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Re: Being The Booker

Saturday Night’s Main Event Review

Preshow: Glad to see Finlay win and continue his small rise up the ranks. Liked the comments from Jericho as he is being portrayed as a great heel. AMW winning was no surprise and all looks good heading into Saturday Night’s Main Event!!

Opening: Good to see Cole and Coach calling the action with Tazz and JR calling the action at COTC. Good to see both men build up the night ahead and the three matches that preview the COTC matches look great.

Mysterio vs. Y2J: Very good choice to start the show as this match had a ton of action. Jericho using all of the heel techniques and throwing Rey to the outside numerous times was good but Mysterio kept on fighting. Good to Mysterio get a burst towards the end and almost pick up the win but Y2J had it scouted and locked in the Walls of Jericho to end the match. Glad to see Carlito help Rey, solidifying himself as a face over the past few weeks. Very solid match.

Benjamin/Haas: Very good promo between these two. Haas doing whatever he needs to in order to avoid talking about his attitude change. Not sure where you are going with Teddy and Shelton but I’m sure it won’t disappoint.

Michaels/Angle Promo: Great segment between these two. HBK talking about the past few months for him was good and Angle coming out and running down Michaels was also perfectly in character. HBK’s response was great, especially the “What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas” line about Bret Hart. Glad not to see HBK get beat up for the second time and the match between these two will be huge at COTC!!

Kane vs. Dinsmore: Very quick match, much quicker than I thought. Dinsmore getting DQ’ed was expected, as he will never beat Kane in a one-on-one match cleanly. OK match here but more to just continue the feud.

MNM Promo: Very good idea to put MNM on this show. Very quick promo was good and I am very interested to see what you do with them.

Sabu vs. Cena: Perfect way to end this match. I knew that Cena and Orton, as well as RVD and Sabu wouldn’t protect each other and I viewed this match as nothing more than a way to show the hatred these men have for each other.

Heyman/Bischoff Promo: Promo of the night in my opinion. You really showed how much these two men hate each other and I am even more pumped for COTC next week. Liked Vince coming out and glad to see that Smackdown will be allowed on RAW and vice versa. Do I sense a Vince McMahon heel turn on the way??

War Games Promo: Glad to see War Games being hyped up even more. Edge and Lesnar brawling just adds more fuel to the RAW fire.

COTC Rundown: COTC is looking huge. I can’t wait for the Champion vs. Champion matches, Angle/HBK, KOTR Final and of course WAR GAMES!!!

Kash vs. Juvi: Great way to continue the Mexicools’ involvement on Smackdown. Good to see Kash retain and I think Chavo will join Kash’s side to fight the Mexicools.

Triple H/JBL: Very good way to have Triple H be the number one entry. JBL tricking him into taking the spot was genius but I can see The Game staying in War Games very long at COTC, maybe even winning it.

Main Event: Very good main event. I liked how Haas didn’t want any part of Benjamin and that should make the match at COTC that much better. Good to see Christian win but I see Benoit continuing his roll and winning at COTC.

Overall: 9/10; very good SNME, almost as good as the one before WM22. I loved Y2J/Rey and the main event. Can’t wait for COTC in one week!! Great job.


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Re: Being The Booker


Raw: May 29th; Long Island:

We open up, with a split screen showing on one side the Raw locker room, walking around their locker room, preparing for the night, whilst on the other side, is a fairly empty Smackdown locker room {Luther Reigns, Kurt Angle, Triple H, Charlie Haas and a few other unrecognisable faces}

Opening Video


Jim Ross: We are just six days away, from the third annual WWE Clash of the Champions Pay Per View, and despite the announcement that Smackdown were invited to attend tonights broadcast, only a handful of the Smackdown locker room has made the trip to Long Island. Kurt Angle and Luther Reigns from Smackdown will be in action separately, whilst the self proclaimed leader of Team Smackdown heading into War Games, The Game himself, Triple H is here, as is the United States Champion, Charlie Haas.

The Coach: Paul Heyman knew better than to mess with Raw tonight J.R. Paul Heyman has come to the realisation that Raw is far superior to Smackdown in every way possible, which is why he is saving his blushes for this Sunday.

Jim Ross: That could well be the case Coach, especially after Raw defeated Smackdown on Saturday Night in that confidence boosting Clash of Champions eight man tag match!!! My main concern though right now heading into this Sunday Coach, is the fact that Team Raw for the War Games encounter doesn’t appear to be on the same page right now, especially Edge and Brock Lesnar, whilst John Cena and Randy Orton arent even reading the same book!!!

The Coach: But J.R, BOTH those issues will be resolved tonight. Carlito, also a part of Team Raw, hosts the Cabana with both Edge and Brock Lesnar, and who could forget the Clash of the Titans tonight, Randy Orton and John Cena settle their on-going dispute once and for all, meaning they get to wipe the slate clean going into the Clash this coming Sunday!!!

**H-B-K** The Nassau Coliseum is on it’s feet as The Showstopper enters for action, looking pumped and ready to go.

Jim Ross: Listen to the ovation!!! Shawn Michaels, six days ahead of meeting Kurt Angle is in action tonight, meeting his former Insurance Policy, and now Smackdown contracted superstar, Luther Reigns, after Reigns turned his back on Michaels four nights ago on Smackdown.

The Coach: But HBK got a measure of revenge on Saturday night in Madison Square Garden, and tonight, he’ll get his full revenge!!! Not often I jump on Michaels bandwagon, but this is about turf war!!!

1st Match:
Shawn Michaels vs. Luther Reigns
Short match to kick the evening off, with HBK showing a lot of fire, wanting revenge for the double cross and betrayal. With Reigns being the bigger man, he is able to overcome Michaels opening onslaught, and take charge, using his superior strength to seize control. Luther uses basic offence, but The Showstopper makes up for it by bumping around for the big man, making him look good.
The eventual and predictable Michaels comeback rolls around, as he ducks a clothesline, and follows up with a flying forearm. He follows up with the nip up, a hat trick of inverted atomic drops, a clothesline, another clothesline, and a side suplex, before quickly nailing the Flying Elbow!!! HBK now tunes up the band, with the fans in unison, firmly behind Michaels, as he goes for Sweet Chin Music … but Luther has is scouted, ducks under, and side steps Michaels afterwards, with HBK going over the top, but hanging onto the ropes!!! HBK skins the cat, as Luther spots it, and looks to hit a big boot, but HBK ducks, before dropping Reigns with SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!! Michaels hooks the leg, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Shawn Michaels @ 06:36

HBK soaks up the victory, having his hand raised in the air, whilst Luther is quickly rolled from the ring. HBK mouths to the camera that Angle is next, as the camera cuts, and we see KURT ANGLE running down the ramp, but HBK spots him coming, as Angle jumps onto the apron, immediately dropping off again, noticing that Michaels had seen him and was setting up for Sweet Chin Music.

Michaels calls for Angle to get in the ring, looking anxious to get his hands on the Olympian, but Angle shakes his head, looking annoyed his plan didn’t work out, as he backs up the ramp, with both men pointing and yelling trash at each other.


Video Package, recapping Saturday Nights Main Event this past weekend, mainly focusing on the Raw vs. Smackdown matches, which saw Chris Jericho beat Rey Mysterio, Sabu and John Cena finish as a no contest, and Christian pinning Johnny of the Spirit Squad to give the Raw champions victory in the eight man tag.

Jim Ross: You must’ve surely had a great night on Saturday evening Coach, calling your first Saturday Nights Main Event, and what a great night it was.

The Coach: It sure was. I got to step out of your shadow at least.

Jim Ross: Very kind. Tonight, we have a rematch from this past Saturday, as Nick Dinsmore is in action again, facing the big red monster Kane!!! Dinsmore escaped with a DQ on Saturday, but tonight, it’s No Disqualification!!! ANYTHING GOES!!!

The Coach: I’m an Eric Bischoff fan, but even I have to question that match making.

Jim Ross: But Coach, you seem to have forgotten, tonight, Mr. McMahon is running the show. Didn’t you pay any attention on Saturday Night??

Backstage, we see Paul Heyman walking along the corridor, looking fairly relaxed, but not entirely, knowing he is walking alone in enemy waters. Heyman continues along, until he is stopped by a gleaming Eric Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff: Welcome!!! I’d love to say it’s a pleasure to have you here tonight Paul, but I’m not a liar, unlike you of course.

Paul Heyman: Relax Eric. I’m only here to make sure my Smackdown superstars are respected tonight, and taken care of.

Eric Bischoff: Ha. I noticed you didn’t bring too many of your ‘top notch’ roster anyway. What’s wrong?? Scared of being humbled??

Paul Heyman: Not at all. I’d call it playing it safe. I don’t trust you at all, and I didn’t like our chances of being treated fairly tonight. I wasn’t going to risk putting my soldiers out in plain view in enemy waters with a bright target painted on their chest … surely, you’ll do the same this Thursday, right??

Eric Bischoff: If I’m being perfectly honest, Paul … I wasn’t. I didn’t expect to get ambushed by your rejects, but now that you’ve brought it up, I think I’ll play it safe, since it’s obvious you’ll be playing dirty.

Heyman laughs, letting out a brief cackle, whilst Eric shows a disgusted look, having to listen to the noise.

Paul Heyman: Lets not forget who fired the first shot in this war Eric. I know you’ll play dirty, you always have. But whilst you always stoop the lowest to get ahead … you always finish SECOND best.

Heyman fixes Bischoffs tie.

Paul Heyman: And it’ll remain that way come Sunday.

Heyman walks off, leaving Bischoff angry, as we fade to a commercial.


2nd Match:
MNM vs. The Hurricane & Stevie Richards
Just a squash. MNM go over, after limited offence from Hurricane and Richards, and not even a hot tag for the faces, as Richards is unable to tag Hurricane back in, with MNM extremely impressive, with Melina on the outside providing banshee like yells, when enjoying the offence. The finish comes as Nitro and Mercury knock Hurricane off the apron, before nailing Richards with what J.R refers to as ‘The Snapshot’. Mercury covers, 1...2...3!!!
Winners: MNM @ 03:41

Typical post match celebrations take place, with the heel team allowing paparazzi to snap them following the debut win.

We immediately go backstage, and see Kelly Kelly standing by with Mr. Money in the Bank, Edge.

Kelly Kelly: Edge, this weekend coming, you are a vital part of Team Raw which goes up against Team Smackdown in the War Games match. After all the run ins you’ve had with Brock Lesnar in the last few weeks, will you be able to co-operate, and steer Smac- umm, Raw to victory??

Edge lets out a sigh, before slightly sucking in his cheeks momentarily, showing his annoyance at Kelly. He turns to the interviewer , before responding.

Edge: You’re new, right?? You must think you’re great. You must think you’re special. But Kelly, just because you’ve got some good looks, pretty expensive implants, and the brain of a flea, it still doesn’t give you the right to ask me - Mr. Money in the Bank, a former Intercontinental Champion, former United States Champion, multiple time tag team champion, the 2001 King of the Ring, and soon to be the man, who becomes WORLD CHAMPION stupid GOD DAMN QUESTIONS!!!

Edge intensely stares at Kelly, with the young woman looking petrified.

Edge: Kelly, I suggest you get in contact with Gene Okerlund, and find out how to conduct an interview with a wrestling god like me.

Edge points Kelly to leave, which she does. Edge then looks into the camera.

Edge: That’s right. I said wrestling god. JBL, a god of wrestling?? Gimme a break. I have more wrestling ability in my little freakin finger than JBL does his ENITRE GOD DAMN BODY. JBL calling himself a wrestling God, is like calling Paul Heyman a good business man. It’s a slap in the face of actual wrestling gods like me.
And Chris Jericho?? My music alone can beat you, so just think of what I’ll do to you in the ring, when the Rated ‘R’ Superstar crushes your brain with a briefcase. And Fozzy wont be around to save your sorry ass. Quick suggestion to Paul Heyman … If you’re mulling over whether Batista or Paul London should represent you against Raw on Sunday, I’d advise you to give yourselves a chance, and stick Torrie Wilson in there instead.
Rock?? Please. He’s more interested in his next big Hollywood pay day, and who can blame him when you’ve got the likes of me aiming for his spot?? Triple H?? Think of all the monikers you want for yourself, but I’ve got one for ya to use after Clash of the Champions - WASHED UP!!!
If Brock Lesnar makes it to Clash of the Champions, that’s ok, but if he doesn’t … hell, if Kane, Mysterio and Carlito all miss it too, I’ll still beat five Smackdown stars alone. That’s not just talk, it’s a fact. I’ve beaten everyone on Smackdown, and if there is someone who I haven’t beaten yet, it’s only because you’ve been ducking me, and rightfully so. This Sunday, Raw will prevail because OF ME!!! ... BANK ON IT!!!


Video recap of the King of the Ring tournament thus far, narrowing it down to the final four this week - Mr. Kennedy and Garrison Cade from Raw, and Paul London and Batista from Smackdown.

Mr. Kennedy vs. Garrison Cade
Average match up, with nothing truly inspiring. Cade doesn’t appear as confident without Flair by his side, almost looking for inspiration from anywhere at times during the match. Kennedy shows enough fire to have the fans on his side, but his offence isn’t incredibly exciting either. Both men come close to victory, scoring long two counts, as Cade delivers a top rope superplex, whilst Kennedy nearly tastes victory thanks to a reverse neck breaker.
As the finish nears, Cade looks to deliver a second superplex, but Kennedy fights it, eventually knocking his opponent off the top rope. Kennedy then looks for the Kenton Bomb … BUT CADE MOVES!!! HB-Cade rolls through on Kennedy looking to score with a sneaky cradle win, but Kennedy breaks free at a late two count. Garrison knocks Ken down with a running high knee, and whips him off the ropes, looking to hit his Scrapbuster, but Kennedy ducks under him, runs off the opposite side, and takes Cade off his feet with a flying shoulder block!!! Kennedy then picks his opponent up, but Cade comes back, driving his elbow into the mid section. He whips Kennedy into the corner, and charges in after him, but Ken darts out of the corner, with Cade hitting the turnbuckle, allowing Kennedy to roll him up from behind, taking Cade by surprise, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: And advancing to the King of the Ring Final - MISTER KENNEDY @ 07:19

Kennedy books his spot in the KOTR final on Sunday, and looks jubilant in doing so. Ken has his hand raised, whilst the disappointed Cade leaves the ring, as his loss begins to sink in, having missed an incredible opportunity. In the ring, Kennedy calls for the mic to be lowered from the ceiling, as the lights go down, allowing him to speak…

Mr. Kennedy: The winner of the match, and NOW aaaaadvancing to the FINALS of the KINGGG OF THE RINGGG … MISTERRRRRRRRR … KENNEDY … … King Kennedy.

Kennedy throws the mic away, looking confident about his chances heading into the KOTR final, this Sunday at the Clash of the Champions.

Jim Ross: We could well be looking at the man to follow in the footsteps of past great winners of the King of the Ring, Mister Kennedy is headed to Kansas City this Sunday, with plenty of momentum, and plenty of confidence that he can follow Bret Hart, Steve Austin, Triple H, Kurt Angle and Brock Lesnar by using the King of the Ring as a platform to greatness. But standing in his way is one of two very different opponents - the high flying, risk taking Paul London, or the animalistic, powerhouse Batista. Who will take that place in the final alongside Kennedy on Sunday??

The Coach: I’ve said it for weeks J.R. A Raw superstar will be crowned King at the Clash!!!

A clip plays, showing highlights of the John Cena - Randy Orton match at WrestleMania 21, where Cena became World Champion for the first time, finishing Orton with an FU from the top rope.

Jim Ross: Tonight, Cena and Orton will collide in the ring for the third time tonight, with huge scores to settle. John Cena is undefeated against the Legend Killer, but in recent times Randy Orton has gotten the best of Cena, costing him the very title they’ve battled head to head for over the past fifteen months.

The Coach: There is real anticipation in the air J.R. Finally the issue will come to a head. Cena and Orton ENDS tonight.


Carlito steps out, into the arena, ahead of the Cabana, alone, with no Stacy by his side.

Jim Ross: It’ll be Carlito hosting his Cabana, in just a few moments, when we come back, don’t go away!!!


We return with the Cabana all set and ready to go, with Carlito in the ring, having talked through the commercial on WWE Unlimited.

Carlito: And now, it’s time to bring out my first guest. He is a former WWE Champion, and the last King of the Ring winner - BROCK LESNAR!!!

**HERE COMES THE PAIN** Brock Lesnar steps out, wearing his plain black tank top, looking like he’s just finished a gym session, with his sweats on too. Brock motors to the ring, and steps inside, grabbing a mic, not even waiting for his music to die down.

Brock Lesnar: You just get Edge out here now!!! Right now!!!

Carlito shrugs, a little taken aback by Lesnar, as we wait

**Metalingus** Edge steps out onto the stage, with Lesnar ready to chase up the ramp in pursuit. Carlito just about manages to calm Lesnar, keeping him in the ring instead. Edge, with his briefcase, makes his way down the ramp, and steps into the ring, keeping his distance from Lesnar, who looks set to snap at any moment.


Lesnar motions for Edge to bring it on, whilst Edge laughs, taking a mic from Carlito.

Edge: Lets wait a minute. Lets talk about this for a minute. Now, why the hell would you want to take out one of your own team mates for Clash of the Champions this Sunday, Brock?? I mean, that doesn’t make any sense to me. Does that make any sense to you Carlito??

Carlito thinks for a moment, before responding.

Carlito: Actually … for once, you have a point. Dat makes no sense.

Edge: Exactly. But then, I’ve got an explanation for it, and you’ll love this one.

CCC shrugs his shoulders.

Edge: I’ve worked it out. Brock Lesnar wants me out of Sunday … because he’s working for Smackdown!!!

Heat from the fans, whilst Lesnar looks stunned by the accusation.

Edge: You see, you see it all makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?? Brock Lesnar was potty trained and groomed by Paul Heyman. Paul Heyman introduced Brock Lesnar four years ago, and Paul Heyman led Brock Lesnar to the very top. Brock Lesnar got Paul Heyman his job back, Brock Lesnar is like a son to Paul Heyman. Hell, if he hadn’t have got drafted over here to Raw, he’d still be suckling on Heymans breasts, sitting right at the top of the pile on Smackdown.

Brock looks furious now, as Edge starts to get personal.

Edge: But this was a perfect set up. Brock Lesnar gets to infiltrate Raw this way, and turn his back on us at the Clash of the Champions.

Crowd give heat, as Carlito looks set to talk again, until Brock Lesnar comes back.

Brock Lesnar: That … is a bunch of crap, and you know it.

Mixed response.

Brock Lesnar: I don’t need to do anything for Paul Heyman, and I’m not planning on doing anything for Heyman either. I have one goal for Sunday, and that is to ensure … that RAW … BEATS … SMACKDOWN!!!

Pop from the fans.

Brock Lesnar: And I know Raw can beat Smackdown … with … or without you.

Edge looks taken aback by the comment.

Carlito: Okay, okay. This?? It’s not cool. This little situation isn’t right. This Sunday, the two of you, the three of us, Rey Mysterio and Kane, need to be on the level. We need to be behind one another, or we will crumble. It doesn’t matter who likes who, or who hates who, we need to stand side by side for RAW!!!

Pop from the fans.

Carlito: Lesnar. Whether you want to admit it or not, WE DO need Edge. We need all five guys. You take him out-

Edge: He wont.

Carlito takes a look at Edge, not pleased with his butting in.

Carlito: You take him out, and we’re done. Smackdown wins.

Carlito now turns back to Edge.

Carlito: And Edge. Unless you’ve got solid proof that Brock is gonna help Smackdown in War Games … (Chucks apple to Edge) … I suggest you keep that in your mouth.

Fans pop, whilst Edge takes a look at the apple, and throws it out.

Carlito: But both of you … you both need to have a truce, or we’re dead in the water.

Lesnar and Edge look across the ring at one another, and both slowly start to move across the ring to possibly call a truce…


Triple H enters the arena. Suited, and as usual, carries a bottle of water. Edge, Lesnar and Carlito look perplexed as to why Triple H is out here, with The Game waiting at the top of the ramp, waiting for the music to die down.

Triple H: Don’t listen to Switzerland, Edge. Carlito is wrong. You and Brock Lesnar shouldn’t shake hands. Because as the leader of Team Smackdown, I’ve been working very closely with Paul Heyman over the past few days … and Brock Lesnar too.

Heat for the comment, insinuating Lesnar will turn on Raw.

Triple H: That’s why I’m here tonight. C’mon Brock. Get outta there, and lets go talk strategy for Sunday.

More heat for Triple H stirring the pot.

Brock Lesnar: That’s enough. You know this is just bull.

Triple H: Of course it is. But now, that doesn’t matter. Because from this point on, no one is gonna trust you Brock. No one can tell if I’m bluffing, or double bluffing.

Heat for Triple H.

Triple H: I can see it in Edges eyes already. Even you’re looking suspicious now Carlito. Just what is Brock gonna do at Clash of the Champions??

The Game s******s, as Carlito and Edge both seem uneasy, and unsure about what to do.

Triple H: You didn’t have a chance when it was 5 on 5. Now, you’ve got NO CHANCE with 6 o-

Edge: Don’t believe your own hype Hunter. Just because you blow smoke up your own ass, doesn’t mean we see steam coming outta your ears. You might think you’re getting in our heads, but read my lips - it doesn’t matter what side Brock Lesnar chooses on Sunday, because Raw WILL prevail - NO - MATTER - WHAT!!!

Strange pop for Edge.

Triple H: Hmm … I guess I can ‘bank on it’ huh?? Please. Come Clash of the Champions your five man squad will fall apart at the seams … that’s if it already hasn’t by then.

The Game smirks, and starts to laugh, before speaking again.

Triple H: But hey, I’m not trying to put any thoughts into anyones heads, just stirring the pot.

Slowly, Triple H backs away, leaving the stage, as the three men in the ring, look across at one another unsure what to do.

Brock Lesnar: Edge. I don’t care what you think, this Sunday, I will show my true colours, and my true allegiance. And that will be to Raw.

Lesnar moves across, right up to Edge.

Brock Lesnar: But just to make sure we’re on the same page, and clear about where we stand … this … this is for last week.

Lesnar immediately scoops Edge up, and instantly delivers a ferocious F5!!!!

Lesnar stands over Edge, as Carlito gets in his face, trying to work out why Lesnar would attack Edge so close to COTC.

Lesnar gets out of the ring, backing up the ramp, as Carlito tries to help Edge up to his feet in the ring. Brock mouths back to the ring ‘We’re even’, whilst Edge looks furious in the ring. Carlito helps him up, but Edge has a funny way of thanking him - CLOCKING CARLITO WITH THE MONEY IN THE BANK CASE!!! Edge takes his anger out on Carlito, before turning his attention back to Lesnar, as the two share a war of words, as we fade out to another commercial.


Backstage, we see the arrival of John Cena, with the fans in the arena reacting with a big pop.

4th Match:
CM Punk vs. Snitsky
Another short match, with Punk still in his introduction faze, this time, up against a bigger opponent. Punk is up to the test though, and manages to implement his offence on Snitsky, but takes some punishment too, before making a comeback, getting a fair portion of the fans behind him, as he steps it up a notch, to get the better of his opponent, eventually hitting a Shining Wizard, and follows up applying the Anaconda Vice, with Snitsky tapping out quickly.
Winner: CM Punk @ 04:35

Punk continues his impressive start to life in the WWE, picking up a second victory in as many weeks.

Backstage, Carlito walks around, looking furious with what happened to him earlier at the hands of Edge. He looks around, as if to find Edge, but instead, finds Rey Mysterio.

Carlito: You seen Edge around??

Rey Mysterio: No, havent seen him.

Carlito attempts to brush past Rey, but Mysterio stops him.

Rey Mysterio: You’re not planning on doing something stupid are you??

Carlito: So what if I am?? What’s that got to do with you??

Rey Mysterio: Because I heard what you said earlier. And you were right man.

Carlito begins to listen carefully.

Rey Mysterio: We need to be a team on Sunday. I hate Edge MORE than you ever could. He threatened my son!! I didn’t want anything to do with him - I still don’t, but for the sake of Raw, I need to be on his side.

Carlito looks reluctant to agree.

Rey Mysterio: Look, you’ve got all the time in the world to get back at Edge … AFTER Sunday. But until then, it’s gonna take BOTH OF US to keep this team together. Are you with me??

Carlito sighs.

Carlito: Yeah … I’m with ya.

Carlito and Rey shake hands, as we fade out.

Back into the arena…


Nick Dinsmore and Ric Flair enter the arena, with Dinsmore still selling his neck injury, ahead of this No Disqualification Match.

Jim Ross: Nick Dinsmore has been running from Kane for weeks. He got out of dodge on Saturday night, but tonight on Raw, he meets his maker in a No Disqualification Match - NEXT!!!


Nick Dinsmore vs. Kane
Kane makes his way down the ramp, only to be attacked by Garrison Cade on the way down!!! Cade knocks Kane down, and stomps him, as Dinsmore and Flair quickly come in to add the numbers, but by the time they reach Kane, he has turned the tables on Cade, and meets Dinsmore with an uppercut, before knocking Flair down with a big boot. The Big Red Machine slams Cade on the steel ramp, before grabbing Dinsmore, and trails him towards the ring, whipping him into the steel steps, with a heavy impact.
Kane looks under the ring now for a weapon, but before he produces anything, Ric Flair is back, and nails him with a low blow. Kane drops to his knees, feeling the pain, as Cade helps Dinsmore up, and the three men scarper away, escaping through the crowd, but KANE FOLLOWS!!! The Big Red Machine follows the Horsemen, chasing through the crowd, as we seemingly get a no contest ruling.

Winner: No Contest @ 01:00

Jim Ross: Once again, it appears that Dinsmore has dodged a bullet!!!

The Coach: It’s called being smart J.R … in fact, Dinsmore and The Horsemen KNEW that they’d put Kane through so much pain tonight he wouldn’t make it to Clash of the Champions on Sunday. THEY DID IT FOR RAW!!!

Jim Ross: Lets see if that hold up Coach. They might not be out of the woods yet if Kane finds them in this building.

The Coach: Kane oughta just forget about it tonight. It aint worth his while.

We then cut to the parking lot, and see Brock Lesnar throwing his bag into the boot of a rental car. Brock closes the boot, and looks set to open the car door, when he spots someone, but doesn’t look happy to see him… the camera pans around, and we see Paul Heyman walking towards him.

Brock Lesnar: Save it Paul. I’m really not in the mood.

Paul Heyman: Easy Brock. Just give me a moment. I underst-

Brock Lesnar: No. I don’t give a crap what you have to say. I’ll see you Sunday, and no offence … but I’m taking Smackdown down.

Lesnar gets into the car, and slams the door, quickly switching on the ignition, and speeds off, leaving Heyman shaking his head in annoyance, watching Lesnar disappear into the distance.

Voice: Ahh, tudos, ahh Meester Heyman??

Heyman looks around, and sees Armando Estrada.

Armando Estrada: Aha, my name es, Arr-

Paul Heyman: I’ve seen you before Astradal. Whatever your business is here, I’m not interested.

Heyman storms off, leaving Estrada looking angry, not even getting a chance to properly speak to Heyman.


We return, with The Horsemen looking behind, wanting to see if Kane is near them at all. Cade spots that Kane is nowhere to be seen, and tells his two compatriots he’s gone. The three of them stop, and try to take their breath, looking behind them again to make sure Kane is gone … then turn back around … WITH KANE IN FRONT OF THEM!!!!

Kane attacks the trio, but the numbers get the better of Kane now, despite the fight Kane puts up. They ram him into a wall, and then into the other wall WHICH KANE BREAKS ON IMPACT!!! The Horsemen stand back for a moment, before beginning to laugh, having taken down Kane … BUT KANE SITS UP!!!

Flair, Cade and Dinsmore frantically try and beat on Kane, but The Big Red Machine fights them off, eventually getting his hands on Dinsmore, before choking The Prodigy, and dragging him along, down the hallway, but Flair and Cade are there again!!! Flair tries to chop Kane, but the Monster no sells them, swatting Naitch away. But this allows Dinsmore to grab a fire extinguisher, and clock Kane from behind!!! Cade and Dinsmore push Kane through a door, bringing them to the parking lot with Kane looking dazed from the extinguisher shot.

Cade grabs a petrol tin, sat by a car, and starts chucking it at Kane, whilst we see Flair re-appear, furiously searching through his pockets for something … AND TAKES OUT A LIGHTER!!! Flair flicks it on, and throws it to the Big Red Machine … WITH KANE GOING ON FIRE!!! Kane quickly scarpers away, in a blaze of fire, yelling painfully, as The Horsemen all look on in shock, having perhaps taken the situation too far.

Back to ringside…

Jim Ross: Disgusting. Totally disgusting scenes Coach. The Horsemen crossed the damn line tonight. I’ve know the feeling of being set on fire, and it aint a God damn picnic.

The Coach: Yeah, but you both deserved it.

Jim Ross: How the hell can you justify taking another man, and setting him on fire!!! It’s an absolutely despicable act. After everything Kane has been through in his life, The Horsemen have piled on MORE agony on the seven foot monster.

The Coach: Kane started this ordeal. You play with fire … AND YOU GET BURNED!!

Coach laughs, as J.R takes a look at him, with total disgust.

Jim Ross: Take a look at yourself Coach. Sickening.

Backstage, we see Shelton Benjamin warming up for his match coming up shortly, when we see The Brotherhood appear behind him, and Theodore Long puts his hand on Sheltons shoulder, with Benjamin instantly sensing who it is behind him, and rolls his eyes, before turning around.

Theodore Long: Now, before you say anything playa, let me holla at ya. I get the message that you don’t want to roll wit us, and that’s cool with me. BUT we are all on the same team at the moment. United Raw stands playa.

Benjamin takes a look around at the Brotherhood members, with OJ smiling and nodding, Mack nodding, Jazz smiling, and Henry standing statuesque.

Theodore Long: And tonight, we have your back, because we’ve seen that snake Charlie Haas, and we all feel that he’s gonna be getting involved fo‘ shizzle, ya feel me??

Shelton huffs, before responding.

Shelton Benjamin: I’ll handle it MYSELF.

Henry steps forward now, but Benjamin doesn’t back up.

Theodore Long: Back it up playa.

Henry grunts in Sheltons direction, before stepping back, as Long motions for The Brotherhood to leave. They shuffle off, as Long speaks quietly to Benjamin.

Theodore Long: Don’t be foolish dawg. Take our help playa. Think it over.

Long walks off, leaving Benjamin to think, as we fade out…

Back into the arena…


Kurt Angle enters the arena, to a mixed response, ahead of his match with Shelton Benjamin.

Jim Ross: it’s another Smackdown vs. Raw match up, coming in just a few moments. Kurt Angle faces Shelton Benjamin, Benjamin, a former student of Angle, can he defeat his former teacher?? Find out, NEXT!!!


6th Match:
Kurt Angle vs. Shelton Benjamin
Terrific match, as expected. Both men give it their all from bell to bell, and display a terrific chemistry. Neither man really plays a heel or face role in terms of the wrestling with both just going at it, but Angle puts himself over as the heel with his taunts to the fans. The match goes back and forth throughout, with neither Benjamin or Angle taking a prolonged beat down, with the two competitors trading near falls aplenty. Both men hit their trademark spots throughout, adding the excitement, and both fight out of the main finishers, as Benjamin lands on his feet from an attempted Angle Slam, and Angle counters in mid air the T-Bone, school boying Shelton for a close two count.
Benjamin looks for the Dragon Whip, but Angle counters, APPLYING THE ANKLE LOCK!!! Angle tries to clench the hold in tight, but Benjamin relentlessly struggles, and eventually kicks Angle away, breaking the submission. Angle jumps right back up, and looks to attack the ankle again, but Shelton counters, and sends Angle out of the ring!!! The referee begins to count Angle out, but The Olympian grabs a chair, which takes the referees full attention, and he gets out of the ring to take it from Kurt, AND CHARLIE HAAS IMMEDIATELY SPRINTS DOWN THE RAMP!!! Haas slides into the ring, AND SMASHES BENJAMIN FROM BEHIND WITH THE UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP!!! Haas rolls right out of the ring, hiding under the apron, as Angle rolls back in, making a cover, whilst the referee looks around, wondering what happened to Shelton, but Angle yells at him to count, which he does, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Kurt Angle @ 10:57

Angle takes the victory, knowing himself it’s tainted. Haas enters again, and clobbers the referee with the belt, before nodding at Angle, and motions to Angle to break his ankle, and Angle smiles. The Olympian applies the ankle lock again, looking to break the Intercontinental Champions ankle, as Haas takes a mic…

Charlie Haas: Wondering where superman Shawn is?? I’ll tell ya shall I?? HBK is taking a little … lie down.

Haas laughs, as Angle pulls at the ankle more, as the fans give heat.

Charlie Haas: I should know, because I put him to sleep … and now, WE’RE GONNA BREAK YOU’RE ANKLE SHELTON!!!

Haas drops down at Benjamin, and gets in his face, as Shelton grimaces with pain in the submission hold. THEN - we see THE BROTHERHOOD~??? The Brotherhood storm the ring, and attack Angle and Haas, with the two men quickly fleeing the ring, with the numbers greater than what they would want to deal with right now.

In the ring, The Brotherhood help Benjamin to his feet, but Shelton pushes them away, not wanting to thank them. Long smiles, and puts his hands up in innocence, before pounding his chest, and pointing to the IC Champion, as he lets Benjamin know that The Brotherhood are there to help him.


We return at ringside with J.R and Coach…

Jim Ross: During the commercial break, we were informed at ringside Coach, that per orders of Mr. McMahon, this Thursday on Smackdown we will see a colossal tag team match, as a preview towards Clash of the Champions on Sunday. Raws Shawn Michaels and Shelton Benjamin will team up, and take on their opponents for Sunday, Kurt Angle and Charlie Haas. Oh my, how exciting will that be!!!

The Coach: Four great athletes, but two are better, and they come from Raw!!! Major match this Thursday night to add a little spice to Snoredown. Big props to my boy Mr. McMahon for that one. Great call sir!!

Jim Ross: Oh please. Do you ever quit sucking up to the boss??

The Coach: J-

Jim Ross: Save your breath Coach. Todd Grisham is backstage, with the World Champion, Christian!!!

Todd Grisham: Thank you guys, right now, my guest, Captain Charisma, the World Champion, Christian!!

Christian steps into the picture, rubbing his title belt, with Tomko stood alongside him.

Todd Grisham: Christian, on Saturday Night, you were victorious along with the A.F.A and Shelton Benjamin against the Smackdown champions. However, you were unable to get the victory against Chris Benoit, instead defeating Johnny of the Spirit Squad.

Christian: Todd, it’s pretty simple you see. I defeated Johnny of the Cheerleader squad, because he was the legal man. If Chris Benoit had’ve been the legal man, there wouldn’t have been any difference, just like this Sunday, when I defeat Chris Benoit to become the ultimate World Champion.

Tomko nods in the background.

Todd Grisham: Well, on Thursday night, Tyson Tomko will travel to Smackdown to take on Chris Benoit, on your behalf. What type of gameplan will the Problem Solver be taking with him to Smackdown??

Christian: Oh yeah. I’m going to tell you Todd … (Looks directly at the camera, before turning back to Grisham) … I’m going to tell you all my plans, LIVE on national television all around the world, so Chris Benoit can take a pen and paper and write them down. No brainiac, that information is between myself and Tomko.

Christian looks back to Tomko, and nods.

Christian: But Todd, just to show I have no hard feelings towards you … take this.

Christian takes a DVD from Tomko, and hands shows it to the camera. It reads “The Chris Benoit Comedy Hour”, and has a picture of an emotionless Benoit, but the cover is badly photo-shopped. He hands it to Todd, who looks at it a little puzzled, but takes it anyway.

Christian: Benoit, this Sunday, I’ll be all business, and I WILL defeat you to prove to the entire world, which of us is the dominant champion, and that’s how I roll. Todd, come with me for a moment.

Christian then turns away, and smiles, leading Grisham to the Raw locker room. He steps inside, and takes the DVD from Todd, sticking it into the DVD player. We wait for a few moments, as Tomko whispers to Grisham ‘You’ll love this’, before the TV screen shows a message…

“You have entered a blank DVD”

Christian: Heh, better than I thought it was gonna be.

Christian pats Grisham on the shoulder, and walks off with Tomko, leaving Grisham in the locker room, as we fade out.

A graphic then appears, for Clash of the Champions as ‘Knights of Cydonia’ by Muse plays into the arena, and we go ringside to J.R and Coach…

Jim Ross: It is just six days away folks. The Clash of the Champions on Pay Per View. Raw takes on Smackdown for the third consecutive year, but before the Pay Per View, two other challenges will take place on Sunday Night Heat, just one hour before go time.

The Coach: That’s correct, a free for all before the big show. Chris Masters from Smackdown has offered a Masterlock Challenge to ANYONE in the Raw locker room, not already competing at Clash of the Champions, and The tough Irishman Finlay from Raw will meet the hard as nails Hardcore Holly too.

Jim Ross: And if either brand can go into the Clash of the Champions with two wins on the board before the show even begins would be a major psychological advantage for Raw or Smackdown. And on the Pay Per View, three champion versus champion matches in true spirit of the Clash of the Champions, the Raw tag team champions, Rico and Ron Simmons meet two members of the five man Smackdown tag champions, the Spirit Squad, former tag team champions meet in singles competition as singles champions, with Shelton Benjamin, our Intercontinental Champion, meeting Charlie Haas, the United States Champion over on Smackdown.

The Coach: Two big champion vs. champion matches, but there is one even bigger J.R.

Jim Ross: Indeed, two men, both enjoying their first ever world title reign go head to head on Sunday to find the ultimate champion. Captain Charisma, Christian from Raw faces the Rabid Wolverine, Smackdowns own, Chris Benoit.

The Coach: Christian claims to respect The Crippler, but he doesn’t mind getting under the skin of his polar opposite with his recent comments. Will this see an adverse reaction from Benoit, or has Christians comments given him a major advantage??

Jim Ross: The King of the Ring climaxes on Sunday. The finalist from Raw, the ever impressive, Mister Kennedy faces either Paul London or Batista. Two very different possible opponents, but which will have the opportunity to become WWE royalty, this Sunday??

The Coach: Not that it matters J.R. It really doesn’t matter who wins on Smackdown, Mister Kennedy is getting a crown fitted this Sunday, before being declared KING Kennedy!!!

Jim Ross: Kennedy. It’s quite possibly, the most anticipated McMahons choice in the history of the event, a rematch from last years epic, Match of the year contender, from the Clash of the Champions, as Shawn Michaels attempts to even the scores with Kurt Angle. Will we get another match of the year contender between the two greatest in ring performers of this or arguably ANY generation??

The Coach: Shawn Michaels looks hell bent on revenge. That defeat has eaten him up for the last year nearly, and Sunday is The Showstoppers opportunity for vindication.

Jim Ross: The devastation device, known simply as War Games makes it’s unforgiving return this Sunday. Two rings, surrounded by a steel cage, with no way of escaping. Under elimination rules, Raw, with the dysfunctional line up consisting of Edge, Brock Lesnar, Kane, Rey Mysterio and Carlito. The pot has been stirred tonight, but will any of the accusations become fact this Sunday, as they go to war against The Rock, Triple H, Chris Jericho, J.B.L and the loser of that King of the Ring semi final to come this Thursday.

The Coach: No matter what Smackdown has to say, Raw will enter Kansas this Sunday as one unit, and we’re taking Smackdown down town to China town, just like Chris Jericho would say.

Jim Ross: Of course that will be the main event, but you cannot overlook the most volatile tag team match in WWE history as two enemies are forced to team on either side. Rob Van Dam and Sabu of Smackdown, both chomping at the bit to wage war on each other, face Randy Orton and John Cena, both feeling the exact same about each other. It could get extremely messy this Sunday should those two teams implode before our very eyes.


Randy Orton enters the arena to a massively negative response from the Long Island fans.

The Coach: But unlike RVD and Sabu, Orton and Cena settle their dispute TONIGHT!!!

Jim Ross: Indeed they do Coach, and that one, our main event tonight, IS NEXT!!!



The Dr. of Thuganomics music hits just as we return, with the coliseum going nuts for the former World Champion. Cena salutes the fans, before throwing his hat and shirt into the crowd, and sprints to the ring, not wanting to waste any time, just as we begin the over run.

Main Event:
Randy Orton vs. John Cena
The two men go straight for it, pounding the hell out of one another, holding absolutely nothing back. They fight to their feet, as Cena knocks Orton down, getting the first major blow of the match under his belt. Cena drags Orton up, and whips him into the corner, charging in after him, but Randy gets a foot up. Cena staggers out, as Orton looks to knock him off his feet, but both men end up nailing each other, and both go down momentarily. Quickly though, they reach their feet, and look set to go at it again when…


Van Dams music plays into the arena, with both men averting their attention to the entrance way, as the music plays, but we see no sign of RVD at all. Both men seem taken aback, wondering if their COTC opponent will show up. The music dies down, and Orton is first to take advantage of the distraction, and attacks Cena from behind, getting the upper hand on his adversary. Orton is able to control the match from here, resorting to more of a slugfest approach, but this ends up suiting Cena, who strikes back with a flurry of right hands, but Orton turns it around again, catching Cena as he comes off the ropes with a dropkick. Orton looks to follow up with a cover, but then…


Chris Jerichos music hits, which distracts Orton, who forgets about Cena for the time being, and looks to the ramp, but like with JBL earlier, there is no sign of Y2J. He stretches his arms out, and looks around the arena, forgetting about Cena, who is back up, and grabs Randy from behind, hitting his Freestyle!!! Cena now signals for the 5 Knuckle Shuffle, but as he comes off the ropes…


The arena goes into pitch darkness, as Sabus music plays into the arena, with the lights coming back, but no sign of Sabu. John Cena looks around, not sure what to think. He looks around, trying to see if he can spot Sabu, but doesn’t. Randy Orton now shoots up, and nails the RKO on an unsuspecting Cena!!! He goes to get a cover, but is distracted when …


Now, The Rocks music plays into the arena, which stops Orton from getting the cover. He looks around for The Peoples Champion, and spots some commotion in the crowd, but he soon sees that it is just a fan being escorted from the arena by security, and shakes his head in disgust. Orton yells at the referee, asking what’s going on, with the referee as confused as everyone else, when suddenly, Cena is back up, and hit’s the FU to Randy!!! Cena gets up, and throws the Wordlife sign to the fans, before looking to lock in the STFU, but…


SCOTTY TOO HOTTY????? Scottys music plays, to the confusion of pretty much everyone, and once again, Cena is distracted. He shakes his head, and mouths “You’ve gotta be kidding me … Scotty??” The music continues to play, as Orton darts up, and spins Cena around, HITTING ANOTHER RKO!!! Orton is set to cover …


It’s Bradshaws music now!!! But now, Orton takes no notice of it, sick of the Smackdown mind games … until the referee taps Randy, and points to the entrance way, where we see the Longhorn limo drive out onto the stage. Orton takes a step back, not sure what to do, as the driver steps out, and opens the door, but instead of JBL getting out, the door just remains open.
Orton looks perplexed as to what is going on. He looks around as Cena gets to his feet. Cena looks up, and pushes Orton out of the way, before knocking the cameraman off the ring apron!!! Cena turns to Orton, and yells that the camera man is a Smackdown superstar. Randy looks shocked, and tells Cena to check. Both men drop down out of the ring, and take a cap off the camera man to reveal … a normal guy!!!

Randy Orton is furious, and pushes Cena, with Cena pushing back. The two men share a few right hands back and forth, with the camera cutting to the other side of the ring, with CHRIS JERICHO jumping the barricade, and hiding by the side of the ring, kneeling down. Cena and Orton get back inside, still slugging it out, with Cena whipping Randy off the ropes, but then, Jericho catches Ortons foot. Orton trips, with Cena instantly suspicious. He walks to the ropes, and spots Jericho, with Y2J pointing behind Cena. Cena turns around … INTO A CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL!!!!!
Winner: No Contest @ 05:12

The referee rings the bell, as JBL quickly sizes up Randy Orton, and levels him with the Clothesline from Hell too. Jericho slides into the ring, and shares an awkward nod with JBL, before bouncing off the ropes, and keeping Cena down with a Lionsault.

Now, we see Rob Van Dam AND Sabu get to the ring from the crowd, armed with a steel chair each, as RVD jumps to the top rope, and nails the Five Star Frog Splash to Orton!!! Meanwhile, Sabu delivers the Arabian Skullcrusher on Cena, as Smackdown begins to dominate Raw. Jericho drags Orton up, for RVD to throw a chair at, but JBL quickly tells the Smackdown invaders to run, as we see the Raw locker room empty, armed with weapons of their own!!!

The Smackdown invaders scatter quickly, as the Raw superstars get to the ring, as the show goes off the air.


Official Card for WWE Clash of the Champions:
Date: 4th June 2006
Location: Kemper Arena, Kansas City, MO
Event Music: Muse, Knights of Cydonia

WWE Champion vs. World Heavyweight Champion:
Chris Benoit vs. Christian

Intercontinental Champion vs. United States Champion:
Shelton Benjamin vs. Charlie Haas

WWE Tag Team Champions vs. World Tag Team Champions:
Spirit Squad vs. AFA

McMahons Choice Match:
Shawn Michaels vs. Kurt Angle

King of The Ring Final:
Batista OR Paul London vs. Ken Kennedy

Strange Bedfellows Team Up:
Rob Van Dam & Sabu vs. John Cena & Randy Orton

10 Man War Games Match:
Brock Lesnar, Edge, Rey Mysterio, Carlito, Kane
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield, The Rock, Triple H, Chris Jericho & Batista OR Paul London

Smackdown should be up later in the week.
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Re: Being The Booker

As you mentioned in the match summary, the match was short and kind of predicatable with Michaels bumping around for Reigns only to come back and get the victory over Reigns. As for the aftermath, Angle not coming into the ring to face Michaels is good, as Angle uses the mind games to get one over Michaels. I do expect something to happen between the two though on Smackdown.

Short but effective segment between the two GMs. Looks like despite what they are saying, both brands will have their rosters attack the other before the show is over. Not surprised to see MNM get the win here, though I didn't think you would let them win in a squash match on their debut.

Edge's promo was well done as he was in character for the whole segment. Nice rips at Heyman and the rest of Team Smackdown. Looks like Edge is going to be a vital player in this thread for the upcoming year. Mr. Kennnedy...Kennedy is heading to the KOTR finals! Though I couldn't really decide who would represent Raw in the finals, Kennedy makes the better choice as Cade still needs some working on his character before breaking into the Main Event scene. As for his possible opponent, a match with Batista or London should be decent at best. Though if it comes down to Kennedy vs. London, that might be the toughest match to choose a winner for.

Great Cabana as the bickering and tension within Team Raw continues, this time with Hunter from Smackdown coming over and causing more drama. Yet with all of this going on, I still see Team Raw picking up the victory at COTC.

Punk is still in the introductory faze as you put it in this thread, so him beating Snitsky comes as no surprise. As for Mysterio's words, he's right as despite the differences that Team Raw has for one another, they must act and work as a team in order to beat Smackdown.

While the match has ended in a No Contest, I have a feeling something is up with this angle that will be continued later in the show. As for Brock and Paul, still I think Raw has the win wrapped up for COTC. I knew it. Man, surprised to see the setting one on fire angle return, but it's interesting to see where this will go, as the Horsemen in this thread are starting to reflect the Original Horsemen persona.

The courting from The Brotherhood to Shelton continues. Shelton loses as Hass finally shows his true colors to Shelton. Surprised actually you waited until now to have Hass turn on Shelton. Angle though gets the win in so far the match of the night. What an announcement made for Smackdown! Should be a great match!

Though Christian is a face in this thread now, he's still somewhat playing the role of a tweener. Funny promo from the Captain, but at COTC, it's all business. Good rundown for the PPV as well.

The mind games were done very well in this match as stil you have kept a real winner from being announced in this match, as Smackdown gets the advantage here tonight to conclude Raw!

The show was good, though some parts were predictable. Still the buildup to COTC was really done well. Looking forward to Smackdown though!

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Re: Being The Booker

June 1st; East Rutherford:

The show kicks off with a bang, as the KOTR Semi Final between Paul London and Batista opens things up. Raw superstar, Mr. Kennedy, the other semi finalist, is shown in attendance, watching the two men intently. Despite the contrast in styles, the two men put on a mildly entertaining match, with Londons speed too much for Batista in the early going, but London screws up his early momentum, getting caught flying from the top rope, allowing Batista to hit a power slam for the first really near fall of the contest.
Batista begins to wear London down, taking his smaller, weaker opponent apart, but London begins to make a comeback after a sustained period of offence from The Animal, and begins to rattle Batista, with the speed throwing Batista off his game again, leaving London to score a number of near falls. Batista then looks to deliver a spine buster, catching London off the ropes, but somehow, The Golden Boy counters into a tornado DDT!!! London now looks to seize the opportunity, and climbs the turnbuckles, looking to hit the 450 Splash … BUT BATISTA MOVES!!! London rolls around, crashing and burning, as The Animal moves in, dragging London up, wasting not time at all, delivering THE BATISTA BOMB!!! He covers, 1...2...3!!!
Batista advances to the King of the Ring final!!! The Animal has his hand raised, as we cut to Kennedy in the crowd, who nods, watching on, as the 2006 KOTR final is now fully set and ready to go this Sunday.

Backstage, Triple H tries to boss Team Smackdown for War Games around, before being promptly told by The Rock that they don’t view him as a leader, and they never will. The Rock then goes on to tell The Game that on Sunday, Team Smackdown will prevail, but it wont be thanks to his leadership, it’ll be thanks to every single person on the team being that much better than Raw. HHH seems furious with The Rocks comments, when Jericho then brushes past, and says for once he agrees with The Rock, before reminding HHH he got lucky last week to win the captaincy.

The Mexicools confront Paul Heyman backstage, complaining about Juvi getting screwed at SNME. Heyman accepts that Chavo screwed up on Saturday, and grants Juvi a rematch with Kash next week on SD.

Chris Benoit defeats Tyson Tomko from Raw, in a short match, just used as a final small bit of build for the Champion vs. Champion match at the COTC, with Benoit taking on Christians Problem Solver. Tomko gives it a good shot, but Benoit is far too good for the big man, and after hitting the Headbutt, Benoit locks in the Crossface, picking up a submission win, heading into Sunday all guns blazing.

Backstage, The Cabinet come to talk to Triple H. HHH already upset with the comment earlier, doesn’t have too many niceties for JBL, telling him to get straight to the point. Layfield does, and asks Triple H about what all the fuss was with Brock Lesnar on Raw. The Games responds, telling JBL he’s on a need to know basis, and right now doesn’t need to know. Triple H storms off, whilst JBL shakes his head, before saying that either Triple H is a bad captain, or he just doesn’t know either.

As a tester for RVD and Sabu tonight, they are forced to team up, and take on The Dicks as a warm up ahead of their match at COTC. Despite some glances at each other, RVD and Sabu somehow manage to stay on the same page for the contest, and pick up a win against the jobber team, with Sabu hitting the Arabian face buster for the three count. Afterwards, RVD and Sabu come head to head, and proceed to go through a war of words, before Alfonso pulls Sabu away, with the two men finally able to stand in the same ring without coming to blows once.

Josh Mathews interviews Chris Benoit. The Crippler gets straight to business, and tells Christian that this Sunday, he hopes Captain Charisma can laugh when he inflicts the ultimate amount of pain and suffering he can imagine. Benoit then finishes off, stating that he wont hold anything back this Sunday in his quest to be the ULTIMATE World Champion.

In a tag team cruiserweight match, CW champion, Kid Kash teams up with the man who has been the centre of attention during the recent CW struggle, Chavo Guerrero, to take on Super Crazy and Psichosis. After a typically good CW effort, the finish comes with the face team on top, until a mix up between Chavo and Kash allows Super Crazy to roll up Guerrero, 1...2...3!!! The Mexicools steal another one, and scarper out of the ring quickly, whilst Chavo and Kash argue with each other in the ring, arguing that the other was to blame.

Steve Romero conducts an interview with Charlie Haas. Smartly the interview is kept short and sweet, with Haas basically just saying that on Sunday he will prove which member of TWGTT was the leader, and which got carried for three years.

Backstage, The Rock consoles Paul London on his loss in tonights KOTR Semi Final, before telling The Golden Boy to get himself ready for the biggest match of his career on Sunday, because SD need him badly to be on top of his game. London nods, and tells The Rock that he’ll be there, and he’ll be bringing everything he’s got. However, as The Rock walks off, Triple H then appears. He gets in Londons face, telling him he’s the weak link, and that SD might just be better off without him on Sunday. London though, shows no fear of the man he defeated at JD, telling Triple H whether he likes it or not, Paul London is a part of Team Smackdown, and he WILL be part of that team at COTC.

The Rock and JBL get it on in a short match, with both going for it right from the outset, not wasting anytime. Both score near falls, but neither can hit their big moves to get a decisive three count. JBL kicks out at two from a Peoples Elbow, and makes the ropes from a Sharpshooter, before taking the padding off the turnbuckle, whilst playing possum from The Great One. The Rock runs into the corner to hit Layfield, but JBL moves, and Rock hit’s the corner, stunned from the impact of the exposed steel, allowing JBL to nail the Clothesline from Hell!!! JBL covers, 1...2...3!!!! Layfield steals another one!!! JBL exit’s the ring, before anything can be established on him removing the padding, as the referee tends to The Rock, as JBL gets another one over on The Peoples Champion, just three days before they team up at COTC in War Games.

Backstage, Juvi approaches Chavo. Chavo apologises for his bad call on Saturday night, with Juvi accepting the apology. However, The Mexicool then warns Chavo that soon he needs to make a choice, or he wont be so friendly.

In an amazing tag team spectacle, Kurt Angle and Charlie Haas team up to meet their COTC opponents, Shawn Michaels and Shelton Benjamin from Raw. The match goes long, and as you’d expect is an extremely entertaining and engrossing match up, with four of the best in ring workers in the company going at it.
Everybody gets their spots in, and all hit their signature finishers late on in a fantastic closing few minutes, with at least half a dozen near falls, but the finish comes as HBK lines up Sweet Chin Music for Angle, but Kurt grabs an unsuspecting Benjamin, firing him in front, with Michaels nailing him instead, before Angle dumps HBK out of the ring, and covers Benjamin, 1...2...3!!! Angle goes into COTC with a big win, albeit all in thanks to HBK!!! Kurt escapes quickly, as HBK comes in looking for a piece of the Olympian, but Angle and Haas escape up the ramp, having gotten the final word in before this Sunday.

After a commercial, we return, with Paul Heyman stood in the ring, surrounded by the Smackdown locker room around the apron. Heyman gives his troops a big pep talk ahead of COTC, trying to set the inspiration for each of his superstars, and asks them to forget about their feelings for one another for just one night, to forget about who their friends are, and who their enemies are, as on Sunday, they are one unit, and if they play as a team, they’ll own Raw, but if they play the ego game, they’ll be embarrassed. He goes on, telling them to dismantle Raw on Sunday, not for him, not for the fans, not for their friends or their family, but selfishly for themselves. Heyman tells his troops to show Raw who the dominant brand is, who the dominant champions are, who the dominant team is, which brand of the WWE is the A brand. Heyman leads his men into a ‘Smack-Down’ chant, when…

**I’M BACK**

Eric Bischoff enters the stage, grinning like a cat that got the cream. He has a mic, and stays at the top of the ramp to speak. He mocks Heyman for his inspirational talk, before telling the SD stars that no matter what Heyman says, and no matter what they do on Sunday, NOTHING will stop Raw from overcoming their inferior Smackdown opponents. Bischoff commends Heyman for his plan on Monday night, but assures Heyman he has come alone tonight, as he wants the Raw superstars to build up their anger, before unleashing their pent up aggression on Smackdown at the Clash of the Champions. Bischoff then ends his speech, wishing Smackdown good luck … because they’ll need it.

Bischoff stays at the top of the ramp, with a smug grin on his face, as the show goes off the air, with Heyman staring down his rival.


Official Card for WWE Clash of the Champions:
Date: 4th June 2006
Location: Kemper Arena, Kansas City, MO
Event Music: Muse, Knights of Cydonia

WWE Champion vs. World Heavyweight Champion:
Chris Benoit vs. Christian

Intercontinental Champion vs. United States Champion:
Shelton Benjamin vs. Charlie Haas

WWE Tag Team Champions vs. World Tag Team Champions:
Spirit Squad vs. AFA

McMahons Choice Match:
Shawn Michaels vs. Kurt Angle

King of The Ring Final:
Batista vs. Ken Kennedy

Strange Bedfellows Team Up:
Rob Van Dam & Sabu vs. John Cena & Randy Orton

10 Man War Games Match:
Brock Lesnar, Edge, Rey Mysterio, Carlito, Kane
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield, The Rock, Paul London, Triple H & Chris Jericho


Heat Results:
Rob Conway defeated The Hurricane
Trish Stratus, Alexis Laree & Gail Kim defeated Lita, Jillian Hall & Victoria
Finlay defeated a local jobber
The A.F.A defeated The Brotherhood in a Non Title Match


Velocity Results:
Americas Most Wanted defeated The Basham Brothers
Brian Kendrick defeated Akio
Hardcore Holly defeated Maven
The Spirit Squad defeated William Regal & Tajiri in a Non Title Match


Predictions are welcome for COTC, which should be up midweek, in fairly brief recap form.

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Re: Being The Booker

Official Card for WWE Clash of the Champions:
4th June 2006
Location: Kemper Arena, Kansas City, MO
Event Music: Muse, Knights of Cydonia

WWE Champion vs. World Heavyweight Champion:
Chris Benoit vs. Christian

Chris Benoit has been on a roll and while Christian has too, I see Benoit winning this one in a great match.

Intercontinental Champion vs. United States Champion:
Shelton Benjamin vs. Charlie Haas

Haas has been beating Benjamin the past few weeks but I see Shelton getting back at Charlie and winning a good match.

WWE Tag Team Champions vs. World Tag Team Champions:
Spirit Squad vs. AFA

The AFA is on their way out and the Spirit Squad is the future, enough said.

McMahons Choice Match:
Shawn Michaels vs. Kurt Angle

Angle won last year, Michaels wins this year. Possible match of the year.

King of The Ring Final:
Batista vs. Ken Kennedy

Both men have been on a roll but I see the future of Sports Entertainment becoming the 2006 King of the Ring.

Strange Bedfellows Team Up:
Rob Van Dam & Sabu vs. John Cena & Randy Orton

Orton could leave in the middle of the match and let RVD and Sabu win this one. Could go either way.

10 Man War Games Match:
Brock Lesnar, Edge, Rey Mysterio, Carlito, Kane
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield, The Rock, Paul London, Triple H & Chris Jericho

I see Triple H screwing his team and giving RAW the win in this match and COTC overall.


PatMan Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2007

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Re: Being The Booker

Preshow Glad to see Finlay win and coming up as a up and coming superstar sad to see him as the pre show and not actually in SNME

Mysterio vs. Y2j: Two really good superstars to kick of the Pay Per View and great match nice to see Carlito help out Rey for the win

Kane vs. Dinsmore: Very quick match and wasnt the best way to finish it witha DQ

Sabu vs. Cena: Best way ever to finish a match really was exciting

Kash vs. Juvi: Great way to continue the Mexicools’ involvement on Smackdown. Good to see Kash retain and I think Chavo will join Kash’s side to fight the Mexicools.

Main Event: GOod main event and good way to finish the night

Going to get back into BTB soon yay

come on wallabies
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Re: Being The Booker

Smackdown Recap Comments

I like the choice of the opener tonight; the excitement of a King of the Ring Qualifier is sure to get the crowd involved, expecially when Paul London is one of the competitors taking part in the match. As I predicted myself, Batista eventually goes over after what would have been an entertaining contest; I knew you would have wanted London involved in the War Games Match, and Kennedy is winning the KOTR anyway, so there's no point jobbing London out to him. The addition of Kennedy at ringside was also a nice touch and added more to the feel of the match.

The fact the rest of Team Smackdown isn't comfortable with Triple H captaining the team opens up many possible avenues for you to develop this Sunday, one being the Game eventually costs his team the match (which I see happening). Rock, Jericho and JBL are strong personalities, and it wouldn't make sense for them to simply follow by the Game's plans without any conflict. Nice booking.

Juvi/Kash next week should be an entertaining contest, one in which I see the Juice finally taking the strap in; unless Chavo gets himself involved again, which very well could happen.

Benoit going over Tomko was a nice way to put some final build into the Christian/Benoit match up on Sunday, and the result here with Benoit winning in reletive eaase over Tomko was a no brainer.

The Triple H/JBL confrontation was intriguing, and hightens my belief that the Game will cost SD! the victory at the PPV.

Sabu and RVD teaming up to face the Dicks, and beat them convincingly was clever booking, however I feel maybe the rivals should have come to blows after the match, just to add that much more drama to the tag contest at COTC.

Benoit promo was a nice addition to the show and again provided soem final build to the big Champion vs. Champion Match on Sunday; one in which I see him winning provided Raw goes over SD (as I expect) in the War Games match.

Mexicools beating the duo of Kash and Chavo only furthers adds some hype and drama into what has been an entertaining Cruiserweight Division lately. However it remains to be seen which side Chavo will allign himself with next week in the big Championship match.

Glad to see the Hass promo was kept short and sweet so as to hide is weak ability on the stick. Hass proclaiming victory this Sunday is a big call, expecially considering I don't see it happening. By the way, upon his return I hope you give Matt Hardy another crack at Hass after the damage he's caused to the man who beat JBL at WrestleMania in recent weeks.

Rocky consoling London and telling him the team needs him to be at his best this Sunday only adds credibility to London's inclusion on the team, as does his standing up to the Game when Triple H questions his addition to the team. An intelligent segment to help give London some build heading into the big match.

JBL goes over The Rock again, as his rise up the Smackdown ranks continues. The animosity between the two is well documented, and the questions is can both men force themselves to team up in order to get the win for Smackdown? I think not.

Juvi accepting Chavo's apology makes me think that either Chavo sides with Kash next week, or Chavo sides with Juvi only for the Mexicools to turn on Chavo. Regardless, it will be an interesting match whichever way you take it.

Wow, this would have been an amazing match to see written out in full; one that I hope you repeat at the next PPV possibly? A certain MOTN, and maybe even a MOTY candidate it would be if you decide to eventually write a full repeat of this contest.In any event, Hass and Angle manage to get the win in the end, under unconvincing circumstances, and gain the advantage heading into their respective matches.

The segment to end the show, with Heyman pumping up his troops only for Bischoff to appear and put them all down, was a great way to end the show and complete the build for COTC. The hatred is high and the superstars are willing and able to compete. The question is, which brand will come out on top?

Overall, a very solid recap Wolf as expected from you mate, one in which has got me very much looking forward to COTC this Sunday. Good stuff big fella!

COTC Predictions

Official Card for WWE Clash of the Champions:
Date: 4th June 2006
Location: Kemper Arena, Kansas City, MO
Event Music: Muse, Knights of Cydonia

WWE Champion vs. World Heavyweight Champion:
Chris Benoit vs. Christian

Intercontinental Champion vs. United States Champion:
Shelton Benjamin vs. Charlie Haas

WWE Tag Team Champions vs. World Tag Team Champions:
Spirit Squad vs. AFA

McMahons Choice Match:
Shawn Michaels vs. Kurt Angle

King of The Ring Final:
Batista vs. Ken Kennedy

Strange Bedfellows Team Up:
Rob Van Dam & Sabu vs. John Cena & Randy Orton

10 Man War Games Match:
Brock Lesnar, Edge, Rey Mysterio, Carlito, Kane
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield, The Rock, Paul London, Triple H & Chris Jericho

Booking Credentials
# Captain of Team Oceania- 2007 BTB World Cup
# Breakout Star of 2006
# Third in WF's Favourite Booker Award 2006
# 5th in the First Annual BTB Promo Tourmament
# Best New Booker x1
# Best New BTB x1
# Most Improved Match Writer x1
# Best Used Wrestler x1
# Biggest Shock of the Month x2
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Re: Being The Booker

SmackDown! was loaded with COTC build up and all went well, but if anything it may've been slightly too long, however, it had everything that was needed and in the end, that's what matters. Predics for COTC in bold.

WWE Champion vs. World Heavyweight Champion:
Chris Benoit vs. Christian

- Benoit has been on such a roll, not even the impressive one Christian has been on will be able to stop the Rabid Wolverine from taking the victory in a top match.

Intercontinental Champion vs. United States Champion:
Shelton Benjamin vs. Charlie Haas

- Should be awesome, but Shelton is gonna be too good for Haas in the end, and continue his impressive rise in the mid card.

WWE Tag Team Champions vs. World Tag Team Champions:
Spirit Squad vs. AFA

- Fillers combined. Real dull like match on a stacked card, even tho I hate the SS, they are gonna win here.

McMahons Choice Match:
Shawn Michaels vs. Kurt Angle

- This time it's gotta be HBK, after having Kurt make him tap last year in the final match and HBK feels like he is carrying a burden for his team, I think he'll get the win, although the Horsemen and his former DX colleagues may have an input in this one before it's all said and done.

King of The Ring Final:
Batista vs. Ken Kennedy

- MISTER KENNEDY! Nuff said, he can't lose to Batista. If he does, I'll cry.

Strange Bedfellows Team Up:
Rob Van Dam & Sabu vs. John Cena & Randy Orton

- I can't see Cena & Orton, despite their hatred for each other losing this one. RVD/Sabu will implode and ruin their chances.

10 Man War Games Match:
Brock Lesnar, Edge, Rey Mysterio, Carlito, Kane
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield, The Rock, Paul London, Triple H & Chris Jericho

- The star power of the SmackDown! team should be able to see off their RAW opponents, and I can see JBL taking the decisive fall for the SD! victory as his main eventer status continues to grow. It is hard to call tho, because both teams have ego's that are sure to get in the way at times.


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Re: Being The Booker

On the Pre-show Heat;

- Chris Masters defeats The Hurricane in his Masterlock Challenge to the Raw locker room.

- Finlay defeats Hardcore Holly with the Celtic Cross @ 05:12 to even the scores for both rosters heading into the PPV.


WWE Clash of the Champions:

4th June 2006
Location: Kemper Arena, Kansas City, MO
Event Music: Muse; Knights of Cydonia

… Opening Video …

We see black and white images of war goings on, explosions etc.

Franklin D. Roosevelt: I have seen war …

Shots of Raw and Smackdown brawling.

Franklin D. Roosevelt: … and I hate war.

Shots of Raw jumping Smackdown at Judgment Day, inside the steel cage.

Eric Bischoff: Paul Heyman!!! Think of this as strike one!!!

More clips of Raw dominating SD at Judgment Day.

Eric Bischoff: Never doubt Eric Bischoff.

Back to black and white war images.

A bible quote then appears on the screen…
“All they that take the sword, shall perish with the sword” - Matthew

Clips are shown of Smackdown retaliating on Raw.

Paul Heyman: Now Eric … now, it’s fun time.

More shots of Smackdown gaining revenge, and Bischoff looking on in awe.

Paul Heyman: Check mate.

Shots are shown of Raw superstars and Smackdown superstars in battle.

Another quote is shown on the screen…
“An eye for an eye only makes the whole world blind.” - Mahatma Gandhi

Clips are shown of last years War Games Match at Survivor Series, and we hear commentary - very quick voiceovers from it, before we hear more words from the General Managers…

Paul Heyman: An event so important - because it will define who really is a greater leader. The brains behind ECW … or the man behind the cheque book of WCW.

Eric Bischoff: To compare you’re little run down, circus show in Philly bingo halls to my global enterprise, is quite frankly insulting, and complete propaganda.

More clips of Raw and Smackdown stars battling it out, and running in, interfering each others matches.

“In war, resolution; in defeat, defiance; in victory, magnanimity.” Winston Churchill

Shots of Heyman and Bischoff standing face to face in the ring at SNME.

Paul Heyman: For us, this WILL be bigger than any superbowl, bigger than any ECW Pay Per View, bigger than any WCW Pay Per View, bigger than any superstar contract signing, for the simple reason that there WILL be a definite winner, and a definite loser.

Eric Bischoff: ECW was NEVER in the league of WCW, much like Smackdown being totally out of Raws league.

Shots of Raw dominating Smackdown

“In war there is no prize for the runner-up.” General Omar Bradley

Shots of Smackdown dominating Raw

Paul Heyman: No ‘best of luck’ handshake, no pre-match chit chat, or any ‘may the best team win’ BS. It’s personal … it’s DAMN personal.

Eric Bischoff: Good luck … you’ll need all the luck in the world to beat MY Raw brand.

Flashing shots of Benoit and Christian fighting it out, followed by shots of Angle and Michaels, before RVD and Sabu, then Cena and Orton as the next set of voiceovers continues.

Paul Heyman: We will stand together as one!!!

Eric Bischoff: Smackdown will fall at the knees of the superior brand.

Paul Heyman: Forget your feelings for one another, because we are all fighting for the same cause.

Eric Bischoff: Raw has the best talent, best General Manager, best support of this company, THE A SHOW!!!

Paul Heyman: Don’t do this for me … don’t do this for the fans, or your family. Do this selfishly … do this for yourselves!!!

Eric Bischoff: You’ve been lucky for the last two years, but on June 4th, the luck runs out!!!

More shots from last years War Games.

Franklin D. Roosevelt: I have seen war …

Paul Heyman: In nominee patris…

Shots of Raw and Smackdown brawling.

Franklin D. Roosevelt: … and I hate war.

Paul Heyman: … et spiritus sancti

Final shot of the two General Managers standing across the ring from each other as flashes of the brawling is shown, as the video comes to an end.



The camera pans around the arena, as we see the two rings set up in anticipation for War Games tonight. One ring is set up exactly like the Raw ring, with red ropes, and the black apron, whilst the second ring is set up exactly like the SD ring, with blue ropes, and silver apron.

The camera focuses in on the War games cage, as J.R begins to speak.

Jim Ross: The Kemper Arena has been sold out for weeks, in anticipation for the third annual Clash of the Champions!!! The most unique event on the WWE calendar is on the air. Raw battles Smackdown, and in the spirit of this cross promotional event, I am joined by my Smackdown colleague, Tazz.

Tazz: This is it J.R. The most anticipated Clash of the Champions that I can think of. It’s nice to be sitting next to a legend like yourself J.R, but make no mistake, I’m pulling solidly for Smackdown!!!

Jim Ross: Absolutely, and I’ll be trying to keep as unbiased as possible, but Raw is my show, and I’m pulling for the Monday night crew!!! Seven titanic battles in store tonight, including the three clash of champions match ups.

Tazz: Damn right. The tag champions from both shows go at it, U.S Champ meets the Intercontinental Champion, and lets not forget, World Champion versus World Champion!! Where else does this happen!!!???

Jim Ross: Nowhere at all Tazz. You can only see champions face champions on this event. But it’s perhaps bigger than champion vs. champion tonight. The King of the Ring is back and will be decided tonight, and of course, War Games, the hellish structure makes it’s gruesome return, seven months since it last reared itself at the Survivor Series.

Tazz: I watched it at ringside last November J.R. It aint no picnic, I’ll tell ya that, it’s gonna get ugly, real quick.

Jim Ross: No doubt about it. We are also joined by our Spanish colleagues, it’s Hugo and Carlos!!!

Tazz: Time to learn some Spanish!!!

Hugo and Carlos talk for a moment before…

Kurt Angle steps out, onto the stage, which has two entrances, one for SD, resembled with the big fist above it.

Jim Ross: And can you think of a better match to kick off the proceedings?? The match that ended last years Clash of the Champions event opens this year!!! My own personal match of the year last year gets a sequel!!!

Tazz: You want wrestling at it’s finest, you’re getting it J.R. And if this is what we have to start with, MAN, what the hell can we expect to follow it!!!

Jim Ross: Strap yourself in Tazz, this night is about to take off!!!

Shawn Michaels enters from the Raw side of the entrance, resembled with a big Raw sign, in the shape of the Raw titan tron.

Jim Ross: Listen to the ovation!!! Shawn Michaels has come to Kansas tonight hell bent on evening the score with a certain Kurt Angle, and by Gawd, he looks ready for a war tonight!!!

Tazz: This aint gonna be no sprint either J.R. It took forty minutes for a breakthrough between these two last year in that epic Iron Man Match. This could be another one for the ages.

Michaels steps into the ring, and lets off his pyro, and begins to take off his shiny ring attire, when Angle jumps him before the bell!!!

McMahons Choice Match:
Shawn Michaels vs. Kurt Angle

The Match is officially underway, with Angle immediately on the offence, on an unaware Michaels. The Olympian pounds HBK in the corner, with over hand right hands, straight to the face, taking it to the Showstopper. Angle stops, and grabs HBK by the face, bad mouthing his opponent, before slapping the taste out of his mouth.
Michaels staggers out of the corner, but Angle doesn’t let up, still firing right hands. He whips Michaels off the ropes, and ducks down, but does so too early, as HBK comes back off the ropes, and connects with a kick to Angle, forcing him to shoot back up. The Showstopper bounces off the ropes himself, but as he comes back off, he runs right into the path of Kurt Angle, who catches HBK, and tries to hit a Belly to Belly, but Michaels desperately punches free, knowing he cant take a big move so early on, and is successful in fighting free.

Kurt Angle moves backwards, with Michaels making a move towards his opponent, striking him across the chest with a knife edge chop. Angle shoots his arms to his chest, feeling the sensation on his chest. Michaels pulls Angles arm away, and strikes again, this time with Angle turning away from the sting of the chop, allowing Shawn Michaels to take him by surprise and roll him up, 1...2...Angle rolls out!!!
The two men reach their feet, but Angle is first to strike, knocking Michaels down with a running clothesline. The Olympian takes a look around Kansas, before stomping HBK in the face. He pulls HBK up by his hair, and strikes with an uppercut, sending Michaels staggering back into the corner. Kurt Angle follows in, and scores with a right hand, before whipping HBK across the ring, to the opposite corner, but as he reaches, Michaels kips up on the ropes, pushing himself back over Kurt Angle as he runs in behind, and Angle hit’s the corner, sternum first.
He backs out, and into another roll up from Michaels, 1...2...Kick Out!!!

Again, Angle jumps up, and charges at Michaels, but this time, Shawn catches him with a boot to the midsection. Angle staggers back, and into the ropes, clearly winded from the kick. Michaels runs at Angle, but the Gold Medallist plays possum, and quickly low bridges the top rope, with Michaels sailing over the top, crashing to the mat below!!!
Angle follows out, dropping down off the apron, smiling, and looking around, as HBK crawls across the mats, trying to regain his bearings. Kurt stomps on the back of HBK, and then listens to the Nick Patrick, who has counted to three already. Angle drags Shawn Michaels up, and rams him into the side of the ring, bringing a look of deep pain to the face of HBK.

The Olympian pulls Michaels away from the side of the ring again, before quickly ramming him back against it, this time forcing a deep moan from the hurt opponent. Angle backs away, before coming back towards HBK, and nails him with a big uppercut forearm. Michaels slumps down, whilst Kurt Angle looks down at his adversary, who looks to be in a world of hurt at this point in time, after a short, but effective attack from Angle.
He pulls HBK up by the hair once again, and talks some trash, before he whips Michaels into the steel steps, then breaks the referee’s ten count, at the count of nine, and rolls back out to the outside, getting on Michaels. Angle stomps HBK, and begins to fire at Michaels with a succession of strong right hands to the face of the Heart Break Kid. Kurt stays on The Showstopper, not giving him a chance to recuperate, and drags him to the steps, where he bounces Shawn’s head off them, before he whips Michaels into the barrier. Again, Angle is forced to break the referee’s ten count, this time at six, before rolling back out. He clubs the back of the Showstopper repeatedly, at least half a dozen times, then picks him up, and drops HBK, ribs first onto the barricade. Michaels staggers around the ringside area, gasping for air, as Angle follows.

Kurt bounces Michael’s head off the steps again, before rolling Michaels back into the ring, and goes for his first cover of the match immediately, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Angle doesn’t seem worried at all, and picks up HBK slowly, before striking him with a right hand, knocking him back down again. Angle stomps on the ankle of HBK, and tries to drag Michaels around the ring, appearing to be starting work on Michaels ankle, in preparation for the ankle lock but HBK kicks Kurt away, only Angle to come right back at him, tenaciously grabbing the legs, but HBK shows a lot of strength, and kicks Kurt away, with the velocity taking Angle through the middle rope, and out to the floor.
Shawn Michaels takes a moment to get back to a vertical base, whilst Angle pulls himself up on the barrier, looking a little dazed, after being kicked out of the ring seconds ago by his opponent. In the ring, HBK is back up, and walks toward the ropes, looking in the direction of Angle, before using the ropes to elevate himself into the air, diving to the outside at Angle for a Pescado, and scores, taking Kurt Angle down!!!
Kemper Arena comes alive, with both men down on the mats, with the official beginning his ten count, …1……2……3……4……5……6… Shawn Michaels begins to stir, and tries to quickly re-enter the ring in order to break the referees count. Michaels rolls inside, and back out again, forcing the referee to start his count once again.

HBK pulls Angle up by his singlet, before releasing a vicious chop across the chest of Angle, with the Olympian backing against the barricade. Michaels tries again, with another chop, but Angle moves, and Shawn misses. Now Angle corners HBK against the barrier, and opens up with a chop of his own, before grabbing Michaels arm, and whips him into the steel steps.
Kurt Angle now rolls into the ring, and breaks the officials count, before rolling back out again, forcing Nick Patrick to start his count over again. Angle stalks his enemy, who crawls around ringside, trying to regain his bearings. Kurt kicks HBK in the ribs, forcing a groan from the Showstopper. Angle strikes again with another kick to the ribs, with Michaels rolling over, grabbing his ribs, feeling the excruciating pain. Nick Patrick pleads with Kurt Angle to get the match back inside the ring, but Angle replies, telling the referee to ‘Shut Up’, before kicking his adversary once more in the ribs.

Shawn Michaels continues to crawl away, trying to recover, but Angle remains focused and driven to inflict as much damage to Michaels as possible, and picks him up, before rolling Shawn back inside the ring. Angle follows, and bears down immediately on HBK, not allowing Shawn any time to get his breath back at this point. Kurt clubs the back of Michaels, before pulling his opponent back to his feet, backing HBK into the ropes, before whipping him off the opposite side, and knocks him down with a reverse elbow. Angle hooks the leg, 1...2...Kick Out from Michaels. Kurt Angle looks at the official, before pushing Michaels shoulders down again, 1...2...Kick Out.
Kurt Angle looks a little frustrated, as he pulls The Showstopper back to his feet, and looks to connect with a right hand, but HBK blocks, and strikes Angle across the chest with a chop. Kansas responds with a WOOO, with Angle clutching his chest, before coming back at Michaels with a chop of his own, getting the same reaction from the fans, with a WOOO, and the same from Michaels, who clutches his chest too, feeling the impact of Kurt Angles knife edge chop.

Shawn staggers around the ring, then delivers another chop, HARD to his opponent, again getting a WOOOOO. Angle drops to a knee, but soon gets up and chops The Heart Break Kid back, with another WOOOO from Kemper Arena. Michaels clutches his chest again, then fires back with another chop of his own. Kurt hit’s a chop, Shawn fires one back, one from Angle, one from Michaels, then a HUGE chop to the Showstopper, sends Michaels down. Each chops is met with the same WOOOOOOOO response from Kansas, who find it hard to keep up with the back and forth chops in the early going, followed by a small round of applause is heard after the chop fest. Angle backs HBK into the ropes, whipping him to the opposite side, but as Michaels comes back, he ducks an attempted clothesline, and as Angle runs back at him, HBK leaps over Angle, and goes for SWEET CHIN MUSIC … but Angle ducks under, and goes for the ANGLE SLAM … but Michaels lands on his feet, then rolls Angle up, 1...2...Kick Out.
Kurt jumps up, and takes down a running Shawn Michaels with a drop toe hold, and tries to quickly apply the Anklelock, but Michaels manages to counter, and tries to grab Angles ankle, going for the submission himself, but The Olympian scarpers to the ropes, and rolls out of the ring, to get a breather, taking abuse from the fans for chickening out of the ring. In the ring, Shawn Michaels tries to rile Angle by going towards the ropes, and holding them open for Kurt to enter the ring. The crowd pops, but Kurt Angle is furious, and he kicks the barrier in frustration. Angle re-enters the ring, at the count of eight, but immediately slides back out, taking more time to think, which gets some serious heat from the rabid audience.

Michaels shakes his head, and shakes his finger to the fans as if to say, not this time, and immediately drops down, and rolls out of the ring, to come after Angle to stop the stalling. Michaels comes after him, but Angle keeps his distance, running around the ring, before sliding back in, being followed by Michaels, but it appears it was an elaborate plan from Angle, as HBK slides in, he is stomped by Kurt Angle.
The Olympian is relentless, in his attack on Michaels, as he drags the Heart Break Kid back to his feet, before executing a gut wrench suplex. Angle floats over into a lateral press, 1...2...Michaels shifts his shoulder up. Instantaneously, the Olympian wraps his legs around the waist of The Showstopper, applying a body scissors. The camera focuses in on the face of HBK, who looks to be gasping for air, with Angle taking the wind from him, and blocking any hopes of Michaels of taking any deep breaths. The Kansas fans get behind the Showstopper, starting a H-B-K chant, willing him on to break free.

Michaels starts to shake his arms, showing the fans he’s still in it, refusing to quit at such an early stage, showing his desire to overcome Angle. Michaels begins throwing elbows into Angle, wherever he can strike, in order to break the submission. Angle begins to struggle to keep the hold locked in tight, with HBK showing his ability to never say die. After a succession of sharp elbows, Michaels manages to make Angle break his grip, and the body scissors have been released, allowing Michaels to breathe once again.
Kurt Angle attempts to lock the hold in again, but this time, HBK elbows him away instantly, stopping the grasp of the Gold Medallist. Michaels gets on his knees, and throws three unanswered shots to the bread basket of his opponent, who stands up fully. Angle looks to be taken by surprise with the punches to the stomach, and bends down, unintentionally inviting HBK to throw a shot to his jaw, sending the Gold medallist backwards into the ropes.

Michaels now gets to his feet, and meets Angle with a knife edge chop, and a second, before whipping him off the ropes, and knocks Kurt down with a dropkick. Michaels hooks the leg, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Angle rolls onto his front, and holds his mouth, as Shawn Michaels reaches up on the ropes, back to his feet, running his fingers through his hair. He drags Angle back up, but the Olympian takes HBK by surprise, with an inside cradle, 1...2...Kick Out!!!
HBK jumps up, but Angle ducks a clothesline, and tries to backslide Shawn, but surprisingly, it’s Michaels who wins this tussle, getting the backslide on Angle instead, 1...2...Angle slides out. Right away, HBK is up, and he takes Kurt Angle over with an Oklahoma roll, 1...2... … Angle counters, 1...2... … Michaels kicks out!!!

They both rise to their feet, but Michaels is first to react, running under Angle, before taking him down with a Victory Roll, 1...2... … Angle rolls through, 1...2...Shoulder goes up. HBK then breaks the hold, and rolls up Kurt Angle, 1...2... … The Olympian rolls through, 1...2... … HBK counters into a bridge, 1...2... … Angle pushes up, and uses his strength to power out of the bridge, then backslides The Showstopper, 1...2...Kick Out. HBK flips out, and rolls up Angle, 1...2...Kick Out!! Both men jump to their feet, and get a massive ovation from Kemper Arena.
Both Angle and Michaels take a moment to look around the arena, but Angle tries to take Michaels off guard, and goes for a clothesline, but Michaels ducks and takes Angle down with a headlock takedown, pushing the shoulders down for a lateral press, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Kurt Angle powers back out, and to his feet, but is met with a slap from The Showstopper, and quickly takes him with an inside cradle, 1...2...Kick Out!!!

Angle shoots up, but has his leg chopped down, by HBK, who covers him, 1...2...Angle shoots his shoulder up. Angle gets up, but has Michaels going for a crucifix pin, however, Angle thinks quickly, and runs into the corner, breaking himself free. Michaels staggers out, and walks into the path of Kurt Angle who goes behind, and rolls Michaels up with a school boy, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Shawn barely kicks out in time, and quickly gets to his feet, but Angle looks to be a little bit quicker at this early stage, and manages to get a victory roll, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Michaels again barely kicks out, and gets up, but is taken down with a double leg takedown, and The Gold Medallist gets a bridged cover, 1...2...Kick Out!!!
Shawn manages to push a shoulder up in the nick of time, and Angle breaks his grip, allowing HBK back to his feet. Kurt Angle runs at Michaels, but is stopped in his tracks with a kick to the mid section. HBK backs into the ropes, charging back out, and leaping over Angle, rolling through with a sunset flip, 1...2... Angle rolls a shoulder up. Angle rolls towards the ropes, with Michaels ready to strike, but smartly, The Olympian grabs the ropes, giving himself a short rest bite from the on form Heart Break Kid.

Nick Patrick forces HBK back, with the fans starting a ‘bullshit’ chant, not impressed with Kurt Angle trying to slow the match down. Michaels backs off, before catching Angles eye, telling Kurt to ‘Come on’. Angle tells HBK to ‘Go f*ck yourself’ before being forced to release the ropes, with Patrick handing out a mandatory five count. Angle releases at four, but starts arguing with the official, which allows HBK to strike, with a chop to the chest of Angle.
Kurt fires back immediately with a rake to the eyes, which force Michaels to stagger around the ring for a few moments, allowing Angle to take advantage, gripping HBK from behind, and scores with a German Suplex!!! … But Angle isn’t done yet. He holds on, and drags Michaels up, executing a second German Suplex … and STILL holds on!!! Angle pulls Shawn Michaels up once more, and this time nails a release German Suplex, with HBK thudding against the canvas!!!!!
Angle, on his knees, looks around the arena with a sick smile on his face, before hooking the leg, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Kurt pounds the mat three times, looking at the referee, as if to say he needs to count faster.

Angle gets to his feet, and starts to stalk Michaels, who begins to push himself up onto all fours, looking to make a recovery. Angle grows impatient, and decides to pull HBK up by his tights to his feet. Angle grips Michaels from the back again, setting up for a German Suplex, but this time, The Showstopper elbows at The Olympian, freeing himself from the vice like grip, and counters, taking Angle over with a hip toss.
Angle sits up, but HBK pushes him down, covering for a count, 1...2...Kick Out from The Olympian. Michaels gets to his feet, and drags Angle up with him, pushing Kurt into the ropes, and going for a whip, but Angle counters, and sends Michaels into the ropes instead, catching him upon his return, and without hesitation, Angle connects with a Belly to Belly suplex!!! Cover, 1...2... Michaels shoots his shoulder up!!! Angle looks frustrated by the never say die attitude of his opponent, and takes his frustration out on Michaels, choking the Heart Break Kid. Nick Patrick is forced to issue a mandatory five count, with Kurt breaking at four, before immediately choking again.
This time, Patrick issues the count much quicker, with Kurt again waiting until the count of four to release the illegal choke. Angle gets back up, and stomps his wounded opponent three times, before pulling Michaels back to his feet. Kurt whips him off the ropes, but as he goes for a back body drop, HBK rolls over, going behind Angle. Angle turns around, and is struck with another knife edge chop, with perspiration flying across the ring off the chest, before Shawn whips Angle off the ropes. Michaels ducks down, but this backfires, as Angle bounces back off the ropes, and comes back with a running knee lift, knocking Michaels right back down.

Kurt stays on Michaels, and pulls the woozy opponent back to a vertical base, before hooking him up, and delivering a vertical suplex. Angle floats over into a hook of the near leg, 1...2...Kick Out!!! Angle gets to his feet, and again mouths off at the referee, before he patiently waits for HBK to get to his feet, and as he does, Angle charges him into the corner, driving his shoulder into Michaels abdomen … and a second time … and a third. Kurt backs away for a moment, before striking Shawn with an uppercut forearm. Angle follows up with a chop, before planting HBK three time with blistering right hands, before Michaels turns the tables, pulling Angle into the corner, and throwing some shots of his own, only for Angle to come back with a knee straight into the abdominal region of the Showstopper.
Angle switches the positions again, reversing Michaels back into the corner, and throws a few right hands, before pulling Michaels out of the corner, and whips him off the ropes, but HBK ducks the clothesline, and a second time, before coming back off the ropes again, and connecting Angle with the flying forearm!!!

Immediately, Shawn Michaels nips up, much to the fans approval. He gets Kemper Arena up on its feet, with the ‘Come on’ signal aimed at his year long nemesis. HBK watches as Angle uses the ropes to reach his feet once more, and Shawn follows up, scooping Angle up, and delivering a front slam. He then waves it off, before climbing the ropes. As soon as The Heart Break Kid reaches the top rope though, Kurt Angle darts up to his feet, and in the blink of an eye, he shoots to the top rope, AND HIT’S A BELLY TO BELLY OFF THE TOP ROPE!!!!!
The crowd roars in approval, with both men down again. Once again, the referee begins a mandatory double count out, even though a double count out would only add confusion to a match like this … 1 … 2 … 3 … 4 … 5 … 6 … 7 … 8 … (Angle crawls over towards Michaels, hooking the leg) …



………KICK OUT!!!!!………

Angle slaps the mat in fury, thinking he had the fall won. Michaels backs off, into the corner, with Angle following in, and stomping the chest of the Heart Break Kid relentlessly, looking to cause as much damage as possible. Angle pulls The Showstopper up, and strikes with an open handed chop, which sends HBK staggering around the ring. Angle comes after him, and scores with a swinging neck breaker. Kurt hooks the leg, 1...2...Kick Out!!!
Kurt Angle doesn’t stop, and immediately drags HBK up to his feet again, sensing Michaels is in a world of trouble. Angle slaps HBK, before whipping him to the corner. Angle follows him, crushing Michaels with a running clothesline in the corner, then hooks the lifeless Michaels up for a Belly to Belly, and connects!!! Angle covers,



………KICK OUT!!!!!………

The Olympian continues the pressure, and to turn up the intensity, picking Shawn off the mat, and whipping him off the ropes, but Michaels reverses the Irish Whip, and sends Angle into the ropes, with Angle coming back and walking into a Hurricanrana, and Michaels grabs the legs…



………ANGLE KICKS OUT!!!!!………

Michaels looks disappointed, but keeps his mind on the future of the match, and not the past. He pulls his dazed opponent back to his feet, and The Showstopper whips Angle into the ropes. As he returns, Angle is met with an inverted atomic drop from HBK, forcing Angle to fall back into the ropes, and comes back out, only for Shawn to hit another inverted atomic drop, followed by a running clothesline. Now, Michaels begins to climb the ropes again, making sure Angle is down first. Michaels reaches the top rope, and looks around the arena, before flying through the air with a Picture Perfect Elbow … BUT ANGLE ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY!!! Michaels crashes and burns, with Kurt Angle quick to react, rolling HBK over, hooking the leg,




Angles face literally drops in shock of Shawn Michaels kick out. Kurt looks spent, as he drags himself up, whilst Michaels looks drained too, after missing one of his trademark moves. Kurt Angle meets HBK with a right hand to the temple, and a second, before whipping The Showstopper to the corner, but somehow, HBK jumps to the middle rope, and comes back off, with a moonsault, taking Angle down by surprise, hooking the leg, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!
Both Shawn and Kurt are slow to reach their feet, with Shawn having spent a lot of energy, regrouping to hit a moonsault, and Angle still in a haze from the moonsault. Angle tries to strike first with a right hand, but has it blocked by his opponent, giving HBK a clear opportunity to fire at Angle. Kurt staggers back into the ropes, with Michaels following him, and whips Angle off the ropes, putting him back down with a back body drop.

Michaels moves towards the corner, and stands there, patiently waiting for Kurt Angle to turn around, with the fans expecting Sweet Chin Music. HBK starts to stamp his feet, with Kansas rising to it’s feet. Angle gets up … turns around, with Shawn closing in … SWEET CHIN MUSIC … NO!!!! … KURT ANGLE CATCHES THE FOOT … SPINS MICHAELS AROUND … ANGLE SLAM!!!!!!!!!! Angle hooks the leg,





Angle sits up in shock, yelling out ‘No Way’ as he looks at the rope, with Michaels foot, just resting on it. Angle takes a look at the fallen Showstopper, depressing himself further, seeing him laying on the canvas lifelessly. Angle gets back up, and shouts to the fans ‘This is it now’, before taking down the straps, turns Michaels over, AND … grabs the ankle … ANKLELOCK!!!
Right away, Angle drags HBK centre ring, giving HBK no options for where he can go. Michaels looks to be running on adrenaline already, still trying to recover from the Angle Slam. HBK finds himself in a world of trouble though now, and with Angle standing strong in the middle of the ring, HBK is left with little option other than to try and kick Kurt away.

Michaels turns himself over, and with his free leg, starts kicking at the face of the Gold Medallist, desperate to break free, but for now, Angles grip remains tight, and relentless. The Olympian yanks the ankle, forcing Michaels to yell out loud for the first time in the submission, but in one swift move, Michaels twists around, and the speed forces Angle to fall over … BUT HE KEEPS THE ANKLELOCK LOCKED IN!!!
However, on the ground, Angle finds himself closer to Michaels, allowing Shawn to kick at him more, scoring with boots to the chin, which take their toll on Angle, who loses focus, and allows HBK to reach the bottom rope, forcing the submission hold to be broken!!!

Angle is furious, but releases the ankle lock, and gets back to his feet. Angle shakes his head loose, and comes after Michaels again, trying to grab the ankle and drag him back to the centre, but this time, HBK kicks Angle away, with The Olympian falling into the corner. HBK uses the ropes to get back on his feet, and keeps a determined Angle at bay with two consecutive chops. Michaels now becomes the aggressor, throwing a right hand, which Angle absorbs, before blocking a second, and spins HBK around, GOES FOR THE ANGLE SLAM … BUT MICHAELS COUNTERS INTO A DDT!!!!!
Kemper Arena goes berserk, as both men lay out on the canvas for a few seconds, with HBK soon stirring. Michaels crawls in the direction of his fallen opponent, draping an arm over Angle. The referee makes the count …


HBK cant believe it. He rolls away, and pulls himself up by the ropes once more, getting a wonderful reaction from his adoring fans. On the other side of the ring, Kurt Angle begins to stir, and he too begins to use the ropes in order to make it back to his feet. Michaels spots him, and spurs himself on to make it back to his feet first, which he does.
Michaels waits for a second or two, and briefly stamps his foot twice, signalling for another attempt at Sweet Chin Music, and as soon as Angle pushes himself off the ropes, Michaels goes for him … SWEET CHIN MUSIC … BUT ANGLE DUCKS … MICHAELS COMES BACK AGAIN FOR SWEET CHIN MUSIC … BUT ANGLE COUNTERS … AND GETS HBK IN THE AIR FOR AN ELECTRIC CHAIR … BUT MICHAELS ROLLS THROUGH, PINNING ANGLE …

Winner: Shawn Michaels @ 22:37

MICHAELS TAKES IT!!! Angle kicks out, right after the three count has been made, but it’s too late. The Olympian rolls out of the ring, absolutely flabbergasted that HBK out manoeuvred him on this occasion. In the ring, HBK has his arm raised, whilst on his knees, looking shattered after a tiring, yet terrific showing tonight.

Backstage, Eric Bischoff rounds up his troops for War Games, and tries to rally his five men together, but there is clear tension between Edge and Brock Lesnar, whilst Kane is nowhere to be seen, following The Horsemen setting him on fire last week on Raw.

We then see Armando Estrada in the Smackdown locker room, passing out his own personal business card, telling the Smackdown guys to do the right thing for themselves, and give him a call. As he passes the cards out, they are thrown away, or ripped up by the wrestlers.

The World Tag Champions from Raw make their way out, with Rico dressed up as a cheerleader - with skirt and all - whilst Ron Simmons trudges out behind him, embarrassed as always with his tag team partner.

Smackdowns tag champions enter, with Kenny and Mitch taking the lead tonight, and the quintet do a pre match cheer at the top of the ramp, with Rico dancing along in the ring, whilst Simmons looks around, shaking his head at the weirdos.

WWE Tag Team Champions vs. World Tag Team Champions:
Spirit Squad (Kenny and Mitch) vs. AFA
It’s a short match up, with Rico dressed up as a cheerleader himself, impressed with the tag team champions from Smackdown. This admiration though leaves him open for a quick attack from his opponents, and immediately the Squad dominate proceedings, trying to keep Rico as far away from Simmons as possible. Eventually, the referee catches the remaining three members on the outside getting involved, and orders them to the back, which allows Rico to make a comeback, and tag in Simmons, to a good ovation.

Simmons throws Kenny and Mitch around like rag dolls, and looks to have swung the battle in the Raw champions favour, when he gets Mitch up for the Dominator, only for Kenny to strike Simmons from behind, stopping the attack. Rico tries to help his partner, but is chucked to the outside, as the two members of the Spirit Squad take Simmons down with Mitch nailing a DDT, before Kenny flies through the air with his top rope leg drop, finishing off the opponents, 1...2...3!!!
Winners: The Spirit Squad @ 04:09

Backstage, we see Mercury, Nitro and Melina watching on a monitor, not looking impressed by the Raw tag champions.

Elsewhere, Paul Heyman is seen looking to gather his War Games team, telling a worker he wants them together ASAP, before Heyman runs into WWE Champion, Chris Benoit. Heyman stops Benoit, and tells the champion that despite their differences in the past, he wants to wish Benoit luck, extending his hand offering to let bygones be bygones. Benoit takes a moment to think, and accepts the handshake, but doesn’t say anything.

Charlie Haas enters the arena to the expected heat, showing off his title belt, proud to be holding the prestigious belt, and points to the ring, as if to say he’ll do his talking in there.

The Kemper Arena comes to it’s feet, in adulation for Shelton Benjamin, the Intercontinental Champion. Benjamin also points to the ring, but with a look of disdain for his opponent, and former tag partner and former friend, Charlie Haas, quickly making his way down to the ring, leaping onto the apron, not taking his eyes off Haas.

Intercontinental Champion vs. United States Champion:
Shelton Benjamin vs. Charlie Haas

Terrific match up, between two world class wrestlers. The opening exchange is very mat based, with both men getting the upper hand on one occasion each, before the final time, they find themselves in a stalemate, with the fans clapping in appreciation for the exchange. As the two lock up again, Haas plays dirty, and sticks a knee to the gut, giving himself a definite leverage advantage. Haas forgets about the wrestling, and begins to strike Benjamin, rather than wrestle him, beating him down in the corner, with rights and lefts. Haas whips Benjamin off the ropes, but Shelton fires back with a flying clothesline, opening the match up again.

The two men then engage in a fantastic back and forth battle from here on, with Haas the definite heel, and Benjamin a clear cut face. Near falls come in spades, with the fans getting into the contest more and more as the intensity level picks up, with the signature spots coming out, and into play. Haas nails his Haastile Takeover, but Benjamin finds the strength to kick out, whilst Haas knowingly avoids the T-Bone Exploder at all costs. At one point though, Benjamin looks set to deliver the finisher, when Haas out of desperation, pulls the referee and holds onto him, as Benjamin delivers the move, but Haas, having held onto the official, lands on him, taking the referee out of the equation!!!!

Frustrated, Benjamin looks around, unsure what to do, having Haas beaten, but no referee to count the fall. He decides to drag Haas up again, and looks to deliver another T-Bone, BUT HAAS LOW BLOWS OUT OF IT!!! Benjamin drops to his knees, as Haas takes control, and goes to the outside, picking up his title belt, when we see THE BROTHERHOOD run down the aisle. Haas sees them coming, and slides into the ring, almost like a deer caught in the headlights, as we see Benjamin reach his feet. Shelton looks around, and seems irate that The Brotherhood have disregarded his rejection of them, and yells at Long to get lost. Theodore Long tells Benjamin he’s here to help, but Benjamin wont listen to it, and demands for The Brotherhood to leave him, which they eventually do, despite looking frustrated at having to do so, but this only serves as an invitation to Haas, who blasts Benjamin from behind, with the U.S Title, quickly throwing the belt out, as the referee recovers, and makes the count, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Charlie Haas @ 13:48

Haas soaks up the win, looking devilishly pleased with himself, having snuck his way to a victory. Quickly, he leaves the ring, knowing he struck lucky tonight, whilst Benjamin slowly comes around, having cost himself a victory by getting distracted by The Brotherhood, although he had previously warned them he didn’t want their help.

Backstage, Eric Bischoff, in foul mood, yells at The Horsemen, with Kane nowhere to be seen following them lighting him on fire last week. He then tells them that Nick Dinsmore is now on stand by to replace Kane, and he better not fail him - or else.

A video package plays, telling the story of this years KOTR tournament, whittling down from 16 men, to just two, who battle it out for the honour, NEXT.

The Raw finalist for the first KOTR tournament in four years enters the arena to a hot response, all in favour for the charismatic superstar. Mr. Kennedy makes his way down the ramp, steely eyed, focused and ready for tonights huge match up, which could propel his career into the ascendancy. Once he reaches the ring, Kennedy makes his introduction, as always, with the fans happy to join in, saying it loud, and saying it proud … MISTER KENNEDY.

The Animal calmly walks out onto the stage, met with a marginal reception of boos, with a hint of cheers too for the impressive looking specimen. Batista lets off a new pyro added to his entrance, before charging down the ramp, looking just as focused, just as determined as his opponent, knowing the high stakes tonight.

King of The Ring Final:
Batista vs. Ken Kennedy
Fairly clunky match, with the contest never really setting the world alight. Batista overpowers Kennedy early on, but despite being the heel, Batista doesn’t rely on any cheap tactics, getting the better of his Raw opponent with a decisive size and power advantage. Kennedy though, shows the heart and will of a warrior, refusing to give in, knowing the success that winning the KOTR can bring. He begins to fight back, and takes Batista off his feet, as the fans begin to stir, and get on his side, willing Kennedy on. Mr. Kennedy escapes a Batista Bomb, for a roll up, with Batista kicking out at two, before Kennedy runs right into a SPINEBUSTER!!!

Batista hooks the leg, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Batista is taken aback by the kick out, and drags Kennedy up again, looking for a whip into the corner, but Kennedy counters, and sends Batista in instead, following up with a swinging neck breaker. Kennedy doesn’t look now for a cover, but instead climbs the ropes, looking to hit his Kenton Bomb. However, as he places himself up top, Batista quickly gets to his feet, seeing an opening, and kicks the ropes!!! The Animal climbs the ropes, and looks to deliver a suplerplex to his opponent, but Kennedy fights it, and takes Batista by surprise HOISTING HIM ONTO HIS SHOULDERS … DOESN’T HESITATE … AND NAILS THE GREEN BAY PLUNGE!!!!! The Kemper Arena goes NUTS as Kennedy hooks the leg, surely with victory sewn up, 1...2...3!!!!!
Winner: The 2006 King of the Ring - MISTER KENNEDY @ 09:58

Mister Kennedy can now officially be called KING KENNEDY!!! The Green Bay native picks up the prestigious honour, following the likes of Bret Hart, Steve Austin, Triple H and Kurt Angle!!!! Kennedy announces himself the winner, and KING KENNEDY, as J.R plugs the official coronation tomorrow night at the very start of Raw!!!!

A Fanatix series commercial airs - this month - Greatest Tag Teams of the 1980’s

Backstage, Paul Heyman talks with Bill Alfonso, warning him to make sure Sabu and RVD stay on the same page in their tag match, or face the consequences.

Further backstage, Josh Mathews interviews JBL ahead of the War Games match later. JBL looks very serious tonight, with no over confidence. Layfield calmly, and clearly states that tonight, he’s stepping into War alongside guys he doesn’t like, but no matter what the cost, he will steer Smackdown to victory.

A video package airs, hyping the upcoming tag team match.

The Homicidal, Genocidal, Suicidal madman makes his OFFICIAL Pay Per View debut in a high profile match up. Bill Alfonso, equipped with whistle accompanies the former ECW superstar to the ring for what promises to be a highly volatile match up, teaming with his most fierce enemy.

Kansas comes alive for Van Dam, and Mr. Thursday Night enters the ring, looking pumped up, but relaxed ahead of this match, knowing if he and Sabu can stay on the same page they’ll have the opportunity to settle their differences in the ring eventually. However, a sign of things to come is possibly seen, with Alfonso being forced to restrain Sabu from attacking his tag team partner. RVD though, blows him off, and shows no fear, confidently thumb taunting ‘R-V-D’.

The attention of those in the ring turns to the entrance way, as a stern faced Randy Orton takes the walk down the aisle, looking all business tonight. Orton though, waits at the bottom of the ramp, whilst we see Van Dam still circling around, and Sabu looking ready to wreak havoc.

The Kemper Arena booms for the music of John Cena, and the former World Champion hit’s the stage, looking full of energy. Cena salutes the audience, and storms down the ramp, throwing his cap and shirt to the fans, and literally PUSHES past his tag team partner, and slides into the ring, tackling Sabu down!!!

Strange Bedfellows Team Up:
Rob Van Dam & Sabu vs. John Cena & Randy Orton

Cena pounds at Sabu, whilst RVD and Orton go at it on the outside. Cena and Sabu soon follow out, with Sabu low bridging the ropes, sending Cena out, and The ECW veteran presses to the outside onto Cena.

*This is now the point where I once again lost the details, and lost the will to re-do it all. Sorry for any disappointment*

After the early wild brawl, the referee somehow manages to cool things down. A brief period of normal tagging between both sides takes over, before the two teams begin to get hostile with one another. RVD and Sabu refuse to acknowledge the other when calling for a tag, whilst Cena and Orton slap each other, harder each time as they make tags, but neither side takes a definitive advantage.

As the match wears on, the animosity between each team escalates, and both sides are nearly coming to blows with each other, as the referee begins to lose control of the situation, as Cena and Orton seem moments from boiling over, whilst Bill Alfonso is the only thing keeping RVD and Sabu from striking out at each other.

Then, the inevitable happens, as Cena plows into the ring, looking to cut off Sabu who attempts to cheap shot Orton (or maybe even RVD!!), but Sabu leaps out of his way, and inadvertently Cena strikes Orton!!! This then sets off a chain reaction of events, as Cena momentarily stops, realising the impact of his mistake, whilst RVD and Sabu finally lose their patience and brawl with each other!!!

Utter chaos ensues, as Orton comes back at Cena, not for a second pondering a mistake, whilst RVD and Sabu refuse to back down for a moment, beating the holy hell out of each other. From inside the ring to outside, the two parties almost forget about the match entirely as this experiment goes horribly wrong, backfiring spectacularly, with the referee seemingly at a loss for what he should do now, with their being no earthly way this match can be restored to order.

Inside the ring again, Alfonso throws a chair to Sabu, but VAN DAM CATCHES HIM WITH A VAN DAMINATOR!!!! RVD kicks Alfonso off the apron, before leaping to the top rope, flying expertly to nail the Five Star Frog Splash!!!! RVD rolls around, feeling the effects himself, but as he gets up, Van Dam is fallen prey for JOHN CENA - WHO SCORES WITH THE FU!!!! Cena looks set to cover, BUT ORTON LEAPS FROM BEHIND AROUND THE CORNER … RKO!!!!! Orton puts Cena down, and quickly rolls onto Sabu for the cover, 1...2...3!!!!!
Winners: Randy Orton & John Cena @ 15:49

Somehow, someway, this bizarre contest comes to an amazing climax. Randy Orton takes out his own partner just to score the winning fall!!! The Legend Killer is the only man standing, as he etches a wry smile across his face, looking down at John Cena in particular, knowing he got the last laugh tonight on his most fierce rival.

A video package plays, hyping this years SummerSlam on August 20th from Anaheim, California, with the tag line - “HOT AS HELL”

Now, back in the arena, we see Monday Night Raw colour analyst, The Coach make his way to the ring. The Coach takes a mic, and briefly complains about not being part of the broadcast team tonight, and the brutality of having to listen to Tazz add the colour. He continues to make digs at Tazz, calling him Mini-Coach, and a 3rd Grader, eventually tipping Tazz over the edge, with the regular Smackdown co-commentator leaving the broadcast position, and getting in Coaches face, before asking him “How does it fell for you College boy, to get choked out by a so-called second rate short ass??” And proceeds to apply the Tazzmission, choking out The Coach to the delight of all the fans in the arena, and even Coaches Raw partner, Jim Ross!!!

Video Package plays, hyping tonights third and final Champion vs. Champion match between Benoit and Christian…

It’s a mixed response slightly for Captain Charisma, following some nasty remarks in recent weeks directed at Benoit. Tyson Tomko is nowhere to be seen, with it appearing that the two parties agreed on no outside interference beforehand.

Chris Benoit strides onto the stage, proudly displaying the WWE Championship over his shoulder. The no frills champion confidently marches down the ramp, and straight into the ring, right into the figure of Christian, as the two men nearly come to blows before the bell even rings.

WWE Champion vs. World Heavyweight Champion:
Chris Benoit vs. Christian

Christian is equal to Benoit for the duration of the contest, being more than a match for the technical genius, as both men play the role of a face throughout, despite the recent heel antics of Captain Charisma. Throughout the technically orientated contest, Benoit looks to soften up the arm of Christian for the Crossface, but the World Champion is far too prepared to fall for any of Benoits skill, having come extremely well prepared.

Christian in fact, targets Benoits arm, in an attempt of his own to nullify the Crossface, trying to weaken Benoit biggest offensive move. As the match progresses, both men crank up the intensity, as the near falls come thick and fast. Benoit dodges an attempt at the Unprettier, countering into a trifecta of German Suplexes, setting up for the Head butt … BUT CHRISTIAN KICKS OUT AT TWO!!! Benoit quickly tries to jump on the opening, looking for the crossface, but struggles with his weakened arm, and allows Christian a chance to escape.

Christian then takes over, and eventually scores with the Frog Splash, only for Benoit to save the match by getting a foot on the rope!!! Benoit attempts a fight back again, only for Christian to take control, and score with a reverse DDT!!! Again though, the tenacious Wolverine kicks out. As Christian attempts to drive more pressure onto Benoit, The Crippler counters his opponent quickly, delivering a Northern Lights suplex for another near fall!!!

A chop fest then ensues, with Christian again holding his own, albeit eventually outdone, and overpowered by the chop master, but Christian rakes the eye - the first heelish move of the match. He then runs off the ropes, but as he comes back, Benoit tackles him down, and the two battle it out, will vs. will, as Benoit desperately attempts to apply the Sharpshooter, and Christian desperate tries to avoid it, but after all the struggling, Benoit applies the move successfully!!!

Benoit cranks back on Christian, driving the pressure through Captain Charisma, who struggles, and toils, before reaching out, crawling along the ring, AND MAKES THE ROPES!!!!! Despite saving the match, Christian is against the ropes, struggling now to reach a second wind, as Benoit smells the end in sight, and zones in on his weakened prey. The Wolverine takes it to Christian, and looks to deliver the Three Amigos suplexes, scoring with the first two … BUT CHRISTIAN COUNTERS THE THIRD … DROPPING BEHIND BENOIT … AND LOOKS FOR THE UNPRETTIER … BUT BENOIT COUNTERS … CROSSFACE!!!!!

Christian toils again in a submission purgatory, clinging on for dear life, seemingly forever, before smartly looking to counter into a pinning predicament, but as he rolls Benoit over, The Wolverine lets go of the hold, and quickly transitions into a crucifix like pin, trapping Captain Charisma onto the canvas, 1...2...3!!!!!
Winner: Chris Benoit @ 20:08

Benoit ties it up, meaning War games will be the deciding factor in tonights mega event. A disgruntled looking Christian reaches his feet, flat in defeat, but nods at the victor, and even slowly claps the WWE Champion, who nods in approval of his opponent, and fellow World Champion. Benoit extends his hand, with Captain Charisma firmly accepting, as the two men receive a great response following a wonderful contest.

A quick VP airs, hyping Unforgiven in three weeks times, on June 25th from Denver, which will be a Raw only production.

Backstage, we see Triple H snarling, pacing, and grunting, as slowly, Team Smackdown congregate in the hallway, as Paul Heyman is heard in the background, telling them to do this tonight, and show Raw who rules the WWE.

Elsewhere, we see Eric Bischoff rounding up his troops, but stays silent, as the group seem focused and ready for tonights War Games.

Back at ringside, J.R and Tazz recap tonights event, leading to our main event, with the scores tied up, all hinging on this final result.

War Games video package.


The leader of Team Smackdown enters the arena for this hotly anticipated main event, with everything at stake, with the scores tied. The Game has his game face on, as he makes his never changing entrance, long winded as always. The Game then stands in the ring, awaiting Raws first entrant.


Kansas lets out an initial big pop, before booing the sight of Lesnar as he makes his way out through the curtain. Lesnar focuses squarely on the ring, as we get set for an opening exchange between Triple H and Brock Lesnar, with neither having collided before.

10 Man War Games Match:
Brock Lesnar, Edge, Rey Mysterio, Carlito, Kane
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield, The Rock, Paul London, Triple H & Chris Jericho

Awkward, heel vs. heel opening three minutes, but does have a special feeling, with this first ever collision of Lesnar and Triple H. Both men take a few blows, but it’s all fairly moderate in the opening three minutes, with neither man picking up the pace, and neither taking full control, seemingly running down the clock for the next entrant.

10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … 6 … 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1

Chris Jericho appears from the Smackdown entrance, and sprints down the ramp, looking to make the most of this 3 minute 2 on 1 period.

As you’d expect, it’s a Smackdown dominated affair for the next three minutes, but Lesnar bravely fights the odds for the first minute, before the numbers take over, and HHH and Y2J manage to co-exist, as they try to get rid of Lesnar before another Raw entrant, but Brock holds on.

10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … 6 … 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1

The surprise Raw pick, Carlito, wastes no time tonight, knowing Brock Lesnar needs his help, as he attempts to finally end his losing streak.

Carlito is met right away with a big clothesline from Triple H, who dominates this early going. The Game takes care of CCC, leaving Jericho to take care of unfinished business with his old rival, Brock Lesnar. As the three minute period draws near to an end, Carlito and Lesnar begin to fight back, putting Triple H and Jericho on the back foot.

10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … 6 … 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1

Kemper Arena goes berserk, as The Peoples Champion enters the fray, bringing the fans to their feet, as he strides down the ramp, showing no fear of the ominous structure.

As Raw begins to take over, they are soon over matched once more, as The Great One makes his mark on the match. There is definite unease between Rock and his partners, but they put that behind them to dominate the majority of the three minute period, scoring a few two counts on both Carlito and Brock (Lesnar even kicking out of a Peoples Elbow), with both now busted open from shots into the steel mesh, but both end up surviving, as the numbers are set to be evened up.

10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … 6 … 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1
Mr. Money In the Bank walks out, full of confidence, despite his team suffering in the ring right now. He proudly displays the briefcase, before wisely bringing it with him, into the cage, as a possible weapon.

And immediately, Edge DOES make his mark, smashing the briefcase against the skull of The Game, before jamming it into the mid section of Jericho, and crashing the back of The Rock, giving Raw the advantage now. Edge and Lesnar put their differences aside, and actually work in tandem, targeting The Rock, as Triple H is busted open from the briefcase shot, and out of the equation for the time being. Carlito also begins to shine, using his unique offence against Jericho, but in the whole three minutes, Raw is unable to eliminate any of the three Smackdown members.

10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … 6 … 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1

The rising star, Paul London is met with a tremendous response from the fans, and the Golden Boy wastes no time sprinting down the ramp, and into the cage.

Paul London is the unlikely hero for Smackdown, coming to the aide of his team mates, confusing the Raw members with his speed, and trickery, and allows the 4 on 3 numbers game to take it’s toll on Raw. Smackdown begins to get a stranglehold on the match, but Carlito still has the better of Jericho, and looks for a springboard elbow, but as he does, The Rock shoves Jericho out of the way, and catches Carlito on the return, planting him with a messy Rock Bottom!!! 1...2...3!!!


Carlito is the first to go, at the hands of the 10 time World Champion, meaning his losing streak will stay intact to a certain degree. For the remainder of the minute, Edge and Lesnar are easy prey for the four Smackdown opponents who obliterate their counterparts.

10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … 6 … 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1

With Raw suffering heavily in the ring, Mysterio knows he has no time to waste, and quickly runs down the ramp, to aide his team, currently taking a 4 on 2 pounding.

Mysterio, like London, uses his size and speed to get the upper hand, giving his Smackdown adversaries the run around, and eventually sacrifices himself, just to give his team mates a few seconds to try and recover, with this being a critical stage in the match. Raw though, is unable to muster a comeback, still suffering from the numbers game, and it looks like it could be curtains, as The Game looks to deliver the Pedigree on Edge, but Edge fights out, and shoves The Game into the ropes - where Chris Jericho is leaping to set up the Lionsault, on Rey, but due to a collision from HHH, Jericho gets tangled in the ropes, and Mysterio is able to roll him up, 1...2...3!!!


And in the space of three seconds, the match has bee turned on it’s head!!! The Raw comeback is shortlived though, as the fifth and final Smackdown entrant is set to make his arrival.

10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … 6 … 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1

No limo, no Cabinet, no hat, no jacket and no towel for JBL, as he jogs straight down the ramp, all business, knowing the stakes, and the advantages of the numbers game at this moment.

JBL immediately exerts his force on the match, booting Lesnar, lawn darting Rey, and shoulder blocking Edge. He then sets up for a power bomb on Mysterio, but Rey blocks it, and the fight is on. Smackdown gets the better of Raw, with the numbers too much for Raw again. As the time wears on, Triple H sets up for the Pedigree for the second time on Edge, but again, Edge blocks it, and back drops out, AND SCORES WITH A SPEAR!!!!! Edge then gets up, looking ready to explode … WHEN HE GETS BLASTED BY JBL WITH EDGES OWN MITB BRIEFCASE!!!!

Before JBL can follow up, he is attacked by Brock Lesnar into the corner, but we see a worse for wear Triple H drape an arm over Edge, and the referee makes the count, 1...2...3!!!!! Edge is out of the match!!!!!


Once again, it’s Raw on the back foot, desperately trying to hang on and survive, with Lesnar now battling for over twenty minutes, as the final participant is set to enter, which is set to be Nick Dinsmore, replacing Kane. As the countdown ensues, Paul London misses a Shooting Star on Mysterio, but this is missed by most in the arena.

10 … 9 … 8 … 7 … 6 … 5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1

The Prodigy tentatively makes his way out, to a huge amount of heat, with him taking the place of the missing Kane. Dinsmore is accompanied by Cade and Flair, who both offer him words of encouragement. However, just as the cage door opens for him to enter…

IT’S KANE!!!!! Kane, after being set on fire last week, makes a shocking quick return, as The Horsemen stand in astonishment. Cade and Flair look to meet him, but Kane swats them away, before looking to get his hands on Dinsmore, but The Prodigy gets into the cage, and tries to separate himself from Kane, running through the crowd.

Kane looks to get to his adversary, but in his way is JBL, but he quickly eats a Chokeslam for his troubles!!!!! Kane then grips Triple H AND The Rock - DOUBLE CHOKESLAM!!!! Paul London then launches himself at Kane, BUT KANE CATCHES HIM AND DROPS LONDON WITH A TOMBSTONE!!!! Just as we think Kane has done Raw a favour though, HE THEN STARTS TO PLOW THROUGH RAW IN HIS PURSUIT OF DINSMORE!!!!!

Lesnar takes a big boot and Rey eats a choke slam from one ring to the other!!!!! Dinsmore quickly slips out of the ring, but Kane is in hot pursuit, up the ramp and out of sight, as the carnage is seen in the ring - WITH EVERYONE DOWN, whilst the referee informs Howard Finkel that Kane has been eliminated by leaving the arena.


In the rings, all six remaining combatants are laid out from Kanes rampage. In the ring, Brock Lesnar is first to move, having taking the least of the punishment from The Big Red Machine. Lesnar, positioned close to The Rock, sees the opportunity, and drags The Great One up, and delivers the F5 with ease, with The Rock unable to defend himself, giving Raw a great chance, 1...2...3!!!


And now, Raw closes the gap on Smackdown, at 3 vs. 2 now. Lesnar now quickly moves to the second ring, and makes a beeline for Paul London, knowing London took the brunt of Kanes vengeance with a Tombstone. Brock, like he did with Rock, scoops the lifeless Smackdown star up, and delivers a perfect F5!!! Lesnar covers, in an attempt to bring the match all square, 1...2...3!!!


It’s all evened up, as Lesnar now begins to look to pick off the final two members of his rivals. However, as Lesnar drags Triple H up, The Game begins to fight back, and it’s Lesnar and HHH, fighting tooth and nail, whilst JBL and Rey begin to recover. Triple H scores a near fall with a spine buster, before Brock soon strikes back, catching The Game with an overhead belly to belly for a near fall of his own, as JBL and Rey finally get back up.

No side takes a big part of control in the coming moments, with everyone giving their all, running on empty, with both Triple H and Lesnar having bled buckets throughout the night, wrestling in this environment for thirty minutes. JBL takes the padding off the top corner turnbuckle during this time, as dirty tactics are beginning to be planted for use later. Near falls are broken constantly, as the two teams realise a 2 on 1 disadvantage now would realistically make it nigh on impossible to recover from. However, the breaking point comes, as JBL delivers a top rope Fall Away Slam on Mysterio, only for Lesnar to stop him from pinning, and hoists him onto his shoulders, looking for the F5 - BUT TRIPLE H LOW BLOWS BROCK FROM BEHIND!!! The Game follows up with a Pedigree, and JBL takes the cover, 1...2...3!!!


And once again, Raw is fighting a numbers game, with just one man remaining for them. But the main development comes, as Triple H begins to argue with JBL for stealing his pin fall, which he made possible. The two look set to come to blows, but The Game cools the situation, and points out a battered and broken down Mysterio, and the two agree to finish him off.

Now, the two Smackdown superstars begin to put the final touches on Rey, taking turns to lawn dart him into the steel mesh, and just pounding him down. Then, as it looks to be time for the finishing touch, Layfield proposes that he hit the Clothesline from Hell, and give The Game the pinfall win. Triple H accepts the offer, and holds up Rey, as JBL takes a big run, but as he runs, MYSTERIO HOISTS HIMSELF UP, AND ROLLS THROUGH, JBL MISSES, AND HIT’S THE EXPOSED TURNBUCKLE … REY HAS TRIPLE H PINNED … 1...2...3!!!!!


Somehow, someway, Rey Mysterio brings this incredible showdown right to the wire!!! The Human Highlight Reel, sucks it up, and quickly goes for the jugular, coming from behind a groggy JBL, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Mysterio doesn’t stop, and quickly leaps to the top rope, but as he jumps off … TRIPLE H NAILS HIM WITH A CLOTHESLINE!!!!! The Game gets revenge on Rey before a second referee yells him out of the ring, but HHH has a smile plastered all over his bloody face, having possibly just ended the match.

JBL covers, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!! The heart of Mysterio fights on, to the disbelief of JBL and the now escorted Triple H, who is unable to get back inside!!! JBL attempts to Powerbomb Mysterio, but Rey manages to counter, AND NAILS A TORNADO DDT!!!!! Mysterio though takes too long to follow up, and by the time he manages a cover, JBL is able to kick out at two. Now though, the balance has shifted, and Rey now has the upper hand. The two duke it out, as the confines of the cage takes its toll on both bodies, and during the battle, Layfield is busted open from repeated shots into the mesh from Rey. JBL misses a big boot on Rey, and Mysterio trips his adversary into the ropes, setting up for the … 619!!!!! AND CONNECTS!!!!! JBL bumps around the ring, overselling the move, as Mysterio catches his breath, and jumps up top, looking for a West Coast Pop, as JBL struggles up … REY LEAPS … BUT JBL JUMPS OUT OF THE WAY!!!!! Mysterio just about lands on his feet, and bounces off the ropes … STRAIGHT INTO A CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL!!!!!!!!!! Layfield falls onto Rey, not even able to hook the leg, 1...2...3!!!!!!!!!!


Winners: Team Smackdown @ 43:52
Smackdown defeats Raw 4-3 overall

It’s JBL in victory!!!! For the third year running, Smackdown triumphs over Raw in the Clash of the Champions!!! JBL lays, sprawled out on the canvas, grinning and laughing, realising the likely implications of this historic victory for him. Mysterio rolls onto his front, covering his face, most likely in despair, having been so close to breaking the COTC voodoo curse over Raw.

Blue and white confetti drops from the rafters, and a few fireworks go off, as J.R and Tazz sign off for the night, as JBL reaches his feet, having his arm raised in the air, with Smackdown once again overcoming Raw in the COTC annual event.


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Re: Being The Booker

WOW!!! What an ending man. Great Job. Just about to watch the apprentice so will properly review it tommorow. Very impressed (apart from Raw losing again ).
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