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Re: Being The Booker

Guess I'm the first to review ya Wolfy.

RAW Feedback

Opening promo was very, very strong. Cena's character in this thread is one I've always liked through reading it. While I'm a fan of him currently irl, he'd be a lot better like this, no doubt. Angle that you got going along here with 'The McMahon Family Empire' is pretty classic, imo. Vince acting like a total prick is also classic, and a Stretcher Match later on sounds rather good with Finlay. Cena was fantastic during this promo, 'specially at the end of it. Good work so far, although, that's not too surprising. Something tells me though, that considering a little bit of info I know, we may be seeing Cena/HHH soon ...

Onwards, first match looked to be a pretty nice one at that. Heels getting the win is a good choice, hope you keep using Brock the way you have been. Would like to see him play a big role in the WWE Title hunt, just because I'm a mark for him (IMO). If not, oh well. Will be fun to see where he's headed towards the Rumble and WM.

Uh oh, Vince could be in for some trouble here from 'THE IRON MAN' if that's what it seems from this segment with Bisch'. Hopefully no face turn though, plz. Lesnar works great and much better as a heel.

Umaga squash. Push him to the top plz

Love this Brotherhood stable you've got. T-Lo is perfect for this role, and it reminds me of what he did with Mack and Henry way back when on RAW in '03. Still believe he's an awesome heel mouthpiece, though I did enjoy him as the SD! GM. ANYWAY, not too surprisingly, Benjy goes over DH Smith. Wasn't a squash though, glad to see you gave DH some ounces of credibility. Beat down after the match was a good touch, to make The Brotherhood look fairly strong. Looking to be a great show so far.

Looked to be a pretty good tag team match, even with the inclusion of Tomko, who of course isn't the GREATEST talent. Ending really made Christian look like an absolute maniac. Must be that hunger of the title, so I could see him getting involved with Cena's quest for the title along with Lesnar of course. How this will shape out? Not sure, but it looks like you're going to keep it interesting. Which is great.

Haha, Lesnar~~! Vince once again being a prick is always nice to see. Looks like Lesnar will stay around in this Championship scene, and next week I expect a fairly nice opening promo with HHH & The Empire, w/ Christian, Cena, and Lesnar all getting involved somehow. Just what I see, from what was said during this promo, including the whole 'Christian is coming to look for you' deal.

Once again another nice look at a stable, this one of course led by Randy "The Great" Orton. HBK/Orton feuds are always nice, but I don't really see this lasting until 'Mania. Probably going to close out at the Rumble, but if not, it'll be a nice match down the road at either Superbrawl or even 'Mania if it happens to go that way. Really like the team of Punk and Helms, as well as The New Wave as stated before. Faces getting the edge here is a good trade off from the earlier tag match in the night. Michaels' comeback sounded quite nice, and I could easily see this feud continuing now. Good stuff.

AAE OWNS really, and you captured him greatly in this promo. Really would like to see Umaga have a big, big play in the Rumble match, as well as a push imo. at him TAKING THE CAMERA AND SMASHING IT ON THE GROUND. , tbh.

Orton/HBK should be great next week. Nice promo from The Showstopper as well.

This was indeed a good main event, and to no surprise really, Cena is victorious. Obviously this was the right decision, and it seemed like an intensely physical match; being that Cena and Finlay are both brawlers, it was bound to happen. Fitting end to the show.

Great, great return Wolfy. If history repeats itself, the Road to 'Mania, as well as WM 23 itself, should be epic.

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Re: Being The Booker

Raw Feedback

Opening with John Cena was good and he is obviously not happy with the McMahon Empire. I personally enjoyed the Stephanie digs as well just trying to do what ever it takes to get under the skin of Triple H because basically at this point in time Cena is a desperate man. He is desperate for gold and he plans to play on the fun bags to get some gold Here we go big VINCE makes an appearance and I wonder what he will have to say. LOL what a bitch staying on the stage but then again I can not blame him. Triple H and Steph not being there is kind of not good for me as I was hoping for a confrontation between them and Cena some time in the night. Setting up a stretcher match between Finlay and Cena and I can see Finlay getting the win thanks to Lesnar. Nice dig at the end there by McMahon to mentioning Christian just reminding us that if there is one person McMahon hates more than Cena it is Christian. So overall great opening promo characterization and all that was there and to be honest I already like your work

Well I expected Lesnar and Kennedy to pick up the victory here to be honest. Nothing against Mysterio and Carlito but I believe in this BTB at the moment Lesnar and Kennedy are to big and to good for Mysterio and Carlito at the moment. Lesnar picking up the pinfall with the F5 and i must say I really do miss that maneuver

LOL at Lesnar being played as the fool by McMahon and Bischoff that is great as Lesnar fits the big, dumb buffoon character kind of well but I think it is only a matter of time before Lesnar turns face and becomes champion. Lesnar to win Rumble please

Umaga easy win and I personally do not like Booker T jobbing out like that but I guess at the moment this was all about the push of Umaga.

Even though Long only spoke on the microphone for a second I enjoyed it as I am a big fan of him on the mic I just really enjoyed reading him and picturing him in my head saying belie dat LOL. Anyway DH Smith Drop Kicking Long geez this guy must have some balls but I think that Benjamin is going to eat him alive here. Looks like I was correct however glad to see you did not make the future of the thread in DH Smith totally get squashed and now hopefully he can build some momentum some how. After the match Henry nailing a Splash and DAMN Smith made these black guys mad LOL. Seasons beatings… I like it Wolfy.

Nice video showing Christians fall from grace and Fuck McMahon to be honest. Nice match up and with the whole fall from grace thing going on I really did not expect Christian and Tomko to win. Nice the DQ loss though as I am used to Christian being the little arrogant cocky guy, bringing out his sadistic side could be ratings depending on how you write him to be honest.

Nice McMahon and Lesnar confrontation backstage and I was never a big fan of Lesnar talking but in the current role you have him in as I said earlier I believe it suits him. Lesnar wants his title shot and at the moment I could be wrong but I see Lesnar winning the Rumble and becoming a thorn in the side of McMahon. Still early stages though. McMahon lying through his teeth to Finlay at the end there to does he have some kind of master mind idea???

Just wondering why does everyone make Orton a part of a group these days LOL don’t get me wrong its a good move because his personality suits being a leader well but I kind of get over it after a while. Michaels being the difference well no shit he is simply the man these days and he made Orton and Cade his bitches at the end there. Nice to see Punk pick up the win though because HBK does not need any more credibility.

Nice hype for Umaga and I was rapped to see that Estrada got some mic time because HE FUCKING OWNS everyone else on the mic to be honest. Believe this could have went a bit longer because I enjoy him but that is pretty much my only problem with it.

Nice Michaels promo achieved a few important things. Let us know that Punk and Helms are serious contenders. Let us know Michaels will continue gunning for Orton and most importantly of all you allowed Michaels to get a cheap shot in at Hogan. I loved it

Cena nice and dominant in this stretcher match just as he should be as in his current McMahon henchmen roll he is pretty much a main event jobber. So yeah I am glad that Cena got the win and I wonder if he will get a title shot. I sure hope so at this stage as we know it won’t be Christian

Overall mate an excellent show for a return I really enjoyed it and I don’t think you showed much rust. So yeah good effort, you have enticed me to continue reading so I will see you when Smackdown is posted. Well done Wolfy

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Re: Being The Booker

I thought I'd leave some comments for your return show Wolfy, since I was so excited for your return.

~ I don't know if this just me being picky here, but I didn't like it when Cena said 'in this very ring...a travesty occurred.' That sounds more like a line for a whiny heel than the face Cena. Like I said maybe it's just me, but go back and read it again and then let me know what you think. In general, I didn't like the promo that much tbh. Cena seemed to go on and off the point, jumping from being serious to making a cheap comment about Stephanie. It was this on/off presentation that stopped me from understanding the true purpose of this promo, and what character Cena is really supposed to be portraying. Vince McMahon, however, was completely in character. The arrogant, over-powering boss of the company, holding back the fan favourite. It was also a nice touch to have Triple H on screen with Cena's championship belt rather than the traditional belt. Even though I HATE the spinner belt, I can understand its purpose here. Cena vs. Finlay should be an OK main-event. I'm 99% sure that Cena is going over.

~ I can't really comment on the opening match since it was in such short recap, but it was good to see Lesnar pick up the win and continue his quest to become world champion.

~ Lesnar's promo with Bischoff was OK, but nothing special. It did serve its purpose of getting Brock over though.

~ I don't mind Umaga going over Booker T, but having him squash a former world champion in just over four minutes is a bit too much. The match should've been scheduled to last a little longer considering this was Umaga's 'biggest win on Raw yet.' After all, the more you weaken Booker T, the lesser Umaga's 'big win' looks.

~ @ Teddy Long. He's undoubtedly the best character on the show so far, 'belie dat.' Anyway, the actual match was OK, though this is the second squash match tonight (yes I know Smith wasn't completely "squashed", but it was obvious he was going to lose much like Booker T, and Finlay later on). The aftermath was good and it looks like you're really pushing Mark Henry as the leader of this group. Good segment.

Btw, this may be a good time to mention that I enjoyed reading JR and Coach's commentary. It was a nice supplement to the show.

~ It wasn't a surprise to see Christian neither to win the titles, nor to see him snap tbh. Yet it was a good match to read (even in recap). I wonder whether this 'crazy' period of Christian's will lead to a heel turn or whether he will cool down by maybe winning the Royal Rumble match?

~ The Finlay/Vince/Lesnar segment was alright, but if you want to keep Brock as a heel, then you can calm down a bit with him taking on Vince. After all with Triple H being the top heel on Raw, and Brock standing up to him, he would get cheered. Then again if you're looking to turn him face, then keep it coming. I can imagine Brock turning face and Christian turning heel, thus keeping the face/heel balance intact. An alright segment, but by now, I've had my fair share of Brock Lesnar for the evening. Btw I liked how Vince covered up leaving the arena with a 'business meeting'.

~ I really liked the 6-Man Tag Team match and it was good to see the face team pick up the win. I liked how HBK pretty much owned Orton at the end and I'm sure the rivalry between these two is far from over.

~ @ Umaga smashing the camera. Armando's promo was written very well. It shall be interesting to see what impact Umaga has in the Rumble match. I can imagine him dominating, getting eliminated, then coming back and attacking someone, all leading to a match at Wrestlemania. Anyway, we'll see.

~ I thought HBK's promo was OK, but I know we can see better from him (and from you, Wolfy). Nonetheless I guess it served its purpose for next week's match, which I expect to end in some sort of screwy finish, leading to a rematch somewhere down the line.

~ I thought the main-event was OK, but like you said, rather average for a Raw main-event. Tbh, I was expecting a run-in after the match, but it wasn't necessary so it doesn't matter. Anyway it was good see Cena pick up the momentum heading into the Rumble.

Throughout the feedback, I've used the term 'OK' a lot, which is a perfect way to describing this show. It doesn't matter though because this is your first full show in like...a long time. I'll be back with some feedback for Smackdown.
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Re: Being The Booker

It's been eight months since I've left a comment in this thread. Though I've mentioned it in my thread, I'll say it here as well: Welcome back!

Well like others I assume, it's going to take awhile to get familiar with the storylines in this thread. With that said though, the opening promo was a great way to start the show. Cena was booked well in this segment, and Vince was...Vince, which means he was excellent on the mic as always. Despite the stretcher match being a bit of a letdown in terms of the main event, it looks like the show will end in a big way. The tag match seemed to be a little bit of filler with the sole purpose being to get over Lesnar in this thread. Brock is in the Rumble as expected, but it seems like a possible title match against Hunter at Superbrawl might take place as well. While I understand that Mags' is still undefeated in this thread, the one thing that has always bothered me about this thread is how Booker T is booked. I know that you're not a big fan of him, but I think Book should be booked a little better in this thread. Despite you giving DH Smith a little push in the match, the match's outcome was never in doubt, as I remember the Brotherhood recieving a big push before this thread went inactive earlier in the year. Before I continue I must point out the commentary in this thread has been one reason why this thread is so good. Not surprised with Christian getting DQ as it seems as if you're building up a possible heel turn if not brand switch for Christian. The McMahon/Brock encounter was good and despite it I still see Brock remaining a heel, and not turning on Vince. The six man tag match came off as possibly the MOTN. Obviously the feud between the two sides isn't over yet, but it does seem to be picking up some steam. I see a possible Michaels/Orton match taking place at the Rumble. I stand corrected, Michaels vs. Orton will take place though I don't think it will end with a definite winner. Umaga in the Rumble=Ratings and him just snapping in the background while Estrada speaks=LOL moment. Michaels puts over the match with Orton for next week quite well. The main event was decent but not great. With that said, the show was a good way to further the feuds in the thread.

Overall Comments: While it seemed as if there was some rust from this show, it was good overall. I've mentioned how wrong it seems that Booker is being booked in this thread. Also imo I think Cena would be a bit better as somewhat of a tweener role in this thread. Looking forward to Smackdown.

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Re: Being The Booker

Raw Review

John Cena to open up the show. Alright. As someone already mentioned, the "travesty" line did sound rather whiny to say, especially coming from someone who whines as little as Cena does. McMahon acts as I would expect him to act, and the main event is set. Not to much to say on the actual promo, as it was your usual follow up to a screwjob, but I do want to comment on this angle in general. I love it. It's just a simple merge of fiction and reality, playing off of the perception the IWC has of Triple H. Exceptionally effective.

Lesnar over Mysterio? Yay!! Push back to the main event plz. The Iron Man has been floundering rather hard since losing the title at Mania.

Brock, you’ve gotta relax… but it seems McMahon is gonna fuck everyone over to protect HHH. I sense a legendary uprising storyline.

I don’t mind Booker being squashed, and certainly not by The Samoan Bulldozer, as it’s about time for him to retire anyway… I do mind one-half of a formidable tag team being squashed, however.

Oh, that Teddy. Always so colorful. No shocker to see Benjamin go over the young upstart, but the aftermath leads me to believe that this between the two “sides” isn’t quite over. I can most definitely see DH going across the water and bringing in a little backup.

I’m loving that you’ve chosen Christian as the number one foe to the McMahon Family Empire. The ascension that he’s made throughout this thread has been remarkable, and it’s nice to see you reward yourself in such a way. Hunter and Christian at Mania? I think so. Oh, and btw, I loved Christian getting himself disqualified, finally snapping. I have something relatively similar planned on my next full show, so please don’t think I stole it.

Oh my god, Vinnie Mac as a pussy owns… and I cant tell you how much Lesnar regaining his badass stilo makes me happy. Keep it going, but I haven’t the faintest idea as to what’s in store for The Next Big Thing at Mania. Vs. McMahon perhaps?

Looked to be quite the solid tag team match, but I'm still not completely sold on the idea of this new group of Orton's. I'm not sure exactly what the holdup is... though I think it had much to do with me being so much behind the idea of Flair leading Dinsmore and Batista as the new Evolution... only to have that change to the Horsemen... and then to this New Wave angle. Either way, Orton and Michaels makes for a nice enough feud, but has taken quite the backseat.

Estrada OWNS. And that's enough about that. Mags won't win the Rumble, far too early... but I expect you to give him the Kane Treatment and have him eliminate a bunch of people before his demise.

Michaels and Orton is quite the strange match to give away for free. I smell a swerve.

The main event was a bit of a letdown as I expected a bit of a BANG to end the show with, but I guess it was just used to remind us all that Cena is one of the top two or three guys on the planet, despite his television loss to Hunter. Get rid of The Little Bastard. Please?

Solid return show, as has come to be expected from BTB's resident legendary Irishman. This McMahon Family Empire angle is gonna go places, man. Seriously.

Welcome back, mofo.

for the week of September 28th


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Re: Being The Booker

Love the extended banter you gave us from Coach and J.R on this show. Commentators can be a great source of subtle entertainment

"Last week, in this very ring … a travesty occurred. Triple H …" I guess I'll sound a bit like a parrot saying this, but that was just a very un-Cena thing to say. It sounded completely off, mostly the "travesty" part, but also the "very ring". He's just not that formal, in any role, especially when he's pissed. Your interpretation of Cena is one very different to mine, one much similar to real life, hence why, despite all of the shit that's been done to him, he's still able to joke about the size of Steph's, well, y'know. Vince's involvement in the segment gave it a very old school, Attitude Era feel. If you saw the first Raw after WrestleMania X7, this is what this segment reminded me of, with Cena in the role of The Rock trying to get his title shot off the big cheese. I felt sure that Christian would be the one jaw jacking with the boss, but it looks like Cena will be the babyface chasing the belt up until the inevitable WrestleMania Rematch between Hunter & Christian. Pretty awesome match set up for tonight, though I guess Finlay will be doing the job (thought you marked for this guy?). The stipulation that if Cena wins he gets a title shot sounded a little too obvious, so I'm glad you're going to really make us work before confirming Cena's title shot at The Rumble.

Glorious to see Kennedy and Lesnar picking up the win over the midget, though it's a little weird to see Brock sharing the ring with three (in this thread at least) mid-carders. Hopefully he starts a dream WrestleMania program with Cena soon.

Bischoff needto man up. Lesnar's in the Rumble match? Well, that scuppers my prediction of a Three-Way with Cena and Hunter at that PPV. Raising the issue that Bischoff isn't in full control? Hmmmm.

@ "WHOA!!! Stop right there!! You cant tell the world Mr. McMahon is in his forties J.R. A mans age is his own piece of privacy." Coach OWNS.

Unlike most of this place it seems, I actually like Booker T, and I think he still has what it takes to be a main eventer, so seeing him get this kind of treatment is pretty depressing, but at least it's to someone with talent.

Not really sure what to make of this next segment/contest. Teddy Long was his usual awesome self, but I don't know what to make of DH Smith's involvement in these shenanigans. Hopefully it was just a squash match for know to get us used to his name ('Harry' Smith though please), but, like Mac said, considering the amount of British talent at your disposal, we could be seeing an influx.

Now here's the man I think is in it with The Mons for the long run I feel. They'll try and screw him out of being in the Rumble, out of winning the Rumble, and then out of winning the title at WrestleMania I think. Quite the transformation he's made if one compares his character to this point last year. Thing is, CC can play both roles so well. That's why he's one of the best in the business. I suspected that Christian might oost himself the match like that. Really adds some edge (no pun intended) to his character. It'll be intriguing to see how he actually gets into the Royal Rumble Match.

Pretty funny stuff from Finlay and Vinnie McMahon to introduce The Iron Man. No one seems to give Vince much of a role in BTB anymore, so to see you of all people returning him to his glory days is a real pleasant treat. A face turn from Brock? Surely not.

By the way I checked out that Mercy Drive song that you've given The New Wave, and it SUCKS Sorry. Pretty chaotic tag team action to tie over the Orton/Michaels feud for now I'm guessing. Surprised to see HBK & Co. kill NW's momentum so quickly. I would've thought a winning streak would have been the wiser approach for now.

Michaels/Orton on the last Raw of '06? Sounds good to me. Randy to go over plz.

Classic Estrada. Nothing else really needs saying about such a man. Can't wait to see Umaga steamroll his way through the competition in the Rumble match, before about 10 guys team up to eliminate him most likely.

Decent promo from HBK hyping his match next week. He won't really entertain me at all in this role, as it's just his bland as hell Clint Eastwood impersonation really. Edgier plz.

Stellar main event for sure to close out proceedings with, though it didn't quite have the bang I expected following the one we got at the start of the show. Why you insist on keeping Little Bastard around is mind boggling Looking forward to how Cena gets his title shot after this awesome display.

Really fun read as always, Wolf; just reminding us all how you made your name as the big cheese around these parts; setting up some thrilling angles involving McMahon, Cena, Lesnar and, most importantly, Christian.
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Re: Being The Booker

Wow. That was a much better response than I was anticipating. Thanks a lot gents.

Anyways, gonna crack on and comment on a couple of points that might need addressed;

- I'll agree, the travesty bit does not fit Cena. It's odd how you can read through these things countless times and not spot how out of place certain lines are, then once it's posted, and someone else points it out it becomes crystal clear. .

- Booker T. No apologies on jobbing him convincingly. Umaga is being built like a wrecking machine. No one is touching him for a while yet. Just the way it is, although I'll accept that as one half of a top tier tag team on the show, he shouldnt be getting squashed like that.

- The New Wave is definately a work in progress. To be honest, they'll not have a huge role until after Mania, so for the time being they'll just be establishing themselves as a group. As for the music - it does suck, but then all the mercy drives songs I looked up seemed to suck too. To me that means Mercy Drive sucks. For now though, I just wanted to establish the group as a group, with Orton as the true leader, hence using the same band for entrance music that he does. I have been looking into introducing Ortons most recent theme a year earlier than in real life (would that be met with cries of 'that cant happen yet, it's in the future', or would it be okay?? Thoughts please), and using another of that bands songs for the unit to use as a foursome.

- The Little Bastard will be making an exit at some point *WrestleMania*. His exit wont be a big angle or anything, he'll just get killed off, sort of.

Again, I'm delighted at the comments, and I want to thank everyone for reading / rating. I'll be looking to return them all this week as a thank you, and if I'm interested by what I read, I'll keep coming back

Expect the Smackdown recap tomorrow, along with news and notes and shit, then hopefully by the end of the week again, the following Raw.
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Re: Being The Booker

Sorry for the delay. Main PC has been playing up again. Once I get the Rumble out of the way I'll not need to use it anymore thankfully. Until then, it'll be a frustrating time...


Smackdown; December 15th; Sioux Falls:

Arn Anderson kicks off proceedings in the ring, getting straight to business, signing a #1 Contenders Match for the Royal Rumble, pitting the runner up and 2nd runner up from the Elimination Chamber, KURT ANGLE AND THE UNDERTAKER!!! The fans go buck daft for the announcement, getting to see Taker and Angle go at it, but just as the GM is set to leave the ring … EDGE ARRIVES!!!
The Rated ‘R’ Superstar seems to have issues with Double A, and makes them public, demanding to know why he is being frozen out of title opportunities. Anderson, AGAIN, points out the briefcase, and his title shot in waiting. Edge argues, AGAIN, that it is his title shot for when he wants it, and not an excuse for him to be screwed over when it comes to other opportunities. Anderson sort of accepts the argument, and gives Edge a consolation prize … a place in the thirty man Royal Rumble. Edge still doesn’t seem happy about being frozen out of THIS title shot, but accepts the decision, telling Double A he shouldn’t be surprised if he goes to WrestleMania with TWO title shots in one night.

Opening match of the show sees Brent Albright in non title action against Batista. The U.S champion puts up a fight, and cuts as many corners as possible, but it’s The Animal that is victorious, finishing off Albright with the BATISTA BOMB!!! The Animal has his arm raised in the air, having gained a momentous win against the United States Champion. Surely he should be in line for a title shot after tonights performance??

Backstage, M.V.P is interviewed by Josh Matthews. Porter talks about his scintillating debut at Armageddon, but because he is such a great guy, and a friend of the people, he has agreed to a rematch with Regal tonight to let the people see his talent and let the people find out what everyone is raving about.

No surprises, MVP beats William Regal in an Armageddon Rematch. It’s a slightly more dominant win for MVP this time, but by no means a squash. The ‘Play of the Day’ ends proceedings again, and MVP charges on.

Edge talks backstage with AMW, going over their gameplan for taking on their opponents tonight - Matt Hardy, Bobby Lashley & Shannon Moore.

Meanwhile, Kurt Angle complains to Double A about having to earn his title shot, arguing that since he beat the Undertaker at Survivor Series AND Armageddon, then surely he should have a free run to face RVD at the Royal Rumble. Anderson laughs off the argument, telling Angle the match is still on.

In a six man tag match, Matt Hardy, along with his MF’er, who he hasn’t tagged with in years- Shannon Moore, and of course Edge’s recent rival, Bobby Lashley, DEFEAT Mr. Money in the Bank and the new tag team champions, with Matt Hardy pinning James Storm with the Twist of Fate!!! Afterwards, Hardy, Moore and Lashley stand tall in the ring, whilst Edge backs up the ramp, looking ready to blow a gasket.

Royal Rumble Flashback - 2005 - John Cena becomes only the fourth person to win back to back Royal Rumbles, joining Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels and Stone Cold, last eliminating Goldberg - for the second year in a row also.

Backstage, the WWE Champion, RVD is interviewed about his two possible Royal Rumble opponents. Van Dam shrugs it off, laid back as ever, saying he’ll accept the challenge from either Kurt Angle or The Undertaker, because after everything he’s been through as WWE Champion, he fears no challenge … it’s just another task.

Then, in tag team action, Rob Van Dam teams with Kane to take on Chris Jericho & Charlie Haas. In a surprise win, it’s Jericho with the roll up on Kane, hooking the tights, and scoring a quick three count!!! Jericho celebrates like he’s won the lottery, whilst Kane is furious in the ring, with RVD not too pleased either with the cheap loss suffered tonight.

Backstage, The GM congratulates Batista on his triumph tonight, before giving him a double cause for celebration, letting The Animal know he is next in line for Brent Albrights U.S Championship, and ALSO will be part of the 30 Man Royal Rumble next month. Batista looks delighted, and declares that winning the U.S Championship is just the tip of the iceberg … WrestleMania is next on his radar.

Finally, it’s main event time. Kurt Angle and The Undertaker battle it out, with RVD sitting in on commentary, watching his two possible opponents. Both men seem to leave a little, after the phenomenal effort both put in at the PPV taking it’s toll. Angle spends at lot of the match working on the ankle of Taker, keeping the contest at a slow pace, until Angle goes for the dreaded Ankle Lock. Taker fights it off, then on a second attempt makes the ropes. Taker makes a comeback, despite hobbling, and scores a near two count with a Chokeslam. Angle then fires back, ducking a big boot, and NAILS THE ANGLE SLAM!!! The gets a two though, despite finishing Taker at Armageddon. After a belly to belly, from Angle .. TAKER SITS UP!!! Now, no selling his ankle injury, Taker roars back, and after a barrage of offence, DELIVERS THE TOMBSTONE!!! Taker has the arms crossed over, the match surely won … 1...2.…3!!! Taker wins!!! The Undertaker wins the match, but replays show THAT ANGLES FEET WERE UNDER THE ROPES FOR THE ENTIRE COUNT!!! It’s controversy to end Smackdown, as Taker is announced as the #1 Contender to face Rob Van Dam at the Royal Rumble!!!


Current Card for WWE Royal Rumble:
Date: 14th January 2007
Location: Conseco Field House, Indianapolis, Indiana
Event Music: Saliva, Ladies and Gentlemen

30 Man Royal Rumble:
Winner has automatic shot at EITHER brand’s Champion at WrestleMania XXIII:
Entrants in Alphabetical order;
Batista, Brock Lesnar, Chris Jericho, Edge, Umaga

WWE Championship Match:
Rob Van Dam vs. The Undertaker


Heat Results:
Mark Henry defeated a local jobber.
Alexis Laree defeated Victoria
The Cult Society defeated two local jobbers
Ken Doane defeated Elijah Burke


Velocity Results:
The Mad Murdochs defeated The Basham Brothers
Jamie Noble defeated Juvi
Hardcore Holly defeated a local jobber
Paul London defeated Chris Masters


Raw Preview:

The Joe Louis Arena in Detroit will host the final Raw of 2006, ahead of next weeks Christmas in Baghdad show, and it the superstars of Raw will be looking to sign off the year of 2006 in style.

Shawn Michaels and Randy Orton will finally do battle, one on one, in what promises to be a hellacious contest between two fierce rivals. Shawn Michaels will be hoping to exact some revenge for his idol, Ric Flair, whom Randy Orton forced into retirement six weeks ago after the Survivor Series. Orton meanwhile, will be attempting to do to Michaels what he did to Flair, and put another old timer ‘out to pasture’. Which of these two men will get their Christmas wish early in Detroit?? Find out this Monday night.

Two Championship matches have also been signed for this weeks monumental episode of Raw, with Melina defending her womens championship against Raws roving reporter, Maria, whilst Shelton Benjamin will look to fend off the challenge of both Rey Mysterio and the 2006 King of the Ring, Mister Kennedy, defending his Intercontinental Championship against the two former champions. It may be the time of year to be sharing, but neither champion will want to share their championship with their opponents. But will any of the challengers find themselves with a shiny championship belt in their Christmas stocking??

In addition to that, the World Heavyweight Champion, Triple H, is back home after being given a holiday just last week. The Game is not scheduled for action, but will need to be wary of colliding with John Cena, two weeks after retaining the title in questionable fashion against Cena. And will The ten times world champion have the audacity to show up with John Cenas spinner championship belt??

Another man that Triple H might want to avoid is Christian. ‘Captain Charisma’ has found himself on a downward spiral in recent weeks, all stemming from his loss to Triple H in October, losing the World Championship. After exploding last week, will Christian keep his temper in check?? Or will his rage boil over once again??

And, with the 20th Annual Royal Rumble just around the corner, will we find out any further entrants for this years 30 Man Royal Rumble match?? The Race to WrestleMania from the home of the Indy 500 is fast approaching, and the competition for places is sure to hot up.


Raw will be posted on Thursday.

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Re: Being The Booker

Smackdown Review

I like that you have Double A as the GM. Taker vs. Angle seems pretty huge, although the wording in "#1 Contenders Match for the Royal Rumble" kinda makes it sound like the match will be at the Rumble, or is it just me lol. Anyways, Edge coming out is pretty cool and him being Mr. MITB is even cooler. I expect to see him go far in the Rumble match but I cant see Mr. MITB also being Mr. Rumble.

I wasnt too sure who Brent Albright was until I checked Wikipedia lol, anyways, I do know Gunner Scott. On to the match. I guess you have Batista as more of a mid carder (I havent really been following religiously ) which is all good. I could see The Animal getting a future title shot, although I dont really remember if Matt got a rematch at the title or not.

MVP debuting is pretty awesome and I'm glad to see you are pushing him although I'm not to sure about him being face. MVP vs. Regal sounds good for tonight. No surprise that MVP defeated Regal again. The Play Of The Day is a pretty catchy move and considering that I've never heard of it in real life I'm guessing its a brain child of The Wolf? Anyways what is it?

Hardy, Lashley and Shannon vs. Edge and AMW sounds pretty huge for tonight and I'm glad to see that you have AMW in this thread, as well as Moore in a pretty high profile match. Anyways, I'm glad Edge didnt take the pin in the match as I can see that you are trying to keep him stronger since he managed to escape from the faces.

I like RVD's character, not really caring who he faces, just knowing he'll beat them whoever they are. Kinda sucks to see Rob lose but atleast he didnt take the pin and even though he did lose, his team lost to a role up. Personally I'd love to see RVD vs. Angle.

Ah, good to see Batista getting a title match. I cant see Big Dave getting the title on his first try against Gunner but I can see him getting it eventually. I'm assuming that Batista will get his title match next week? It wasnt clarified.

I'm not to crazy about RVD being on commentary, not because I dont love to hear him on the mic but because he would have had to have left and then came back or just sat there after his match. Anyways, Angle working on Taker's ankle is all good and Taker no selling it after the sit up is the norm. Taker picks up the win and him facing Rob at the Rumble does sound pretty good but I can see Angle getting added to the match to make it a triple threat, what with the foot being under the rope.

Anyways, The Rumble looks to be shaping up very nicely and it will no doubt be a steller show. I will be reading more often (or atleast trying to).

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Re: Being The Booker

Smackdown Feedback

Have I mentioned that Double A as GM kind of OWNS… I think I may have meant to so if I didn’t when you posted the profile page… Double A as GM OWNS!!! Wow no wasting time we have got an awesome match already set up for tonight, Angle vs Taker always a good match up tbh. I like how Edge still thinks he is being screwed he is becoming very greedy and I could be wrong but I can see him cashing it in at the Rumble… because if you wait until Mania there is no shock value everybody knows he has to cash it in. So yeah Edge will get eliminated early in the Rumble and then re appear later in the night or he will cash in earlier and then no show in the Rumble match right??? Wait actually I guess he could cash it in at No Way Out but I think Edge would prefer the big stage at the Rumble interband he can chose which champion to go after and what not. My opinion anyway~~~ So yeah after my little rant there not much to really comment on because it was recap but what’s here is good, sets up a major main event

BIG DAVE going over Brent Albright probably the right option if you are going to give him a future title shot which you alluded to at the end there. UMMM glad to see you did not make Albright completely job out I understand that he is the champ and all but some people would just be like Batista, to big, to strong lets make it a squash. I found it kind of weird for Batista to be going for the US Title because of how he is now days IRL and in most people’s BTB’s always WHT hunting… Different is good.

MVP nice cocky, confident interview and then going over Regal and I don’t know what you think of MVP but maybe you can tell by my avatar that I kind of mark for him so… Jesus push please

Edge and AMW scheming nothing really to say.

LOL at Angle trying to get a free skate into Royal Rumble and the fact that you mentioned Angle has already beaten Taker twice I can not see Taker losing again unless you have decided to book him like a bitch

Matt Hardy getting the win in the 6 Man Tag Match and I would have preferred for Edge to get the win really build up the momentum before going to the Rumble and winning the title… Unless of course you want Edge to continue complaining about being screwed… I can just picture him already coming out next week and saying he was screwed in the tag match because he lost without getting pinned LOL

Nice RVD interview and well after this interview I was thinking and Van Dam would put on an excellent match with both Angle and Taker so it doesn’t really matter who wins… Shiiiiittttt… you actually made Jericho and Haas win that was a shock to be honest. Due to RVD being the champ and Kane being such a dominant figure I was expecting an easy win for them. Not like a squash match but comfortable win anyway.

Well if Batista is involved with the US Title I really can not see him winning the Rumble so yeah that is not happening… Or at least I don’t think it is. Could you be swerving us Wofly??? Nah I don’t think so, well not with this situation anyway.

Okay so Taker gets the win all be it by controversy and now I know Angle will complain and be included in the triple threat match leading to a brutal match and then Edge will cash in the case. My theory is coming together slowly I just hope it happens and I don’t look like an idiot LOL. Anyway back on track it was a good entertaining main event.

Overall Wofly another good show this time in recap it was very easy to read, no grammar problems or anything like that. Just excellent nothing really to criticize… I like the fact that its so perfect it gives me more time to comment on story lines rather than errors made in the typing. Good effort

Heat and Velocity results were just normal stuff and I know Ken Doane is a great talent but I don’t like Burke jobbing period

Raw preview looks good to I can really not wait to see what you do with the Shawn Michaels, Randy Orton match. Will be an awesome read of course.

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