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Re: Being The Booker

WWE Survivor Series:
12th November 2006
Location: Compaq Centre, Houston TX
Event Music: Day of Fire, Run

Opening video, focusing on everything that’s on the line tonight; power, gold, opportunity, pride, revenge.


J.R & Coach open proceedings, throwing it over to Michael Cole & Tazz, for the opening match, and it’s a humdinger to kick off the 20th Survivor Series…

5 on 5 Survivor Series Elimination Match:
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield --- The Undertaker
Kurt Angle --- Kane
Jamie Noble --- The Rock
Basham Brothers --- Paul London & Brian Kendrick

JBL is eliminated almost instantly, eating a double choke slam from Undertaker & Kane, before suffering the Peoples Elbow, for a sudden three count, putting the leader out of the equation **it would later be revealed on the internet that JBL had actually suffered a back injury, and would require surgery, putting him out of action for 4 - 6 months**


The Rock would have his revenge on JBL, and got in more offence giving the fans their monies worth for paying to see him, before suffering an elimination himself, at the hands of Kurt Angle, not able to kick out of an Angle Slam, evening the scores.


After a couple more minutes, things would break down again, and this would lead to a quick number of eliminations, the first being Doug Basham by Paul London, thanks to a 450 Splash!!!


Kendrick would soon follow, as he got caught in a cradle by Jamie Noble, with Noble wrapping his feet around the bottom rope to make sure Kendrick couldn’t break the count.


Then, a mix up between Noble and Danny Basham resulted in Noble getting booted to the outside by the Undertaker, before Danny suffered a Last Ride, leading to his exit


Things would then settle down for a short period, as Angle and Noble faced up to the daunting challenge of taking on not only the Brothers of Destruction, but the brilliant Paul London too. Angle and Noble focused on London, keeping him away from Taker and Kane, and just as it looked like London had done enough to beat off Noble, and tag in either partner, Angle stopped that, pulling BOTH Taker and Kane off the apron, and even was willing to deal with the consequences, as Noble would score another elimination, drilling London with the Tiger Bomb, and evened the teams at two vs. two.


However, the fool proof plan didn’t appear to work out, as Taker and Kane, having beaten down Angle on the outside, were left with Noble on his own, and suffice to say, Noble didn’t stand a chance against The Brothers of Destruction. After toying with Noble, Taker finished Noble off with a Tombstone, leaving Angle all alone to tackle the most dominant pair in WWE history.


Angle re-enters the ring, and gives it his all, taking on both Taker and Kane separately, but the BOD appear to have too much for the Gold Medallist, with Angle seemingly on the way out, when suddenly, he goes behind on the legal man, Kane, running him into the ropes, knocking Taker off the apron, and rolls through, pinning the Big Red Machine, 1...2...3!!!


Now, it’s down to two. Somehow, Kurt Angle has forced this to a one on one contest, despite losing JBL at the very beginning, and never having the upper hand at any point of the match. Having almost single handedly driven Team Cabinet to this point, Angle looks hungrier than ever, daring Taker into the ring, and the two men - opening up the 20th Annual Survivor Series … an event both men debuted on in 1990 and 1999 respectively, it’s almost poetic this match comes down to these two phenoms. The two men put on a heck of a closing moment for the match, with near falls from a Chokeslam for Taker, and a hat trick of Germans for Angle. Angle counters the Old School into an Angle Slam off the ropes, with Taker needing the ropes to save himself in an awesome exchange, before Taker looks to have it won, going for the tombstone, but Kurt slides off the back AND GRABS THE ANKLE!!! ANKLE LOCK!!! Kurt has the submission locked in, dragging Taker from the ropes, AND APPLIES THE GRAPEVINE … TAKER HAS NOWHERE TO GO … it seems like an eternity with Taker hanging on … BUT EVENTUALLY … THE UNDERTAKER TAPS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Undertaker taps out!!!!!!!!!

Winners : Team Cabinet @ 30:17

History is made at the 20th Annual Survivor Series!!! The Undertaker HAS TAPPED OUT!!! Kurt Angle makes a remarkable turnaround, after a God awful 2006, littered with embarrassing defeats, to make history, not only surviving this match, but making THE PHENOM TAP OUT!!! Angle is overjoyed, and even gets cheers for his efforts this evening, showing the world he still has it, and arguably is better than ever!!! Cole & Tazz are in shock, calling this the greatest performance in Angles career, leading a team of less than stellar superstars to victory over the allstars, and of course, the shocking submission of The Undertaker. Still in shock, Cole and Tazz continue to ramble, as we fade out.

Fanatix Series Commercial - This Month - Saturday Nights Main Events Greatest Hits.

Backstage, we see superstars from both rosters discussing the shocking submission of The Undertaker moments ago, as Kurt Angle arrives back, and shrugs off congratulations from some of them, before stopping for an interview with Josh Matthews. Angle explains he knew he could make Taker tap, and tonight, he’s proved to all the doubters that he’s not finished … he’s better than ever … and that’s a scary thing for anybody that faces him anytime soon.

Elsewhere, we see Randy Orton leading the New Wave through the hallway, ahead of the next match.

Orton - Flair V.P

4 on 4 Survivor Series Elimination Match:
Randy Orton --- Ric Flair
Ken Doane --- Carlito
Garrison Cade --- CM Punk
Nick Dinsmore --- Gregory Helms

The New Wave attack the faces as they make their entrance, all with Flair, laying out Straight Edge with chairs, and Orton puts Flair down on the ramp with an RKO, whilst Cade flattens CCC with a Razors Edge. Meanwhile, Dinsmore and Doane drag Punk and Helms to the ring, and the match officially begins, with Dinsmore applying the Cloverleaf to Helms, with Greg already spark out from the sneak attack chair shots, and the referee calls for the bell resulting in an elimination.


Punk doesn’t fare well either, as Doane is forced to roll him into the ring, and takes a tag from Dinsmore, before climbing the ropes, and scoring with his patented leg drop off the top, hooking the leg, 1...2...3!!!


In less than a minute, it’s 4 on 2. Now, Orton rolls Flair (already bloodied) into the ring, and toys with him for a bit, but Flair comes back, showing his dirty tricks, classic Flair style, and makes a tag out to Carlito, who has had time to recuperate, and fights off The New Wave, as Flair comes back in to help him out, leading to Carlito catching the youngster Doane, with the Apple Core.


The joy is short lived for Carlito though, as instantly, he falls victim to the RKO out of nowhere from Orton!!! He covers, 1...2...3!!!


Flair now faces Orton, Dinsmore and Cade. The Nature Boy puts up one hell of a fight, despite the early blood loss, and gives the fans a real thrill, somehow defying the odds and taking the New Wave on, ducking a Randy Orton clothesline, who takes Cade over the top, as Flair dumps Orton out with him, and pokes an incoming Dinsmore in the eye, following up with the Figure Four, and a submission!!!


Flair continues to battle, but his blood loss, and age against two much younger, more fresh, more powerful figures show. Despite his efforts, Flair just cant compete with both Cade and Orton, and although he nearly shocks Orton with a roll up for a really near fall, Flair falls victim of the RKO, and that, was all she wrote, as Orton makes the cover, 1...2...3!!!

Winners: The New Wave @ 11:32

Orton is victorious in this quick fire, dare I say it, let down, Survivor Series match, with Flair losing, and losing decisively. Orton and Cade have their arms raised, both surviving, before leaving. In the ring, Flair is given a standing ovation, and waves to the fans, bloody, beaten, but surely not finished, despite this loss tonight.

Backstage, Todd Grisham reports that Mick Foley has yet to arrive in the arena, but he will be waiting for his arrival, and intends to interview the Hardcore Legend upon his arrival on Houston tonight.

Elsewhere, Shelton Benjamin and Mark Henry of The Brotherhood prepare for their match later, being a part of the 5 on 5 Elimination match. Theodore Long gives both men orders to look after one another, and make sure they both have a title shot after tonight.

Cruiserweight Championship; Triple Threat Match:
Super Crazy vs. Juvi vs. Psichosis

Fast paced triple threat match, given longer than expected to tell a story. At certain points, we see different combinations of the trio teaming up on one, and these lead to the two men going head to head, whilst the other recovers. Psichosis crashes and burns looking for a corkscrew moonsault off the top, missing Juvi, which allows Juvi to follow up with the Juvi Driver, but Super Crazy stops Juvi, and connects with a Tornado DDT, before finishing him off with the Triple Moonsault finish, scoring the three count, with Psichosis too late to stop the cover, as Crazy retains!!!
Winner: And STILL Cruiserweight Champion - Super Crazy @ 11:02

Super Crazy retains, and holds his title aloft, celebrating a narrow victory. He is then face to face with Psichosis, who offers a handshake. Crazy accepts, but then, Psichosis turns on Crazy, with a low blow!!! Psichosis lands a clothesline on his former partner, before picking up the title, but gets dropkicked out of the ring by Juvi!!! Guerrera grabs the title now, and cracks Super Crazy over the head with the belt, as the Mexicools issue would appear to be far from over!!!

A short VP plays, hyping Armageddon next month, on December 10th, from Richmond, which will be a Smackdown brand event.

We cut to Todd Grisham, looking around, still waiting for Mick Foley to arrive in the arena.

This leads to The McMahon Family Empire watching on. Triple H seems anxious about Foley, and what his agenda is, but McMahon calms him, saying it looks like Foley isn’t even going to show up. The Game though doesn’t seem so confident, and paces around, as we cut away.

Elsewhere, Paul Heyman meets with his five man team, giving them a big pep talk, telling them what is at stake, what the future will hold should they win, and should they lose.

Classic Survivor Series Elimination Match Relived:
- Once one tag team member is eliminated, his partner is eliminated too
MNM --- Booker T & Elijah Burke
The Mad Murdoch Twins --- William Regal & Hardcore Holly
Deuce & Domino --- The Highlanders
The Cult Society --- Road kill & Danny Doring

Everybody gets a little bit of time in the ring early on, and it strangely takes a longer time than expected for an elimination, but once Festus becomes the legal man, everything starts going crazy, and we get a number of eliminations in quick succession. Everyone piles in, and a mass brawl ensues, which eventually leads to Festus finishing off Doring with a spinning flapjack off the shoulders, 1...2...3!!!


Holly then makes an awful attempt at a cross body, but gets caught, and power slammed by Festus, who covers again, 1...2...3!!!


Festus gets back up, and suddenly gets hit by the Elijah Experience, rocking the big man, and Booker follows up, nailing the Scissors Kick, and hooks the leg, 1...2...3!!!


Now, Deuce comes steaming into the ring, but walks straight into Booker T and the Book End!!! Elijah makes the cover, 1...2...3!!!


In just thirty seconds, four teams are gone!!! The match settles down again for a little while, but it soon goes wayward again, as Nitro saves Mercury from getting eliminated after a Full Nelson slam from Rory. All four teams go at it, but as things break down, MNM are able to double team Rory with the Snapshot, and Mercury covers, 1...2...3!!!


Now, Booker & Burke are facing the stacked deck. The two faces valiantly fight on, trying to take on their Raw counterparts, but it looks like the will fall short … until The Cult Society and MNM become distracted, with Melina and Ariel getting embroiled in a heated argument on the outside. This gives Burke and Booker a chance to take over, as Burke dropkicks Mercury into Nitro, sending the champions out, before tackling Knox, whilst Booker rolls up Thorn … 1...2...3!!!


And so it’s down to two teams. By this stage, tags have been forgotten about, and it’s all four men in action, tornado style. It looks like Melina will be the deciding factor, as her distraction allows MNM to use cheap tactics … but then … ALEXIS LAREE darts down the aisle, and pulls Melina off the apron, with her face smashing off the side of the apron, with Laree tackling the womens champion down, pounding away at her rival. In the ring, MNM cant help but be distracted by the events on the outside, which allows Booker and Burke another shot at a comeback, but the duo sending Nitro out of the ring, leaving Mercury to face the music!!! He takes a Harlem side kick from the veteran, before Booker puts Mercury on his shoulders, as Burke climbs the ropes, and using the platform given to him by Booker has the opportunity to deliver a super ELIJAH EXPRESS OFF THE TOP ROPE!!! DOUBLE TEAM MOVE~!!! Burke hooks the leg, as Booker keeps a look out to make sure the count cant be broken, 1...2...3!!!

Winners: Booker T & Elijah Burke @ 16:48

Booker & Burke defeat the tag team champions!!! Nitro drags Mercury out of the ring, and scarpers up the ramp with Melina, just relieved for their titles not to be on the line tonight. In the ring, Booker and Burke raise Alexis Larees arms, acknowledging her part in this great comeback win tonight. With this victory, will this result in another rematch for the tag team titles??

The VP then ends with the graphic for WRESTLEMANIA XXIII - MARCH 18TH 2007 - FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER IN NEW ORLEANS.

Again, Todd Grisham is shown, pacing around, patiently waiting for the arrival of Mick Foley.

Backstage, Josh Matthews conducts an interview with RVD, backed by his four team mates. Van Dam talks about him and his side knowing it’s not just his title on the line tonight, their livelihoods are at risk, their futures are on the line, and they are all well aware of what that future may hold if they fail to get the job done tonight.

5 on 5 Survivor Series Elimination Match:
- Sole Survivors Match - Survivors gets a title shot within next 28 days -
Brock Lesnar --- John Cena
Finlay --- Christian
Shelton Benjamin --- Rey Mysterio
Mark Henry --- Mr. Kennedy
Umaga --- Rhyno

Umaga, without discussion, starts the match for his team, taking on Mysterio early on, much to the chagrin of his supposed team mates. Rey manages to suffer as little damage as possible, keeping his distance from the vicious savage, before getting out to Kennedy. Kennedy tries to take Umaga on, but isn’t able to get the better of the Bulldozer, who allows Kennedy to tag out, and bring in Rhyno. Rhyno again shows no fear of Umaga, but his guts cant do the job, and he is mauled by the savage, before Finlay makes a blind tag on Umaga. The Samoan Bulldozer doesn’t take kindly, and goes bananas, ripping apart BOTH TEAMS … AND THE REFEREE!!! Umaga then puts an exclamation mark on his dominance, grabbing a steel chair, and annihilating every single moving thing in his path of destruction. By this stage, Umaga has been disqualified, ending his participation in the match, and allows him to remain undefeated.


After ripping apart the ringside area, Umaga is led away up the ramp by his handler, Armando Estrada. In the ring, it’s total carnage, with not one person moving for an eternity, as Mike Chioda replaces Nick Patrick as the referee, with Patrick unable to continue, being carried out. Eventually, the wrestlers in the ring begin to move, but Rhyno is easy pickings for Brock Lesnar, and suffers the F5, ending his night emphatically, 1...2...3!!!


It takes another minute or so for the match to really settle down after the carnage from Umaga, but thankfully, now down to 4 on 4, the match gets going again, with a long period, before the next elimination occurs. After taking a long beat down, Mysterio stirs, and forces a comeback against Finlay, even hitting a 619 against the Irishman, looking to Drop the Dime, WHEN THE LITTLE BASTARD APPEARS, and shakes the ropes, crotching Mysterio!!! This leads to the face team charging into the ring, chasing the Little Bastard away, with a brief brawl erupting with the opposition, whilst in the ring, Finlay delivers the Celtic Cross, pinning Rey, 1...2...3!!!


The match settles down again, with 4 on 3 now, but not for long, as the numbers are evened up again, as Cena shocks the heel team, delivering a thunderous FU to the Worlds Strongest Man, Mark Henry, shocking the opposition to the point where they don’t even break the count, 1...2...3!!!


Remarkably, Henry lasted 18 minutes, albeit most of it was spent on the apron. Twice this file closed down, and I lost a heck of a lot, so third time around, from this point (the last saved), I’m just going to run through each elimination as quickly as possible, sorry. Kennedy is eliminated by Lesnar after a distraction from Benjamin and Theodore Long, leaving him easy pickings for the F5.


Cena and Christian bond as a unit, facing the odds of three, and eventually level the playing field, as Finlay accidentally kicks the Little Bastard off the apron, distracting himself, and allows Christian to take him out with the Unprettier, as Cena fights off Shelton and Lesnar from breaking the count.


From this point, the finish comes rapidly, as the heel team falls at the seams, with Brock Lesnar getting caught by Cena with an FU, and Christian lands with a Frog Splash, allowing Christian (as legal man) to cover, 1...2...3!!!


And Benjamin follows almost instantly, leaping off the ropes, but gets caught, and planted with an FU!!! Cena then applies the STFU, with Christian baseball sliding Theodore Long, as Shelton wastes no time tapping out!!!

Winners: John Cena & Christian @ 27:12

The two winners parade in the ring, playing to their fans, both looking overjoyed, with Cena finally earning his first shot at the title since he lost it in April, and Christian has a rematch for the title he was screwed out of just three weeks ago. They acknowledge each other, but don’t kiss each others ass, instead, nodding in the others direction, before continuing to play to their fans.

In the crowd, we see M.V.P, crowded by what looks like agents on phones, as the commentators talk about him still not having decided which brand to join, and J.R especially is sceptical about the unknown quantities ability.

Backstage, we see a close up of Shawn Michaels, eyes closed, preparing mentally for the title match, up next.

Elsewhere, Todd Grisham is still waiting, with no sign of the special guest referee, Mick Foley, anywhere in the building.

World Heavyweight Championship Match Video Package

In the arena, Mick Foleys music plays twice, and despite being announced twice, there is no sign of Mick Foley. We then see Mike Chioda jog down the side of the ramp, with J.R & Coach commenting that Foley has blown it tonight, for his chance to create ‘controversy’.

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Triple H w/McMahon Family Empire vs. Shawn Michaels
Guest Referee: Mick Foley

HHH & HBK get down to business with a rip roaring match, despite interference from the McMahon family. Michaels seemed complete inspired by his home state fans, and fights back twice against Triple H, and even has the champion beat with the Flying Elbow, only for Vince to put Triple H‘s foot on the bottom rope. HBK continues on the offence though with the Flying Forearm … but Triple H ducks, leading us to a REF BUMP~!!! Obviously, things go berserk from this point, with Vince, Shane and Stephanie getting involved. Steph tosses the sledgehammer to HHH, but Michaels wrestles it from him, using the weapon against The Game!!!

He then uses it against Vince McMahon, knocking him off the apron, and clobbers Shane KNOCKING HIM OFF THE TOP ROPE ONTO THE BARRICADE!!! HBK fakes at hitting Stephanie, which is enough to send her jumping off the apron!!! Michaels tunes up the band BUT TRIPLE H DUCKS SWEET CHIN MUSIC AND HBK NAILS THE REFEREE!!! Michaels turns around … DUCKS a clothesline … AND CONNECTS WITH SWEET CHIN MUSIC TO THE CHAMPION!!! Michaels has the leg hooked, with the McMahons obliterated … BUT THERES NO REFEREE … UNTIL MICK FOLEY CHARGES DOWN THE AISLE!!! The Hardcore Legend, and supposed guest referee, gets into the ring, and into position to count the fall … BUT INSTEAD CALLS FOR THE BELL!!! Confusion descends over the Toyota Centre, as Mick Foley whispers a decision to Lillian Garcia … AND SHE DECLARES TRIPLE H THE WINNER BY DQ!!!
Winner: Via DQ - And STILL World Heavyweight Champion, TRIPLE H @ 15:07

Mick Foley has screwed Shawn Michaels!!! HBK is up, and demanding answers, but Foley has already left the ring, and is storming back up the ramp, with HBK shaking his head, looking around at the carnage created. Having done all the hard work, taking out the numbers against him, with the title in the bag, but loses on a DQ?? On commentary, J.R is incensed, demanding to know just ‘what the heck has gotten into Mick Foley’?? Finally, The Coach makes a sly comment, ‘Who’d a thunk it, Shawn Michaels screwed … at the Survivor Series, AND he’s a revered folk hero in Texas to boot.’ J.R instantly replies ‘Don’t open that can of worms.’

Michaels leaves the ring, and charges up the ramp, after Foley, wanting answers, whilst Triple H slowly begins to move in the ring, about to realise he is somehow still the champion.

We immediately cut backstage, and see Shawn Michaels charging like a bull in a china shop, on the look out for Mick Foley, being pointed in the direction of where Foley went, being directed towards the parking lot.

The Showstopper makes his way to the outside, and looks around, trying to spot Foley, but appears to have missed him. Then, we suddenly hear screeching tires, and Michaels is forced to jump out of the way, as a car speeds in his direction, driving off, out of the arena, with HBK just dodging getting ran over.

J.R and Coach then discuss the shocking conclusion to the World Title match, but neither mentions any parallels between tonights Houston screw job going against Shawn Michaels, and the 1997 Montreal screw job, in favour of HBK. They then throw to Michael Cole and Tazz, who hype up the main event.

Last backstage shot of RVD and his team, with Van Dam leading his troops down the hall, ahead of the major main event.

Main Event Video Package

WWE Championship vs. General Managers Contract:
5 on 5 Survivor Series Elimination Match:
- If Van Dam wins, Heyman is Fired -
- If Heyman wins, Van Dam must relinquish WWE Championship -
Rob Van Dam --- Chris Jericho
Batista --- Edge
Matt Hardy --- Brent Albright
Lashley --- James Storm
Tommy Dreamer --- Chris Harris

Again, this is going to be short. The recap has went a lot longer than I anticipated, and I lost a lot of motivation for it having lost big chunks of the recap on two occasions (although I didn’t make it as far as this match). It’s a long opening sequence, just like a regular tag team match, with Cole and Tazz commenting that it’s a cagey opening, with neither side wanting to make a mistake. Lashley makes a hot tag from Matt Hardy, and runs through Heymans team like a train, before he gets levelled with THE MONEY IN THE BANK BRIEFCASE BY EDGE!!! Edge hooks the leg, and scores the fall, with the referee missing the blatant briefcase shot, and Lashley is beaten for the FIRST TIME.


It’s another fairly long period before another elimination, but unfortunately for Van Dam, and his title dreams, Tommy Dreamer is next to go, with AMW delivering the Death Sentence to Dreamer (who despite lasting so long, did very little in ring work), as James Storm eliminates Dreamer.


With their backs to the walls, RVD, Batista and Hardy show their grit, and determination to oust the cackling Heyman, obviously enjoying how his master plan is unfolding. The tenacity of the three faces allows them back into the match, and Batista eliminates Storm with a Batista Bomb!!!


And suddenly, Matt Hardy levels the sides, as all hell breaks loose following the elimination of Storm. Everyone disperses to the outside, with Hardy and Albright now the legal men. Albright gets dropped onto the top rope, and is easy pickings for the Twist of Fate!!! Matt Hardy gets a measure of revenge on Albright after losing the United States Title, eliminating him from the match!!!


But just as everything looks to be set up evenly … Edge scores with a Spear on Hardy out of nowhere, shocking Hardy, and allowing Edge to eliminate his long time rival from the match!!!


Once again, Van Dams side face the daunting challenge of taking out superior numbers. On the outside though, Chris Jericho puts RVD through a table, nailing the Breakdown. In the ring, Batista is forced to fend off Harris and Edge, before Jericho re-joins them. The Animal valiantly tries to hang on until RVD can recover, but he is unable to fight off the trio, and is put away after a Harris Catatonic … a Jericho lionsault … and an Edge spear, with the Rated ‘R’ Superstar making the cover, 1...2...3!!!


Now, Van Dam is dragged from the rubble of the table by Jericho, and rolled into the ring, with Edge making the cover, but RVD manages to kick out. The three men dominate the champion, with Heyman wailing on the outside in support of his troops, but shockingly, RVD manages to surprise The Wildcat with a cradle, 1...2...3!!! Despite taking a beating, RVD has stunned the heels by eliminating one of them, with the odds now 2 on 1.


Once more, Van Dam is beaten down by Edge and Jericho. Meticulously, they take Van Dam apart, but the champion refuses to quit. Again though, RVD makes a comeback, and gets the better of Edge, but Chris Jericho looks stop that, and with the help of Paul Heyman, takes a chair, and gets into the ring. Heyman distracts the referee … and Jericho throws the chair at RVD … but RVD catches, THROWS IT BACK … AND NAILS A VAN DAMINATOR!!! Jericho wheels out of the ring, but Edge looks for the Spear … BUT RVD LEAPS OUT OF THE WAY … AND EDGE NEARLY HITS HEYMAN, BUT STOPS HIMSELF. As he turns though, he is met with a spin kick, followed by the Rolling Thunder, and quickly, Van Dam flies through the air, DRIVING INTO EDGE WITH THE FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH!!!!! 1...2...3!!!


Somehow, someway, RVD LEVELS the playing field. Jericho is back in now, and attacks from behind, and eventually applies the Walls of Jericho, but RVD makes the ropes. Jericho continues to be the aggressor, but Van Dam refuses to give in, and puts up a stunning fight for a marvellous closing sequence. Both men have near falls, as Heyman has palpitations on the outside. RVD looks to have it won with a second FIVE STAR of the match, but HEYMAN JUMPS ON THE REFEREE!!! The count is broken, and the referee is down. Heyman, wields a chair, looking to flatten RVD … but gets caught with a VAN DAMINATOR!!! RVD uses the chair on Jericho, and then places him across the ring, setting the chair on his torso, before climbing the ropes … AND DELIVERS A SHOCKING VAN TERMINATOR!!!!! The fans are on their feet for the champion, as he drags Jericho out of the corner, and has the leg hooked, referee is revived … 1...2...3!!!
Winner: And STILL WWE Champion - ROB VAN DAM @ 43:59

RVD has retained the title, and in the process ENDED Paul Heymans tenure as GM of Smackdown!!!!! Heyman is still out cold from the Van Daminator!!! In the ring, a relieved RVD clutches his title, going to all four corners, celebrating the win, before going to the crowd, body surfing with his adoring fans, after somehow beating three men in a row to retain the title, and end Heyman as GM.

The show comes to a close with Paul Heyman being helped to his feet, coming to the realisation, listening to the music of RVD, that his reign IS OVER!!! Michael Cole and Tazz sign off, ending a memorable show.


So yeah ... read, rate, review ... or dont. Up to you. This was written before I went on another hiatus, and I didnt check it much before posting it. Probably should have, but it should be good to go. Hopefully it's enjoyed

I'm going to try and get back in the swing of things by reviewing for the next few weeks, then I'll pick up from here again. For now... that's that.

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Re: Being The Booker

The show looks good Wolfy. I just had a quick run down of it and it was very entertaining. I will drop a few more comments when I read through each match up.
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Re: Being The Booker

I just read Survivor Series, and I thought I would give you a few comments on the show.

It was a great PPV recap. A little short at times with the eliminations, but it was still great. All the survivor series elimination matches seemed good. I’ve never seen a Tag Team Survivor Series Elimination Match, but I bet it would be good to see in real life. Glad that John Cena and Christian are going to get a title shot. The whole HBK getting screwed twist is very strange. I wonder how it will play out in the future. Glad to see RVD retain the WWE Championship, as he well deserves it. And Heyman gets fired. That’s great.

It was a good event. I’ll be back to read Armageddon. Sorry for the shortness of this, i just thought I would give you a few comments.
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Re: Being The Booker

First of all, welcome back. Let's see how many people even remember who I am...

Anyway onto the event;

The first match was a great way to kick off the show, maybe it could have been saved for later on though, as I have rarely read a show that contained so many stars in the first match! JBL is going to be out for months now but I'm looking forward to reading his return. Angle scoring the pin was suprising and I suspect you have a major main event push lined up for him, as shown in the promo after the match.

The second match, as you wrote in your report maybe seemed to be a bit of a let-down but was done to make the 'New Wave' look strong, especially Orton. Didn't really expect Flair to get the win as I think you're building Orton up rather than building an old and battered Flair up!

Cruiserweight Title match - meh not much to it, but the aftermath seemed more interesting. The feud is far from over.

Interesting Paul Heyman promo, giving me a flashback of 2001 and the whole Alliance promo.

The next match was made more interesting my Alexis Laree, that's how I guess she'll be known. I like the combination of Burke and Booker, young and old as such, I'm sure they'll be champs before not too long.

Cena and Christian getting title shots should be fun. Although if either of them wins is a different matter altogether. Looking forward to reading the next few Raws to see what you have in store.

The next segment was possibly my most favourite of the show. Didn't see Foley turning heel at all, but more importantly...who tried to run over HBK?!?

Heyman is gone, RVD is on top of the world (imo definitely deserves a long tenure as champion) and I wonder who, if anyone is going to take over the role of GM. I definitely don't think this is the end for Heyman either...


Great show, some of the matches seemed filler and short, but this was probably because it was a recapped PPV. I did love the storyline advancement though and this after all is what gets us tuned into Raw and Smackdown! Overall, good to see you back and hopefully we'll chat soon.
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Re: Being The Booker

Survivor Series Feedback

Just wanna say again that it is great to have you back. Please don’t disappear again, at least not until you post WM23. You are still the top guy, and I hope that this PPV proves it.

Wow, this is truly the way to kick off S’Series in style. Last year it was DX vs. Team Cena, this year it’s Team BOD vs. Team Cabinet. Damn, JBL has a back injury? Hope to see him back soon, as SD! will miss the Wrestling God for the next 4-6 months. Rocky is the next one gone, as I know that this is his last match, but I would have liked to see it end a little better. Some of the smaller guys are gone, as we are left with Angle and Noble taking on the BOD, which Jamie quickly gets eliminated from, leaving Kurt to battle the monsters. Didn’t think Angle would lose to Kane, as he rolls him up and now it is down to Angle and ‘Taker. A tremendous exchange between these two megastars, as Angle is really giving it his all, but ‘Taker looks to be too much … but Angle locks in the Ankle Lock! ‘TAKER TAPS OUT FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER~!! That was truly shocking and one of the boldest moves in BTB history, imo … right there with ‘Taker’s streak being ended in a few threads. I see Angle as now being back to a top player on SD!, as maybe this was a lil’ preview of a WM23 match? Great way to kick off the night in style.

Angle is really going to ride this victory for a while. Good to see The Wrestling Machine out of his funk.

New Wave is a pretty decent name for a faction, but as long as Orton is the leader, it OWNS, imo. Love the brash way that the New Wave just go right after Flair and Co. on the ramp, getting rid of Punk and Helms very early. I figured that we wouldn’t see Flair vs. all four of the New Wave, so it was good to see ‘Lito get an elimination, before he is dropped by the RKO. Flair is able to get Dinsmore to tap out, leaving Naitch to go against Cade and Orton. I know I thought this would end up coming down to Flair and Orton, but Cade never gets eliminated and Orton hits the RKO, winning the match for the New Wave. End of this feud, imo … the New Wave have bigger things to do, while Flair settles down for a little while.

Mick has been in a weird state of mind. Wouldn’t be shocked if he didn’t even show up tonight, tbh.

Shelton and Henry are both pretty good wrestlers, but I don’t see either getting a shot against Hunter, seeing as they are both heels. T-Lo and The Brotherhood are awesome.

I like how you are able to slip the CW Title match on this PPV, as the Mexicools have been at each other’s throat over this belt as of late. All three men looked to have a chance to win, and I thought that Psi would get the duke, but I am not very upset that Crazy kept his belt. The aftermath certainly means that this feud is far from over, as I think we will see it end at Armageddon.

Mick Foley … will he show … or won’t he show?

I guess that Triple H is starting to get concerned, as I think both he and HBK won’t know what to expect from Foley in the referee role.

Heyman’s final day as the SD! GM … plz.

Danny Doring and Roadkill are the worst team in this match, glad to see them gone first. Festus is just running through people, and again you make me happy, making Holly get eliminated instead of “King” Regal. Elijah and Booker are one of my favorite teams in this contest, and I think that they may even win, and getting rid of the Murdochs is a good way to start. Booker T gets in on the fun, as D N’ D are now done. Thank you. MNM are finally showing why they are the tag champs, getting rid of the Highlanders, who should have probably been gone minutes ago. The Cult Society is gone … and we are down to Booker/Elijah and MNM~! Alexis saves Booker and Elijah … taking down Melina. The ending sounded sick, with the Super Elijah Express putting down Mercury. Great way to end the match and I see a possible six-person Women’s and World Tag Titles match in the future. Alexis, Booker, and Elijah are awesome … just not as good as MNM.

Again, please make it to WM23.

Van Dam as the leader is pretty original, as he usually wouldn’t be seen in that role, but he knows what’s on the line tonight.

Umaga going nuts to start the match doesn’t come as much of a shock, as I didn’t see the streak ending tonight, and he won’t be getting a title shot soon. Better to get rid of him early. Rhyno is the least likely to get a title shot, and I keep forgetting that Lesnar is still in this thread. Awesome to see the Vanilla Gorilla get the F-5 for the elimination. Rey is the next to go, as I love that the Little Bastard made an appearance. Finlay to last a long time plz. Gotta make Cena look like Superman, right? Henry is out of the match, as he should be. Damn, Kennedy gets eliminated by Brock, and I thought maybe he’d get rid of Shelton before he left the match. Finlay is the next to go, as I don’t mind Christian getting rid of him, as we’re now down to Brock & Shelton against Cena & Christian. Double team is the only way we can get rid of Brock, and Shelton is quick to go after that, seeing as he is not yet World Title material. Cena and Christian both get a shot and I don’t see either getting another rematch one-on-one. Triple Threat on Raw, imo. Very entertaining contest.

‘VP is a stud. Bring him to SD!, they need him more, imo.

So I guess that Foley isn’t showing up … at least not yet. This match gets underway with a regular old referee, as HBK and Hunter look ready to go at it. HBK is able to withstand the McMahons, even after the predictable referee bump, as Michaels takes the sledgehammer from H, using it against his former best friend!! Michaels takes out the entire McMahon family … and then the referee!! Sweet Chin Music!! But there is no one out here!! FOLEY~! He calls for the bell … and declares Triple H the winner by DQ?! Loved the commentary from Coach and J.R, but HBK needs some answers. Triple H and HBK are done with this feud, as I hope that Triple H moves into a real title feud, probably against Cena and Christian. Meanwhile, HBK almost gets run over and I have no idea what is wrong with Foley. I see this as one of your classic, drawn out, carefully planned WM matches. Very innovative and I can’t wait to see where the feud goes. Mick Foley may be out of his damn mind.

Glad to see this main event go so long before the first elimination, as I think that is the quickest way to ruin a S’Series match, with a quick elimination, unless there is good reason. Lashley gets handed his first loss, as I don’t think this is the last time we will be seeing Edge use MITB tonight. () Dreamer was just used for storyline purposes, as AMW are awesome and they get rid of the man former known as “Extreme”. Van Dam ain’t looking too good right now, tbh. Storm is the next to go, via the Batista Bomb, as the sides are looking to be evened up, as Matt eliminates the U.S. Champion Brent Albright, and now we are all square. Matt is gone … just like that~! RVD is down on the outside and now Batista is the next to go, being forced to take all of the shots from Team Heyman, as Van Dam is now in a 3-on-1 situation. Van Dam catches Harris with a cradle … and eliminates the second half of AMW!! Heyman tries to get involved and through all the chaos he almost takes a Spear, distracting Edge and allowing RVD to hit the Five-Star!! We are down to just Y2J and RVD, and it is going to be very interesting. Jericho has the advantage, but Van Dam makes another comeback, before Heyman takes out the referee … and takes a Van Daminator for his trouble!! Jericho gets taken down in the corner … VAN TERMINATOR!! RVD WINS!! Heyman’s reign of SD! is over and I think that Van Dam may just be the hottest wrestler in the company, somehow overcoming these odds. Tremendous way to end the show, with Van Dam keeping the title and ending the reign of Heyman.

You haven’t lost a damn step. Tremendous show that just kept me waiting to see what happens next. Every match served its purpose and I know think that we have seen the seeds planted for Angle/’Taker and HBK/Foley at WM23. You only lose points for not having Edge cash in MITB, but that will be special when it finally happens, 9.5/10.


PatMan Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2007
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Re: Being The Booker

hey mate i am not going to review however i will say i read through and it looked really good. I will hopefully keep up with this thread and review because i have heard great things about it but i am just not into it yet and i don't want to leave you a half assed review. So yeah keep up the good work and hopefully you stick around for a long time
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Re: Being The Booker

Nice to see you back again WB, you were the person who inspired me to start booking when i read your stuff way back. Just finished skimming through Survivor Series & everything looks good & your definatelly not looking rusty. Not sure about the whole recap form but I understand times get busy, especially as you get older & if it's the only way you can book I can deal with it.

Once I have the time to read over the whole PPV in full ill drop you a proper review (probably tonightish or tommorow).

Oh nd on a side night I remember you showstopper, you were a part of the bWo with wolfy & a mod at one point if im not mistaken.
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Re: Being The Booker

Okay, starting off with Team JBL & Team Undertaker it would seem. Smart choice; always wise to choose the second biggest Traditional SS Match as the opener, as it's usually the one the faces win. Pretty inglorious way to end the career of JBL {one would assume} in this thread, and Rock lasting barely 10 minutes makes his comeback seem hardly worth it. All that just to pin one man? Nah. Great to see both London & Noble putting in great poerformances in this match with the big boys, two unsung heroes of this thread that could {London's has stalled a bit} get pushed to greater things. But obviously, this match was all about the return of Kurt Angle. He's been jobbing all year, but he eliminated The Rock, Kane, and then made The Deadman tap out for the first time ever {excluding the lead up to Vengeance '02 of course}. Some may have a problem with it. I don't. I hate mysique surrounding superstars that makes them unable to submit or things like that. Pisses me off with Taker and it royally pissed me off with Austin. Glad to see it pisses you off too. No better way for Kurt o get back on track really, and thank god, because ending the guys career in 2006 would've been utterly ridiculous. I could see his feud with Taker heading into WrestleMania now perhaps, with Angle now the avourite effectively. Good start.

Oh man, Team Flair got abssolutely OWNED by the New Wave {sorry, but that name is just awful}. I guess after a 30 minute opener and a lengthy main event still to come, you had to sacrifice one of the matches and this was the least important. Only Doane & Dinsmore getting elimated from NW would suggest that Cade might be in for a re-push? Goo start for Orton post-Cena; hopefully he moves on from this Flair feud soon to bigger things.

@ this business with The Mexicools. It sure is crazy. The Cruiserweight division would appear to be on the decline following the departure of Noble & London, but at least you're still giving it some much needed exposure.

Onto perhaps the least important match on the card. Festus going nuts in the opening and cleaning house He bores me. I had MNM as sure-fire winners givn their status as champions, but I guess with Book 'N Burke winning it keeps their tag title feud alive.

After Umaga went sick and got himself DQed {awesome BTW, but happened at the real event too}, this match seemed to become a tad formulaic; perhaps the most formulaic tag match of the night. Lesnar looked strong for his team { @ Kennedy's elmination}, but other than that, nothing really huge, just a program for the two babyfaces in Cena & Christian. Great that Shelton lasted till the end, but you never get the impression that it means anything; was probably just circumstantial. As for the upcoming title shits, both Cena & Christian are more exciting with the belt than Triple H, so I pray for a title change. Won't happen though.

Wow, weird shit in the World Heavyweight Championship match What the hell was all that about? Glad that HBK/HHH looks to be over quicker than it started, but with Foley/Michaels set up? What has been going on with Foley? First The Boogeyman, now this? Explanations please. A heel turn doesn't explain a thing.

Cracking main event. Really was. Over 40 minutes for a Traditional Survivor Series Match evokes memories of the '01 classic between Team WWF & Team Alliance. Gutted that Lashley's undefeated streak has gone Use him wisely please, he's awesome. Matt Hardy gets one over on Albright, so one would assume he'll get his rematch for the U.S title {Albright OWNS by the way}, just a shame to see Edge have Matt's number once again. Hell of an effort from Batista, taking three finishers to put him down. You know the face team is going to win when its leader goes through a table. BABYFACE COMEBACK~! Great showing from Harris lasting this lon. Both memebers of AMW are great wrestlers and can work solo; I've just never seen it done in a WWE thread before. I wonder... Last two falls were great fun with Heyman getting involved, and nailed, but ultimately Edge & Y2J fall short. Nice use of the Van Terminator to end things, makes a change. Had a feeling that Edge might cash in afterwards, but you're still making us wait for that. It's only a matter of time though. Great stuff for Van Dam though; he's reign just got better. Sorr about Heyman though, hope he sticks around in another capacity.

'Twas a very small recap but was still a fun show, Wolfy. Great to have you back, and the sooner you start doing things in full, the better for all of us.
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Re: Being The Booker

Thanks for the comments gents. I'm sure a couple of people thought I'd done another runner having disappeared for a few days, lol.

I'm gonna try and get through as many reviews as I can today and tomorrow, then I'll post the December stuff.

Before any of that though, I'll just comment to a couple of comments ...

Looks like my memory failed me on a couple of occassions - Undertaker tapping in '02 completely slipped my mind, but thankfully it was to Angle, so I can still get away with Angle saying he was the first to make him tap . And Umaga going nuts and getting disqualified was something I just plain didnt remember (dont think I saw that Survivor Series tbh).

As for the Mick Foley stuff - answers are coming ... but unfortunately it'll be like watching Lost ... it'll be a long time until the real reasons are exposed. It's the one angle that could go either way when the final twist comes, could be very flat or spark the angle into life. Hoping for the latter of course.

Southern Cross - recaps are only up until mid December. After that, Raws will be in full, SD in recap form, and PPV events back in full (including the Royal Rumble which I finished up yesterday ) Everything up to the RR PPV were written before I took off, so the rust is unlikely to show until then.

Thanks again for the comments, hopefully once I get up and running again I'll find more people to hop aboard and take a look.
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Re: Being The Booker

Sounds good mate i can not wait for the next update. Keep up the great work

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