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Re: Being The Booker

I think this may be my first comment in this thread, bit I assure you, I have been viewing.

Nice to see that you have Anderson as your General Manager, good choice. Great main event match set for tonight in Angle vs. the Undertaker, I know that whoever you choose to face RVD at the Rumble, you will make a great match between the two. As previously said, I don't think you will have Edge hold onto his briefcase until Wrestlemania, as then it would be too obvious too when he cashes it in. Knowing you, you will give us some massive shock.

Nice to Batista go over the US Champion, and it was nice to see that Albright still did get some offense, not making him totally get buried. Batista challenging for the United States Title sure his odd, as many think that he is above mid card title level.

Typical cocky MVP promo, it's what he does best. Obviously Porter as going to go over Regal here, but just one question, is MVP's Play of the Day the same as the Playmaker in real life, or something different? Just wondering.

Edge and AMW vs. Lashley, Hardy and Shannon should be a great match, and having Angle complai that he has to earn hs title match isn't a surprise to see. Can't wait for both matches tonight, and it looks like the Six Man Tag Match is on right now. Shocked to see that Lashley, Hardy and Moore picked up the win, as Edge is certainly heading for a World Title and America's Most Wanted just won the WWE Tag Team Titles, bt it was still a good match.

Nice to see that RVD is ready for any opponent at the Rumble, and once again, you give us a swerve by having Jericho and Haas defeating the team of RVD and Kane. Great to see that you are giving Haas a push, and for some reason, I think you wil add Jericho to the World Title match for picking up sort of a win against RVD, as he didn't exactly pin the champ.

I think you will have Albright get the win over Batista to give him a major push, or someone interfere to cost Batista the match so you don't just bury him against a lower talent. Batista in the Rumble is good as well, can't wait for your return Pay Per View.

Anyways, it is Main Event time, and good to see that you gave the match some time. Good to see that this match had a disputed finish, which most likely means that Angle will be added to the match in some capacity. I think that you will also add Jericho to the match, making it a Fatal Four Way, but then have Edge come in and cash in on RVD after the match.

Anyway Wolfy, it was a great show as always, and I cannot wait for your Royal Rumble and continuing on your Road to Wrestlemania. Raw is looking good as well, I will leave a review when it is up.

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Re: Being The Booker

Raw Feedback

Looks like we are kicking the show off with Cena, who obviously won’t be in the best of moods after last week’s loss to Triple H. Commentary was awesome from Coach and J.R, btw. Like everyone said, and you yourself alluded to, the “travesty” line just didn’t fit. I’ll give you a break because you’ve been away from this for so long. Anyway, very typical Cena promo to start, making fun of the heel champion and all the people who helped him out last week. No shock that he challenges Triple H to a rematch right here and now, but it isn’t The Game who comes out … it’s THE BOSS~. Vince has sent Triple H and Steph to Hawaii? Sounds pretty shady and I guess that this will happen when all the major heels are on the same side. Finlay vs. Cena in a Stretcher Match should be decent, as we wait before Cena gets his chance at another title match. Great way to end the promo, with Cena asking about other matches, before Vince drops the bomb that Cena is just above Christian on the WWE Title ladder. Very good opening promo, really gets this thread going again.

Good way to get these four guys on the card, even though the only beef right now is between Rey and KK. Good match length and I’m glad that Lesnar looked so damn impressive, even though I haven’t really liked the way ‘Lito has been treated since WM22. Hopefully Lesnar moves back up with the “Big Boys” soon.

Wow, Lesnar is the first man into the Rumble. Brock has every right to be pissed off, as I thought maybe we see a Triple Threat with Lesnar, Hunter, and Cena at the Rumble, but I guess that’s off. Lesnar may confront Vince, but I don’t see him getting out of the Rumble. SuperBrawl may be a possible time for Lesnar to get his shot, imo.

No shock that Umaga just ran through Booker T. I’m glad that Booker put up a fight but Umaga still had his way with the former champion. Hopefully Booker/Elijah keep their tag team run going strong, as Umaga will most likely be in the Rumble, trying to become more and more dominant with each passing week.

Tomko and Christian get close tonight … but I don’t see them getting the gold.

Classic heel Teddy before the match starts, giving DH a way out of the match … but then gets dropkicked! Awesome, tbh. Glad that Smith was able to put up a spirited effort, but we all knew that Shelton was going to win this match. A few near falls before the I.C. Champion hits his favorite move to get the three count. The beatdown after the match was pretty good, as Teddy is trying to show why his group should be taken seriously, and I think he sent the right message.

Good video package to highlight Christian’s “struggles”, as he is ready to get into the ring and try and win the tag titles. I really loved what you did in this match. Christian is able to dominate the match at the start, really getting the champs on the ropes, but then once Tomko gets tagged in, he becomes the isolated man, phasing Christian out. You can just see the anger building inside CC before he FINALLY gets the tag back in, taking it to MNM like nobody’s business. Christian goes through the motions and looks to have it won … but Melina pulls the referee out. LOVED Christian taking out his aggression with the steel chair, as he comes to the realization that he won’t have another title shot. Rumble win out of this, plz.

Very good little backstage segment between Finlay, Vince, and Brock. I guess Vince is really trying to take Cena down, as he will let anyone go out there and help Finlay win. Very glad that Lesnar stood up to the boss, telling him that he doesn’t like to be jerked around. Glad that Lesnar will be somewhat of a tweener until he gets that title shot. Would never expect Lesnar to care about Hunter, anyway. Vince has another business meeting? Wonder what this is about…

Another great match tonight, seems like the show has been laden with big matches. Nice change of pace. Good start to the match but we knew it would be a matter of time before Doane gets involved, turning the match in favor of Orton & Co, as they really dismantle Punk. Liked the way that the match broke down, with everyone taking sides, until Orton drops CM with the RKO. Orton looked like a million bucks … SWEET CHIN MUSIC~. HBK hits both Orton and Cade with Sweet Chin Music, before Punk finally comes to and gets the pin. Glad to see the faces go over, and as long as Orton didn’t take the fall, the NW still looks good. Can’t wait to see what happens next between HBK and Orton.

Orton vs. HBK already? Should be a great match.

Umaga in the Rumble is expected. Good choice by just making the announcement, as we have seen enough squashes. Umaga will go nuts … but he obviously won’t win the whole thing.

Very good interview from HBK, as he gives Punk/Helms a good rub, before getting down to the business at hand. Match is going to be huge and I loved the little comments that Shawn dropped, taking the shot at Hulk and then dropping the “Woooo”. Hopefully this match doesn’t disappoint.

Nothing very shocking goes down in this match, as Cena and Finlay have been at each other’s throats for about three months. Finlay and Cena get the advantage for about the same amount of time, as they both get close to winning, but nothing comes of it. Like others said, not really a fan of Horny coming into the match, but it did provide some comedy, with Cena tossing him into Finlay. Finlay is out of the match and Cena drops him with an F-U, getting him on the stretcher and wheeling him over the line. Good win for Cena, and I’m hoping that we’ll hear next week about the World Title situation for the R’Rumble.

Smackdown! Feedback

Hot damn … not better way to kick off the evening than with the announcement of the main event … ANGLE AND ‘TAKER!! Thought you might hold off on this, tbh. I could see it being a no contest, with RVD needing to defend against both men at the PPV. AA looks set to leave but here comes the Friday night bitch … Edge. Again talks about getting screwed out of chances and then again gets told that he has a title shot whenever he wants. Edge is gonna use it soon, and a place in the Rumble is a nice way to keep him involved. Good opening segment.

Surprised to see Batista around the U.S. Title, seeing as how you’ve built the man pretty nicely since coming to SD!. Guess he will be getting a title shot pretty soon, after an impressive win. I still think he is above the mid-card, so Brent won’t be losing the belt quite yet.

PORTER~ The man can be awesome in this thread and I have a feeling he will be. Rematch with Regal to show off his dominance? Sounds good to me.

Great that MVP seems to be getting better, beating Regal a little easier this time, although I am glad that you pointed out that it wasn’t a squash. MVP will be in the Rumble for sure, and I can’t wait to see how long he stays undefeated.

Six-man tag sounds interesting; although I’m surprised by the face team … figured Hooligans/Lashley would make more sense, tbh.

Angle shouldn’t be complaining … he should be glad that he gets to go against ‘Taker. Should make him look even better if he thinks he can win.

Still surprised to see Moore on the face team, and even more surprised to see them get the win. Guess Storm is being made to look the weaker of AMW, as he takes the fall yet again. Hooligans better be coming for AMW sooner rather than later.

Typical RVD interview, cool as a cucumber. Although a match against ‘Taker or Angle would be a much tougher challenge than the one-on-one matches he’s had so far.

Another tag team match? Just seems like you’ve been laying them on heavy this week. Jericho gets the “shock” win over Kane, giving the heels the win, as it was a good way to get these guys on the card, before they all {bar RVD} qualify for the Rumble.

Glad that ‘The Animal’ is being taken care of. U.S. Title shot and the Rumble? Gonna be a good month for ‘Tista.

No shock that Angle and ‘Taker hold a little bit back in the main event, seeing as how they are on a collision course for a rocketbuster at WM23. Angle is trying to be meticulous as always, but Undertaker fights back and I loved how both men kicked out of finishers. Not the biggest fan of ‘Taker sitting up after the belly-to-belly, as Angle is too credible a superstar to have that happen. Tombstone and ‘Taker is going to the Rumble to face RVD!! But Angle’s foot was under the ropes!! Oh, the controversy, great way for this match to end.

Two very good shows to get this thread rolling again, Wolf. Both World Title scenes are getting interesting and the Road to the Rumble should be a good one … as it always is in this thread. Just a quick question, since you said that the next Raw is the last of ’06 … does that mean we’re getting the “Best Of” show like last year?


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Re: Being The Booker

Perfect Poster's RAW Feedback:

So, y'know I thought I would drop a little feedback on your RAW show and SD recap, seeing as you are called having the "Best BTB Ever". Hopefully reading this will help me improve and have me entertained, but I shouldn't even dare to doubt you, now. Anyways, onto the feedback...

Already I'm entertained by the opening comments between the two commentators. Cena's opening few words, while I don't want to sound like a broken record player, were too heelish for Cena. Obviously you've realized that so no need to go further. McMahon trashing the fans intelligence? Nice. Giving his son-in-law and daughter the week off and pissing of the fans for doing thus? Even nicer. Finlay vs. Cena in a stretcher match should be good, since they've had past history and Finlay is apart of the McMahon faction, but Cena's going over, no doubt.

What is Lesnar doing in tag-team action? ME next for him seems likely, from what I've taken from the preview and opening promo between Cena and McMahon.

Okay, scratch that. With Lesnar in the RR, along with Cena (I'm presuming, as that'd be the only way (currently) that he would get a title shot) this is shaping up to be an awesome Royal Rumble. As long as Cena is in...

Umaga getting a major push is awesome, even though I like Booker. A strong outing for Mags in the Royal Rumble would help him out even more, but he wouldn't have much of a shot of winning.

Why would Smith do a dropkick to long to the outside? Surely a punch or clothesline would be much quicker and have the same effect on him? It's a small thing, sure, but a dropkick almost takes too much time to execute and it makes no sense, so Shelton capitalizing on it was a definite must. Total burriation (it's a word, tbh ) on Smith afterwards.

While Christian deserves to be holding the World Title, he won't be winning the Tag-Team titles tonight, which, in honesty, is a major, major problem. From a fans point of view, that is....*reads match* Yeah, exactly what I thought, except for the fact that Christian got himself disqualified. Eventually he's gonna move to SD and win the World Title, it's inevitable.

Lesnar owns. Hard. Whenever HHH is in a title match next, if Lesnar doesn't interfere, I'd be surprised. Business meeting, eh Vince? Doubt it. Just some schnanigans to take out Lesnar, tbh.

New Wave...sounds a little different for a name, imo. But with Orton leading, although I hate Cade, looks to be a subperb team. I like "Straight-Edge" though, as it obviously fits in with Punks gimmick, but I probably wouldn't ever see Helms teaming with him, unless he was "Hurricane" Helms. Anyways, exciting match and like you said, Straight-Edge get a huge rub from working alongside HBK. Orton/HBK sounds like a great classic to end the year.

How did I know Umaga was going to the Royal Rumble match? I didn't look. Honest

Whoa, a nice promo by HBK, but what's with the jab to Hogan? I may have missed if he had feuded with Hogan while I wasn't reading this thread, but either way, came off a little surprising to me.

Another entertaining match, Wolfy. Like I predicted, Finlay was only going to be fed to Cena, but he put up a nice effort which would be a very, very good main event.

Overall: Good first show that I've read from you, Wolfy. The commentary was spot on, the matches had some good time, and everything worked well. It looks as if you weren't ever gone. I'll give the SD feedback later. 8/10
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Re: Being The Booker

Just to let you know I read RAW, was just to lazy to review. It's the thought that counts tho, imho <3.

onto SmackDown!

Taker/Angle = ratings. Edge in the Rumble, he ain't winning tbh, he's gonna end up using the MITB at Mania. Batista seems to be throwing himself into contention here, Brent Albright ay? A few people are starting to bother pushing him. I totally forgot he was your US Champ

MVP shitting on Regal. Won't be long before MVP rises up the ranks to the US Title imo, possibly even by Mania. Edge/AMW combo > anything containing Shannon Moore. My pick is he jobs to Edge, rightfully so. Angle is gonna win anyways, he's done it to Taker twice, only way I can see it going Taker's way is if some sort of feud between Angle and AA starts up, which would be a bit too much like Angle/Bret Hart of previous years

oh? Surprised somewhat that Moore didn't job to Edge, ohwell it's good news for the faces but not for Edge. Is he gonna snap again? Jericho pinning Kane is all good, nothing really serious for RVD atm, just awaiting his next opponent. @ Charlie Haas winning a match, even tho he did fuck all

Big Dave has a US Title match? He could do better tbh, be interesting to see if you let Albright keep the strap. Atleast 'Tista is in the Rumble. Taker gets the win, Angle's feet on the ropes? Either he'll get into the title match at the Rumble, or a feud with AA will start because of this CONTROVERSY!~

Good stuff Wolf


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Re: Being The Booker

... Couple of points before Raw;

- Batista has had one one on one world title shot in this thread - an unadvertised shot against John Cena just after the last RR. Big Dave has never been a main event player in the thread, bar when appearing in multi man main events like @ Survivor Series or Armageddon. He's had the very slow build route, mainly because I cant find a place for him as an out and out main eventer, so for the time being, he'll be challenging for the prestigious U.S Title, and adding to the credibility of said championship by focusing on it.

- MVP is a heel, William Regal is a face at the moment.

- Nothing really to read into Shawn Michaels dig @ Hulk Hogan. When Hogan last appeared in the thread he left on bad terms, so it's one of those things that happens from time to time when guys arent on the WWE side.

- I hadnt planned on doing a best of '06 show, mainly for the reason that I skipped through six months. If there is a demand for it, I could certainly do it, as I had plenty of fun with the best of '05 shows I did last year (umm, three years ago now, I guess )

...anyway, onto Raw...


Raw: December 18th; Detroit:

Opening Video


The camera pans around the arena, but before J.R can welcome us…


Shawn Michaels music hits, and The Showstopper enters the stage, to a heroes welcome from the rabid fans, on the final Raw of 2006.

Jim Ross: The weather may be cold, but my oh my, The Joe is BOILING hot for the last live edition of Monday Night Raw in the year 2006. And Coach, I couldn’t think of a better way to kick us off than to see the legendary Shawn Michaels in action!!!

The Coach: Well, you might not be so enthusiastic J.R when you see what happens to The Showstopper in just a few minutes, when the leader of the New Wave, Randy Orton, kills his career.

Jim Ross: This rivalry has been heating up for weeks now, ever since the Survivor Series, when Randy Orton humiliated the legendary Ric Flair, which sent the greatest of all time into retirement.

The Coach: And after tonight, Michaels can join Flair on the pasture. Randy Orton wont be waiting for anyone to step aside anymore. He is what he says he is J.R … the career killer.

Jim Ross: It makes my blood boil just thinking about it Coach. I hope Michaels sticks to his word, and kicks Ortons teeth straight down his throat tonight.


Randy Orton enters, looking as cock sure as ever, all on his own, with no back up from his New Wave cronies. He cautiously steps into the ring, but as he does, HBK makes a beeline for him, and kick starts proceedings.

1st Match:
Shawn Michaels vs. Randy Orton
Michaels is all over Orton as the match begins, beating Orton to every punch, taking it to the Career Killer in the corner, opening up with knife edge chops, and straight right hands. Orton is at the mercy of HBK early on, and gets clotheslined to the outside by the legend, who takes a risk, landing with a cross body off the top rope, taking Orton down again on the outside. Michaels remains in charge, sending Orton crashing into the steel ringpost. HBK slams Ortons face off the announce table, then rolls him back in, keeping the match under his control.

The Showstopper tees off with more right hands, and chops, as Orton struggles to make any impact on the match whatsoever, having to suffer a hat trick of inverted atomic drops, and a swinging neck breaker, but manages to kick out at two. Orton is still on the back foot, but soon begins to make his mark on the match, trading blows with his adversary, only for Michaels to out-do him. HBK runs into the ropes, and bounces out, looking for a body splash, but Orton catches him, and slams Michaels onto the canvas!!! This sets up the turning of the tide in favour of Orton, with a near fall from that counter. Randy then bores the life out of the viewers with the almighty REVERSE CHIN LOCK~! HBK hasn’t really been worn down, so the hold doesn’t affect him much, and he fights up quickly. He breaks free from the submission, but gets planted with a dropkick after running into the ropes, as Orton refuses to allow his opponent control of the match again.

Orton pounds down his enemy, and scores with a number of near falls, but nothing that has Michaels in real danger. Orton then tries to bore the fans again with a sleeper, but Michaels fights out quickly, as he starts to rev up his own engine, running through Orton with clotheslines, but as he drags Orton up, the Career Killer strikes quickly, and drives HBK into the corner. Viciously, Orton pounds HBK down in the corner, then sends him into the ropes, but The Showstopper flies out with a flying forearm!!! Both men go down, but Michaels nips up, and fires up, with a succession of front slams, before nailing a suplex, which sets him up for the Flying Elbow, with the fans on their feet!!! HBK goes for it all … BUT MISSES!!!! Orton bounces up, and stalks his prey for the RKO … but MICHAELS PUSHES HIM AWAY into the ropes … AND GOES FOR SWEET CHIN MUSIC … BUT ORTON HANGS ONTO THE ROPES AVOIDING IT … and as HBK spins around, Orton pounces … AND NAILS THE RKO!!! He hooks the leg, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Randy Orton @ 10:15

Orton is victorious, with a sudden, decisive RKO. The Career Killer has his arm raised in the air, but doesn’t look satisfied with just winning the match. He shrugs the referee off, and stares down at Michaels, who struggles to get up, still suffering the effects of the RKO moments ago. Orton again, menacingly crouches down, laying in wait for Michaels to get up. A second RKO looms … and Orton gets ready to pounce with HBK up … but Michaels acts quickly, and throws Orton up, and onto the mat, countering the knockout move!!!

Orton winces in pain, as he pulls himself up, using the ropes. He peels away … AND EATS SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!!!! Michaels stands over the fallen Career Killer, and mouths at him something we cant hear, but it would appear this issue is far from over, and a new year coming up will not change any of that.


We return with a short video package, hyping next weeks ‘Christmas in Baghdad’ show, which was taped a few weeks ago.

We then go backstage, and see Randy Orton, holding his jaw, walking through the hallway, when we hear a voice from the background…

Voice: Randy??

Orton slowly turns around, and we pan out to see Raw General Manager, Eric Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff: Randy, do you have a moment, please??

Orton continues to sell the pain in his jaw, before speaking.

Randy Orton: Sure, what is it Eric??

Excitedly, Eric lets out his news…

Eric Bischoff: Well, in actual fact, I’ve got some great news. I’ve just confirmed YOU as one of the 30 men in the upcoming Royal Rumble. How about that for a Christmas gift, huh??

Orton still doesn’t look comfortable, nor remotely enthusiastic about being told he’s in the Rumble.

Randy Orton: Honestly Eric?? I didn’t think for a second that I WOULDN’T be part of the Royal Rumble.

Bischoff seems taken aback by the negative reaction, and looks a little angered by it.

Randy Orton: But what I would like to know Eric … is what about places in the Royal Rumble for the rest of the New Wave??

Bischoff huffs a little, and responds, with a little bit of bite in his tone.

Eric Bischoff: We’ll have to see about Garrison Cade, Nick Dinsmore and Ken Doane. Y’see I havent quite made my mind out about them yet.

Ortons shakes his head in disgust, and huffs a little himself, as he responds.

Randy Orton: Not that it matters, because with them, or without them, it doesn’t change the fact that Randy Orton will win the Royal Rumble, and go into my fourth WrestleMania title match in four straight years.

Eric smiles, like he’s in on a joke that Orton isn’t, which riles the Career Killer a little.

Randy Orton: What??

Eric continues to smile, wanting to get under the skin of Orton for his negative reaction earlier.

Eric Bischoff: Nothing … really. It’s just … well, the reason I’m not sure about the rest of the New Wave being part of the Royal Rumble is because there is a whole host of stars just LINING up, to be a part of the match. Guys like … oh, I don’t know … Shawn Michaels??

Fans pop in the background. But Orton looks incensed.

Randy Orton: Michaels?? C’mon Eric. Shawn Michaels has had his glory days … he’s in his twilight years now. Hell, I beat him five minutes ago, and for that he’s in the Royal Rumble?? Nick, Ken and Garrison aren’t getting the types of breaks they deserve BECAUSE of ego-maniacal glory hogs like Michaels. And you’re playing into his hands Eric. You’re feeding his ego … more importantly … you’re holding the future down.

Eric brushes off the comments, and puts a hand up a little to stop Orton, before speaking again himself.

Eric Bischoff: Stop. I’ve got better things to do than listen to your tales of woe Randy. And for your information … you’ve convinced me. Shawn Michaels WILL be part of the 30 man Royal Rumble. Hopefully this little lesson might’ve taught you something. Maybe in future you’ll stay on my good side. Huh??

Bischoff smirks, and walks off, with Orton bubbling with fury. Eric then turns back around, and calls out to Orton, with a wide smirk on his face now…

Eric Bischoff: Oh, and Randy?? … Happy holidays.

Back to ringside…

Jim Ross: So now, we know of four Raw superstars of fifteen that will take their place in the thirty man Royal Rumble on January 14th. And Coach, they don’t get much bigger, they don’t get any better, than Brock Lesnar, Umaga, Randy Orton and the Heart Break Kid, Shawn Michaels!!!

The Coach: Already, two former winners of the Royal Rumble, in Brock Lesnar and of course, Shawn Michaels - a back to back winner in ‘95 and ‘96, the first of which was from number ONE. Randy Orton, looking for a fourth consecutive WrestleMania title match, and Umaga, unbeaten, undefeated, and set to take part in his first ever Rumble match.

Jim Ross: Eleven more places to be decided of course, and a number of names are set to be revealed on, next Monday, on Christmas day!!!

The Coach: A perfect Christmas gift for a huge number of superstars J.R.

Jim Ross: But lets change gears, and talk about tonight. And we are going out with a bang in 2006, with TWO championships up for grabs this evening. Shelton Benjamin will need to be on his toes to keep the Intercontinental Title, taking on, not one, BUT two men, in the form of two former Intercontinental champions, Rey Mysterio and the King of the Ring, Mister Kennedy. Not only that, but Melina defends her title against Maria!!!

The Coach: And not only that J.R, but Brock Lesnar, who, as we already mentioned will be in the Royal Rumble, faces Carlito!!!

Jim Ross: It’s a huge night Coach, THAT, I’m sure we can agree on!!


MNM enter to a strong negative reaction, with Melina leading the way, ahead of a womens title defence. The tag champions lag behind, with the womens champion taking the limelight this evening.

Jim Ross: Nitro and Mercury would certainly be two men hoping for a place in the Royal Rumble next month. And what a huge opportunity that would be for both men.

The Coach: But as you well know, the Royal Rumble is no place for partners J.R - every man for himself!!!

Jim Ross: Without a doubt Coach. No friends, and no allies, ESPECIALLY when a main event at WrestleMania is at stake. We’re about to go to a commercial, but join us folks, when we come back, as Melina defends the womens title, against Maria!!!


2nd Match: Womens Championship Match:
Melina w/MNM vs. Maria
Match is joined in progress, and we see very little of it, with Melina dominating her counterpart who earned the title shot two weeks ago on Heat. Maria does put up a brief comeback, with a neat dropkick, and two near falls from cradles, but Melina is able to kick out, and re-establish control, finishing Maria off, hitting a reverse DDT for an elementary 1...2...3!!!
Winner: And STILL Womens Champion - Melina @ 03:29

No surprises, with Melina keeping the belt, whilst the referee peels Maria off the mat, after an unsuccessful attempt to win the womens title. MNM join Melina in the ring, and the trio show off all their gold with well positioned paparazzi standing by to take snaps of the triumphant group.

We then go backstage, and see ‘Captain Charisma’ Christian walking out of the locker room, and down the hallway, before he stops, having seen someone, and rolls his eyes, as the camera pans around to show the World Heavyweight Champion - TRIPLE H.

The Game chews on his gum, and smiles, before hoisting his title {John Cenas spinner belt} over his shoulder, showing off the gold that Christian once held. The tension rises, as neither man speaks, until HHH breaks the ice…

Triple H: I know I wasn’t here last week. … But I did get to see Raw when I was in Hawaii, so let me be the first to tell ya … I think you blew it. I wouldn’t be expecting anymore championship opportunities for a long time Christian. First you lose the opportunity to ever wrestle for this again … THEN, Vince McMahon throws you a damn good lifeline at the Intercontinental title … which you lost … (chuckles), and lets not forget about getting yourself disqualified last week in your shot at the tag titles.

The Game puts his hand on Christians shoulder, with Captain Charisma taking a sideways glance at the hand, before looking at Triple H, who takes his hand off, but chuckles again, and begins to walk away, but turns, walking backward, as he calls back to Christian…

Triple H: Starting to run out options huh?? What’s next … champ?? Gonna start growing your hair out again, and wear a bra?? I hear Melina is looking for a new challenger.

Triple H laughs out loud, but Christian calls back at him…

Christian: I hear that plan didnt work for Stephanie. Why do you think it’d work for me??

Christian remains deadpan, not even looking like he’d dropped a (average at best) wise crack at Stephanies manhood, whilst The Games smile drops for a second, but soon comes back, knowing the man he’s looking at is just a shade of his old self. Triple H turns, and walks away, whilst the camera focuses in on Christian, who has his eyes closed, with the strain of his recent losses showing on his face… He then opens his eyes, and takes a deep breath. Christian starts to walk off, continuing down the hallway, when he stops a runner.

Christian: Hey. I’m looking for someone … John Cena. Have you seen him??

The runner thinks for a moment, and nods, before speaking…

Runner: Yeah, straight down the hallway, and take a left, past the cafeteria, he’s doing an interview for WWE magazine in a room just past it. You should catch him there.

Christian nods, and walks off, down the hallway…

Back to ringside…

Jim Ross: Now just what could Captain Charisma want with John Cena??

The Coach: Your guess J.R … is as good as mine. I have no idea what Christian could want to talk to Cena about.

Jim Ross: Certainly not two guys that I can recall having a friendly relationship, that’s for sure. Guess we’ll have to wait to find out just what goes down between those two.


The fans pop, as Mysterio shoots up into the arena, with a second straight title match coming up…

Jim Ross: And there he is!! The former Intercontinental Champion, Rey Mysterio, is looking to lift that coveted title for a second time here tonight, and he will attempt to dethrone the current champion, Shelton Benjamin, but add in another former Intercontinental Champion, Mister Kennedy, and we have one hellacious triple threat match when we come back - DON’T GO AWAY!!!


We return with Shelton Benjamin on his way to the ring, being accompanied by Theodore Long, whilst Kennedy and Rey talk trash in the ring, awaiting the champion for the match to begin.


Shelton Benjamin w/ Theodore Long vs. Mister Kennedy vs. Rey Mysterio
Really quick fire match, with the presence of Theodore Long being taken out of the equation really early on, as Mysterio catches him in the ring, sending him into the ropes, and delivering a 619!!! That distraction though in the early going, almost leads to the end of the match, as Benjamin pounces on Rey afterwards, nailing the T-Bone Exploder, but Kennedy is on hand to break the count, and chuck Shelton out of the ring, and look to score the win himself, but by now, Rey is able to kick out.

Mysterio gets dumped out of the ring by Kennedy, as Benjamin leaps back in, with him and Kennedy getting a brief period to get it on, one on one, creating an interesting dynamic, with both being heel, but Kennedy comes across more as the face in this exchange, showing more tenacity, with J.R making reference to Kennedy losing the title to Benjamin a few months ago (when he was still a face). The 2006 King of the Ring scores a few near falls, from a Fisherman suplex, a thunderous clothesline, and a spine buster, in the mould of Steve Austin, giving Benjamin more of a whiplash effect from the move.
Shelton, to his credit fights on, kicking out at two, holding onto his title.

Benjamin soon turns the tide, catching Kennedy as he runs with a spinning heel kick, knocking the challenger on his ass. Benjamin comes close with a German suplex, but Kennedy survives it at two, and as he looks for some restbite in the corner, Benjamin sees a golden opportunity, and scores with the Stinger Splash!!! Kennedy staggers out, and Benjamin gets him into position for his second T-Bone Exploder - BUT MYSTERIO BREAKS IT - LEAPING ONTO THE ROPES AND DROPKICKS KENNEDY IN THE BACK, KNOCKING BENJAMIN DOWN!!! Shelton rolls out of the ring, conveniently leaving it between Mysterio and Kennedy inside the ring. Rey has it all his way at the beginning of this spell, using his speed to flummox Mister Kennedy, and has the King of the Ring in all sorts of trouble, countering every counter that Kennedy tries to use to switch things up on Rey!!!

The fans in Detroit are loving it, but Kennedy most certainly isn’t, as he finds it exhausting to keep up with Rey, and continually is having to power out of pinning combinations. Mysterio tries to spring off the ropes, but as he comes back to splash on Kennedy, the King of the Ring catches him - AND SLAMS HIM HARD ON THE MAT!!! He hooks the leg tight, hoping to win quickly, but Mysterio is able to get a shoulder up and save the contest for now.

Kennedy looks to slow things down, and applies a leg lock, smartly trying to ensure Rey stays grounded. Mysterio tries to make a reach for the ropes, but the single leg crab from Kennedy allows the KOTR to move further out from the ropes, and put his smaller opponent in a world of hurt. Again, Mysterio tries to move to the ropes, but as he reaches nearer, Kennedy is able to move out from the ropes, to a huge amount of heat from the fans, willing Mysterio on. Kennedy has a wide grin on his face, sensing a submission coming, but his joy is short lived, as the champion is seen leaping onto the ropes, and catches Kennedy from behind with a reverse blockbuster, to a HUGE response!!!

Benjamin wows the fans with his athletic ability, sending the challenger out of the ring. Shelton now wastes no time, and stomps Mysterio down, focusing on the bad leg. Benjamin tries to tie the bad leg up on the ropes, but Rey finds a way out of the predicament, and tries to play it safe to keep his distance, but Shelton smells blood. He comes after the leg, but wastes too much of his game plan going for it, which allows Rey an opening back into the match. He and Benjamin start to really pick up the pace of the contest, with both men’s athletic prowess coming to the fore, as Mysterio also handily forgets about his bad leg from moments ago.

The two men go through a long exchange of pins from cradles and reversals, with the fans counting along, as we see Kennedy just watching on the outside, taking the time to witness both men expending their energy whilst he rests up for a final flourish to steal the title. After the near dozen pin attempts, both Rey and Shelton come to a stalemate, and start running and ducking each other, with Mysterio leaping onto the ropes, bouncing back off, but gets caught into position for a power bomb, only for him to counter his way out with a hurricanrana!!! Mysterio goes to the top turnbuckle, looking for something, but is taken for a huge surprise, as when the champion reaches his feet, HE LEAPS TO THE TOP ROPE TOO!!! And delivers a superplex as the fans GO NUTS!!! Kennedy spots his window of opportunity opening, and creeps into the ring, covering Shelton, looking to steal the title, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Not to be put off by that, Kennedy moves on, and crawls to his other opponent, covering Mysterio, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

The King of the Ring cant believe it. He gets up, dragging Rey with him, shaking his head in disbelief. He throws Mysterio into the ropes, nearly taking his head off with a clothesline, and looks to cover again, but Shelton jumps on top before a count is even registered. Kennedy, looking even more agitated now, pounds down the back of Shelton with fury. He sends Shelton into the corner, shoulder first, sticking him into the ring post with a sickening thud.

Kennedy now sets his sights back on Rey, and sends him into the ropes again, but this time, Mysterio ducks a clothesline, and then delivers an arm drag to Kennedy as he turns around. Rey tries to send Kennedy into the corner, but KK reverses the whip, and sends Rey instead, following in with a clothesline in the corner, squashing Mysterio. Kennedy now has a plan, and hoists his opponent onto the top rope, climbing up himself, hooking Rey into position for a suplerplex … but then … SHELTON CHARGES ACROSS THE RING … AND GETS INTO POSITION FOR A POWERBOMB ON KENNEDY … AND AS KENNEDY SUPERPLEXES REY ... BENJAMIN POWERBOMBS KENNEDY FROM THE TOP!!!!! All three men are down, as the fans start chanting ‘HOLY SHIT’, with Benjamin obviously the first to get moving. He covers Kennedy and the match appears to be as good as over … 1...2...FOOT ON THE ROPE!!!

Kennedy hangs on!!! Shelton doesn’t realise at first why the match isn’t over, but on the outside, a now recovered Long orders Shelton to get on Rey quickly. Benjamin nods, and crawls over, hooking the leg, 1...2...KENNEDY BREAKS THE COUNT AT THE LAST POSSIBLE SECOND!!!!! Kennedy and Benjamin fight to their feet, both groggy after the massive impact moves, but Kennedy drops Shelton onto the ropes, and follows up … WITH THE MIC CHECK!!!!! Mister Kennedy hooks the leg, surely having the match won now… 1...2...MYSTERIO BREAKS THE COUNT!!!! In a last ditch surge, Rey saves the match, but sends the KOTR over the edge, and Kennedy pounds his smaller adversary, before hoisting up, onto his shoulders, and charges for the corner, setting Rey up for the Green Bay Plunge … BUT REY COUNTERS … AND DELIVERS A BULLDOG INSTEAD!!!!!

KK rolls out of the ring from the impact, whilst Rey picks himself up, and spots Shelton coming at him, and Rey delivers a drop toe hold, sending Shelton crashing into the ropes!!! Mysterio jumps up, instantly signalling for the 619, but as he runs into the ropes to gain his speed - THEODORE LONG THROWS HIS JACKET AT MYSTERIO!!!!! Rey is momentarily blinded by the jacket in his face (and laughably struggles to throw it off), but once he throws the jacket off, and shows Long a dirty look, he runs to the ropes, looking for the 619 … BUT SHELTON MOVES!!! Benjamin had too long to recover, and he catches Rey, DELIVERING THE T-BONE EXPLODER FOR A SECOND TIME!!! Benjamin hooks the leg, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: And STILL Intercontinental Champion - Shelton Benjamin @ 17:19

Benjamin retains in an absolutely fantastic triple threat match, not even interrupted by any shitty commercial breaks. Benjamin rolls out of the ring quickly, as Long carries his Intercontinental title belt for him, whilst wearing his jacket inside out now, after getting it back. On the outside, Kennedy recovers, and looks furious with losing out on recapturing the title, whilst in the ring, Mysterio is helped up, after seemingly being on the brink of winning the belt, until the intervention of Theodore Long cost him the title.


Royal Rumble Flashback - 2001 - Steve Austin wins his third Royal Rumble, a Rumble record, despite being busted open on his way to the ring. He last eliminates Kane, to complete an emotional journey, after spending a year out with a neck injury.

We return, just coming into the second hour, ringside with J.R and Coach.

Jim Ross: Indeed, just watching clips of that Royal Rumble victory for the unconquerable Stone Cold Steve Austin has the hairs stand up on my arm. And folks, we are less than four weeks away from The Royal Rumble, where fifteen superstars from Raw and fifteen superstars from Smackdown will collide, with one common goal between all thirty men - a main event championship opportunity at the grandest stage of ‘em all, WRESTLEMANIAAAA.

The Coach: And as we said earlier J.R … four men from Raw already confirmed, Randy Orton, Umaga, Brock Lesnar and Shawn Michaels. While on Smackdown, we know The Animal, Batista will be part of the Rumble, as will Mister Money in the Bank Edge, and just last night on, Kane AND Chris Jericho were added to that list of superstars.

Jim Ross: A former runner up as we just saw is Kane, Chris Jericho and Edge have plenty of Royal Rumble experience, and the Royal Rumble has always been a great match for big men like Batista. Right now, eight superstars have been confirmed, and folks, there are eight HUGE contenders already for that Royal Rumble match.

The Coach: Absolutely. Two former winners already in there, five former World champions, a man with a world title shot when he wants it, the new United States Champion, and an unbeaten savage!!! This could well end up being the most wide open Rumble match in history J.R.

Jim Ross: Indeed, it is certainly shaping up that way, and speaking of the Royal Rumble, Todd Grisham is standing by right now, with a former TWO TIME Royal Rumble winner … John Cena!!! And we believe, he has an announcement of his own…

Over to Grisham…

Todd Grisham: Yes I am J.R, right here, with my guest at this time … John Cena.

Cena steps into the picture, not looking his usual relaxed self, as the fans mainly cheer, but there are a few small ‘cool’ boos.

Todd Grisham: John, moments ago, I was instructed by Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff, to conduct an interview with you, after a meeting you AND Christian held with Mister Bischoff just a little earlier?? Can you explain to us what the meeting entailed??

John Cena: Well Todd, it goes a little like this … it’s no secret that there’s no love lost between Christian and myself, we’ve collided a couple times in the past, hell, last month it was because of me beating him, that Christian isn’t allowed to challenge for a world title again. But about twenty five minutes ago, Christian came to me. Now, I’m not gonna go into detail over what was said … but for once, we did see eye to eye. And yes, we did go to Eric Bischoff…

Cena looks away for a second, taking a moment to think, before speaking again…

John Cena: And I can admit … we BEGGED him.

Cena bites his lip, and takes a moment again, gathering his courage to admit what happened.

John Cena: We BEGGED Eric Bischoff to overturn the decision on Christian ever gettin another chance at challenging for the World Championship. And we begged for me to get a rematch at Triple H. A rematch, which frankly … heck, everyone saw what happened two weeks ago, I aint gonna go over that again.

Grisham now interjects…

Todd Grisham: And … did Mister Bischoff come to a decision??

Cena nods, then exhales, before talking dejectedly.

John Cena: Yeah, he did. ‘Mister’ Bischoff, decided that Christian WONT receive a reprieve. And Bischoff ruled that I have no grounds for a world championship rematch.

Heat is heard in the background. Cena though, shows a smile, and turns to Grisham.

John Cena: But Todd?? Even though Christian and I may have went against every fibre in our bodies to beg to Bischoff … we weren’t stupid enough to not have a plan B.

Todd Grisham: Plan B??

John Cena: Yeah, it’s the one that follows plan A. And Christian and I are working on Plan B, as we speak. And later tonight, we’ll let ya in on it. In fact … we’re gonna let the entire world in on it later tonight. But before I go now … let me just send a little personal message … and this one goes (puts on a booming type voice) to the ‘McMahon Family Empire’.

Cena takes the mic from Grisham, and the camera focuses in on Cena.

John Cena: I want you all to listen, and listen good. You ALL better start runnin, you all better start hidin, and you all better start praying to the man upstairs. Because the message coming from Christian and I is simple … you’ve messed with us for long enough, and we’ve just about had it … and you’ve backed us into a corner … and you should all know, that when you back a dog into a corner … it’s gonna BITE. And Vince, Shane, Steph ... Brock, Finlay, whoever else is in the pockets of the McMahons ... But Especially … ESPECIALLY YOU … Triple H … be prepared … cause I’m ready … to bite.

The camera zooms in on Cenas face, as we fade out…

And switch to Umaga walking through the backstage area, with his handler, Armando Estrada trying to keep him under control as J.R and Coach talk about the Rumble participant being in action … NEXT!!!



Umaga makes his entrance with Estrada, but for the second straight week, Estrada gets no ratings for not doing his introduction of Umaga.


Accompanied by his mentor Booker T, Elijah Burke enters for what is undoubtedly his biggest singles contest of his short Raw career.

4th Match:
Umaga w/ Armando Estrada vs. Elijah Burke w/ Booker T
Burke takes on Umaga, trying to succeed where his tag partner failed last week on Raw, despite a hard fought effort. Again, it’s a good effort, but Burke isn’t able to overcome Umaga, finding the Samoan Bulldozer far too much, and is soon overwhelmed by the savage, and falls prey to the Samoan Spike to end the match, giving Umaga yet another decisive victory.
Winner: Umaga @ 04:25

Umaga rolls on, as he gets set for the Royal Rumble on January 14th. Booker pulls his protégé out of the ring, and helps him up the ramp, with Burke being praised by J.R on commentary for giving it his all, but perhaps he just isn’t ready for this level of singles competition.

Another video package airs, again hyping next weeks ‘Christmas in Baghdad’ show.

We return now with Kelly Kelly standing by, showing her teeth with a bright smile.

Kelly Kelly: Right now, I’m joined by one of the thirty men to enter this years Royal Rumble … Brock Lesnar!! Hi, Brock.

Lesnar narrows his eyes at the bubbly interviewer, instantly putting the fear of life into the pretty female.

Kelly Kelly: Tonight, you face Carlito. Last week you beat him in a tag team match, but this week, it’s just you and him, one on one. My question though, is actually about the Royal Rumble match, as I was wanting to get your thoughts??

Lesnar holds his hand out, with Kelly passing the mic over. Lesnar then begins to talk, but at Kelly, not the camera…

Brock Lesnar: Kelly, I’ve only ever competed in two Royal Rumbles before … I won it the first time … and would’ve won it the second had it not been for a certain Steve Austin screwing me over. … So to say that the Rumble suits me would be an understatement. … Not only do I have previous history, but I also have a high motive Kelly. Now, you can argue that the motive is the same for everyone right?? A shot at the World Champion come WrestleMania. But it’s different for someone like me … I’m still consumed with my loss in last years main event. That type of loss isn’t one you can easily forget Kelly. I don’t go a day without thinking about it … it’s eaten me alive for the past ten months. … So when I step into that Rumble, whether it’s Number one … or number thirty, I’m smashing my way through ANYBODY that stands in my way of WrestleMania. And once my hand is raised … not even Vince McMahon can stop me from getting a shot at the champion … even if it is Triple H.

Lesnar then turns to the camera, and looks hard, almost as he’s wanting someone to have got the message. Lesnar then walks off, leaving Kelly standing, still nodding.

Back into the arena…


The popular duo of Gregory Helms and CM Punk, known collectively as Straight Edge, enter the arena to a good response from the fans.

Jim Ross: Y’know Coach, there is a growing feeling from within the powers that be on Raw, that these two men could be the next team to step up and challenge MNM for the coveted tag team championships. And that Coach would certainly suit the calls from fans across the world, even on the internet, who have been calling for Straight Edge to be given a shot at MNM.

The Coach: Well, lets just take it one step at a time J.R. The fans only get to choose who they want to wrestle for titles at Cyber Sunday. If they want a shot at MNM, they have to earn it the hard way.


Ariel leads out Kevin Thorn and Michael Knox, better known as the Cult Society, for this tag team contest.

Jim Ross: Surely Coach, this should be that test?? Straight Edge have beaten nearly every team there is on Raw, so if they win this one, surely they’ll be in line for a shot in your view??

The Coach: IF they win this this match, J.R. Then, I’ll think about it.

5th Match:
Straight Edge vs. The Cult Society w/ Ariel
Helms and Punk have their work cut out for them, against the bigger, and imposing figures of Thorn and Knox. And after a cagey opening, with Straight Edge playing it safe, an attempt at interference from Ariel turns the match into chaos for a moment, with Helms and Punk going on the offence, taking their opponents to the outside with a double clothesline, before leaping off two different turnbuckles, both landing on Thorn and Knox respectively with cross bodies off the top, as we go to a commercial break.

And return, with The Cult Society now in charge. A quick clip from during the break shows Ariel helping her men take control, on the outside, distracting Helms, which allows a double team on Punk. Now, back live, Thorn wears down Punk, sharing quick tags with Knox, as they affectively look to cut Punk off from his corner, whilst listening to instructions from Ariel. Punk tries to put together a fight back, but after throwing shots at Knox, he turns to get to his partner, but Knox pulls his down, by the hair, keeping him away from Helms, much to the chagrin of Helms. It looks bad for the Straight Edge superstar, and just as it looks like Thorn is about to put the finishing touches to him with his finisher - the double handed choke slam - PUNK COUNTERS WITH A FRONT DROPKICK!!! The dropkick sends Thorn into the ropes, and gets caught with a spinning heel kick upon his return, as both men go down!!! The fans start a ‘C-M-PUNK’ chant, as the referee starts up a mandatory ten count, with both men crawling to their corners for a tag … Ariel SCREAMS at her man to make a tag quickly, as Punk nears his corner … Knox is reaching out for a tag from Thorn … AS BOTH MEN MAKE A TAG!!!!

The fans go nuts, as Helms catches the hot tag, and smartly uses his much greater speed to get the better of Knox, exciting the fans. Helms scores with knock downs, and goes up top, looking to leap off with a reverse elbow … AND SCORES!!! He makes a cover, 1...2...ARIEL PULLS THE REFEREE OUT!!! Helms has the win taken from him, due to outside interference, as Thorn makes the most of the opportunity, and attacks Helms whilst the referee is distracted. He lifts Helms up, and looks for his choke slam on him, BUT PUNK ATTACKS FROM BEHIND!!! Punk stops Thorn, AND CLOTHESLINES HIM TO THE OUTSIDE taking himself out with him!!! Ariels attention is averted to this commotion, and runs around the other side of the ring, whilst inside, HELMS DUCKS A BIG BOOT FROM KNOX … AND KICKS HIM IN THE GUT … THEN SCORES WITH THE SHINING WIZARD!!!!! Helms makes the cover, 1...2...3!!!!!
Winners: Straight Edge @ 08:00

Helms scores the win!!! Punk joins him in the ring, and the two hug, after another hard fought victory. On the outside, Ariel screeches like a banshee, chewing out Thorn for the loss, whilst Knox rolls out to get a tongue lashing too.

Meanwhile, Straight Edge continue to celebrate their victory, with J.R and Coach talking about their possible credentials as challengers for the tag team titles in the near future.

We now go backstage, and see The McMahon Family Empire sat in their suite, all looking rather concerned, with Vince on a call, whilst Shane sits on the edge of his seat, trying to catch the jist of the conversation, as Stephanie sits on Triple H’s lap, also trying to make out what is going on with the conversation. Vince finishes the call, as the other three wait for a response…

Vince sighs, before starting…

Mr. McMahon: I don’t know who else to contact. I cant get any information on what Cena and Christian are up to.

Pissed off, Triple H immediately goes off on one.

Triple H: That isn’t good enough Vince. We need to know what the hell is going down here. If this concerns us, we have a right to know.

Not pleased with the lack of thanks, Vince responds in a sharp tone.

Mr. McMahon: Don’t you think I know that?? I’ve been sitting here for the last thirty minutes trying to gather as much information as I can.

Triple H: And you came up dry Vince. You couldn’t get a damn thing. That little piece of crap Cena … BOTH of those pieces of crap … they’ve got something. They have a plan, or some sort of … piece of information we don’t, and I don’t like it. For Christ sake, this is YOUR company Vince.

Shane tries to break the tension with a suggestion.

Shane McMahon: Dad?? I’ve got an idea. What about Tomko?? Christian doesn’t do anything without telling that doofus. Why don’t we break him down, and get him to tell us what it is.

Quickly though, Vince blows the idea off, but The Game actually nods, thinking it’s a good idea.

Mr. McMahon: No. That wouldn’t work. He’s too loyal.

Triple H leans in…

Triple H: Loyalty has a price Vince.

McMahon sighs, and thinks for a moment.

Mr. McMahon: No. I don’t like it. Whatever this is … whatever this proposal, or clause is … we’ll deal with it. Trust me on that. We’ve had these two every step of the way the last couple months. There’s no reason to think that now, just because they’re working in tandem, anything’ll change. We hold the power. You’re the world champion. I’m the chairman. Eric Bischoff is … well, Eric Bischoff is Eric Bischoff. There is nothing they can do to put us on the backfoot.

Triple H looks to Steph, and she gives him a look of ‘he’s got a point’. HHH doesn’t look impressed, but looks back at Vince…

Triple H: If anything goes wrong Vince?? Anything at all … on your head be it.

Triple H leans back, and looks away, deep in thought, as Vince turns to Shane…

Mr. McMahon: Shane, go get Brock Lesnar. Meet him after his match, okay??

Shane gets up, as The Game looks back to Vince, with a curious look on his face…

Mr. McMahon: Just in case things get a little messy. Plan B.

Vince smirks, making fun of Cena and Christians ‘plan B’.


Smackdown Rebound

6th Match:
Brock Lesnar vs. Carlito
Despite it being a competitive match, the result never really looks to be in doubt, with Lesnar always looking a cut above Carlito, who has really been mired in the mid card for the last eight months or so, with little sign of upward motion on the roster. CCC puts up a strong fight in a fairly even match, causing Lesnar problems with the Back Cracker, but Brock kicks out at two.

From here, Lesnar re-establishes his dominance, scoring with Belly to Bellies and Germans. Then, as he goes for the F5, Carlito lands on his feet, and begins to really fight for his life in this one, throwing everything he has at Brock, with Lesnar now starting to wobble a little. Carlito tries to quickly hit his Apple Core, but Lesnar elbows out, almost with ease, and delivers another couple of Belly to Belly suplexes, for another couple of near falls. He pulls CCC up, but once again, Carlito fights, and wobbles Brock again, looking to spring off the ropes, but as he flies out, LESNAR CATCHES HIM … THROWS HIM ONTO HIS SHOULDERS … F5!!!!! Leg is hooked, and the three count is elementary.
Winner: Brock Lesnar @ 06:39

Lesnar picks up the win, and looks unconcerned, almost like it was never in doubt, despite a couple of scares from Carlito. He has his hand raised, before leaving the ring, but as he does, he looks up to spot Shane McMahon stood, on the top of the entrance, waving from Lesnar to hurry. Brock though, looks very unimpressed with Shanes presence, mouthing ‘The hell do you want??’. He walks to the top of the entrance, and the two share a few words, with Lesnar shaking his head in disagreement to whatever it is Shane has to say, as they walk through the curtain, still arguing.


We return at ringside…

Jim Ross: We are now awaiting the arrival of John Cena and Christian, who earlier promised to come out to the ring, and make some sort of announcement, or appeal … frankly, we aren’t sure what it is they have in store.

The Coach: Whatever it is J.R, it’s quite obvious that the McMahons don’t like it, not one little bit.

Jim Ross: Any moment now we’ll get our answers, but folks, next week, Raw will be brought to you on Christmas day from Baghdad. Our annual tribute to the troops, and we hope you all tune in for what is always a highlight on the WWE calendar. And, in TWO weeks time, The first Raw of 2007, on the first day of 2007, we have just been informed by Eric Bischoff that Rey Mysterio will meet Mister Kennedy, one on one, with the winner advancing to the Royal Rumble to face Shelton Benjamin for the Intercontinental Title. And after a phenomenal effort earlier tonight from both men, I’d say it’s well deserved.

The Coach: All I gotta say baby boy, is it may be a New Year, but things stay the same as far as Raw is concerned.

Quickly, we go backstage, and see Brock Lesnar, looking rather pissed off, as he stands in between Vince and Shane McMahon.

Brock Lesnar: As far as I’m concerned Vince, we’re done. I owe you nothin. I did you a favour two weeks ago, expecting a shot at the World Championship, and you didn’t live up to your side of the bargain.

Vince tries to soften Lesnar, lowering his tone, trying to talk calmly.

Mr. McMahon: Listen Brock, I understand you’re angry … I understand you’re upset. But hear me out. You mightn’t even need to get involved tonight. We just need you out there as an insurance policy, if you will.

Vince smiles, hoping to have won Lesnar over.

Brock Lesnar: I’m not interested.

Vince now starts to look really dejected and desperate.

Mr. McMahon: Brock, Brock please. We just need your presence, just in case things with John Cena and Christian get ugly. Look at it this way, you’d have free reign to beat the holy hell out of both of them.

Lesnar shows a glimpse of a smirk, as he replies.

Brock Lesnar: Vince, I don’t need your permission to beat the crap out of John Cena or Christian. If I felt the urge to do it, I would, okay. I don’t wait to get a reason.

Vince looks to Shane, hoping he has an idea, but his son just shrugs.

Mr. McMahon: Listen. I can do you a favour.

Again, Brock smiles, before retorting…

Brock Lesnar: Like the favour that got me a title shot??

Mr. McMahon: No, this one has REAL potential.

Almost in amazement from the barefaced cheek, Lesnar shakes his head.

Brock Lesnar: So you knew all along I wasn’t getting a title shot?? Is that what you mean??

Mr. McMahon: Hear me out, okay?? You’re in the Royal Rumble, right?? What would you say if I could get you … number thirty.

NOW, Lesnars attention has been caught…

Brock Lesnar: How do I know this is legit??

Mr. McMahon: I’ll explain that later, alright?? Right now, I need you by our side. Are you in??

Brock takes a moment to think, not looking totally convinced.

Brock Lesnar: For now?? … yeah.

Vince shows the relief on his face, as Brock pulls away, not interested in a handshake.

Brock Lesnar: But if you’re feeding me a pack of lies again Vince … you WILL regret it.

Brock walks off, as Vince looks to Shane, almost in fear, as Shane doesn’t look impressed.

Shane McMahon: Now how the hell are you gonna pull that off Dad??

Vince shakes his head, as we hear in the background **JUST CLOSE YOUR EYES**. The McMahons look to each other, as it appears it is showtime…

And we come to the arena, with Christian making his way out, pounding his chest, saluting the fans, as we go into the final commercial of the night, with our final segment coming up, just as the over run is set to kick in…


And we return with John Cena just entering the ring, with his music blaring through the arena. He salutes the fans, and we see he and Christian sharing a nod, as the music dies down, and both men hold a mic each. They then both go to talk, but talk over each other. They each stop, before Cena speaks up…

John Cena: Sorry … after you…

Christian smiles, and nods, as he starts.

Christian: Thank you. Y’know, it’s pretty simple really. Over the last couple months, John Cena and I, have been playing the odds at just about every turn. First, I was ‘beaten’ for my World Heavyweight Championship. Then, after John and I thought we had been triumphant at the Survivor Series, it turned out we hadn’t, because we had to face each other for a title shot. And naturally{/sarcasm}, the loser would never, ever again wrestle for the World Championship.

Christian stops, and looks over at Cena, before continuing…

Christian: I lost that match.

Boos from the arena, as Christian takes another look at Cena.

Christian: But, no hard feelings, huh??

Cena puts his hands up in the corner, showing he has no hard feelings.

Christian: I’ll get back to that though later. So, as the story goes on, John Cena has his shot at Triple H … but thanks to Vince, Shane, Stephanie, Finlay, Lesnar ... Did I miss anyone??

Cena thinks for a moment, almost sarcastically, before mouthing ‘I think that was it’.

Christian: Thanks to those mentioned, John Cena didn’t win the World Championship.

Heat from the fans again.

Christian: But hey, we have a competent General Manager on Raw, surely he can straighten this out?? Surely, he can use the power vested in him by the WWE board to see through the ridiculousness of this whole mess, and actually say … ‘Y’know, I’m sick of seeing these two guys get screwed over. I’m gonna give John Cena a rematch, and I’m gonna overturn the decision on Christian.’

Cena now interrupts.

John Cena: Well ... you’d think that. … Howwww-ever ... The General Manager of Raw is Eric Bischoff. Who is unique, in the fact that he combines being not only a coward, but a jerk, and he’s also not very good at his job. In fact, you could argue, he doesn’t really have a job on Raw, because it seems like he is a General Manager in name only.

Christian now speaks up.

Christian: Ahh, would you by any chance be referring to the power of one Vince McMahon??

John Cena: Innnnn-deed I would, Christian. You see, Eric Bischoff, is quite obviously scared, of one Vincent Kennedy McMahon, and although he knows that you and I have been royally screwed over these past few months, he doesnt have the guts to st-


The McMahon Family Empire enters the stage, with Brock Lesnar at their side, as they wait for the music to die down, for them to speak on the stage.

Triple H: Is this the best you two can do?? To be honest, I actually expected more from the both of ya, but maybe I overestimated your brain power. Even combined.

The Game looks to his family members for some laughs, and they oblige, but Lesnar doesn’t change his expression, as he stands right at the end of the line.

Triple H: I just wish you two clowns had’ve said this was the idea from the start, and we could’ve had a much easier night. I mean, for a second you actually had us worried that you had an actual plan.

In the ring, Cena and Christian look to each other, shaking their heads at what The Game has to say.

Triple H: But reverse psychology?? It wont wash with Bischoff. He knows it’s in HIS best interest to stay on side with Vince. So Cena?? Christian?? NOTHING is gonna change, anytime soon. Neither of you will be getting anywhere near this championship … I wont be losing this championship … not to either of you … {looks toward Lesnar} not to anybody …

The fans come alive a little at that little dig, with Lesnar turning his attention to The Game, with HHH staring right back at him for a moment, before turning back around, and looking to the ring again.

Triple H: Everything will stay as it is now. And there isn’t a single solitary thing either one of you can do about it. I’m the World Heavyweight Champion … and that’s that.

The Game hands the mic over to Vince, whilst in the ring, Christian and Cena look bemused by what their counterparts believe their plan to be.

Mr. McMahon: Quite frankly Gentlemen, I’m concerned. … Concerned that the pair of you have caused a mass panic this evening. A mass panic, based primarily on hope, rather than any real substance.

McMahon starts to walk along the stage, as he continues.

Mr. McMahon: Of course, on one hand, I do find concerning ... on the other hand I find it rather relieving. Relieving in the sense that it would now appear that I have done the right thing in making sure that neither of you don’t come anywhere near the World Championship.

Heat for McMahon

Mr. McMahon: Please, hear me out. Because, if either of you, were to be the world champion of MY billion dollar organization … then, I’d have real concerns. The WWE with either of you two fools as it’s main representative, would be a laughing stock.

More heat for Vince.

Mr. McMahon: So in the context of all of this … I would definitely say I’ve done the right thing. Not just for me, but for the pair of you, and for ALL these fans.

The heat continues.

Mr. McMahon: In fact, if I wasn’t having so much fun making your lives miserable here on Raw … I’d just fire the pair of you right here, right now, without a seconds thought.

More heat, with a small ‘Asshole’ chant building.

John Cena: I’ve heard just about enough.

The fans pop, as McMahon raises his eyebrows.

Mr. McMahon: No, I don’t think you understand me John. I’m not talking, for the sake of talking. Hell, I’m not even trying to run the pair of you down. What I’m trying to get through to the both of you … is simply … you have no power. You have no leverage. You cant swan out here and hope for the best that Eric Bischoff will change his mind. He wont … because he cant … even, if he wanted to.

Christian interrupts.

Christian: Yes, Yoda, we know Eric Bischoff is nothing more than a pawn. We know you’re in his ear, we know he’s a lame duck General Manager. But Vince, you’ve underestimated us. You’ve just came to assumptions … you just … thought.

The Empire look to each other, not sure what the hell Christian is getting at.

Christian: But ‘thought’?? Thought isn’t the same as knowing the facts.

Christian smiles, as the family continue to look around each other.

John Cena: So, just to pick up from where Christian left off … we didn’t come out here with the idea of changing Bischoffs mind … noooo … we actually went a little higher than him … and dare I say it Vince … a little higher … than you …

A big pop hit’s the arena, as both Cena and Christian point to the titan tron, and we see LINDA MCMAHON. The Family Empire start to look pissed off, whilst Vince mouths something at the image of his wife, but it isn’t caught on audio.

John Cena: Good evening Mrs. McMahon.

Linda smiles, before speaking.

Linda McMahon: Good evening John. And good evening to EVERYONE.

Small pop for Linda.

Linda McMahon: Vince, I should warn you now, you wont like what I have to say. Earlier this evening, I received a call from Christian and John Cena, regarding the recent events that have … for lack of a better word, conspired against them.

The camera switches to Vince again, who is seething.

Linda McMahon: And after deliberating with the majority of the board, WE have come to the unanimous decision that BOTH John Cena AND Christian DO deserve a second chance.

Huge pop for the announcement. However, The Empire are absolutely furious.

Linda McMahon: Having said that … the board have also come to the decision, that the General Manager of Raw, Eric Bischoff … WILL be responsible for deciding this second chance.

Heat from the fans now, whilst the McMahons on the stage show a glimpse of a smile.

Linda McMahon: This decision, MUST be made … IMMEDIATELY … by Eric Bischoff … and Eric Bischoff ONLY.

Mixed response.

Linda McMahon: And ALL future decisions on Raw will be monitored by the board of directors, and should we feel that any of Eric Bischoffs actions have been influenced by ANYONE … there WILL be repercussions.

Decent pop for that further announcement.

Linda McMahon: Now, it just leaves me to say … happy holidays everyone.

Linda smiles, and nods, as she disappears from the titan tron, whilst Vince is seething. Pointing at the titan tron, ready to go ballistic when…

**I’M BACK**

Eric Bischoff charges out onto the stage and BLANKS the entire group standing on the stage, as he waits for his music to die down.

Eric Bischoff: I’m gonna make this real short, and real quick. Two weeks from tonight on Raw, January 1st 2007 … John Cena?? … Christian?? Congratulations, you’ve got your wish. You have your lifeline … but make no mistake, it WILL be your final lifeline.

Eric composes himself, as he fixes his view on the ring.

Eric Bischoff: You two will TEAM UP on January 1st, and should the two of you be successful, then Christian … you WILL be one of the thirty participants in the Royal Rumble Match.

Fans pop, whilst the McMahons start to get agitated.

Eric Bischoff: And John Cena … you WILL have your rematch for the World Heavyweight Championship against Triple H at the Royal Rumble also.

Another pop, whilst The Game throws a fit, having to be calmed down by Stephanie.

Eric Bischoff: But … should you lose next week?? Then Christian, you will never have another opportunity to wrestle for the World Heavyweight Championship … and this time it WILL stick. And John Cena … the same will apply to you.

Christian and Cena look to each other, realising the high stakes.

Eric Bischoff: Now, with such high stakes … I will demand that there be NO outside interference in your match next week.

The family all look angered, as they start arguing amongst each other.

Meanwhile, Bischoff shows a small smile…

Eric Bischoff: But I haven’t told you your opponents yet, have I??

Suddenly, the interest of the Empire is piqued.

Eric Bischoff: And your opponents will be … Shane McMahon, VINCE McMahon …

Vince and Shane look to each other, looking worried.

Eric Bischoff: … The World Heavyweight Champion, Triple H … AND … BROCK LESNAR!!!!

‘Ohhhs’ from the fans, as it now looks like the deck is stacked against John Cena and Christian, who look less than impressed in the ring, but nod, knowing the challenge set in front of them. Meanwhile, The McMahons look relieved, as it looks to have swung in their favour. Lesnar though, remains not phased.

Eric Bischoff: I hope that’ll keep you happy over Christmas gentlemen … (grins) … and happy new year.

Bischoff’s music hits again, and Eric walks off the stage, again ignoring The McMahons, whilst the show ends with a staredown, as Cena and Christian stand in the ring, pointing and yelling at their opponents on New Years Day, whilst The McMahon Family look down, smugly, talking amongst each other with smiles, as Lesnar leaves the scene, having done his part for the night.

Jim Ross: By Gawd, you will not want to miss the first Raw of 2007 … quite possibly the highest stakes of any match in Raw history, if Cena and Christian win, they each get a second chance at the Royal Rumble … but if they lose … Gawd, I don’t even want to think of the consequences if they lose.

The Coach: You better start thinking about it J.R, because as far as I’m concerned, Cena and Christian are toast.

Jim Ross: Don’t miss it folks. But from all of us on Raw, we wish you a very merry Christmas, and a happy, New Year. See you all, on January 1st.



Current Card for WWE Royal Rumble:
Date: 14th January 2007
Location: Conseco Field House, Indianapolis, Indiana
Event Music: Saliva, Ladies and Gentlemen

30 Man Royal Rumble:
Winner has automatic shot at EITHER brand’s Champion at WrestleMania XXIII:
Entrants in Alphabetical order;
Batista, Brock Lesnar, Chris Jericho, Edge, Kane, Randy Orton, Shawn Michaels, Umaga

WWE Championship Match:
Rob Van Dam vs. The Undertaker


... Smackdown up most likely on Monday, then later in he week a few updates including the WWE.COM announcements of the further entrants into the Rumble, as stated earlier in this show. Possibly a best of '06 show too, depending on the demand for one. I've been looking to review a few of the guys who dropped in with comments for the last Raw, but it seems a little quiet at the minute. I'm still planning on getting around to them, even if it means reviewing an older show. For now though, it's offski for me...
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Re: Being The Booker

Raw Feedback

Nice way to start the show with a big bang I would be lying if I said I was shocked to see that this was not the main event. I definitely thought Shawn Michaels vs Randy Orton is a main event caliber match. Although quite a good way to get us into the show with a big bang… Great match really nothing all to complain about and I like how Orton tried to live to his name of The Career Killer, smart, logical booking to keep this going as we all know they can produce a great pay out with a high profile PPV match. Oh and now I expect a massive main event tonight to top this… Or else

Eric Bischoff showing a bit of attitude to Randy Orton and it serves and purpose and makes for interest come Rumble because we will probably see Michaels and Orton in the ring around the same time, however I would really prefer if Bischoff was the heel ass kissing guy. Anyway good to see both men in the Rumble and this means New Wave distract and Orton eliminates Michaels right?

Divas match… meh really nothing to comment on just a generic match to put over the womens champ Melina.

Triple H exudes arrogance and what not and I loved the way you captured his character because The Game would not do anything less usually. He is the champ and he is full of himself. I liked Christian’s crack at Stephanie… fitted in well with the current situation but Christian really does seem to be a broken man. I hope he gets a big win soon because I really love Christian. Looking for Cena I wonder why???

Very nice triple threat match here kind of epic for a weekly show and during this whole contest I really had no idea who was going to get the win. That is what is so good about you… some bookers make there weekly shows to predictable but you have done quite well here. In the end would have preferred Kennedy to win the IC Title but hopefully you have plans for him because Benjamin retained

2001 Rumble flash back… ahhh my favorite Rumble, the memories

Nice Cena interview giving us the much needed closure on his and Christian’s situation and then when he began talking about the McMahon Family Empire I could kind of picture his intensity rising and him starting to yell like he does in real life. Is that what you were going for??? Anyway yeah so great and I can not wait to hear Christian and Cane’s plan B

Umaga… Next… Awesome tbh

I knew Umaga had to win but I wish he was squashing Booker T again because I would much rather Burke get some type of win.

Lesnar very bloody intense and as I said at the moment he is my pick to win the Rumble. Little bit of a typo when talking about last years Mania you said it’s a loss he can forget… regarding the situation I think it was supposed to be can’t but that is nit picking and who really gives a shit I know what you meant. And I am the last person to be pulling up other people on typos

I happen to agree with JR, Straight Edge now deserve a shot at MNM they have as JR was eluding to beaten almost every team on Raw what else is left to do then have a crack at MNM???

The McMahon Family Empire all looking pretty worried about Cena and Christian working together and Vince McMahon leading a faction like this makes me think how much I missed The Corporation. They were awesome you know it Wolfy. Anyway this was good because now I can see something big go down to end the show involving the main story line of Raw at the moment. I guess that is why Orton and HBK was not the main event.

Lesnar over Carlito as much as you tired to let us know Carlito put up a good effort the result was never in doubt and now Shane meets Brock at the entrance ramp and isn’t it funny how Vince made Shane go considering Lesnar is not happy with the McMahon’s at the moment BTW it seems Lesnar continues building momentum heading into the Rumble.

LOL at McMahon telling Lesnar he will be 30 and then when Shane asked how that would happen he shakes his head. Classic McMahon being a slime ball and I can see him being on the receiving end of an F5 some where down the road.

I loved the way Cena and Chrisitan started in the ring trying to rub Bischoff the wrong way and probably trying to force Bischoff to make a rash decision to prove that he is not scared of McMahon. Clever thinking really… LOL at McMahon being all cocky and what not and then he shuts his mouth when Linda McMahon popped don the titantron and I definitely was not expecting this. Awesome twist brah, Linda McMahon fixes all this shit up and now Bischoff makes his way out as he has been put on the spot LOL. Bischoff is a slimy little prick isn’t he putting them in a 4 on two match and after all I think The Empire will be fitting a bit more relieved. Awesome way to end the show Wolfy really enjoyed the promo.

Errrrm another top notch show really I have nothing to criticize what so ever. Maybe I spotted one or two typos big whoop seriously. Story line progression and what not was awesome the only thing I really disliked about this show was Burke jobbing. Besides that it was wonderful and I plan to keep up with this thing. Can not wait for Monday

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Re: Being The Booker

SD Feedback:

Double A announcing a huge ME for ta'night and I like it. Angle/Taker, tbh, would be a great match to see on TV. As to who'll face RVD? I don't know if I even want to take a stab at it . Edge coming out after and being the douche that he is wants a title shot when he has the MITB? Fuck off, really. Job him in Rumble, plz. I know you won't, he's holding the MITB for a reason, but it would be great to see him eliminated early.

I know you said Batista only had one World Title Shot in this thread but I still don't think he should be in the World Title hunt. Slow and steady push though, as long as it's effective, will be fine for the time being, though.

MVP already seems to be in line for a US title push, imo, already taking out Regal twice. At least he's getting pushed better in this thread then in the WWE currently. I'd rather have MVP take the slow and steady approach, though, instead of Batista. He better (MVP) not be getting a Lesnar-esque push right away, even though I like him.

The comment by Angle leads me to believe he won't be winning tonight, I know it's weird, but he's whining for a title shot, and now that he has a chance to get one, he's gonna blow it. Just how it is, tbs.

Yeah, Edge, you really should be in a title match after losing to Hardy, Moore, and Lashley

Hmmm, RVD losing? I know he didn't get pinned, but it's still a loss. What was Haas doing in the match, also? He teaming with Jericho or something? I should probably just look at a page or two before .

Finally Batista is getting a push. Win both US titles and RR plz. Okay, he won't win the Rumble, but he'll win the US Title soon enough, at least according to your own words.

Well, I was right on the result of the ME, even if it was with some controversey. It gives Taker a title shot and keeps Angle strong, along with giving an interesting angle leading up to the RR.

Overall: A very good SD on paper, Wolfy, and it delivered. The ME sounded like a great one, too bad my review was pretty shitty 8/10

RAW Feedback:

HBK/Orton is a good way to start off the show. Makes it seem more important then usual. HBK starting off hot would be expected. You want to get the crowd excited for RAW, and with one of the best ever's starting off the way he did I would be shocked if they weren't on their feet. Oh no, it's the Headlock of Doom! The finishing sequence was great, tbh. Seemed like Orton would hit a crisp RKO after the missed SCM. Eating the SCM after the match though clearly shows this feud is far from over, and I like it.

This RR match is shaping up to be HUGE! Yeah Orton, you may want the New Wave in the match to help out your chances, but they can't hold a candle to HBK, even in his "twilight years".

Meh, if Maria would've won, there would be some problems from me. Maria doesn't deserve to hold the title, she's got no talent in the ring. Melina, though, does. So I'm very, very glad that you kept the title on her, in dominating fashion, no less.

Heh, Christian owned Steph. Heel HHH though, is still a great person to cut an awesome promo with, and you did so there.

I doubt Benji loses his title tonight. Mysterio and Kennedy are feuding, and while the feud would be even more interesting with the title, they won't get it, as Shelton would be being de-pushed, and it looks like you are doing a good job with him right now as the leader of the Brotherhood. A good exchange between the two heels in the match with Mysterio out and it's getting pretty exciting. This match is starting to get epic with all these rope breaks and kick outs, tbh. WOW, what a match. I was right with Benji, but it was definately not an easy contest. MOTN for sure.

Cena and Christian in cahoots? Plan B is Christian going to the Rumble, rit? That would be a good twist on things, and he would be the favorite.

Armando needs to be back on that mic, Wolfy. He's simply a legend, . Nah, I like him on the mic, though. Umaga squashing Burke isn't much of a surprise. I mean, if Booker was going to job the way he did, Burke was going to get the smae treatment. Umaga's going to be an unstoppable beast going into the Rumble.

I said it last week, and I'll say it again, Lesnar OWNS.

Straight Edge picks up another win and surely they're going to the RR to get a shot at MNM's titles. Like JR said, they've beaten nearly every team on RAW, so it's time for MNM.

A doofus? Really Shane? Very mature by the young McMahon . I guess the McMahons and HHH aren't that bright. Obviously Christian and Cena are going to work their way into the RR match, duh.

Lesnar owns Carlito. Next up, Royal Rumble match. I really hope Lesnar isn't gullible enough to accept Vince's offer again. He may get #30, but Vince will probably screw him out.

Loving the opening words between Cena & Christian. It's slightly out of character on Cena's part. It just doesn't sound like he would talk like that. Anyways.. that better not have been Cena and Christians plan. Reverse psychology? The goons don't know what's going on, tbs. Hey, Linda McMahon. Surprised me. Rofl at her going against the rest of her family's views. HUGE, HUGE, HUGE Main Event for two weeks time. 4 on 2 handicap, although Shane & Vince should only count as 1/2 a wrestler each themselves . Great promo, almost perfect, tbh.

Overall: I very much enjoyed this show Wolfy. Three matches, Orton/HBK, TT, and Tag-Team, seemed like they'd be great contests, and the promo to end the show was, dare I say it, fan-fucking-tastic. 9/10
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Re: Being The Booker

M’kay. So I haven’t the vaguest what’s gone down in BTB for the last several months. Last thing I remember reading was SummerSlam, where RKO finally bitch slapped Cena in HIAC. Awesome btw. Hopefully, I’ll catch on soon enough. Let’s see what you’ve got you sexy ‘beast’.


Okay so Cena obviously had a title shot, and was screwed by the McMahon’s. LOVE the McMahon Family Empire name too. Opening commentary was good as always. I’ve always appreciated how much you care for the commentary aspect of the show, as do I. Can’t stand Coach though, tbh. King OWNS him, even in his watered down, washed up, commentating state. Truth.

I read something in a couple posts about Cena’s dialogue. Personally, if he resembles a Cena we see on TV today, I think his dialogue was fine. No problems with the opening line from me. That aside, it wasn’t really a bells and whistles promo from Cena. Very much the standard promo you’d expect from him, in the position he’s in. Love the Lesnar, Finlay, Game and McMahon’s group though. Tough for sure. BTW, when you disappeared in May, I began using the ‘Ironman’ nickname for Brock. Hope you don’t mind. Was gonna ask you before I did it, but you never came back. Nice back and forth between Vince and Cena. The Omen line was good. Got a feeling the Game is in the building though. Cena-Finlay should be a brut, and a stretcher match is a nice little Raw Main Event to gain viewers. Seems pretty obvious at this point with the whole ‘no title shot’ business that you are building Cena to the Rumble victory. Or perhaps a double finish between he and the Captain, where they end up in a triple threat with the Game at Mania. That’d be a hard one to call.

First match confused me. Why was this tag match booked? Is Kennedy with the Empire? If so, it starting to look like too many people. And you said no heat existed between anyone, but did not Lesnar and Rey have a rather long mid-year feud? Anyway, hope Carlito is able to get himself back together at some point. Also hope Rey goes over Mr. Kennaaaaaa-OVERATED-dayyy.

Ahh, now it looks more clear. Lesnar was a headhunter last week. THAT is awesome. Now I’m thinking Game-Cena-Lesnar at Mania. That would rock.

Umaga continues to roar to the top, which is indeed the way it should be. I don’t mind him going over Booker, it just seems like Booker is being totally jobbed. I realize you’ve never cared for Booker, but for heaven’s sake, release the guy before allowing him to be reduced to a complete and utter jobber.

Christian & Tomko are awesome. Hate DH Smith, not the guy, but the name. For god sake, call him Harry. The Brotherhood OWN. Shame Booker isn’t at the top of this group. I guess that’s what makes Hood Rich Royalty a group head and shoulders above the Brotherhood. Long was good on the mic and stuff, but in all honesty this seemed a filler segment, comprised of a bunch of guys with nothing going on. With all do, the Brotherhood with Long as the stic man, and Shelton as IC champ, should be doing more.

Melina as Women’s Champ and MNM as tag champs is the sex.

Thank you so much for explaining in one short and sweet paragraph what has gone down with the World Title and Christian. Would love to see he and Tomko pick up gold tonight, but with Christian’s ‘frustration growing’, I’d expect another loss for the floundering Captain. Nice little description, and good to see them not lose, but rather Christian lose it. I like the idea of the Captain snapping. We’ll see where you take it.

Really nice, fresh little six man tag match. LOVE the Straight Edge tag team, as I can remember Punk arriving and beginning the angle where Hurricane would become Gregory Helms. Awesome to see where that has gone. Not overly crazy about the ‘New Wave’ name, but it’ll do, and is likely a name that will grow on one with time. Glad to see the faces pick up the win in what was a well written and exciting little match. Orton-HBK one on one next week is a big, big match for the final Raw of 2006. Based off this match alone, I’d say that Straight Edge have a meeting with MNM down the line, where they’ll take the tag belts. Good shit.

Nice plug from Estrada, perfectly written, for Mags.

Ha, HBk agrees with me about Straight Edge. Loved HBK’s little promo. Missed the Flair business that obviously went down recently. Explanation please? Anyway, the poke at Hogan was fun, and the match should be good.

Cena and Finlay have a decent little match. A tad disappointed that it ended rather uneventfully though. Cena simply wins, and nothing else happens. No Game, no Vince, no fun. Suppose you have to hold things off for later. The belt motion reaffirms my belief that Cena’s winning the Rumble.

Not gonna pretend it was your best show. But good? Of course. You are the Wolf. Some things are looking HOT right now, while others have simply just began cooking. Looking forward to some white hot heat on the road to Mania.


Nice little opening, with Double-A OWNS as GM. Not sure why there would be a #1 contenders match at the Royal Rumble. Whay are they not all just in the Rumble? Love all the possibilities with Edge though. Really intriguing

Batista as US Champ would be fine at this point, as he’s never been world champion in the thread.

Regal – MVP II for tonight? Regal jobs again for sure. Regal is a face then? Regal jobs again, as predicted.

Decent enough six man lined up for later. Tired of AMW though. Beer Money, ftw.

Ah, okay so the match is tonight! Winner faces RVD at the rumble. Gotcha. Did you actually get rid of Jericho following Summer Slam and his loss to RVD? You were serious at the time about not liking him weren’t you? Surely, after the year he’s had, you don’t feel quite so bad about him…? RVD on the other hand is awesome, and to be champion in your thread is a compliment, as I know you never really cared for him several years ago.

Meh outcome in the six man, tbh. Also, Matt Hardy had a great run about a year ago in this thread, and now he’s reduced to tagging with Moore? BOOO!!

Love RVD’s attitude. Either match would be grand. Perhaps a triple threat?

Okay, so there is Jericho. God, please do something with the man. Please.

Batista is set for US gold. Slow build for the Animal has been good. Only problem is it started when he shouldn’t have been a main eventer in real life which was good, but due to the breaks in the thread, he’s now been a main eventer in real life so long, it does seem weird for him to be so low on the card. Again, I’m good with it though. Albright’s in trouble fo sho.

Controversy! Taker finally beats Kurt, but Angle has a gripe. The match is booked, but we’ll definitely get some more out of this situation, either right away, or over a longer period of time. Should be nice.

Welcome back DWG. Set this thing on fire.

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Re: Being The Booker

I apologise for the lateness, Wolf. I've had some serious connection problems lately; I've also been enjoying my TDK DVD, but then you already know that eh?


I'll start with SmackDown for obvious reasons. Huge match signed for tonight by AA; which kind of scuppers the idea I've been throwing around ever since SS, that Angle/Taker will take place ay 'Mania. Can't believe it's going to reach a head tonight on a weekly show. Edge in the Rumble just keeps the tension going with when he's going to cash it all in. I've given up trying to predict when it's going to happen. All I know (yeah ... know) is that Edge is likely to be leaving WM as the WWE Champion. Whether he enters it as such is another matter.

Big Dave over Albright? Hmmm, one would hope that this will set up a feud between the two for the U.S Title because it would do BA a hell of a lot of good to give him a win or two over The Animal. I just hope he doesn't become fodder for 'Tista though.

MVP continues to OWN both SmackDown and poor William Regal. Good time to debut Porter I must say, as a decent run in the RR increases his credibility, and I fully expect him to take part in the MITB match (should you choose to have one) at 'Mania.

@ Edge being in the same ring as Shannon Moore.

I'm a little surprised too Kurt, I'm a little surprised too. I expect a Triple Threat to be the ultimate outcome though.

Surprised to see Edge on the losing end this week, but it's good to see Hardy get his momentum back after a bad night at Armageddon.

Cool RVD = no ratings. We need some edge (no pun intended) to his character.

Another surprise result for tonight to see the WWE Champion on the losing side, but I'm glad Y2J is still being made to look strong in this thread, as I know you still regret not giving him the strap back at SummerSlam

Big Dave will probably dominate the Rumble in some way, but I still hope he doesn't go over Albright for the U.S belt.

Oh, what a surprise, the #1 Contender's match end in contoversy ;p Can't say I didn't see it coming, obviously setting up the Triple Threat match (which will probably be announced next week), but I was surprised that Angle/Taker got to go as much as it did. I hope their feud does go for the long haul though.


Hot way to kick off Raw no doubt about it, but part of me thinks that Orton/Michaels is slightly too big to be curtain jerkin' a weekly show; that match could headline WrestleMania in all honesty. Only a 10 minute match too? I guess his really is nothing more than a filler feud to carry both men through the Rumble (where I expect great performances from both men, especially Orton). Fantastic to see Randy get the clean victory; he's been on quite the roll since SummerSlam, but I don't think the aftermath was neccessary. It seemed like a bit of a desperate attempt to try and keep HBK strong. Trust me, you don't need to do a think. Losing to Randy Orton ain't going to take a thing away from the credibility of someone like Shawn Michaels.

What's with this new 'Face' attitude from Easy E? Not too keen on the idea really, which seems to be the route you're going, since The McMahon's reared their ugly heads again. Not that into Randy's bitchy side either. I much prefer his cold, methodical character. Odds are Randy will eliminate HBK or vice versa. Oh, and boo if The New Wave aren't all included in the Rumble match.

Melina goes over Maria 'Shit' Kanellis? Well I never.

Oh my, Christian just OWNED Triple H:

"I hear that plan didnt work for Stephanie. Why do you think it’d work for me??"

Don't try and shit on that comeback. My childish sense of humour was tickled by that. This was a really great segment between Hunter and Captain Charisma by the way; filled with all the tension one would expect from two men who are destined to meet in the WrestleMania main event. One thing I'm a little uncertain of is Christian's attitude. Considering last week he blew a gasket and beat the crap out of MNM, this seems a little off.

Wow, a really cracking Triple Threat match to give us for the Intercontinental Title on free TV. I can't tell you how much I was routing for Kennedy throughout (you must know how much I love this guy by now?), and how much I was routing against that waste of roster space Mysterio. I thoughy you might've put the belt on KK at a few times, namely when he hit the Mic Check, or when he tried to steal one after the Tower Of Doom, but 'twasn't to be. @ T-Lo's antics throughout, getting OWNED by Rey-Rey and then jacketing him at the end. For such a long, long (17 minutes is amazing) TV match, I was fully expecting a title change, so the fan in me was slightly disappointed, but I like Benji, so seeing him pin Mysterio pleases me. I expect all three of these guys to shine in the Rumble, but I just wish you would hurry up and push Kennedy already. The guy beat Edge a few months ago and since then he's done bugger all.

"the new United States Champion" What? Please tell me that was just a typ and not a premonition.

I've grown to enjoy your realistic presentation of Cena as the kid friendly, loveable rogue he is, and this was him on fine form. Not sure what to make of guys like Cena and Christian begging a heel (I assume he still is) like Bischoff. Makes them seem like a couple 'o bitches. There's probably a little twist round the corner though, since Cena's promo was so smartass and cryptic I'd expect nothing less.

And you complain about my tag team division, Wolfster? You won't see me jobbing one of my main teams out to a big guy two weeks running. Spirit Squad OWN.

Short and sweet from Brock Lesnar is how he works best. Talk about the ace in the hole, mine's Brock (more 'Dark Knight' references aye?), in this McMahon/Cena & Christian feud, I absolutely love his role.

Wow, the way you slate Helms in my thread I was half expecting him to do the job here, not get the pinfall victory. The kind of momentum he and Punk have right now simply needs to be capitalised on sooner rather than later, and I hope they take the belts from MNM soon enough. I love both Helms and Punk, but you misunderstand me, mon ami, if you give 'em a big enough push inhe tag division (a la Mac) I'm all for it. Also, other than me, who else is pushing Helms so high in singles competition?

The McMahon Family Empire OWNS. Not just the awesome name, but as a stable it's just a great concept. All I kept thinking through this segment was how great would be to finally see Tomko turn on Christian for the right money and side with McMahon and Co. I can actually see it happening closer to WrestleMania.

Talk about getting owned. Carlito didn't exactly cover himself in glory. Does Shane have a death wish or something getting in Brock's path?

Oh dear god, you're going to job Kennedy out to Mysterio of all people? You really sicken me, Wolfy

Lesnar and Vince shined last week in their mini segment and they did it again tonight. Brock really is adding a whole new dimension to this feud. It'll be interesting to see if he really does get the #30 spot, although I would prefer to see him just absolutely maul everyone from a half-way point. Brock & Christian as the last two men anyone?

I know the closing segment had a lot of momentous stuff, but this was my favourite bit by far:

"I wont be losing this championship … not to either of you … {looks toward Lesnar} not to anybody …"

I just love Lesnar's role in in this angle, I can't reiterate that enough. However, I didn't love this final segment at all. Yes, it was pretty cool, filled with a great heel/face dynamic - unsurprising when you consider that Vince, Trips, Christian, and Cena are the guys doing the talking. It's a wonderful, albeit unoriginal way to get Cena and Christian their last chance with Linda poking her nose into proceedings and Bischoff walking the fine line between face and heel. I'm going to settle on his status as a tweener for the time being. I would think from an obvious perspective that, despite all of the odds, Cena and Christian will somehow over come Vince, Shane, Trips & Brock, setting up Cena's title shot and Christian's Rumble place. That was all good, but what grated me about this segment was the attitudes of both Cena & Christian. I know you're not that bothered about making your faces at all edgy, but this segment between these two, once rivals, was almost hard to read in its sycophantic chumminess. It's a shame, especially for a guy like Christian, who tends to stick it to everyone. Like I said, I still enjoyed the promo, but it damaged the status' of these two favourites of mine in my eyes.

What can I say, Wolfy, you've come back on top form. Little perterbed the Taker/Angle, Orton/HBK and Cena/Christian situations, as I've stated, but nothing that could detract from the overall brilliance.
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Re: Being The Booker

Apologies. I blame The Joker
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