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Re: Being The Booker

Wolfy, great RAW/SD recaps. I'm especially looking forward to the HBK/Foley storyline which I think you'll try to culminate at WrestleMania. Lesnar's interfearance looks likely to set something up between him and Cena.

The character profiles must have taken a lot of time so I applaud you and look forward to reading your next show.
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Re: Being The Booker

I'll actually be posting Raw tomorrow. Have plans after work on Friday, so theres a good chance I wont get a chance to post it on Friday. For now, I'm posting the championship history, (tentative) PPV line up and the Raw preview...

World Heavyweight Championship:
(8) Triple H (December 13th 2003 - January 25th 2004)
defeated Goldberg and Kane in a Triple Threat Match (Armageddon, Orlando)
lost to Shawn Michaels in a Last Man Standing Match (Royal Rumble, Philadelphia)

(5) Shawn Michaels (January 25th 2004 - April 11th 2004)
defeated Triple H in a Last Man Standing Match (Royal Rumble, Philadelphia)
lost to Randy Orton in a six man Hell in a Cell Match (Backlash, Phoenix)

(1) Randy Orton (April 11th - August 22nd 2004)
defeated Shawn Michaels in a six man Hell in a Cell match (Backlash, Phoenix)
lost to Chris Jericho (Summerslam, Toronto)

(3) Chris Jericho (August 22nd - November 14th 2004)
defeated Randy Orton (SummerSlam, Toronto)
lost to Orton in a Triple Threat match, also featuring HBK (Survivor Series, Chicago)

(2) Randy Orton (November 14th - March 20th 2005)
defeated Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels (Survivor Series, Chicago)
lost to John Cena (WrestleMania 21, Detroit)

(1) John Cena (March 20th - August 7th)
defeated Randy Orton (WrestleMania 21, Detroit)
Lost to Shawn Michaels (Summer Slam, San Juan)
(6) Shawn Michaels (August 7th - December 4th)
Defeated John Cena
(Summer Slam, San Juan)
Lost to John Cena
(Armageddon, Boston)
(2) John Cena (December 4th - April 30th 2006)
Defeated Shawn Michaels
(Armageddon, Boston)
Lost to Christian in a triple threat match, also featuring Brock Lesnar (Backlash, Seattle WA)

(1) Christian (April 30th - October 23rd)Defeated John Cena in a triple threat match (Backlash, Seattle WA)
Lost to Triple H (Raw, New York City, NY)

(10) Triple H (October 23rd - Present)
Defeated Christian
(Raw, New York City NY)


Intercontinental Championship:

(1) Randy Orton (December 13th 2003 - February 9th 2004)
defeated Rob Van Dam (Armageddon, Orlando)
lost to Chris Jericho (Raw, Green Bay)

(6) Chris Jericho (February 9th - March 14th 2004)
defeated Randy Orton (Raw, Green Bay)
lost to Christian in a 20 Man Battle Royal (WrestleMania XX, New York)

(4) Christian (March 14th - June 14th 2004)
defeated Chris Jericho in a 20 Man Battle Royal (WrestleMania XX, New York)
lost to Matt Hardy (Raw, Albany)

(1) Matt Hardy (June 14th - August 16th 2004)
defeated Christian (Raw, Albany)
lost to Sting (Raw, Detroit)

(1) Sting (August 16th - October 18th 2004)
defeated Matt Hardy (Raw, Detroit)
lost to Matt Morgan (Raw, Kansas)

(1) Matt Morgan (October 18th 2004 - February 7th 2005)
defeated Sting (Raw, Kansas)
lost to Edge (Raw, Boise)

(5) Edge (February 7th - February 28th 2005)
defeated Matt Morgan (Raw, Boise)
lost to Christian via forfeit (Raw, Atlanta)

(5) Christian (February 28th - April 25th 2005)
defeated Edge via forfeit (Raw, Atlanta)
Lost to Rey Mysterio (Raw, New York)

(1) Rey Mysterio (April 25th - December 4th 2005)
Defeated Christian
(Raw, New York)
Lost to Carlito Caribbean Cool (Armageddon, Boston)

(1) Carlito Caribbean Cool (December 4th 2005 - April 30th 2006)
Defeated Rey Mysterio
(Armageddon, Boston)
Lost to Shelton Benjamin (Backlash, Seattle)

(1) Shelton Benjamin (April 30th - June 25th)
Defeated Carlito
(Backlash, Seattle WA)
Lost to Finlay (Unforgiven, Denver)

(1) Finlay (June 25th - September 2nd)
Defeated Shelton Benjamin
(Unforgiven, Denver)
Lost to Mr. Kennedy (Saturday Nights Main Event, Montreal)

(1) Mr. Kennedy (September 2nd - October 15th)
Defeated Finlay
(Saturday Nights Main Event, Montreal)
Lost to Shelton Benjamin (Nemesis, Uncasville)

(2) Shelton Benjamin (October 15th 2006 - Present)
Defeated Mr. Kennedy
(Nemesis, Uncasville)


World Tag Team Championships:

Ric Flair and Batista (December 13th 2003 - February 9th 2004)
defeated Dudley Boyz in a Tag Team Turmoil Match (Armageddon, Orlando)
lost to Dudley Boyz (Raw, Green Bay)

Dudley Boyz
(February 9th - March 22nd 2004)
defeated Ric Flair and Batista (Raw, Green Bay)
lost to Garrison Cade and Mark Jindrak in a TLC Match, which also featured Shawn Michaels & Rob Van Dam, Randy Orton & Batista (Raw, Long Island)

Garrison Cade and Mark Jindrak
(March 22nd - June 20th)
defeated Dudley Boyz et al in a TLC Match (Raw, Long Island)
lost to Natural Born Thrillers (Bad Blood, Washington D.C)

Natural Born Thrillers
(June 20th - July 12th 2004)
defeated Cade and Jindrak (Bad Blood, Washington D.C)
lost to Edge and Christian (Raw, Omaha)

Edge and Christian
(July 12th - October 17th 2004)
defeated Natural Born Thrillers (Raw, Omaha)
lost to Booker T & Goldust in a Cage Match (Nemesis, St. Louis)

Booker T & Goldust
(October 17th - December 12th 2004)
defeated Edge and Christian in a Cage Match (Nemesis, St Louis)
lost to Ric Flair and Batista (Armageddon, Orlando)

Ric Flair and Batista
(December 12th 2004 - April 11th 2005)
defeated Booker T & Goldust (Armageddon, Orlando)
lost to The Worlds Greatest Tag Team (Raw, Sacramento)

The Worlds Greatest Tag Team
(April 11th - June 12th 2005)
defeated Ric Flair and Batista (Raw, Sacramento)
Lost to Garrison Cade & Mark Jindrak (Bad Blood, Philadelphia)

Garrison Cade & Mark Jindrak
(June 12th - December 4th 2005)
Defeated The Worlds Greatest Tag Team
(Bad Blood, Philadelphia)
Lost to The Worlds Greatest Tag Team (Armageddon, Boston)

The Worlds Greatest Tag Team
(December 4th 2005 - April 3rd 2006)
Defeated Garrison Cade & Mark Jindrak in a Ladder Match
(Armageddon, Boston)
Forced to vacate titles, after Charlie Haas was drafted to Smackdown

Titles vacant - April 3rd 2006 - April 30th 2006

Acolyte Fashion Agency (April 30th - June 25th)
Defeated The Brotherhood, United Nations, Booker T & Goldust for vacant titles
(Backlash, Seattle WA)
Lost to MNM (Unforgiven, Denver)

(June 25th - Present)
Defeated A.F.A
(Unforgiven, Denver)


Womens Championship:

(2) Molly Holly (July 28th 2003 - January 26th 2004)
defeated Gail Kim (Raw, Colorado Springs)
lost to Lita (Raw, Rochester)

(2) Lita
(January 26th - June 7th 2004)
defeated Molly Holly (Raw, Rochester)
lost to Trish Stratus (Raw, Chicago)

(5) Trish Stratus
(June 7th - October 18th 2004)
defeated Lita (Raw, Chicago)
lost to Shaniqua (Raw, Kansas)

(1) Shaniqua
(October 18th 2004 - October 17th 2005)
defeated Trish Stratus (Raw, Kansas)
Lost to Trish Stratus (Raw, Toronto)
(6) Trish Stratus (October 17th 2005 - April 30th 2006)
Defeated Shaniqua
(Raw, Toronto)
Lost to Jillian Hall (Backlash, Seattle WA)

(1) Jillian Hall (April 30th - June 12th)
Defeated Trish Stratus
(Backlash, Seattle WA)
Lost to Alexis Laree (Raw, Greenville, SC)

(1) Alexis Laree
(June 12th - September 2nd)
Defeated Jillian Hall (Raw, Greenville, SC)
Lost to Trish Stratus (Saturday Nights Main Event, Montreal)
(7) Trish Stratus (September 2nd 2006)
Defeated Alexis Laree
(Saturday Nights Main Event, Montreal)
Title relinquished

(2) Alexis Laree (October 2nd - October 30th)
Defeated Jillian Hall for the vacant title (Raw Season Premiere, St. Louis, MO)
Lost to Melina (Raw, Adelaide)
(1) Melina (October 30th 2006 - Present)
Defeated Alexis Laree
(Raw, Adelaide)



WWE Championship:
(3) Brock Lesnar (September 18th 2003 - June 10th 2004)
defeated Kurt Angle in a 60 Minute Iron Man Match (Smackdown, Raleigh)
lost to Kurt Angle (Smackdown, St. Louis)

(6) Kurt Angle (June 10th - August 22nd 2004)
defeated Brock Lesnar (Smackdown, St. Louis)
lost to Goldberg (SummerSlam, Toronto)

(2) Goldberg (August 22nd - October 17th 2004)
defeated Kurt Angle (SummerSlam, Toronto)
lost to Triple H (Nemesis, St. Louis)

(9) Triple H (October 17th 2004 - March 20th 2005)
defeated Goldberg (Nemesis, St. Louis)
lost to The Rock (WrestleMania 21, Detroit)

(10) The Rock (March 20th - July 3rd 2005)
defeated Triple H (WrestleMania, Detroit)
Lost to Goldberg (Great American Bash, Washington, D.C)

(3) Goldberg (July 3rd - August 7th 2005)
Defeated The Rock
(Great American Bash, Washington, D.C)
Lost to Kurt Angle in a Triple Threat Match (Summer Slam, San Juan)

(7) Kurt Angle (August 7th - November 6th 2005)
Defeated Goldberg in a Triple Threat Match
(Summer Slam, San Juan)
Lost to Eddie Guerrero in a Fatal Four Way (Survivor Series, Manchester, NH)

(1) Eddie Guerrero (November 6th 2005)
Defeated Angle, Triple H & Lesnar in a Four Way
(Survivor Series, Manchester, NH)

(4) Brock Lesnar (November 17th 2005 - March 26th 2006)
Defeated Kurt Angle & Triple H in a Triple Threat for Vacant Title
(Smackdown, Detroit)
Lost to Chris Benoit (WrestleMania 22, Las Vegas, NV)

(1) Chris Benoit (March 26th 2006 - July 23rd)
Defeated Brock Lesnar
(WrestleMania 22, Las Vegas, NV)
Title Vacated due to injury

(1) Rob Van Dam (August 20th 2006 - Present)
Defeated Chris Jericho for Vacant Title in tournament final
(SummerSlam, Anaheim)


United States Championship:

(1) Big Show (October 19th 2003 - February 15th 2004)
defeated Eddie Guerrero (No Mercy, Baltimore)
lost to Billy Gunn (No Way Out, San Francisco)

(1) Billy Gunn (February 15th - April 1st 2004)
defeated Big Show (No Way Out, San Francisco)
lost to Kanyon (Smackdown, Salt Lake City)

(2) Kanyon (April 1st - July 18th 2004)
defeated Billy Gunn (Smackdown, Salt Lake City)
lost to William Regal (Vengeance, Fresno)

(1) William Regal (July 18th - August 22nd 2004)
defeated Kanyon (Vengeance, Fresno)
lost to Benoit in a 3 Way Match, also featuring E. Guerrero (SummerSlam, Toronto)

(2) Chris Benoit (August 22nd - September 23rd 2004)
defeated Regal and E. Guerrero in a Triple Threat Match (SummerSlam, Toronto)
lost to Kanyon (Smackdown, Dallas)

(3) Kanyon (September 23rd - December 9th 2004)
defeated Chris Benoit (Smackdown, Dallas)
lost to Eddie Guerrero (Smackdown; Night of the Championships, Ft. Lauderdale)

(1) Eddie Guerrero (December 9th 2004 - July 3rd 2005)
defeated Kanyon (Smackdown; Night of the Championships, Ft. Lauderdale)
Lost to John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield in a Triple Threat Match (Great American Bash, Washington, D.C)

(1) John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield (July 3rd 2005 - March 26th 2006)
Defeated Eddie Guerrero in a Triple Threat Match
(Great American Bash, Washington D.C)
Lost to Matt Hardy (WrestleMania 22, Las Vegas, NV)

(1) Matt Hardy (March 26th - May 14th)
Defeated JBL
(WrestleMania 22, Las Vegas, NV)
Lost to Charlie Haas (Judgment Day, Milwuakee)

(1) Charlie Haas (May 14th - July 23rd)
Defeated Matt Hardy
(Judgment Day, Milwaukee)
Lost to Matt Hardy (Great American Bash, Atlanta)

(2) Matt Hardy (July 23rd - October 27th)
Defeated Charlie Haas
(Great American Bash, Atlanta)
Lost to Brent Albright (Smackdown, Detroit MI)

(1) Brent Albright (October 13th - Current)
Defeated Matt Hardy
(Smackdown, Lafayette, LA)


WWE Tag Team Championships:

(1) Basham Brothers (October 23rd 2003 - January 25th 2004)
defeated Los Guerrero's (Smackdown, Albany)
lost to The Worlds Greatest Tag Team (Royal Rumble, Philadelphia)

(3) The Worlds Greatest Tag Team (January 25th - June 10th 2004)
defeated Basham Brothers (Royal Rumble, Philadelphia)
lost to La Resistance (Smackdown, St. Louis)

(2) La Resistance (June 10th - September 2nd 2004)
defeated The Worlds Greatest Team (Smackdown, St. Louis)
lost to Hurricane & Citizen Storm (Smackdown, Tulsa)

(1) Hurricane & Citizen Storm (September 2nd - November 11th 2004)
defeated La Resistance (Smackdown, Tulsa)
lost to Basham Brothers (Smackdown, Cincinnati)

(2) Basham Brothers (November 11th - December 9th 2004)
defeated Hurricane and Citizen Storm (Smackdown, Cincinnati)
lost in a ten team Tag Turmoil match, with Test and Scott Steiner eventually winning the match outright (Smackdown; Night of the Championships, Ft. Lauderdale)

(1) Test & Scott Steiner (December 9th 2004 - January 23rd 2005)
defeated nine teams in a Ten Team Tag Turmoil Match (Smackdown; NOTC, Ft. Lauderdale)
lost to America's Most Wanted in a Fatal Four Way, also featuring La Resistance, and the APA (Royal Rumble, Houston)

(1) America's Most Wanted (January 23rd - March 20th 2005)
defeated Test and Scott Steiner, La Resistance and the APA in a Fatal Four Way match (Royal Rumble, Houston )
lost to The Worlds Greatest Tag Team (WrestleMania 21, Detroit)

(4) The Worlds Greatest Tag Team (March 20th - March 28th)
defeated America's Most Wanted (WrestleMania 21, Detroit)
forced to vacate titles after being drafted to Raw

Titles Vacant (March 28th - May 15th)

(2) Americas Most Wanted (May 15th - October 20th 2005)
Defeated The Dudley Boyz, La Resistance, and Un-Americans in a 4 Way for vacant belts
(Judgement Day, Vancouver)
Lost to Basham Brothers (Smackdown, Vancouver)

(3) Basham Brothers (October 20th 2005 - February 2nd 2006)
Defeated America’s Most Wanted
(Smackdown, Vancouver)
Lost to America’s Most Wanted (Smackdown, Columbus)

(3) Americas Most Wanted (February 2nd - May 14th 2006)
Defeated Basham Brothers
(Smackdown, Columbus)
Lost to The Spirit Squad (Judgment Day, Milwaukee)

(1) The Spirit Squad (May 14th - August 20th)
Defeated Americas Most Wanted
(Judgment Day, Milwaukee)
Lost to Paul London & Brian Kendrick (SummerSlam, Anaheim)

(1) Paul London & Brian Kendrick (August 20th - December 10th)
Defeated Spirit Squad
(SummerSlam, Anaheim)
Lost to Americas Most Wanted (Armageddon, Richmond)

(4) Americas Most Wanted (December 10th 2006 - Current)
Defeated Paul London & Brian Kendrick
(Armageddon, Richmond)


Cruiserweight Championship:

Rey Mysterio (January 6th - April 8th 2004)
defeated Tajiri (Smackdown, Laredo, TX)
lost to Billy Kidman (Smackdown, Hartford, CT)

Billy Kidman (April 8th - May 16th 2004)
defeated Rey Mysterio (Smackdown, Hartford, CT)
lost to Rey Mysterio (Judgment Day, Corpus Christi, TX)

Rey Mysterio (May 16th - July 29th 2004)
defeated Billy Kidman (Judgment Day, Corpus Christi, TX)
lost to Chavo Guerrero (Smackdown, Seattle, WA)

Chavo Guerrero (July 29th - November 14th 2004)
defeated Rey Mysterio (Smackdown, Seattle, WA)
lost to Hurricane (Survivor Series, Chicago, IL)

Hurricane (November 14th - December 9th 2004)
defeated Chavo Guerrero (Survivor Series, Chicago, IL)
lost to Chavo Guerrero (Smackdown; Night of the Champions, Ft. Lauderdale, FL)

Chavo Guerrero
(December 9th 2004 - February 13th 2005)
defeated Hurricane (Smackdown; NOTC, Ft. Lauderdale, FL)
lost to Tajiri (No Way Out, Salt Lake City, UT)

Tajiri (February 13th - March 20th 2005)
defeated Chavo Guerrero (No Way Out, Salt Lake City, UT)
lost to Chavo Guerrero in a Six pack Challenge, which also featured Akio, Paul London, Rey Mysterio & Jamie Noble (Wrestlemania 21, Detroit, MI)

Chavo Guerrero
(March 20th - May 15th 2005)
defeated Tajiri, Jamie Noble, Akio, Rey Mysterio & Paul London in a Six pack Challenge (WrestleMania 21, Detroit, MI)
Lost to Paul London (Judgement Day, Vancouver)

(1) Paul London (May 15th - November 6th 2005)
Defeated Chavo Guerrero
(Judgement Day, Vancouver)
Lost to Jamie Noble via stipulation in an 8 Man Survivor Series Elimination Match (Survivor Series, Manchester NH)

Jamie Noble
(November 6th 2005 - February 11th 2006)
Defeated Paul London via stipulation in an 8 Man Survivor Series Elimination Match
(Survivor Series, Manchester NH)
Lost to Paul London (Saturday Nights Main Event, Anaheim, CA)

(2) Paul London (February 11th - March 16th 2006)
Defeated Jamie Noble
(Saturday Nights Main Event, Anaheim, CA)
Lost to Kid Kash (Smackdown, Detroit, MI)

(1) Kid Kash
(March 16th - June 8th 2006)
Defeated Paul London
(Smackdown, Detroit, MI)
Lost to Juventud Guerrera (Smackdown, Tulsa OK)

Juventud Guerrera
(June 8th - September 17th)
Defeated Kid Kash
(Smackdown, Tulsa OK)
Lost to Super Crazy (Cyber Sunday, Rochester, NY)

Super Crazy
(September 29th 2006 - Present)
Defeated Juventud Guerrera
(Smackdown, Dayton, OH)


PPV Schedule & Saturday Nights Main Event Specials 2007:

Royal Rumble - January 14th - Indianapolis, IN

SuperBrawl - (Saturday) February 3rd - Providence, RI

Saturday Nights Main Event - February 10th - Philadelphia, PA

WrestleMania 24 - March 18th - New Orleans, Louisiana

Backlash - April 22nd - Montreal, Quebec

Judgment Day - May 20th - Miami, FL

Vengeance - June 17th - Oklahoma City, OK

Saturday Nights Main Event 'Clash of the Champions' - June 23rd - Memphis, TN

Great American Bash - July 8th - Philadelphia, PA

SummerSlam - August 19th - TBA

Cyber Sunday - September 16th - Dallas, TX

Nemesis - October 7th - Washington, DC

Saturday Nights Main Event - November 10th - Boston, MA

Survivor Series - November 18th - Los Angeles, CA

Armageddon - December 9th - Albany, NY

Red = Raw, Blue = Smackdown, Black = Joint


Raw Preview:

Seven days after being undeniably screwed out of the World Heavyweight Championship, John Cena is sure to be a man on a path of destruction, seeking retribution after snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, thanks to the timely interference of Brock Lesnar and Finlay. What will Cena have in store for the two hired guns, not to mention the World Champion himself Triple H and the rest of the McMahon Family Empire?? On thing is for sure - it will take a brave or foolish man to get in the way of the self proclaimed 'Champ' as he seeks retribution, and the World Championship, when Raw comes to Norfolk on Monday.

Cena though, may not be the only man chasing a World Championship match this Monday. Over the course of the last two weeks, Brock Lesnar was seen agreeing with Mister McMahon to 'scratch his back', in order to receive a shot at the World Championship. And, after doing as he promised, The Iron Man will surely be looking to cash in his favour as soon as possible.

One man who wont be chasing any World Championships any time soon, is Christian. After losing to John Cena on Raw last month, 'Captain Charisma' has now lost the opportunity to challenge for the World Championship ever again, and in recent weeks, both Mister McMahon & Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff have taken great pleasure in sticking the knife in. Last week, Christian was given the opportunity to win the Intercontinental Championship, but was systematically screwed in the process, as it would be revealed that he was not facing just 'The Black Diamond' Shelton Benjamin, but the entire Brotherhood. Christian was unable to cope with the sheer numbers, and found himself on the losing side again. This week on Raw, Christian has been given another crack at championship gold ... tag team gold. He teams with Tyson Tomko to take on the reigning champions, MNM. Will Christian be able to cope with the increasing reality that his only opportunity at winning championship gold is -not to demean the championships, but below his intentions- tag team and Intercontinental gold??

Two other tag team contests have been announced prior to Raw, with Carlito and Rey Mysterio set to team up against The Iron Man Brock Lesnar and Mister Kennedy, whilst Shawn Michaels and Randy Orton will meet in a match for the first time since their recent rivalry developed as Michaels teams with the hottest commodity in the Raw tag team division, Straight Edge, to take on Orton and his New Wave cohorts, 'The Prodigy' Nick Dinsmore & Garrison 'HB' Cade, with 'The Future' Ken Doane sure to be close behind.

And of course, with just five weeks until the Royal Rumble, from the home of the Indy 500, Indianapolis, the Race to WrestleMania will begin in earnest on Raw. Will any of the thirty men set to compete in the Royal Rumble be announced this week?? Find out, this Monday {/THURSDAY }, ONLY ON RAW!!!


Raw up - Tomorrow.
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Re: Being The Booker

Glad that you are still keeping track of the title changes. There have been a bunch of them. Guess that you posting the PPV Schedule means that you are planning on continuing the thread past WM23, right?

Onto the Raw Preview, which looks really solid. I hope that we actually get Cena and Lesnar in the ring for a promo, as I think that we will obviously have a 'Mania match between these two, which would be something special. Two major tag team matches are signed and both look good, especially looking forward to the six-man between HBK/New Wave and New Wave. Can't wait for the show to be posted~!


PatMan Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2007
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Re: Being The Booker

Can safely say I haven't been this excited for a weekly show in a long, long time, Wolf

I have to say, I agree with Pat in that I think that Cena|Lesnar is being geared towards WrestleMania ('twould be awesome btw), but first I can see them both somehow getting involved in a 3-Way for the title at The Rumble.

Great job on the title changes too.

Can't wait
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Re: Being The Booker

Can safely say I haven't been this excited for a weekly show in a long, long time, Wolf
Don't you get this hypo everytime Mac is about to post a show for you to cream over?


Legend: Oh no you didn't.

Renegade: Yet still, ilu...


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Re: Being The Booker

Reney, stop jobbing in and out of this section just to make cheap remarks. There is ATTITUDE ERA~! stuff in the Meda section just down a little bit. <3

Wolfy, like I told you a few days ago, it's great to see you back, BTB is pretty awesome at the moment with you, Legend and Mac around. Truely awesome stuff.

Show 'em how its done, Grandad.
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Re: Being The Booker

Hey mate just wanted to say i found the profiles and title history really helpful on getting the important parts of what have happened on this BTB down. However there is nothing like full shows to get hooked on a BTB so i personally can not wait.

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Re: Being The Booker

Reney, stop jobbing in and out of this section just to make cheap remarks. There is ATTITUDE ERA~! stuff in the Meda section just down a little bit. <3

Wolfy, like I told you a few days ago, it's great to see you back, BTB is pretty awesome at the moment with you, Legend and Mac around. Truely awesome stuff.

Show 'em how its done, Grandad.
Oh plz, get back to your thread. Or have you given up on that one also? <3.

I admit Aussies no nothing about football.


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Re: Being The Booker

Wolfy everything is looking great so far. I checked out the roster profiles the other day and that was a great idea to get everybody caught up with what happened. That and there was champions in your thread that I couldn't remember even had the titles at one time! But anyways I'm really looking forward to your Raw this week because with the Royal Rumble coming up soon, I know you're going to have a lot of special things planned as we get that much closer to WM.
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Re: Being The Booker

December 11th; Norfolk

Instead of an opening video and pyro, we cut straight to the arena, and…


John Cena storms out onto the stage, looking stony faced, and frustrated, following last weeks screw job.

Jim Ross:
We are looking at the man, who Coach, was quite frankly, ROBBED of the World Heavyweight Championship last week. John Cena, should, by all rights, be walking out here in the Scope with the World Championship around his waist for the third time, but because of the McMahon Family Empire, and all of it’s hangers on, we are instead looking at one pissed off SOB!!!

The Coach: You have to be kidding J.R. As lead broadcaster, you’re supposed to be impartial!! For your sake, I hope Mr. McMahon isn’t listening to what your saying right now, or you’ll not only find yourself fired, but with a court appearance too for defamation of character. And as much as you know I like ya baby boy {/sarcasm}, I’ll have to be a witness for my boss.

Jim Ross: I know what it’s like to be fired Coach. It wouldn’t be the first time. But if I were you, I’d get a new pair of sunglasses, because those ones are quite obviously heavily tinted, and detracting from your eyesight. And anyway, who the hell wears sunglasses indoors??

The Coach: It’s called style old man. Look it up.

Jim Ross: Will do Coach. But for the benefit of those of you at home, there is a wrestling show taking place this evening, and tonight on Raw, we have three big tag team matches already set, as three of the four New Wave members will team up to take on Shawn Michaels and Straight Edge in a six man contest, whilst we’ll see Rey Mysterio and Carlito pair up to take on Brock Lesnar and the callous Mister Kennedy, whilst we also found last week that MNM will defend the World Tag Team Titles this evening against Captain Charisma, Christian and The Problem Solver, Tyson Tomko!!!

The Coach: Three huge matches J.R, just what we’ve come to expect on Raw!!!

Jim Ross: But as for right now, John Cena has the floor…

Cena waits for the music to die down, before he speaks.

John Cena: Last week…

Fans already boo, as Cena nods.

John Cena: Last week, in this very ring … a travesty occurred. Triple H …

Heat for the pure mention of The Game

John Cena: Triple H walked out of here barely able to stand … yet he walked out of here with the World Heavyweight Championship. And why?? Because of four people. The so called ‘Iron Man’ Brock Lesnar, so tough and rugged he sold himself out to the McMahons, and most importantly, Vince, Shane and Stephanie.

Heat for the McMahons.

John Cena: Now, to be honest, I don’t know whether to be embarrassed or ashamed at the fact that I lost to Triple H because of a sixty year old man, his silver spooned son, or his demon child daughter with the fun bags.

Couple of shitty laughs for the cheap dig at Stephanie.

John Cena: Or maybe … just maybe, it’s Triple H who should be ashamed. I mean, personally, I just couldn’t live with myself, I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror, if I knew that deep down … I only became a ten time World Champion, all thanks to my father in law, brother in law, and my dominant other half.

Couple of ‘ooohs’ at the final jibe.

John Cena: Hey, lets face it, it’s obviously Stephanie who wears the trousers in that relationship.

Cena takes a moment and gets serious again.

John Cena: Back to my point. Last week, flat out, I got screwed.

Boos from the fans.

John Cena: But that’s not what I said would happen. Not even close. I made a promise, I made a stonewall guarantee, that come last week when it was all said and done, I would be the WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION AGAINNN!!!

Fans cheer.

John Cena: So Triple H, it’s plain and simple. Why don’t you come out here and shut me up?? Why don’t you prove to the world that John Cena is wrong, and that you CAN beat me, on your own. Just you and me, one on one … TO-NIGHT, right here, in NOR-FOLK!!!

Massive cheer for the cheap pop.

John Cena: For the World … Heavyweight … Championship.

Fans pop.

John Cena: No Vince, no Shane, no Stephanie, no Brock Lesnar, no Finlay … NO ONE. Just you and me. I had you beat last week, and I GUARANTEE this time, I’ll not only HAVE you beat … I WILL beat you. But there’s just one question, isn’t there?? Have you got ... the grapefruits??

Cena smiles, then waits, and waits, pacing around the ring, waiting for a response, when…


Jim Ross: That isn’t the World Heavyweight Champion Coach.

The Coach: Uh-uh it’s the BOSS J.R. The Boss is here.

Jim Ross: It certainly is, but it isn’t who Cena wanted to see.

McMahon wisely stays at the top of the ramp, walking out with a microphone, waiting for the music to die down.

Mr. McMahon: I honestly hate to spoil your evening so early John, really I do. … but your wish of a World Championship rematch tonight … wont be happening.

Sound boos for McMahons announcement, whilst Cena shakes his head in the ring.

Mr. McMahon: You see, after his exhausting, yet thrilling victory last week, I felt that Triple H could benefit from a holiday. Which is why he and my daughter Stephanie set off for a romantic break to Hawaii over the weekend, so he wont be here tonight.

More heat for McMahon. In the ring, Cena s******s, finding the situation absurd.

Mr. McMahon: Come on, be fair. They never had the opportunity to get reacquainted alone, okay. Lets face it, my little princess has had to deal with all sorts of trauma in the last couple of months. She gave birth…

John Cena: … To The Omen…

Few more cheap laughs, whilst McMahons face screws up, before sidestepping the jibe.

Mr. McMahon: Got back together with the love of her life, and as they attempted to re-marry, a bunch of … ingrates ruined the happiest day of her life.

More heat from the fans, but McMahon talks over it.

Mr. McMahon: And by the way, whilst on their romantic break, Triple H and Stephanie WILL be setting another date for their marriage, and this time I guaran-damn-tee you this WILL go ahead.

More heat.

Mr. McMahon: Just because not a single person among you cant find Hawaii on a map, never mind afford to go there, don’t give my family a hard time over it. My son in law has EARNED his break, and by God, my little princess deserves it just as much.

Fans ring up a ‘shes a crack whore’ chant just in time.

Mr. McMahon: SHADDUP!!!

Heat from the fans. Meanwhile, Vince composes himself, and turns his attention back to Cena in the ring.

Mr. McMahon: However, in the mean time, Triple H did ask me to show you something. This past Friday, Triple H was invited to to take a few promotional photographs … and he wanted you to be the first to see them …

A picute of Triple H is shown on the titan tron, no longer using the traditional World Heavyweight Championship belt … but John Cenas custom made spinner belt. The fans boo at the sight of a grinning Triple H hoisting the title above his head, whilst in the ring, Cenas jaw locks, holding back his anger.

Mr. McMahon: Triple H may not be here tonight Cena … but don’t worry.

Cena raises an eyebrow with intrigue, as McMahon continues.

Mr. McMahon: … because I’ve noticed how keen you were to get a piece of the action tonight. … So I went to the liberty of arranging a match for you tonight. Tonight, John Cena, you will go one on one with a man you’ve met quite a few times in recent months … FINLAY!!!

The fans boo the mention of Finlay, but McMahon isn’t done.

Mr. Mc Mahon: But that’s not all John. No, no, no. You’ll meet Finlay alright, IN A STRETCHER MATCH!!!

Vince sneers at Cena, but Cena doesn’t look concerned.

John Cena: Is that all?? Vince, Vince, Vinnie, Vinmeister. You disappoint me, you really do. Just Finlay in a Stretcher match?? Surely it should at least be Finlay, the little bastard, The Brotherhood, Brock Lesnar and the Milky Bar Kid against John Cena in a stretcher match??

Vince raises his eyebrow.

Mr. McMahon: Well, y-

Cena cuts him off.

John Cena: And just a stretcher match?? Man, that’s not exactly what we’ve come to expect from a genius like you. Why not make it a stretcher, which you need to wheel into an ambulance, which you then have to set on fire, and drive it into a river, filled with Great White Sharks for victory.

McMahon shakes his head, getting frustrated with Cenas antics.

John Cena: No?? Not tonight Vince?? How about this one. How about, tonight, after I BEAT Finlay, then … I get Triple H. One on one, no special effects, just me and him, for the World Heavyweight Championship … MY world heavyweight championship!!!

McMahon begins to get more angry, as the fans (some of them), start a ‘CENA’ chant.

Mr. McMahon: You get NO TITLE SHOT!!!

The fans give more heat to that knock back. McMahon looks on sternly, before continuing.

Mr. McMahon: John Cena, after you lost last week, you fell ALL the way to the back of the line. You’re the last in line for a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship. Well … of course, you’re still just in front of Christian.

Heat for the boss.

Mr. McMahon: So, let me reiterate one final time. Let me make myself crystal clear John. No matter what your argument is for losing last week, the bottom line remains, Triple H BEAT John Cena. And that, Cena, means … and once again, I want you to listen to this very carefully. Read my lips … you get NO title match.

The McMahon scowl turns to a sly grin, as the boss’ music hits, as he flips the mic in the air, turning off and walking back, whilst Cena stands in the ring, seething from his knock back, as we fade out to a commercial.


1st Match:
Rey Mysterio & Carlito vs. Brock Lesnar & Mr. Kennedy
Really blistering fast tag team match, which takes little notice of psychology, with tags passed out like candy. There is little to no real heat between anyone, although Kennedy and Mysterio have had a few meetings in the last couple of weeks since the 2006 King of the Ring turned heel. Ultimately, that brief history isn’t a factor in the finish, as they find themselves going at it on the outside, whilst Lesnar obliterates Carlito with a lethal belly to belly, followed up with an F5, and an elementary cover, 1...2...3.
Winners: Brock Lesnar & Mister Kennedy @ 07:15

Lesnar has his hand raised in the ring, with an impressive performance against an established face, whilst on the outside, Kennedy gains a little distance from Mysterio, to allow himself to gloat over his team winning tonight.


Royal Rumble Flashback - 1995 - Shawn Michaels goes coast to coast, entering #1 to win the match, becoming the first - and still - only man to do so.

Backstage, we see Brock Lesnar and Eric Bischoff walk into the direction of each other, stopping as they come close to each others proximity, with Bischoff smiling proudly.

Eric Bischoff: Good to see ya Brock. That was an impressive little number you did on Carlito out there. So good in fact, that I can deliver you some good news. GREAT news.

Brock stops Eric, and butts in.

Brock Lesnar: Well I sure hope it’s the World Title shot Vince McMahon promised me last week for helping Triple H.

Bischoff squirms a little, and shifts his eyes, not looking directly at Brock now.

Eric Bischoff: Actually ... I was just about to tell you that, Brock Lesnar, you, are officially, the first man to be entered into this years Royal Rumble match.

Lesnar lets out a sigh, processing the news, before turning his attention back on Eric, and asks, rather softly…

Brock Lesnar: Whose idea was this??

Eric sort of half tuts, as he speaks.

Eric Bischoff: It was my idea Brock.

Brock throws his head up, looking to the ceiling, crossing his arms, before staring back at Eric again.

Brock Lesnar: And Vince knows about this?? Vince looked me in the eye last week, and promised me the next shot at Triple H.

Eric throws his hands up in innocence.

Eric Bischoff: Look Brock … Vince APPROVED my decision. Not once did he inform me of any notion that you’d challenge Triple H.

Lesnar shakes his head, and shows a pissed off type of smile.

Brock Lesnar: You better not be palming me off Eric. I don’t like being made a fool of. So I’m gonna find Vince, and if I find out that you’re full of crap, I’m gonna come looking for ya, and I’m gonna rip your head off your shoulders.

Lesnar puts his hand on Erics shoulder, and presses down a little, with the feeble GM showing the pain on his face, as Lesnars eyes widen, and a grin develops on his face, before letting go, and storming off.

Back into the arena…

Jim Ross: Brock Lesnar certainly isn’t a happy man at this moment in time. Obviously he bought McMahons baloney to help Triple H, and it now appears he’s just realised the truth.

The Coach: I wouldn’t jump to conclusions J.R. I’m sure there is a reason behind all this. Just stop trying to stir the pot.

Jim Ross: I know what the deal is with Vince McMahon, Coach. I’ve watched that man screw over HUNDREDS of superstars over the years, and nothing tells me he’s gonna change now into his six-

The Coach: WHOA!!! Stop right there!! You cant tell the world Mr. McMahon is in his forties J.R. A mans age is his own piece of privacy.

Jim Ross: I wasn’t gonna say anything about McMahon being in his forties Coach, trust me on that.

**SAMOA** Umaga enters the arena, joined by his handler as always, the charismatic Armando Estrada. This week, Estrada doesn’t bother with the introduction, which upsets a few people.

**CAN YOU DIG IT … SUCKA** Booker T, joined by his protégé, and tag team partner, Elijah Burke, enters the fray, to take on Umaga, meaning this could be a stern test for the rarely tested Samoan Bulldozer, taking on a former world champion.

2nd Match:
Umaga vs. Booker T
Booker does put up a fight, but anybody that’s seen the demise of Booker T in this thread will realise where this is going. Umaga is able to soak up the offence of the former WCW Champion, before re-establishing his dominance, obliterating his veteran opponent, making a big mark in the process with this display, finishing Booker with the Samoan Spike, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Umaga @ 04:12

Umaga wins, yet again, remaining undefeated in singles competition, and still unbeaten, with J.R and Coach conveniently not mentioning a couple of DQ losses recently. Estrada looks delighted, with Umaga making his biggest mark yet on Raw, defeating a former 5 time WCW Champion.

Backstage, we see Christian and Tyson Tomko chatting, possibly talking over strategy for the tag title match a little later on, with J.R and Coach talking over them, as we move to the commercial break.


We return to Raw with the second generation superstar, DH Smith, stood in the ring, smiling to the fans, clenching his fist, looking for their support, as he waits for his opponent…


The entire Brotherhood entourage enters the stage, with the Intercontinental Champion, Shelton Benjamin leading the way, talking to his manager, Theodore Long, with the four other members, Jazz, Rodney Mack, Orlando Jordan and Mark Henry following behind. As the six piece group circle around the ring, Long picks up a mic, and walks up the steps, looking at Smith with disdain.

Theodore Long: HOLLA HOLLA HOLLA!!!

Heat for Long.

Theodore Long: Now, white boy, I’m gonna warn ya. I heard you been making some big strides on WWE Heat, but playa, you makin trouble for yourself takin on my boy, my diamond in the rough, Shelton Benjamin, belie dat.

More boos for Long, as we see Benjamin smile and nod.

Theodore Long: However, sayin as the festive season be approachin, The Brotherhood are handing out gifts of their own. And our gift to you playa, is a free pass … right on out of the ring, and we’ll say nothin more bout it.

Long looks at DH Smith, waiting for his decision, but instead of getting any words … SMITH DROPKICKS LONG!!! Long falls out of the ring, with the jobbers of the group tending to the leader, whilst Benjamin jumps on DH, starting the match.

Shelton Benjamin vs. DH Smith
The match looks set to be a squash, with Benjamin unloading most of his offence in the opening minutes, but just as it looks like he’s set to finish the rookie off, DH starts to fight back. Shelton begins to look a little anxious, as the youngster starts to cause him all sorts of problems, coming close to a three count after a generic cross body off the top rope. Smith goes for broke, and looks to hit the Running Powerslam, but luckily for Benjamin, he slips out, and connects with a Frost Kick, which eventually leads to a near fall, but also the ultimate demise of the spirited rookie, with Shelton finishing the job with the T-Bone Exploder.
Winner: Shelton Benjamin @ 05:22

The Intercontinental Champions gets a victory, despite a spirited display from the rookie superstar. Benjamin has his arm raised in the air, confirming his win, but the Brotherhood aren’t finished with DH Smith yet… as Mark Henry SPLASHES on the floored Smith, as per instructions from Theodore Long. Mack and OJ put the boots to the second generation superstar, whilst Benjamin takes a back seat having done his work for the evening. Meanwhile, Theodore has a mic in hand again, getting in Smiths face as he talks, with Mack and OJ holding Smith up…

Theodore Long: HOW DARE YOU WHITE BOY!!! You put yo hands on THIS suit, which I paid for MASELF!!! My hard earned dollars bought this finery, and you messed it up playa, belie dat.

Mack and OJ throw a few slaps to the face of the rookie, whilst Long fixes himself up.

Theodore Long: Now, before you lost to Shelton, I gave you the opportunitay to back out. Now playa, not only did you not accept my invitation, you kicked me out of the ring like a damn Dawg!!! That don’t fly wit me playa.

Long gets in close to Smith, making sure he can hear him perfectly.

Theodore Long: So instead of seasons greetings?? You’ll get seasons beatings, courtesy of the Brotherhood. Ya dig??

Long nods at Mack and OJ, as they instantly crash a knee each into the head of the rookie. They then pull him back up, and pass him off onto Mark Henry, allowing the Worlds Strongest Man to show off his prowess, scooping Smith up, and driving him to the canvas with the Worlds Strongest Slam, as **SOMEBODIES GONNA GET IT** chimes into the speaker system, with The Brotherhood standing tall in the ring, all smiles, making a mark tonight on the defenceless DH Smith.

We cut backstage, and see the Womens Champion, Melina leading MNM down the hallway, ahead of the tag team title match, coming up NEXT~!


We return at ringside with J.R and Coach…

Jim Ross: Well ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Raw. Still to come tonight, is of course, as announced at the top of the show, John Cena to take on Finlay in a Stretcher Match.

The Coach: What a treat J.R. What a treat for these fans, a stretcher match TONIGHT, courtesy of the boss.

Jim Ross: And speaking of ‘the boss’, the lines do appear to be blurred as to where the influence of McMahon ends, and that of the General Manager Eric Bischoff begins.

The Coach: It’s a working harmony J.R. I wish we had it, but with you on board…

Jim Ross: I don’t think Brock Lesnar would call it harmony. He gets told by one man he’s in line for a title shot, then the other tells him he’s in the Royal Rumble?? What’s going on there??

The Coach: Well, we’re gonna find out, that’s for sure. Brock Lesnar is hunting down the Chairman of the board AS WE SPEAK.

Jim Ross: One thing though, that would appear to be crystal clear Coach, is the situation ‘Captain Charisma’ has found himself in recently. Since losing to John Cena last month, he has been forced to take a back seat, with no chance of a world title shot for as long as he is on Raw.

The Coach: Y’know, my take on things J.R … is that he got what he deserved. Christian knew what he was getting into-

Jim Ross: No he didn’t!!! And you know what Coach, instead of the fans at home having to listen to your haphazard views and thoughts of the matter, we actually have a little video standing by, explaining the plight of Christian, here on Raw in recent weeks…


Indeed, we are shown said video package, starting off with Christian on top of the world as champion, before losing the title to Triple H after a McMahon family reunion. He then was a survivor along with John Cena in a Survivor Series elimination match, which saw the sole survivor pick up a title shot. However, there would be a twist in the tale, as Cena and Christian would later find out that they would face each other for just one title shot, whilst the loser would have no future world title shots. Triple H would ensure Christian lost the match, meaning he’d never get another shot at the title he craves. In the following weeks, Vince McMahon would let it be known to Christian he still had a future on Raw and could be a champion … Intercontinental Champion. Christian didn’t win the title, and his frustrations seem to grow, with this match now on Raw, for the tag team titles…



MNM enters, lavish as ever, with Womens Champion, Melina leading the way of the tag team champions, as we cut to a commercial during their entrance.


We return at the top of the second hour, with MNM still waiting in the ring, possibly with Melina having cut a promo to kill time during the commercial, as…


The Scope comes to it’s feet, as the former World Heavyweight Champion enters the arena, accompanied by his Problem Solver, Tyson Tomko. He pats his chest, and salutes the fans, but doesn’t look ‘himself’, as his career looks to be stalling before our very eyes.

He and Tomko make their way to the ring, and limber up, as MNM stay across the ring, awaiting the match to begin.

MNM w/ Melina vs. Christian & Tyson Tomko
Slow opening with holds and counter holds, as Christian out wrestles both Mercury and Nitro, before allowing Tomko to get rough with the champs, as MNM flee for survival. Melina gathers her two troops, trying to get them to calm down, as we go to another commercial break.

After the commercial break, we return with Nitro and Christian now the legal men, Christian on top, beating down Nitro in the corner. He scores a couple of near falls, before bringing Tomko back in, who fucks up the rhythm, and allows MNM to take over, as they chop the big tree down, and keep him there with leg work to the big man, causing Christian to get frustrated on the outside.

MNM begin to prove why they are the long reigning champions, keeping Christian at bay, frustrating the former champion, with Captain Charisma having to run in to break a couple of counts, which in turn allows MNM to illegally double team, with the ref distracted trying to keep Christian out of the ring. It all seems to be going the way of the champions, with it appearing to be merely a matter of time before they finish off the Problem Solver. But, in a huge shocker, Tomko eventually makes a big comeback, and gets a big pop by BOOTING Melina!!! He makes the tag to Christian, and Captain Charisma goes buck wild.

Christian displays a vast array of back body drops, front slams, arm drags and dropkicks to Nitro and Mercury, picking up the fans momentum, and scores a really close near fall with a reverse DDT to Nitro, but Mercury breaks the count just in time to save the titles. Tomko gets involved himself again, and takes Mercury to the outside, leaving the two legal men in the ring. Christian continues to dominate Nitro following the DDT, and hit’s the Frog Splash for what surely will end the mat … AND HE CONNECTS!!!!! Christian has it won … 1...2... MELINA PULLS THE REFEREE OUT OF THE RING!!!!!

Melina saves the titles, somehow recovering enough from the boot earlier to pull a man out of the ring. Christian sees it, and LOSES it. Christian gets out of the ring, and picks up a steel chair, charging into the ring, AND NAILS NITRO with the chair, creating an immediate DQ from the referee on the outside.
Winners: Via DQ - MNM @ 13:24

Christian gets himself disqualified?? It appears that the former world champion has snapped, as the stress of having no way back into the world title hunt looks to have finally taken it’s toll!!! Captain Charisma then slays Mercury with the chair, but spares Melina, who makes a getaway up the ramp, saving herself, whilst MNM lay in the ring, down and out, despite actually winning the match.

Christian slams the chair down in the ring, as Tomko tries to calm down his friend, but Christian just shakes his head, slowly calming down, whilst we go to another commercial.



We return to Raw with Mr. McMahon backstage, stood talking with Finlay, in mid conversation.

Mr. McMahon: Whatever you need Finlay, I can provide it. You want back up later, I’ll make it happen, you want anything left hidden for you, I’ll take care of it. I just want you to make sure the job is done, and John Cena doesn’t leave here on anything other than a stretcher.

Finlay nods, and then has his attention taken by something in the background, as his eyebrows shift, and he half whispers to Vince.

Finlay: Brock Lesnar…

McMahon takes a moment to think and nods.

Mr. McMahon: Brock Lesnar?? Great idea. I’ll have someone tell him. Anyone else??

Finlay shakes his head, and half whispers again.

Finlay: No, that’s not what I meant Vince … he’s behind ye.

Vince rolls his eyes, closing them for a second, before opening, showing a little strain on his face, before turning around to Brock, smiling at the beast.

Mr. McMahon: Ahh, Brock Lesnar. How nice to see you.

Lesnar stares blankly at the boss, with his arms folded.

Brock Lesnar: Did you lie to me Vince??

Vince shrugs and lets out a nervous little laugh, but Brock interjects.

Brock Lesnar: DID YOU LIE TO ME!!!???

Vince looks taken aback, and gulps, before thinking, and responding.

Mr. McMahon: Look Brock, you might’ve mis-understood me. You see, when I said I’d help give you a World Championship match with Triple H for your services, I didn’t mean right away. I didn’t mean this week.

Brock Lesnar talks over Vince again.

Brock Lesnar: Well you sure as hell didn’t mean next week either Vince, did ya?? Hell, you didn’t even mean the next God damn month, did you??

McMahon attempts to speak, but Lesnar continues.

Brock Lesnar: Because, I was told earlier by Eric Bischoff that I’m in the Royal Rumble next month.

Vince backs up a little, putting a hand up in defence, seemingly uncomfortable with the grilling.

Mr. McMahon: Well, y’know, the Royal Rumble is big Brock. It’s a huge opportunity to go to WrestleMania. Imagine headlining WrestleMania against Triple H, huh?? Think about that?? Isn’t that better than just a title match in Norfolk??

Some boos are heard in the distant background from the fans, but Lesnar isn’t buying it…

Brock Lesnar: Vince, I don’t give a crap when my title shot is. If it was tonight, I’d be walking into WrestleMania as World Champion again. If it’s next week, I’d be walking into WrestleMania as World Champion again. No matter when it is Vince, I’d win the World Title, and I’d be going to WrestleMania as champion. It’s as simple as that.

McMahon stays quiet, unable to think of anything to palm Lesnar off with.

Mr. McMahon: Brock. You’ve got to understand, that right now, my main goal is to keep Triple H as champion here on Raw. You will get your shot … just not right now. Be patient with me Brock. Take your spot in the Royal Rumble, and who knows, you might not even need my help for a title shot.

Lesnar anxiously rubs his chin, but isn’t thinking, instead, he looks to be trying to hold himself back from losing it.

Brock Lesnar: I don’t give a crap about keeping Triple H on top. I don’t give a crap about Triple H, period. Making sure Triple H stays champion isn’t my concern. Let me make myself clear Vince. The only reason, THE ONLY REASON, I saved Triple H last week, was to give myself a short cut to the title.

Lesnar backs off a little, before finishing his statement.

Brock Lesnar: Don’t treat me as a fool Vince. I’ve saved your ass too many times to get used by you. I expect a little gratitude in return … and more importantly, a little honesty.

Lesnar stares a hole through Vince, then storms off, brushing past the on looking Finlay, as he walks off.

Vince composes himself, as a random backstage worker approaches him. Vince uses this as a chance to make himself feel good again after being made to look a pussy by Brock…

Mr. McMahon: What the hell do you want!!!???

The worker looks taken aback, before sheepishly talking…

Random Worker: Sorry sir, somebody just sent me to tell you that Christian is looking all over the place for you. And he’s not looking too happy.

McMahon goes quiet, and begins to think.

Mr. McMahon: Okay. You, get the hell out of my sight, before I fire ya. Finlay, you make sure you break Cena in half. I’ve got … a … business meeting to attend. I forgot all about it, it’s slipped my mind. I’ve gotta run. But you take care of Cena, right??

Finlay: Don’t worry about it Vince, I’ve got Cena. But, isn’t it a bit late for a business meeting??

Mr. McMahon: Uh?? Yeah … but, these people … are from … outta town.

McMahon nods, and shuffles off, looking for the exits.

Back into the arena…


Shawn Michaels music hits to a tremendous reaction, as the fans come to their feet for the Showstopper.

Jim Ross: We are looking at the living legend, Shawn Michaels, making his way to the ring for some six man tag action, and folks … it’s next!!!


We return to Raw, with Shawn Michaels stood in the ring with CM Punk and Gregory Helms, the tag team known as Straight Edge, as they await their opponents…


The New Wave, led by Randy Orton, including Garrison Cade and Nick Dinsmore, make their way to the ring to the groups theme music, accompanied by Ken Doane, for this six man tag match, against the three men they have found themselves feuding with in recent weeks.

5th Match:
Shawn Michaels & Straight Edge vs. The New Wave w/ Ken Doane
Helms and Cade start things up, with a bit of a stalemate, before Punk and Dinsmore come in, resulting in aother stalemate, leading to the introduction of the two big stars of the match, HBK and Orton. Michaels and Orton tear it up early on, going right at, letting their frustrations out on each other, even brawling to the outside, where the others get involved, and the referee tries to regain control, as Doane gets involved too, bringing on a 4 on 3 advantage for the heel group, resulting in Orton taking over on HBK as the match finds itself back in the ring. Michaels doesn’t take a beating for long, and turns the tide on Orton, as the faces take over, with Punk and Helms also getting involved, taking Orton apart, with the Career Killer struggling into the commercial break.

We return with the New Wave in the ascendancy, after an intervention from Doane during the break turning things back in the groups favour, as they single out CM Punk in the ring. Punk plays the face in peril role to a tee, and the New Wave play the sneaky heel role to perfection too, as the fans discontent grows with each passing moment. Punk survives the onslaught, and even stages a mini fight back, but as he goes for a hot tag to Helms, Ken Doane pulls Helms off the apron, whilst Orton attacks Punk, making sure the tag doesn’t happen. HBK makes sure Punk survives, after a Razors Edge from Cade, and things break down from that moment!!!!!

The New Wave attacks Michaels for breaking the count, whilst Helms gets involved, coming to the aide of his partners, as the referee loses control of the situation, with all six men brawling, whilst Doane watches intently on the outside. Dinsmore tries to send HBK out of the ring, but Michaels skins the cat, and in the process wraps his legs around the head of Dinsmore - TOSSING HIM OUT OF THE RING - AND ONTO DOANE!!!!! HBK fires up now, and runs through Cade with a hat trick of clotheslines, but as he shapes up for Sweet Chin Music - ORTON POUNCES WITH AN RKO!!!! Despite that, Helms dropkicks Orton, and both men crash out of the ring, leaving Cade and Punk. The two legal men go for each other, but Punk ducks under, and catches Cade with a jumping kick, before applying the ANACONDA VICE!!!!! Punk applies the hold on Cade, but just before he can tap out, Dinsmore breaks the hold, stomping on Punk. Helms then leaps at Nick, but Dinsmore side steps him, and Helms hit’s the referee instead!!!!

Nick then hoists Gregory up, and goes for a back body drop, but as he turns Gregory over, HE CLATTERS HIM INTO CADE KNOCKING THEM BOTH DOWN!!!! Nick yells out, furious with his mistake, but that allows Punk to take him on, and Punk gets the better of Dinsmore, eventually hitting the PUNK CARD!!! Punk looks to get the referee back to his feet … BUT RANDY ORTON SLIDES INTO THE RING!!! ORTON SPINS PUNK AROUND … RKO!!!! Orton, out of nowhere takes out Punk!!! Randy licks his lips and smiles over the body of Punk, before giving the referee a slap, waking him up again. He then exit’s the ring, and stands on the apron, WHEN HE GETS CAUGHT WITH SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!!!! Michaels comes out of nowhere, and sends Orton flying off the apron to the mat below, with the fans going buck wild. THEN CADE COMES AT MICHAELS - BUT HE EATS SWEET CHIN MUSIC TOO!!!!! Michaels grins now, as he makes sure no one can get involved to stop the count, along with a returning Helms to his feet, as Punk comes to, and hooks the leg, as the referee finally wakens too, 1...2...3!!!
Winners: Straight Edge & Shawn Michaels @ 12:09

The New Wave are beaten!!! Michaels makes the difference with a stunning comeback, turning the tables, whilst Orton is helped to his feet on the floor by Doane, as Dinsmore tries to gather his senses, rolling out of the ring, pulling Cade with him, as Punk is helped up by the legend HBK, and his partner, Gregory Helms. Straight Edge get a massive rub, getting to stand side by side with HBK, as the three men celebrate a terrific win on Raw.

Meanwhile, the New Wave gather themselves on the outside, with Orton glaring a hole through Michaels, declaring he hasn’t saw the last of him.


We return with highlights from the six man tag match moments ago, before rejoining J.R and Coach at ringside.

Jim Ross: Still to come tonight, our Stretcher Match main event, featuring the man that SHOULD be the World Champion, John Cena, and the fighting Irishman Finlay, but during the commercial break, we found out that NEXT WEEK, on Raw - the final Raw of 2006, Shawn Michaels will be in one on one competition, against none other than the leader of the New Wave, the Career Killer, Randy Orton.

The Coach: Now that J.R IS ratings. But what else do you expect from our General Manager. The Bisch cant be topped J.R, and you know it.

Jim Ross: Coach, I’ll give him credit where it’s due, and on this occasion … it is due. Michaels and Orton next week in Detroit on Raw will be hellacious.

We suddenly go backstage, and see the beaming face of Armando Alejandro Estrada, to a heat filled fan reaction…

Armando Alejandro Estrada: Ahh … tudos … excussemay … I bring how ju say … MESSAGE … haha.

Estrada continues to smile, and nods, before starting again.

Armando Estrada: Joo already know myyy name … but I want everybody to listen … HA HA … to me.


Armando Estrada: Because … I have some very important … ehhh … information to tell joo.

Estrada nods and rubs his chin, before speaking again.

Armando Estrada: I have jost this very moment come from Meester Bischoffs office with somme … commes et say … TERRIFIC news.

Estrada grins, and nods.

Armando Estrada: And that news ladies and the gentlemen … is that on January fourteenth 2007 … THE - SAAAAAMOAN BULLDOZERRRR … WILL be partaking in the THIRTY MAN Royal Rumble.

‘Whoa’ from some fans, whilst Estrada continues to beam with a huge grin.

Armando Estrada: Joo probably wont agree with me about the good news … and … haha, I would agree. Because this isn’t good news … not for the other twenty nine … VICTIMS ha.

Estrada turns his head, and the camera pans out, to UMAGA, who bizarrely stayed quiet for a few moments, before the camera went to him, when he suddenly goes nuts, screaming random crap, and punches walls etc.

Armando Estrada: Joo are looking at an UNSTOPPABLE … UNBEATABLE … UNDEFEATED … I SAID UNDEFEATED … Three Huundred and FIFTY pound SAAAAA-MOAN BULLDOZER … and the WINNER of the 2007 Royal Rumble … OOOOOO-MAGAAAAAA!!!

Umaga continues to do buck daft, grabbing the camera, and smashing it to the ground, stamping on it, as we see a fully black screen, as Estrada is heard trying to calm the monster down, before going back to ringside…

Jim Ross: It’s been one heck of a ride in Norfolk tonight folks, it’s not even Christmas, yet we are already storming towards Indianapolis for January 14th, with two names … two literally MASSIVE names already announced to compete in the 30 Man Royal Rumble Match. The former four time WWE Champion, Brock Lesnar and the as yet undefeated Umaga!!!

The Coach: And could you imagine if those two came to blows in that Rumble, J.R?? It’d be Goliath taking on Goliath!!!

Jim Ross: That’d be a collision of epic proportions Coach. But the Rumble is still five weeks away, and there is still a heck of a long way to go, including tonight!!!! Cena vs. Finlay in a stretcher match is coming up shortly, but right now, Todd Grisham is standing by I believe with Shawn Michaels, and Straight Edge!!!

We go backstage…

Todd Grisham: That is correct J.R, my guests at this time are Shawn Michaels and Straight Edge!!! Gentlemen, congratulations on your victory tonight, but Shawn, I wanted to ask you about your match NEXT WEEK with Randy Orton??

Shawn Michaels: Well first of all Todd, lets give it up, for my money, the NEXT World Tag Team Champions on Raw, my partners tonight, Gregory Helms and CM Punk.

Michaels shares a handshake / hug with both men, who nod in approval of Michaels.

Shawn Michaels: As for next week, Randy Orton?? You’ve really got under my skin lately. The way you treated the greatest wrestler to ever lace up a pair of boots, my good friend Ric Flair, sickened me to my stomach.
But hey, you took my mind off the fact that Mick Foley screwed me over at the Survivor Series, so on one hand, I gotta say thanks daddio. Yet, on the other hand, I don’t wanna thank ya … I wanna kick you so hard in the mouth, that I break every single last tooth. And Randy, believe me when I say this … I aint the only one … Good ’ol HBK aint the only cat on Raw that’s taken umbridge with your lack of respect.
There’s one thing calling yourself a legend killer … there’s another to call yourself a career killer … but you step over the boundary when you break down the greatest of all time - I don’t mean you Hulk Hogan -, and force him to retire. Randy Orton, I think I speak for every single WRESTLING fan, when I say this, next week on Raw … it’ll be time for you to go to school … WOOO!!!

HBK stares into the camera, looking fired up, as we head back out…


The fighting Irishman makes his way out to a heat filled response from the fans, ahead of this main event.

Jim Ross: Here comes the brawler from Belfast. The fighting Irishman Finlay, takes on John Cena in a stretcher match in our main event. And it’s next.


John Cena vs. Finlay
The two meet on the ramp way, getting right into it, brawling punch for punch, trading equal blows back and forth. Cena takes over early with a hip toss on the steel, as he takes the fight to the ring. The two men go back and forth in the ring, just letting the fans settle momentarily before the storm. And the match explodes into action after a few minutes of going through the motions, with Finlay back body dropping Cena over the top, and onto the floor below, turning the match in the Irishmans favour. Finlay takes it to Cena, using the stretcher as a weapon, being creative, by tipping the stretcher onto Cena on the ground, and rams it into Cena, ramming him into the apron. He gets Cena on the stretcher, and flips it over, sending Cena awkwardly into the ring ropes from the outside too!!! Finlay also takes advantage of other implements around the ringside area, using the television cables, and the steel steps.

Finlay gets Cena incapacitated enough to try and wheel him up the ramp, but Cena is able to roll off, saving himself. Finlay stomps him down, but Cena fires up, and makes the fans wince, with a Throwback on the steel ramp!!! Cena tries to wheel Finlay over the finish line, but Finlay stops at the last possible second, rolling off, saving the match again. The two fight back to ringside, with Cena in control, when suddenly, the LITTLE BASTARD MAKES AN APPEARANCE!!!

The leprechaun comes from under the apron, and hooks the leg of Cena, distracting him enough for Finlay to grab the shillelagh AND CRACK CENA WITH IT!!! That would appear to be the final nail in the coffin for Cena, as Finlay drags him up the ramp, loading Cena back on the stretcher, but Cena is able to have the wherewithal to just roll straight off. Finlay calls the Little Bastard, and the leprechaun comes running, as Finlay loads Cena on the stretcher, and the Little Bastard tries to help STRAP HIM IN!!! Cena fights free again, and gets up, catching the running leprechaun, AND LAWNDARTS HIM AT FINLAY!!!

The Little Bastard knocks Finlay over, and tumbles down the ramp, as Finlay staggers back to his feet, but as he does, gets only as far as the clutches of Cena, who scoops him up, AND DELIVERS AN FU ON THE STRETCHER!!!!! The stretcher folds under the pressure, but Cena tries to shrug it off, having to bend down further to wheel the object, WHEELING IT OVER THE LINE!!!!!
Winner: John Cena @ 13:59

Cena is victorious!!!! The Doctor of Thuganomics wheels Finlay right through the curtain, making sure the Irishman disappears from view, before returning himself, and jogs to the ring, allowing himself the dignity of celebrating a hard fought victory tonight in Norfolk.

Despite a rather average contest, the fans are still hot, as Cena climbs the ropes, signalling to the fans that the World Championship is still his main objective, as he makes a title belt motion around his waist, with the show going off the air…



Current Card for WWE Royal Rumble:
Date: 14th January 2007
Location: Conseco Field House, Indianapolis, Indiana
Event Music: Saliva, Ladies and Gentlemen

30 Man Royal Rumble:
Winner has automatic shot at EITHER brand’s Champion at WrestleMania XXIII:
Entrants in Alphabetical order;
Brock Lesnar, Umaga.

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