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Re: Being The Booker

Sorry was never able to leave review for Backlash, was busy with work experience and then got ill but will make sure i leave review for this.

WWE Championship: Steel Cage Match:
Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle

WWE United States Championship Match:
Matt Hardy vs. Charlie Haas

WWE Tag Team Championship Match:
America’s Most Wanted vs. Spirit Squad

Casket Match:
The Undertaker vs. Chris Jericho

Grudge Match:
Triple H vs. Paul London

Un Sanctioned Challenge:
Sabu vs. Rob Van Dam

One on One:
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield vs. The Rock

6 Man Tag Match:
Kid Kash, Brian Kendrick & Tajiri vs. Mexicools
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Cool Re: Being The Booker

I tried to write a Raw Review, but at the start I had to go do something and forgot. I am going to write this SD review now and leave predictions, enjoy man sorry that I haven't reviewed in a bit.

Deadman_014's Smackdown Review

JBL opened the show nicely with a ok recapped promo. Basically just building his big match at JD. Not much to say there, *I haven't done a review in awile, so sorry if its not the best review I've given Wolfy.* The Chavo/Dragon match was just a short recap, but the aftermath with The Mexicools was very interesting basically having him forced to choice sides now. This may play a part to the PPV ending at JD. Nuttin to say about Y2J there, just him being well... Jericho.

The CW team thing with Kash was interesting and then choicing Kendrick over Chavo was probably a smart decision, but it may turn Guerrero to The Mexicools now. Kenny of the SS steals a win there with help from The Spirit Squad, AMW will come on top at the PPV most likely, but I can tell SS will be a major force on Smackdown for sure. The Angle interview hypes that main event at JD more and then the Y2J segment would of been a helluva lot of fun to see written out. Good way to continue their buildup some more and Bearer coming out would of been priceless.

Haas interview now and he builds his match, I cannot imagine Haas really doing an interview by himself, but I am sure as a heel thats fine. RVD vs. Sabu will be sick and RVD gets an easy squash there to help build him up. I like the fact that this is going to happen quickly, instead of being drawn out for a very long time, this should be a big encounter. Benoit/Heyman rivalry I can see leading to costing Chris the title later on in the year, I can see Angle winning this Sunday giving Benoit a short reign, but I doubt it. Nice segment there with Heyman and Benoit, I believe this is progressing nicely along.

HHH beats Kidman down and wins the match. Destroys him after and I can seriously see London stealing one Sunday leading to HHH going on a rampage and destroying a lot of things, possibly being given a suspension then. The team meet up before their match and thats just a filler segment to build ME more. Angle gets a huge steal in the main event which I think will lead to Benoit winning at JD. Good show Wolf, predictions are below.

WWE Championship - Steel Cage Match:
Chris Benoit
vs. Kurt Angle - Its odvious to me. Angle beat Benoit on SD one and Benoit is on a roll off of WM. Kurt needs to mound a comeback after WrestleMania from his loss to Hart, but I think that you planned the Angle/Benoit stuff before you changed it to Hart winning as I remember you saying, and would have Angle building strongly. Benoit will win probably, I can see Kurt coming out on top though possibly.

WWE US Title Match
Charlie Haas vs. Matt Hardy - Matt just won the belt. Haas is building, but building up to a loss at JD. Hardy just won it so he will have to keep it, the world title situation is different, and I think after winning over JBL at WM with that type of build. Losing this so early won't happen.

WWE Tag Title Match
America's Most Wanted
vs. The Spirit Squad - AMW lost at WM. Spirit Squad won this week's battle and its just gonna lead to AMW retaining at the PPV very likely. So money's on AMW here, not much to say, there just going to win I see it.

Casket Match
Chris Jericho
vs. The Undertaker - Y2J will win for the reason that `Taker won at Mania. It should be fun to see how it ends, though Undertaker could win, just my opinion here as I can see Y2J winning.

Grudge Match:
Triple H
vs. Paul London - HHH will probably win. I can see it very easily going the other way, but Triple H needs to take a victory. Its not a big one really, but HHH still playing the role he is I can see him winning, or losing and then getting suspended for hurting people.

Sabu vs. Rob Van Dam - RVD lost at WM and Sabu returned, or well debuted. I kinda think Sabu winning would be a little rough considering RVD almost won MITB and Sabu is just a midcarder forever probably.

One on One:
John `Bradshaw' Layfield
vs. The Rock - The Rock won at WM and JBL didn't, Rock is on his way out, and JBL is just moving up. JBL would benefit more from a win over The Great One and I doubt JBL could suffice a loss right now. He's beginning the road to becoming a World Champion and he lost to Matt Hardy at WM, Rocky beat HBK, so JBL will re-gain momentum and comeback to win.

6 Man Tag Team Match:
Kid Kash, Tajiri, Brian Kendrick vs. The Mexicools - The Mexicools just debuted and I can see Chavo siding with them. One thing I cannot see is them losing their debut match on PPV really, sorry if I sound redundant about the WM wins and losses thing to decide winners heh.

Enjoy the review and the predicts. Sorry if they're redundant about wins and losses at WM indicating things. Sorry that it took awile, but hope its good.
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Re: Being The Booker

WWE Championship: Steel Cage Match:
Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle

WWE United States Championship Match:
Matt Hardy vs. Charlie Haas

WWE Tag Team Championship Match:
America’s Most Wanted vs. Spirit Squad

Casket Match:
The Undertaker vs. Chris Jericho

Grudge Match:
Triple H vs. Paul London

Un Sanctioned Challenge:
Sabu vs. Rob Van Dam

One on One:
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield vs. The Rock

6 Man Tag Match:
Kid Kash, Brian Kendrick & Tajiri vs. Mexicools

I wish this was going to be in full, it would be awesome. Still, great card Wolf and i look forward to it.


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Re: Being The Booker

ORRY'S Late......Late Backlash Review

Opening Video:
This was a very good way to set the tone for the night with a very solid opening video. The language used was effective, and the continual reference to the term 'backlash' and what it means to the superstars was gold. Top start!

Carlito vs. Shelton Benjamin: The obvious choice for an opener IMO, with both guys talented athletes who are more than capable of getting the crowd involved. The match itself, despite being a relatively short recap for a PPV match, was entertaining throughout, with the back and forth action towards the end being the highlight. The finish was good, if not a little cliché, with Benjamin continuing CCC's losing streak and in the process taking his gold.

The two little segments involving Christian/Tomko and Rico/Simmons were a nice touch and a great way to add some separation between matches.

Mr Kennedy vs. Rob Conway: This was nothing more than a glorified squash match, as expected, with Kennedy picking up his 'easy to predict' first singles victory on PPV. The start was good, with Conway trying to back away at every point possible, which pretty much set the tone for the entire recap, with Conway trying to escape Kennedy's clutches. Kenton Bomb to finish things off was fine with me; good stuff!

Carlito segment would have been an effective way to get over the fact Carlito doesn't seem to know where he stands after his recent run of losses.

AFA vs. United Nations vs. Brotherhood vs. Booker T/Goldust: A 'cluster fuck' of sorts, with the action getting out of hand as all 8 men do everything in their power to attempt to win the World Tag Team Championships. A pretty typical Fatal 4way Tag throughout, with the finish being the highlight, with Simmons nailing a devastating Spinebuster, allowing Ric to make the cover. Decent recapped match, with a nice, unexpected result.

The two little segments inolving Rey Mysterio and Edge respectively were a good way to build the upcoming match.

I Quit Match: This has so far been MOTN by a long, long way, which is probally due to the fact it was written out in full . The action between both men was great, in my opinion you were really able to establish chemistry betwen the two guys, which in turn resulted in a highly entertaining, emotional contest. The finish was the highlight and was very original, with Edge threatening Rey with Dominic, as Mysterio was forced to relinquish the briefcase in order to save his son. Great stuff here mate.

Great to see Finlay will be debuting tomorrow night on Raw *Note, at the time I typed this, Finlay hadn't debuted yet. I guess this shows how long I took to actually get this up right *

Women's Championship: Just some quick comments here, as Women's macthes, expecially those recapped, don't really interest me, despite the fact they are an integril part of Raw. The recap was decent for the most part, and most of the eliminations were as expected, with the real shock coming when Jillian eliminated Trish to take the strap. That was a nice, unexpected touch.

Little segmenst involving Cena and the Horsemen in between the matches was again an intelligent way to build the upcoming matches later on the show.

Kane vs. Rhyno: This was a pretty quick recap, as is to be expected from a match that is nothing more than a glorified squash match, in which the result was always going one way. And, low and behold, Kane to the win to continue his dominant streak as of late.

Great to see the King of the Ring segment will be returning. I like the concept.

DX vs. Horsemen: I was hoping this would be written in full, but alas I'll have to be content with a recap (allbeit a pretty darn long one). The macth itself was as good as it possibly could be, with HBK gaining a much needed win after his string of losses since WrestleMania. The real talking point came after the match however, when Cade made the long time in the making turn on HBK, siding with the Horsemen. Again, awesome work bro.

Little segment with the new Mr Money in the Bank was ideal to seperate the previous match from the main event.

WWE Championship: A nice long match here, as is to be expected despite the fact the PPV is in recap form. The action between the three men flowed nicely for the most part and sold the story well, as the Champion struggled to fight off all comers. In the end Cena's biggest rival of them all, Randy Orton showed up to cost John the match, resulting in the man who you have pushed to the moon as of late, Christian, finally winning the big win. A great result, and an awesome end to a very solid PPV! Now I'm extremely excited to see how Christian's reign as Champ goes!

Overall: Desoite the fact it was in recap, this PPV had almost everything, and with the big Title change to end the night, it definately deserved the high mark it's recieving from me. Good job Wolf man. 9/10!

Again bro, sorry it took me so long to get it up.

EDIT: And here are my Judgement Day predictions.

WWE Championship: Steel Cage Match:
Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle
Beniot will retain and have a lengthy run with the belt.

WWE United States Championship Match:
Matt Hardy vs. Charlie Haas
Hardy is the future of SD!, and having just won the Title from JBL, I don't see him losing it anytime soon (Nor should he!)

WWE Tag Team Championship Match:
America’s Most Wanted vs. Spirit Squad
Hah! Too easy!

Casket Match:
The Undertaker vs. Chris Jericho
Y2J needs to rebound from his Mania loss, although I wouldn't be suprised to see Taker go over again which would anger Jericho even more.

Grudge Match:
Triple H vs. Paul London
I just can't see the veteran putting over the 'Golden Boy', despite the fact tht it probally should happen.

Un Sanctioned Challenge:
Sabu vs. Rob Van Dam
RVD is a certainty here, to get some retribution for Sabu's actions.

One on One:
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield vs. The Rock
JBL will get a huge win for his career, which will in turn continue this feud to at least Summerslam I expect, where I wouldn't be suprised to see JBL go over in the blow off.

6 Man Tag Match:
Kid Kash, Brian Kendrick & Tajiri vs. Mexicools
Chavo will screw the Cruiser's over, giving the heels the win to extend this feud.

Booking Credentials
# Captain of Team Oceania- 2007 BTB World Cup
# Breakout Star of 2006
# Third in WF's Favourite Booker Award 2006
# 5th in the First Annual BTB Promo Tourmament
# Best New Booker x1
# Best New BTB x1
# Most Improved Match Writer x1
# Best Used Wrestler x1
# Biggest Shock of the Month x2

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Re: Being The Booker

WWE Championship: Steel Cage Match:
Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle - Benoit only just won the belt at Mania, so there is no way you are going to give him a short title reign.

WWE United States Championship Match:
Matt Hardy vs. Charlie Haas - Have to go for Hardy here, simply as Haas has looked a little too dominant as of late. Hardy to get the win here, but will probably drop the belt to Haas in the end

WWE Tag Team Championship Match:
America’s Most Wanted vs. Spirit Squad - We need a title change, so I guess it has to be here. Spirit Squad have looked good so far, and have a chance at pulling off the upset, and I think they will

Casket Match:
The Undertaker vs. Chris Jericho - Got to Jericho... Taker never wins his own match, Jericho needs the win to make himself look good, and Taker needs a break as he hasnt had one for a few weeks

Grudge Match:
Triple H vs. Paul London - The London push has been good, but there is no way that HHH will be losing to him at the ppv. HHH will be the next champion on Smackdown, and London has had his day in the sun, but HHH gets the win

Un Sanctioned Challenge:
Sabu vs. Rob Van Dam - No contest - This match isn't having a winner. The two of them will just beat the hell out of each other, and end in some massive spot

One on One:
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield vs. The Rock - JBL to steal this one, but probably with the help of the Cabinet. Just feel that some heels need to be build up to take the title, and JBL could be the man

6 Man Tag Match:
Kid Kash, Brian Kendrick & Tajiri vs. Mexicools - I'm tempted to say that the faces will win this one and gain the advantage, but I don't see the Mexicools losing on their ppv debut
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Re: Being The Booker

WWE Championship: Steel Cage Match:
Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle

WWE United States Championship Match:
Matt Hardy vs. Charlie Haas

WWE Tag Team Championship Match:
America’s Most Wanted vs. Spirit Squad

Casket Match:
The Undertaker vs. Chris Jericho

Grudge Match:
Triple H vs. Paul London

Un Sanctioned Challenge:
Sabu vs. Rob Van Dam

One on One:
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield vs. The Rock

6 Man Tag Match:
Kid Kash, Brian Kendrick & Tajiri vs. Mexicools

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Re: Being The Booker

On the Pre-show Heat, Brent Albright defeated Maven


WWE Judgment Day

Date: 14th May 2006
Location: Bradley Centre; Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Event Music: This Fire Burns, Killswitch Engage

…Opening video…

Flashing shots of old style pictures with people being hung in the gallows, the blade falling at a beheading, with yelling and screaming in the background, before fading to black.

Narrator: The time has come…

The black screen turns to a bright white, before we see Chris Jericho, looking to the skies, with his hands out by his sides.

Chris Jericho: Tonight is my calling. I failed to slay The Phenom at WrestleMania. Fate was in my corner, but luck was in his.

Quick clips of Jericho and Undertaker at WM.

Chris Jericho: Tonight, good fortune will not favour The Undertaker. My destiny to break him at WrestleMania didn’t come to fruition, but the Gods will punish him.

Clips of Jerichos odd behaviour since WM.

Chris Jericho: Tonight, The Deadman pays the ultimate price for defying destiny. His victory at WrestleMania will be met with brutal punishment … the ultimate punishment.

Clips of Caskets, and past casket matches.

Chris Jericho: Tonight, you pay for that one victory, with your career. Hundreds have tried and failed … but I am destined to END the Deadman. This is my Judgement Day … this is YOUR Judgement Day. Rest, in, peace.

Slow motion shot of a deranged Jericho, fading into the bright white light again.

Narrator: The day of reckoning is here…

JBL loses at WM to Matt Hardy.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: That fluke loss to Matt Hardy has been turned from a negative into a positive. Because now, I, John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield get to progress into the upper echelon.

Clips of JBL since WM, proving his dominance on Smackdown.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: No one can deny that I am quickly becoming The Franchise Player here on Smackdown. My doubters can ignorantly doubt all they wish but there is no denying the fact that JBL is climbing the mountain of success on Thursday Nights, and climbing at record speed.

Clips of The Rock confronting JBL.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: And now one man stands between JBL and immortality.

Clips of JBL beating on The Rock.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: I will push you to one side, I will walk through you, I will do whatever it takes to step over you, and break the glass ceiling.

Shots of JBL smiling, and victorious.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: This is my Judgement night. Tonight is make or break, sink or swim. I guarantee the entire world that tonight John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield proves his doubters wrong, that he is A WRESTLING GAWD!!!

Fade to black again.

Narrator: The moment of truth has come…

Sudden snapshots of Chris Benoit as WWE Champion, and Kurt Angle tapping out to Bret Hart.

Chris Benoit: 2006 has been my year.

Shots of Benoit celebrating.

Kurt Angle: 2006 has been a nightmare.

Shots of Angle solemn in defeat.

Chris Benoit: For the first time, my doubters have been proven wrong.

Benoit making Lesnar and Triple H tap out.

Kurt Angle: For the first time, I have doubters questioning my ability.

Angle tapping out to the Sharpshooter at WM.

Chris Benoit: They wrote me off at the Royal Rumble, and I succeeded, they wrote me off at WrestleMania, and I succeeded again.

Benoit eliminating almost half the field at the Royal Rumble.

Kurt Angle: They thought Bret Hart would be a walk over, they thought I was wasting my time, and I still lost.

Angle being outwrestled by Hart at WM.

Chris Benoit: Now, two months on, I still hold that very title, and I plan on doing so for much longer.

Benoit soaring through the air with the Headbutt.

Kurt Angle: Now, two months on, I’m being ridiculed in the street, I’m being laughed at by my peers, and it’s time for that to stop.

Angle, head down, walking out of the arena after his loss at WM.

Chris Benoit: Kurt Angle, you are no different to the rest. You can try to break me, but you will not beat me.

Benoit taking it to Angle.

Kurt Angle: Chris Benoit, you’re in the wrong place, at the wrong time, you may not realise, but this is more personal than you think.

Angle bloodying Benoit.

Chris Benoit: You made Bret Hart suffer for months, you made my friend suffer, and Angle you’ll pay the price.

Benoit tackling Angle to the mat.

Kurt Angle: You channel that spirit of Bret Hart, and I hate you for it. I’m going to take great pleasure in proving to the entire world that what happened at WrestleMania was a once in a million fluke.

Angle releasing his anger on Benoit.

Chris Benoit: I will answer all the questions being asked of my ability as a champion, and I will prove the entire world wrong.

Benoit looking at the WWE Championship.

Kurt Angle: I am judge, I am jury, and I will take great pleasure in being your executioner.

Shot of the two men butting heads, before flashing shots again of the same images as the opening of the VP.

Narrator: Judgment Day … is upon us.



Michael Cole & Tazz open the show, talking about this night being many superstars night of Judgment including JBL, Paul London, Chris Jericho, and the two men competing for the WWE Title.

The Spanish team talk for a moment, before cutting back to Cole and Tazz, when we hear…

Juventud Guerrera, Super Crazy and Psichosis enter the arena, on the John Deer lawnmowers, driving to the ring ahead of their in ring WWE debut. They talk to the Spanish announcers, and give them high fives before heading into the ring, awaiting their opponents.

The Cruiserweight Champion, Kid Kash leads out Tajiri and Brian Kendrick ahead of this six man opener. The three touch knuckles, then sprint to the ring, and slide in, kick starting the war.

6 Man Tag Match:
Kid Kash, Brian Kendrick & Tajiri vs. Mexicools
Lots of brawling early on, before the faces knock The Mexicools out of the ring, before vaulting to the outside on top of them to the delight of the fans. From here, the faces take control in the early going. Kendrick, Tajiri and Kash all get a period in the ring, getting the better of the opposition. The match takes a turn though, as the Mexicools turn the tide. Kid Kash is in control of Crazy, and looks to run off the ropes, when Juvi low bridges the CW champion, sending him outside, allowing a beat down on the outside, which puts the heels in charge.
Juvi, Super Crazy and Psichosis work well in tandem for the most part of the contest, being able to keep Kash at bay from his team mates, who grow further frustrated especially as the heels resort to cheap tactics in order to keep the advantage for the contest. However, Kash sees the light at the end of the tunnel, and catches Psichosis with an enziguri, which leads to his tag, bringing in Tajiri, whilst Juvi tags in off his team mate!!!
Tajiri fires up, throwing out all his special kicks, and the trademark springboard elbow, to the fans delight, before it looks like he’s going in for the kill on Juvi with the Yakuza Kick, but Super Crazy catches him off guard with a top rope dropkick, which now leads to the spot fest finish, with all six men wowing the fans with their antics, eventually leading to just Tajiri and Juvi in the ring, with Tajiri on top, looking to spray the mist, but Psichosis takes the bullet for Juvi, which allows Juvi to roll Tajiri up, hooking the tights, 1...2...3!!!

The Mexicools sneak their first victory through the back door!!! The trio quickly get out of dodge, with Psichosis having to be directed up the ramp, having been blinded by the mist. In the ring, Kash, Kendrick and Tajiri are furious, with Tajiri motioning his tights were yanked for the win.

Video Package, hyping the return of Saturday Nights Main Event on May 27th.

Backstage, JBL arrives into the arena, with The Cabinet in tow. He shouts at the top of his voice that ‘GREATNESS HAS ARRIVED … HALLELUJAH’. He pushes past a bunch of random people, as he grins his way to the locker room.

Ringside, Cole and Tazz discuss JBL, and his match later, before talking about the RVD situation with Sabu, and they now look set to face in an Un-sanctioned match in just a few moments.

RVD - Sabu Video Package

We return, looking at the ring, with no referee present, as Tony Chimmel announces, the following fight will not be sanctioned by the WWE board of directors.

Van Dam enters the arena, dressed in a T-shirt and short jeans, not looking prepared for a match at all. He still pleases the fans with the R-V-D thumbs, before getting in the ring, waiting for Sabu.

Sabu, along with Bill Alfonso walks out onto the stage, to no music, playing up to the fact he is not a signed WWE superstar. Sabu though, is dressed in ring attire, as Alfonso blows the whistle to the ire of the fans.

Un Sanctioned Challenge:
Sabu vs. Rob Van Dam
RVD meets Sabu on the ramp, and the brawl begins right away. The two men brawl through the crowd early on, and back to ringside, as Sabu takes a chair, swinging but misses RVD by a fraction of an inch. The two men brawl into the ring, and momentarily trade a few signature moves, before RVD sends Sabu back out of the ring. The two brawl around the ring, before Alfonso throws Sabu a chair, only for RVD to score with a Van Daminator!!!
With Sabu down momentarily, RVD turns his attention to Alfonso, and catches him, pounding his former manager, and attempts to shove the whistle down his mouth, when Sabu comes from behind, smashing the chair across the back of RVD. Now, Sabu begins to take control, taking Van Dam back inside the ring, eventually hitting the Arabian Facebuster!!! Sabu then instructs Alfonso to get a table, which he does, sliding it inside, as Sabu attempts to set RVD up for the Arabian Skullcrusher, but as he goes for it, RVD MOVES!!!!! Sabu crashes and burns through the table, and now Van Dam begins to get back to his feet.
Van Dam kicks Alfonso off the apron, and delivers the Five Star Frog Splash on Sabu, much to the delight of the fans. RVD rolls out, and grabs a fresh steel chair, bringing it back inside, and sets Sabu in the corner, and climbs the ropes, looking to hit the Van Terminator … but just as he is about to, ALFONSO PULLS SABU AWAY, AND OUT OF THE RING!!! RVD looks irate, as Alfonso helps Sabu up the ramp, with a mic in his hand. Alfonso shouts back to an bewildered RVD in the ring, explaining whats going on…

Bill Alfonso: VAN DAM!!! That was just a taster of what you could be getting. That just a taster of what the WWE could have, with the Homicidal, suicidal, genocidal, DEATH DEFYING SABU on your roster!!! Vince McMahon, Paul Heyman, get the cheque books out, if you want more of this. My man Sabu is a free agent, and he’s selling his body to the highest bidder. You want more of Sabu?? Give us the money!!!

Alfonso and Sabu now leave the arena, as we watch RVD in the ring, looking irate, mouthing “this is fucking bullshit”.

RVD walks around the ring, looking angered, still mouthing off that that was bullshit. Van Dam directs the fans and chants along to their chants of ‘BULLSHIT’, as we fade out.


The VP then ends with the graphic for WRESTLEMANIA XXIII - MARCH 18TH 2007 - FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER IN NEW ORLEANS.

Backstage, Josh Matthews conducts an interview with Charlie Haas, where Haas says very little, but states he takes the US Title - TONIGHT!!!

At ringside, Tazz and Cole discuss the Un-Sanctioned match, where Sabu walked out. Both plea that Sabu does get a contract, so his issue can be resolved with RVD.

Charlie Haas calmly enters the arena, focused clearly on the ring, desperate to claim his first singles gold in the WWE.

The United States Champion bursts out onto the stage, throwing up the V1 taunt to the fans, before ripping his shirt off, quickly pacing to the ring, wanting a piece of the champion.

WWE United States Championship Match:
Matt Hardy vs. Charlie Haas
Haas ducks Hardy early on, smartly staying out of the champions way, knowing Matts state of mind right now, wanting revenge. Eventually, Hardy catches up with Haas on the outside, and the two go at it, with Hardy on top, pounding Haas, whipping him into the steel steps. Matt then rolls Haas into the ring, and from there is in full swing again, dominating Haas. The challenger hangs on though, surviving the onslaught, and eventually Hardy slips up, letting his emotions get the best of him, with Haas immediately taking advantage of Hardys mistake, when he misses his top rope leg drop. Haas immediately targets the leg, and goes to work, savagely beating on Matt Hardys knee, pointing a weakness and making the most of the opening.
Hardy looks to be in trouble, but fights through the pain, and begins to beat Haas off with a string of rights and lefts, shaking off his knee problem, as the match begins to swing to and fro, getting the fans on their feet, with two wrestlers at the top of their game giving it their all. Haas and Hardy trade very near falls, with Haas coming close scoring with a bridged German suplex, and Hardy with the Side Effect, forcing the challenger to put a foot on the bottom rope to survive.
Hardy now looks to nail the Twist of Fate, but Haas pushes Hardy, and rams him into the referee, knocking him out of the ring. Haas quickly spots the opening, and low blows Matt, before kicking the previously bad leg, forcing Hardy to roll around, feeling the effects. Haas rolls to the outside, and picks up a chair, bringing it back into the ring, before wailing the chair across the knee of the United States Champion, tearing the limb apart. Haas angrily slams the chair onto the floor outside, and goes back to work on Hardy, applying the Haas of Pain!!! Hardy has nowhere to go, feeling his knee in agonising pain, and begins to tap, but Haas notices the referee is still on the outside.
The challenger lets go, and furiously slams his hands off the mat, before rolling to the outside, and giving the referee a shove, rolling him back inside. Haas gets into the ring too, and comes to Hardy, but Matt surprises him with a cradle … but the referee is still too dazed to make the count, which would’ve exceeded the three, before Haas kicked out. Hardy crawls around the ring, unable to reach his feet, as Haas drags him up - BUT HARDY FIGHTS BACK!!! Matt beats Charlie into the corner, striking with furious punches, before executing a superplex!!! Slowly, he gets his arm across Haas, as the referee is able to count this time, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!
Hardy uses the ropes to reach his feet, and he decides to risk it all, going to the top rope, looking for the Leg Drop … AND SCORES!!! Matt rolls around the ring, grabbing his leg, feeling the effects of the leg drop, before again, he slowly reaches the challenger, draping his arm across the chest, 1...2...KICK OUT AGAIN!!! Haas refuses to give in, with Hardy taking too long to follow up on the leg drop. Matt again, needs to use the ropes to find his feet, but as Haas gets up, Hardy kicks him in the gut, and looks for the Twist of Fate … BUT HAAS DROPS DOWN, AND SWIPES THE KNEE!!! Hardy drops immediately, and Haas wastes no time applying the Haas of Pain!!! The champion valiantly tries to hang on, and desperately looks to reach the ropes, but his attempts prove worthless, and eventually is forced to TAP OUT!!!

Hardy is beaten!!! Matt Hardys reign as US Champion is abruptly ended, after less than two months with the title. Charlie Haas causes the massive upset, with the thousands in attendance in a stunned silence. Haas takes the title, and leaves the ring in jubilation, whilst Hardy rolls around, gripping his leg tightly, having taken a disgusting amount of punishment, with the majority of damage done with the chair attack early in the contest.
Haas leaves the ramp, looking overjoyed, whilst Hardy is helped up the ramp by two referees.


Backstage, we see Matt Hardy being helped still by two referees towards the medical room, with many Smackdown faces (Hardcore Holly, Brent Albright, Dudley Boys, William Regal, Chavo Guerrero and even WWE Champion Chris Benoit) giving Hardy encouragement for a great effort, despite losing.

Paul Heyman then appears on the screen, with his ugly fake smile, and tells the fans he hopes they are enjoying the show, before saying he is about to announce the KOTR brackets, for Smackdown, as promised, which will begin, Thursday Night on Smackdown …





Heyman then smugly tells the fans he hopes the rest of the evening is to their liking, as he fades off the screen.

Cole and Tazz momentarily discuss the KOTR brackets, and obviously they believe the next KOTR will be one of those eight, as Cole predicts RVD or Matt Hardy depending on the status of his knee injury, whilst Tazz says he cant look beyond Batista.

Casket Match Video Package

We return to ringside, with a look at the Casket sitting at ringside, before Chimmel announces the rules of the match.

Chris Jericho makes his entrance, accompanied strangely by druids, who slowly follow behind the cocky, arrogant Y2J. Jericho walks up the steel steps, almost Taker like, looking to the skies, as the lights slowly come back on.

The music plays for an age, with no sign of Taker, when we see the frame of Paul Bearer enter the stage. Jericho laughs in the ring, pointing at Bearer, as the music continues with no sign of Taker, when suddenly, the Casket pops open, and The Undertaker sits up. The Deadman gets out of the casket, and steps into the ring, with Jericho jumping out.

Casket Match:
The Undertaker vs. Chris Jericho
Jericho gets back in slowly, taking a totally different approach to this match, than the WM encounter, where he came right at Taker. He ducks a few of The Deadmans soup bones, and looks to try and pick his shots, but cant find a way inside, to get at Taker, which frustrates him. Jericho eventually leaves the ring, and slams his hands on the apron, kicking over the steps too in disgust. Jericho then picks up a chair, and gets back inside the ring, swinging wildly at The Phenom, who ducks, twice, before booting the chair out of Jerichos hands, allowing his to back Jericho into the corner, and wail on him with rights and lefts, with Jericho slumping down, unable to withstand the punishment.
Taker moves away now, and takes a walk around the ring to a big pop, whilst Jericho pulls himself back up. Taker charges across the ring, looking for a corner clothesline, BUT JERICHO GETS A FOOT UP!!! Taker staggers, whilst Jericho lifts himself to the top rope, eventually nailing a reverse elbow off the top, knocking Taker off his feet. Jericho quickly tries to roll The Deadman into the Casket, but it’s far too early, and Taker fights back to his feet, eventually knocking Jericho down.
The Phenom beats on Jericho, and sends him out of the ring, following, even landing with his patented leg drop on the ring apron. Jericho tries to get away, but cant, with Taker in full control now. Taker continues to dominate for a period of the match, but as he looks to hit the Chokeslam, Jericho goes low to break free, which begins to turn the match in his favour.

Again, it’s Jericho looking to end the match, and after hitting a missile dropkick, he tries to roll Taker into the Casket, with Taker stopping him again, pretty easily. As he fights to his feet though, Jericho rakes the eyes, keeping himself in control. He knocks Undertaker to the outside, and slams his head off the Casket, before managing to deliver a suplex. Jericho gets back inside, and waits for Taker to get back up, and as he reaches the apron, Jericho leaps onto the ropes, and delivers his trademark springboard dropkick, with Taker landing on the steel lid of the Casket, rolling off, crumpled on the cold floor.
Jericho now follows to the outside, and gets a trash can from under the ring, and begins to wear out The Deadman with the weapon, targeting the suspect back, following the landing on the casket. Jericho rams Taker into the side of the Casket, before taking The Phenom back inside. Jericho takes it to The Undertaker, with The Deadman covering up, and tries to fight back, whipping Jericho off the ropes, but Y2J ducks a clothesline, and NAILS THE BREAK DOWN!!! Jericho now tries to finish the job, and rolls Taker towards the Casket, getting him inside, but as he tries to close it over, The Undertaker fights, and knocks Jericho away, keeping the match alive for now.
The Deadman gets back out of the Casket, and the fight back begins, with Jericho having no answer to the offence of The Undertaker. Jericho manages a brief comeback, and whips Taker off the ropes, but he ducks down, allowing Taker to deliver a scintillating running DDT. Taker scores with half a dozen knock downs following this, and eventually the snake eyes, before knocking Y2J out of the ring with a big boot. Taker now picks up some steam, and LEAPS OVER THE ROPES, AND THE CASKET, TAKING DOWN JERICHO!!!!!

The Bradley Centre goes nuts, as Taker shows amazing agility. He is first up, and sends Jericho into the steel steps. Jericho staggers around ringside, as Taker grabs the monitor, stripping the table, AND STRIKES JERICHO RIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES!!! Jericho is badly busted open, as Taker continues the beating, taking Jericho back into the ring. The Deadman completes Old School, and delivers the Tombstone, with Jericho looking all but beaten now. Taker asks for the Casket to be opened, as he drags Y2J to his feet, gripping the bloody opponent by the throat, looking to finish him with a Chokeslam into the Casket, but we then see PAUL BEARER step into the ring, which distracts Taker. Taker looks at Bearer, and lets go of Jericho. We see Bearer shake his head, almost in despair, saying to Taker “It’s time, it’s time.”, with The Deadman looking confused as to what Bearer means.
Bearer lifts the urn high, and lunges at Taker, with The Phenom easily holding him back, but doesn’t hurt Bearer, instead restraining him. He looks at his long time manager, shaking his head, confused by the actions, asking “Why??”. Bearer just continues to shake his head, when JERICHO LOW BLOWS THE UNDERTAKER FROM BEHIND!!! The Phenom drops to his knees, as Bearer raises the urn again, slamming the piece across the head of The Deadman, whilst Jericho leaps onto the ropes, and delivers the Lionsault!!! Jericho now bizarrely HUGS Bearer, before sending him away, directing him to the ramp, with Bearer nodding in approval, whilst Jericho quickly delivers a SECOND Lionsault.
The bloody Jericho gets back up, and shouts towards the ramp “HURRY”, as we see Bearer shuffle off behind the curtain. Jericho then turns around - AND THE UNDERTAKER SITS UP!!! Taker sits up, but Jericho grabs the urn, smashing it off his skull again, knocking Taker down once more!!! Jericho now rolls Taker towards the Casket, and gets The Phenom inside, but Taker again fights back, looking to stop the end of the match … ONLY FOR JERICHO TO GRAB THE URN AGAIN, SMASHING IT OFF HIS SKULL FOR THE THIRD TIME!!! Jericho quickly closes the lid, ENDING THE MATCH!!!

The crimson soaked Jericho lays on top of the Casket, soaking up the win, as the referee barely raises him arm. Jericho now takes a look up the ramp, as we see Bearer at the top, motioning for Jericho to come. Y2J shows a smile, before looking under the ring, and pulls out a steel chain, wrapping it around the Casket, before taking a padlock, positioning it around the chain, locking the padlock.

Jericho now wheels the casket, set on an extension, up the ramp, and through the curtain, as the camera stays with him and Bearer, as they wheel the casket through the back, with a bewildered roster of stars watching on, as they make their way to the parking lot, where we see a truck. Bearer opens the back of the truck, and Jericho carelessly wheels the casket into the truck, closing the doors, with a padlock securely keeping those doors locked too. Jericho grabs a camera from the cameraman following, saying he wants the entire world to see this. He and Bearer now walk to the front, and jump into the truck, quickly driving off into the night.

At ringside, Cole and Tazz both talk about not believing what they are seeing with this possessed Jericho, and backstabbing Bearer. They then discuss where exactly they could be going with the Casket in that truck.

Fanatix Series Commercial - This Month - 2006 Hall of Fame ceremony.

Backstage, we see Paul Heyman approach Chris Benoit. Heyman smugly talks down on Benoit, who tells Paul to just get to the point. Heyman smiles, and responds, telling Benoit that tonight he can forget about getting lucky by escaping the cage. He then tells Benoit the only way he’ll be retaining his title tonight is by pinfall or submission. Benoit responds, telling Heyman that suits him just fine.

We then join the Jericho-cam, as he and Paul Bearer drive through Milwaukee, with Jericho repeating over and over that this will be great.

Back to ringside…

The Spirit Squad grace the stage with their presence, jumping around like the idiots they are, to the heat they deserve. The five men squad prepare to do a pre-match cheer in the ring, when they are cut off by…

AMW enter the stage, and charge towards the ring, wanting to give the Spirit Squad the beating they deserve.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match:
America’s Most Wanted vs. Spirit Squad
Right from the opening lock up, AMW are in charge. Harris and Storm dominate the match, with near falls early on for both, with Harris scoring a DDT on Mitch, only for him to be saved by a distraction, whilst Mitch bites the bullet again from a James Storm Full Nelson slam, as another distraction allows Johnny to switch with Mitch, and nearly score an upset with a cradle, taking Storm by surprise.
This trend continues throughout, with AMW being cheated out of victories due to other Squad members interfering, switching places, or distracting the official to keep their hopes of victory alive, making the number game a distinct advantage for the youngsters, despite only two meaning to be legal, all five get into the match, due to the unseen switches, which the referee is unable to keep up with. AMW grow increasing frustrated with the heels, and eventually lose their cool.
Harris and Storm take the fight to the outside, and beat down the cheerleaders. Harris eventually takes Kenny back inside the ring, which takes the referees attention, whilst the remaining four, jump Storm like a pack of dogs!!! The deliver their four man move known as the High Spirit, right onto the hard floor, taking The Cowboy out of commission!!!
Meanwhile, in the ring, Harris nails the Catatonic on Kenny, and looks to finish the job, but once again, a distraction saves the Spirit Squad!!! Nicky pulls the referee out, and shows him James Storm, with the referee quickly attending to the injured champion, allowing a pack attack on Harris, resulting in the High Spirit again, dropping Harris. Kenny delivers a top rope leg drop, as Mikey gets the referees attention back on the ring, as Kenny covers, and the referee counts, 1...2...3!!!

Quickly, the five man Spirit Squad take the titles, and scarper up the ramp, having left the now former champions laying in and out of the ring, without the gold, as Spirit Squad steal the belts. Slowly, Storm crawls into the ring, tending to his partner, who barely moves, following the pack attack just suffered.

Backstage, we see Kurt Angle jumping up and down, preparing himself for the main event later tonight.

We then cut further away, and see The Spirit Squad celebrating their win. Josh Matthews then tries to conduct an interview with the group, but they push him out of the way, and conduct a post match cheer, celebrating with the titles.

Suddenly though, the feed is interrupted by the Jericho-cam, and we see Y2J and Bearer still driving, to an unknown location, with Jericho still giddy as a schoolgirl, and Bearer heckling in the background too.

Triple H - Paul London Video Package

Triple H makes his well known same old entrance, looking as angry as ever, dressed for competition, despite being confident that London wont show tonight. He goes through the routine as always, before waiting to see if London does actually show himself.

Much to the chagrin of The Game, Paul London IS HERE, dressed for competition, looking determined to give The Game a major fight tonight. He slowly makes his way to the ring, with his ribs heaving taped, following the beating he took two and a half weeks ago.

Grudge Match:
Triple H vs. Paul London
The Game applauds London, as the ‘Golden Boy’ steps inside the ring, but as he catches Londons eye, the applause stops, and HHH mouths to London that he’s made a massive mistake. Both men circle the ring to start off, with London trying to avoid HHH, whilst The Game looks patient. They lock up, with The Game immediately overpowering London, shoving him to the corner. London winces, and touches his ribs, as The Game poses, showing off his muscles, to heat from the fans. They lock up again, but this time, London catches Triple H off guard with an arm drag, angering his bigger opponent.
Angry, The Game gets right back up, and the two men go into the lock up for the third time, with London going behind, only for HHH to counter that with a hammerlock quickly. The Golden Boy snap mares out of the hold, and runs off the ropes, dropkicking The Game in the back. Triple H rolls around, with London executing a baseball slide, sending him out of the ring, to a huge ovation!!! Slowly, HHH gets back up, but we see London run across the ring, leaping onto the turnbuckle, and cross bodies off, BUT TRIPLE H MOVES!!! London crashes into the barricade, doing further damage to his badly injured ribs. Quickly, The Game rolls his opponent back into the ring, and strangely looks to end it quickly, 1...2...Kick Out.
The Game backs London into the corner, and looks to strike with a right hand, but London ducks it, pushes HHH into the corner, and lets fly with a series of forearms, but Triple H stops him with a hard knee to the gut, giving further pain to the injured opponent. Triple H runs at London, but London side steps, and sends The Game right out of the ring!!!
Triple H takes a walk around ringside, trying to figure out what’s going wrong, when he spots London holding the ropes for him to get in, which infuriates Triple H, and The Game gets back into the ring, straight into a hard flying forearm from London, knocking him down again. Triple H tries to crawl out, but London drags him back in, and looks to unload his fury with a series of punches on the ground, but HHH kicks him away, and gets to his feet, ducking a shot from London, then catches London after he comes off the ropes, and delivers a HUGE backbreaker!!!!!
The Game takes a few seconds to recover himself, before crawling over, and hooking the leg, 1...2...Shoulder up!!! The fans go nuts as London survives the high impact move to the prone area of the smaller man. However, Triple H is now the man in control, and he starts to take it to London, pounding the opponent down in the corner taking the wind away from him with stiff shoulders to the rib cage, and sternum area causing huge pain for London. Triple H then decides to show off his power, whipping The Golden Boy into the corner, sternum first, with London slumping down to the mat, clutching his ribs. This sets off more confidence in The Game, as HHH does the same thing, not once, not twice, but three more times, eventually whipping London into each corner of the ring, sternum first, just like he had done with Benoit last month.
The Games looks extremely cocky now, seeing London struggling, and his prediction coming true. Triple H drags London up, and whips him off the ropes, delivering a high knee as The Golden Boy comes back. HHH quickly covers, 1...2...Kick Out again from the fighting cruiserweight. London tries to get himself up in the corner, but Triple H refuses to stop the onslaught, and charges at London in the corner, driving his shoulder into the gut again, before stomping the weakened area of London. He drags The Golden Boy back up, and delivers a gut buster giving another close call with a two count, piling on more pressure on Londons ribs. The Game hoists London up again, and whips him off the ropes, looking for another backbreaker, but as London comes back, he counters, using his momentum to hit a head scissors, taking Triple H over, and to give himself a moment to recover from the brutal beat down.
Both men get back up, and slug it out momentarily, with London throwing more forearms, and a few chops, but it’s Triple H that wins the battle, able to overpower the smaller, and already weakened London, but London finds a surge, and battles back with some vicious chops, stiff kicks, and the ever present forearms, before picking up steam, and runs off the ropes … straight into a SIDEWALK SLAM!!!!!
The Game covers again, 1...2...shoulder just shoots up in time!!! HHH looks shocked, but doesn’t stop his merciless quest, and quickly goes back to work on the ribs, dropping his knee to the cruiserweight, going for another cover, 1...2...Kick Out. Now, Triple H vents his frustration, slamming the mat a few times. The Game gets back to his feet, dragging London back up with him, and applies the abdominal stretch, piling on more agony for London as his facial expression shows.
London toils in the submission for what seems like an eternity, but refuses to quit, despite huge pressure put on him by the King of Kings. Triple H uses every trick in the book, grabbing the ropes for leverage when the referee isn’t looking, pounding the rib cage when possible, and it appears to have the desired effect, as London begins to fade, and the referee is forced to follow in, and go through the motions of raising and dropping the arm, with London JUST holding the arm up on the third occasion, as the comeback begins, with the fans fully behind London, chanting ‘LETS GO LONDON’!!! The Golden Boy starts to try and fire up, feeding off the fans support, with The Game realising, and lets go of the submission, and tries to strike London, but The Golden Boy ducks, and drops HHH with a standing enziguri, and covers, 1...2...Kick Out. London sees an opening now, and waits for Triple H to reach his feet before running off the ropes, knocking him down with a forearm smash for another two count. Triple H looks taken aback by the comeback, and falls prey to a running heel kick, to the delight of the fans. HHH slowly gets to his feet again, but London appears to have found a second wind now, and delivers a Tornado DDT using the ropes to propel himself in the air, scoring only a two count with The Game slipping out at the last possible moment!!!
Triple H gets back up, but Benoit now suddenly finding his form, scores with a consecutive set of arm drags, rocking the over confident Game. Triple H gets back up, but London quickly delivers a dropsault, taking The Game right back down. The Golden Boy gets back to his feet, and spots a big opportunity for the 450 Splash, AND HE SCORES!!!! London though, now feels the adrenaline begin to wear off, and the punishment he has taken, begins to take it’s toll, with him suffering with his badly injured ribs again. London tries to shrug it off though, and make the cover, 1...2...SHOULDER GOES UP!!!
Both men stay down, with London feeling the effects of the beating, and HHH feeling the effects of the 450. London is first to move, and tries to drag The Game up, but HHH comes back, and drives London into the corner!!! Triple H drags him out, and looks for a suplex, but London drops down behind, and runs off the ropes … BUT STRAIGHT INTO THE SPINEBUSTER OF THE GAME!!! Triple H hooks the leg, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!! Triple H begins to lose his cool, and signals that it’s over now, and drags London up, putting him in position for the Pedigree … BUT LONDON SLIPS FREE AND CRADLES THE GAME, 1...2...3!!!

London scores the huge upset!!! Immediately, London gets out of the ring, whilst Triple H sits up in the ring, in awe of what has just happened. After dominating ¾ of the match, Paul London somehow wins the match!!! The Game lies down in the ring, covering his face in disgust, whilst London has his hand raised at the top of the ramp, overcoming the incredible odds to provide the biggest upset of the night.

Short Video Package, hyping the McMahons Choice announcement tomorrow night on Raw, where he chooses one Raw superstar and one Smackdown superstar to face off at COTC.

Once again, we join Jericho-cam, with Y2J and Bearer now at Lake Michigan on the Milwaukee lakefront. Jericho sets the camera up, and looks into it, saying “Everybody, say goodbye to The Undertaker … and may he rest in peace”. Jericho then signals for something, as he opens the doors of the truck, seeing it still has the Casket inside.

We see Bearer with a brick, and he places the brick on the accelerator of the truck, as the truck DRIVES OFF INTO THE LAKE, WITH THE CASKET CONTAINING THE UNDERTAKER INSIDE!!!! We watch the truck disappear into the water, as Jericho and Bearer laugh uncontrollably, witnessing the end of The Undertaker.

Back at ringside, Cole and Tazz go eerily quiet, and discuss what they have just saw, with both commenting that Jericho crossed the line tonight. Meanwhile, we see Triple H still walking up the ramp, looking to be in denial over what just went down with Paul London.

We then see The Rock walking through the backstage area, looking ready to give JBL a huge beating, after weeks of jostling.

Back to ringside…

The white stretch limo slowly drives out onto the stage, with the limo driver opening the door for Noble and The Bashams to exit, before finally JBL shows himself, to a massive round of heat from the fans. Layfield makes his way to the ring, waving to the fans, as if he had some.

Quickly, The Rock paces out onto the stage, walking straight down the ramp, looking focused, as JBL starts to pace around the ring, looking a little less confident now, and starts barking orders to The Cabinet, as The Rock makes his way down to the ring.

One on One:
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield vs. The Rock
As The Rock storms to the ring, JBL sends The Bashams to meet him, but Rock squats the away, with a knock down each, then a back body drop on Doug onto the steel ramp, before throwing Danny off the ramp, onto the barricade. The Rock now runs to the ring, running right through Noble with a clothesline, and slides into the ring, going right at it with JBL, shot for shot!!! The Rock gets the better of it, and eventually connects with the spit punch, sending JBL out of the ring!!! JBL thinks about getting right back in, but stops, and decides to take a walk instead, much to the chagrin of the fans.
Rock though, doesn’t wait for JBL to get back in, and follows out, charging JBL into the steel steps. He continues his tenacious start by choking Layfield with a cable at ringside. Bradshaw bails up the ramp after being released, wanting to get the hell out of here, but Rock isn’t done yet and clotheslines him in the back of the head on the steel ramp. Rock sees The Bashams coming again, and knocks both down with a double clothesline, before he catches Noble on the ramp, and connects with a DDT, creating a sick thud.
The Peoples Champ breaks the count quickly, sliding in and out of the ring, before getting back outside the ring, only for JBL to knock him down with a big boot to the face of the Great One. JBL tries to get Rock counted out now, wanting a victory by any means necessary, but Rock makes it back inside for eight. JBL takes control, looking to wear The Rock down, but after some uninspiring elbow drops, it is Rock moving away, with JBL eating canvas. Rock now opens up on his opponent, hitting his usual messy Belly to Belly Suplex, waiting for the Wrestling God to get up again, and when he does, Rock executes a Samoan Drop, 1...2...Kick Out. Again, Rock gets back up, and stalks JBL to get up to his feet. JBL staggers up, and into The Rock, who goes for the Rock Bottom, but JBL elbows free, and knocks Rock down with a big boot for a two count.
Once more, the action spills to the outside, with JBL now the aggressor. He takes the opponent to the Spanish announce table and Rock is back dropped onto it but surprisingly … it doesn’t budge. JBL appears to be happy with his work, and takes the Rock back inside, to deliver the swinging neckbreaker for a long two count, with Rock just popping his shoulder up. JBL continues to be in control, and snuffs a comeback from The Rock, taking him out with a shoulder block for another near fall, with The Rock shooting his shoulder up. JBL then scores with a Fall Away Slam, FOR YET ANOTHER two count!!!
Now, JBL whips The Great One off the ropes, catching him on his return, applying a bear hug, looking to take the life from his opponent. After a long period of time The Rock fires up, and breaks the submission, fighting free. Rock knocks down JBL with a series of right hands, knock down after knock down. He then catches JBL, hitting a DDT, gaining a near fall. The Rock isn’t fazed, and goes for a Russian Leg Sweep but Layfield blocks it, rakes the eye, and kicks Rock in the gut, before looking for a power bomb, but Rock counters, and cradles JBL, 1...2...JBL KICKS OUT JUST IN TIME!!!
Both men get up, but it’s JBL that scores first, catching Rock with a sidewalk slam, hooking the leg again, 1...2...Kick Out!!! JBL now senses The Rock is vunerable, and runs off the ropes, but Rock is able to duck the Clothesline from Hell … BUT THE REFEREE DOESN’T!!! JBL slowly turns around, and he runs at Rock, but gets back dropped over the top rope, to the floor!!!
Rock follows out, and the two brawl around ringside again, with Rock dominating, smashing JBL’s head off the steps, and the announce table, eventually knocking him down with a big time clothesline. The Rock now strips the Spanish announce table, to a big pop, but as he finishes that, he is jumped by The Basham Brothers!!! The Secretaries of Defence club on The Rock, putting him on the ground, before helping JBL to his feet. JBL gives Danny and Doug the order to get Rock on the table. They get him up, BUT Rock clocks Danny with the ring bell!!! Danny falls off the table, as JBL gets up, straight into The Rocks path, with Rock setting him up for a Rock Bottom - BUT DOUG TRIES TO STOP HIM … BUT ROCK GETS HIM TOO - DOUBLE ROCK BOTTOM THROUGH THE TABLE!!!!!
All three men are out, with the fans going nuts. We then see Noble appear again, and he grabs The Rock, throwing him into the ring, before helping JBL up, trying to revive his leader. Noble gets into the ring, and sticks the boots to The Rock, trying to keep him down, whilst JBL slowly recovers on the outside. Noble drags Rock up, and tries to hit a DDT, but Rock blocks it, and fights back, backing Noble into the corner, hitting the Spit Punch, knocking The Chief of Staff down. Danny Basham now jumps back into the ring … STRAIGHT INTO A ROCK BOTTOM!!!!
The Rock turns around, and sees Noble running at him … AND ROCK CATCHES HIM WITH A SPINEBUSTER!!! Rock now goes through his usual routine, setting up Noble for the Peoples Elbow, ripping off the elbow pad, running off each side of the ring, AND DROPS THE PEOPLES ELBOW!!! The Rock drags Noble up, and dumps him out of the ring, then turns around … RIGHT INTO THE CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL!!!! JBL falls on top of The Rock, as Doug somehow gets the referee inside to count the fall, 1...2...3!!!

Layfield makes good on his promise, and delivers the biggest win of his career, winning at any cost!!! JBL crawls out of the ring, with his entire Cabinet having been taken out by The Rock, and crawls up the ramp alone, with Danny trying to revive the other two, as we see The Rock slowly come around, and realise what has just happened, with Layfield stealing the victory tonight.

JBL reaches the top of the ramp, making it to his feet, as The Rock uses the ropes to get up, not taking his eyes off his opponent, looking furious with JBL stealing the win tonight. The Cabinet join a jubilant JBL at the top of the ramp, before they stagger off, out of sight, leaving a frustrated Rock, standing in the ring.

Main Event Video Package

Backstage, we see Paul Heyman talking on the phone, about The Undertaker situation, wanting confirmation that The Phenom was in the truck, before fretting that he’ll have all sorts of law suits on his hands. Then, referee Brian Hebner catches his attention, and tells Heyman he has to come right away, as there is a situation. Heyman looks puzzled, and quickly finishes his call, following Hebner to the backstage area.

As they reach, there appears to be pandemonium and we see the camera focused on RAW SUPERSTARS - THE BROTHERHOOD!!! We see Theodore Long shouting at the Smackdown guys, telling them that SD hasn’t got a chance at COTC, before Mark Henry tips over a vending machine, and grabs Funaki, throwing him through a door, which sparks chaos, and the SD locker room begin to chase The Brotherhood out of the building, with Heyman barking orders to remove the trespassers by any means necessary.

Back to ringside, and we see the cage lower, with Cole and Tazz discussing the nights events, before moving on to the main event.

The Bradley Centre is in unison, with the ‘YOU SUCK’ chants from the fans greeting Kurt Angle, ahead of the main event. Angle doesn’t look fazed by the chants, as he walks around the cage, rattling the mesh, before finally stepping inside, slapping his face, getting himself worked up.

The fans come alive, as the WWE Champion makes his way out for his first ever PPV title defence. Benoit holds the title high for the fans to see at the top of the ramp, before making his way down, as Angle paces around the ring, wanting the match to get going now. Benoit takes a walk around the ring, making Angle wait, before confidently stepping into the ring, right into the face of Angle, holding the belt in his face, before the referee steps in.

WWE Championship: Steel Cage Match:
Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle
The two men start proceedings by butting heads, talking trash, before backing off, which even gets a good response. They lock up, and struggle all around the ring, with Angle backing Benoit into the corner, forcing the referee to ask for a clean break, getting it. They lock up again, this time, with Benoit backing Angle into the corner, forcing a clean break. Again, they tie up, and struggle around the ring, into the ropes, back around the ring, with both men eventually pushing the other away, to a big pop from the excited fans.
The two have a stand off, and walk around, before tying up again, with Angle getting a leg trip. Both men begin to roll around the mat for a long period, wrestling Angles style of wrestling, but Benoit is equal to it, which frustrates Angle, being unable to get the better of the Champion, and after they both reach their feet, Angle takes a cheap shot, knocking Benoit down!!! Angle stomps, and whips Benoit off the ropes, knocking him down with a stiff clothesline, making a cover, 1...2...Kick Out.
Angle begins to wear Benoit down with some work on the ground again, sensing Benoit is unable to live with him now on the ground, but Benoit makes life difficult for the Olympian, snuffing out many of his submission holds, before getting back into the match again, getting off the ground, and ducking a clothesline, before teeing off with TEN knife edge chops, full of force, which has the fans counting along, and groaning, watching the chest of Kurt Angle get brighter and brighter with each chop. Benoit finally relents, and Angle tries to walk away, before Benoit turns him around, and lets fly with one more knife edge, with so much impact, Angle falls to the mat.

From here, Benoit begins to dominate, and scores three near falls, with a Fisherman suplex, Northern Lights Suplex, and oddly for Benoit, a side suplex. Kurt survives the early onslaught, and eventually turns the tables, as Benoit charges at him, he sidesteps, throwing Benoit into the side of the cage, and quickly follows up with a Belly to Belly, which scores a long two count, with Benoit just firing up his shoulder to save his title. Quickly, Angle attempts to apply The Anklelock, but Benoit rolls through, sending Angle into the steel mesh, with The Champion quickly taking advantage, looking to apply the Crossface, but Angle rolls through, cradling Benoit, like on Smackdown, 1...2...Benoit kicks out!!!
The two men begin to trade shots, Benoit with chops, Angle with right hands, back and forth, back and forth. Angle takes control though, and drives his knee into the champions sternum, before sending Benoit into the side of the cage, following up with a clothesline, for another near fall. Angle begins to take control again, with Benoit seemingly in trouble, and he begins to up his momentum, and charges across the ring at the #1 Contender, but Benoit side steps him, and sends Angle into the steel cage mesh. Angle staggers out, straight into a front slam from The Wolverine, who now climbs the ropes, and looks to hit the Head butt … BUT ANGLE MOVES!!! Angle wastes no time, and drags the lifeless Canadian back into the ring, quickly covering Benoit, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!
Angle is in shock, and complains to the referee that Benoit kicked out after the three was made. He walks around the ring, not sure what to do, before pulling down the straps, and goes for the Ankle Lock already again, but Benoit, despite not being 100%, still is able to kick Angle away before it is applied. Angle takes a few moments to recollect his senses, whilst Benoit is still on the mat, possibly concussed. The Olympian quickly goes for the Ankle Lock again, but Chris Benoit turns over quickly, and cradles him, 1...2...KICK OUT!!!

Angle shoots up, knowing he was nearly caught, and this time, waits for Benoit to gets up, which he does, and Angle goes for the Angle Slam, but as he gets him up, Benoit rolls off, and grasps the back of Angle, quickly nailing a German suplex!!! Angle blocks a second attempt, and counters, hitting his own German, as the two begin to trade German suplexes, as they have done in their last two matches against each other, with neither able to hit a second, as the other keeps countering!!! Eventually, it’s Benoit that gets the best of it, and delivers a release German suplex, ending the series … BUT SENDS ANGLE INTO THE CAGE!!!! The fans go nuts, as Angle lays out, clutching his back, whilst Benoit takes a moment to recover from the gruelling contest too.
The Wolverine gets back up, and signals for the Headbutt, but as he proceeds to the top rope for a second time, ANGLE SHOOTS UP, and jumps to the top, looking to drag Benoit off, but Benoit fights it, and after a series of head butts, Benoit rams Kurts face into the cage, with Angle falling off, back onto the mat. Benoit now looks around momentarily, thinking about the Headbutt, but decides to climb the cage instead!!!! Cole and Tazz discuss that victory cant be obtained by escaping the cage, as per orders of Heyman, which leads them to ponder why Benoit would climb to the top?? Benoit reaches the pinnacle of the cage, and looks around The Bradley Centre, before making the slit throat gesture … Benoit flies through the air … AND CONNECTS WITH THE HEADBUTT!!! ‘HOLY SHIT’ chants ring through the arena, as Benoit sells the Headbutt rolling around, holding his head, whilst Angle has yet to move a muscle. Benoit eventually shrugs off his head injury and slowly puts an arm over Angle, 1...2...ANGLE KICKS OUT!!!

Much like the fans in attendance, Benoit is in shock, and drags Angle up, throwing two right hands, before grasping behind the Olympian, for another German, but this time, Angle is able to hook his leg around Benoits, and trips the Crippler, before dropping down, and applying the ANKLE LOCK!!! The fans come to their feet, praying for Benoit to survive, and after what seems an eternity, Benoit nearly makes the ropes … BUT ANGLE PULLS HIM BACK OUT!!! Benoit is on the brink of tapping out, but with one last surge, BENOIT GRABS THE ROPES!!! Angle lets go, and drops to the mat, feeling the effects of the match too, as both men now begin to count on the adrenaline to pull them through.
Both men get to their feet, and Angle charges at Benoit, but gets caught, and BENOIT APPLIES THE CROSS FACE!!! Angle doesn’t look to have much left in the tank, and could be set to tap, but luckily, he is close to the ropes, and stretches out, making the bottom rope, forcing the break!!! Both men again take a few moments to get their heads together, and slowly reach their feet, striking each other with rights and chops, but Angle gets the better of it, raking the eye of the champion, before delivering another Belly to Belly suplex!!! Angle covers, 1...2...KICK OUT!!! Angle pounds the mat in fury, before getting up, stomping the mat, daring Benoit to get up, which he eventually does, walking into Angle, who goes for the Angle Slam - BUT BENOIT LANDS ON HIS FEET, AND RAMS ANGLE INTO THE CAGE!!! Angle staggers out, right back into the path of Benoit, who takes him down AND APPLIES THE SHARPSHOOTER!!!

Angle gets caught again in the Sharpshooter, the move he tapped to the last time he and Benoit met one on one, and at WM, where he tapped to it versus Bret Hart. Kurt, refuses to tap again to it though, and crawls towards the ropes, inching closer, and closer, BUT BENOIT DRAGS HIM OUT!!!! Angle digs deep, determined not to tap to the submission, having done so twice, and Angle uses every fibre or energy he has left … TO BREAK THE HOLD!!!! Angles leg power breaks the hold, and the match continues!!!
Benoit drags Angle up, and fires a few chops at Angle, and steps back, before running at him again, only for Angle to flapjack Benoit into the CAGE, face first into the steel mesh. Benoit staggers out, and into THE ANGLE SLAM, WITH ANGLE RAMMING BENOIT INTO THE STEEL MESH BACK FIRST!!!!! Angle drops Benoit, and now signals the match is over, before climbing to the top rope, looking to get into position for the rarely used moonsault, but changes his mind, AND CLIMBS TO THE TOP OF THE CAGE!!! Angle reaches the top of the cage, as the fans come to their feet, and the arena comes to an eerie silence AS ANGLE MOONSAULTS FROM THE TOP OF THE CAGE … AND MISSES!!!!
Again, ‘HOLY SHIT’ chants ring through the Bradley Centre, as Benoit rolls away, just dodging the bullet. The Wolverine now sees Angle motionless on the canvas, and sees his chance … APPLYING THE CRIPPLER CROSSFACE!!!!! Angle is helpless in the hold, and Benoit wrenches back, applying more pressure, with Kurt fading quickly, on the verge of another submission loss … AND ANGLE TAPS OUT!!!!

The Wolverine retains the title!!! Chris Benoit lets go of the submission, as both men lie on the mat, flat out after the devastating cage match, as the cage begins to lift … BUT THEN COMES BACK DOWN??? Cole and Tazz don’t see too much into it … THEN BROCK LESNAR BURSTS FROM UNDER THE RING, BREAKING THROUGH THE CANVAS!!!!!

Lesnar enters the ring, to a shock response from the fans and the commentary team, as we see Edge also appear from under the ring, and the two men begin to put the boots to Benoit and Angle!!! Lesnar drags Benoit up, delivering the F5, whilst Edge scores with a Spear to Angle!!!

Now, the camera cuts to the crowd, where ERIC BISCHOFF flanked by Finlay, Nick Dinsmore, Garrison Cade, Ric Flair, Rene Dupree, Kenzo Suzuki and Rob Conway has a mic in his hands, as the beating in the ring continues.

Eric Bischoff: Paul Heyman!!! Think of this as strike one!!! I told the world last Monday, that by tomorrow night, the world would tune into Raw, AND THIS, this is why!!! Clash of the Champions, June 4th, I’ve pre-empted this war. The Brotherhood infiltrating Smackdown tonight?? From the mind of YOURS TRULY!!! I emptied your locker room, and left the main targets ripe for the picking. (Bischoff laughs) And you bought it, just like I thought you would. Brock?? Edge?? Show Mr. Heyman Raws intentions …

We see Lesnar smile and nod, picking up Benoit, THROWING BENOIT THROUGH THE SIDE OF THE CAGE!!! Meanwhile, Edge Spears Angle again, this time into the steel mesh on the other side of the ring, as the Raw duo stand tall. Bischoff nods with approval, when suddenly, we see a group of Smackdown stars (AMW, The Dudley Boys, Batista, Chris Masters and Brent Albright) charge towards the ring, carrying chains, pipes etc, with Bischoff telling his two men in the ring, to go now, which they do, escaping through the broken side of the cage, and through the crowd, towards Bischoff and company, with the Raw stars quickly leaving the arena. In the ring, we see the Smackdown guys tending to Benoit and Angle, whilst pointing and yelling at the Raw hijackers, with Judgment Day going off the air.


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Re: Being The Booker

ive been checking the threads out lately and its good to see u still got this thing going... that was an insane judgement day... i loved every minute of it.. great ending and uve already built up the COTC nicely..

like always ur show is in a league of its own.. im just curious is this the longest running thread in BTB ever?

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Re: Being The Booker

The reason for the review of both PPV reviews together was because I kinda forgot about the Backlash one and just decided to wait for posting of Judgment Day.

Backlash Review

Opening Video: Great opening video that captured what this night really means for all of the big superstars on RAW. I really liked what the narrator said about Michaels and I loved how the Triple Threat for the WWE Championship has been building. Great video.

IC Title Match: I really thought that Carlito would retain but I guess that Shelton will be getting that push that he got in late 2004 until middle of 2005. Great back and forth action and I loved how you had Stacy influence the match as much as possible. A lot of excitement towards the end and very glad that Shelton got his singles career off to such a good start. Very good match.

Backstage: Christian arriving to a pop really shows that he will be the top face on RAW very soon. Loved the DAMN from Simmons about Rico.

Kennedy vs. Conway: Okay match that I viewed as just a way to start Kennedy’s push as a major player on RAW. Very good back and forth action and Kennedy finally wins with the Kenton Bomb. Kind of short but understandable, considering the superstars in the match.

Backstage: Judgment Day looks awesome and Carlito may be having a change of heart after yet another loss, not even speaking to Kelly.

World Tag Title Match: Very good match but I don’t see any of these teams staying around for very long. I see you bringing in a new team such as MNM or the Highlanders but I could be wrong. Glad to see the AFA finally win the gold in this very chaotic match, which was probably very hard to write. Very good match considering the teams.

Backstage: I like how Fifi is chasing Teddy around, very funny. I’m glad that Rey told Dominck not to watch the match because of the brutality that will happen. Edge seems obsessed with winning the MITB and that leads me to believe we will do something terrible to win, don’t know what.

I Quit Match: Very unique match with the Money in the Bank on the line. I liked all of the high impact moves. Neither man wants to quit but now Edge has Dominick!!! Rey has to quit because he is handcuffed!! Didn’t think Edge would win the match but this was a good way to have him win because it keeps Rey looking strong. Great match.

Backstage: Finlay on RAW should be great. Fifi is still chasing Teddy but stops, good while it lasted. This was the reaction I expected out of JR and King because Edge crossed the line in his match tonight.

Women’s Title Match: Great match that really showed how good the women’s division is in this thread. I liked Lita turning on Trish because you can have a feud with them that is not over the title, something that usually doesn’t happen. Jillian as the champ is ok but I would have rather had Alexis as champ.

WM 23 Promo: WrestleMania 23 in New Orleans should be huge!! Your Manias seem to always get bigger and better!!

Kane vs. Rhyno: This was a very good match between two of the best power wrestlers in the business. Kane winning was no surprise but I liked how Rhyno still looked strong.

Backstage: King of the Ring coming back is going to be great!! Can’t wait to see the competitors. Usual Lesnar interview, saying how he is so great and how he will win the title, but I don’t see that happening.

DX vs. Horsemen: Very good tag team match between two of the biggest factions in history. Great back and forth between the two legends, Michaels and Flair and also between Cade and Dinsmore. Great ending with Flair trying to cheat to win, only to get cradled for the win by Michaels!! Didn’t see the turn on HBK from Cade coming but I think that Garrison should make a great addition to the Horsemen. I am very interested to see what you do with Flair, Dinsmore and Cade.

Backstage: Edge gloating is nothing new. JR and Coach talking about Cena losing, I don’t see that happening.

WWE Title Match: One of the best triple threat matches that I have ever read. You didn’t stop the action at all throughout the entire match. Orton returning to screw Cena was a surprise as I thought that Orton was on suspension. Cena never gives up but eventually gets nailed with the F5. Lesnar looks set to win but Christian nails the Unprettier!! Christian is the new champion!!

Overall: 9/10,this was a very good PPV, considering that it was recapped. I loved the IC Title match, the MITB I Quit and the Main Event. The only thing I have a problem with, as I’m sure you have heard from others, is Christian spending a year becoming the top heel only to turn face and win the belt after only one month. Other than this, everything else was great. Looking forward to future PPVs in this thread!!

Judgment Day Review

Opening Video: I liked the deranged state that Jericho was in; he is playing a perfect heel. JBL is also playing the heel role great, tonight may be when he moves onto the main event division of Smackdown. Great exchange between Angle and Benoit, showing how Mania went totally different for them, should be a great Cage match.

6-Man Tag Match: Very good match between six of the best Cruiserweights on Smackdown. Good to see the Mexicools pick up the victory, seeing as how this is their first match. This may not be over between Kash and the Mexicools.

Backstage: Saturday Night’s Main Event in May should be great!! Typical JBL promo, I can see him beating The Rock tonight.

Unsanctioned Challenge: Very brutal fight, as many predicted. RVD dominated until Alfonso pulls Sabu out of the match. Liked the little promo by Alfonso and I think Vince or Paul will announce that Sabu is signed in the future, making the feud even more interesting.

Backstage: WrestleMania 23 is going to be huge!! Haas interview was typical but I don’t see him winning the US title tonight.

US Title Match: Very good match with a big shock at the ending!! I never thought that you would give Haas the win after Hardy just got the belt but you never cease to surprise. I can see Haas having a long title reign, if he can get the right manager.

Backstage: Clash of the Champions is gonna be great as always. Hardy being helped by the superstars in the back was good, showing he still has friends after losing the belt. The Smackdown side of KOTR looks great and I can’t wait for Thursday. I think Batista will win the Smackdown side.

Casket Match: Great match, just how a Casket Match should be. Loved the back and forth throughout. I was wondering what Bearer was doing to distract Taker but that only helps Jericho who scores the upset!! Great match. Jericho and Bearer driving off in the truck with the locked casket is very interesting.

Backstage: Benoit needing to get the pin or submission shouldn’t be a problem, as I don’t see him as the kind to win by just escaping the cage. Can’t wait to see what Jericho will do with Taker.

Tag Team Championship Match: Another shocking title change!! I didn’t see the Spirit Squad winning the belts but they did this just like they did on RAW, cheating. Should be interesting to see how long these guys stay around as champs.

Backstage: What will Jericho do??

HHH vs. London: This match has been building since before Mania and I can’t wait to see how well London can perform. This was a great match and London really stepped up even though the ribs were very heavily taped. LONDON WINS, LONDON WINS!!!! I can’t believe that he actually beat the Game!! Triple H will be pissed after this. Great, great match.

Backstage: Can’t wait for McMahon’s Choice. Jericho will finally do what he said he was going to do with Bearer. They dump Taker into the lake!! I think this will end like it did when Orton burned the Casket with Taker inside at No Mercy 2005, when they could fight Taker afterwards. Great segment.

JBL vs. The Rock: Great feud that continues with a typical JBL-style match. The Cabinet gets involved numerous times and the Rock can’t overcome the odds, losing to the Clothesline from Hell. I see this feud going on a little longer before The Rock takes a small leave of absence. Good match.

Backstage: The Brotherhood is backstage?? Heyman wants revenge and sets all of the Smackdown superstars loose.

Main Event: Whenever Benoit and Angle get into the ring together, we are sure to have a classic. This was a great cage match with a ton of big spots. Great finish with Angle missing the moonsault from the top!! Benoit locks on the Crossface and retains, just as everyone else thought. Great end to the show.

Aftermath: The cage is lowering back down?? Lesnar is here!! Edge is here!! A huge announcement from Bischoff, as his plan was perfectly executed tonight. Can’t wait to see what will happen on RAW!!

Overall: 9.5/10; this was the best single-brand PPV that I have seen from you in a while. Loved the Jericho/Taker storyline continuing. London beating HHH was huge and Benoit retaining was a great match. The RAW vs. Smackdown matches should be amazing, can’t wait for your return.


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Re: Being The Booker

JD was nuts Wolf, good job.

Haas and the SS as new champions shocked me, especially Hardy losing the US title so soon after he won it at WM, Haas as a champ is gonna be interesting. SS cannot be taken seriously so I hope they have a short reign as tag champs.

Main event was awesome, the RAW invasion seems we'll have a RAW vs SD! match at COTC again, which will be awesome.

JBL going over The Rock was smart as he's gonna be built into a main eventer I can feel it. Mexicools get their debut win as expected and I cannot believe LONDON BEAT TRIPS! Just shocked me. Huge.


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