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Re: Being The Booker

Originally Posted by TKOW View Post
Hey Wolfy, got a question for ya. If Unforgiven is in June, what's your September PPV?
If I remember correctly, it is Clash of the Champions.
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Re: Being The Booker

^^^ COTC used to be in September but it was in early June this year. I want to say he said his September PPV will be Cyber Sunday or Nemesis, not sure though.


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Re: Being The Booker

Please delete this post, it's edited.

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Re: Being The Booker

Originally Posted by GreenDay™ View Post
If I remember correctly, it is Clash of the Champions.
Ok guys. No need for the useless spam. Wolfy can answer that later because he said he is going to be posting a PPV schedule.


Anyways now on topic Wolfy. I scanned over a bit of stuff concerning Vengeance. I really wanted to go back and read these shows as I never really "reviewed" them but I'm not going to have time and you're going to be moving along quick. So I thought I'd hit you up with a few comments instead. The dominance of the Horsemen was established tonight with two big wins. One not so big in Dinsmore's but still Cade over HBK is huge. Rematch is definently coming. Hornswoggle! Haha. Great little comedic character and we'll be seeing some great promos from him there.

Um it seems like this was a night of shocks seeing that the Horsemen won both of their's, Mr. Kennedy upset Mr. MITB Edge and Mysterio beat Lesnar! Really big night which is no surprise at all. Though I couldn't see Mysterio and Lesnar being able to go 22 Minutes because it would seem too dragged out at one eventual point. It just wouldn't "interest" me too long.

Little bit of flashback moments here from your Orton vs. Cena feud back at WM 21. Oh wait they wrestled at 22 as well. I forgot haha. But um anyways seems that the big payoff match is heading in towards SummerSlam and really it's got to be something big between these two. They've been feuding for nearly two years so blow it off well.

I know it's not really that "much" but I might catch up and read some of those weekly shows just for nostalgia purpose. Everything looks fine otherwise.

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Re: Being The Booker

No marks for pushing Finlay, Laree etc. Very much what EVERYONE does, Freshness plz. No marks for Rhyno, Maven, Dudleyz, Mexicools wrestling on HEAT/Velocity either.

However, marks for a solid Unforgiven card. Cena is gonna screw Orton or Christian, he'll have some major point to play in the match.

Sorry it's short, expect better comments on Thurs/Friday.


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Re: Being The Booker

Sorry it's another long ass post. I promise it's the last...

June 26th; Colorado Springs:

The show opens strangely with an unimportant match, with Booker T & Elijah Burke making their second appearance as a team, taking on The Heart Throbs. Throughout the match, J.R and Coach comment on last nights PPV, and the news coming out of it, paying little attention to the match in the ring. The finish then comes, with another nice piece of team work from the newest team, as Booker scores with a side kick on Romeo, who stumbles into the path of Burke, who delivers the Elijah Experience (face front Russian leg sweep), and takes the cover, 1...2...3!!! It’s 2-0 for Booker and his protégé, Burke!!!

Backstage, we witness the arrival of John Cena, who makes a beeline for Eric Bischoffs office. Cena bursts into the room, and throws his referee shirt right in the face of the General Manager, telling Eric he did what was asked of him, and now he wants his title shot. Bischoff, disgruntled by the attitude of Cena, gets serious, and tells the Dr. of Thuganomics that it isn’t that easy. Eric states that many have questioned the attitude of Cena in recent weeks since being given the referee role at Unforgiven, and his professionalism last night was questionable. Bischoff then tells Cena if he wants a title shot, he’ll need to earn it - TONIGHT, in a triple threat match, against Rey Mysterio and Nick Dinsmore. Cena says nothing, but nods knowingly at the GM before leaving.

After a commercial, The Horsemen hit the ring, looking smug and happy, with a good night last night, as Dinsmore defeated Rhyno and Cade scored a massive victory, albeit shadily against HBK. The trio gloat over their impressive feats last night, with Flair touting Dinsmore as a man on the rise to the top, promising he’ll deliver the World Title next week after he wins tonight, before Flair praises Cade for passing by HBK, and says it time for Cade to stop messing with yesterdays news, and move on to real threats. This remark though immediately sparks a retort from SHAWN MICHAELS!!!!!
The Heart Break Kid steps into the arena to a big response, sporting a bandage on his forehead from the massive cut he sustained last night. Michaels stops for a moment at the bottom of the ramp, with a mic in hand, ready to speak … but after a few moments of thinking, HBK shakes his head, and chucks the mic away, and quickly trips Dinsmore down, dragging him from the ring, and knocks him down. Shawn slides inside, and knocks Cade down with a straight right, before sending Flair right over the top rope to the floor. Dinsmore then comes back in, but runs into … SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!!!! Cade then thinks about getting back inside, but as he jumps onto the apron, he jumps back down, having a case of the ‘limber tales’ according to J.R at ringside. Michaels motions for Cade to come back for some more, but Garrison waves him off, and stumbles back up the ramp, leaving Michaels in an angry state in the ring.

We then get a rematch from last nights PPV, as the NEW Intercontinental Champion, Finlay takes on the former champion, Shelton Benjamin. The ‘Little bastard’ makes an appearance early on, before disappearing, once Finlay has the upper hand. Late on, Benjamin makes his comeback, and looks to deliver a T-Bone Exploder, but Finlay counters out, and cradles Benjamin by surprise, 1...2...3!!!!! FINLAY RETAINS CLEANLY!!!!! Finlay quickly leaves the ring, pleased with his victory tonight, whilst in the ring, Benjamin shakes his head, unable to understand what just happened.

Todd Grisham interviews MNM backstage, getting comments on their tag team title victory last night at Unforgiven. Melina says it was a matter of time before the ‘it team on the scene’ would be wearing gold, and now, when they beat the AFA and Alexis Laree tonight, it’ll be her turn to join them with gold.

We then see Shawn Michaels enter Eric Bischoffs office. HBK demands a rematch with Cade after last nights shenanigans, but Bischoff isn’t too for coming with an answer. Eric smiles, and tells HBK if he so desperately wants Cade, he’ll have to pass a test first to prove it. HBK looks confused, and asks for details, but Bischoff tells him he’ll have to be patient until next week.

We then get the in ring debut of the Samoan Bulldozer, Umaga. Accompanied by Armando Estrada, Umaga blitzes a local jobber in less than two minutes, with a ferocious beating, eventually ending the suffering for the local jobber with a vicious thumb to the throat, for an elementary three count.

After a commercial, Carlito hosts the Cabana with Edge. Mr. Money in the Bank still appears to be livid after his upset loss last night against Kennedy. Edge firstly complains about the loss last night, then complains about being left out of tonights #1 Contender match. Carlito though brings up the point that he doesn’t deserve a title shot due to having MITB, and he lost last night anyway. That comment looks set to send Edge over the top, but he is stopped by…


The King of the Ring enters, looking extremely cocky, following his win over Edge last night. Both Kennedy and Carlito then begin to team up with insults on Edge, who looks ready to snap, before Eric Bischoff enters the fray. Eric tells the three men he has seen enough of this ‘circus show’, and he’s putting a stop to it, as next week, it’ll be Edge vs. Kennedy in a No DQ match. The fans pop slightly for the announcement, not exactly over the moon, with it not happening tonight, but during this announcement, Kennedy turns his back from Edge, giving the Rated R Superstar the opportunity to smash him from behind with the briefcase!!! Edge quickly slips out of the ring, and points to Kennedy, telling him he’ll see him next week, whilst CCC tries to help Kennedy up.

Following the commercial, it’s the 6 person inter gender tag match. MNM overcome the unpredictable AFA and Alexis Laree, with Mercury and Nitro nailing the Snapshot on Laree, allowing Melina to score a lazy cover for the victory, putting her into the title picture immediately, and gives MNM another win as a group.

Backstage, The Brotherhood catch up once again with their target, Shelton Benjamin. Theodore once again tries to sway Benjamin, telling him his three losses in one week could’ve been avoided, had he accepted the offer from The Brotherhood, they could’ve neutralized the Little Bastard last week on Raw, they would’ve helped him retain last night had he been willing to take their help, and tonight, they could’ve prevented Finlay from getting the better of him. Benjamin is set to reply, when Booker T and Elijah Burke step into the picture, with Booker telling The brotherhood to back off and take no for an answer. Mark Henry then looks set to take matters into his hands, but Theodore urges him to stay put. Henry grunts, as Long chucks a business card at Benjamin, and tells him the offer is still there.

Further backstage, we catch a fight mid way, with Lita and Trish cat fighting on the floor, pulling hair, and pulling no punches, as they scratch and claw at each other, whilst officials and women wrestlers diffuse the situation. As the two are pulled apart, an irate Eric Bischoff enters the picture, and tells the two women that he wants this all to end next week, because they will face off, one on one in a strap match, and the loser will have her contract ripped up and terminated!!!

After a commercial, The Hurricane takes on Rob Conway. In a short contest, The Con Man pulls out the victory, nailing a below par Hurricane with the Ego Trip, for the 3 count. After the match, Conway leaves the ring, and Hurricane seems to get angered, following another defeat. The Hurricane then leaves the ring, and slowly takes off his mask, looks at it, and shakes his head, before handing the mask to a child in the front row, and ruffles the kids hair, before smiling, and walks up the ramp, his head bowed down, but there is a glint of a smile from him, almost in relief.

Backstage, we see CM Punk nodding in approval, watching a monitor of The Hurricane getting rid of his mask.

The World Champion then enters the fray, along with Tyson Tomko, and joins J.R and Coach on commentary for the main event, to determine his next contender. Meanwhile, J.R and Coach hype up next weeks show, as one of the biggest this year, listing the No DQ match between Kennedy and Edge, Strap Match between Trish and Lita, World Title match, and now from Eric Bischoff, a battle royal to determine the next contender to the World Title, which takes Captain Charisma by surprise, who comments “Looks like I’ll earn my keep this month”.

As John Cena makes an entrance for the main event, RANDY ORTON ATTACKS HIM FROM BEHIND!!!! Orton rips Cena apart, looking for revenge from last nights officiating, where Cena cost Randy the World title. Orton bloodies Cena from a deadly chair shot, before capping off the beating, WITH AN RKO THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE!!!!!

Cena is helped to the back during a commercial, leaving the main event down to Mysterio and Dinsmore for the title shot next week. The two men put on a decent showing, with Dinsmore not seeming to be affected by the main event spot he has been thrust into tonight. Deep into the contest, with the end now in sight, we see a bloody JOHN CENA make his way back down the ramp. Cena explodes into action, finding a sudden adrenaline rush, but soon, the beating he withstood earlier takes its toll, and Cena collapses as he gets Dinsmore up for the FU. Dinsmore then tries to take advantage of the passed out Cena, but from behind, Mysterio dropkicks Dinsmore into the ropes, and follows up with the 619!!!!
Mysterio is set to leap onto the ropes, when he spots the hulking figure of Brock Lesnar at the top of the ramp. Mysterio thinks for a moment about the presence of his rival, before deciding to forget about him, and then looks for the West Coast Pop, but Dinsmore has recovered, and catches him AND PLANTS MYSTERIO WITH A POWERBOMB!!!! Dinsmore hooks the leg tightly, capitalizing on a move he could never normally deliver, 1...2...3!!!! DINSMORE WINS!!!!

The shocked fans watch on, as Nick Dinsmore earns himself a world title opportunity next week on Raw. Lesnar claps, and smiles at the top of the ramp, with his presence putting off Rey long enough to allow him to lose, before he leaves the scene. Dinsmore is hoisted into the air by an arriving Flair and Cade, onto their shoulders, as Christian stands on his chair at ringside, hoisting the title belt aloft, showing no fear of his challenger next week on Raw.



June 29th; Biloxi:

Once again, Smackdown kicks off with a big action packed match, worthy of a main event slot, with Paul London & Batista teaming up to take on Triple H & Kurt Angle in a tag team opener. It’s a terrific action packed match with nothing being held back, with a strange dynamic between HHH and Batista, with The Game avoiding The Animal, but covering it up as a respect thing, rather than fear. However, as the end of the match nears, and the action breaks down, The Games cowardice costs him, as he backs off from Batista, again saying he didn’t want to fight a friend, but from behind, London rolls up HHH, 1...2...3!!!!

LONDON WINS AGAIN!!!!! The Game has been beaten once more, and as he bounces up from the shock loss, he thinks about attacking The Golden Boy, before having second thoughts, seeing Batista standing in front of him, and leaves the ring instead, whilst Angle is furious with HHH, with Triple H costing him another win. In the ring, London and Batista shake hands, congratulating each other on their win tonight, on the final Thursday Night Smackdown.

Following a commercial, Josh Mathews interviews JBL. Layfield wonders out loud what more he has to do now for a title shot, after pinning the world champion as clean as a whistle last week. JBL asks Mathews that question, with Josh shrugging his shoulders, not sure why he hasn’t been given the title shot yet.

A final vignette airs, hyping the debut of The Highlanders next week on the first edition of Friday Night Smackdown.

Next, the Cruiserweight Title is on the line, as Kid Kash is given his rematch for the title against the leader of the Mexicools, Juvi. Juvi once again defeats the notorious K-I-D with help of The Mexicools, but after the match as a 3 on 1 beating ensues, CHAVO GUERRERO makes the save for Kash, beating off Juvi, Super Crazy and Psicosis with a chair. Kash then tries to shake hands with Chavo, but the Guerrero refuses to shake once again, still insisting he is out on his own.

Backstage, AMW are preparing for their tag title match up next, talking over strategy, when The Dudleys enter. Bubba and D’ Von wish Harris and Storm luck in the match, and may the best team win - as long as it isn’t the Spirit Squad. AMW agree, before they wrap up the meeting with Storm commenting “I’m just sorry bout their damn luck”, to which D’ Von replies “Testify”.

The triple threat tag title match is up next, with Kenny and Mitch of the Spirit Squad taking the reigns tonight, facing the challenge of both AMW and The Dudley Boys. Once again though, The Spirit Squad hang on to the title belts, with AMW and The Dudleys cancelling each other out, which allows Kenny to hit his beautiful top rope leg drop on D’ Von, whilst Bubba fights out on the outside with AMW, and Kenny scores the 1...2...3!!!

Immediately after a commercial break, TRIPLE H enters the arena, giving us a second glimpse of The Game tonight. HHH wastes no time in getting to the point, and immediately calls out Paul London, saying he is sick of the little runt. London answers the call, but doesn’t get a chance to speak, as an irate Triple H immediately lays down a challenge - NEXT WEEK ON FRIDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN - LAST MAN STANDING!!!! The Game stands and laughs, expecting London to show fear, but instead, The Golden Boy replies immediately with an emphatic HELL YEAH, accepting the challenge. In the ring, HHH looks taken aback by the attitude of London, the fearless London, with The Golden Boy taunting The Game, as Triple H yells the game ends for London next week.

After another commercial, The Chief of JBLs staff, Jamie Noble, takes on The Rock. The Bashams are sent from ringside early on, and the lack of outside interference makes it that much easier for The Rock to overcome Noble, finishing him off with the Rock Bottom for the three count. As The Rock celebrates though, JBL enters the stage. Layfield again goes on about being unsure what exactly he needs to do for a title shot, so he wants to beat everything in his path to make sure he gets it. JBL then issues a challenge to The Rock to face him next week on Smackdown - in a Bullrope Match. The Peoples Champion, fearless as ever, accepts the challenge, before the two exchange a brief war of words, with The Rock getting the better of that duel, leaving JBL to end the showdown with the words ‘you can have the last word, but I’ll have the last laugh’.

Backstage, in the deepest darkest area, we see Kane preparing for tonights main event, when he challenges Benoit for the title.

We then cut to another lonely area in the arena, and see Chris Jericho, pacing back and forth, back and forth, whispering to himself, almost in a trance like state as we fade back out, into a commercial.

Following the commercial, we see Charlie Haas at ringside, sitting in on commentary, ahead of the upcoming triple threat match to determine the #1 Contender to his title at the Great American Bash.

Matt Hardy defeats Brent Albright and Chris Masters in the triple threat match, earning his title shot next month on PPV, beating Masters with the Twist of Fate, much to the chagrin of the champion, and the two share a long stare from the commentary desk and the ring, with the rematch now set for July 23rd.

Backstage, we see Chris Benoit prepare for the main event, which is just moments away.

At ringside, Michael Cole and Tazz hype the changeover to Friday nights starting next week on Smackdown, with the bumper line up already set.

Kane challenges Chris Benoit for the WWE Championship, and in an average match up, Benoit overcomes the 7 foot monster, BY SUBMISSION!!! Benoit makes the monster tap out, after what seems like an eternity in the Crippler Crossface. During the match, Benoit is forced to use the ropes in order to save himself after taking a Chokeslam, with Kane having thought he had won.

Afterwards, Benoit celebrates in the ring, once again doing the impossible to remain champion, as Kane slowly regains his footing, having nearly passed out before tapping, when Chris Jericho bursts into the ring, wielding a steel chair, striking Benoit, knocking him to the outside with a ferocious shot, before battering Kane with the weapon, yelling all the while “You’ve been sent to test me!!”, and other similar sentences directed at Kane, as the show ends with Jericho standing over a broken down Kane, with a deranged look on his face.



Heat Results:

CM Punk defeated Orlando Jordan

Victoria defeated Gail Kim

Val Venis defeated Simon Dean

Garrison Cade defeated Rhyno


Velocity Results:

The Basham Brothers defeated Two Local Jobbers

Bobby Lashley defeated Mark Jindrak

Super Crazy & Psichosis defeated Tajiri & Brian Kendrick

Charlie Haas defeated William Regal in a Non Title Match



Raw: July 3rd: Sacramento:

Opening Video

In the ring, already are a number of superstars, awaiting the opening match.

**BOOYAKA** Rey Mysterio bursts onto the stage to a deafening ovation from the fans in attendance.

Jim Ross: Are you ready for what promises to be the most action packed edition of Monday Night Raw in recent memory. The World Heavyweight Championship is to be defended, A loser leaves Raw strap match, a No Disqualification Match, and as you can see by the crowd in the ring right now, an over the top rope battle royal to determine the NEXT contender to the World Title next week on Raw. Calling the action, is The Coach, and myself, Jim Ross.

The Coach: If there is any better way to kick us into gear before Independence Day, I’d like to see it J.R. Lets not forget, Mick Foley will also be here tonight, perhaps to answer the questions as to why he’s been sitting in the crowd these last few weeks.

Jim Ross: It’s one of those special feelings Coach. You can feel the electricity in the air tonight on Monday Night Raw. So much to look forward to tonight, lets get this ball rolling!!!

We already see a great deal of superstars in the ring, awaiting some of the bigger names for this opening battle royal…

**BURN IN MY LIGHT** Randy Orton steps onto the stage, making his way to the ring for another shot at the title, following his loss at Unforgiven.

**HERE COMES THE PAIN** Brock Lesnar, looking like he’s chewing on a wasp, strides down the ramp, looking focused on gaining revenge on Mysterio.

**H-B-K** Shawn Michaels enters the arena to an iconic ovation, and salutes the fans for their support, as he walks to the ring, while we cut to Cade and Flair in the ring, keeping their eyes on HBK, and talking amongst each other.

Michaels gets into the ring, but doesn’t let off pyro, with too many in the ring already, when we hear someone clearing their throat. Attention diverts to Bischoff on the titan tron…

Eric Bischoff: Excuse me.

Heat from the fans.

Eric Bischoff: Last week, Shawn Michaels, you came to me with a plea. You wanted me to grant you a rematch with that man right there, Garrison Cade. Well right now, it looks like you have your wish…

Michaels nods, and mouth ‘Damn straight’

Eric Bischoff: Unfortunately, it is my duty to inform you, it isn’t. Because, before you are given a rematch with Garrison Cade, Shawn Michaels, you need to pass a test.

HBK screws his face up, as the fans give heat.

Eric Bischoff: And that test begins … tonight … right … now. It’s simple Shawn, basically, to prove how badly you want this rematch with Garrison Cade, you will be prohibited from TOUCHING Cade.

Heat from the fans, whilst Michaels cant help but smile, given the ridiculous request.

Eric Bischoff: May the best man win.

Bischoff fades from the titan tron, as the bell rings.

1st Match: #1 Contenders Battle Royal:

Antonio, Brock Lesnar, Carlito, Finlay, Garrison Cade, Gene Snitsky, Kenzo Suzuki, Mercury, Nitro, Randy Orton, Rene Dupree, Rey Mysterio, Rhyno, Ric Flair, Rob Conway, Romeo, Shawn Michaels, Simon Dean, Tyson Tomko, Val Venis


1. Shawn Michaels by Garrison Cade via being unable to defend himself @ 00:11
2 & 3. Antonio & Romeo by Brock Lesnar via double clothesline @ 00:26
4. Kenzo Suzuki by Carlito via dropkick @ 01:13
5. Simon Dean by Tyson Tomko via big boot @ 03:19
6. Tyson Tomko by Garrison Cade and Ric Flair via throw over top rope @ 03:23
{7. Rob Conway eliminated during commercial by Rhyno}
8. Val Venis by Brock Lesnar via F5 over top rope @ 09:49
9. Gene Snitsky by Randy Orton via low bridge @ 10:13

Orton begins to dominate the contest, with a series of RKO’s. Suddenly though, JOHN CENA bursts down the ramp, sprinting into the ring, ripping Orton apart, gaining revenge for last weeks screw job of Orton to Cena. Cena drags Orton to the outside, and decimates The Career Killer, busting him open with the ring bell, before throwing the lifeless Orton back into the ring, having done enough damage to Randy tonight.

10. Randy Orton by Finlay via dumping over top rope @ 12:19
11. Rhyno by MNM via double clothesline @ 12:29
12. Ric Flair by MNM via double back drop @ 12:45
13 & 14. Mercury & Nitro by Carlito & Rey Mysterio via double low bridge @ 13:01
15. Rene Dupree by Brock Lesnar via press slam to floor @ 13:39
16. Brock Lesnar by Rey Mysterio via head scissors counter @ 15:10
17. Rey Mysterio by Finlay via Brock Lesnar distraction @ 15:27
18. Garrison Cade by Carlito via clothesline over top rope @ 15:58

During this final few minutes, The Little Bastard makes an appearance, and saves Finlay from elimination, letting one of his feet land on his back at on point to save the match, and then later distracts Carlito, before getting kicked by CCC, taking him out of the equation.

19. Carlito by Finlay via hip toss over top rope @ 19:00

Winner: AND #1 Contender Next Week - Finlay @ 19:00

The Intercontinental Champion now sets up a Champion vs. Champion match next week on Raw, with a date against the winner of tonights main event.


We return from the commercial with clips from the Battle Royal, highlighting the main talking points with J.R and Coach talking;

- Shawn Michaels being eliminated in the opening minute by Cade.
- John Cena gaining revenge on Randy Orton for last weeks screw job.
- Rey Mysterio getting another one up on Lesnar, eliminating the behemoth.
- Lesnar distracting Mysterio right after, costing Rey the match.
- Finlay finally winning the match, last eliminating Carlito, who was moments away from ending his losing streak.

Backstage now, we see Eric Bischoff sitting in his office, looking over some papers, when EDGE bursts into the room. Bischoff immediately jumps out of his seat, as Edge slams his briefcase onto the desk.

Edge: Have we got some sort of problem Eric?? Huh??

Eric looks puzzled, and prepares to respond, but Edge butts in.

Edge: No, no, just shut up. Last week, you overlooked me. ME for a chance at being the Number One Contender. And again, just earlier tonight, you overlooked ME, Mister God Damn Money in the Bank!!!! I’m getting sick of being overlooked every time an opportunity comes along. What’s wrong with picking Edge??

Eric shakes his head, and responds.

Eric Bischoff: Don’t you see?? Don’t you understand??

Eric looks down at the briefcase, and pats it.

Eric Bischoff: This IS your title shot. It’s the reason you don’t have to compete in Battle Royals to earn the right. Anytime until WrestleMania you can have the title shot. When?? Your call. Where?? Your decision. Your future rests in your hands. Lets overlook the fact that I gave you the second chance at Money in the Bank anyway, shall we?? I’ve done enough for you already Edge, I’m not giving you anymore favours. You want a title shot tonight?? Go for it. You want it next week?? You got it. Right there.

Eric slams his hand on the case again.

Edge: No. No way. The time isn’t right. I’m not cashing in until I’m ready.

Bischoff then begins to smile

Eric Bischoff: Well unfortunately for you Edge, as long as you’re on Raw, you’ll not be seeing any World Title opportunities until you cash the Money in the Bank in. Understood??

Edge then pushes Erics hands off the case, and pulls it back off the table. Edge, looking irate, stares at Bischoff, who continues to smiles.

Eric Bischoff: Like it … or lump it Edge.

Edge snarls, looking ready to snap, before responding.

Edge: You might just regret it Eric. I’m the best thing going on this joke of a show.

Edge then storms out of the office, as we cut away.

Back at ringside…

Jim Ross: An interesting exchange to say the least between Edge and Eric Bischoff, and lets not forget, Edge will be in action tonight, taking on Mister Kennedy, the King of the Ring in a No Disqualification match.

The Coach: Absolutely J.R. High intensity still to come tonight.

Jim Ross: Not only that, but a World Title match is on the way, as is the arrival of Mick Foley.

The Coach: Now what does that washed up, fat oaf want on this hippest show on earth??

Jim Ross: He’s a legend Coach. Not that you’d know anything about that. Folks, in just a few minutes, a Raw contract WILL be terminated. After six years in the WWE, either Trish Stratus or Lita will be fired from this show, as they collide in a strap match. Their long running rivalry will come to a head, and this, is how it all came about…

Video Package plays, hyping the upcoming strap match, and the history between Trish and Lita, over their years in the WWE.

**TIME TO ROCK AND ROLL** Trish Stratus enters the arena to an excellent pop, with the fans behind the Toronto native, ahead of this possible final match.


We return with Lita in the ring now, as the referee begins to apply the strap to each of their wrists.

2nd Match: Strap Match - {Victory via touching all four corners or pinfall}
Trish Stratus vs. Lita
High energy, decent womens match up. Neither holds anything back, with both going right at it from the get go. They play into the rules of the match well, with both near falls, and the touching of corners coming into play to add as much drama as possible, and the strap plays an integral part too, as Trish yanks it whilst Lita goes for the Moonsault, pulling her off the top, and Lita hooks part of the strap behind Trish’ legs as she sets up for the Stratusfaction, tripping her before she can bounce into the ropes for leverage.
As the end of the match nears, Lita touches two corners, before Trish tries to save herself going for the Chick Kick, but Lita ducks under, and comes back with the Twist of Fate!!! She goes for the cover, 1...2...FOOT ON THE ROPE!!! Lita then quickly gets back up, and sees Trish still down, and decides to take the win by touching the four corners. She gets one, two, as Trish begins to pull herself up, before Lita touches a third. Lita then looks to hit the final corner to end Trish’ career, but as she reaches out … TRISH YANKS THE STRAP … AND YANKS LITA INTO HER DIRECTION … CHICK KICK!!!! Stratus lands onto the fallen Lita, and the count is made, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Trish Stratus @ 09:57
The Arco Arena comes alive, as Trish ends Lita’s reign in the WWE, after over six years, keeping her own career in tact, in arguably one of the best womens matches in a long, long time.

Jim Ross: ITS OVER!!!! Trish Stratus has done it!!! She has defeated Lita, and as a result, her contract has been TERMINATED!!!!

The Coach: I don’t know what to think J.R!!! I’m happy that we keep one hot chick on Raw, but damn, we’re losing one too!!!

Jim Ross: Raw just wasn’t big enough for the both of them Coach, and as a result … Lita is GONE!!!

Trish leaves the ring, ecstatic to still have her job, whilst Lita is on her knees in the ring, coming to terms with the consequences of her loss.


We return with quick highlights from during the break, where Lita cried up the ramp, with the fans showing their respects … chanting “Na na na na … na na na na … hey hey hey … GOODBYE!!”

Backstage, now, CM Punk stands in front of the camera, ready to speak.

CM Punk: Recently, since I’ve debuted on Raw, I’ve been enjoying success. Currently, I’m undefeated. So now … I’m opening up the floor. Anyone that wants a shot at the new kid … come along. Regardless of size, skill, religion, or even gender, I’m up for the challenge.

Punk then grins, and rubs his chin.

CM Punk: But, that’s right. I almost forgot. You’ll need to bring someone with you. Because from this day forward, you don’t just face CM Punk … you face me AND my tag team partner … Gregory Helms.

Helms then enters the picture, and shakes hands with Punk.

Gregory Helms: Over the past month or so, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking … I’ve been pondering my future. And thanks to CM Punk, I found my future. I’ve found my goals and I’ve found my targets. I’ve been introduced to the culture of Straight Edge … and I love it.

Punk nods in the background.

Gregory Helms: To all the fans of The Hurricane … I apologise if I’ve let you down … but trust me … if I’ve lost your support?? I will earn it back through my performances in the ring … as ME GREGORY Helms.

Helms nods, as Punk takes centre stage again.

CM Punk: So Ladies and Gentlemen … or maybe more importantly the tag teams of Raw … the gauntlet has been laid down … starting next week on Raw, Straight Edge is taking over the tag team division. The challenge to you, is to stop us.

Elsewhere, Shawn Michaels is seen walking along the corridor, obviously frustrated, and eventually stops at Bischoffs office, knocking and entering.

Shawn Michaels: Alright Eric. Nice little sneaky announcement earlier. Games done now?? Do I get my rematch with Cade??

Eric Bischoff: Not quite.

Shawn Michaels: The hell?? Whaddya mean not quite?? I passed your stupid little test. Just gimme my rematch.

Eric Bischoff: Y’know, I don’t really like your tone Shawn. A little respect would be nice.

Shawn Michaels: Oh yeah?? Well you might just get it if you treated your talent with a little bit of respect too.

Eric Bischoff: Alright, alright. Tonight?? That was just phase ONE of your test.

Shawn Michaels: Phase … one??

Eric Bischoff: Yeah … phase one. And next week … will be phase two.

Shawn Michaels: And … would you care to tell me what “phase two” is exactly??

Bischoff leans back in his chair, and ponders, before devilishly smiling, and speaks.

Eric Bischoff: No.

HBK chuckles, and rubs his face, before pointing at Eric

Shawn Michaels: You sir … are an ass.

HBK walks out of the room, slamming the door on his way out, whilst we see Eric sitting back, still grinning, and talks to himself.

Eric Bischoff: I know.

We then return to the arena, with everything quiet until…

**HAVE A NICE DAY** Mick Foleys familiar theme hits in the arena, with Sacramento on it’s feet for the former 3 time WWE Champion, who walks out to a tremendous atmosphere from the fans.

Jim Ross: And here he is!!!! The Hardcore Legend, Mick Foley is live on Raw!!! We’ll hear from the former WWE Champion, when we come back in just a few moments time, don’t go away!!!


We return from the commercial, with Mick Foley soaking up the fans ovation, just as he is ready to speak.

Mick Foley: What a beautiful summer. And there is no better place to spend a great summers evening, than RIGHT HERE IN SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA!!!

Cheap Pop. Foley smiles, and gives his thumbs up.

Mick Foley: But I’m not here tonight to make pleasantries, as you, the fans have rightfully asked for, and now been granted an explanation for my appearances in recent weeks.

Foley looks around, nodding at the fans, with some nodding too, in agreement.

Mick Foley: Because you, the fans, don’t deserve to be lied to. You’re all intelligent people, and most of you are smart enough to realise that I’m not here simply to get that live experience of a WWE show, although, it is highly recommended.

Foley gives another thumb up, winking at the camera.

Mick Foley: No, there is more than meets the eye to my recent visits. And my latest project is well and truly in the works now, and it began last month when I made a surprise appearance on Raw, and watched the show, like one of you … the fans.

Couple of random cheers.

Mick Foley: Now, admittedly, at the time, I didn’t have a target set out, and I was attending just to get back that feeling of being live. But as the night wore on, I became more and more … concerned. I was concerned with each and every one of you.

Foley points to the crowd, and moves around the ring, pointing to each side of the arena.

Mick Foley: Because being part of the fans, I got a distinct feeling you weren’t as into the show as you used to be in years gone by.

Foley takes a moment, with the arena almost silent.

Mick Foley: And on that night in South Carolina, I made a decision, I set myself a goal, and that was to bring the wrestling back to the fans!!!

Slight pop from the confused fans.

Mick Foley: I know, I know, I’m not the General Manager, I’m not in a position of power, but where there is a will … there IS a way. In the coming months I will become the voice of the people, I will become the fans spokesperson to make every single one of you happy … entertained … content … respected … and overall, I want to make sure you all get what you want out of Monday Night Raw, and the WWE!!!

Better pop, but many fans still seem to be confused with his actions.

Mick Foley: So right here, right now, there is a seat waiting for me in section C, row eleven, seat four, and I intend on watching the rest of tonights show, just like one of you, because like every one of you, I am a wrestling fan. Have a nice day!!!

**HAVE A NICE DAY** Foleys music hits again, and the Hardcore legend rolls out of the ring, and gets over the barricade, with a security guard pointing him in the direction of his seat.

Jim Ross: Short and sweet then Coach??

The Coach: Short?? Yes, thankfully. Sweet?? You gotta be kidding!!! And what the hell is that goof doing anyway?? We’ve got a hotter show here on Mondays than we’ve had in years!!! It doesn’t need to be like the ‘old days’.

Jim Ross: Well, as much admiration I have for Mick, I have to question his motives for this plan. As you rightfully said Coach, business is booming. The WWE as a whole is selling out arenas worldwide, Pay Per View revenue is constantly rising … the fans appear to be happy already with the product.

The Coach: Finally we agree on something!!! That Mick Foley took too many shots to the cranium if you ask me.

Jim Ross: I’m not passing any judgement just yet. Never judge someone of Mick Foleys class.

**AINT NO STOPPING ME NOW** The easily recognisable music of Shelton Benjamin booms into the arena, with the fans on their feet again for the former Intercontinental Champion.

Jim Ross: But back to the in ring action folks, and it’ll be Shelton Benjamin, teaming up with the latest team to band on Raw, the veteran, Booker T, and his young prospect, Elijah Burke, and they’ll face a tremendous task against the solid unit of The Brotherhood, in a six man tag team match up.

The Coach: My boys The Brotherhood!!! I was talking to T-Lo earlier, that’s what I call Theodore Long by the way J.R, and he told me that The Brotherhood has lost all patience with Shelton Benjamin, and tonight, he’s going to feel their wrath.

Jim Ross: T-Lo??

The Coach: Yeah, but that’s only me allowed to say that - not you.

**CAN YOU DIG IT?? SUCKA!!** Booker T and Elijah Burke step onto the stage, looking full of confidence, with Burke already carrying himself like a pro, with J.R commenting that Booker has been a great influence on the newcomer.

**MAC MILITANT** The Brotherhood enter the arena, with Henry, OJ and Mack dressed for combat, with a serious looking Theodore Long leads the troops, with no jiving or smiling tonight, whilst Jazz brings up the rear.


3rd Match: Six Person Tag Match:
Shelton Benjamin, Booker T & Elijah Burke vs. The Brotherhood {Jordan, Mack, Mark Henry}
Joined in progress, with everyone looking high in intensity, providing plenty of energy. The faces clean house early on, with the heel group on the back foot, as Benjamin, as always, is the main highlight reel, although Elijah Burke shows signs of promise too, with some great athleticism. All three men of the face team get a chance to show their attributes as they dominate the early going, whilst Mack, Orlando and even Mark Henry struggle to come to terms with the opponents. The worm turns though, when the numbers of The Brotherhood makes a big difference, as Jazz trips the leg of Burke, and allows the Worlds Strongest Man to squash the rookie onto the mat with a thunderous clothesline.
J.R and Coach note on commentary that Elijah made a rookie mistake, and it could cost his team dear. Now, with the power of Mark Henry driving them forward, the heel group take control of proceedings, and dismantle Burke, but in the process of the beating, Elijah shows plenty of spirit, refusing to give in, and looks to have the fans backing, as they chant his name to will him on. Burke continues to show his grit, kicking out of a spinning elbow from the top rope, courtesy of Jordan, and surviving a devastating bear hug from the tree like arms of Mark Henry.
Burke somehow fights out of the bear hug, and starts to look like he’s found a second wind, before Henry takes him out of the game again, thanks to an assist from Long, who throws his shoe in the ring to distract Elijah momentarily. This then leads to the big splash, and a cover, but Booker and Benjamin have seen enough, and stop the count, taking exception to Theodore and his interference, as we see Benjamin hurl the shoe back at the leader of the heel faction.
The Brotherhood take full control again, but look to be getting desperate, and start to resort to more heel tactics, which has Benjamin and Booker ready to snap, but in the end, they play The Brotherhood at their own game, and as Rodney Mack runs to the ropes, but as he does, Booker T smartly LOW BRIDGES THE ROPES AND MACK TUMBLES OVER!!!!! Immediately, The Brotherhood go nuts, and try to surround the referee, complaining at the cheating, with the referee quickly admonishing Booker for his blatant cheap shot, but this gives Burke a chance to recover, and as the commotion dies down, Elijah is back up, and dropkicks Henry from behind, sending him tangling into the ropes, whilst he catches Jordan with a forearm to the jaw, and leaps to his corner, TAGGING IN BOOKER T!!!!!
Booker charges in, and fired up, taking The Brotherhood apart, landing big shots to Henry, unable to defend himself, caught in the ropes, before crashing into Orlando with a side kick, knocking him down. Mack now charges into the ring, but Booker spots him, and catches him quickly … BOOK END!!!!! Booker covers, 1...2...LONG PULLS THE REFEREE OUT!!!!! And with that, chaos ensues!!! Benjamin and Burke get back into action, as everyone gets involved, with Jazz even getting caught up in the brawl, but ends up getting caught in a mix up with Mark Henry, who accidentally knocks her off the apron. After this, he is distracted by the mishap, allowing Booker to topple him over the top rope. Booker then knocks down Rodney Mack again, and nods to Benjamin, before doing the ever popular spin-a-roonie, but as he gets back up BENJAMIN GRIPS BOOKER … T-BONE SLAM!!!!! Benjamin smiles, and drags Mack onto Booker, whilst a overjoyed Teddy Long rolls the referee back in, 1...2...3!!!
Winners: The Brotherhood @ 11:43
BENJAMIN TURNS HEEL!!! Quickly, Theodore Long gets into the ring, and hugs his new recruit, whilst OJ quickly joins them, with hugs all around. Elijah Burke though is furious, and jumps at Benjamin, taking the turncoat down, but just as quickly, Jordan, Long, and even Mack and Henry are in to take care of him, with Mark Henry nailing the Worlds Strongest Slam, driving Burke into the canvas. Now, Jazz joins the group in the ring, as the now SIX person group stand together, raising their hands in unison, much to the dismay of the fans.


We return with highlights of the last match, and Shelton Benjamins heel turn, joining The Brotherhood, with J.R furious, and Coach over the moon, calling this the biggest alliance in wrestling history, obviously ignoring the N.W.O, DX, Four Horsemen etc.

Backstage now, Todd Grisham is standing by with The Horsemen.

Todd Grisham: My guests, at this time, The Horsemen. Tonight, gentlemen, is the moment of truth. Nick Dinsmore, you have the opportunity to bring gold to the camp, and it doesn’t get ANY bigger than the World Heavyweight Championship. Is this the evening when The Horsemen live up to that name, and earn a place on the pedestal alongside the golden age of the Four Horsemen.

Ric Flair rips the mic away, and begins to yell.

Ric Flair: DON’T DARE POINDEXTER!!! DON’T YOU DARE TRY AND COMPARE THIS GENERATION OF THE HORSEMEN WITH myself, and Double A, Ole, Tully. It’s a new generation, and it’s a new vision, with old tradition. Tonight jack, this wrestler … this technically gifted wrestler … will bring back all that is good to this SPORT. Nicholas Dinsmore … THE PRODIGY … will bring wrestling to a new era, and take a World Championship lacking in meaning, and will give that illustrious title a meaning that it should NEVER EVER have lost. WOOOOO!!!!!

Nick Dinsmore now takes centre stage, much more calm and relaxed than Flair.

Nick Dinsmore: The Nature Boy is right. It’s unfair to compare past generations of The Horsemen. It’s not about comparisons, it’s about expectations. And the expectations are simple. Success. No failure. That is what WE have been taught. it’s what WE have drummed into us, day upon day, week upon week. Our mission is clear, and that is to rule Raw … and rule the WWE. But to have the power, we need gold first. And not just any gold. THE gold. It’s been our mission from day one, and as a group, we’re stopping at NOTHING to get it. We pushed Hulk Hogan and Mick Foley to the side. Shawn Michaels is on our leash. Kane isn’t even on Raw anymore because of us … and tonight … tonight, it all-

Dinsmore stops, spotting someone … and the man walks into the picture … the World Heavyweight Champion, CHRISTIAN, with Tyson Tomko in the wings.

Christian: Very nice stuff. Really enjoyed it. Settle a bet though guys … Tomko and I … we’ve been arguing. You see, I think it took you three days to learn that speech, but Tyson here, he’s pushing for four. Whose right??

Flair tries to take a swing at Christian, but Dinsmore and Cade stop him, whilst Christian smiles.

Christian: Uh oh, Ric forgot his pills again.

Nick Dinsmore: Laugh it up Champ. Tell all the jokes you want. Better start perfecting that act, because when I finish with you tonight, all you’ll be good for is stand up comedy.

Christian raises his eyebrow, and ponders for a moment.

Christian: It’s a shame. It’s a shame ‘Nick’, that we cant be friends. What, with my “comedy” and you’re incredible impersonations, we’d be worldwide phenomenon. But then, there’s two problems with that, isn’t there?? First, you do a far better act as Eugene opposed to pretending to be normal … and secondly … I’m already a worldwide phenomenon. You?? You wouldn’t be fit to carry any former Horsemens jock … including Mongo. Then again, you probably already know that. But if you didn’t know?? NOW you know.

Christian brushes off the title belt, and backs off, whilst The Horsemen stand, breathing hard, infuriated by the comments, as we fade out.

Smackdown rebound - followed by a quick hype video for this weeks Friday Night Smackdown, with a special attraction match from Raw, as yet TBA.

Back into the arena.

**METALINGUS** Edge trots out, onto the stage, carrying his MITB briefcase, moment away from a No DQ match up.

Jim Ross: The Rated ‘R’ Superstar looks ready to chomp at the bit Coach. It’s a chance for redemption for Edge, following what he referred to as a humiliating loss at Unforgiven, to the King of the Ring, Mister Kennedy. I for one, believe that Kennedy has earned the respect of the upper echelon, and if Edge doesn’t give the credit where it’s due, he may end up regretting it.


We return, with Kennedy finishing his announcing at the top of the ramp, before pacing down the ramp, but is met by Edge, and the brawl begins on the steel ramp.

Edge vs. Mister Kennedy
Hard fought contest, with Kennedy equal to Edge in every department. Neither man takes a full advantage, with the opponent refusing to take a beating at any stage. Both men brawl into the crowd, in an entertaining exchange, with Kennedy throwing popcorn at Edge, and dunking the empty carton over Edges head, before knocking him down. Kennedy then grabs a drink, and pours it down the Rated ‘R’ Superstars pants, to a big pop.
Finally, the two men make it to the ring, but Edge has now got the upper hand momentarily, scoring a near fall from this period with the Buzz Killer. Soon after, Kennedy reverses a whip, knocking Edge down, before gaining a near fall himself from a reverse neck breaker. The actions spills to the outside, with the two men brawling around ringside, slamming each others heads into various pieces, including the announce table, timekeepers desk, steel steps, barrier and the ring apron, with the ebb and flow constantly switching back and forth. Again, they get back inside, with Edge missing a Spear, and then Kennedy tries to take advantage of that with a suplex, before looking to nail the Kenton Bomb, but Edge rolls out of the way!!!
The Rated ‘R’ Superstar rolls to the outside, and grabs the legs of his opponent, ramming him, jewels first into the ring post, with the excruciating pain etched on the King of the Rings face. Edge looks to do the same again, but Kennedy this time, kicks his legs forward, and that sends Edge into the barrier, not expecting the sudden jolt. Kennedy takes a moment to recover, and rolls out too, ramming Edge into the barrier, then delivers a side suplex onto the paper thin mats. Now, Mister Kennedy grabs Edge by the legs, and looks around for a second, before catapulting Mr. MITB into the steel ringpost.
Now though, straight after the impact, there appears to be an unsure moment for Kennedy, as he takes a look to the referee, who quickly drops down to Edge, and it appears Edge has been knocked out cold, and not for a storyline purpose. Kennedy takes a walk for a moment, trying to buy time, thinking of how to continue the match, as the camera moves away from Edge. Kennedy walks all the way around the ring, and comes back, where we now see Edge sitting up, but looks like he is seeing stars from the ringpost shot. The referee has a quick word with Kennedy, trying not to break character, and Kennedy drags Edge up, rolling him inside the ring, before grabbing the MITB briefcase, and steps back inside. He pushes Edge into the corner, and chokes him for a moment, trying to say something to him, before mounting his opponent, performing the face friendly ten punch at the ropes spot, with the fans chanting along. After nine though … EDGE DROPS KENNEDY INTO THE RING POST!!!!! Kennedy hit’s the post, and staggers out of the corner, as Edge picks up the case … SMASHING IT AGAINST THE SKULL OF KENNEDY!!!! Edge makes a weak cover, after a fairly weak briefcase shot, with Kennedy down, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Edge @ 09:22
Edge wins, but looks to be definitely at least suffering a concussion. He has his arm raised by the referee, as J.R and Coach discuss this win for Edge, and begin to wonder how long it will be before he cashes in his title shot, before cutting to an impromptu commercial, with trainers in the ring, tending to Edge, as he staggers up the ramp.


We return, with Umaga and Armando Estrada stood in the ring, awaiting an opponent for the Samoan Wrecking Ball.

5th Match:
Umaga vs. Stevie Richards
A quick impromptu match, given that Umaga was part of the Heat tapings earlier in the evening prior to the live show, with the last match likely being cut short due to the real injury sustained by Edge. Umaga destroys Richards in impressive fashion, with no real offence from the former ECW star, and anything from him is completely no sold. Umaga takes him apart, finishing the glorified jobber with the Samoan Spike to the throat, with the referee not even making the count, instead, calling for the bell.
Winner: Umaga @ 01:56
Umaga takes his tally to 2-0 officially (technically 3-0 counting Heat, but that has yet to be shown), with Armando holding his arm in the air, looking extremely pleased with his client and his impressive start to life on Raw.

We then cut to the crowd, and see Mick Foley sat, taking notes, whilst fans around him wave, trying to get their ugly mug on screen.

Jim Ross: The Raw locker room better take notice of this Samoan destruction device, because Umaga means big business here on Raw. Nobody is laughing at Armando Estrada anymore. And we are looking now at Mick Foley, in the crowd, taking this project very seriously is seems.

The Coach: Since when could Foley write??

Jim Ross: He’s a best selling author … you do the math Coach.

We now go backstage, and see highlights of the John Cena - Randy Orton incident earlier in the night, where Cena gained revenge for the attack last week, bloodying Orton, before we cut backstage, where Kelly Kelly is standing by with a blood soaked Orton, watching the incident over the monitor.

Kelly Kelly: Randy??

Orton jolts around, glaring at Kelly, blood dried on his face, looking furious.

Randy Orton: What?? What do you want??

Kelly Kelly: I was umm, just hoping to get your err, thoughts, or comments on what happened earlier tonight, when John Cena cost you a title match next week??

Randy Orton: Next week?? Kelly, next week, I’m drawing the line. I’m finishing this whole ordeal with Cena next week. Look at me, LOOK AT ME!!!

Orton gets right up at Kelly, almost touching her face with his blood soaked cheek.

Randy Orton: Nobody, gets away with screwing me over. I’ve let this whole issue drag on way too long. And next week, John Cena is gonna pay. I’m calling him out next week, and I’ll not be waiting until 10pm, or 11, as soon as we hit the air, I’m hitting the ring, and I intend on killing John Cenas career … if he has the guts to face me.

Orton slams his fists on the table, before storming off, leaving Kelly to look a little uneasy, and gulps.

Back into the arena…

**I’M BACK** The General Manager of Raw, Eric Bischoff makes a surprise appearance late in the show. Bischoff stays at the top of the ramp, with the mic already in his hand.

Eric Bischoff: Tonight, has been the very best edition of Raw in 2006, if I don’t say so myself.

Heat for the over inflated ego of Eric Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff: But as good as tonights been in Sacramento, next week, I have to double the entertainment for next week in Tampa.

Heat for the kind of knock on Sacramento, implying he prefers Tampa.

Eric Bischoff: So next week, lets see, we’ve just heard that Randy Orton will call out John Cena.

Mixed Response.

Eric Bischoff: And we also know two other things set for next week. Shawn Michaels will be met with phase two of The Horsemens plan for him to earn a rematch with Garrison Cade. And we also know that the Intercontinental Champion, Finlay will take on the winner of tonights main event for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Little response.

Eric Bischoff: But there is one more announcement, and it concerns … Summer Slam.

Pop from the fans.

Eric Bischoff: And next week, we will find out just who the Number One Contender for the World Heavyweight Title will be on August 20th, because in that ring, you will see Brock Lesnar go one on one … with Rey Mysterio!!!!

Pop from the fans again.

Eric Bischoff: And lets not forget, the mastermind behind next weeks incredible line up … ME!!!

Bischoff gives that big grin of his, as he chuckles a little, soaking up the heat from the fans, as he leaves the stage, having just delivered a huge line up for next weeks Raw. J.R and Coach quickly discuss the block buster line up, before…

**WILD HORSES** Nick Dinsmore enters the arena, looking slightly nervous now, as the realisation of this upcoming opportunity sets in, as we head into a commercial break - the last of the night.


We return with the arena quiet, awaiting the arrival of the World Champion, as Dinsmore jumps up and down, with Flair barking advice, as Cade stands by the ringside area too.

**JUST CLOSE YOUR EYES** The Arco Arena comes alive, as the main attraction enters the arena, with Tyson Tomko joining as back up for him.

Christian w/ Tyson Tomko vs. Nick Dinsmore w/ Ric Flair & Garrison Cade
It’s a slow start, with a feeling out process between the two, which drags, and the fans become restless. Slowly, they begin to turn up the heat, with Christian spinning out of a headlock, and performing a hip toss, which shakes Dinsmore, who decides to take a walk. With Flair giving constant advice, Dinsmore takes up to the count of eight to get back in, with Christian playing to the fans, laying on the top rope in the corner, folding his arms in frustration, looking at an imaginary watch.
Eventually, The Prodigy gets back in, and ties up with Christian once more, but goes low with a knee to the gut, looking to take any short cut for leverage. He whips the champion off the ropes, but Christian comes back with a flying shoulder block, as the match finally gets interesting. From here the pace picks up, with Captain Charisma lighting the chest of his opponent with knife edge chops, taunting Flair with a WOO each time, much to the chagrin of The Nature Boy, who throws off his jacket, and jumps onto the apron, but jolts back down, with Christian shouting WOOO right into his face, to a pop.
On the outside, Tomko picks up Flairs jacket, and puts it on, although it’s a little small for him, with Flair losing his cool again, telling Tomko to give the jacket back, but Tyson refuses. In the ring, Christian is in control, but as events on the outside between Flair and Tomko escalate, the referee is distracted, which allows the wildcard, Garrison Cade to make a mark, as he chucks the title belt to Dinsmore, who clocks Christian immediately, seeing a golden opportunity!!!! Dinsmore throws the evidence away, and hooks the leg tightly, hoping to create history, 1...2...CHRISTIAN KICKS OUT!!! Despite the kick out, it doesn’t set Dinsmore back, as he now takes control, and begins to stamp his authority on Captain Charisma.
Dinsmore targets the head area now of Christian, looking to take Captain Charisma out of the equation, ramming the back of his head into the ring post on the outside, and stamps on the head on the outside too. Dinsmore drives his knees into the face of the grounded Captain Charisma, and scores a plethora of near falls, as Christian starts to look worse and worse for wear as the match goes on. Eventually, Dinsmore applies a sleeper, which appeared to be the whole set up anyway, with Christian looking extremely vulnerable. With the champion fading, the fans begin to drum up support for their favourite, as Tomko of all people (still wearing the jacket), slams the apron, to fire the fans into firing up Christian. Surprisingly, we don’t get the hand dropping spot, as it is first time that Christian fires up, as he begins to feed off the fans, and elbows at the sternum of his opponent, breaking the hold, but as he runs off the ropes, he comes back into a dropkick from the challenger, who immediately covers, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!
As the over run kicks in, Dinsmore verges on getting disqualified, choking Christian at the ropes, but breaks on three occasions at the count of four. Then, as he walks away, Flair or Cade will further beat on Christian whilst the referee has his back turned. Now, The Prodigy looks to apply his signature submission hold, the Texas Cloverleaf, but as he grabs the legs of Captain Charisma, Christian quickly counters, and cradles the challenger, taking him by surprise, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Dinsmore shoots up, and looks to get back on Christian, but Captain Charisma begins to fight back, from his knees, taking it to Dinsmore, fighting to his feet, as the fans roar the champion on. Christian nails a missile dropkick for a two count, and scores with a reverse backbreaker, for another near fall, with the challenger now just hanging on for the match. Then, Christian catches Dinsmore with a reverse DDT, as Flair and Cade go spare, feeling the match slipping away from them. Christian climbs the ropes, looking to nail the Frog Splash, but Cade quickly jumps up, trying to grab the leg to stop him, but Tomko drags him off, leaving Christian to fly … BUT FLAIR DRAGS DINSMORE AWAY!!!
Christian rolls around, feeling his ribs, as Flair tells Dinsmore to get on him, and The Prodigy gets a roll up, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!! Dinsmore rolls around in frustration, having came agonisingly close to a title win. The Prodigy gets back to his feet, and charges at Christian, but the champion elbows him away, then looks to follow up with a clothesline, but DINSMORE MOVES … AND CHRISTIAN NAILS THE REFEREE!!!! Almost instantly, Dinsmore LOW BLOWS Christian. The Champion drops to his knees, as Flair slides the ring bell into the ring, but Tomko now steps in, and stops Dinsmore from using it. Flair gets into the ring, and chops Tomko, but the Problem Solver no sells it, before flooring Flair with a right hand. Tyson then struts around the ring, mocking Flair (badly) BUT GETS STRUCK WITH THE RING BELL BY DINSMORE!!!!! Garrison Cade steps into the ring, and the odds now heavily favour Dinsmore, as the two stomp Christian down … BUT … THE FANS THEN COME ALIVE … AS SHAWN MICHAELS SPRINTS DOWN THE AISLE AND SLIDES INTO THE RING!!!!
Garrison Cade spins around, and at first jumps a little, but then, smiles, and tells HBK he cant touch him if he want a rematch. HBK puts his head down, as if he is contemplating what to do, then shrugs … AND DELIVERS SWEET CHIN MUSIC TO NICK DINSMORE!!!!! HBK looks back at Cade now, and shrugs, before leaving the ring, with Cade furious, almost ready to go after him, shouting to HBK as Shawn backs up the ramp, smiling cockily. Back in the ring, Christian is up, and drags Flair up too, throwing him at Cade, with the pair of them falling to the floor, leaving Christian with Dinsmore. Captain Charisma drags up the lifeless Dinsmore, as the referee begins to recover, and he turns The Prodigy over … UNPRETTIER!!!! The champion makes the cover, as the referee slowly, slowly, brutally slowly makes the count, 1 … … … 2 … … … 3!!!!!!!!!!
Winner: Christian @ 16:20
The champion retains in a sensational closing moments, with HBK the unlikely hero to save the day, and help Christian retain the title. Captain Charisma celebrates in the ring, as Tomko recovers to put him on his shoulder, as they celebrate the defence, whilst The Horsemen help Dinsmore stagger up the ramp, having came agonisingly close to causing a major upset this evening.

They look back one final time, as Christian holds the belt aloft, with the trio shaking their heads in disgust, whilst J.R and Coach hype next weeks show, with Christian defending the title again against the I.C Champion, Finlay, as we go off the air.



Friday Night Smackdown:
July 7th; Los Angeles:

The first edition of FRIDAY night Smackdown kicks off with a bang, as WWE Champion, Chris Benoit faces the United States Champion, Charlie Haas.

As you’d expect, it’s an excellent technical encounter, but not as long as most Benoit matches in recent months, although it does have the same result, with the WWE Champion scoring victory via the Crippler Crossface submission @ 10:19, despite a mammoth effort from his opponent, in a great opener.

Now, backstage, Josh Mathews interviews Triple H. The Game talks up his last man standing encounter with Paul London later tonight, and vows to end The Golden Boy once and for all tonight. Then, just as he is set to walk off, Kurt Angle stops him, and they go face to face. Angle talks quickly and to the point warning HHH “If you don’t finish London tonight … I will”, before pushing past and storming on.

Following a commercial, The Highlanders make their WWE debut, taking on The Basham Brothers of The Cabinet. It’s a winning debut for Robbie and Rory, defeating Danny and Doug @ 05:02, as we see The Spirit Squad watch intently backstage as the newcomers get off to a good start.

After the Raw Rebound airs, Paul Heyman appears on the screen. He talks about tonights history making event, before making it his intention to do the same at the Great American Bash, and promptly signs a Chris Jericho vs. Kane match up, and then adds to the Charlie Haas vs. Matt Hardy U.S Title match … making it a LADDER MATCH.

Backstage, Batista wishes Paul London luck ahead of his Last Man Standing Match coming up shortly.

Then, once another commercial break has played out, it is time for the Last Man Standing Match. Both men go right for it, holding nothing back. After an early flurry from London, putting The Game down for a 4, 5, and 6 count including an arm drag from the top rope, Triple H begins to take over, with London getting over zealous, running into the steel steps with HHH moving out of the way. The Game turns it up a notch now, ramming London through the steps, before taking The Golden Boy up the ramp, slamming him onto the steel ramp, and even looks for a Pedigree, but London fights out of it, but cant over turn the momentum of Triple H, who stays on top, taking London apart, getting him back inside the ring.
The match is broken up over a commercial break, but little changes when we return, as Triple H remains in control, with us rejoining the contest amidst a six count, with London just about reaching a vertical base by the count of seven. We now see that London has been busted open, and a replay shows The Game nailing London with the ring bell moments ago. Still though, Triple H is in the driving seat, and rattles London back down with a clothesline, but doesn’t settle for a count, and instead, drags London up, delivering a wicked spine buster, trying to ensure victory now. London looks in deep trouble, as the count reaches six, he has yet to move, but suddenly, at seven, The Golden Boy shows signs of life, as the fans get anxious, with London frantically trying to summon the energy to grab the ropes, and pull himself up, eventually doing so JUST beating the ten count.
Immediately, The Game is on London, and pounds him down in the corner, venting his anger, before whipping London off the ropes, and applies a sleeper hold, looking to take away the final piece of life from London. Londons arm drops three times, and this makes Triple H confident that he has done enough. The Game lets the referee count out the bloodied London, but as he reaches six, London begins to move again, setting The Game off in a rage. HHH instantly rolls out of the ring, and grabs a steel chair … and another steel chair!!! He gets back inside, and stomps London back down, setting one chair on the mat, and holds one himself. He then gets set to give his opponent the famous one man conchairto, but as he goes for it, LONDON NIPS UP!!! Triple H smashes the chair into the other chair, hurting his hand at the same time!!!!
Triple H walks around the ring, still holding the chair, but as he turns around LONDON CATCHES HIM WITH A DROPSAULT SENDING THE CHAIR INTO HIS FACE BUSTING THE GAME WIDE OPEN!!!!! Triple H stay down long enough for a count to be issued, but as he walks back to London, The Golden Boy connects with a hurricanrana, with HHH eventually landing his back onto the grounded steel chair as the Staples Centre goes berserk. London now climbs the ropes, and looks for the 450 Splash on HHH, who is still laying on the chair. But as he soars through the air … TRIPLE H MOVES!!!!! London crashes into the chair, and lays flat on the mat, as the referee begins to issue a count, whilst a bloody Triple H regains his footing, just about still in control of his senses. The count reaches eight, as London finally moves, but The Game doesn’t bother waiting for London to beat the referees count, and drags him up instead, looking for a Pedigree, but London backdrops out of it, surviving the deadly move once more!!!
The Game hit’s the steel chair, and as he tries to get back up, London nails him with a Tornado DDT ONTO THE CHAIR!!! The Game somehow survives the count, breaking it at NINE, as London tries to put the setback behind him. He piles the pressure on HHH, throwing everything he has, with Triple H on dream street, unable to live with the fire being shown by London. Eventually, London puts The Game down with a spinning heel kick, serving as a set up for a 450 Splash again, and THIS TIME CONNECTS!!!!! London begins to believe victory is surely his, as the count continues, whilst Triple H is unable to answer a count. But once again, HHH somehow makes it to his feet, answering the count at nine, but as soon as he does, London catches him with an arm drag, and goes up top again himself, but as he looks to fly off for a cross body on a now crouching Triple H, The Game throws one of the chairs at the airborne London!!!! The Golden Boy crashes dramatically, as Triple H manages to drag him back up, and delivers a thunderous Pedigree onto the second chair, surely ending the match, and it eventually does, with London unable to even try and answer the count, as Triple H stays on his feet thanks to the ropes, winning this amazing contest @ 25:13.

Charles Robinson raises the hand of the crimson masked victor, with Triple H staggering out of the ring, with a trainer helping him up the ramp, unable to fully go with his own power. Meanwhile, London has yet to move, as trainers tend to him in the ring, as we go to another commercial. Then, the show returns, with London being helped to his feet, barely able to move, when we see Kurt Angle charge into the ring, pushing the medical team away, and proceeds to pound down Paul London savagely, beating the battered cruiserweight down in a disgusting attack. Quickly, referees and officials drag Angle away, as London lays on the blood soaked canvas, looking glassy eyed, whilst the crazed Olympian is dragged off.

Backstage, JBL approaches Paul Heyman, who rolls his eyes on the sighting of the leader of The Cabinet. However, before Layfield can even mutter a word, Heyman cuts him off, and tells JBL if he is here to campaign for a title match, to save it. This infuriates Layfield, and immediately, JBL goes off on a tangent…
“This is an absolutely disgrace Paul. This is an absolute travesty. I, John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield, have done more for Smackdown, more for the WWE, more for America than any other human alive in the past year. I’ve raised the economy of this country, by representing all fifty states, east coast, west coast, as their United States Champion for nine months. I’ve beaten everyone there is to beat, from former champions, to veterans, to legends, to the next generation, including the current WWE Champion, and my opponent this evening. I demand satisfaction, or I will go above your head, and I will get on speed dial to Mr. McMahon himself, if you do not reward me with what I deserve.”
Heyman smiles, and asks if JBL is done, before telling Layfield that he told him to save the speech, because he was about to tell him he would challenge Chris Benoit on July 23rd, at the Great American Bash. The announcement brings a wide smile from the new #1 Contender, who nods in approval, as Heyman walks off.

Next up, we have the Raw Attraction Match, with Christian set to team up with Rey Mysterio to take on their opponents this coming Monday, Finlay and Brock Lesnar, and as the introductions of the two faces takes place, we head into a commercial, returning with the match joined in progress. It’s a short match, with all four men getting quick bursts in the contest, with no prolonged heel beat down, but once Finlay and Lesnar begin to play dirty with illegal double team attacks on Mysterio, Christian loses his cool, and sparks a brawl. The four men go at it, with Rey and Christian working well, and Christian sends Lesnar into the ropes, allowing Mysterio to deliver the 619, but then, Christian spots the Little Bastard running off with the World Championship, and steps out of the ring to cut him off, but as he does, Finlay jumps onto the apron with the Shillelagh, smashing it off the skull of Mysterio before he can go airborne. He falls into the ring, and is easy picking for Lesnar, who scores with the F5, which allows the legal man, Finlay to make the cover, and Brock stops Christian from breaking the count, 1...2...3!!!!! It’s a surprise win for the #1 Contender, serving as a huge blow to Mysterio @ 07:29.

We then get an update on Paul London from Steve Romero, who has been taken to hospital as a precaution following his beating tonight, whilst Triple H will be going to the local medical facility later tonight for stitches.

Chris Jericho then makes his way to the ring for the Highlight Reel, which we join after another commercial break. Jericho briefly talks about ending The Undertakers career, and then tells the fans that Kanes arrival on Smackdown wasn’t just a coincidence, it was fate. Jericho then describes it is his mission to end the Brothers of Destruction, once and for all, and at the Great American Bash, he vows to do just that, which serves as his reason for attacking Kane last week. Jericho begins to ramble a little about his mission that has been sent to him, when…


Kane walks down the ramp, focusing on Jericho. Jericho however, refuses to budge, and awaits Kane, striking the first blow!!! Kane though weathers the storm of Jericho, and dominates Y2J, throwing him into the set of the Highlight Reel, completely dismantling the set, leaving Jericho a mess, with an exclamation point of a Chokeslam, sending a message to his GAB opponent.

Backstage, Maria looks for some comments from Charlie Haas regarding his United States Championship Match at the Great American Bash. Haas says very little, but makes it known he sees it as favouritism towards Hardy, but he’ll prove why he is the Champion at the Bash, by beating Matt Hardy at his own game, outside of his own comfort zone.

We then get more in ring action, with Juvi defending his Cruiserweight Championship against Brian Kendrick, with Cole and Tazz mentioning that outside interference has been banned for this match. That though doesn’t stop Juvi from his cheating ways though, which eventually lead to him retaining in a short but breakneck speed match up, rolling Kendrick up with a handful of tights to score the three count @ 05:48 to keep the title.
After the match, Juvi nails Kendrick with the title belt, beating down the beaten challenger, but this only sparks a run in from Chavo Guerrero, who takes exception to Juvi, and tackles the CW Champion down, but Juvi bails quickly, not wanting to take anything that Chavo has to offer.

Following a commercial, Josh Matthews is standing by with The Rock. Rock quickly mocks the selection process which has seen JBL become #1 Contender, and compares him challenging Chris Benoit to something like Jenna Jameson challenging Julia Roberts for Best Actress at the Oscars, or Tiger Ali Singh battling it out with Tiger Woods for the Masters in Golf. The Rock then states it’s gonna look pretty damn bad for Smackdown when it’s #1 Contender is humiliated, and beaten in his own type of match by a guy that has ONLY won 10 world titles.

Further backstage, we see an irate JBL watching the interview, taking the scathing words of The Rock to heart, looking ready to explode.

The entrances then take place for the main event, before we go into the final commercial of the evening, ahead of the highly anticipated match up.

We re-join the show, with the bullrope being applied, and as soon as The Rock has his end applied, JBL kick starts the match, yanking him by surprise, and booting him down. JBL controls the early going, with the match almost resembling a squash match, with The Rock getting NO offence at all, having to survive everything that JBL has to throw at him. Layfield chokes The Rock with the rope on several occasions, blitzing The Peoples Champion. Near falls come from a big boot, running shoulder block, Fall Away Slam, Swinging Neckbreaker, and side suplex. Somehow The Rock survives, but as yet, is unable to impose himself on the determined, focused Layfield, who has been in stunning form tonight.
JBL takes The Rock to the outside, and continues to dominate, but now, The Rock finally musters a comeback, with the fans solidly behind The Rock, as the match comes back into the ring, with The Rock finally making a match of it, with a couple of near falls from a DDT, and a Samoan Drop. Then, The Rock nails a spine buster, as set up for the Peoples Elbow, but as he goes for it … JBL MOVES!!! Layfield now takes full control again, and this time, it’s for good, as a brutal beat down of The Great One ensues. Layfield busts The Rock open with the cow bell, and nails The Rock with not one, not two, but three clotheslines from hell.
The Rock is out on his feet, bloodied, battered, worse for wear, as JBL refuses to end the beating, crazed, and determined to prove he is worthy of #1 Contender status, as the destruction continues. Briefly, The Rock attempts a comeback, and even goes for a desperation Rock Bottom, but JBL easily shrugs it off, and boots The Rock to the outside, where he suplexes The Rock through the announce table. The referee tries to talk JBL into ending the match, but Layfield refuses to listen, and takes The Rock back inside, and chokes him out with the rope, eventually forcing the official to take matters into his own hands, and calls for the bell, awarding the match to Layfield via stoppage @ 14:11.
Even The Cabinet, who now show at ringside, urge JBL to leave, with the damage now done to The Rock, and eventually, Layfield agrees. He gets set to leave the ring, then stops, turns back, and delivers a final Clothesline from Hell, adding a further exclamation point to The Rock, before leaving the ring, with his hands, face and body covered with blood - The Rocks blood, as we go off the air, with the fans eerily silent, with referees and medical staff looking to tend to The Rock.


Official Card for WWE Great American Bash
23rd July 2006
Phillips Arena, Atlanta, Georgia
Event Music:
Not Determined

WWE Championship Match:
Chris Benoit vs. John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield

WWE United States Championship;
Ladder Match:
Charlie Haas vs. Matt Hardy

Grudge Match:
Chris Jericho vs. Kane


Heat Results:

Tyson Tomko defeated Rob Conway

CM Punk defeated Simon Dean

Umaga defeated a local jobber

Alexis Laree defeated Victoria and Molly Holly to retain the Womens Championship


Velocity Results:

Chris Harris defeated Mitch

Kid Kash & Tajiri defeated Psichosis & Super Crazy

Bobby Lashley defeated a local jobber

Matt Hardy, Brent Albright & Hardcore Holly defeated Luther Reigns, Mark Jindrak & Chris Masters


Raw: July 10th; Tampa:

Opening Video

No Pyro, instead, we immediately go to…


Jim Ross: You can say what you want about him folks, I know I have, but Randy Orton is a man of his word, for sure. Last week, he promised to open the show, as soon as he possibly could in an attempt to call out John Cena, and Coach, there he is.

The Coach: Orton didn’t even wait for the pyro to go off J.R!!! And think about it, he’s had a full week to calm himself in this situation, but if anything, he’s probably became even more agitated and anxious. This is a potentially very potentially, volatile situation.

Orton storms down the aisle, not even setting off his own pyro, as he wears his Career Killer shirt, tracksuit bottoms and trainers.

Jim Ross: Neither Orton or Cena are scheduled to compete tonight, but we have two enormous matches set, which will determine the Raw main event at Summer Slam tonight. The Number One Contender will be decided, as will the champion going to August 20th. But we’ll have more on that situation later in the show.

Now, The Career Killer gets inside the ring, and picks up a mic inside already, being left for him. The music dies down, with Orton not even waiting for the fans to go quiet.

Randy Orton: J-


The Ice Palace erupts, as John Cena steps through the curtain, looking just as serious, just as furious as Orton, not playing to the fans, not full of energy, but full of pent up aggression.

Jim Ross: Mind games from Cena perhaps?? He didn’t even give Orton a chance to call him out here.

The Coach: Duck and cover J.R … duck and cover. I don’t like this situation … at all.

Cena walks down the aisle, and stands at the ring for a moment, before stomping up the steps, and through the ropes.

Cena and Orton quickly walk right into each other in the centre of the ring, as the music dies down, with Orton and Cena head to head. They stand face to face for a second, the calm before the storm, AS ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE!!!!!

Cena and Orton both swing for each other, and the brawl is on!!! The two men put everything they have behind each and every shot, trading blows, before Orton begins to get the best of it, only for Cena to come back and take charge, beating Randy to the punch, backing him into the corner … but Orton comes back with a knee to the gut. Cena backs away, and Orton grabs him, throwing Cena out of the ring, to the floor.

The Career Killer follows out, but as he drops down, Cena tackles Orton to the ground, and wails on his enemy, landing blows to the head as this brawl gets out of control. Cena whips Orton into the steel steps, and stomps Randy, before ramming him into the barrier, and looks to drag Orton to the announce table, but Randy elbows free, and starts throwing shots at Cena, with Cena getting caught more times than not, before Cena fires back, and the two go blow for blow, until Orton side steps Cena, and shoves him into the ring post, following up with a thudding clothesline, knocking Cena down.

Orton drags Cena up, and slams his head on the announce table, but the Dr. of Thuganomics turns the tables, and slams his nemesis into the table instead. Orton now punches free, and the two start violently trading blows again, before both fall to the floor. They both quickly scramble to their feet, with Orton grabbing the ring bell, and Cena taking a monitor. Then, they both swing around for the other, AND THEY CONNECT WITH EACH OTHER!!!!!

Both men collapse to the floor, feeling the full force of the blows taken, as a few referees run down the aisle to take care of both men. Quickly, they try and help Cena and Orton up, and get both men to their feet, but once they’ve got the two men back up, Cena lunges at Orton AND THE BRAWL IS BACK ON!!!!

Worse for wear following the double weapon shot, both men have less power in their shots, and we see Eric Bischoff at the top of the ramp, actually instructing the officials TO LET THEM FIGHT!!! The sadistic smile on Bischoffs face seeing the two beat lumps out of each other spells greed for ratings, as the officials take the orders, whilst Cena and Orton fight to their feet, and into the crowd!!!!

Again, the two foes go punch for punch through the sea of fans, and at one point, Cena has Orton on his shoulders, looking to hit the FU, but Orton punches free, before they disappear through an exit.

And re-appear backstage now with a different camera shot, as they begin to slam each others heads off wooden tables, walls, ramming each other into the walls, doors, and anything they can find. Orton charges Cena through a door, and begins to pound him on the ground, but Cena, obviously running on adrenaline, fights back, despite being put through a door moments ago.

He fights back to his feet, and throws Randy into a table, with Orton hurting his ribs, but as Cena comes back at him, Orton tries to play possum, looking hurt, but swings a pipe, with Cena just about ducking in time to miss it. Cena then tackles Orton, and dumps him through the set up table!!!!! Cena chokes Orton, mouthing at him, before getting back to his feet, and grabbing a chair, looking to slam it against the grounded Orton, but Randy rolls out of the way.

Cena then looks to swing again, but Orton moves again, AND CENA SMASHES A WINDOW WITH THE CHAIR!!! He turns around, met by Orton, and Randy strikes Cena hard, knocking the chair from Cenas hand, and Orton takes Cena back out of the room, as they begin to fight through the corridors again, through officials, other wrestlers and other random workers, with some of them even taking a few missed shots, with Orton and Cena ducking and moving at times.

The fight continues all through the corridors, with both men bleeding, from the forehead, and mouth, both having their shirts ripped and pulled apart, with the momentum constantly switching, and eventually, the two men make it around a good section, and end up back on the stage!!!! Cena is in charge at this point, and slams Orton on the steel, but looks to follow up with an elbow, and Orton moves, leaving Cena to hit steel. The Career Kill gets to his feet, and tries to throw Cena off the edge, but Cena fights back, and looks to throw Orton off now, but Randy stops Cena, and the two go blow for blow, with one wrong move likely to end in disaster. Orton misses a shot, and Cena hoists Orton onto his shoulders, teasing an FU off the stage … but as he goes for it … ORTON TRIES TO COUNTER WITH AN RKO … AND BOTH GO OFF THE STAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tampa goes insane, as Orton and Cena crash through the set up flooring off the stage, and a ‘Holy Shit’ chant erupts, as EMT crew rush to the scene as we fade to a commercial.


We return with live coverage of both Cena and Orton being loaded onto stretchers, with the medics audible in saying certain quotes, such as “watch their neck”, and “don’t make any sudden movements”, as J.R and Coach put on their best ‘serious’ voices, talking about Cena and Orton crossing the line tonight, risking their careers over this issue, with both men discussing if there is anyway they can ever resolve it, or even if they will ever recover. The two men are wheeled away, as we finally get some in ring action…

**PAPARAZZI** MNM enter to make their first official title defence, with this being a rematch from Unforgiven.

1st Match: World Tag Team Championships Match:
MNM w/ Melina vs. AFA
Short uneventful match, with Ron Simmons barely featuring again, only to make a hot tag, and display some of his remaining power, before falling foul of the younger duo, who overcome the former champions, knocking Rico out of the ring, before finishing off Simmons with the Snapshot, scoring a 1...2...3!!!
Winners: MNM @ 03:03
For the second time, MNM cleanly defeat the declining former champions, which puts a nail in the coffin of the popular AFA, with them now likely to disappear for good following this obligatory rematch.

Quickly, we go to the parking lot, and catch up with Cena and Orton being placed into separate ambulances, with some concerned faces in the crowd being shown too, whilst J.R and Coach tell us the two are being taken to a local medical facility, and once they receive any updates, they’ll let the fans know.


* And at this point, the material ends. I’ll briefly recap from here, but I’ll be leaving a few details out from Raw, as I want to reveal all the Summerslam matches through previews only. *

The Brotherhood help Shelton Benjamin defeat Booker T as the heel turn is complete for Shelton. They overcome the former 5 Time Champion, and his protégé, Elijah Burke, who stands no chance trying to eliminate the odds on the outside.

HBK is told of stage two of his test to gain a rematch with Garrison Cade - he must officiate a match next week between Cade and former partner, Marty Jannetty, in a match where Cade CANNOT be disqualified.

Mick Foley is spotted again in the crowd, taking notes, with his odd behaviour being picked up on more by our commentary team.

Umaga squashes Val Venis

Straight Edge continue their promising start as a team, defeating Kenzo Suzuki and Rene Dupree - the last time Suzuki would be seen in the thread, as he would be given his release days later.

On Carlitos Cabana, Edge makes a startling announcement that he will be moving to SMACKDOWN!!! He cites the fact that Bischoff was discriminating against him for the fact he held MITB. Edge was given a ‘send off’ from Raw by Mr. Kennedy and Carlito, who sang a duet of ‘NA NA NA NA … NA NA NA NA … HEY HEY HEY … GOODBYE’. The question though on the lips of all on Raw?? Who would trade in the opposite direction??

I’m not giving away the results of the World Title Match and the #1 Contenders Match. Sorry for the wait :P.


The Cabinet open Smackdown in the ring, with JBL issuing a stark warning to the WWE Champion, heading into the Great American Bash, using The Rock as an example of what happens to people to stand in his way. He talks up his accomplishments, and says it is only fitting that a Great American will be triumphant at the Great American Bash.

The Highlanders take on The Mexicools. The newcomers win, despite outside interference, which is equalised by the run in from Chavo Guerrero, allowing the two Scots to win.

An update on The Rock is given, suggesting that The Great One may never be given the clearance medically to wrestle ever again.

Triple H talks in the ring, taking his time, and makes his title aspirations clear, after finally overcoming Paul London last week. Later in the show, The Game comes face to face with his vanquished foe, but instead of rubbing salt into the wounds, HHH offers London a handshake, congratulating him on pushing him all the way. Then, as London walks away - HE IS ATTACKED BY KURT ANGLE!!!!! Angle continues his own grudge with London, but is ran off by the unlikely save by Triple H for London.

Batista accepts the Masterlock Challenge, but Chris Masters makes his excuses and tries to worm out of it, before attacking The Animal, only for Batista to be more than ready for him, sending Masters out of the ring.

Chris Benoit defeats JBLs Chief of Staff, Jamie Noble.

Chris Jericho is interviewed on the prospect of facing Kane at GAB. Jericho mutters inconsistently throughout, talking about adding to his legacy by finishing off both Brothers of Destruction.

In a six man tag match, Matt Hardy, along with AMW defeats U.S Champion, Charlie Haas, Luther Reigns and Mark Jindrak, with Hardy pinning Haas.

Edge debuts on Smackdown, to obvious heat. Mister Money in the Bank discusses his recent injury, which will keep him out of action for at least another two weeks, but says that once he is free of his injury it’ll be a matter of time before he cashes in on his contract and becomes WWE Champion for the first time.

Backstage, Paul Heyman announces TWO more matches for the Great American Bash, adding Juvi vs. Chavo for the CW Championship, and a match between Kurt Angle and Paul London.

In the main event, Kurt Angle defeats Kane, thanks to interference from Chris Jericho. Paul London though, makes the surprise save for The Big Red Machine, as Angle and Jericho bail to end the show, staring back at their opponents for the PPV in just 9 days time.


For the purposes of giving nothing away regarding Summerslam, I’ll be missing out on a few big nuggets of information on this recap of Raw.

The July 17th Raw kicked off with a bang, as the Smackdown arrival to Raw would be revealed … AS TRIPLE H!!!!! Given such a big name switching shows, the fans responded with a huge pop, regardless of Triple H’s standing. The Game kicked off with a bang on his new, old home, running straight through Simon Dean in an impressive performance, with HHH playing to the fans reaction after the match, soaking up a positive response for once.

Once again, Mick Foley was spotted in the crowd, watching the show intently.

Backstage, GM Eric Bischoff welcomed Triple H to Raw, and offers The Game anything he wants. Triple H immediately responds as you’d expect with a request for a world title shot. However, Bischoff is quick to reply that a shot at the world title is the only thing he cannot grant him … as per STRICT orders from Mr. McMahon. Rightly, Triple H is puzzled by the decision of the Chairman.

Straight Edge overcome the numbers of The Brotherhood, with Punk making Jordan tap out to the Anaconda Vice. After the match though, Straight Edge are beaten down in a 4 on 2 assault … until the intervention of Booker T and Elijah Burke!!!!! The two face tag teams run off the group, and stand tall, united against the force of the heel stable, sharing a handshake.

Now, Mick Foley comes to the ring, after weeks of just watching. Bizarrely, he turns slightly on the fans, saying that after weeks of watching, fan reactions, he wants to know that if they pay to come and see wrestling, why don’t they cheer?? If they don’t want to cheer, why not just stay home?? Foley then reiterates his goal to the fans, before trying to end on a happier note, but the fans seem quite apprehensive about responding in a positive manner, after being insulted by the Hardcore Legend.

Meanwhile, backstage, Triple H hounds Eric Bischoff for a reason behind McMahons decision. Bischoff plays dumb, and insists he has no idea why, but under no circumstance is The Game allowed a World Title shot. Triple H then loses his cool, and demands to Eric that Vince McMahon appear on Raw … next week for answers.

Again, sorry, but I’m not going into a couple of other things as it gives away Summerslam matches .


On the final Smackdown before the Great American Bash, Kurt Angle opens the show, saying that whilst Paul London proved a few weeks back that anyone can get lucky once, he wont get lucky twice, leading Angle to pose the question to London if he can accept a 2 out of 3 Fall challenge. The fearless Golden Boy of Smackdown wastes no time answering the challenge, telling Angle it’s on, and he’ll not only beat Angle, but he intends to beat him 2 to nothing.

In a six man tag match, The Mexicools cheat their way to victory over Chavo, Brian Kendrick and Tajiri, giving Juvi plenty of momentum heading into his title defence on Sunday.

Josh Matthews conducts an interview with Matt Hardy, discussing his Ladder Match at the Great American Bash with Charlie Haas. Hardy shows his fire, telling Matthews he is hell bent on beating Haas, and taking back the belt he fought so hard to win in the first place. The interview though, is abruptly interrupted by Edge. The two men engage in a showdown, with a smug Edge recalling all of Matt Hardys failings in Ladder matches, with Edge saying he has first hand experience over it. Mr. MITB then patronises Hardy, wishing him good luck, and calling him kid.

Hardy then scores a hard fought win over Chris Masters, despite Charlie Haas getting involved, until Batista acts as the equalizer, saving Hardy, as Haas and Masters catch a dose of the limber tales.

Throughout the night, JBL works through the crowd, handing out presidential type stickers, trying to drum up support in his favour. At one point though, Edge enters the arena, and catches Layfields attention, telling JBL it doesn’t matter how much support he earns, or even if he wins the title, it’ll only be for as long as Edge decides.

A tag team turmoil match is announced for Great American Bash, with the Spirit Squad to defend against; Americas Most Wanted, Basham Brothers, Dudley Boys, Highlanders, and the Mexicools.

Kane squashes Maven - which would be Mavens final appearance before being issued his release - whilst Chris Jericho watches intently on the ramp, as his GAB opponent runs through Maven.

In the main event, Chris Benoit & AMW defeat Jamie Noble & The Basham Brothers. After the match, JBL cuts a great promo, talking about how at the Great American Bash, a Great American will rescue the WWE from the clutches of Canada, and promises that Benoits ‘hometown’ will turn against the Canadian for a Great American … a true American, when he becomes WWE Champion.


Official Card for WWE Great American Bash

16th July 2006

Phillips Arena, Atlanta, Georgia

Event Music:
Disturbed, Stricken

The opening video focuses on Great Americans, and has plenty of JBL references.


Tazz and Cole open the show.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship Match:

Juvi Guerrera vs. Chavo Guerrero

Juvi retains in an excellent opener, reversing out of a Gory Bomb, and into a series of cradles and roll ups, until he gets a school boy, hooking the tights, scoring the 1...2...3

Winner: And STILL Cruiserweight Champion - Juvi @ 08:22

Juvi quickly escapes, celebrating his barely deserved win, whilst Chavo tries to convince the referee he was cheated, grabbing at his tights, as Juvi makes a getaway.

Backstage, Edge arrives, and walks straight into an interview, declaring to Josh Matthews that Tazz and Cole will have company, as he intends to be their guest co-commentator.

One on One:

Chris Masters vs. Batista

Pretty clunky, not very good match, as you’d expect. The main talking point though, is that Batista becomes the first man to BREAK THE MASTERLOCK, much to the shock of Masters, who never recovers from the set back, as Batista turns it up a notch, delivering a spinebuster, and finish The Masterpiece off with the devastating Batista Bomb, 1...2...3

Winner: Batista @ 06:01

Batista celebrates his win, as his ascendancy continues, whilst Masters looks set to disappear into the mid card.

The Spirit Squad elect the two men to represent them in the turmoil match tonight via the medium of ‘Eenie, meanie, miney, mo’. Through this process, it’s revealed that Kenny and Mitch will represent them alone this evening.

WWE Tag Team Championships;
Tag Team Turmoil Match:

Spirit Squad vs. Mexicools vs. The Dudley Boys vs. The Highlanders vs. Americas Most Wanted vs. Luther Reigns & Mark Jindrak

The Highlanders and The Bashams start things off in this tag turmoil match, with Robbie and Rory making quick work of Danny and Doug, getting The Cabinet off to a rocky start this evening.


The Dudley Boys are next in, and after a pretty rough and tumble contest with the newcomers, with both teams coming off as equals, a fatal error from Rory leads to the newcomers downfall, and is caught with the 3D, ending their hopes of tag team gold.


Super Crazy and Psichosis of the Mexicools are next, but they don’t last long against Bubba and D’ Von, who defeat the Mexicools rather convincingly, finishing them with the WASSUP!!!


AMW enter next, and waste time with a long showdown between them and The Dudleys, before going at it. The two teams put on a very exciting tag team contest within a tag team contest, for the best match within the turmoil structure, but as the match heats up, AMW fend off the 3D, and manage to finish off Bubba with the Death Sentence!!!


AMW though have no time to recuperate from the match, as Kenny and Mitch jump them quickly. Harris is beaten down, but after a substantial attack, he makes a hot tag to Storm, as AMW take over, with the Spirit Squad looking set to crumble, but in a desperate attempt, Mitch shields himself from Storm with the referee, which allows Kenny to nail Harris with a tag title belt!!! Mitch then chucks the referee out of the way, sacrificing himself to Storm, as the referee sees the cover on Harris, 1...2...3!!!


Winners: And STILL WWE Tag Team Champions - The Spirit Squad @ 20:02

The Spirit Squad quickly disappear, running for cover, having stolen another victory to keep the titles.

Josh Matthews conducts an interview with JBL, who once again tries to get the fans to turn on Benoit, telling them he is a Canadian, not a natural Atlantan.

Video Package for the upcoming match…

Grudge Match:

Chris Jericho vs. Kane

Average at best contest. Jericho plays the heel role well, but Kane is well and truly past his best. Jericho works on the back of Kane for much of the short contest, before Kane makes his comeback, but fails to connect with the Chokeslam, which he locked on, as Jericho went for the Lionsault, in a cool spot. Jericho frees himself from the clutch of Kane. He then manages to lock Kane in the Walls of Jericho, having failed twice early in the match, and despite a LONG attempt to try and reach the ropes, Kane eventually gives it in, AND TAPS OUT TO JERICHO!!!

Winner: Chris Jericho @ 09:37

Jericho adds insult to injury after the match, nailing the Breakdown to Kane, as he smiles over taking out (beating), the ‘other’ Brother of Destruction.

Charlie Haas is seen backstage, handing his title over to the referee for the upcoming Ladder match. He is then interviewed by Matthews, commenting that he feels bare without the title, and will do anything it takes to keep it.

A video package airs for the ladder match coming up…

WWE United States Championship;
Ladder Match:

Charlie Haas vs. Matt Hardy

I’d like to go into detail, but I hadnt really thought much about what I’d do in the match, so use your imagination. Sorry. The finish comes with both men exhausted, climbing the ladder, on either side, and as they reach the top trade blows, with both teetering. In the end, Hardys will is shown to be greater than the champions, and Matt Hardy knocks Haas off the top, THROUGH A TABLE BELOW!!! Before reaching for the gold, and RECAPTURES THE UNITED STATES TITLE!!!

Winner: And NEW United States Champion - MATT HARDY @ 19:28

Hardy celebrates with the title, up at the top of the ladder … but his celebrations are cut short as guest commentator EDGE gets in the ring … AND PUSHES THE LADDER OVER - SENDING HARDY CRASHING ONTO THE ROPES, AND OUT OF THE RING!!!!! Edge gloats in the ring, and holds up his briefcase, as he ruins the celebrations for the new United States Champion, and pisses off a large section of the fans. With that, Edge decides his stint on commentary is over, and he leaves the ring, and exit’s the arena.

Summerslam Video Package

Jericho celebrates backstage, and tells Smackdown GM Paul Heyman that after consideration, he has decided to SPARE Kane, being content with just making him tap, tap, tap, instead.

Heyman though, has other things on his agenda, and he makes his way to the ring, telling the fans the real life situation regarding Sabu, and him being kicked out of the WWE, which leaves Heyman no other alternative … but to reinstate Rob Van Dam with immediate effect.
RVD enters the arena to a great response, and thanks Paul for ending his suspension, before telling Heyman he’s had plenty of time to think about what he wants to do now in the WWE during his four week break … and he has his sights set on winning his first WWE Championship. Heyman smiles, but doesn’t look too happy by the news, as he shakes hands with Van Dam, before leaving the ring, and Van Dam soaks up the fans reaction.

Video Package for the 2/3 Falls Match.

2/3 Falls Match:

Paul London vs. Kurt Angle

Heck of a match. The two superstars get plenty of time to ‘tell a story’, with the first fall alone, going nearly twenty minutes. London starts out fast, and nearly catches Angle with a vast array of near falls from pins and cradles, with Kurt struggling to keep up. He eventually grounds London, and dominates the cruiserweight fr a long period, but London shows grit to survive the anklelock, AND COUNTERS A SECOND ATTEMPT INTO A CRADLE … 1...2...3!!!


Angle dominates from the get go of the second fall, taking out his frustration on London, but gets overzealous in his quest to even the score, and nearly slips to a straight fall loss, with London taking him by surprise again for a near fall. This then leads to a turnaround for London, as he begins to take control, with Kurt literally hanging on for his life. London hit’s a tornado DDT, and looks for the 450 Splash, but Angle shoots up in desperation, and arm drags him off the top, following up with an Angle Slam to tie it up at one apiece.

SECOND FALL: KURT ANGLE @ 07:11 (23:40)

Now, with the match all tied up, both men look exhausted. London, obviously from the Angle Slam, and Angle, from the energy used to get back into the match. They take their time to get up, as the match continues. It’s much slower than the opening two falls, both men weary and tired. Both make mistakes, with Angle unable to get off a Belly to Belly, and London losing his balance on the top rope, with fatigue setting in. It looks like London might just eek it out, countering another attempt at an Angle Slam into a Bulldog, before climbing the ropes… AND DELIVERS A SHOOTING STAR!!!! He has the leg hooked … 1...2...ANGLE GRABS A ROPE!!! Angle survives, with London on his feet, thinking he has won … but instead … Angle grabs his foot, tripping him down, and immediately applies the Anklelock, WITH A GRAPEVINE!!! London desperately tries to fight it, but the grapevine stops him from even gaining any leverage to make the ropes, and after a long battle, trying to survive, London TAPS OUT.


Winner: (2-1) Kurt Angle @ 29:53

Angle is jubilant in victory, surely aware of how much luck he had tonight in the final fall, to overcome the awesome Paul London. He has his hand raised, and exhaustedly leaves the ring, counting his blessings to have won his first PPV match this year, in the seventh month of the year.

Meanwhile, the beaten London is given a heroes response, despite his loss, for a terrific showing, equal to Angle for the whole match up. London salutes the fans, fully aware of their support, but looks dejected to have lost the match.

Fanatix Series Commercial

Backstage, JBL walks, as we get set for the main event.

WWE Championship V.P

WWE Championship Match:

Chris Benoit vs. John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield

I really don’t want to write a long ass or short ass recap of this. It was to be a really overbooked main event, with The Cabinet getting involved, and JBL at his heelish best, taking every short cut available, whilst trying to get the fans to turn against Benoit throughout, which they wouldn’t. Eventually, it all falls apart for The Cabinet, and Benoit beats JBL with a backslide, surprising JBL to retain the title.

Winner: And STILL WWE Champion - Chris Benoit @ 18:44

Benoit celebrates, JBL is furious. The end.

*Okay, so you might be wondering. What the fuck?? Benoit retains?? Yeah, he does. However, he went into the match with an ‘injury’, and afterwards, it was decided the injury was too bad to just wrestle through, so surgery would be the only option. Benoit relinquishes the title on the Smackdown following, never to be seen on a WWE screen again. This sets up a tournament for the WWE Championship with the finalists to meet at Summerslam.*

End of recap.

Next up - Part I of the Summerslam preview. YEAHHH!!!
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Re: Being The Booker

Your too much, you old codger.

Some really good shit throughout. I've skimmed both posts, reading most of the first in full. My plan at this point it to drop a load of comments, covering all the shyte you've posted, along with my SummerSlam predics. That way I'll have time to throw it all together, and get it up shortly after you post the entire card. Right now I'm working on my own shyte and another lengthy review for a unworthy jobber.[/Szumi]

No marks for forgetting about the Megas, as you'd have helped me out I'm sure. Don't listen to that jobber Reney either, couple posts ago, claiming not to push Finlay and Laree. What a poor, ignorant fool tbh.

Everything is looking beasty old friend. Keep it up. I'll be posting in my thread tonight, so your duty will call tommorrow.

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Re: Being The Booker

Feedback on Raw(s) and Unfogiven

The feud that has become the best and most exciting on this show lately has been the Garison Cade/Shawn Michaels. It works so well as the mentor/pupil angle. Cade's association with The Horsemen (Flair in particular} has already made him a future Main Eventer in my eyes. The last Raw before Unfogiven was awesome with Cade gaining the advantage by busting HBK up, and I thought that this might indicate that Michaels would be going over at the PPV. You push youngsters SO WELL though, and this match was a prime example. Cade gets the screwy win thanks to Flair and co. but who cares how he got the win? He just beat HBK~!!! I hope Michaels doesn't dismantle Cade for the rest of this feud. Garrision all the way

The World Heavyweight Championship feud was not too interesting leading into Unforgiven to be honest. Due to the fact he was only a Special Ref, it seemed as though you compensated for Cena by having him dominate both Christian and Orton. This was especially clear on Piper's Pit on the final Raw. As for the title match on the PPV, Christian did not come off especially strong, needing Cena's help to win and all, so no marks there, but the Orton/Cena feud is going to get one hell of a blow off match though. I can feel it.

When I saw that Rey Rey would be missing the final Raw due to the attack by Lesnar, I kind of assumed that he would be going over at the PPV. I was right, ha ha. Great counter by Mysterio to pin Brock via the F5, and I can see this feud being something like Lesnar becoming obsessed with trying to finally pin Rey. Good, subtle feud.

The Kennedy/Edge feud seems quite interesting, as it has become a kind of upper-mid card feud. I thought Edge would be in the Main Event scene by now, but it's a great way to elevate the awesome Mr. Kennedy up the ladder. I'm very, very shocked that Edge lost to Snitsky, even though KK was responsible. I hope this means nothing for Snitsky. It's great that at the PPV I didn't know who I wanted to win, and so I think you actually made the right decision with Kennedy going over. As MITB holder, Edge will be a Champion soon anyway, whereas KK needs the wins. Goos booking.

Other things of note are Finlay getting the IC belt so soon in his run. He's looked very strong in his feud with Shelton, pinning him on the last Raw and then doing it again at Unfogiven. I prefer Finlay as a loner without Hornswoggle personally, but to each his own I guess. MNM winning the tag titles is a smart move, and the ease with which they did it makes sense since the AFA are on their way out and MNM are, well, on their way in. Nick Dinsmore has been awesome ever since you pushed him and putting him over Rhyno is a smart move. Puts Dinsmore in the IC ranks again. Unforgiven was a really, really solid PPV overall though

Feedback on SmackDown!

This will be more brief since it wasn't leading to a PPV. The Main Event situation is very interesting with Benoit making The Rock tap out, which I loved. I had JBL pegged as the one who would be getting the title shot come Great American Bash, but with Rocky, Y2J {i love his kookiness} and now Kane in the picture, we could see some kind of multi-man match. I had hoped for Kane and Dinsmore to get a blow off match on Raw, but in all honesty Kane is much fresher on SD! JBL pinning Benoit pretty much guarantees him a title shot though, and I can definately see him interfering in the Kane/Benoit title match next week.

I can't believe how well Paul London is doing now. He pinned Hunter at JD, and in the two shows here he's beaten Batista and Kurt Angle. Quite amazing really. He's almost ready for a WWE title push. Triple H actually helping him out a couple of times is interesting. Possibly hinting at a future face turn for The Game? Batista/HHH has also been hinted at, which would be ... okay, but I think it would be better with 'Tista as the heel. Angle seems a little directionless though if youn ask me.

I love the U.S title scene right now as well with Matt Hardy on the hunt for Charlie Haas. Masters and Albright are basically the jobbers of the bunch, which is fine with me. I'm glad The Mexicools finally attacked Chavo. It's a nice feud for the Cruiserweight title, and I could see a possible Juvy/Chavo/Kash match in the future.

Overall this was a great read as ever, Wolfy. Your booking hasn't missed a trick since you left. I can't wait for the next few shows, GAB and the full SummerSlam PPV
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Re: Being The Booker

Same type of reviews as my last post.

Raw 6-26
~ Cena vs. Rey vs. Nick for the #1 contendership? Sounds good
~ HBK getting one over on the Horsemen was nice and this feud is getting awesome, keep it going!
~ Finlay retaining cleanly means Shelton is out of the IC picture. Carlito vs. Finlay please.
~ Kennedy vs. Edge next week in a No DQ match is looking awesome.
~ Dinsmore wins the Triple Threat?!?! Dinsmore vs. CC should be good next week and your next Raw is set to be HUGE.

Smackdown 6-29
~ London beats Triple H again! London should get a WWE Title match with all the wins he’s been getting lately.
~ Spirit Squad retaining the belts was good and I hope they continue their feud with the Dudleys.
~ Last Man Standing next week! Can’t wait to see if London’s streak continues!
~ Bullrope match between JBL and The Rock should be awesome. I hope JBL gets the win and then faces Benoit at GAB.
~ Matt Hardy vs. Haas II should be great at GAB. Loving their feud, to be honest.
~ Benoit retains by submission! Thought you might take the belt off him tonight but now Jericho takes down Benoit, making me think a multi-man match is in the works for GAB.

Raw 7-3
~ Finlay getting the title match next week was a shock and you have really been utilizing the mid-card wrestlers as of late.
~ Lita is gone! I thought Trish would lose but now we will probably have a great Trish vs. Alexis (Mickie) feud during the summer.
~ Punk and Helms would be great as heel or faces but I can see Helms screwing Punk during this short-term run together.
~ Benjamin turns heel! I never saw that coming! I can’t wait to see Shelton with The Brotherhood!
~ Edge winning was disappointing but he needed to stop his losing streak eventually. Next week’s card sounds huge and I see Lesnar beating Rey to become the #1 contender for the WHC.
~ Christian retains, setting up champ vs. champ nest week. Should be huge, can’t wait.

Smackdown 7-7
~ Benoit vs. Haas was good and glad to see Benoit win and I see him getting attacked again later tonight.
~ Y2J vs. Kane and US Title ladder match should be awesome for GAB.
~ LMS sounded ridiculous and I’m glad The Game beat London because Triple H needed a huge win, and he got it.
~ JBL vs. Benoit is huge for GAB and I think the belt finally comes home to JBL.
~ JBL beats The Rock down and may have ended his run on Smackdown! Great ending to another tremendous show.

Raw 7-10
~ Orton and Cena definitely crossed the line and falling off the stage sounded sick. Hope that they are OK to go at it as SummerSlam.
~ Edge moving to Smackdown! Finally! I thought he would do it by cashing in MITB against Benoit but I guess I was wrong.
~ Damn you for not revealing the Raw main event for SS!!

Final Raw/Smackdown comments
~ Triple H moving to Raw was huge and I hope he is built as a face, which it think you will do.
~ Weird to see the slow transformation of Foley.
~ 2 out of 3 falls for Angle and London is AMAZING.

Great American Bash 7-23
~ Juvi cheating to win was no surprise, love him as CW champ.
~ Batista needed to beat Masters and this was just a filler feud until SummerSlam.
~ Spirit Squad winning was impressive and I hope for SS vs. Dudleys in a Tables match at SummerSlam.
~ Jericho makes Kane tap? That’s twice Kane has tapped since coming to Smackdown. Jericho vs. Taker at SummerSlam please.
~ Matt wins! YES! Edge attacks after and we may see Edge vs. Matt at SummerSlam for the US title, but I hope Edge challenges for the WWE Title instead.
~ Glad to see that Angle vs. London got the most time and I like that Angle won. Hopefully we will get a rematch at SummerSlam.
~ Benoit retaining wasn’t as shocking as not seeing Edge cash in MITB. I understand why you made Benoit retain and I think that the tournament is a good idea. Benoit was an amazing wrestler and I am glad that you didn’t let his real-life actions influence how you sent him out. This was a very subtle was of having him leave with the dignity that he never lost the WWE Championship. Classy move Wolf Beast, classy move.

Can’t wait to see the SummerSlam card!


PatMan Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2007
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Re: Being The Booker

Thanks Legend and PatMan, mucho appreciated. I'll get back to you tomorrow PatMan, and I'll keep an eye out for your next show Legend .

As for anyone else, I just hope you've been following the recaps. As I said before, I wasnt really bothered about comments, bs at least bepe anyone interested in the thread has at least been following.

I was going to post the Summerslam card in three posts, but since have decided to just post it all at once, and I'll do that tomorrow. I'd have done it tonight, but I cant find where I saved it . Just as a reminder ... Summerslam will be posted *IN FULL* on March 17th.

However, for some reason, there has been a lot of interest in the PPV schedule, so to stop any more questions on that, I'll post it now (I'll post the entire 2006 schedule, just in case someone asks why such and such an event has been left out )
Anything PPV highlighted in Red = Raw, in Blue = SD, and left in Black is joint.
January 22nd - Royal Rumble - Madison Square Garden, New York, NY
No February PPV
March 26th - WrestleMania 22 - MGM Grand Gardens Arena, Las Vegas, NV
April 30th - Backlash - Key Arena, Seattle, WA
May 14th - Judgment Day - Bradley Centre, Milwaukee, WI
June 4th - Clash of the Champions - Kemper Arena, Kansas City, MO
June 25th - Unforgiven - Pepsi Centre, Denver, CO
July 23rd - Great American Bash - Phillips Arena, Atlanta, GA
All Above Have Taken Place

The remaining have yet to happen
August 20th - Summerslam - Arrowhead Pond, Anaheim, CA
September 17th - Cyber Sunday - Blue Cross Arena, Rochester, NY
October 15th - Nemesis - Mohegan Sun Arena, Uncasville, CT
November 12th - Survivor Series - Compaq Centre, Houston, TX
December 10th - Armageddon - Richmond Coliseum, Richmond, VA
January 14th - Royal Rumble - Conseco Fieldhouse, Indianapolis, IN
*February 3rd - Superbrawl - Dunkin Donuts Arena, Providence, RI* *Saturday PPV - The day before that years Superbowl. Just thought that'd be cool, and I really wanted to use Superbrawl since NB brought it back, and thought where better to do so. It's not set in stone, but I'm likely to go with it, because I like the idea of cashing in on the Superbowl*
March 18th - WrestleMania 23 - Louisiana Superdome, New Orleans, LA

So, tomorrow, look out for the Summerslam card to be posted in full. Until then, smell ya later.
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