On 2 Handicap Match

Nice, LONG match, for once lol. I have been harping on the match times tonight and well this match and the opening match kind of leveled things out a bit. Lesnar and Triple H is definitely on now, Lesnar ditching the McMahons’s made me LOL. Christian getting the final victory is what should happen and I seriously expect him to go over Cena because I don’t like it when the Rumble winner loses. Shaving head equals no ratings but oh well I guess you really are going for realism.

Nice, nice, nice. <3 k?

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Re: Being The Booker

Saturday Night’s Main Event Review:

Loved that you kept with the tradition of having a great main event quality match kick off the show. Edge vs. Y2J will determine the main event of WM23 on the SD! side and it looks like Jericho wants some early payback by taking Edge down right at the start. I am glad that Van Dam was able to be aggressive in trying to keep order in the match, as he has always been a “mellow” guy, so it was good to see him show some fire. A ton of near falls in this one and I thought Edge had the match a few times especially after the Spear. Van Dam gets nailed by the Spear! Thought Edge would be able to capitalize, but he’s not, as Jericho hits the Codebreaker and gets the victory! Now we have a triple threat at WM23 and it will be great to see Jericho get his rightful place in the main event. I’m sure Edge is going to be pissed about this.

I absolutely LOVE the characters that you have created with both Lesnar and Triple H. Brock is just focused on not getting screwed by Vince again, and that makes him a perfect tweener. Triple H is so worked up about the Board’s decision that he isn’t able to focus on what he needs to focus on. The exchange between these two was gold and I think it’s rather obvious that they are going to meet at WM23. This situation will explode on Monday night, and that is something I simply cannot wait to see.

I am not surprised at all in the way that Melina retained the Women’s Belt. She has even more help now with Santino in her corner, as he provides the comic relief and also the shady tactics necessary for her to retain. Judging by what happened after the match, I see you making a six-person tag team match for WM23, with all three Belts on the line. That’d be the best choice, tbh.

This means Hogan won’t be wrestling again in this thread, right? Thank God.

I am not liking how little time this match got, as you have four fantastic competitors in the ring and five minutes is WAY too short, imo. Anyway, the match sounded entertaining for the short time that it lasted, as the SD! team really got to show how talented they are, taking to the veterans from Raw. Not shocked that London did most of the work and then Porter got the clean fall. MVP is being built as the favorite to win the MITB, but I really don’t see it happening. I would have liked to see Umaga come out and destroy the SD! guys, but it was good enough to see him and AAE watching from the back.

Here comes the promo that any loyal reader of this thread has been waiting for ever since S’Series and the Rumble, when Mick Foley screwed HBK on two separate occasions, and never gave us an explanation as to why he did it. Mick’s solo part of the promo was very well done, as he sounded sincere and remorseful in talking about how he had no idea what he was doing when he screwed Shawn. Good touch with the psychiatrist idea, and now Foley wants Michaels to come down to the ring. Now things are gonna get intense, imo. Foley avoids asking Michaels the question that he wanted to, as Shawn just wants answers. Mick goes ahead and changes the conversation, talking about how he respected HBK’s career. Shawn is getting pretty upset now, and finally Mick comes around and asks for Shawn’s forgiveness. After a long period of time, we finally get Michaels to accept the apology! Now Foley doesn’t answer “why me?”, and that causes the tension to rise big time, as Foley asks Shawn to let go of his arm, and then challenges HBK to a match at WM23. Foley-Michaels is finally confirmed! Foley looks to be losing control again, but runs right into Sweet Chin Music! Great to see the match finally confirmed, but I think everyone still wants answers from Foley. Anyway, this was one of your best promos in a long time. Well done.

Kid Kash coming down and ruining the #1 Contender’s match was disappointing, as I thought that BK was finally gonna get his first one-on-one shot in a while. Guess this means a Triple Threat in the future? Or some big match that will cause Kash to lose the Belt. Still, pretty disappointed that this was put on the card only to get treated like it did.

Angle makes good on his promise before the match even gets underway, as he doesn’t pay any mind to the games from ‘Taker, simply heading into the ring, ready to take care of business. I was actually surprised that Kane got in a decent amount of offense, dominating the first minute or two and then getting some other big moves later in the match. But Angle doesn’t need many moves to get the win, only his best, as he hits the great Angle Slam and then locks in the Ankle Lock, getting the victory. Awesome that he really did break the ankle, as I think he will be billed as ‘Taker’s biggest test for WM23, as this was a great way to keep the feud rolling. Should be good to see what the Deadman has in store next week.

Good hype for the rest of the Road to WM23. Hardyz are obviously going to get the shot at the Tag Titles, but the best news was hearing that HBK-Foley is gonna be a Street Fight. As if that wasn’t expected, right?

Pretty much what I expected with the interview from Cena and CC. I know that they aren’t going to reveal what is gonna happen if they win, and obviously they don’t plan on joining Mr. McMahon’s “club”. The dissention between the two won’t begin tonight, imo, as it’s rather obvious that we will wait until this huge match is over to see that happen.

Obviously Hunter and Brock are going to be at odds from the very beginning, trying to decide who steps into the ring first and it ends up being Hunter, who gets popped in the face by CC! Triple H never even tags in Brock after he gets the best of Cena, tagging in Tomko. Tyson serves his purpose in working over The Champ before Shane gets the tag in. Perfect way to head into the final commercial, as Shane gets elbowed by Vince and Christian gets the tag back in. Lesnar is playing his role to perfection, not even getting upset when he gets tagged out after dominating, as he knows there’s nothing in this match for him to worry about. LMAO at Vince not getting into the match yet, as the rest of the team works on The Champ. It’ll just make it that much funnier when Vinnie actually does get his ass kicked. Now the communication between Brock and Hunter starts to break down again, and Cena hits the F-U on Tomko before bringing in Christian! Loved how Christian just completely owned the other team, with some help from Cena taking care of Brock. Vince gets owned after hitting Stephanie, getting dropped with the Unprettier for the win! The shaved head by Vince was something funny to end the night on, as I couldn’t really think of something better for Christian and Cena to do. Can’t wait to hear the Board’s decision on Hunter.

A very good show that has me incredibly pumped up for WM23, as if I wasn’t already. Like others said the match times were a little off, but the two most important ones got the time they deserved. Can’t wait to see everything in full from here on out, make this the most memorable ‘Mania this section has ever seen, boyo.


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Re: Being The Booker

^I love that smilie^

Thanks for the feedback gentlemen, as always it's greatly appreciated .

Anyways, anybody even half following the thread will be well aware it's now full steam ahead to WrestleMania. Thanks to my fairly abysmal social life at the minute, I'm well ahead of schedule; 7 of 10 matches completed for WM, just the three main event matches to go. As for the actual shows; 2 segments just to write on the final Raw before WM, and the final SD to go on that front.

That being said, I couldn’t expect the loyal readers to keep up with shows every few days (with all being in full of course) so I will be staggering the shows out at a rate of one every 6 days in the run up to the big one.

I’d put in my sig a tentative post date of May 17; but I’ve decided to put it back a bit further to May 31st. Couple of reasons for this;
1) May 17 is right around the ‘business end’ of the football season. It could either be a very happy, or very said time frame for me. Right now, given recent results … it’s getting hard to tell.
2) Anything earlier would’ve been pushing the posting of shows too close to each other.
3) Most of the guys around here are in the midst of exams or other important things at this point, and would be foolish not to put those first.

So, for anyone interested in knowing, this is my tentative schedule for the run up to WrestleMania. Each show could well end up being posted a day earlier / later than scheduled, but nothing more.

Name of Show | Date of Show | Date to be posted

Monday Night Raw | February 12th; Hershey PA | Sunday March 29
Friday Night Smackdown | February 16th; Pittsburgh PA | Saturday April 4

Monday Night Raw | February 19th; San Jose CA | Friday April 10
Friday Night Smackdown | February 23rd; Anaheim CA | Thursday April 16

Monday Night Raw | February 26th; Washington DC | Wednesday April 22
Friday Night Smackdown | March 2nd; Las Vegas NV | Tuesday April 28

Monday Night Raw | March 5th; San Antonio TX | Monday May 4
Friday Night Smackdown | March 9th; Corpus Christi TX | Sunday May 10

Monday Night Raw | March 12th; Atlanta GA | Saturday May 16
LIVE Friday Night Smackdown | March 16th; Lafayette LA | Friday May 22

WrestleMania 23 | March 18th; New Orleans LA | Sunday May 31
*If it’d be more popular to move WrestleMania to Friday May 29, that can be arranged*

Now that’s out of the way, I’ll just give a few thoughts / reasons on certain things I did with SNME, for those of you looking to see what made me do what I did.

- Opening with the main event. Something I’m angry that I didn’t do at this show in the thread last year. It’s the staple of SNME from back in the day, and a tradition that should’ve continued. It also helped that I had another main event match to close proceedings .

- Going short with matches. Just something that had to be done. I just wanted to make sure the two main matches got a good length to go, and with time constraints (not being from America, I’m not sure how much of an overrun NBC would give the show) so I tried to make it as close to what felt like a two hour show.
That being said, in hindsight, the cruiserweight match could easily have been put back to this weeks Smackdown rather than have the match that I have booked for the show, and the womens match could’ve probably happened on last weeks 3 hour Raw.

- Glad the reaction to the Foley / Michaels promo was good. Wasn’t sure how it’d get over, but there is more to come .

- Shaving Vince McMahons head. Not highly original, obviously. But personally, I felt it would go over as just about the single biggest humiliation possible for Vince, and I was always disappointed with the follow up to the hair angle in real life. Saying that, the follow up in this thread for the angle isn’t particularly fantastic. After the reshuffling of plans, the hair stuff now takes a back seat, as it was set to provide the backlash from Vince to set up Cena vs. Lesnar, and also help in the build for Christian vs. Triple H. Now those plans are out the window, the hair shaving isn’t used as such a big factor in the angles leading to WM. But, there are quite a few instances where Vinces baldness will be brought into play .

Also, while I’m here, I’ll post the PPV schedule and major events list for the coming calendar year:

WrestleMania 23 | March 18, New Orleans LA | Co-Production

Raw; Draft Special | March 26, New York City NY | Three Hour Special

Backlash | April 22, Montreal | Raw Brand

Judgment Day | May 20, Miami, FL | Smackdown Brand

Bad Blood | June 17, Oklahoma, OK | Raw Brand

Saturday Nights Main Event | June 23, Memphis, TN | Clash of the Champions Special

Great American Bash | July 8, Philadelphia, PA | Smackdown Brand

WWE Summer Tour | July 30 - September 7 | Raw & Smackdown Tour

Summerslam | August 19, London England | Co-Production

Cyber Sunday | September 16, Dallas TX | Co-Production

Nemesis | October 14, Little Rock AR | Raw Brand

Saturday Nights Main Event | November 10, Boston MA | Road to Survivor Series Special

Survivor Series | November 18, Los Angeles CA | Co-Production

Armageddon | December 9, Minneapolis MN | Smackdown Brand

15th Anniversary of Raw | December 17, Sacramento CA | Three Hour Special

Royal Rumble | January 20, Las Vegas NV | Co-Production

Super Brawl | February 10, Cleveland OH | Co-Production

Saturday Nights Main Event | February 23, Detroit MI | Road to WrestleMania Special

WrestleMania 24 | TBA | Co-Production


So, as you can see, Raw will be up this Sunday. If I can find time, I’ll post a preview on Friday or Saturday. Until then, thanks for reading … and continue to do so
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Re: Being The Booker

Well what a way to start the night off and continue SNME tradition as you said in your post today by having a main event go on first. I'm certainly surprised Jericho was going to win as I didn't expect you to pull the trigger and give him the win setting up the Triple Threat but I definitely think it will work out real well for him and that he'll do just fine in the match. I do like how the tension's already started as now we've got an interesting situation on our hands due to the Jericho/RVD incident that occured after the match. Edge seems to be the favorite in my opinion to dethrone Van Dam but Jericho certainly seems like he may as well.

If you want to get technical with it, there was a Battle Royal at WM 2 thus being a multi-man match.

Confrontation between Lesnar and Triple H certainly pushed things for a feud that has been heating up for a while. It's very clear that HHH vs. Lesnar is happening and now we're just waiting on the official announcement. I'm definitely looking forward to seeing how that works out come WrestleMania but really Hunter's reaction whenever he gets denied his rematch by the Board of Directors would be something to truly see.

By the numbers title defense for Melina and really nothing special other than pushing the fact that MNM gets lucky once again. I'll be glad once WrestleMania gets here because it seems evident that their luck is finally going to run out at the big show. I must say that I like how you've added Santino onto the team with MNM as it definitely adds a bit of comedy to the team. This certainly is imo one of the hottest tag teams that you have going right now in the thread and possibly in a while.

Hulk Hogan. All right. Nice class you've got shaping up so far for this year and dare I say it might be the strongest one that you've had since you started doing them.

Nothing really special at all with our next tag match and had we not had SNME it seems like a perfect match for Raw between these four men. Just a little bit of MITB build which is always nice to see and it's good that you did surprise us and give Smackdown's team the win. MVP getting it was fine but I don't really see him winning MITB come WrestleMania. I'm not really sure who you have planned winning it but knowing you it definitely could be a major shock.

Well I must say that I've been a big fan of the Foley character that you have brought in recently as it's certainly straying from his normal character and change is good. Just ask the United States president. But anyways, I certainly like how you've got Foley in another state of mind completely and apparently oblivious to what he did to HBK just a few months ago and why he did it. It's really making this situation perhaps even more strange but also more exciting by the second. I certainly hope whenever the reason it comes out won't disappoint us but I don't think you'll do that to us at all.

Matches are running short and I saw you reason for them so it's okay I guess. This certainly though could have just been on Smackdown since it went 2 minutes and well in my opinion really solved no problems. I'm just wondering who's facing Kash at WrestleMania. Kendrick seems to be the favorite right now but someone else may pop up between now and then.

Short match here again but seeing that Kane is going to be out of the thread for now it made sense for Angle to completely embarass the ever living hell out of him. Sadistic Angle is always good and the feud between him and 'Taker has been rather well so far. It's always nice to see someone get legitimate build towards WM when facing the Undertaker to make us think they'll win but I don't think we'll be seeing Angle get the upset victory at the Grandest stage of them all.

Good way to close the show out and send the fans home happy with WrestleMania still just a month away. Damn I couldn't keep up with the date as I thought we were a bit closer towards March right now in the thread. Guess not lol. But regardless the main event came off like it should have with Lesnar walking out, the subsequent events following, and now this is going to make for one hell of a Raw here whenever you get it posted. I like how Cena and Christian have ended up working together fine but certainly now that SNME is over and WrestleMania is nearing we're going to be seeing a change of attitudes as their minds turn towards the title. Face vs. Face is always fun to work with and at WrestleMania, it's always great to see. Let's see how you make it work out and we might have one hell of a main event.

Sorry it took so long to post this. I'll be looking at Raw whenever it goes up which seems to be soon.
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