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Re: Being The Booker

Sorry to hear about what happened with Clash of the Champions. I would have liked it recapped like you did with Backlash and JD but if you can't get it done, I understand. I will be reading RAW tommorrow.


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Re: Being The Booker

May 15th; Green Bay:

Video package, showing Raw infiltrating Smackdowns Judgement Day last night, leaving Chris Benoit laid out to end the show.

No opening video, or pyro, instead, going straight to the ring, with Eric Bischoff surrounded by the majority Raw roster (minus the likes of Kane, or others who look unnatural standing with regular people), with him stood alone in the ring.

Eric Bischoff:
(Smugly, into the camera) Never doubt Eric Bischoff.

Heat from the fans.

Eric Bischoff: Last week, I told Mister McMahon to his face that I would - actually, just in case there are some that don’t believe me, I’ll just show you the footage, shall I??

Eric Bischoff: Y’know, I think I know just the thing to shake Raw up. In fact, by this time next Monday night, the entire world will be tuning in to Raw … just wait and see.

Eric Bischoff: I said that one week ago, on Raw. Did you hear it okay?? Maybe if you think I just got lucky with that statement, perhaps this cryptic clue, also from last weeks broadcast will convince you all…

Mr. McMahon: I have to say, I’ve been impressed Eric. I just hope you keep it up … because I WILL be here next Monday to reveal the ‘McMahons’ choice match for the upcoming Clash of the Champions on June 4th.

Eric grins and nods.

Eric Bischoff: Oh Mister McMahon. I know ALL about the Clash of the Champions. I’m more prepared than you might think.

Vince looks a little confused, but nods anyway.

Mr. McMahon: Oh, but just before I go Eric … you mentioned earlier that next Monday night the entire world will be tuning in. What exactly have you got planned??

Eric devilishly grins.

Eric Bischoff: By next Monday … it’ll all make perfect sense.

Eric Bischoff: So now … is anyone at all ‘shocked’ as to what happened last night just down the road at the Bradley Centre in Milwaukee, at Smackdowns big Pay Per View?? What?? You didn’t see Judgment Day?? Well, I cant blame you for that … so I’ll show you…

Then, referee Brian Hebner catches his attention, and tells Heyman he has to come right away, as there is a situation. As they reach, there appears to be pandemonium and we see the camera focused on RAW SUPERSTARS - THE BROTHERHOOD!!! We see Theodore Long shouting at the Smackdown guys, telling them that SD hasn’t got a chance at COTC, before Mark Henry tips over a vending machine, and grabs Funaki, throwing him through a door, which sparks chaos, and the SD locker room begin to chase The Brotherhood out of the building, with Heyman barking orders to remove the trespassers by any means necessary.

We return with Eric pointing, smiling and nodding at the Brotherhood at ringside.

Eric Bischoff: I know what you’re thinking. Well, Eric, that’s not mind blowing. That’s not really all that news worthy … but that was only phase one. That was the appetiser … this was the main course…


The Wolverine retains the title!!! Chris Benoit lets go of the submission, as both men lie on the mat, flat out after the devastating cage match, THEN BROCK LESNAR BURSTS FROM UNDER THE RING, BREAKING THROUGH THE CANVAS!!!!!

Lesnar enters the ring, to a shock response from the fans and the commentary team, as we see Edge also appear from under the ring, and the two men begin to put the boots to Benoit and Angle!!! Lesnar drags Benoit up, delivering the F5, whilst Edge scores with a Spear to Angle!!!

Now, the camera cuts to the crowd, where ERIC BISCHOFF flanked by Finlay, Nick Dinsmore, Garrison Cade, Ric Flair, Rene Dupree, Kenzo Suzuki and Rob Conway has a mic in his hands, as the beating in the ring continues.

Eric Bischoff: Paul Heyman!!! Think of this as strike one!!! I told the world last Monday, that by tomorrow night, the world would tune into Raw, AND THIS, this is why!!! Clash of the Champions, June 4th, I’ve pre-empted this war. The Brotherhood infiltrating Smackdown tonight?? From the mind of YOURS TRULY!!! I emptied your locker room, and left the main targets ripe for the picking. (Bischoff laughs) And you bought it, just like I thought you would. Brock?? Edge?? Show Mr. Heyman Raws intentions …

We see Lesnar smile and nod, picking up Benoit, THROWING BENOIT THROUGH THE SIDE OF THE CAGE!!! Meanwhile, Edge Spears Angle again, this time into the steel mesh on the other side of the ring, as the Raw duo stand tall. Bischoff nods with approval, when suddenly, we see a group of Smackdown stars (AMW, The Dudley Boys, Batista, Chris Masters and Brent Albright) charge towards the ring, carrying chains, pipes etc, with Bischoff telling his two men in the ring, to go now, which they do, escaping through the broken side of the cage, and through the crowd, towards Bischoff and company, with the Raw stars quickly leaving the arena. In the ring, we see the Smackdown guys tending to Benoit and Angle, whilst pointing and yelling at the Raw hijackers, with Judgment Day going off the air.

At ringside, we see Edge and Lesnar at opposite sides, both looking proud of their work.

Eric Bischoff: MY Raw superstars have struck the first blow. June 4th, MY Raw superstars will deliver again, and finally defeat Smackdown at the Clash of the Champions. No longer are they following the misguidance of Mick Foley. Now, these Raw superstars have the real guidance, they have proper order, that they need to be triumphant.

Heat from the fans.

Eric Bischoff: And Paul Heyman, I’m sure you’re stuck in some cheap motel somewhere, most likely in Philadelphia, craving for some past glory to return. But take your eyes off that greasy 18 inch Pizza, and listen to me for a moment. My one and only goal for the next month is to make you, and your filthy, rotting brand of Smack down “superstars” suffer, with the ultimate prize on June 4th, where Raw BEATS Smackdown.

More heat from the fans.

Eric Bischoff: And don’t even think about planning an invasion on Raw, because it isn’t gonna fly. I’m prepared for anything you’ve got, which is why this ring will be surrounded at all times over the coming weeks by this nations finest armed officers, ready to tackle any Smackdown reject looking to score some brownie points with his fat, disgusting, over the hill General Manager.

Eric smiles again, soaking up the heat.

Eric Bischoff: Not only that, but security will be covering each and every exit, superstars will be standing guard in the parking lot, waiting for any sign of any unwanted guests. This group of superstars you are looking at, are ready to die in the battle, because they believe in the Raw cause. They believe in ME, Eric Bischoff, and each and every single superstar here is willing to put his body on the line for ME!!!

Heat from the fans, and we see quite a few shaking heads between the Raw superstars, face and heel alike.

Eric Bischoff: Brock Lesnar, is willing to stand tall in the battleground. Edge is too. The fighting Irishman, Finlay wants to fight anybody from Smackdown. The Brotherhood will stand by my side, hell, even Simon Dean and Rico are joining the Raw front line!!!

We then see Christian, The World Heavyweight Champion, walk up the steps, smiling, shaking his head. Eric looks thrown off momentarily, before smiling, and speaking.

Eric Bischoff: And even our prestigious World Champion, is joining Eric Bischoff in this cause. You know what’s right Christian, and I commend you for standing by my side, to send a messag-

Christian pulls the mic away, to a huge pop from the fans.

Christian: Eric, I’ve been listening to you know for what?? Five minutes?? It’s been about six minutes too long.

Fans pop, as Erics smile fades.

Christian: So I’ve taken it upon myself to tell you the facts, and send out my own statement of intent. For the past two years, I’ve been on the Raw side at the Clash of the Champions. I’ve done my part in each of those events, and came out a winner, but overall, Raw has lost out twice.

Fans boo a little.

Christian: And I’m not the only one to have felt that bitterness. I’m not the only one who has sat in the Raw locker room, in silence, whilst we had to hear the celebrations coming from the other side of the damn building, where Smackdown had the Champagne flowing, and their celebrations went through the night.

Christian looks around the ring at the stars, before pointing a few out.

Christian: Shawn Michaels knows how that feels. Edge knows how that feels, Ric Flair has felt it, Trish Stratus, Rhyno all the same. We’ve all felt that loss two years straight. And Eric, let me tell you, it’s one hell of a bitter pill to swallow.

Christian stares down Eric, who starts to look a little comfortable.

Christian: Take a look Bischoff. You don’t need to fire these guys up for Clash of the Champions. No one here likes to lose. Edge, as much as I hate the guy … no offence … he wants it badly. John Cena, wherever he may be, hates to lose, same goes for every single person standing around this ring right now. Shawn Michaels?? Damn near gave his Ankle to Kurt Angle last year fighting for the cause.

Cheers for HBK, as we see Michaels nod at ringside.

Christian: Now, let me tell you Eric where I stand here, and I think I‘m speaking for the majority of people surrounding the ring right now. I’m not standing side by side with you … I’m not against you … I’m standing for Raw, AND THAT’S HOW I ROLL!!!

Pop for Christian, before a ‘CHRISTIAN’ chant starts.

Christian: But as for my opponent on June 4th … Chris Benoit.

Fans pop for mention of the WWE Champion.

Christian: Chris, as a fellow Canadian, I have the utmost respect for you. And hell, as a wrestler, you’re the best there is today, and possibly … ever.

Nice ovation for Christians sign of respect.

Christian: Which is just as well, because if it came down to personality … the match would’ve been over seven years ago.

Boos for Christian, who mouths “Sorry, it’s true”

Christian: Lets face it, Chris, you’re about as entertaining as a heart attack, but having to listen to you is about twice as painful.

Laughs and boos from the fans.

Christian: But no matter what the ability in the ring, or on the mic, at Clash of the Champions, you will not stop me from beating your ass all over Kansas City Benoit, and you will not stop Raw from beating Smackdown top to bottom. That, that’s a fact.

Christian slams the mic onto the mat, as his music hits, and he leaves the ring, with Eric Bischoff looking impressed with Christians speech.


We return, and see Jim Ross and The Coach sitting at ringside, as Rob Conway and Gene Snitsky make their way to the ring, as the camera shows the extra security crowded around the ring, and at the exits.

Jim Ross: The road towards the Clash of the Champions has begun folks, with Raw striking the first blow last night at Judgment Day, but Coach, tonight, there is plenty more coming tonight on Raw.

The Coach: Totally J.R. No one saw it coming last night, but as you said, Eric Bischoff hasn’t forgotten about this show. The remaining two King of the Ring opening round matches, womens title on the line, the two heroes of last night, Brock Lesnar and Edge face Rey Mysterio and the home town hero, Ken Kennedy.

Jim Ross: Not to mention, I have been assigned the unfortunate duty of conducting an interview with the unstoppable monster Kane, in that ring, in the not so distant future to get his reasons for the unprovoked attacks on The Horsemen in recent weeks.

The Coach: Yeah, that’s an unenviable place to be later on. On your own there kid.

Jim Ross: Thanks for the support. In relation to the Clash of the Champions, Mister McMahon will be here to deliver his ‘choice match’ for the June 4th spectacular, and to top it all off, Randy Orton is back TONIGHT, his vacation is over folks, Randy Orton is officially back to work tonight.

The Coach: But right now J.R, it’s tag team title time!!! The Con Man has his golden opportunity, along with Gene Snitsky!!!

1st Match: World Tag Team Championships Match:
A.F.A vs. Rob Conway & Gene Snitsky
An absolute nothing match, with the only talking point being the sighting of a group of Paparazzi swarming the ring again, snapping the huge flashing light bulbs at the ring for the third straight week, during an AFA match. J.R and Coach comment on the running trend, with Coach blowing it off as another Rico publicity stunt, as the enforced security forcefully remove the paparazzi, as Conway poses, thinking it’s all for him, which allows Rico to backslide him by surprise, 1...2...3!!!
Winners: And still World Tag Team Champions - A.F.A @ 04:00

Conway jumps up immediately, irate with the loss, whilst Rico dances out of the ring, celebrating his win. Snitsky is irate too, but with Conway for being so shallow, and walks out on The Con Man, whilst Simmons and Rico remain champions, heading into COTC to face the Smackdown tag champions.

Backstage, we see Brock Lesnar and Edge walk into each others path. The two share an awkward stare, before Edge starts to laugh.

Edge: That was so awesome. Truly great job last night Brock.

Lesnar smiles, but looks unimpressed. Edges smile now drops though too, as he gets serious.

Edge: But if I’m being honest … I’m sick of the sight of you. Tonight is the third week in a row we’ve had to team up. At this rate, I’ll have to cash this bad boy in for the damn tag team titles. Now, I don’t know about you, but I know I don’t want to be stuck in a tag team, least of all with you.I’ve been there and done that. Now the way I see it, let me lead the way tonight, and then after that, lets make a point of staying out of each others way.

Edge looks to walk past, but Brock grabs his arm.

Brock Lesnar: The feeling Edge … it’s mutual. I’ve never wanted to be, and I’ve never asked to be in tag team matches. I’m not a tag team wrestler. But, after our win last week, when I was in charge - you better follow my lead.

Edge begins to laugh, and pushes his partners arm away.

Edge: I don’t think so Brock. Last week, you told me to leave the briefcase behind. In the end, it won us the match. As far as I’m concerned, I’ll follow your lead when I want to lose a match. Even someone with your brain capacity can realise that.

Edge looks to walk away, when Brock stops him again. They go face to face, with Lesnar smiling, before speaking.

Brock Lesnar: Don’t push me Edge. Don’t push me.

Lesnar shoves Edge lightly, and walks off, leaving Edge to ponder for a moment.



We return, and see highlights from Unlimited, where Eric Bischoff was handing out instructions to The Brotherhood, who are standing guard at the parking lot, in case of a Smackdown invasion.

In the ring, we see Jim Ross standing, waiting for his cue.

Jim Ross: Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce the 330 pound, seven foot monster … KANE!!!

**Slow Chemical** Kane makes his way to the ring, same as always, stepping inside the ring, letting of his pyro, with J.R cowering with fear as it goes off. As the lights return, and the music dies down, J.R begins to speak.

Jim Ross: I’ve got to be honest Kane, I’m extremely uncomfortable being in your presence. In the past, you’ve went as far as to set me on fire, so please excuse my caution.

Kane stares blankly through his mask, making J.R look less than at ease.

Jim Ross: So, I’m going to keep this extremely short, and the questions to a minimum. First off Kane, why?? Why have you targeted The Horsemen in the past few weeks??

J.R holds the mic to Kanes body, but Kane shakes his head. The fans boo, as Kane turns away, and points at the titan tron.

The titan tron shows footage from Backlash 2005 - Kane vs. Eugene. We get a slow motion clip of Kane picking up the quad injury which kept him out of action for the past year, before returning to the ring. Kane uncontrollably shakes his head looking on the verge of losing his cool.

Jim Ross: Are you trying to say that you’re vendetta dates back to April of last year, when you faced Nick Dinsmore - under the guise of Eugene, and picked up the unfortunate injury which kept you out of action for the remainder of the year??

Kane snaps, and grips J.R by the throat, pushing him into the corner, grabbing J.R arm with the other hand, holding the mic to his mouth, speaking for the first time since returning.


Kane releases his grip on J.R, and walks around the ring, as Jim chokes a little, before mustering a few words.

Jim Ross: D- do you mean … do you mean to say that you knew Eugene … was a lie from the beginning??

Kane nods slowly, before taking the mic away from J.R, and shoves J.R down.

Kane: Thatsss …. Whyyyy … I … willl not stop … until … I … getttt … myyyy REVENGE!!!!

Kane slams the mic down, and leaves the ring, as J.R watches, trying to catch his breath. Kane paces up the ramp, and behind the curtain.

We return to the parking lot now, and see a limo arrive, with The Brotherhood quickly circling it, holding their weapons if it’s a SD arrival. Mack opens the door, as Jordan prepares to swing his pipe … when he realises who is getting out. Immediately, he drops pipe, and puts his hands behind his back, bowing, AS MISTER MC MAHON STEPS OUT!!!

McMahon looks around, looking disgusted with the Brotherhood swarming his limo. Long tries to apologise, but McMahon blows him off, before stopping, turning around, and telling Theodore if anything like that ever happens again, he’ll have two harsh words for his entire group. Long gets the message, and apologises, as McMahon proceeds into the building, passing the dozens of security on site.


2nd Match:
The Heart Throbs vs. Road kill & Danny Doring
Surprised that these four get a match with each other anywhere other than Heat?? Don’t be, Antonio and Danny manage to get into a lock up, before JOHN CENA hit’s the ring, arms with a steel chain, knocking out Antonio, Doring, Romeo and Roadkill with the weapon, before delivering an FU to the referee!!!
Winners: No Contest @ 00:10

Cena walks around the ring, ready to blow a gasket, as he calls for a mic, being given it.

John Cena: I know you’re here Orton. Show your God damn face.

Fans pop, wanting to see Cena and Orton get it on.

John Cena: Don’t make me wait any longer than I have to Orton. I’ve waited long enough, and you’ve had long enough to hide. Be a man damn it!!!

Cena waits for a moment, when …

**I’M BACK** Eric Bischoff shuffles out onto the stage, quickly wanting his music cut.

Eric Bischoff: John, I don’t need this.

John Cena: I don’t give a crap what you do and don’t need Eric. Orton is here, and he needs to be taught.

Eric Bischoff: But he isn’t John. Randy Orton is nowhere to be seen. N-

John Cena: I’m not buying that Bischoff. Not for a damn second.

Eric Bischoff: Well I’m not selling it Cena. That’s how it is. Randy Orton is a no show, and I don’t need you creating chaos. Not tonight. Not with all my attention needing to be on Smackdown infiltrating my show. I don’t need you diverting my attention from that. Now, stop thinking about yourself, and start being part of the team.

John Cena: There is no team Eric. I understand how much Clash of the Champions means to you, but right now, the only thing I want is a piece of Randy Orton.


Fans boo, as Cena grows frustrated in the ring.

Eric Bischoff: Now Cena, you leave me absolutely no choice whatsoever. Officers … arrest that man.

The security slowly get into the ring, as Cena tries to fight them off, doing well at first, but in time, there are too many for him, and the dozen security guards eventually restrain, and cuff Cena, as Bischoff shakes his head in disgust, before walking off, as we see Cena begin dragged up the ramp, as we head backstage…

Eric walks through the back, and comes face to face with an angry looking Mr. McMahon.

Mr. McMahon: What’s going on Eric?? Everywhere I look, there is security, Raw superstars armed with weapons, everyone on edge, hell, The Brotherhood nearly took my head off with a pipe when I arrived!!!

Eric Bischoff: Didn’t you see Judgment Day last night Mister McMahon??

Mr. McMahon: Of course I saw it. And I saw the stunt you pulled too. Extremely low Eric … but I liked it.

Both men smile, as McMahon pipes up again, with his smile fading.

Mr. McMahon: But if this gets out of hand … I’m holding you responsible. Oh, and Eric, all this extra security … it’s coming out of your pay packet.

McMahon smiles, and pats Eric on the back, as Eric rolls his eyes, with Vince walking off.

Back in the arena…

**COOL** Carlito, along with Stacy enters the arena, ahead of the KOTR tournament match.

Jim Ross: The drama just doesn’t stop folks. When we come back, Carlito faces Garrison Cade in a King of the Ring tournament match up. It’s Carlito and Cade, when we come back.


Carlito vs. Garrison Cade
Both Kiebler and Ric Flair are sent to the back during unlimited, as the match is joined in progress. It’s yet another short match, with the focus being on talking this evening, rather than in ring wrestling. Basic stuff throughout, with Carlito coming close with the Backcracker, but as he goes for the Apple Core, Cade fights free, and catches CCC with a Scrapbuster slam, abruptly ending the match, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: Garrison Cade @ 05:03

Cade takes the fans and commentators alike by surprise, scoring a clean win, which continues the losing streak for Carlito, and keeps Cades heel momentum going, as he progresses to the Quarter Finals of the KOTR.

Backstage, Kelly Kelly is with Lita.

Kelly Kelly: Lita. Later tonight, you face Jillian Hall for the womens title. Does that title shot make it worth costing Trish Stratus the title at Backlash??

Lita smiles at Kelly, with Kelly looking uncomfortable, but smiling back. Lita begins to play with Kellys hair a little, then pulls it hard, bringing Kelly onto her knees.

Lita: How dare you talk to the greatest womens competitor of all time in that tone. Stay on your knees!!! That’s where you belong … slut.

Lita slaps Kelly, before storming off, leaving Kelly to hold her face, feeling the effect of the slap.

Back into the arena…

**NO CHANCE** Mister McMahon enters the arena, to a mixed response, as J.R speaks.

Jim Ross: Well, after the break, we are gonna hear from the Chairman of the board, and we’ll hear his choice match for the Clash of the Champions on June 4th. Don’t dare go away!!!


We return, right at the top of the second hour, with McMahon walking around the ring, before he speaks.

Mr. McMahon: Well, everyone knows what time it is. Everybody knows why I’m standing here, so lets get to business.

McMahon proudly walks around the ring, before speaking again.

Mr. McMahon: On June 4, Raw takes on Smackdown in the annual Clash of the Champions extravaganza, and one of the annual features on the card is the much anticipated ‘McMahons Choice’ match up.

Small pop.

Mr. McMahon: So recently, I’ve been sitting at home drawing up a list of potential match ups. And lets face it, with the wealth of talent on both Raw and Smackdown, there is an entire plethora of dream matches available to choose from.

Smugly, McMahon looks around, smiling.

Mr. McMahon: Matches, such as Smackdowns Triple H … (Heat for HHH) … to take on Raws John Cena (Pop for Cena)

{Pops for faces mentioned and heat for any heels mentioned, like above}

Mr. McMahon: How about The Legend Killer, Randy Orton … versus Smackdown legend, The Rock!!! I could have Olympic Gold Medallist, Kurt Angle … face Mister Money in the Bank, Edge!!! Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho … JBL and Brock Lesnar … many, many matches. But really, first off, I needed to decide on a type of match, before I chose my two hand picked competitors.

Pop from the fans, wanting a big gimmick match.

Mr. McMahon: Instantly, I ruled out the possibility of a steel cage match, the casket match and the I Quit Match, as we’ve seen all three in the past month. Streetfights are a dime a dozen, so lets rule that out too. There’s little point in a ladder match with nothing at stake, so scratch that too.

Heat from the fans, ruling out a few popular match choices.

Mr. McMahon: Lets not get carried away here. We’ve still got … last man standing … stretcher match … an iron man match, falls count anywhere, strap match, chain match, hell, even a dumpster match is there. And if we are really wanting to have a bit of fun, lets not rule out a blindfold match!!!

Few laughs, and a few boos, wanting a decent match.

Mr. McMahon: It’s been an extremely hard decision to make, but, I’ve m-

**H-B-K** Shawn Michaels quickly walks onto the stage, and straight down the ramp, not playing to fans or even slapping hands. In the ring, McMahon looks slightly puzzled, and a little angry, as HBK is given a mic, before stepping inside the ring. He stands inches from McMahon, biting his top lip, as McMahon calls for the music to stop.

Mr. McMahon: Shawn?? What exactly is the meaning of this??

HBK puts his head down, and points in McMahons direction.

Shawn Michaels: Vince … Vince I need a favour. And only you can give me it.

McMahon tilts his head slightly, and looks a little perplexed.

Mr. McMahon: You just called me Vince. I’ll let it slide this time, because you look a little agitated Shawn. Unfortunately, I cant give you what you want.

Heat from the fans.

Mr. McMahon: You know, as well as I do Shawn, that Clash of the Champions is strictly Raw versus Smackdown. I cant make matches between Raw talent on a show like that. It just wouldn-

Shawn Michaels: No. No, you don’t get it. I don’t want Garrison Cade at Clash of the Champions. Cade can wait. No, something Christian said earlier hit a nerve. You remember Clash of the Champions last September, right??

Mr. McMahon: Absolutely. Arguably the event of the year.

Shawn Michaels: And, do you remember good ‘ol HBK, giving it all for sixty minutes??

Vince nods

Shawn Michaels: Do you remember The Showstoppa nearly donating his Ankle??

Vince slowly nods, coming to the realisation of what he’s getting at.

Shawn Michaels: And do you remember the man who nearly took my ankle from me??

Vince nods again, mouthing Kurt Angle.

Shawn Michaels: That’s right. Vince, I’m not asking, I’m begging you. Give me Kurt Angle at the Clash of the Champions.

MASSIVE pop, with Michaels asking for one of last years MOTY contenders. Vince takes in the reaction, and seems impressed.

Shawn Michaels: I let my team down last year, by tapping out, thus giving Smackdown another win. Let me make it up to that Raw locker room this time around. Whatever type of match, I’ll take it. I just want Angle, one time.

McMahon thinks for a moment, before shaking Michaels hand.

Mr. McMahon: You’re on. Shawn Michaels versus Kurt Angle, the rematch, Sunday, June 4, Clash of the Champions, McMahons Choice Match, THAT’S OFFICIAL!!!

Fans pop, with even HBK showing happiness.

Mr. McMahon: No fancy gimmicks, no special stipulations, one on one, may the best man win!!! Shawn, you’ve got your wish, you’re excused.

HBK nods, happy enough to have his match, and leaves the ring, slapping hands with fans on his way up the ramp.

Mr. McMahon: Now, just because the McMahons choice match doesn’t have the fancy gimmick … doesn’t mean I cant jazz up another match elsewhere.

Fans pop.

Mr. McMahon: Because, I’ve just had an epiphany. Instead of the traditional ten man tag match this year … Vincent Kennedy McMahon brings to you in it’s place … Five Raw superstars … five Smackdown superstars … WAR GAMES!!!!

MAJOR POP with War Games set to return after it was reincarnated at the Survivor Series six months ago.

Mr. McMahon: And on that bombshell … I bid you all goodnight.

McMahon drops the mic, leaving the fans with two major announcements, with J.R and Coach in hysterics over those two huge match ups.

Backstage, we see Rey Mysterio warming up, ahead of the upcoming match…


4th Match:
Brock Lesnar & Edge vs. Rey Mysterio & Mr. Kennedy
Kennedy is last to come to the ring, being the hometown boy, getting a massive response, especially during his ring introduction, making a point of mentioning GREEN BAY. The match itself delivers, getting a little longer to develop and tell a story unlike everything else on the show tonight. Despite tension, Edge and Lesnar work efficiently together, and wear down Mysterio for a period of time, before a mix up, where Lesnar accidentally clotheslines Edge, allows Kennedy to get the hot tag, much to the delight of the fans.

Kennedy is on fire, and has the fans eating out of the palm of his hand, taking Edge out of the ring before taking it to Lesnar!!! It looks like Kennedy and Rey will pick up a fairly unlikely win, as Mysterio scores with the 619, and Kennedy connects with the Kenton Bomb, but as he waits for Rey to Drop the Dime, Edge pushes Mysterio off the ropes, and into the barricade!!! Edge gets inside the ring, with the briefcase, and swings at Kennedy … BUT MISSES … AND NAILS LESNAR INSTEAD RIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES!!! Edge stands still for a moment, in shock, before Kennedy dumps him over the top rope, to the floor, and sees Lesnar flat out, deciding to make the cover, 1...2...3!!!!!
Winners: Mister Kennedy & Rey Mysterio @ 12:57

In his hometown, Kennedy picks up the unlikely win, to a tremendous response, whilst Edge quickly gets out of dodge, fearing the worst once Lesnar wakes up. Kennedy goes through his post match routine, announcing himself the winner, getting another cheap home town pop, and soaks up the reaction with Mysterio, whilst Lesnar slowly rolls out of the ring, furious, realising what just went down. Kennedy and Rey though, continue to celebrate as we go to another commercial.


Again, we come to the parking lot, and see The Brotherhood waiting around, expecting some Smackdown presence at some point. We then see the strange man that debuted last week … Armando Alejandro Estrada.

Estrada taps Long on the shoulder, with Long spinning around, almost in fear, thinking it was a SD invader.

Theodore Long: What the hell are you doin playa?? Sneakin up on me like dat. Not cool cracka.

Estrada puts his hands up in apology, sporting his grin.

Armando Estrada: My deepest … how ju say … apologise??

Theodore Long: I feel ya playa.

Estrada hands Long a big cigar, placing it with him, and patting his shoulder.

Armado Estrada: My gift to ju. Authentic Cooban.

Long sniffs the cigar, and seems impressed.

Armando Estrada: Now, let me introduse myself … my name ees Arrrmando … Alejandrrro … Essssstrrrrrada. And I … have a proposition … ha ha, to ju.

Long immediately shakes his head.

Theodore Long: No sell playa. Not interested. Just get tha steppin.

Estrada ignores the request and laughs it off.

Armando Estrada: No, no, no. Ju like this.

Mark Henry now places his hand on the shoulder of Estrada, with Armando turning around, gulping at the sight of Henry.

Mark Henry: You heard the man. MOVE!!!

Henry pushes Armando away, with Estrada looking disgruntled. He dusts himself down, before pointing at the group.

Armando Estrada: Ju’re all going to regret this. I remember.

Estrada takes a cigar out, and symbolically snaps it in half, pointing again, before walking off.

5th Match: Womens Championship Match:
Jillian Hall vs. Lita
Weird match, with both women playing full heels, and neither even attempts to be the face. Another short match on a bad show for in ring wrestling, as they fail to light any chemistry, with no face to play off. Trish Stratus though comes down the ramp during the match, which throws off Litas mind set, and she begins to have a war of words with Trish, and as Trish tries to jump on the apron, Lita moves away, but walks right into Hall, and her deadly STO!!! Hall covers, 1...2...3!!!
Winner: And still Womens Champion - Jillian Hall @ 02:44

Immediately, Trish gets into the ring, and pounds Lita, finally getting her hands on the woman who cost her the title at Backlash. Hall tries to pull Trish away from Lita, but gets elbowed away for her troubles, which angers Jillian, and results in a fight between Trish and Hall, with Lita then getting involved, knocking down Jillian, wanting Trish to herself. Now, the three battle it out, with no one taking any sides at all. Eventually, Trish Chick Kicks Jillian out of the ring, and goes for Lita, but Lita dodges the bullet, and slides out of the ring. The two exchange words, as Lita backs up the ramp, and we see Jillian pick herself up, and the title, holding her mouth.

We now head backstage, and see Eric Bischoff looking pale, ever worried about an incoming Smackdown attack. Just as he starts to make a phone call, he stops himself, and quickly races to Brock Lesnar.

Eric Bischoff: BROCK!!! Wait up!!!

Eric catches up, as Lesnar looks ready to explode.

Brock Lesnar: Did you see what happened?? That was on purpose Eric. Edge nailed me on purpose.

Eric takes a breath, and holds his hands up, trying to calm Brock.

Eric Bischoff: Brock, I don’t need this right now. I’ve got 101 things to deal with, and an ego clash is one thing I don’t want, especially between two of my main weapons to take down Smackdown.

Brock Lesnar: No Eric. I’m not siding with Edge anymore. You can forget it. I want Edge, in that ring, not as a team mate, but as a crash test dummy.

Eric puts his hands on his face, losing his cool.

Eric Bischoff: Listen, I cant deal with this right now Brock. Please, go home early. Everything is taken care of here. Let me sort out the issue with Edge next week. Please Brock.

Lesnar starts to get anxious, before speaking.

Brock Lesnar: Just this once. Think of yourself as a very lucky man Eric. But I want this fixed … immediately.

Eric nods, as Lesnar storms off, with Bischoff taking a deep breath, having dodged another bullet tonight.


We return, backstage with Marc Lloyd standing by, along with Intercontinental Champion, Shelton Benjamin.

Marc Lloyd: Shelton Benjamin, what a roll you’ve been on since the draft lottery just over a month ago. You’ve adapted superbly to life as a singles wrestler, becoming the Intercontinental Champion at Backlash. In just a few moments you face Finlay in a King of the Ring qualifying match. Should you reach the finals of the King of the Ring, you’ll be pulling double duty at the Clash of the Champions, because as holder of the Intercontinental Title you face the United States Champion already, and that man, controversially is your former tag team partner, Charlie Haas. Your thoughts??

Shelton ponders for a moment, and rubs his chin, before responding.

Shelton Benjamin: Right now Marc, I’m on top of the world. Intercontinental Title around my waist, participant in the first King of the Ring tournament in four years, it doesn’t get much better. I have absolutely no problem with pulling double duty at the Clash. If it were up to me, I’d pull double duty EVERY NIGHT, hell, triple duty. You know why?? Because I love to wrestle Marc. I love to compete. As for Charlie Haas?? It’ll be an honour to wrestle my former tag team partner. But right now, I’ve got other things on my mind, like going out to that ring, and having the best match of the night. S-

Finlay now barges into the picture, squaring up to Benjamin, and slaps Shelton straight across the face.

Finlay: If you were serious about loving to compete … you wouldn’t be standing here yappin, and puttin off the inevitable.

Benjamin stands for a moment, before replying back, slapping Finlay across the face.

Shelton Benjamin: Then what are we standing here for??

Benjamin walks off, as Finlay watches on, nodding, as their match is set to come up.

Back into the arena…

**AINT NO STOPPIN ME NOW** After a few moments, Benjamin jogs through the curtain, to a good ovation from the fans.

Jim Ross: Well next week folks, it’ll be King of the Ring Quarter finals, with the winner of this match facing Garrison Cade, along with Ken Kennedy facing Nick Dinsmore, who is set to be cleared to compete following the ugly choke slam he suffered on the stage last week, at the hands of Kane.

The Coach: We’re getting down to the wire already J.R, we’ll be down to four Raw superstars in the tournament by tonight, and whoever comes through this match has just a good a chance as anyone.

**LOVE TO FIGHT** Finlay, focused as ever, steps out onto the stage, carrying his ever present shillelagh ahead of his first real competitive match on Raw.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Finlay
Longer match than most tonight, but hardly a PPV length match. The two styles mesh fairly well, with Benjamin soaring early on, before Finlays methodical style begins to take over, as we go into a commercial. Following that, Benjamin is caught in a chin lock, and feeds off the fans support to fight free, and he speeds up the pace again, with Finlay unable to live with the speed of Shelton, as the IC Champ comes close on a few occasions with near falls, as The Irishman barely clings on in the match up with Shelton in the ascendancy. Finlay though blocks the T-Bone, and eventually is able to hit his Celtic Cross!!! Finlay covers, 1...2...FOOT ON THE ROPE!!! Finlay is irate with the call, believing he had three before the foot came onto the rope, and he shoves the referee down. Finlay then picks up his Shillelagh, and makes no mistake of his target, striking the weapon across the head of Benjamin, right in front of a recovering referee, who instantly calls for the bell.
Winner: Via DQ - Shelton Benjamin @ 11:09

Benjamin progresses to next weeks round, whilst Finlay doesn’t look incredibly distraught. He looks angry at being caught by the referee, but strikes the already downed Benjamin with the weapon, before nailing the referee with it in the mid section. The Irishman takes a look around the ring, and the mess he has left, with an emotionless look on his face, before he leaves the ring.

We see the security all begin to leave now too, as the end of the show approaches, with Smackdown not making any appearances tonight, whilst two other officials run to the ring, and tend to Benjamin and the referee.

Jim Ross: What an incredibly sour note to end this weeks edition of Raw. Finlay completely lost his cool, when he couldn’t keep Benjamin down for the count of three. Call that sportsmanship?? La-

**BURN IN MY LIGHT** To the shock of everyone, especially J.R and Coach, who were set to sign off. Orton, suited up, passes the security as they leave for the night, with this unscheduled appearance now, with Orton having been presumed as a no show for tonight.

Jim Ross: Well, this is not an expected or scheduled appearance. Randy Orton was deemed AWOL this evening folks. We’re gonna take a short commercial break, and we’ll hear what The Legend Killer has to say, next.


We return, with Randy Orton soaking up the heat from the fans, with a cocky grin.

Randy Orton: So I guess I’m off the Christmas card list, huh??

Orton leans on the ropes, smiling again, as the fans get on his back.

Randy Orton: To be honest-

Orton is stopped, as the fans throw him off with an ‘Randy sucks’ chant.

Randy Orton: To be honest, I never wanted to be on the Christmas card list anyway. I never asked for the support of you people. I never even wanted it.

More heat.

Randy Orton: All I’ve ever wanted, my one desire is to hold the World Heavyweight Championship … it’s been my goal for the last damn year since I lost it at WrestleMania 21.

Randy takes a few steps around the ring, thinking, before he speaks again.

Randy Orton: I guess this is where I explain why I’ve been acting the way I have lately, isn’t it??

Orton looks for a response, before smirking again.

Randy Orton: Well, it’s pretty simple. Simple enough for even the dumbest of you to understand.

Little bit of cheap heat for Ortons pathetic comment. Orton now gets serious.

Randy Orton: John Cena. You took away the one thing in my life that means something to me. You took it away from me a year ago, and two months ago, you kept it away from me.

Pop from the fans.

Randy Orton: Cena, you ruined my plan. You killed my dream. I’ve had countless sleepless nights since WrestleMania, thinking, and wondering what might’ve been … what should’ve been.

Orton takes a moment again, before speaking once more.

Randy Orton: And since that night, you’ve lit a fire up my ass I never thought was possible. As much as I thought I wanted it then, words cant imagine how desperate I am to capture the title again.

Boos, and a few heckles at Orton.

Randy Orton: Originally, I wanted to make sure you kept the title John, until I got my rematch for it, so I could have the pleasure of finally beating you, and make you suffer the same heart break I’ve had to deal with for the past twelve months.

Asshole chants now fill the arena.


The arena is now quickly engulfed with heat for Randy.

Randy Orton: But my plan had to change. Eric Bischoff refused me my rematch. Eric Bischoff ruined my master plan. And yeah, I took my ball, and went home.


Randy Orton: That’s my problem, I’m too stubborn. I gave up any chance I had at a title match anytime soon, and I’ll confess … that was a mistake … it was a mistake, because I had to sit at home, and watch John Cena carry MY belt around with him.

Pop for Cena.

Randy Orton: And it ate me alive. My plan had to be altered, because I couldn’t live another day watching John Cena as Champion. As much as I wanted to be the one to take the title from him, I couldn’t bear it any longer. The way I saw it … the way I see it … if I cant be the World Champion … then neither can John Cena.

Fans respond with more heat for Orton.

Randy Orton: That’s why I screwed John Cena at Backlash, and I’ll keep doing it, and keep doing it until I’m World Heavyweight Champion. John Cena, this goes beyond the World Title now … I want you gone. Like I said before, I’m transforming from the Legend Killer … into the Career killer.

Heat, as Orton stares deep into the camera.

Randy Orton: And I’m starting with yours.

Orton chucks the mic away, as the fans reactions fill the arena again, sharply though, moving from disdain to Orton, suddenly into wild cheers … AS JOHN CENA COMES THROUGH THE CROWD!!!!

Cena slides into the ring, with Orton lying in wait, and the two begin to exchange shots, back and forth, with Cena taking the Legend Killer down!!! Cena mounts and begins to pound away at the head of Orton relentlessly as the fans go batshit.

THEN - SMACKDOWN HIT’S THE RING!!! With the security gone, Smackdown is able to invade freely, and we see The Cabinet firstly storm into the ring, quickly followed by Kurt Angle, Batista, Chris Masters and Charlie Haas.

Orton and Cena are quickly attacked, and have little chance to fight back with the sheer numbers too much to take. We then see the Raw locker room empty out, with Bischoff directing traffic.

The Raw stars are too many for the small Smackdown group to take, as Bischoff looks impressed, able to get one over on Smackdown. He takes a mic, whilst standing outside the ring, watching his roster tear Smackdown apart.

Eric Bischoff: Paul Heyman, you’ll have to try better than that to outsmart Eric Bischoff. This is a s-

Voice: Oh Eric??

Bischoffs eyes nearly pop out of his head, and he turns around, looking up at the titan tron, seeing Paul Heyman.

Paul Heyman: Hi Eric. Got to hand it to you, the extra security all night was a masterstroke, a touch of genius. Pure Bischoff gold. But like everything you’ve ever done Eric … it started well, and in theory should’ve worked … but you ruined it. You let your guard down for a split second, and whilst right now it looks like you’ve gotten the better of my Smackdown superstars, I don’t think you’re special team out here in the parking lot would agree…

The camera pans around, and we see The Brotherhood laid out, sprawling around on the ground.

Paul Heyman: Now Eric … now, it’s fun time. You’ve got about five seconds or so before you see MY Smackdown ROSTER come through your curtain, because you just left yourself wide open. You’re a sitting duck Eric. Check mate.

Heyman starts laughing hysterically, as we then see literally the entire Smackdown roster empty through the curtain, and charge to the ring, with the brawl officially on. The fight spills to the crowd and up the ramp with a number of superstars, whilst in the ring, Smackdown decimate Raw, with Bischoff going spare on the outside, watching his roster take a beating, as Raw goes off the air, with SD on top of Raw.



Current Card for WWE Clash of the Champions:
Date: 4th June 2006
Location: Kemper Arena, Kansas City, MO
Event Music: ???

WWE Champion vs. World Heavyweight Champion:
Chris Benoit vs. Christian

Intercontinental Champion vs. United States Champion:
Shelton Benjamin vs. Charlie Haas

WWE Tag Team Champions vs. World Tag Team Champions:
Spirit Squad vs. AFA

McMahons Choice Match:
Shawn Michaels vs. Kurt Angle

King of The Ring Final:
Smackdown Finalist vs. Raw Finalist

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Re: Being The Booker

I’ll get the proverbial ball rolling

I liked the opening segment with Bischoff building up heat with both the fans and the SmackDown brand. Christian’s small interaction was decent building up towards their match at COTC. I’ll be interested to see what you do with Benoit and how he responds as he isn’t really a talker…

The interaction between Edge/Lesnar was interesting as I see you building towards a feud with them later in the year. Edge will undoubtedly cash in the MITB and Lesnar will be one of the first to challenge him. I think this promo has laid the seeds for that feud.

CM Punk next week…very interested as to how you’ll push him.

Kane’s demonic promo built him up to be a monster and I won’t be surprised to see a major push coming for him. Maybe starting at COTC?

I thought that the Cena angle was something that has been used time and time again and not that fresh, as well as McMahon getting one over so to speak on Bischoff with the security statement.

I’m a fan of McMahon’s promos and you did this one well, giving it a sort of ‘Draft Lottery feel’ to it and the idea that anything can happen between the two brands. Two big bombshells during this. Michaels/Angle and War Games. Maybe quite sudden announcements but very important ones.

The seeds have been planted for the future feud with Edge/Lesnar losing.

Can’t wait to see what Estrada has in store for Henry…UMAGA perhaps???

Brilliant Orton promo and BRILLIANT ending. Guess that makes it 1-1? What will Bischoff do on SmackDown if anything? Hope you keep the feud going well between the two brands until COTC.

Card is looking solid so far.

Overall – 8/10. Promos were very solid but I felt that there were too many. The show seemed to drag on for me, and whilst it was dispersed with matches it still seemed very promo and storyline heavy. Some angles are advancing well and I for one am looking forward to seeing what you do with Edge/Lesnar and Bischoff/Heyman. Looking forward to the next show.
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Re: Being The Booker

Finally the King of BTB returns to BTB! Sorry to hear about what happened with your COTC, as I really was looking forward to seeing the event in full, especially the Main Event.

Bischoff's opening promo was done well, as he made some key points and was in character very much throughout it. Christian coming down and saying that this is not about Bischoff, but instead about Raw was done well. Christian versus Benoit is going to be good, though it's one match that I don't recall reading in many BTBs if any.

Won't really comment on the time length for the tag team match as really that is more than enough for these teams to have for a match. I must continually commend you on how well you have booked AFA, as it is the most unique tag team that I have ever read in any BTB. I see some slight tension between Edge and Brock, but I have a feeling cooler heads will prevail.

CM Punk is coming to Raw! Now that's whats up! Short segment with JR and Kane. Nice to see you acknowledge the history between the two men, as it makes the segment even more interesting. As for the Brotherhood nearly attacking Mr. McMahon, it seems while the move might cost them in the future, they (The Brotherhood) are ready for Smackdown!

Well as you mentioned in the match summary, I had a feeling that the match was not really going to get much time, as those four really don't belong on Raw. Cena coming out was expected, as was Bischoff having security coming down to have Cena thrown out the arena. However nice segment with Mr. McMahon and Bischoff and McMahon letting Bischoff know the extra security cost was coming out his pocket.

Not surprised to see Cade win the KOTR tournament match as he seems to be in line for a big push as part of the New Horsemen, and Carlito seems to be continuing his losing ways. Could this be a sign of Carlito possibly changing back into a heel?

To be honest, I had somewhat of a feeling that Michaels versus Angle was going to McMahon's choice, as neither man would be involved in a big match at the show, and with the classic match you written between them at last year's event, I'm sure this one will be right up there with it in terms of quality. As for the announcement of the main event being War Games, this is going to be huge. I know you said that you're most likely are going to be writing the event in recap form, but if you were to write this match in full, this can without a doubt, be a possible Match of the Year Contender for BTB.

Confusion seems to build between Edge and Brock as Kennedy and Rey pick up the win. As for the segment with Estrada and the Brotherhood, I see a possible feud with the two.

The Women's Championship match was good yet like most of the matches on this card tonight, have been quite short. Seems like a brief feud will continue between Lita, Trish, and the champ, Jillian.

Nice promo from Benjamin, as he looks to be going in a new direction as the NEW Intercontinental Champion. Surprised also to see him pick up a win over Finlay in a tournament match, since I know you're a fan of the fighting Irishman, Finlay.

Orton coming out in the end for his segment was done well, as well was Cena coming out as well. But the end segment was excellent, and saved this show from just average. Smackdown and Heyman once again causing mayhem and problems for Raw is doing great for the feud. However though I feel that this might be the year that Raw finally wins at COTC.

Overall this show was good, but I have read much better from you. I understand this is your first show posted in over a month, so I'm sure by the time COTC rolls around, I'm sure you'll be back to normal with the shows. Looking forward to Smackdown.

[U]KOM has returned to BTB with WWE 2007: The Legacy and Aftermath of WrestleMania!

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Re: Being The Booker

WWE Champion vs. World Heavyweight Champion:
Chris Benoit vs. Christian

Intercontinental Champion vs. United States Champion:
Shelton Benjamin vs. Charlie Haas

WWE Tag Team Champions vs. World Tag Team Champions:
Spirit Squad vs. AFA

McMahons Choice Match:
Shawn Michaels vs. Kurt Angle

King of The Ring Final:
Smackdown Finalist vs. Raw Finalist

CM Punk is the best thing in wrestling today.
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Re: Being The Booker

Bischoff rubs in the attack from JD to Heyman, and I think we'll see Lesnar, Edge and HBK in the RAW team, although I cannot think who else will join them. Christian was as always cheekishly funny, and he seems all fired up ahead of his match with Chris Benoit, which should be awesome

AFA win an obvious match against the thrown together team of Conway & Snitsky. Ugh, AFA vs Spirit Squad on a PPV? Sounds like a weekly match at best IMO, hopefully it won't run for too long

Edge/Lesnar tension continues as they'll be teamed up again tonight. You can't help but think one of these guys is gonna damage RAW's chances at the COTC

Punk coming next week! Should be good

Kane wants revenge on Eugene, claiming he knew "Eugene" was a fraud all along. Interesting, I thought he was gonna snap and Chokeslam JR

Vince is here! I wonder why lol, Brotherhood looking like silly billy's

Cena runs into a shlock of a match, that doesn't even pass 10 seconds lol. Cena wants Orton, but is instead ARRESTED! Whoa, that's big. I wonder how long you plan to keep him off air with this angle, very interesting

Carlito continues to lose, and Cade advances in the KOTR? Hmm, I can't see Cade going all the way, but I see he's being moulded into a solid competitor in this thread

Wow, Lita is in a foul mood. Slapping Kelly, she won't beat Jillian, although I wish she would

McMahon tip toes around announcing his match, and HBK comes out! HBK comes right to the point, an Angle/HBK rematch and it's granted by the boss! Will this be the year that HBK wins it for RAW, to make up for last year's loss? And back to Vince, and WAR GAMES! Wow, that is massive. If it's anything like the one at Survivor Series you produced, it'll be thoroughly worth it!

Kennedy gets the pin on Lesnar after Edge has once again blasted him with the briefcase! These two cannot seem to co-exist and stay out of each other's way in tag matches! Big win as said above for Kennedy and Rey

Armando doesn't even get to announce his proposition, I think this is were Umaga destroys the Brotherhood's Mark Henry coming in the next few weeks, becauyse Armando won't forget as he said

Trish runs down and distracts Lita for Jillian to win another sloppy match on RAW, and the Trish/Lita feud continues here

Shelton is never gonna be anything special on the mic, so thankfully, this was just a run of the mill promo which seemed as good as Shelton can be. Finlay makes a hint for Shelton to hurry up, and Shelton returns it

Shelton goes through via a DQ, which I was kinda hoping Finlay would go thru so Shelton isn't hit with double duty, though I doubt he'll win next round, but owell, Finlay snaps and Shelton advances, fair enough but I dunno what Finlay can do now

ORTON IS HERE! What a good promo from Randy, and he's turning career options slightly, into the "Career Killer". Fair enough, and SmackDown! now invades! RAW hits back and the sheer numbers drive the SD! bunch away, but it's all hotting up now and the Brotherhood are laid out, and now SD! totally invade and RAW is getting done in! Nuts way to end a good show promo wise, but horrible match wise

8/10. As always, good stuff Wolf.


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Re: Being The Booker

WWE Champion vs. World Heavyweight Champion:
Chris Benoit vs. Christian

Intercontinental Champion vs. United States Champion:
Shelton Benjamin vs. Charlie Haas

WWE Tag Team Champions vs. World Tag Team Champions:
Spirit Squad vs. AFA
McMahons Choice Match:
Shawn Michaels vs. Kurt Angle

King of The Ring Final:
Smackdown Finalist vs. Raw Finalist

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Re: Being The Booker News and Notes:

WWE Chairman, Vince McMahon has today confirmed that the company has come to terms with the signing of free agent, Sabu. The move came after weeks of the former ECW Champion infiltrating the company, and with increased pressure from fans to sign the star, especially after this past Sundays Judgment Day Pay Per View, where they were given a glimpse of what the star has to offer. Sabu will report immediately to the Smackdown brand, under his former boss, Paul Heyman.

Meanwhile, after this past weeks events, Mr. McMahon has also stated that NO surprise appearances or attacks will be tolerated in the final two and a half weeks before Clash of the Champions. The decision was made after Raw invaded Smackdowns Pay Per View on Sunday, and Smackdown retaliated this past Monday on Raw. It is unknown how the two brands will co-exist on May 27th at the joint production of Saturday Nights Main Event. Any Raw appearances on Smackdown, and vice versa will be approved by Mr. McMahon before any appearance will be allowed.


Smackdown Preview:

Following his brands retaliation on Raw this past Monday, Paul Heyman can rest easy, after Mr. McMahon declared this past week that no Raw superstar of alumni will be allowed to show up at Smackdown, unless previously approved by the Chairman.

The General Manager will be naming his five man squad this week to head into only the second ever WWE promoted War Games match. With top calibre superstars yet to be involved in the Clash of the Champions, The General Manager wont be short of possible candidates.

Meanwhile, the King of the Ring Smackdown half of the tournament finally kicks off tonight, with all four first round matches taking centre stage on this weeks show. Rob Van Dam, who will now be looking over his shoulder for the presence of old foe Sabu, faces Batista, Paul London, fresh off the biggest win of his career on Sunday, takes on the 20 year old Kenny of the Spirit Squad, Brent Albright tackles Chris Masters, and in a rematch from Judgment Day, Matt Hardy will be looking to avenge his title loss to the new United States Champion, Charlie Haas.

Following the shocking events of this past Sunday, where not only was Chris Jericho victorious against The Undertaker, he then, along with Paul Bearer, loaded The Undertaker into the Lake Michigan, whilst The Phenom was locked in the Casket. Did Jericho finish off The Undertaker once and for all?? Y2J will host the Highlight Reel on Smackdown, in a special celebration, with Paul Bearer a special guest.

And to top off what promises to be an action packed night, WWE Champion, Chris Benoit, will team up with The Rock as they collide with their opponents from Judgment Day, Kurt Angle, and the self proclaimed Wrestling God, JBL. After the events of this past week, will those events make a difference in this enormous tag team battle this Thursday??


Smackdown will be posted tomorrow.
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Re: Being The Booker

SD! looks good Wolf.

I can see The Rock, JBL, Batista, London and Trips completing Team SD! at this point in time, but you never know as Matt Hardy could sneak in there too.

A stacked show, more matches and of better quality than the ones RAW had to offer, so all in all, looking forward to it.


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Re: Being The Booker

The SD preview looks great.

I can see Triple H, Jericho, The Rock and maybe JBL completing the Smackdown side. This should be better than what RAW has to offer.

The King of the Ring match-ups look great. RVD vs. Batista will be the best of the first round. I will be reading Smackdown when you post it.


PatMan Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2007

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