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Re: Being The Booker

Raw Preview:

Goodbye 2006, hello 2007. The WWE opens a new year with Monday Night Raw, live in Hartford, with huge Royal Rumble implications.

Mister Kennedy & Rey Mysterio, beaten by Shelton Benjamin in an incredible triple threat match two weeks ago on the final Raw of 2006, will meet - this time one on one - with the winner to go into Indianapolis in two weeks time at the Royal Rumble to challenge the champion. Mysterio and Kennedy have had their troubles in recent weeks, but the winner this week will not only have bragging rights - but a shot at the Intercontinental Champion to boot. Will the 2006 King of the Ring progress to the Royal Rumble for the opportunity to recapture the title he feels he should never have lost?? Or will Rey Mysterio get another crack at the gold??

Meanwhile, four men who already have their places booked in the 30 Man Royal Rumble will compete in tag team action. Randy Orton and Shawn Michaels will get another chance to settle their differences, as they compete on opposite sides again this week, with Orton set to team with the Irishman that loves to fight, Finlay, and The Showstopper will be partnered by none other than the Caribbean native, Carlito. Both Finlay and Carlito were added to the Rumble match on Christmas Day on WWE.COM, and both men will be looking to impress ahead of their golden shot in two weeks time.

Also in action will be the undefeated Samoan Bulldozer, Umaga. This week, the man presented with the challenge of inflicting Umagas first defeat?? 'The Problem Solver', Tyson Tomko. Is this the work of the McMahon Family Empire, pulling the strings of Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff, looking to nullify the threat of Christians friend at ringside for the main event??

And of course, as mentioned, the main event. It's all on the line, with John Cena & Christians year of 2007 already in the balance. The balance of power on Raw is on the line, in a four on two handicap match!!! The Chairman, Mr. McMahon along with his son Shane, The Iron Man Brock Lesnar and the current World Champion Triple H will team up to attempt to take down the uprising of John Cena and Christian. Should Cena and Christian be victorious this Monday - they get what they wanted; Cena gets his rematch with Triple H at the Royal Rumble and Christian will join the other twenty nine men in the Royal Rumble match. Should they lose- neither man will be eligible for any title shot again. It's all or nothing for Christian and Cena in Hartford this Monday, and the McMahon Family Empire, along with Brock Lesnar will be hell bent on making it a miserable new year for the biggest thorns in their side.


Raw up tomorrow.
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Re: Being The Booker

Nice Preview, I'm looking forward to the actual RAW. Even though it seems like Christian and Cena are destined to win... somehow... I'd be pleasantly surprised if they actually lost. Could result in interesting storylines.

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The Royal Rumble, my 1st PPV, is now up!

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Re: Being The Booker

I will be reading as always, great grandfather.

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Re: Being The Booker

Raw preivew looks pretty solid, as if I expected anything less. Three big matches signed, as I can see Rey heading to the Rumble to face Shelton, with Kennedy getting his spot in the Rumble. Tomko will be the next sacrificed to Umaga, while I see Cena and Christian getting what they want, by somehow winning the main event.


PatMan Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2007
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Re: Being The Booker

Wolfy I haven't been around in about a week but I've caught up and am very looking forward to Raw. I'll actually put some comments up for you tomorrow whenever it goes up.
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Re: Being The Booker

Looks like another nice edition to Raw i can not wait to read it mate

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Re: Being The Booker

Really, really looking forward to RAW. Can't wait for it to be posted.

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Re: Being The Booker

To hell with whoever says heel vs. heel matches don't work; Kennedy over Rey and taking the strap from Benji at the Rumble ... plz?
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Re: Being The Booker

January 1st 2007: Hartford:

Video Package, highlighting the closing moments of Raw two weeks ago, leading to the announcement of John Cena & Christian vs. Triple H, Brock Lesnar, Vince & Shane McMahon tonight.

Opening Video


Jim Ross:
We welcome you to the first Raw broadcast of the year 2007, the first WWE broadcast of the year, and just listen to the excitement in the Civic Centre in Hartford, ahead of what promises to be an amazing evening. Iím Jim Ross, alongside The Coach, and we are all set for tonights roller coaster.

The Coach: Damn straight baby boy. The Coach is pumped for this one. Two weeks off for The Coach was great Ö but J.R, Iím glad to be back in the hot seat, even if it means I have to sit next to you.

Jim Ross: Well, unfortunately the job doesnít have all itís perks Coach. Tonight, the Royal Rumble is on the radar, itís less than two weeks away, and that epic event will take shape with two huge matches. Of course, the main event tonight, Four on Two, with John Cena and Christian facing an uphill task to reach their goals, taking on the World Champion, Triple H, The Iron Man, Brock Lesnar, the owner of the God damn company, and his son.

The Coach: And looking at the numbers, I donít think weíll be seeing John Cena challenge The Game at the Royal Rumble, and I donít think weíll be seeing Christian join the other twenty nine guys in Indianapolis.

Jim Ross: I for one Coach, hope you are very, very wrong.


The 2006 King of the Ring becomes the first superstar broadcast in 2007, as we prepare for the opening match.

Jim Ross: And as I alluded to moments ago, this is the second match tonight, with huge Royal Rumble implications. The winner of this match will travel to Indianapolis to challenge the Intercontinental Champion, Shelton Benjamin, but the loser, he gets a heck of a consolation, because he will be given the opportunity to go to the main event of Wrestle Mania Ö if he can win the Royal Rumble match of course.


Rey Mysterio bursts onto the stage, getting an overwhelming response from the fans, with a hot opening match to come.

1st Match: #1 Contender Match for the Intercontinental Championship:
Mister Kennedy vs. Rey Mysterio
Iíve had lots of problems with Word lately, the same problem actually, time and time again. The document freezes up, and suddenly I get a message saying along the lines of ĎWord is not responding and needs to closeí. Therefore I lose stuff I havent saved. This time that happened to the opening commentary and the first half of this match. I donít have the will to go through it again, so Iíll make it short and sweet - Highly competitive match, plenty of near falls, and the two men play off their recent problems with each other, but in the end, as Kennedy goes for the Green Bay Plunge, Rey counters AND NAILS A DDT OFF THE TOP!!!!! Rey though, doesnít go for the pin, and instead gets to his feet, composes himself, and leaps to the top rope, AND DROPS THE DIME!!! Mysterio hooks the leg, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Rey Mysterio @ 12:55

Mysterio is going to the Royal Rumble!!! Heíll now have an opportunity to recapture the Intercontinental Title he lost just over a year ago, when he meets the ĎBlack Diamondí for the gold!!! Rey has his arm raised in the air, and salutes the fans, whilst Kennedy is rolled out of the ring, before he stumbles up the ramp, defeated, but safe in the knowledge he has a place in the Royal Rumble match. Rey continues to celebrate in the ring, whilst we cut to the backstage area, and see the Intercontinental Champion, Shelton Benjamin, along with the Brotherhood, chatting and pointing at the screen, and his opponent for the Rumble in 13 days.


We return backstage, with Todd Grisham standing by with Carlito.

Todd Grisham: Iím standing by with Carlito, and last week on Christmas Day, you were given a very pleasurable gift, and that of course, was a place in the Royal Rumble match in less than two weeks. Your thoughts??

Carlito bounces his apple from one hand to the other, before speaking.

Carlito: Carlitos thoughts Todd?? Carlitos thoughts are quite simple. The Royal Rumble in two weeks time is Carlitos opportunity to take the next step. Heck, Todd, this is the ultimate step for Carlito. This is Carlitos opportunity to headline WrestleMania.

Todd interjects, and poses another question.

Todd Grisham: And of course, speaking of WrestleMania, after you retained the Intercontinental Championship at last years event, you then went on a six month losing streak, which ruined your 2006. W-

Carlito interrupts

Carlito: Hey, hey. 2006 is in the past now Todd. Carlito is fully aware of how bad 2006 was Ö I lived it. But Todd, this is a new year, and a new start for Carlito. And Todd, Carlito has made a new years resolution Ö and that is to shock the world, and win the Royal Rumble.

Couple of cheers in the background, but not many.

Todd Grisham: Well, given that statement, how will you approach tonightís tag team match, which sees you and Shawn Michaels team up to face Randy Orton and Finlay. All four of you are set to compete in the Royal Rumble in less than two weeks, but can you co-exist with Shawn Michaels, knowing that you will both have the same objective in Indianapolis??

Carlito takes a moment to think, bouncing his apple up and down on his hand, before responding.

Carlito: Carlito will do whatís asked of him tonight to get the job done. But at the Royal Rumble Ö itís every man for himself.

Carlito takes a look at Grisham again, before walking off.

Back into the arenaÖ


Umaga storms onto the stage, with Armando Estrada keeping up alongside him, ahead of the next match.

Jim Ross: And although we have that tag team match later between four men already involved in the Royal Rumble, right now, this God damn unstoppable beast, Umaga, is set for one on one action, against another Royal Rumble participant, Tyson Tomko.

The Coach: And isnít that genius?? Tyson Tomko, Christians lackey, gets a spot in the Royal Rumble, whilst Captain Charisma might not even be going to Indianapolis, never mind compete in the Rumble!!!

Jim Ross: Oh yeah, itís a regular Einstein move from our callous General Manager.

2nd Match:
Umaga vs. Tyson Tomko
Tomko puts up a fight, but never looks like beating Umaga, despite nailing the savage with a thunderous big boot, but just gets a two count. Umaga shrugs off the offence of Tomko, and annihilates the Problem Solver, finishing him off, as always, with the heart stopping Samoan Spike, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Umaga @ 04:29

And Umaga is rolling towards the Royal Rumble. The Samoan Bulldozer has his hand raised, but shoves the referee away, as Estrada is forced to step in and try to calm the savage down. Meanwhile, J.R and Coach discuss that it will take a superhuman effort to eliminate this beast from the Rumble match in 13 days time.


Royal Rumble Flashback - 1998 - Mick Foley enters the Rumble three times, as Cactus Jack, Dude Love & Mankind, but still fails to win the match.

Backstage, Kelly Kelly catches up with Mister Kennedy, getting treatment in the trainers room.

Kelly Kelly: Mister Kennedy, can I have a moment please??

Kennedy takes a look at Kelly, then turns away, taking a look at the trainer, before turning his attention back to Kelly, giving her a cue to start, but Kelly seems a little uncomfortable with Kennedy and his attitude towards her.

Mister Kennedy: Well??

Kelly quickly speaks up, with a slight sheepishness in her voice.

Kelly Kelly: I was just hoping to maybe get your feelings after losing the chance to face Shelton Benjamin at the Royal Rumble??

Kennedy stands up, with Kelly cowering, expecting Kennedy to get violent.

Mister Kennedy: My feelings?? Ö Kelly Ö I feel relieved. Iím relieved that I lost tonight.

Kennedy stops, as Kelly looks a little bit confused. Kennedy though, continues.

Mister Kennedy: Yísee, Iíve consumed myself for the past three months in recapturing that Intercontinental Championship, and every time Iíve fallen just a little bit short. So Iíve come around to the realisation that the Intercontinental Championship shouldnít be my focus any longer. Iíve come to the realisation that my future lies elsewhere, and that Ö is winning the 30 Man Royal Rumble in two weeks time Ö which then means at Wrestle Mania a NEWWWW World Heavyweight Championnn-ahhh will be crowned Ö and do you know what his name will be Kelly??

Kennedy nods at Kelly, almost willing her on, pointing at himself for her to say his nameÖ

Kelly Kelly: Ö Mister Kennedy??

Kennedy smiles, and nods, before ripping the mic, and yelling in Kellys earÖ

Mister Kennedy: KEN-NED-DAYYYYYY!!!!!


A video now plays, with a young man, and young woman in a car, kissing. The woman pulls away for a second.

Woman: Wait, wait.

The man looks upset, as the woman pulls away from him.

Man: Whatís wrong??

Woman: Itís just Ö itís my first time.

The man smiles, before reassuring the woman, whilst stroking her arm.

Man: Itís okay Ö itís my first time too.

The woman now smiles, then looks inquisitive.

Woman: Really?? Well, have you got them??

Man: Yeah, theyíre right here.

The man pulls his wallet out, seemingly to pull out a condom, and off camera the woman catches a glimpse of it.

Woman: Okay Ö Iím ready.

The camera now shows what the man pulled from his wallet Ö two WrestleMania 23 tickets.

Man: Alright. WrestleMania, here we come!!

They share a quick kiss, and exit the vehicle, as they walk away, holding hands Ö towards the New Orleans Superdome Ö

The video then ends with a big WrestleMania 23 logo Ö FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER IN NEW ORLEANS Ö AND YOU NEVER FORGET YOUR FIRST TIME.


Back to ringsideÖ

Jim Ross: And indeed folks, ANOTHER batch of tickets go on sale this weekend, extra tickets made available for the Granddaddy of Ďem all, WrestleMania 23!!! A ten minute sell out in September, WrestleMania 23 just opened itís doors again for another bunch of lucky fans. Check for details!!!


The fans come alive, as CM Punk, along with his tag team partner, Gregory Helms enters for singles action.

Jim Ross: And we are looking at two men that would love to be in action come WrestleMania time. The hottest commodity in the tag team division right now, -

The Coach: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Thatís all your opinion, not a fact. The hottest commodity in the tag team division is MNM, the champions.

Jim Ross: Like you just told me Coach, thatís your opinion. In my, and many fans opinion, Punk and Helms are the uncrowned champions, and as Iíve said many times in recent months, there is a huge clamour for Straight Edge to challenge our esteemed champions.

The Coach: But you donít make the matches J.R. Eric Bischoff does. And he has saw fit for Mercury and Nitro to be part of the thirty man Royal Rumble - NOT these two pretenders.


Mercury, Nitro and Melina enter the stage, all holding gold, with Nitro set to take on Punk in singles action. We get to see Melinas split entrance, before cutting away to a commercial ahead of this singles match.


3rd Match:
CM Punk w/Gregory Helms vs. Nitro w/Mercury & Melina
Joined in progress from the commercial, with Punk in control, but slips up, as he leaps onto the ropes, which allows Melina to trip him, with Mercury getting the officials attention, allowing the illegal interference. Nitro takes control, but cant put Punk away. Melina then jumps onto the apron, distracting the referee, giving Mercury a chance to throw the belt into Nitro, but as he slides the belt in, Helms slides in himself, intercepting the belt. This distracts Nitro for a moment, and he yells at Helms, whilst Mercury looks to attack Punk, but gets caught with a kick, THEN THE PUNK CARD!!! Nitro sees this, and charges at Punk, but the straight edge superstar ducks a clothesline, and grabs behind Nitro, running him into the ropes - KNOCKING MELINA OFF THE APRON - and rolls him up, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: CM Punk @ 07:29

Punk causes an upset, as MNM screw up their chance for victory. Helms joins Punk in the ring, as Nitro backs off, ironically being the only member of MNM left standing, despite having been involved in the match. He exitís the ring, but keeps his focus on Punk and Helms, who stand in wait for a run in again, which isnít forthcoming. Nitro helps up Mercury and Melina, as the champions regroup on the aisle, whilst Punk and Helms play to the fans as J.R once again talks up Straight Edge, with Coach in hysterics, vehemently against Punk and Helms as potential challengers to the titles.

We then cut away, and into the McMahon Family room, where Vince is already dressed for combat, as is Shane, whilst Triple H is beginning to lace up his boots, with HHH and Shane seemingly arguing.

Triple H: I just donít like this set up one bit. Thatís all Iím saying.

Shane McMahon: Thatís all youíve been saying for the last two weeks Hunter. Cant you just have a little belief in us??

Triple H: I donít work with belief Shane. I donít like to pray for things to happen, or hope everything goes okay. I like to have things under control, and having you and your dad in this thing Ö it doesnít fill me with confidence.

Triple H finishes tying up his laces, and gets up, looking over at Shane, then Vince.

Triple H: No disrespect.

Vince then stands up, and tries to ease the situation, putting his arm around Triple H.

Vince McMahon: Look, I know youíre a little anxious tonight. But there is no reason to be. Yeah, Shane and I arenít quite Ďthereí in terms of ability. But donít forget, weíve got Brock Lesnar on our side. itís four on two dammit. And I like those odds.

Triple H shrugs Vinceís hand off his shoulder.

Triple H: Donít get me started on Lesnar. That worries me too. I mean, how the hell do you know we can trust him??

Vince smiles, again, trying to calm HHH.

Vince McMahon: Because heís on our side. Heís part of our team Hunter. He wont let us down Ö not with the promises Iíve made him.

Triple H: Oh yeah?? Iím not buying it. Lesnarís in it for himself. He doesnít give a crap about us tonight.

Before Vince can reply, Shane speaks up.

Shane McMahon: But he does give a crap about himself Hunter. Heíll want to kick Cena and Christian while theyíre down, just as badly as we do.

Concerned, Stephanie (who is holding a bridal magazine) speaks up, backing her brothers claim.

Stephanie McMahon: Hunter, Shaneís right. If Brock Lesnar is anything, heís too proud to not care about tonight.

Triple H stands in thought for a moment, when suddenly, another voice is heard.

Voice: Yeah, Shaneís right.

The entire McMahon Family look around, and see Brock Lesnar, stood at the doorway, wearing black sweat pants, but no t-shirt {MILK BOTTLE~!}, holding his elbow pads.

Brock Lesnar: You donít need to worry about where my loyalties lie Ö at least not tonight.

Lesnar turns to leave, but Triple H calls out, stopping him.

Triple H: And whatís that supposed to mean??

Lesnar turns back around, with a smile on his face.

Brock Lesnar: It means Ö what it means. Tonight, my job is to make sure Cena and Christian donít succeed. My next job, is to win the Royal Rumble Ö and after that Ö my job is to take that World Heavyweight Championship Ö(Lesnar looks around the room, before speaking again, almost in a whisper) Ö and Iíll go through anybody to get it.

The mood goes sour, and extremely quiet, as Triple H slowly begins to grin, and moves toward Lesnar, who doesnít back up an inch.

Triple H: Go for it.

Lesnar gets right in The Games face.

Brock Lesnar: I will. But for now Ö youíd be best off keeping on my good side Ö because right now, you guys need me way more that I need you.

Quickly, Shane and Vince decide to step in, and alleviate the tension, with Vince trying to talk to both HHH and Lesnar at the same time.

Vince McMahon: Listen, we can talk about this tomorrow Ö or some other time later tonight. Just not now. Donít forget Brock, you win the Rumble, you have an option of which champ-

Lesnar interrupts

Brock Lesnar: But I like it here on Raw Vince. Iím not jumping back to Smackdown.

HHH then casts another look at Lesnar, with Vince and Shane still trying to calm things down.

Brock Lesnar: Iíll see you guys out there later, yeah??

Lesnar nods, almost mockingly at Triple H, before turning, and leaving, as The Game throws his own knee pad across the room in fury, as we fade out.

Back into the arenaÖ


Randy Orton makes his way out into the arena, -with new music for a new year- ahead of the tag team contest, featuring four of the Royal Rumble participants from the Raw brand.

Jim Ross: Fresh off his win two weeks ago over The Showstopper Shawn Michaels, Randy Orton is headed straight for the Royal Rumble with his fourth consecutive WrestleMania title match in his sights.

The Coach: And he has plenty of reason to want that fourth consecutive main event J.R. Randy Orton has NEVER won at WrestleMania, but victory in the 30 Man Royal Rumble would give him a fourth opportunity at the big dance.

Jim Ross: And whether you love him or hate him, Randy Orton must be considered as a big favourite for victory. Heís been on a roll in recent months, and that form could lead him to triumph. The Career Killer is in tag team action Ö when we come back!!!


We return, just coming into the second hour, ringside with Carlito stood at the bottom of the ramp, his music just dying down, as Finlay and Orton pace around the ring, waiting for MichaelsÖ


Shawn Michaels enters the stage, to a deafening response from the fans, showing their love for the living legend. HBK slaps hands with fans on his way down the aisle, and pats Carlito on the back, before the two men slide into the ring, and the match kicks off with a pier six brawl.

4th Match:
Randy Orton & Finlay vs. Carlito & Shawn Michaels
Long match, with plenty of back and forth action between the two teams, with no long beat downs as per regular tag team formula. Itís just a case of two teams going to and fro throughout, with the balance of power shifting constantly. Mid way through the match, the Little Bastard makes an appearance after HBK lands off the top rope with the Elbow on Finlay, but as he puts Finlays foot on the rope, CCC takes a bite from his apple, and SPITS IN IN THE LITTLE BASTARDS FACE!!! Carlito then baseball slides the leprechaun, sending him crashing into the barricade with a sickening thud, taking him out of the equation, as he rolls under the ring again.

The match settles back down, and again, the momentum continues to shift back and forth, with plenty of near falls to keep the fans interest high, but then match suddenly breaks down, as Finlay is forced to break a cover on Orton, after Michaels delivered a superplex. Carlito then interferes, and tackles Finlay to the outside. Meanwhile, Orton takes advantage of the situation, realising the referee is busy taking care of CCC and Finlay, nails an unsuspecting Michaels with a low blow, just as HBK was dragging Randy to his feet. Orton then runs off the ropes, and looks to hit the RKO Ö BUT MICHAELS SIDE STEPS HIM!!! Orton falls to the mat, connecting with air on the RKO, and struggles to his feet, but as he gets up Ö MICHAELS CONNECTS WITH SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!! HBK makes the cover, with the referee spotting the cover, 1...2...3!!!
Winners: Shawn Michaels & Carlito @ 12:27

Michaels scores an equaliser after defeat to Orton two weeks ago, claiming a one on one victory tonight!!! HBK stands over Randy, pointing and yelling, having got one over on his rival. On the outside, Finlay takes a walk, having had enough for one night, whilst Carlito stands tall, calling the Irishman back, as we watch the two faces stand tall this evening, but not side by side.


Smackdown Rebound

We return now with Melina furious backstage with Nitro and Mercury.

Melina: Can you two fathom how bad this is?? Do you two realise what weíve gotten ourselves into?? I warned the pair of you to avoid Helms and Punk LIKE THE PLAGUE!!!

Nitro and Mercury look to each other, as Melina slaps both of them, one at a time.

Melina: Tonight, the two of you screwed up. Now, if you want to keep those titles that have gotten us where we are, youíll have to get us out of it.

Melina then pushes a whole load of random things off a table, letting out her tribal like scream.

Melina: Weíre in sooo much trouble guys. Straight Edge Ö they are the biggest threat to our titles, and after tonight, theyíre right in line for an opportunity at winning them. So much trouble. Tonightís party with Paris?? Itís off. We need to think of how to get out of this, and fast.

Mercury and Nitro look at each other again, with Melina burying her head in her hands, as we fade outÖ

Ö And elsewhere, the fans pop like crazy, at the mere sight of John Cena. At least, the kids and women do anyway. Cena walks through the corridor, with an air of confidence surrounding him. Cena then stops, smiles, and speaksÖ

John Cena: Just the guy Iíve been looking forÖ

No, Cena isnít talking to the fans at home, the camera pans, and we see Christian.

Christian: Youíre looking for me, huh??

The two men walk toward each other, and stop, as they meet.

Christian: So, what is it?? You got a belated Christmas card for me??

Cena puts his head down and smiles, before speaking again.

John Cena: Hell no Dawg. Big business to talk Ďbout. (Gets serious) Like tonight.

Christian nods, and soon responds.

Christian: Whatís there to talk about John?? You and I go out there, beat the crap out of Vince McMahon, Shane McMahon, Brock Lesnar and Triple H.

John Cena then interrupts.

John Cena: And Stephanie if she gets in the way.

Christian responds, repeating what Cena said.

Christian: And Stephanie Ö if she gets in the way.

Cena interrupts again.

John Cena: And Finlay if he decides to show up, and Randy Orton, and his little gaggle of groupies, and MNM, and The Brotherhood, a-

Christian: I get it. I get it. Yes, we take out anybody that stands in our way. So with that said Ö what exactly do we need to talk about??

Cena looks taken aback, before responding.

John Cena: Well Ö for one?? Can I count on you having my back tonight if things go wrong?? If Iím getting beat down by all four guys, are you gonna dig in and fight with me in the trenches??

Christian scoffs at the questioning, but shakes his head, taking the queston seriously.

Christian: Of course Iíve got your back. Weíre the two musketeers tonight, all for one, one for all, and all that crap.

Cena nods, then looks set to walk on, but Christian stops him.

Christian: But you donít need that reassurance John. Because nothing is gonna go wrong. You and I are winning this match tonight. Then, youíll get your shot at Triple H at the Royal Rumble, and Iíll dump twenty nine other guys over the top rope Ö and then Iím heading to the main event of Wrestle Mania Ö and at Wrestle Mania Ö

John Cena: Youíll lose to the World Heavyweight Champion, John Cena.

For a moment, there is an uneasy tension, then Christian cracks a smile, as does Cena.

Christian: Funny that. Wasnít what I was going to say Cena. What I was going to say Ö when I go to the main event of WrestleMania, nothing, no one Ö will stop Captain Charisma from becoming a two time World Heavyweight Champion Ö now Ö THATíS how I roll.

Christian smirks at Cena, as Cena smirks back.

John Cena: Good to know. Weíll see about that.

The two share another look, before a mutual nod, as both men head off in separate directions.



Alexis Laree enters the arena to a strong response, saluting the fans.

Jim Ross: Alexis Laree, a former two time Womens champion, in less than twelve months with the company, makes those accomplishments even greater.

The Coach: I donít know about that J.R. Sure, to be a two time womens champion in less than a year SOUNDS good Ö but really, lets think about it, Alexis Laree obviously doesnít have staying power as a champion, to have two bites at the cherry and lose TWICE in such a short space of time.


Former champion, Jillian Hall enters to little fanfare.

Jim Ross: Miss Hall and Alexis Laree certainly go way back. They debuted against each other here on Raw less than a year ago, and both have held the coveted womens title.

The Coach: Yeah, these two have no love lost J.R. This could get ugly.

5th Match:
Alexis Laree vs. Jillian Hall
Short match, but despite that, the two almost seem to be pacing themselves for a twenty minute epic, with lots of headlocks, and holds in the early going. Eventually, they break into roll ups and counter roll ups, for an array of near falls. Suddenly, Jillian gets the upper hand, low bridging the ropes, with Larees momentum taking him over the top rope, to the floor. Jillian follows out, and roughs Laree up on the outside, slamming her head off the floor, ramming her into the barricade, before rolling her opponent back inside. Hall then gains a number of close near falls, but Laree is able to survive. Jillian, with all the control, climbs the ropes, but as she comes off for a leg drop, MISSES!!!! Laree moves out of the way, and sees the opportunity arise, catching a stunned Hall with the Laree-DT!!! Alexis hooks the leg, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Alexis Laree @ 04:01

Alexis Laree looks jubilant in victory, putting herself right back into the title equation for the Womens Championship. Laree makes a motion that she wants the title, as her arm is raised in the air.


Backstage, we see Randy Orton, in the locker room, standing with his three stable mates, Nick Dinsmore, Garrison Cade & Ken Doane, who are all sat down.

Randy Orton: Man, I cant believe that Shawn Michaels. Old, washed up has-been just always finds a way to piss me off.

Orton paces back and forth a bit, trying to think of something.

Randy Orton: But what he doesnít realise Ö heís bitten off WAAYYY more than he can chew this time.

Randy paces a little more, getting more worked up.

Randy Orton: Michaels is gonna pay Ö nobody gets away with standing over Randy Orton like the Lord of the Manor, looking down and smiling at me. He IS gonna pay Ö at the Royal Rumble.

Orton hunches down, and looks at his troops.

Randy Orton: And WE are gonna make him pay. All of us together. The four of us are gonna take that smirk off his face come Royal Rumble, arenít we??

The three men look to each other, before Cade becomes first to speak.

Garrison Cade: To be honest Randy Ö at the Rumble Ö we were actually thinking Ö every man for himself??

Orton stands back up, slowly. He mulls over what was said, before replying.

Randy Orton: Every man for himself, huh??

The three nod, as Dinsmore pipes in.

Nick Dinsmore: Listen Randy, itís not that we donít agree Ö itís just Ö this could be our one opportunity. Last year, Garrison had to do the bidding of Michaels, and cost himself the match trying to save him. And as for me?? I had to act like a god damn retard.

Doane then adds his input.

Ken Doane: And this will be my first ever chance to be in the Royal Rumble, and honestly?? Iíd love the chance to go out there and give it my all.

Orton thinks about whatís been said, before responding.

Randy Orton: Okay. I can see where you guys are coming from. You donít need to play second fiddle to anyone, not even me. But we need to cut a deal. The four of us stick together, divide and conquer. And above all else Ö get Shawn Michaels the hell out of there.

The three men look to each other, and nod, looking to Orton, and agreeing. Just as the New Wave seems to be on the same page Ö we hear a cough in the background, and the figure of Eric Bischoff appears.

Eric Bischoff: Iím sorry to interrupt gentlemen, but I just needed to have a quick word with the four of you.

Orton doesnít seem too happy to see Eric, as the GM speaks again.

Eric Bischoff: Now, just before Christmas, I thought Iíd given Mister Orton here a nice little gift, by handing him a much coveted place in the Royal Rumble match Ö however, he didnít seem so happy. I think the words were to the effects of Ö ĎI expected ití?? Well Randy, while your place in the Royal Rumble match IS secure, Iíve got a nasty little surprise for your three cohorts. You see, there is only going to be ONE place in the Royal Rumble match between the three of you.

Doane, Cade and Dinsmore look to each other anxiously.

Eric Bischoff: And that place will be decided Ö next week on Raw Ö in a triple threat match Ö between the three of you.

The three men are rightly irate at the news, whilst Orton sees his own master plan go up in smoke.

Eric Bischoff: Oh, and Randy?? Youíll be in action next week too Ö against a man you know quite well by now Ö Shawn Michaels.

Eric smiles, patting Orton on the back, getting his own back for Ortons flippant attitude two weeks ago.

We return to ringsideÖ

Jim Ross: What a bombshell!!! Eric Bischoff has just gotten the New Waves new year off to a very, very bad start!!! Nick Dinsmore, Garrison Cade and Ken Doane will be forced to battle it out next week for one place in the upcoming Royal Rumble, and Shawn Michaels will get another crack at Randy Orton, after their meeting two weeks ago, and tonights tag team contest, which saw HBK get his own back.

The Coach: Randy Orton beat Michaels two weeks ago, and heíll beat him once more next week in Florida. But I think our General Manager just sent a message to the New Wave that no matter who you are, you donít mess with the Bisch.

Jim Ross: Thatís all to come next week of course Coach, but I would be inclined to agree on your comments regarding our General Manager. Lets hope heís turned over a new leaf for a new year. Folks, we are just moments away from getting the answer to the questions we have been asking for two weeks. Can Christian and John Cena overcome the deadly foursome of Brock Lesnar, Vince and Shane McMahon, and of course the ten times World Heavyweight Champion, Triple H to realise their dreams at the Royal Rumble??

The Coach: All is about to be revealed J.R. Can the egos of Christian and Cena co-exist?? I donít think they can.

Jim Ross: Well hey, maybe we should worry about if Triple H and Lesnar can see eye to eye??

The Coach: Of course they will J.R. Donít you go stirring trouble now. That isnít an issue.

We then cut backstage, and see Triple H leading Vince and Shane down the hallway, breathing heavily, as we cut to a commercial, just ahead of our main event.



Triple H leads Vince & Shane McMahon, along with Stephanie, out of the entrance, as his in-laws and wife stand behind The Game, watching on intently, as the World Champion poses on the ramp, spitting water. He marches down the aisle, with Vince and Shane following closely behind with Steph. The McMahons stay on the outside, commenting to our commentators, as The Game takes up the ring, going through his whole entrance routine, before The McMahons join him in the ring.


Brock Lesnar enters to a mixed response, intently walking down the aisle, with The Game in the ring, pacing back and forth, with Vince in his ear, possibly trying to reassure him that Lesnar is on side tonight. Brock leaps onto the apron, with his pyro shooting off, and gets into the ring, staring straight through The Game, brushing past, yanking at the ropes, jumping up and down, pumping himself up.

The music dies down, and the four men wait, with Shane and Vince standing between Lesnar and HHH, with the four men awaiting Cena and Christian.


Captain Charisma enters to a humongous pop from the rabid fans. He pounds his chest, and salutes the fans, sauntering down the aisle, flicking off his hood, taking a good look at his opponents in the ring. Christian paces around the ring, being smart enough to not get a four on one attack before the thing starts. Captain Charisma waits, standing at the bottom of the ramp now, having done a full revolution around the ring, as his music dies down, as we wait forÖ


John Cena BURSTS onto the stage, to a magnificent early response, which eventually disperses into a mixed reaction, with Cena dividing many opinions. He fires his t-shirt into the crowd, along with his hat, before standing at the bottom of the ramp with Christian, who quickly talk over strategy, before jumping onto the apron, wisely not going straight into a brawl, as we get set for a huge main event Ö but weíll have another commercial first Ö


Main Event: If Cena / Christian win, Cena faces Triple H at the Royal Rumble and Christian enters 30 Man Royal Rumble:
Triple H, Brock Lesnar, Vince & Shane McMahon vs. John Cena & Christian
The match is joined in progress, although nothing appears to have happened during the three and a half minute commercial break, most likely with plenty of stalling to get the fans restless instead. Now that weíre back on air, itís Vince and Cena to start things off, but The Game insists on Vince getting out of there, and Lesnar starting instead. Brock shrugs it off, but doesnít seem happy about taking orders. He does though get in the ring, and locks up with Cena, getting the best of a tussle, chucking him into the corner. Lesnar poses, to heat, and turns to Triple H, telling The Game Ďto top thatí. This enrages HHH, and Triple H demands a tag, with Lesnar smiling, almost shocked that Triple H was so easy to wind up. He obliges with the tag, and Triple H steps inside, but before he can tussle with Cena, CENA TACKLES THE CHAMPION TO THE MAT!!! Cena pounds Triple H, before getting to his feet, and tags in Christian.

Christian pounds down The Game for a moment, wearing the champion down, then tags back out to Cena again. Cena gets caught with a kick to the gut, allowing HHH to get to his corner, with Shane reaching out, making the tag out. Shane darts into the ring, but suddenly stops when he realises just what he has got himself into. Cena smiles, as Shane goes for a lock up, but gets manhandled right across the ring like a rag doll!!! Cena pumps up the fans, and hitís a side slam, following with a 5 Knuckle Shuffle, and scores a two count with Vince jumping in to make sure there isnít a three. Cena shrugs it off, and tags in Christian, giving him a chance to have his way with Shane. Christian throws Shane around like a rag doll too, getting in on the fun, but as he runs off the ropes, Brock drives his knee into the back, which sends Christian to one knee, before getting back up, and knocking Lesnar off the apron, but when he turns back around, Shane clobbers Captain Charisma with a flying clothesline!!! Shane quickly tags out, bringing Triple H back in.

The Game now takes over, and wears down the former champion down, before reluctantly tagging in Vince, but Vince doesnít screw anything up. Instead, he keeps it simple, pounding down on the shoulder of Christian, applying a couple of nerve holds, before tagging back out to the champion. Triple H scores a couple of near falls, driving a knee drop onto the face of Christian, and a thunderous spine buster gives The Game another near fall. The champion pulls Christian up, and after a little hesitation, makes the tag to Lesnar. Brock has his way with Captain Charisma, displaying his power and strength, coming close with a German suplex for a long two count.

Now, Cena is desperate to get Christian out of there, but cant even get close to his struggling partner, with the heels getting fresher and stronger as the match wears on. Shane and Vince get another run in the ring each, getting the better of Christian, but as Captain Charisma attempts a comeback, Triple H gets involved, knocking Christian back off his feet. This obviously enrages Cena, but the referee stops him from getting involved, and thus, the distraction allows illegal double team moves from the opposition. Vince is in again, and in control of Christian, looking to apply the famous Figure Four Leg Lock, but CHRISTIAN KICKS HIM AWAY!!! Captain Charisma gets back to his feet, and knocks McMahon down with a clothesline, then a dropkick, as it looks like he is picking up the pace for a comeback Ö BUT THEN BROCK LESNAR ENTERS AND DROPS CHRISTIAN WITH A BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!!!!

This sparks Cena into life, and this time, the referee is unable to hold him back, as he runs right through Lesnar, turning him inside out with a clothesline!!! Cena doesnít stop though, as he blasts The Game off the apron, and dives from the apron onto the floor, tackling Triple H down!!! Lesnar rolls to the outside, leaving Christian and Vince, with Shane on the apron, as his Dad slowly crawls over to the corner, and tags in his son!!! Shane gets in slowly, before blasting Christian with two kicks, then goes for a third Ö BUT CHRISTIAN CATCHES THE FOOT!!! Captain Charisma trips Shane O Mac to the mat, and pounds silver spooned Shane into oblivion. Christian gets up, to his feet, as Vince charges across at him Ö STRAIGHT INTO A RIGHT HAND!!!

Vince goes down like a tonne of bricks, from a knock out shot, courtesy of Captain Charisma!!! Christian blows on his knuckles, rubbing them on his chest, as Brock now comes charging in, but is met with a dropkick!!! John Cena is back on the apron now, and takes a tag from Christian, as Triple H gets back into the ring now, but Cena and Christian together clothesline the champion out of the ring again Ö ONTO STEPHANIE!!! Brock Lesnar is back up now, but staggers into the path of Cena, and into the FU, with Christian cutting off Shane, and throwing him out of the ring, as Cena delivers the FU to Brock!!! This leaves Vince McMahon, all alone, as he gets to his hands and knees, looking up at the two bodies above him, gulping hard, realising what is to come. He gets to his feet, but doesnít even get a chance to beg off, as Christian kicks him in the gut, turns him over and drops the owner with the UNPRETTIER!!!! Christian gets back up, and offers Cena the Chairman on a platter to end the match, but Cena shakes his head, and instead, turns McMahon over, APPLYING THE STFU!!!! Triple H jumps onto the apron, but straight back off, as Christian comes at him, as The Game kicks the steps, knowing itís over, as VINCE TAPS OUT!!!
Winner: John Cena & Christian @ 15:39

Cena has his title shot - Christian is going to the Royal Rumble match!!! John Cena and Christian have prevailed, and overcome the odds to earn their respective opportunities in less than two weeks in Indianapolis.

Jim Ross: YES!!! YES!!! YES!!! John Cena, and Christian have shocked the Chairman, Silver Spoon Shane, The Hired Hand, and the World Champion himself!!! Oh my, what a moment!!! The McMahon Family Empire is in tatters tonight, they have failed to stop Christian and John Cena. And by God, theyíll face a heck of an uphill challenge to stop these two from doing the exact same in less than two weeks at the Royal Rumble!!!

The Coach: But donít forget J.R. In two weeks time, Itís just Triple H and itís just John Cena. No extra baggage. The Game can focus solely on Cena for that one. And Christian has to topple twenty nine other men for his WrestleMania opportunity.

Jim Ross: And Christian is just as good as any of those twenty nine opponents heíll face. And John Cena is more than a match for our esteemed champion!! Cena and Christian proved it tonight, and by God, they can prove it again come January 14. What a tremendous note to end this night on. Cena and Christian have got their wish, they are going to the Royal Rumble, and there is nothing the McMahon Family Empire can do about it!!!



Current Card for WWE Royal Rumble:
Date: 14th January 2007
Location: Conseco Field House, Indianapolis, Indiana
Event Music: Saliva, Ladies and Gentlemen

30 Man Royal Rumble:
Winner has automatic shot at EITHER brandís Champion at WrestleMania XXIII:
Entrants in Alphabetical order;
Batista, Bobby Lashley, Brent Albright, Brock Lesnar, Carlito, Chris Harris, Chris Jericho, Christian, Edge, Finlay, James Storm, Kane, Matt Hardy, Mercury, Mr. Kennedy, M.V.P, Nitro, Randy Orton, Shawn Michaels, Tyson Tomko, Umaga

WWE Championship; Triple Threat Match:
Rob Van Dam vs. The Undertaker vs. Kurt Angle

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Triple H vs. John Cena

Intercontinental Championship Match:
Shelton Benjamin vs. Rey Mysterio


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Re: Being The Booker

This is by no means my version of a review, but I just felt it neccessary to commend you on being an awesome booker for the last four years. I myself struggle to keep consistant and I hope to learn from your writing. I'll admit I've only just picked up on this thread in the past few days and I'm definately enjoying reading.
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