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Re: Being the booker

Thanks for all the positive replies guys. I'm glad you liked the event, and as stated before, the next report is on Sunday, where you can find out all the answers to the questions that NEMESIS left.
If anyone else has any opinions on the show, please tell me, I love to see what you guys think of my shows.
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Re: Being the booker

WoWW!! That was SiMpLy AmAzInG!!
I loved the intro to the PPV with the wrestlers talking and all. Great stuff.
As for the matches, they were all super matches.
No particiular shockers for me, I liked all the endings except the Y2J/HBK one but I guess you'll continue this feud for some time and that's great.
Triple H winning was a shocker especially with evolution helping. Wonder where you gonna go with this.

Booker/Goldi v E&C: Super Match!! Happy to see Book/Goldi win the tag titles.

Benoit v Regal was a great match and a nice outcome.

Kane v Dudleyz was also great. Kane proves his domination again.

Angle v Lesnar: AMAZING match! I liked the way the weapons were used and it was a great match.

Y2J v HBK: An Excellent Match!! Too Bad for the result, but I know this one's gonna continue which is awesome!

Rock/Cena v BPP/Test: Nice match with some great reality touch. Nice to see Rock/Cena win and move on to something else.

Foley v Orton: Quite a Bloody and Awesome match! Better than their Backlash match. Super. Orton winning will surely lead to either Foley leaving Raw as GM now and let's see who takes on since Ventura is leaving now.

Triple H v Goldberg: The most predictable match, atleast that's what I thought. But Triple H winning really made me shocked especially with help from Evolution. Interesting to see what happens now.

I loved the whole damn show man. Classic!!

Overall 10000/10

Word "Mother Freaking" Life!!
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Re: Being the booker

Great PPV. It was off the hook so to speak. The only thing wrong with it is not having what the people say in interviews, but apart from that nothing is wrong. 100000/10. I haven't read (sp) any of your other shows and I'm glad I saved it to this one, because it's fantastic.

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Re: Being the booker

WOW what a fantastic show 10/10 well done wolfy be proud and keep up the great work.

check out my BTB.. BACKLASH 2004 NOW UP!
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Re: Being the booker

RAW; 18th October 2004; Kansas;

After the brutal, bloody, and at times, sickening Nemesis PPV on the previous night, it was expected that this weeks RAW would be an uneventful show…NO CHANCE!!

The show kicked off with all three members of Evolution, including the battered Randy Orton. They briefly talked about Goldberg, saying it was a favour to their buddy Triple H. They soon moved onto Orton’s victory over Foley, and claimed that Foley himself should come out and award Orton with a Title shot at Survivor Series.
Then the music of Jesse Ventura hit, and Ventura himself came to the ramp. He announced that Mick Foley couldn’t be here tonight, so it was decided that he should stay in charge for one night only.
Ventura said he will make a decision later, but wanted to introduce the Smackdown superstar brought over to RAW - JOHN CENA!!!!!
The Doctor of Thuganomics then entered the arena, and started off his RAW career by verbally laying into the most powerful group on RAW - Evolution. This led to a match to be made for later in the evening between Cena and Batista.
The opening contest of the evening saw the newly crowned Tag team champions, Booker T & Goldust defend the belts against the Brotherhood. Booker & Goldust showed little signs of effects from the cage match as they saw off the challengers to retain the belts.

The situation between Edge, Christian & Trish took a twist this week. They trio started the night, with only one title between the three. Trish apologised early in the night for costing E&C the Tag Titles, but they told her not to worry, and E&C declared to Trish that they would make sure that they are all happy.
Then as Trish defended her title against the Amazon, Shaniqua, E&C took full advantage of a knocked out referee, and set up Shaniqua for the Conchairto, but then suddenly, they turned around and smashed Trish with the double chair shot!
Shaniqua got the cover, and became the NEW Women’s Champ.
Afterwards, E&C told Trish that she was only ever a piece of eye candy for them, and never anything more. They then told the lifeless body that she had served her purpose for them and was now relieved of her services. To add insult to injury, they then hit another Conchairto, and walked off as EMT’s came to the aid of Stratus.

Also, the Intercontinental Championship changed hands on RAW. After many weeks of speculation, it looked like Matt Morgan didn’t have a manager after all for the match against Sting. However, as Sting locked in the Scorpion Deathlock, a familiar sight walked to the ring in support of Morgan, immediately distracting Sting. This man then continued to distract Sting long enough for Morgan to get to his feet, and deliver a sit down Powerbomb on Sting, and pick up the victory.
He then celebrated with the man - ERIC BISCHOFF!!! They walked up the ramp together, and it now seems that Morgan has found a manager in Bischoff!
Kane continued his recent path of destruction with a quick fire win over Spike Dudley this week, and after his dominant performance over the Dudley’s at Nemesis, it looks as if Kane still isn’t finished.

Vince McMahon also made his advertised appearance. He discussed the upcoming Survivor Series match, and stated that if Bret Hart wants a contract signing, he must agree first to a face to face showdown next week on RAW.

John Cena then got off to a winning start on RAW over Batista, despite the interference of Ric Flair. This left the two Evolution men red faced as Cena taunted from the top of the ramp. What will be the repercussions of this next week?

Finally, the confusion over last nights World Title match was cleared up on RAW.
Firstly, Jesse Ventura announced that a one off Lottery would take place at the top of the show, and the name picked from it would receive a title shot against the champion, no matter what Gender, weight or anything.

Throughout the night, Shawn Michaels claimed that he deserved to be the champion, receiving support from many in the locker room, but Jericho also felt that he won, and he too had the support of many in the locker room. Add into this equation, Randy Orton’s claim to be the rightful #1 Contender, and you get an explosive finish to RAW.
HBK & Y2J both demanded an answer from Ventura, almost coming to blows, until Orton interrupted. He let it be known that it doesn’t matter which of them is declared the champion, because he will be taking the belt off them soon enough. This led nearly all three into a brawl, until we saw the face of GM Mick Foley appear on the titan tron. He looked bloody, scarred and mangled.

Foley told all three that they left him with little choice as to what to name as a suitable answer….A triple threat match at Survivor Series for the World Championship!!!
All three men stared each other down as Foley closed the show with the words - “And That’s Final!!!”

Match Results:
Booker T & Goldust defeated The Brotherhood to retain the World Tag Titles
Kane defeated Spike Dudley
Matt Morgan defeated Sting to become the NEW Intercontinental Champion.
Shaniqua defeated Trish Stratus to become the NEW Women’s Champion.
John Cena defeated Batista

Smackdown: 21st October 2004: Little Rock;

If you thought RAW ended with a huge announcement, then the beginning of Smackdown brought an even bigger one!

As the new WWE Champion, Triple H celebrated his win at Nemesis, he was abruptly interrupted by a banged up Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman. Brock introduced himself to HHH and then said it will be a pleasure to beat him at Survivor Series for the title. Triple H laughed the comment off, claiming that Lesnar has done nothing to warrant a title shot. Brock then reminded Triple H that four days ago, he defeated Kurt Angle in the most brutal chain match ever.
Then Goldberg entered the fray. He walked to the ring with a purpose, with The Game exiting to the outside, incase of an attack from Goldberg.
Goldberg went face to face with Lesnar and declared that no one gets a title shot until he receives his rematch. Slowly The Game re-entered the ring, telling both men that they are wrong, and neither gets the title shot.

Goldberg then took a swipe at HHH, but Triple H quickly ran out of the ring again. Goldberg then looked set to collide with Brock Lesnar until the music of The Rock hit the arena. The Peoples champ then made his way to the ring to a huge ovation.
The Rock then told Goldberg and Lesnar that the people should decide, and right on cue, the people chanted for the Rock.

Finally, Bret Hart made his way to the ramp. He said that Triple H doesn’t deserve to be champion with the way he won, so at Survivor Series, he would be defending the title against; Brock Lesnar, Goldberg, The Clash of the Champions MVP - Kurt Angle, the winner of a fatal four way tonight, AND, The Rock…..IN AN ELIMINATION CHAMBER MATCH!!!
Triple H’s face dropped to the huge match announcement, as the other three in the ring stared each other down.

Finally, the action got under way in the ring, as Hurricane & Storm defended the tag titles against The Worlds Greatest Tag Team, after last week Charlie Haas defeated Hurricane, thanks to the help of Shelton Benjamin.
Hurricane & Storm though proved too much for the challengers, retaining the belts in an hard fought contest.
Also, in huge news, Bret Hart announced that he would appear on RAW this coming Monday and would have a face to face showdown with Vince McMahon.

Test & Scott Steiner may have lost at Nemesis, but now that John Cena is out of the way, they decided to make a challenge to the Rock to face Steiner next week on Smackdown, with the Rock gladly accepting.

Throughout the night, the four men involved in the Fatal Four Way to determine the final entrant in the Chamber match, were seen in preparation, and interviews. Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, Big Show, and William Regal, even at one stage almost broke into a four way scuffle backstage, but it was broken up by officials and wrestlers.

An update on the condition of Kurt Angle was given also. It was said that he will leave hospital tomorrow, and will go against doctors advice and appear next week on Smackdown. Will Angle be fit enough to wrestle, or will this perhaps worsen his fragile condition.

In other news, The Basham’s, still grieving after losing Shaniqua, were destroyed by the A.P.A. Will the Basham’s ever get over the loss of their mentor, and former manager???

Goldberg crushed Hardcore Holly in a matter of minutes on Smackdown, showing his intentions for all five opponents at Survivor Series. After the match he announced that at Nemesis, he, and the whole world knows that Evolution robbed him, but instead of complaining, he will just destroy Triple H at Survivor Series, because not even Evolution can save him from Goldberg!!

Then in the main event, after many near fall attempts, and finishing moves galore, The Big Show proved to be just too strong for his three opponents, and delivered not one, not two, but three choke slams, on his opponents before pinning Guerrero to book his place in the Elimination Chamber at Survivor Series.
He then signalled to the on looking Triple H (on colour commentary), that the title would be his!!

Match Results:
Hurricane & Citizen Storm defeated T.W.G.T.T. to retain the WWE Tag Team Championships.
Goldberg defeated Hardcore Holly
Kanyon defeated Billy Gunn to retain the U.S Championship.
Torrie Wilson defeated Dawn Marie
A.P.A defeated Basham Brothers
Big Show defeated Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit and William Regal to earn a place in the Elimination Chamber at Survivor Series.
***** ***** *****

Official Card for WWE Survivor Series:
14th November 2004
Location: Chicago, Illinois
Event Music: TBA

WWE Championship:
Elimination Chamber Match:
Triple H vs. Goldberg vs. The Rock vs. Angle vs. Lesnar vs. Big Show

World Heavyweight Championship:
Triple Threat Match:
Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels vs. Randy Orton

7 Years in the Making;
Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart vs. Mr. McMahon

Thats the first weekly report on the road to Survivor Series, tell me what you thought, and what you think of the card thus far.
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Re: Being the booker

Really good. I love the triple threat match for the World's Heavyweight Title at

Summer Slam. The Elimination Chamber should be great. Bret and Vince seems to

be gaining steam. Cena on Raw? That is awesome. He should be a great edition

to an already superior show. Great shows 10/10 for Raw and 9.5 for SmackDown!
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Re: Being the booker

Better than I could do good job
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Re: Being the booker

Those are some really good shows..
Survivor Series is already looking to be your best ppv yet..
elimination chamber is great as well as the triple threat..
bret and vince...confrontation will be explosive
Waiting for more!!

Word "Mother Freaking" Life!!
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Re: Being the booker

Awesome Job, Survivor Series is gonna be great.
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Re: Being the booker

The Triple Threat match is looking good. Elimanation Chamber is going to be brutal. Hart vs Vince no words can descirbe it!

Good report!!!

One question! Who's in the Brotherhood?
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