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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: Being the booker

hi i know ive been away for a while but i used to comment alot on your shows before anyway for one reason or another i havn't been able to but im back and i hav read everything from where i left off until now and your still doing a great job!
can't wait for nemesis!
and i get this feeling that at summerslam hbk is going to turn heel and screw bret with vince!?

great shows
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Re: Being the booker

RAW & SmackDown production; WWE Nemesis:
17th October 2004; St. Louis, Missouri.
The WWE symbol flashes across the screen, and we come to the opening video. We see a dictionary sitting open. The camera slowly zooms in and goes up close to the word Nemesis. A narrator then reads out the meaning of the word. As he does this, quick flashes appear of many of the top stars appearing tonight. Once the narrator finishes, the pictures fades, and we see the face of Randy Orton. A shadow goes over the face, and then Mick Foley’s face appears. The shadow goes over Foley’s face, and then we see both men fighting, as they talk over the footage.

Mick Foley…
Foley: Randy Orton…
Orton: King of the Deathmatch…
Foley: Youngest WWE Champion ever…
Orton: Hardcore Legend…
Foley: Legend Killer…
Orton: The last confrontation…
Foley: A bloody end…
Orton: For YOU…
Foley: For YOU…
The picture goes black and we then see Brock Lesnar’s face appear, and the same thing happens with the shadow, followed by Angles face, then cutting to footage.

Kurt Angle…
Angle: Brock Lesnar…
Lesnar: Olympic Gold Medallist…
Angle: Former NCAA Champion…
Lesnar: Greatest Pure Athlete ever…
Angle: WWE Champion within 5 Months…
Lesnar: A war to settle the score…
Angle: The end is near…
Lesnar: For YOU…
Angle: For YOU…
The same thing happens for Jericho & Michaels.

Shawn Michaels…
HBK: Chris Jericho…
Y2J: First ever Grand Slam winner…
HBK: First ever Undisputed Champion..
Y2J: The Showstopper…
HBK: The Highlight of the Night…
Y2J: An answer to the question…
HBK: Who is the best…
Y2J: ME…
And again for Goldberg and Triple H.

Triple H…
Triple H: Goldberg…
Goldberg: The Game..
Triple H: 179 for 0…
Goldberg: My Nemesis…
Triple H: My Nemesis…
Goldberg: The Last Man to Stand will be…
Triple H: The Last Man to Stand will be…
Goldberg: ME!!
Triple H: ME!!
We then cut back to the dictionary, and it slams shut…

“And now, Castrol GTX presents, a RAW & Smackdown production of WWE NEMESIS!!!”

Pyro, Music plays…

J.R: On a night, were championships will be decided, and feuds will be ended forever, we are live in St. Louis for WWE Nemesis.

King: That’s right J.R. Tonight, we will see blood, we will see brutality, and not only will be see feuds end, but we may see careers end also.

J.R: It has the feeling of an ominous night, King, and we are also joined by our Smackdown colleagues, Michael Cole & Tazz.

Cole: Thanks J.R, and well, you summed it up perfectly, tonight, feuds will end, and maybe careers also.

Tazz: Last Man Standing, Steel Cages, Chains, Tables, Streetfights, add all these together, and you come up with carnage Cole, total carnage.

Edge & Christians music then hits, and we are ready for the opening contest…

1st Match: World Tag Team Championships; Steel Cage Match:
Edge & Christian vs. Booker T & Goldust
(Just to clarify, both teams must exit the cage to win, no pinfalls.)

The match begins with both teams staring each other down. E&C then make fun of Goldust, and this provokes Booker, but he is held back by Goldust. Booker looks shocked, but Goldust does this to trick E&C, as he quickly turns around and hit’s a double clothesline to the champs. He then beats on Edge in the corner, and Booker lays into Christian.
Booker & Goldy then whip both E&C into each other and then hit’s a clothesline on them. Booker then beats up Edge, and Goldust takes on Christian. BookDust go for the same move again, but E&C reverse, but BookDust stop just before running into each other. They turn around, but are each met with a low blow from their opponents. E&C then dance around before knocking both men to the floor.
Edge then works on Goldust in the corner with chops, as Christian stomps on Book.
E&C then leave Goldust in the corner and begin to concentrate on Booker. They hit a double suplex, followed by another. They then go to Goldust and nail a double dropkick, followed by another.
Christian then goes back to Booker, but is met with a kick to the gut, followed by an Axe Kick. Book then takes edge from behind and hit’s a reverse DDT. He helps up Goldust and they begin to double team Christian in the corner. Goldust whips Christian into the path of another kick from Booker, then Booker places Christian in the corner and whips Goldust hard into one half of the tag champs. The challengers then go through the same sequence with Edge.

Booker then slams Christian into the cage wall, and Goldust drops Edge onto the top rope. Booker & Goldust then signal for leaving the cage. They begin to climb the cage, but E&C soon recover. They quickly discuss, and decide to get Booker out of the cage, but to keep Goldust in.
Edge then chases Booker T up at the top of the cage, and punches him, leaving Booker no choice but to fall to the floor, but on the other side, Christian holds onto the leg of Goldust, and soon he is helped by Edge, and they get Goldust back into the cage.
Edge holds onto Goldust as Christian nails a number of punches and kicks to him. Meanwhile, on the outside, Booker T tries desperately to get back in, but is ordered by the referee to stay on the outside. Edge then hit’s a Buzz Killer on Goldy, and Christian nails a top rope leg drop.
E&C start to laugh and wave to the outside at Booker, who then tries to climb the cage, but E&C shake it, and Booker falls back down. They then toy with Goldust and slap him to the floor. They then go for a double back suplex, but Goldust rolls through, and bounces off the ropes. E&C lower their heads waiting for him to come back, but he gets down on one leg and hit’s an uppercut on both men. Goldust then clotheslines Edge, and hit’s a bulldog on Christian. He then nails a DDT to Edge, and a mule kick to Christian. Goldust then tries to escape the cage through the door, but E&C grab his legs just in time to save the match.

Goldust tries to beat off both men, but Edge nails a low blow, followed by a reverse DDT from Christian. Edge then places Goldust’s face toward the cage, and E&C hit the Poetry in Motion, with Goldust’s face bouncing off the steel.
They then take turns in slamming Goldy’s face into the steel cage, busting him open. Booker then tries once again to climb the cage, but again is stopped by E&C. Edge then places Goldust body toward the cage, and hit’s a spear, with Goldust body crashing into the steel again.
Christian then hit’s a dropkick with Goldust in the same position again, followed by a dropkick from Edge. They then spot Booker trying to climb the cage, and both meet him at the top, knocking him back down again. They then climb back in, and pick up the groggy Goldust. Edge hit’s the Edgecution, and Christian then picks him back up and hit’s the Unprettier.
E&C then decide to leave the cage, but they are stopped at the top by Booker T, and he knocks both men back into the cage.
All three men are down in the ring, as Booker tries to get the crowd to get behind Goldust. The three eventually rise, and Goldust ducks a clothesline from both, and hit’s a double DDT.

Goldust then begins to crawl toward the door, but is stopped by E&C, Edge grabs him by the leg, but Goldust hits an enziguri on Edge, and he falls into Christian. Goldust then tires to make the door, but Trish runs down and low blows Booker, then slams the cage door into Goldust’s face.
Trish then slaps the referee and steals the key before grabbing two chairs, and brings them in for E&C to use. She helps them up and hands them the chairs to take out Goldust. They line up for the shot, but Goldust ducks, and they miss. E&C fall, and Goldust grabs Trish. He looks to the crowd, and they chant to hit her. He nods, but E&C stop him before he can. Booker T then comes from nowhere with a chair, and plants Edge & Christian. He then hit’s a Bookend on Trish, followed by a Scissors Kick on Edge, then another Bookend on Christian.
Goldust then places all three into corners, and nails all three with the shattered dreams. Booker T & Goldust look set to leave, until Goldust changes his mind and tells Book to grab a chair. They both grab a chair, and wait until E&C are standing, and nails the pair with the Conchairto.
Booker & Goldust then exit the cage, and are crowned the NEW World tag team Champions!!!!
We then see a limo pull up at the arena. A limo driver then steps out and opens the door, and out steps….VINCE MC MAHON!!!

Backstage, we see Test & Scott Steiner preparing for their match later.

We then cut to Booker T & Goldust celebrating in the back, as they are congratulated by the majority of the RAW roster.

2nd Match:
Chris Benoit vs. William Regal

The two men lock up, and straddle around the ring until the referee steps in and breaks it up. They then staredown before locking up again. Regal hits an uppercut on Benoit, he goes for another one, but Benoit grabs the arm, and takes down Regal, going for the crossface, but before he can lock it in, Regal scrambles to the ropes.
They then move around the ring, and eventually come centre, and again lock up. This time, Regal goes behind, and takes Benoit down to the mat, and applies a leg lock, but Benoit quickly finds the ropes.
They get to their feet again, and circle the ring again. They lock up one more time, this time, Benoit applies a headlock, but Regal reverses into a waistlock, and Benoit reverses this by hitting a snap mare, followed by a headlock. Regal soon reverses this into an arm lock. Benoit rolls through and applies an arm lock of his own, but now Regal rolls through and breaks the hold. He gets up and bounces off the ropes hit’s a shoulder block on Benoit. He comes off the ropes, but Benoit jumps right back up, and ducks a clothesline. He rolls up Regal, 1...2..Regal kicks out. Benoit runs at him, but Regal goes for a fireman’s carry, only for Benoit to counter, and get a sunset flip on Regal, 1...2...reversal by Regal into the roll up, 1...2...reversal by Benoit, back to the sunset flip, Regal reverses into a bridge, 1...2...reversed again by Benoit, 1...2...and Regal reverses again, 1...2...Benoit kicks out, and both men get to their feet to a rousing reception from the on looking crowd.

Regal then goes for a backslide, but Benoit counters into the crossface, however, Regal is too close to the ropes, and grabs them immediately.
Regal then rolls out of the ring, and tries to collect his thoughts, whilst Benoit is held back in the ring by the referee. Regal eventually re-enters, and they tie up. Regal hit’s a knee to the mid section, followed by an uppercut, then hits another, followed by a backbreaker. He gets a cover, 1...2...Kick out from Benoit.
Regal applies a chinlock to the Wolverine, but soon, Benoit fights out, and bounces off the ropes, straight into another knee from Regal to the sternum. Regal then drags Benoit to the corner and begins to stomp on Benoit. He then chops Benoit, then Benoit reverses and hit’s a number of chops to the chest of William Regal, bringing out a pink colour onto the pure white chest of Regal.
Regal then goes for a clothesline, but Benoit ducks and hit’s a back suplex, 1...2...Kick out. Benoit then grabs Regal, and throws him shoulder first into the ring post. He then does the same again, only this time into the reverse corner.
Benoit then applies an armbar on Regal. Regal screams out in pain, but Benoit decides to let go, then drops an elbow on to the arm of Regal. He picks him up, but Regal turns the tables by raking the eyes, going unnoticed by the referee.

Regal then hit’s a double arm suplex, followed by the cover, 1...2...Kick out. Regal then goes for a Belly to Belly suplex, but Benoit counters, and hits two German suplexes, but as he goes for a third, Regal reverses, and hits two of his own. He goes for a third, but this time, Benoit stops it, and hit’s a German on Regal. He then goes for another, but Regal counters, and hits all three German suplexes this time.
Regal then makes a cover, 1...2...BENOIT KICKS OUT!!!
Regal is in shock, and tries again, 1...2...KICK OUT AGAIN!!! Regal then goes for his Regal Stretch neck breaker, but Benoit counters into another German suplex. Benoit then signals for the Headbutt, and makes his way to the top rope, but as he looks set to go for it, Regal jumps to the top, and hit’s a double arm suplex to Benoit from the top, to the mat.
Both men are down, and the referee begins a ten count, 1...2...3...4..neither man has made any movement yet..5...6..Regal starts to come around, but Benoit has still not moved…7...8..Regal gets an arm over his opponent, 1...2...BENOIT KICKS OUT!!!
Regal pulls himself up by the ropes, and waits for Benoit to get up, when he does, he hit’s a chop block, followed by a dragon screw. Regal then applies his finishing submission manoeuvre, the STF.

Benoit screams out in agony, as he desperately tries to claw his way to the ropes, eventually he does, much to Regal’s annoyance. Regal tries to think of what he can try to do, and then distracts the referee, so he can take out his Brass Knucks.
He sets up for the punch, but Benoit ducks and grabs the arm of Regal, and applies the Crossface. Regal tries to make the ropes, but fails to do so, and eventually has no choice but to tap out.

We see Mr. McMahon walk around the hall way, and stops at Bret’s office. He doesn’t bother to knock, and barges straight in.

Bret: What the HELL do you want!!?? Do you not know how to knock?

Vince: (Laughs) I don’t need to knock Bret. You work for me, I don’t work for you. As for what I want, I want to tell you, that you are just four weeks away from Survivor Series, that 28 days Bret.

Bret: I know that, I am counting the days, in fact, I’m counting the hours, no, the minutes, until I can get my hands on you at Survivor Series!

Vince: Why wait Bret, I’m standing here now.

Bret: (Smiles) Then their would be no fun at Survivor Series, would there?

Vince: What? You actually think that me beating your old, out of date carcass around Chicago, will be fun FOR YOU??

Bret: (Laughs, then gets serious) Get the hell out of my office, before someone carries you out!!

Vince: I’m leaving anyway. Smells of Chicken shit in here. Oh, and Bret, make sure you watch tomorrow night on RAW. It’s gonna be great!!

Ventura interview. In the interview, he thanks the fans for being great over the last four weeks, and also reminds them that he did promise them a major Smackdown star would come to RAW, and he will, tomorrow night on RAW!!!

J.R & King then speculate who could be the Smackdown superstar before talking about the upcoming match between the Dudley Boys and Kane.

3rd Match: Handicap Table Match:
Kane vs. The Dudley Boys

Kane makes his way to the ring, but as he walks down the aisle, the Dudley’s ambush him. They hit the reverse 3D, then bring him into the ring. They then take out two tables, and pummel Kane in the ring. Bubba stomps on the Big Red machine, whilst D’ Von sets up a Table.
They quickly go for a 3D, but Kane fights back, and knocks down D’ Von with an uppercut, and Bubba with a big boot.
He then hit’s a power slam on D’ Von, followed by an elbow. He then goes for a choke slam through the table, but Bubba moves the table just in time. He tries to go punch for punch with Kane, but Kane comes out on top, and hit’s a huge clothesline. Then D’ Von tries to take out Kane, but he walks straight into a sidewalk slam.
Kane then sets up the table, and sets up Bubba for a power bomb, but D’ Von quickly grabs a chair, and hits Kane just in time. He then waffles Kane four times with the chair, and finally Kane falls to the ground.
D’ Von then helps Bubba up, but while he does this, Kane sits up, and boots D’ Von when he turns around again. Bubba runs toward Kane, but he side steps him, and Bubba goes flying out of the ring.
Kane then begins to work on D’ Von in the corner, but Bubba soon gets back in, and picks up the chair, and hits Kane in the back with it. These shots have no effect on Kane, and he grabs Bubba by the throat, but D’ Von saves him with a low blow. They hit the 3D, followed by the WASSSUPP. Bubba then tells D’ Von to get the tables, and they set up the tables. By this time though, Kane is back on his feet, but both men come to attack him. He hit’s a double clothesline, then goes to the top, and hit’s a big top rope clothesline to Bubba.
Kane then picks up both men, and hit’s a double choke slam through the tables to pick up the victory.
Afterwards, Kane takes the chair, and levels Bubba with it, busting him open. He then takes D’ Von to the outside and choke slams him onto the steel steps.
Security then try to pull him away, but he choke slams all four of them, as well as three referees, before leaving with a huge smile on his face.
Backstage, Paul Heyman & Brock Lesnar chat about Kurt Angle, and then they bring out the chain and say that it all ends here and now.

We see Angle preparing backstage for the next contest.

Lesnar - Angle Video Package

4th Match: Chain match:
Kurt Angle vs. Brock Lesnar w/Paul Heyman

Brock waits in the ring, already attached to the chain, awaiting the arrival of Kurt. Once he does enter, Kurt bends down to pick up his end of the chain, but Brock pulls it away. Angle looks around, then runs right at Lesnar, and takes him down to the mat, and lays in with right hands to the 295 pounder.
He stomps on Lesnar, and then walks over to his end of the chain, and as he bends down to pick it up, Lesnar sprints across the ring, and drives his knee into the head of Angle. Brock then wraps the chain around his fist, and punches Kurt with the hand wrapped in the chain, knocking Angle to the outside.
Brock stands in the ring laughing as we see Angle has already been busted open. Lesnar goes to the outside, and whips Kurt into the steel steps, then hit’s a Belly to Belly. He taunts the crowd, and chucks Kurt back into the ring.
Lesnar then clotheslines Angle, and then wraps the chain around Kurt’s neck, and begins to choke him out. Eventually, he lets go, and stomps on Angle’s head. He places Angle in the corner and goes to kick him in the mid section, but Angle grabs the leg, and trips Lesnar down. Brock shoots up, but Angle hit’s a clothesline, and Brock jumps up again, straight into an arm drag, but again Lesnar jumps up, and straight into a Belly to Belly, this time keeping the big man down.
The referee then takes the end of the chain and puts it around Angles wrist, and as soon as the chain is tightened, Lesnar pulls it as hard as he can, pulling Angle across the ring, straight into a Belly to Belly from Lesnar, 1...2...Kick out.

Lesnar stomps on Angle, and then drops an elbow. He tries to wrap the chain around Angles neck, but Kurt stops him from this, and begins to elbow his way out, and gets back to his feet. He and Lesnar slug it out in the ring, with the bloody Angle surprisingly getting the upper hand. He beats Brock into the corner and begins to wear him down with right hands and hard stomps. Lesnar then knees Angle in the mid section, and goes to the outside for a break.
Heyman tries to calm Lesnar down on the outside, but Angle uses the chain to full effect, and yanks the chain, pulling Brock onto the side of the ring, ribs first. Angle continues to pull the chain over the top rope, choking Lesnar.
Kurt then ties the chain around the rope, and goes to the outside and begins to punch and kick at the defenceless Lesnar. Heyman then tries to intervene for Lesnar, but he is met by a clothesline from Angle. Kurt then picks up Heyman and whips him into the barricade, but meanwhile, the referee has untied Brock, and he quickly picks up a steel chair, and hits Angle in the back with it. Lesnar then hits him again, this time in the face. He drops the chair, and picks up Angle in the bear hug position, and rams him into the steel post. Brock then drops him onto the floor, and stomps on the head again. Brock then tells Heyman to hold him up. He does this, but Angle ducks, and Lesnar hits Heyman instead.
Lesnar turns back around, and straight into a right hand from Kurt. Angle then picks up the chair, and signals to the crowd, before levelling Brock with a thunderous chair shot, busting Brock wide open.

Angle brings Brock back into the ring, and begins to stomp on Lesnar, then begins to work on the ankle. He wraps the chain around the ankle of Lesnar and starts to stomp on it, as well as tightening the chain around the ankle, applying more pressure. He then kicks Brock out of the ring, but holds onto the leg wrapped in chain, continuing to work on it. He then hit’s a leg drop, followed by an elbow drop on the ankle.
Lesnar screams out in pain, and begs for mercy, but Angle continues to work on the ankle. Then, Paul Heyman sneakily goes into the ring with a steel chair, and hits Kurt from behind on the back. Both men are down, but Heyman helps up Lesnar, who begins to walk around the ring, trying to shake off the ankle problems.
He then picks up Angle, and applies a Bearhug. Angle tries to fight his way out of the submission, but Lesnar is just too strong. He begins to fade, and the referee raises his arm, but it falls down right away. The referee tries this again, but the same thing happens for Angle again. The referee then signals that he will do this one more time. He lifts Angles arm, but this time, Angle keeps it up, and begins to fight back again. He starts clubbing at Brock, and soon begins to start head butting him, in a last ditch attempt to release the hold. Eventually, Brock begins to lose grip, and Angle frees himself. He slaps Brock across the face, angering the big man, and Lesnar charges at him, but Angle hits an arm drag. Lesnar is irate. He gets back up and tells Angle to bring it on.

They then both come to the centre of the ring and stare each other down. The two bloody warriors don’t back up at all, and after a long staredown, Angle raises his arm high in the air, and challenges Brock to a game of mercy. Brock thinks, and Angle shouts to “Come on” at Lesnar. Lesnar shouts back “It’s on!!!”
They then both use their free hand and go for a test of strength. The balance swings back and forth, and eventually, Angle breaks and takes down Lesnar into a front face lock. Lesnar uses his strength advantage, and gets to his feet, then takes down Angle, and applies a Half Nelson. Angle rolls through, and hit’s a snap mare on Lesnar, followed by a stiff kick to the back.
Lesnar is irate. He quickly rolls to the outside, as Kurt taunts him in the ring. Lesnar talks with Heyman, and then takes Angle by surprise and pulls the chain, pulling Angle out of the ring, and landing hard on the floor. Lesnar then takes a chair, and hits Kurt all over with it. He then signals for the F5 through the announce table. Heyman starts to point at a barely conscious Angle and tells him he asked for this, and he will get it now.
Brock pushes Michael Cole & Tazz out of the way, and brings Angle to the announce table. He sets him up for the F5, but Angle some how fights out, and hits an Angle Slam to Lesnar through the table. The two men are both out cold as the referee is heard saying that there is no count outs in a Chain match.
After nearly a minute, both men begin to stir. Angle uses the referee to get himself up, whilst Heyman helps Lesnar to his feet. Eventually they do make it t their feet and the two blood soaked warriors look toward each other. They then both give it their all as they go punch for punch on the outside, eventually making their way back into the ring. Angle ducks a punch, and goes for another Angle Slam, but Lesnar rolls through, and hit’s a German suplex. He then gets a cover, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!
Both men stagger to their feet, and again go punch for punch. Lesnar ducks one this time, and sets Angle up for an F5, but Angle fights out, and hit’s a Belly to Belly. He gets a cover, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

Again, the two men get up, and go punch for punch, this time, Lesnar starts to get the better of the action, and hit’s an F5 on Angle. He crawls over and gets a cover on Kurt, 1.…2.…KICK OUT FROM ANGLE!!!!!
Heyman can’t believe it. He tells Brock to use the chain, and Lesnar gets Angle up. He goes for a punch with the chain, but Angle blocks, and kicks him in the stomach, then he hit’s the Angle Slam. An exhausted Angle eventually gets the arm over Lesnar, 1.…2.…KICK OUT FROM LESNAR!!!!!
The shocked arena cant believe it as Kurt pulls himself up by the ropes, as does Brock. Brock runs toward Kurt, but Kurt side steps, and Lesnar runs straight into the referee knocking him out of the ring. He turns to Angle, but Angle moves again, and applies a waistlock, into a German suplex. Angle then pulls down the straps and applies the Ankle Lock to a huge pop. The crowd goes nuts as Lesnar taps out, but there is no referee. Angle keeps the hold locked on, until Paul Heyman gets on the apron. Kurt grabs Heyman, and is set to chuck him into the ring, but Lesnar low blows Kurt, and follows up with a vicious F5.
After nearly thirty seconds, Lesnar finally covers Angle, and the referee gets back into the ring, 1.……2.……3!!!!! LESNAR WINS!!! LESNAR WINS!!!!!
Heyman helps Brock out of the arena, whilst Paramedics rush to the ring to place the unconscious Angle on a stretcher. The crowd shows their appreciation for Angle as he is stretchered out of the arena after a brutal war.
We then see a video promoting next months PPV on November 14th 2004, from Chicago, Survivor Series.

Michael Cole & Tazz talk about the last match, showing us there broken announce table, covered in blood, and that they have been told that Kurt Angle is being brought to hospital after serious blood loss, and loss of consciousness.

We see Shawn Michaels preparing for the upcoming match.

We then see Chris Jericho preparing for the upcoming match.

HBK - Y2J video package

5th Match: World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels

Both men go face to face, as the crowd are evenly split between Jericho and Michaels. They start to try and get in each others head with a war of words. They tie up, and HBK takes down Jericho, and rides him along the ground. This gets a mixed reaction, as many of the crowd cheer, but many are also heard booing.
HBK starts to laugh and Jericho looks pissed off, and gets back up, straight into another tie up. This time Y2J takes down HBK, and rides him, but this time, Jericho adds in a few slaps at the end.
Now, Jericho laughs, as HBK looks annoyed. The two men come face to face again, and Michaels right away slaps Jericho hard. Y2J comes right back with a forearm to the face of Michaels, but HBK strikes back with a right hand to Y2J, and this time, Y2J comes back with a quick takedown and lays in some punches on the challenger.
Both men shoot up, and HBK runs at Jericho, but Y2J hits an arm drag on Michaels. HBK takes a moment to settle before getting up again.
Eventually he does, and they go straight into a lock up. Michaels gets a head lock, but Jericho floats over, and both men break up.
They begin to circle the ring, and tie up again, this time, HBK applies a wristlock, but Jericho soon reverses, then Michaels elbows out, bounces off the ropes, but is met with a dropkick from Jericho. HBK nips up immediately to the shock of Chris Jericho. They go into another lock up, and HBK gets a headlock, but Jericho powers out, and bounces off the ropes, hitting a shoulder block. He comes off the ropes again, but this time, HBK leapfrogs him, Jericho though holds onto the ropes instead of coming off again, and slaps Michaels. HBK fires right back with a straight right hand, followed by a power slam.

Michaels goes to the top rope, and comes off with a cross body, but Jericho takes Michaels by surprise and rolls through, 1...2...Kick out. Jericho then knocks down HBK with a clothesline. He then whips him off the ropes and hit’s a reverse elbow. Jericho then takes Michaels to the corner and hits three hard chops. HBK then reverses and hit’s a number of chops himself. He then places Jericho on the top rope and sets up for a superplex. Jericho resists this and pushes HBK off the top. He then comes off the top with a spinning heel kick. He covers HBK, 1...2...Kick out!!
Jericho pulls up Michaels, but Michaels comes back with a right hand. Jericho throws one back, and they begin to slug it out in the middle of the ring. HBK bounces off the ropes, but Jericho side steps him, and throws HBK out of the ring. HBK holds on though, and tries to skin the cat, but Jericho sees this and dropkicks HBK to the floor.
HBK then gets back on the apron, but Jericho meets him with a springboard dropkick, sending Michaels back to the floor. Jericho then follows to the outside, picks up HBK and drops him onto the barricade. He then bounces Michaels head off the steps, followed by a back suplex on the floor. Jericho throws him back into the ring, 1...2...HBK kicks out!!!
Jericho stomps on HBK, then follows up with a long vertical suplex, 1...2...Kick out again!!! Jericho shakes his head, then picks up Michaels and delivers a backbreaker, 1...2...HBK KICKS OUT AGAIN!!! Jericho looks to be becoming more frustrated as HBK continues to kick out. Jericho applies a chinlock, but eventually, HBK begins to fight back, and fights out of the move, whips Jericho off the ropes, and hits an inverted atomic drop, followed up with a clothesline. He whips Y2J off the ropes and hit’s a back body drop, and then begins to pound on him in the corner. Michaels then attempts to whip Y2J into the opposite corner, but Jericho reverses, however, HBK jumps to the top rope before hitting the corner, and hit’s a moonsault on Jericho, 1...2...JERICHO KICKS OUT!!

HBK whips Y2J off the ropes and goes for a dropkick, but Y2J holds the ropes and tries to apply the Walls of Jericho, but HBK counters with a cradle, 1...2...JERICHO BARELY KICKS OUT!!! Both get up, and Jericho ducks a clothesline, then follows up with a bulldog. He then hit’s the Lionsault on Michaels, 1.…2.…MICHAELS KICKS OUT!!!!! Jericho cant believe it!
He whips Michaels off the ropes and lowers his head, but HBK has it scouted, and kicks Y2J in the head. He then hit’s a sunset flip, 1...2...Y2J KICKS OUT!!! Now both men are fatigued, but HBK goes for Sweet Chin Music, Jericho ducks and connects with the Breakdown. He quickly gets a cover, 1...2.…HBK GETS A FOOT ON THE ROPES!!! Jericho is irate. He then goes to the corner and stamps his foot, signalling for his own version of Sweet Chin Music.
He goes for it, but Michaels ducks and goes for the Walls of Jericho, but Jericho counters, and locks in the Walls of Jericho on HBK. Michaels claws his way to the ropes, but Jericho pulls him back into the middle. HBK looks set to tap, but in one last push, he gets to the ropes, and Jericho is forced to break the hold.
Jericho whips Michaels off the ropes, but HBK ducks and comes back with a flying forearm. He then nips up to a huge roar from the crowd. He goes up top and nails the Elbow. He then jumps up again and stamps his foot in the corner for Sweet Chin Music, but this time, Jericho ducks, and as HBK turns around, he is met by a standing Enziguri. Jericho lands on top of Michaels for the cover, 1.….2.….MICHAELS SOMEHOW, KICKS OUT AGAIN!!!
The stunned audience now rise to their feet, as they are divided 50/50 for the two men. Jericho begins to argue with the referee, and as soon as he turns to HBK, he is met with Sweet Chin Music. Both men are down, but Michaels soon begins to crawl over to Jericho, and eventually gets the cover, 1.….2.….JERICHO KICKS OUT!!!

Both men then try to get to their feet, and eventually begin to go at it again, going punch for punch. They then both connect, knocking each other down.
After an eight count, both men rise to their feet, and Y2J runs toward HBK for a clothesline, but Michaels ducks. Then, they both turn around and both go for Sweet Chin Music, hitting each other. They fall to the ground, landing an arm on each other, leaving the referee with no choice but to count,
The crowd make little noise, as they are not sure who has won the match, and then the Howard Finkel makes the announcement…
“Ladies and Gentlemen, the referee has just informed me, that this bout is a DRAW!”
(Crowd boos the decision)

“Therefore, STILL, World Heavyweight Champion, CHRIS JERICHO!!!!”

(Crowd continues to boo, pissed off at the draw finish)

Eventually, both men stir, and begin to argue about who won. They get separated by officials, as they continue to argue as they walk up the ramp.

We see The Rock & John Cena preparing for the upcoming tag match.

Booker T & Goldust continue to celebrate backstage.

Then we see both Michaels & Jericho continue to argue about the draw decision, both saying they won.

Video Package for tag match.

6th Match: Tag Team Rules:
The Rock & John Cena vs. Scott Steiner & Test

The crowd gets behind The Rock & Cena strongly as the bell sounds. Scott Steiner & Rock start things out. They tie up, and Steiner shoves The Rock to the ground. He taunts Rock by kissing his arms, and then does some press ups.
They lock up again. This time The Rock shoves Steiner to the floor. He mimics Poppa Pump by kissing his own arms, and then does some press ups. Steiner is irate, he tags Test in. Test mouths off at Rock, and Rock makes fun of Test. Test is also irate. He goes to punch Rock, but this is blocked, and Rock tees off on Test with a series of right hands, backing him into the corner. He hit’s the spit punch, and then tags in Cena.
Cena pounds on Test in the corner, and then taunts him with the “You cant see me” taunt. He then whips him across the ring to the other corner, and runs in with a clothesline, then blindsides Steiner, knocking him off the apron. Test then runs at Cena, but Cena hit’s a flapjack, and follows with a 5 Knuckle Shuffle. He covers Test, 1...2...Kick out. Cena then tags Rock back in.
The Rock whips Test off the ropes, but Test ducks, and hits Rock with a clothesline. He then tags in Steiner. Steiner clubs Rock on the back, and then takes him over to the corner with a number of high impact chops. BPP whips Rock across the ring to the opposite corner, but as BPP runs at him, Rock hit’s a reverse elbow. He then punches down Steiner, and as Test tries to intervene, but Rock sees him coming, and hit’s a Samoan drop.
Rock then tags in Cena.

Cena begins to beat on BPP in the corner, but Test sneaks up from behind and clubs Cena in the back. He turns him around and hit’s a hard clothesline. The referee admonishes Test, and orders him to the outside.
Steiner then begins to take control over Cena and plants him with a Belly to Belly suplex. 1...2...Kick out from Cena. BPP then picks him up again, and hit’s a T-Bone suplex, 1...2...Kick out from Cena again. He tags in Test, and he begins to stomp on Cena in the corner. He then begins to choke him with his foot. He lets go just before the five count, and then shows his strength by hoisting Cena in the air, and delivering a big Press slam. Test gets the cover, 1.…2.…Cena kicks out! He drops an elbow, and then picks him up, this time for a Pumphandle slam. 1.…2.…Another kick out from Cena!! Test begins to get angry. He chokes Cena on the ground and then tags BPP back in.
Steiner applies a sleeper to Cena, but almost immediately, Cena begins to fight out. He breaks the hold, and then bounces off the ropes, but his momentum is stopped, as Test sneakily drives a knee into Cena as he hit’s the ropes, and walks right into a Belly to Belly. BPP gets the cover, and Test holds Cena’s legs, 1...2...ROCK BREAKS THE PIN!!! Rock is then forced out of the ring by the referee, and while the refs back is turned, Test & BPP illegally double team Cena.

BPP then tags in Test. Test hit’s a sidewalk slam, 1...2...KICK OUT AGAIN!!! Test picks up Cena again, but this time, Cena fights back. He starts to come back with right hands, but Steiner runs in, and plants Cena with a German suplex. The referee tells off BPP, but Test gets a cover, 1...2...ROCK BREAKS IT AGAIN!!! Again, the ref forces Rock out of the ring, and again, this gives Test & Steiner a chance to double team.
Test then hit’s the Test-drive on Cena, and covers him, but puts his feet on the ropes, 1...2...ROCK STOPS THE COUNT!!! This time, Rock knocks down Test, and then goes after Steiner, but for the third time, he is held back by the referee. Cena then hit’s a DDT out of nowhere on Test. He gets to his feet, and looks set to make the tag, but Steiner runs in and hit’s a back suplex. Now the Rock is really pissed off.
Test tags Steiner, but gets spine busted right away by Cena. He crawls to make the tag, but Test runs in and pulls Cena away, however, Cena kicks Test away, and makes the hot tag to The Rock!!
The Rock cleans house, knocking down Test, then Steiner, then Test, then Steiner, then Test, then Steiner, then Test, then Steiner, then Test again, this time, Test goes flying out of the ring. He then plants BPP with a DDT, 1...2...KICK OUT FROM STEINER!!! Test then runs back in and nails Rock with a Full Nelson, but Cena runs in and hit’s a throwback on Test, then this is followed by Steiner hitting a low blow on Cena. Steiner then hit’s a reverse DDT on Cena, and locks in the Steiner Recliner.

The Rock then breaks the submission, but he is followed by Test. He whips the Rock off the ropes, but Rock comes back with a flying forearm on Test. Steiner runs toward the Rock, but Rock grabs the leg, and hit’s the Dragon screw. He then applies the Sharpshooter. Steiner has nowhere to go, and looks set to tap, but Test runs in again, and takes out Rock with the Big Boot. Steiner then rolls onto the Rock, 1.….2.….CENA PULLS THE REFEREE OUT OF THE RING!!!
Test then brings in a steel chair and Steiner holds up the Rock, while the referee is arguing with Cena. Test goes for the shot, but Rock ducks, and he hits Steiner instead. He is shocked and tries to revive BPP, then as he turns around, he is met by the Rock Bottom.
Cena then comes in and plants Steiner with an FU, and The Rock then hit’s the Peoples Elbow, 1...2...3!!!!!! ROCK & CENA WIN!!!
The two heroes then shake hands, and go to each corner, celebrating the victory, as Test & Steiner stagger out of the ring and up the ramp.

Interview with Randy Orton. He says that right now, he is about to go through hell, but at the end, he will have killed another legend. He then says that he WILL go alone as he wants to prove to the world that he is the best in the world today.
We then see both Michaels and Jericho still arguing over who really won the match. They are soon separated by backstage officials.

Michael Cole & Tazz then update us on Kurt Angles condition, then they say, if the Chain match was bad, this would be a nightmare. They send it up to J.R & King who talk about the Streetfight, and then go to the Video package.

Video Package for Foley - Orton.

7th Match: Streetfight:
Mick Foley vs. Randy Orton
The two men slowly walk to the centre of the ring. They use some smack talk at each other. Then Foley points to his face and tells Orton to spit. Orton shakes his head, and says no. Foley backs Orton into the corner and yells at him to spit. Orton says no again, resulting in Foley slapping him. He tells him one more time to spit. This time Orton does. Foley then backs off and walks toward the camera. He shows the spit to the camera, then shows it to Orton. He slowly wipes it off, and throws a right hand at Orton. He punches Orton into the corner with a series of piston like right hands, with Orton falling down.

Foley shouts out and signals the “Bang Bang” and then runs at the corner and drives his knee into Orton’s face. Foley then goes to the outside and takes out a trashcan full of weapons from under the ring. He brings it inside, and empties it. During this time, Randy tries to crawl out of the ring, but is soon stopped by Foley. He drags him back in and pulls him up, but Orton in an act of desperation nails a low blow, and follows up with a clothesline.
Orton then picks up the Stop sign, and smacks Foley with it. Foley then starts to smile. He asks Orton for more. This shocks Randy, and he hits him again, as hard as he can. Foley then begins to roll around the ring, smiling. He sits up and again asks Randy for more. Orton then kicks him in the face, and then sits him up and slaps him.
He goes to the outside and picks up a steel chair. He swings at Foley, but Foley punches him in the mid section, and then hit’s a clothesline over the top rope.
He follows to the outside and hit’s a swinging neck breaker. Foley then gets on the apron, and goes to the second rope, then drops his trademark elbow onto Orton, still laying on the concrete.

He then throws Orton back into the ring, and looks under the ring, then pulls out - a 2x4 WRAPPED IN BARBED WIRE!!! This gets a huge pop from the crowd, and they then start off a Foley chant. He brings it into the ring, and Orton backs off, pleading with Foley not to hit him. Foley swings, but Orton ducks, and then kicks him in the mid section. Foley drops the 2x4, and Orton picks it up. He hits Foley in the midsection, and on the back, then hits him on knee with the 2x4.
Orton then raises his arms in the air, and gets a huge boo from the crowd. He tries again to hit Foley, but Foley fights back, and Orton drops the weapon. Foley knocks down Orton and picks it up himself, to a huge pop. He then smacks Orton in the face with the 2x4, and Orton is immediately busted open. Foley gets a cover, 1...2...Kick out!! He then places the 2x4 on Orton’s face, and then hit’s a leg drop onto it. He covers again, 1...2...Another kick out from Orton!!
Foley then waits for Orton to get to his feet and hits him again with the weapon. He then drops an elbow on Orton, using the 2x4. He shouts “Bang Bang” again to the crowd, and they roar with approval.
Orton then rolls out of the ring, but is followed by a smiling Foley. Foley beats him around the ringside area to the announce table. Orton kicks Foley away, but Foley turns back around again, only this time, he is waffled by a chair shot from Orton. Orton then waffles him again, before falling to the ground. Surprisingly, Foley gets up first, and is now slightly busted open, but not badly. He goes to whip Orton into the steps, but Orton counters, and Foley goes into the steps.

Orton then places the chair onto the ground, and hits Foley with a Russian Leg Sweep onto the chair. Both men struggle to their feet, and begin to share punches, but Foley comes out on top. He bounces Randy’s face off the steps, and then places him on the Spanish announce table. Foley goes for a piledriver, but Orton fights out, and hits Foley with a monitor, then he hits an RKO, sending Foley through the table!!!
Both men are down for close to a minute, but eventually they begin to rise, and Orton punches at Foley. Foley then begins to fight back, and knocks Orton down. He then clotheslines him over the barricade, and they begin to fight through the crowd. Eventually they come back out at the entrance way, where Foley backdrops Orton, and then hit’s a suplex onto the steel ramp way.
Foley then brings him back to ringside, but Orton rakes him in the eyes. He gets into the ring to try and get a rest, while Foley looks under the ring again. This time he pulls out a Board covered in Barbed Wire. Immediately, the crowd begins to chant Holy Shit!!, Holy Shit!!, Holy Shit!! He brings it into the ring, and is met by Orton who tees off right hands on Foley. They go punch for punch, with Orton on top. Foley begins to teeter near the Board, but then fights back, leaving Orton teetering near the Board. Foley then runs at Orton, but Orton hit’s a drop toe hold, with Foley going face first onto the Barbed Wire.
He then goes to the outside and pulls out a bag which J.R & King speculate to be a sand bag. He brings it into the ring and hits Foley with the bag. He then empties it on the canvas, and we see it is Thumbtacks, not sand. Foley gets up and runs toward Orton, but Randy nails a spine buster onto the tacks. The crowd begin another Holy Shit chant, as Foley rolls around on the tacks. Orton then picks up the Barbed Wire Board and slams it Barbed Wire first, onto Foley, sandwiching him between the tacks, and the Barbed Wire Board.
He gets the steel chair and begins to hit the board with it. After at least eight shots, he stops, and there is no movement. Randy then thinks it is all over and raises his arms in the air, then suddenly, the board starts to slowly move, and blood covered Foley begins to roll out. He is covered in blood from his face, arms, legs. His clothes have been ripped apart, and are blood soaked. Orton then hits Foley on the back of the head with the chair, 1...2...FOLEY KICKS OUT!!! Orton is shocked. Foley then gets to his knees and taunts Orton, resulting in another vile chair shot, 1...2...FOLEY KICKS OUT AGAIN!!!
Again, Foley rises to his knees and taunts Orton, and again, Orton smacks him with the chair, 1...2...FOLEY KICKS OUT AGAIN!!! Foley continues to move, and Orton then whacks him with three more brutal chair shots, and follows up with a cover, 1...2...FOLEY KICKS OUT ONE MORE TIME!!!!!

Orton is irate. He picks up the 2x4 wrapped in Barbed Wire. He sits up Foley, and spits in his face. He goes to hit him with the 2x4, but Foley nails a low blow. Both men slowly get up, and Foley hit’s a Double Arm DDT onto the tacks. We see a close up of Orton’s bloody face, now sprinkled in thumbtacks.
Foley goes for the cover, 1...2...ORTON KICKS OUT!!! Foley then sets up the Barbed wire board in the corner, and whips Orton into it. Orton bounces out, and straight into a power slam from Foley onto the tacks. Orton rolls around in agony, and Foley makes the cover, 1...2...ORTON KICKS OUT AGAIN!!!
Foley then pulls out Mr. Socko, and the crowd begin to chant “Socko”. He applies the Mandible Claw to Orton, who begins to fade. Then, Orton in desperation kicks Foley with a low blow, and follows up with an RKO onto the tacks. 1.….2.….FOLEY SOMEHOW KICKS OUT AGAIN!!!
Orton is shocked. He tries to think of what to do next, and Foley gets to his feet. They go blow for blow in the centre of the ring, but Foley, somehow, comes out on top. He goes for a Piledriver onto the chair, but Orton counters, and catapults him onto the board, then another RKO onto the tacks. He slowly, reaches over for a cover, 1.….2.….FOLEY KICKS OUT AGAIN!!!!!

Orton then goes mad. He grabs the chair, and waffles Foley with four unforgiving chair shots, covers him, 1.….2.….FOLEY KICKS OUT!!!!!
Orton then shakes his head, picks up the chair, and hits one more barbaric chair shot to the cranium. He gets the hook of the leg, 1.…..2.…..3!!!!! Mercifully it’s over. Both men are lying on the canvas, barely moving. Evolution come out and help out Randy Orton, while paramedics try to carry out Foley. They get halfway up the ramp, and Foley stops them. He gets off, and tries to walk out, eventually needing help from the paramedics.
We are then shown the carnage on the outside and in inside the ring, as J.R & King tell us they have never seen anything like it in their lives. King then says that St. Louis better have some blood donors, because as bad as it’s been, it will only get worse. They then take it over to Michael Cole & Tazz for the main event.

Cole & Tazz discuss the last match, and then discuss the evenings events, before moving onto the Survivor Series match between McMahon & Hart. They how a short video highlighting the feud, then talk about tonight’s main event.

We see Triple H preparing for the upcoming match.

Video Package for the Main Event.

Main Event: WWE Championship; Last Man Standing Match:

Goldberg vs. Triple H

They two men go right at it from the start, with Goldberg on top. He clotheslines HHH over the top rope, and attempts to whip him into the steps, but HHH reverses and Goldberg goes into the steps. HHH then begins to pounds on Goldberg. He grabs a monitor, but is tackled to the ground by Goldberg. He then pounds on Triple H. He drops an elbow, and applies a Bearhug. He then rams The Game into the ring post, and slams him onto the ground.
Goldberg then throws HHH into the ring and hit’s a clothesline, followed by a spine buster. The referee then begins the count, 1.……2.……3.……4. HHH rolls to the outside. He is followed by Goldberg, and sucker punches him. He hit’s a face buster, followed by a clothesline. Triple H then throws Goldberg back into the ring.
He takes the steel steps in with him, and nails the champion with a brutal shot to the head. The referee begins to issue the count, 1.……2.……3.……4.……5. Goldberg struggles to his feet, but is immediately met by Triple H with a clothesline. 1.……2.……3.……4. Goldberg gets up. HHH runs at Goldberg with the steps, but Goldberg counters, and hit’s a drop toe hold, and HHH falls and rams his head on the steps. HHH is dazed, as Goldberg gets him up for the press slam, and then counters mid way into the spine buster. This gets a huge pop from the crowd, as HHH is down.
Goldberg then sets up HHH for the spear. He runs at HHH, but gets kicked in the head as he goes for it. Triple H then hit’s a high knee on the champion. He then gets a chair and brings it into the ring, but as he re enters the ring, he is met with a vicious spear from Goldberg. He then signals for the Jackhammer.

Goldberg gets HHH up, but The Game rolls through, and hit’s a back suplex onto the chair. The referee then issues a count on both men. 1.……2.……3.……4. Triple H gets to his feet, 5.……6.……Goldberg gets to his feet, and is met with a right hand from The Game. Triple H then hit’s a knee drop on Goldberg, and the count begins again. 1.……2.……3.……4.……5.……6.……7, Goldberg gets back up, but HHH hit’s a chop block, taking Goldberg down again.
He then stomps on the leg, and drops an elbow before applying a leg lock. Then HHH slams the chair across the leg. The referee then issues the count again, 1.……2.……3.……4.……5.……6.……7. Goldberg struggles to his feet, and is met with a chair shot to the midsection, then the back.
The referee then issues another seven count, but Goldberg gets back to his feet. HHH is irate. He then smacks the chair across the knee again, but again Goldberg gets up by the seven count. Triple H goes for a figure four, but Goldberg kicks him away, then powers him into the corner. He beats at The Game with a number of shoulder thrusts, then hit’s a Press Slam onto the chair. The referee then issues a count for the Game.

1.…….2.…….3.…….4.…….5.…….6.…….7. Triple H gets to his feet, but is knocked right back down by Goldberg for another six count. Goldberg gets HHH to his knees, but Triple H scores with a low blow, and follows up with a Pedigree. Goldberg is down, and the Game is dazed. The referee begins a count on Goldberg. 1.…….2.…….3.…….4.…….5.…….6.…….7.…….8. Goldberg uses the ropes to get himself back up. Triple H then runs at Goldberg, but Goldberg hip tosses HHH over the top rope to the floor. Both men take the time to regroup, and eventually HHH gets back in, but is met with a brutal chair shot from Goldberg, busting the challenger open. 1.……..2.…….3.…….4.…….5.…….6.…….7.…….8.…….9. HHH staggers to his feet.
Goldberg then delivers a sidewalk slam to Triple H, resulting in another eight count before HHH can get up. Goldberg meanwhile is setting up The Game for a Spear, but Triple H moves, and kicks Goldberg in his knee. He then slams the knee into the steps, still lying in the ring. HHH whips Goldberg off the ropes, and they both hit a clothesline on each other. The referee then begins a double count. 1.….2.….3.….4.….5.….6.…..7...both stagger to their feet, and begin to go punch for punch. Goldberg gets the better of the action and begins to beat HHH into the corner, but HHH drives a knee into Goldberg, and follows up with a DDT. Both men are down, and the referee issues another eight count. HHH is at his feet first, shortly followed by Goldberg.
HHH hits another low blow, followed by another chop block. Triple H then rolls to the outside and picks up the sledgehammer from under the ring. He goes for Goldberg, but he ducks, and Triple H hit’s the referee instead. He turns back around to Goldberg, and is met by the Spear. Goldberg then delivers the Jackhammer, but the referee has been knocked out. After twenty seconds or so, another referee runs down and begins to make the count, 1.…..2.…..3.…..4.…..5. Still no movement from HHH. 6.…..7.…..8. Suddenly, RIC FLAIR RUNS DOWN AND DISTRACTS THE REFEREE!!!!!

Goldberg goes berserk, and grabs Flair. He beats on him outside. Meanwhile, Batista comes through the crowd and helps up Triple H. Goldberg spots this and gets back in to brawl with Batista. He hit’s a spear. He then spears Flair, then spears HHH. He goes for another Jackhammer on Triple H, but he is stopped by Batista, and they fight again. Goldberg beats him down in the corner, then Triple H picks up the Sledgehammer and nails Goldberg in the back of the head. Goldberg is totally knocked out, and the referee begins the count, 1.….2.….3.….4.….5.….6.….7.….8.….9.….10!!!!! TRIPLE H WINS!!! NEW CHAMPION!!! NEW CHAMPION!!!
Triple H is announced as the new WWE Champion. He takes the belt and walks out with Flair & Batista. Michael Cole rants about Evolution helping Triple H, even though he is now on Smackdown. He then says Goldberg has been screwed by The Game.
Tazz then says that this is why, Triple H is called the cerebral assassin, and tonight he played his trump card - EVOLUTION!!

We end the show with the camera on a lifeless Goldberg, with blood spilling from the back of his head.


Let me know what you thought of the PPV. What was your favourite matches, least favourite, best moment, and any predictions for what will happen next. All opinions are welcome, Good or bad.
Next report will be up on Sunday.

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Re: Being the booker

WOW 1 simple word that describes it all!
Amazing. Orton Foley, what a match!
It had it all, tables, chairs, barbed wirs thumbtacks, a cage and a sledgehammer. I cant think of many more weapons! And the amount of blood WHOA!
Bloody Ric Flait and Batista!
HHH is a cheating GIT!
Amazing show!
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Re: Being the booker

Overall Wolf Beast your PPV was one of the best I have seen so far as well as your other PPV's. All your matches were off the hook but Lesnar vs Angle was really great. You made good use out of the kinds of weapons and strategies the wrestlers would use for their stipulation matches. I was kind of disapointed that the Undertaker did not make his big debut but I see a championship for him in the future. The only match I did not like the outcome of was Y2J vs. HBK but I am sure the fued will be settled on RAW. Still the match itself was very good. As for the future of your booking shows I do not know. You have many suprises which I like and am waiting to see more. Keep up the great work!!!! Overall 10/10
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Re: Being the booker

i don't need to say much i think "amazing" sums tht up!!!!
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Re: Being the booker

Oh My God..

That show was the best..ever.
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Re: Being the booker

excellent show the street fight was amazing.
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Re: Being the booker

Great show, I love the triple threat.
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Re: Being the booker

Wow...what a great show! I thought all the matches were great. Even though

HBK and Y2J ended in a draw , I thought it was great how it ended. Raw should

be very interesting leading up to SummerSlam( Smackdown will too)

I am glad HHH won and the way he won was great. Evolution still helping there

leader. Orton -vs- Foley was great as was Angle and Lesnar. Great show!

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Re: Being the booker

WOW what a show!!! Thats your best yet! Even better than COTC.

All matches were great! Jericho/HBK outcome is interesting! Are they going to leave there and say that there equal? Or will there be a Rematch!

Orton vs Foley was a classic. Glad Orton won!

Triple H new champion!!! What i wanted to see and now at Survior Series we can see an epic showdown between The Rock and Triple H!!!!

Cant wait till Raw to find out which Superstar has gone to Raw!!! Is it Triple H? Has he moved to be with Evolution? Cant wait till Raw and Smackdown

Legend Killers and Simply Priceless Wrestling War!!
World Elite Wrestling
'Thursday Night Warfare' show posted
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