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Re: Being The Booker

What I love about Judgement Day is the results. Paul London defeating Triple H was brilliant. He was a great cruiserweight champion, but he better be competing with the big boys now. Paul London has always come so close to defeating Triple H in the past, and here he is able to do so.

JBL beating The Rock would cause me to riot, but JBL is going to take The Rock's place since I remember you said Rocky was going back to Hollywood. Good way to elevate JBL into the main event.

Charlie Haas winning was just as good. Finally, someone who gives Haas some credit as a singles wresetler. Hopefully, his title run is not as short as Matt Hardy's.

Benoit and Angle is your favorite match to write, surprised to see you did not write it. 2006 continues to be the year of Benoit, but the year of nitemare for Angle. I like it.

I cannot wait for Clash of the Champions, and I like that it is in June because it was too close to Survivor Series, which almost has the same concept. Raw vs. Smackdown!
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Re: Being The Booker

Judgement Day Review

Very fast exciting match to start off the show with the Mexicools stealing the victory with Psychosis taking the bullet off the mist and Juventud rolling Tajiri up holding onto tights for win. Good way to continue off the Sabu/RVD feud with Sabu walking out of the match with Alfonso wanting to be paid the right money.

Shock here as Charlie Haas wins the US Title, good to see him with the belt as i would rather him than Hardy with it and was very disapointed that JBL lost the title to Hardy at WM after the opponents JBL had beaten but i suppose now it is a good omen. Interesting KOTR brackets and i believe the favourite out of them is RVD, but then again you have given Paul London a big push recently so he could shock everyone. Great match here just like their WM match and Jericho gets his revenge beating Taker thanks to Bearer and interesting aftermath with Jericho driving away with the casket.

Ugh Spirit Squad are tag team champions but i suppose they were the best choice to win as there are not many other tag teams who could take belt. HOLY SHIT LONDON BEATS HHH! Am loving that result as you would never see that happen in real life, but i expect HHH to get his revenge someway.

JBL beats the Rock here which am not too suprised about as Rock is going back to Hollywood in the near future in this thread, expect this rivalry to last a little longer before he leaves. Fantastic main event here with Benoit getting revenge for Kurt beating him at Nemesis i think. Great aftermath starting the build up to the Clash of the Champions PPV which is going to be great.

Overall it is a shame that this wasn't written in full as this PPV looked fantastic with some shock results and great matches 90/100
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Re: Being The Booker

Hey Wolfy, nice to see another top quality PPV albeit in recap form. Looks to be a really strong card on paper.

Good win that helps to establish the Mexicools as a big faction on Smackdown over 3 rivals including the champ. Will the storyline with Chavo continue after this, seeing as though he abandoned Kid Kash and wouldnt be part of the team.

Nice to see another Saturday Night's Main Event, it will be hard to top the last one!

Hehe, brilliant JBL arrival there before we get an extreme encounter. Or at least it would have been were it not for the walkout by Sabu. Almost a bait and switch here, but it does help to keep interest in the fued for what i am sure will last all through the summer. RVD surely has to go over strong eventually?

A genuinely suprising win for Haas here seeing as though Hardy only won it at Wrestlemania. Match of the night so far without a doubt as it was no foregone conclusion as to who would claim the title. All this sets up a potentially explosive meeting between the Intercontinental Champ Shelton Benjamin and the new US Champ Charlie Haas at the next PPV.

Up next is the match i was most looking forward to and in my opinion the best match at Wrestlemania. Shades of the boiler room brawl as Bearer turns on the Undertaker to give Y2J a huge win. Jericho doesnt seem happy with just winning the match however and pretty much kidnaps the deadman. I love the new heel crazy Jericho, he has to be next in line to challenge Benoit!

The Jerich-cam is a nice touch. What a huge huge upset there for the Spirit Squad over AMW. Since their debut i think they have lost twice on PPV in about 2 years so this result is a shock. In a way I am glad as it will freshen things up for the tag team division and should allow for new feuds. Its just a shame you chose the Spirit Squad to do it with(!)

If that last match was a shock, this is a Hereford beating Newcastle in the FA Cup moment. Biggest win of Paul Londons life and it took place in a great match. This must propel him into the upper card now and away from the crusierweight division. You have done a brilliant job in steadily building him up to almost main even level as it was only a year ago he was opening Judgement day. However what next for the game. Triple H has been treading water for months now and is in need of a boost.

Dramatic scenes with Undertaker and Jericho. However as we all know the Undertake is Indestructable so he will have survived and i am in no doubt will come gunning for Y2J.

The Upsets keep on coming as JBL beats Rocky. However this one seemed to be on the cards as with The Rock leaving a new star needed to be put over. JBL has had an extremely dominant year and even though he needed the cabinet to help him i think this will put him as the number one heel on Smackdown. The Rock was coming off the Huge win at Mania and so this wont hurt him at all.

Strange occurance with The Brotherhood before Main Event time. This would be an awesome match fully written, i still remember the Nemesis epic. In the end Benoit wins as expected to signal his first title dfense on PPV. Kurt Angle , much like HHH, needs a big win as the two submission losses have severely dented his reputation.

In keeping with a night of suprises a shocking ending takes place as Raw invades. Again this sets up the next PPV Clash Of The Champions perfectly as the question is when will Smackdown retaliate?

This recap was better than most people full PPV's. This thread goes from strength to strength


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Re: Being The Booker

Has it been a while since I've visited this thread Wolfy. Great to see your still going strong with a modified, less time consuming format of shows. There is no need to write 100 page Pay-Per-Views as long as you do enough to get the storylines across and keep readers interested, you are doing that brilliantly. Already I'm hooked on the massive push you are giviing Paul London and his feud with Triple H. You do realise you called London Benoit once during the match. That's unacceptable, very unacceptable. Joking ofcourse.

Anyways man, good job and its been fun skipping through the last few pages of this ever so famous thread.
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Re: Being The Booker

A Brief Judgement Day Review For Review

First off, even though you are recapping these PPV's they are losing little of the impact of a full one. The matches are still working really nicely, and the booking is still superb.

The Mexicools winning the Six-Man tag match was nothing essential but it could mean that they move on to the tag division in earnest to pursue the titles. The next match sounded tasty to say the least, with you progressing this Sabu/Alfonso versus Van Dam feud very nicely. I wasn't really expecting a conclusion from this encounter, but I wasn't expecting Sabu to walk out either. It builds the heel personas of Sabu and Alfonso nicely. Obviously the WWE will give Sabu the money he wants and the feud with have a no doubt epic ending.

Wow, you stunned me next, Wolfy, with Charlie Haas picking up the United States title in his first SmackDown PPV. Personally I can say I'm very pleased by it, as Haas deserves an excellent singles push. All he needs now is a manager and he will go far.

Superb Casket Match that has the expected result to further Jericho's feud with Undertaker. With Jericho and Bearer taking 'Taker away, the Phenom will probably go missing for a while before returning to finally end it in a Last Ride or Hell In A Cell Match.

Stramge choice with the Spirit Squad winning the WWE Tag Team titles, but you obviously have your reasoning.

I knew it, I knew it. A lot of people didn't predict a victory for London, thinking that you simply could not have him go over Trips. But I saw the logic behind it and applaud your choice. Giving PL a decent push is brave work.

Woah, Jericho sends the Casket into a river? Insanity, but genius.

JBL picks up the win over The Rock in a very good booking decision as it is now Bradshaw's time to shine. Nice finish with JBL hitting the Clothesline From Hell in the middle of a People's Elbow. I expect JBL will be going after the WWE title fairly soon.

Great Main Event inside the Cage with Benoit continuing his new reign with a victory. The Raw invasion and subsequent brawl at the end took me completely by surprise. Lesnar coming through the ring was like something from a horror movie. Can't wait to see where this goes.

Great show, my friend, great show

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Re: Being The Booker

Deadman_014’s Judgment Day Review

Where do I begin, plan on making this one of my better reviews and after skimming I am very enticed to write up a review for you Wolfy, enjoy. Opening video was superb and very good. It went to all the main parts and I liked Y2J’s, JBL’s, and Angle/Benoit’s comebacks. Very good start which shows this will be a good recapped JD which is going to be very fun to read, I am sure. The Mexicools open up and steal one, I didn’t see any Chavo interference which was different as well. I liked this one as Juvi gets a big win screwing Taijiri really. Good start to the show really giving us an interesting show to look forward to. JBL arrives, etc, show is building towards the bigger parts as we go along.

Sabu vs. RVD is up next and it’s fast paced, RVD gets some moves on Sabu and both men get a good amount of action in… then Alfonso pulls him away? Ah, making them pay to get more of him, RVD I bet would pay his contract to get the match heh. Good stuff, I like the route this is going and such, will probably lead to SummerSlam encounter between the two. WrestleMania 23 buildup video, not a true one like you do, but good enough for now. Pretty interesting, I like the banner a lot, HHH the focus? Wonder why… can’t wait to see WM 23 if you get that far, just to see the quality of the show. Haas promises victory, etc, like all the heels wanting gold do. I think he might steal the belt tonight, not sure why, but might be another Wolfy surprise I think we’ve seen on your PPV’s lately.

Now Haas/Hardy went very interesting. Charlie went to new lows with the chair to the knee, etc, to get the Haas of Pain to be effective enough to help him. It ended up costing Matt the match, really good recap of the match, enjoyable. Haas in a way steals it, with weakening the knee already, I am surprised. Maybe Hardy will move onto bigger and better things already?? Ah, I see the KOTR brackets and it makes sense. I think Matt will make it far and just lost the US Title to be a big part of the tournament, truly Batista could also win, but I think he’s ‘too good’ to win the whole thing though who knows. Good brackets, much stronger it seems then the Raw ones. Now ‘Taker/Jericho takes a whole new turn… Bearer comes back and he is seen towards the end… hugging Jericho? Wow, that really is a turn. Surprised to see his face at all, big swift thing to happen there which shows Bearer going to Y2J’s side and Y2J has to do a helluva lot more with the lionsaults and urn shots to finally put him away. Very nice description Duane. I wonder what’s up with them taking him away in the casket?

It seems to be turning into a heel PPV, with the finish of Sabu/RVD, opener with the heel steal, Jericho’s match ending, and Haas/Hardy, no face wins yet, that’s different. AMW lose due to overwhelming odds of 5 to 2 hurting them and beating them, another heel win which is a big surprise to me once more, new champion number two so far tonight. We get a glimpse of Y2J/Bearer’s alliance the answer to the question ‘why’ would make me happy about now, hehe, and what’s going to happen with ‘Taker? Paul London vs. HHH was another big shock to me, London STEALS ONE OVER HHH! HHH really takes a hit from his after WM losses and now a big PPV loss, putting London over big time in the process of what was a really intriguing contest. Lots of surprises, almost every finish has been a big swift difference compared to another. Your trying to shock us it seems now, it’s working I believe.

Jericho and Bearer together end up driving Undertaker into the lake as he’s locked inside the truck. This is the cue for an Undertaker two month leave to return for a SS bout most likely. This truly has been indifferent to all your other PPV’s I’ve seen results wise. JBL with help from Cabinet win the match against Rock, easily that was predictable to get JBL up and moving to the WHC Title scene, and soon a title match I’m sure. I think you’ve tried to compact a few too many things into the show as ‘shock value’ has dropped, you’re going to lead your readers into needing the big shocks for PPV’s soon and when it won’t have it, that’ll be bad me thinks. Though I really like this big shocks I don’t expect, really make the recapped PPV’s enjoyable. We see Raw superstars in the arena, The Brotherhood causes SD lockeroom to run em off, that won’t be good at the end of the show.

Anywho, we’re up to the main event. Best recap yet, lots of very good descriptive stuff in here which definitely shows that you enjoy doing this still. I am not shocked by the result, but the aftermath was good. Benoit retains, exactly what I thought would happen, but more Raw superstars come out with the SD lockeroom already done, War Games at COTC for sure is going to happen now by the looks of it. SD guys finally get out to save their guys, damage all done though and the show is up. Very solid PPV recap, there wasn’t much bad to say so this review probably won’t do much good, but I enjoyed doing it. Good job man, very surprising PPV, only suggestion from me is to not make this a regular thing as if you do… then when you can’t have a unpredictable PPV the readers will be disappointed.
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Re: Being The Booker

I am sorry for not reviewing the PPV, I will review your next show, but I wanted you to know that you are the person who inspired me to read BTB's and try one of my own. I have been all over the internet and I just wanted to say that this is by far the greatest BTB ever. Thank you for inspiring me to do my BTB and I bet there are other people here that was inspired by you. I will review your next show. Peace.
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Re: Being The Booker

Don't want to be a scrooge here, but by moving this thread up by replying when it is clearly not as active as it used to be merely pushes the other active ones down. Wolf Beast or no Wolf Beast, moderator or not, I hope he would agree with me that replies should be left until when the thread becomes active again.
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Re: Being The Booker

Yeah, I would agree with you Showstopper. Initially, it didnt really cross my mind, most likely because it was my own thread. Had it been someone elses thread, that thought would've been in my head. Having said that, at least Deadmans reply was a proper one, whilst 'I am not banneds' post wasnt needed, and most definately should've waited until the thread was fully active again. In fact, its the type of post that should be saved for rep or private messages.

Anyways, the thread will become active again come Monday. If there is anyone out there that is able to tweak a banner for me (cant request one for 5 weeks - but wouldnt make a request to tweak a banner anyway), send me a PM please .
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Re: Being The Booker

Okay, so the thread returns for the 153rd time.

Since it's been a while since a show was posted, I just want to bring any readers (and myself), back up to speed with the goings on in the thread, so I'll briefly recap things from Backlash to JD.

Before I start though, I just want to comment that I've suffered a number of problems from working on the Clash of the Champions PPV. Initially, I planned on doing it in full, but for whatever reason, I decided to save it on disk, and the disk vanished. Then, I started again, this time mostly in recap form, and boom, that disappeared somehow too. So I'll likely VERY briefly recap the event, as I've lost all energy into putting more effort into it.


WWE Backlash
30th April 2006
Location: Key Arena; Seattle, Washington
Event Music: Adreyu; Shameful

World Heavyweight Championship; Triple Threat Match:
John Cena vs. Christian vs. Brock Lesnar
Christian defeated Lesnar and Cena to become World Champion. Randy Orton interfered during the match, almost single handedly costing Cena victory.

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match:
Carlito vs. Shelton Benjamin
Shelton Benjamin defeated Carlito to end CCC title reign.

World Tag Team Championships Match: Fatal Four Way Match:

(Championships Vacant)
The A.F.A vs. Brotherhood vs. Booker T & Goldust vs. United Nations
The fan favourites, Rico and Ron Simmons (AFA) picked up the vacant titles, finally capturing championship gold.

WWE Womens Championship; 6 Diva Gauntlet Match:
Trish Stratus vs. Lita vs. Alexis Laree vs. Jazz vs. Jillian Hall vs. Molly Holly
Trish Stratus saw off Laree, Jazz, Molly and Lita, before a jealous Lita turned on her supposed friend, and cost Trish the title she had held for over six months, allowing the rookie, Jillian Hall to become champion.

I Quit Match for the Money in the Bank Contract:
Rey Mysterio vs. Edge
Edge became the new holder of the MITB briefcase, forcing Rey to quit by sickeningly threatening Mysterios son.

Grudge Match:
Shawn Michaels & Garrison Cade vs. Ric Flair & Nick Dinsmore
HBK and Cade were victorious, but after the match, Cade turned on his mentor, joining forces with Flair and Dinsmore, leaving Michaels a mess in the ring.

One on One:
Mr. Kennedy vs. Rob Conway
Mr. Kennedy won, beating the ego-maniacal opponent, showing an obvious gulf in class.

In ring return of a Monster:
Kane vs. Rhyno
Kane made a triumphant return to the ring, defeating The Man Beast in a hard hitting affair.


Raw; May 1st:

New World Champion Christian, and New MITB holder Edge had an in ring collision, with the two old foes, re-opening old wounds, as they bid to one up each other.

Finlay made his debut, making a quick impression with a victory.

John Cena looked for revenge on Randy Orton, but the Legend Killer was nowhere to be seen.

Rico lost in singles competition, due to a strange obsession from a group of paparrazi, with excessive flashing distracting Rico, costing him a win.

Nick Dinsmore defeated Shawn Michaels, thanks to Cade, who knocked out his former mentor with the ring bell. However, as a 3 on 1 beatdown ensued, KANE of all people came to Michaels aide, confusing many.

Christian, Tomko and Mysterio defeated Edge, Lesnar and Carlito in a 6 man tag, with the heel side unable to get along, eventually imploding, allowing the face trio to pick up the win.


Smackdown; May 4th:

It was pick your poison night for Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle. The Rock was Benoits selection to face Angle, but thanks to JBL, The Rock was beaten.

RVD issued a challenge to the un-signed Sabu for him to show up at Judgment Day.

The CW division banded together in order to put a halt to The Mexicools recent spate of attacks, and ran the trio off, much to their chagrin.

In a Casket Match, as a tune up for his JD altercation with Undertaker, Chris Jericho defeated Brent Albright. However, The Undertaker began playing mind games with Jericho, appearing from the Casket, moments after Albright had been loaded in.

Backstage, as the CW division was united, their appeared to be friction with Chavo Guerrero, with Chavo refusing the get involved.

Triple H is chosen by Kurt Angle to face Benoit, and thanks to interference from Angle, The Game defeated the WWE Champion, leaving Angle in control of Benoit.


Raw; May 8th:

Vince McMahon made a surprise appearance, and made a message clear to GM Eric Bischoff, for him to shape up, or ship out, wanting him to treat all Raw talent equally. Bischoffs response would be to reward Rey Mysterio with a World Title shot - tonight.

The 2006 King of the Ring tournament kicked off in earnest, with Mr. Kennedy eliminating The Con Man in a rematch from Backlash.

The tension continued to brew between Edge and Brock Lesnar, with the two sharing an uneasy meeting backstage, before teaming up again. This time though, the tandem worked, and thanks to interference from Randy Orton, defeating John Cena and Shelton Benjamin.

Carlito hosted his Cabana, and got the answers from Garrison Cade on why he turned his back on HBK. However, The Horsemen attacked Carlito, which brought out Kane for the second straight week to run the trio off.

Later in the night though, Kane would get his hands on Nick Dinsmore, following The Prodigys victory in the KOTR tournament, defeating Rhyno. Kane chokeslammed the helpless Dinsmore on the steel ramp, sending Dinsmore out of the arena in an ambulance.

A surprise appearance from Jerry Lawler resulted in a debut of a strange Cuban character, who went by the name of Armando Alejandro Estrada. Eventually, Lawler lost patience with the strange figure, and escorted him from the ring.

Once again, the AFA were followed by photographers during their entrance, which began to spark questions from those on commentary, wondering why the sudden interest in the tag team champions.

In a strange message, Eric Bischoff promised a leaving Mr. McMahon that by next Monday, the entire world would be tuning into Raw.

Christian defeated Rey Mysterio in the main event to retain his title.


Smackdown; May 11th:

Just the final build for Judgement Day.


Judgement Day
14th May 2006
Location: Bradley Centre; Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Event Music: This Fire Burns; Killswitch Engage

WWE Championship: Steel Cage Match:
Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle
Benoit retains, making Angle submit. The big story though is after the match, when Raw invades Smackdown, and decimate Benoit and Angle, with Eric Bischoff sending a message ahead of COTC in 3 weeks.

WWE United States Championship Match:
Matt Hardy vs. Charlie Haas
In a shock result, Charlie Haas defeated Hardy for the title. Haas targeted the knee by hook or crook, using all kinds of shady methods to eventually force Hardy into submission, piling on so much pain and pressure that Hardy couldnt continue.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match:
America’s Most Wanted vs. Spirit Squad
In another upset, the upstart group became the new champions, with outside interference being the determining factor in their victory.

Casket Match:
The Undertaker vs. Chris Jericho
Jericho, with help from Paul Bearer, defeated The Deadman. After the match, Jericho and Bearer drove the casket to Lake Michigan, before disposing of The Phenom by sea, locked inside the casket.

Grudge Match:
Triple H vs. Paul London
In the upset of upsets, Paul London overcame the 9x World Champion, shocking the entire world, and none more so than Triple H.

Un Sanctioned Challenge:
Sabu vs. Rob Van Dam
The unsigned Sabu walked out of the match, with Bill Alfonso making it clear his client wont give the WWE another ounce of sweat until he gets the money he wants.

One on One:
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield vs. The Rock
The Cabinet proved to be a decisive factor, assisting JBL to another HUGE win, adding The Rock to his formidable list of victories.

6 Man Tag Match:
Kid Kash, Brian Kendrick & Tajiri vs. Mexicools
The Mexicools cheated their way to victory, making an impressive debut, getting one over on the CW champion, and his partners.


So, thats everything up to date. I cant actually be bothered now to posting a Raw preview, sorry. The show will be posted though tomorrow. Thanks again to everyone who has supported me still despite my lack of giving back in recent times. It's greatly appreciated.

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