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Re: Being The Booker

Not going to bother with a preview for Smackdown ... striaght on with the show ... enjoy.

Smackdown; January 19th; Winnipeg:

Opening video package, playing out the final few moments of Raw, confirming Edge vs. RVD @ WrestleMania 23.

Michael Cole and Tazz open the show, and kick Smackdown off in style, with the WWE Champion in action in the opening match…

Rob Van Dam defeats Chris Masters in a Non-Title match @ 05:22 via Five Star Frog Splash. Masters managed to muster some offence through the match, but ultimately this would just be a showcase for the WWE Champion. Van Dam slipped out of an attempt at the Masterlock, before nailing a heel kick, and following up with his finisher for the emphatic three count.

Following the match … EDGE makes his way to the ring. The Rated ‘R’ Superstar confronts RVD, trying to play mind games as he has done for months, calling himself the uncrowned champion, whilst claming Van Dam has never been taken seriously as champion because of Edge, and his guaranteed title shot hanging over his title reign from day one. RVD fights back though, and promises Edge if that claim is true … he’ll put it right at WrestleMania by beating the so-called ‘uncrowned’ champion.
The two look set to come to blows … when CHRIS JERICHO enters the fray. Y2J spoils the party, and looks happy to do it, apologising for interrupting such a precious moment, but he claims to have a bombshell announcement … and delivers … announcing that he will challenge Rob Van Dam at Superbrawl for the WWE Championship!!! Jericho waves as he leaves the stage, whilst Edge is LIVID. His reaction confuses Cole and Tazz a little, as they wonder what he is so upset about, as his title match at WrestleMania is unaffected.

After the commercial, the same Hall of Fame video that played on Raw is shown, WITH BRET HART going into the 2007 Hall of Fame.

Back into the arena, Arn Anderson steps onto the stage, and confirms the title match at Superbrawl between Jericho & RVD, before making a big announcement of his own, confirming the news from WWE.COM that Smackdown had been in discussion with a now out of contract Raw talent … and introducing a new Smackdown superstar arriving from Raw, … CARLITO!!! Carlito steps onto the stage, looking pleased, and getting a good response, as Double A says we’ll see him in action later tonight. CCC then leans over the mic, and as you’d expect, utters the words - “NOW DAT?? DAS COOL.”



Kane defeats Jamie Noble @ 05:39 via Chokeslam. Kane finally wins a match on Smackdown it seems since the last decade!!! It continues a horrible run for Jamie Noble, tossed out and forgotten since the injury to JBL in November, and although not squashed by the Big Red Machine, it wasn’t the most hard fought victory in Kanes career, being able to shake off the offence from Noble, and eventually finish off the spirited cruiserweight.

Now, Cole and Tazz begin to discuss the PPV this past Sunday, taking time to talk over Van Dam retaining the title once more, and also Kid Kash stealing the win in the Cruiserweight contest, before moving onto the Rumble match itself and the shocking return of Jeff Hardy, as well as Paul London’s awesome performance, finding himself in the final four of the match, narrowly missing out on WrestleMania. They then talk about tonight’s main event, with Paul London being oddly paired with The Undertaker to take on the new #1 Contender Chris Jericho and Kurt Angle.

Backstage, Batista and Lashley meet up, ahead of their shot at the tag team titles granted to them out of thin air, and agree to put their collision in the Royal Rumble this past Sunday to one side, and focus on beating AMW tonight.

The same video package that aired on Raw for the Money in the Bank match returning at WrestleMania is played, confirming that both brands will be represented this year.

Americas Most Wanted defeat Batista & Bobby Lashley via roll up with Storm pinning Lashley @ 13:28. The United States Champion is sat at ringside, watching his two main challengers for the United States Title team up, and secretly would have been hoping for the challengers to win and get both men off his trail for the time being. Harris pulls Batista off the apron, making sure Lashley cant tag out, leading to the finish, as Storm rolls Lashley up from behind, making sure he gets a firm hold of the tights. After the match, Lashley and Batista argue over where Batista was for the tag, with The Animal trying to explain that Harris pulled him from the apron. On the outside, Albright seems thrilled with the face teams loss, but doesn’t get involved in their squabble, instead just leaving the commentary desk, and smiling as he walks up the ramp.

Meanwhile, backstage, Brian Kendrick and Chavo confront Kid Kash about him backstabbing them at the Royal Rumble, but Kash plays innocent, claiming he never agreed to any deal between the three them, insisting he thought it was every man for himself. He then excuses himself, telling Kendrick and Guerrero that he needs to prepare for a big interview with WWE magazine, reminding the two that the WWE Cruiserweight Champion is a very hot commodity.

Josh Matthews conducts an interview with M.V.P, ahead of his match with rookie Cody Rhodes. Porter claims Rhodes to be beneath him, and that he only had a difficult time last week because he didn’t just underestimate him … he didn’t estimate Rhodes at all, and he still doesn’t. MVP then demands that for him to prove his worth he needs top class opposition, and after he disposes of Rhodes tonight, he demands real competition befitting of a franchise player.

M.V.P defeats Cody Rhodes as he promised @ 06:55 with the Play of the Day. This week, MVP is on top of his game, with possibly his best performance yet in terms of using ring smarts, and not just dominating the match from bell to bell. Rhodes gets enough offence in of his own, but is completely outclassed this evening, with Porter making a clear statement, taking his time, before finishing proceedings.

We then see Edge burst into Arn Andersons office backstage, demanding an explanation as to why Chris Jericho has a title shot at Superbrawl. Anderson explains that Edge has nothing to worry about, and his title shot is unaffected at WrestleMania … but Edge still isn’t happy. The Rated ‘R’ Superstar then starts to get into a frenzy, accusing Anderson of messing him around, not giving him any type of title opportunity whatsoever, no title shot, not even a chance to be a #1 Contender, no matter what he’s done or who he has beaten. Yet, all of a sudden, Jericho gets thrust into the title picture?? And what did he do?? NOTHING!!! He beat no one, he doesn’t have a guaranteed title shot, but there he is, given a title shot by the grace of God!!!

Anderson shows a smile through all of Edges fury. He then responds to Edge’s argument, stating that RVD needs to defend his title before WrestleMania for contractual obligations, and Chris Jericho was the best candidate to challenge him, considering the fact that as Edge is now the #1 Contender @ WrestleMania, then given the fact that Jericho eliminated him from the Royal Rumble at the weekend, he is the ideal #1 Contender. Mr. Money in the Bank is absolutely furious, dismissing that as a valid reason to give Jericho a title shot, to which Double A instantly responds “It’s good enough for me … and that’s all that matters.” Edge then storms out, telling Anderson before he does that “This isn’t over yet.”

Josh Matthews is in action again, conducting an interview now with Matt Hardy. It doesn’t take long for Jeff Hardy to be mentioned, with Matt confirming that his brother will be a permanent fixture on Smackdown … and next week … Jeff Hardy will return.

We then cut to the reaction of AMW -both eliminated from the Royal Rumble thanks to a combined Hardy effort - and they are livid as Hardy breaks that news.

Carlito defeats Charlie Haas @ 09:45 via the Apple Core, marking his debut on Smackdown with a victory in a really good contest, showing both mens ability, with Haas getting his best opportunity in months to express himself in the ring, and nearly secures a win with the Haastile Takeover, but Carlito kicks out at two. Haas then looks to follow up with the deadly Haas of Pain submission, but Carlito fights it, escaping the clutches of the move, and eventually catches Haas with his finisher for the hard earned victory on his SD debut.

Kurt Angle is seen preparing for the main event tag match up next, and as Maria tries to get an interview, Angle blows her off, refusing to speak.

Arn Anderson then makes an address from his office, announcing another match for Superbrawl, which will see three men from Raw and three men from Smackdown compete in the first ever ‘Super - Brawl’. He doesn’t give much details away about the rules of the match, but does mention that the winner will have the opportunity to pick his own opponent for WrestleMania apart from a title match. He then says to tune in to Raw to find out the details behind the match, and next week on Smackdown, he will announce the three men competing from Smack down … And also next week, the first competitor representing Smackdown in the Money in the Bank match at WrestleMania will also be decided with MVP, Batista and Lashley battling it out for the spot.

Cole and Tazz discuss that big piece of news, before moving on to tonight’s main event. Before the match begins though, Edge joins commentary, and uses the air time to complain as much as possible about Chris Jericho getting a title shot at Superbrawl.

A video now plays, with a new Mother walking out of a building {hospital?} wheeling a pram along.

She pushes the pram down a steep hill, as the camera shows the view from inside the pram to the mother. The mother talks baby talk, looking into the pram, with all the regular ‘Coochy coochy coo’ rubbish.

As she walks along, she is stopped by what is assumed to be a friend.

Woman: Hey! Is this yours??

The mother nods, as the woman walks around, and looks into the pram, tilting her head, looking happy at seeing the as yet unseen bundle of joy.

Mother: Isn’t it beautiful??

Woman: It’s perfect. Is it your first??

The mother smiles, and nods.

Mother: Yeah. Isn’t it exciting??

The woman nods in agreement.

Woman: I’m so jealous. I could just pick it up and take it with me!!

Mother: Only over my dead body!!!

The two women smile and laugh, as the camera pans around, and shows the contents of the pram … a ticket for WrestleMania 23!!!

Mother: WrestleMania here I come!!!

The mother walks on, pushing the pram, still talking to the ticket like a child, as the other woman looks on with jealousy. The scene then also pans out to show - not a hospital - but the ticket office at the SuperDome!!!

The video then ends with a big WrestleMania 23 logo … FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER IN NEW ORLEANS … AND YOU NEVER FORGET YOUR FIRST TIME.


The Undertaker & Paul London defeat Chris Jericho & Kurt Angle via DQ @ 11:37 when Angle wiped out The Phenom with a steel chair. Angle and Taker are almost completely kept apart throughout the contest, only getting very short bursts against one another, as Taker sees little of the action as it is. On the three occasions they cross paths, Taker tags in from London and puts the soup bones to Angle, then the Old School, before tagging out again. Then, Taker again tags in from London in the early going, but this time gets rocked with a surprise belly to belly from Angle, and this allows Angle to go to work on Taker, looking to pick apart the ankle, only for The Deadman to kick Angle away, with Kurt deciding to tag out following that.

The two collide once more, as both London & Jericho make a hot tag following a double clothesline to each other, and Taker and Angle collide again!! The two trade blows back and forth, and just as it looks like it’s about to get interesting, Jericho blindsides Taker!!! This leads to Paul London getting back involved, and all hell breaks loose!!! London takes Angle to the outside, and in the ring, Jericho pounds down Taker. The Deadman makes a comeback though, and sets Jericho for a Chokeslam, BUT ANGLE COMES IN THE BACK DOOR … AND DELIVERS AN ANGLE SLAM TO THE UNDERTAKER!!! He hooks the leg … 1...2...KICK OUT!!!!! The Gold Medallist now appears to be fuming after Taker kicked out, and now looks to punish The Deadman rather than beat him as Jericho gets pulled out of the ring by London. Angle grabs the chair, and gets inside the ring … BLASTING THE UNDERTAKER FOR A BLATANT DQ!!!

Angle blasts Taker a second time, knocking The Deadman out cold, after he sat up, leaving his mark on The Undertaker, and confirming that their rivalry is far from over. As this happens in the ring - EDGE HAS SPRINTED DOWN THE AISLE, WIELDING HIS BRIEFCASE!!! Edge sprints around ringside, AND SWINGS THE BRIEFCASE AT JERICHO … BUT JERICHO DUCKS - AND EDGE HIT’S THE RINGPOST!!! Jericho dodges the briefcase, and Edge, throwing Paul London into Edge’s path, before leaving the ringside area, backing up the ramp, pointing at Edge and shaking his head with a sly smile on his face, humoured at Edge’s reaction to his title shot at Superbrawl.

Meanwhile, in the ring, the show ends, with Kurt Angle standing in the ring - over the lifeless body of The Undertaker, holding the steel chair in the air as a sign of victory this evening. We end as Angle looks down at the stricken Deadman, shockingly knocked out tonight by Angle.



Current Card for WWE SuperBrawl:
Date: 3rd February 2007
Location: Dunkin Donuts Centre, Providence, Rhode Island
Event Music: Breaking Benjamin, Breath

WWE Championship Match:
Rob Van Dam vs. Chris Jericho

First Ever SuperBrawl Match:
??? vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ???


Current Card for WWE Saturday Nights Main Event:
Date: 10th February 2006
Location: Wachovia Centre, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Event Music: POD, Lights Out

Matches TBA


Current Card for WWE Wrestle Mania XXIII:
Date: 18th March 2007
Location: Superdome, New Orleans, Louisiana
Event Music: U2 & Green Day; The Saints are Coming & Killers; Sams Town

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
World Heavyweight Champion, Triple H vs.
2007 Royal Rumble Winner, Christian

WWE Championship Match:
WWE Champion, Rob Van Dam OR Chris Jericho vs.
Mr. Money in the Bank, Edge


Heat Results:
Melina defeated Kelly Kelly in a Non-Title Match @ 03:14
The Cult Society defeated two local jobbers @ 03:22
Tyson Tomko defeated Rob Conway @ 04:27
Finlay defeated Val Venis @ 08:32


Velocity Results:
The Mad Murdoch twins defeated Deuce & Domino @ 04:45
Matt Hardy defeated a local jobber @ 03:13
Cryme Tyme defeated The Basham Brothers @ 05:01
Super Crazy defeated Juvi @ 05:59


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Re: Being The Booker

Dude, that was a great SmackDown! The one problem I have with my BTB is I find it hard to get the time to write my shows, despite really wanting to. The way you write SmackDown! could help me alot, I might pick up on it. I'm completely new when it comes to your BTB, but I can usually jump into them pretty easily. Arn Anderson seems like a pretty good General Manager and the three PPVs coming up all look great (well, apart from SNME, since no matches have been announced :P) but seriously, keep up the good work (250 pages strong ) and I'll keep reading.

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Re: Being The Booker

Smackdown Feedback

The WWE Champion in the opening contest??? This Smackdown is already shaping up to be better than the previous two or three. I kid Wolfy Nice way to start though seriously and the aftermath was good with Edge coming out and mocking. Jericho and RVD was announced quite suddenly and rushed I am not to sure I liked the way the match just came about. I would have much preferred if like Jericho had to bargain with Double A for a while or something. Why was Edge so unhappy also? I don’t understand unless there is more to the situation then what you are letting on.

Double A now confirming the Jericho/RVD match seems like a waste and an anti climax as it was just announced one segment earlier. Carlito coming to Smackdown and well didn’t we all ready know this I don’t know I could be wrong but I could have sworn like two weeks ago we were already talking about Lito on Smackdown. Anyway fresh start is good hopefully he doesn’t job

Kane jobbing is a bit disappointing not because he is some great talent but because he can be a useful asset hopefully this win means you will start using him this way. Oh and Jamie Noble OWNS please throw him in some kind of storyline.

Batista and Lashley getting a tag title shot out of nowhere is a bit jobber esque if I must say Wofly A big title match should not just be brought up out of the blue like that or at least that is what I think.

Tag team title match as much as I didn’t like the way it came about I would be lying if I said it would not have been a good match. The drama due to Lashley and Batista both wanting the US Title would have been awesome. Nice little argument at the end and I would have loved to see Albright sneak in and lay them both out. I know sometimes its better to hold off on the violence but I just think the champion could use some momentum at this point.

Kid Kash as your new Cruiserweight Champion is brilliant. I don’t know who is getting the Cruiserweight title match at Mania or Super Brawl or at any time for that matter but I am sure the match will be five star. As for the Mexicools storyline are you just going to drop that like the WWE would now?

MVP interview was good and glad to see he beat Rhodes again… Fuck I love MVP

Edge argues with Double A over Jericho getting a title shot. And I now understand why Edge is so angry. Its because he doesn’t want to be over shadowed by anyone and if I am thinking correctly and you did this all because Edge’s ego hurt you are kind of a genius

Matt Hardy… Jeff Hardy… brotherly love. LOL makes me sick if I am honest however I suspect these men will be around come MITB time.

Carlito making a fresh start getting a win over someone that I classify as a respected opponent is great. Things are looking up for Lito and hopefully he is no longer a joke however I still believe Haas is on the wrong brand.

Angle blowing off equals intensity…

Super Brawl sounds really good I would like to see who wins that. As for the MITB I hope MVP gets in and Lashley/Batista go at Albright. At the moment it just seems like the right thing to do. Double A has had a fairly busy night hopefully he wont be around anymore

The main event sounded kind of awesome and definitely put the show to a big thumbs up for me. LOL sound familiar LOL I didn’t really know how to describe so I thought I would still a quote off of you… The actual match itself was nice keeping Taker/Angle away from each other however after the match with Angle laying Taker out and Edge coming after Jericho it was just pretty darn awesome. No flaws at all here… oh well maybe I could complain that London seemed a bit lost but I don’t really like the guy anyway.

Overall a nice Smackdown Wolf, I still prefer Raw however this was better than your previous Smackdown’s. Keep it going mate I am sure things will heat up from this side of things soon.

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Re: Being The Booker

Raw Review:

Very nice way to start the show, since it’s in Christian’s hometown, it’s rather obvious that we won’t be seeing him until the end of the evening. Steph announcing the wedding is pretty big news, as time it will most likely finish without anyone stopping it. Vince and Shane both did a good job showing us their characters, but it really hit the fan when Vince brought up CC heading to SD!. Guess it makes the story interesting that you are breaking kayfabe a little with Hunter talking about “the” main event. Liked his little speech to end the promo, talking about how he really is better than everyone has given him credit for lately, and I think that is what his feud with Christian will focus on. Again, perfect way to start the show and I hope Christian’s time in the ring later in the show is just as good.

Very good four-way match for the Tag Team Belts. It went pretty much as I expected, with both Melina and Teddy getting involved, as they are really key to their teams. Booker and Elijah looked very strong, but then it looked like Straight Edge had the win, with Punk hitting the Punk Card! Punk looks set to wrap it up, but MNM blasts him with the Title belt! MNM steal another match and now it is a foregone conclusion that they are facing Straight Edge at ‘Mania. Should be an awesome match when these two finally meet one-on-one.

Pretty somber promo from HBK, but that makes sense after what happened to him last night. I think it will be a little while before Mick explains himself, probably at SuperBrawl or SNME. This storyline has developed slowly but it should be an epic encounter once the feud really gets started.

Gotta give Jillian SOMETHING to do, right?

I think this will be the last big squash for the Samoan Bulldozer, as he is ready to move into a huge WrestleMania feud, or at least something that he is going to look good doing. He is a scary monster, but now he is going to be unleashed on the top talent on Raw.

MITB should be just as epic as last year.

I liked this little backstage segment with Orton, Christian, and Cena. Orton really is left out by himself, as now he will probably be in MITB, trying to get the guaranteed shot. Christian stealing the spotlight was awesome and I am pumped that we are going to hear his choice tonight. Cena coming down to the ring. I think he will end up getting another shot at the Belt, tbh.

Cena is way too somber for my taste, tbh. I don’t think he would really talk like this, but I guess it makes sense seeing how close he came last night. Cena not going to WrestleMania? That is never going to happen, tbh. LESNAR. This man was a fucking monster in the Rumble last night, as he was so impressive that I was disappointed he didn’t win. He really tells Cena how it is, talking about how tough his night was last night, and I like that he is getting the heat back. I never saw him going back to being a face, that’s just not his style. Lesnar lights the fire under Cena and then gets hit with the F-U!! This is obviously going to be a WrestleMania match, and I am glad that it started this way. Maybe Cena won’t be getting another Title shot after this one.

Bret is going to OWN the HOF this year. Great call.

Another great match between Rey and Shelton, but given the way this one ended, it looks like Rey will be finding a new challenger and Shelton will probably be in the MITB match. I liked how Rey took out Teddy again, making that the second time Long has been brought down tonight. Good way for Rey to win and now I just hope that he gets a solid challenger, someone to take him to WrestleMania 23. Umaga, plz.

Melina vs. Laree @ ‘Mania is inevitable. Alexis will continue to win these kind of matches until the big show, when I think she will get the belt back.

Damn, Vince really owned Cena right there. I think he will try and get inside Cena’s head a little bit more, maybe even asking Brock to take him out. But now we all know how Lesnar feels about the Chairman.

A very good tag team match between these six guys, as I think that it was cool to see HBK get booed by all the Canadian fans one night after Foley took away his shot at WrestleMania. Everyone looks pretty good, but Orton looks to continue his feud with Michaels, as he takes out HBK with a huge RKO. Now I hope that we get another match with Orton and Michaels, as it seems like Foley will return by screwing Michaels again. Still, good way to keep this feud going and also make Orton look like a stud after what happened last night.

Very good stuff from Kennedy, as I love that he is looking like a pissed off star who wants his shot at glory. Hopefully he becomes a stud again, after a few months of toiling in the midcard. Pretty big matches announced for next week, as I think Foley might return, and I also am not sure what to think about Umaga/Rey. Maybe ‘Maga gets DQ’d … because I just don’t see him losing OR heading to the MITB.

Damn, what a way to end the night. CC is having the hometown fans just eating out of the palm of his hand, as he milks his decision a little bit before running down both Champions. I loved how he put over RVD and said that he would face him just to piss Triple H off, but we all know that won’t be happening. Triple H appears for the second time and he and CC have quite the encounter. Hunter is showing so much confidence that I am kind of liking him, and Christian is able to mess with him. The Steph line was priceless, tbh. I also like how Christian said no outside interference … and TRIPLE H agreed! Figured that was going to be the case, tbh. Triple H looks set to beg … but here comes Edge! The Rated R Superstar upstages his brother, as he announces that he will be cashing in MITB … against RVD @ ‘Mania! Loved how these two both confirmed their main events, but the ending to the show was awesome, with CC getting the final word. Should be a great 62 days until the biggest show of the year. Perfectly done promo, imo.

Smackdown! Review:

Really shocked to see RVD in action to get this show started, as I figured he would have a night off after his awesome win at the Rumble. Either way, obviously he is better than Masters and this was a good way to remind us who the Champion is. Now it’s time to get the Road to ‘Mania going, as Edge walks out to the ring and runs down Van Dam. I can see some very good mic work coming from these two in the future, as their collision at WM23 should be EPIC. JERICHO~ Damn, that was a bombshell. Not really sure what he did to get a Title shot, but I guess he is a good final challenge for RVD before ‘Mania. I think a pissed Edge is taking someone out tonight.

Glad to see Carlito finally make the switch over to the Blue Brand. He was so good in your thread until ‘Mania of last year and hopefully he can succeed on SD!. He will be winning his match later tonight to get off to a good start, imo.

Kane will probably be involved in something low-level for ‘Mania, while Noble was screwed the second JBL went down with that bad injury.

London & ‘Taker teaming? That should be interesting to say the least. More awesomeness between Angle and The Deadman, plz.

Maybe we will get a Triple Threat at ‘Mania between Batista, Lashley and Albright? I am not shocked that The Animal and Bobby lost the match tonight, as we could see this little feud building for quite some time. Hopefully Albright continues to take advantage of the hatred these two have for each other, as he needs to look like a million bucks heading in WrestleMania.

Kash as the CW Champion is a great change of pace after the Mexicools dominated the scene for so long. I think that Chavo gets the next shot at the belt, as I see the longer feud being between Kendrick and Kid. Hopefully you can make Kid look as bad-ass as Legend did when he had him as the Champ.

No shock that MVP beat Rhodes easily this week, as Cody is nowhere near Porter when it comes to performance on SD!. ‘VP will continue to roll into ‘Mania, where I think he will compete in MITB, shocking some people with how close he will come to winning it.

Obviously Edge is going to go psycho over the next few weeks because that’s what he does best. Good reasoning by AA about why Jericho gets the shot, but that obviously isn’t good enough for Edge. I really like this storyline, as I can see Edge doing some awesome things before his big shot at WM23.

Hardyz vs. AMW is a foregone conclusion for WM23, imo. Hopefully Jeff’s “return” next week doesn’t disappoint.

Good win for ‘Lito as he beats a credible wrestler in Haas and now he will focus on ‘Mania. I hope that Carlito gets another shot at MITB, as he is a great wrestler for that style of match. I am also glad that Charlie at least looked decent in this match, as he has fallen ever since losing the belt to Hardy way back in July.

Cool idea for the “Superbrawl” match, as it reminds me of what you did in ’05 for SummerSlam, as the winner gets to pick his opponent for ‘Mania. I think Angle will be the one in that match, as he will obviously be going against ‘Taker. Lashley and Batista battling for MITB is good, but I think that Bobby will get the win, as ‘Tista will now focus on facing Brent for the US Title.

Very good main event, as I am glad that it was used to further promote the feud between Angle and ‘Taker. London being involved makes me think that he is a lock for MITB, as you seem to be giving him another big singles push after his small tag team run with BK. Angle getting pissed was very good for the storyline, as I know think either he OR ‘Taker could win the “SuperBrawl” match, with both men picking the other to face at ‘Mania. Good aftermath with Edge and Jericho, as Edge gets played yet again, missing the MITB shot and hitting the ringpost. I think that this will be continuing in the weeks leading to SuperBrawl.

Sorry that this took so long for me to give you feedback, as I was sick for a little while and I had a bunch of schoolwork. I like that SD! has been heating up, after a long time of just going through the motions. Raw is just getting better and I can’t wait to see what you have planned next. Keep up the STELLAR work.


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Re: Being The Booker

Wrestlefreak- The Carlito move had been rumoured in the news and notes a few weeks ago, but nothing had been confirmed then.


WWE News and Notes:

The WWE is currently in the midst of a European tour. Normally conducted after WrestleMania, the company has opted to tour earlier this year, with reports of an extended summer tour in July / August. This week, both television shows will be coming from the United Kingdom, from Birmingham and Sheffield.

Confusion appears to be sweeping the Raw locker room currently, as the two camps arguing over the top two matches from the Raw brand at WrestleMania continue to be at loggerheads over which direction to go. Many are determined to stick with the long term plan of Triple H/Christian and Brock Lesnar/John Cena, whilst the argument continues to rage for the line up to change to Cena / Christian and Lesnar / Triple H. The man with the last word of course, is the boss himself, Mr. McMahon, and with Triple H in his ear - who has been firmly in the camp of him headlining with Christian - it's expected he may stick to the gameplan. Either way, expect clarification on TV by the time SuperBrawl rolls around.

Sky Sports in the UK has also confirmed that they will screen a one hour 'special' Wednesday night WWE broadcast this week, live from Glasgow. No details have been forthcoming about this special show, and it's not expected to heavily impact any angles, with the wwe only offering the show via delay on

Meanwhile, reports are surfacing that Bobby Lashley has suffered a calf injury whilst in Germany this past weekend during a triple threat match with Batista and Brent Albright. The severity of the injury is unknown at this point, but Lashley is expected to try and work through the injury for the time being, and attempt to reach WrestleMania.

In an interesting note, Randy Orton has been pitted against Chris Jericho over the weekend at live shows in Germany and France during a Raw & Smackdown joint show. Whether this can be an indication of things to come though remains to be seen, as both men have been rumoured to be part of the Money in the Bank ladder match at WrestleMania.

Late last week, advisors of Louisiana's Britney Spears met with wwe officials to discuss the possibility of Britney performing America the Beautiful at WrestleMania in New Orleans. (*OOC - Considering she's going to shave her head bald and check into rehab twice in the next month or so, expect this deal to fall through. Besides that, all she does is mime, so she'd be pretty useless)

Mick Foley has definately NOT travelled with the company to Europe this week. The Hardcore Legend though is heavily tipped to appear next week in Albany and confront Shawn Michaels.

Elix Skipper, recently let go by TNA, has been signed to a contract by the WWE. He is expected to be sent to OVW until at least WrestleMania. It's expected he'll join the Smackdown roster when called up, although he could also join the Brotherhood on Raw, as Rodney Mack and Jazz - real life partners - have apparantly requested a release, in order to discover other projects outside of wrestling. Skipper could replace Mack if the release is granted - again, most likely after WrestleMania.

Juvi and Psichosis are being heavily tipped to be the next on the 'future endeavours' list. Both men have a lot of heat with management on Smackdown, and may well be deemed surplus to requirements.


Raw Preview:

Birmingham, England hosts Raw this Monday, with the WWE machine rolling into the United Kingdom on the Road to WrestleMania. And the General Manager, Eric Bischoff has not disappointed - with FIVE matches announced - TWO of which being championship matches.

Last week it was announced that the first qualifier for the Money in the Bank ladder match would be decided in Birmingham, and the match would pit the Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio, against Umaga. The Samoan Bulldozer, fresh off a stunning Royal Rumble display, has STILL not been pinned or made to submit, but faces perhaps his trickiest test to date. Can Rey Mysterio defy the odds and upstage the Samoan Savage?? Or will Umaga bulldoze through another victim, and claim a spot in the ladder match at WrestleMania??

Also announced last week - a Falls Count Anywhere match between long term rivals Randy Orton and Shawn Michaels. Will these two foes finally end their long running struggle in the UK??

And, as mentioned, the two championship matches could well see MNM lose ALL their gold. Melina will defend her title once again against the defiant Alexis Laree, gunning for her third reign, whilst Nitro and Mercury will finally be forced to put the titles on the line against the hungry challengers - Straight Edge. Could it be the holiday from hell for the Hollywood A-Listers??

Then, a huge main event, announced on this past weekend, The World Heavyweight Champion, Triple H will team up with Brock Lesnar to face the 2007 Royal Rumble winner Christian, and his problem solver, Tyson Tomko. Captain Charisma will have a massive opportunity to make a statement to Triple H, whilst The Game will look to send a message to his #1 Contender.

John Cena is also expected to be in the building, but what could Cena have in store this week on Raw?? Has he gotten over his heartbreaking loss at the Royal Rumble?? Or is he still struggling to come to terms with the fact that he wont be part of the WrestleMania main event??

And, Eric Bischoff is also expected to announce the three Raw superstars set to take part in the Super-Brawl on February 3rd. Which three men from Raw will get the opportunity to go on and choose their own match at WrestleMania by winning the Super-Brawl??


Raw up ... TOMORROW~!!!


Anyway, just want to let everyone know the current situation - EVERYTHING up to the March 2nd edition of Smackdown IS DONE. (SuperBrawl is recapped, as are the first five Smackdowns (well, after the one posted on Sunday, the next four))

Two matches are currently done for WrestleMania, and all but two have been planned out.

So I'm pretty much on top of things

As for the on-going debate in the news and notes concerning the top two matches on Raw - take it as a real dilemma I had at this point. Of course by now I've made my decision (and still not sure if it's the right one), but I had been arguing myself stupid as to which direction to go. I dont want to give anything away just yet, but when things are set in stone, I'll explain why I went in the direction I did.

Just to close with ... Raw is up tomorrow
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Re: Being The Booker

The Raw main event debates continue to intrigue however i am pretty sure we will see HHH/Christian and Lesnar/Cena i don't think you would do a real life WWE move and just forget about Christian winning the Rumble and Cena FUing Lesnar. Orton and Jericho would really make that match a classic already. However i feel as if both men are better then that match. Not a big fan of Elix Skipper i will have to see what you do. The Mexicool storyline i guess is over by the sounds of this news unless it is bullshit

Onto the preview...

Umaga in MITB would be awesome i believe he is one of the few big man who could be a good asset to the MITB match. I would love to see him win the whole thing his wildness would be awesome to see how eager he is to cash it in. Orton/Michaels number 352 lol. I think this may be the last time they meet for a while. I sense a bad night for Melina but a good night for Mercury/Nitro i think if you make Straight Edge win the titles now you may have jumped the gun a bit early. Main event should be EPIC except for the Tomko part I am expecting promo's of some sort from Cena and Bischoff also. Raw is looking hot again i will be back around to read the show.

LOL my vow is to never EVER let you double post in your thread <3

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Re: Being The Booker

As a note; I'll get around to doing all the reviews I need to do at the weekend. The show might seem a little shorter this week, but there are two long matches (long for Raw anyway).



January 22nd; Birmingham, England:

Opening Video


Jim Ross: Welcome to the United Kingdom, as Raw emanates from the British Isles once more, and tonight, we are stacked to the rafters for what promises to be a monumental Monday Night Raw!!! Tonight, the first of four Raw superstars set to participate in the Money in the Bank ladder match at WrestleMania WILL be decided, as the newly crowned Intercontinental Champion - the man who originally won the match last year - Rey Mysterio must find a way past the UNDEFEATED 350 pound Samoan Bulldozer, Umaga!!!

The Coach: Big challenge for the littlest big man tonight J.R, but listen to the response for The Coach!!! They love me in England.

Jim Ross: Not so sure Coach, but then again, I’m focusing on the show, and not myself.

The Coach: That’s because they don’t love you J.R!!!


Momentary silence, then J.R continues.

Jim Ross: Ladies and Gentlemen, in addition to the Money in the Bank qualifier, two championships are on the line tonight, as MNM finally defend the Tag team championships against CM Punk and Gregory Helms, and Melina will also defend her womens championship, as she takes on Alexis Laree!!! It could be a bad vacation for MNM tonight, as there is a real possibility that Melina, Nitro and Mercury will be leaving England with no title gold!!

The Coach: I’m glad that your boys, your champions, Straight Edge are getting their shot tonight, so I can finally see MNM shut you up once and for all.

Jim Ross: We will find out later tonight, that’s for sure Coach. But that’s not all, two other big matches, with Captain Charisma, the number one contender to face Triple H at WrestleMania teams with Tyson Tomko to face The World Champion, Triple H and the runner up of last weeks Royal Rumble, The Iron Man, Brock Lesnar. But it gets better, as once again, Shawn Michaels and Randy Orton will look to settle the score, once and for all, as they do battle … FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE!!!

The Coach: This could be a very special evening J.R. I can feel it baby boy.


John Cena brings the fans to their feet, entering to a monstrous pop!!! Cena still doesn’t look himself though, reeling from his loss at the Royal Rumble last week. We see him carrying a piece of paper, with J.R also noticing the object.

Jim Ross: Well, this is an unscheduled appearance folks. John Cena has not been announced for a match tonight, and we were not expecting to see him, but I wonder what that could be in his hand, Coach??

The Coach: Looks like a piece of paper to me J.R.

Jim Ross: I can see that Coach. I’m wondering what’s on it!!

Cena slides into the ring, and throws his hands up to salute the fans, as he is handed a mic, and the music dies down.

John Cena: Here I am, in Birmingham, England…

The fans cut in with a cheap pop.

John Cena: I should be enjoying myself, right?? … but for some reason … I’m not.

Heat from the fans, as Cena holds his hand up, as if to say he didn’t mean any offence.

John Cena: And that’s not because I don’t like being here … hell, I love England … but personally … I’m just not happy at the moment.

Some boos from the fans.

John Cena: That’s why I’m out here tonight. I’ve been thinking, over and over and over. Last week, two people said something to me that has been running through my brain for the past seven days. Last week, Brock Lesnar told me, if I cant handle things not goin my way … then maybe I shouldn’t be here.

The fans boo to that suggestion.

John Cena: And Vince McMahon told me later on, if not being in the main event of WrestleMania is too much for me to bear … then maybe I should quit.

Boos again from the audience.

John Cena: Now … I know what some of you are thinking … but I’m not here to quit.

Cheer from the fans.

John Cena: But I cant get over the fact that I know deep down, I can beat Triple H for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Another pop from the fans. We now see Cena open up the piece of paper in the ring, and holds it to the camera.

John Cena: This here … is my WWE contract. And I’m willin to take this contract and tear it up, and walk away … not only from Raw … but from the WWE altogether, in exchange for one more shot. One more chance at facing Triple H, for the World Heavyweight Championship. If I win, I prove that I really am better … and if I lose … I’m gone … no questions asked.

Mixed response from the fans, as Cena now looks to the entrance, waiting for a response to his plea. He waits for a few moments, as the fans begin to chant his name, but eventually they are stopped with…

**I’M BACK**

Eric Bischoff storms onto the stage, not looking in the mood for any B.S tonight, quickly signalling for his music to cut.

Eric Bischoff: Enough. Enough is enough Cena. I have HAD IT with you. John Cena, you have been nothing more than a constant pain in the ass for me the whole time that I’ve been back running the show on Raw.

Heat from the fans.

Eric Bischoff: And while it seems you may have forgotten … I run this show … not Mister McMahon. And like I said already … enough is enough. John Cena … I DECLINE your proposal.

Major heat from the fans.

Eric Bischoff: … Because I’ve got a better idea.

Bischoff shows his famous evil grin now, as Cena listen intently in the ring.

Eric Bischoff: I’m not handing you a title match John … you have to earn it. And earn it you will … because your contract there?? It is on the line.

Boos from the fans, but Cena nods, as he listen to the GM.

Eric Bischoff: If you win tonight, fine, you’ve got your final shot at Triple H at Superbrawl in two weeks. However, if you lose this match tonight … you are FIRED!!!

More boos from the fans, but Cena nods in the ring.

Eric Bischoff: So I guess you’ll want to know who your opponent will be, right?? Tonight Cena, you go one on one … with BROCK LESNARRRR!!!!!

Big pop from the fans, as we get another PPV calibre match on free TV.

Eric Bischoff: Wait, wait, wait … I’ve changed my mind.

Bischoff grins sadistically, as Cenas expression changes, and the fans boo.

Eric Bischoff: You see, Brock was already raring to go for the match I originally booked him in tonight … so why wait to later … you’re facing Brock Lesnar … right … NOW!!!!!


Brock Lesnar storms out of the entrance way, and strolls past Bischoff, as Cena quickly throws off his T-shirt, and challenges Lesnar to the ring.

Jim Ross: Oh my!!! John Cena versus Brock Lesnar!!! If Cena loses, he is GONE from the WWE!!! But if he wins, he gets one last crack at Triple H in two weeks time at the Superbrawl!!! You will NOT want to miss this, when we come back!!!


1st Match: #1 Contenders Match; If Cena loses, he is fired:
John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar
Joined in progress, the two men are brawling in the crowd, as we learn that there must be a winner, with no count outs. Cena and Lesnar go at it tooth and nail, with the momentum shifting back and forth through the crowd, eventually ending up back in the ring. Cena looks to really step up a gear, with everything to lose … but everything to gain too, but Lesnar also has everything to gain, and the two men continue to go back and forth, with neither man surrendering to the others will. Cena comes close to victory with a blue thunder power bomb, whilst Lesnar responds shortly after with an overhead belly to belly suplex.

Cena tries to apply the STFU, but Lesnar battles out of danger, and begins to take control after Cena gets overzealous in his effort to get the job done, charging into the corner at Brock, but running into the ring post. Lesnar takes Cena to the outside and slams him into the steps, further rattling his desperate opponent, but to his credit Cena fights back, but again gets overzealous, and falls prey to Lesnar … WHO DELIVERS AN F5 THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!!!!!

It’s pandemonium in Birmingham, as in the opening half hour of the show, we have seen it all!!! Lesnar drags Cena back into the ring, looking to finish his career … 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Cena survives!!! The Iron Man now starts to get over confident, and stands over Cena, stomping his head, and talking trash … which allows Cena to take Lesnar by surprise, AND TRIPS HIM … STFU!!! Lesnar struggles in the hold, but hangs on for dear life, proving his own determination, eventually grabbing a rope to continue the match.

Lesnar takes over again, with Cena still looking shaky following the earlier F5, and Brock looks to finish with a second F5, but Cena fights out, and gets Lesnar up … and DELIVERS THE FU!!! He hooks the leg, 1...2...FOOT ON THE ROPE!!! Neither man will give an inch!!! Cena tries to hit a second FU to finally end it, but Lesnar counters, getting Cena up for the F5 … but as he swings around … CENA CRADLES LESNAR … 1...2...3!!!!!!!!
Winner: And #1 Contender - JOHN CENA @ 15:17

The fans are on their feet!!! It’s been an incredible opening to this weeks Raw, with Cena putting his career on the line, and becoming #1 Contender in a phenomenal opening match!!! Cena celebrates like a madman, looking to have gotten his spark back, whilst Brock Lesnar is livid, kicking over steel steps, and ripping the top parts off the barricades in fury.

Jim Ross: In all my years calling the action on Monday Nights, I don’t think I have ever witnessed a more action packed opening half hour. From the unannounced appearance by John Cena, to Cena offering his contract for a final title shot, to a Pay Per View main event quality opening match … hell, a Wrestle Mania main event quality opening match!!! John Cena has booked himself a date with destiny, on Saturday February 3rd in Providence, Rhode Island at Superbrawl, when he will challenge for the third and final time, Triple H, for the World Heavyweight Championship!!!

The Coach: The McMahon Family Empire will be livid J.R!!! They don’t even know what’s went down here tonight, they still haven’t arrived!!!

Jim Ross: Just when they thought they had John Cena out of their lives … he is right back in their faces!!!! OH WHAT A MOMENT!!!!

The Coach: Not only that J.R … Triple H doesn’t have a tag team partner for tonight now!!! Lesnar just wrestled!!!

Jim Ross: This has not been an ideal night for the McMahon Family Empire so far … and they still haven’t even arrived!!!


We return, and see Eric Bischoff pacing back and forth in the parking lot, as we see a limo pulling up … which contains the arriving McMahon Family Empire!!! The family exit the limo, looking pleased with themselves, unaware of what has went down in the last thirty minutes, as Vince is greeted by Bischoff.

Mr. McMahon: Eric?? This is rather odd. I didn’t fire you again, did I?? What are you doing as our escort??

Eric Bischoff: Mr. McMahon … I don’t know where to begin.

Triple H chimes in, trying to be funny.

Triple H: The start usually works.

Eric Bischoff: I … I made a big decision … I thought it was too good to miss Vince, I mean, Mister McMahon. It was too big of an opportunity.

Mr. McMahon: As long as you haven’t renamed my show Nitro Eric, I think it’ll be fine.

Eric seems a little angered by the lack of attention from McMahon, as the family continue to walk on, and Eric starts to get firm.

Eric Bischoff: Look Vince … I had to make an executive decision while you weren’t here … and it directly concerns Triple H.

Suddenly, he has caught the attention of the family, especially the World Heavyweight Champion.

Triple H: Now wait a minute. What the hell is that supposed to mean Bischoff??

Eric Bischoff: It means Hunter, that in less than two weeks at Super brawl … you’re defending the World Heavyweight Championship … against John Cena.

The Game looks up to the heavens, unable to believe what he is hearing.

Mr. McMahon: And how the hell did you allow this to happen Eric?? Why wasn’t I informed about this??

Eric Bischoff: Because, Vince, I’m the General Manager of Raw, and don’t forget that. You may be the one with all the power … but while you have a vested interest in talent on this show, you have no power of authority.

McMahon looks to be furious, as Shane speaks up now.

Shane McMahon: Hey, don’t forget who you’re speaking to Eric, that’s your boss.

Eric Bischoff: And don’t forget who YOU are speaking to Shane-O. I’m sick of being treated as a door mat by all of you. It’s going to end, right here, right now. I’m in charge. John Cena offered his contract in exchange for a title shot, a-

Stephanie McMahon: AND you just GAVE it to him??!! Are you stupid??

Eric Bischoff: No, I’m not stupid, darling, I took his offer, and I thought I could get rid of him TONIGHT, by making him earn the shot, by facing Brock Lesnar.

Triple H is now incensed.

Triple H: Brock Lesnar?? And Lesnar lost?? Wow, that’s convenient. What a god damn surprise. It wouldn’t surprise me Eric if Lesnar just lay down for him. Vince, you know Lesnar has it in for me dammit. He didn’t give a crap about winning tonight. You knew that too Eric. And trust me Bischoff … I’m gonna deal with you later, but I want to know where the hell big bad Brock is??

Eric Bischoff: He’s in the locker room somewhere.

The Game storms off, with Stephanie and Shane following close behind, as Vince stays behind for a moment.

Mr. McMahon: We’ll discuss this later Eric.

McMahon storms off now too, as Bischoff stays behind, taking a deep breath following the confrontation.

Back into the arena…

2nd Match: World Tag Team Championships Match:
MNM w/ Melina vs. Straight Edge
Straight Edge are in the ring, waiting for their opponents to come to the ring, but after nearly two minutes of waiting, Punk and Helms start to get frustrated, and we see Lillian Garcia getting set to make an announcement as a runner whispers in her ear… she comes into the ring, and begins to speak…

Lillian Garcia: Ladies and Gentlemen, I have just been informed that this match has been postponed.

Heat from the fans.

Lillian Garcia: Eric Bischoff has accepted a request from MNM to postpone this match until next week, as BOTH Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury are suffering from food poisoning.

The fans start a ‘bullshit’ chant, with Punk nodding in agreement in the ring, along with Helms. They look to Lillian, shaking their heads, with Lillian shrugging her shoulders apologetically.

Winner: No Contest

Jim Ross: Something stinks here Coach. MNM to pull out of this match at the very last minute, with food poisoning, just doesn’t ring true if you ask me.

The Coach: Y’know, to be honest J.R … I’m starting to feel a little queasy here myself. You know that England isn’t the most hygienic country in the world. I saw Nitro and Mercury eating eggs earlier, I bet it was those.

Jim Ross: Well, if you ask me Coach, I’d say those pair of chickens laid the eggs themselves!!! (Credit for one liner- Alan Partridge)

The Coach: Don’t get angry J.R, they’ll get their chance like Lillian said, next week.

Jim Ross: Oh, I don’t know Coach … it could be flu next week.

The Coach: Good point, I heard there was something going around.




We return from the commercial, with Triple H bursting into the locker room. He spots Rodney Mack and Orlando Jordan of The Brotherhood in the locker room with Lesnar in the far corner, and turns to Mack and Jordan.

Triple H: Get out.

The two men look to each other, then make themselves scarce, leaving the room. Lesnar spots The Game coming to him, and rolls his eyes.

Brock Lesnar: Listen, I’m still ready to go for the tag match later, don’t worry about that.

Triple H: I’m not.

The Game sets his belt down, next to where Lesnar is sitting, and begins his rant.

Triple H: Do you realise the problems you’re creating for me??

Lesnar now stands up, refusing to be intimidated by HHH.

Triple H: Because of you, I have to defend my championship for the THIRD time now, against John Cena. I’ve beat him twice already, but because you couldn’t get the job done, I have to waste my time … valuable preparation time for WrestleMania that I need … to beat this schmuck again.

Lesnar smiles, which throws Triple H off a little.

Brock Lesnar: You should be thanking me then, shouldn’t you?? After all, you said it yourself, you’ve beat Cena twice already … but if I’d beaten him tonight …

Lesnar smiles again, as Triple H gets angrier.

Triple H: Then what??

Brock Lesnar: Then you’d have to worry about me at Superbrawl, wouldn’t ya??

Triple H: What?? You think you’d cause me problems?? You think I’d have lost sleep over facing you?? Listen, I don’t buy the hype Brock. Until you’ve beaten the best, you wont give me nightmares. And kid, when I say the best, I mean the very best … me.

The two men start to square up, as the tension mounts.

Brock Lesnar: You name the time, you tell me the place … I’ll be there.

Both men refuse to back up, as the offer lingers for a moment. Eventually, Triple H picks up his title belt, and speaks.

Triple H: I’ve enough on my plate right now. Just make sure you show up later.

Lesnar doesn’t back up an inch, as The Game turns, and leaves the locker room, slamming the door on his way out.

Back into the arena…

Rey Mysterio vs. Umaga w/ Armando Alejandro Estrada
As you’d expect, Mysterio valiantly fights the beast, giving everything he’s got, battling out of a big nerve hold at the last moment, and kicks out of some sick slams, but doesn’t get much offence in until the end of the match, despite nearly surprising Umaga with a couple of roll ups early on. Rey gets in almost all his big spots in a flurry towards the end, but it is to no avail, as Umaga is just TOO strong for the strong willed Intercontinental Champion, and puts Rey out of his misery, with a elementary Samoan Spike, scoring the 1...2...3!!!
Winner: And qualifying for Money in the Bank II - Umaga @ 05:57

It is Umagas biggest win to date, with a dominant performance against one of the top stars on Raw. Still, his undefeated streak remains in tact … and doesn’t even look close to being threatened yet.

Jim Ross: This savage Coach, is most certainly, the real thing. He just took apart Rey Mysterio in highly impressive fashion to move on to the Money in the Bank ladder match at WrestleMania in eight weeks time.

The Coach: Scary, scary individual J.R. Umaga is making the entire WWE sit up and take notice. If he can work out the goal is to climb the ladder at WrestleMania and not just to maim his opponents … he’s a shoe in.

Jim Ross: Still to come tonight, Christian and Tyson Tomko will take on the World Heavyweight Champion, Triple H and a man he doesn’t quite see eye to eye with … Brock Lesnar!!! But coming up next, it’s falls count anywhere … Shawn Michaels and Randy Orton!!!


We return with a video package for SATURDAY NIGHTS MAIN EVENT … FEBRUARY 10TH!!!

Back into the arena…

Shawn Michaels vs. Randy Orton
The match kicks off the second hour, and neither man holds back from the opening bell, with a brawl right from the start. The match stays in the ring for the early going, but eventually, Michaels sends Orton to the outside, then follows him out, crashing onto Orton with a plancha!!! Both men are down on the outside, as we head to another commercial.

We then return, and the match has now moved backstage, with both men using anything they can on the other, and both HBK and Orton score near falls in the backstage area. Orton eventually rams Michaels head into a door, and throws HBK into a darkened room, shutting the door, and locking Michaels in, as we hear lots of banging, with Orton refusing to open the door for the referee. Eventually, the noise dies down, and with a sly smile, Orton opens the door … and gets a huge surprise, as Ken Doane gets thrown at him!!! Ortons plan falls down, as Doane, who must’ve been hidden away in the room to attack HBK, got attacked himself!!! Michaels gets out of the room, and quickly ducks out of the way … as Cade runs straight into the door!!! Michaels has no time to do anything to him though, as Nick Dinsmore comes at him … and gets SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!!

Michaels has disposed of the New Wave with ease, and now just has to finish off it’s leader!!! He grabs Orton, and drags him through the backstage area, and out onto the stage!!! Orton then delivers a low blow, and attempts to finish off Michaels with the dreaded RKO … but HBK has it scouted, and SLAMS Ortons back off the steel as he went for it!!! Michaels starts to throw big right hands as Randy reaches his feet, and has the Career Killer teetering on the stage, but Orton saves himself with a big knee to the gut. Randy then comes at HBK … but MICHAELS CATCHES ORTON WITH SWEET CHIN MUSIC … AND ORTON GOES OFF THE STAGE!!!

Michaels looks down at the rubble, then shrugs his shoulders, looking to the fans … BEFORE HITTING A MASSIVE ELBOW FROM THE STAGE … ONTO ORTON!!!!! He lands on top of Orton, taking himself out, but the referee makes the count with Michaels on top, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Shawn Michaels @ 13:10

The ‘Holy Shit’ chants still fill the arena, even after the match is over, with a sensational finish to the match!!! Down on the rubble, Michaels is helped to his feet, whilst the New Wave surround their leader, wanting medical attention for Randy Orton.

Suddenly, the arena pops, before descending into heat … as it is revealed that MICK FOLEY is on the titan tron.

Mick Foley: Hey, over here!! Shawn, look!! Yep, it’s me, your dear old friend, Mick Foley.

Heat from the fans, as Foley waves. Michaels staggers around, having to be held up by a referee, but listens intently to what Foley has to say.

Mick Foley: But first off, let me just say … it’s great to be back … RIGHT HERE … in WWE studios, in Stamford, Connecticut.

More boos from the fans, as Foley swerves them on the cheap pop.

Mick Foley: I’m aware that you’re keen to get some answers, you need an explanation, am I right?? Well Shawn, you’ll get them.

Pop from the fans.

Mick Foley: … Just not tonight.

The fans give heat.

Mick Foley: You see, contrary to what you might believe Shawn, I’m a man of principles, and for what I have to say to you, it’d be best done … not via satellite, but rather, face to face … next week … back in the U.S of A … live on Raw.

Foley winks, and gives a big thumbs up, much to the annoyance of the fans, and HBK too, who is still in massive pain following his stunning flying elbow.

We then cut backstage, and into Eric Bischoffs office, where the General Manager is rubbing his forehead, feeling the stresses of a hard night … which doesn’t look to be getting any easier … as MISTER KENNEDY enters the room. Bischoff closes his eyes in despair, as Kennedy approaches him.

Eric Bischoff: You didn’t think of knocking??

Quick as a flash, Kennedy responds.

Mr. Kennedy: A man like me doesn’t have time for knocking Eric.

Eric Bischoff: Well m-

Kennedy immediately interrupts.

Mr. Kennedy: And I don’t have time to stand here and beat it around the bush either. Why don’t I have a match Eric??

Eric Bischoff: Th-

Mr. Kennedy: Save it. I’m this close, THIS CLOSE, to going nuts. Last week, I made a big statement … verbally. Now tonight, I want to make a bigger statement … physically.

Eric Bischoff: If yo-

Kennedy AGAIN butts in.

Mr. Kennedy: I said last week Eric. I said I was sick of being treated as a joke. I don’t want to be some sideshow clown here on Raw. I need to be taken seriously Eric. You better take me seriously.

Eric Bischoff: Okay, just shut up for one minute Kennedy, and let me speak. You want to be taken seriously, huh?? Okay then. Let’s prove it, shall we?? Get your ass to the ring, RIGHT NOW … you’re going to get the chance to make a physical statement, against someone these Brits will love … DH Smith. You want to make a statement?? You want to be taken seriously?? Then you’ll beat DH Smith like a dog in front of his own people.

Kennedy nods, and chews on his gum, before turning and leaving the room.


An invitation is shown on screen now, inviting us all to join Triple H and Stephanie as they marry, in two weeks time, on a 3 Hour edition of Raw.

We return with DH Smith already in the ring, waiting for Kennedy.


Mister Kennedy storms onto the stage, and right past his regular spotlight to announce himself, even pushing the mic out of the way, focusing solely on the ring.

5th Match:
DH Smith vs. Mister Kennedy
Almost a total squash. Despite the huge fan support for Smith, he is barely able to control the crazed Mister Kennedy, who dismantles his rookie opponent almost fully from bell to bell, not even looking for a pin, until he finishes Smith off, nailing the Green Bay Plunge for an emphatic 1...2...3!!!
Winners: Mister Kennedy @ 03:04

Kennedy bounces to his feet, and kicks Smith out of the ring, as he sees his microphone drop from the ceiling. He takes a look at it, then decides to grab it, as his music dies down.

Mister Kennedy: I bet you’re all expecting the same thing. It’s not gonna happen. You don’t need me to tell you my name anymore … when you see me in this ring, you’ll know. And you don’t need me to tell you the winner either … that’s me too. And as for this??

Kennedy grabs the mic, and yanks it down from the rafters, stomping it into the mat. He then wipes his hands clean, before leaving the ring, as his music hits again.

Jim Ross: I honestly don’t think I’ve ever seen such a sudden, immediate change of attitude from anyone, in all my years of following this business. Mister Kennedy has went from a cocky, egomaniacal S.O.B, to just a plain out S.O.B, hell bent on acceptance.

The Coach: And if he continues like this J.R, he’s gonna get it … and fast.

We now transition backstage, to Todd Grisham…

Todd Grisham: Please welcome, my guest at this time, the new #1 Contender, John Cena

The camera pans to Cena, and the fans go nuts.

Todd Grisham: John, earlier tonight, you put it all on the line when you offered your contract, in order to receive one final shot at Triple H and the World Heavyweight Championship. How are you feeling, now that your gamble has paid off??

Cena nods, and cant help but smile, as he answers the question.

John Cena: Relieved Todd. I’m mighty relieved … but it aint over yet. This gamble I took tonight wont be worth it, if in twelve days from now, I don’t beat Triple H for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Mixed reaction from the fans.

John Cena: But Todd … this time, I WONT fail, I WONT be stopped, I REFUSE to get screwed over this time. Triple H is gonna get hit with a freight train come Superbrawl … a freight train that goes by the name JOHN FREAKIN CENA!!!

Pop from the fans.

John Cena: You think you’ve got the best of John Cena, THINK … AGAIN!!! This time, you’ll get the very best John Cena that there is. And Hunter … champ … you cant handle what I’m bringin to the table come Superbrawl … you WONT beat me this time … and you wont be walking out of Providence with that title belt … BECAUSE THE CHAMP … IS … … HERE!!!

Cena points to himself, as we fade out from the intense interview, and back to ringside…

Jim Ross: What a night it promises to be in twelve days time, the FIRST EVER Pay Per View event in WWE history to be held on a Saturday Night, Superbrawl!!! John Cena has one final shot, one chance at glory, as he challenges, for the last time, Triple H, for the World Heavyweight Championship!!!

The Coach: He’s already failed twice J.R … he’s gonna find when he tries to go another gear against The Game, he just wont find it … he just cant compete on Triple H’s level.

Jim Ross: And from Smackdown, Rob Van Dam will also face one final test, before he can go on to WrestleMania to defend the WWE Championship against Mister Money in the Bank Edge, as Chris Jericho will stand in his way!!!

The Coach: RVD and Chris Jericho, for the WWE Championship. Two of the great in ring performers in the WWE today, with championship gold at stake?? Huge, blockbuster of a match, J.R!!!

Jim Ross: And, Raw and Smackdown will feature together in a six man contest, the first ever ‘Super Brawl’ … and with the details, I believe we can go to our General Manager, Eric Bischoff…

Eric Bischoff: Thank you. As you may be aware, in twelve days, the WWE will be promoting WWE Superbrawl. Now, at this event a special first ever match will take place, that being the first ever Super Brawl.

Eric waits for a moment, before continuing.

Eric Bischoff: Three superstars from Raw, and three from Smackdown. Six men, every man for himself, in a special elimination contest, in which the winner has a very special prize … his own personal choice of opponent at WrestleMania 23.

Pop from the fans.

Eric Bischoff: Unlike a regular elimination style match, this is one with a difference. Each elimination will be contested under a different stipulation. The first elimination will be the first man dumped OVER the top rope, and to the floor below. The second elimination occurs through a simple pinfall or submission. Then, it starts to get more interesting … the next elimination will be the first man to be put through a table, and the fourth will be the first man to bleed. Then, when it comes down to the final two … it’ll be simply one fall to a finish. Which means, there MUST be a clear winner.

Some cheers.

Eric Bischoff: And now, that leaves me to simply announce the three Raw superstars that will compete in this match. Those three men are … BROCK LESNAR!!!

Mixed response from the fans.

Eric Bischoff: Randy Orton!!!!

Big time heat.

Eric Bischoff: And Shawn Michaels!!!!!

The fans go bananas, as we cut backstage, and see Alexis Laree walking down the hallway, set for her big title opportunity.

A video now plays, with a new Mother walking out of a building {hospital?} wheeling a pram along.

She pushes the pram down a steep hill, as the camera shows the view from inside the pram to the mother. The mother talks baby talk, looking into the pram, with all the regular ‘Coocy coocy coo’ rubbish.

As she walks along, she is stopped by what is assumed to be a friend.

Hey! Is this yours??

The mother nods, as the woman walks around, and looks into the pram, tilting her head, looking happy at seeing the as yet unseen bundle of joy.

Mother: Isn’t it beautiful??

Woman: It’s perfect. Is it your first??

The mother smiles, and nods.

Mother: Yeah. Isn’t it exciting??

The woman nods in agreement.

Woman: I’m so jealous. I could just pick it up and take it with me!!

Only over my dead body!!!

The two women smile and laugh, as the camera pans around, and shows the contents of the pram … a ticket for WrestleMania 23!!!

WrestleMania here I come!!!

The mother walks on, pushing the pram, still talking to the ticket like a child, as the other woman looks on with jealousy. The scene then also pans out to show - not a hospital - but the ticket office at the SuperDome!!!

The video then ends with a big WrestleMania 23 logo … FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER IN NEW ORLEANS … AND YOU NEVER FORGET YOUR FIRST TIME.


Backstage, we see Jillian Hall in the distance, with two cell phones, and a clipboard, looking to be extremely busy, as she plans the wedding, set for two weeks time.

Melina vs. Alexis Laree
Really short match, with the show pressed for time, and Alexis immediately catches Melina with a big tackle, and sets up for the Laree-DT, but Melina fights out, surviving for the time being. Laree though is the aggressor throughout, with the champion clinging onto her title reign. Laree knocks Melina down with a big spin kick, and looks to be setting up for the Laree-DT again … but this time … MERCURY IS ON THE APRON!!! This distracts Alexis, with the referee taking care of the supposedly sick member of MNM, and Laree tangles Melina with a cradle … but Melina rolls through, and NITRO APPEARS from the crowd, and holds onto Melinas arms, putting too much pressure on Laree to kick out, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: And STILL Womens Champion - MELINA @ 03:19

MNM steal it!!! Melina quickly gets out of dodge, as it appears MNM have miraculously recovered from their food poisoning earlier tonight to save Melinas title!!! The trio scarper up the ramp, having conned everyone tonight … but they pay for it … as STRAIGHT EDGE ATTACK THEM AT THE ENTRANCE!!!! Punk and Helms beat Mercury and Nitro to the ring, whilst Laree catches Melina, and the trio get a measure of revenge on MNM, with Laree finally delivering the Laree-DT to Melina, and Punk hits Nitro with the Punk Card, whilst Helms catches Mercury with a Shining Wizard!!! Straight Edge and Laree stand tall in the ring, as MNM pay for their actions!!!

Jim Ross: So much for food poisoning Coach!!!

The Coach: Look at them though J.R!! MNM valiantly came to Melinas rescue, despite their sickness, and they get this kind of treatment?? This cant be good for their recovery!!

Jim Ross: MNM will get theirs, I promise you that Coach. It’s a matter of time, that’s all, no doubt about it!!! And folks, coming up next, a perfect way to end an incredible night here on Raw … tag team action, it’s Christian & Tyson Tomko versus Triple H & Brock Lesnar. A blockbusting main event, for a blockbusting evening of Raw action!!!


A video package plays, with quick shots of WWE Superstars John Cena, Christian, RVD, Matt & Jeff Hardy, Rey Mysterio, Maria, Kelly Kelly & Paul London all flinging clothes and items into suitcases, and along with clips of other superstars such as MNM, Edge, Chris Jericho, Candice Michelle and Shawn Michaels all jumping into camper vans, tour buses, boarding planes, and luxury cruise ships. In the background, cheesy Cliff Richard ‘Summer Holiday’ is faintly heard.

Narrator: This August, the WWE superstars are going on a Summer Holiday … but you wont miss a thing.

We now see a massive globe spinning on it’s axis, pinpointing destinations around the world, along with clips of the superstars bathing in the sun, swimming in the sea, relaxing on the cruise ships and the women play volleyball.

Narrator: Six weeks … six continents … the ultimate world tour.

Shots of major landmarks in the world.

Narrator: History will be made, records broken.

Now we see shots of Big Ben, the London Eye, Buckingham Palace … and a digital look of what the NEW WEMBLEY will look like upon completion in the spring.

Narrator: And on August 19th, HISTORY will be repeated after fifteen years … as the vacation crash lands in London … at Wembley Stadium … for SUMMERSLAM!!!

Now, the focus switches fully to the digital look at the new Wembley, with the caption to confirm - SUMMERSLAM - AUGUST 19TH - WEMBLEY STADIUM. In the background, the fans are heard going absolutely buck daft, with Summerslam coming back to England, 15 years after the historic Summerslam 1992.


Jim Ross:
Listen to these fans Coach!!! The United Kingdom has just E-RUPTED!!! SummerSlam 2007 will be coming from the brand new Wembley Stadium on August 19th - book the date in your diary now, the hottest night of the summer, coming from London, England!!!

The Coach: I cant believe I’m gonna have to spend part of my summer in England. It’s not exactly a tropical climate here. What a horrible vacation.

Jim Ross: Hey, you don’t have to come Coach. You can stay here, and let the rest of us have fun!!!

Before Coach can respond…


Triple H enters the arena, joined as always by the McMahon Family Empire, leading the way, and after his entrance … takes a mic, and wastes no time getting to the point.

Triple H: I’m sick and tired of you Cena. I’m sick and tired of you messing with our lives. This nonsense HAS TO STOP!!!

Heat from the fans.

Triple H: How many times, huh?? How many times is it going to take, for you to realise you’re not in my league.

More heat from the fans.

Triple H: Well at Superbrawl IT ENDS!!! I’m gonna make sure you stay out of all our lives for good. You see, I heard what you said earlier John. And I’ll let you into a little secret … you haven’t fought the best of me yet either.

‘Asshole’ chants fill the arena.

Triple H: And at Superbrawl, I’m gonna prove it. Cena … you pick the match, you pick the stipulation … any match you want … I’ll beat ya.

Small pop from the fans, with Cena getting to pick the match.

Triple H: No tricks Cena. I’ve just had enough. Show your face at the Wednesday night special in Glasgow, and pick whatever you want … I just don’t want to hear any more excuses, once I beat you at Super brawl … we’re done, and then I’m moving on … to WrestleMania.

Triple H points to the WrestleMania logo in the rafters. Now, he turns his attention to the fans, and addresses them.

Triple H: I’m not just gonna shut Cena up … I’m gonna shut each and every single one of you up too. I’m sick and tired of being insulted by the fans, and at Superbrawl, I’m gonna shove your criticism straight down your throats … Game … on.


Brock Lesnar now enters, joining Triple H in the ring, as we prepare for the main event. There is a definite tension between Lesnar and HHH as they await the opponents.


Christian, along with Tyson Tomko, makes his first appearance of the night, and gets perhaps, the best response of the night, and the Royal Rumble winner shows his appreciation for the fans, as we go to a final commercial, ahead of what is likely to be a short main event.


Main Event:
Triple H & Brock Lesnar w/McMahon Family Empire vs. Christian & Tyson Tomko
It’s a rushed, manic main event, with all four men getting short bursts in the ring, until Tomko is alienated by HHH and Lesnar, who despite their differences work well together in keeping Tomko isolated from Christian, but eventually, their egos get in the way, as Triple H gets angered by a blind tag from Lesnar, and as they engage in nose to nose confrontation … TOMKO TAGS IN CHRISTIAN!!!

The fans come alive, as Captain Charisma unloads, giving his side the advantage, and gets Lesnar in position for the Unprettier, but he lets go as Shane gets on the apron, and knocks him off, which allows Lesnar to get back to his senses, and we go back to square one, as all four men now get involved in a brawl. Christian and Tomko get the better of it, and double up to knock both HHH & Lesnar out of the ring … THEN TOMKO BOOTS CHRISTIAN!!!!! The Problem Solver just turned on his best friend!!!! Tomko drops down and begins to pound the hell out of his supposed best friend, with the referee calling the match off!!!

Winners: No Contest @ 06:44

The McMahons now enter the ring, and we see Lesnar leaving, with no interest in what’s going on, as we see Shane jump up and HUG Tomko!!! TOMKO HAS JOINED THE MCMAHON FAMILY EMPIRE!!! Meanwhile, Triple H drags Christian to his feet, and talks trash, mentioning last week, where Christian embarrassed him, before delivering THE PEDIGREE!!!!!

The Game gets back to his feet, and orders Shane to fetch him THE SLEDGEHAMMER!!! Shane, like an adolescent kid, jumps up and down in excitement, before sliding out of the ring, and grabbing the hammer from under the apron, and chucks it to The Game. Triple H takes a look at the weapon, before callously passing it off to TOMKO!!! The Problem Solver lets out a huge chuckle, as he lines Christian up … AND PLANTS HIM WITH THE HAMMER!!!

He passes the weapon back to Triple H, and now, The Game looks to line up a shot of his own … when suddenly, the fans go berserk … AS JOHN CENA CHARGES TO THE RING, WIELDING A STEEL CHAIR!!! Cena slides into the ring, and The McMahon Family Empire scarper, looking for high ground, with Cena just missing Shane with the chair!!! Cena stands in the ring, begging Triple H to come back, but HHH shakes his head, not interested. Cena then tends to his unlikely ally, Christian, as we get set to go off the air, with The McMahon Family Empire stood at the entrance way, raising each others hands, including Tomko in the celebration, whilst in the ring, Cena and paramedics tend to a bloodied Christian.



Current Card for WWE SuperBrawl:
Date: 3rd February 2007
Location: Dunkin Donuts Centre, Providence, Rhode Island
Event Music: Evanescence; Sweet Sacrifice

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Triple H vs. John Cena

WWE Championship Match:
Rob Van Dam vs. Chris Jericho

First Ever SuperBrawl Match:
Shawn Michaels vs. ??? vs. Brock Lesnar vs. ??? vs. Randy Orton vs. ???


Current Card for WWE Saturday Nights Main Event:
Date: 10th February 2006
Location: Wachovia Centre, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Event Music: POD, Lights Out

Matches TBA


Current Card for WWE Wrestle Mania XXIII:
Date: 18th March 2007
Location: Superdome, New Orleans, Louisiana
Event Music: U2 & Green Day; The Saints are Coming & Killers; Sams Town

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
World Heavyweight Champion, Triple H OR John Cena vs.
2007 Royal Rumble Winner, Christian

WWE Championship Match:
WWE Champion, Rob Van Dam OR Chris Jericho vs.
Mr. Money in the Bank, Edge

Money in the Bank Ladder Match:
Umaga vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ???


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Re: Being The Booker

amazing show as always Wolfy. Though I've been reading this thread for years, this is my first time reviewing

The opening segment suprised me making me think Cena may lose his contract or something. I thought you would have him face Triple H again for the title but you actually got me to think otherwise.

Eric Bishoff...developing a spine. Haven't seen that from him in this thread for a while. I'm curious what your plans are for this? Maybe Bishoff may have a face turn for what is to my knowledge would be a first in the real and fictional world.

MNM sick...I'm almost willing to bet money they be sick next week or fake an injury

Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar...soon...plz. You have been inching towards this for awhile. Just let them loose already! Its driving me nuts. You know what Lesnar vs. Triple H for Mania...though i think Triple H vs. Christian would be better, i believe you are leaning towards this. Maybe a fatal four way. Either way just have them go at it already lol.

Umaga vs, Mysterio- throw away match. Didn't expect much outside Rey losing. I have to say this bugs me. He wins last year but doesn't get in this year. Rey better have a good match at Mania to make up for falling so far. he may be the IC champion, but since he lost MITB I've been nothing but disappoint in his work in this thread. I will admit though realistically this is where Rey belongs in real life, but a feud would be nice to give ti him.

HBK vs. Orton, falls count anywhere. I was actually disappointed in this match. Orton looks way too weak losing this match, he needs momentum. Seems like he's becoming a main even whipping boy. Plus I may be the only one who reads this thread that doesn't really care for Foley vs. Shawn. I just can't get interested in it.

Kennedy vs. DH Smith- Nice segment leading for a push for Kennedy. Not too much, not too little. Looking forward to see where he goes next.

Cena Interview- Not much to say here. Standard interview

Bishoff announces RAW Guys- I can see anyone of them winning on the RAW side and thankfully this will be Orton's launching pad out of his slum

Melina vs. Alexis- Surprised Melina showed up.I can see a 6-man tag match for next RAW with everyone involved and the tag titles on the line at Superbrawl

Triple H promo- Any stipulation...okay now I'm interested...very interested. How will this play out and what are you up to? I'm trying to remember if there was a HIAC lately b/c this is a great way to stop interference

Christian/Tomko vs. Triple H/Lesnar- What? You can't...where will Christian's bald and sidekick jokes come from now...Tomko know your place stay in the light. Well damn Tomko is now screwed over b/c I don't see alot of success in this thread without Christian. At least we know who Christian is facing at Superbrawl

Good show. Not one of your best but still always above the average of normal threads

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Re: Being The Booker

Another good show. I like the continuing animosity between McMahon and Bischoff. Bischoff just wants to do his job without any circumstances - but it's the McMahon's he's messing with! Umaga qualifying for the Money In The Bank is a good start. It's always nice to have at least one 'monster' guy in there and Umaga seems perfect for the role. The SuperBrawl match is also a very good concept, but what if someone bleeds before the bleed fall? Are they automatically eliminated? Just seemed like a huge plothole to me. Overall, I liked the show. I hope you keep delivering quality shows, man, and I can't wait for the PPV!

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Re: Being The Booker

I just have to say that this SuperBrawl match is a fantastic idea. Original and will be very entertaining. But why two pinfalls? There are so many ways a match could end, I was hoping to see 5 different ways for someone to win, such as submission, ladder, retrieve ____, item on a pole, etc. But still, great idea, can't wait to read that match. Oh, and I assume it doesn't matter in which order the eliminations happen, right? Otherwise things might get complicated. Then again, someone bleeding before time could be interesting. The other guys might think he's eliminated when he really isn't, although he eventually would be, so... yeah.

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