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Re: Being The Booker

Raw Feedback

Wow, no better way to kick off the action than with this huge match. Orton with no New Wave really gives this a “big match” feel. Hopefully it delivers. Glad that Michaels went right after Orton, as that’s the way that most HBK matches seem to go. HBK gets close a few times but then Orton turns the momentum and has the advantage, although he doesn’t do anything noteworthy. Michaels makes a great comeback and gets ready to go into his moves of DOOM~ sequence, but then Orton moves out of the way of the elbow drop! Great counters to end the match, with Orton coming out on top with the RKO!! Good win for Randy but it was obvious that these two wouldn’t have just one match, as Michaels gets the last laugh, taking Orton down.

Orton in the Rumble doesn’t really surprise me, given the win he just got. New Wave will have to earn their way in by qualifying, but I think at least two of them will. That was maybe too quick a turnaround by Bisch, letting HBK into the match just to piss Randy off. Hopefully we start getting some qualifying matches, now that most of the big boys are in the match.

Maria losing to Melina is no shock. Belts on all three members of MNM until at least WM23, plz. And send Maria back to the interview area.

The tension between Triple H and Christian is continuing to build, as they will most likely be doing battle at WM23. Good way for Hunter to put CC down and I thought that the crack about Stephanie was pretty good. Cena and Christian working together? Sounds very interesting…

Damn, that was one hell of a match for the I.C. Title. I loved the interaction between all three men, as they all have had history and the dynamic between KK and Rey really added to the match, while Benjamin didn’t have any beef with either, he was just there to be athletic. The match just got better and better, with a ton of near falls and high-impact moves coming at the end, before we get down to Rey almost winning the belt … but Teddy costs him the match!! T-Lo owns, tbh, and I love the role he is playing. Good win for Shelton and that was a great way to remind us that the IC Title is still there, and you plan on having it feature heavily. Well done.

Good names added to the Rumble from SD!. Btw, you said that Batista was the US Champion … I thought he only won a non-title contest?

I think that it is pretty funny that Cena said he and CC begged, but obviously they didn’t get what they wanted. Todd Grisham made to look stupid because of the “plan B” comment, and I can’t wait to see what happens later tonight. This thing is going to get settled, and it will get settled very soon, imo.

No shock that ‘Mags dominated the other half of the Elijah/Booker tag team, as Burke lasted just about as long as his mentor did. This is all done to make Umaga look better and better heading into the Rumble and I think he will dominate, but obviously isn’t ready to win it. Keep up the domination, plz.

I am loving what seems to be more of a tweener role for the Vanilla Gorilla, as he is looking to run right through anyone who gets in his way on the road to WM23. Hopefully he can last a while in the Rumble, and I think he will, but I’m not sure about him winning. Either way, his character has been awesome as of late.

Straight Edge may need to wait until WM23 to get those title shots, but this would be an impressive win against the larger team. Good way for the match to play out, with Ariel playing a huge factor, but Punk and Helms are able to overcome it and get the victory!! Great win for Straight Edge, as I think they will both be in the Rumble, hopefully getting their feud started with MNM.

Surprised that the MFE is this concerned about Cena and Christian. I like the way that there is tension between the two leaders, Vince and Hunter, and now it looks like they will be looking to have Lesnar help them, as they have their own backup plan. Answers tonight is the only way to go, imo.

No shock that Lesnar gets the impressive win in this match. I really thought that Carltio would move up the card after WM22, but I guess that hasn’t happened. CCC actually looked respectable and I’m glad that he got some near falls, but Lesnar still dominated hitting his AWESOME finisher for the three count. Shane and him don’t see eye-to-eye, but I doubt McMahon will just let him walk off.

Wow, Vince really was able to convince Brock to at least talk to him. #30 is a huge incentive, but I’m not sure that Vince can deliver that without being blatantly obvious. Very interested to see how this little “alliance” turns out.

I loved the way that Cena and Christian played off each other at the start of the promo, ripping into Bischoff and talking about how he doesn’t do his job. Naturally, this brings out the most powerful faction in this thread, and Brock Lesnar. Triple H is his usual arrogant self, putting down Cena and Christian, even looking at Lesnar, which kicks the tension up a little bit. Damn, Vince really isn’t holding back any blows, and I’m glad that CC and Cena stood up to him. Oh man, Cena and CC brought in the wife. I love how Linda is always the nicest McMahon, and it looks like that will be true in this case as well. Glad that Linda took away some of the MFE’s power … and here comes Easy E!! Oh man … that was one hell of a stipulation by Bischoff for New Year’s Day. Loved the way that it worked out and I can see Cena and Christian SOMEHOW getting the W. Great way to straighten this out, as now I can’t wait for next week. {what else is new?}

Another solid edition, really starting to hit your stride since coming back. Two huge matches already signed for 1/1 … and the road to the Rumble is really getting going. Keep up the {always} solid work.


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Re: Being The Booker

As promised...

Smackdown; December 22nd ; Detroit:

Instantly, as the show opens, an aggrieved Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring, and shows footage from the end of last week, with his foot under the rope, as Taker got the three count. Arn Anderson enters the fray, and says for the last week he’s been racking his brains with what to do about the situation. He agrees that last week, Angle shouldn’t have lost, so TONIGHT he has an opportunity … a title opportunity, one on one with Rob Van Dam. Angle nods, liking the call.

In the opening match of the night, Super Crazy defends his Cruiserweight title against Chavo Guerrero. The two men shake hands, and take part in a very sporting manner, but as the match goes on … Juvi and Psichosis come to ringside, and trip Chavo, allowing Crazy to grab an inside cradle, and get the three count.

After the match, Super Crazy realises what happened, and is set to confront his former / current friends, when Brian Kendrick and Kid Kash run to the ring, and attack Juvi and Psichosis, as well as the champion, just for his alliance, with Chavo also getting involved, as the three men stand together, kicking the Mexicools out of the ring, albeit with Super Crazy trying to distance himself from the group.

We see footage from earlier in the day, watching Matt Hardy & Shannon Moore talk, as Americas Most Wanted enter the fray, pushing Shannon out of their way, laughing, as Moore falls over. Hardy steps up into the face of AMW, setting up a match tonight.

Back live, The Mexicools regroup backstage, with Juvi and Psichosis talking to Super Crazy about staying as a unit, getting rid of the other challengers to the CW title, before battling out between each other. Crazy though, doesn’t seem convinced, having outgrown his compatriots.

The tag match is up next, with Americas Most Wanted facing Matt Hardy & Shannon Moore in a non title match. Given it’s non title, the winners can be telegraphed fairly quickly, and indeed, Hardy & Moore pick up the win, with Matt pinning Harris, thanks to the Twist of Fate, now having scored two wins in two weeks against the champions AMW. Could this mean a shot at the gold for Hardy?? And more worryingly … a title shot for Shannon Moore?? WTF??

It would appear that The Undertaker isn’t here tonight, as we get a random video package on the #1 Contender for the Royal Rumble. By the numbers stuff really.

Royal Rumble Flashback - 1994 - Bret Hart and Lex Luger eliminate each other at the same time, marking the first ever joint winners of a Royal Rumble, meaning both men would have a title shot at WrestleMania.

Josh Matthews interviews the U.S Champion, Brent Albright backstage. Albright says that last week, he was sick, which is why he lost to Batista, but this week, he has a full bill of health, and he’d be willing to defend his title against The Animal tonight … but Arn Anderson had already booked a tag team match tonight.

So, in said tag team match Batista along with Paul London naturally defeats Albright teaming with Charlie Haas, further cementing his #1 Contender status, finishing the champion with the Batista Bomb for the second week running.

Backstage, Edge and Chris Jericho meet. At first they appear rather chummy and friendly, but eventually, as the Royal Rumble is mentioned, the two become more volatile towards each other, before Edge storms off, leaving the two on bad terms before their tag match.

M.V.P gets another good win under his belt, beating veteran, Hardcore Holly much like he did William Regal, having a good showing, ending proceedings with the Play of the Day.

Elsewhere, Bobby Lashley is interviewed by Maria. Lashley announces that he is going to be competing … and WINNING in his first Royal Rumble. Suddenly, a cackle is heard, and The Big Red Machine - Lashleys partner in the upcoming match - appears, and continues laughing at Lashley, before looking his partner in the eye, and wishes him luck, with a sinister smile on his face.

So, it’s onto the tag team match, {THIRD OF THE EVENING~!} with Chris Jericho & Edge teaming up to face Lashley and Kane. Once again, Kane is the fall guy for his team, this week for Edge, who cracks his briefcase over the head of Kane, scoring the three count, despite problems during the match with Jericho.

In the locker room, we watch, as RVD makes last minute preparations for his big title defence in just a few moments.

Elsewhere, Brian Kendrick, Chavo Guerrero and Kid Kash meet, talking about the situation with the Mexicools, insisting that the three of them stick together and get the title from the Mexicools ASAP.

We are then told, in two weeks, on the first Smackdown of 2007 - Batista will get his United States Title shot against Brent Albright.

So, it’s main event time. RVD and Kurt Angle tear the house down, with a magnificent match for television, getting PPV quality time to actually have the match, with the fans eating out of the palms of their hands. Both men have near falls, and Van Dam is too close to the ropes for the Ankle Lock to be a real danger too. Finally, the finish comes as Angle charges into the corner, but RVD leaps out, leaving Angle to hit the turnbuckle, and Van Dam connects with a spin kick. RVD nails the Rolling Thunder, then follows up with an electric FIVE STAR … BUT MISSES!!! Angle then looks to deliver the Angle Slam ... But RVD rolls out of it, and cradles Angle, BUT ARE VAN DAMS SHOULDERS DOWN TOO?? The referee still makes the count, against Angle, 1...2...3!!! RVD RETAINS!!! Van Dam is presented with the title, but Angle is incensed. He argues with the referee that RVD had both shoulders down too, as ARN ANDERSON enters. The General Manager tells the fans what just happened, and as a result, he has no other option but to add Kurt Angle to the Royal Rumble title match, making it now a triple threat match!!! The show goes off the air, with Angle nodding in approval having finally got some justice.


Current Card for WWE Royal Rumble:
Date: 14th January 2007
Location: Conseco Field House, Indianapolis, Indiana
Event Music: Saliva, Ladies and Gentlemen

30 Man Royal Rumble:
Winner has automatic shot at EITHER brand’s Champion at WrestleMania XXIII:
Entrants in Alphabetical order;
Batista, Bobby Lashley, Brock Lesnar, Chris Jericho, Edge, Kane, Randy Orton, Shawn Michaels, Umaga

WWE Championship; Triple Threat Match:
Rob Van Dam vs. The Undertaker vs. Kurt Angle


Heat Results:

The Brotherhood {Mack & OJ} defeated Two Local Jobbers
Alexis Laree defeated Jillian Hall
Tyson Tomko defeated Simon Dean
Booker T defeated Mark Henry


Velocity Results:

Brian Kendrick defeated Jamie Noble
Cryme Tyme defeated The Basham Brothers
The Mad Murdoch Twins defeated Deuce & Domino
William Regal defeated Chris Masters


Next Raw won be up for a week or so, what with Christmas and all, but I'll be hopefully online for a short period on Christmas, and I'll post another set of entrants for the Royal Rumble, as announced on the lst Raw (Christmas gift for superstars, getting a place in the Rumble.)

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Re: Being The Booker

Smackdown! Feedback

Huge way to start the broadcast, as Angle comes down to the ring pissed off, and rightfully so, as he should not have lost the match to ‘Taker last week. A.A. is quick to answer the anger of Kurt, as he makes the right decision and gives Angle an opportunity at the belt … right here TONIGHT! Can’t think of a better way to end 2006 than with what is sure to be an awesome match between Angle and RVD.

Not shocked that Psi and Juvi got involed in the match, but I am surprised that they did it to help Crazy. S.C obviously doesn’t want anything to do with the other two, but Kendrick and Kash don’t care about that, as they, along with Chavo get the Mexicools out of the ring. Hopefully these leads to a multi-man match in the future.

Moore and Hardy are back together? Hope that doesn’t last too long. Plz feed Moore to the tag champs, Wolf.

Good strategy by Psi and Juvi, wanting to keep the matches for the title simply between these three men. A turn on S.C. in the future, as I’m sure the other two can’t be very happy with his response to their plan.

Very surprised to see AMW lose not only this match, but their second match in a row after becoming the champions in convincing fashion. Moore will never be a tag team champion in this thread, and that’s what I can hold onto in hoping that the belts stay around the waists of Harris and Storm.

‘Taker as the #1 contender for the second Rumble in a row makes me think this year will be just like last, with UT coming up just short of winning the belt.

Albright is pretty much full of B.S, not only in saying that he was sick, but also saying that he’d be willing to face Batista for the belt tonight.

Damn, you really don’t wanna keep your heel champions looking strong do you? This pretty much affirms that Batista is the next challenger for the belt and he may just win it, considering the way he’s been pushed and what he’s done to Brent the past two weeks.

Neither Jericho nor Edge has much of a chance at winning the Rumble this year. I just hope that Edge cashes in MITB before WM23.

Pity that you fed Holly to Porter AFTER you fed Regal to him. Either way, MVP is obviously going to be in the Rumble and I think SD! needs to be in full, just so we can see how you develop this guy into the superstar that he should be.

Lashley and Kane don’t seem to be on the same page, as we may see some tension between the two later tonight, as they both seem much more worried about the Rumble than they do about winning.

Kane has been jobbed beyond belief in this thread and I couldn’t be happier. Without someone doing the talking for him, he’s pretty much shit. Edge is still pissed off about now using MITB yet, and hopefully that gets done pretty soon. Glad to see Lashley not job to Edge for the third staright time.

Kendrick, Kash, and Chavo will have a tough time sticking together, but I still see a big match happening for the C.W. Title, possibly involving all six men. That’d be the sex.

Looks like we may have a new U.S. Champ to kick off 2007. I just still think that Batista is too far above that, even though you don’t feel you’ve pushed him that way.

Love the way that you always seem to deliver to close out the year, and this match is now different. I’m sure that the match was a classic and I just hope that Van Dam continues the incredible roll that he’s been on since winning the belt at ‘Slam. Angle loses in questionable fashion for the second straight week, keeping him and his opponent looking strong, as Anderson does the right thing, making the huge Triple Threat for the PPV. Can’t wait to see that match go down … gonna be a classic.

2006 ended on about as high of a note as I could imagine. Only complaint, and you acknowledged it, is that there are WAY too many tag team matches for my liking. Have a great holiday and I can’t wait for Raw to kick off the New Year.


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Re: Being The Booker

Smackdown Feedback

Hey mate very nice way to start the show with Kurt Angle what that shows is that you have common sense because I think we had to get the deal on what was happening after last weeks controversy. Double AA comes out and holy shit just like that their will be a title match tonight and that is awesomeness. Can not wait to read that one… I know its very unlikely but I see Angle losing and then costing Taker at the Rumble and then we get Angle/Taker at Mania. LOL it’s a long way off but would be awesome

Super Crazy and Chavo Guerrero I like them both and the situation you have with The Mexicools is very weird and Crazy does not seem happy but I can see him being forced to tag with his Mexican buddies even if he doesn’t want to… Or perhaps a big cruiserweight title match.

Matt Hardy teaming with Shannon Moore is something I don’t know if I will like because I believe Hardy is just better then him. I hope AMW win easily and then Hardy ditches Moore and has some singles success.

Mexicools reunion will happen I think but I don’t know If it should because I truly believe Super Crazy is a class above both of them and I forgot to mention before that I love him as Crusierweight Champion.

Hardy and Moore with the win over AMW and I would lie if I’d say I liked this, I found this to be a disappointing result. Okay maybe your building for a title shot or what ever but it does not mean that I have to like it. LOL I agree with your statements Moore getting a title shot WTF??? Hopefully they job pathetically

Taker not here does not make me happy either, I am personally not a mark or anything but he is the number one contender get some hype going please. He has to be here video packages are not going to cut it at the moment.

Another great Rumble flash back. Hart should have won that by himself Luger was undeserving

Lol at Albright being “sick” it is quite convenient and definitely a heelish move and I seriously hope you put him over Batista because after thinking about it for a while Batista needs to be in a much higher profile feud.

London and Haas joining them was a bit weird and I expected Batista’s team to get the win and they did. I like Batista winning putting more pressure on Albright before he picks up the unexpected victory right? However not a fan of Haas losing

Edge and Jericho equals big ego’s and I can see there tag match tonight becoming a Royal Rumble preview. Should be fun

MVP beating another jobber and fuck Taker and Angle at Wrestlemania let MVP break the streak

Kane and Lashley equals even more tension which means my theory is more coming true and that is that there will be a Royal Rumble preview right here tonight.

Kane jobbing again LOL don’t like the guy these days anyway. Love Jericho and Edge though glad to see they got the wins and good that you mentioned there was tension between the winners lets us know that Rumble is on the competitors mind.

RVD prepares to job (Don’t worry I am not dumb enough to actually think it will happen just stating what I want)

Six man tag match or Battle Royal coming soon… I still can’t decide which one we are seeing though.

Batista/Albright massive way to kick off 2007.

LOL at the main event Angle getting ripped off again and triple threat is going to be great at the Rumble. However I think Van Dam will be safe as Taker and Angle will be going at it non title at Mania.

Overall Wofly a fine Smackdown recap, nothing wrong with storylines and what not but one of the problems I had with this show was tag team galore. Kind of annoyed me after a while. Another thing that I think could be altered could be your match length, don’t get me wrong I know its recap and its meant to be short but maybe a little bit more info on some matches wouldn’t hurt. Main event was perfect though. Besides these little things that don’t really mean much it was a really enjoyable show and I am starting to understand why you are rated so highly. You produce solid shows, consistently. Well done

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Re: Being The Booker

Big way to kick off the show tonight with Kurt getting right back where he left off last week. I doubt he wins the title tonight, despite Arn's pretty fair call, but it's virtually a given that something will go down to ensure Angle's place in the WWE Title match. If you're still planning to go with Angle/Taker at WrestleMania, I honestly can't understand why you gave us the match last week

More crazy stuff in the Cruiserweight division. I'm not too keen on a rehashing of the Kash/Kendrick/Chavo vs. The Mexicools storyline we got from earlier in 2006, but with Super Crazy's new attitude, I guess it could work. Also, isn't Spanky in the tag team division now?

Shannon Moore? Ooooo ... kay. Not enjoying this total lack of direction for both Hardy and AMW to be honest. And you laugh at my tag division.

Yeah,it would be lame for SC to just join up with his 'boys' again.

What's with all the jobbing for America's Most Wanted? They get a huge win over L&K for the titles and now ... stall. Odds are they'll probably kill Shannon to retain the belts. Better push please.

Good ol' Taker, getting everyone else to do all the hype work.

Wow, talk about getting completely owned. Albright bigs himself up before doing the job again. Hopefully he keeps the title when Batista gets his inevitable shot. WTF @ London tagging randomly with Big Dave???

An Edge and Y2J alliance would be rather awesome tbh.

Porter wins. Porter OWNS. 'Nuff said.

You let Bobby talk? Not a smart move. But then again, you do seem to let Brock Lesnar do a lot of talking. No real surprise to see he and Kane do the job to Jericho and Edge either. Fuck Kane, but hopefully Bobby gives a monsterific performance in the Rumble.

Yeah, Brian Kendrick's inclusion in this mix is so random after the last few months.

Please God let Albright retain in that match.

Hell of a main event no doubt, with a second screwy finish in as many weeks. Really rackin' 'em up eh? Can't say I'm surprised (or anyone for that matter) at the Triple Threat outcome, but it's sure to be an incredible contest. Like WF said, Angle/Taker, if it does go down at 'Mania, is bound to be Non-Title, so Van Dam will probably retain ... but will Edge rear his head again? Should be a blast.

Solid recap, Wolfy. Quit it with the TNA-esque tag matches though please
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Re: Being The Booker

Here you go, Wolfy.

SD Feedback:

OK, Angle can't win a number one contenders match but gets a title match? I know he got screwed but just throw him in the match if anything.

He is Super, and Crazy, . Glad to see him being pushed in a BTB. He's a great Cruiserweight and people just see him as "JOBBER" and let him be. Damn Juvi and Psychosis, leave Crazy be. You just cost him a beatdown, bastards.

Moore and Hardy as a tag team is awesome, tbh. Moore is another guy that is underutilized and is thought of as purely "JOBBER", but again, you're giving him a decent push with a guy who I extreemely like.

Like I said, Juvi and Psychosis, let Crazy be. He doesn't need you two jobbers by his side.

Hardy and Moore over AMW for two straight weeks should earn themselves a title shot soon. YES, Moore does deserve one.

Rofl, sick, I'm sure. Batista just OWNS as it is, so give him the US Title and give it heavy amounts of prestige. You have him win for the 2nd straight week, it's only time till he really gets pushed.

MVP is BALLIN (corny, I know) I want to see a slow push with him, and beating jobbers like Holly surely indicates it.

Ew, Kane and Lashley? I'd much rather have Edge and Jericho, even though I despise Edge.

Wow, another tag is right. What are you, TNA? No, but I'm glad Kane didn't go over, not like he's going anywhere soon.

Finally, some RVD time. He is your champ, ya know.

Good, Batista finally gets a title shot. Won't win, just because you're a bastard like that.

Great ME between the two, sounds like it was pretty epic. Angle gets screwed out again, and now he finally goes to the RR with a title match, just as I predicted. (No, I didn't look at the bottom of the screen, honest. )

Overall: Sounds like a splendid SD, Wolfy. As you know, there were a tad too many tag-matches, but I'll let it slide, as all 3 of the teams I wanted to win, won. 8/10
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Re: Being The Booker

Smackdown Feedback

The show starting with Angle is expected since he was screwed over last week. I would have thought that Angle would have just been added to the Rumble Title match but this is better IMO although I cant see Angle winning because then it would be Angle/Taker at the Rumble at we just saw that last week.

Good to see the CW title getting defended. I don’t really like Crazy so I’m hoping he losses it to Chavo. The Mexicools helping Crazy out is pretty good. So I guess Crazy isn’t really part of the Mexicools anymore? Good stuff with them helping him out anyways. I can see a 6 man match for the title at the Rumble or No Way Out.

Moore and Hardy vs. AMW sounds pretty good for tonight. Hardy and Moore are on the winning side for the second week in a row, I can definitely see them getting a title shot in the near future.

Batista and Paul London is a pretty odd pairing but I suppose they could work well together. I’m not to crazy about Batista beating Brent two weeks in a row, it seems like the same thing with AMW/Moore & Hardy. I’m guessing the title match will be next week since Batista is in the Rumble, I cant see Brent dropping the title since he has already lost to Batista twice.

MVP beating Hardcore Holly is good. I like that you aren’t just having him squash jobbers but your having him defeat veterans. I can definitely see MVP going far in this thread and I hope he does.

3 tag matches in one night is a little to much IMO, but I guess you already know that since you mentioned it. I’m glad to see Jericho and Edge pick up the win. Hopefully you keep Edge’s momentum going until his Cash in, which should be pretty epic.

Angle vs. RVD sounds pretty awesome with both men missing finishers. I cant visualize RVD’s shoulders also being on the mat if he is doing a cradle but I’m sure its possible, personally if I were you I would have had RVD pin Angle at the exact same time Angle makes RVD tap, but I guess that’s been kind of overdone over the years. Anyways Angle getting screwed over again, but what’s this, a triple threat, that sounds awesome and its what I expected to be announced earlier tonight, glad to see that Angle is getting in after all.

A good show but to many tag matches IMO. The rumble looks to be shaping up very nicely.

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Re: Being The Booker

Right off the bat, I'm just going to say that I want to apologise for the last couple of Smackdowns, as I've found them far from an acceptable standard. The fact they havent been verbally bitchslapped in the reviews has surprised me, and I guess maybe I've been given a free ride for a few weeks until I'm posting shows on a regular basis. As previously mentioned, these pre-Royal Rumble shows were all written around March/April, so they've been sitting 'gathering dust' whilst I was gone again, and when I came back, I didnt bother to really look over them with a fine comb. And that's just pure laziness.

Some things on the two shows havent even made sense (some of which have been pointed out in reviews) such as Kendrick & London suddenly going their separate ways (which was the plan following the loss at Armageddon, but would have transitioned better had I had the wit to actually have them discuss the matter in a backstage segment, right??) Had I thought about that when looking through the shows?? Nope. Just wanted to rush the shows out instead, and didnt bother to look for intricate things like that.

So, self imposed rant over for now. As of this point, I'm going to be fine tuning the next couple of Smackdowns to at least an acceptable standard. Post-Royal Rumble I'm going to put more detail into the Smackdown recaps, as I've really noticed I've treated the show as a red headed stepchild, and there is no reason to. I dont have time to do it in full I'm afraid (the old Work/Life>BTB rule in effect), but after Royal Rumble, you'll notice a jump in detail over on the blue side. Again, I want to apologise for the lame Smackdowns over the last couple of weeks, but I'll do my damndest to rectify that in the coming weeks.

As for other miscellaneous stuff I wanted to mention;

- Not going to comment on the sudden Shannon Moore push, because the reasons will become clear in the next week or so. If I had been posting like News and rumours etc, it would be clear what he's doing in the role he's in, but unfortunately, I havent, so it all seems a little odd. Read a little further down for some further insight.

- It may be clear now, but the commentary on Raw mentioning Batista as U.S Champ was wrong. He is of course, the #1 Contender.

- Why do I always think there is a lot of stuff to say when it's one or two things??

...anyway, while I'm here, I'll save myself the time tomorrow, and just post what I was going to post tomorrow, now...


WWE News and Notes:

- Randy Orton, along with the New Wave group are set to have new entrance themes in the New Year. Orton has been outspoken in the past about not 'feeling' the Mercy Drive theme 'Burn in my light', and was especially disappointed to find his new group was saddled with another track from the band. It has been reported that Rev Theory have recorded a song especially for the New Wave, and it could be debuted as early as January 1.

- Staying with an Orton related story, the WWE have been rocked by Ric Flairs refusal to sign a new contract at present time. Flair had been granted a period of time off, and was expected to return before February in order to end his feud with Randy Orton with a blow off match at WrestleMania, but the match is now definately not going to happen. Flair had been unhappy with the shoddy treatment he had received post WrestleMania, and it looks like he will be happy to now sit out the remainder of his contract. It leaves the WWE, not only now having to try and find a new angle for WrestleMania, but also with a second non starter for WrestleMania in as many months, after JBL's injury ruled him out of WrestleMania and a potential showdown with The Rock - who will also now DEFINATELY NOT make an appearance at WrestleMania 23.

- Officials are said to be back in discussion with Jeff Hardy over a return to the company. Talks had initially been held in October between the two parties after Hardy departed TNA in the summer, but those talks stalled and a deal wasnt agreed. The initial plan for Hardy would've been to return to the Smackdown brand, and be part of Team RVD @ Survivor Series, but after the talks fell, Tommy Dreamer was drafted in for the final place. Should Jeff resign in the coming weeks, he could team up with brother Matt for a brief Hardy Boys reunion, before setting off to go alone.

- The USA Network has commissioned a Three Hour Special for Raw on February 5th. Early reports suggest this show could be earmarked for Triple H and Stephanies second attempt at their remarriage.

- Coming off the heels of his four month tag team title reign, Paul London is expected to be going back into singles competition immediately, with numerous house show advertisments pitting London against Charlie Haas in the coming weeks. Management have been high on London, and had experimented with a push last Summer before cooling on the idea, and giving London a run with Brian Kendrick, and it's possible London could get another push at the beginning of the year.

*** Announcement; Christmas Present!!

The Raw and Smackdown General Managers have just given five of their superstars a major Christmas gift, with both Eric Bischoff and Arn Anderson naming the next five entrants from Raw and the next five entrants from Smackdown into the 2007 Royal Rumble in Indianapolis...

From Raw:

From Smackdown:

From the list, both the WWE & World Tag Team Champions, AMW & MNM will be part of the Royal Rumble, as will the current United States Champion, Brent Albright. Two former Intercontinental Champions, Carlito & Finlay have also been selected, and it will be the veteran Irishmans first Rumble match. Meanwhile, M.V.P will also make his Royal Rumble debut, and the inclusion of Tyson Tomko - best friend of Christian will raise many eyebrows. Could this be the work of a fiendish Mr. McMahon pulling the strings of Eric Bischoff, giving Tomko a coveted spot in the Rumble - a match that Christian might still not qualify for??


Merry Christmas. I'd say Happy New Year too, but I'll be on again before that.
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Re: Being The Booker

I didn't think the shows have been that poor Wolf, don't beat yourself up about it.

You still own to me.


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Re: Being The Booker

Hey mate news and notes look good and i have to agree with Reney the shows were pretty good and i think you are being a bit hard on yourself. Anyway good luck with the next show i will be reading... Oh and MVP to win the Rumble Please

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