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Tag Teaming With James Ellsworth
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Re: Being The Booker

Well i have never would of though that you would of made you re-debuet like this. Nice to have you back but now every one is returing the BTB section is really starting to come back alive!!!
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Re: Being The Booker


I knew that it was going to be the 29th of February and I knew that you would go back to booking ... BUT I NEVER EXPECTED THIS!!!!!!! I am so looking forward to SummerSlam and I still can't believe that this is back!!!! I know that you will handle the Smackdown title situation the right way and I simply can't wait to see what you have in store. Count on review every week!!



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Re: Being The Booker

Well, I did "break" the code a few weeks back, but what the hell. ITS FUCKING BACK~! I have been a fan of this thread since Judgement Day 2005, with the Elimination Chamber~! I can't wait to see what is going to happen, wow, I almost cried when I saw this. Good luck Wolfie, and it is great to see you and this thread back!!!!!!!!
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Making James Ellsworth GET MY BAGS
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Re: Being The Booker


Mark out time~1~!!!

I loved you're thread ages ago, and I KNOW it won't disappoint. Sexy code btw.

Welcome Back Bitch.
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Re: Being The Booker

The Wolf is BAAAAAAAAAAACK! Wolfy you are the biggest thing that ever hit BTB, and I am thrilled to see you're back. Especially in this thread!!

Good luck and I'll be reading.
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Re: Being The Booker

Go away you old, washed-up, decrepid old man.


Originally Posted by Andy3000
If I had multiple personalities I'd play with myself all day. I wouldn't even leave the house. I'd give my girlfriend a penny every time she correctly guessed which one of me was fondling her.
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Re: Being The Booker

I've read a few of your Pay-Per-Views and they are very amazing! I broke your code a few weeks ago and when it said 29th, i knew it had to be February 29th, cause it is a special day due to the leap year. Very excited to see this back and should be very good. One thing i don't like is the time table. Sure it is realistic, but it keeps up waiting for the huge Wolf Beast shows!
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is better than you!
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Re: Being The Booker


No surprise for me tho since I already knew about this. Shame that you might end it at WrestleMania 23 but of course life must go on. It'd be great if you stayed longer but at least we'll get another year of you maybe and that would have been 5 years so yeah haha. Either way I'm looking forward to seeing the thread progress and mainly the SD title picture to see who grabs it.
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Chopped Liver
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Re: Being The Booker

Thanks for the responses

Tomorrow I'll be posting the Raws and SD recaps leading up to and including Unforgiven (set in June '06), these shows were written and ready to go eight months ago, and there will be quite a few at once, so I'm not expecting any type of reviews for them. I'm literally just posting them because they are there to use, rather than recapping everything.

The Chris Benoit title reign will continue, just for the benefit of things moving steadily, until Great American Bash. After that point, he'll be forced out with a convenient injury, and he'll not be back again. So, once that GAB recap is posted, the Smackdown title picture will be rectified. So for anyone who thinks from the first couple of shows that go up, that I'm keeping Benoit around, I'm not.

For anyone wanting rosters and PPV schedules etc, I'll not be posting any of that at least until I get Summerslam out of the way. Once that is posted (in full might I add ), then I'll be getting down to the business of posting rosters PPV schedules, and other tidbits.

My timetable for the month is as follows -

Tomorrow - All the Raws and Smackdowns leading to Unforgiven, and the PPV itself (in recap form)

5th - All the Raws and Smackdowns (that I have left to post, the rest of the time period will be recapped), and the Great American Bash (in recap form).

7th - Part 1 of the Summerslam preview

8th - Part 2 of the Summerslam preview

9th - Part 3 of the Summerslam preview (just the main event )

17th - Summerslam 2006 in full.

Then around the end of the month, tidbits such as rosters and upcoming PPV events.
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Re: Being The Booker

I marked like a little girl.


Good stuff. I will try to keep up. <3.


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