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Re: Being The Booker

World Heavyweight Championship;
6. 60 Minute Iron Man Match:
Triple H vs. John Cena
There's simply no way you can let Cena win this match; HHH vs. Christian is needed at WM.

5. WWE Championship Match:
Rob Van Dam vs. Chris Jericho
Gutsy pick, I'd say, but eh, I'm going with it. Somehow I feel you want to have a shocker at the PPV, and this could be it. No matter what, both matches are money for WM with Edge.

1. WWE Intercontinental Championship Match:
Rey Mysterio vs. Mister Kennedy
Rey's bland, and Kennedy's on the rise. 'Nuff said.

2. WWE Tag Team Championships Match:
Americas Most Wanted vs. Batista & Bobby Lashley
I see Batista vs. Lashley at WM, yes yes. However, I just want to see you job Batista, tbh

3. First Ever SuperBrawl Match:
Shawn Michaels vs. Kurt Angle vs. Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker vs. Randy Orton vs. Kane

4. I Quit Match:
Christian vs. Tyson Tomko
Easiest match to predict of the night.

Extra Bonus Questions;
1) What match will open the show?? I want to be risky and say the Superbrawl, but we'll go with the IC Title
2) How many championships will change hands?? A square 2
3) Predict the order of elimination in the SuperBrawl. Kane, HBK, Orton, Taker, Lesnar
4) How many pinfalls will there be in the Iron Man Match. Hmm, this is a tricky one.. I'm going to say 3, although I want to say one
5) Will there be any surprise appearances?? Sure!
6) Predict the Match Order

I approve of your using the match order... it's fun, isn't it?

When An Empire Falls - The Tale of World Championship Wrestling
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Re: Being The Booker

That breaking news is pretty much guaranteeing that is going to be a draw right? Unless your throwing a swerve but i really doubt that as i don't think you will want Cena to lose heading into his match with Lesnar.

Triple H has got all the power in the world. We both know that Wolf.

The SuperBrawl situation is going well and i have nothing really to say here that is changing my prediction except that Orton better win the MITB.

No shit Christian and AMW are win. Lashley will take a break and Batista will take Albright.

Kennedy has to be IC Champion soon but not yet as Mysterio has not had it for that long, imo.

WWE Championship situation is interesting to say the least but i think RVD/Edge is where the money is at.

I hope i guessed a lot of your storylines right because you did it to me, tbh

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Re: Being The Booker

This makes me a lot of nervous about making a payper view its great that you made your own match the superbrawl but it must not be pin falls but like submissions and by a coast to coast.This is extreme.Gotta make my btb great like this
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Re: Being The Booker


On Pre-Show Heat; Charlie Haas defeated Hardcore Holly @ 04:16



February 3rd; Dunkin Donuts Arena, Providence, Rhode Island

Two football teams - one dressed in red shirts, one dressed in blue shirts - sprint onto the field of play, charging over the camera with the thuds of feet echoing on the screen.

“Two Sides. Two entities. One objective. Victory.”

The two teams line up, and the whistle blows, with the ball blasting into the air on kick off.

“All to play for. SIXTY MINUTES between the joy of success, or the bitter taste of defeat.”

There is all sorts of commotion on the field, with tackles and bodies flying in from all angles. Some are dodged, some hit, with the camera moving at a frantic speed.

“In the world of professional football, there have been dominant forces … dynasties … that ruled for a generation.”

Flashing shots of the San Francisco 49ers franchise winning Superbowls XVI, XIX, XXIII, XXIV.

“In the world of professional wrestling, there are similar beasts.”

Single flashing shot of the World Champion, Triple H

“But in football and wrestling alike, the underdog must never be underestimated”

Flashing shots of the New York Jets upsetting Baltimore @ SuperBowl III, with a quick flashing image of John Cena in the middle of it.

“However, unlike football … there are no timeouts in wrestling … no half time team talks … no rest … until THE GAME is over.”

Tackles continue to fly in on the Red vs. Blue field, with passes blocked, kicks charged down, and more brutality.

“In SIXTY MINUTES the battle is won … the battle is lost. A victor is crowned … and a loser must wallow in failure.”

Flashing shots of both Cena and Triple H in agonizing pain, then in glory, then in pain again, spread out with shots from the Red vs. Blue football game.

“As the clock ticks down … as the seconds evaporate … the sight of victory looms … the realisation of defeat is faced …”

Cena and Triple H in flashing shots again, giving and taking punishment in the ring.

“With time fading, caution is thrown to the wind, in a last gasp attempt to steal victory from the jaws of defeat.”

The Red Team and Blue Team both steps up their offence, with the tackles as hard as ever.

“And in those final minutes … those dying seconds … when the seconds feel like minutes, and the minutes feel like hours … one final chance is found.”

The ball bobbles loose on the field, and it appears to be a race between two men to the ball.

“And with that final chance … you can blow the lot …”

Clip from Superbowl XXV and Scott Norwoods missed field goal.


Clip from Superbowl XXXVIII and Vinatieris field goal with 00:04 left to play.

“The difference between the winner and loser … is simply winning and losing.”

The Red Player and Blue Player close in on the ball, neck and neck.

“It’s down to who wants it more … it’s down to the will … the desire … the heart …”

The two opposing players continue to bear down … set to collide in the middle.


The two players - now revealed as JOHN CENA and TRIPLE H from the back of their shirts - sprint in and COLLIDE!!! This makes for a nice piece of digital mastery as the two men explode into one another, as the video fades out.


Instead of the usual Pyrotechnic display at the top of the show, instead a group of cheerleaders hit the stage, and start to perform a ‘SuperBrawl’ cheer!!!

The entrance stage is set up like a gridiron end zone, with a titan tron set up above the bar of the goal, and the SuperBrawl logo is emblazoned across the Astroturf on the stage, like a franchise nickname would be in their end zone.

Jim Ross: It truly is a one off night at the Dunkin’ Donuts arena in Providence. It’s Saturday Night, February 3rd, and the WWE is on Pay Per View, twenty four hours away from the SuperBowl, as we bring to you WWE SuperBrawl!!!

The Coach: What are my cheerleaders doing out here?? They belong to The Coach. And where was my cheer???

Jim Ross: I think we missed it Coach. Both Raw and Smackdown are represented tonight, but there is no match bigger than the Raw main event, for the World Heavyweight Championship - sixty minutes, John Cena gets a third crack at Triple H, but he must score more victories than the champion in sixty long minutes to become champion. A draw will result in Triple H retaining the title.

The Coach: Cena is not a sixty minute guy J.R. You heard Triple H - Cena cant pace himself for that long. He’s all impact!!!

Jim Ross: We’ll find out if he’s right later. Don’t expect a walk in the park for Triple H though Coach.


The Undertaker is the first man to enter the arena, with the Dunkin’ Donuts going pitch black, as lighters appear all over the place.

Jim Ross: And we are kicking things off with the first ever Super Brawl!!! Six men, five different eliminations, and the winner decides his own WrestleMania fate!!! Michael Cole and Tazz, it’s over to you!!!

Michael Cole: Thanks J.R, and hello everybody. Michael Cole and Tazz at ringside, and what a way to kick this special evening off Tazz - six of the top superstars in the WWE today set to go at it, with the final man standing picking his own opponent, his own match, at the Granddaddy of ‘em all, WrestleMania, in just over six weeks time.

Tazz: You don’t need to sell me on this one. The Undertaker, Kane, Kurt Angle, Randy Orton, Shawn Michaels and Brock Lesnar. This thing could be the main event. ALL former world champions, TWO have been the youngest world champion at different points, six storied careers, and this thing is OPENING the damn Pay Per View!!!

Michael Cole: It truly is one special night.


The Career Killer enters next, with The Undertaker making his entrance very quickly, which must mean there isn’t a second to spare on this show. Orton gets the usual expected heat, as he skulks down to the ring, looking to make his own WrestleMania destiny tonight.


Kane enters next, with the turf at the top of the ramp giving off a fiery effect, but no one believes that Kane is going to outlast the other five. Because he just isn’t doing it.


The fans come to their feet, as Shawn Michaels enters the arena looking on top form tonight. In the ring, Randy Orton paces like a caged tiger, looking to get his hands on Michaels to continue their ongoing rivalry.


It’s a big time mixed response for the intense Gold Medal winner, with his sights set on getting a one on one match with The Undertaker @ WrestleMania. Angle lets off his pyro, and storms to the ring, desperate to get things going.


And it’s another mixed reaction, this time for the four time WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar!!! Lesnar doesn’t take any notice of the building cheers, and focuses fully on the ring, and the chance to carve his own path to WrestleMania on March 18th.

First Ever SuperBrawl Match:


Shawn Michaels
vs. Kurt Angle vs. Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker vs. Randy Orton vs. Kane


The match starts, and the six men pair off, with Orton and HBK making a beeline for each other, but oddly, Taker pairs off with Lesnar, leaving Angle to take on Kane, with Taker and Angle being kept apart for now. Orton and Michaels are instantly all over each other, but don’t seem interested in eliminating each other, instead brawling under the ropes, and to the outside.

In the ring, Taker survives the onslaught from Lesnar, and fights him off, knocking him off his feet with a big boot, before making a beeline towards Angle and Kane, teaming with his brother to eliminate his recent rival, but Angle manages to hang on, until Brock Lesnar is back up, and looks for a shot at Taker again, but gets overpowered by the Brothers of Destruction … and they look to throw him out … AND ANGLE LOW BRIDGES THE ROPES … AND OUT GOES LESNAR!!!!!



The fans appear to be in shock, as Lesnar is gone, and gone early, and gone quickly!!! The referees are quick to escort Lesnar away, but Angle looks to have made problems for himself, leaving himself as prey for Kane & The Undertaker!!! Despite throwing his best shots, Angle is overmatched, as The Brothers of Destruction dominate him. Orton and Michaels now fight back into the ring, with Orton in charge, pounding down Michaels in the corner, before whipping him off the ropes … BUT MICHAELS COMES BACK OUT WITH A FLYING CLOTHESLINE!!!! Orton goes down, and Michaels now jumps up, and tunes the band!!! Orton slowly staggers up, seemingly aware of what is coming … AS HBK GOES FOR SWEET CHIN MUSIC … BUT ORTON DUCKS … AND MICHAELS NAILS KANE!!! HBK looks around, noticing Orton dodged the bullet, but Michaels decides to pin Kane anyway, 1...2...3!!!



Kane is rolled out of the ring, his WrestleMania destiny now out of his hands, and already we are down to four in this fast paced contest. As soon as Michaels reaches his feet he has his head levelled off him by Orton, who jumps onto HBK and pounds him down, whilst The Undertaker hammers Angle in the corner. Orton now rolls to the outside, and grabs a table, sliding it inside the ring.

Before he can set it up though, Michaels tackles him back down, and the two continue to brawl. Meanwhile, Angle comes back out of the corner, and catches Taker with a Belly to Belly turning the tide of their tussle back in his favour. He stomps Taker down in the corner getting him under control, before dragging him up, and whipping the Phenom across the ring, following in … BUT GETTING A BIG BOOT FOR HIS TROUBLES!!! Taker sprints across the ring, and off the ropes, connecting with a big signature DDT, taking Angle down!!! The Deadman now sets up the table that Orton brought in, and sets Angle up, looking for a Chokeslam … but as he gets Angle up … ANGLE KICKS THE TABLE OVER AS HE SWINGS HIS LEGS WILDLY!!! The Chokeslam still connects … but not through the table!!!

In the corner, Michaels is now teeing off with knife edge chops on Orton, but Orton rakes the eyes, turning the tide back in his favour. The Career Killer now looks for an RKO … BUT MICHAELS BLOCKS IT, pushing Orton away, into the ropes, with Orton coming back … KNOCKING HBK DOWN!!! Orton now sets the table up again, stomping HBK a couple of times in the process to keep him down, but as he gets it set, and starts set Michaels up, looking to eliminate him from the match.
However, we now see The Undertaker get Angle up, into position for the Tombstone … BUT ANGLE SLIPS OFF THE BACK … AND DELIVERS AN ANGLE SLAM … THROUGH THE TABLE THAT ORTON SET UP!!!!! THE PHENOM HAS BEEN ELIMINATED!!!



And it’s down to three!!! Orton is fuming with Angle, having went to the trouble to set the table up, only for him to use it!!! He shoves Angle, with Angle shoving back, and Orton swings, but Angle ducks, then catches Orton, looking for a Belly to Belly … BUT ORTON FIGHTS OUT … AND DROPKICKS ANGLE!!! Orton knocks HBK down again, this time with a clothesline, before going to the outside, and picking up a steel chair from the time keepers position.

Orton now gets back inside the ring, wielding the chair, driving in into the sternum of Angle, then smashes it across the back, before turning around to face Michaels … BUT GETS SWEET CHIN MUSIC … DRIVING THE CHAIR INTO HIS OWN FACE … AND ORTON IS BUSTED OPEN!!!!!



We are now down to two - and what a two!!! Angle and Michaels who have only ever met twice, lock eyes across the ring, both on their knees, catching their breath, getting slowly to their feet … AS ORTON NAILS MICHAELS WITH THE RKO!!!!! Has the Career Killer just ended Michaels WrestleMania dream?? The referees take a while to get Orton out of the ring, which means Angle is unable to capitalise on Michaels state, having the leg hooked for a seeming eternity, before the referee is able to make the count, 1...2...MICHAELS KICKS OUT!!!

And the match continues. Angle pulls a barely moving HBK to his feet, backing him into the corner, letting fly with hard shots, but these seem to wake Michaels into life, and he turns Angle over, and begins to let fly with knife edge chops, as it looks like we’re about to get a good exchange between two men who have hardly ever clashed in the past. HBK whips Angle across the ring, following in, only for Kurt to get a foot up, sending Michaels staggering. Angle comes from behind, and connects with a German, scoring a close two count, which now allows him to dominate HBK for a time period. He wears Michaels down with a headlock, but The Showstopper slips out eventually, and fights back, scoring a near fall from a swinging neck breaker, with Angle just kicking out.

He looks to send Angle off the ropes, but as he tries, Angle turns him inside out, pulls HBK in, and DELIVERS THE BELLY TO BELLY!!! He scrambles for a cover, but Michaels still kicks out at two!!! Angle now stalks HBK, waiting for his opponent to reach his feet, and looks for the Angle Slam … BUT HBK LANDS ON THE MAT … GOES FOR SWEET CHIN MUSIC … ANKLE CAUGHT … ANGLE TRIPS HIM … ANKLELOCK!!!!! Michaels struggles in the submission, but manages to turn over, and kick Angle away before too much damage is done!!! He pulls himself up, holding the ropes for support, and Angle charges at him, looking to pick up where he left off quickly … SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!! Michaels drops on top of Angle, 1...2...FOOT ON THE ROPE!!!!!

HBK gets to his feet slowly, and now climbs the ropes, looking for the Flying Elbow onto the prone Angle … AND SOARS THROUGH THE AIR … HITTING THE CANVAS - ANGLE MOVED!!!!! Angle suddenly leaps back down, AND GRABS THE ANKLE - ANKLELOCK!!!!! Angle torques on the limb, ravaging it apart, with HBK writhing in pain, as Angle applies the grapevine!!! Michaels is unable to advance to the ropes, and eventually comes to the realisation of what he needs to do to save his ankle … AND TAPS OUT!!!!!


Victory belongs to Kurt Angle!!!!! And now, The Olympic Hero picks his own WrestleMania opponent!!! Angle releases the hold, and celebrates in the ring, punching the air, before stepping onto the middle turnbuckle, raising his arms, before dropping back down. Immediately, he points to the outside, looking for a mic, and Lillian Garcia obliges. Angle talks, but short of breath struggles to get the words out.

Kurt Angle: I’ve got to Friday to make my choice right??

Angle looks to the commentary team for confirmation, and we see Cole and Tazz both nodding.

Kurt Angle: Screw that, I’m not waiting a freakin minute!!!

Pop from the fans in attendance, as Angle tries to catch his breath for a moment.

Kurt Angle: It’s no secret WHO I want at WrestleMania 23 … and I think I just proved how much I want it.

Another small pop from the fans, as Angle nods in agreement.

Kurt Angle: Undertaker?? It’s on!!!

The fans go nuts, as the long awaited and expected Taker / Angle showdown WILL happen at WrestleMania.

Kurt Angle: And right now, I’m gonna make myself clear. Forget the hokey mind games garbage Taker … it doesn’t, and it wont phase me.

Angle takes a look around, but focuses his attention to the hard camera, to make the message as personal as possible without Taker being in front of him.

Kurt Angle: I’m going into WrestleMania with three objectives … breaking your streak … breaking your ankle … and taking your ankle from New Orleans back to Pittsburgh, and setting it on my mantle.

Big time mixed response from the fans, purely divided at this point.

Kurt Angle: So let me make myself clear … forget the parlour games … I’m not making the time to watch or hear them … I’m just not scared of you Taker …

Angle continues to stare into the camera. Intense … focused … trance-like.

Kurt Angle: You’re flesh and bone, just like me. Flesh bleeds … bones break.

Another mixed reaction from the fans in attendance.

Kurt Angle: And at WrestleMania, your flesh will bleed … and your bones … will break.

Angle continues to stare into the hard camera, eyes wide.

Kurt Angle: You may give the impression you’re superhuman … in this ring … the things that I do … I’M superhuman … I’m Kurt FREAKIN Angle … and I’m your WORST freakin nightmare.

Highly mixed response again, from die hard Angle fans, and fans that just follow who they’re supposed to.

Kurt Angle: Come WrestleMania, your worst nightmare is gonna be a damn reality. It’s true.

One big final wide eyed look from Angle as he picks up the intensity a final time.

Kurt Angle: IT’S DAMN TRUE!!!

**MEDAL** hits again, and Angle slams the mic down, raising his arms again, confirming his match with The Undertaker @ WrestleMania 23 in six weeks time.

Michael Cole: How do you say dream match??

Tazz: Umm, I think Kurt Angle just did - Angle and The Deadman at the Showcase of the Immortals?? It don’t get much betta Cole!!!

Michael Cole: WrestleMania just got a whole lot more interesting if you ask me Tazz. Angle and The Undertaker have been at each others throats for months, and it couldn’t culminate at a more apt event than WrestleMania 23!!!

Tazz: And what a performance from Angle to secure it!!! How much did Angle want this thing tonight?? A lot!!! And y’know that’s a good question if I do say so myself, I mean, Angle wanted it more tonight than The Undertaker, and you’ve gotta believe Cole, that must mean that Angle wants WrestleMania more than The Deadman at this point??

Michael Cole: Good question Tazz, but you know as much as I do, The Undertaker ALWAYS raises his game when it comes to WrestleMania, and this year, with the Wrestling Machine will be no different.


The VP then ends with the graphic for WRESTLEMANIA XXIII - MARCH 18TH 2007 - FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER IN NEW ORLEANS.

The much changed charismatic superstar enters to a good heel response, no longer standing at the top of the ramp to announce himself, instead charging on down the ramp, wearing a new ‘ALL ACTION’ T-Shirt over his trunks, looking to recapture the Intercontinental Championship he lost in October.

**BOOYAKA 619**
And the fans come alive for the I.C Champion, with Rey Mysterio slapping hands with the fans, mainly kids, whilst Kennedy paces in the ring. Rey jumps onto the apron - AND GETS KNOCKED RIGHT OFF BY KENNEDY!!!

Kennedy drops down, and starts to put the boots to Mysterio, then sends him into the steel steps, getting a head start on the champion, before rolling Rey back inside, starting the match, with Rey far from 100%.

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match:
Rey Mysterio vs. Mister Kennedy
Kennedy has the upper hand from the get go, and doesn’t like we’ll be going long with this one, with another three matches before the main event (set for 60 minutes of course), and just over 35 minutes has gone already. Kennedy stomps the little champion down in the corner, looking to impose his authority early, continuing his new ultra aggressive style developed in the last, um, three weeks. He goes for a quick early cover, but Mysterio hangs on.

Kennedy continues to wear Mysterio down, with Rey unable to get any type of offence in the early going, with the challenger all over him. Kennedy continues to ground and pound, as Mysterio struggles to grab a foothole in the contest. The challenger scores another near fall on Rey, before dragging him off and sending him into the ropes, but Rey comes back off, AND SCORES WITH A HEAD SCISSORS!!! Ken tumbles into the ropes, and Rey quickly looks to hit the 619 … BUT KENNEDY DODGES IT, GRABBING THE LEGS, AND SWINGING REY BACK INTO THE RING, SLAMMING HIM OFF THE CANVAS!!!

The challenger continues to reign down the punches on Rey, after a near fall from the slam. Kennedy drags Mysterio up, and drills him with a delayed vertical suplex, but the champion manages to kick out, and save the match again. Quickly, the challenger floats over into a sleeper, with Mysterio in deep trouble, having failed to get out of first gear. The fans support saves him here, as Rey appears to feed off their energy and their chanting of his name, as he fights up, and elbows free, running into the ropes … AND INTO A SIDEWALK SLAM!!! Kennedy covers, 1...2...KICK OUT AGAIN!!!

Mister Kennedy pulls Rey up, and now looks fed up of Mysterios antics, throwing the champion up, onto his shoulders, and hoisting himself onto the middle rope, as he sets up for the Green Bay Plunge - BUT REY WRIGGLES OUT - AND DELIVERS A DDT FROM THE MIDDLE ROPE!!!!! Both men are down, Kennedy from the impact, Rey from the sustained beating throughout the match. Eventually, both men start to move, with Mysterio up first, as he watches Kennedy pull himself up on the ropes … RESTING IN POSITION FOR A 619!!! Rey spots the opportunity, and runs across the ring … AND NAILS THE 619!!!

Mysterio hops onto the top rope … and looks for the WEST COAST POP … BUT KENNEDY BLOCKS IT … AND THROWS HIM INTO THE CORNER!!! The fans come alive for the counter, as Kennedy picks himself up, shaking the cobwebs loose, whilst Rey crawls along the canvas. Kennedy begins to stalk the champion, closing in on the title, as Rey struggles to his feet … not knowing what is coming around the corner … Kennedy lies in wait, as Rey gets up. Kennedy spins him around … AND LOOKS FOR THE MIC CHECK … BUT REY JUMPS UP … HOOKS HIS LEGS AROUND THE ARMS OF KENNEDY … CRUCIFIX PIN … 1...2...3!!!!!
Winner: And STILL Intercontinental Champion - REY MYSTERIO @ 08:33

Mysterio pulls out the victory, and Kennedy is incensed!!! The challenger tries to grab Rey before he can leave the ring, but misses him, with Mysterio dodging his fuming challenger. Kennedy, having squirmed the entire three count, looks absolutely livid. He gets to his feet, and walks around the ring, trying to think through how that one just slipped through his fingers.

Jim Ross: Look at Kennedy Coach, the guy looks set to blow a gasket!!!

The Coach: Wouldn’t you be J.R?? Kennedy just dominated our so-called Intercontinental Champion, and he’s going to leave here without the belt!!! If this had been a boxing match, they’d have stopped it with a TKO after two minutes!!!

Jim Ross: But it’s a wrestling match Coach, and it aint over till it’s over!!! Kennedy took his eyes off the ball, and he lost, fair and square.

A video package plays, glorifying the recent Hall of Fame ceremonies over the last couple of years, before announcing the tradition will continue this year, with the second inductee to be announced tomorrow night.

The focus now shifts to Tim Whites bar - ‘The Friendly Tap’, not too far from the arena. There, Josh Matthews conducts a pointless interview with former WWE referee Tim White. Turns out though, it’s not so pointless … as Matthews, mid interview gets sidetracked … as he has spotted EDGE.
Matthews approaches Mister Money in the Bank -advised by Arn Anderson to stay away tonight- as he puts away a whiskey. Matthews attempts to get an interview, but the Rated ‘R’ Superstar refuses to talk, claiming he’s ‘off the clock’. He motions to the bar for a refill, before eyeballing Josh, and telling him to get lost.

Back into the arena…

Huh?? It’s the United States Champion, not in action tonight, not dressed to compete, wearing an untucked striped shirt outside of his jeans, with his brown shoes. Most importantly perhaps, Albright is wearing his United States title over his shoulder.

Michael Cole: Well it looks like we’re about to be joined by our United States Champion, Brent Albright. Brent, nice of you to join us.

Brent Albright: Just call me Champ, Michael.

Tazz: Well, speaking of that United States Championship Brent, this coming Friday, Batista and Bobby Lashley are gonna be going one on one with the opportunity of facing you at WrestleMania.

Brent Albright: Injuring permitting of course Tazz. And who knows, if they can win the tag titles tonight, Arnie might need to reconsider who is best placed to challenge for my title. I need top competition Tazz, I’m not interested in facing someone who has other business on his mind. I want challengers that are 100% focused on facing me.

Lashley makes his boring, big man entrance, getting a lukewarm response from the fans. Lashley, who beat Albright in a non title match last night, makes his way to the ring, taking a good long look at Albright, before getting into the ring.

Batista enters to a much stronger response, with the fans fully behind The Animal, ahead of this hastily put together tag title match. Batista mouths something at Albright from the ring, but Lashley then gets in his face, and the two ‘partners’ start to argue until their opponents music hits…

Chris Harris & James Storm, AMW, hit the stage, and get the fans on their back immediately, blowing off the reaction, advancing to the ring, but once they are inside, the fight is on!!!

WWE Tag Team Championships Match:
Americas Most Wanted vs. Batista & Bobby Lashley

It’s a really short brawl, with the challengers getting the better of the initial confrontation, knocking AMW out of the ring after overpowering the champions, and sending them over the top rope. AMW contemplate walking out, but the challengers put a stop to that, cutting them off, and throwing them back in the ring. The match settles down, but throughout, when Lashley or Batista is on the outside at the apron, he gets distracted by the presence of Albright, and eventually it proves to be the challengers downfall, as Lashley misses a tag, being too busy jaw jacking with Albright, meaning Batista doesn’t tag out, and AMW get away with a two on one attack!!!

With Batista now isolated, Harris and Storm get to work and do what they do best, picking their opponent apart. Lashley desperately tries to make a tag, but The Animal cant catch a break, and AMW continue to dominate. Eventually, Batista musters a fight back, and fustigates Harris and Storm with his power, eventually finding a fully focused Lashley … making a hot tag to his fresh partner!!!

Lashley leaps into action, turning Storm inside out with a thunderous clothesline, before delivering an awesome military press to Harris!!! He flips Storm up like a sack of potatoes, and charges him across the ring, slamming him into the corner, before turning, and charging at Harris, SENDING HIM OUT OF THE RING, and to the floor below!!!! Meanwhile, Batista has turned his attention to Albright, ripping him from commentary, grabbing him by the shirt, and ripping the shirt open, with Albright at his mercy, pleading with The Animal to let him go - which he does for a second, BUT ONLY TO SPINEBUSTER HARRIS AS HE TUMBLES TO THE OUTSIDE!!!

Batista turns back to Albright, and catches him just in time, with Brent looking to level The Animal with his championship belt!!! Batista rips the belt from him, and throws it away … conveniently into the ring … and in the ring, Lashley wrestles brass knucks from The Cowboy, giving them to the referee, with Jack Doan getting rid of the illegal object, but getting distracted by Batistas involvement with Albright as he stalks after the U.S Champ trying to crawl away from him. In the ring, Lashley pulls Storm up, and into position, hoisting him in the air, looking for the Dominator … BUT GETS CLOCKED WITH THE UNITED STATES TITLE!!! The Cowboy quickly follows up, dropping Lashley onto the belt with a DDT, getting rid of the evidence, and grabbing the referee, hooking the leg, 1...2...3!!!
Winners: And STILL WWE Tag Team Champions - Americas Most Wanted @ 06:56

AMW steal it, but it’s Batistas fault!!! Storm quickly escapes, and helps Harris up on the outside, grabbing both belts in the process. On the outside, Batista turns his attention from Albright, and walks back to the ring, getting inside to help Lashley back up, whose brain was rattled by the United States Title. The Animal helps Lashley to his feet, and asks him what happened. As Lashley explains, Big Dave turns away, and starts to put his hands on his head, realising he proved to be the difference, giving AMW an accidental assist. Batista mouths a few expletives in frustration, then goes to the outside, grabbing the U.S Title, and throwing it up the ramp at a grateful Albright. Brent clutches his title, before showing a faint smile, looking to be enjoying his foes defeat, now realising his title was the difference maker. Albright, on the ramp, further infuriates his two main challengers, holding his title up, pointing at himself, whilst Batista and Lashley are both fuming in the ring.

Backstage, the McMahon Family Empire wish Tomko luck, as he leaves the room for his big match in just a moment. Meanwhile, Triple H is sat in the distance, with trainers taping up his hands. The Game looks focused, as Stephanie, Shane and Vince all talk, with Triple H too far away to hear what they say. Stephanie seems fully confident about Triple H’s chances, whilst Vince and Shane are apprehensive, knowing Triple H has demanded to go alone.
It appears that the champion has heard the discussion, and he speaks up, telling his family members that he’s got the perfect game plan, and not to doubt him. He goes on to explain, convinced that Cena will come out like a train, and find himself out of steam after twenty minutes. All he has to do is ride out the storm, and for the last forty minutes he’ll teach John Cena a lesson that he’ll never forget, and he’ll make him pay for sticking his nose in the Empires business one too many times. The Game tells the McMahons not to worry about a thing, because after tonight, Cena is out of their lives, but he needs to do it alone.

Video Package for the I Quit Match.

Tyson Tomko enters to a barrage of heat, ahead of undoubtedly his biggest ever match, one on one against his former best friend, in an I Quit Match. Tomko looks confident, and not in the least pensive despite the enormity of this match in his career.

Christian walks onto the stage to a terrific standing ovation - his first appearance since England two weeks ago - and wastes no time at all!!! He pounds his chest, then points to the ring, running down the aisle, ripping off his hoodie, and sliding into the ring!!!

I Quit Match:
Christian vs. Tyson Tomko
Tomko meets Christian with boots as he slides in, but Captain Charisma shrugs off Tomkos offence, and battles to his feet - BEATING HIS FORMER FRIEND INTO THE CORNER!!! Christian lets rip with savage right hands, letting his hands do all the talking!!! The 2007 Royal Rumble winner is in danger of punching himself out, and looks to send the Problem Solver across the ring, but Tomko is able to counter the whip, sending Christian across and into the corner … BUT CHRISTIAN BOUNDS BACK OUT TACKLING TOMKO DOWN!!!!

Christian lets fly with more rights and lefts, stomping Tomko to the outside, and not giving him a moments rest, following him out!!! Christian sends Tomko into the steel steps, before grabbing a chair, and looks to wear his former friend out, but Tomko dodges the chair shots, rolling to safety, eventually climbing back into the ring to get away, with Christian in hot pursuit. Christian follows in, but his adrenaline gets the better of him, as Tomko is able to attack, beating Christian down. He now grabs the chair, and slams it across the back of Christian, before setting the chair down, and slams Captain Charismas head off the steel weapon. He now growls for the referee to come over, and holds the mic to Christian, asking if he quits, but Christian doesn’t even say no … HE LAUGHS.

This gets Tomko mad, and he hurls Christian up, throwing him into the corner, grabbing his face, and yelling in the Royal Rumble winners face … BUT CHRISTIAN SPITS AT TOMKO!!! Tomko steps back for a moment, wiping the spit from his face, then charges at Christian, but Christian moves, and starts to unload again, bashing the face of the man that betrayed him two weeks ago!!! Christian whips Tomko off the ropes, dropping him with a back elbow, before reaching for the steel chair again, and now BASHES TOMKO LIKE AN ANIMAL!!! Tomko is forced to take a barrage of thunderous chair shots to the legs and body, eventually rolling away, getting out of the ring to avoid the punishment. Again though, Christian follows!!!

Captain Charisma doesn’t give Tomko a second, and sends him face first into the steel ringpost, then drops him on the paper thin mats with a reverse DDT!!! He doesn’t rest though, and now pushes past staff, making a beeline for the ring bell, grabbing the object with some bad intentions. Christian pushes through the bodies in his way, and stalks Tomko as the Problem Solver pulls himself up on the apron, with the 2007 Rumble winner dinging the bell right at Tomkos ear!!! The Problem Solver wheels away, holding his ears … but that’s the least of his worries … AS CHRISTIAN NAILS HIM BETWEEN THE EYES … WITH THE BELL!!!

The fans are in hysterics, as Christian puts on a real display of aggression, getting payback of the highest order, as the referee tries to ask Tomko is he quits - but Christian grabs the mic and promptly announces with scary intensity “HE CANT HEAR YOU!!!”. Captain Charisma puts the boots to Tomko, and pulls him up, rolling him back inside the ring, before grabbing another chair from ringside, throwing it inside. He now climbs the turnbuckles, and lies in wait as Tomko pulls himself up, and turns around, WITH CHRISTIAN SOARING THROUGH THE AIR … AND GETS CAUGHT!!! Tomko catches Christian, and now looks to do some damage … BUT CHRISTIAN COUNTERS INTO A DDT!!!!! Tomko cant get a single piece of offensive in!!!

Christian gets to his feet, pounding his chest, acknowledging his support, as he waits for Tomko to get up, and as he does, Christian hooks him into position … right under the steel chair … UNPRETTIER ONTO THE STEEL CHAIR!!!!! And that’s got to be all!!! The referee now slides to Tomkos prone body, asking him if he quits, but before he can get anything out of Tomko … Christian reaches down, grabs the mic from the referee … AND THROWS THE MIC OUT OF THE RING!!! Captain Charisma mouths to the referee ‘He’s not done yet. Not until I say so’. Christian looks around the arena, which is booming with ‘CHRISTIAN’ chants now, as we see the referee grab another microphone from the outside. Meanwhile, Christian sets Tomkos head on the first chair, and picks up the second, nodding his head as the fans gather what’s coming next. Quickly, the referee leans down to Tomko, asking him the question, and it appears Tomko HAS QUIT!!! The referee turns away, and looks set to call for the bell … BUT CHRISTIAN NAILS THE CON-CHAIR-TO ANYWAY!!!!! The bell rings, as Tomko has quit, but Christian got his final shot in anyway!!!
Winner: Christian @ 09:06

Revenge is served!!!!! Christian gains a decisive victory, and complete revenge over his former friend after being laid out for near two weeks!!! Christian stands over his BLOODY vanquished adversary, and holds the chair up symbolically, with the fans chanting his name. Captain Charisma slams the chair down, and now points ahead to the WrestleMania 23 logo in the distance, with the fans fully aware of his involvement in the main event in six weeks time. Meanwhile, EMTs rush to the aide of a battered Tyson Tomko. Christian looks down at the scene, but holds no remorse, having served up the deserved revenge. He moves past the medics, and climbs the turnbuckle, reaching the middle rope, pounding his chest, and pointing to the fans, before again pointing to the WrestleMania 23 logo.

Backstage, Eric Bischoff has requested an interview. The Raw General Manager, with great pleasure, announces to Kelly Kelly, a huge Money in the Bank qualifying match this Monday Night on Raw, pitting Randy Orton against Shawn Michaels … INSIDE A 15 FOOT STEEL CAGE!!! Bischoff promises this match will end their war, and both men need to settle their differences this Monday … or forever hold their peace.

This leads into a V.P for Raw on Monday night - a THREE HOUR SPECIAL - featuring the re-marriage of Triple H and Stephanie.

We then cut to the Friendly Tap again, as the WWE Championship match is set to commence, with Cole and Tazz looking to see how bad Edge looks now … but … EDGE IS NOWHERE TO BE SEEN!!! Before Cole and Tazz can do much speculation …

The challenger, Chris Jericho enters to a mixed response, which quickly disintegrates to heat, ahead of a highly anticipated WWE Championship match.

The quintessential fan favourite, RVD, enters to a booming ovation, as the fans come off their seats for the presence of the WWE Champion.

WWE Championship Match:
Rob Van Dam vs. Chris Jericho
It’s eerily similar to the championship match these two had at SummerSlam, with the early going tentative, with lock up exchanges, and basic mat wrestling, as the two feel each other out ahead of what is pacing to be a long, near 20 minute championship match this evening. Eventually, the holds and counter holds develop into pinning combinations and predicaments, with a bunch of close two counts for both men, as they reverse one another on the mat, eventually breaking off, and backing up, as a stalemate is reached. The fans voice their support for both men, as a nice round of applause rings around the arena. The two then look to lock up again … BUT JERICHO DECIDES TO DRIVE HIS KNEE INTO THE GUT OF THE CHAMPION!!!

This allows Jericho to take charge, wearing out Van Dam with basic offence, allowing him to score a few quick two counts, none of which look set to trouble the champion who kicks out with some ease. As Jericho looks to crank up the pressure by picking up the pace, Van Dam finds the next level, and goes blow for blow with Jericho, fighting back into the match, with the two men now trading counters with moves, as RVD dodges a dropkick, Jericho counters a DDT into a Northern Lights, Van Dam counters a German suplex into a snap mare, and from the snap mare, Jericho rolls out of the way of a basement dropkick!!! Both men stand off again, with the fans picking up their applause now, as the champion and challenger nod and circle the ring.

They lock up again, with the champion going behind, only for Jericho to run backward, ramming RVD into the corner and breaking the grip. RVD though is tenacious, and refuses to allow Jericho the upper hand, battling back and winning a fist fight. Van Dam scores with a succession of kicks, finishing with a roundhouse, knocking Jericho down, allowing RVD to follow up, NAILING THE ROLLING THUNDER!!! Jericho kicks out at two, but the champion is the aggressor now, and whips Jericho off the ropes, but ducks down for the return, allowing Jericho to come back and kick him away!!! RVD reels away from the kick, and Jericho decides to throw him out of the ring and grab some restbite, but the champion lands on the apron instead!!! Jericho spots it, and leaps to the middle turnbuckle, before delivering the springboard dropkick!!!

Now, on the outside, Jericho takes full control, ramming the champion into the barricade, and catapults him into the ringpost!!! This leaves the challenger in the driving seat now, taking the match back inside. Jericho scores a few more near falls with a missile dropkick, and later a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, but RVD fights on, and survives the onslaught. Jericho now senses the end could be near, and delivers the running bulldog, and looks for the Lionsault … BUT GETS KNEES!!!!! Jericho hit’s the dirt, and rolls around in agony as Van Dam picks himself up, before connecting with the SPLIT LEGGED MOONSAULT … FOR … TWO!!!!

It’s heating up now, as the champion slowly drags Jericho to his feet, connecting with forearms to weaken Y2J, then throws him off the ropes, but Jericho rolls off his back … AND LOOKS FOR THE BREAKDOWN … BUT RVD SCRAMBLES FREE … ONLY TO GET CAUGHT WITH THE STANDING ENZIGURI!!!!! Jericho quickly hooks the leg, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!!! The fans are on their feet now, as Jericho now looks to finish off the champion once and for all, landing with chops, before sending RVD across the ring to the corner … BUT RVD JUMPS TO THE MIDDLE … AND FLIES OFF … CATCHING JERICHO WITH A KICK!!! Jericho doesn’t stay down though, and staggers up, with RVD right on him with punches, backing the challenger into the corner, as he looks to be setting up for a Monkey Flip backing away. He charges in, and leaps at Jericho … BUT Y2J COUNTERS … RVD SLAMS ONTO THE MAT … AND JERICHO TURNS HIM OVER HOLDING THE LEGS … WALLS OF JERICHO!!!!!!

The fans are on their feet again, as duelling chants engulf the Dunkin Donuts!!! Half are willing on RVD to make the ropes, while half are behind Jericho now, praying for him to reach the promised land again!!! Van Dam slowly crawls … AND EVENTUALLY MAKES THE ROPES!!! The fans die down after that exchange, but the two men don’t rest up for a moment, with Jericho right back on the champion … as RVD ducks under a clothesline … BUT JERICHO DUCKS UNDER ONE FROM VAN DAM … AND NAILS THE BREAKDOWN!!!!! Jericho hooks the leg, is it finally over??? … 1...2...FOOT ON THE ROPE!!!

Jericho, much like the fans, IS IN SHOCK!!! Somehow, someway, the match is still on, and Jericho still hasn’t put the champion away!!! He pulls RVD up by the hair, and hooks him up, taking him to the top rope, looking it seems for a SUPERPLEX … but Rob Van Dam fights it, fighting Jericho off, breaking his grip … AND PUSHES HIM FROM THE TOP ROPE TO THE CANVAS!!! RVD slowly pulls himself together, with Jericho prone, setting himself for what everyone knows is coming … AND FLIES FOR THE FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH!!! … AND MISSES HIS TARGET!!!!!!!!!!!! Jericho rolled out of harms way!!!!!

The fans are in shock, having believed the end was nigh!!! Both men are down with the end seemingly nowhere in sight, both slowly picking themselves to their feet … AND CHARGING ACROSS THE RING … WITH THE SAME IDEA … HITTING EACH OTHER WITH A CLOTHESLINE!!!!! Both men are down, and spent from this gruelling break neck speed match up, with the referee beginning to issue a mandatory ten count … AS EDGE SPRINTS DOWN THE AISLE!!!!! Mister Money in the Bank is here, despite the warnings from Arn Anderson on Smackdown!!! Edge defies the warning from his GM, and slides into the ring, right under the nose of the referee, waiting for both men to get up (the referee has stopped counting by now with Edge’s presence putting him off), and as they do … EDGE BLASTS … JERICHO … THEN VAN DAM WITH THE BRIEFCASE!!!!! The referee has no other option, as the fans are disgusted!!!
Winner: No Contest @ 16:23

The fans are far from happy with Edge, and not in a ‘oh, you’re badass’ kind of way, but a ‘you just ruined that match motherfucker’ kind of way. Edge has that manic look on his face, dropping down, and getting in Jerichos glazed over face, giving him abuse, with the camera only picking up ‘you didn’t deserve this spot’ before turning his attention to RVD -also out cold-, and gives the champion a piece of his mind too, with the cameras picking up the last sentence ‘See you at WrestleMania’.

Edge picks himself up, having made his point, and exit’s the ring quickly, possibly having been told to move along with time now cutting close for the sixty minute main event in a few moments. We cut away quickly, with Edge beaming ear to ear, having defied his General Manager tonight … but at what cost??

A video now plays, with a young man, and young woman in a car, kissing. The woman pulls away for a second.

Woman: Wait, wait.

The man looks upset, as the woman pulls away from him.

Man: What’s wrong??

Woman: It’s just … it’s my first time.

The man smiles, before reassuring the woman, whilst stroking her arm.

Man: It’s okay … it’s my first time too.

The woman now smiles, then looks inquisitive.

Woman: Really?? Well, have you got them??

Man: Yeah, they’re right here.

The man pulls his wallet out, seemingly to pull out a condom, and off camera the woman catches a glimpse of it.

Woman: Okay … I’m ready.

The camera now shows what the man pulled from his wallet … two WrestleMania 23 tickets.

Man: Alright. WrestleMania, here we come!!

They share a quick kiss, and exit the vehicle, as they walk away, holding hands … towards the New Orleans Superdome …

The video then ends with a big WrestleMania 23 logo … FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER IN NEW ORLEANS … AND YOU NEVER FORGET YOUR FIRST TIME.


We then cut to Edge, still happy with his actions, as he looks to be leaving immediately, but as he looks for the quick getaway, we hear a voice … “Shouldn’t a done that.” Edge turns … and sees Smackdown General Manager, Arn Anderson. Edge though, doesn’t take heed, and responds to Anderson, telling him there is nothing he can do about it. He cant stop him from going to WrestleMania … he cant be stripped of Money in the Bank. Anderson nods, and thinks about replying, but stops himself. The GM then simply tells Edge “See you Friday.” Double A turns, and walks away, with Edge still smiling, but looking slightly concerned with Andersons demeanour.

Backstage, we see a split screen of Triple H and John Cena, making their way down separate hallways, ahead of the most gruelling sixty minutes they’ll ever face.

Main Event Video Package.

John Cena bursts onto the stage, looking highly pumped up, and saluting his fans -a divided audience it seems again for Cena - but calms himself, knowing he needs every ounce of energy he has for the next sixty minutes, the most important hour of his career.

Triple H isn’t allowed to make his overdrawn entrance tonight, with time not on his side, having no time to stop at the top of the ramp, instead walking and drinking, and walking and spitting. The Game walks with authority down the ramp, mouthing the whole way, not taking his glare from Cena for the entire journey. He hops onto the apron, and keeps his eyes on Cena, before turning momentarily, and spitting the water once more, before stepping into the ring, and bypassing his usual turnbuckle spot, instead, just lifting the title belt in the air, and passing it over to the referee to get things underway.

World Heavyweight Championship;
60 Minute Iron Man Match:
Triple H vs. John Cena

And as the bell rings, the fans come alive for our main event. Cena cant help but show a grin, whilst Triple H remains stony faced, and a staredown across the ring eats up nearly thirty seconds alone. Slowly, the two men come forward, eating up the rest of the first minute, and they start to trade insults, going for a slow, drawn out start for the match. The two eventually back away after jaw jacking and nod across the ring, before moving across quickly, and locking up!!! There is an ironic cheer, as after two minutes, the action is finally underway!!!

The two take their time, jockeying around the ring, battling for the upper hand, with Cena backing the champion into the corner, but Triple H turns it over, and pushes Cena into the corner, with the referee stepping in to break things up. The Game backs away slowly, and fakes a punch, with Cena flinching slightly, drawing a smile from HHH. He backs out and challenges Cena to lock up again, and, fearless as ever, Cena obliges, with the two tying up again. Once more, they struggle for position, as the two appear to be evenly matched in the strength department, but Cena finally draws a big push, and shoves the champion into the corner!!! The fans are divided though, as Cena poses his muscles in Triple H’s direction, much to the champions chagrin.

Triple H pulls himself up, and nods at Cena as if to say “You got me there, let’s go again”. They circle around for a moment, both playing it cautiously, before locking up once more, with Triple H instantly applying a headlock. Quickly, he goes behind, looking to school Cena, but the challenger overturns it, and applies an arm lock, surprising The Game!!! Triple H looks shocked by Cenas movement, not expecting it, but manages to reverse it, only for Cena to pull another one out of the bag, with a snap mare, taking Triple H over, and Cena applies a headlock, but The Game slips out, and quickly rolls out of the ring, shaking his head. The fans get slightly behind Cena after that exchange, as the champion appears to be furious that he just got out manoeuvred by an ‘inferior’ wrestler. The Game takes a walk, looking to clear his head after the early going seems to have went against him, whilst Cena plays the mind games, holding the ropes open for the champion. Five minutes have passed now, as HHH tentatively re-enters the ring.

The Game keeps his distance, with Cena looking to be brimming with confidence having had the better of Triple H thus far. Slowly, the two reach the centre of the ring again, and as they get set to lock up, TRIPLE H SLAPS CENA!!! Cena stumbles backward, holding his face, with the champion growling now, possibly looking to psyche up Cena, wanting him to lose his cool. Cena though, knows exactly what HHH is thinking, and smiles back, pointing to his head, not responding to the mind games, with Triple H getting angrier now. The champion now looks to lock up, and Cena obliges, throwing Triple H into the ropes, with HHH charging out, but gets knocked down!!! He bounces up, into the path of Cena, who scoops him up, but Triple H slides off quickly, avoiding the FU, and delivering an arm drag, applying an arm lock in the process.

Triple H looks to get the match swung into his favour, and keeps the hold locked on for a few moments, as the wheels turn in his head, thinking of his next move. Cena doesn’t wait for The Game to think though, and starts to fight out of the arm lock, beating Triple H off him, and scores with two clotheslines knocking the champion down, but he kicks out at two from the cover. Cena looks to drag The Game up, but Triple H takes him by surprise with an inside cradle which Cena kicks out of, just in time. The champion quickly gets on Cena though, knocking him off his feet with a high knee, and pounds him down, looking to break Cena down. In this block of minutes in control, Triple H scores a couple of non-threatening two counts, before applying a boring chinlock, looking to kill time, but as you’d expect, Cena battles back, powering out of the hold, and runs off the ropes, but gets caught with a reverse elbow from the champion for another two count.

Now, Triple H runs into the ropes, and comes back off, dropping his knee onto the face of the challenger for another two. The champion picks Cena up, and looks for a suplex, but Cena blocks it, and again, THEN TRIPS THE GAME … AND APPLIES THE STFU!!! Triple H doesn’t waste any time, realising he is far from the ropes, and knows he’s better off tapping here with 45 minutes left, rather than battling on and struggling later in the match because of it. TRIPLE H TAPS OUT!!!

1st FALL: JOHN CENA - STFU @ 14:37 (1-0)

Cena takes the early lead and releases the submission, as Triple H rolls away to the corner. He looks up towards Cena, and smiles, pointing to his wrist as if time is on his side, then points to his head, as if to say he did the smart thing. Cena though responds to that, simply holding up one finger. Triple H slowly gets up to his feet, rolling his neck, and stretching his arms on the ropes, before circling the ring again, and locking up … WTH CENA TRIPPING THE CHAMPION, AND LOOKING TO APPLY THE STFU AGAIN … BUT TRIPLE H WRIGGLES FREE AND SQUIRMS TO THE OUTSIDE!!! The fans are going crazy, as Cena nearly traps the champion again in the STFU, which surely Triple H wouldn’t have surrendered from as quickly, having already fallen behind. Triple H takes a walk, having to take the sting out of Cena, but this time, Cena isn’t waiting, having smelt blood from his previous fall, he jumps out of the ring, and comes after The Game.

Cena chases Triple H around the ring, with the champion trying to push over the steps to stop him, but Cena stops short, and avoids the contact. He continues the chase, and follows as HHH slides back into the ring, but Triple H manages to drop an elbow on Cena, gaining the upper hand. From this point, Triple H starts to methodically pick apart his defiant challenger, pin pointing his knee for the attack, and going to work proving his moniker ‘the cerebral assassin’. Cena attempts to fight back and show his resolve, but The Game just picks apart the knee, chop blocking Cena as he begins to pick up momentum. Moments later as Cena attempts to fight back again, Triple H sweeps the leg, putting the challenger down again. The plan looks to be coming together now for the champion, weakening Cena, also making good on his prediction that after the early going Cena would fade.

Triple H continues to beat on the knee, swinging it into the ring post, slamming it off the apron, and dropping his weight with the leg balanced on the middle rope. It’s all set up perfectly for the rarely seen Indian Death Lock, and the champion is able to apply the hold, despite plenty of vehement defence from the challenger to avoid the submission. With the hold now applied - dead centre in the ring - it looks like Cena is out of options, but unlike Triple H earlier, Cena doesn’t give in to save himself permanent damage, and instead battles on, looking for a way out, trying to reach the ropes but as he struggles, the damage is being done - and The Game knows it!!! He continues to lock the hold in tightly, not giving an inch, as Cena desperately tries to shift himself toward the ropes … getting closer … getting closer … AND MAKES THE BOTTOM ROPE!!!

Cena grasps the bottom rope, and forces Triple H to release the hold, but the damage has surely been done, and the champion is well aware of it. Has John Cenas persistent pride just cost him this match in the long run?? The challenger tentatively reaches his feet, now limping, and Triple H is all over it, now pushing the pace with the challenger struggling on a bad wheel. The champion doesn’t even concentrate on the knee now, with Cena almost at his mercy, and Triple H now on the verge of evening up the scores. He deliberately forces Cena to keep moving, not giving him any rest, whipping him off the ropes, sending him into the corner, and forcing the challenger to move away, with The Game taking wild swings at kicking his bad knee, putting more strain on Cena. As always though, Cena doesn’t back down, and attempts to fight fire with fire, coming at Triple H, and begins to get more offence in again, but it appears to be his downfall, taking too much out of his system, and leaving himself easy pickings for The Game to swoop in, after catching Cena off the ropes with a hip toss.

The Game gets a near fall, and now turns the heat up, pounding down Cena, knocking him down with a running clothesline, and again as Cena bravely/stupidly shows his guts, pulling himself back to his feet, only to get the same treatment. Triple H nails a simple vertical suplex for another two, and now sets Cena up for a Pedigree … BUT CENA SLIPS OUT … BUT GETS CAUGHT WITH A SICK DDT … WITH CENAS HEAD BOUNCING OFF THE MAT!!! Triple H turns the challenger over, and hooks the leg, 1...2...3!!!!!

2nd FALL: TRIPLE H - DDT @ 27:55 (1-1)

And the scores are tied up, with Triple H in the driving seat as a draw means he retains the title. Cena has had his brain rattled from the DDT, and struggles to reach his feet, falling over the ropes, with the champion looking on, waiting to pounce, as Coach begins to wonder out loud if Triple H’s prophecy is coming true that Cena couldn’t last the distance - not even half. Cena struggles up, but walks right into the path of Triple H, and the champion kicks Cena in the gut … and it looks like it’s Pedigree time … BUT NO … Triple H instead pulls Cena up … AND DELIVERS A PILEDRIVER!!! He hooks the leg again, and surely not two falls in the space of ninety seconds?? … 1...2...3!!!

3rd FALL: TRIPLE H - PILEDRIVER @ 29:12 (2-1)

And things go from bad to worse for the challenger, as he now trails The Game by one fall. Triple H doesn’t want to waste the opportunity, and hooks the leg again, but Cena this time kicks out just before the three. The momentum is most definitely now with Triple H, as Cena appears to be fading, and fading badly. The Game now looks to kill the match off, and drags Cena up, delivering a swinging neck breaker, looking to scramble the brain even more, but Cena kicks out!!! Cena hangs on in there, knowing that falling even further behind could kill his chances of recapturing the championship. Still though, Triple H is dominant, taking Cena to the outside, and sending him into the steel steps, nearly getting the challenger counted out, but Cena expends more energy to battle back inside at the count of nine, playing into the hands of Triple H again, who continues to punish the challenger - just like he promised he would.

Triple H continues to dominate the fading challenger, with Cena only just hanging on with near fall kick outs, as Triple H refuses to give him a second to recover. The clock meanwhile shows no mercy, and ticks down, with over thirty five minutes now gone, and Cenas chances are quickly fading out. Triple H continues to pummel Cena, but cant open up a bigger gap, as he is unable to put him away for another three count. The champion now seems to be getting overconfident though, and starts to take his eye off the ball, yapping at the referee, slapping Cena around - and that only incenses the challenger!!! Triple H whips Cena off the ropes, and Cena bursts back out … TAKING TRIPLE H DOWN WITH A FLYING SHOULDER BLOCK!!! Cena seems spurred on, and looks to have caught his second wind, backing Triple H into the corner, unloading with fury a barrage of punches, blasting HHH, climbing to the middle turnbuckle and continuing to unload … but gets overzealous … AND TRIPLE H DROPS HIM ON THE RINGPOST!!! Cena takes another hammer blow to the head, and stumbles out of the corner … EASY PICKINGS … Triple H kicks him in the gut … PEDIGREE!!!!! He hooks the leg, 1...2...3!!!

4th FALL: TRIPLE H - PEDIGREE @ 38:45 (3-1)

It’s beginning to look like a washout, again, JUST like Triple H predicted. It seems Cena has ran out of gas, with his short lived comeback quickly extinguished by The Game, who has now opened up a huge lead, with Cena now needing THREE falls to recapture the title, and not lose another. It looks damn near impossible though, as Cena lays flat out on the mat, with Triple H walking around the ring, gloating over his Nostradamus qualities, pointing at a fallen Cena, telling the fans he told them this was exactly how this match would go. He eventually comes back to his opponent, and pulls Cena up, with the challenger moving in an act of desperation … CRADLING THE CHAMPION … 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Triple H narrowly escapes the shock pinfall, and gets right back up … MOWING DOWN JOHN CENA WITH A HIGH KNEE!!! He covers, looking to end any possibility of a comeback, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

Cena is in a world of trouble, taking a beating, and not showing any signs of overturning his deficit with Triple H -as he said he would- getting stronger as the contest goes on. Triple H takes Cena to the outside again, ramming him into the barricade, dropping him onto the mats with a side suplex, then catapults Cena - head first - into the ring post!!! Again, Triple H seems happy enough for Cena to get counted out, and allows the referee to count Cena out, but once again, Cena shows his determination and balls, scraping his body back into the ring at the count of nine, just beating the count. But he doesn’t get any favours from Triple H, who is right back on Cena, dropping down, pounding at the head of the fading challenger, thinking he’s done enough for the three, but Cena kicks out once again, much to the chagrin of Triple H. The Game drags Cena back up again, whipping him into the ropes … AND CATCHES HIM WITH A SLEEPER!!! After the pummelling Cena has taken - with an array of brain scrambling high impact moves - he finds himself in big trouble locked in the age old sleeper hold!!! Having taken so much punishment, he fades quickly, dropping to the mat, as the legendary submission wears him down further, to the point of unconsciousness, as the referee doesn’t waste time to step in, raising the lifeless arm of Cena on two occasions … AND THE ARM DROPS BOTH TIMES!!! The title dream - THE WRESTLEMANIA DREAM - could be over for definite if Cena fails to beat this hold, and the arm goes up again … AND IT STAYS UP THIS TIME!!!

Cena, (finding a third wind??), starts to battle up, with Triple H looking to crank the pressure, but Cena looks to have zoned out, and starts to drive his elbows into the gut of the champion, trying to break the grip … AND DOES!!! Cena looks to hit another gear, having been subdued by Triple H for the most part, looking to prove he does have more in the tank, and comes close with a spin out power bomb, but fails to get the three count, with Triple H just popping his shoulder up. Cena keeps the pressure on, sending The Game into the corner, charging in … BUT TRIPLE H CHARGES OUT WITH A CLOTHESLINE!!! The champion AGAIN snuffs out a comeback from the challenger, and now looks to finally put MAJOR daylight between then, pulling Cena up, and goes for a second Pedigree … BUT CENA SPINS OUT … DUCKS A CLOTHESLINE … AND SCHOOL BOYS TRIPLE H … 1...2...3!!!!!!!!!!

5th FALL: JOHN CENA - SCHOOL BOY @ 44:31 (2-3)

Thirty minutes after opening the match with the first fall, Cena adds to his account, and has narrowed the gap, to surely set up a thrilling finale … BUT TRIPLE H IS RIGHT BACK ON TOP OF CENA AFTER THE SURPRISE PIN … CLOTHESLINE TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD!!!!! The Game looks to be furious over having his lead shortened with fifteen minutes to go, and now looks determined to open up a two fall lead again, BUT CENA REFUSES TO STAY DOWN!!! He needs to use the ropes to save himself, but Cena shows the wherewithal to survive despite not being able to kick out. The Game now seems to be getting restless, anxious over a slender lead, despite a tie meaning he’d keep the title. After more domination, Triple H now hooks Cena up, into position for a suplex, but decides to go for broke, AND SETS CENA ON THE TOP ROPE … LOOKING FOR A SUPERPLEX INSTEAD!!!!! The Game sets himself, and looks to deliver … BUT CENA BLOCKS IT … AND SHOVES TRIPLE H OFF THE TOP ROPE!!! Cena sets himself, gathering his breath, as Triple H struggles to reach his feet, AND CENA LEAPS OFF THE TOP … LEG DROP ACROSS THE BACK OF TRIPLE H!!!!!!!!! Both men are down from the impact … BUT CENA DRAPES AN ARM OVER TRIPLE H … 1...2...3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


IT’S ALL TIED UP!!! At this score, Triple H will still retain, but with twelve minutes remaining, it’s all to play for!!! Both men are down, as the fans are in full voice, having been kept quiet for the most part by Triple H’s systematic destruction of the challenger for the best part of thirty minutes. Both men beat the ten count of the referee, and meet in the centre of the ring, both worse for wear, but both fully determined now to see it out and grab the glory. They trade insults, with Cena pointing out he’s fifty minutes deep … and still in the match. Triple H’s prophecy has NOT come true in the end, as Cena has battled back, scoring two falls against the run of play, evening the contest. Suddenly, they burst into life, trading blows, as the fans are SPLIT by both men, with Cena as always dividing the public. Triple H looks to be getting the better of the duel, but Cena battles back, forcing The Game onto the back foot, beating him into the corner!!! Cena pulls Triple H out of the corner, sending him into the ropes, ducks down … and Triple H capitalizes with a face buster!!! Cena staggers away, and back into the path of The Game … SPINEBUSTER!!! Triple H covers, 1...2...NO!!!!! Cena kicks out of it!!!!

Triple H shakes his head in shock, convinced he’d done enough for another three count, but it wasn’t to be. He takes a look at the clock - 51:03 - he has nine minutes to hold on and retain the title. Will The Game settle for the draw and keep his distance from Cena?? He gets to his feet, and seems to be thinking about it, but sees Cena struggling, and looks to be won over by his own will to win and FINALLY put Cena to rest after months of chasing the title. The Game pulls Cena to his feet, sending him off the ropes … but Cena ducks under a clothesline, and comes off the opposite side, stopping short at Triple H, surprising The Game, kicking him in the gut, and delivering his unique release Fisherman!!! He floats over for a cover, 1...2...SHOULDER UP!!! Cena looks crestfallen at the kick out, but battles on, reaching his feet, pumping up his trainers to a HUGE mixed response, running off the ropes … looking for the Five Knuckle Shuffle … BUT TRIPLE H MOVES!!! The Game jumps to his feet, and quickly hooks Cena up … PEDIGREE … NO … CENA COUNTERS … AND THROWS TRIPLE H ONTO HIS SHOULDERS … FU CONNECTS!!!!! He covers, 1...2...3!!!!!!!!!!

7th FALL: JOHN CENA - FU @ 53:29 (4-3)

AND THE COMEBACK IS COMPLETE!!!!! If Cena can hang on for six and a half minutes, he becomes a THREE TIME World Champion!!! Cena pulls himself up in the corner, spent from his epic comeback, whilst Triple H rolls onto his front, slowly recovering from the FU, deep into this gruelling sixty minute war. The two men look to recharge the batteries for the next minute, as Triple H now desperately tries to get himself together, needing to pull it out of the bag now to retain the title. Cena gets on top of Triple H as he reaches his feet, throwing caution to the wind, going for more, despite holding a tender lead this late on!!! The challenger sends The Game across the ring, and charges in, connecting with a body splash. Triple H staggers out, seemingly fading now despite needing to find another gear more than ever, and Cena plants him with a running bulldog!!! HE TURNS THE GAME OVER … LOOKING FOR THE STFU … BUT TRIPLE H SCURRIES TO THE ROPES!!!

The Game avoids what would’ve surely ended the match, and has no choice but to quickly get to his feet, in the corner … WITH CENA POUNDING IN … BUT TRIPLE H MOVES OUT OF THE WAY!!!! Cena hit’s the corner, and Triple H rolls him up, looking for a quick cover … 1...2...KICK OUT!!!!! Cena kicks out, and both men struggle to their feet, trading poor blows, before Triple H goes for a sudden Pedigree, only to get pushed away by Cena, who then hoists The Game up, FOR ANOTHER FU … BUT TRIPLE H SLIDES OFF … SPINS CENA AROUND, and goes for a quick DDT … TOO QUICK … AS HE HIT’S THE GROUND HIMSELF!!! Cena spots an opening, turning The Game over, and looking for the STFU again, but gets elbowed away by the champion!!! FIVE MINUTES REMAIN as both men struggle to their feet, it’s the champion coming at Cena, but gets beaten away, AND CAUGHT WITH THE THROWBACK!!!!! It’s all Cena, and he turns The Game over once more, looking to finish the match now, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Cena cant believe it, and pulls the champion up with him, wanting to end the match now, BUT TRIPLE H KICKS HIM IN THE GUT … PEDIGREE OUT OF NOWHERE!!!!! Triple H takes an eternity to capitalise, but eventually hooks the leg, 1...2...3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

8th FALL: TRIPLE H - PEDIGREE @ 56:29 (4-4)

Triple H gets his fall to level it up, and swing the title back into his favour, with little over THREE MINUTES REMAINING!!! Both men are down, spent, exhausted, after nearly sixty minutes of battling. Cenas title hopes are hanging by a thread, as Triple H gets to his knees, looking up at the clock, and watch it tick the seconds down - 57:14 - Triple H waves it off, as if to say, I’ve done enough, and is perhaps looking to just stay away and retain the title through a draw. He takes a look at Cena, lifeless, after that crushing Pedigree, and slowly pushes himself up in the middle of the ring, making it to his feet, and raising his arms, much to the chagrin of many in the audience, but many cheer too. He starts to celebrate … PREMATURELY … CENA … OUT OF NOTHING … TRIPS THE GAME … AND APPLIES THE STFU … IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING!!!!!!!!!!

Just two and a half minutes remain now, as Cena, in a last gasp throw of the dice applies his trump card, the STFU, with Triple H wildly trying to struggle free to no avail. Unlike earlier, this time he has NO OPTION, he has to endure, or he will lose the title!!!! The Game in an act of desperation, turns Cena over, looking to pin him … BUT CENA ROLLS THROUGH … AND CLENCHES IN TIGHTER!!! HHH still fights it, looking to survive the final minutes, desperately clawing his way towards the ropes, looking to survive with his title, BUT CENA REFUSES TO LET HIM GET AWAY!!!! Suddenly, STEPHANIE MCMAHON RUNS TO THE RING, AND WILLS HER SOON TO BE HUSBAND ON, CHEERING HIM TO HANG ON!!!

But Triple H is locked tight in the STFU … AS WE ENTER THE FINAL SIXTY SECONDS!!!!! The fans are on their feet, with Cena now praying for his submission to prevail, as Stephanie slams the mat, trying to inspire the champion. Triple H has his hand raised … … … BUT REFUSES TO TAP OUT TO CENA!!! The champion looks to be fading, his hands dropping, his eyes closing, with time ticking down, the WrestleMania dream fading for Cena … WILL TRIPLE H SURVIVE … THIRTY SECONDS TO GO … THE GAME IS FADING, STEPHANIE HAS HER HANDS ON HER FACE … THE CHAMPION IS FADING … CENA CRANKS BACK … … TWENTY SECONDS … … THE GAME CANT FIGHT IT ANYMORE … HE’S LOSING CONSCIOUSNESS … AND HE TAPS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

9th FALL: JOHN CENA - STFU @ 59:44 (5-4)

CENA HAS DONE IT!!!!!! Triple H couldn’t survive!!! The clock ticks down, with both men on the canvas, Triple H out of commission, barely conscious, and John Cena, elated with a last gasp victory. It’s chaos as the final seconds tick away with the celebrations already beginning, as neither man can muster the energy to get to their feet … THE BELL RINGS … AND A NEW CHAMPION IS CROWNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Winner: And NEW World Heavyweight Champion - JOHN CENA (5-4) @ 60:00

The Champ IS HERE!!!!! John Cena has finally overcome The Game, HE IS GOING TO WRESTLEMANIA!!!!! Cena, somehow, finds the energy to celebrate his magnificent title win, grasping to his spinner belt, and proudly raising it in the air, pointing to the fans in the audience. Cena climbs the ropes, parading his gold, as we see a vanquished Triple H slump out of the ring, helped to stand by Stephanie, looking absolutely distraught following this loss.

In the ring, John Cena continues to hold the title belt aloft, a title that looked so far away just a few minutes ago. The Champ now makes a point of looking towards the WRESTLEMANIA 23 logo in the distance, pointing to the sign, and hoisting the belt aloft, nodding to the fans, as the Granddaddy of ‘em all is next on Cenas agenda, where he will now meet Captain Charisma, Christian in six weeks time in what promises to be a clash of epic proportions. The PPV quickly fades out, with the time narrowly missing hitting a full three hours, as Cena continues to celebrate, but looking drained by his Herculean effort tonight.



Current Card for WWE Saturday Nights Main Event:
Date: 10th February 2006
Location: Wachovia Centre, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Event Music: POD, Lights Out

5 on 2 Handicap Match:
Triple H, Brock Lesnar, Tyson Tomko, Shane & Vince McMahon
vs. Christian & John Cena


Current Card for WWE Wrestle Mania XXIII:

Date: 18th March 2007
Location: Superdome, New Orleans, Louisiana
Event Music: U2 & Green Day; The Saints are Coming & Killers; Sams Town

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
World Heavyweight Champion, John Cena vs.
2007 Royal Rumble Winner, Christian

WWE Championship Match:
WWE Champion, Rob Van Dam vs.
Mr. Money in the Bank, Edge

Money in the Bank Ladder Match:
M.V.P vs. Umaga vs. Chris Jericho vs. Finlay vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ???

Grudge Match:
Kurt Angle vs. The Undertaker

*Card Subject To Change*


In a few days, I’ll comment on my decisions in terms of the booking of the matches and winners etc, as I’m sure some of the winners and results will create a few questions. Thanks for reading, and thanks even more for reviewing … if you do.

I’ll also announce the winner of the prediction contest then too.

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Re: Being The Booker

Woah, woah, woah....both Szumi AND Wolfy are back?! Man, I gotta catch up on both. <3 ya Wolf.

Originally Posted by Andy3000
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Re: Being The Booker

^ Where have you been you fat fucker <3? And they've both been back for ages, tbh.

I was extremely surprised to see the Superbrawl match kick things off and even more so when BROCK FUCKING LESNAR was the first to be eliminated. Ouch. Kane next had to happen sometime soon, and then out goes Undertaker. Still stunned that Lesnar went first, I was sure he was winning. Kurt Angle ends up winning and challenges Undertaker, that'll be some match, but Taker isn't losing his streak, ever, not even to a legend to be like Kurt Angle. Could still see HBK & Orton perhaps facing off at Mania, but I wonder where The Iron Man goes from here.

Rey beating Kennedy I was not as surprised on although I still felt Ken was gonna win. Bigger things perhaps for Kennedy come Mania, like the MITB match and possibly winning it I guess, solid recap and it's understandable it was only given 8 minutes seeing as we've got that motherfucking Iron Man match to go.

AMW win. Good. Love them. Don't like Batista, HATE Lashley, future endeavour that c*** plz. Thank you for keeping it short. I hope you never part with AMW because they truly are a terrific team as they've proved here, regardless of how they won. If this scenario leads to a Batista/Lashley match, I will poke my eyes out before reading

Christian was always going to beat Tomko, but he fucked him up a bit with that CONCHAIRTO afterwards, and justly so seeing as how Tomko turned on him and beat him shitless a few weeks ago. Result never in question imo, always just a matter of when.

RVD/Jericho match was quite good and Edge coming down and ruining it was a surprise as I thought when he did appear, he was gonna pull a big swerve and cash in his MITB here instead of Mania, but it was not to be. Loved the expression on the post match heat too tbh, funny. Maybe Jericho now will get himself added to the title match at Mania, seeing as how Edge just fucked over his chance here?

FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY? I hate Cena as a face, and even more so when he's the champion. Terrific match and all, but I am not happy he's won the title this close to Mania as it leaves open the possibility he won't drop it at Mania, which he had better fucking should . I'm wondering where this will leave The Game at Mania, probably get himself into the Cena/Christian match tbh, knowing Levesque's POLITIKING techniques

Overall a good event Wolf, but yeah, explain some of those decisions soon plz. <3.


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Re: Being The Booker

rhysus2006's SuperBrawl Review

Woah! Plenty of surprises there!

SuperBrawl Match starts things off, I was right The match itself was... interesting. I definetely wasn't expecting Brock Lesnar to be eliminated first... I thought he'd win the whole thing. It didn't make much sense to me for Angle to win it, since Undertaker v. Angle was pretty much set in stone anyway. But it was still a very entertaining match with plenty of surprises. Angle v. Undertaker at WrestleMania should be EPIC.

Aww man... Rey Mysterio retained? This was a bad decision, in my opinion. I really wanted Kennedy to walk away with this, he could have been looking stronger than ever - but now he looks weaker. Not by much, mind you, but he looks weaker. Rey Mysterio is someone I really don't like as champion, in the long term, so I hope Kennedy gets his rematch at WrestleMania and wins the title then. In fact, I think I'd prefer his big win on the big PPV.

It was expected that America's Most Wanted would retain... Lashley and Batista didn't come to blows but their match is next week so if they remain friends after that, I'll be surprised. As for who I want to challenge the champion? Well, I don't particularly like either Lashley or Batista, but I favor Lashley from the two - so he'd get my nod.

The I Quit match was only ever going to go one way - and it went that way. Christian looks strong going into WrestleMania. It was a well written match, but there's not much to say on it, it was all expected.

While this was a good match, I was confused how Edge was drunk one minute and attacking Jericho and Van Dam the next... although that may come into the storyline, "I didn't know what I was doing, I was drunk." but yeah, it seemed the only real ending tbh, now both Jericho and Van Dam look strong, although what will Jericho do now for WrestleMania?

The Ironman Match was an awesome match. WAY more pinfalls than I expected, but it was action-packed, I was constantly on the edge of my seat (well, not literally :P) and I was constantly entertained... I didn't like Cena winning though. Not because of my strong dislike for him, but just because the McMahon Family Empire looked weak. Tomko got destroyed and Trips, although he put up a hell of a fight, lost the title... and that makes him seem weak, whether it was a close matchup or not...

This isn't the end for Trips and the title, I don't think... he'll somehow make that match a triple threat... he has to, or else, what does he do at WrestleMania? Unless something happens at his wedding that sets him on a different path... anyways, good show man. It's the first PPV in full I've read from you and I was impressed. Can't wait for SNME and of course, WRESTLEMANIA! MY FIRST TIME IN THIS THREAD! AND I NEVER FORGET MY FIRST TIME!

Good job.

PPV Rating: 7.8/10

No, not even in the face of Armageddon... Never compromise.

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Re: Being The Booker

SuperBrawl Review:

Very cool way to work the NFL into the opening video package, with the “sixty minutes” theme working with the match between Triple H and Cena perfectly. This is really what the night is all about, as the main event is going to be explosive. I simply can’t wait to see who wins that match, as you have been making both men look great and either one against Christian will make a HUGE WM23 main event. I still got the Champion retaining.

I loved how the Super Brawl started with Orton and Michaels going right after each other. LESNAR~ is the first eliminated! Damn, you are already pulling out a shocker for this show … is this a sign of things to come? I guess it was TOO obvious to say that Kane would be the first man out. Michaels and Orton are still going at each other, as now Angle must face both halves of the BOD. Good way for Kane to go, as Michaels wasn’t even going after him, but now we have four studs still in the ring. Now ‘Taker really starts to get going, as he takes down Angle with a ton of signature moves and then goes for the Chokeslam, only for Kurt to move the table! UT continues his assault, but as he tries to hit the Tombstone, Angle somehow reverses it and hits the Angle Slam through the table! The way you have made Angle look like a beast since coming back has been phenomenal, tbh. Even if he doesn’t win this match, we all know he is getting his match with ‘Taker at ‘Mania, and he is going to come into that one on FIRE. Pretty quick way to get rid of Orton, as it seems like right as someone gets momentum going … they’re eliminated. Angle and HBK have had great matches in this thread, so it’s fitting that the final two would be them. Orton hits HBK with the RKO before he leaves! But Michaels gets the shoulder up! Angle and Michaels just mesh perfectly with each other, as they get numerous near falls, ranging from a German Suplex for a two count, to SCM with Angle getting his feet on the ropes. ANKLE LOCK~ ends the match, as Kurt Angle has proven to be a beast in this match. His promo afterwards shows just how much he wants to beat ‘Taker at WM23. That is going to be an awesome match and if we get promos like this from Angle during the build, the match is going to be EPIC. What a way to kick off the show … this is going to be full of surprises!!

Kennedy’s new style may actually help him move up the card, but I won’t be happy if you don’t change him back into the brash loudmouth that we have come to love. Just do that after he’s in the main event. This match doesn’t get much time, as Kennedy dominates almost the entire match, but Rey doesn’t what he always does … fights through because he’s the underdog! [/rolls eyes]. Pretty mad that KK isn’t able to put Rey away, as Mysterio somehow counters the Mic Check into pin and beats my boy. I think Kennedy may still win the belt before WM23, and either way he will be heading to the MITB … where I expect him to thrive. It’s pretty awesome how I’m already 0-2 on my predictions.

Edge is just chilling in Tim White’s Bar? I guess that he really took to heart what Anderson said about staying away tonight. Either that … or we are going to see Edge get a little bit “opportunistic”.

Lashley and Batista are going at it for the chance to face Albright at WM23. Animal with the victory, plz. I’m glad that Lashley and ‘Tista both looked so dominant when they came into the ring, but I guess that was just a way to add the hype for their big match next Friday. I’m glad that they are both focused on Albright instead of AMW, as you didn’t need to make us think they actually cared about the belts because we all know AMW vs. Hardyz is happening at WM23. Lashley dominates after the hot tag but Batista is too busy on the outside with Brent. Batista throws the Title Belt into the ring and the proves to be the huge difference, as Lashley gets clocked and AMW retain! Hopefully the match between Batista and Lashley doesn’t end in a NC, as I really want to see just one man face Brent at WM23. And that man should be Batista.

The McMahons wish Tomko luck! That should REALLY help his chances tonight. Triple H is just as cocky as he has been since this stipulation was announced, and now he says that he is going to beat Cena without any help. This could be a possible MOTY tonight … so it’s good we won’t have any interference.

Before this match started, I figured that it would be quick but I also thought that Tomko would be able to get in SOME offense … but boy was I wrong! CC came out on fire and aside from a chair shot to the back and slamming CC’s head off the chair … Tomko didn’t do anything! Christian’s intensity was spectacular and he just didn’t let up for a second, using the ring bell in a perfect way. Now this is starting to become a crime, as he hits the DDT after Tomko catches him! Unprettier off the chair is just deadly and CC won’t even let his former bodyguard quit! Loved how Tomko quit and THEN CC his the con-chair-to. Perfect way for that to happen, as now Christian has gotten some revenge and is ready to head to WM23. The main event is going to be something special with CC possibly winning back the Belt … but this was a great way for him to get some revenge.

Three Hour Raw is starting to beef up, with the wedding planned and now we have the Steel Cage Match between Orton and Michaels. Foley helps Orton win to send Randy into MITB and Foley/HBK at WM23 gets set at SNME, imo.

Edge is gone! I wonder where he went!?

Glad that this match between RVD and Y2J is going to get almost 20 minutes of time, because they have such great chemistry in the ring that I would hate to see the match cut short just because of time. I liked the feeling out process in the beginning, with both men just staying conservative and trying to get a few near falls, but obviously the match hasn’t heated up quite yet. Jericho takes the upperhand to start the speeding up process, as he goes on the offense and dominates the Champion, trying to look good before he continues to get the near falls, as Van Dam doesn’t look like he is going down soon. Van Dam comes back a little bit but what was an awesome move was what Jericho did to RVD on the apron, following out after with some more bruising offense. Van Dam is finally getting the offense going, as he hits the moonsault but Jericho kicks out. Walls of Jericho locked in … but Van Dam somehow gets to the ropes. Now the match is really starting to heat up, as I love that the Jericho fans are sticking with their man, even though he is the heel, but it doesn’t seem like it in this match. Jericho hits the Breakdown! Foot on the rope! RVD goes for the 5-Star … but he misses!! Both men are taken down now and the match is back to where we started … but here comes Edge!! Edge ends the match! Damn it! I kinda had a feeling that this happened but now I don’t know a few things. Is Edge still going to get his shot? Is Jericho still going to be in the picture because he never lost? I sense a possible three-way match at WM23. Damn shame to end the match like that, but good for the storyline.

New WM23 commercial soon plz.

Arn is about to send Edge through hell in the build to WM23. Will make it all the more impressive when he gets the win in New Orleans, imo.

It’s game time! Will Cena finally top Hunter? Or is Triple H heading to WM23 to face Christian … as he should? No surprise that this one started with these two just moving around the ring slowly and waiting to lock up, as they have 60 minutes to wrestle so there’s no point in going all out from the start. Loved the slap from Hunter, as it shows just how bad-ass he is when the MFE isn’t at ringside with him. Now Hunter starts to dominate, as he is really taking control during the opening fifteen minutes, as this is when people thought Cena’d be at his best. Triple H looks to come back after a few two counts but … STF-U!! CENA GET THE GAME TO TAP!! I guess I get why Hunter tapped so early, but Cena got a huge confidence boost with that early score. Now Cena’s early offense is starting to take its toll, after Triple H withstands the attack he is able to keep Cena on the defensive, showing why he is so good at wearing his opponent down, taking Cena down to the mat and using moves to pick apart the knee. Cena may be stupid in trying to fight out of this, but he is finally able to, with the damage being shown. Triple H looks to set up for the Pedigree, but Cena counters out … AND GETS DROPPED WITH THE DDT! IT’S ALL TIED! Damn, Triple H is toying with Cena and fakes going for the Pedigree before he drops him with the Piledriver! Triple H takes the lead! Cena is really starting to lose it, as Triple H isn’t showing any ill effects and he continues to dominate the challenger. Cena FINALLY comes back with some offense, but can’t do much, as Hunter is just too smart and he takes down Cena with the Pedigree! Triple H is now WAY out ahead, and Cena looks done! Triple H continues on this awesome attack, eventually locking in the sleeper and Cena is as good as done … but he keeps the arm up! Cena battles out but gets taken down again, not being able to get his comeback going. Triple H looks to put the nail in the coffin … but Cena gets a pinfall with a School Boy! Triple H goes right back on the attack, with Cena still needing two more to win! Cena somehow finds a way to avoid more offense, as he pushes Hunter off after being dominated … and somehow hits the GUILLOTINE LEG DROP! IT’S ALL TIED UP … BUT THAT’S NOT GOOD FOR CENA! This has been an amazing contest, with Cena really showing that he won’t give up, and now they are going for the gold, with both men needing this next fall. Triple H looks to hit the Pedigree yet again … but CENA HITS THE F-U! Cena takes the lead! He has come back from a huge deficit! Now it’s Triple H who needs to get the next pinfall, as he is scrambling while Cena keeps him at bay. Knew Cena wouldn’t get another fall with the Throwback, but I didn’t expect Triple H to come out of nowhere with the PEDIGREE! IT’S ALL TIED AGAIN! Triple H gets way too cocky, as Cena looks to be down for the count, but when you least expect it … STF-U OUT OF NOWHERE!! CENA HAS THE GAME JUST WHERE HE WANTS HIM! STEPH COMES DOWN TO TRY AND WILL HER HUSBAND ON! CENA KEEPS IT LOCKED AND THE GAME TRIES TO SURVIVE … BUT HE IS STARTING TO FADE … AND HE TAPS OUT!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! CENA IS THE NEW CHAMPION! I don’t hate the guy, but I thought Christian/Hunter was a lock for WM23. Way to pull out a shocker, as I have no idea what is going to happen tomorrow night. Aren’t we supposed to have a wedding? I doubt the MFE will be in a good mood. Match that lived up to its billing!

A very good and shocking PPV to have right before the biggest showcase of them all. Only problem I had was with the amount of pinfalls and submissions in the main event. Nine seemed kinda high, when I thought like five or seven would have been sufficient. But either way, ‘Mania is starting to take shape … but I still can’t wait for Raw! Keep it up!!!!!


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Re: Being The Booker

Uh huh, you’re not dreaming.

So I’ve been following some of my favs, you obviously included. I thought I’d get in here and give my thoughts on the current standings of the thread, and more specifically, to the SuperBrawl fallout.

I loved the SuperBrawl opening the PPV. And what a way to book it. Lesnar looked the obvious winner, until I saw you clarify that the winner cannot choose a title match a while back. Since then I’ve been confused, tbh. The way Lesnar was eliminated was awesome, and shocking. Not nearly as shocking as what I did at the Rumble, but yeah, shocking. Angle wins, deservedly, and now there’s no beating around the bush with he and Taker going into to Naw’lens. What a match it’ll be. Angle won’t win, nor should he, but it’ll be a historic match for both men.

HBK and Mick Foley are now a lock as well. He was a favorite to win this imo, and to lock his match with Foley in. It’ll happen regardless though, and what’a knock down drag out, Mania worthy encounter, that will be.

Never doubted Rey would retain. He had an absolutely brilliant IC Title run in the thread a long whole ago, now being a two-timer. Not sure where Rey goes from here, as I could see an IC title match at Mania. I could also see Rey entering MITB, with the claim of being the first MITB winner, despite not owning the contract shortly thereafter. As for what’s next for Kennedy? Meh.

Batista and Big Bobby were never gonna win. AMW have reigned as champions going into what, 3 Manias now? Gotta think they’ll get the chance to shine one more time on the grand stage. Then again, I’m not sure there is a place for them. You could say the Hardys’s I guess, but I think MITB needs Matt and Jeff tbh. As far as Lashley and Dave go, it’s most likely gonna be a triple threat US title match, with the defending champ getting a big rub in retaining against the two capable monsters.

Christian over Tomko, duh.

Poor Orton will enter MITB now. Misuse could be suspected. However, I think he’ll win the thing. How could he not? Let’s hope.

Not sure what to make of the WWE Title match. I’m thrilled RVD – who you openly admitted to not liking way back when – is still champion. I’d have to say that this is looking triple threat’ish at this point. Despite you claiming Jericho is now in MITB. I just can’t see him not wanting revenge. Then again, I could see Y2J cashing in on either guy at Mania after the WWE Title match. Meaning Y2J wins MITB, only to either give Edge some sick poetic justice in costing Edge the title via MITB just after Edge has cashed in MITB. Or to screw RVD after all these months, and after RVD has a grueling defense at Mania.

Onto my favorite result of the evening. What a match. I loved the fact that you made nine finishes out of it. I think an Ironman with Cena needed that. It’s always nice when there is a knock down drag out with only one fall, sure. But that should be reserved for GREAT wrestlers. In Cena’s case, it made sense for you to liven up the match with a number of falls. It keeps the match exciting, and the fans guessing till the very end. Cena winning made more sense than anything to me. Everyone picked the Game. In my opinion had the Game won, WrestleMania would’ve lost some steam. Come on, if you would have booked the big time fan favorite and Royal Rumble winner Christian against the slimy, grimy, heel champion in Triple H, how could you have made us believe Christian wasn’t going to win? There was no chance the Game would win in that match. Now, you have the two biggest babyfaces, one who JUST won the title, versus the other who won the Rumble. At Mania, face vs. face works, and unpredictability sells. My friend, you now have a match that is intriguing.

And let’s not forget that now Triple H vs. Lesnar is on the cards. Lesnar has been tweening brilliantly for months, and finally, the showdown will happen. What a match it’ll be too. The pissed off heel Triple H – a fantastic worker – versus the jacked up, no nonsense tweener badass in Lesnar. As they say, something’s gotta give. And it’ll be their first match EVER (right?) which makes it all the more intriguing. And now, we’ve got the handicap match at SNME. Christian and Cena can be a team, only to have the seeds of dissention laid, while the shit can hit the fan between Lesnar and H. Off to the races you go my beasty friend.

Early Mania predictions are as follows:

WWE Title: RVD vs. Edge
World Title: Christian vs. Cena
Taker vs. Angle
Lesnar vs. the Game
HBK vs. Foley
MITB – Umaga, Finlay, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, MVP, Chris Jericho, Randy Orton, and Rey Mysterio
Tag Titles: MNM vs. Straight Edge
United States Title: Albright vs. Batista vs. Lashley
Women’s Title match

I’d say that’s a hell of a card my man. I might be forgetting an angle or two. Don’t make it more than ten matches though. I realize this is BTB, and everyone adds more matches than is realistic. You do too, normally having twelve at Mania. In today’s age, with the entertainment and promo aspect, more than ten is just a bit much. Each match deserves enough time, and nine-ten matches is already pushing it.

Oh, and about me…? Well, I made some decisions the last time around. Let’s just say I decided to take a break before my unprepared work forced me to take a break. I’ve been putting together all of my work leading into WM24. While your Mania will be up sooner than mine for sure, we’ll just have to see who OWNS the other . So yeah, I’m coming. And oh yes, there will be blood.

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Re: Being The Booker

Wolf Beast's SuperBrawl Review

~ Interesting Choice to start off the show. Interesting concept this match was. I liked this match, as each stipulation kept the match fresh and exiting. Brock Lesnar being the first man eliminated shocked the hell out of me. I didn't expect Taker to be eliminated so early in the match as well, as I expected him to make the final three. Good Choice to have Angle win the match, and his match with Taker at Wrestlemania. Great promo at the end by Angle aswell. Please, Don't have Angle break the streak Wolfy....

~Lovin the Poster for Wrestlemania by the way.

~ I enjoyed the match between Mysterio and Kennedy, allthough I felt for sure that Kennedy was going to pick up the victory and the title. I liked the ending sequence, with the Crucifix pin. Maybe Kennedy is going to win Money in the Bank at Wrestlemania hopefully.

~ Good Choice to have AMW retain. I am not a fan of either Lashley or Batista, so I am glad that they lost. Not much else to say, but I see a Triple Threat Match at Mania between Albright, Lashley and Batista for the US Title.

~ Tomko got himself a real ass kicking in this match. Christian was always going to go over in this match. Good Idea also to make Christian look as strong as possible coming out of this match. Christian to win at Mania Please...

~ Looks like Orton is going into the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at Mania. Michaels/Orton on Raw should be good nonetheless.

~ I really thought that Edge was going to Cash in Money in the Bank right there. It is pretty obvious now that he is going to cash in at Mania. I enjoyed the match also, really good read. I see a Triple Threat Match between Edge, Jericho and RVD at Mania, or maybe just RVD Vs. Edge. Either way, the match match will be great.

~ Love the Mania Commercial.

~ Ah...time for the match we all have been waiting for...Cena Vs. Triple H in a 60 Minute Ironman Match. Cena makes Triple H tap out within the first 15 minutes, and is now 1-0 in favor of the challenger. Love seeing the Indian Deathlock being used in the match, as it is a move that is rarely used in today's WWE, much less in most Be the Booker threads. Triple H getting his first victory via a DDT is strange, but a good decision, seeing as you don't want to over use finishers in this match. It's all square now at 1-1. Great Match so far, and it only gets better. Triple H then takes the lead with a piledriver, another move not seen much in today's WWE. Triple H takes the lead 2-1, and looks to be in the driverseat. Damn, Triple H gets another victory, this time with a Pedigree, and with little over twenty minutes left, things are not looking good for the challenger. Cena gets a victory with a school boy, but Cena needs to do more work to tie up the score, and he does just that by pinning Triple H again with a leg drop from the top. It's all tied up at 3-3 with little over ten minutes left. Can't get better than this. But it does. WOW, Cena takes the lead with a huge F-U, and is now up 4-3 with about seven minutes left. What a Match! Trips ties it up with a Pedigree with about four minutes to go. Epic Match here Wolfy. Wow, Triple H showed a lot of resileince being in the STFU for about two minutes, but taps out with sixteen seconds to go, and Cena is the NEW WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION! Great Match. I see a Triple Threat Match at Mania between Christian, Cena and Triple H for the WWE Championship.

Overall, this was a great show. Best Match of the night was the Ironman Match by far. Can't wait for Raw when it is posted.

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