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Re: Being The Booker

Smackdown! Feedback

Great way to kick off the show, but I am VERY surprised that Albright retained the title. Guess this should have been expected when you said in the News & Notes that Batista was expected to win the belt. This probably isnít the last weíve seen of this feud, as Batista lost in a pretty bitch way, so Iím sure he will be getting another shot.

So Cody Rhodes makes the debut huh? Hopefully you can make his character interesting and I see a good match with Haas later tonight to see if he gets a spot in the Rumble.

So I suppose that Hardy will be going in on his tonight, as I really donít see Moore making his way to the ring. Really interested to see where this goes, as Matt will have to get a new partner down the line, or end his feud with AMW all together.

Chavo getting the win wasnít a shock, as Juvi has pretty much fallen in this thread. Love that we will be having the Judgment Day rematch between these six, as the belt is now on the line. Crazy cannot be happy about this match at all. He hates Psi and Juvi, tbh.

Matt may be entering one of the dumbest matches of his career, as he will try and go in alone. Should be interesting to see what happens.

Just as I thought, SC is not happy about being on Juvi and Psiís team at the Rumble. Hopefully the match is still able to flow well, because Crazy needs to keep his title.

Matt tries his hardest but there was really no chance that he was going to win the belts on his own. AMW are certified bad-asses right now, but I really donít think that Matt is done with them. Jeff comes in and the match builds toward WM23, anyone? Just my simple opinion.

I LOVE that WM23 commercial. Comedic genius, imo.

Good interview from Kurt, talking about the terrible 2006 he had before he was able to get that big win against ĎTaker at SíSeries. I hope that Angle doesnít take the fall at the Rumble, although I can see it happening. He wonít be winning the match, but the feud with ĎTaker heading into ĎMania should be epic.

Cody beats Haas and is in the Rumble!? Huge win for the rookie but this just pisses Charlie off even more, as he may be snapping pretty soon. Anyway, still interested to see how Rhodesí WWE career starts off after this big win.

6 Rumble spots left should all go to jobbers.

A big win for Paul London, as I loving that he is back as a singles contender after his brief run with Kendrick in the tag team divison. Masters blows, so it was good to see Paul continue to push towards the Rumble.

Loved the way that Jericho messed with Edge and AMW. Hopefully you realize how much Jericho OWNS and you give him quite the run in the Rumble. Needs to be done, imo.

Good little promo from RVD, as he doesnít need to be on the same page as BOD for the three of them to dominate. That is really what I see happening in the main event.

No shock that Edge and Jericho have their tension, leading to the distention on Angleís team. Kurt does the dumb thing and tries to go against ĎTaker, Kane and RVD on and he pays for it, ending the match with a ĎTaker Tombstone. Everything looks great between the winners before RVD suffers a Chokeslam. ĎTaker looks like the top dog heading into the Rumble, but I donít see him winning.

Not your best work, but you have talked about that in recent posts. Just keep plugging to the Rumble and then both shows will really take off.


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Re: Being The Booker

Smackdown Feedback

Albright over Batista I am personally happy with the result I really do believe it was the right one to make. I am also happy because that is quite a big victory for Albright which means now people know, he is the real deal and he is going to be around for a while. Donít know whatís next for either of these men perhaps just generic spots in the Rumble. Canít see either man winning it though tbh.

Cody Rhodes debuting and well I am not really a fan of the guy but I guess you got to bring in new talent. Please donít tell me you are going to make Haas job to him, Haas is seriously so much better then that.

Big time attack by AMW and now I suppose the match tonight will be a handicap match or it will not take place as Shannon Moore seems to be quite sore. Hopefully it still goes down somehow, but I really doubt it at this stage.

I would take Chavo Guerrero over Juvi any day of the weekÖ Seriously. Great move to make the 6 man match and I can see Super Crazy retaining and this weird story line with the Mexicools continuing. It is pretty interesting stuff I like it, it is not like IRL cruiserweight feuds where they just throw together the two or three highest jumpers there is actually a good story going

Matt Hardy is going to wrestle and I was expecting something like this to happen but I think Matt is going to get OWNED. I Personally hope he does Hardy as a face is just someone I have never been able to get behind. Pleasr bring back V111111 AHHHHH!!!

Mexicools still can not get along and well do I still call Crazy a Mexicool or is he officially out of the group now. Either way I love this current situation

AMW were never losing to Matt Hardy and Shannon Moore in my opinion let alone just Matt Hardy. AMW come off looking very strong after tonightís show and well theyíre your champions so I shouldnít expect anything less.

I said it last show and I will say it again for this oneÖ LOL at the Mania video

I love Kurt Angle more then anyone could imagine (Iím not gay) and I would love to see him win at the Rumble but I doubt itís happening tbh.

You need to do something with Haas, him losing to Rhodes is criminal. Plain and simple, really not happy with the result

Paul London easy victory over Masters and meh really. Didnít really care about the match, I guess it was good for Rumble hype.

Edge trying to find some friends for the Rumble in AMW and typical, smart ass, Jericho comes around and plants some trouble between the three.

RVD speaks the truth him and BOD is a formidable combination. I donít like when RVD tries to be funny on the mic though, it seems kind of forced at times.

Albright > Lashley. Okay?

Edge and Jericho brawling with each other was expected. I thought maybe AMW would get involved but well they didnít. Taker getting a MUCH needed win against Angle tbh as he was beginning to look like Angleís whipping boy. Taker then Chokeslamming RVD and I guess he is the last man standing tonight.

Overall Wolfy in my opinion it was a much better Smackdown then the previous to. Even though it was recap it was more detailed and it seems like you put a bit more effort into it. This thread continues to go from strength to strength. 2007 is already shaping up to be an amazing year. Canít wait for the next edition.

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Re: Being The Booker

Sorry about the lateness of this, mate, but you know how it is.


Safe to say that this was not my favourite opening contest you've ever had on Raw. I guess one consilation to take from it is in the 'News & Notes' you posted a bit later, all but promising a renewed Kennedy push in 2007. I mean, just a few months ago KK looked as though he was well on his way to becoming a World Champion in early/mid-2007 by becoming King Of The Ring and knocking off Edge, and now? Now he's jobbing to Rey Mysterio. Oh dear. All I can hope for is big peformance from Double K in the Rumble match and a possible MITB victory at WrestleMania (though I think you're pushing Paul London for that). Rey/Shelton should be a nice little match for the RR though; it'll probably be the opener then, with Benji getting the clean win to really make himself look a million bucks.

Simple enough promo from Carlito. It's pretty obvious you don't really rate the guy, so he was just filling in here with some genric mic work (which sucks, because he OWNS on the stick); more than likely he'll be going on a jobberish losing streak through '07 also in this thread.

I thought maybe Tomko would last five minutes? I guess not. You love Umaga, but he still hasn't had a real feud yet. Could one begin at the Rumble? It's possible.

That's more like it. Good promo from Kennedy, who is, quite frankly, amazing as heel or face. Glad to see he'll be concentrating on the World Title from now on, as that's where he belongs. I'm definitely chalking him up for a big performance on January 14th and a major contender for the MITB Briefcase.

@ that Video Package. Very clever indeed.

So StraightEdge/MNM are well and truly feuding now. I've had SE as a lock for a while now as the ones to take the belts from MNM, and this looks to be the start of it. Good win for the Punkster; probably his biggest win in this thread actually, but then again he hasn't really done anything yet. I expect Mercury to beat Helms next week though to even the scores.

Another [I]excellent[I] segment involving the McMahon Family Empire and Brock Lesnar. I must say, just like Kennedy, Brock had been floundering towards the end of '06, but since you started this relationship between him, Triple H & the McMahons, he's become probably the most fascinating character in this BTB right now. I even find myself leaning towards (as you alluded to in your 'News & Notes') a potential Helmsley/Lesnar WrestleMania match, which is weird seeing how much of a Christian fan I am. Possibility of a Triple Threat? Either way this Brock angle is just too good to waste:

"It means Ö what it means. Tonight, my job is to make sure Cena and Christian donít succeed. My next job, is to win the Royal Rumble Ö and after that Ö my job is to take that World Heavyweight Championship Ö(Lesnar looks around the room, before speaking again, almost in a whisper) Ö and Iíll go through anybody to get it."

It's that kind of tension that is making this storyline THE most attarctibe thing in Being The Booker right now. I'm fascinated as to where it's going to lead.

Jumping ahead about a year and a half with Orton's new song aren't we, Wolf? Quite surprised to see Michaels get the pin on Orton here, as I see Randy as a real contender for the win on January 14th, but I guess you want to keep this lower-main event feud looking competitive. Carlito spitting in Little Bastard's face (get rid of him please) could lead to some kind of mini feud between 'Lito & Finlat I'd guess.

Interesting segment from MNM. I didn't think you cared this much about them to be honest. Melina hatching a plan makes me think that something could go down between the two teams next week.

I have to admit, though I'm more keen on edgy relationships between main event faces rather than these happy-go-lucky ones you write, you don't half do them well. The seeds of a potential CC/Cena have been well and truly planted, which is unsurprising seeing as I expect both of them (by the end of the night) to be heading into matches at the Rumble that could possibly put them both in the man event of WrestleMania. One thing though, enough of this joke:

"And Finlay if he decides to show up, and Randy Orton, and his little gaggle of groupies, and MNM, and The Brotherhood, a-"

I think you've milked it for all its worth now. Let it die eh?

Good win for Alexis Laree, which will probably start her push towards a Women's Title match at WrestleMania.

Bischoff is really sticking to his tweener role in this thread isn't he? The New Wave just got completely owned by the GM. Out of the three of Cade, Dinsmore, and Doane, I like all three, but at this point I'd say I like Cade a little bit more since he showed so much promise in (what looks so bizaree now) main event feud with Shawn Michaels. Out of the three though I think he's the least likely to get the spot. My money's on Doane just because he's the newest guy on the block. I doubt we'll get a third straight finish from Orton/HBK either. Interference me thinks.

Just wanted to commend you on the detail you went into with the entrances for the main event. Nowadays in BTB alot of people, myself included, seem to ignore this very valid way of continuing storylines. It's all about the little looks between Lesnar & Hunter, Christian & Cena. If you don't write those things out, you miss out. And it also served to make the main event seem like it was: A BIG FIGHT FEEL~ Shane's dumbass spot with Cena was funny, but it was a pretty straightforward affair in the end, with Brock manhandling Christian and Cena as best he could before the faces finally get their big win. Looks like Christian and Lesnar's paths are destined to cross once again in the Rumble Match (possibly with CC eliminating the #30 entrant?) while I see another Hunter retention in the World Title match. It was predicatble stuff this main event, Wolfy, but never, ever take that s a criticism, because the execution of this has been flawless.


Oh, look it's Wolfy's B-Show. Just kidding Thank the lord you let Brent 'OWNS' Albright (his official name from now on, k?) go over Batista, even if it wasn't in the most convincing of manners. It was certainly more convincing than the way I thought he would retain, by getting himself DQed or counted out. A rematch for Big Dave would seem obvious, but I just hope Albright can keep this up.

Oh hi, Cody. Poor Charlie Haas ;(

Sick attack on Shannon Moore from AMW, which takes him out of the tag title match tonight I guess. This feud with Hardy really is random as hell. A Two-On-One beat down for Mattitude tonight? I think so. Talk about a directionless superstar.

Good win for Chavo, and a very interesting match set for the Rumble. It's a smart way to get all of your Cruiserweight's on the card since none of them will be competing in the Rumble match itself, but am is it just me or is this a exact rematch of Judgment Day? Well, at the least the title's on the line this time and there's some friction amongst the Mexicools. I can see Psicosis & Juvi screwing Crazy out of the title somehow, leading to Kid Kash (please?) getting a run with the strap.

Stupid old Matt eh? The Man Who Will Not Die is about to ... die.

Yeah, no way all of this tension between the Mexicools is going to lead to either of them walking out as champion. The Notorious K.I.D all the way.

Yup, Matt did indeed die. How awesome are AMW as heels by the way? Quite alot. Just wish they had a real feud.

I don't see Kurt looking weak in the WWE Championship match at the Royal Rumble at all. I actually see him dominating the thing like he has done everything since coming back at Survivor Series. Maybe Van Dam will actually pin 'Taker (which would be something to see) before Edge rears his head.

What's The Haas done to deserve this?

Hello there Mr. Money in the Bank 2007 Good win, kiddo.

More tension between Edge & Y2J? And now with two of SmackDown's other top heels thrown in the mix also. It gives both Edge and Jericho something to do I suppose this mini-feud, since neither man has anything at the moment. Edge is just waiting to cash in MITB and Jericho ... who knows? Hopefully he stuns us all at the Rumble and gets in on the WWE Title scene.

@ "Taker doesnít say much except roll his eyes, and Kane is just creepy."

Edge and Jericho actually start brawling? Cool, I have no problem with heel/feuds, especially when they are done in this kind of mini capacity, with it just a case of two massive egos colliding. It would be one hell of a way to send SmackDown into the Rumble witha Y2J/Edge match next week (with Jericho I might add . Taker finally gets one over on Angle, though it's not quite as glorious as a submission victory like at Survivor Series. Typical Deadman after the bell too, Chokeslamming the Champ, but I'm actually predicting Van Dam to come out on top at the Rumble by pinning 'Taker, so I'm not too concerned by this turn of events.

One excellent Raw and another by the numbers SmackDown! recap, Wolfy; sorry again about the lateness of these reviews, but I've been quite busy, so I hope you forgive me. Keep on rolling to the Rumble.
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Re: Being The Booker

Raw Preview:

Raw heads to Fort Lauderdale on the final stop before the Royal Rumble this coming Sunday, as the Race to WrestleMania is set to kick into gear, from the home of the Indy 500, Indianapolis Indiana.

And over this past weekend, Mr. McMahon has informed each and every Raw superstar that he wants them present at ringside on Raw, as he prepares to deliver a speech that could 'change their lives'. What will the patriarch of the McMahon Family Empire have to say to the stars of Monday Night Raw??

Two men not expected to listen to the orders of Mr. McMahon are Christian and John Cena. Both men have been a thorn in the side of McMahon and the Family Empire in recent months, and last week, they overcame the odds, beating the four man team of Mr. McMahon, Shane McMahon, Brock Lesnar and the World Heavyweight Champion, Triple H. As a result, both men will get huge opportunities at the Royal Rumble, with John Cena set to get his rematch with The Game for the World Championship, and Captain Charisma now part of the Thirty Man Royal Rumble. Can either, or both men, expect any final twists before the Rumble, courtesy of the McMahon Family Empire??

Meanwhile, confusion surrounds Brock Lesnar. Promised the #30 spot by Mr. McMahon three weeks ago for his servies to helping the McMahon Family Empire, that promise has yet to be verified by Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff - the man who makes the decisions on Raw. Did or does Mr. McMahon have the power to grant Lesnar the coveted #30 as promised ... or did he ever even intend on backing his words up?? It wouldnt be the first time that Brock Lesnar was the victim of a broken promise by the Chairman, but should The Iron Man find himself without the final draw for the Royal Rumble ... will this be the straw that breaks the camel's back??

Randy Orton and Shawn Michaels, two more men set for the 30 Man Royal Rumble this Sunday, will collide once more in a rematch from the final Raw of 2006. On that occasion, Orton was the victor, but with Michaels scoring a win against the Career Killer last week on Raw in tag team action, the scores are tied, and it's all to play for this week in Fort Lauderdale. Which man will pick up the momentum heading into the Royal Rumble match next weekend?? And will this put an end to the rivalry that has erupted on Raw over the last six weeks??

Despite Orton being in action, the rest of the New Wave will have other things on their mind this Monday ... a place in the 30 Man Royal Rumble. The problem?? Only one of 'The Future' Ken Doane, Garrison 'HB' Cade and 'The Prodigy' Nick Dinsmore can have one. The three compatriots will be forced to put their friendship aside this Monday, and just like it will be at the Royal Rumble ... it'll be every man for himself. Which of these three will progress, and realise the opportunity of a lifetime ... a chance to main event WrestleMania 23.

Also in action will be Rey Mysterio. He challenges Shelton Benjamin this Sunday for the Intercontinental Championship, but before that, he faces the muscle behind The Brotherhood ... Mark Henry. Can the littlest big man topple the Worlds Strongest Man?? Or will the Brotherhood give Rey a sign of things to come??

And, after being added to the list of Royal Rumble participants this past weekend on, Straight Edge - CM Punk and Gregory Helms - will have another opportunity to prove their credentials as potential challengers to MNM in a six man tag team match. They team with Carlito to take on the World Tag Team Champions and Mister Kennedy. Six men that will all be part of the 20th Annual Royal Rumble Match take sides this Monday ... but it will be a different story come January 14th.

All this, and more, this Monday ... as the engines rev ... on the road to the home of the Indy 500 ... where the race to WrestleMania will begin!!!


Raw up tomorrow

Thread is five years old tomorrow too

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Re: Being The Booker

Hey Wolfy, show looks like it is going to be great tbh. McMahon making a speech seems very interesting i guess its regarding the Rumble or perhaps there will be a draft after Mania but if so it's a bit early to announce it.

Shawn Michaels and Randy Orton one more time should be a very entertaining read.

Rey Mysterio and Mark Henry is a meh match at best but i expect Mysterio to pick up the win for the momentum heading into the PPV.

Six man tag match should also be very good every superstar bar Mercury OWNS.

Anyway show looks good i personally can not wait for it to be posted. Good luck and happy birthday to the thread if i am not around tomorrow.

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Re: Being The Booker

5 years old? Jesus christ, forget being my Grandad, you are my Great, Great Grandad.

I expect an epic continuation towards the Royal Rumble, and of course Wrestlemania to mark this monumental occasion.

btw, I'm loving 'The Progidy' Nick Dinsmore. I love Eugene~!

Pump out the goodness, man.
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Re: Being The Booker

5 years old!? Fucking hell. That's epic. Proves how awesome this thread really is Wolfy, well done mate on an awesome achievement.
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Re: Being The Booker

First off, congrats on the five years, I don't know if anyone could top that.

Onto Raw, which looks like a tremendous show heading into the Rumble. Some big matches lined up, as HBK vs. Orton should be an amazing Main Event. Only thing I have a problem with is Rey vs. Mark Henry. DUD, imo. Hopefully we get some good interaction between Hunter and Cena, as well as Brock and Vince, and I can't wait to see what Vinny's "Big Announcement" is. Should be a very good show ... as yours always seem to be.


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5 Year Anniversary


January 8th; Fort Lauderdale:

We open straight into the arena, with Mr. McMahon stood in the ring, surrounded on the outside by the entire Raw roster, with exception to Triple H, John Cena and Christian. Main event players, such as Shawn Michaels, Brock Lesnar and Randy Orton are also surrounding the ring. Even Umaga is at ringside, with Armando Estrada keeping him under control.

Mr. McMahon:
Good evening.

Heat from the fans.

Mr. McMahon: I wasn’t referring to you people, I was bidding good evening to the superstars of Raw.

More heat. McMahon brushes off the reactions, and fixes his jacket, before addressing the Raw roster.

Mr. McMahon: Now, I have gathered each and every single one of you to issue a challenge. In fact, you could call it me dangling a carrot for every single Raw superstar … AND every single Smackdown superstar, male … and indeed, even female.

McMahon walks around the ring, taking a look at the superstars and divas surrounding the ring.

Mr. McMahon: Hell, let’s just call it an old fashioned bounty.

We switch to the superstars surrounding the ring, whispering to one another about what McMahon could be getting at.

Mr. McMahon: Believe you and me, THIS is the opportunity of a lifetime, that most of you will never have again … what I’m asking of you will bring the type of riches, and the type of success that up until this very moment, you could only have DREAMED of.

McMahon stops for another moment, before starting again.

Mr. McMahon: The type of riches that you’ve only seen on television … GENE SNITSKY.

McMahon points at Snitsky, then turns, and points at Rob Conway.

Mr. McMahon: The type of success that you’ve fantasised about ROB CONWAY.

The chairman switches his attention to Val Venis.

Mr. McMahon: The superstardom that you’ve watched dozens of others enjoy whilst you’ve been stuck in a rut VAL VENIS.

Mr. McMahon turns away from the superstars, and addresses them all.

Mr. McMahon: And any one of you can have it … by merely eliminating Christian from this Sundays Royal Rumble.

Heat for McMahons challenge.

Mr. McMahon: Because the man who dumps Captain Charisma over the top rope doesn’t need to worry about winning the Royal Rumble, oh no, I personally guarantee you … I GUARANTEE you a Championship match at WrestleMania.

More heat for McMahons challenge, and the ‘carrot’ he has dangled.

Mr. McMahon: Think about it. Think about what that could mean … SHAWN MICHAELS.

Mixture of heat for McMahon and cheers for the mention of HBK, with Michaels looking uncomfortable in the situation.

Mr. McMahon: It would be your opportunity to relive your boyhood dream … what about you … KEN DOANE … you could become the youngest World Champion at the biggest stage of ‘em all. Huh?? How about that?? SHELTON BENJAMIN, you could live out Theodore Longs dream, and represent The Brotherhood in the (Voice goes gravel-ly) MAIN EVENT OF THE SHOWCASE OF THE IMMORTALS!!!

We see Benjamin nodding, with Theodore responding ‘Holla holla’.

Mr. McMahon: And what about you VICTORIA. You could make history. The first ever female to headline WrestleMania!! Do you like the sound of that??

Heat from the fans, but Victoria looks extremely happy.

Mr. McMahon: Well all you have to do … the ONLY thing you need to do to make it happen … is to ensure that Christian doesn’t win this Sundays Royal Rumble.

More heat.

Mr. McMahon: I don’t care how the hell you do it ... just get the job DONE.

The fans start an ‘asshole’ chant, but Vince shrugs it off.

Mr. McMahon: And yes, I’m aware that only fourteen of you will be competing in the Royal Rumble match this Sunday, and I’m fully aware that the ringside area will be swarming with referees. So many of you will be wondering perhaps why I have you out here, surely this challenge doesn’t apply to you, right?? … Well, for those of you not competing in the Thirty Man Royal Rumble match on Sunday, I have an added incentive.

McMahon takes a moment, before speaking again.

Mr. McMahon: You see … anyone that can take out Christian … anyone that can eliminate Christian from the Royal Rumble TONIGHT … will not only get his place … but I guarantee you the lucrative NUMBER THIRTY!!!!

The fans give the chairman more heat, as J.R goes nuts on the outside, crying ‘HE CANT DO THAT!!!’ {And didn’t Vince promise Number Thirty to Brock Lesnar???}

Brock Lesnar certainly hasn’t forgotten, as the camera focuses in on The Iron Man, with his mouth dropping in shock of the announcement. He looks around, and seems to take a long, deep breath, before pushing past Stevie Richards and Simon Dean, and storms up the ramp. As he does though, it appears McMahon hasn’t noticed The Iron Mans reaction, too wrapped up in his own big moment.

Mr. McMahon: Oh, and I almost forgot … ‘Captain Charisma’ will actually be in action tonight … in THIS very ring … taking on the fighting Irishman FINLAY!!!

The chairman smiles, and drops the mic, as his music cuts in, having painted a massive target on the chest of Christian ahead of the Royal Rumble … if Captain Charisma can make it that far.


We return with Mark Henry already on his way to the ring, joined by the entire Brotherhood clan for this next match.

Jim Ross: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw, and moments ago, we witnessed Mr. McMahon lay down the gauntlet ahead of this Sundays upcoming Royal Rumble, by painting a massive target on the chest of Captain Charisma, Christian. Because anybody who eliminates Christian from the Royal Rumble IS going straight to WrestleMania for a title opportunity, win or lose. And if anyone can put Christian out of commission sooner … they get his Rumble spot, and the coveted number thirty. How that can be allowed to happen?? I don’t know. And while we’re on the subject Coach … didn’t McMahon promise the number thirty spot to Brock Lesnar??

The Coach: I’m sure there’s an explanation baby boy. The boss is covering his bases. I’m sure whatever the plan is, The Iron Man will know all about it.

Jim Ross: I just don’t understand how this can be allowed to happen. Linda McMahon, on the final broadcast of 2006 made it clear that her husband couldn’t pull things like this!!! He’s just put a massive target on the chest of Christian, and frankly, I don’t like his chances of making it to Indianapolis on Sunday. I vividly remember Coach, I remember like it was yesterday … Mr. McMahon in scarily similar circumstances back in 1999 put a bounty on the head of Stone Cold Steve Austin, offering $100,000 dollars to the man that could eliminate the Texas Rattlesnake from the Royal Rumble.

The Coach: And we all know how that wound up, don’t we??

Jim Ross: Indeed we do … and if McMahon has his way, lightning will strike twice on Sunday.

The Coach: And y’know what?? I love it!!! I bet that wiped the smug look off Christians face. He hasn’t got a hope of going to the Rumble on Sunday.

Jim Ross: Well, unfortunately you could well be right. As if it wasn’t enough that he is to face Finlay tonight, he could well face the entire Raw roster coming after him to take him out!!!

The Coach: I love it!!!

Jim Ross: Well right now, we are looking at one of the thirty men in this Sundays Royal Rumble, Mark Henry, who is set to go one on one with Shelton Benjamins opponent this Sunday, Rey Mysterio. Also to come tonight, a Royal Rumble qualification match, pitting three of the four members of the New Wave against each other - Garrison Cade, Nick Dinsmore and Ken Doane. Only one can compete this Sunday.

The Coach: Not if one of them takes out Christian, J.R!!

Jim Ross: Can you give that a rest!!! Also scheduled this evening, Shawn Michaels one on one against the Career Killer, Randy Orton, both men looking for momentum ahead of this Sundays Rumble match.

1st Match:
Rey Mysterio vs. Mark Henry w/ The Brotherhood
Short match, with Henry dominating, thanks to his massive size advantage over the smaller Mysterio. Then, just as it looks like Rey has found an opening to make a comeback, outside interference allows Henry to re-establish the control, and applies a deep Bear Hug, which almost engulfs the smaller opponent. Rey though, shows his spirit, and battles free, coming close with a couple of roll ups, but The Worlds Strongest Man is able to kick out. Rey then manages to get Henry into the ropes, and looks for the 619, but as he runs into the ropes, Theodore trips the leg, with the referee instantly making a beeline to Long, telling the leader of the group to leave the ringside area, but as this goes on, Shelton Benjamin is in the ring, and DELIVERS THE T-BONE EXPLODER TO MYSTERIO!!!! Benjamin slips out of the ring, and a now recovered Mark Henry hooks the leg, with the referee now back to the action, realising something obviously came of Longs interference, but still counts the fall, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Mark Henry @ 05:23

Benjamin delivers a message to Rey, ahead of their title match this Sunday at the Royal Rumble. Meanwhile, Henry gains a little bit of momentum ahead of his own match at the PPV, as part of the Royal Rumble match. Henry joins the rest of The Brotherhood on the ramp, as Benjamin holds the belt up, with Rey slowly coming around, taking a good look at his opponent this weekend.


We return with a video package, focusing on the Samoan Bulldozer, Umaga, still unbeaten, still not close to be being beaten, and one of the thirty participants in this Sundays Royal Rumble. We see clips of Umaga dominating opponents, shrugging off any offence. With the video ending of the impressive sight of the savage, and J.R commentating on the video ‘WHO CAN STOP THE SAMOAN BULLDOZER??!!’


Now, Todd Grisham is standing by with ‘Captain Charisma’ Christian…

Todd Grisham: Good evening ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time, one of the thirty men in this Sundays Royal Rumble, Christian.

The fans pop, as Christian appears on screen.

Todd Grisham: Earlier tonight, you heard the gauntlet thrown down by Mr. McMahon, and it is clear to everyone that the Chairman is determined that you don’t make it to the Royal Rumble this coming Sunday.

Christian interrupts.

Christian: Just let me stop you right there Todd. Of course I heard Vince throw out a bounty on my head. The whole roster heard it. All my peeps (pop in the background, and Christian quickly pounds his chest) , the Christian Coalition, everyone standing around here right now, from the cameraman, the lighting guy, and even you Todd … are aware of the target on my chest … but to Vince McMahon, and to all those vultures looking to take my spot … I’m not hard to find.

Quick pop, as Christian stares through Todd for a moment.

Christian: I‘m not running from a single solitary person Todd. And you wanna know why?? Because I’ve worked too hard, and I’ve sacrificed too much, just to get to this point. Just to get the opportunity of being in the Royal Rumble. I don’t care if your name is Finlay and you love to fight … or if your name if Todd Grisham, and you love to polish your trumpet … there isn’t a man, woman or child alive, that is capable of stopping me enter the Royal Rumble on Sunday.

Christian pauses, and starts once more.

Christian: And yes Todd, I’m aware of what happened in 1999. I know Vince McMahon did almost the exact same thing to a certain Stone Cold Steve Austin … and he triumphed.

Heat in the background.

Christian: But here’s the scoop. This isn’t 1999, Vince hasn’t got black hair anymore, and I’m not Steve Austin.

Small ‘WHAT’ is heard in the background. Christian turns serious for a moment, building up some rarely seen intensity.

Christian: This Todd, is 2007, and I’m Christian, and I will not be denied.

Massive pop in the background for Christians defiance.

Christian: So I guess Doctor Evil, Vince McMahon, Lex Luthor, Ming the Merciless and Goldfinger can all have another conference, and come up with another ingenious plan to take out Captain Charisma, because this bounty placed on my head?? It’s not gonna work. No matter what happens to me tonight, I WILL be at the Royal Rumble, whether it‘s on one leg … or with one arm, one eye, broken ribs, broken jaw, or even a broken heart. It just doesn’t matter … And right now, I’m gonna make you a promise Todd.

Christian then turns to the camera.

Christian: I’m gonna make every single person in Fort Lauderdale a promise … I’m gonna make every single solitary person watching this show live, or on a replay … or on DVR … or TIVO … and to every single member of the Christian Coalition worldwide or even universally in Pluto or Mars…

Christian takes a moment again, before continuing…

Christian: … That I AM walking out of this arena tonight, and I AM walking into the Conseco Field House on Sunday. And I’m gonna pick my number … and I’m gonna walk right into the Royal Rumble, whether it’s Number One, Number Thirty, or any of the twenty eight in between … and I’m throwing bodies over the top rope like there‘s no tomorrow … whether you’re in my way, or just in my vicinity … I don’t care if you’re Randy Orton … or Cody Rhodes … I wont discriminate for any generation. I don’t care if you’re a legend like Shawn Michaels or a rookie monster like Bobby Lashley … hell, you could be a champion like Brent Albright, or a chump like Joey Mercury. I’m dumping anyone, and EVERYONE out of MY RING … until there is no more left, and I’m standing … alone … victorious … and most importantly … headed to WrestleMania on March 18.

Small pop from the fans.

Christian: So if you didn’t know already?? NOW … you know.

Christian then pounds his chest, and speaks again.

Christian: And that’s how I roll.

Christian turns around … and right into Brock Lesnar. Neither man makes a move, as Christian speaks.

Christian: You here to take me out Brock?? Do Vinces bidding again like a good puppet??

Lesnar sneers, and responds.

Brock Lesnar: No. But not because I don’t want to. Because I don’t need to. I’ll get much more pleasure on Sunday, when I kill your dreams, and realise my own … you’re not winning the Royal Rumble Christian … (gets right in Christians face) I am.

Lesnar pushes past, as Christian thinks on, taking in Lesnars own edict.

Back into the arena…


Hits, and out come all three men for the upcoming triple threat match. Cade, Dinsmore and Doane make their way down the aisle, as we go to a commercial.


2nd Match: Triple Threat Match For Royal Rumble Place:
‘The Future’ Ken Doane vs. Garrison ‘HB’ Cade vs. ‘The Prodigy’ Nick Dinsmore
Quick fire match, short again, joined in progress from the commercial break. The three men leave it all hanging out, with no love lost between the three of them, despite their alliance. There isn’t even any double team moves from two to gang up on one, with all men going by the ‘every man for himself’ motto. Cade delivers the Razors Edge to Dinsmore, but as he covers, Doane flies off the top with a leg drop the break the count at two, but as he lands, he appears to hurt his leg, as we see Dinsmore drape an arm over Cade, 1...2...3!!!! Doane breaks the count … just too late!!!
Winner: Nick Dinsmore - Advances to Royal Rumble Match @ 06:22

Dinsmore is headed to the 30 Man Rumble, stealing the win tonight, despite Cade having it won at one point, before Doane did the hard work to have the match won himself!!! The Prodigy rolls out of the ring taking the final spot in the Rumble match, holding his back, staggering up the ramp, whilst Doane watches on in the ring, with a disappointed look on his face, knowing he was close to going to his first Rumble.

Backstage, Christian is walking along, opening the door for the male toilets, but as he closes the door behind him, the lights dim, and the room turns red, with THE BOOGEYMAN~! Peering over the cubicle door!!! Christian spots the weirdo, but by this stage, Boogeyman is firmly a weirdo, and not to be taken seriously whatsoever.

The Boogeyman: HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!

Christian stands, folding his arms, no selling Boogeymans presence.

The Boogeyman: Little Miss Muffet,
Sat on her tuffet,
Eating her curds and whey.
Along came a spider,
Who sat down beside her,
Miss Muffet away.

The Boogeyman lets out a sinister laugh again, with Christian shaking his head, whilst Boogeyman smashes the clock off his head.


As Boogeyman laughs, suddenly, he seems to lose his footing, and slips, crashing to the floor. The Boogeyman groans, having possibly injured himself, whilst Christian looks around the bathroom.

Christian: Um … I’ll come back later.

Christian slowly backs out of the room, with Boogeyman still groaning from his fall. Captain Charisma exit’s the room, and stops a cleaner as he leaves.

Christian: I wouldn’t go in there for a while, for your own good.

Christian then walks off, shaking his head in disbelief.


Royal Rumble Flashback - 1992 - Ric Flair enters the match Number 5, and goes the distance, winning the match, and the WWE Championship, which was vacant at the time.

Back into the arena…


Randy Orton, dressed for combat, but wearing his ‘New Wave’ shirt, enters the arena, ahead of schedule, with his match not set to happen until later. The Career Killer comes to the ring, and takes a mic, getting inside, waiting for the music to die down.

Randy Orton: Wrestle Mania 20 … Wrestle Mania 21 … Wrestle Mania 22 … the last three Wrestle Mania’s, the three Wrestle Mania’s I’ve competed in, I’ve been part of one of the main events. World Heavyweight Championship matches three years running. Yet … I’ve never won at Wrestle Mania.

Ironic cheers for that stat.

Randy Orton: And for a superstar of my calibre?? It’s just not good enough. It’s unacceptable.

Couple more ironic cheers.

Randy Orton: Wrestle Mania 20 against Shawn Michaels, was quite frankly … one year too early for me.

A few ‘HBK’ chants are heard, but Orton talks over them.

Randy Orton: Wrestle Mania 21 against John Cena for the first time … I can admit … he was the better man.

More ironic cheers.

Randy Orton: It happens to the best of us. But last year, in Vegas, my shot at Cena, my shot at redemption … plain and simple, he just got lucky.

Boos from the fans.

Randy Orton: But now, this Sunday, as far as I’m concerned … there is nothing that can stop me from going to the main event of Wrestle Mania for the fourth year running. Anything below that standard now?? … is unacceptable.

Orton takes a look around, steadying himself.

Randy Orton: As far as I’m concerned, none of the twenty nine other guys in the Rumble can match me. Not one of them have the same type of drive that I have for winning the Royal Rumble this Sunday.

Orton goes from monotone, to slightly intense.

Randy Orton: There isn’t a single man that craves that WrestleMania main event more than I do. None are as determined as I am, and none of them are willing to go as far as I will to earn my spot … The bottom line … the fact of the matter … is simply, Randy Orton is headlining Wre-


Randy Orton looks furious, as Shawn Michaels, also dressed for their match, makes his way down the aisle, holding a mic. Michaels gets into the ring, and his music dies down, as Orton speaks first.

Randy Orton: What the hell do you want?? I’ll deal with you later Shawn. This is my time, not yours.

HBK smiles, and rubs his jaw, then goes to speak, but stops. Michaels then smiles again, putting the mic to his mouth…

Shawn Michaels: To hell with this…

MICHAELS SMASHES THE MIC OFF ORTONS FACE!!! HBK attacks the Career Killer, tackling him down, and pounding his adversary, taking him to the outside. We then cut to the top of the ramp, where Eric Bischoff appears, with a referee, as it appears the GM is ordering the referee to the ring for this match to start … NOW!!!


3rd Match:
Randy Orton vs. Shawn Michaels
We return from the commercial, with Michaels still the aggressor, giving Orton little opportunity to get in any offence, having dominated through the break. Orton does have a brief spell on top, but is quickly clotheslined to the outside by HBK, with the Showstopper following out with a cross body off the top rope. HBK continues to dominate Randy, whipping Orton into the steel steps, as the Career Killer looks for sanctuary at the time keepers table, but HBK refuses to let him go, coming after his adversary, but gets caught, as Orton clocks Michaels with a steel chair!!! Chioda instantly calls for a DQ.
Winner: Via DQ - Shawn Michaels @ 09:53

Orton drives the chair into the back of Michaels following the DQ, but before he can go any further, the referee gets in his way, demanding Orton leave the vicinity. Orton drops the chair, holding his hands up in innocence, as the referee points to the ramp, ordering Orton to leave, with Randy having got his way with HBK tonight. Orton begins to leave, as Chioda helps Michaels up, who despite the chair shot, isn’t bust open.

HBK is on his feet, with the referee helping him, when suddenly, ORTON PUSHES THE REFEREE AWAY AND DELIVERS AN RKO TO MICHAELS ON THE FLOOR!!! Orton stands over Michaels again, and nods, before leaving for good this time, with the referee admonishing Orton for his actions. The Career Killer backs up the ramp, with Michaels trying to push himself up.

We then cut backstage, and see John Cena walking~!

Jim Ross: Ladies and Gentlemen, join us, when we come back, when we’ll be hearing from the Number One Contender himself, JOHN CENA!!!


We return, just in the second hour, with the fans quiet for a moment until…


The fans come alive, as John Cena appears for the first time tonight, six days away from facing The Game at the Royal Rumble.

Jim Ross: You’ve gotta believe that it’s a question of WHEN will John Cena become a three time World Heavyweight Champion, rather than a question of IF. Right now, Cena is riding with a tonne of momentum, and that Coach, is bad news for The Game.

The Coach: Cena certainly has momentum on his side, but Triple H IS the champion, and he’s been here TEN times. The Game has faced guys like Cena a hundred times over during his ten reigns as champion, and you better believe he has a fool proof plan to end Cenas aspirations on Sunday.

Jim Ross: I don’t know if I can agree that Triple H has faced guys like Cena a hundred times over. Cena is a real one off if you ask me.

Cena walks around the ring, holding a mic, holding it to the fans to make noise, before starting to speak.

John Cena: C’mon Fort Lauderdale … it’s Monday Night Raw … we’re live … MAKE SOME NOISE!!!!!

The fans make some noise .

John Cena: Damn straight. I guess you all know why I’m out here tonight, huh??

Cena smiles and nods, with a few cheers from the crowd, patchy at best.

John Cena: How much longer do we have to wait for season three of Lost to continue??

Cena smiles, but the fan reaction shows he fell short on his joke, with the ‘cool’ boos picking up.

John Cena: We need to know if Jack saved Ben, or if Kate and Sawyer escaped … or if Hurley lost any weight. C’mon.

Cena smartly realises the joke is not going to pick up steam, and moves on, before the rest of the crowd turn on him…

John Cena: Okay, okay. I’m really out here tonight … to give Triple H, the king of kings, the king of sting, The Game, the joystick, cerebral assassin, Conan, floats like a butterfly, asshole of the decade, the man of numbers; father of one, almost married twice - TWICE to Stephanie, a nose three times the size of a regular man, and a ten time world champion … a message.

Kiddie pop from some fans, but the ‘cool’ boos are certainly audible.

John Cena: And the message is quite simple. It’s not a love note, it’s not a code, not a text message, or a pager, not an e-mail … just straight from my lips … and that message … is that the CHAMP … IS … HERRRRRRREE!!!!

Slightly better pop.

John Cena: You’re on borrowed time Triple H. You shouldn’t be champion now, but last month, you got damn lucky … And I was damn stupid.

Cena nods to the fans.

John Cena: ‘Cause I was stupid enough to think that you would take me on like a man, but instead … you took every single short cut in the book. You needed Vince, Shane, Stephanie, Brock Lesnar, Finlay, AND A PARTRIDGE IN A FREAKIN PEAR TREE!!!

Cena looks around some more, still not finished.

John Cena: Screw me once Triple H, shame on you. … screw me twice, shame on me. This time, I’m ready for anything, and everything you can throw at me. Your wife to be, your brother in law, your father in law who you have a ‘special relationship’ with … any fool on the roster … heck, it wouldn’t surprise me if you threw your own four month old daughter at me … she’s probably got more balls than you do anyway.

Pop from the fans.

John Cena: Facts are simple Trips. Sunday … you’re m-


Triple H, dressed in a tracksuit, with his title belt slung over his shoulder, slowly enters, instantly getting the attention of Cena, but The Game stands at the top of the stage, ushering the music down, before pulling a mic from the back of his pants.

Triple H: John Cena, you can talk about me all you want. You can call me anything you want. You just leave my family, and especially my daughter out of it.

Cena smirks, before responding.

John Cena: And why’s that?? Did I touch a nerve?? Does the truth hurt??

Triple H rips off his sunglasses, looking full of intensity.

Triple H: The truth?? Is that some kind of joke?? You’re referring to me as a coward … you’re referring to me as some sort of chicken sh-*BLEEP* champion … but let me tell you the facts kid, because obviously you’ve forgotten just who the hell you’re dealing with. I a-

Cena cuts him off.

John Cena: Ten time world champion, the guy who retired Mick Foley, former Royal Rumble winner, King of the Ring, The Game, the guy who beat Stone Cold two straight falls, beat The Rock in an Iron Man Match, Beat The Undertaker, Kane, Kurt Angle, Chris Jericho, Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, and blah, blah, blah.

We look at the top of the ramp, with The Game going red-faced, furious at Cena.

John Cena: You see, I’ve heard it all before … (points around the whole arena) WE’VE ALL HEARD IT time, and time, and time, and time again. I’m sick of hearing the same thing week in, week out, year in, year out for the last seven years.

Cena looks to have added intensity now, whilst Triple H looks ready to blow a gasket.

John Cena: But what I’ve been wondering … what these fans have been wondering for the last number of years … is it all just hot air now?? Has Triple H ran his course?? Is The Game … over??

Triple H has heard enough.

Triple H: You can bet your ass it aint over. I’m STILL the very best this company … this business, has to offer. I’m STILL the King of Kings … I AM the World Heavyweight Champion … and you’ll find out at the Royal Rumble why they call me the Game.

Mixed response for the same old Triple H spiel.

Triple H: Cena, you’re gonna wish you kept your mouth closed tonight. Because believe me … you’ve unearthed a beast … and you wont stop me from running over your ass on Sunday.

Cena smiles, before speaking again, and this time looks serious.

John Cena: Nuh. No way. Times up for ya Hunter. Y’ might be able to convince yourself, but you cant convince these fans.

Small pop from the fans as Cena prepares.

John Cena: They’ve seen it. We’ve all seen it Tripper. The fact is, people startin to talk Game. And they saying you aint got it no more.

Triple H’s eyes widen at the statement from Cena.

John Cena: You’ve been relying on anyone and everyone to dig you outta holes, and keep you on top. But come Royal Rumble?? … Lucks out Champ.

Fans begin to build up some noise for Cena.

John Cena: They know … and if you reach deep down … hell, you know it too … one on one, man to man, YOU CANT BEAT ME.

Fans pop, with Cena nodding, holding the mic up, signalling that he hasn’t finished yet.

John Cena: I’m younger, fitter, faster, stronger, and a damn sight better looking … but most of all, I’ve got something y’don’t Trips. I’ve got a burning desire … deep, deep down, and there is no extinguisher in the WHOLE FREAKING WORLD BIG ENOUGH, T’PUT THIS THING OUT!!!

Much better response for the intense Cena.

John Cena: I’ve got an intensity that you could only dream of havin, Game. And this burning rage?? … This desire?? … This intensity is a force that YOU CANT HANDLE!!!!

The fans continue to cheer for Cena, drowning out any negative response.

John Cena: On Sunday, you’ll come up against a brick wall that goes by the name … of John … Cena.

Small pop, as Cena continues.

John Cena: And there aint a single way to break me down … you better bring your best … and that’s just to survive … at the Royal Rumble … yo ass AND that championship over your shoulder … belong … TOOOOO … MEEEEEEE!!!!

Cena slams the mic down, and stares up the ramp at Triple H, who holds onto his title belt, staring straight back at Cena, with their title match just six days away.


We return with MNM & Mister Kennedy in the ring, with Carlito halfway through his entrance, stopping halfway down the ramp.


Straight Edge enter to a good response, and join Carlito down the ramp.

4th Match:
MNM & Mister Kennedy w/ Melina vs. Carlito & Straight Edge
High energy match, featuring six of the 15 Raw superstars in the Royal Rumble on Sunday. Kennedy and CCC have their own previous history, whilst MNM and Straight Edge are recently beginning a budding rivalry. Thanks to Melina, the heel side take control of the contest, but eventually, Punk makes a hot tag to Helms, and after he nails the Shining Wizard on Mercury, the match breaks down, with Nitro and Kennedy running in to break the count. That sparks Punk and Carlito to tackle them out of the ring too. Melina then gets in the ring, but is instantly cut off by the official, but the distraction allows Mercury to low blow Greg. Nitro now slides back in, and MNM set Helms in position for the Snapshot, but CM Punk tackles Nitro from behind, breaking the attempt, whilst Helms manages to counter on Mercury, getting one half of the champions hooked in and delivers his old Eye of the Hurricane (Now referred to as the Nightmare on Helms Street)!!!
Winners: Straight Edge & Carlito @ 08:37

Straight Edge have beaten the champions again!!! After last weeks one on one win for Punk, Helms follows it up this week by pinning Mercury, giving Straight Edge TWO priceless wins over the champions!!! Nitro charges at Helms after the match, but Greg ducks, and Johnny runs into the path of Punk, who hoists him up and DELIVERS THE PUNK CARD!!! On the outside, Kennedy kicks the steps in anger, having lost the match, leaving his partners to fend for themselves, walking away in fury. Carlito meanwhile, joins Straight Edge in the ring, with the three men standing tall, heading into Sundays Royal Rumble, whilst MNM regroup on the outside, in tatters after another loss tonight.


Smackdown Rebound

We return backstage, and see the smiling face of Theodore Long, and the camera pans out to also reveal the rest of The Brotherhood stood by him.

Theodore Long: Holla at ya boy, It’s Theodore R. Long, bringing you a public address with The Worlds Strongest Man, that be Mark Henray, the uncrowned tag team champions of the entire planet, Thuggin ‘nd buggin wit Rodnay Mack, and O.J, Orlando Jordan, not to mention our baby girl Jazz, and who can forget, ch’your boy, the Black Diamond himself, the Intercontinental Champion, Shelton Benjamin.

The camera moves along the posse, before coming back to Long.

Theodore Long: And this Sunday, after nearly three years of feedin off the scraps of the Raw roster, The Brotherhood will make it’s stand playa. No more being held down by whitey, no sir. Firstly, Shelton here will be showing the entire world that Rey Mysterio is no match for his athletic ability, which will set the tone, ya dig?? … and once it comes to the Royal Rumble playa … aint no stoppin this three hundred fifty wreckin ball, aint nobody gonna topple this beast, dawg … Mark Henray … is goin to the main event …

Long claps his hands, and jigs for a moment, clicking his fingers.

Theodore Long: The main event of the Grand… Daddy … of ’em all.

The camera focuses in on a beaming Long, as he ends the promo…

Theodore Long: Now holla back … ya heard.

Before we cut away though, we see Jazz give Long a shove, pointing off camera, with Long suddenly over excited.


Quickly, Mack and Jordan run off camera, and we shift attention, seeing Christian walking down the hall. The tandem give chase, but Christian turns around, and looks a little taken aback by the runners, but not in the slightest scared of the possibility of a two on one attack. As the two men get closer, Christian arrogantly spills his water on the floor, and takes a few paces back, with OJ and Mack unable to stop themselves, and slip as they run into the water, slipping and sliding into a closed door, with Christian side stepping the pair of them. The two crash onto the floor, with Christian standing over both men, knelling down, and speaking…

Christian: Better luck next time … chumps.

Christian gets back up, and walks off, as Mack and Jordan writhe on the floor.


We return with Candice Michelle already in the ring trying heelishly to seduce the audience, loving herself, awaiting her opponent.


Alexis Laree enters to a nice response, running into the ring.

5th Match:
Candice Michelle vs. Alexis Laree
Very much filler to allow J.R and The Coach to comment on this Sundays Royal Rumble. The match itself doesn’t get long enough to show if Candice has much potential as a fixture in the division, with Laree making quick work of the minx, proving her credentials as a viable contender again for the womens title, finishing Candice off with a neat handstand spin kick, hooking the leg, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Alexis Laree @ 02:09

Laree has her hand raised, as J.R and Coach actually turn their attention to Laree, and talk about her recent winning streak.

Quickly, we move backstage, and see Gregory Helms & CM Punk - Straight Edge, in the locker room, getting themselves undressed {NOT IN A GAY WAY, just taking off elbow pads and the like}, as we catch them mid conversation on the Rumble.

CM Punk: As much as I love teaming with you Greg, lets face it, we’d both take the main event of Wrestle Mania in a heartbeat.

Helms slowly turns to Punk, and gives him a ‘DUH!!’ look. Punk laughs, then continues.

CM Punk: That’s cool …

Punk then turns away, but has a cheeky smile on his face as he continues, messing around, wanting to see Helms reaction.

CM Punk: Just don’t be getting jealous when I win the Rumble man.

Punk peeks out of one eye, as Helms slowly turns around again, shaking his head.

Gregory Helms: You know as well as I do Punkster, I’m the one that’s main eventing WrestleMania 23.

Punk waves it off, still grinning.

CM Punk: Okay, I’ll let you live in fantasy land. Whatever man. But just incase I don’t win the Royal Rumble-

Helms makes a coughing gesture, trying to prompt Punk.

CM Punk: Or … if neither of us win the Rumble … then we need to stick to our other goal … and win the tag team titles.

Punk smiles, as Helms shakes his head. Punk looks taken aback by the reaction, as Greg responds.

Gregory Helms: I don’t like that idea man … I say … no matter if you or I win the Rumble … we still take the tag titles from MNM.

Both men smile, and nod.

CM Punk: Now that’s what I’m talking about Greg. That’s what I like to hear.

Both men laugh a little, before Helms speaks again, looking more serious.

Gregory Helms: But just so we’re on the same page man, come Sunday, I’ll be willing to do whatever it takes, whether it’s having an opportunity to take out Christian for that title shot no matter what … or even if it‘s having a chance to eliminate … you. Every man for himself an’ all.

Punk nods in agreement, and holds out his hand, accepting a handshake.

CM Punk: Wouldn’t have it any other way, partner.

The two shake hands, and nod, as we fade back out.

And elsewhere backstage, Mister Kennedy doesn’t appeared to have bothered showering, instead picking up his bags, and putting on a tracksuit to leave, still likely furious over his tag team loss tonight. He is curiously stopped though … by Stephanie McMahon??

Mister Kennedy: Could ya … shift to the left a little … please??

Stephanie stands with her arms folded, pursing his lips a little, showing a slight smile.

Stephanie McMahon: Where are you going??

Kennedy snickers, and drops his bag, tilting his head slightly.

Mister Kennedy: I know I work for your family Stephanie … but I’m not on parole. If you must know?? I’m headed straight for Indianapolis. Y’know, big Royal Rumble thing this Sunday, ya might’ve heard of it??

Stephanie looks down, smiling a little, but also looks a little angered by Kennedys attitude.

Stephanie McMahon: I’m aware of the Royal Rumble. And I’m glad you’re taking your preparation seriously. But obviously you’re not very smart. Because if you were, you’d be waiting in that locker room right now, plotting on how to get your hands on Christian, and more importantly … number thirty.

Kennedy snickers again, rubbing his chin, shaking his head.

Mister Kennedy: But I am smart Stephanie. I’m smart enough to realise that this Number Thirty deal … is nothing but hot air. Your dear daddy cant make those promises. He wants Christian out of there, and he’ll offer anything he can to make it happen.

Kennedy now picks up his bag, and walks right up to Stephanie.

Mister Kennedy: And as much as I respect your family Stephanie … as much as I admire your Father … I’m not about to become a corporate stooge. So, if you’ll excuse me??

Stephanie shakes her head in disappointment, and moves to the side. Kennedy walks past, then sharply turns back, and whispers right into Miss McMahons ear.

Mister Kennedy: But don’t fret. I’ll give your Daddy what he wants … but it’ll be this Sunday … under my terms, not for him … but for my own personal goal. I’ll eliminate Christian all right, right on my way to WrestleMania.

Kennedy then lingers for a second, before smiling, and turning away, throwing his bag over his shoulder and out of the building.



A video now plays, with a young man, and young woman in a car, kissing. The woman pulls away for a second.

Woman: Wait, wait.

The man looks upset, as the woman pulls away from him.

Man: What’s wrong??

Woman: It’s just … it’s my first time.

The man smiles, before reassuring the woman, whilst stroking her arm.

Man: It’s okay … it’s my first time too.

The woman now smiles, then looks inquisitive.

Woman: Really?? Well, have you got them??

Man: Yeah, they’re right here.

The man pulls his wallet out, seemingly to pull out a condom, and off camera the woman catches a glimpse of it.

Woman: Okay … I’m ready.

The camera now shows what the man pulled from his wallet … two WrestleMania 23 tickets.

Man: Alright. WrestleMania, here we come!!

They share a quick kiss, and exit the vehicle, as they walk away, holding hands … towards the New Orleans Superdome …

The video then ends with a big WrestleMania 23 logo … FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER IN NEW ORLEANS … AND YOU NEVER FORGET YOUR FIRST TIME.


Backstage, we see Brock Lesnar talking to a trainer, stretching his arm out, as if he is asking about a problem he’s been having.

Voice: THERE HE IS!!!

Instantly, Lesnar knows the voice, and turns around, seeing a beaming (fake ass smile btw) Vince McMahon. Lesnar though, is NOT in the mood tonight.

Brock Lesnar: How about I stop you right there Vince.

Instantly, the smile drops, as Vince is about to get chewed out by his own employee.

Brock Lesnar: I’m not doing a thing for you tonight. And you can save the BS about Number Thirty. I know you’re full of it.

Vince attempts to get a word out, but Brock is not prepared to let the chairman get a word in.

Brock Lesnar: I warned you Vince. And you still lied. Well guess what?? You want Christian out of the Rumble before this Sunday?? Do it yourself. And don’t think for a second I’m doing you a favour this Sunday when I throw his ass out of the ring. I’m in it for myself.

Lesnar picks up bandages the trainer left him, and turns back to Vince as he prepares to walk off.

Brock Lesnar: And you can tell Triple H from me … if he’s still champion after Sunday … he’d better start worrying about me. Got that??

Lesnar pushes past Vince, at breaking point with McMahon after weeks of empty promises. Everything appears to be going against McMahon tonight with superstars dropping left, right and centre!!!

We join J.R & The Coach at ringside, as ‘Ladies and Gentlemen’ by Saliva plays over the PA.

Jim Ross: And indeed, you can hear the official theme to the Royal Rumble in the background now…

Coach cuts in

The Coach: SALIVA!!! Ladies and Gentlemen, official theme to the Royal Rumble. Boy, do I love that band.

Jim Ross: Indeed, and this Sunday is the twentieth annual Rumble, coming to you from the Conseco Field House, in the home of the Indy 500, as aptly, the RACE to WrestleMania 23, the road to the showcase of the immortals, begins in earnest, of course, the thirty man Royal Rumble match may be the marquee attraction, but there are FOUR championship matches also scheduled, one of which being the WWE Championship, triple threat rules, with the fighting champion Rob Van Dam defending against two of the greats, not only of this decade, but in WWE history, The Wrestling Machine, Kurt Angle and The Phenom, The Deadman, THE Undertaker.

The Coach: On paper you’d have to say Kurt Angle is the favourite. RVD has no championship advantage going in, he doesn’t need to be pinned to lose the title, and The Undertaker has already been beaten twice in recent months by The Olympian. But how can you ever write off The Deadman?? And Rob Van Dam?? He’s been overcoming the odds for his entire tenure as champion!!! Too hard to call J.R.

Jim Ross: Speaking of hard to call, how can you call the Intercontinental Championship Match, pitting Shelton Benjamin, backed up by the heft frame of The Brotherhood, against the biggest little man, the challenger, Rey Mysterio.

The Coach: Without a doubt, two of the most exciting superstars in the business, and they’ve got a heck of a stage on Sunday to produce the goods. Gotta go with my boy though, The Black Diamond, Shelton Benjamin, especially with the inspirational T’Lo in his corner.

Jim Ross: Speaking of high flying Coach, it’s a 6 Man tag match for the Cruiserweight Championship from Smackdown. Super Crazy and the ever capitulating Mexicools, taking on Kid Kash, Brian Kendrick and Chavo Guerrero. How can either side co-exist with a championship at stake for just one.

The Coach: Simple. THEY CANT!!! Expect carnage, expect broken bodies, and given the in fighting between the Mexicools, I think we’ll be looking at a new champion.

Jim Ross: And of course, who can forget, the World Heavyweight Championship, up for grabs, John Cena has fought his way to a rematch, and on Sunday, he gets a second crack at The Game. Triple H takes on John Cena in an eagerly anticipated rematch for the gold.

The Coach: Triple H looked P-O’d tonight J.R. I think John Cena has made a critical mistake riling The Game, and come Sunday, we’ll see Triple H prove to the world that he is the man to beat, and it’ll be Game Over, once and for all, for the challenger.

Jim Ross: But the showcase, the main event - thirty WWE superstars, fifteen from Raw, fifteen from Smackdown, all gather in one ring for the same purpose - a once in a lifetime opportunity to headline the Granddaddy of ‘em all, Wrestle Mania on March 18.

The Coach: Randy Orton, Brock Lesnar, Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho, Umaga, Edge, Batista, Kane, Mister Kennedy, Matt Hardy, AMW, so many major players, so many huge names, how the hell can you call a winner??

Jim Ross: Not to mention ‘Captain Charisma’, Coach.

The Coach: Are you serious?? Christian wont make it to Indianapolis this weekend … he wont make it out of Fort Lauderdale tonight. Forget Christian.

Jim Ross: Thirty men, two will start, then every two minutes thereafter another will enter, until all THIRTY have entered. There’s only one way to be eliminated, and that’s over the top rope, with both feet touching the floor - just ask Shawn Michaels.

The Coach: Very important to get a late number though J.R. Only one man has won from being Number One, that again, was Shawn Michaels.

Jim Ross: But here’s another statistic for ya Coach - no one has ever won the Rumble from entering Number Thirty!!! So with all that said, can you put your money where your mouth is and pick a winner?? Whose the Coaches tip for the top??

The Coach: Oh, I’m looking no further than Brock Lesnar. Lesnar has looked fired up for this match for weeks, and he has his radar locked in for Wrestle Mania. Can you pick a winner, big shot??

Jim Ross: I’m going with my gut Coach. I’m goin with a guy whose been there and done it, the only two time winner in this years match, and that’s The Showstopper himself, Shawn Michaels. He’s gonna be fired up after what went down tonight, and come Sunday, being the veteran he is, he’ll channel that anger on twenty nine opponents.


Finlay enters the arena for the main event, carrying his trusty shillelagh.

Jim Ross: But now, it’s time for our main event!!!

The Coach: Not if Christian has already been jumped backstage it isn’t.

Finlay waits in the ring, as the fans get restless, waiting for Christian.


Christian enters to an eruption from the fans, having made it in one piece to the main event. However, as he enters … SHANE MCMAHON attacks him from behind!!!!! Shane pounds Christian on the ramp, doing the bidding of his father, and back tracks, looking to charge Christian off the side of the ramp … but Christian boots him in the gut, AND DELIVERS AN UNPRETTIER!!! Captain Charisma yells out ‘YOU’LL HAVE TO DO BETTER THAN THAT’, sending a message to Vince, before Christian then turns his attention to the ring, pointing at his opponent, taking off his tracksuit as he walks, sliding into the ring, and off we go!!!

Main Event:
Finlay vs. Christian
The two men get a good bit of time in this evenings main event. Finlay appears to be under strict orders to just wear down Christian, not exactly looking to win the match, but instead inflict damage. Captain Charisma though refuses to lie down, and fights his corner to give an interesting main event. A commercial cuts in early in the match, and we re-join, just as the over run is about to kick in. Finlay takes it to the outside again, but Christian shows he is just as tough, out brawling Finlay on the outside, taking it back in, and goes for the Unprettier, but Finlay blocks it, pushing Christian off the ropes, and looks for the Celtic Cross, but Christian fights out of that too, catching Finlay with a reverse DDT, setting him up perfectly to climb the ropes, and DELIVER THE FROG SPLASH!!! Christian covers, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Christian @ 14:14

The bell rings, but instantly, THE RING IS BOMBARDED WITH BODIES!!! Christian finds himself swarmed as The Brotherhood, New Wave, MNM, Val Venis, The Cult Society, Rob Conway, Gene Snitsky, Simon Dean, Straight Edge, Carlito, Booker T, Elijah Burke, and even Victoria, Alexis Laree and Jillian Hall join the fray for this chance to take out Captain Charisma!!!

At the outset, it appears the roster has emptied to attack Christian, but less than an minute into the invasion, the superstars turn on each other!!! With the battle to take out Christian, the superstars begin to fight amongst each other, wanting the glory for themselves, and it’s chaos!!! We soon see, that as the brawl continues in the ring, Christian has LEFT THE RING!!!!!

No one seems to notice, as the superstars all brawl, in and out of the ring around the ringside area, as Christian walks to the top of the ramp, with Mr. McMahon stood, in shock, standing at the top of the ramp, with Christian walking past him, patting the boss on the shoulder, before walking on, leaving Vince open mouthed, as he watches his master plan fall through, as the show goes off the air, amidst bedlam.



Official Card for WWE Royal Rumble:
Date: 14th January 2007
Location: Conseco Field House, Indianapolis, Indiana
Event Music: Saliva, Ladies and Gentlemen

30 Man Royal Rumble:
Winner has automatic shot at EITHER brand’s Champion at WrestleMania XXIII:
Entrants in Alphabetical order;
Batista, Bobby Lashley, Brent Albright, Brock Lesnar, Carlito, Chris Harris, Chris Jericho, Christian, CM Punk, Cody Rhodes, Edge, Finlay, Gregory Helms, Hardcore Holly, James Storm, Kane, Mark Henry, Matt Hardy, Mercury, Mr. Kennedy, M.V.P, Nick Dinsmore, Nitro, Paul London, Randy Orton, Shawn Michaels, Tyson Tomko, Umaga, William Regal + 1 Surprise Entrant!!!

WWE Championship; Triple Threat Match:
Rob Van Dam vs. The Undertaker vs. Kurt Angle

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Triple H vs. John Cena

Cruiserweight Championship; 6 Man Tag Match:
The Mexicools vs. Kid Kash, Chavo Guerrero & Brian Kendrick

Intercontinental Championship Match:
Shelton Benjamin vs. Rey Mysterio


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Re: Being The Booker

Raw Feedback

Very nice opening promo and when you wrote the preview I had no idea what the announcement was however once McMahon started talking and mentioned a bounty, it was pretty obvious. I found the promo to be very in character and I canít believe McMahon is going to give any one a title match even if they lose as long as they eliminate Christian. Then he promises Lesnarís number 30 to anyone if they can take him out tonight and that didnít impress Lesnar. I can see Lesnar eliminating Christian and then McMahon still probably wonít give him a title shot, which he so richly deserves

Not sure about the big block of commentary that was on before the opening contest, it was okay but seemed to drag on a little bit. Ummm by the way does Coach actually say baby boy or is it just something you have incorporated into his character??? Anyway definitely would not have been the best opener in the world seeing Mark Henry battle with Rey Rey, with the Brotherhood at ringside I think the result was always going to be Henry winning and this added heat between Benjamin and Rey.

Who can stop Umaga??? Hmmm, perhaps Brock Lesnar! LOL he is my answer to everything in this thread I love him

Honestly this Christian backstage interview was amazing I really got into I felt his frustration and heartbreak throughout and this may just be the best promo I have read from you so far. Just as Christian is about to go MY BOY, Lesnar makes an appearance and tells him who the real winner of the Rumble is going to be.

Pretty disappointed with the result of the next match because in my opinion Ken Doane > Nick Dinsmore. But anyway I guess I could be wrong but I think this may be the start of a Ken Doane and maybe even Cade face turn. So if him losing this match makes him bigger in the long run I am all for it.

BAHAHAHAAHA Wolfy you hit The Boogeyman promo awesomely I found it hilarious when he slipped and Christian just casually walked away. Literally made me laugh out loud

I canít believe Randy Orton has not won at Mania yet for the whole time this thread has been going it is kind of depressing. Michaels comes out and BANG I guess the match is under way Michaels gets the win via DQ and the way things are going I can see these two hooking up again at ManiaÖ EPIC FEUD FTW

LOL at Cena trying to be funny but failing miserably it seems like something he would do. Basically this promo is all about hype and I thought you got Cenaís character down good and I loved the comment about Triple Hís four month old daughter having more balls then he does and here comes Trips. Triple H tries to be intense but gets straight up OWNED by Cena and Cena got very intense and maybe got inside Triple Hís head.

Six man tag match was awesome and I am really beginning to be worried about MNM as Straight Edge have straight up beaten them twice now quire comfortably. Carlito also gets another win to keep his winning streak going and I can not wait for the Rumble. I am craving it right now.

Teddy Long pumping up his team and talking them up nothing new here and I LOLíd at Mack and Jordan making themselves look like idiots trying to take out Christian but slipping over water.

Any Diva > Candice so you made the right option here Wolfy.

Good to see Straight Edge will stick together even if they come to blows in the Rumble but then again what people say and what people do are different. Punk heel turn pleaseÖ

Another nice backstage interaction this time between Kennedy and Stephanie and these two are both brilliant and it showed even if it was only small.

Wow at Lesnar for once not getting sucked in to Vinceís shit. I am proud of the guy maybe for once he has finally learnt his lesson.

Very nice main event. Nice twist with Shane O Mac attacking Christian at the start but it did not really help and well currently Christian is just a class above Vinceís new stooge, Finlay. After match the hunting for Christian turned into a Royal Rumble preview and that is an exciting way to end the show.

Wolfy I donít know what was different but this show is probably my favorite of yours that I have read. There was really nothing to say in a negative way so instead I enjoyed myself predicting and what not. Awesome show Wolf canít wait for SD or the Rumble tbh. Happy birthday to Being The Booker as well

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