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Re: Being the booker

Im currently on page 5 of ur storylines and i must say its great .... im posting this here because 2 of the people who read this along with me say they are the only ones who read it ...AHH think its great so far. Just got done with Smackdowns JudgeMent Day. Keep up the good work > I really enjoy this!
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Re: Being the booker

Thanks Eminem. Fills me with confidence when you tell me that only two people read it. Anyways, I'm glad you enjoy the thread, I hope you keep readin it.
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Re: Being the booker

Another Great post. I was reading the Smackdown Spoilers from this week and got confussed about the Bashams mixing up with your thread.

Nemesis is looking great, Cant wait.
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Learning to break kayfabe
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Smile Re: Being the booker

Wow!! Nemesis is looking really good. Can't wait for SS, only one match signed for it and it sounds great already!! It really sucks you don't do the shows how you use to but its all good. Nice feuds leading up to Nemesis. Cant Wait!!!!

All your shows are 10/10

BTW ...where is Undertaker at?

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Re: Being the booker

Funny you said that Emeinem. Taker WILL be back soon.
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Re: Being the booker

Sweet, This is gonna be great.
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Re: Being the booker

RAW; 11th October, 2004; Las Vegas;

With just six days until Nemesis, tensions were running high this week with many current feuds heading to a final chapter.
The first of these feuds is the tag war between Edge & Christian and Booker T & Goldust. This week, the Booker tagged with Sting to take on the tag champs, due to Goldust’s current injury, but Goldust himself has confirmed he will be at Nemesis after a home interview this week. Not only did he guarantee that he would turn up at Nemesis, he also guaranteed that he and his best friend, Booker T, would lift the Tag Titles this Sunday!!
In the match, Booker and Sting dominated the Tag champs for the most part, but at the very end, E&C found a way to win, this time thanks to the outside interference of Trish Stratus. Over the last few weeks, it looked as if Trish had been forgotten by the duo, but this week, the trio made sure everyone remembered just how powerful they can be, especially after the match when E&C wore down Booker with steel chains, busting him open, leaving their mark ahead of this Sunday’s Steel cage match for the tag straps.
Speaking of Stratus, this week, Trish defended the Women’s Championship against Lita. Trish also found a way to victory, but afterwards, she was forced to take high ground, as Shaniqua made her way to the ring. She then pointed toward Trish before power bombing Lita. How much longer can Trish dodge the Amazon, before coming to blows?

Also, Kane continued his recent warpath of respect, as he interfered in not one, but two matches, decimating the Brotherhood, Chuck Palumbo, Sean O ’Haire, during a tag match, and later, chokeslamming all three Dudley Boyz, Garrison Cade, Mark Jindrak, and Christopher Nowinski during a six man tag, and then hitting another choke slam on Spike afterwards, only this time through the announce table.
This left Jesse Ventura with no option, but to book a match at Nemesis pitting Kane against Bubba & D’ Von Dudley, in a Table Match.

Rob Van Dam had plenty to be cheerful about this week as he defeated Rhyno to become the NEW Hardcore Champion, in one of the most brutal matches on RAW this year, finishing the match with a 5 Star frog splash from the ramp to the floor.
Talking of titles, Matt Morgan this week requested an Intercontinental Championship match next week on RAW. Ventura made the match, and now Matt Morgan will have the chance to take the I.C title from Sting next week. Does this mean that Morgan has found a manager, or has he been able to curb his temper alone?

Looking towards next month’s Survivor Series event, we have seen in the last week, two interview’s conducted regarding the McMahon - Hart match. This week HBK Shawn Michaels was in the hot seat as he talked about his feelings on the situation.
He firstly reminded everyone that at Summer Slam, he and Hart actually cleared the air, but in no means made friends. He talked firstly about the lead up to the Survivor Series 97 match, and the day leading to the match being one of the weirdest he had ever had. HBK talked about how the match was supposed to finish, and then how it actually ended. He made the point that if you want to know how much involvement he had in the whole screw job, just to look at his face as the match ended. He said that he was told to just take the belt and to get away out of the arena. Michaels then went through what happened afterwards in the back as total carnage, talking about the wrestlers reactions, as well as Bret Hart punching out Vince.
He talked about that deep down at that time, he was happy to see what happened to Bret, but as the years have wore on, he has felt more remorse, especially after all the troubles Bret and his family have had. He then said before that night in Montreal, he had a great relationship with Vince, but ever since that black night, things have never been the same. Shawn then said he will watch at Survivor Series 2004 as Bret Hart finally gives Vince his comeuppance for years of torture, and then Survivor Series 1997 will be nothing more than a distant memory.

After the interview, it was announced that on Smackdown, an interview would be conducted with Jim Neidhart.
But the biggest shock of the night came when Mr. McMahon appeared on the titan tron. He announced that he would be appearing on RAW next week, and then showed a video of the finish of the main event at Judgment Day, when Bret Hart done the exact same thing to Steve Austin in Texas, as Vince did to Bret at Survivor Series 97. He then posed the question, “Who is the hypocrite?”

World Heavyweight Champion, Chris Jericho, and the #1 Contender, Shawn Michaels nearly let their tensions get the better of them this week as they met face to face in the ring. They talked about previous meetings, and both stated that at Nemesis they would settle the score of who is the better man.
HBK then riled up Jericho by stating that at Nemesis we would see if Chris Jericho would become a really big name, or would he be just another HBK wannabe?
Y2J replied that the other question that answered this Sunday would be, can Shawn Michaels prove he still has what it takes, or is he just another washed up old timer?
Both men then stared each other down, and both cagily shook hands. What will be the outcome this Sunday?

Then, we moved onto the longest running feud, dating back to June 2003, and now running for 16 months, between Mick Foley and Randy Orton.
In recent weeks, Mick Foley has had the upper hand, playing mind games with the Legend Killer, and this week, Randy Orton was on edge again, awaiting the arrival of Mick Foley. During the night, we witnessed many video packages of Mick Foley’s brutal matches in Japan and WWE.
Mick Foley finally arrived and made his way to the ring. He talked about this Sunday, saying that it will be the culmination of a feud filled by hatred. He then pondered whether he should go into the match as Mick Foley. He said he felt that plain Mick Foley didn’t have the hatred to ruin Orton’s good looks, or to mutilate his body in a Streetfight, but Cactus Jack would.
He said that maybe, plain Mick Foley, wouldn’t be able to take the punishment that a Streetfight dishes out, but someone deranged like Mankind could take it, and enjoy it.
And as for Dude Love, well, there is no place in a streetfight for someone like Dude Love.

He then asked the crowd who they think should turn up at Nemesis, and got a mixed reaction for Mankind & Cactus. Foley then told the crowd that at Nemesis, he will have the remorse of Cactus, the pain barrier of Mankind, but he WILL show up as Mick Foley, because Randy Orton didn’t pick on Mankind, he didn’t try to embarrass Cactus Jack, he tried to make a fool of Mick Foley, and Mick Foley will be as sadistic as Cactus could be, and as crazy as Mankind, and will not be humiliated like he was at WrestleMania.
Then as Mick was ready to continue, Randy Orton interrupted. He said that Foley, could turn up as King Kong, but that will not stop his Legend being killed forever! The two then engaged into a brawl with Foley on top, until Batista & Flair ran in. Flair levelled Foley with a chair, and then Batista nailed Foley with a Sit down Powerbomb, before they held him up for Orton to hit the RKO. Then he asked for Foley to be held up again, this time, he grabbed Foley by the face and spat at his face again, before Flair & Batista let him fall to the ground.
The show then ended with all three members of Evolution standing over the body of Mick Foley.
Match Results:

Trish Stratus defeated Lita to retain the Women’s Championship.
Brotherhood wrestled Sean O ‘Haire & Chuck Palumbo to a no contest after outside interference.
Rob Van Dam defeated Rhyno to become the NEW Hardcore Champion.
Edge & Christian defeated Booker T & Sting in a non title match.
The Dudley Boyz wrestled Cade, Jindrak & Nowinski to a no contest after outside interference.

down; 14th October 2004; Phoenix:

After last weeks events, this weeks Smackdown really set the tone for Nemesis in three days time.
Brock Lesnar & Paul Heyman kicked off the show coming to the ring carrying a steel chain to the ring. They began talking, saying that if this Sunday is to be the end of the Lesnar - Angle feud, then it should have a special stipulation. They then proposed a Chain Match. After this they called out Kurt to answer the challenge, but Angle was nowhere to be seen. Lesnar then said that they know he will turn up eventually, and when he does they want an answer.
Then from the crowd, Kurt Angle made his way to the ring, carrying a steel chain. He ran in, knocking both Lesnar & Heyman out, and busted Brock wide open.
Angle then picked up the microphone, and said that what just happened was a taster of Nemesis, and accepted the challenge!!

The interview with Jim Neidhart then aired. He talked about how he had a bad feeling about that night in Montreal. He talked about how Vince McMahon ruined wrestling, and made sure that no one could ever trust anyone, ever again. Neidhart then talked about the actual match in 97, and said when he saw what happened, he thought he was dreaming. He saw Earl Hebner screw one of his best friends in the business, he saw Shawn Michaels pretend to be shocked, and it made him feel actually sick.
He said he knew for months that McMahon had been trying to get rid of Bret, and he made no secret of it, by letting Michaels form his own stable, DX, even though Bret Hart already had the #1 Heel stable in the company. He remembered DX getting all the air time, whilst the Hart Foundation got nothing, even though they were led by the WWF Champion at that time.
He called Vince a sneaky son of a bitch, without the balls to come to Bret’s face and tell him things straight, calling Vince’s excuse for why he screwed Bret a pile of crap, stating that Bret would never have brought the WWF Championship to WCW, out of pure respect for who Bret considered a friend.
Neidhart then finished the interview by wishing Vince the best of luck, because he will be facing a man who has seven years on frustration to release on one man, in one night.

Shortly after the interview, Bret came to the ring, and showed the footage shown by Vince from RAW. He said he deeply regretted what he done, and was blinded by hatred still from Montreal, and felt that he had to do it, and just wanted someone else to feel the same pain he did in 97. Bret then made a request to the Board of Directors, and asked for a contract signing to make the match official, and also, because he wants to make sure he wont get screwed again.

This Sunday also sees the culmination of a feud between two of the worlds greatest technical wrestlers, Chris Benoit & William Regal, as they will meet one on one to settle a score, once and for all. Well, this week, Chris Benoit teamed up with Eddie Guerrero to take on William Regal and Kanyon. The match was a typically great technical encounter, but the finish was tarnished by William Regal’s use of Brass Knucks, as he planted Benoit, before slapping on the STF for a win via Benoit passing out. Regal & Kanyon then laughed all the way to the back as Guerrero checked on Benoit. What will Benoit’s condition be this Sunday as he goes one on one with the master of the power of the punch?

Goldberg and Triple H had one last stare down ahead of this Sunday’s Last Man Standing match. After Goldberg dominating victory over both Basham’s, Triple H made his way to the top off the ramp, clapping Goldberg’s impressive win. Goldberg then called HHH to the ring, and The Game obliged. The then got into a war of words, with both claiming to be the best, before Triple H ended by saying Goldberg may be good, but Triple H will be the Last Man Standing. The two rivals then went head to head, and security ran in before the two came to blows.

Then in the main event of Smackdown, The Rock & John Cena teamed up for the first time to take on La Resistance.
Throughout the night, Steiner & Test had been promising to make an impact on the supposed ’Dream Team’ before the end of the night, whilst The Rock interrupted La Resistance’s interview, and made fun of the two Frenchmen, as did John Cena before the match with a great rap.
Rock & Cena prevailed in the match, with some great team work, ending with Rock hitting Dupree with a Rock Bottom, and Cena following up with a 5 Knuckle Shuffle to get the three count.
Straight after, Test & Steiner ran down to the ring, looking to take out Rock & Cena before Nemesis, but Rock & Cena seen what was coming and beat off the duo, leaving Test & Steiner with no option but to back out.
The show ended with Steiner & Test in the middle of the crowd pointing toward Cena & The Rock, saying that this Sunday there number is up.

Match Results:
Chavo Junior & Chavo Classic defeated Funaki & Ultimo Dragon
Charlie Haas defeated Hurricane
Goldberg defeated the Basham Brothers
William Regal & Kanyon defeated Chris Benoit & Eddie Guerrero
The Rock & John Cena defeated La Resistance
***** ***** ***** *****

Official Card for WWE Nemesis

17th October 2004
Location: St. Louis, Missouri
Event Music: Soil, Redefined

WWE Championship; Last Man Standing:
Goldberg vs. Triple H

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Chris Jericho vs. Shawn Michaels

World Tag Team Championships; Steel Cage Match:
Edge & Christian vs. Booker T & Goldust

Street Fight:
Mick Foley vs. Randy Orton

Chain Match:
Brock Lesnar vs. Kurt Angle

Special Challenge Tag match:
Test & Scott Steiner vs. The Rock & John Cena

2 on 1 Table Match:
Dudley Boyz vs. Kane

One on One:
Chris Benoit vs. William Regal


So, there is the final card for Nemesis, please post your predictions for the event, plus anything else you would like to mention.
Nemesis will be up on Tuesday.

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Re: Being the booker

Nice shows there..Building up to Nemesis is great. Bret and Vince is going really well. Just continue to heat things up. A stipulation could be great too. are my predictions for Nemesis:

1. Kane v Dudley Boyz - Tables Match:
I think Kane will still prove to be the big red machine that he is and will get the win. On the other hand, you hinted Taker will be back and so maybe Taker will cost Kane the match leading up to Wrestlemania.

2. Benoit v Regal
A great technical match to sum up a great rivalry. I think the greatest technical wrestler, Benoit will definitely win this one unless if you wanna continue the feud, else Regal will win.

3. E&C v Booker/Goldi - Steel Cage Match
A pure blood bath match for sure. Some of the greatest wrestlers. The great high risk takers in E&C and the strength and techincal ability of Booker/Goldust will pull off a marvellous match. Booker/Goldi will win to end a Long and Successful feud and since its a cage match, Trish can't interfere.

4. Lesnar v Angle - Chain Match
Not so fond of it but I know this one will be different. Angle and Lesnar always pull off matches that are contendor for MOTN. Lesnar will win with help from Heyman.

5. Rock/Cena v Steiner/Test
There's NO WAY Steiner/Test match up with Cena/Rock. A great interesting match and a classic Rock/Cena team will win this one. Although I do see Rock turning heel in this one.

6. Foley v Orton - Street Fight
A very nice match it will be. Much like their match at Backlash 2004. I think you will let the good and respected guy end this one. Foley wins for me.

7. HBK v Y2J - World Heavyweight Championship
The Match Of The Night without a shadow of a doubt. It will be a Showstealer match. Y2J will win this one either cleanly or by outside help from Undertaker leading to an Undertaker/HBK feud, that is, if Taker does not interfere in Kane's match.

8. Goldberg v Triple H - Last Man Standing - WWE Championship
This will be another blood bath match. I dont think you will let HHH win, atleast not now. He maybe the Franchise Player, but not in this forum (LOL). Goldberg will win this one and prove his dominance again.

Nemesis will indeed be mindblowing. Look out for Tuesday, Nemesis is coming our way!!

Word "Mother Freaking" Life!!
The Heart Break Kid - Shawn Michaels
The Excellence Of Execution - Bret "Hitman" Hart
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Re: Being the booker

Kane -vs- Dudley Boyz in a Tables Match

Overview: This match has interference written all over it. Surprisingly , i'm taking

the Dudleyz in a clean win.

Benoit -vs- Regal

Overview: One thing is for sure, the winner will be determined by submission. I

like Benoit to win and maybe get a push for a WWE Title shot?

BookGold -vs- E&C in a Steel Cage

Winners: My gut is saying Booker and Goldust but I think E&C will retain there Tag


Lesnar -vs- Angle in a chain match

Winner: I think Angle will prevail in a bloody encounter.

The Dream Team -vs- BPP & Test

Winners: BPP after some heavy cheating. Wouldnt be surprised if Rock and Cena

win though.

Mick Foley -vs- Randy Orton

Winner: Should be a great match. I think Orton will win though.

Y2J -vs- HBK

Winner: I hope Y2J. Im not a big HBK fan .

HHH-vs- Goldberg

Winner: HHH. I hate Goldberg and I hope he breaks his neck.
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Re: Being the booker

Interesting predictions there. If anyone else has any, I would be really greatful.
Also, I will apologise in advance, as a lot of the Foley - Orton match will be stolen from their match at Backlash, but I will put my own twist on each of the parts I steal.
Just as a reminder, Nemesis will be up on Tuesday, probobly around 5'ish Uk time.
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