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Re: Being The Booker

May 18th; Baltimore:

The show kicks off, with Paul Heyman sat in his office. He firstly reiterates the announcement from McMahon yesterday stating that no Raw superstars can appear on Smackdown and vice versa from now until COTC, unless it is announced before hand, and cleared with Mr. McMahon. Heyman also takes the opportunity to welcome Sabu to Smack down, with his contract now signed and sealed, after the board of directors craved in, and signed him.
Heyman then goes onto to name his team for the War Games match at COTC, listing The Rock, Triple H, Chris Jericho, JBL and the KOTR losing semi finalist from Smackdown, whomever it may be. Heyman then gets a dig in at Bischoff, saying he saved a whole lot of money tonight, not having to hire squads of security to stand around the ring.

The first Smackdown KOTR contest opens up the in ring action, with a Judgment Day rematch, pitting Matt Hardy against Charlie Haas. Hardy struggles with his bad knee, following the devastating attack he suffered at JD at the hands of the new US Champion, Haas, and this affects his performance greatly. Haas immediately targets the knee, and it despite a valiant effort from a determined Matt Hardy, he is unable to pose a true threat to Haas, and is defeated by submission again, tapping to the Haas of Pain, after more damage being done to the knee.

After the match, Charlie continues to attack the knee, smashing Hardys leg to pieces, perhaps doing permanent damage to Matt Hardy, as he leaves, watching medics run to the ring for the second time in a week to tend to Hardy. Haas smiles, and pats the title belt, with a gleam in his eye, as Hardy is loaded onto a stretcher, unable to reach his feet.

We return from a commercial, backstage with AMW. Steve Romero interviews the former champions, with Harris and Storm still seething over their loss at JD. They talk about the rematch tonight, and vow to win back the titles that they should never have lost.

In the second KOTR 1st Round match up, Paul London continues his amazing hot streak, building on from his PPV win over Triple H, despite nursing rib injuries, and defeats Kenny of the Spirit Squad, who doesn’t pose as much of a threat as he would with the Squad present. He gets in plenty of offence, targeting the bad ribs of the ‘Golden Boy’, but even that’s not enough, and London eventually picks up the win, nailing the 450 Splash for the 1...2...3!!!
London progresses to meet the US Champion next week, and as he has his hand raised, Triple H saunters out, onto the stage, suited this evening, with no match to compete in, and mockingly applauds London on his win, before taking off his sun glasses, and stares down the ramp at his rival, mouthing it’s not over yet.

Backstage, we see the arrival of a jubilant JBL, following his cheap win over The Rock at Judgment Day.

Following a commercial, JBL and The Cabinet are in the ring. JBL talks about his awe inspiring win, making the critics eat their words at Judgment Day. JBL then goes on to say he has proved to the world that the future of Smackdown rests in his hands, as he is the future, and the future is now.
This triggers a response from The Rock, who interrupts the tirade, pointing out the facts that although JBL won the match, he came out looking like the loser he truly is. Rock questions Layfields ability to get it done on his own, without relying on The Cabinet, to which JBL responds is ‘bullshit’. JBL claims that Paul Heyman has put his trust in The Wrestling Gawd to deliver a third straight SD win at the COTC, with JBL leading SD into the War Games match. Rock laughs it off and says JBL wont be leading anybody to anything except failure. The back and forth exchange continues on, until they eventually get involved in a brawl, with The Rock managing to run off all four Cabinet members, clearing the ring.

In a Judgment Day rematch, The Spirit Squad (Mikey and Nicky) defend their newly won tag team titles against AMW. The luck continues, as the Spirit Squad retain the titles, as once again, the numbers game is the deciding factor, allowing The Spirit Squad to take out Harris on the outside, whilst a distracted James Storm is rolled up by Nicky, who grabs a handful of tights, 1...2...3!!!
The cheerleaders steal another one, and keep the belts, as a bewildered Storm looks around helplessly, wondering how he and Harris were outsmarted once again, before tending to his fallen partner on the outside, whilst the Squad celebrate up the ramp, much to the disgust of the fans.

Backstage, Josh Mathews interviews Kurt Angle. First off Angle talks about his loss at Judgment Day, saying he proved to the world he still has what it takes to be world champion, but on that night he came up just short. Angle then says the loss will only help him to train harder, and get even sharper and more determined to hold the title once again.

This brings him on to Shawn Michaels, and their COTC rematch from last year coming up on June 4th. Angle says his road back to the WWE Championship will start by beating Michaels, before sadistically ending the interview, telling Josh that last year, he damn near broke Michaels ankle … this time, he’s taking Michaels ankle home with him, and keeping it as a souvenir.

In the backstage area, The Mexicools mess around, playing around with a few faceless workers, before they meet up with Chavo Guerrero. They try and talk with Chavo, speaking in Spanish etc, with Chavo being courteous but not at all buddy-buddy with them. They begin to try and talk Chavo into joining their elite band, but before they can make the offer, Kid Kash appears. He grills Guerrero over talking to the outsiders, and accuses him of double crossing the CW locker room. Chavo defends himself saying he isn’t taking sides, and doesn’t want any part in the war, before storming off, with The Mexicools trying to follow him, and suck up, whilst Kash watches on, shaking his head in disgust.

After a commercial, it’s back to KOTR matches, as Batista takes on former KOTR runner up, RVD. The two have a clunky, messy match, with the styles not exactly blending together. Both have near falls, in an even match up, but as Batista looks set to deliver the Batista Bomb, Van Dam drops free, and manages to take The Animal down with the Rolling Thunder, setting himself up for the 5 Star - but then, he catches a glimpse of Sabu at the top of the ramp, who begins to walk down, and RVD drops down off the top rope, starting a war of words with Sabu and Alfonso. Then, just as he is about to exit the ring, and come after his nemesis, Batista is back up, and turns RVD around, kicking him in the gut, and quickly delivering the Batista Bomb!!! The count is elementary now, 1...2...3!!!
Batista advances to next week, whilst RVD allowed his emotions to get the best of him, to go after Sabu, costing him the KOTR. Sabu gets into the ring as soon as the bell rings, and begins to pound on Van Dam, with Alfonso directing traffic. Sabu calls for a steel chair, and Alfonso duly obliges, grabbing one whilst Sabu whips RVD into the corner. However, as Bill throws the chair to Sabu, he catches it … AND RVD NAILS THE VAN DAMINATOR!!!
Van Dam collects himself, trying to shake off the cobwebs from his power bomb moments ago, before baseball sliding Alfonso. He knocks Sabu down, and places the chair around the neck of his former ECW alumni, before climbing the ropes, as the fans gasp in shock, with RVD prepared to break the mans neck. Just as he is ready to jump though, Sabu rolls away, pushing the chair off his neck, just in time. Sabu rolls out of the ring, having had enough tonight, but Van Dam isn’t content, and he follows Sabu out of the ring … only to get sucker punched by Sabu!!!
Sabu plays possum, decking RVD, and now wails on Van Dam, smashing his head off the steel ramp, numerous times. RVD though fights back, as the two roll around, throwing shots at each other trying to make any connection. Paul Heyman now enters the stage, holding a mic, as superstars are forced to break the two men up, having to restrain them both, as Heyman is forced to yell to get their attention. He says that he can tell they want to rip each other apart, and so does everyone, but he has to think of Smackdown first and foremost. Heyman then goes on to say that he’s sure they are both willing to do anything to face each other in a match, but he wont sign it until they earn it.
Heyman then goes on to say that if they want to get it on so bady, then they’ll have to get along first, by teaming up at COTC. He explains the method to his madness, saying he needs to give his men incentives at COTC to ensure victory, and he knows they’ll do anything to get it on, even if it means co-existing. Heyman throws out the challenge to Eric Bischoff to find two men on Raw to face Sabu and RVD on June 4th if he dares, before declaring to RVD and Sabu that if they ever want to meet in the ring again, they need to do him one big favour first. Heyman then has the two men escorted away, demanding that Sabu leave the arena immediately, to prevent any further chaos.

After a commercial, we see a short VP from Judgment Day with Paul Bearer turning on The Undertaker, and helping Jericho win the Casket match, before Y2J disposed of The Phenom in Lake Michigan. The Highlight Reel - Eulogy to The Deadman is then hyped for later on tonight.

We then go backstage, as Josh Mathews stands with Chris Benoit. Benoit discusses the Cage Match from Judgment Day, giving respect to the fight Angle gave, but then says he proved to the world he is worthy of being champion, before moving on and saying his next goal is to be the Champion of Champions at COTC, by making Christian tap out.
Benoit is asked about the comments Christian made on Raw, with Benoit simply replying that Christian talks a good game, but you don’t win matches by telling jokes, and the only man laughing at COTC will be him when he defeats Christian, and makes SD the superior brand for the third straight year.

We then have the final KOTR match up of the evening, and the last first round contest, pitting the rookie, Brent Albright, against the rising star, Chris Masters. The two share a watchable match, with Masters doing okay, although it’s Albright that holds it together. Masters begins to dominate towards the end, and looks for the unbreakable Masterlock, but as he goes for it, Albright counters before Masters can get it, and arm drags The Masterpiece, before following up with the Fujiwara Armbar, for a big submission win, making Masters tap out, allowing Albright to advance!!!

Backstage, we get Rob Van Dams reaction to the announcement by Paul Heyman, calling it a crock of shit. RVD says he cant make any promises as to what he’ll do at COTC, but no matter what, he WILL settle the score with Sabu.

After a commercial, Chris Jericho hosts the Highlight Reel - Eulogy to The Undertaker. Jericho starts out as over excited as possible, telling the fans that The Undertaker can now Rest in Peace. Y2J begins to explain that the man in his ear the entire time was Paul Bearer. He says that Bearer came to him after WM, and told Jericho that the Gods wanted Jericho to break the streak - that Jericho was MEANT to break the streak, but as always the defiant Deadman followed the Devil, and didn’t follow the path destiny chose.
He then goes on to state that Bearer had told him that The Undertaker needed to be disposed of now, after his act of defiance, and Jericho had to be the man to do it. Y2J begins to soak up his own adulation, telling the story. Jericho then brings out Bearer, to much heat from the fans. They talk about implementing their plan, and that now, The Undertaker is in a better place. Y2J smugly then sends a message to the deep sea divers looking for the Casket, wishing them good luck finding it, as it would only be fitting to bury The Phenom once and for all. Jericho and Bearer then hug, before Y2J states that he needs to rid Smackdown of any remaining remnants of the Decade and a Half of The Undertaker, including Bearer. Jericho low blows Bearer, and applies the Walls of Jericho, with Bearer tapping like a moron, before he eventually passes out to the pain, as we fade out to a commercial, with Jericho still pulling back on the submission.

Following the commercial, Cole and Tazz discuss next weeks show, hyping the KOTR Matches; Charlie Haas vs. Paul London and Batista vs. Brent Albright.

Triple H then makes his way to the ring, to join commentary ahead of tonights main event, featuring two of his team mates in the War Games match at COTC.

Before the match, Cole asks The Game for comments on his loss to London, with The Game referring to it as a fluke, before matter of factly stating he still isn’t done with London, but he can wait until after COTC for his revenge.

The Rock and WWE Champion, Chris Benoit take on JBL and Kurt Angle in a big time main event tonight. The match boils down to The Rock and JBL, as Benoit and Angle fight out of the ring, with The Rock playing JBL at his own game, cheating to beat Layfield getting his own back, scoring with a straight kick to the nuts whilst the referee is distracted, and follows up with The Rock Bottom, and gets the cover, 1...2...3!!!
The Rock stands over JBL for a moment, mouthing at his rival, whilst Angle leaves the area, getting away from the tenacious Benoit. Benoit and The Rock celebrate the win in the ring, whilst JBL staggers up the ramp, pestering the referee about the blatant low blow which cost him, as he tastes his own medicine for once. We end the show, with Benoit and The Rock sharing the ring, celebrating to the fans as the show goes off the air.


Current Card for WWE Clash of the Champions:
Date: 4th June 2006
Location: Kemper Arena, Kansas City, MO
Event Music: ???

WWE Champion vs. World Heavyweight Champion:
Chris Benoit vs. Christian

Intercontinental Champion vs. United States Champion:
Shelton Benjamin vs. Charlie Haas

WWE Tag Team Champions vs. World Tag Team Champions:
Spirit Squad vs. AFA

McMahons Choice Match:
Shawn Michaels vs. Kurt Angle

King of The Ring Final:
Smackdown Finalist vs. Raw Finalist

War Games Match:
???, ???, ???, ???, ???
The Rock, Triple H, Chris Jericho, John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield & KOTR Semi Finalist

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Re: Being The Booker

Smackdown Thoughts

Nice way to kick off the show with Heyman, and the War Games Match at COTC seems to be shaping up nicely. The Rock, Trips, Y2J, JBL & the KOTR Semifinalist seems like a strong team from the Smackdown side, and it should be interesting to see the RAW team.

So a Judgment Day rematch to start off the show. The JD Match was good, and it is great to see Haas as US Champ and to see he is being used well. Nice to see Haas use his technical abilities going straight for the injured knee of Hardy. So Haas picks up the win and moves on in the KOTR. I’m saying he won’t win it, and maybe he can get the final slot on Team Smackdown for COTC.

AMW getting a rematch for the Titles sounds good.

After his excellent win against Triple H at Judgment Day, London faces Kenny in a KOTR Match. With London’s hot streak there is no way he is going to lose, and he wins as predicted. So London/Haas next week, I now see Triple H interfering and costing London the match having Haas advance in the Tournament.

JBL comes to the ring with The Cabinet to cut a promo about his victory at JD. Typical JBL right there. Nice to see The Rock come out to shut him up which sparks an argument. The Rock clears the ring of The Cabinet after, which was expected. It should be interesting with the two rivals on the same team at COTC.

The second JD Rematch, this one for a Title. AMW was going to lose from the start as the Spirit Squad won’t be holding them for less than a week. Once again the numbers game comes in to play here with the Spirit Squad retaining the Titles. I wonder what will become of the Tag Champs in the coming weeks, and how they will do against Rico & Simmons.

Nice interview with Kurt Angle. I hope he can become WWE Champion soon, and I can’t wait for his match with HBK at COTC.

I was expecting a somewhat humorous segment here, but I was wrong. I have a feeling Chavo will join up with Kash eventually.

Here we go with the third KOTR Match of the night, with two men definitely with different styles meeting up. Nice little match here. I knew Sabu would come down to cost RVD the match. So Batista picks up the win. A huge brawl breaks out between RVD & Sabu. Heyman is crazy to have these two team up together, and talk about interesting! I can’t wait to see what you have in store for this feud!

Now we have a Benoit interview, fresh off of his win at JD in a great match. He goes off and talks about Christian and his match at COTC, where I hope Benoit will win the match.

We have the rookie vs. The Masterpiece. Probably would’ve been an average TV Match. I know that Albright uses the Fujiwara Armbar, but I find it as a weak finisher to use on a big man. Anyways, Albright picks up the win, and his match with Batista next week will be interesting and I am eager to see who will win.

RVD saying ‘crock of shit’ doesn’t seem realistic for a Smackdown show. Anyways RVD keeps it short and sweet, and this feud with Sabu should be a good one.

Its now time for another edition of the Highlight Reel, which is always good. Y2J winning at JD was not expected, and Bearer turning on ‘Taker was a shock. Let me just tell you I love it when someone comes out thinking they are friends with someone and then they get the hell neaten out of them. Always find it to be cool. So Bearer unexpectedly gets his ass kicked, ‘tapping like a moron’ to the Walls of Jericho. Would’ve been a great segment on TV.

Time for the main event, which I would kill to see in real life. The faces pick up the win by cheating, which is original. The faces stand tall as the show goes off the air, with JBL whining to the referee.

All in all, I enjoyed this show, even though it was recapped. The KOTR Tournament as well as COTC are both shaping up nicely, and I am eager to read your next RAW.
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Re: Being The Booker

Big names as expected are added to the SD! Team in Rock, Trips, Y2J and JBL. Huge names. I wonder who the fifth man will be, whoever loses the KOTR Semi? Hmm. LMAO! Heyman's dig at Bischoff was very good and in taste

Jesus, Matt Hardy is getting buried in this min feud with Charlie Haas, weak knee or not, you'd expect Hardy to win it. I can't see Haas going past the next round, but I don't know where this will leave Matt. Haas then proceeds to shatter the knee completely and may've taken Hardy out of action for a week or two. Stretcher match coming up between the two?

AMW should've never lost those titles, I want them to get them back, but I don't think they will. London is on fire now, he advances past Kenny, and his feud with Trips doesn't seem to be over either. Could London be the man to join the other 4 HUGE names in the SD Team? LOL, JBL is jubilant after a cheap win over The Great One, I love how JBL can overreact to any situation

Rock/JBL tension could be one of the MANY various factors that cost their team the win at COTC. Rock didn't seem as funny as usual here, but he was obviously pissed off. Ugh, the Spirit Squad wins again
Poor AMW, jobbing to these gimmick clowns

Wow, Angle with a powerful message to HBK, that he wants to take the ankle home as a souvenir. Nasty words, I'll expect an equally powerful response from HBK next week on RAW tho. The continual split seems to be rolling on in the CW locker room, with The Mexicools doing all they can to align Chavo with them, while Kid Kash, who seems to be the main voice of the good guys isn't impressed. I still think Chavo will turn, in an unexpected swerve to take us by surprise...

RVD/Batista is a decent enough match, and Sabu costs RVD the match! And now the brawl is on between RVD & Sabu. Van Dam goes wild, but Sabu counters back and now the two have to co-exist at COTC! That's big, if they don't, there is no match between the two. I think RAW will send two guys who can fight ECW style, like Rhyno and someone else, for a Hardcore Tag match or something like that. Batista is also through to next round of the KOTR, and he might be in line for a push up the card IMO, by winning this tournament as a darkhorse. Highlight Reel should be interesting, I expect Taker to make a cameo

Benoit/Christian will be awesome I think, I can't wait for it. Christian is my pick, he'll get over HUGE after beating Benoit. My God, Brent Albright beats Chris Masters? Fair enough, but Albright won't get past the next round IMO, I didn't thik he'd even beat Masters, but I was wrong. Hmm, RVD has every right to be pissed off, I wonder can he and Sabu co-exist for that one match? Eulogy was a bit different than what I expected, as Jericho turns on Bearer right away and slaps the Walls on him, making him tap out. Y2J has become a man posessed, but I still think Taker will be the eventual winner of this big feud

Nice main event to end a major show, it's been real top quality, and it's the face team of The Rock & Benoit who end up on the winners list, as Rock turns the tables on JBL and uses the Wrestling God's own tactics to win the match

Overall, SD had alot more quality to it than RAW did by a country mile this week, and I enjoyed this even more than RAW, despite it only being a recap. 8.75/10


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Re: Being The Booker

Well Wolfie I've finally finished reading the whole thing . Very impressed so far and can see this thread progressing and progressing even more. Thought I'd review Smackdown as a thank you to your entertaining thread.

Smackdown Review

Big names as expected for the COTC Smackdown Team as you hinted. Heyman with a usual tasteless joke trying to get Smackdown on top ( Not an insult to your dialogue. Just like Raw).

Haas picking up the predictable win. I can see you maybe adding another match with the US Champ and the Int Champ in the finals of the KOTR. Hardy Injured thought you may have given him a push .

Hmm.. Paul London picking up the win. Not too sure about my US vs Int prediction now as you seem to be giving London a huge push. Triple H coming out at the end obviously showing that the fued isn't over. If Paul London loses next week then Triple H will probably screw Smackdown and London at COTC.

JBL obviously had to milk his win. I mean he's JBL. The Rock would have to come out to be honest. I can see these two fighting over possible pins at COTC. Is JBL actually leading or is he just saying that? The Rock clearing house against that poser cabinet.

SS gain more momentum going towards COTC with a win even though it was tainted. Were never going to lose this match and I can't see them losing at COTC. Maybe a Storm Vs Harris TNA Style fued in the near future?

Can't wait for Angle vs HBK II. Should be great . Shawn will pick up the win this time with the heel and face roles reversed.

Chavo will join the Mexicools and screw Cash. Fued between them in the near future. Good Promo here proving the Chavo looks like he does prefer the Mexicools.

Batista had to be given a major push wether it is to the US Title in the future or the WWE Championbship in the future. Batista probably would have won this match anyway even without the screwing. RVD and Sabu tear each other apart before finding out they are partners at COTC . Genius . Will be interesting to see who they are facing. Maybe a new Tag Team?

Was amazed at JD with the Undertaker events. This is quality stuff and seriously better than WWE Writers. Send this thread to Vince .

Christian Vs Benoit is bound to be a showstealer. No Idea who will win it though . Benoit should really never get on the mike. He is terrible at it and even you can't make him good at promos.

Brent Albright wins again. Who is this guy . Suppose you have to make him win against Chris Masters because he has yet to prove himself at all.

The Gods said that Jericho had to break the streak . Pretty lame excuse for Bearer turning but there you go. Quite pleased that Jericho got rid of Bearer. He is quite pathetic . The best thing is that he will not be back with the Undertaker .

The Rock gets revenge . Was always going to be a face win. Quite surprised Triple H did not have a factor at all in the match . JBL gets whats coming to him .

Side Note

What's happening to Umaga. I suspect he will make an appearance soon?

Best Recap I've seen for a while. Well Done Wolfie
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Re: Being The Booker

Smackdown Review for May 18th:

Nice to see a twist of sorts with no interbrand action or attacks until COTC, unless approved by McMahon as it's a change from the usual interbrand events. Good team from Smackdown and Heyman makes a good decision with the Smackdown Semi Final Loser getting the final spot.

Surprised to see the burial of Matt Hardy continue here tonight as Hass continues his vicious streak as he advances to the next round in the King of the Ring. As the way you're booking him, I won't be surprised if he reaches the final four in the King of the Ring or the finals, or quite possibly even win the match.

Despite their words, I don't think AMW are getting back the titles here tonight. London wins his KOTR tournament match against Kenny and moves on to face the US Champ next week. I like his chances, though I have a feeling you might just have him lost in the semi finals so he can have the final spot on Team Smackdown as the "Golden Boy" as you put it of this thread continues his streak of victories!

The tension continues between members of Team Smackdown between JBL and Rock following JBL's win over Rock at JD. One thing to note, is that with both teams you have issues with the team members of their own team, as with the potential Raw team, you have Edge and Lesnar at odds, and with Smackdown, you have Rock and JBL. That has been one thing I have noticed in this thread with these types of matches, that one team has friction in their group, yet is the one who comes away with the victory in the end. However this time both teams have issues within their teams, so who will win this time?

The push of the Spirit Squad continues as the Squad successfully defend their titles against AMW in a JD rematch. Hey, we both have the Spirit Squad holding tag team gold in our threads. In mine they have the World, and in yours they have the WWE. Though it seems like in real life, Kenny seems to be the breakout star of the group.

I know while you have Angle losing these big matches as of late, dating back to his loss at Mania to Hart, that he's going to come back better than ever. If you still are planning to write the show out in recap, this is one match that I hope you write out in full. As Angle vs. Michaels II will be insane to say the least.

A little war with the Cruiserweights seem to be brewing with Chavo having to pick sides. Seems to how it's being booked, that the Mexicools look more like the lWo when they followed Eddie Guerrero (RIP) back in WCW.

Surprised to see these two face off in a match, as you point out their styles don't mix. Batista wins as Sabu gets involved, and the feud between the two former ECW superstars continue. What a huge brawl these two then have as Heyman has to come out with some superstars to get the two to stop. As for his announcement, is just another example of why you're the best booker on this site, as by having them force to be partners at COTC against Bischoff's two choices, extends the feud, and makes the intrigue even more better, to see how they will co-exist with one another. Though I would like to see these two meet at Summerslam, I know you're probably going to extend it to a point, to when they finally do meet, the anticipation will be at a fever pitch!

Nice vignette for Jericho's Highlight Reel which is sure to be excellent. Benoit keeps his words short and to the point. At COTC, for Christian it's going to be time to put up or shut up as Benoit looks to win and have Smackdown as the dominant brand for the third year in a row.

I already knew that you weren't going to have Masters win the match, as I remember you being a fan of Albright. Albright advancing with a submission move was well booked as well. The tension between Van Dam and Sabu continues as Van Dam voices his opinion on Heyman's announcement.

The Highlight Reel did exactly what it was supposed to do, and that was to continue the buildup between Jericho and Taker. Had a feeling Bearer was going to come out. Also I had a feeling that Jericho would turn on Bearer, as even though Bearer turned on Taker, Bearer played a huge part in Taker's carreer in the WWE. Jericho locking in the Walls of Jericho on Bearer as they go to commercial sends the message even more to Taker, that Jericho will stop at nothing to end the legacy of the Deadman, The Undertaker!

Basic hype for next week's show by Cole and Tazz. Trips joining the commentary crew for the main event, makes it more interesting. I see the feud between Hunter and London isn't over based on Hunter's comments and response to Cole's question. Surprised to see you barely recap the main event, and The Rock completely humilated JBL in the same way that JBL did to Rock at JD. Nice way to end the shows with the faces getting the win as the buildup to COTC will surely continue on Raw!

Overall the show was done really well. I'm surprised that Smackdown was done in recap form, as since COTC is interbrand, I thought both shows would be done in full. Either way the show, while recapped was well done.

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Re: Being The Booker

Heat Results:

Mark Henry defeated The Hurricane

Val Venis defeated Simon Dean

Alexis Laree & Trish Stratus defeated Victoria & Molly Holly

Rhyno defeated Tyson Tomko


Velocity Results:

William Regal defeated Maven

Kid Kash & Tajiri defeated The Dicks

Hardcore Holly defeated Luther Reigns

Chavo Guerrero defeated Jamie Noble

------------------ News:

With Saturday Nights Main Event fast approaching, WWE Chairman, Mr. McMahon has been busy once again match making. The Chairman has given the seal of approval to a Clash of the Champions preview match, which will see the Raw champions (Christian, Shelton Benjamin and The A.F.A), take on the Smackdown champions (Chris Benoit, Charlie Haas and 2 members of the Spirit Squad), in an 8 man tag team match. Expect more announcements to come over the next week, with the NBC show ready to bounce back this coming Saturday Night.

WWE has come to terms with the release of Smackdown superstar, Test.


Raw Preview:

The countdown to Clash of the Champions is most certainly on, and with time running thin, Eric Bischoff will announce his five man team on Raw to tackle Paul Heymans five man Smackdown team in War Games on June 4th. What superstars will Bischoff choose to tackle the likes of Triple H and The Rock in less than two weeks.

Meanwhile, with the ruling brought in by Mr. McMahon last week that no rival brand superstar can appear on the opposite show unless given approval by the Chairman, an appearance from both Chris Jericho and WWE Champion, Chris Benoit has been given the green light this Monday. Chris Jericho will present a potentially volatile Highlight Reel, with Jericho in the position of mediator trying to keep peace between the WWE Champion and his COTC opponent, World Champion, Christian.

The King of the Ring tournament whittles the numbers down further, with just four men left on both Raw and Smackdown. The Raw four will become two after Monday Night, as Mr. Kennedy goes head to head with Nick Dinsmore, who has only just been medically cleared to compete, following a heinous attack from Kane almost two weeks ago. In the second match up, Garrison Cade, stable mate of Nick Dinsmore in the Horsemen, faces the Intercontinental Champion, Shelton Benjamin. Could a potential Horsemen Raw final be on the cards??

Randy Orton will be in action for the first time in over six weeks, as he makes his official Raw return, taking on the former Intercontinental Champion, Carlito, who has yet to pick up a win since WrestleMania 22.

After weeks of build up, CM Punk will finally make his in ring debut. Will the Chicago native make good on the build up he has been given??

And, in tag team action, Brock Lesnar and Edge team up once again, to take on the unique duo of Kane and Rey Mysterio. With so many issues between each man personally, and together in some cases, will one arena be enough to hold these four, and can Edge and Brock Lesnar put recent misunderstandings behind them??

Find out, this Monday night, on Raw.


Raw up - tomorrow.

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Re: Being The Booker

Well there's your typical Heat & Velocity. Big match announced for SNME, should be a good one. Test being released doesn't matter much, he wasn't really doing anything. I can't wait to hear Bischoff's Team for COTC, and I can't wait for COTC in general! The Highlight Reel between Benoit & Christian should be interesting, and I wonder what role Jericho will play. As for the KOTR Tournament, I see Kennedy defeating Dinsmore and Benjamin defeating Cade, setting up what should be a great RAW Final. I expect Orton to get the win upon his return, and since Carlito is in such a big slump, I can't see him picking up the win. Nice to see CM Punk debuting, and he will be winning I'm sure of it. Finally, we have the tag team match. Should be a good one, and I wonder how this will play out. Good luck on RAW, I look forward to read and review it.
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Re: Being The Booker

The COTC card is looking great, haven't had the time to read SD even in recap form hehe, but am looking forward to RAW and may even get a review up if you're lucky
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Re: Being The Booker

May 22nd; Rochester:

Video package, showing the end of last weeks show, where Smackdown gained revenge on Raw after the Raw attack on Smackdown at Judgment Day.

We then cut to Eric Bischoffs office, with the GM gleaming a fake smile.

Eric Bischoff:
Good evening. Tonight, I, Eric Bischoff duly welcome the WWE Champion, Chris Benoit, and the host of the Highlight Reel Chris Jericho to Raw on a one night appearance from Smackdown. However, I pledge my full support to MY World Champion, Christian. So tonight, during the special Highlight Reel, to avoid any Smackdown sneak attack on Christian, I have appointed a team of Raw superstars to surround the ring, as special enforcers of the law if you will.
But the reason I’m speaking to you right now is to formally announce my five man squad to face Paul Heymans chosen five man team inside the devastating War Games structure on June 4th. Now, after careful consideration I came to my decision. I’ve looked over Team Smackdown countless times this past weekend, and eventually I came to the conclusion that I have the best five man team available to take apart that team.
Firstly, the one thing that immediately struck me Paul, was that you left one remaining spot open to the losing semi-finalist from Smackdown in the King of the Ring tournament. I see that as extremely risky. You run the risk of throwing a rookie in at the deep end, in the form of Brent Albright. You run the risk of your United States Champion pulling double duty. Paul London is an accident waiting to happen, and Batista?? He couldn’t break the glass ceiling on Raw, but right now he’s a big fish in a small pond. So, what will I do?? I’ll tell you. I’m going to live on the fast lane too, and make a big risk by placing CARLITO in my five man team.

Decent response for the recently face turned Carlito.

Eric Bischoff: Why Carlito?? I understand he hasn’t won a competitive match since WrestleMania. But that is reason enough in my eyes. Carlito is willing to do anything to end that woeful streak. And I’m placing my confidence that he’ll deliver at the Clash of the Champions.
Secondly, I noticed that Team Smackdown has failed to pick a monster on their side … and in a match as sadistic as War Games, you need that vital ingredient of a psychotic monster. Someone like KANE.

Big pop from the fans.

Eric Bischoff: Now, Team Smackdown has enlisted two long time veterans to steer their team, in the form of Triple H and The Rock. I on the other hand don’t have those types to choose from, because Raw is about the future, not the past. Not only is Raw about the future, but it’s also about the present.
And presently, on Raw I have the two current big stars, not the former big stars. Those two I’m referring to are the current holder of Money in the Bank, EDGE … and the four time World Champion, BROCK LESNAR!!!

Heat for Lesnar and Edge

Eric Bischoff: Which leaves one. Paul Heyman chose John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield to represent him. JBL, currently on the rise on Smackdown. So, I’m going like for like in that department, with another superstar on the rise … REY MYSTERIO!!!

Huge pop for the popular high flyer.

Eric Bischoff: And now, you may be wondering why I left out arguably the two biggest stars at my disposal in the biggest match of the night. And the two I’m referring to … Randy Orton … and John Cena.

Heat for mention of Orton, but a gigantic pop for mention of Cena.

Eric Bischoff: That’s because for once I’ve been impressed with a suggestion made by Paul Heyman.

Bischoff nearly hurls, thinking about agreeing with Heyman.

Eric Bischoff: You see, last week on Smackdown, Paul Heyman decided to team together two of his biggest stars, who cant stand the sight of one another, with a little bait to make them co-operate. Paul Heyman has brought together Rob Van Dam and Sabu with the incentive that if they can work together one time, they’ll get their wish, and have the match they both so desperately want.
And I like that idea, so think of your challenge as accepted Heyman. And the two men I’m putting together, are those two aforementioned superstars, John Cena and Randy Orton.

Pop for the strange match made for COTC.

Eric Bischoff: But unlike Heyman, I’m not risking my two investments imploding on June 4th. No, you see, instead, I’m going to let them tear the living hell out of each other, next week on Raw, to settle their issues once and for all. And their incentive should they win at Clash of the Champions?? Well, they’ll be in contention for a World Championship shot they both desperately crave … … what was it you said Heyman last week?? … Check … mate??

Eric devilishly grins, as the picture fades…
Opening Video


Jim Ross: We are already less than two weeks away from the hotly anticipated Clash of the Champions. Raw takes on Smackdown in the third annual cross promotional event, and tonight, we will see fireworks surely, as two Smackdown superstars appear on Raw, in the form of WWE Champion, Chris Benoit and the host of the Highlight Reel, Chris Jericho!!! Jericho referees a potentially dangerous situation, hosting the Highlight Reel with Benoit, and the World Champion on Raw, Christian.

The Coach: But The Bisch isn’t stupid J.R. He’s goin to be placing a team of Raw superstars at ringside, should the Highlight Reel get out of hand, and those two snakes, Jericho and Benoit try any funny stuff.

Jim Ross: Randy Orton makes his first appearance in the ring in over a month tonight too, as he faces one fifth of the Team Raw set for War Games, Carlito.

The Coach: And how about our main event tonight baby boy.

Jim Ross: I don’t know how excited either Edge or Brock Lesnar will be, but they team up, once again, to face their fellow team mates at Clash of the Champions, Kane and Rey Mysterio. It’s a night of epic proportions Coach, and that’s without mentioning the King of the Ring Quarter Finals begin - tonight!!!


The Coach: Correction old man, the Quarter finals begin - RIGHT NOW!!!

Kennedy makes his way to the ring, looking focused ahead of his second KOTR bout. He doesn’t do a pre-match introduction for himself, as he waits for his opponent.

**WILD HORSES** Nick Dinsmore walks out onto the stage, wearing a neck brace, selling his injuries to Kane from two weeks ago. He slowly walks down the ramp, looking extremely uncomfortable.

Mr. Kennedy vs. Nick Dinsmore
At the start, Kennedy is thrown off by Nicks condition, and starts to talk to the referee about it, when Dinsmore attacks from behind!!! Dinsmore wastes no time attacking Kennedy, but does appear to be uncomfortable, and not 100% physically. The match is fairly short because of that, with Kennedy easily about to take control, with Dinsmore unable to match up to a fully healthy opponent, with Kennedy eventually picking up the win with the Kenton Bomb.
Winner: Mr. Kennedy @ 04:33

Kennedy progresses one step further on the road to KOTR glory. Two more matches now separate him from being crowned the first KOTR in four years at the COTC. Kennedy does his post match speech, announcing himself the winner, whilst Dinsmore slowly recovers, still feeling the effects of his bad neck following the Chokeslam two weeks ago.


We return from the break, with highlights from Unlimited, and see KANE hit the ring, in pursuit of Nick Dinsmore, but Dinsmore was ready for him this time, pulling out brass knucks from his neck brace, and nailing Kane just as he came at him. Dinsmore then started celebrating in the ring … WHEN KANE SAT UP!!! Immediately, Dinsmore bolted from the ring, and made his way up the ramp, getting as far away from Kane as possible.

Backstage now, we see Edge walking around, looking furious, before stopping at Eric Bischoffs office, and walks straight in. We see Eric quickly sit up, taken aback by the sudden burst.

Edge: This isn’t funny anymore Eric. You’ve paired myself and Brock Lesnar up for the last FOUR weeks. It’s bad enough we’re on the same side at the Clash of the Champions, but for the love of God, I stopped being a tag team years ago.

Eric begins to stutter, when we then see Brock Lesnar appear in the door. Edge looks around to see who is there, and notices it’s Brock.

Edge: Oh, and here he is, the albatross around my neck. What are you here for Robin?? Tag title shot?? Asking for Eric to provide us matching tights?? Give us a team name??

Brock shakes his head, and ignores Edge, turning to speak to Bischoff.

Brock Lesnar: Eric, I’m sick of tag team matches. More importantly, I’m sick of tag team matches WITH HIM.

Edge sarcastically smiles.

Brock Lesnar: I’ve never been a tag team guy Eric. Edge here might be used to sharing the spotlight. I don’t like to share at all, and I’m damn sick and tired of carrying this second rate loser every single week.

Edge shoves in at the desk now, and speaks too.

Edge: Excuse me?? I’m the one carrying him Eric. In fact, I’m gonna start resembling the hunchback of Notre Dame, with his weight on my back.

We begin to see Brock get frustrated.

Brock Lesnar: I’m not the one that screwed up twice Edge. You’ve cost us two damn matches, and I hate losing … especially when it’s because of a wannabe like you.

Edge gets ready to say something back, when Eric yells.

Eric Bischoff: THAT’S IT!!! I’ve had enough. I’ve had enough of you two arguing, and bitching. You don’t want to be on the same side?? FINE. Tonight, scrap your tag team match, because you’re both back in singles competition. AGAINST EACH OTHER!!!

Both men take a moment to think about the announcement, before slowly both nodding.

Edge: You got it Eric. Hey Brock, I’ll see ya out there Chummm-p.

Edge barges past Lesnar on his way out, with Brock seething.

Further backstage, we see Nick Dinsmore jogging through the backstage area, even past the other Horsemen, who look amazed by his trance of sorts. Dinsmore runs into the parking lot, and pushes a valet over, stealing a set of keys, pressing the alarm system on them, seeing a car open up. He runs straight to the vehicle, and gets inside, quickly speeding off as quickly as he can into the night, as far away from Kane as possible.

A quick highlights package plays, clipping the CM Punk promos, before the graphic appears at the end … CM PUNK DEBUTS … NEXT.


2nd Match:
CM Punk vs. Rob Conway
Glorified squash, with the match yused to introduce CM Punk to the fans. Punk is greeted with a fairly positive response, with a strong contingent knowing about his indy career. Conway gets in enough offence for a credible match, but Punks victory never looks to be in doubt. Punk eventually locks in a move that J.R refers to as the Anaconda Vice, for a submission victory, on his debut.
Winner: CM Punk @ 04:57

Punk has his hand raised in the air, debuting in impressive fashion, with a decent enough ovation from the fans.

Jim Ross: That could well be a signal of intent from this young man Coach. He doesn’t drink, he doesn’t smoke, he doesn’t take drugs. He has one addiction, and that is competition. And, CM Punk looks set to be a big competitor on Raw.

The Coach: I don’t know about this kid J.R. What sane person lives by rules??

Backstage, Todd Grisham is with Randy Orton…

Todd Grisham: Randy Orton, tonight you return to the ring for the first time in six weeks, facing Carlito. However, in less than two weeks you will be forced to team up with the man you want to run out of Raw, John Cena. How do you feel about that??

Randy Orton: How do you think I feel Todd?? I didn’t cut my vacation off early to be John Cenas tag team partner. Eric Bischoff has signed myself to face John Cena next week on Raw. And the way I see it, that’s a big mistake on Erics part. Because next week on Raw, I have one firm intention, and that Todd, is to put John Cena … OUT. So Eric Bischoff better have a back up plan for Clash of the Champions, because John Cena wont be making it that far.

The picture fades, as we cut away from the interview.

Smackdown Rebound

We then get a preview for this weeks Smackdown, announcing that Kurt Angle and Shawn Michaels will sign a contract, making the McMahons choice match at COTC official.


3rd Match: Six Person Inter Gender Tag Match:
A.F.A & Alexis Laree vs. The Brotherhood {Jordan, Mack, Jazz}
Below average contest, with the ever declining Ron Simmons unable to really do much in the ring, leaving the majority of the action down to the comedy antics of Rico, and the ability of Laree. Laree pins Jazz for a victory with the Tornado DDT, dubbed the Laree-DT.
Winners: A.F.A & Alexis Laree @ 04:14

The trio celebrate victory in the ring, when suddenly, the attention of the cameras is brought to the stage as strange music hits. A group of workers rush out, followed by paparazzi, as a red carpet is rolled out, as two men, and a woman in between step out onto the stage, with the paparazzi snapping at them like they are hot celebs. Coach ogles the lady, as we see the AFA and Alexis looking puzzled in the ring, as to what is going on.

The trio walk down the ramp, with the paparazzi still taking shots, before the two men jump onto the apron, and rub themselves down, showing off glistening six packs, as the lady proceeds to deliver the most amazing ring entrance you’re ever likely to see, much to the delight of the fans, and even Ron Simmons, who shows a smile in the ring, nodding, and mouths ‘DAMN’. Meanwhile, Rico seems more taken to the two men, and licks his lips, watching them. The woman takes the mic, and begins to speak.

Woman: Hi. I better introduce myself, because I can tell you all want to know my name. I’m Melina, and this is Nitro, and that is Mercury. Together, we are M-N-M, the it team on the scene.

Immediate heat for the newcomers, with a few whistles from the crowd for Melina.

Melina: Lately, we’ve had reporters from Hollywood all around Monday Night Raw, scouting the tag team champions. Don’t be flattered, it wasn’t because you freaks are big news, it’s because WE are.


Melina: Right now, WE are the talk of Hollywood. VIP’s at the Oscars, personal friends of Diddy, and the NEXT World Tag Team Champions.

Boos from the fans.

Melina: In fact, we just got off the cell to our personal friends, Britney and Kevin, and they were in hysterics that YOU TWO are champions.

Rico and Simmons both look angered.

Melina: So to put it simply … once this Clash of the Champions thing is done … we’re coming for your titles, and trust me, it’ll be REAL easy. Just, like … this.

Nitro and Mercury attack Rico, whilst Melina blindsides Laree. Simmons lays into Nitro, but Mercury comes from behind, executing a low blow, stopping Ron Simmons immediately. MNM throw Ron Simmons to the outside, then do the same to Laree, before making a photo gesture to each other, before picking Rico up, and delivering an excruciating double team move!!!

MNM stand in the ring, looking good, with Melina all smiles, making an impressive debut, taking out the reigning World Tag Team Champions!!!

Jim Ross: Two debuts in one night Coach. One we knew was coming in CM Punk … but one we sure as hell didn’t, in MNM?? It explains the recent Paparazzi invasion during AFA matches, but by Gawd, talk about making a first impression!!!

The Coach: I love it J.R. MNM, the it team on the scene!!! How did I not know these guys already?? We hang with the same crowds!!!

Jim Ross: Gimme a break.

Promo airs - hyping Saturday Nights Main Event this weekend, featuring a Clash of Champions - The World Champion, Christian, Intercontinental Champion, Shelton Benjamin and World Tag Champions, AFA teaming together to face WWE Champion, Chris Benoit, United States Champion, Charlie Haas and WWE Tag Team Champions, The Spirit Squad.

Back into the arena…

The camera pans around the fans, and there, we get a close up of Armando Alejandro Estrada, sitting as a spectator, watching the action this evening, with J.R and Coach quickly mentioning his recent appearances on Monday Night Raw.

**BURN IN MY LIGHT** Randy Orton steps out onto the stage to tremendous heat from the Rochester fans, as his match with Carlito is coming up … NEXT.


4th Match:
Randy Orton vs. Carlito w/ Stacy Kiebler
Competitive match up, joined in progress, with both men now seemingly having turned in opposite directions, with Orton a fully fledged heel, and Carlito now pandering to the fans as a face. Carlito proves to be equal to Randy, despite his recent losing streak, and the commentators play this up as a big chance for CCC to end that streak, facing a Randy Orton who has competed once since WrestleMania.

The match breaks into double figures, in terms of minutes long, with Randy imposing a boring chinlock, eating up some time towards the ten minute mark. This eventually leads to the baby face comeback from Carlito, who begins to bust out his high flying set of moves, scoring a few near falls from that, but as he goes for his recognised finishing manouvre, the Apple Core, Orton frantically fights out, successfully doing so, but then gets dropped with a heel kick. Carlito looks for a springboard move off the top rope, but as he jumps off, Orton blasts CCC with a devastating RKO OUT OF NOWHERE!!! Orton hooks the leg, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Randy Orton @ 11:07

It’s a stunning return victory for The Legend Killer. Randy Orton picks up a win over Carlito with an unexpected RKO, which even has the fans impressed. The Legend Killer has his hand raised in the air, as he looks down an Carlito, with Kiebler getting into the ring, tending to CCC. Orton sneers at his fallen opponent, when …


Orton spins around, and looks to the stage as John Cena makes his way out, carrying a steel chain in one hand, and a mic in another. Randy starts to look around, trying to think of an escape route.

John Cena: Randy, Randy, Randy. I’ve been waiting for over a month now to get my hands on you, and right now, you look like a deer caught in the headlights. I could walk down to that ring, right now, and wrap this chain around your scrawny throat … choke the life outta you … and leave you for dead.

We see Orton gulp in the ring, as Cena starts to look more and more intense.

John Cena: But - looks like it’d be too easy. Personally, I like to do things the right way. I don’t want you to have any excuses when I DO break you in half. Next week on Raw, I will FINISH YOU, and end this ONCE AND FOR ALL.

Mixed reaction, with the fans wanting them to get on with it now, rather than next week elsewhere.

John Cena: One of us isn’t making it to Clash of the Champions Randy … but I’ve got my ticket booked already. Keep safe, because next Monday night, your ass belongs to me.

Cena throws the ‘wordlife’ signal to the fans, whilst Orton stares up the ramp, looking almost in fear of his long time rival.


We return, with Chris Jericho standing in the ring, with the Highlight Reel set up, and ready to go.

Chris Jericho: Ladies, Gentlemen, Jericholics of all ages, welcome to the HIGHHHH-LIGHT REEEEEEL!!!!

Heat for Jericho, as he leans over the ropes, nodding in approval of himself.

Chris Jericho: And as sure as I am that I finished The Deadman at Judgment D-

Immediate heat for Jericho for making that comment.

Chris Jericho: As sure as I am that I ended The Deadmans decade and a half of destruction, and as sure as I am that I am a sexy beast, and as sure as I am that I am a rock star, bigger than Ozzy Osbourne, bigger than Alice Cooper, I’m sure that tonight’s Highlight Reel is gonna be the greatest, the world has ever … EEEEEVVERRRRR witnessed!!!

Mixed response for the smug Jericho.

Chris Jericho: Because on my Highlight Reel this evening, we have not one, but TWOOO World Champions. One from Raw, and the other from the greatest show on earth, the DOMINANT brand … Smackdown.


Chris Jericho: And without any further ado, lets skip the pleasantries, and get to business, monkeys play the relevant theme song!!!

**JUST CLOSE YOUR EYES** Christian steps out onto the stage to a big pop from the raucous fans, without the added presence of Tomko tonight, walking out to the arena alone, carrying the title belt over his shoulder. Christian gets into the ring, and has a long stare across the ring at Jericho, as J.R reminds us of their past, before…

**WHATEVER** The Blue Cross arena comes alive, as the WWE Champion, Chris Benoit from Smackdown, enters the stage. He shows the belt off at either side of the stage, before walking down the ramp, with Christian not taking his eyes off the Wolverine. Benoit steps inside the ring, and glances at his long time rival Jericho, before getting into Captain Charismas face, with the two holding their titles in the air, defiantly at the other.

Chris Jericho: Hey, hey, steady on daddios!!! On the Highlight Reel we make peace not war.

Benoit and Christian turn to Jericho, with Y2J making a peace sign.

Chris Jericho: It’s my job to make sure you two little scamps don’t get outta line tonight. I mean, I wouldn’t wanna bitch slap the pair of ya.

Both Benoit and Christian seem surprised by the outburst, whilst the fans ‘OOOO’.

Chris Jericho: And lets face it, you both know I can do it.

Heat from the fans. Benoit and Christian both take a look at one another, as Jericho continues.

Chris Jericho: But I digress… Christian, last week, on Monday Night Raw, you claimed that Chris Benoit wasn’t very entertaining. And … you’re right.

Heat from the fans. Christian cant help but let out a smile, whilst Jericho goes on…

Chris Jericho: And just last Thursday, Chris Benoit, you responded to that claim … by stating no matter how many jokes Christian tells, he’ll still be tapping out come Clash of the Champions.

We see Benoit nod, as Christian takes a mic.

Christian: Well Benoit, let me just respond to that statement by telling you, the only thing that you can do that will EVER make me tap out, is me having to listen to you try and tell a joke.

Mixed response from the fans, as Benoit raises his eyebrows, before taking a mic himself.

Chris Benoit: We’ll have to see about that Christian. I’ll leave the jokes to you though, saying as you are the only clown in the ring right now.

Pop from the fans, with Benoit retorting to the comment. Christian tries to hide a smile, obviously impressed with the comeback.

Chris Jericho: That’s enough ladies. Lets leave the cat calling to someone else please. These type of comments doesn’t do anyone any favours. Benoit, it’s been established you have the personality of a robot … Christian, it’s universally recognised that you cant wrestle, but the b-

Christian: I cant wrestle?? Chris Jericho, take a look at this belt slung over my shoulder. That alone proves me to the world as the BEST.

Fans pop, as Jericho tries to look away. Benoit now butts in again.

Chris Benoit: I don’t think so. THIS title belt proves ME to the world as the very best.

The two men now come close up again, champion facing champion, before Christian speaks again.

Christian: I guess we’ll find out who’s right and who’s wrong at Clash of the Champions then, huh.

Chris Benoit: I guess so.

Jericho then clears his throat over the mic, getting the attention of both men, as he rests, sitting on one stool, resting his legs across the other.

Chris Jericho: You COULD do that I guess, but I know the answer already.

Benoit and Christian look to each other, as Jericho gets back onto his feet.

Chris Jericho: Because I know who the best is. And you’ll both be surprised, but you shouldn’t be. The very best is none other … than THE KING OF THE WORLD … Y-2-J CHRIS JERICHOOOO!!!!

Major heat, as Jericho bigs himself up. Meanwhile, both Christian and Benoit seem taken aback by the blatant ego being shown by Y2J.

Chris Jericho: That’s not just some hair-brained opinion. It’s a fact boys. The two of you hold one title each right now, while me?? I didn’t settle for one sister, I held them both at the same time AS THEEEE FIRST UNDISSSSSSPUTED-AH CHAMPION of the world!!!

Jericho wags his finger, insisting he isn’t finished as the fans start an ‘Asshole’ chant.

Chris Jericho: And that aint all. That isn’t where it ends. Lets not forget the fact that I’ve beaten you BOTH, soooo many times over the years that it’d just be boring to brag about now.

Jericho smirks, as the other two men shake their heads in disagreement.

Chris Jericho: And I havent even had to mention that I am better looking than both of you two put together!!!

More heat, as Christian speaks up.

Christian: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold on just a second there pal. You were Undisputed Champion nearly FIVE years ago. Count them, one, two, three, four, FIVE. Times change pal. And as for you beating me so many times?? Well, I guess I must’ve beaten you so badly that you forgot just how many times I’VE BEATEN YOU.

Fans pop for Christian.

Christian: Oh, and as for being better looking?? Maybe I should just remind you that I stole YOUR woman two years ago.

‘OOOO’ from the fans, with Christian nodding, and pounds his chest, while an insecure Jericho starts playing with his hair, having his comments being ripped to pieces. Benoit now speaks up.

Chris Benoit: And Jericho, I don’t remember you beating ME for a long, long time either.

Jericho now takes a moment, before speaking up again.

Chris Jericho: Yeah?? Well, I still say anything you two can do, I can do better. Benoit, you tried to be a rock star?? I totally kicked your ass there.

Chris Benoit: Chris, I’ve never sung a note in my life.

Jericho stops, and thinks for a moment, before continuing.

Chris Jericho: Yeah?? Well, how about you Christian. You beat The Undertaker four times right?? I beat him once, and he hasn’t been seen since!!! BEAT THAT JUNIOR!!!

Christian laughs.

Christian: True. But, didn’t you need the help of that Penguin shaped Paul Bearer?? … call me crazy, but relying on the worlds fattest man to beat a dead guy isn’t something I’d want to brag about.

Jericho now begins to grow frustrated, as both Benoit and Christian begin to back him into a corner.

Chris Jericho: This isn’t fair. In fact, you two sanctimonious sons of bitches are just lucky you have each other right now, or I’d be sending both your asses all the way downtown to chinat-


Fans pop, as Jericho now looks lost for words.

Christian: Y’know Benoit, I think it’s about time that Jericho left the ring.

Chris Benoit: Y’know, for once, I agree.

Christian and Benoit attack Jericho in the corner, momentarily teaming up, teeing off with knife edge chops, almost in competition, to see who can strike harder, with Benoit obviously winning that exchange. They nod, before grabbing Jericho, and both topple him over the top rope, sending Jericho crashing to the floor!!!

The two world champions then both pick up their title belts, and look up, eyeing the other, in the centre of the ring. The tension builds again between the two, after joining together for a moment. No handshake is offered either way, as the two continue to stare at the other, before we fade out into a commercial break.


We return from the commercial, seeing clips of what happened on The Highlight Reel moments ago, ending with the uneasy Benoit - Christian showdown.

Jim Ross: It’s been another one of ‘those’ nights on Raw Coach, another wild ride, and it’ll be no different this coming Saturday evening …

The Coach: NBC get ready, Saturday Nights Main Event returned with a bang back in February, and it’s back once more on Saturday night, from the worlds most famous arena, Madison Square Garden!!!

Jim Ross: The history is off the charts, when you combine the WWE in The Garden, and the legacy of Saturday Nights Main Event. And that tradition continues this weekend. We’ll have a preview for the Clash of the Champions one week early, as the champions from Raw take on the champions of Smackdown. Our World Champion, Intercontinental Champion, and tag team champions join together, to face their Smackdown counterparts, the WWE Champion, United States Champion and WWE Tag Team Champions in a truly enormous eight man tag. Christian, Shelton Benjamin, Rico and Ron Simmons, the Raw champions, band together for one night to face Chris Benoit, Charlie Haas and two of the five members of the male cheerleaders, The Spirit Squad.

The Coach: A unique mix of talent J.R. In what other match would you see the likes of Rico face off against Chris Benoit??

Jim Ross: And how about Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas coming face to face for the first time since being split up on April 3rd, only this time, on opposite sides, just over a week before they go at it one on one at Clash of the Champions.

The Coach: I cannot wait to see that eight man match on Saturday. Off the charts baby boy.

Jim Ross: And that’s not all. We have just received word that also to take place on NBC this Saturday night, will be Kane, one on one, with the man he is hell bent on destroying, and that unfortunate being is Nick Dinsmore.

The Coach: I’ll be praying for The Prodigy all week J.R. I’m just scared that such a bright future is in the balance like this. It isn’t fair!!!

Jim Ross: That’s not all either though Coach. WWE.COM will reveal a further TWO matches tomorrow afternoon, expected to be two more Clash of the Champions preview contests, whilst more announcements concerning the Saturday night extravaganza will be surely made this Thursday night on Paul Heymans Smackdown.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Garrison Cade w/ Ric Flair
Acceptable match, but not as good as recent Benjamin matches, since he’s broke out on Raw as a singles act. Cade plays his heel role well, much more comfortably, than he did for a short period as a face, and controls a lot of the match, under the guidance of The Nature Boy. Benjamin is too quick though for Cade to get too worn down, and frustrates HB-Cade, with a succession of near falls from roll ups and cradles. Cade takes a walk, under orders from Flair, wanting Garrison to clear his head.

This doesn’t sit well with Benjamin though, and he doesn’t give the opponent a chance to get his head together, jumping over the ropes, and crashing on both Cade and Flair!!!! Benjamin quickly takes it back inside, and begins to take over proceedings, as Cade begins to struggle, unable to match Benjamin, who is in the midst of a second wind. Shelton hit’s the T-Bone Exploder, but as he covers, Cade has the state of mind to put a foot on the rope, saving himself at the count of two, and keeping his KOTR hopes alive.

Benjamin then goes up top, and looks to deliver something from the top rope, until Cade again, uses his ring smarts, and pushes the referee into the ropes, with the impact forcing Benjamin to stumble, and fall from the top rope. Cade whips Shelton off the ropes, and looks for the Scrapbuster, but Shelton dodges it, only to get tripped in the ropes by a recovered Flair, distracting Benjamin momentarily, and allows Cade to ready himself, and eventually nail the Scrapbuster, before making a cover, 1...2...BENJAMIN HAS A FOOT ON THE ROPE - BUT FLAIR SHOVES IT OFF … 3!!!
Winner: Garrison Cade @ 10:13

Immediately, Cade gets out of the ring, having blatantly stolen the victory tonight, whilst Benjamin looks around, amazed he was counted out for three, having had his foot on the rope to break it. Flair and Cade stumble up the ramp, with Flair pointing to his man, claiming Cade will be King of the Ring. Benjamin argues with the referee, pointing out he had his foot on the rope, but the referee ignores the claim, as Cade and Flair disappear behind the curtain.


Backstage, Marc Lloyd is standing by with Rey Mysterio…

Marc Lloyd: Rey Mysterio, in less than two weeks, you’ll be part of the 5 on 5 War Games Match at the Clash of the Champions. Out of the ten men involved in the match right now, only you and Carlito were part of the War Games match at last years Survivor Series. That night, in a losing effort, you lasted only a mere ten minutes. Has that experience helped you prepare for a better effort this year??

Mysterio nods, and takes a moment, before speaking.

Rey Mysterio: I’m always prepared Marc. I’m prepared for anything, because I have to be. The guys in the locker room here on Raw are desperate to beat Smackdown this year. I’m desperate. It doesn’t matter how I did in War Games last time, because the past stays in the past. I look to the future Marc. And the future for me is to go into Kansas on June 4th, and deliver the performance of a lifetime, and make sure that Raw DOES beat Smackdown. I have the opportunity to make sure that happens, and if I’ve learned one thing from my time on Raw … it’s that ANYTHING and EVERYTHING can happen. At Clash of the Champions Marc, I WILL do anything, and I WILL do everything to ensure that I’m on the winning side … and that’s Raw.

Mysterio walks off, leaving Lloyd nodding.

Further backstage, we see an angry Shelton Benjamin leaning against a wall, most likely thinking through what happened moments ago.


Theodore Long, accompanied by the Brotherhood, approaches Benjamin.

Theodore Long: Let me holla at ya playa.

Long puts his fist out, with Benjamin touches knuckles, more out of respect than friendship.

Theodore Long: Shelton Benjamin, right now, the industray is buzzin bout one man. Dats you playa. Now, there’s only one problem. We were watchin a few minutes ago, and we saw what happened. And dat was wrong playa.

Benjamin nods, agreeing.

Theodore Long: Now, we gots ta thinkin, and we’ve got an idea, that’ll help you, and helps us.

Shelton narrows his eyebrows, taking in what’s being said.

Theodore Long: A little of you scratchin our back, and us scratching yours. Ya feel may??

Benjamin doesn’t look impressed.

Theodore Long: It seems to us playa that you need … back up, and we can provide that back up you need to stop situations like tonight reoccurring. And if we can offer that for you, it means more success for you, and it gets The Brotherhood steppin up the ladder. We been lookin for someone like you Shelton. What d’ya say playa??

Benjamin takes a moment to think, before speaking.

Shelton Benjamin: I appreciate the offer … but I’ll have to pass.

Benjamin pats Long on the shoulder, and walks off. Mark Henry is about to follow him, but Long stops him, and shakes his head.

Theodore Long: Give him time playa, give him time.

Mack and OJ nod in agreement, as we fade out…

A highlights package airs of the KOTR from the Raw side, whittling the eight men down to next weeks final two - MISTER KENNEDY AND GARRISON CADE.

Elsewhere, we see Mr. Money in the Bank, Edge walking through the backstage area, ahead of tonights main event.

Jim Ross: It’s main event time folks. Edge and Brock Lesnar will go head to head in just a few moments, when we come back!!!


Main Event:
Edge vs. Brock Lesnar
The two compete in a surreal main event, with two heels going at it, as neither are even hinting at a face turn anytime soon. They start off with a showdown, and a war of words, before exchanging slaps, which eventually unravels into right hands and left hands, resulting in an all round brawl, spilling to the outside. The two men use everything at their disposal, without getting disqualified, bouncing each others head off steel steps, announce tables, and ramming each other into the side of the ring apron, the barricade and steel steps. In the end, the bigger of the two men, Brock Lesnar comes out on top in this duel, and throws Edge back into the ring, on top, before taking the final commercial break of the show.

Into the overrun, we return, with Edge now in control, having caught a running Lesnar during the commercial with a standing dropkick, which has now turned the tide. Edge tries to wear Brock down, going for his neck, and looks to be doing a good job of pin pointing the area, until he screws up, looking for a Spear, with Lesnar kicking him away, following up with a Belly to Belly. He scores a two count, and takes a moment to recover, feeling the effects of an attack to the neck. Now, the two men go back and forth, trading blows, and near falls, with Lesnar coming close after a German suplex, and Edge with a Buzz Killer. Lesnar though, begins to take over, taking it to Edge with high knees in the corner, before scoring yet another close two count with a delayed fisherman buster, but Edge refuses to stay down.

Now, at this stage, both men begin to realise it will take something more to obtain the win, and Lesnar decides to go for Edges MITB briefcase!!! Brock grabs the case, and picks up the ring bell, sliding the bell into the ring, with the referee immediately going for it to get the object out of the ring. Lesnar slides in now, with the briefcase, and swings at Edge, but The Rated R Superstar ducks, runs off the ropes, and SCORES WITH A SPEAR!!! Edge covers, as the referee turns his attention back to the action, and goes to count … BUT CALLS FOR THE BELL INSTEAD!!!
Winner: ??? @ 14:00

The referee talks for a moment with Lillian Garcia, before Lillian makes an announcement.

Lillian Garcia: Ladies and Gentlemen, the referee has stopped this match, and awarded this match to the winner, as a result of a disqualification … BROCK LESNAR!!!!

There appears to be confusion, as to why there was a DQ called, as Edge grabs the referee demanding to know why he was disqualified. The referee appears to point at the briefcase, indicating that Edge must’ve hit Lesnar with it, as it lay in the ring, whilst he had Brock covered. Edge lays out the referee with a right hand, before grabbing his briefcase, and looking at Lesnar, who is just reaching his feet. Edge waits, as Brock turns around, before running at him, and this time DOES smash Brock with the briefcase, knocking him out!!!

Edge stands over Lesnar, mouthing at him, before patting the briefcase, and holds it up high in the air, as we go off the air, with Edge standing tall.



Current Card for WWE Clash of the Champions:
Date: 4th June 2006
Location: Kemper Arena, Kansas City, MO
Event Music: ???

WWE Champion vs. World Heavyweight Champion:
Chris Benoit vs. Christian

Intercontinental Champion vs. United States Champion:
Shelton Benjamin vs. Charlie Haas

WWE Tag Team Champions vs. World Tag Team Champions:
Spirit Squad vs. AFA

McMahons Choice Match:
Shawn Michaels vs. Kurt Angle

King of The Ring Final:
Smackdown Finalist vs. Mr. Kennedy OR Garrison Cade

Strange Bedfellows Team Up:
Rob Van Dam & Sabu vs. John Cena & Randy Orton

10 Man War Games Match:
Brock Lesnar, Edge, Rey Mysterio, Carlito, Kane
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield, The Rock, Triple H, Chris Jericho & KOTR Semi Finalist

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Re: Being The Booker

Raw Review:

Hey, I had a long review all ready to post, when my computer started acting up, so here is some comments on the show. Bischoff's lineup for COTC is great, and the promo was done as the main event will be insane. Kennedy wins as his push continues and though losing Dinsmore gets in some shine with his dealings with Kane, but Kane seems ready for Dinsmore and his actions. Had a feeling that tag match might not happen, but I thought that you would save Edge vs. Brock for next weeks show. CM Punk winning in his debut was no surprise as I have a feeling he is going to be big in this thread, but will be pushed in a slow way. Won't comment on the second match, but MNM has arrived in your thread. Two debuts in one show, now that's big. Cena and Orton seem to have the same intention, to hurt the other so they won't make it COTC at a 100 percent. The Highlight Reel was excellent, and the build was great, especially the end as Christian and Benoit use Jericho basically as a crash dummy, to see who the better person is. SNME is going to be great, I assume you're going to be doing the event in recap form. Right now I don't know who you're going to have win the KOTR, as the people that are left all have a chance, based on how they've been built up in this thread. With that said the push for Cade continues as he advances to the next round as he defeats the improving Intercontinental Champion, Shelton Benjamin. Mysterio seems to be ready to leave a mark and make an impact at COTC, while Benjamin turns down the Brotherhood offer. Not sure if it was a typo, but I think you were trying for Long to say "You feel me?" and you put may. Just something I saw. Good main event, with the issue still not settled between the two. I have a feeling this will be played up during COTC and during the match, but in the end, might be used to have Raw actually win the match this time around. Overall good show, and the buildup looks great, even though the buildup to SNME was a little disappointing. Hopefully on Smackdown, the buildup for SNME be a little bit better. Looking forward to Smackdown!

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